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For intonating news, telegraphic, etc., aeo outside.
laportanl Manifesto frnut Mr. Binlianno Relative to
tho PmIBc Railioad What will tho Virginia and Smith
Carolina Democracy Say Sow f
A Into arrival from California brings us the fol
lowing letter from Mr. Buchanan on the subject ol
the Pacitlc Railroad, addressed to the chairman of
the Democratic State Central Committee of Califor
W«ma«mn» (ufe«a* Uno«a(#r ) P». )
September 17, 18&6. (
To B. K. WAtiiNuroN, Kaq., Chairman of the Democrat!*
State Central Committee, California.
I have received nunietoua communications from MXir*
Cffl ill California entitle*! to high regaid, iu reference t«*
tho proposed Pacific lUilroad. Am it would be imp*«u*i
blp for me to airnwor them all, 1 deem it moat pmper and
wipeillul lo adilreo you a general answer in luor otti.’ia*
capacity. In perh»rmibg tluaduty to the eitixena of C*l
iforum, I act ill perfect con*i*tency with the m*lf imp*** *1
reatu* t»«Mi contained iu uiy letter accepting the ikhuIim
lion fui the Presidency, not to anawer interrogate i'->
raiding new and different iwuc* from thoae prv»«*tiU»d l»\
the tUncinoali Convention, because that Convention ha*
ita«lf adopted a rmililtiiNi in larour ol Ibis great work.—
I then desirw U> state, briefly, that concurring with tin
Convention. 1 aiu decidedly favorable to the constructioi
ol the Tactile Railroad; and, 1 derive the authority to <1
this from the constitutional |»ower lo “declare war” ami
tlo* constitutional Outv to "repel invasions.” In my jodg
tut, UongrcM poaaeiai nw Mme power 10 male »p|>"
priaUon* for tbe count rucUua ol Ull« road, strictly for lb.
plop >»e of national defence, that llwy have U> erect U
Um-aiioiis at the uiuulh ul llw harbor of San K'ranrLsro.
Indeed, the nereesitv, arilh a view to repel foreign inv.-i
aiun in>m CoJilornia, is a* great in one caae as in the oili
er. Keith -r will there be danger from the precedent; for
it is aliuoet impossible to cool's-1re that any alien
ds--l hy such etlraurdiiiar* and unprecedented circumslao
can ever again occur in our history.
It iri.ll !•« obserrcd, in the llioii' letter, that Mr
Buelianail adheres to his “aetf-impONed restrielnn
not to raise new and different issues from lliose pre
seutisl l»y the Cincinnati Convention"—hut, ilia
much as that Convention itself adopted a resolution
in favor of the construction of this road, he is, for
his own part, and by reason of Ida ooncurring with
the Convention, “i/rrs/nl/y fitcoraldr to it Re
marking only that it would have tieen a much high
er exhibition of Mr. Buchanan's independence and
firmness, if he had expressed himself as in favor <>l
the constmction of this road lor the reason only that
his convictions of right iu>|Kdled him to such a con
clusion —instead of timidly seeking shelter under a
resolution of the Cincinnati Convention—wepropo-e
to contrast his p.tsiuon on this question with that
which lias been, for years past, steadily and consis
tently adhered to by the Democratic party of Vir
ginia and the South.
The action of the Cincinnati Convention, on this
question of a railroad to the Pacific, is one of tin
most cudous and incomprehensible political episodes
in the history ot party politics. It will he recollect
ed that the Committee on Resolutions, in that Con
vention, reported a resolution virtually committing
the party to the construction of a road tending to a
“safe and speedy communication between our At
lantic and Pacific coasU." This resolution, on mo
tion of Mr. Thompson, of Mississippi, was laid ot.
the lahle by a vote of 139 to 120. And, according |
to tbe report of the proceedings, “cheers an l Insse
followed the announcement of this vote." But the
advocates of tlio road —not rebuffed hy defeat—re
turned again to the charge after the nominations had
been made, and, on tlie motion id Mr. Inge, of Cali
fornia, a resolution was adopted by a vote of to
, substantially reaffirming the resolution previ
ousty laid on the table—and this latter resolution
pa*ted the Con cent ion, as « sort of addendum or co
dtcil to the established platlorm of the party.
During the canvass, when the Democracy of Vu
gima were reminded that the Cinctnnati Convention
had pledged the party to the construction of a Paci
fic It ul road with the means of tlie Federal (iovern
In el IL, thrv denied it w.th the most indignant ein
pbasis, and asserted that no such committal could In
found in the platform—hut, on the contrary, that
the Democracy had reaffirmed their traditional op
position to all iuternal improvements, of whatever
character, by the tjriieral tiovcrunient. Both of
ih ese declarations were, technically, true—but, nev I
erlheless, tbe simple resolution of the Convention,
which was sufficient for the Western Reinncracv
(w ho are all ill favor of tile Pacific Railroad.)—still
■ton I—while the general abstract dentil of the con
slitiiliooai power was all that the Southern Democra
ey required. With this Convenient arrangement the
canvass was opened and closed—the Southern De
mocracy, as usual, being satisfied with the shadow.
Willie the Western Democracy walked jubilantly oil
with the substance.
What i* now the upshot of it? Precisely whai
Mr. Buchanan'* past course has always indicated.—
He not only asserts the constitutional power ol Con
grew to undertake this gigantic enterprise—hut In
even give* the chapter and verse of the Constitution
under which he claims the power' He founds it m
the specific authority given to 4 loti gross hy the ('on
■titution to "declare war," and to “repel invasion I”
lo say that Mr. Buchanan, hy this declaration,
runs directly counter to the eaUblishwd creed of tin
Democratic party, i* to say what will occur to ever>
one on the moment We have always thought, and
•till believe, that one of the chief elements of D<
msratir strength in the Southern States has Ireei
the assumption, l»y that party, of peculiar regard ftn
the strictest reaiiing and construction of the federal
Constitution. They have always declared that no
power should lie exercised by Congress, except it
be expressly granted, or necessarily and clearly im
plied. Acting upon this principle, they havu op
posed all the measures of the old Whig party —
Hank*. Tariffs, Internal Improvements, and Distribu
tion. The question now recurs—is the Democrat!)
thirty llxtlif fn rolflMl femwew. i»of — fWir««h/ll VII ltl||l
question ol atrict construction ? Is it about u> es
chew the principle* for which U ha* fought for so
many long years? Are they becoming eonsolida
tlonisU; and are they to yield to the General fj„.
wemment powers which Utey have always Haim.-.I
wxrliisiy.-ly for the Slates? It. fW. ,re „
j.unge their whole rrcctl, and to admit the wisdom
And propriety of Whig principles at Iasi?
Hhall we have a broadside from the Knquirrr, si
anilar to the one with which it gnmlod a Detnooralh
Senate Uiat overruled the President's veto of River
end liar I sir Bills last summer ? Shall the thunder.
«f the Virginia and Southern Democracy sleep,
view of tliis hold ami rash reversal of Democratic
doofrioe by the selected chief of the party?
Th« greet speech of Senator llunter four years
•fn end it *.u a gr«at apee.lj—|n apportion to this
very Pacific Railroad,eeneoi yei have been forgot
ten hy the Virginia Democracy. In that apeccb h.
proclaimed the utter absence of any authority what
ever •« the (’. institution to construct it. During the
debate m the Senate fast summer on the President,»t
vetoe* the Democratic doctrine on this suliject was
fully laid itown aud vnliirred hy both of the Virginb,
Senators, by Rrowu of Ml«s|*sippi, |,y Roller by
Tootnfm. and by Bayard In rh-w of ell this, what
will the Virginia Democracy now say to Mr. hn. ha
nan's protestation of both the constitutionality
the expediency of huihling a railroad to the Pacific?
We shall see
The Central Awerirae <|ne«tm».
We pnhlished a paragraph, a few days ago. from
the Phlled- Iphia North American, stating that all
dlCjr^Mue of opinion between the OOVeroimmt- of
thl, poo ntry and O Ml Britain, rotaries to tha 0s«
U**l- The W ashing ton consspondent of the Jour
nal of Coin mere* hast the following on the subject:
In regard to the terms of this arrangement, I cen state
pustlisely that they ars not know* to ihe public, and will
be made known brforo the Preridsi.l's neat Annual
Bcassgo shall appear. Indeed, it appear* that the terms
are not yet deinitelv settled ia regard to the Muaquito
Protectorate, but probably soon will be.
It Is only certain that the Bay Irlanda question is set
tled, by their retmrewdon to the Stale of Honduras. I
notice that the inhabitants ol the leland ol Rualan—chief
ly blacks from Jamaica—hare remonstrated against this
measure, end threaten to tenial it, and to declaie their in
dependence ; luit it ia too late for remonstrance—for the
deed has Ireeu diplomatirsUy done.
I am quite certain, also, that the proponed settlement
will not involve an alvrogation «if the CUyton-Hulwer Treaty,
but wiU, on the contrary, no explain, define, and modify
it. aa to cause it t) work well hereafter, and lulbl the ori
ginal intention and wishes of live distinguished diploma
lisn who negotiated it.
It ia a aubjeet of regret that Mr. Clayton's life was not
-pvr.nl to permit him to witness ths consummation ol a
work upon which he had In-aUvwwd ao much care, and
which bad caused him so much painful anxiety.
If the Treaty is to be sulorced ; it follows that the
clause restiicting each of th* contracting parties from ac
quit iug or annexing any portion ol the territory a! Cen
tral America, will l>v respected. It lollows that' the bug
bear invented by the Republicans, upon the eve ol the
late I'rS'.jdrutial election, ol the annexation ol Walker's
dominion to the American Union, might aa well be put to
The New York Herald, which professes to know
everything, says the credit of this adjustment is
due, not to Mr. Dallas, but to Mr. K. 0. Rquicr, our
former minister to Nicaragua.
The Westminster Review for October has been
-■out w by Mr. Woodliouse. The Westminster is
one of the most valuable ol Scott's reprints—and
the present number is equal to any ol its predeces
We subjoin a tabular Klsteineul of the returns from one
hundred mid foilv-one c -unties and cities in the State—
| ill official exce| t thirty-one. There are yet seven coun
ties to In ar troiu, via: Boone, Calhoun, (new,) Logan,
V'i-bulaa, Raleigh, and Wise, (new ) Th* old counties of
this number gave Kloumuy 127 majority.
IS55. 1856.
Amer. Dein. Amer. Dein
Accomse, III! — — 57
Albemarle, 122(1 lliilf 1026 IOtf2
Alexandria, 820 3S2 g37 677
Albghauy, 2<>4 3-to )s2 Hsu
• . * IS" 2111
\ liberal, 680 688 449 683
Apltomaltox, 217 313 152 431
Augusta, 2426 1334 1904 1499
Harbour, 331 753 288 9o|
Hath, 276 222 180 258
Bedford, 1328 1"87 1044 1015
Berkeley, 9<I3 923 846 997
Botetourt, — 424 — ftiai
Hatton, 371 119 494 26o
Brooke, 432 333 261 451
Brunswick, 224 556 131 566
Buckingham, 55 — _ ]3<i
Cabell, — 118 — -gi 41
Campbell, 1535 979 84 _
Caroline, 613 642 414 577
Carroll, 311 657 414 517
Charier City, 175 124 190 lot-.
