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Tor inlcrmting news, tel-graphk, etc., see outside.
The Haviatuh Coavrullou' - Southern Independence.
The general interest which tiegius to he awakened
In the Smith relative to the establishment of com •
inercial relations with Europe, taken in connection
with the late letter of lion. A. Dudley Mann, and
the approaching Southern Commercial Convention at
Savannah, will be a sufficient excuse for the inser
tion of Uie following article from the Norlolk .Vtiro
The uciilimeiiU expressed will meet with the hearty
approval of those who have considered the subject:
••Hmrttaae (hauai'iu IVswxti.ix—Tavxhati.akti«
Tutor. lixTMigv fubimxi Day ash Uiuiuiu IIavas.
—The eighth ol neat mouth is the day designated toi the
Southern Commercial Convention at Savannah Ample
prepHialimia, it ia staled. have tieen made tor tin- acetsu
modal>on of delegate., and it ia to be must heartily Imped
that not only every Stale, but tliel every town ami county,
from Maiyland to Texas, will tie represented.
"There lua never been a period mure aunpiciouii than
thi. lor such grave delitwration. aa must cliaractvnxe n
convention having lor it. object the de»ein| went ut the
rcaourcea ol the South, Unit she may ao advance tier own
lul..r.-ele III WfruuV rWdtWH'l Wta til IlM t of I la.
North ill any emergency, ami able to sustain her.-ell alone
nii't -r anv circumstances tbal may arise lit the future.
“Can it be necessary tlien to iiu|>rc*M upon the people
of the {south tlie Imperative inipoitauce ot devising im an*
■nd measures Idr lim iiupiuveimmt of those endowments
with vrliieh uature Itaa so Irounlcously blessed them ?
•‘But, we urge ail thi*, only as an incidental argument,
■ltd incentive to'the people of tllO slaveholding Slates to
PiiCnarsge their own institutions, fosini their own entei
pnse. ami improve their own advantages. it veil it we
had a guarantee from tiod, of the perpetuity of the I'liion,
there would alill he irr..statable reason, aye, an abxilute
obligation to posterity no less than to themselves, on the
part of the p.-ople ol the picsent g ■iieraliun, to facilitate
the progress ol the South in agriculture, in manufactures,
iti literature, in eoiuiuerce, in everything that ean enutrih
ute in ti e least, pi the furtherance of the iiistiuitious and
iuterests of the aiarehuiding States. That we have within
our limits, all the elements of au independent pros
perous and powerful people, geography, geology, natural
phil •asophy, and in flits, every agent ol analysis either (.1 I
Character 01 climate, coiubiuud with common sense ■ml
• spen.-uee amply attest. Is it not then even in a pacific
point of view, tlie undeniable duty of tlie Southern peop.e
In avail themselves of the advantages with which naliiie
has favored them, that tile) may accomplish ilia destiny
for which nature designed them *
“The time lor the Southern Convention at Savannah is ai
•0 opportune, from the fact, that a project is just now be
lug pondered slid discussed, which we think, if established
will accomplish at mice, the independence ol the Slareh.il
ding States In eoiuiuerce, iu manutaclures and in trade, as
it will induce such developments and improvements in tlm
industrial arts throughout the South, as will enable us in
eo.nm.iuU the commerce ol the country and ultimately hid
defiance to the world, ill wealth, peace, plenty and pros
perity. We allude to the c*iahli*hme ul ol a direct trade
with K iropc from our waters. Let that lie done, and the
pent up poweiw of the S ruth will tiuij au outlet at a single
point where they may all converge, instead ot being divi
ded and dissipated with their indirect iuliurucus lust in th.
channels ol communication, which uuw convey them
“The idea advanced by the lion. A. Dudley Maun, of c
lahlisiiiiig a weekly line ol steamers between Chesapeake
Bav and Milford II iven, we cannot Imt believe, will hr
readily respoii led to hy almost all the Stales ol the South.
His elalmrat-* letter on the subject is plain auJ practical,
unfolding I iris, and advancing views, which place Ihe
pra. nra'idiiv of his project almost beyond a doubt.
“The mute lie pinposes is one bundled miles shorter than
that now traversed by the New York and Liverpool lines
Milb.nl ii .veil has a Imroor allilo-t equal to any ill Ihe
world. It isonly I in miles from Liverpool, and railiouls
Cuuneeled with it are ran.died throughout the country
Chesapeake Iray accessible to the sea, capacious, and sale
in anchorage is geographically pointed out as the transpor
ting place lor the products of the Southern Stales.”
Jrlfci*ou'* Opinion of Henry.
The billowing sketch of Patrick Henry by his co
temporary, Mr. Jefferson, will be found interesting.
It is taken from the advance sheets of a work soon
to l»e issued by a Boston publisher, containing the
private correspondenceof Daniel Wstutter. In JS2-1
Mr. W. lister visited Jefferson at Ins home at Monti
cello, ami afterwards wrote out the following opinion
of Henry, expressed by Mr. Jefferson at the time :
Patrick Henry was originally a bar-keeper. He was
married very young, ami going into some business, on Ins
own account. Was a bankrupt betoie the year was out._
When 1 was about the age nl bllei-n, I lell the school
here, to go to the college st Williaiushuig. I stopped
a lew days at a friend's in the county of Louisa. There
I first saw and lieeame acquainted with Patrick Henry._
Hiving spent the tlhristuiss holidays there, I proceeded In
Wil!i«iu-burg. Some questions arose about luy admission
aa my preparatory studies had not lienu pursued at tlie
aciioool eoonactcil wiih that institution. This del ir-I
»»y admission about a fortnight, at which time llunrv'ap.
pea red at W llllamsliurv, and applied lor a license U> pnn*.
tics law, having commenced the study of it nt or tutrse
g’leiiliv to the time ol my inerting him at I,nuiu». Tnore
Were ! mr eva-muer*, Wvtlie, Pendle'on, Peyton Hri
dulpli, and John Kinlniph. Wythe and Pendleton nt
Once rejected Ilia application. The two Randolphs, hv
hi« importunity, w.-re piuvalied upon to sign the lisrncr;
and oaring obtained their signatures, he applied again to
PoimII ton, anil sl'err much entreaty and many promises
of future study, succeeded in obtaining his. The first
case which brought him into notice was a contested ci.-ti*
bon, in which he appeared as council before a committee
Ol the Hons»* ol H'irgrsses. His second was Hie Parsons
Cans.-, already well known. These and simil«, ell' iru soon
Obtained lor him so much reputation, that he was rice lad s
am hi TOlthr fr*^-'iturc. He was as well suited to the
bni'* ■» nr in v>. v. , sa., tnd it is not nuw easy losay what
»r should 'cue done without Patrick Henry, lie «>. fsr
befor.i all in niain'si Jug the spirit ol the Revolution. Ilis
Influence was most eviensivs. with the inembers from the
tlppfi counties Sill In- Itolilnes* and their Votes ofrrawed
and emitndled the more cool or the more tumd aristocrat
ic fleiitlein- ini tile lower part of (he "lato. Uis i*1iM)ucim
was peculisr, II indeed its»ueilll»e ctll**d eliwineuev fir jt
Was impressive and sublime, fieri., I what can tie innigi:,. I
ad Although it was difficult when he ha I spoken to tell
what he hs I «sil. vst, while ha Was speaking. It ala iv*. I
asemeJ directly to the point. When he had spoken in ,,p
rtsitnni to my oiiii.i n. had produce | * gr.* it ,.|f., t
myself been Inghly delighted a id moved, I Imre s'.k !
to r self alien hu eeised ; "What the devil has he siil?"
I could never answer the itnpiiry. Ilia person was of fuil
alee, and his m toner and emeu free and >ut,iiv. Hi. n I
lurantm neither v *rv fast nor very slow. If s speech j I
»ery sliorf. from a ipiarter to a half an hour. H'a prunon I
(nation was vulgar and eiuioua, hut It was lorgoMon wliil,
he was speaking.
lie will a mm of very little know ledge ufsiiys.nl • I,,
read rnth ng, and had no hooks K unming .me Xi.iv'.-.n
ber from Alb mule eouri, he Imrmwed of ni«* ffu.r,. - K.
sst«, im two v.d.)'■>•». saying he nliould hid# leisiuu in tli.
Winter f.ir r uding In th** sp.ing lie rctum-d lh*n», and
4«* fared be had dot Iwett this to go Inrther tilu, twroli
or thirty ps-'es bi tbe Mret volume If.* wrote almost no.l,
Ing she could not write The resolutions of ’75 which
bare taw u es irrtls-d to him, have liv utsiiv supposed Uy i.av.*
fmcii anU-'.i by Hr. Johuaon, wlm act .I as In. second on
that opcsnm , |,„t if they Were Written by Henry bun-elf'
wt..y are imt aneh as to prove anr power of e'liiipu it,,„,
Neither in turfitlrs nor in his profession wp he • r), n, „|
b'tssnr.i, lie aa* a mm fw debate only ||n biographer
•ays tb it he res t Plutarch every year. I doubt wn.-iher
b> avet read a vabil.iu id it in hia bf- Ills bun per was .•«
•sdtaot, and nr gm-nll utiserved dec.w im in debut. .
On tme or two oerasheis I have aeen Mm angry, and his 1
•ogee was bwrt'de, those who w.lntwaud ii were no.
disposed In rouse it again In Ms opinion# he ws
y lei.bug and pf actio Me and not dispose to did r
from In# Mends In private mnverswtnn, he » ,«
agr**ea'4< ami facrlio i*. and, wl.de in g.ulrel aoeiett m
rarsul to unde, stand all the der«-twfes aod p.oprieti. s ,d
j bat*, hi hie heart, In* preleifed low sneietv, and amighl
it aa id" « as p-wufd.* Hr araM hint iu the pine*,. ,|.
at Hatuaiij wnh overseers and pessph*..I Ibsl deec.fp
t*W>, hr in* iu a ramp fur a fortnight at a Mole without a
tfhawg a* ' dment. J It*** Iippii %st4»tti4li. .f ii ii|d
•omm md n# proper Is guagr, imw he aliainetl a fc-.wl
edge Id It I -werv Col l fl ..| out, aa he read an lilll sod
ewtiv,u a | lit with eilur.ted mm, A He. ail, H nin-t be
shtWeflnd b., ess otlr leader In the m*u..s .d the
I vtdatlmt, M Virginla. In that respect more waa due to
him than tin other person If we had DM had Mm, we
should prahahly have ft oat pretty well, aa tua Jld, l.y
a > u mi her ut men of nradl riptal talents hut ho leh ua
all tar la-limd. Ilia biographer sent the "heels of hi* woik
'"» nil- »« they were printed, end at the end asked lor my
opinion | told htrn it woe hi be a ipieatton herealter,
whether hie work should be placed on the ahcll of history
or |iencg*»ie.
The Cabin*.
The Near \ ork Journal ol Couiiurree—the leading De
mocratic p*|>cr t*f New \ ork city —lias the lollowtug spec*
illations aa tu the Cabinet, which we publish lor what they
arc worth :
“I’aKainawT llt’CH>xsa's I'aatarr—Various epecuta
t Oils bare been haxardcd in rcgaid to the Cabinet ol Sir.
Ituclianan. The opposition press cannot be relied on, aa
authority in the lustier, and may not hare much more in
dui-nca I1|K>II the judgment of the President elect, than
they had upon the general result of the Presidential dec
bo.i. The* may lake a fresh start upon the iiilonuatiou
bon that (1 ivevtmc Wise, in coinphaiicc willi an invitation
trom Mr liuchaii.ni, has gone, or ia about to go, to visit
him It ia not to be interred, however, that Go*. \\ iae is
then-fore to hr ■ meiufrer of the t'aidnet.
“It ia not probable that he will resign hia office, as fio
Vernor, lor the nurpoas* ol accepting a seat either in the
Cabinet, or the l’. S. Senate. Neitlier dues it eectn peob
able tnat Mr. Hunter, or Mr. Mason, will, by resignation,
make a vacancy in the Senate for Oov. Wiae. Kveu should
Mr. Mason re-ign. to accept a place in the Cabinet, the
vacancy must, according to usage, be filled from the We*
tern part ol the Stale, which would exclude Mr. Wisr.
“It it *o lie presumed, however, that Virginia will be rep- i
resettled in tin- Cabinet ol Mr. liuchaiian. With the gen- !
oral approbation pf the Democratic politicians ol that State
-In- wa* omtlbsl in the forination ol the present Cabinet ;
It ia not iiupioliable that the choice ol Mr. Huihanati will !
till either upon Chat lea J. Faulkner, ol Martinsburg, now [
i Hcprv-s-iitativc in Coug<eas, or upon Oov. Floyd—i. r., j
it h- bike a uteiiilier of it from Virginia.
