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r<w *■■ »*■ Wan.—Tha amnia far amlgvatiua la th*
Wr tram all quartan of (amllU. preparing to am the
IU. which bit*) t*m «>tha land ol their nativity, end to
■raaord westward laquaat ol a new horns. It ia a Strang*
ii.Ulu.Uoa. tndawd, »Mch Impel* Virginians thus toior
Mk--HMtH4 Domini**—a Mala wfclah M -nt-r| by
aot country hi thrgioh* In the beauty and aalent ul It.
uaturd advantage and raaourews. With tern uf U,.mi
•and. ul aura* of virgin soil ••thin iu border*, ae h-rtth- *4
lli" iuiurtoui plain*" of Kanawa or Kvbrtik* ; with «ri|
auu- no Ima aakUnioua, tha* it U favorable lor agnciilm.
ml parsail* ; villi Inetlmumable had ol ore* and inaji-sllc
fored. ; but above all these, with |>eare and lrati.|.iU(r
raigiiiug everywImre—it i* surprising that any portion of
oar eiUaoM* should delwde themaelve. with the tile, that
Ih. r can ••heller their condition" by aettllng In the "far
ft ml. W c belle.e that In uiu* raw* out ul ten tliuaw
wl.o 1.1 ale thrioaeivM in tha new territories regret tha
atep they have taken, and if thev could recommence Iheir
• j.Mi.oev of lik, would, with th* experience thev h.d ac
quired. remain in Virginia W# know . cilia*.. u« Rich
... •"**. » moi.iha ainea, eisilad Kentucky, Mis
•uur. and "evrnd other Western Rules, alii. Ih* view ol
“settling" il he could And a .uitabis place. But after tra
vel ring lima* tjtaliv, hn could diaoover no plar* which prr
seiit.-J sufficient Inducements for him to remain, and ha
ae -.n-di iglv returned home, perfectly cured ul any inrli
Malum to -go West." And Ibis is not th* uoly Instance
ot t'io kind. The same thing has happened hundred, ol
ti'ii.-*. and for this reason, we conclude that a Urge ma
jority Of those now warding their way to the Wa*i sill in
a ret r short liiu* after reaching their destination, be
p.ompud to eaclaiaa “Oh I carry um back to Old Vir
ginia I"
Til mra a.—Tha “complimentary trail niouUl" to Mr*.
Liaat* Weston Davenport, at tb* theatre on Thursday
mgl.t, was an atuiuenlly successful and brillUiil affair, anil
If “v.l* “* ?*•**“''• 10 rwoord the fact. Mra. D. Is
deci.lcJly on.1 ol th* must met itortou* aatrassev that baa
aver appeared before a Richmond audience, and our pU>
guars would b... dmnai the wrem reproach.., had
they failed to manifest their appreciation aud admiralioii
of the rare talent* which tb* fair bauaficiara ha* displ.ved
during liar brief engagement. Tb# enthuriasm of Mrs D’s
admirers, on Thursday night, was unbounded. S-varal
handsome bracelets, and odter article* of jewelry were pie
awnted to bar, and at a law hour of the night wbau "still
ne*. reigned supreme," and th* fair lady w.a perhaps
arc* Mug of lha triumphs ah® lia<! achiav*! Juiina the
f1? A'"^y **•"<* procaatled to bar lodgings at
the Bmad Street Hotel, ai.J serenaded her with several ol
tbeii sweetaat melodies.
We learn that Mia* Aroma Jones daughter of Mr*.
Melinda Jimaa, ha. been engagwd, .,,d will ahortiy ap
pear _We shall await with a great deal of mteieat for lie.
debut upon our boards remembering that her taleutcd
ai.ill.or, ami iagrata father, tieorg, Jones, reached th*
culminating point of their chequered career upon those
•atne boards, in day* long since paused.
Tot a is Mere.—The louniamo.it at Jordan’s, in Fiad*
riuk county, came off ou the 11th inaA, iu the presence of
a large concourse of people The ladle, were oat in full
aue .dat.ee, and ol course looked lovely, eegvr and l.appv
The chaige to Ilia Knight* ... delivered bv J. K Cmd
S*" . <-'h,rloU* »*>d was an do.,uniteffort.
Mr. J IJ. Hardeaty, ol Clark.-, as Knight Ivanhoe. aasdv
claied the victor. Mr. J. McMurray, Knight of Clarke,
and Mr F. A Oallsher, (formerly ol Richmond,, a* Rho
deric Dim, haying tied each other, h.d . second trial, in
wntcli the Knight of (lirku ctrriej off i*o out of throe
rintf* giving l»ini ih* advantage, an«l making it n«*eei«i*rv
for Khtnl.-fio film lo bear off all threa to gain ill* choice ol
IfiUd At thtaatage of the lilt.much •iHtffnfiii rir*.v.iU.i
»• »«uHti round, Klioderlc Dhu bore off all there of the
hng4. and tliun achiuved tha right to chooo« tha “lair
Maul. lie arlactrd Hina Belie Jniiuvy At night thain
waa a brilliant ball, and tha dancing waa kept ut> to a late
On Hi* following day a tournament took place at Shep
herdstown, In which Mr Gallahcr aUo figured .. the Knight
of Sunny Side lla was again successful, and oliuioed the
choice of the .Second Maid of Honor
Completion or the Va. iso Tenn. Railroad.—The
Lynchburg Virginian of yesterday heialda to the world the
completion of this great work in the following jubilant
d,*«*d i<*dmie! The gratifying intelligence
re Ached the city yesterdar that the Virginia and Tenues
eee Radioed itjfninhtd This is a gieai and gl.irioua con
summation—a magnificent achievement — an enduring evi
dence of man’s genius, cepaciliea and energy. We con
grituUle the Company, the Srate, the whole country and
•’the rest nl mankind," on the glad event. The Sivi pas
senger (lain will go through the let ol October, and there
will be a great glorification and jollification on the Secou I
at Bristol. Three cheers for the railroad, aud three lime,
three for iu constructors and managers! ’’
Maonuhence — Mr J P. Ballard, has fitted up the
parima ol his new hotel, opposite the Exchange. in a most
gorgeous maimer. The stories of Eastern magnificence do
bui I n itlr the ipUmioc tmi magnificence which
greets the vision upon entering these palatial apartments
The doors are covered with the most superb stil.s of la
pesti.y carpeting, the windows arc curtained in the m.ist
clegsut manner, and the costly pianos, velvet cushioned
rook-r-., minors aud other articles of a similar character
with which the several rooms are luruished, constitute an
arrav ol splendor which has Ih-cii seldom witnessed since
the nays of Cleopatra.
Deatu or Capt. James Lamer —The Danville papers
announce the death of Capt. James Lanier, who expired
at his lesidcnce in that place, on Saturday Iasi, alter a
brirl illness He was a native of Briyntfiick county, and
went to Danville about the year lb 18, to pursue the pro
fessioo of law. He war for several years editor of the In
'•'/' ■•'1**1 SMfman, since changed into "The Register,’’
and rep.esenieii the county of 1'ittey tvania several bums
in the Legislature of the State The deceased was. at the
time of i,is death, clerk of the Hustings Court of Danville
h**»ow Escape —B. F. Carter, Feuj , of Loudoun coun
ty, made a narrow escape with his lile some ten days
•nice, lie was engaged iu threshing out his crop of wheal,
and whilst looking around the machine, the ends of liia
neck tie became entangled in one ol the ievolving wherls,
ami but lor the fortunate giving way of the handkerchief
nm*t have proved fatal, ills ueck, we understand, waa
quite severely injured, and lor a time serious sppielien
sions wore tell as to the consequences.
Distrewwino Accident —The Front Royal Gazette says
Hist a lew days since Mr. Edward Bolen, residing near
that place, met with a scrioui accident. He was walking
on a log, at the time carrying an aie, and fell off, the back
ot the aie coming in contact with the giound, he tell upon
tn»» Cfl^o, which cut two of hi* ril»a, mJ ponefratcil hi*
liver, lie is doing as well an could be expected since and
may recover.
Stopped it an Eel —Yesterday morning, while Deluge
Hrdraut Co. No. 6 was playing upon the ruins of the great
fire in East Boston, the at ream was suddenly stopped.—
On examination, a large eel, !il inches in length, was found
in tin- pipe, and It required the strength of two men to
pull the member from Cochituale out of bis pipe-laying
ponuioii.—/forton Herald.
Not Dead.—The Warrenton Flag contradicts the state
ment going the rounds of Ilia press Hist Jolm (’order, a
son of Mr. Elias Corder of Rappahannock county, has
been killed in an engagement in Kansas, between the pin
slavery men and abolitionists. Litters have been receiv
ed horn Mr Corder stating that so far from being "killed
in Kansas,” he has not vet set foot upon the Territory.
Acckpted. — Rev. Mr. Bornek, ol Virginia, in obedience
lo another call from Hie Bridge street congregation (I’rcs
byterian, j of Georgetown, D C., has finally accepted, and
«■ nc can pmperiv arrange matter*, enter up
on the d'ltic* ol hi* new field of labor
Oominu Evrsts, Ac — A eote wat taken among the
passenger. on the Central railroad, reaterilay, ami resulted
for Fillmore, 41 ; lor Buchanan, 20 ; Fremont I. \V* pre
Slime that the Fremont man was on hit w«y tn some Inna
tic asylum,
The Warret.ion Flag aaya that “in Virginia the Tact ol
one being a Democrat ia taken a* prim* facie evidence
that he i# an honeet man ami a gentleman.” Tliia la a
great country I
Scabcitt or Vtaest.*.—Vessels are much wanted to
take freighla to Northern and Kastem points from tliia
Lao llaokas.—K#». Joseph Helm, of Loudoun county,
had hi* leg broken on Saturday last, by being thrown from
his boroe
Aee tilrael bom t letter from OPR Jam*#, Roy
Tn all who suffer from soakn«aa and drt.lllty, wa tay, trjr Ik* Oay
gonated Hitters-a medicine which conialne eo alrohol, and hae
cured the word reset of dyepoptla, asthma ood all dore»(omenie of
the tiomerh
A yrfe.M<l»< trurMinv oud one that no traveller
•bo.ild bo without, le Parry Doelo' Polo Killer. A eudden attack ol
diarrhea.. dymolory or oholoro morbus non bo rR«tuaUy and la
senate..roustf relieved by It.
h. p. H. JAMEff. r ail., the Author and Hr.
lloh Conoul at Norfolk, Va , In a latter eddrr.edlo Pd
ward a Horn. Philadelphia, Pr pr.elor <d PAHCMAI,1,'fl PRVKH
AND AOUR MIXTURE, urttaa aa foilowe.
‘•I hare recommended the remedy In many Inetencte to blends
who wars suffering bom Ago. they could n * throw off, and I have
never known It to fall In vffrctlng a enre In many Instance* o ve
ry be doom have prod or Hi that recall "
Try aballl. tn he hod of A gODRRRR and O. A, RTRPCKPR,
Druggists, R chmond, Va sat—IINI
HOIrl.OW AV -» OINTlIRT r A N la
BvjT^Piri.s WHAT ARg TIIPIR CRRPtNrtALflr They
are eppv.vvd hy the moat enlightened g .vv.nmenle, sanctioned by
**e highest merllral authority, and .le,fared tnf.llihle hy recovered
Ihmic.nde. In all dlerus.. ol the .kin, pleads, end secretive oratne
"V*4 •* ,hT m»*«fc^"rlea No Hu Malden bane, New York, end No.
*41 •trend, Loudon, and by all droggtau, at *ftr, Hygr, and gl per
P°* •»'*’•* ___eeW lw_
trjmr- Bin: or a h atti.rrinahi: ci mri*
Hm Pause Dart* A flow O.nl. : A merchant of I Ann see.,
tn thle mate, Inform. me that recently nue of hit anna an a verety
bitten on the leg by a rattlesnake, bom the vffkrtt of whleb ha any
feead most dreadfully family ehanclnf to her* tome of ben
Itaela' Puln RHtrr tn the house Immediately rssniaoacud bathing the
Mtten place without knowing wh-ihev It would oe tie*, a«evd tho
•eoot r.nef, hut ourprtetng o. It may teem, the potton wts sunn nU
•erred tn evade Irom tho wound, and In ate oe an minutes the young
mo* Ml o«iewp, entirely bee from puln. ur any effeet Irom the bile,
sonept Dm flesh wound, whlwh hauled rosy soon By ftsl»g pat.lin
ty to Ih.e foot In your ptunphM destgnrd tor euuthero oud ueelrrn
dietrltuitton, oud seeh r HI Mr too so pntoueiouo vrflUWo more or Ira.
abound. It migt.l ..tee the eum ol heamnlty, oud bathe mean, of
supplying an arih-le, the want of wh.eh ho. long Men eapmienced
Voura, reaperlhtlly,
_*wRR-HrAw*w__ M H1ARfll.gr, At ton*, tto
Ok » ri it u*N*g• -
Nope. Oyster Knl vqs, Ao-jost roooteod. oud for mlf hy
hM WkM aeMMk UMkHMN >•»« to lb. madnel world.
whMi will ml all OMgan with ttom They an lad.ad i ah nm at
ttoauvwfedtfraadr. I <
U do Mob ot tin, I«to« fear af mMMm sc pvwaf |a
Ur contrary, that if toy MW applied at aay tlam previous to tto
actual rkdug ot to. bean*. they wMI promptly allay dl lademellou,
ralture ad pula aad prevent ito tovaa from gathering. aad m.
toartaora, tf toe bran* should ..totally rtao tofara Ito vtotto .an to
l.totl.Uaw appllcatiou and coaalaal vtartny at torts will prod BO. Met
a condition of to# to root aa ta laeure the tptvllml p. mlMi cun.
torary mother altosM ban them by her. aad fellow to ttolr aaa to.
dfrMttuus. Which always an arttl with them, aad our ward far ft, tor
aW aavvr kaaa what it la la hav« arrtoaa seder tug with hat hreaai.