Charlotte. 398 42* 247 463
■ livet.M fiel J, 523 975 350 845
• 'lark*, 320 *61 235 4,14
raig, 120 3o4 198 345
Culpeper, 528 443 430 512
C-miherUlld, 3u6 277 181 271
Dinwiddie 234 421 140 351
Ooddndge, 226 377 140 4*>4
Kiixabrlh City 175 187 184 190
K-aex, 316 266 338 298
Fairfax 631 512 650 727
Fauquier, 1040 920 884 1081
Fayette, koi 271 318 369
Flotd, 447 365 $71 483
Fluvanna, 458 44k 268 309
Franklin, 906 1253 699 1163
Frederick, 1203 1335 899 1351
Giles, 4<>6 418 27 5 4 39
Gilmer, — 172 — loo
ilonceater, 329 395 268 383
Goochland, 262 388 198 377
Grayson, 266 553 271 659
Greenbrier, 870 533 792 658
Greene, 42 5*2 57 472
Greensville, 73 206 5s $u7
Halifax, 587 1163 329 1173
Hampshire, 845 1118 747 1168
Hancock, $9) 221 190 320
Hanover, 553 706 315 615
Hardy, 708 651 842 637
Harrison, 921 lol7 840 1221
Henrico, 988 766 755 7iej
Henry. 4341 607 391 505
Highland, 342 444 987 479
dale ol Wight, 173 669 142 644
Jackson, 637 592 488 60S
J unes City, 126 44 122 57
.Jefferson, 924 862 845 946
Kanawha, 1537 571 1155 664
King George, 191 189 127 2>>6
King 4: 171 ell, 307 397 168 439
King William, 111 333 73 274
l.anoasler, 175 J )3 150 I60
Lee, 377 1113 268 916
Lewis, 427 574 299 7)2
l.oujaa, 461 613 247 632
..oudoun, 2"I6 690 1979 858
Lunenburg, 30) 465 117 486
Madison, I09 »i 2 57 76it
Jason, 747 348 7ok 560
Jarioli, 457 1159 470 1632
Matshall, 984 6<>8 988 932
Matthews, 221 273 186 2io
Mecklenburg, 480 874 371 867
Mercer, 350 417 214 492
Middlesex, ISO 331 128 249
Monongalia, 653 1318 314 1351
Monroe, 89l 577 728 747
Montgomery, 692 660 468 653
Morgan. 415 266 329 319
Nanaemond, 556 340 445 4|6
Nelson, 740 436 520 418
New Kent, 2ol 175 169 jy3
Norfolk city, 922 552 787 644
Norfolk county, 1264 I<>65 ItxiH 123.1
Northampton, 298 236 235 256
Northumberland, 316 296 $49 340
Nottoway, 187 228 1 46 2* *8
'bio, 1741 1110 1464 1632
• range, 349 395 287 4;;7
’“Ce, 72 1033 57 1034
rauica, 1 fit 827 627
Pun Jit-ion, 405 558 424 inai
Petemburg, 747 8**8 672 8 Ilf,
Powhatan, 16* *37 *2 244
Pittaylraiita, 1352 1*36 122? 1355
Plcaaauta, 2**5 2*8 170 2'.**
Poealioiitta, 1**7 457 115 417
Preaton, 737 7*8 442 262
Plioceaa Anne, 3*6 320 823 827
fiiwe KOwud, 365 427 214 4*2
i'rince l»e rge, 131 868 74 3iMt
iVince Wiiliuu, 212 667 *33 702
Putnam, -jr 6 _ gg
i'ilia'll i, 272 80* 200 831
.Umlnl|ili, 308 438 3)8 441
'tippaliannnek, 486 4*0 3ft| ,
Richmond city, 2144 1166 1753 1474
Richmond county, 364 166 2*1 225
Hi (cliia, 363 488 277 6<m.
Roane, (ii<.yr county) 266 212
Roanoke, So7 6'«r 228 *,,3
Rockbridge, 1*06 1147 1086 11*4
Rockingham, 610 2700 6|i) *733
Rnaaell, 680 *g* 388 7ftft
ScoU, 60* 7*7 3*1 881
Shenandoah, 186 2o8l 233 233*
-Smyth, 871 #64 332 672
Southampton, f«8 870 458 870
.SpoUaylrauia, 604 #iy 448 nT/
Stafford, 85* 474 24* 6**
*“"7. Ml ISO 10» 230
•Suaaei, l'*0 881 86 H67
Tarlor. 465 487 43* aia
r~*“'i *»» H"» II* ||40
Tucker, (new county,) in I37
Trier. 36*) 480 S2V 654
Ijpuhiir, - 210 -
Warwick. 57 21 72 40
Waehii'iuon, *48 1264 614 1) lft
ZST’ , , 347 8**8 382
W e*trnmolan«J, .'4a K3 4-»« .a,
"844 ,38 si
William aliurp, 64 61 ft# 67
Wirt, 217 26* l*|
Wood. g*0 637 763 876
Wythe, 724 829 #31 887
Y-rk, 16* 10* |«4 ,u
48,178 78,228 66,260 84,322
*M78 66/260
WiaeV maj. In 1856, 10,048 fjijrh'a maj., 22,n7 2
The fnltowing iu a comparatlee atatcmcnt of the agure.
gale rule aa prcm-nteil hy the addition of the ahoeo table
„ , 1*85 1*64. »ne. Dec
Democratic, 78 *24 84,322 4,0*4
American, 88,178 66.260 .... ||iVyH
T*-'. 144,4*14 132,672 6,832
>r77:/.:.“, jjr^a. j*.ji ssyi.'.’apc
r.yl-a of Whin. ftnner. Tea ar>4 T..IM Oo-lr, ahli-h wlihT V' 7
^ frombrp r .mp*r*UT4.fy 6M| 7 * Tim
_ f>r nr or.mot i^phy
wl JT “vssm.uxafik
w«1T . 88WKW 4 MluA
— — ___cinrntr Prail ar.4 Oary wrean.
I Tw 7* *• AMO31! I«ni'arh«n lialtae Maereah oTfe
Career Pwarl ae4 Oary rtr*«.
AJWTV. »**©** of Til PUKOKin 09 TU
The peesidenl and directoi* Ware ihs satisiardon to sat
U> the stockholders, that the general stale of the corn pant
la prosperous; that the rsreous has increased beyuod
I heir estimate ; and that the road Is in better condition
thsn it ever was before.
Soon alter the last meeting nt the company the work of
taking up tlir last of the strap iron, from the main Hue of
the mad, and polling the heavy rail in its place, was com
pleted, making the ruad one of the moat substantial In the
AVer* us off As peearaf end »rrl year
In llte last report it was estimated that the receipts
would amount to $l1n,iNhi, but they have reached the
sum ol $108,4 IS 11, of which t22V,28A 21 were derived
from transportation of passengers, $260,020 40 Hutu
freight, $27.1o7 14 from the I'niled Stales mail, being an
increase of $122,047 12 on the receipts ol last year.
It appears, from the experience of this company, as well
as that of many others, that the same section of countrv 1
is everywhere stendllv increasing the business which It
furnishes to railroads, a* the advantages they offer to the I
various industrial interests in the country, are daily more i
Kor the three first quarters of the fiscal year there were ,
only about three mdes ol ruad in u«o more than were in
operation at the clone of the last year, and lor the last j
quarter, only ten miles more, making an average addition
ol about five per cent, to the length ot the road, whilst1
the addition to the receipts la about SO per cent.
Tbs board thinks the revenue ol the next year mav lie
safely estimated at giioO.OOO; and if the proprietors of the
various springs, whi -h next veer can be reached with so
much ease by this road, shall enlarge their accommoda
tions, as their popularity will demand, they hare uo doubt
the receipts would greatly exceed that sum. It is not an
eitravagant opinion, to suppose that the company lust,
this year, $2o,ooo for the want ol acromiuodatioue fur
thusa who desired to visit our mouulaiuslast summer.
Kxpm set.
The whole amount paid out during the year, and charged
to the sereral accounts ol "transportation expense*,” "rw
pair* of road,” “repair* of depots and w iter stations," "re
pairs ol engine* and cars,” "depot expenses," “salaries,”
slid "miscellaneous expense*,” aninuul to $217,274 47.
Thu sum is about 50 per cent, ol the whole grom re
ceipts, and leaves a lialaiice ol $2Ki,4X6.68, winch sum,
il it bad not been appropriated to the cmi«truction of the
road, would have been a subject of dividend among the
Stockholders, alter providing lor intrrvsl ou loans, and de
ducting a prxiper euui for depreciation of road and ma
The gross expenses embrace tr*n*|>ortatioa of iron, for
constructing new track, and the whole of aalariea and inis
edlaiietius expenses, which belong in part to construction,
/’ruyrrtl of the mri'.
Se-en miles more ol the road were brought into use
early in the month ot July, and even that short extension
towards the various springs bad a must sensible effect in
inrrvasiiig ihe travel.
After the legislature adjourned, .ast spring, having din
U-rUiih-l ol receiving aouie aiil in tlm pmergiion of the
work, prudence nujuired that the Ixtard should coMaat to
-Mile curtailment of their operation*. Arrangi-inentn
acre then lore made with the contractor*, to transfer all
thu to rev they had on the ten mile* next to f'ovington, to
the auction betwei-u the Jackson's river and the present
terminus, lor (he purpoee of getting it into opera!ion at
a* early a peri ml next year as possible. The contractor*,
except lor a small amount ol work, agreed to receive the
mortgaged bonds of the company in payment for their
wmk, at (so in $ 11Ml for cash prices; ami the board de
termined to issue to contractor* no more twelve-month
llu this section, comprising twenty mile* of the heaviest
woik oil the line, a large |H>rtion ol the work had alrea
dy thi'n done. A cot.tract lor the irou having been made
with the house ol Haring*. London, payable twelve
months from delivery, the policy ot concentrating all the
force there wil1 enable the boaid io hare the road in ope
ration by the 1st of July, 1857, to a point on Jaeksnu'i
nver, two mile* almve Clifton Korge, where it will con
n -ct witn a giMMl turnpike alxtul thirty luile* Iroiu the
While Sulphur ainl Sweet Spring*. When the ralley ol
JaekaiMi'a river i* reached, III* great ilifiieulties ol the
work h.ve been overcome, and the road will be acc<***i
lile to Hi* trade of a large and valuable portion ol the
western part ol the State, Ix-side* bringing the Sweet
Spring- and White Sulphur within ooe dav's ride lor pas
aenger* fnnn Petersburg, Riclinmnd, Alexandria, Wash
itiglon and It.tlimiore. Tim turminu* will then be onlv
mlmut forty nr.le.s Irotn the county-seat ol the rountie* ol
Monroe and Greenbrier, with hoe roads the a hole distance
connecting I hem.
The completion of the road, to the valley of Jackson's
river, will secure to the company all the advantages they
can enjoy, until some poition of the Covington and Ohio
road is dune; and the reuiaiuilig ten luile* Iroiu thence to
Covington, the coinuii-iicement of the State work, will be
completed whenever found necessary to be ready for the
State toad as far a* the White Sulphur Spring*.
lilt* Ilidy< Tnnnrl and Mountain Trark.,
It will be gratifying to the stockholders to learn that
there u now g-xnl grou id for calculating that the Blue
Ridge tunnel, which, a* they are aware, is constructed un
der the authority of the State, will be Completed early
next spring, and that the car* will then pass through it,
in-tead of passing over the lop ol the mountain, a* they
do no* on the temporary tract built hr thr company.—
The engineer of the Kurd of Public Woik* report* only
about Ifolrt of the Reading of the funnel as remaining
unfinished a*, thi* date, ami wil bout *on,e wnlnrewen acci
dent, not at all likely to occur, that most difficult and mag
nificent rnteipriie " ill bo completed by the drat ditv ol
May, 1857.
\% llif public are tailoring under very erroneous lm
io relation lo this co*»t ol this work, it may not
Iw amU to Hlite that the whole- Blue Bulge road, teach
ing from the eastern to the »*^lcni Iu-h* of the film* Ridge
mount mi, which i* Irinjj built by the Slab*, comprising
seventeen milt*** «tf Ijark and three tunii* Is, IvmiIpii the
main cmh* at B<n*k Fish trap, ol 4.‘27u leet, will Ih* coin
pieled for aliont fl.460,000, and of that ruini thu Kim k
Kiih tmjui I will <o-l ouly al*out #404,O<JO.* These -11111*
are le.*- than were eA|wc{ed, and the tunnel* are believed
to be below ordinary price*.
.Mountain Track.
The perfect rucce** with wlu<*h the mountain track has
tx-en Mpe^atfd f<»r two years, without '.he *1 ghb ft acci
dent since it we r. Jjr o lulled lor public ow, is not
only a subject of rntigintulaliori to ihe stockholder* of the
company, and <»! justifiable pride with onr engineer, Mr.
