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MORNING. JULY :*», I8.W. " "
mvnjiunv 1MILI IfNIV.
■ BBT-—
l>ally Paper. p* annum; fteml-Weekly. fft: Weekly. M. always
to France. Remittances may be made at tne risk of the PttNUhert
2 •“ «“*• wK*" evidence t* taken on the deposit of a Letter la the
Po«t Dice containing money
apt Kami eo.
i*o# Square, HO lines) or lest, one Insertion... T»
Each additional Insertion.
On# month without alteration .fid tt
Three do do .10 t*>
. *° <*• .*M»0
a- ^ T2Z*" 40 40 .. M)
Twu Squares. Three months .Ill 00
Bta months . ..!!. .16 tyj
_ Twelve month* ....AodO
10~ !to advertlsvwisnt to he considered by the month or year un
*•“ .wUH an ik. '•u.Mrrtn or pc»v«4f u^oa Mrw
the ptrilds.
An advertlgsmrr.t not marked on the copy for a specified number
af Insertion* will be continued anttf ordered out, and |*aytneot react
ed accord In riy.
IE" RsurtAa AovKaTisaunTTU—To avoid any misunderstanding
on llur part of the Annual Ad vrrtUers, It la proper to stale -fidf nof/y,
that thrtr privileges only extend* to their Immolate business. Reel
■Mate, l.ctfs! and ell other Advertisements sent by them to be an ad
ditional chars., and no varUtlon.
Real Estate andOeoeral Agents* Adverllsrmsats not to be In
•srtrd by the year, but to be char***! at the usual rale*. «ut>J~ t to
•urh discount* a* «l»all l» agTerd upon.
rW Auctioneers, ItookseRers end yearly advertisers, pvnerallv.
engaging one or tooie squarrs, with Dm prlvlhg* #f change, »hall t.ol,
on their yearly average. In any one ««edt. Insert more than the amount -
agreed upon a* the standing rule under the contract, and all exceed
tnp •urh aasount to be charged at the usual rate*.
Advertisements inserted la the ftetnl-Weekly Whig at Tfi rents rvr
square of 1o lines or less f**r the first Insertion, and ft) cents p»*r
square (nr e «ch rontlnut >«e.
_i'Al.K.ipAw run i ii ail.
l‘"i" TiTTi i t s, « 5 jpit iii n * ft
8 T 8 t Ill'll |* , t 7 •>. 4 III II |J
.1* 14 IS 18 IT 1»l|»jl 18 14 I? 16 IT I,
.*».H!** t1 44 4ft 46! 4v 41 4* *8 fl 48 96
47 4* .•* * Ml tT 19 44 * XI
r».o.*T ll ? Acorrr . .. ..I is
.1; 4. ft 8 T, 9. • | I 4 9 • 1; M
Will 1* 1* U.IS 16 10 n 1419 14 1ft 16
;ITi|<!l» »i 41 44 *8, IT IS 19 4" 41 24 Sx
44 ift tt 87 49,49, .1 *4 45 26 »T t* tt f<
., . 1, '81 ! I. ,
; t. 9 4 5 e T « 9>rraiiu 1 4' 9 4 ft *
i v 1..|tl 14 IS 14 IS,; T S* • |. I41.lt 19
!'• IT 19 l> 41 44 14 IS 16 17 In 1* tn
4H'4I ift 4* 47 49 49 It 44 4* 44 45 46 S7
.1.1.. 4* 24 S.i ....
..14*45 I.. _i 1. 4 8 4
8 T 9 »;i 11 It , ft * 7 8 4 10 11
|1*,I4||R.1«!iT 19 14 I* 18 14 1ft 16 17 18
'JV’ iil2£ £ ** •* ** 14 4.141 44 48 44 4ft
47,49 44 * , 46 47 49 44 * 81 ..
«! »| 8 T. 8 4 111., 4 8 4 5 6 7 8
H 14,1* 14 18 16 IT 4 10 11 It 18 14 15
ll* 19 10 41 44 4* 48 16 IT 19 I* *.> 41 44
1*5 46 47 49 44 * 81 49 44 9ft 48 47 49 44
. .. .. ..
2n, 1 1 4 8 4ft 8, 7 l>om,,it .. I 9 • 4 ft 8
I « 4 in 11 t* IS 14 T « * III ll It 18
lift 18;lT 19 It 4*> 41 14 Ift I* 17 18 1* M
4* 49 24 4ft 28 47 49 , 41 44 M 44 ift 48 47
44 I 49 44 811th 1
GICOtNO I* LAS ILK.-WekMf) ct»n«UuUy"on hand
fresh Ground P1**»/«r, and our care to the selections from the
best W indsor Lamp PI* *tw enable* os to recommend It a* the best
that can be had. All order* left at our i<Bcs on Cary stirct, prompt
ly esrruUd TAI.lAFk.KKO A BRl*.
N. M.— Farmers can be supplied In thrlr own bag*, at a reduction
la price. Liberal dlsrount* to merchant*. for rash. jaFT
vsnorueurm n* axxj. datihj
a v v r i o n k»:Hi
WaU Hr eat, under St. CXarU* Hotel,
RicwamaD, Vi.
llfILL devote his whole attention to the Bale and lining of Ne
w ▼ groe*. Reel R«t*tr, Ac., publicly and privately
Bales satisfactory or no charge nsade.
0T* He has a convenient place for keeping slave*.
The subscriber respectfully Inform* hi* friend* that he has disc on
tinued the auction buslnes*, and haring rented hi* office to Mr. J. B.
Hargrove, takes pleasure in recommending bis former cuitounst*
fire him a call. BRNJ. DAVI8.
Julr 81
a:au ihi:S W AiiiVnii v a amh gi.ami.'
SPRING, 1856!
Till'. subscriber offer* for sale a very heavy stock of Karthm
v.irc, China and Glam, Loekt* \g Gla*a*a, Older a, l.awj*
and P'anry fA*n/s( of recent Importation, and from Auction Trade
To ca*h barer# and prompt six months payers. Inducement* will
be held out fully equal to any that may be offered North nr el*—
where. WM F. BITLKR.
mh3_Importer of China, Ac., T9 Main • treat
WK are now receiving our spring, SUPPLY OP OOODB, con
sisting In part of the following article#.
fW» bbla Crushed and Pulverised Sugar
fk* do C. Yellow do
VI lihds. New Orleans do
II* Hag* Klo, Laguyra and Java Coffee
Ido |t..*rs Brown and Black fc»ap
100 B<»ie* Adamantine Catidl- •
19 hhd*. Baron Bides, Bhoulder* and Hum
i") Kegs superior Carb and Hal Bod a
HA obis. New Orleans Molastea
lOU bbls Mouotain Dew Whisky
W do, Old Rye, Various Brands
10 do Kerr's Summerdean do,
AO bbl*. and 50 S Casks Imitation Brandy
9U0 Backs Halt, Addon and Marshall
Keg* Porogranate Tobacco
ft*• Boxes Ground Offer
ftfl Packages Green and Black Tea#
AIAO—Vinegar, Pepper, Allspice, Wrapping Paper, Yeast Pow
ders, Brooms, Buckett*. Holland Gin, Peach and Apple Brandy,
Mra Miller Pine Cut Hmokkng Tobacco, Salt Petre, and many other
article* too tedious to mention In an advertisement.
•♦■VlIKA^Ci: ON LIPL.fr
mi;tuai. benefit company,
0*— nt •• XTS T/OXX/t'X US LL,” So. 21 JW Krxt,
B. W.KNOWUW, A.t-itL
Ur A tWEAD, Mfdkll Adrlwr
Capital January lat.lbfl..*23:1.Ho* K
Paid dlrtdenda dorlnf yrar 1835. MI.W" M
Nett balance lanuary let, lWd..2,2»>,uti5 .7
Total amount of dletdend, paid to dale . 715.492 8.
Total amount of Halm, by death to dale I JOI6,Mn 44
-2,052,445 50
»4,2K,4‘-'< 97
Alt profit, fn to the Inaared. Lurid end, are made annually, and
paid while the Inauml la llvlo., It w K , A,rnt.
N. H 41.re. Inaured from on* to four ye*n In thr Albemarle In
I lIIAKTKKKH CAPITAL $400,000—CASH FI SD $125,000.
■ >11KE INSURANCE, In town or coontry, and Marin** Insurance,
M1 may be effected on I he most favorable term* with this company,
tW“ AH Ln—m promptly arranged
BToK EB A CO., No. SB Pearl street.
* a«%7 Agents for Richmond, Va.
I FniMFnnF.Ai whinkfy.
■J1ROM his Distilleries In Augu«t* county, the subscriber will fill
* order*. In any quantities, and for any part of the United States,
for this celebrated WHISKEY. It whs awarded a riaer atM
wru»s» at the Fair of the Mechanics* Institute,In Richmond. No
esmber ISM This Liquor Is intended for family and medicinal use,
and for thr best Hotels It inay be ordered of any age fm— two to
Bee years. Orders through the mails promptly attended to. Ad
11T Staunton, Va.
n i i n i jiThTTy f h PA rkfi r witFA r
DRILL —The performance of this Drill thr last season wss en«
l Orel? satisfactory, and It was spoken of In terms of high coramsodittoo
by those who used Itj I therefore feel warranted In recommending It
as Inferior to n^os hitherto Invented. It I# simple In lu construc
llon, durahle. and not liable to get out of order, and the price ef It
less than of most other drills Those who may he In want the con
Ing season, are respectfully requested ;o forward th<Hr orders early to
Jj •vsbl dlaappolntiwaot. H BALDWIN,
* Ml»-df ___14* Main StrvH.
A W KlftlL'AN Nil FA MN,—Tailor# Bhears, Trimmers, La
dles Briaaors, Ac , of H wtndt's celebrated make, warranted
In quality. In new and Improved patterns, and tbe only complete as
sortment made, for sate by EDWARD CORNING A CO .
Bl John street, New York.
Agents for II Wendt mhA—Amos.
NOTICK.—The subscriber having on tbs ttth #f March last
purchased the Business so long and favorably carried on by
Mr William Booth, he would respectfully solicit a continuance of th#
patronage formerly estendrd to him, and would also call the atten
tion of the public lo general to a large and well selected stock of
Good# In Ms line, recently purchased and add«d to the original stock,
all ef which will be sold on the most reasonable terms
Upholster— and Paper Hanger,
No. lio Main street, corner of 19th.
N B —Mr Wtixiew Boon will always be Imtud at the old stand,
and would solicit a continuance of tl»e patronage of all his former
• uatoms rs to the new concern ipl *
Ji’NP: 3V< IS. -As the — ss«,n f..r selling the largest port oft*1
Bprlng Goods Is considerably advanced, wt Have reduced the
pelsea of many styles of onr Dress and other fancy Goeds, and in,
tlte the attention of purchasers particularly to—
Pine a»»d low priced Barege DeLulncu
Pan- y Bilk*. H-manes and Bareges
Lawns, Organdies and Brilliants*
English, Prvnch and American Calicoes, every grade
OoGnnades, Denims and Otnaburee
Bwmmvr (laths, Caeslmeres and Vestings
Linen Coatings and Pant Fluffs
INsaehed and Brown Sheeting# andBhlrtlng*
T»M» Linen and Linen Bheetlngs
Bibbons, Embroideries, Hosiery, Gloves, Ac , Ac
VALENTINE a PON. No 99 kroMl street.