W A inn it latter wf Ala*. arootopautod by It Mala worth at
P**t*d* wntope, wtd aaran the prompt Iraamalaatoa hy toad af a pair
af I boat cloths to any part af tto United
They an far eat* by
ADIB a OKAY, Whelaaale aad BwlaM Ay*ole,
few t«T Mala street. Richmond. Virginia
And by MKADS A BAKKR. lad Mala Richmond. Va.
%W" Ball direction tar apply lag than Ontto, wUI-|riaf
ar-T-hSto B'At'TN tOM THE Pt.UPI.E.-Diaaatra
Stoa rtoa ta nwrhanlta or manufacture. hr which atoooy
and labor are aavsd, arc admitted to be of lacatrains!, valae Is Ito
rasa af mankind. How mwh more valuable, ton. la that dtoeovery
In arlaawa which promotes health, toogbtsaa life aad dtoasle dleraaae
frwm tha human fra see I Ta ark a discoverer to# world rwatl ever
remain Indebted, for all lie wealth Is hat a drop la Ihe backet com
pared lo Ihe Ilf. af a lei low bring Indued, mankind to loo n.-iada
lows to toiler, that any grnt Panacea can to concocted fur all Ihe
Hla of Ilfs, and when a tcWnliAc mao aaaarta tool ha haa mad# such
a discovery, Ihe breadth of hla declaration at once reuses douM la
arise, he la Immediately declared aa empyrlc, and hto aaetrataa,
howrrrr vatuahir la tome respects, are breaded “ gaack.ry," and
at once discarded. That remedies may to produced for all dleraars
of a similar origin, we have sol a shadow af a doubt. Indeed, wv
know this lu bo true, fur we here seen It thoroughly tested |n BA
RRR'II BITrgttft. hut grant aa sea Ito rarabva powers of this la
valashto vegetable mrdleln-, and wonderhtl as haa brew u. rgtcl.
la rrlh rtaf aer-rnasasas. prarrwf daMMfp, .Wlreoeaa. fatHpedbor
AcrlcMoca, dya/rr/rsfo. air* sftnaueA, f otref rvmpUHml, ague .rhJ
freer and depression of spirits, wa da Bat pro aad ta stelm far It
Ihe mastery over hundreds nf other dtamers that we might Ream.—
Ws know that when used In low, marshy roan tries, where ague and
fever are prevalent. It will prevvui this disease as wail ethtliwusneie,
and that It will mare all others far which II to recwwnnsuded. when
regularly taken. Wa else knew It to the best Ionia ret r used by
dellcete females aad teething child ran, and tost It will rorwet Ito
Sunday sf the stomach la a very short lime Bui n is a tel rot fur at
•a aay sort af Ha virtues. Manufsetarod la oar mid a. prepared
frwm a rarelpa of one af ihe a torsi Physicians lu Ito Union, and la
ken and recommended to others by oar people, are Ihe bed eel
.letter, that could to given that HAKRK’it BITTRKH are ahal they
purport to to—the usurper rsaiLV aaott ivv or rna aaa Lei the
doubting try ilea, and than -peak of toelr merits aa tbsy deasrve.
Tu be had of all the principal llrugglaU In Richmond city Alee,
of to. following Druggists : Beet A I'treeas, Atosrndria Va , T H.
MrKenaey, Lewiaburg. Va., Tadd, llu.ion A Traylor, Prlrrabttrg.
Va , King A Tay, Norfulk, Va.,J B. Campbell, Portsmouth, Va.,
Dor. B. Cana. to dliausburg Va.. Johnston A Co , Prsderlrktburg,
Va., J. K Hallum A tiu., llauvllle, Va .and Druggists In Barmrllle,
Va.. Th.a Adams A Co., tbnllhdrld. Va.. Hibb A Walla, Charlottes
eHlw, Ta., J B. Kakridge. .disunion. Vg., W. II. Upplu, Wllmlnglou.
N. 0 . Charles Htotl A Co . Washington Clly, D. 0 , Canhy a .llau-h
Ball lulu re, kid., Botlekrr A Miller. Cuvlngtnn, Ky., Htablri A Jours,
Lynchburg, Vg., and from Druggists and Ittom grorrally. Pur or
ders, afrlraas g. BAKKR,
srlil —4w ^ ___ Richmond, Va.
AIjKX, kill.I. has yud revolved a nattier lot af
■vJb todies' sod llrnttomeu'. HOOTS and SHOKB. luaosfac
tured opreaaly for him by ihe wurli renowned to.-l es. of Paris, lie
hda alee lm;mrted aialertal of the tool ayualUy, lor Ilia menu acturr
of tad lea* and Urnttotuen’s Boats and bboas, of every description.
He also keeps on hand tha baa- assortment af Baltimore, Phlladrl
phla. New York and rastera work, which, with the l.r supply of
hla awa, and dm tost of Imported work, renders hto assortment al
ways Ihe heel lo srlecl from In this city.
Mr HILL has made arrangements to have goods shipped to him
from Parle regular every month, and his friends may rrr.1 assured
Ilia! he will t|mre no psh.a l.. keep hlmeell Well supplied with all Ihr
latrea stvleo of I ds that are worn In Parts, or any of Ihe Northern
.-Ithre Hit Irleudt, and die public generally, will Ire well repaid by
ceding aad elamlnlug hit week, al No. I« Main street sol*
CsuTssnsui, Sept. Imh, Ibftd.
Mtaaaa DOVR A Oil.— Having tried your ralustoe Mvdlcme In a
very aggravated rase, I lakr this method o( Informlug you, In th
mouth of lest July, one of my servants had s sever* rising on opr
of her feet and nmUtiusd lo get wurae from day to day, ai much so
ui toot Sloognea ui. I LrhrU ail lHe uiual tatuMy
rstnedlr* such aa poultices, ul>n Ac, without any effect. when n,
•>faiy fitend* advised am lo am year valuable TCHA'Oil., and tout
areal *u> prise on applying llie OU only lines or four limes II was cm
llraly I fated li give*me great pleasure In Inform ,..o of It, lor the
hen-Hi of others. Respectfully,
»HT or o * ■: IN u m wan
WbkS9 If AIR If but I tu|»erf*-cl I* umSeriUind even by thus,
• ho inske Ihe greatest pretrualone. TTui must of llie popular llolr
Dye# of llie ilsy may, for Ihe lime, color the hair, but soon lo br
aucoccdeif hy a tarnished greeo, or other unsightly appearance.—
Rngle*# Electric llelr Dye Is Told of these noxious propertieo ll
lustantly dyes the hxlr X beautiful natural black or hruwu, ohlcl,
neither water uor xoiishlur can tarnlxh lu the least; alnl "In make
ssauram-e doubly eurr" his ageuls ars authorised lo refund the mo
u*1 lltli* must perfect satisfaction is not glrcti. Price SO cents,
II HO and I 90 |orr ease lurmtor, W Bogle, Boston, xud sold bs
Druggist* every where.
Is your heir turning grey f Do you wish to cultleale good whta
keis Slid moustachesf Tour hair to he soft, silky, and glossy »
Tour head to be cool, comfortable, ami free of dandruff? Mothers I
are your children In have luxurlaut heads of hair? Then use Bo
•AAA's Htrmn.x ftcib. which eaten rstiji In Its unerring effects. -
Prices 19 els 00 eta. T9 eta. and fl9' per bottle Bogle’s Helm .1
Cytheria stand* nurtraAlsst fur eradicating tea and pimples,and beau
ilfyhig Up complexion. Price 9u cl* Inventor and proprietor, W
BOtlLR. Boston, arid sold by Druggists ererytrhrre.
M—dty—lr| _
VtTZS MAI. W 1,000 PLOWhHS Halchetor'l
Melr Dye. Russian Salve, Dove's Turf (Ml, Dailey's Pan,
Kxuac or, Carter's Spanish Mlalure, Electric Oil, Mainpton's Yeg •
table Tincture. Asker's Bitters, Boer's (ioldro Pills, and all other
Patent Medic,lies kept for sale by
_ _ 8 P BF.MPLK, 1 * Mam et.
UrZ^r xhhhuiiui i:\phkm tia.haa
*•■•• P*lr nf M rroceo 8ltpprrs at 79 cu , a good art Id.
alao a Targe lot of Traoks, which We nrr selling low for cash If you
wool a Trunk, Vallee, Carpet Bag. Hatchrll or a pair of Shore or
Boots, for 89 per cent, less than any other Store, call at
A'HtS_191 Main street, Ragle M,uarr.
Molbfn’ Breast Cloths.
*« •**# • *upply ot theIt,valuable article* oa hand, and
would ■•all U»# all cu lion ot llir puMir to thv advertUnnrnl In an
oUirr « olutuia. MEADE A li AKKh, ClirmUta,
ifY \*C Main str**c», uortlivcri comer of 10th
fcOTICK.—H**ing been appointed AgrnU for the
"f the celebrated »p**>l Cotton Manufactured bi
Mt-nra Jiil.it Dirk A Jk*o», UUagow, w« iliallU Mipplicd ml *[.
itrnea With a full aMorU&eiit dlrr. i horn the MhituUiturer*. for •»).
«t U»e I.sweat N*-w York pricr* We can guarantee tin* 0<>tton lo be
fully rqual tn quality to any manufactured, and wufi confidence i*
oommend tl to the trade
_ KE.NT PAINE A OO , Agenia
J • 4* HEM IN ha* removed hi« Eurniturv EsUb
0S.JSI lUhment to the apacifua and elegant Wareroom tindrt
'*C< tltlN I'M I A N II ALL,M M»ln fcrfrt, above D»e Hank a, ami ha* in
O|»erat!on all the appliance* Incident tn an extenutvr bualneva
.TS.E KXEHnies 01 mom uTa.
SCHOOL, will be rrautmd on HiWDtT. lbtb
nepfeniher, at her residence, on First street, between Clay and Msi
-dg^s VI.F.T, Bill.I,* Importer and Manufacturer of
*S._S luidles' and Uenllemen's Hunts sod Shoes, Mo. 187 Main
•(reel m nt»w prepared lo furniah hit friend* and the publk* genr
rail*, with Mc.ith, Taraca, Caarrr lUo* Vaiick*, Ar., nf a
quality that cannot be aurpatted. and at price* that cannot fail lu
plea*e All In want of gtn.d 0<*‘M and at low price*, will call on
Mr Ifni., where they can be plnml in price, quality and *tylr
W«/fti(,A. jj!5
tr m/r~ > Ml. IIMYIDN. LOOKIMuJlAI
OUM FI.AtK, Ac.— M ERANCK. ftlo llruad *trc«t,
Richm .iid, Va , krr|i*con»tanily on band fancy and plain material in
•vary branch of hi* Imtlurw. lie a»ki a rail from all who have He
lure* lo frame, or vlah to buy arlu'lra in bi* line jyft
\% ll.l l A n A. WALTBBIt
Riruitoyn, rj,
li KBPFCTFl I.LV Informs Ihe e.tiscns of Richmond and Its rl
• rlnlty thol he has now In store a eery large arid selecl assort
inenl nf good* In his line, consisting of pUlu and deeoraflre style*
of American And French PAPRK IIAN0INO9 and BtlKDKRB
sal,o and worsted Damasks. Rrosalel* sn.l Batin de l.ane, for Cra
rsiss, with K>n,pa, ta.srls an,l loop* t, match ; also,lace and inuslln
Curtains, hy ihe pair or yard, from STne erahrofr/errsf. at glI per
pair, In the plain al 19 cenls par yard ; W indow Bhadea of Urn new
eat and moat beautiful pattern*—some at a aery low price
Those In want will 8nd it to thele advantage lo call and examine
A new and eery tel eel stock of Velvet Tapestry. Tapettry, Brussels,
Thrrc Ply, Ingrain and Venttlan Carpeting, bought xl the lowest
cash prices and will he sold al a trruiii rrrftvince
A fery lei ye atock, with many new pallerna Mattrener. Feather
Itada. Pillow*, Rolttcrt, Lounyea, ?prtny Maltreaaei, Ac , ou hand
sml m%4s lo order.
l*M>vr* Hanging an<l ill kinds of t?phol«t*ry work firruird
■l il^shortest notice, und In the best manner, In town or country
KF*ff??N* l> A €'0«s «sk the Attention of their
numeious friends snd the puMlr. to their large and select
•lock of faI.L AW> WINTER ClaOTIffNO. and Aentleman’s fur
nUhlng Ooods now In store and ready for exhibition The assort
mcnt rmhrarrs all the choice and most Improved styles to be
found In (he country, and having on« of oar Arrn constantly In the
New Torx market, we are at all times prepared to sh »w the latest
novelties of the season, mvde at our own manufactory m that pe
culiarly tasty and durable manner for which our Ctolhiog has so
long been celebrated
In the *L>ry of our house, ws are prepared with a good
stock for the WIIOLKAAI.K TRADT, aud will offer great induce
meuts to Met chants who favor us with a call With Increased and
unsquallrd facilities and a full determination to go uAernf, we
pledge ourselves lo make It your interest to buy of us.
