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. ir ■ ™ •
*=* -•■«»•---- - --r-' r ' -nr ;^.-' ■■ -__- — ■ - - -_ * * Nl MHRU -Vi
Dally Paper, pi pee annum. He ml Weekly. ffi: Weekly, $H; always
la advance. Remittance* may be made at the risk of the Publishers
In «U Cases where evklooce Is taken on the deposit of a tetter In the
Tusk Odke Containing money.
Oao bquare, (10 Unco) or leas, one Insertion. ID
Bach additional Insertion. «6
Das month without alteration.. M
Thvwo da do .1« nu
•in do do .to uu
Twelve do da .*> UU
Two tgnarss. Three months. .. 15 UU
Mb months . . *5 UU
Twelvemonths... ., . 5U bn
fAT Wo advertisement to bs considered by the month at year on
toss t|<e UM on the Manuscript, or previously agreed upon between
the parties.
An advertisement not marked on the copy for a specified number
of Insertions wUl bs continued until ordered out, and payment start
ed accordingly.
Ffr Haopi sn ^wemnswuswr i -To avoid any misunderstanding
on the part of thh Annual Advertisers, It Is proper to state rftoisdly,
that their privileges only sateuds to their Immediate buainc** Real
■state, l egal and all other Advertisements sent by them to be an ad
d It tonal rharg., and no variation
JAT R-*l Rotate and«keneral Agents' Advertisements not to be In
serted by the year, but to be charged at the usual rates, sulgect to
such discounts a* shall be agree*I upon
; r Auctioneers, Booksellers and yearly advertisers, generally,
wsrgagtng oue or more squares, with the privilege ef • hsnfr. shall not,
on '.heir yearly average, In auj oue week. Insert more than the amount
agreed upon as the standing rule under the contract, and all exceed
tng suck amount to be charged at the usual t atrs.
Advertisements inserted In lire He in l Weekly Whig at 75 rent# per
square of |<) lines or less for the first insertion, and flu ceots per
Square for e *ch continuance.
i iiflllf s fffltff
! iUitU i iiillti
Ii18..T [ I t tl t 4 b||juiv . ■ lit * 4 ft
4 J 4 till! 11 18 , t 71 S| t III II 18
I* 14 15 l« 17 IS l»i IS 14 l.v It 17 Is 19
iii 181 88 84 81 86 84 8u 81 88 8* 81 86 It
8l!tS8tSOiSI I 87 88189 «> SI
rnmir 1 9 Arorar I 8
4! 4 ft 4 7 S » » 4 ft! e 7 s »
mill 19 IS 1* 1ft 1A 10 11 18;IB 14 Ift It
117 l« It »i 91 ft 1* 17 IS 19.3i. 31 39 21
tt 9S 34 97 8S 89 8 1 3S 84 97 84 89 90
Mitel . ... . .1 I 81
9' s 4 ft « 7 3 8irrnu« 1 3 S 4 ft 4
, 9 In II It IS 14 Ift • S 8 |. I| 13 |3
tl«h7 14 14 *1 31 33 14 1ft IS 17 I- 19 811
3*134 3ft 84 87 34 39 81 84 83 31 V. ?t 87
lillsi I.. tS.99,40.
Arm 1 91 R 4 ft IWMIU ! 1 8 s 4
/ 4! I 4 9 Ill'll 19 ft 0 7 « 4 In 11
■ Sill Ift It'll Is 19 It 14 14 I*. U 17 IS
80191 88 39 34 86 96 19 80,91 tl 81 84 8ft
*T'9S 89 *n 3C 97 34 8s So SI
Mat ! I l 3 * Sumui l
4 ft 4 7 4 9 In,, 9 9 I ft C 7 4
II lit IS I4 Ift It IT 9 10 II l3 IS 14 Ift
I4'l9 to 31 88 81 94 It 17 IS 19 80.81 88
*6'9« 87 84 89 4n 11 j 84 34 8ft S« 87 34 80
*» ..
Jnt | 1 8 g 4 ft « 7 I iKOmnu . 1 8 • 4 ft 4
4' 4 10 II 13 14 14 7 S 9 lo It 19 IS
Ift 1ft IT IS 19 9o 31 14 1A It 17 14 19 30
tl 94 94 8ft 86 37 3S 81 38 94 84 8S tt 37
IM »ol 'I tfl 99 SO'SI.
€1 UOI'SIU I'l.lsri H. Wi trip ..m.i.nilj 1.1, Ii.ii.i
f fre%h Ground Matter, and our care In ihe »droll«m» (mu the
be«t Windsor Lump Pla«tcr enable* u* to re.~otxunrad tl a* the beat
Hut can lie had All order* left at uur uttce an Cary street, prompt
lyaic.utrd TALI APLKKo A BKU
N B —Farmer* can be supplied In Uietr own bag*, at a reduction
In price. Liberal dl*c nunt* to merehanta, for ca*h. Jitl
iMHjcanana to Bang. navis,)
AM I I o Mi L H ,
if.iV/ afrea/. under St Churlt* H*4*t.
Rican >»i>, Va.
mmriLLderoto hi* whole attention to the Sale and Hiring of Ha
▼ F irruea, Beal L»i*te, Ac , publicly and privately.
Sale* taUateclory or no charge nmde
pF" lie haa a convenient place for keeping ala Tea.
The subscriber reapectfully inform* hi* friend* that hr ha* discon
tinued il*e auction buainea*. and having rented hie ofBce t«> Mr J b
. Hargrove, take* pleasure in reoummending hla former ru*u*a»ere to ,
give hun a call. BLN J DA Viri
jfJly *\_
Wi; are now receiving our Hprtug, SUPPLY OF GOOD#, con
sisting in part of the following article#.
Ml hbl* Cruahed and Pul vert *ed Sugar
M» do O Yellow do
24 hhtl*. New Orleans do
UC Bag* Rio, Laguyraand Java Coflea
lot) Rtitea Brown and Black Riap
Itai Boar* Adamantine Candle*
Ik Mid*. Bat on Hide*, fUmuhlrr* and llama
fit! Keg* superior Carh and Hal H.-Ia
8ft bbl*. New Orleana M»la»sr-e
Inn IAiIi. Mountain Dew Whisky
hfi <lu, Old Kye, Various Brand*
It* do Kerr** Huuiroenlean ilo.
Mi bbl*. and M» S Caak* Imitation Brandy
2«m» Hack* Halt, Ashton and Marshall
Sn Keg* Pomgranate Tobacco
M» Hoar* Ground Coffee
Mi Package* Green ai»*l Black Tea*
A!*RO— Vinegar, Pepper, Allspice, Wrapping Paper, Yea*» Pow
der*, Broom*, Burkett*, llollantl Gin, Pea. h autl Apple Brand?,
Mr* Miller Ftiie Cut Brooking T«»bacco, Halt Petre, and many other
Article* too tedious to mention In an advertisement.
*• i >si it % m i; on Mi l;.”
0§tr4 .il “ ST A TtifSKR'S If A JVe 21 Ptari trrri,
micMMi.Ni>, va.
B. W. KNoWi.M, Agent.
Dr A HNKAD, Medl. al Adviser.
Capital January 1st, InflA.f2.R71.8nA o
Paid dividend* during year lnftft . 141,'ton M
Nett balance lanuary lat, HftA . ..$2,28h,«atft 47
Total amount of dlVHlentla paid to date f 7lf»,4W (4
Total amount of claluia by death lo date I^M,Wu 84
-f,ttt2,4H» N»
$4.282.4S» 97
All profit* go t4» the Inauresl Dividend* are made annually, anti
paid while the insured la living. B W K , Agent.
N B Mare* Insured from one to four year* In the Albemarle In
surance Company. fell
tl.lll.JIAHLF. INN1 M AN< »: ( DJIPAHl,
CMARTLKKD CAPITAL $400,000—CAKH KlTNll $126,000
11IHF. INHURANCK, In town or country, and Marine Insurance.
JPmay be rflected on the most favorable terms with thl* company.
%MT All Loose* promptly arranged.
tJTORKH A CO , No. M Pearl street.
ou2l Agents for Richmond. Va.
WK are now prepared lo manufacture cv
and repair twry dearrlptlon of Agtl- V " j 1 - r
cultural ImptemcnUnow u»e.l. Wrhavrgnne _ -^wy
to n« email eipenee In putting up the different
ma, hliter y required In carrying nn our bueineee We are prepared to
repair lo taper lor etyle the rarloua Keeper, now um-d One rrry im
portant feature In nor buelnraa la, that we Ml nn Implement, hut nur
own" manufacture," and they " warranted." We call the attention ol
the Parmer, to our Wheal Threalter, Cleaner and Horae Power, which
le In every remtect equal. If not .uperlor, lo any other now uaed A.
a proof of what they have done, wv aonri the rcrllAcate. ol a few
gentlemen who have given our maehlne a lair trial We alio taae
the liberty ol referring toother gentlemen who have wed the ma
chine :
We pureheard ol Meter* Stum A More, lad vann, one o
Ihelr 9* in. Drum Wraw Oartler and 4 Horae-Power, and In mar hum
ble Judgment, we ronalder their Machine a perfect one. We Mirer
lhal the machine need by ua will threat, fa.ter, cleaner, and break
laaa grain of wheal, than any oilier that we hare rrer eren or uaed.
ktlirr II HTYLI,,
Henrico, 14th Not., 1S6A. JOB J PLKARANTB
Me.tr. N.uam A M-rrr
Oentlemen - Your, hearing dale Bcptemher Wkh I. la hand, and I
bar ten lo reply
1 have uaed your Machine forlwo <vavun.,*nd moat cheer fully re
commend It aa the beat I hare ever uaed the draft raay, and the
motion given to the drum auch a. to get all Ihr wheat from the etraw,
Beapvctrully, your obd’t aervanl, RICHARD A I. LIN
Parmvtlle, kept 96, IMA.
Bci amoiau Co , Oct. 4th, ISSA
Meeera Nkiann A M'rrr
Or Itemen - Tour favor of 9nth September, I AM, wu received a
few day a ago, going to the wrong peat office My port office le New
More, Buckingham county, and 1 do with pteamre eend you the an
beard certificate Your., rery reapectfully,
I hereby cvrllfy lhal I have need on* of More Niton* A Mow1*
Wheat Threuf.lng Machine, the preaent year, and have nn he.ltatloo
In aaylng that It came up lo mg evpeetallon, and la the heal I aval
Worked. Olven under mg hand thl. 4th October, 1-tM
1 purehaavd one of tha abort Machlnea of Mart, l.twta A Will arm,
and having Ihrvehed three ernpa with It, making the amount threahed
lAiRtn htd. , I da wlthaut hcttatlon pronounce it one of the be«! ma
china* I have ever uaed, believing that ll will throb cleaner, fatter,
and break leva grain of wheal than ang I haw ever u«eil
Henrico, Nov. 16th, I AAA. RffNRY OOX.
Owamvnt*, Kept Irt, 1AM
Oentlemen—ll I* with pleaaure that wa record our evidence |u fa
Vbe at your Tbreahlng Machine ll requiem lea. power tar the Work
II Aova than any we have ever awn, and I. remarkable for Ma .Imrdl
e»v and durability We regard ll emphatically the " Parmer * Ma
chmo," and mm* rhmrfmUy recommend N lo Ik* terming comma
Mr T W. Adame and Cupl It D.rl*, who are nlreohmrv.rt. and
Whoa, wheat our Machine thraehed thl. par, are wry much pieaaed
with M* performance Very revpvctfully,
MPtRRNCJB-«vo Holtphvcker. Amelia . Wm Archer Cock,
ChertvrffeM, Wm M HarrUnn, Richmond; Wm H Otopt.m Charter
Oltg .i. R W A purr f*n, Chart#* Cttf . J. J Ivey Appomattov
fc? i ."^rsietar."^o^n'
. HtUtcw A MOTT,
_** Main Mvuat, Richmond
CYl'klfll, lal AAO, ffnoton. Peruvian A Nn I
• H toot Mvalran A A—Ml More, ter mlaby
HI6A4 411 II Minna, -In cam* Meadwd Rhtninw* aid
Rheatinga, of all width., and of lha aft apnrowd make. |„
vtwa and tef ante kg _ ffrfff, paINR a OO
U||i| Rl HKM.RiTHtR, Hood He* eg, flood Mktdl. ;
weight., Hood Damaged and P*or Damage t in Mow 1
and dally a«p*cted, ter aa*. by
_ __M JONRR.