. ___Yalentlne’e Square
NV'CJAII*— !s*af, Crushed, A. 0 Yellow, New Orleans Porto
Eke and Cubs, for sals by LEWIS N WERh
1 I?0'* BOLTB AND COACH SCREWS We have Jam rerefeed
•n additional supply of the above, making onr assortment rntwptete
Pee sal# cheap by CL A ME PON A ANDEVtSOff,
___ _ SjeKjNl Wain street
HAIin.-M hhds .qperlor Cincinnati Shoulders, bright and
^ dry, mv sale hy OH AB T WORTH AM A Co
!%f *T!.*V* I.MOKK I . ' .... M..
t.l.o.V. - tmpr-rt.4 .1, Ion,Inn—.can chal,. brand.
For Ml. by 0,14—1,,) DI NMIP. MOttCURR 4 CO
**TT« Ann l,A< E*. Jart m
<*tr»d, Mack .lib »wt. and M„k ,t|k t.ar», tor Mantilla.. !
atw. »*rm« Matt Trimming. W. f l-FRKINF 4 OO ,
»14___ *o HI Raft. Rr,„ar».
W»K*T WANTED.—Tli. mlMrrtk.r haa nr4*rt 4-r
•*? . —"*r*3 <*."♦» WlM^t, If I, can h* bad \.y tb.
»wui or 15th tn.t firm.,, on Jam* Rlr.r. Mow, aha can d-lt.-r
M U **>•• urn., will obtain a food pric. h,
aallln, on J. J f RT
. _OM Rm4 of E ftfu.liii. Rank.
^ -*r* •*
W. r PBRRIK44 00.,
«’• *• 141 Ra0a Iqaara
rmo*l *• u. PETTENOILL * cot KIWHim ADVERTU
. „ __ ISO IIOUSX.
rw!ilK,rtl 9 a> w tetnu for B«aHj all the Newspaper*
la Uie Called Male* and Canada*- Oilii, 119 Nsaaau street.
New York, and 10 Male street, BosM a.
The uheat KNPuuan n «ppi7u>* u. .mu
of llou^krepen. loraud «i No*. 044 aod 610 Baoaow.t,
Maw Yoaa Crrf, li a«w fully strvkrd with the largest, finest aod
most complete assortment of HOCHR PCBNKBHIN(i (HK)Uf< to he
found In the world. Thu *u- k soleartt.
Plated, Ktrltaooia and Planl*lied Tlo Ware
Por» slain and Panry Cloud*
Baskets In every variety
Bird Cages; Cutlery ; Mats
Wood and WlUow Wore
frwo Bedsteads. Chair* and llaut and*
Brushes of every dsetrlpiion
Pea thee Dusters; Lamps aod Lanterns
Kngllaii and (inmaa Knatuvled W«re
Refrigerators, Water Cooler* and Double Ice Pitchers
Hip. Hponge and Pont Ha-ha
Children's Cab* and Carriages
Austin'* Patent Ice Cream rm *er«
Tl»e reUb'atrd Devonshire Ct.alrs
Cane and Rattan Ware
Chine %e Tea Hoy*. Cat Idles, Beer eta ry* and Cabinet*
Tea Trays la null*** variety
Rocking Horae*. Propellers aod Olg*
Pishing Tackle
Hmna. d Co|>persd and Braas flood*
liatuiuack* and Mosquito KeU
r- •* “? 1 *»•*•* •nsoulhctursr s prices
_ WWWen Impleiaenuor every description
_ P^yCY (lOUD*. of greq uglily a*
.. T5f *fl h*mrrr' fc rltufil and .^nmtent tTthe'lead1nt
lloftd*. Ills Sales lt<»om« are dre In number, and are th* most spa
clous nf any It this line of business In the elty. Th# attention of
hi* assistants will be polite and courteous, and an examination i»f
his stock will alwar* give pleasure, lit* good*are purchased almost
exclusively for cash, aod are offered at pete** *qCh a* defy comp, tl
tu»n His alto Is to g|y* the public what may be strictly termed a
grand model llouae-Purnlvhlug Depot. The greatest care u**d in
"lUng order* from out of the city. Catalogues forwarded hy mall
ROBPRT DA VIP, 641 and *4« Broadway. N. V ,
l*ole Proprietor of the great fiupx.num for supplying the wants of
House*, eprra._ __Jytt-Bm-[H)
H R U 1 O li K
Opp->.|l, th. Park, nllrf At WholMAt., AO Itntuc&A, .lock of
CLOTHING, of All klndi.
... .... PRICES LOW!
71CKI1.I.O I ICON pipe ttOBIM.
142 Outre .Ire,I, New York,
P.p^s, Pitting*, Tool*. aod every deMfftptien of app4uatu*
connected with !H«arn, Water or Oa», for heating and Igrht.i.x
t*<earners. Cburches, Hotels, Private Dwelling*, Hospitals, Villages
Factories and Halls.
Also—Valve*. Cocks, Pumps, Gunge*. Boiler* and Boiler Flues
made to order.
Our Screw Cutting Machine, Arr entirely new, And our own Patent
-w.'BWd In if-- itmitil. ih, work of Any olh.r inreotmo.
Order, Aollctied from a Unwell on. of lie country. And promptly At
d** »-•_ Jail—ly—(P)
Importer, and Deali-ra iu Manulat tur. r>' Article*,
N. B A gout, for the th, 'Woodrofl ,ud Beach Iron Work, • Stem
Engine, .ml Bollrri.
J3T- s*f*«»'iye agency In Sew York for ‘Lowell Machine Shoe'
Machllltata‘ Tool,_ „*»_ly[p.)
Jygl—dly—[P] 444 Pront etrcct. .ml k.tn Hroadway. N. y.
a 14 TELLE a CO., Worceater. Mai a., pateiited by Dlu Howe Jr.
"(iASbrr lull, 1R4 There Machine, are warranted.(with proper
and workumn-likc manner, and will do Tailor*.' Shoemakers* and'
Sa4Idlers' work. In a matwier warranted lo give satisfaction. The
aUtrh will not rip any tuorc than common sewing done by hand
Call and s«e them In «>prratlon at »4U C1IESNIT Street, Philadelphia
w A. DAWBON, Agent.
i». r. n u.LunV ~
Cl ENEK »L AGENT fur Reel ring and Forwarding Manufactured
W Tobacco, Ooods. Ac.. Ae.t No 6 Sh<« tf*r t*ur. Riohmo*d. Va.,
begs leave to return ills sincere thanks to his rri^nds and the public
lor very liberal patronage bestowed on him during hta busing
connections with Mes-rs. Hooker A Watkins, of this city, and rr
spectfully solicits a continuance to his new house. In thus appear
ing or. the theatre of business alone, I do so with full confldettc*- in
my business qualifications that the interest of consignee* will be
faithfully represented
laberal rash advance* made on consignments of produce in
Karras to: Messrs Lewi* Webb 1 8on, Wadsworth, Turner A Co.,
and John Rook*/, Ksq., Richmond ; John M Otey. Faq . Chtswrll
Dabney. Esq,. Messrs. Peters, Hpence A Co., and Mrisers. McOurkle a
Jones. Lynchburg, Va Ja94—if
TNHL HL H«CKI HfcK having fitted up a suit of rooms In elegant
style, at Corinthian Hall, Is now prepared to wait on the pnh
lie and furnish them with superior pictures, at moderate prices.
The Arobrotype, being hermetically sealed between two plates ,4
fine polished glass, (by a rctacut which not only secures, but gilds
and beautifies the Impression.) Is proof against action of water or
acids, or the variations of climate In long sea vovages, and is the
only kind of picture that will remain unchanged by time. They can
fiv taken from the site of full life to the »raallr«t miniature, and in
one quarter the time of the Daguerrrotype They are not reversal,
can he seen In any light as an engraving ; hence are very suitable
for Pins, l.ockrU, and Urge Frame*, as well a* Cases.
The extreme popularity of the Amhrotype*. has given rise tomnch
impos'tlon Courtterfrlts U|K>n gla**, covered with black varnish,
are often sold for Atnlwotype*. None are genuine without ihe pat
ent stamp The public are Inrited to call ate! examine specimens at
the Auaierrvra Osu-tav, OoftirrwtA* IIam.. Main street.between fill,
and Drth. P. F. GIBW.
Richmond, January 26,1S16.
RICHMOND.—This Company Is now prepared to Usur Fire
Marine Insurance Policies on as reasonable terms as other good of
Claims for losses will. In all cases, be promptly and fairly adjusted
and paid.
No charge for the Policy Jn any case.
Office, fo.* the present, on the ta*t side of Ifth st , near Mam ut>
stairs. '
Wm H. Christian, Wm. Breeden.
John Pure.II, Thoma. K Price,
Wm. 0. Paine, Ja.. Thoma., Jr„
Lewi. (Hiller, John Currie, Jr„
Aug. Andcraon, Ja». Dunlop,
Ja. L. Apperton, Wm H. Haaall.
Rnacoe B Heath, John D Quarle.,
John Dooley, Uaeld J. Burr,
Rlrh'd n. Haakln., Larkin W. Olaaebrook,
Lowl. D. Cren.haw D. Vim Oronlng,
Joseph R. Anderaoo, Emanuel Miller,
John 0. Pinion, Rd. H. Bkloker,
Franklin Btrarn..
, „ „ . A PI.KAPANTH, Pre.ldenl.
J. H. MWTMM, Krt'jr. j,j(
I omrr governor and Franklin turret.,
Have In .tore a gne anortiorut of .uprrb Furniture (Rich
mond make ) lo which Uier a.k the attention of ihe public.
They derm their furniture of a quality un,urpaaerd by any manu
factnred In ihl. country, being practical mechanic. Ihera*rlrc«, .nd
glrln* dlr-cl .nd pcrwmnl .uperrl.lon to all the detail, of llielf
manufacturing operation. They only a.k a call from thow who
want good furniture, enraging .Imply t« offer them a .pi, nrtid am
fir at a rery rraa<,nable price.
, fW* They gir. r.p, cial attention to Cndrrtaking, and hold
prepared, at all hour.,and at .hortr.t notice, to prorlde
Jlid.iUc i it....Mahogany or Poplar Como.,wlth rhrou.1..Hearn and
hack., Ac.
. . — two finiunrri sna |Niii«ner« wantsd, to whom per
manvnt emptujaient will be glvro, If Immvdlate Application U
SAVIMG9 nsTITI TinXH »C M II tio> ».
Offlcr removed to the store of Christian A Lathrop, No 99 Mato
At - lo ronarquvnca of the rrstfuatlon of David R Crane. Wm. H.
