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frtM iLr l.irrrpooi JfrrrWy, AW I.
tiik faithlessness dr kcssia.
We !>•«• great •tluhrtkiu ill lb* belie! that On, Oo
♦einttlreit h perfectly d.-let re in.-d to enforce on Koruna, at
•ll huarda, U * performance ol her treaty noligaliona.
from tba lauguag* ol the MiuLlrrial journals ami atilt
iwota Irom tba actual measure# adopted by England in the
Eaat. ta can Marcely be mistaken iu inferring that Lor J
Psiaisrsten and bia colleagues are thoroughly in eurneet
la InalaMitg on tha Oaar'a fulfilment ol the condition* on
which wa ware reluctantly induced lo lay down our amn
It It, wa hope, quite decide! that not even apprehension
of luting our mint powerful and Uiuel valuable ally will
pravant them from taking the course which the honor and
inlercet of England demand.
Iu other .Is Turkey and her two Alllea formally re
cogniiird the notorious fact that the Clar ha* not kept
faith with the par tins to the treaty ol Paris and accept
tba obviuu* cooduaio.1, that intimidation—and, if need
coercion—n.u«t be applied to make good hie defective
knruati and honor. The particular pomu at laetie may
appear—though only to very superficial minds—to ho in
thimicivc* of secondary moment; but be this as it may, it
would be neither honorable nor rale to alloa Kusaia to Vi
olate at pleasure the condiliuna on which ahe was per mil
tad to make peace, and lo recommence aggressions which
It baa coat us so muck lo repel slid char Use None I rut
tbs partisan* of peace at any price will find laull with ihe
wlte. courageous and straightiorward policy which our I
Ministers seem to have adopted iu this matter. The course
they have taken will not tic- leas recommend itarll to Ko
giiahnieu as indicating that highly and justly as the Hriti*h
Government values tlie alliance and co-opcratiou of France,
It doe* not shrink from acting alone.
According to the nursl recent accounts from tVmalanti
nople, our Ambassador baa completely succeeded in toil
mg the intrigues by which (whether with or without in
struction* from home) the French Minister had endeavor
ed to cajole Turkey into playing the game of Kus-ia. The
Ottoman Minister lias lalh-ii , Kedsehild Pssiia lias been
recalled to the head of affair* ; and instead of flic Porte
demanding, as the French partisan* ol the Pxsr had de»i
rad, and even am-erled, the witlidrswsi of out fi< ct
from Utc HLrk Sea and ttie evacuation ot the Principali
ties by Anuria, it ha* been definitively agreed that froth En
gland and Austria shall prolong their respective occupa
tion* until tlo- question* ol Serpent I4and and tlie Hosi
rabian frontier arc satislactorily settled.
How tar Uiere is any real probability of our being left
to vindicate the public law ot Europe without tin* aid ol
Francs is a question on which we arc not dispoaed to come
to a hasty conclusion. That Louis Napoleon has advi-n*
who are infinitely more anxious to deal “geiierouslv" wqli
the Otar Ilian to consult the honor ol France, tha lights
ol Turkey, or the general interest* nf Europe, is unfortu
nately onlv too certain. Months ago we had reason III is
lieve, s* we informed oui reader* at the lime, that nothing
but great firmness on Lord Otarcndmi’s |iait, backed by
the personal interference ol the French Emperor, preven
ted the Eliasian plenipotentiaries from arranging things
pretty much as they pleased in the Paris Conference*.
It it be true, ss wa are now told, that Count W*1 *'Wi
ha* succeeded in obtaining the restoration ut his cohtsca
ted Polish estates as* reward “for service* render.-.! lo
the C**r iu tlie late war"—or rather in lire late penct—
- we cart only say that we have no ground for supposing
the recompense to be unmerited, though it is not usual lo(
requite ao very openly any “services" wliicli a •talesman
can render a potentate with wbom Ins counter ia it sir.
Nor is tlie French Foreign Minister the only high person
age in the Imperial Government who is CUrreutly regard
e<l as the servant <rl l»o masters. Neverltreless, it dne
not Oecoma Kngli-hitien to forget that up Ur tlie present
perio I Luuia Napoleon Iras umhnmlv proved l.im-eil s
faithful, steady and homrntb'e ally.
It i* not his wmrt to allow the direction ol his policy to
he taken out of his hands by his ministers for purpo-v- ut
their own; and it still remains tu be seen whether lie i*
remit to exchange the English alhsnce tor the Mu-covite
patronage which may be more valuable to some nf the in
dividual- alsrut hiiu. Pirri-itrly lie may deem it neither
decorous nor expedient that the loreign relatrnn- ..I
France vlniuld Ire regulated at tlie plea-ure of a Pol is I r
land'd proprietor who accepts favor-I rum St. Pels'ivbu r g.
rerliaps llu may initlk II more unnuranic i«»r iiiutsrn, aim
more advantageous to Fiance, that Count Walew-ki should
hare an opportunity of residing on the property which j
tin- bounty of the Cxar is reported to hare conferred on
Event* uiay shortly enlighten us on this point; bu in
the mean tiiue we may reasonably doubt whether the Em
peror ol the French is really tired of an alliance which h«
been and is at least aa valuable to him at to us. Without
wishing to be unduly tanguiue, we must say that we do
Dot expect to see Louis Napoleou lake so Very baxartjnu- 9
a step as that of separating himself from England on a y
question of European policy iu which England is dearly «
aud altogether iu the right.
It is, we hope, needles* to say one word to confirm and
encourage Our Government in the decided course on which
It appears to liare entered. Lord Palmerston may rel\
on the uuainmous support of the oouutrr in any measure
which toay be uece**rj to eufoice on Russia the observ
ance of a treaty to which Englishmen issetiU-d wi.h ex
tr»*me reluctance, which coibo-Jit-d the minimum of cot *
Cession ahi *h «e were eutilled to impose on a defeated T
and eiliauaU’d earmy, and which was only rendered toler- n
aide to public feelibg by the assurance that its trrtn
would t*e punctual!) and strictly fulfilled.
Lh Hiniaieis f«ar uotliiug K» Iwng as they hare right
on tlicir side; lca-l of ad let tDeiu tear any ilittibv re
creancy ot» the part of iheir country and their conn try inn . *
We tiolicre that, after all, the pall* of honor will be found
to be the path •»» prudeuce and aafety. Though we ran
do venture to itm»«re* for f>msequence«, it may at lea-:
b* r assart g ti the friends of p ace to reflect lliat hut *
Palui<.*t-U>n is taking precisely the oppoa.n- course v» that
a lofite I b> hi predecessor iu the earner -u*ge- id the
Eastern question. We all know what catne of lewd Ab-r
de 11% ooouting system; and we may !a»r»y hope that a
totally different line of action will lead lo a somewhat
ditl -re> t ri -ult.
To b- drawn in the city of Mobile. Alabama. In puMlc, n WIIlKD*
OAV. Hecwalicr 10. t>54, uD the Flab of FI NO L* NUMUEHF.
Joas Hiam and W W. MoOnac, F.*** Oamis-moer*.
Mlill.a l ivr M ill MI !
1 P- T- ' ♦ f
1 price of. l^.*aa» lM|.rt8r»of.
1 pnae of . &J0OO | ltai pra-* nf ]ou
1 prise of . ... i lf*> prlsa of ... J«
1 prise of .... l.iaai |
ArraxciMtTtns raize*
4 Price* of $154* appro*-umling to #4n,Ha*price, are... |6f*i
4 “ 1S5 •• .. BOp
4 44 lea 44 &.•**• 44 4 4 ... pa ■
4 44 75 44 iHM 44 44 . Mini
H 44 60 44 1/a*i •• 44 ... pat
4n 44 45 44 '4**i 44 44 l,Rbfl
8,non 44 4<i 44 are .ifigoi
8,V*<» price*, amounting «o .. $:i4.hm>
Whole Ticket* lift , Halve* Quarters $‘4 50.
• ibMi Pnae* of M" will b« drtrtinin. d hr tin- last fl/orr of «hr
Numb. - that draw* the fPi/aai Pr**e. F.-r example, If the Number
drawinir tie- ^4h.<n*. pr.*e end* with No. I. then all the Ticket* whefr
lie Nun*l*rr end* In I will be entitle.! to fi-i If the N miUr end#
with *1 «b* n all tl*e Ticket* where the Number end* in $ will la cull
lie* t.. 44t*. and *o on lo 0
i WV44<‘*#4*« of will be «otd at the Mlowing raUi, which
is th* risk :
Or lift*: in* of Pack aft of iu Whole Tk ket*. .... $»>•
- 44 10 Half ft*.
44 44 10 Quarter **•••• 15
Addre-* order* lor Tickets or OffHflrxt«s either lo
P. MW AN A (JO , Atlanta, On., or
Doll 8. MW AN, Montgomery, Ala.
ri.%\ or nav % ni a (o/m lorn mis
Number* ror-t «|»,f*dinf with those oft tl*e Tm k*-t*» are pi ,-. rf
iBW.r W|.r,l Trw Fr**» aft-placed in another W he el A Num
her |« drawn from th» Number Wlerl, and at lie- «arn« time a l4r»*e
I* drawn front tire otto r Wheel T)m* Pnae drawn i* placed against
the Number drawn. Thl* operaii.-n I* repeated until all the price*
in i«pnia« tN irM,
Endfiif thr m*.ti#-y tr our .vMrr« f..r t)»r tlrlrl* ordered, oil r#
Mil* of tV t'li thfjr will hr forward'd by fhr flr«t moil
The IH «f ili nwit number* mid prised will hr «rtii m purcl.jMtfs
Inm*\j nfur l lie drawing.
.or* Pun h»M-fi will plt-aw writ# their signature* plain, :uh) glee I
UrrirpoAt o®< ., rotinig and Ml ale.
$W~ IU member that rerjr prise is drawn, and payable In full
Without ilrdurtioli
I.Wm All prise* of $ I .IN at and undrr, paid liiiim.liately aflrr (hr
drawing—other prises at thr usual tlm« of thirty day*.
All • omioatiirallona strlrlly run! initial
^rw Uriah ra*hed or renewed In other ticket* at althrr oflrr.
t nit uiutno't 1*1 no-ioKTct.
B ''FT recrlred per eel-oner Fannie Carrie, tn.,re ~tV VI |„
•S af litre* celebrated irietrutnetite, I* efilrl, if.. Si.xl «f*j|
eul.er.ic-, ei.uld inelte tie mention nl alt lereutie f| g J If
•bn are dewlroae nf purrhaaln, a Aral clae. I n aim mar. t Amu*, i i
Aneorlmvnt le Ihe (male XI*., which eland, unequalled In bcaulf nf
leee and Aoleh.
fhioqld th.- prlcce nf Ihc Inetramente In the elnre nnf anti, flic, can
be In a few da,a .applieddirccll, from lie ferine,, ai price raiifln*
from f/fft In t iiaei
Prrenne at a dMance, who ma, I care u. the enliacrllier the eel.. ■
**»" «l an IlHtrwmcni. ma, rcl, up..., rcrciein, ,.nc of the v. rr I. .1
of the deelreel kind aiHl pelce
T».C awhacrHerr bcln, the wife ifpmf „f im. factor, for Richmond
And Frierebur,, nil Chtcterln, inmrauienta are i/en nine but u.o-e
•old b, him
Tn the liiniimeraMe tceilmnnlale. *c , alreadr received hr ll.c
Meeere CMefeWVtllf, <he, hare rece, II, added I he II ret prlace from (lie
Mama. heta. Me glair Fair, New Turk Fair, Penn., Irani. fllaic Fair,
And fillt.<*ir giaie Fair.
Alan, Pi anna af Rnahc A On and grown A Allen, factorlee of l,',l,
XI**1"". M__ _ NATIfl, CAHI PI.
hmonA, Mam mrcet No If*. over Meeere Hahhalun A Mr 'e
_led famliafe pure, npimette the Kachan,e g,„k
fiHOMRI H. s f I I I . Hi x | is , .
H A*INO devoted keveui ,*ara m the cnetanl a,
etnd, and pracltce of ngNTIFTK* n all lie
brenchce, if.u Ide eervlrev fn the el' erne nf Ihle,
hie natlrc rll,. aeenrln, 'hem thal all oprruh ne ‘ J fYT/ [
#ntr anted le. hla ear* will he performed In I he moet eallefaclor, men
fgrNlggtipnKI R POgCPf.AIN TKKTII, with or without an,*.
Cat rime and Wrd work tn err led on pnfd, pleer or plait, a. win
* Olaape.gplral fp.lope, nr h, tim.aphrrlr Prcaenre. aalhc c. nd'll. ,,
of Ihe iwe.q'h ma. Indicate. H» fac llllee for Ore manaf .rlur. . t
Aeon in. Here nr Terra are n..t aurpaaeed, If equalled, h, an, nite r
Denial Ketnhllehmcfil In title ell,
He rctere Ifkoee wMh whnm he le not acquainted, fn Rev. H g C
HnWrlf. f» 0 , Pap den g I—wne . Haennrl Hkrdwrnre, K J
Rarnre. John F. Tannra. Wm (Ira,. K A. J Cl pu.n an t Il k
I.M. C No Ml, OA Main, between Alh and Mb afreet", Rich
•of. nnlf i,„
IUIIff ftll'l fl If A, I ... In r. cl. Inf m, Fell
J Block of lead tea* Par., emA-ann* a general amuftmcnl. fa
Which I I*.-at rnepnctfall, Invite the attention nf parchaavre
yfcleVKT IRRt AAAIni HI va:h »*.-Thei,*nd
aemtaaa aaeorlment nf Oa eel mere and Telvef Veeta in he h.aad
A 11. Mil .Ihrri, -
Otamntiag ewkerma, aewner af Mala and 14th etrwota Call and ea
Anal nr throw aolf
fkik IlffffA PRINK Hirox AlOFNeln Acmd
gar eate b, fnnlj fa) RflTAM. A KNO X1RA'f.