“No President has over come into office less trammeled ill 1
regard Ul the choice ol hi* advisers, than Mr. Hurhanan |
will. H* lias no feuds in the tanks of his fiiend* either to (
" concile or to rocognuo. The ipiarrcl between tile New j
York llarals and Sifts, and between the friends and op|m j
in nta ol tlie CsMiiproiniae of INAii, will nut embarrxsa him
The late election throws the mantle of oblivion over all I
past difference* among those who, in the late criaia, have
•h-vii true to Uic I'iiimii and the CuawlilutiOM.
“We may take it lor granted that each of the present |
incoibcrs ol tin- Cabinet will tender tllelr resignation to j
the incoming President, and that after such delay aa the I
convenience ol the President may require, they will lm ac
cepted Still, the President may find that the sarceaH m I
hi- Administration will be best promoted by retaining line
•r more ot them in the Kxecutive Department*. Certain
I* ho man mold giro more dignity to the Depaitnienl ol
Foreign Affairs, and till it with more satisfaction to the |
srlmle country, than Oov. Marcy."
We oheerve that the New York 7Vi&mn* la out in a ■
Icrisiiou* si til l'1 upon W. Gilmore Suns, of South Caroli
na—the author and novelist. The cause of offence con
sist in a lecture delivered by Mr. Sims, liel'ore an audience [
iu New York city, on the revolutionary history of South
Carolina, and the set vices rendered to Lin* esu— ol Idler.
tv by the patriotic citizens ol' that Stale. As usual, the
JVibunr raves like ■ Bedlamite—construing the lecture,
ami very justly no douht, as a reflection u|>on the ex
alted wisdom ol the marly red Sumner. Judging Irom the
seiK-alion to is lecture has created among the puritanical
enthu-iast*of New York, and the venom exhibited bv the
lilacs It publican prosa towards Mr. Sims, we should con
clude that it was a masterly vindication of Southern valor
in the Kcvolutiou. It uiight tju a good thing to invite
tlr. Sims to repeal it ill Kiclimoiid.
Very Provoking
A subscriber at Sliadwell P. O , Albemarle county, in
quire* “how is it, that we so rarely, of late, receive the
Whig ?" We can only answer that it is regularly untiled
ftIIUI this office, and whenever our suhscntioni fail to re
ceive their copies, the tault must be attributed to the
Mail Agent or the Postmaster at Sliadwell. Our mailing
clerk informs ua that he has been induced by former
complaints Irom the same office to devote especial atten
tion to lha mailing of the Sliadwell package, and he as.
sure* us that it baa been regularly lurwarded to its desti
nation. _
A CiMPtn Cmil'MiuX.—The Washington Star make*
a cieau breast ui it, whan it gives the billowing ejytufr of
the “Democratic” system ol tactics s
Wo did oppose the nomination ol James Buchanan ear
nestly and unceasingly until it «u made over our oppn-i
lion, and that of thousands ot others, who, like ourself,
subsequently voted ebeerlully lor him. That's a way
Democrats have, which is the secret of their almost inva
riable suoc«a*, a* a party. We all feel at perfect liberty
to struggle as manfully as we can each to secure the
minimal ion of our choice. A Humiliation having tyeen
made, however, we all wheel into line and wurk together
in the common cause of our principles, like a bond of tirtjth
Thu* we opposed Mr. Buchanan's niMiiitiarinn a* zeal
ouslv as we supported him wht-n nominated. Had the
Cincinnati Convention put up Auld llornic himselt, wi’
hoofs and horns, on tile ptaflorni adopted, we aliimld have
supported him witli quite as much zeal and eatiiestnew* as
*( manifested fur Mr. Buchanan; for we do pot know men,
hut principles only, in our poling*. Ninety-nine in every
hundred real Democrats would have done likewise trader
similar circumstances. Hence the mural strength ol the
Democratic party’s discipline.
ri/r Ihr Whig.
.Ifessr*. hilil'irM: Tin- daily violation of our license
laws in this rity bv all sorbs of ilineranls is a mailer lint
merits the attention ot the press and the pnliiie officers.
Bvery canvasser for any kind of new book, map, or
print, is required to pay a tax of twenty dollars. Yet the
cit v is constantly traversed by canvassers for new publica
tions, (tnostlv humbugs) who gn from store to store, and
dwelling to dwelling, making up, ere they leave, long b-t
of subscribers, to the detriment jf regular tradesmen
who are onerously taxed by both State and city.
Selling goods by samples is positively forbidden by law
without lax. Yet our iiiercliants are invited every week,
almost, to the hotels, where certain voluble and |a>lile
dnimmtn may lodge, and 'here, if they go, are displayed
to them specimen* of a variety of Wares whtrh these gen
tlemen sell in our midst to the amount of thousands, with
out ever paving u dollar to the Treasury to which regular
merchants so largely contribute. No I or So. fig, us tin
case may lie, ul one of our hotels, becomes for the lime
being a very pretty little store. The be«l of the lodger,
the mantle-pieee, the table, the chairs, displ iy an asorl
ment so “varied and extensive,” that one may well w.aider
how all oan be gut into the two trunk* behind the door.
Ihir recent stringent legislation has made these travelling
jobbers somewhat shy of carrying their samples atoond
Irom store to store, bill even now they sometimes do this
Justice compels us to say that many nf these agents nr
gentlemen, and act fin highly respectable houses at tin
North. Ol course, when (hev find their operations en
coursged by some of our most intelligent and influential
merchants, they must be gentlemen of a very superior
tvpe to desist—from conscientious motives.
Another glaring anus--of our license laws is to be found
i-i the sale of religious liooks. Because, forsooth, tbu law
exempts front lie- use the Colporteurs of religions soeii lie
in the sale of the ptlMievtions of those societies whose
igents tln-v are, men travors*- town* and couniies, s.-lling
ci i mcir ■'wii iKTiiii.ii any religions works wnich will par
flii" trnlli - cannot lie legalize-d witliout thi- payment of n
pedlar'* license, mw ftntttlrrtl Ml,in. Sometime* these
gentlemen inhl In their slock Itook* that h*ee no claim tee
•he no. rtliiifntu, and sometime s, to • scape the cnriosi
ir ol those wiio Impp n to know rmincllritigslsmt Ihe law.
they declare themselves the agents of some society or
o-ber. Kvcry real agent carries hi* credential* with liini,
and Collllui- himsell exclusively to the puhlic«tion* of
•hat socie ty whose agent he is, except it lie ill cases where
'lie agents of Tract societies take along, hr special ar
rsngeni-nts with the llihle society, a few Bibles and Testa
ments. Some ngriita, it is COIIOtldcil, in addition to tile
publications of their cnipl-ivem, for tiro sale of winch tiler
receive a «rl*ey, Vend al-o, for such profit a* Iher may
make, hooks of a religious character, bought on their own
■er-omit— but this, though allowed by their employers, i*
evidently In contravention of the law, and opens a wide
door lor the abuse of a privilege gianted by our Icgi.la
tors for the benefit ol the destitute. •
Kccbmoiid, Nor. go.
RoHaario.—-The Faria correspondent t< lls a romantic
story nl a charming young canulrice who was on the ere
of marrying a worthless adventurer. .She bad been warned
against him, hut in vain, and the day for the wedding be
ing tixed, the singer w«« inrited to meet a large pnrtv at
•he hcrtiae ol a princely oumpecr, there Ui w!:e her tan-wi II nf
die name abe lnic| tenclc-recj ct-hdrritled, an 1 plar in an ripe
's ..Ip-wed by lor boat. Amongst the guest* invited
was an elderly Ihiclue** of more (ban ilou'-tfui reputation,
wlio wus Inn sell to lore with the intended bridegroom
IJeU-rmined to p event tile mtrriage, ahecontrived to sol,
slitula one of hi* hire letter* lo her (writt. n only the dnr
b lore, and speaking III -St sliglolr ol ins I Ituie wife) for a
I'-tlef lo la- read by tin- he roine ol the play. The singer
opened 0, and atrstd rirtted to the spot, pale as death
in I breathless with erin/lion. The plar was brought lo
a-1 abrupt tsocninallcili, si were, ol c-r ir*e all thought* of
"I irriag -. Tin- la I-, Ins l-di Paris for Italy,
\ n rtiKia IIhiihik Sotm- ol the gigantic piers of Ihe
V’l. Ion* bridge Iuli. a l, fully eompl. b I, and there are
-ev, rsl now in eoorse of miistroctirni in receive tfie iron
funnel* nn whir l, the rolw.y is lo In- laid. It is mil? by
a personal *i.n Ibal one is able lo bulge from the Titanic
*'* ut die.... ereeli.nts the f.,„n- nl I, .■ (hat science
thus Call-1,lab s ll|-on d- iring. This mnosier bridge will In*
liver a mile and Hire.- i|«s,frm in length, and will rest on
twenty four piers and two solid abutments. It will be on
the tabular pniH-lples, such as the llribnu is bridge/ across
the Me nu .dir ail*. Tire prin< ip*l *pao, that over ll.e
d ■ p or slop elei.,11.1, will lm of flic eatiaeerdinary lengtli
Itf83n feet, ami at an elt-vafiewt of sixty feet over the sum
mer level of the Walter, sufTli lent bi atl.ew lh.' Iirgcst lake
eralt or c*ie.iim-r b> pas* under without striking even a
royal Tb.- b.til r.r*» is estiinab-el at f,. Aral,rarer_Jf„n
I rent /V riui,
A Tilt eg*. The l/e(lugton liarette say* that the plank
ro*et in Kendtbridge- county is almost a tinal failure. Tin
nil.eh, rotten already, is lodng torn tip in many places -
The entire reecl from lluehauan to dt imit in was *n|.| U-l
S'linm r nn-ler i .leeree nl Court for f 'il.rnsi, and pins
chased In the Ih-ard of Public Work*. |r eewf, if wc
mi lake tan, smartly upwards of fiso.iwwi The grate
l*M in it SO investment of nearly fliMi.essi A datable
road of lock Could ha> e lie.ui made f-w less money.
t•/,***iMerit* —The re port that Israel D. Andrew*,
r. ||, beet Iw-en r- itmred from the e.fh. e let Consol fimvial
of Canada, baa been contradicted.
We ©opr from ihf Vrncar A>/ra.»rd< miry of Oct 20th,
lift© following l«»rti»«l acvounl ol lb© reception ol lion.
Mr. Fbravtfc, the l*nitod Stoles Minister.
John Forsyth, E-q , lately appointed to SI) the impor
tant port ol Miui*ter Plenipotentiary by ilm gowmomt
<d tint United Stab-*, near the gomniNtnt ol Mtliro,
W4« pr«sM*nb*d to President Co mo* lor t on Thursday last,
| 2Xd inat., as we hare airvadl staled. Many gentlemen
w« re present, and the hall ol reception |irc*onted an ap
i pmpriate appesisi.ee for the occasion. Mr. Forsyth, on
I IsMilg |>«vseliled, delivered the following 4.ld(vn* to the
I President, in a clear and eloquent manner:—
I AntHtKim or johv VutittR, r*q , nttOT or th* rxrrrn 1
st at as, to i‘Kk<*ii>K.rr ixmoMrutr.
Yota Kutluhi — 1 hoi I in nay hand a letter from !
the President ol it** (Inlb*! Stales, Aecrwliiiiig iae to the
government ol’ your Excellency as Envoy Extraordinary
amt Minister Plenipotentiary tiom ti e United States. 1
gladly seize the hrat olbctal opporlut ty offeted me to a a
•u»e your Excellency that my own ardent dcairvw and tiled
purposes to that eiul are, seconded by the earnest and j
positive instruction* of my govermm-ni, so to shape the j
tm*-ion confided to 111* as to bind our two countries to
gel her in the enduring bonds of cordial good will, amity
•ml peace. I beg that your Excellency will receiva this 1
assurance, not aa the expression ol a lucre diplomatic '
courtesy, but aa the rvdei ol a genuine sentiment, deep
ly rooted in Iht bosom ol my government and people,
and founded upon the most Calliohc principle# of human!
ty. good ncighboihood and sound policy.
The dcsUute* of our two great republics are iudiaaolu
bly linked together in the horn cope of the future. The
two great Powers of the North American Continent, svpa
ntC'i by siunl.tr and successful struggles lor independence
from the •ioniiualioit ol tlie old lorma ul government of
the Old World; together treading the hitherto untried path j
of republican sell-government; natural allies by geograptu- >
cal position, and hum atlinitv of political prinetplea, mu
tually dependent u|*on each other lor good olBtyn ol wise,
liberal and 1ccipoH .1l laws; in a condition h bless each
other bv a free commercial and fiiendly intercourse, there
hr increasing the happiness and prosperity of the people
i*l each—there are a thousand good .canon* why our two
republic* should be friends, and not one why coldnewaand
estrangement, much less enmity, should exist between us.
