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Pu*do«DinniUT.-jdUuttos Amtull. — Juwph Dam,
•kargwl with Mooioualy assaulliag. beating aud wounding
Wrn Koblnaoo.a froonagvo, on the lUhot August, waa
arraigned before Myur on Saturday for further stamina
limt. Ur. Trout elated that tha wouaded man waa evil of
d. «gwr. Tbe question of the character ol the offence
Charged waa ably argued hr counsel, Iml the Mayor .aid
that toe waa aaUaAod Irom tbe evidence before him, that
ti was ae uuUwlul act, with luteal to maim, dialigu'e, die
able of kill. Tbe scouted waa therefore remanded tor
fui iliur eaamutaiiuti bafoia tha llutUuga Court on a charge
of Mowv, and admitted to hail in the sum of gguo.
Charles J. Miller, a resident of Meouhe
av. nee, waa brought up for assaulting and boating bia
wile. She staled ithat he had imen in a habit of visiting a
ho.iae ol evil repute and returning house intnalsaled, and
when she remouatrated with him upon the iiupropiivlv of
hu conduct, he at reek brr Several blows ami tureateued to
kill her. The affeetionaie hast laud waa required to giro
sm utiy in the auut of $*1 to keep the peace.
.1 /isyru/ JiiMMir.—RicharJ Bryant, tlare of 0. A.
Myerr, charged with assaulting tleo. A. Ming's servant wo
rn* > Klitt, was examined on J«»lunl*y. Kligs stated that
all * wat Imiuerly the betrothed of Eiultard, and eulwitelu
eJ lor him a sincere and ardent attanhmenl. Kx peeling
at.ni to become hia wife, she rntueuted to perform varioue
•er rices lor liim, eucli aa washing and mending Ida clothe.,
d''.lining it then a Mlficimil compensation to pnm tbe
alicvtliMi ol the swarthy Dick. One day, howerer, lie
came and told her that he had done wrong, that be was
e. igaged to another girl, mid that thereiore the reUliona
eu tenj-rly cherished between Klixa and himaeil must
eeaui tills grieveJ about it, of course; hut luagiiani
III maly Co sauted to give him up; but aubaequautly went
to tier former lover, and presented a bill lor washing and
mending his clothes, claiming that under existing circuoi
atanee. aim wae justly eutitiad to compensation lor mr ri
te * rendered. Instead ol taking out the money, and him
orablv discharging the debt, Dick pushrd tier out of Jours
•eu id her by the throat, and cooked tom until she was
fain 11 offer a receipt la lull. This was tbe substance ol
be* evidence before the Mayor, but she Anally interceded
in Dirk's behalf, woman-like, said aim reckoned be wss in
liq me, and hoped the case would be dismissed, ills hon
or thereupon gave the lion hearted Richard an adraenidou
and a towed him to depart.
'.’Axrye •f Awrrrwy—Joint Pleasant*, a tree negro,
appeared before the Mayor to answer a charge of stealing
a recking chair and a looking glass Irom Joseph Pox.
Tile testimony tailed to sabetanliate the charge, mid Joliu
was acquitted; whereupon he marched out of llie court
hours, manifesting a derided disposition to throw up his
list and about “huirali!”
OrMn.mce ViutahonM.—A Ane ol $1 waa imposed up
on J w Siiiton, Jr., for obstructing lath sheet with a wag
on mi the night ol the 17 ol August. Joliu 0. Uobsou was
Auod |l lor ruling his horse upon a sidewalk. Kdward W.
Du Hey, summoned to show cause why lie should uol be
Ancd le* obstructing a street with lumber; proved that he
neither owned tbe lumber nor placed it in tbe street, and
the cave was dismissed.
(Jsiay of JWyr.—N alley slave of Martha Cocke, and
M i-y Piaucea Pox, bound out to Joliu Clarke, chaiged
with guiug at huge. Were sent home.
r»*u*i, (he charming Italian cautitricc whose
aucccsdut career last Mason, gave her au equally brilliant
reception everywhere throughout the country, propose*,
we Understand, to coinnience this aeaaou, a now aetiea of
her delightful concerts, under the skilful management o*
M is Marclaek and his able aaaiaUut Mr. Itrsu The
troupe will be larger than las', season, embracing a great
er range of musical talent, so as In afford belter scope loi
combi nation* Kor this purpose, new srtistes have been
added whose names will soon be snnouuced.
KaauoaaaTCU Siarsua-ir.—Tha Kiucustie Democrat,
alluding to s statement going the rounds of the papers,
relalivr to the attempt ol ageutleinaii to pull out the tongue
ol hi* child, while laboring under a horrible dream, or
nightmare, says that the lads are simply thal the gentle
man threw his child out of bed, but did not pull out its
tongue or in any way injure it.
t AoctDRitT.—We learn with regret that nur distinguished
townsman, T. J Michic, Esq., while returning from the
Court of Appeals, held in U-wishurg, was Ihrowu from
' his carriage and considerably hurt, in consequence of the
fright of bis horses. We are glad to learn, however, that
the wounds received are not total.—Staunton Vindicator.
Fiat.—A carpenter’s shop on Svth street Belonging to
Ridgaay and Pryor was yesterday destroyed by fire, to
gather aith all tae tools and a cousideiahh- quantity ut
lumber. The fire is supposed to have lieeii the work of
au incendiary.
Psumau Houiciok.—A mat utmeJ James Cornwall
was committed lo jsil in Prince William county last Times
dav night, charged with rutting another named Turner, so
bully that his bowels protrudej. The Aleitndri* Sentinel
learns that there is no pruepect of Turner's recovery.
i ,t*t Atvina-rr —An Irish youth of Id or 17 veaia
oM, was thrown from a mule near Woodstock, and his feet
remaining entangled, he was dragged half a mile before
rescued. He died neat day.
liciLTii or Kiciluoxn.—The do<-tors tell us that Rirh
mond is very healthy at present. In fact, their sc. »>•
Cesjtre S-Idou required in the city, and physic is decidedly
—»- - r'.’f. My in the market.
StrsacLT lajussa.—A littio son of Mr. SlemieU about
9 vests old, was thrown from abonwiii Uucliauati, recent
ly, and severely injured.
Dauwaau.—The body of a man, supposed to have been
John Csilytc, ol Kalrigh county, Va., was found in whee
ling creek a few days ago.
1,1,1 r'Aarry Bark anil Tir, by ah Ingenious combination with
a ft* other >*m|des, afford ut pis surrst auil Jute* ku-rwu fur con
sumption of Iht lung*. Dr. Hitter, In hit lUltsui of Wild Cherry,
bst produced a moil; sf unto 111 value.
A rraii! or burn can be easily cured by lie ute of Perry Daria's
t testable Pam Killer. ft la sqjally effectual tn curing headache,
piln in the ttouiach or bowelt, ilyseiitsry, d arrl.uM and cholera.
Mrtlfies that | have used perry Darts' Vegetable
wcjl PAIS KII.I.MI wllhgreat vuccest In ease* of cholera
Infantum, cotulu.’U bowei cumplatet. bronchill*, coughs, odds, Ac.,
ai d Would cheerfully recommend It u a vslinbl • family medicine
„ . _ . _ JAMKJU. IIOOM.R,
Pstior of ttM Baptist Church, Ttbury, Martha't Vineyard
Me.tr* Pvaar Darts A Jon -Dear flrti-Havlog witnersed the
brnrflt'UI rflV.’t* «f y«>or Halit K• II* r lutrvrrftl of Dvtrnlrrj
and Oholcm M»rt>u» wilhln * few inooltj part. and denning it an
act ot benevolence lo the suffering I vnU mott cheerfully rec..m
mend lie ute to such ae may be suffering from the aforementioned
or simitar diseases st s safe and vffeclaal remedy
P.ttor of Plrft Bsplitt Clurcli, Hoinersel, Mna
Tbit certifies that I have for several yean used Davis' Vegetable
ffsln Killer In my faintly tn several of thote rases tor which II Is re
sommended, and Rod It a very useful family medicine.
A RRflMdilV
—” _ t’aslor of the Becond lUptlti Church In Pall R|yrr.
■ra l«M VttiCB itrutuii i:ul
. . Naw Utnroao. August 1(1
J’mofe. —Ifaelna seen many rertiAcatre puniitl.rd In
ratal.*, p, Da. WUTAR’A HA 1.8AM o» WILD CHEKKV. f take Mils
fyfhq'ty »f oRerlng a word in lu faeor, which you art alto at
tiaorty t. publish A few months since, my wife'* lunge became
muchaffm^i by * as Aden cold, that the lou her eoloe, and suffered
**T" ! ,n",‘ *•**■» !• «hc breaak. Her sllaallon caused har Irlendt
!?*!!y?. .WfjWhklA your Balsam strongly recumateodrd by
thorn who had used ll,| purchased a bottle of your agent In this
fhr *"£]' •• c‘,*jln« lo directions, and It produced a won
*r?ul ***?» «'W 01.0 bottle, .he had completely recorer
aunid TOtf*' **** p4 D' *u>*lded, and her health was aoon tally re
Tour, truly, (Signed) IIKNRY O. BRIUIITUAN.
None genuine unless signed I butts on the wrapper
BfriL. Sghftn*!* riLLIi-NATItN^
MKKAT AM.V To Ku»lriU Dm bodily poviri by
draaiir purgatives, la to smut disease. These famous Hills, oo tlm
•unitary, assist na-ure In herconAict wlh disease .by re-viwllslnr the
Mood, and expelling allmorMd m.lUr frtS Tlir.Vrt^ ^M .^ hi
manufactories, No *• H.ldsn Lane, New I " .'Thu ' j
Uimlul, . m l Hy .11 druggists, at V-c .BP*, ’
Pm■ v aii. si IDIOI. roK mill:, II l v , .
undersigned, desires to call the ath-nlion of>,reaii andOuar
dlans having children at slow loentel or physical ihvelnormenL^n
Urn feel, that he has opened In llariem, a tew miles ux£T oils
of New Tork, In a sery healthful and beautiful location, a private
FAMILY HOHOIIL, where aurti children ran bo received anataurhl
The rxprrlenca he has liad for more than right years. In codoTi™.
with the Maeaachasrlix and Penasytvanla Mats Instltubon. r’r
Idiots, has sliown him that sery much can he done In hrlnglns these
children In a mors normal condition In many Instances h. hat
had them return home, either lo enter a common school with sdrsr
-Ufa, or sngaga In the duties of life with mcress The earlier the
training commences, the better. Par circulars, reference, Ac ad
Arn‘.. , „ .JAMES B RICHARD*,'
_ autA—ly_No. .VI Matden I.sue, or Harlem, New York
OMAM'irga PAPRH.— Whsimsn's best Bngtlsl, drawing
paper la sheets of all stare, aim Machine while and yeNnw pa
per, french crayon paper, Monochromatic and Minted Boards, pa
ps' erasing Uu HghU. blank drawing hooka, hlork .ketch
Ing Hooka, bracing cloth, horn and bracing paper, Ac , an amort
mrnl rnnataatly on hand, and for tale hy WM BA'fn.PR,
** Idff Main street
TA INN KM’N Oil..—BO kbit for tale by
. Of all widths and thickness
ffeeflkeani Chaste, Mlram in Inti, Packing Rings, Ac
Richmond Affency at Rutlonae'c Hall, No. gl fieri „
- .. B W. KNQWIAA, Agent
i'a i.fj rkadi:, i hr>u.
WIVrl.milM n A TARIM,
, isroaiaw iso wsuuuu hium i»
A YR in More and are reretelnf daily, . large and general
"*"* *•" nnd Winter Dry Moods, to which they eek the
aiienUoa of Merchant, swung this market They make no Malm.
*”*Ml** they |»sm adrsnlagos equal lo any.
«MW>H • .f»0d-ntUllf «,i »*Rtnln«tU»f» r»f th*«r i tor ft fui ,w th-w
ft f#w of IN* Itadinff MylM ^
•fovn^ud^0Uft«h»d 0h*«tlng« and •Mrlloft In all ih« dlflbrwit
(MdHUt H 4 ftftd #-4 *ftll#d OUrtJ*
0U»d f.«nd«*y • K «|| krlr«i
Uffp 0nf » af ptlanbrta
Bftffll«b and Aaaarioan Prinu, all fradat
O-Aorg DsLames, Alpseeaa, Hingkamt sod Ladles Drsea Hoods
Clelht and Caaalmgrtf.
Bhawle, Oloaka and Mantles ;
^ With a general Block of Hosiery, OloTre Apool tOotton. Threads.
fr**1 * ■*>nihe ceedll, ne A per cent dleronnt for rxdi
, 1 •*»*, •"EMW-I »«h Men»• Willtnghsm A Tardy for Dm Mi
*22! •J'*J*1'' rlesned to haer my frlendt call on ma, prom icing
eYgyy sWiet in glse them eatlefsetlnn
^TheOnmml«atnnbn*tneee of Hunt A Nrn , *111 he attended to as
heeetofor. he nor Mentor partner, lo whlnh I WIN rrlnni lie the let
of Noeemhee ne.i, r r v r
Iw'H.11!^ "r Mf TTg.M A I. WON DA, pi
ww At «f this .up.lor article It Is moeh slrongey then Dial
oeuslle sold. NRN NETT. tiRgRN A EIBHER.
