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The d*a»oo»t ration at Rahway on Wednesday afternoon
aad vveoing satisfies ui that the American la the strongest
parly la New Jersey. Fillmore and I ha IS Ison will carry it
beyond a doubt, if the efforts sow making sre persevered
la till the day of election. And that they will be we have
every assurance The people are becoming aroused lo
tbs importance of the contest, and the us it thirty days
will teem with developments of tba moat gvntilylug char
acter to tba friends of the American cause.
Our advices from various sections of the Stats are full
of hopa aad encouragement Fillurani and Donelson are
Cuing strength in quarters here Inters considered doubt
Tba masses are moving in the right direction, and
tba document* which are now being circulated, are produ
cts Iks best of effect.
It ms* s glorious sigh to behold at Rahway the Immeiiae
throng that had gathered theic to do battle lor the Con
MiluUott and tb* Union. All the speakers were tisleued
to with marked attention, and the cheers which followed
•vary mention of the name of Fillmore proved how aliong
a hold ha he* upon tbs patriotic and intelligent cibzena of
oar gallant Stats
The speech of Com. Stocktoa was a powerful effort
worthy of the msu, and worthy of the rauea iu which he
la ear nest) r and ardently enlisted. Uis praise of Mr. Fill
more, and his Hines* for the Office of President, was res
ponded to In shout* that made the welkin ring, aud cairied
conviction to the heart* of all preaeul, that the speaker and
audlonee wore in perfect sympathy, and endorsed aver*
word that was uttered.
Our triands in Rahway deserve great credit for ths com
pleteness of thair arrangumenta for the meeting, and «i
nail it as an earnest of what they intend to do throughout
the campaign.—A'nsirl A'ay/v, ill.
AVovh (A* .VortA - A merira s AVrtrw.
The hardest trial of those who tail from affluence and
honor to poverty and obscurity, la the discovery that the
attachment ol to many in whom thay confided, was a pre
tence, a mask, to gain their own ends, or was a miserable
shallowness. Sometimes, doubtless, it it with regret that
these frivolous follows ot the world, desert those upon
whom they have fawned ; hut they soon forget them.
Flics leave the kitchen when the dishrs are empty. The
parasite* that cluster about the fevo-ito of furtunc. to
gather his gifts, and climb by hi* aid, linger with the
sunshine, but scatter at the spproach of a storm, a* the
leaves cling to a tree in summer weather, but drop off at
tho breath of winter, and leave it naked to the stinging
blast. Like ravens settled down for a banquet, and sud
denly scared by a noise, how quickly st the first sound of
calamity these'superficial earthlings are specks on the
But s true friend sits in the centre, and is tor all time.
Our need only reveals him mors fully, and binds him more
closely tout. Prosperity and adversity are both reveal
ers, the difference living that in the former our friends
know us, in the latter we know them. But, notwithstand
ing the insincerity and greediness prevalent among men,
there is a vost deal more of esteem and fellow-yearning
than is ever outwardly shown. There are more essiuplcs
of unadulterated affection, more deeds of silent love and
magnanimity, than is usually supposed. Our misfortunes
bring to our side real friends, before unknown. Benevo
lent impulses where we should not expect them, in modest
privacy enact many a scene of beautiful wonder amidst
Ult' hi aiiu, upwi uiv «»"*c, iwiit
mating the gU>ry. the iimm, and the actual and po-siblv
prevalence of the tiiendly suntiment, we must cheerily alrike
lyre and life voice to Ihe favorite song, confessing, alter
•very complaint is ended, that
“There ie a power to make each hour
As sweet as Heaven designed it;
Xor need we roam to bring it home.
Though few there be that find it!
We seek too high for things close by,
And lose what nature found us.
For IHri hath here no charm so dear
As borne and friends around-- ua.”
Tat SmrriHo lice- or Lira—Life has, for an observer,
•uch a quick succession ol intervals and amusing adven
ture, that it is almost inconceivable he should ever leel
dull or weary of it -Vo oue day resembles another. Ev
ery hour, every minute, opens new stores to our experi
ence, and new excitements to our curiosity. We areal
wavs on the eve and on the morrow of some surprising
•vent. Like the moth, we are forarer flying towards the
alar—but with this difference, that we attain it; and if
•omeliiaes we find the halo we fancy a glorv is but some
deceiving mist, at last me have learned a lesson If we
look upon life merely as hunites students, we shall not
fee, any great bitterness at such disappointments. It is
only when we hug our ignorance to our hearts, (hat we
, are. and deserve to be, miserable—when we embrace the
cloud, that we lose tne goodness. But if we open the
cyew of of the mind, and determine to be neither wanton
ly stupid nor malleolive, an eochanted world begins to
rise iroui chaos. The aspect ever, of the room in which
we sit grows lively With a thousand unsuspected curiosi
ties. We id:sever, that the moat ordinary person is inves
ted with some noticeable characteristic. If we deign to
look for but five pleasant minutes at any commonplace
thing, we become aware of its peculiar beauty ; and there
is not a bird that wing* through the air, nor a flour that
blossom- iu the garden ; nor an insect that crawls in the
depth ol the emrtii; nor a fish that swims in the water, bul
has it- owu singular and delightful story.
CARD, I'll. L, 11S6.
got haoadway. new YORK.
Ttiir und-r-t*nrd, • 'hr- ihe death of their father, having screes
>1-4 hi ih*> business sndsr the same firm, bee to Invite alien
lint, u> »nr meek of goods now arriving fur Fall wear, comprising 1
Is-s—, so., mi'-r assortment than we have ever before had tl>,
pleasure of offering to uu. »~#OTse«e.
The asui- good taste and > jrie In the cutting and making of oui
goods that has so long characterized our house, father having beef
at its head for twenty nine y-ars, will be continued and -very effort
will be made to retain the confidence of our old customers.
toll—lm __A.ili * ARSuCg
THE undersigned engagr-i in the manufacture of Baah,
Blind* At id Door*, of tlxr k**f quality of matetsal Aral
workmaci*litp. at low price*. Order* rwqiectfuliy solicited and
promptly executed Person* ordering 9a*h. Ki nd* or doot*.
from n»c tiy mall, may real a**un-d of gf ting a* good work,
a* moderate price*, and a* prompt attention a* If ordered
In r<cr*oti Olut nr done eery low. and any quality of (ii*M
used that may he designated Constantly on hand !«• by 14, 10 by
12. *cd b by lti Sa*h gtaxed—al*o. Blind* to *olt the -tamr Factory
2nd building above llaxall*' Mill*, Richmond. Ya.
_auir.__ _ISAAC J MgHi'Hl
I7IR0M hi* Distilleries In Augusta county, the -ub*anber will ft:,
* order*, in any quantltie*, and for any part of the ( nlted JMat« *
for Dil* .lobraifd IVUUKCY. It waa awarded a riRTT atn
MruiM* At D»e Fair of the Mechanic** Institute, in Richmond. Nt>
veml>er Thl* Liquor l» intended for family and medicinal a»e,
and for the l* «t Hotel* It may be ordered of any age from two tu
five year*. Order* through the mall* promptly attended to. Ad
ooB dly_ Staunton, Ya.
■alK*:*!! A H III AM 1. OF JEWELHY O! T1IF
M7 LATENT STYLES — Ju«t to hand a larg*- variety of Jewelry . f
the moat fa*hkun»ble •tries, among which «ome entirely new 4tylrt.
Tie* aa-ortinrnt enoilttn In part of Cameo, G»*ld Stone, Lava, Mosaic
and Diamond Pin*; Ear-Ring*, Finger Ring-, and Bracelet*; al*o, *
large variety Watch Key*, Gold and Silver Pencil*. Gold Pen*, tie
best manufactured, and a large variety of Silver Ware All g odi
warranted a* represented, and will be *old at a living nroflt
jv 24_MYERS » J.«NKF., T.Mj Main street
valuable Water Power, with Flour, Gn*t and pta«i«r Mill* attached,
situated ju-t beyond and adjoining the city ItoiU*. in Rocketts, the
P*,r* niniranmi, nnn imiiromny im me line aI U>t X Of* It 1 ret
lUilroed. connecting with the Ve. Centre! and Dork, rontehiiny
about eight acre* of land, I* now offered for sale, commanding, ax .1
doe*, watrr power available for the erection of mills, foundries wot!
and machine shops. Beautiful location for a Brew* rjr It Is par
tlrularly adapted for a Paper Mill, as there is a purr spring wbwri
oau l»r uaari for that purpose. These Mills arc noted for the supe
rlor Floor and Meal, both for ho®e market and exportation. Tr.ti
Property will be for «ale a limited time only, and If not disposed <*i
wy the 1st October nest, wtll he withdrawn from the market.
For further particulars, apply to
•u19—tf G0DD1N A APPKKSON, Richmond, ▼*.
Alt TIMS’ € % X \ \ sv ' i : . :
frames. Oil sketching ptper. Sketching Board*. Katies, Pallrtten
and Ptllette Knivt *. Oil colors In tubes in rreat variety, Cam*I
Fitch, J* »b|e and llog Hair Brushes, Badger Hair Blender*, color* d
Craynne, and ec.ry other Implement u*cd for Oil Painting ami
Drawing, for .*!■ bp Wil l 1AM HATTLRK,
*u5# Artlat*'Color Btore, 14* Main atrrrt
»i»a ta/kwm.i.'a ntiiooi.,
ORACP ATHi rr. BKTW'FKN 7lh and *th,
TUF Blaih Acaalno of Mi„ T,i.adl't Mfflftl will commence on
the flr.f da, of October and doae the Aral da, of July
Ml,* Tas.woll wilt be aaatated b, a gem lemAn whoae attau.n.i on
and raprrienr* render him a con .Ideralde acqolelllon to the School
AM oiler roqui.lt* Information will he communicated through elr
talar* which can be obtained on appllcatlon.
Tiaw* - payable aeml annually in adranr.
For Board g/nn on
Higher Fngltrh Braneheo. 40 uq
Primary g,, m
Ancient and Modern l.anguagta, each An in,
_ ** »ml Drawing, I _1m
SWEKT BeH. f.s. -THU RBTABI i-iim»nt l< v.vt
OPKFI, with hendsoine eccoreotodetloM T>*e new Beths. iUr
completed, its most specious, convenient end elegant; ronteinlni
hondsnm. re cptlon end prlvetc dressing rooms, all henrisotnely cer
pwtwd end farntrfi*d, for both Indies end gentlemen
I em Instructed try the owners of this property to spere no rff.,rt
Of CKpwnse to msl>« It one nl the most dcslreble summer retreats li
SI A I HA I'll ,| S
nweM aeltcied aatortiucnt of URfK'RRIRB, llmtoika'lne I
qoora crept.,I,, which lhey will a. II .t . „nall pc.Af for c.,h or ,p
fVvfsi city snsytsive. '
Particular alien,mo paid to aale. of Country Po d,,, ,.
_ W___william A fhawV
• I fit Ml ' 11 1,1 1
■ qSrsnrtown in the rnionto MtiurAfiriiif ,1
ARTICI.F, of dally ronaomption , can be manufactur'd in tl„
Agw»f.d« "ng . aeeured by copyright . tale a, perimwo, »
Foil particular, a* of on tba receipt of If* rent. Addrew
- * T MftRNR A CO
1 * Boi 4Sf.|, New Vork
SOTIf r. I hereby *«K>lnt Mr, f.aa Wouor ay arril t
onT " "* ,h* °"T •» R'ehfonnd ,[
—_. i*1 A HH HARD*
S° 1 • II Ml I b
Oyster rbeflug DMge, Besfstesk do, Ifesh etel ▼ egrtelite d?. .
wrry low prVee to dose owt tbs stock, by ZIMMFkMAN
V*** , . — M Mb*"
»•* ISTOli'k WOlllM.ma. ,
Oeorge Washington,by Wellington Ira,ng. ,«>1 |j„„ ,,
a*— •*- !“t iVaSTJ.-a^'
100,000 " " ". . . ..
Atm Fair* Auger Cured Cuer.aard llama, lor aale by
■***_TBOMBI.B A CI.AIAf'Htr. No 11 p.arl At
»'f All, |.I>M t, ,
RPRAFYP, Ac, nr* nanaMaH ■< the Virginiap,,',^
Umry. to a coawtdaruhle client Mereheuta before g„,„, «^rth .
