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Mr Liodtry,
Duka, Jacob
Boa.I raaUnlajr fcr
retailing oanara or
•bam avNupleuoatir
*»J number. |
fi « JXIIV*
ian> i Waltar, aliaa I
AnJarruii, a era axamliwd by
ebargr of onlaafullj puUiu* *
poicli l>alonging to Wm. r
!"“u‘ “s rc>
■ II tr tliaraupou diachtr'
•oiling Croat tha pHi
to -t hair aarvanta, ol
ho-.!**, ara auaiarm
* tlnuud at our'
w-fH.UMK 57. _' RICHMOND. SATURDAY MORNING, AUGUST 30. 1856. • i , ! «
Oh Bqunrw, llu llooe) or Im, one Invertloo. TO
Inch additional Insertion. to
One month without aMarattoa.0d to
Three do do id On
(lx do do .S) 00
Twelve do do . to 00
Two dqooreo. Threw moMh*. ..10 00
«x month..to 0U
Twelve month. ..So On
(W~ Mu adeerll.em.nt to hr cnomdrrwl by the month or jraor aa
lot. ipevtOml on the Mknuwrlpt, or prvvtouvly tyred upoa between
the partbrn.
An adeertltement not marked on the copy Ike • epaetded uumbt r
of invert bint will be continued uutU wlwil oat, and paymoal exact
ad ac curd laity.
IT" Kniriti Amnraaon-Tn avoid any mlvaudi r.laiidln»
on the part of the Annual Adreetlarva, it la propev lovuie
that I heir prtvltvwre only eltend* to their Immediate buelneee. Real
total., Lv«al and all other Advevitrvmanu aeut by them In be an ad.
dftkmxl • hxr»,. and no earlathm.
tir Real K«t»l« ami timeral Agenta* AilmtltrarnU Dot to be in
•ertcd I'j the yenr, but to be rharyd at the usual rales, subject la
such tttsfoums a« shall he agreed upon.
lW“ AihUoswn, iktokrlWro «n<t yearly advrrtisert. general!),
•djrijrln* ooe or more square*, with the prlrUrge ef change, shall not,
•n rtietr yearly average, in any one week. Insert mors than the amount ■
agreed upon as the standing rule under the contract, and all exceed
ing such amount to be charged at the usual rates
Advertisements Inserted In thr .’terni-Weekly Whig at 75 cents per
square ef l*» Hues or Ices for tlie Aral Insertion, and 50 . cuts pci
square for • »ch conUnuat.ee.
__1VAI. LNDAtt I O tt 1855._
!_ iiiiiil j iiiiiil
Imiir | .| I 4 4 «' II Jot. .1. I 1. t, 4 I 6
! « 7 «■ »,lu II II. « 7 41 9 in ii it
14 M 1ft Id'll 19,19, 1* |« 16 Id II 18 19
4" 41 44 to 14 43 44' 4U 41 14 44 41 to 44.
ii to 49 *1 81 41 99,49 V 41
TOUSth, ...... 1 9 AOMWT j .It
I 41 4 ft 41 I 8 9' 4 4 ft « 1 4 •
||« II 11 13 14 li Id, 10 It'll 18 14 1ft 10
f IT I I'd If Mil ft W> III 18 19 »..!«| W44
' 44 43 111 41 49 ft{ I '94 to! 46 47 4*. 49 V»
SAXO. !• . 1 '41 I j [ .
,9 8 4ft 6 7 4 hrrum . 1,4 4 4 66
9|ln IMI.lftllMfti ll h 91!.. 11 14 14
I* 17 IS 19 to:4l 49 14 |*. 16 17 IS 19 9.1
43 41 46 Id 47 9« 49 91 9-4 43 14 Aft 14 47
|W*I ...... ,.|.. I 49 99.8U, 1
Ana . I 4 4 4ft O.T>.«»» 1944
,6 7 9 t 11 14 6 6 7 4 4 lu II
j18.1d IS If 17 IS 19 11 14 || |ft 16 II IS
to|91 R 9* 41 96 *6 19 »1 11 *9 44 94 9ft
R 94 ft 80 I 44 97 *8 99 to 41
Ua? I 19 4 Motewbu . I .1. .1. J. , |
4 6 4 7 S; 9 in, ' 9 8, 4i ft 6‘ 7, 8
It 11 18 14 13 16 K 9 lit u 19 14 14 1ft
19.19 90 91 44 *8 94 16 17 18 19 to 91 1»
to|H 97 to 99 to 41 94 14 »j4«.97 to 99
7»«, i! 4 3 4 ft 4 7 lltcm.n i| «l B 4 ft «
9 9 10 11,19 18 74 7 «! 9 10 11 79 U
16 1* 17 18 19 9» 91 14 1ft 10,17 19 19 40
94 *3 44 to 94 47 4S II 9.’ 94 «4 46 96 47
49 toi ..!..l..'..l..| 9S Iflto'ftl
CY KOHNII I'l.ANTDK. Wf keep constantly on hand
W fresh Ground Plaster, and our care In the selections from the I
best Windsor Lump Plaster enable* us to recommend It as lie best
that can be had. All orders left at our ofllce eii Cary street, prompt
ly executed TALIAFERRO A BRO.
N H—Farmers can he suppled In their own bags, at a reduction
to price. Liberal discounts to merchants, for cash. Ja<7
(scocioa* a n» uuxj. da ns.)
a d c r hi it i: R u t
Wall Hired, under St. CKarU* livid,
RtcwuoaD, Va.
WILL devote his whole attention to the Sale aud Hiring of Ne
groes, Real Estate, Ac., publicly and privately.
Rales satisfactory or no charge mile.
Iff” He has a convenient place for keeping slaves.
The subscriber respectfully informs his friends that he has discon
tinued the auction business, and having rented his oHce to Mr J D.
Hargrove, takes pleasure In nsoommendlug his former customers to
five him a eall. HKNJ. DAVIS
•July 81 ___
Wl ' ■ SUPPLY OF (tOODf, ©a®.
•Istlng In part of the following articles.
Ni bbls Crushed and Pulverised Sugar
60 do C. Yellow do
14 hhds. New Orleans do
116 Bags Rio, Laguyrsand Java Ooffe©
100 Boxes Brown and Black Boap
100 Boxes Adamantine Candles
19 hhds. Baron Bides, Shoulders and Hama
6o Kegs superior Carb ami Sal Soda
6A bbls. New Orleans Molasses
100 bbls Mountain Dew Whisky
Wl do. Old Rye, Various Brands
JO do Kerr's Hummerdean do,
60 bbl*. and 60 S Casks Imitation Brandy
900 Backs Salt, Ashton and Marshall
8>» Kegs Pomgranate Tobacco
An Boxes Ground Coffee
00 Packages Green and Black Teas
A1 AO—Vinegar, Pepper, Allspice, Wrapping Paper, Yeast Pow
ders, Brooms, BucketU, Holland Gtn, Peach and Apple Brandy,
Mrs. Miller Fine Out Smoking Tobacco, Salt Petre, and many other
articles too tedious to mention In an advertisement.
fjSra at •• XT A TIOHKR’S HALL,” Ho. 31 Poor! otroot,
AtCauuND, TA.
B. W. KNOWLES, Areot.
Dr. A. .HMRAD, Medical A.lr1»rr.
OtpItAl January ltt,13M.8*3713** 0
Paid dlTld.n l, during year 1865... 141380 64
Belt balance January lM, ISM. 89,980,006 47
Total amount of dleldendi paid lo data.. .8 716,493 M
Total amount of claim, by drath to data 1334,990 44
-9369,438 60
* . 84.333.43S 97
All penflta f, to the ln,ur-d ntrldcnd, are madr annually, and
paid while the Insured la living. B. W. K ., Agent.
N. B. Slaraa tnaurad from ona to four yaar* In tha Albemarle In
auranoa Company. ________ lb 13
CHARTERED CAPITAL $400,000—0A»SH F1T!VD $125,000.
WaYIRK INSURANCE, In town or country, and Marine Insurance,
JT may be effected on the mne! favoraMe terms with thlacnnapany.
All Losses promptly arranged.
ST OK KB k 00., No. 88 Fearl street,
A«F7 Agents for Richmond, Vs.
WI are now prepared to manufacture
aud repair every description of Agrl*
eultoral Implements now used. We have gone \ T
to no small expense in putting up the different
machinery required In carrylug on our business. We areprepsrrd to
repair In superior style the various Reapers now used. One very lm
•*' manufacturr," and U.rj •• warranted " W* call the attention of
U« Farmer# to our Wheat Thr^her, Oeaner and florae-Power, whlrb
la tu ar**ry rteftret equal, If not auperlor, to any other now used Aa
a proof of what they hart done, we anno* the certificate* of a few
feutl«a»en who have given our machine a fair trial We alan late
lh« liberty of referring to other gentlemen who have uaed the na
chtm :
Wa pun-baaed of Mmn !«■*>> A Mott, laat aaaann, one o
iheir W la. Dram Straw Carrier and 4 Hone-Power, and la our fcom
Wa judgment, wa conaldrr Ihtlr Machine a perfect ona. We helb-rr
Dial Iht machine uecd by ua will thrrali faeter, cleaner, and break
laaa fra In of wheat, than any other that we hare eaer teen nr non).
Banrleo, 14»h Not , ISM JOS. J. PLEASANTS
Maaart Nmiw.M S Mon :
Oeatlemen— Tonre hearing dale September Rah la lo bond, and I
hartrn lo reply.
I lure need your Machine lor two eeaaoni, and moat cheerfully re
commend It aa the heat I hay* ever used the draft eaay, and the
motion firm lo the dram each aa to frt all Ihr wheat from lha atraw.
Ramectftilly.Tnnrohd'laerrant, RICHARD ALI EN,
Partarlfle, Sept If, IASS
Bretnroatu Co., Oct 4th, 1**.
Merer* Nairnm A Mtert:
®*i rlemen- - Your fafor of Mth September, ISM, waa raeetre.l a
few dart afo. going p> the wrong port ..Sic, Mr port o«re It New
Store, Buckingham county, and I do with pleasure tend you the an
■■tied certlScate. Yours, aery reapectftilly,
,. ... . (IB) W RYLY
, I hereby certify that I bare uaed ona of Meoart Nauru A Hot?1*
WRmt Threat.lag Machine- the preernl year,ami have no hoollailon
la mylng that 11 ream up to my tapertatlnn, and la the Ut I tree
Worked Olaan under my head IhM 4ib Orlohar, IsM.