^ _ _ f>W«fflA'A
I It. A MU. tn.ms. a,,. Hasans Cigar., rreelslng Ihlt
’“f' YtTp Megan! and popular brands, for sals hy
•"*7 ionnett. heens a tigugR
i/-"™* Jr *..
__ »wf0rrT. 09vii0 0 rtam00.
r. T. Mount: * t o.,
importer* amii vmutuu miuu in
N» tt Pearl W., apfwaUa H. W. Pry’s, Rtt bound, Vs..
HAYBteo-ee.1 sums fra. ,ha -an.faL^r. I.TtetoJ X,
shdympU.. mm.,own. „l Blrmteghw. - •5CTll»rr
th.siauatoelor.rs la D.M country. a full .apply of
fed ***** ***** “ *•" “d aoaaptot., ooUalot.
•' »■»'"' ” and Wnotonhol*-. Sn. Non and fock.1 Kal.aa.
I Nd* Rai— .1 l. 4. ». * and • kteAru. **•
Hn«k. Sana, ebony. cocoa and I .ary handle Kal.aa aad fork.
I vacy l.au.ll. Kul.wand Pasha. In aaaa SI ahd 50 W^..,
**•"• •* Wad.S Bulch.r'aJUdBar'a.W.mtenbulm'.aud Uraa.a'.
; nan»lKlun. of ..ary aiyla and quality,
frdaoar, and Shone. at yatlana makes a— alyl..,
sirgla aad double o.rrel nu. o..n* vary anpwlar.
tonla Itidaa. Id. IUrv*l« aad Mourning.,
Traw. halter, kg. null. t'lh aad b un. chuiaa.
Wording and hlllliif lines, all .laer,
A.mar Oolltn.*, SimsMuo', aad Virginia trsko.
H*m4 *<«d |»«u<rl MVt, IUttini.ru on«l lUklwte.
MUI *44, itmi cui mmd curouW am,
•*»« ahotrtU «f Am,.' Rowland and wUk«r moko*.
Anvils, VIm. M4 AmUha' MoUuw., ^
WkaTClvrwaad*Sdior.^U'* ““*** •*" **“*•
Morrr IWtn, In lad In idle, aad II a am.
Brtdl* Titling,. Worsted k.nu and (ilrth..
Uaka. IDiigo. aad Vrena. a4 .vary daacrlpUnn,
PUaaa, Ct. tools. Angara and r.lea. of aU kinds.
IJialleem aad Coantar Scale., aslant Kalancoa aad Steelyard..
tugtah. Am. ri.au, aad U. D Kr. mdw Capa,
Uav and llt'iun Porks, 4, 4 and 4 prang,
Walter.; aad all other (nude untatty found la
Aa our (auda have hooa purchased ua tho moat fa.orablo term,
aad .elected earlaatvaly tor tho Virginia. North Carolina and Ten
l™d*. ns feat ouaSdoat ns ana ottar strong lndut.ru.uU in
merchant* rl.iuag this city. and roap.ctfuJIy isrlta them to an ***
■aiuattun of our slash, aa na an deterU1 toed U >*U aa ton aa an.
homo In ltd. or nay o4 tho North.ru elite., “ *DJ
T * -Cedar, promptly and carefully attended to. augy
Ion MMI.N. NO. I rOVOINAf C|if t«» M
■ I X RINOB; SO half do da do do ; 46 do do Oroi do
IMrtur lot landing, and tor tele from the dork by
. •“**__WOMIILB A OI.AIBORNg. Ho II p,»,| „
| UU WWliNe NO. I HALII AX «-. r llsit.
■ KINOU; M half Mda. do do du. landing, and ter'.alr
from the dock by WCMBl4 A CLAIBURNK.
“”** _No II P.„l irtet
MOkT DEIIIUBI.E ttt.tin , ... —
w4,a i*0 VRANKUN BTRBm* g
»«tt BALK OR KKNT. -Wo oKrr fur aslr or real tha rewdonc* St?
ated aa abnr* and adjoining Rot. Mr. Uo(.'a Church
With eerrr convenience for the accumiuodatten of a large ramllr
*" • «•“*»»■ and rary dralrabla netg*,u.rI,o.kI thl.
proparty oCtra advantagra not puaarosed by any other non In the
matkot. Apply to au4-»-lh TAYLOR A WILLIAMS, Anrlo
;i-a «'ASE" 1 "TH K I.H UKII l:
•Jlf 45 rasas U. H. do do
45 cases 0.0. Mas. do
SU cases K. H. dn do
, 45 cases I'.meralda du do
Tor aal* by JOHN A. ROBINSON.
*B,B __Corner Cary and Virginia streets
OHIHMin’M mill l'll»l.A4.IH;l i: - An unto,TV*
remedy for Chdla and freer., for .ale by *
_BB>*_BKNNICTT, HRKRJt A JPUtllltK, Dragglsta.
14 M hi | »'hi:mi him ki.nui.iTii .
BN fTFry Dally raperted and for «alr, to arrlra, by
i-—14_BRIlNiftiKli A 0O„ On the Dock.
K4I144AIN* IN 4 1.0111 lqU7-Wt ar. non .Bering
the gieateM bargains of the mason iii all kind, of Igkt Bum
m.r I I.>tl,,ng. The »,.,,rtm*„t Is sllU good, and purchaser. n,U Bod
Ihl.a rare,-banco to supply themselves with good and netl made
Clothing at very ten prices. KKk'N, BALDWIN A CO
_IW Mtin slrfH,
DHI." BEU.IL- A full Aaonrtmrnt Drum BrIU. In Dm,
»i>A fur (win by CI.ARKHON A ANI.EKHn.N
. ** 8 ___No liX Main .1.
(1 M. % 1C l.K.la i tuts, warranted la ifulte frrrly, and to
J bum in any wind. Prlco rta par boa, for aalr by
*ul*__Owolota, 4th and Franklin ala.
MgATTMONI'N EKEJIAH, th» •lm|4nt, bM and m..tt
ponablr form of dnm.itlr InMrumriil in u-r Kir aalr in all
quanlltlaby I.AIDI.EV A ROHINHON,
**•*____Cbrnilala, 4lhand Franklin at a.
la.'rrj?R? w *«*»•* %"» HKH.
MEADE A BAKER-* Nrw A|a.literary Btorr.
_ _1AA N. W, canwr nf Mala and lOtB gu.
PUH'I'I III.lias. Ba—llftll Will.I.a ll its, Pa flirt Marin.
ami la-alher PorifuliiK, and Irnry. Sl.rll, Morncrn and all Ilia
Jr.irablr Port- Ritnlra of ,1m* lateel atylra. for aalr. at Earlory or n r*
8» »u •*_JtlMMUtMAN '
f ■ VIE aubarrliter will a.41 Eluur, Wheat, 'oru, Tohat... and all
S tln.te .if Country Prodtov. Have on hand, for aaW,’the beat
City Mllla and Country Family, Extra and Hunerfine Flour
K* J J FRV, Batin Bank.
If TIH1 Visit fresh fruits and Vegetables during the winter. a«
C.hhI and as fresh as al this season, procure some of those Infallible
Self Sealing Cans, which for durability and pcrfrctnrm In preserving
fruit* of sll kinds, are far superior to anything now in use We call
the especial attention cf Housekeepers *o these Cans, feeling confi
dent they will give entire satisfaction. For sale wholesale arid re
*•»» »•? nri.Ki.FY * co.
NO. HI Ragle Square. Main street
raiftn: thicrwiauoNa oh i:^hMkH fat.
M. IIAIR IlRL’Sti.—Manufactured by Gossnell k Co , London
brnlrh) __lAlfHTY k ROItINSOX, Chemists.
M lini lIDK.lN MlllaKi:i.
■ alROVI his Distillertes In Augusta county, the subscriber will fill
JT orders, in any quantities, and for any part of the i nked States,
for this celebrated WHDKIY. It was swarded a nssr clam
Piruuia at tlie Fair of the Mechanics* Institute, In Richmond, No
vember I SIM This Liquor Is Intended for family and medicinal use,
and for the best Hotels It may be ordered of any age from two to
•ve years. Orders through the malls promptly attend'd to. Ad
oc* **y _Bfaanton, Va.
■ I.ATK*T f*T\ LE8 —Just to hand a large variety of fewelry of
the mast fashionable styles, among which some etj IrHy new styles
The assortment consists In part of Cameo, Gold tkoue, Lara, Mosaic
and Diamond Pins; Rar-Rings, Finger-Rings, and Bracelets; also, a
Urge variety Watch Keys, Gold and Hllver Pencils, Gold Pens, the
v—* ......AkwA^t, *n<i a large variety of Rllver W are. All goods
warranted as represented, and will b~ sold at a living nr.,fit.
j* 14 _MTFRB a JANKE, Ti>M Mall, airvwt
¥ EIIIIHF. A A llik.—,,rtn,n‘» wo ,m,w. u.« n.i,., 1.11
a S ,‘w. sonata,Illy on Imiid, lor aalr In quanuUt. to aull pur
cl.aarr. by W. 8 A tl. DONNAN,
•«M _No. IB IWI atrwat.
POKE'I' W I > Al.— to exaka, land I rx and for ulr by
aulA_davenport, ai.i.kn a co.
||U| (inns. I-Kltll; Hill 4»IIIO SIDES
■ VFVF AND HHliri.DFRH, lamlir.y anil for .al-by
_ not*_WOMBI.K A Cl. Al HORNE, No. II IVarl at.
FKR — (Mays are dangerous. Procrastination Is the thief of
tune , death may overtake you, and In an hour when you think no*,
y.»u uiay be suddenly cut off, and that without remedy to your
oh thr .Wutmil Syttrin, will make Insurances on the lives
of WIIITR PRR50N8, eitlirr tmilr or frouiU, on Ihe bnos# rrsonuhle
Persona wishing to he inurrtt, can pay the whole premium In
cash, or they will lie allowed t.» give a note fur 4“ per cent, and pvy
C.I per cent lit casl».
Dirhlriids are iUclare.1 .inaintZ/jg. which have A|WAya uvcmgi d
4** |*rr cent, and 6 |*er cent, interest will In- pA|J on the same until
they arcre<le. mol, which is it inuteri*it .i tr.rnt'nj* that Ibis com
pany ha* over all others within my knowledge.
CAPITAL OVER |1 eoo.uon.
Call al No ATI Maiu struct, where you may get evplanalory hooks
Ac., or any Information concerning this company
CHAR. WORTH AM, Local Ageut.
General Agent and Attorney for Va.
au*** —4t
ni roHT’N row m:it.—
1,0UV kegs DuPont's F, F and Ff Povd«r
F and Eajrir canister do
F and Raffle quarter krffs do
2,imr) keffs DuPont's Blartlnff do
1««0«U0U feet Hafstjr Fu*e For sale bv
*MUIKM|S> hai.ii % \ <i r % >i» OK OH*
Iiet.ii nvr —Anvtous lb reduce i>ur stock
uf Summer Clothing and Purntshlng Goods to thr Invest possible
Klnt, we will, from this date, nger great bargains in Caaalmerr,
ap If l ie, Merino, Alpaca Marseilles and Uneti Coats, Pants and
Vests, with every other 'tyte of ight Boomer Clothing, promoting a
rare opportunity lo pit- hasrrs Is -,pply them.-Ives with superior
quality Clothing at a gt at reduction to prices
au** _ KEEN, BA< DWTN A CO fi
OO EX<I BA rsiai BBT
Tv do da da Bboaldert,
landing and for aale by WCMB1.E A CLAIBORNE,
MH__No II Pearl Bt.
TJW liai tons best Mrsiran Guano
B<> •• super. Phosphate of Lime.
for sale low foe cash by _H W fRV A Bona.
JOBEPII KGIMIERrt A BONR and other celebrated manufactu
rers, Ivory handled Knives and forks. In sets nr by IBs doaen.
Ileef and Game Carvers, of superior quality, lor salr at Importer)*
prices, hy ZIMMERMAN
riTHKRTAI'l' Of LIPK.-Tbs undersigned rrapsctfully
M Informs the eltliens of Richmond that hr haa returned Ihe per
mmal charge of Die practical branch of his business, and la now sup
plying hit customers with an article of FAMILY LOAF BREA It, Ihe
quality of which, he Bailers himself, cannot be surpassed. From an
riprrlenre of over Ihlny years, larludlng sight yrars as prlarlpal
baker for Ihe Astur House, New York, he can, with soma conOdrnre,
Invite the attention of the public to hie Baato Roue, Cita. Pun,
ate. Taking ibis occasion lo thank the clHaena of Richmond for
their liberal patronage during the last three gears, he would respect
fully solicit a continuance of past favors. JAMFB ADAM,
Baker, Main Bl., opposite A. Ituval'e Drug Htorc.
