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• TKHMlt
l> illy Paper, |H |err annum. Rcml Weekly, fi6: Weekly, fid, always
la advance Ke*»lt4**o** may he irvW at the tlsk of lie P- UUI.. r.
In all < **-• where cvklvnr* t* taken on the deposit of a letter In the
Pest OHUe .obtaining money.
Ot»e Rquare, (111 line*) or Iree, one Insertion. 75
an* h additional Insertion .... **ft
One month without alter tMoo..|6 25
Three do do 10 M
R«e do do ..,.«.?o nO
Tvdvt do do
Pw.. Rquar* s. Three month*. ..15 no
Mx tn«w.(h> .<*l
Tw lee asnilif...!ji» tai
Z * s Wvr'le nwnt to be ronskiervd be the or year un
I ot the Manuscript, or previously agree* 1 upon hetw«*o
ih** Jiifha.
a * •**ncnt not marked on the copy for a specified namlef
f • »us w III t« continued until ordered out, and |»aymeiit exact -
i ■» Itngty.
Rs i>u»« AneKanaaamrr*. —To a Tali any mlsundoretundlng
oil u.v pact of the Annual Advertisers, It Is proper to state
thn» tlirlr prlvilrges only extends to their Immediate business Real
C-t »te, I.. 4 il and all otlivr Advertisements sent by them to be an a*I
dlth» »a1 • karg.. and no variation.
, W Hr«! Kstate andtleneral Agents' Advertisements not to *»e In
•cried by t'»e year, hut to lie . Inrpil at tlie usual rate*, sutyect In
su. h discount* as shall le agreed upon.
‘ dT“ Auctioneers, Bookseller* and yvarly advertisers, generally,
eng tying one or more square*, with the privilege »f change. shall 0*1,
on Usrir yearly average. In any <m« week. Insert more lhau the amount
agreed upon as Hie standing rule under the contract, and all exceed
lag such amount to be charged at the usual rale*.
Advertisement* Inserted In the Semi-Weekly Whig at 75 cent* |«er
equate of In Hue* or lc*s f.»r the first Insertion, and fit) rents p«r
•quart- for * .d* continuance.
"M frrsh Ground ll^Ur, and our care in the •election* from the
be «t Wludsor Lump Piaster enable* us to recommend It as the best
that can lie had All orders left at our office an Care street, pn.tupt
ly executed TALI AFKKItO A BltO.
N B.—Farmers cau be supplied In their own bag*, at a reduction
In prh e L bt rsl d.«<-..unt« t<> merchants, for cash JeJ7
israwws ro biaj. ns era.)
AIM’ r i o \ i: i: it.
Wall sfrsef, und*r St. Chart** Hot*!,
Ricurnmn. Va.
WILL devote his whole attentlorf to the Sale and Hiring of Ne
groes, Real Estate, Ac . publicly and privately.
Bnles satisfactory or no charge made.
0F* lie has a convenient place for keeping slaves.
The subscriber respectfully informs his friends that he has discon
tinued the auction business, and having rented his office to Mr J. B.
Harrrov*, talu s pleasure tu recommending his former customers to
give him a call. BENJ. DAVI8.
July 81_
laktiilnuaiu:. china a>i» llahh.
SPKIVii, 1866!
FiVlK subscriber offer* for sale a very heavy stock of Rarthm
ft lAir#, t'hina and GLim, Looking Gla****% i \t*t*>r*%
and Raney Goods, of recent importation, and from Auction Trad*
To caah buyers and prompt six months payers. Inducements will
be hdd out fully equal to any that may be offered North or else
where. WII F. HITLER.
■M_Importer of Ctdna, Ac., 79 Main streat.
WK are now receiving our spring, RUPPLY OF GOODS, con
sisting In part of the following arttclet.
5*1 bbls. Crushed and Pulverised Huger
Ad do 0. Yellow do
•4 MhI*. New Orleans do
116 Hags Rio, Laguyraand Java Coffee
lw» Ibises Brown sud Black 8*>ap
lot) Boxes Adamaritlne Candles
19 lihds. Bacon Hldrs, Shoulders and Hams
An Kegs superior Carb and Hal Hods
M bbls. New Orleans Molasses
100 bbls. Mountain Dew Whisky
HA do, Old Rye, Various Brands
10 do Kerr's Hummerdean do,
A*) bhl •. and 50 }% Casks Imitation Brandy
•00 Macks Halt, Ashtou and Maraliall
MO Kegs Pomgranate Tobacco
Ati Boxes Ground Ooffve
At) Pa-'kage* Green and Black Teas
AlJtO--Vtnrff*r, Pepper, Allspice, Wrapping Paper, Yeast Pow
ders, Brooms, Ducketts, Holland Gin, Peach and Apple Brandy,
Mrs Miller Fine Cut Smoking Tobacco, Halt Petrr, and many other
articles too tedious tu mention Iti an advertisement
*»nM RANM. Oft l.lFE.M
ogle* at- STATIOXKWS IIAI.tr X> 21 Purl ttrttt,
B. W KNOWLES, Agcr.i
Dr. A. SNEAD, Mvdlc.l AdvW-v.
O.plt.1 Jvnuvry 1.1, 1956. .. .|2,s7l,H«« 0
V»l'l .l.vitlcodv during yv»r 1655.. .. 141,x«.>54
Nett b,Unrv Tarm.ry ltl, 1955. .. ... f*i,23t*,iN>5 47
T. i»l .mcuid i.f dividend. paid lo d»ti- » 715,422 Cf.
*i l.l Amount of cl«1ro. by demth lo d.te. 1,A96,91M 94
-9,052,499 50
*4,2*2.469 97
A’l P' Ot, gn to the Invuwd. Dividend. arc miul- nnnuAlly, aimI
C" • h In.urvd la living. B. W. K., Agrnt.
•' *•» tor. il from ona to four yrart In tbv Albrinarl. In
I _ IH9_
" 1*41.1 49SI It AM I: COMP ANY,
CriAHTLiiM* CAPITAL #400,000—CASH FTNH *125,000.
BAIK*. INHCKANCE, In 4«>wn or country, and Marlnr Inauranea,
S may br effrrtrd on ib« tnr.,1 favorablr tvrma vrlthUilacocopauy,
14r All Loaara promptly ar ranged. _
pTOaft A OO, No. 88 Pearl street.
Agents for Richmond, Va.
WE are n«w prepared to manufacture
and repair every dtecrlpiion of Agrl* . , •- - ■
cultural Implements now used. We hav* gone *VN
to oo small expense in putting up the different ftftHHKflBb
machinery requirt d In carrying on our business. W e are prepared to
repair in superior style the various Reapers now used. One very im
portant feature lo our business is, that we sell no Implements l-ut our
uwd" manufacture," and they '* warranted." We cell the attention of
the farmers to our Wheat Thresher. Cleaner and llr.rsr-Power, whh b
Is lo every respect equal, if not superior, to any other now used As
a proof of what they have done, we annex the certificates of a f«w
gentlemen who haw glveo our machine a fair trial W* also taae
the liberty of referring to other gentlemen who liars used the me
chine *
We purchased of Masers Nilaon A Mutt, laet season, one o
hie Judgment, ue conaldrr their Machine a perfect one. We heltrre
that the machine u«ed by ua will threah (haler, cleaner, an.l break
leaa grain uf wheat, than any other that we hare ever aeen or uaeJ
Henrico, 14th Not., ISM JOS. J. PI.148 A NTS
Meeeri Nemo* R Mott:
Orntlemen— Youra bearing dale September noth la to hand, and I
kaaten to reply •
I hare uaad your Machine for two eeaaona, and moat cheerfully re'
commend It aa the beat I • hare rear uaed -the draft eaty, and the
motion glren to the drum inch aa to get all the wheat from the etraw
Respectfully, Tour obd't acreaot, RICHARD AI.LRN.
Parmelllr, Srpt. RS, IMS.
Bmiyatew Co , Oct. 4th, 1MS.
Mceere Ntumu A Mott ;
(Je» tlemeti—Your furor of Roth September, IMS, wue reeeleed a
»* Snye ago, going to the wrong poet oSIce My poet office le New
Store, Buckingham county, and I do w'th plea-ure tend you tbc an
Dated certlScate. Youra, yrry reepeelfully,
I hereby certify that I hare uaed one of Meaara Sawn* A Mott'i
wheat Threehlng Machlnea tha preeenl year, and hare no healtatlon
In aaylng that It came up to my eapectatlon, and la the heat I aril
worked. Olrea under my hand thla 4lh October, ISM.
I purchaeed one of the abort Machlnea of More, l.awta A Wtuane
,b»«b«l • brae rmpa with It, making the amount Ihreehrtl
lSJIOn hbla., I de without hraltallon pronounce It one of the t eat ma
chlnaa I have arer uaed, belleTlng that It will threah cleaner, farter
and break leaa grain of wheat than any I hare ever uaed
Henrico, Noe. I4ih, IMS. HBNRT COX.
__ Craoarru.a, Sept tat, IMS.
Orntlemen It la with pleaeurr that we record owr evidence In fa
Tor af your Threehlng Machine. It require* leaa power (or Ihe wort
It doee than aay we hare rear aeen, and la remarkable for Ha etmpll
city and durability. We regard II emphatically the '• farmer'! Ma
•bl«R," and moef cKttrfuUy recommend It to the farming comma
**T- T. w. Adam* and Cant. B. Dayte, who are nlceoberrTera, and
•bnan wheat our Muhina thraabed thla year, era eery mncti plraeec
with ita performance Very reepectfully,
RFYFRFNCFR:—Oee Holtybeeker, Amelia; Wm. Archer Cock
CheaterSeld, Wm M Herrlenn, Richmond. Wm II Clopton, Cbarlm
E!?-’m J* -.. Apnereon, Charlea City; J J leey, Appnmattni
RaoJ. N. Robineon, king William; Rt Preetdrnt John Tyler, Charlei
City; 0. Auatln, North Carolina; and other!
**17 _, RI Main atreet, Richmond
Yellow Rata Rage
Dale'a Hybrid
Yettow At--icon
Whits Norfolk
Urfs flat Oloh«
Unff W*tif»?«
WhNo flat Dutch ftrap l^araw
Dc<l Tup do do • ^
Scran fop, Winter nr Salad. Par tel* p7*fc'
jyW WM. PALM —
ing house
t. M. PrrrtM<4tt i A On are agents for nearly all U*e Newspapers
In ihe Unltrd lUates and Cauada*. OOUiee. 119 Naaaau street.