HI.AANFTA. I<vi hail IWaakate, comprl.tng eve-y va
_rfe»g, uf our ,wn Import all> o, wrelvlng and ter mle by
_____ RPNT PAINff A CO
I 4 Ml ?"MH ***: ^ARTr-kithutwi
HWWI, AN tr»R NN 9-4 nil. V fflOtn,-Anoifew
BtpMp •* Ibta mpvrlor Plour l.iat la hand and ter Mla by
Akl.ORN A MILLffR, Pearl Meat
mo* a. m. rrmrauiu. * <xv» nkwwafkh adtihthc
i*o noun.
I. M. PvrrmiuiLL A Qi. trv agent* hr nearly all Ha Newspapers
la lb- United Mates and Canada*. ONssi, lit Nassau street,
New York, and 111 IKate street. H«*Ua.
'■*»•» VHUT >:.* HO It II * for I),. «.M.
I *»f lluuSek»e|»ers, l«M*ated at Nos. II ft | andtlHI ll»>tbW4i,
Nsw Yoai CITY, Is aow fulls eUtcked with ihe largest, Rnr*i an I
a»«>»t complete assortment of MOl'MC-FUKNIBIIING GOOD* to b*
round in the world. The stock erubrac* a:
Plated, Britannia and Planished Tit* Ware
Porcelain and Fancy Goods
Baskets In every varlely
lllrd Cages; Cutlery ; Mats
Wood and Willow Ware
Iron lied.leads, tftiair* and Haletands
Brashes uf every description
Feather Casters. Lamp- and Lanterns
English and German Enameled Ware
Refrigerators, Water Coolers and Double loo Pitchers
Hip. Sponge and Foot II*'ha
Children's Cabs sod Carriages
Austin’s Pm'eat Ice Cream F re mars
The celebrated Devonshire Chairs •
Can* sod Rattan Ware
Chinese Tea Poys, Caddlee, Hecrelarys sad Cabinets
Tea Trays la endless variety
Rocking Horses. Propellers and Gigs
Fishing Tackle
Bronsed. Coppered and Brass Gootte
Hammocks and MnmUu Nets
Preserving Fane, at the toweet manofUctorer*s price*
Garden Implement* of every description
A LAO-An endleee variety ol FANCY (iOODft, of great utility as
weM ae beauty 9
The h «c at ion of his store Is central and convenient to the leading
Hotels. Mi* Hales Rooms are dve la number, and are the most spa
eious of any !• this line of busraes* in the city The attention of
his sealstauIs will be polite and courteous, sod an examination ol
bis stock will always give pleasure His goods are purchased almost
exclusive!V for cash, and are offered at prices such as defy compel!
tloti Ills mint Is to give the public what may be strictly termed a
grand uiudrl House Furnishing Depot The greatest care used in
Riling orders from out of the city Catal.iguwi forwarded by mall
ROBERT DAVIH, 6t4 aud «UC Broadway. N V ,
Hole Proprietor of Um* great Emporium for supplying the wants of
Housekeepers.Jyt» Hu [p j
C) I, o THING,
JKinn!n>N, wiauiiLi:K a < o.,
OppoaHa Ih. Kuk. <■».. at Wliotraalr. au luiiurnar afock of
CLOTHING, of all kuida
TK.KM.1 KkA!*uN AHI.P !
jaa—dsmir.) - call and nrr. ••
.nt.nn.i.u IHON I'lHK
I4< Outre .Yt'W Vork,
i%l ^''rAcrrRKKP anii "aalkk> in wKotiuiir iron
R'l1®1. R'tnnp, Tiwli, au l rYtrrf dcwllpnou ol k(>i»*rwlu*
•mniri-tr.l with Btvam, Wal»r or Uai, for heating and lighting
•learner*, Clmi.hr*. Hotel., Pi irate Dwelling*, Huuiilel*. Vinner*.
Partur.e* *nd 11*11*
Alto—Talm, Cork*, Pump., (lunge*. Bolivia and Boiler Plur.
nadr to or*In
Ouf I* ira Culling Mai hine. ere rntlrrljr new.and uur own Patent
aari .tiled u. do duuhle Uu- work of an* olh.-i intention.
Older* toltelled (i,.in .llfe.llol.* of the ivUiiliy, and promt*! y at
• 1 1 ’ iadj 1, i»-j
k N l>H IBs A i Ini A*.
tioiai* »*t» ► 'ii*k-*, Nin ibn' tool*. malumo. no ,
Importer < .tiki Dealer* iii M.tuulkilurin' Ail id**,
N II. Agent* lor (tie the 'HwutiiuB *it«| Brat h lion Woiks ' Steam
hugine* and Butin a
€-€T- Exclusive agency in New York for ‘Lowell Machine Shop'
d*a. filial t *• l la ||ly 1
mJ TEI.LF A C«i , WoftMlrr, Him , |Mt«btt.i by iliai How*. Jr.,
Urpteuiber loth, 1>U> 1 hear Me* Mitt* are vairauU-d, v«uh proper
Me.) nut to get out uf itpalr They are built in a good, «ubstantial
tnd w.nkman like manner, and will <lo Tailors,’ Shoemakers* and
la.l*l!(*«‘ work, in a manner wart anted to give satisfaction. The
itltcb will nut up auy inoie Ilian common •catug dune by hand
L3all and sec fhrui lu operation at 1441 CllhSNTT Street Philadelphia
^ tv A DAW BON Agent ‘
inyM .11* | a J _
«»• '» - Ull I It IIS
KNPRAI, AtiKNT for Brcnrmg anil Porwaidlng Manufactured
X® tobacco, Ac., Ac., No & Bn. caoa Bug. Ki.Ha.si' t a
Leg* leave u. return hi* aiuerre thanks to III. rrlenla and the tiut.li.
for the rrry liberal palronagr hen..wed him daring hie l.u*lnr.a
,-onne-".."* with Meanw. Bunker A Walk In*, of thi* city, and re
»|aectfully toltcll* a coritlauau. .• 1, 1,1. new huu.* lu thu* appeal
lug oil the tl.ratlr of l.iitlnee* eloiie, 1 do *u With full cuntdHJcr In
rnv huaine*. Mu*lta,atl..n. that il„ mtereel of . ..oalgnee* will l„
falthlully lepreseuled
t*- l iteral cash advance* ma.le on cooiilgniDeiiU of pruJurr In
Ravkjae V.I Urwn Lewi* Mrbb A Son, M'ad.Wurth. Turner A Co.,
and J.ihn Booker, E*n, Richmond , John M Ouy, Esq , Chuwrli
boburv. i-*»i Meaara Peter*. ^Ma r A Oo., aud Messrs McOorfcle A
Jones, Lynchburg, Va_ ju’J6_if
~ blBnv WALLI2M V I
FMXHk! SI BcMJRlHKK haring fitted up a suit of rooms In elegant
A «t)lr, at C«Arinlhtan Hall, la uow prepared to Walt on the pub
Ur and f urn tali them with superior pictures, at moderate prices.
The Ambiutype, being he runt: ally sealed between two plates of
fine polished glass. (by a cement which not only secure*, but gild*
and beautifies the irapwrlnn,) U proof against action of water »»r
aci«l«, or the variation* of climate In long aea voyager, and t* the
t-uly kind of picture that will remain unchanged by time. They cau
be taken front He rite of full life to l)»e smallest miniature, and in
.n«* quarter the time of the Daguerreotype They are not reverted,
i «ii be seen In any light as an engraving; hence are very suitable
r*.r Pins, IjM'krt*. and large Fratue«, as well as Oases.
The extreme |m.(Hilarity of the Auibrolypes, ha* given rise to much
imposition Counterfeits upon glass, covered with black varnfadi,
are often sold for Ainkatyprp. Non** are genuine without tie* pat
mt stamp The public are invited to call and examine upectmens at
ihe AumurTYrx tiaLLaav, Cokisthiam Iliu.Mr.n sUeel.lietwem 9th
and Huh p. R. (HHBit.
Richmond, Jauuary 2f, l*vV>.
%| I IU II IMS l\M IMM i: ( tnilMM oi
*"K RICHMOND This i'oin|»any Is n«.w prepared to issue Fire
Marine Insurant r Policies on as reasonable terms as other gtHMl of.
Claims for losses will, in all cases, be promptly and fairly adjusted
ami paid.
No charge for the Policy lu anv case.
Office, fo tile present, on the East side of 19th st , near Main up
Win II. Christian, Wro. Breeden,
John Pur cell, Thomas R Price,
Wm. tl. Paine, Jn« Thomas, Jr.,
larwis tlinter, John Currie, Jr.,
Aug Anderson, Ja* Dunlop,
Jas L. Appeison, Win II llaxall,
Rb Heath, John I) Quarles,
John Dooley. DsyhI J. Burr,
RichM n, Haskins, Larkin W. Olatebrook,
Lewis D. Cretishaw D Von Oroning,
Jose pit R Anderson, Kmanuel Miller,
John C. Hinton, Ed II Sklnker,
Franklin Stearns
..... A PLKAHA NTS, President.
J H. Mowtauvx, Brc'y. j.^
iii > i on i» a mki i n,
fVrrwer* (h*remor and Franklin Stir+U,
HAVE tn store a fine assortment of superb Furniture iRich
inond make ) to which they ask the attention of the public,
esteem their furniture of a quality unsurpassed by auy rnanu
lac lured In this country, being practical mechanics thenmclvrw, and
riving direct and personal supervision to all the detail* of their
manufacturing operation* They only ask #» rail from those who
want good furniture, engaging simply to offer them a splendid arti
de at a very reasonable priee.