(1 SORrtt: W ETLt
I porchartul on* of the ahoy* Machine* of Mterr, Lawn A Wrurum,
?aii.*Zl?* (hreahad lb ret crop* with it, making (he amount Ibrrahed
'l. Tv* ’1 **" without haaltatlnn pronounce It onanf the beet ma
chtwaa I bar* arar uMd.bellerl.ig that It will threah cleaner, Mater.
M^fll'tSSr' "’*D ' kora tree aecd
Henrico, No*. )4tb, IkM HRNRY OOR.
_ .._ . ,_. . . OnatwritAa, Dept let, ISM,
Oeotleman ll la wtth pleoeare that we record nor erblenc* In fa
for of four Threahlag Machine. It require* tern power Mr the work
K d*M than any w* bare ever area, and la ra mar table for It* tlrni.li
aWraaddM^hty.. We,yard I, emphatically th. •%«««.•, Ml
china," aod mott cAeee-AefJv recommend 11 to th* forming comma
. E W. Adam* nod Oopt B. Darla, who are alae ohaorvera, an I
wheat oar Machine thraahret tide year, are rery much otre«, 1
with Ita pm form an re Tory ecepactfoily,
f. T. CRirrt.
—«*EREBB0■ :—•*#. HoWyhev-ker, Amelia; Wm Archer C~-k,
flbeelMgeld; M Ha re Icon, Biel,mood, Wm if Clopton, Charlea
r1’ J Appereon, Chari*. Chfif.J fray, App.m.aUo. .
n ■"•t1"’"". king William; Ef Prcaldaol Jehu Y/iar, Charier
Oly 0. A net In, North Carolina; sad other*
_ S» Main rtiwaf, Rlahmaad,
»Ki t»„. Peruelan A No 1
^ Mwiirun A A—In afor#, (nr mU by
ll'.MV-'»ft CIO. w-acbed Shining, and
am? V , f i "I. * "v,,h*t Abd of Ibe ant fpnrarad make* |„
•tore and for «al» by RENT, PAINS A CD
**** _T— _M. JONES.
K'rirt7!!f i' aompetrtag ee. y ra
BNJmfi wr aur own Impnrlatton, recelrlng and for eale by
- . . __ KENT. PAINE A OO
ABLDIN s MILLER, Peart map
pkom s. m nrmaiu a oo t imfiru adtbbtu
. „ __ INO BOOM.
*. B. hmMiu i (to. in wwu tor Marl/ all the Inmun
la lha United Stale, and (Voodoo OdUea. lit NaaaauMreet,
Baa Tart, and 10Male and, Boole..
Maw Took Cftt, la now felly Mocked with the large*. Anew and
■oet compute amortmeot of IIOUSB-PCENUH1NU OOOD# to he
(band la the world. The Mock ernbrac ta:
Haled. Britannia aad Planl.bed Tin Were
Porcelain and Pane/ Oood.
BaokMa In .cry variety
Bird Cage ; CutWry ; Mels
Wood and WUtow War.
Iran Bedstead.. Chain and UaUtanda
■raaboa of erery description
Prather Dusters; 1mmpa and banterna
Bawllah and German Bnameled Wan
Befrlwrraton. Water Coolen and BoubU laa Pitcher.
Hip. Sponge and Pool Ba-ha
CbUdreo*a Cob. and Carrlagn
Austin's Pa'ent lea Cream Preoaan
The celebrated Deeon.hlre Chain
Cim and Rattan Warr
OMoeoa Tea Poy., Coddle., Seer.lory, and CobtoeU
Too Tray. In endian variety
Backing Horace, Propeller, cod (life
Tiehiog TooAU
Broomed, Coppered and Brea. Oood*
Hautraack* au<l Moauulto NVu
Preserving Cana, at the lowwt maoutocturer'. prices
_Garden Implement, of erery description
tIAO-in rndleaa earuty of PANOV UOODfl, uf gnat utllltr *a
well a. beauty.
The location of hi. .tore It central and conrenlenl to the leading
Hotels III. BoUe Room or# flee In number, end on the moot one
clou, of may It this line of bounce la too oily. The attention „f
hi. aaeUtauu stu be polite and courteous, and an aiamlneiUn or
lib Mock will ilvajri flfr plrttarp. lilt |«»od* art porrliatfil alrvo**
exclualeely for eoali, aud are '•fleerd at prices each so defy competl
Uon. HI. aim U la rin the pablic what may be .tneuy termed .
grand model lloaor-PurnUhlng Depot. The greaUM can used In
Altlog order, from oat of the city Catalogue, forwarded by mall
BOBRRT DAVIS, 6*4 sod **0Bromlw.,,N.
Bole Proprietor of the great Emporium for supplying the wants of
Houeekreper._ lyW-*ro-[P]
Opposite the Park, ofler at Wholnale, an Imtneluc Mock of
CLOTIIINO. of all kinds.
JelA—ddfn[P.) “ CALL AND SEE."
.iiuuii.lo iron pipe: mohkn.
US Centre street, New York,
%M amupacitrers and dealers in wrought iron
If • ('ipc*, Putlogs, Tools, aud recry description of apnarstu.
mi. heeled with tilt am. Water or Oaa. for luallng and lighting
Steamer., Churches, Hotel., Private Dwelling., IlntpluU, Village.
Part,trie, and Halls
Aim-Valle., Coeka, Pumps, Ouaga, Boilers and Bnllar Hue.
(Ut'lr to unler
Our Den w Oott’.ttr MetMimc a nr entlrrlv new. and our own Patcoi
«air titled to do dnutde the Work of may other invention.
Ordrr* solU lird from aUJn-.'tloaa of tin; oouulrjr, and twomully at
tended to._ __ _jal l—ly- tP]
rraa* oauia.e aou uuLaaa, aaca aura' n.u, .iltisu, avo
I in porter, aud Dealers in Maminii timr.' Articles, '
N B Agent, for the U<a -WoodruB and Beaeh Iron Works ■ steam
Engine, and liotlrn.
CBr Eaclu.lye agency In New York for -Lowell HachloeShop
MochlnlMa* Tools, _ nSB-lyJP.)
K.«vci.-iun r'*,w i.mi MAtlinUI—Uttlr by HOOD BAT
TKLLK A CO . Worcester. Ms*. , patented byVuullo'.e J,
September 10th, 1M4 These Machines are warranted,(with proper
aaej not to gel out of repair. They are built tn a good, substantial
2ni7or£n“n'l,k* m*nn,,r' »"d w* do Tailors,' Shormakrrs'an j'
?.rT' ...W . ’J" » ">»““•» warranted to glee satisfaction The
tOUh will not rip any more than common sewing done by hand
Oall and see them In operation at Uu CHICS.NLT Street Philadelphia'
„„ .... T' WILLUNk
*0ENT for Receiving and Forwarding Manufactured
*r Tobacco, Ootids, Ac., Ac., No S Hacicit Bur. Ricwuoan Vt
oegt leave lo return his sincere thanks to his friends and the nubllr
,0'liberal patronage U-,lowed on him during his bentneu
connections with Messrs. Hooker A Watkins, of this city, and re
sportfully solicits a continuance to his new bouse. In thus appear
Ing on the theatre of business alone, I do so with fall confidence In
"f, qualifications that the Interest of consignee* will be
fij® l-lberal cash advaoces made on consignments of produce in
“'V" T,1'. Uwl* W«** * 8®n. Wadsworth, Turner A Co .
on.1 John Booker, Esq, Richmond; John M Oley, Eat, Chiswcll
Pabusy, Ee<| . Messrs Peters, fipence A Co., and Mewsr. McCorkle A
Jones. I.ynchburg. Va j»»6—tf
J- MTRWRIBFR having Ailed up a Suit of rooms In elegant
•WJ*' *' y*Wt." Hr**. >• now prepare.! b, wait on the pub
fttulsli them will, superior pictures, at moderate price*
The Ambrotype, being hcrmctlcall.r scald between two platea of
llnr polished ft I a**, (by a t’eruent which not only Kyorrt, but ril<U
and beaotlAcs the tmpreaalon,) la proof against action ol water ,.r
acids or the variations of climate In long sea royagrs, and la the
only kind of picture that will remain unchanged by lime They can
be taken from the site of full life lo the amallest miniature, and In
one quarter the lima of the Daguerreotype. They are not reverted
can be seen In any light as nu engraving , hence are very suitable'
for Pina, lockets, and large Frames, as well as Cases ’
The extreme popularity of the Ambrotype*. has given rise to much
Imposition Counterfeits upon glass, covered with Mark varnish.
Arc "ftrn KilJ fur Aml>r»ty|»e*. Nunc Arc fcoulnc without the Ml
ent tump The public are Invited b. call and examine specimens at
^f.A,*‘*R°TTr* Dtu.sar. Onanmtux IUu.,Maln street,between »th
and UKIi. u g iitnuu
Richmond, January it, 18S«.
Mf:k« iia!wtn i\si ihm k ni.npATv or
RICHMOND—This Company It now prepared to'issue Fire
fi«s'nr In,ur*nc'' Po,lcl*w on as reasonable terms as other good of
an^pt'ld ,,,r W,U*ln a" c“**' promptly and fairly adjusted
No charge for the Policy In any ense.
stalls"'’ th* presvnl, on the East tide of l*th st, near Main up
Wm. II Oh rial Ian, Wm Breeden,
John Farcell, Thomas R Pries,
J* P*,Dr' J“ Yliomas, Jr.,
Uwlt Olnler, John Currie, Jr.,
Aug Anderson, Jas Dunlop,
Joa. L A,.person. Wm. H. Ilaxall,
lotcoc B. Heath, John D Quarlfi,
John Dooley, David J. Burr.
!Uch.dJ?,5Mk!Di’ Urkln W. Olaaebrook.
Uwly D. OrcoahAw D. Voo Gronloff.
Joseph R Anderson, Kraanurl Miller.
Joho 0. Slaton, Kd. If. gkluker,
Franklin Stearns.
