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Il l I I . .1 '
An il** tka practw piaor by following Dr. Boyle, U>< Mr
goon of Mr. Botu.
Il U (roo tk<l Such • roar*notion took plan, nod Mr.
Pryor hM mo boar II was that tnhrrm*tio«i u to oaar
whareobua la bad boon obtained at Ashland. Suspecting
the sfaot that such a report would produce unlam al unco
looked into, lnaimanii aa that I baa* in part the manage
■mot of (bo Hotel and appurtenance* of that place, I asked
Mr. Prror from what source ha derirrd such infunaatinii.
He said from ofkcer Tyler. I, while yet on tbs ground,
went to Mr. Tyler and deemed lo kuoa how he got Ilia
information alhi l.t|.lo by Mr Prtor. He replied that be
had overboard Mat rwmarfc* falling frmn a Mr Dickinson,
a pamangor who earns In the train from Millford that mor
ning. 1 rospi-alod Mr. Trier lo go with me to Mr. Pryor
and stats the feels of ths case, which he did, and Mr. Pry
or promptly remarked that he had no idea of intimating
that I had any (Meg to do with IL After this the public
rcuinatance alluded
r. Irving, by author
By of Mr Prvor, proposed then in make arrangement* lor
a meeting after the piruee should be bound over, aa at
anticipated they would ire, notwithstanding the expected
rocogniaanoe. Mr. Anlth deolined an acceptance ll.cn.
with the statement (hat ho had no doubt it would In- ac
cepted when made after giving bunds, but that he did not
feci at liberty, while under arrvit and pledge, to make ar- |
rangameulo lor another meeting ”
Tkh la all very true, and I am gratified lo he able to
concur with Mr. C. In reapect to one fact. I conies* I did
not feel disposed to enter iato an agreement, while yet in
the hands of the law, to break it. Il is not to be found in
my code of honor.
Mr. Cbiatnan, in conclusion, says:
“Using satisfied from thews facto and others that any
attempt to secure a hostile meeting between Mr. B. H.
Boils anil Mr. Pryor will bo thwarted by persona not
connected with the matter, but friendly to the Hon.
John M. Il ttu, aa alao satisfied from that tin physical
condition of Mr. B. B. Bolls, aa exhibited on the
field, that Mr. Pryor ought not to ahoot at him, I can
hare nothing more to do with the uiaCer, and, giving the
OOrrsapondonce and those facta to the public, close luy
connection with it.”
1 have now to say, that no communication of any tort,
was ma in, to or received from any person from the time I
felt Richmond until after the arrest, except friends dira-cl- i
ly connected with the proceeding*.
lo evidence of the extreme caution observed by our :
party, I may mention that, till alter the arrest teleg. apli- !
ic dispatches troui our Irlend* could nut reach ua, and a
personal friend who cainc to Washington Monday, could
uul find ua. though, aa he a tali'*, he mad.- liilligcnl search. ;
Having now examined and replied, as I think to every
|M>rtioo of Mr. Chisman'* card wnrthy of notice, I have
lo say that a comparison ol the details with those furnish
ed on the part of Mr. Chiaraan, develop,-* the glaring lad
that lie has omitted an important part ol the cwnupiiii
deuce connected with this affair.
In the Diapatch of the yth, Mr. Chisinau appear* with
a Hourish of trumpets, denouncing me in what he intended
to ire insulting term*, for haring attributed directly to In
agency a telegraphic communication which appeared lu
the r.ilumna of the Dispatch, over hisown signature. He
arraigns me Indore the public aa a falsifier ol llie record,
notwithstanding the Identical document, and doubtless one
traded it, appear* in t e columns of the Washington
Union on We lues Jay last. On thi* point 1 am willing to
leave it to a discerning public to say bow far the state—
meat*of one who, undertaking in hot.haste the narration
of fact* connected with ar: affair of this kind, withholds a
pot lion, is to be weighed under such circumstances. Tile
6?S«.Rt bravado, spirit, and thereby obvioa* design to
break the force ol my card, has not in any manner dis
turbed me. In this whole affair, it ha* been my purpose
to so manage matter* a* to command the respect of gen
tlemen. Referring to tlie letter* ol Messrs. Brice, Hol
man. Flea*ants, Perry and Tyler, I leave the whole mat
ter to the Juigiocut of tlie public.
RirriMOXti, Oct. 10th, 1850.
To F. J. Smith, E?<j—IMqt Str: In accordance with
your request, | will endeavor to state, a* briefly as pos*»i*
bl«\ the circumstance* within my knowledge connected
with the affair between M* a»r*. Pryor and Butt*. On
Wednesday, th»* M«mh ultimo, 1 wa* informed that a card
from B B Bolt*, E»q , would appear on the following
in<lining, which might call forth a challenge from R A
Pryor, and f wa* requited to wait for Mr Both* until al
ter dark, and conduct him to Tree Hill, tlie residence id
Mr. Steams. A *hort time alter dark, I met Mr Butt-,
and requested him tn proceed down Cary street, I abort- i
If alter overtook him. and we drove to Tree Hill. At
thi* place he remained until the following Saturday mom- j
ing, at vhlck time I accompanied him in a private carriage,
avoiding the citv of Richmond, to a point on the Rich
moo, Frdfferfcksburg and Potomac Railroad, where
took the night train for Washington. 1 was with Mr
B d'* •f*-m ihi* time until lie wa* arrested on the ground,
near Silver Spring. During the trip, I saw no one with
whom I am acquainted, and I am satisfied that no clu»
could have been obtained by which we could have bee*
traced On m- arrival at Washington—which wa*be ton
day Tight—we P ck, and went to an inn in (tcorge
t*'*1*— • I *•»'«* *•«? •*! until .Monday at suit two o’clock.
when we left to meet Mr. Smith at Rockville; ami afu-.
takiug dinner at that place, went to a point some eight
mile* distant, on another road, where he remained until
6 o **lo k neat morning. After waiting on the road for a
•hurl time, at a place about three quarters of a mile Iron*
the place el meeting, wc proceeded to the ground, which
We retched at twelve minutes before seven o'clock, (l»y
mv watch.| Seven o’clock was the hour appointed for tin
m eting. i am satisfied tlmt alter our arrival in
N\ s-liiiigtoii, none of Mr. Bolls' fiicnd*, except
M • j »» Holman, Mea-rs. Bryce and Flex-tub,
^ Payne who was consulted by you at hi* residence,
you and my-ell, were acquainted with the whereatuml*
and intended movements of Mr. Bolt*, and that il any ol
lu» Jrieml* had debited to arrest the affair through the in
ferveiitlon of tile police, they had not the requisite infor
mation to have done so. The whole public ktiuw as much
a- they, except that he had left tlie city. During the
wno'e liip, Mr Bolls wax ill excellent health (except hi
rlieuinafic uffeclion,) and when be was on the ground,
wa*a* fully coiupete-nt (physically) to use the weapon In
ha*l selected, as any man in the Suite. It has always been
uiy opimou that the man who ia careless ol hi* own life is
a fool, and that he who is rccklea* about liking the lile
of another, in u aaroge. While, therefore, f do not say
that Mr. Hot Is did not feci the responsibilities aud anxie
ties which attached to his position, Idoaag, that through
out the whole affair, he conducted hitn-elf with perfect
excitement or wavering of purpose. It is proper to wild,
that from youth, Mr. Hotf« It a* been sulijitt to attack*
ol WiuuuiaUmii, aliicli has cauaed a slight stilTuess ol the
km e* ; but be ha* had no attack of this sort for the la*l
nix week* ; and I am not aware that a stiff hire is likely
to produce any unfitnr** to tight a duel with the weapon
lie had selected. 1 must fu liter add that Mr. Uryee, who
t ame U» lieorgetd.wn to inform Mr. BotU and myself at
wh«t point w«* slionld meet Mr. Smith did not iulorin eith
er Mr. B. or myself of the time ami place fixed on for the
duel, until after we had entered the State of Mary land.
Very respectfully,
K. W. Pxaitv.
W as hi st* ton, Oct. 8th, 1866.
F J. Smith, Eaq.—Dear Sir I send you the "Union"
of t»»is tuoriiing containing Mr. Chisinau's caid. The al
lusion to the phyaicai condition of Mr. Bolts, I hare stifle
matised. as wanting in m«iy«Miifm7y, to use no harsher
fertn The courage which a man exhibits on any gir. n
occ*asion mar be * matter of opinion; but if is due to Mr.
Butts to sjy that I was with him tome thirty nix houia
previous io the time of mcetinir, under circinnntances well
calculated to prove hi* nerve, and that with some expert
elite in similar affairs, I have never aeen a man cooler, or
more ready for action. Theirs mu-t have beeil good eye#
who detected a shadow which could warrant any imputa
tion W* ihe contrary. As far as regard* physical health, I
say. without hesitation, Mr. lio;ts was fully competent to
such a meeting; other wine, I would not hare appeared on
tkejs/d, its a it it mess to an erne*] Hat eombat. Ido not of
ler lhi« as a certificate of Mr. Bolts' courage, for if tear not
fried, and is m ruy opinion without blemish, hut as 'he tes
timony of one acquainted, to some extent, with the cir
cum«iances, and unwilling to ace injustice done to any gen
Civilian, much morn to a friend.
Vour*, truly, J«o. W. Have*.
„ Riihmomu, Oct. II, 1858.
"*• ■. e. Sui rii—Hear Mir: You railed on rrrr, on Mon.
day morning, the 6th in*!., • (ear n.irutra after 8 o’clock,
and aaked me In attend an interview which waa to lake
place between youraelf and Mr. Chi-man, the friend of Mr.
* rynr for the purpiwe ol arranging the term, and place nf
*merlin* between Mr. Holla and Mr. I’ryor ; you ataled
that Mr, t'ht.inan had dealred a Iriend to lie preaent with
him, and that tun wiahed nie to accompany you. Alter
t re tenue and lime et meeting weia agreed upon, arrange
■aenta were made for aelerling the ground—it waa agreed,
lor the aake of rautiou, that we .hnuld acpaiale and earli
I’-’tT M° alone, rut, .hould either patty arrive before the
other, llien they ehmild wail until i o'clock. Monte dela*
waa oruairiourd In ua fry una nf the horaca becoming lame,
and our baring to wail oa the road, until the driver re
turned with a aoiititl horee— tltii occupied near an hour.—
W# then proceeded, wit all haate, to the point where wr
ware to meet Mr. Chi.man and bia Iriend; but aotne |&
or gn minntea before * o'clock, we met him and friend
about half a mile from the ground, returning to Waatdng.
ton An eapUnation took plaea, they returned with qa,
and tire ground waa .elided They lelt for Wa.hingtnn,
and we. without eommunlrating to them our inn ntion,
and after they had gmie out ol eight, look the other end
of the road, and prtioceiled to Keknlle There treing
arane eteitemerit in relalion to lha meeting, you ihonghl
it atlvMalde to diapateh a Iriend U> inform Mr liotta, who
waa then in floor mrriown, ahem ha had been horn Monday
morning, and advUa him to proceed with all poaeible dia
patrh to leave the limdw fur fear of an arrrat. After
getSng In a hark, wa concluded that after (electing the
ground wa would, hy a rroaa road, alan go to Rockville
and meet Mr. Rotta—adrtae him of all that had taken
plan* and conenlt aa to future movement. We met Mr.
rftlt, and after a eonaultatlnn, determined to return to
acme point near the place aeleefed for the meeting. It
waa near dark when wa left Rockville—no one knowing
• hare wa war# going or what waa oqr hu.incea, tie ode.
At 6 o’clock in tha morning tre were within three <|iiar
tee. ot a mile of the ground, tint concluded to wail Itiera
tHI near the rime of meeting. We were there joined hy
Mr J H Pie** me. who left Waahinglon that morning,
and who 1 form iat a Mr. Anderann, omnrrleH with
the ™hrr pail-, d on the main ma I, had Informed
him tha" the grown., . in po«ma«ion nf police office-a,
frill tfi I not know if t!ie other. Hke Mmertf had eecuped.