New York, and 10 MUU street. Busk s,
TUI' liKKIT i:nPHHII'.n NpplTlm th. want,
of keepers, located at Noe 4114 aod 41441 Baudwii,
Naw Yonc Ctrv, is n*»w fully stocked with the largest. Burst and
a»o*l complete aaeorlruent of HOUSE FURNISHING OOODS to be 1
found In the world The etock emhrao. •:
Plated. Britannia and Planished Tin Ware
Purcalaln and Fancy Good*
Baskets in eeery variety
Bird Cage*; Cutlery ; Mata
Wood and Willow Ware 1
Iroo Bedstead*. Chair# and llaUtaui*
Brushes of every description
Feather Duster* ; Lamp* and Lanterns * 1
Fngliali and flerman Knamthd Ware
K.-fi iget atora, Water Cohere and Double Ice Pllcherf
Hip, Bfw>ng* and Fool fla'ha
Ch'Mrvn1* l*vl« and Carriage*
Autlin'a P*'«*nt |.*e t'rram firrvri
The n Idirsinl Ib-v.nshlre Chair*
Cane and Kalian litre
Chinese pea Poya, Caddlt •. Secretary* and CaKust#
Tea Trays In endU •* \ arts ty
Ro. king Horses, Propellers and Gig*
Yiahlng Tackle
Hr iii <1. Coppered an l Brass Good*
Hammocks and Mnuqulto Nets
Preserving Cans, at tl»r lowest manufacturer** prices
Garden I ini»foment* of every description
A LAO — An en dies* variety «>f FANCY' GOODS, uf great utll.ty as
well a* l-eauty
The location of his store Is central and convenient to the leading
Hotel*. Ills Sa!«* Booms ar* flee In number, aod are the moat spa
cious of any Ir this line of business In th« city. Tt*e attention of
his assistants will be polite and courteous, and an examination of
hts stock will aiwava glee pleasure. If .s good tare purchased almost
exclusively for cash, and are offered at prices such k< defy compel*
Hon. Ilia aim Is to glee the public what may be strictly termed a
grand iu«idel House-Furnishing Depot. The greatest care used lu
Ailing orders from out of the city. Catalogue* for wanted by mad
RGBFRT DA VIA, 644 and 446 Broadway, N. Y .
Role Pioprletor of the great Kiuportum for supplying the want# of
IJousek• efiers.__J fti -:tm- [FJ__
N »: \% ¥ « 1C K
ji:\.\ i.\os, wiii:i:i.i:k & co„
48 OHAMBKKS street,
Opposite the Park, offer at Wbolmlr, an ImouLw .tuck ul
CLOTHING, ul all kind.
(3V CLOTHING (tool)!
J«W—dffmlP ] •• CALL AND *KK "
M2 Outre street. New York,
1YM Pipe*, Fittings, Tools, and every description of apparatus
connected with 8iram, Water or Gas, for heating and lighting
steamer*, Churdiea, Hotel*. Private Dwellings, Hospital*. Villages,
farkirirs and llall*.
Als>> —Valve*, Cock*, Pump*, Guages, Boiler* and Boiler Flues
made to order
Our 8-rew Cutt'ug Machine* are t-ntirelv new. and our own Patent
warr *utcl t.. do double (lie work of any other Invention.
Order* solicited from allgsections of the country, and promptly at
l-dto. JlU-ly^p)
AMIUI WS A JCfll l*«
mm kkuixaa »»n mil.iu, hack T,»u>, beltmo, no.,
luiportrr- .uni Dralers in .llanulai turoi>' Article.,
N B. Agent* for the th* 'W'oodrufl and Beach Irm W'«*rka 1 Rteam
Engines and Boiler*.
44F" Exclusive agency In New York for 'Lowell Machine Dhow*
Machinists* Tool*. *c99- ly[P.]
jy81—dly—[PJ 244 Frt.nl street, and 990 Broadway. N. Y,
a* a i ».u.r. a tu.. Worcester, .m**v, pai*-i teu t>v mas llowr, Jr.,
St-pteml*i IMfi T!*« *•• Machines ar» warrar<t«-d, (with pm|ter
u*«*,) uot to get out of repair. They arc built In a g h*1, substantial,
aiid workuan-llkt* manio-r, and * ill do Tailor*,' S.m ruakers* and
saddler»' work. In a manner warranted to give satisfaction. The
stitch will not rip any more than common sewing done by hand.
Call and see them In operation at 140 CUEMNCT Sira, t, Philadelphia,
upstairs. W. A. DAWSON, Agent.
i». t. wiujAmi
(d KNEE A L AGENT for Receiving and Forwarding Manufactured
W Tobacco, Ooods, A , Ac., No. ."»8m<ickok Bur, Kit'aunsn, Vs.,
begs leave to return his sincere thanks to his friends and the public,
for tlw* very liberal patronage bestowed on him during his business
connection, with Mom. Ik.okrr A Watkins, of this city, aud rr
sj»et t fully solicits a continuance to his new house. In thus appear
ing on the theatre of business alone, I do so with full confidence in
uiy business qualifications that the iutcrcal of consignee* will tie
fall? fully represented.
*<r- l bcral ca»h* ad ranees made on consignments of produce in I
Karan* so: Mrsw* Lewis Webb A 8ou. Wadsworth, Turner A Co.,
and Joliu (looker, Esq., Richmond ; John >1 Oley, E»q , Ctitswrll
Dabney, Kao , Messrs. Peters, Mpencc A Co., aud Mesars. McOorkle A
Jones. LyncbiMirg. Va. —if
51555’ i. \LLKUv
fINIIE SUlttCKlBKK liaving fitted up a suit of rooms in elegant
a ■tyhr, at Corintlilsn llall. Is now prepared to wait on the pub
lic and furnish them with sujicrlor pictures, at moderate prices.
The Acibrotypc, being hermetically sealed between two plates of
fine polished glass, (hy a cement which not only secures, but gilds
aud beautifies the impression,) Is proof agatust action of water or
acids, or the variation* of climate In long Sea voyages, sn.l 1* the
only kiud of picture that will remain unchanged by time. They can
be takeu from the sisr of fall life to the. smallest mlntaturr, and in
one quarter the time of the Daguerreotype. They are not reversed,
can be seen It* any ligl.t a* an engraving , hence are very suitable
for Pins, Isxkcts, and large.Frames, as wrll as Cases.
The extreme popularity of the Ambrotypcs, has given rise to much
imposition. Couuterfeits upon g!a«t, covered with black varnish,
are often sold for Ambrotypcs. None are genuine without the pat
ent stamp The public are invited to call and examine specimen* at
the Aesn.'Tt r* (> Aixsar, Couimthux Hsu., Main street,between *th
and 10th. p. u. U1BI18.
Richmond, January ¥6, Isifi.
s’l RICHMOND.—Tills Company Is now prepared to issue Fire
Marine Insurance Policies on as reasonable terms as other good of
Claims f«»r losses will, In all cases, be promptly and fairly adlusteJ
and paid.
No charge for the Policy in any case
Office, for the present, on thw East side of ltth tt , near Main up
MRlCToR* :
Wm II. Christian, Wm. Breeden,
John Purcell, Thomas R. Price,
Wm. O. Paine, Jas. Thomas, Jr ,
Uwij Gutter, John Currie, Jr.,
Aug Anderson, Jss. Dunlop,
Js* L. Apperson, Wm. I! llaxall,
Roscoe H ilsath, John D Quarles,
Jcho Dooley, David J Burr,
Rlch’d O. Ilasklns, l.arktn W. Glssebrook,
l«wls D. Crenshaw I). Von Droning,
Joseph R. Anderson, Emanuel Miller,
John 0. Minton, kd II. Mklnker,
Franklin Stearns.
. __ M A PLEASANT?, President
J. H. Mowtaocb, Brc'y. jri6
<bmsr Uottrnvr amt Franklin refs,
n A* Kin store a fine assortment of superb Furntfttrg (Rich
mond make ) to which they a«k the attention of the public.
Tney esteem tlwrlr furniture of a quality unsurpassed by any manu
factured In this country, being practical mechanics themselves, and
giving direct and personal supervision to all tr.e detail* of their
manufacturing operations. They only ask <i call from those «h(H
want good furniture, emtaglng simply to offer them a splendid art<
c’r at a very reasonable price.
IWTh'y give especial attention to Undertaking, and hold
thrmselvr* prepared, at all hours, and at shortest notice, to provide
M0ialic CViass,Mahogany or Poplar Coffins,with shrouds,Hearse and
hacks, Ac.
P. 8 Due or two varoishers and polishers wanted, to whom per
maoent employment will be given, If immediate application I*
__ ___Jr*4
Savinln instititionor iik iinuMi.
Office removed to the store of Christian A Lathrop, No. 99 Main
fa —In consequence of the resignation of David K. Crane Wm II.
Christian was unanimously elected Cashier. The office has been re
moved to tbe store of Christian A Lathrop, where deposits will be
received, on which an Interest of fi per cent, will he paid on all sums
remaining on deposit six months or longer, and five per cent, for a
shorter period
TBM Institution kgs been In existence twenty-eight years, has
loaned over eight millions of dollars ; has no suspended debt , has
never lost one dollar, nr failed tn n*« *n«
... „ WM. H. CHRISTIAN, Cashier,
mh14 dlyHUOIJ W. PRY, Secretary
IFF. f IFF. t l< V. t
Tilt: It Nil KI IIHOt Kill IPE CO.,
Chartered by the Stei* of New York, with a capital of |*i«i.no<> I*
prepared lo supply order* for Ice for shipping at the short, st notice
and on the roost reasonable terms.
The managers of this Company has* had more than twenty years
eipertenre In the Ice trade and arc able to refer to persons from all
sections of the State for their sucres* In packing Ice for shipping in
a way lo secure from waste and lot* by mailing
Till* company has now In etor* Aftn.tnOtonaof Ice, of equality and
thick nr as equal to ant errr offered lo the public.
Orders sent to R. t. OOMPTON, President of the Company, No.
lag Canal street, will receive prompt attention
N H Vessels taking In cargo a cur depot* on the Hudaon riser,
will not he subject lo port chargee, whilst they will alwaya be prorl.
ded with good dockage and eafe harbors.
tW~ Tns QBtctaer naavsvru utrew m rearm to ritnto ta tea at
Twtta noca*._ _Jet—Aw.
mow n iriiTi HE. ‘
■ TURK WORKS—furnish all kind* of Caat and Wrought lane
Woat* me Rritnign* A greater eariety of Pattrrna for Iroa Kail,
log than any other establishment In New York, andjlhr larg.st Man
ufactory of Iron furniture In the United States
sandaord g tasii,
JUll—Sg| St Green rtrret. New York.
If A:*—The agence for the sale of ** P Hanger’s" superior
i.W WHISK Y, formerly held l,y Me«are Deane A hrown, and re
cently by Mr. T das Deane, ha*, with the consent t Mr Deane,
been iransfeered to u*. We hare In store, and raped to ke*p a con
stant supple of " Old Eye" and ••family," whleh we offer lo the
trade and to consumer* at the same rates charged by the former
NOTICE.—The subscriber haring on the JMh of March last
purchased the Business so long and favorably carried on by
Mr William Boolh, he would respectfully solicit a continuance of Hr*
patronage fnrmetly evtended to him, and would also call the atten
tion of Ihe public In g-neral In a large and wrll selected stock of
Onod* In hi# line, recently purrhaeed and added to Ihe original etock,
all of which will he sold on the most reasonable terms.
Upholsterer and Paper Hanger,
No. I«n Main slrewt, rnrnrr of lAth.