_ _ hri Main 1.
iir;*ry mi %fi:r,
FgSIIK following (l.uxt*, aaaoried In atyle and aiae lo suit the trade
■ AII eaa he aaOade.1 with ehaap. In* faal, loneht* , |n fact,
| let the laate be ever an ra.Odtoa-, I a." confident that in? *tnck cm
I brace- quantity and quality •uMrlenl to pleaae all Ripening my
| cualomera will acknowledge facta which muet be apparent on n
animation. I merely enumerate the f..II,.winy ||e< of ynoda l.roeyhi
not lb,a eeaeon :
Black and fancy cloth drew and frock Coala
Beaver Over Coale, Rack*, Talmaa and Haflana
U**etm-v , bearer, peteral.am and cloth hnetneee 0 rale
Black dneakln, black Bfd, Scotch |dald, hrorrn, drab and tteel
mil eaaalatare Panta
Felvcl, in.,ire*antique, allk, raaatmera, doth and talln Vceta
Mr furnlahlny -t.-rk contain, a full aaaortmeni of Sbawlt; HI an
| k*4*. I'nibeaBaa. while Itaen aod eotton fihlrta. aterlnoand knit wool
Milrtt and Drawers; allk fihlrta: white and brown Canton flannel and
I Jean* Drawera; (liner*. Itaunlleta; Swapefldera. Nlyhl Cap-. Money
t Belle . Mufflrra, llandki rtklefa. Crania, Sear fa, Tlew Stock a an.l
I Collar*, all of which will be told lew for eraA
I *eT« One no* Main (Pearl) and l«ab atreeta
I >1 NT A I , N < >T1< T„
g 1 »» . Ill.m, fll ROICAI AND MR w
CHANIt’AI. OFNTIST Office between
i and IINh Main rlrrel, one aquare above Ibe Banka,(|^MUH||b
(office bnurv from • lo S, 4 lo 4)~wlll he happy l» aee 17
all inch a* detire Mr pmf—alnnal aervlce*. pmnii.lny hie heat rndea
vnra, by yenffeerw and UnrprrpAnem.to give aallafacllnn in all ope.
ration*, either In Filling, Cle.nelny, Rcyulatlny, Ralrar'lny nr In
•vriln* Treth_ avfb Am
» IM I » 1*11 k< M II oil I .
SS Iffi MART R PROS * M will open a Bebonl for Tain* U4ie*.
! i'l M Wedneolav, ibe l*t nl October, al her reetdence on
' Franklin aareet, in Linden Pqwafe
I In Ibe Fern raw Baierwaawie will be aeeteted by Mr.fiAMCRL S
CARR, feeorabiy known ee a teacher of aeveeal year* eap-rlenee
The Fa even Deearrwawv wSI be woder (be rhary* of Madame
| LRONTINr BI.aNCHRT. a ParMia lady al Sotabed .deration and
pMpuae**a*ny manner.
I Ivauaa and Inuwiwn, by Mr. FRRBICO.
fltawaa by an ir.-otnnllabed natlee.
The H*i tan larvae* clem bar rnorqf ladle* who baa* left erbool.
, will be burned derlny the Sr*t week of the oeeebm
Cut eta r-. With a bill plan of Ibe erbool, may be bad an applica
tion In Mr* or Ml** Peyrant
waw* ■
Board, during etdtrv meaton .... ypo
Royliab tuition .... 4a
Fore Iff, i I.anyone*., Ane1eo4 *nd Modern, eaeb... . fn
Mu*te and Draw ny al Profeeeora' rbaryee
I Richmond -Rev Men. M ..eihrldg-, Jamet Cevkte, B*q , Wm H
Ma, ferlaad. Baq , B tndham SaRmtaen. Raq . Wm. F Ritchie, Baa ,
John B rbompaon. Rea., The* H Kill*. K-q . Hon Jim. B. Oaaklr
| Oeoeyatown- Re, Wm Norwood
l.yn. I.bnry Chat S Moaby, Req„ Jot,a M. Speed, Faq
| Fete*Worry D**M Mey. Aaq act*. dlwArtllN
IfWHH 644PNMKM HI' rrBN.--S key* many prime
■ Soeben Butter Jaw received and bn ml* by
M6SI. AfeaSN.—SO bbd* Soyar-bwwm, for *al* Pv
•F* HAVBNPOBT, Alin » 00.
a “■* *v» ~ en'al.e*’! Oil a .•
MICHJie*** MAN* M TNiBi.
m. la IMT. ft* | E B. BBNTLBT.TV. I W. B. IdAACB. |W»
wiainu or tuntinor.
TsaaAPTT.amw,.- ■»
■ ■.■ ■ — —. I
T o'clock. It o'clock. > eVWk ;
■rpl M-lo Dmi Bun
Of M—ra. >|_••___ IT j
_Vt A itIM K N KWH. _
<itm:m vrN or mun mti:a wi.ua
i*4*1 m ax rs.
Me* Turk, Inlw, Ilk , !*,*< *1
J Lteerp*ol, kept *4
Me. York, hwvwl, *rp< YT ,
J'* Tark. fMaagow, trpt tu I
Mr* York. Lirrrpooi. Oct I I
Mew York. Uaraaa and Kr; Waal. Od I
New York, tremea.de, Utl. «
_ hum BL'BOPK.
towthampAow, Brw York. Kept. lu
Eaagaroo, Li re. pool. Philadelphia, M to !
lodlao. Lirrrpooi, >40. bee. Kept IO j
Oaoada, Liverpool. Boaion. try* It
•jw*. Lirrrpooi. Nr* York. Bepl It '
Afrioa, I lr rp..<il. New York, trpt PI 1
Harro. Nr* York, tap*. *4
Olj of Manrh'r, Llrarpool, Pti'laJ.lphla, IWpr *4
Mia*a/a, Lirrrpooi. Horton, trpt JJ j
P* — d-04—a*r awrr AM bn* warsa • r a
tlaaarr Pocahowlax. Joora. HaRliuare, noire, Lodlala A Wataou.
tebr Aadoa, Armatroo*. Oaaaoa, Peterabarg. Lumbar, Whitlock
a too.
•akr Utaahrth aod Uanora, llraul. Na* York, Hay. M Dewaey
aatd K Dareopori d Oo
aehr <Uktaod. Prao. Jamar Blrer, Wheat. Haaall d Co.
drhr Porter, PhlUipa. AWaaodrla, coal, Virginia To*.a* Oo
dehr Barnatrat. PUcheu. York Krcr, Wheal.
• a I LCD.
•Bhr Wfu Gregory, tuutiug. Hoalou, aider. Bob! lUnkla.
ddir Juo Warrru, Loaaarr. N Y, coal, W D OoJwulll d Oo.
tehr Hannrrr, Whipple, N Y. outre. Dll Currie
drhr llaaall. Wlatera. N Y, aider. Daw Currlr.
B-hr Mary U'ca. Bn I par, down the near, ardor
tchr Juo K Adame. Tyrer. Joan lire rlear, light
tchr K Nlckerron, S-karroo, Hoalou, outer. IldW Currt*.
THU KVKNINO.taptamhar YTlh. IBM.
The Ureal Drama of the
. Mr. Boniface.
.Mira tlerlla
Tocouclada with
... Mr Jegeraon
or- On Maadap,"THE MBA OP ICE”
llwtauu- to ear Circle and Paruurtu. AS rU, (no extra charge
k>r rraarard rraU ;) M Tier Boaaa, MA rtl [ llallertaa A* and »A ala.
Ml.a Office o|»n Iron. * to A o'clock. Duo re open at t . Orerture
commences at quarter before s o'clock practaaty. aaST
NIW Mlrll.
JIItT rrcalrad at J W. RANDOLPH'!! Book Wore and Bindery •
1 tour. Alone PoTarar, a Buoy by J. T tloadcn , Y.V
Thou art far from me, a tong ; hy J ||. Nonce , 4»c
Roanoke trhofflrch.br P. ttlcnlar tSc
flea. Walker'e Nlcaragaen tlmo.l March, hy K llaakell ; |Ar
True Vaukrr Polka, by U. Plnrenre: IV.
Woman'r Heart, a ballad, word, hy the Milford Ban), laoalc by {
Colman. tv.
PUtmorc Quickrtep. by Holland ; *Sc
leilo Oray. a toug, by Rmmo ; She.
Dawn tcbnlllach, by tiordeu , gw.
Oh! where li the laddie, a tong, by J. P MagruJer ; IV.
Tt* raid that loaa can never die, by H.t Colman , tv
b J*»IIN •' I*AI1K, Ja lfully announces ,
^.lai 111* friends «nil tlir public yrnrrally that
ha* It Do* rvctlvlni, ami will continue ui tt
crlv« by every arrival front the North, hit Kali ami
Winter stock of
cuudUtii.f of the usual variety of staple funds, together with every
Ultof new lo Ills line of butilieas III* slock has Just been bpIpcM
by himself with (Treat rare, of the ioo*l crMiralcd manufacturer*.
compare favorably ». to style, quality and price with any In this city
Hl« stuck of iu»uu'acluriug material is second to none, consisting
•• W doe* of the Very best brand* sf French and German Calf
:<k»u*. Goat and Morocco Skins, for gentlemen's wear, and the ImH
i to parted Mak of every description for lad >«b' Gaiter* and Shoe*
Hr respectfully invites a call from bis fornds and the public
JOHN O PAQK, J« , 1* Man. at... !
TM E HI H.Nt'ftt IRLII begs leave to call your aUesiltoa t*
the following fresh Goods, iust received from New York and
Philadelphia, selected lu person, and bought for cash, which be offers
at a very email advance for the money or cBy acceptances, oo short
* hue. Amongst his assortment will b- found
jat* bxa Layer and Buuch Rat- | 1ft hags Htctly tfk.fl Almonds
_ ft l»«lea Marseilles Jo
10 cases Prunes J 2 do Bordeaux do
2ft do Ginger to bags Palm Nuts
2*» boxes Rock Candy I lu do Filberts
Ift case* Ranlli.es [ lu do Walnuts
ft hhls Currants 2ft boxes Mhelled Almonds
2ft boxes Citron 2ftu drums fresh Figs
IftOll fresh Cocoanuts
ft-* boxes Oordlal and Must at Wine
Together with fresh CAN HI LA, of his own manufacture, A No. 1,
ready pushed to convenient boxes, and warranted better than any
other Candy made for wholesale In the Rtate
ALSO -A large assortment of Cigars, Fancy Goods. Ac , Ac.
wN -dAcly_Nraw Candy Manufacturer, No. Iu7 Ma>u st.
CWiltlMIAM A I.A I HHOP wouM Him. immi.uIv
/ Attention to the i Carpet Department. We have one 8 «r de
luted exclusively to that branch of trade, and off<r a bsautiful as
•or t tarn t of
Tapestry, V# vet aud Brussell* Carpets
Hup English Brusaeils do
Three-pty and lugiaio do
Wool, Dutch, Hemp and Kag do
Cruiuh Cloths and Drugged*
Door ilau, Rug*
Stair Carpets and Rod*.
Cast* purchases* are mv.ted to examine, as inducements will he
••• 90 Msiu sliest.
V’1 " turnoxHOF English iiooKs-Amon*
lv which are a great many Sew RikAi- )u*t received by
A MORRIS, No #7 Main street
Trails aid ta.rles of the Irish Peasant.> , by William Car let on ,
with numerous illustrations on Wood and sieef, 2 Volt fM.fto
The Couul <d Ui.bU Cnskt, by Alexander Durnst, with twenty
.lies ration* # >.
Wild Rp.wls In the Far Wewt. by Frederick Getstaecksr , tints'! II
lustrations #i,2ft
Johnson’s Lives of the British Poets, completed by William Uac
lilt; 4 vole; Illustrated. |S.
Ilxll H>ru* w.th U»e best Authors; three different styles biodiug 2
The Mills of Shalruruc . bv the author of Ihe Wide, Wide World.
A splendid a*s«irtinent of NEW E»GLIRH JUVENILES
The London Plctuie Book, for all g.nnl boys and Girls, splendidly
illustrated with colored engraving*
Mtdaiac Gmsot's Popular Tales 7ft cents.
- ^ ** Moral •• 7ft -
life of Napoleon Bonaparte. 7ft cent*
Mis* Edgrworth's Popular Tale* 7ft cents.
" - Moisl “ 7ft "
Aunt Maver's Book of Tables, with dlustrsUons on linen. 2ft**.
Aunt Mavet'it II ustraied Primer lb.
ALRO —New • diti- n* of Scottish Chiefs, Little Savage, Thaddeu« of
Warsaw, tig-worth’s Psrrnts AssisUot, t-lgrw. . ib*s Kssj L-s
■ _._mn
Tlie HiUs of the Shaletuuck ; by tt»e sutbor of the W ide, Wide
Harper's Magas oe for October.
Do Rtory Book do.
Godry's l.sdv's Book for October
Liber tv snd Slavery : bv blrdnu
Thr tang* of Hiawatha , hy Longfellow.
Irving** Life of W ashington 1st and 2d vols.
The Waldrnte#, Sketches of the Evangelical Christ fens of the Val
leys of Piedmont
Plantation Bermous, by Rev A F Dick son, sf Charlcstos.
‘■Leila.’* The Jewish Convert: by 0 W T. Ueighway.
Bible Truth , by Dr. Aleaandsr.
Masonic Chart, by Cro«s
Ma-onir Manual; by Robt Macoy.
Templar's Chart, by Cross
The Holy BiMe la 4 VoU Elegant edition.
A good assortment of Prayer B<oki, Presbyterian Psalms and
Hymns, Bibles, Testament* and Stationery of every description
U r L .1 I O V A 1 ,
WIUCII la beauty and quality , annul be *urp****il I have
aelccied lu prraon, and bare obtained an aeaoeUuent of
creep Oing net* In my line
The laloat atylea Standing and Bjren Collar*, among them antue
thing nrw In cal and material, togrther with everything new In Crn
vale, Tie*, Scarf*, Ac.
SHIRTS, SHIRTS, of every alt* and variety, cul by Pjreai*'*
pattern, which ha* alwayt gleen auch unlerraol aatiafactlon Hawr'e
Miiwan taken, and Shina and Collar* made to order, whereby the
general complaint of "oceer hoeing thirl, In At" la la all caaev
ITaoaa f'li'Tuiau of every variety and ala* on hand, which I haw
gotten up lo my own order, aud harr glean iinieeraal •ulitfai-tinu
•O' Oppoolte American Hotel.
NTfMKN roil NAI.E.
An* I II HHAHARSTATI Heglatercil Shirk, A4 year*.
■ w Paw Fw H W 10,000 Janie, Hirer and Kanawha Bond*,
guaranteed fy the Slate
USUI V*. Central R R Ad Mortgage bond*.