WT*»ey g*re « «pevul attention to Undertaking and hold
thetoselVf* prrnxred, at all hours, and at shortest notice, to provide
t \i*es.Mahogany nr PopUr Coffins,with shrnuds.Hrarse and
hacks, Ac.
r b une or two rarnlanci« and polishers wanted, lo whom per
mTi'nl ,mp,"Tm'n' wUI *** *lT,n. immrdiaic application la
Office removed lo the alorr of ChnMlan A Lathrnp, No. *» Mam
5*■— ,n consequence of the resignation of David R. Crane. Wm II
Chriatlan waa unanimously circled Caahler. The office haa been re
moved lo the Mora of Ohrtallan k Lalhrop, where depoalla will hr
received, on which an 1 rile reel ol t per cent, will he paid on all aumi
remaining on depoail ala monlha or longer, and Bve per cant, for a
diorter period
PDfl N DR V* R AI l'n 0, *AN ll IRON PllRNI
M Tl RP WORKS- Pnrnloh all klnda of Cost and Wrought Iwa
Wfoal* ana Bpiumwa. A greater variety of Palin nr for Iron Rad
Iny than any other eelahllehraent In New fork, an.HI hr largral Mao
•factory of Iron Purnllore in the Cnlted Slater
1 __M Qreen Mrorl, New York
IVwmV/v1 ,Th' *rZrL'nJ 'hewMeof p Hanr ,
i-T, WHIARV, formerly held by Mooara Deane A Hrown. a ad re
cmtlly by Mr T Jar Drane, haa, with the consent of Mr Dvanr
lieen tr anrfrrrrd to ua Wr haf» In More, and e tied l„ keru a ion
slant supply of " IH.I Rye" and " Pamlly," whwh wa .df.r Jo lhr
iradr and lo ronaumera al the ramr rates charged by the former
•d*"'* l^H] BCRTON 1 ORyPNllotr
\I»TI« K, The auliarrther having on the khth of Mar.hlaM
put. haord the Business so Iona and far rably earned on by
mi Will,am Booth, hr Would rrspeclhilly solicit a conllnoance ol the
patronage formerly mended lo him, and would alao call the alien
lion of the public In general In a large and well selected Mock of
Ooodr In Ms line, recently purchased and added h, Ihaovlglnal stock
all of which will he sold on (he moat reaaonahte terwia
Cphofaterer and Paper Hanger,
■a O re » - No. 140 Main Mreet, corner of l»th
"• • -,"r Wtudaw Hoorn will always he found al the old stand,
and would solicit a continuance of the patronage of all Me former
>*«alota«ri lo th* »•» ronrwrn a^14
***WM i I.n h Al. waiuiioi ri:.
PBBHP Swharrltwra, having removed to their new Pactory on Cary
■ Street between fth and Huh Blrreta, are prepared to recetyr
orderv for all kinds of Agricultural Machine# and Implements of the
latwst and m.rt approved patterns, which will he made of I hr hem
malerlaN Mad of mperlor w.ukmanMtlp They ask attention lo
••OartlwrlladmihteandMngte geared Hnraepowrra and Threehera,”
aui.V' * *«■»♦"» Mevmy P.jr at which they hare bran
rahlhlte.1 Alao, to OroaklHa Clod Crusher." Manny'a Patrol
Reaper and Mower," I ho hem In use; Fawkes' Patent Unt and
Wuano BpreadsTj Mghlv approeed. Hay P.eem-s ; R.y Rakes , Own
Bhellen, from flu lo |A,, Smith's Patent Straw Cutter, drain Cra
dtea kr • Rich's Patent Iron beam plow; of various sWes Ac They
rakfoln the opinion of tho Hon WIMism 0. Blera of these Ptnws
..._. . __ „ BALDWIN, 'ARDWItLI. A OO
Richmond, Prhrnary tl.
__ _ _ __ _ 0 sort a Hm, IVh l>te I'M
o*. • Byooowarm-. Ikrar Blr: I tab# pleasure In recording
here my impraaMon of the per form aura of your Plow .Rick's |r„7
Rtwm potenti al Crdiham to day The work was far more thorough
and complete than that of any plow I ever saw m operation heSora*
Tha ffirrow opened by N waa very generally IS Inches deep and about
tk Inches wires In hard, ctrae land, and mom efR-slually and perfectly
cleaned oat, none of the sod rarth foiling hack Into It ’
,***. **jal gf tha plow uao wNnceaaH kg many of at> netghh. rs.
*^*_et*ew>,era In making this vtlaahts Ins
1 "• william a Rirm
,mm I—, 0*W A OO.. S——TTh—....«» AOT..TW
“« Hi... OiTim...-, UriLUM.) N>« *44 A SH B.O.»w.t, M. Y
nEHOI t kTHI THEHt A 4 0.. .Y., 41 (tig Mr**,
<V#ar IV*. Iar*hyrue sat* Magrracrracws' Auina
HaiHr'i KnglisJi llheel, Crown and Hryatal Plate Window Olaas
Hated Olaas for Mky light*. tirwn Hours. etc.. etc
Color«*!. Ornamental. Optical and Mw-raauslc Olaas
Tt«« Libdus suil Nshrliidrf Plate (Hass Company's Tkki Pol
lahed Plats lor More Window*, Ac.. Ac.
Rougti OI**« for floors and (4jr light*
Attend*" Hi hi sited U the ate.es rthoM description* of Window
OUss In use for m»»rrs. Dwellings. and other pirpowr The quality
of tlo-se articles la Inferior to uo , .rr espondlng d*’*rrtptioa. and In
many respect* sunerfor Our Olaas will hr found better than
the rrvtM'h In Its freed-m from IHalw. Rust, A<
lb-tug Agents for two of the largest Olaas Manufacturer* In Eu
rope, w* ara enabk-d u>uCrr dealrts and other* every advantage la
|»rkcea and large stocks Price LIU* will be furulahed on application,
aplb dm (vasj
flltWAMOE. UICKIE, 144 JV Y,
A IWuduor, of Hujiun Bi.rr k,ilr.„.< DrfK.1, „0.ra lu i>r.l
«n U4 Cuuuum bli i.l,bntal brand, of Fn-nrb Window (jlaa.
**•> f.tu/abl. Irrib*. Full., • Lt.lnr loform.tloo will b>- run.M.<d
wiib |>rkw* uu racriM ol Uirtr a4.tr. Ol.,. cwl u. dmowl
liliuri, IttA YttoA W«r I»l dhaia*. Iff. -1 v
IHI Tampaa Vtiut, N. Y .
OOLI MN8, PKDPHTAUt, Ac , in Seoul*. Br ocatelir. and all
Ital.an Marhles This article, which *» a preparation of Marita Dual
chamkally combin'd with mtnaral cufors, so aa to be moulded ml.
any form and color, by winch a martde can be manufactured at lea*
than half the cost of Ih- umtuon material, while II rii'els It In dara
^,u,I rnlike MarblHscd Iron and Plate, there i* uo
surface work, llie rotor running into the mas* of the material, while
wu varnish t* u«sd te gree a temporary (•eauty to the aurfm e Man
tlaa Dom $4 to #4" Table Top*. Ac . eoually cheap
RighU for the X tn«/,.turt .<a / .W# ..f aixrre for tire different
Males, winch willensure immense return* to theme Interesting theta
selves Information furnished on application to
prrr.K RNNNIK, president, or
tSSZESiZr*? s*4 you.
SAFETY fuse.
■ wN«iR Mtn>nr Purposes, and for (guiUng Charges, both In w#t
■ an«J4»y blasting, of four dUferrnt kinds The nitUin and be tap
F***e, nlso, the single and double Tape Water fuse.
Manufactured and sold hy tILNNN PI TMAN.
_ ^ * Liberty st.. New York.
F# Orders promptly filled for all kinds of (Juu Powder, of the
most approved brand*. Ndge's EahlMUooaJ Eire Work*. Ship Hie
nala, Ad., _ no1i~ly luv.A*.]
A\ I • 1II/.I N€4 KIaIsM 1-dlK'r I To CONiUMPTI
A Physician of high sisnding. and former y a Professor in one
of the Medical Institutions of this country now retired from active
practice, who has beets suffering from Pulon.nary Disease, discover
ted, while travelling in Houth Ameiica lor his health, acute for Con
sumption, Brunch it i*. Cough., Colds, and grttei *1 debility; and being
aware that Thousand* ar*- suffering and dying annually from this
um*1 dreadful of all dl«ease«, he Is desyrou*. from the principles of
humanity, of making known this most valuable remedy i'pon the
receipt of Pirteen Cents, in Postage Stamps, or Change, he will send
-.. ■IMO.W11, in, umiuic anu -U. I e.nuil) u»tug II.
os tintilllll repaired, n applied for ftalage, aud I lie payment of
till* advertisement
Address—B V DE YEHorti If, M D.,
, .. . , Bov IM.P.O.. Brooklyn N T.
J» It-»f J? a A ct.J
MANUFAlTliRKka, SI AMI ss Malktr Struct,
»A* HUiDWlf, MU |. >|||,
UMFKCTFl l.l.\ « *11 lii< uu-iiUoii af th« |»uUi< AAmbu
U, their •pt**mli4 »• v.rlm. 1.1 uf m um giarul WVflM
•quarr Hiajiu», which, lor voluai* ol lone, rU.i.lu off I # I f |
touch, bt-auly of ftuUb, ami rVery thing that inuKr* aY»an» iwrfrct,
are ui.Mar|*aft«nl They were awarJe.l tl.e First Premium for both
kin«U, in eoni|»*-tiiloii will. U.r uioit UisttnguMJ..4 makers from Bo*
ton, Phila.t* I|4m«, New York aud Baltimore.
NKW TKirilPII UnmiWA! A S.*s have j«*t hrrn avart*] the
rtrat Piemluiu th4-ii Mki*al tover all rouipetitayrs) at the Ute Pair ol
the American Ii..t»tute, Crystal Palace, lor the nur Plano Portre
oclft- tf la,vaHl
3.1 Maiden La up, .Yew York,
!%1 V'* .*'A* 1 * MIIEN «»»' Till! UOHI.D*UE<
Baltimore Depot, l IS Pratt Street,
ly lit,aton Depot, 14 Howard Street (V. a)
tbattered b> Ibe Ugi.latur* of Virginia Dei. I7lk, 1853.
reNHU INSTITirritlN rewire. Jepu..u on which ,j.tere»l a paid
r,,f •'* I"T <*»' l*r annum II remaining ou depot!!
monUm, and Aw per wal lor tinnier period.
WM G. PAINE, President,
GKO J SUMNER.Secretary,
HENRY W. VILA RLE*. T.eaatlrrr.
Wm. O. Paine, of the Arm of Kent, Paine A Co.,
lame. 1. Apperton, •• •* •• Uoddlu A Appcrenn,
Aug Auderauu. •• *• •• A. Anderaon A Co.,
B Barksdale, •• •• •• Bar kadal., Sto* all A Oo..
Tlw>» S Baldwin, •• “ “ Keen, Baldwin A On.,
Robert T Brooke, '
’*•" »* Obrlatlan, “ “ “ Cbrlatlau A Ball.roc,
Ao.ll Claiborne,
a«o. Uokr,
Uwl. GlnUr, « » •• Ginter A Alvey,
R. B. Heath,
•amuel P. Latbrop, “ •• •• Cl.rl.tian A I j* throb,
H. W. M.tjiuder, “ •• “ * Mrt.rudetSulla,
Samuel M. Price, “ •• •• Thu. R. Price A Co.,
Ifmry W Quirlvf,
Juo. P. Huberts, •• •• M Smith k Roberta,
liw J. fuintirr.
Joo. C. ftchafrr,
A Y Btokrs, •• M ** Mokes k Co.
1^* OflkvM the itorr of Hrnry W. QuarKs, No. 10 Pearl struct,
Richmond, V» ^19
nAM now on h«u4, at 4 olrn for sale on liticral terms, the most
fushionabla, heat unit and «t a«»«irtmriit of
gi:ytu:»ii:\n n iniMinG goods
t<» he fi>uii4 in the city, embracing every snproVnl style ami quality.
llisgtHids arr mad*- u|» from the most do.lew patterns of Prrifch,
Kiiglish ami fiernian itu)»ori.\l>*itis.
Reiitb niro wishing fine Clothing are Invited to rail ami examine
Ills »t.b k m]f
NEW A 1*01111:4 AK1 STORK.
(Graduate^ the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.)
» POT II LI'A II USUI »:■*! Ivys A oil I 04.1 NT**,
nAVE opened and Oiled out with every convenience and tm
prottwiii, an APOTHECARY AND DRUG STORK, at ls«
Main .treet, Northwest corner of ItRh, and just above the new Co»
loin ll,iu*e Their facllltlea and enerlwnce are »uch, lhal they reel
warranted In .tying lhal Physician.' orders and prescription., and
every pharmacentievl preparation, will be II,led and prepared ms me
ruraiely and promptly a. at any other establishment In the country.
Their .lock I. entirely new, anil wa. .elected with great care by
Ihru.rtve> In pereon, and uo article will he iMtwd which may not
be perfectly relied upon for proper strength aud purity ut character.
