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Iloa. Turn. Sruion Klocknov.—la accordance with
previous notice, thia distinguished gentleman addressed
a Urge aod enthusiastic gathering ol the American* and
Wingeof Richmond, on Friday night laat, at tha A tries n
Church. The principle* ol the American party were
ttucouglily discussed and ably vindicated. The Hunt iu
valerate opponent ol llroae principle# could not have ||».
tened (O Mr. FV lucid and cogeul eapoaitiou without be
ing »«u.fied, at least, that those who arwert and defeud
thain are actuated by genuine |iatriotia»i. Mr. F. held up
to llie amusement ol hia Itearvra the spectacle ol a randi
data for the Prmsdeucy declaring, iu affi cl, that lie was
air,Id to move about ou hU parly's plat torn,, lest he should
Isll oil ! lie contrasted Janies Huchauati, who “declined
hi auawer interrogations, mid thereby present Maw amp
purcassT i Mae as, with Millard Fillmore mho had noth
ing to conceal, and feared not to express hi* Sentiments,
Whale ret the consequence* to liimscll might be IHd Mr.
Fillmore, l be arlted,] when he landed iuNew Vork, or at
Alnany, d.-clare to the thousands of his fellow ettisens
win. assembled to greet hiui that lie had nothing iurther
to s*y than he already aaid in his letter ol acceptance
Uni he declined to answer hi* interrogatories, for fear that
he should present “new and different issues *" Nothing of
the kind I He was determined to make a clean breast
«H it, and told the assembled multitude at Albany, that
If t .ey persisted in their sectional warlare upon Snuthe-n
rights, they would be guilty of "mural trtamun Mr
Flournoy next proceeded to show that Mr. Buchanan was
committed to the “Squatter Sovereignly" doctrine, end el
though the Sanford letter was produced by his Irieiid* to
ex nio.aU him Iroin the charge, it was clear that Mr II
recognised the tight of Congr. *s to transfer or delegate
the power which he aaauni.-a Is vested in that body, to
the “people of a territory.’*
Mr. Flournoy spoke lor nearly two hour*, and lully sus
tained his reputation lor eloquence and argumentative
At the close of hia remarks, Messrs. J. M. Hotls, Mar
nwduke Johnson and A. J. Crane were severally* called
upon, and briefly addressed the meeting. Mr llotts will
speak at the African Church, on F'ridav night.
The meeting adjourned with three cheer* for Fillmore
ami clirvtf luort* for Flournoy.
it*is . DklicioI* Haim I —Tile i.waiis of our citis--us
expanded with vinotloiis of grateful delight on Saturday
last After enduring with .|| the fortitude which thet
could ailiuiuon the parching drought ol the past lou'i
l*lelr fervent wislies and anxious hopes wen- at last
gloriously realixed. Some weathcr-aise philosopher ha.l
in advauce asserted that rain would fall on that day. He
had been a close observer, and during a period ol font
yea.* had noticed that on the first .Saturday iu Augu-t
1*111 would surely come. There had been only two fail
uie* in his experience, and on one ol those occasion* lull
ws. snlMiiiuted for rain. Be this as it lusy, it is curlaiuli
true, that on Saturday last «e were la Voted with a gene
rous, an-cooling, soul-inspiring, old fashioned shower.—
I Dark clouds hovered over the city during the forenoon
and about 3 o’clock, M., the doubts ol those who cx
| peeled another disappoiulUMUt weie happily dispelled lit
a copious outpouring of the jocund raiu.
Comuissiov Ill'll M ms.—A case was brought belore the
ajyor on Jwiurui;, wlienmi it wu proved UuUouuiiuio
■ion bueineas is not alway* a paying business. Alberts.
Join-, a huckster, value into tbe pres, nee ol his II..1101 11
an*wer to a siiiniiious, to show cause, if he could, why lie
sh'iuld not be lined for buying and selling chickens in t <■
6n.l nmket, in violation of law; also, to show, ifhu could,
why lie should not be expelled Iron, the market sltog. il,
er. \\ ilb regard to tile put chase of the lowit, the usual dr
leucc was set up, namely : he waa telling 011 commission
but the Mayor's experience bad given him a correct in
sight into this "commission business,'' and lie atraighlwa.
put a line ui #5 upon Allien S. Junes. Tile uiifortunal'
count. , in n. who sold the chickens to Jones expressed 11.
little anxiety with regard to hit pav, but lie could gel tm
Altlbcatiom.—In the Hustings Court ruom at .Norfolk,
on K.idav last, while tbe couit was in session, an alterca
tion occurred between Mr. Mayo, the Commonwealth'*
Attorney, uud Mr. J. U. lieiidrcn, deputy Sergeant
during which the latter wns struck in tbe face by Mr. M
Afterwards, Mr Mavo made an apology U> the court, slid
Mr. lieiidrcn tendered Ins ^resignation. Thus the* mat
ter terminated.
MosroouKBT SratNut — We ore pleased to learn, lays
the Montgomery Herald, of tile 21st ol July, that their
are over <mu visitor* at the Montgomery While Sulphu
Springs, 2.5 at tbe Allcglmny, and lietween 511 and its.
at th. Yellow Sulphur, making in all about 000 visit.**
in Montgomery—mure than five limes as many a*, were
here this tune last year. The surcess uf these places is
uuparaleiled in llieiiistoiy uf summer resorts.
DeaTM or a M1 mister —Kev. i’eler De Forrest, an aged
minister ol the Methodist denomination, and a citizen of
Kicliinond, was found near the half way house on tbe Pe
tersburg Railroad, last Thursday afternoon, in a dving con
diliou. liis death occurred in u short time alteraard.
The supposition that fie wandered Iroui hit home while
laboring under aberration ol mind,
Oituagc.—The Weslou lierald publishes an account
of the death of a lad named Andrew Mollohaii, in Brax
ton county, from the effects ot deep potations of whi»kt,
given biiu by two men, whose names are not mentioned'
lor the purpose ol "having some tun." Such conduct
ahoold not go unpunished.
Fists.—Stephen Cooley was tiued £3 011 Saturday, fur
using water from a hydrant without paying for it. Mar
garet VVe-t and Philip Devats were each bued $5 fm
permitting water to be wasted unnecessarilv. French A
Mayo were huei £t fof obstructing the gutter on Capital I
street with wood, on the night of the 31st of July.
Fitiuoitt M ultimo.—On the night ol the 31st ull., the
friends ol Fillmore in l.yucliburg held an enthusiastic
meeting, upon which occa*ion eloquent speeches were
made by John M. Speed, Esq., of that city, and Anthony
Bran. Ii, Ksq., ol Texas.
Disc 11.sold—Philip It. Minor was arraigned beton
the Mayor 011 Saturday, 011 s charge ot assaulting and
threatening to beat Jesse Roach ; but nothing appeared
in the evidence to sustain the complaint, and Minor ws«
Assault.—On Friday last. Win. T. I.ipscomlie app.au -
ed before the Mayor to answer a charge of assaulting and
ill-treating John McRobert; and after a lull investigation,
the accused was recognized to appear before the grand
jury- _
Cox nil til.—A charge was made at the Mayor’* court
on Satunlar against Mr*. Hen.leu ol selling ardent spirit*
without a license; but in order to investigate the matter
more fully, his Honor saw fit to ooutitiue it.
Sext to Jail.—A while man named Charles Cook wa
•ent to jail on Saturday by the Mayor, as a person of evil
name and fame. The chain gang will thus receive an ad
dition of one.
St!HUE* IIkatii.—Mr. Win. I*. Foote, a well known
merchant, died suddenly in Alexandria on Friday last.
Killkh by Liuiitjcixo.—Mr. Win. G. Swigor was kill
ed by lightning in Harrison county, on the 28th ult.
A Ccas ms Amuse.—1There are many well aliened cases of cures
of Ihli (iUlrruiiir comulftmt t#v (lie bh of th** Wild n.erv« «««..
I»hie»l by Dr Wi«tar, In hi* famoni Cough Balsam, which medicine
hM achieved a world-wide refutation.
A PRommi IxvanTMEWT.—If yon would rave twenty dollar* Id
physicians' fees, and twlca that amount in time, buy a dollar battle
of Perry Haris'Pstn Killer for family use; you will never regret It
CHIIIdEBd.-A Certain Cure for thla disease
§4^ ~T ** h*uud In Die use of PJCIIKY DAVU' VKtlKTA
hi.k pain kii.i.kk,
iMsigtr, Iowa, May ft, IHftft.
flentlemen I feel under obligations lo you for the benefit I have
received from your invaluable I'aln Killer. A few days since I aasls
ted In laying out and burying on* of our rltlfen* who waa supposed
to base died with the Cholera The next rooming I was taken with
•rvrre vomiting, accompanied with coldness of the extretnltt* —
Warm covering and hoi appllcatlous failed to restore warmth. My,
wife's family, who had used the Pain Killer with surceM during the
Cholera season In Buffalo, In !*41». advised roe to take It. I took two
dose# at Interval* of fl'U»en minute*, a fine perspiration ensued,
and Die next day, barring a little weakness, I waa well, and have
been since. Fine* roy recovery I find that several «f the c'tlaens
have used the Pain Killer aa a remedy for Ctrolera, pronouncing It
g«»nd I therefore take pleasure In r«c«.mmr tiding it to a still more
extenalee notice W. M CKO/4 KK, Atfy at Law.
HHOOKLfNK. Pea ft, 1«6l.~
To Farn W fowit, My I>tor Sir -Having e*,*.
rieno-drr suits of a aatlsfactory character from the use of W H
TAKH It AM A M or WILD CMkKRV, in case of severe cold*, dur.
lug the past two years, f am Induced to express the full faith I have
In II* renovating power
I wa* fl'st Induced to try this medicine ae an experiment, about
•wo year# ago. in connection with the strong recommendation of a
friend, who was well nigh gone with consumption, and whose relkf
from the use of U eatI.fled me of Its great value In case* of cold* and
drrlln-, and most clearly demonstrating, to my mind, It* great val
u* *• 1 restorative, thal on I* needs a fair (rial lo Insure a grateful
demonstration from the public
Tour obedient eervant.
ant -d Awlw PAMt'KL A W Af.K KK
None genuine untoua signed f HITT* on the wrapper.
WII.LIAM 0 MANAHAN . Panrairrna
jomn «i.a
WM If. MIDDLKTON..Treasurer
WtLL exhibit In RICHMOND, on Wednesday, Thursday, Fri
day and Saturday, August lAth, 14th, 15Di and U«li. for four
days only.
Anvfsmox 50 cent#; Children and Pervants half price.
Doors open at I 4 and T Performances at 9If and 9 o'clock, P M
Among the principal MrfoOBgrt may be found the names of
If He Franck Vie, the Floral Ftpiestrlenna,
Madame flhowle*. the Kngllsh delineator of the srone* of the
Tournament and (Trivalry,
W. On*i.i . the greatest K/ptestrlan of the age,
Master Cha# Phay, the Hlcarsgaa Juggler,
The Vend-art Brother*. In their various acta.
With JIMMY KKTftOMMI, the f/rewf (1<>*rw.
For particular* are Hills In ptnclpul Met el* as4-fe
HrRftKTF. 4c, are manufactured at the Virginia P* niton
K.t.MliAnpMi North ar,
Irirltrd to call and raaailn, our Merit at th,
_____No. IT r«arl <Rr«t
T fi t, II H 1?« M.I. Ohalfdo P.tomar rtit Hrr
^ '° »rr,T» *T WOMRI.lt A CLAISORNt
No. II nartm.
HOH" f"' IRS MDKA. >
" tlror, f..r Mi. JtMBtWINITnV
P«'7' WOKS,jnSt l.DKMR «>it
■ II AM* Boreal-bjr WOMBI R A Ct.AlHOMVR
*** , No. tl R-a.IAt
■”r*F ««< TAwrawriirri'N
“■* * ' !” a!***""* Coot. W.,h« ,nd |r„nrT,
er«* _ at.4 At IrtM. A RAWUVOP
p»*k» i'usARtiir i tflki.irn;.or,.
* f"r *•* li»WJ _ JAM IktNNTON.
iooskw-*- - ""“awffer
I gf—U nothin.
Mod Extraordinary Keuiedy Known.
E_m«« EXFIR1E.NCF lo Uw ml. „i
•OB h*i«thek<ibneakt clotioi"
hai aauaA-d vu that than l. Bo thing knows la Uw owdu al oorkt,
whirl, will at all uoupan wuh Uwm. TWj an ImWmJ waMw. of
| the "trawy mu4A+r
It may lw ukl of thru,, wllhoa, f,„ of coolndlrtloa or proof w
I Uw contrary. that if ih.y applw.1 at an, u«w pn'hna lo Uw
actual rLIng of Uw loot, th.y will promptly allay .11 IrtBam.Uon
MU... all palu and pr.r.ut Uw knaat from Calhcrln(. and fur
tharmon. If Uw br.arl .Iwuld actually rw. twin. Uw cloth, can tw
had.Uw application and conataal wearing of lh.m will prodoc. awch
a condition of th. br»a* a. to laaun thopndlnt pomibl. cun.
•tnry nttlhrr d*ould twv Uwm by her. and follow In th.lr ... the
direction., Which alway. an nut with Uwui.aad our word for It Uw
wtUu.,., know what It I. to ha., wrlou. mtf.rl„g with h«r hr.’a.t.
IW A r.uituan.. of Bluo, accompanied by II cenu worth of
pocta*. .lamp., will wear. Uw prompt traaamiaaloa by mall af a pair
»f thne doth, to any part of tlw llnhod Main.