Motalapva. Talenrhi and galln Verne mad. In k*n*1e and ..nkle
brenaled eliapa Thr qaagir, e»,le and tn eh le peeled
ngORHoNfl A T' PMAH. •
HAW _Hr. IIKMall elrrm
HI fTki.-Bn tew* atrlakl, prime Oene ,e . —id# Holier,
fnreatrbv CSdiT WCRTIIAM * I II
| Rll » A I ie» A, fh Able eelrraeat tfcecrr pnfelnr . fna eat. h,
ffl ARR.-4A hMa Oabatnfnr. Td hhda New Orleane Po
rw, In etnrw and gar knle h,
• *■ , A I-At fa A ter A I OAF, € Ml RHf le. A*l*
t|U C TM.Id.W RttWARB. hi elnre knd fnr eel. A,
e « MCI I.KR A M|ld KR
aMf Oavadr Pearl and Oarp Mreeta.
Bosks Stallosery, Rude, Piaoo-Fsrtes
■■t'H 1'ANC'V 4RTICLEN,*i,Ai.
il.ATK NA9 I A M'nohMOl'KI.)
I 3f) MAlJf NTTff A r, RICUWnXI*. VlNGlSIJL, |
UAVR hr saW an eateustv* aw«>k of BO<)K8.«sib»«i.ig|l. hool,
M«-d>cal. Us, Krllftoui and Miscellaneous Kiokt, Hblr,,
Hsinn Hooks. Prayer B«*oks and h aodfuNy illustrated Works, to
various elegant bindings
Frsm the plainest and ch«a|*es« r *«d tnstruarnn made, to the rich •
rst and moil el. g ant Th* it ms tluipm W as large as ran be seen at
any sataklishan nt «d th* kind In the Qukih. They ars vaclaalse
agents In this dly for the reliable and sdl ku« srn factories uf A. ,
N.dart A IV* and J. B. Dunham They are srarrantrd superior In
all reapeeU. BhoitWI they prove othsrvto*. t»*ey may be returned t
and 'he purvhasr m«i*»y refunded I
Mania's Buperlor GCtTABU. i
Guitar, Violin and Harp CtTIUNG*. >
MCBIC fbr the P<atu> Port*, Guitar, Ac.. Ac t
They are constantly receiving the newest and prettiest Music pub- 1
Ual sd.
The mod approved Instruction Books for the Ptaao-Ports, Guitar,
and other Instruments
(W Music hound la any style desired.
tT Orders faithfully and promt*tlv alienated to by addresaing a
ociT _ I8> Main street, Richmond. Va. ]
MH.tONU t\ MOHINViN'S Pit At l it I IN
th* conns or jesno* in kkoland ani> thb ■
L-SITSK !>TAO> -» toll. goo. Pile. ,lt Juit |Hihl «> *.) .nd *
lor Ml* br A MOKRL8.
Vol I.—As to the place and time of a transaction or proceeding, *
treating chiefly of the conflict of law* and the statute of limitations. .
Pol t—Treating of the » object matter of per onal action. In other I'
wards, of the riglit of action The treat We in the first volume a* to
Mbs pfeASfl m4 than af I iksmUss, or proceeding Is followed in the *
•••eond.by one relating to the circumstances of the transaction, or *
the subject matter of the proceeding The second volume, devoted
entirely to |»er*..t *1 acti.o., treat* of the right of action .
I. tin sealed instrument*. or u|»on a Judgment or decree 1
% On Bills of Fxrhangv, promissory notes and other unsealed In -
si ru merits.
B On promise* generally expressed and implied. ,
4. By owner ©f goods against an adversr claimant or against a u
h Against a wrong doer
The publisher Would respectfuTy announce to the profession, that
the edition of volume one la Uing rapidly disposed of, and would
••iggrct to lho*r d» a'rtng the work complete to avail themsrlvr* of
the earliest opportunity U» |ku«cu it, as at no very remote period
they may he di*ap|»olnted.
Volum A of t»*c old Wi*rk. price r* duced to , a few copies of It 1
remains for «alv. Thi* volume 'reals of the practice tu criminal r
causes . in ca*e* before Courts of Pnduate, and cases of mills road*
ami the llk« Ti*me subject* are uot embraced In eithrr the first «>r
second Volume of the new olitiun . nor will hey be embraced In
the next volume Tliat ulll be confined to per«onaI action*, and
will treat particularly of the pleadings and proceeding*. i
oo*I A. MilKRL'*. Publisher
FALL I’KADI’., ls.Mi.
W I 1*1* I IIS II A T1 A T % K l>Y,
larnSTKRj* tail SHoLWiU PS*LSas IS
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Oc18 141 Kagle Hqnare.
FALL TK A»E, I H 5 6.
UKIMKHMIinniWtlOk VI lull li t VI M, AM*
Cori.tr of IVarl amt Cary Mirt-da,
\H V now rfffWinr nn>l hr r. In ft ore. th, larpil ar.«J bttt wire*
N ,|<tck lliry lot, pw I.a.I the plwaurr ul t/Brrlnf thr trade.
:on«Uiti>iff in put of (lie following :
H7o lo.ffi K(o, haguayra and Jura Coffee
*• M-l- H. O and I* K Mugar
&*o package* Kcffrird Mugar*
W" keg* Old In.motion Nail*
8'*' •** k* I. .»r|H»ol Malt
!|at Ihiim Adamantine Candle#
•* * do Tallow d«,
18ft package# Tea
fin Uiira »*r« ten Mnap
f*l I4»U • otrr Vifugar
do Tanner*' f>11
lift hM' NO and IV R Mota**##
Iftn do ryr Wlnrky, envne very chnlo#
1«m do rectified Whfafcy
® »* pipe* French Brandy
t“ 14 pip** do do
?*i package* p.»rt, Madeira and Mherry Win#
Apple. p*ar|» and cherry Brandy
Bur,. Oin, Porter, Ac.
Al*f». Cord. Wr «|»ptng Piper, Twin*, Candle Wick, Pepper* Mfdce.
< linger, Oof>f*#ra«, Alum. Broom*. Mole |,rai *r, Pail*. Till and
Can-, a* oe|| a* every other article usually k pt in thrlr line, to all
of whirl* tie f •oflrit an elamination b? m»-rci ant* vt* Mrig the erty,
a**orifig them tfiey or 111 sold at I'.we#! market rata* for rad, or In
punctual cm t finer* on u*ual time. *e>6- */m
• . I . H l is I n> A « O.,
hrnrrr* and (omnii-sion llcrrhnnf-.
<*»a#irat cart ark IHtr •rrRnrra, rpmipirp, ta.,
UPC leaer to inform their friend* and co*t >mer«. that they have
received their fall Mtock of ORfK'KKIKh. IJgt'OKM, WIHPM.
• *f * rotnprtMig the largeat and lie*t atorfc they har# eVVf been
*•» We invite . ity and • otantry «1 alera to eg amine our
•u-ck before purchasing, among which will h* mod:
Iumi hag* Rio, Java and l#aguayra Ooffc#
ft*' hM#. P K . N O. and Cuba Hwan
8nti M4a Crushed arid Coflirr d„
loti bid- and tc* f’uha and N 0 Wrda*-e#
If4» M>1* ft 0 and llaltfav fleering*
fc«> keg. Mail#
Md* Old Rye and Rr.-iM Wh(*kev
. W '1 P*urthamp4ot» and Jersey Brai If
fin Md* N ¥ Rum 9
ft M pfp*-* Meniuaa*# Brandy, very fa#
H* * Pd-* (rartmr# brand*) Brandy. Pal# and fkark, wry
81* 14 ea*k* M»-rry and Madeira Wine
5? ®w**r* 8perm and Adamantine Candl##
J" *?■—.n*fr. f*P «"<• W rtppiri, p,p##
yon tide* role Iender
Bh hi fr. |^>,f Any, r
U iN-rrr. I. ndnr, Por1*r
ICO pa. k«(r, Orrrn anti Wark Traa
Ear.rjr art.l Plain Candl*#
Bo Wtlt Chirr Via.par
IWi h*.fr. Prrrtrh liTaa.
l«t Awn Rr l fv.rda
Ion Itt.f... Rr. w,t and Pal# Roap
Iflrtt ih. Co,,an Varna.
_ Hti.kri#. Cotton ant, |j„M ft.,,. ...
Orttartt, Mark r.| l-r, Olt.p. r. Allrpt. r. Nnli irp< kt,.'|.|. ,
farrlt °War; P..-.I. r, KI..M. Rar uG, Rod.. «3! Kir. ,7' !
Jr"- * ' »rNRTl.N * or*, '
V* l"‘ '■ k HIM »» HRikNP*
Na.l.T.. • «i,t.r,.t Rn-hra. «... h,u I#., |>tir*. r. if.)
5r.w5r cvci h, v rv, Iir^r"V'*-t"'lot
ipr.arj,. ffc.t r. Rr t.l...,. pl.^, Rroflt.,, r. antrr r«».l
f a’t^.f 7Ll ,*OWhr», Rat Ir Pra«l r,. In ,h# prrataj
*»rwv, rwrirwl ...d ».,r ~ir by 8. t. RKMPLK. Dt «pi«
004 *Ct Male alrrrt
f,viH iouiwi.h *>u niHT»* 'gk _
favorite steamboat AlTtUJRTA, Capt W» C Durr*,
will rreunMT her place upon the llue tvta fort Walthall) between
Richmond and tbe there place*, on MONDAY. October 9Hk.
The care, running In connection with tbr Augusta, will leave the
Richmond and Petersburg Depot every Monday. Wedueeday and
Friday, at 1)4 o'clock A. M Returning. the Augu«ta will leave Nor
folk Ott TiuaUyt, Thursdays and Saturdays, at o'clock A. M .
touching at all the land.aga on the river.
fare te CMy Pei ut. $1 00
Pare to Urwe and intermeddle landing*. I .Vi
Pare to Norfolk and Portsmouth, 9 W
Servant*, through. I ft*
Do an the river, 1 up
Meals extra. M
Children over 4 and not over If years of age, half price.
•tit_ THUS DOMAMKAD. Soph_
tit iMJh or not k-wintkk ah,^
J K A Nil Ed ENT-The steamboat CL'KTI* PKCK
Capt. J.d.n Daria, will on and after Thursday ^n.^UiMUIt
leave ihe wharf al Bocketu every ftuturday, Tneeday ami Thursday
morning*, at Ijg o'clock. A. M , for Portaim-ath and Norfolk, aad
return each alternate day*. (Sunday's excepted.) leaving Norfolk at
the same hoar, 4)4 o'clock, A. M , touching at all of Ihs regular
landings on the River going aad returning.
Passage and far* as usual.
•clh R 0 HASKINS
IN ION NT K A YIN If I »* 4 0Y1PAN1*
3 xtx. Steamer PENNSYLVANIA. Captain Dart* ^
Tin. Slaamor VIRtllNLA, Capt. B. ILama. fflr
One of those superior Stsausers will Wave R)ch-|9HBH^b
round. until fttrtlM-r notice, every Monday and Thursday touching
at City Point and Norfolk to rvcvlv* Dwight and passenger*. Return
ing. Wave Philadelphia every Wednesday and Saturday, morning
at IP o'clock.
Three Steamers are now in trie order, I nor rased accommodations I
for the comfort of pammgvrs having been addet, as also more room
for freight, and wv hope, by regularity, dispatch and care In protect
ing (<H«ds a ommltted to our charge, to receive an locmw of patron
|fT No transhipment bv this lino.
Passage through to New York, and found.. .»it» 40
Do do PhtlaAlelpliU, and found. Is cabin ..8 00
Passage to City Point and Norfolk nuor as hy the rtver hosts
PasorngeM by this Hoe ran stop In Phlladetpeta two or three
days, and tl»en ^*1! to New York hy the «auie ticket.
_m*e—tf_U K. TCTTLR, Agent, RockcUa_
||(Mitt nm III > r. . urstoruNg
1% fret long and il Iwi wWr will be rented out at a mode- KM
rule price, for any light fancy business, for which It is ad- JlEL
mtrably suited IS mem> >11 given 1st ^Hrioler
*uT9 V» lit Rarh- Hq'isre
l.hHl ICI.N * 1 AA
w M»»l rouvenent DWKI.IJNU, on 1st str»--t. between Main Mi*
atol Car>, I'AMjtaiiilng egiit ILnims. and sKnhen with four
A large W VRI HOI SK on 9th street, near the river, suitable f-w a
Carpenter's fituip or for Storage, which will be n nud low. Apply to
Jjr95—dtf HILL A KAWUNtlS
MNtMt HIM. I.KRnf: oil n % i.t-!,—The IMI'si: m
■ sihI I/IT «« Main street, fn>bMig 90 fcet, a<|jAiinli>t the
fotiinlrv of the M*wr» B»mr*. recently AHVuptnl hy Mr Ws K.