!%■•»«»: «»» I IIII X I M l-IHIIIK IKIXI II
A"k YOKE RIIIRTB. I have Just reeclved another new supply
o* those desirable Rhine, for stylr,quality and pries,or Bl, they are
not surpassed hy any Merchant or Manufacturer. Persons In want
of such goods are respectfully Invited to call and eiamine for them
seises, SI N. Ill Ms In rtriit_WH| IRA B.MITH.
%| '* \ *** I.tool’s. All
alenl andcnmfurtahle arrangement tor wearing Frrnrh By
ron Collars, tor ells only hy W K Ott V V H
''E?n)TT«N»AND lit lull I.INF.INN.
New Fork Mills and other good makes Blear bed Cottons Bn
perior lrts.1 Linens of nur own Importation, of all qnalltlea, tor aale
ME * "•»" *
I ■*41 »»■•« MAl.irA* tl T HERHITUk
•Ilf For sale by MUMBLE A CLAIBORNE,
■* _ Nu. II Pearl Bl.
MOUNTAIN RTF WIIIHKT, tor sals b; their sg'ie,
tpn vvatrsani
FBNHF History of the War In IV Peninsular and Ihe Rnaih ol
■ Fiance, boa A. D INttf in IRII, from IV last Fhglith rdlllon,
with B'ty Use maps and plana, a com|lete mdes (wanting In all
olVr editions) and Bee portraits on etevl, (I sols I9me cloth 7>*
Brrmons on vsrlouW rnhtefte, hy Net Adam Fmpio, D It, late
Rsetor of Bt James' Chuerb. Richmond, Vs., I.9B
TheOreal Pestilence In Virginia Being an historical account ol
Ihs Yellow ferry In Norfolk an I Portsmouth, l .no.
Rernll-rtlons of a Zennne before Behastopol, translated Bom tV
French by Mrs M Harrison Roblnann; The
Blslr's Chronolugtral Tables, romprsVndlng IV . hronologr and
history of Ihe world from the eurl-ewt times to Hie Russian treaty ol
peace, April IW, (Bolin's BrdsnllBr Library ,) 9fin
Dlrllonsry of l-alln Quotations, Including law terms and phrases
(Bohn's Classical Library ,) 1,9(1.
TV LI res and Works of Michael Angelo and Kaphas I, llluel rated
with klren highly Bnlshed engravings ; IJf
TV History of IV Cnttrd Plates, from their rntnnlaatton to tv rad
of Ihs twenty-stvih On tigress hy (leorgv Tucker, In 4 volt, vol I
Just issued , f.iti
Comm.-lore Perry's Espedlllnn lo Japan and IV China Beaa.
Vautllully tllustraterl, 6,1*)
History at Immlerstion to the United Rules, hy W. J. Hromwelt,
j of IV Department of Plate! IJIti
TV lefe of Washington, hy Washington Irving Three eole. now
ready , l.tai per rnl
A New Chapter In IV Early Life of Washington ; 1 jg(t.
For ante at puhftehcr-' prices, hy
•"I' _ IBB Main street.
II1AI KIIANHIlk Mil t H II*. English CaH Hoaad
■ * Its- kenmmon Bosrds, CVwsmen, DuaWasvs, HistoricalWamat
tor IV small lolts, and must V sold b»
NI H» l inn miixrNi aim m. -
tortnred bv J R Hragg. and alto olVr hransla of egtra and
j RperRne, toe aale by yOHN A RORINRoN,
I _____Corner Gary and Virginia Ms.
miE«g 6 1.01 H. I.VMds a . Bneed'. V|-r6nr,tor sals
1 *•** lAMIII imbYbb* or tiim.
*► *«'»». I B. B nmrtLJ'.X. TV. | W. K ISA A OB. amf,
iVABIftU i>* cBBtvasTtO*
I ttWS 5 SBBLw.
4r *4HDoirtr* aonramaa. t«i maw araaar
M . - Instock. IB WOtkCk. 9 O’clock
A«« Bi>—Ik Hwn. B* Tl TS
_Okl Poore. 94_Tl n
_makine news.
MOV 1 S or OCKAN klllHIMv
tk»» kua DATE.
*/**•• **w f«k, Havre via Own, A eg. BB
1 *'**®*; Liverpool eU Halifax, Aug. IT
OaeB Warrior, New Terk. New O.leaue. Aug »:
AJww, Now Yolk, Haile, Aug ft
*« York, Liverpool, Aug. *B
SUinlwrw M*" Liverpool, Aug. BU
Blimnirf, Now Tort, tihiifo*. Am *»
■ora^a. Hew York, Hamburg. kepi I
A*rleA, New York. Ueerpooi. kepi k
Hermann. New York. Brewmw via Oewaa, Kept A
HunBee Clip, New York. Havana and Mobile, kepi. •
North Amevlaan. Liverpool. Quebec, Aug II
Oily of Maucbr’r, Liverpool, Philadelphia, Aug I*
Hermann, Oowra, New York. Aug It
i“r». Havre. New York, *3 -
Niagara. Liverpool. Boston »1a Halifax, Aug IB
Ericsson, Ueerpooi. New lurk. Aug Ml
fvrala, Ueerpooi. New York. Aug VS
_ Haerw, New York via Cowee. Aug 17
_*** a1*** MU - sc. errs 9 ft -aiaa waewa 61a p. n.
A Kill i YD.
Brw H U Brooke, Drlake. N V, bay. Mark Downey
Mil las A Stewart. Jas River, wheat.
Btramer Parahoataa, Jones. Bail, mdae, Ludlam A Watson
5«Bg Hope. Hogman. via Port Welihell, coal. Balt
Bchr 8t Olvod, Bneage, down Die rlewe, —
kehr Ball, Gray. Nanwamwl, Boar.
Behr D Her ben, Myers, dowu the rlear light.
Bchr Ink reman. King, lialilax. Boor.
kehr Vaoonme. Vnnname, down tbe river light.
Bchr Jonas Bparka, Rodger., Al.ant.drta. In hailaat.
<NP:U. k|. WENT hoe jus* reveled a new, leelaed, uniform
M and bcsallful edition of Mrs Henlt'e works, printed on a u.uch
Boer and Idler pa|>er. and In Inr superior style lo whal One hare
ever before keen issued In. Each book contains a beautiful eugrav
lug, Illustrative of one of the beet eveot s In each work. Tim follow.
itig are their uaiaea :
The Planter'* Northern Bride; with lllu*'ratlooe. complete In two
•Mwmm. paper cover, of «•» page, price fl. or howl In one ml .
cloth gill, Bl 99.
Uuda ; the Young Pilot of Dm Belle Creole ; t vole., paper cover,
prior 76 ceuls, or one rid , cloth gilt, fl
Robert flraham ; the H* qrel to. and cuntlnaatlon of “ Ijthis |
•o'* , paper cover, price 76 cents, or one eol , rlolh gill, Bl.
Rena ; or. The know lllrd A Tale of Real Ule. * role . pnper
cover, price 75 rente, or 1 eol., rlolh gUI , Bl
klarena Warlaod; or. The long Mure Spring, t sols., parar cover,
price 75crnie,or I eol .doth gilt, Bl
Courtship aud Marrlvge; * vols., paper cover, price Bl. or I vol ,
doth gin, fl 76
Roline ; or. Magnolia Vale; J vole, paper cover, priceT&eents, or
I eol , cloU* gill, fl.
Lore after Marriage. and other kturler, * vols , paper cover, price
76 can la, or I vol., cloth gill, |l
Helen and Arthur ; 7 vols , paper covev, price 75 cents, or 1 vol.,
• loth gilt, Bl
The Banished kon, ami other Stories ; g vole., paper cover, prree
76 cent*, or I vol , noth gilt, Bl
Aunt Patty's Scrap Bag . logcltier with large addluoue lo it nerve
Iwfore published to any former edition of Una or any other work 7
sols , paper cover, price 75 rente, or I eol., ciolh gill. fl.
Eor sale by 11 ICO M. WEST,
*'*7" Bookseller and Publisher. 1411 at.
VI U. AVUUKSO.T a to.,
ndVK Hli.llOl I II lu ll,e NKW STORK, No 1U1MT,
M«ln street, second door below Mil, .Iren, wliere o...l^aLj
•re prepared lo show the largest tuurturnl of
»*«r off. rt-4 la thla mnrkrl
A fihhI aMorturut el BO.NNKTS alJ MILLINER V GOODS, of all
__ iu2*
StUMIHIlir.M -Bull , and Sand's. Carter1. Spend.
Muture, Rrkrr', Bitters, I loadin', Bitters, |i„,wo'> Estvwrr
Ulugri, Wheeler'. Sherry Wine Hitter., Ac., for tale hy
_ . WM 0. BATTA1LE.
*“* __ Drug *“d Chemical Store, Cor. «th aod Broad ip.
Ktl.OI It. II Up Salem Mill, family flour, just received, for
* ****•-**IT*lll*d __C'HkMSIIAW A OO.
HA 1,1 A A \ III. 44 44IN lilts—Landjcgfrom achr. Beverly
this day— T.2 Idila.
flu half this. For aale by
“**_bacon a laskfrvill
IBsF elear, for Mle._ JAMKS WINSTON
*■ II -VI Ik I. H I. I,, — Ntt Mils . (ur sslv hy
KICK, prime quality, for aale by
SSORTI.D lo quality to suit the wanta of oar trade. We Invite
the attention of purchasers to the lit and durability of our
goods No tsrtler styles can to* found.
Black and Fancy Ptlk, Double and Single Breasted, verted In
quality and rite., so that we can guarantee a At and Milsfy in price
The last chance, gentlemen ! fnr ektremrly low priced (locale—
lhal la, good stock at an extremely low price.
•“** UROSHONO A TITPMAN, llu Mato St
tFvr aale by_[au<6] M JOVEB.
fl AAAI MMI.N N# F, HI Ai—DIBarent brands, for sale hy
■ T FVF »»** _ M. JONES.
* D IMI.IsPIP Lk 1TH PHUUI » It I M ||
MB** HKANUV For Mle hy M JONfcS
-MS• B for sale by C tsuJtl] \| JuSl
I AW1H,,, S HKIINKU M I.IUV ("till -I
BTFTF OARS, Crushed, Pulverleed ami B soft Sugars, for aale
***_tao2«J __M. JONES.
C4ANTON CHINA*—Oanton China Dinner seta,
J do do Plates flat and deep.
do do Dishes flat and covered.
Jo*t opened and for aale
»“ ■' WM. »■ HI Tl.s.n. Id Mam meet
•"tie new styles and good qualities, ju-t received, and for sale
*tlf»_ Airotheeertes, 4tlt and Franklin sis
Kk« 01.1.It TIONS III A /III A 4 i: Hi: III It I
SEBASTOPOL, lr->iu the French ..( Dr Faux Mstasap. ,|.
Sanitary IT.vst. tan, by Mrs. M. Hr eats. >s Koantaug, a Virginia lads
Philadelphia : llaya A Zell. T
Till, translation of urnee so eiytdly drawn by Dr. Maynard has
extraold'liary merit. The vast number of military phrase- which
..ccur in the original make the task of iruderliig this beautiful work
into English extremely difficult, and a perfect familiarity with Freucb
"Horn, is IndlrpenMhle to a Miiafacloiy prrural of It. As It la how
translated faithfully Into the moat clasaic Engliali by a highly edoca
•rd lady, who excels In uste and lu judgment, a rate uppr>rtunlty Is
afforded those who admire a work combining rarity and romance
For aale by J. IVOODHUl'SK A CO.,
k*1*6_ 13» Main Street
DU. riHlNN, I.ATE OF FT. LOUIS. MO.. Office and Reel
dence on Sd alrret, M cl side, Pel ween Marshall and Olav
«*•*•*. j) <1 rlActoi* '
ple's Pile Oltiiment, Forward's Cholera Drops, Semple's original
Nerve and Boor Linlmrnl, Dyspeptic Bitters, FlemaOil, for Mirunorrh
r.ea. Horse Tunic. Vrrmllugr Ae , prepared^ y the subscriber are the
very best remedies known or ever discovered for the various com
plaints thev pre'ra. to cure. Their reputation Is dally mrreaslog be
cause everybody /. /Meof r-rcr/d/r-n lehlgtdy pleated with iheir action
on making use ol incur and then the prices are about one half the price
of ilia ordinary Patent Medicines, and their composition la not kept
secret. The subarnber could furnish tan thousand certificate, of
(heir rArary If he felt disposed.
If you trarr not Irled them—fr y firm.
H P. FF.MPI.K. Druggl.t and Jhemtst.
sum J,rJ Mall. Hi reel
IADIKN 'I'll 1114 MII.IU >101101 4 41 II4M4TN
J AN!) BCRKINR 1 shall open this .lay, rsrelvnl per Aleausrr
frrsru Philadelphia a complete assortment of I hr above Boots and
Jdsoes- slurb are realty superior, and very beautiful, lo which the
lusdlrs are utost rreprcilully invited 10 rail aod supply ihnusrlvers
al Ihe old establishment, No. (15 Broad street, next door Mow the
dry good flora of Breeden A Pox. D. B (RANKLING.
N. B. Have also on hand of hla own manufacture, the best assort
ment of Boots snd (boss he has aver had the pleasure of offering lo
Ins customers and the Ladles generally. H< Is likewise preparer!
to make to order, any and every description, si short notice aod lo
a style that cannot be surpassed If equalled Inthlaelly.
