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Vaporing of the Opposition.
Under this caption the Richmond Enquirer of
yesterday nukes itself supremely ridiculous. It ap
pears to be entirely beside itself. Its ideas are hor
ribly contused, and its calculations arc deploiahle. —
For instance, it claims Kentucky for Buchanan, when
no candid or reasonable man anywhere in the United
States dreams ol the happening of any such event.
The simple lact that men will not “hazard a cent”
on an election, is no proof that they do not believe
in the statements and predictions they make. Not
at all. On the contrary, the best and most prudent
men in the world are precisely those in whose judg
ment and conscience bettiug is a mighty impropriety
_, „jn There are others who, having no scruples
about gambling, have not the money to carry out
their notions and sustain their belief The mere cir
cumstance, therefore, that gentlemen will not "ha
aard a cent” on the result of the election, amounts to
nothing like evidence that they do not have full and
complete faith in their calculations.
Despite the miserable “vaporing’’of the Enquirer,
me are of the frank and honest opinion that Bucha
nan stands no chance in the present contest, and that
Mr. Fillmore’s prospects are not only bright and
brightening, but that they indicate his certain tri
\Ve arr not one of those who claim Virginia
for Fillmore; but we do claim enough Sutes, North
and South, to elect him. Whatever may he said
about New York, we have no doubt that it will cast
iU vote for Millard Fillmore. None in the world.—
The pretended re-uuiou of the llards and Stiffs is a
cheat and a humbug These two factions are as lar
apart now as they were twelve months ago. And
nothing on earth can ever make them harmonise ai d
art together effectively. The Empire State of the
North, therefore, is as sure for Fillmore as ff the
election were over and the contest decided in his fs -
vor. No sane man preteuds that New York will give
its vote to Buchanan. If Fillmore fails to carry it,
Fremont will succeed, sure.
In a word, there is not a single Northern Sute
which any friend of Buchanan ran claim for him w ith
any degree of contidence. Not one. II e show*cd, in
our article on Saturday, that the most thorough and
uniform Democratic Stales of the North have aban
doned the Democracy, and given in their adhesion to
Fremont. And il the most overwhelming Democra
tic Sutes refuse to vote for Buchanan, how can any
reasonable man suppose that those Sutes not Demo
cratic, or that those which have heretofore been
Whig or American, will susUin him » The truth is
Buchanan is a dead cock in the pit. His chances ol
election arc desperate beyond description. Nothing
in tlie world can save him. lie can neither be elect
ed bv the people, nor can he succeed if the election
is transferred to the House of ReprcsenUtives.
We believe that if the friends and supporters of
Fillmore will wa?e the contest with that spirit and
energy which becomes them, his triumph is "vot lh
the least a matter of doubt. He can scarcely fail to
IJ Ol ivn b'sulivrn Add ht
will carry New Yoi k, New Jersey, Ma-sachusctt-,
and several other Xurthern States, we have bar ily
the shadow of doubt. His election, therefore, is a
certain, “tixed fact,” if the South will rally to hi
support, and not waste its strength upon Buchanan,
a man who is virtually not in the field.
We make the prediction now that the Democracx
will be utterly overwhelmed, as in Iowa, in all tlu
Northern States in the forthcoming elections. In
Illinois, Richardson will be beaten out of sight, and
Bissel—the Black Republican candidate—will be
made Governor hy a decisive and tremei'*1 ’,,s ,u:,‘
jority. And so, also, in a'1 **• other Northern
States where the /-—• >.esl is merely between the De
mocrs-T and the “Opposition."
We entreat the Enquirer, therefore, to abandon
its senseless, “idle bravado.” The honest and indt
pendent voters of the country, North and South, are
beginning to open their eyes, and to appreciate the
necessity of uniting upon Fillmore, if they would
preserve the institutions and the liberties of the Re
public, To patriots of all parties and all sections
mt make a sincere aud earnest zi|i|n*al to buckle oti !
their armors, anti go forth to the conflict with a tic
termination never to aubttiH or yield; but with »
full and vigorous purpose to place Mii.laho Kill—
gnat—a true anti tested national man—in the Presi
dential chair. Anti then the whole country will he
relieved of its troubles, anti ma le peaceful, prospci
ous anti happy.
Sa* Kr a si-1 wo, Cal., Aug., I H',0.
K litnr nf Ikr Kickin',nH Whig —All intense desire to
eee public opinion in the Atlantic Slates properly regula
ted, and influenced only by truth slid right, has induced
tne to addreaa you at this time. In the midst of a com
munity nf madmen, I feel myself untainted, and will at
tempt as Calm and dispassionate a statement of facts as
will be consistent with truth. It will be difficult for you
or your readers to bcliere that a portion of your own
country—a sovereign State—ouo ol the thirty-one stars
enfolded within the glorious stripes of freedom—should
be for two months over-ruled and down trodden by a civil
and military despotism unsurpassed in the civilized world.
The Vigilance Committee ol San Francisco i* a monster,
styled by some a mob, but wor-e in all its features. It i*
the deformed and hideous progeny of murder and treason,
aud it a creature worthy of its origin. Picture to your
self three thousand men under arms, pervaded and in
spired with a bloo lv sentiment of vengeance—every man
a Cain—and every man glorying In his brand. Here wa
ttle -niili-idimem of that genius of crime which has made
California a hissing and a by word for the nations. Here
was the prompting heart and the uplifted hand which
have already saturated this soil with blood, and which are
now attempting to legalize treason and to christianize
murder. Look -in theae dark masses and you behold tilt
very dreg* and ofT-seouriiig of the earth—these arinrel
men assuming the name of "best and purest citizens” art
the saim- who in year* past have made scores of widow*
and orphans and desolate households in distent land*.—
Hundreds of them *re foreigners, dissatisfied with every
thing, longing for change, and eager to shod blood. Ain!
an American uniat have been leas than a man to see low
French anJ Ocrniana and Jew* co-operating with the liai
toroua committee in subverting the laws of the Slate —
The "post of honor” in front of the jail from which tin
prisoners were taken was awarded to the French. Thr
man who was bold enteigh to offer three cheers for thr
Constitution of the United State* and the State of Cali
fornia, gave offence to the Herman portion of the nod
committee, and wa* dragged hand cuffed through tin
afreets sod plunged into the dungeon* of this modern in
tuit# lion. To enumerate the systematic infringement)
tipon th* personal right* and ordinary muniments of tlx
American citizen, would l>e lo fill yoar column# with s(
startling an array of fact# that you would almost doubt thr
veracity of your correspondent. It la now siz week
since the lion Ifavid 8. Terry, Judge of the Suprenn
Court of California, wa* arrested in the streets for atabbi>-|
a man In aril-defence, and thrown Into a cell where hestil
remain*. He i* declared inniicsinl by hi* aelf-constilutes
judges, but the outside pressure is so strongly in favor o
blntrl (hat it will be almost impossible to release him, foi
fear that ha will fall a victim to the violence of the mob
Banishment will perhaps be hia fate ; liuf a* yet their *e
crets in regard to him are impenetrable. What is in In
||m end of all this, noons ran conjecture. A fr» Iru
men are fn California, who have Imldly advocated law am
Order in opposition to lawleaaneaa and insurrection flu
their number* are Insignificant as compared with the over
whelming majority of ihe mob ; and they have been hr
frayrj and robbed unfit their condition is pitiable Th)
firm step of the mob wa# to get possession ol all Ibe anui
and ammunition In the rltv, and • nbaequciilly they havi
Crtired pirary on the high seas by capturing the alnnp
ring the arms of the Stale They have erected a fur
tree* in the heart of San Francleco—their cavalrv and in
fantry parade oursleeet* by day and bv night—their pn
Nee enter and aeirrh private residences U> find victim*#m
subject* fnv hanging—their money buy* the printini
Kraeasa their million* intercept private letter* and pub
ah them, glorying in th# sncccasfhl detection of "a plot
to rearue /edge Terry. They have become an artogan
aflat their triumph over the State autl.oritlea that the'
fuar nothing from the Federal Hovernnient. fthowld ih
ProMrnl turn a de*f ear to the appeal of tba law.alii
ding portion i,l CeNfortda, Ihe eon*eqoi-ne.-s will Ire lr«
irfrite to b# thought ot f tr#»nit»|«* to fffl rt npnii tin
whole-ale eteaiitiona, and Ihe mas-aer.- of nnproicct-i
human being*, which will anaue Wa Hv* on Ih* bop
that Qan. Plate* will quell thia tremendous Inmirreetl—
that ha • ill at hast (it* ua arms and means to defend our
woomo and children—la short, that ha will Maintain tha
sovereignty of tha A Mari can Constitution, and properly
punish tha traitorona wretches who have attempted to
rears new government of their own upon tha tuiua of that
honored instrument which was purchased by the blood of
patriots and aagea and heroes.
For (As Ktckmond ll'Asy.
Having seen the name of the distinguished gentleman,
whose name appears at the head ol this article, pieaented
to the voter* of the 16th Senatorial District, in the Whig
of lb* 26th Inst., as a suitable person to succeed Mr. Ro.
Saunders in the Senate, we cannot withhold an expression
of approval from one ol such deserved popularity and one
so eminently qualified to fill so important a trust. Our
acquaintance with Col. Crump haa licen long and ol the
most intimate and amicable character, and authorizes us
in saying, ahould he be the standard-bearer of tha Whig
and American patties, he will be elected over his antago
nist (should he have one) by a tremendous majority, tie
is not s-ipercillious, but unassuming iu hla deportment,
yet dignified in hi* bearing, possessing an intellect brilliant
and penetrating ; all ol these rare attainments, to
gether with many noble qualities, must itievitablv ensure
his election. Col. Crump haa always been a sterling
Whig and exceedingly loyal to his party and principles,
hr which he has won an urn-easing fame. He was nerer
known to aweive Irom his party or to he biassed by any
personal considerations in an election, when his political
aantimeuta were to be sacrificed. In the event of the
election of Itols rt Saunders, Ksq., to Congress, and there
should be a convention held lor the purpose ol making a
nomination, and should Col ('rump be the recipient of
that nomination, we leel confident that he will buckle on
his armor and canvass the district thoroughly, and lead th*
Whig and American parties to a glorious victorv.
Kdilort of tkr ll'Aiy?
Oxxtlemex :—We beg leave, through the column* of
your paper, to present the name of Col Edward li. I'rutnp,
ol New Kent county, to the consideration of the people
ol the 16th Senatorial District, as a suitable person to re
present this district in the Senate of Virginia, in tha place
ol Robert Saunders, Esq., should the latter gentleman lx*
elee'ed to Congres*. In presenting Col. Crump we feel
assured that we could not bring forward a gentleman more
distinguished for his devotion to the old Whig and Araer
icin parties, nor more zealous in hi* advocacv ol those
great principles which hare cemented the Whig and
Amarican parties into one holy allianco, to battle against
thoas evils which misrule and waned patriotism has en
gendered, modest yet firm, unostentatious yet effective.—
Col. Crump, although not filling a large place in the pub
lic, from hi* own choice, we must say well deserves, for
ilia industry, talents and undying devotion to principle,
adoption by the party for this important post. W’e be
lieve, for his personal character, he is so endeared to the
people of the county in which he resides, he will carry
every vote without distinction ol party. We cordiallv
recommend Col. Crump to the consideration of the voter*
of the district HAMPTON.
From Ik* Staunton Tru* Alurriran.
We regret that we hare not lime and space to notice
the grand rally of the American party as we should like,
and as, under other, circumstances, we would do. Before
nine o'clock on Thursday morning, our streets were crow,
ded, though the sky was overcast with clouds and the day
promised to be unfavorable. Aboat 1 is o'clock, under tin
command ol the Chiel Marshal, Jno. D. Imboden, E-q.,
and his ai ls, the procession was formed on Main street.
