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II --- ” — Vi.au, TV 111 vs,
. D*UP r«p.r |l par annum; fcmt-Weakly, (6: Wvkly, $S. ulwuy,
la a ruoa. Kao.lu.nnr. may ha mud. at taa rlak of tha Puhllakar.
JLi* .2?“ wh*r* •»>-*»>« U Ukro on tha <Wpo.lt «( a laUar In tha
roai Ottct containing money,
at • AOTMTIWa.
t0»# *quare, HO lineal or lorn. one Inaertloa.. T5
Kaoh additional In Mellon. fft
On* month without alteration ..M g
Thru* do do .To no
do 4o . ft> no
Tw*It* do do . M Ml
Two Square*, Thro* month*. 1ft 00
Kls month*. fSno
Twelve month* .M Oh
*dv,-rtlre«n*nt to he ronildmd by th* month or year un
to*- -p.- ifloil on th* Manuarrlpt, or prvvinualy agreed upon betw wn
th- t-art'e*.
An advevtlremrnt not marked on th* copy for a •pecIfted number
#f lu* ctl«Mi« will b« ronilnuot until ordered out, and payment exact
ed aaoordhurly.
Jtr Kxu* LA!t ADvtaTtaauKWTH —To avoid any mUunder*t*nding
o^«he part of the Annual AdrvrUwr*. It I* proper fettat
th**Mhcir p-tvllegt* only eiUnd* to thetr I.u.uedtau hu*i..«M. Krai
»** it*. t«*gnl and all otlvtr AhrMlwmedt rent by tl»«m to be aii a.|
dlti.i .ai oliarg., and no variation.
t IT Kr «l K.«tate an 1Oeueeal Agent*' Advrrtlrenmnta not to I** In
•rrt> | by the year, bit to be charged at* th* uxnal rate*. *«d<J»vi to
•u> I. hcouitU a* d»all he agreed upon.
dr"’ Auotloncur** Hook teller* and yearly %dv-rt«er«. yenetsUj,
•ng tiring .to* or mme equar**, with the privilege of change. .hall not,
on their yearly average. In any »n« week. Insert more than the amount
acre* I upon at th* .landing rule under the contract, and all exceed
log • »ch amount to l*e . htrged at the u*«ial rate*.
A InrtWmrr.ti Inrerti-.l In the llmd Week I v WMg at 75 rent* per
•quareof In lines or le** for the firm tnrerUcn. and fill cent* iw
wpiirr nor e * oh ontinua’ii e.
t>Ai*» > i» a it rill i * .i ti.
G.HOI ND P I* ANT lilt •—We keep cm,staiitly on hand I
frr»h (lrounil Plaster, and our care In the selections from the !
best U Uidsor Lump Plaster enables us to recommend it as the best
that can be liad. All orders left at our office *»n Cary street, prompt
ly ssecut^l TALlAFKItKo A BRO I
B — Farmers can be supplied In their own bags, at a reduction
in prtoo._Librral discounts to merchants, for caah. Jat7
tsrocnwoa to *kxj oatu.)
a r i t i o * »: a: u 9
WaU *irt*t, under St. Charlt* J7i4tl,
W„. . .. . Efcpuovp, Va.
ILL devote his whole attention to the Bale and Hiring of Ne
groes. Real Estate, Ac., publicly and privately.
Bairs satisfactory or no charge made.
vr 9 has a convenient place for keeping slaves.
The subscriber respectfully Informs his friends that he has discon
tinued the auction business, and having rented his office to Mr J. B.
nsryroTp, takes pleasure In reoommending his former customers to
call. BKNJ. DAV1B.
July 91
THE aubarrlbfr affm for ute « vrrjr heavy ,lock of JtirtMm
tr.irt, i'Mnti and OLtem, l^xdring (JLisaee, (Yrafors. /^isi/m
an*t Fancy G<x*Lm, of recent Importation, and from AurtUm Trad*
J&l lee.
To caah buyers and prompt sis months payers, Inducements will
be held out fully e<4ual to auy that may be offered North or else
wher*m WM. F. BUTLER.
_ _Importer of Chins. Ac., 79 Main street
WK *re now receiving our Mprlng, DUPPLY OF GOO DEL con*
slstlng In psrt of the following articles.
5*t bbls. Crushed and Pulverised Bugar
BO do C. Yellow do
*4 hhd!. New Orleans do
114 Hags Rio, Laguyraand Java Coffee
luu Boses Brown and Black Dnap
luu Boses Adamantine Candles
19 lihds. Bacon Bides, Shoulders and Hams
BO Kegs superior Carb and Dal Soda
95 bhls. New Orleans Molasses
100 bbls. Mountain Dew Whisky
9B do, Old Rye, Various Brands
10 do Kerr's Sumroerdran do,
BO bbl-. and 5o Casks Imitation Brandy
900 Backs Balt, Ashton and Marsliall
8n Kegs Pomgranatr Tobacco
Nt Boses Ground Coffer
fl*> Packages Orecn and Black Teas
ALSO—Vinegar, Pepper, Allspice, Wrapping Paper, Yeast Pow
ders, Brooms, Uuckelts, Holland Clin, Peach and Apple Brandy,
Mrs Miller Fine Cm Huioklug Tobacco. Balt Petre, and many other
articles too tedious to mention in an advertisement.
••1**1 KAMI. O* LllK,n
at " ST A TIOXMH'S HALL," Xo 21 JW( krwf,
_ . , B W. KNOWLES. Ageut.
Dr. A. SNEAD, Medical Advteer.
Oapllal January tat, 185*... .t2,27l,88« (I
Paid dividend, during year 1855. 141 54
Nell balance Unitary tat, 185*. .*2,2*' mi5 47
Total amount of dleldemla paid In date $ 715.424 t«
ToUl amount of claim, by death to date 1,88*,»«n 84
-2,062,483 60
£4,98*2,4HH 97
All profit* go to the Insured. Dividends are made annually, and
paid while the Insured Is living. B. W. K . Agent.
N. H. Hlaves Insured from one to four years In the Albemarle in
surance Company. frjg
ll.HIH \ICf.l I>H1 KAMI rnnFAlVYi
CHAUTEREP CAPITAL $400,000—CA8II FtWD £125,000.
■ *IHE INSURANCE, In town nr country, and Marine Insurance,
m»y he effected on the most favorable terms with this company,
I BE ' All Losacs promptly arranged.
M RtOKKD A CO., No. 99 Pearl street,
_ 9097^_ Agents for Richmond, Va.
. M Minr.KDFAY MlllXKF.lt
■ alUOM his IK stiller lea in Angela county, the subscriber will fill
*■ order*. In any quantities, and for any part of the United Bute*,
for th‘* celebrated WIIIBKKY It was awarded « finer ci nu
MruiMs at the Fair of Die Mechanic*' Institute,In Richmond. No
vember 19M. This Li«|Uor it Intended for family and medicinal use,
und for the best lioUls It may be ordered of any age from two to
nve years. Orders through the malls promptly attemted to Ad
4reus win um genu
—q»y _Staunton, Va.
F *t O V •. It PATC.1T WHEAT
ORIM# —The pwfi.riMnc* of Ihtf l>rill the last season was an*
Ural jr satisfactory, and It was spoken of In terras of high commendation
by those who used It; I therefore feel warranted Id recommend I ny It
as Inferior to none hitherto Invented It Is simple In Its voiist/uc
tlon, durable, and not liable to yet out of order, and the price «f II
less than of moat other drill*. Those who may be In want the com
1U* gy« reepectfully requested to forward their orders early to
•▼old disaopolntment. H. BALDWIN,
aulO-tf____ 148 Main street.
Am • it it % n *11 4 % it s.
dies Scissors, Ar , of II Wendt's celebrated make, warranted
In quality, In new and Improved patterns, and the only complete as
sortment made, for sale by EDWARD CORNING A CO.,
. # _ . *1 Joho street. New fork.
Ayents for II Wendt
OTIC?IS.—'The subscriber having on the ttoTof March lael
Aw parchaeed the Huslnee* §o long and favorably carried on by
Mr. William Booth, he would respectfully solicit a continuance of the
pat/onaye formerly extended to him, and would also call the atten
22n« i11? ,n 1° » Urge and well selected stock of
Woods In his line, recently purchased and added to the original stock,
all of whloh will be told on the most reasonable terms
wm a. Walters,
Upholsterer and Paper ffanyer,
w u ■* No. 140 Main street, corner of 12th.
" *7r Boot" w,|I always be found at the old sta id,
•t»d would Wdlcft a continuance of the patronage of all hie former
customers to the new concern apl*
|Bl' r selllny the laryest port
Bpelny floods Is consider able adranced, we hare redoced »*,
JJim* our Drrae and other fancy Goods, and in.
▼He the attention of purebaaers particulars to—
Pine and low priced Barry# hel ah.ee
*•*"? Bilks, Hernaner and Bar*yeu
Lawns, Oryandlea and Brllllante*
tnyllsh, Branch and American Callooe#, every ffrade
Oottonadrs, Denims and Otnaburr*
Bummer Clothe. Caselmerer and Vestlny*
Linen Coatlny* and Pant Fluff*
Bleuched and Brown Sheet in ys and Shlrtlnya
Table Linen and Linen Sliest I ny*
Ribbons, Embroideries, If ndery. Gloves, Ac . Ac
V Af.RNTIVR A AON. No M kr*M *r*.t
- #_ TaImm^, ikmiM.
SI'« AM.-tmlf, Crn.K-d, A. 0 Trllow, N.w OtImim » .
•too And CubA, for Ml* b» I.KWIA V WrMil A CO '
CS4»«*»*Or. NOI.TA, P 1.0 I Oil HOI TA
VJW>»I e.l.TA AND COACH RCRKW* W» k*M )«.«
S".***.11*0?*1 "TP1* »f »•»’»», m*kln«aur M*nrlfn.nl rwnpl.t*
re Ml* Amt bf ci.arkaon a AnnKHAoV
O'* __NAJMMaIO Wrr.l
*»l>»Or»r ClorlnnAII Ahmildrr*. hrl«l,t ,nd
Hl^ndAU^tS y«»HH KHS5 <m* M...
p7T.j. h. ' l-lenrl-*- lmporl»d Tl* «». rbolcr W«nd.
r..rMl*kT |j,M -iw] DI'NIXIP, MONCI.RK A CO
.nTT* AND I.ACRH.-JM r*.
