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A Siw»* or Haig.—1’uauig around the corner of
Franklin and Itth street* yesterday, wa wees aotuewhat
<ut<-i.Mied to hear a rotes-, issuing apparently (roai the bow
i-lsol tboearth,uttering cries which wecould not then un
derstand; bulou fookiug down into the ccllarot lUbltwton's
old warehouse, te disco*ervd our portly friend Keess-s-, the
coroner standing amidst heap* of biuken armed chairs,
hrottrii legged tables and broken backed sofas, gating up
on Ihr at-eue of deraeiatiou with a* much Uuntimtancr as
an army surgeon on a battle field. We soon learned Irena
hi# hurtled words that the dismembered furniture was
“going," and nuw and then tbe expression “gone!" in
doated that he had owe lea* “ patient “ to opeiat.- upon.
There were aereral sedate persons standing arou. d, ms
king li appear at first that the coroner wa* holding an
inquest over the maugled remains scattered all o»er tbe
door; hut a little reflection convinced the observer that be
ws* engaged, in the capacity ol auctioneer, selling out
that portion of Messrs. Ilablulon's stock ol furniture which
was damaged by the falling of thrtr warehouse. Tile pro
ceeds amounted to #333.
llineo a Srowks Math.— C -arses Asa >iu and hit wife
Bridgvl Mvlriii, appeared liclore the Mayor yesterday to
answer a cliarge of‘ assaulting and beating Wm. Kyan's
chtld." From tbe evidence it appeared tliat Mra. Melvin
had thtown a quantity of soap suds upon the child, inten
ding the bath lor the nurse, a will'* girl, who was peep
ing ihiuugb the gala on Mra. Melvin’# premise*, to eee
-ha. was going o*. The child was nearly strangled by
the water and it was quite natural, under such circum -
•siH-ea, that Mr. Rvsu should call upon the Melvins for
at explanation. Me did so, and was treated with So little
ooii-idi-iaiioo that he thought It the wisest plan to make
a hasty rvtieat from the euvmv'a lei more. Ou the same
uight, .Iter the Kyana bad surest to r^t, three Urge
rtK-ks Were thrown into their window hv invisibles hands
pissing close by the head of Mrs. R.,' and Ihruugh the
partition into tbe room adjoining. The inmates were |er
nbly frightened—particularly Mrs. Ryan,who thought she
would never recover from the effects of it. Tbe Kysns
aub.eq .enUy got out a warrant and had thel- troublesome
!V'«hOor* arrested; and yesterday the Mayor required
Melvin and hia wife to give arcuiity In keep tbe peace and
ov ui gtioj lifliAfior.
A Foxv's Faivit.aucs Ahkiduko —It may not I* gene
rally Inhered, yet it is nevertheless tvu», that Thomas
Wataou, Foel and Orator, was fined five dollars yesterday,
by the Mayor, for taking water frimi a city hydrant with’
out paying lur it. Watson's offence*heretofoie have been
ol no esi/rry nature; for tike most povts.be sometime*
seeks inspiration in fountains of another sort. But it ap
pv.tr* that he ventured on thi* occasion to slake hi* tilt mat
in the watei* of the Janice, and having done so, he had
too moeti philosophy to dream of paving foi the privilege.
When summoned to go before the Mayor, lie declined thi
honor, picfviring !.» let the las tike it* course; for he
knew there wa* gill enough in ids ink to make the law
appear odious in the eye of the public, and justify his po
sition before the people. So there wa* no defeiics-, and
Watson wa* fined five duller* , thus placing him on an
equ ilily with counuou men whom the god. bare not made
Tni* ivmaikabl* person hat Announced hi* purpose to
deliver a "1 un-well Address,” ou the steps of tins Capitol
“between the statue* of Jefferson and lleurv." to-night.—
II the statues arc nut mured from their pedestal* by his
OVerpow ring efoquvu.-e, and the tree# don't dance'with
ec»ucy, they may be justly legardvd as very stupid and
*b*llA.‘|pvo llllllg *.
(.oureition —Mr. Scheffer, formerly the u«i«r ol the
•lave girl Saral., or, r vel oiu iiieehcr made auch ■ cbarac
twistic display in Brooklyn, New Vork, called on us yes
icrtlas and requeued us to cuiitridict the following slate
ruei.t, which is now going the rounds of the newspapers:
«l Vila New York Dali; Nrwa, >ara u,»t o„
“** *1.1 *«»•• treaUoai Waa purel.aaaO h, »r. |Ue|M', comrrnt*
tU*u, Kb*r<totlrd lairljr, taking with hrr c«rt«to article* no* her two
perl? Itwaaatrwk.lt l« uni, euutJuctfd bj ;hr ma*trr and |h.
f Ifl Ua I Alee tl.e $\.M. bhe returned to him, »u quite lanpr, auJ
fffttlng aloud m Well at could be expected.”
Mr Scheffer *ay« that a<> far as this statement refers to
hitu. it w • lals.-l.oud He care the girl her tree paper*
in tl-e u*ual form, and has aince had nothing whatever to
do with |,er actioua. It la understood that ahe is t.ow in
Vv a*hiirgton.
Amenta Vessel iuk tu Richmond Tltst.—A splen
d*J schooner, built for Mr. David Currie, of Richmond,
haa ju*t been launched horn the *hip-vard of J. J. Abra.
ham A Son, in Baltimore. She is 375 tons burthen, 1*3
tcet in length, has Nil feet beam and I* l.-el depth uf
hold. She ha* been built under the immediate aupenn
tendeuce ol Capt. G. \V . Allen, and in all het appoint*
ineiits ia a first cli-s veaael. She has In-en ru.ined the
‘‘C'rcinl'aw,” ami will be commanded by Capt. Fonerden.
She ia .leeigneil U> lie placed in tile regular packet line
between Richmond and New York. The same builders
have a contract for building two more of the some dilnen
Hvonv, for the aanie parties, the keels of which will be itn*
mediately laid down.
A Handsome OrrtcK.—The office of that old insurance
company, the Virginia Fire and Marine, has been re
moved lo No. ]31 Main street—a place that iiaa been fit
ted up lor its accommodation in a style of much elegance,
it is, in fact, so neatlv arranged, that we are mire that any
(•eisou would be gratified by an examination of it. It i*
proper in this connection to allude to the career of this
veteran company. During the twenty-five year* ol its ex
istence, it ha* ••faced the music" to the tune of over a
ra llioo dollars, relieving the distress ol many who might
otherwise hare In-en reduced lo poverty. Ttius has it
ppvve.l a public benefactor, and as such, i* well deserving
of public support.
InviCEst.—Coroner Keesee, aacirted by Constable But
ler, held au inquest y eater day afternoon over the body of
a negro belonging to John Cosby, named Ba.tlett Harris,
who suddenly fell dead in a house on the pn-uiises id the
Kirhuionil Female Institute. A verdict was rendered that
he died f.om some cause unknown; (hough it was the
opinion ol the physician that his death resulted from the
rupture uf a blood vearel.
Danokkouh Walls.— Mr. John Williams, trustee, vx*
summoned before the Mayor yesterday to show cause why
be should not be required to have a portion of the wall of
Christ Church, left standing by the rcrent fire, pulled
down, the same being in a dangerous condition. The
matter waa continued until ill 4th uf August.
Charge ok Larceny.—A man named John Fhealin
yesterday caused the arrest of K.lwin, a slave, belonging
k' Wm. Tyree, on a charge of stealing a load of biit-ks ;
but on hearing the evidence, the Mayor piomptlv disniis
oed the caae.
Amr Quoted.—A sentimental gentleman, with all his
senses concentrated upon the Juicy sweets of a wau-r
inclnn, remarked :
"The wir/tm-cboly days have come,
The mxrtrtt of the year.”
VlH*—Mr. Moorman'* barn, a lew rnilea from Lynch
burg. *u df.troycl on Inst Sunday night by fire ; the fire
originated lii a alr*w atack, and is aupposed to have
been the work of an incendiary.
DtsrMaTK KloHT.—Two negroes had a desperate fight
with knives at Old Point last Saturday night. One had au
arm neatly cut off, and the other was bsdly wounded. It
originated in lore and jealousy.
Fi**d.—The Mayor yesterday inipoaed a fine of f5
ij upon M. Eagan, for using water from a city hydrant with
out paying for it.
W» would call the attention of our lady rradrrr nperlally to tl,«
adrrrilariD'til of Ihr Penn Medical I'nlrrr.lty of Phlladalpbfa, found
la another column.
Tbs medical education of women, If at prrwoi attracting a larva
ahare of public attention. which It Justly should Thta »uhiKt should
he regarded a*, what It really It, the leading reform of the age
Ladlea should become fatuiilar with Physiology, Anatomy and su« h
other branches of Medical Pcirnre, at relate to hygienic laws; and,
at far a* practical, become qualified to practice the healing art, much
of the mod Important and profitable part of which roruee within her
j proper aod legitimate sphere.
Tae Oivoavsfan Brrrsas Is the best certified medicine In the
world for the core of Dyspepsia and General Debility, a aafe aod
agreeable tonic, giving Immediate reflet aod a cheerful sensation of
health aod streogth
A Ptr.nrstLs tveaerMivr - If you Would save twenty dollars In
physicians* fees, and twice that amount lo time, buy a dollar botUe
of Perry Pacts* Palo Killer for family uee; yon will never regret It.
or DYfiPRPfilA. Host*. July fi, l«f
Genii*men:-Agreeably to y*ur vur gestlon. it gives me pleasure
to Mat , that son*- fire weeks ago. I purchased two bottles of your
(AryiSSfttof Bitten, and commenced u»i» g the same according to
directions and rapvrtenced the happiest effects
I had been troubled with dyspeps'a about three yearn. During
warm season, and at times, was ob’tgrd to glee up all at’enilob
to business, and although I had the adeice of many good physl. Ian*
I wa. coaflnedfor .1* wreka to th* h use. and continued to grow
T.tl?.’ 1 ,0w* 1°** o»edh Inr, I am now almost cured of every
ditagreeab e symntorn, and able to do buetne*« as oeual
credit of my restoration to health. Is du* to the Oitb
penofed Mitten Tour obedient servant.
SkTIf ft vow l ism Boston
. , ? 7. J?*}* A OO . 1« Washington Ptrevl, Piston. Prnprle
*?V ^oldby their agon ta every* here dr A w | w —Jyfs
fTf^Tt.Un 10 ,h* u~ * paaav "A™1 »"»"*•
n*nll*»»n -f f**l imdfr obligation, u. *nv f..r ih* b*n*oi l'ha»«
fwwlKrt from your Inralaahl* Pam K'llrr. A f*» day, am re t ,„i,
Ml In Lying ou. .... bury In, on. of ourdllaen. who" « —.Id
lo ha** died althth* Cholera Tb* nm morning I .1. uk.'iiwllh
«*»rrt fnmlllng, arrompanled with roldnraa of lb. rllrrmll r, _
W»rm cnrrnng and bnl ari.ltratlnna tallr.l lo ream-, warmth Mi
wir* . Lmlly, who had nml lb* pnln Killer .lib (■*<•*• during tb.
Cholera aM.on In Bulfaln, In 1 **.y. ad*i«*d m* to ink* It. I to-,
.Ion*n at lal*r*ala of flt**n mlnnl*., * fin* per«j.irailnn *n.n*d
and ih* neat day, barring a lint* w*ako*n, 1 waa w*||. and ha**
b**n *tn*a nm-* my r**or**y I find that «*rrral of tb* r'tlw-na
na*»aa*4 th* Pain Klll*r aa a r*ro*dy for Cholnra, prnnoun*l*a it
"El * *'* «*■"" *" f«-.-wwnaiww H fo a .mi mar,
£aw£r -i*T« W M CROZIItR, Atfy at Law
C',,j1*’"rn I OTTOH M«iwr.-*id***i h*.*. «„**
/ RnglM lotion win b* aold at It* rk. p*r pa'r, worth fh* —
IZtr"'!:': I" gualMba varying from If Mr to
• « LIT." r?"on l'l,u Thread lloa*, from »ftc. lo
T;_ T*r pal*; cblblr*n • rot Ion Hot* In whit*. *trlp*d and aandal
criRiPTi.vv a i.atmrop.
-e* , W Main .try* I.
El.r,!,r!'l t** V ,'S4 1 'T M*>
,3”'„ J'*.f"'*"i,Wf"*r' ®f »i* Llaat aiyl*a and tb*
l Ipkods, at leas Ihnu Importer's prt. ee. tor ssieiar
/l«f MRBM AB*P
Lf£?&7;.. \Tr.„r ****M
Mund. Toon®. ILana, Ira. mL ki
ni wi/vp. movodrp a ro
N i,r. A" “ bbd. fair in rhoM ,u.T I
•d bbls. Onfv Aiyw
t*> bhls prime M..lass#*
faraalaby__I'lSLOp, MOWCCRR a 0f>.
\!" * T" • ... M ,i p„. *i.„,
1TM rlor art 1*1*, iaat raealvad and for aal* Lw by '
. — _ C J HkTOU A Ml
' ! _ Sign of 1»0 flrralif j»», 71 Main *.
* T#"' 1 Cvrutton Ooano. for aal* by
** Jf*»—«w oh a a r. w^rtham i 00
, Mom ExtraorAiaarjr Rrmed) Km»wu.
runI I » i;auh EiPEIUrNOrtn th. ..la .1
§Ok *•» “RUTIItrSimtAkT CI.MTIIS"
**»• •***■*«* «> Iha* Ikm la aothtag Ima to lit, mad .raj wustd,
whu-l, will al all compare with ih-m. Timy ara indeed comforter, el
the Httratn# tmuUytr.