They will at all time, keep a complete assortment of pure and re
liable Ibuyv Mrd'clne* and Chemical*. Patent Me,l.. me.. Sural,-.1
Instruments, Trusses and A| | U'"ers ..f every description, ground
and unground sriveted ftploea. Cooking Extracts,Powkiog and Chew
ing Tobacco, (Ac dneef import*1 rig,trs, fancy Artlrlea, Luhin’a
and other celebrated Prrtumrry and Soaps, Colognes, Brushes and
every article appertaining to the Drug taisineas. 1* It their design to
give strtcl personal attention lo the husinras In all lls branches
PREBOKIPTIONtt will he accurately dispensed by one of the part
ners, at all honra of the day or night. jett
f IIf subacrlbera a-uhl inform llie cabinet manufacturers, piano
■ forte makers, and others of this city and vicinity, that they
have opened a yard with suitable buildings, at No 3Ju Washington
fttreet, In the rliy of New York, where they have on hand alarge
and eery superior stock of the finest wood to he found in the Uuited
states We offer.
I.Vi.iHSi ft, floe and eltraflne rosewood veneers
DJM ft. do. do. mottled mahogany veneers.
ft. do. mah' pony shade,! veneers.
40,into ft plain dn. do. do
•3 A»• ft. mahogany crotch vencera, earlou- sites,
6*i,OtiO fine do. drawhutt veneers.
An,(am eitra Ane mahogany, do. do.
96,(klW ft. Ane blistered Agiired walnut, do.
4*>,tsai ft. mottled do. do. do.
AM,UOft ft. walnut crotch venters, draw butt sites.
M.ikat ft. do do do various do
th*,tBm ft. Ane sod ealra Anvsstln WimmI veneers.
Iftjam ft aehra veneers.
47,o*»> ft curled and bird’s eye maple veneers.
71JHIU ft seasoned rosewood, mahogany, and satin wood
boards, plank, and Joist ofsll thkknest Plano and Cabinet M,.u|.
dings, tft*i digs rent patterns, all at rery low prices, and upon at fa
vorabh- terms a* any oilier rstabluhtuent In the country. Urden
will be Ailed with the utmost rare and dlapatrh.
No. *70 Washington Street, twtween Brarh and North Moore St.
sp* ,l*m ___Mew Yost Oily.
VYII Hit t > Sill t Hs.
dies Scissors, Ac , of H. Wendt's celebrated make, warranted
In quality, In new and Improved patterns, and the only complete as
sortment made, fbr sale by RIIWARII CORNINII A CO.,
SI John street, New York. I
Agents for H Wsbdt stNUIstss
»t * ON . ,’si I.I..I, , ■ no
and dry.
ft** hhde. do. do. Phoiilders, do. do.
9.MMII Sugar cured Haras, small arte, for family use.
lAjmM lb* Bmlthfteld Ha eon, ling round
A hhds. Breasts Piece* P.r sale hy
»IM»i T, 6 ANTII.I.6I* A III.M HH A N It \ . 6
■ half-pipes, of food quality, for sale hy
■Li I IliiUt PHI *16 1,1 v| st N st, ,'rnm reverted and foe I
• DM W sale hv aut» asp ANTONI |
HI TTA'.N, -*• keg* reklly prime fresh selected u -then But I
ter. Just received and for sale hy
%|lll tsst S. ’o bhla , W. hhds . I
|| tt ON Ilk) hhds realty prime Western Bides, with and
IB Without hone
AM hhds really prime Shoulders
twiflno I ha Tmld’s family Hog Round -In store and foe sale hy
••'*6 t ilARI.ICD T WORTHAM A 00
HOOK AM Nl 1 .
f MNIIK Bubs. rthere hair cslal-liahc.l a Rook Agency In Philadelphia,
R and will furnish any honk or puMtcatlon at the retail price
free of postage Any persona, hy forwarding the snharrlptlon price
of any of the fa Msgasii.es, such ss Harper’s, Oodey’s. Putnam's,
Or sham’s. Prank l-cslic’s fashions, Ac., will receive the magaalnes
for one year, and a Copy of a splendid lltbngvaph portrait of eUher
Washington, Jnckeoa nr (lay . or. If sobaerlhlng to a fl an.l a ft
Magsslos, they Will receive a cony of either of the three pnrtrvBs.
If Mberrlbtnf lo a #4 north of Magatlneu, all three portraits will ha
sent gratia Music furnished to those who may wish it
Envelopes of every description and stae, In large or small qaanth
Ilea, Rirnlehed Beal Presses, Dtev, Ac , sent In order.
Every dearrtptlon of Engraving on wood revealed with neatness
and dispatch Views of bindings, Newspaper Headings. Views of
Machinery, Book IMoetrathms. lodge fieri ideates. Ibminres Cards, Ac.
AU orders sent hy mall promptly * Men.led to Persons wishing views
of the IS buildings can send a Daguerreotype as sheleh of the building
by mail or aapreas
Persons at a distance having saleable arttete* weald And tt to their
advantage to address the subscribers, as We would art as agents tor
the sale of the asms BY RAM A PIERCE.
BO Booth Third street, Philadelphia, Pa.
6. a avatw. V. utv rtaaou
J»o*a - dAwly _
/H AND, t.l till, a.i ANSI -A f..n .oppiy
™ W FmiTlin and Mr«Van Out**
»l*ft MpH fhMpUtD MlRD
Mrouft'l HttMT R»«4 l4(n« for mIp H?
S'af**!*" »•’■» "** WHISttt. to h.lfbtd^,
R>» aula Wy _ DAVENPORT, ALLEN A 00.
Jf» IM Ml J,»r h A’iuiu I
IM. line ur. the WAMIIINOTON. CrptaiD K. J-M-jW"
Oa.aadt, HERMANN. Cup. Enwrap Unnix —
Thrm Oe.irw . Mop At Huutl.Auipt.,tt. both ,..ln, - eMOaHiL.
and return in,
proposed Date* op saiunu— iim
Prom South
Pro® Prom aiapton for |
Noar Yor*. Bremen Nr* York i
.. /Mnnl*y Arfum/tm, |Pe.f Ae»/.lp.
Hssaasa .Jss'p t* »rb> ii Pm,'. *1
W.mnaoTuu .Pah'/ «* March** Mur M
. «>•!.« April l» April *1
W.,«..„t..a Spell IP M./ IT Ma/ II
Rrsatai .May II Juur 14 June l,
Waanuor.* . Juur U Jul, II Julr IS
.Jul/ I* Aupl * Aua't |M
W.Mujuroi.. Sup'■ * fcpfr « Sn.fr lu
!'“»*»» .. Srpfr a Oel'r « Orl'l S
Wuuiror** . Uefr « Nor'r i N-e'» j,
JUaaaaa . Nor'r l More *9 Drr'r a
WAMOAUhra . Nor'r M Drr'r ?T Irrr'r Ml
SCoppInc At South«mp4o:i, both roltlR and rrlurullM. Ihr> ..Srr
paamacm. procardia, :• London »nJ Harrr. AiiAiilwn ..»rr nnr
other route, for tho oronomr of ttiuv At* J moor/.
P*A»*a« ran. nr xan m roataaMPToA tan nun
Ptrra Cabin. Main Safooo, |1M», Pott Cabin. I..r« Malo..n. |l lo
''•COM uu |00
SU Wttorr and urrapAprri muM |mm Ihrouph Do IW Otter
k"* ”* Udto* *UI “ •*•“»* •» pArcrX racolrrd ,.o thr da/ o
yr Ad raprrirncrd SunfroD It attarhr.1 to rark thip
Por frripil or paMaar. appl/ lo C H SAND,
II Mouth William «., Ne» Y.rE.
0 A HEI N EE »N A CO , brruren,
... OROSKbYSOO, Houtbamptou
J*»—ly|W|_WM i.mkcin Harru.
__ MTEAH Ri ru i i M
UnWBI'tOH, tun*, ... W m Ciimmimo
NKW* YOKK, Y15*» ... Ropr Ceau# jMp
OLABJIOW, IK! •• ... Jims l>t ac* ./JMOlgt
Olllfow tod New York Slpanwhiii Companj nit-ii.1
tbelr new and powerful Bteainrr* fr. ao New York fur Ulu«.,«
reel, a* under
KDINBl'KOIf, Saturday, 9ft4mhfr inch
OLAMIOW, Saturday, August 16th. 11 '.'dock, noon.
aarm* t»r Damum.
Flrat CIin . f 7ft
A limited number of Third Cla*« Pa Wenger* mil be
taken, rupplted with provU»..i,a of good uuAl.it,
properly rooked, at . .... ptti.
An ei|«vriciAcet| burgeon aUasked to each .'Ueans^r.
For Frelgtdor Paatage, apply to JuMN McHYMON,
wp d . r,. Broadway, N. Y.
Nrw York City hUla or Oold only received for Pa*«agr.
del* -dly
^_— Nn 42 Chatham ftrrrt, N^v Y-»ck,
^LCCte*SOR ut PrtM A loUUlW, ..Fees for .ale all
**«••*• <>f SNI’rf and TOBACCOS It. general tur l„r uaroru
1"• jpc,»**T ‘‘•“be obtained be addrcing asaboee —
‘ , ■•finJiahgignt >• one ,d the ol deal ol the kind In the lolled
■f'*1?*;__mal9—ly ,w. |
I MIH AHA III AA I r. 1(0 l| AM I. AMI It At I
n ,, ’ " ion. from the I rmh, Dan edition, beau
■ itolly illtt.tr ated Catalogue, free. ,.n encloaii.g a three ,-eni
■^,up,“. , , H S, (I SMITH A CO.
oier. [wj Box 4il». New York, P. O.
01 THE HU ».\A PLAY.
■J,80ft I’ltUES -$102,000 — O.SLY Ift.UOU M .HULKS •
**•*.,SM; »> OINciiT HALL Maren.tleo . »n
ki'ilao k^j prr‘nl"',W'u'’ f''4 M. Ueua „„| |a,. A
Patron, wdli |deaw exam.ne II.I. scheme ..rwOllly-eoaMmre It
with any other, and if It I. not the beat rrer ..F led. and the. hen. e.
U» obtain capital* far letter, 4oO*l ourctiN** ti.-t* t«*
!**J* tUMk
{ : £5 iff
. li'War* . 2 «*at
j? .. Ann are . l!htltl
. ....... ltai are... 7 %«•
■S* Approximation, of . A>i are
j" . a',ar» .
,9" *« . . is:
1M dll 111 are .
IMHWhH. |sH.Ir
;.8oa Hris^M, am..aetlr>f |0 . .... fill* w
llck*t»fln; lUlvr, f ', Quartrr* it ■
by ttrn number whirl, draw,
clary old uduber ticket n T ci"w‘M eld wwmhee. ika
au wtrcu h mo tier. then ever* o ?CKm? be Ibf'kd to ■ >1
»ijn. in adJltloo to any utbe? w, I,ck,‘'be ""it led b.
Purchaaer. in buying room *'!ch «*»F be drawn.
Tl.krla. will be Certain of drawiim“nl »"d etren numbar
•aiur. wiUi chance* ofobUmlui other***?, ^ “f the
All tlioae ricketa ending with u. *, 4, «. |Tai. .
ing wiib I, g, 6. J. II, .re odd. 'n—all Ihoac end
Peraona sending niocay by mail need not fear Ita o
Order, punctually alleuded to. Communication! cwoMeatur'i0*'
Note* of aound llanka taken at par. ~k
*3T* Tlioae wishing particular uuroher. should order ImmedlatHl
. *U| _____Macon, Ua
Morn biibbrr. anwian t. a.>a:wa. at
I.AlUI.r.Y ,V lillHIAMi.A,
FPkR to country physicians aud lamilie* a perfectly „
aaw and raxau .lock of pure aud reliable MEDICINE* •*
togeUier with soautam'g InnnDn, Panrcaxgi. Fixer V*
Ucaitia. and aM other things In the Drug line, which they will B
■* H on th» Urst trrin*
pr~ Cliatn ical aud Pharmaceutical Preparation! made to order
aud aent to any part ol Uix country
Drug (lore, 4th and Franklin atreeu, Richmond.