.... "1-*™.** "*•» •"<« bl.r b .Ilk I*..., (.» M.nim*,.
TtiT Trlmmlnf*. W. P. PARKIN* A CO ,
■ n No 141 EeffteSqne'P
W*iVn‘* NTP:l». TV. Mbwntwr b** ord
«Jb bTJh V.T r*** Wh"'. » H <■*>. h* b*d br tbr
^"1-7...,—^.--oli j.mr. Rlr.r, bolow. who r*n d-llr-r
Jintal «■ * * *dlB*’ * «»•*. »tlt obMIn a food prir* b,
V ... p-^.v.,:s:„k
QfSEtSt ****** *■*,» <
W. P PARKIN* A 00.,
W U1 hpr Mat*
nr*w IUKH tin KKTBKBKffre.
rmoi* ■. M prrTKNOiLL 4 con ffEWBPAP**adyrrtib
_ _ 11*0 IIOl'SK
*■*' fnimnu 4 Oo. are agaut* tor naarty all tha Newspaper*
la th. Uallasl Mala* aud Canada* USsst, I1S Naaaaa street.
Tack, and 10 Rtoto'atnet, Boat* a.
raiHR liREAT EnpoKir.H Ibr supplying the want*
M. •' Housekeepers. I ora tod at He* 04 4 and 040 SaoaawaT,
“■w Yuaa Crry, la any fully stocked with the largest, ftnest and
mast sample** aasortenant of HOURS PURNUHINO 00006 to be
touud In Us* world. The atock eashrarss:
Plated, Britannia and Planished Tin War*
Poreelaln and Fancy Goods
Baskets Its eeery earltiy
Bird Cage*; Outcry ; Mata
Wosol and Willow Wary
Iruo Beslstaada. Chair* and llaiatanda
Brushes of eeery description
Feather Dusters ; Lamps and lanterns
English and (leiioan Kaaairlsd Wan
Bafrlgeenton. W ater Coolers and BonMa Ice Pttrlerrs
Hip. Ppong* and Pool Ba'ha
Children's Cabs and Carriages
Austin's Patent lea Cream Frvvsers
Tha ralehrated Deeonahlra Chain
Can* and Rattan Ware
Ohlnaaa Tea Puya, Caddie*. RacreUrys and OaMnata
Tea Trnya In endlees eailely
Backing Horace, Propellers and Olga
Pishing Tarkle
Beonsad. Coppered and Rram Goods
Hammock* and Mosquito Net*
Preserving Cana, a> He lowest manufacturer's privy.
Garden Implements ol eeery description
wrn^lws^ly*041*’* rA*NCr GOODS, of great aUllty as
Th* location of his sion Is central and convenient to tha landtag
Hotel.. Ills Rain Knoms are Re* In number, and an tha most spa
cious nf any n this line of business In lha dry. Tlis alteotlon of
hi* assistant* will be polite and courteous, and an eiamtaaatou of
his stock will always give pleasure. III* good* an purchased almost
vvrlusl self for cash, and an offer. I al price* such at defy com pm
II..II in. *«m la to flee the public what may b* strictly tor mod a
grva.l in ..lei House Furnishing Depot. Tli# greatest ear* Used In
Ruing orders from out of th* ei.y. Catalogue* forwarded by mall
KOIIIRT I.AVItt, 41t and <MS Broadway, S. \
Pole Proprietor of Ihr greal Kmpr.rlum for supplying the wool* of
lloaret eiKV.__ __lykt—Bcw—[P]
> f: tt V O It K
LOT H 1 N G,
Opposite the Park, ode* at Wholesale, an Immense stock of
_ CUmu.NO.ol all kluds.
JelB d3m[P.] .. call AND SEE."
mcuillo ikon pipe: woiiki.
US Ceilin' street, New York,
^11 av‘^acti rirs and ukalkks in wrocoht iron
“‘pc*. * ttiliiKk. ThoIi, ad'* rr« ry 4ci<*rt|ii|uu of »|ip«r4(iu
connected will, Steam, Haler or Gas, for healing and lighting
(■teamen, Churches, Hotels, Prlvste Dwellings, Hospitals, Villager
rtt-iontsauil IIrIU.
Al*,>—Vajvts. Cocks, Pumps, Xluages, Rollers and Boiler Pluas
rni'lp f4i onUr.
Our Sen * CultUiir llacMnw ar«* enilrrljr rwv.uui oar own I’aUrnt
wftrr iitUti t«. do iiuMr U»r work of any other invention
, ,r< wdu lied from allf*rctl»ns of Uir country, and promptly at*
l”>* ”■ J«n —ly—{PJ
%> DKEH s A jim i»,
■TKAM UHalNR- ARP **• HLkRj*, MACll M.VtV T -*04, BKLTIVO, RO
luiputitr. aud Healer* in MaRurkctunry’ Articles,
N. B Agents for the th* 'Woodruff and Beach Iron Works • Steam
Klijfllir* Hoilrtff
l&~ Exclusive Agency In New York for 'Lowell Machine Show'
lucMnMi' TaoIi. »r¥9_ly(P j
iy«l —dly—[PJ iU Front street, and 6Su llroadway. N Y.
§dV\FJiV‘.,.Ott St"1Nli MACHINES—Ma.lr by IIOOD, BAT
XdJ TKI.I.E A CO.. WonMtar, Max., laltulnl by till, |(„wr Jr
September Ulth.lMb. Tl.. x Machines are warranted, (with pro per
»ae,> Iloi lo Ret out of repair. They are hull! In a good, substantial,
!lo n . ma“ "ke And will do Tailors,' M.ocn.aken' and
alnam*. J" * m""‘*T warranted to glee satisfaction. Ttie
•uuh will not rip any mure than common aewiug done liy hand
Call and see tltetu In operation at Mu CUEMNl'Tstreet, Philadelphia.
"‘tnyi^dly—{«] W * ’
.... .. **• T. VVII.UA’Ia
i Root cE commission merchant,
Cl I.NKIUL AGENT for Receiving and Forwarding Manufactured
W Tobacco. Ooo.lv, Ac.. Ac.. No. Smocroc Sue, Ricttwnap. Vi .
ncira leave lo return hlv viocrre ihaukv lo hlv frlendv and the public,
lor the Very liberal patronage beatowrd on him during Id- business
commotions with M.-avra. Booker A Watkins, of thl. city, and re
•pertfully solicit• a continuance to hla new houx. In thu. appear
“5 n" . ,he*,rT "f business alone, I do >o with full confidence in
Sf.l r n qualifies linns that th. Interest of consignee, will be
u>Oi fully wprmaUfd. ^
ha^iT” Ub*r“' e“h *‘*rancev made on consignment, of produce In
T,i ',,,,rr. Lewt* Wtbb * 8®“. Wadsworth, Turner A Co.,
and John Booker, Esq . Richmond , John M. Otey, K«l , Chlawrll
Dahn. v. Esq tiro,. P.i,r., Spence A Co., and Mxara. McCorklc A
June.. Lynchburg. Va. jaM—tf
<-llll«n< a; tl.I.EH k
FgRIlK 8L BPCKIBKR having fitted up a eull of rooms In elegant
•*- •**,c* »* Corinthian llall, is now prepared to wait ou the puh
llc ait.l fumU.i tlirna with superior picture*. at moderate price*
Tlif AmbrotJiw, Uilif hermetically sealed between two plate• .if
One poluhed glaa*. t».y a cement which not only arc urea, but gild,
ami t>eautifl«•• the Imprevslon.) Is proof again*! action of water nr
• or W«e variations of climau* Id long sea voyages, and is the
only kind of picture that will remain unchanged by time. They can
IK* takeu from the sise of full life to the smallest miniature, and In
one quarter the time of the Daguerreotype. They are not reversed,
can be seen In any light as an engraving; hence are very suitable
I rocket*, and large Frame*, as well a* Case*.
The extreuir popularity of the Amhrotypes, has giver rise to much
Imposition. Counterfeits upon glass, covered with black varnish,
•re often sold fur Amhrotypes. None »re genuine without the pat*
ent sump. The public sre Invited to call im*.1 examine specimens at
*\Arr'"r' <i*LLk*T* C«»iu>miuji IlaML. Main street,between »th
•iyu imti. u v uiuiiH
Richmond, Janusry $$, 1S&6.
%f *it?nVi Vi^n^'^RAMr COJIPAM OF
U 7 “H-H MONO—This Company Is now prepared to l..uc Fir*
fie* V"* *naurance Policies on as reasonable term, as other good of
and* psM ^ Wil1'111 '****• be promptly and fairly adjusted
No charge for the Policy In any case.
^Office, (or the present, on the East side of Uth at, near Main up
_ .. _ oiaacroiut:
Wm. II. Christian, Wm. Breeden,
i-h" Tlioira. R Price,
. '1 ■>»•- Thomas Jr.,
Lwwl. Olnter, John Currie. Jr..
Aug. Anderson, Jas. Dunlop,
Jaa. L. Apperaon, Wm. II. HAaall,
lbxci.e B Heath, John D Quarlea,
i®h" . David J Uurr,
f*” si*“k!“' I-arkln W. OIaxbrook,
Lewis D Crenahaw D Von Grot,Inf,
Joaeph R. Anderson, Emanuel Miller,
John 0. blntou, Kd. U. Sktoker,
Franklin fltcarns.
__JJ.-_M«ta.™. See',. A *'LEA!'AS”'
tbriw Gonmor oil I FrnnkHn .VT/eefe,
HAVf lo store a fine aaacrtuie-it of superb /arnUara (Rich
mond mske ) to which lliev aik the attcntlou of the public.
ftuTtu^dTn tnlTs ,urQl,ur» o' » quality tioaurpavaed by any nianu
ractured In this country, being practical mechanics themselves, and
giving direct and |>ersonal supervision to all the detail, of their
w^i^irr T,'"T nn'* •,k “ n,U ,r®"* »«• -bo
futnl'ure,enaaging aiuiply to offer them, splendid artl
C'r *' * Vrf3r r•***’*i»bl* price.
„ *W“TI,ey give espee .1 attentlnn to rn>hr1„king. and hoi I
isn.H,7\il7u*T - “ *" h',“r.,-*ni' •' tborleat notice, to provide
hadk«<Ae"**4’"**",B*"F U' Fof**r CoBua.wlih .hrou,Is,Hearse and
P 8 One or two vsrnlahera and pellaherv wanted, to whom per
manei.t employment will he glee.., If Immediate application I.