Th«y arc for sale by
A Dig A OKAY, Wholesale and Retail Agonta,
>47 Main MroH, Richmond, Virginia
And by MCADE A BAKER, ltd Main *., Richmond. Ya.
r“u direct Ion. fur applying ttwoa Obuha, will oocompooy
»'Ziff C’I’BBB: bom DISBNTBRY.—Daring th.
proTab-nco of dim*. It become. Uw duly uf..or.
cltit.1. u> oak. known aucb nnwdlm a. ar. calculated n> chock lu
******** M »» to cur** it. fur this rrunn Um Proprietor ..f ha
Ik MWnUon lo theta, fully aaikBml from cap.rl.ncin hi. own Urn
ly, and from numberkm ocrllAcalm In hk pomr..ion. that tb.r ar.
Uw be.i and moat .poedy remedy to b. had for tlw curtain rum ..r
7—>:.7-,u >«* fcvma. Th- vrgdahi. Ingrudknta from ohm,
'•"T. B,U*r* ,r* compounded, apart from eip.ri.ac., l„. I,,.. that
oothlogcan aurpam them lu hooting ami p-rtnan-nUy curing dim.
7? 5SJrr*'a°' Uyarnury. S. ohm m.y *dc.“ l,
Mui ar If with oil amt calomel until doomsday, ami he rnr art lunui
rall«f by tlw frr. um of laudanum, ImtTu ‘mXlTk'lo mrf.c!
"h"* r"u*ln ln anbcattl,^
b" ^ IU *a assuredly effect a cure •» Uiey are taken
•»..! the propr»etor urge* on the public the necessity of trying tl.«*ia
rtiey will also retlexre constipation of the hovrli, when taken ac
2221 tm***€*?nm' r4 • Mrv,,r r«r disordered
,X }o"1r‘,wllt •«* be* “«« »«'• Ud ,ry them an.
,T,'‘^ ^ ff *!)**• I'cinc ,|wl liruygkta In RI<hm..o.l Aliy *|o,,
-f Uw billowing Djmggi.i. I‘wl A Btav.ua, Aka.mlrU Va . T ll!
viKin^* r * I;Ur!',c‘-v '"mon A Tr.ylnr, P.lrr.bnrg,
Ya , Rlrw A Tay. Norfolk. Va.J.B. Caaaphdl. PorUmooth. v.„
***""• 'Vlhla.n.burk- Va. johlwtaa A Uo . Prod.rlckdn.rg,
44 * Cm.,Danville, Va.,and Druggists In Karuivtll*
*•- 1J- * Uw . BrnhhA.14. Ya., Bibb A Well., Cb.rktl..
u" n Btauntoli, V,.. W. U. MpptU, WUmllwton
Y. 0.. Uhartr. Bu.it 4 C..,, Waahlngtoo City, D. C., Canby a jUirh
talliniur.. Mil., Ih.l. kcr A MlUor. Co.lugtou, Ky . Stabler A Jon..,
Lynchburg. \ a., and Ironi Drug*,.I. and Store, generally. For or
lua .L-* K. UAKFR.
I"4-4"_ __Biol.round, Va.
tir TI,K ™''TH AHOI 1 III It
Tl xr OIL. Kli'lllnif Anrtl loth K*jt
During a sleigh ride thlv winter paet, I discovered my horse's leg
r*w' **ie •kin off a place larger thau tar ham*. a*.c .!«•-«* j
rubbing on tlw ln*ide of »u «»•»*»•. 1 applied your Turf Oil, Mnd in
a dag or ivu he waa well. Another case. A mule which I was work
tag to my dray became unable to walk. Ou examining Ida bnit 1 I
discovert d a nail about two Inches long up to the head. My driver
and the neighbor* said be Would l>e good for nothing. I dr»w the
nail out, Inserted a piece of lint and your Turf Oil, and set him n>
work at once, and from that moment he has not lost one hour, but
Is as g-Hnl as ever. 1 slso saw a horse badly snagged on the outside
of bis tblgli in two places, one about two Inches deep and four Inches
wide, bum which be was stiff a day or two Your Turf Oil was ap
plied. and It brought (hem out entirely sound. It truly Is one of the
great**i reinedle* for Sores I have ever known, and I have lived In I
a drag store for several years. Uac tills aa you think proper.
„ M ^ Very truly, j. H. WkIMiiaCK.
To Messrs. Dorn k Go.
Gentlemen : My child had commenced breaking out last tall in
•mall enre«, which gradually extended over the entire brad. Inclu
4llt( both ear*, which Were »o much eaten by the sores, a* U* c»uk
me to fear that Uitli ears would drop .»(T. 1 tried ail aorta of adv« r
tl*ed and domestic remedies without any good result. I then pro
cured and applied a little TL KK OIL. It began to gel better, the
t*ottle got broke, and we a plied galls to It ; it again began to get
rWw* daughter said, "Pa, do get some more of tha'
Tl Hf Oil. ; sister'* head looked so much better when you used It."
We got another bottle, and her hesd »• now nearly well. This wa*
an aggravated case, and took half an hour every day to Work It,
tod It was very offensive One more bottle. I feel assured, will cur.
her entirely, a. there is h it llule ..f the disease remaining. You are
*otitled to this, and for tiur benefit of others, 1 take great plrasur*
ii giving y«*u this certificate. Hrspectfully,
„ v. __ B. T. CHALK
To Messrs. IM|YP | Ct).
_ 1,11: ' h • oi in i: i > c iii *i % n
^ IIAIK Is but Imperfectly understood etrrn hy tlio»r
• 1.0 make the greatest pretensions. T»ie most of the popular Hair
Dyes of the dav u»ay, for the Uuic, color the hair, but soon to U
succardrd by a tarnished green, or other unsightly appearance.
bogie's Fleet/ic Hair l)ye la void of these noxious properties. It
msUiitly dyes the hair a beautiful natural black or brown, which
ucitber water nor sunshine can tarnish In the least, and *'lo make
assurance doubly sure" his ar>nts are authored to refund the no
ney If the most perfect satisfaction Is not given. Price ho cents,
#l.ia*and I .fill per ca*e. Inventor, W. (logic, Boston, and sold bj
Druggists everywhere.
Alii: VOI ClF.TTI.kli II.k I. Ik »
I* your hair turning grey? Do you wish to cultivate good whis
kers and moustaches* kour hair to he soft, silky, and gh>s«y *—
Vour head to be cool, comfortable, and free of dandruff* Mothers !
are your children to have luxuriant heads of hair? Then use Bn
ULK's lltrrai.ix KLim. which Nvvsa vails In its unerring effect*.—
Price* 25 eta. 50 eta T5 eta. apd $1 fi* \*-r bottle. (logic's Hali.i of
hytherta stand* unrivalled for eradicating tan and p*mple*,and beau
tifying the complexion. Price fill cts Inventor and proprietor, W
tfOGLK, I tost on, and sold hy Druggists everywhere
Soar* Mothers' Breast (lollis.
"« have a aupply ul these Invaluable article, on hand, an t
• uuM call the attention of the public to the advertUelnrnt In an.
oUi.r column. MEADE i BAKER. Ch.tm.ts,
»’_l-C Main »tr*»et. m.rtl.Wr.t rornrr of loth.
I'M!: EM lIt lSI S DC tllsc n. A.
Im2?ALI.E.N'S SCHOOL will hr returned on Mum u. 1 lull.
September, at ber realdence, on Elr»t rtreet, txtvnn CUr and Mar
AI.EX. Illl.l.. Importer and Manufacturer of
Sv Ladle,' and Gentlemen', Hoot, ami Shoe,, No. 147 Main
Mtrret I. now prepared to tumuli Id, frlrndi and in. public |r,r
rally, wttfi lluot,,Mon,Tttau, Ctarn 11.os, V.LictM, Ac , of a
quality tli.t cannot to- aurpamrd. and at price, that cannot fall to
Pj'*” *>• ln want of good OuilM and at low price, will call on
Mr. IlitA, where they can he pleaard in price, quality and atyle.—
IH-jj.lt. A.____ Jyl6
yjy- eom hi tuiiiiu: i a> it n\ skateri .
—Chaptn.tr. S|«cedy Cure for Itlarrhu a and IlyM-nter)
t« .upcrlor to anylhlug In u-r t„r thcc affection,. It .inker at tl*
riH.t „f the dl-caar, eradicating It with a certainly unequalled. It.
•uccea* I, a-i great ttiat »t ran wairaut a cure or no bum. Price s»
eta. for rale, wholeaale and retail, by
W. C. HATTAILE, Bole Agvnt,
Dr up and Chemical Store, corner 4th and Broad atreet,
i**E8_Richmond, Va.
■■e Jar- Pit i i he: m i ni s, i imikiv; «i.av
SES, BLASS PLATE, A, M FRANCK,410 Broad .treet,
Kk-houind, \ a , keep, con,Unity on hand fancy and plain material In
every branch of hi. bualneaa. He a.k. a call from all who have pic
lute-to^rarn, , ,.r WL-I, n. buy ai t„-1, , in hi. hue. jyV
S. EOl STAIN*, delightfully cool and rcfrrahlng, with all
toe rlclt and deheiou, cream ami fruit *yrut*, fur aale at
MEADE A BAKFR * New Apothecary Store,
_JI®_ i-r, n u Corner of Main ana 10th iu.
iSHITICE.-Tothe Ladlr.and tlentlrmrn Kiel
Pate ..’I .1 ml thj (VtHNfrp v-ntraliy. All I have to ray
to “>F cu.lotuer,, trtrnd., and the Public generally, l«: that I can
now lurnlan ladle, ayd g» ntlcmuli with Boot,, Shjr, and (latter, ,
that cannot he rurpajicd either here or elrewhere.eltlier of my own"
manufacture, or of the belt boot, and ala*a manufacturetl caprr,,
ty for me In Pari,, hy the premium Boot maker of Prance, (that t.
Melee, of Pan,,) »u that all In want of Bo. t, and Shoe* of rupee, ■
quality, ,uch a, cannot he purctiaae,! elacwliere call at
„ . . ALEX. HILL'S.
Manufacturer and Im|a,rtrr of Ladle.’ and Hentlrmcn', French
Jrt Uoot* and Shoea, No 14J Main ,1. Richmond, ft.
IK*# s' fllER I Alt 17 It SlideTg. Ihavelu.t
lUn e* rrccle.Ml an additional *upply of Haute Mrrtun.Thrrad.
Silk and Cotton llaota Siiibt, and liatwra., together with an aa
•ortmet l of (iauar Bodle,, a new and .upertor article for rummer.
W. F. OWEN*.
JT--_ Opfioriic American II.tel.
now ,n More a complete ocontinent of BENT'* EL K
NISIIINU HOODS, to which I Incite the attention of gentlemen,
twtng asrurrd that In |>oint of beauty and atyle they oatlHtof he aur■
pita—ed My aarorttnent of Oautr. Thread, Silk and Merino Under
Dre*. Ii unprecedented a, regard* quantity and quality.
SHIRTS, of every »tyte and quality, made In the Iwrt manner,
and exprraalv f*,r my aaler. liorom, of erery variety, ready to put
In ahlrU, wttli a large and varied aaaortmrnt of everything pertain
log to my hu.tnra* W. p. OWENS,
*POppovlte Ante! lean Hotel.
N4»'rH'£.—Haring been appointed Agent, for the
Ew, aale of the celebrated Spool Cotton Manufactured hy
nv—r-. John Dick A Son,, Ularguw, we rltallhe ruppllcl at all
time, with a full aaaortmrnt direct from the Manufacturer!, for ulr
ai u,c lowest .sew 1 ura price* He can guarantee this Cotton lo be
fully equal In quality to any manufactured, and with confldrnre re.
commend it to the trade.
»!<«■_KENT PAINE A 00., Agent*.
J * Aa KF.I.YIN haaremoved hla Furniture Fatah
Bs llalimenl to the spacious andrlegant Wareroom under
"COKINTIIIAN II ALL," Main tttrret, aboee the Maliks, and hae In
operation all tlx appliances Incident to an extensive business.
Sire to tay to their customers and the public, that
Ihay arc In receipt of a very great variety of «aw rittaos, end aa
on* of tlx House Will be In market moot of the Reason, buyers may
lie assured of finding the most DRRIlt ABI.F RTYI.E8 at all l.mee
IW A Complete assortment td Family Llnana, Cottons and Rer
ganta Moods. March 8.
SJIf HI I'Nf SllfUTS! J».| opened a Urge and varied a*.