II may be mid at U,m, without fear at eoolndktloa at proof to
I llw contrary, that If iha/ ara appJM-l at ah/ lime previous to tbs
actual riaing of iha toeaet. iha/ wUI promptly alia/ all Inflamattoo,
ralia** all pula a ad peaaeul tha bceaM trow gal bar tog. and far
Ihormura, 1/ tha hr eat should actually rim before tha rl.uhe can be
hwd. th, applK-altou aod constant Wearing of ihewt will produce wt
a oodMiua of the brraal aa to It,aura the apeedW. powlbla cure
►:»ary mother .houl.t keep thorn by her, aod fallow la their uoa tha
dtrrrtioaa, which always are aaat with thaw,, and ear word far It, ah,
will tverer know what it la to hoar serious sugaring with her breast,
%r A raaaltianra af (1.., arrow, pan lad by II ranu worth al
paatoge .umpa, wlU aacttra tha prompt trahamlmtow by omit of a pati
af thorn ololho to any part of Iha United mates.
Thay ara far sale by
ADII A ORA Y, Who lam la and Retail Agents,
l« Main street. Richmond, Virginia.
And by MKAtlg k IAKK. UM Main at.. Richmond. Va.
VT Fall direction, far applying Ihooo Ob-lbs, wlU nocomnani
CfBK FOR DlkEVTEKV.-During-thw
R^toiJEr^ praaalanoo of dlaraaa II barpmaa tha doly of aaary
ruiaeo "v luakr known auoh rewvediee aa are cakwlaled to rbnek ita
Program aa wall aa to core It. For this reason tha Proprietor of HA
KRii d CKLiBKATFD PREMIUM BITTgRII bag. tear, to call pub
Ik attention to them, fully aailaSul from rtprrtrn.-eln hi. own fam
ily. and from nun.berime crritllralea In Mi pomr.alon, that thay ara
th. hoot aod moat ipoedy remedy to be had l.,r tha rartaln cure of
Dyaontery, to all It, forma Tim vegetable Ingredient, from which
these U.ttvr, are rompeuuded, apart from e,parlance. learhm that
nothing , an our pass them In healing and permanently curing d.mw
H «'yarotory. Th. toffrrrr may drench
lilmnolf with all and calomel until doomadar, and ha my gel partial
rellaf be tha free uaa of laudanum, but II la Impoaalble u. perfect
a cure of th- dlaeam oh,la tho howela ..main In an uulteallhy Mate.
Haa.a.H,ramm will a, aaaurc.ll/ .If.ct a cure aa they arc taken,
and Iha Proprietor urge, on Iha public tbo nacamlty of trying then.
They will aim relieve constipation of Ilia bow via, when lakvo WC
,-or.ling lo directions, and a navrr telling remedy f r disorder, d
alomach. ludigraiiou. dyaprpala, ate. Lai tba aOllctod Iry tbam and
fudge of their merits.
Vo bo had of all Ilia principal llruggtats In Rlrhmnnd city Alan,
of thw following Druggist, : Pel k hlraai.a, Alrv.i.drla Va , T II.
MrKcnnay, Lewlabu.g, Vu.. Todd. Ifluton A Traylor, Prlrraburg.
Va .Ring A Tay. Norfolk. Ta , J U Campbell, Pot I am, .oil,, V.
l)or.K.Oamm, Hllilam.liurg Va Jahnatou * Co., Proderlrkaburg,
'a.,d. R Callum B (V, Danville, Va .and Druggists la Parmr^U,
Vo.1 „"*• ,Ad„*'V * Co • "mllMl,Id, Va., II,bb g Wei!., Charlottes
v'u». e B R.kr-dgr, Huunn.n, Va . W. II. Mppici, « limlogt.m,
k. C . Cl,aria, tkolt A Co.. Washington City. D. C-, Canhy a .Hatch
Unit,more. M.I.. Bodeker A Millar. Conngton, By., htablar A Jonas,
Lynchburg, la . and Irom Drugglau aod Stores generally. For or
dar.addrea. R BARtK.
Ju4-- lw___^__Richmond. Vn.
KUT r?vt:,mD THF thi tm aboi t oi h
Tl HF OIL. Rrcuaoap, April Huh, 1*S4.
During a «!. Igh ride this winter past, l dive. iriMj my l.orar’. leg
*“*i th* ,k,n ng a ptara larger than my h-ad, from tha trance
rubni.ig on th* Inside of hla Hogh. 1 applied your Turf OH, and in
a day nr two hr wa, well. Anothercaao. A ruble which I wa. work
>og to my dray beramr unable lo walk. On raamlalng hla fool |
IlMOTar- -I a nail ah.oil IWn In. I,a, long up lo Urn toad. My drierr
and li.r neighbors said lie would be good lor nothing. I drew tto
nail out, Inserird a plrve of lint and your Tarf Oil, and act l,lm U,
work at once, and from that moment to hat not lost one hour, hut
l. a, g-'od aa ever. I alao aaw a horse badly snagged on the outaido
of hi, ll.lgh In two places, one about two Inches deep and f.-nr Inches
wide, fiom which he wa, .tiff a day or two Vour Turf Od was np
(n1c«I. ■n*1 11 bruufrht them out rntlnrlf touml. It truijr 1# ore of tlw
tmteu i viunllr* fur tnrvt I h»ve «ver known. tad | Live Hred In
• dru* Mvrr r.if several yrwr%. l'M UiU at JOU (Link i-rot-i
_ „ „ V«T Ifuiy. J. M. W Fluid ER
To Raw,. Dora A Co.
_ _ Ri<-UH,.ati, May lat, I4S4.
UcnUomeo : My .-hU,l had rnramrnred breaking out last tell In
■mall sore, which gradually rltrnded over the entire head. Inclu
ding both ear,, which were so much eaten by tto tore., a, lo cause
me to few ihat both gar, would drop off I tried all aorta of adver
tised and d,i'o,«ll«-r.-rnrdlr, without auy g-.o<l result I then pro
cure,! and applied a IIUlc Tl'KF Oil. It began loget better the
hollle got broke, and We a plied gall, to it ; It again began to get
JJVJJ- *y tldaa daughter said, "Pa. do get a, no-more of Iha,
ri '*1 Oil. ; •••trr'i* fmid I* <>k«d ro much better when vou u«rd It.**
Wr cut nn.alltrr bottle*. nfi.t h»r I . .1 U nr>« /.marl, .mil T», -_
in Hi.nivtiFiJ case, ami too* half an li(>ur *»fry day to Work It,
♦ml It ««i very oU-omv. Our more bottle, I ?eH aasuied, will cure
•er entlre'y, tliere U but little of th«* dl-eaac retualoltig Vou are
•‘iitiilrd to IliU, aud for the benefit of o'her*, I take great pU-a«orr
u giving you ihla c. rUfleale. Respectfully,
iSl’WLr. ‘“r •! •»» B*N« Ill MAN
** II aik la hut Imperfectly understood even by tlioae
who make the greatest |>re<rnaU>na. The mow of the popular Hair
l>yes of ti*e day may, for the time, color the hair, but nh>o to lie
Hiroevdrd by a tartiUhetl green, or other unslgntly appearance.—
Bogle s Pe Ul'* Hair Dye la Void of these noakius propertira. It
instantly .lye* the hair a beautiful natural bUr k or brown, which
I oellhet water nor *un*hlne ran tarnish in the least; and “to mak*
• asuraure doubly sure" his agents are authorised to refund the mo
| ney If the moat perfect aati»rart|on Is not gtren. Price fa# eent*.
♦ 1 and 1.5o je-r » a«e. Inventor, W B<^'1r, Boston, and «dd by
Druggist* every whet e.
Is your hair turning grvy ? Do you wish to cultivate gi.od whK
ker* and moustache* * Y our batr to he soft, silky, and gtos*y »—
\ our bead to be root, comfortable, and free of dandru?? Mother* f
•ret3f®’>' children to have luxuriant head* of hair * T!.m u» Ho
ajLX’a Htrni<Mi ru-tn. Which xtvaa Vails In It* unerring effect
Prkv* to cU. Tsj cts 7JV cts. and I i N' per bottle. Bogle’* Halts of
CyU*eri« stands unrivalled for eradicating tan and pltuples*»iul beau
tlUIng the coiDpIrxIui). Price **) ct* Inventor and nrepnetor. YV.
H4>liLK, Bosluu. and sold by Druggists everywhere.
jeS—dly—^r) _
Mothers’ Breast Cloihs.
Wetiavr a supply ol these Invaluable arilclr. ul] hand. and
would call the attention of the public to the advertisement in an
other column. MEADE A HAKEK. Ch. ml.tA,
1* _1* Main street, northwest corner of Ittth.
IV'.aL, the i:\>:r( ine!* .»»• ainm ti. a.
SCHOOL will le resumed ou Movmt. lhth
Septeu.i-er, at her rcaidcticr, on Eirat atrrrt, between Clay and Mar
_ ___ JylT
yj~ AI.EX. Ill I.I.. Importer and Manufacturer . :
Ladles’and Gentlemen’. Hoot, and Shura, Nr . W7 Main
•trret. I. now prtpared to furnish hla friend. ali i the |.uhltc gene*
rally, with Boot.,. Maoaa. Tacaaa, Caarar Bin., Vaucra, Ac., of a
qualtly that cannot be surpassed. and at prlcea that cannot lad tn
plra«e All tn want of good ifoot*, and at low prices, will call on
Mr. llttA, where they can be pleased itl price, quality and atylr —
/W.ynr/rA.___ jylh
Yi»* »'•*»* *»• IHIIHIl: % AMI IIIMM EIM.
—Chapman's Speedy Cure for Dlarrhtra and Dyaetitery
la superior to .nyttdng In u.e for theae affection. Il strikes at the
root of the dlaeaae, eradicating It with a Certainly unequalled Ita
•ucceaa la .o great that •» ran warrant a enrr or no /nry. Price 89
eta. For sale, wholesale and retail, be
W. C. HATTAILK, Sole Agent,
Drug and Chemical Btorr, corner Ith and Broad atrrel,
_ __ Richmond, Va.
«». GLASS PLATE, Ac.—M. FRANCK, *pl Broad street,
Richmond, Va . keeps ronatantly on hand fancy and plain material in
every branch of Ida business. He a.ka a call from all who hare pic
lures to frame, or wish to buy articles In hta line. jy»
SO& FOUNTAINS, dcligtnfully cool aud refrcahlug, with ail
the rich and dellcloua i-rraui and fruit ayruna, for aalr ut
MEADE A BAKER'S New Apothecary Store,
_JjW___ 1 -S N. H Con er of Main and lot*, ata.
',,,M *— i■"• i "i
JBmi^^Aniond It nr/ the i\>untry g<a trolly. All I hare to »ay
to my ru.totnrra, rleoda, and the Punllc generally, la: that I can
now furnlan ladles and gentlemen with Boot., tUioe. and Gaiter. •
that cannot be .urpaaaed either here or elKwhere.eithcr of my own
manufacture, nr of the heat boots aud shoes manufactured eapreas.
ly for IOC tn Paris, by the premium Boot maker of France, (that la
Meier, of Paris.l so that all in waul of Boon and Shoes of auperior
quality, auch aa cannot be purchseed elsewhere call at
... . . ALEX. HILLS,
Manufacturer and Importer of Ladies' and Gentlemen's French
Je* SaoM And Wieaa, Hu, IB Main at. Richmond, a
tVTy »1 MMER UNDER SHIRTS,-! Into just
reeled an adddlonal supply . f Haul- Mertnn.Thrrad
Bd. amt Cotton Cants Sitare and Daawna. together with an a.
aorltnel I of Oaute Bodies, a new and tuperlor article for summer.
Opposite American Hotel.
»'• iiMMim. tiiMiiiSi—i t,«T,
now In store u complrte assortment of GENT’S EI R
NISIIINir GOODS, to which I Invite the attention of gentlemen,
hem* assured that In point of beauty and style they cwnnof he sur
paesed. My assortment of Gausr, Thread, fitlk and Merino I'nder
Dress Is unprecedented as regards quantity and quality.
SHIRTS, of (Very Style and quality, made In ths best manner,
and eiprcsslr for my sales. Bosoms of srery esrlety, ready to put
lo shirts, with a large and earlad assortment of everything pertain
ing to my business. W /. OWENS,
•P1*6 __ Opposite Am*, lean Hotel.
t#~ NOTICE,-Haring been appointed Agents for ths
Ml* Of the celebrated Spool Cotton Manufarturi-d br
Messrs John Dirk A dona, Glasgow, wt shall he supplied stall
timet with a full assortment direct from thr Manufacturer#, for sale
at the lowest New Tork prices We can guarantee this Cotton to be
fully equal In quality to any manufactured, and with confidence re
commend It to the trade.
‘flS__KENT PAINE A 00., Agents,
^ E> As HF.1,1 INI hat removed his Furniture Ettab
■Kmmb llshment to the spacious sndelcgant Warsroom under
| •TtiRINTHIAN IIALL,** Mstn Street, shore the Banks,and has In
j operation alltheapplisncto Incident to an extrusive business.
sirs lo say to their customers and the public, that
they arc in receipt of a very great variety of saw Titians, and as
»DS of the House will he In market most of the Seaton, buyers may
be assured of finding the most DESIKA RLE STYLES at all times.
Iw A complete assortment of Eamlly Linen", Cottons and Ser
vants Goods. March S.
(Graduate of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.)