Il wa* eoggi-eted l.y yen that Mr Nryre and my-alf .hoard
*" fiwwaid and Wiahe an etammahnn, and il a. found nf.
hoe**, Wr teinrn and adviac Mr Boll. When wc drove
•p, nu wnw waa la bn aaen, but the Inetant wa Mopped we
wars aurrmindo-l by uAeorU, who arrested ua. Mating that
thyy were directed'to arreey every perwun who Blight ap
pear on the ground,—that if they were not iuraM-dtatwiy
interested they would be needed aa eiinferes. I objected
to their power to art aa they were officers ol the District,
and had no authority in MaiyUod; but finding that Mr.
Pryor and his parly had been raptured, and haring by a
surrender ol perron and ot arms recog.iied tlie authority
of the police, t concluded that Mr. Botls had as well ap
pear ou the ground, as ail hop-- ot a hostile meeting were
at an end. The officer who arrested me said he was sent
tor by the Maror, at 11 o'clock the night previous, who In
formed him ul the time and the place ot the meeting, anil
directed him to proceed to the ground ai,d arrest errry
one who appeared there. From the caution which was
observed by the Irrends ol Mr Bolts through*Mil the whole
transaction, not ona of them being in town alter IS
o'clock on Monday, it ia ini|M>snible that any information
could have been given br them The public will there
lore have to form hair own ojiiiiion aa to the manner, and
by what partv, the information waa giveu.
lo regard to the allusion to lha “pltvsical condition" of ,
Mr. Bolts, I have to say that I have trcqncntlv witneraed
auch meetings, and have never wu ail instance where
mitre cooltn-as and determination wa* manifested by any
one It is true that lie did not appear an the ground aev.
era! hours In-lure the meeting, nor dul he make any blus
tering parade—hi* conduct bring modest, unassuming, j
determined and brave. He seemed mortified and disap
poinl.-d at his arrest, and disruted the aulhority of the
officer; but when informed ot the arrest of the opposite
party, and their acquiescence therein, he yielded to the ad- |
vice* of liieo-ls, mraelf among the rest, in making uo una
vadmg resistance The rest ia know lo the putilir.
Vary respectfully, J. H. llotusM.
Kiciimoxp, Oct Hi, 1 Silt.
Ma. Fasx.ia JSuitu— Ifoar Sir:—In oomplianoe with
voor request that I should lumish you with a written
statement ol whst I know of the late affair between Mi-ssrs.
It-Itls and Pryor, as well a* of the "physical condition"
of Mr. Bolts, as alluded to in the card oi Mr. T. P. Cilia
man,—I have briefly to say: that from the time of your
seeing me on Sunday, to the lime of the contemplated j
meeting, every thing that came under my obnervalioii.
was managed on your part. Iso I nr a* I am capable ol
judging ot such matu-ra,) with caution, zeal and discre
Aa to “tlie phyaieal condition of Mr. BoMs aa exliibitod
on the field," I am at a loss to know whst Mr. Chismsn
means Mypieaet.ee “mi the field" waa rather accidents! j
—being contingent on the absence of a distinguished gen
tleman, whose health aoqld not justify a positive engage
ment lo be on the ground; but lieing with Mr. Botls ten
minute* before, and fire minute* alter hi* arieat, I have no j
herniation in saving that hia “physical condition" was fully j
adequate to the purpose for winch he had gone there, and i
that ho was uot only free trom any eicllement of any kind,
hut that his coolileaf And self p»»aaes*ioti were tile subject
ol remark la-1 ween mvself *nd a getil'einaii present. For
the details of the transaction, will of course refer to thoec
more ulnmst. lv connected with it.
Very Truly, J. B. Pl*ax*xts.
RiiHUoxii, OcU 10th, IHSf,
To (). W. II. Tv LA*, Ksq., Office ol Police.— 7l«ur Sir
It ap|s-ars by vour tealiinoiiv In-lore the Mavor, as well as
by tel. giaphic dispatches -cut to this city from Washing
ton, on Momlur night, and published in the city papers, on
Tuesday, that information had been giren to the Mavor
and oilier offiout*. as lo the time and place ol meeting
between Mc-srs. Bolts and Pryor, you are respectfully re
quested to stale, if at liberty to do so, Irum whom this in
formation Was d. rired, and if not at liberty to lurnish the
a tine, will you s-ale whether it wasfroin any person di
rectly or indirect!*, or remotelv conn.-cted with the Hon.
Jno.M Butts, |iei*onally oi politically, or in any manner
connected with Mr Beverly Boll-, or the party of friends
m hn n<*<*r<mir>*i.it'd him.
Will you also state where Mr. Boils was at the time of
lib an eat; how soon after he got on the ground, you met
»i(b him, ami what appealed to be hi* physical condition
and g-neral deportment and bearing.
Be pleased also to state the source from whence you
learned, as you supposed, at Ashland, the whereabouts of
tf»e parties refered to, as alluded to in Mr. Chismau's card,
mid if from any person in any manner connect* d with tne
Ashland propeity, *o state, and very much oblige,
Your ob't aerv’t,
F. J. Smith.
Kh hmomi, 11th Oct., |H56.
7b .l/r F. .7. Smith.— /Mir Sir : 1 ha\eju«t received
yOUr favor of to-day, aud in reply thereto, say that in re
gard to the information furnished by the Mayor of Wash
ington to us, which we received after three o’clock Tues
day morning, I know nothing of the souice from which it
was derived by him. 1 had received information ill Wash
ington, on Monday night, aUau 9 ©’clock, from a guutle
min, whose rcrideiict* I do not know, hut do know that it
i* unt Richmond. Washington, or any point between the
i wo cities, a* to the day the duel was originally to Uke
place, the name id whom roust forever remain a se
cret as to the publication, aud can say that a I the in
formation that I have had given to tne was from per
son* not the personal liiewds of the lion. John M
Butts, or his ton, B. B Bolts, or any of the friend* ol
.nr person connected with either ol them. As to the
nine of the arrest of Mr. D B Bolt* and his friends, it
was on tlie giound where the tight was to hate takcu place
at 10 minute- before seven o'clock, and while he was in
ihe hark. 1 approached him, al»oui one or two minute*
.»ft**r his arrr-t. and shook hands with him. lie •»- per
fectly cool, collected and determined, as far as 1 could see;
«n l there was nothing in his physical condition in any way
different from hn ordinary appearance when at home; and
his deportment and bearing was that ol a gentleman in
every respect, while 1 was in hi* coiiiuany.
Tin* person from whotn I ivceived the information at
Ashland, is a tv-idetit of Richmond city, wewl there, he
travelling on the ACCOtiifttodwUon t«ain, 1 brlieYw, from the
county ot Caroline, and not at all connected with the prop
••rly or the owner* thereof nt Ashland, to my knowledge
or f>eliH. His name can be had, as he did not (uruisli the
mloriuation to me under circutiistanct h which forbid its
And I will add that in toy opinion, from all th.it 1 saw,
heard or now believe, that hut for the extraordinary exer
tions of the police, under the direction of the Mayors of
Richmond and Washington, there would have been a light
mid a desperate one at that
Yours, respectfully,
G. \V. U. Ttlsr, P 0.
you ith.N i
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%fl N. !N. I All | Ml. I’VCOfr P>.VOM «»» ■
*»I >
ro«TF H t I.OON »n thl* City, where he k~p* „n a^f
starilly, for •a|e. * l*rgx r» ifn»*er of the be*t I* r*r J " V y If
wasrs. of GIIICKRRINO’8 MANI’FACTURt. » ndershk service* as
j »T«trgtRof Mrsn lie has for many years taught in the hk«i
dt«ttngui»h*d famllie* of Waahlnflon, Georgetown and Al-isndna.
and heg* leave to refer to the following gerdlem* n, who have been Ms
patron* ;
Hon J. (f»r*on Dtvl*. R* cretary of War ; lion Je**e Bright, Pre
•tdmt of the foiled R«ate* Rena*# ; Mon Jimq M M*«r*n, I’nlted
Rtate* Reflate , Gen Winfield Reo#|, foiled Rtate* Artny ;
Gale* ft fle*n»n. Miter* of the National Intelllg peer . Wtlbstn Cor
roran. Fsq , J M fbadkv. Fen . fk W P Mag ruder. Mayor of
N sshirigtnn, J T Tower*. Ri Mayor of Washington , Rev P |»
Gurley Julgr J*a.ea In.nlop, Georgetown. I» C; William Fowle,
Fsq . ft let tnifer V* , Mgar H now den, F*q , Akvandrla, V§ , Wm
Hva'lley. F <| , w«*t|ngton
Mr C a HI FI h*s thought letter* to the following gentlemen of this
City, to whom he ha* perm I* Ion to refer
His Rteelkn. y lienrv A Wlw. I Professor H Perl ledebvr- .
*'•**'*> *-» i Profe**.* R Hert J M*«f'i*on
Onl HtaV. f i II Parker | Joseph R Anderson, Fsq
*** T V M»M.re i Ju4ge John A. Meredith
Rdwin Rohinson, Re| I Conway K< Mnann, Esq
J.""1 *».«, | H-r lla.ll Manlf
Ool. Tho.iiu 8 #r».r | K-kN-rl R..|
John Rnthariom.l r«I | Dr. a H. CnMI.
lawu H. Wrhh, fsq
rnqo>r» ,1 M.PU!IOOI/K)T, Hr, 1M M,ln Rtr.,1. oppo.Ho Ihr
r*rr,nf- Sank. ,n4 trnd-wi ll*Mi«t,,n * Bro.'r fnrnlu
|>(OID l»H HF.ST.- P-r. . .

inrmh, I h» month, >.n mn4tf|h Irfn,
ie TV. Mark of M.i.i ■ ,i,4 M .r-,1 (r—rn..,. r.t, '
"••r r h tati.or
etknn and Muair Harr, Onrarnnr t).
|*ei,ATRr.oTn pi.a rra.Ac.-B h munkmi
B • CO , a., a (Sr, »(rrrt. o9-r for MS
•*|H Mn*i R. Il. it. boot brands 1
c.mmofi r.Rntl.il
8w« <»h
Inrrlfnt HammmH
Pat R.inf -I i*.k mpiar, (tar*. ,11 *1m* IROR,
Or.l, ll.'fOr.l II,If R .01.4
Hm-p., Rand.. Rail R..S
Put'. M«rm h o.
Aftofi-an Rnmla ami RnftwA PhssSS
JO rot’s Cssi, Hhmr and o.rmar. most
MlafarrA Ptr.t, ma-l. nf RvialMi Iran
Tin Patra, aan-rtrA i'i-i
Rf snd Rar Tin; WiMi ,,1 »ah Z>nr
**•»—• M nMortM.nl ffnama, dr, ),t|
Ouviua, Ya.
8 I M ■ 0 KdtWIT I I II.
4 N Onnlbua iw I® kJT'uI.'iuil hal Plfl<. U . .
. % U.U H«a>. K»rrj >Uulw> la paid to P*a—nfari aka 00
,Ufc lo Wan kj u; of um whm of Irani. Jag
I. II. M LUYAX. Proprietor.
nr A Nock will always be la readiness lo convey gusts of the
Hotel lo and from the Depot on arrival of cars going North sad
(autfi—tlrt Jaa) 1 V fiCUJYAH
\TOT10K -Id taking charge of the above rsUMlAnrot, I , „
_A.Nl would most respectfully solk-tt s continuance of the k*r- PR
mrr imatrons of the II.del; and to asy friends, I ask of them to JUH.
•all and *re me My tahiv shall always be spread with all the delh
oactrs of the season. The servants are all attentive, the entire es»
ubIUliDitut shall have the beet attention that I am master of. My
wile w(** see that the ladles who patronise the Hotel shall have every
wish gratified, and all 1 ask Is a share or business. The honor is Ibr
ntohod in the wry beet style, and la located In a quiet part of the
nty My Onu>lbu« will always be at the dlfbrent depots to attend to
customers, to carry them to and fro.
jyl" tf_JOSEPH I. CARRINGTON. ProprtKst.
PAIRE1H1KNN h»r LynchMtrg or Danville
of the Richmond A Danville and Southstde Railroads IWfWT
immediately on the arrival of the Cara, and sufficient time giv«-o for
the passengers to eat. And those coming d >wn on the Lynchburg
train and wishing to take the Danville cars, or those arriving on thr
Danville train and desiring to take the Lynchtmrg route, are In
formed that they ran spend the night at the Junction, where they
will find elegant accommodations.
Jyt —tf _ SAMUEL D. BU EKE.
Da. WATSON CARR, Puomumm.