“*d*- Jo<4
(HAvimm iN«Tm'Tiniv or Ricnnoitin.
►p* Office removed to the store of Christian A Uihrnp, No. » Mam
8t.—lo Consequence of the resignation of David R. Crane Wm H
Christian wav untnlraou.ly eterle,! Caahler. ~>,e ofilre ha. been re
moved to the store of Christian A Lathn.p, where deposlu will he
nToiToi' °n 7lch ;? 11n,,rr,‘ <*f « per cent, will he paldon all sums
remaining on depiwit sis months or longer, and five per rent for a
■sorter period
,_wrrn ju riutrnc? IWemj-flrnt TMrf.hu*
,f **" . no m-pended dehl . hu
never ioet one dollar, or (ailed to pay any crrtlBcaie when due.
»'» H. CHRISTIAN, CadUer,
mhU—dly__ IlfOH W pkT, Secretary.
^J” ®*J.NTdM K.—Received thl. morning a large nip- r9
ply of Oo d aiMl Silver Walch-e, which In addition u> V7V
ind Hi 7* p".yt"<»ly on hand, eomprlw. one of the large* JLjk
-E”! vrvr"*mr oRerril lo the trade In Ihl. market Iv.J."
in want of Watchee cannot rail In bring .nltcdfrom our a.w.rtmrnt
AM wirb'ri^nib."’ *" M“ "'•‘"I"* -n.ouf.c.urrr. lo IX'
All watcher, aohl by ue ere warranted at rrprmented.
pan to repairing Snr Watcher, mrh aa Chro
nometer., Duple* Lever A l*-plne All work done by u* warranted
for tweleemonthjc MVKRS A JAN KK, T6# Main .trerl
tr!d." _Tb h *h*** ,p,lr' p,M ,w old Sllrrr lo cnah or In
”**»_ flSl_M A J.
m i; f m i; t m i: t
Tlir. Kill Itl llHlII Hi ll II KCB.,
_ . , . or ths city op npw vorr,
bT ,h.® *'»•• of New York, with a capHal of BBoo.ro11.
anTHH7hi° ”P1P r »"*•"'»' >«» f»e dripping at the .horteal notice
»n<1 on in* rnoti rrimnihiB ifrmt.
The manager, of thta Company bar. had more than twenty yrara
nietToi77f 2a m 7' *" ,N* ,0 r,b-r permn. Irom all
aectlona of the State f.w their .ucceaa In packing Ice for ahlpplng in
a way to eecare 'mm wane and Inaa by melting.
ThU company ha. now In more BSO.IWOton.of Ice, of a quality and
Ihkrknea. equal to any ever oflkred lo the public.
, ',,nd;,V'n' V R„T COMPTON, Preatdent of the Company. No.
*?*' eecelre prompt attention. J
Win nol b,r; rJr,° • T ','poU »" «N* Hull.on el»„,
dJd H?th7ni2i i. Jr 5*7 wb"*‘ <h'f *"• he peon
del with good dockage and .afe harbor..
*w**'«'*■" naae.Tcw (lira* fn ramai-t r.ii.o in ici at
rggtannr*. ___ jol-«w.
IKON II lixri III .
«'»*'ee e.rlr.y „f P.llcrn. for Iron Rad
log than any other e.tabl|.hment In New York, anrhthe largnt Man
ufaetory of Iron Pornlture in the United Slate. " *
Jut I -Sm M Oreen *reet. New York
IV'Lunla'p Hanger."
. 7f,,lw,lTd,"!nwiF N'td by Me«.r. Deane A Brown, and re
eently by Mr t. Jaa Deane, hae. with the mownl of Mr Deane,
been iran.fermt lo u. W e hare In .tore, and erpect to kero a eon
rtant mpptyof • .Hd Rye" and •• P.mlly," which we nlfi“ VS.
trade and to conrumer. al the .ame rale, eh.rged by the former
®»®nu IJ»>*1 BURTON A iibpvnhiiw
yi ITFD TO Tll»: AFAkOY.-Wr bare In ..ore . foil
LTi Mnekof Alpacc, while and colored (Anew, Mar.
•ellle.. Bilk, Oram Linen and Cambric COATS; Merino, Drip d'Pie.
a!2!!r U®'n FANTS. Bilk. Hr<mbn«lnr, Mararlllr. and other
F"T"*r 'e«* The aaoortment I. rrry r*trn.1re and dr
b®1"* determined to aatlafy our eu.tomcr. In rtylea and
peteea, thoaa In want will do well to call at the old e«al Hatred hoeee
. .. RRFN, BALDWIN A 00.,
_ No. Inf Main Mreet.
I I M I ’Milk*. Wl KAN.
* UnwrMo tf wtef m*JMv
*2 bble prime N O. Melaeere
.EE b®*** Adamnnlloe Candle.
. , ,bon •“*» Rloand l-arnaira Cogee, lor .air by
I**R,||V..*V iV‘ l‘l:rr,'F" «>•* II HYAI FA,
.... oLamjon a andirson.
No log Main Mr**. <
SK 11.1.1 R, VISSCIIKR. OWEN A SCHELL. li.v..,, 1,7^
r.r«A Ai.runaa, II..t.i, Mo AM H.i.dwk, Raw You
H1;"®?’ ATUlTHtM. * fOn A«. U <Ty .trtt,,
MM. YorM, Inpoetim awd MsacrAcrt'aa*** A wear*
S?."?,?, EBf",55c"*ni Ct7,'d 'Vyw.1 Flaw Window Olu.
Flat**! Olaig for Bhy light*. (Jmn House*, etc., eW.
Oel*»red. UrouMOiAl, Optical and Microscopic Glass.
The London and MsncU.fr Plate Glass Company*. Thkk Pal
»rh*d Plate tor Star* Wlu«k*i, Ir , |r.
R«»ufh Olas* for floors and Fky lights.
*“ lb« »Ge». various d.vcrtpllon. af Window
ln «• »•» *o»M, Dwellln*., and o«l,.r purpoe*. Tbe quality
of Un-a. article. U Inferior to no c..rre.pondltir dwcrlptlon, and la
jn*ny >e.p^u ,un.rlor Our Heel Ola.. wlU he (ouu.l belter than
the French In tte rrwdon from Stain, Ru.t, Ac.
Stln« Aaonu for two of th. laryct Olam Manufacturer. In Eu
r*f*, »« o. .nabted to offer dealer. >nd other, eeery ade.ntaav In
prbw.mrfterj.Mock.. LUU *’* rur,><>''*', 00 APFUtAtlon.
1|N®Nrs*D P. IIICKIK, I 44 Ck.imi.tr, Mrttt. ,V. T„
A two door, wret of llulaon Rim Railroad l»«n.,i, offer, lo Deal,
era and Conaumrr. hi. erlebratod brand, of Prancli Window Olix
on r.Tornhte term.. Panic, wi.hinr Information wlU be furnlahed
wtUi price, no receipt of ihetr add re. Oiae. cal to any dralred
pAttern. and packtalfruo ol chance aptb—lyr. [ea.]
•OR THE 1,000,000!
_ TK) TaunmoH Hr.art. R. Y.,
imi ^>l^.,MN®,J!KOt*TALS- ,n Rrocalelle. and ali
Italian Marblaw Thu article, which I* a preparation of Marble Dual,
chemically combinedI wlji mineral color., uulule moulded Into
“F form and color, by which a marble can be manufactured at I,.,
U*%n helf the of the common materiel, while It tecaii It In
bUly and beauty Unlike Mar Mailed Iron and Nate, there iTin
.artkn. work, the color nMli.| iuio the man of the material, white
UT U»r»*e e temporary ’ eauty to th« surface. Men*
*" ♦** Table Top., Ac., equally cheap.
- ■ fGu foc the M.l»n/,„ tur, „n.f ,4H« of ahore for the different 1
, ***' wince will possrr immense return# to thorn Inisi~**<Jor thsn
•dree. Information furnlgbwt epplicetloa I#
._. _ PrTER RKNNIK, Prenkleot, or
Jnm Lana SecrMnry. RAW YORK.
(«.»—) _
■ .TOR Min n* l-urponr.. and lor Icultln* Clmiyea, both In wet
■ ««'l dry blaatlnr, of four .Hdcret.1 kind.. The cotton and l.emn
Fuae, alao. He >in*le and double Tape Water PuJe.
Manufactured and aold by OLENN Pl'TMAN.
— _ . oS Liberty »t.. New York.
Order, promptly ailed for all kind, of liun Powder, of the
mo.t approve,! brand.. Ed*r'. EvMbiUonal Fire-Work., Slilp SI*.
n»l». Ac., Ac.___noll-ly [a e.Aa-1
.4 y •'•‘Ai.r/.iifi i;u:nt:NT i to consumptives.
am. A PliyMcIsa of 1.1*1, Mainline, and former y a Profr*v>r In one
of the Medical In.CituUon. of Oil. country now retired from active
prattler, who be. 1 men euff-rin* from Pu'mon.ry Hi crave, dtacnerr
rcd. while Iravellln* In Sooth America for l.l> health, a cure for Con
Miraptioti, Uronchll,., Cou*h., Cold«,aod central debility; and belu*
aware that Tbomndv are .ufferin* and dyiti* annually from Uile
h,!n .ii.'^’r “'a* dlnmnn. he I. de.yr. uv. from tf,. principle, of
humanity, of makin* known th« inoet valuable remedy. Upon the
receipt of Fifteen Cent., In Po«u*e Stampe.or Chen*e. he will vend
a receipt with full direction, for luakln* and .uccemfully u,m* it
UiU‘il'* *PPl,'U f“r »«* “>• payment of
Add re—H F DEVtROUOlI, M D.,
Je IT—tf [v_a A co]_** * Br~>k,'n K T
3IA.M FAITIIIFKS, 84 AMU 88 Walker Street,
nkae iKuDvtr, «•♦ York,
KESPECTFULLV rail the attention of the Jmhllc
lo thrlr Mftifl n**nrtto«riit ol trfHii.l in
*luYr J*1**10** wi**r*». for volume of lone, elaatlclty , r| | # f 1|
touch, beauty of flnlaii, and erery thing that renders a Plano perfect
^,iU."5UrI,’",^1„.Th’'jr T' ” *w,r'1''' lhr Gril Premium fir both
Sin DI 55 C"n.,»r 1ll,l"n wl'.h “*« dl.m,*ul,Iovl maker, from Uo.
ton, Phlladrlphta. Nt-w Vork and Baltimore
»l,>.!CP -TI!1Llol'-Tvi3””1 W*T * !*°*'' h*v<- j“'1 Geen awarded the
Flrrt I remluui M«»u (over all compeUtor«) at the l*»* Fslr of
Cr,*“‘ p*,*ee- ,u"u VUllSr-Sii
T1 I IV I MM a m rVrv , iw—,v, vv
33 Maidcu Lane, New York,
‘V' ^ FACT! HI.ICS 411' nu: \IOULD-ltF.