JJI. Mowrsoux, IWy. * PLeASANT8' Frssldrnl.
tbmer Oactmor trts<f Franklin Street*,
HAVE In store n fine assortment of superb Furniture (Rich
mond make.) b> which they ask the attention of th* public,
nwy saltern their furniture of a quality unsurpassed by any mint
fac orrd In this country, being practical mechanics thenmelres, and
glrlug direct anil personal supervision to all the details af their
manufacturing operations. Tliry only ask a cull from those who
want good furniture, engaging simply lo offer them a splendid aril
clc at a eery reasonable price.
tWThey give especial attention to VmUrtaklna an«l hob! I
vT.rr’V* ''"S?'?0’ f* *n bours, and at shortest notlrc.'to provide
h^k.' kcor Foplar OolBns,with shroudt.llearsr and
P 8 On* or two varnl.hcr. and polishers wanted, to whom oer
Zir" R'ren, 11 immediate application la
B“d*- ___JaM
0*ee remoeed to the More nfChrtatlan A Lathrop, No. » Mam
W.-In conwquence of tha realfnatlon of Daeld R. Crane. Wm II
Chrletlan «aa unanltnoualy rlecird Gaahler. The office haa been re
roore.1 u. Ibe More ol Cbriatlau A Latorop, where demi.lt. will be
rvccWed, on which an Interest of • per cant, will he paid on all sums
remaining on deposit sis months or longer, and fler per cent for a
shorter period.
This Institution has been In existence twenty-eight years, haa
loaned otrer eight millions of dollars ; has no suspended «lrbt has
neeer Inet one dollar, or failed to oar any certificate when doe.
JOHN fllOMPPON. President,
it. X!f N ClfRISTlAlf, Cashier,
mhU dlT_HPQH W. PRT, BecreUry.
I ARHUlii; I mm. §»I Ml. 1C
OUR attention Is Inelted to our stock of Klt?lf- w ‘ —
MADR CARKVAORP, consisting of(yS-9a»
t««cAae, ele- aI tirrldpea. MorA.tmry,. R„ggim.
AtMde., Ac Thl. work I. made of Ihe be* W
Jk°.rk•ni^r'l'r th’ lmmedlair euperel.lon of the
proprietor., who are thnrou«bly acquainted with the boatnrea
-h Jrim ^•0d,aM.T'r*J "lU ferriage „»« Ruggi..,
which will be told low by AINHI.lf, ROWRN A POWILL
I*** WMl afrw*. kHww. Mala and Obey.
■ ho* ii H\rri nr.
M Tl RPI WORWt -fur'ni.h all kind, of Ca.t and Wrought I a. >«
Wtmit. mi Britmena. A greater rarlety of Pattern, (nr IrTri Rail
In* than any other retohllahmenl In New York, attdkhe larr.at Man
ufactory of Iron furniture lu the United pule ^ *
J ™___ W green mrrH, New York
Nil I'M A:. The age
Vl,~T£ h'!\bf Dea«c “Kin ".Tre
^«dy by Mr T Jas fhane, has. with Ihe consent of Mr
been transferred to us We hart tn store, and expect to keep a con
r-i 7SPlm' ^ «»•" and family,** whteTVTiS? ?oX
“m* i^^rh.rmd he the r„rmer
iV7„r.!h.^ ■n.ew,lmc,lberh..lny nn the Mar. 1 lul
M. Jtttiri7z.?*af^ *" '""f A"11 f*Tf,f*blr carried nn by
natrJn^TTj^r. r«I*~*tfc«ytollclt . contlno.ne, ofthi
S7T7} fT ,ar,ntrlr e.tended to him, and would alto call the alien
l ln RT"*"1 and well minted Muck of
SSt’JPSfl A"*1 •*»«•'««»* oeminal Mock,
all of which will he told on the moat reasonable terms
„ t A. WAITfM.
Upholsterer and Paper Hanger,
„ * » w„. i*V>l*ln ttrset, corner of I9ih
and wonldTagfen?ZJSST ' V7.T* b* *' ,h* eld *aod,
^ a emntlnwance of Ibe patronane of all bl. former
a i l *»
' • » • M»l W UKIIoi kK.
r'l* fn'^crlbeT,, bar Ing renrod to their new factory on Gary
X Afreet. heiween fth ami loth Air.eta, are prepared in receive
,22* U"a ARTIcultaval Machine, and Implement. JTlhe
lake* uid m...l appenrul pattern., which will he mad. „( toe he*
material, and of .uperlor workmantolp. They a.k attenti.,.. tn
“0«;l-,"*.donMe.„d..n,k. gc.c-l ll^-po.^.*.7d
ehlrh haer taken a premium at retry Pair M which thee haer h_-t
SyS-5:«? rrXT, CR-iiToKi
" ■*' *r i >l<!h ■ P»,«>l Iron beam flow, of rarlr n, .in-., Ac The.
tobfotn toe opinion of Ihe lion W illiam C. Wee. of them flow.
Richmond, ___ fY MLDW,',• CA*I>WRIX A OO
Om. W. a ■*.» _ Cwri* Hitt, IMh Dee I AIM
r^.7* " .7’, T7- "T : 1 'a"' frA-rr lh recording
.7 ?nhSa-t *» R«T The work w., far tmwe Unwuwch
The bT .."L*"' "*** 1 ,T,T •*" ,n "ffllA" Moee.
»#lncl7i7 h^brt.i7l Z2. «*"rr»«y I* mebtodeep ,nd about
.-o'rTg -bim"i 7,1, sisardKur« nmts
n.!1. _*TU; ?' " HofAtoa. Ttiuma. Watton.'flTX AeUTt’
penmen ajnl nwmf eylk.nl jndge.i .1 ylmlt.,.1 Im^emen.., and
Srt3S2S.7?Ti?ffiw" “,h* *M —
Wishlry you eqqM| success ttowKsn In asakjng this rsloahW* Im
glxtMant mewrahty known to our agrtcwlMvwJ bvythrett
• fa®aln, yours truly,
muiAM a Rirm
r.ru Axutuiii IIoms, No. U* Bautwn, Naw Tom
*■ *•.«<v *Mi,
Jfmt York, luumii u. Nugiicnuu' Awn
«"»« »»* ‘VyM.l Ntu Window Olau.
riuled Olau lot Skylight*, Green Houses, He , He
Colored, Ornamental, Optical and Microscopic Olau
The Istodon and Manchester Plate Olau Oomnaay*a Thick Pal.
IMuJ Plate lor More Window.. Ac.. Ac '* ™
Bough Olau for Ploor. and Shy lights
Attenllon Is Invited lo Ihe above carious dsurtpllon. of Window
Olau la um for Store., Dwellings, and other porno... Tbs quality
(Bcu article, la inferior to no corresponding dorrlptlon, and la
»My raapecte »u per lor Our Sheet Olau will he Caaad batter than
tha Preach In its freedom from Main. Had, Ar
Swing Agents far Iwa si the largest Olau Manufacturer. In Su
rMf • *• “» eimbUd tooger dealrra and other* every adranlag* la
■T?flL*1>lin*ffTa*^** Fr'** U,U W'U furol*hsd oh apidieaUuu
fJPWAHB I*. Dltlm;, 144 (W« XtrtM, X. Y .
* ‘*°.,,'>or* W*H of Hu.liofl Kivar Railroad Depot, i.Oer* to Deal
era aod Cooiuuera Id. celebrated brands of Pranch Wutduw Olau
teems. Hurtle, wishing Information will be famished
with prices on receipt of their address. Olau col to any deslrc.1
pattern, and paohed fm. .( char,. a^Th-l"I(7u,
FOR THE 1,066,000! ~ "
r. ft. PATK NT SAHHI.I: row PA NY,
_ _ SO Tnuarao, Avacwr. N. T ,
COId.MN8, PEDEATA'A, Ac , In Aennia, Broealrlla, and all
Italian Marble*. This article, which la a preparation of Marble Dost.
etietutcaBy combined wl h mlnoral colors, so aa lo he moulded mu.
“T <oru and color, by oldrh a marble ran hr maaataruuad at teas
than half the coat of Ihr coramoo material, while It reed. it |D dura -
btmy and hcaoty Unlike Marbtelud Iron and Nate, thue l* ....
turfar* work, the color running into the mau of the material a Idle
do earnaB I* bard to pter a temporary hcaoty to the surfs,* 'Man
Ilea from M to SAU Table Tips, Ar . equally cheap
a. K‘*hu ',fi‘r,Hr* ""J of alerve for the dlgsrenl
8**‘r*' wn»ch will ensure miutpoar returns lo ihow Inlwrrttoi thnu
lofofWRgiiuri fuiuished on ap|»iic«Uon lo
.__ „ _ . PETER ItRNME, President, or
Jonant Lam. Am:retary NEW TORE.
■ NOR Mining P^Jaei^andY, Cg^itt^r both In wet
■ and dry blasting; of four dlSerrnt kinds. The rotten and beau,
ru*e; kit®. Ole tingle and doubt* Tape Water Puu. 1
Mnmifaciuri d and told by OLKNN PUTMAN
Llbrrty %t, Nvw York.
Order* promptly Ailed for all kind* of Oun Powder, of tha
moot approved brand*. Edge1* Exhibitional Fire-Work*. Ship sig.
“**»*«•» _noU—1/ [a^rjlgl]
A Phy Rician of high stand In*. and former, y a Profe**or in one
of the Medical Institutions of this country now retired from active
practice, who ha* been •offering from Pulmonary Di*ea*e, discover
red, while travelliuir lo £outh America for hi* health, a cure for Con*
sumption, Hronrhill*. Cough*, Cold*,and general debilliy; and bring
aware that Thousands ar? suffering and dying annually from (hi*
cnoel dreadful of all disease*, he !« desyreu*. from th» principle* of
humanity, of making known thl* most valuable remedy. Upon the
receipt of PiA*™ Cent*. In Poolage Stamps, or Change, be will send
a receipt with full direction* for making and RUccrMiuliy using It
J"'* required, I* applied for Hostage, aod the payment of
thta advertisement
Address- R P DEYEROUOH, M D.,
, Boa 28, P 0 , Brooklyn N. T
je 17—If [e ilni|
AlANl'FACTl'KEUN, 84 AND 88 Walker Street,
niar bioadwat, biw roti,
RESPECTFULLY rail the attention of tin
b. their *pI»*ti«lid 4ia,rtrju nl of Mintfrrar.l
square Plan..., which, fur eutamr uf lone, elsatl.lty ,,rl | 1 111
touch, beauty uf Snub, and every thing that render, a Plano per fee l
are unsurpaaMd They were awarded the Pir.t Premium fur both
^PMl.Ttei '^l" W'ih maker, from Bo.
ton, Philadelphia, New York and Baltimore
NEW TRIUMPH -#Tki»w.r A ft*. have ,usl been ...rd-d rh.
th* a^hpTi 1ST .^. i°VLVl ihr late Fair of
? I®**1®1*' Cr'T*tAl •**'»<*«•• for the iut Plano-Fortr*
OC1N—tf- [I.TMl
33 Munich Lane, Mew York,
!%B-ANII *'A» Tl It A: Its ui mi' \1411t1 n-m
Baltimore Depot, 145 Pratt Street
aMV-ly Boetou Depot, 14 Howard Street. (». g)
Chartered by fhe Legislature of Virginia Dec. 171k, 1863.
rpmi lNimTtrriON receive. deposits on which tntere.11. paid
I*«V wut per annum If r.malnlug on depoalt
at* mouth., and five per cent for ahorter period.