I come to your Excellency as the repiesen'ative of mr
government, deeply imbued with the spirit of these friend
Iv *©ntiments; and it will be my constant study and the
object ol my heartfelt desires to endeavor, by all honora
ble means, to cultivate aucli relation* with your Excellcn- ,
ey's government, a* shall expunge from the diplomatic re
cord* ol the two countries by fair and libeial adjoM metit,
every cause ol difference that may tend t«» mat the unity
ol that noble aceoid which i* demanded by our ptwrition*,
by the obligations of good neighborhood, and by the ma
nifest will of the Ih-ity. That 1 may be the humble in
strument ol accomplishing so much good to the millions
wf.o compos* the constituency of our two republics, and
that I may be met hi a corresponding spirit ol good will
011 Him part ol your Excellency's government, is what I
most ardently desire.
I have now the honor to present to your Excellency,
lir*t, a letter from tile President ol* (lie United States,
which hi* Excellence, General .1 lines Gadsden, late Envoy
which i seven1 domestic bereavement prevents him from
delivering I i person, snd my own letter ol ciedence hum
the President ol the Uuikul State*.
Alter Mr. Forsyth had closed lit* remarks. President
t'ormuilorl rose, and in a clear and concise manner made
the following appropriate and friendly address! i reply : —
KksroNsa or rassinkkT coitoxtoaT.
In receiving your Excellency aa Envoy Extraordinary
and Minister Plenipotentiary ol the United State* ol Amer
ica, I must congratulate you lor the high confidence re
posed in you hy that republic, and express tu your Excel
lency with especial satisfaction that tour distinguished
merit and what you have just declared to be the funda
mental principles ol the policy of your government toward*
this country, and also the line ol conduct which you
propose to pursue in the discharge of your mission, in
spire me with the flattering hope that with the cn-o|>era
tion and influence of your Excellency, the desires of my
government will, in the end, accord with those which ani
mate the United Stales—everyday more ami more It) ce
ment the mutual Itieiidlv 1 elation* which happily hind the
two nation* which, trom the historical antecedents ol the
two countries, the similarity in their form* ol government
their well comprehended interest*, ami their destinies,
should he cultivated with diligent anxiety.
My government, llierclore, will take great pleasure in
cnnli ihiiling towards the realization ol this great *uhjerf,
ami U> this end will give your Excellency eTety facility that
can he devised by a spirit of sincerity, justice, and ol the
■Dost open ami true friendship Inwards the United States.
Your Exrellcncy, I trust, will In* kind enough to trans
mit these aenumenu lo your government, a* well a* my
in rat cordial wishes lor its good foitune and for the pros
perity ol a nation at whose bead »o much wisdom ia col
Mr. Forsyth'* demeanor and gentlemanly appearance,
is well as that ol Mr. Feani, his Secretory, undoubtedly
111 railed the good will anil sympathetic feeling* of the
gentlemen present.
Ct Bin-m its or thk Corse*.—Out of the 1,626 counties
in tiie United State* in 1850, 41*1 had Ireen creak'd or al
tered ill the previous ten year-; in 54 the females greatly
predominated, in 155 the slaves, and in 7 the foreign liorn.
In 441 counties there were lew or no foreigners, and in 20
the na'ive and foreign population were alrmit equal. In
1,022 ooullUea there were slave-; in Ur2 no tree colored
persons. The nuiiilrer of people to a dwelling in New
York city averaged more Ilian 12, in ll.nten V, in New I tr
ims <1 *, in Richmond 5. It is estimate I that one fourth
part of lire people in tho country reside in villages, towns
and fit es.
In the year 1800, exclusive of the army and navy, there
were 2S"6 person* in the employment of the Fedcial lio
vemmenl; in 1854 the iiundier was 25,455, a nine fold ii •
crease, the population huvit g increased about tive lold.
The iiuintrcr of real csiaki owners in the United States can
not fall short ol 1,5<hi,ihh>, or one ill aland 2lp ot the line
males over 21 years ol age. It is estimated that the di
rect and indirect tax paid by each white p- non in the
country for all pinpoo— amount* to $1,24. There are
about 4'>o,immi Indians within the territorial limits of the
Unik'd States. At tho close ol the Revolutionary War
lien. Kaox estimated the Indians in lltc llml-cii Slaks to
ki number about 75,'Hitt. In 1850, of the I.V.17 political
newspaper* published in the Unik-d Stak-s, M56 were Whig
and 742 Democratic paper*. Over two-filihs ol the pa
t onal k-riitory is drained by the Mi-sissippi and its trill
utarie-. Tiie dixutice between tlieritic* of New York and
New Orleans i* more than equal to that sepaialing London
ami 1,'uipdantinople, Or Palis I mil St. Pelctabuigh. Hy
the land route between New York and Astoria, the dis
tance is equal lo that between New York and Bremen. Hy
the wakT route the distance is aa great as that bulweeu
Canton and London.
The number ol persons who live cast of the Mississip
pi river i* twelve times greater than those who live west
thereof The uou-slaveholding have a third greati r pop
ulation than the slaveholding States. Massachusetts,
which was the lirst State according kills while population
ill I7SM|. has now become the louitll, exactly reversing
the course ot New Yoik, which Iota become the first from
the fouitll rank. E'en i lJiiig the present population ol
Maine to that id Massachusetts would not alk-r the posi
tion of the latter in its rank among the Sute*. In New
England the females have always exceeded the male* in
number. The foreign vole of the country ia estiiuak-d to
be but one-twelfth of lire whole. The total number of
families holding slaves in 185" was 217,525. It i* esti
mated that run--third of the white population ol the slave
Sisk's *u*tain the relation ol slave owners The State ol
New York ha* about one-eighth uf th -population ol the
Union, Pennsylvania bout one tenth, and Del ,ware stroiit
one-lwiehundred ami sixty-third. There i» one honor to
every ail persons in the country. The Methodist* and
IS.iptisU together have more than onediail ol all the
churche*, and the Kpiacopaliaii* ami tin* Homan Catholir*
arc about e«|uul in number. The average value ol the
church ediflrri in the country ia hut f'.t,8f»7; they will
each scat 876 person* upon an average.
I.srraiXTios# to Nautical Mis in thk Nobi.i Amt or
(Jt AORiLi.r. Dasciso.— Is Hanlnlnm.—II ml about the
aurh and lack, and let the other cralt pa**; then bear up
and get your head on the other tack —regain jour berth
on the port tack—back and fill with your partner and boi
haul hei—wear round twice again*! the aim in company
with the opposite craft, then four own—afterward b*»a- ,
haul her again and bring tier up.
//AM.—llhnot ahead about two fathom* till you nearly
conic item on with the other cralt under way ; then make
stern board to your berth and aide out lor a bend, first to
*Urb<>ard; then to port—tnuke wail and pa*4 the oppo»iie
craft; then get your head round U'i the other tack—anoth
er aili* to «farbo*id and port; then make wad to regain
jour berth—wear round, hack and fill, and boiliaul your
/hi l*<mU. — Heave ahead and paa* your adver*ary yard
arm to yard*arrn—regain your berth on the other t*« k
u the aiuic order— take your station in a line with your
partner—back and fill—fall on four heed and bring up
with four partner—she then mumruvers ah*-ad and heaves
ill aback, lilla and shoot-* ahead again and pay* off along
side—you then mike nail hi company, till marly stem on
with the other line—mak«* a *tern hood and ca*t her off
»o shift for her«elf—tegain yofir Ircrth by the best mean*
pn*4ibl •, and let go four anchor.
/hi /Veniae. — \Vrar round a* hefora against tin* sun
twice, boslniul tin* lady, and range up along aide her, and
make *ail in company — when hall way term** to the other
shore drop a stern wilh the tidi—*hoof ahead again ami
• a*t off the tow—now hn< k and Mil a* tie fore and bndimi
Iter *nd yom*elf into > er Imth, ami bung up.
/hi /'oslur #»/#.—HI mot alic.nl alongside your partner,
ihen make a stern IhismI again make all *nd over to the
oilier roast -hi go the haw*# r, and pay oil into your own
Irerfl* ami take • liiro—fhe throe ciaft oppodle range up
l ibrfu-i toward you twine, ami hack a4t«*rn again—now
utatiievcr Any rig you like, only under easy sail, a* if i« al
wafa "light wn •!*** {'/•• -phyra) in this pil***£e i* -m»ti a*
| you «rt* their helm down, haul rmirnl in company with
I them nti port lack — then mak- all »**il with jour partner
info your own Irerth and bring up.
/nr linalr. — Wear round Or "brbwrd, passing under
your partner's bnwa — night the cathead* of craK r»n your
| *taiho*ril how—then make anil p.to yorff own herfl», fr»ur
! partner pacing athwart your lerwa--now proceed *rco»d
ifig to the «erond of«l#*r of Sailing—to complete the ev#do
i fions about tin ad and track astern twice, In company with
the whole opiadron, in the circular order i»f sailing.
Hkuoval —The Kev dame* Paine, for many vear* pa*
I for of the l're«bffi nan Church of Fairfield, RuckbrMgt*
county has rnsofrd to Hoimrville, F»>ette count?, Ten
| rtewwre, where he ha* a large c. mgr eg item and a salary of
Cif vntik Oak.—A rifixefi of Wssbington ha# now *ii
young Irak4 growing, pr #duC. d from icorli* taken from fhe
• Id rhttfi*T unk The acorn* Ware Wnrl la him at hi* r*
«|ti* #! i»? the lit** v.>m*rahle Judge WdHams, of Coon# eti
cut—A’at Intel.
A Mieu Mas —Many aippar Pwry Mavis In Ira very wealthy frtgm
| the twnensr sales at th* fain ftllL-r, twit A»s VWn^Vntefhwe^Mal* Vila
scome Mv I* a« fairing a rvputattaw morv valwwfcfa than gold.
n» rraauia Manama.
Then- are additional ay mptoma ul a duN union between
Hweea and i'reaaia. It would appear that France
*up|MH ta the unconditional ediwlwuon of Kua-ia and I'ruw4a
IW the aecwttd tweeting of the European ConfereWOP, while
England iaMid to oppoee the adiuiaaiun ui the lonaer end
Auatrte of the latter.
lewd l*almerw|«n had delivedan addrcaa on education
helurc a large aww-mldv. In the Five Tiadc llall, at Man
cheater, lie alao nia-le two apeecbe# in did. nee ul Ida lor
eigu policy. All addrcaa had been pieacnted to him by
the IN. aident ol ihc Chamber ot Commerce, In which the
I ol lowing pawage OCVUIK "It would not be doing juetice
to the commercial community of Liverpool, were no meu
liou made <4 that qucatloti wldcli mo-t deeply all. in it.
Tlie late dillieulliea, or threatviu-d difference between Ulia
country and tlie L’idled Slate*. There la but onu eiprce- I
•inn of Iceliug among ua aa the inanner in ehich your lord
»lnp and Her Ei^Jewty'a advlaere diapowed ol that which at
our time threatened to be a qovation that might involve u»
in a de-|w-rat« roudict with America. Wo leel that by
the mode iu which your lurdxliip ecltled that qucelion,
you not only cun.ulird the dignity ol the country, but in
t-pirlt and lad aaliahrd all ihe iuierevtat concerned.
Lonl raluiervton replied with Conaiderable eiubarraaa
nicut a- f. How. ; — I waa sure that tlie policy recently a
dopted iu the di.'ervnce* with the United Stair. iuu.I need
your approbation, lie felt tb .1 while on hand it waa
neceaeary to maintain the diguity of the country, it wax
al«o ui ceotary to ahow that eveu tlie celaiuilica ul war
with a neighboring race would be encountered, if there
wa> a ii.-cv.i-Uy lor it upon adequate ground* We feel
that while it Waa necuemuy to almw ti.ia, we ought to
waive all patty coo.id. ration., that we ouglit not to lake
advantage ol circuluatancea w hicb might perhapa have i
JU.lifted tlie expreaduu ol'augiy luelmg., that it waa more
dignified to look at what we believed to be the fneiuily
Iceliug. ol the great ma*a of the |>eople ol thu United Stale.,
rather tlimn lake loo much notice ot ciicutualancea in a
narrower aidn-re tlial might perhapa have ju-litted feeling,
of irritation. The reault ha* luliy borne out, 1 think, tlie
wi.doiu of that con roe. 1 am aure that iu piopotliuti aa
your eclcrpnae ia developed in the aauie prupoition, we
mav look to cementing permanently tliiMc tn-a of trieud
aliip and good will which vital and ought to be perpetra
ted between the people on tlie two ahoiua ul the Atlan
In lend Palun-r.tim’a apeecli at Eanclicatcr he u.etl tlie
liillowiiig explauatiou winch had Ik-vii tlie .ul-j-ci ol much
“I Imp.- the peace will be la-ling, but iu endurance
muat depend on tin- fidelity with which the condition* *ru
iulnlled. Il the power which provoked hoablilv i* faith
fully carried out in tilt* treaty, there cau bu no doubt tliat
peace will In- long prvuerved.”
