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1U < H MOND W 11 I
mum imiMM;, >ov» nm u ss. ihmi.
it* i»ina»vn>Mmia.
/stbsiaf .»*. «»#» (» .r-Mrsasolf la t%« ''Cltor u/lA.
An. <■ . . .« *e»t .tie. of !K» /Hl/wr W»U/ M f>« pnh>i*h
*<• T* Who *11 '"V, <•«. */(•■ t* (a.a» b .iA
«« l *■>*/! ... * Jay4*J4w.
<■; «<*>'’ " ■ '** -1
If r* > *•• *» •*■***■* <l.ir^u,t,w «odH* u,
•M* ——_
Coup i im
Nevi Monday Cmigres** will meet again. Thin will
be the sltori w-vrn -meting «>u the 3d of March,
and ci.i- i tie* to* si oilieh the present meiuhe s
of the ll*n*s** .»f Ue;*re«i oUtiveM wore rlrdnl. \\ ill*
the pn«.'iit (toner. * will also go out (ho ailministra
tlon «t President P -no.
S'*" t ■ the . will bo, there arc matters of
gra- • pv r. h will claim the attention of
C->t' ft’ ■ s to tho usual appropriation
lulls " ’ I. in the ting temper ol the House are
Itab i he , i of renewed contention and
dim as there always is, a number
of c iomj Congress for depleting tin
nati r . |. aging tiiu public lands, and in
vadu. ii , t Id Slates for the henctil of
the n*>w i. i i• •* i. these Kclieinera and pliiu
(leri ■ - ■' (he 1 .n of Congress in obtaining
grai . i.o ol. i*o of liie public land', and
in s.meting from the treasury millions of dollars
of t' |l !•: i»ri.. i tienelit of the Free soil
Slat • .-(■ did warn the member
from ir«* '.i -it* |*s■ i .Is le if the uocossilv of tnn
kfni ... gi-ii '■cisive stan 1 against
all . . . op!. et ■ ... i.. y which the S-iiilli i
iklmuilol lit ltd II * 'Ol • the evil shall attain
td so ' i .,i . • . ...it s to defy corroetion.
I to- .. .' il i it land grants, and liv
er an*. Ii*. . 4|.I riritinns to purposes of a hs-ni
a*i i or-: . :I :l -nr-, lor |- the Mnrthwesti'rn
Sin , 'if ■ ‘• pif > prey ipon llie suhstaii.-e
of Ii i*ei.in.ii <*ovenitnellU K'cry scheme that the
wit f " ite i *ii-wir* tor p-v- nal aggrandizement
and ’« -ii» !■ ■ • . i upon the eniisidriti
tioi et ''ingle ..!. . ... In ■ ivntly carried through
by h.g-i illim i . .'ion* aided by tile arts moI
ap,»"i. (■! . i.ic.alters of :be lobby. In
■ •»*•• •‘•"in •' aw.a in v iiiuitr hi
Hi i'ii’ iii.1 ' M-p- i.i>. e .aping general olinermtiun
fn n> their .impart,!tu> itwignill ance, l»it amount
ing in lie 'u.gi ■ -MU- in a serious ilrali upon iho pub
li • ■ so In prool of tiiis it is only necessary to
refer to to-.* in.rt a- • in the annual expenditure, ii.un
titl e iuiUuMi« of dollars a few years ago, to not les.
tlia>. eighty millions at the present time—an increase
oeenn ■», ton, in a time of profound peace, and with
out ■ .. appropriations of large amount lor purposes
of a TOvrai and national character.
I’li. i. are al . ct tiireo of tile Territories to which
Pougicss should, al the present session, refuse nnv
stipple* whatever. Toe Territories of Minnesota!
• In -oil.slid I’tah have had for two or three ve>rs
ui...i titan sufficient population to ju tify th.-tu i.
seoKi.ie adiiitssiim as Slates. Tweof thou.—Oregon
an ■ Utah —have actually firmed State constitution-;
boi 'eftn-i- I to present them to Congress, and r ain
lilutiNhi.in, al the Inst session. As long as they are
In :i fi.rrir.rrial condition, they live and thrive iiiki:
the ounty ol tlie Federal Government. It is tin e
til • tills Ill-judged liberality should cease, and Ilia
l1'!' gi. ss should starve them into submission. A
n - ' ippropriatiou* would accomplish this end,
» I tlio. slop one Heavy dram upon the national
‘I ri - -orV.
‘ Tl.. rets another scheme on foot, designed
K' Mu • i lit of sharpers and speculators, enrich
Viar*•.i- I. e apeil being accomplished at the last sc*
>• • nil I which will no doubt he urge d
•» «. • U-ristic pertinacity at the next. Weal
* m • . if proposition to make Ian I warrants a.ai
• the nnrehaso of the public lands al the rat.
o s toils; and a quarter an a.-rc. Under the . .
r ■ acu of Congress, granting warrants f.r public
I i r.e mifllary service* in the war oi 1S12, nod
the n . ir with Mexico, tlie country has h et.