D. B r.
di HAI.P Plpea “J. Hrnneasy " Brandy, vintsgea ISMS, IS4A, aod
A qr. Plpea Port Wins—reeelvlng, for sale by
IH4IN. Rneed's and Country Iron, for sale by
—«_ 11>« IN WrtKTHAM A CO.
■ ,1 Ills. . * 1! , 1 r C.’i.t Fieri Piles, embracing every
M1 variety be Machinists use. Just to hand per Rhlp American
I’nlon, and for sale by C. J R1NTON A CO.,
*»1* _ _Sign of Ihe Circular Raw. 71 Main St.
FMBINIOTHV NKKDs fnr sale by
" >ltl* ___J. J FRY.
Mui't.l. W tI l f ItN, Fruit and Cake Baakeu, Batter
Coolers, Candleetleke, Ryrup Cans, |re Cream Knlvee. Cheese
Rroopa. Fish Knives, together with a rich assortment of Plated Cae
tors, to he had at 187 Main etreet.
_»<* »_ BULKLKY A CO
f | X) i I I I I M IS. II dd Halid, Flowsrrd, Marble, Houuct
M- and Wild Roae Todrt Rets, comprising a great variety, at 187
Main •*rest [an »]__BIJLKI.FY A 00.
RD4 KHHIDIJK (I.| V| u t IKH. • i..l n„.
1 morning, la half barrels, frs-.li from the 8prlngs
late In Ihe season we will sell all “Rummer Oo<ids" al (really
reduced prices, nur aiock Is Mill large and ws are determined lo re
duce II, and would Invite all In want lo give os a call
C1IIKAF I.OISISM I II K A P 474*011* I l-A fkw dresses
J all Wool Mooslaloea, at l»X rls., per ysrd , Ofallies at (ft els;
Tissues at (5 rls , snd other rhespgoods moy he found st
\fINK4JA»g. Pure Cider Vlnegsr, a brst rsir anicle for
Pickling purpooeo, for sale by RaMPRON JIINF.R, Agent,
• >>s __Cor Main and Fth ms.
Stil HI k Hint, 1
_soll^__JOHN N. GORDON
n4llPl'H>x a 4f* 4y tq 1 r»N m p h vimi h
la reeelvsd al PRICK A CARDOZOft.
The Life of Rrv Thomas Reott, hr Rsv Jno Reotl, from lha press
of lire amsrlctn Tract Sclety flftc
Watmn's Rente to Paine; Just issued by the Tract Society (5e
PRICK A CARDC/O have iw rams a second edition of “ A M >a
mil rif H/ligfoxr /•dnkftM,'' specially Intended for the oral teoch
tog of Onto rod Perrons, but adopted In general see In Famllleo and
Hr hoots, hv the Rev John F Itr.ff, Rector of Christ Church, Mill
wood, Clarke to., Vk. The ready sale of Ihe (rat edition, and His
subsequent demand. Is Ihe best proof of the value of thlo publica
tion. Price, boind In doth (5 cto l iberal discount to lire trade.
We have also is re«r« •< AVotcec* by /Ac IF.iy a book for
children and yosth; by Philip Hsrrrtt, of Va.
••We have evamined," says the Central Presbyterian, “some
•beet, ol lire wort, and are yrratly pleaeed with its contents Rome
of the pieces have Ihe ring of the true metal, and mnst he read with
deep interest. Ws hesp sk for nur young Irlend a cordial greeting."
Price of this work Mi cents, srtth liberal discount to the trade
sul* _
nOHNK AND Rl I I slim s. W, are reestvIsmtMs
day an addlllonsl supply ..f Horse anrl Muir (shoes, assorted
_ No. I«* Main s4.
%/ INAII.MA DK rolI KTTK I»K I.A «S4H 14 11,
▼ flYOFNiqi'P AT PARTS This new and deiirhifullr refresh
log Perfume and disinfectant for Ihe etek chamber, for sale by
owl* Chemists, 4th and Pranktln eta.
\4»ti« • it* f.i vn t niN.iv
mstree to aril mv remalnlr f stork sf llenlleaieii's Furnishing
Good, si retloced ptlres. In order lo make room for Fall stork.
I WIN leave In a few days for the North, snd will gladly .{lend to
any orders for Rkdrto, Ac.
A large stock of Tiro, Cravats, Collars and Coder Rhine, sms ole
far this season. W. P nW FNR,
MW Opposite Amovtsaw HsSsL
g IMINI 4 »' F44I > t I It tl t s I s 11 hi HI H N. We
Bw bars reoeteod. dtveet f-.us, Ihe fsrs ry, a toll assortment r.f
OtmWet Pointed Wiwd to r. ws, from If In fk inches, for sale Iww.
I fwf It .r ls ,rr Itestrrs, »4 ^Srt St
A HlHIh » 1144 MAN I. er Ihe She’.
im r*g's , She, on 18th street. Knqu re <>f
swtw* R W. HARWOOD. Farnttwrv ftoro.
4 k • ININA..
,otI RgNNtrr, AURA A IIAIIkR. uruggtsm
' norm rales.
Mm4 Extraordinary Remedy Knawn
f'ai *-**** *. n ii'.ARk iiKuiiNia * tb, hi. ..
*• “Ruthkbh nhi:m i ■
bn* MUaded m that there lo nothing known In the msdlial world
wklefc mil at all compart with them TWy art Indeed comforter. n
the worMap matter.
** **’ *• “** W **••. wtthoc (ear of eoalradlmion or proof !■
Ika contrary, that if th.y art applied at any time prerlera i, u»
Mtoal rUing *f Un breaM, they will promptly allay all Ingamallon
•Miscall paM eed prrnmt tk, hee^t fram rather*., and fa,
•rnmore, if the hre.M dodj actually no-before the cloth, ran b,
had. the appUcaU.* and couatant wearing ,,f umm odl produoa rad
a condition of the hr .a at aa in incur* the | ili_i ,iU.mi|L W(
taary moihrr thooVJ keep them by bar, and follow In their aae ih,
Abortion*. which nlwaya arc aanl with thmn. and owr word for It. ah,
WIU rarer know what It la t. bar* amino, rageetng .Mb hm bronM,
«W- A remittance of |IJU, aeco.pao.ad by It cent, .orUl „
ytatag* eta raps, will tectare the prompt irtnMnlmton by mil ot n pal
at ^ •*•**»• to nny pwi of tke United Hunt.
Thoy we for tale by
AWE M GRAY, Wholesale and Retail AftoU,
*** Iff Main alrawt, Richmond. Virginia.
And hy MtADK A HARKR, IM Main Richmond. V.
Full J: reel Iona (or applying thrar CP.Ih,. .m accompan]
Bnpply <17*° ' " r*n"' ffiwbmnnd, la Dow opening hU Pal
k. .a.r^M ^BOOI^,r4r*“' ‘"ATIONgKV. Ac .
MiOiro Ibf bit usual large on 1 amoral-- - ■ _. . . .
mg lie nramhof July Diarrhea. r
-ual'y preealra, H«,r,e<, SSZJZT^^,»Zw'IiX‘
laraiaa and other connUea, and a i_—■_?-.U! “'"wttdir,
hrateoed to the - city of (hi dead "
2T* “ARKR-e BITTKKh Va. » “V V? “
g|r* Inetanrr hnvr w« bra/d of this mviluti l. *7. 1 rM*
maka a perfect cure whra taken meordlt
Ike coo^duence ha. born, dial the manulo. lureT .- *?*01** • »n*
gr»«afor fear of not haring it on *7
'* ^ cemntry were to try this u,edic.u. £rlv.
cover Un great turrits and become iu ■■, . , * uld •'*on Ala
awry moment the plan let. ,,f Carol,na, f‘^”**r,j 1*. *“*
•Ippl are nalug U with II. greaiert rarre.ii[ T “ImU
domadi and bowel., and mein* ihSEITTuir. r U
dnefor.- bill., whde the JSdmS ifaSU.m^taSSP 10
• he ague and fever, and ridoying delightful l.raiit^L**. ^ Awfvlny
of IU foUbWhj, Dr**£•
McRenn., l-.-t.hurg, V. , Todd, Minima A TrayWPrjUbLS
Va (Kluy A Tay, Norfolk. Va J It ('»M.eK~n W* rtl*r0,**nt.
l>or K. Caiuni. Williamsburg Va Va.f
v.. j. k tioiiuui a
Va., Thus Adame 4 Co .'•uoUl.fcrWl Va a u_u °
▼nia, Ta..J H Eskridge BUmHE*Va'wt *, !**“*'
H. C.. Char Ira Bp.,, * !E'TSgglT_»?.»- «■ Wllmlnclon.
BnlUnrare. Md.. Bodrker A MlUa^ETrhmt^ w- 'l*??** *■
l. y nel.hurt, I a. and lira liruggim. nndamwa^ra^JnT */on**
der., adilrra. *nre. generally For or
aulf lw_ e BAKKR,
Ubl« Tincture, E.keC. m.."- .-l.r*f,U.k: O^ HamptonS ».ge
Patent Medicine. kept for rale by Pllto' ao'1 •“ »»•>"
*Uif>-«• » «mi * Main at
UT^— iili7,’tmTA*'r rn ™4 (onni
Maaea, DOVE A ,9' ««•
as: aLvarss x fflSSSrrSssKsr2
appbfd *.?^!_l>g|* *» /Of TCKF OIlTfnJ
recommended ”1* Ji" "f* T'" ' »>«*
•ore by the aide of the OOteXsitlUnCi £"!f'T* ff \,in,"4r
4.e laid <1 ... mending v7ry touch ’la. J ff h"V‘’ “U’'' d»»
-be ro.im.noed ..(“gyi,, TCRP n» ff’, ;h*u “
»«*. if you .oli It, | .hi rrt tiff' I1 , °**" 4ud at.ould It gel
of Ihla If ,„. think Uper at* ItTr.^l.nl’’! c»“ •*>? P*»
rou, .1.1, my thank,.,hi, cert,boat, J tu 3£tj e*"°0 *
ThcabJftlVXS^icnituM, „ V * THOMA*. j. p.
man^uch. Dr, thorn .bo ,ufer call anVL*^”*"' ***”
-- M oa.
- au. a Trunk. VaA™££i ? '« *» •*->■ » »»u
■oou. for H p,, cent, leJfb.nT?; Uu£ £.!,°f riff °' 8ho" or
.autt ... „ ® * MACRICE.
_____ ISI Mam »treet, Ea«le Pquare
zsxwrjsdnsts ar
gun'll dye, the hair ,US SSfil^Xblcb
•100 and rSTp?22. “ue^V Lff'Zl. **1.«
D| everjwfirrr ’ *’ ^°*UiU» tui«l l,j»
VourlK.d,n^oX.c„;to7uWc ^fr^1’, difV fr-jj-,
“ M-d^Tr’V *n,, •"«*»££••pr ‘•r,,u"'*
Mother*’ Breast Cloth*.
JyV . ■**?* * BAKER. Chemlara,
——_»8g Mato atreet, northweat Corner of loth.
i2<3^»Au"5SCHOOL*^?’?*'* •**' «>SS n. A.
J" , , , . , ‘ (-l',»OL .111 be re.umed on Moimr Ifith
Z^; - h~ rc,w'ur'' “ -rret, between day ™. Ma,*.
- -----J/1T
If^dr^i .V K * ••*■• Importer and Manufacturer ..f
Ladtep and (ienUemrn’a Hoot* mtul Mhoes \,. i r m...
S a-jwrSSSr?
juamy ‘*y|«°'ni» bo .urp.r;d. and a. price.’,hat cannot tat! to
&£» -h^ “*»
~~ - ’-*10
r.er, brand, of SHKlX^.'I^SS'J^jHjt■“*» '*•'
.urea ,0 framer ,0 buy aMloleV* h^,';0,” *" *h<' hffff
Kr^r2* « Ari;H, In PORCELAIN
» 1 , \ ^T^1***- drllithtftillj cool and rrfrethtoff, with all
the rich and drltrlout cream and fruit irrupi fur male at
JT« MEAM* “**“•» Apolheenr, Store,
jjm> ^ ^ " Corner of Main and 10th »u.
Air wL.>o 11' 1
nt* <.»«/ Me , h.Mlry yaarnil/v. All I have ui
“>T cueloiner., Irlend., and the Pul.lio — —‘
no. furnlan ladle. ,„d geoUemeo .Itb iff! 4,^1 -- • * ! c*'‘
Me^mVp.rf.ri'’bfhthf ff?""" B"*' m*k,r o( Trance, (thfTf.
u __ . ALEX HILL'S.
, a- . ,U4r'f|r' »• u»aie*' arc! itrntlerurii'i Vrri.. K
---Booto and HhoeOfojiT Malnjl. Richmond. \ a.
-??5___««T PAIR* A 00, A pent.
i(Jtr ^,'M M»IHOU AMD DiNlivn |{ v.