Hints, as a turner'*shop Pos*es*k»n giv. n the 1st of Januarv nest
Pmtm— kpplj U JOHN \ RORINNON,
Jy9f) Owner Cary and Virginia its.
■ .Kill HIM . T'r' • • \ ii. 1.. u*»aims sn S-i I Lai i
F or L«i|inf Ro>»tns. In the Whig Budding. Prompt appltcatlou
will see tire thrui oti favorable Ia t ins.
Apply at Whig Office Sr Ml—If
rin. c;u»:.% r moctiif.un ii it and cap
11 Af* now ready for Die P»IX Tat ns. by Whi.le
and Retail, the mo«l varied and »*aten«1ve
k he has ever imported or manufactured.
_i order lliat the resjuir* ntcr.t» of all hi* cat
turners tu*v he most fully m* i, and t«i obviate the necessity of Coun.
try M<*r. h*nU and other* going **r sending North for thetr giH<d«, hr
has la’-l In «,u cf rrrry In kirn /iue, UJk JLuoe
m.t f.>r*fpn% lor Ladies*, 4 lent lenten**, Children's and Servant’*
wear, which he could find In tl»e ddVerrat uuri>u he I ms* vUitcd or
coiiimuti wraied with.
To the gvtitng up of Siik ami A*ther llata in his A»wn M vnufa.l.wy,
hr pay* I he ch»sesi attention. ,vi.| he fcrels confident that VrW other
house* North or South can e«{ual. and none cxa-wI him therein
III- facilities for con«luciing hi# hnslnrus being of the most com
plete kind, all order* Will be filled with the greatest punctuality and
pnmt|»tn> s*.
r a i .1. n i a iv
II ITV CAI'V I. Aim s’ «MI I llll.llur.A'X
I * 5 «i !
V wr ARR t)A* opening a m-w and wurpMf a<s..r:
FANCY FTRS. comprising the l*lr*t i»l III.*! fash- I
•»nab|- style*, «uitaMr for th« Fall and Winter Tragic, wl.ldi will i e
Sold a.o I he m.et favorable terms, for caah or to puuctuai customers,
at Wholesale or Retail
0»» W. Prnmir, so long known to the trade, if now engaged
With us, and will be pleased to sre his old friends.
New and otknrrf Hat, Cap, and Fancy Fur Depot,
No_7S Main street.
nm: Kl T10\ I Ii I the NEW STORE.
Matn street, second door below 14th street, where U.a . aj
arc prepared to show the largest assortment of
ev«r ffered In this market.
A good assortment cf BONNETS and MILLINERY GOODS, of all
n AVK recently received large addition* in the i ■ ■ ■■
. stock of PIANO FORTtt, 1|W j H
and a* a. in l. ’uriy especial ou of receiving further || f f |!
•upptves, which, alien to hand, will form an as-ortment the like e»
tent ran rarely be seen at any catahlishmetit North
Tlie.r -•<« t, u, are fr**cs> M-veral of the best makers In thb roun
try. i<i which they have sold a large number, and such i* the «ati«
facti-’O they have given,that it is not unusual u> receive order* 'n ia
person* who liave }*urt)ia*ed one. tw.., and in **>*ue instance* three
or more instruiaenif from the subscribers previously, for themselves,
children or friends.
tfT uriers from a distance promptly and faltl.fa ly attended.
i’iano Port** Tune l and r*-p»in*d.
s#“ decood baud Pianos taken in part payment when new ones
»rt pircl«ai>ed. jylg
THK .Ml NH S rottK.
PI! TAYLOR would rtn. 1 !•;» friends ar.d
rtior sir-st, aUre -.-.y in* foutid rlASti FOKTE8,^n^jfTPkl
MLLOtH V«. i,m ARS, VIOLINV. FI IT! and J * W J V
ACCORDRttNJt, of the le«t quality and at tha lowest prieea. lie is l
•ole agent mi th«s city for the sale of time* U braird Nunn's and Clark's I
Piar> », which sre u«*i *urpaa*ci by any . ther makers, and equalled 1
but by few. Also, Gale A t’o *> uperior Hianoe.
rtF*Ou tar and Violin -THING* of Hie U r quality.
Me has Uie large*: of 111 £1C to Ik- found in tliis Plate, and i
is eunatanllv r.«» ivtng tl* Irint publican -nr. which he will s* II at
: '* e most rrlsffj price*, and upon a* good terms as can be had else- I
nr Rmmti tuned, r-paired, and let .*n hire.
SlMlO«FOM HIM. dnng
the u- ,f pi .tiof, without purcha-mg, can Mr
them hy th«- ni-nth, ■ i i.voderat* t* rms ff ^ f f!
IWT T*.« largesl Rod of Matte and Musical Insfru*-.. i,g m the I
i* il TAYLOR
au‘id Piano and Music Wiirr, Governor st.
Ill l( Ilf hi h A OMltilO
No. «t!l Maui Street, Richmond, Va.,
nAVK in store ■* large assortment r.f One fash- m. *3
*l’LKkYR vfid IIAKNKjs*,cu<i iNc for country and hjML
•ity u«e. made of the he*i r laterials, and put to- vi» V— 1
Cetlief with much rarr, whW i. we will recommend to our friends and
tfie public, and sell on sueh term* a* will secure the mutual .trre «t
•f all wt... favor u* with their patronage
Frnm long etfirrienre in our bust to - and by prompt |ters*.n*1 at
tent ton. we Haps to merit a continuance ».f past favors Ord*n
promptly Riled and «l>lpprd to any part of Um* United Asks
« MUII IGKH, 4 % III W.l V.
Hm bo w~m v
• Has 00 liand. a large ****>rtniet : f Carria- Cj+9 Js I
gas at. I harm «• AniMg »inr|, msy ie f.,tjn.| «„n»* j
fine Ditclin aithoutside jV-at*. t and f, •• ,| Hock- W
away- I . ! * dafli fans, la
which hr particularly invites the atbnt.on of tl.oae lu want of any
article In the Carriage line, a- they grill he d. «p «* d „f on arenas
modntmg terms by appliration at his manufa* tory, So fM Corner
of Main and Fth -tre.-t*. Jail-—ly.
TO TUP: C'AICKI ii.e I SIX. |»| III,If.
ft* " m Mi -j
■ MONO MUd CARRIAGE.-. .n« • .r / WJL
t \hk htm, W/ -*.f/ 1 ■irrui'j**, K>* kma*/*. Htjyim*, UDC^fft'
S-H,... ,t T • * r k l. mad. of ti ■ »- ■ W^l^g |
proprietors, who are thoroughly acquaint* .1 with il»e huame-w
Also, on hand several second-hand light 1'itrringr*i$mi ll'iygl**,
which will be sold low by AlNMUK, BOWEN A PoWM.I..
j*12 10th street, between Ntln and Cary.
■ .II MM Tl III! WAHEROOMh - „ .
r REMOVED JOHN A KELVIN hr»- rrmo- iFVIT " -.
vrd his fumttarr Wireroom* tn that well known
building. “CORNTIflAN IIAI.L,** (the old stand
nf Mrwn Jor.es A Pott*,) Main street, *qn*r»- above th- Banka.
lie tskes pleasure in ssyir ft tn hi# rnstoinera generally tbst he ha*
est.tMUhed hiiesf If in a large factory, whtrh glvts him decided farl
Ittles. and with which he is again pr»-|*nr<d to get up the very hr«t
style* of Purnltoreto order In whlMlon to this, he Is constantly
rosnufsrfaring every article ft* the Furniture line, and will keep a
choice and well arrange | assortment of aucb style# and qualities, aa
he know* are adapted to the varied wants and tastes of the pe<.
Thanking a generous rommunltv for the liberal patronage hereto*
fore bestowed, he respectfully sol let Is a continuance, aifl (dedgea
himself that nothing shall be wanting tn effort on his part to give full
and entire satisfaction
JOHN A. RKLVlN.alsn give* hie personal attention to tic- I N
DKRTAKINO business h-tpg at all time* well supplied with “Me
Ullc Burial Cases,” Mnlmganv and Potdar Coffin*. Itunsl V. stmeuta
new ffrarse. and all the requisite* for hjneral* Order* left at “Co*
rlthlan llair will meet with prompt attention. m*99- 1y
\ i u if:n i i.in vrtHti , mm «»» rr
Tlfw HOLD KAOLF, NO 9A Mtie Braver - Olf.L A YjK
WKIDKMETER. late of Fr drr.ck.horg. Vs , have lurt re JCA
ceived a new supply of IJ. Id and Btlver WATCHER, flr-sst- Ku,.,
Finger Rfns, Ladies' ChateUtn*. Own Dm n's E..h Chain*. 0«»M and
Hilfer Fens and Fenclts. tlold and Bllver ThlmM-s, Ool I silver and
B«e*1 NpectAclr*. Rllver O'.M-ts, Cups. Hpoon*, Butler KnlVeU, Port
Monnales, Card Case*. Match Botes, and * very article In the J*w- I
eljy and Wiser line, for sale on reasonable terms, and warranted as
Also, WATCHER of atf Irtnds repaired an»f mrftli'H In perform }
well also, Jewelry of every description repaired at short notice. |
-9 1?
i>i;\t\i, n< )Tin;;
CT » . I in »■. «*, HI RIIII AI, AV|l VIp »-] _
■ o'llAM'AI l.fVTI-r (im . »>|, tLaO
•"d NHA Main rtr-.l, .... optora utmva It., H.„k. I ( rThif tm&n
(nffie. I,'.Of. from » I., A. « m «>—will ha happy |„ ... *-LI JJ7 j
■II .».l. a. d.«lr, hi. prnfaaatonal *»r*k>*. promt,inyhla >**. .ml.*.
»or«. l>r 9'ill me— „(,,| V,orrmgKne—. u, nllafa. lion In *11 np,.
rallnna, fitter In FHIIor, OVaamoin*. Kryul.ltny, Ktiracim, nr In- !
•arun, Taath. —V, Am
Mil Ml si PPT.i fil I ill Mis.
aa/1' " •!*»''»* Till* DAT, J.alr WWl -
W *n..lliff nil.ply ..f ll,.,— hard K««'
*..1. laalhar Trunk., n,.,|. I.y th, rrry l~-el
manufar-tarrr that n. h*r» ,y#r kl.r «... In „..r
order They ore mad. in lha r.ry h,.i .lyl,
•nd In th, mo*t .tilm.nl, a I mann.r Aoma nf fh.ni I
ala., with lalln Ronnrt !*•*.« .... Ih# Inalda, »Mrh randary i|,a
r.ry enarrnlrnt f..r ladlm W. inyll, *11 in nanl Trunk* Ir. ,iy,
u. • rail W. k.,p ■ atm-* n* Ikna .... hand *1 all llama, and will
— H tham aa low *, We pna.ll.ly ran a (hod
J}t* Ho, Iff Main street, Richmond, vt
Ai.rRrn mvn, jnJVstr
caiaiiua aiRricrean, oaa m- aaa aair.w Mira.a'.a Horn,
M , < l ii . a y a y a y,
HA* nn hand a lar,, *aanrim,nl nf hoot quality, and Waal P.ah ,
kaiald. Atyl**, Cnanhaa, Oomhaaa. Charrl'dr*., Aaronahaa,
Hex kaaaya, And, Aral Tnp B ray*, and Rnryj. with an* without
I harp a hr, at my R.poottnyy a lay,, amnrtm.nl of Wortlmrn mad, I
Oarrlaaaa, manuf*. iar.d hy th, im t apnr. r,d malar*, ranyln, 1
from th, llal.t.at atyl, nf nn tnp firry. In th. An.at nrd.r of roorho* I
Thoa, In oant of ,arrla«ni mill A.mI II to th.lr I..tarrot tn ,*|l an* 1
Olam.n. my atnak, aa I am datoroilno* la aall on lha morn raaanna i
Matarma. _ mM
*M|ik UTAH. Nn. I. K.nturky Mulaa, and aaarral /*.
o w Ana atnfta and malrtasl Iran, juat tn hand, OLi}
toy -ala ,.r rarhanf,. on aacnrnrn.atalln, larma Apply I.M T l
kalMIrtt _ AranHla Atr.at
W "lit I s SIMM I v IH III f N. J
, . nf rary aanarlnr M.ialln Ahlrt., alan annthm I
kp ..I Ur* P.itt C-axaaa. to *hi. h I mnold .all ih an.n.inn of (
^ f
IBI T ri H. Wa. tubs tu|.wrW»r Kui'- t
*— ^l«hy join pi.riim
"*'* So. 10 ISUa AMI, I
Diivau, Ya
SIXMO m»' I T H K K S .
AN Itoattu. ran, to and ItolT^h* Rail Kuad Depot, to _
tkla lluuar. Kerry atleaUua la paid to pamet.gvr, whs SA
>»l, Irarr by any of Ihr roulra ol Uarrl •
I. N. StiUUX, Proprietor,
te A Hark will al.ay. to la readlnca. In convey gacme d ihr
lloM to and Irom Ito Ihrpot on arrleal ill car. going North and
tonth.__ 1»U*8—«l.1 Jan)_I. N. 8UI.UVAW.