FMkltlB magnificent Hotel, situated at the corner of Market sad
1 Monroe streets. Wheeling, offers unsurpassed Inducements to
the traveling public. It Is supplied with every requisite for the ao
commodattun of ladles and gentlemen, oontalus iflu well ventilated
and capacious rooms, and U within three minutes walk of the Balti
more and Ohio Railroad, the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad and
*U-*mboat landing. The Poet Office and Court Uouar are on the
same square, and Express and Plage o Aces In the bassmsnt.
Price only 91 W per day.
Omnibuses and Porters are always In attend pans te ooavey
passengers and tifimi to and from this Hotel.
apl* __ WATBON CARE. Proprietor.
8. axatn. L. r. ouu.
H. k.TEAD A CO.« Parumm.
OMNI BURSES run regularly to and from the Railroad Drool and
Packet Landing connected with this house. set! ly
~ iTync h b u hghouse,
I9r Tran sc lent Visin re 91 ki per day. ^9
trll ■ dacly
JOHN oi SlimiK,
rooavwmmi urmsjrT, aicaunxn, naount.
WOULD respectfullv call attention to his new styles of FALL
_and WINTER GOOD*. _ sc9A—dly
S A V I N Q S B A N lv.
rilHIk IViTITI TIOA Will receive Deposit**, on which
1 an interest of *sj* per cent per annum is paid on ail sum* re
maining on posit* lo- ger than elx months, and five percent, when
remaining a shorter |*rri«wl.
Orrtcw—At the Hardware Store of C J. Sistow k <V. Tl Main st,
and at the Ranking House of R. II Mtrar A On , corner * f Msin
and Wall streets. G WORTH \M. President.
C. VlLIJtPAUOH. Secretary.
C. J. hUITON, Treasurer.
Ro II. Maury, Win Taylor,
Jno. H Greaner, Cornelius Crew,
Jas. M Talbott, David Currie,
lllram M. Smith, P. C Larus,
K S Turpin. P. H Butler,
Davtd Bsk-r. Jr., Ro J Christian,
Jolm C Staton, W. H. Ross,
Anson Richards, Franklin Stearns.
James Williams,
FALL. 1850!
S l» I. I'. A DID STOCK !!
It. I'HICK A ('«, h»Tf .|ir^ ih. rVhm uni
ft most iitrtuirr assortment af FOKKH1N and DOMESTIC
*hi«*h they hare tTrr exhibited to their friend* and the public;
Elegant Bilk R»*br« : French Merino*, vail colors)
IM Valencia Robe* Pplendld Moire Antique Robes
I*o Fif'd MousHalnes Black. Fif'd and Plain Bdk*
Do do Cashtnrcr* j Cloaks, Cloth* and Velvet
Do Velvet Cloak* ! Rmbr dderles In every variety
Do Colored and Black Cloth ! If <*a)ery ; Gloves
('leaks I Mitt* . Shirts
Velvet Talmas Flannels, Ac.
M.a*r*’ Cloaks, all style*
And in Srrvant* Goods, such as White and Cnl'd Blanket*. Fulled
Cloth*. Barnett*. Sheep* Grer, Carolina Jean*. Llnsey*. Ac., the
grvatert stock thrv have ever had. and offered at iK*lo*r»t rale*.
Ah* -Curtain Materials of every kind, Brocatrlle, Damask, Mo
reens, U r and Mu*liti Curtain*. Cornice, L «op. Band*. Gimp*.
Ac . Ac., which will be sold as low as such goods can be boaght In the
largest market* in the country.
jm**__ T K PRtCE_A CO . Main at.
Ki.vr, pint: a co.,
Foreign anil Domestic Dn Goods!
nY the barque ‘•Fide*” and ship “PepperyII.M from Liverpool to
t*. s port, and by other arrivals via New York, we arc receiv
Purchased on tb* best term* for ctu, and compr's-ng some of the
richest and most de*lraMe Good* we have ever imported.
1 I/A*/. /' .(.\ /•'.(
of all the regular and most approved mak *
We are alw. prepar'd With a -p»cndld *fock of READY MADE
( CLOTHING, manufactured In Richmond, which in style,quality and
i price, will compare with any tnarkrt
I By the l*t September oar *t^*k will be very complete, and will be
I the largest and mo*! attractive we hav ■ ever exhibited
| We nn*«t respectfully Invite the BOI'TIIKKN TRADE t • give to onr
| 'lock and to our market a fair examination, with the assurance that
»• will «-11 our p>o It a* h>w a* (hey can he bought In the ITulud
I flUtrs.
Order* shall at all times h- promptly and faithfully attended to
ST. m ilOL AS Si A 1.00a.
FRUIT, kc.
A NIMII.W IMONi respe-*tfullv announce* to h's cn»
1 uL tomer* in Yirg nia and North Carolina, and the public gene
rally, that he is now receiving Ms stock of Foreign Fruit*. Confec
tkmary, Ac , for the fall and winter trade He invite* attention to
hi* a« ortm*-nt, eon* sting in part of
8*«m botri Kal ins, bunch 25 bags soft shell Almond*
2*m h» do do do 40 do Walnuts, Filbert*, Ac
D** boxes do layer F* case* shelled Almond*
limhfdo do do IrtnO C. cwa-Vut*
2imi drum* do SJUDI 25 case* Hiccsroul
&"• do Fig* 25 do Vermicelli
1*» ca*e* Prune* 2o do Oil res and Caper*
5 casks Cur 1 not# 25 dt Preserved (finger
1 2,,m b>• v*« Ctiron ifi do do do (dry)
I In M»l* Tamarind* 25 do Rock Candy
30 t al t Bord Almonds lnu d.-x. and 1i bx* Bardtoes
W> frail* do 1th* boxe* fwmoo*.
I And numerous artj. I. s of Fancy G«*m!«. Havana Cigar*, etc.
Ir. add lion to the strove A. A l* nrrnart J to suor.lv ai.v uumntitv
I of A**htid I'obiu. of hi* own mai.ufa lure, which he warrants to
h»- tgual to Ik* t>ft that rr.n le obtained elsewhere. *e!S
> I H till I. II <» I) S ,
PLAIN Mack Oro D'RMnr
IWack Oro D'Afrtc and Ponh DHoIr
BU< k hti*cad«* and striped Mka
Ptrlpr t and cheoe colored Silks
HI •• k and colored Moire Antique
Do do atlk Robe*
Rich printed Ih-Uiner
Plain Ma« k and colored lb Lair.es
Do do do french Merino
Plaid and printed do
Mi«ae«' Mou«* lame Robe*
Plaid flannel*
RMrk and colored »itk Velvet
Cashmere Heart*
P*aid and plain wool Shawl*
Rkh . a«hmere do
Hath an«l bonnet Ribbon*
Kid, silk and buckskin Glove*
K <1 and buckskin Gauntlet*
Silk, cotton and worsted Note
Lace and muslin Curtain*
Mar* life* and dimity Quilt*
Table and piano Cover*
Linen and cotton Sheeting
pillow Linen and Cotton
Bleached and brown table Cloth*)
Damask Napkins and Doylies
f very description of Toweling. Ac.
HI.44 Kkttrniv ffM»|.h,—Wecgrr f»r sale a foil a*
*#„ tin nt of Blacksmith*' T-*ol«, cons sting in part of
•* Armitage'*" rn»u«e hote, *• Wright'*” patent and other Anvil*.
Dei lb* to Anft lbs each
•• Wright’*” patent aoltd-hog, cotter key and plain Vice*
Warranted Bellow*, p» loAA Indei
Sledge. I*an«l and horse •hoeing hammers
Stock* and Die* and Screw Plate*, ail site*
farrier*' Knives and Huttrlaa
” Burden’*” M»r«e and mule Shoe*, all aite*
'• Griffin'* ” genuine horse shoe Nad*. 7. H, 9 and 10 lb# per M
" Botcher'* " file* and Rasp* , T-mg*. Ac , Ac .
Wldch we oKrr at tlie lowest price* for ra*h or to punctual rosto
nior* C J HINTON A OO.,
• M Sign of the Circular Haw. 71 Main st
/ieet,tv/ Ihmtr frtmt of i'orner Main and ] ]£4 *U (
| f|NHIS long established and we|| known Institution issue- th«
A. above description of risks, on a* reasonable *.rm* as other
| food office*, with a cash capital and surplus of ft40/100, Tbe Board
of Director*, (personally known to a large portion of tig community.)
holding their meetings In this cltv, where all losses are lib-ralty ad
justed and promptly paid, entitle* It to a due share of the public
patronage ’
fSP* No policy fee charged for Tire nr Marine Risk* taken hr tin*
"«ce. DAVID CTRRff. President
Jm. H lb*ut*a, Secretary. >»*17 tf
iTOTH'l ro Ml WHOM it M4
ll t)»e Richmond and Danville Railroad Company hare had the
misfortune D. lose thetr freight house in Richmond, as well a« a por
tion of thetr rolling stock, they are constrained for the present to
deliver all down freight on the stdtng of their road on the depot
lot In this city, aa s*oti a* the train* shall arrive , said freight to be
immediately rewsoved by those to whom It may he ror.atgord mr be
long. as the Company will not be retpoosiMe for (tie ufr keeping of
the same , and the parties Interested, or in any way concerned, will
ttierefor* take notice that all down freight, a* before stated, will by
at their rt*k aa soon aa unloaded from the car*
istl—ff Rnperlntendent of Transportation.
HIM OH H dr fflH I I Ns
(hmer Ootemnr anti Franklin frreets,
HAVR in store a Ane assortment of superb Furniture (Rich
mond make.) to which they ask the attention of the public.
They esteem their furniture of a quality unsurpassed hy any mann
factored In Iht* country, being practical mechanics theiwy»|ve*, and
giving direct and personal supervision to alt tbe detail* of their
manufacturing npeVMIon# They only ask a raU from thoee who
want good furniture, engaging simply to ofer them a sptendld aril
cte at a very reawnewsMe price.
|4T They give esperial attention to Uwterlnking, and hold
themselves prepared, at all hoars, tad at shortest notice, to provide
MebtUr ranee.Mahogany or Poplar Coffins.with shroud*.Hearse and
hack*, Aa.
P S One or two varnishw* and polishers wanted, to whom per
msnent emptovment will be given. If immediate application I*
■•By,_ JkM
I f I I 'N | OMM»N «.||| I > f.IM.f II \% IM .
Manufactured from French Ora/*en (Jreen Jamaica (linger.
Merit/e Orange, t'Hron, #Pr , Three Yeare (tUf.
\RKM4BK ABI.Y pleasant warm carminative and stomachic
stimubnt highly beneRHwl In checking that disordered state of
the stomach and bowels so prevalent In warm weather, and which
freqaentlw. when neglected, pMirw Dysentary, Cholera, Ac ft I*
akw. a valuable remedy for flatulency. Dyspepsia and Geneval fly.
MDty Persons living In district* where Ague prevail* And ft a great
preventive Pr1< e Ah cmt* per bottle, $?\ per dotrn.
|MT Wholesale and Retail Agent*. Meesr* RYNNICTT A RFRRS,
lift Main street and R Psnrl street. Richmond *a1A—If
tf«M* roa Bwiumso* A greater vatV'y of Pattern* for Iron Rail
ing than any other eetabflsMnent In New York, *odfthe larg-*t Man
nf*cto*y *f Iron Pwmttwvn In the Hailed Butte*
J*1I— Am 01 flryta Wrest, New Yo«%.
UIA( ebmp. pmimdri.pnm Birr
■ 1 W\f rONttlm far salt. J AS. WIN0TON
In MiU rtnpw wo will An haw luwti’t lau< »— ■— and
K.pway'v hmuna rand t terrible ««nc> el Ohrwake **■-■■ 11
■m.allM Mai Physicians >a »estl county. V»., had triad Mat
Mill la Tula. Also, haw couany Doctors ran th.tr r-'h-a ha
aug RalotyH ktadln. Lai ovary uo. who la aloud with dla
t .w nud thM adT.rttaaaa.at. Ltt ad who taw, a rood Purgative
khd Oath at He Mr-tv-ine try on* dose of Rndway's M rant la lore V tat
■hue* raraawd with flaihv Blot. has. Bom, awd whom Mood la Iliad
wldt had huwtora read the raaaa wo hatr publish Uabwat's Bum
tatiar. tUrwiik Ranovavtaw lawtian. aud Itaattk Baa ova
roe‘a at a Uvr only rtaadw* reuutred to atop Ihr aeoet tortartag
pallia, car. Dm moat tori iMa aad frightful dlaaaaaa, and lo keep the
kiunea eystom in a regular nnd healthy ruadltloa Baaing Dlaaaaaa
Me Euaktir par .f.tp will leap Ua auA.de Jhtlaa Rtaml.tr,
let. They an Urn mual plaataaal Medic in* lo taAe, la ibo hna of I
nil, ha ana.
