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la all tM* rtm (Mm la taken on lb* depoatt of a letter In the
Rod Ogke ronmining money
Ob* Square, ^10 llnrslor leas, one Inaeetloa. tS
Two Squares, Three menlka.. .IS no
Six months . . .96 no
Twelve months..SO 1X1
| W* No advertisement to be considered be th* month or year un
less .peetSed on the Manuscript, or previously agreed upon bxews
the parties
An advertisement not marked oa th* copy foe a specified number
•f Insertions win be continued until ordered out, and paytueul exact
ed seMegsfly.
fST bunts Anexirmeuxers —To avoid any ml*uiider.undtng
on thv part el the Annual Advertisers, It Is proper to stale Jlmiimrily,
that their privileges only extends to their Unmrdlalr bu-lnr-t Real
Ratal*. Legal and all oilier Adeertliemenu tent by them to he an ad
Alt tone I rharg*. and no variation.
fW Real Relate and llroeral Agents* Adrrnlsrinentt not In be In
•tried by the year, but to be charged at the usual rales, tutqm to
such discounts at thall be agreed it|»oa.
(W~ Auctioneers, Booktellere and yearly advert terra, generally,
engaging on* or more squares, with the privilege ml change, shall no*,
•n their yearly aeeragr. In *uy one week. Insert more than the amount
agreed upon at the -landing rule under the contract, and all rtreed
lag sorb amount to he rhai ged at ihr usual rale*.
Advertise me nit luerrtrd In the Send-Weekly Whig at TS rents per
square of 10 lines or lest for the Are! Insertion, and So rents
•qnare for eeeh rontluunuce.
jjl I j iiiil
Raraaar I. I.. 1 I Si «| Snleae i..i. . I, S * t ft
• 7 * • In 11 19, |l T1 *| 9 in 11 19
l»;u IA IA IT;IS 19 ‘18 14 IS 14 IT 18 |y
**ll*l *9 9* *. « *g| *0 91 99 96 94 9ft 94
2T;2* 99 SO;91 ,.| 97 28 29 *' 81
Fk»*C*»T' 1 t Auoukt ....... 1 ¥
8 4 5 4 7 8 9 8 4 ft 4 7 a 9
Ill'll 19 18 14‘lft I* ' 10 II 19 IS 14 IS IS
•IT I* 19 90 91|99 28 IT 18 19 9« 91 99 98
94 9ft 9A 97 98 99 *4 93 90 97 98,29 80
Maxot .1 81
3 6 4 .6 • 7 6 (Urrnii* 13 6 4 5 6
; • 1« 11 If 19 14 1ft 7 6 9 I. II It l*
16 IT 16 19 *»ftt n 14 Ift 16 IT IK 19 to
39 14 ift 36 37 fM tf tl «« »6 «4 ift 24 37
»> *1 .... 3* 39 9»f
Aren. ' 13 6 4ft OoniKre .! 1 3 i 4
« I » 9 I II 19 6 * T 8 9 in it
18.14 IS l« IT IS 19 19 18 14 IS 1* IT 18
90 91 99 9* 91 2.3 9* 19 9" 91 9? 28 94 9.3
97,98 29 80 2« 27 98 99 Soil
Mar ..1 2 s, NoTKuaaa .. I
4| S A 7 8 9 liy 9 8 4 .3 A* 7 8
11,12 IS II IS I* 17 9 in II If If 14 Ift
lo'lf 9o 21 29 98 24 IA IT 18 19 90 91 9t
9fl 9* 27 *8 29 80 SI 98 24 2.3 it 27 28 29
. . . ' so .
Iwxg I 1 2 » 4 ft A 7 Oeoeuesx 1 2 » 4 ft f
| 8 9 in 11 I* IS 14 7 8 9 in n It IS
(Ift I* 17 19 19 *o 91 14 1ft I* 17 18 19 20
92[93 94 »ft 96,27 90 91 92 9* 24 2.3 24 27
199'Sol _98 99 8>l Bl,,
Cl MOI’NII I’l.AHTI H.—We keep constantly on hand
W fresh Ground master, and our care In the selections from t)«
ba«t Windsor Lump Planter enaMcs us to recommend U as the tart
that can be had All orders IrA at our office «n Cary street, prompt
ly executed TALI AFKKKO k BRO
N. II.— Parmer# can be supplied In their own bags, si a reduction
In price. Libers! discounts to merchants, for rash. j«97
IMU'H, W> *rMJ UATta.)
a i; in# > *: i: it,
WaU rlrut, um«l«r M. Chart*) flaltl,
__ . . Rf.*MU.>*n, Va.
VVTTLI. dgrota hu whole attention to th« Sale and Hiring of N«
W v grot**. Real Fatal.*, k , ,*uhin*ly amt prIrately
Ralo, aaltafactory or no charge made
1C li« haa a conrrnirnt place for keeping alarm.
The Mtbaertber reaped fully Inform, hi, friend, that he ha* dtacou
tlnoeil the auction tn*!oc*», and hartng rented hi* ofRce to Mr. J. B
■argrurr, take* pteaaure In recommending hi* former ruatomrr* to
*!*<• him a call BK!«J DAVIB
July <1
TIIK *ub*. rbrr respectfully Inform* hi. friend, and the puhl>c
generally, that lie la In recel|>t of h>* TALI. GOOD*. rmbraclug
of all the modern style*. *h ch he deems It unnecessary to particu
larise. thilBce U to say. that h\s assortment is equal to any in tlii#
or any other city.
Thankful to a discerning public for their long continued patron
age. he solicits a continuance of the same, and pledges Ms best ef
fort* to please. (sr*i] JOHN THOMPSON.
Fit EMU I Tl 1*011 TV'II
Pfc V W NOW receiving per ship Pep)kerellat this port,^^—*w
4#»r^M*nd by the *IiI|js Progress and Ma*mngu* via New^MiJ
W York, his u«ual full supply of X. Wlr
Ur china and ► ari iiknwarf i
ot u»e latest styles snd pattern* ; and from the manufacturer* of
this country, a heavy stock of Glassware, lacking Glasses, Castor*
and fancy Grmds, lu great variety, which he offer* to the trade at
low prices for cst-M, or on the usual credit to punctual pavers
•fdl effort will be made to Induce the merchants of Virginia,
N»rUi Carolina and Tennessee, to make their purchase*In this mar
*«* ___autt
Cretlll Customer*
llffat bag* Rio Citin’, from fair to prime quality
5»"» " laiguaira, Java, and Moclm do
luo hi ids N. O. and P K Hugar.
ft** Packages " Loaf,” M Crushed,” M Powdered,” and
“Coffe. ” do
krgs Nails, “Old Dominion” brand
luon b<.xe« Hpernt, Adam inline and Tsllow Candles
190 baskets best Olive Oil
8*H» bb s , bf. t.hl# and kits Mackerel
fff»» parkagrs Green and Black Tea
11*0 hW« Tanner*' Oil
hbk. and tlerres prime N. O. Molasses
AO Midi, prime Muscovado do
SOn boxes 4x1u snd 10x19 french an-l American Glass
1000 reams Wrapping, Cap. and Letter Paper
loo bnir« chewing Tobacco
lOOgUVO Cigars
AO gross Mason's niacktng
900 do* Bucket*
_1M “ Brooms. *-8—1«
w tU'I U TI Ill.n TORACCO,
WOULD rrkprrlfully aollcll ruuogniarnt* from Manufacturer*
It. Virginia Will, ihr AMuraiu r that hr dor, not dral In thr
br 1*ToO-<i Ui (b« In Ur rials of wl»o may liror him with \h«lr
coDiIfnmrnii, *.n which liberal ndvances will b« made
■ KricikKNrm:
Messrs Oylcr 4 Keen.
Jrs.r llnrr A Co.,
Hurt 4 Preston, - . _ lf
Knight A Allen, Isvnehhwg, ha.
Oolonel \uir Uftwlrh.
Ammon (I Hancock,
Chss M Cosby, n. ... „
L II Holland, /htnrftfe, hi.
Jno. S Walker, AffcAwaouaf, ha.
lylk—44m __
VIITK f.-l hereby glee notice that I herrcnnetltatedllAMp.
il /OHM my Agen to coodort a (IROCRRT ami CtiMMIR
HldN lillglNKMt, with authority to nr roe name In making pur
ahaaea and ulw, aahfrct. »l cam ear, a alt ilmra, ta reeocation by
nr, and Ihi public wilt therefore umleretand that the capital Intrti
ad la lb. huaineaa la mint, and not Mr. Jonea'
JANE A. ORirrtN.
klndncaa an.I eonAdrncr of my friend, Mra Oairrtx, I bare obtained
employment aa her agent, and hare retained my old atand, at ilie
corner of Main and Ninth etrecte, where I ahall conduct a general
OROORRV and COMMIMION HLPINEMI far her. I ahall keep a
■apply Of ihe eholeeat artlrlet In my line foe aale. I ahall tell
promptly eeert thing entraated to roe. and promptly account for It,
and reapm-trully hot ronMently I appeal to my old frlenda and rue
to men to enetaln me. RAMPaON JONRR,
■SMf__Agent Ate Mn. J A. Ihmu.
WE an reeelelng and opening a large and beautiful aaaorlinenl
of READY MADF CMJTIII Nil, made by • year I era egpre.t
ly far our retail trade, and ran enn«.lenllally reeomrnend all weaell
to ewatomera tn he of good material, and well gnltam wp, both aa tn
•tyle and workmanahip, we ahall he reeelelng new eddltlone to our
■toek already on hand retry week during the aeaar.n. which will ren
der It at all time* complete We would therefore Inrltr all In warn of
Owed and well mad* Clothing lo gle* ua a rail, aa wa kredetermln
*4 an -me ahall underarll ua
_____ No IH Main Aareet
till \AUh REWAH Ik.—The Df ARRIlfRA KILLER, lee
WtfVvE led In oeer I"/win Caeca of Aalaile Cholera and
KTwel Ontnplainie, haa nerer yat failed, when tried in lime. Inatant
l> to feller* ind apeedlly In effect e permanent Care. PRICE V>
$T •* nErticular to are that It I. prepared by Imm. Rea*. A
gleam. Richmond, a* none other I* 'lenalne
Jm Eadd hg Drugglete end Country Merchant* everywhere
_ PI<* i i i:i i i: \ \i i,s.
I A DTK!! s n4 (kfiilfnmi fMlltif up Falnilof*. rnfriyiMi
M.J Needle Work. Ar .for the approaching PAIRA, wHI do well ta
enllat PH4N0KM. lift Bmwd etreei,fnr fro mot for the .ame.