N OTICE.—In taking charge of lh. above cetabltohment, I
would mom reepertfully oullrll a eonllnuan.e ol Ihr to- #A
mrr patron, of the llotrl; .nd lo my friend*, I lit of them to JUL
toll aud raw mo. My table ahall alway. to apread with all lh. dell
meteeof tto eeaaoa. Tho Mreaau are all attondew. Tto entire to
labllahmrnt .hall baee the tom aOoaUon that I am manor of. My
BIN wl’l toe that the ladle* who patron tto the Hotel shall bars seen
wish granted, and all 1 aak to a .hare of hualatos. Tto tons* to far
•totod la tto eery tom alyl*, and I. located la a quiet part ot tto
Dty. My OtonlBus Win alway. Be at tto d Ito rent depot, t* attend t*
-aatomera. lo carry thorn lo and ka
jyl»—tf _ JOttKPU U CARRINOTON, Proprietor.
Dau WATBON CAKE. PanpalBWto.
r|IHI» magaltcml Hotel, ailualrd at the corner of Market and
M. Monroe etrerla, Wheeling, offer, uneurpaeerd indaoemenl* lo
ihr IraerUng pubU* U to supplied with .very reuutoilr for the ac
tummndallon of ladle* and gentlemen, contain, lit) well rent Hated
tnd capacloua room*, and U within throe minute, walk of the Haiti
nore and Ohio KaUrund, the Chesapeake aud Ohk Railroad and
dc*3»b.t*l landing Tho Pud Offke* and Ooart Honor are oa the
tome muare, and Rsprrea and Hug* uMce* la the ban-menL
Price only |1 to per day.
IV Omalbwac* and Porter. ar* alway* la attendance n> ooneey
p.Bi-nger. and toggare to and kuoi thto Hotel.
*pl» WATOON CARE. Proaetatar.
a. aaatp. t. r. olau.
t«. NNK.kU A t tl- Paormiariaa.
| RMNHHWHICS run regularly u. and from the Railroad Depot and
" W Pvtet Landing .onnertnd with thto tone*. nff ly
main ■ % m iihi ku, yihlinu.
tW“ Transient VMlrn fl ftu per day mt
IK NOW prr|.RrvJ ta aril a* .ut uf acres of fumiif land*
In tracts o* cti LTV* ami upward*, on lung credits, and at L.w
r»tr» of INI 1*4
TIntp lautlc writ gianUd l»y thr Government, U> aid In thr con
Mrurttuu «*f U.te Railroad. *nd ar*- atmo g lh- rlcliwt and wo«t (pr
ill* In ll.r male. TIwjf f-ninid with Ot«- K>>ad, fritin Ctilrffgu on the
North K*«t to Cairo at thr South, and from thence o Galena and
iHjnlrith In thr rktMiii* North-Western part of thr l*tate. Mwi of
ihrwr lautta Ur lamt^lialely mi. and within mi miles ot thr Kiuut, and
uonr »rv mt«rr than Wi»ni allrc iltiuiii (run it; Ih*hcp, ready and
(im|i facdtttws art* furnished f«*r transporting thrlr products to any
•f tw M»t» rii ar Southern hurtrls. Thr grrat Increase of popola
lion hy immigration. 4>- . anti thr consequent rapid growth of flour
ishing town* aod villages on thr Hurof thr Hoad and throughout thr
Kate. furnishes a •utuumiRl ami growing l*uuc demand for «vrry
kind «»f farm aud garden produ.,
ln lit* Northern and Central |tarts of Um* State, |»ralrtr land* pre
htunuatr, <nim|Nrr«ni willi maguiArent groves of oak and oilier tint
Ito-r; In thr Southern, thr timber tm more arnindant, and exve>rdlngty
Thr »oil la a dark, rich mould, from oor to Are frrt In depth, la
frtitly rolling and iNCttUarlv fitted kir graalng oalUc and ah*r|». or
the cultivation of wheat, Indian corn, rt* . Ti*r air is pare aud l>ra
ciof. thr climate more l.eahhy, mdd and equable than that of any
*tl»* r i*»rt of thr Union ; while living stream* anti spring* of excel*
lent water abtiund.
hiinuiuy In cultivating and groat prod act! venraa are thr writ
known characteristics of llltuota Uadi Trrra are not required to
k cal down, aUunpa grubbed, or stnoe picked i f, aa la generally the
ram* In cultivating new land in Ihr older Stale* The Aral crop ol
Indian corn, |dantrd on thr newly broken aod, usually repay* the
ro«t of plowing aud fencing.
WWat aown <>u the nrwly tarnrd and is *ure to yield very Ltry*
,>rvyCfff. A nutu with a |dow aud two yoke of oxen will break one
and a half to two acre* per day. Contra* u can be made lor hr. ak
mg, ready f*»r corn or wheat, at from f i to g-'i |»er acre. Hy Jodi*
:iou» iMMfiinmt, the land may In- |4oWed and fen-rd the flr*t, ami
Liinler a high Mfjlfr of CHltir**4um lh- **-*•..nd year.
Corn, grain, cattle, tie., will l»o lorwardvd at reasonable rates to
C*hi«-ago. f.»r tlw Ka*U*rn, and t<k Cairo for the Howtliern market.
Bituminous tVil i* extensively mined altuig the road, and pupidlr*
i rheap ami d« «irablr fuel; being fumt*lie«l at many points at $1 Ni
. M per ton. W.hhI can be ha*l at the aamo rate p*gr eor 1 Kx*
ipn*tir quarrle* have het-n opened in the Southern part of the fllatr,
•«ar th- i ue of thl* road,—Of Building Stone of ex ellrnt quality,—
. tll.MW alt,I Mhlta. .Met read lia ... I
■ hich can be had fur little mure than th- expense of Irtnupuria*
7>r ifixrfrnmml Uin f*, in fAe fc»srf L»r/»^ j+n*rnUy
W« o tlAdr.itrn frm* fAe M'fhtei, <mfyrnntM fr*>n< tAc K<i*u> »i
iftr .. .1*,./ gbrSpiAM kff tAin MnfMAFMfU
film** >it lAe «*/#/ prir+M and fe/*m*. tcAisA in nil prof«i
1 its// iLotJJr in trilAin f#re/re mu«fA*.
When tfh>K land* are r> stored to market, persons w|»n think of
■elt.mg on them, »r In Minnesota, should bear iu mind that the
and* of thla Contpauy, at tiie prices for whi ti they are sold, are
letter luvestments than th «r Ui other States or Territories more
remote from market, at Government prices; for the reason that the
of tr*n»i»ortlntf the products of the latter to market will ai
■ray* be a heavy drawback on them, and afUr a few years cultiva
tion t>«*y require manuring, which Is not the case with IUinola land*.
The umr remark* hold good Iu relation to the land* In the Terri*
<«rie» of Kaosas and Nebraska, lor although vacant lands may he
ound t.rarer the wstrr cour** tl.e distance to market I* far great
•r. and every hundred mile* the products of thoar lands are carried
tit her in wagons, or interrupted water communications. Increases
hr xpetiM s of tran»|»ortatiou. which must b« tmrne by the *•-tiler*,
u the r» duct'd price of their producu and to that extent precisely
ire the incomes from the farms, and of course on their Investment*,
mouthy and every year reduced.
The great fertility of the lands n^w offered for sale by Uit* <t>m
•any, and their consequent yield over those of the Kistrrn and MM
lie Mates, is much more than sufficient to pay tire difference In the
lost of transportation, especially In view of the facilities furnished
*y this Road, and others will* which It connect*, the operations of
BiiM*n are not Interrupted by the low water of summer, or the frost
>1 winter
raica axdtkrm.** or rsTuarr.
The t»rlce will vary from #.'• to according to location, quality,
•tr C*T»tra- ts for Deeds may br nu.l- until further notice, stipula
ing the p irciuu* uisuo-y to be paid in Avc annual installments.—
i itwoytsri . *
the others annually thereafter. The last payment will become due
it tin* vnd of the sixth y. ar from the date of h. contrac t, and the
land* are nut iubj«a to taiat on till Anally paid for Interest will
(»c charged at only three per cent per annum.
A* a -ccartty to the performance < f ti e Contract, the flr*t two
rear'* Interest must t»e pad in advance, and it mud he understood
hat it l-ist one-truth of tl*eUnd purchased shall yearly he brought
rt.der rultivatton. T* nty per crut. from tiie credit price will be
Irdueted for cash. Tl.e Company's construction bond* wul he re
*eiVrd a* rash.
Rc.»d> F* imcl Farm Building*. which can be art up iu a few days,
ran be obtained from responsible persons
The will lie 1J feel by 2*» feet divided Into one living and three bed
.. *nd will cost complete set upon ground clio-eti itnywhen
ilur.r the Road, $/.*■• in cash, exclusive of transportation larger
•a iding- "iav be contracted for at proportionat*- rates. The Com
pany will forward all the man nala fur such buildings over their road
It Ii believed that tiie price, long credit, and l«*w rate of Interest,
charged for tl*ewe lands, will enable a man with • few hundred dol
lars in ra*h and ordinary Industry, to make himself Independent
before all tiie purchase money become* due. In the meantime, the
rapid * ttlnm ut of the country will probably have Increased ihe'.r
ratoe ». or or Avr fold. When required an experienced person will
act. ii psny applicants, to give information and aid iu selecting
rtrniUn containing numerous Instances of successful faimlng,
ligOed by r<-*|»tct*hU *i.d w. II kn« wn farm* r« hv ng in the neigh
l»orh«M'<l of the Radio* • !•»••!•, throughout Die Male - also ti* cost
d h to .ng. price of cattle, expense of harv. sting, thrashing, etc .
►•y contract—sir at.y oilier information—will be rt.eertully given on
application, e t er personally or by letter, »n LnglUh, French, or
ii«*eiuan, a*blre«se«| to JOHN W IlJtoN,
I. nd Commissioner of Illinois Central K R Co.,
Office In lllu.au Central Railroad Depot, llilrago, Illinois.
oel 7— Am
JOIN €« s ill M it .
gotrarvaaTH •rrsrwT, aictmoan. viruibia.
W RT Ol'l.lt n-«p. tf.»ll) t-.*il attention to his new styh • of PALI.
> ▼ . ’ \\ ! M , i; i.< Mill* *.-2A— dly
m m l u rntutv
f IOI In I N >1 • III H» a a
1 an interest of sir per relit per annum I* paid on nil sum" re
tualnmg on d> poaiu* b* ger than six months, and Are per cent, when
remaining a shorter p~n<*J
firm v ti the Hardware Store of C J Pirtom A 71 Main st ,
and :*t the Hanking House of R. II W*rxv % t>», corner ( Main
and Wall street*. 0 vtriiKTII\tl. I»«*sMefit
C. MILlJtl’ACUII, iterntary.
C. J. eINTON, Treasurer.
m it i f rolls:
Ro If. Maury, Win- Taylor,
If GreNlier, OsmrlllH Clef,
J*« M TaltMrft, Davbl Currie,
Hiram M Pnnth, I* 0 Ufut,
y n Turpin, I* II Butler,
l»* Fid Biker. Jr., It. J. Chri-tlan,
John C 1*1 nton, W Ii. R«e>«,
Juw« WtllUiw,
Rlrt.i.. I.Vt. N-pIrutNT, I'M v\t
M « 1411. Villi K.
Ilf K have rrcrlv.-U a very general a»aortmetit of lh»oU. PI*or«.
v v Trunk* Ac . nx talde fi.r tl*e Pall *nl**a, t*» wnlcli we n«k and
Invite th* alter.ton of M-reliant«, a* regard to price* and quality of
•air stock. We Invite all In wan to call and • sarninr.
I ____ ,M k w*fTg
J It ItlVKOHIt. i A*** tale
W T It A tl>. Y. A It, f Principal*
Prof PMim of Part*, Prof* nor of Modern Ungita«e«
f|1HK undesigned Will •pen a Hrhr.ol -,n Monday jtrpi 29th.In the
| large and •-••mmodloua room* on Tih *tr« et formerly known %•
tie- city 5firlug Institute They d« «!gn opening a vcl.nol of Uiehtfh
e*» grade where boy* will to* thoroughly and accurately prepared
either for the Cnlvrraity, or for any of oar College*, or fltu-d for
the htialne** nf life.
Pf"■rial attention will he heat owed upon the KngtUh Department*
a* It la conatdered to be too ranch neglected.
TP ft MU.
Payable, semi-annually In advance, *e**ton t)f mnn*hv:
Kngl «h Itrarv taar .. ...$pi,bn
Latin and htglwr Mathematic* .. ,Vi^»
Greek . |<i,l>n
Modern Langnagw*, each... Itt.iat
Jm.t ttth, K4
Mr. W P Halley graduated at H M College with honor, In June
la*t lie |»ro)(o*e* to devote htmaetf to arbrml teaching I rhrer fully
and rfuifWIerdly recommend him for *rh«dar*hlp and high moral
character, and with ««,n.e experience In th- bt»*ine*# of teaching
and motive- to enterpr a. | have no doubt be will meet th* evfiec
tatmn* #»f all reasonable patron* WM A. MMITIf,
Pre*t nf RatoMph Macon (Village.