H sieil ‘-i‘n thi-ae land warrauls. Home nl theiii
have 1 -si t hut a Inrge number have beep
hnug , ,, “ \ -, mil arc held by the i in
th-' i-s i*. .licit special legislation as
tlii«. it got » i : 0|«u were, lor le-s than :•
ilotl u ( s'"Hi .i lull, if passed, would ilium
di-ttcii ..il ■ n . *■ * nearly a dollar and a
quirt*. * i i'ies-iiry would Ik* deprive I
of ill.' i • nd i -lands for a yc.u ..r
tw • i • . . i -pup . • iursc preferring to pai
in litini noils r> one iloihir and twenti
... die rate of one dollar and
a /|iij.,
A*- »• w*.i.• - K-nie for depleting the Treat'll,
ry w. Mi <p| . .• . fir Feilernl aid tosinnlty
h'l.s . 1 -1. I the Northern cities to fid
' • - *• ..’it among these will he the
^ ifi" . !■ for a line of steamers to
..Itempt to regain the annual
appr. |.i in. to • iliiiis sU-ainer*. The*, will
he O' g by an army of interested
“huii lent of tint drain upon the
••"bo*’ ' *•• •• s .inml he resisted ah unjust to
fhc ' 1 the foreign coin metre n|
. the >»..n . • ..or expense.
Tints, lien- r . u Mi ml of tile Virtlw.ro ..,.1
Nor in »"«*.,•, i *••- iinl ih • machination* «f the
0%, Hr iunif. - l C mgr. ** hid* fair to equal
“ 'V it» t»ie*i .• '•!«'«* hi waaleful extravagance mid
prn'iKt >n uni' -- th inti a**ert it* equality of
r'Kh* , . id it. nnrmi i. di umiiivablu (Inline--,
ll w.-can r iiii>i m uxacL anil fair tliap. naatmo "I
th" « ••‘I rii i. *i»*v, we i.nghr to have none at .ill
Tin- ("ill'-;. i,. i mi In idling the tiea-m e
tile C* i i i "iin.iii i , ii i orlneru and Nmihat -l
ern Sin** ha- rn.knl Itrii.rv 0. tile Sre.lli ill dqin
ving i! uf it- in |i>. ,101 if tile benefit* of Kedo
ral c •' »«■ in ill* r»a*iog (lie |>»|itieiii
1*» * 1 • ’ -i * i'' *o degrade n*. K*-m*
*'»" ’ •’■■■■ ii-ii... • -iaf. I'oat polled, all
ad " i i. n a feu year* will iiu utterly
flltlll too lilt, - I I ,
* M:*rle- t imm*
Til- " • ' .1 I.rr II. I lent «>f Ole New York
' "r ' r 1 * *" •■• i.» 1 he I illna mg funny |.ar,-i
tt*met*—**.«* .ell laitiuular Iriumi, Um ittg.-l
II injiiili- Vnri. * ,| -ii * I'ulkhtr:
I' V. • . i . Im mb! into Hie I'alit-.er. il
h ■ "i • r>ir» a< *i"„ . unv h-r atnrr di-.ri»e<ihili«d , .
•* II .-it bv, «. J.II, u II..0. 0. J, t iMlhn - a ll,
" * " '*'• ••'•• itf-in-m ..f the War ll.-imitin... i, ,
< < <•’ '« r<g • ,r* .a Mm tnmhinl el until. * ,f
... ei U.r Military ll.inmitte,., |, ( , j
' • 1 • ' ’> " lii the Siftthein I*,-,.,.--,,, v \|
; vW'tii.i.t i In tit | • | ,,| w
• ' ' ■« •• "I 4 •* to claim Ilia anllxu. j-.
df IM rigiitft, a. t r
I brie l ow iiitr flMire di-lingiii-lie I iiainen wil
*w' I ‘ • ' V (,-* rtie |i.|r|i'.- • ,jf i*king u|. Cniul. .
*f'* . '• **• "'••re • man in tin broad limit*
ol •'*' .. •' . .Id by any . oadhility 1*
<i>, • .i . ii.gn, n I than Faulkner!
Mu n .... of the joke i« that f!h*rlea .fame*
wa- "an arde. \bn)i<|<tui t" in l*(J, and Ib.r.f.ni
“te a litelr i give otf-nup to Iho Northern Ibonor.*
Cf II n a fortunate man, if that ia the < -
Wt ♦•!*... h ard that hi* Aimlitiouiam in |K.';n
Iia- Mi l -iran nti'em i-en-n to tin- .•Anr/tA-n |>, ,„0.
racy ■ they have pitted him, and nur*. I hirn,
«, .| .1 11 on •near pbtiiM, and *.>nf him to Con
- an-1 placed him a« Chairman of (hr fbemo .*
e ."i. .l Committee, and made a big man of l.nn,
’• i« .landing Ilia Abolitionl*m in IMg Tine,
Iwy .m< Weri Mr Summer* for IJ.iV.-mor for being
-i -t the *imr thing bat then, a. .-or.ling to
tbr - v \la ea*e lieing *Jler.-l all.-i* tin a.,"
An I 10 Itruea-riUi ethic*, what iu tank In*
*n*' 1 • 1*1 tile ,p|M«il|.in, m |e-i fe.-liy * c*
tli* II* I’ll 10 Ihtflf ‘Mn |i«rty !
t • ir |iir», *. Ii ijie that Faulkner may go ji.|i>
tbaMitoiw-t/ ll Wilt Iw a bright day far VirjUa
when he Mtw* to he a member of her Congreaairui'
al delegation.