KEF* Order* from olty and eownlry bar any deerrlptlon of Praange
Lnoklgf-Olaaeee. Looklng fllam Plate., Ao anlielted mil
•Stool and Ontlege Teel Rook* of tho laleet and keW adltu.ni
aheap P cket and family R.M.a and Prayer Rook*. Hymp Rootal
fto. Rratlonerr - including Statei, rnpf Hooka tn great rartety, Ink,
Pkperg, Pen*. Pencil*, Ac , Ac, It t* naeteee t* repeal that I aetl *t
whobwnle *1 awch price* aa defy all competition I eeapectfully eo
Itott public patronage fJEO M WENT, 14th afreet,
_ . fi low 4m> Fust 04^
4 FOU F.M* o*if| ran |H, «m «rc in «if>
in* etfy and* .r^mndlngenuntrt, and In Prcdertckaburg, l.e net-burg.
Cal'btenl* and • ■ ToA tmabfce many atber nlaoa* of email note
Tbnee who ham (wear triad It, we two He, and tho Ineen of a pwc*
triHSt fMMTMf. Iftft1ke-4f
A l.fllltf * IflE I N 57 , Rtaherdeoa'e Tiagtnle Par
A mer . Calendar da and Pmnlfy ; PnS* tag*, PMkry
^ Ms , FftwiHj Obfiiilnn
* w RANHCLPM, in Mata met.
'W 'M*’IF MfMAl ,
from a. m rcmmoat. a oo.-a imFtni adtk«ti»
11*0 HOUML
■ M. Fimnu a Oo. ui ututi fur dmR; ill tlw
IB thr Unlud ftutr. and Canadu UCm, tit >!■«■ drm,
Mot Tork, and 10 8taW Una, Moot a.
T1IK UHKAT KUPOHli n for nppIrlDi I'm want*
of IIoust keepers, located at Nos. 644 and 6 4 6 Ha »s»wav.
New Tou Cm, to now full? slocked with the largest, finest anJ
most complete assortment of HOUHE FLHNIBIIING GOODS to be
found In the world The stock ««nbrac« s:
Plated. Britannia and Planished Tin Ware
Porcelain and Pane? Go«»ds
Baskets In every variety
Bird Cages . dHtory ; Mat*
Wood and Willow Ware
Iron Bedsteads. Chairs and Hatatanda
Brushes of every description
Prather Dusters; Lamps and Lanterns
English and Oerman Enameled Ware
Refrigerators, Water Coolers and Double Ice PUcbtrs
Hip. sponge and Pool Ba*ha
Children's Cabs and Carriages
Austin's Pa'enl Ire Cream Preeners
The celebrated Devonshire Chairs
Cane and Rattan Ware
Chinese Tea Pojrs, Caddies, Vcretarys and Cabinet*
Tea Trays In endless variety
Rocking Horses, Propellers sod Gigs
Pishing Tackle
Rronsed. Coppered and Bras* Goods
Hammocks and Mosquito Nets
Preserving Cans, at the lowest manufacturer's prices
Gardcu Implemmu of every description
A160 - An endless variety of FANCY GOODS, of great atUtty as
well as beauty.
The location of his store is central and convenient to the leading
Hotels HU Hales Rooms are flw In number, and are the most spa
cious of any u this line of business In tl* city. The attention of
his assistants will be polite and courteous, aud an examination of
Ids stock will always give pleasure Ills goods are purchased almost
exclusively for cash, and are offered at prlcaa such as defy competi
tion llh aim Is to give the public what may be strictly termed a
grand model llouae-Furnishing Depot. The grealeal care used In
Ailing orders from not of the city. Catalogues forwarded by mail
ROUERT DAVIH, 444 and *44 Broadway. N. Y„
•ole Proprietor of the great Emporium for supplying the wants of
Hoswkrsptn_jy»la- [P]
142 C«Qlre Afreet, .\ew York,
1?M Pipe*. Fitting*. Tools, and every description of apparatus
connected with Hteam, Water or Gas, for healiug aud lightiug
Steamers, Churches. Hotels, Private Dwellings, Hospitals, Villages.
Factories aud Hall*. # ^
Also—Valves, Cocks, Pumps, Ouages, Boilers aud Boiler Flue,
made to order
Oar Bcraw CuU-'u* Machlnt* ar, anllrely uaw.aud uar uwn PaUul
warrauiad I., do double the work of auy other li,Trillion
Order* aottolled from all^eetlnn. of the country, and promptly at
•OTdodlo._ jail—ly IP]
\ > Itltl \» s A JIM f,
arasw kmuibb* a*d »»tLaaa, xacm ■bn' tuu, asLnau, arc,
Importer* and Dealer- in .Manufacturer*' Article*,
N. B. Afenu for 111* the 'Woodrull aud Beach Iron Work* ' ttteau.
Engines aud Boilers.
IP" Exclusive agency In New York for *1*0well Machine *1h«p'
Machlniau* Took._mitt ly[P |
.4 TELLY: A CO., WunviUr, Mass .patented by KJI»« lluwe, Jr.,
Septs’ll)l»*r 10th, 1s44 TIkst Machines are » an anted, (with proper
use.) not to get out of repair Tlwy ar» huilt In a good, substantial,
and workman like manner, and will do Tailors,' Shoemakers'and
Aaddlrr*' work. In a manner warranted to give satisfaction. The
•tltch will not rip any more titan common sewing done by hand
Call and see Utnu In operation at 140 CUESNL'T .Nrwi, Philadelphia
•ipsUlrw. W. A. DAWBON. Agent
u. t. u illia*ih
<4 F.NERAL AGENT for Receiving sod Forwarding Mannfaetured
W T<44cco, Qvotli, 4r .Ac., No ARmockox Bur, Ricnmoxd. Vs ,
l»eg» leave to return his sincere thanks to his friends and the public,
for ti>e very liberal patronage bestowed on him during his business
connection* Messrs Honker A Wstklns, of this city, and re
•pertfully *•’licit* a continuance to hts new house In thu* appear
Ing on the theatre of business alone. I do so with hill confidence in
my bustnes* qualifications that the Interest of consignees will be
faithfully represented
MDrrai c*ih advance* made oo consignment* of produce In
Keren* To: Mr**r* Lewis Webb A Son, Waosworth, Turner A Oo..
and John Booker, K«q., Richmond; John M Ot*j, K*q,CM*w«ll
Oabiiey, Kao., Mrnn Peter*, Pprnce a C and Messrs McCVrfcle A
Jones. Lynchburg. Va ja'i6 tf
FW^IIF SLB8CRII1KR having fitted up a suit of room* In elegant
*- •*?!*. at Corinthian Hall. I* now prepared to wait on the pub
1W aud furnish them with superior picture*, at moderate price*
The Ambrotype. being hermetically sealed between two plate* of
On* polished glass, (by a cement which not only secures, but gild*
and Ix-autin*** the Impresshui.M* proof «gain*t action of waUr or
acki*. or the variation* of climate In long sea vovage*, and l* tin
only hmd of picture that will remain unchanged by time. They can
be taken from the site of full life to the smallest miniature, and In
one quarter the time of the Daguerreotype. They are not reversed,
can be *ern In any light a* an mgravlng , hence are very sultihlr
for Pina, lockrli, and Urge Frame*, a* well a* Ca«r»
The extreme popularity .»f the Ambrotype*. ha- given rise tO DlU«-h '
Imposition. Counter-frit' upon glass, covered with black varnish,
arv often Sol,I for Ambrolypes N,,nc arc trrnulnc without the pat
■J*1 (lamp The public arc invited to call and examine specimen, at
the Aaiaavn Ostxear, Coaiataua 11 su.. Main •trrrt,l>etwcen »ih
>',th . p. k. UIHIW
Richmond, January M. ISM
%| KIM.1 II l.YTS ■WM'HA.SCK < «*T1I*A.NV I),
aVM RICHMOND,—Thl» Company Is now prepared to Issue Fire
Mai tne Insurance Pollelee on aa reasonable terms ae other good of
Claims tor kieses will, in all cases, be promptly and fairly adiu.te 1
and paid.
No charge for the Policy In any case.
0«rc, to.- the present, un the l ast ,ide of Uih at, near Main uo
stair. ’
Wm H Christian, Wm. Breeden,
John Purcell, Themes K Price,
W m. O. Paine, Jas. Thomas. Jr.,
Lewis Ultiter, John Currie, Jr ,
Aug. Audcrson, Jaa Dunlop,
Jas I. Apperson, Wm H. Hexall,
K aroe H lleath, John D Quarles,
John Dooley, David J Burr,
Kick'd o. Haskins, Larkin W Olasebrock,
Lewis D Crenshaw D. Von Droning,
Joseph K Anderson, Kmsnurl Miller,
John 0 Pinion, ltd II Sklnker,
Fraukllo Stearns.
..... _ . A PLEASANTS, President
J. II M.errier*, Sec’y jeM
Offlc. removed to the store of Christian I lathrop, No. Vi Main
St. -In enneeqururr of the resignation of David H. Crane Wm. M
Christ tan was unanimously elected Cashier. The office has been re
moved to i he store of Christian A lathrop, where deposit, will be
received, on which an Interest of t per cent, will he paid on all sum,
remaining on deposit six months or longer, and live per cent, for a
shorter period.
This Institution has been In existence twenty-eight years, hat
loaned over eight millions of dollars , hat no »u.pended debt; has
never lost one dollar, or failed to pay .nr rntlfleate when due.
... .. WM. H. CHRISTIAN, Outlier,
mh1«—dly_ HUHH W VilY, Secretary.
ki.iii:maiili: i\m it im i: i imp t m ,
iTIAUTLKKH CAPITAL $400,000—CASH FI’.Ml $126,000.
■ .TI KK INft(TRANCK, In town or country, and llarliir Irivurance,
R mmy be effected on the moat favorable term* with lht« company,
if All Loeee* promptly arranged.
_ HTUKKfl A OO., No. 8fi Pearl %ireet.
•*”7 Agent* for Richmond, va.
RI ,M< >V AI,.
"HO I VA. »-. A M. I\NI HAYI'E I'll,, I
RICHMOND, ,4th Jrtv, 18M. |
THIS COMPANY has removed to It, NEW OFFICE, No. 131
MAIN RTKEFT, next door to (he Dispatch Office, where It M
prepared to take Fire and Marine Risks an fkir terms.
Chartered In 1MI, and having now hern In operation over twenty
four yrara—during which lime II he. mel claim, for loss to the re
lent of largely over u million o/dollar*-it refers to the history
of the p.st a, affording Ihe vrry best guarantee for the future Be
H* proflu will be secured lo her enterprises, and scene to M>me e»- I
tent to oil the .Inewa of her Comm rclal and Mechanical Industry |
Tile long acquaintance of Ihla Intlltntlnn with the Inaurlnp public, \
haa enabled il to become familiar with their narita; and no pains I
will he spared, or Information withheld, that will lend to Inaure ac
curacy and pier aatlafadllon.