Mr J II Bln ford !■ a graduate of the University of ▼« , and hw«
l>get •u-ccNfully engaged In teaching during the la*t burr y-*rv,
hr*tb In Past cm and Wr«**rn Virginia. Testimonials from the pro
fe**or« of U»e rnivrrall? and W< patron* ran hr urn if d-«ired, si
Me*sr*. Hinford A Porter'* Cabinet Warerooms. franklin Pt
J M pin pnpf>t
—1-4> W T IM II.VV, A H
I MPittl TO IMLMhatkit mre . no man ran
e»c*m» h*m lie <re«da with e«|ual f«e< at the hovel* .J )»au
p-r* and the palace* nf P ng*. Are you ready to g.. with Id*** »nd
have to the cold * Hariri*-* «,f the world a irUfotr and oepA/rajf-.
//om sin yaw he If you eannnt leave them « certainty of sgtarigtefne,
•od a freedom from the MU nf p vertyf Pvcry man may thus p»o
rlde t*y • atilngon lie Agent of the ,Ve»r K*»rA AJ/e Inmnmnre rV»m
/**rwg. and *erure a f*M»ey f.o $l,n«o to $10,1*u. which can hr made
exclusively tor the benefit of hi* family All loam-* paid n oity
days after proof of the party** death TT>e Company Will l av. paid
at thta A#* nrv, In a few day*, losoet I* the mi*«i.i nt $m.i**9 *lnee
January. K4 P*»r explanatory hooks or Informal tor*, rail at the
Age*,t'e , IP* e, VM Main Mr* •t.
CM AM WOMTMAM. |*e «l Agent
rwta. R. W.atsi*, General Agent and Attorney for Virginia
Mil I A>l» 1*1 1 ** I I II .
M»a*l I* Ontahed to Malt title, sod | am n«»w prepared I** furnish
Pal* and Piaster to cuat**«*cra, ir» sack* or Vratr-I*. apon lie »fcorte*t
n tire aod upon the most reasonable terms My agent* along *he
line of the r-ad will receive order# for either article.Tn any *pi inttty
customer* may d-wtre. The attention wf farmer* t* particularly m
v1te*| to the Virginia article, and I feel amored that a tr'wi of rin+r
article w<11 revolt Hi It* e*r|w*ive ••*. Any orders a«Mreyar*t to Mr
0 T. IdtehHeM. my ag-nt In l,yn< Mmrg, will meet with prompt at
\*T AII article* of my brand are warranted pare
wlk-fa fialtvlllr, Washington county, Va
IfMlVAri; M IflfMtl. MIM I f| IIM II IS. Th
undersigned, dewire* t*> call the attend an of P*rea»« and dear
dfan* having rhfidreo of «|ow mental nr phyMeat dev elopement, u
the furl, that l*e ha* opwwd In Narks*, a few mite* atmve the City
nf Mew Vor%, in a rery he a tth fn land hr* utinri location a PHIVATr
PAMfl.V PCMOMfs where •«•* h children rwn be rereieed and taught
Th* experience be ha* had f**r more than eight year*, Hi eoaneetlon
wHh the Mswad overt* and Pennsylvania Plate fnMMatb.o* for
f-liots h*« shown Mm that v-ry much can be done in bringing theve
rtstldren to a more normal *•<•*.dltk.n In many tnatance*. he has
had them return hum*, either to enter a hmn.ti *rhool with ad ran
•age. or engag. fg the dntlea « f II* with wnccc*>. Thv wgrfler lh.
training r..tuu»-ne«*, the better for circular*. feVfefme, Ac , ad
ifr*i JAMRHH. HirilAHilP,
autd ly Mo. ft*4 Rraadway, or IfarUm. N*w Yo#%
(Tpot VH PMATCNi * • • ' Grbwnd pta
A* Mr, Richmond in.p. r|Awnt br a*A* »*nr «w glaev % *Migi-m* nt i
HIKi&M AttftUMsKMfiAT.
ON and after this data, tha train* on thla Road wUI run aa fol
low* :
mun lAATi aicawooD ran rmaaarao
Ksprva*. through INumfir dally, ^Sunday** fictp
ted.) at.....M% o'cl*k A M
Mall, through Pi—H|»r, dally, at .** M f. M.
A>\vmut'NUtkiu anJ freight, dally, (except Sun
day-.) at.B* ** A. M.
Norfolk Tralu Monday*, Wednesday* and Friday*. 6)* *• A. M.
T«Ai«rt uuu rvTKaaaeaa roa uotaoab.
Ripres*, through Passenger J|Qv at.$Jf “ A. M.
Ac.‘*namodatloii and freight, dally, (except Bun
days.) at..St* - AM
Mali aud through passenger, dally, (except Sun
days.) at ...S •* PM.
anaaoiD akd ctovsn mix.
A passenger car will Ik- attached to *h*» coal train which l*ave*
UK- h uiond, dally, except Bun days, at €\ A. M.
t*osM-ng» rs coming lr«»m Clover Mill by tlu« train must be at the
PtU at 11 If A M «n«l at the 5umnlt Depot by 11 M.
The ICxpre** train* will only stop at thr half-way Station to
take up or put down way pa—engera.
The Mail train* will stop when there are passengers to take up or
put down at Manchester, Temple*,Rice**, Half Way (Hatton, Clover
lidl and Port Walthall Junctions.
The accommodation tralu will stop at all the regular stopping pla
ces when there arc passenger* to lake up or put down.
The Kxprr— and Mail Train* from Richmond connect with the
Antherii Train* at Petersburg for Weldon, Raleigh, Wilmington, A«.
Through Tickets to W»lduii can be procured at the ticket office in
Rl* hum ml.
The saint trains from Petersburg connect at Richmond with thr
Nortlu-rn trains I t W ashington, Baltimore, Ac. Tftrough ticket* f«*r
Washington. Baltimore and Philadelphia, can be procured at the tick
H idRce In Petersburg.
Fare for white |e r«nua....,$1 Mft
“ Children over ft and nut over II year* of age.. sft
*• t\4«*re«l persons In servant*' ear. Hft
Colored Will not In- permuted In tie- first da— car* except
when lu attendance on Infant children, or sick peraous, al*s«4utely
requiring their care. In which case lie same fare as for while p*-*e»u*
will In- charged.
A discount of in rents will be allowed on each fare when tickets
Are purchasr*l at the office, and U. persona getting on tl»e cart s her.
j.« tt ...II
Her* ant* i» a veiling hv themselves must tie furntalo-d by tkrtr mas
levs with two passes, so that one ran lie retained at thr office, and It
must be expressly «taWd on U»e (mass that they are permitted to go
on the curs.
THOM A.- OP AMKA1), Superintendent.
Oir\ e R A P R R Co . Ok t wh. IBM. ocBt
si vtiti.it m ii mi ii.
Daily link to tiik Virginia bpringh—o rnt r a l
Railroad rUrisW U> yiltioro' To Rockbridge Alum. Rath
Alum and Warm Spring*, sod to l^xtngton In one day. To White
falpWur, Red and Sweet Bpriug* in one and a half day*, and to Ball
talphur ss*« <MI«1 day In the rvenmg.
The track Is now being laid, and hy the 1*1 of July will he open to
mtlM.ro'. ftC miles front the White Bulphnr Bprtnfs. from the Heal
ing, *JS m ties, Mot Springs, tfO mth-a; Warm Apr lugs, 1ft mils*. Hath
Alum, in mile*; and from the Rockbrklre Bprlngs. ft miles.
Passengers leave Richmond at • Bn A M, dine at Btannton; arrlv*
*t at 4 V* P M; thence t*y Stages to tbr Wain* Springs, to
■upper. I*eavr nut day at 4 If A M. paving hy the llot and Ileal
Ing Springs, and reach the White Hulpi ur by Ijg PM; the Red
!*weet and Old Sweet to dinner, alul the Balt Hulphur by night the
Irroud day.
Through tickets by llarman A Brown'* Blagra—to the White Sul
l»hur. fll; to the Sweet Spring*. flu, In thr Balt Sul|4.ur, $11—alao,
lo all the other Springs and hi Lexington.
( $f" Sec Ticket Agent In Richmond.
There are many object* of Interest on thl* line, but the MOUN
TAIN TRACK, passing over the top of the Blue Ridge, at KockfWh
lisp, will repay a ride of fve hundred mite*. It has hern Worked
with perfect success for more than two yearn.
Office Va Central Railroad, Richmond.
Will leave th* Urmtow of the Railroad ItniiirilUttlj after the arrl
ral of ll.e car*. and reach the Warm Springs before 9 o'clock
Tht* 1* th« old familiar route to the Spring*, and l« undoubtedly
th*- l»*-*t From Millwro' to the White Sulphur there l* hu »t>ig%ny
ky tight wii/ea than by any other route, with still a greater differ
rnee in i«v**r of the rnada.
Ttw public m*y rely on our always having abundant .Shigt uo
pusisio/iihos, tilhvll crowding, and every effort belt ? made to
please the travelers, by having careful drivers and making good
W l .\ T t It A R KAN U E >1 K X T.
O* AND AKTKR O.rrOBKR Uw l»l. l<->«. itw MAIL 1
TRAIN will leave Richmond daily ^Sunday's except- a!
rd i at 9 o'clock, A. M Arrive at Jutietlon, Conne-tlruZwWffl
eitli the ffvittl.sMle Railroad going t.* Lynchburg, at 1 .
/clock, M Arrive in Danville at ft o'clock, P M
Returning, leave Danville at 7.1ft o'clock, A U Arrive at June*
• M krrtve at Rid In o'clock, P. M
The Trains of the Richmond ami Danville Ha Ir.iadai d the South*
tide Railroad, connect at the Junction, going Iw.ih way*, at 12
/clock, M C. CAMPBELL,
*e29 Ocnera! Superintrndent
kt*r, the road will lie completed to the Tctiueasrv hue, and the Pas*
irngcr Train will run as follow* :
Leave Lynchburg at A 4ft A. M. and reach Bristol at A P. M
Leave Bristol at A 20 A. M. and reach Lynchburg at ft 1ft P M
Sei-L -Hoi k U. DILL. Dm Sup't.
ii 4’ r o if i. ii 9 2 is.
f |fu Lynchburg $8 ft*» | To Islington f 4 "f
M T<> Hucluman 4 00 | To the Natural Bridge 4 ftu
fare from both lU.rhutoml and Lynchburg to Charlottesville, |2 ftu.
Satisfied, on a fair trial, that the majority of travel on Lire Packet
Ikuii* are better accommodated by leaving tu the evening, w% return
:<> the old hours— on and after the ffffri instant, leaving Richmond
Monday,Wednesday and Friday, at 6 P M., reach Nr* CanDai at 2
t . M , at.d Scott*vtlb* 12 M. of the first, ami Lynchburg at ft A. M ,
md Itucha.ian and I.* xingt..n at 6 P. M. of the second day.
It -turnmg, I* ave Buchanan at 6 A. M , and Lynchburg at TIf P
R., Moiulvy, Wednesday and Friday, re*« h Scotuvllie it 1«* A M ,
New Canton at I k| P M . and arrive in Richmond at ft next A. M
Tint Boat* conn* ct at New Canton with the Stage for the Institute
trol Buckingham C. 11., and Its Scotuvllie with the Stage for Char
sites vfllc.
fff" 8ke Time and DisLtnces, In Card below :
heart /?/* Atnonrt Monday, I L t art 1 ynrAburg Monday,
IVtdnttdtiy and Friday, at I Wetineufay and Friday, at
M If* /* M
R «naktnlown 9 r u 17 I Staple*'Mills, 11 r u 17
lute. Ferry, 1»» r a fi | It* m Creek, 2 am An
Ho f aux's Ferry, 1* m SI i Tye River. I "8m
Dcdat Point. 19* a m *1 II irdwh ksTlIle, ft* ** ha
Jefferson, 2 " H9 | Warminster, 4* M 4m
P* lubvTton, 4* " 47 | llowanlsville, 8 ** .4
Columbia, 6* " 57 1 Scotuvllie, 10* ** 67
New Canton, 9 ** 6A | New Canton, I * r M *«»
8*<>tU v Jlc, 12* r M 79 Columbia, A* “ 9n
Howards* ilie, 2* " 91 Pemberton, ft* ** Hffi
Warminster, 4*a '* 99 | Jefferson, 7* " 107
Ifardswhkville, ft* " lUB | Cnlsi Point 9 •'111
Tye River, A* " D»S I Mb haux’s Kerry, 9* " 11C
Bent Creek, 8* " 117 | Jude’s Ferry, 11 •• 191
Staples'Mills, 1l* r m 129 i Manaklntowik * a w 129
i ft am 1IA I Rn hn 144
Richmond. Octol-r Iff. lHftft oc18
of v am. him.hiiiao i.,roi i*ithi vr.
iSMNrtM AMU MAXt r MTI'lgM or
£ « f % s. II If I.I S, PIS l oi SLI .N v ^
1 ■ WATKRIAI4 ami the finer drscrip .n* of
Cl ILKKV.N.. 1 * klu.i. .tree!. Its huo nd, Virginia,
*»k- the .it lent loll ..I llie S*.uth* rn public ».. I.»w laig.
1m 1 sP
eerily fmm Europe, and is therefore eBal-lgl to supply Onus. Pistol*.