Ijsin Richmond and Danville R R do ISdtt.
HI Sharer Parmer*' Bank Stock.
J. BROWN, Jr .Block Broker
IP" outer under Merchant,' Ineuranc* Co.’a office, adjoining
Z inner to ... . .lore acB6—TASAcVl
If Dr.Tohlae' celebrated Venetian Liniment doe* not cure Cholera
Dytentery, Croup, Colic, Conpha, Plapepela, Tomltng, Mump*
Headache, Headache, Chapped Hand*, Cold Peel, Moaqulto Bite*,
luacct Sling*, Chronic Rlicumailnn, Swelling*, Old Sore*. Cute,
Burn.. Brulaea, and Paint of Weakneae In the l.lmb*. Bark and
Dr.Toblaaha* warranted hit l.lnlinent for eight year* without
free haring a demand made for the rrtnrn of the money alt that i*
aakrd la lo u*r It according to the direction*
After once uting It. If you do not And It better than anything you
tree tried before
IP Thowaand* of Certlllcale* hare been feceleed apeak lug of
II* rare elrluo* Now *-d*va It la th. practice to Sll the paper* with
certlAcnlr* from unknown prranna, or gleen by thoer who hare
never u*e*11 he medicine now Doctor Toblae oger* to pay
l.arm dollars
•o any one who will prove that he erer puhliehfd a faloe crrtlflcate
during the time hr ha* had Me medicine before the Public
Calf on the agent* and gel a Pamphlet containing genuine cert III
rale* d*/wr».oi* vnvlmt* of the large tale of the Venetian Lini
ment hare elated It 1* Injurlou* lo take It Internally, Dr ToMaa haa
taken the following
I, Sawrm I ToVla# oflhe City of New Tork, being eworn, do dr
pore that I compound a 1 t* inter railed Traarytta, and that Ihe lo
ktrdlenla of which II le compoecd are prfrcllr bormleaa in ukr in
lernatly, even In dmihlr ihe qnanlRy named In the Direction* ac
companying each bottle
Sitr \nrk, Jnmmirg 9th. IW s 1 TOBIAS.
Sworn lu thl* day before me.
Paaveapn Worm, Jfnynr
Prlce M A An crate, eold by the Drugglete and Patent Medtctne
. Dealer* throughout the I'nttml State*.
W Alan for tale Dr Tnhtaa' Horae Liniment In pint R ule* at
SO rant*, warranted taper lor to any other
Dr Tohtaa'office. An Unartland St New York blA wlyS
NOTICE. Th* Note* of the North Wettern Sank at Tirgtnta,
payabt* at Wheeling and at JeHeroonrllle Virginia, w.A b*
redeemed In rurrvnt band* by R H HAI RY A CO
EVIH NAI.E, till Ihe Aral of October, either the bower m MM
W which I reaid* tr the now on* ln*t erected 01 th* core or |H
| of Alh and Hrnoo etrovta They or* both Inigo and te,ir*Ue hou**o,
and very well eh uated, both ** t* cowafoet and mnvruworw Th#
prtro will bo made rvnarmnbte and Ihe term* areummadalMg If
I not fold by the lot of October, I may learn or rent them
Al*o, for rale, two teneeurnt* on Mr etrevt. B B MINOR
IW~ I Img
rvISON A PHINNPT, Stl Sr.ndway, New VvV,
Puhliab Ihe Jaifhan Edo. at,„i.a| Serlge ft Improeed
f/W PuS Retort pale, Ontatuguv* mna. pew paid, lu rtudlea wrong
teuimoenala from eml.mwt teacher. South and North . term* bw
tpectmvn euptaq Ac _ _ awtR-ddwIffi
l.fr AIR. — 10.IBI K tewAa'Pnev I mf ltd i»
SOM and toe ante by 0RCBBH A APPERaun
run KK.M.
MIBOH MFHIT. The Or«»l!» P...nl ilor. ..n Cary mreet."l
F Inrun IClh and UlA. now o-tupicdby dm.. Rraa.I. A <V
Piamd.<|ltwwlR|idAIM. For teem., apple t.
JwA dlf _ DAVID I Rl'RR
HBKf-AM poaaraalou gle.a 'unwdUlcly. a n. ai aa
r ud roarudal OWUlIXlt, w <tl vrw Mawa Mala Ij
And Gary, aontalwlng eight Ramna. and . R.irhar, adk fane bwaa
AI dO.
A Urge WARPIIOCBK aa Ilk al..«l, near kl>r flee*, auliable ka a
OarpeuterS Shap or *nr Storage, tella-fc will te real. I In* Apply to
Jytft -dif HILL A RAWUMci
■ .VIM III \ l I.EASK OH DAI.K.-Tha Mol ar d|
r and LOT ..o Main atrrot. fronting M fret, adjoining the ■
fonudry of lha ditat fantat. reorally oorupied ay Mr Wi^T.
Kma.aautornar'aabop ..I m gl.raihe 1.1 of Jannarr negl.
*•»»*»«• Apply U JOHN A. RODINofitf.
_ __ CUraar Gary and Virginia ala.
POM MF..MT.—A two Story Brick Me riling oa twh .
•t earl, holtreoa Prankllo ami lira.. lit. fart Hide, too- AlA
lath tor 4 R>a.tor ; with the uta.ea-.ry ool bmldiuga, and a
aril of naoat earedlenl wafer In lha yard. The a hole U aow —* —
olag a thorough repair Apply to
">**" Men of ihr Otraolar Saw. II Mata at. |
■jViiM M KMT—And poaaraaloa glrrn iwwluiely, tl.r -
F n*» »nd Aaa large lour -toey huuaa ari-ood door bob.* Am
Ihr corner of main A MA •trarta known aa the Capitol liana AJL
weUc.P alaird lor a Urge Pawtily ar hoarding houae. canto>> >.* al
Uaai irieen rootaa, a gootl Kitchen and ualer near lha door, (aa An
lure, completely arranged with burner, attalrhed through out ihr
huoaa. Thu U the tno« plauaaul and hod arranged huuto on Mala
•treet To a guud tenant iho rent will to made raaruoabtr. Apply to
lhaaubocrlher, corner above. B JONES
IP »
The Brat Ordinary Drawing of Ihr Eayal Unman Lottery
conducted by lb* Hpanlah OoTemataal. under the auprrrUlon o'
the Capla.n Genera! of Cuba, wlU lake place al liar ana, no
T« L k D .4 1 , Of r ’ M IT H , I RAH.
CAPITAL PHt'lK$luu.inai.
1 Prlaa of.Bl.zi.uuu H Prlaea of. ag.ma
} “ . «M**i S Priaoaof.
i “ of . plfMIU lu Prlaea af . |»
l “ of . l<M*<n US PrUra of. gup
* “ °> S/WO »r Approtlranlloria .. I,*n.
4 apBroZlranllf.ua lu the »l‘«l.l>U"i.f fpai each. 4of BPmtn t-'ai.MIO
* »' W «a Shl.'HZk, 4 ml $1Mb to |ll'.»», « of |Swf lo *S.U*n.
Or Whole llckru ppl.ira. Hnlre. «lo,rae Quartern BftjHO.
PrUra ruahad al algtrt Al S per ml. dlacounl
Mb of U.e Richmond City banka taken al par.
A drawing will to forwarded aa toon aa Ll» r refill beromee known.
CommuuleaUoiia nddrawacd to DON ROHRIIICRX. lean of City
PoM, Cliarloatoo, S. C..) aotil the Ith of Ort'r. will to attrwded to.
ner mi hor of the-Wide, Wide World U BS “The lame ,rf
4 * Warner nr n aupertur romance writer, war accured to her,
rre« bad die lied gtrra not am t. a Ireaaare na the prrerni work.
Many a hand will welcome her now, and many an eyrwBI gleam
in her wrttiage "
a urn, t-ar aat air an.
DRAPER'S PlIYSIOUHIV, wtta five hundred llluatmtiona.
MEMOIR of Celebrated Characters; hy Laranrtlnc.
TillSunlteu Houae bo Id. or Tbougtn# for Che AIBIctrd. by Her. Mr.
Prime. Sprague. Iklll r, UelCiube, Ac , !IIj|c.
THE Uoapel In Eacklel. illunralrd In a Serlee of Dlacouraca hy Rea
Ttioa. Uulb.le, D M HZ)
TWO Lcclurre on ito Ulatory of the American Cu.ou, hy Henry !
Reed. Hi Igc.
TYPICAL Forma and Hprei.l Enda In Crcallon; by Rer. Ja. M.
Coal., L. L. D. 2.UU
HKR-dOSH, Mortrlnnl and Practical, by Rer. Wra Archrr Bonier,
PLANTATION Sermona. or Plain and Paml lar dlnconrare tar Ike
..UbUzined. by R„ A (V. Mrkaou, of Charlealou, B C Pm.
PKOP.lfcCV I Irani In He. pec t lo lu Mini 111 cllvr Nature, lla Special
*"d Rf.'Wv Inlerprelaliwn.by P Falrhatrn. Il M Bio.
E1EKIEL and lie Boob of hla Prophecy, an LapoallIon, by P. File
bairn D. D BAR.
THE Wedge of Quid, or Afrhan lu El Lorado; by Ree. W A. Sre.ll,
D. M.
SERMONS by Her. A. Euiple, D. 0., lair parlor of S4 Jarar.' Church
BABBATII Day Reading*. or Chlklrtu'i u«u Sabbath Book by Julia
Coooer 75c
THE f'hlM‘..«uii.l«t B.«.k, or StortM from ll.» HIM,. with rolorrtl II
loaroUa.o.. Sor.
^APKR Do#*, and In'w to makr Them, a book for llttlr g<r'.»— j
liLORYINU lullirCrum ul Chrtal, bjr Rrr. John UiUnrtn on),
*lr,%cr *>,r **" J * Alriandrr. I*-.
*» Never T o Late to Mrml, 4 matter .*f fact rowsofr by Cha*
Reade, author of “Chrbtle Johnstone,’* 5c.. 1 vol# 1 75.
Tsg*t*»er with a large number «d oti.er late publication* iu «inoui
departments of literature.
H E N R X~G O H E N ,
0«rr» to thr lra.fr a Ur*, and wrll rrbrlrd araurtmaol of
Ills Slock comprise* many New Good*, DK LA RUK’B PA
PkKS, KNV Kl.OPEB, 5c , which will be sold at reduced pi leva.
•ell -eo* _
FALL SltM k-lh.’iO.
■O 111, Milk STRWKT, aJCMWOVD, Vi.
ARR receiving their Pall and Winter assorts etit of B.-ote, B)mws,
Leathet, Ps (h-r.Trunk «, Hats, Cap* .Ac ,5c .embracing one of tlo
u»o*t complete and beet selected assortment of good* to he L.und In
any Bh. e house In the Union. These goods were purchased for
ca*a, early in thr season, before the advance In stock, wbrn they
hail choice in the selection from the largest manufactories Pi New
England, and are offered to the Virginia and North Carolina trad*
on very reasonable term#. We enumerate a portion of our purcha
se rase* Youtha' fine Boot*. all qualities
75 do Boys' Calf and Kip Boots, all qualities
l«wt do do coarse do do
1,'ftal do Men's do do do
8"U do do Ktpsklu do do
dUO do do Caitskin do do
80 do do do Congress Galtert do
list do do do Brogans do
l.u»« do do Klpakln do do
lfSOO do do coarw do do
5UU do Boyt* do do do
luu do do Calkklo do do
15u do do Kipaklu do do
luu do Youths’ do do do
1** do do coarse do do
5*» do do Calfskin do do
do Child's Mor'o and Lea’r Boots do
8u do Misses’ do do do all qualities
8u do do do Buskins, do
5*ai do Women's Grain, Polish and Leather do
yiai do do tlo do Boots, do
luu do ladles Moro and Goat, do do
9UU do do Moro and Kid Buskins, do
1UU do do Moro Blips and Ties do
1UU do do Gaiters. Boots, do
9uu dosen Men's Pur and Soft Hats, all qualities.
8U0 do do Wool Hats, do
do do Cloth and Glased Caps, do
W' do Boy's do do do do do
5«50n sides Bole leather, do do
do Wax and Russet Upper Leather, do
luu dosen french Calfskins do
75 do American do do
80 do Binding and Lining Skins, do
5,uv*0 lbs Shoe Thread, do
reams Cap. Letter, and Wrapping Paper, do
Ihai Nests Common Trunks,
Kftt Iron Framed Travelling Trunks,
5.U9U pair Russet Black and Bound Brogues, of their own manu
facture, suitable for public works and plantation use seft colm
fWMHC RYKRtTSKB OP TH1B SCHOOL will be resumed on the 1st
A October next —session 9J* months The services of Mona.
Buchlrr, as Instructor to Modern Language*, have been secarrd
TKRMB— payable semi annually is
for tuition in Latin, Mathematics and English .g5n tai
* IU Ur.-elk, extra 1,.
for '* Iu eltlarr of llie Modern Language*. . lu Oli
M Ms tfdNhulliS as n Instructor, flu fi laaiaal rrlm u Mm
following gentlemen, among his patron# during the |>asi session .
G,*v. H A Wise, Messrs l» A. Myers, John M Patton, Alrxandet
R llolladay, G W Gretter. K. Fontaine. J R Price, P H Gratum,
Rev Geo. Woodbrtdge and J Prterkku
W D BTUART, Principal.
M Mr BtMart la a graduate ot thr Virginia Military Institnte, and
•iRiant Professor of Mathematics In It I do, withy real confidence,
aaj tr> the |»atr«>ns of hla Academy, that they will find In him a tea
low*, romp*-tent and faithful Tsartirr "
Jytt - dftuwtlsl Oat Rup't of Ta Military Institute.
mrv ii %m» im.i isti || iimt,
!«• Mvnumtnt Street, f+t*ci*n /Irek nntf //.*r.»r*/,
%■ R l>i SA*oMMlE RS, a yrs'iuate of the I'alTersIty of Trance,
ATI and Madame nft.pt »M Ml» kn. Prln. ipaH
Tf»e duties of this Institution will U* rrturned 00 Monday, the S|h
of September.