To fanners, It baa It In Its power—from the eery extensive coun
try Insurance already secured-to be able to refer to hlphly rupee
table clttaena In every portion of the Male. Il will be happy lo re
eelee and consider adplireilons for Inaurance, addressed either to
tie- President or Pecretary, and will In return render such faellltlra
aa may be lo Its power lo Its patrons.
CAPITA I,, *900,00011
T. M. ALPRIRNO, /Vaafdenf
H. h. Knar, of Kent, Paine A Co.
H W. Obtains.
Ww Brens, of Beers A Poindexter.
H W far. of II W. Pry A Rons
Ww Ptiwaa.
J. A. faioan.
A. R Ptaxta, of Parker, Hlmmn AOo
i. K W trwwoarw, of Wadaworih, Turner A Oo.
Tw<w Paws,*, of Pamaon A Pae
0 W Pram, dO f Purcell A Os.
B I,. Wiaamw.
$ P Wixsruw, of Winston A Powers.
B. T. Prt.ua a
M A Citiaoaaa
P Cm i aw
O W Rwrrw, of Pmlth A Harwood.
IplA-tf W L OOWARDIN, AarreAirp.
“iiM haait: oh i.in:.”
fjfbw ft ■■ 8TA TtOHKfrU HA IL," Ho II femef af-eaf,
atrwwnxn, ra.
. „__ . . ■ W KMOWI.PP, A pent
Hr. A PH RAD, Medical Adviser
Capital January I at, IMA . ay gn hap n
Paw dlrtdenda durlnp year I AM . tai jlRO M
Hett balance farmery 1st, ISM .......... M Hbi no,', aj
ToUl amount of dlrtdenda pabl lo dale * TIMM M
Total amount of claims by death lo dale IJBM.Mn aa
■ - ■ I.IMAM Ml
All profile pn lo Ihe Insured IMrldenda are made etmuany^and
paid while ihe inaured la llrlnp. B w K., Agent
H. B Plares Insured from one lo four years In the Albemarle In
awrance Company Mjq
WOOI. Ik*: POT.—We hare determined lo open. In oon
nerdton with our present business, s » -,t Itrpnt, f„, ,be
awle of Wool, and hayr engaged the eerrVca of Mr John Water
hawar, Ihe former atBelem apent of the Woolen factory In this
ulaln. ”** ,f »«»waaary, wm he drrotrd erctastrety to this
All Wool consigned to os will he graded, an that each purchaser
«•» Mo auch Wool aa he wants, and not he -ampsited to hwy swell
aawlll not nnawer Ms purposes There la prown In Virginia a auf
•cirat quantity of Wont, If morse tested and pradsd. to attract U« ;
attention of manufacturers and denim, to nor smrkrt. and wo I
nolr ■" tMhMHkilnp a pood marks, far Ihe Waal prewa ,
*oe particulars am owe ctecularr ORKHPRA W A CO.,
Oroosea and Commission Merchants.
. I”_ . _Mtk—d, f» I
WAMWltNTH. Tl Rtr.H * CO.
I4tb PI.. Rirwwogp. Ta
- * n'’-’-T'''?1 y lar»s and general assortment of Rich
£li.mh , *'*'1 fc|nl^ D” M®®*. *• *hlek they par
tieutarty Incite the attmithm ef Merchants.
- A -rT larg.ro«.lgom.„, rflh. cet,braird Rock Island, Morth I
Carolina. Oosatosersand p. haw*. __w+
MM*y'*V** *®* TCHKH. —An Croce Pollack, Tirana
M~.Mw.AdR, waerwwtrf takwrw Wtlhowt ^«||. Ibr .ate h«
■" am * »mt
raua yhwcHRB, OWEN A CO . Ui.uu Nmw.ni Abvaaria
im Hiwu, (Arnjiui'H Ecilwso.) No*. M4 A AM Bautnwar.N Y.
HKHOV, >THI A HF.IAM A ««».. .Vo, At «»*/ .«rut.
Cli*/>oc'a liiilIWi Crown and «'rg*tal Plate Window <4 Iam
FluUd (Hub for 8kv light*. tlmn Houma, ate .tte
Colored, Ornamental. Optical and MUroaronk (Jiao
The London and Mai chewier Klale (Jlaa* Company** Thick Pol
lahcd Plate tor Store Window*. Mr., Sc
Hough QUm for Floor* and My light*
Attention t* invited «o the above vartou* description* of Window
Ola** la ue* for Store*, I» Writing*. and other purpoer* Tlie quality
of lien article* I* Inferior to no corresponding f —rlptlss. and la I
many rrsprets superior Oar Sheet Dim will be found better lima
the French In IU freed.ua from Stain. Bust, Sc.
Being A*mu for two of the largest (Ham Manufacturer* lo Kn
rone, we ore enabled to offer dealer* and other* every advantage to
prices and large clocks Fries List* will be furnished on applicatioa <
^plfl Sm l*—)
■.tnWAHD A*. IMt'KIt:. 144 1-bmfere.Vrat, M. r.
■ a two door* m of UurUon River Railroad Depot, ..Ere. lo D-al
•f. tn.l Oon.umrr. !.l> rrlrbr.lod brand, of French Window (ilka,
aa favorable icnua. T»rt« wlahiur lufntm.lton will be furnished
wllb price. on receipt of Ihrlr adj.ro. Glare cat to out demlrrd
IdUtora, oad packed Iroo of chante. _ aplb— lye,—[vti|
FOU THK 1.000,000 1
IMI Trent reel Sttur, N. Y.,
COLUMNS. PEDESTAL*. Ac , m Bmnla, MrncateUr, and all
Italian Marble. Till, arth-lr, which n a preparation of Marble Dux.
chemically cotublnod with mineral colon, mi a. to be in..aided mb
any lira and color, by which a martlr cau hr laanufacturvd at low
than hair lire com of the . oramnn material, while It rich it In dura
bility and beauty r.illk. Marbblird Iron and Alatr, Ihrrv I. u.
aurface work, lb« color running Into thr mare of thr material, wlillr
no rarni.h I. ured to give a temporary beauty lo the .urfare. Man
tlea from At to Ati» Table Top., Ac., equally cheap
Right, tor the Af-tn o/lrrtwrr and .>ifr of abirar for the dlfrran.
Stab., which will enrerre Immeure return. lo thorn- inlrreaUnf them
nrivea. lnformaUon fur.ii.hed on .ppilrallon lo
PETEK RENNIE. Prratdent, or
Jiaant Lew. Secretary NEW TURK,
M.TOK Mining Porporew. and »e Igi.Mng Charge., both in wet
■ ond dry biaatlnr, of four (ItServot kind. The cotton and hemp
Eoar: alnj, lire alngl. and doubia Tape Water Eure.
Manufactured and Mid by GLENN PUTMAN,
_ A Liberty .t . New York.
t* Order, promptly Sllrd lor all kind, u' Out. Powder, of the
meet approved brand.. Edge'. Rahlbllioaal Eire- Work-. Ship Klg
■ala. Ae., Ac._ool»— ly [vv.Aa.)
A Physician of l.lgb .undine, a.nl former y s Profrrenr in one
of .lie Medical luMItulhin. of Ibis country uuwirtlrrd from active
prsrucr, wlio ha. been MlCrrlng from Pulmonary Dlreare. dlreover
real, while travelling In South Am. no* lot t.kw health, acure for Con
turnptlou, llruti.-hill.. Cough., Cold.,and general .IrhUlty, and being
aware that Thouund, arc .uSrrlng and dying annually from thle
moat dreadful of alldlae.rea.hr I. deryroua. from the principle, of
humanity, of making known tht. tunat valuable remedy Upon the
receipt of Fifteen Cent., lu Pottage Stamp.,.,r Change, he will rend
a receipt with full direction, for making and au.-cerefully ualng It.
The amount required, I. applied for P<oUgr, and the payment of
this adverttaemrnt.
.. Bo. 1S3, P. O., Brooklyn N. Y.
_Je II—tf [v. . A or)
MAM t At 11 KKUaS, 84 XS\) 88 Walker Street,
HK8FFCTFri.LV rail II.» attention of tbr puhln
U> their »|>I* ik«li• I *»«girtiiM-iil of iptni gran«i
■quarr Plan.*, which, fur volume of tows, rla*ilrlty off f # I y|
Liucli, beauty uf Anlati, and rvrry thing that render* a Plano perfect
are unsurpassed They were awarded thr P»r»t Premium for b..u.
klntl*. In competition with lb* most distinguished maker* from Bo*
ton, Philadelphia, New York aiol Baltimore.
TK1I MFII.— 8tkisv.iv A S.*s have just hern awarded thr
Flrwt Prrmluin th»U- 'Umi (over all competitor*) at the lair Fair of
th* Amrrit an Institute. Crystal Palace. fc.r (hr a«?rr Piano-Forte*
iMi ruti: i Kuii k!
FACTOR! . No, -SS, fife) and W Greenwich .treei. corner , i
Beach. Nw Von, HORACE!- SIGLER
Aubscrilvri would inform the cabinet manufacturers, piano*
.*■ rorte maker., ami others of *hit city and nctulty, that they
have . p«rte<i a yard with suitable buildings, at No 87o Washington
. trret, iu the cliy of Net Vork. where thay have on Laod a large
and very superior stock of the finest Wood to be found in the Colled
states. »v «• offer.
ft. fine and extra floe ro*ew«»od veneers.
E'JJj J *••*- tn«*Ule»l mahogany veneera.
JV'.b.Mi n do mah gany shaded veneera.
4t».0*a) ft. jriain do do do.
ft. mahogany crotch veneers, various sicaa.
•o.UMt fliu do. drawl ult veneers.
tU.iMMi extra fine mahogany, do do
ft flnr blistered figured walnut, do
Atl.OOji ft. mottled do. do. do.
6*t,(h)0 ft. walnut crotch veneers, draw butt stses.
M,<sa' ft. do do do various do
3<»,nM<i ft fine and extra fine satin wood veneera.
ft tehra veneera.
47jj«ni fi curled and bird's eye maple veneers.
n,«k>»fi seasoned rosewood, mahogany, and satin wood
boards, plank, and Joto of all thickness hsno and Cabinet M.hiI
dings .ft** i|iff,-rent patterns, all at very low prices, and upon as fa
vorahl. terms as any other establishment in the country Orders
will be filled with the utmost care and dispatch.
No HI-' W ashington P treat, between Beach and North Moore *t.
_New York City.