N. B. -Mr Wtu.ua Boom will always he found at the old eland,
and Would enllcll a continuance of the patronage of all his former
customers lo the new concern. apt a
Sl id NtiAlslIMt CAWN.-Nowlsthelfwtelo procureIheer
0*n«. •ml ihn r who wotiM Hlf lo lavariil# over Froth Fruit
•ml m mM vlnlrr, *houM •um*'r (hrmwlrn •« <mr*
J"1* _ Ml I.K I ► V A CO . lit? Mil., fii
I rv.At ii mi mn
yt _ JAM** WIKHTon
»« \ * s t*F» 9«t «Vt %*!*** « || i i>» n
MAONFF1A: Murrnf'i FlaM , TnrraM't Miisr
Af»»rkni; Fine Willow <*h*rm«l. in •mail tx>Ul*«. r«nlh»rt<UI Col
Mlon, l«in|lM« iih) Mhrtlrr PU«tor . Hrrrluf'* nn4 n«h*r Fn*
liili M«4lclnil Ritriria, md ill th* Fh«rm»<*oprr%l FlaM Ktlrirti
sold sad prepared by MEADE A BARER. Pharmaceutists
If1* ISA N. W Cor Main A lOih St*.
% HI atlt tk ktlEtHk. Tailors Shears. Trimmer*, La
*■ die# Scissors, Ac , of II. Wendt's celebrated make, warranted
In gwaltly. In new and Improved patterns, and th* only complete a*
met meet made, for tala by EDWARD OORNINO A 00 ,
_ .. El Jo ha atreet. New Terk.
> **»* «w ■-WepAl. mbA Amen.
IKILL1N, \i -MIMI, own * BOliiLL, iThiui n.wr
***** Aiivuriaiiii Hoca, No. *46 Bmiiivtv, Ni* Yuu.
MI:M0Y, NIICirilF.lt* A CO., AV». 49 <T./
AW I'rwA, iMhfkru* tmi MtacvArTruM' Aumt
Chance'* Englt-h Mieet, Crown and Crystal Plate Wiuduv (itaaa.
Fluted Glass for Hkjr ligNU. Green House-, etc , etc
Colored, Ornamental. Optical and Microscopic Ola**
The London and Manch«-t*r Plate Otaaa Company's Thick PoL
kited Plate n>r Flore Window*. Ac., Ac
Hough CUm for Floor* and fiky light*.
Attention I* Invited to the above various descriptions of Window
Haaa In uee Aw Mart*, Dwellings, and other purf*o*e- The quality
f tl.eae article* Is Inferior to no corresponding description, and In
aany rsspect* superior. Our 8h*et Glass will be found better than
be French In It* freedom from Ftaln, Hus*. Ac
Being Agent* for two of the largest Glass Manufacturer* In Ko
npe, we are enabled to offer dealt r» and other* every advantage to
wtee* stcl lajg* *t«n:ks. Pries List* will b« furnialwsi on application
■ diiu uni i*. it ita it a a:, i ti e\amUn str^t, y y.
m A two doors wv»t of llmlson River K*ilr»*d Depot, oiler* to Deal
1 • and Onrtaumer* M*celebral»| brand* of French Window Glam
»n fa% or aide term- Partie* w-l.mc Information will Ik furnished
ilth price* on receipt ..f ll.eir addreas Glas* cut to any desire*!
►attaru. and packed free of chair. aplb- lyr.— [**•]
Toe tug 1,000,goo i
I'- S. PATENT fl liniu: LO.YIPANY,
DO Tinmr*m Mthiitt. N. Y.,
iTM COLl*MN8, PEDESTALS. Ac . In Bem.la, Mrocaiell*. and all
Ltaluui Marbles Tins article, ahich la a preparation of Marble Dust,
heuib ally combined »l h mineral color*, -o a* to be moulded into
tny f«>rtn atid colar, by which a marble can be manufactured at less
•ban half the cost of the common material, shllr it excels It In dura
bility and beauty. Unlike Marble.t.-d Iron and Plate, tliere Is no
»uf face work, the tnlor running Into the mam of the material, whde
1*0 varnish I* u«ed log.ve a temporary t*eauty to the surface. Man
lie* from ft to f4-> Table Tops. Ac . equally cheap.
Btglite for the Mimjutturs and Sal* of above for the different
*taWs, winch will ensure immense return* to those interesting them
tries*. Information furnished . n application to
PETER REN NIK. President, or
J«Mxrn Lam* Secretary. NEW YORK
ocMA—ly—(*.v*-j _
IjNOR Mining Purpose*. and for Igniting Charges, both In wet
l1 id dry Uastlng, of four different kinds. The cotton and t»cmp
Fuse, also, the single and double Taps Water Fu*e.
Manufactured and sold by GLENN PUTMAN,
►3 Liberty -t.. New York.
t # Order* promptly filled for all kind* of Gun Powder, of the
most approved brand*. Edge's Exhibitional Fire-Work*, Ship Fig
QbU. Ac.. Ac__noli—ly [a r.A*.]
Avitalizing i i to oonsumptivo.
A Physician of high standing, and former j a Professor m on*
of the Mel leal institutions of this country now retired from active
practice, who has been suffering from Pulmonary l»l*ea«*, dtscovn •
red, whd* travelling in South America for Ids health, a cur* for Con
sumption, Bronchitis, Coughs. Cold*..and general debility; and being
aware that Thousatid* are auSering and dying annually from this
m«*t dreadful of all dl«eas*s. he l* de-yrous. from the principle* of
humanity, of making known tin* most valuable i-mtdy. Upon the
receipt of Fifteen Cmu, in Pu-tage Stamps,or Change, hr will send
a receipt with full dlrect'.oiit for making and successfully using It
Tbe amount required, is applied for Postage, and the payment <>1
this advertisement
Address—B. F DEVKKOUGU, M P.,
Box tt, P O , Brooklyn N Y
1* IT—If [v * A n»J
MAXmOTREKS, 84 A.\U 88 Walker Street,
XA»a UOintlT, XIV T 41,
KEi'PIlCTFUI.LY rail th<- .ttcullun of if I, j>uUk'^e*beQn
to their •Jilendid aavortinenl of aetul-yrand ar KfWtHtK
•quart- Planoa, which, for volume of tone, ela.<tlrtty off | I I ft
Urnch, l-autj of flntah, a rot every thirty that i ruder, .Piano perfect,
are unrurpaaaed. They were awarded the Plr«t Premium for boll,
kind., in romp, tlllon with the mo,I dl.tinyuUhed maker, from Bov
ton, Philadelphia, N'e« York and Baltimore.
NSW TRIUMPH — nTxtxw.IT A SuM have Ju.t been awarded the
Ptrvt Premium Ouu> MatuL tover all rompetltora) at Uie late Fair ol
the American Initltute, Oryrtal Palace, lor the mr Plano-Fortea
or 18—tf—[a.raej
33 Maiden Lute, Jew York,
\| *>• t'.HTI It lilts .•»' Tilt; \l oil l.lk-ld .
ilaltlKiore llenot. .C-*. Pr.II -or_r
ljr nMm Utpoi, UUovtrdBlntt (t.•,)
* V »i i S f »•■ i: Lin* k Ma. i' »• »: kn * cu.
Drug*, Paint*. Oil*, Dye*, Perfumery, &c.,
I 7 O WII. LA V S TKKT, -V«r lord
INVITE the attention of the trade lo their large and varied atock
of Drum, Paint,, Oil*. Perfumery, Ac., Ac.
In addin..,, u Uielr regular linportatlon of Staple Drugs, they are
alao recetslng, dlreet from the sources of production and manufac
ture, supplie, of Tooth, Hair and Nall Brad,.-,, Hronsca. Cork,. Mor
tara. Sponge., French and Engl,-I, perfumery. Luldn'a Ettr.o l«. and
many other articles u-ually unbraced In DrugglM.' atocka, which
they are also enabled to OH, r on the most advantageous terras
Orders, either In pereon or by mail, will receive prompt attention
lime eonetiintly on hittol% titiil manujiteture toor%itr%
for all u.e*, and of eeery dc.trable atyle and quality.
They would evpcclally call attention to Ihelr unequalled .*• -Ilitlet
SPICES. &c„ See,,
all e*f which they furnt.b lo order. In the moat approved atyle de
sign and printing, and with quick di,patch.
Alao Importer# and Dealer# In
tml various kind* of Thremd and Twine, both Linen and Colton, of
which we are receiving continual supplier jy2*_iy
71 Fullun Siren, and 71 Beekmao Streel, HEW YORK
■ PRINCIPAL Office. DA Pr* »it Street, Nkw Y«<**, Factory, No*’
M. M .IT, and S9 llud*on Street, Jersey City. The lYnprlctors of
this long aud w. II known
Continue to prepare the h* t PharooMe^utitol P'*c<1trt In use, for
raising Bread, Biscuit, Tea and «.t)u r C »kr*. A, They kIo. prepare
Mustard. Cocoa, and many other article* of daily u*. In every fami
ly, which they offer u|**n the uio«t rraaonahle term*, fatal' yue*
•ent to dealer* who requt «t them
Jr*>—lyjva*] . r ii a j. u. i*iiam.
N It - C'.naumera a<lvta*d lo li.qulre for Hup* MiiJ# artl,d,-a.
STIIAW MMIIM.-n> beg leave lo evil .1,7_._""
attention of all who are In want of 6*91**
S TK AW «. taitlis,
lo our beautiful assortment, vlt a*—'**
ladles' Beaver and Leghorn Hiding llala and Flats
Do leghorn, Braid and Straw Flan and Bloomer#
Children'. Straw fin.*!*, of every variety
Boy.’ and youtha’ Leghorn and Braid Mata
Do do Straw Capa
Gent's Leghorn, Braid, Panama. Senalr and Hiawatha Hats, and
last, but not least, U,n*e t-eauiiful India llala, which for oealhcm
cannot be eirrllrd.
be.Idea, a Urge aaaortmenl of Straw Good. »or servants, such as
Palm Leaf, Mountain Leghorn and the noted Shanghai Straw Hal
k> which we mo.l revpeclfuhy call the attention of our friends and
vlallora to the clly. BINFOR1), DICKINSON A WKISIOER,
J'*No. 7* Main sire
Chartered by the Legislature of Virginia Pec. I7lk, 1868.
F|N HIS INSTITUTION receives deposition which Interest la paid
J* »• fhe f»le of alt pet cent per annum If remaining on depoalt
alt months, and five per cant for shorter periods.
WM O. PAINF. President,
OFO J SUMNER,Secretary,
r»iu». vi uic dmd oi aim, raine * in ,
James L Apperaon, •' •• M O odd Id A Apperaon,
Aug Anderson, .A Anderson A Co.,
B Barksdtic. M M “ Bark tdale. Stovall A Oo.,
Thoa B lu Id win, " mm Keen. Baldwin A Co.,
Robert T bro ke,
’•'*» H Christian, M M •• Christian A Lathrop,
•bnilf. Claiborne,
Jno. Oooley.
Lewis Otnter, •• • •• Otnter A Alvty,
R B Heath,
kmuel P.Cathrop, •• *• •• Christian A Lathrop,
R. W. McOralrr, M •• " B MrOrudn's Sons,
Samuel M. Price, M " Tbos R Pries A Co ,
Henry W.Qaarlaa,
Jno. P. Robert., •• •• “ Km III, A Roberta.