KUei, und*«r whose <lirecli<H» it was const ucteil, (not for
getting the admirable management of Mr. NetherUnd, the '
superintendent,) but it aervea to lnroi»h information which
will 1«* ol im alculable value to all who in it hereafter be .
'‘nK*K’*d in the construction of railroads through inouti
i til tou* regions, when? natural difluuhies* or the want ol
funds* would otherwise cause delay in their completion.
It will be difficult to over estimate the value to this
company of this mountain track, in the building ami work
ing ol that part ol their road now hi use, facilitating the
tiausjiorLiitioii of the iron over the Blue Ridge, required
lor the western (Motion, and forni-hing the indy practica
ble nieana of ac<*otnii»4Hj*tifig the traffic which has come
Iroiu the west sole ol the mountain
It often happen* that immense advantage*, resulting <
from the speedjr opening of a line* present themselves to a
company, and some difficulty ia encountered in perfecting '
me conairuciion Ol ini' roml accorilii.g (o the pUn lor ita
permanent u»e; in nueli caeca, the temporary n»c of high
grade* secure* Pi a company ultimate henefila far out
weighing the rxpenac to i<e incurred. A Tory atiiki'ig
illu-t ration ol thia ia found in the adoption ol a temporary
liacU on the fine weal of Millhoro, where the mtereat oi,
the money aared thu prc*ci|J Jiine in two year* will
amount to the whirl,* coat ■ ,1 the lemporarr track, which
will not only *eive P» <|o all the huaine** nf the road until
the Uoviiigton and Ithio road i* opened, hut will aid very
much in the final Conntrurtion of the road on it* perma
nent location.
A aliri/ia/ioa nf J’aymrul of dor ,1/.ori Hariai/t
Tti* reriou* agitation reaulting from tlic intarferance nf
northern fanatic* with the domestic concern*of the South,
di*tiirhing the fiolitiral tranijuililv of our Union, w*a cal
cqfap'ii Pi affect the credlct of all American aecnrilie*
abroad A* ill* (Pmlfhohjera Were infoimed in the laatre
port, a purchaae of l.lHHi ton. of ir<„, hod tioen made of
ffrurr. Baring*, payable 1 'i nionihafiiun tuna of delivery.
In prupoaing the aecoinl purchaae of thia h.aiae, ol which
mention i* made in the previoti* part* nf thia repoit, con
aiating of ‘i,‘ilei Iona, on the aauie term*, it waa very graii
lying to Hinl their uonfidaiioe in the credit ol thi* roinpa
nay waa unitnpatind. It would he iiiijint to Mr. Rllel, no!
Pi **y that thi* confidence ia in aomc degree p> b« a*crill
ed to the impreaaion made during Ilia rl.it to Rnglaud laat
year/on the t.uvinc** of the company,
Tlie hoird ia glaij p» lie able to *Ule, that with a view
of aataring the Me»»re. Iiaring* that then confidence in
lh# punctuality of thi* company waa not miaplpccil, the
aellieineiit of more than hall the amount dun neat M*'ub,
for the «*•! 1.000 iia,., will be anticipated hr paying it in
the preterit month of October.
Vomurhon wth 1'ori- /fleer Hoad.
At Ibe laat *e*»iim of the f/egi*Uture, ai act w%. paaeed
aecuri'ig to thia company the right to build what la com
monlv called the "abort track,” between Richmond and
Ubarlotleaville. The board doe* not think it necewaary to
repeat their remark* on the importance of tborlening their
line, which are contained in former re|iorta; trait when thn
bovingPm and Ohio Road ia rompleted. the nccra-dly will
lie n bar# Ire come m«»at manifeat aa well for the ixil.fiar in
tereala, *• for tbiee- ol lb|a company.
fn the act providing for building the "abort track,” au
tliority ia given Pr connect thi* road with that of th- York
River Road, through reruin (treat* of the city of |{,ch
nioiul, but a* your board regard* the intcreat* of the com
p*uy »nd the city of fin hmniid, »« Very clow-ly identified
and that of the Yorh River Railroad Company abm they
prefer to obtain the eon. nrrence of the citv authoriliaa for
the location of any line they may adopt. Accordingly
meaaaire* have tracn token to con*ult with both the*- par.
iira rill the .object Heliwvlng that It ia alike the Intereat
of trie city and tbeae enmpanie* to perfect tin* r»n.
neciim,, your l*,«rd mm not doubt tint at th,
"'■•'tj^’i • Wn* will In- agreed on mutually aatiifar tory Pi all
| A»/.ror-*rrre»f* mi Ihr liar nf I hr Hoad.
I When the mad wa* fir.t built, a regard Pi economy dic
tated the potiey ol omitting all eapmara not n.-rea**,. for
I rondo, dug the huaine** Thia w*. particnla.lv the caae
on the e*at aide of the inonnlain. Since the Iniafne** of
j the company b*a Ireeii an much enlarged. It h*a brernm,
proper Pr incur too,a . for promoting the urcap-r
comfort of pl.a rigera, and alao of (riving permanence arel
•eenroy p. the mad itaeff Of thi. claw., ..improve.
?'p*-rt "f "'-ct, Crown, ,h« anrW-r
Vy/triutf' /rnm
wiwi.vw’ ■**""* IntereWirry Mall* m Is He- ml nf the
Orwt of Bnckl-ti, aa *t*t'4 ate.*,,eulmapri *1 *tc.| non
t-lal a»t fnnr tunnela, MMtg bet gMA r-4
1. »*"'Tr ■Dm' »n4 o,* new nf Ibr Wav ivabnr,. bn.tw
•I7** "• W'-Wb la ibe C.OI .1,.,,*
raurowt pe.*«. bWe, .r.r^ »U», p„ *
"T" —-‘---— r-| — -r
. "i.’1 1,r* ^ncr ***■* » handsome passenger
•tatHM hu been erected (» Charlottesville, eh.cl, wee
much wanted, m there are large number, of pamengvr*
getting on and off the care at that poiuL for the tame
reason, baikling. ior the special accommodation ol pafeen
Bea^^d^r°',*^d “l 1ah“** cowrt houaa, Trevihiau's, ami
Tbe public oonfldrt.ee In Iron bridge* hae recently been
mmiewliat impened. and although tboae near Chariot tern
eille have given uo taHlicaiione of weak****, yet simply be
eaune i.oo it a material that sometime* vl*M* without a»v
premonitions of decay, the board, under th* advice of Mr
Kll. t, have caused guard-bridge* of wood to be construe
ted at lire Ktranna and Muorv't creek, for supporting
u«em, which have sulHaent strength to sustain the heavi
est trains, if disconnected entirely from th* Iron bridge*,
ifn<!»• fW end (Vire.
In view of (lie increase ol business on the present line
ol roed. and iu extension to Jaekeuu's liver nett year
some addition will be required to the stock of engine* and
car*. On that eutyect th* superintendent of transpoi tation
will be consulted, snd tb* demand* of the business prop
erly attended to. r r
The number ol locomotives on the road ia th* mm* now
a* last year, although two new ones have been bought
liom the Tredegar Works of thia city ; two ul tb* smaller
clasa of old onea having been sold." Those purchased of
Mr. Andris.>n are first clam passenger engine*.
Some addition has been made to the slock of cars, both
for passengers and Ireight, the detail* ol which will bo
lound in the report ol die superintendent of transporta
It has been the prarlice for some year* past, to estimate
the amount of n*«l earning* ol the company, ubich have
been apiusipriated to the geu.-ral account of construction,
winch m ghl, under other circumstances, have been divi
ded III cash and to mute scrip lor the amount, after dedur
linga piopcr sum to represent depreciation ol road and
machinery. These bonds have been executed only to
what were called "old stockholder*;” that is, to those out
of whose lutnU that part ol tlie road was built, which be
ing in operaliiui, produced the receipts ol the company.
This practice has been acquiesced iu lor many years by
all, and fully approved by must ol the stockholder*, until
within the last twelve month*, during that lime, agmwiug
dissatisfaction ha* been manifested by that clam who were
excluded liom dividends, to sit: the new stockholder*, or
those who tiecaiue stockholder* under the acts lor building
the western portion id lire road. Some of them have
been seeking the advice id legal counsel, and represent*- I
buna hare liet-ti made to tin- legislature ou tin- suhjeet.
to our great prejudice, finally, the city of Kiclimond,
which in hrrco«|<orateca|>acity hold* .'t,<Na.sliaresor £hn>,
insi of our stork, tiring one ol the excluded stockholders,
instituted sul against the company lor the recovery of
what eas claimed to be her share ol the diabil.iilable fund.
In this state of tin- css.-, a conference was In-hi between
th* bond and a committee ol the City Council, and tbe
Iroard agreed to su*|m-i«I any action in the sulj. ct ol di
vide.ids until the meeting ol the stovkboldcrs. A piopo
tition for compromise was made by the City Council to
liiia i.-flccl, six: thel if the -lock bolder* in general meet
■Mg »--n-i ---oiscns ,o mni- nil um-irtui until the mail is
eomplcud, and then place all stockholder* on a looting ol
etpiality, their suit should bo dismissed.
The iMKird, though their opinion of the abstract Justice
ol the funner practice is uuctuuigvd, now UMiiiaioualy rr
... that tin- proposition for compromise should lie
an tar accepted as to make no dividend until tlie road ia
completed to Jackson's river, the point which will be
reached next year, ten miles below Covington, and that
alter that time, all stockholder* who had contributed to
building the road to that point, shall be on a common loot
ing with respect to dividends. This will tie a practical
compliance with the terms ol the pmpoaed compromise,
and the tioard hope it will meet with the approbation ol
the stockholder*. It will embrace every stockholder, ex
cept a very small number in the county ol Alleghany,
who have Mibscntied with the express condition that their
subscriptions are to be applied to the section next to Cov
ington, and to be called for only as the work progresses.
That part ol the woik is now siiapendeil, to wail tor more
active operations on the Covington and Ohio Koad.
It this course is pursued, tlie hoard think it would iaiae
the credit of the company, bv keeping down its debt, and
probably enhance tlie pi ice of all tlie stock. In connection
with ibis subject, they think it proper to stale that they
In lieve that the regular payment of cash dividends may lie
c'OiiiintMH'tnJ ill lh.»H.
The usual laliular statements, together with the treasu
rer's accounts, showing the gvuetal eo -dition ol (lie com
pany, and the operations lor the year just ended, ami va
rious reiiorts, will bo tumid annexed to this paper.
All ol which i* respectfully submitted,
liy order of the board of diiector*.
K FONTAINE, President.
• •t rier V*. Cnnu Rtn.aoan ConraMT,
October It'ilb, Isati.
We compile Irom our exchanges the anuexed items ol
late in'elligeuce Irom various parts of tlie world :
Ef- W'BUin Brown, M R., of Liverpool, who some
time since offered the munificent donation ol £6,<M«I In
ward the erection ol buildings for a bee library and mu
seum, -lifers to double flic amount ol gill, provided the
budding tie commenced immediately.
The Russian. French and Sardinian Minister* are on a
visit to Lot d Palmerston's house at Broad lands. These
were the parly of “friend*" who accompanied his lord
ship in the carnage when his lordship a>as invited on
board the Mcniiuac Irigate.
4 llru-scls letter says: Conipicgne is a somewhat out
uf-tlu-way place for the divulging ul'intelligence touching
anticipated events which deeply interest the British court
ami people. Such, however, is’tbe case, it being current
ly re polled among the court circle that our most g-aciotis
tRivi-li is Isr advanced in a conditiiMi which piointses,
tio-l aiding, Ui augment the royal family ol EnglauJ, Soule
's here about the mouth of F- bruaiy.
We learn from the (Jjlve*ton News that the Presidential
election m that city passed off -(uietly, thero beiug verv
little exciiein- nl and not a single disturlwnce ol any kiml
at tlie polls.
The vote wa* »s follow*: Buchanan, 4"8; Fillmore, 34Kt.
I'lii*, the News h- lieves, is the largest vote ever polled in
(islvestmi. The N--ws says.