HAVE Opened aod filled out with eeery ronesnlenes and lm
protement, an APOTHECARY AND DKl'O STORE, at la*
Main street, Northweet corner of lmh, and Just above the new Cus
tom House. Their facilities and nperlence are such, that they feel
warranted In ssylng that Physicians' ordrrs and persertidiona, and
erery pharmaceutical preparation, will be filled and prepared as se
curately and prompllr as al any other rstaMlehmen! In the country
Their stock Is entirely weir, end wss selected with great care hy
themselves In person, and no article will he Issued which may not
hsperfeeilr relied upon for proper sfrrwgfA and purity nl rharaeter
, They will »t all time" keep a complete assortment of pure and re
liable Drugs, Medicines and Chemicals, Pstrnt Medicines, Purgteal
Instruments, trusses and Appllanrrs of every rlrscriptlr n, ground
aod ungrouod selected fiplces. Cooking Estrsct",Smoking and Chew
In* Tobacco. fAe dueef Imperial tVp.irs, Eaner Ankles, Lnhln's
and Other Celebrated Perfumery and Soaps, Colognes, Brushes and
every article appertaining to Hie Drug business I' is their design to
<• «**■ business In alt Its branches
PRESCRIPTIONS will he arrurgtely dispense,! hy one of the part
ners, at alt hours of the day or night. Jeffi
m EARTHENWARE —The suhsrrlhers are now running ofitheir
present stock, consisting of rich ornamental Dinner and Tea A-is
Toilet and Tele a-tete Sole, Card Baskets, Jewel Voces, Ac ■ rkh
crystal colored Cut and Engraved lllaeseare; Pressed Glassware of
new and beautiful stylet; White and Gold Band., Errneh and Eng
lish Chios In Dinner Tea and Toilet Sets, and separate pieces- White
and Colored Stoneware, apd common good# of til kind* st low peleea
IS make room for our Eall Mock
All persona In want of goods in our Itpe, would do well In glee us a
rail, at bargains are to he bad al the China (tore of
JE» ____ Bt’LKI.ET A 00
MH. AANII El, Nf, Pllltr withdrew, end Via to lee M
In our htisiness res eel on thr first Instant
The remaining partners, with the a sal eta Bee of the same e ,rpa of ,|«.
etent assistant# that hare been with them for years f>art.will continue
ths hurti.cee at usual until the first day of January nest, when Us
propound to admit tome new Interests In ths menntims they ttlll
oRer unusual Inducements on the stock on bund, and h* the Fall
they propose to show their ueual select esrtety,
. . . mi TRIMMED.
EmnIIE Snheefiber has this day received a handsome as- _
*. sortmvnt of the above beautiful dress shoes, made HHki
To .h K'«l. »nd are superter to anything of the kind
In the city Now, Ladles, do not believe the assertion until yon rail
and .. sfy yourselves nf Ihs Met. and then 1. tee them will be to hue
tkem. If you are la want Price low for the quality.
„ , . , D R ERAN'lfl.lN,
Manufacturer and Dealer In all kinds of Ladles' Boots and
_ Shoes of the Best Quality.
I*1. _Ho, BIB BfQAd Bt , Bhoekoe ft.ll
AIsJ'AfiTA fiAC’lIfi,—I knee Jnat received a
A'poor* fine* Costs, whirl, are eery light and
ant for ths warm weather HENBT SIMeER.
■ E.' __Ow>»»r Main yd 14lh at*.
ATIIDHnti.u.pHtt rn «i ikh.m-sai .
ER, IS desirous of s dta.iMa He has had mneh esperkiTre
MiwslosM. and It competent to mbs the emir# chafe stTwisI
Refer to Uwit Hill. Jts 0. Tam, Robt B. Howlron, Gill A Weld.
■vest, A, Waller Morton and Goo R. Peaks Jylft—till Aug
! H t. BENT. /V,.. | B B. BENTLKT. TV. | W. R ISAAC*. AW*.
renawiTTgg or iiMiitnol,
hands: nr tiikhnohetiii.
, , „ . .. 1 "’cloak. It o'clock »o'clock
My M-U Door. M M II
__ Out Door.. M H M
_M A H I NE NE Wh! ~
NMIOo. L**T1 rut Ok TO.
*'• York. IJm|Ml, July M
Now York. Uu.ro rtoCuwu. July M
Now Tork, Him, July It
Burton. Liearpool. July Ml
Now Tork, lluuibu'f. A kg. •
Now Tork. kri—, Aug. t
Liverpool. •'hrlodriph'e. July 1A
Buutheo.pfon, Now Turk, July
Lleerpoui, kw.ti v lo llsllloo, July It
Llv«rp..ol. New Vork. July V.
Lleerpool. Now Tork. July M
Mom, New Tork no Cuwou, July So
wo uu J m-uc» .m T.Ou—aim with SS » ■■ *
Srhr. Putts. Phillip*. AUcandrl.. feral, To. Tuwlog Cu.
I Srhr. John E. Adam,. Sinner. Join*. Hirer. whe.i. Hai.II A Ou.
I Sloop Mary Iiwlo. Ellrhett. Wntiar.-hurg. Cora. A M llapaugb
Ruhr Anna Nolle. North, Al.ralidri a, l.mc, Davenport. Alien A Cu
Aeh, Womble A Claiborne and I. N. Webb A Co.
Srhr. l-eaer, Pugg. Jan.ee Hirer, wheat, Warwick A Barkadair
Steamer Jamedown, I'arrlah, N. T , ardae and paaaengera, Lud
lam A Wmieon
Steamer Bdrldrrr, Pritchard. Balm , mdae. Ludlam A ttauon.
Ihlrr Liberty, llay. Waahicgrnn D. C.. eoal. w D Cnbialii A Co
Ndir. R. A Cu.mm.ua. Ilewlt Via Port Walthall, roal. ,
IN. »*. D.nPLE,
SMNtlE SUBSCRIBES la conatanlly reerie In r Utah euppllra n
M. of pur. Drug., Ctirtnir.i,, Ac , which he U eery panics RU
lar lo purchaalng from l.nporter. of uttdoubtod reputation — lav
Hr la rondotlly adding to Ma already erry largo atock. and LH
purrhaa.ua from Aral handa, ho to prepared lo eetl (a low, U nul
j lower, than any titrate In tha cHv.
Me ua.tr tceraa- mow nl hi. Chemlralo, aad cao tharah.ro re*
Comma,.d I hr tn aa /'are aad aa'labhr (or prr.crlpi Inn purpoaea
Preacrlptlona cutupuund d o' all Uonre uf Ihr day or Bight, la thr
moat ac. orate and aoieatlAc manner He 1. . gradual, of the Uni
reralty of Pennaylranla and JrBrrenn Medmal C'.liege., Phlladel
phla. and may be .icoaed for referring lo the folloaino eoluntarr
IrrilmnnUI: *
*'* ®T: 8 P- Semple well foe fly* yearn aa a Phyalelan
and Apothecary, lie la a thoroughly educated medical man. and
In my oj.tnlon hrtno auperlor a. an «|..tlmcary, Mr knowledge of
Materia Medico. Pharmacy and Chemlatry being rileoalrr and pro
A. EVANS, M. D..
“Prof. Surgery In Medical College of Ml.
M«l. Col. of Ohio, May If, 1%%4 •• \ft*
. SMTHE UNDEKSItlNED haee formed a c>,-partner-hip tu.dor lira
m. Arm and-tyla of PRICE. BAYLY A WATKINS, h.r the pur
) |>.,ae nf conducting. In thia city, a general Whuleaale and Retail
The hare taken the new building—now In rcarae of erection— No I
lf>J Main Itre-t, nearly oppoeltethe Eichange Bank, and a few Jemra I
below ihr .lore of Me.are. Kent, Peine A Co.
By the loth September, they will o|mn an entirely new autl .hulce I
atock of
Ndeclcd eapeelally for tbe br-t claa. of retail trade, to which they
In* Ur the altrntlon of Ihelr frlenda and the puhlh
Their rairerteuce and facltltlr. will enable them to ofer at all ilmea
the nrwrat and beat atelc. of good, at Ore loer.t pomlble prlcea to
and punctual credit cuatunirr. SAM'L M PRICE
i ___ wwr.rn r. rnitr, j*
M» John K. Am« «i*./ JnUt f*ting Work Th^ Last
of the F. r*«rr’,; «r, Humors no lie Border A Jbory of the U-«l
Virglria Frontier, by John K»:cn Cookr. ru'hor of -The Virgin;*
Co-llauV •• Leather Blocking and H'tk,’* 44 Elite," Ar , Ac. Price
Jl*otJu»t r+ctinrt :
Ti e Life of General Daniel Morgan, of the Virginia line of the
Army of the l.ruled Mates, with portions of his Correspondence,
••ompileo from authentic sources; by James Graham Price #1.23. 1
The Life and Public Bervices of James Buchanan; authorised edi- ■
lion; by K. G. Ilorion, »ith accurate |»ortralt. ft
Victoria, or. The World Overcome; by CaroMne Ctwseboro, author
of **Phtlly and Kit,” "Getting Along," Ac. 11,9:*.
Mm /Vea*—Soon to be published by the subscriber*, " Flowers by
the Was Bide.'' a book fc.r the young, by a young g.-ntleman of Vtr
*,nl*- JF**] PRICE A CARD07.0
Keves’ oo tie learning of Partial and Future Interests In Chat
ter, onal. by w. Keyes, k>q , of the Montgomery Bar— price
An t.*«av cn the Learning of Future Interests In Real Property,
by Wa le Kr>eS. Fsq ,—>1.30 '
Bishop on Criminal Ijw, vol 1 —ft ftO
Art* of Ass-nibiy for |4&h-*36, h»|—1 2ft.
P*tt«.n A Heath's Hrfmru of special Court of Appeal* and Indei
to Grattan—1 v«.l—6.«a»
A full and complete stock of Law Rooks constantly on hand at 1
low price*. jjOi, l
fjlMll.INI! IIIMlkN.—11 i.Uirii'.l Kr.a.rrh. ■ Into thr Poll.
J tic, Ir.t.-r. o;ir*r, Slut Triute uf ll.r Prloclp*! Ngtlmia of AMI
qoily.hy A H L 6 Tola. hvo.
Tin- Work, of Walter rtevag*. Lan.lor, 3 Tola Sro.
Thr .Mlarrllantnna Work, of Tub,*. > Mallrt,Tola, im elf.
Brlrrllona from CobtH-lta Political Work., with notea llt.tortcal
and Explanatory, 6 Vol#, 4yn
The Miscellaneous* Works of Oliver Goldsmith, 2 vol*. 12 mo.
TIm- Court and Kamllv «.l King Georg* 8rd. 2 vol*. «ro
Th*- New Cr«ty*us t»rCofdnbutlou toward a more % ‘cerate krmvl.
• dgr of the Greek Language, by John William Donaldson.
Tlie Anatomy and PhysUdi gy of the Human Body, by John
and Charles Bell.
W*Vellj N>'v els, 2t* vr*|s, J2 U»o.
The Life and Work* of Horns, vols 12 mo., a beautiful KditUu —
F • »l- *> *, M
■ Altt.MI Bin «-€H>llH.-Wc have just received
Plain and Fig’d Bwi*. Muslins
While Csmbrics and Jaconets
Houpet C rds ; Ir.sb Linens
Fnietl F.g’4 Print#; Linen Crash
Wrought Muslin Collars and Bleeve*
Jaconet and larr do do do
9 4, In.4 and IJ-4 Bleached Uherttng*
Undressed |ll-achcd Jeans ; Hat Crapes
Whit. Tarlatans; Cactus HV.'rts
White, It asck and Col’ . Kid 0loves
Black Etaslli- Aik and Pit. Leather Belts
Gents Linen Collars; Gauge Merins Hbtrfs
White Cotton Hose; Brown Half !(<.»*
I*»ng Wlialdebes; Milk Mitts, Ac , Ac.
Wlilth we offer to the trad* Very low.
ill Kit a
\S ANLPACTURK Steam Kngtncr, Circular Saw Milla,
AT* T..h«-co Prww. and Ptaturea. Machinery fnrMKBH I
OrlM and Saw Milla. aim f..r 0..1J and Coal Mlnca, T-'IcTl-w
Cara and Machinery ..f rTcry dccription. for Ratlrcada, made ami 1
warranted equal to any.
djlron and Hraaa Ca.unga, Porgu.gr and Plnlahcd Work made lo or- j
A csII is solicited ftom all In want before buying
nta Iff—AmdAcif
W'*XTEn.-» alfuatlon aa TRACIICR In a prlratr family.
V ▼ 1" *«*'<•'" Virginia preferred. Th« bcal refrrenre,
kddres* T. 8 fl , Richmond. V >.» »
C1 I.O\ III II I I I. < O A I .
/ Inform hi* friends and the public grneraliy. that he has taken an
other at the cos I yard near the pet r.hurg depot, for the sale of tb.
>,,0,rf Coal; and is prepaid to supp'y them now, or durT.g the sea
son, as I* may be wanted, for cash, or «m time to punctual customers.
Hr promises to pay particular attention tclorders, at.d to the dell v. r*
of the coal. '
jy 39—«ntw_ M D. WHITING.
county, v o miles from Richmond, containing Acres, for sale.—
The health of Dr. W II Johnson not enabling him to give his at
tention to the management of his Farm, he has authorised us to sell
It. The tract contains about 6tm acres, of which 23** are cleared, and
the remainder of Rfto acres ary heavily get In original growth of oak
and pine, from which may be col at least lft.nOO c«.r<G vi.t. h .-.r, k
*» KonU'u • lb pot at such remunerative price* a* will, it it
<Y>f(/TrfenWy ' nearly pay for the entire porchaae. The wood
land t« ao near the D-pot, that an average of Uo loada can be haul
ed daily breach team.
The moat of the cleared land la In a high atate of cultivation, a*
the growing crop* will ahnw. There are on tbe tract above 4* Ha (-ret
of rich flat land, which a equal to the beat river bottom The whole
tract throur remarkably level, yet It la thoroughly drained The
building* on the place are ample f-r the gmteel accommodation of a
large family, embracing a large dwelling, and every other building
tollable for the place.and all In excellent repair. The yard la hand
aoniely shaded. and beautifully and tastefully aet not with choice
roaea and other flower*. The rarden la very productive. There arc
two excellent orchard* on the farm The place Is perfectly be*!