Oeo J Bumner
Jno. C. flehsfer,
A-_Y- Stokes, •• *• •• Blokes A Co
IP OtBceat ths store of Henry W. Quarles, ftp. 1b Pearl street,
Ri hin id. \ a nclt
*0. 103 MAI* STREET. C0H.*ER I4TH,
HAS nnw on h.nj, .r d offer, for itl* on I >bera] term., tbe moat
fashionable, best made and cheapest assortment of
fJfSirvXF.nf;*** n imtimm «;oonn
U» be found In tbe cltv, embractnf every approved style and quality.
Mis roods are made up from the most choice patterns of Prensh,
Rnfftlsh and Herman Importations.
Gentlemen wishing Sue Clothing are Invited to call and etamloe
Ma«tnrk. M,j;
FBNH1 subscriber* would Inform the cabinet manufacturers, piano
■ forte makers, and *>thr»« of this rtty and vicinity, that they
have opened a yard with suitable building*, at Mo. B7t» Washington
Street, In the diy of Mrw York, where they have on hand alarY*
and very superior stock of the finest wood to be found In the United
States. We oRer.
Iflft.imn ft. Bne and eitra Bne rosewood veneers.
HJW ft. do. do. mottled mahogany veneers.
BB.gnn ft. do. mah gany shaded veneers.
4OJ*O0 ft. plain do do do.
SI Ann ft mahogany crotch rrneers, various stars
Snjtnn Bne do dvawt-utt veneers
90,non svtra Bne mahogany, do. do.
fft.msi f| Bne blistered flcurel walnut, do.
90,non f|. mottled do. do. do.
•njmn ft walnut crotch vensrrs, draw butt etses.
M.nrwt ft. do do do rarloua do
9o,ooo ft Bnr and rvtra Bne satin wood veneers.
ISjjnn ft, srhra vrneert
47.imi ft. rurlrd and bird’s eye maple veneers.
77/mn ft seasoned rosewood, mahogany, and satin wood
boards, plank, and Jot*t of all thlckneas Plano and Cabinet Moul
dings, tno different patterns, all at very low prices, and npon as fa
vocable terms as any ether establishment In ths country. Orders
will he Blled with the utmost cars and dispatch.
H«. B?f» Washington Btreet, between Beach and Mortb Mooes st.
apt-dim _ _ New York City.
<i»«t mii ii. row i*i i«i i* imi t.imu «•
J TPDBUOARB for sale by R H BK1NRRR A (X*.,
If* __ _Ho fit Qary at.
%r A HA n BIHID IN»B,-for sale by
▼ - B. H. IRIMRKR A 00.,
J** Ha. IS Oary st.
So lag .V'iwuj Stmt, mart itonr tn AWuud Dink
Tmi: ship* i n MiMiiMMi
lhl« line »re the WAPIIIVGTON. Captain K.
Caeaato. IlkKM.t VN, Capt. to..an llioam —
Tha«e .teamen (tup at Moulhaiuptou. bull, going nJBBkUL
and returning.
from Aoulh
from from arapton for 1
Herr York. Bremen. New York |
Saturday SUur.hty, Wnln.nl., u
llaau.au.Jan'y *4 P.b'y rf r,p. •
Wa.Hia<rma . K.b'y ** March VP Mar i»
llaau.ai. Mar'h TS April 19 April T4
W.imiaum, April IP May IT May PI
JiMt*” Mar IT . June 14 June 14
Wa.iiiaoma .ju„, 14 July jy j„|- IS
Haau.ua. July Ip Aug't 9 Aug't 14
Wuaiwma- Aug't P Sept’r « Hepfr lu
”“■**».(cpt’r S Oct'r 4 Oct'r S
Waiunaotog.Oct’r 4 Kur'r 1 N„»v 5
Unauaa .Nor', I Nov'r TP IW'r 4
Uaanr.on* N..u'r TP Dec'r TT Dec'r 41
Stopping at Southampton, both going and returning, they offer I
paaaetigera, proceeding o l>indnn and Havre, advantages «v«r anv
<Hher route. f«.r the rroDctn; mf time ard Nsoory.
rssssos »»<i« bkw t.uit ru aotmiAMrrr.ii a*:, minis
Pint Cabin. Main Salgpn, |l4n , Pint Cabin, Lower Saloon, tllu;
Second do.
AU Mien and newapaper. mun pan through the P.at once
aam° blU* °f l*‘lln|t Wal b* r'pnrd or parcel, received on the day o
pr An caper,end Surgroo U attached to each Uilii
for freight or pauagr, apply to C H. StVD
II South William at., Nrv York
JalT—ly[W]_WM 1-11 in 11.»r, rmm
ooauflA ids**
EDINBURGH, iKhu tons, ... H m Cl mum
NEW YORK, *!&• •• . . R,.*r C«A».g 'fWw
GLASGOW, IWk ... Ji>hm lit scam. .
The Glasgow ate! New York Ptesmship Coiup*ny intend Aaiiing
their new an>l powerful Steamers from New York for Glftigow d»
reel, a* under :
GLASGOW, Saturday, August 16tn, 1 i o'clock, noon.
airr* o# riMtoi
First Cits* . . H|
A limited number of AM Cl**. F* v^nger* w.llbe
l*km, supplied with provisions of fowd <iuall*y,
properly cooked, at .. _
An eipertenced Surgeon attached to each ^Varner.
for Freight or Passage, apply to JOHN McSYMoN,
H3 BroaJwav N Y
New York City Bills or Gold only received for Passage
(Late Delmio.ee'. Hotel.)
.. a,* l' ^f3* n 27 BKOASWAV,
Opteivlte Bowling Green, NFW YORK
T4III under.igued avail, hlmavlf of ihla ppirtuolly .,f In
forming U. friend, and the pubi.c that he hat Ivavl ±TS
the above named llouw for a term of ye.r., and hav m,.l. «• H
ext*nalve alternlon. and repair., ar.d omltt-d nothing that will tend
to the accommodate,n or comfort of cum. The llooae havinr b-en
nvwly fornldied throughout. In the aoo, thorough and modern vtvlv.
with a view to conreoietice and comfort and a. it will be conducted
on thv Kuropean plan, and with an expert-need caterer, and tho
rougl' rookt. br hopea to give .atljfactlon to th»ae who favor him
With then patronage, which ha. never failed while In other Hotela In
v . , . ,c.e JOHN O'GRADY Ja.
New York, June l»t.JSM, JelS —Im—[wj
* 31 I J'J- i N.D TOBACCO.
peter Lori l l a r d,
No 41 ChsthsLi street. Nesr York,
SL0CE86OR of Pm« A Gkokok LosilljUU*. offers for sale *11
kinds of SNUFF snd TOBACCOS In gt-nersl u«e For psrtlru
JTwc* CrawkUT esn be obUmed by sJ.lrr**in* tsshove —
Thb Establishment bone of the oldest of the kind In the Unltod
I '“" V1' or " ! « • BOMAJICE AMD K AC I*
■ A •*">« tran.latlon. from the French, new edition, be,u.
tlfully llltutrated. Catalogue. rent free. ,.n enclo. ne a threecenl
•tampto H. S. G. SMITH k CO.,
maW—«<n—[wj Box 4*10. New York, P. 0.
Havana plan lottery
7,707 PRIZES—*102.000—OXLY 13,000 .TIMBERS !
JASPER eoe.xty
_ , . Cl.ASS »».
To Iw drawn Aug ’5th, 1SSC, CONCERT HALE. Macon. Geo., un
NlW rl,r“ Bu,*'rln,,;oJ,:n-' Col. Oku. M. Luca* and J.». A.
I’atmna wlii pie»<c rtamlne thl. .rheme carrfuUy—comparr It
with any other, and if It I. not the be«t evcroffcied, and the chance,
to obtain capil&li far brtU-r, don't Purchase tickets.
. ^ , CAPITAL fc I 6,000.
1 *• •
" ...u*.IllWWW. !!uho
A I) ...
*" . 009 are . 5 miO
20 Approximations of $5<* to l.Vmm prl** are.’ ]
do of 25 to S.iNai prise are . | yM
do of 2w to ?,«*M prize arr.j y,.,
do of ISjtf to rach of the capitals of lmm
7,fiO0 Prises of $834 are.11...... 11I W 75*»
7,767 Prize*, amounting t*>... ..Ill'S ,4<4I
Ticket*, |lu. Halves, |5, Quarters, |2^Vi. Prizes payable without
detennined l»y the drawing <.f the capi
U1 of I15.U00; if the tiuml^r that draw* the capital 1. an rrm num
ber, those TicksU endlnit with rt.*, 4, 6. 8, are entitled lo if an
odd uuiober. those Tickets mJlup with 1, :t. 5, 7, yt *rf> eatUled
ST. addition to any oilier prls»* whilh may be drawn
Purchaser* in buying an equal quantity of odd and even numlier
Tick-U, will be certain of drawer near:y one half the cost of the
sum--, with chances of obtalnlnr other prises.
fW" Pvra.ui. .ending money by mall need not fear It. being |o«t.
Order, punctually attended u. Cotnmunl-APn. confidential II u .
Tick*. *Ul,r", ll*nkS Uk'“ p*r' Grawing, .ent to all ordering
.idling particular numlier. should order Immed’atrlv
Addreu, JAMkH F. WINTER, Manager,
_«•*_•_Macon. Ga
lilUll.n A UOBINMIN.
rrhR to country phy.lcun. and familie. a perfectly „
a.w and rakaa ,t‘K-k of pure and reliable MEDICINE.- «CXf
together with Scauanx’a Ixirtrxurru, PkKrVMKAT F.acr TV
Gwim. and aH other thing, la the Drug line, which they will ZBb
tell on the brat term..
I1^" Chemical and Pharmaceutical Preparation, made to order
and «rnt to any part of the country.
Drug More, 4th and Franklin atreeu, Richmond.
i.aki <• ,v nii i> r.
II Jf'll'i .fi e/f, Rti'Arn• -i/f, |-„
WILL give their undivided attention to all «alr« of Real and
rcraoual E.iatr, Male of Houeehold Furniture, Stock. Goods
*c> *’" * *,“’i •I’eclal attentl >n to .ril, ■ on Saturday. ,.t ||r»e«
Cow., Carriage., Wagona, Ac , Ac.
Alio, keep cou.tAi.tly on hand the large* and han laomevt Mock of
rorolture to b, found In tlila market, conai.tmg In part of—
Mahogany nod BnacWood Wardrobe.
, . . 1,0 M.rhle and Mahogany top Cabinet,,
Sideboard, an.I Wuuduid.
Splendid Spring Seal Sofa., Tete a Tetea, Divan, and lounge.
Spring Seat Parlor, Cane and Windv.r Chair.
Spring Cur’d Rocker., Sorlable., Whatnot.,
Al», a lieaullful ..wirtment of Chamber Sette, together with a
general ...ortment of Housekeeping flood..
The city and country trade ate Invited to examine our collection,
ST V V'«o »w«l at « very «na!l advance on coat
Will attend to ll»c mI>‘ of
RKAL ESTATE. and every description of MKRCIIANDI8E
mh5-tf llOrUKHul.l) ri KSlTCHR hr
John v. ft ii a r »: it,
taiior and draper.