M Thar an tha mom aafa Mrdicin* lo taka, la lha form of a P1U,
far Uuay do aot lean tha ho a ala euetlre, aor dapiata or woakra tha
Sd. Thay prodac* tha net delightful effects. upon too Byatraa. of
any Madh-laa In tha form of a Pill All who taka three hare a regu
lar discharge ol lha beetle at a regular period of Uaa.
4th. Thay ramose all bad footing, from lha atlad and corrupt hu
man from the body Beery ouc who lake* them rtjoka hi the hap
yj rfltrcta they prodace upon the how ala, UTea, Shin. Kidneys,
hk thn paedace the tame happy effect, upon tha Liver, aa thay
go upon lha bo Wale ; upon tha Shin aa they do upon Uia Pancroaa ;
upon Ihr Nerves, a* they do upon Ihr K-dnria ; upon tha Abeurb
rata, aa they do upou tha Lac tesla .upon the Lymphatic*, aa limy da
upon tha Glandular Byslrau —eta. Regulate each Organ and ByaUm
Ift ft iMfttthj y ft*1 feftf BMliloUS AClklUa
|lh. Tbcj ftrr mil«l in iftwir I'prrMlou, pleftMdt lo tftkft. "Tbfj
Mm turn ono'a »u>Mrh1NM ft* ©M UUjr «oc« rMirktii U* ui, nor
do ihtjr |rtp«, or In onjr wIm rthdcrUimMlrwdliurMlHi 1ft ihrlr
Ith. Thay an entirely Vegetable, prepared from the Artier Prln
rtplr only, af Aromatic Uuiue, Manta, Reola, Kales me. Ac. Thay
an highly concentrated, u,-thing mart la In their cuaipuriuan—they
an mild yet nctle*. Dim Regulator la more powerful, I" expelling
from tha Byslam dlaanaed and acrimonious hum-re, than -lx of tha
most apppored pllla is use, nnd yet there are no violent purging,
no grlpiug palna. no elrkoese al .lomach, or other utipleleant ran
wntlons .-reaplug oear you from ihrlr uaa. Tha fhot la, thalr healthy
properties. IUstood of merely IrrllaUug the bowrla, apread througl.
out the whole entire aystoan, regulating every organ, nnd tufuelng
health to every tiaaue. Drastic PUIa, Salta, Bros, Ac., act only ns
drains, and merely irritate the bowels to a lejienraa Bo, reader,
you are, and If yam Ink# a few dorse af Regulators, wlU leal, lo your
Joy, the great difference between Radway'a Regulator-, that act up
on the whole ayatoau. and common pllla and other dra- trie pau-gaUvee
that causa, by their Irritating properltoe, a dlatramlog discharge of
lha bowels.
January noth, IsM.
kauaa. Riowtr A Oo.,
I have bean agent al this place, PeltonselUr. Scull Co , To.. for
all the brat Pllla In use, foe nlua year*, and in right good fhllh your
Regulators glare bettor aallslaruon In thsae moauitalus of Scott, Va„
than all lha plltg 1 hare sold Kerry tody don n here cell your Regu
■ store "The Good Pills." Jam- • TwnilXnua hna a eon that had bean
dlsrascd with the Ctiroulc Rheumatism.
gift wen different phyeictetia lusa triad to cure him, but could not
do It, at he tried al a venture. Railway'. Regulator, .Vary night, and
in two weeaa he was completely cured. I have cured a great uiauy
people with your Krwdy Relief, Regulator* and Resolvent, that our
tout doctor*’down here could not touch—and 1 believe that where
the doctors down tiara do make scare, they do U by the ur* of your
medicine* Yoatra truly,
Jtcxsoa. Mlaa., Feb. 10, ISM
Mrwars RaJway A Co.: A frw day. since 1 bought ous dollur'a
Wurth of Rad way'. Ready Rrliat I used U for Neuralgia, and, to
my astomahmeot. It gave me almost Instant relief.
litctmhtr 19IA. I Daurll Slat, ISM
jsrTH, u.aptxlxx.
J Nrorre r.iU—bthay h> IA* Aa** /ton—Cn-roraufang I Stint.—
T\tntlu Amr .I ^.ccr-AP JMcanit R.t.I.cy'. Knutj RtU.)
Damps*. WxakLT On , Txsix., Deewnilwer slat, lafifl.
I, JRPTHA C.IRDINIER of the above pl.se , do publish. Uni for
xtany year. I have been afflicted with Rlirumallam, and on the even
ing of December *>lh. IASS, while walking In my yard, I fell with
treat violence on the Ice. bruldng the knee pan very badly. 1 fur- 1
[her certify lhal on the above day. Mr. John J. Bcuedlct, a traveling
tgent of Railway 4 Co., arrived al this place, ami hearing of my
ini me w »pplv R»J«»y'« Kcx>iy Rvllrt.whlclil dl<l,»ud In » very <
ihor« lime tliv jminerMed. tlie »Wvmng and I ■■ nnw alii
u. walk without Hie u.r of my cane, tree from pain. I have tried
leveral other remedlee but found no relief. In Caere of axtreuie pain
Railaay'e Heady Relief ta far (wefriable to all oUier R mediee ; ll
any one doobta the truth of thu certdlcate, let them call on uie al
my realdenre. or write to me at Drea>len, Tenn., and 1 will give
them full Information. i
for yean Mr. Oardmlerhad eaffered the torturing palnx of Rheu
malum, l.r war unable to walk without the help of a .tick. On thr
19th of December hr Hr.l tried the R. K Rellef—on the SlU he could
aalk a till out any aid and free from pam. Let all who are crippled
i*r bed-ridden, think of thin.
Railway's Ready Relief and Rad way Regulators, are Positive Cur
stives for Ague and Freer la* thoae afflicted Ukc fruui i to A of
Kadway's Regulators every r.ght, and a teasponuful of Ready Re
lief, n water, on rising In the mom nig, and twice during the day —
tlieae will soon free your syaleni from the poison of Ague.
Pprtng Is a transition season of the body—as well as of the year,
sod the economy of the system demands Dial the surfeit of the w.n
u-r l*r carried off. to enable ll to withstand U.r drprcaslng rfleet* of
•umtner Radway’s Rrguiators are as necessary to keep up the
health of the body of man, as an occastooable nibble of fresh grass
is to U.r oi or the horsr
Much pain and misery, sickoeaa sod loog suffering would be pee
vrntesi If. on the first IndteUlAuU of the system bring out of order, a
lose of Railway's Regulators were swallowed Every doae that is
tai:rn will Infuse new life and fresh strength to the weak and nervous
If those who are subject to or afflicted with fever and Ague, Heal
AcImwi,i*kin Diseases, Breakings Out, Pimnlm, Blotches, Pustules,
retters, Rad*, Boils, Humurs, will use our R. R. Remedies, we srill
ruar k.ter them protection against the visitation of these ma lad leu. or
if afflicted, a stK-edy and effectual cure.
Is a positive cure for liumora, and all eruptive Skin Disease*.
The prraence of Pla*plrs. Blotches, Pustules, Tetters, Rash, LiUlt
fiorew, Paiufnl ltrhlugs. Hot flushes. Ac., are sure Indications of lh<
Ksence of foreigu and impure humors iu Die system, and If al
nl to mingle with the blood sad remain Id the system, corrupt
ing the tlo«.d snd filling the sewers of the body withImpurities,Bore*
and Ulcers wUl break out, and cover the body with U»elr repulsive
The Skin, under these poisonous influences, becomes an eruptive
folcano, exhibiting to U*e eye U*e disgusting lava of disease, in the
form of ralt Ri.curn, Cancers. Ulcers, fever Pores, Pu»rld flesh
iCimr’- Evil, and the most Fri<j\tful Eruption* oj the Skin. f
Railways Renovsting Resolvent has cured the most terrible of
f*klti Diseases au«l Humor* ; It will never (ail In the worst cases. <
lias done more to relieve Die aiUlctcd of Pains and Aches, and the r
BNctM u|. r, the human race by disease, than »H other n ,
rn«di*s, or Die -kill of the most eminent physicians and surgeons in f
the world. The moment Ka«lway's Ready Relief is applied to Dm
part- where pain or uneasiness is seated, its sooUdng effect is frit,— <
she sharp, keen darting paroxysms of Neuralgia the severe and tor
turing pain* of Rheumatism, the torments of Gout, Lumbago,
tyrants, "trains and aches of every kind, will quickly give way un
the applieatlrn of Radwat's Ready Relief. *he most terrible of
acute Inflamatory disease- h%\r bssacured by ifrV applications of
this Ready Relief. The Lame and Pliff-joiuUd. the crippled and de
formed, are soon restored to perfect health l>y its use (
PAIJ1— Hlll l TIAT1S.M.
Bat the H. if. R. RtmnlU* rttieed Jfra. SaraA A Ihmyh froen u
CriupUd and Hdple** C\mdiMon.io Sound Health, after th,
nkiit of finer of the mod Itamr l Phyeicuiu* in Snt York had
faded to retiree Ker, />r*. Parker, Rerme, WardU and Marie
Jaxcast A, l-iftfl
Mkhbk* RsPwat A Co.—I tried your Ready Relief, and had my
mints rubbed with it, and I never felt pain after the first ten minutes
I was rant*ed with it up to ihe present time. Sirs, I do not know
what to compare it to but a charm, for It la a mystery to me. I was
a cairn.* worn two tbasa, and had not the proper use of my limbs
for three years. 1 was worn down to a skeleton. I then commenced
Lite u«e al y««ur Ready Keihrf, Ream vent, a:rt Regulators The pain
left me in t« n minute*, and I t^gxn to gain strength rrrt fa«». and
i|»«*w. I vu taken t«> l>r. Parker. Ur. Rrear, Dr. VVm.il**, Dr. Marlelaii,
and many • • i her phy-l.'ian* In this Mfl I ' UMOl MV MMMV. I
vas completely pulled to ptecen bj them. My coiudiution was
broken up with uirdieln*, that did uie uo Rnel. I could not put a
N>.»t Ul ti.. grWBwd. Naff pM k ap » p.n I »m lifted and carried up
and .I -vii stairs like an Infant; and now, lltank (tod! by the use of
four lUuiedtea, 1 am as strong as ever I had the common r l.enma
ilatn— inflamniaiory and chronic—and the palsy. Yon can publish
Una, If you tts lARAtl A IIOl UH,
344 AAth street, between the 7lh and Hth avenue,N. Y.
Fifteen to twenty drop* of R. R. Relief, In a little water, taken aay .
every If# to 3»» minutes, will quickly *t«*n the mo*t dtstresalng die
charges of Dysentery and Diarrlwr*. It will in a few minutes atoj
Die pain.
K K K. Remedies are sold by all the Druggists lo the fttate, and
by Purcell, I .add A Co., Richmond; also, by A.lle A Gray. Rich ]
mood. RADWAY A CO.,
* > . V '■ * York
FBNHF Hubscrlbers have established a Book Agency in Philadelphia,
I and will furnish any hook or publication at the retail prlca
free of postage Any persons, by forwarding the subscript kin pnes .
of any of thr frt Magasines, *u«*h as Harper’s, Wodey's, Putnam's,
Ofikta'i, Frank Loans'* fiaMont, At magasines
for one year, and a copy of a splendid lithogranh portrait of cither
Washington, Jackson «.r Clay , or. if «ubsrrthlng t.. s fl and a f 1
Magaalne, they will receive a enuy of either of the three portraits.
If fob«rr!hlng to a ftl worth of Magaalric*, *11 three portrait* will be
sent gratia. Mask furnished to those who may wish It.
•envelopes of every description and «lae, In large or small quantl
ties, furnished .<eal Pre#ae«. Dies, Ac., sent to order.