- ■ - ■ . * _ H| agM.
The Petersburg Sfuthti-le /Vwivruf at lut takas
ground againai tire Fact tic Railroad - but with nea*r
' word of condemnation of «Md Buck'* lata latter.—
ii i* is tliis*? The flrmwwl protest* “the absence
ul all constitutional power on the part of CongreUH
to cmi"irk in tin* undertaking” -while Old Buck, on
the contrary, detiveK tile constitutional power from
two dliferent clamtc* In this state of the ease, we
wouhl lie glad to he informed what is the tr«e De
mocratic doctrine on the siilj.et? Old Uuek says
one thing—flie Sm/hii/r /Viiavrnf another. Which
is llie Stales’ Rights strict construction view of it*
W ill our neighbor ol the Drmoemt oblige us with
an answer* Will our neighbors of the Any Mirer
and /Ciamiiirr enlighten us on the subject* Wc
are curious to know!
Samuel Swartwout.
We bileflv noticed yesterday the death of this once
prominent n iliri.Inal. 11.- died in Xew Yo«k on Friday
aln-inwou, at the advanced ag" ol seventy-three tears. Mr.
Swartwout in early lib- was attached to the navy, hut Icll
the service lor occupation on land. (Jen. Jackson, when
lie cam • into olttee, appointed him Collector ol the |toilol
New \ .irli. Hi* def drat loti while Collector, although not
eve usable on iiooal grounds, was looked upon by the pub
be with a lenient eye, on the ground that he had, to a great
or less extent, been victimised bv designing anil unscru
pulous men. Du boding liimsell involved with tlie go
vemment he left tor Kutope, and lor a year or so toi*k up
his residence in SwiUerlanJ, but finding that the f. clings
■ >l the |M-.ipIe were n..t vindictive tnwaidi* him, while ln>
cisc wa» not of such a chaiactrr a* to apprehend a «ue
cea-fiil prosecution on the part ol the pivnanviit, and hit*
'••eurities Cool I 'a" aided iii laising means from his assets
to inert the obligations they had assumed on hi* lichall, hr
returned to V w b»ik. where he had ever since rraidril.
lie was coot. ■■ p .iarv will many remarkable men. lie »a
ihi’ voutlilul llietiil ol tlolouel Iturr, uu<lt*r Thomas Jeller
i'o, and his naiiir figure* in the history of Burr’s trial of
■ hat period.
Voles |br Fremont in Ihe South
The Mniilgiiiiu rv (Ala.) A-lr -rht. r says it ia*‘wrortliV ol
not.-that tli- only votea that F.eniout received in the
South w<-re in a State that vot-al for Fillmore—Maryland ’’
I lie Advertiser is mistaken. Fremont received several
hundred vnt.-s In tioth Kentucky and Mi-smiri—and, even
in Virginia, he received some. Five votes were cast lor
him al one precinct in Slnmanduah countv—the teiuli le
g on of Virginia Ib-iiux-nrcy. Ami in the Wheeling dis
trict, which gav, Buchanan four nr five thousand majority,
great iimm voles were east Im Fremont. The votes
that lie received in Baltimore w. have understood were
principally those ol fleraiatis, with their natural atitipathv
to the extension ol slavery.
.io hvr.i M***ion.
The Kfi'jnircr ha* tin* lollowhig article on the subject
«»t all extra s -sintt of the Virginia I, *gislature. It ap
p »r* that the laovcrnor ha* no inlenli n of ctHtvciiitig
t'o* Legislature. *•«»•! that the uemb.rs tin*involve* are
withdrawing their name* from the call ;
“The riPtior **f an exit* session of the Legislature b*
without Inundation. Tin* tiurrumr h** no idea of cottven
» the le -gi-l i'iiiv on liU own motion, and <>l iliov- u> n
'H*r> u*»«i • gu d the call lor an ext- » *e*-ioit, a lumlx-i
have withdr awn i .eir name*. There will lie no me**ting
«*l the L- g »Utuii- tin* winter, unless aome iu*c*xs*it,r of
S ate, winch iiobobv now utiticip ite*, should m*ke tie
« all ol an extra ssion an imperative public dut~."
A Tournament in Petersburg.