Circulars, with reference*, mnei of the pupils for the laat three
years, and all necessary particular*, can be obtained by application
ta the Principals aulS—Rtawfai
C. P. HI NHI MM *411001.,
FMNHE Thirteenth Session of this School will commence on the 16th
I. Instant, and close on the l'*h July nest.
Tsana raa -«**«•»■.
For Enyli«h Studies, with ar without Elementary Latin |.Vi 00
For Classic* and Mathematics . 60 on
Modern l/anyuayes and tfrawlny at the usual rate*
Mr. B. will he skied hy Mr. Henry Battaile, who, for the last two
years, has been engaged with Mr 1«w1a M Coleman. In the llsno
rer Academy.
N B At the solicitation of friends, a limit*mf nnrober of small
boy. In the elementary English branches, will be admitted at /hrfy
Jn/J.n t mlm
It has dowblr the quantity and strength of any other.
It flew* a perfectly natural culor.
It color* every shade from llytd brewn to jet Mack.
Its use la easy and rapid.
It le peHbctly harmlesw to the akin.
Its efect I* ln«tanta«ieow* and permanent.
It Is the head. yuUkn* nAsn/*eaf, and *(|id nta ersr wsnrfe.
IWT Directions for war accompany each bos sal
Price—1 oa $1 ; 9 oa I Jto. 4 oa. A, t*i
(Entered accnrdlow to the act of Conyrees, in th* j«mr IS66, by A.
9. Harrison, la the Clerk's OtBce of th* District Court of the U B.
Cur the Ka<tern District of Pvnn.)
For sale bw ALEX DtVAL, Richmowd. Ta.
ATfwM/trcfiurer, APOLLO* W. HARRISON, IP (kmth Ilh street
FhBkdstplHk. mab—dAciy
I. A ft', POMTICli * t .
IM . WAV (HII PII ha. ju.l yohltabod tar frr. urra
• la 1 Ion, • Catalog!). ol SOU lnUN'f of Rook. on Toll,
lira, Kronomy, and Poiilt.ol Mtrfory, many nl wM,h ,r.
far. and ralnaMa *tao. a Caialyo. of orrr I (KMI Volant*, of
Law IHHiKH. now and rrooud Land. Anrtant and Mwdrrn, will I..
rrtalod rarly In Orfobor a Oawtagwo of Book, on AWVRICAN
HIATOKT, Mo»»ta, hr . which will Include, hootdor man, Modern
pwbltrallnna, aror I .AIM) vm,|l S(.» of acaroo work., maar of
•h.m wnh Aui. frai>)<«, WAR Motor, and Coot of Ana* of mm of
OttrKf IIHb, wM bo printed a Oaiahyi, of *(HM» orwr.-r and
ralaaalr Rookt. embracing many noito br fownd .la.wh.ro —
tan* of lb. Worbt baor Coal of Arm., WWA Ho4oa. aad Anio«ra|dia
of Madroon. Hr.I af Wootorrr, Itaomoro. Jrflkroon, Arabur Lrr.
and rwbrr dldlngulobrd an Th. wo., data, blodloy. aod pn . of
abch book will ho (Iron .. i
HI l"il ' l,iM'll UnilkkPORI AMS
•*M f HKtP. far aal. hr
eV *" ••'. "f WOMBtg h CLAIHOHMR.
wU Mb. II Prarl Mrm
f1tnpi»'<l Mill I KfHf tldf'MIb A All* HI IX K
* MUM AMD yHOl’I.lrl'K.a for ml. by
WAS_womu * OLAISBSSS, Ww n Prarl *
IOO Malilha, ta rroro batata by ***’5*5dMwf*'*
yTHItl.ll nM ATOI.M (own th. taahta of i amor Ora
~ t"'t- an Monday night, I Oh itapt . a Moll dark Hay Karr, ha
tan|ln« 10 Prone!. Cho.th.rn of M.nrh*ot.r Pba la abMM p ar 1(1
yoart old Mo yaHOrwInr aoark. rcroBwCrd Any informal.on ran
rrrnowf bar, dtatrftd lo Hal.Hi* h Itangtam, wH br IHMHialtr i*.
tatowd nnd Ifhorolly rewarded trl*
\S t( HikPHt tail . I# bMr.bwaatabt
|i tvmponv. aLlW A OO
«»••'*•• "I i mv
li» U yraaolol.d . In boar, l-af. ISO bbla C aad H Rugae.
>*• by k(mir) pAVIvrOHf, AU.HM h VO.
I m.* ». ■. iiHHMC rm, tnumn at law
fc»T!OTif.nfc— - *•—•* •-'*—
A4.lt.—, PMajtean.a Court Mow-, la mil ly
NOTARY PUBLIC. It* f.i—it—I Ate irRIr- to hte rookteoro —1
Mrete, «. W Iten the Rt' luteood Boom, ultefir
kteikteLnwiMte. jy«a—|y
I14* * ABB _ At Pi T Baril.
»:•. * hati.w, attorney* and u>un*klu>rii
J ATLAW.practlr* la ih. Cnurta of llrhmor.4. aod *1,. ul-a
of ll.nateo, Ch—aae*etd and Haaom. (MRee aa I Ilk terete, neaa
Bfi! J7*-*a
JOIIN I. II. Ill II. l« ollM \ III.IW paril
r«a lo At ooilt of Plila* lv*ai aod Trauhlin
__ A Wrote P'o.*l>ooia Coon H i- Va Jo ! —ly
will practice lo tha eouatiea of Manoeer. Bin* \Y ll— aa I
Haorico. and la tl,a Court. oft'.. r.ty of RJrhm. hd.
OtwMInu—** *' rr*1”t,,n Tw**,U> 44 appoaHe tha Mala
A44reao—ElrhmonA, Tirytala raat — tl
'■'••on** r. oihide, arroRNrY at law, i*^*,
N Hbh teiaai OfWTT. Ta. Ooorta—Mackiaoioira and Luaaa
M. ’MOOR, ATTORNEY AT I AW. k.aataa Ya ,
J Batemam Mory “ HaUar.l'. Il -tte ", o il auan.1 to
lltaJ -Mint% uf ft+t-t. aod layal pr.-rrul,..n of the oat Aar—<
—S'" •/ TUUi. and any burtue— .pp-rt.lulne to hte paofaoteoo.
HU ' Art,/. iS.tU rarafoa Mi npn M/ ulfeafjea
Pratt cr. la Cwn-M of Ri, l,aoitJ CHy, Haorico. Hat.oaaa aod
lomlM. »o*l ly
WT«. W. HENM1. AT NIRNRM AT LAW, Aitaada tha
OiuarU of CWtAte. Prtnr. Edward. Halifaa an.l Ca—a
*— IBUHihSkthIBOk.. la, fk. ty
tkok .a ail of Uta Court, at City of Rn haiond. a id J,.
count—a of fthaatarAold and P»aKaun
PrMTt aflantten w II ka paid to th« ..ItetMol all claim, rt!
(mated to hte. 0*ce orarlha aurraol Parker. Ninnm, A C- Kaal.
B|»»c. Main atraat. —hi,
C11IAUL.TN *. mom:. ATTORNEY AT LAW, R,u,»..ai..
/ T. win practice .n tka Court, of the CUy of Rirl.m.md ami
too ,<.01.10-, of Haitrku and UanoVcr.
**T 0®ce on Uoraruor atraat. oraf Maaark P II. Talrk A ha
J\ ?hv *J££*£ A? %',rs- ATTORHWT AT LAW AND No
TART Ft BUt, PrsrttwrH m ail the Courts of Ooorhlaad.
drflrtfu tnj the Lit* of Kictnuood.
IT" !>«.. on 11th atrrrL Utwr-n Main and Bank. mhlu-ly
AAkLaanOuraT Hncaa. Ya WNI practice la Ikeeountle, nfCum.
•artand, Buckingham and Prince Edward. mhK—ly
Jj* “* *• V. ATTORNEY AT LAW. BnTtFTna, Ya , will
• attend raaularly all tha Coart. of He. kl.ubor,. Luaai.kurv
au.. Bnuiktelct_ te»-ly
\T*;I '"' * N»l Mil III, ATTORNKYH AT LAW,
e**1 •*"*■»• Ta.. will (lea prompt and tenet ottantloO to
busmrws entrusted to them, la the counties of fruiklUi, PtUsrl
Henry. Patrick ind Floyd. 7
%ar A.ldrss-, - Rocky Mount, Franklin county, Va -
**** *ns*a rvjuiiaa assanaaa
JsfiB 4Acly_ , U*
Wl I. I. I A .11 V IK E K N « (Litslt «e Ci'iriru,
fiartny rrs.oTtd to Richmond, offers his prchwsloaal ser
▼k-ss in the Courts of Appeals an«l in the Circuit Cwurt* iuf the
Mate and of tha United Mata.) kald in the city. H. WIN aim. ytr,
• ipinioriB. and In other respect* act as chamber counsel.
f9r OSce at residence, Southwest corner of Main and firreuth
J*. (I.AHEL, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Hwiat.aim P O..
• ”*rt<” Cl*f • c®-. Ta . Pra.-t.re. kte profaaaloo In all lb. r„urt.
w Chart— City, Jama. UUy. New Emu and H.nrtco coaattea.
WIIatdlA.ll 14. ATTORN KT AT LAW, will
Practice lo all the Courts of the Counties of Uaoorcr. Hen®
rtco, Carol:ue end Uuochlaad.
Vtr Addrraa, Bui. Cottage, llanorar Co.. Ya jail—ly
P» ■ PACK. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Lracaatau, Ta..
• ha. ramorad hla uBt, to the room In rear of Uta T<k«r«pl.
oBIce, two doors Mo* the Farmers' Rank. se4—ly
LA\k, Rjcawuun. \ a., will practice as Partners In the Ctt* ol
Richmond, and in the conn tie* of Chesterfield. Piwlauo and Amelia.
k"W* <MB«e In Lisle** Budding, corner ** Ram and 14th atreefts,
first door abore stairs. RICHARH W. PLOCRNOT,
w4‘“1f__ F1RRR POOtPRTrRR.
I ^ lOriL'Ii.-Tke partnership of Ihscocx A kjcnaau
> b*no« been dissolved by mutual roomt, the undermay
a *1.^.“* hnsnd at hi* office, on 11th *Ur«t, nearly opposite t>.M|
dtu a Hall lie will sltend mfularl* ih- Pni.n. D^-h-_i u_
new sn.l ChmrrtMd.
Claims tiillKtad, ami naltunm promptly mad,.
I'l AMI I \ M) U AUfti 4>T t
■JUaniun Matthew* ..er.r. hi. Jf “« u, cUim^u^utjld
Mr to Pension* and Land Bounty under the late acta of CoDcrra
OWgca moderate. OCce on *tl street. ihS
AM. A.1DEK<iO\ A t'<U
H av»: Hi:91civi:u u the xrw stork, s„ hm*-***,
Main street, second door beloe till, stmd, when- t.'.rySgS**
•re prrpartd to ihor lit. largest assortment of \0%L
rrrr oRrrrd In this tusrkrt.
A good assortments! BONNET* mol MIU4SRRV HOODS, of nil
l»l»: I.HIAT MOI till It \ HAT ASI) CAP
fall TRADE OF 185(1!
*1 main 9TKMCT. RICHMOND. YA ,
HAS now ready fur the Falx. Tama, by Whole
A',r iri^ Beta.I, ilir iu«*»: varied an<l r *t«-r.«!vr
»tock be ha« ever lm|MrUd or manufactured.
^ In order that the requirement* of all his ca*
lotoerv may be most fully met, and to obviate the necessity of Conn -
try Meri haut* aud other* going or sending North lor their g>»'4s, hr
has laid in an arnnrfment of ertry nrlii -Je in hi* lit,*-. U4k horn*
./hi/ fot tiyn. for Ladies*. Gentlemen's, Children'* and flerTsnt'*
Wr,|f. *hich he CutiJ.I find in the different markets he lias visited or
communicated with.
To tbr getting up of 8lik and other lists lo his on Manufactory,
hr pays the closest atteutton, au4 he frets cot.AJeni that few other
L°.lt!r#.Su,tJ‘ °r 8oo,h cAO »nne excel him therein
Ills facilities for conducUnr Ills bustrv-as being of ths mast com
plete kiud. ail orders will be Ailed with the greatest punctuality and
M.4TWt ( APV 1. 4 l>lft's* AAO ( HILOKKN’S
C M B ft ABE now opening a new and complete assort ^
^ FANCY FCRS, comprising the latest and must fash
lonat le styles, sottat !e Lr the Fall and Winter Trade, which will be
sol-1 on thr most favorable terms, for caab or to punctual .'vistomers
el V% u.irsale or Bet ail
Oio W Dc£*a» tit so long Lusn to the trade. Is now engaged
with uf. anJ will be pleas-d to see h|« ..Id frwnd*
Bl.NFORD. DlChlN*>N 1 WftldittPK.
N«w and -xt-ns'Vr Hat. Cap, and Fane? Fur Depot.
—*_W» fs Main lliwt
g ho C. FAQK, Jr.. rrtprctfallT luf> iu.* hit friend.
• * -).*• h> I, lu rsraipt of * portion of hi. Fall Ml.- k of
Boots and Shoes, as follows.
Gefits patent leather low quarter broad Wrap Hhoes,
“ “ “ high rut, ** *• -
" “ ** Congress (lattes*
****** Narrow wrap tow quarter Shoe*,
" “ M Oxfied ties,
** French calf Washington Ptnies.
** Silk top Congress Gaiter* for Dancing,
All of which arr of Uw reiy best qus) *r sod made In the m si
appr.-ved shape and style, a call Is respect full? a*krd to No. IS Main
ft »t» Nil M 1*1*1. \ OF THIAKk.