WM O. Paine, Praldent,
OKU. J. SUMNKR, Secretary,
«m G. Paine, of Us firm of Kent, Palue A Co
Janie. L.Appcmou, .. « Apperaon,
iuf, “ “ " A Andertou A Co .
, “ “ “ Bark«dale, StoeaU A Oo.,
Koberf T^rooke* “ “ *"“• BkU*“* * «*>
“ - “ Christian A LAthrop,
Jno. Doolrjr,
Lewi. Sinter, •• - .. Sinter a Alv.y,
R. B H«*ath,
S*i?.',,J',iL“1hroP* " “ ” Chrmtian A Uthrop.
R. W. McGrudrr, *• •• •• 8. McOruda •. Sons.
Hr'nryW QuaHe., ... R ^
Jno. P. Robert., •• “ " Smith A Roberta,
Wto. J. ftuimirr.
Jno. C. Schafer,
. .Stoke. A Co.
—thmi niTt* ,U>" °f "rnr)r W yu"u‘' No 14 p'"' alrrat.
HAS now on hand, a, d offer, for .ale on liberal term., the moat
fashionable, be»t made and cheapest assortment of
KEADY'-MADF. clothing
. PTHNISHINfi «.milts
10 " roon'' ,n 'he city, embracing every approved ityle and quality.
v...n^,K,rte ,V* mkdf l,p frn,D ,h* “°*' cholc* pattern, of French,
Kuall«h and Hrrmaii Importations.
Gentlemen wiMilng fine Clothing are Invited to call and examine
___ ap!7
(Graduate of tl.e Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.)
HAVE opened and Sited out with every convenience and Iro
Main Street. Northwest comer of 10th, and juft above the new Co.
tom Mouse Their facilities and experience are .uch, that they feel
warranted In saying that Physician.' orders and prewriptiou. and
avery pharmaceutical preparation, will be Ailed and prepared a. ac
corately and promptly a. at any other e.tabll.hment In the country
Their .lock . entirety netr, and wa. .elected with great care by
tbemaalvr. In peraon.and no article will be l..urd which may not
xT^m I.P roper MrengfA andpurlfy of character,
i, T! ?," “JilST" k,,P * complete auortment of pure aud re.
liable Drug., Medicine, and Chemical., Patent Medicines, Surgical
Instruments, Trane, and Appliance of every description, ground
and unground setected Spice., Cooking Kxtrart.,8moklng »nd Chew.
IngToborcn.Me <ne«< (m/mrfo/ (Vg.tr., K.ncy Articles, Lubln's
And oth«r celebrated Perfumery an.I Sham, nulothe. Hr,..h_. .....
•wery article appertaining to the Drug business. |t U their design to
^D<Bi25lPU25Sl*tt?.:?aB 10 lhe bu,,n«‘*» In all Its branches
PRR8CRIPTKfN8 will be accurately dispensed by one of the part
ner*. st nil hours ..f the day ..r night.
raillK subscribers would Inform the cabinet manufacturers, piano
M. forte makers, and others of this dly and rlclnlty, that they
fu.HtT'rtl , Z buildings, at No 970 Waahinfton
fUreet, In the elty of New York, where they hare on hand a large
•Sua^WtoSlr *tock of Die finest wood to be found In the (Jutted
150,000 ft. fine and extra fine rosewood reneers.
SI’21! n ^°* do- n,f,t**e*l mshogany reneers.
2' . ”° m*b f*ny shaded reneers.
40,0n0 ft. plain do do. do.
69,600 ft. mahogany crotch reneers, various sues.
60.000 fine do. drawbutt reneers
90.000 extra fine mahogany, do. do.
9ft,OOO ft. fine blistered figured wslnut, do
40.000 ft. mottled do. do do
60.000 ft. walnut crotch veneers, draw butt sixes
ft4,ooo ft. do do do varlousdo
90.000 ft fine and extra fine satin wood veneers.
9ft,o»* ft xrbra veneers
47.000 ft curled and bird’s ere maple reneers.
77.000 ft seasoned rosewood, mahogany, and satin wood
boards, plank, and Joist of all thickness. Plano xnd Cabinet Moul
din*, litt dlffrr.nl pattern,. *11 *1 rrry low prlc*. *nd npon f».
Mir^'«n.r7‘L^?JTO,‘h,L.'*Ub,“hTn' ,h' *"• "Wy Ordrr*
will be filled with Ihe utmost care and dispatch.
■ «ta t. m HAWlft A WfLLO(T(inVIY,
Rtrrrt, brtwrrn Br.rh and North Moorr .1
apf—dom__N«w York CM,.
Am UK k> SMI \ UH.-T«ll..r*gk.M«T¥rti^nr7V.
^ i’ Pf H '■♦Wbr.trd aaak«, warranted
AjNnt.ro,,, wm.tL ,,Jnh
4AmdW ' r.rlnnMi rurrd Rid**, ready prkna.br^Tl
. __ M>d« do do Rhnoldrre, do. do
Ham*. .mall mm, tor family urn
IB.ntlO lb. BmiUtJIald Baron, Hop round
* hM>. Bmata Pirrr, p„, ..|,
chan t Wortham * ©o
4* (y 11 A I O.’N Hit «>IM.
■ half plpo*. of pond quality, for .ala by
^mgk '■** rii IW, I.KYIONM, ,ll»l rr,-. , rft I’ll ,
•9\W ,.lr bf *>t» AM) ANTONI
HOTTER. *• k.n mall, prim* frr.h Nlrrtrd OtMbta Bui
ter. Just recelred ani for sale he
\| oi » ss, s. an Dhla . if. hhdt , for Mir hj
n4*.'.°W.,~10>l hM* r*,n7 Ptlm. Wattarn aid,,, with *od
WMfcout bon*
#*• Mid* rra|), prlmr Rhoiildrr,
"HJ*" lh* , r»rall7 *'"* * und In ttorr and for *«lr hy
, ikmiK A«RNCV.
PRYHI Ruh*rrl»~-r, l.arr rM.Mt.br,I * Ron, Acrnrjr in Philadelphia,
* and will turn-ali ,n, book or pnMlraUan at thr retail prW*
oT.al S"* b7 fnrwardlnf ihr Mborrtptlon prlc*
of any of thr M M.y.atnr., mrli a* Harpor’t, Oodry'a, Pntn.m'a,
flraham a. Prank Ir-.llr'. PMMona, «r , will raralr* tl.» mawaamra
twr."ni" '‘"v* nf * •PWndld liihnwr.pl. fnrtr.lt of rlthrr
Wa.Mn*ten, iack-s, ,.r ©lay ; nr. If reharrlhinw to a |« and a «1
Mapaalnr thry will rrrrir, . rm.y „f rttho, of Ihr thrrr portraHa. I
’ .* ?4 */9,h.0, "Maalnra, all thro, portrait* will M
•ont Iratlw. Mo.Ir fnrnlahod to thoar who may with It.
tnralny,. of rrrry daw Option and .1.., In tiryonr .mall qwantl !
lira, fnrnlaho.1 Rral Prraars, Dir., »r . wnt to nrdar. I
W Yngrarlng on wood t teeoted with neatness '
anddWpatrh Vlawaof btiHdlmrt, Nrwpaprr ll.adinw., Tmw.Tf
•"«*'r*Hona, Lodyr C-rtlRratr., Baalimm Card., *r.
.r.,!TrL,.,.l? T *•" If""*lrf,» a'frndo.,».. Prranna wi.hiny rVw.
by mall OT'ripcm*'’ "* *k»trh of Ihr tr, II. I In,
. V vdlafanrr harlnf mlawMr artlrNa wmld Rn.l K tothair
It.*4' '*** ,br "*• ** *' n-I »• awri,M A.r
thr .aN nf tha am, BYRAM I PTIkO*
, _ ..... Wi Booth Tt lrd «rst, PhlladMphia, Pa.
. t. MAT rtbarn
jrv ‘i’.""- -"»«-r<.fUNbaM
Alao Mtprr Phoaphala l.lmo
Omand Plaatrr and Mma~for aalr hr
S' WLH RIf. W.MakK-M hMIka^.'.
*» •**•*» DATINPOIT, ALLW * 00
No. 1M Naoooa Strut, narc door to Naooun Book
The iHin con piiihinu -
this Ho* ere the WASHINGTON. Captain K. /fMH*
CaTMor, HERMANN. Capt Knwaao Hamm -
Map at Southampton, both *oia*
Proposed dates or sailing-ism
Fran South
m u "L. awpluri Tor
How York. Brcium Nrw York.
Hunan .Jan'y tl r*b'y ff M.
Waanimma. ffrb'y M March rt Mar ti
.Mar’h » April IP April *|
Waaaiamua .April It May IT May PI
. •*»» II M Jan* in
.July 1* Aug't t A 11*1 la
HuSm.™1.4'Wt • Rapfr t Se^i'r 1»
Hunan.Moi'r I Not’t *t Dac'r t
WJ4“,*®¥°“ • • ■ ■ • • •.Nor'r «t Dac'r *T DecV «1
Stopping ml Southampton, both going and returning. thry offrr
C^r11”4 * U,°*- “9 ««". mWanuuS; onr an"
othm ront*. for th* economy of tim* and money. 7
ti*444/*-1 aaw luat To aorratnrron tap aacnaa
aJi^dd^t«i|M*‘“ **,00°’ *'*" ; 41 ”l C*b,n’ Lo»rr*al“o, »Uo.
No of^InriTC? ^ I*4* ““«•««• *A* Poet OHce.
.ailing ^ “ ®* **n'J 07 P*rr*4* Fwelyed on the day .
far An etpaelenced Surgeon luauached to eael, abip
rue hrwtghi ar paaaaffe, apply to c. Ha* NO
11 South William at , New VoJh.
C. A. HK1NKKKN A OO , Bremen
. .« . (w. CROSRRT A OO., Southamptan
lalT-lytW]__WM.jrn.lN. Ham.
__ nte.a.yi iti: r\\ ii>
ROINHITROH. Muiiona, - . . wUTcSSSm A-fa
NRW YORK, Plfal k!Lt o“ ‘ <■ 4 jAA
oi.ahoow, ip*i .. ... Jo;; oI^Ti. >*kjU£
n>e Glasgow and New York Steamahlp Company'll”’TTS:
me “I*^,PO“*r,“l *u*mtn ,rom >*«» »®rk lor lllmwou.d,
vrl^irnUa1,8*,"'',*r’ P^pteniher Htlh
Nf.%% YORK,
GLASGOW, Saturday, Au*iut 14th, 1* o'clock, noon.
harm or raaaao*.
nm Class . ...