Baltimore Depot, i4& Pratt Street.
•eS—ly Boston Depot, 14 II (*.».) *
S t Ifl l K » I’KLI >, it IC UTHEKI A < o.
Drug*, Painty Oils, Dye*, Perfumery, Rc.,
, 170 W7U.AM STKKT. .Vnr York
# »T5 lhf2!fn^D of lh* Lrade t.» their large and varied stock
of Drug*, Paints, Oil-, Perfumery, Ac.. Ac.
In addition la their regular Importation of Staple Drugs, they are
also receiving, dim t fr*»m the sources of product.on and tnanufac
turr, jupplies of Tooth, llalr and Nail Brusiies, Urunxcs. Cork., Mt.r
tars. Sponges, French and Kngiuh Perfumery, Lubin’s Extracts and
many other arlicl*>* usually embraced In Drugjrl-ts* -tocks, which
*re enabled to offer on the moat advantageous terms
2fr-lV[W*)r to Person or by mall, will receive prompt attention
Hare constantly on hand, and manufacture to order,
bags and sacks,
for *11 U.e«, and of every Jo.ir.M. Myte end quality.
They Would especially call alteoiioo to their unequalled facllitlea
SPICES, he., he.,
all of which they furnish to order. In the most approved style de
sign and printing, and with quick dispatch.
Also Importers and Dealers in
and vartou, kind, of Thrrad and Twine, both Linen and Cotton, of
which we tre receiving continual »upp!le* Jy3*_ly
71 Fultun Street, and 71 Brrkman Street, .NEW YORK
X3RIj';('JI'Ab Office, id* Front Street, New Yoag, Factory Noe
Continue to prepare tl,e he.t Pbnrmactutiriil Anoder* In u»e for
raUlng Bread, macult, Tea and Other Cake. Ac They al*o prepare
Ml^,dcC?CO*'-"d m,"F "lKer article, of dally u.e In every fatnl.
F, wR‘ch they offer upon the moat reaaonable term,. Catalogue,
tent to dealer* who requeat Uiem.
. . . R- H A 1. 0 IS1IAM.
N B —Con.umer, advlaed to Inquire for flora MlIAii article,.
STIMi" «001»N.-Web« leave to call the
attention of all who are In want of 4F.e.*jSMk
N T II AU OOOD,, fatter
lo our beautiful auortinent, vl, : gHB
lAdle,' Beaver and Irghort. Riding Hal, and Flat.
'wghotn. Braid and Straw Flat, and Blooniera
Children » Straw Goods, of every variety
Boys' *od youths' Leghorn slid Braid Hats
Do do Straw Caps
Br,if p*n:m*; *'"•'» »°'l Hiawatha Hat,, and
^n^L j,«ned "**m'fUl ,nd'* *'•••.-»‘lch for neatnrM
pB",d”lnf Straw Oood. for .ervart., ,urh a.
aim Lear, Mrantaln Leghorn and the noted Shanghai Straw ll.t,
h, which we rnort re.peclfully call the attention of our friend, and
_No T. Mam ,te,
Chartered b) flip LefcMafnre of Virginia Deo. I7fh, lsK3.
r|VIIS lNSTfnrrioq reveler. ilepn.lt. no which intere.t I. paid
"'7 r*‘* "f *■» prr rrnt per Annum If remaining on depo.lt
■la month,, aod Ore per cent lor .horter period,
WM O. PAINE, Prealdent,
OEO. 1. SUMNER.Secretary,
HENRY W. MUAitLKS,Treasurer.
Win. O. Paine, of tha arm of Kent, Patna 4 Co..
Jamra L Apperaon, .UcuMln A Apperaon,
i n " “ * Andermo A Co.,
■f Rarkadalr, « .. u Rarkadnle, StoTall A Co.,
S^t T^lT.k”', “ Baht-In A Co.,
"InniVl “ “ “ ^-'“‘Uthyop.
Jfio. Iktolrj,
W'|?JS£* “ " “ 0'-w*A»a.r,
5“""'' P..U'hr',P. " " " Chrtatlan A Ulhrop,
? W o"'1"’ ** M R McOrorfet'a Rona.
Kw fe " Thoa. R Prlcw A 0«£
ino. C. Prhifrr,
A^T. Htokee, •• « •• fttoke* A Co
U‘* *t0r* °f H,n,, W <,wW*' N" ,s Raarl atmH,
nAR no* on hand, ar d offer, for aale on tihrral term#, the moat
fashionable, beat made and cheapest assortment of
«r,«Ti,F.iwr.!N*ji n itnimiiwu «.non>
,he r,,a. emhrarlna erery approrrd alyle and quality.
■ «e made op from the moat choke pattern# of Prenah,
English and Oermari Importation*.
hA!,!lM,^mrf, w,#h,n* *** nothing are Inrlted to coll aod evamloe
"M**-_apt I
r«*lir enhorrlheea would inform the rahlnet manofaclurer*. piano
■. forte maker*, and other* of’M* city and etrtnlty that they
*»<•■ «« Waahlnron
llreet, lo the clip of New York, where they hare on hand alarye
ind rer y wiper ...r atork of the (neat w.md to ho f.und In the fnltod
dale* We offer.
^22,<1n0 ^ ^ *n<f clira flne rosewood veneer*
aa'a^ 2' ^ do mn<!W mahogany renter*
m»,pin n do mah fany shaded renter*
40,000 fl plain do. do do
{*•***' mahogany rrofeh renter*, rarU.ua dtM
.000 gne do. drawl oft renter*
•thOOO eitra Bne mahogany, do do.
fft.inat fl Bne Mt*1er-d Aftirol walnat, do
40,000 fl. motlled do. do do,
<0.0011 fl. watnal crotch renter*, draw hntt at at*
J4,t««0 fl do do do earfowe do
oo.ooo ft. <ne and eitra flnepatln wood renter*.
th,00ii A. aehra renter*
47,400 fl curled and hfrd't ere mavde renter*
77^00 ft seasoned rosewood. mahogany, and *attn wood
»oard« Dlanli, and jolif of all Ihkkneaa Piano and Cahtnet Wool
Inga^ 7M different patterna, all at eery low prtcwa, and noon aa fa
Mbef ,n ih* country Order*
till be Ailed with the at moat care and dtapatrh
w aTowmfo _ HAWjM WfV.M>r(»VfHY.
^ Street, between Heath and Worth Moore *1.
•pH d«a* _ _ Www Twt OHy.
A l,INf4 CA44, Vf.w i* the time lo peornre these
3 ' i?** ,ho • Th#> #ou,', ,,kf •* Nttflli orer Fre*h Frull
44 «WUMaa 4fi mid-winter, •hon’d topple Alternative* at once
JuU ffTLlfftfY A CO IffTMata*
&«»>,*• PffACN NR A N OY « for aal#
A»v*PSf»«!ie * M BMinmn.t orncc,
® y<U#1kl Jftrmmt, mH dnnr to
TMB SHIP! CO.R PH1IMG r. r--—_
UilallM are the WASHINGTON. Captain K i’A«4*F**
Caern'T. HERMANN, Capt. Epwaan 11 lou ts, — ll.lt
■n.M« «eaa>er. .top .1 Southampton. both going .
Rad return I nf
Prom South
Prom From Rmpl«n for
W«w York. Brrtnrn. X*w York.
..- .Wsr wsr* VebTiv1'
Waaaltwto. .Peb’p SB March *f Mar *«
llaasaaa.Mar'b tt Aprtl IS April lx
Waamaoto. .Aprtl „ May ,r * “
“k“*”.Map IT Jane M jon7 "
1 Stt,i SS 8
Wamtiaut,* . Noy*r »v Dwc'r ST Dac'r 11
Stopping at Southampton. both going and returning. Ua, offer
pmaengere, proeardln, London *.d Marre. adeanta^i oe.r ani
other route, for the economp at time and mnnep. 7
a ***•"“ "bn »«w rong to aovraaneTui ,an a at* a*
S»£7d d7*« ,,,° : r'"' C4b‘°- Saloon, 1110;
ill l^I*r*r*.nd.,n*T3?P*r* rau*1 P“* the Poet Office,
tailing' * *f *'“* w1“ “ “S0*4 or renewal on the dap e
r*'*An^experienced Surgeon la attached to each ahlp
Per freight or paeeage, epplp to C II SAND
11 South william at., New York.
WIT t.rw CROSS IV ACO , Sowthaaaaiwm. '
- MT—lytW]_WM. IBKLI.N, liner.
5lwbvokk-u'^^‘- : : : STSr^fSlft
OI.ASOOW. |Sd« .. ... i„" . SNnIw KJT
t,^*0^’ *”•*?*," York P Company
Mu^dl,'">'',!KU ,r°m New Vo,k <or Glaagow, d*
GLASGOW, Saturday, Augiut Hth, IT o'clock, noon
_ R*Tt» or r»w<«A*j«.
rntCluA . ...
A limited number of Third Cl*., Pe..engrr. will be*
taken, aupplied with prorlelont < r good qualitp,
properlp rooked, at .... 7 A8.I
i" VP!i“c'l9“r*eo,‘ to each Steamer
Por Freight or Paaaage, applp t„ JOHN McSYMON.
i* *-5lk CUT BUI‘ °r °°,d °nl7 'K,I"H ‘r"*T’ S T‘
»TEvirrs~ii oTse,
„ . „ „ (Ute Ddmonieo'i Hotel.)
. 1, 23, . ,i AMIS TT IIHIt 4 Hu a v
Opposite Bowling Green, "Ah vn_
HP”/ »nJ*r*;«nrd .rail, h.maelf of thi. opportunity of In
, ^Sling Ids friend* and the puhl that hr ha, le„ed J, 'A
thr abort named llnuae for a term of a " * ,
,«.n.We alteration, and re^aSS^d‘^h^^J9|
with a rt,w t„ conren fence‘and comfort Ld^t “ n ’L^n'll
on ih* Eaucd. an plan, and wiiIa ... 1 .*“? cori,.ucU^
rough cooka, he hope, to glee «all«ftrt,.m t tivl.^iV^’f a’"'
tbttein' p*lronM*' w,,lch h»* n»«f Taile.1 while In - th°er Hntou £
fvsssssgj^SSSSiSss^M o'.„
— - --—- _tnaM—lj(v.)
nmtt-ia. ,.1 »• *• o. SMITH * CO ,
^uari—«m [w] Bo* 4210, New York, p. O.