We have no otbcial returns from the country, hut Irani
Irom private Marcel that at lodianola the vote >tnod In)
for ll-ichauau, and 7!t for Fillmore. Uur inliumaut d-ies
not know the exact vote at P-irl Lavaca, hut thinks the
4o--.rll.sns h«d a majority of |6. At Yel-taco and Quinta
lia the foie was an caacl lie lietwt-en the parlies.
Tlie aljov.- I* all we bud in ottrelohang s in relation to
the losultol the l*re»idemitl election in Texas.
Pint partial failure -.f the erops in nniiv id the upper
counties of Western Texas, is causing many lamilu-s tore
move to the East, where the abundance ul wln-al slid the
sU- cess of other crops renders provisions plentiful and
cheap. The ilrnxo* Statesman says that the aln-eis, and
the public highway* leading 10 anil through Waco, have
been lined for tsusr twree weeks past, with emigrants go
ing nurlli aud cauw.ud.
Mr. Urillilli, II It M’s Charged' Affairs at Bogota,
having tailed |o arrange with Rio N.-w (iratisdian
government tlm o|d standing Mackintosh's claim, lus
broken off negotiation* aitb the government snd i/iv
.•II notice (list (lie A.Iliiir.il «r ill,, British West In
rim Squadron ha* boon mtnlc I Ui enforce the payment ol
the Claim, f/.iortr, Ojfirial of October I III., thus introdu
ces the correspondence.
“Ulilorlunxtcly, n disagreement has arisen with the
gov.rmncnt of her llritisl. majesty, origioallng from nun
tcgislstivc approbation ul the convention arranged on lire
2tth ot Nuvw ..her, tgfijt, to cniupcos ite Hr.t.ri|.s Vl.ifkln
trrslr. a Urilish subject, l<e the ilamsgu -utli-icd by him
in rnniH-qu.-ncu ol not red new lug in the ruatoin houses, rln
riog a re. tain perio.l, anil in virtue of certain executive
iliapoaiUmi,, of-oiue portion of tha rales of the t|.>aliug
debt ot 6 per 1ml, which lie received in payment of his
claim ol I'stlumhisri origin.
The Republic is threatened with coercive measures ou
the pur t jol the Iiriliah naval lorees, without the executive
power, Using its constitutional powers, having been aide
Ul prevent it. By it* order, ami lor the information of the
nation, if publishes the documents relative to the recent
.Irploiii li,-('..ii'rorer-v on ihia disagreeable alTair. It is
to tic tu#|a*d, Irian the sentiments of jtl-tioe of the British
government llr.it ere long it Will Ire regulated m n satis
l.ictory manlier.''
Wu copy lint following items Irom tha Alta Californian
of got h ult :
During the night ol the 7th Inat., a French woman of
ill fame, named Victnire Retang, was munfered in her
fieri, by some person unknown. The object in commit
ling the deed, It is supposed, was to prryrnt the woman
Irom I.-Siitying against an Italian, charged with attempt
ing the lile of a leluale by throwing vitriol in hat face.
A revere shock of an earthquake had been lalt at Han
Diego, nil t'.e aoih Kept., Causing iiiuoli conatuination, es.
penally among the Indiana. The walla of many of the
houses Were cracked, anil the plastering shaken down.—
The shock was accompanied with an oscillating movement
of the earth, ami a sound like ear# passing over a bridge
The r ape crop in lx*- Angelo, has been abundant the
present year, beyond all precedent. Between IPSHI and
titssi I .uses were shipped Ur this city on the Senator, Oil
Iter Uaf ftm •
Tin- lif tdres anrl fur* lore of the Vigilance Committee
room#, on Sacramento street, were sold at auction on tin.
The rainy season ennimenced on the night of the Oth
with several heavy shower*,
The Indian troubles in this Territory have recentlv
Ireiui renewed, and (h-aten Ur become more serious and
extensive than ever before. Governor Stevens, who had
advanced Into the Walla Walla country, for the piirpov
of negotiating a general peace with all tha tribe* In that
quarter, had been obliged to vacate the same, together
with such I’. H troops as fy.isl sreoni|ianiei| h|m
Tho entire eonntry to Ike noylh and east of John Day's
Rive* w*#, at last aerouhts, in the possession of the asva
g.-s, numberlug about Hires thousand, many of whom were
armed with guns. Col. Hteptoe had made into tin- Dalles
with Ids c tiuriand, abandoning the whole country above
to the Indiana, except one Mock house held by ifliy eieu,
wh«»M he lulenderl to relieve as soon as he could procure
f uage. Gov. Htephcna had addressed the pvuplc oi porb
land, sntj staled that the Indians barf acted faithless |n all
their Iran* o linn- «|th the whiles, that nothing would-at
isfv them hut an iineondi'lmiai surrender ot the entire
noimtrv ft* the cast side of the Dalles, and that there re
rnalned nnlv a proap..rt of another general war with all tha
triilea m that quarter.
tfnr advlera from the Halt lx«ke are to Hepl ad. The
smell pox had tissii Introduced into the Territory by lm
migrants from the Km, causing much consternation among
the Helms, though it does not appear to have spread Ui
any great extent, Or U* have pruvrd generally latsl whet#
It had urenrn d. The ps|it*rs are IBM With matter* rela
ting to the church, and we osn team hut little through
•hem touching ih • worldly condition a»d prospa-cle of the
poople. The crops, however. We have *es*o.i to tiett-vr,
have been abort, and another season of famine teens the
Vdrought* and datum.
tW elder* who hav* bwwn abroad, aeaUi hi liave tuet
with but pour sureraa in th« hud *** ol making prow
Ivies, though their labors war* carried ou amoitg the dm
graded and imbwcilo racua ol China and the South Sea.
■ ho, of all people, would be moat likely to rmbrwoo telirla
on congenial to tholr depravod tastaa and perverted Birder
Much alienthm ■as being pal.I to agricultural affair* ia
Ilia Island*. The improvement of stock waa«1*«. engaging
the nnntia ol Ih* people, a* Well aa III* planting ol nutse
rir*. and lb* introduction of the honey bee. tnarcljvwiou*
birds, 4c
Tlie weather in tire Islands had been veev hot ami dry.
The eruption ol Mauna Lira waa atill active, and on the
IHth of August a severe shock of an earthquake Was foil
in Krara. Ti>* great work of codilying the lava of the
kingdom waa progressing rapidly.
a car a* Li*
Advices haee hern reevived at Panama, by way ol Cal
lao, from Me llroume to th* l&lh ol A usual. '
Notwithsianrling th# heavy rains, which hav* Interfered
materially with the diggers, tiro mines continue to yield
beyond the usual avrragu of grdd, and the quaru mining
operation* are rv|iorted to have become exceedingly *uc
eesslul Tire total atnoniil ol dust received by escort tlu
rrng the week ending the 2d August, was 61,887 ounces,
h. ing upwarti* ol I 2,«Jth» ounce* over the amount received
ill the corresponding week ol 1866.
The wet reason was a. arly over and trad* beginning to im
prove. The balance of exports, from the port til Mel
bourne, fur the half jear euding 24th July, 1866, is XI,
36I.U70 atsrling.
The establishment of telegraphic line* throughout the
entire colonic* I* attracting much attention.
The weekly report ol th.- 18th August stales the weath
er a* unusually cold and wet, and ice has bean met with
an meb in thiekireas near Melbourne.
The Imperialists claim that great havoc has been made
a using the rebels by curtain regiment* ol Mongol Tar
tars iu Ih* government service; but everything is so dis
tor ted and exaggerated that comes through Chinese chan
nel* ol iiilortnaUon.thst little reliance can be placed upon
the rumor; yet llu* report such as it ia, constitute* all the
later intelligence we have iu regard to the progress or pre
sent condition of the rebellion.
The failure of an American firm at Hung Kong la re
ported; liabilities (L82t>,tHIO.
The clipper ship CliaUi-ogcr went ashore at Wooaung
river, anj ou tlie hrat ol Augu-l she was hard and fast mi
her Side She had the liusrt valuable cargo that evvr hit
Shanghai. It consisted ol tea and silks, and was valued
at over fJ.tSHMMsi.
A fearlul tragedy happened on hoard a ship at Macao,
•hu ll resulted in the death ol several Kuropcaua, and
liver two hundred ol the coolies themselves.
A dreadful freshet hail occurred at Canton. All th*
• It eels were sulNiisrgerl daily lor a fortnight, ami much
property had I teen destroyed. The great Pagoda, fourteen
N-iilurtca nld, hail been undermined by the water, and had
Ulleti. hurviuc tin. nriests beneath it
A great tire ;»U«» had mvurnsl at t'anton. lluntirtMl* «»|
i»iiiMnig« ami InmiU were t»unie<l% and two hundred men,
wotueo ami children were IhimiI or drowned.
The rice I'topa iii the vicinity nl Canton were grrmtlv
d.ill.Red Ivy the Indict. Many villages lit,I alao been den
Tlie Hriiiah ateanier MaRti-h-mie hAd reluriiixl from a
cmiiK' to Hebaaloptil. Slit- luund tier city a. the allica left
it, with no trace ol clearing away the ruing. The Kne.i.na
have In-gun repairing the fortification, at Anapa, but
have not re-occupied Snjel Kaleh.
The account, ol the recent carihipiake in Kgypt were
e» igireraletl. At Cairo, however, Winch Alarm w«. f«dt.
Among oilier inenluuU Millie Rachel ru.hcd Iroui the liouac
in her night drew*.
lYZ*t ®WM Jll-Tlllk Cl HKD.
BK NOT DKUKIVKD by base imitations. HKOkMAN'
CI.AKK k COtt IlKNI'INK <XH> LI YKR OIL nvrrr disappoints. ami
nine years' rtpTkttCr liaa proven It superior lo all others, and the
only rrlialdr cure f„r CONSUMPTION.
A. Ua-ie is a great ileal of spurious oil In lire market adulterated
witu seal oil. wluste oil, Ac , Ac., loo notch care cannot be taken lo
JUiM tire tile lieliulne.
Ihir 0.1 Is made at ..ur own factory In Newfoundland, and each
hoiile l.a* mar signature uVrr lhe cork. Be careful n. get Manama,
CLaaa A On, for since the na.ru af Mu Rumman. our Ints- partner,
there lias been an artlrle Introduced called Huthlon't, al.n l,,. uo
aay connected w.Ui II. C. A Co. or U. O. A Oo.
Hold by Pl'RCItLL, LAlib A Co., and by Druggists generally.