Every description of Rngravingon wood eiecuted with neatnes*
and d I spat*-h V lews of building-. Newspaper Headings, Vkw# »»f
Machinery, Bn* k Illustrations, Lodge Certificates, Ibis in ess Cards.Ae,
All orders sent hy mall promptly attended to. Persons wishing views
of their building* cao send a Daguerreotype or sketch of the building
by mall or »• a press
Person* at a dlstanee having saleable articles would find II to their
advantage to address the subscribers, aa we VMM Ml a* agents for
the sale of the same. BYKAM A PIRRCK.
fto Booth Third street, Philadelphia, Pa.
undersigned, Purr# to rail the atwttbtn of P*rr»»s and Onar
dlar»a having children of *I«w mental or phyalral d«v*k»peinefit, ts
the fact, that he has opened In llar’em, a few mil«s above the Cky
of New York. In a very healthful and h* .utl’ol location, a PRIVATE
FAMILY ACIfOGL, where such children can he received and taugtif
The esprrtrnoe he has h*il for more than eight year*. In connection
with the M*««*< bo*etts and penn*yIvarda Plat- Instltutton* f«»r
Id'ot*. ha* sIkiwo Mm thaf very much ran »»• done In bringing them
children to a more normal cmdHlon In many Instances, be has
had them r- turn home, either to enter a common school with advan
tage, or engage In the duties of life with sucres*. The earlier the
training c««nimeneea, the better For circulars, reference, Ac , ad
dreaa J A MEM M RlrtfAMMI,
au9A ly No W| Broadway, or ffartern. N*w York.
>• M » %f I RTfH K.
WF have received a very g neral a«sortmenl of Roots. Bhors
Trunks Ac , suitable h r t e Fall sales, to which wr ask and
Invite the attention of Merchants, as regard to price* and quality of
our stock. We invite all In wan D* calf and examine.
• DH> V. I.OH DON, f.lllM P.H AND C OTtTflW
MfmtlON MEfU’IIANT. and dealer in metal*, I4«h street, near
he Rsrhsnge Hotel, offrr* for sale,
Orleans and (’•*# e ftuears. vsrlous grade*
Loaf, C'ru*hed, Granulated and powdersd Bogart.
Lognayrm, Rio and fftd Government Java Cower
Orleans and Weal India Molaaava.
Pure C»der Ylnegar
Bperm and Adamantine Candle#.
Brown and Fancy ft. ap*
Bole leather, goo*l and damaged
111 stae* Flat, Round and ftqnare ftwedes, 1
American Hammered. ( ,
RftgtUI. RHIned, [ 1,00
Rngtieh and American ft. tied
Ingllsh and American Blistered Rtetl.
German. C#*« and Bhe*r ftfeel
Rfnnd Plough Iron fr..» C lo It Inch.
American, English and Rnasla Bheet (row.
Oval. Half aval, and Half round fron
Nall Rods, ftwedes and A meric on
Rand, ftr roll and Ifoop Iron.
Hors* fthora, oe rfed diet
Horae and Mule Iron.
Tlr. plate. Pig and Bar Tin
Bluet Zinc.ftp»|ter and ftp# i«*r Bolder
ftbeattog, Hr aster* and Bob (V,mrr
M f'ormb k an.I Palmer's Mould Hoards.
Particular attention given to the sale of Wheal, Plows, and
f |||( OH*. • M MM MO# M f. AND MRl,,
I " Ev FN ¥ dally taperkd and for sale hy
f HRlrOfoRD A 00
P^yTI H Hff Hi: in; HMfMlNVNt pin ugh Urn;
R ^ 0ard* Cedar Water Can*; In store *nd W s*le by
EPI.fG N A Ml M.Eft
_ _ Qorner Pearl and Gary street*
■J® A i IND Mltlit. Wf have Jnst »ym*d a 4ne **n#k
■ of Playing Curd* -neb a* th* Highland*. fcwwBmi. Nsryy*
andw. and many other kinds, at the fancy Afore of
BCLRLBY A 00 , BagW Aquae*
awittm, 4a
• r<> F.' Um Trawl lllirw. Ihe 141k
Ini. .! * »',to<l-ru« NEW TURK da M»K <1 HBB
Fl>l.K -rrvlyhl m-etved .la, (Monday.! and
ta ibo hsutr a/ 1 a'otoek. P. M.. Twasday Mm I4lb mat.
Conawuret ara r*satau4 la m4 br ihrir ye ads u. day.
Shippers an liquid b Ml M Ihe Mia af Ihrir waipiM
Tuesday afisraoaoh ac ibair sblpmsala will ba rnatlyard la srdsv.
Pajai nyrr* an reueaaitd M bo aa board babn Ibo baaraf dspar
tun. 4 o'cloc k P. M . Turaday.
TVkrla an-1 Bertha srcwrsd at oar cda. r booth aldo al Ihr baaia
Pssaaye la brw York, lachsdlay anh and Male room arronnw
dalloti. only flu Streraye paaaaye only |A
Paasayv la Norfolk aeaaa aa bp lbs rlrwr boats,
S riUYKH HIll.YlOCHRi pni a um
BALTIMORE. — Pir yhl rrrrirrd lo das. (Moo
day.) and op lo ibr boat of I o'clock, P. M., Ton- ***■“■
day. tbr 14lb Inal
CWmyneoa an reyuralod la Mnd br Ibrlr foods lo day.
Shippers an rvueesiod to arml la ibo wan i*T Ibotr conaanooa
dalurdav aRarwoon, or Ibrlr shlpwtoau will bo rwndanod la order
oeli-lt __ LCDLAH A WATSON
UOH IBAI.TI WOIBK.-The reyelnr pachot ochr. Aka
Jf PROVIDENCE. Mothereead matter, harm* a portion
ol brr caryo rnytn.1 and yoii.y aa board, will ban tmmrdtalo dia
patch P,w remainder, apply lo
ocln-ft W. D OOI*|LTTT A0O._
■ .11114 MIKITILR>-thr yaad achr WILLIAM n.
■ Kl'ARE. haetuy a portion of bar caryo raaayod and dWl
m ini on hoard will aall Immr-llalaly Por trr.yhl of PM
karrcia. appty U, {oclii-Bl) W. D COLQUITT A_CO
NOTICK.-Tkr ttramrr Al’(HUTA wlU ba y> saMH.
(aktu .4 tbr roirir tla Putt WallhaU for a nb^HIbP
bw day a, lo irederyu alyhl repairs. Notice will ba ™
ytren whan ready to re tame brr trip*.
r liar o/ RO imref Had .Veto York /'mWr —The to dTtl
pvetor Bar fatl talllny r.yolar pocket tchr DANVILLE Oapl.***
Path Cheater, hanuy a portion of brr raryo rnyayrd and aotrd an
board, will tail with all posable dtapalrh. Por babara af fra Mat,
apply lo lor?) i»AV||i 4 WM. CURRIE
Pull HONTU>.- HEST TWPUt — JNcAntoarf ilbf ir,
ftolua /.far of ftirldr—The aoparlor faM-aaHlay jmJhL
reyolar parkrt aobotolvr I’KRITO, Captain W. II Orawdl. hanuy a
portion of her caryo rnyayod and yolny oa board, will sail with all
possible dispatch. Por halonco of ftslyhi. apply lo
■ .Ml 44 N i; tt V OK K.-FIRST VESURI. -Thr tope rt
■N rior fasi-saihny schooner GOLDEN RULE Van Cb-af
master, having Ihe rneler portion of her raryo rnyayrd and "SHE
pdnr on board, will sail with all poaatbtr dispatch. Far balance of
Yslyhx. apply to l-ad] DAVID A WM. CUERIE
B.KIH rUAMLKNTON. N. t'. — A Seal clan ... J.K.
A* «el will be loaded al this place for tba ebnse poll with- AAMa
la ihe next Iwo weeks Persona wkabiny to enyairr frrlobl. will ap
(»ly to_[oe4—Bw)_ W. P. COlA|l!ITT A 00
B .111II nOttll.Ks—A Brat rUaa vrwarl will ba dls- c
r pa t doe I from lids plan to tbr shore port within llienrtl
IWO Wre-kt. Persona wnhlny to enyaye frelytu, will apply to
r. 4 -Bw w. D. COLQUITT A CO
NI' 11.11 I II AIAHAN4JF.1IB.il.
fBilik STkAMkR CURTIS PECK, Captain Jolmol asm
■ Davit. having Just aiulrrrone a lU.rooyh ovvr LbSralbl1
laullny. will re tome thv reyolar run between ihlr and^*"*1**
hr above place.. Wavluy Uie wharf al Roekriu, on SATURDAY
ncrnlny next, lotli instant, al (h/4 o'clock) preclarly. and rvrry
Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday morntnya al that hour.
Krturulny. Ihr Cur Us Peck will leave Norfolk every Monday. Wed
tea,! ay and Friday morumya at Ihe aame hour. (Itly o'clock,1 and
nu.l al all Ihr rryular land lays on thr river yolny and return Inr.
Paaruyr and inrala aa usual. R. O- HARK INS.
The Irelyh*. on all articles to be landed on Ihe river Boost br paid
rhru they are arnl lo the boat.
maS __KO.M.
UNION STB’. A .11 Sill 11' CTAUB'A 1\.
au,AWawtrr PENNSYLVANIA, Captain Darin M iU,
fatl.. Strainer VIRGINIA, Cap! It. R,>'U». la. T- IT IT*
One of lline superior Sirauiera will Ware Rkh-MnHBl
non,I. until further notice, every Monday and Thursday tnuchiny
It City Point and Norfolk h, receive frelyht and pastenyera Return
ny. leave pidladrlplda every Wednesday and Saturday, mornlny
,1 10 o'clock.
Throe Steamers are now In fine order, Inerraattl accommodations
or Ihr comfort of passengers havlny been sddol. as also more room
ur freiytu, and we hope, by reyularity. dispatch and rare In protect,
try roods commuted to our rharyv, to receive an Increase of patron
IF" No transhipment by this line.
'aatayr thrnuyti lo New York, and found...Bio 0(1
i,. A.. UK II.U.1,.,.1. sod r.00,,1 I at cabin 1 (Ml
to City Point ana Norfolk same as by the river boat*
PuMcngcr* by this line ran atop In PhUadsIprla two or threw
ay a. ami then proceed to New York by thesame ticket.
m\6—tf U. K. TUTTLE, Agent, Ho* krtu
V AI.E1TI V'l: A NOH'*
UICII Plgurt.1 ,1x1 plain Btlka of all vtylca
<>uihrv. SailX Stripe I and figured French PcLalnca
Medium and low priced Mnuaaellnra and Prralana
B..mh-.tiiiet. Alpaccaa and Mourning Satinr
French and Kngiult plain and piald Mrrlnna
French figured and Colored Ca«.lmcrcv and Dnvaklng
Embroidered “Icavca, Collar* and “eta
While and Hlack Crape Collar* and Blccvra
Malteae and Valenclennea Lace Bela
Camhr c, Swtaa. Thread and Ltle l-acel and K<lgtngl
Every atyle *>f Trimming* for Preaaea
A targe a»aovtm*nl of figure,! Ptald anti Plain Rlhbona
Ladi* a. Mi-r* an*l ChiltlrvnVAA oolelt al.d Cotton Hoae
Oenta, b*.ya and Chil l'* llnae and Half lime
Kid. Buck. Thread, Silk llh.Ta- an.l Oaunlleta
Bleached and brown Sheeting* and Bhlrflnga (cheap)
Ct.dhi, al'quallllea and color,, Engll.h and French
Batlnet*. Fulled Cktlha, Keraey* and Plaina
Plaid and F'gured French Ftannela for Baquca
Lailtea clot),a, an l Bilk A'elarta for Manlillaa
A'tlv. «, Silk, Batin an.l Caaaltnere AVating*
A full aaaortmenl of Ladlea, Oenta and Mlaaea Bhawta
Gingham*. Ilabll and Furniture Catlcoa
Bed. Crib and Servant* Blanket*, all price*
Carpeting. Rug*. Drugget and Bane
Table Dama»k,Clollti. Napkin. and D'Otllca
lri«h Linen*. Sheet nga and p.llow caae Linen
With cv. ry variety of article anil manufacture of a flrat data Re
ail Eatabitahinrtii, and at unprecedented l..w price, for caah.
lo. »» Corner Broad aud Capitol Btrewia. near Capllol Square
AA'e *hail he In regular receipt by *le ainer a of all ti*« no veil lea In
teeaa tlwnda. aa they are brought out during the Fall and AFIntev
eaaciu. and every a ret ahall exhibit aoinwthlug dralrable lo oar
The.e Inducrnteata, together with thoae we ptopoae la oar change
f huemewa. fr.un credit lo caah, will enable ua lo offrr an unuaual
ariely In atock, and at lower rate* than ever he re to lore. aeS4
| BKG leave lo return my manj thank* for ibe liberal patronage
| !»• rtiiwd upon m« of latr year*, and hope by close atirnt'oo (41
)> patrons want* to merit a continuance of tbr »*mc.