4 livm tatb a <
And A jeds tit tilie r\f
Nu*. 67 syp 69 Maoszixv Sraxrr,
tul4—6tn* NKk ORIKAM*
HE would respectfully suggest to those who send their Wheat to
th s market, the propriety of having n c/err* omf tiorouaKi
itry. As our Mtiler* will not purchase It when foul and damp except
at very reduced prices je gg -ly
I . J . ■ It V ,
l,ilt ,I^P fire-proof warehouse rfMktfflCCS*
pled by Th' rn*« J Peyton, K q . and will continue to sell all
kin<l. of country producr, Wl.cmi, Fl. ur, Tobacco, Ac Ac
Ri. iiUi.ki>, July Iu
PA H I M USIlIf >OHI K. -Tl,r MbacrlbT ha. thl.
■ ■'■•y wl't> him Id lltc bo.lii„, heretofore eonducte.1
byh.m, Mr John H.iwer* Tlir business wHI heretofore be carried
oo under the firm and stale of 0. I» Yale A Co : The subscriber re
turns Ids cordial thank* to his friend* and the public Ur the liberal
patronage which It** lieen bestow, d upon him, and for the kind In
dulgence which has t» en extended to hiiu bv his customer* In the
pr«»«eeunon of thetr order* Hr trust* that the arrangements which
hav. been made tor a prompt and efficient fulfilment of orders will
secure to the new firm a continuance of the patronage which he has
heretofore enjoyed
JylE—if____ __ 0. p VALE
'■llll s i \ || t»| i ll i . T1'
R Informe the cltltcns of Richmond that he ha. resumed the per
sonal charge *»f tl*r practkal branch of his husineas, and Is now sup
plying Id* customers with an ankle of FAMILY LOAF BREAl*, the
quality of which, he flatters himself, cannot In* surpassed. From an 1
experience of over thirty year*. including eight years a* principal
baker for tlir Astor House, New York, lie can, with some confide net,
Isvlre the addition of the public to Ids lls* ad Rolls, Uttar, Figs
Jf*; Taking thl* occasion to thank the cllisens of Richmond for
thtlr liberal patronage daring th* last three years, he would respect
fully sidle It a continuance of past favors. JAM I* ADAM.
F*1" Baker. Main .-t opposite A Duval's Drtqr Bert
% 4. II If | I II || \|. \% 11(1 yoi N| .
rwilf K Subscribers, haring removed to their new factory on Cary
JB. Ntrcet, »*et ween 9th and 1i*t!i BrHs, are prepared to receive
order» for all kinds of Agricultural Machines and Implement* of the
latest and most approved patterns. Which will he made of the best
materials and of superior workmanship They a«k attention to
“Cardwell s loulde and single grand Horsepowers and 1 brothers,”
eahIMteil Al-o, «« "Crn,mr. Clod Cru.her," M»rmy'a
R* a|**r an<l Mower,** ttie best In uar, Vnwkrs* Patent Lln.r and
duano Reader, Mfhlr appri.T^I; llay Presses. Hay Hake* ; Corn
Pi idlers, from f In t.» $8.%, Rmlth's Patent Btraw Cutter, drain Cra
dles. Ac.; Rich's Patent Iron-beam Plow; of rarlo«« stars, Mr They
•uldoln the opinion of the Hon William C. Hires, of thm* mows
Richmond, February IT.
_ _ c*m « Hai, Iflth Dec. 19B4.
Ooi. Ww. H. Peoroirmw—Dear Mr: I take pleasure in recording
here my impression of the performance of your Plow (Rich's Iron
Beam patent) at Cohham to day. The work was far more thorough
And complete than that of any plow I erer «sw In operation before.
The furrow opened t.y it was eery generally HI Inches dorp and about
•" Inches wide In hard, close land, and most eflertuslly and perfectly
ekaned out, none of the sod earth falling hm k Into It.
The trial of the plow was witnessed by many of my neighbors,
among whom I will mention Messrs Prank R. Nelson, J. If. denett,
* •• l*wU, C. B Hopkins, Thomas Watson, of Louisa, Mr , allprac
Ueal men and most excellent Judges of agricultural Implements; and
Ihere was Inal one opinion among them as to the superiority and un
exeeptlonahh- performance of your plow.
Wishing you equal sixeess f4«ewheys In making thk valuable Im
plement farsrably known to our agricultural brethren,
1 remain, yours truly,
N»;\% ItooK* \
*P»e Hills of the Rhafemorh ; by the sot ho r of the Wide, Wtdw
Harper's Msgss n# for Orteher.
Do Rtory Book do.
Ooilry's LsdjrV R<> >k for October
Llherlr and Marery ; by Bkdsou
The Rongs of lllawatha . hy Longfellow
Ifdng’s Life of Washington let and f.l rod
The Watd nser, RkHehes of the RrangHtcal Christians of the fal
leys of Pkdmont.
plsntatmn Rermons, hy Rrr A. P Dickson, sf Charleston
• l^lia,'* The y wish Conferi by 0 W T lleighway.
Blhk Truth , hr ?>r Ah render
Mas,.n» Chait, hy Cross
Me-..mo Manual ; by Robt Maeoy.
Tumplar's Chart, hy Cross.
The Holy Rthle m 4 role Regant edition.
A good assortment of Prayer Rooks, Presbyter ao Psalms and
llymns, BiMes, Testaments and Rtattonery of eeery k* rliulon
•*** WORTHAM t f’oTTKri 1
M \% Ml hit
• ?*RT reeel red at J W RANDOLPHS Rook More and Bindery :
• W Alone, Alone P.»r*rer. a Rong by f T Oosden ■ tfk
Thou an far from me, a R«*ng . hy J H Nones . Ik
Roanoke Brhnttf.ch, hy PrlMerdat tfte
den Walker's Nicaraguan dr and March, by K Haekell , 2k
True Yankew Polka, hy O Florence i-V
Woman's Heart, a hsllad, word* by the Milford Bard, mush by
Colman. tfte
PIP more Quickstep. by Holland . MSr
Imlo Gray, a Bong, by lna« .
Dawn Rcbotltach, hy (torden . f&S
Oh ' where is the Laddie, a Bong, hy J K Magruder ; fBe
*Tk said that lore can never die, by H R Ooknun , the
** _ _* _
AHHMimi HMHP I1IVUII vrn. fhyCo part.
earthly heretofore exist ng under the name of PBICP A CAR
Win |s this day dtsaolred. hy mutual consent
Ban »p B Psu s wBI aMend to settling the business of the own
eeen Persons against whom matured accounts are standing, are
earnestly requested to make Immediate payment.
Richmond, foptember tR, 1RM
rHH.lP It. I'Hirr respect folly Informs the friends of
the late tern, and the poMfc generally, that he will carry on
the JfooA and Rdgsasry Busincas st the oM stand His host ef
w Wl^ weed sn (tee sattafoefion H# sulk Its a eosittawunce
i !
So. ISd Aim :l StrrM. norl <toor U> A'duui Mink
Til K n ■■ l p w nnipuisixi. _
U>l< .lor are the WABMIMOTtyN. Captain | _yg df*
U»»MPr. IIICRMAVN. ('apt Kuw.ai. llMuina- ^Tvf .
Thm ilaBui rtop at Boathampton, both going —JBMMMllL
and returaln*
Fro m South -
Fr«icn From amptoo for
ffrw York Bremen Jtev York
HMurtm* Hahtr.lay Win+m1,tv
Hunan .Jan'y ki Peb'y ki Peh'y IT
WiMnuirr . Peb'y ** March n Mar T«
“““*«• . Marl. W April 1* April V,
"""MM April II May IT May II
“■“AM . May IT Jaar U June 1«
Wajtmaotua..Juue 14 July II July 14
Haauaaa .July u Aug't I Aug't II
Wun.aT.ia . Aug'i I SepC, « tu*,-, |«
. Ecpi r « Oet'r 4 Orfr I
W uunautua .Oet'r 4 Nov'r 1 ftoVr 5
..Notr'r I Nov'r M Dec'r |
. Nr.r'r ft DeoV n DrcV HI
IKopplag at Bnuthimpton. both going and returning, they offer
puwoftn. pron«rdU>« :o London and Havre, advantages over any
other route, for the erooomjr of time and txx ney.
vamaoi rnou uv ri t» aomi«urros awi aaauv*
First Ouhln. Main Saloon. |1BU ; First Cabin, Lover Saloon, ill*
VondhlB. * '
All letter, and new.papen muM pan through the Port OBke
•aUh'Jr "*• °f Ud'tMrb* •1*nrJ .*r parcrla received on thr day o
pr A*> eaperienced Burgeon .* attached u. each rt.lp
Por freight or paaaage. apply to C. H. SAND.
II Mouth William at.. New T»rk.
C A HKINI.KhN A OO . Bremen.
< .t ,CROBEKV A OO., Mouthamptuu
ia»-lytwi_WM. tMRLI.V Ham.
_ onaMAiDiL
SBttiSriS!^’ • : : Si/Srir
0LABOOW, IKK •• ... HI
NKW YORK, Tuesday, tnd 8-t*t.ml-T
GLASGOW. Tuesday, 14th SepcemU-r
KDINBl KGlf, Wednesday, l&cli iktnler.
p»>n sis Toal
T,‘",'*T. ‘"h Meptemh-r. at II o'clock, noon.
GLASGOR. Haturdav. Uth 0^t<»ber, at *• “ ••
F DIN 111'Hull, Saturday, i&th November, atM M *•
***** **r pauaui
I from Arv Pori.
First Ola**. ... . .16 iruioea* F»r*t rtaos_ $7f» m»
Bteerag,. foand with cooked | Bteerage, found with rook
rd prorlaions. .»*• t«> | ed prorblon . 80 mi
An experienced Burgeon attached to each steamer
for freight or Paaaage, apply to JOHN McMYUDN,
Se^w Turk City Bill, or Quid only received lur Paiaagr. ^
* * * M *' A > D T « It 4 ( T «».
._ So 41 Chatham atreet. New York.
SLCCICKHORof Peter A LiaiUjiaD, offers for salr all
kind, of SNL-fh and TOBA. COS general ZV fo" £7,cu
<'*obT ■■‘"“toed bp add re ..mg aa abore.
Thi. K.taklWimri.11. .me of the ..Ideal of the kind In the United
8tJ,U-- . tnalA—ly (w. |
I a'nUoV*' °*\ " IT, Il'OI AMF AND 14 441
,r'"n Trench, new edition, beau,
finally lllnrtraled Catalogue. -rut free, ..o encln.ng a Ihree-renl
•tan.pto II. 8 0 SMITH A CO.,
tnatt- «ru [w] Bol 1.1 V, w York. P. O.
7,806 PRIZES-$102,000— UXLY 16.000 Xl'MilERS t
j i**n:K coi'xtv .uadevv
mm i hici
T'‘ur o*-eoiicnir hall. mmo».h«o., un
sr*nrn Ftfp*iiotrodrnrr ,.f Col Gao. II. Loan and Jam A
Patron* wtli please examine Hits scheme carefully—compare .1
with any other, and If It Is not the host eerr ntesad, and the chances
to obtain capitals far better, don't purchase tlcketa.