LAHI k A shim;,
I* Main afi-ref, RlcAmnod, 111
W 'r L,,,:lr undiride*! attention lo all aales of Real and
” ▼ Personal Katalw, aale „f Uoueehcld Furniture, Slock. Good a,
•“«»<« bi «lc. on Saturday, ol florae.,
Oow», Urrl«fM, M MTuu*, kc.t kc.
g k*1p «» bind tlie largest and hatnWonieal at.nk of
Furniture lo be found in thla market, ,-onalatlng In part of—
Mahogany and Koaewood Wardrobe.
Da.i a. , J*‘ . Marbl. and Mahogany top Cabinet.,
Hldrhutrilf uid H MiuUndi
Splendid Spring Seal Sofas, Tete a Tries. Dieana and Lmnge.
Spring Seal Parlor, Cane and Windaor CS.alra
Spring Cur’d Rockera, Sociables, WhalboU
Alw, a Iieauliful asm.rtnieql of Chamber SetU, burrlher with a
funeral .Morimrnl of Houawkeeplug G.md. T * *
The city and country trade %r, tneitgd lo examine uor collec tion
" *' ?r;'u,r^'nulIi*J *** *‘ » *«» atnall a.lt am e on cost,
r. t. I.AKI JAM iJ* N Hliivr
Will attend lo Ihr «h „|
KKAL .STAT),, aud cry description of MERCHANDISE
•*«»»■* r . miiikk,
mm Uaau,.»l>. tiaoim.
.u. h,n"
rrrta w. «d*rv»*. - w ~ _
--- --- ■ w A rPIMi *
I.HI Hits A Al'PI UsnX,
practical drugoists,
AMPPER for «ale a Erurral annrtmrht of *rnulnr Medicine., al
y **” feed, and a *rr*t variety „f Fancy article,. Perfumery.
Ac., at price, a. low a. they can I- hou*hl In the cite.
J***_GRUBBS A APPERNON, No *H Rroad .t
■ tacr.cycaaa, iHniaraa »an i»,na in
____ Ac IH Uiiin drr, r, lain
W TJiAHc ■apltal be mlaled by th» rarlow. m,.rrpr»etiialioiit
.hT brine mad. hy the etremle. of Mr family (lhe ttan.iUL
,'*",Er *• "'*r°f "" prominent revreaentalirr.. lo .late,
that It la not true that I hare trim, my valuable wrri.e. to tbe
rarlou. pM.lan porn.lu, aa reported, and more particulars a. a
man of peace, do I deny barm* taken rbarer „f that rlllanou. *un
IJ™; hut I w**h *hem lo n»m**ntier that | mm the proprfetor of
55, BoFopevn plan. known i« (hr BwlUr.l't
Hotol, lh the new huiUfiny o|>|»o«iir ihr R*<*»r»frr Hotel. Hk-hmotuf.
. •nd H» future that thyy maw .'l.tlnyu»«f. me from the - real of
mankind. I hope they will *ddre«« nr ».
frM j wooonon Mvfi
*h«m KOI: iin vim i ntnim;
oown or cart a*i» irm rTRrrni.
Rirawuan. V*
fflAl.lWrTf I BROTHER, Frr.t>rletd>r* of the ahore
■ "or**» *7 now huihUny PORTAHMC HTPAW l \ J
fllNKR, of an Improved rooMrurtlow, of all ricea.from ..v lifiijJ
lo f.irty llorwe Power, mitahl. fi r ClrruUr Row M in.gSrJ
Thredi.n# M%rhlne« and other pwrpneew, whteh they flwtter them
arlrea are fully equal If not fuperUir to any Rnyrlne* *-rer Unit here
or elw/Where
Tfiey Will al«o forniwh RT ATKIN % RT RTRAM KNOINRR from ten
Hnrro to any required iwtwrr
CIRCl f. AR RAW MIMA nf the m<»«t approval ronatroetlon, and
of varloot rtaev
M.P.\^P!'.JT2/!^P,i.,?,.W*T>,< WORKS, PORTkKI.E GRIST
Mil ls and IKON* fc>r MII.ISr.fall kind..
RAILROAD WORK of ever* .leacriplion.
TOBAOChi PRESSES. FLATTENING Mil.IN and ad article, uaed
In Manufacturing Tobacco, tnwether with ever, k.n.l ..f HR a** ao.l
They are ala,, ike cirluriye Maeufa. turn., in Oil. cite, and
IRISHEK, Which they ronlMenily recommend In their cst.uner.
and mend. a. raperlor to any Min ,.f the kind with which they are
•ciptalnted, a ntpply nf which will alway.be kept on hand,h.«
which they aollclt order. ,f
EAULE FOUNDRY, Kirlim.>nd, Virginia,
__ . . _r * M »"»•» rrrat .at, rtrreaaru,
ATM deea, Ratlr.md Car*, and all dearrlption. of Rail TJ .1
rMd Machinery. Stationary kr.f.nc. af any retired JMI
power Alan, Pnrlable En*tnr< wuh a decided laipro.e Bwu3
menl „eer any dher. beretoforr ma.te, thorn h lo «i hnree power.I
** *• farraln* parpoee., yeliln, lumber,
Ac , Wttb Impnieed Circular Pnrlable Saw Mill, .narked, of l.t, td
a» l *d clam _Mlnln> Machine.> lirw and Saw Mill Maeblnery,
Faeaary Pitturea of eeery kind , alan. Dram
and leer, Oumin*. mud. lo ordae ' P RAHM
P la... Em Richmond T. *^ •». »»
w D**r pnetukt.'k*i». (T korae power) and Raw Mill
w, purchaacd ,.f you l k. mnnt>„ a«... we haea pwl up and la in
‘•S' Thwa far Nl perterm. fully up u .mr ripcHullun The
fcmlne Work a well, and aa Mr tha Raw Mill, that la un.b.uMedlr an
lmnrne.mmil oarr at.ylMn* lhal wa hare men
1 *• ■•<♦ •• y** but becaoue we are not died
with conrenlenee haer triad It anNIetenily to know Ihut It will muff
•"F0""* •h*p» nf rnilla la thla part al North
. rim"!? *** UTT_**Z onereapnndeata fr.wn ihia men on reaped km
hWHII^yoR raw ry»e them to one mill, aa a .i*hl will ke all limit.
rrRUla»it, Ac Ten art at liberty to aw thta a. you think pr per
_ . _ __ _ . JOHN A. MV AN.
“ * TSa Durfar Raw la No. A. ^||
HAl riHOHl: 1-tM'K hohpitai..
rr“ WP&fif Ura the mo.
1 -tom. .pead, ${-^35* >» Urn .,U fur
Afebone of the Kidney.. Palpitation of the I Iran dyepen.— N.r
row. IrrUahdUy, D..a-» of Urn Heed, Throat. N^i 2X!T?aJ«*
thorn mrtooa and meUnch dy U.order, artalaw from than,. r
hahit. of youth, ahk'h daetruy both bujy and unnd Tllm art
►««*«. *ra .or. fa,., ,. fhei. O^ .L ^L
of tu syren. to the mar mar. of Ulyam., Uichnny their to# brf
Uabt trope, or aotklpation.^rend.Tiny .narn.ye a, f Ur.roa.tM '
eapaatajly a bo hara become the rlrUrna of Holder. VW., Ham-.,
ful and de.lru.tlre hahit which annuall) n,.,, to an ..ntlue.
**r?* ■— ••» **» ■-* «*“«•* .«f uu
U«ni ihHWrt, tLu MiifM olhwr»!•>- have viiU«ucrJ tuiruiDK v.'ikic
-Hh the thunder, of -Warn... a .a d to
■nay rail with lull .'onAJeace. ’ ‘ * *
Merited Prrauna, or Young Men cm.iempUline Marriage helm
«•" “f •*P*h*l heatiau, Organ!. Debddy, Delo.-iaitJ., A.
in.ith "ul"*Jl4U'if ' »**—> Dr. Johnaton, end n reatored to perfe. ,
Ma oho Ida.,, hmaorlf under the (are of Dr. John.Wo may ret.
ewuuy .onA'b in In. honoi ... ernurtuan, anj , ..nftdaeillr reli
upon hla (hill aa a phyanlnn onweaeiiij rely
immediately • ured and lull e>(or rraheal.
Ttna dmraoa u On- penalty moat fm|uruU> pa. I by thoee a ho ha..
?” —tofiSne*. You.,; ,-rr.mia i..v
irurn not be.u« ..rare of the dreadful Cuba,
■fueneea that may rtieae Now, who that unuer at.nda Uie mlnee,
■ Ul feteod to deny that the poUe, of Prucrrat.ou i. IQM aooojlll.
thorn fallm, urto Improper hah.m Urno by rfc. pembTl Hmkfe,
balnc depr.aad the plea cure ol healthy ,*.prln«. the moot frame end
Matrorlle. .y,optoma to both body and m od arm lir,,m,:
derated. Um phymral ami '-ramT “.““l.
M»P*thlloo of ihe bran, IndlReattnn.a ...
% •* (nnaumpl.on. .u
“* ,U,T regular Phy.ad.eru.mg to cur.
INdrate CompUmt. Hie renwdiee and treatment u, eht.rrty an
known to ail other. Prepared f rum a Ilia ap.nl In the creel Hrapl
‘j1* V*1 *“ thb country, .» Angle,id. trance.
“* Ac., autj a m»,r- rttmiivr pri.atu.riLa;>
U,r "°,rM "■“> Wonderful egaai anj
moat important Hurftcal operation, are a .uAlclem guarantee to th.
affllctr" Th®** *»•« »•*»• to be .pradlly and edbctually relived,
^.^'‘a^Tym^ lrUtm* U^-—«-«»
trrrioa No 7 BoCTH PKKDV.KJCK 8TUKT, left hand able far
,ny from Baltin,ore dr.-t, aaeen door, from the f orner *
U" >*•*tarr, or you wtll
I TAKK NUTICK -Olmer.e the name on *he donr and Win
Member of the Royal Collrye of Huryeoiia, U.ndoc, graduate from
'.l‘d‘' i^Ti *“1*‘«^Co»e«~ u» the L ulled Hlale., and the yrealer
imrt of whom life ha. been apelil ,n the ll„.p,tal> of Lomloli. Peru
. hUadetphla and Ho-where, ha. effected tome ol the m.mt a.ton..I, ’
“/„r,7.U,4,.WrrT'r‘"",4n Many troohte,! w„h rlnylny in the
ear. and hreJ alien aairep, creel ncr.ou.neee.beinc alarmed at >ud
Jro toulialt, AUd L%sl«ful:»r*>«, witii dtJ-Anfrmrnt uf tuii.,1. Were cured
A I’L'UT A I W lifyai ad«>
When the miaguided and imprudent eotary of pUasure And. he
ha* ilot.ti.r-1 the—.-Is of thb pa.uful 1.tease, It too often happen*
lha. at. .1 timed tense of tf.ame, dread ofdlscoee^deter/^
, in 10 th.»av who, from ralucation an«l reapa>'tabUkj, can
al..i.eiwf,ieml him. delay.,., tul the constitutional symptom. „f 11...
LorrUI .jiwair make their ap|w*rai«c«t Mcb a* ulcerated aor* throat
1'*'*•?* «•, nocturnal pact m th, head and Hmt... dimness „f
•«ld, deafness, male. thealiln honey and arm,. blotch— on the
.cad, face and eatreunne, progressing elih f,.ghtful rapidity, UU at
laM tl»e |*aUi« of the mouth or the buiiea of the Dote fall in. and thr
'1‘*'***' Jownaltmd otgecl of commlsers
hlrn’m* Jr*Ul **““ * p"r“^ D> Li. dreadful .uffer.ngi, hy tending
••That bourne from whence no Da Teller returns."