The cithren* of the quiet little hamlet of Petersburg,
encouraged bx the example of Richmond, have made ar
i mgeinents for a tournament on next Friday. A tourna
ment i*» ® city »il the co| *,il proportion* of Rielnnoud is
•11 well enough—but what could ever induce the people
"f little P« lei-*i;.ig to undertake one, *urpa-»«-.* our cun
pr-ln-ti-ioo. Wouldn't be surprised il City Point, Port
Walthall, and other little provincial villag e of the State,
should have one next. Pnw la prtitm I’ctcrtbury /
\\ •• a e indebted to Cadet It »v I, of the Virginia Mdi
: im Institute, for a copy ol Prof. .->or Smith'* adu.iade
address to the Corps ot t'ailet* on the re*timptmn of then
Actidt »wic utics, September *2i. lnod. The addres* is
| molly printed liy MacfarUue A Porgu*won ol thi* eitv.
Tut: Tit a v sill r.xriosa or Whisky.—The New Vork
; T ui < i* show»i g, statist!.ally, that the K upire City is th*
I i»i-Mte*t wt.t-Wv market in the w«»rlIa Mbtd eminence,*1'
mea ly sp.*!ikb-£, which a we-tern journal had been c urn
i ** for Cincinnati.
“The e of in tie* city and its immediate suburb- twelve
whl-kv dUfithil, -. which convert daily m h,d ii.pmr I:
l‘»0h • da nf ?o *J corn, linking imu .f?\ |f« ft... i*j* wt
• s pul tills u only the productionI N * Vork, which
* «H a*»ld litre h* a mutter of eo »r-e Tim rcrnipM .
• » ii'rv w^Ukt .uAomit to about fifteen ui'lli .:n « I ".dm -
i lUttllv. o fiat ilo* quantity *o| | her** during the ye »r
j »• - not t ill s|».,ri u| Ihn fy iii.Iliu'i- ot g.illo:.-, being
than tori*" tin*** th*a q * uni y *oh| in Ctneiunaii. U tniaii
tolerable qoMtitifx ol wlii»k% which tf»w* through tin* cir*
f though it were :t canal, about one-tl'ird i* nii-L* into ul
» iol anti u-ed in luanuhteiuring operation* of various
Nin i*. and one-qu rler ia exported to foreign mniitrie*
\ vu'y *n III porn III of (hit which remains is drunk a
whi-ky, whi.e Ho- lu i ger pail p • -«•** through the bunds of
:ln r,-ct'(i« rs, and is r» t illed to an i-nt«M*.*tit mitl co <fi lm
.ilnie tmd r »».•• x i-ious nones of Cognac, d irk and p .h- ;
loll «nd g.i», J uuai a turn, ijt. Croix. ap|>le-j tck. L*. d
;i In*n »i"sky. Cl -olivot, and all Other po*-ibie 11( ,id
* nii’li drinking no n ivlig .» to kicvrolo their vital* w.tl
\ • trIy :•!! the *ht«kt that g*** to France, and there i
no -mi dl q'liotltv of it, eirviie* luck to u* in the altipe • i
• »<andV, thong . aomc of it returns b«udm gly Utxded CTh i
'*•*11 \log*U», •»• some ol f hr Other i'/fit* us r n
which .ib* find in tbeclurrt niaiiufacturing itu iginations ^1
'In Fiifuritr am# Sol* Til rax ('nn..—We commend
tin* am joined truthful remark)* ol the Baltimore Patriot M
the ptril-ul «d oor readers:
“It :i *ig* iHe*int fief, made mat if. -t by the recent n*.
violin 1 cot l# -f, tint even Southern city, and oia v ol tin
*m*lli r town*, g » i* \IiISumI killmorc a inrijoiitv. Fir*t
ititofig these is Kalti'i'oir, then cotin** Norfolk, Alexai
l. i *. Kn iunt" d, Wibiitiigto", S.iv nmuli, Augosf.i, Mobil. ,
Mootg' iu rv, N* w th leans, lauii*villi« and even St |,.'iti-.
fiie-.. far1 s -how, very cu.cl'l-ivelv, that Ini-in ** ineri i •
u.« were willing In nek (heir eoml.ercial uml on- ■
p n-p riiv win. ill. p itiintir, r>.n*rrvatlri. etnt. -nun,
wli.nn, in lii.i.i*-ii .,f pu.j, they ni* lit In rote fur.
"hui tile Want ni belter. more trulhrul nml jiidiciniH
-.it.je,.|< to ■tier i--, mme It.miocr ilic jonrnali nml orator*
Ii *» •• lai n |»r.H-l liming il. it the recent 1,-citiun of Haiti
•Hole, - I eigml. iiij tier ,l"enlcl. in ipi ilitied prelernnre f..r
Ml Killmore. would art i juri.Mi-lr to our trade. || *o,
1'ien nil S.mill. n. rille*, un.l proiiiinenl uinong-t them,
New Ibl.iiii*, nr.- demined to a,lifer in like ininner."
Tin le.ilierille Jotirnal Hm* -peak* nf fjetl. Walker ;
Silire ill. roar ami tumult ol the Preeaidetili.il canvi-,f
h i« *liit S\ ilk", out litmi our Imni.-iluie view lie lm* been
r.gul i’Ijt eh,ii*-ii Preol- it of N'ie.ti.igiu, nod hi- In*
mi.; mated » vigou.ii* .in,I . Ilieietil ..i.t in the bo >b
ol ll.e viident • ppoeition ol the rerr parly upon wl.m.