, , CAPITAL % I 5.000.
] Prise of. .$]S,osi l, .. gihixs.
: „ . Ukai are. g.ooii
.. Stware SjStaj
. list are .... T Aimi
X" Approximations of.... RAi, are loon
J*' <*« . share ..’li '.ISM
Jo . M are.."" l,..».
MflOoPrtieaof. $8* .I«jS
• J»U'i Prlirt, M>uouiiQ|( Ui .....iluS *HH»
iyr TlduvU flu , H«lvn . Qjartrr* fe&n. /a I
ihJ'il w'|,’p V* "'t'*} •'•Baffrwdnesl by the Dumber which draws
the tlh.ie>l Prlte; If that number should he an odd number, then
eeery odd numher ticket In the .VI, ni, will be entitled to Rs .VI If
12 ,!T'In ,h*" *eery even uumlier ticket will be entitled' to
1‘eVi, In addition to any other Pnte which may be drawn
. ™7-7T.C*.lo buyl."« Ritentlty of odd and eeen number
Mtne"*srIthebisn'ra^ of”nbbsinr*ie oO.e^nrlera0^ ^*^ °^ ,h*
int elih°L HttfiSKP “• *• 4' •' »' "* “ «— «B
IV Person •'"B'ng money by ms I need m l fear Its he,nr lost.
Ih Uers punctually attended lo. CommiwicaUonacassAdenllal. Maul
Nxilri* of »cuod H%nk» taken at par.
Tho*' particular numbers should order lmm*dlatelt
Address, JAMKM F WINTER, Manager,
»U___ Macon, Qa.
_ l.tlUk A Mini,
WI4 Main slrpl, JficArnrmf, Uu.
ILL give their uudlrMcl attention lo all aales of Real and
Personal Estate, aalr of Househ< Id Furniture, Stock, O. I„
10 sale* on Saturdays of ll.rses
Oows. Carriages, Wagons, Ac.,Ac.
_ £•“•“** °? '“nd ,h« lATHrst and handsomest ,t«ck of
Furniture to be found In this market, consisting In part of—
Mahogany and Rosewood Wardrobes
. a . B" Marble and Mahogany top Cabinets,
Sideboards and W as,islands
Splendid spring Seat Sofas, Tele a Tctoa. Dleans and Lounged
Spring Saat Parlor. Cane and Windsor Chairs *
Sprlug Cur'd Rockers, SocUldrs. W hatnota
Also a bcantiful Assortment of Chamber Setts, together with a
general assortment of Housekeeping Hoods.
The city and country trade are Invited to eiamlnv our collection.
** »* *7 •,ir'*rm'“»B ‘o »« • Very email advance on cost.
oc*« " JAMES N. SHINE.
Will atteod lo I hr Mir of
A”1 FjITATE and every description of MERCHANDISE,
rails w sum , _ _
OFFER for sale a general assortment of genuine Medicines, al
ways fresh, and a great earlety of Fancy art,, lea Perfumery
tc., at prices ns low as they can he bought In the city
_J»** ORUBBS A A I'PERSON, No Xu I Rroa.l at
W I I, I, I % >l s t r T I. E It.
««*rr*CTt fe*R, mr-.RTra ash dealer is
Jfe IN Jfdla grig, ffloisscad, Pit. ., | .
fjUME HI MOM COICHECTI l». Inorder that the
public may not he misled by the vsrtnus misrepresents tin,,*
lhal SIC dally being made by the enemies of onr family Ithe Smiths >,
• Bdmu It niy duly, as one of Ms prominent representatives, n. stale,
various plebian pursuit*, m reported. and mnre particularly *« *
man of peace, do I deny having taken charge of that villanoo« gun
powder, bul I wish them to remember that l am the proprietor of
•bat elegant Hotel, on the European plan, known aa the Ballard’*
Hotel, in the new building opposite the E'change Hotel. Kichmond,
' * *n lh»* «*sy illatlnyulah me from the " reat of
mankind. I hope they will add res* me a*
-IlfHKOF iniM.ni A MAOHINK Hl»l\
Uicwv mp, Va.
fflALBOTT A BROTHER. Proprietors of the above _
■ worka, are now hoilding PORTABLE .^TEAM EN TJ *1
HI NEB, of an Improved construction, of all stars, from ala
to forty Horae Power, auitable for Circular 8aw Mill-. GhUH
Threshing Machines, and other purposes, which they flatter tliem
wfmare hilly equal If not superior to any Engine* ever built here
or elsewhere.
They wUI also furnish STATION ARY BTEAM ENGINE* from ten
Hor«e to any reoulred power
CIRCULAR RAW MVLI.*, of the most approved eonatrwrtton. and
of various stars.
MfLIA* ami IRONS for MII.IAM ,11 kind,.
RAILROAD WORN of eerry leecrlpi Inn
TOBACCO PROaSE*. PLATTENINH MILL* and >11 article* ueed
In Manufacturing Tobacco, logeilier with rrrrrkind of BRA** aad
They «rr alao the ri'lu.le.' Manufacturer*, In thta rl,y. and
OKLSHER, which they confldrntly rnrommand la tlnlr caMainm
and frlenda aa mprrlor to any Mdl of tbr kind with which they arc
•rqnainlcrl. a auirply of which win atwaya he kepi on hand, lor
which they aoltcll or—ora. ap7 if
KA6LE FOI WPRV. RlrhmoDd. VirginiA,
caat araawr, arrwrrr ratal irr nnamra,
!»■ den. Railroad Caro, anil all drarrlptiona of Rail M
road Machinery, Atallonary Engiue* of any required -B/«L1
power Alan, Portable Rnglnca. with a derided Improve tSSrii!)
menl owe any nthera heretofore made, (from S to an Nora* power i
on whewia, and weft adapted hr farming purpoaee. getting h,ruler,
Be , with Improved Circular Portable *aw-Milla attached, of lat. *,(
and Ad rlae. Mining Machinery. OrM and Kaw-MIII MacMlMey,
Eorglnga and Tobacco factory future* of every kind; alvn. Bram
aad Iron Caat mg, made to order. p r aHM.
RniMfiua. N. O., Dee. IS. HEW
P Ram. Eaq,, Richmond. Va.:
Dear Sir—The portable Engine tof W horm power) and Saw Mill
Wr pur,'heard „f you a frw month, ago, wr hap, pu, up ami la in
nperallon Thna far It perform* fully no to ogr rvpeetatlen The
Engine work* well, and aa for tbe Saw Mill, that to nudowMedlr an
Improvement over anything that we hare ten
Wr havr not aawed mnrh a* yet bn, heranoe we are ant Bled
with roneenianee- have tried I, mSIrtenlly to know tha« I, wlttanag
(he candle over anythin* in abape of mill* ,n tbta pari af N,.nh
Should you haw any rorreapondanU from Ihla aorllon reaper-ting
a mill, you can refer th**n to oar mill, aa a tight win bo an that la
requMItr, Be Toa are at liberty to par thta a* jam iblnk matt.
_ . _ __ JOSH A brva'n'
r * Th# Burger Me I* ft* A tplfl
■ .WON aaBl.r IHnW -TON F. B — Ik TO III H 11 I,
V Lamp Piaater lat quality from W inaor, N B.
No. A, Mackerel. No I. Herring*
Pevaerved Imhotera In I and f t can*.
No Bet Herring*. Dried OodB«h and PoHoek,
flawed Owngtea and Sawed fotUia,
Boalndale and Jam** Hirer Clement,
Bock land time, now landing aw Ibe Dnrt,
Land Ptaater OaMned. do
Baalw, Plaaterlng, Hair, Hay. Potatoea. Be
O* _OwatS-B. Dock and CWry ata.
W•*»« ’ ■ ABwlea. tWrr.
'■VI*. rot’ i.V.1^ __
■ certain, ipnly and only effectual remedy id tlx World for
BBC It AT IilShAHgh.
O-Uofrhoe., lileete. strictures. Seminal Weaknem. ram. in tlx ■
Con..national Debility, Impulemy, Hoak teas of Ue Hackr • , Limb.
Ad.-. tl.Mt of tlx Kidneys, Palpitation of u.e Heart Dyspeps. Nw.
*.***•1 rTl**bUl,r .Disease. of the Head. Thr oat. Non oOtkm and ail
thorn eerlow and malanchuly disorder. arising fr„m tlx lc.tauc* V
hahlu of yonlh, which doMroy both body and mind Tbe. xcr.l
,d“!k^‘^r pr4c'‘°" *rr *“*r' to their eictiint than t»x ton.
of th* Syrens to the mariners of L'l/eec*. blighting then u.r .t to*
Itant hopes or anticipation., rendering tnorriage, Ac , nnpoe It.
_, rouso men,
sopoclaiiy. Who hars become the eictlm. of Solitary Vice, p *, ,
hil and dotoractive habit which annually sweep, u, eg ... ■
rv, ol J°*n* men of the mo.I eaaJtTl laicni.
a*nl IntoUoct, Who might oUxrwtar haw ehlran.ed Ixtrr.n.* Senate.
sa1‘tMtSsssr’ * w**‘J to —••*7 **
ItArrM Frrtott^or Young Men couixatoUUu* m«i..u.
***r* of Waakixe.. Organic UdilUty, Dsfcrm.tx*, Ac
■hoaM Im mod lately Consult Or. Jbhnston, and be recto red u. partw .
He who lj«.e. hHWaelf under the care of Ur. Juhnalou may ran
flood/ confide In hi. honor a. . gentleman, and^mfidrtif,
«pon hi. skill a. . physician ' 1
iMMiiklHf < Ufr.1 and fall Ylf.gr re*lord.
pbidby lb ox aha hart
'lupruper iudulfcucr* Touny vrr»cr,* «r* lr>j
»• fro® Dot betuf »®r« of lhe dr*w4f,JcwL®
<*,fnnCr* ***^* mT^r ,U*,f &OW, Who that uoikriUMl* Utv • ohie- ;
JJJ*1 *? th4U ^ P>«« ** Pi-creat^u i* 1<*4 mmu*? bj
tko® ytlag tak l®t»rop® habiu than hy th- pradeot bowl 4
being deprived the pleasure of healthy offspring, lie mod uriou. wf
daatructlve symptom. to both body and mind arix The .y.te.a
become* deranged, the physical sod mental p..«er. Weakened n.. -
OW ,f^i If • d7,»"^”4’ P»‘P"»«''f of tie heart, l.idlg..t on,. ...