On the itlli iii.taut the Director* ol the Hank of Eng
land held a protracted titling, during winch they cuuxi
ilt-rcd the uxpedieucy Ol making a further change iu tin
rate ol ill-count, with the view ol arre*ting the continued
uuUlow id gold. Tlie rcolutiwo not to make any change
for the pi*--- ul waa arrived at by a uiaioritv of onlv une.
The cmidiliou of tin- Hank ol France allow, no improve
Advicea Irom tin- t'ape III Good Hope to October .Id
-i > hut war were passing away.
Rumor* continue ol a probable modification of the Min
The Kuiperur Continue* the revel* at Compeigue. 1 In-**
pint ruled country entertainment* give offence Ui the Pa
risian*, ami among the placard* surreptitiously placed up
on the "all*, are some headed “Is- Koi, l.'Arlii.-e ”
An official editorial in As- f.VnuliMi.miid on the quea
lions at issue between the French and English Govern*
nienta, ears; ‘‘The presence ol a naval squadron id En
gland in the lllack Sea and the Austrians in the Princi
pal'll ics are ht-ncefoilh only arbitrary and violent means
ol precipitating a solution of the dill rcocc* which R11+.U
has been tile Inst to pro|M»*e, in oll'eritig to siilnuit the
qnestiim to the National Judges. Is it desired rather In
have recourse to arms? I* war again deeded f Hue* I lie
English Ministry itch to enter again upon hostilities with
out trance: Not ?ertaililv to assure the execution of the
treaty ol Paris, tint imprudently to rend it to pu ces in the
lace id tii«- world, with the object of siitislyiug an ambition
that had lieen lor the moment disguised. We re|icat that
it ouw depends upon I he Cabinets of l.midon and Vienna
to put i'i end to the pending disputes, and terminate the
ail 1 ic'h-s to which the present siiuatiini giv»-s ri*e.
It is tiimt red at Paris, ti nt the French Beet is about to
proe.-cd to the lllack Sea. This is not certain.
The celebrated painter Paul de la Koche is dead.
A planol finance is to be laid In-fore the Ministers, with
out delay.
The K-qrayna, Ministerial paper, derides the Anglo
French Alliance, and recomenda the alliance of Spain
with the Xoithriii Powers.
The law ol the Pie** requiring a heavy deposit of se
curity momy from editors has been re -e-t still-bed
A meeting ol political notabilities was held at the house
ol Gen. Princy for the pu-pose ol reorganizing the Pro
greraioni-t party. The result i* not (known.
The Pari* Patrie says (he in mife-to Irnm the Neapoli
tan governmenti* daily expected, ami it not conrilialory
the N< apolitan Envoys of both France and England wiil
propably demand their paa-ports.
It is said that a new treaty of commerce has been set
tled between Russia and Prussia, with the view ol an in
ternational railway communication.
The concession ol the Russian railway* to the Credit
Mohiliei was signed October gad.
, In the new Turkish Ministry, Reschtd Pacha is Grand,
Viaer, and Otn.ir Pacha Minister of War.
The Niagara passed on the 8th the Ei lesson only 8
miles fn-lii Liverpool.
llu-RVAkC or Jkw*.—An Iniclligeiit writer in the North
Aincrb-aii Reviuw supposes that no class of iiumigraiita
has incteased more rapidly in this country than tin- Hebrew.
In I8&11 a mail might count upon hi* fingers all the syna
gogue* in the Unit: now, there are at least a quarter of a
million Jews, from eighty to ninety synagogues, and a mul*
t'tude of smaller communities, where a nucleus exists
* Inch *ill rim grow into a *ynagogii*. The city of New
^ ork alone Its* twenty synagoiir* and thirty thousand
Jews—about one twentieth part of the population being
such. Tln-ro are aTiiagnguea in all the-chief cities ol the
seaboard—two in Huston, live in Philadelphia, three in
New Orleans, two in Charleston, and lour in Cincinnati.—
While lhc«e lack* are undeniable, however, it i* certain
that never wete there mad-' so many inroads into the Jew
•»h Religion as at the present time in this country. Hun
dreds ol Jew* and Jewesses are now in professions in
"inch it i* impossible that tin- lequiri-iiients of their reli
gion aliould be observed, w ere it was a rare thing to find
one, a lew years since. The manner ol living. u>o, among
us render* it almost po-sible that a Jew should strictly
follow tin- rules of his faith heie. In all things indeed,
the strict discipline ol the Jewish Religion i* liable Co *11
croncl nn-iiL* in this country; and we daily mert peiiuius
of that faith who are living in utter disregard ol its rigo
rous rul- a In tin- theatrical profession alone, where ol
course it is necessary to break the Jewish Rabbnth, many
ol the most prominent actresses and a majority of the mu
sicians, are ol the Jewish pt-rsuariuo. And the tame i*
trim of almost all other railings,
9fjtr* WIHTK tl'MK VS. Hl.tI K tl'KRe
VZ&F a Css* si I-aw, remwicd by J O., IC-|, a retinol Barris
ter. of Linrolri"hire, 1 nzlsrel
" wr are in leWe.i 1., in— put.|i4tisr. J. W. Hrvnoini. bookseller,
Ilf this rlly. r„r * r„py 0f tt,l* Ain islng -alir*. While Arr* ri B'ack,
I* s persnnilt'-allan r,f N rlh aiet Ootitli, or Slavery rmm Anti
.* ave jr I « r— s tiuau-nu- v-: faithful •' c-ntial ol the Rr-t intro
ilnclinnol fsj,,re,l persons m-o Mm iMd l>.,minion at servant- and
S-SV, -. no.| air., yr*phlg_r!rmrlpie-n* of tlM exMblll .n siel p. r[or
manees a- tie- N.,nh „f a fua ttve slave from Vlrrmia. It hs* s-v*.
ral punzent hits a- that p*ea,lo-philaolhr»nv whn, lire mrit.i
eervant# to run away In the North anil then l«ivr< them to poverty,
•ullcrin, •>.<! lUrfiikHi "-[Fna IHItl— il raM n..T»
WKl'NKfPAV,—Tlx A No. I ,t--ani*lnp |
VIRGINIA, Cept II. Rouint, It now rtailf lu re- fc. t It
relee he,*M. UK> will leaee on WKDNKJtllA V, N .r 3MILHHW
»*. at -I o'elork. V M.
»or frelRM nr ptMa,e, liaelnr luperlor kceoimnmlallonr. apple lo
n*'W—II II. K TITTLK. A.e,,i, Rotkeuc
Yjo rirr TiiMiipprus. n. pooa-„ .ir-«wv
i* II'INTAS will nol reerlee anf frelel.t I-- ,1*11 jl/I ~a*i_
<«atOrd»J,> II,e «,I l.i.l,
«i:itm;hknmi pi rriniiinu iioi nk.
I< >1 IN p< >K. .1 Rm
No ! Raixtnp Ifnvai,
H AVING MtatilUliol Mmaelf at the ahutr location, an rv
I c'ta a ’all from those of hit friend# who may want tfl
arth-lef in hi# tin#. JP^
Rtrany. r# rMtfti| the rPr will find It to fh#f’r Intered to /iv* him
a nil a« they ran arlert fr» m a vtock eoffr/fy n##r, < ompr'-Iny th#
,N«eaf <JH<ititU* an t /*'f#*f vfy/##. and at prke* which cannot fail to
P1-**' noil
f|N II I: ft9 MM inline llik INI NTOHR# .
■ If ATM from V.aiav, Of*r*. flame. Mount* afid t*fh»r nr /jR
th# moat fadiionahl* If Arran#. all of which h» erlU at tl»#lr JzfR
retail t.rkr# I
Af^O. French and American Fnf» IIATR. to which h# wowld Invlt#
Mm attention of timer tn Want of aoiwetblfiir taaty ari l comfortable
Ha. 1 Haltiri)*# ff jtrf,
‘#■1° Opputlte the Farhn* y.
rot »ii »i i it
f.\ T R A R T R GlfO F If OKU.
T F l ire In Ft *•# of otie own mak#. a r#ry «u|i#rlor 4^.
v v ?' ■#, "»« I• »#t of ih* v#ry lw#t l#ath#f, and v#ryafl^^^v
I car/ aril*• They hav »*■ • r. pmronnrrd l.y y.iod July#* to tm
ahont tie «f Pinna fof R#ld hand they have ever arm Alan m#n'«
•»|H » ,..f le«vy P#*v--I arid nalltd hro an#, of the very t# at .fiialt.
If Wr invite alt in w.«nt of food thoei Inf vmnh to ylre n# a
••II. h#dfl FITNFV A WATT*
f I M F. Ml H M I IND MM! Ilkl IIAAir.
Capital all pH I In, fARt/Wt
fh'« fVmpany ln«'<re« fin and Mittftp R*ata on |Im moil favor a
Me term# Otointty #»..*#• a a>l l»w»|l<ny« *tt«wr d
t'apM *1 all paid tfi, f *fa».ma#
M ar» II .M.ard^flardoer A Carlin* havlne realyned Ih# Af#n a
I of lh«a c-onpany, I# wilt b*pefldl#r h# r#pr*arnted hy the «*d< n#n#d.
Capital all paid In. f >,<>-»
I TM« t# th# old##t Ptn#b f ropa .y in Vlryloln, and haa paid all
I • lalmt ayatnat it, wlfhont • law •nit. dwrloy fn fy rear*
fiat. Capital, fit faai/aai
| Po'lrh # for |-f#t nr al«r»et#r |»#r1n I* will h# t anted. Th# dlvid#ndv
I de-lar# | hy thia OoNipAnf hav# averaif#d, dar ng th# paat fen yemra,
»ere*/y p#r tvn#
Cwf. tal. fi Anii fl»w»
TM« Company lnv#»r#a Whip fpram# for Hh, nr a »#rm of y. ara,
l and 'Mih# annual dlv*d##»dir, al«o. Mama laawrMl for one more
I yeeva
The ahnv# Com pant#* arc all w#l| and favorably known In th a
#o»n tin «r. an I Itnarwtt U» any amreint. In #l h#r hraorh. ran he
j riveted,hy ipplf.’iy U. (I f. RRFFFF., Ay#nt,
n.<1 14th at reel. n#ar Pwat Oi e, Richmond, fa.
Spelt % IN IV 4 M»rfllWl4v We have a full vnpply far
vaota' c*o«Mt,y. #..n«*f1ny of Rfatininn Fulled Cl dh«. Fheap'a
Orer ,< ««» •'!, Oe..ryi i |#r era, Idfiteya Hta» k#fa. Flannrl*. Fork#,
lb eklnya, Ae (ndtf] C >1ARTH Ff.L A CO
Vn.vr r yi.i.i i l# him **f T*fd wm*
Veirtf. <nr aale by
^ • * tr .vfm A ro
IlHK'llAY P l r «l a Ip. .1 f lent f.'r Winter uaa
J fcNMrtV by HRNMtrr. RF.FKR a FIFM1R l>f..yy au.
i A h I IklRi:. Ifh I'.ea for mb by
not* Mr NNKT, HKKRF A FTFIflR, UrnyyiaU.
Ms. Bci;uaxax axd rug Pacino Railroad —Tbo hat
arrival t orn California brings .» a istwr, wntlsa by Mr.
Buchanan, favoring ih« construction ol a railroad to lha
1'artfir, hr appi<.|n talinu# to the federal treasury. It will
be hMiad in another column, ai.d .01 doubtless taka mai.r
, ol oar Democratic reader# on (hi# able ol dm continent,
I aliara #uch appropriations Imre Uuakcld lobe uncoiisii
I tutitmal and inetpedirut, by mtrpnaa.
We hare a curiodly to aa ahat will ba made oat «l this
letter by oar Deui. K'«ade cot eu I parade# o| the Atlantia
State# It wa# »*ly timed to acrotupllah good and
dtslge the haini. Tlteie can he hut little doubt lhat Mr.
Buchanan*# election would have In ch impossible with such
a #to|HM.doua internal iinproecmenl nidlalmie around hia
luck. When we inbipielcd llie Onrlntiali resolution to
mean federal appropriations for the construction of Urn
t«a l, there waa not a Democratic pi.-a#, that dared to #ay
any thing on the aiiLj.-rl, It at did not maintain that lli'u
t*nov. ntioii onlr mean « p'wlge lh» party lo tit*, etrrcl-a
of all ru«>/ifu/iomU power*, and a# no #ocli |H>wcr c»Ut
ml. Ilia reaoluthni waa a nluiph nullity and entirely hum.
Icm. This California letter ol kr. Buchanan, boaeeer,
prmcnU the matter In a moat scriowa aspect, and a# it
lakes iii.mjuivocal ground# in favor ol nuking the Pacific
railroad a fedmal work, to he art on loot by Cong'a*a and
(Mid f.w out ol the public trvaaury, it only remain# to be
seen whethor hi# patty will support him in the magnifi
cent scheme. W hat new phase will Modem Democracy
next assume.—N.icuun.tA /fey*.