The Churcbville Band, discoursing stirring music, formed
the head ol the procession. There were several banners,
having patriotic sentiments inscribed upon them, as well
as ths names ol Fillmore and Dotirlson, borne aloft in the
piocecaioo. The procession marched around a portion of
the town reached the grore near the American Hotel,
where preparations had beeu made for the occasion, at
abvut 11 o'clock. It is supposed that there were about
two thousand gentlemen, and about fire hundred ladies in
Jno D Imboden, Esq . moved that the meeting lie or
ganized by the eleclion of Hou. A. II. H. Stuart, a- Pm
ulrnt, and Messrs. Win. Kinney, Sain’l Clarke, L. Wad
dell, *r , A. J. Garber, Thornton Berry, Jno. McCue, Jno.
B Baldwin, N. Massie, J. B. Trimble, A. R. Givens, J. M
McCue, Dr. J. Hanger, J. Smith and J. McCoy, a* Fire
Prrtidrxtt, which nominations were unanimously adopted
by the meeting.
Mr. Stuart then arose and addressed the meeting sub
stantially ns follows:
I thank yon for the honor you have done me by calling
on me to preside over the deliberation* of tills large and
intelligent assembly. I rejoice to witness such an out
pouring of the patriotic citizens of Augusta. It Augms
well for the peace and prosperity of the country. It piove
tliat the people are alive to the importance of the crisi
in our public affairs. It shows that they appreciate tin
sentiment that "tin- price of liberty is eternal vigilance."
It proves that they understand the value ol the priceless
isliwituieii that thojr have derived from their fathers, ami
that they are determined to stand by the Constitution anil
the I'nion. It proves that they have adopted as their
motto tin- patriotic sentiment uf the great defender of the
Constitution, “Liberty and Union, now and lorevei, om
and inseparable." It prove* that the people of Augusts
are the worthy descendants of that heioic band of moun
taineers to whom Washington looked in the darkest lioun
of the revolution as the men who would rally round him
hi the last sttugged for liberty, and raise up their bleeding
country from the dust and set her free.
We have, fellow-citizens, fallen on evil times. Discord
prevail* throughout e** borders. The spirit of sectionsi
uni, against -nrch the father of his country affectionately
and r—phetieally wanted us, has spread its baneful influ
ences over the country, and the most hopeful are now con
-trained to admit that our Cnion and all the countless
blessings which flow from it are in danger.
We have met together U) deliberate »- *fte best
uieans ol averting thou- evils. To deoi-1* * i.-elf we rnu-t
trace the cause* which have broniybi them upon us. \\
'Iiu.1t, witli impartial and patriotic hearts, ezplore tin
•ources of the uiin-hi-' before we can successfully appl>
the remedy.
When Millard Fillmore left the Presidential chair the
country was contended am) hippy. Tiie spirit of faction
which was rife in the country when he assumed the rein*,
bad been quelled, and peace and plenty blessed our coun
try. The rlaveiy agitation had lieen quirted—fraternal
leeling bad b-en restored to our people, and both parlic
by solemn pledges tviund themselves not to renew it.
almost by acclamation. Tweuti-eeven Stit-*s of this Union
united to place lull) in tbe Presidential eliair, and the pen
| pie •elected lor their representatives in Oongres a body ol
men. taro-thirds of *11010 were pledged to sustain bis ad
Three years have passed away, and what do we not Ire
hold? The whole aspect ol affairs has lieen changed.—
Every pledge given by the victorious party has Ireen viola'
ted. Compromises, which were the work of Monroe anti
Clay, and Calhoun and I'rawford and Pinckney and thi
great leaders ol the Kepublican party—compromise!
which Mr. Uuchanaii declared had almo-t tlie sanctity of 1
constitutional provision, have Ireen broken up—tire Sort!
and the South have been alienated—tho spirit of discon
has Ireen let loose—the counsels of Washington havi
Ireen derided and despised—the tramp of armed inen h
heard on our fronli.-ri, and the roar ol artillery and thi
sharp crack of the rifle, discharged in fratricidal strife, ad
monish us of the danger which threatens our national re
Under these circumstance, we have met to take counci
together, and to decide whirl measures me to le sdoptei
Ur restore peace, and harmony, ami prosperity to our dia
traded country.
We have called into our family council, altlr, eiperien
erd anil distinguished men, Ur give ua tlie benefit of thei
advice. Some of them are now here, and others are e«
peeled during the day. They will speak to you on thes
great topics—give Ur them a candid hearing. Hearken t
their admonitions, and then, invoking the assistance c
Him who has hitherUi vouchsafed to guard and proter
our country in all its trials and dangers, decide for yum
selves what course it is your duty to pursue in the preset!
I now have tlie pleasure of introducing to you a get
iletnan who has served his country with distingulshe
ability ill the Slate and national legislatures, and in a d
plumatic capacity at various foreign eourls. Although
iron-iesident of our county, he ia not a stranger In old Ai
gusts. He lias been amongst us before, and I doubt nr
that the recollection of the brilliant display made by bin
on a former occasion, of talents, patriotism and dequeue
is still cherished in the hearts of our people. I have III
honor to picsenl to you John H. Pendleton, of Culpepe
lino Jno 8 Pendleton then arose and delivered an abl
address, in which be gave tlie Democracy some sever
thrusts with his keen sword, which he wields, with ski
and efficiency. He spoke as a Whig, who had never lies
connected vith the American party, but as a Whig wh
would not allow a foreigner to vote if he bred here a hnr
dred anil fifty years. For the want of apaeo we are pr<
vented from giving even a sketch of the able speeches di
I vered on the occasion. At the conclusion of Mr. f’eridl
ton's addrese, the meeting was suspended temporarily thi
those present might partake of the refresh menu of a mi
lerisl and substantial character which had been so bonnt
folly provided by nor generous and liberal ritlxena, an
which fill-'I a Uble three hundred feet in h ngth
When the no-eting ro assembled, Hugh W Shcffe
F.*q , in the absence of the President who could not I
piesxnt, introduced James F. Etrother, Erq., of Cotpepc
to the audience Mr. Htrother delivered an able, intere
ting, and augmentative addrese, in which he exposed If
1 ineompeteney of the Demneratic party to control sucres
fully liir ffuvrrnmetii of the country, lie, as did Pendl
ton. sliow. d that the hope of the rotintiy, the preeervatic
of the Union, ami the perpetuation of free institutions re
ted upon the election of Millard Fillmore.
After Mr 8trotlier had concluded. Wo*. Kinney, Eaq
introduced pi the audience IfenJ II. Magrudsr, Esq , 1
Albemarle, who delivered a stirring and Intereslfn
epteeh, which wa« frequently and rapturously applaudei
1 During the delivery of Mr Magruder’s a hires", ffoi
Inn. Minor Bolts appeared upon the stand—having arrive
1 in the evening train. As *oon as hi" preaence was ol
•etved, the audience manifested their pleasure by chee
At the conclusion nf Mr. Msgriider's happy epeecl
I Wm Kinney, F.sq , eihorled those present to come bar
! on the morrosr — Friday—and enjoy the rich repast thi
, **" **' afore for them Ife seemed to be fired up like a
old war boras at the sound of Ihs bugle, and said ha fel
l as he did in 18 to—and hoped that 1 similar triumph wool
' erown the efforts of patriots.
1 J110 fi Imboden, F.-q , thrn announce I that forch-llgh
pror.-ssioit wo old be formed In lost of the font! IJous
• at night, ami (list the distinguished speakers in attendant)
' might expect to he called upon lor speeches ahereve
I found.
1 Thus was paassd Thursday, the first day of the Araerl
eu Rally. Nothing occurred to mar the pleaeore of the
About 8 o'clock at night a torch.light procreel on. with
a Baud oi Music in the van, waa homed in front of the
Court House. As there was but a few hour's notice giren
the number of torches waa not so great aa It should hare
been for s procession of such else. There must hare been
not tees than nine hundred or a thousand persons in it.—
After matching around a portion ol the (own, the proces
sion halted before the Virginia Hotel and called loudlr lor
Botta Be appeared and excused himself upon the ground
that if he spoke then he would not be able to speak the
next day as had been announced, as he waa ret hoarse
from the speech delired by him a aliort timesineein Rich
Loud calls wens then made upon Magruder, who present
ed himself and delired quite an appropriate speech. The
procession then wended Its way to the residence of Uon.
A. H. H. Stuart, who, notwithstanding his feeble state ol
health, appeared and delirered a cheering, appropriate
and eloquent address. It then proceeded to the leeidcnco
of Win. Kinney, Kaq , who, being called lor, made hia a|r
pearance and gsre expression fo some eery appropriate
and encouraging remark*. The nsine of Porter Held Kin
ney was then loudly called, when he presented himself
and delivered ill good style a short address in which he
annunciated patriotic .iMrrirdM sentiment* which met
with a heartfelt response in hi* bosoms of the tneinlrers of
the processioo. Thg procession then marched to the Vir
ginia Hotel, gave three cheers for Killmoro and Dooelsou,
and amounted. There has never been, on any former oc
casion, such • luauileetation of enthusiasm iu this place.
Kkiuay—2nd l).*r.
At eleven o'clock, the crowd having again aaaemtded in
the grove, Hon. Alex. II. H. Stuart ititnrduced the Hon.
Jno. Minor Bolt* to the audience. Its deliverer I an able
and eloquent speech—yea, a |>owerful, overwhelming,
crushing speech, which embraced the whole historr of fa-d
eral legislation upon the Slavery question, and was a
complete exposure ol the dangerous puiicr of the Demo
cratic party, and the disunion motives which impelled its
leaders and controllers. Ilo spoke for the space of three
hours and a half during the whole of which time he had
the fixed attention ot the hundreds who had assembled to
hear him.
As we are just going to press, we have no time togivs
a sketch ol his speech, which we very much regret.
At the conclusion of his speech, Jno D. Imboden, Ksq ,
on behslt of Miss Mary L. Sr belt, a lady of this county,
presented a large and hamlaonie bovuet to Mr. Holts —
The remarks ol Mr. Imboden m prercntiog it were chaste
and appropriate, and those of Mr. Bella in accepting if
were In the highest degree happy and wiuv—they both
paid a just tribute to the worth of woman. 1*110 following
Is a copy of the uotu accompanying the bouquet :
Like View, Augustat'o., Va.
I present this boquet to Hon. Jno. Minor Hoti*, a son ol
Virginia, a Inond ol the Constitution, a strong link in the
chain ol the Union, a star in the Eastern Hemisphere—
may hie light grow brighter and brighter until the mid
night ol disunionism is driven trout our Laud. May he
prune a bud from the tree of liberty, and eograft it in the
heart.* of his countrymen ill bis Inaugural Address 1881.
Rsapec (fully,
August 28th, 185(5.
Alter these pleasant ceremonies, Mr. Imboden announ
ced that important business in the Extra Session of Con
gress had prevented Hon. Henry Winter Davis from br
ine lira-sent sraai llast sickaaess iai his faaaailv had raaaseil ah**
absence of Hon. Thun. S. Flournoy, iu consequence ol
whicli the pur|>o*e to continue the meeting on Saturday
was abandoned.
This inei ting, take it all in all, waa a very happy and
successful one, and we hope the result at the polls will show
that it was not held in vain. We regret that we hare not
the space U> say more at this time.
WssiiiNoros, August 30.
On motion ot Mi Clay a resolution was adopted requi
ring the Secretary of the Interior to report at the next
session the amount required to pay the allowances pro
posed by the House bill providing for the settlement of
the claims of the officers of the Revolutionary army and
of the aidowa and children of those who died in the ser
Mr. Houston said that although he had taken very little
part in the discussions whicli had been indulged in the
Senate recently, he had not been an inattentive or uncon
cerned listener, lie haJ seen ten years' service in thc
Senate and thirty years ago was in the public councile ol
the country, but during the whole lime of his aeivice he
had not seen a crisis like the pr eent. portending such
evils to the peace and even thieatcniiig the perpetuity of
this tvpuldic. He said he wished it were in his power to
cist oil on the troubled waters; and he would rejoice to
see senators co-operating in a different work Ilian eia-pe
rating the irritated feelings of the Noitli and South. The
• lines were sadly out of joiut, and there must be some oc
rirlon for it. There must be some latent disc as • that te
quiied a temedy, and lie would therefore go back and in
quirt* what was the root of the evil. He deemed that he
had found the Pandora's box trom whence all the *11111001.
ties had or ginated ill the repeal of the Missouri Couipro
uiisc. Before that fatal step waa taken, all waa tranquili
ty and peace, but since that time all has been discord and
contention, bloodshed and strife.