Uy **.**. "**i Cough, symptom, of con.amptioo, ex
“'^T 00,7 rr*Ulmr M>r»'cl»b adrerttdng to cure
Prlrato Complaints. HI. remedies and trralment are entirely un
knnwn to all other.. Prepared from a life .p*ol In U,e great lL.pi
^ Europe Md thr firtt in thin coonlrr, tis ■ >'r»n. -
the krtjnof 4c.. and a
n7!t'lll‘i Wl>rld- lli* Wonderful iuro and
moat Important Surgical operation, are a .utficWnl guarantee to tlx
aateteo TW who all. to be rpeed.ly and e«££ny raltortd.
rtSi, ^r.ftTy tTi*in* 'mpo^**ho >*>'f
Ogno-HoT BOOTH FREDERICK leTKTrr, left hand ode eo
!rx from Baltimore nrrvt, mven door, from Ux coraer
**■ ■» particular m observing the name and number, or ye* will
tDiaiaha lb* pi*, e. ' 9
TAJtlt NOTICE—Observe the asm* oo th* door and Win
„ . _ TWO DATS.
Member of the Royal College of Surgeon*. London, graduate from
one of Ux most emluenl College, of the L nitad State., and the ere*let
Eartof wtoxc Ufa ha. been .pent In tlx Hospital, of London,*pTrU.
^rr 'i“ Lfc't*d •*»* Wf Ux mom aiixkh
tog^cnnx Uiat wto ever known. Many troubled with ringing in U»
ear* and brad when Asb-rp. frrat nwrona®.i*dng alarmv«I at toil
im^d^w/ w,lh 'l*'»t.«vm*nlTfmtnd. war, cared
When the mlgfulded and Imprudent rotary of pleasure And. to
ha* imbibed the *cxd* of Uiia painful di*ca*c. It toe often ban Den a
that an ill-Unted of ^mTor dr«d
from applying to tho® who, from rdoratW.n and r®p®«aMltty. ran
alone mrfrtcnd him, delaying till the constitution*! symptom, of this
horrid disease make their appearance, such a. ulcerated sore throat,
dlx-sanl nose, nocturnal pain. In the head and limb*, dimness of
sight, deafness, nodes on the shin bones and arms, blotches on tbe
head, fnce and extremities, progressing with frightful rapidity. tUI at
palate of the mouth or the bones of the nose fall tn, and th.
.1 become, a horrid object of commiaara
him to 'W*th P“U * prr1od *° hu dreaitful sufferings, by sandlus
“That bourne from whence no traveller returns "
To .Ucb, therefore. Dr. JOHNSTON pledges hliurlf to prMarv.
the mo.l InvIoUMe xcrecy; and, from his .nen.ivr practice. In the
first Hospitals In Kmn>|x and America, he can confidently reeom
dlseax **f* **"* *p“d7 eur* *° **•* an fortunate victim of tills horrid
It la a melancholy fact thai thousands fan victim* to this drv*dr.d
.-mnplalnt, owing m Ihc pnaUfulDem of Ignorant prexnd.r., ah...
by the urn of that dreadful poison, mercury, rtun lli* constltatio'
»nj • itlxr and the unfortunate sufferer to an untimely grarr.tr six
lOAfcr Uie rraltiur of lifv miKr*li«
take pakticclar noticr.
Ur J ft*Urew*e« all thoor who hkn .m.irmi Hi.cmi... k- . .._
an 1 improper • raluigctu v*
These ai c tome of the sad and melancholy effect* produced by ear
7 haLlu of youth, via: Wsaknes* of the Back and Limb*. Pain in
the Mead. UltancM of flight. Loss of Muscular Power. Palpitation of
the Heart, Dyspepsia, Nervous lrratibdity, Derangement of the Di
geaUvr Punctioua, General Drb Jiy.Bympiotu* «.f CousutapUon, Ac.
The fearful effects on the mind are much to be dreaded. Lues of Mr
ra. ry, OwMn«J Una Defiruartoa of Spirits. Bvtt Foreboding*
Aversion to Fourty, Self Distrust, Love of Solitude, Timidity, Ac., are
some of the evil* produced.
Thousand* of person, of all ages can now jadgr what Is the can*,
of their declining health. Losing their vigor, becoming weak, pal.
snd emaciated, have a singular appearance about the eyes. coug.
and symptoms of consumption
Or those contemplating marriage, being aware of physical weakness
^ cou.uli l>r. MhDM, uu.l be r.uorcd to |wrf«:
Bv this great and Important reiirndy. weakness of the organs ar*
•pucdUy cured, snd full rigor restored. Thousands of the most ner
rous and debilitated, who had loel all ho|>e, have beeu immediau-.\
relieved. All impediment* to Marriage, Physical or Mental llsouaJ.
flcailo* , Nervuus Irritations, rremfaUng* and Weakness, or cihaustlor
of the most fearful kind, spwrdUy cured by Dr. Johnston
who have Injured themselves by a certain practice indulged in when
habit fiequrnily learned from evil companions or at school
the effects of which are nightly felt, even when asleep, and. If wt«
cured, renders marriage Impossible, and destroys both mind an«i
body. nhoold apply immediately.
What a pity that a young man. the hope of his country, and th*
darling of hu parc-nts, should be snatched from all prospects and en
joyment* of life, by the oonmqumces of deviating from the path ot
natur , and indulging In a certain secret habit Such persons, be for r
cjutemptaiing ^ ’
should reflect that a sound (wind and body are the m<»st nrrrsixrj
r.-qumte* to promote ror.nobul happUie^ lcj«d. without the*
the journey through III* become. . w.»ry pU#rttu,jr»; the pro.be
hoorly dyken, to the rWw; the mind >.. on« thndowe.1 with dcmi»
an.1 filled with the melancholy reflection that the haopiuess of snotl
•r becomes blighted with oar own
N B, Let no false delicacy prevent you, but apply immediate!*
either personally or by letter.
Kr AKIN blflEAMu* spse«tHy cured.
The many thousands cured at this mstitutionfwlth'n the last It
fears, and the numerous and important Surgical operations per
farmed by Dr J., witnesses! by the reporters o'the papers, and man*
other persons, notice* of whk h l»a* r appeared sgaln and again K
fore the public, beside* his standing a> a grntlentsn of charscto
and responsibility, Is a sufficient guarantee to the afflicted
It U with the greatest reluctance (hat Dr. JOHNSTON permits LD
card to appear h, f-re the public, deeming it unprofessional for a
physician to advertise, but unless he did so, th« affile ted. especial!)
'(rangers, could not fall to fall Into the hands of the many impudent
and unlearned imp.-Uers. with innumerable false names, or combine!
'iuackshop*, swarming these large cities, copying Dr. Johnston's ad
vertlscments, or advertising (hemselves *« physicians, illiterate, shal
low-brained fellows, too laxy to work at their original trade, with
scarce two Ideas bey«*od the brute, who, for the purpose of enticing
and deceiving, carry on five or six offices, under as many different
raise names, so that the afflicted stranger escaping one. Is sure to
tumble headlonr Into the other. Ignorant Quacks with enor
mous lying certificates of great and astounding cures fr,.tn persons
not to he found, who keep you taking large bottle* .»f Licorice Water
ana other packages of filthy and worthless compounds, cunningly
prepared.to Impose upon the unfortutigt* and un«uspecting. Trifling
month after month, or as long as the •mailrst fee can be <4.t*mcd
and, m despair, leaves you w.th ruined health,to sigh over your gall
ing disappointment
It I# this motive that Indaces Dr J to advertise, for he alone can
cure you To those unacquainted with l.is reputation, he deems it
*° **J ^**t his credentials or diplomas always hang In hu
No lftbrt received unless port-paid snd containing a stamp be
f..r the reply. Persons writing should state age. and *end that
potMon of advertisement describing symptoms spfll- dly
DOffi A % A .% f O..
CflONfllUNMENTfl of Tobacco, Wheal, Corn and other produce
J respectfully solicited.
fW* on Virginia street, next to Pry's corner
—rcn ». im.__ __mhlS—1y
■ Bo MU eoii.lfnm.nte «f Tobacco, Hour, Corn, Wheal, Ac
■ml their personal allentlon to .ale. of the an; and
keep cmutant!? on hand a 'arc aaanrtmei.* of Orocerlra, Sand*. Pa
rurtan tluano, Ac. ^(1
™*il» ifueii.ee, a w a'eaeoaa
C. , "• DRIB'S MINS,
* rirraawTw cratwr, aicmrmrn ?a.,
SoltcH con»tjmmenu of CORN, WHEAT. PLOCR, TOBACCO. Ac
March IS, laBB
JOHN A . H II It I N s O N ,
W.?'.**** C**T **'’ ’I*"™1* araawra. awmtnwn, ea,
ILL rre hu perwonal attention to the rale of WHEAT, CORN,
TOBACCO, and all other coontr? produce mneRrned to hla
—I* _ apll
tnmrr of tfnreracr naif F mnklin ,!r,di
Wholesale ANIi RETAIL DEALERS In french and Amerl
can Paper Henflnn, Satin Data nr. and Comtek. foe Win
dow Curtain., Mayo. Coed, and Ta.nl. Cornice., Hand* and Onopw
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and Ptu.h, for Swfa.; Curled Hair. Sofa Sprtnpa Twine; Tack. Mat
“"Hi window Shade; het Curled Hair and Shnck Matt ream,
frather Red.; Looms*; Sofa Bed. , with man? other article, in our
line of huatne. all of which will he mid on the moM reaaonahlc
term., and Paper II an piny and ITpholetrrtnc punctually attended to
in town or country.
re.hov u„
itmmitao. AferoAnnf. /uiorlrr, Mnnnfn. leree, oad fT«,deen<e
/Wrr in Beery /vwrlj-h,-. nf
rhartsrptl by rhf LpEi.hlnre nf Virginia Ore. 17th, ISM,
PBNHIS INSTTTITTTON reeelree depn.lt. on which Intere.t le paid
■ al I he rat* nf Me per rent per annnm If remainin* on depewtt
et* month, amt Arr per cent for .horter perloda
WM O. Paine, Pmtdenl,
OEO 1 SI MNPR Secretary,
Wm 0 Paine, of the Arm of Rent. Paine A Co.,
fame. I. Apperaon, " •• " Ood*hn A Apperaon,
Andermn, « “ A Andermn A On.,
R. Barkalale. “ " “ ItartwUlr, Star all A Oo..
Thoa s. Baldwin, “ « « Been. Baldwin A On.,
Robert T Brooke,
H Oh rut I an, » " « OhrlMtan A Lathroo.
SaiR Claiborne.