To appreciate the value of thla eatate, It |« neceaaary to r1<*w and
examine It. and peraona disposed to do so, are respectfully requested
to call upon Dr. Johnaon. or either of hit too*, who will take plea
•tire lo shewing the premlaea.
Rohirtn'a Depot la on a corner of the land, ao that tha ac* eaa to
Richmond (In ID mlnutea) la cheap and eaay.
Thr terrea of payment will be made accommodating.
,, _ _ . . . . Richmond.
P 8. Orate coal from the immediate neighborhood can be had at
very low pneea. O A a
HK/J ' l I I I PAH V ON I NION llll I .
NKAR RICHMOND fOK MIX—The subscriber*are author!
ard to aell that beautiful farm i.cw In the occopaney of \|r Henry
H Tyler,. containing 10 acrea, situated near the New Rridge road,
one mile Rest of Richmond, adjoining the land* of Mr* Phv»t and
otl*er* The house ha* « room*, l« new and handsomely finished -
jjj** lh# dwelling, there la a good kitchen. Barn, /table and Ice
Peraona disposed to pnrehase. are respectfully requested to view
the premlaea. for Term# Apply to
jfl" 9«*Ini OODDIN A APPFR80N
!?•* S 1 1 1 IN ROANOKV
u elne!! .yWgACIC,y Dm>T- Til 1C VIRGINIA AND
TKNNPB8CR RAll ROAD — Not having rRrrted a public sale of that
|iwrt Of my estate advertised to he sold on the 19th June. 1*6, I now
r,,,,*r ,n ,n !*•«. on such term* a*
will dnuhtlrm insure a purchaser.
Thoee disposed to purchase such an estate are respectfully rrqoee*
ed to elew the mum ' T
That portion of my estate contains 1,157 acres, of which Mfl acre#
are cleared and 78* Acres are In original growth, with much fine
timber .mostly the finest tohaeon land, the wood no the land worth
about $9 iS m per cord at Bonsark's depot, will nearly pay for the
for terms am.lv log. O McClanshan or Alfred R James, of Roa
noke or to MeWsrs Oopmx A Arrxanos. or the subwiiher. at Rich
mond, Yn.
Je*> »,»7n, n.rMIMO JAMIE.
truuni.l r A R U Ol* nnm timh m«.
V A'ltn, in. mi.Mirim, wniMi.vn. rnK«<iv f.
<nb.fflh.r. ,rr ,ut>iorl,.<1 to ..II th» firm nn which Mr. Rlrharrl
, (lawkinw r.«i.l,«, m> tlw anoih ilA. of ih. Wilii.mrtnir, rood, Sr.
miles below Richmond, containing 145 acre*, of which 1DD a res mTr
i open, balance in wood. Tbe Improvetnenfa are sufficient for the ar
| Dhf kJDdallsn of a mode, ate • a«d family. con*tr Ing i»f an sxceltent
dwelling with flve room*, good well of wa»er, large baru, stable, Ac.
** Pnr Nffifl* Nf requested lo view the premises.
' daffn W ” ^ *hnwn *• mn* »,r»« b* Mf OiAlitl. Terms aceoma.o
HI •«< VII l» mil I g I M V
6 Me.,« burguln
lb> do 4 4 wide at Ad
Do. 4o. very superior makes at Id and 19 W cf*.
Do. do Rate*' Mill soft finish
D»» do. New York Mill#
If* 4 and It 4 Rlrarhed and Rmwn PS^rfings.
I Jy" __ _ Cash DesWs.
HHIRTMI f.AWNR A N Ik J %l 4IN t: T*.- W# are
• receiving by the steamer Jamestown, flve cases Printed l awns
| and Jaconet* of beautiful stylet and quality, whvh we win sell cbetp
i Also, a great variety of other good* suHed to the season, to which
! "* the at lent lot. o' the trale.
!,*<*« Ri:rr.-A norm »,h »u^t. ....
* hu*” "f Rflfk. V> feet sqwarc, wuh from stx to ten horse-power.
I "f8 Jatiunry next for terms, Ac , spo'y to
>'* SI® _ H1I.L A RAW, INfi*
LUIHR«>H<« <m mv rvMMRRRitniMMN
«o»» ,rrM. In Rk-Mwoml for th. ..I. „f l»>. ,K...
I I!2 7-.^’^ •»«* DD'I ■"•Minn of Ml ID W.M of ,
•T1,.1' •• lh' *•»* OI.ARR.-OH A AMMtREOS,
- _ _Rc 1»« M.lo V _
Wr HAvrsrrm i n th. r.ch.ud,i M,
•r»«lDry of
nf **'r rwTy E"P«'A' «»•**• 1»D »AlDb W. ,rr
yljW-l® WADE WORTH, T i aver A 00.
^ haVbreort alleh a oo.
[• HOTELS, 4e.
Tm« celebrated watering place, umt •«», a* I
in. °f *** “ «*•" M Mm rwplM »f
! Many and daatdad Improrabian'.a hare I—II a,.!, ...» II a .It
ETMUy adranca tha comfort of, l.llora Tha f-adia. haar ham n.,
fV?”’fcr *• ,V "•* *"*»«'• '■'’*• **>* »tf 4>h" orot
■ *■" o*Y**U >hm **** P^'o^Jahtaa, all tha laaarlaa ofthrmil w»
tar will h, rarer day, and bodntllully prorldad. aod lha -Wabt.-h
•taol kept In all tblbga, jaat ad it ah. .old ha
1 ^r°T,C5‘~U tmkta« ‘•“'e of the ahoaa aatabhahmanc I .
. AT woald moat rwapsrlfally aaltrlt a eootlnaanaa af tha lor- J*
mar patruoi of tha Hotal. and to my frtanda. I ut *f tbam to B M
**** “V aa» me. My labia ahall alwaya ha apraad with all tha arU- i
aadtaaaf lha aadaon. Tha aaaranu ara all atu-nurr Tl.r mtira aa. ,
UMlahmrul ahall hara tha beat attention that I am marter of Mr .
wife wl'l aaa that li e ladlaa wl.o patronlar il.r Hotel al.aU Laaa aawra
wlab (rattdad. and all 1 ait la a abara of bunnaaa. Thahoaaaia tnr
ulahad ID the aery boat atylr. and la loratrd In a qaiat part of tha
etty- My Omnlbua will alwaya b- at the diE.ranl dapota to atu-ud to
ctaatomera, to carry them to and fro.
Jyl»-tf JOSEPH I.. CARRINGTON. Proprietor.
n'u.i hk hdi s»;, m iieki.inu, va.
T Dt. WATHON CARR, Pi<f«iro».
HW magnificent Hotel, situated at the comer of Market and ,
Monroe streets. Wheeling, offers unsurpassed indarrr -rU to
u* traveling pubUe. It Is supplied with «r» ry requite tor th* ac
commodation of ladies and gentlemen, contains Ito well ventilated
and capacious rooms, aod is wtUun Uete minutes walk of the Haiti- I
more and Ohio Railroad, the Chesapeake aod Ohio Railroad and '
stean*hoat landing. The Poet OOrc aod Court House are on the
same square, and Express aod Jkage oOccs In the basement
Price only $1 5o per day.
I* Omaitms— and Porters are always In attendance in convey '
passengers and baggare to aod from this Uotel.
Eynchbuhg house.
NIAIT kTHKKT, I V M lllll lit., V1HI.IM I
w# Tranaclml Twtara $1 Stt par .lay. at
a. aaatp. ~ L. r Oliii ~
O ... H. k.MIAl) A CO*« Paneatxmi*.
MNlBltPEH mo regularly to and from the 1U11 road Depot and
Packet Landing connected wuh this bouse. Sen_\j
WOl LD respectfully solicit consignment* from Manufacturers
In Vlrgiulu. With the assursnee that hedges not deal In the
art«cle except as a COMMlK-loN MKKCIM*T, Ms whole time will
be devoted to the Interests of thoae who may favor hlai wfch their
consignments, oo which liberal advances will be made
Messrs. Oyler A Keen. 1
Jp-sse Hare A Oo., |
Hurt fi Preston, . _
Knight A AUen, f P».
Colonel Aug Leftwlrh,
Atntii<>n (i Hancock, ,
Ckas. M Cosby. , ,, ..
I- H. Holland, , DmtM*i r"
Joo. 9. Walkar, Richmond, Vo,
JylJ—dVm _ _
■■rmiEi, 4c ROTuTimm
flERCll A ATS,
%a,'rK ■'U maka llharal cam adaanca, on conaly,,manta of
" ^ r I.OLR, W HEAT and other prmlurr to the above address
_ R,rW»d. JMy.Itb.lM4, ^ *“ K^TER'
NO. 160 RAIN It T|H E E T ,
upfMiU the VCchary. Hint, Richmond, Virginia,
Jyl«-1y_NATHANIEL CAKCSI. Bolr Ayrnt
Comb*, Brushes, fancy Article*. Tobacco, Cl.ara, Pirc-Proof Paint,
"bite Lead, Zioc, Paint Oil, Ae.
. -Vo 1 80 *reef,
Jyl*_____Ricgaoao. Ta. j
a JOHN DOOI.EV."^ 81 Main siren. Rcb —
m«n<J. va., Manufacturer of IIATS and CAPS on tht
UrfvM scale, and In ee ry po««it>l« rarWtr, sad lm
porter of North American and Knr<p-ati
And all other articles belonging to the trade, ts always suppled Willi
a splendid stock f Goods 'or wholesale and retail, which in quality
an«l quantity cannot be excelled by any other lloosc tn the Somh —
Ills manufacturing arrangements are of the complete* kind, and hG
facilities for supplying country merchants, at the shortest notice,
cannot be surpassed. ^
Omtenisefon Jf/roLin/, Importer, Manufacturer, and WHelfar 1
D+at*r in Kerry l>+*<rii4i<>n of
A.MEKIt A.> II A It ii\l A K E.
J«*»._, NEW YORK.
It haa double the quantity and strength of any other.
It glees a perfectly natural color.
It colors every shade from light brown to jet Mack.
Its use la easy and rapid.
It Is perfectly harmless to the sktn.
Its effect is instantaneous and permanent.
It ta the bo*. ■juiekt*t. ck*ap**t, and wi/Xcf pva et*r until*.
K#* Directions for use accompany each box. At
Price—1 ox. #1 ; fi ox. 1 jftlt; 4 o*. il; 4 0.V
[BOtwrcd according to the art of Congress, in the year 1 fifth, by A.
vv Harrison, in the Clerk's Otter of the District Court of the U. j* '
for the Ka tern District of Penn.]
F*»r Rale by ALKX DUVAL, Richmond, Va. I
APOLLOS W. HARRISON, 10 South 7th street
csaauox MAsrrrscTraaa, uaaoqvaaa aatnw rxcwAsuaaoTM "
rxsxiLix iTniir,
Eg A8 oo hand a large assortment of best quality, and moat Fssh
MM. louablr *tylv», Coxche,, Coaches,. Charrlotieo, Barouche*
Rockawaya, Slide lul Top Buggy., and Buggy, wiib and wiiLout
I have also at my Repository a large assortment of Northern made
Camay**, manufactured by the most approved mak.r*. ratline
from the lightest style of no top Doggy, to the driest order of rsaclic* !
Those In want ol carriages will And it to their Interest to call and I
examine my alock, aa I am determined to sell on the most reaaona
___ *eM
HAVE recently received large additions to their ■ iirf’i
•luck or PIANO FORTES,
and are In hourly expectation of receiving further TT ♦ f Tl
supplies, which, when to hand, will form an avortmeut tl£ like v*
tent ran rarely Iw seen at any eatabliahrornt North
Tbeir 'election* are from several of the best makers In this conn
try, of which they have sold a large number, and snch Is the tan.,
faction they have girrn.that It is not unusual to recstvr order, from
persons who havs purchased one, two, and In tome Instances thrie
or more Instrument* from the subscribers previous!*, (or themselves,
children or friends.
ilr Orders from a distance promptly and falthfa ly attended.
|y »l*no Forte* Tutted and repaired. |
SWRecoud-haud Plano, taken in part payment when nrw ones |
are purchased. j^lt
FIANTO i oktia:
THE SUBSCRIBER has Just rvcelsed a new and^soJT*^.., ,
varied assortment of these celebrated If.>1 rn Rcp-seev-. /■
mrnta. which he oftrri for sale at the factory prices FT M V V j
If ta »'ock will at all times be a* Urge and as clegs* t an aa*ortir.rn:
as ran befound In any of the Northern cities. Among this selection
are the Chlckerlng leouG XIV., which, for beauty and delicacy of j
tone and touch. stands unnealled. Rave by the Parlor Grand, which
Is also included in ihN trleetlon The Palor Grand !• the chef-d’csurre 1
of the M ssrs. flickering, and Is considcr-d by the first artists sop*,
rlor to any Instrument etrr produced In this or any other country
With connoisseurs, *ud with th» fashionable rlrclrs ln all the larger i
cities, the Psrlor Grand is rapidly superseding all cth-r instruments
and the most eminent musicians are Dow comp Ming ihelr best nieces I
..^ *r “•7 »iiown uy uie wora in<i ivrau Ihslr i
met with.
Alto— P’unoa of Brown A Allen, maker* of h'fh reputation and
experience. NATHANIEL CAROBf, Pots Aourr,
. No. 169 Halo street, between 1 Uh and Iftb,
_Opposite thr Exchange fsnk, Richmond, Va.