Tins result had been predicted by him at the time, but
he Imped these evils might be brought to a termination
without any leartul disaster to the Cnion. He hoped ami
•elievrd that the wisdom ot the American people would
yet devise soino remedy for these troubles, which he
thought had ail sprung ttoin the ambitious views of indi
viduals, and he tru-leu that Piovidcuce whicli had guided
this nation through many perils in days past, had yet rich
blessings in store to lavish upon us. If the Missouri Com
promise coulJ be repealed, after having been regarded —*
a Sacred compact for the third of a century, wht "ot
■ he orgmic act be repealed also, and were * u °*
tiie territorial legislature, which wer ln Pur*u*nce
of that organic act. likewise T'"w '*»<<
been juttlt styled s die.*-,—’th* •I,J "“E1*1 1,01 *°
Iu* S',rt re.^ ,“•« ‘tatute b*mk.
H„ pros ed-''*'* *° di-Hne his political position. He was
retired *•* * Jacksonian Democrat, but he was now a iuem
-wt- iif the Native American party; and he took this occa
sion to defend their principles. He said that they warred
against no .sect, but against the union of church ami State,
which -vis dangerous to liberty and to the constitution.—
lie would not disturb a pagan or an idolater in the exer
cise of his religious opinions; but when he saw every art
iHi'Ic use ol to pul down prntestanisui, and to establish
popery, he loll that it was the duty of all who were in fa
vor of fre ' religion and an open Bible to place themselves
on the defensive, and use all their etlorts to thwart these
j—mticul designs.
Mr. (’lay inquired whether the American party were in
favor of the restoration of the Missouri Compromise’
Mr. Houston said (hat as a party they deprecated all
agitation that threatened the peace of the country. He
believed that there were insuperable objections to the re
storation now, but he would give halfol all lie possessed i
to the repeal ol tlie compromise. Uia cardinal principle
waa that the Union must and shall be preserved, and il hr
were to hear a man ol the party to which he tx-longad tit
ter a word against thia Union, although three score yean
might have somewhat relaxed the vigor ol his Irame, lit
would knock him down forthwith.
Mr. Crittenden's bill to amend the tel to organize tin
Territories of Nebraska and Kansas was laid outlie tabli
yeas 22, u«ya 11.
The new army bill having Wen received from tin
Uouao, Mr. Uunler moved to strike out the Kansas ptoviu
which was agreed to—yeas 20, nays 7—and tile bill wit
then passed.
After a reeeaa, tha Senate considered the resolution it
reference to the compensation of its employees, and olhe
private business.
A vote of thinks to the Prraidoulpro tern, was untiii
inously adopted, and the usual eomuiitte • waa appoint.u
| to waitoti the President, informing him that longrea
waa ready to adjourn.
The Senate having lieen informed of the concurrence o
the House in th' amendment to the army bill, anil tin
committee to wait on the President having reported tha
r the President had no further communication to make, a
half past three o’clock, adjourned viner/ie.
J In the House to day Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, by leave re
ported from the ways and meant committee another arm;
1 appropriation bill, with the following proviso, viz;
Provided, That no part of the military of the Unite.
1 States, for the support of which appropriations aru rna.l
bv this set, shall be employrd in aid of the enforcetaen
" of auv enactment of the body claiming to lie the Terriui
rial legislature of Kansu*.
Mr CsrnpWII, of Ohio, moving to put il on ita passage
* deinsiiding the previous question on its third reading.
Mr Cobh, of Ga.. appealed to him to withdraw that dr
I maud, in order tliat he might test the sense of the lloua
* on the proviso by moving to strike it out.
Mr. Haris, of Md., also asked a withdrawal ofthede
* inand for the previous question, to enable him to subml
r an amendatory proposition.
But Mr. Campbell dectining, Mr. Stephens moved a cil
* of the House; ordered—yea* 97, nay* 94.
So the clerk went on to call the Houae, *nd 198 tnem
" bers answered to their i.anies.
" Mr. Stephens, of Georgia, moved to dispense with th
further proceedings under the call, and demanded the yea
and naya on that motion.
The mine* of the absentee* were then called, and ei
’ plsnstinn nl, wii.l excuse on their behalf were given,
II The hill was then passed as originally reported—yea
I' 99, n*ys 77.
On motion of Mr. Benson, the House took up and pan
' sed the two Senate joint resolutions authorizing the arre|
tance of gold medals by Surgeons Wnlismson and Han
’• son from the Emperor of Prance, by f.ieiil. Maury froi
*' the Kings of Prussia and Hollsud, and from themeu ; an
'• by Professor Aleiander It. Ilache from the King of Sw.
u den.
*■ A message waa received from the Senate returning th
army bill with an amendment striking out the proviso
■' The question was taken on agreeing to thst smeiidmer
" and determined in the affirmative—yea* 101, naya 97.
*■ The House then pss.ed the joint resolution of the Set
ate permitting fhr. Kane and the officer* s->soci*led wit
* him in hi* eipedilion to the Arctic Ocean to a<-c.-pt n
" ken* r.f regard from the British government ; ami ah
* passed the Senate bill Axing th# time for holding, in Del
ware, an election for a Representative* in Congress
Mr. Whitney marie a fiititleea attempt to introduce
’’ hill to repeal certain obnoxious laws nf Kansas, and to *
*■ cure the people In tho tenltory In the possession of the
Mr Grow Introduced a resolution fnr the dismissal <
'• the ptura entinns for treason and other poMtieal ofT.mc.
* In Kill's* Mo question sat tskan upon it, other matte
1 and questions Intervening
1 A message was received from th# Prrfldent Informir
j the House that he had approved and signed tha anr
1 hill
The Honae then acting in concert with the Senate, i
! ** n rloek, adjourned tine Sit.
i Post Ornrv Arraiaa.—The post ofliee at Crack Whi|
r Hardy county, has been discontinued Joseph G Hsrnue
has been appoin'ed po*tms>ter at Junction Store, Boh
* toort oounty. vica J. M. Jones, resigned.
W amusuto*. August SO.—Messrs. IItaU, Am* and
Daniel^ appointed by the National Kanaaa Oommltto* to
oooler with the Preeident on the affairs of Kanaaa. had an
Interview with blot to-day. They report that the Preet
dent justified hi* setter*] poke*; expressed hit hellrI that
If the inhabitant* had been more anxious for peace, and
leaa about their inatitutioiut, there would bare been no
double. He does not believe, according to those gentle
men, that the state of thing* In Kanaaa t* auch a* prevent*
lb* dispensation of justice iu courts, ears that the posses
Mon of arm* is a constitutional right of all American Htlvens
and plmlgea himsell that invasions of the territory shall be
prevented, com* Iroot whatever quarter they may ; de
clare* emphatically that the actual settlers ahail have a lair
election, though it shall require the whole lore* ol the go
rrrtunent to secure it; ripirwrt hla deteruiination to en
force the territorial lews, and lie has no power to protect
emigrant* on their w*v to the territory, and that they
must rely upon the civil authorities. Such are the repre
sentations of the committee.
Cot-t'MaiA, R. 0., Aug. ii*.—There waa a large meeting
here to-night to welcome Hon. l'rvelon S. Brooks. The
Mayor presented him with a silver pitcher, cane, and other
testimonial* ol approbation. Mi. Brooks leapouded at
length. Much euthu-iasm wa* msnitceted.
New Yoke, Aug. SO.—Throw new cases of yellow ft*,
ver arc reported at Cliltou, on Staten Island. Eight deathts
Invro lever have occurred among the troop* on Goverttoi'a
lioeTOK, August iV.--Tbe Shaw unit sugar refinery in
West Dedham, with building* attached, waa destroyed by
Ore last night. Loss £10,000. Mostly insured.
New Yoee, Aug. .11.—The steamer Philadelphia, from
Havana, with date* to the iAth, arrived last night. The
health ol the city waa rapidly improving. There is no
political new*.
Bosnia, Aug. 30.—The Killmorv American* have nomi
nated Geo. N. Guidon, ot Boston, I'ur Governor, vice Mr.
Lawrence, who declined the nomination.
On lb* *Atb Au*. at bl* resiliency In Ut* Krai co , Mr. JOftKPII
ATK1NA1N, la Ibr Uib year of hi* age, tearing a wile sad two tone
to mourn their Irreparablr loss.
LoaUvilW Journal please copy.
(twuiaun i.]
Old Foist Ouuroav, Auguel 0]list \
71' (A r fiblm l rjf (As 77err>/ef .
To correct m very rrruneoua Impression exUUng la regard to the
hrattb or Old Polal Comfort la the late rummer and fall month* of
the year, I vend (or publication the endured letter* of Dr*. Archer,
Semple, Shield, Hope, Simpkins and Mallory.
Tiie •-element* of these letter*, coming from eminent physlelane,
and confirmed, aa they are, by my own personal obarvvslloa during
* Ions residence lu the Immediate vicinity of fttd Point Comfort, and
by the uniform experience of all who hare reel-led there slnee the
commencement of the Port In 19SI, show, conclusively, that the Hy
geia Hotel rej -leer In one of the healthleel localities In the whole
country, and that visitor*, from any part of the country, may to
j.iurn there with entire eafety from the opening of summer to tlic
dose of sutnmn
1 will only add that the month* of August and Se|iteniber, are dr
cldrdly the nun pleasant of the aeaaon. The wrather I* milder, the
ara-hreeae balmier, and the luturlea of the aall water t* lie had in
greater profuviou, and of flnrr quality. JOS. SEHAR.
Richmond. Aug. 7, Ifrftg
My iff/* *—Tour favor requesting my opinion as to thegeu
era> healthiness of Old Point Comfort, is received, and 1 hasten to
\ resided at Old Point, as Post Minre,.n and as Physician, upwards
of twenty years, and 1 have, no hesitation In aaytog, that there ars
few If any localities In the United States, more healthy at all seasons
of the f«M
I know of no place more exempt from blllious diseases, and I
have n« ver known a case of Intermittent fever to originate there.
In fin-, I consider visitors from any climate as safe from disease*,
at Old Point Comfort, during the autumn months, as they would be
in the mountains ; or any where at the North
Very respectfully. Your Obedient Servant,
JuutN Umax, Esq , Old Point Comfort.
Hampton, Aug 18,1V*.
Dtsa Sta — It gives me pleasure to comply with your reque/t to
state ray opinion of the salubrity of Old Point Comfort, daring
summer and autumn
Ifavtng practise in.*Heine there for the last ten year* amongst I
the residents and visitors, and havtngheen frequently employed t<»
attend the Garrison, I atn entirely satisfied that ths place Is entirely
exempt from bilious fever* of alt kinds—the very few such cases
which have fallen under my treatment, having been clearly tracea
ble to exiHtsure at *orae notorious miasmatic locality
Visitor* at Old Point are as perfectly safe, at any season, from
Intermittent and remittent fever, as they would be In any mountain
ous region. Patient* suffering In such regions from bronchial affec
tions. particularly asthma, ars uniformly benefited by a vlsd to
Ohl Point
I can a'so state that several army surgeons have Informed me,
that the sick reports show lets sickness at Port Monroe, than any
military Post In the Union.
Very Respectfully, Your obedient servant,
Jastro 9*0*1,E»q., Hygsta Hotel, Old Point Comfort
HaJimw, Aug. 28cd. 1834.
Data ?ta —Your* of yesterday's date, asaing my optniou of the
health of Old Point Comfort, Is before me
1 have been practicing medicine In Hampton and at Old Poti.t for
13 year*, and consider it as healtny a place a* any that I know
on tb« face of the earth. I do not remember having seen there a
case of remittent or luterml’tenl fever that was not contracted else
Tours Respectfully, 8. R. SHIELD.
Joaxru Scuar, Esq., Uygsla Hotel.