Cnrlsiiao was unanimously elected Cashier. The ofllre has been re
moved in the store of Christian A Lathrop, where deposit* will t*
rwreHved, on which an Interest of • psr cent, will he paid on all sums
remaining on deposit sis months or longer, sod flee per coot, for a
shorter period
i *,»*|Hutlon Heen In existence twenty-eight years, has
loaned over eight millions of dollars , has no suspended debt: has
oeeer lost one dollar, or failed to pay any certificate when due.
WM H. CIIRIATfAN, Cashier,
- whfA—dly_HCOH W prV, Secretary
N®"1 ^ AI CK'K*—Received this morning a large sup- fi.
ply of Gold and Silver Watches, which In additloo to Y7\
the Stock previously on hand, comprise* one of the largest
and best assortments ever offered to the trade In Hits market PersTTs
In want of Watches cannot fall In being suited from our assortment,
hart tbe« frpxi all the celebrated manufacturer* In Kurop*.
All Watches, sold by us sre warranted a* represented.
Particular attention paid lo repairing fine Watches, such as Chro
nometer*. Duplex Lever A Lepln* All work done by ms warranted
for m.l.fmonth. MVKUt * JANKK. TM* Main atrert
W. H - Thr hlyhetl Bullrt prlro paid for old ftllrrr In n* or la
:__l»P«]_M A J.
in; f he r m; r
THR KMI Kill HOCKKK l(K («.,
Chartered by Ibr But* of Nr* York, *ub a capital of $fon,tnn i.
prepared lo ropply order. for lee for ahlppln, al ihr ahorlert uoilce
and on the most reasonable terms.
Tb* m.o.rert of ibl. Company barr had more than t»enir year,
•aperlrore la ihr Irr trade and are abl* lo retrr to prraon. from all
arrilon. of Ihr Blair ft* their mere*. In parkin, lea for ahlppln, in
a *ay lo arenrr Iron waatr and loan by aMdlln,.
TYil. company baa no* In MoroKn.idBton.of If*, of aqnAl.lt and
thleknra, equal In any rrrr offered lo Ibr public.
K T. COMPTON, pre.|dcnt of lb* Company, No.
1W ^sn«l street, will receive prompt attention.
J; * j fa* la Ukfn, In corirn a oar depot. on thr Hadron riror,
*111 not hr rahjact to p .rt charfra. *hll«t they *ll| rlvay, hr pr.nl.
®rdaMlb ,ood dorkagr and anfb harbor,
tW Thb nearer r>r»ratc« orraa yo ranam-a y.aiao la tea ay
tma ncu Jal-Bw.
TLRK WIIRKB—furnlab all kind, of Oaai and Wrnu,bt |.»
Woaa. m BriLbtaoe A (rralor rarlrly of Patterna for Iroa Rail
In, lhan any olhrr ralabtirbmrm In Nr* York, a.>4,the lar,.tl Man
afar lory of Iron Pornliara In the United Rule.
... . BkNDfORD A TARR,
*1l-*4 _ B1 SfooR atraet, He* Y,.rk
Noiii i. ti,. ...r, . i... .... ■ » ■■— . -Tip.riar
W Ilf AR Y, formerly bold by Mraara I leant A Brnvn, and re*
eenlly by Mr T. Jaa Deane, ha*, wllb Ibe content of Mr. Dmne,
been tranafrrred lo o,. W, bate in More, and .aperl lokeep % con
sent ropply of " Old Rye" and " Pamlly-«hleb w» offer to ibo
trade and lo ronaoiaera at «h» aama rate, charted by ibe former
SflTRIk TO Till k» «»OY. »'><>. IniM.'TU
and romplrir .lock of Alparca, twite and colored Linen, Mar.
aeiilra. Bilk, Drier IJnrn and Cambric OflATA. Merino, Drip d'Rfr,
Mararilira and Linen PANTR; Rllk. Rombntlnr, MararlBeaand other
kind, of Bummer Veeta The aaaorlmenl I. rrey aalenrlr. and de
alrable, and beln, determined lo aatlafy oar rnrlomera In Mylm and
Pfdeea, thorn In want «lll do *all lo rail at Ibe old eetAfllahed hoooa
f**_No lfffMllo.tr...
IfWk ""DA. M DAN,
s """ ** bbd. Cohn Moaeoyodo Molaaa*., of prime yoaUfy
*5 bbl. prime *. O. MolMaea
Bflfl bom Adamantine Oandlea
non kap Rio and l-a^aayra Ooffby, tor aal* by
iblSttBtflB wATOSeiiNw ri snuCi
*»M MeUI and Porrelaln lined Pr*aayy|a« R.ttlae, and Iron
Parnare., to More, and for aalo "bean by
>•“ No IMMabakwi
8KILLIN, VUMMM, own 4 SOIlrLir7j.sH».L Nml
r*r«» Aoutiui Hutrsa. Mu SM Ibniiru, New Tong.
HKHUVi KTIIITMKR# A < 0.. A., 41 tl,/ Rrwi
•*«* **»■*, lugnntsua *.r Murrirtnui' Auawrv
ITmr.ce*"!'*•»■ M~t, Crown an.l <’ryetal Plato Window Glass
Plutod Ulaaa for Pky-lighu. Ureen Houses. e4e„ etc.
t ..lured, Ornamwnial, Optical and Microscopic Glass.
The London and Manchester Pint, Glass Company's TUck Pol.
tafind Plato lor Atom Window., 4r.. Ac.
Koitgb Ulan for floor, and Mky light.
•*' the a>H.ro rartowa descriptions of Window
Claw In nan for More., Dwelling,, and other pnrp>>sr* The quality
of these articles la luhrrlnr to no corresponding description, and In
■any rropreto superior Our Meet Ulaaa wiU be found bettor than
the french In IU freedom from Main, Rust, 4c.
Roln« Agent, for two of llw largest Idas. Manufacturer* In Ru
"•pe, we are rnabtol to offer dealers and other* every adrar rage m
^^^'ea".rk* ,*r'C" LUI* wUlb' <•>> application.
lidwahdp. uiuiii:, i«4 tw,wi.qr«i,A’. r..
A_J two doors west of lluiltou Rlerr Railroad Depot. offers to Dral
ert sad Consumers Ida celebrated brand, of grouch Window Clam
on favorable term*. Psrtlr. wishing Information will be rumtohrd
with prices on receipt of their address Glam ml to any desired
imtlsen. and packed free of charge apIS_lyr.—[raa]
1*0 Thounuis Arsurr, N. V ,
%■ *25 ?.*,?TUR * ** XARHLIt MANTLWt, TARLR TO Pd.
I, i RRI,tsTAUI, 4e., In Itennia, flrocatclle. and all
**'**'■ T*"1* artlcto, which la a preparation of Marble Dost,
chemically combined wl h mineral colors, so a. Ic be moulded into
•JM fcewaaw4 coles, lur Which a marble raa be maaaMseored at lews
than half Ihe cowmf Ihe common material, while It excels It In dura
bility aAd beauty Cnllkc Mar hid sod Iron and Plate, there Is no
•■rfnoe work, the color running uilo Ihe mass of Ihe material, while
no rarnlib I* uird logtrc a temporary la-euly to the surface Man
tlee from $4 to P4n Table Tops, Ac . equally cheap.
Righto for the Jf ieoAicfues tied Salt of abure for the different
Mates, which will ensure Immaorr returns to those Interesting them
•elren. Infermstioo furnished oh application to
, . PKTRR RKNNIK, KretMtui, or
Secretory. NEW TURK.
or^ft—ly— (w,T a«j
■ .NOR Mining Pur|.i*ee. and for Igniting CWgm. both la wet
A »»'• dry blasting; of four dlffrrrul kloda The cotton niut hemp I
fuse; also, the tingle and double Tape Water fuse.
Manufactured sod sold by GLENN PUTMAN.
___ „ 4 Liberty at.. New Tore.
IW Order* promptly filled for all kinds of Ouu Powder, of the
moat appro red brands. Edge's Eil.lblUonal fire-Works, bhlp Alg.
nals, 4c., 4c._noli-ly {s.r.4a ]
xm. A Physician ofhlgti standlnc, an | former y a Professor in nnr
ofihr Medical Instltuli,ins of this country now retire] from sellrr
prncllcr, who has been niff, ring from Pulmonary Disease, discover
red, while travelling in South America for hla bralth. acure for Cott
sumpu.ui, Bronchitis, Ough., Colds, and general debility; and being
aware that Thousand, arc suffering and dying annually from this
most dreadful of all disrates, he Is drsyrouv from the principles of
humanity, of making known this mow valuable remedy. Upon the
receipt of Fifteen Cents, In Postage Plan.pt, or Ch.nge. he will tend
k receipt with full directions for making and successfully using It.
Tile amount required. Is spplird for Postage, and Ihe payment of
this advert.Bemcnt.
Address—B P. DETRROUOH, M. D.,
. , Boava.P.O., Brooklyn N. T.
Jc 17—If [r. a 4 oo]
MA.\l FACTl UEK8, 84 A.\l) 88 U’alkrr 8trppt,
»»«)AP**T, siv tori,
U EXPECT FT LEV rail tLr attention of th*
to thnr *|»lw ’»4j >•! a**ortrnrr.i ,>! »<tr..-jrrwrifl »n
•quarr Plano*, which, for volume of tone, elasticity off V # V If
touch, beauty of Aulalt, and every thing that render* a Plano perfect,
urc uuMirpafAed. They wrre awarded the Fir*t Premium for both
kind*, in competition with the mo*t d'sUngulshcd maker* from Boa
ton, Philadelphia, New York and Baltimore.
w T,f>l MPU.~HTU>WAr A A*w* have ju*< been awarded the
rir*t Premium Child Mkdal (o%er all competitor*) at th* lau Fair of
the American Institute. Crystal Pa Imre. fi* the but Piano-Forte*
38 Maideu Lane, New York,
nownf.d palamandk safes, uank vaults. Ac.
Baltimore Depot, \U> Pratt Street.
—P IF Boatoti Depot. ] 1 Howard Street <▼••.)
!*c It I K F I »; E. I .n ,~n It «» m L U j» A Tor
Drups, Painla. Oil*. Dye*, Perfumery, He..
I„_ 170 WTI.IAM STKKT. .Vet# York
NVITE the attention of the trade to their large and varied .tor*
of Drugs, Paints,Oils, Perfumery, Ac., Ac.
In addition t« their regular importation of Staple Drugs, they are
alao rreelelng, direct front the source* of production and manufac
ture, supplies of Tooth, Hair and Nall Brushes, Bronaes, Corks, Mor
Vara. Sponges, French and Engl.ah Perfumery. Luhla's Extract* and
many other article* usually embraced In Druggists- stock*, which
they arc also enabled to offer on the moat advantageous terras
Ordvrs, either in person or by mall, will receive prompt attention
HAIsN A>D H tUilMi.
IJare fimstantly on hand, ami manufacture to order,
Ihr all uses, and of every desirable style and quality.