A limlicd number of Third Cl a.. Passengers will he
taken, supplied with proeletont of food qnaliiy,
properly cooked, at .... a q j.
An e*i*rlenc*d Suryeon attached to each Steamer.
tor Pretyht or Paaaage, apply to JOHN McSTMON,
JhTl*—Jly 0,14 B,,l, *' 0oW °“,J »■•••*■* fo*P*m*.W*r’ *' T'
""i J~S„ *NI» r It BA« (O.
SiTiccaraano 7°h*lham alreel. New York,
OOCESSOR of Pmr A Gaeai Loanxanp offers for sale all
klnd.ol SNUEE and TOBACCOS In £££l *^0"
am**f obuiocij liv ftddltMlM 14 Gnrp -
hl^Kat^.HMimen1 leooeofthe oldeet of the kind In th* Catted
- - - --walk—ly iw.)
r <l*' Will lt<Ml \ >l I* %>I> It r%« |
*r.p«,otm... ,rH-r,;oc3,M,?r,rcT.c'm
•• ’*J __An h’l’.^.l n.po.
KtRCrHIIEkrtiii a.. . ... -
rf.oOo PRIZES—$102,000—OXLY 15,000 XOIBERS '
. . . „ I LAm n.
To uf drawn Krjit. ’Mi. at COKCFHT iiin u ,,
A^V^rD8up'rlD,'n‘,Vn"^""'i WSMML
•ffsrS.sari ,rj "
U. obuin capital. be,7? W? IZZZZ ?£& **“*lb' ‘
, prt„ af CAPITAL «| 5,000.
lPrtxaof .(IllrfS
i „ B.0U0 I..*.
; .. .■
. u . UHfl nr ...
Tjj .. . ?"*".
*• Approximation. \ [ ] “ *£’ J£. J!! j;.
»o do . wTZ. *
i"» do . •
T.ao» l-nm of.; ts* . . . \ .
*•** Prize., aiaouijtlnx to .. —
PV“ Tlckrl. 110; Halm *5 . Quartan s,,flo a. .
.re, odd ■-«".bcr.lcXrt.1.,^A7,U-fcnu^rtri;h'!:
Tk^.u Vn”bl.nca!Sra,ofU 1?“*' °' »nd creu nomL.r
^,h'con °f ib'
.nRAXTJtt.7» *• -• *' S' - ——* ‘•‘om end
Or^pu'Iir^l7Milnnd7.o'T c’ZY n'ed,not '«« *“ ».ln« lo«
NoU. of «uod B.oU ult« ., C^oununicatloti.confidential. Bant
--- - Macon. (U
UKA^™ “F the'PHIor
.o^rQ,c^r,%:ndofp^^,ur,,‘c‘1 «*,.
ocll Druif a.K a LAIOLKY k R0BIN90N,
___ ^ 4th and Franklin streets, Richmond.
W1If . 7* *ai* rtr+4t% RwAmcmd, Fa.
ILL five their undivided attention to all sales of Rest mil
Personal E*ate, sale of Household Furniture, SiockOoJSl
lo—- —^fk’„^:
At»d Rosewood Wardrobes
SW.board.and wOZZU?* *'*“*'"’ CaWnc.
to7^iai’7b*,!,“J,8o‘"' T<"« * T«*«. IXran. and Loun.n
.. Uss.'a&gsMtta^
?fSrs“”";;S-' 2S2xi!S~
THO.nAK w. keener,
™.__ w'n lu th, aal, of
m*.tf AH6uBErioS^7^TURi.>ioRC,UND'*,i'
JOHN C . N II A E E li .
tailor and draper, ’
Worn rwlUTTT, Tiaoiau.
*° hUn'w
99T«» t URTIM.
'■Hums A APPEHftON, *rr***’
O frUhand -of *,’n,,ln' Mollcinnt, .1
J M _ <,KI MHvl * '»•*■> *!' -N S' ’ II ' .
W I III A ill S ATT LKin
wholesale and retail. 1
._gt 1« Main afr«#f,RtcAmmvt, m j.ia
ujrgjgr.a.M z^tz .sspsrasr
TAdoi. nkM.n •***!<■*• •« «h»
. puramta, u reported. and more i>artlcnUrt* u •
ShM^MM J* 'o'*<n*-n*»r that I am th, prop,!,!*- „f
fc :z -••*
SHIM Kill: I'M Mill! A n II HIM V,,,,,..
_ - . _ RaoBansp, Va.
Fgiai.BOTT A BROTHER. Pop,;,,nr. of th, ah,.„ _
°Ij*" '"T*o»»d rooMwOnn. nf .11 mwa.frmnrt. gflQnUri
Th~. •V"*J4' h” Ahrrakar Sa. Milk. SSZ7
rtwl* mnihJin', .y"1 ,"ihn px'po***. Shlfh Iha, loo^TT
m .U«h»ri T ^ f ‘ ",p*r nr '“•"E En.ln,, had, h,rr
M<»r*c m any rfQRlrtd potn.
at TarkmOtaJ** *1’1'*' of “n" SIT*"**** imiiMrs,il..n, and
" ro*T*,,, ’ ,nm
Rss^aweMsarftu. ..(D,.n,r^
MawfarlErtny Tolurro, infpthpr wtih p?frfkln«i nf KM arm .n,«
Tns, art alao if,, ttrlu.lr. Ma-nfartar.ra In ihk i. .U|
JMtb'ca oorn »s'rf^
mUJMfFl, *ntrh IImy <v>nfl lentlf rSPnmimml In thwlr mtlrnnsfi
XS-5U? XZSZ?','nm£\'*"\n' \hr
A&2£Y ir«i.i.,
>■ »»e5?rffin*.
• ',«’M**' imp'o*. s3K»
-I'.-T “J «***■ hn*M.fcf* mad,, (fo.m 5 mfckm pnvrr.l
•m vhaak. aad ?**sd_ln ,'r*'"E psrprww, (Hl>n« iVmWr,
.^nr. szzrzxrzJ""- •• ™
, _ Xwawritia.N. O .Dw. IS.ISS6
r HIM, Kao , Rirl.mon.l, fa. ^
N.vT.?.f. If <••' « Nnrs* pn*„i ,„d Sa. Mm
y.r.—™1 '3J* T— s N. mnnih. ..n, w, has, p„ „P ,Pd k m
.■'"B, II parfnrm. full, .p mlr a^MMlaN Th,
■■arrr^,?! . ' ,”"H’ •*" *»'"• ">•« k and..»Mn.ll, an
IMrnTmnnM arm anpihlnf lhal w» Sara m
- **” r**.»wl hwaua,*, ara nmlinl
ih, i^dl ^f ***.!? W7* 14»* »"•* lhal li .III muff
oja^indl, nT», anythin, in Aap, nf nulla In Ihk pari nf Nnrlh
a niT^1T'O.f'spond''nta fmm ihk tarllnn raapartlnp
miM. a. . .I.M am haaBtha. k
raRulaka, *<■ Too aia at llhart, to aw ihk a, ,..o think pr <p,r
a a wa. _ «_.. ^ . JOHH A. BRTAJ9.
r. 9. TW Bvrfar 0am la Ho. A.
HALTiaoUE l in A llosi'i iAi .
'I’"* la*, the-o.
*SSSTiiStS^ISB^^r^fcSLV ,L)r
fAWMftKSffff.j s
*»l bopm or .■MrlM||,.1^jg*jlnj^rTtaf.‘ * tmpaSSt
«^>ecl»Uy, Who hare become the ,k tlm, of Solltarr Vk ■ that Arc
£1 and dmrntl,. habit which anu.mil,Tw^l /
r2i“« »' “»« exalted talent,
eTS, thi't'wdli0 rf! oU"rw'*» h»” mtranced lt.1,,,1-,,, ~.:.,i.
Si-2*at3Kr ~,,w to —'Ft
•hooU immediately consult l>r. Johnetoa, ami be reetored to p^rfe
m^Slr rona5?*i, V'Tx! ua*cr lh* *"* »f **• Johaeton may rail
£&*2>J:&£Cr conAdentfyrM,
•—Mr cored a-°S255 SJS"“
buc2ed2^££^!.b**1*117 moat frequently paid by thorn .ho bar
income th* ytoitf improper indulgence* Young persons are U,.
lh>' pbj*1'*1 end mental power, wrttrue/ oe.
SST^ulSfcSSSt V '«il*e.,mI1,.-w.
% JttBMMvTu “T¥k’ t^mptom* of rouxumptioo, etc.
fc!S. m*!S? * tVf -rolF regular Physician adecrtletue tv car,
Prlrate teomplainu. HU rrmedlee end treatment are entirely in.
known In all others Prepared frosu a life sprot in the rrnt iita,
*!*y**^ ^ ^ to tols country. >ia Kz*gUj><J Prior*
u<*7 of Ac., and a more e«uxJ?7t
any other Pliyatciao lu the world. Uls cuiny wonderful cures at i
8a7’°*' ?«•*»• •« • KKM.I, SrnT.“
aRHctc.! Thom who wl.l, w ke .pemtlly and e*«ltoxlirrrt».wl
.»^^,S/l".^r,“.T^n0tt, UU>lUg -b« only ruin then
- -
nd^Te^puS11" *" °**rTlnf lh' n“* »•«*». «r 7- ™»
4u^ TAKk fOTICB—Obwrr* the name on the door and Win
lhl “'T*1 CSUr«* of »unt«n., London, eraduau from
one of the mom eminent Oolkgee of the United State*, and thegrealci
R2 a'J’u?’* h**° ,n ,b» Ho.pltale ,f London.*?^
1 hUadelphle and cUewhere, hax rSectcd .ome of the JIT
Ing cun* that wa*ee*r known Many troubled with ringing in tie
eari and head when aaieep, great uervouen...1h.,ng xl.rm.-d at «ud
ImmSStWy'*1 baabfulueaa, with dcrangem.nl of mind, werecund
When the misguided and imprudent rotary of pleasure find. h.
,hT °r ,h** Pn'nM dUexer. it too often happen
that aniU.timeil M* of ahamc. or dread of diacorery. deter.’hu,
from applying to thoae who, from r-lucatlon and napeciahUtty. cat.