I^SEl-v ^n,T‘n", \^LC£^°l£££r .7*
1^.1 £:**X*'?U* 11 »“»■ » certainly uneqaalbd lu
cu ?* ir.‘*iiij.^:™1 * -*• °r - >-* v"~ *
JelS Dr0* *0<l t*l"nlc*1 S*°,r- lir»»4U» and HnuldVtrlm,
.*__ Richmond, Va.
II, 'dTs A*. *• •** * v 1 * >*" removed hla rurnllore Ratal.
n Wareroom under
t-MRIWTHlAW MALI.," Mam direct, above the Banka.and haala
operation oil the a| , , buainaaa.
VuVlr 22SJ52S2 • <•»’» a. a i.nail and Infenwak little
eiL. !'^? n* Quinine and »ller diaapreeablr Medi
Unea, ao that they may be taken without helnp mated, for aale by
S^I'R * BAKER, Chemlata, Ac.,
M1S -_I***. W. Corner of Main and loth Ota.
W kSSSflffi » « It M I I II I I’OI IMI. for remo.
^rnllurr To^e .^ ' “* ^ *«**"•" '«
ja. MRADR B BARRR’S New Apothecary Store.
19t»._W. Corner of loth and Main Si* |
M^!ffi£r'!52 S**Z fr" *<>• «nd and dirt
e. P^r*«*Uy while and *oA, alao Sponfet of all qualltt**, for •«)*
- __Chcmlete, 4th and Franklin ate
nm»lH?il.n,*TnVr, Hf.RTAMI I « Mil N
AND W INI. MIL I Ihle mill cmaa to ua hlfhly raeommen
aru, and we have teaaon to believe It to he the beat Oder Mill I.
We aoltelt nrdara Price Ml,'"
_M??1. *m _ _ I** Main atrvel, Richmond
▼ ▼ Pence Pan do.
Bucket Rare, and
Tinned and Black Riveta, all well aeeorted, lor .ala hy
fl 4444 "Vs yi* E*Ti4jMrH.
| 444k ^ ^ FP JAVA I *11 I I I .
HI.RAI Ml ■> t Ml II II II U > Mil l mi..
BleachedI and Brown Pherttny of all wldtha, aay from one lc
three yard. wide, lor aale by
tu*‘ C HARTWELL k tn
U4M4 -HUS ) I HIM II. I I and ...
rMMPMP aale. i ...
“ilk B?A* '* '* iimi i t >s mu. ttti s
* ft ■ hi hide Weat India and re tolled M-laaaea,
!«• Ibl. Clipped So I Herr lop.
IB Mda Ho. I medium Mackerel, for aale hy
**"_ M JoNEP.
flOOIM BOM THE IMMIS. We are now
MM yrrut b.rpalna In Proa, pun. Be..-pc, urpardie Mu.llr.
Lawna, Rohra In Pllk, B-.cpe, and itryandle Wudln. , a'ao, a lacy,
•lock of beantthil Ctvallle Detainee, eery low, to make room h»r .
new .lock of EaH flood. |ky l.uh Pcpt,) which wa prow, lee ow. rwe
lomrra In advance .hall equal any In the ally
*» W P PBRRISP I IM. I,. l«l Eayta Pqwkrv
| HIM* I tins h\ I Hill I Hill M,
■» tor aale by PELDEN A MILLER.
MN_ Owner Pearl and Cary at*.
Mi (Vmrtehlp and Mar nape. 1 an
The Planter', northern Bride, j yjt
Linut. or the Town Plk.1 of the B. lit Ovule. |
Rohm Oraham .equal lo Linda, I m
Marrut Warland, | .at
I Roller, or MapnoBa Tala, | ,ai
Helen and Arthnr, j ,m
Rena, or Ihe pnow Bird | pp
Hew uniform edition, of Ihe aheve popular Wnrte hy Met (taro
llnv law llrnia, juat received and foe .ale by k Stilt RIP,
*"*’ ,. , *1 Main el
Issi f Mil 1MISI TBB II Situ,,, .
CO IIREPP Rl IPI-PRP | .hall Mia day. re WBMfe
rvtved front Philadelphia per a'ewmee Re-ha.awl. a e. mpln. tawrl
I man, of M aera' elegant drraa Black Morocco Mlppcra. alan, an a.
, tor,memWhile Rkl ami Black Mnrwrro Tip Saner*. All of lb
■ above are of the laird and moat approved at vie* and for .ale l,.w b
„ 0. B E*ASRi IH.
M.nnMelurer and Dealer In Ladlre' and Ml. c.'
I ** *fd. and Phnp.. Ae , Ho Blft Broad a, . Ph-cV nv Mill
HIHRB R E’S 1.0* IMIS PBBR II M. , an. an.
plow, lor tab by REIMS A MII.I.RR, Pearl atruat
. - n.iO '
v ’n4”*’ •*" Mo—. ^—tv
, vT-_JyV—Ip
1 |.®f * »•¥!.¥, dTTORMKTB AMD ^COl.’TOntLUJRB
1 ^ v Rtehmood rod It,, r—tiro
I 2 Hearten, ChwluflfM and H«nov«r (Mkf on 11 th Kr^. near
J'»»:.tvvr.fTA?vr°M'»,» »■ law p«u
oee in Ike room of Pnu*lr«ale *n<4 rr%r.wI t.
r A Mfi PwiiylrMnn Cowt Ho«n. V* j, ! —ly
J Vt? ?: ••*»**»V»■ Aywnw ti‘ii la *a .
■ oo^«^rT rr“‘"n^t—^ «~«u. oppvt,,,vw...
1 **"■ ■KlR—l. Virginia. ,f
TP'ilUMi > attornVV at LAW. Bot*,.,,
C*-. «*—Awro <X—TT. Va Owt^lfcctlmhot rod Lua.n^
. ----- »* *—It
•I '|G«1 if-,'i,f>OK-.*TTOK',rV AT , A». Rv.*.ro V. .
Sr ££■“* *2 “ fc,u'4S **»•*"> *« •*—d u;
prm—„ to Croru of Richmond dtp. Hrorlco. Mrooror rod
_ __Alt—ly
Uri!' WV M«W¥. IT ORNKR at LAW.A-trod.tV
Corote r,f OhrobAte. Prior, tblromr-l. Mo,/., rod CronT
r»« OWc, OhroVte Co . Ho . V.
W*! **• nraVEIX. ATTORNRT AT I.AW n,v
Pronapt imnilon till be paid to the collection «f all Clal .« ...
SSg£g5,>‘"gCV-« «~£, ■ ;•
# Ill.lUl.t;. t . ttt»M , ATTORNEY AT I AW K to
C"J ^ KV,;—' «“•'
WB^OWr. ro Oovronor mpmt, Mrot P M T.u, A Run
TAKY PIBL1C. Prod tee. In All the Corot, of tiooeStea,
nrorteo and tv cite of Richmond <foochl.n l,
?*V 0*o»onllUi tUtthtetoM M.mrod Urol mb Hip
H fj^1* VT • MMKIRH. ATTORN't Y AT I AW ,r*
,u “™iSr
.1. J.: V * ‘-,1 • ATTORNRT AT LAW, Rnlvim~ T f .111
2»d ■ki2;3lB",,'4,,» *" “*• « *««**«•££ Lmtenboep
_.___Mi ly
l!'.?“ J„*vVil^,UK 11S AT,®*"Mi AT LAW.
ropJi^l • »M **» y—P« And Itrlcl attention u,
Troll^S^.'JK’US ^‘n *• COUnU““' *«W»
t?.'1™' “ R"ck* **‘,uut. Vrroklln connly. V» “
ja*9—dAHjT" ruto/wi «,t.Ntt I
Wl I. I. I A n URRB». ---- ~
a U*T l* *TT,“V'i *° *icbBK,a,‘- oHn 1.1, profemlonal u-r
’"” •«* Coortj of Appeal* and in the LVpti t I
Rtote .nd of to. Lotted £2,,
-f,i^or-, rod in other rropecte rot m» chamber oaiueel r I
.,”57 ri-rroe of M.,n rod Reeente I
— ' -------tub*—ly
• I. ra!k£.*™MK o’ <TTOMirATUW.II.in,to, P O
rice, Caroline end Goochland Man®err, Hen
Addr—» Henor^r co.. Va. jafl -i,
K. y , f A-°--*> AT LAW, Ltvmvv. Va .
»a *. *' f ^ o®re to liit ruoa in rear of tl»« Trknxi.)
.«ro, t.u door, brio* IV Par me,.' he W STT
FiUW ta£2LAy • ''''HH.Vr. R, ATTORNk VS AT
.'**T °*r L.de-. Build,„f. corue, Mam and MuOmu
.rmdoo, 4U,e. ai~ra. RICHARD w PLOIWMlT'
I a^"[ KOTAC'E. -The partnerahip of Hucu t A it,
'^‘Ur'T “* S«i
OMM eoOacMB, and remittance. promptly made.
■^Jan'^nVa^hV^? WKKKANT A..EMV.
■A,o„l. MATTHEWS offer, hla aerylrm to eUlmanu entitled
JjL to Penatona and Land Bounty under the late acu of Oonerra.
, Oharfn. moderate Ofllc, on Wall atreet. Uo*^^*11
< % R D, FA Ll7l «}«
merchant tailors.
Unnfand 'iZti °f r'~1' now »rr""n» for lil/ww, com'prt?”*".
* aun «»* co^^f^oToYd1 m^"^TrrT
—_._A. AG. A ARN-orx
A. P. NEtlPLE,
rnup ar»urR?BM,f9T- *°* MAI* "fRSfT.
BSCRIBh* l« coniUnUy rwminf frr»h sud Dike -
M or pur* Dr ox*, Chruk%|«t *e.v which he l. tVtw mStZ
Ur in Purct-aain, fr,>w importer, of undtmbted iSSS^fS/
He la ronataotly addin, lo hla Steady eery Hi
purchaa.n, fron, that h.nda, he ta prepared
I.«rer, than any houar la the d" P P lo *r“ ** ,ow- ,f
He ■»»!'» »'-rt ao mod of hi. Chemical., and can thef, re „
commend them a, j.wry .ml m, table foe prmertptlMi puynoae.
Preacr.ptiona compo unded a' all timea of thr dar r r ,
moa, urat, and ..Ac n.ann.r He I. . V^.We fthe l n.'
PhU ind e'«^d*?J Jr^r‘°n «Ub, PhiUdei
bwtm^i.“ CU*'d ,or r*f,rrl** «o «hr foiioainc roluutary
and1 D[| "• P *"“**• »*■“ for Aar year. a. a Phyafcmn
and Apothecary. Hr la a thnrou,hly educated medical man and
M PEIIIIIM f l .ti l ll |
SEW 4 I.OTII■ \la not me,
_ »U 11# Bata eTBETT
D GOODMAN now offer, hla entire atock of hummer Cloth -
• lC.li ** tfrr,tly reduced caah price.. In order to reduce Ole
o,,c!L.“ “ Pc»*lbl'i fo make room for fall atock, and lo hare
the iatereat on Die amount of Summer atock now in atore. Thou
in want can now And the *reate,t barffalna hy ,lyln, me an early
S~-.__ JL0*___J. D GOODMAN.
Rent tXcfiJJotriuff Cet fitt at*.
Lewi. Creek P. O', Kanawha Co , Va. 1
Meaara W« s. Beta* A Co: JulJ, ,*’'d 1
I —“ *,*~l *“• ln 5* T'*r °f attacked with the Scrofula
' .V' I ?n' ,,m*' * nu °P My neck waa raw from one
cud to 0* other. Mr^ all p.teni Medl. me. I roald hear of. and
rn.t,loy,d aeyeral phyaictan, All did nr e..d until I aaw •• Car
. " M-ken .. htffhly J t.e.."pe„I
*“* • frW **°IUr, ircordinf to dim-ilAni : the result u that now I
am a. aound a. I er, r ... ; i„ fact. I feel better than 1 ,r. r d.d in
* a til u-led with
For aale by BENNETT, BEERS A FISHER a^T'S^ ,
^ __ItA'
emwion . S*rV^.P^ £""‘ ,W"'c JR,if. ,1.U | |fA aia. ,
fWlHI. lotix rst*Nl»hfd anil well known institution ;he '
a above deacriptlon of naka, on at rraaonaWr t. rma aa other I
F'***'* om-'ea, with a caah capital and aurplua of AUtt.otk' The Board ■
ofDIrw-n.r.. vperaonalty known lo a I a rye portion of the community.)
mddtn, iltetr mretinya in thla city, where all luma an- liberally ad
iuatr.1 and promptly pah!, entitle, it to a due aharr of the public
patronafe ^
"" I" J " ■ “rim tor nre or Marine K .k. taken by this
° u . „ David ccrkik. iwdent.
Ja»t. H Deuka, .Secretary. yell—M
_ _ June IMA. lift* ’ t
** I 14 l:. -On ati.l after tbit date no charge gill be made for
Eire and Marine Hot It tea tsaaed by this Company.
By order of the Board of Directors.