They would especially call attention to their unequalled facilities
SPICES, He., He.,
all of which they furnish to order. In the most approved style de
sign and printing, and with quick dispatch.
Also Importers and Dealer* >o
and various kinds of Thread and Twine, both Linen and Cotton, of
which wr are receiving continual supplies jy£8_ly
71 Fulton Street, and 71 Beekmao Street, NEW' YORK
PRINCIPAL OflIce, 1<4I Front Btreet, Naw Y .at, Factor? No#'
**• 77, and 88 Hudson 8treet, Jersey City The Proprietor, of
in»« long and w* II known
Continue to prepar. the h-#t Ph'irmac+utir<tr /*<»fr«fer# In u#e for
raising Bread, Biscuit, Tea and other Cakes, Ac. Thcv also prepare
Mustard, Cocoa, and many other article* of dally use 'iu etcry fami
ly. which they offer upon the most reasonable terms. Csislogur*
•Nil to dealer# who request them.
Jf*L-lytT»*] . R. H 8 J rt. WHAM.
If . B.—Container# ad?t#rd U Inquire for Ifori Mill h-.\ ,n
STRA W LOOPS. . sVrt to rail the
attention of all who are In want of
S I It I \» t.ooits, Ahi&m
In oar beautiful assortment. ?ia :
Ladie#' Bea?er and Leghorn Riding flat# and Flat#
Do Leghorn. Braid and Btraw Ihat# and Bloomer*
Children'* Hlraw Good#, of every variety
Boy#' and youth#' Leghorn and Ilr»-.| Hat#
Do do Btraw Cap*
Oent** Leghorn, Braid, Panama. Brnatr and Hiawatha Hat#, and
la#t, hut not !ra*t, tho?e beautiful India Hats, which for ooatne##
cannot be excelled.
Besides, • large assortment of Btraw Good# for #er?ant#, #urh a#
Falm Leaf, Mountain Leghorn and the noted Bhanghal Btraw Hat,
rial tors lo the city. ftlNPORD, DICKIWfOW * WEIKinER,*'
**Ho. 78 Main at re
Chartered by the LepisUtur? of Virginia Dec. 17th, 1963.
Tlfld INBTITl’TION rtctlrn drpwlu oo which Interest la paid
»l th* rate of .lx prr cot prr xonum if remaining on drpaall
U. mootfia, and Sir per cent for ahorlrr prrloila.
WM O. PAINE, Preotdent.
0KO J St MNFR.An-rctary,
HENRY W. yL ARLEH.Tr«o.ur«.
Wto B. Paine, of the Brtn of Rtot. PmlBO A Co.,
Jam*. L. Apperaoo, .. A Apporooo,
Au* And.rwo, “ *' "A Andrraon A Oo.,
5, " “ ** Baraadalr, (hor.tt A Co.,
Thoa. a. Baldwin, •• •« •• Rrrn. Baldoto A Co.,
Robert T. Brooke,
’** '* Chrtatlao, “ “ “ Ohrlatlao A Lathrop,
An H Claiborne,
ino. Dooley,
Lf»l. Olntw, " * “ Otnvrr A A trey,
R. B llraUi,
SUU^'J^Uthrop, « •• •< OkrlaUan A UOirop,
o' “ H “ B. McOrodn’a Boor,
famael M. Prtre, •• - - Thoa. R. Prlro A Oo.. I
Henry W . Quarlrw,
Jno. P. Robert., ~ » BrnlUi A Roberto,
Oeo. J. Boroncr.
Jon. C. B^hafcr,
A Y Mofcra, M “ •• BtokrsACo
„*W* 0*c at Die (tore of Hr ary W. Qnarlra, No. IB Prorl at root, I
Richmond. V» w ,
50. 103 M4I5 STREET, C0K5ER 14TH,
HAH no* on Band, a. d edkra for aale on Ithr.al term., tho moat
faaliienablr. beat made and c Hen Perl assortment of
fiF.STM nrvk li HYikNnc Goom
to be foon.1 In the cite, embeaclnf ertry approrrd atyle and onallty.
Hif food# are made op from the ®oet choice pattern# of french,
Knfftieti and Herman importations. (
Uen’lemen wishing fine Clothing are loeltod lo call aod eeaalne
Tift awborrlbere wouM Inform the cabinet manofaetwrem, piano
forte maker*, and other# of»M# city aod elctnlly, that thee ■
hare rpeoed a yard with eeitahle building*. at Wo. 970 Washington i
Bireat. Id the rly nf Hew York, where they barton band a Urge
i and rery wiperior einck «f the laeel wood lo bo foend I® tho f *ntt«d !
etatea. We nfrr.
150.imt ft. Bn* and evtra Bne roaewood reneera
70,000 ft do. do mottled mahogany reoeere
f A* ft. do. «iah fany shaded reneera.
D».0no ft plat® do do. do. [ ,
•1.APd ft mahogany •• retch reneera, rerton* e»e*a
D»^n§ flip do. drawl ett renevre |
H/W ewtra tne mahogany, do do I ,
tA.nm* ft flne Mlatered Apirnl wain of, do.
40,000 ft mottled do. do do I |
DA* ft. walnvt crotch reneera, draw hwtt atpee.
HA* ft. do do do eariowe do j I
DA* ft tne and eetea tne satin wood eonaora. 1 |
V>.ooo ft tehra reneera j ,
IT,** ft cnrled and bird*# ere maple reneera
.77,000 ft se atoned rote Wood, mahogany, and aatt® wood |
bonrde. alank, and joist of all tMckneea fiano aad Cabinet MoaJ
dlnga. Tfln dtVerent pottrena, all at rery low prieea. and wpoti aa fa
vorable teem# aa any other establishment In tho country Order*
will be MN with tho utmost care and dispatch.
- - - ^ _ MAWM d Wff.MtrOffBY,
Ha ATo Waobiogton Bleeot. between Beach and Worth Moore flt.
•F* 0«_ WawTark (Sty.
Sai.e nr.« i.mu r a n«.-N<.*iahw„ ,h.M
£*"*• aM tt,.. r »►>. vnaM It,, ta 1n.nr at. arrr yr«Oi frn't
I aaxl Yagstafcha in aalAalaitr, akns'1 • irplr ttsn,*lr„ .<
4MHI V I'l' at li MM A N f>\ , •
So IBS Aiwim Street, neat itoor to So mono Sun*
Ti« r. ships conpiimsd crCAm
«Mt Ho* ore the W ASH I NOTON, Captain E /I'A
C.vaanr; HERMANN. Capt. Row a an 11 loom — 4^0ft*
Th~e -trainer a atop at Southampton, both going raJHaHWR—
and rwturuiLa#
Hhuiah . f
Hum«■« ...
Wumatmjv. .
Warmmksm* .
Waamiwoto*.. * ". Ort'r 4
Humavw . ...NwwV 1
ViMIMIfM.Nnv'r 2» __ ^ , „j
Ftoppio* at FoaihamiAori. both coin# and return Inc. thry nffn
paa*rnffrr*. proMtdlnf U> Loodoo and llarre, AdruUfM otrrr am
#»b«rroui», for th« economy of ttmv and mo Dry.
r»w*Q« raon inr ?■>** r»> aoCTitarT.,i amp iiuii
T ^OahU Mal. Saloon, $1*1. PVfat Cabin, Lower Saloon, *110;
Jett*r« and awwtpapara wraat paaa through the Poet OOee
•alMog*U' #f ^ •‘•met oe parrel, received oo the day o
{* . A" eaperienewd Surgeon U attached to eurh ahir
Fur freight nr paaaage, apply to C. II. BAND.
II Sooth William at . New York.
0_A. HKINEKFN « OO., Bremen.
. .. . r_, CROBKEY A OO., Southampton
Jal7—ly[W]_ WM. IKE LIN. Havre
STKAM hktwees
EDINBURGH, tart, to,,,. . . .
NEW YORK. 11SO •• ... fcL.OaaiQ
■nie Ulaagow and New York Steamahlp’ Company Int-nd m,1 mg
rretr arundrr*">W*rfttl <*U%ni*r* ,r"*D Tork for Ulaagow. dp
GLASGOW, Saturday, Auguat ltth. It o’clock, noon.
_ _ uaruu or rawtaui.
FI ret Claau. . ...
A limited number of Third Cla.. Paaaungera will be
**ben. aupplled with prorlalona of good qaali'y
properly cooked, at. ’ jap
An egpertunced Burgeon attached to each Steamer.
For Freight or Paaaage. apply to JOHN MeSYMON.
Wildly I*51*" «r Gold only received for Paaaage.*7 *
“st eTes b ii o'iTe,
tlmte Delmonlco’a Hotel.)
n_ Ala T3. 2b AMI Sf 7 lino i DU I Y.
Opposite Bowlin* Qre«-n( NKAY YORK
ItilE undrrulgned avada hlmaelf of IhG opportunity „f In
l forming 1.1. friend, and the public that hr haa laaaed fcA
Hie above named llouie f. r a term of yean, and ha. u<d*9
to the*!eeo"**'”• *r"1 omltiml notl.t^ t£t w,“
• ccom modal ion or comfort of gueala. The llouie having teen
JUJjjT furn'*,1'd throughont. In the moat thorough and raod-rr. «trl.
VCoT comfort and a. It will N condo led
rooUh e^k. ^K pU • aDd a,‘ rspefleneed caterer, and the.
_ J0Hxfl^T-fa
*w * i i and tobacco.
__No.dS Chatham atreet. New Tork.
I CC ESSO ft o’ Prrsa A Gaoaua L.aitxtan. offer. for .ala all
kind, of SNUFF and TOBACCOS In general uae. For partlcti
tm‘ I-£*S!!rV****T c*nbe obtained by addrc.lng anabore —
ThlOxtabllahment U °oe of thu oldeat of the kind In thJunlud
Illllt AK1 Of \YITt |(o T| \\t a* a % ■} || a
aMy inSrmW? tr«nj'*t,on* frott French. new*edition, b#au
iumo 'l***"** Catalogue* •mt free, on mcMm a (Wceoi
<Qi fwl H B. O. SMITH * CO .
•ax»—aoi—^wj Bok 4tlO, New York, P. O.
Havana plan lottery
, ... ZL?*K pr,*EN Til A M BUNKS.
7,76< PRIZES—$102,000—0XLY 1S.OOO XT.MBERS !
Auf. lith* •‘ CONCERT HAI.L. Macon. Geo on
Ntsarr, Faq’** ®"P*rtot*I,d««CW ol Col Cci M Lons* and7aa.A
Patron* will please examine this scheme carefully—ccmrsre n
with any olWr, and if It la not the heat ever off. ird/and thcdTJLi
lo obtain capitals far better, don’t txirrheae tickets.
lu, , capital %1 .VOOO.
I**?*.Ilft.taai ta.»i8/*«
1. . 8"0 are ........ f. ..a
80 Approximations of *8o to 18,000 prlxe V!n,.
do of 88 to ft tasi prlxe are ... 1 si,
d° of *> to 8,lO> prlxe err. /ft,
ao of 18.J4 to each of tii. capitals of ltaai ’
;,.Va) Pr art of |«tf arr.*7’’.".'.’.'.'.’.".'.’'.'.."..