PUhlng Ysrkle, Walking Canes. Mr , upo*' as reasonable t* rmt vs
-•milsr good• can t** purchased In the Northern cities. While, ,t
i)m -Aine time, he know*, from long • vprpenee In the trade, that his
*t .* better adapted t«* the wauls of lie SomOk rn pul.li*- than cat.
grn* rally In; louft I n tlw largest tu |m» bug l.ous* s In the Northern
an 1 )~» '• rn cltn a. lie dr* ms it tiui.e *-*sary to par UruUrise his
si«.* k colh. *• it u» « »y, that it i omprsrs every article in the tr ole,
fr o. I't reu» u* ' ps up lo the larg- M /wiv« I Dt»n- lie a>k« il call
pfkr* and |*nhI« shall pc»»*e »atia**c ory. net
Pllll. IP HA II 31.
EAGLE FOlWDUY, Hit Iiiiiuih), V irginU,
otrt -raarr, arrwrrs nc4*1. am* rirrgKSiTit.
ancpaotcrkp MXJOMtmvn knuinkp, tpn#
at| <Ii m, Hallr<> id < am, aimI al description© nf Kali
road Mat Marry, stationary Kofiiid of any required
|Miar*r. Alan Portable Btigines. With a decided improve _
inriit over any ntli« rs heretofore made, (from fi to In hors* tM.wre.i
on wh irl*, and well .idapicd U, farming purposes. getting lutuhrr,
Ac . wit). Improved Circular I'./tablc Haw-J|ili« alta. h*sl, «d I at. Yd
and Ad rla«* Mining Marl.jigry, Orkat ami How Mill Machinery,
Forging* and Tolutcr.. Factor/ Fla lure* of rrery kind; also, liras*
and Iron Casting* made to order P KAIIM
I!rrtiRN (;»*«■. Caroline County, Oct. 27, IKVJ.
.Mr. Pllll.IP KAIIM.
Fagte F undry, Richmond, Va.:
f>na Him-It la Willi pi mure that I give my testimony In rgard
»« the per for.nan • of the 17 florae Power F.nglne and Third Cla**
Mill |a*'rha«e*| of you In January last. I Wierr 11 will drier a P
Inch Haw, and that la nmrt than y-n recommended It to do I have
no d'ml** that the farmer* will And •*■ tM* Fnglne, a n-rfol Intple I
•rant On a farm, and retf.tmnond it *«• all who are In want of Bn I
fines 1 1 an wv from J to f*ct per da| nf Inch l«>ar'l
Your. r. apectft.1l/, IIFNRT II (IKOKflP
apl I_
him ovi in in tiii; m imh; or mi.hi*
tnokaviwoh or nrr ppam or thf patpnt orncr op i
are affixed u|M.ti ©n*h wrapper, and around each raw of
TlllhM K AM. All 1,2, A Ml 3.
Thus protecting »1»e puMIe against iliTiTtoti,- which art liable tn
the see err at p«n allies row* of law ran award.
nR If t HARROW, Member of the IMPPftf Af, OOI.I.FOK of
*Rf tw PRMO'fAI.) v ODMHfNTRft al Marr.wl n . 1§7 PMlst.F. |
FIHUrt. (few M<v k« west of IH.mdway.l Nrxr York. PH'fAl II IN
(Puudafs e«,-epted) otdes* by aperlal appointment
TKIPPFM A It. N . I. to the mmedy for R*I.A X Al ION. PPPIlM A
TiiKItlKKA, Hid all tl*e di©t flawing mns»*c|w*nees arising fr..m ear
I* a how, Ml |i*erlm»r*at- I *ee*sew, n* ton long residence in hpt ©li
ma lea. It ha* Hir‘Unrated arid restored to perfect health, thousand#
i*f the debilitated who are fnt In the enjoyment of all the Pune
Ilona nf Manhood, and what-rer may be the CAfJPK4, every DIB
(JfJAMPIOATfON for MAR'lVAOP I* irnrtt'tut «n*p«ta«i hy thl*
Wood* rfol 4»*ro* cry T
TRIPHPMAR, No If , co-upMety and entirely efwdleaie© tH trg
ee« of fjorvor* «rt, hrdh Hi 4a rand and aggravated forwia, Rleut*.
Ptrlrfarea. Irritation nf IN# Bladder, non retention of the (Irma,
Patna of the liotrt* and Kloey*. arid IM* di-orders where Copalfa
a»»d fNrtwhs hare so (••tifherti thought an antidote, to the ruin of
th«- health of a east |*of >on of the population.
THIBHkMAH No Iff |s the great Continental Rented? for Py
phllta *n Pecondary P*mp*nw»a It al*o constitute* a ewrlain rare
for P-ufey, jhtrnfw a, and all Gutane,.**# Pruptiona. removing and |
evpelttng In If*fswfW all Impuntie* from the vital etream, an* al 1
together to uradlrwtr 'hr 1 irua of dlwaaw, and »• a never fatting
Remedy fof that rftw of Jleirdwt whtfh unfortunately the Png
11 Mi physician treat a T|th Mercury, to the inevitable destruction of
the patient'* ronstlto ton, and with all the Bwrsapurtlla In (he world
nan not remove,
THIBPt MAR. No 1,1, and ft. are prepared In the form nf a lot
tttff. dvVoM nf ta - or amrll, and ran far carried In the waMroal
p.wket AM In tin c/rses. nn^t fttrMrct into orportit* floor*, n§
•t'ttntnlrtrmt hy 1 a'peaw. ha He man. Ron*. Rtcord, lr . Ir Priea
#ft eaeh, nr f >«r ro es m one for #9, which saves la* and tw $91 oa I
a- *, whereby illeye Is a raving of ftf
Prar«*L A an • * swssrrs having hweo made with the rtiripp ttr j
pr mmrrn, lie idn* do'lar ca*e# of Trlewemar. and tha Urge# *tars, are ,
forwarded hy fh Marrow, mrrfnpc s*ipt. Immediately on fee If (
ing a resnlttanr . to ©ny pari of the worM, aeowrwly parked and ad 1
dreaaed AoAerd'nf the Instrwetif n« of th© writer, thwa meorlr f tn
th- p*iMlc retndne K*9r>>pean preparations, and ♦ wfl**Rf protor
tiny lArm frtnn mpot /o*.a irorf prmi. ton* Im4t'tl4nm* The Ihre© j
dollar case* » nt as wmat. hut not New of rurflwipe.
To he had *!•*». from Irr Barrow, the beantfwtly Rlo«tra*e.| and
popular work. -dHIMAft PR AI ITT, or PHTflmJftlBUt RP
PP AKf'MPP ” It dcserthew Hi a ©lear and Iwold manner the rt*p
and e ff*> t« of the dlasarw© ahnve enuiw* rated, with InMmdllon* for
thetr proper treatment and r*ff. Nk* R ttat*. Bant fftt ta any
Ad4r s* Oft ft A V ROW. |B7 rrlnre Rtfewt, (few Mock© wrsft af
IteshdW*? ) New fork ItoR -4ly
I,v»M MM i.M* awe rni.lta. Oro, v»«n* « •»<•
* v.rit„ «0.nrAtn, ... h |»... «f P» *!«•
mix rrocR or mabswakk.
AM M* li> roealiM <IhM owe* of HARD*
WA«K. .1 hn. ml Ibwlk NuOMtan,
te wl.Hk I id,lb Ik* Mteaiit.it of iuj
rrtetbl,. both la waa aotl NUtry. Mr awok eoa
•late la part a»—
r...tter«. arooa. inn, Iroa, wtra ite krmit
COM llad* u4 Cinder Mwrate
Mwaate anti Tunpr, la aotu and la akin. Mate Tory Ana
•raa* and ton And-Irma and And Iran*
Iran Tan K.tilra and Paata Oana. lin'd and •nllal
Moll n*.l«l Mid pt.rcoWin Priantlaq Art It. a
WaitetT, alnclr naad In aoU*. auaiat arrj HtUtdaotea
ll.tllon Wartr, a (aoaral aaaortu.ral
^'teiin koW*“ w“* CnndWnlaka and PuaTrr Traya and
Irtoy kMidla Killroa and Aorta, at SI plocan, at Aadfara* and
wilier melee
Rodger*' 1*wry handle Knives, without fork*
DouhW-pieled table end dessert fork*
Rodtft i•* end other uiekee uf buck, boas and buffalo handle
Knlvs# end P-*rka
Backet end pen Kntvos, of Rodger*', Wosten holm's and other
•deaora and heart, of Rodgw' and WosWwholm't meJte
R**«»r«, of Woete*»K#lm'* and W.ll. butcher'* make
Pruning end hedge Whsart
Bench end moulding Plane*, Baldwin's make
Hand, panel, rip, tenant, pit end cruee-rut Sews
Breces end BitU. socket end ftneer Chisel* end Uougea
Plane Irons, of ell Als*r« end of the brat quality
Bblngttag, lathing end bench H etc bet*
Nell, bred and carpet Hammers
Pule and broad Aire, light end beery, of Btmmoa*' make, war*
House eerpenler's end railroad Ada**
Bquenr*, He*U* end Hpoke-Nhaw*
Two an l foot luhl Holes and Tip Measure*
Block A end Hie* end Screw Plates
Wrights'* Anlld-kui Vice* end sknlfe end hand Hem mere
Nells end Upkts, of all alee*
Auger* and auv r end gimlet HitU, all star*
Virginia patent P. lx* k*
Pad. stock, till, chest, cupboard, mortice, rim end rtoaet Uicka
Round, square end Bet Bolts, wrought end cast, of ell star*
Curtain Plus and Curtain Bands
Hank and wove Wire
Mason's t halterg* Blacking
Mineral, parcels In and Knobs, for htrulture
Ante*' and Rowland's Spade* sud Shovels, long and short hole
Manure sitd hay Pnrks
Blwell'a hdllng Hues and grubbing Hoes
Trace, halter, hr rest. I«g. end well chain*
Butt* Hinges, of every slse and kind
Plate, hook and eye, *trop and T Hinges
Iron llmik* and Staple«, aitd lla-ps and Staple*
Pih-e snd Rasps, of all si*e*
Together with almost a very article usually kept In my line of bu*l
Corner of Mb and Hr..ad atreeta,
_Opposite KPA P R R. Depot.
p. T. hoohi: a co.,
.1o '.'I Pearl SI., oppn-itr H W. Fry**, Kithimmaj, Va.,
HAVK rrfthol direct from the msnufaclurera In Ki.|lsn<l ■ lull
aitd complete a«a.<rtnirnt of Htrmliigham and ttheffli Id llun
wtaa. .in»l from the manufacturers In this country, a full supply of
American (Koala. T1»rir stock Is u«»w large and complete, constat
Ing In part of—
" Rudgecs*" and WoMrnholm's fine Pen and Pocket Knives,
Pur kit Kutvee of 1, *, A, 4 and • blades.
Buck. hone, ebony, cocoa and Ivory handle Knives end Porks,
Ivory handle Knives and Porks, In srts M and M pin cs,
Raaors «»f W»de A Bulcher*a,Kodgvr'*,Wnxteuholm'* and (Irvavr's
manufacture, of every style and quality,
Hrtssor* and Sheers of various makes and styles.
Single and double barrel guns, some wry superior,
Ptsh.l*. RiAes, Hi tie Barrel* end Mountings.
Trace, hxller. log, well. A'th eud tongue chains.
Weeding end hilling llors, all star*.
Aar* of Collin*'. Simmons'. *nd Virginia make.
Hand and panel saws, llawmtera and Hatchets,
Mill, pit, cross cut and circular saws.
Spades and shovels of Atnr«- Rowland and other makes,
AnvIU. Vices, and Smiths' Bellows,
Sledge and baud Hammers, Stocks and Hies, end Screw Plates,
lUiatev. shear and cast lltccl, square and octagon.
Casting*. llor*c Sh«)e* and Horse Shoe Nalls,
M ire Selves and Sifters.
Ill rse C*.liars, Itltud Bridles and Ham«*.
HrsilK /tilings, Wonurd K. in* and Uirths,
lc»ck*. Illngr* and VrrR», of every description.
Plan*-*, Otitmls, Augur* and Piles, uf all ktuds.
Platform and Counter Scales, patent Balance* end Steel yards,
Kngl;*h. American, and It l» Pvfussloo Ceps,
llav and Manure Pork*. R, S and 4 prong,
Tea Treys and Walters; snd all other goods usually fount I In
Hardware Stores.
At nor good* have been purchased on the wmat favorable term-,
and selected exclusively for the Virginia, North Carolina end Ten
r»e*»e*- tr*<1e, *1 I re I confident Wr can offer strung inducements to
mere hunts visiting ih'i rite, and respectfully mvltr Hu m to an exa
mination of our stock as we are determined to aril aa low aa any
hou«e in till* or any uf the Northern cities
P " r. i.i. n.ptly and carefully attended to au2*»
Kill TIE, kiiooi:* a s o.,
-Vo. *22 /Vor/ Strerl htchf/nmd, I'a.,
HA VF now on hand, and for sale, a large and elegant stock of
Hardware, especially adapt'd to the trade of Virginia, North
Carolina and Tenneisw' . and we would resoectfUlly solicit from Her
chants an*l Aadd'era, vi.ltmg the Marktt a call an t an eiamluxtk«
of tl»e same. Our stock la full (Xmprtxtug In part aa follows via
Building materials of every i rsnotion, a large variety.