W„_. form cent rrrirr, atcttu.mt., iihiiii
to M* lira alylra.. f SPRING
•nd SUMMER GOODS. .„»»_,tl,
rvraa a HUM t w aPSBMna
4.1*1 lllth A Al’PEHSOX,
OFFER for a«lr a general aaecrtmrnt of genuine Mr.lMi.ra.al
waya fresh, end a trrral rer,< ty of Paory anlclra. Perfumery.
A, , al price# aa low aa Ihcy ran be bought In the city
J*W GRUBBS A APPPRSON, No *01 Broad at.
aiarricrraia. tacaraa .in, native in
_Jc 141 Jiila afreef. /.I- 4w.rn/, U.j Jaly
Ill'll i'll f » II ft 41 ft A in..
•rccEssoM to
IU f ft t r. ii ft fimni <-t: ami gexi hii
▼ ▼ COMMISSION MERCH ANTS, and Denlera In Pork Lard.
IW Order# raaperlfully aoltclied Jail— Am
» »•»«!« I IT! II 4 I M t It III Ilf sf.
TH* Subarrllwra, haring tern,,red to their n< w Factory on Cary
Street, between Pth and I0U. Street#, are prepared to reeelr#
order# for all kind# of Agricultural Machine# and Implement# of the
lale*l and moat approead pattern#, which will be made of the beat
material# and of auperlnr workmanship. They a*k attention to
"Cardwell'# double and tingle geared Horsepower# and Threaher#,”
whleh hay# taken a premium at errry Pair al whleh they harr been
•fhlbtted A1#o, to "Cro#klir# Cit'd Cru#her." Manny*# Patent
Reatwr and Mower," thr heel In n#r Pawkea* Patent Llmr and
Guano Spreader, highly approve.!. Hay Pre«#et. Hay Rake* Corn
Sheltrra, from pin to *-V., Smith*# Patrnl Straw Cutter. Grain Crt
dir#, Ac R< l.*« Patent Iron beam Plow, of rarl.-n# diet, An They
auhjoln the opinion of the Hon W ill,am C Slree. of tbe«c Plow#
Richmond, February tT.
__ Cttmjt Htu, 18th Dee 1484
Oil. W»s II - IV*r Br: I Ulf pl- ssurf In rrroH1 ng
here my lin|weeaton of the performance of your Plow (Rich*# Iron
Beam patent) at Cob bam to day The work wa» far more thorough
And complete than that of any plow I rear aaw In operation before.—
The furrow opened by It we# eery generally IS Inc he# deep and about
•n Inc be# wide In hard, clear land, and moat rtftetnally and perfectly
alee tied out, none of the #od earth falling back Into It.
The trial of the plow wit w It netted by many of my neighbor#,
among whom I win mention Mew# Prank R Nrlaon. J II Oenitt,
J H. lew)#, 0. B. H.,pktnt. Thome# Wataon, of Louisa Ac , all prac
Meal men and moat eecellrni judge# of agricultural implements, and
Ihere wet hut one opinion among them at to thr auperloritr and on
eeoeptlonahlo performance of your plow
Wlthlng you eqnal awcceaa rfarwhere In making thla eehiaMr im
pigment facer ably known to our agricultural brethren,
I remain, your# truly,
CtOPAHTN AHUIIII*.—We hare thla day aw-, atedwllh
J » In btwlneaa, 0. M PtetsauTe. The btntnraa will hereafter
be conducted under I be Arm of Tea lev. Tinea A Co
JM* ___»AN LBW * T*V'^S
(AOHft. Bt' ftntelt fPhlle Coen, in the Btehtwottd nnd Ete.ie
J rv-kaborg Depot For aale by
%IH. I « f IHPI f* II t HltlM.o. .11
I ift I Clipped Hartinga, r*cwlelnf for sale hy
It* Sb-WOary ft
TITHE FOCTUKK of thi. celebrated InatltuUuo, oger. the moat
a wblo. •t*r**lT and only elfcctual refuel, In live e„rtd for
Uonorrbow, Olrv-u. Stricture., Seminal W iun*. Rain- lb the I-,in.
Con.t tut'-ual iKhdlljr, 1 in potency, Wmhte .. ,.l u.e Ua- k • ■ I Limb.,
Agectloti. of the Kidney., Palpitation of the Heart, Dvapep._ y.r
eon. Irritability, Dlnun ..fit,. Head. Throat, Note 3kl,. Tnd .11
Umw-aerlotu and mrlanrholy disorder, analog from the . re" ,
hab.t. «f youth, which deMroy both l>«ly and mind TLo~ wer i
and Mdltary practice, are more fatal to their rlctltu. than -he w>nn
of the Syren, to thr mariner, of Clymea. Mtghl.ng u„-.r e.,.,t hri'
uaot Lope* or Mtk>|u>km. rtiuWrlni biArriarr, Ac . i%MflLlf
especially, who h«v« become ihe rkUmi of Solitary Vk t».«tdrr*u.
f«I ami lestru.'liTe habit whkh auoually <ws.|., t,.
WT*r< Uiousar.d• of y mug iua. of the most *aalt~l Umrnm **..! tnt I
Uant lnuUmt. wUn might otherwise har- tuu an col hsteoiuf Seuat •
wiUi the than.|ers of rloqoence. or w«k J to ecstacy U.e living ht«.
may call with full CMiflJmrr
Married Persona, or Youag Men conU:ap!aU«f Marriage. »wti g
wf *n‘/*Wr*1 Weakr-ess, Orgau.o D*tni!ty, Dcformiti**. 4« ,
heaUh ,m!Dr**l*Ur,Jr ,*oMuit **r. Mnilta, and be restf red to |xrfe.t
lie who |da**e* hwnsHf wtulsr the car* of Dr. Johc«o» may rmi '
rouVy rt.Qftde In hts honor as a gcr«U.-m«a, anJ ubAJentiy rdy
•pun his skdl as a physician. ,
Immell itrly rurvi and fall rigor restored.
Thl. di~-».e la the penalty m.-el f.rqucoll, | a.d by thoie who h»».
become the victim, n Improper Indulgence. Vnung perron* ai« u.-»
apt to commit tt tact from not being aware of the dreadful route
VteDCMIhulmuy euvue Now. who that undm.t.ud. tlx .utgei.1
will pretend to deny that the power of Procreate -n I. I wt tuoner b,
thorn railing Into Improper kablta than by the prudent be.ldet
being depvieod Ihe pUaeure of healthy ..Ihpviu*. the moot aerloo. an •
destructive aymptom. to both body and mind ante The .jabnc
Ucoinet deranged, the phy.lcal end mental power, weakened. n.r
vou. debility, dyqrep^a. palpitation of Ihe heart, lo.llgeaion,. wav
Ung of the fram*-. cough, symptoms of ceusaiapuoti, etc
in *• onlr regular PltisJclau ud*er I nn,< u> cur«
Privaw Complaints. Hb rrsHn anT ireaUnrnt ar« enu««?» ui.
known to all others. Prepar-d from a Ilf* spent In the grsst Bojp.
tals of t.urupe and the Aru lu this country, via: England, Franc* I
Uie Rlrvkley of Philadelphia, Ac., and a more • .atetisi* *j»n at tee than
any other PhysUrian iu the World. His many wonderful cur-• and
must important Surgical operations are a suMcWnt gutranwe u» tr.«
alHicted Tl»o*e who wlah to h* speedily aud • (To toa.Jj relieved. I
should shun U*e nonaeruus trifling Imposters, who only ruin their
health, and apply te him.
<>mca-So. I SOUTH KKKDkRKK .♦TRlkT. left hand side go
Ingfrum Baltimore street, seven doors from the corner.
14T Be particular In observing the t.atne and number, or you will
■»DUke the place.
TAKE NOTICE—Observe the uame uit the door and Win
Member ..t the R..yal College of Surgeon.. London, graduate fruut
on. of the u.uv: miteiu College. of the United rial*., and thv greater
bkrt of whom life h*« been .pent to the Uoipltal. of London, Porii,
1‘hUvlclpbia and elarwhert, t,a* -gected torn, of the morn agtooUh
Ing .-urea that wa. eTer known. Many troubled with ringing In th«
ear» and l.-ad when aGeep, great nereouMie.v.being alarmed at «ud- I
den ►.un.lv, abd baahfulnea., wiUi derangement of mind, were cureJ
When the mliffulded an-1 uupru tent votary of pleaaure Bod. he
bat Imbibed the ►—1. of thl. painful dlvraw. It loo often happen,
that an 111 timed venae of itanr, or dread of dlaeneery, deter, him
from an-., lag to thoae who, from education and rrvpeetabilky, can
alone befriend him. delaying tdl the comututional .ymptoin. of thi*
horrid dlaeaar make their appearan--e, vuch a. ulcerated Krr throat
diaeaved now, nocturnal pain, in ti.e head and llmha. dlmnea. .f
eight, dealt.e.., node, on the thin bone, and arm., blotch., on U.e
head, face and vgtrerultee., prugre.tlng with frightful rapidity. Ull at
laat the palate of the mouth or the bone, of the noae fall tn, nnJ the
victim of thi. awful dlaeave become, a Lotrld object of commteera
tion. till death put. a period to bn dreadful .ugerU-g., by tending
him to
“That bourne from whence no traveller ret^^hi.,,
To tuch, therefore. Dr JOHNSTON pledge, hlmvdf to preterv,
the moat lnvU'lable tecrecr, and, from hi. .gten.ive practice, In the
Brat Hotpital. In Europe and America, he can coufldently recom
mend a ufe and apeedy cure to the unfortunate victim of thl* horrei
It t« a melancholy fact that thou.and. fall victim, to thl* dreadful
VO u.* uusaurumess or ignorant pretenders, who,
by the use of that dreadful poison, mercury, ruin the constitution,
and either send the unfortunate sufferer to an untimely grave, crel*«
make the residue of life miserable.
Dr. J. addresses all those who have injured io-niseives by prlvst*
and improper indulgences.
These are tome of the sad and melancholy effects produced by ear
ly habits of youth, vis: Weakness of the Ra<k and Limbs, Psln r.
the Head, Dunne** of tfight, Los* of Muscuiar Power, Palpitation , f
the Heart, Dy«pepsta, Nervous Irratibiiity, Derangi-n-nt of the Di
gestive Functiona, General Debility, Symptoms of Cvnsumniinn Ac
The fearful effects on the mind are much to be dreaded. Loss of Me
mory, Confusion of Idea*. Depress ion of Hpirlu, Evil Forebodings,
Aversion to Hoeiety, Self Distrust, Love of flohtud-, Timidity, Ac.,arc
some uf the evils produced.
Thousands of persons of ali agvs can now Judgr what Is the cat**
of their declining health. Losing their vigor, becoming weak, pale
and etnaclsU-d, have a singular appearance about the ryes, cough
and symptoms of consumption.