I netted to ceA and aiatulne nor atnoA at the *
. *"* Ho *7 Pearl Aireet
I EATHI'.R. AAA Aide* flood and Damaord Bole Leath
SjUarteby R H RKINRFR A CO ,
S^* - . _One, Mreet
€•>•*.* SI . aee prime N T Cheew,
' • Oaaee prim* Arnda do,
or ante bp Af/rR A PlfAI’P, ,4 M,i,, .,
g HMina BOM TUB; M AAIIA. tA-e ar*
great bargain, m lima Alika, Aaecp Organdie Muah
Imwna. Robe* Hi »lk, Berepe and Organdie Muellna, alko, a lat
Mock of koouttfwl Challic DeLenea. rerp (ny, to make room fn
11" Moa* of Fall B*nd* 11*7 IfHh B-pt,) which we premier our n
•omeeu kt adennee *haf1 equal any In U e city
. ARP*_ * F AFAKIHA A QO ■ No 141 Ragh «q.,ar.
- || hni * Sin nfciiAqq mi
BA Thd. Waal India and rt hotled Mnlaaaea.
inn Mda Otopad So I Herring*.
m kMa So I mod tom Mackerel, for aal* bp
AR** U. TON as
■ nroiTA^t ^ikvELATisn* t
ck mu 11.
Id tbu chapter n wUl ilwi bow luvtrt lux Kaun u4
Rawwwatwa caret > IwrWa attack ol Chronic »>!«■«
lira,.flat after n PknlcltD. la aeon cotinty, Va.. had irWd iWlr
raLU la Tala. ilN ; now cwontrjr Doctor, can Ihclr uIImu hjr
ara| Railway*. KrawtUa*. lot mrr mh wko I. .ai<M with <tu
no nod Uil. Unrilaani. Let .11 who dran . irooJ Fuir>Un
and Cathartic Malldut 117 on* duoc of RaJw,y*a Hxrui.b r>' let
Uiowconrhl with naakhlloKliM, Sore, and .burr blood 1.MM
with bod humor, read the ram wr bora pwbltah. lUbwiia Ratal
I Kbuu, Ridw.yV Innitm teorwr, ood tiD.iiV taucu
rua'.aa. Iho onlj romcdloa nwalrod to atop the aoH uiunni
aolna, core Or. and Urrtblr and frhrhtrul Jiiiim, and lo lop lb*
.union Ijrxoin la a rafalar and healthy coodllkru Him Pmua.
(Mm t* r Jay %tUI *«w/» (A* sevkuf* A«pW«ar.
1st. The? are Um hioA plrMUt Medicine to lake. In the tons of A
PU1, lu nee.
9d They are the most safe Medicine to take. In the form of a PtU,
for they do not leave the bowels coat is v. nor deplete or weaken the
. pMoca.
U They produce the moet delightful effect*, upon the System, of
any Medicine lu the form of a Pill. All who lake them have a regu
lar discharge of the bowel* at a regular period of time
4th They remove all had Mi*p from the mind and corrupt hu
mors from the body Every one wbo take* them rejoice* at the hap
6y effects they produce upon the bowels. Liver, Skin, Kidneys,
erves, Ac.
5th. They produce the same happy effects upon the Liver, a* they
| do upon the bowels , up»o the Skin a* they do upon the Pancreas ,
upon the Nerve*, •- they do upon the Kidneys ; upon the Absorb
ent*. as they do upon the Lacteal* .upon the Lywphaik •, a* they do
upon the Glandular System Regulate each Organ and System
lo a healthy and harmonious action
6th. They are mild In their operation, pleasant to take. “They
never turn one's stomach," a* au old lady once remarked to us, nor
do they gripe, or In any wise render themselves disagreeable la their
7th. They are entirely Vegetable, prepared IVom the Active Piia
ctpie oaly, of Aromatic Gums, Plants, Roots, Balsams, Ac. They
are highly concentrated, nothing inert Is In their composition—they
are mild vet active. One Regulator Is more powerful. In expelling
from the System disraerd and acrimonious humors, than six of the
most apppoved pills in use, and yet there are no violent purgings
no griping pains, no sickness at stomach, or other unpleasant sen
sations creeping over you from their use. The fact Is, their healthy
properties, instead of merely irritating the bowel*, spread through
I oat the whole entire system, regulating every organ, and infusing
health to every tissue. Drastic Pills, Salts, Sena, Ac., act only as
' drains, and merely Irritate the bowels to s looseness. So, reader,
you see, and If you take a few doars of Regulators, will feel, to your
Joy. the great difference between Radwsy's Regulator*, that act up
on the whole «ystem. and common pills and other dru-tnc purgatives
that cause, by their irritating properties; a distressing discharge of
the bowels.
January t9xh, 1856.
Mnsu Rahway A <Xx,
I have been agent at this place. FattonsviUc, Scott Co , Va., for
«J1 the best Fills In use, for nine years, and In right good faith your
Regulators gives better satisfaction In these mountains of Scott, Va.,
than all the Pills I have sold Everybody down here call your Regu
lators “The Good Pills." James Tomlinson ha* s son that had been
disc Med with the Chronic Rheumatism.
Fifteen different physicians hu tried to cure him, but could not
to It, so he tried at s venture, Radwsy’s Regulator, every night, and
in two weexs he was completely cured. I hare cured a great many
people with your Ready Relief, Regulators and Resolvent, that our
beat doctors down here could u«>t touch—and I believe that where
the doctors down here do make a cure, they do it by the u*e of your
medicines. Yours truly,
Jack**, Mias., Feb. 10, ISM
Messrs Rad way A Co.: A few days since 1 bought on* dollar's
worth of Rad way's Rcadj Relief. 1 used It for Neuralgia, aud, to
my astonishment. It gave roe almost Instant relief.
December 2W\, ISM | DtCKwasa 81st, 18»
A Sever* FtU—haury u> the Knee Pxn—J&s'ruoiafimg f\iin*.—
Timely A rrioaX—Succem^ul MMLary itfRadtcay** Ready Relief
Dikdu, WasKLT Co , Tksx., December Slst. l^M.
I, JEPfHA u ARD1MEK of the above place, do publish, that for
many years I hare been afflicted with Rheumatism, and on the even
ing of December 2Mtb, ISM. while walking in my yard, 1 fell with
great violence on tl»e ice, bruising the knee pan very badly. 1 fur
ther certify that on the above day, Mr. John J. Benedict, a traveling
agent of Radway A Co., arrived at this place, and hearing of my
heavy fell and the terrible complaint that afflicted me, recommen
ded me to apply Radway't Heady Relief, which I did, and in a very
short thne the pain ceased, the swelling abated, and I am now able
to walk without the use of my cane, free from pain. 1 have tried
several other remedies but found no relief. In case* of extreme pain
Rad way's Ready Rebel is far |*refrtable to all other R-medies ; If
any one doubt* Die truth of this certificate, let them call on me at
my residence, or write to me at Dresden, Tenn., and I will give
them full information.
For years Mr. Oard inter had suffered the torturing pains of Rheu
matism, be was unable to walk without the help of a stick. On the
*9th of December he first tried the R R. Relief—on the Slst he could
walk without any aid and free from pain. Let all who are crippled
or bed-ridden, think of this.
Radway's Ready Relief and Radway Regulators, are Positive Cur
atives for Ague and Fever. Let those afflicted take from 2 to 8 of
Radway's Regulator* every e.ght, and a teaspoonful of Ready Re
lief, t water, on rising In the morning, ami twice during the day—
these w.U toon free your system from the poison of Ague.
SpHn*u transition sea*.r of the body—as well as of the year,
and the economy of the system demand* that the surfeit of the win
ter be carried off. to enable it to withstand the depressing effect* of
summer. Had way's Regulators are as nwccmsry to keep up the
health of the body of mao, as an occasionable nibble of fresh gras*

Mach pa in and misery, sickness and long suffering would be pre
rcn-cti if, on th* first indication of the system beine out of order, a
dose of Madv*)'t Regulators rert swallowed. Every de*e that Is
taken will Infuse new life and fresh lUtngth to the weak and nervous
If those who are satyeci to or afflicted with Fever and Ague. Head
Ache*, cklu Diseases, Breaking* Out, Pi mol.**. Blotches, Pustules,
Tetters. Ra*h, Boils, Humors, will use oar K. R. Remedies, we will
guarantee them p- otectlon against the rotation of these maladies, or
If afflicted, a speedy ai.d effectual cure
Is a positive cure for Homers, and all eruptive SkiD Diseases.
The presence ■/ Pimples, Blotches, Pustules, Tetters, Rash, Little
Bores, Pninfol ltchlngs, Kot Flushes, Ac., are sure indications of the
presence of foreign and .rnpwr* tumors In the system, and If al
lowed to mingle with the blood and remain :n the system, corrupt
ing the bio* d and filling the sewers of the body with impurities,Sore*
and Ulcers will break out, and cover the body with their repulsive
The Skin, under these poisonous influences, becomes an eruptive
*->icano. exhibiting to the eye the disgusting lava of d acase, Ir. the
"orm of Salt Rheum, Cancers. Ulcers. Fev*-r Sores, Pu'rid Flesh,
King's Evil, and the most Frightful Eruption* of th* M is
Radway’s Renovating Resolvent has cured the most terrible of
bklu Disease* and Humors : it will never fall in th* worst case*
Has done more to relieve the afflicted of Pains and Aches, and the
tortures inflicted upon the human race by disease, than all other re
medies. or the skill of 'kt most eminent physicians and surgeons in
the world. The moment Radwaj'* Ready Relief is applied t*> th*
part* where pain or 'meatiness Is seated, its soothing effect is felt,—
the sharp, keends ting paroxysms of Neuralgia the severe and tor
turing pains of Rheumatism, the torment* of Gout, Lumbago,
Sprains. Strain* and aches of every kind, will quickly give way on
the application of Rsdwas's Ready Relief The mng terrible of
acute Inflamatory disease* have been cured by a few applications of
this Ketdy Relief The Lame and Stiff-joint* d, the crippled and de
formed, are soon restored to perfect health by Its use
H"U the R R R RemsUie* raimd Mrs Sarah A Hough from a
Cripided and ftel/Jee* t ondUion, to Sound Health, after the
skill of ftmr of the mod learne-1 Physician* in .V’sv York had
fail#! to retiree her, Urs. Parker, It tree, War die and Made
Jaxosbt 8, 1AM.
Rip* at A Co.—I Gird vour Ready Relief, and had my
Joint* rubtted with It, and I never felt pain after the first ten minutes
I was robbed with It op to the present time. Sir*. I do not know
what to compare It to but a charm, for It Is a mystery to roe. I was
a catrrt« roa two this, and had not the proper use of my limbs
for three years. I was worn down to a skeleton. I then commenced
the u*« cf your Ready Relief, Resolvent, and Regulators The pain
left me In t*n minutes, and I began to gain strength very fast, and
could walk with case In a few weeks. Before I heard of your Reme
dies, I wa« taken to Dr. Barker, Dr. Reese, Dr. Wardle, Dr. Marielan.
and manv other physicians in this citv. 1 cannot now r« inemt»er I
was completely pulled to pieces by them. My constitution was
broken up with medicine, that did me no flood. I could not put a
foot fo the Around, nor pick up a pin. I was lifted and carried up
and d-wn stair* like an Infant, and now, thank Ood f hy the use of
your Ksmedles, I am a* sunny a* eeer. I had the common rheuma
tism—inflammatory and chronic—and the palsy. You cao publish
this, If you like. SARAH A. HOLI.I1,
*44 B8lh atreet, between the 7 th and 8th a Ten ue, N Y.
Fifteen to MFeoty drop* of R R. Relief, In a little water, taken say
every 15 to K> minutes, will quickly atop the most distreaalny dls
charyc* of Py senior, and Blarrhrea. It will In a few minutes atop
the puln.
R. R R Remedies are sold by all the Druflftsts In the State, and
by Purcell, Ladd A Co., Richmond; also, by Adle A Orar, Rlch
">'«•<* RAHWAY A 00.,
jal'i-dawly—mhiS 18* Fulton atreet, New York.
rWNIIE Subscribers hare established a B...,k Ayeney In Philadelphia,
A and will furnish any hook or publication at the retail price
free of po.taye Any persons, by forwanllnflthe subscription price
of any of the t't Mayaslnes, such aa llarper'a, Oodfy's, Putnam's,
flraham's, Frank le-slle's Faatilnns, Ac., will reeelee the mayasinea
for one year, and a copy of a splendid llthoyrapb portrait of either
Washlnyton, Jackson or Clay ; or, If aubaorlhlny to a |* and a 81
Maflaslne, they will receive a com of either of the three portrait*.
11 auhacrihinfl to a |8 worth of ifaflaslnes, all three portraits will be
■ent flraft*. Musle furnished to those who may wlah it.