I.T6T Prtxea, amounting to . Iloajhw
4rd»«mn.*l0; Wi Qiurt"*- **•»<>• Priae. payab'l. without
?rXr™'nrA hT *•>» drawing of the capl
Lai or f Ifl.nOi*, if the number that draw* t|,r capital 1* an #vm num
brr. th.we Tickets ending with t«. 8, 4, 6. «. are eWIMed lo f- , ,™n
udd number. those Tickets ending wtih 1. 8.8, T. », are entitled to
|rt». in addition to any other prise whllh may be drawn
r,u*! o' odd and even nomher
n‘* *•• •i'1 ** certain of ilrawli.f nearly one-half lha co«i of it.*
samc^wllh chances of obtaining other prise
v t*" Persons •••udlnjc money by toall need not fear Its be'n* lost
2f,)lr*VUnrlU!lnJ *° Cr>rnraunl * at Ions confidential. *Bank
rick^u *°Un " *' ,‘*r 1,r*wm*- **■“ ‘o aU ordering
V*1, Tt‘0*e »tailing particular numbers should order immrdlately
Address, J 'MOt p. WINTER, Manager.
---Macon, (la_
PPER to country physicians and families a perfrrtly „
*rw and r»a>w stock of pur* and reliable MRDIC1NES fla
iogelher with Sraoang'a Igsratruairra, PsafTassr. y„CT' TW
fcrhed^.0.^,U’,Dg”n ^ I>rU* ‘'“•.-•‘•chOMT-lH if
Drug store, 4th and Franklin streets, Richmond.
W T4 Main arraaf. RicAmonsf, Va.
ILL give their undivided aUrnlion to all sales of Real and
Personal Estate, sal* of Household Furniture, Stock, floods,
ic . «r. ; also, special attention to tales on Saturdays of lL.rsva
Jnwa, Carriages. Wagons. Be.. Ac. '
Also, keep constantly on hand the large* and handsomest slock ol
furniture to be found In this market, consisting In part of—
Mahogany and Rosewood Wardrobe*
Do„ . .... d« Marble and Mahogany top Cabinets,
"Mfnoir(i And Wifniitnili
Splendid Spring Seat Sofas. Tete a Tetes. Klvana and Loungea
Hnnnf JU*t Parlor. Can# ami Wm.<., r O.i*. ^
spring Cur’d Rockers. hoclables. Whatnots.
Also a beautiful aaaortmem of Chamber g«tw, together with a
fetiers. assortment of llousskeeplng floods.
The rity and country trade are Invited to examine our collection
“ ■* "r ^JwwGied to tell at a rery amall ad ranee on coat
rilOT! «N W. K Krsr.F,
w,,l attend to the aale of
■ KAL ErTATF. and carry drarrlptlon of MERCHANDISE.
rorarmaat* rraexr, ntcitwjar, neotaii
W aM SU^r'o^m*1^^8 ^ hl’n” *tylW.,*H,r*T
""liil RM A APPF.HSAt,1 *' trrnanm
FFER tar ralr a general axorioivni of genuine M-.Urine*, ah
»ay» freak and a great variety of Fancy article*. Fer'timrry
a-., at price# aa lew ** thrr ran be bought In the rile
!»** ORCBRS A API'ERFON, No *>1 Broad at.
BAWawraaa. tunurra* >*p nttLra ts
Afo. IAS Jfofa afraef, RMunond, Fa. iaIS
scrcEMoR* to
TROS. i. CARSON ft C0„
ERTf-MN I'ltnmii; AMHiniHtl
COMMISSION MERCH ANTS, and Dvalcrvln Fork lord,
IP Order* reepectfutty atdlelted j,| |_«B
_ AMICIXTI ral VV~An£nnfnr7~~
rMNIIF Subarrthera, having rrtaoerd to their new Factory on Car*
. . *«> •"<* ""I «f«BM, are prepared to recrle,
►rtlert for all kind# of Agricultural Machines and Implements of ths
start and moot apptoTod patUrn*. which will he made of the b-st
BStertals aud of superior wofkmsnaMp They ask sttsnOoo ta
CMd^etl • double snd single grsred Horsepowers sod Thresher*."
9hj£± hV" tak#** • premium at every fair at which they have Keen
ivhlbttsd Also, to "(Vosfti!)'# Ct«»d Crusher/’ Manny * Pstenl
Ivappf aod Mower " the best In use; Tswkes* Patent Urns and
Itiano Rpreader. hlfbtr approved. Hay Tresses. Ilsy Rakes. Com
•hellers, from fin to fv., Amlth's Tstent At-sw Cutter, Grain Cra
nes. Ac , Rich's Patent Iron beam Plnw; ©f rartmt* slws. Ac They
>u*f©ln ths opinion of th© Moo Wili am C. Rlrss. of these Plow©
Richmond, „ ,AL0Wt"' C*4,mlU‘ * 00
- _ _ ._ _ _ Ctoru Hot, IStk Dor I MM
'-N’t. we B Hwrwwmn—Dear Blr: I take plcaaure In recording
lore my Imprvaaton of I ho perform* nM of ynnr Flow (Rlrh'a Iron
loom patent) at Cob*, am tn-lae Th* work waa far more tbornanih
ind oowptat* than that of any plow I ever avw In operation before —
[he furrow opened by It woe eery generally IS Inc he. d~p and ahe.it
? BciT* wk** ,n eh** land, and moot rAwtnally and perfectly
leaned out, non* of I he and enrth falling bnek Into It
The Irtnl of th* plow woo wltneaord by many of my neighbor*,
[monf whom I will mention Mr—r, frank R Ntdnon, i II Oenott,
I H low)*. C. B Hopktna. Thoanna Wntann, of Letwloo. Be , all pear
tanl mow and moat renal lent judge* of agricultural I—piemen ta, and
hoe* waa but awo opinion among them aa to Iho eapevtortty and an
wonptlonable partaemnnee of your plow
Whhlrtg you equal ov-ecoe el—where In making Uila enlaaM* ln>
daaamt fggorabty known to am agr cultural brethren,
I remain, your* truly,
»'•«■*»•» * iii im n
M AON ESI A; Murray'* FlnM M-gneWa Tarrant'* Sellar,
tpertent; Pine W ilow Charcoal, In entail botti—, Daub*, dal Col.
ndton. letngfa—and Adheate* FlaMer , Herring', and oahee Rng
Mi Medletnal Rntrarta, and *H th* Fhanaaropaeal Fluid Eatracti
wjdand prepared by MEADE « BARER. Pharmacrntlet*
-Jr—_ISA N W, Cor Main A IQah Kt*_
Nl», I CUFFED IIFRHMGS. yitMa Rallfaw N*|
I Clipped ■erring*, recotrlng tar aale by
t ■ MINRER A 00 .
IF** No St.Oary aa
it 41 ■ I 'lout LOCK HOtPITALi
E|1ME POLITER* .^eM.f.£wJ,’££N ^ Mt
1 s|~d, * u» .«« for
k+Tl on. Of lb. Kidneys, KlpUatlon of u. s *
»»•• Irritability, Wrease. of lb, Head. Throat. Nno J I^JT In.:?
“'r10"* *“d meiancholy disorders arising from the ••> '
habit, of youth, which de-troy both body and mind rs._^...
and solitary practice. are more fatal to U.r.r rlcea-s th.a .be son
hLJ^T Brtmt 10 th» of llyaao.. blighting the.r .o«-t b^
llant hopes or anticipations, rendering marriage, *T . InroertU,
rotmctally who bar. iwcocne lb, rirtlma of Solitary Th*. that dre«.
fui and dealntrtlrv babtl which annually .—p. w " tm" .
E»un* awn of lb, ntott .ialu-1 tales, w and l.i il
Uaat tataOwt. who might otherwise has, entranced listening Senate.
i ^ ®r -•*«10 u'1- */«
„ , . „ MARRIAGE.
awaJT^f °tlr T2®"* ontemplaflng Marr-ayr. boln,
, '^T^cal Kukiua Organic Ibh luy. Leformlttae. Ac
j 7 e0am* ** »'d b,^r«Tu/£rfw I
I c® Mwwelf under the car, of Dr. Johnston may rob
| glotwiy confide In hi. honor at a gentleman, and confidently rrlr
upon i,U aklll aa a pby.lrtan ’ conanrnuy rwty
Immediately cured and full rigor restored
prnfipy •»»« frefitwn-.l, paid by thom who bar,
'bdnlfeocos Young perwm. ar. too
bwlrcJ^thSa froot not being .ware .,f tb. dreadful rdnae
fineness that mny ensue. Now, who that understands the suhdect
will Pretend to deny that the lo.tr of Procreataui is im matr or
thoas falling into improper hnblu than by Out pmdent.^Swute^
■ being depcirad the plrao.fr of healthy ..^spring tie- moat *r'. n .„d
izuucl,'Z v^sav •"bo,h u*,> ^
| h^-oron. deranged, the phyalc.l and menu) power, weakened m?
1 UoTof^ &mTTP*a- P"P""lt>n V lbe »~rt. 'M*b„o„A.w
| U it eEtnpbnn. of conanmption, etc
Dr. JOHNSTON U Iha oniy regular Physician advertising to curt
I niwn®t^dip'fil^ 5!* r»nd treatment are entirely u„.
j known toall others. Prepared from a life spent la th. great ii,.p,.
Ihettr.t In thl# country, rta: Imjrilnd. fr^r
"f Eb'ietlMpKIa, Ac., and a more e(tenure prcaUo, than
any oilier Physician in the world. Mu many wonderful curaa and
most Important Surgical operation, are a suflSclent guarantee to th,
Sw«MdahtIh‘iIlWb‘,oli.'h *® ,p~da>r ,ttd rffrctaally r.Uared,
^ '»D>.^a..ho only rum their
. 0?"C,T^°‘ «out« rRoderick street. i.ft hand ,w, ,o
Ingfrmn Baltimore street, term doors from the corner *
mST, m.'^Ur ta ■Jt~rTU* “*• “d numlnrr, or you will
take NOTICE—Obacrr. tbs name on the door and Wm
Ror*1 C£U?5* of 8ureoonu London, graduate from
5“‘«’3^u**r. of the I nltoil Stales, and the greater
g? a.f ."hp** “D .pent In tl„ lltwpit^, of London, Pnru,
rblladrlphla and .Jeewbora, lias effectol u>me of the molt astonish
ing cure, that ru erer known Mauy troubUd with ringing In the
enra and head when asleep, great nervousness, being alarmed at sud
£m2|a,n^ -«b derangement of m^r«
a.* imK mlrguldsd and Imprudent rotary of plea.ure find, he
ha. Imbibed the wed. of this painful dluaw. It uto often happen,
that an ID-timed senae bf shame, or dread of disco very, detorshtm
from applying to those Who, from edneatloa and reapeetabtllty, car.
hl°l‘ d‘*v1n* ,m lb* consUtutlona! rymptoma of this
honrtd disease make tbetr appearance, such as mcerated sore throat,
dtajj^ntmm no^rwal pa&. in th, head and limb., dimn... ..(
stgtil, deafness, nodes on the sitln bones and arms, bioiuhsa on the
hand, face and extremitma. progrrmlng with frightful rapidity tiU at
or the buna, of th? n<ma fJ|Rf the
fietlm of thw avftU dl«ruf becoan • torrid oUcctof coamlitra
hSa u*11 de**h pal* a peiiod 10 h!a fXion, h7 Mn4in«
"Th^l bourn* from vhene* no trnrrfler rrtnrr* »•
To *nch, th«rrfor*. Dr. JOHWTON pr*^rr,
—" J knrope and America, he can confidently reeora
** * ao<* pI>cr^J cor* to Ua« unfortunate rlctim of tht* horrl<i
It la a melancholy fact that thousands fall victims ta this dreadful
complaint, owing to lha unskUfalneas of ignorant pretenders, who
by Jh*,.11** of V1*1 d"idflil poison, mercury, rum the ccnstltation!