To au--h. therefore, Dr. JOHNSTON pledye. htmarlf In preserve
Ui« mort ii.Tt.daUe secrecy; and, from hb etlensie, practices In the
°r»t 11-iSpltab in Europe and America, he can coufldenlly r scorn
l!l"ate curr ** uulurtunate victim of this horrtd
It b a Adanchuly fact that thousands fall victims to tlu* dreadful
■ oiiipia.nl, owing to the urmk Ilf aloes. of lyoorant pretender., who,
“I drradful pobidi, mercury, ruin the conMltuUon.
and either tend thr unfortunate sufferer to an untune!e yrare cr else
make il.e residue of life mberaUe. *
„ , „ take particular NOTICE.
Dr. J addresses all ll.oar who have injured themselves by private
and itnprofyrr mdulirvnora
. T**trT *7 *°T* “I^ "ftancMy effect, produced hy ear
I, liab.l. olvouth, va.Wtakne^ of the lUck knd Lirntb, Pain In
the Bead. Dimness of Right, Loa. of Mua ular Power. Palpitation of
11 ** Hr art, «prf»la, Ncrv.iui Irraiibditjr. l*cran|rriBcnt of ihc Dl
■rrotivr Uvitrral Uvbilitjr.lijiuUoiiu nfCmuuiipUoo Ac
^ # ^ MLNTaLLY,
The tearful uu the miud arc much to be dreaded; Lou of Mr
T.'rL^\',rT"‘!L°r B«Pr«*'un of Splrlu, Kv.l ► orel—llng.
A version u. a... bty, Self iHlInul, Love offlkdUudc. Tluuditv. Ac -are
•ome of the evd* produced. ' *
Thousand* of person* of all aye. can now judye what Is the raus.
..f thet, deoli,itny health Losln, their vigor, licominy weak, tul
and mi xated, hare a «n«rular a|>pcarai« r about the cyu. coual
and Bjtupuuns ul couauoi^Kiuii
j]r Ihote contemplating marrlaye. t-r,i,y awar’e of physteal weakness
healii l“n**JI*lHT consult Dr JohnMon, and be reMored to perfe- 1
Bv thl. great and Importaut remedy, weakness of th- organ* nr,
speedily cured, and full vigor restored Thousands of the most n—
vou* ami debilitated, who Lad l—l all hop., bar, been Immediately
r-sieved Alt impediments to Marnare. Physical or Mental dlauual.
flcatloi , Nervous Irritations. Tremblings and Weakness. or eihauatloi.
of tf.e most fearful kind, sperdile cured hy Dr. Johnston.
• ho havr Injured Ihenttelves by a .main practice Indulged lu whet,
done—a habit fiequ-ntly learned from e.U . ..mpanlou. or ai school
the eff-. it of Which are nightly feU, even when asleep, and. if not
cured, renders war. laye iiui-issible, and desDoy. both rulnd and
»**/•!?, thouLl ap|>Ij lrame ilau-ljr.
Wbai a pity that a youny man, the hope of hb counDy, and th,
darting of hb parents, should lie snatched from all prospect, and en
»f life, by the consequences of dcsiatu.g fr.un the path ol
•utiDmp6ii“Jln ‘«*«**» veciet habit. Sue 1, person*, h-for,
should reflect that a MARRIAGE,
requisite* to promote cSR? ln<* hodE are th. mo.t necessary
the journey through life j—,-i.F happjj.es*. Indeed, without these
hourly dsrken. to the Ttew; the mtnu^rJ l"UTl"“-'- u,e pvospec.
end Ailed with Urn metam holy refle-ti^-JP'* with despau
cr become, blighted with our own. "** ^ happiness of anotL
(W~ All SURGICAL OPERATIONS performed. Mp.
o B, Let no false delicacy pretent you, but apply Immediately
either personally or by letter.
gr ."KIN DISEASES .pe-edlly cared.
The many thousand, cured at thl. InmituUoolwtthln the last 1*
fears and the numerous and Importaut Surgical opeiatiou. per
,rated by Dr J, WRncaasd by the reporter. o»the papers, and many
other pertetn., notice, of which have appeared again and again be
fore the public, beside, his .landing a. a gentleman of charactei
and responsibility, t. a sufficient guarantee to the afflicted
It l. with the greatest reluctance that ID. JOHNSTON permit. M.
card to appear before the public, deeming 11 unprofessional f.ir s
physician to advertbe. but unles. he did «o, the afflicted, —pectalti
•Dangers, could not fall to fall Into She hands of thr many Impudent
and unlearned Importers, with Innumerable false fumes.or combined
quacksbc.ps, swarming these large cities, copy nag Dr Johnston's s.t
vcrtieetoriits, or ad.eiUsing themselves as physicians, illiterate, steal
low trained fellow., too laiy to work it their original trade, wut
Rarer two Idea, beyond the brute, who, for the purpose of enttetny
and deeelelny. carry on ffvr or sla office., under u many dtffbrem
false names, tel that the afflicted stranrer es- a piny one, 1. sure to
tnwide headlong into the other Ignorant Quack, with en or
utous Ijing r.rtlflr.tci of great and estojmliny cures Dow persona
not to be fcutnl, wbo keep you taking large t-stile, of Licorice Water
and other packages«.» fllthy and worthless compound., cunningly
prepared to impute upon the unfortunate and unsuspecting Trifling
'“unit, after month, or a. long a. the .mallest f-e ran h.. ..m.i,.,
"■ despair. 'care, y„u anh ruined health,to ..ft, over your gall
It l< tht* motive that Induce* Dr. J. tc, ad vert lee. fog ha alone can
cure Jou. To those unacquainted with his reputation, he drums It
necessary to say that hi* credential* or diplomas always hang to his
Mo letters received unless purt-psld, and containing a stamp to be
used for the reply Persons writing should state age, and send that
portion or adrertlaement describing symptoms- ap*1_dig
IM»> > VN A I !»..
CiuNHIGXMEMTH ol Tobacco, Wheal, Corn and other produce
yrrspccthsBy solielled.
I# oBcc on Virginia street, nest to Pry’s corner.
R ho ■'■■I. M«. ■ 1. mh14- ly
B H 1*4 A II tsh I lit II.I.,
UKOKIVR consignments af Tobacco, Kt..ur, Corn. Wheat, Ac ,
and gire their personal attention to sales of the same, and
Veep constantly on hand a large assortment of Groceries, Heeds. Pe
cassi s* u'oavnaa, a w. u'uacusi
K. Il’l.lll Hi ll'S SUMS.
w.-f rirTssarn eraser, msisiss vs.,
Adb-lt consignments „f t tlK.N, W II I: AT, PLOl'R, TOBACCO. Ac.
March IS, I46.
tsiaesa cssv tap viadisit eraser*, suss .so. vt ,
Ur ILl.glre Ms personal sttenthdl b.the sale of WIIKAT. CORN.
TUBACCU, sod all other country produce cousqpied to Ms
«—»_ _apt*
l Wore o/ lice/i n,,r ■ n.f /Vint/fa .frsefs,
WM r HOI.KHA I.R AMU KPTAII. DKAl.FNB In french and Amerl
▼ ▼ can Paper Hangings ; Hailn Datatie* amt liamsst. for »is.
.low Certains; Gimps. Cords and Tassrlt. Cornice.. Band* ami Cia.p..
1 Are ami Muslin curtains j pi,»,r and Talde Oil Cloths; Hair Cloth
and Plush, lor Bofas, Curled Hair, Hofa Hprlngs; Twine; Tacks, Mai
tings. Window Bhadra, best Cnrlod Hair and Hho.-k Matlresaes.
Prather Be.ls; lounge*. Bofa Be,I* , with many «dher srtlrles in ,.ur
line of bus.nesa, all of which Will be sold on the most reaaunat.l.
terms, and Paper Hanging and I'pholalerlng punctually attended t.. I
In (own or roontrf ^ I
MK4B l|l ANTLNk »<••« I ... IHI I
i Liiriiiifi,
rMgllP memlH-rs id the leg stature sn.l strangers v.siting the r.ty,
■ *re requested tn rail at the old r»taN-sl,men! Mo Ip.c.snrr
of Main and Oovevnwv streets, and secure themselves tn outfli for I
the winter, as I he subscriber ha* on hand a large and elegant assort
ment ol Gentlemen's Wearing Apparel, not lo he turpamed hg aay
house In Ihe elty.
As an said wire of the superiority of hit Clothing, he wts swarded
the highest premium (a Blteee Medal) hy Ihe Mechanics' Institute for
He keeps constantly on hand Ihe host of Clothe, Casshneres. Vest
mgs, Ac., with a or ore of superior Workmen He deem. It nnneee*
sary, after a (rial of 14 years Ihe public has had of hi* goods, I.. .si
more .n Ihelr commendation life warrant* all Cb thing he son*>
and rraprcthiMy solicits a rail from Mo old friend, and Ihe awhile
generally Htrellr on llie one price system R. B HPPMCK,
del Mo l*n corner of Main and Governor sts
UriMII. Ill Pllf. We hare determined to opes., la rsm
norlioii with oar prearnl hnslneos, a Wool llrpid, for the
sale of Wool, and have engaged Ihe services of Mr John Water
bowse. Ihe former efgeioni agent of the W.mlon factory m thb
elty HIS attention. If neoessary, wHI ho devoted ea. loalvrlv lo this
AH Wool consigned lo a* will he graded, an that *e- h purchaser
can buy such Wool a* he wants, and not he nmprlbd to bng surf
a* wilt ont answer hr* purpoaes There t* grown m Virginia a sot
Relent quantity of Word. If .'oTtcrnlrated and graded, in stirs-1 the
attention of manufacturer* and dealers to owe market; and we
kope to Mreeed In estaMtshmg a goad market Mr the Wool frees
near home
Poe particular* see oar clecuUra. CRKNBHA W A CO.,
Grocers and Commie-...r, Mer. hauls.
|R Richmond, Va
Mil III) III MIIIM.k. *1* bMs It A lo grom
landing sad Inspecting this morning, tor sale hy
_•••«_WUMBIJI A CLAlfeOk.MP. Mo II pearl*
null KM Mill I
lo4lf Isrkrs. for sale hy 0. J BIMTGM A CO
•«'» Agn of tha Orrwtar taw, 71 MatwM.
g 414141 fmtr « r tnti.g i m %mafam .
■ '“PM P GAR CI'RfD H A MB, for gale
<4 I ONI Ik Mil K <11)11 KM. * tot Ordered BHk
J Mantles, far sals at ear* law pel,-**.
|{""rr|!'V vv'*«*>• Att'mirr at uw and
* *!'■ *•“ rTO",'H «•> M« >MA OC. on
Ln hT. f •*’»»• '*»* &h«»< Hon,. wl »•« ter
r— hU A—»r _ JyW -|r
I ,*:V, A « attorney,* and^c^tnwtIlom
Trt.MLA3i’i*5I * lo “• c-u.t. if R! 1 “Q. lul -h, ur.-vi
•4.H, ' ' C,'”**r4kM *”* O*r«on llth no,.
_.______ Jya*—«ta
■ oif> (.n nni. attiihm v rri »u
tAA'f Pmarlmta Coart Hoaot. V« ^ !_,y
•* *• iRuiutv a • ruhat■
^ 4,1 ^ *f lltltovti, *u*4 «%Ui 4*1A te- j
....nc. ...J in th. C..«rt. o/u« cH, .1 RtchnL * i^ %“J
ZlrCilZZ" “d r^l"*‘ >»Ht. tfc. -u*,.
?*•«• K>- t-u*. i. t V.rrln,.. m.n t,
■ Nuuuns ...cm. \ . O-urt, 4 ekteoteuRahi Luo.o
•L -• I»
.1*25 **• "••««»*, tTIORMl AT Law *mt».,o v.