Havana plan lottery.
7,7«7 PHIZES $102,000—0\LY 18,000 M .MBER.S !
Jasper COrUTl'
- <*“*» «*«*• hr hSiXH?SSKt “4 ,h'
ID. . CAPITAL »1.1.000.
1 : ..:::::::::::: *212
i" “ "!!!!!;■”"”* '‘jllol".Mg
*• Approximation, of'ilii to 18,000 prtki'are.£1?*
£ J° °f »to assopr**JS
Z 1° of *• to 2,l.«i prtxo are.. 1 5».
** of ,#A* •» each of Uv. ,apluo of loon '
GfiOOPrlxe. of *rr..
7.167 Prise., amounting to. ~ "
OHucuIon *1"' ,,llTC*’ ** Q“r‘"*' »*»• ftl~*'p«y.bli .,;houI
an, other prfx, ^dh m.yVd* awn' "
TtchrU^rOMjlrcertaln8 of1 drawl qa*ml'T of odJ “J dumber
s»7 Person, .ending money by mail need not fear It. brine In.*
— -—---Macon. Or.
***** Li:r*L*T. anwAa© T
AL rBARMAlc£c-nsm?taT8AlfD
f mrn.R to country physicians and families a nrrfcftl*
"thT tnhrs“^ fir
Jrf!,ont‘hn,,,»^,urm.U“n*’10 UrU* “**• wb,ch ti«y will A
made to order,
_Drug .tore, 4,h and
W-. 74 ifiifw MraeZ, V„ ’
‘d ~?T*i ?** r “n‘,lri4td attention to all sale. of Real and
PVg?°\ **!*['• f*1* of Household Furniture, StncX, Good*,
Tjkc10 00 8*,uM^*of
-tLU: ‘"!p I""/'",07 on h»n‘l “« largest and handsomest .took of
Furniture to be found In thl. market, conVtxtlng In part of
Mahogany and Roaewood Wardrobe.
. . <0 . _ Marble and Mahogany top Cabtneu,
Sideboard, and Wasn.tand. p 1
&lr"2 l£*P^in«,T.U a Tet... Dlean. and Lounge.
SpGng Seat Parlor, Cane and Windsor Chair*
Spring Cur d Rocker*, Sociable., Whatnot..
Also, a beautiful assortment of Chamber Setu, together with a
reneral amortment of Housekeeping Goods. ' *lu‘ •
The city and oountry trade are inetted to examine our collection
P V * '*n man adeSic, on c~, ’
oc*6 * JAMES N. SHINE.
p r * t i-oT »T r ""*** •tlrnd to the sale of
i :,1’n 10 -o-gnjuio
r»rt» w. amnm. . . .......
«HI nils A APPIHSO*.
w.,. t *, ,,ntr*1 "f pnulne Medt-inra. ,|.
*»t« frrah, and a great rarletr of Pancr ankle* r.rfu...,
•O A, pricer a. low a. tl,, ran be ... .ah, ,,The ",y ' “*"J
*”*_ORCrnt? * APPERSOV, n„ *>1 Broad it
■ »»Pr*cm»«a.ii«n>aTia A»n pialai ;*
v wL,0.J'?AL,t A!"» *PT*a, ’
_>f”- 1A» Jf-tlu 1r,M. Ri.hmon.l, r«.
A «* s »: Pit CARSON A «• oTr
*I C< icaaoM To
IS I | > Plioit 1 I' | as ■> I, Mill • ■
ac COMMIMHON MERCHANTS, and Dealer* In fork, lard,
tW Order* reepeclfully aollrlted. jail--Eta
... '* •'*" • I ’I « *• kk »HI HOI si
l« Ihelr n-w Pa. torr on C*rT
■ Street, between Elh rod loth Street*, «re prepared to reerier
*" kind, of Agrleutiural M«rMae* and Implrnirnti ofthe
HIT IprTnTr1 P*Berne. wMrh will be made of the bed
"fWdilll'Ir 1,0'‘™*,n*.Vr Th'P **k *1,rollon t,
*”!** >od k***1* P»f»*I H reepowrr. and Tl.ee.here."
If' • P"mlnm at errry E* r at whleh they hare been
raMbHed Alen. •«„ '*'f»rtm • Ch>d Crtirhrr," Manny. Pete, t
Reaper and Mower, the heat In nwr; Pawkra' Patent Lime and
Ppf'*,1*r; I'SD’lT •pprore.l. Hay Prraaee . Hay Rekre Corn
WteRatt. from ^In m RB; Smith'. Patent So** Cutter. Gram Cra
’ *' 11 P*’'"' Iron beam Plow, of rarlou* elaee. Ar They
Rityoln the opinion of the Hon William C Rlre« of the*- Pk we
Rkhmond, frbnmry H CARDWELL A 00.
~J . ._ _ _ Gains Hiia, HHh Dee 1«M
oe*1o. ,m,„^r *TT!7 rVIr 1 H-nenee In ree-ntlng
'h* perfnrmenoe of roue Plow ,Rieh'e Iron
^dTomo^i .l. ^Imeto 'UT. '"'k »« '« Ihnrough
^pye than thal of any plow I erer aaw in operation hofoerV
USr^r,nf '* *>'■►»" -l~T ,„d .hoot
•‘B* l» hard, elooe land, and moat r*-elua,ly and perfectly
denned out, nane of the and aarth falling hark Into It. .
The (rial of the plow cm vlinPNfd hw m*nw of raw n« iw»,hr.r«
1 2 1 ’ ' ? B Ropkln., Thom*. Wataon. of Loulaa. do . all ,,r»e
leal men and moeterrenmt Judge* of agrlruhural im,dement*’ and
i.w .n ■ j? one.oplnton among them aa to the rupeeiorlty and ar>
mnnptlonahle porforman.-e of Tour I-low
w .hiog you equal amvraa elmwher* In making thla ralaahlr la
reement rarorahly known to our agricultural brethren,
I remain, your* truly,
■ Murray a Paid M-gne.*, . T.rr.r,. . h«o, ,
* \ w*"d» Ch»*roal. in "mail hoMle* Canth.rid.l Col
odlon . lalngtam and Adhrair. PI.rt-r , Hrrrlng’a and other Eng
Mi Modlolnal Eatraeu, and all the n.arm» „p.e,l fluid Etiraem
•M and prepared hy MEADE A RARER Ph.rmaeeutIM.
ff** _ISA H W. Cor. Main A inn, Sts.
ly^J ^MPPP" HERR I Sfiu, ,vi bht* llahSi Ne*
AM 1 nipped Herring*, reel ring for aale hy ^ ,
u Ho JA.Cary at.
===== medical.
HAA.TI.nOUA: MK'K honfital«
1 certain, A-jg^ggjUjgdy • » .be -or.., far
Affection* of th« K»4nrj*. KlpltAUon cf u,r iU4-t jr-iwu v*r*
IrrlUbUHy. Dim.-, .f th Hswl, Throat^ SX-T^aW S
thueeerriou. and mWuncholy disorders arising f,um „^a | ' .
I m ruUt,,> whic'* destroy both body end ml.,-I ft ~ „cr
l""111 *'r o...r. fel.l - I, .
I of the Syrens b> the inertnere of Ulysee., blighting ih,,r ■• k,i"
llant hopee or untlclpelloua, rwtiderfag n.«rri*gv, *c , Imtoedbir
, „ TOUNO MEN. 1
eepeclauy. who have become the elctlm. of BoUtarr Vic that dr-..,,
fal and dee tractive hel.lt which annually .weep, to an
f111 ’* of 7<>uu« men of the mo.l eiailrd telv < eng brii
'^ta! here entranced lmfaa.Ui/ .-Musts.
„ _ marriage.
Married Person*. or Toting Men contemplating Merr.ee. beli e
A"Are of Physical Weak lie.,. Organic Debi.lv Uihrniiei Ac*
ahojJd immediately con. alt Dr. Johnitoo, aod tj red.rwl to per fa. i
lie who piece. himself under the care of Dr. Jobneboe mar rah
a. a geotfamea. and r«,fld«tly rel,
Immediately cured aod full rigor teetered.
Thu dieses, le the penalty moM frequently paid hy theea who her.
'“P'tper Indulgence. Toung pervon. .rFloo 1
uuloT^ the. m«"**** "ruoi nut being aware of the dreadful room- i
quencea that may m-ae. Now, who that understand. the .uhtec*
winpreteud to deny that the power of Procreate n ij,, ^Jhr b.
1*_ln^> lmi'r<JP«f habiu that, by the prudent See ded
d'Vflred tha pleaeure of healthy oBeprlng, the moet farlou. an '
| deetructire .ymptom. to both body untTmind arim the ..,1^
ZV i .tli J: J»*P»P*‘». palpitatlan of the heirt, IndigeMion.a w^.
I tl n. 'muoiSfiC'J“fh' •T,nPu>'"* of con.umpiicu, etc
Dr JOHNSTON !• theoaly regular pt, rote lee —- M
| Pn»a>e Complaints IIs **f*
I fD.ow? {? AH others Prepared from a life .pent In the great tfoepi •
tale of Europe and the flr.i In thU country, vis itarfhd
• *“d ‘ ®ore etlen.lr^j^7stlce^han'
any other Physician in tl.e world. Hie many wonderful cure.Tod
'“m’^“!p%tA“< operation, are a .ufhcl.nl guaruutue Uo lht 1
alBleted Thoeg who wah to be speedily »od effectually rellereo
iSStt.Srfa&VfahS!" ,r,a;n* lmp,"t*r*, whu «■'»">» ^
, 0rr,C*^>io 7 S,J,;T‘I PREDEKICK STREET, left hand side go !
ingf^tm Baltimore -treet, eervn doors from the corner *
ml^Te^e^*1" *" «*“ ““-“d or yo. will
TAKK NOTICE—Oheerre the name on the door and Win I
a cure warranted, or so charge, in from one to
,f TWO DA T9.