^JBTF are opening Till? DAY, July
ww «nothcr supply of those hard Lu»«et y*|BWTM I
Sole Lesther Trunks, msde by the v*ry to «(e \
maiiufs. lull I tb.1t •« >-*vt rvrr kn,* .. to our ONCmL ^
order Th*y are resile in the eery best «trle,
and in the most substantial manner Some of them are extra lar*r
site, with Ladle* Bonnet Boxes on the inside, which renders tbrm
eery convenient for ladies We Invite all lu want of Truu.s to give
I us a csll We keep a stock o4 them on hand at all times, and ad
*ell them as low a* we poasthly can afford
I J*?_ No. HS Main street. Richmond, Va,
I II A\K recently received large additions to their I „
■ ■ stock of PIANOFORTE, HHWpa
j and ace In hourly expectation of receiving further |f f f J J
I applies, which, when to hand, will form an assortment U*e like cx
Their selections srr from several of the hevt makers la this coun
try, of which they have sold a large number, and soch is the salts
ftcttuii they have gteen.lhat It Is not unasual to reeetsv orders from
perrons who hare purchased one. two, and In some Inrtances three
or more Instruments from the subscribers previously, for themselves
rhlhlren or friends.
1C Orders from a distance promptly and faltl.fa ly alteoded.
1C Ptano Fortes Tuned and repaired
4*'“ Mreuad hand Pianos taken In purl payment when new ones
are purchases!.__JT|g
•••» III« it »: IHOI
I VvJS PI * NON' MI'MC IN A norm;!!— BVcwrJiw -LJ-j
A house without Music, la like a Nursery wllhoat f f y | f
Children, silrnl, gloomy and desolate. Music Is the harmonic soul ol
Me b-eothe.l or suggested every where in nature, and only absent
from thr lips and souls of those who are "St for treason, stratagems.
»uJ *p<"b. * Ho jri uuir Udir* Iniiil at oner upon gour Papa bviglitj
a Piano from B. K. .N AMI. of Petersburg, al’^nigh go® mag not h*
aMr io plag ®»ur* than a rolka. a Jfrfro Mrlodj, and Dag* of Ab
•roor, on H.
TKr ihovr la good advice Yon can alwag* And about 4*> tele. <
fumm ai Ibr l»*p*l price*, with all Ihe various *tg te« and patter®*
I al g pa BAHICH
I Pi*no-Porte Warrroom, (I Sycamore, corner of Bunk street, Prtera
hurg, Vo. sen.
i \| l«. N. « All I Ml, Plllll Kb.NOIt Ol
»'■ M0F10. whw boa reowMiy sawwd a PIA M>
•MRTKSttOO.N In this Cite, where lie keep, eon- W*TI <1
stantly, fer sole, a Isrg. number of Ihe best Iseear J J W J J
wa*r». Of CHIC HIKINGS M ASl FAtTl RK. lenderahta «-rvvr.
a Ta i' Msa or Mtwc II-has for many years taught In U>e mosi
•li tingui«t>rd famtlle* of Washington, Urorntown and AWiandrlt
and begs leave to refer to the following grn'bmen, who hare been hi
Hon Jeff, r son Darla, Recrelary of War ; Hon Jesse Bright. pre
sldenl of the I'nltcl Stales Sena’e ; lion James M Mason, full. .1
States Rrnalr . Hen WlnSeld Scntl, t'ntled Stales Anoe . Messrs
Hale. A Seaton, Rdlt. rs of Uie National Intelllg ncer ; William C.-r
coran, «s<| ; J. H Readier. r-«| , Dr W. R Magruder. Mayor o>
Wastilngten; J. T Towers. Nr Mayor of Washington ; Rev P D
Hurley ; juice Jaases Dnnlop. Georgetown. D C : William Fnwh
I K“t - Akrtundee, Va . IMgar Snowden. Req , Alecandrta. Va Wn>
I Hr s lier, g.q . Washington
1 Mr CtR( HI ha* qronght tetter* t«* Ihe following gfiitln*** of IMi
, CUgqtn *Ho« he ha* pvriQta teQ to refer
| *>• treelleney Henry A. Wise. | Professor Herbert he«*, r,
, William F Richie, Rsq. j Proft.enr Ri tort J. H f Iqn.
I Ocd Stair- id H Parker , Joseph R Anderson. Fast
] Rev T. V. Moore Judge John A. Meredith
Kdwln Robinson. Req j iv,.,.sr Robinson. Ran
I Sam ml Mare. Fsq I Rev Basil Manly
Onl. Thomas N Bigger l Robert Rhtgwur. Ihq
John Ralherlaoed | Dr. B H. OnbaH
Leal* N. Wabh. geq
Rnqalre at hta PIANOSALOON. No IS* Main Street. opposite tbs
Ftrbangs Rank, and aver Messrs. HohUston A Rro.'s Farnllur,
•_ awM
tmi ninth niH » .
rH TATMhR would remind hta Mends end Ihe
a pa bile general!? Ibal Ms store la now on Hov
srnor street, where may be found PI «NH FORThr"
AOOORDBUNB. of Ike heat quality and al the 1 iwaat arias a Ha k
ardc agent in this erty for the sole of the celebrated Nana's and Clark'
Pianos, which srw not awrpaawrd by any othst aanksra. and squatter
tal by tr*. Alan, Dab A Oo.'s superior Fionas.
MT'Oattur and Tloltn STRINGS „f the bast quality
Hr has ths largest at.u-k af Mt SIC ta be baad la tMa Stale, sal
la constnnUe roewtetag the lateet pnMteatlana. which by wUI sail a
•be most red need peters, and opor, ae good karma os can be had atae
IV Fiancee tuned, repaired, and M an blew.
He GM Plano# taken jn part par for new .-nea
rIANRS IffR mini ,^1®^
•be use of Pian o, without pur, hosing, on hireUfcimWPW
them hy the month, on moderate terms I V B I ||
»B The largest stock of Music and Musical Instruments In lb.
_*»»* Pinna ami Masse Stars, ttweornnr at.
tlTMOI FSAl.l' RI VFRbBst^rM .« .sea money
VT are reqa, med lo essmioe rvienstee and nrfl seh.ied
f•GOBS, which we are o»eteg on terms as fhrorwhfr as they ran
b* obtained la the nwrtbera rttaeo, foe sash, wr an Ihe asual
time lo really yr ,r,pf borers
Hauls well narked ord promptly shipped lo one pa.I ..fibs enun
*ry III artlelrs war,ailed io be as rep, .sensed, er M out So. can
be returned at oar root
Oowalry Merchant# wu, phase slew as a aoR We mAe ybrneura
In showing ear Mack, whether w, oil or net.
ar»* W bet make Bragg ere. IB Main st.
»« ri m» >4t1T -
»»*ll<«n » AT ircTIUN
°* *»WtTOAlr. 1X4., .4 in,y,. IVX a,.g lit,
7C*7i“* *‘ ** r “• •• •* «N Ml.IX
*,'*'*_* ' ■"*" . «• •«* »M* lx. k.l._ krxJ u4
** * bn*»4»..m* n*v Hiwk Mnw ^ Ut* 'M„th M.fe _/ 1%. M
'with “H,''!1-1!;" “* A" H‘"'l " VMMVn rx«;
*'*" #,,K ^ ^ pr*«i»erN. tat t« ...~<upW, k? Mr A C p.rUf a
**1«*'» al **l4 *” »•*"“- *« V ft t, I*. Wl
« A Htl. k !>•«•.I.t., M> kmM* »4> CU/ .m, IX Ul. i
J-'“ 55JSt!3rS£.
. • Rllrtxk XkM., . .Il l » ,| h, X. Of.
v .7 ukiTuTr^r;^ *•" '■ -u ** '•**••*- "»• »«* >••
«,llLTW"|,Mfc* *••*•—** '•** ““.‘A •'••■' .1 Hvkull. lx«.x
2ZZjV.nZl?£:S^;zm:»Vv up-1* *"
“,‘ut«;LTa,£ ^'7^1' irj2£
T’Utt. OtM Uiirtf «tfk. «t *Lt and lw«|>« iboutha wUh
lot.-real. and aacured by deed' of true* lUi
.. TAYUMI a to 114.1 a mb.
—___A act—.
W 104 B »*»H NAI F AT All llON. Wn bt told
•«S»e %»we»kar. Hotel on UhbN>«tMY tb~ 1«e*«t
at W orlnck. fS n«. tlty ho.1, an I *6U> fewth Aid. Rained
bmtda.hy *dl t.l* JSO a U\rA<TKR | «)S
i totimtot n ek< h 4 * r a,
N F to YoKK
I x1**!*4*' ?? *o»d«* I. ««.n- ifnaft»,by item direct,
M~d **r ’hr* urt. -n». . t ^ « ... i. ... v , «»!»- tmU
Hooi. BouliS 4Mi SCHOOL 8T41HI&K!,
J 4*11:* UOtiMIul si1 4 € «*.,
Mtd. 1 *R MAIM jfTKKtrr,
AKK pop,red to fumt-h teacher. pare .i« ami capita with all the
•• ACMIJOL IJa m »KM •«•*<•! In ibta »-Hy an<l •mn •-undine
lH'Vv n^‘r *UM:k • *•»*• *»PPlJ id Mh^I Ho> b« tn Il»e
•I f J. brtnrle., t«Ceth. r null tW Latin. Greek, rrmch, IlnHan.
*•' t»rr •. RpanMi and «*eruu»n luii.x*. to' rk« ..u Mathematic*
e.il... ,*T. IkxiMrr. ...4 ,w *x«„
At-». Htlb.a r* Alt every lira r>i*.u
far A .b -r.l Jiai.itai iua h to lea* Lera. ^
Sr:H» *viv i MtTimu \>n hi.atkkta.
— tor have In atore—
Heavy I and 6 I % tfglnln Fail'd CL.ha
Do Rh ep’t O'rt Saltinrt*
Do Fancy l .« 4*kn. •!.,
Do Cable to»n Keraeya
White and 64.rrJ ltLok<-i«, ..f *b *rade«
Which •« nfrr Wholesale and retail at % r; l*« prfcea.
•*** Br‘»wt» flttaie Huiid a*. IM Mam street.
1'IMMMI A>l> TFNM ssm; FT mm
▼ “'I'K-tn j nil > \
: *• ttt.\ —Cll AM#K op BCHRDL’I.R on tud a^TrjT&ie Lt J «S«.
ter. the roa«l wdl he completed to the Tennr*are line, and the paa
•enfer Train will ran aa hlltu* •
Leave Lynchburir at« «&l M and reach Krtiliil at « p M
le>a*e Hvtatol at 4 <■» A. M. and reach l.ynchtni'f at f» i;, p R
*■_ ► H »iii i..Qm tu$p‘i.
W. F. PlllhINs A to.,
1 SO 141 kAGLK MiL'ARF
WILL OffK ON MOSIltY. tJI rteftlentber, the larpeet and
pcritical Block of CLOAKS. UHlHLi and 9CAKFP, for La
, dir*. Iliey have ever offered
They aolh-lt an -aaa>lr.at**k of th.a afock, nub full con Aden, e that
ike aylea and pri. ea will be antlafa. t«.ry Country merchant a wbo
w,l" tondhtaf n*w and rich 1u tlkfta way, are inv.trd t«» alee u« •
HLAI BNHI • HV TUOAdh-tornlrr far tab a fuU'aa
•ortiuriii of lUackutuUu' Tm<1*, cuiuntiof to part «f
** Aro;t»|f', *• rnou-ehok, * Wricht'a** patrol and other An Vila.
IOA lh# to *-» lb* each
“Rnght'i" pa’eni tuikl-but, cwUcr-tei and plain Vican
Warranted BrJloa*. u, dH um he*
Rri*e. hand and bnrae aboeit»f hatuan-rt
^t*»cL and D>ea and Screw PI a tea, all •>t-a
FarrLra’ Kr>le«c and Huttrt*«
** Burden'.- horae and mub Rhora. all tiAea
••GnlAn’a " spaatv Imrae-ahoe Sa«U. I. S R aod In lb*, per M
44 DuU hcr'« ” File, a ltd Raapa ; Tmip, Ac , Ac ,
I Which we offer at thr lowaat pr.«e* h.r call or to pun iual ctulo
t •«** •* «»» of the Circular Saw, 71 Main M
^ K to F .4 I. I. t. o » It to ,
I MCLAIN Mack Or* D’Rhir.e
I Black tiro D’Afrtc and Poult r»*8o»r
Bla< k bncadr and etrtped Rilka
Btr'.pr-l and rlioir rulurnl Silk,
Black and colored Maire Antique
Da do allk R.dtra
Rich printed DrLa'nc*
Flam black and colored DcLame*
Do do do French Merino
Fla Id and printed do
M M. iioliin. v.»_
Rtakl Flannels
btsck and colored silk Velvet
Cashmere Fearf*
Paid and plain wool Fhawls
Rich cashmere do
Fash and bonnet Ribbons
Kid. silk and buckskin OI»vr«
Kid and buckskin Gauntlets
fitlk. cotton and worsted Hoar
Lace at>d muslin Curtail.#
Mars* ilie* and dimity quilts
Ta* le and piano Covers
Ltnm and cotton Fheeting
Pillow Linen and Coua'i
Bleached and brown table Claths
Damask Napkins an*I Doylies
K*ery description of Towelling, Ac.
THi: » III Tl: HI I .Pll I H VPHIXil »UH
EBRHE iSc.Ui of tbe late Juki Cmlwell, Uk (irlnelpal proprietor ot
a u>l» rrlebroled KateritMt-pUre. having rendered It ---j
f.» o art*, emmt of ht. oat.tr, that the uroprrtj iloeU tie aJJ, lha
1 a°ee* hare united In conferring on the utiieralfanl full power to
sell it.