*3™“* “t •*•• Hie constitutional symptom, of thU
horrlddleeaae make their appearance, auch aa ulcerated aore throat
tfr.*?*'.1 y. nocturnal pain, In the head and Umbe. d.mneu ol
««ht, .lemfnem, nodea on the ahln bone* and arma, Motchmonll*
i J^.V ' ial.ld progreaalng with f, ightful rapidity, nil ai
mrtlm'of‘fh*^.°if!.V'dT>0,h 'Wn'* of ,h' nc-' f»" ">•“d H
rtctlm of tliia awful dlaeaae become, a horrid oMect of rommlarra
hSS’to" d'* h POU * P*rlo<1 lo hl* draailfui ,u$*lng., by mndlng
“That bourne from when.e no Irareller return, ••
To Mich, therefore. Dr. JOHNSTON pledge* hltaaelf u, nreaere.
^<? lny> inriolable aecrecy; and, from hi, awcn.I.e praoucm In th,
Br,t Hoepllal* n Europe and America, he can cuBJenllr recom
disease —--uutortunale victim of this horrid
It U • iacUr.chr.ly fact Ural thousand, fall victims to this dreadful
complaint, owing to the unskllfulnesa of Ignorant pretenders, whc
of V‘*‘ dreadful poison, mercury, ruin the constitution,
and either send the unfortunate sufferer to an untimely grate, cr else
make the residue of Ufe miserable ’ '
and'lmpropcMndu^eacrs* b, priest.
These at e tome of the aad and melancholy effects produce 1 by ear
4 habits, of youth. T«: Weakness of tha Back V^UrntZ eLTL
the H'»d, Dimness of Sight, Loss of Muscular Power, PalpitaUon ol
the lievt. Dyspepsia. Xerrous Irratlblllty, Derangement of the Dl
geetlre Functions, (seneeal Debility. Symptoms of Consumption, Ac.
Tha fearful effects on the mind are much to be dreaded Lose of Mr
U*pr,Tlun of SV'rtu. Eell Forebodings.
t °' 8u“tUdt- T>““d>'F. Ac..are
.Tbosisands of person. uf aU a^« can now judge what Is the caue.
r boalth Losing their rigor, becoming weak pale
“I '*’* * “Ifolar appearance about the eyea, oough
tQd ijrmptoai of coQMmp'.ior. ' ^
Or *)>ose contempuung marriage, being aware of physical weak use,
health con*uil ^ J *tu»ton, and be rettcred to p«rfe
Br thU prr»i and Important remedj. weakneas of the onran* art
•peedilj oureO, and fall vlfar reatored. Thousand* of tfce most ner
tous and debilitated, who had lost all hope, hare been immediate,,
relieved All Impedimenta to Marriage. Physical or Medal dlsouai
flcailos. Nervous Irritations, Tremblings and Weakness or enhauKlc
of the mew fearful kind, l.-eedu^_rurol by Dr. Johnston.
who have Injured thstnaelves by a certain practice Indulged la when
alone -a hablt fiequefitly learned from erdcompanlons or at school
the effects of which are nightly felt, even when asleep, and. If n.u
euml, renders marriage Impossible, and destroylboU. mind anc
bodj, should apply Immediate!j.
What a pity that a young man, the hope of bis country, aad it.
darling of hls parents, should be snatched from aU prospects and ea
Joyment. of Ufe, by the cot,sequences of deviating (Tom the path ol
“nfmp1«i£iU*Bt l" * '"U,B *~r't h*b“ Persons*b^ors
, .. . v marriage,
sh. jl I reflect that a sound mind and bode are the mosi necsssar.
requisites to promote connubial happiness. Indeed, without these
t!? i°“!iD!Z throo*|‘ ,,f* becomes a weary pilgrimage; the prospect
botjr!.T darkens to the view; the mind becomes shsdowed with despair
andflllsd with the melancholy reflection that the happiness of an oth
er becomes blighted with our own.
N. B, Let no falre delicacy prevent you, but apply Immadlately
either personally or by letter. 7
iff" SKIN DISEASES speedily cured.
The many thousands cured at this i ostlt utlonfwi thin the laet IS
years, and the numerous and Important Surgical operations tse-.
formed by Dr. J., witnessed by the reporter.o»the papers, and many
cfber persons, notices of which have appeared again aud again be
fore the Public, besides his standing as a gentleman of character
and responsibility, u a sufficient guarantee to the at&Irted
It Is with the greatest reluctance that Dr. JOHNSTON permits hla
card to appear before the public, deeming It unprofessional for a
physician to adeer.lw but urdew he did Z. lhZ3SSS!Zi^cSuj
stranger., could not fall to fall Into Hie hand, of the many tmmiJeni
and unlearned Importer., with Innumerable false name*, or combined
quacksbops, swarming these large cities, copying Dr. Johnston's ad
vertisements or adeertlstng themselves as physicians. Illiterate. Shal
low-brained fellows, too Isay to work tl their original trade, with
scarce I wo Ideas beyond the brute, who. foe the purpose of enticing
and deceiving, carry on flve or sis offices, nnder many dlffsrsnt
nameStBO that the afflicted stranger escaping one. Is sure to
tumble headlong Into the other. Ignorant Quacks with V^or
ZT'JM '"iV'l °f •'*•* *bd astounding cure, from person.
T *cund. who keep you taking Is gr bottles of Licorice W .ter
‘"d olher packages of filthy and worthless compounds, cunningly
prepared to Impose upon the unfortunate aud unsuspecting Trifling
month after month, or as long as the smallest fee can be obtained*
£ dktSKSiST" T0D w,,h ruln,d •1«h *** TON' roll-'
_ , * *•••• iiiuucn j. io Mrcruff, ror he tiouf* can
cure you. To thorn unacquainted with 1,1. reputation, hr derm. 11
oScT**7 10 th** hl* crrf*BU*ta or diploma* alwayt hang In hla
No letter received untea, poat-pnld, and containing n ttamp to b.
o*~l for the reply Prrtont writing thonld Kate a*', and that
1!” 1' . . v. , i . . mp^]_,j j j
__ DONNAN A V o.,
C “d ‘"h"
^ c°",*r «hlt_ly
H»« ON A lltahl lit II I .
K«**5*Ai com^ijsion merciIants.
ICKX^E t'onatjrnments »f Tobacco, flour, Coro, Whent m,
and fire their personal attention to sale, of the same an I
ieep ronatantljr on hand a large assortment of Orocerles, feed’., Pr
run an Uuano, Me. 1*21
CUAII.KM I'CICNI, a- w ■•asRh.. I
ri,.MMI*S>ON^E^%D,:H’" H°^
ttmim erasvT, aicoifovo rs.t
SollcM •.•nMgnmrnt* af CORN. WHEAT. ELOCR, TOBACCO. Ao I
march m, iw
oa»t *™> Tianmta •ratani, atcnit.arp, v..t
W ritom prrwonal attention to thr aalr of WHEAT, CORN, «
▼ ▼ TOBACCO, and alt other country produce conMgntd t., hla
_- ■ -___ *pl« ,
(\>rn*r of Onetrnor and FrnnAUn
can Paper Hanging., Satin DM* nr. and Dam art. for Win
now Corf, and Taaarla. Cornice*, Band* and Coo .,*
*'»'1 *•"*'” • n»"T »»>« tabl, OU ctorh., Hair Cloth
and Ptuah for Safa., Curlrd Hair, Sofa Spring,, Twine, Tack. Mai t
*!»«*• Window Shade., hrat Onrlrd Hair and Shuck Mattr'raar* ,
; ,l0Vin; **fA : •M> many Other ankle, in -nr
line of hualne*., nil of which will b* wild on thr met rvaaonai.lr 1
term*, an I Paper Hanging and l pholatrrtng punctuailv attended to I
in town -r country *rt |
< lorn ini,,
THE mambrra of thr Leglalaturr and atrangrra nailing the ,-Mt
are re.)neared to call at the old rytahllMment. S„ fp, I
»f Ma'n and Oovarnor atrveta. and arc art Ihvmarlvaa *r, oulgt (, r
Ihr winter, at thr nibacrlhrr haa on hand n large and elegant amort
STwIn Sw^tT**'* A>’D*t*'' n«t to b, anrpamrd by any ,
Aa an end me* of the auprrtortty 0f hi* Clothing, hr waa twardrd I
the^higheat premium (* Stiver Medan by ihc Mechanic.’ InMitui* for <
Hr krrpa ronvtanllv „n hand Ihr brat nf Clotha, Caaalmtrea E*at *
'"**• •*- *’,h • »e<irr of auperlor workmen Hr derma It unnr a. '
mry, after t trial of IS yrara Ihr nubile har had of Ma gooda. Io aav ,
■opr In thru commanrlalb.n i Hr warrant* all (Nothing hr aril* i ,
nnd reaper Ifullr aoHell* a call from hi. obi friend, and the public 1
gvnrrallr Strictly on Ih* one price ayatrm R B SPENCE
”_»** gontev of Main and Oovarnor at. ,
Wool ll|:poT, Wv hap. ileVvmlnrrl io npam in na 1
norlton with our pvawant bwainoa., a Word t>U*u, hVTb, I
«"«,Tf*r *"d h*Ii engaged tltr Mrvkwt of Mr John Water
home, tha former tfBderu agent of th* Woolen factor. ,n tbia ,
hSJlrJI" •rtW"OB' " •>. -0. M Svvcaad ££££ Z !hm '
..AII_WT±r,i*,*?,d '? « *in *• irratr*"*. •" that auch pur b.mr
enn buy aueh Wool a* ha want*, and not bv -ompeBcd io buy an-h
aa will not anewer My pnrpnmo. Tbrvy I. grown m Vlrgtnl. tZf. '
*r£r.V?u*B!'v ®f _!*>*•,f coaieynwatwl and graded. loMtract the ■
attention af manufacturer* and dm lee, to oar mark** and
hope to aawaed In evtabllahing n good marka< for th* Wool grown
Eor pn rile alary are our circular* CRENSHAW A CO
, „ Oroewra and CommlaMon Merchant.,
/ ___ Richmond. Va |
""IHINf.a. a a lb . „ a, t, ,. ,. ;
landing and Inanerm* thia reorn ne. for ark bv ■
SSt._ WOMBLB g^CLAinoRNE.N i II Pearl at J
n "’ '
fn 4M loch-., for ante hr 0 J. BINTON 4 CO . 1
•"'* *g" »f Hi* Circular Saw. Tl Mam w
fl (WUI r\ TH I It l|" V I HI tktl Bs| .