T aortment of Linen, Cotton and colored Rhlrla of reery make
and description, merle hy “Denikins" celebrated pattern, which In
every Instance wr warrant to Rl, being regularly cut by measure
ment anil made In beat manner and of good material. We ean insure
satisfaction In reery partlcntar, alaoA large assortment of Under
Rhlrta ami Drawrra of l.lnen, Rllk, Mauxe Merino and other desirable
klmlr, together with a large and varied eaeortment of Collars of rvr
ry style, S Ifoee, Mlovee, Cravats, Opera Ties, Ruapendrra, and In
deed everything pertaining to the "Mrnt'a Furnishing Hu-lne#." to
which we Instte special allrntlon W. t. OWFNR.
aut _ Oppoalfe American If tel
SIIUU I It 11% Ilf o.
cool during the present l.ot weather, should make frequent ap
plication of the Rhower Rath, not only on the score of cleanliness,
bol personal comfort. For asle by
«■! Rri.RI.KY A CO
SI II % A N I k% A Y f I', II. '
wanted fur the balance of the year as Porter In mr Rtore
■■I «K F BITLFR, IP Main Rtreet
\JkT E w I II N »: W ANTED. A hrnlthy. grenterl
▼▼ pitting woman, lo a ' lo that capacity, will be rendered ,. m
forlable, wills liberal wages, one without Incumhrance preferred, by
application to this ogle# aul
CAOfl tfOW PAI-.n PAWN AC.-Jii*t resolved Common
J Palm Fane, Patent l-ratbrr llelta Ac
HANDSOME PI.AID «II.KS. -Our aaaortment Plaid
. Rllka la still eery good and we are telling them very rheap
•'ll _____ __ 0. HARTWKI.I. A OO
<I IMM I k, |i«i b o, Chemical.Rperm Adamantine and
J Jarkaona's Tallow Gandlea, for sal* by
d inf ill. bags Rio and Lagul *i- t<y
V • 11 _TINRLFY. TARDY A rt>
HI. ARtll.R, tt!' liWt. prime Molpeme, fat hhs prime Mua
Komi M l M. iimaaimin ATTORN FT tr mi «nd
< NOT ARY PUBLIC, haa removes! hla office to hla realffenre, on
Mover nor street, two donrt above the Richmond House, and not far
from hi* former "flier j T IY
NO 1 II I .
WK will continue the sale o' Messrs RICHARDRON A OO’R
Rlock thl* morning at 10 oYlocfc.
The moat valuable portion of tb- at rk la yet to be anM, aorh aa
Rich Drees Rllka, Prints, Rllk tldk’h, grown and Hlraehrd Moods
Irish Linen*, Ar. RENT, PAINE A CO .
J" * Auctioneers.
■ .TOM * 11,1 :r, si,ares \ a . Cesitral Rallr. sd Rlock.
iy Rl I# American M ori
III to n n ni ri hiom nm %m% hah
*W MFRFD Halt IRON, now on board boat Jenny l.lnd. In
the bnatn, to be landed thl* morning, for ante from the boa! on Urn
be*l term* l s»S11 CRFNRHAW A OO
CiOEEEE • HNt Of earloate sites. Coffee Oregntn and 1g.
' gin# with Rtralners, Heart's Patent Coffee pota, with many
otn-r articles for making coffee, n,r .ale by
Slf.AHS. a*. ,,ar. I and C yellew. ftw sa'e by
f ISO Ton# No, I Peruvian Muano, for tale by
” >T** ** _____ rMA* T Wortham a t I
(I «!«* T r.’N PALE SORT AND Pi.ANi.
J RTARCH, psat Ian tied and far tale be
iPw Ooroer Ptarl and Oary air test
M. L KRRT. />*• | A * BKMTLKr, TV. | W. A ISAACS teV
kiwDf'o^.,itAZ*“00“' I MIMAWHiT.
^T HANDuLrira mookstvkk. iti main sthkkt
ah 1-1. IW, 1 S‘fUc* ’* £***
_U_»u _£
Jlou nurra os ... i;,»> htlasilhs
SL^r'*- eHS*- £2? • *3. *
All.# ^ 2 I Iv* torti v* Cv«H, Arc t
Arabia S'* Liverpool, An' »
Vl«T ’ 5^*?' a Lln.nwol *la Halifax. Aar IS
AUaaiir ?:r tz!- UllZl , -M '«
«—*3: i2.iJ
*•«%. L'vrrtwol, Au« Yu
Mu’ *rW Vurl,» Il»vr« via C#trt, Au*. VS
n. „ rKOM U EOFK “**
Waifnt, Nr* York. JMu yy
•st' ass satrt: : 2
sst- fc-JEs£r~~* a*5
_ ro“T OF RICHMOND. AL'OL'ST tt. |>M
_— Ml MR-HS Mrrn « Rf aia. «^ r t
£*fl! «'• P'JT'’*liS. Tv'“•<* ofBl-air.
SU p »m. Kins, Foll.rd, Jam.. R|,„. Brmnrh 4 ^
H* la > BAII.KI),
ric«iu. r I wariuii'M, John. lujiu lu<i_. i.llUfc. . ... .
t*r Tr:"Curr1'- ^ w*«“*T‘
s^ss ar *c
u ...... MKMlIKA.MDA.
^ cU"’J •« "«* Turk fur Klrhawad.
T~- llrlm, 11.1111,... rlrarrd at naltla»..rr for Rkl.BM.ml Ausunl.
U l.r.'fll. Tn U ,u •*“«* ,.«nrd by Ur duuni.
Tih* lots* ai'ii'ialntaiicv of lhl« In.ittut ic. «td. d »»•» ItiHOMry.
SLSa^rjsizsar *,,,,uu-*'!'
To Faruirn.il ban I. •- ... ,.,»rr-Ir. in ll.. vrry rxlmslrr conn.
lb Pr*"l',| '•■r lli.uranr.. ..ldT„iJ .ftUr u
-IS, u".n .u,T-7rl!ur'll.‘^,,rT.nI1'n rt‘U,° ",>d" ,ucl'
I, . f’ M AUKIINU,
»• Ji K**» «f K«ut. Palnr A Co.
II. H. Qr mk>
Wa. Br»«a. „f IWr. A P..lndr*trr.
H. M. lav. of II. W. Fry A Buna.
J. A. IkUlM
A. K Pakkaa, of Parker, NltntnoACo.
K M aneaukru, „f Wadaworth, Turner A Co.
Turn. StMikik. of (tkmx.n A P»e
£■ )'■ »< C. w. Purceil A Co.
II I.. WlXeTok
o e Mlk.T--a, of Wlo.loo A Power..
8. T. Pl'LLlAM.
H. A. CL.iaoaka.
P. Ci'u.kk.
O. W. 8jhth, of Smith A Harwood.
» L. COAVARD1V, .‘ircrrhlry.
(Gradual, of the Philadelphia Colic*, „l Pharmacy.)
apotiii:('akii:a, < hn.nivm a iiiii (.i.ista.
nAA’K opened and filled out with every rnnrrnienrr and tm
proteme," an APOTHECARY AND DKPfl STOKE at 1*
>m If'Miae Ttielr faclhtlea and experience are rueh, that they feel
warranted In .,yi„, if.i Phyal. |,na> order, and pr«erlp Iona and
ever, pharmaceutical preparation, will be filled and prepared,,,,
TW^aW' " W *ny '*,h" •—Mt.I.n.eMTCe
Their ainck l. entirely weir, and ... wleci.d with *reat care br
themaelvea in peraon. and no artlrle will be Itaued which may n.rt
tCJMiH .7 iVl ni“'’n i"r Pr°,,rr *,rr"‘"A »nrt /-ofycf character
BxUe D,ui, Al "l 'T' X'"Bp,?c P»re and re
«er.mTr Ch.™*lcal«. Patent Medicine., Sur*t,al
Pith. CRIITIONS will he accurately dlapenacd hy one of the'iutrt
nera, at all hour, of the day or nl*ht, j.i6
aell hla Farm, alluated one mile al-o.e Powhatan Ct
Uouwr, contain In* between four and fire hundrcl acrea-on^htu..
•1C Improved and In floe condlt.on -
dwellm. ouim 'J"", 7 "**; c°mforlable and convenient. The
!u ulu.n "'"mo.lwui.nd every neceaeary build In*, machine. !
M.Tmv. TI,r »'rr«ire •»!«• from the farm r..r four rear.
!..n.iiVor,M MUr:
Jyfil— 'iawini jos A j. _g
fatRUlrer pleaae copy and tend tend bill t0 P .whatau Houar
TJNHIS pleaaantly al.ua,«. aw
■ .e.xdhvJNo w FRRNCH a?WotSa^||
Ot Powhatan county, waa openwd on Monday, the 14th luatantlOr
the accommodation of Ihr traeelln* public and re.id ot boarder.
It la Ure Intention or u.e Proprietor, to keep . flr.t ml.. ll,.tel !
and no pain. will to- .pared on their pan to make the 0.1,.urn of all
who may favor them with their patrona*. pleacant and Oitree.nl,
P. J Saar via, Clerk. *RKNCH * MAVO' •'"MT'etora.
Jin N Pieacn, In the Bar jyfll—-*awlm
i* jrhQuirer pleaae copy and eend bill to P. H.
RBjfiWSWMtt 8?
fSL" *•£"* of Richmond, adj. Inin* the lar.d. uf Mr., IVot and
oh.j*V h" «rm*ma. >» and handwmely finiahejh
Hou'e " J"'llio*, there la a food kitchen. Barn, stable and Ice
Ihr Memi^' p"! T ,arv r«-«l*cctfully reque.tvvl to eiew
in»* prriuisr*. ror T. run. Apply to
JVI" »•»»!> 1>IN A AFFkllSON
dZxfssir* ***u,r m,"u" *'i“ ^ ^
laX'itiSsil;*7 Qood‘wia
f|,,tV‘tS,„%" *** M* Tt'r “ndeeajfned reapeclfally
*- '“•nrm. the clllaeii. of Richmond that hr ha. rraunwd the per
-mal Ch»r*e of the practical branch of hi. hu vnea, and m now Ei
H J*n ,'",l'"f KAMlbY l.tl.AE PREAli thc
tuallly of which, he flitter, hlmvrlf, cannot he aurpaaaed. Fn>m an
baker for Oh-A*alor Sltnam7«i£w<VilHf<>hS!l> >rA,‘ ** prl'tclpal
lurtte the atten.htn of U- p'uhl,, 'u> i,,/ bIuu. IfciSX cTSSJ nSi
.heir te^*„prrt:,;,t”,^,,thhU,;’r.?:.
fully Noliclt ft cotituiuftDro of pant favors. JAMES A PAM
J,‘ " litk. r. Main .**t . opp «:ir a Duval's Pruf Siorv
V^AI.I Alll.l i \ || ?| ON \\ till \ VInICI H(
•uUNcrilyrra «rv authorised to sell the Farm on whirl. Mr Hie ha n!
mtka'whTlkn.h ““ ?* *'’“Ul ,kl' "f "K Wllli.otO.qr* road.
rnllra below Richmond, contalnlr * Is". Here., of which Inn a rea are
1,1 -<*«> . T1' lmproretu.nl. are aufflclent f .r the ac
M m ." «f * m,K,'‘'*lr »'*cd family, ron-Uet.i* of an rlcelhnl
dwelllnf with five room., * owl Well of water, Ivryc t.arn, atoltlr Ac
-mT:,/;1-;? ,o »*“r ''•*»•««rrnue,t,j t„ »„. ,i,r p*,mtar,'
dan.!* * ‘h“ “y U“* t} Mr' OMkl"* Term, accommo.
l:. -Weharc .till on hand a Terr l.ree ...
with pTnt, .. i V I I Cll.tl. and Aloaeca Coate, together
with I ant. and \r.t. of vv. ry deacrlptlon. which, a. the evaeon i.
advancing, and our etock being large, w, will a. II uncommonly low
A! Iwr aak I. a call. Al KUCHA NT, WtUIUUI A CO.
-Jr" . No 111
a I* *Urch * ®l,r ^oaajr fluid, t,, l.'ncn- I are.
Ac _, retain, lie trenaparenry and at,flue.a In all kind, of weather
atid require# no boiling when uw1 For aale at -earner.
MfcADK A HAKKR'.w New Apothecary Store,
* ■ IWH aa corner of Main and loth ate
S OIL linjiini1' F™1 ’IIMN Asia st lit.,.
tAL AI | LI ANCK8, of ettrr «lr*cr!pti<>n, for ulc by
,„5 „ MEAOK A It A K Kit, Chemlata,
______ ,s" ”■ '* corner of Main and It'll, .t.
F^l^ESS!^r" *.. *- *-«*. £
•ss ..
T1*** INI S I inPOHTRD 1)1(1 tltsTofarailetr
M. of th« nioft »rlnt brand*, for «alp •( ^
A IIAKKlCfl Near A pnlh, eary Store.
__AS* N. AA corner of Alan, and loti, ,t,
SiVl!* s| 'I'M* *' ASS. Iliirnet’e gel
mid. 9*1? fr»“lr» “» »•«. 'older or cetn.nl. will keep vegetable# and
frail lit their natural .tale with a., |MM. ,„.ubl, „r ^m-nee Z *“?
g? ,■*.*»" t'fTMMot having fruit, Ac , in midwinter, I
iry the** tana. For »*lr by
_lULIHtt a 00.
MObMa aupwrlor Family and Ratra Flour.
1U0 baya, |>ut up rxprr**ly for family a*r. for *aic by
__J. i. mr
nos Hill A .
f.onj 10 cent* to the flne.l article, nine tn ve l. Slate and Itlark
worn, all quallttea. CHARTAVKIXA Ct>
I *, s nos FOHTI.H Muarlaai IP
d landing and for aale l y SlflON A MII.I.KR.
J- 1 Corner IVarl ami Cary ate.
\l *********** * Oil. -fre.h a,„l ln« .order. Juat landed
, X ,n'' f"' *
tf" _jOorner Pearl and Gary at.
SI IIHk f »l yn I III! ,1 A ISf ». All.
purr. In itore and for aale hy SFl.tlF.N A Mild FK,
Jl*1 Oornrr Pearl ami Cary etrret.
U A I.T.- "Jeffrey# A Parfey'e" brand, juat landed an I ,n More.