■att Am—[P]
OPITIOAA Hr Till: I’KKNh. We lake
pleasure in referrtr g to the virtue bAVI.u- PAIN
hll.I.KK We have used the artk-le and found It valuat.ls The
•ale of tins article in U.e Hulled Stan. I. beyond all prreedent, as
«h* book ..f ibe I'Urr will show —{Cincinnati Commercial
DsTta- Vaurrsatjc Pats KttLau —We Best heard ur this me,liclne
during a vt.lt to the New Kngtand put,-., and being .truck with lha
uosrtty of the title, were induced to make some inquiry ah >ut it; and
we Were surprised to Irarn that It was kept constantly In Urn bouses
*f must. f the Inhabitants of the cities and villages ehere we stop
ped, to be used la cases of sudden attacks „f pain, burns, scalds,
Ac , And we beard it spoken of In let ms of high commendalloti.both
by d, ucrisis and physlrlans — {Philadelphia K.gle
Prssr Davis' Pais Ktu.ua —tt is n real pleasure to u« to speak
favorably of this article known atmnat unlvetsally lo be a good and
saferrutedy for burns and other pains of the hodr. It is vu uat-lr
nut only for colds in the winter, but for various summer fau,pla,,,ts,
and should be lo every family The casually which demands it, u,ay
cams unawares—{Uhris-lan Advocate
A tl.i Aslk Miskiss —The aalc of that remarkable and truly valu
abl- p,, paratton, I. rry Davis' Pain Riller, U constantly and rapid
1» mcreosio*. Due,nr the past year, the demand for this great
rn .d, hsstesen AU.JI-thsr unprecedented, "earvely a week passes
by, .lutllig which we do not hear of some remarkable cure having
been performed, within the circle oi our acqitalntancr, hy the US- ,.f
“Perry Dario' Pa,n Killer."—[Pr„v O.n A.lr, nnIT—IcwSw
TIIK A 4| KH IK AN « Ol.likl/.A I ink
leave lieUho .re mi the iptlt iiistanl and Hampton Roads aluuit the
eth Dsonufser pruvltuo, with emigrants for Liberia Per.o,is wishing
b. send out In her loiters or small packages, may pis, e o.e same at
the Methods! Publisltlng House, *4 Ma t, atreel. Kicl.mood, by the
• 111, IUS- , or at tile hardware store ol UrlfBtl, A Wile n. Norfolk,by
tl„ Al,,f December. it >1 II MTARR,
noli—iawtd_Agent V., Col. Hoclety.
it'iiiL .»■” *'••«» W ■* ' ’* OINT.4IK.NT A N 4s
w" | ll.ljt — Lie. rs and •>> . t dra n the system ,.f Us vital
energy Their diseased action Is kept up by virulent matter In ibe
Teasels of the gtabds and skin Tins Ula'ter is neutralIfsl hr the
-Itslitfect ng n|M-ratinu „f the Ointment, rta Kills core Indigestion
>ti all lu forms. H-.I-I at the manufactories. No I* Malden lasne. Nets
fork, an I No iH Htrand. Ir.ud.iu, and by all drugglsta, at'4.V
;<|l >sr pRtrkog M|g '
IT *• vi i: % visinr j * m.s- ~“
do r.rll.t leaves fetc-nst afternosltt, the '111, J-.Xa
m.r . at I o'clock HOK NKIV YORK risl SIliH-VT'tt IP
POI.K.—sre.ght received to day. iMou.tay,i and up SHUHA
lo the hour ..f i pYl.ick, P. M, Tuesday, the 11th
Consignees art fejtic.ad to ss-,,d fui their goods day
Hhlpprrs are request..| to send In Dm name.of thcr consignees
Tuesday afiernoon, or their .1,1pm. nta will tic consigned L. order
Passengers are rr lorsfed to be on board le-fure the luuir of depar
lure. 4 , .clock I', M , Tuestlny.
Tlck.ds and Ib-rtfat secured at our s.fBce Routh side of Die Basin.
Kvs-Sge b. New V..rk, including meals and state-room arcomtuo.
dation, only 41" rlb-erisge passage only
I'assage to Norfolk aarne as by tl* rivet boats.
S’ T K A 41 i n hi LVIDKRK—HIM s .v__
• BALTIMoRK. Prvlgbt re. elvml b. lav, M m- l_>eeJ,*listes'
•I .y. and up b. the boar of 1 o'clock, I' M Tueslsy NUMUIK.
IS- I^U* lint.
r It slgn-rs sre rest nested to sen! f. s ihelr goods b, stay.
NilMeri sre re,i, ,^ to sco,| intis- names .,f lis-r tyuiatapeet
■V "ls> afternobu, or their shipments will be mnstgord to orsler
f(Ylli; M>TII OM \l, nprTlati.l IU DWk
■ hidden thr Richmond and Oanvlllr Railroad Company will
tplace ,.n WKDNRPDAY. the IIHh Um-vmbr, «„t. at .he X'
of Hi* Company. THOU. W hr CKKNItROUtill, Prr'y.
porm or p oxr.
Kuo* nil Man hy than* /Veaenft • Ttial th,
unit, ralynnd do hrrrtiy conatllnlr and aptm.nt
a"..,|wy Ur And Iff oauir
In »de „„ all qneatlt na i|.at may la- brought hrf.ro the mrrtlny ..l
the Mart bald. IS nf Hi.- H.rhmnnd and Uanvlltr Railroad Oii'finany
In be lirld al on Ihr ,ja
nr any adjourned meeting Ihrrrnf, hvr.hy ratifying all
Ihr aria id arid attorney In thr premiers aa fully aa If
Were |.r< wnl anil voting In prrann.
In Iratim-.ny whrrruf have herrunto affiled hand, thla
V'i.uiim; i-mis rim shi.»:.-»y yirtor~.Ti
, u 'k‘ r7 _ "r h‘l“l«y far the manly id R.n-k Ingham,
ami Plate nf North Carolina, I will aril, mi the iTth day of l*r nq
. '.«*!• *'*u, "°n. on a ata mnnlha' rrrdil, al thr rrndrnrr nf the
lab- IHilllp llvy.a front of Und brloiiyiny b. the lirira of aoul II.y
altuatr in tin- N..rthwaatrrn turner nf ihr riranty uf Koeku.yhara
"f* Mijru rl»rr, rihI mmlfiuliif rIh.u( IJHm «<rr«
..'•■ini land liaa on It on ognalk-M dwrlltny h-.nar and all nr
re.. .ry ..lit I. all In gm.ij rnt.illlli.n, ar.d embrace. a go-..I farm
It IM I |ne oatai pi.orr un the river ami klan no a rreek whlrlt
tuna lluongh H
Any per* n wlah'ny to view the aahl landa hrf.„a ihe day nf aalr
win till as-vail on l>r H 0 Hay. at P • n ly Ridyr
not7 — wnja JOHN II. OII.I.ARD. Clerk and Maatrr.
CO OH ■; K'N
ReflnH Nheet mid Nhrcd laincUa*,
PIR BI.ANC MANOR. TAIII.y Jt'l.|.lhA. Af. A prime ayllrlr
fafr ' ' I. and baif.-ly U r T . l.y ..Malawi wel.
.Iirariion, Ur ttjlny, of *hr plnclpai ll.odcra and leuyyiaVathrough
I.ul Un* Unite*! >*uu«, •
__HW« < oopRB. No* fork.
haa nn hand at hla n|,| ratahliahmrnt, Nn. *15 Broad alrrrl a
lary- rt-.,.iil of .n| -rtnr city made Brnyura. mltahlr fay farm
haiula, Alan heavy and prime peyyrd do Thom who may he In
wool ollt idraar vail np n him, and Ihry can hr aultrd In all alira
and at prtrya low for the quality. Rememtmr .ha g„ gift grna,| H,
' l*-,'"» Ihr dry fond a at ora nf Nam. Breeden A Van
I A nil X uni rr. Kin (*n naiim muss
A IH-IPPPM, rm.l, TRIMMRtl Ry t'K* I ah.tl
nay a .(drndl.l V«d'"" »l »f Ih- <k"f« eluant dry.. Bliorn, wadr
of tl". b-at r a i.h Rld.aod aro ttv-at baaut"h«|, the Amlin one.
BrifJ ah, all nf (lie I a (rat and inoft Appruyrd tytnirr atylea. and fny
•*’' '""r If U PR A MR I.IN,
***' * !•«, f Ift flrntuf at***!
m tox’s ptrnr ai'iiiRinu i.n xtj >i,
I In •mall ivkay-a, wld. full dlrortinn. fny makiny twautlfnl
Oryatal J- lly, mtirh aoperl-.y in that made from fltnytaaa : al#n ahrvf
and ahrral |-Inylaaa. pink and Prenrh Oelaline, Aar..ring and v n.k■
Iny rllrarui for tale al
MPAHR A H A K Ril'd N»w Apmhrear. Nrnre,
**n IAN, N. W. an mar of Main A loth Pte.
IiltRTaPHimP Nl.tr>' PA IN P-ibr rm.fymd wall.
nf himava, deck. nf yeoaala, railroad rtft, nr any v(Hoard any
fair It dor* na> "net. when pat nn WMh nut patent t...t|rd oil owiyr
than one half tha mat of White lead
Parmer, awl other, ora rv.«oeo*rd to try thla aoprrtoy and cheap
flf' proof |»«lnt 1 w
I **lT wytuw^g wwrm * fqmt%
4I#I»0W Oll.t-Wf ire no* in receipt of in hM« TrIIo*
I ■ f>,li • eiMlUilr for Unf fMl ft |« rh~np*r. fir#* not rnn*»|
». '-*•11 jr. *n4 •• • Int.r>< *»•.r for m*rMr>prj l« n M
eept u*ifp> aprrm ; for **lp •»*
RKNN PTf, ***** * n«HR«, f»n,o....
All MAM *»••*. Winn fha. (heap Ooiq Arabic. In hale*, Air
N A -ale low hy
•"'J B|NAgTf. RPBHH A PIPIIRR. Or.wp't'a
M' 4 V a—*11 bale# prime boy. oO»al and for aale by
1 Uftlt _ . 0AVRNPORT. AI.I.RN A CVI
M< Ml; llttli • n nil , .> half >
■ od. and lor alt ordinary rainilny equally y,md It dr tee wrdt
. and d oa ant peel nV; f r aalr hy
| A t K I II’s Mill II. I", p C Pneed-a Pb
■ • vaprvaalr for haAera' porpoaea, aith rn.ee atreneth titan oar
too. d in market, for aale hy MOM MR A OLAf RORNR,
•Ml No (I Pv.rl at
a* i f.* rwftr m tpottm it t* a. ir. imw
quality of Tan Imported Iqto the UnMo-l Ptalea.lo aawre and for
U-.IJ OnrtP-r Paorl Mid Oary ateoeta
Hi»r »*.*• NWIXniTA, WINM AMI* L(a
B1 ql’fltlP A foil aaaoe'meot alwaya oo hand, and for aale in
q..v 'Itieato aull pof.-haerra hy Pfl.llRW A MII.I.rR.
I no t Q>rb.»r Pearl and (hrr aM—i*
II -L • APIAlaM PIMP. WIIAI, .1 a landtag ow Jamoa
4 near, aaor PtcboM'a oharf. h.r ao'v by
wohvtaby «hu whQImul
*■ OP* ■» rm ** Na* 1*. ltd*.
At th* Near York Shock Baohaj.gw, Sootutd Board, «**•
tarda/, 4d.KM V.rglala Msaa oar* asM al M*. aaltar'a thr*. day*.
At tha Fire* Board, to-day, |T.*44 warasstd al Mg hr
Tit. •Ith <!atc« from Liverpool to Ih* t al tnat
krl** •*r* •attrrto* Inanal*! aocoaoU than tha last. Tha La*
*"• ■*' ■*rh«l •» to Oo bettor coedtllea aad complaint. respect.
" *»» 'acraaatog. Balra are maintained al tha tuamimum, and la
aoma raaaa boo*** of undoubted credit are charged • per real. ...
dual** el . o,o«l..a. „| | ftel. Latlar» horn Karla Mat.
: that the Director* of Ih* Bank •» Kranra Kara dlacuMlnaad atabiog
adeaaaa* apoa all deccriptlona of eacurlilra ; aad aa Wadaaaday a
coo.lda.ahl. .mono. i- *—■-- -a—. - , -, ( | „ |
h*l ntoalaad ade.acea upon then,, am .old order t„ rapa. ih.
hoak (>o 111* Boerae tha bet log was a lltli We, than that al a pan
Thae. I-tiara aruUot a fact ahlch will gl,, aom* Idea of th*
aataraolth* praaaat artati. Illih.rto, th* Tieaaury had bean la
Iht practice a* accepting lha daw-alts of Bantaa aa cnultou
°r aaearlty hr th* fknctlonarlar aad rmplo/aee, thresh whoaa hands
th* puhllr money paaaaa, hat uow Ih 'mrd Mdi I. Jaunhd, mot
If ihc party go** to th* Bank for aa adaana*. any *r only do par
p**1, Tat hi# Beutce, It la refitsai, and La meat raHmtnlsh Ih* ap
p-lalmeni, or mil hla Wort, at any pike It will Wing. Thu aiaWaf
1 Huge indicate * degmenf anllevy and uncertainty aa lo Ik# lutara,
both on tho port of Ui* Do cerumen! and tba Bank, which forbids aay
hop* ol epoedy Improecmenl. The neawiea of Mrtagoncy adopted
ky the Bank of Rnglaud had checked th* *8es el tpacl*. Console,
oa Tha relay. raalWed an Improaemaat .1 It Oft |*r oeul., owing to'
caatlnaod maney purchase* hy the public They opened al W *** y
hir money and the 4th November, hat Improved, aad Busily luarhrd
tllf. From this they receded to MI*0*4. when aeoavhlorahietp*a
ataiiae tmrchaae aaatari-d the money demand, and they rm-erred t*
US® H. *1 Which they left off al th* ofllclal clom. Altar regaUr
hoar, they went lo»:<,OS for a lew mlaaUa : hat they dually
a omd al 44 T-IBtha la f-IBtha. Oa Friday thrre was mere animation
lo lit* Fund*.