. .._ D. CI RRIE, Prea'l
stso. H. Boattna. 8rc*y._ jel»—if
| VITB »• A V»: received the following goods, no* ft demand—
▼v Black Clro de Rhine., all widths
Handsome low priced Lawns
Plain Crape Bareges
Rosslan Linens, a large lot
Bwls* and Cambric Edglngx and Insert Inga
Ladles' and Genft Gauze Shirts
Whalebone SktrU, long and abort Whalebones
Black Elastic BelU, Ac VALENTINE A SON.
IF SI__ ValentlLr Square.
THE undersigned it engaged in the manufacture of Rath,
Blind* and Doors, of the best quality of material and
workmanship, at low price*. Order* respectfully solicited a„d
promptly executed Persons ordering Sash, Blinds or doors,
from me by mall, may rest assured of getting as good warb,
as moderate prices, and as prompt attention as If ordered
In person (Hating done very loir, and any quality of Glaua
u-ed that may he design,led Constantly on hand lt> hy U, In be
II. and a by Id S*>h glazed also. Blinds to salt the same Sartorr
Ind building above Haaallt' Mills, Richmond, Va ’
OPEN, with handsome accommodations The new Rath, tuat
completer!, are moat spaclotts. c onrentent and elegant, containing
hand*itne rveption and private drrrslng moma, all handsomely car
peted and furnished, for both ladles and gentlemen.
I am instructed by the owners of this property to spare no efforts
or ezprnse to make It one of th# most drslrshle rammer rrtrrsts In
the mountains. L NORYKI.L
still -1m
SI'/. I. N A Til All' nd, kaep
a well selected fwluftu of GROCERIES'. (in Mot testing II
quors earepted.l which they will sell st a amall profit for rash or ap
IbfuVtftl * tlj •«'. rpUnc*.
Particular attention paid to sale* of Country Prodorr.
■ lAHI.inz in at n«ltli I I BTHIM1
■ » ret or. h*o<* a good assortment of Clothing m table for tie
season, to which I Invite the attention of purchasers, assuring them
bargains that will be to their Interest, as I sm anxious to close out
soch goods to mate ro-m for my Eall stock, which I am now matio
factoring Please call at No lid Main etrset
nOl.l ftkk W AR*:. Ac. Ry rresnl arrivals W1
rscriptof a large assortmenl at Hollow Wars, naasing of
e.da, Ovens Apt lera. Biscuit Bakers. Eire Pngs, Cauldrons, He lo
which we resprctfolly call the attention of Ibos* lit want
**"_ Hardware Dealers, Id Pearl st.
■d*"* I MM MM. t M. % Id a. « • ... \|, ■
A tgoite easily, ham freely, sod caanot be Mown oat Price 11 i*
cents par boa I AIM EY A ROBINSON, Chemists,
__4th ami franklin •»•.
g * M • » > HMDIHi Mill Mil fd A HI.M'S
”■ "hue, lo.cg, Black and Cayeane Pepper,. Mace dorrs Not
meg,, African and Sumatra (linger . A llsp e* ; Cinnamon Celery
Cot lander and Caraway ford, . and all other Poire# for pick I Ins
Wkrrantsd fresh and purr, foe tale hr
,u**_ dlh and franklin street*
nIIMM tllllMIMIMilv W. „
• fol "iiqdy *f -Burden'. • Pal Horae Sheet and " Gr An'*"
Hora* Shoe N alia aim, a super ice article of Hammered Hors*
Shoes, Nall Rods, ste , which we offer foe sale on favorable term*
I. T. MOORg A 0O .
AH' Hardware Drain, it Pearl st
\l It t.ostlxn. w
Skeleton, do
Pall Prints,
■Hack Silk MtUs,
A great variety of Embroideries, a
IT'" l»» If
■ receiving per fohr Lydia Aane. for sale by
IIITS' LHI k*l . 1.1 axles, ta rant aad ksg*. for sale
T w by [auY*1 BENNUTT, BEERS * riAllt R
fl (Ml T.9JI* WIMIMOR Ni l S Mlk k M OTI k
• " rk V I I MP PLASTER A spurrier srlc |r, for m<e by
—I*_BRIIHIEORD A CO . on th, fv k
r’ *,n A kkklNI K
KERSPkS, Ae, are maowfsetwred at the Virgin's PeniteB
••■ry, to a ropstdersMe extent Merchants before going North are
InwNed fo call and rkamtne owr stork at the
*•* Ho. rr Pearl Art H
n«tsv.r* I*
ifKMHiiiwR.-vsar • > --
1 NnTatra begat Cared Canvassed Mama, for aala by
*“»' WOBBLE A CLAIBORNE, Hu II Pbkrl ft.
I_auction sat.ks.
IV *• •
src-sswt* t—
i !i!?*Syysg5£r.i,i xajy^’^y^n&tJii,'^
! r-v1^— - -——
,j r in^tiT j*,-,w- ’'"■ •* - *■•' •-*«. Mu H
*' >•• be • Idrd to the abort Mk :
*m hhda. fair ta ahotee quality Nog,,,
barrel* Duo New f>y leone IIoIuk.,
** hhda Molaem. and other art tele* eultad to the trade
o^SSICJXJ ''*“ ’ OTT' * “• “,h’ "■"•• '■ ' .PP-.I1
,V”_ . DCNLtiP, Mf INCI'M R A CO„ Aort..
t atal (oee and *a to plea af the above «.. .at Bn . Bin tWnm ii
for n.partlon ttla day. ' '■V r** ,J
*?l_nr-NI ttp MONCUU A CD. Awta.
'Iklt.tf ’r 1)1 I IRHI II I I \ it a»u ati r .Z.
■•S SSJSSiZS* S*F* 1 m aeU at puMlr .'notion, If
091 Md ortvaMp hafon, air fraea of land lying no both eldoo *.
tad tBrtB|n i P*r’ >■ RHnwa Rdward
**V-" haa»"bwrW. containing *76 Arm. AAn of ohleh ta m
^yy?,l°yv“4. heartly Umbered The anwoemneom.onmi
t.Tu hooee a.-d r. re rotary oat fanhtlngo
k.Ta 71r*V,^",Wr Arr*- M •■••h and Matter In I awl * year.
boed> bearing lt.tereet.end deedor tot If to error. deferred imvioent.
for farther information addreaa the ttnderetgned
1 "* _ Drake", Hr.nrh. Ta.
•**t * >»»HI»:m Kit I K CUT! I I ».,H HAM
RV Tin tie rd a derrar of the Circuit Court of Korkbrhlrc pro*
7*1.7 W W., K,,V" J Taylor, guard an f tbo to foot children
'[/“ - * Tr.lhr. dee d. p.aluuir.aitd Jam. ■, M.Dvwrll Taylor and
.llt'.ttJbhr".m t Tir*''*- 4"* J*' neat,
* M *he prem,« a. that raluabl. mute known
aa M. Dowell a Rottouta, l|1ng tn firreobner River, n. Monroe coon
’ IJoluHi. Aldarai n*a Ferry, containing 411 acre, the i
iwonarty of Ihelate Swral. I" Taylor. der*c! • * |
The Itnpr ven.ent. are a ».ccl dwelltny.hnuer and outhnuara—
■«rn. .table., A. Thl. tract I. . i«med!7 . ,/T. “~r*~ 1
line of thw Curlngtoi, and Oh-. Rail-ad end a II probably be*tbi
•ite of one of lie depot. |t l. di.tau: fr. m the While Bulph-r IS
mile, and I* mile, f om the Red. Him . and Salt rulphur Socmr.
. j“? ho.tom.td.le tow- >| ..I ty^for oloot,*,>rn
.7^1 **.a *' un* •*» *“ nratltiw, Sc.r het arm are well
thobrred There are 4 Ana .prtng. UI-.II the ol.i'r T1 e faro a
'-MOfoUy dtnaud in . bmdTf o'. iTZieIf tWtL.7
■7TaM, “***•" of V nfinM. The nth .. made fw a dlrl^T,
of the fond amoayet the heir. „f Alfa Taylor. |
*“ Und Ml®rtent to pay tha rape am of vole
»d for the reoldur on rradp. of 1. * and H year.. !„ elpriwymenu'
tha purehaaer (tying b..tola therefor, with approved weat11. lnd7be
Imral title reUlned till the purr have monry t. pi d *' *“
,h' —«•*-«-. or j.d. j
**I~*M| J McDOWKIX TAYIJ.R, CoramlAMonk,.
■ ■ At a rerrntly merited large addltlona to Ihe'r -et*..
■■ rtoak Of PIANO roKTKH
1"^h“'*rlr»*pr.t,t,„„ „f receiving furthrr 111 I l!
upplKW, nhlch, wlteb In band, will form an amrtmell O* ||f. rV
trn. . at. rarrly hr area at any ratahl.ahmeM North I
Tfe-:r ackctlona arc from aev-ral of tbr beat makrra lo ihla , oun.
!'V* which they have aold a large number, and ant I. t. the mi,,. ,
faction they hare given that It la not unueual to rrcvlvr order fe, I
peraona who have purchamd one. two. .Ti Z liil"^
:T.n7” O,pferloualy, fc th-umel,,.. ;
at*- H^o p'irt* V^d^X.*0'' 17 ;
a^KSS! (*"4 ***“ “ «*" -he. new one,
— ----ilU
■vaS piano*:—music in a uousf i_ r' ! '
A house without Mu ate, Is tike a Nurserywithout if £ I fl
Children item, gloomy and ,|-a Isle, liu.lc ts the hjrl.mic sLul of
U‘“ * **' '“*' * »•«"* Melo.iy,.rnJ ItsyJof Ab:
4,“T* *• F00* w*lnee You i»o always Boil about 4i) select
P..BW at the lowest pnes, wuk all Ue e.i.oL .Yybe^S ^ii roV.
hure.1-Ya ”* "*nTot*a' ** sP«w>r., erne, of link al^f.'pLre
— -——- _ m£(.
Pu e.ea„THE ,U W !»Tt»KE,
S.vTAT1X)Ko#ui<f'm,nd h!,,r ' -H »bJ tka —
• public wrerally that Ua start Is now — ■■ - - ||ti 8| r
Or liultar Bud Violin hTHlNrtiTof the best quality
» ^ “I* Ur*rii !<K* ®» MUSIC to h. found In this Bute and
the thL.Ul**' P*B«“*°«'»- »h'<h be will sell «
where* 1 ^ ■,riuc*i Ah<i upon as food terms as can be had elae
«4n~* «<««». repalre,]. and let ua hire.
O" Hlwiik* ukrn *o p«rt \my lor new one*.
Fianom fok ut vT—“Y-— ■- ■—a
the use of Pianos, without purchasing, can I. :.
them by the month, ,.n moderate terms. II 1 T II
or- The largest stock of Music and Musical InstruLem. In the
suit . P H TAYLOR
_ _ Plano and Music More, Governor at,
C2IIL0,,:'W ' ' MEXICAN Gl xno.-t
M. orrlVl “J will continue to r net IT# supplies of A A
iLe It V.fa0n,f.l“‘n|' *4 ri,‘‘ • f bone phoaphate of
hroc. The value of the. t.oano as a fertiliser is greatly Increased by
being ground dor, and it i. ommend.d to farmer. lor mlx.ng
1 ,4,‘ t"‘“- 1 he Peruvian and Mexican should Ik mixed
half and half The most experienced cliemlsis in the country uro
nouuae this mixture the beat and cheapest manure fur the wheat 1
- “"**_No. fl* Cary street.
fbG MACHINE—This Biaehlnw is i spatde of sowing correctly
t .nd any quantity per acre) all kinds of Grain and Feeds commonly
fr-iwn by f irmer*, from to th* 8e»-fU, mod all fertiliser*
«f a dusty nature It ha. received the higaesl recc.mtncnda.io.,.
fr»««» *ociriir. and hundred* u! <»»■■"■ w* har« a few of thrm for
a^-sMwAwdt._Ilrhmsad, Ya.
«E H tsv AL.—W. Ik* leawe to announce to our f< tends and
the puUlr |tnrr»!ly, that t« have rtnovnl from our uM stand
b. the lar*e and commodious Store formerly occupied by the Metlio
d -l Hot Conceru. and immediately opposite Messrs. Mitchell A
Tyler, No. I2A, ahere we will be pleased to serve all In want of any i
thing In the way of Hardware, Cutlery, Guns Ac
_Sign of the Cross Cot Baw, No. 12, Main Ft.
Kim*P IMG SI.ATE,—We we prepared to contract for the
deliver* nf af dllfmnt l»p| and of good uMltty. Coo
tract or* wanting will plrtw caii « u ua
fNM’lti r 1»> .k >IUI U-OR THI SPIRIT OF LOVE.—TfTe
A new Handkerchief Fstr act of great fragrani*e, now In use at the
French Imperial Court; for sale by
LAI OLE Y A BoBlNSON. Chemists,
hh*^’ Fourth A Franklin streets.
cete.d a lot of nice, cured by Capt Walker, of Albermarh Co
h r sale by__ J. J. FRY.
b- r has now on hand, of his own malm st ore, a lu.i and complete
assortment of Gentlemen's very superior French Calf Oaford Tl.e
■hat are hard to beat, either for quality, beauty, or durabdlty
Those who want elegant dress shoes will please call and supply
4usW No, 214 Broad St, Shockoe HiU.