• mi niv t mi 11R
ll'ISIHAMttl l,IMK| Rectified AVhi.ky ; Jarfc.on'e
IT Caalln, Window fllaee, Wrapping Paper, large and .call
ato* fly aale by [jyfln] |l* V KNPtwr, AI.I.FN A Co
I i \ HIIIH, SHIM l.nt HN, for aale
**41 HIM I >•**• 'ooii-s 1 mu a ii a 1 os.
•F* "f" for aala IJlflo) JAS WINSTON.
lfMi '0,,,,'s IAIIM Mflll.T AHIIHT
•MF1F Cl'T CANA'AfleH* HAMS, for -air
fd| »• II II*. Tillin'* HI IM K SI Ills IAD
'HF SHOtTMJKR*. for aale
ftl (»S I I s A I I s. >
Mat rrdora, at on* abiding per yard
HAIWA. I'.'H i. |., 1 jr,
Sn do do do Shoulder., light and dry
For aale by [JyAu]_CHAS f WORTHAM At II
lltll.tSSI S. fai hhda (Sib# Mnaenvadn M laaww. far aale
rAPITIM MACHi: AT A I I lit s, inlaid with Pearl.
Japanned Tea Tray, and Walter#, of the laleat elytra and the
Snoet good#, at lea# than Importer'# price*; tor aale at
Llf OH It I IAO TONQI A HI'.tTS. Wi'eaeee Maee
aad Stick Lieoetce of rarK.ua and approved brand#
l.ltw pound# Tonqua Itear,..Aral quality, for aale by
* ly flaer.n It,ground l.taaiTudd A loe'i Ratra Sugar Cured
Itama, (email car y far aala by
J»*'___ OH AS. T. WORTHAM A 00.
nllMHINfJ*. ton Mde No I Hallfka Herring# M, halt
I Ada No. I Family Roe dm Alto, Ml bh|. No -I Mackerel, for
aale by clgSo] FOMIN WORTHAM A <X>
I • •• im 4c._
hyokia hotel,
oli» hois t ronroNT.
This miiuno vtmiiia placc. lately i«m, m.
pJm]£"• "* “ 0«w «•» Uu reunion 4
M*.r‘> V4 <Ucl4ml im pro ..ra.nl. hava bm mad., w» a. will
«•» ^mtort of vk.ttor. Th. Ladiw haoabwft par
'*'*d/e |0 ,h, n.w inumn 1. Th. h, d.partm,nl
. »W WHh ih. krai prtvat. taM-a all IX. lulurU. ,f IS. mu wa
Ur will U every 4*y. and buubtifuliy urorUrd, «t I the —
to thing-. Just •« it »how»4 he.
1 j*# ma
taking charge of the above e*t*bl.*/.m«nt. I
wraiu mam rcpwifui.y wlx 11 . coal.nuance of th. lor 1=4
I ra.r patroni of th. Hot.!, and lo ray Mend., I a»k of lh«m b A J
call and aw m. My lahlo .hall aiway. be ipr.od with all ll^JIlp
cara..uf tho Maaun. Th. wnatu are all atlentlre Th. «nUr. «a
labllihtn.nl ahaU hart lha krai atUatloa tlmt I am QaMr of Ala
* 2,* * 1“ ,1T?‘”oTU t?t,uo,M **'• H®««> *h*11 ...ry
~ “S'4, £* 1 »*k ** * •>*'» »f bu.ln.ra. Th. hoot, la far
S“"“ »V» "»•* »n<! !• located in a quirt part of lha
city. My Oraaibua will alw.y. h. at th. -I ffcrvnt depot, to attend lo
coatomcri, to carry them to and fro.
I Jylb-tf_JOB CP H U CARRJNOTON, Propnmor.
P-i S S K S <> I - 1C s for Lynchburg or U ,1. v . . ■« - . -
ran obtain UREA KPA"T AT TIIP JINCTI08 t'O'bjgj
1 or tho Richmond A Oanv-ll. and Bvatb.ul. Rulr ,«d.
; Imn.e4t.nl, on iho arrival of th. Car., and .u«r!.nt no.- . .. n u
th. paaa i-ger. to aat. And thuar coming d .w„ on th. Lynchburg
II ‘ I,**4 *w,l“< “k- th» Uanvill. cat., or Unn, arriving th.
I Hanvill* train and dwlrlng t« uk' th- Lynchburg rout. ar. in
i -in?4. , li‘'y c>0 'Uvt.ie.lal lh« Jatirt on, wl.erv th.y
will find elegant acrotaia«»*latUMit. 9
I _iy»|-|f___ "AMI CI. D BIKKP
«• WATBOS CARR. Pa-ralgrua.
rasiua »««l«oi,t Hotel. .llualed .t th. corner of Markvt and
... „ror «OraU, Whooltng, ogerv unaurpaarad -nduc.ra.nU to
th. trawling publt. It It «up|.ll.d with ovary w|ul.it. for U,. »c
Oommodat on of lodlr. and gvnU.m.n, conuln. 140 w.ll v.ntilaud
and caparkoo. rootaa, and u within th... min on-, walk of il. Haiti
•or. and Ohio R.llroad, th- Cl*..apeak, and Ohio Railroad and
.loan-boat landing^ Tb. Poal 0®c« and Court lloora a,, on th.
•am. .quar., and Eapr... and Stag, o®«a lo th. baacm.nl.
RPlc. only |1 40 p—r day
•e OmnlbuK, and Porter, arc atway. ta attendance lo convey
paaaengvra and bMOUcc lo and from U.la Ifoul. J
*el* WATSON l-ARR. Pronrtrto,
.TiAiih miMiT, lv.vi iihi im, viiiumt
t* Tranaci.nl Vlaltorv |1 So per -lay. at
Rtfl- dicl| 1
tVBAD. , ‘
Omni it nun 4 <0" PoorTtiarom.
Y . M regularly to ,„d from tin- Railroad IW| and
Packet Landing tonnected with thta hoove. fTl-lj
,/<mN H. OLIVER,
RKW Oil LP A Mi, LA.
mmrol’LU rr.pccttully ...licit rnn.tgmncnt. from Manufacturer.
▼ T »n \irgib * Hiu* the inurahit that l,rj.,n viut deal in the
article except «• a COMMI**I<»N MERCHANT, Ma wIh.U time aUl
ik drVuUsf to the ltitere«t« of thoee who may favor lam with their
« on»»r»®ctitoo on which Itherml advatuxm will be made.
# ttirmiirn:
M'ttr*. Oylcr k Keen. 1
J'tK llare k Co ,
Hurt k Proton, »
Ki.igl.t k Allen, h LyncAA^. In.
Ctdoiicl Aug Leflwirh,
Chat. M Cosby, i _
L II tfotlaud, f Aswn//r. Fli.
Joo. ?. Walker, Richmon*!, T«i
Burnnix a hovhtih^
,c**“ OTaiHww n* con-tynm-nt. of |
w v riAiLR, If KAT and other pr.nlu. r to the above address
^Richmond. My ,**. \ ^
N « • I Git N AIN S TIM E E T,
Oppootto Ue Rr-hnnQ* /Am*, HMmnml, Virfflniel.
BENNETT, Hl l lla A » IMII'K.
.__ _ nasira* ia
Lumb,, UraD.„, Fancy Art,.in. Tobacco, Ci.»r,. Fire-Proof P.iat i
>V tut* Lead, Zinc, Paint oil, *r
-V., I Z4 V,.* Street,
. lyl*___ Rn-anmi,. Va. I
Cumtoieeton Mtrrkant, Importer, M.ir,-lurer,,mil Wkoieeur
in fir try L>+»vrti4u’H uf
\ Jl EMM A .N •« .% It I. \l A U E.
a ■»«*•!* IMMH.EV.7, SI Main atm-t. Rich —
nmnd. \ a . Manufacturer of IIAT? an,I CAP? «>n therjT
largrat scale, and in ev. ry |N«aible variety, and Ini
porter of North American and Eurt-i^an
And all uttirr article bcluny.nyto the trade, ia always aunplied with
a splendid stack f O.io'la for whr.li-a.il- and rrUil, which m dual,tv
and quantity cannot be excelled by any other House m the South —
H.a manufacturing arrXDKement* are „l the complete,! kind and In,
facilities for supply In* country merchants, at the at,or tea' notice !
caunot be surpassed jy^ *
oataiaox nsarracTcain, oxx ssjtaxx xxtu.w xxcxaxua mwaZ ‘
Hr a a » a l I a 111111,
AS on hand a larye aaaortment of best quality, and moat Fash
ionable fty-.es. Coaches. Coacheca. CharrtoLcea. Barouches,
nocaawaya. Slide Seat Top Buyyy., and Buyyy, ,IU, and without
1 hare also at my Repository a larye aswtm-nt of Northern made
Carriages, manufacture! by the m.„t apcroTrd makers. ran*,nt
from the Iqthtrst style of no top Bury-, to the Bn-st order of cexcl.e.
Those In want of carrtaire, will and It to their Interest to cal] and
examine my »toek, as I am determined to sell on tie moat reaaona
HAVE recently received large additions to their ■■ ■
*\<wk or piano forte?, fip2S£i£
•nd are in hourly expectat on of receiving further IT # fl!
supplies, which, when to hand, will form an u««nrtmcr.: the iikr ex
tent can rarrl? be seen at any eslablishoimt North.
Their selections are from Severn! of the best makers In this coun
try, of which they have sold a large number, and such is the satis
faction they have given, that It is not unusual to receive orders from
l>er»ou* 7*>o have purchased one, two, aud in some instances three
or mors Instruments from the subscriber* previously, for Ihctnselve*.
children or friends.
i}oT*€nlruttx » distance promptly and failhfa ly attended.
bT' Piano Fortes Tuned and repaired.
£ecood-hand Piano* taken in part payment when new one*
are purchased._ __ jyj6 j
4 11 ,CK£M I > fi’N < I) I $ »: K It ATE D
I ■ A.\0 I'OKTIIN !
FMNIIK ?l HSCK1UEK has just received a nrw si. JC^~
M varied assortment of these celebrated IniTrn Kpr' ~
ments, which he offers for sale at the factory prices. If # f t I
His stock wili at all time* be a* large and asrlega* t an assortment
as can be found in any of the Northern citle*. Among this selection
are the Chicks ring fouls XIV , which, for beaut? and delicacy of
lone and touch, stand* unrivalled, save by the Parlor (irar.d. which
is also include J in this ssleet ion. The Palor Grand isthechef-dhruvre
of the Messrs. Ohlekerlng, and Is considered by the first artists sut»e*
rii»r to any Instrument ever produced in this or any other country
Mith connoisseurs, and With the fashionable circle* in all the larger
cities, the Parlor (fraud is rapidly superseding all other instruments,
and the most eminent musicians are now composing their best pieces
for this Instrument, as may be known by the word Cna-<\ini,t thetr
met with.
Alao—Pianos of Brown A Allen, makers of Mel. ewnoLiUn ».,a
experience. NATHANIEL CAROL Nil AofcJTT.
Ko- Main street, between 11th au«l Lfth.
Opposite the Kschanpe tank. Richmond.
SI \ I > 1*1 \ non || M 1C | « | | \ I It
AT 33 PrvtM'>K, Co.xr* or H.vg ,«Tk«rr, l>. t.m II f | If
»r»o, V».—Oor •umu In «-lllng |»nr. . numbrr of PIANOS*
(upward, of fifteen liuodred.l t» mtrllioUbl.- mainly u, four fact., 1
Pirrt. We .rivet fruin known reliable ITa<-<ortca. ind. We lore
rk.ldjr p.y ea»b for thetn. ltd. We keep on hand. u> Mdect from, a. 1
large ao a.eortnient, perbap., a. ran be found al almnet any two
Norib.ru ealakli.limenta. dll.. W e aell at very low price..
To pern,n. ordering from, and leaving the .election to u», wc
pledge .uperior In.trumrnt. ; and in all raw . full au.fartlon,
» neredoubiaaref.lt, we »ay. take the Plano ami try II before
W,IT ' f **■ ffur In.truaienla are un.urpaa.ed and wr are re.lx>n
•ible for them, ifid ask nil who desire to ptmbftse reliable Pianos to
give u. a trial. I.r. KAMI.
, Piaoo-Porte Dealer.
f*,u Prteraburg, Va
_ „ ..-THE nisir vroRR,
“ TAYLOR would remind hi* friend* mnd the ,
■ • public generally Dial 1.1. at. r<- I. now on O' V.SB^Thm
ernor .trmt, wbere may hr found PIANO roRTK.-*.^^^mm|
MP.IXtllKfiNP. oriTAKP, VIOLIN.u, PLl'TK.-, mm)* • V t7 ■
A COOKDFONR, of the (writ quality «rid it the lowest price* He I* i
Me agent In »M*oty for thereof the rvlebra:*! Nunn'* and Clark**
Plan.** which ar* not surpaa^J by any other maker*, and equalled (
but hy few. Also, Oalr 4 Oo.'a superior Pianos.
Guitar sod Violin 9TRINGM of the he*t quality.
II* ha* the largest stock of MURIC to be foond lo thl* Plate, amt
lflicwn*tantly rerclvlnir the latest publtcattor.*. which he will sell at
reduced price*, and upon a* food term* a* can be had r>*c- i
g-dF Plano*-* tuned, repaired, and let i>u ....»,
IOld Plain** taken in part pay for new one*.
our Itnrnse stock „f TRWM.IVO !
cent arrival#, ear stock i* now larger than It ____ I I
ever was hef«>rr, and cotiii. . <HH> «r'f
lo the abov* Hoe. Purchaser* can ftml any kind of Trunk*. Ac., that
they wank at thl* eetahllsl.inrnt A* it has been a matter of »orprl«r
to some person*, wliy (>ur price* are che»per than other*, wr Would
ti forrn them by saying that uc art- tin? afrnl of several of Uir larfest
Northern Factories .and sell Trunk* at the far lory price*.