IlAtfrToa. A eg 22d, 1834
Mr Dear Sta In reply to your queries contained ta your note of
the 7 th Inst. ft gives me pleasure to slate, that in me -to- i»u
Point Comfort Is as healths »loca|.*e •* aAf on Hie AUxniir coast
Persons from anv part of our c »od>ry may remain there through
th. .mire year with pe*-» “v,r Th< '“•'V'* °< »'■ lhi
region I may add. havs become very much modified of late, as any
on" at all familiar **‘lh ths causes which produc- them, might upon
slight ohaerva 1 •’ Perceive. An ordinary caw of bdiou* fevtr sel
dom "°r< lh*n IWo or Hires days’ treatment
. ..Av- not during a practice of more than five years In this vicin
ity, s*en a case of intermittent or bidoua fever which origina
ted at Old Point.
Tours truly, JE89E P. HOPE.
Job 9 so a a, Esq , Rowland,
J.xkph 9eo\a, Esq , Ilygrla Hotel.
Roarout, Ta , August 25th, 1434
Dbar Slk;— la regard to the health of Old Pdnt, I have only to
remark, trial having been familiar with the place ever since my b »y
hood, I Sprak confidently when f declare It to be among the healthi
est spot* on the continent of America. Bilious and ague and fever
sre unknown here, while In all »*nr epidemic* it has escaped un
harmed I would sooner take my chance at Old Point to avoid those
disease* in summer and fall than in the mountains, or even at the
White Sulphur For Is year* I resided in the vicinity of Old Point,
and the remainder of my life in Norfolk, thus afford! g me uuiple
opportant ty of ascertaining the fact In qneslton. Mc.ce 1619, when
Me extensive public work- were commenced, Old Point has contain
ed quite a Urge population, made up of the Military and persons
connected with the Engineer D*partmenl, to say nothing of other
cltlsen* aod the visitors. Th *se have rnloyed, at all sea sous, an un
exampled share of excellent health
Th.* U. 9. Government has, on several occasions, ordered trot p*
to Oid Po.nt from other stations to recruit ttwrlr health, and with the
desired effeet. What Induced this, was doubtless, the favorable re
ports of th* Army 9nrgeon* as to the sanitary character of ths ,»la« e.
We c «nr»ot account for taste nor can we control fashion , hut it lias
always been a matter of surprise to me that visitors should leave the
Point just at the time when it I* most pirns.int. Th- Utter part of
August and the whole of H-ptenb-r ars anon* the fi-xlthtr*t sod
most agreeable periods to remain «t Old Poin:; for thea'r is bracing
and ye? m Id during the day, and at night you *lee|» comfortably tin
l-r a blanket. Il«*g fish and oysters are of much fiu r fl ivor than
In July, and ths fishing far better than In th- extreme heat of sum
msr No one within the broad limits of the Old Dominion ran have
Tl,l«t while it endures some few werk* In other locallt*#, tart* the
• hole fall at the Point, cornmen- lug about the '10tit of Angusi. f can
give na stronger proof of the earnsrataeas and alncrrlty r.f my con
v lotions on this head, than by declaring that If the authorities would
grant me permission to erect a cottage on the bea< h | would gladly
• vail myself of the prlvllegr with a view to residing there all summer
and fall <* th my family Hut I will no enlarge on this topic There
is, and there oan be. uo dlsput- on the subject, el-re all who krinw
the pine- wjII endorse every word I have uttered. The health of Old
Point, and lls exemption from the fall diseases of our climate, are
facia fitu well established to admit of cavil sr doubt. Indeed, to quote
the Word* of a conspicuous politician, its % “filed fact.*'
Respectfully, your oh'l servant.
NoaroU, Aug Mill, ISM
J«» rrti Pun * ft. Foq.
Dam Bin —Having spent my school hoy days In Immediate vl.
Cindy »o O d P *ln , and somewhat fatnd ar for many years with the
hygl nk condition of the p -npl-—r-sidenis and guests. wtu> have
annually assembled there—I am enabled to answer y.-ur enquiry
with entire confidence In the correctness of my own conclusions. — i
I This experience has saMsfl d ms that no locality. In our I uitude,
, e*n be more healthy. I’uconnected with ** the main/' rare hy a
narrow *trlp of beach land which is ooly partially covered with a |
•'timed vegetation—Its shore# every where wished by the salt ocean
f wave—and without a single sunken spot where vrgeuMe humus can 1
gvh-r, it seem* to me utterly I op .*«ible that malaria can be gene
rated there, or that noiloue airs can reach It from any |»*rtioii of j
the adjacent country Gome from win lever point of the c..ni|» vs !
the wind* may, tiny arc «ea brec*-« still, aad could scarcely wart a
poisonous ecbalation from th# d stunt shores around
In my vs'lmatlon. fevers of a bilious remittent, or Intermittent j
type. might as #oon be expected so originate on the highest peak of |
the Mu Ridge as no the clean, barren, sand fdtln on which the lly- !
gel a Hotel Is built. Yours, truly,
J. J f*!MK!VH
1 AM 1:. < Hil l, rCVKRtAC,
MALARIA, Is a speedy, safe and radical cure for fever amt
Ague, Chill fever. Intermittent or Rllloui R-m>ti*nt Fever. Dumb
Ague, ami all other form* of disease* hav ng a M tla'iou* origin. It
I* a remedy h«**d on entirely n-w principles, rile-ting a eure hy
neutrallclng the malarious position In th system. w thout anr of the
* 'inptei ant an 1 Injortou* consequences which follow the *#e of Ar«e
nk. Quinine and >-ther agents In genera1 u*
It never fails to cure the in »«t ob«tlna’e case when taken a* direr
? ted It cure#Imiuedlatelv , rarely will ths patient haee more then
one attack af»er the flr«t lo*e—often n »t even that. It l* an efiee
taal preventive, oeutrabg 0< th« malarious poison In the system
thus averting Ihe coneequenen s.
t It contains nothing In th- least degree In fad one to the syetem un
der any circumstance*, and mav b* ad niuittrr-d w-th perfect safely
to the most delies-e Infant for cwctlfi ates and further particulars
1 see pamphlet* ; to be ha l of the A gent#
HKRVj* A PARR, New York ; I trwln "m»th % Co , 0. II Dur
hurst, Baltimore . Pnrretl, Ladd A Co . Richmond . Psnknln A Phln
rhar1e«ton . T M Turner A Co.. Bsvannah . J M Catlan, Washing.'
ton D < . W Ronbright I Oo , Proprietors—Philadelphia
* #d-tlm
Hill. Ll’Ot V. blldV’kC III V|
Fhr Ifififi T
f# **'tr*t nr tu» Tsrristun fruu.e Stats*ay.
FJNHF lu«'-s of Ibis Institution »rr rr*nm«| on the first Monday
| in Dc'obsr, euibri Ing a Term nf Tex M .ergs, closing the last
Friday in July
for a period of more than forty year#, has It been the untiring
h almofthf Principal to render tM* Seminary a fav .rite seat elegant
*nd u«ehil t-arnlng , whers th- »n*-!1-ct. heart, an l manners, should
„ ea-h reeetye a due and harmonious anvont nf culture. Here a
. sorond generation Is experiencing the benefits of Its parental gu*r
1 diansh'p
Tie Pf»U'*lpal f-vls awsfel that the advantages result I •,» from a
long and Instructive experlen--. added to Improved mo lo of com
muMcating instruction an -xten«iva course of study, and the aid of
th *roueh and acrompt'shed Teacher# in »h# dif-rent department* of
educational training, secure for this Institution claims upon public
I patronage, presented by no other In eastern f*
Tb# ac -omm da'V>n* In the R *U'ding Depiftoteat are etunstve
and --onv-n'ent, aecorlng to tb* pup*l the comfort* of home The
• di#clp*» |., f»f rt.g sohoot and fam*ly Is throughout strictly parental .—
Ii H en'orce* du»f on the gr nod of rigki ; dissuade# from II* n-glt.
because It (a v coo(7 A monthly re- rd tent to fbe parent or guar
dian. give* fV standing of the pupil a# to scholarship. b-b »y1«r, and
n Improvement.
Th locality |« psrti-u'arlv h-mhhy, pleasant, and accessible ; hy
#t#*mbost# on the Rippafc*nno-tr. and a wags mo'e f# ,m B'.mond
w th go *! ro »d# connecting with tb- neighboring coondst
• Aft the Rngltsh branch*# noisily tangbt In female O-dlegiate fn
i. atltutinn*. ace successfully tangbt «t this fn«* Motion. Alto th- Latin
and french Language, kfasbj. penciling and Crayon, with Grecian
tod Gil f tinting
| Tw * ac- •mpliMied ladles w It fid the different department#, aad
»♦ 1 Prof B bey «# n#oal wfH give Instruction In M isle,
[ Teaw#->or tuition In BogHsh Rvan -he# and Roard, Including
j Lodging, If ashing. Light# and Fuat, per ee«st*n of 10 tpoaCia—
* I *iT»
I M>n fmnti. MtHlr an* Oomw.MM Rranrft,, imrRI m »lrs
_ ehr.rf-,
j j AnfH IQ*. iM—l.wtlftQ
\Hl rnll II I’lll’lK IIV ■ - n-l. nf Ilf.
have nearly run out, discov-md, while living in the Bast fn*
l% die*. # reritln curs for Oonmuipt mn. Benn Wt|«. 0 »'tths. 0o»d*. an I
; G-neral Debility W thing to >1# as agueh go > I as poeafble, he will
send to su-h of M* slB>c ed f-YI »w being* a* r-g*»ew N, this rfnfp*.
i, with fu*l d r« tl.»nsf»r makl >g ip v»d *»teoe*«fuliy udng H He re
|4 iftlr-s each *r>phc*;it to enel-»*e Mn on- sMIHne. three cents to be
, retuene I a* po*t*\€- on l»*e re- •»n 1 the remainder to fc*
f- | In *l.» »,»n»rnl of Ihl, «l»rrll* irenl.
I Kt-I, iMnatDr H UMII, J,m| Ollf.N J
Nrw Tou, 8epi. 1.—The Mmunboat Knickerbockor,
lor Albany, ran against n spar near Peekakill title morning
and Mnk. The paaeettgera were all aaead by a aloop okiek '
came to Ihetr rebel. The lose ol properly end Hre atock
b large, (hough it la thought the boat alll be raised. She
ia valued al about $tt»,«*Ot,.
from Kansas!
81. Louts, Sepl. I.—Kansas dates to the J7lh ot Au
guat have been received. Tho acting Governor, at Lo*
eompton. Issued a proclamation on the *«th, declaring
the territory in a state of insurrection, and railing on law- ’
abiding citizens and legal authorities to preserve peace !
and protect the persona and property of the Inhabitants. <
Lane has three parlies, stationed at different points In
Iowa, for tho purpose of receiving supplies, or to thrill- 1
tale hia escape II compelled to flee.
^’ltw '*»■«, Sept. I.—Advices from St. Domingo state
that the Dominican Government baa asked Secret «rv Mar.
cj to return (lie late treaty with the United Sutra, with
the intention of suppressing it at the instigation of the
Spanish Consul.
Nsw 7 oaa. Sept l.—Yellow Faver la decreasing at Fort
Hamilton. The recent cases yielded readily to medicine
Boston, Sept I.—Gen. Pomeroy reported killed in Kail
ua, is at present In this city.
WatHtmiTon, Sept I, I8M.
Orders have been issued Ironi the War Department lor
the resumption ol operations in the arsenal* and armories.
nokthkkn market?
B.Lrueoaa. Rept. 1st. -Pluur uu.-tianged. Ral*. at ft « Wheat
•rm and unchanged. Coen 4«sj,Slc.
Naw Voag, Sept lit —Flour drooping. OhlofS 40, Ron them tr
**• W beat easier. Corn, Southern ml sed, *-.* q els. Rloi ke dull —
Virginia sizes FI ft.
IFTsF BI'.lLOFi MONCI'HE * 4t». .,k ti„
Uotlon or dealers lo thel. cargo sale of -ton* h**, Klo
»' " o'clock this morning.
Bale without regard lo wither. ^
F 1 ‘I"1* TWRg —— ~
Aw KKK—The A No. 1 Mo*Atuahl|» Cllv of
BICHMOND, Capt. Z MtUrh.lt, 1. no. ready 74
rHve freight, and will leave on Ttll'HRUAr. RvP>.