Or those contemplating marriage, being aware of physical weakness
should immediately consult Dr. Johnston, and he restored to perfect
*nd imP°rt*“> rciaviy, we«knr*« of tb. orpin, in
•pseuiiy cured. au<t ritii wu., __.. ... j tv.. ...... *. »
Toq. iimS debilitated, who hid Io.t ill hopi. hire*fiorwTmSwSliuf.
rtlkvvd. All tmpratmcntl to Mirriaftr, Phnical or Mm to I di^juil,
ficittot. Xervouv 1 rrltitu.ru. TrrmU!nir» in.l Wrakaru, or vkbiavtlotr
of the movt fearful kind, vt^-dtly cured oy Dr. Jobr.vtor.
who hare Injured thetsMlTev by a certain practice Indulged In when
Alone a habit frequently learned from evil companion, or at *cjn...!
the effect, of which are nightly felt, even when avlvcn. and. If not
cured, render, marriage linpoHthlr, and destroy, both mind and
body, (houl.l apply immediately.
What u pity that a young man. the hope of his country, and the
darling of hi. parents, should he snatched from all prepecta and en
joyments of life, hy the consequences of deviating from the path of
naturr, and indulging In a certain secret (.Suit, goth persons Whir,
should reflect that a sound mind and body are the most necessary
requis.tes to promote connubial happiness. Indeed, without these
the journey through life becomes a Weary pilgrimage; the prospect
hourly darkens to the view; Use mtnd becomes shadowed with despair
and filled with the raelans holy reflection that the happiness ot anoth
er becomes blighted with our own.
{W All SURGICAL OPERATIONS per formed 1LT1",Ak, Md
X B, Let no false delicacy prevent you, but apply tmmesliatels
•Ither personally or by letter.
I#' FKIN DISEASES* ipwltly cured.
The many thousands cured at this iustttutlonfwtthin the last 11
years, and the numerous aod important Hurglcal operations per
formed ny Dr J.. witnessed by the reporter*©c the papers, and many
other persons, notices of which have appeared again and again i.i
forr the public, besides hi# standing a* a gen tie man of character
and res|M»n«U>Utty, is a sufficient guarantee to the afflicted
It l« with the greatest relactan*e that l)r. JOHNSTON permit* hts
can! to appear before the public, deeming it unprofessional for a
physician to advertise, but unless hr did so, the afflicted, especially
stianp rs. could not fall to fall Into the hand* of the many liupu lent
and unlearned Imposters, with innumerable false name*.or combined
quark.bop*.-warming these Urge cities, copying Dr Johnston** ad
vertlsement*. or advertising themselves as physicians, illiterate, shal
low-brained fellows, too lasy to work at thtlr original trade, wltl.
scarce two Ideas beyond the brute, who. for the purpose of enticing
and deceiving, carry on Atc or fta offices, under as many different
. . *•••«*■.•" l, mt "m tr,! *,r*nF*f escaping one. is sure to
tun.bit- headlong Into the other. Ignorant guacks wtth enor
mous lying certificates of grra: and astounding urv* from persons
r«*t to l- feund, who keep you taking Urge tattles of Ueoticw Wafer
and other pa-kage* of filthy and worthies* compounds, cunningly
prepared to imp >«r upon the unfortunate and unsuspermjg Trifling
tnoidh after month, or as long a* the smallest f«e can b« obtained,
an*!, In despair, leaves you with ruined health, to sigh orer your gall
Ing disappointment 9 *
It Is this motive that indoors Dr. J to advertise, for he alonr can
cure you. T.. those unacquainted wtth Ids reputation, he deems It
his credentials or diploma* always hang in his
No letters received un!e«* post paid, and containing a stamp to be
usA-d fur the reply Person* writing should state agv. aod send that
portion of advertisement describing symptom* apll—dly
M If. HATH || V|. PI(H I »
. <u our business ceased on the first instant
Trie rrmatninr nartners.wtth th-sssutan.-* .. .... r .m
mil that havr been with them for year. part,will continue
the hu.it.ee. a- muni until the Brat day of January next, when *1(0
proposed to admit acme nrw Interrau In il.e meantime they will
offer ut.u«ual Inducement, on th'atock on hand, and by lha tad
Ibey prnpoae to allow their u.ual aeleet rarlrty.
J Inglk.b Cotton will br ee.ld at l*t, eta per pair. Worth *.V —
Ita, doten white rotton II, «e, In qualm.a varyng from Ilk. t,
Jneal lni|a>rted. open cotton and Llalt Thread Hoar, from ItV. to
*1 » per pair, rhildren'a rollon Hoae In white, tlr pe.l a:.,1 aandal
liw__ »» ..«...
Kcm < im. stock• a* ■ ..
■ Wr are anxioua lo reduce oar etork of Summer Clothing The
aaeortment la food, emhrkclng In part all the earlnnc .tylea and
qualllieaof Caa,lmrrrJI>rap.T,ie. Mrrtm.. Alpacca, Harm lira and
L'Otfi lt »t«, I Ant* »nJ \e«t# Introduced this «p|«<in, md pnr« 1 *•
er* w,|| ft*,.| their own interest in lirpror'n* this rare otp.rtunitv
to buy auparkor quality of Clothing at a great wring In price.
J"*1_keen. Baldwin a co.
II Mf ■ * • '■
■ W Cryliif hulls, ft.r less ihtn cost, to iloee, by
Jf° /IMMt'KM tN
II '**' 1 1 •* *
■ 9 of nurse*, at aronutirtam'i pr v*es, for «»Js by
J"*1__ aim ns mas
K* • 1 ' ' " KOI AMI k. I
’ Ir.g entl for stir by
JtS* davenport. ALLRW j CO
»•»****• AAII aptflixx, plated on ihe beat
Albala Oooda. and w.rranted lo rtaod.for wle ai factory pr cea
W_ liai'i 7IMAIPRWAV
%| KR( MINIS' INM 11 INI 1 I on I' I > A 01
*" I RICHMOND —The MocAholdrra of lb la Company are notified
lhat the fourth and laal rrqutattlon of $S7 .V per akare la due and
payahla on of before the Slat Inn , at tke "Are cf the Company —
On payment thereof tka CerttRcataa will be delivered
. „ _ A Pl.EARANTE, Prealdent.
.1 tt W xt mre - r dg,
WaiNIs. (LOIH OPERA Iff f.lllss f. A I
MW TFRF- J mi received and for sale cheap hy
IV n ►’ R S V KI IN.
Manufacturer and Dealer lo Bout* «t,,i jtboss,
|T,‘_n ■ - m . 1 *•
| * J ^' hhds. Cincinnati cured Sides, really prime, hr»thi
?u> hh-ls do. do Phouldsra. do. do
“A** ftHfar corrd flams, small slae, for fam-lp use
I.Vnno lbs FfnMhdeld Ree<‘tt. II <f round.
• hhds. Frraste Pieces. For •»(?
1% It l>
R I'.^iT#—The Graoite Front Wore on Cary direct. he
,twn l*G» *nd lAlh, now occupied hy Messrs Branch A ©,.
Possession]fIeen on the l«uh Inst. For terms, apple to
I'* Mil | RT1RR
| MHI.N. AA IIINK V. of ewperlor q.i.l ty. nf earl
* w” W . I. •.',»> 1 f, , mV hy at J,,\ ,4
!¥) *IAT«>/.AN AMI III Mon f o
w MdUan-s, In store. ^ jovrs
■ " ra w tn food order and quality, for aate hy y. /oNKF.
•#" " of Rectified WMs%y, for sale hy y JONFF
I 4Ml PS ° *won * » »a*. * 1 mi 1*
■ V hy rhfltp II Jones of Oranfe county, in store and a*»
•F M Imniff
1 1 curer.D halipav
I MMAT MIRR1NM, Aayly atpoetad.for anla ky '
J»>* M. JONU.
Host Extraordinary Reoirdy known.
jr^^»'rHI»EE ll kltN EXPERIENCE tfl the Ml* of I
lh- “HirilliHMlHL 1ST CUETW
h»« .atiafird iu that there la nothing known u> the medical world. I
which Will at all Compare with them. They a re indeed comforter. ..f
th* nnrting uwtAgr
It may be .eld of them, withou* fear of contradiction or proof w
the contrary, that If they are applied at any time previous to the
actual ruing uf th* hreaat, they will promptly allay all Infiamatlon,
ret ice* all pain and prevent -.he breaet horn gathering, and fur
them,.,re, if the breast should actually rise before th* cloths can be
hml.thc application and muiast wearing of them will produce such
a comhtiou of tiie breast as to insure th* spcerdlsut possible cure.
harry mutter stiouM keep them by her,sad follow in thetr us* th*
due, li..ns, much always are sent ullh theui. and our word fur It, she '
a itlnee. r know wnat it Is to have serious suffering with let breasts
IW* t remittance of f! is., accompanied by lit cents worth of '
postage .cam. *. ail] secure the pruti.pi' rsu,.niesi. n by .*,*.1 of a pair
of these el.ilhs Pi at y part of th* Lulled Mats*.
They are for sale by
fil>IE A OKAY. Wholesale and Retail Agents,
^ 147 Mam street. Richmond, Virginia. I
And by MEADE A BAKER. 1*« Mam « . Richmond. Va.
LW Euh directions for apply n.g these Chubs, W1U accompany
Kar BKAB Tiir. THI Til ABO I T Ol M
TLXP OIL Rl.UH .si' April loth, lh54
During a sleigh rid* this winter past, I disc. Vend m> horse's leg I
raw and the sain oil a piace larger than my h.nd, from the traces
rubbing on the Inside of his thigh I applied your Turf Oil, and n j
s day or two he was well Another caw A mule which 1 was wora
mg to my dray became unable to walk On ekamlmng hla foot I
discovered o nail snout two Inches long up ui the head. My driver
and the neighbors Mid he Would be good lor nothing 1 Jr.w tbs
nail out. inserted a piece of lint and yuor Turf OH. and set ;,|m to I
*' And froot lhat utotuenl l.e has not lost ooe hour, tost i
I r V •KT1" CTrr *** * m,r*' 0,,,,7 U»H Ob the ouiswlr 1
of hit thigh In two places, one about two iiches d.ep an1 four Inches I
w.d,. from which he wa. still a day or two Your Turf Oil was ap
pl cd. and It brought them out entirely sound. It truly is one of tie* ■
greatest remedies for *'res I liar* ever known, and I have lived ,n
a drug sturv for aevvral years Lae tills a* you Honk proper
_ „ .c v"l ,trJl' J. II. WFJdlUEK j
Tu Messrs. Dors A to.
„ . . Richuohc, May 1st, 1-54 '
UfOUfmn My oilld liail coaitnsrnrrd brrukUig out Uil f*ii ,q i
•malt «or*t, which grudukily rxtend-d over th* mtlrr bc*4, uicI a- I
J.nf both ear*, which were so inu. h rtUn by th* torn, •» to rtuM i
mv In f«%r that both tkr* would drop off I tried all n.rt* of %dv*r
ti«cd aud domrat c rnued** without toy food rnolt I th<p«j pro
cuie.1 aud applied! a Uni* Tl*RF OIL. It befit* to get b-tter th* ,
bottle fot biokv, aod we a pi.*d fail* to it ; it again b*gan to r*t !
vldev* daughter «ald. “Fa. do m*t *otu- more of that ,
Tl H! Oil. . lotcri head l<<>k«*J to touch bettrr when you u«ed it M •
got another bottle. and her head u now nearly well. 1hi» wa«
an af KtavaUrd raa*. and took half au hour every day to work It,
and It was very offensive. Ot»* tnr>re bottle, I te*l a<»'ur**d, will rurr I
her entirely, aa there la b«*i llilk of th* disease remaining. Vou are j
entitled to thia. and for the benefit of other*. I take great plraaur*- '
in giving you thia cert.Acat** Rrapectluily.