" ' ’ •••*•**««*
, ,,f Tw. mZt .... - ' -A*
«• ti;r, a,,"^'2;,■/ h
■ *~u>r* “ U'urt» •>* .4 Cll, II, or Ire, H.nvrer.,,1
tut' Ijr
AV ?' M » • *1 •»**►« At I.AW.AtWnRaUw
II^ f o '* •>f W>*rV«tr, TnW, K.1... , HtlllA. Mr.,I l>.a,o
I*... MBr,. Ohhrtetet <>„ Bn , «,
W' n **• BI'KWIii. vir.":\-. vri»„ „
......r.^7N^.VLtlre,‘j^rn.“nttt' * A“AW‘“a- ,"J —
- —_ uaL»4 — ly.
CJ*?mA-ii'ELt: attoknlv at law. iuw.m
^ • *"■ |Wfcrtict III titt Cuurta |.f . L- r.|f 4 D i .
'•» roonttr, „.J M„“ ..r ** »«•
^0*.« ot. UuTr,U.„ «U..t, 4r.„« p y] TmW, | ^ |
•I TVIK,y'p^B,LI,1:'%^uT^ ATT,m>n *r '•"» ANi* N,.
ir 'HciMUth .u«t, IfXwru Mtiu aii.l But. bAJS-Jj
I I * ' 1 • %'ITi)K\P.Y vi a u
UsKsssxnznssr * -~ssisr
AiSis^ssas-" ssuan: ■
_ __M3- \y
\ "'«*» .s v' u%“^A^r..iiJiTo
r ^“vn ^ «*»•
ttZZT' ‘ rr*°kU" C0«»'T. V. ••
4A1, n-rewo ..arena.
Wr • I. I. 1% Tf €- 1C F F * , (Utilv or CcLr«r«
removed |a> Richmond, offi r. hU profe«!»k^7^
--—__will ly
.1 . O •‘'V%KK8:- A™lRNEY AT UW.l.BTiw P. 0
■f OWk^olr i .t*. ‘ Sr*=t** in %ll th, court,'
(c* ly r' j '•**». Srw Sen* »nd Henrico counties.
\V'""« **- Hl\s, ATTORNEV AT LAW .ill
•.VcA^^^L^r0* °fih*or Hoover: h,:.'
JW *J‘lreM. tied, Cottage, H An.,Ter co,, t ». JaJI-Jj
§0 V * ** * K • ATTORNEY AT L*W. Lucmim ,r
dfc* ^ 25Mi ,
Rvaffirv. rxKzsvihsTsssi'
,n.l I, IN, counllss. r CNe.ter«aid. P. whuuo
,**7°*r*in >-•»•«'• budding. corner n • M.iu .cl Mttttgniin
lr«4oo, Urn., -tor, Rlt.if.ARj W ^LOCRNOI^’
9 " -^fOi §«»-;. -The partnership of Hancock A
Cl* ttue collected, And remiu. n.». promptly nude
iff' .:•
** URUAHW AV. vcu. v.iuir
TIL’tfSSCT!: •"" - 'Lr 'lc‘,f‘ a,u^-r -.rieln. mccee
S jsSE
sJS'S srr
—- "___A. A le A. AUIUIW.
H. Stnpi.E.
nrMrSi*^??31, 202 MA,V *T«ra
I1,, f»«y»l»«ty rec.l.lu, frw, •uppl.ee -
■ “ *>u.r bru*»- ChcniicilA. Ac , which |„ o very p.n!cu (Ti
at in parchA.m* from imposters undoubted reputation — \ 1/
He 1. cuuMsntly adding to hi. Alre.djr vny Urge .to, A. ,ud ijL
*’’rr' flr,t h.nd., he » prepared to ell a. low, ,1 Tot
Wrr• 'mo *n? h'-usr in the city.
U" ‘u?;«gt“i tno.t of hU ChemutaiA. .ndc.n therein,, re
,->uituen.i them as pur, .nd wilt.hie for presrrtptku purport.
.P7ire^ta*«d“^“nr'.V' **' ,,n"Z ,ht *** ®^b'- *•> «*«
eerdty J* 8 manner. He . irr.du.te of the Col
.i.l.auJ ms? wV£Tu“ j*? 'J5£?n Pb,,*d*1
khimoAial: « h/r rrferr.nf lo the fullovinf voluntary
.mi Apothecary!* Dile?i/s U.^rTlrf.'# * m.rT'.'Jd
2 “» opinion U. no wperlor .. .n SDoaSoS!. ??1^1?.*^’-*”*'.
VItieri. Medics. Fh.rm.cy .nd Chemlarj being sstenS."” *^*e °*
A tvaks. M. T^,pro*
S'PTr< fcr»« f >» Medical College of Ohio.
"Med Col, of Ohio, M»y U. ioSd '• jyjj
,1“.;^ ,o.;,7,rcT
' of #u,nrorr •> ‘ xhJU
n w.nt cso no. Itaih, greste.i o.,r.u„ by girme 1 .n,.^
--*ul*__i. i» ooodmah
fihlil '***'* '',SH SIETI RF.
r£^,*‘-J«hS« PrswissogTh. Bt>..r, Tbl BIST ALTERATIVE
iStitd Mr rrJhnrinff < #/ fi/1. aU
Uwia Creak P. O , Kansrha C.. . Va. (
Me«r. tr. 8. Base A &•: July ilst, 1>8«
I !*‘-’~1 T**' “* Lh* Ttxr of lss*- »“«kK» »Hh the Scrotals
I , Mme fflTen up M, nec* wi. raw from one
employed mjeri.1 phy.icim,.. All lid na good, until I saw •• Oar•
ror . rT£5 '|1,““rT ' »pnhrn *o t ghly of |.y the r ew.paper.. I
gut . few houle. according tr.dtre. tios, the re.ult I., HUt m.w I
dlaeaar. Yuura, reapc-lfully,
Jr-** bT
Xu* of , „ra„ J#,,,,, „„/ iij* *, {
r|,HV J°"F e*i«b Hahral and aril known le.tHution laaue* the
“»*e*iptb>n of ritka. on a> reao.naldr terma a* ..llier
5? w,th * r»**1 *'»pit»l and aurpltu of *Mo,isw. The H.mrd
,M*r *°"*"> k'■<**■• t.. a lar*e port,„n of the community.t
l«*llu# their meet in** In Una city, where all tones are liberally ml
muran^ pr*"p‘ly l,»‘<*. entitle, it fa, a due .hare of the. public
f*' *° fe» ' bar*e*l for Tire or Marine Rida taken by Una
T' „ - . . DAVID CURRIE, Preaideot.
Ja.i II B-eotrs, Secretary. Jell—IT
_ June ISth, I'M. f
«» r*« »-•—On and after thia date no rharyr will be made for
r\r* ar4 Marine Polkkw ImumI by ikU Company.
By **rvl«r of ilia bi«r«l of lMractor*.
J*. i« r__ *> CrtRII.
H R’•***• *•* > •__,*1* »f
\\’ 1 11 " I
▼ ▼ Blaok Or» J* Rhir*all width*
H«ni1«.'mr low prlrH L*wo»
Plain Cray— Bar*?.-*
Rti«*l in Uiirnt, a largo lol
Pwl««an4 Cambric f<l«ir.|ri an.I Inarrtinga
Lo.Ih^’ an4 OoBCl ItmiR Sblrn
H hair bo nr Skirt*. long and ah-rt Whalrhoor*
Blark Rlaack-Brits Ac. VALENTINS A SON,
__Vaknllur Pqaarr.
""ii. hi.i*i»*. mi dihikv
*■¥•1* uti.lei *iyned la rtifaa* I in the manufarture ,.f Saab,
■ Hlitol* and Door«. of the beat quality .1 material and
n.irkmanabip. at low price* Order* re.peeti.iii. anhcitrd and
promptly rir.-un-d Peranna oeilayln* Saab, III n<|. or doora,
from ma by mail, may real aaaurr.l of *etlln« aa *ood work,
aa moderate prices, and aa prompt attention aa if i*edered
in person. tllayin* done very In*, and any .|naltte of Olaaa
“*»** that may to- drstfnaled Conatantly ,.n hand In by !«, In by
If . 00*1 a hy III Radi played aloo, Rim.la fa, tad the ana*. factory
*0.1 build in* above Ha.all. Mill., Richmond, ft
S'* *:»: r MPM I \U*. Till* PRTARI ISIIM‘NT IR Ni»W
ItPPN, with hanil*, me accommodations Th. near Ralha jiaae
Ctanplefad. are moat apaetotla. r oneentent and rlrtpant contain lit*
Iian.t-.me re eptmn and private drraaln* roomy, all handsomely ear
l*eked and furnished, foe tudh ladlea and *entlemen
I am mylrucle.1 hy lh< otrney* of thla property to .pare no e».r«u
or eupt-trar to make it mm of the moat daauabb summer r.urala in
the mountain.. L NORVRtt.
anil Im
W'*,;R A PH Al l». No. 44, Mam dreet. Richmond, keep
• wrtl —letted t-oftmenl ol HRlMPRIER nytol alln* II
- " eareplrd.l which they *111 aeR at a mull profit ter a.h or ay
1" *-*l «-Hy •• • rptnnrr
Parilcalar attention paid to aalea of Country Pi.uhace.
. ... RfVEHLT J sizm,
i** will.mm t pitarp
KANMIXMV ai tlRHI illtllllM.
yet Oti l.an.t a »o,d aaaortment ,.f Ctrdl.in* amiable tor ike
—•so*, to at,., I, | invite the attention of i.nreha*era aaaiaa then,
laryain. that wilt he to fftele mtored, aa I am anatoaa to ctoae oat I
•art, (node to make ru-m Im ma Pall deck, ahleh I am no* maim '
factor m*. Pltaae caH al No. I f« Main .tread
—* t*M IR* RMITH
H1?, oV ‘?!h ■ F*A « A11R* k V X Ik I Hpt « H
C Al f OXPORD TIER -I bare thla day recited my Taft Ant*
plyof Ihe ahoare Rpterdtd Deem Shore and wattera. of the lateot and
moat approved atylea. far *h,eh Ihe Rehoyaare earnedty Invited
I# rail, aa.urio* them my pricey dmtl hr In*, for the quality
**' No ftSRyead at . Rboekos HIM
7TL H IMHI' I .St I Ol I’ll nl I. I M * * artoua *ra<lea. Any
• 9 aal. hr
It- ItlllM. IIIXIIIIIII I I tIM lilt V ,
f V The n«tl kemlm of Ihte It afttnt n *ttl et eo*rice —pt tlah
I'M for particular. Inquiry of the fret Mean
art c*t ___
St IfkMi* X% k XT* Ik. a younf man atm hay had eon
'deeaM. re pretence >„ tear Inna tee, re , attuetout, either aa
an e adataa’t* an Ararlemy or Mt«h Rrhuol. ar Inatractor in a Ma
thenwaitral and clnaetrnl art. ol , rr* . mmetcl't aa an he enhlh'fed
If necematy, Dem the Pa, uRy *-f Hampdott s dney ruileae Ad*
drew.. a. W T.
set—ta»4*_ ____N_ S Collaae Ta
%■ Ol knat* *.-*1 hhda Soyar ti .aa* M*deaaaa, ante It
hTH aul* Dt'NUlP. MORCl M k 00.
|J M ON n W H I(i.
Ft*-* (*• ]>*«, a grm.' i« .