Dr. J. kddrwm all those who Lat«* Injured ibeaiehrn by pr t»u
and Improper Indulgences. 7 pnT41<
Three are some of the tad and melancholy effects produced by ear
7 b*b“* “I.Toath. na: Wsakn.es of the Back and Limbs, p/ln In
the Head Dimness of Sight, Loss of Muscular Power. Palpitation of
a . ,.r1' I,d»P»P*l». hereout Irraubuity. Derangement of the Dl
gcetlrc Inactions, Genera! DebUj^h Symptoms or Consumption, Ac
The fearful effect, on the mmd are much to be dreaded Loss of Mr
m..rj Gonfurion of Ideas. Itepreaaion of Spirits. Ertl Foreboding..
Aversion to Society, Self Distrust, Lore 0f Solitude, Timidity, Ac Tirie
►>n» of tlir rTtls produced. * **** *
Thousand, of person, of all age* can now Judge what la the can*,
of IbeD decilnkig health. Losing thetr rigor, becoming weak. pal.
and emaciated, hare a singular appearance about the eyes, eougt
%nu symptoms of coosumptlon. # ^ '
. ^ MARRIED persons,
k <*or.totnpUtln* m*rrl**r, botaf aware of physicaJ we*kae*»
b«tBh am"1'*1' 7 t'0,“,“u ** Johnston, and be reetoetd to perfee:
Br this great and Important remedy, weakness of the organs are
speed.!? cured, and full vigor restored Thousand, of the moat ner
routed tWMHated. who had lost .U hope, hare been immediately
eMWe-A. All laimdimems to Marriage. Physical or Mental dlsouali
ar^iH’ ’N'vvou.lrrltallon., Tremblings and Weak nest, n r eahaustioc
of the most fearful kind, speedily cured by Dr. Johnston
, . . young MEN
*''b nWelirt by a certain practice Indulged is when
alone » habit frequently learned from erll companion, or at school
eo^^'V’' Wh,Ch fHt. eyen wh^aa£pa£d~nM
cored, renders marriage Impossible. and destroy, both mind and
body, should apply immediately.
,htl 4 ’-he hop* of hi. country, and the
darling of hie parents, should be .natcl.edfrom all prospects and en
joyment* of IU-. by the conaequence* of desisting from the path of
. . marriage.
should reflect that a sound tmnd and body are thr most nrcessar.
requisites to• promote connubial happiness. Indeed, without theM
the Journey through life becomes a weary pilgrimage; the nrosne-t
I? ,ht Tlrw’,fir mtod become* shadowed with despair
and filled With the rueUm holy reflection that the happines. ofanmh
or become* blighted with our own. "
.V B, Lr« no futiK- delicacy prrrmt you, but apply immadlatrty
cllhrr p^raonaiiy or by Irtier. 7'
SKIN DbKA^Jtf aperdlly curad.
Th.e many thousands cured at this lostltutlonlwithln the last 1*
nomerou. and Imp.riant Surgical operation, per
formed by Dr. J.. witnessed by the reporter, o'the papers, and many
;u.rr pccaona. notUr* of which hare appeared ayatn and aratr hr
for* the public besides his standing a. a gentlre-an of ?hlr£cl£
and responsibility, Is a euAclent guarantee to the afflicted
. , . _ take Notice .
It IS with the greatest reluctance that Dr. JOHNSTON permits his
card to appear brfere the puMic, deeming It unprofessional for a
physician to ade.rtlw, but unless he did so, the a'Eicteff, especial!.
.Dangers, could not fall bo fall Into the hand, of the many Impudent
and unlearned imp-s^rs, with Innumerable false name*, or combined
quackshop*. swarming these large citle*. copying Dr Johnston'• ad
4d'rm‘*'“* themselves as physicians. Illiterate, shaT
lb*;br*^r^ J'"4?*' V7 to Work »' Uietr original trad*, with
I ".l'le4* beJori*I the brut*, who. for the purpose of enticing
and deeelelng, carry on fire or .la offices, under sa many different
,hv ,h* *®lf**d wranger escaping one. Is sure tc
tumble headlong Into the other. Ignorant Quacks with enor
mous lying certificates of great and astounding cures from person*
Sod ,*r k7T 700 ,»kln« '•'** bottle, of UcnrWWa.«
and other package* of filthy and worth lees compounds, cunning',,
prepared to Impose upon the unfortunate and unsuspecting Trifling
month after month, nr as lone as th. em.ln_ t_L..15' oil.. /
»na n despair. u.m you with ruined health, to ,t*h over your rail
ln« disappointment. ' ‘
It I, thl* motier that Induce* Dr. 1. to advertise, for h* alone can
oure you To ll.o*e unacquainted with hit reputation, he deem* It
*° "f *hat hi* crodanttala or diploma* *lw*yi Han* m hi*
usUTflSTJ! rKT,T'dnan‘*“ I*'*-!*"1' contain In* a .tamp to be
DINMtl.rTIOM.—TS* co-partner,h'p heretofore eiletln*
under the Arm of IIARVET. WOOD A CO . It thl, day dlseoleed
by mutual conernt. A E ll.arry and W« A »««t#Tt,e haem*
purrhaattl th* entire intrrrtt ot W R Wont). Km , all claim* doe
from and to th* late concern, will be lettled by HARVEY A ARMUt
Richmond, iuly Itt. 1UA WM. A. ARMISTtAD
CO-Ptnr.Ni:HS|IIP.—Th* nltnlpel haelna par.
ehaaed the entire Intrreet of W h Wood, E#q., in the lit* ba.
of Mar*rt. Wood A Cm , Win centlnut th* OROCRKY A«Cli
TEAD, nt the old etand. No 81 Pearl atreet
They Imre recently received, and will keep on band a food Mock
Of Hr.Cerlet.
Thankful f«r the liberal patron*** heretofore beetowed. they hope
hy prompt attentloa, to mar t a full (hare for th* futare.
a f Harvey
Richmond. Jtilj lit,14M —J** WM. A. ARMlfTTKAD
T^im-Terr *ir Irru'o *t.t'eulTv " 'J"1"1 !lf,<1*r th* Arm of
PITMT, WATTS A PI TNEY *o, diaoolrrd, by mutual con
arnt, on th* IM Jana. 1S0A Alt peraana bae'n* delta. aaa'rat them
wilt prra.nl them for payment Wr rrapectfnlly ».k all li.debtrd to
j call and Petti*, a* It t* eery deelrabl* to doe* the old huainee* a*
mvdlty a. poarhl* The name of the eooc'm will he need In a*t.
Il'nf op lb* buatneee A l WI KI. PITNEY
Cto-o **«T>» HSIMP.—Tt,e tobwriber.. haem* pur.
/ haeed th* entire inter-*' of Siam Prtaar. har* thl, t„
I formed a re.partnerehip under ih* Arm of PI TNEY A WATTS, and
will continue the twain*,* al the old etand. and will keep a larir
J and foneral aamriment of R -ota, Sboee, Trunk*. Ac., and rhnl' be
P'annnd to we lb* friend, and cnatomara of the old Arm at all lime*
! All wr *,k i, * call from Ih* public STEPIIPN PITNET
wm * wans.
\c 4 H I»._ Haem* arid my enflr* Interest to my partners and
•ueeeuenrs, I respectfully ark a continuance of th* po-r-insce
; that has been so liberally beatowrd on me for the last thirty s'a
! *rS.n' f n'f kueceasor,, and t .hall be e*ry *l*d If all indebted w,||
rail and settle Ibalr account*
j July let, HAS, SAMt EL PITNEY
!**•*•• MI NT A It » Ml I M. Ill NT h.e, ,oo.
np nested thcmselera under lha Arm of Hl'NT A RRO . for con
duct In* a renrr*' Comml,,1on Nu'ln***, and hae» taken an o®ce on
Tlrflnla.-between Cary street and lb* Dan nil* Depot,, rear of Mr Mrs
Harvey. Weed A On I
They solicit eon#t*nm*nl# of Tobacco. WThoat. Hour, Com. and all
kind, of country produce. prcmlstnf prompt attention to all con
•Ifntnenla, and quick retorna. j*| u
THP underklfnvd hare formed a Ce-Partnership under th. Arm
and Myle of RtRTON A (IREENHOW, for tbe purpoa* of cm
ductine a Oroeory and Com -•.•on boehm.
They ha** taken th* hnom on I Sth, between Main and Cn rest recta
recently occupied by J M tiarlaad, Em . *nd will keepconetantleon
hand a Enteral aaaorlmeni of Family Orocer'es, Wlnea. Liquors Ac
and will *le* their personal attention to the sale of all produce
iruetod to Ihelr car* - R M Bt'RTON,
__ * c ‘iRPEmikw
Mni.W. Wlllak I ,
• Is W ous brand,, in Morr and for aaio by M ' JON ES
'll! Miinu. nm/is imi him..it, n
»*” ■ * • M JONES
KMk ,,,,, v "RM mu i its MOLASSES,
• SEN W In »ood order and qeality, for ,«1* by M JONES.
.Mi "i?1". *'"» OTHIH hHIMIS
tfs * af RertlAcd Whitay, lor ml* by M JONES
I IMI >,,M ’ *» » M"ME IHWS. t I III n
■ "En W by Philip 8 Jons* of Oran** county. In «t re and Au
kE __ M
■ HIRRIMIB, dayly eapeeted. for ml* by
Pt'M tkt London Timm, of |../A July.
The oppo.it.. taste, of England uid Franc* hare given i
corresponding tenour lo then- respective labour*, experi
ence, and fortune.. White, in spiteut revolution* and di*
turbances, shaken dynasties, and shattered Governments.