AT 3.1 Ftc.m ae, Couii ur Mix, Mt.mt, Prr»*»- II J I I |
•cm. V* — Our •ucr»«« In trUItty «n Itrwr , numb-r of I’lANfW
(apwnrdr of iftrrn Imndr-d.) la aicributal.tr mainly to four fa. lt ’
Firtt. n a arlrrt from known rrllobk Foctorlr,. 3n4 Wr ln»a. !
rlably pay raah for iVui. M »> k.rp on l.an.l, to arirr. from at
lar»r an aaaortmrnt, prrL»p«. aa ran hr found at alatoal an, two
Northern r.tabllthmrnta. 4th. Wr aril al rrry low prirra
To prraont or.lrrln* from, and IraT'ny thr arlrrtlon to’ ua, wr !
P*r**Rr ^pcrior Instruments ; and in all caeca full satisfaction
Hnere doubt# are felt, we say, take the Piano and try it before I
**wT,r'/ T *' ®of Ace un«ur| s*srd and we arr rr«t<SB
•lble for thrra, and ask all who desire t<» purchase reliable Plano* to !
(tire us a trial. E p nAfi|fv j
. frt Pianoforte Dealer. | .
I*_ -M-g-TL__ PetwAiirf, Ta. |,
fill ’ll SH s| old.
I) H. TATIAIR would remind M# frlenda and the ,
■ • public Ifeorally that Ms store Is now on
emor itreet. where may be found PIANO PORT FT
AOOORDRON9, of the be*t quality and at thr low#* prlcee. Re '•
•ole afent In thl# city for the aale of the celebrated Nunn's and Clark's
Pianos, which are not surpassed by any other maker#, and equal lad
but by few. Also, Oale A Oo.'a superior Pianos.
Or OnlUr and Violin RTRINOP „f the best quality.
He haa the larfeaft stock of MCRIC to be found In thla Rtate, and
la eontfattle recHetrif the latest publication a, whirl he will sell at !
the most reduced prlcee, and upon aa food terms aa can be had else*
fy Tanoee tuned, repaired, and let on hire.
I* *Wd Planootain in part pay for new one#
4 %TI',ll*-Cni<p»fi« t«» tujrr’ssF
▼ ▼ our lmrn*e took of TRAtFMNt)
• n •
rf.N 1 r r . w. . .. 1.1,000 4 '•* 'g
In the a bore line. Purchasers ran And any kind of Trunks. Ac , that
they want at this establishment As It haa been a matter of surprise
to some persona, why our prices are cheeper than other#, we woof.J
Inform them b? s*ytny that we Arr the affent of aeerral of the lareeet
Northern factories .and Ml Trunks at the factory price*
. J»14__ r * ^AURlr#. 151 M*»f ••
Thinks vki >ks ntt nkv __
We would any to our friends, a n4 the Tr a eel i IJ
lli.f pwbftc y-neratty, that we hare jiat received the
most eitenslee and virlrd assortment of 1 i 11
Trunks ever before ofared for sale In Btchn o-d R e s.k a call fr rr
all who mar be In want of a Trunk, which la really extra *ne and
durable. It will be our pleafuee, at all times, to show purchasers the
various kinds, all of which we win aril aa low as the s**n< kinds can
be boufht In the city. PUTNEY A WATT*.
Nil No 119 Muir • \,
V fit **•—By the la'est arrival* #r bare received __
AM the Ml., win* styles of Ladle*' HOOT* and IMIOM lMik
Ladles' Colored and Bla< k Halters with Heel#
" " " " Without M
" '* *' ConfreeaOuHrr* trlthnwt Meet*
M " " With "
** Plain m without Tips
Ph»e frmeh Rid M«j-pera <
•• Morocco and Kid PUppers and T*es
- " Mies i-nny (Awd'a <
** Mias PnmdTa
" Thick and Thfn Bide |lnak<ns
" H " Of Root#.
Tnferhcr with other atylee toe numerous to mention, all *f which 1
we shall he pIrtssd lo show purchasers at our <44 stand. No II*.
Matn street
v » I I % HI 4 H I Sim >4 » l»
▼ rSRRJUij A"T •»ErFFRR,.ai rrRRrrx. for male ■
LK4RK. OR RRRT -TV b.ixlrrmr dvr.Mnf Iwntrd „ *N.,r
***?• k*44 or rrn* |t I. laryr a»<t rmnioodlotM Vrlnf own*.
»Mh Rrr plMM to M44K of I bam, Vat<4a« tar,, otvommorfationt f*T
wrianta Ako, MaM# an«t rorrkf* botMO
tt«, ,n4 otty o.t.r b.4» V.n btrmtnrot TV vVIr mmioi
•44 4tlVr H4» or h,r, Vrn rrrmtly rr oiMrlrS and altrfrd. .0,1
•ro not only rrtnork.My b.ndroo,*. Wot rrry poorrnknt It k only
prerrrory to r.tmlnr tV frrmirt to V ykoml oHb iVm Tbr
orrybVrhood It m<nl lo Ibr kit In thr city
t»r trrnM kyyly to
JyT4—lot OOPMV t ATrFR.noR
HUJT*, Oils, Ac,—W, hr 44. rnd Iwf tltin, I Rnr
•V4* of Ltn,rrd Oti, Ffrlt, Turprntl.r Wmii U.d and W>, tr
Tnlnlo. nnd o frkty of Color,, dry nnd rr.nmt 'n nil. for wk
*1 UrU]_ORl'RRn d APPFRROk
H« MWI4.44 rins i bW. - W,kV for t«k by
M UM ~ , _
Id^Tl »w ViIXi,f?i ‘T701^” AND COCNMXI.OM
■ *.*' I^ ]“.*," "<lW ef *i kni««.| >n.| I ha commit
*'h**^*-‘t H"*-”' 0«e« oe lllh UM, new
.7* ‘"•i** •' *•*'• • and frank 1^
A ' I'— PtUeyleani. Court ll ou-. Va. ju !- ly
JCIII Hr. IIA Kit I nun, AT I'tMt N K( AT I A \»
»r7 £5e1,27h7r,'.7U7''‘ «'n* WM'an,
“7.* 4 “fCourt. oftl- city ,f EeknaM
O^hZT ** r,““’U —1 T-mi* ..PRO... the At...
AJO«— Riebmund. n^a .. mut-ai
rlll.,.°*tA* r. tiOOUIe. ATTORNEY AT LAW, h-rw..
* «*«i"™Ornt,V, Courts-Me-kteM-orr and L-a-o
W7** 5r*.S£?,M\* *T.N1RKEK at I.kW. Attend. Ha
. ,’r'ncA *•<»»'*. Hk'raa .nd Camp
5-d »«re. Charlotte Co . Ho . V», mh»—ly’
‘t> All of the Court* of City of Richmond. -nd tht
■•••ontir- ef PV«t»rflpM «r*4 FovhaUa
, 7f‘ ”J; ** *7"* lo Ul* of .11 -talma at.
rtw-d to Mm. Offlee ottfUa afore, f Parker. Nlrara-. A Co . rM>,
a S* M“n *»-*. mhtlt— |y7
€5^5^55 *• M?*?«»««» at law. ru.*,d
on Uerrrur itmt, onr M-wra p M TatA A Ann
• I VliVX.uiV.r'V*'''1** * GURNET AT LAW AN!, M.
?to 7ARV ,pt,BUC' Practtaaa In all H- Court, nf
Ilanrteo and lLa city of Rtrhroond.
tar OtBca on llth Wot, h—1 u——at Main and Hank mMA-ly
* • PAUMIWU, ATTHItNEV ai i 2* . , .
****7“® Ojcat If. a -a, \ a wilt practic. in the a. omi— of Co—,
oeriaod. Hurk.ncfiar. and Prince Edward Ij
■ J. I» A l, Va ATTORNEY AT LAW. k’,: m .« . i
C'"irU °f L^hor.
dt All MILHN. AUltR.NkVh AT |.AW
. "7*T *•■*■». Va., will ytea prompt and irrlct attention to
“2o rotruaud to them, in Ue count.ea of Pranktio. Pittayl
aama, lleory. Patrick and Ployd. '
ir A<1irr»s •• lUckj Mf.uot, Frutaklm county, W’
jS£-d£Tj rLMum# Minni
W '.VnV 'm.r^, £ j£HLHUH
rteea Inlhe Courla ef Appeal! and in the Circuit Court. c.f t|.e
Male und of the Ln.ted Hate.) held in a. city. If- *0] al.-etre
pinion., and to ether r-.pect. act aa chamber couna.!. *
itr-etT C’ “ OMdier ef Ha n and Serei th
- ____ah4-ly
• (Niartoa City. co.. V a , Practice. hli prnf-M.on in all to, „u.;i
rf^ f7 '* *“"* C"/’ N" *«< »nd Henrico counUea.
W*i','.fA;'n ,**• F,AA» attorney at lawTTu
Practice in ail thr Court, of the C.-untlet of Uanorrr Hen
nco, Ve»fotinr and Ooot hl»nd. r’ nr,‘
Addrr—. ftuti 0«'tt>fr, Hunoy^r co., Vk -ly
Id\ • »* «* ,*«.ATTORNEY AT LAW. Lksmacart, V. ,
ar?S«7,u?n'“,‘hT'oui'1r;.,,rc'—>*»»• •••»" .n.iAn,n.
L7*r * BAiMlntt, corner «.» Main and l«Lh nreeta
D^door aboaa atatra. KlClIAR.r W FLOtRNo V. '
|rA“ 1 ■*—'ol<" C. RL*THERPc»OrL
TT _*II _ *** H ®(T haae aaaociatedio the Practice of LAW
^^?,r:..,^Sr,^U,Ch U>m“n<1' GooehUnd.^dcheUt.
IT or BnutiT j mu practice In the Court, of Richmond clty^ajd
D H»nrioo und Ct*uterR«-ld.
tr Otter oyer Smith A U*rWo*4*« tWry, Muio gtreet, RicJ.mond
■ XDWARI. R. CHAMBERS SSW «~ri.t* a.
"r' mi>i —
**&?»■,a CHAM1ERS al B..ydtoo, and A. 8. LEE at Clark.
dllt. Mtcltlenbury to,, Va. j.aa " *
I '/-A'."partnership of llaxcncg A Hcoxau.
hur.ng t-endiuolrrd by mutual consent, the under.aned mav
In ^*lirrt|W r,ndir‘ 1,14 “•*'• OU ,,U‘ neari* .,pp.»ne Oud*
&‘Ji?aJ!£2!Xu'n4 rtotart'
Claims collccirtl, and rrmlUao<-et promptly mads
I’BHIIIUX A.MA I.AkD wJmhTvi AlTaa.“V"
MAV?,n?m''ff'r*h''4 4*rT'rr* to claimants' sen ted
i*i,aui. ANn t till siiu’rrv.
nAvlE“ Yl "““a* ful1 •uppl/of tie fallowing klndTofOld
W Mira, L.qunra, Ac., part otthtlr own Importation, to wtdeb
ney call the psrtlealar attentl n of dealers And cucsutner.
f the folio wing erlrbtated and choice brand,—Otard, Dupuy A
***"*?: *'"«• Caanllon. A Co., J. Iicne».y, A. SirntUeMl
:hei, Ih-rnard and J. J. Dopur • ’
Chole, Old Madeira. Rry.l Pale Sherry, extremely delicate ard
Sne. Are«MltUd<> Hbcrrjr. Hirnaa PaW Hhcrry. Blackburn'* Madeira
Tookburn’s Old Crown Port, Burgundy P rt. Malar* u .i... i , v '
‘odJdT w'T* ,or cul",»rT purpose*. CUret Win*,, fr.’.m 1. w
it- v '. a'VI* H* Sparkling Maarll, and .till U< k
rt inr.. Max Sutalne A Co., and Charles' BcdMck Champagne
It tore, for which we are agents, and aril at New fork pncn^*
UQC0R8 *ora prices.
ranK^^'" * “**•Otn. Apl
leondt'Ti Porter, cjuarta and pints.
Bc*uh ai«. pint*.
IXnaejtk Brandy, Gin, Cordials, *c. a
Havai* He art. j
F" InM-Vm-1"1 JttVi.i.Rk in ins
m i.ATlwHy HTt LfcH —Just to tAsnd a lar*. variety of <r*e'rv ..1
l^mct fashionable .trie., among which a. me c. W,«;.i,l«
ft* Aaaortlornt conaitt, In part of Cameo, 0. Id Stone, Lars. Morale
i"d * 'wmond Pina, Ear Rluga, Flugrr R i.ga, and D-a.,lrte. ala., a
arge variety Watch hry.. Gold and Silver Prnclla, Gold pet,a tt.
*rat manufactured, and s large variety of Silrtr Ware. All g od.
warranted at represented, and will be .old at a lletrg nroflt
J* 24 _MVERg A JASKE. Tsjj Manatee*:
CtOAFK. 114 I It It It I MIAS (MlpiAIII n I .
® Rk —"e hare on hand. Low** Brown, Windsor, lloney and
Ic.m S.ip.,1Chemical Oiler Oil Soap, and a grr:.: rarlrty of other
hmiH. for charing and thr To Irt Al, . hand won.- ...Irtmrnt of
lair Brushes, and to the Perfutnary lint. Cologne Water imported
ind of our own manufacture, Lobln'a and other Extra ts A.- For
C11* ■ i. it it a: >’s p « r »; .> x i, i: * thT h.
ecelTed a lam additional aupnly of the above beautiful Summer
*hoe* for Cbtldrrn—and cheap, (or sale by
J'____Xo 118 Bread St., 8hock.tr Hill.
|/Ul:i 1*4 1*1 KM.OS I ,-k . r.. 1 ,
■. en for ih* finding and drllvery, at the Whix Ofl. -e of u.v free
taper*. whl h were l.,at on Tursday ryrnlrg, aomewhere near :U
rhratre, corner of 7th and Btoad atrerta.
r,„„ , Stom-I Aw ga.t f -orner JAt,a ,m,t U(A »u ,
lflH leaf cdUMfsi cd at..I well known !D*tilutU.r lavuc* the
aK'Vr dr«oription of risk*, .to a* ria*.n«hir t.ru>a> other
r.M<! « with a ca«h rapltal and surp!u« of •.»<"' Thr lie nr.l
'* Director*, (p^r^nilly known to a larf* |» >rtion of Ihecoimunttr,)
n»Mtny thrtr mretTf* in «b'* cite, wi.err all are Ithrrai^ ad
u*»cd and promptly paid, rntttle* It to a due tharc «f the publlt
IW Xo p. Hoy fee charged for Fire nr Marine R tk. taken by tb a
■E: „ „ pavid cc-rrik, Pre.m.UL
J»o. H. Boairxx. Serr.tary, jrl7—tr
X- .. . June lllb, 1*M ,*
t» TIC A .—On and after thta dale no rharxe will hr made f.-r
Fire and Marine Polietea tuurd by thi# Con.pat y.