Tools fur Car|-rntcrs, Mason-, Saddlers, Tanners.
Millwrights, Coopers, Hmilhs. Ac., Ac.
Axles. Vises, Chains. Anvil*. Ilelh.ws, Axes, Ac.
Ilog Fkins, Bridles, Bills, Httrrup*. Webbing, Ac.
Saddle., Hhrvp fMtin*. Patent aud KnamHIed Leather, Ac., Ac.
Nux Lasts, Pegs, Crimp Hoards, Hoot Press, Ac., Ac.
Cutlery, Pocket and Table, a •pletidid variety.
Clous, 1 )ouhlt slid Single Barrel. Piihds, Revolvers,
Rifle., Uanie Bags Pouches, belts, Capa. Ac., Ac.
Whips ot Bll»le-cr ptlnns in great variety.
Fancy Hoods, aa Fort Munnak-s, Purses. V|r»liu Hiring*,
Pins, Needtr*. Folks, Hpadt s, Fhovrls, Hammers.
Anchor Bolting Cloth, Ac., Ac., Ac.
•rl 8 ___
xv. a. a a. iioxxax,
Imfutrlt r* am/ H'A nlevalr hr ultra in /••wr aud Hravv
N AVF received by»Mp« “Urea: Western” and ‘Harvest Queen,”
sad steamers ** Atlantic” and “ Africa.” from Kngtand, tin lr
Fall importations of Itlrmlnghaai and Hlieffield Hardware, Cutlery
and Huns, and are imw prepared to exhibit to rue reliant* and oth
ers vUtting our market (lie present season,* very large aud coropleu
sh-ck of both Foreign am! tuicrlcan manufacture, and suited to the
Iradn of our own and adjoining Htates.
Uf goo<h id-spied particularly for Uie season, our stock la very lull
and « • uiplete, as
Fen, Pocket and Table Knives, Axew, Haws, Hammers, Ac ,
Rax .I ., Hcissnr- and ghrart, Atnglc and Double barrel Huns
Locks f all kinds. and Kifli-t,
Files of every wrtptloo. Trace, L- g. Coll A other chains.
Hollow Ware, Ovens, Pots, Ac., Hteel of diflersnl kinds,
Shovel* and Hpa-lss, Curry-Cuinba, Fry - Pans, Ac.,
Coal llods. Fenders and Cinder
Together with all other articles usually found In our line, among
which wr are particular to keep constantly a complete avortment
of bra <|oality < Virj/suf, / a* .Im/ BLtrkamUk Tool*, wm& Building
Hard aura.
We respectfully solicit a continuance of the patronage liberally
M nwrrl upon us for s number of year* past.
N U.— Particular and prompt attention paid to orders eutrust-d
to us.
i ill nipiiin uitn hi
mrotlTta* AND «H<H.KMI k XHP RS14IL MUklU IN
-Vo. 128 Main SI real. .Sign of fA* Croat-I'ul Save,
menMoyh, VA
UJ K are now In receipt, per steamers Baltic and ^*Mwna
I'etaia and packet stiips New Orleans and
Plant*- r. <»l our K.kll on portal Ion of KheIBeld and It • r -
mingham Hardware, C«itlery. Huns, Ac., and having
superior facilities In our new store of exhibiting our stock, are now
pr - pared to serve our friends and all who may give u* a call We
respectfully solicit an evamlnatmo of mir stock by merchants visit
ing tin* market We would call particular attention to our stock of
Tahir and pocket Cutlery
Budding Hardware
llou*e keeping aiol hsotr furnishing article*
Carpenters’, bines smith*’ and iMacldntsl*’ Tools
Farming Implement*, Ppadr*, Hhovrls, Hue-, Axes, Ac
Manilla and la red Hope, wrought and cut Nail#
DrifTin' - genuine hor-e shoe Nvl*
Hu‘den’s and Virginia horse and mule Blrne*
Double and single barrel Huns aod all other sporting A stare*
Block Tin and Brittani* Ware, Ac , %e..
Together With all other article* In our line
nel No. 128 Mam streeL
NO. Kill MO NT., HK iniOXt, VAM
tRK In receipt, direct from the manufacturer* In
kngUnd. Germany ami tin* country, their
Fall supply, rnihrarlny rv.-ry article u«ua ly k. |»t l»y
the Hardware Trade Importing direct, and |>ur V1HIH
chasing for o*h, enable* them to nil a* ( heap a* any hvWse in u«i»
or any Northern r.hy, and tlief respectfully Intlte the merchants «f
Virginia. North Carolina and Tennessee, visiting thl* market, lu n
•mlic their duh Inf .re purchasing. Having In addition the room*
rec« ntly incuplcd hy M- *ar». Word. We'.* grr t Co., the* have eor
re*|Mindli>gly enlarg*d their rtmk, and have Increased fa« tilth * fni
riluh'ting tl»e Mine Th-y are -Iso sole agent* In Rlrhmood for
Falrhank * Beale*, which Hny -wII at manufacturer’* prh ea ,«f
■ ! i K* s r o « U .
k JOHN »’ PAHF. Ja ,re*pecttully announces
^ to hi-friend* and the p«hh« generally that WUd I Tj
he I. now r arriving, and will cnr.tli.uv to re- iSW
reive hy every arrival from the North, lit* Fall and
Winter -to. k of
IMmTk, MIIOF.M, Tit If KH, At
ronctrtlny r»f the uanst variety af tuple go«Ml*, together with • very,
thing new In hi* line of tru-lnr*- III- stuck ha* Ju*l beet, artecicd
hy Mm-elf with great care, of the mo«t rep4»rale»| manufacturer*
and b tight for il»e matt pan uilh cash, and he flatter* hltn*-|f wttf
•’«impart favorably a* tn alyle qnsflty and price -Ithiny In this city
III* stick of manufacturing material Is second to none, e«n>*t*ilt.g
if It dors of the Very best brand* of French and Herman Calf
Hkhi*. Oi.at and Morwvn Bkln*. for gentlemen’* wear, and the t» *i
Imported *fnrfc of every description for ladle*' Hatter- and Flaws
lie respectfully Invites a call from hi* friend* and the pwMt*
aetd JOHN C PACK. Js . IB Main street
mui m mi i a it•»ksi ins,
m i. h r ii t vnt,
WF will make liberal t Asm advances on con-lgnmeots #f
fl/lVk, WHEAT and other nrodar* fo the above address
Richmond, Jaly 11th, IBM. jyt4- |y
D. s aamoroap a. vur-tar pits ratmif attrusw*
•efl M If'll BHD Ik, fA.
s large *n/l of
f.ROf IKIlk OK«,
ronatsllog In part a* follow*:
BB MmIs N O. and Cuba Fugar
IB l.hd* Nacnti Rides, Shoulder* and Ham*
•IB bag* Rio, Laguarra and Java C*-Ree
M Mda. Crushed. Powdered and <V»gr* Yellow Rttgar
IB bote* Adamantine and Tallow Candles
Ml bhta No • Mackerel
Bua r-arw- Wrapt log Paper
Mb' dnaen Painted Pad*
Mm dnaen llfoofn*
BB packagus Hreew and Black Tea
MB bote* Tobacco, varVoos brand*
BfiJifN' Cigars. do do
•An i4d* Common and Old Rye Whisky
|U bfd* Keer*- Butnmerdsan do
AA W I* Brandy
da H fdpe* do
N H "M R pipe- Frsneh Brands.
tlFO - Pepper, All-pice, Natalya, Otngrr, Mustard, Chocolate,
NUrrh, Aida. Iwadtny an I Tow f Ine*. Red Coeds. CVdlon Tyt**,
fkilfa, and other ante's* tan numerous to mention, sit of which w*
olfcr f.,r tsb- Lu to crrM or prompt credit ru»tomev*.
Ht NNI.NDI4N WIHkK i. IMA 111 Ilk WIN.
NPRft The wibseribsr* basing fcWvNNt agents f*r the abate
O’d Rye WMskf, are pe. paret to •of>f.«y tbe trade or cfbAwali'i, an
rca-ot.able term- Tats WMaky received tbe prefn'wsn at tbe Ms
chant*' Pair la IBB. A supply always on Hat.-i
Ooraor Gary and IRtbPrasM.
tfct* ekepte* n will akuw kww ILni<1 butl Iwi im ud
liWilt Mhuiu nnd • tontkto Mtorik •( Ukruefe Ikm
Urn,lifer tffe*e ninidw ta ku cwratjr. Ti_, had Irfed thetr
•hUl ti Tali. ; kww wastry Doctor* can u>*lr aalfeau hy
aila, MadwiyS trewAI**. Id wary MM Who M Mile fed wall dfe
«a** r»*d tot* ad»«rikrto«wl. Let *11 whw dtolrw ■ food Pwtgettee
had CxUnir Medfetue try aae deee ol kadoar'a l*gwt*l*r*T Ld
th.w* eueererl with Plmpi**, Blotch**, dorr*. end wkue* hluodfe BUcJ
»tu< hwd hwwMtr* rwa4 the ease* we ken yuMfeh. H.uw.tB Bun
Bauar, Bauaii*a Haaurinaw »*wnl T. and tUowcik Bknvu
•wa'iat* the ouly r«ra«dfe* ixivirrl to *tup Ik* *10*1 lortmla,
P-liu, cor* Uw aroet ferrlM* aad frlghUel dlmana, aad tw keep ika
aaraaa ayafeat la a raptlar aad healthy eeudltloa Bpr.ua Ifeuw.
rauwa y'r rkgvlators'.
to bbuulatb tub nmi
Omt Rcwloho iwr daw radii *«*p IA* ratal* dhdea (tyaldr.
dKVKN POINTS or auruuoiutT.
la. They are Ike moet pUetotil Madlelne to lake, la Ika era a11
nn, Bt aaa.
M. They ant the aroat aaf* Hrdtotar to taka, la Ika term al a PUt,
hr Urey da aot leer* the trowel* etrallv*, air iliffeti ar weet.n ika
M They produce the aroat ItIMtIhl thcU. ayu Ike lydre. at
any Medfetae la the forwr al a HU. All who tale thato hare a r*,w
lar discharge el ike bowal* at a regular period ol Uate.
«U They rrraur* all had (eellug* froar Ik* mind and corrupt he
mor* from ike hody Beery one who toko* them rcjoloe* al Ik* hep
K*toct* tkay produce upon ika hoool*. Ueor, Ilk In, Ktduvys,
W,. They produce the shore happy eflkcte upon ike Ur re, *• they
do upuu the ho writ ; up-ti the Shin at they do upon the Pant res* ;
apoa lire Here**, a* they do upoa the Kidney* ; upon Ike Ahu.rb
rtlr, n* they do upon lie Lncloela ; upon lie Lymphatics, a* llw) do
aporr Ik* Otartdul*r Hysteiu rl». BegulaW each organ Bird b**Um
to a healthy sod btnsuDloui action
•Hi- Tb*; are mild lu their o|mralton, pleasant to Inks. "They
Mr»r turn one's UuiumIi,"m au old lady om« rtnuukul to u, nor
4o they grl|Mrt ur In auy wins render UNrnwIvwdltHmAbla it their
Till. They arr entirely Vegvubk, prepared from Ik* Active Prln
d|il«* only, of Aromatic (luiui, Plano, Hoots, Balaam, l«. Thsy
I ar* highly concentrated, uoUdug inert !• In thslr composition- lh«y
ar* uuU y«t active. One Regulator Is mors powerful, In expelling
from th* My stein dfcmasrd am! Bt rinmntuia* humors, ihau ill ol Um
most apppoved plUs is use, ami jst Umre arc uo flulasi |«rKln|i
Do griping pains, no ikkiina al st«>niach, or nilut unplvi*an sen
sation* t rcrplug ovsr you from Umlr lur Tin- fact ta, tln-lr iraJUiy
properties, tnstead of umrrly Irritating Ute bowels, spread through
out tl»« whole snllre system, regulating every organ, nnd tufuoug
health to every tissue. Drastic Fills, Malls, Sena, Ac , art only as
drains, and insrdy rritate Um bowels to a looaensm. Mo, r**t|*r,
Too Mrs. and If you inks a few dusi of Regulators, will fsal, to your
joy, the great difference between Rad way's Regulator-, thsl set up
on the whole system, and common pills and oilier dra* trie pnrgatl««w
tlial cause, by their Irritating properties; a distressing dlsehargs of
the bowels.
January ttth, IsH.
Must as Rauwa* A Ou*,
I have I wren ageut at this place, Fatlousvtilr. Mcotl Co , Va , for
all tlie best Fills in um, for nine years, and lo ngtilgood faith your
Regulators glees better satisfaction in Umar mountains of Mcotl, Va.,
than all Ute Fills 1 have sold. Everybody down here call your Regu
lators ,,Tbe Good Fills." James Toinliiisou has a son that had been
dim seed with Unr Chronic Khrumalisiu.