To facilitate tbe aale. a liberal charter has been obtained frnai the
Legislature of Virginia, authorizing the purchasers to bold the pro
i*crtJr “ * j -int-stock company, and granting thrm every privileyt
Uiat is necessary fo« the nuU full and profitable enjoyment of U, as
well as for manufacturing purpose* generally.
In pursuance of the authority conferred upon them, the under
signed now ofcr the property for aale, either to individual* or to a
company to be organised under the charter.
The White fruiphur dpnng* have such a eide-sprvad celebrity foi
their medicinal qualities and as a place of fashionable resort, that ti
i* deemed unnecessary to aay much in regard u> their attractions —
For near half a century they have been frequented by crowds of in
I valid* and person* in quest of pleasure and amusement, and they
be regarded as second > nly to Saratoga In the uumber and CaaL
ton aide character of their Visitors.
The mesa* of accommodation have teen extended from time to
umc, and are do* sufficient to entertain about one thousand guests.
For many years past, however, they have proved to be inadequate».
■newt the demand of the public , and it Is hazarding nothing to aay
that if they had been sufficient to accommodate double that numb* r,
they would all have been profitably occupied. For more than half
season of every year number* of applicants are turned away
iauy for want of room to accommodate them.
The access to these Spring* has heretofore been attended wuh con
cJerxhle delay and fatigue, visitor* being compelled to travel near
Olnety miles in crowded stages But the Central and Covington and
•>hio Railroad*, both of which are now in progress of construction.
alU soon furoash an unbroken line of railway commaakstloo from
alt the Eastern and Northern cttteA to th< station-house within t» t
cartilege of the Springs Within the last three months the Central
K vitro ad has been extended to mile* Wrst of ft a an ton. reducing the
stag, travel to Am miles, ana avoiding the worst part of the road. In
* frw »«*ars the other section will be finished, and nsttors can then
leave halt in. wrv. Wash, ng tor.. Alexandria. Richmond amt Petersburg
in the raorutug and take tea at the White Sulphur When the Wes
tern aect.on a4 the Covington and Ohio Railroad Is «rmpleCed, the
•# ev» from the country bordering on the Ohio river will be equal!)
o •nvn.ient, ami it will be dtfficult to fix a limit to the number wh.
wl lar.naaUf resort to these Springs
rfa^w lute fiulnhur is situated \u the county of Greenbrier, on the
W extern dope of the Alleghany mountains The Estate Hex In thv
f i tile valley of Howard’s creek It contains about IjUGu acres,(as
sen thousand acres,) extending along the valley about throe milss.
snd stretching across it from mountain to mountain There are more
than fife) acres of flue meadow land in the tract, and more than
double that quail lay of good arable upland. The residue of the
tract const** of mountainous spurs, well wooded and furm-tdng
good range for stock. All the supplies of meats, grain, Ac., Ac , oe
cesaary for the use of the hotels, can be readily raised on the
The buildings for the aeroaunodalloo of visitor* are conveniently
arranged, and many of them posse#* much architecturai beauty
The grounds are eminently picturesque and U-aut.ful. presenting a
surface diversified by lulls and dales, and grwve# of thr original trees
uf the forest. It ku been described as •• th« Paradise of wain lug •
place#," and there are few wh.# are acquainted with it who will (ail
to acknowledge Its claim to this distinction
The receipt* of the establishment xt now very large, and It l* be
lieved. by enlarged accommodations, and with energetic and yudi
cIosm management. Hey might be increas'd many fold.
The sale of the water, which is In great request m our «itiea,wheb
put up for transportation, may be anally made qf ilae/r to furnish a
very large Income, and in proper band* thr net profits n a few years
would reimburse the price at which the property can be purchased.
TT>e wh.de country contains few sotgecu, U indeed it d.»e* another,
of equal resources, developed as they could souq be by enterprise
and capital.
Hie title to the estate i* bettered to be uiK|ue*tk*iiahle, having b«#
longed to the present proprietor* and their auceat#** for more than
seventy years. To Cart I lisle ll*r trausfer to the purchaser, and to
avokl JifficulUes whU-l. might result from the death of any uf the
joint owners, the legal title ha* been conveyed to one of the under
Signed, who will be prepared U» eaecute Die proper deeds to the p*
■ ", MIC -Ml I-III" —m MIC luiimirc nercunorc u—U in coooar
I lion wtlh (hr properly for lh» ».v.-inu...Ul...i, of v.siLort
Prrwiu ilmrtng lo |onhu> »rr rci|o—t..| u, r.,®mapk-»l« will
til* UbiieriicDcd. WM H MACFARLAND,
Of Ric'hmonA, Ti
| _Mfr—ilAnf Of !H«nnton. T»
LLHITKD imrt^cruiiip.
TXHM to certify U. all wh..«Q thwr present# shall come that «r
•base names are heteto inbariUf, to nil Charles W or than
and Joseph f. CottrrU. of Richmond. Va , and the Bouthern
. Publication Bociety of Charleston. B. C . haeeenteiail into a limited
partnership for the purpose of transacting and carrying on business
I In the trade and mcrrhandt*r of books, stationery, Ac., within the
Btate of Virginia.und* r and l*y virtue of the provisions af the 14.Vh
| chapter of the Code of V irgtuia, upon the terms, conditions and lia
1 Utlities hereinafter set forth, v;« •
I I. The satd partnership is u. he conducted under the flrwi of Wnr
J tham 4 Cottrell.
t. Tt»e general nature of the business intended to be transacted
* by the aatd partnership, is the Wa«|e and merchandise of books sta
I ttnoery. Ac
A The plaee of said business Is the rtt? of Richmond, Bute nf
1 Virginia.
‘ 4. The general partners are Charles Wortham and Joseph V Cot
• Weil, who hoth reside in the rlly of Richmond. Virginia, and the ipr
eial partner. Is U»« Bout he ru Baptist Publk attoii Bociety, k* aled in
I Charle*t« n, Bo nth Carolina.
A. Tlie Apeclal partner has contributed to the Common stock vl
I the sal i Brio. thr «um of three thousand thr»e hundred and thirl*
, three dollars and thirty-four cents, whk*h sum has been actually
1 paid in cash
j 4. The sakl partnership i« to commence tiume*llalely at ami after
the making and rign*ng of this et r Arate, and Is to terminate i.u the
first day af Angmt, lo thr year 1*41
j Witness the follow ng signatures and seales on this 1st day of Au
gust. In the year f*»’«4;
J P foTTRELL. [Beal ]
T»*e Bouthern Rapt 1st FaM<i atk*n by tbelr President
B. MAHLT, [Beal J
' Onuw •utriou nr Rhuwovo. m wrr
i 1* Alexander II. B<nd«.a Notary Public for the corporation a for*.
said, tn the Btate nf Vtrg-nta. do hereby crrtifv that the above r an e*f
j J 9 Cottrell, one of the general paitner# of • Im- Arm of Wortham A
Ce.ttftB, referred loin Che preceding . rrtifi ate pern nally appear* d
, before me to my corporation aforesaid and made oath that the aaid
, sow of three th«*usan I three h*mdr»d and thirty three dollars and
I thirty h nr cents, aperfled tber- *n ts have teen contributed by the
•pvc al partner Hi suM ctrt'flca!* naimd.ta* b»«n so conWIbuied.
aud that sakl sum has hern actually paid In cash hy the satd po at
Given under my hand aud Seal this 11th August, left#
[Beal of Hntary )
Britt ob B»ct» CiMAiii,
Or/Ufflhrs of r\,,< t*0ir*n to trff ■
I, Joseph Ballard, a Notary Pubn- for the corporation aforeaakf,
to thv said Btate of Bouth C arolina, do certify that B. Manly, preet
dent of the Bouthern Baptist Publication lfo< iety, whose name la
i 1 signed to the writing fereto annexed beating daw uU thr Aral day
I of Avgust, 1*M, has aekoowledg* 4 the um before at Is ay cor
. poretmo aforesaid , and f do fortht r cert fy. that the said B Banty.
J President as aforesaid, acknowledged before me fbe teal alt* j iJ
I the said paper, to be the teal af the said *'The Bouthern Baptist
Publication Bortety," and that the aaid seal was ailved to said
pnprr i^r dtrectioo of the said Boelely tbr.mgb its Bear I of Dl
'•'bn Given under asy hand this fourth Atmns*.
(Beal} 1*34. JOMPH BAlTARP.
Notary Puhtlr.
i Bttnof Viauinis,
0r*rptpr<$H4*n o/ fti, t t„ tcH
I, Ale tar -for H Banda, a Notary Pel-lb k>r the ««-rporatk a afore
aakl, tu the eutd Blake of Virginia. 4.. hereby certify that Char lea
! Wortham aud J 9. Cottrell, wfow aamoa are stene4 In Hh> writing
t hereto inmiei, hearing date on the 1st tuguat. 1-64. ham a* know
' fodg*«4 the same Msrr aw 'n my cecp.ralk*n aforesaid
tfteeu under my baud ibsa llih d«v <>'Augwst. ItM
ALRX M BANI*. Notary Public
, Crvv m In sues, m wrr
In I be rBs of the Court of Hustings for the said 0bp, the llth
I •• August. 1*64. the fore«* tug pa|«r uae rriseati4. and w*h
the rertlBcgfea auueard, admitted tc rveord at It n*||r»ch, A M
Test*, Rc B Wit|,Cbrh
I ACjpy -Tbute. RO HOW AR*. ClefR.
sttk cAddwRaw _ _
** • b* M. JtiNBR.
B Mb «Mk a Ink Ml' wa*
towed PfkrT. at .S will .etl al IM up., I
»?i*!?W•" ’' ™**« rani «n »
*0 wi wain «nn i.
W' l 4*¥' 5 ‘"T.*"* *** ■“*" <•>
U4"*f4 «Ni«« ip Ar<4<M, ««.| Ml 1*41-enUr*
#*nC* 1 P,,,T'***'• ,rT #"• J*»»p»r*i| Hi filiikM the Urrv* %»4
■MW* o wieUl ••w^rtmrt.t of CmrpeMnga >h| <*»**•, CwrtaU flrl
* •**« wi th* Kwte og YUM*. ^ ^TTI^aT^J; JR
«7 •« MIMw. >, B ih. l"d B..U ■---- ZT_!a
Ik* ki.gl tfi n«fi«iU« t. riti u>4 otetl ; • « Ki, ,i(wa „ t*
kw- «wwl an Mnn ». d,.:t n„., a.
awk w*TV all anutoe perto*.*. to ea.---/jT~[.l_7
Ua tiUa ui o! 1 r«u*la. Nan Cat. -na aad twwraw aa«n
iu ib ,ar n>Mr>.( • eaaara theta a. will fce<.-et*ni wnk' aMm.
^"I* w* •’•*» ’"Mt B -aeie-n* tkta wave m, retlrel, are
Sto<*. «*aw» of Ik. f..fnd Mftoa kwA pertorn. at.
Taper*/, aal kraaaalr CarpeIBwe.
pare pl|-Inara n. and v.aa>i«a Aa
Valw. Ckmeitle. and Prato la Kurt.
Itoar, Parlor and Cha raker Walk
ter**., W««raled. aad India llawiaak. far Cunaiea.
Satin aad Iqiunl 0'l.a.i.ee dp
Proeatl and Turkra R.-.I, da
Madia aad Lara I'analn..
• >ud«a Shade, .11 et> k, «nd geahllee.
.aS're °I Ooiha f aide 0.1 Cloihe all width a,
OM Cl..tk Rap,, ■»
—*ff ,*fj™*a*m* 1 '*+***1 r%/+r,mf flu/f
"T ***?* fR*rw*a4#*f w«l* Jk+vram ttmd me.i«. ,
aad *-d» 'I,,* ortora. will watraal a At .a all Mato
toll nliiwa RICH IRDSON A CO
111 ettB r».M AN* a UHHlkMIPR ll'PIHIkT
OT2T fcr *» WMwB, rerT toatraUw
HubMi’i Jwiir, MarchanU* do
*Uui*toJ4 Ulh-d Cloth* , AugUPfR H. uIptii
f>!4 Dominion 4o ; I mIoiIIp Collt.n Tarna
iMARkarfi Brown MipHHif*
Ci«wfor4> Pawm auI iMnc Thira.1* . L»*a« 4poo4 Gotfeaa
AUrti • Aniei I.UH < iHirwiett* iu. t fogli**, F%n< y btork
"■ ■,,,j *cj =**•**• »<«««>•
Mhe«|M Ur»j «i*4 iKkrt Nuimu . Jwn«
^ dh« , CMiRirrr* *i J Y eating*
I IWiftiurfll, »»r| rbrtp
HUokeu. on foi «lfiirnmi, great terrain*
hl#m* Ih ’■ hfwrgNi, «erf dep ,abtr %nd l..V
H‘**A*r* MfRtilli UrlRiUPf , choke *tyte«
*••• do Ljroo* Mk*. l«. I- PAkfd ti ti»4 he low 'Ml of iMporUUo*
• D.| •• FMk* *re n..w T*T» Mgh tImp arCa*4kw* .howM bl «
V %il Z** •'*l> eh#m|‘* **—* •««* U*«? Mih.
Vwriu •>»«! <lww|*. A re,jr Uife •WO.IIMOI, <MRt aucison
itought att«l cheap. Bed Tick* **
Apr.** Oi-cfc, . tUtlln* and Cordarnja
Kaukrulderlra and whUr »~d. , m.n» . hole and dralraMr alrtaa
for iW Cotnirjr iradr mjmo
OtRPrn* -A rrry larw* taatlmrnl Pot dp. and OnmaaUr allh
Rnw« 1.1 much, ai Trrj low Aware. 1111
All rlatora of korera «» la.II. d In raamlar Ika aranrlmral a. an
IBInawlll h. .pared lo »|„ ^ alar Urn. 7T*7J»^Sa
ofi.i ,j thr S,.Mth.ro katlrouU Vamping
PWNHK Houtherii Rt lrnad toa.panj iaallr propnaala frea < noire*.