By order of the Board of Director*
t.dk n w. • . D CURRIE, Prea't
Jro, n. Bn»wn. Hee»y._ JelJU-»f
A< i >tiiai. A!\d novr vam ainT w
lAltBHALI, HTRFFfH. FOR HALE.—We ate authorised to*rII ih%t
irw and dertraM* famUy re*iden. e. located a* abnrc. Kcup cd b*
At J. It. W atkln*, the health of who*« family rrvjuirrjhm to decide
• ouarkrenine. F**w farailv rnitlrr.m rrw«*rt . .1__ _
IS IMS. either to business or professional gentle me?, trusted In a
*aalTTul and poj aloo« part of the city, in the midst of the best of
oc*e«y. it is within two or three minutes walk of the principal
horches, depots hotels, and the centre of hustles* All the build*
ng# nave been erected within about two yewrs, and are In excellent
►nlee. The main dwelling Is covered with tin, and h«» ten rooms,
►esldes a number of clear ts. bath r»cm. ki The cite water Is brought
nfo the yard, and slso Into tbe «ecoad story of the mam bu Mine
applying a shower and plunge hath.
It l« supphtd with ga« throughout The Eitcben Is of brick and
■oeered with tm, slso baring four rooms, and two In the basement
or wood and coal.
Tli* rrar yard i, parr,) with brick—am an indrp.o l.ot cal»*ri
cads from It In o a public one belonging to the city.
__ At R.nt. Palo. A Co.’a, or lo
_jy*s—va_ _ qoddin a apperbon.
I a " i »:s« I.IMIM mi M II T|7l
■PRB—du« rfCtlrrd at No. »1S Broad airrrt. Bho. kor Hill, o.xl door
■cloo llir dry good. Morr of M.aar* H-wdrn A Pol. wh.rr th« La
law ar. Inrlted to call, (If th.y arr In want of lb. arlklr ' and .a
I—tea. aomrivf Hie nio« beautiful Dr.a. Bbora r..r hrfora i B-rrd In
” r1,7- ■’FT krr *• auR aa a glo.r, and 81 rlr.anilr. Por aalr
i!£bT V. a , » * ERANKI.IN.
JtT' _ Manufacturer and dralrr In Boot,. Bbo*a, Trunk a. Ac.
>1 %CHNOlS[f«K '“0, ,*U* *' ...
I>tar Blr-Il la my • Octal duty to roc low to y0o ihr foDoarln,
•raolutinn, paaaad at ll.r ara.lcn of th. Bnrloty ,.f Alumni of the
"ai reran, of A Irgima, I,rid on Wth da. of Jur.rlnat
ha. M, T\“ ®f Atamnl bar. h.ard with pk.aurr
”r Randolph, of Richmond, l.aa puMlahed tb, cnrr.aoon.l-nc.
>ftw..n Mr Jtf.rann and Joarnh C Cab.ll, E-u , In referei,.-, in
~ **rlj Mdory of the Cnlrerslty ; and they recommend to the
t!?.. lof **}* **}*'* to pure? as* each a copy of tb# book, and
bat lb. Bo-rrlary of thla Bn.l.iy hr riquraird to fitrnlah Mr Ran
,;'**’* •R'’ » "M ®f 'Rr inrmbrr. of lb. Bnckty. to whom he mar
•nd a |rrap-,lu. of lb. b.ok, tog.tl.rr with 0, a roa. dutlnn ”
j I >«n truly, JNO I.. COCHRAN.
_Rrcrrlary of the Alum. -
f^gS'*0 * 1 * * Till Hill MIAN ■ IIMV
■ protection of •• l.lf- Insurance" thrr* several
«i.7u •rf!lT,nt Ineomfv.rt. who w.#ild have
.ad llllk nr nMklog l.ft thrm by tb.ir fatbrr, lluahand or Ouar
Bar. bad I. nai brrn pr-i-kni rtioor* in obtain, wnk in bnalu ,
vh" 1 h,T' "■ * *-r ^
>y drain, and. nr Ayrnry. rw» *r«oaaf *»t> ruaa. rn< v...|,
hurt arapaap mu >aa. ». i p p
, *trbt kr lb. Mutual Rmrfli I lk Inanranc. Cnmpanr
,T,< " So r P.a • -
|"!.r.:rm*vzs??* _*•»* ®w «*.. »wio.
i '*'.K SOTR. draRn by Pran.lt P Rram.an and .ndo'-d
>» winiam Jrnkma, for cu* h.indrrd and Ibrr. dollar. Th* imbiir
lr® cantlonrd not In trad, for aa-t Nnr., aa .>• rn., nt l,,.
‘- TPwl Mr would thank kk Bndrr lo rrinrn it to «,
’ *_ra rci.ippf a rxn oLABB
I'klVCHkAI COHN 1*1 IBTRH TV hr,. ,„wk
/ trrt wad for torn. ai.dBany. na Br.^uO-Darcy C gar I.IgM.
I Er.0rh . ontrlT.nc. of r.Al « alnr for li.MIng cl.,.. thr’inn
ik. Palm! toOTUana. Rral Torkl— Bboll. Irorr.Bogain H-ru and
Bond tNwwu *nd r.oct.muba; Kngkah. Prrncb and tawran Hair
r ." *' 'J'"**'’ "’■'■•f’c* *~l M .ap. Nail, Bnavlng, Comb and Tooth
ar.irtw., TRwrrra Prrncb Hard M rrora, Tra»rlla,g Comnaniora
k aa Maicbr, and Match Bnaca . P' ft M.rOaol.. * at . a.,. Nlgl.i
•P®**,• I-ubta a and oihrr Brrr Anapa, m great ran-iy . Dr Matt
on a Plantio Pnrmaa, Rouge Bn do fhr .tr,, Blanc dr Krk. p.m.
ISru° A”b’,-,‘' Sm
MPAPP A B AKPR B Nr* ApnH.rc.rr B.orr.
IAA a, « rMiirr o' Ma’n and Huh .ta
fS ?’ I S IN ft,—Dm canrr*. r.,r aak h.
\MNP api.El IliiN
| PD CIO ARB, In hoar# of l«n ami *k' rarh. for «nlr ,t
ME ADC A RkRPR-R N.w Apcihwary Btnrr.
' . i»r. N tV. rornor of Wain and 10th at#
C1»»HM IN t Mil N I IN
>Por«M, law. krhlnd and lakrn. In front with , doahl. cai, h
^ Kl'r ao % Pa—5 gro per steamer, fry sale hv
■ **wNm\ Rnw « 'i
quamhy over inw» bushels, for sa’e vpo? reasoushle Newts fy
CHARI EB H ijOCHCR A CO . Ralcowy E,T ’
11,11 y Wo-oVV v ■ ,
■ e tkraalng Caart. furniabod wBhhmWaw. a. wnro. *r rnwipl-k
«a»NI and drtlrahk arllrka Bor prraona . onkw.pl,Png ir,r,-| r>
'or ail. by ^y*B)_ Rl LRltY A C&.
ISOVVTOB BATA. - *»> buthola prim. Data In Ator. and Ik
* «•* *7 CRE.nBHA W A CO.
;_ » • FI HK •«!«.
»- - *'SSaC.1SK-J C'LZJTJZZ;
a/'.'- P'"1* “• .IWrp .„d bf om fc„, T#
rBTit.it t ui iihii ii i \ m, a Hu ... .
M WRbNBADAT.lMh Arp. ,l*M I w ,11all‘al'jwlllif
nol aol.| pr.rat.ly hrf.,r.-01, „f Uu<1 ,,, „„ l^,,rT.|.. lt’
* l> It R . ,mm,d,.l„y .1 Jt^.rro, Urp.,1, p/f, „, Ibdncc IdaMd
andpartln L«aw.hor«. cw«la».B«.TTS :sw - ,.f
.If -ccf. and hearUy llmherwi. Tt. Improrwne,,.
•f • r*««f ir-wU.iir >*••*•* •»»«! (Mftav* ••••• k..".|,. ;t
p'r **■'*• •»•-•»*> and balaiM-r n 1 an.l J ......
dead of lro.l b, ur. daf-riad pa
For further talWaaatloa a/l.lro. t,.e jodermlgaed. ^
_‘rDrake-. Branch, Va
rMTii»,4,< 11 * *'n 1, t; ovri'n r» .
TBwT»“fc, ““ * 11 rcumcl »„ the g,.. yna.
........ A-n. a
T»« ».oi. ,n r*4Drp«rtiiart.. . i'' !**
Tu.».«„ in Pr |’*r*tory f>
A »C «-M rtf M. .Icrn I *, .A
Murid- or. plant*. -(0 f TM •
••.;y.r-:;pr .v r.y^^r,#,^3,^**‘‘u«" -
T 1 cr furv/ r-r information. a<ldr-*«
•i?’ _R. MAWLT. Jo . Rlchua.nd. Va.
Ia1r.W/.“.a« atdCOjLIjfOK—TW^^t- - •
' ’"X •" '•'•"cnee on u.r Brat Monday in A-p.
iSSfT ’ • -*A««*d that. hy That t nr, l|., ■„» Cett-r
T^ ^ilon of l'h!: ;'": " "r 'r*rV ' • • fncomiranTr
!• •»!<• o' Ih- m t 1 . • A . »*t‘,»',c**'««h*|i|j |||ft iMlhlitlllnpgt, ,
•*••• 0 in- m*»«t -• ri>«lr In n. • -ntirr* arvl tho ^ nr** rtf t* *
..'J, .loo a. tWoygt a. tl^t c- C-It-ge ,n the
<rJs*”a sea SBrtesieze'sse**-,:
J.o tr.yu •-> Xaia .1 Philo-i-h, a LiwJy m
^ J' tt'*4 ro.^tlT d, to vl.lrh cor «id I
1 ,rr“r,^ot.loJ!/iL^; B;4r 'lur-« " ' "««Jlketat,
' i”1"* r7\ bo* Parrot, or ll taidlai.o .!• «tr« It, wl|| b.
0-«cdl-ito.Mmtafy„w50...lBg p. oprr 4 4f.., m, and pra^
.loc.1 In » da.ly manual and drill p
I?.r , u uf Un nf'OlX*. In Hi* Col- '
.1L ...Mai at it *■ “ ^ p,rf**rotory |4 *. Board, g; p.-r
f 7—hlag BIBit per tn,.nt>-; f .-l ,o.| light, (1; p,, ^
i1** 'n*' *u,Un« • hr <dMam«l hy .rtdrr-,nf Re
I ”1”* h ho*. Prcatdn.T, LynAborg. Va. *
1 „ . FACULTY.
| Ratr. da arm. K. On*. Pr»«..irot, prof«or of Visual .„j
I 84-lcncr. and of Brtic, Lrttrr. «*«J'ai .nd Moral
r.tali1"" C‘“OU" A ** ynt'mur •' 0rnk ■'•'•tnta,, and LtU- |
I A- X.. Profcaaor of Lal.n Langur and I
c™if“.odMv X V M" l"XI,ut«. Profcaaor of Mna
T. iVJ n N ‘!ar'kl ®c,2lci *h.. of thr School of Lcoigrn.
f, ”.1 * X .Profcaaor of Coo.tituttooal Law.
"■ A l.**0*"*st. M. D.. Profcw4,r of Aoatotnr %n*l Pi rrloln,,
^rnwr,!^,^.L L D..PBJ2rVaT!Su5iM !
F_ B. fun*, firaduala of V. M. Icotitutc.
P. B. Praatas, *• « m
_ /*oociatr Principal* of Oramir.r School
inTn- dicta
Mtau l'Ol'.Mr MDIM M MBBI,.
v .VoVT P.*Tr,m "',l. °J>'0 • Bearding and Day Behoof, for
, “ h" rroidmir n
of^T- Pr,irao.l,'P;7,r'-'oT,"' ^ •uP*m.ion
. _ “,r, *ra® > W Ith A full B«om of the rr*pcn*ibiMt*. *}ir AABurr.^
MT.r aim,nit*.l^r'l! M*'d0',t*,f *nd hooroTir to It/propeMhdBL
tnatit, Oiniint at tha h.ghaat rtandard of Yrmaic Education and a I
r‘’frt1'“,kr «» ®»«*■« ~r,.tl.l n, attatnmrnt10
..r.niiJTi'*,', ^5tS2»«- Fhy*''»l So let, era, will be taught hy a
| Native M*,tera of each tongue.
1 h,*E IStrS&Sti H*rp ,nd Gu,,‘r- *"d «■*■« and Drawing
,, J^r*riln<rh win rwiT* *P*c«*1 attention, and U-under
the charge of a Prench Lade, who will reside in ih- fas i. .1.
• J*jj! ^P'1*’ P®01 lL* PMlosophy of thr f-anruafr
%nd to -peak It with -a*e and accuracy To tL. end Ti wfl"KX
inediure of comintenication In the Fani*ly
8*r'l0r ?**•"'1'1*" r'«,T' ri"»l attention.