UaxATChakuk ix rtr* Coast l.ixa.—In |7Si an Kng
liali ship stranded near Rochelle. Serb have been the
change* m thu aea, that the wreck now lira in the midst
ol a cultivated field, thirteen laat shore the too, and
aroriud itare two thousand acres uf cultivated land.
Iunw or A Koruna Stramer.—A letter received in New
York hum Bahia, dated Sept. HP, states that the french
•learner I* franco, helotigiog to tbe Marseilles Company,
Was hurtled and sunk in the harbor of that place two days
. „ tlXHHICD,
In Ocoryetown. P C . on Wednesday, the ltth ol November, by
the Rev. l>r Norwood, ROtKRy B. HOI.I INlt, gsq , of P. Isobar#
' % , O. MAltAgkT. daughter of Wlllisio D No-bolts, uf th# forme.
In Bslllmt.ee, on the tllh Inst., by th# Rvr. Mr. Howard. JOHN
kt. MARCHANtl, ComuisliJer 17. S. Navy, lo M AHll ARKT D dauah
ler #f rranela A Thurutou, PurscrU.fi Navy.
UK NUT HKCKlVKIt by base Imitations. IIKQKMAN,
CLARK A Con I1KNU1NK Col) l.t VKR nil. never dlsappulais, and
nil... years* vAp.Ttrt.ce has proved It superior lo all utbers, and the
only reliable cure f.,r CONSUMPTION.
As del re la a groat deal of spurloos oil In th# market adulterated
win. seal oil. wbale ..II. Ad , Ae., too much care rami at be taken to
procure the Heiiulne.
Our Oil ts made at .air own factory In Newf»undlan.l, and each
Is.llle I,at our signalure over Ihe cork. Be careful t» get llsusuaa,
Ulssk A On , for ala.-e the psavu of Ma lie, re.s our Isle partner,
there Iras tws-n ao article Introduced cajh.1 RusliWr.'s, which la la no
way connected with K. C. A Co. or It. C. A Ou.
fiadd by Pt*RCKLI* l.AIMl A CO., and by Druggist# generally.
Su.i: «»' i t mi. t tiMitx. ini*i.i:itKNTs
A. .. Ac.—In pursuance of tin power resl-d In u by a deed
of trust from tteoj nnln P Prentta and Mel--ooa M. h.a wife,
takd October 19th, IK.VI, and recorded .n Clerk's Hill *e of Hrnrleo
County Court, ao.l at the request uf aael Prrlills and wife, we will
to. M.INtlAY, December Slh, IK.16, proceed lo sell, a I Public Auc
tion. al the residence of said Premia, In llenrlro rou.'ty. the f.dlow
1st. Tt»r tract of land known a* “Wiidjr Oror»," on which said
Pm it is now res Kirs, lying on the Mountain road. In the county of
ll« ftrico, ai*>ut II milra North of Richmond, and two mile* from the
Richmond, l r. do-rlrkshurg and Potomau railroad, containing by
•urvcy HIP lba> lt«kl acre*. The land i* of go. d quality. well adap
ted to the giowth ol Wheat, Corn. Hay and Oat*, and haa been
litglily Improved A portion of It la now well art hi Clover and
liraa*. It ta divided in the usual prop rtloita of Wood and open
Tie- improvement* are more than ample fk.r the Farm, and all »u
good ord**r. There are al*o a Smith's and Wheelwright Hhop, hav
ing a rood run of custom
Tit* location render* this property desirable a* a Tavern, It hav
ing been once kept aa su h.
9nd. That tract on tl»e Mountain road Immediately adjoining the
a*M»te, and known a* “Free lllll," contains 67 »g acres.
4:h All the F irming Implements and Tools used in the Black
smith and Wheelwright Hhnp*.
Mr. Freutls will show the property to persons disposed to pur
Turn*—For land ‘,ra*h; balance at 6. 19 and Is month*, for
hioid* bearing IntTe-.secured hy trust deed. For thep. rsonal pro
[►rty, »um» under#?<' rash; that aruouut and upwards, 8*» days
trod It, for bonds with security.
WM W. CRI MP, I - __
WM. II LYONS, f Trustees .
Rule by Ooppiv » Arrmv.*, Aurtunrers n Ti-tds
<v i.0164.i: VI. \% BtT.
m KXOIUNOB BOOKXTOKK, 14th street,
Otlcra for *ate the following new Hooka:
TIIK Humors of Faicnnbcldge. A collection «f humorous and every
day scene*, by Jonathan F. Kelley. Illustrated. Paper #1.
r loth $1 9ft.
MAJOR JONKH’ Courtshipand Marriage. New Kditlon, Illustrated.
#1 9ft
TIIK Pictnral Adventures of Margaret Catchpole, the great Female
Horse Th ef. I11u"(es«e«l. 9ft eta
MAItlHN Barnard. c. IctHMis of Life. A Sequel to Dlek Tarlton.—
Hy J K Smith, Ksq Vt ,-t*
Til K O'Ur lens and the o ».»nerty* A National Tale By l.*dy
Morgan. Annotated by R Shelton MsKetiaie, D C. L. 9 Tola.
HISTORY nf Texas fioitt It* first arttlement, m 1(>5, ta Its Annexa
tion to the Untied Slate*, in 1*46. By U Yrakum. K«q Iu two
volume*, with I'laU-s and Maps, and ao extended Appendix —
TAl’L FA UR, or part* of Life else untold By N Parker Willis.—
#> h
II lIll'Ktt, Graham amt Gndy for Decerobar. 95 cts.
TIIK Forum By David Paul Brown, of Philadelphia 9 vol., #6 —
TIT FOR TAT. A Reply to Dred. By a Lady of New Orleans #1
For sale by GKO. M. WFST,
Under Kiehaiire Hotel.
N. B —In pre««, and will be shortly published. LITTLK DGKRIT
Bv lliii Dicklns,.author of the **Bleak House,""Pickwick Paper*,"
I • v
AOKNT.— Land Warrants located Lands In Wisconsin.
Mini c'ota and Iowa entered, bought and sold. For terms and other
Information, apply at British Consul's OAre, on Broad street, om r
of IHh. betwe. || the hoars of l» A. M and HP M no99- Hi*
Pdht.i m.i: w hitim; ih:.mhs«—jamfs wood
HOUflK A CO , have for sale, a l*-autlful assortment •' Por
table Writing Desks, made of I'apier Marble, Kosew.Ms|. Mahoga
ny and lea'lrr. Also. cU-gani Port Folios of Papier Marine, and
Morocco, in great variety. i»uY9 1
I 11.1 4- i> | 111 IK I . I S. I'RAI l ie IK4MIKS AND
Ej HYMN ItOnKrf -JAMKd WtbMIlOlHK .! CO, have for
sale, a *piendi I Coilertion of Hlld.-S. K*g'i*li lltld American editions, I
fnun th** smallest pocket edition to the largest 'olio pulpit It lib*.— i
Prayer Books, hounJ in sheep, Morocco, call, V Ivet. Papier Mac hie,
and ornamental le ither work. With an I without clasps tS>me of
the above ire entirely new styles, and are truly beautiful
llyuui Books suited to the various denominations of Christians.
If SlilXM, I Will pay the higliest Market value for the
E following fur Fklngs vl» ; Otter, Mink. Muskrats, F* x. 4 pp„«
soul. Wild Cal, and Harr Skills, JOHN TH"MPSON,
•>: Ma *ir. t
| B %< ON MBI> IX) HIIOI LUKIIN. In prime or
IF -ler.—5tl hlol*., for sale by
|)M WIIINKV, • Mountain Dew " brand —
MB' 150 bids., landhtg and fur sale hy
fiMlMJI \ 111 \>N.—A Int of small Hise, equal In flavor lo
M the largest, w II he ringed out at a low peter.
no*.»J IIKNNKTT. H*KK:« A FDOIKR, Druggists.
\M t n i:i.N l .HD 4'J.OV I.S. -.v-o lb. focssl.-hy ~~
BK.N.NKTT, URKKJI 4 FlflHKR Dmgg sts
Chiimp n h ihm:ii\ oii.. i bi>u eiu* r-n.,.d.
J of esedhrat quality, for sale hy
kIJ| ICIKI.N* till., for salt I .w hy
Hu.«l 09’ A IO »0 9I.OWTil*.-We are sole * gen Is
for the genuine article. Dealer- sipplhd at III irket prices.
DoM BKNNKTT, BKKIt* A Fit'll KK, Druggist*.
<dl**P4\ Will! I ll or CAHPKTN AT
•TJf daft FfN Wi FRF KKGUOKD PRICK*, at the m-w C*rp«t
TVr.-it.Hinn .. CIlAK A GW ATKIN, oppo»,u- Kachangv Rank —
Now i* th • lino- to buy cheap for cash One of the largest ami
cheapest sli cks of Cvrp>*t*« ltug«, Ac. to be found m the city, all
‘ivies, qualities and coloring. Iluv« r* will please rail early.
Ijttf* yar-ls 5-** Carpeting at )9)f cents.
IjgMi do A 4 do at l*lg do
I,» mi do | 4 do at 25 do
Also. Rug*, Mats. Druggets, A**. C A GW ATKIN,

■ .9 I I nrfnw . >. I hstiJa I m
■ Il ALFA>1 INK, <»r l<< |*i• *1 Hiltn, I* i l-liyhtfully healing and rf
Bchnf |»rftmrall»n, */*" 1Uy curing all forms of chapping, and
renderluy ilw hand* and akin le.-auitf-iPy iokmiUi, «ifl an I fair ; an I
if u*cd jeea*-un illy during lie* cold weather will entirely prevent
chapping. It o»nt nni no grease, and may be used daily on the
rn«*«t delicate skin with advantage Prrpar. d only by
no^l ^ ^ 4th and Franklin «*a , Richmond.
|/i *f IlilOf HKIIIKh, RMAmoiDCKIEM*
■ A K li l,,v F t , HI'ttm and Collar*
Rich Lure h rll.ae
Ilia, kc I ». c C -liars and Feta
M'ldiu, • am'trl an I linen Sleeve* ami Collar*, In acta and aluyle
WliUe a d l»l.*»k crape do do do do
RfnWoldefr I Fk«rt« ; t mh'4 If mdkerchief*
Jo»* lo<« nf M i«:in (; dlara, at Itif and ib cent*, very cheap
i*wlt« ami Catafoir F.ounce*
Il>> dn tidying* and Inaeriiny*
lrl«li Linen*, Kenllnea and Limn Cambric*
Lace an I Mu-diu Curtain*
Curt sin M.itllin, common to dnr
Cradle and Med M anket*
Do do Marseille* Quilt *
Bargain* In every earfctvof l>r«*« nmole, at lb* Oaah Ft .re, 99
Mai » etruef. |»».»MI J CHRIATI AN A I.ATIIKOP
iuiiii>(.,m,i>Ki ivi tun i
lw IJfOS. a. -VAl.t NTlNK A FOB litre lately received an ad
dltmnal supply ut r«*ar«e Wmdeti* Utr farm hand* and laborer*,
bought v. r» cheap with money, ami are nSrrrd at a *tuell advance
far ea«li. They r. n*l«t In part of—
Ftaonlon Full d Cloth* and Fattlnet*
Ihil and Servant*’ Ml toke *, all price*
Carp*tlny«, Itog* and Felt Cloth*
French, Kngllfh and American Caiduter**
Flanneta. Merino*. Wna«el|ne* arid DeBefeg
Ltd' «' an-1 gent'* Fhawlt, all ttyle*
A targ BMWlttirM of
Cat'cne*. l» tne«i|n». Hosiery, Fmhrolderte*. I*ae**, Ac.
Al'O. f»*r evening dreva**
Whim and oaCd DnhntlilfM F Ik Tulle Rnhea
D'.tt. d and i * style Ay ire I Fwl«« Mu.hot
Color* d and wm»c Tarlatat**, An.
yai.iwtinf a bom,
Comer Broad. t*iIs and Capitol ir- ef*.
Moil Valentine Ftpiare.
SI Ml f a f 'OII MY»:N Oil.. N'l.Moa'* d.. W»*t«r*« B*l
•am -.f Wild Cherry, Ajrre** Cherry hfutoml, Fempl* ’• (Tough
I tody ft mpl. '* Polm- ntrr Balsam. Wright's IMI,. K ••'* Mr lr
elnr«, « flvil uppiy. )>i*l re-etved. al*n, every kind of patent and
mber metprine* In tu»l *nptdl<*, alwayr on hand
F F. FFMI’I F, Apntheeary,
»' i* _ M tin BrBi
I^t MU II s 4 O %• IIHIis A
large •••ortmroi nf flra** and flreeii Pierced Fender*, Jap'd
and Copper Coal Had*, Bra** a»»d P«>luh,«d Fte*l Fhnsel and Tonv* :
Iron and W-.*d Handle Cinder Ft.nrel* , lira**, Pronged and Jap'd
Andiron* ; which »e u(fer for sale at the lnwe*t market prlrww.