■ Nmup HARCl-RrnNAWS.for.nl* (
-*,w__J *WES WINSTON. 1
CV^wn* sim wANTi m. am«bmb«hb i
/ .Mantle*, for a*la at wry low prtcaa
«. HARTWELL * 00. |
1 1 C II M ON I) W HIG.
W ashi.xotov. August 26, ] 866
Mr. CrtttwmJen asked leave to introduce a bid to alter
.nd amend th.- Nebraska Kansu act.
Mr. Briggs objected to it* reception, when Mr. Critten
T""' ,hT' h' in,roJ»« i« tomorrow
. JfenUv "hLV°JUT1 th* m °f “h,Ch *»’« notice
reeterday[ which we have copied elsewhere | He otecr
; j ll,“ '•* •*d>ng to do all in h.s power to obvta.e
ore ‘ Tft Th* had if different form
.pressed their lltrent trout the lawa of the Kansas Lev'
riature. and he agreed with tint body that there law. or
*Hi.e..t theur v."|,te not m,|, the organic laws, but the
oni aiunu,,,, u* the I ...ted States He was. therefore
•' ttous u. Wipe these obnoxious law* out ol the statute
KK.k a* Ibtainn h and atna-iou* it. U.eir charaeter. He
au the more read, to take this step. Inring the chair
..ei. ol the committee on military .Hair*, and, oi course
atniou* that that tight aim ol tin- public delence sh.atid
receive proper au-eu.uce. lie thought there would be
in difficult, in paremg the artuy appropriation bill.
Mr Br.gg* moved that the bill he referred to the com
uitlec on territories.
Mr. Wikwti deal ret] to offer an amendment, and Mr i
Briggs aithdtew hi* motion for'.hat purpose
Mr. Wilson thru moved to amend the UH by add.no ...
t1"'-'*, ,,,,,, -*> '“d “*• I
1 . , Ulllg an la) UUliLy*h offrlH f#
.gma-t^re property, together w.th euch mherp^m”
-I «id taw* as recognise or protect riarery u . lrg^l£ril
"S.llutiou tit and territory ; together with all proviso,.e
ortranir art'^re* h“‘, ’ 0t,''r th”‘ »P«-o.hed in the
organic act, or which require an, test with regard to sla
and the fugitive *Uvo law, to be applied toatUwtteva
,'irors or votets or wkich suspend the right ol A-./-.,* ror.
>■'*; ? mU,cU •Uow «"J *^>-r «hau actual resident, ol
dMt territory to rote , or which allow jurot* to he selec
ted in any other nrn.rn.-r th.nh, lot. .,, which punish
• it.xens ol ti.at territory b; chaiutng them tugethe. and '<
expremg them to labor in ,h. public? wor“,. T .^amg
ball* and ebama ol iron to be *tUoh.nl to them. *
it also further declare* It to be the .lel,h.-„t« opinion
®®"*"** °1** »U person* under arrest in aaid territory
i -dcr indictment lor treason or other political offence*’
*re "rouglull, detained, and direcu the.™ ^mediate £
»se. It further direct* the Governor of Kansas to order
''.f'T'" on the Tuesday aucceding the
jret Monday m November next, at which time all per
eon* who were aciuri bona fide residents ol the territory
u,. t re brat of May , 1866, .hall be entitled to vote, and
shaH be eligible to election. Members of two branches
•dthe legislature ah,II be chosen, the election to be ac
ording to an enumeration and an apportionment to or
dered by said Governor. A delegate to Conerew* shall
also be choseu, as also sheriffs, probate judge*, country
OininI,».onets, Clerks recorders, Ac. False sweating at
my election is declared pet jury, to be punished by impri
sonment lor not le«s than three nor more than twelve
months and by a hue of not leas than one hundred nor
..ore than five huudred dollars ; and ten days after the
P"rW!'”' choPen ,h*11 ^ elipble to enter upon
sach auLborit’y’ ,h'‘*XC,“*'l,n 01 lU P*'*** timing
Mr. Bayard regarded Mr mu_.. _
» -l«l»r»tion of rights, and a, ioch be coold
' lor it, but under no circumstance* could be aauc
proposition which would bring him into conflict
With the judiciary or their action a* to the legditv of
particular law*. U* could never consent to an? propo
sition to modify or reslraiu the power vested by ths Con
stitution m the Executive He was free to admit, at the
-sine time, that sonic of the laws ol Kansu were .hock
"K to the moral sense ol the community, and there were
ome which invaded natural right*. Such Uws h( ua
Willing, by a declaration ol rights, to abrogate, because
bst was the only w.y in which Congreu could act, but
°f “t Hoo*e lo P"T«>t their execution
i»ok ,’c,id7dr!i ‘V rTrw,ping fron*,,,e •*■*««•
book, could be defendedou no aouud priuciplee ot conati
CutlOCiftl IrgleUtioO.
Mr. Mason voted for and approved ol tbe bill passed in
May, 1844, to organise the Territories ol Nebraska^and
nanus, because ,t gave the people the right to regulate
Uieir domestic institutions in their own wav. Thi. bill
P|fOP^1 °nd° th,t work- *od to Pf««:'ibe bow far they
-hould be free to make their own institutions as tbev
pl-aae, and in what respects they should not be thui free
rills proposition did not meet hie appiobatioo. It seem
‘d. ?°. *? introduced now at a concession to tbe House
which had engrafted a measure that they knew to be ob’
noxious to the Senate upon almost every one of tke appro
priation bills, and insisted upon it to tbe defeat of the ma
king provision for the support of thearmv. He would
move to lay upon the table every proposition of that kind
until those who were endeavoring to carry into effect their
revolutionary purposes should be reduced to submission
vnd be forced to desist from their effort* to overthrow the
government. Alter the army bill was passed, if it should
pass at all,he would listen and deliberate upon their proprie
entertain tbe .abject lor
.moment He moved that the bill and amendments lie
on tbe table.
Mr. Wdier urged him to withdraw that motion, as be
Wi-lie.! tospeskon the subject; and it was withd.awn.—
Mr. « eller said he w«a one of the last who would aympe
thiae with the House In it* factious course upon the' armv
bili; but the only object which he had in view was to do
.toThmtbVk? ,Ud •on*1e th"* or lour weeks ago, and
the bill which he offered wss uo more nor lea* than one
tectmn of that bill which the Senate had pasted but
winch lor some reason or other had been suffered to dum
ber on the Speakers table But as the House find so
much fault with the oppressive lawi of Kanaas. land he
ould admit that some ol them were oppressive, and as
xtromou. and infamous as any law. which ever found their
way upon the statute hook of a free people in anr age of
die world.) why should the Senate hesitate to declare them
'.ml and void T As he had before declared, many of them
were not only tn derogation of the organic laws, but of
(he Constitution of the United State*. Freedom of apeecb
was guaranteed by the Constitution; but by tome of those
laws it was denied. When he found law* which were in
conflict with the Constitution, he did not choose to wait
"r thc judgment of the judiciary, but he wanted to wipe
(hem out at once. v
Mr. Butler regwded it a* a subject that was somewhat
clicate to meddle with, and he thought the attempt to
legislate would involve us in greater difficulties than those
HOST existing. If the laws were unconstitutional they were
'fid without an act of Congress to declare them so and
(he proper tribunals would settle all those questions He
ion''to tbe Houm* h°,Jing °U‘ *"-Tlhi"g like * CODC^
Mr. Brown pursued asimilai line of ir<riur>«n> ri ._
inwiiiing to adorn that thowi law. were unconstitutional,
ind that, therefor*, Congress was bound to blot them out
>1 the statute book. Some ot them were unjust and out
■ageons to be sure; hut some of tbo law. of Virginia might
“"trageoos too. and was that any reason wh» Congress
mould interfere to prevent their execution* the people
vho make their own laws are the best lodges what laws
ney need, and after giving them the right to make their
>wn laws. Congress had no power lo interfere and over
urn those law. If Congress can do that, it might as well
nake laws itself for th« government of the people of the
•rntone#, end abandon the idea altogether of popular
nremgutT. * 1
On motion °f Mr. Hunter, the Senate, at a few minute,
liter I o clock, adjourned.
Nvw Yoax Amkrics* ftvsrx Couinul.—The N. Y. Com
nercUl Advertiser, of Wednesday allernooo, says:
The American 8uie Council at Syracuse number* more
han right hundred delegates In ths afternoon session
esterdsy the proceedings were enthusiastic and harmoni
ms, but no busmen beyond the leading of an address
»*a entered upon, and the Council adjourned until thi.
norning. ftome disaffected persons, who claimed to be
lelrgatc* hut were refused admission, mat .uhsciurntlv in
i rreemont club room.
A telegraphic despatch, dated Thursday, ««y«
In the American Slate Council to-dav resolutions were
die red by s free .oiler, condemning the attempt to gac
rr. speech st Washington, denouncing the Kaos., out
age* the Nehissk, ect, repeal of the Missouri Compro
uise *<• . which, however, were ruled out of order A
'* !ret ">W withdrew, and re organised sepa
stely and passed resolutions to the above effect, and en
lorecd Fremont
The regular Council ratified Mr fillmore1. nomlna
Distci or a Camssa Soldi«b. —The Yorkshire papers
ecord the sodden death of Sergeant W.llis, a native of
larnsley or the neighborhood, under somewhat painful
Ircum-tances Sergeant Wallis, who was in the lid hot
alien of the Rifle brigade, waa in the whole of fhe Cri
nean campaign and he arrived at Aldershot on Fildsv
reek in the enjoyment of good health On arriving at
lie camp he took off hi* knapsack and coal, and said
•Thank (lod ’ I have arrived aafelv in Old England
gsiti; Ml now have a jpmd rest.” As soon as he had .ti
ered these words he fell down and died invtantJv upon hi*
inspssck Hr had been in all lbs great battle* of lb*
r*., was one of those who entered tbs Redan, and had
!»•*▼ f arrow mpw
The Canada ssiled from Boston for Liverpool, Wedne#
lay, taking out ehont fttftS.imn in specie.
immivai* tr Twr MtHtinr n»m
ABIt It A 1,1. A N It IHM SE.