, •v*r*rn Pr»p<^e* also, the formation of a Brlle« Lrtt«*ean*.«
left^Th^m^T ClM-,r>I literature. ToflrtU4>,*boll,<
:HS,S“- - =ns. ^-ztssrssjs.
Ttaas Board for the entire Session._ffno.
Pngrll»h Coarse.—$V
Foreign Lscyusgee, each
Prrseon mfl? ftn<S ***"*** »t Profcaaor* charges.
jrassr »--*
J,l«—dtf_L..PWV Naraaa. Richmond, Ya.
«»°«T A.\l> HENRY ( OLLEiiE.
r_-..-. „ *“■»*» COlSTY- VIRGINIA.
T d.i "f^^,°Ux.‘* ,u*muUp“-m CO—eoc*.ntlwin.t
B^ai^° **“°0 of S tSdfit
Waahlng •• •■ - .. *e«
Contingent cliarge •• « j'J?
. HfZSZZ* * ,t,*'‘,cl* «-•» '«*» «" »-rd. to., receive*,
alleai £*“ messeducatwii are r«^u. »trd to consider the
I .?* Tt* tf“'rcugh rooree of atud,, healthful
I si ..n, rrmvtrt.cM frum any town, wholes. disclrdine lone rx
T,<:v°a'TZ,0',u £**"“»•
: zzzzrz rtjssl teruim Fur
iut±» _ _E E wn2Lsro‘iVa.
>1 '*• i * “ *®2 SCHOOt^-The next sevalon „f
I nto.—Board t.'«0; Washing *»,. English Tuition Uti
at,:r“,?*'”- Paph' L"“ »*' Mu.lo Jo W«o, H.^.ir"^
h.,• ti*•N*,orp J4" • Malta*. water color,, ft. m „ih
• ** u* Pr nj%r7 Department fer children under ten years of a**- to*1
iiigyg^lyL^M^i R.tt Ree7;r s^f
i CbmreMn D ,Io»f' D “• Cl"«r .f tadEpUcopal
Ali letters to be directed to
nH ff U K L II A 1.1* |’L n \ f p SI' MIN lit \
MlSh MARU h EAPTMAS, Prtnelp.1,
Med %?S* ~t!W <,r|,«h‘'“1 •«« l*ealth, Tiu.gr of
RED** pt an her 'l 0UV1V4. »X ‘U,U°*d' ^
, ?odl,>u* b«l“'ng now in (rroceu of erection with aU thr
^ern lmproewmenta. will be am.hrd b, ,U l.t of Auguu and
, wdl contain »uch accurantod*tlon«, both In point of tartr and con
. :r "JSXtSlu'“"^»-»««•• •»>«»mStheb d.ugtb4^
t^a^rJtiricd hT^® "f cul,urT- ****! I‘»»e alao U? comfort.
• aJ^r '”*,’,a,”p1n !* »*t»blt,l.rd with a view to ,f.ed to jonng ladle.
' ,'i^ ?,* fombinatlou of advanr.ge* t r the attamn ,nt of a
rUoca.ion. and no p.tn, or ..pX win
.urlfr -TinJrl? Mt w ^ r “ Prof'-« «» Ee. » Khool „f
I -dPjnHn^hl>r.iy_ tv prtoflpnl. »a* at the he.d .f >
1 .. r , p1 gland, prvvtouv to herre.lder.ee In Penn.jlvaili,
• |Sd*.ftn.^T.!?** * 7<ar*11^*PeeD kwwwn t„ tie- patron, of Artor.
*?rr ?PIn'“arE. “presiding teacher In that Itutltution.
7^ Rt IUv'r'D<1 * PeMw. Bitftop of the Dloeeae of Prnnijlvaiiia
r.rv"oMwLo »ho l',t’P'''" ■" open a Young ladle,' Semi
nary, in Mrdia. Delaware Co , Pa., In September next, hay beer
J2?!? JP.°’p tobecrlber for aereral ,e.rv r..t He h *. a h gi, „Vo,
. pf her capacltjr, elBclenr, and devolcdneu a* an educator N r
to w'.'I^.hT »*P»gi«>« Tl.e bo lding which b
UitwITSJr* f‘'rh*^“* 1 ”'n,*ln •»««7 accotnmodatton. The
In 1 H.Z 17;'u.nd r‘»poo"‘ry are dUfnguiahed for heaUhtulne.,
and beaut,, and the ,ub*rr1ber ha, confldeoee that parent, who
| entr™. their daughter, to MU. E«,»an wUI hae. no re^u to
rn..1 to the Saroil;
lal^lu^'t’l’n'‘P"’‘*t ‘n‘1 ,U1U" receive
«^nm7;U,’^ur’!Ub' U“fh‘- *"* ,h* “"'“•T'M
1 The Mu.icl Department will be under the charge of a lade *tm.
er*“™ .hi*£,*.? *" **2 •’t“»,Vp“- M* •»pre-.rr1„g « malcTeaci.
r.^,V7rr»Thr^l,n.*1n‘,r*0 hV'”" ....
cw55S2SM^0,w“w 0Ddtr,k* d!r~t*»of •Urt’ -
The number of Pupil* la limited to fort*.
f0*»0**D AND Tt ITTON. in tb, Brioche,
•acej.iing bluale. are I ISO per wwion uf gee awitle. .
«,“u . >>»*Uh»f'r«> refer ,oUw follo-log gentlemen -
del Il ia* ,rr°d * *'>u,t' D- **.« A011 fplaeopal . I. rg* a( PUIa
Heo. f. P erea, Preatdent of th* C. S.
lion. 8 P. Cham, Gov. of Ohio,
lion. N. B Baker. EX-Oct of New ilaonwldrc
lfon.M w Tappan. M C . from New Vork.
Bee. N firm, of Nornatowc. Pa
Her. A McLeod. Clearfield, Pa.
Pierce Butler, Erq ., of rviadelnhla.
d. B Okie, do.
E W. Clark. Beq , do.
Oeo. Wharton. K*q., do
CbrHtopher Loaner. Potteetlle. Pa
Her Wyaaa. 8! Louie, Mo.
lion P. C. Jchnecn. W’aahlngtnn, D. C.
for further particular or for circular, apply lo the Principal.
. ... Mibb maria Eastman.
je t—eoBfn_._MEDIA, Delaware. Cm, Pa
ai.himmhi.i: mi itahy iyhtit* tV.
jh° wN ... »' Ac.
’T'llfaeautal Poaion will commence the Jth o< B. ptemher oral, and
I 1 conilaa- ten month# A fa I rourar of Mathematic., Ancknt
Mid Modern Languagr., and Ergll.b, taugl ton the plan. |>ur.urd
u in* ' "Ninla Mil ur* Inetttu e and -he I'atwerolt* of Vlrgmts -
MIHtar* Inairtr t’on, c mprialng Infantry. light Infantry, and Anil.
Iff* eiercW. glean free of eltra eh.rg th. A am at ant. engaged
arc rrcc.tnmeodrd b* the P totem,,,. „r lh. Cnieer.it* a. b,m, ndiy
<|ual Bed. Balk IntMteetaall* and nanBf. lo perform th* duii'i of
;f'l*' refer. «• 'Net gentlemen, 0. Well
flU ,tU of tf7 '•P1'"' *”d Eplacttpel Church** in Charlottcetll*.
e..^!noU,lo'T.°'.n.' <‘utf#f**k'r”- if cwwalderakt*
in ipRcMrif
« T'EST**"1 »**»#. Mr . !o^lu
4.1 at**' i*r •r-Mton often month* Th* hoarder p«;« contra
Ire for an* branch taught her* r ’
Utln. Orach and Mathematic*...
french. Derman and BpanDh. each ....
Mothemalir* and fngllah. jL
Preparalor* Department (PnglleM.J*,
deiVnVhV zrjz&'.’f** p*,d '• •dT*°~- *°d •• '«*
No drdweHtm. fieept In raw of protracted elckooea. .itod-ni,
T7.L V *J£ ""‘'v'"1’ "’*•* f'-l 'f • h®H eeaototi. » aooe
will h* free I red foe a aho.tee time All from a tltataoc. reuu ed lo
hoard at th* fn.tltote Ettenrfre preporattono are In prog, m "or
i fnonrii aooalon. 9 *
I f 1‘oat I’lh r, Cliarlottcee lle, Albemarle count*
I* H—Atawt i ,t (vi.
u.t mm.
f|Nllf EXERt IBM or THIB BCIIOOL will be raewmed on ibe lei
■ tMohct neat-aemton ru mnt.lha The eerrlcra of Mona.
Rwclder. a* il<w lw M,»lern Language., hare hern wound
TfRM« narahir ..ml annually ftt itifrtrwtv
for tuition tn l.aUn. Matbematlca and fngllah AVI iat
i ftw •• iu tlroek. rvlra. .
r » e ku "l|#a*'M'.uI!f Language* p> iat
for hw uual Bcallot, a. an Intlnunr. the Prlr .pal refer, lo Ibe
folb.w.ng genOemra. tmong !*!• patron* during the pool eeaoioi,
P H .*1'r«*,n’*r’ 0 A .Myer. John U Polh.o. Ale.tndrr
R ll.dUdae H W OreWor. R fonto n*. J R Prhv. T R firatton.
R'e Oeo w <» Abridge- and i PvUrklu.
„ „ .. .. . w. |i btUaHT, Prmeitml
" Mr Btuart ># a gradual* at the Virginia M lltar, Inetuale, and
fer tkreeyeara di* Itarged with gr-ai aallofaetion the dat* of ae At
• et.nt Prof.mor of Mathematic, m |t. I ,fo. with, r„t eongdei.ee. ■
m* to lb* potrona of hla Academy, that ilie* will Bod la him a teo I
loaa. compotenl and faitbful Teach, ■!
Jtlf— dBuwilat Wrt Bop'l of Va Military loRHat*. |
■^XAXBlI.Jf 11.01 M. Wr«lll make a knitted nuant ir of
® Fsmilf Four at oor mtll Frr»A»a varitinf vilf |4**«r ira*«
(jirtr order#
||l HI HR t Alll a* g. ,o.l,
rmtagea IMA. 1u.«a„Hl |o|B. for aal. by
M A PHII r. V ft Ma 0 .1 IkliMH.lnp
» Well aeiee'ed aaaorimml of ORtn f RIM rtlotloaltw* h.
| R*0” racepted.) which Iba* willaell at * email profit fberoob ora*
| proved city oc,eptanc*. r
Parlleafar ellentlou paid tn mlra of CV<unD* Produce
n*>mt 1 BIRR
! t*' * '
****** »»■»». ' " ' * ' -
_<* gwrr run i «v ~
W AIjE RP *11. aa M a. Mil M % a. aaoa) a a a *
I 3 MTuem or r>*Y tkooi*. at afai.?;?
***‘ “ ** ■ “»">>«<"» a< I :.-k. e. .11 rail at the "ra
| Cb4nfu !• 'K**r iNMiftrM H, ir M.HN. 4t. k „f ^ ^ ****•• •
I C«ir peralta* a aarMj of 1-hnl,. an. I Ara.abU u..—a
lo ih. gtu a. fotiatl alarya lau of II.,,, w,.gjra. naniaej.
I ""*•••«• Cao.toi.rra, Wrart~! „g Ha.
., V '“Tlu WttUar at total nan laa Hn. agio. a. . araouot of
ta~»l. or. i. N, rai l » tfw.aat Hall a, rraerr. wouM of
"fo* tmgee »|... c..b; «,a.»ra P.VOI. tour mnatb-a.ra
• r-r • • —nth'. ,raak>, appra.ral ’
Jyl8_gvl KBrt1. PAWkToB.
By .a.. . »«M *Ti:i.-a t,*i.,.
T tnrto. of a .l-oal of tr j.i I., m,. ra If rat... troau Jno a (V.
By l.i-l tl. 1nth » July. |oHA ij,Hy rragr^
i srs ..oilK'7;.; '.*£!!»—•* toVmi wgw,^
. ia_ri . “•» ■•* J»*y. I1S4. boganotog ol la uVaock AM..
lra.jy.7 By tbo Mid Cnoby. mfinr *.f flU.
?.Ura,l'7|,'""7a,*,‘- Ul K*1'' "*.». l7^. A..lrt!
i Hvk m^A I 7**'1* *‘“l M 1 &<*«#▼ g*d llartirs* 1
To,o -aTraT.££'&£“ a \"1 ™*U ' '**•' P-tr*. for* '
and., rag ragoaabl. pap-r t ,baTTra"
ALKX. llAMrrT. To,„ra
b^0(t!!* CO*‘*V haring (ran.f.rrM anti aaalr, d In ora h.r f
• crnliior*, all J«bU in! -Utm« dun ur
bjboG t, bllljnotr, oimn •• ro«nt or I W*>y r«i5£‘J||
f>wr,« f)«h« #1-1. Orb**, t.r cU»m. to m*k« ii^.o,:__
L.ngrr .ndulgrn^ cant*,. h* *1^ ,a
JylP—dtdk _ALISJDOAMm. Trunra
UKOI CTI«\ I> Tilt:
y,.r,’Pjr**T''1 By B'lyfng from J u AN
, TIION V, C-ulamb.EU II. te l Building
H*f« of hc«t quality, nAp- Do --.
y*»lHy. PaoMonabU Rtlk Hala. n.V pin.
Brail*. P*>1. Congraoo 6»nr,
***’“• W.I3; Put Colbkin vw.| Khn... »ijs
J. II. ANTHON Y liw tTAilf •rr«iifH«l|.Dt| w'th
°°* nf Boot maker, to IB. elly nf IHittail.Inri,
^.upv.yBln.ralth a latniraa,, oral'
^*k'n *'•-« BOOT. *1.,. h h. atu ral. at tlra
precral-r.t^l ln« prtc.,1 THRPP DOLI.AU API.