SMITH. RHODRB A t’O , «J P. art F(
ill Mb, || lll.Pk, rib I HLs W* hare In Rare alary*
M 0 •••nrin nt nf Fowling f)nn«. pauBtg and Blnglr Barret , R<f|e«
nr Pe*|f»#y|r mia Manufacture,sunrt* I *|uall(tr« and NgM ala... Pi*
•of*. P*e k. t amt ReV-dver*. a*.».rted inda, all (d which We will trfl
In d. *1 r s 41 a very «maR advance op r<-l
B (l FMIIH, R MOItRB A CO , ft p*ari Ft
\\ t I b. «tV|| | Nl.b, M IK.A W- have m a«..re and
f«*V rsh, a lary* Mock of the above ffn- da
nut! -Mir II rfVIOHRB A CO /I pe*r« a.
\Mlli. \H I *• ill | m»\v*(,A W hawwAwflre
, e.-**ed a g *. I a •oeimant nf Po*ter**, Wilkinson'* and Anal*
• •#'*, M* n*e Hole Anvd*, Rotter Key and Solid Bov Vtevt, a- d
Fm>th'« Bellow*, fr.on fa to »d Inehcvj We have also on hand and fur
•a»e a general **.oetmef»< nf Ban*h*« Beef*, ewn***fing nf Munm*n,
Hand and RMMffCt T-mg*. N'(n>e#« A
i FMVTII BIIOBRa A Co . Tl Pearl B*
IRt k laf Ptk fall PARIklll W
laryoa* 4rv k nf Black. Dorolln, M-*v? Black R Mini and Fan
ry Ca««* mere Fa tit* l.fv.drrrrl in tb1« rfy, and feel r.-i.fMm* ilait in
the as nn.eM, r*c.. will R«m| gaud*. *«vl*a and ».rh e« to *wM
the'r varied laHro Price* n.sd* to roe t it>* rle%« ol pur- h«nt%
n i. KKFB. BtLHWIM A tkf . I *> M .In B*.
I/'M IMl IMMf OU II Com W*hwg*r».w
A »n *nre a «wpptr of the** vgey d-«lrabl Of<r (>*at* Id
•b.ffrrh fllBrttn, a d tho*w «rh*» t'trlpaH (a Wrt arid C dd
Weather flaw Cost* are Imported hv wwr«etre«and • Jbced nt a
•VMM advam on eott. RfetM. RALOWiB A OO ,
But! KM Main meet.
•* MW STB4B. *b*. n. IMA
V « • »"J “••• 'PI <»o4 twelve WMlkl WWW! aV.w .1 V ’ M ru u,
*•“■ *• b*M at A. hwt he. beta Bud It dlgkul. to aaota
MUM. Agar. Th.aA.rma. Mihwaartew Mb k.n.wwMr,
hawn In aaraaa of .heir lacwma, and |o.d paper le now oecae.onallp
U.rown owl Thie may be rape.led to roattaue far aotwa Uwev with
pfu.|.cte ..I a (tiller bard.nit g. until Pa, buna, racodra lu a point
at wlorh -pec a ran com. la to replan lab tha dlarlnldtad raaarrea."
Tito IVlei shut j; Ktproa i-out-pa a >luf> note on Ui«
*r*r" Ua"A af Virginia, which upon presentation peered u be
counterfeit. The note la bwdljr ..rented, being upon fi,tl, paper,
tha rtgoaUe and aU ornament appearing not aa well deeslopsd aa
apon the genuine. The naaic af J. A. Smith, Cashier, bear, a eery
poor, nr Dr reteatblaace to the bona Me algnatare, and If compared
wUI ha readily detected. Wm. M. Macfarlaud'a algaalaia la ant ao
badly aouo ter felted, hat aeeeetheleaa caa ha detected aa —rri
Oon by Com par i.on The number ot the Bote before aa I. 16*1, dated
March MIA, ItAA bills af lower denomination, oa this Saab are
al*o fa circwlnlh<ai.
Tbw Louie* ilia Journal of I nth inatanl, In ite raa|«w of
tb* Tohacao mark*, el that city, .ay. :
/“The Mka (aMbay.hr ending on t». II.I of Oatebdr war* 14
hbdi.. agalo.l M,(u6 hhda lor th* pruewdlug year Th* total snek
oa hand oa <he 1st was l/tel hhda.. of which only MrU hlula air.
WW.OM Leal aarnlng, tha Brat new tobacco was recalled by lha
Kentucky rlrar pact.I, rlecptlog a (aw kits •( four* which her.
hero pr.etou.ly ncelled. Tn.a. who hare paid close allcMIoa to
the • object are salt • d that lha Incoming crop af the Wm will not
be were half ol an aeerage, and tekrn la connection with the uuall
Muc k carrywh. re prices nun rule eery hlfh We learn that Ihe
soles lu l-oa.loo daring Ustober were W.UUU l.l,da . which la the large.!
month', hwalnra. reel done tlrcr* Ih. mica during lha wash Aar a
ron.ls ad entirety of new rr. p .ithin Ihe klh.wlug range of prt.rs
alu : Lug*, light *nghl. •has »». .hipping |r j». «,d „
fa. luring ♦* I6C* hu. radium leal (11 far l„ (Id, good leaf (It Bn
to (14, and altra from (14 ap. Th* aolra of the weak are sj hhda "
The ViuciniuiU Price luri.nl renew, the pork market,
aa (ollowa:
•• A dull and hear. Heeling ho. been the praralllng rharartrrUlk
of Ihe market daring the week ond price, hare drellned «6 to 47la
perewt.; ih* market closing i|u>la .plrltlrm at (6 7ft lor arerafed
a.a d hog—Nty those Weighing *M pound, net Tin recelpla .
Ihe Brat or this mouth add U|> 41/(4, against 14.W4 the urn lime
lao year, lo.l year, hoae.rr, pock lug did uut cummruc. until ihe
llll» »»f this month, ll»r Weather bdii| (ihi warm, whilst this Season
t-|M*r ali.tii* i*i i in lu nr,rd, though wit a I milled scale, uu Ih* 1st ut ,1*!
iu< >u ih, making il l* Mras4.li nearly three weeks earlier than last
M l>r».ters have bee* psytng price* for hogs above the | reo« ut«tir
rent sates, milletIfg tile 1*44allies# a losing one, anil I.SU'-e tin j nisnl.
fesl a great unwillingness to mII aa they have lu do. If they «etl at
•II, at a loss of fifty is sevetity-flv* o at* per cw| , anil many o* ih« tu
are having Uicir h«.g« |»«cked ...»tl.e.r own recount, prefa. r i.g to >akv
llie r ha lives of the luture, ratlier than m II at this loss sow. It is
clear t hwt they must either do this nr dUp. • »* i»f their droves, because
th« high price af corn renders it ruinooa lu hold them hack f.»r a
better tuaikci. The pro»f«cta of the l.og product favors forth* r
dri-line, aa tl»e price* are not only below the rut rent rate* fur hogs,
bill ih* demand la of Ih* most Ina led chsrarler Eastern purchasers
are generally hoi ling hark for lower rats?*, aa well as th* packer*
from Europe. who, under the continued unfavorable advice* from
tb* Kngliwh and Irtah markets, manileat great want of coaidrnc* in i
present |*ri»-e*
** There have been some sale* of I.4UC middles within th* week at
. picked, and at Udt rate the market Is dull Lard Is slsu de
clining. and has bv«n sold as luw as lUc including packages
••Our WilVK?ea from tlir Interior are that farmer* are animus to
sell ihetr hog*, particularly In Kentucky and Teonas**r. sod that
llHrre will he no late feeding iluiie.rorii being so high, and pork com
parativ* ly hkW Tld* will le*d to a short **a*on, and the present lu*
dicdUiaa are that paikmg wil be concluded la tl»c latter part of Ik -
Ye-tvnUy •«« a wet, gloomy, tliaagrpeaMe day. Tin
pnalao tnarkm .-ahlblie.1 Bu chance. Hour hravj al |K 75*1,7
WI.eal >lui: al $! 45%fil A®, aa lha eatremea tor red and while. To
t»*c«*o unchanged.
P\>r th* irfftt fmling .Vnrfinhfr u.'A
CNrrrt**.—Our la.t vn lli rr,» >rt vai clo*r.l upon a dull aud droop
Ins Cnllnn Market, and Ih* Wrek In.w under review opened wilt, a
•lilt heavier appetiranre. th aalea of Aatur lay and Monday fourth, r
Ite.nc confined to «>»„ 4*>kl halea at a further redaction of >.<,». t.,
in Hie rate, fur Middl ny and ordinary era Va. with no demand lot
util r q.tallitea tin Tureday, wllh the llaltlr'a account at hand fa.
tore rave way In their preirmlona autltc .-.Hly i„ briny forward'aev
eral httyera. and the tranaact oni reached the tare- amount of 19
iuhi balea, price* >h win* a d.ellne of a V from the prvvlou. 1
quotation*, tail on W. dneaday the demand felt off and the aalra o'
that day and the following did not racred 18,.V«. hatea. the maikrl
generally being ra-y for buyer*, without any malarial change from
Turr luj'e Agurea To-day the Kurnpa'a advtrea garr conaid, rabl.
lmpulae to (lie .lemand, and fully bale. Were .old, the market
cto.lng will, ni re .teadlneea and rrwnn-aa at prevloua rat**. Tta
huaine-a of the w.ek tliu* «um* up fully 57 :1<mi bale*
The receipt* of the week embrace 5" A •« bale*, again*! 41.99, f„,
the corre ponding week laat year. Tit- total recelpla atm-r U>* la
o' 8'P'etuiwr hare been 446.444 halea, agalnarlaal tear l. the tain,
dal* no Tst bale*.
Ttie t.-tal elfpt.ru alnce the Arat of 4- pt ember are 1954*5 bale* -
The etp .rl* for the < nrre-p.ui.tlog week fact year Werr 9u MS hair,
and Ih, total eaporta to date Wen- 4 45.47.1 balea
The at.-ok on h tn-l Ihla ereatng la 947 *97 balea, agalnat 9l>4 Ho5 al
the lame hate la.t year.
Tnaacoo.— There ha* hern coneldrrable inurement In the Tobacco
mnrkei. a d In Ihe early oarf o' the w.ek w* heard of tUtl hhda
atild, with an t e other large I..la the parllculara ol elocli were In I
re,Hir ed, and Ihe Iratiaa luiuaaloor include St hhda at IkWc. »9
at IS14. IS Re u*cd at 9k. fi lihda. al 15V* . 1 al 11 , 1 al 14 IS '|h1.
Hteiu* al S ., and 4 of fi. repa at 4*1 ft Ih Ttieae Agurea’ , ml lean
a eery Artu market at the range of our quotation* :
huge. Factory.. Iv,® 1 Leaf. Pair .Ilka 14
.. Hulen. Il*.<tb1"'< •• Hire..I4k»»l*
Uaf.Iuf. loCom loqalb’a I Hrlrclloi.a ... insult
The laeelpta of the w«. k are only 64 hhda againat 47 for the roe.
responding week la* year. The total recrlp a alnce lha let of Hen
tetole-r have been lii79 Midi agamat laat year to one dale 94 fi
Tl.t total experts ni)c« Ihe 1st of B -ptemher h*r« b**en S<ci4 hhds.
t.txinit 6^.VJ »hilt, to the Mim* tlm*- last year.
II ock on hand this evening ta 6*16 hhds. against $247 at the
•aniv > true last >rar.
BwJAR. --W ih continued light rrfripti the rate* for o|i| cr. p Bogsr
hav*- further improved. and aunt* fkai hhds hav« changed hood* du
Plug th*- wr.-k at the rangr of i»ur quot it inns below. Tt»e taU of imw
crop embrace about lft> lilid* .mostly at lOaM^c \i lb f,,r g, od to
choice still clarified Today's cutbrscc llbt hhds. st »n ady price*.
We now quoUi for old «-r».p :
Inferior.. -46- I Prime ..,...lOW€61'k
f'owiint.n.I Choice.— A)ft~
Fair to Fully Fair.9k.<ifrl" | Clarified. .IfJiafrU
MoLAHHkS — The arrivals of oi l crop Molasses have been limited,
and g*.-d qualities have hrousht very full prices, tl»e tales mrhidiug
s few lots st 4V M Me for foment my i«« ilu>lce r. boded In b trr, I*
an.l 55c- for choice In kail barm-la. 01 new cnq» »oiae barrel*
hive been sold noisily at 61 a • and 150 half barrels st 56 s 64«
per gallon for ordinary h* prime To-day wr hsv« heard of noUan
•a lions of anv esusequence—/'*« tiyune
CINCINNATI MAKKKT3.—/fee the .reel ending Nor. IMA.
lirrTKa Tne supply i«lrig very light sud hardly equal to ih.
want* of the city dealers, prh e- are higher, and fair to prime Hoi!
is now worth? *'to *l.\. cio-lug buoyant and w« notice sales ot
choice W. K. Dairy packed, al A5c, at which rare the demand I.