— „ B. T. CHALK.
To DOTH A <\>.
JSf4^ TH® iu f OF DTK 1 If© III HAM
HAIR Is but loiparfactty understood even by tLo<f
who utakr the tfnrat«*i pretenaiona. Toe tooat of the popular Hair
Dyea of the day may, for the time, color tho hair, but anon to be
•ucceeded by a taroUh.^tl green, or other unslgntly appearance.—
Bogie’s Elac’Hc Hair Djt la void of Uirir noxloua pr -pertie*. It
Instantly dyes the hair a beautiful natural black or brown, which
neither water nor .uoshln* can tarnish la the least, and "ui make
assurance d .ubly .ure" Ms agents are authorised to refund the mo
ney if the mo«t perfect satisfaction is not given Price 50 ceots,
II t*'and 1 .&) per case. Inventor, W Bogle, Boston, and sold by
Druggists everywhere.
Is your hair tornlng grey f Do you wish to rultlyals eood wkt..
■*** tnouMacLc* r lour lit;r lo be ion, silky, and glossy"—
lost h~a d to be cool. Comfortable, and free of dandruff* Mothers !
»ro your childrtQ lo bars luxuriant heads of hair* Then use bo
eu’sHiPUMj Flcip. which iru SAILS in Its unerring effects.—
frw ct« .V* cu. 7*> t». and f1.&o per bottle Bogle's Balm of
Cytberia stands unrivalled for eradicating un and pimpies.an l beau
* .fylng the complex on Price 50 cu. Inventor and proprietor. U .
BOiiLE. Bost n, and sold by Druggists everywhere.
1*4—4ly— vr]_
13" Mothers’ Breast Cloths.
*%>Tav* a supply ot thews Invaluable article* on hand, and
would call tbe attention of tbe public to tt.« adveriisetut-nt In an
other column. MEADE A BAKER. Chemists,
__Main street, northwest corner of loth.
iYZii? _ Jf*** 1X1 111 ,s| s •* HIM .K. A.
’ m .. ^ i 1-1 tN’ji SCHOOL will i-e resumed on M<>xdsy. I&th
Septemixr, at her residence, on First street, between Clay and Mar
% I.KX, 1111,1.* Importer and Manufacturer of
Pv- ■> Ladles’ and Grullctneu’* Boots and ghoe«, Bo. Iff! Main
•ireet. t> now prepared to fomlsh his friends and the public geue
| rail?, with !b«.r-, mi >t». Tncxae, Csarrr Uaus, Vauck*, Ac., of a
quality that cannot f*- surq.*.*. J. and at prices that cannot fail to
pleaee. All In want of good Gootw and at low prices, will call on
Mr. Mill, where they can be pleased in price, quality and slyle.—
—Chapman’s Speedy Cure f«»r D.arrhma and Dvsentery
IS superior to Anything in use f * tiirse affections. It strike* at the
- of the disease, eradicating.: than
•access is so grea* uiai wr ».an warrant a cure or no ixry. Price :J3
cts. For sale, wholesale and retad, by
W. C. BATTAlLE. Sole Agent,
Drug and Chemical Store, corner 4th anu Broad street.
j*ls__ Richmond, Ya.
^ gp. GLASS* PLATE. * —M FRANCK. SM Dr-»ad street,
Uchmond, \ a., keeps constantly on band fancy and plain material in
every branch of his business, lie asks a call from all who have pic
ture to frame, or wish t«» hoy article* in his line. jy»
Wl NTAl.V", delightfully cool and refreshing. with all
the r:c!i and drhciuus creun and fru t «yrup», for sale at
MEADE k BAKER’:* New Apothecary Store,
JJ*’*_ _ _ 1st N. W. Corner of Main and loth #ts.
MITII'E,—To the Ladies and Gentlemen of Rich
rJ 7 Country ff+H*raUy. All I have to say
tv« my c.*-to men. rlends. and U.e Public generally, is: that I can
now furnUn lad*-* and gentlemen with Shoe* and Gaiters
that e an not be surpassed either here or else where.either of my own
manufacture, or of the best boots and si toes manufactured express
!y for roe in Parts, by the premium Hoot maker of France, (that Is
Mrlce» of Paris.i so that aU in want of Ho. ts and Shoes of superior
quality, such as cannot be purchased elsewhere call at
„ , . . ALEX. HILL'S.
Manufacturer and Importer of Ladies' and Geutietnen's French
IJ -"** and Shoe*. N > 1*7 Main st. Richmood, * a.
\Y~^ sl USER *.\DCit NHIKTS.-t hnvwjurt
received an additional supply pf liaore Merlao.Thread
MU ....i Lotion Uxmi H«I«T> 411,| Du.iu, t. yctfi*r with an >1
.nrtmel t of Gaol* Bodies, a new and superior article for summer
W. F OWtW.
JF*t Oppo.Ite American Hotel.
SpC^?t now In store a complete a ssortmer t e( OKNT*H Fl it
| NMIIIXG GOOD*, to which 1 lr.v.te th* attention of yeoiler.cn
Nrit,* uvimi that in point of beauty and style they or a not ho ,ur ’
pa.—d My a—ortnieot o( Game, Thread. Silk and Marino Coder
l>rr«« Is unprecedented a. rrycrls quantity and quality.
I RHI RTF. of every style and quality, made In the ben manner,
and rmpreaeltr f r my .ale, Ho-om» of crery variety, ready to put
in shirt*, with a it rye and varied a.<4crtioent of everythin* pertain
Irtf tnmy butter*. w, r. OVt It NS,
“h-- Oppovita inwt lean H otei.
NOTICE.—Uarlny been appointed Ayrnt, for the
SOS *a!v of il.e evlehraied Fpool Colton Manufactured by
Mea.rv JT-bn Dick A Sow, Ubafyt.w, we .hall be uipphed at aU
time* with a hill nvi’tm.ni direct (rum tbe Mar.ufa'tureta, for wte
at the lowed New Tcrk price. We can yuarantee tin. Cettcn to be
fully equal lo quality to any manufactured, and with confidence re
commend it to the trade.
_ »t“’__KENT PAINE A CO., Ayent.
J. A. Ill.I.k IN la. ren,.,ved hi. Furniture Eatab
Browin..1? ft* *P«, i"a.aodrleyant Warrroom under
IOR1N rniAN HA LI., M*lo Street, above tbe Banka.and hat In
operation all the ap pi lame. Incident to an txteii.lv. bu«lncM.
,lrc to »»y to their cu.t«mer. end the publt,-. that
they are lo receipt of a very yreal variety of »,w rai.u-. and at
an. <.f the llouae wjl be lo market moxt o( the Scaw>n. buyer, ra.y
be a.tured of fiudlny Die tnott IlCFIKAtILE STV1.FF at aU tlm«.
r*“ A complete a—irtment of Fatally Lloent, Cotton, and Ser
vant. Good., March».
REM< >\ \ I..
ornc'E u. r. a tv. iwi hank r. co.. ,
RICHMOND. Mm Jcte, tVd ,
[ FBNMIA COMPANY lill removed to It* NSW OPPICY, NO, |3|
■ MAIN STRFFT. nr it door to tbe Dlruatch OBre. where it ta
prepared to take Fire and Marine R •»» on fair terma
Chartered In IS®?, and havtn* now t een in operation over twenty
foar year*- •lurlo* which time u ha. met elalma for lorn to the cl
ient of larwely over ,1 million of ifollart- It refer, to the hl.lnry
Of tbe paat at aBirdin* lie very beat yuarantee for the future He
in* a < lr*tnta Company, and hnviu* tta dock owned by her r tltelia.
tta pei DU will he eerured la her tnterpr let. and error la * toe .a
trnl t« oil the vmawa ef her Comm.rrlal and Merhaohal Indued,
The Ion* a. .(ueintance of thla Inailtutlon with the inautlo* public,
hue enabled it I,, heroine famlhar with their want* and no paint
will l-e .pared, or Information withheld, that will land to Inaure ac
curacy and *1yy aa'i.fad ton
To Farmery, It hat It tn lu power—tri m the eery exteo.ive roun
try Iterance already aerured-to he able i„ re>r to huhly reeper.
Uhle .-It renv In faery t-cilon of the Style. It wilt ha happy to re
celve and ronrldar adplicattonf f. r Ir reran.., . Urea,e l .irher to
tt»e Pi.a.iletit or Ae.-rerarr, arJ will !n return render aurh fa. uttiea
aa may be m lu power to tta patroua.
T M AI.FRIRND. FVeefifauf
H. I- Rear, of Kent, Paine* Co
II w. Qr. *t *«
Mb Hr.ae of Beer. * Poiodeiler.
H !A\ Fay, of H W Fry * Dona.
Me PtLeta
J A. latuBa
A K Ptatta. of Parker, Nimmo A Co.
J * M iree. tTt, of Wadrworih. Turner A Co.
Ta*w Aauan*. of Sam ton A Par
C. M . Pra. au,, of C. Mr Purcell A Co
R I., Miaevoa
J P Miv.t.v, „f Wlnaton A Powera.
A. T Prttiru
II A. Claim aa*
P Tt uak.
<1 w Awira. of Atnlth A Harwood
iyW—tf w I, COMARDIN, Sec.yfcrry,
h:w iPOTiux tnT store.
(Graduate of the Philadelphia Cnlle«e of Pharmacy.)
APOTMI I 11111.1,1 lit flUTa A mtitd.ma,
nAVP opened and flrted out with eveey rrwteenlenre and tm
peo.emem, an APOTHRCAKT AND DRIO STORK, at !*«
Main at reel. N< rihoe*. corner of Iflth, aid jn.i aN>ee It e new Cne
lofn Houae Their farllltlee and rvperlenre Mre aurh. that they b-et
warranted lu aayin* that Phyalrlana' nrdera and prearr.ptlone, aad
every pharmaceutical preparation, wilt be lilted and prepared ae ae
I ruraiely and promptly aa at any other eetald ahment In the country.
Their dock ia tuilrrly near, and wa. arlected w.ih *reat rare by
themaeleea In perron, and no article win be leaned whMi may not
be perfectly retied upon foe **wpee *free*fA *»'d /.orffo #f rkaeaeter
They will at alt time* keep a compute aaaortmer.l of pore and re
j llaMe Dru*a. Medlrlnea and Chemical*. Patent Medicine#, fbtritral
limtrumenta, Trumea and Appliance* of reery deerrlpflon. *round
and unpround aelected Nptcea, Cook In* KvtraeU. Amok In* and Chew
. In* Tobacco, lAe du.af am pooler/ I'ifort, Fancy Artie lea, l.ohlnt
amt othej celebrated Perfumery and imp*. C,do*nre, ftruehre and
reery "Ale appertamin* to ihe lv»» bua neaa !• te their deat*n to
ylee ll^Ti per an not atte niton to the Ntalneaa In all It# beanabea
PRKACRJPTIONA will be accurately dlapenaad by no# of Ibe part
Iirr«. .i ,1! Iir. .1-1,. I.V >r nl*M. jo*A
*ITIf F, We hare atltl on hand a eery lar*e aaaortmom of
it P'ack Draa TVFte. Dalian Cloth and Alpaca Coal*. io*eiber
with Paata and V#*u of terry dcecription, which, aa the aeaeon la
advancln*. and oar flock bain* larye, me win celt .ncommonly Iota.
| Alt we aak la t call. MERCHANT, W*1*1TVER A Off,
iJ** No. Ul Mats ale aak.