MKSCC* ' "* «**•
Member of the Royal CoUege of Surgeons London, graduate from
L‘,U*«m o( t:*« L'blla.1 Slit,., sj.J tLe^rraU^
i! T ’P*111111 Hospitals of London, Pari.
Philadelphia and elee.ber., K. c(fc„d soi, of the mo« ssfanUh
»“ Ab°-b Many troubled With ringing In the
**r» and he*.! when gre%i ncrroa*r.*^R, b*m* *Urae<1*t *uJ
fmmXd!y‘n *<U' d.ran^.n, oTi^Vr. cu“ d
h.. .*“d ‘“prudent rotary cf pleasure Ends he
|h“tMlUitad 0,rthu* p^a,ul d-*•***' It too Often happen,
that an ill-timed him of .ham., or dread of dlKorery. deui. nin,
from »pplj.xi(r W lho*« who, from wliKaiion ami r«r*p^ULUit*. c»u
atonebefrVnd him, delaying till the eonstttotlonal .rmptom. u! thl.
.i°2»id nmnVrn'T *PP*%r»DC»- ,u^ »• —.Wiw. U,.oat.
.vTff , ? ’ noo.,urn*1 p*!n* >b the head and limbs, dlmnee. „t
h**1!)' ^'Afneae, nodes on the shin bones and arms blotches on the '
l27thL tllV^,!?1,h n^‘'*,Vt’rOC,;”,.‘:,r WUh rsp.dity, till at I
J5U.~' f”1* of **?e n»oulh or th* hone* uf the n«w« fall at, ami th*
2fo ^il?d‘*'AA' » horrid object of commisera
tion. U]1 death put, . period to his dreadful .off.r.ng., by J7L.,
‘‘Thru bourne from whence no trardWr returns ••
thJlc^lnJ.^'T!0”- Ur JOU-fSTON p^lgc. h.uiM.r to preserve
uVmi2u*f'i'p‘*,:rc",: Aud. from hU ufansiv. ,c.ctlc« in the
uLnd.rFr“i!,. £^op* Attd America, he can confldeuUy recom
, And Speedy cure to the unfortunate victim of this horrid
It la a melancholy fact that thousand, fall rbiim. ....... __ ,
u *n UKl,m"7 *T"*cr*1~
■£ii£E?!3CEr *ho l“"*r pn^.
,.T*rr “"“I of lhe **J »nd melancholy ilrdi produced by ear
H , r;:,',D r1~ of U,M of Muscular Power, Paiplution of
the Heart, Drspepsla. Nervous Irratibdlly, lVr»:.ftu,tl| lh_ so.
(veUve Functions, General DebOly^gyinptoms of C. j.mmpuon, Ac.
The fearful effects on the mind are much to be dreaded Loss of Me
mory Confusion of Ideas. Depression of Spirits, Evil’ Forebod ng,
Aversion to ttoriely. Self Distrust, Love of Solitude, Ttmid.ly Ac "are
some of the evils produced. .uoiui.y, «c., a re
Thousands of persons of all ages can host judge what is the euw
2ndh,lr br*m‘- •‘"•“Mr their v.gor, t^omu.g weak, pair
“2 .t“ oV*t<'1' !‘*T' * ,in*uUr splwssatice about the eyes, cjljj
and symptoms of consumption 1 ^
. . married persons.
Or those contemplating ru.rrl.ge, being .ware of physical Weakness
should immediately coosuU Dr. Johnston, and be rjkored to p«fl:
Br thu gr*»at and Important rented#. weaknaM of th* ...
C1irr1.' »"d fuU Vigor restored. Thousands of the rniit
debilitated. who had lo»t all hope. hare been .mmediaule
«^|Tn1 v A ‘m^,,‘nier»u l® Marriage, Ph re leal or Mental 4*qu^
?f^°,mN'.rT^°u« 'n-liatlons.TrvmWir.g. »nd Weakness. „r eahaSstloo
of the most fearful kind, speedily cured by Dr. Johnston
who have Injured themo-lve. by . certain practice Induced in when
", - 1 fruiu evil companions or at achooL
e!!ej; .' WhKt' »" Nightly felt, even whelTlX^a“TTol
sj'^s^pMEd'iSsr*1*’ *n4 de*r('7* •»* “-d »»<•
*b“ * P*‘T lb»‘ » Joung m.n, the hope of his country, and the
WiVmrrii^ rhr^v*”o should be snatched from all prosjwcts and en*
i.1 e,5?the consequence* , r deviating rnimthe pstn of
contempjaUng**Ul^"* * ‘ C'n*1" *»*■ *«b ^
..... . MARRIAGE,
should reflect that a sound mmd anu body arc the most necessarv
rrquisl.es to promote connubial happiness. Indeed without li es?
« ^om.ruigh^^‘0hm7or.r?W,‘00 th“ ,b' hA"*““
**££S££Z£2Sg P"T“‘ 7"°-bul APP^F iomwliately,
SKIN lilSEA^til speedily oured.
seam .n!infr,, „U“"d’ nr*u *»''• "■•mutlonlwithtn the !„t u
years, and the numerous and important Surgical operations r~r
formed by Dr. J . wlu.vswd by the importer, of thepaSTiSd nSe'
other person., notn-e. of which have appeared again and
fore the public, besides his standing » rtrtm, .n !i Jfli ?*'
and rcsponalhlllty. Is a suB ujuu guarantee to the afflicted * *’
It Is witli the greatest reluctance that Dr JOHNSTON nern.K. at.
?W*Ar h',"r* ,b« It unprof,^„“i“r .
physician to advertise, but unless he did so, the afflicted espeelalls
•^"gvr., could not fail to fall Into the hand, of thT m2ny KSw7,
and unlearned Imposters, with Innumerable false names or eomb ned
quackshops. swarming the« large cltt«, copying Dr Johan's ^1
loT,b,m*^T«* »■ l'f jsicuns. Illllorate, .1»].
low brained follows, too lacy to work »T their orlrtnal tr» i# .«•»
r„Vd* ld~* h'Toml ,h. brute, who. for th. ri^oje of in, *,“'e
and deeelvlng, carry on Sve or ela offlcee. under aTmany differing
urhi*b”-,r U‘V ‘h* *ffl,«*d “f-r-r escaping^ne!^* suri te
tumble headlor.g Into the other. Ignorant Ouacks with ,, ,
n^t'ui C"f c'r, *r*,a| and astounding cures from per*, ns
not to be found, who keep you taking large holtlea of Licorisre WA»,r
and other package* of filthy and worthlees emspoun.!? carnlntlt
prepared to impoee upon the unfortunate and unaucpactlrig Trififn*
rndi/d^:riith’0rM,0nf.M lht -tnail-t fee obtan.f
sf iliSas^‘,r“ yo° *uh ruin€d h**uh'te *’*k««T.u, nu
cur^.'oo1* lh“ lnd'*<'«4 Dr. J to sdvsnise, fo, he .Ions ran
cure you. To U.om unacquainted with hit reputation he iWmi it
oc^ary b. say tha, hi. crwjentlal, o, dlplom^^. b'.n^f hD
»« "cwl~d.un.em Pb.-pa.d, and containing a sump to be
‘f1'J'P'T Ts'son* writing should sute age. and send that
portion of advertleement describing symptoms. ap*l—dly
CO-p\Rr\KHsmP~ notices.
by mutual consent A r Hearn and Wu a »a»r*i«,p b.vine
ptirchaard the entire Interest or W H Woop. Em , all claims due
from an I to the late concern, will be settled by ilARVl Y A SKMLS
TbAl' A r. HAKYRT.
_ . .. _ W R WOOD.
Richmond, July 1st, 1*56 WM A. AHMISTEAD
COMMIMIn^fit'-atVTL* c?n,lnu» «i* ••ROCIRY AND
lUMMIfSIOS Ml SINP-S, under Ihe arm of UARVKY A ARMI4.
TIUl', >t Ih* okl .land. So II P,„1 „„„ ” ** * AR*,,i“
tf^ r'"n,‘T and *111 keep no hand a food .lock
Thankful for Ihe liberal patrona*. heretofore be*tc.»*d, they hoar
hy prompt attention, to merit a full .hare for the 'oturr. ’
Richmond. July let, ISM —JyJ W M A AR!HISTRAi>
_ YOTiri:.
T'PITS Jv*RwaTTa"a' orVffl r' 'V**1"* “n,,,r ,t' *ra ®»
. Is . ATi PI TSPT «m dinolrptl, bv uuIukI con.
"** AI1 f^*on» h*r'n* claim* ***U.*i tUra
•111 p. eeenl them for payment. W. reepectfuiir >*k a'l mdete-d to
call and aetile. a. III. »ery dr.lr.hl. to clo*. the old bti*ine** *.
•oeedily a* i-ja*tble Tha name of the concern will be u—d In *rt
tflny up th, bualnee. SAMIKL Plrsiy
C1,*T,’4.,?T4,, MS,,,P- Th* eubacriher*. harm* p,.r
/rhaeed the entire interrtt of Mamc.i Prtatr. hare thi.dar
tormel a cnpertnerVilp under the Irm o» PCTNIV A WATTS at i
».l cont.nue the bo.lnrm ,h, „|d *,.„d. and *,7l ketpViar*
M*ortmrnt of Moot#. Shoe*. Trank*. Ac . .n/,h,r be '
p'eaerd to fee the friend- and ctmotne't of the Id Arm at all tim-.
All we a«k I. A call from the public ATIPHr.N PITSIT
\ * 4 ” *V. 1,A1A5.T'n n'\fn’'r' Intcreet to my partner* and
. ,AK r* ’' * ***p*ctf»lly »<* a cootlr uaiorn ot the pa’n.n**e
that ha* been an I be rally heat, srd en n»te the la*< thirty *’.
*3?SS *n'1 1 *,lAl1 |M If All ludebted •HI
cftii *nd «?td? thvtr M^pun*i.
July 1 at. MM SAMI yi PI TVII
%W.r. Ill SIT A IM \ l | I. »*. Ill vr hate , -
nected thrmeelvce under the Arm of HI NT A RRil e.,f
•**"»*»* Commiarn.m Muelnrea. and hare Ukrn an olAce on
uJlrj.'w'ZrkC*? *’"* trear of Mem
The7 r>Hcii conetynmenl* ofTohacro. Wheal, flour. Corn and all
alynmenta. and tjnick return* jaA—t*
. M> I II I .