W4 «• - «f Al RlN 141 M*.
f|1III XKN>THI NKH TNI NKN. juul l i..
■ We would say to our friend*, and the Travel- «w,) f TjJ
llrif public generally. that we hare Jo*t received the\ \
n»- -*t »itcutter and varied assorti M of TritiH wlaLLXJJ
Trunk* ever before offered for *ale in R«/-hmo-.| We a«k a call fr. it
•II who may he In want of a Trunk, which I* reatlr extra Roc aod
durable It will be our pleasure, at all tlmee, to *tw-w purchaacr* the
various kind*, all of which we will mil a* low •* the umr kind* can
he bought In the city. PfTNFT A W ATTR.
_Jfll No. 11* Main meet, Richmond, Va
N’OTH’4!, — Ry the 1a*e«t arrival* wr have received.. _
the following *fylc* of U<lt*#’ ROOTR and Rllorh taMb
Vl* .
Ladies' Colored and Work Gaiter* wMh lleel*.
** * " " " Without M
M " N " Confer** Gaiter* without lleel*.
•« •« « with ••
M Plain ** without Tip*
** Fine French Rid iMiaper*
** •* Morocco and Hid Flipper* and Tie*.
M M Mis* Jenny Lind'*
M " Ml«s Parrdl**
" H Thick and Tbtn F«4e Rtr«kln*.
•* - '• •• " Root*.
Together with other ««y1es too numeroa* to mention; alt of which
I w* shall l*e pleaaral to show pur. baser* at our old viand. No lit,
! Main street
I#NOD s \ i i
TFNNFFFEV R 411 ROAl’ - Not having rfh-cted a pubik* sale of that
part of my e*txt. a.lvert<#ed to be sold ou the IRtb June, isM. | now
*Dv It al private sale, either In whole or in part, on such term* as
I will dotihtlem Insure a purchaser
| Thoo» disposed u purchase m.-h an rHate are re*pe<Rh»y roquew
I ed lo view the same
That portion of my e«tat* contain* 1,147 acre*, of wh'rh N9 acre*
•rw cleared and TFF acre* are In original frowth, with much flue
timber, mostly the flne*i tobacco land. the wood on the lard worth
about ft 141(1) per cord al Rnn*ack'a depot, wiN nearly pay for the
For term* apply to P. O M Ctaaaban or Alfred It Jame*. of Roa
nwbe, ne to Mea*. U«.om* A Ams**, or the *uh*rviber. at Rich
ie*> taxrfm FLEMIRG JAMFF
■ DV Mi l HI 4 1M1 Rl PR
lhe fralt flavor*, pvcp"red only from the actual ripe fruits with
our pure, sparkling. ler coot porcelain Powntaln Foda Water, which
I* free tmxu all poteanou* contan >nation* so frrqwsntly preaeot in
Foda Water prepare-l la the copper fountain* or mx-Mne*. ik>w yo
generally employed la lu manufacture
Apothecarle* and Chew*Hi*,
4th aad Franklin Hi.
!, I^W C1RK.
■ LOO.
I **:¥. “4Vi,% attorneys and eocnurlujiw
M-J AT LA W. practice loThe Court* »f Richmond. and th* coantte.
of Henrico. Chestwrtleld aid Uaoorer Ofll.-e on 'll* hm. mu
“£■:_ v _j_jyi*-«*._
W0*’;* t|,,,T«E«. drrORAI t tri.AW pail,
•W cos In the court* of Put* le.aia and Prand'n
Ailrffi*. fHR| . ja ! ly
John p. ■• a it mini*, at iouma ati.au.
«.ll pract.ce In itie count.* ..I Hiwoi Kin* W.thaia and
nanrleo.aad la the Court* ofihlrity ..f Richmond.
Coun H«M|m °* PcanAlla and Tuelfth slrwl*. opposite the Atate
Address —Rlchosoad, Virginia. tnaA -U
r< **®OI»Ka tTT<>RI»Y AT Law. Inner..a.
! • MUOaiMwenu <Xif*rr. Va e..urw.W.ckiei.bor**i,.| Unc
I ___7_ a* »—ly
WTI. A*. IIKAHI , AT liRJtlt AT I. SW. Atlead. Ic
Court* of Chart,*., prints Ed*r i. Ilalltaa and Camp
nell Poet llfte. (Tartottr Co . Ho , Va rah/*- ly
W.»* H. *t I It U 1,1,1,. /TMKNEY AT LAW, ora.
tica* in all of th* Court* of C*y of Richmond. and the
count,e. of Chesterfield and Powhatan
Prompt attention will be paid lo tU collwctloi, of all claims en
trusted to him Office orerthe store d Parser. N.mmo I Co , K*(l*
IV|uare. Wain street mh»t—ly
' »ul prart.ee la the Court* if th* Cty of R . haiond and
the. unties of Henrico and Hanoi#
t&~ Office on Oorernor atreet, dsr Wraaru P W Tabb A #1x1
; _
■ »fl t.S HI. KAMANVN. ATTORNEY at LAW ami n.i
*e TAKY H BLIC. Prud.sm in all the Courta «#f U«NKiii«a<l,
lig|>r Co and tl» city of kichiMD l.
%W~ Office on 1 lib street, wwr-r, Wain and Bank, ml.lt-ly
■tausDOiciT llutsi.ii w.M practice In theaoai.t.e* itl'uni
nerlsod, Buekinfhae, and rfc.ee Edward mi.T— -ly
FJ. I* A I. V, ATTIKNIT AT LAW, Buttm.*, V. . a.,
• attend regularly all tie Court* of Mecklamhur*. Unintnir,
and Brur.swl.-k tc«tt ly
ln«t«r Mncwr, Va., will Eire prompt and strict attention ts.
H’tfwirfl to fietn.ln the counties of frbnkliu, htuyl
»—>ry. I*»trick •>».! Floyd.
^ Addrrsffi, •• Rocky Hount. Fran kilo county, Va "
*2* num* mAOMTmmm.
Wl I* I* I .% 71 V M II P. !H « (Lays - ptrarii,
rvnioTri u Richmond, offers hi* profpMkonal *»-r
I *»ces l« th*- Court* of Apf<«!s end in the Circuit Court* (of tbe
Btan and of tb* Celled Stalest h. id In the city He will 4tM five
opinudijB, in otfwr r«)4cU act as chamber counsel.
IT Office at reals! enc*.N.uthweat corner of Main and Os-a
- W «.A*M»LI:, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Sw.»,sate P o
MCbar|,UU!.‘.T I1*: * • f'hs-Urs. hi* profession In all the courts
j r|^* Cl,Jr* Jmm** K*ot sn<l ilonrtco counts «.
WV 1 *»’« ,**,• minn. tnomi tr law, ,,u
rtI>a^*hLUr.!,n^?.SWU °r *h* • »'cn.
A«i<lpc—, Wuh Cott4|e, Hanover co., Va. jolil—>ly
|d\ " • ** «i E. AT.ORNrvTT_LAW, L.acd.rau. V* ,
•: *rrmoV*J h,# °®c< 10 *** room in rear of the Telegraph
ogee* two doors below the K».~tnrr>' Bank. tuilj
To -Vt?' ^ '* ' l>r*t<ice a* Partner* In the Clt* uf
RIchmontLandtnth* countlcaofCberterBel.l. Powhatan and Antrim.
. ' “ *J*W* Bwlldm*. corner n» Main and HO, Street*.
-1* , abore stair*. RICIlARd W PLOCRNOT
OCA-If PA BIT k l».iKtn vTt i>
I , m’if J*,,* ?££ S11 m*—J0H N c. RUTHERFOORD
.nd„'IOI,,N H. OIT hag*iwduvlin the Practice of LAW.
£*$£&£couau"u( Ooochu^- «-»*-. «•»—.
v.!T(^T^iSJ^riT^LLoch Umoa*'
.rr.h.',T,;„?“CLr.',) wU! pr**S^“tbc CourU •>' luchmood nity.and
>n the roontiw of Henrico and CUwtcrlUid.
..tr omc* "T*r •s“*lu‘ * Harwool's ,un. Main .tract, Rli-lmo-d
__aul—ly _
I.A\% P.% IIT!> F IftSII ■
ty WARD R. CHAMBERS and A e. UK hag* associated a>
•TnTt ,'*"ocrVn t,“ ^orlUt "f Daw. and will gve prompt atteb.
tion t-. all profraaiunal business entrusted to them,
e *'1J'r“ DD11 CHAMBERS at boydtoa, and A. 8. LEE at Clark*
Tille. Mecklenburg co., \a. Jatft—ly
I . "W* ' V iT ' ' IliVCl A llriUiU
hJr rautuml consent, tl* under,Igne.1 may
? "I* '- on ,1"> “ceet. nearlr nppn.lt, God*
GnsnSael^rfieU* ^ tOUrU R*cL“-“d- »«'
Claim* collected, and remittal* promptly made
V«t\'!l\• VaS-hVw?V v 'hium H.iMt.
rTHICWl* offer* hii services to claimant* entitled
•f. J° ^r10".* ‘"li*'1'1 hft,m,T under the late act. of Congress,
Charge, moderate Office on Waif street. uth*
s I-: I a 1 ) E N &MTLLE I {
<-1^DK •'.At*. AND CAM I OK,. ETN,
H Au >n* ti ,ul'l'lh •>' the following kinds of Old
■ ■ DWuors, Ac , part of their own importation, to which
lliry call the particular aUentt n of dealers and consumers
of the following celebrated ami choice l.rands-Otar l, Dupue A
•I0-: Hin.CV Daahhon. A Co , J Hency, A. Mgoette. Ml
cl*el. Bernard and J. J. Hupuj.
^ , MINES*
a J »“ ‘“I, ’?“**■’ Rtr,! «*»'* Sherry, extremely delicate and
fine. Amontillado sherry. Siena, pale NierrT. Blackburn1. Madeira
andl’wPr'k i wo’.’"’. e°r'\ Bu,Y,“d* Fort, Ma.aga » it,es. Collie
“? j* rTl , 1 " f< r culinary purp.se, Clare, Wines, from lew
prlard table to rvtra One quality, PparkMnir M«»r!|* and .till Muck
W Si!’fVjhXt!*" * * ' • *“J Ch*,l,V Heldstek Champagne
W ines, for which wc arc agent*, and sell at New York prices
Old Jamaica Bum, Scotch Whiskey, Old Bourbon Whisker. M .
uongahe a Ry- Whisky. Robinson's, Ziegler’s. M.iulfcr and E -h
msn Ksr W hiskys . Rectified |U I,laky, our own, Holland til., ad
pie and Peach Brandy. r
le'tidon Porter, quarts and pints.
Scotch ale, pints.
Dumestlc Brandy, Gin, Cordials, Ac. Ac
Havana Se are.
I^Va^t ?r\V? ‘ V i'1 OI J,;»KI.RY Of Till
in ‘if TV rJu " hand * xanety of icwetrv of
the most fashion-hir styles, among which ...me rn Indy new styles
Tbessrortmeiit consists in oart of Catneo, Gold stone, lari \I...a
and Diamond P,n*. Ear Rings, Finger Rings, and Bracelet.'; also a
large variety U»tch Keys, Gold and Silver Pencils. Gold Pen., the
best manufactured, and a larre variety of Silver Ware All c oj
warranied as represented, and will he sold at a lleing un fit
-J* _MYERS A JANKE, T.-.j, Mam street
S',,v“ u' ’* %,,t MWrMfER \M» PEHITHKs
b7? O on hand. Low', Brown. Windsor. Honey and
r‘-‘“ * *l«: Chemical Olive Oil s*a.p, and . gnat s.rei, Of other
IU,‘s n™ SI sv.11g ood the ToI!et AU, a handsome a.m,t,n, nt of
11s r Brushes, and n U.e Perfum* ry line Col. gi.- W .>r importej
and of our own manufacture; Lub.n'. and o’her F.xtra ts. Ac For
C^III I 1 > IC IN * s |* % f | > | | ■ ; ■ hi if
'***?' 11 K*J* ANIJ MOROCCO ANKLE Tit -1 Uir'”,!
E!-*dilU^f*L-0pP5r of ^ aboVc t**uUfal ^uaiuirr
“**or* lor thtulrtn—iiij cheap, for itle by
i^s I> H franklin,
___No >15 Broad St.. Shooko* Hill.
l* A n.IlN l <)N | \ s .
*- rn for ***«• flndlnir rnnd drllTerr, at the Whl* OIL.** of n;y frr*
pap«-r*. vht. h vrre loft on Tuesday eweuiny, toartbert near U-*
theatre, corner of .th atid Broad street*.
, Arorut /xvr g.,,1 Com,,- if„ln „a,f ufA sfs
'ollf «r»iabli*ticd and well kr.ovn ln#tftut! *n l««ur* thr
.M. above description of ri*k*, on a* rr»..iniMs term* a* . t) t r
rooxl o®Cea, w*th a ca*h caplul and surplus of |*4*‘,0ta' The Rtuirii
of directors, (personally known to a large portion of the community,)
h<4dinff tlmlr aicvt nyf In thl* cl!?, wfiere all luwrt are liberally ad
jured an.! promptly paid, entitle* It to a due »hare of the public
patron aye.