.... <•"»• ted the count, y, and * I.'• aid- >md -im
|.:ithy w I.. tiered to he th ntmo-ph. re lie breathed.—
II.- ha- eli"d tin- idem on which Ii" woe auppo* ol to le cm
: i :itb d n* a Imp. lol a»‘i m. and t« ahnf.ting «tf■ in alt the
I "llgtll nml glory ol an independent plai t II-i* a power.
II.. tin- giowu to lm (lie -tale into wlm*u vein* he * i.
t no In-, d i- i lile renewing principle II • i- tin- nckmiwl
edged -mil iod body Ilf Xlearagda. And we arc It. uinl If.
■«.» that .rut »*« In Idter phg t or leather id
hi. lib , and that ere.y (lllur# now '.routine* to add
in** -lr ngfh to hie arm ami f. -*h laurel* t >
hi* h|u*liiog hmw. Ill* govcnnueit ia not only
atriiiig and eilicicul, hut it i* likeir to re Main wtiiil it i-,
or f,, er .w atill mme worthy of it* high tod Mil.inn re*.
pon-ii i.it>. It i* not only rapaldc hot .table. And we
triKl it* -lability may he lading It wo Id •••nil, indeed,
"oil W dker h id at length .o'hiwred the ' oii'liliiMl* ol per
il. .ii • t power, ami that nothing rein iim I tor him ln,i to
•■i.t, r Ii" n till ii I will.out eat.-i owl r.*lt lint or einli*rrw-‘
""■nt n.itoi lh" *..,k of r"g"ti"i.ition * deli we hopu ! ■
mil-mid Ii a «* the grand Ireatn of ,d* lif... lie ha* aa
re 11, i - know. ju*t wo . the nprat «ignn rletoriea ot.d lor
l.r.igilvd ■■ "on * »r M --4ya and flrenad . rieforie* which
•"* ltd- Ihg' iM adtrer*anea in tin* eonotn prooou >ee.| im
probable, i| lib* iinpo*<ilile, and which, I thrtrou/hly won.
h r emit.I Would dclcimine hia llliefiali nged <up
rii,iItyr in Nicaragua and among tfic neig.dauir.g Stale* —*•
Hi* futore t"n"y j* mtdouhtcdty **ored. Hi* g.*
*■ i o. ill mo I now n i| nekly le* accept -,| aa * fiatd la •(
ni inlermib,, ,*l po d e. a el In" tr-a'rd #■ cordingly. Anil
* lure I.Ml ,| "ibt that If will In- thu* i 'g*ri|".l prompt
Iv and clti erf illy.
Tlir Aw.ao ,* I’Ror -itior—T*n- Cbainher ot t'nn.
loi n > f l.iv. p . | wi lled* it* lieartr ap| rural to the du
el rwiion of tie Paria t'tn.gri a# in reaped to maritime
war ^ It d-o .( p ..v. ■ nt t o additional r,r.rye**i,i«,rt whieh
lh, ft ,i. it,in ot ol th-* ! -it,- ] Stare* '.a* mad** the cou
dtlir, . ol II. .1 er... p*. i|a*-liratNm „» the Part, th.ll
gre**, ur . p ot it . p trite p operlr of the au'J et« or
< itiaena ol a Iwl'g -r. i t no the high « a* ahall le- eicmpl.fd
from W'intie l.v public armed r.'*wl< of tin* other helligt)
rep*, eteept If he cm traband.
flea, linear iw.—Th • <’ rlnmhia Denmertt all., Ie« f.,).
l*iw*to a epml, whieh wp hare «|.o heard: "We learnt ai
it i* currently po- ing a* a l>l| ofnew., among lh.. know
ffUt Oftmf rdUie A. net man party, that f am llootoo will
..If. Ir l*e Uie eao.lidai* o| that partr In. Guvinwr in tip
in it r*n«a*w.
Coper* P, , The Brooklu. ■ .pie hare ,
.jbeer oi. tin.I to rere, g-ll.e,ad,, a . ,..rrt
I w ft*. If Iteditne, of eommwfotldfi lletet* Tbe* I
g'iier.,1, ogr , | r pat lhe‘r fer.lwge it e,pp<r, and lh.
Cf.-mqrw:"" ha- l wen fiat Hie leu, ni. ter* are oreiinn
wit . ,-e Oh . Th T h,..|lr , r-r g , a Igf.f of ailr..,,
..Ml.h.iibdl a, pr. If-,t ,| tfl'lll they Juira y.* (Mt.«r >o
off..hr,|, w ir ..f change but p. iii.hm. 1 hi* ia a afrai gr
» way ot ah owing .lahgt.aUofb
i We aopv the following article from the New York Kcoi
! ""'IS. of Ikl., with the remark that appearance* Indicate
that ikw vewrV crop will tie "oyer-aidl" ct* neat Spring.