4lh, al Tig o'eluck, A. M.
For freight nr paasagv. haring onperlor aocmmodatl.n., apply to I
_M. B. TUTTUt, Agent bSSmi. |
STI-t BK u MRAVIDtiBK-m a aM
BALTtMORB— Freight received to-.lav, (Mon* sea. ^ v■ -
•lay.) and up lo the hour of • o'clock P M , Tuesday MCUSt
the Id Inat. I
Consignees are requested to send for their goods to-day. t
Rhlppers ate requested to ernd Id the natnei of their cunalgneso
Tu'r“*T afternoon, or Oielr shipments will he consigned lo erdrr I
a TtrM.V—Leavre Tcwnn evening, the *d NrTa.
'net . at 4 o'clock—FOR NKW YORK r.Vt Ni«« IW6 1
FOIK.— Freight receleed to-day. {Monday.) and u|ixMmS9m
Consignees are requested to send down for their goods to-day
Shippers are requested to sm.l the names of their consignee* Tue«.
day afternoon, or their shliimenu will be consigned to order '
Passengers are requested to be on board before the hoar of denar- '
lure, 4 o’clock P. M , Tuesday.
Tickets and Berth* secured at our ofBce South side of the Basin !
Passage to New York, Including meals aud state-room, only gin ,
Steerage passage only $&. 1
Passage to Norfolk same as by the river boats.
TNO I'ARIMS INB M A It III The »ubscri- '
her having engaged the servi e* of a ycung gent!, man of fke \
highest chararier, and of distinguished scholarship, at a tat *• In Ids
family, desires to ge« some six or eight boys as boarder* The *cho< l 1
will be conducted upon the parental system ; the hoarders will be <
treaP-d In every respect as menitwrs of the family, and the utmost
pains taken With them to promote good morula and refinement of
manners, as well as mental improvement. Bad boys, however, are
not desired. .
The situation Is pleasant and., healthy, and within a mile of the .
Manassas Gap Railroad.
Tin school will commence ou the lat of October.
Tta»nt-t*»0 for tuition, board, washing and mendli g during the
scholastic »ear of ten months, payable quartetIv In advance Medi
cal attendance In ordinary cases of sickness will he gratis.
Prisons wlshingfurthcr information are referred to the Bishop* of
the Diocese, the Professors of the Theological Hetnluai y . Arthur A.
Mor*oii or Wo II llaxall, Richmond; Knbt.F. Poott, kd. C. Mar
shall, or any other gentleman of Fauquier ; II. T. llarrbon,of Lor*
burg, and Baiu’l Chilton, K-q , Washington
—*i—c»f Noar the mains P. 0., Fauquier county, Ta.
JW" Enquirer will copy.
MACHIRK IIKLTINA.--Tib general superiority of In
dla Rubber over the best leather Belts, has been proved by
a trial of now more than fifteen years; tins, together with the fact
that continual Improvements have been made in their quality,
warrants us lu rt presenting that they are really superior lo all oth
er* for open, particularly heavy or main Belt*. Th. y preserve a
p rVctlv smooth and even surface. They do not stretch, rarely re
quire lightning morethau once, will always run straight and with a
perfect bearing on the pulley*, (by which we bcllev a power of H»»
I*er Cent Is gained over the l»e*i leather Belts;) will stand heat of
find degrees of Parmhrlt and any degree of cold, and can be run In
wet place* or exposed lo weather without Injury. Th.-y are there
fore invaluable for Haw M il*, Cotton Gins, Miucs, Grain Elevators
and all exposed places.
We furnish B- It* of any length or width, but none arc made uo
less specially ordered, of more than HI Inches wide Wf keep cm
f»S!i,r40r.,^d««"-u*10^: '* mTlar Trl^r‘^
larg-M " “ -
All lhe Bella told by ua at* warranted (except rro-. lwlt. lor which
We do no. recommend them) and I. i. Worthy of note thtl we hue,
had bm Urw returned In fifteen year.
t*. H.—We are aim Mtroti far .he manufactory of I rather Belt
ing, and keep alwaja on hand a full Mock nf -aroe al factory price,
« 11.LI »MS A IIHorilER.
Corner of Cary and Pearl afreets,
wH-—cHt Agents for the manufacturers.
FALL TU ABE, 1 8 5 G .
HAVE In store and are now recetving tlieir usual assortment of
DOW GLASS, Ac . Ac , ronsUtlng In part of—
Superior In llgoes. prime Oinbm Madder, blue Vitriol
Al im, Copperas, extract l/gwoml, Lac Dyr, Cochineal
Oream Tartar, Tartaric Arid, Saltpetre, II. Carb. Soda
H*l Bulat, Quinine, French and American, FIf.r. Su'phur
Roil Brlmsb iie, Castile Soap, white arid mottled
Emery, be*t English, r. fined Borax,Csmphtne, naming Fluid
Hpts. Turpentine, Alcohol, Varni«heg, of all grades
Linseed, Lard, Solar ami S|tertn Oils
Zinc Paint-, French and American
White Lead, dry and in oil. Red le a l
Litharge, Verdigris, Chrome Orem and Yellow, dry and In oil
Mw. Nutim-gs, Cloves, Cassia, Allspice
P.M.cr Gliivor eroiif.il iml
Together with :t genergA AMortiuent of all th. |>opuUr M illeineg,
»n*1 a choir. •eleeltmi of h»lr, loolti, nail ami oilier Dru.hr*, India
Kul»l.er, iVi.rr. horn and Imff.tn Hreralng Comb.; Cologne-. Trench
an-l Engtl-li Per um-rj, Ac ., all ,.( which thcj offer on the raoit fa
Torahfe term- frir CIOI, or the urual cre-lll to l-unelual .ealer*
ee'J __
fl'ST recelr.d |i*r etrainer Jamoatown, Rut PIN! APPLE.* and
_ Rl. Nlrhnlai Ha loon
Affa E k -S VKA1I,— An Agent la wanted In-Terr
a^J> 1 ln»n 111 Ihe Unluu to M INITEA'TTI'HK m
ARTICLE, of dally i-onanmptlou ; can be ui.nufmrtur.il In Ilia
Agem'adwet’lng . eemred by rnpyrlghl . fair aa permanent aa Hour.
Pull particular, tent on the reoelpl of Iflf renui Addreaa
•c«-l» Ho* AMI, New Vork.
E|Nt At Hi lts HITI ATIOV, Wauled by two young
1 l-adtee from the North, either In a public Hehool or prtrate
family, one to teach higher Kngilah. Prrnrh and Vocal Mualc, Ihe
other Pngliah hranchea oUlr Halarleg f.'gui and *»« riclu-lre of
board. Addrrrt II. K. C., Boa 1&P, flatiorer, N. II ark—It
HOSE* TIN PLATE, well ao-rirl. to, ..I,
nnitircAkk. ninirme.^., r«.t»,.i .noth
r eraitpplrof ih *»• luftlai’e AdfH-allng C tn*. for keeping
fruit, and reyrlablrt aa freah and aa perf.-clat al 'hli iraaon. We
call lb. attention of Honar keeper! u* thrae cana, aa they are aope
rlnr to any now In uae.they require no cement nr wax In aeallng,
andean be u.ed .ereral ar«e„n«. Oall and examine'nr youraelvre
»« . BCt.KLPT A 00.,
Iff 1A7 Main atreet, nn Rigle Hquare,
i npoii te'oitn immiii.m Miiuimr,
Rmwoxn Vi.,
OF KERB for Ml* on Commission. th*!following fery desirable
Mvipk'f Jean* j Merchants' do
Ptaunlou fulled (loth*; August* Wnnltni
Old Dominion do ; l*c*ksetlt# Cotton Tsru*
Ittoahurg*. Brown Mheellng*
Crawford's Patent and Bdne Thread*; DIif< Bpool Potion*
Alien's American C'.»n*«t'»gs, Dunnell* and Kng1l«h fancy, Mack,
white *nd plain PrtnU. In • Tory Urge and < hole* selection
at T»ry low ortee*.
Bipp|h Cray sr»d other Batlnrtta ; Jeans
Cloth*, Oi«liuFnu and Vesting*
l.lnaey«; Urge assortment, rery cheap
Blanket*. on rou*ignm~ut, great hirgslos
Bleached Domestics, Very d-siraM. snd low
fififi pieces Mouslln Milan; choir#* stylo#
Ik) do Lyon* Bilks, to he sold Rl snd below cost sf Importation,
and ** Bilk* sre n«»w rery high the occasion should he em
braced hr all who wl*h cheap, nJorel and fancy Bilks
Vlsett* and Bhawls; a rery large assortment, many auction
bought and Cheap; Ded Ticks
Apt "u Checks ; Battlns and Corduroys
Kuihrotderle# and white goods ; many choice and desirable styles
for the Country trade
OARPKTB -A rery large assortment Portlgn and Domestic with
Buy* to match, at rery low figure*
All rUsses of borers are tnrfled to ewamloe the assortment as na
pains will be spared to gi rr satisfaction,_ « IA
MO. I OH tfAlB 1Th II l(NMOYB,VA.f
\RK In receipt, direct from the manufacturers In
Ptiglsnd. Orrmany and tin* country, their Nk|Mt
trail supply, embracing srery article usually kept hy
che Hardware Trade Importing direct, and pur EHHHHI
oluting f,»r rash, enables them lo sell a* rhe#p aa any house In this
Vr any Murtbern city, and they respectfully tar He the merchants af
Irgtfila North Carolina and Tenneaaee. rlsitlog this msrkrt, la eg
•mlu** their stork Hr fore purchasing Haring In addition (he rooms
Terentiy occupied Hy Messrs Word, We'.stger A Co., liter hart cor ■
rr«|»«tndlnglf talsrH (Heir stock, and hare Increased facilities tor
esMb ting the tame They are also sole agents In Richmond tor
P*lr».«nk « B'slr*. which th.-y agR || mupfacturcr's prh es sat
TH CflimTMl f l %« itl IIS. ^ gen (less
eltr decree to rsskt arrangement* for the hoard snd tuition *#f
three small boys, at so ms eligible country *cbool. In any of the
neighboring ruuntlws, or he would prefer lo enter them with a
1 family where a teacher haa been engaged. Address " 0" at the
Whig office nl—sH>
IIOPBB —By rlrtue of serrral deed * of trust streuted to os,
Wr Will .ell for eagh, lo the highest bidder, Vlfisll rsserre, at Pow
hatan Cfkurt Ifo*t«e, oil the first MONDAY In October nset, being
co.n day. r tract of land lying near Powhatan Court ffowae, on
which grands J. fiarupeon lately resided, containing shout f(A|«rtl.
This tract has upon It a handsome hrtek dwelling house and Ihe ne
cessary nut he uses, nearly new, a sufficiency of wood land, and ths
arable land In gn##d condition.
Al ih# same lime, will be sold nn the same terms, the store-howee
and let now occupied by Messrs Oardn** A Paris#
Wilt IB J DAMP*.!- .
ut b.!h WR ■ DA NOR, |T,nW"
I wilt t«k* ptM nn TUERDAT ■». W KPN END AT. lb. Ml M-f
tmh Vp«‘r
(tr ••EBER'W OELEBRATED BAND will h. tn .timiAAnw
NT-fbr tak. bp DAVENPORT. ALI.EN A 00.
ij r WIVE, tn r-*«ki. hinen.Mbl fy. mH»V
I nil _DATnNP'oit ai l.rw A rii
I S 9%W ANl) MOPliltiW, l.ndlnp *»4 fur .*1* ij
WMRiiy Alto OOWinoUL
Tka Naw Tort Comamrcial Advertiaar af Saturday af
TW money market thW tat ha* aa Wse shade tern rather neater
ha. that which preemted it, thmwh -hro kaTbeswis. tea£.Tt£
ntee eUber o* call nr ter dlecooale Teaterday then were sum.