S5Lio*tr .iu~*
Ora C.pc o Ikoaeral ol Otabo. ram uk- place .7
B A T I HU AY, A t* la I IT or M , |4AH
8 4 7 6,000!!
1 Rrloe of <-A/’/TAL /'A/ZXllwvoi.
a .. .•,«W» | » Prlaaa of.. . ,u„..
u "! . f.■***•• 1 T’PnMocf ;;.*^2
*.'wBf'.iutkiae.•••••— j;
tT Wh<-oilek*tj RS'i.or Halera iln.'.i; Quarter, aswin
mhlT t‘' *' C"* “oul th' of Auiraoi. »1ll bo ar.n.I.J to.
PTIHK deatbnftbe late Jan* , Cal rain, th, pnncl,«l mjrt,iM 0r
fra a opt*lomoeiTn**t",nP.'Pl»r*- renOered II ZLry
tor a set .lemon t of hi. eMate, that the property ihouU b. raLtTiZ
orat-ar. Bare on.,eg In ecnlerrtn, no tL ^r°Z
To farflltate the ral., , liberal charter ha* been obtainrat a~,ra n.
UgraUtureof Tirgtnta. .utbatrialn* the p^-l7I^777“^
P«ty a. a joint.etnck company, anil tracing ra|.S2;
Ot* .. -lei rarary fiif tlra rnort fall and profitable cnlo,^2t7f i?T
. M tor m“*«*bcturiBf pur]ic#ri rcu«r*nj W 1 ’
Jinrr3Loft“pr°. ^
-.’ll. ?prlnlf» turli a wl de-spread ceWbrity far
!adZ.2HdKm*1 TJal™r> *n'1 •* » P'»re of raali.onable reer.r-.. t/ar H
«° «r much in regard to th.lr atWmUoa*
ralubTtnd^IIc'"'ar3,lil«y h»T» been frrquenled by crowd* o! In
•®u-4en, and they
“i£ sssstii^sstsjKr a,rw«* ’»*• «<*
that If they had besn satBclent to accommodate doable that nnmw/
w ituoii «r effry year numben* of aytw.cant* are turned i«.t
^JJy want of room to accommodate torm. ^
•WwIhLd^1. heretofore W*r. attended with coO
•tdermble delay and fatsgur. visitor* being compelled to travel near
&Kr.°a T’.T'1*;1 “,**f*' Dut **" Center.cd Coe.ngt.-o and
* ri ’ V1*0 h *™ now in prngrvM of cotutructrou
2rh’?k*“ °f ™‘l*»yc4.tnouica.?;C£i
iruile^^ Si “1>,irn '• *"• ••aOnn-hooae wtth.o ,► a
w^d***d *Prt°e»- Within tire last three month, the Cwaira 1
Railroad ha* b«n extended SO mile, W„t of 8ia union, reduclugthe
Wage trxrel to 4n mile., and avoiding the worst part of the road* In
a few year* the other «retlona will be Anlabed. and vnUori ran thaa
War. Baltimore. Waabingtoo. AWxmt.tr,a. RWh«oU“rj4^,«
In the morning and taxe lea at the White Sulphur W),n th, w4?
tern section of U.e Covington and Ohio Railroad la completed the
acre*, from the country bordering on the Ohio river wtu be eqnull?
convenient, and It wUI be difficult to Ax a limit to the number who
wUI annually resort to these Spring. °
w-I^4^^Uo?l.,br l!„,"rUd >“ tlwccunty of Greenbrier, on th*
Western «lope of the Allrghany mountain*. The lie* in th*
fertile valley of Howard', ereek. I, contain, ml*.,, tJ-?. ,
ven thouund acre., i extending xioog the valley about three mdea.
WCichi°f *‘rol* 11 fr<"u “oonulnto moon tain. There ace more
5“ **> «*« <* «P- meadow land in U,o tract, and morwihaa
double that quantity of good arable upland. The residue of the
tract conmil of mountainous ipura, well wooded and fur ml. In*
good range for .lock. All Ihc supplies of mean, grain. Ac . Ac., rve
pcCmuie»,'>r **** °** °f Ul* hotel., can be read!Ir raised on iha
The buildings for the: ac com modal .on of el .1 tor. are convenWn.lv
arranged, and many of them I -are., much arrhltectural beauty —
The ground, nv eminently pictare-jne and heeotllhi, preventing a
mrfa.edleer.Aed by hill, and daWa and grow ol the irlglnal e«
0 the forest. It ha. been dnrrtbed a. -’the P.rado. " vaier^T
places, and there are frw who arc acquainted with it who will foil
to acknowledge Its claim to this distinction.
The receipt* of tha- establishcoeot are now very large, and It Is W
iieved. by enlarged aecotumudatlob*. and with er.erge'.tc and ind>
eiou# management, they might be increased many fold.
The *ale of the water, which Is in great rcuunt in our cities,when
put up for transportation, may be easily made a/ ii~lr to furriisb a
eery large Income, and In proper hands the net pruAu la a few year*
would reimburse the price at which the property can be purchased
The whole country contain* few subject*, if indeed it .loeV*nother!
Ind?atitiT,°‘lrC"*’ ^ C““U “»*“ »* by e. wrprlM
1 Th*.,IUc.10 ,fe* ** believed to be unquestionable, laving bv
longed loti* pre-rut proprietors ami their ancestor, for tnuretl.au
•"'"‘T Rc*r* To facilitate the transfer to the purrhaeec and to
avoid difficult*, Wh.cli might cult from thv death of any of U.H
“,k: V“ b"c '-o on. of the under
-loser* Wb° 11 be prv*“*,',rd 10 'AswAfs thv proper deed, to the par
Thv sale will embrace all the furniture heretofore need m ceanec
Uou with the property for tha accommodation of visitor.
rtrtotx* desiring to purchase arc requested to communicate wltL
the under.,fried WM u. MACPARLAND.
Of R.chmoiid, Va.
, . A LUX. II. U. STL’ART,
dA.-tf __Of Staunton. Va.
WW(1V1. . RICHMOND. Nr, Jclt. lVdb f
- . hM "““»*■<<«» It* NEW UPTICK. NO. I a I
WAIN PTRKRT, next door to the Dispatch tdhec, wb«rs it is
to lake Tire and Marine Ri*k» on fair terms
f . * ir<.rm* *nd haeirg now hern in operstioa seer twenty
,3 VT,*_! U,!nr "hkh ',',ra' " h** ,n<' rUlm* for lo- to the ex
•ent of largely over d mdlutn. of rfoUnre—it refers to ths hlstorv
ol the i-.u a. x*. rdlng the eery test guarantee for the fuiare Be
n* a t iryinla Curopanr, and havlt g lu w,-ck owned by fwrcd'a ns
!“ r'*• tn her sn.trpr rea. and -rue’ u, Zl.
wtit u. oil tlie sinew, of her Comm- rdal and Mechanical Industry
The long a-quamtance of this ln.utat,uo w,th U.e in-rrlog publif-'
v»l ’t lo become familiar am, :h.,r w.nta. amt no^aina
win be rpared. nr In form men withheld, that will tend to Insore ac
curacy and girt sati.fXdilm.
To > armcra. it has H lu lu power—(c m the eery ..wn.lve mn
,bJrc*dT Secured-lo be able to re er lu hlgldy respe<
table cl, ten. In every portion of Ue fUie. It will he happy 1,^.
eelve and conaidrw adpllcatlon, for Insurance, addressed either lo
ol' “d »«>'» return reader such feed,Hew
msy be in Its pi wcr to *ts nstron*.
CAPITAL, 1100,0001!
T. M ALPRIB.NI>, pretHrot
H. L Ki»T,of R«o(, Paine I Co.
H. W. QC4UV.
"'M B>'us. of Brer* A Pnlndejter.
II W. Fur. of If. \\ fry A Sou*.
W*. PiLAIi.
J. A. f»LOl9.
f a £*•***’ of p*rkM,« tSlmmo A Co.
tJH :*T*i of Wad worth, Turner A C«.
Iww- P.usnr, |>1 Pam.cn A Par
« !*• 2r*t*a*» 01 C’ W- *»««<• * Co.
} P w.asro., of WinMon A Power,
f T. Pruu>
U. A. Cu> an
P Cruo.
. W PaiTR, of Smith A IlirwmeJ.
_*_ L OOWABMif. AerrMaej,.
A ^ oh it i > \ >« i g, Um rniiii.am iii
'w er® *° *** Cup Jail on tl»- PnWk Work, of the cite
to,.-.. _ [C”»W M, *|. I fed)
V.eor of .'hl c«r * the Council of thr dtp „f Richmond, th.t ihu
J.‘l "f - — y ?*y- T h>* warrant, dl.rvted to the keeper of the
lllble^to L1J; W.h trron' “ >•* -»P ’•v.lgun... ..,d a. are
liable lo beemvlcyed under ihe ad of the (hroeral AwnMi paaoed
!EZIZ££SrJV, *• ** •m*SZE?irw2i
of ife c.e SZ Of Riohmond. i, he employe,I on the public work
or 1*0 City, tinder the management of the overaeer of the pubti.
I?-1' **.1<.**f,*A* *>*11 *« *Pw-lRed the name, of eaeh peonnu,
tho numfer of dope at.d the hour, of the d.y durum whteh each
•onf ****11 be *» ciBfTtujmf|; %n<l for ftiflcten' cauftr o Mm *pi~ wring
the Mayor muy enpryeede Id. .aid warrant when the eaki eiotdoi'
nt •?rh pvraoti. ehotl tfoar Sorb peennu antler Ihe menage
met.tnf theorerwter .hall he employed the .eme wrk. and*.
wl,h cl” hottA. under hla control, hot ehall be tar
ti,died, while *. employed, by the keeper of tho City Jail with pro
per ..>od. clothing and lodging. In like manner with other perano.
In ttir Jw»|
* The Mayor may hr hla nler depot* any one nr more of the pn
lice of the Cite, and .hoold the refractory condor! of the pr enoTre
make It neetoeefy. may appoint other pare, u nr pereone. to attend
. . ^ *r'nrr9 ■* work nmd ng «n«l re pmigg frrtm t>.«
Jail to the Place t-e employment It di.ll he the duty? rariTZLlV?
or pereone eo appoint,.| to entnrro orderly h. ha nor and ubiCim .
of the prteonere to the overaeer when not of the caetody of the Jailor
aM for tht. ptrrpoae they may command any peraon or permn. ta
aid and a.ei.t in apprehending end .rearing a prlawner (Would
any peraon. When reqilred to ad anti a to el apprehending and
• prlfttner *• 4'k»rR*wM, neglect rr ryfuM m lo iM •*»«! m
et.t, eo. h peraon ah all pay a Sue not breeding lea dollar, for .eery
. »• 1*• Morr pgrferl warily of the petoon.r., the »„pdPin’.„
dent of ferret, .hall haee provided a chain and halt lor each prtaoner
Hmt may he Worked on the atreeta. to be a SI ted to hi. lew before
leaving the Jail, and not loha taken of until returned to Jalt
♦. Any poeann other than a pdice .»IRc«r chargv.1 with aad dwly
performing the police duty prpelded for la the Seat eertiop of Hue
ordinance, abell, on the M.yor'e -ttih. ,t* that he l. j»Ur entitled
thereto, he paid one dollar ond Slty cent, foe every lay ’.hat be i.
M etoptoved A Copy—Teute
JySS— At TMOA I AWiHtM, c. C. B.
R. an order of the Common Council of th. Cuy of Richmond
thte truly Taluahle Property i. cBrrcd at Pytvaie eale It buole ea
Hrac. fere, t t*4 feel anti cetendt from ITth ta lath «ireet.Jt>s which
It front. Idh ’eet.emhr.cing aa area of ono acre The knt&iaga aru
In good repair The receipt, from the property .re large end dally
in.-rea.li.f and the preaent great and proof—-tire inauaw Ttfeaeru
Tra.le ..I R chmond, gtvr. every amurance that In tho band, of
prtvom indivclual. il l. may he made probably the moat product!,.
Inveatment eve - , Shred In Ihl. cllr.
The term, win be made favoraMe. Information win he htmldied
and prepu.li rwetwd by TAVteOR A WILLIAMS
'"| i "mi him ati.r. ~
I "" •hl'.h 1 roatamia# unix
4 III NTIRPI) ICNSP It t. one of the heat improved fa'm* la tho
owniy of Colpepur The Rt’IMlIRfMI are new, .woeunteot aad
hatMloome It lie. nuMn • mile, of the Oraag. and Alu.andrta
R.llroa.1, and within * of the Plana road to rr f -lrkfem The
* *,f ***•' *1" amoaot to about IJm hwb*W I am
winiog to late <t parf, or the wk.de uauuwuf. lo Mevanld, whleb I
want foe ,»y m ... Mr depot and pout n«rw la AVuudv
I too, Colnrprr ro, I**. *
Sw i t k »i »i . iiiinm. itiRiri i
B)WMk, H/«9r«aHr CHn*nt, ff>f ««W hr
Nvmroir, ai.uui a co .
I IH:.-VdWb da.Ip e.poet ml
▼ W per arhr •• Anu.e Br«," for -ale hy
MAS lim aULTIWSJ.-Wr. get In* ante a fell am,
meat of Patent feret, he.1 l eather Retting, of alt wMth. .com
1 tu If m,-heu. MHIeea. Ma, hiatete, and other, in want of an *atea
article, are invited la give u, a , all T J. MATO* • m ,
!>■ _ Sign of the Cle alar few f| Mam .. g
A AS IASTS H S IP rskggAS I Ih f pn| rn.ii.rJM
oTM Packagae fer tale by DAT IMPORT, kl.t.l R i CO .
i»!* Agent, ta. dm IRiWiUl.l.

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