P0~ No policy fee charged for Fire or Msrlne Risks taken by ihir
0®,C,: „ DAVID CCRRIE, President.
Jao. II. Bnuux. Secretary. jsi7_ tf
„ June l»th, IsVfi I
^ «» I It I..—On and after thin dste no charge will be made for
A1 Fire and Marine Policies Issued by this Company.
By order of the Board of Directors.
D. CURRIE. Preset
Jxn. II. Bsku, See y. j.lg_t(
M AKFIIt 1.1. PTREFIF. FOR SAI F — Wr are authorised to sell tl«»c
J*5W *r,,J *Jv**r*Me family residence, located as above, occupied be
Mr J. It. W atklna, the health of whose family require* him to dec! nr
hone keeping Trw family residences present so many advantage
as this, either to business or professional gentlemen Situated In a
beautiful and populous part of the cite. In the n.id«t of tbe l-eet of
society. It I* within two or three minutes wa’k of the prlnomil
cburrl.es, depot*, hotels, and the centre of business All the bu-ld*
Ings have been erected within about two years, and are in eaeelki.t
order. Thr malt, dwelling la revered with tin. and ha* let. room*,
I* -Ides a number of elo«rt*. bath room, Ac. The city water la brought
1,1,0 J1**' F*rd* »llo Into D»e second atory of the main building,
*upp]>n.g a shower and plunge bath.
It Is supplied with gas throughout The Kitchen la of brick at d
covered with tin, alao having four rooms, and two In the boarnxnt
for wood and coal.
Thr rear yard Is paved with brick—and an Independent culvert
lead* from It In o a public one belonging to the city
__At Kent, Paine A Co.*a. or to
_ flODDYfl A A PI’EltSt »N
Itltll S- I.IMIM Mtix || vu»
I'FKS -- Ju*t received at No. lift Broad street. PhockoeMill, nrgt dor
l*e!ow the dry good* store of Mernra. Breeden A Eot, where U* La
dies ars Invited to call, (If they arc In want of the article.) and r\
a^ine *.>uie of the moat beautiful Dross Fhoe« ever bef .re i g^red in
the city They arr a* soft a* a glove, and fit rl^andy For ««1r
ebrapby u |t FRANKUN.
j.7 Maniifartnrrr a I d.-ater H • P Tr »
_ _ _ CHARLOTTRPVIU.E, JrtT It, 1H**
31 RKUM.-.m;.** * ,M ...
I»rar Plr- It »• my «flleial duty !.. enclose to you the following
BaftlM!1/ •* ,^1* *r**ko*' Poddy of Alumni of the
- »l, Thai lb. S"{| Um, ..
that Mr. Randolph, of Richmond, has publt«l*d the . urr. f woK-V?!,^
between Mr Jefferwn and Joseph C. Cabell. E*«| . in reference to
the early history of the (Tulaeralty ; and they recommend to He
members of this Poctety to purr ha** each a copy of the book, and
that the Pecretary of thla PovMety be requested to furnish Mr Ran
dolph with a Hat of the member* of thr P« ctrty.to whom he may
•cod a prospectus of the hook, together with this 'evolution **
I am. your# truly. JNo I- Om'IIR AN.
j* -; Brerriary of the Alumni.
fiiiunri.rr tmi; nmNDANT oma.”
■ By tl>e protection of •• Ijfe Insurance" there ar several
families In Rw-hmond who are living In comfort, who would have
had 1st Ike or nothing left them by the r Father. Husband or Ouar
d*ar*. had l»e not been prnd-at enough to obtain while In health, a
prdtev »f insurance on hta Mb | hare paid in Richmond. f«r lossr*
hy death, «nde mv Agency. • >*■ Ht ana an alp rnaaa m*.« -sap nr>
KH.wr sracaab m i lim. (fl'4lrHai «w* .
Agent for the Mutual Benefit l.lfe Insurance Company.
JtTA Off. e No v pearl street.
RRf •’ I9AVR rev* Ived Ihe follow ng goods, now In demand
▼ w Black flro de Rhine*, all widths
IIMtidsome low priced Lawn*
Plain Crape Barege
Rn«*%an Linen*, a large lot
Pwlssand Cambric Edging* and Insert>ng«
I .ad tea’ an«l Or til’s Danse Pbirt*
Whalebone !*k rt*, long and abort Whalebones
Mark Elastic Belts, Ac VALENTINE A PON,
if H_ Valentii.e Pqna e
Him. % l>V II % III. % • \n.
teemfned to wind gp hi* present bwsinea*. I now offe a for ssle,
at and below root, a large and varied assortment of Houwk-*|« o«
Hardware, and of evert description American, Ersnch. and Qvr
man Fancy (Lmds, Bathing Apparatus. Ac . which mu** he sn|g al a
great hw lo close up Die tnasincoa, bv /1MMFRM AN.
jy Al v! .
d 1 MIN l»A I »> I A**l.*rg. «•*■* forma I. at*, hr sale by
deuce on Ad street. West side, between Marshall and Clay
*roeta )j *1 dA.-si, •
«TM K l.lf|| ORMF -RussfO II ' Buck 1 tqwonce.
ju*t rwrelred and «oe sale by
HOl.f LMTHFR THI NKW. Just revived am4her
wipply of these errs wiper me Foie Leather Trunks Also ,-n
i hand a large supply of Travelling Tranks, of all tbe vartous*kmd«
made At! In want will call at A LEX HTI.I/B.
HHOWN NO % I*. A»‘ hole* good quality, for sale by
»y ai davenport, all** £ on.
PAV A COD V K* pr me qual tv; Reined Molasses, bhds and
bbla; Window Dlaa. Cotton Tw no. Port Wlaw— *©r sn'e bf
<OlDN AC IIB I MU . ft half pipe* choice quality, for *al*
noi nir m r rm iiira. another fcppit
©f those Invalnahle Ice Pitcher*, the best ever mveated ft.t
I *yp‘»i€ l<“e Water jast opened at 1NT Hala »F
1 l»« BCLRLBY A 00
n ri hi; da i h.
IjMIM UU —1 win nil at pub'v auction, at the falrAaLt
■J .„„;,‘ .vMiX'
at 8 o alack P M . a Utorougnkral l.oLT, * nan "id let •rZZ.
8 feet two or U„oX hk,VO. CteMWlSSi
TMa Cop la the half-br otter of Had fy» and by Old Billy Town*,
known to be one ofth. 8° eat rar. bon., of w. day
Y JAP tti ,*(g
flllucr lirTIBNI K uilllBHMIlt J,.,
1 Writs tJHiAT. loth Pep* . V«V.. | will mT,atTohia f
r>o« *.Id r>rIv*wly before, tuy tract nf land Ivtng <»n Wh wide. K
* V IL.R, • ''P™1"*’ *' n lined, par. ,n Pr o.. te..,d
40 I art In Lunenburg. eontain.ng #75 Arre*. .Cm »,f #m, », U „
o..,malf ,nt andte.yll,,sterol Tie rMM
oi * g --I dwelling buu«e ami ne*-»v»*ry >nt Holding*
Tn«. JlW'.p.f Acn, s ea>f> and ..1 anltynx
bo«.|i t»earing iUrnt.«r, I d.rdo' (runt to *e. m * deferred M,mpi t.
Tor further Information adlre-sthe under* gn*d
Dra*e*« Jlraneh. V%
J II RINPOKD. i tmorlate
I Ut|i|er.!f„e,l w a <>pr*(i a **00< .Hi Mo idtl fept **h ,n the
I * . Urfp *r*1 '■wmmo.tlon* ruo«u **n 7th *u>et formerly *r...wr> M
I «be City aV'1 « Instuule They d*«lgn opeumg a oh.** I of the high
** ^ , r where t»-»ys • III be thomugfdy and arcur «ie! v Lxepared
;;Viri,r or for any of our College*, or Sites! tor
the hoelnees of life.
special attention trill be be«*owed upon the English Department*
•* * U f?r***7rr* 10 **• W" *uch »t»Rlec«e.l The «oreke* if«Un
IWevuur of Modern Language- will t*
Payable «emi annually In advance, semion months.
■ • .• •' B M •
1 k*4 MklNf M\then,at *
A. .. „ . . . JrLT t5»h. IH5R
Mr W I B« dey gra.lu*te j *t H \| College w,:h hot*.jc. In June
! ‘ **V 'I’* t^ t* * t.i devote liHn*etf to scImmiI leach lag I cheerfully
tr».| edPofidet tjy r--.»nkn.| him f.*r w holar%h:p and high m<T«!
hara-ter ar.d with -m. ctperWticv In tlie h«a*lne • of teaching
anJ motive* to cuterpr «e I have uo doubt lie will meet theexoe. -
•at OH* of all reaaonmhle pair* n« W \| 4 HMITII,
1 i> _, . „ ^ •* Macon College.
Mr J tl Hin.onf t* a graduate of the l*niver*tty of V*,. and has
•wi «•!. ee..'j'ly r,,»agvd in trarhlng lunt.y in. laat ruur y.ar.
, lanh In Kaatern and *nmn ViryinU T-«„n»n'ala 'rom th. p,...’
'**"'* ’ *r'' W. P«if.n. cal. la- a-,.,.. If d'iind, al
"tan Blofoyd A Purtyr • Cablne War.r.«>wia. Franklin Pi
| •«!—tf _ W T I1AII.KV. A. B
Hll II II K K Ifl Al.l, I l; tl.ll.l. n| 1||> | h I .
MEIiiA. IiI.LAU AKK 0. . Pa. *
i SI* MAKIA L kAFTMAN. Pr.u. Ipat
Tina ib-mmary. locawd In ih- d-l'c> ifnl and baaltby ydlac. of
m R~'—
Tlie .-..DilD.-lloti. lajlidlny now In pn<ea» of Fraction will, all the
■wmlrn. loiproTroent.. will be Unulied by ,1* l.t Aur'J't and
w I contain «jeb ». eonwoodaUont. br.lb It, po,nt of 1..* and cam
", ^ •** -atlrfy parent. U.al wi ll. tl.«,r daucblcra ar.
I rnloytncll* b.nr«u of inealaj cullarr, llwy ha*. aUo d.r comf. n,
of a rettiMxl home.
I ., J1** m-lttltlon t. mUbl.^,r<l with a .lew to afford to y.,on« ladle.
• o‘r “‘"*1 Kjj! eotcblnatl. n of arlrantayrr fbr th. atlalimant of a
I , ' ' ' rduratton, and r.o palm nr >ip.u.r. .,||
e rpar^l u randcr .Up realUy what It prcV,^. ,„W, c ,„^| „r
' T1,. r»«n,at* tl*. principal, waa at ihr h.ad »f a
In Sew Lncland. pt.»i.,ua to b.r rr.idrnr. It. Pmn.ylrat,,.,
*“* "» >«■" »*« >■««" known u. U.e patron, of A*too
H rJ >^*"lnary. a. pre.ldm* tranter m that ln.tituUon.
| , .JJ*? R “'T'rr,“1 A- •’"“or. Bill,op of the iNoeew of PrmnylTania
M>*‘ **>..**»!■'?» w,‘° «« <*p.f, a Young tedie.’ drmi
Me-I'*. l>ela..rr Co . Pa , l„ repl.mber n.it. l.a. bo„
1 ! , i^.“" *Ubacrlb»r formreral y.ar. part H. ba. a blgt, npm
I » **r: «Ri«iency and duvo'cdneM a* an Curator. *l»e
: '«•!»da lar/e ami -mces.fal eineriei.. e n. la...id_T?
ii —^Ur “** *IU contain crery accommodation. The
, f *urr •uudm* country arc distinguished for healthlulrr..
“J *,‘'1 tha auharrtbcr has confidence tliat parent, who
rotrux their daughter, to Mix Eastman will h*re no reason to re
kTrt It.
M.m Fanman will be aided by ao efficient corps of Teacher*
i Fr*.!iTh L*n*ua*« VW be taugi.t and »p..k«n by a Pmn.Un
Lady, re«tdlnir in u« faoiUy. 1
8p*nl»*> —d ItaUan Language* will receive
.a^rj-.'^^r 61 ‘“*M' -lth U- ““ •» * >*'** “*»
Tl.e MMtral ltrf»artm»ru will be under the charge of a laJy euu
e^olf l° V11>?. ■I,oaliol,; and •“ Preferring a male Tea. h
^ bM,'6t °f
c„mrp*r.^“«!!,LT,W""'* 'Urection of a Lady ac
The number of Pupils I. limited to forty
The TERMS FOR HOARD AND TUITION, in all the Branche.
e.cepting Ru.lc, are *l.V per wwion of fir, month.
l">"rt7, r'f*r »• the following gentlemen -
dekihiH* * P ’ 0 D • *°J ’h' l;p" »P*. clergy of Phil.
lion. F. Ptercy, President of the C. 8
H r. 8. P Chase, Goe. of Ohio.
Ucn S’ " |W‘"- E.-Gor of New Hampahlre.
Hon M » Tappan, M. C , from New Tork.
Pee. V Hem. of S«rH*icwn. Pa
Rer A McLeod. ClearflH.i, pa
Pierce Butler. K#«|., of Philadelphia.
J. B Okie, do
E W. Clark. Em)., do*.
Geo. Wharton. Km).. do
Otri*tn|»ber L *vr, Pottrville, Pa.