Knvrlope* of every description and *lae, in larye or small quantt.
Ilea, furnished Baal Presses, Hlea, Ac., sent to order.
Kerry description of tnyrjriny on wood rxeeuted with neatnesx
and dispatch. Views of hulldlnf*, Newspaper lleadlny*. Views of
Machinery, Book nluatratlons, LodfleOertlacaUs, Business Oards, Ac.
All orders sent hy mail promptly attended to. Persons wishiny views
of their bulldlnys ran tend a Hayuerreotype or sketch of the hulldlnf
by mall or express.
Persona at a distance havlnfl saleable articles wauld Bnd It to their
advantaye to address the subscribers, aa we would act as ayenta for
th* sale of the same. BYKAM A PIKKCK.
80 South Third atreet, Philadelphia, Pa.
“ JY8AM. T. WIT mart
lto*»— dAwly
rit« i UII IM. IN0 PACKING —,
■ TRI'NKB AND f ARPrr flAHB -On band ffiUlTTU
and for sale at low prices, a larye a**ortm*nt of
Trssetliofl and Packli.fl Trunks and Carpet Rays ^HujLD
LBT rteelsed a larye lot of suparlor Cloths, Caasltnerta and
Vestloya, which he will make up In the heal manner, on the
most rcaaonabte terms, and at the shortest notice.
A larye and well selected stock of Ready Made Clothlriy, which
will compare with any In this or any oAher market. Our prices as
i low aa at any other House,
Furmlshlny floods In freat variety, such aa Shirts, Crevala, Scharlk.
Tie*, Ac . Ac.
He Invttea hta friend* and others who are In search of really deal*
ruble floods to call and examine his stock. n,tlSl
' 11 *' ttmva a lull supply „f the ». Ilowtuy kinds of Old
T ■ M "ar"' * f**f* °* Ibrtr own HMD* rtuMon. to which
call tb* partkolar attrr»tl*n of deafer* and ron*nn>r r*
; wuwDim,
tL m ^oHowlrjjf «*febeatrd and rhote* brand* Otard, Dim,* A
te fo. f1*Co •J A *
o . WINKS.
° en? Amon m a"!?'*' *7” P*l' Cherry, ertr.mely ddlcaf. and
y C^kbmn". (ltd p "I* P,k Blackburn's Madeira.
|rdl”p„di', I Buryund? Port, Malay, Wine*. Collie
II a?L JT eT1™1 ^»nr* tor entinary ptirpo*#*, riarrt Wine* fr,,m Ia«
wine*, for which w# ar, ,„d „n „(W T„rt pr,r,7
, . Lltfl ORB P "
Is OM Bourbon Whlsk.,, Mo.
- mn'K^ wf^yT^V.'rtJVwn.k.'- ZZ'ZH- •"*
London portrr, quart* tnd pint*
•colrb *i*, pint•
^anr*tfe Bf»„d/, Oln, Or.rdlafe, Ar Ar
*. _ jyti
in" YrVtms' fJJB » «• >« ••
.. “*= r
lh#tn**lTrw-„f ^ *b"" w'» W-»*e call and .upply
ye au*A _ 2 B OtANKLIN,
• a
This celebrated WM«y to earrarmlrt T ’’l? " ** Sbywhar*
_ always lak.n t,.k Ifmd J^U^r If ",nr ,r,,, ol'1' »•"'
j It a perraan. nd .yte^Rf * ", *'a tpupeytorlty la yainlnt for
«** vt*F audssr oondlri^n,^.^'"".^: """W.theowabom
OjMfcenta and 8 Tork . rltt»b«try. I.yneldmta.
*xwt who hast Herat IrtodTi4..?* /. ” •">»H nn*e.
UP.tola funerally. *' ** IotH^ •»< »• lor.n of a sues
_ HOTELS, Ac._
I. X. SULLIVAN, Proprirtor
V* A Hut will always he la mdlw le convey gavels of Ih*
Heiel le ut free, «h* Depot ea errleml *f ear* going North and
South laaM—tlat Jan) 1. N. SULLIVAN
^"OTtCR. — In taking chars* *f the abor* establishment, I -_.
i.1 would Meet respectfully eollcit a coounuauce of the lor- M
uer patron* of Ih* Hotel, and to my friends, I **k of them u> JU|L
rail aad ere me. My table *haU alway* ha apread with all th* d*U
eaoteenf Ih* eeaeon. Th* erreaate ar* all »ttouUv*. Th* *nUr* »
Uhitohment .hall ha*, the beet aueuitoo that I am master of. My
wile wOt •** that the ladle* wld patron la* th* HoUl aha 11 ha**«T*ry
wleh gratlked, and all I aak le a ahar* of bu*lne«*. Th* houe* la f*r
Blalwd In tha very beet alyl*, and la leeatod la a <tal*t part of th*
elty My Omulbtu wtu always b» as lb* dlCvreol depots to attend to
nutfmi fa. to CATTV lh»B to cod fro.
|yl*—af_JOMHI L. OAMOMtOM, hagrtilaf.
PA M ft E SMI E It S for Lynchburg or DaneW* Tnrurn
of Ih* Richmond A l»anr:U* and Southaide Railroads tSXP
Immediately on Ih* arrival of Ih* Cara, and auMcleat time gi.ra lor
Ih* puaerngrra I* eal. And thoar coming down on Ih* Lynchbarg
train and wiahlog to lake the Dun rill* cart, or thoa* arriving on th*
Danville train and (Weiring to ink* the Lynchburg route, ar. la
formed that they ran spend th* night at Ut* Janet toe, where they
wUI And elegant accommodations
Db. WATNON CARR. Fwieaisrua.
THIS magnlRcciil Uot.l, situated ut tbs cantur of Market Bad
Monro* street*. Wheeling, olfrrt unsurpnased Inducement* to
Ut* traveling plabile ll U *uppli*d vrtth every reuulslto for th* ac
commodation or tadloo and getitWtuen, contain* (SI w«U reoUlatod
and capsrlou* rooms, and Is within thro* minute* walk of th* Saltl
ssor* aad Ohio Railroad. Ih* Ch**ap«ak* and Ohio Railroad aad
tlraatboat landing. Th* fort Office and Court Ilouo* ar* oa Ih*
•ante square, and Rapeem and Stag* Am to Ut* baeement.
Price only $1 9* per day.
tar Omnibus** and Porters are always In attendant,* to eoaeey
M —infers nod baggne* to and bum this Hotel.
IV Transclenl Visitors »! So per day. mm
a. snsar. L. r cubs.
H. SNEAD A faetinusa
OMNIBUSSRS run regularly to and bom the Railroad Depot and
Packet Landing connected with this houe*. s*M—ly
rrr.M hihsale:
Hfo hbdr N. O . P. R. and Cuba Muscovado Sugar, prime to
chute* quality
UR bbU. -l.oTwringV* Crushed and Powdered 9vf*r
BBU ••WuRft’i’ C, and "Eger ton. Dougherty A WoodV* C
and H Coffee Aifw
T3 half boeew *• Lorrnn|’i" aad •• Eger ton, Dougherty A
WoodV' Loaf Buyer
1«W hhd*. prior Porto Rico and Cuba Muecorado Molasara
IV bt-la cUHce berup
<•» bbls prlrve New Orw* at V l»iin
Wi be gw prime Rio aod Lac* a. sa Coffee
W pockets prime Java end Mocha Coffee
•Off Dp Old Dominion Nalls
<00 boxer Adamantine Candlee
Sperm an*l Tallow do
th bbls Tanner * Oil
th bbl«. Vinegar
Rice; Cotton Yarn«; Window Glass* bilo and lftxlf
Soap . Candle Wkk. Wrapping Paper
Wrapping Twine; Shot aod Bar Lead
Pepper ; Pimento, Bed Cords
leading Line*. Sporting aad Blasting Powder
Painted Bucketa, Brooms, Blacking
_ Green and Black Teas, Ac., Ac. eel
Coruer of Cary and Hrarl StrMti,
MAVB In store, and are reeelring from the North, their spring
Stock of Goods, which will be large and varied when received,
U> which they call the attention of country merchants and the trade
generally — among which will be found
bags Rio. Laguayra, Maricalbo and Java Coffee
67 hhds. N. O. and P. R Sugar--some very choice
81" package* Refined Sugars- all sorts
118 bbis. N. 0. Molamr* and Reflnrd Syrup
hhda. Cuba and Muscovado Molasses
810 packages G. P.. Imperial and Black Tea
81 .*» b,*xe* American and French Glaaa
6<*» Sides Sole Ualher
b"o boxes Tallow, Adamantine an I Sperm Candles
<**» bhls. Tanner's and Machine Oil
lJMi keg* assorted Nalls, (moat approved brands)
5 half pipes Hennessey and Otard, Dupuy A Co. Brandy,
vintage 1*48 and I860
8 pipes choice Holland Gin
CJ v, and \* np<* f. Brandy, Pale and Dark
luU bbls. ** Pure Rye” Whisky, warranted 10 to 18 years old,
810 bbls Cincinnati Whisky and Alcohol, dally expected to
1N> packages of other Whisky's and Wine*, too numerous to
40 baskets Champagne; 80 cans Claret
•05,i iu0 Cigars
Painted Palls, Grindstones, Wrapping Paper, Spices
Wood Ware, Ac., Ac.
Which they will sell low to punctual customer*._mhlS
FALL OF 1850,
/iik GROSS Poliak's Vienna Matches, |no sulphur.)
RJvr •(■• grout Partridge'* Matches
5»* from french Matches, i can’t be blown out, for cigars.)
6*> barrels Lamp and Tanners' Oil.
80 gross Brown Wmdtor Soap, Low's,
lie* boxes Extract of Logwix-d
boxes S m 10 and 10 u 18 Glass, french.
• O' !h* Madder, prime.
8**0 baskets Seret OH, best brand In use.
5**0 kegs of White Lead.
100 buses Transparent Bar Soap.
1*0 J.'iea Hair Brushes
£*•* gross Tooth Brushes.
150,0**0 Cigars, in boxes of 100
10 grese Yankee Soap
100 *8)0 Percussion Caps, G. D.
grs»s Blacking
8**u ounces of Quinine.
80 gross french Pomades and Hair Oil.
IV* gross Colognes, all prices.
100 kegs Sup. C**b. Soda.
18* *0 B>t Tot,qua Beaus, Augustlna
V* gross Vermifuges.
8»» barrels Sprs. Turpentine.
•00 b >xes Chewing Tobacco.
8**»» grots Turf OU,
Together with a great varity of PaUnt Medicines, Paint*, Oils,
Perfumery, Chemicals, Dye Stuff*, Ac Ac , usually kept by Druggists,
and for tale upon reasonable terms, by
*♦4__DOVE A CO.
W. *. A Ci. DOXXAX,
Import*ft and Wholtutde frtalrr* m Pin* and Htavv
HAVE received by shtps “Great Western” and “Harvest Queen,”
and steamers ” Atlantic” and “ Africa,” from England, their
Fall importations of Birmingham and ?htffi~ld Hardware, Cutlery
and Guns, and are nut prepared to exhibit to merchants and oth
ers visiting our market the present season.* very Urge and complete
rfock of both foreign and American manufacture, and suited to the
trade of our own and adjoining State*
Of g«od* adapted part*caiarly for the season, our stock Is very full
and complete, as
Pen, Pocket and Table Knives, Axes, Saws, Hammers, Ac ,
Kaxors, Scissor* and Shear*, Single and Double Darrel Guo*
Lock* of all kind*. and Rifles,
file* of every description. Trace, Log. Ooll A other chain*,
Hollow Ware. Oven*, PoU, Ac , 9teal of different kind*,
flhorels and Ppndes, Curry Comb*, Fry-Pat,*. Ac.,
Coal Hods, Fender* and Cinder
Together with all other article* usually found in our line, among
which we are particular to keep constantly a complete assortment
of beet quality CarptnUrtT and Blarkstnllh Tools, and Building
We respectfully solicit a continuance of the patronage liberally
bestowed upon u* for a number of years past
5 W 9. A O. DONNAN.
N B —Particular and prompt attention paid to orders entrusted
to u*.