Franc* has still reruembered the art to which she owe* sc
much renown—while in the midst of peace she haa contin
u.-d to stud* the principles and elaborate the resources ol
•ar—while she ha- accustomed each of her great citie* tc
the pomp and excitement ol the can.p, and trained the
' *>«■ P*op!e in the recurring lemon* of military
discipline aud military combination. England has barn
i pru*rculing her own studies on Odd* of more congenial
adventure. \\ hiIeFrai.ee has never ceased to prepare for
j the dav when she should revive the martial splendours ol
toe Empire, England .onu-i't.-d hersell w.th battin g
against the doctrines of a commercial theory *hich sh
| felt to be .tangling her energies and hampering her pro
grew*. Protection was the Austria and Prussia of her do
mestic campaign*. The Corn Dwa were here Austerlitz
the other protective duties he. Jena. Engaged in this
conflict, she averted ii*r gaze .nd her thought* from those
more dazzling .-nd imposing object* to which France devo
ted hersell, and the resell ia to lioth what both might hav«
expected. When a war. not of theories but of rude mi
terial force, brcakanui. England, roused from the quietude
of 4<> years, finds herself at first unequal lo the duties of a
new position, suffers in her tnalrrinl, suffer* in her military
reputation, until she bring* her lull energies to bear upon
an organization which she had too long ncglccl*J. France
j in war find* only the practical application of studies lu
which she has long been devoted. A campaign is, in rhe
| rnijority of its incidents, a repetition of the life in the car
loo menu and garrisons of home. But, war ended when
I •*>« ‘o industrial labour*, and seek* to find new
, fields fo. her co.nioeici.lenerg.es, she has to cm tend with
| the Mme difficulty that menaced ua, to U*an> the Irmon
1 "loch we Imre long since conned, ana to win the victories
| which we achieved years ago.
At this moment France is repeating oar old conflict ol
I Free Trade and Protection. All that by yearly and
monthly discussions was hammered into the English mind
, until the whole stock of common place arguments on ci
Itl.er side was as familiar to every average Englishman ar
hi* relations or his creditors they have now to handsel.
The French are a quick people, but the keenest wit and
the clearest vision arc blunted by the fug* of mistaken
►.-If-interest. Judging, then, by our own experience,
| wc "*T suppose that they will continue to hear and re
peat amor g th-rnaelve* for the next eighteen month* thn*«
formulas of belief which ten years ago flaunted on th.
banners of the Bond-street Association and agricultural
gathering*:—1‘-Protection to native industrv."—No foreign
“competition,”—“Charity begins at bom.-,"—“Our own
“interest* before those of our neighbour*,"—France need,
“not the jxoductions of foreign Mutes; she .* sutflcer.t lor
"herself," Ac. Such for months to come, we mav infer
from our owu experience, will be the ahibbcl’eth* ol
French Protectionist*. The only difference between their
English prototype* and them will be that, a* the former
represented the territorial jealousies, the Utter imperso
nate the manufacturing feara.
But wc do not observe that this makes any difference
either in tbevcberoe. ee or the reasonableness of their
clamours. Mutato .Vc-r/i.nr.all else i* th* same. The man
manuring la in no degree superior to the agricultural
raiud : ami if the Emperor proceeds—as some persona ex
l«ect that he will proceed—resolutely in the direction ot
Free Trade, we may make up our minds to hear or read
numerous and hearty declarations that “the aun of France
"will set for ever,—the glory ot the empire will depart'
•■—the descendants of the heroes of Marengo and Auster
“liu will sink into slavery,” Irom the moment that French
housewives buy uselul and durable crockerv or hardware
of ioreign make for about half the money they are now
torced to give for kuivc. that wou’t cut and platea and
cups that are always tailing by their own gravity, and nev
er tall without breaking in pieces.
Ail this we have ourselves gone through. We know
the worth of these predictions to the last penny; and, il
it will be ot the slightest use to our French triends, v<
•ill make them a present of our own experience. ’ We
need hardly repeat the terrible prophecies that were
prompted by the coming repeal of our Coro Laws. Who
■toes not recollect the land that waa to go out of cultiva
tion,—the uutilled acres which were to be the grave arid
monument ot a once happy but now famished peasantry,
—the decadence of our most illustrious families._the ex'
tiuctiou of the specie* “country gentlemen," with the ex
ceplion of a few who were to be preserved ill some favour
ed district*, like the dodo at the Mauritua or the mega
ilierium at the Crystal Palace.—the absorption of auch la
bourers ax were not starved, or who did not eat one anoth
er bodily, into cotton twist, jennies, and steam engines_
to say nothing of that aun which was alwavs going to set,
and that glory which was always going to fade t Well, all
this and a great deal more was prophesied. And what ir
the upshot of it all * Xot a single acre has gone out ol
cultivation. The price of corn—not during a vear or two
of war, but the average price during four or five years—
has risen concurrently with the growth of population, the
extension ot trade, and the importation of foreign grain ;
the value of landed property, so/ar from falling ha* also
risen; and with all these there is an improvement in the
condition ot the agricultural labourer throughout four
filths ol the counties of England. More than this, that
which i* true of Eiigland i* remarkably and strikingly trus
ot Ireland. There the landed interest is enjoving an equa
ble and diffused prosperity such as it had not known tor
half a century ot protection ; and the improvement in th«
condition of the Irish labourer is shown by the Poor Law
and emigration return* which we have recently cited.
But land was not tb» only interest which enjoved 01
which lost protection with us Sir IL Peel laid the same
hands which despoiled corn of it* "protection" on no Ie*<
than other articles. Despite the interested protests ol
the home manufacturers or producers, he applied the same
principle* which had abrogated the Corn Law* to sugsr
leather, glass, hides, cattle fish and silk. And what has
i<een the result ? The general interests of the county have
derived immense benefit from the change, and the indus
try which protective laws fixed in certain grooves has
flowed out iuto new and numerous channels ot productivr
We do not know whether our French friends will take
hcait from our example. Abstract reasoning has. as we
know, but little influence on the actions of men and na
tions. It was not abstract reasoning alone that carried
the repeal of the Corn Laws in our country, but the ac
tive and energetic combination of men of whose interest*
were thwart'd and passions irritated by their continuance.
In the same way France will owe any relaxation of her
•— - .. »pe*cnr« #o morn iu
to the combined action and intelligence of men whose
capital, industry and hope#, arc embarked in tho#e Urge
commercial enterprise* which iflrolre her material proa
perity. When all who are engaged in the »ilk manufac
ture# of Lyons or th* wine manufacture ol Bargundr and
the Gironde feel that commerce i# a thing of mutuality_
that it cannot be onesided—that a countrr cannot export
Without importing, and that crery single #ou which ia
paid for a bad article made at homo rather than for a good
article made abroad ia really two aou# taken from th*
means of the countrr—then, and then only, shall we be
gin to hope that the combination or iron founders and
cutler* and cottonworkar* will not succeed In fixing upon
France a burden which wo hare shaken off. and hindering
a development of resources of which she ia probable a<
yet ignorant beraelf.
CAttroaui* Itxms.—The California paper* furnish the
following summary:
A man named Peter Bennett waa drowned in the Staid*
lau*, near Dead Man's Bar, on the 'ISd inst. He was a Ca
nadian Frenchman, aged thirty two years.
Jtme* McDonald, late Captain of Police,and tr-fda
City Marshall of San Kratici-co, died at quarter lieforv ten
o’clock, on th* morning of July «, at hi* residence, on th*
corner of Broadway and Powell street.
A littl* boy. William Boswell, was drwwi.ed at Gold Hill
On the l<Hb alt, an Indian wti lynched at Walaonviti*
for killing a * ililo man from Sonora
Wrn Smith, merchant, had been murdered at Calrera*.
John A. Stone was killed in Amador county by the ca
ring of a batik of earth.
Wru. Wilson had been sent for Jo year* from San Fran
cisco to the Penitentiary for killing a negro.
Dr. Dickerson *nd daughter were drowned in the Mer
ced rirer.
B. F. Marshall was shot and badly wounded in an afl'ray
at • Murphy'#.''
Nicholas Dele)'lane deliberately shot and killed Wm
Dawes, at Pan Jose
Jerry Cal ahan had been arrested, at Stock ton, charged
with *r*on, in the burning of the residence of E H. Stock
Albert Cunningham was accidentia killed near M*rv»
Nathan Cottle, of Amador county, had been found guil
ty ol murder.
A man named Sherman waa killed at a Meiican fan Ian
go at Salva.lor
Myron H. Hall waa are)dentally shot and slightly woun
ded hr hla friend, named Perkins, at Squaw Creek
Samuel Steel and Samuel Clark were robbed on th*
highway, in Nrvadn counte, oi fl.ftnn.
(i, II. Yates, formerly of New York, committed auicids
at Stockton, on the ltd ult. He was well known aa a
writer for the preaa. At the same place, on the tarn* day
Mr* Rich, a German, also destroyed her own life.
Beverly Well# had been convicted of the murder of a
man named Dunn, near Beneet*.
The body of Frederick Hhilliridry waa found near Yuba
river, where he had been murdered.
Nxw Goraaroa or Karats.—We hare reason to put
faith in the rumor that the Hon. Wilson Shannon has been
superseded ill the office of Governor of Kansas, ami that
J W, Geary, E*«v, of California, haa been nominated aa
hi* successor. From th# energy and efficiency of th*
gentleman last named, *• commander of one of the Penn
sylvania regiments in Mexico, and in other public trusts,
the appointment ia const Jet ed a judicious on# ,
W“HI.SOTOS, July 29._the Senate refuse.! to *•
*"*“ the bid appropriation $7 4,00.1 to teat the prank*.
bilSi v oi th« *tmo*i>hone ulegrtph.
Several Ulla for the improvement of Wealero harbor*
con«idePf<l tn>j pnr< gil.
TH* House reauim-1 the ronaidrraUoo of the artut ap
propriation bill. M Barbour*. .iDrnJo^,, declaring ,h*
territorial Uwai.f Kansas null and void, wa. parted. Me.
Slxerraau * amendment, that the military lorcu n( the f.
Sutra shall not - employed In Kanaas tiU Con grew, da
cideaon the validity ol the territorial laws, etc . wee cue
curml in.
The House reconsidered the vote in Confmitlee of the
Whole to annul eertaiu las* of Kaunas, and adopted as
*n v'nendm-nt to the array bill a substitute for the for
mer, providing for freedom ol speech and at tha preea
abolishing teat oaths, dismiss*..* .11 pohlie.1 proaecu tioo*'
pending against prisoners, and reataring the Missouri —
promise liner
from IuvanT!
CnaatrsTov, July 28.—The steamer Isabel arrived to
day, with Havana .dricea to Friday last. Gener*l newe
unimportant. Sugar alightly lower, but Arm Tbe pres
ent crop is oue-lifth abort.
W xaHisoTos, July 29.—The weather bee V^n Houde
all day, with slight showers occaaionailr. Ia Baltimur*
and Philadelphia, It haa been similar.
WaapwoTo*. July 29.-The jury |„ tbe «ae of Jerboa .
charged with killing Nally, tbe seducer of his a,ter have
found a verdict of not guilty.
Baltimore, July 29 —Flour fi,m at unchanged ratoa.—
Wheat—holder, are more firm.-Corn-prices Irregular*
whites trifle lower, and yellow somewhat higher.