.■Sllr antlerdyaed here formed a C. Partn.r.hip un.ler lha Arm
Jg* "f WjyY * ORfRSHOW, foe l>„Vr£,,("„T
iwrllnf » Orocrry and Commlftn n bwkntm
Th?jr h«rp Ut?n lh? hoiiRr on lAlh.hrtwppn Main ftml Car*
r*ret"ly occupied h, J M (larland. f.-r, . ,„d .in keep con«.n!i7m
iHd“1.'!lfltTtL2**r,t,m'r',."f r’m"r ,,rwrle*. Wines. l.kju A"“
.Me^rT”"" «> «-•»!* of all p?,d»ee.»:
thele care. R W MOtToS,
? * o ORKrNiinw
I."W k HUM. Itlllahl,
• *' ” "«* brand*. In wore and tee aale hy m jos RJ
30 "‘t^*** n > mwi •
w? MoUmri, In rtoft. y JON
IOO B!!i,Vr?r «•» ».***» noi. laal a.
YM* in food order and duality. for *«le hy M. Jityis
1,1,1 ^ OHIO nn OTIII.R Himns
f (Ml '»“* <• • Hull i HAKh,<|.| i.
h~ *^Y * hy Pi Up M Jnnet of Oranye county, la *tore and r .i
| (Ml mmi s, sin. i ( I.irpi n hh.ipiv
M wFIt HRRRISOA. layly fipeclct, lor aale by
,f'W M JoNM
It I C n MON I) w II ig.
. *>«*at aaiTai.v.
The Liverpool paper, state th.t the difficulties which
have foe some time surrounded therelation. between (ire.t
BriUm and the l nurd -State*. are in a lair wav of adiu*t
“"*> and it I. understood that great ...j.iance haa bee.,
et.dered by WiU.am Brown. M. I* , in the di.cu..,.„.a be
I rD?!lr* ol4 Lw<j *hich it ia cot,6- !
rom n/.w er''1 Prevent a rupture between the two i
In Pa.liaiiiet t. wrrral item* of minor intere.t have
ban.(<ared. A committee of the Holme of lawda have re- ,
commended that all riecutlons henceforth should take '
pla, e within the jail precii cte. a* in the United State,
but no Interference |. contemplated with the u-age ofrapi
UTCU,"| •V,’r,h America or Au.tralia
I be Decimal Coin Committee will not report during i
the prevent vea-iot, of Parliament. ^ *
.f^Trr“r-’ »Utev that the l.oren.inent haa !
m d^Tlt T' H* ^ UooJ Uut" 10 “*• >« oi Mar.
and that the Home Government had cent out troops to I
prevent an apprehended Caffie rebellion '**
n, lr:,Kr*n'«'1 *rr exclusive privilege
to Messrs. Lord, Uuidvon A If. n.haw. ol Liverpool, to veil
guano on three Islands off tbe South Coeat ol Arabia, re
Cfpfitly ct'ifd by Imautu \i'i»cat.
...I*,' U 1,10l '' lUl*m DoTt'- fur Potwming bv means of
atrychiune, wa. going on at York, and excited attention
second only to the Palmer Trial
k„ u,.I
Proteevor Fraxer ia elected to the Chair of Logic in Ed
tabarg Liutc ratty. •
A formidable inaurrectiou had broken out in Spain
The tmbroyl.o began by the opposition compelling Espar
Uto and the MlnuUr, to resign, and the appointment of .
new Ministry, composed of O’Donnell, as Minister oftV*, '
Deal, Foreign Affair*; Cantero, Finance Ros... Interior-' I
L. Irdaga. Justice; Ullado. Public Wink*. Espa.te.o
-as .opposed to have left Madrid, at least it wa* not '
known where he vtt Immediately on the new appoin
mente an inaurrection broke out in Madrid, and the Sv
uon.l Guards a*a:*tcd the dtix. n. in erecting barricade* 1
an,, being attacked by the troop*, fighting ensued in tie
.tn eU for twemr-four hour*, with much loss on both side*
Un Tuesday, the 13th, at 4 o’clock P. M , . suspension of
hostilities was agreed to until 3 o’clock, to allow the in
surgent, to make their submission. At the expiration <,f
thi* time fighting seem* to have been returned for most
of toe accounts w, have are Gov.rument dispatche*
dated at Madnd, 4 P M . on the 16th, stating that the in
surrection was suppressed, excepting a few bandita—one
under the command of Pacheta. the celebrated bull-fight
ter. The Queen presented herself to the combatants and
a Government dispatch says she w as respectfully received,
'r “T!U mt„th« th« ‘t**urgent* proclaimed a
Republic. Gen. Infante, President of the Cortes command,
the insurrection^ Gen. O’Donnell ha. appointed a new
municipality to Madrid, and haa declared all Spain in a
■‘'V*.0' “c •”*"* *‘*h v'Kur, but ParU dis
patches «ay that the French Government do not believe
in Ins remaining master ol the situation. O’Donnell bv
decree, dissolves the National Guard, and call, on them to
deliver up their arm.. Gen. Infante assembled the minor
»ty ol the Cortex, but O’Douncll caused them to be dia
perved. Another sccoimt say* tlutt the Queen appeared
Oil the (I ill III I.IMM m:A k..a_L. .L . rr I
' — - --ft • kuiuui'uua 10
cease, and it was owing to her intercession the armistice
ot one hour war agreed to Geu. U'Donnrll'a dupatcli
sara he hopes to suppress the insurrection, from which it
!* 'u|'a,'*eU th*‘ tl‘<- cerolt it yet unquelled. The revolt
ha. broken out at Sarago^a. and all Arragsn was more
or les, m insurrection. Fears were entertained of an out
break at Barcelona.
_ . ..... Vmm, Friday—6 P. M.
There ta no Uter intelligence from Madrid. La Patrir
aaya that the report of a movement at Saragossa is con
firmed. I. ..averted that Gen. Falcon, who commanded
the place, and who was formerly Aid-de-Camp of Eeparte
ro, made h» prDH«anaM<n/o with the concurrence of a
part of the inhabitants, but according to private intelli
gence he was not followed by the troops, who on the oc
cusion retired to the heights and castle which command
Saragossa. A Uter telegraphic message from the Cap
tain-General of Catalonia, dated the 17 th, sutes that all
• a.- irmmjuil in that principality.
The Paris Correspondent of the Daily AWs, of Thure
day evening says: -I learn from a reliable source that
the french Government has already given order* fo'r the
formation of an Army of Observation on the Spanish frou
Mai.au.. July 16,-At 8 o’clock this morning, the in
-urreciion was overcome on all points. General Concha
obtained possession of the Toledo Gate. A. some of the
insurgent. Mill held the Plaza Seraldo, measures -ere ta
ken to attack them. The various bodies of the lower or
dors were commanded by Pacheta. At 10 o’clock the
la«t remains of the insurgents dispersed throughout the
city were annihilated. Pacheta was killed Twelve
piece* of artillery were in poaaewion of the insurgents at
the I Uza Setaluo. The Queen visited the wounded._
flappilv, the victims were not numerous. The Govern
ment has been admirably supported. The disarming of
the National Guard ia actively carried on, and the thor
oughfare i* re-established. All ia tranquil in the Previn
ew, except at SaragoMa.
Madrid, Thursday, July 17.
To-day, order it completely re-established at Madrid —
The Queen, accompamed by the King and by Marshal
' I on Del, has juft reviewed the garrison troop*, and the
people received their Majesties and the Marshal with e„.
thusiaam. To-nmrrow will take place the solemn burial
of soldier* who have died gloriously in defending the
throne and order. The 12 piece, of cannon po.u,d on I
the riaza Seraldo, were captured by the rural troops .Iter
several hours fighting. ‘
The London /r«,7v A’sws publishes the following dia- j
patch from its Pans correspondent, dated
’’ Maratn, Thursday.—The insurrection here baa been 1
suppressed, after a combat which lasted thirty hours, and i
was fiercely obstinate. The dead are very numerous The '
National Guards have been disarmed.
Forty Deputies, now present at Madrid, having associa- 1
ted themselves to convene the Cortes in a legal manner
were dispersed by the troops. The whereabouts of Esnar
tero is still unknown, but he is still probably at Saragow* i
ur at Loarono. It U RMcrt«Mi that the insurrection ha* !
tu-en victorious at Svragossa. and that the garrison tbers
goes along with the people.”
By newt from Barcelona, it would appear that Catalonia
is also in a state of insurrection.
. Th* P»‘* correspondent of the London 77mtt, under i
d • te Thursday evening, says that a private telegraphic dis- 1
patch announces that not onlv Saragossa, but all Aragon 1
is in insurrection. All Aragon, it is supposed, means the !
large towns that have followed in the wake of Saragossa
with their respective garrisons.
The Zoilrerein have effected their object to establish a
Custom-House at Bremen, and will |ery duties and eeub
hsh bonded warehouses there. Most of the goods smug
gled into the Zoilrerein came through Bremen
home disturbance* have occurred in Copenhagen, f.otn '
t ie preachings of Mormon*. The military at retted the
It Alt.
Naples letter* ear that the aign* of revolt are more fre
juent and crtn the army it discontented Austria hu
wnl another note of remonstrance, and a letter in Borttr.
Hall say* if not attended to a special a ml at** dor will t>*
»ent to demand a categorical guarantee Austria i* sup
posed to be acting by the instigation of France
The llospodar* of Moldavia and Wallacia are definitely
■enioveif and replaced by Lieut. Prince Ghiks. a* Lieuten
mt of Wsllachia. and the Bavard Theodore Balsh Lieut
>1 Moldavia.
Marshal Pelliasier had landed at Constantinople
the crimes
The Crimea ess entirely evacuated, escept that the ai
led ship* were carrying away hewn atone andiron from
(ienerel Luders had issued order* to re.pect the graves
>f the Alii. '.
The ^•’"ing diplomatic appointments are rumored as
lertam M Kicheleffto Pails; Chreplawitch to London, and
Bestenieff to Constantinople
The Emperor Nieholaa is reported to have left a memoir !
.f his reign, to be published five vrar* hence
The Russian Government has sent the disbanded soldier* I
>f the Greek legion back to Greece, but the Greek Go- I
rernmenl refuse* to receive them, and call* upon tbe Brit
*!i lor Assistance to refuse them.
The crop in Southern Russia looked well.
Engllah steamer* keep up communication between
onstantinople and Odessa
The Grand Duke Michael i* betrothed to the youngest
lifter of the Regent of Huden.