Cusack —Tl»e oisiiet lias not undergone «uy special change dur
ing the week. There is a good slopping demand, and fair local one,
hi.«I ih market ch.sri fi, ui. Thesfths compna* 4,* on ta.xrs We'
continue U. quote fair •- ected lbc; prime «io, lu)*c, extra to choice
d.. 1‘JVd *lr Ilsiid'Org and K g'.i«h Dairy 16c.
t a ISSN. MSIsa - Wr nntlca a sale of .Hi hris at fln.Pnr and 1.5 d»
Mlntiraxotm do a*. $15, Tl*e demand is g-.iod aud the supply islgrht
Fall? — Green apple* are scarce and command high rates. The
net i|*U are comparatively light, and not much over one hal! what
they were U*t season up U» this time. On arrival common to good
sell al 2 to $ f per trl and from store 2,5t» to $M 5n.
PaovnaoM The lusrkrt for old, of all kinds conlinae dull, and
prices nominal In new except in Green Mtat* very Itttlvhas
keen tl dng Bouts small lots new Mess Pork were sold at $!5<i6l5 •
• ■0, th»- aurket elating dull at the Inside f\gur ?.
I.ii d . I »«i* dull at I He Including pa Wages, wan at this rate the
demand Is qude iiuilled, manufacturers being the only buyers In lha
I . greats meals • moderate business has been done cloilny al 4)g
for MhouNlers, 6*4 for M -s and 1)4 for llams from Ihe ||lo. k. Tire
mark* ! fair all kin s cloud tame last evening, at our quaiatioos,
and nothing dolug lor future delivery of coi.b- queues
agai. *«t» raaeoaxL mrrxTB.
AW ‘25th.—Coinmrs' sale of alaves, stock , crops, etc , at tha late
residme* uf Hm. B. Cdrtnon, dec’d, In Hpottsylvauia county, fra
Bame day- CotBailastuners' sale of a tract of 400 acres, Dx) clear
• d, in Ame u c«unty, o« ar the Danville railroad ; also, stt»ck, cron.
he '
Also—The farm called Blrrhland, In Orange county, containing
0*10 acres Bee adv’l of Geo. A. B art.
Alsu-Kieiulori' sale of *lv valuable tracts. In tha vicinity of
O<dansvtlie, Oirdinc county—al*out I 500 acres, alsit,several other
tracts in sahl C"uniy B**e adv’t uf Messrs Dlcklnooti, en. ulors.
27th —Hobson Johns' tnlmoco Uelnry in Danville , also,a vacant
lot a*lj ting llie factory, and .a lot and dwelling house on Grove st
B**e adv’t.
* sure day —The tavern property at Amelia C ||., embracing tav
cru. private house, and acres id land ; also, a tract ol 6* aerra
o»»«l some 2o or An bulhling h»t«. Bee the adv'l.
i»ee I.—A trod of 1,'Har acres, ca<le«l •* Ihinnlvan!,” iu Qharlolte
county, ft Holes from tlie V II.—will !•« s.dd at the U. II bv Will am
wnisri!, trust*c
94.—Hale of 9»s» P» Bnu valuable negroes, at llallfai, N. C.—
V adv’t of T I* lii vinut
•d.—In IIim-king ham county, 4 miles from IfardwlrkevlHe, several
parrels of land, steam engine, grist mill, 4c. Her mlv'1 of P. K.
Pa (teat U« 4 Co
Haruc day — Adiur's sale of 19 lo Ifi negroes, furniture, stock,
crops. 4c., at Farmington, Oh>u< »-«ter county.
•th. -Three tracts of land a-ljoinlng or In lbs vicinity of Chat
ham. Pittsylvania fl. H. For particulars, see adv't of W. L. Pan
nlll, C> m r
9*h. -Trusters’ sale of " Buck Mil," near Manchester, on the C?oal
Pit turnpike. eott#'g 147 acres, with brick dwelling, etc.
loth -A arm of bat acres In New Ke »| county, 90 miles from
Richmond near tlie K. A V. R railrosd—fur sals mlvatety mean
while hy II |A
S.imr d-iy —t%i«ini'ss*oMer’s sale of a tract of wood land. 95 or 7U
acres, in llanuvcr county ; also, two tract* In the sain- lotghhor*
hoo<| —all sttuale«| near the It. F A p. R R
15th —t'oman** otier's uk of the late Hen llarste's estate. In
II nrtco county—din-led Into *evet> lots of dlVcren* dlmeusloas.
Also, ftl stares, men, women ami ohlldren, and a portion of the per
R1 aide estate, (he adv't.
!•**••—Admr's -ale of the M M.uintalo Top,” and farm of 9n0 acres,
at Rorkflali flap, in Augusta ai d Nelson c< untie*.
I7;h. —At Weldon, N. 0, a farm uf *96 acres, known as tha
” Trriit I-and ;** also an adjoining tr«ct of l«f» acres. Her the adv't
I of in . II Ivev, 0 M K.
Hsme day - In Ibis e.Ry, retentive s*le of real estate lo longing to
j the late O n. Ilarvle, commencing at II o'clock A. M. Pee ads"l of
Will W Ifarvle, rmn'r
Also— 9.issi seres of lire tract In Franklin county, upon which If
T f«rM»e* resides, 4 mile* from the 0. II —for sale privately mean
w» !s Pee arlv't
Also—A tract of land In the northeastern corner of K<h k ngt.am
muni?. N 0 , containing l#<*» acr* a, with dwelling, water power,
l*»tfi —71** '* Magnolia House," at Brlrtnl, the termini* of the Va.
and Te'in. railroarl, also, 4 lata adj'g lira depot, for sale privately
fm»i -A Paet ».f (mi acres, In Amelia county, near the R. I |)
R R and s neighboring tract of Y4I ir-r# both 4 miles from ihr
0. M Adv'd l*y the he»rs uf Jo* Sr-.ti, ilr«:'d
97th —A idantation containing iJlNi acres In Bforih tlshama
Jttn Jhl, I **57 OowefnHHfcmee'* sale of tl.r “Refuge" tract, of
*91 H acres. In Albemarle county, 414 miles from Pcottevllle. Pee
a*ls't <»f K. Md'on r*ry
9th - The irsctln Borklngh «m county called " Pelsna," containing
I *&sw» acres, ah<Hft one hall in wood*. Adv’d hy R. K Irving, cum'r
■f^au ««g-iio>
No* 95 -P»h of farnllmc at »sw»4eri' Tavern, In Marx tester,
comm* nr mg at Ih o'- lock A M
Irtltfc— Rt'f'-W* -.1. of Iu.' Imt at lha yard n->. lha r.tcfrtmr,
I’cp"’. rnnn. nrm, .1 II ti'rlnfb A M , hy T, A WAurta
Via, dalv Work and rr>.p. of carry rf. .. r iptl.m, ,t< .at tha
plant-linn feM-.au a- I'f.pvraun'f.on tha Miliapnol rlaar. Ilaaadvl
of M -.r. Ulctl,..,.
!*rr l"ll..- At l-.hcrly Mill,, Oran,, county, 60 hraA nf cAllta,
III of IH hoffert, cotta, Ar fb-c adv't.
pmvatr opprrimor or rrai. rrtatr
ananrrntan 1a run am.
A farm i.f 4Mttrw, 1«0 wood land of original growth, with enm
mod Wot* darlilnf. He , naar Powhatan t>. M. Ada'd hy 4oaf,h A.
May., and 0. A A (itfiM)
tda'.ia n f I .Ilia, acraa, Aftn wood land, n York rlaar, la tha
ananty . f York, all mllra abnaa Voaktnwn. aitR brifk dwrlllna, nab.
h..««~, A. AdVdbyThna.lt Ttwatay. |>N*t)
Par... of 7f. Offai, 4ft r|. arrd, with oacHtvai brick daalliny cab
Ulnmy II mama, nn llw W. mhom .look .....I, ft ail ra waat nf Rich,
mood Adv'd by inn. P Wavn ft A A [|N14]
A hnntw and lot at Hr. In, Ann than. p*-m minty, with Id* arraa of
land k>ljotnln«~a daafvaMo n«rr1nw. Ran adv’t nf Mcrvtt 4 Havla
(tl»l )
V tiuah v lot an flamtrtVa Mill, rommanrtlt.a a viaw of lha alia,
flaw. Ar Adv’d hy f» A A. (’Ml
A 'Of IB at SI tan art|n<nln, - /am Mrtl " a abaft rtlR-anaa aaal nf
Rnhotond with hr-rk da-Hln, Ac »da-d hr ft a A IrltAI
A ftim Of lift *Cfva. * mttca h InW R- t n.nnrt, na tha <*aw Rrl.ly.
fnaH ; ha. I.ryv rtwrl In, an 14. vie. A'lv’d hy (I A A IM’A]
A Mm* of IMI aaraa In l..iT.*-nhnry rrmnty, attaatad apon lha R. A
S' RJ^ tU'/tlSU] *"**"*' **'■ *<4«" Ada'd by William
A farm «. 1mi awwa. ITft In arlv<”al fnaval, la »ra«-wb-b rnanty,
e Uarvamrilla. oHb l.rja
hrtrfe da.IH.W, atr Adv'd by U.o (1 R vv. Ii|.*.|
Yi.v IlHonlt O.’-tral R.ifrna.1 r.n»pana ,» r ijmm keraa of
fAf-.ia, '*’»••*. In Irani nf 40 kerra and u|»a,r l. an Ian, rradtta,
***,- of Sr. JoMlWltano, tha company1, land
cummissKHMf ('JITJ
oo’iwT * *** **"* '* '"*W*n »'•*' iwvSfhfcaka., Saar
*m£LZi!£Zi£'Z!£ •—•». »w«u m**
.. r*ul‘lp« »s» ktm hi Aamtla uf Ndb.u MM.
“T^** WckBMd. AJ.TtWd by L. Mature v«T)
«*•—«. !•«-»♦. oily e^*,. til .11.
a TV’!r™ baeweae “IWq.a HUI," la Oraa«e ew., aa Iba »-n
WMrtLka« (If); •** •*"•■• baa every fbcllMy af ZZL
Valaabt. .lit property—Ui. - TeliaVrro .Hla “—at Bacbaa. ■ a
rar. "WW-riee ly Ur lore..—.u Wa ada*i of U. A A Ilf]
Worm la I lour blend onwaly of MM err*, called - urauabre.’1 a
■alio. fro. ibo C. H ..1I Iro. IbbMnd, aad adjacoal to Ho aaaal
d« {ifT* r'TW ‘ * tWf da.treble oS,rlu«. Adr'd by Mil. 0 Bel
NOT!<?:‘-1 bare Mila dar received loo raaaa af ' -a. .
(ooda dlrorl Iroai Ter!., conlalalaa Ornl'a Oark aad MU
IK...! lc-no> BOOTH and liAlTCIU fur rail and Winter fll
«r.r. Ala., a oaao ronlalaiad Prruvh Call Hklaa af m- * UkL
pcri.-r quality, l.po.ud by .y.lf direct fr.. Paris, and -_■*
Y?1- «»-d. boafld amt banded fro. Iba North. Ad
lb... who riah lo porclaa. (wed UooU aad Mora. other au.la
*■£* Af —Jmmit or M..nOnir Mvllm of Parla. 1 wsold-- - -■ 1
folly la file ihaaa lo aal aad aiaiulaa Ibr U«oa*eet * ra.
Manufacturer and Importer af PraarL Boot, and fhoas,
Aad .akarlaia for Iba maaefectere af Iba aaaM,
_ _ , . . *M Main air aal, Blch.ond, Va.
IBM already aaal eat lary, order, lor uat.rtal. and ready
.ada work* lo be iblpped lo mm direct Ibr Iba uaal Rpr iu« aad Bo.
•d‘r-_ uoir
. .. »1 WAIK MHKKI. uicunu.r 11,
iAk *tbeCobul*Mt7 wlu* » full and complete aaaitani af
B#W aiaoufacturatf la lb a ooanlry. wln.li an olacd Mr ml* aa
rcom.ole lerma al tha factory rajcau. aad tfie Bool abaolau aad
••‘Wb.llonra.rMt^To p*r3££ The^d.t?. cr^
|n.od.lit, toe A.irr ..ftr. arid, uarf If. tit. .tai.f. fa -—.*
I..y fAr lnjtt.«A*M w.mclsirilli* f—framoif, or. ao.de 'oyj.