New \ oas, July 29.—Flour buoyant; good StaLo
18.20,—Other descriptions unchanged. Wheat has ad
vanced—Southern white |-, 88. Mixed corn 82 ct*.
Boxros, Julv J8_ —Two more of the aiiffercr* bv the ex
plosion on board the steamer Empire State have died, m*.
, “!f 6 'Ten ,n «H- Of the eleven others injured U
is thought or.ly four will recover. 1
Nxw Yo*x, July 29.—01 the persons injured bv the ex
d^d°n The^oth^ ' ,U‘‘m'‘r EmPir* City, fourteen ar*
ae»d. rn« oCh»-r« n>covt>nng.
Bcsraio. July 27.—Telegraphic advices received hev*
^ m"/°LUr r™ r'-‘COT'r,rd {lom lhe recent calami
ty on Lake Erie. There eeems but little doubt but that at
least forty uvea were loot on the occasion.
i *.“???• Ka"8** —An abolition despatch from Rock la.
i Und;, R>*nois eutee that General Stringfellnw had lasued
, a call lor all Missourians to go over to Kansas before Au
RU*t- “ to be enabled to vote a: the November election
bilLx .G,n*r‘1 l"*’8 party, numbering
soine 800 persona, had crossed the Missouri for Nibiaa
ka City. Gen. Smith says If Lane enter* Kansas he wifl
arrest him.
j V Rockwell.—Hon. Wra. Rockwefl.
Judge of the Supreme Court of New York, died at hi* ru
aide nee in New Utrecht on Saturday night. Hi« disease
was hemorrhage of the lungs. He bad been ill but a lew
*'u RAI.LAHI) IHH k|;.
u w r. „ MONDAY. Jar n. ISM
H SI Anson, Dr K C Carter. Him A W Brown. NO- Dr *t»r
sod lady and ? se'ta. J Fontaine. Mrs Hodges, Columbus Os - S u
Matteer. Udy and T Wtag, lad,. 1 children m",
go carry, Ala , A Rifln, W Carter. Mlaa Wickham, Miss Wickham
Hani rer; Dr Baynham. Essex, TJ Reync Ids. J T Moore J T TUir.l
Fertataoaih. T J Oladdiny. Liher'y; Mr. Alsamsaud family. La Mr
Lsmh N V-rWW*h!t*h«rl; *> W le- ri. Miss E Le:gh Miss R
Let(t). h Y . W W Dennison and lady, D C , J 11 Eustace Thoa W
Andemon SWdUdy Ts. T J Boyd, WylheTlIle; W H Fryu/nTstauT
ton . T N Burk.W M Scott. Coeingtoo ; Dr C B New and lady Mis.
?*5l**|“ ; i! T Coaltoo, J Davenport, Jr. Richmond . W A Reldaw
J V C“L- Mr Smith?Dr and Mrs MlUer. Gloucester'
J F Jouca, Mias Jo nr*. Mm Honur, Mr* Thotnp«un Mim ThouiM<i«
w M Talbott. M«h Murrif. natcptoo. V* • J B iir*—!
W K J****00* Artanaa* ; A T JctklM and 1—lj. M m
ZHjJr£H!?€r£'J*£l J M >yyiPcb “»«* l^r. J * McCulloch. P t>
5S*?**' ^ Drumwand, Petersburg ; K. ▼ Dr Dcau«. l»,tv unJ
* nL^1.Mil DffVmH A ® ** Winfres, Chewtrrflerld ; W T
Lure* C^H*Leneh^I e*rT7h Bu<‘k'n*h*“ ■ ▼ « Caldaell. Phil,; Joh.
A 8 D‘T“' Amh^; W * *
- , „ _ . TUESDAY, JtTLT ». 13S«.
tsS? iSS"' £.! A- McDowell, b Ballard and child. Loaimtle
MU. Drffrlet, 8a'rm; J P Roberts. W A Fslkeuer. Petersburg; 8 A
G""** _T„* G° P El'lott, lady and se't. Miss Elliott. M s. Hey .
7'f*1' *L®V8‘ ® Coaltoo. J C Cocke. Hanorer; W N Whiting. Buck
“fPj* Sheppard. Texas; F Field, Vermont ; P .« March. X Y Mrs
McPherson. Harrisonburg, Pa; K McPherson, Gettaborg, Pa ’ Q tf
Mosby and laity. Mtas ; W 0 Bouldln and lady, Charlotte- II I r ein -
Norfolk. J G Milter. Culpepper, J P H.msnn^Mr. Ceeti, M?.. <wT*
LV1. T S*.e,*w>bur*- ■> * «»®. Va; 0 H Nowlin. Lynchbarr
? U; Major J R Cooke. Mrs Cooke. Miss C Cooks. Miss B
T Ttrry- '»dy »“« * se't* D Ms rage 7nd lad
Cuba; W Perkins and family, N O; B A Sheppard and™, HoostoL
W J*AlD L/W*‘ H0S<S,U'* • 0 w“hl,y. G Burk. Charleston ; T
W Jordou. A T Loo|. 8 Brown. N C, G W Knight. Nottowav L T
Wootten. Danville ; O W Vsnghan. Pr-ncs Edward ; W w'j'onea.
Buck,ogham; 8 Adam.. Halifax ; A C White, Montgomery. Va; |«
i iT-ha^d ' E" “ ° Uo*»- * Baugh *rs .Zt s^'raal
I WaT* uo* prepared to manufactara e*.
▼ ▼ and repair every d. scrlpGoo of Agrl- tJV - * - -
cultural Implements now used. We har. gone V *
to no small expense In putting ap the different ju
machinery rrqnlrsd In carrying on our business. W. are prepared to
; repair ln sap.ror style the earlous Reapers now need On. JT^im
portant feature In oor business Is. that we sell no Implemwnta bat one
own" manufacture."and they •• warranted " We call the attention of
the Farmers to our Wheat Thresher, Cleaner sod Iforse-Powee whioa
i orlTf Tr^rTVi'tf n,°' *uP*r'°f, •« any other now used As
1 L'^L°f V* i theyhaee door, we annex the rsrttflrates of a few
I f'n'!rm*u "ho i'vsti oor machine a fair trial. W. also ■
th« liberty of referring to other genUemeo who here o>od the dm
chine :
We purchased of Messrs Ntnaox A Mott, last season »o« o
Uwlr *1. in. Dram Straw Carrie, and « Horse-Pcwcr. .Tdto onr ham
^''"Bgraanh we consider their Machine a perfect one. We bellce,
that the machine use-1 by as w!U thresh faster, cleaner, and break
leas grain of wheat, titan any other that we liars seer seen or used.
■ eorlco, uu Noe., 1336. JO#. J. PLKABaNTB.
I Mreere. Natans A Mott
Gentlemen—Yonre bearing date Rrptrmber *Hb la to band and f
; haaten to reply. '
’ r™ Weeh'ne for two traeuoe.eod moat cheerfully r»
command It aa the beat I haea eeer oaed-tbc draft aaay. and lha
motion r ecu to the drnra each ae to get all the wheat from the atraw
! rtraXi'^lw^-RiCHABD AuSr
' Mewr, Nmao, A Mott °°" ^
Gw tlemen Yoar fae,.r of *Uh Reptember. |RSfl, waa received a
d*I‘ **”• y*ln« *° *• wrong po« ,.®ce My poet rdB^-la New
i M.ii ^a2L"° ”>',0t7' 1 *! wtth *•»'«" artnl yoa the aw*
oeaed certlBcate. loan, eery reepecthtll^,
Jherr^ eertlfe that 1 have wd one of Meaere' Vclo* A VGrrU
Wheat Threaktng MacMaea the preaeiit year.and haea oo beetetloo
, “7 ■"* '***• 11 mnte tip to my ekpectatlon. and la the beet I
: worked. Given under my hand this dth October. 1*6.
oioaes w. bylb.
I pnrchaaod ona of tha above Machlnae of Mott. Laws A Witura.
“d 'hreehad three crope with It, making the amount o rct.-T
13jrtd Nda. I d. without heel tattoo pronounce
china# I haea ever need, heherlng that It wiu three), cleaner teatae
and break leaa grain of whaat thaa any I haea arar oaad ' '
. Hennc. Noe. Idth. 1366. STIbY COX.
Oentlemen-t, la with pMamw. tb.t^r^oStU^J^
jrof of font Thrvohlnf Machine. It rraofrvo !r«« power for iho ».)fo
U doa, then any w. have ere, meo. and >e rem.,;,N, fo7lu!1I^
*"d JfM. w# regard It emphatically the •• Parmer'* Ma
china, and most cAaec/Vtfp recommend It to lha fUrmiogwmatu
Mr. T W Adao,. and Cnpt B Devi., who ere nice obeerrere. and
whaatour Machine threehed thle year, are eery —irti at. ., i
Wtth !U perhrrmaocu. Vrry r«pKtfully, **
£**' J cW- ^Pfrecn. Charles City . J. J. leer iomcZ;
sst 3.
1 _n.TS^JSSi.
'» tn'"d of Dense WUrU, Linen tlr.w.P,,
each. Bull, whatever la necreeary lor comfort ah I* w.e.o.
lag and Sente Turn lahlng way, may he found at II# Main a?
we • delee yoa to look ••’bee*
"BAP D'BTK OOATR —Aleo open and broad Pall Pact* male
them nr*P D"*1* AI,,*C'’R' •Mb'. genteel and cheap Da long at
Rl'MMPB PANTR-We haea a large alack ef tha above (node,
and Would call particular attention le a new lot last received .tuA
w. ar, wiling a. »1» SR0RHONG A TURMAN
! -v*_ no w**f> wrtu
I AMIMKTHM Tl H>IF NKlKD.-j^ ncrirH. M
J Ktf>rr«w a *ipplf of Tarot? H* *4. *mbra Inf following
;*»• >uf» n«i dm* ^
Whit# UI<*| D*l*
%f>f1 rom (Ik# f^unt/fi Ik# T^p, MfMr p#> nym#. a a .
-• TZrZZ? '*
JjZ*____We tn| Beoad vou
P§BI *■«•*• M#. HO- NgW t'gop- " ---
■ Wrirvtng** Yellow Bnta Rage
Dale'e hybrid
Yellow A bar dees
White Norfolk
Largo Plat Globa e
long Wanorer
White flat Dutch Strap Leaved
SIT'S - *> da
„ «-ren Top, Wlater or Ralad Per tala bp
C'7** -_— - , »M PM. MBS
«« Mil I*. I'OMIII HMI tM. ..Maefta
r,r> RI GANR-Po, *ale b, t Vi|U«7«Vc<
; JJ7-.. g ,_ , _W» «* Gary w
\' IHI.I >1 « »• A rg ft I Mill IMOU f., l.
• bertlhU*., ;«
✓ in M|«1r»##*, c M ri I.BAWW*. fPk, k«lge« *«n - — -
«ir^bR«4w-b. of V*. Iw. fitu, A CM
tan lbw s r ay lob.

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