Joo Dooley,
Lwwt. Olnter, " ■ " Olnter A Alee?,
R B Heath,
Samuel P Imthrop, " " Chrtettaa A Imthrnp,
R. W. MeOrnder, •• " “ B McOrndra'. Soot,
Bamoel M. Price, » " « Tho. R. Price A Oo.,
Henry W Quartet,
Jim. P. Roberta, " » “ Smith A Roberta.
lea J Sumner
Jno. 0. Rehabr,
A Y Mofevs, •« « m | Q"
OMee nt the tanee of Henry W. Quarlea. No IB Pearl etrewt,
Rlohmoad. Tp,___ adl*^
ITUIliy.' The a«anrybe thembef r RenwerV eupertor
1 w WHISRT. formerly held by Metro tbane A Brown, .ad re
ceaMy by Mr. T Ja. Deane, hat. with the rnnnmt of Mr Deane,
been trnn«brred to aa We hereto atone, and eapert to teen a eoei
*•"' *HRdynf OM Rye" and ramify," which we a*r In the
--ra^th. mm.
T a rav Waiu
POOR Of. D Rl’tK.
*m—“ OU fWlc Sm! ••
T*!T'* “ “ “M **«kay. a worn owl Jack.
t.m* to Itvp wry lor f,
B« Baa bo Bob# In th, b, .lSI. of hi> hack.
CTwm —Than l,t dowu O., bark very low,
Ar»«l drive to the poor old ••Jof.*
JWre*. no mor. work ft.r poor <44 Bock.
Let him go obvio the oLi Doyv y»>
V' '•**« whr“ ka run. attar a.daa.
B*it ho ha* oo pjrov for to «\e—
{*••«** *om oat eatiiay poMWr mu,
^ ^ have to lot the puM'r mu bo
♦ *ov>ato - -Th^ti lot dawn th* ban very low.
And drive in the poor id - jor,"
Ttwro’. no mor.- work hr Boor' old Buck,
U« him ro where th« old up yo
"''l',"!>“1l> wron* with a vary hard Jerk,
*k h.. h yivav to Ml dnvar moeh truhi.
Ilk. I 004 a: It fit f t our kind of work,
for bp*, nrver jet torn'** to yo DnCBLC
LKor'.A Th. n Ut flown tli« hor* my low.
And drier in thw p.«.r old •*Joet»*
Thwre . mi mar, work :.r poor’nld Buck,
hwt him yo where the oi I ■■ iyv yn.
What •.Hope „f . aac with many b»d way a.
Bo vtonhy.rn, oo uM vim| •*> siv« »
Th- brat we can do .* to turn t.lm out to grn*•.
1*1^ fi*dd vh* r> I hr abort |r*<« « rr. w
cAorM.-TUm let down lh« »>*r- T<rj low.
And dr»ee out the ihmvp . j.| • j ^w
There'v no rnorr work tor p or o d Back,
!*rl Idn yo wt»ere the old nays yo
ifrvm 0.4 Lotion 7Vme-s 6*yrt U J
Mr Juaikh Quincy ia determined that “tho North" .hill
not Inse spirit in the greet American stiuggie now going
on lor want of Stirring note. Ue h.j published ■ pan,!
phlat slashing “the South” in real earnest. Mr Quincy #
is one of a group old American names connected with A
luerican history and high office, he was himself, though he
subs.quei.Uy retired from public life, a member of the
Cuogrrar ol 1805; he write* with authority, and a* the
old friend and swsociate ol John Adams. John Hancock
and John Quincy Adam*; but hi* pen shows juvenile rig
our and laddie-* The pamphlet is sn sjpias of Southern I
and daveowning policy, past and present; the way in which
the.lavcnvn.er baa contrirad tram the first to threaten
U. cajole, to bully, sud bnbe the Free State member* oi
Congress into acquiescence with bis schemes and siibser
rience to his iuteraata. The Southern slaveowner, whose
character is given with spirit, ia deaenbed quite is a roaster
mind ill hi. own w.y, eaily scruatoraed by his dominion
over the negro to a sense of power, and thus acquiring a
•ell con Vlence and self possession which he brings to bear
most effectively upon thv comparatively rude and raw Nor
thern. Ills position lias of itself given him this power, by
making it necessary for him. “It is impossible that Son,
OGn whiles, who are the masters, surrounded by 3,1*00,000
of blacks, who are slare*. can live otherwise than under a
never ceasing sense of danger. The mode of maintaining
the subjection ol these slaves is therefore the constant ob
ject of their thoughts.” Free .State men, then, can afford
to be careless, but the slaveowners are obliged to “have a
poliev.” or it is all up with them. “The immense superb
orilv ol physical power in the Frve States, combined with
a know ledge of their own inherent weakness, creates ill
- - — , cii*vnce ami
lhal of (heir .l»»eh ^/.md* u/on obtaining and Itepinn
/Ac ronlr.J oj thr fire*tale. Nature in ^e human asm
etery other animal, cump.usau.-* weakness bj some quali
ty which is equivalent lor delenre. In the case ol the
slave State* »he suppplies the want of strength hv art."
I he uiaiini, then, ol tlie slaveowner is that "he
must control the Free Sutea;” equality will not
serve Ills turn; il lie cannot goer» he is undone
Accordingly he contrived, in the first instance, to e»Uh
n«h the seat ot the national (iovernmetit in a Slave coun
try, and thus surrounded Congress with an atmosphere ol
slavery. With the same aim he procured, in defiance ol
the American Constitution, and the remonstrance, at first,
even ol the slat.-owning Jefferson, the introduction of a
loreign State, Louisiana, into the Cnion hv a simple act <if
Congress, without any appeal to the lie public at large,
s il bout wliieh Congress had 110 power to take the step.—
The slaveowner insinuate* I imacW into official confidence
st Wasliingion, obtains and distributes public patronage
turns elections, and g.-ta a President and a whole Execu
uveol Ills own. "Is there an officer of Stale, from the
Prescient downwards, who ha* not been selected from
the knowledge or belief of bis adliesiou to the aiaveow
" ner's supremacy t , . . . The consequence has
been that this alave representation haa governed the
“ l nion. Benjamin's portion above his brethren has ra
• veiled as a wol;. In the moruing he has devoured the
“prey, and in the evening has divided the spoil.” He
puts iuto the office Northern men with Southern princi
ples, and wield* the whole Democracy ol America. "Tou
.re mistaken, Sir,” said Mr. Randolph to Mr. Quiucv
w|n> bad said that the North would unite against the South
Ihe tlouth are as sure of your Democracy as they are ol
iheir own nrgroes. To the individual representatives ol
the Tree States the Southern slaveowner puls hunselt iuto
the attitudes of the Ual'ercr, bully, tempter, and corporal
ailant; the latter department of “policy” having been
•penally exhibited lately in the attack on Mr. Sumner in
the Senate-house, 11« is always ready to fight ; the Sou
them is proud of hi* “cl.ival.y,” and look* upon bimsell
is Ihe representative ol medieval honour and spirit iu con
ti»st with the tame and cowaidlv modernism ol the North
which discourages duels. Out he derives his cliirahoa*
contempt f..r human life from hia relation to the negro._
“ Lite itself depreciates when killing * slave is often veni
•• al For shooting a schoolmaster through the brain for
whipping a relractory boy juries acquit.” Tbi* is one
ot their art*, then, say* Mr. Quincy—vix , their arrogance.
The slaveowner is sovereign in the Slave State, and there
fore deems himself entitled to govern everywhere_an as
sumption which, though the result of his condition as mas
ter of slaves, ia. he observes, quoting Lord Bacon, a great
power Like l»oldness, it is the child of ignorance ai*l
“ vanity ; yet it fascinate* and bind* hand and foot those
“ t,l*‘ •*» shallow in judgment and weak in courage, and
prevaileth even with wise men at weak times. It hath
" Jour tromlre in /*>;.ular State." Educated under cir
cumstances which make pride and exercise of power the
chiel elements of their character, the Southern members
come up to Congress with the arrogant spirit ol an*h>
” cratic despot*, broking down on the representatives ol
ihe Free Stales a- an inferior class.” But with hi*
rrroeance Ihe slaveowner combine* flutter* and diplo
“The slaveholders’ mode ot operation in exU-ndiug their
power is well worthy analysis. Having no necewnty nor
inclination lo labour, those ol them who have from their
rreai wealth, more idle time than the generality, devote
themselves to politic*; which, in their vocabulary, means
how to govern thei slave* and how to control the Free
States. This i» the topic ot discussion at their btnnra, iu
iheir court house*, their caucuses, and in their Senate
chamber*. In their plantations they live in a specie* of
ninny tomiuie. i nnugn tnu*. mostly, they think and rra
«on and write apart, ret, from the identity of their inter
est* anil fears, their thought* and reasoning* result in the
•ame line nt polirr which at their general meetings they
agree upon and settle. Though widely separate. Ihr rhie/e
tit at tf.iitrrt in thr centra <•/ their reiprrtiv* ireht, t h rose
• HO nnt tilament* In carryr Stale in Ihe Union, in every
one ol which the thread* ol *>>nie of them find point* of
allscliuient and repionprocalion. In cuatom-limiaes, post
offices, those of eontraeting printer*, and mans others,
from each of which ready sympathetic response* are re
turned as sore and as quick as by Ihe wires of the tele 1
graph These responses are collected at Wa* ington, in |
which the character and qualification of each member ol
Congress are as well known a* at hi* own home."
Thus, • jcalotii, fearful, and bating all talents which
they cannot command, courting, coaling, and fawning |
on all who will h.-comr their tools,” the Southern mem- j
I rare gain a preponderance in Congress, and twist the Re
public their own way. The corruption ol the class has
grown, and where** "fifty year* ago there were ten cla*
aes ol slarcnwners, the one generous In spirit, polished
in mariners, and true to the spirit of liberty and the con
stitution," now, according to Mr Quincy, all ar* like
what has (seen described here Keen in 1814 Mr Ran
dolph mourned, in the spirit in which a member of the
old french noblesse would, over the change, and observ
ed that “ihe spirit nf the old planter* wa* departing and
rrsdnallr wearing away. The rich vulgar are everybody
and every thing You can almost ‘null the rum and
cheese and lump sugar out of which their mushroom for
tune* hare spuing “ Buoh is Ihe class described by Mr.
Quincy—masterly ami able in Ibeir way. wily, diplomatic
imM, insolent, arrogant, hectoring, bullying, alternately i
eyjoling the Northern Member ami overpowering him by !
assumption and superior sell-confidence. Mr. Quinry then
calls on the Northern at last to muse himself and meet thi*
clans with hold opposition Their argument •* unity, and on
the |e**t attack no slavery they threaten to separate ^iotu the
Colon Mr Quincy's advice i* to take them at their word,and
to tell them tnaeparstclf they chwoee “You will find them
in the event glad enough to stav with you." They know
perfectly well that the Slave States cannot stan-l by them
selves, and that .'Kwt.liOo masters of I.UUO.Outt alsvee must
go t« Ihe well without a free State federation to hang on to.