A RE In receipt, direct from the manufacturer. In ^emmeue
. » England. Germany and this country, their
Fall eupply, emhraclng every article usually kept hy
the Hardware Trade Importing direct, and pur- SmBBhlB
chasing for cash, enables them to sell as cheap as any lions.- in this
or any Northern city, and they respectfully Invite the merchants of
Virginia. North Carolina and Tsfinnecy. visiting this market, to ex
amine their stock before purchasing Having In addition the rooms
rei ently occupied hy Messrs Word. Wringer A Co., they have cor
respondingly enlarged their etnek, and have Increased facilities tor
exhibiting the same They are also sole agents in Richmond for
Bair tank 9 which ll»ry tell at tnanufartarcr'a prUea k1
fall TRADE, 1850.
w I Is I. I YOHAn * T A It n V,
iwmrrKjLs »xb wtrotmti btat.*«t tx
HAVE in store, and are receiving dally, a large snd general
Stock of gall and Winter Dry Good., to which Uef ask Ihs
Attention of Merchants visiting this market They make no rlalms
; to nptrinr arlvmtngt* over their competitors, either as Importers
or buyers, bat assume that they pnssevs sdeantsees e.|uat to any,
and sollrltconfldentially aiiexamlnallon of their Stock ReP • they
enumerate a few of the leading styles
Brown and Bleached Rheetlngv and shirtings la all the different
Hartnetts, R 4 arid «-4 galled Cloths
Plaid Lindseys at all prices.
Large Rtoek of Blankets
English and Amrrlrsn Prints, all grades.
Coburg Delaines, Alpocraa, Ginghams and ladles Dress Goods.
Cloths and Casaluterra
Hhawls, Cloaks and Mantles ,
k*'"t * P"ml Block of Hosiery, Glove* Hpool (Colton, Threads,
| Terms, II months credit, or 4 per cent discount for cash
I have engaged with Messrs. Willingham A Tardy for the fall
leads and will lie pleased l« have my friends call on me, promising
every effort to give them satisfaction.
I The Commission bu-tness of Hunt A Brn will be attended to aa
• heretofore by our Heritor partner, to which I will rrlarn hy lha 1st
' November next, j. R. BPNY.
V’ 1 I ‘ » NI*» If l« I Hill It,
Of all widths and thickness.
for Hteam Chests, HI#am Joints, Parking Rings, Re.
Richmond Agency at Rtattoner'a Nall, No. SI Pearl et
| »“*' B W KNOWLER, Agent
Mil ON. N.4>, AMI 4 I MR 1144 A HR, "
*3\W Iftft Mid* Oof** C yellf.w sugar#
1«»* pactaye* Lnaf and Cb’d do.
f**» »>•*• I.a and Old Jiva
9ft bbl* Mncha do.
V*> haya Rio do.
fft parkaye* Tea#, good quality
If* hhla. N O. M»U*#e«
hhd# Cuba do
90 liFrfM dn ito
bf.irff Adamantine aad Tallow Oandlo*
ICft boxes Boap
do flaw. 9 by 10 and in by It.
100 doc nrooai
limn r» am* Wrappin* pap*r, I ary* and arnall
d«« M cord#
lno do palmed buck***.
Kill ball# wkklnf and tw1r»«
va* bay# #bo«, a#aort«d
IW bar lead
Fir#, Fept~r. ftptoo, and many other arltct** for sale on reaacna
in dm w ykv *
|aV»ii vdi.r » non 9To»«i: nn ro arri?r,
■ Lamp Planter 1 wt quality ftnm Wlneor. 99. 9.
Fn 9, Mackerel, N<> 1, Herrin##.
FrrwrrH Uluirri In I and V 9 ran#.
No Box Herrings, Dried 0«dfi«b and Bollock,
9aw»d Bbmylr# and 9a wed Lath*,
down*.!#!- and Jama# Fleer Oment,
R^kland Lime, »nw laodlny on iho Dork,
Land Blaeter Calcined, do
Foalo, Blactorlny, Hair, Hay, Botato**, dr
Oorwar tftih, Dork and Cary #t«
(1 HfM oLAT HIbMTI 9 I II fit bldl l I,
J A cnmhinaMon of tha pure*! diarolai* and Iron, de*Yynedeepe.
elally for paraom wbnar atoms* M an weak and will aol retain Iron
a* ueuatty admtntetrred I« la prepared for nae In the ordinary man
ner with Milk dc . and th* m<ti deftest* ran drink N with impunity,
not ta«tlny ih* Iron, tut rralt«'ny #11 of It* ynod eflk»*«* f -r aale by
MB#PR A 11#KBit. Bh*rma^ewf!*m,
** 19*. N. W Onmer <>t Main d Iftth 9t*
CIOAIs PIT oil..-90 ftaret# »nd barrel*, of yo*d q iailtt,
/ F»r aale by D# VftXBOAT, ALLS* A 00
Rt?z.vrjz **
”___*•. Ml Bagla Square.
* KNIT.—Tha oMcm aa4 ream abort Um ma oa IM
- u«w^ la the rear of my Ban; alto. • Urn room oxer my
Bore Knqolre ol «K 1 WUTIK,
_No. I*> Mala Brent.
M.YOH «irWT.--r»M Granite Proa I Store aa Cary AtreB, bo
" ‘V” ,,u> “<• IMA. new occupied by Mom. branch a O.
PinmeBrn flroa oo the loo, laB. for Uraa, apply to
■ .XttM M EST-ADd poaoc.loa glren immediately, a aaal AA
■7 au.l roarralenl DWIlUNU. on IB alM. hl.ro, Main JEt
aad Oary, conuiotag eight Room*, and a Kitchen with bar -
A large W A REHOUSE oa 9th Breel, near the rlrer, au liable tee a
Oarpealer-. Shop ar for Storage, which will be remind low Apply le
M and LOT oo Main alreet, fronting 94 feet, adjoining the B.
teaadry of the Meeere Barnet, recently occupied by Mr. Wm^T
Slw.., aa a turner’, ahop Poaaeeal. o glren the l.i of January nest.
Tor term* apply to JOHN A. ROBINSON,
Jj*> __ Comer Cary and Virginia ate
1 .VIIM KENT,—Haetog reeaored to theSaain Bank, to
f the hoaee r. eently occupied by Thnmea J. Peyton, Keq , OM
the Store I left. No. 96 Cary alreet, neat door to Meeere One- JfcjL
kte. Herrinu, A Oo . le ter rant—a bob excellent Band for any kind
of hkBl 111
Ixll—«fJ. J. PRY
fYOK MERIT.—A two Story Brick Dwelling on Mth .
1 Street, between Franklin and Grace ate., Rob Ride, con- JM
laming 4 Rooms ; with the neeeeaary out bo,Id Inga, and a JfcJL
well of moB excellent water In the yard. The whole le now no,ter -
otag a thorough repair. Apply to
•aaRO _ _ Riga af the Circular Raw. T1 Mala aA
I.WIH M ENT—And poaaeeal on gleet, immediately, the
E* new end Ant large four alary bower ercond door YHnw M
the corner of main A WA ,irecta known aa the Capitol Houer J(“K.
well calculated fer a large Family or boarding house, con tela log at
learn A Item room*, a good Kitchen and water Brer the door, gae Al
lure. completely arranged with burnere a Hatched through out the
boose Thle to Uw moat idenaant and best arranged house on Mam
,treat To a good tenant the reutwIB be made reasonable. Apply to
theeubeertber, corner shore. B. JONES.
(arraoxtcKb ar rax extra or ALABAMA. 1
To be drawn la the City of Montgomery, Ala., In pabllc, on FRIDAY,
September 19. IbM.on the HAVANA PLAN.
Frier* amounting to
C 00.0 GO VO El. AMR
Will be dlatrlbuted according In the following
nAUxniiL.vr n v 11 e ,v* fe .
I Prise of #60,000 if..16)1,600
I Prise of.96.0U0 lx. 88,000
1 Pr,xe of. 16,000 lx. 15.OU0
1 Prise of. 10,400 to. 10.000
1 Prlxe of ... 4000 lx . 4,000
I Prixe of . 6.000 1a. 6,000
I Prise of . 8.000 to. 8.000
8Prixe»of.. 1,000 to.. . 8,000
10 Prince or. 800 an. 8.000
90 Prices of.. pal ere 89.000
loo Prixetof. 900 are.. . 90,000
4 Prises of $40n approximating to #5«t,0uB prise, are. ... $1,600
4 - 900 *• *6,OOt) - " .... 1>W
4 •• *5« •• 15.01 A) “ •• ... 1 jin Ht
4 *• U5 M ItjOOO M M . .. TOO
4 M 150 •• 4,0(8) M M _ #00
4 •• 1*5 •• 5,(100 •• - .... 500
4 •• 100 •• 8,00u •• ••_ 4.81
4 •• 80 *• 1.000 ** M .. WO
4 •• 70 •• 1,000 M •• 080
4 * 50 •• 1.000 •• •*_ 000
4») •• 40 ** 500 “ *• _ 1.4(8)
040 **80 “ 400 ** M .... 9.6«8>
400 M TO ** *8) •• 44_ H/8*)
I,OUO prises, amounting to .$200,000
Whole Tickets $10 ; Halves $5; Quarter* |1 50.
The Numbers from 1 to SJ.OOt), corresponding with those Numbers
on the Tickets printed on separate slips of paper, are encircled with
»mal! tin tubes, and placed tu one wheel.
The first Ton Prises, similarly printed and encircled, are placed In
another wheel.
The wheels are then revolved, and a number Is drawn from the
wheel of Numbers, and at the same time a Prise is drawn from the
other wheel. The number and Prise drawn out are opened and ex
hibttrd to tLe audience, and registered ty the Commissioner, the
Prise being placed against the number drawn. This operation la re
peated until ail the Prises are dr
Arvnoxiu&rtox Paum.—The two preceding and the two succeed
ing Numbers to those drawing the first 400 Prices will be entitled to
the 6(8) Approximation Pus***, accor lug to the Scheme.
tW' The Managers, determined that their Lotteries shall rxeel all
others, offer to the public the above Scheme, which, for the brilliancy
of Its Capitals, and the chances of obtaining Prises, has never been
Remember that very prise Is drawn, mod payable In full
without deduction.
All prises of $1,0ui) and under, paid Immediately after the
drawing—other prises at the usual time of thirty dtys.
All communications strictly confidential. The drawn numbers
will Imp forwarded to purchasers Immediately after the drawing.
Prise tickets cashed or renewed In other tickets at either office.
UP' Orders for tickets can be addressed either to
8. SWAN A CO., Atlanta. 0a., or
aulS 8. SWAN, Montgomery, Ala.
11)4 1fenumeni Street, ^<dtr#en Park and Ilouard,
R R DFFPOMMIKRS. a graduate of the University cf France,
ITM and Madame DEH’OMMIKRS, Principals.
The duties of this Institution will be resumed on Monday, the 8th
of September.
Circulars, with references, names of the pupils for tbs last three
years, and all necessary particulars, can be obtaiued by application
to the Principals._aulT—8taw4m
will take place on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, the 9th and
ltnh Bept'r.
MT WEfiER'd CELEBRATED BAND will be In attendanoe.
seT—7t__INGRAM A B*KKR, Proprietors.
I BEG leave to return my many thank* for the liberal patronage
bestowed upon me of late yeare, and hope by close attention to
my patron* wants to merit a continuance of the tame.
My facilities are greater than ever before, and I am determined
(In all fair competition) to sell my goods (of the same quality and
workmanship) as low as any house In my line In Virginia.
My stock will be large and ample to insure a fit. My styles are
new, and will consist of all the latest and most desirable styles and
pattern*, both of CUT and dksios, In the market. A call Is respect
ed from all In need at 1 14 ■ AIN NT If BBT*
I AM now opening my large and beautiful assortment of
which I have Just gotten up to the most approved styles and of the
b***« material to be found In the market. Having a perfect knowl
edge of the style and quality of goods adapted to my trade, It will
he mr constant care to keep on hand a full assortment of sum goods
a* will make It to the interest of those who favor me with their pat
tec _ Corner Main and Pearl eta.
WE have received a very general assortment of Boots, Shoe*,
Trunks Ac., suitable for the Fall sales, to which we ask and
Invite the attention of Merchant a, as regard to prices and quality of
our stock. We Invite all Io want to call aod examine
| III: IftM H
Till* company |« ruanr mutual.
It makes annual dividends, and pays them while the insured is
ll has paid in Richmond for losers
It has paid in the Bute of Virginia #190,1*0.
It has a capital of more than #2.Mu
It has paid in dividends over f •**»,(>■».
No fVunpany affords more advantages or better security.
OlLce at Stationers’ Hall, No. 21 Pearl Ht
B W. KNOWLES, Agent.
Dr. A Sxkad. Examiner au2A
June 12th, H6A J
^OTICK*—On and after this date no charge will be made for
ll Fire and Marine Policies issued by this Company.