CyitT ***”{ **». «*» “rt*1 “Be morwlM la aaay agale
V° nn «kwa4aa> supply at aaeaa V real and M n .ester
i***""* I* •* *•« Mend al that rate The , ale.
nnpar haea I -111 walnliltrJ by the large an.out of Ini rale
!^Tb£. «J
“*** , (*t*r otrirt* V law f mat, abort Una aaa aaahOa tu
Iiaa, >nd laiyer al elo. la tea first clam Angle semes ruC at
en k. twrlen g cant. ^ ~
Virginia tiim arc Milt “idnklng" Id Iho Now Tort mar
rt Oa Thursday at tha Boeotad Baaed, flOjatlS wart sold at N%
-•d oa Saturday. tM.iWO wan aald at N Oa Monday teat, Bel
harne al Yulley Bank Stock wan aold la Bamaaf. Ya.. atthar.tr.
■cdlaary rate of BUS, par Man.
Tlie market lor Laod Warrant* in Now Tort i* Tory flat,
iad tha bast Informed dealers la that city an of opinion that price,
in not likely to reach any higher this rail. The following an tha
luotatWne of Messrs. Taylor Brother., Vail Meet.
ffi-s- *?*
2 « -*# -«
£ “ -B» _*I
■* mm. M _ Ud
40 “ »l <» «l 16
Tim !*onicvitip Price Current of tbe Y*<J, in*|., MTa
“Owlug la the dilficwlly aud oust of thlpa»at, several burcra „r
hipping Tobacco hare r sliced from I he mark el, . r.», howev.r™ re
my log sparingly Karly la the week price, faenrad the nurcblaer
■nl on Tnursday tha market fully recovered, and w. continue the
imitations In our last rrrlew. All lhe grade, of Tobacco required
or hoaec luauufa.lurlne puipoam hare commanded full and arm
irlrea, aud all iho breaks bare met a lib a ready sale."
Thu Shipping and Commercial List, in iu review of tlie
tew York floor market, says:
Tha market for State and Western riour opened with Increased
Meoyaacc on W .ouceday, consequent upon a reduced supply, osn
liiua-l light receipts, and a good home trade demand, bul the 11,4.1.
y subsequently became leas preaalug. aud. although there wa. no
uigmeiilmitonof stock to .peak of, yet al tha close, buyer, bad the
ol vantage moat decidedly For eiport. than has bean bul liute
lour, priors being relatively higher bare than la Ureal Britain aud
>r the Cunllnaaat, without taking tatu e,moderation Iho IncMealal
•l|amtea of Freights, Exchange, Ac. Notwlthslandln* the adek e.
rl au abun-lanl harrrat In Ihe United Kingdom, there m ull to be a
willed con etc 11 on smoug many wall Informed parties here that a
prod European demand for oar Hreed State tha aueuing Fall .„d
winter. Is Inrrttablc, the basis efllila caleulatlen bring daerraard
production In Franca and root* of tha other Ooot naaul C. anlrlce
tod the led that the Dew cereal craps ol Ureal Britain will some
tpon a market romparatlrdy hare of last year's products On the
.thee hand, then an other, equally well posted. who bellere that
ha supplies to coma tram Coo dries bordering on Ihe Baltic and
> ack Hoax, will make good any deflctcncle. that may occur in Wca
ern Europe, and thrrr by limit Tvry materially tha demand Irom this
Country Time alone will establish Ihe correctness ol Incorrectness
if these theories.
According to tlie Boston Traveler then haa been no
uch deficiency In the apple crop of Maaaacbnvrtu far a number of
rears as dm lag Iht present season than, farmers la the elclnlty of
loalon. who last year gathered several hundred barrel#, will ban
tea than a doaen bushel. In regard to the potato crop, -a-r, plan
ed on low 1 aiula, lu couaequooce of the heavy rains, will be aerloua
y Injured, mxuy having rolled. It to believed, boweeer, that tlie
Cop Will be unusually larg*. Iu Northare New Hampshire new po
aloe, are now selling at eery cheap rate.. From Maine wa hare
vports of considerable damage to Uv. hay crop. The Maine Farm, r
if August 41, anys t '
•Tin uaande and thousands of ton* ol hay were cut all over the
Hate, and uu sun to dry IU That well known prrsouag -, 'the oldest
nan among ua.' never knew of such a time in haying Al length, on
i,dulay 111dh instant] It cleared uB, aud the run greeted uv In the
dd-ferhlniird way. But what looking bay lie looked Upon I Allot
1 discolored and blackened , some of It entirely tpo.led—sum* half
polled, and all of It injured There was more hay In the fields than
here waa In t « bums. Tbe good weather of last week enabled the
arraers to get In what they had cut, and what they had Dot cut an
l ine to the storm, though pretty well riiwucd, Is principally secur
u. inn umiininhin wiru 01 me weswvr H»i dvpnscistm! U»r value
>f tlie hay crop of this year at least one third. Nor was this all Uk«
lamafe ; th- corn and grain w. re beat down by the storm_whest
usted—an I many field* of winter wheat and winter rye sprouted In
he fields, thus injuring Its quality The hay lug season of Ittfifi, will
ong be remembered as s hard sor."
W* ate rI««I to Irani, ntt thr Kavott.ville(H. C.) (Ilk
•mr, horn gentlcm rn who have rrcealiy pawed over th* North
larollna Railroad, and Uiroug > thr country Writ of Xali.bury , that
he corn crap, though undoubtedly bad ia nut such a total failure an
r» hat* hern led to auppoac. Tlie recant obundauce of ralo In that
ration ha. douhtiew materially Improved the prospect.
Wo aubjoin ■ comparative atatcmriit ot the ev porta ol
‘nbacco and Flour, rrom the port of Richmond, dlnrf to forclgi.
I.irte, during Uic commercial year* ending Hlet August 1863 and
<xi It will be ooservrd that the shipments of both commodities
rere unu.uslljr heavy during the past month. For the correspond*
;>g mouth of lost year, the exports of Tobacco were 1,085 hhds. to
cordon, and l .99* hhds. to Liverpool ; of Flour, 94,0(15 to first.I,
mil 4,69s to Sidney, N. 8 W., ^Included to the Australia Hoe ) Tike
■spuris of Tobscoo the pa«t year, or season Just closed, were 1,491
ihds. less titan during the preceding year. We had expected a
rider disparity than this, but the heavy shipments in August, being
•early equal to half the entire shipments for tlie preceding eleven
nnnths, brought tlie 'M column up to a tolerable contrast with the
WPvgate of *55. In Flour there luss been a marked Increase of the
htpmenU, particularly to South American ports
LV/nusenWny Srpt+tnbtr 1st, 1*54, it ml sums timr, 1*55
Tobacco. Past mouth. Previously. Total. Last season,
ro Bordeaux, hhds.. Ml 511 1.4M
Po Bremen, I4l 8.714 8,‘dll 8,878
P« Bristol, (Eng.) 487 _ 487 4il
P» Oenos, .... 464 466 ....
ro Glasgow, 867 857 ....
Po Havre, 1,817 1,817 9,819
Pu Leith, 804 .... H04
^Liverpool, 9.196 1,861 8.486 4 .*>*4
ro London, 1,668 654 9,117 9.58T
ro MarstUles, 1,149
ro Rotte.dau, 57* 678
ro Venice, 999 8.0*4 4,0u4 8,*14
Total—hhds., 6,64* 19,449 17.99u 19,411
Fu»fb. Post month. Previously. Total. Last season
r.. Au.Ic.IIa, ... 18.8X1 1«,MI 81,xvl
Tu Hr.lH, 22 183 88,TIM Ho.tvX M 170
r.» Bremen, M 84 loft
r.. Brit. Prov., duo 8,264 lOAT* 6*77
r.i F.lmouth, . . 4.862 4,832
To Liverpool, 1,5ou \£>n
To We»l Indira, 1,111 1,118 22
Tulal—bbli, 22,883 123 531 148,'A4 102.643
Unuti RtHtui.—Autumn w.. inaugurated lo-d.y with wind
tnd r»ln, r.Ailtlng to car xnin th. .dv.nt of tho<* “melancholy
laya’*—the gluumlrat of th* yc.r," which .mouth th. Iretuition from
he S iinmrr *<•»•..o to thnt lohoipluble period of thr yc.r when U.r
Ice King rraumra hi. drv.ry dominion. Th. .ky hu bran overe.t
..r ranral -Uy., betokening the coming of n "wet ahell," and ..rly
Id. morning It commenced. Tlie rain he. been falling nearly all
lay. and wa. accompanied with a driving wind which rendered out*
loor raponirc dleagrrrable In lb. viircme. Huemra. operation,
.ere nearly auvpended In consequence of th. Inel.menl weather.
IVe .tibjoln our arml-weeklv r.vlvw of th. market. :
iV Th*a» gtutbMont rrprma/ thr ichoUtU* prima. In fill
Ini/ inutll or<1tr*, hijhrr crifc. hurt Iv hr ptiid.
llama.—Th. »tucka her. at pr.arnt api-ear to b« abundant, and
» tha <| ii-l m .rket we not. a tendency to railn rate. In fart,
lirice* have .X|>ei Irricrd a ellght decline elnr. our laet review We
p.ote Bi le, at 11*4611; ... 10*<a,in<, with loU not vtrlclly
iirtme at ill* et. ; iiam. eta ; Todd*, ratra augar cored do,
16 eta.; do family hog round 18 eta
lixinieix.—We continue to quote at 234&23M cent, according to
pi.nltty. Tlie laid New Turk quotation I. 27*4ft2sV : In Phila
delphia 27 eta.
Ita-.iue—We quote at 11.88^1.14, according to quality
Kcitvn, Ac.—Tl.rre la a c.onvlderable .lock o( wooden war. on
oo' irw i,w g untcii, iriree noop raiul
r*l P.lli jur <Io«pu, Heavy Or Ur Tubs fi oest; Heavy
l'r*lar frfil liu Id'll HftH.Vfi per dnsen
llctTxa — We quote Mountain at h^21 els. for good to prime ;
choice ‘2ft eta. flo«h*n at rts.
<'»»|'LW -We quota Adamantine at ctr, Mitchell's patent
Manhattanvllle Pat. *7)% i Tallow, Jackaou's. 16%r - Uperm
44fifi.*ai eta.
raukRT—Wr quote James River hydraulic e«ment at $170. The
•lock here at present Is small, owing to the scarcity of boats, but
will be replenish* d In a very abort Irav
Ooal.—Anthracite we quota as follows, red a*h fi6ti.rr^£6,An white
do fd>bi7; Bituminous, de'lvered at Port Walthall, or at the wharf
opp«»sile Rockett* we quota at Me. for averags aod smiths', for
rttv use, to consumers, fift.60 for tamp , fift for If ail. same price for
Co**.—Tha receipts continue barely equal to the demand, but
holder* have been unaMe to obtain any advance as yet. We there
fore quote, a* before, at 7ft ct* 11 bushel The prospects are dad
dedlv favorable fur better prices
On** Mia—We quote at rts per bushel
form — We quote Rio at 11^19 eta. for prlmato choice; taguay*
ra 1IH^I9Mc.; Java l&QlfiMc.
Ctrrmw Y isw- We quote at 1^90 eta.
Putman* —We quote at cents. The Northern quotations
are ftfK&ft) eta
Plan — We quote Halifax Herring* (dipt) at fifiJM) : N fl. and Po
lomic, grn«a at fiftM for No. I, aod |4>fc for No. 9; N 0. Ahad, No.
1. f 1"M V bM.. and fi*Me&* * *■*•! We quote Mackerel aa
follows No I. fiV9 N bbl.. 11 H ¥ »'*M bbl.; No.\ »M « bbl.; No.
P, (medium.) ftMfiUM*.
Pt.4**e*n.—We quote at |1,9fi(|1jn.
Plot*—The market for a week paal or longer, has been exceed
ingly dull. There ta nothing doing worthy of special remark, and
we therefore renew former quotations, vlx: superfine fi6*«Q7, and
extra $7M; Rya flour (old) #4
Pat»rr -Orange*, we quote nominally at filf; none In market.—
tamons are held at fiS to 19; In perishable condition ffi; Ral
sine, bun<*h, boxes. fil&IM half botes. •3M. layer. It igfiaft per box.