My facilities arc greater than rver befure, ami I a»o determined
In all fair r..mfw«ltlonl lo sell u»y gomls (of the *amr quality and
rurkmanahlp) a* low as any hnaw In my line In Virginia.
My atock will he large and ample to insure a fit. My style* are
m w, and will enniial of all the latent and moat desirable atylea and
* Herns, l*oth of CVf and dkmium. In U*c market. A call la respect
ally »4iltclted from all in need at 1 I 4 flAI> N'i‘ If K KT.
CLES and hat dp action to tiil buyer.
D r"y goods
» 4* 14 I M i: r A |. I. 'I- K A HE.
11’ F mini tT.pt ctfully aoltcit Ihf mtrchann vialtlng Hx hm. nd
T ▼ to makr their fall purcha>ca, to give our (lock an ekamtna
Ion, which la large and varied In
IF It V 4a 4F O IF Fi.
Our arrar.gemerita and facilities are such aa t4i give ua advantage*
nperhv to any other merchants In Virginia, ami equal lo any In the
7nitrd State*, lo aupply the country merchant, and we only ask a
hanre lo prove It Our trrioa are at* months credit to responsible
nen.or six per rent discount for cash. We have lu afore and con
laft'ly re riving
Brown Sheeting* and Shirtings, In all widths and grades
Bleached do do do do
Oanahurgs, Liuseys, Kerseys. HntttneU and Ky Jeans
Cassi meres, CioUit, Vesting*. Velvet-, Burges
Blanket*, principally of our own importation, which we can sell
very low
A large and varied assortment of l*adle« Dress Goods, suited to
tl.e season, mostly nf »ur own importation.
Ladies' Dress Trimmings, Gloves. Hosiery
Woollen Omfo.i* II cm ids, Cravats
Cotton #il- and linen cambric Hdkfs large assortment
Lace*, Edging*. Ribbons. Gimps and Braids
Gtnyrhsin*, Pnutf, Alpaeras. C..burgs
Irish Lmeos, white ( umbrlcs, Mack and rul’d do
With a good variety of fancy and small wares.
Our determination »# lo keep a good aud complete »t«»ck of tht
««t make* of American an i Foreign Ooods suited to this market,
nd aril them a* low a* we can to the good trade Anv article w.
houtd not have In stork, we can procure tor our customers any
Ime. on aliort notice and on the best terms, through our house, Bell,
Irooks, Face A Co., New York
flgH No 17 Pearl street, Richmond, Va.
IUfT rerrlved a large tot of superior Cloths, Caaelmeres and
Testings, which he will make up In the best manner, on the
nost reasonable terms, and at the shortest notice.
A large and well selected stock of Ready Made Clothing, which
rill compare with any In thla or any other market Our pries# as
nw as at any other House.
Furnishing floods In great variety, such as Hhtrta, Cravats. Bcharfb,
Vs, Ac . Ac
lie Invites his friends and others who are In search of really deal
’able foods to call and examine his stock mhfcf
% Ia Ia 11% I Ia ! ! !
■hiii HP.h'roHArivi;.
this wonderful preparation, which tarns hack lo its origi
nal color, gray hair—covers the head of the bald with a luxuriant
rrowth — removes the dand'iiff. Itching, and all cutaneous eruptions;
-a uses a coot 11 ual flow of the natural flu dt ; a*»d hence, If used as
i regular dressing for the hair, will preserve Its color, and keep |r
him falling to ralrrme old age. In all Its natural beauty We caH.
hen upon the bald, the gray, or diseased In scalp, to use It : and
mrely. (lie young will not, as they value the flowing locks, or tire
•Itching i url, ever be without It. Its praise Is open the tongue of
WATxKftriru. MAW..May I. Hftft
PROF O J WOOD: Allow me to attest the virtues and magic
l»owrrs of your Hair Restorative. Three months sifice, hying eg
■reding if gray, I purr based and soon commenced to use,two Imttlos,
ind It soon began to tell,In restoring the sliver locks to their native
rolor, and the hair which was brfoie fry and harsh, and falling off,
now became soft and glossy, and It ceased falling , the dandruff dis
appeared, and the scalp lost ail the diagreeaMr itching, so annoy*
>ng before, and now. I not only look but feel young again.
Respectfully, youra, etc.
N«w Yoat.Oct t, ItfA
PRf>F. 0 J WOOD -Dear Plr After reading the advertisement
in one of lie New York Journals, of your celebrated flair Amors
Uve. | procured a half plat bottle, and was so mudi pleased with It
that I continued It* use for two months, and am satlsfled It la de
mdfrily the best preparation before the ooblie ft at nnce removed
ill the daodtuff and anplea«snt Itching from the sralp. and has ft
ibirol my hair »aturatly, end, I have no doubt, permanently so.
Vow have permission to refer to me. all who entertain any doubt
of Its performing all that Is claimed for It.
MVP* FEFEP. 9«)g Greenwich. Ya.
I have used Professor 0. J. Wood's Hair Restorative, and have ad*
mired Ha wonderful •ffeets It reston-d my hair where If had fallen
off ; It rleans ffce head, and renders the hair soft and s«#»»oth— mask
more an than oil.
Louisville, Nov. I, I AMI. MARTA ATRlNAON.
plate of Illinois, Carlisle, June ft, 'Rh
f have used Profess.,# O J Wood's Hair Restorative, and have
admired lf« wonderful rffUd My bate was becoming, as I " ought
prematurely gray,hot by the uaeoftho “Resioeatlv ,,rlt h«s rm.med
lie original ndor, sod. I have no AdOM* permanently so
PlflNF.Y ***••*,
Fg Renapir United P«atee
[from IA*
Among the many preparations now In use Id.- the restoring, prt
servlrg and lieaotlfylng 0* half, thefa are none that we can rv
' ommend wlp, more confldence than Prof Wood's Male Restorative,
note In general use throughout the This orepara'W.n pos
sesses the moot invigorating gwatHles, and never fills Ip pr.dnrmg
the most hapi-y results when applied aeeord.ng to directions. Wg
refer our readers to the advertlmment for a fep of the Inn voter a Mr
cert <L ales which have been sent by partied, who havy beep bvneflt
ted by If, and who feel happy in firing tiny to Its wonderfel
effects produced on them
G J WOOD A Go , Proprietors, flit Broadway, New York,
and 114 Market street, ft loots. M
Bold by all the principal druggists, and In Richmond, by *dh- A
Ofay an<t kurcelf. I.add A Os apt# 4m *uY4
SI lltMi|, R« »••*• IF.M, — Rmbraringr. flrst. all the School
A»di fa common v*S. aeennd. School flrynidhi «f every
dew r pi>ott , thirdly, every thing norewmry for ine outfit of tbs
IgftrAer as osll a* ths elwar, for sole by
ocf A. MOftRffl, F7 Mala sWevi.
hop f*t MPwu mi ti «.%.
v^L ty Imporird; EwgHsh Breakfast Tea, chotre qaallty; Hunp *w
rt*‘ 1 "" BRI.dVn A miiars.
m# OnriMr tad Om| AmAN,
, AM JBttBggJHIW ■ - • 8
ft WABB. »l Pentge and beetle Maaafhmare. VJLmm*
to wbleh I remmclfelly to Tito to* sllaatoiu of tor _ _g^ft.
frtooAe. both In Iona and coon to/. Mj nock can- MHW
■Mato pact of
Pnndara. brass, inn, Iron, wire bad krnaaad
Oual Mada and Otodor Bboesto
Wurata and Tonga, to artu and to pairs, war tot/ Bao
Brass aad caatAad-lrona aad Bad Iroaa
Iran Tea KatttoaaaA fanr Tana, lla'd and aaliaM
•toll natal aad parratato Truss, slog Batttoa
Wattora, stogie aad to eetU, anna Ter/ haodetwa
Halloa Wan, a goiternl asrortu.rul
^'■imB1*? W“* °*"J*tottoha and BunflWr Tran and
leer/ baudto Kalrao and rsrka. af 61 pto.es, af Badgerr' gad
othar aaahra
Bodgara' Iror/ Handle Knlrra. nllboat forks
Houhto plated table and daaaert Barbs
Bodgara' and other atabra af buck, bona bad buBato band to
Kales. and Parka
Bwke^aud pea Knlrea, of Bodgara*. Wastoahelm'k aad otltor
Brtoaara and Shears, af Bodgara’ aad Waataaholn'a toakr
Baaura, of Woeto-hoim's aad W. A B. Beuber's naka
Pruning and hedge shears
Neneh and moulding Planes, Baldwin’s tasks
liana, panel, rip, teoant, pit and craarai ton
Braces aad Butt, rocket and I rarer Cltiaeto and Outages
Plane Irrrna. of all alaae and of the bast quail!/
Shuigttog, laihlng and bench Hatchets
Nati, brad and carpal li are mere
Pole anil bread A Are, light and bear/, of gasmens’ make. Bar
■ossa carpenter's and railroad Adam
Squares, Benia and Starke Shares
Two aad fo-r laid Rules and Tape Mraauraa
Strrcki and litre and h-rre Plalt-e
Wrlghte'e eollrl-boi Ti. ee and sledge and hand Unaware
BaUa aad Spikes, nf all store
Anger • sod auger and gtmtoi Buts, all tikes
Virginia patent P. Locks
Pad. Mock, till. Chest, cupboard, mortice, rim had ctoort Locks
Round, square and gal Bolts, wrought aad can, af all siaaa
Ortftala Pina and Curtain Baada
Hank and wore Wire
Maeoa'e challenge Blacking
Mineral, porcelain and mahogany Knnba, fur furnMara
Ames’ and Rowland's Spades aad Blreeeirt, long and abort bole
Manure and ba/ Prwka
BlwaB’a hilling Hoes and grubbing II.tee
Trace, haltor, breast. log, ox and well chains
Butl lllngee, of eeery elan and kind .
Plato, book and a/r, strop aad T Hinges
bon Hooke and Stapler,and lla-pa and Staples
Piles and Rasps, of all e.ara
Together with almost .rer/ article nasally kept hr my line of ba-l
■sea. J W. KATPUrPR,
Corner of 4th and Broad afreets,
_<*•«_ _ Opposite K. P A P R R IVpof.
P. T. HOOKE & CO.,
Sc ii Pearl SI., opposite U. IV. Fry’s. Kit IiiihiihI, Vs.,
HAVE received Jimi from the manufacturer* In England a full
an<l complete uaertarnt of Birmingham and Bwltld Him
»*«■. and from the manufacturer* in Ihia country, a full aupply of
A tor clean U«».nU. Their *»«>ck la now large and complete, Con* 1*4
log In part of—
** KiHljtvrc”' and Woatenholm'* Bnr Pro and Pocket Knlvaa,
Pockrl Kuivr* of I, f, 8. 4 and 6 bladra.
Buck, hour, ebony, cocoa and lv».ry handle Knlva# god Fork a,
Ivory handle Knlvea and F»rk«, In art* 51 and M piece*,
R*a«>r* nf Wade A Hutfher's.Rutlgrr'a.VVtwn-uholm'a and Ureavi'a
manufacture. of every atyle and quality,
fWimair* mmI Sbeara nf varWme makea and aiylea,
Single and do«hle barrel gum, Ron>« very aupcrlor,
Pi*tad« H’flra. Rifle Barrel* and Mounting*.
Trace, halter, kg, well, Rfth and tongue chain*,
Wreding and hilling ll.-ra. all else*,
Aipb of Collin*', Simmon*’, and Virginia make.
Hand and panel saw*. Hammer* and Hatchet*,
Mill, pit, era** cut and circular aawa.
Spade* and ahoVrla of Anet' Row laud and other make*.