■ tor* for tli* . Ir*rlrg, graduation, wia*onry. treailiag *od bndw
ll*t- ,^rr%“rT «o ttw oatuplete pop«r<lia« Ur th* MiprrMractureTf
Ik. rnedwe> of Ik. ee.U,n d.rUto , f .krlr rued *
A»*o. f<4 lurliifthir.g the rrwag-Uu , «ia«l for »h« irack-UHn* with
■Uf ioruirnul Work wewarf 1
Th"' T?,V PlMfnrtoa, top...a Ac., required
Jr' thortMufl* • «*M pleiiun of the road Ur rBctlft owuratloo
Th« rraduatiou RoiouuU to !:.•>*» cub** yard* at „
toil W.'.,i>00 iiibli ftnhof (ntbinkurDt.
The trwtlli f to 4,mOii fr«t
Thr t>r id gi ug to hw U(.
The naworr for cast aria a<D*.uot« Ui lu.Ouu parch.
Pro|roaals. Mated, er.dr.reed,and directed to Ihe uaderManed will
b. mmtvrd O.UI lb. a.., day .1 No.,n,b., M*TJ2|J2|M M
option of bolder., either lor- “ ' ’ •*
fcr* thJbr^rtr* "*'* ‘/cowMcn-fton, completing the road ready
1. ”n, r** ">r'‘ «> *-*" •' crom im. .*1 track -
HI. For rack lino ol work, rnttrr and separate
of‘on. !Z%V‘"at or » H-cle.1 numW, of Mellon.,
VI 'S' "X '’“Z W W farBta6**’ «h» OUtuher Wn del ;
VI vor tin, entire roiiMeucIb-n, rrady for the Iron of either «r
the three division. herrlnnfler named of Mid road • *
The eaatern diemon. connecting with the eomuirted road .1 or
ow the town of Brandon, exkuds lo the Mobile aod Ohio Boad VS hi
.1 M. which .,11 bed.,.. three suhd.yU.uM , ,h. si
mile., the second of *S mite., the third or Mia mile.
'n '“rm of propose, the bidder will Mate hka Item or ice*.
.ml for the yradn.no,, will au. hi. bid at so much per cub",.”'
embankment, and the addlllo.al dlSw.nri for
»^7r-fw *£££? "eSr^rcoWr upo°,w
r H* P*f"7 I proposals are deatred to make them In four
? “i*; V ,aT *h* whole ■tnonnt payable monthly in raah a. lha
work pryvaiaa. rwervlng twenty per cent for Anal n-ulewm, V
One-half In Caah, payable In the earue way, and one half In th* Moc k
of the company t One third In caah. payable In the same way
one-third In Uie Mock of He company, and one-third lo thr l-wida
•f the company payable In ten yearn, with InlereM at .u par ,-enl,
payable annually 4. Payable entirely In the ator k of the road
The |,r,i|H,*al*. to he cooaldrml, mu*I be accompanied by Mila
setory refrmim or crrdtutlaU, and the roupur rearm thr right
of srrrpt ng soy or declining all. W
Map. prodlea and .peclttc.U..n. may be area at this oflce and
*“ •» ,arp‘*h'd “Pon appllratlun io th*
Tie Puuthem Ballroa.l coaia.encee at Jackson, lie ranRnl of tha
atalc, and la Anlahcd ns lar aa lb* town of Brand..,, and* la b, red
rnnn.n* order and well .quipped, tu that point. It rtl.aJ. hom
Brandon In a line almost directly cast eighty.two and a hall mil, a
to the intersection of the Mobil, ami Ohio Railroad. . few mill
hrlow lha town ol Marino, lo Lauderdale county , ana paaa*.
U'CSf ro^To'."""? ° 1U“k‘“- 8coU I law Mover
I 1 * cfv*,i‘,T, veil watered and Umbered, and lo point nf
henlthfolnwaa, economical living, Ac,, equal to th* moM favored
<* “*« Carolina. and treo.r* Th. gradmg.eycwpWor^ht
Aral ‘wanly milwa, I* generally light ; and open li r muu eithwaac
tlr.na the -tcaratlon and embankment alternate favorably . the ex
ceptions bring in the two bear teat cam. The material la nf a char
actcr vastly moved ; the growth of the country a Peril, abundance of
timber suitable fur bridging and crosa-tlca , ai d It la bcikTed that
no work c-Brrs, is facilities frr construction, greater inductmenu to
contractor*, -«P*et*i»y those using negro labor
This company is sntuely oat of debt, and has doe to It b* rWla
•b"“‘ «*•».<»«. "Inch will doubtL.a* be Uw «th*
Beard of Manager, may caU li In. li la alto a recipient order
the rvernt grant of lands mud* by Congress, if they con be had
nlotg thr line, which I. believed to be the cast, „f nearly *«•>*)
•errs or laud.
The road connect, with and la an extension of the Vicksburg and *
JS**kson Bsllroad, rvtnpl«rt»d sod in fall operation to the Mississippi
rtrtrrst Wk^wrg, upp-Us •hick ctSf. to Louisian*, commences
tfce >ickaburg, M.rerepr rt and Texas Railroad, now under contract
f8**1*,*ar,d »«I rapid VtOgress of construction It In
tersects tbs New Orleans ar.d Jackson Great Northern Railway at
Jackson ; and through that at Canton, connects wuh tr.* Mississippi
Central Railway, thr iron of which is now being laid to Holly
?pr>t)gs It intersect, with the Mobile and Ohio Railroad, as alrea
? n<*r Msrlon. and at Its point o' Intersection mscU with
the Nrrth eastern and Socth-western Railroad in Alabama, and
through that unites with the roads In Virgiofa, Tennessee and North
Carolina It is also an indlspeikMble link lo the line of Railways
to units Charleston and Sarannab, through Moatgi.mrry,
Vicksburg. Shreweport aod D Paso, with the Pacific Ocean, rune ng
U P*r*ltel of latitude with these plaraa.
It U thus obrlous that this Une of work la one of the mast Ur i«or
Unt unfinished! enterprises In the country. It is thoroughl, Na
tioaal lo tu character ; for it unties Maine and !««w Orleans and
liT AvW!Uc ^ hy mdlsaoluble bonds But shllst
thus National. .1 appeals especially for aid u» southern men and
southern enterprise, for wh. o completed, with the Intermediate gan
in Alkhaan, It win. With Its connections, low built and being built,
run right through Ike heart of those great southern cotton growing
statrs, Loalalan*. M>sstsskppt, Alahaaia, Georgia aod South Cardina
aod unites the great kofand sea with the bromt ocean.
These facU are stated to call attention to thts Uoc of road and to
unlace capitalists and contractors to embark hkcrallyinlUcon
structM.n The Aftorii mUes kdcompleted Radr< ad with tts rnuip
meiits and slaty valuable »laves, tunny of them mechanics, la a bo
nus from the Plate of Mississippi . the public land has oven donated
c? Congress ; nod it is, perhaps, not greatly orer-estimating th*
prevent property of the rusJ lo put It at or near one million of do I
laro. in which »um faturr »tackhold«r» who may t«rome such by d>
rect subscriptions of money or work, will be at once equally Inters*,
led It sill thasbe seen that this mad present, peculiar Induce
ment* to m«u of tor ana u> rogage lo its construction
rrr*Ut+mt of th* fkmUrm RaUrt>ad
• * z—<1Ac11 N
Ik ,-kk Aim Mb t nl.I.KUE. The Mroud annual aeM^To
J »f this 1 null ale will eommene* on the Am Monday in 3ep
,l *• '••’"‘vl “>»«. br that time, the new Colleg*
Bulhlii.g, now lo progress of rrretlon, will be ready for uecoyancy.
The location of the InMUniloo.aatoaeceaaahilUy and hcalih'nhiea*
la one „f I he mo*t eligible In the enure M, and the e. or re of In
struction aa thorough a, that nf any Cnllega in ibv country li. nd
dlllon lo a comydetc Ctamical and »ncnliAc c-.ur-e, the dlredory of
the t ullegc hare establish* d a School of Design for instruction la th*
bram hes of practical Rogtneertng and Arrhiteelure
The C. Urge is slrv-adr fwnlUwd with a very estrostre and ele
gant Apparatus, adapted to fall ilitalriltos in the departments of
Chemistry. Mathematics and Natural Philosophy A Library of
Standard Works hi* also been rr<-*ntlv m.rI t.. mkuk .nM.u
arable addition. will ba made during the cowuny CoUegla'a year
Tha young man who* Parrnla or Guardian! daalra It, will ba or
nmaa<l into a Military for nr, bariny tta proper uniform and niae
»lead in a dolly manual and drill
t irrm-r —Tuition for Annual Seaaton of law urnatka. ta iha Col
leylaie Ihpartmrnt. |8U—In tba Preparatory Mo Booed, f» per
week waahlny |l 7» per month . fuel and llyhte *1* par araalna.
Catalnyues of the Inatttutlon ,-an ba idMalnad by addrraalny Bea
8ain«a K Cos, PrraxJ.ni, Lynchbui y. Va.
Bee Siam B Oi*. Prrahlrnt, Penlraarr of Mental and Moral
fletanaa. amt of Heller I at I rea
WiLuaw CanaolL. a M , Profeaaor of Greek 1 m.yu-iy. and Lltc
tremors G. Marstva, A. M , Profeaaor of Latin Languaya ani
Jiae* T Mi arae. Graduate of V. M Inatllata. Prolaaaor of Math
etuailca and Natural Science, anu of the School of IVa'ynu
Sawrat Gikiaan. A M.. Profeaaor of Cor.inollonalLaw
t> A I .a.moaat, M D , Profeaaor of Auah my and Physiology.
Gcmarra imuu Santoki, L L. D-, Profeaaor ml Modern Langtia
W C. l-iracrma, t M , PriorIpal r Grammar School
P B SnrTM. Graduate of V M Innilule, Aaaoalate Principal
juBIA -dfcalm
llll II1IHMI milll OWIHfl.
SMAMK eserclara of the luatlialr will he recunmd an Iha Btat Mob
■ >l«r in t> iUiff,
!*•£. . **» no
" * * v ty oy
Futtion in Collcf Mte HrMMimtit. ... ... !kt 0#
TuMmi >n Pr |i*r»<.>r; -to >•<
Ancient or MiMisrii Uiipiairrt.paL'h. Hi (A
on Finno. .... it u. H»
Th- Uffp nutul-r ralrflM thr IwMltut* tlurU>n lb# U*4 toti. n,
(W.) ha» eftrovirfrii ihr Tm<lrrf fc prorhir «4>|| ibt rrHrd fnrlii
*r»4 the •rr«nf*m#nM *or tr.*rwrfttor> will ho ou the ««M *1*.
mtrst »i»4 libml «*»**, m Ihr warKHM a.4 cnavtmmtMtfti ^fdt*
i*on«. No pnln« will br *p*rrJ to «rrnrr thr hift rst *<!*•hum to
th* f«unf ’•‘hr* who m«? honor •* hy thrir «t!*t 4*ac»
for ('•liinfwi, or fart hr r u*f«ri»*tt« «. nMrrw
i*** dd.*m H MANLY. Jy., A.rb.onJ V*
WllOLCtiLC tl.OTIIItfti lioi AK
W ilRO. WfclSlUER fc CO.,
M AT* taken the .lore h..uac lately „c. opted by Meaere Aar
Aa-laraon A rw , Bo IT Pearl raa I4ab n where they are nr,w
recetetny tbelr fall St.,oh of RK a t'Y kltt>R I Id-Tft IMG, aarb.aoii <
tl-e aryeat and heat aa-arled afoak they Kara rear ,Shred foe mta —
Being e actual rely In the Wli. Ir.alr trade. Ih e rrapettfnili all tba
allenttnei of Merchant. la their atnek when they frail Ihtl market
..I daetnuel tki’HIl BP1S|M(B A CO
■ .AtlHHlIlltl Ml* N.
m d KwhroRhrptl f'mp* Ih mra
Frrwch wrtMBfl.t CwMbhr *i«4 Mumiu K. b*«
Infant*’ Frork taUH Mid R.K**«
Mtwlln an«l CtwibrW* FVmnrlnf*
ho do Mfi.f* *n4 Inwrt’nf!
D« do Coffer* »o4 Mm * «■
Thr-*.1 •n.t Villrocfewnc* Habit* in i *u«r**
Fmto <»«t*r*4 Cap*
lk> Han4li«rftil*b
FwnI Ucp ktfiUfc
Thr**4 *11(1 TiiWncWnnrt Iacm
M**hltn *n«t b «»**d-l* dn
KabruKiinl *W\m MwsHn. I«
_IQ ikyte Bywara
Mm. I BMAA, LATE or rr UK IB. MO . ail Beat
dance oa Ad afreet. Weal ahlr, helwaaa Mar.halt and llay
| yaeawAs .
nBBHk II AA IIIIIMA. PaceBeni Hi ayy.
aaealier.t n Aaa-a. wa avewttanea la aH Ha „wa TAim la he
5***d by judge, to he the Baear tyar rrrr -oada m iha TaBad
State., It hoc a rich beano color and a laHetawt rtrh Baeur rearm
►Boa^he Banaona PrV a S -eat# ft p aytrpi B.
11' I ATI II «
▼W mail W. abet
awd ..era hod. w-M he hl yed to
Me B.kitm Po*'ler, if At*a wan- idra loaf hr- *4. "O 1
wh iWboit# bt«rall* nr « f* - r Ww*-! »r»4 4-w • M* f*«***l. Kmpk'i It
th* cwly k In I which I* *«*lr *riff *irriWi4 K*t- • M hy
9 r ftM#f.C.
I »W 9 i Mtio *t n >M >h »> I yr- **r*
1 IM ft*, far
| YY wN I.IW9 I ILL.

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