Riga. drum. UMANc W fh. , Zante Currant* tk&'ilc; Almonds, A
fi., 14H19.; ir aT,10^T«Mc.
ftisssxa, We quote at AiM <,t- nominally.
Ooam* —We qi«*e at fiftfl^kM There have been several cargoes
received during th« peat week, hut the demand la quite brlak The
quotation* wo give at a from flora,
flrvpnwpm—We quote Blasting, per keg, fiAMdfifiM ; fiporting,
HtV.—We quote aa before. Northern at AlWifft eta., by the cargo ,
from atore $1
Minna- Hide*, dry, TM to t; do sailed 7%. Oalf fiklna ATM.
Iao«. We quote Pin at fi*tffi*ft; Oommon Bngttsh Marsfi-to, rug
11* Refined KdlfW ; fiwedea IkifillA ; Tredegar and Armorv
* to 100. American hammered f looTo 1141
hint* — Wc quote bhla at 1AM **f». Hfi|14M refined In
pall*. i.VTAKS eta
taAP-We quote Pig «M caah and time. Bar 7Q7M<*<
14X1—We quote from store at $1J0,
Mot. a aa an - We continue to quote New Orleans at ftft cents; (Juba,
Muscovado 4fW£&r>o cent*; fiugar Hnuae At nip Ift cent#.
Mill Orr*u -With an active demand for several weeks, stock*
have been ronetderaMy reduced, aod kept lew. The milters have
accordingly advanced their rates, aod we now quote Bran at I9M
eta: fihorta, IA eta ; Brown fitnffs, fncts; fihlp At off*, fto eta
Ns if*—Wa quote at I'Tfct 14, according to quantity
Oat* are doll at fi7M ct*
Pata We quote Black Ryad at Nc Afl
PiAvren.- We quote tamp at MMffiiM |f Ion, Hruund |9 N ton
OaMned fMTWtvfjfifi * bM.
Potsmna —There have been no raeeIptaof new yet, except by
lie*.- Wr quote at 4\nt ct*.
Bffi —We quote nominally at TlViTII. l.IHle or nothing doing
fiAtf —W# quote "Marshall" and "Worthington " a* fil Anqfii fill;
Ashton’* fl A»^1 (fi, and flround Alam at $1 9nf|1 Bn from atore
fioosan — W* quote, aa before. New Orleans at • M<*ll ete, for
rrlme to choice ; Tuba Muscovado. frtfiM eta, Ory*A Augar 111* AA
IM WeqooteOMfce, A, B and C, at 1l<rl9M **<•; Crushed and p..w«
dered lAWnlfiM ef«; ta»f 1*M"14 eta The market la drooping
fbtae—We quote Brown, city manufactured, at 4Mr Northern, ftfifi
fi cents Colgate 7M lb
Anarru —W# quote Wrandy. OUrd at HA'Bl. Hennessey fift.Aft
O*/*'. Jamaica Rom fill: New Rng1an<l (pure) ftofififtft rents: do.
(Whisky) 4.V2fiftn cts , Peach Brandy, fl ,4ft; Ta. Apple AfinTA etr, Nor
them do 4Ae ; Holland (Bn fil.fcxgfil American dnBA rents Whim
ky la lower. We quote Rtchmond reel'd at HAfififificW, and other
brands at MA4<vu
Tot torn —There is no abatement In (he animation which has
ekarartertaed the market for some time past, hot on the contrary,
»m, largely Increased orders from Rornpu, and the prnapaof a# only
Mf a crop In th. Wnt.m atnlri, prim ... nH Ml; full; main
laln»4. Vi I h.r. .» .4..fir In, l.nl.nrf W. mnllno. oar la«l an*
tai ton, (nr in. nmtont, lhnn,h li.. r.n,. m, r h. raihrr In*, *to •
f-HH) I«| .1 mWMIln, I'flOUM. fo~1
In ll. *n. Wiippin, |t*V in ,l« y inn Aa. Manaravtarln,
9-atiKr*, iran.ral aalaa *10 m an y ln«t» , an4 aptmrtfa, aaonrkln,
to qnaiMjr.
wna.T.—Tha markM ha, priaaata, nn nav (raiura atoaa oar la*i
raw* Tn 4a;. tha Inch-oamr, .f th* w.alhrr nrrranw4 an,
Ifaimrtlaai, or at laaa« »r *atr anahla, ahr. inanlr;, ta hrar nf
an, *. Ih.r.fnf. ronllnoata <,.i t. ai ,1 (AAI •» fnr ra4. an4
I *0 (or •htta, at vhiah rau. ik*r, vrraaatr, on halar4a;
W«m -On* *M y ml, On* l>«l, vholraala Tha raaall
(f'™* <" *«A* (or Oah, |(. (or Ptea.
_**». -*• qoo«« vaVml. Ooamnn.nl WnW) rM; oo»aah*4 1*0
•0 nia ; Nartno hal( hrrrH My* rta ; 4o (nil hloo4 4>vvM tan-on*
third less for unwashed.
LIT* troca —Rnnp—TTia «al«a araraia MOM nat T««L—
Oalrra n-tl from Mini, aooontln*toyulttr H>qa *a f t>.
;•«» "J1 •* MJ»4M grorn. Una* Tha katchm art pa;In,
pfio to *4, aeaoHln* to qualli;
ran out*.
fimafoa -Th* r*o*M rh.rlrT, al !a»w Toth Inela*. a Alp from
(Syr Point in Vrnica with T..haorn, ai #>*•
Ihmoarw *>atnn, In rant. 9 ™- M.Vi 9 *iM. tohaeoo, M r*ni,
p*f whoto, and )««( oantt 9 K haa laharoa; It, Tar*,» raato 9
• to<u.. Ik
SM. MM ■ hhd. Ida..., to mat. * vtnto, sad Ilk da WJk to,
lobsoss. Bathing doing Philadelphia. K> da ■ DM. *hu 9 hhd
labaoau, flu siaaf while aad It da. V W haa ‘■'rn • p-d.-,—
j* f *TJ» 9 hhd tahascaT It*, par what* >*411*9
NtW TOU lUUm, Aagwm «B.
market far leathers tear spin, 1 *a *** i Aii11 j a
r«u «i
« ******* 4WM4, mk*k Is rmlr IciW kj
*» *y* P ... . „ Buyer* Taalst spo* k maurtal rolactba
»' P1'"' »•>“• " padlamdaaaiy rafua. to yield, aad toad
the aiarkel oloeea Irregular, with prtoaa, to earn# .steal, nominal -
•alto URN bushel* while Southern alt I 4T*»l IS la 11 tun ,*g 4.'
W «*t *. By. to man., ami |m4 m2Sd JZ'togVw.* £
bettor, wtth morv tnqatrr far elpor^aato. iEk» bwahrl?al T1 cento
far uuaoand Northern, M far prime do, and t« far Pennsylvania —
The Corn market opened a shade easier, hat with an active demand
the tom waa lahsiqsiutly rweaccrad, and at the close, price, ruled la*
favor of the seller, the tranveeUons aggregate IkS.taai bushels at r>
#I» far round and Moutharn while. 14tf$40 far round yellow and yel
low Southern, and PQU far miked Foutheen 7
Mutaagas—1* very dull, and prices of foreign still hvur buyers —
Men Orte-na being In small supply, la Well supported ; the sale* are I
1H l.bds. P»iio Rico ai ttif&l* cento; to do. Clayed Cuba, do; SO
da. Ren Orlrana, M, 4 mouths, and too bbla. Trass, ou terms whkh
nr - retained.
•cut*.—There continues a steady fair demand, mostly for refining
but I-Iders evince more read I eras to realise, and prices since uar
last may be written mm-clghth of a cent loner. Th* market for re
ined la du I and Inactive, the declining state of raw baring an anla
▼orahle (fact.
Tocscuo.—There la but a moderate business doing In leaf, bat the
marhrt far Kentucky remains very Arm. Foreign Is quirt Pairs
Itm hhd*. Kentucky and ItayayUlr al l»Oll rents, and lu hbda. Vlr
ghda on terms we did not learn. The activity In tuanu'actured con
ttnqes anahatrd —a con.ld.rshlr portion of the prvaent demand le
from Poutlmrn buyers, and Harks arr diminishing. The Inoulry le
madly far b«llu »v. lumps and 1 fa lumps; of the farmer, there are
non none to be had below lu eta., and from *n. 1 lo jg uj |.U4r
are Arm al IbOSA.
Oattul—Ti« OiUle m»rk«( pmrntBd quit* an animated ipniii
anc* yesterday In ronaqaence of the hrsry ogs. logs and th. tans
number uf purrha-cr* and drhtor^on the ground. Prices wore about
the tamu as lad week. There Were I ,t«n head oSbrsd at the scales
•** head of which were drl.sn to Phlladalphlo, and lb* balance
tTH head! were sold In Baltimor* butchers al prior* ranging feed
M> to 4 JO on Uir hoof, equal to ITaH Tl net, an I averaging 44.—
A small lot of very superor <|aallty brought higher faruras
Fuva —There has been leas animation In the floor market this
week than laat. and tn consequence of th* news of farorablr crop* In
0r**t Britain, and a trifling decline In th* price uf br«adttuffa there
price* her* foil off slightly There haa been a fair demand , apart •
mmsl throughout the week far shipment, urnstly to Mouth A merles
snd th* W. st Indies, there being no purchases on Kurop< on aacount
The supply Is getting rsiher light, and Howard Street, Oily M Us
and Ohio *r* held flrmly ol 14 4414 *> which p lea we not* so e of
nai Idris. Howard Ptrvet. and ISO bbla Olty Mill*. A —1- of luu bht*
Howard Street waa mad* early ta th* day at The market
. faced Arm al |d MW fur all deecrlptlonk.
Uatlk —The quantity of Wheal at markat this weak waa conside
rably lass than laat week. The demand has been pretty active and
Ur* dally offering* on 'Change haw been generally promptly taken
t.uth by shippers and city millers. Or.ru hss been In good supply for
(he teuton, and th* sales shnw an Improramanl In price. Out*have
bean In fair request at steady rate*.
WA*C14.—The market to Arm, with light rooetpts, th* uffsrtnes
being about lt.OOO bushels A lot of l.fAl bush rts while, gruwuby
Col. Johnson, uf North Carolina, waa sold at ICM cants, for seed —
.**!*• ol rood to prim* whitest MSil'M rents Choice lota of fussi
ly flour * beat Would hsve brought ItHQISM mb. Hood to prtme
re-1 sold al 14nQI47. sod ordinary at Ik -qt kiS c-uts.
t 'orlfa—There waa a steady demand this morning. Th# receipts
w-re fl.non bushel*, while told at Mate ceota for good, and y.Ilow at
AiaCO -enta, th* latter flgara lor vary prim* There was 00 prim*
whit* offered
fbifs —The receipts war* *,*111 bushels. Males of considerable
lota at flda.1T cent*.
/fpe —Thare were 610 bosheto offried Males of Maryland at 71
oems. Pennsylvania would rvadlly bring Ms!V> corns
Oil- —We noticed last week th* upward tendency tn the price at
tills, and we have bow to note nn advance In Lard Oils, of which
cun* durable sales hare b**n made this wrrk si W eta., raah, and *5
Ctr.. 4 month*. I lutrld Oil Is haid at 11, with smell sale# Matos of
purr end Tanners' Oil at HU eta. Wr quolr winter strained Mortal
Oil st flutist vuft cu.
rx»VAToa*.—The supply Is moderate Bales of Fiercer are ids *
k.tig at 91,96 to fl.61. per bushel, as tv quality We quote Bweet
a? per bbt.. an«J a full supply
pBovraio** —The market this weak has be. n quiet, purchasers
*h..wu»g little disposition tv operate »t tire present high rales, while
h !der* are firm. Thera Is very llttla prime Baron ou the markat,
vod the transactions hare been mainly to flU orders. The stock In
Iteef Is light, with but IttUe Inquiry fur ll. Per Lsrd prices are wall
sustained with a arnatl stock on hand.