By order of the Hoard of Director*
D. CUR RIF. Pres't
J»o. H K/rsnxa, Sec’y. jrlft—tf
A HmEEH 1*111 *I4’|Aft* whose sands of life
-/m hare nearly run out, discovered, while living in the East In
die#, a certain cur# for Consumption, Bron hills. Coughs, Colds, and
(Rneral Debility Wishing to do as much good as |»o*«i' le, he will
•end to soch of his afllic.ed fellow being* as reque*' it, this recipe,
with full directions for making up and «ucc**«sfully u*lng it. If« re
qulrrs each applicant to enclose blot on*- dulling, three cenU to hr
returned aa postage on the recipe, and the remainder to be applied
to the payment of this advertisement.
_se*-1w AddrvU Dr II JAMES, Jersey City, N J
nfNITN AMD SHOF*.-Women’s Shoes ; Boys’
Shoe# gi|]
Cent’s Oxford Tie# fll
Heavy Sewed llnot* v
Alto, Brogans of every description, for sale at
tylt-df__27 Peart street.
BTOTII F«—By the 1 strut arrivals we have received
lM the following styles of ladles’ HOOTS and HlfOEB.tBHfe*
Indies’ Colored and Black Oalters with Heels.
" •• M * * without *•
M “ M " Congress Callers without if eels.
M " •• with •*
" Plain •• without Tips
M Pine French Rid Slippers.
•• " Morocco and Kid Slippers and Ties.
" ’* Mias Jenny Lind’s
M •* Ml*# Pared!*#
M ** Thick and Thin Sole Bosk I ns.
M ** Boots.
Together with other styles too numerous to mention; all of which
we shall he pleased to show purchasers at our old stand, No lit.
Main street.
" i SOI.ED LACKD BOOTS -I have received per *t#*m*r Rleh
mood, from Pldladelphla, a Sne assortment of children's Mr»rrne*-o
and Coat Laced Boot* Alan fancy Morreceo and Italian Cloth
flatter*, of the lateet and m at approved styles Constating of all
the late* fall rotors, and they are beautiful, for sale low, for the
quality by D N FRANKLIN,
—4_ No lift Nruad sweat.
RrMjTS fre.h fall supply The subscriber would call the at
teati^n of parents and guardians, to his large and elegant assort
merit *»f Boys and youth* dress Boot*, which he has had made In his
order, hy the very best manufacturers Being determined te keep
the beet of good#, and sell low for r*#h Parent# and others will
And H to their In tercet, u» call at the old establishment, next door
below the dry gn**d store of Breeden A Fox, where they wdl elan And
a general assortment of Boots and Shoe* of moet every description,
an I at petcae, satisfactory If possible.
V N. FRANKLIN, Manufacturer
and dealer In Boole, Shoes,
Trunks, Ac., Ac , No 21ft
sed Broad street, Shocko* lllll.
nf•. N A ft I OK iVH INVILAHATOM Is recommend
ed to the public, rely I tig upon its Intrinsic excellence to secure
N favor
For all Nil lows Attacks, It may h# traly and safely relied upon as
being fully capable of removing the diseases fof which It Is fecnm
mended, and Aw giving tone and vigor to the general system
It* qualities have been fully tested In a long practice, hy the pro
prietor Through ll.* urgent solicitations of many who have used
and been h*n«Ated by It, the proprietor hue been Induced to place ft
before the pub|t«. For all Bilious Derangements, Btck Ifeadacbe,
I Oh conic Dtarrhma, Habitual Cottlvwm. IWIloiii Colt*, Dyspepsia,
Palo In the Stomach and Bowels, Oeoeral Debility, female Weakness,
Fee sale by Druggists generally, and by PURCELL, LADD A OO.,
No. 12 corner of Main and 14th ste , Oeneral Agents, and by Alex*r
Duval. No. 156 Main street. S. H White, 1TB Rr<ad street, and also
by Sanford A On ., N ▼.___ fe4 1r
the Richmond and Dunvllle Ratfroud Company have had the
misfortune u> lose their freight how#* in Rlehmnnd, ae well as a pur
tton of thgtr rolling stock, they are constrained for the present to
deliver all down freight on the siding of their road on the depot
let In thte city, as soon ae the trains maH arrive , said freight to be
immediately removed Hy those to whom it may he r on signed er be
long. a* the Company wifi not he responsible for the eefe keeping ol
the same , and the parti*• interested, «e In any way concerned, will
therefor*- take notice that «N down freight, as before stated, will be
at their risk aa soon as unloaded from the ears.
jatl - tf fepertatendent of Transportation
i 4 hi h Tf ATTN JAVA ion II- /
1 HHI sale by JOHN N BOR DON
_snm—ATS, As
JT mmii itkabuiip iiii*_
siv? scfciartsR?'
Ooaelgnee* wo r*<i»e*l*4 lo **n,i 4»*n for Ikolr foo4e to 4ay.
•hlrpor* «r* r*wo**t*4 to Ml Ih* nun of ttolr wmHimi Twoo
du Ilima, or ttolr eklpmcnu will to rawMgwd to actor
Powrugrn or* rrqurrtrd lo to oo konrvl before tto hoar of 4*par
tore, 4 o'clock F, M. Ttodu.
Tv trU b«4 Itotto eeowrod at owe idee tooth alto of Ito toein.
toim lo New York, toctedtog iwoole euJ etatorooai, out* 119.
loime poeeog* only |t.
Fnmng* lo Norfolk some oo by tto rtrrr boat*
»«-» MltUM A WATSOH.
TIMORE. - freight rocolred to-du, iRmfu lt'o f*OTDlf*
ood oy to tto towrof 1 o’clock. F. M . Toiodey, to.WEtoJESZ.
Atk loat.
Consignee* on requested lo oood for ttolr rood* to-day.
Ah tower* on requested to tend la tto um of ttolr consign***
Twoadoe oltoroooa, or ttotr shipment* oiu to contteoad to order.
r well log ockf EMILY ANN, Hooper matter, hoeing th* UWk
Kotor portion of tor cargo engaged, will hoe* dispatch —
r dock might, apply to
to*-41W. P. COLQUITT A 00.
1.YOU H ll.TIMOHi:.-The regular Fockot Rohr, jn
' A. H AM HI ETON. Copt. Jono*. torlog tto grooAor por jftk
Ilon nf tor cargo engaged and going oa board,will tor* dlo- ■■■fo
patch. For balance of cargo apply to
ttM ' " "AVID A WM.~c6RUt.~
ESIlt M4tSTO!tf—FIRST T ESREL—RrVAaaoarf <rtuf rc
r Atafoa floe Of rnc+Ms Th* eupor.or foat ea.llng
regular packet echr. 9. R ALLEN, oapt. Otod Maker, Jr.,WSW
ha ring the greater portion af tor cargo engaged and going oa board,
will tall with oil pooetM* dtopatrh. For balance of freight, apply to
»»** DAVID A WM. 0URR1E.
* PORTSMOUTH —Th* feeorltc etramboet AU- rynlVigtoi
Ul’ItTA.Cspt Ww C Nurrw, hoeing been thorough
■y repaired and r. Sited for tto oumnicr, and furnlthed with a now
wrought Iran ehafl, now water wheel*. A* , will reeume tor plncw
Upon tto lino teto Port Walthall) between Richmond and tto oboe*
place*, oo WEDNESDAY. tto Id day of July.
Tto oan. running In connection with the August*, will loaee Ito
Rlchtnood and Petereburg Depot eeery Monday, Wedncedny and
Friday, ol 4 o'clock A M Returning, tto Augueta wilt tear* Nor
folk on Tuoodayt, Thurnlaye and Saturdays, at A)f o'clock A. M ,
touching at Old Point during tto watering tenaoo, and all tto land
age oo th* rteer.
Fare to City Paint, $1 oo
Fore to Norfolk, Ac., I 00
Fare to landing* at ore Oroec, 1 |0
Arreanu, through, I So
Do on Ito rleor, 1 00
Children orer 4 and not orer It year* of age, half price.
Mealt extra, SO
Meaie foe children and arrrnnt*. 93
Jjl TQ0S- DODAMEAD, gup't
THIS (IHtihiful Watering piscc Is now open for the rrceptlon of
visiter*. It is situated oo the line of the countries of Roanoke
an*1 Botetourt. surrounded by mountains, and In on# of th* most
beautiful, picturesque and fertile portions of Virginia, and Imme
diately on the line af the Virginia and Tcnneaacv Kail Road, within
JdO yards of the road Itself, and about half a mile from Bonsack's
depot, only 9 or 9 hours from Richmond and Petersburg, and about
two hours from Lynchburg.
Pvrsoos leaving City Point, or Petersburg, or Richmond, In thr
morning, bv the South-Side and Danville Rail Roads, and taking the I
cars of the Virginia and Tennessee Rail Road at Lynct.burg, reach <
Boo sack's depot, about 9 o'clock, P. M.,the same day, whsre an
Omnibus, Ac., will meet them and convey them to the Springs.
There are 8 Whit* and 9 Black Sulphur Springs, whose Curative
I Properties can be attealod by score* of persons who have been entire* i
ly relieved by using the waters. The rrputatton of Ihes* waters
for half a century paat has been established In the surrounding .
counties for having cured many persons afflicted with various
They are nat surpassed by any mineral waters In Virginia for the
cure of Dyspepsia in lla various forms. Affections of the Liver, Kid
neys, and Bladder, General Debility, especially of the Nervous Sys
tem, all kinds of Cutaneous and other diseases of the Skin, and ma
ny of the diseases peculiar to Females.
They are gently purgative and diuretic, with a strong determina
tion to the skin. A few certificates of the many that might be tar
nished, are given below.
THE BUILDINGS are spacleus and convenient, and almost entire
ly new, consisting of Hotels, Cottages, Ac., affording accommoda
tions equal to any to be found In the mountains of Ylrgtuia, for
about 4»*> persons. The Furniture and Fixtures are about equal to
those of the best hotels In our cities. The Bedding Is unusually good
with llair Mattresses throughout the establishment—as to all whhh
we iuvlte visiters to examine and judge for themerlvr*. No pains
have been spared in obta.iiiug the best Servants, and the Mg ex
perienced and best qualified Assistants for every department of the
r«t»Mi»hnieni The general nianagt-in* t.t is c.i,A I-.1 t. J A BO
KLF1NGFK, Esq., Late of Cumberland, Maryland, asmated by AL
FRED R. JAMES, and RO. J. READ, late of Lynchburg, who will no
doubt give satisfaction to all who may visit the place.
There will be BOWLING ALLEYS. Ac., for exercise.
A FINK BAND OF MUSIC Is already secured, and aTELEGRAPU
OFFICE will soon be established at Boasack's depot.
THE TABLE will be found equal to any In the mountains, the fa
cilities fur securing supplies being about as great as they can well
jelA—Am J. A. HEFEI.FINGER A CO., Proprietors.
PETERSBURG, VA , May 16th, 18W.
Mr Dias Sia :
You desire to know my opinion of the water at Coyner's Springs.
Having resided at the place some five months, 1 am prepared to aay
that 1 formed the most favorable opinion of the water In cases of
Indigestion, nervous prostration, general debility, uterine obstruc
tion* and fnnctl mat derangements of all the secretary organs, I
have seen no waters In the mountain country to compare with It,
except the Greenbrier While. I am more than pleased to learn that
the place will come under your own Immediate management and
supervision, ani last you have secured the services of a ventiemau
from the Kutaw House in Baltimore, .which, tog-1her with the fine
hotel so beautifully finished and furnished, besides your very com
fortable cottages, must secure you the patronage of the public, and
make the C<yner Springs the roost tuvitiug and fashionable resort In
Virginia. With my best wielics for your success and happloess, 1 re
main, my dear sir, Your most obedient servant,
LYNCHBURG, May 24th, 1*66.
Dbab - * :
In obedience to you request with reference to the properties of
the Coyner Springs water, I, without hesitation, and with perfect
confidence In lie dficlency, recommend It to all persons laboring un
der d flicuIt, I nperfect or painful digestion, diseases, of the Kidneys
and bladder, and to females laboring under their peculiar affections
The water Is light, and may be taken In large qaantltlea ; sits Well
on the stomach, and acts kindly on the kidneys. I regard It as equal
to any of the sulphur waters of similar strength. The situation is
delightful, and Improvements new aud very comfortable.
Yours, very respectfully, P. H. GILMER, M D.
I have for years considered the waters ef Coyner's Sulphur springs,
In Botetourt county, as beneficial In dyspepsia, torpid liver and
bowels, cutaneous diseases, enfeebled conditions of the nervous sys
tem, and ct-mnlc affection* of the kidnees aud bladder. 1 have heard
those waters highly recommended for some dise«s> s peculiar to fe
males, and I have known some such esses tu which the patients were
greatly benefited, and others cured by them.