CTENI INF HI.AN«AHU’< »>ll.I.N, ,.f unchangeable
■ tod sir of Iron—the only formnla adopted by the French Acade
my o! Medicine; authorised by the Medical Board of St. Peter.burg,
caper minted with, and approved In the French, F.ngllsh, Belgium
.M.Hurmwjw farm:ont*a si It,9 UniVrml Kz
In Srm York in 1§M. Ac. E*ch Pill <*nuit» one crmln of
pore ItMlIdr of Iron, and one fifth of a fraln of QuR-zmoe’# Iron —
tb* •IhaIc pccfevtly protected fro® thr action of the ztoiutpherr, and
f. truing the mom eligible form of admlniatering Iodide of Iron fmr
—*•*1 L4IDLKY k ROBINSON ChrmUtw,
Wb«4caalc and Retail Agent# foe Ylrglnig and N. Carolina,
•u**_ 4th and Franklin atrvrte.
\|H. *. t'AHi mi, fr»ii:smik OF
*”■ MUSIC, who hu recently opened , PI A NO , ■ l'*l*g|
liifTI SALOON In lAn City, where he hwp. con- lhpiT*wfl|
Mautly, for Mir, , Inn, number of the treat l*»Tut - J • V ] 3
«“”■ Of CHICKERINH* MANUFACTURE. under, hw xerrtce, ..
■ Tnctmoi Ai jk. Hr hu for many year, taught In thr moat
dl.itnfnilMwd famUica of WaMtingtoa. Georgetown and Alexandria
and beg* krarr lo refer to th. following gentlemen. who Kara bam hi,
patron, :
lion Jeffrrxor. Darla, Secretary of War ; Hon. Jraar Bright. Per
aidant of th. United Stair, Sana'a ; lion Jana, M. Mann, United
Stata, Sanala ; Han. WinArld Scott, United State, Army ; limn
Male, A Seaton, Ad I tor, of the National Intelligencer ; Wt Ilian Cor
coran, Rxq;J II Bradley, bq . Dr W H Mag ruder. Mayor of
Waxhington, J T Tower,. Ex Mayor of Waahtngton ; Bar P D
Harley , Judge Jane, Dunlop, Georgetown, D. C : William Powle.
Raq . Alexander. Va . Rrigar Snowden, Raq . Alexandria, Va., Wm
Bradley. K-q , Waahlagfon
Mr CARUSI ha, drought tetter, to the following gentlemen of thl.
City, to whom he ha, perm I,-ion to refer :
HI, Excellency Henry A. Wiae. I Profreaor Hrrhert Ufebxrr.
William P Rl.chle, R.q. Profemor Robert J. Morriaon.
C<d. Stafford H. Park,r | J.,.h R. Anjerton. Rnq.
R«r T V Moore. | Judge John A. Meredith.
Rrlwln Robinson, Raq Conway Robin eon. An.
Samuel Marx, E«q. | Rry. Batil Manly.
Cnl. Thomaa B Bigger. | Robart Hldgwar. Rxq.
John Ruther'nord. Rrq. | Dr. R. U. l ahell.
le-wl, N . Webb. Req |
Enquire ai hi, PI AND SALOON. No 1«* Main Street, oppomte the
Exchange Bank, and «ttr Mtitrx llablDWu A Bro.’r Furniture
Store. auM
■ ,11.01 H AADIflNNIAMBA ATflRT.—The tut
■ renhrr keep, CuOxtantly on hand the chnl-'xt family, Ratra
and AnporAnr Dour.
Alto, Rye and Brown Dour. Timothy Seed, Butler and Vtrglala
Ba, o* Ham., racwlTinf, tor «ala hy
"■** J. J. PRT.
IIHIMIkl Hill >1X1 All hi MINIMA.
■ ■MEDIA nri.AWARP Co , Pa
MISS MARIA I. I. A STM A V. Principal.
Thl, Seminary, located In ihe drhghtful and healthy milage of
Media, thirteen mllea from Philadelphia, by Radroa I. will Im opened
on W RDNKSD t A , Sep', mlmr luth, INUL
The commodiou, building now In price,, of erection with all Ihe
modem Ituproeementx will he Snlrhrd hy the Ixt of turn.I aud
win contain Md accomurodattona, brdh In 1-1 tit of ttrir and com*
fort a, cannot fall lo ralixfy parent, that while tlierr daugldrrx arc
enjoying Ihe hen At, of mental culture, they haer alxo ihe comfort*
of a rrlnnl home
The InMirmien ta eatahlixhrd with a rlaw lo nffbrd to y< ring ladle,
lh, nog perfect mgiMnan, r. of adeantage, for lire attaimrent of a
thoruugti and accoft.|ilrhed edu.atloo, and no palua or rrpoia will
be ,p,red lo reader it lr> reatsy what It pmfraKa lo be. a a h „| of
rupee.nr merit Mie* Ra.trtan -he principal, wa* at the head of a
tohoot In New Rngtar d, peem.n.a to her re...fence in Prnnaytranla,
and, for the taaa at year, ha« been known to the patrena of Arton
Ridge Srminary, ax pnettDng teacher It. that In.DtutM.n
The Rt Reeerrtid A P uter. Biah..p of the IMo-eae of Pmnreleania
Mir, M l Eaxtma- *'•■> propose, to open a Toting ladle,' Semi
nary, in Mrl* l*sli*iri CV» , IS , h S*pf#mh*r ntti, |m# br*n
known to the auMember for toerral year. part. Hr ha, a high opto
Ion xtktt capacity, efficiency and diemtednera a. an educator She
ha, had a large and •ttceemfnl expert, nee Tl» molding which *
lo he erected fee her nae will contain carry accommodation. Thr
milage and awrrt.nnddig country are din mgetahed for hrulthfnln-M
an.1 krtmy. and ihe snherrlhee ha, confl lence that parent, who
entrttm their daughfer, to M.ax Raw man will hat* no reaaon to re
gret II
Mi*' Radn.an will he abletl hy an efRctent coepx of Teacher,.
,7£?r!VT*' Un»'*** he taogt t and xp.Xen by x Rarlaian
LHVi to ib#
The Latin. Hrrmwi.. Apantah and Italian Language, will recetra
4u# •tt#niiDf>
Th. Nat oral Science, will he tanght, with the a kl of a large and
exprnxier apparam.
The Meat. X lh pattmenl will he under the charge of a lady amt
"stilly qualified to All the attuntlrm, and all pr.fhrr ag a male T-ach
er tm the Flare, or la Slngtoff, can hare the hen.gl t.f a 4 tailing
Trachrr from Ph ’laJelpMa.
Drawing and Palming will he under the direction of a lady ac.
in »hr *r»
TK# ol rofilte • llmrte.l m for it
Th. TRAMS DIB HOARD AND N iTl'fiW. It. all lh* Branch*,
excepting M.nh , are flSn per artoton of ft,- m.n.tha
M.xx Raalmaa ha, llherly lo refer lo ihe f.,P eit,g gentlwarB ■—
del !h**T,W,,, * **' '• • lK» Rp •• opal I tgy of Phlla
4on P Pierre, PreMdent of Ihe C. A
Hon S. P. Oiaxy. ftoy of Ohto.
Hen N. B Baker. Rx Hoy of New Hataptotr*.
Hon M w Tnppnn, M. C . from New fork.
Rre. N Stem, of Nomtatown. Pa
Bey. A Mel*r.t, ClraeArld. Pa
Fleece Barter. H of Philadelphia.
J AOUt, An.
I W. Clark. Ran., do.
Ow*. WKzfifB, rsq , 4(i,
CHrto*f*h*r lxO®»v. NlMlIr, f|.
W*r Wvmn, IN UoK Mr,
Mf*ft P r Jol'Mnn, Wb«btrgtAft, I>. O.
Pur further particular, or Aar circular., apply to tha Trim Ipal.
^. . Mlw Maria Eastman,
>* * "" MEDIA Data war,. Ce , Pn
— ---
_WOTtON *ai>x
• Ml* • ~*
•* <«■»»■* « irMiMM. IM - a .
V .*’J *■■ K MM* • *» IMIWM M kb,
* TlTIti? JtWR ||V|A AT bVMKIT DAM. In i-ub?
,IW** 11 rH**1 *f»U & OtTf
41 CTD»!f - Wilt W.vM tl •tt'dut.M ifet in^i ., — M* atJ*
IK* '2*? "f ***-■"»*•■ IAM. m l|,WM|7*k T. . ..
2*W*-1L’'r* **“• •—*
r^.Ltr&ryj^/afr 7T£i 'rsuz tru
•P-**4» Mi .lluU. I.M f and --r-.,
tv h.,ddin«« aa Ik, OMwM If, A>«. ,„d a,, amadr ~a. .—. a.
,* . 1 . *M«n«u, ' r-t'.r «4h »ucb mfor NMtaiM ,t *«
jr“j9 •• 4 4m «.f lfo| m rnr U.MI M Mg
Ifonrllfo talirMl. » *K<M * *hu. ~
'•la« inw to Kibn..»d Ahc- I. aa)a ,.f tk. Imm/wul’ k, _u
Mr crur, .f o«U * . »ad me* Of .Wdr*. S-^TTI.Ir a*T 22
riM** *+9om,c%wtm, «*H harming laptnvuii (-nrr%i*T
T,“ For !4o food. •o*-Q*r4 •**. — Hr «< |,1| A
****** ^ Aoorlog lower M. «nui<*| by • tturt sbol. Ft A«
l^raoool r.f«r. itrui ooW knorn «« tK« h<mr of M*r
-”n _WDOIN 4 Arrwwno*. AMM
It? CHA»f worm AM A CO . Aoeto--“
,n» »fS« ftinT. -OAMm.
4f,1k Vp*«Ot»f -noomrlM O ltd r-,Ul v« rntm
Z. J0* llerOP# L“ •* D * ****** 4 IV# M. 2
1 ***•_ CHA^Tt WORTHAM 4 I'll . Ufk
I 111!!
" II I 111 r. BI’TLER,
_ 1H MAI.X MTRvrr.
(wT TF li t rvdin- a rrr «hlp Pni>p»r*4! «t tOU »>rt —
W* 4«uil roil M.t>i.iy of V!w
rflSIalr^ .in., and pat tern. , and from l hr *an»far«w-,. M
Ih.a.-nuntrja Hear? .lock of Otaaawaru, hawk,..* lllaiM Cna.ua.
and raac, (l...,K ,a r,a» . mrmtf. ... ,h h. ..Cera t. <h. iraj/IJ
low pr.rea for . »aw, or an U- umal ,-^m p... JCL. **
Irrr, .If ,, a II be made to Induce the mrtrhanta .f VVrrtnln
X.eah Cnrol Ina and Tctmraawr. t.. make their pur. have .„ ihmmne’
*et__ _ _ A«ft
7.3Lr,M°r ^ *r .sssJErs
J» Captain timer.I „f Cuha. mil take place at llaeantTo" *
T H I D A T , * ICi ( *T >»TN, | * j| *
>8 *4 5 8,0 O O !!
, __ , CAI-ITAL PRIZM f luo.floo.
} **••• •/ . •liai.mm I « Pn»m o<. .
| „ .*...«k.| To pH*. .*-2
; „ o(.| i«m prueaof.2
I 4‘I,rr'',lu^l,,,n* >® the •l.ai.malo?•awT^fTAnf'lnalio $>> mS
I ofib-tto nd..*.* 4 of Mm. to *10^2 « „, ZZX™ •
Pr l4c^rU feo.in», Hoit** f 1 14MH Quarter* iS°m*
Mm**"* */ *X*ht •« 6 P** c«s t. dlm.ant
HtlU of Ihr Rlrhtuond Oily Doubt ufcoa *t our
* Jr**lnf •*** * tnrwmr^l %» moo u U«« re«ol: >.— ^ni1 *.
Oimmuuk.iion. o.i4,r^i u, DON IMH>*ICil EZ, .c*r^ *Ti^
Pua, ChorWutou, 8. C .) Min U»* T*h of A»wt,*IinJ tiU!!Li
HlilH C TIO> 181 Tilt 11 ‘
?iiTi,JTrfC.e?1 mr**1 ,b* **«?ln* trno J. H AN
niONY, < a.luu*6taii H«»u i HutlRlng.
Mole**in llau of Lett uualiit, $.1^0 Do tneofid
FooklonaWe Silk H*i«, . n,,r
I4*nl DauU, |S^»; UliRmi Mn.1..
*Th*»NTHOv’.CrlfrtU‘ ^"4
*** m*J' Arrangement, with
mAkcra In the cltf u| m iiadelpl.ia
o nippla him With a handaomr and aulmtanUal
'A^Aht*' *.»ed BOOT, Wkich ba will aell at the an
recnl-ntcd Inw price of TIlKt.f bOLI-AAlt AM).
—==•-'- * -—
riii. \» tu rt: >i mu h sprism §ok
I'llJI 4.J-- of the UK Jam*. Calwrtl, the principal pro pet. lor of
. thl. cenlirated watvr,D,~|>lacr, having muiered I --
or a .rflvam or 1,1. vial*. thl. thi property be^HK
wrorr. f ar. rouMrU* on £ E-J^dfnfl
Tv.facilitate »*le, a libera, charter ha. been obtained from th.