H'h'iyn.—TT»err l« a go«xl demand tor Baron of prime quality, but
the stuck Is quite light and the transrtiooa have been mostly to All
orders aud supply the demand for . on.tmoth u We not* sales dur
ing the week of several hundn d hhds . It cU , for Phoul
d-rs, 11 *»<tMlH cts., for Hides, and 1IR&14cis., fui Hams. Ba
con, out of condition, of course sells at lower figures
Him raS.—The Huger market this week I a« bavn rather quiet Tha
stork on hand Is l*gh», with less disposition on the part of buyers to
purchase. Price* have rather s downwsrd tendency. Wc n«de sales
on M ttolay of AT hhds., and 79 btols., English Island for refining
purposes, on private terms.
Tobacto.—We have to note a continued activity In the Tobacco
market, with sales of the receipts as fast as they appear, leaving
the market ruure completely bare of both Maryland aud Ohio that
has ever been known W- hear of no change in prlres of any de
scription, prices being fully tnainlalnsd, and the finer qualHltS,
which are much waited, bringing occasionally a little more than for
mer rate*.
HT" Parties selling real estate, in a IJscent counties, will confer s
favor by transmitting reports of the sales to the editors of the Whig.
.9ri»f 2d —A farm In llrnrtco, 4 miles east of Richmond, compris
ing 619 acres—to be divided Into live tracts. Tu be Bold on the
premises at 19 M.
Hame day —The tract called •• Oakley." In Buckingham county, 1
unle from the Courthouse, containing 650 acres, ifor sale privately
81 —A tract In Chrsterfleld co., of 2.176 acres, (MU |<>w grounds,)
on the Appomattoi river—Improvements numerous-distance from
Richmond or Petersburg, 26 miles—terms liberal Her adv’t signed
K O. Pi'tgerald, Com'r.
Same day — Commissioner's sale of a tract of 400 acres of land In
Pswhatau county.
4th.—The estates In Lancaster county, known a« " Indian
Town ’’ and ** Hill’s Quarter," containing respectively 109t» and
1478 acres, rhhfly low grounds , also, 100 valuable slaves, etc., etc.
Bee adv*t.
Same day—Commissioners’ sale of two tracts lo Bpqttaylvania
founts, cne, “Woodvllle," 4fU acres ; the other 49ft sct«s— built wTIT
Ala.»—the valuable farm " Roibury,” In New Keut county, 24 ro
below Richmond, cont’g 62$acrrS, [815 In cultivation ;1 and a neigh
boring tract o# 188 Js acres, unimproved. Her mdv’f of R. I). Carter.
Also—a tract of 625 acres, bonier,d bv the Appomattoi river, lo
Chesterfield county, V miles from the C. II , 1C from Petersburg, and
2" from Richmond; new dwelling, etc. ; also, four tUvcs—to be sold
on the premises.
6ih-Two tracts In Chester field county, out of 800 acres, the other
of 164*4 acres, lying on Swift creek, 17 miles from Richmond
0th —A tract of 999 acres, on which Is a gold mine, in Bucking
ham county, 7 miles from the C. II. Terms liberal
9fh- A tract of 946 acre# (about one third original forest) in Lu
nruburg county, 4 miles south of the C. 11 , with roomy dwelllug and
every necessary out bulldtug
lutii. — A tract of 876 acres. 85ft In original forest, clrcun\jacrnt to
Me here in Depot, on the line of the Richmond and Danville railroad;
for sale privately meanwhile.
Hauie day—a brick dwelling, in Richmond, on Franklin si , be
ta.-, n 24.1 and 24th streets, containing ten rooms—now occupied t»y
Mr Geo. Watt.
11th Kami of 652 acres (one-lialf cleared) in Hanover comity, at
Alice's Htatlon, on Central R R, 9 miles above Richmond. Terms
I HU. -Hale of 4n or 60 slaves (Including carpenters, blacksmith#,
Ac.,) Bt Warminster, NcUon co.
Harne day— a dower right In an Al!»emar1e estate, amounting to
&IV acres of land, eligibly situated 6 miles front Charlottesville.
Also —a tract In Buckingham county,called •• Buffalo,” containing
over I.2oo acres. H miles from the Collegiate Institute
28*1. — A tract of fcki acres, 170 cleared, Iti Alb-marie county, 1 H
miles from Oohham D**pot, and about 15 from Charlottesville , io be
Sold at said Depot, st 12 M. Terms liberal i
25th.— Katensive trust sale of lower Jam*-# river property, vie :
the estate in Prince George county, called “ Blair’s,” containing
•'ll acres, frfrfl cleared; the estate called ** Kel ll«nk»,” adjoining
the above, ,T42 acres, another adjoining tract of *o xMand. 71
acres , and the ** Glebe" tract of 50 acres He* adv’t of G s A
Haine day —a tra< I In Hanover county, called %* l.lndlry,” eighteen
miles from Richmond, ou the Central Railroad, containing 25o
r| xr*d acres, with large dwrltlng, numerous out-houses, etc
Wlh. — At City Point, a one acre lot, opposite Moody's Tavrrn
kith — Commissioners’ sale of 110 acres of Green Hprings land, In
Louisa county ; also, at same time, nine likely negroes.
Han e day—a part of Tims O Clarke’s tract. In Hanover, 7 miles
I ..nit-e I n cnrimn.j ann / tulles tr.*m me i • ntrm r(»|iroan. train H
I'fll Ut 16** acre* to l*« sold, as the purchaser may desire. ^^B
Oct. 1st.—The “Kish I'oud" trad of four or IWR* acres In Nrlson ^KS
'•.Minty, lying on James river. j^B
llh The e«utc known as *• McDowell's Bottoms," lying on (Ireen- ^B3
brier river. In Monroe county, containing 419 acres. This Is s rare ^^B
offering flee adv't of J. McD. Taylor, Com’r. ^^B
7th The " Meadow Hill ” farm. In Powhatan County, containing
&9»» acres, (three-fourths siable;) brick dwrl In*, etc., also, five no ^^B
frocs—to he sold on the premises at 19 o'clock M. ^^B
0th.—Farm In New Kent county, containing 4-U acres, to be sold ^^B
at the C. if at auction, unless previously disposed ..f at private «ale
KHh- Commissioner'# sale of 996 acres of laud In Madison ro , ^^B
4 or ft tulles from the 0. II IBfl
14th— A tract of 910 acres (principally wood land) In Louis* C"-*^B^
9 miles from the 0 II , on Harrison's erwek. ^^B
Ifith—Three tracts In Chesterfield county, vis one of 904 acres, ^^B
on James river, about 6 miles above R chmond. another of 1u acres ^Bg|
In same neighborhood, with mill site, Ac , and another of In" a rea
well timbered, and with abundance of granite- near the railroad. BH
994 — A tract of 1,100 acres, about 460 cleared, known as •• lie! ^^B
mont," In Nelson county . lies within Ijg miles of the canal Terms ^^B
liberal ^B
Afur 7 — At Kanawha C II , the dams, locks, Ac , of the Coal R1 ^^B
vsr Navigation Company. ^^B
f>*c 97th.—A plantation containing 9,009 resin North Ala • ^■gl
hama. ^^B
iDVEWTiaao in ms warn. ^B
A farm of M9 acres In Hanover co, at Atlee's Station, on Central ^Bfl
R R . 0 miles ahove Richmond- will bv divided. If desired A.Iv' t^^B
by (). A A. (tfl9) flfAfi
Oe.lrahle residence, In R chmond. on ftth at , adjoining Rev Mt.^B|
Hogs’* church; for sale or rent Adv'd by G A A Itflfli j^^E
Brk k dwelling at Pinrastle. with 14 acres attached —splendid or*
chard. ..ut houses, etc , at* ». 11" acres of land in Hw vicinity of the
town Adv'd hy Francis Anderson. ItW ) ^^B
A farm of ftO" acres, half cl. ared, 9Jg miles from Lynchburg, hor ^^B
dried hy the canal has commodious dwelling, barn, etc Adv’d
by Thos II. Rcott ftlPfl] ^B
Alarm In Buckingham county. called •• Apple Hill," containing ^^B
910 acres, half cleared Adv’d by flelah Holbrook ftlPfl) ^^B
The •• I’nlon Hotel" property, at tlarksvlllr, Mecklenburg cr>un ^^B
tr. and a frscl of 7!Mi acres of low grounds adjoining the town BB
Hr. adv't of Pinch A Hoyd (tftft) ^B
A tract of 0s» acres, (fFa» in rulOvalien for tobacco,) In Mucking
him county, 9V} miles from (lie canal Adv'd by Jno M Harris ^HB
a'firm In Ring B llllam county, oonUInlng Iwtween But and 4"<*^^B
acre*. 9" mile# from Richmond. Adv’d by G A A (ttbifl > ^^B
A farm of JVSi acre*, with barn, etc , near Williamsburg A lt l^H
by J K fleyner (tRRfl ) ^^B
Ten tin.usand acres of land In K anawha county fb*e adv’t In^BB
country Whig of II M Price, Ag’t. (1140.) ^^B
A plantation lying on James river. In Powhatan cunty, contain ^BB
log 4Vft acre# whh dwelling ai.d various out hulldtf g« Adv'd hf^^B
Wilson Wlnfree (t!ft4) ) ^^B
Parm of Vi" acre* In I’ whaian comity, with Iw. lltng, etc , there ^B3
on (tf )
The White flulphur Springs. In GreOnbf ter count? flee adr't. BHfl
The farm called " flea ford." In Matthews county, containing ^t^^B
acres, »f which DM are arable, (tf ) ^^B
Plantation In Goochland county, 9*» miles from Kn hmood. rallrd^BB
" Mount Bernard," containing TV acres (tf ) ^^B
Farm on James rlrer. In Buckingham rountr, ..ppoelt# Howard* ^B|
vllle. containing M6 aerew. ^^B
An estate, containing 9/esi acres In Amelia and Nottoway coua^^^HB
ties, 4*i tnllea fmm Richmond. Advertlaed hy |. Masters (if ) EBB
Farm of M" acres, half cleared, In Charles City caunty, 7i mil# ^BB
from Richmond (tf.) BB
The 'arm known as "Prospect Hill," tn Orange . , on Ihe Rapps ^B|
bannock river, contains ?*st a< r.*, and ha* ever? fadMty of a. • esa^BE
In market
Valuable mdl property -late " TaltaVfro mit»# " at Rorkett* a^BB
rare- p^.oriun ty for Investment flee adv't of G A A (tf 1 ^^B
Two tracts In Ifaltfav rsvntf, near Clover fit itlon, on HAD ftB|
R one of Wtn acres lire other containing l Aft a* res. 10 m roltiva ^BB
tlon, with dwelling, etc Res adv't of Wm H Woottnn (tf) ^^B
HI PI HIOH JAVA fOPfi r. for sale hy H
•*9 navpnport, aii.pn a co. H
V BITRG R A11. ROA f> RTOCB. f..r sale hy
••9- fit_0tock Brnksrt ^^^B
I tllF-Pjr. 9"H hoges pi lm* W Y. O-ase, HH
By ft Oases prime A pole Am, ^^B
for sale hy___flV/PR A PM A I F 94 Main st MgM
■ .NIN9E.—No 1 Cut and Gross Herrings, JuSB^
r No. 9 Mackerel, for tats hy ^^B
wV_ 9IZPR A FHArp. 94 Msiost^^^B
HAMUJABMOI Ho A N IMe English Calf Boun^H
flsckgammon A >ard*, Chessmen, Domln-a Historical 'Um*^B
frrr tbs •mall folks, and mtsst be snM hy ^^B
_ _ _ _ 71MMPRMAN WM
W RANDOLPH '• prepared U off-v merchants great laduss^HB
• moots to purchase their vuwply of ^^B
•t Ifl Mata Brest ^^B
|^- I • p- ■ * for Cash or to punetua^OUSf. merf .el
E W RAN DO! PII, Hi Man fli , cun supply on favnrshle teria^^^B
• P o all tt.e N. w and *tandard RCIIOOI H' »<>K* ,.f the lur«*w4 rA^Kmi
tlon* also, all kinds of Rrhool Battonsry. Orders will rcelv^^B
prompt attention gg| ^^B

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