Geo. Wjiuin, Bt. Lout*. Mo.
Hon. P. C Johnaoti. Washington. D. C.
For further particulars or for circular., apply to the Principal,
j>8-«u»m_ MKDIA, Delaware, Co.. Pa
TI • ~
m,hw ... *•
r"l commence the.'ith of September neat, and
, 2*11““'*,«,en A fu I courve of .Mathematic*. Ancient
%i"%Zr U^r'r’,,““ “»«•» on the plan, pursued
SI the tirg nia V.tl|,ry In.tll0 e and the Unlree.ll, ot Virginia -
*7'T™',">0- * rnprl.lr.g infantry, light mmutry. and Arill
hrv eaercl—,. glren free of eatra charge The Assistants encased
•",’^TJir'I*7 *** pro,r**or« Of th« I hirer*.ty be ng h!hi
qualified, both .ntellectually and morally, to perform the dutlr* of
teachers, and the Principal refer, to th£. gcntU™. a. w,n‘S “o
).e Parlor* of 11* Ba^tiat and E^ircopal C’hurche* in Charlotte# vdl*
.‘SSSMESSir"*-*—• Th'7
1 T'aoy.T^*"' T?ulon- f“d. ligbu. washing, Ac , locln
d.d. ».io per w-r,on often months. Tlie hoarder pay. no earn,
lee for any Branch taught here.
Latin. Greek and Mathematics .... , ■
French, German and Spanish, each . . . . ’ .
Mathematic, and Engluh.
Preparatory Department (Fogtl.h) l J,
,n *nj **
No deduction, eaorpt In caw of prolrartrd sick Dew Student,
mar entsr at any time, hut mu.l prepay for a half . „i„0. none
, ' l7'/,'T,r'Ir l'1T * tUlnrr timr All from a distance required to
th?neJl ^lton Eatenslre preparation. .re pr,?,c. or
Cost -Office, Charlottesville, Albemarle county
jy .'l—3tawt l.t Oct.
F|TIIE LXERdSF'U OF THIS SCHOOL will Be re-urned on the l.t
■ iht f-r neat-.-xioo »H month. Tl..- servers of Mona
Buchlcr, u mnwor tn Modern Language., hare leen ..cured
TBKsIS payable semi-annually in acfrun. e
lor tuition in Latin, Mathematics and English a-.t m
For •• m Greek, estra. .. . . 1.
of i*1* Modern Language. . ... oy uti
For hi. qualification a. an Instructor, u.r Principal refer, to il.e
Mlowiog genihmwn, among h^ patron, during the pa.t wwian
*!: * g _A Myer«, John M P.iton, Alegander
Re"Gr^m.dr.""/Parkin'.'' J “ Pr P “
for’t?rae<na^ '* * *T*du*1' *** Tlgflnla M id *rpTfmii[atJ*i,Kl
or three ye.rs di-ehanred with grent sat..faction the duty of an A.
• aunt Profemor of M.them.tm. ,n „. , w.u,, re.“ c .nIUrnct
**7 'o I*1* pah-on. of hi. Aclemy, that Ifo-y will find in him a «c
lous. competent and faithful Teacher."
.... x. — . _ „ FRANCIS H SMITH,
JyH—datawllit Oct_Sup l of Va Military Institute.
It It ll'IKMl ||t| u | lYSTITITF.
T’d.y*nrtVtot»r ',U ** rr'u“o.l on Uu- first Mon
Washing.. " ..
Tuition In Cotlcgtatr Department, ..J,, ,,,
Tuition In Preparatory Department,.
.. auwo ui>inu«r>. cacb..
'i•» p laa . in i.. ao
.J/T'"** numbtr catena, U>e ltteUtut<'durirYih« liut t
h»« rpccormpd Um- Tnvtm ta provide ■i,n incrcMrd farm.
llL.'.l .„.lTt_arr.1"*1™,"U.'or »iU •>* on Ibromr ,1*.
\ , Y* " *‘r' “ **>• »ad lonrrnl-ot ».-<-..mm.<1«.
■ Ml. Aop. ,1. will br .f.rrj to terarr 11,, M,brM alTiulua to
ibr jroun, l.ilte. who m»r honor n. bjr tlirir wtrrdoncr.
r r t nUlufur#. ur further information. iddrru
jy«-d4.ilM_ B. MaNLY. J*., Richmond, V».
I Y A« BB1 UMLLME. TTr^rond.nn.
-* or law Institute will . ommen. c on the first Monday In Set,.
jfjjjj?’?**1* }l *• r*P«ted that, by that time, the new C« 11- gr
Th?w!#.SSW^wp,Tfr7,of rrr<,,,00‘ w"lhr ready tor ocrwpaAcy
The I. at oti of tkr Institution as t« accrssabdlly and bcaUMuin* «i
* one of the mmt eligible in the entire Jkmtb, and the c- urse of in
struct.oi. a« thorough as that of auj College the country In ad
Ik r ii * i*“m^Urlc B-ient Ic cour>e. the d ’fact ry of
JJlf?ttW*r **'* established a School of Design for lu#truct.on j„ the
brui. Iiraor practice YuftuMrin, and Archllrelurr. .
Tlr Ci Ihp ii olrroilj furnter.1 with . vrr *n<n>iv. »od »|».
,»m Apparatiu. ».Uftrd to fall llla.tr.t on la thr dep.rtinrnu of
t l.rnilMty, Muhctaallu Add N«u:.l FhiUteopby. A Library of
..tendwd Work. ha. »1... bm rwcoally purcl.urd. to whb-b could
erabie additions will be mad* during the coming ColJrglale year.
n e young men whose Parents or Guardian* desire it, will be or
gsniteU into a Military corps. hav tog its proper uniform, and prsc
•isrd In a dally manual and drwl
1 lfiMW -Tuition for Annual Session sf ten months. In the Col
legiate I>r( artment. R.V—In the Preparatory |A" Board, fg per
*rr« washing f 1 2ft per mouth . fuel ami Ikfhts f 12 per session
t ataltvginii of the Inst Mat loo . an be obtained by addressing Kpt
(Uuiua K. CoS, President. Uncltborff, Va.
Hsv M»rn K C-'i, President, Professor of Menial and V*-- *
defence, and of Brllea I*ttrr«
Wu.ua w Casaotx, A. M . Profesaor of Language and Llts
Lfcraom O Matw«wa. a. •* • rrofeasor of Latin language and
/avmT Mrt»»P aduate of V M loatxute. Professor of Math
ematic* *»-| /ewnifal l ienee, and of the Be tool of Des'gns
|tte.»ii #/aaaa»t>. A M , Pofsaonr of Co *.siltutkinal Law
r% A (.aSoNoSSS, M D . Professor of Aoatotes and Physiology.
Unarm Am ro ft *arn. L L D.. Professor of Modern Laogua
I F- H . PuiTU. Graduate of V M Institute.
1 P B. PTAsaap. *•
Associate Principals i f Grammar Rchout.
W IM •> » v| • 1C \ I Kt.lM % Ml DM %l
▼ ▼
commence on thr let of October and continue until the follow'is
I May.
lltuR II MLiOrtas. M D , Porofessor of Purgery and Physiology.
J. Pwiur flurru, M D., Profeasor of Practice of Medicine and Ob
limsi-B Ttvaer, M D , Professor of Anatomy, Chemistry and
Moeria Medics.
Fv-a for tftmle ourae #10i) Matriculation fee #.'>•*» Dissecting
• *clH i**#»ce only i f l*nsi Diploma fee fh ■ «t»
Tie « »ur if sue* I i« that dally etammations on the preceding
l#-«-»us. . reneraMy but two. and neeer more than three •
del*Tr»rd .turlfig tl*e day The study »f practical anatomy may be
pur«iie4 at a trifling eipensr Chemical lectores delisered during
the season.
He a rarenl act of the General %s«e«nNe# the College educate#
d/feew yr*ing men. from the Plate of Virginia, free of all charges for
fees it tsmiuired that applicants should be of good, moral < harac
•er. and tosble to pursue their studies at their ,wn sapensr For
further information apply to
m«1 ds. Vw ALFRICD B. TUCKER. M D .Dean
1.1 I Mil R F I.Of M. We will mtke a limited quantity of
r family Flottr at our mill Persons wanting Will please Icare
their orders
_jyV* lot nmiOP, M<»XCl RE k CO
I Ml M I H»t RftlFR
rlr tsges iv*g. 1M« and I'ft, for -ale by
IOkT. -Be'ween the farmer*' Rank and o*r store, a V)<:<»
i TIAHI.E M«»TV. drawn Hy Prands P Brannsn and endoe^l
by William Jenkins, (or one hondred ami threw dollar* The pwWIc
•re cautioned not to tr*d» foe said Xnte, aa payment has keen
Wopped. We won't.| thank the finder to retwrn »t tea*
)rYd _ __RsTt'l irrr • IMM Gl-ftd
I I ' I ' I .
1* ft Rrxxnr. BVERF * MflWER
£ lORXrTX. C ONkFTR Just rereleed. * new styV Frenek
Corset, laces behind and fatten* In front w*th a double catch
1 ’ I > K • I atl \ I*
I 1 jytft HFMNrrt IIIHW A F1FHER
It If I • I I H « V ll»1» . -a
quantity orrr Its#* bushels, for ss’g upon reasonable teems, b
C»l«Rir«H IbOOHRR A CO . Hsb-ony Palls,
leprv »r I khi V (V.. Va
i^M MkIVG f |kl a. Japanned, Ebony, and ls»athe
Pressing C««cs. fhrnlshetl with brushes, se'a»..rs, Ac , complefa
useful and desirable sni.-les fhr person* i*. nten.p(st<r g travel! r-g
Foe #s*r by UpB) Pl LRI.EY A CO
Pf FT % TO t’ O % TX. Xa* bushel* prime Oats in store and f
(irF4) CBFv«M m • i ••
1 II1 MXIXfs »T I ID. 6bklt - Wests.” foe sale by
lb. Ctyuia (Wawral of Ob*, wit. Mb. place *< Nirua ,* J
X t T I K D « \ , A I'HI'IT »TK. I«}«,
B 4 r» 8,000! !
I'APirAI I H/tf A-’.-m
I Prlb. of • I A bm i mt .. . ay am
•J • •• •- ^'tbo X band Iomi
1 “ of . *",••«■ 1 Jo P..M of am,
! “ •* . !»,•»' IbMwy Z
b.*» I *• Avpr. alo.ath*,. { awo
<>Mmiaial>nH lu tl.. .. I 4laai.»rt. to! *»•>•. Bhl cam
« of to 4 of hint- u> (l*.ma , 4 of t*«... a-. ... '
MW. llcktl. |4MO, It tier* |lti.ib, Xaarlrt, |A .■>
rrllea rirfiol at elyht al 5 lot -enl diaccwn!
l»4U of lf.o Ki. bu.nrx4 Clljr Hank* tab... al par
A Ur.win* wlU In forwarded aa io.ii Aa iho remit ho.,.ama a..on
C..*,,.a,k«l,*. oMrwr.1 to lHUM RODRtUl H. era,, „7vTf
f afOaHatM, X C.J watll th* *u> ol AwyaM. win bw auwadei ut.
<2heat hi mi run iix the
M FKIfR IIP hath AMI) H.xrTH - fn.ia l»
wi.’Sj?’?*?1 “*** bf boyin* from J U AM
TltOXY, Columbian Hutwl bu.Ul ny
''.VjTMl Hat. Of hxi quality, i-d.** D„ aswoixt
-tallty, M...I, r*a»u..nabl. HI Ik H.ta, If*., Ha.
ItlfEklfl Vvtto] Bam(f, U A|i r,,i y, „ ii.aa, -
■iKtta. %1M‘ Plow Catfchu. Heard Hi .at. fy.yfv
J II AXTHOXY baa made arranyetnenta with
on. of thw boat maker* In the city of Pblladelplua
l» rupply hurt with a kanda.ro. and mbatantlal
Ca!ak.r. Hewed HOuT wh .1, he will aell al th* un ,
penal,nled I..W prU-wof rilRK* IMH.LARH AND
rxt: wmrt •». mu it xrHi>i.s »om
__ (in:, *****
fl’llK death of the late 'amea t alw.ll. the nrln.lnal or..,.,.,_
•*t»fln*|U*.., havlny rendered u --- -lfJ
I for a art-lenient of h|a r-talw, tlal the property ihould be add tt a
owner, have united In couibrrlny on the unde.alyned fail p,„;r „
To facilitate thw aale, a liberal charter haa been obtained from lAw
leytlalur* of Virylnln, auth.wlainy the porch awn to hold th* prx
perty aa a joint- dock company, and yrantlnp lien, retry petal let a
that .. nereaaary f... the moat full and prodtabl. etuoynmatof It a.
well aa f,.r manafaetnrlny purpoaaa yen. rally. ^
Iti pur.oai.ee of the authority conferred upon them, th* andwr
alynrd n.,w offer lie property for aale, either to Indirtdaal* nr to a
company to hr ..ryamard under the charter
Tim Whitt Hulphur Hpr.riy. liar* auch a wit*, bread cwlehrllr for
lid ""l''""*1 <,Q*,UI"' *n<l ** » l>'»" of 'ad.-11,1.1. reaort, that It
la deemed anneeeaaary to my much tot reyard to. thetr altra.-tx.na —
Poe near half a century they hare hewn frr.,urr>l*d by rruwda *4 in
wUlda and perron. in sue.; »r pir..„,r .nd amturawnt. and tj.,p
maj Ixo w wcumJ »nlju, t**r«u>fa In Uir number and fa*H
IOIi*Mc Character of thrtr v'B»tnr» n
I Th. mean, of accommo.latl.in hare been .(tended free, thae to
i »r« uuw eu*ckut to (htertolu about ..n* thouaand auewt.