May 6th, 1866.
Orrictor rot Richmond avd Da wills Raii boapCo
RICHMOND,May 7ih, 1*66
8U In the summer of 1*66, I was affiico-d with a troublesome
eruption or letter of the akin, which extended Itsrlf nearly over my
head and face, and of course annoyed me a great deal, from the
constant Irritation and burning sensation which It produced. I hud
lout confidence, from previous knowledge, of the healing properties
Bf Mm waters of (Joyner's springs, then the property of yourerlf, -I
tuated fifty miles west of Lvnchburg, Immediately on the Virginia
and Tennessee Railroad. In view of my confidence In the healing
virtues of the waters of these springs, I determined to avail myself
of a Abort visit to the place, and test In my own esse the effect upon
this a noylng eruption, and to m.v great satisfaction found entire re
lief In two week* ; and I am satisfied that If I had staved there some
time longer, the cure would have been thorough and complete ; and
a* It was, I have been troubled only with a few pimples si jee, but not
to much extent
If these facts of my brief trial of the value of these waters In simi
lar cases, will be of any service to yot, and of benefit to other Inva
lids afflicted like myself, or suffering from similar causes, you are at
liberty to use the statements as you may think proper.
Most respectfully,
i ycwin in iikiuh'iiiih, h'I uir vmnii ill uivil nuili'U'a
with <ly«|M p«1«, that I have been entirely relieved of that distressing
disease by drinking Coyner's sulphur water. I have been laboring
under riy«p<*p*is for six years, a greater part of the time dieted on
bread snd milk, which frequently dlaord< red my stomach so much as
to confine me to my bed for several days. I came up to C^yner’a
la-t summer (after trying several oilier celebrated wat ring places
without being benefited) so feeble as not to be able to wall to the
spring. AfU-r remaining several days, and using the water freely,
I was so much improved aa to be able to take a long walk to the top
of an adjoining mountain. I have been Improving gradually, until
now I can eat moderately of what I please, and attend to my domes
tic business without suffering at all from the exertion
LYNCHBURG, September *1st, 1S56.
GOYNKlt'R SPRINGS, VA., August 23, 1t».
Pvt* Sir :
F.»r about fifteen years past I have been laboring under a serious
disorder of the bowets, derangement of tbe liver, and dyspepsia In an
aggravated form, accompanied with great debility and prostration
of the system Ity the use, however, of the White Rulpbur water
at Coyner's Rpringa. for sotns six months past, I have not only hern
relieved, but my health has been entirely restored, and I am now
a healthy man. not having lost one day’s work from disease of any
kind for sometime pa-t Of course, as my cure is owing, alone to the
us- of the waters at this place, I am obliged to consider their medi
cinal quslltles eminently good. I give this certificate hoping Us
publication may do others good,
j 11 law la G a MAYO
A I. L II \IL!!!
this wonderful preparation, which tarns back to its origi
nal color, gray hair—covers the head of the bsld with a luxuriant
growth-removes the dandruff, itching, and aJI cutaneous eruptions;
causei a continual flow of the natural fluid# ; and hence. If used ns
a regular dressing for the hair, will preserve its roior, and keep it
from fall ng to extreme old age, In all its natural beauty. We call,
then upon the bald, the gray, or diseased In scalp, to use It and
surely, the young will not, as they value tlie flowing locks, or the
witching curl, ever be without It. Ita praise Is upon the tongue of
WiTvarowy, Mam . May 1, I8NV
PROF. 0. J. WOOD : Allow me to attest the virtues and magic
power* of yowr flair Restorative. Three month# slnee, being ex
ceedingly gray, I purchased and soon commenced to use,two bottles,
and It soon began to tell. In restoring the sliver locks to their native
eolor, and the nalr which was before fry and harsh, and falling off,
now became soft and glossy, and It ceksed falling ; the dandruff dis
appeared, and tbe scalp lost all the dtagreeablc itching, so annoy
ing before, and now. I not only look but feel young again.
Respectfully, yours, etc
Raw Yoax, Ort. V, IffA
PROF. 0 J WOOD - Dear Wr ! After reading the advertisement
In i ne of He New York Journals, of your celebrated Ifalr Re«i„rg
live. I procured a half plat bottle, and was so much plesaed with II
that I root lowed Ita o*e for two months, and am satisfied it la de
cidedly the best preparation before the public It at once removed
all the dandruff and unpleasant Itching from the scalp, and has re
stored my hair naturally, isnd. I have no doubt, permanently so
You have permission to refer to me. all who entertain any doubt
of Ita performing all that Is claimed for it.
MtflH FKRRR.tf* Greenwich, fm.
I have used Profeasor O J Wood's Hair Restorative, and haw ad
mired Its wonderful cffbeU It restored my hair where It had fallen
off; ttrlean# the head, and renders the hair soft and smooth—much
more so than oil
l/oulaville, Nov 1. I fifth. MARY A ATRINRON
Rtate of Illinois, Carlisle, June FT, ’V.
I hava used Professor O. J Wood’s Hair Restorative, and haee
sdmirsd Its wonderful effect. My hair was bet MriM, flfl I thought
Crmatorely gray, hut bf the use of the MReatorative,’r|| has remimed
original color, and, I hava no douM, permanently an
Fs Ren a lor United Rtates
l from Ms FrtsWsyfmANr.]
Among the many preparations now In use lb.* the reetorlng, pee
serving and beautIfytwf the heir, there are none that we ran re
commend with more confidence than Pro# Wood** Half Resfnealtee,
now in general woe throughout the Mates This preparation pos
msaei the most Invigorating qualities, and nevsr fails In prndortng
the sso#4 happy rmutts when applied areovd.ng to directions Wt
refer eer readers to the advertisement for t few of the Innumerable
certificates which hues bewn ssal by parties, who have been benefi
ted by W, and who feel happy la giving testimony to 11s wondwrfel
«fe *• produced on them
0. J WOOD I Go , Proprietors, 111 Broadway, New York,
and 114 Market street. Rt touts, M
Raid hy all the principal drogglsta, and In Richmond, by a die A
Gray #n<1 Percefl, l-edd A Go. *p?4 Mm suFA
i in mi m m « n» ■ it i aae,_”
Wt »tr r.jvrninn Till* PAT, July 1 '~T“V
.noth.. -vt-lT tbnra Inr.l II t.«-tIf t«|
I*. I-- Ir.'l-r Tnt. k. mMr II. v. rr
m^t,.i»«rlnr" ll.,' »» ...r kt » nm
r>H.f TWy nr. a«l« in lb. rrtj b..1
• n.l In Ui» mu* nWtiilUl n«*Wf Pom* of ihran in .lira lnr»»
aim. >111. 1. »<•..« Punn-t Pmra, on tb« in. lr, »hi h rinbn 'l>*«
».r, cnnTnrilrnl tor IMI-* W» In.lir ,M In »»nl n? Trnn • In |p»r
n. * c.ll W- hrap • «nr* n- tMm <w MM nt *11 tlm.., nn.l irlU
rail (Kara u low u w* nawfMy ran
ptmntr • watt*.
jfM Sn lit Men fra*, lube on*. *«.
P. T. HOOKE ft CO.,
mpomu and wmulmali dialers in
R*. S« PmH 81., oppMitf R. W. Fry1., Rlchmood, Va.. .
K-M A v« rmlrnl dnwi from the manufacturer. In Bo (tend a full
Km and complete aeeortmeni of ktrmlaghaje and Bbaftald H.ap
waaa. and from the manafarturer* In BMa country, a fnU mpplg *f
knrrtm. Hood. Their etnek la now large and complain, tun.lat
lug in part *f—
" “d Woaaanholm*a Ana Pan aad Pocket Kalaaa,
Pocket Kn.aaa of I, t, ». 4 aad • Madoe,
»»c»a and leory handle Kale** and Porka,
Irorg handle Kalaaa aad Porka, la mU ftl aad SB placet,
Raa^a of Wad. A Batch.r'a.Rodger'e.Wontenbolm'.aad Urea re*.
mAauf.clure. of aaarg aigl* and qualllg,
Bclaaore and Shear. of aartana make* and atple*.
•Ingla and double barrel gun., aom* raeg aaparlor,
Piaaola. Rida*. Bii* Barr.T. and Monatiogv^
Trace, halier, log, w*U, fifth and longue chain*,
Weeding and hiding Hoe*, all Ws..,
A tee of OoUto*'. Pimtuooa', and Virginia maka.
Hand aad panel tavt. Hammer, and Hatcbau,
Mill, pit, Croat cut and circular tana,
•padre and ahoarla of Amt,' Rowland and other makaa.
Aaetla, Vie**, and Smith*' Dali***,
Nadgo and hand Hammer*, »■«. and Diet, aad Ac rev Plata*.
Blitter, shear and cam Steel, equar* aad octagon.
Coating*, Horae Mioa* and Harm Shea Nall*.
Wire able** and Aiflaem.
Hor*. Collar*, Bllad Bridle* and llamat.
Bridle Pilling., Wonted Rain* and Olrtha,
Lock*, King*, tod Serena, uf arerg deecrtpUoa,
Plane*. Oh 1ml., Augur* And Pit**, of All kind*,
Platform and Counter Bcalaa, patent Balance* and Steal garde.
Vngliah, American, aad U. D PtiiuMton Oapa,
Har and Maoar* Porka, I, I and 4 prong,
Tut True, and Wallen, and all other good* ueuallp found la
Hardware Store*.
Aa nor good* hare keen parchatad on lh* moat fur or able larma,
and aaleetad aaelnalratg foe lh* Virginia, North Carolina and T»n
“•***• trade, wa fral confidant w* can t’Bcr ttrong lnducem.au In
marehanta rletting this dig, aad ruapaetfollg iotiu them lo an exa
mination of our atock. at w* are determined lo mil a* low aa ang
bourn In thla or ang of the Northern elite*
r. S.—Order* promptly and carefully attended to.anBfi
I AM now In receipt of mg SPRINO STOCK Of u a
HARDWARE, of VngtieA and American menu
facture, .llrocl from Ul# manufacturer*, la which I
re*|»ectfully ladle the attention of mg friend., both
tn towo *n<l country, amurlng them that they than Mr V
have carry article in mg lln* a* low aa It caa ha had In our ctlr —
Mg atock cootiam lo part of—
Irorg handle Knlera and Porka, of ftl placet, of Rodgera’ and
other make*
Rod reel' Irorg handle Knlrea, without fork*
Double-tdated table and deaaert Porka, pleiad on extra fin*
Harman illr, r
Rodgera' and rarloua other makrt of buck, bone and buffalo
handle Knlrte and Porka
Rodgera, WoaUnholin and other make* of pocket aad pea Knlrrt
Rodger.’ and Woaianholm’a Bclmora, in great rating, coma of
them In caeca
Woatcnholin', and W. A 8 Butcher'. Baaort
Pruning and hedge Shear*
Walter*, .ingle a»d la mu, aom* of them aarg handaom*
Bad Iron*. of fine quality
Iron Tea Kettle, and Pauoa-Pana, Honed and unUnnad
Bell mttal and porcelain pr.mr.lng Krttlm and Iron Furnace*
Hollow ware and Fire-Dog*, a grnaral .amrtment
Tall and Bat bottom bram Candlestick. and Snugrr. • from cat,
hand, panel, rip, cumpa.. and tenant Saw., Brace, and BIU, mwa
of them of .erg wpertor qualllg; hand, broad and pole Air. • nail
brail and carpel Hammer.; Mingling and lathing llatchtu. all
•'fir* ; Baldwin’. Plane., a general amortmanl, carpenter', and rail
road Adaee, Ctdml., Uougee, Square, and Be.il.; two and four fold
Rule, and Tape Measure.; Slock, and Dir. and Hrrrw Plate.