•vg-.latu-, Vir^.,ta, authurlaini the pnrvt.aaer* to hold the nro>
r”* ** * jolr l .'oc. compar.y, ar.| rranltn, them .eery prtvllm
hat !• necwmry fo, the full and pro liable enjoyment of ItaJ
l -J as for manafar i irinj porponr • generally.
Ij£oVUn? "\’1< auiaodty cur.remd upon them, the ander
ImeO now tier -ha property for atle, either to Individual, or to a
..nipany to be onaator.) under the charter. *
. Tb' "7*M* !*ulW>ur Sprin*j hare nu t, a vMe-epread ccletettr for
fceir medicinal qualltia and a. a place of f»hi.>nable rrnrt that It
. deemedI ur.noce.«uy to uy much In retfnrd to their attraetkn. _
• c't,:arJ' th*T h»tl' fretjaented by crowd, of in*
* h*? *“d i*» queet of pleaeurr and amurrment. and thee
rT**rd"1 "/econd only to -<jralo*a In the number and faah
Doable character of their visitors.
The mean, of accommodation have been extended Item time to
me. and arc u< » .uASdent to entertain about one thoMa^d
I”' ."ll”^P“h huwerer, they h»», proved to be inadequate to
it>*J,ut,li<,l »"<l li I. haxardln* notf.iiqr to ».y
hat If .hey had been eometrnt to accommodate double that number
f^y would all hare tan protoald, n.o^* r^'„oro tST^J
he maaon of every year number, of applicant, are luruedaway
lally for want of room to aceommodate them. **
„ CZi"’’»• heretofore Wen attended with «m>
tderahlr .May and t.tiru., vtalture beln* compelled to travel near
llnvty mile. In crowdto tta*e. But the Central and Cov tnyion .nd
»hio RaUrcad., both ofwhtch are now In pr.fr,-». of cn.tructioo
H>w f“rn ,h *? “"*?**" Owe of railway cmmunlrallor. from
111 the Earteri, and Northern clue, to tb. nation-tuaur within l» •
uarblexc of the Bprtn*. Within the laat three month. II,r Central
leilnsad ha. beef, •itrodr.l So mile* West ol fkaumnn, reducio. th.
«a*.‘ travel tu •>! mile., end aroldln* the wont part of the road' In
L." w,“ b* ““Bhed, and VI.,ter. can then
aare Baltimore,»idiltf-on. Alexandria, Richmond ane Peterrimrc
n the momma and take lea at the White Sulphur. When II,
ern wctlon of the Covtnxton and Ohio Railroad I. completed th*
tceem from lie country b. r lerine ou the Ohio river will be equally
unvemem and ,l wdl I- -l.IBcuH lob. limit to the number who
ri!« annually reiurt u> ti es*
The While Sulphur I. dtu.te.1 ,0 Ule coonty of Greenbrier, on th.
"r***ra ®*,.lhr Alicftiany mountains. Thr 1j>uu lies in th*
rrtiW valley of Howard's creek. It coutarns about 7,000 icrti is*,
r^n thuu&aieJ acre.,; extending along tke valley about threw b|W
lud sUn< lunv across It from mountain to mountain There arc more
l.on 6u»» arrra of fine snradow land In the tract, and mors than
l. uWr ihst quantity of good arable upland Th* residue of lbs
iact consists of mountainous spurs, well wooded and furnUMng
ri»o«i range for stock. All thr supplies of meats, grain, Ac., Ac. ns
***‘ArJ tor ••wf of the hotels, can be readily raised on’ the
The buildings for the U’Ci.namUDoo of « art conveniently
^,1 —/ ..e a.via presets much architectural beauty —
>itr grounds are eminently picturesque and beautiful, present in* a
urlkc* divermhed by bills and doles, and (proves ol the original trees
f the forest. It bos been described as - the Paradise of watering*
»laces, ’ and H»«rc are few who are acquainted with It who will fell
u acknowledge Its claim to this distinction.
The receipts of the establishment ar- now very large, and It Is be*
keved, by cuiorged oecommodatlons, and with energetic and iudl
Sous management, they might be tncreosnl many fold.
The sale of the water, which Is In great request In our clttcs,whea
Kit up for transportation, may be easily made «/ U++U to fui r.tsh a
cry large income, and in proper hands the net profit, in a few jears
roul.1 reimburse the price at which the property can be purrhaaed.
rl^r whole country conUlns few subjecu. If Indeed it .foes another
tf «lool resources, developed as they could soota b« by anterpriks
nd capital. r
Th** title to the estate Is believed to be unquestionable, having be*
Dnged totlie present proprietors and their ancestors for more than
eventy years. To facilitate the Uensfsr to the purchaser, aad to
kV.dd il:«cuit»es whudi might result from the death of any of th#
uint owners, the legal title has born conveyed to one oi the under
Jgned, who will be prepared to tictuU the proper deeds to th« nvr
The sole will embrace all the furniture heretofore used In coaaes
Ion with thr pro|»erty for the accommodation of visitors
P*r*°a* desiring t*> purchase are requested to rommunleate with
he undersigned. WM. H M ACf ARLAKD,
Of Richmond, Va.
Ml—Ikctf_Of Staunton4Va.
I V *1 MIH Itt. f 'Ol.l.l^Rl.^The second annual session
m-J of this Inst.tute will commence on the first Monday in Jwp
ember neat. It Is expected that, by that time, Ih* n.w College
ttuildx.g. now in progress of erectioo, will be rra«!y for occopancy.
Phe (oration of I We Institution, %sto acressability and beahhfuloess,
• on# of the most eligible In the entire Sooth, and the course of in*
itmctlon as thorough as that of any Collvxe n the country In od*
litlon to a complete Classical and 9cieottfic Coarse, the directory of
he College have established a Pehool of benign for Instruction In (he
>r*nche* of practical Rngtneerlrg and Architecture.
The College Is already furnished w'th a very extensire and els
ront A^ sratus. adapted to full illustration In the departments of
Dhtm.stry, Mathematics and Rxtural Philosophy. A Library of
Msndvrd Works has also l*eeo recently purrhssrd, to which constd
rrable additions will be made during the coming Collegial* year.
-<*,■» v.u truiaii* nr* 11, will DC Of
famard Into a Military n>rp», baaing lu proper uniform, and prac
tised in a dally manual and drill.
hirr*~a» —Tuition for Annual H*«s).n of tan month#. In tha C©U
••frlate Itrpartm-nt. $fin— In the Preparatory ft**. Board $* per
reek : w*#hlng $1 *5 per month , fuel and light* fli per soaaten.
Catalogues of the Inatltution can be obtained by 1 l lnalni Rar.
Mmual K. Cox, President, Lynchburg, V*.
Rxr «*a«cxl K Cox. President, Profcuanr of Mental and Moral
Icfence, and of Beflea lettres.
William Cabboll, A. M., Profeaaor of Greek Language and Lite*
-a tare.
Lrcraoc* G. Matubwa, a. M , Profeaaor of Latin Language and
Ja«ki« T. Mr nr kb. Graduate of T. M Institute. Pro femur of MaUi
•matlcs and Natural Retroce. and of the School of I>*« gnu.
Ra Mt'Kt. O ablaxo, A. M . Profeaaor <'Constitutional Law.
D. A. LiioanAxa, M. D , Profeaaor of Anatomy and Physiology
Onaxm Amu r*. Rtan at. L. L. !>., Profeaaor of Modern Langua
W. C. l.ii-onMi, A M., Principal Of 0ranmtr School.
IC. B. Mirra, Gridiuli of V. M. lisituu, AmimoI.
Tur r.rrchea of (ho Indltufr oil! be reeumed on the «,« Slow
Jay In October.
tirms pfr srssiox:
NTa.htng. M SO
Tuition In Collegiate Department. So tNI
Tuition 'n Preparatory Deportment,. ft) dtl
Ancient of Modern Langu.-tge., each. Ttt tM
Mualc on Plano,.. , Ml to W 6tl
The large number entering the Inatltute .luring the laet armlon,
I <&>,) haa encouraged thr Tru.tree to pro ride anil literesaed far Hi
tler. and the arrangement, for In •■ruction oil! hr on the mm* ale
rated and I heral wale, aa the .poetotia and conrenlmt-ntila
tlon< No palne will be apar.d to aecnre the higheat advantage. to
the young a.lie. who may honor oa by their attendance
For Calaloguea, or further information, addreao
lyyi -li.iiwB. MASLT, Ja., Richmond. Va.
Uf K' M C RICK Win ot-n a School the 1* September, on
' I • betoi—i ( ami Leigh Haring taught In
th’* city 1" year* ago; and afterward. In a Wr.tern Seminary wtth
her hoahan * R«r W n Riee and 'or the laet IS year, in Lynch
Imrg. aith g! at ml..fact *n •«< her i-atrona, ahe houca to merit and
receir.. th • mice now fl.r mode of Inacroetim .. thorough. adapt
-d to the ag. and c.nacltl>a of Ik - pupil. Iler Otar lyUne i. parealal
and ayatemailo.
She will gtrr InMruetlon In moat of the higher Fngtiah hrmrbea •
• l«o lt> th# Latin. *
Tint MS, ter •#»«(<■n of In motttha, payable quarterly
. . HIM
R .tltF' rnf*.... .. f i«i (0
Kngflah Brar.rh*# .** # ****** , 0
Higher Bngttah Branch*-#, ir.c’od n# Uim aw »*»
Prr-cn* wMhmg to arc Mt* RICg win pica.* - all at Mr J«lh», M
Roy a If », na Tth itfrrt, Mtrfn limy and L- kfti. salt—dlndf
*1 • I t v % M» MOM n| s.
WlAD, JIh. 1, R - kf Muir* ai I a*T*ral A
Hwi™ rl r line #tngt* and matched horsy*,j«i#t to hifif.OUi
far aal* or evchang*, on a«*. ..mm-datlng tc-m# Apply l./ L Ft
•«!*—4d*tf___ r
II %M MIME's COf.l *1 H I t \ HAIM U% I .
It has flouhW tha tfvaniHy and strength «*f any .4hw.
It ft era a perfectly natural rigor
It cnlnra rmr shads Y»*wi light kmsn in)si k
Its ass la rs«y and rapid,
ft I# p*rtoc»ly * »r»nl»a to th* d<n.
|u »fr» i I# Instant ancotta and permanent
It la the ’<««#. <yws«>cs#. .• 4»/ #•#. and s»^d nr# /*gr s<wf|,
MP fHfsctlnns Mr »#» w><*a»yany each hr* iSt
Prlws— I ai f 1 . t «a. I /id. I aa ♦. a . • 4/
[Rntsrsd according to th* act nf Conger-«, tn Ox year |aTA. by 4.
W tfarrtw.n. In tbs Clerk # Ofk# of tbs iMatm t (luart sf tlx 4 A.
hr the Ks-trm iMRttsf Psnn )
for •*»* by A It.4 Dl V Al , Rbhmond. fa.
Jr*»M*rr#w«xr( APOLUM W H4|RIN»N. Id A. mh Tth sir sal
PhtHdcIrMa maA ddety
M 111*1 "
C J PlfftON A Ct> .
a«»^l__ nf tKr Circular Haw. 71 Main d.
VAM 4 hi I fill | FNDFI Ml % ff»M Rtf V.
▼ dtffRiMh Mil I Ht |. aTF TtlMffRRo Mifl* Hal
yaluaMs Water poWyy, wbh FVt«r, f>rt-t and P»a#t. r Mill# stta. »w*.
attaatsd |nat hyyond and ad)«>'nir>g tha '•♦ty flmft* Hi Rr rp t», ft.
p>»rt of Rirknstd. and Immrdtatrly f»n thr Hns of th* Turk R»«sr
Railroad, connecting with th* ▼# C*ntval and fWt, «-n'a>tiitig
ahmtt sight arrya of land, la n«w 1 (hrH fnr nls, 1 >iw«nsndti»g, •• 0
doya, wstav power tnlUM# tnr th* rryrtlon o' mill- fnwn4yi*s #-.»k
and mach'ra #h- pa R*sntlful In* at*, n hx a Rrro *y I* la ns#
•dlpM if a P#p*r MVI. a« th*r* t# • pnrt *pslng wnh-h
ran b* uasd for that pnrno** Th*a* Mill* an notrd fnr tt a a^x
r’or F'* nr and Rail, both hr H«a« market and rtp csiwi Th»a
property wll by for aula a I'm'tyd "»* «n«f. and If M I #»na*4 of
by th* 1st Ort'Arr n*«t, a M h* withdrawn hrgn the iwwrkst.
Pur farthwr partlcalar*, •m(y to
*«1R- If GfiPPIT I tPPFRRT'N. RVkw»os»d. Ta
Ioir* ini mi'B« roimiMrih »a%* **•»»
J and -CT Cofbs Hitgart, W ml* t*t
Up Ptr#>P'»ltr »Lf r'. 4 n
All! R A4TI4K I 4 4RI It, in |o iwaad s MM
tor tala by (mMj TOM I I HIMIB.

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