AnvUa, Vice*, and Smith*' Bellow*.
Bird ye and hand Hammer*. 8i«»ck* and Diet, and Screw Plata*,
Blister, *hear and caal Steel, square and octagon,
Casting*. Home Shoe* and Ho**# Shoe Nail*,
Wire Selvra and M*firr*.
Mor*c Collar*. Illiml lindlea and I lame*.
Hritilt* IMllne* U tiraird ttrlnk and <lirlh«.
Locks. Hinges and *Vrews, of every description.
Planes, Chisels, Augur* and Files, of all kinds.
Platform ami Counter Ik-air*, patent Hal a tiers and fltedyards,
English. American, and U l» P»*r« uaal«>u Caps,
llav and Manure F >rks, I, I and 4 prong.
Tea Trays snd Walters; snd all other goods usually found In
Hardware 8tore».
As our go«MU have been purchased on the moat favorable term*,
and selected exclusively for the Virginia, North Carolina and Ten
nessee trade, we fret confident we can offer stroi g inducements to
merchant* visiting this ctlv. and respectfully Invite them lo an exa
mination of our stock, as we are determined to sell as low as any
house lo this or any of Iho Northern cities
P 8 — Orders promptly and carefully attended to. anto
-Vo. *2*2 Pearl Street A*n Am -tui, Va.%
nAVI now on land, and for sale, a large and elegant stock of
Hardware, especially adapted to the trade of Virginia, North
Carolina an I Tmnr*see, and we would lesoert fully solicit from Her
chants and Badd'er*. visiting the Marx. t a call and an examination
of the same. Our stock Is full Comprising lu part as follows vis
Building msterials of every description, a large variety.
Tools for Carpenters, Masons. Saddlers, Tanners.
Millwrights. Coopers, 8m>th». Ac . Ac
Axles, else#. Chains. Auvtls. Bellows, A see, Ac.
Hog 8kIns, Bridles, Bttts, Stirrups, Writhing, Ac.
8addlr», 8h«rp Skin*. Patent and Rnamelled Leathrr, Ac , Ac.
Shoe Last*. Pegs, Crimp Boards, Boot Press, Ac., Ac.
Cutlery, Pocket and Table, a »plei>d»d variety.
Guns, Double and Single Barrel. Pi»l«4t, Revolvers,
R'fies, Gauir Bags pouches, bells. Caps, Ac., Ac
Whip* of all de-criptlons In great variety.
Fancy Goods, a« Port Monnalcs, Purses, Violin Strings,
Pins, Net dies. Fork*, 8padcs, hhovels, Hammers.
Anchor Bolting Cloth, At*., Ac., Ac.
/in/xwfrr* and Wholesale Dealer* in Fine and Heavy
HAVK received by ships “Great Western" and **Mtrvest Queen,"
and steamer* ** Atlantic" and ** Africa," from Kngland, their
Fall importations of Birmingham and Hbeftteid Hardware, Cutis r>
ar.d Guns, and are now prepared lo exhibit to lucrcl.aot* and oth
ers visiting our market tlw present aeason.a very large and complete
sbn'k of both Foreign and American manufacture, and suited lo the
trade of our own and adjoining Plates
Of g tods adapted particularly for the season,our stock U very full
and « mpletr, as
Pen, Pocket and Table Knives, Axe*, flaw*. Hammer*. Ac ,
Rasors, 8riaa«r« and Bliears, Bingle and Double Barrel Gant
Locks of all kinds. and UiOes,
Flics of every description, Trace, L*-g. Coll A other chains.
Hollow Ware, Oven*, Pott, Ac , Bteet of different kinds,
Jffiovel* and Hpades, Curry-Combs, Fry-Pans, Ac-,
Coal lluda. Fenders and Cinder
Together with all other articles usually found In onr line, among
which we are particular to keep constantly a complete assortment
of hesi quality CurpsnUrd and BiarJcemtlh Tools, and Budding
We respectfully solicit a continuance of the patronage liberally
bestowed upon us for a number of years past
•uift W. 8. A G. DONNAN
N U. —Particular and prompt attention p-tld to orders entrusted
lo w._
ao. iuu haim st., Hicii.nuxiA, va.,
A HP In receipt, direct from the manufacturer* In M^mmanana
il Fugland. Germany and tlus country, their
Ftil supply, embracing every article usually kept by
the Hardware Trade. Importing direct, and pur MiHB
chasing fur rash, enables them to sell as cheap as any boose in this
or any Northern cliy, and they respectfully invite the merchants of
Virginia North Carolina and Tennesaec, visiting this luarkrt, to ex
amine tlwlr stork bt fore purchasing. Having In a•l«litt« n the rooms
rr«|Hia<liiiftv fnUriH thrlr Mock, %o«l have incr*Mr<t fsrtlittrs (nr
rihlbiliDi Utr urnr Thry ore alao aol« afmU In RklioiuUtl for
falrlnuk a 8* air*, alikh I bey m»II at manufarturrr'* prWea *rS
'I*_ |. A a a llllll B'
lalNSEEI > OlE,
•*** *"» I** Fm»»T .**i«»rr, Nrw York.
mil mm, a i<o\ writs,
YI 1: KC H A 4 Tll<
W, will make liberal nw advance, on cnnatgnmvnt, ol
FIXJllR, W IIP. AT and nlbrr produce to Ibo obovo odder,,
Richmond, July 11th, IAA4._ JylA-ly
p a.iaiboroap. a. tivnav para r*a*ii,iu mrraiw,
K H I 1)0 t'O K I* A CO.,
•rTJ II If II.TlONin, VA.
Thr ILinnaii Morr Aradnuy,
w ■ i. m i y g to v, i> i;■. a a a it r.
Paiacirata: Miaan, O. A I., A A. H. ORIMMIIAW, M. D.
flfllF lERVICGROr llllll. V. VAI.IC, th.en,
■ Inent French Ail'hor and Teacher, have been engaged, aa Rea
Ident I’rnfree.ir of french The (donate ol Wilmington I, rrmarka
Wy hrallby. The Winter la not aa ececre aa thn.e of cltloa altu.I.’d
In a higher latitude. Tire Academy la large and thnrnogtdy vend
latcd. anrl i, warmed by three furnaega. ClcItnc.a la rare among
the pupil.; tha health and vigor are Improved hy regular rlrrclae
In the Open air. >nd hy playing In thr Howling alh-y attached l«
Ihe honer. A thorough and flnt.hed education can be acquired.
Muetc, Drawl, g. (Ill P .Inline, Nrr.Dr work are ta ght l.attn, Har
man. Ipanleh, are among the brat,chea nf atmly. PrafiCh la made
one of the daily afndlre without catra charge
Taoue : |*oi, flu, gligt per aeaalnn of Ave month,, lor Board and
Tuition In Kngli.h and Prenrh
Dr R. Wood, Dover Mllla, near Mtchmnnd, Va. ; J. R. Anderwn.
Req , Tredeg.r Iron Worke; B B. Hilliard. Pm., Illlllordton. N. 0.
aeW -Im
J H. niNPORIf. I AMnclate
W. T BAII.RV. A M . f Principal,
Prof. RMIKN.nf Parle. Prof- eaor of Modern Langoagee
PMf IIP nndr.algned gill ■ pen a Bobotd on Monday Rept Mth, Inlhe
R targe and rommodlooa rooma nn Tth atreet formerly known oa
the (’tty Bpriog Inerliwte They deatgn opening a or hoot of the high,
cec grade, where boya • HI kg thewnoghle and aeeorately prepared
etfher foe the (InfeerWly, or few any of oar Colleger, or turd for
the haotneao of life.
Npertal attention wll be boatowrd upon Ihe Rngllab Department#
1 aa H to ronatdered to be too much neglected.
Payable, aeml annually In advance, eeveton It, mon’bai
Pngllef. Bran* be# . RAn.nn
Latin and higher Mallwmatlev . B»JW
Oreek . |n/m
I Modern Longnngev, each . ... fpm
_ jv1, «Hh, IMA
Mr W P Bailey graduated al R M College with honor, In June
loot Hr propoae, to devote Mmeelf to onlmol teaching I ekovrfatly
! and rooldently recommend him for arholarablp aid high moral
rhararter. and gtih tame ekl-OTlcnca In the hamtnomnf tetchlwg
| and motiyea to enterprise I have nn dnabt be will meet the at pee
tatcema of all rea.onahle patron# WM A. BMtTN,
Preaf. of Randolph Macon Ocdlege
I Mr. J H Btnftvrd la a graduate of the Ifnlverefty of Ta., and baa
; be»n •urcoeefnlly engaged In leaching daring the lam four yearn,
bruit to Paatern and Weerern Virginia Tambnoi.tslo from Iho fro
feoonro of Ibo DntvoroUr and bio pa leone ran bo neon, If Aodred, at
Hemet Btnfnrd A porter’, OaMnot Wareranma, PrankBo IH
•u* tf WTRAII.RT, A t
MR. I.F.rFRVRRTM ** lino*..—The mlwwimd
»* ■ (bit Inatlln.ton will open op the 1m day nf Ocmbor.IMM, and
Hoae on .be Id dug of inly, InM
Ton* —Board IW; Waditng **'; Rngllab Tuition Ran. Modern
lungnagca. each, **1 ; Latin *•«, Hade on Ptano, Harp nr (Joline,
MB; Drawing from Natnee Un, Painting, water union. RJO; In oB,
•fW. Primary Ttoparwn.nl Aw children node, ten year, of mrr klu
Rorroauroa pnfrona of the Brbool: Right Reg Btahop Cobbg of
Alabama. Bog Meumo D Hnge. D Tt., Reg T V. Moogo. D D
Rev B 0H4e.ll.,ve.
Pactnw Rabeet B LoMtvre, A M ,Prlnclp«l; Rev R.B Repot..
Sr 2 ».* a uwh,m £j*.
MtcArd, John A Calvo 0 W. TMIm,, Him (JewAon. Mm Tnylov,
Madame Rmvan. trite Uey, Him R Barttett. Hite Vitlemet, PvJwcb
wflfiili. *
AH Mt#n m 41neM 14
»vB«mi uw *
SATIBO racefr.4
^SftgEF*" mSFcsW
**» am Itulalnc tfma fU. Howe* CM
MB lb* IMW and Baal Aha- lANk4.VM.lwd
. __ . . , •#* •*. BtrruoA* Arras Am
E £?’.S“p".Cwb F4* ** Ibh *pu. TarpahUha
B«t IM Mara, la atnnll .aw* M bM* Alow
» Mhra OrrlM Cinataua th bM*. Ikrabtn
“asp Mjarm*..
» r^»°knm* Urm*>> “4 ■»*“*• Bdaha’. VWa P**of
»•*: rac*VkB«h\. Malcbw ( «. Tha.pm.b Bn Va
h 1 raaaa Ooapee'. lain, lam tar
MU boar. Traa.pl Bar Bmp I ana TaMBh Banna
• bhi*. Oraant Tartar
ALct) Balm I ,i*v Blnaara, Ann’Clarn Pectoral,Oa'krrblaaa
Mk Mixture. Balls and Band'. AurparlU*, Mu«*ng Uxlant. Hu
L.oe'a, aad aH tab** papular Varmifbaea; and Pa I a tare* Brmgkaa
and UoUra, and l.uoo bnara Wlxdaw Olaaa, JVcarA, —r'-nlM a
three aaaurtaxmtof ataea, of aaprrlar quail y ■
Particular auenilon to narking aad forwarding order*
M Main atraet, oornar PuurtoanOi,
*uH__Blokmond. Va.
FALL OF 1850,
MBAS UllOSB Poliak'* Vienna Match**, (no nitphor.)
UW Buu grt-a* Partridge'. Match.*
•ugeoaa Pranch Maichra, leant be Mown am, for cAMca.)
<u barrel* Lamp and Tanner*' Oil.
BO groaa Rrown Vriadaor Bnap, Low**.
Ilk* bole* Batrarl of Logwood.
SOU box** talVudlla IS Olaaa, Broach.
Mk) *>• Madder, prim* /
*>»• boahat* Bwaat Oil, beat brand Bl ■*,
AM* keg. nr While Land.
100 boar. Tranaparmi Bar Baap.
loudoaeo Hair llru.hr a
50 crow Tooth Brawhe.
IBB.IM* Cigar*. in hole* of Ida
10 grow V atikee Bnap.