-Smith.’ .olld-hoi View and Hedge and hand Hammer. , horee-Moe',
cut and wrought Nall, and rut Sptkta,of e.erg alar: Auger, and
auger and gimlet BIU, all .lira, V* palaol P. Lock. ■ pod, .lock
till, cheat, ruphoard, mortice, rim and closet Lock.
ana mi Boiuoi rmy Mae, wrought aud cast; cortalu Pins and
curtain Bands; hank aud wore Wire, all siaas. Mason's Challenge
Hla.-ktn;; Am«' and Rowland'* Rpwdti and RhovrD, Iona and abort
baudl* , manure and hajr Knrkw and rard.n and ha, Kakrw Bweil’w
weed In,, himn, and itrubbin, Hoe,, all ran: Ira.-e, baiter, breawt
Iu,. oa and well Cbalnw; irardeu Trowel, and Harden Hoe. ; Bolt
ItlnRe,, or ever; ,lae and kind , plate, book and rjr, ,trop anil T
■lltipee ; Iron Hooka and Ptaple, aud Haapa and Hlaplea ; FUrt and
Rnapa, of all aiaei, tocether with alnioat eeer; other artlele uaualle
kept In in; line ol hualneaa J. W. RATCl.lPfR,
Corner of Slh and Rruad MreeU,
•Pi* __Oppoalte Rjr. 4 p R. R. Depot.
No. JJ /‘earl Street, Hiehmoad, I'a.,
UAA'K now tn Wore, and are reeeletn, fram the
manufacturer* of England and thU country, s
Urge and well M-hcted slock **f Good*. especially
adapted to the wants of the Trade of Virginia, North
Carolina and Teone*«re, and we respectfully Invite Merchants, 8*,|
dlcrs and others, vUltlng this markrt, to call and examine the same
Our Stock Is hill and complete, comprising In part as follows, via :
Tools for Carpenters, Masous, Saddlers, Tanners. Millwright*.
Coopers, Smith*, Ac., In great variety.
Building Materials, as Locks, Holts, BuUa,Screws, Ac., Ac.
Heavy Goods, as Chains, Auvtla, Vlcea, Steel. Hollow Ware,
Axles, Springs, Axes, Ac.
Safely Fuse, Scythes, Snaths, Stones and Klfies
Straw Knives, llay Knives, Brier Hooks,
Forks, Spatles, Shovels, Haines, Hog Skins
A fine assortment Bridles, Saddles, Stirrups, Bills
Whips. Pat. and Enamelled Leather, Sheep Skin*
Shoe Lasts. Bool Trees, Crimp Boards
Cutlery, or Rodgers', Wostcnhoim's, Butcher's and other
Ouns, double and single barrel, Rifles
Pistols, a good assortment
Fancy Ooods, as Port Monnaics, Brushes, Purses, Ac.
No. 213 Mam Street, Richmond, Ya.,
HAVE In store • large assortment of fine fash- V9
tunable 0OACII ES, CA HK1 AG RS. HUGO 1E8, r jM~W
8ULKEY8 and HARNESS, suitable for country and
city use, made of the best materials, and put to* w Vr—
gether with much care, which we will recommend to our friends and
the public, and sell on such terms as will secure the mutual Interwet
of nil who faeor us with their patronage.
From long experience In our business, and by prompt perwonaJ at
tention, we hope to merit a continuance of past favor*. Order*
promptly filled and shipped to any part of the United States.
fe2—ly _
( AUlll lM S UAHIAOE8.
Rn. BOSIIER, Srcroxm or Jambs Rouses jvm m
• Has on hand, a large assortment of Carrla- fi/y’g jfr
gus and harness. Among which may be found some If*
fine Coaches with outside Seats, 4 and 6 seat Rock- » W—
aways. Slide Seat Buggies, and Buggies with and without tops, to
which he particularly Invites the attention of those iu want of any
article In the Carriage line, as they will be drsposed of r-n accom
modating terms by application at hJs manufactory, No. ft* Corner
of Main and 9ih streets. Jal4—ly.
1,11 im run: waiieihkimii
' REMOVED -JOHN A. HELVIN' has reti.o
ve»l Ids Furniture Wartrooui to that well known
building, "COKNT1I!AN HALL." (the old stand
of Messrs. Jor es A Potts,) Main street, square above Uie Banks.
He takes pleasure In saying to his i-u«lom«rs generally that he has
established himself In a large factory, which gives him decided faci
lities, and with which he is again prepared to get up the very best
styles of Furniture to order. Iu addition to this, he !a constantly
manufacturing every article In the Furniture line, and will keep a
choice and well arrange! assortment of such styles and qualities, as
he knows are adanted to the varied wants snd lattes of the tve
pis, s
Thanking a generous community for the liberal patronage hereto
fore bestowed, he respectfully solicits a continuance, and pledge*
himself that nothing shall be wanting In effort on lit* part to give roll
and entire satisfaction.
JOHN A. BELY IN, also gives his personal attention to tha UN
DERTAKING business—being at all times well supplied with "Me
tallc Burial Cases," Mohogany and Poplar Coffins, liurlsl Vestments
new Hearse, aud all the requisites for hinerels. Orders left at "Co
■ NOTICE*—I am Id racelpt of the fall fashion of
ffau and Caps, to which I most respectfully Invite the^^^x
attention of the public.
J If. niNI'ORD. I Associate
W. T. HAILfcY. A B . 1 Principals.
fMlVni undersigned will . pen a School on Monday Sept 29th, In the
M. large and commodious rooms on 7ib street formerly known ns
the City Spring Institute They design opening a school of the high
est grade, where boys will be thoroughly and accurately prepared
either for the University, or for any of our Collrges, or fitted for
the business of life.
Special attention will be bestowed upon the Kngllsh Departments
as It la considered to be too much neglected. The services of an ex
perienced and competent Professor of Modern languages wUi be
Payable, semi-annually In advance, session 9)j mon’hs:
Rf gllsh Branches.64<M*>
La'ln and higher Mathamallcs . fstjm
Greek . 10,00
Jolt 25th, 1*66.
Mr. W f. Bailey graduated at A. M. College with honor. In June
last, lie proposes Ui devote himself to school teaching I cheerfully
and confidently recommend him for scholarship and high moral
• haraetrr, and with some experience In the business of teaching
and motives to enterprise I have no doubt lie will meet the expec
tation* of all reasonable patrons. Wll A BMITII,
Pres! of Randolph Macon College.
Mr J. H Blnford Is a graduate of the University of Va., and has
been succeesfully engaged In teaching during the last four years,
l*oth In Pastern and Western Virginia Testimonials from the Pro
fessors Of 0M Uatvsrsltf and Ml patrons can he seen. If desired, at
Messrs Blnford A Porter** Cabinet Warsrooms, Franklin Bt
aul—tf W T BAILEY, A B.
1R9 Marv Pegram will open a Boarding and Day Bchool, for
IvM Young l-adit*. <>n the 1st of October, at her residence In
Linden Bquare, Fiankdn *1.
Tt«e course of Instruction will be thrrough and extensive, reach
ing from the elementary to the highest branches of education. CVm
petent Assistants will be employed In each apartment, and great
care be used In the selection of Text Rooks.
The FngIDh Department will be under the Imtnrdiste supervUlnn
of Miss Pegram With a full sense of the responsibility, she assumes
she will devote herself assiduously and honestly to its proper fulfil
ment, aiming at the highest standard of female Rducatlnn, and •
conscientious use of the means esaentlal to Its attainment.
Mathematics, l.atln and the Physical Helene**, will be taught by a
gentleman, well qualified for the task.
Italian and German, by Native Masters of each toogne.
Music on Hi* Plano, llarp and Oailar, and Binging and Drawing
by the best professors.
The French Language will receive special attention, and be under
the charge of a French Lady, who will rtsfdf In the family ; the nl»
Ject being to teach the Pupils, both the philosophy of the Language
and to speak It wltb ease and accuracy. To this end U will be the
medium of rommanlsatlon In the Family
Vhe Junior and Benlor Cleeses, shall receive equal attention.
Miss Pegram proposes also, the formation of s Belles fitters HIsm
for the Study of Kngtudi Classical literature. Young Ladies who hats
left school, may find thl# a material aid to self-Improvement, and
those from a distance, who may wish to come as Parlour Boarders,
can join this class
Mrs. J W. Pegram, will hav# charge of the Boarding Department,
and will unite with Miss Pegrsm, In contributing to the comfort and
proper training of the Young ladles.
Tests* .--Board for the entire Besslon.— $900.
Rugtlsh Course $40
Foreign l.sngusges, each - 99V
Music and Drawing at Profesanrs charges,
persons wishing to enter pupils, or to make farther Inquiries rela
tive to the School, will apply to Mrs or Mis# Pegram
frl6-4tf_Us—g Nxilt, Richmond. Va.
KNOBY nn iicirv roM.r.oi:
THRf.ll VMton .1 thl. ln.tlt.tlo. will nn.no. on Ut. tin
.I., of Anfuol it..I.
Tuition p-r melon of 6 month* tvo.no
•ooH. M/«)
Fa* • ■ " tfiO
WoMIb* " " " " B/W
Oonllnf.nl oharga " - i,M
Thoo* mkloy * whool In atit-h th.tr ton. nr triril. may roootro A
Rood rnllrrl.u nr htulnm Hn-.tlnn or. rtq,..nt to moMor th«
.A.ooiof.1 h.rr of.rH Tho thoroawh matt of Moff, hoalthfol
loo.itoo, mnnt.noM from «ny tom. whnlm , itlaripliM, Ion, r«
p.rtowo. «M .hllity of th. Faculty, tnfrlhw vlth th. -^rnrinrii. of
our l.ooi* art point. worthy of rtfKl.1 not In. for aMHtaaM
Inrorm.tli.n nr for . r.talnfor, wMrrm
t. ■ WII.KT. Pr,,Hnt
jtIr-M „ jwj—-j.__ Smorr F. O v.
M". f.RFKHVHKS M Ilf >Of o..l wwton of
1V1 tM. iMtltottoa wlllopon 00 Ih. 1* day of Omofcor.lRM, onrt 1
tlmr on Ih. Id «aj of Jl^y. 1

R.lrnn. ot th* Vhor.1 HiyM *./RMh^ SshoM
At.li.wm R.. Mrwn. D. Ho*., D f>., far T. ». Moor.. P D ,
Rev B Ottd*r sleeve
F.toirr Hiit-rt F UMtrro.A M , Frln.lpol. «»r. H R K-pyUr,
Rnr W RWrMi, A. M., John F Util., M D , R A loot., M D , Jn.
Hh-orA, John * Cal fa, 0 W. TWImi. Mtm fl.wfon. Mr. Taylor,
M.A.m. Rm.nn, Mil. Ia*y. Mu, R H.mrtt. Mil. TIRoamt, Franck
All letters t® be directed t® |
45 RuVdt, gas.
T_v-_ ^ RAILROAD*.
*Ar** dadp. »«»d r WHIP nw.i.1, tor WiA
twtoa rla Oocd^.rUl. at l ift 1. M. and T 48*. M , Maud
SMiFSiSB!* with thw Htflbm Mali Um, and at fclckamad
j|l**«|DwlMM Um BUai.I Md Mwtou RaUrwad. dl
-TiT!Sfc fc^‘ *!»“• ^‘afWi ehmh4d from Hda..4 tw
Wa.Ataatoa_ Far^thraagh, twrtnAtog all -barge. Mr omnibu. and
‘••‘.V’- *M«- feiiMflluiii aim arm Um Ou.Uto Raiir.ml
aad Stag* Haw (ram Oraeatoers' and Dan rill, to Waahlagteu caa
hw had by aspiring at tha Mag* aad railroad oMco. al aHhar of Um
ebuv* bum piece*.
“**_JOUR M. TIMhRRLARR.JMpariaUnd.nl _
Badroad oslondod to Mil boro’ To Ruakbrldgo Alum Bath
Alum and Warm Spring., and U Uaington In on. day. To While
Sulphur, Bed and Mail Spring. In oa. and a half daya. and to hall
B<4phur aeeond day In Um earning
*1 ■ trees la now being laid, and by tha lx of July will be own to
■Koto'. 44 atlim front the Whs* Sulphur Spring., from ttwH.al
lug.admilm, liul Spring., So mile*; Warm Spring., 10 mllee, Rath
Alum, 10 atlim; and from lh. Bock bridge Bpilege, 0 Bailee.
I*M■ ■ ■ n —»m Unto Mlrhui.tlti al 1*1 4 M Ain. .a
Through ticket, by liar man A Broon'. Stage, -to the White Sal.
phaTin; to the Sweet Spring., AIM to thaiSEYupW. Ju^aEm.
to all the other Springe and to Loll ogle a.
UW See Ttchei Agent In Blchanmd.
U,Wrr** K>la line, bol the MOUN
TAIN TKACB. paaeing over the top of toe Blue Ridge, at RoctAah
Uep, o III repay a ride of Pro hundred mdm It ha* been worked
with perfect auomee lor more than two year*.