Annar. ue.f eyrntf fa any fa (Ae a.V.I - bare Wei. aad are Zuy
i»i(f curriiliuriM by U*r hiitml Ub(Imum1aIi rr__..i- tvMm
THOUSAND purchasers V uraiMwowials r*out ***,l, OMR
Attcnlton I. a.krd I., ibe following notice* of lh« press j
Lf™" ® (isswrrriu/ Ailr+t Oisr, At>rU |u, |K&& 1
Pian«is made by Mr II Worrwirr, «f this city, ran scarcely bs
surpassed In si I the Qualities that render so Instrument valuable
w *** ‘V y <>HirUr ami AnV"fc#r )
Wunoarrss * Hums -Tin constantly Increosng reputation of th#
risi.o Fortes manufactured be Wormier, authorises usr rstulndin*
tHir readers that Wore Peter's Instruments are as beautiful and or
n s menial as they are a Ural tied to be unsurpassd in their more m
•eotlsl Muallt.ee of musical eycellence ^ **
l/Vvm Ur iV Y. i omm**\'4itl A<1v*riU+r 1
Tiitfae dulcet strsiiis" of which "very truly yours" speaks earns
not from a human throat; but from one of those wonderful places of
u.echank't known a* " Vk or crater's Pianos." As w« have mure than
.►ore suM, t*-ey glee f. rth. nett to the melody of the voice in lore's
whisperings, itu* soref-st and most perfectly harmonious and meio
lious tones that sc are accustomed to listen to.
__* MOKKfg, Mol« Agent, fT Main si.
IIKW \ 1*0111 i t IKV MOlii
(Graduate ol the Philadelphia College ol Pharmacy )
dfWTHKCAUIIiN. < ill .Yl I Mi'll Ac HHI MimTb,
nAVY opened and Riled uai with .rcry convcnlcn. e and la
Sain strsrl, Niirihwm corner of lOtli, and Just aboer the new Cus
tom House. Tltelr faculties and eii>erleiice are such, that they feel
warranted in saying that Physicians* orders and prescriptions, sad
••vary pharmaceutical pr*i»ar*tlun, will be Riled and prepared asae
i f »‘ron,Pl1,> al *"* "w,rr «»tWlshment In the country.
H»elf stock s entirely uese, and was srleii.d wit), great care by
.lictuselves lu person, and no article will be Imurd whkh may not
•f Rcrfec«ly rellesl U|h.i. for p*.>|*er sf/ eU|ffA and purity ol character.
They Will »I »l iliii.'. keep a complete assortment of pure and re
liable Drugs. Medk tnes and Chemical*. Patent Medicines, Surgical
»..d onground •elected H|.Ices. Cooking Extracls.Han.klng and «nttw
mg Tob*.-.(Ac dneal Imyerfe/ < ty«irs, Fancy Article*, Lu bin's
and other celebrated perfumery and Hnaps, Cohupies, Brushes and
-very article ap|*-rtatnlag to the Drug business. T* Is their design to
give strict personal atle-ith.n t«. the business In all lu branches
HREHCKIPTIONM will be accurately dlspwsed by on. of dTpa*
tiers, at all hours of the day or night. i«T4
Aoaar* uimjt. sowamai t. aaiiae
OrriCR to country ptiyricUn. and r.ialllea . prrfntly
«»* ,nd I>M .lock of pun .lot rWlablc MRDICINKH,
toyrthrr will, ttcauan.-. t».T«r«»»r., I'urr.ui, rawer V»
ItuUM.utol ,H other thuiy. In th. llruy lln., whU li they will JN
•ell on the belt term,.
I-W diem leal and miarmucrutlcwl Prcp.r.llnti. made to order,
kbd sent to uuy yurt of the country.
“‘‘‘T Druy «l<.re. Ill, and rranklln atreeU, Richmond.
BKOKI'I, mi. Id A FlkHER,
M®. Ilf A Mai. Sraekr. Kiruwowo, Vnut.u,
£ 4 ALL attention of l> Mil) Mer. Ii.i.la, Pliy.lciana and lha m
trade, to U.e,r uvially lieaey .lock of Druya. Medicine*, MV
I*alula, oils Dye. Wind-m lllaaa. Color., VarnlM.e. .mi TT
Hrueliei. e.'o-cljdU adaphil hi the Uadi of Vlrflula aud North IN
Carolina. They are principal aymt. lor Iho .ale of I'.rter", Rpanlalt
Mi.lure, (tie yreat finely for the blood. KnrkWIdyr (Va.) Alum
Haler l*tll- and Alum Mam, and all the popular Mi.lnlne.of lb.
day it proprietor, lov.-ai price. Always on hand a l.rye stock of
the tnr« Ctiewlny T,.l..cco and Oly.r. of th* nuxt r.lebratcd
brands. They offrr yreat In.lucementa to buyer., and respectfully
rcruest a call._ ault
FALL OF 18f>0,
OEQRR Poliak's Vicnns Matches, (no sulphur.)
“V * gr-e* Partridge'* Mutches.
5»> gross Frroch Matches, (can't be blown out, for cgtri )
60 barrel* Ump and Tanner*' Oil.
Si) gross Itrown Windsor S»»«p, Low's.
1'Hi boxes Extract of logwood.
.Ms) boxes in lu snd lu m IT Class. French.
S 4>i t>* Madder, prime
Tisi baskets Hstrt Oil, lies! brand In um.
Mvi keg* «f White Lead.
10U boxes Transparent Bar Soap,
luu dnaru Hair Brushrs.
£*• gTo*e Tooth Brush*-..
I&n.tksi ( kgars, m boxes of 100.
lu gross Yankee 8o*|>
10U.OUU P« rrtihSWm Caps. (J. D.
Go grass Ilia, king
Tnu ounces of Quinine.
Tn gross French Pomades and flair OIL
lft*» gross Colognes, all prices.
!•■) kegs Sup Caib. Ms.
lT*s) t>* Tonqua Brans, Augustin a.
U* gross Vrrmifuge*.
To barrrb Hpts Turpentine.
9<i|) boxes Chewing Tobacco.
T h) gross Turf Oil,
Toysther with a yreat *»rlly of Patent Medicine, Paints, Oils,
Perfumery, Chemical., Dye muff.. Ac. Ac., ueually kept by In uy.lata,
and for sale upon rru»unablc terms, by
HAVE In Store and sre now receiving their u«usl as»"itaunt of
DlilTtirt, t’llLMlCALH. DYE 8TLFF8, I'AlNTtf, (ill 8, WIN
DOW (Jl.AHd, Ac., Ac , consisting lu part of—
HuperW.r Indigo*-*, prime Ombro Msddrr, blue Vitriol
Aluiu. Copperas, extract L<>|winm1, I-a. Dy*-, Cochineal
Cream Tartar, Tartaric Acid, HaltprUv, Bi Carb. Mods
Hsl H .da. Quinine. French and American, Flor Sulphur
Boil Brimstone, Castile Hoap, white and mottled
Emery, bc*t English, rrflnrd Borax,Campion*-, Burning FlufcJ
Bpt». Turpentine, Alcohol, VsrUf*hev,uf all grades
Linseed, Lard, Kolar and f*perin Oils
Zinc Paint-, French snd American
White Lead, dry snd In oil, Red l*rad
Lltiuirge, Verdign*. Chrome tireen and Yellow, dr j sadl a (.
Mace. Nutmegs, Clove*, Cassis, Allspice
Pepper, (linger, ground snd wind*
Together with s geurra) assortment of all the popular Mnlem %
and • choice selection nt hair, tooth, nail and other Brushes, India
Rubber, I Very, horn and buffalo 'ifWeHug Co«it>e; Colognes, French
and EnglishPer’ulurry, Ac., ull of which they offer on U*e most la
vorahir terms far cash, or the usual credit to punctual dealers.
fOIIN > . (.IHMMl \ . I. It ni I If \ \ l» (if)|>l|S
MIHHION MERCHANT, and dealer In metals, 14th street, near
he Exchange Hotel, offers for sale,
Orleans and (*«»Cf« e Hugars. various grades
Loaf. Crushed. tiranulate4| and Puwderwl Hugars.
Laguayra, Rln and Old (lovernmcut Java Coffee.
Orleans and West India Molasses.
Pure Cider Vinegar.
Hpenu and Ailamantlnc Candles.
Brown and Fancy Heaps.
Hole leather, g.**.d and damaged.
All *l«e* Flat, Ronnd and Hquare H wed vs,
Auorlran Hammered,
FnglUli Refined,
English and American Rolled
Fngl.sh and American Blistered Hteel.
Orrman. Ca-t and Hhesr Hteel.
Broad Plough Iron from I to IT Inch.
American, English and Russia Hh*-et Iron.
Oval. Half oval, and Half round Iron.
Nall nod*. 8wr>«i« ■ and American.
Hand. Herol I arid Hoop Iron.
Norm Himes, aiwirtrrl (Im.
Horae and Mule Bhoe Iron.
Tin plate, Pig and Bar Tin.
• Bheet 7.»ne Hpeltrr and Hpelter Bolder.
Bheailng. Ilramlrrs and Holt Copper.
McOnrmtck and Palmer's Mould Boards.
Particular attention glean to the sale of Wheat. Flour, and
Country Produce generally. Aagg
Oi-i-;vvis n. w kn h &co.
B*WI hhds. N. O., P. R a;it| Cuba Muscovado Sugar, prime to
choice quality
IflH bid*. “l^iVerlngV* Cruahed and Powdered Bugar
AM bids ' Ht.i .rtV C, and "Rgerton, Dougherty A Wood's** O
and H Coffee Bugar
75 half huge* " IrovermgV* and *' Rgerloa, Dougherty A
W«H»d*s** Loaf Bugar
luo hhds. prime Porto Rico and Cuba Muscovado Molasses
10 bHg choirs dyrup
go lihls prime Nrw Orleans Molasses
*U0 hags prime Rio and f»*gu*yra Coffes
g**t» pockets prim* Java and Morha Coffee
BO kegs <Hd Dotnlolon Nalls
fl»U bote* Adamantine Caudlee
Bp-nn and Tallow do
1ft lihts Tanner's Oil
1ft hltls. Vinegar
Klee; Cotton Yarn*-, Window Olaaa, tiN and tO*9%
Boap; Candle Wick; Wrapping pa|*vr
Wrapping Twine; Bl.of and Bar l^ad
Pepper ; Pimenti ; B d fords
leading Mnri; ■‘porting and Blasting Powder
Painted Buckets; lit torn*, Blacking
Vraen and Bl-ck Tea*. Ai .Ac M|
W# Pi P K H N I B A 4k € • • *
NO 141 PAtlf.F BQf AMR,
HAVF opened tbte t|ay in l»res* >»di
. Plain and striped dlk*. at fttfjf cents— worth |l
letrgv stock thfi striped And plain Bilks
Very rich Pa?ia fh-l.iw.es
Flounced ftdk an-* Valeutla Rohes
Plain and Striped Valentina
Plain Del.ainei at IfR rsnts, cheap
Merinos at IT* rents per yard do
Hirf*p and qu'Usd Bklrte
Bt «ck Ar»d colored elastic Nelli
Hold bard* red Hr aria
fash mere and silk Neck Tee
All Of which are markr.Mn sell at the lowest rssh prless sell
11° V ;T!, • • • nn . ATF.fr, So. r n KRiKuri
• B No M Cary street, offer for sale
Rngllsh K* dried R-.ll. d, Aasf hrnndt
Common Rngllsh Rolled
A mar lean Hammered
Flat Round and Square Bars, all slsee IRON.
Oval, Half Oval Half Rrmnd
Monpe. Hand* Nail Rods
Btltt's Horse Phne
Ao»rrfcan, Russia and Rnglut Bheets
Naylor'S Cast, Bhear and Herman ffteoJ
Blistered Bteel, mads of BWidish Iron
Tin Plates. ■ rt-d stses
Pig and Bar Tin. B»*st sr1 Blah F.lnr
N»K n—ortmewt f/rocarfe# fAwrmo, dm. )Tlf
L’MW' oil III A t* * («.'.b,l..u;»S«,
l i ronM.mlf n h.»4 :
r>.‘l.,.r |ur Iron, hmtM Ah
MiiM Aiei.li H.r I nn, «*m.
I* RwJrM, ......t. A .1...
Am.rlr.n h«n.mrrrrl Iron, nmonrA Mi.
Or.l «»<l lnll l'Mf Iron. iMriH Am*
frrr..||, lmn-1 «o<t ho., Iron. <n,nM
Ho,A Am* «nAJki plal. Irnn, anorwA am*
If.II I.A uf Iron, uwirinl ,Hn
*l«o. InA'f*. nod Am.rlr.n Ml-rrmt frlMl. M.fkv*I OmI >n4
Hrrm.il Mrrl, Worl Inc .Ml Rpaltrr aslfr
%■« STAia ■I TTRH.-lolrmMMfcfnl.fr
HW.DRW A Mil.m,
»" Oornrr «r PMrt on4 OnrR frr.
| %f » HIM * * »• «"fMr fr.«
nlon* Mr of ftml, hf If l.fiRH fr Mltl.CR.
_ Oornor of Rr.rl M 0*ry A..
81IINE TRI'I Hfr-Urf! nnrl rm.il .iff*, Ac ml. hr
»«• »» PALMKR, »Oft A 00.

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