Fifteen different physicians has tried lo cure hlin, but could not
do II, so he Died at a venture. Railway's Kegol.ror, every ingkt, and
In two weens lie was coiupb-lrly cured. 1 l»avr cured a great many
peoptv with yoar Ready Relief, Regulators and Rcaolvrut, Uist our
U-«l doctors doau hats could not touch - and I brlivVe that vb*r«
ike doctors down hers do inakr acure, Utry do U by Um tarn of your
medicines. Yours Duly,
jACxnun, Miss., Feb 10, 1V4
Messrs Radway A Co.: A few days tines I bought ous dollar's
worth of Radway's Ready Relief. I used It for Neuialgta, and, to
my astonishment, It gave me almost instant r«IW I
/JecemAer tNA, 1RA5 I Ducauaaa Hist, l*6t
A tlnerv PStU - Injury to lA# AW /Hs—ArrrscAihs^ /Vmm -
TWnWy Arrival- .Vm KPt ,,iy JfdMs/y KUirf
Dutouk, Wtitu Ou , Tans , iH-censbrr Ml si. IfOfi.
I. JEFTIIA GAKDINIE'R of the almve piac«. do puMisk. U.at for
many years I have been adlmiul with Khrumattaai,and on Ute rven
lug of ItccrtuU-r *’th, IS&A, while walking In my yard, 1 tell with
great violent *- on U«c Ice, bruising the knee pan Very badly I fur
ther certify Uiat ou the above day, Mr John J Menedlct, a lrs«> ling
ageut of Kadway A Co., arrived at this place, an<> hrariug of my
Itcsvy fall and the terrible cuui|daiut that sttt.ctcd me, moUrtueii*
■1*1"» ncuei, win. » i uiu, him hi :» »rry
short 111111* the pain o a»cd, the swelling ibsUil, mini I is iimw *hlr
to walk without the u»e of my cane, free front pain. I have tried
several other remedies but found u<» relief. In case# of esUctue pain
Railway's Heady Relief Is far |»vcfnablc to all other R-tuedies , If
any one dmibt* the truth of this certifh ale, let tl*en* call on me at
tuy residence, or write to tuc at Dresden, TtbU., and I will give
them full information.
For years Mr Gardluler had suffered the torturing pan * ol Itheu*
mail***, he was unable to walk without the help uf a sin k. On the
WUi ol December he first tried Uie K K. Relief—on tl*e 81st lie could
walk without any aid and free frstn pain. Lrt all who are crippled
or bed ridden, think of this.
Kadway's Ready Relief and Radway Regulators, are Positive Our*
stives for Ague and Fever. Lrt those articled take from 8 to 5 of
Kadway's Megulators every i »ght, ami a uaepoouful of Ready Re
lief, 'it water, on rising in the morning, sod twice during the day—
these will soon free jour system from the poison of Ague.
Spring Is a transition season of the body—as well as of the year,
an«l the economy of the system demands that the surfeit ol the win
ter be carried off. to enable It to Withstand the depressing effect* of
summer. Railway's Regulatois are as uecreaary to keep up the
health of the body of utau, as an occasion side nibble of fresh grass
is to the ui or tin- horse
Much pain aud misery, sickness sod long suffering would be pre
vented If, on the flrd Indication of the system being out uf order, a
di.»c uf Railway's Regulators were swslluwrd Kv«ry tins* that is
taken will Infuse new life and fresh strength to the weak and nervous
If those who are subject to or afflicted with Fever and Ague, Head
Aches,RkIn DimMt*. Breakings Out, Pimnlrs, Blotches. Pustules,
Tellers, Rash, Rolls, Humors, will us* our H. R. Remedies, w« will
guarantee them protection against the visitation of litcac maladies, or
if afflicted, s »|*c«-dy and effectual cure.
Is s positive cure for llumora, and all eruptive Bktu Disease*.
Tin; riRjrr biun
The presence of Pimples, Blotches, Pustules, Tetters, Rash, I.title
Bores, Painful Itching*, llot Flushes, Ac., are sure indications of the
Cesence of foreign and impure humors in the syst. tu, and If *1
wed to mingle with the blood and remain in lb*- system, corrupt
ing the Llo* d slid filling Uie sewers of I lie body w|lh|iut unties, N.re*
and Ulcers will break out, and cover the body with their rcpulove
Tlic Bkln, under these poisonous Influences, In-conv* su rfuptlvc
e<>(«.aiio, exhibiting to U»c eye the dtsgusttug lava of iIIksw, m the
form of Balt Uheuiu. Cancers. Ulcers, FrVrr Bures, Puma Khsh,
ding's Kvtl.sud Uie most FriyKiful K> ujdiott* oj (A* tUin.
Kadway's lUnuValing Keenlvi i.t lias cured the most terrible of
Skin Diseases and Humor. . it will never full in the worst cases
Has done more to relieve the afflicted uf Pains and Acb**, and th*
tortures Inflicted upon the human isee by disease, tl-an all other re
lucdlt s, or the skill of 'be most eminent physicians and surgeon' lu
Iht vwM, Ti c BMMgf Rndwity's Ready Relief f applied to th*
paris where pain or uneasiness Is vested, IU soothing effect is fell,—
the sharp, keen darting paroxysm* ui Neuralgia the severs and log*
luring pains of RhcutnalUtn, the torments of Gout, Lumbago,
Rpntlffa,Rntot and acln* of gy«ry wind, wlttoulckSy give way on
the application of Kndwa> *s Ready Relief The most terrible of
scute luflamatory disease** have hewn cured by a few appHc-albm* of
this Ready Rclkf. The Unit and ffuff-joitil* d, liie crippled aud de
formed, are soon restored to perfect health by Its use.
Ifotr IK* R. R. R. Htinnt• /* ruts*d Mr• SaraK A. fltmgh frtni >i
i'rii'/Ual and I'Onditton.to Sound q/fer lA*
tHfi o/fi>ur of th* m.*s< Utimtd fhydoum* is AW York \>ut
fttUnf to rWtfer# Aar, />r*. /»nr*cr, /fosse, WordU and Matt**
Jsertsv 8, iHfiff.
Msmiai*. Kahwav A Co.— 1 tried your Ready Relief, and hail my
joint* rubbed with It, and I never felt pain after the first ten mlnutrs
I was rubbed with it up to the present time. Sirs, I do not know
what to compare it In but a charm, for It Is a mystery to me I wsi
i cairn a rna two uass, and had not the proper use of tny llmle
for three rears 1 was worn down to a skeleton. I then comment ed
the use of y..ur Ready Relief, Resolvent, and Regulators The pain
left me In ten minutes, and I began to gain strength very fast, and
could walk with ease in a few wrrsa Before I heard of your Hi rue
(lles, I was taken to l>r. Parker, l»r. Ileese, Dr. Wsrdle.Dr. Ms. h !.«n,
aud many ocher ptiyalrians in this rlty, I cannot ims remember I
wss completely pulled to pieces by them. My constitution wsa
broken up with medicine, that did me no good. I could n*#t put a
fo..t Iff Mu |m4 MN |n«k op a pm. I was lifted and tarried up
and d wn stairs like an infant , »nd now, lhank God' l»y ihr use of
yiHir Kerned tee, I am as strong as ever. I had l lie common rheuma
tism inflammatory aud chronic--and Die palsy. You can publish
this. If you like. BAHAMA lloUmf,
844 Mth street, between the 7th and Sth avenue,N Y.
Fifteen to twenty drops of R. M. Relief, In a little water, taken «ay
every 1ft to ft* minutes, will quickly stop tl»e most distressing dis
charges of Dysrulery and Dlarrlia-a. It will In a few minutes stop
the pain.
K. R R. Remedies are sold by all the Druggists In the ffcalv, and
hy Purcell, Ladd A Co., Rlchutond , also, by Adle A Gray, Rich
mond. kadway a on., i
FVFIIK l*ubscrll»ers hate ctUMItl.nl • B<M.k Agency m Philadelphia,
M and will furulah any hook or publicatlon al the retail price
fire* of pottage. Any peraona, by forwarding the subscription price
of any of the #n Magaslnea, such aa Harper's, Oodey’s, Pwtnant'a,
Orahatn's, Prank Lrslte's Paahlons, Ac., will receive the magaslnes
for one year, and a copy of a splendid lithograph portrait of either
Washington, Jackson or Clay , or, If suhacrlblng to a $9 and a $1
Magasiur, they will receive a copy of elllier of the three portraits.
If suhacrlblng to a ftl worth of Magaslnea, all three portraits will he
sent gratia. Music furnished to those who may wish It i
Envelopes of every description and site, In large or small quanti
ties, furnished. Beal Presseu, Dies, Ac., sent to order
Every description of Engraving on wood executed with m-sines*
arid dispatch Views of buildings. Newspaper Headings, Views of
Machinery, Book Illustrations, Lodge Certificates, Business Card*, Ac.
All orders sent by mail promptly attended to. Persons wishing views,
of their buildings can send a Daguerreotype or sketch of the building
by mall or express.
Persons at a distance having saleable articles w **uld find It to their
advantage to address the subscribers, as we would art a* agents fos
the sale of th« same. BYKAM A PIERCE «
60 Booth Third street, Philadelphia. Pa
nnUM -dA»1y
Nt'ltlXi AO> HI 1M1I.H IJIHIIIfi.
1111^ rrrrlard a largr lot of aapartnr Cl..Hm, Caaalmar. , and
Veiling., wit lob It, *111 inakn up lu lit# heal manor., on ihw
■oil rramnahlr Irrink, alltf al Ihr •)>>..Ira< rtoflrr
A largr and Wall arlrctcd dork of Krady Ma'lr Clothing, whlrh
will r«>wi|t,rr with ana In thla or ana olhrr market llor prlrra a a
low aa al any olhrr Honor.
formatting (lit—la ■>. grrat randy. at tch aa HhlrU. Oraaata. Hrharfk,
Tlra, A, . it
lit tnriira hit 'rlrntla ami dihm wlto ara in ararrh of realty deal
rablr goodi It. calf anti nan,In. 1,1a atnrk nthWM
> ai.i. nm iNAOa
fRllir aubarrlber hag rem-lred 1.1a f ill at— a RnAflT MaIiF
I CMrTHINfl and OKNTf.kMRN-fl PI'RMHIHNfl (MNll.H, in
wh rh I# wt.nl,I a«k Ihr allrnllon „f I,la friend. and lha pwbll, gene
rally, alg :
(’math -Rlnr. mark. Brown and Dahllr, Drear and Trnrk ; fanry
Caaalotarr B,t Inraa frttt-fc and Hack , l.amhalln, Bt-arar,Tataraham,
Hof,air and Pilot Taltnaa and Raglana, Bearer, pi, Mohair, P„
Irrabam and Negro-Head Ha, ka and Hurlonla.
PANTN H-,|trrl„r mirk Prenet, D.-eikln. Brt.wn and Dray C,nn
Rlt,br.| Caaalmrrt, flrran at,d Brown I’la d Caaatanerr.
VkHTH Block Hal,n. Bilk. Caaalmarr, fanry Talari, Marin,, and
Oaaalntarr. Bilk and Plwah
d'-HO -A arry largr e,dl. cl Inn nf III,,lha. f’aaalmaraa and V-ar
Inga nf rarry ahad# arid qoalliy, whieh hr la t.rrpaawd In make In
fnraanrr al Ihr ah „r leal miller, In Ihr beat and M,,a AMHcnahla
•Vh. R B HBBMC*.
***U IBahnaoqd. Va
f oil > *■:** PKAHI. Akli I AMk DTNBI.T*,
HAVRai all Ilmaa a full awpidy of ihr hdh,wi>« kinda <■' old
Wmaa, l..*|u,,r a, Ac , pari ,.f lhair own lnr|r.rlallr,n. U, whlrh
ibey nail ihr particular alla>ntl n of drabra and t onauntrra
of Ihr following rrlrhralad and ohnlca brand#- OUrd. Dnnoy. A
On, Haaarar, Pinal, Can,lion A On., J lb....... A Hign.i.e HI
ahai, Barnard and J J. Ilupur.
OhttlrwfHd Madrlra. B.-yal Pair Hharry, ratr-a-ly drllc.tr and
tnr, Aaanollttudo Hhrrr? Hlrn.a Pale Ht-r,y, Rl.rkl.un,Madrlra,
0", khorn'a Old Crown Port, Borgnndr Port, Malaga Slow, C.dllg
an.l Inw Pr land Winn for culinary pmpoor.. Win,, f,. n, I. w
«lt rd lablr lo ralra Anr uoallly. Hparkllng M.arllr and Mill II-k
Inaa. Mai Hwtalnr A Co , and Chart#!’ H-tdalck Ohawtpigna
Winra, for whlah wr arr agrnla, and aril al N.a Tnrl prior.
“Id Jamaica Hum. Aodcb WhlM.y, <Hd Bourbon Bhlakr, Mo
no,rahrla Ryr Wh.aay, Hrdtlna. ,,’a. /-gl.r'a Hloolrr and P, h
”'l.!>/r*hi>.*^{l;...?r,l*><1 Mdiu»* «•". ap
Lnwdo* Ponor, quarto awd |dwka ^ .JA
Hootch alo, pAnAa
IhwnrMIr Brandy. Ota. CnrdlaH, Bo Bo
Maraoa Ha ara. jr^\
W hi. it A Tn %• (VO*. HATk. +„ Planter , __
Rsftmet end P««l Pit Hintfer*, and all o'hers vhfi^w
have Nigrm-s I** hni I hs v» In More six hurvfr. J ikn) | |
fr'JXlXZ " ~ ** '•*»' -

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