Tliatw was only one sale uf real cwtat* in Kitliuioiai.
donng the past week, rta: the |FWnnli F -audry, (Messrs. Bar am',
at tha corner al Cary aad M> atreota. Tl,e property aold for |».bw.
The illmetaaloaa el the lot are 144 ft. front on Chry. by luu ft. on
4<h. Th. auctioneer* ware Maaars. Taylor A W ,11 lama. Mrarfl
Hod lln A Appanoa aold a .mall farm aa tha New Central Ballr.-ed'
ae,r the city, nn «th tnat. for (111 par acr». Tha farm embraced
19.IIIA acme, and aggregated 4iH W For tha offertori lu ihTui.r
kat, ihU week, we refer thorn I,,leveled lu the coaster at ioua^alo a
T,m> LekiitgltHt tiaaetl* re port* tint following reven,
•®lr« In on«l near Kockbrtftflr rotnlj :
,T!r. '‘W N**,•'.*' properly,In. lading the Hotel and apward.
ol llMncraeof laa.d. wna|>i,rhamrd recently hy Mr. Bht4Md. u,c
genii, men aim I,a. Sept the bold lor aaaeral yeara, fc.r aboal (14 .
on TU*'* * Ur«* r*“ “f c"“K*ny at Uie Bridge the pa»l a*.
Tlia Fancy UlU arm, eonulnlng dll* arm, was aold a few week,
ago by Mr Kohl Moorman lo Mr f ol.u tl Hamilton, fur 414,1*10
4b! au arm. Mr Moorman bourhl It a low year, ago lor 4ld.M*t
The (arm has doabled In price In the law ten year.. *
Mr. Frauklla l-alr,l haa at-ld hit aaluable (arm Jual alnrt Far.n
Mill, lo Mr Mathew Kerry, lata ..I Wayne*horn', aueuda *
Mr. Kb-hardT. Wright hat cold IrU farm „l dial acr.au* Crawford'*
ntn near Jama* Hirer, to Mr HpolUWood lit afford, lor 4a. thousand
Thr farui* Ih longlOf lo U>« ratal® of T. I**ofc»v. <!«cea*r«I hrm.i
f'»rr AtlT. rllMa tl III ItllM HAD. r ■*Fa *11 a.,1.1 .4 a.aajl .o .. .a_am.. I
*“J?n- Thr •*» «“Silly were iwnhusl I y iiis euos
The Alum Mpriugs wer- amesesal a, filial, utai. Thu lu st upl.u.l
In ln« upper end uf Use county were-el at Rift an acre
Tkc lust low grounds lu I be Forks Were-■ at fiMO per acre.
The Winchester Virginian reports the following:
Ho Monday lad. the Talley Mills. laU larkswtV, situated on
"“!• 'r"m **“ Opequoo, were publicly sold for
ft.Mt»; Uw D lf«rrl*oo, |iurchkar
« acres uf mountain laud in Urn Mountain rails neighborhood,
belonging to Jus \asScs estate, were sold publicly last week at
ti 80, lo Kl'Jali Williams, and an acre* at to clsTto D J brown.
A ilcwpatch Imm Cincinnati, tiuUni Tuomla? ovening,
quotes hoga on the spot at « lo «S. which la a decline of J, lo J» ol
a cent per pound. Thr Hlulby tKy ) News says:
“ >■»"• «• nffcrlng fi4 va V loo gross . but holders are asking
mine. W e hear of tales In soy, I mug com lea, ami few In this, at
the abure figures. Home buyers refuse lo off, r more than fit.'*
Tliu liuilingUiii (Inwaf lisle tin aats:
“ w*‘ •'**''* ,r<,,V Ihnse who bare taken the pains to Inform them
wl.-s on the subject, that the lo g crop of U.la Plate will b. fully
e ,ual If not larger than last year Wc arc Inclined lo u« belief that
llsr slock of hogs will be mu- li larger than any previous year from
the fact that a greater quantity of laud la now under cultivation
and for the part three years the corn crop has been good. Wc kuo»
llinl there ojlhr a large Increase In the coanllea erst of us As
regards prices, wr cannot aay at wbal figures Ilia a. aeon will ..pen."
Tlicc “al uu clntngt* in ills* ICiclunniitl jiriulm e mark' Is
h'-day. The wealber, contrary lo ra|u*cUilon, continued very »
vorable for business.
Ilsvas, Old. *b—Cereals eiihout Iraiiaactlon: nuly small uW
of 4nh-rlr«n whv-st, white at •»« fr ' ^
bia*tuus, Occ. yy—Cereal, quiet; African wheat ASA!-*. Po
lish do Ah lr |>rr list Hires * '
Minus, Oct Ml—Oiler Od—Since our Iasi,sabshavabeen ma.fr
at lls p* ssis, but holders g. ncrally ask higher prices The reel,...
frnm the intcnor have entirely erased, and s. hiok for a considers.
Wc advance gitetue, Oil account of the fas or able Ins, from He
Culled Plates, have slightly advanced. In consrqucuer of which no
•Idpwirnt* to thr North of Kuropr arc mo le.
Taianva. Oct. *4 —Ceeeala— With a peculatlve demand, prlca.
during lhe w.ek improved fruit—Market very active, will, large
gales of real Kanins al firm prices hullana sold at au advance —
1. rfr trtniti'tioru lu Currauts at itrailj pr»c« •
AsTWkap, Oct. Tut>a*ro adtaiinuf. Durlug U»« w«rk laU
hl.d# Virginia have been sold Cvrcwla quiet, and price* have alttht
lj dslintd. ”
«HST«ao*M. Oct t9.—CerreU —Wlieat and Hy* ara bo4 heavv
•tid ran hr buufiit at ra need Tate-. *
lUusiao. Oct *> -Cereal* quirt, without things of t rtgm At
the cio»*, wheat on the fpot ha* fi fthly Improved.
Uaituax. Oct. Ti—Toto%ccu—Bale* of North American durlcg thr
Wrec !.*..! up t. g« hhd* Ifc-rub*. 1tH do. Maryland, lu* do. Virginia
ai.il IT Kentucky. J*to k. 706 i.h I* Maryland, 4Vt do. Virgin?*
d.. h ntucky. and no Menu Orreaia — vbrat and rye flrtu Ameri
ca u Kir »* la quoted at lli^l1^
Oct. USo-CriraU dull, with a downward tendency of
price* 9
Da awe, Oct. *T — IY real*— Our market for the Uat three day*
ha* been heavy, but wr note an improving tendency at th« close
»nd wheat and rye, with a better demand, s..!d to day at flrmtr
IUiubumcku. Oct « —Tobacco advancing. Wrapper* «f wood
quality *«»ld at 4" fl per cwt. *
Knamsasao. Ock .*4 —Tha crop of wheal ylelJs au avrraga In
quaolily. but th. quality Is riccIWnt The crop .1 rye Is abuudant
ami I he quall’y also highly salsfaclorv Wc note an active demand
for wheat for Swede.., ai d prices during tl.e la.1 neck having slight
ly declined, tic espurt lo ttroUsnd is also Increasing Uve la rsik-r
dull. will, an all sales lure. port, lo Norway.
Knit. <K t. 'Oi (V real* UM-hatiged.
I*rr» mjuicmou Oct 11 — Cereal* firm
V*axt, Oct. 13 — Cereal* Markrt vwry active. and wheat U veil
“•It •* advancing rate*. Al Ba‘ilk and Durgas prlc.» have nJao con
«tdera>'ly a-lvmu.d, and the demand contuiu ng • ttrnBilv active
we lo-fk »«*r a further r|*e. *
Oat ATI, Oct IT —OrcaH—A large number of vessel* have arrived
freiflit after hat my declined, are now improving, ami prices of
yr«in, after having *teadiiy advanced, are lower at thrt loac lu
disn corn at tl.e opening ol ibe week sold al TJ* 6.1. per qr., and lo
■ l«yai*f»s perqr Mje ie heavy at Ms 4d Wheat—Calafat of
flu <| t«ii y U still •elliiig at the enormous rata of &,k 4 .iq.V*. ||d
f osmimwiru, fkcl. 16 —0«r iy.A< kels under the Influence of the
cr.*i» •s-areity oi tuon.-y ar« dull Corral* quiet, bm pruts never
i*. let. advancing, r«}» ruily lor wheat A large nmul*r of vessel*
h«v arnv <| fruiu >he A»»ff fk a and fiom t Mess a, having b«en uaa
Hir M proLui- fre g t tor the Wrat. flkock, lfWi.uoo t’hllo whaai and
16 un. tii.ilu Corn. ’
At.«xs»t»ni*, Oct 2n -Cereal*—Prices advanced until the 14th.
wl»en the market »u idrnly Urame quiet, and In spliy of the favora-'
ble new* from abroad prices declined. Tfm downward tendency ie
Wifely |o l»e aUr4iute«i u. ll*e prevailing scarcity of looney.
a**L and rsajtoMax amviL
,V.;r Uth.-A lis t ul gig acres. Mu clear d, V«l»pic k-avlly tin
ITT0 ^ur,m',ikV’r"‘"",,’*bU“, ’* Wfhmoml, on the
lull —Truster-s ss( . .( q M and tcncuwiita «t tl,c Nmtheasirrn
corner of Cqry ami IJUi Hr. rU * ll.*he.* K-* "-at I* ..VJ-k M
l»h - tiv.mftiwsltitiry'a sale uf tight valuable slaves, at Ih.ssr'u .
•n l-4.uira ' OUBljr.
grttl.,—Twi. tract* tn Albemarle ruuuty, via : •• Hell Air,” contain,
■ug 1,11k. acres, silualed near ihe hast »f Outer’s ntowBlaln; and
the •* Mill Tract," a miles fr.int Mcutuville, with large fl.mr and cm
g.|.| mills llieres.il , dwelling! on hull, trsels. r..r sale urlvalels
meanwhile Ads’d by Vk. rimiwrlake. Alb cu
dame .lay—A Iracl ,f :at« acres In Orange CO , with dwelling and
..uUnMises . sis... ’.tsi bid*, corn, sh. k, A,*. A.lv'd by g. Jnnrs. eg'r
of C. fi- Junes, itec'd.
Alsu—L«i|lttu'ls ssle l.f tssi-luf liehi-rMl I-n.1 US, _ - __...
In Charles Clljr county. •
AIm» In till.City, a bonding lot on Ihh etrret, between Arch and
llyrd ttrorta, al 4 o'clock I* M
glet.—Trualuea' oale of ecvrral Irac, .>4 l.ed (Including a elalc
ipiairyi In the loorr end of (htckWhham county. Jocrlbol in the
a lr’l of Hen. II. Matthew*, Iraalee. Tvruaa lito ral
Haioc aay—CoaiwiMloocra' sale of a farm of ahoet th«i arrea. lo
I'nllrepar i onnly, u|„>n the Rapldal, river Iter adv't.
yfrll. —Onlnlulee.olicra' aalr of alarra, .l.o-k, crtr|w. tic , al the late
naelonr. „| Win. H Coleman, B .-'d. In HpoiujIvaala county y,r
Haete day tVimintakonera' aale nf a tract nf ton pat clear
lu A me la rouaty, near the Hat,vllle railroad, aDo, kook, crop,
Ala,, Thu farm railed B'4. Man,I, In Orange county, rontalaing
6m, acre, (ter nlvt of ffrn. A. H<eel.