•nj In that event, ‘ exorbitant rate#” may again he ex
pected :
The exportsol produce from ll»e United State* emu in...
v.-iy lair', ahm-i unprecedentedly ao. In the la»r wn-k
I the • X|mri*ef wheat, and ihnn redoc-d Ui bushel* ul » hual
hniulier l,iatft,*ait* bushel*. valued at ft,017,'MV. « veil
Inquant tv |..r tin* petiml ul Ilia year. The export*
•hmt a d wheal troui New Yoik have been, since Sopteu
her, a« tullown;
•hear. bl-l* *4* 7S4 »<s Jft 1,14
*"■•* ...nm.XuMM« 4.M4AM0
Tout. >Ki*h 4.7*4,4(4 »T<;(. HMI
Thi* l*ir* value ol 7 i million* ot dollaia ha* been cx
pnried ill wheat from New York alone in thw U-t sixty
ilava. It I* a quantity never before equalled in the aaui.
pci mil nt the year, not even in the fill nl 18.73, when the
export- were »o early and *0 tapid. In that year the crop
Wo* over-sold ill the moolh Of Ih-eeuiber, an I price* tin
' in very exorbitant rale* in the following Ft bruarv. From
I those rales they have trover (airly fallen (wok »o the cur
lcnt price* belore that period ’.lie value ot tlnur and
wliest expound Irotu this port since Jauuaiy I ha* been
*- (ollowa :
Kxroaraor Whcat fboh Nkw York, Jax. I to Nov. 20.
Floor..XU*. i-ri.77 - tf,»i|,tH I.M6.49* f DbVo.sIf
ttlnat Iwdi.*.. 41,444 4,. V... VI 1 *7*
Total.*1W,S»7.»M> 8M.Vl7.4Vl
Ibcnaao. Ift.tlV.ptX
The increase is here I 1,i*im>,ihni hiisln-l* of wheal and
#1 i.Citf.OOti Irnm this poil alone, and it is to b rental krd
Inat ill l*cr- ol till* la 1 gc export, llie price* of Hour have
! d on at thi- point. We quoit* to-day, and lor the corres
ponding ua\ iavl tear:
_ . i*«» 19-a. k-x
I ' UlunFlats . f<7.Vn, » "l> »'I t-Ve«tJO
tt.-1-Mi M.xel.■*.'7*4 >91 ll .7.-.. 4 n tVft
«;• n w* txira.»::• 1.I-I IftAm
Ci-.rult*... 8.4...X7 75
nil - at U Karra. 3 iMn.'U * *4*a*.«4
K c> m->i.<! .lit *11 isl tl.Oiqi* s*
” Inal— tirirna-e. a. 1 »<e * VI I *7ar.l 7*
9 • h'tt **• 1 llSl.4
Southern Red.... 1.9' ; O.tjf 1 In^pl *0
T"'*1..**1.97*1,08 *8 40 7 6X413*
**". IN «7aXt4 IS
; Th - giv.-* all average tail ol 221-1241 per cut in the
I price ol wheat at this port ult.-r an ill rv.1 -e n! 1.70 per ce i\
I in cxpmts. Till- result is evidence el ih.- auiph- supplies
1" **,1‘ country. The hirg.-r export is the consequence, nut
of higher pile.'* abroad, since they ure then- rather l.-.s.
Inn fi.’in llie deeiil nit; price* here under the pie-**iiie o'l
larger supplies. This is a reuiarkahle fact, ami indicates
ttnil tin- • II- ct* of tin- large Wc-tern inigr.itinu up-ill lieu
Idi ls at the West, combin'd with continued high price*
ter wheat, are beginning to tie at last inaiiilest in ahnn
d me- nl supply. And in this fact lowering the value ol
luod in the Atlantic cities, we have the strongest a-«u
- ... « pro-|v.-m,ls year before us. We have h. lore said
that rfn- yetr ls.'.lt w is one ol large export*, tint tin- ef
* I el ol those exports w.1* Iti* rv-verse ul what has la-ell tliu
[ ase Ibis year. Tfial i» to say, in the same |a-riod ihi r,
"I t Home what less export, the prices rose rapidly. The
j' Vpmt from this (Milt of wheat was in that year compar
iiivelv a* lidlows: „
Kvr KT.I Wire IT r* a Xaw Toax, Jan 1 To Nov. *0
-ta>*-—-- — PVH
Value Vain*.