Por many year. p«t, l„.».eer, thwyh... prored to be .“le.'TTT,.
“*** ‘ b*tl IhWII Xliffil irni u» ATAdHim.wf.l- .I...I.I- .a , . r
{hey-..Uhl all hare been p,. itubl,
the x»« of erery year number* of applicant, .re luT.od .at.
f*»r want of room u> accotmm>4alr iKrm. ^
*° “‘TT *>>rta** heretofore been attended with eon.
I •'deeahle dclay and f*t.yue, » toiler. Imlny compelled to traeel neae
| £**ff**T Bprlny*. Within the I tat three month, ih. Centra*
Railroad ha. been retended do mile. U« —,-lf ,P! V!
at**. traiet to Bd mile*, and aroidlny the worm part of the road* ft
a few yeart tl.e other aeetxina will b* atilalied, and TlalUrt can then
, h*;» HAlttmormW^uhln^or. Alexandria. RlchionJ an/p^T, “
in th* mornmy and tab. tea at the White Hulphur WhenThTwI
town (ectlon of U.e Coeinyton and Ohio Railroad 1. <-.!mpleVli i7.
I •'-Tea. from the country bordertny on the Ohio near will h, .«UallT
coorenient. and .1 will he difficult to (lx . limit to th* x>-i!i
I V 10 mrv t-prlngR.
The White hulphur is -turned to the coonty of Ureeabrler ... the
r° H* Ali'E,‘»n7 mountain*. The but. thl
fertile valleyof Howard , creek ft contain. ai.,a« 7 atrea tar
”*i i^’eTh0!? ‘long th. valley about three mdea
and stretching across It from mountain to mounta:u. There are more
acrr* w* meadow land to the tract ami aiore than
double that quantity „f gt,od arable upland The rnlT!|^I
tract con.iat. of mour.tanoua .pur., well wooded and rurnlahknw
*ouJ r»'f« tot .loc k AU the auppll,. of uau, Ac Ac
' °f **• ** ^Tr’^d«S.
J^*J*V***P for ^ #^comtno»istum of victor, are conrontaw'r*
arranged, and many of them p..«sess touch architectural beauty —
The grounds are eminently picturesque and beautiful, proerntms a
•artfcaedlveraified by hills and dale*, and grov» of toe original Jm
oj the forest It has been dewrnbed as •• the Paradta* ofVHHrW
PjTfJJn 1?' l*lhTfr Vs UW 7**° Ar* acquainted with It who will Si
to arknowletlge its claim to this distinction.
,UT)*7 °f **iahlSshment a»*v m w very large, and it Is be
1 laved, by enlargvd ascommodatloos, snd with energetic and fud«
cioiu managcmeut. they ought be increased many fold.
The sale of the water, which ts in great request in oar cities when
put up for Iraotpnrtstloii. may be easily made of it**If t0 •
ary large income, and In proper hand* the net profits to a few tears
wuuid retmbur-e the price at which th. prepay can ^ IwrohaUd
The whole country eoatalns few subjects, If todid it d«£. anouS*
«dX>urrUrC"-4'Tel‘ t~lM - tTen^X
. ,h* r,u" u to b. dnquwtlonable. harm, be
longed to the prevent pr.prl.tor, and their incator. fo^ more U>an
•*v*“*7 7-oc. To facilitate the uan.fer to the purcltaeer and to
arold J.flScultle. which m.,1.1 reault from the death of any of the
MiMu'iSTwufb?OTLW IV b”n rnnytrt4 to one of the under
d£»w 111 * P l“r"i to M«utc the proper deed, to the pur
avT'L'S*^ *“'177 w hereto to re uaed In rontwc
thin with the property for the accooimodatlon of vlaltori
. reriou. Jea-rin, to purcha*. ate reverted to communicate with
th. uoderaRfued. Va. U MACrARLAKD,
Of Richmond, Va.
fa'—lActf CLKX. H. H RTUART
Jon—.lActf^_Of Rtanaton, Ta.
■lAMKI*.«»y» » 01.1 tlltuv MAIM Sirs;
I» has doui>ie the quantity and strength of any other.
It gives a perfectly natural color.
It colors every shade from light brown to jet black.
Its use is easy snd rapid.
It is perfectly harmless to the skin.
Its effect U Instantaneous snd permanent.
It 19 the-es*. ywfcAesf, cAci;»/sf, and «*!/*sf prs ever matt*.
dv iMrrcttons fnr.u*e accompany each boa say
Pr»c*— 1 oa. $1 ; t oa. \&r, 4 os JJ; a -a.
(Entered according to Use act of Congress, in the year IM. by A.
' ln ,‘**r Jerk’s Office of the District Court of the C 3
tor the Kavtern Dlstrictof Penn.]
Knr ante by ALEX DLVAL, Richmond. Va
i“~r- APuu-°-w haium<>m
'WT k. 14 1 1 l 1.1 ABLE io.mui 1CB o\ ^a
LEABr’oftBKM* Ar? irVV¥H^fS WRtffTP. FOKSAl E.^1
LK48k.. OR RENT.—The handscine dwelling located as abuse
«a*e. U-ase or rent It a* large aud comoAodtous. hav tug eight rooms,
with fire places to sey.ti of them, beside* Urge accommodations fJ
•»r*jtiU. AUo, stable and carriage house.
Gaa and Hty water have been ntro.lu. cd The whole preiuieea
are either new or hay. been recently re modeled and altered, and
»r« not only remarkable hand* me. but very convenient It u only
necetoary to eaan, n-the pr-rmn^ to be pieaeed with them The
neighborhood Is iqusl to tlir br*t m the city
For trrtus apply to
JjrT4 101 ,_OODniN A APPER90N
l^'nidilf R*'k "'T* 11 'f I.e»r the River
a built of B.ick, Sil feet aquare, with 'rotn ala to ten l.oree nower
,nT,,1 ®r*' °r J»““»'> bra, For trime, Ac . apbly to
jr-V-dhu__ URL A RAWllSGS,
VV" ^factory ***** 1 ’ ' 1 “ ,r ■ *• RmRUrbS Maa
A,«*tA ***°r,m"*' °r ,hr,r rrry l»'P«l»r Goode for which we are
S? BT->0-<>rJ*r ofth« Com moo Council of the City of Richmond
"*** •l“*1ti r ,,r^r'» • fere.1 .1 Private «!, It f,„nta oO
ItG^nto Rh w An'1 l,“,n t- Hth .treetv^n which
l front* 1*5 fcrt.cn,b,*r m, an area of one acre. The bo lid, i.*, ere
I1.’ fI7l..r,T*lr , ,Th* r'0*,l’t* fr‘,m property are tar re and dally
if*7f**•?* “J "‘1 P7*-“* «r'»> -nd proepectivr .lumens Tobacco
Troilf o- RlchmcnJ, g.ves every assuroucr that m tl,« tsi.d, t
privste IndU'htuals this may I« made probably the most productive
Investment ever offered to this city. P *
The term, will be made favorable. Information will he furnlahed
*njnj)rWu't?U bjr TAYLOR A WILLIAM8.
I Z _ " RfriiJi: Vi on I Smr rar-E -
T til'-Vnri fj,!1' ,*rm on *Llch 1 revkle. containm, >EVEN
1 III MIRFD ACh5P. It I, one or tie teat Improved fain,. In the
h!!?.1/ C'i,pTil’*r' V'” »f« new, coo veil teal and
haudacme. It Ilea within « mite* of the Oran,, and Alexandria
Railroad, and within 3 of the Planx roa.l to Frederlckehur, The
prevent crop of wheat w ]| amount to ah..ut S.Mai huahele. I am
wtlliog t„ take a jnJrt, or the trAo/c amount. In aereanta whu h I
W.Rlat ll.r III / <>(/ fa bay V€ a, il.r. t am.I ___ . la. . . .a
turn, I <•«>., Fit. 9
Ct I t» A I It lllii < < i \ I . ubaerltor begs leave to
J Inform hia friend, and the pabllc generally. ib»i hehaatatol. an
rmc* at the coal yard near the Pet r.buig depot, fur ihe aalc of the
al-ore l oal; and ta prepared lo .upply them Bow. or duriug the aea
•on. aa I. may to wanted, for caab.oron lime to punctualcuatumera
off iCu-mT* *° P,Jr PMUCU|" atleolton loiordcra, and lo itodelivery
iy»—.«w_ ____ M. D. WHIT1N0.
\V'-V'ITK s" >" ='»• Tractor, by a Lady who haa
bad conalderabl# experience, •• principal of a School for
Young Loilka. A .ituation 10 teach Moalc and French In a Fern to a
ry preVrrrd.cr aa principal of a achool. that will afford a litoral
ea*ary Oood reference given and required
jyi-w’dt Meaara HAROLD A MARRAY.
|qNHI s'l l>II A f.OOON. \\. I arc ju.t receieed
■7 Plain ami Flg'd ■»*•««
F bite CtBbrk'f and Jtcoiicli
Bonnet lVr«D , Irtoh Linen*
Final! P»g*d Print*; Linen Cr**h
Wrought Mn*ltn Collar* and Flee***
Jaconet and Luce do do do
94. 10-4 and 114 Bleached Fheet'ng*
I tidre*«ed Bleached Jr»m ; Hal Crape*
White Tarfataow ; Carta* NCrt*
While, and CaPil Kid Glove*
Black MaHlr »1k and r«t Lather Bett*
Grot*. Linen Collar-. Gau* Merlny Fhirt*
White Cofton Hear Brown Half II
I-*»ng Wbalehcne*. Bilk Jg‘**e. Mr . Mr
Which we * flTcr t.. ♦**» T^ry lo*
%-AN!SlACTnJ*RA,'"!Ur "®*» WORKS,
3* A a-*.^?MrVKF r\' f it*nc#. Clrrular «*» IfIWa.^* I
«*»• arv! Fa* M My. al-A f..r 0#g S< Co3 «ESTi
Iron and Brae* Carting*, Po»*_
dor • •- « -loi.hed Work made to or*
A call la aollclted fi om »:i In want ,__
g A I NI INTI A PI Rm rLY --—
™ W lew *t.e»« e*pe. tally for Family and Country Pfcytl *MAM I 4«*l,
y *^*er with r>Te FtuflN Chemical*. Perfawiery, Cigar*. Tobacrw,* to
ry Good#, ('o*iN, Hrn*he«, Otla and all other thing* belonging to tha
general drug tm*iur-*. a » >»f which will he ao'd m Ihe beat term*,
are now in *tor»* and are being ronrtantly added thereto
haw Drug glore.
jy M 4th and Franklin rtragta, Rk'ibodiI, Ya
flt/lllD't I'Anll.t 1104* II .. I N l> II A« ON, «ur aalt
No. 11 Paarl atrwt
f|M»llll'a EXTRA N1 IIAK < I Hi B IIOIS for
a .ale by WOMBl E • CLAIBORNE,
11*’ No. 11 tour I dun
sag iiiii).. iiu«> tun v
A, *1- i-'l m l ' e
jy*o WOMBLE A CLAIBORNE, No 11 Trail at
Dllill'HLA. ai rSHIIIH NO. 3 NAI RE*
£,\ ** W REL, for Mle by WOMBl * A f'LATRORNf.
JydO No II fearl dree.
Ol I X B*. <41 I,.-30 boivu landing and for .air by
R.N IIHNtIKN N< * I »;n. The .ubaerltot, haelag barn
R4 appointed vie agouta In Richmond for the aalc of .to above
wry celebrated * .le* would ea I iha attention of all to want of a
goad article to tto am. CLARRAON A ANHRFBoN.
]frt_No laA liaHi
nHI.W N Nl UAH. T« bbl* . far tale by
iwar All It HI *H T.N.—Wi .dvr Blind Bruabca, Hand r>aa
*▼ I og Aa.h, S riih. Floe and Wall Bruabca, for .weeping walla
for Mle by /1MMFBM.N
iStl.llN4i HIT AT fONT.-TV tutor. I tor wlehinf to
rlove h . preavot baoneca. oRra hie caller Mneb of HARKW ARC
and CUTLERY at and tolow coca. Merchant, aud uthec* arc to
cited lo ran and cantina he for# par ha-tog.
Tto ailvution of the trade H> parttrulnrly called to tha above bo
Oca ao-—dim) THOM .P A RUPT.
iS, lf| M A »•»» II Pi No M. Main .t’ovl Rhrbmotid, aavp
avail aelerfed oo.rtmrnt of GROCERIES, .loHoEtrullog II
<|onf. vatvptol.j wtorh they wiBaeB al a amatl pvoA. f..e caah a*ap
pvoved city ar .plane#.
Part rnlav ataai n pool lo aniea of Cowntry Pr.chare
i | bfyeni.y j mn.
ill % NO. f>.«n'bag* heat Pwnvmr. taadMg Far Ml. •,
f m M W PRY A ROW*
• gt Mill JU GT.NI IN» f» »< H """•lli*"1* *
|| Jy91 JAB- WtWBTO*
.> & and foe ..la hv WOMBl E A Cf.AIBURNB,
> utf No. It Pearl .raat
d g\ MIIOn . ANA ANNfO Al I. AM I I R> R
| "y " -* 'CU,‘

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