Alan-Rae, ulor,' aale u| .1. ealuahle trecla. In Ibe viclnlly nf
finlanavlllr, Caroline county -about i.Naiarrea, alao.meeral other
traela in aahl c .unty Her adv't of Mraera lilrklnaou, ravraUre.
glib.—llobaon Jolioa' luhacco factory in Dauvlllv ata*,,a vacant
bd adjoln ng ihe factory, and a lot and dwell,u hoi** on Drove at
Hame day—Tire tavern nrid-'W Amelia 0. H , embracing lav
em, private |„.„. and *»■ acrea of land ; aleo, a tract ol 69 arrea.
and tome !*• or lelbnlkllng lot*. Ore Ihe adv't. *
/*#,' I. A Ua, t nf l.hai acru, called •• llnnnlv.nl," lu Qpavtotte
.manly, 6 railea from ihe V II.—Till lur aold at Ihr 0. II by Wuliaia
•'«n|«*•(!, trust ■« #
•B —Hu** of »»' l*t Pnn ealuahle uefvorn, til Uallfaa, N. 0 —
Kv ad el of T V Devereul.
Bueklitgltato tyccily, ( mllea from llardwlckeellle, teearal
grlat milt, Be. Bee aov'l of V K.
I Berne day—pdmt'i aale of Ig lo 15 negroea, furniture, etoefc,
Ac., st P;trtulr»fU>f», OloO'*rB(rr county.
I frh.—Three fracu of land adjoining or In the etrlnlly of Chat
i am, TlUgylraPla 0. II. fur parurularv. aee adv't of W. L. Pan
1 nfn, Cotn'r.
►B-—Trualura* tab of " lluck Mil." near Mane baker, on the Coal
Pl« turnpike. rou''g lit e«r*a, with brick dwelling,etc.
I'dlt.— A 'arm ,.f (kai ar rea u, New K- .1 county, *n mllea from
Mi 1.00""^ toar tv K a T. R railroad — for aale ptlvfgky mean
game dar -Comml.tloour't aale of a Ira7! ol wood land, 65 or To
aerra. In Hanover cmniy, tw* wavtf la the rente neighbor
hood—aB tttuarrd near 'ft. B. f * ► R R
IMh — fninotityloaerV tab-of Hie late Den Harvle’a ectate. In
ll.-nrtpn county dlrl-lof Inb, aereu Iota of tllferrn< dltoenalone —
I A|ao wt alaeei, men, women and chlblren, and a portion of the dot
I la* abb- . .tale gee adv't.
16th — A.I.nr'a .aleof Ihe “ Mountain Top,” and farm of hU acrea.
•1 Rfl.kl.lt flap, In Augnetp and Nelaon c .untie*.
17th.- A 1 Weldon, h. 0, a farm of H6ft arena, known a* Ihe
VTI nl : ■L*' ""•‘Uu'hl'^ tractol WJ5 acree. Per the adv’t
of inn. If Ivey, 0 MB.
Ha me day—In thla (By, ealenalre tab. of real aetale belonging b.
I*'T •fcR' llarvla, commencing al II o'd.utk A. M. Pee adr't of
w»„ w llarrfu, eom'r.
AMn—g.luat aem nf the tract In franklin county, noun wghh k
r, !*'’ '»;• vraldra, 4 mile, from tl,a cl. II —lor aale privately mean
wMtk r gilf |
llth The •• Magnolia Home,” at ItaUtoa, Ike termloua of Ike fa
miaaallHa f* rn*' 1 aHo, t latg e.lJV the depot, iur aale priTately
gflh—B plan tat mu aoolataing 5.BQ9 acre* In Movfh Alabama.
./.ta gib. rot —The'reel If, Bo- king!,am county called " Prime ”
I '..maioing I ,M» aerva, about one hnlf In woode. Adv'd tali
. Irving, eom'r. ’
Ahw IMh - Bale of hoot a, ah or* and hale, at auction knre af l»a.
, arnport, Alien * On comm, '.ring at Ilk o'clock
I* h Bala al American Hotel, at It M , hy i. A L B Ron, of An
daere. Merchant.' tmuranrg so % flock Alan, t .hare. Ta Oanlral
1 ^ '. *'”* hi kiaroa Va. fire and Marine 1>,*„ranee Ptock
gwch. Palo nf gr. me flea. Be , al aoeflnn More of tlaernpnrt, A.leo
A On , . ommetteiag al |9 n’elnek A M
ggth Bale of flock and rrope nf every deaerlpilnn. ate , al the
piano.linn known aa Bpperaon't.nn the Maltaponl river. Pee adv'i
of Muaagt Dickinaon
fpvawrippn ig nta warn
A deairable farm af 575 acrea, ITh cleared, tn Henrico eannty, 5
mllet w, at af Hie mood, will, mn,f.eieM> dwafting, nut-heuee*. «e
chard, etc Ade'd he D. B A (iNIgj
Denial Warwick, Roe* Mill#, A a. he rat county, oBer* for ale the
>-elate on which he rekde*. (l.gTn acrea.) both atAoa 0f Plney
deer. tVJIvldlog line ketween Amherk and Natan* Pee adeerll*.
•mf [linn]
A farm ol kfiaarea, IPO wood Ipnd of original growth, with mm
•n-dlmta dw,lllng, *•«, near Powhatan H Ade'd hy ioeeph A
Mayo and fl. B A liNgP)
Pl.ntp.lnn of I f?., ectre, 4Vi wood land, n Turk river, III Ih*
county ,.f Turk, alt mltaa ahnve lock to we with hnek dw.IBng, „u>
h..uaea, Ac Adr'd by Tim. fl Th.key (iNt4)
Pare, of TP acre., «| rl-ared. whh afceltent brick duelling eon
ssrrji w^vr; w=7^
i 5 eownty, with IPO acre* nf
J^d vlJotlifWf k dekreMe o«-rmg pee adv't of M.-rrft J Dpvla
dm.r bS.vTb• Mvw «f p* ffty,
r."* *'•?'"-f'" "" * " • abort dfreneu eak of
Rhhmen.1 uithkrek du.Binf.Be adv'd ky II BA (>l«1
A favm of 115 aerva. P o,tle« b l-.w R chmood, op Iht f|a Bcbfga
rppd. hM Urf. dukrtog m R, k#. Adv'd by O B A (uSj * '
•a Ih. Maherrta Hew. «M alia math ef Leer... mu., aak tor*.
Wtoh da*illa«. eta Ade'd to ttea O. Ian. Illik)
The I lilac I. Oealral Railroad *»*»■ ay 4hr l*MJSU aceea af
MrmiaR lead*, la IrarU of «*> aeraa aad apvarda. aa lea* aradHa, .
*« Bn «ha Mayh^adel of Mr. Jwha »Uma, Um caaapaay*. load '
•» *•>' aeraa da Pwwtolaa county, with d»*IMa«. ale.. Ihara
Aa farm rolled - too ford,” la Mallhawa eaanly,-„ TM
aarn, of which tM are arable. (If.)
- "V"**”* evm’2l' ** *"■ Rich mood, aohrd
M.mol Heraard,” rwlalKlac T»« ocrea (If.)
Tilh%*.'" ‘u|J.*^,*ImV.r,' '* *“c*l,‘**‘*“ •»*“*»• aPVaMfw Reward* ’
. *■.—«»♦»■ anamlalaa «>rn aeraa la Amelia aad Net tow ay ,ooa
Hr*, da mile, horn Richmond Adaertlnd hy U Maalrr* |lf. I
_ r.rio Mu m^e., hair alearwd, la Chari** Wly cwnaiy. aa auto
The farm Imwb aa “Pruapm Mill,” In Orono. oo , aa U a Raima
uTmerkrtiuT 800 •*”•> baa a eery farUlly ,.i auraaa
Valuable mill pn**riy—lal* « TaRatorru milk a, Racket!* ~a
rare opportaa ly fbr Ineeatmaal In adrT of U. A A. Ilf I
r«rm lu Oworkllnd oouolj of M Mm. talM M hr>i«kM *• A
-iW.bomla.0 H, to from Rl.h-^'Sd^KlH., mStoHiJ
toa (if'|‘" r1,W: * r"1 4*J,aw* odtotu« Adr'd hy Mile. 0 Bel
<JT ««* I.IUUT.-IM prMwdUw. .re
AV hard to move, far
* Rntok, hy tons reMlaaed aaa* lmprem'4.
Are Ilm* a* Baler* la lb* hnmaa heeaal :*
h«l n,4wliliaiaudtu. the*, •labh.oo facto, w* are acear willing to
irtoada aad eetobbur* fall by .miction, that .-an he ..moved
If ekvrta ere mad.- to check Ibam la lime. Aa *«ed and hiehly re
drectahU lade *f thle city, Mr. tomihall, wtotoaudevii.i. from
nnrmm.A*../'acA. tod torn lutotoe.btotoe y«». rm.rhJd to tT
'“m?1 k» »*«**■• BITTKRA, whe. all other rcamdle.
HaaI UM«I, Wluiiftn Amount ol Mm * I hkvr rmlurrA iir, ,Uir .4
OmbM Ifcatrv brll In th« Hrtor „f thkJ*%,rriuJ,
**M to ,uc rrl,*f »* Mnw. and hy I heir nee Urea
l*Ttoto!Tir’« a**4 ,h»* baa* e.ed*
* rebuff!?. T “'•••■ *»*a«*»nly fhretotod Ik. |ooprW».o
ill ?!Tl* d •***■ *IW recammeadad BARRRH BlTTKKJt
iiL^tr rato'eawa. H<» eiperirwo* removed the |.reiu
^ • aad a. lb. ekrote of ttotoedlcli.e were «|..l
** “•■••ry WHb Ibrm, they e.traded Ita hlaa.Hi.. to ihelr eceo.in -
lauco, and Um* obtalaed for II a populavtty Hw Wlnre enjoyed
hy any other rrm.ily for nerenn.ntm. In dyiurtmla lh.or Birr.ee
wVn £T'L whrnrTrr •iT!!1tok •iwu Um
•yrnHWfww KM IK# cum |*rf«>cw«l |urrraan«nt* UIvlM IH« mim|
• trench end etour to ell who lab. R, lb. M.tlrr. bare become lb*
cnl family mrdkln, of,be day. mlam. aooilutoZJSi.^
Tu to had of all Ih* principal D'untaU in Richmond rite aim
of Urnfo.loto«,Itom«1.u: 1^*1 dhtoren., AwTr^drtlV. T^
McRenna, Ur-htour,, Y. Todd, llli.ton A TnJ“,
V, .Ri.., ATay, Norfolk. V*.. J B Camntoll. rCTlimooU. V.
®*r* *• ^Smuiu, WlllUmibttrf V*. Juhn«t«»u A 60 frtiljri-kii..
vl ‘ r*.K €i£rt^ U,»tkl l»ruKir«MM In r nr m villi’
Va.. 121,0. Adam. A Ou , Bmlthflcld, Va„ Blhb A Well*, Chert,Ur.'
H^l.rnar.. Md.. Budek.r A Miller, Oovlncovt, R, .’^^’, \ j **^
0tU-4r_-___ R hlieiond ,'v e
wo-rid-K To Tilt:
,0~~ La.lii or^ j; ’' *Vt*cr!b" Sr< tear, lo aun.eim e^^M *
Jlrrot from Pnrta. Thrf wrr. »..a . * *?***** *■»—If
kritl krid-cla-ii Midi -r 141 h l •►‘r*** ur,,rr. out of mo
« I-. Jo*“® “ “ “ “ ” pat leather foavd
Om^ha “ Z Z rtolh top., - -
»* N It M M M MM “ *
ul—“ — .irjftsss
alrx mu,
imjT »nd Importer,
— 1 ^ M«1n Mmt, Richmond, Vt.
ATTENTION vmitbmmk.