K I C 11 MON 1> W H IQ.
hr.„ntk» II'm* ., iir,
This gentleman, in response to the proceeding* of the
Adierian ^Ute Convention of Georgia, hy which hi. IIO«i
nation to the office of Vie. Preeidcnt of the United Stato*
**• confirmed, has uldra»se,l to Dr. If. V. M Millet the
P real deni of that Convention, tha following patriotic t.t
ter. which we copv from the Roma (Ga ) Conner id the
26th ituitaiit:
Tl-Lir Gaovt, July 17th, ISA*
Sta Your letter of the 12th instant, informing in* of
my nomination hy the American party of Georgian*
candidate for the Vice Presidency oi the United dutea.
ha. Ijeen receive.!, and with it. tfta dci.rauoo.rf principle
adopted on the tame occasion. r
hor this mark ot respect and honor, I beg leaf* to Dra
sentmy grateful acknowledgments In accepting thi.
nomination I am hut adhering to tha obligation assumed.
Wl„.„ I yielded UJ the wishes of tha National American
party which placed me previously in nomination for tha
•amc office The principles avowed bv the two Conven
tions are MbaUntiali. the same They are th« principle,
taught too, by the fathers of the Rsvulutio., and. if
faithfully maintained, will mak* our Constitution and
Union invulnerable to the assaults of all toes whether
coming to us from a foreign laud or spnnging up in our
midst as facticLista and traitors. a a e
The people ot Georgia have doubliesa aome recollection
of the support which I gave u. the Compromise Mean.re*
of ISS'J as s final settlement of the slaeerv question A
Strong I Sort, both in lha North and the South ass
made to compel Congress to retrace its steps and the erv
was tha, acquiescence l„ those measure. was an inf.mims
..mendrrot *,te right*. In th.l eris.s I Mieved
the old doctrines of Democracy might he retied upon to
arrest the dangeis reeulting bom the irritations which
maraed the discussions of the day, hut the Induencea
which controlled President Pierce satisfied me that liua
party had lost it* vitality as a national one, and that no
course a as left for the disciples of Washington, Jefferson
and Jackson, but to seek in a new organisation the aid oi
the people ln reviving the matin.* of the pure day* of u.e
Republic, and lopping off the excrescence* which had been
“,'r, Up°'1 UUr ”“*:m lactioua and sectional contro
Retire the elecUtm ol President Pierce, prominent men
in the South, a* well a* in the North, blamed me lor in
stating that the Democratic patty was tha safest organ,
utton for securing the relorms necew-a.v to IranquUit.
the public mind, yet these same me., now'traduce and oa
lumuiata me lor not acting with them when they ate no- .
toiiously in alliance with those who oppose these reforms
hey desmed me, us an old Jackson Deiuociaf, to quit the
party when there was a hope of its being brought back to
it* ouginal doctrines, but when the proof became eondu
»ive that the |tower ol this party had passed into Ule
hands of the free-soiler and uullifler. they assail me with
the bitterest epithets.
When I endeavored to show that the Democratic paitv
was more sound than the Whig on the sectional i6ue.
“TV- ,v“on IO hope lhat the disciple* ol the Nash
Till** SfMlfhOM. IV.ni _J .L rv. *s .
--- *"v yianuim wniua
not gam pw««ion of the Federal Government. Now It
will scarcely be denied by any candid man that the poli
ticians who have given a dangerous direction to the hciv
ne* ot these two schools are notoulv acting with the mo
dern Democracy, but are reallv shaping it* policy aud dia
penning il* patronage.
Then too. it was a constant reproach to me, a* being
unfaithful to the cause of State right* and tbe cause <3
the South, that I did not denounce in terms ol unnieasur
ed abuse such men a* Mr. Van Mured and Mr. Bouton —
Now the tact stares us in Urn (ace that this modern Demo
cracy has made a nomination for the Presidency which
calls forth a voice ot applause and approbation tr’om Mi
\ an Boren and Mr Benton as loud as was ever hoard in
favor of Jefferson or Jackson, and rhi* too when it was
but yesterday that we wete threatened by this Democra
cy with a dissolution of the Union on account of the dan
*° *hJr!‘ wf w,,re to he eiposed by thedocbiota
oi t^»e Buffalo plaiiorru.
It belong, to the people Ur say what ought to be the
judgment on Mich iiicom-UtcncT, and whether we ai ould
still place power in the hands 'ol those who have made
the Democratic party a compound ol the in»a which has*
arrived one section ol the Union against another. Aa
members of the American party, and as good citizens, «•
can only do our duty, refusing to concur in measures that
arc m(U to the public Duaiu*. ami riiirtriiaiiinf) Uic
legal means in our power to the restoration ot those old
lasl,toned doctrines which made us so long a happy and
prosperous people. Inder the influence ot such doctrines
we shall hear no more ol squatter sovereignty or mob tri
bunals, but may hope to see Congress performing again
us constitutional duty as the guardian ot the righuof thw
bouth as well os the North in the settlement ol our pub
lic lands, and in the admission of the inhabitant* of ih*
Tern tones to the sovereign right* ol Slates, with or with
out slavery, a* they may determine for themselves wbeu
uniting a State constitution.
But it is not perhaps proper for me to enter into a dis
cussion of the causes which have constituted us without
reference to onr antecedents as Whigs or Democrats, a new
paity. 1 refer to them only in connection with the patriotic
declaration of principles made by the convetiion at Macon in
order that you may see how complete is my concurrence
with them, and how great is my appreciation of the honor
you have conferred upon me by an association of my name
wi’.h that of Mr. Fillmore in the noble effort to check thw
excesses ot party spirit, and effect a reformation as im
portant as that of 179b and 1800. I once did great in
justice to this eminent patriot and statesman bv holding
i him responsible lor what 1 consider an attempt to merge
the Whig party of the North into a sectional opposition to
the rights of the South; but whet, 1 law him rise auperior
to such local prejudices, and prefer the interests „f
whole country to that of tbe section in which he happened
to he born, I tnaje all amends in my power toolKi and
declared publiclv, long before I knew of the existence of
the American party, that he might to be called again bv
the united voice of the people to the chair of ih* Chief
lam, very respectfully,
T our obedient servant,
i, u v* u u „ A •» DONELSON.
Dr. n. l M. Miller. Piesident of the Convention
Extccnoa oi IxcixPiaaita.—Tbe Madrid Epoca of thw
bth quotes tbe following under date ofPalci.ua 4 th
"This morning, at 7 o’clock, five of the incendiaries ar
rested on t e 2Sd alt. were shot On* of them wat car
tied to tbe piace of execution from th* hospital bavin,
been woundnl by tbe handful of brave National ’ Guardi
who saved the factory of M Maitinez from destruction
.Notwithstanding the heinous crimes perpetrsted by lh**«
wretches, th* entire jwipulation i* anxious that such fright
ful executions should be suspended, and sn addrvwa i* ur■
mg signed, praying Her Majesty to spsre th* live* of thus*
who may be hereafter sentenced to death. To-morrow
SI1 unfortunate ........ .1... __ _ ...
... ' ■ —* vuuuirvil. IS
to l»o giroled in the suburb ol U Puebla Eight p.imo
era, charged will, incendiariam, hare jusl been brougbtiu
trom Ampudia. 1 *
A Won** as* Fir* Child** Br»-rr to Dkstn_Fla*.
“** Kni*n —A disastrous fire occurred in north street
Boston. Tuesday alternoou, destroying the Jefferson block
wid aeieral leuirmruta at the rear and on the corner ol
North and llaik street*.
The building* were muetly occupied b> IiUh taniUiea
and sailor hoarding houses. By the failing of the walla ol
houses, A W arren, a fireman, waa killed, and three cub
rw Were injuned. A woman and fire children were ta
ken horn the ruins, their bodies being so defsced ss to
del? recognition
It is rumored that oilier occupants perished in lb#
Itamea. The lost is estimated at fTS.iHiu.
Baiioos Asik*«ius.—-Mona. Godard made bis second
ascei.sion at Boston on Monday with entire ruccess The
great air r.-ssel row in the air amid Ihe cheeia ol about
trn lhousand persons who were , resent within the enclo
! sure M Godard during ihe flight went through a r a, is IT
I tor*. In the balloon were M and Madame Oodard H
Seeper, Esq , and two other gentlemen. The ballooi at
tallied a height of some Aim. feet and alighted In the wa
'T' DTr >’UnJ 11 ••««>* row and^landad
I safely on the shore.
HAIN M KM linoMi,
*“* * f“" 'omp*' mwi—* •<
ace manufactured la this reentry, ehleh sra otrrrt lee tats an r<a
on able terms »i the fb.-lory csss ran is, an* ihe bom absolute u4
•otlre satisfaction guaranteed to port ha Mrs The words of a Correa
pondent, ■ ,e, tor* *f1m mild, and tra lot* plmwnr, <a
Ue Imlt, It.rl W.lRcrNTtK* laefremenf. or, mad, epos y-n,
and egu.if U. any In Me world," hare Men „g g,Hy '
corroborated by the highest iretimoeiale Ireei nearly ONI THOC
MNP purchaser. in the past TWINTY TEAR*
Attention la aaked le the fallowing notice* of the ,r*o
GTcon. It, .V I . :nom.*rnnl VewSew-^^T,, ,
Dianna made by Mr II W creamer, of ihla ctt/Van a
aerpaaaed in all the tmalltlas -habrender .. W
[■**?" Me ,V r I njti*r and Knonlrrr ***
WoWraeraa > Pi •*.* The constantly l nr easing rrsatattoa. „f ik.
Plarn. Pbrtee manufaclored by Worcester .—a. "-T—n”**“** *'.***
"•*" ,hal » >rr^r'. InBrenJT.
aental aa they are admitted to be-,-. , TT*, •™orna
ganlmea of musical earellence n—M«i in their more aenantlal
[from IS, ,V y I'tmmarrlal A'/reef tear 1
"Throe dulcet Brain#-’ Of Which "eery truly rnure" ai..*. ■
not from u human throat, bait front on# of Hon e rulerfu -■ - ,
mechantam known ae "^oreeuterS Plan,,.
said, they «... h-rtb. non to *g^JTTJSt
Whieper.nga. lhe aeeeteet and no« perbcil, h.r«!^k.riw
Ana. Men that wu are aceo stoned £ Helen m
_ * bOIIU.laiatiM.NIU.g
I tyPHI rtl’W II RklPs»|;w. due* received be
J ftpreas. a supply •( Turnip a ed, .mbrs- in* th. rnlkolM **
„"*"*«* Tisi rtuMh
■•d Tm \ . .k
Whlu OloN hwu
Aod trim IN country (N Itvw Tm. KtgMIv rKMMaiy
UU N» Hi Iruad awusa.

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