Th. «uui ugw appro** be* lor the rhetoric*! haul*,*
ol th- platform and tl a dtnuar (able It may ba taken a*
• *gtt ol the «p,c*4i g for* ofgraturlram.tlnetfoii that
"'A only do mo., m.n.1*,* „„ Uu.^ ^ ^
batg, but that numb .a.houi ditnatUnouiefo^fM.
new ot uoaatuucaciea debt, truoi the aruim as --
U. .ook to agrtcuiturai bm.qo*u aod phlUi.Shtopir
rnnfic meeting, for a:t opportunity ot giving ,h,„ —
idea, to the world It uwd hark, b* mid th.t t,,,**
,h'K** •"•»mn«l teUtetn S. A AI.wm. a ,lom.
ft ot speeches from it.., .haui.gm.twhi historian ~ran
>n"“ **• fooked tor about thia time with as much car
lainty aa the Highta of meteor,, whirh vre a puule to
tstronoturr* T».e county ol Durham haa jum twee ,l|u
niimted by a bull.am eotaiMMa The ..... ol .onawr
r.t.re pbikmophy re-pectiog ,he pi.sent -,.te of Kngland
«*««mted, ..hi mua, th. received with ail ,h*
respect .1... to the Idstoeian .d the world general during
the last tilt year*. We have „„.ch dUcd,, „au.ll, *
ieaiu.g With politician, of Sir A AliW- ,-,eed .or JJJ!
jciuu, .« emmenllv propl.etic. While o.!.,, men me o,
lent to IwaU the put «, di-cua. the prurst. the
who Kod Uvour with the country part, are almoal aiwava
rapt into future time within flee tninnte, .tie. (hs com
mencemwtit Of a speech, end portray the delude* ot u. .11
lh* inevitable result, ot our national police, aod th, data
>• oor destruction, or our repentance ul erw, with all th*
unuutenea* ol a popular preacher di-wuminw the Apoc.
vT*' At we cannot prose positively th.t an veer, benca
h...K, will not lie a. the speaker says, ae are obliged to
leave h.n. the victory, which hi, confidence perhaps de
wives, and to I rear with the consriouanea* that to .u .J
*"dl,°[v he m,,*t retumn tar our «nperior iu pl.ifo
w.phical msight,
We may venture, however, to differ from Sir A Aliaoo
uu wiue ol the question, which are within urdinarv keo
Mihlarv and financial **ience are the strong pou.ls ul the
historian ot hurope dutiug the war and si. cehhe ue.ee
lin both theae subjects he is alw.y, ,e,d, with baili.no.
d facta, which lie bring, to hear with vigour on the bew.l
dered tnml.ee, of hb hearer* Who cm,\intend a JLo
md* u"°W«,c **T" RU“‘* •,‘d P'u“*i* ■<><) l'alitorlua,
hJ dV * ,U,‘d- ,nd tht P«feof wheat un.W
the o d Monarchy of hrance, and the change, now tsk.iur
^nKhV^f°*,h* Pt«cio«» metals* Who » not
itartled by the aoleiun “Now attend’’ or “Mark this" with
which be preface* the deep conclusion which he draw*
roro lua vast and varted lore* Can we doubt that ht.
ludtence at Scahsni Imm m. i--i_. , .
xHlfom, went home with the conviction that the? and Eo*
(laud lu general, were "following the atepa o< *»u>0 Ron
; DamlmU treading with her efs. Minded £
precipice . However, we that are far anr fmm^he
*ene m this eloquence, of which only lltl’iaue can
>e pry served by ibe art of tbr icporter, are able to look
.alnily at the facts which the speaker cites in support of
£ warnings. The fine proportion 1a
that Englishmen nearly luiued their countiybTihe un
,p.nog reduction of armaments during So,?, ,
p ace. Now. we cannot wonder that there should bw
nen ready to repeat this cry on ail occasions. Every «„•
rb lb* mc**“W* cb1“« whose selbshoews
d folly the nation baa just expiated—sver v one who
• lain e lor *octal favour horn a narrow aiistorra't«c da**—
,l' rv *ho «“*■ » reputation lor superior wisdom
Z,nnu7?lDf U>.‘Ur*f“~ °P‘U‘U,‘* »' the public, aul
laturally be found anxious to transfer the blame of every
ailu.e to the general policy ol the nation ft „ lo
Z',^7 '!** th*. "Crnt ‘••'"nitle. have beeu brought
tome to the authorities ol the Horse Guard, and their
a, on lea by . body ol evidence sufficient lo co..,,cl ant
rueuder lu the most scrupulous court of criminal mat ice
i “ " J° f'ur^ lh«‘ unkind are able to discern b^
he insolence of certain parries, by their conlusion ol idea*
u. d even b, tl,e„ style, when .be, write, letter or de^
>atcl., how inferior aie their minds and their moral tone
"id how naturally ,he placing of such met, in power must
ead to disasters. There will always be round among it,„
tnatocrary and their liangera on pimple who will striigglw
Iganwt an, body ol testimony, especially if tin- result ia
soeaihlv to be the restoration ot the old mis with increas
'd patronage and powsr. Bui the nation » not to be Je
♦*»ved. || knows wrIJ tlmi the cnaoiiotuv ol 4«t wears w«a
•ot unwise; that the money saved during thar tuue
I*1 ,,,,,rv P*W the expemwa of the war ; that !ba
.•ason why two years ol hoatiliiisa left the country aa
reah arid tugh-spirried as ever was that lightened utt
mu duH^ff many tears ol Peace had allowed a .tev.n-o
iicnt of Industry unknown in the annals of tbs world_
he public also cleaily sees that large armaments during
>eace would have iu no degree bettered our position at the
rulbreak of war. The horrors and calamities would only
iave been more extensive. Twice as many incapable ge
lerals would have allowed twice as many troops to perish.
Double brigades of cavalry on the pisicau ol Sebastopol
would have seen theii horses perish in hall the time —
So ; the event has proved that there would have been no
hing gained by a multiplication ot Aireys sud Lucans._
rhe British army. consisting of 180,1100 men, besides the
itniy of India, is quits large enough for the wanu ol an
aland like ours. The best proof of this is that, with our
jresent experience, there is no intention permanently to
ncrease the number of men bearing arms. Better edu
*atioir, better discipline, a mote bonsai and sair-esi nio
— whs?* n?*' '* «H tanks, are wtat is required
•nthoritiaa brtiitoSjii*?^'?**n bj ,h*
Ur voice ro exiori. ' bUt *“* h*™ U“ ,or “*« P°YU
But Sir A AUs-vu Is nothing will,on, u, Ukuwtoj lacu
It is s measure of his judgment regarding the Tate
when ws bnd him refenng the diss.ier at Cabul and ibe
v, *t‘i *•*' to economy It u now pretty soil con
leased that the inaich into affghamsten was a gins* n.is
tske, but sir A Alison sees in the proceeding only a ia
gi'imate defeuce against an attack ol K.mu. According
t*» nun, «*«* ha«i t£o)ink*ti«»«j our luiiiau army, a<»«J co*»(*e
quer-tli the t xar advanced his coluinna. It was therefore
necessary to occup Oabul Host people have coosnterrd
that Pi send d,.ag. t snd 2b,into rainp-Mlnweis hun
dreds of miles inbr a mountainous country tar Iroiu their
resources, was an art of unpardonable rashness. The
British lotce was cut off, and all the armies of the world
could no. have saved them. Bui Sir A Alison seems to
think that they perished in the Khyber Pass because there
were no other troops in Iadia to assist them. Their fate
has generally been ascribed, not to any peaceful policy
' lHW WBri,If ip»nnci» of <»overi>orv<»ei,«M «u,
wno mre willing lo illustrate the twnu ol iheir pitHtMisc
late bv suite brill iaut achievement; and this is the first
time that the dimeter haa evar been attributed to a British
disarmament. Similar in nnarlty ia the discovery ui Sir
A Alison that the Siltha who opposed us in 184s and
184" were our own Sepoya, disbanded iu a fit ol acanda
lous retrenchment; but any one who ia aware that the
Sikhs were a religion* and military caste, recruited Irotn
the population ol the Punjab, and that Ilia army w* lought
«aa the army of Runjeet Singh, which he spent hia Til*
in creating, and disciplined by means of Vsulora, Avila
bil*, aimI other Europniw, will h«* Able to AppreciAl* th*
accuracy of Sir A. Alison’s facts.
We must now turn to his finance. "The neat point,"
aay* the speaker, to which I desire to direct your atten
tion is the immense alteiation in the value ol money,
“ ri'e price o( every article of life, in conae qnence
"ol the gold discoveries in California and Australia."
Now, this is the only way Sir A. Alison and hia partv hava
to account tor tlie fact that we are isd all ruined by pro
tection, as he has over and over again predicted. Hu
therefore stands to the theory manlully. But, however
Sealiam receives it, it will hardly he accepted by Uie work),
indeed, the auipristng lact connected with these iiaroveriea
is. that they have made as vet very little difference in tho
value of gold. It seems to be all absorbed by the growing
commerce of the world. France, which a lew year* since
had only her 3 franc piece*, is now coining Napoleons by
the million ; America is substituting gold pieces lor paper,
India takes monthly enormous quantities of bullion, which'
never vt-em lo return. This process is likely to continua
A* ,u ,h* ’*** of Price#, It is qmte a delusion.
W heal Ml 10*. a quarter last Friday, and is now ala price
which Protectionists used to consular ruh..iusiy tow ; b<Mn
the report of the Metropolitan Cattle Market we find that
beef is cheaper than at the same period ol two preceeding
years, and other kinds ol meal are neaily at the same
price as this time last year On the whole, we would ad
vise Sir A. Alison to pursue the more philosophical pro
ce«* of founding his tlieoiie* on facts, instead of making
theories and then squaring farts to fit them In hia pres
ent speech he offends unite than usually by warping histo
ry to suppoft In* notions on matter* shich it would
seem even long study does not enable him lo umleratsnd.
” he is to stand out as the philosopher of the Conserve
tire cause, it will indeed lie a long time before it recover#
the sympathise of the country.
rl I M* in HI H till Most f|w
Rrwovrn john » tri riv s.
veS Ms Farnltar. Wsremoatt to ifcai well known
, I.) . oRsmivN H U.I., II,. „M U*n I _ _
•I itorar* Joi.es a Potts,i kiln street, epiar# above th* *s„v, ~
M* •e.o m.r. ».r,-r»R* h„
mUMlAed Mn~.lt in S lar«. t«. tor r . *Mrt «lv.. Mm to. Mtod l« ,
mtos, end silk stork he M aahm prensrrd iur.i »* *• «.,< toil
Hrles of F.irunur. loor.tor Is sddTlM.it lo tils. to Is ..
m*out»<luring evvrj snt. I. In th. Fnrniiar* Ho., arel *141 keen a
ekete. and we* arrange I s~r.rvm.ni ofsek dykes and unaiiinu as
k^tnew* see adaimsi o. th. varies a sets ami lasvea .1 Ik. pan
Thanking a yenernes ...tamunliy for die liberal yalrnne*. tortoa
•j* bedewed, h. rrspec'MIr aaboMa a -nnUnnio.., and nto-toae
klataaH that nothin* -hall to Wants* la Marian tot pari is reetol
aiel vntlr* iaii.fa.-i. n
n»«eiVaTsn"^',,.,,'*,*"s*iT'* hl* T*'**«' aHeaua* lo Ito t'g
***** •* •* 100*1 W>t silk -Me
vain- *•>■ »l Cam*, Mahogany awd r.d**r Mina, Kurial Vit
•* rr|tatw*v* tor town Is. Orton Ml at -«*.
nlhlan Mall" wilt awat sub *r.-m*4 titration. as**- ly
■ '••• It I.. I as la rav.pt »r ito fall toakk.a of —
Hit. Brat li*. In *M. k I tooto .sept -llullr srlla fhv^^B
iilrnto-n at ikr pttMie AR
_*u’* _ _________ *?•* nMfw.
%V»INIIV«,RNtSk IVIHNnviuU mi.On.
Fende.v Flrr troai, Rhovrto sod Tan*., f „ia>. ,.4 f ,,
stand s. la. .1 kt.nato la.-rs p. Ms., 10 daaaiuk. kv
H* _ riwsTRw. >
w * ■TEHi.-d kav« mi* -e kawd a awl tot » at •# Jo
“ w - r - - ■—wkerparv and *sr
ohas.es wu.ua* theas guadt * V da **U I* Shit,a* «* ,a
*l amuaiua

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