..?Erzr.lilhr o> u,u SSTSTsys-..1!} ’£«. •
* ®r**» p1** ■** • n*r® w«>u*an on .rcvuul of hrr b- m* . f n»
• • iw lo li.n, m ah« m ertpplrd up with Ml.—iwsDtm in«! . >uid
i«l Will .up. «l.e crawbd alV.ut Ilk. a cMIU oT?H 7?u t I ui a
Hbcu mat ic Liniment her. ,.ul
i* work In the Ael«| %i*«| uf iu>r , _ i »
— - .he medicine *’
T.i M-l>.„. Co.. »whm,,n,. ,,,tNKY 0 '
• »W* IM I SA n Ol tt ll.u iior'
' xi.i.T.xu ."/.rTir M* A,*,"n •*«•'«*»*.] tm. m«nc.u,
sis- ■srsSAs
;.»a^ ^d.rniiired^h^'cre^*
I v*y “«• ■! I'1 '»ery P»rl of the country, pnrtiaalai ly In Ihe Middle
*'*} „ Vr'trrn.,,U,“' *“'! •,r,,"» *a»iiin",.f, from highly re.iw. iaUg
P»M-». ha. been adduced In favor of Ha .actuals /
# °”M *"'1 C°"*,*V ‘R^'lon. of |l„. Cheat, ,11.'**,!
5.h** C,“u»h remedy ha. ever alia land an I,tgl, g rn.otatlon
N... a. ..nil-, unless .tgn. d 1, Him* on ,he wTap,- r' U..IT
I ill I n Vnt«JS!?..*:?*r» t in miKn. and
m * *1.1.0 H MUAKh, In .tore m.«| f t,r valt |,.
I.oix - mfum 4 Mil.I i:r,
— Cornrr F. an and Cary aiaria.
20 ““'r, *•■»"■« MACON Mill s In rtore «„d
" for Bale by (n.,II-«i| BUfiU. 4 SNO Ml Rams
J?*;w i>ki:nn (iooiis.
/■AUK .iibecribera arc prepared in anhlhU entirely -org
*br public to call and e, amine
Tlu y . Oiialat in part aa fuh.a a :
Plain and Rrorade Buck Bilk a
l*trl|wd and Bayadere Colored Bilks
Black and Colored ttuk bin
Parla Printed ll'Lalne.
Rich ll'Lalne Rohe.
■Evening llrraaea In areal variety
A large lawk of Rich Wrappings
H roe hr and Balia Hl.aala
Mltaea* do du
Haary Trawling do
Laca Ha*.
B7IhCa.Kn,,l^0'd.^V,>*• of rTTrr dearrlplIon
Rich Bonnet and Laca Ribbona. *r.
-___ Nh. ldft Ragle Square
al Vr^nTIT-ail* rIir*T,ll“' i «olba. Camlmcrr. and
aP \ratings, nbl. I, ha kill uiaka up In the heal Banner, on the
mat reasonable terms .ud at ihe ahorteat nolle,
A large and w*il wk«tf«l stork of k«ady kfadr CIuU,in* .kidk
s?L-.rs;w^^u,,‘ ~
n«“ A^A*? ‘K“d* *“ r*‘ “th « "Mru. Crurau. Brharft,
I I la tar l Ira Ma friend, and oUu-ra who «re In march of really drU
I rahl«« pduii to Vail and examtnr his Mock.
44K^n.,iti, rJ‘nWf Ul e ■WSHUARWJU,** -Within
*** “* RH'hm.in.i, to leaa than one y. nr, three fan,I
. 7., children, have been der. ,„d by
death Of the fntber and hneband Bach of (hoar father .prudently
inwired 111. Ilia, our h„ ♦a.iaa .Oe oilier 1 wofo, va.iaa. AUluid IMir’
.l.aard f»,.. ..,“| -ereUeU tn do lo life-tie.Hl,,, temper.tejia
I .1, n,.ia, Ac.—hat each waa owing from lime n. her thiniaand d.d
, *" rk‘'h ' •*“ hare aaul, tl at hail It not
77,1. i°T ill. H.r ,"*ur.*?c' P‘ilcS H>e farm Would hare ham
.idigi.1 to he .old u. pay dehi. Thera are other families In an.il
lirsr III. Iiiuond. w1»o arr now living on thr n.oort pu*d by m*- a. th«.
kgrnl of the Mutual BenrOt Life Inauranra Company. And I have
paid In Richmond 11(4.$0.1 for losaea, and ban eight Ihiiwainl murw
to pay In a few dara. n w RNOWI.I*.
_Q«ra at “ Hlatlunera Hall." N„ *1 Pearl alrwl.
ISANfUENdiBlNN I'OH HI T HITKH, before e..m
. . .. *" recommended to rail al l(w ilriig Plorr of 8 P «K»1
PI.K a, d gel ihe following wipull.a : Chrlatlan'a Cmafor, a
■ acellenl t-.bacco fur potaona In low Iplrlla , alao, ChrtMla«\ p„,k.
ea Lompanton, pgnoounced the heal tobacco la R.< hr.<Il0d ‘
2*7“"? Arhatar Cigar., gtaal lo asalat lo rtr.scSn ' P.a kJt
*Vfk®i td» carry mmucUiiu to krrp tin* aplrili up » Hikn'a k r.
and idh.rCor/l.1.; .Wolteoipl, ■|R,U.7T„. Pa^’j.^.lfiowr
U» su«wt illfMliwt snd to prrvrnt the hid rff«tt> productd »>v rhangu
ul wntrr ; .l-o, » wp,.ly of fl,e*t whu
p»r.lm*< In trsvrlhnf; also, Hrmplp's InfalUMp l*i«.l ,
a. c«,r a <upp>y o, good hr. -l on U*. wpy!Tho Chgiiri
Drops, In ittr th« rlimste ahould not upur with tl.no ami loin*
•*th«*r things ti»rful In a river voyage, g p {tg'%|p| g ^
Do* -- Apothecary. *rt iiui„ grrd,
*‘ «l vs WHITE ACBK.-A ru.
,, *V*' Rle'idudby 4. H, K«|, a retired Barrister of
Llnci.lnalore. Kngtand. Now Aral printed • >ruu a MS al the iclgn
of Quern Anne 4 w. Kaudolph, puMlahrr, Richmond 'Here
'l"?“atot *■'' lt,lUr*' K" elegawly mingled together In
ao enlortRlwBg r.anaore of Colonial lefe la the rrlgn Queen Anne *
. "f ‘‘'‘R’1*1' The alory Isallegi.rleal
•aid though tbe maouecrtpi claim, to hare roar dowift.^T. from one
1110,1 u»t>J'r wAUoo of Norther* *»4 <fci»<r>. rn m»cic4y, l» nuro'mn *
rr» He will hyr more t-» »«y %J thin vaw murrain Ilf « abort lime.
Hfonwl.ile we Mr* the p«Mtv to be. ohm fomtltor with Its . ontent*.
,<r| no r<liMr«|e«| mitt) UIt to |»rorure aiift rrftil It lliroUffti to the en«l
—iM*r»e will rrgr*t hi* yUf ” - Jtniniqrr. r
for Mir at Jb era it. al RANIH)l.fll'8 llookatorr and Bindery, 191
Main altert-_ '
I im; K'i.mhih HHvr.-»,r„r m.t t...
A i.lme Kilns, wllli Phedt attached, and abundant water contr
1 m-nl. Tliw locution la Ike beat In Ibe city tor the aalrot lime, aa lha
demand from formers la greater than .-an bo supplied
‘T*"” * mast ei.ell.nl opening f..r wishing to egwag- In a
|.r..(liable business, at We eau readily i|ee,.,netr sle la appH.ants.
P.ssseeslon will hayirro Iw January went, or si waca, as the uwtier
ha. other business requiring lilt whole Hair. Apply to
"" _ TiTuw * mum.
VV *«W* dk < •«., HO in. BA8LR •
▼V • nqiiara. are now oHrrlnc treat bargains in Cloth. Velret
?i“is*!n H—A?"<*‘i'' Hrorhe and Plain Wool Shawls,
Hold Bordered .ud Br.s ha fb-arfs; wld Mark and colored Vet rets,
for Cloaks -lo which lhay Inrlla ibe alUnilon of tba ladles. -s
no ta
Wl IB TKK ( I.UTHntle-dhir sklpmrntTtMb weak
contain somrihlng new In tha different departs.,silts, bn
whtah wa sail the attention of parties Interested.
n°*8_ _ Wa. Ilf Main straek
Sii-K, VlLvitr,(iAMiiiiRR|L i ktnnim;.
MutUapea, Valencia and Patio Vewsa, ctwdf tn.sinel* uwt dnaMe
breasted sfiapa. The quality, atyls atyV Aft si, IWaerMm*
»°‘8 _ _Nts Do Main sf. aaf
Yitv rilH’ CbBTUINU.-j.4tU Pants, fan awd
Raglans, lu—it tbs rartous .lacs, as atao lbs nsH-sawtey quail
isr. for WA assotiaarul. first rate et.-rk al a law prtaa la whai wa
•®T*_________________ lid Mala street _
PUjKKH. NI U *9(1 A CO., WO. |«8u BA«LB
tKftJARP, offer at vary low prior*, o large lot of Black Idea
t’lHsrs and Pelts n„ ut
• > 7 Ilf I Du. WKITKMI Ml D AIR.—If do. do.
Ad 4 kbcublere, 9f> liar sea sugar cored Mams, IP do do. new caw
rasqa shoulders tending par steamer for sale hy
AA lb ___ 80 I* Pearl Street
Kkt ON.—Au kMs. prime bright awd dry rtnetanatt cured
Pldea, dear of hue*.bone for sole l.y
■■•• >» OnAP T WORTHAM A_0O.
HI ’I* —A. tier saw superior family Hams for sale by
Isssl* _ ills* T WOHTilAMACO
\l "Mill lit I II f 04 ■>.—I bare recelerd a -
Style of Orer O..SI. also, a h.t of flnil. and Mnbalr Raglans —
Those Ih want Would do well to call Soon.
ae> 1(1_ Corner Mo n and i«tb streets
HI MlMf:«tW I1IIATA*—I baae wow ow band a large as
a ri.oeni ,.f Itosinsse C-.au at every style and qualfS, which.
I a II wa ll al Ihearry lowest prlora. IIINItV kllAfCH,
wolll__ Wo. MR Main M , cornel of Idlb,
IgWf v I ft wl AT T4MI.fr Oil,. W-bsaeliist rwreiesd.
W a Ini of 111# purest ond sweetest Tuscan PularV Oil, In Plasho,
seer offered In this market. It is a portion of an ImportAHon h.r
the Pftlfssdelpb I a Hsb ll.uiae.
_ 1<-MW*I>B A BABRII.qtimwlsla.A,..
"','8 If*. M W oorsiar of MfWW, ami huh Pis
||'*I * P* It I HHfKTIs- w. hare wuw eeeslred', l,,i
■ comprising all the a.MS, of frwwab Corses that laps behind,
and fasten with a eatob 1st 'runt. C HAMTWPI.I. A CO,
H.qOH NAf.ki—A trff ruts Carriage Drlvrr. Hsealer and farm.
M band, about f> years old. bold lor no fault, awd to rswsala la
Riebwsond ot ebdnlty. Apply to
•”* ___ HIM- A R A WUW OP
HVAOfftTM ROOTk, l few eholea Hyacinth Room.
Jaw reretred and for sal* by
auA WM PAl.MtR -'it « 0 •
S HIRK XM« « ff»-l.urffr and nasll .lass, b.f cab by
'"•* *M PII.MKH, PfIN A CO
fff* f AX ft Pi A. So bbls Mercer Potato—, fur sole hy
* JO HR Piatt RR,
Wo tw IktW wrest
Ht I »•*. Ml A I* t>lll I mill M Mu heir. Candles
A*w ToriI Plate.Cheese , Proofs Bn. kwlieal | Tuwotkf Reed •
brn llr«*n imI Nlarh Tru, lor mIp h*
toorrv* *™**n™**
•”* * ROT AM. A PftiOORAPP
™ * i tuiWwai Aarsloas Water, how. O- og. .. up, .no* Pew ?• r»,
<w qus. t s. d pint hollies warrenie-1 fr.-h | «.r sale wb. Heal* and.
tats,I at MIA IK A RABRRV N.w *p.„l e. s . 8 ore.
•*** IRU I. Cue aar at Main aod I mi, tse.

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