100 OOO P» rcuaalon Capa, O. D.
•0 (raas Blacking
BBO twricoa uf tpiliila*.
JO groaa Preach Pomade* and Bair OIL
110 grow Cologne*, all prtca*.
100 krga itj|» Oaih Bad*.
IM0 Ba Tonga* Heana, Aaguallna
In groaa V, rtalfupa*.
40 barrel* 8pl* Turpentine
*00 box*. Chewing Tobacco.
•00 geaaa Turf Oil,
Tog^r -«h a great rarity of Paten. Medicine., Paint*, OU.,
Perfumery. Chemle.le, Dye thug., Ac. Ac., naaally kept by w
sod for sale upon rvaeonabi* term*, by
*•*___dotb a Ott.
FALL TKAUt:, 1 B A o •
A D 1 E & a RAY.
HAVK In store RQil tr« now receiving their usual AMurtauni at
■iiunii. nitinau. dv« mW PMNVoiuTwiiJ?
®I*AW. Ac., Ac , ron«U(lnf In part of—
Superior Indlgoea, prime Ombro Madder, blue Vitriol
Alum, Copperas, extract Logwood, Uf Dye. Cochineal
Cream Tartar, Tartaric Acid, *«lt|Mt«v, Hi Curb Soda
Sal Soda. Quinine. French and American. Fl» r. So nhur
Roll Brtmaton*. Cast He Koap, white and mottled
Rmeryp ho»l Kngtteh, reined Borax, Camph In*. Bur ulna Fluid
tipte. Turpentine, Alcohol, Vartiiaheu, of all grade*
Linered, l-ard. Molar and Spuria Oils
Zinc Faint , French and Amexk-an
White Lead, dry and In oil. Red Lead
l itharge, Verdtgrla, Chrome (Ireea and Yellow, dry audio oil
Mac*. Nutmeg*, Clovoa, Caasta, AlUpice
Pepper, Ginger, ground and whole
Together with a general assortment of all the popular Medicine*,
and a choice selection of hair, tooth, nail and other Brushes, India
Kt^ber, Ikorr, hum and buFa>o ^reaalng Combe; Cologne*, French
and Kngtlah Per um< ry, Ac., all of which they «4fer on the moat fa
rorablc terma for cash, or the u*ual credit to punctual dealer*
Nn |,A Maim St*.at. Hmmw»i<, Viaouu,
C1 AI.L *11. til ton of Country Mt r.-hanu, Phy.lclan* anil thr _
) trade, lo Itietr usually heavy aloek of Drug* M.dielnev.CJU
PAlntt, Oil*, Dy.-*, W indow III*.., Co'or*. I ariii.hr* an.I Xm
tlruaher especially adapte.1 Ur the trade of Virginia an.I North S
Carolina. They are principal agent* (or (he sale of Carter'* ftpaniah
Mixture, (he great r.-me*ly for the blood. Rockbridge (Va.) Alum
Water Pills an.I Alum Mass, and all the popular Msdtcln-* of Iho
‘lay at proprietor's lowest prices. Always on haoj a large stock of
Ih* Bne*t Chewing Tlhaero and Cigars of the mat* celebrated
(.rands. They oflkr great InduccmenU lo buyers, and respectfully
>et)Ue*l a call. aujg
Kwxre L13UT. anwsas t snsisit..*
I.tllll ll * ItOHINNO*.
OPPKR to country physician* and families a perfectly g.
nsw and rauH stock of pure and reliable MEDICINE*, au
togetlrer with itcanwig'a Ixrisi-uggys. I'esrt tasar, Exact AW
Goora. and aM other thing* In ths Drag line, which they will ZB.
Bell on (he beet terms.
I W~ Cltemlcal and Pharmaceutical Preparations made to or dor,
and eenl to any part of the rountry.
new_Drug store, 4th and PranXIln alreeU, Richmond.
s. h. At npi.E.
f|AIII EUBSCRIHEn Is constantly receiving fregh supplies .
M of pur* Drugs, Chemicals, Ac , which he Is very |>artlcw-M3U
lar In purchasing from Importer* of uodouhlsd reputation — AJf
He Is constantly addlug lo his already very large slock, and Z^E
purcliating from Aral hands, he Is prepared to sell a* low. If not
lowrr, than any house In ths oily.
II* uimcTrua moat of his Chemicals, and can therefor* re
commend ■ liem as pars and soluble for prsorrlpllon purposes
Prescriptions compound, d a> all time* of the day or night, In tha
luosl accurate and screntlfle manner He 1s a graduate of the Uni
versity of P.nnsylvanU and Jsgyrsnn Medical Colleges, Philadel
phia, and may he excused far referring fo the following voluuUry
•• I have known Dr. 8 P ftrmple well for #*e year* a* a Physician
and Apothecary, lie Is a thoroughly educated medleal man, and
In my opinion ha* no superior as an apolliecary, his knowledge of
Materia Msdlca, Pharmacy and Chemistry bring eilrnsler and pro
found A. EVANS, M. D..
“Prof Surgery In Medical College of Ohio.
"Med Col of Ohio, May l», 1*&4^'_|yg»
FOR KALI. A*l» W1NTKR. 1*4. Wtf
Compristnf ill new »ijrl« of FaU and Winter Over Onati, Raglands,
Talmas ami Siiavli, Hrras and Frock C«a a, of French and
kiitfllah Cloths, Piidtirti Cuali, of Fancy Clothe and
Ca»imera. Vcala, In endless variety ofcl'k, Satin,
Velvet. Pla«h* Merino, Cashmere, CaMlkirr,
Me., Black. Drras, sad Fancy French and
Caaskmerc HanU, do., tfaiinel. Kersey,
Cravats, Scarfs, Ttra, tUorks, Comforts, Muflh rs, Me., of ths
rrratest variety, Pu«perulcrt, Kul, Bilk. Fur. Ruck ai d Casulmer*,
Gloves, Uandkerrhlefa, Socka, jO.lrta, Collars, Silk and Merino t?n
tier Shirts, Bilk, Merino and Option Flannel Drawers Sc., Umbrel
la#, Indian-Rubber Goods
JD« BtHHITl AN has now open al htslarfs new store room
• 119-Main a treat, Richmond, Va , a large and stilirrly new
•UM-k of Fall and Winter KKAI»Y-MAUK CLOTHING, embracing
II new style* of every frsdr of C<4ti. Psnta a.id Vests, and Furnish
er Goods From hi* Very great facilities lo mtnufacsunng, his lib
eral pstmna and the public genr rally arlll still find all an tries In hts
line, from finest toloarst yiadta* of ths very beat make, and at unu
•welly Low Pxicn* nn Cam*
Kentriuber ptars and No. 119 Main street, next door lo J W. Ran -
«ttdph** Bi»os Store
Try-Weekly Receipts Direct froiu the Manufactory
wll_ J. D GOODMAN.
1656. FALL UOOD6. 1656.
flYHI subacrlher has Just received s beautiful lot of French and
.M Cnfliah Cloths, black brown, olive and blue, of his own Imper
ial ion, (manufactured expressly f. r himself )
Also, a large a»*ortmeiit «*f Frruch and Fngllsh Casa Ira* res. Vest
something really nice for the foil. E. H 8PENCE,
EsthlsnaMr Clothier end
••H__ Merchant Tailor, Main street.
Wi: amp: SOU and In ■ few day,
win hare In store, the Urges! and best assorted stock of
Maple and Fancy Dry hood*!
we have ever offered our customers, consisting of the followtwg la
fthlrtinas. 8hrettngs, flannels. Blankets, ftstttnst*
fulIM Cloths, Rerarrs, Lints ys
Irish l.lnens, Table Oauiasks, Napkins, Diapers
Cloths, Casslmeres, Tweed*. Vest logs
Rombsilner, Alpsrras, Plain Del.alnes
french and English Merinos
Hosiery, Glove*. Rthons and Embroideries.
The Lsdlfs are particularly Invited to mmlnt our stock of
/>r#as SUks, from fjyg centa per yard to ike Bnest Flounc4d
Plaid Valencias, Valencia Rohes, Wool Plaids
Rirh Paris DcLalnes, Dress and Cloak Trimmings
Hoop and Quilted 8fcIris
Cloth* for ('looks, all colors
Cloaks, Phawl* and 8carfs, of the ht/vsf sfp/es
Lsrgr stock of Collars In Lace. Muslin and Cambric
Rich Lace. Cambric and Hook Betts
All low for r«*aA nr to prompt customers
_W f. PURR Iff d 00.141 Eagle Bqusre
WII,untlMn A TARD1,
urtutiw mn wmutana oaura* rx
nAVK In ttnrr. anil are receiving daily, a Ixrge and general
Rlnrk nf fall and Winter Dry Onod*, In which thny aek lha
■ ftaftrlnn of Merchant, elattlng ihta market They make wo rlalm*
In tuptrinr ,frfrief.r(/ee oTtr tf.nl r c,Tnpelltori either aa Importer*
orliuyera.bat »»««» Hint they pnaerae adrantagv* «|nnl in any,
and anltrlt nnnRdrntmlly an riamlnallan nf their Block Mow they
rnunxratr n few nf tbn Trading etyles
Rr.iwn and Blearhad Bhcctmga and ■btrtlnf* In all Ik* d I •brent
Rattnetta. R 4 and 44 Polled Cloth*.
Plaid Llndaey* at all prtna*
Ur*. Rncr nf Blanket*
lngll*h and American Print*, all grade*
Onfuirg Dr|j»tir*r. Alf.ae.aa, fllnghama and ladle* ft*raa (kuodfe
Cloth* and Cara*more*.
Rhawta, Cloak* and Mantle* ,
With a general Work nf Hnttery, (finer* Bpr.nl |CoMoa, Threat*.
*e., Ac
Term*, ( month* credit, or I ptf cent dlacount for ca*k
I hare engaged with Mexara Willingham A Tardy f»r the felt
trade and mil he pleated to hare my frleada call am me, pramlalwg
eeery elfnrl In glee t>'. m aatlafeetli.n
Th' Oommlaalnn fm-lneae nf Nnnl A Ben , will he attended la aa
heretofore be owe Bet,me partner, to which I will retaro by the IM
nf N.remhnr ne«t, __ R. R HUNT.
H I I III > r*. til ill Ifll 111) Wtn Rod m my Mock
eeery thing they may need—Dleanetlng and Bwrglrwl In at ra.
menta. and *1 price* aa low aa they raa he porrhaaed. I Ineit* aa
atrdnatlon. W. 0 RATTAIUI,
aell Drag and Cfenmtral Btore, corner 441. and Broad am.
oraaian* aimiamn. nwenpwaa* nun maimawS,
HAB on hand a large aannrtmeni nf heat daa'nty, and mtot Path
hnaahfe Btylea. Onwehna, Poach ran, Chwrrln4ae-a, Barnuokn*.
Roekawaya. BHd* Beal Tnp Buggy*, and Bnggya with and wllhrml
I hare a Ian al my Rapoattary a largo amarlmrrit of Mot! bar* mad*
Carnage., man,if*.lured by th* mom approved maker*, ranging
from the lighten* Myle af nolo. Buggy. In the gn*m order nf w
Thane In want of earrtagoa win Rod II to Ihnlr In ter eat In owl gag
•gamine mg mm, an I Am determined In aell aw Mm maw* re non on
4 If hik HRAIf, No. I, Rentweky Moleo, and aeveenl_A
At' "* " Ane tingle and matched hnema.joet In ban,l//tm»
fwr tala or exchange, on neeommndaMng forme Apply tn / f 11
RDWIN #ALille.
aellt dActf_ franklin Btcw*.
XJ DW I* Bm lime an anew** A. nfrnhf. Carpal a. M Ih# now mrpm
il waenrnwmn. nppwaHn Rtehangn Bank. MaaaalaifWI kaRI
koepora and hoarding haws** will glean* glen me aa early call, a*
the gaud* will he aold cheap !a» raah.
P^R« 2*rwWey Br.iaa.le Carpel*, foe par tare
fragaol Velra* (jar pel In,. Targ aheap
Imperial Thrtw Ply
MwtetfR Ingrain
Bine Carpeting, great hergatw*
" ”’■** unrr than aaaal and weprnm)** Arm
rah bargain. Com nam,earn* aR 6 A OWATKIN.

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