The Coronation of the Ciar ia officially flsed for the
flat of August.
ffong Kong papers of May 22 report the Chinese inaur
rection over sround Canton, but broken out again at Ho
nan. and the insurgent* held most of the cities. On the
• hole affsir* w.-re not improved
Freight* at Hong Kong, to the United States_(16 for
vs. and #:b> for silks. At Canton. Mav s, fit were ask
■'[ but no f'ivghf* were (dieting. Fort aliform*. •! I was
hlra. f
Melhourne dates are to April e.t —The political newt
»a* unimportant. Trane more active f fold hsd declin
'd to 7rt«.6d. The mail# had been landed in Melfwvarne
»y tnc «hip H<yynl Charter, In 59 ,Uy« from Liverpool.
Tut fnaesv Dtvoart Casa.—We learn fiom the S>w 1
i ork paper* that lha recently appointed referee in the in
ermlnable Forest divorce caae ha* reported in favor of the
raymeut of Mrs. Forest's -.sir, and orders Mr. Forest to
[ive security for the alimony. The defendant is not yet
atisfled with the judgment*, and will carry the matter sp
O the Court of Appeals.
There were seven deaths in Boston from t in-stroke leal |
Saturday and Sunday 1
W*»Mi*«n>,, July to. The Senate n„lwWI lb, ^
U» raguLue the compenaalioo of member*.
Mr. Yulce reported back th* hill to. ... __ _ ..
tract with Vanderb.lt °r “ °C-" "*•'
A bill lor the improvement oI Newark |„rtlor j,
In tltc II.else, the Ull for the eettlement of rev.lul.ooae.
PCI1....I1 lUiuM eas dwemw-d and finally t_T t
The Kansas cor.tea.ad election case ... made
order for to-morrow. Mr Wed, barn., of M.,n*
tfdSkpV* "°U,d m°Te ,he pr*”°"*
The fortification bill wa, then taken up and dierumed
•fter which the House took a recess.
P»«v,,cww, Mt*., July to.—A letter .ram Graen
IoUnd Straits. Bell Isle, .talcs that a terrific gale occurred
there on W, of Ju.y Twenty-nln. vernE JETTi
V,n tehore and lost. .nd thrae hundred and fin, men were
lmng there in tenu.
steamer bcrnt-lomoTufe
NY«,T«Hitt. Vi. July 30.-The -tcamer John Oar wa.
burnt yesterday near G.rfi.kl, Uke (i*org. deveral ol
the paa«;i,g«M aud crew periahed—among the former
lour ladies, whoee bodice have been recovered
CoLCueia. S. C, July 30-Hon Preston 3. Brook. let,
7rr,tadTe |B Con5rc*’ from the 4th diatrict, and Hun
, Kent, from the Sd district, have beet, uuanimouali re
elected. The vote was verv large
Siaaoiaa, N. Y., July 30.—The -Soft’- Democratic
state Convention assembled her* today, and ... tampo -
ranly organized by tha choice of Governor Kemble
the arabias mails
Bonoz, July 30.—The Arabia arrived here at I o'clock
thi* morning. Her mail, go South thi. afternoon.
baLiiMoai, July 30.—Flour firm-new Ohio and City
MilU 17.25. Wheat very firm—white |l.6o . ji 70
red *1.30 a fil.fiO. Corn rather dull—white and vellow
6'i * 64 c«*Ltn.
Nzw \on, July jo.—Flour buoyant—Stale *0.34
Ohio unchanged; standard Southern fid. Wheat firm -
fil.83. Com unchanged. Stock, firm.
A> ® ■‘At . AKI, HOUIE.
k ;^’jT *
j M Lur'rPd.l^.'M?'|
A1J £*22? 5fS:
AU**odrU; Maj K Johnson, USA J P LnhiW 7 Mr* »jia ^III
lUbb. II H Robb. Mm FJH4 Mm! *5* Robb- *“•
^7alBAD„l.. J B Dunn. Pnerrtmrr^SIkt WfalTj H H.V
rlson, E 1. Douthal. lady. child And -,m. ChnCu. J . '* *“*'r
Nrlacn. Henrlca. Mias Robinson M .«m r RaKu£’ «• !». „ S* M *
y^bin. child *od Scrrt, J W Burkin 8 C F C Brod - rlUI'I^’S?
i,° B W F ,d' ,K,B**"" 2-iA* N.«tr w^A . ^c VI,:
hy. B W F.lsellh, Nottoway, W V Clark, Fluvanna J a „ ‘
Richmond. M'J Anderson!B L TallXr" L?»o^« O^tm^
Edmond*. Halils*; R q Thwcst. ChcstWs«ld W VWsM^T^if J *
okc; W « Overton, Han.,r.r, W A^^ad, ILhmcuT ’ "
A*5mCdS “PPl^ W1U> * m “d "■•‘■p Assortment of
new manufactured In thla country, which are offered lor aalr on rea
onablc terms at the factory casu paicsa, and the most absolute and
enure satisfaction guaranteed to purchasers. The word, of a corres
pondenu •• trr A,re often wrid. on,/ u, tat' ptous.r. r^a,.ng
«Ar fcuU. tAol WORCESTER'S itdnmsd. „r. wwuf. wJTZaZT
ond rvnol to ony .n tAe ■»,«;' have been and are dally t.iJ
corroborate by the highest testimonial, from nearly ONE THOC
RAND purchasers In the past TWENTY YEARS.
f'i*nUo°'* *rt»d to the following notices of the pres. •
[fritw tAe A. I. 1 omtserrlul .li/r,rti„r tnetr wt lets i
Vtanos made by >lr. II. Worcester, of this city can scarce!* te
surpassed la all tbequalitie. that render a. m.trL,"
[foe,, Me .V. >-. Courier „n,/ R-Ju/rrr 1 U
Woacasraa s Puyv.—The con.tai.Uy increasing reputation of tha
*7 Worcester, auth.r n^r^mindlni
our reader* that Worcester** Instrument* *re ». bw&ut ftii _n« . *
mental as they are admitted to be uusurpa2£iTo t£lr m^!!- ?,\
Qualities of musical excellence u“’urp*"cj ‘helrmore Mattel
[Room tAe JT. K. I'ommtrcuU AJmUmtr I
“Those dulcet Strain." 0f which "eery truly your." ,L.k,
uot from a human throat, but from one of this,7 woadeTtel Ste/J^f
mechanism known as "Worcester’s Pianos " Acer k.,.„ ‘
once sa,d. they give forth, next to the melody of the^vo!c?m*lwi
whisperings, the ..retest and most perfectly harmonlow Ind mlL
ik>u» lone* that we are accuMomed to lt»ten to AUd
- __ _A MORRIS. Sole Agent. AT Main at.
7 »re now prepared to manufacture ...
” ▼ and repair every description of Ayr-- _a_
cultural ItnpleraenU now used We have gone ' >SL«5v (
to no small expense In putting up the different •
machinery required In carrying on our business. W. err pc .-.red to
repair In superior style the various Reapers now used (to. JJITJJ?
portant feature In ,.ur business Is.that we fell no Implements
;.-n" manufacture." and they-warranted." W, cad uT. t^n o,
the Earmer. to our » heat Thresher, Cleaner and Uorae^oie, »htoh
ta la every respect equal. If n„t supericr. to any ctheTnoS i^d ^
* ?otK’_l JJ“5 thrT "**• do0'- w« Annex the certificates of a few
Tho l**T* *,’"n “ur toA.hlne a fair trial. WValso tale
chme0* 7 °* r*,”Tln* 10 oU,er Hntlemen who hare used the ma
We purchased of Messrs Susoi A Mott Isse _
JJf* *" ,n Krw Carrier and t Horse power, and to ou^blm
Ida Judgment, we consider their Machine a perfect one wTLdfe?!
Omt th. machine used by u. win threeh fasSrl cfeSSIr a^l^I.
*ri,D »' •»>«'. <BAn any other that ..
Hanrico, IW> Not.. 1SB6 ^ PLJIIiNTS.
Messrs Nmaox A Mort:
uSr^™" b“r,n* ,UU *W '• to »»ud, And I
I hAT. used your Machine for two seasons, and most cheerfuii. —
commend It „ ,ho beet I b.v. d“rS ™ Z
motion gleen to u>. drum Rich a. to get aU the wheat from
»ar^rC7'*n«£ 1 "'CHARD ALLEN. '
Meters Ins. A Mott »'«■»«*■ Co.. Oc. *»b, IMS
Ssa sir cw“‘7- ■*- -
T hereby certtfv that I have used out of M^r.° nL^ a
heat Threshing Machines the present year,and have no be. let! n
Ln“,'n' 11 >■ “P to », . spec tattoo, “dlsttib^w
-— j t*tia **n unowt, 1 #TO
H^iTTci t1P,M ,«'‘1 th*° “* 1 •»« ww uud '
Hsa.Ico.Ho* 1«U>,13SS RBRRT COB
Onimn-i. t, with pw.wr, rhar^riU^i^LL^
•w. «. Pit™.:, a«-J
WT*rr nmi.
^®TERKNC 18 “Ofo Uoltfbii'kfr An*iia u _ . . _
o,TiflTw v
£lTi « ■ klW- APP"“>". Chart*. City; J J In. IrJLl??,.
w: ^JatejMr--'3«sssi
98 ^.if^ttS'.JswK'Ksarjs
B*~*sirrTa .-*rr.r..’cr?a;’
w JcT"m*' u ^ •> »•«*■ ITiK,.
, ' « ^ *1;w HROflMOMO * TVPMaR,
— --- I la Mata amt
I . V ,,M 1 1 ,r' H inii-Min . ,
1 ^Z*ESP01 Tun"’ *• «•
And from thr rosoiry, (hr Sram To®. M.hly rMnaawadad f.r
*w **’■ fc**‘ ftlllBl »PPRRmis ' '
Jzr .. _ "a. ant Broad nraat
'I'l Hill- M t It ----
■ S* Ira inf*# T.llow But* tut
Data*. Hybrid
Yrtln® A bar Iran
Whlta Borfolb
tarfr Hat (Moba
l-’Of R.norar
Whlta flat Ihtirh Strap I.,,,*!
W Top do 4„
lr*» *'r'n W"»'« « talM Bar aal* by
V.”"">>•«■ n rs?
jrit * H SRISRMBO*.
» «hs *rm of Y.a Law^.t JaVo. *'**"
yar IIW a TAYlOR
** • ta.
,fl‘ DAY (SPORT a LABS a Co

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