I Ft-ur, l.-Vrl.TM tlstl;lt« I.Mt.HI-i i.c-i-si
I IVI *«t, 2.21*.Wo 1.III.VI «>.\,7ts *.<17.lot
Total, *I,T»7,«M fsi'.is 7
Tuns, hum Jan. 1 to Nor. 2d. IS33, the export* ol
srbeat from this port were If.liin.istn l.ii.lnls, and the
i lie - 10-e tor H itir from fl.ftil in J muary to *.'.,M7 in No
vember, and to, wlu-it limn 91,23 io 1,7.7; and pricesCulr
I br ri-c wiili i/iMiHidiny deport*, until tln-v reach
I d fid in February, ls.7l The tael now remarkable, is
| -* cn in tl-e following comparison of expo it* Jan. 1 to
Nov. 2", and prices at each dale;
Ku.li. -Pr.-NoT.10-, R!»e Full
;--t. *T|.«.rl It.b* .'««> lv,J Jl.TA I- :;
"*'“. >#.IO,(»JO tS5 S.7A lST-G 6,hS .. 10.20
Ait export of 14 iiiittion Im-KcU unity |irirvs rise A*1 per
‘•n'lt, in IsaS. an.I a 1.II nl :t:i} per cut. ha- taken place
tills twin lace ul III export ol Irt millioi. bushel*. II we
'"•I that the liigliei price* this year ham checked c.n, •
-umj tiiiii to the extent of tlie demand- o| the iiii-rci.-sl
population, (lieu we .ire to inler that tin* prodaclion lias
.. if much larger a- to force down the price* and im
pel the surplus abroad at tailing rot-s. This fact is an im
portant one, nine it indicat s not only reviving animation
in tin- manufa luring and retail business ol tin- Atlantic
.•i'ii-. but i!-.. permanent improvement in Die trade of ill
•''e great ctr.inin'!.- of coiiiinuiiicalio'i K»-t and We-t _
I'1"' v I'1 ' ninigrulioii oMue years, and the great q i mti
tv of new lands bi ought under cultivation have now begun
in -end to.tli produce a ul to require eommodititb's in re
in, n, I Itiug tue 11»-is ol a Very animated and healthy bus
lues- lot the coming voar.
The N w York tWu Exchange Reporter fur last week,
ii it- re-i vv of the wheat market nl lint city, suvs:
•'Itie ticavinoss in our win-al market, noticed at the
• hi!" "I our list publication, rnniinued until IVcduc-div.
pm de. lining thiee to six ccuts per busin l, when, uii
dcr the i dhieuce of niodemte anivaU, and a biisk expoit,
i' d fair milling demand, a market ren tinn was apparent,
t o • In a pi ice- current enabling many -llippers to ti 1 their
oid.u - which are latge, many of lliem limited much lie
( M ,|,,r pre-cut prices, sent here under the impression tl'at
• hoi a in ge eint. nl wheal, and that low prices iu.,»i
■■I - q leiitlv lnllow. The cu rent value .d wheat would
''*»«* I* - ii still higher, hut l ir the rro tit failures ami »tri:..
«e iev in nor money ui.uket. The want ul cm.fi lence in
•mi m-it-hauls, which, bj-tbidne, i* quite unwairaut d,
• as tswirdoited iniich to the heaviue-s. Added to tin-,
Ir. ughi- h ive adv «:•••. d till, per Cent, th" p ,-t I an mouth
I ue-e cause- < otuflined have exi rid a marked ii.llueuce,
perliap* more so than nther call-. - in depressing it- valm-.
t' nd r it can r>! be it g d thst p ic.-- have .1. clintd in
' ‘I da. -d c ■ p tins a a ••"■• The only -ciuiou
•I Count i 1.0111 which we have had a libelal supplv, is
liom the i'ppcr l.ik-s, where they had i good crop, while
‘ rum Olliei s.-ctinii. there lias been a maiked lulling I ||T —
A .. .to nut include t'anada, whevu it i- well known tln*\
li o • ils.ut an iv. r ig,. yi. hi. perhaps rather a ...ve in the
'Veslein part. Eiom this Side only four cargo.ni hiv.
'••en rcr-ived; tliese have been readily disposed ..I at high
prc -. Two received this week tin. i;1 t *| "o !.7.s—
•-' pMe. - (( her he- have been leceivcd by on millers,
i.-u 11 .• aggregate lor tl... s..,sou I- quite in-ig ili.-nt.
■■t.'i. l.-s loan w lia I a ticipsied, hut the hulk ..| t .e
r... i I*.i.hill'-- it. t* e and-ol rr.i farmer*.
"T «• shwk It, stole I.-,- inn-mured slightly lit.ting tl,.
.e.-k. hat is -i,It v.n-y limited, Hscompared witli la-t viuir.
I he I,, II a- boIII Europe has prov d rather in lav.iiahle
i* wim laigeuniv.it-, pt.-■ nl and pr.i.sp .-live, big. ft.er
i.i." a lig- t money market, tile principal English muikets
were heavy and mac!ive. and the -s ue was lute ol tamh
nental m iik.ds The atiivals at M ir-ei!I--* w- m \1 hug ,
.at . <•' vithst Hiding this, prices self Colliparalivelv w. 11
snppofte.l, tin- tin Ik d the stock held tliere being con! it'll* ,1
Ol II ■ Ii hull-. -, who lie II" ill. w,!t p.f-ted, e-peci.iilv
m regal.I to the supplies li.nu Ki.f. in Ko ope. At Ism
•Inn II .I> instill prevnilcd lor Spain, and larg. purchase- ol
ll-n'i- g i irg-.e- am refeete I. The privav • advices f>v the
" 'n > ..! aahit gtcni i- luvor.ilde fi.mi (ILisgow and |*m
dm., toil not so eiicouniging from l.iv.u|hh>I. The advices
hum the f’nntiui-nt arc not -n promising; prices there were
t.-i,ding downwird.iimlerliliei.il supplies. At today’s
miikeia better deuin. I i..... .ile.l Ti.. _.i.......