The Northern* then are eihorted to adhere In their reso
lution and stand the risk, Co carry oof their lull view*
*gain*t slavery, a d to throw upon the Booth the alterna
tive ol submitting or aeparating They threaten to form
“an illiam-e offensive and defensive with llrewt Britain "
Mr. Qoit.rr soys, let them form it if they like and redneu
•hemselve* again to the condition of a colony. Or, if this
course is avoided, a separation will at any rate entail, even
•■'cording to Ihe admission of Mr Calhoun, “the raresti
lt for Ihe Bottlh to make their rnmmnnitiet military.*—
And in the! cu*e Mr. Quincy congratulate* the Booth “on
s hopeful Independence un lev the military prowess of fiOI»,
«Mi whiles to keep in snbjectioo S.OW.ono stave* "
Irtaos Fsili at—We bam that Mr. Benjamin Hank*
of Washington, M 0, an eateneive dewier In lumber, hue
recently failed for an amount estimated at fiitXl.V >0 to
Wlmhevl?, r^am and
Uowlea. K«n*mt «ulterer«, having applied to the Commit
lee appointed annie time einee to raia* mnnev tor the dr..
**£* K*n*“.*n,J been re/oaed rebel. pohHah , Card in
Ike Dvm.jcr.tthU morning. railing for maUoTrcm
peeling the diapoetlion of the lunda collected l f the Com
mittee Three gentlemen are all tree Slat* men
congressional nomination
Nan To.. October 4 -The American, of .be 3rd
Congn—mo.1 district have nominated J phlB_ piV^!
lor Congrean In the Nth dlalrict the in,a! "k*
notninated Shepheid Knapp, and the .Tt"*,, ,£
MUie party hare nominated Edward T Wood lor t^o
tr.^.d ’ Y ’ * -The Bn., -....he, he,
i.Tfod.1 herrV‘ rrurr01 *M,or*10 ** **
' , ,e morr iium«ruua than at
prcvtom. latr. The .nick i. very aupertor
. aw 1 oaa, Oct. 6.—The French Chaal at Oiia place
haa received a -arrant horn Waaluneuin authorial, L Ik
•""* *«• French Re,..;; ‘a-lndW^ cJam*
naiion by (he fedvnl tiiUiurniw.
outward bucnd.
ed h!7c n“7 °CI- 4 ~Th’-' «-■■» Washington mil
rdton,ce to-de, at uoou lor Bremen, with |U^aTin
ST Lora, Oct. 3.—Tile Governor hoe appomtad tbe
2»tb ol November aa a day of Thankagiai,.^1^^ "*
V . ,,IUI *** Tout.
**,Tto,toTin“' ^
•ato Ml. roomWMv tom^tokk^birT^..♦■‘hr1 - * ^ ^
bj th* ovo«r of lh« burnt build tug *** hw*****n€* '>ccupi*d
JL" iss^rtrna rsr -
Southern nhtte 14* cent*. -auuiueru neo, aud
Com—th. market hto. .led,,,in.
68 c«i«to for mixed Southern * *****
uStTh* ,n"ke‘ firmeri wilh 01 «*•. “
••JS^rJtoSr w“ qu,'‘' *,,d 04 “
Naw Yogs Nun. NATIONS.—The “Reloim Cnm.Mme
haa nominated Judge Jaincit R Whiling lor Motor O u
under*lood that the Judge „|| ,ccept,g.„d U„7hc ,o«7
Th0°rim'n *"*,out dmlinction ol parly *01 unite ou him
The Democratic Courcuuoc at T.L.dt U.ll noo.ina.7d
Richard Buatecd tor OorpotaHuh Counsel. U is undeislood
fill the vacancy occamooed by th. daath ol Mr. She£rd!
Trta Indians oh the plains rrcentlv attacked a train ■>»
S^FTETln *•**£ SS&SbS
j. b. b. .. ,*z. «'rr
to E|L.0|,“f XTd~A c,ircu* ri'J,,r Floyd, attached
to ^paulding A Rogers Circua, eloped recently ait), .
yonog giil, (iiughler ol Valentine Fehl, ol the United
M?'f hi0*1’ Thc K‘rl “ ■*»«* 1« Year. ol age.
' J ^T“d’ ‘Ute,,a* -W—
B,° Finest*.—It I, reported that the amount sf busi
ness paper maturing at the Banks in New York ,itr be.
MUr. "T “ Sor*r**fkt or
. i • J* indicates the amount ol buamesa trail*,
acted m the commercial metropolis ol the Union.
The populai ion ol Xebnuka lias iocrwassW 0s.r t.»
and oi.e-lourth told 10 a single year, and the number ol
^*ct»J^nearl^hre«tiin«igreaterlhaiiiu 1858
job... i Ociolw 4,1W
*8 wSa.tL-s.'rRS:
M..,.r Harr!.. C M 11 arm, S*MnkJft;£ TTw
T Imam and lady. In Owea. DannlU ■ D 8 i-.Tlii— U w a. 1
"*?'*• » 0 : 0 X R yor.lde, fc.SSrV, Mr7 L
T,“„^02r-" ® ■ J * Can It-., T t, WlnS-rurT*
;Z'S irTs' ) 1%* x-xJar“
P M. 8CXBAT, October Sth, 1»«.
P McUaimeolutnbui.Oa; O Bontaf, Oold.lawrita. Montsemrrr
wSSSV'i00"** ’ L Mkk*» CfeattAMofii M KrmNerliDff UK
y, * Tillwon, lladtaon; P Alboo N**hv»l«« O
H ‘J-f. rex;, is, ,aau.“ “
they c»U th. Ocular atteo.i . of dealer, and^nm*?"-,
of the rolloa'n* celebrated ard choice brando-Otard. Dupay A
£i. SSSS 5ft y^: * °* •J
_ __ WIND.
Chaica Old Madeira, Royal Pale Sherry, extremely del lea te and
Ihte. AmonuUadoBheiry. Siehaa Pale shen y. Blackburn’, Madeira.
Onckburni Old Drown Port, Hurrm.dv Pi rt. Malaga Winea Collie
and low Priced U met for culinary pur ;*>«**-, riare-t U'tnrw fr '»i i «
tBf and at Ml llsirk
* ®w,t •nd C’b*r,r*’ HtiiMal 0»*mpa«a«
wince, for which we are agent., and —II at New York prkws.
Ldxistoti Factor, quart* and pint*.
fVr«»u h ale. pint*.
fV mr^ic llraiidy, Gin, Cordial*, Ac. Ac
_Hasan. Var._
__ ww Plow. -—
\V* hs»* been engaged for w>me urn, part gw
„ ’ I" setting up the pattern, for a new RX... '
Plow, especially designed f. r turning under the ' xEST
bear feat growth of regetahle matter, and wt^iSLiM
till ruiiy <mr ®H *
a.'u'our larw aLs" f,ji,n,io" »• *>".ers to Uto Plow, m well
Il mI SI *** •t rWwy Of evary «sc. Cultl valor* Cm Wr«4
*•'*<• All of which .re mniTwW
•wn .hop., by good workmen, nod warranted to rlr, Mtlefbctlco
„„ m. «"P.WATT A 00 . KSSbSSr
-NW__ •dunra Wl«w the Rgcbangw. Richmond, tf*.
MEW STIM H OR I*A 1,1. I.oo lib. -
m NKb n. qi ihi.ia, -
Mil kralkr in hatOjapbTiiootb,
rlj 1H0R8, TRfNRS, Ac. reJpectfnile
'~g* leaee to .nno.inre lo the pnbhc. m
w prepared lo adhr to Urn paMtoJ _
—awing atocka in Ma line eerr offered In Ihteclty. Hkslack In now
template, and ha aaks tha attention of city and rotuilrr denier, *uh
T* n^wiwre Wot Ma ffteat tkall ha aatlafkrtorg. teltt
\ r ib t:ui now or r*cit.i*iff hhoh» i.«
which are a great many New Ikxit. |u.t recetand by
..... . * MORRIS. No P7 Main rtreet
Trait, kid Starlet of Uta Irlah Peasant, y . by William r.rleson
With numerous lltuMralions on wood and Meet, t Tola M 'n
m^nSST t*rr ‘7 **“-*" . «• '—I
tJUSJUSTfTjk *■' W"* *7 '"A"1** •*
Ezzrjr* r~‘* —»«- * —
eoU*M Mo,b* *Bk ,h* k'*1 Author.; three different Myts* binding; 1
The HIRanf Shatemue . be (he author of Mi* Wide Wide World
Asplendtd naaortmrnl of NKW ffwilLISH JIT RNfLKS
. 11 ’TL*”*' •" •""* “ I Otrle- wkadUIr
with r«|iirH vofrarlnm $4
Madam-llu.aof, P.pnlnr Tiln T1 cwwle
'* Moral *• 75 •«
lelfr of ^ipolfnn ^ni)»irlf 75 090(4
Mtm K<lgew .rth'i Popular Tales. JS cent.
Moral “ TS -
Aanl M.eer‘« Book of Tablet, with Mlnwrattons an (loan We.
Aant Mirer • Iliaetretrd Primer IV
W^c.'^I' r'.l"J*'""1* fbWfh. tJMIe Sar.ge, Tb. Idmeof
*>n* A*’ *J**Wof,h 9 r>r*nu 1, Mlg*w»»rt5*f 1%mj In
\%r e'aleaafa
▼ w Ilry Good houaa In II i r cite An en per ten red and rWelanl
atogla mao aerynataKed with the dty trade will ka glean a good win
Mk>n Add tea# A f C kt pnwtlk real name sy*T
E’"< * bOlilia. We aee wibf a Kandsusn. Utg
T Taney flood.. also. . large tm of "Vela. of .11 Manure Cwil
and esamine them MRRCHANT. WRiMiiyR a CO
______H* Mam »leee«
Lnpln’e Medium and Tatra Slack Nnm bailors. front Awafloa
Ao dn do Mi na.ll.ro
M**. do V do T.maae Cloth
Mnnenm* Silbs m gent enet.ly
Rog'lab and Canton Crnpaa
Wap-T Mohnty. and A tpae.a
w *»ek Crape and toe* TaMe,
Tw anle at low price.. TRICK, BATI.TA Want INS.
____ N«. ist Warn awaaa.
- . *** ANI1 PSCSH SI PP1.T (IP CASPffTS RCOff. »e
W^OW la Ik* Mina to eemwe AmlraSdr Carpets, at the aaw target
is Wnr-ermme. -ptm.lt, Pyrhaog. Man. Howtsktepera hdM
ee: fea&Ersr&r ^
Imperial Three Ply
Super Lowell fngrwM
Tine Carpeting, ffrenl hargs'na.
<Vr awuetmant k urocb larger than aeenh nod wa pen—* treb
mtr kergnloa Coma awe. tome .A t A »W ATKIN.
"lrt AlffagMs r.ctmnga Bart.
HE S f II ANA ffni ifbtNi. Pg. ANEW, Ac—A
mesa nod bannUfUl Woab. J— m band and lee mla by
•*» Ma.

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