PBTOAT, Acer t »*, UM
It f l*»wmsn, * a assjhsr- Ball. 0 P PveB, Ala . r>s® Hackesi
eols* John T dow-h Plovsnn* , I A Haven and lody. B-mon. B
lust. Madison , W C H*wnt. Mhovr? I W Hrav. Mv Mays, Ta- H
> tor veil a-sr>wa. Its* Msj I I. Pre.-on, V M I. IsiMai W» ,
Isuvshsn, a M Lawson. J„ M Thenes, B A Cap-hart, W N 6sel*. I
idy set t svrvkMs. W C. C P Bnvrwa*. Biehmend Or l L Latrhest I
-”!"■*!■ R Wool and damfhter. Oeo-Mand, i C Mrdr, Patvsek; (t
K 'M. «»<t ifi. M'vrtHw •»!*«»> t a «• '
''tv J Mathews M H Burr, Mrs Burr and » rhltdrsn. Lynchburg. ,
IrsWiUes. Mist Wilton, | J Belt. OsnelPt , H taswlfssd ItA,
its* B B WnlMmson. Miss Ilf niamann. Md ; C IP Cherry, P 9
lanlon M-mphlt; Or J 9 (Vales. B'e l.l-k , Or M Jeter Bnoneke, ,
(rs Palo,lay. M.rer Pprwrl. W T Msrt n. B C ; Mrs P T William 1
ltd Itoehtrs. Bortnik . Mr Pi hell Berths melon, R" H Vaughan I
jsmprrn H Mobley. B T B Hr' ie, Phis , Or C-pton, Ak^C I ,
WBj.r and wns, -hug sad tv\ I Bauadsvs, lady, * kihtrso awd ,
e*t, wuismkurf
arrival or THE ILLINOIS.
Tom, Aug. W.-The .ternner im„ol, ^
““V* 7 «* ,li4M£~£
•ore She comwcud with to. ... . .
dowa ♦l.tOO.**. Th. W. Ni2Tfcr £ jiTC
up-,ni..d ♦l.>,,hh,in*pwi, MO r^rrufa
•nd a number of muter* W“**r
Doctor AUxaoder Rudolph. an old remdmu of fa.
Srancaoo .. tool on to* Mth of July b, Jo^ph fa
Jtbr ‘“"nW “f c*pi. w„i, ... „
y. Several thoaMud troop* were undw *rm. „
Dir eternity of (hr gal low*. ****
Biward Bulger, one ol to* Ural .id,. ol to. ir.-t._
Utnum.ec. returned Irotu tor Saodw.eh
Pmteiwo, but V*1 arrested and ahipprd lor V*. v a
Some activity among the rrwe), of w„ tn ,h* harho.
tor>re wtth the VigiUnc. CorumitUe ^
The Superintendent * to* Branch Min, had mxified j,
he employee* who member, of tb. comm^T^
thM mua, withdraw from tlta, organ!,.fan or Wav. ^
Tilt P«rufi«n *Ur#> +hlt, Trm_ 1
^stL.V” ^U.ti
tnt remel wu uneocceeeful
Adricto *«, Salt Uk. to June *,*/«*, urn, *.
eegeuble, we,r topped b, hum ^ U„ *
- —S
Date* from Sydney, Auwralia, to May -goto m-.H,-.
eitenetve gold diecov.rie. in Weeum Aaettah.’
intoeWh“‘lTiCMf™m 0rtt°n lhu *• Indnuia
in the North renamed hostile Thare i*
peer* of peace. ^ h°**T“> *"» *
There U nothing Important from toe Iatbmue.
Pierre Soule arrived a, Aapin.all on tb. 15th.
,J n 7n ni.rltet* Were glutted, trad. fan
•nd pncea had declined. Jobbing **!„ of Gallero ..
♦ IS. Suffolk Mill* Ais.su. K°*owr at
Ntw Hu. Aug. Jw.-Tbe Herald . L*,^
*r .P'°f”"“g '° *iTe th« ferine of ad,u«rom, of to*
Central American que.tioo. The treaties *ig„ed between
Urd Clarendon an.l Herran, tb. plempoteotiar v of Hon
durae are fir*,, . general treaty of ami,v and commerce
«c°od, • convention for the adjuetm.nt of »H claim, of
Brtuah on ,h* Government of Bond™ and
for Dm ex,motion of any Indian Mtwquito Ufa. within
.be territories reoogntxed a. perui^g to
«.d thtrd . convetjiiou lor the rvatoratloo of fa* UL
•nd, to the sovereignty of HondurM. 7
The Utter attpuUta* on behalf of the peopU who
u*«" undsr B.uiah occupancy nem-tu
“* '"Joj'M'tof certain right* and privUegwT TbTZT.1
“»«>—i. JiaSTtairszi
preserving neutral the route ol tbe propo^ inte»-o«m.ic
through Honduran.
Th. leU.r aU0 says it hu been .greed upon bat-ea.
Lord CUrendoo and Mr. Dallas that Grey,own Mull return
to tha sovereignty of Nicaragua. The Unite of Belli* .111
etteod Southward to the river Ss ratoon.
"TZZl AUgU“ -S—W<‘ -Th. Senate again
S7.T. “» «. KU-TL
Mr. Houaton printed a memorial from the Lewiala
IZu olT’«“kT* *»
behall ol Judge Terry, now In custody of tb* VIgUano.
committee at Sao Franclsco. After some debate, the
morial was referred to the committee on tbe Judiciary.
Mr. Crittenden's bill, to alter and amend tbe act of l|u
organising tbe territories of Kansas and Nebraska, was
debated, but without action the Smut* adjourned.
Horn*. A message was received from tha w
announcing that they .til] .dh.,, u> their disagmsmant oa
tbe army bill. ‘ ®“
Mr. Orr asked leave to introduce an army bill but Mr
Grow and others objected. Adjourned.
Wis.ii.qtom, August 29.—Tbe disbumementt by tha
Berge.nt-.t-A mi. to the House of Rep relative, or. ac
count of pay and mileage, amounted this morning to $1,097
Bosto.v, August 28 Arnos A Uwrenca baa deciitud
the nomination lor Governor, confsemd upon him by tha
Fillmore party ol Massachusetts.
New Yob*, August 2».-The yellow lever l. abating at
Fort Hamiltou. *
Baltimoss, August 29.—Flour sleadv at |d so Wheat
sdvauced 4 cents. White $160 a $1.90, r,d $140
1 $1 *46. Corn steady.
Niw Yobs, Augmt 29.-Fk>ar rawer Rmu $6 20
Ohio and Southern unchanged. Wheat firm at unchmiged
rale#. Com buoyant; mixed, «2* cenu. Stock* dull.
from the Augueta Chronicle.
The subjoined cormnnnH«m*> m;ii 1—_1 ... . .
Col. Tatum speaks the sentiment* of thousands of old Una
Democrat* in Ceorgia. The work goes brav.ly on :
_ „ „ „ Cajstiu.*, Aug. t, ISM.
Col. R. H. Tatum—
Sr “T.r11 knowin< your influence in the county
of Dade you will not think it impertinent 1„ me to ea^
ijuire of your whereabouts in the coming political coolest
We h.v. fought sou,. battle* together, and I do
Bnd yon side by side with me, flghung for FdlroocTand
DooneUm. again* Buck, Brrck. and Brrmdbom, and
ill that favor their election. I should like to bear from
you on this subject. Yours, Ac.,
J*o. J. Woao.
Tbimtom, Oa., Aug. 7 ISAS
Col J vo. J. Woao—
Dear Sr:—Your esteemed favor of id instant, ioqulrinw
»l my whereabout* in the coming politic*! contest, IIM 2
liend in the due time. lu *n»wer 1 will only say that I
im lor Fillmore before any man, in the nation, and wUl
chevrtuUy give my support to Donelaon. The Uon. John
11 W ard, rresident ol the Cincinnati Democratic Conven
tion, while Mayor of the city of Kavanuah, made the fol
lowing remarks while welcoming Mr. Fillmore to that cite
to wit: 7
Ms. f ILLMOKS.—With unfeigned pleasure I perform the
1 uly assigned me ol welcoming you to the city of dasan
nah. W filial the esents which mark your adramistretfon
»f the government are ol too recent dare to he li—is*, d
without arousing passion*, which on this .^caaiou *bouJd
\*e nuah#<l to rwt, w# mutt all r#nt#nth*r that tbo#c hiwh
tn.l solemn tru*l- are not attorned by you in th* sunshine
uf your piosperity, || ws, *| , <J*rk and ry.ntf.il period
in the history ol our gorernment "when the brae* began
5 f. £°w,r at l,iau- ‘O'1 Dm l*iou* to Ji.uhl the fares
** (.sod Dark and fearful were the .lends that hung Ut
»ur horn ion, violent th* faction that agitated nor land
ind man seemed to reck not how wildly raged the storm
•o that in its fury, it upturned the iustiiutiou of thn
'•It wot sour lot to brnid that dorm, on,I bid It, mot
frriugi . soss, and to do that you must turn away from ih*
crowds of flatterer* to I read the lonely path of duty
B t/h your rob,. of nffr, a, „ f.o„„ „y ymi „mp.
wd your ml, from e/f fAe/.rs/wf,re, »/ewr/,#r yws, end
fr<ea •*// lb, lr,n/,loliom ,rbnb Me* #»rr»Maded lb, sow.
/ >,frrrtbrd Ay tbreots, nnomrd by rtomofA you b,td on
your .body rourm " f’rrwnod lb, ronditut,on of ym,r
■ountry, gory urarr to lb. tond -e lor,, „ud rrpoarto Me
indilnhon, Irbirb m rArrisA, , Hud ruling lo tb, oortd tbot
P*at. bod it, melon,, no fees rearward Ibon mor, 1|
s fll end proper, now, when you h*»e laid aside pi ..... , ,g
»wer m»d pewonagr that the a/refww, of , or.t.jol
d, AomUfoilom you to your horn,, ond Anger around
rvmrrHtrrmeni. A* th# rowicttfexl authoriii## oltbcci
▼ of S#vAn. ah. ar# walroni# von within h#r limit#-##
h# rwpr#a#nta*irtt of th# praplt, w# *«leotaa Mi to oar
loepiraliUen— ae a portion of her ritlserw.ws wshxewe row |o
iar homes and our boo,It.'
I wa* proud to see that dietingmehed Democrat white
jccopvmg iha* high position, lay wad, hi* poHtlml prof,
bee*, ami give utterance to mstimens* so DatrioHe and
ender "tribute to whiwa tribal* wa* due ’ F loo am •
Democrat, have been a Democrat of the old school and
m faB7 •PW’*'0 «*"* •<*•! Nr Ward uttered than W tvaa
low 1 shall they* tor*, support Mr Fill more
1 am, air, eery respectfully, your oh't serv'L
A ■ Tim
r""*!rLArr*'* —A *nr> named Jol.n C. TraadWefl
"at?*! ' ' K*'’ Karta^ •" Friday Im by
I blow from th* flat of his son William Hard words and
ingry foehuga were the reap* of lb* renco Sr* Tm.ag
f road waif boa been arreatad and bold to hail la (dudd *

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