CceTa. OmUal Railroad. Richmond U
WlU lean Urn larotlaua of the Railroad Iwamodlal.ly after Um arrl
ral of the cat a, and reach the Warm Spring, before 9 o'clock
ThU la the old familiar route to the Spring*, and I. undoubtedly
tor beat. From Mllboro’ to toe Whit* Sulphur there I* Um sf.rpnu
bytlgMmiUt than by any other root*, with *UU a greater Jia«7
ewre tn faror of too read*.
The public may rely oa our alwaya harlog .ifon J.iaf .Ship* tic
pommodufltm. oltoout crowding, and erery effort belug made to
pleaa* too Ira re lore, by haring careful driver* and making good
ON and niter tola dale, the train, oo Ud* Rond wUI ran a. fol
low! :
Tanxa Lain aicauoah roa rnuuno
Rxprem, through Pamengar dally, ^Sunday's axcep
ted.) at.BU o’clTt A. M. 1
Mall, U,rough Paaaenger, daily, al.g •• p. M.
Accommodation nod freight train <Tri-Wmkly,) «>*.
Moudaya, Wedoceday. and Frldaya al ..8J, “ a M.
Norfolk Train Monday., Wednesday, and Friday.. . g)g ** A. M.
ran** Lain rmaaac.u rua aicatroan
Exprem, through Paaaenger dally al.6 *• A. M.
Had, •• •• •• 1 Sunday', excepted,) 5k >• PM.
Accommodation and freight train Trl-Waekly, els.
Moudaya Wednrodayi and Frldaya, at. 8k " A. M.
Richmond to Clorer llill. A pameuger car will bo
attached to the Coal Train which Icnrca Richmond
dally, (Sunday', excepted.) for Clorer lltU m. ,.S o'clk, A M
Famengeracoming from Clo.er llill by tola train
mini be at Summit Depot by . 10 „ g M
The Kiprem train. wlU not .lop oo Um way either to take up or
pul down way paaaenger..
roe Mail trains will slop when there are passengers to take up or
put down at Manchester, Templet,Rice's, llair Way Hutton, Clover
II111 and Port Walthall Junctions.
The accommodation train will stop at all the regular stopping pla
owe when there are passenger* lo take up or (Hit down.
The Kxpreas and Mall Trains from Richmond connect with the
Southern trains at Petersburg for Weldon, Raleigh, Wilmington, Ac.
Through Tickets to Weldon can be procured at the I Irk el ulB.« In
Richmond. !
The same trains from Petersburg connect at Richmond with the
Northern trains for Washington, llalttmore, Ac. Through tickets for i
Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia, can be procured at the tick* '
et ales In Petersburg.
Pare for white persons ....01 §5
M Childreu over ft and not over If yetirs of age ^
“ Colors*! persons In servants' car.
Oulored persons will not he per milled In the first class cars except
when lu attendance on Infaut children, or sick persons, absolutely
Wtflt? **£i|0j|jC*r*t ^ Whlcl* Ca#* lhr ■**"• Urr u ,or While persons
A discount of 10 cents will be allowed on eat h fare when tickets
are purchased at the office, aud to persons getting on the cars where
oo tickets are sold.
Servants travelling by themselves must he furnished by their mas
ters with two passes, so that one can be reUlrud at the office; and It
must be expressly stated on the pass that they arc par muted to go
on the cars.
THOM Ap ODAMKAIl, 8up.rtnlend.nl
Om,-» R APR R On. __March Hath ISM.
VlttUINU % % It TENNKMlCi; r-r- - ~
rhl» Road la now L> operation lo Seven Mile KordTTl I'iTnTi^T^TTj
the track I, being encoded Weatward at the rale of eight mllre per
On and a'tei the 1st May. the passenger train connecting with the
train from Richmond to Petcrsbuig will leave Lynchburg at 1146 P
M., aud arrive at If o'clock, M
-At Bonaaek's and Halem, for fiwvet. Red Sweet and Whits Sulphur
Springs, 64 miles
At Ncwbern depot, for the Red Sulphur (Atf tnllrs) and Salt Sulphur
Springs. The Turnpike Road from Nrwhern to the Red Sulphur
Springs has been greatly Improved, and Is uow one of the U*l lu the
mountains. Passengers arrive at tliese Springs ou the evening of
the second dav from Richmond, At Seven Mile Ford, for Knoxville
Tennessee, rare from Richmond |.k, through in 9J| days.
Tike Virginia and Tennessee Railroad paste* In the vicinity oJ
Coiner's Alleghany, Montgomery, Whit* Sulphur aud the Yellow
Sulphur Springs, the accomodations at each of which have been
greatly Increased since last season.
Tike line of Tslegraph from Richmond will be completed to the
Montgomery White Sulphur Springs early in June.
apt#—4m General Superintendent.
Richmond and danville rail.
irer Train leave* Richmond dally (Sundays « arrp’edj at 6
•'clock A M, arriving ut the Junctlou i Ureakfa*t H»u»
at 8.40 A. M. and at Danville 1.16 P. M. Returning, leave ;Usm tile
at If M., arriving at the Junctlou 4410 P M. aud at Richmond 7 In
P. M.
Daovtlle, $A fin | Alleghany Springs, %8 oo
Varmvdle. f §0 1 Montgomery Springs, H f5
Lynchburg, fi 001 Yellow Sulphur Springs, S 4h
.'«weet Springs, 10 UU j Knoxville, Tenn , f3 <*>
White Sulphur, 11 •« I Greensboro’, N. C., T On
Red Sulphur, If 13 | Salem, N. C., 0 |g>
R K HUGH SON,Ticket Agent.
Richmond, June 24, lfiM. _ J«‘i4-tf
O V T o u i: 44 KOI.
TO Lynchburg (A &u | To Lexington ,t m,
To Buchanan 4 «U | To Ua Natural Bridge « bo
Fare from both Klckmoud and Lynchburg lo ChxrlollrirMIc, f‘l Jo.
dallrflwt, on a fair trial, that the majority of travel on Ihv Farkal
Ho»u are better aocommodated by leaving In llie evening, w. relura
n- the old hour*—..n and altar the Khl instant, leaving Richmond
Mondxy, Wednesday and Friday, at S F M , roach New Canton at »
A. M., and KcoltariUe 1'7 M of the Aral, and Lynchburg at A A. kf ,
and flucliauan and Iwxlngtun at 4 V M. of the aocuml day.
Returning, leave Buchanan at A A. M , and Lyuchburg al 71, r
M . Monday, Wednesday and Friday, roachRcotuvlUc al toy, A M ,
New Canton at 1 R P. M . and arrive In Hh bmuiid at !, nail A M
The II..ala connect at New Canton with ike Kluge for the Institute
and Hurklnchaiu C. II.. and In K>-..tl.vlll,. with 11.. Hj.« f... fih..
I'tT b«« Tim* and Distances, la Card below :
L*>ir# ttirhmond Monday, /.sure LynrAburg Monday,
WtdntvUiy and Friday, at W«tnr»day and Friday, at Hf
5 P. M. 7* P. M. ■
saairi at time. miles arrive at time. miles
Manaklntowo 9pm IT {tuples* Mills, 11 r m 17 HI
Judes Ferry, 10 m 92 Dent Creek, 9am 8a
Mlchaux*s Ferry, 19 M 81 Tre Klvcr, 4 M 88
Oedar Point, !9Jf am 83 lUrdwlckselUe, 48 ^H
Jefferson, 9 “ 39 Warminster, ck " «s ^B
Pemberton, 4)4 47 Hnwardavllle, 8 94
Columbia, CM M Pcotuvllle, lojg «T
8c* Canton, 9 M New Canton, 1 k p w 88
.Sctdlsville, lH.tg pm 79 Columbia, CM 9w ^B
llowardsvllle, 3M " 91 Pembwru.n, 9J4 •• lint ^B
Warminster, 414 99 JeRecon, 7k - ltlT
HnrdewlckvIUw, 914 •• lna Cedar Point 9 «• 114 ^B
Tye Hirer, CM “ 108 Mlchauk's Perry, 9k “ 114 ^B
Brut C.cek, 814 " 117 Jude’ePrrry, 11 * 124 ^B
Staple,' Mllla, 11)4 P a 199 Manaklnn.wu, 14 * a VIC ^B
Lynchburg, 8 a ■ 148 Richmond, 9 “ 144 ^B
Richmond, October IS, 1886. ocU I
CAHUIAOLNI ( All IIIAl.t kli Wk m . Hf
can.to, wagupaonnin, naeaqcakk anew airman,
laimn !(•■■(, ,^B
nA8 on band a large assortment of best quality, and ino«t g>ith ^^B
lo..able Styles, Coerhet, O.acl.ewa, Cliarriotteea. Ilamurhe, ^^B
Kockawaya, Ride Seal Top lliggjr.aul Buggy, win, and with, u
1 have alao at ray Repository a Urge aaaortmeot of Northern ma B ^B
Carriage,, manufactured by ihe mr.M approved maker,, ranglni ^B
from Ihe lightest style of no top Buggy, to the At,-st order of rear be. ^^B
Tboae In want of carriage. will And It lo their Inlrrr.t lo . all atu ^B
ekaimne my flock, a, I am determined to „ll on the most reasone
hie term, ..?< HH|
Wf. hare been engaged for «omr lime past e%, HMr
In getting up the pattern, for a new ‘ _r Bn
Plow, especially designed fnr turutng under the ASstt. '
heaviest growth vcgeUhle matter. and w, HeHSHA ^B|
have now ihe plea,ure of Infortnlng our friend., that w. think w ^^B
have fully accomplished that end ^^B
W. would rail the attention of Ihe Farmer, to Ihl, Plow, a, wel^^B
,, lo our Urge stock of Plow, of every ike, l ull.valor,. Corn V, aed
er«. New (Iround Jumping Coalter,, Large 8 ll..r«r Pultl rater ,. fo ^^B
pulling In wheal, Marrow,. A. , Ac All of which are made la ou ^^B
own ahop,, tiy gael workmen, an.l warranted h, give ,,ll>fartlon HHS
Off) WATT A CAL, Franklin ktreet, ^^B
-9> Square below Ihe F.lrl.ahg. . Hlchuiorel, Vi MB
WF will if is by* lilirrsl cA** ••Ivinm on rnnatgnmrntR t
FIX>I K, WIIKAT snil othsr prwlur* lo lb* ahorr nViffi'^H
Richmond, July 19th, 1V4. jyU 1y ^^H
si n . imi si r i si n g |H 6: i r , K|
"W-edi (A. ge.A.mpe R.ni, IH> kiwmtf, Yiiji\in BBI
Jy" ly _ NATHANIEL 0AKC8I.Hole Agent MBB
HKSNKTT, III.I Ilk A I lam If. 9H
Milana tv ^^^B
C..I.II.,. Brnsbea. Fan. » Atth-lek. T..I.,. F.re p, I Fain ^BB
While Lead, Zinc, Paint OIL Ac. ^^B
No I IIa Vote. .Wreak
If'1 _ H o a. an. V, ■BB
/tet/pr In green /Ueeripfien »/ ^^B
nl'KflES PATIST PiiHNIiu iinnH
ANI. WISE MILL -Iht. mill come, lo u. hlg,,|. , , , .,,'BH
■led. ,nd w. h.v, re.wvn lo Iwllare II tn ha the he.! ('Idrr Mill ^EE
W# nolle I k order, Prlee |49.!
„ - BALDWIN, CABfiWEI.I, A 0f>.
£ AO-f* A OTM p‘. 1149*1 »•. The nr.derclwntd l ,i, iH, d
Si •••oc .ted Ih.m-lve, .in er .ha ,t,l. „f A M hhtrH gH
4 (II. for the purposa of -nd„ ■ nr the ap- „ thirst In.J.e.Wfli
,nd 8^.1 b»,tnP«. .. th. old wand. No tb. m! n ,1"^ M
ptpd by the ethr partner WM pg^.vgg7
_!•'___WM II TI Rrik BHgg
To'5-1 •?M*S?la **ff '■* I * M F8 rlnBB
Tg°? \RrVirn|^ A,#n Olsn4E»*r *• -ll.iif. -l .niHi
of ibe Throat. 8*aid Head. T-'trr and all other dl.ras. , of the Skl^HB
Numeroo'teklrnontal, eanbew-.. at hi. Room 8« E,ch,oge Hoi^HB
n.w.inm nV,^ **T" No were! remedies " .t,H|
La bi? * " ,T'r, .**" humbug la that ' Call . HH
,E Ab WH An P.4 Hlf IMIdXi ATI) i |
Way BLEll RAIL ROAD ETfkCR, A*r sale hy *
- John a Lancaster 4 eon,
- ”___ __S’- • W H. .be" BM|

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