I1"' V'lagant, ut llatifit. are rather mote farm able than
to-- |iuMi*lii-<I 'Unit, .Hit) with luitdeiute nlTeiing. piiee*
iinprrirel ul ti«* clow", one to two Cent* per lru*ht*l, will, .1
go..il export inquiry."
TS.. It tleigb Register niter quoting Mr If urine an’* re.
tna-kahle h llcr in regard Pr tlie I'acdic lUiliowd, pro.
p.iiiinl. the mighty prolilein below;
What will lior VVi«e ».<«• *-,v» |M hi* "llendermm" |et
ler he ii*...| H,e following language; "Slareiy <lwnrf. il In
the I'ninn, K lornliim, Itln- Kede< ili*ni of the K«et Jut
to atrip., will te ir ngim it. hmrM front, and you will
ng.fin h iv liauk* nnfi I* 1 i'll'* ami Inponil Improvement*
I*-, fh*. I* letal Irov...t.rn.-nt, till lln* .1 tfr.rion tuel Macon,
\.t. lit <'aroiiiM a tl Virginia, ever r :.i.nn-tl ■ gain*!. Al
r. . Iv Ini- tlf III, k II .g the I*.e-Re Kill.on I InactlL .1 on
it. already hn- the political revolution oaerwheluieti the
la-i Democnttn Teioea of llartcr hill*!"
The Imiu //117, too, loin inaciibeil 011 it the “I'aetf
ir K tilro 1 I tl,.- iie.ni -t .penilo in ttcheme of Internnl Im
prove,ml that w tr ever projected Now, wlial will ,<0.1
hern I). m>K tula aaar Whti will tlie ItemiN-raUnf North
I'lfolina nml Virginia do* You—trim elnim to be, par
. the follower* tif M.n'nli and J IT-rum hue you
[ -*pre»* aifTPnriOrTiir.atlon «T Mr. It ir h.ao fn’a po*llion>
WnTtmao alia Kra►. a*.—The Hirannah llrpnlklievH of
Vo*. IX. ap . iking of Mr Buchanan'* Calilnrnhi letter,
■if* "it will doubt I*** Hike many of our tlemoernlie rea
>ler« on thia aide ol the rot.timed, Where *neh appro
piialiona hare l.eeti held lo Ire troth utte matitntioual a1111
inexpedient by Mirptiw. We have a enrioally to whnt
will If made o'lt ol thi* lelter ha our d-'mncr.itic edtem
I por trie* ttf ti*e Alliii.th' Hit,tea. it w.a* windy limetl lo
teeoinpli.h gierl a'<1 tlotlg the harm. Ti er., ran hehnt
I little dottht Hint Mr. II ii '.anait'a el* , lion aonhl have heet,
1 mil..—<thl< with tieh a ntupen'loua internal improvement
iiiiil«lnne arnontl Ida .c< k "
1 Awrn.i.r Srotira lit 1111 — Tie New llrlm* pa per a
mnounre lie .Ic.th of Judge John f, Urue, ol that city.
The IV tytlnc * iy« ;
The manner of In* leath »at awfully *n h|en. Hi* wile
had been Intlitpiet'tl, and he retnal .'(I a* home lo ket p
het eompinr. He lay on a low »..f., qmlr well and 11 -
r.mmifttdy cheerful. X , .. t-li . ,| *|ong flic Ih-.r, leanlt g
on Ilia ahinMer. hi* arm .htetl her—I e child on the *■ It,
playing tilth i|« father. Hudlttly the loll" gnl adt-l,
| abrupUy, "I’apa. wlul taakt * your eye* roll *0?" a,. I,
with a .tmaoMrc *1 tilth, lw .aid pr i.i* ail,., "My tlar
ling I am dying I " Not tinu*-1 to apa-m* ol illio **. aha
* *n*w. |.rif, ••Iboi't, rlear- do i't bighP-n me *0." "I tell
I ron lie replied, with emptied*, "I am dyn g fthe atari*
| etl lo gel le-l|>ra'ir, *; I,, aaid, "No, tor " She III he.) It*
the wiotlow, citing ( rr •err».,t«, ' A doctor * a r|.xlor ! "
■ml fin nil It *a w hi* lit., dirtorled and lo* hand* clenched
III* >o.|l * trill* w...., "No, III — let ll.e the ill peer!”
wh U hi* fa... reror. red a ’m.iliog < spre**i<r , hi* limb*
r* laferl, and he breath, d hut two .r tbtee t*m<* again.-*
The «hrnk* <>f ln» wtp. an I child alarmed tin. him** and
llo* tu tghixtrhrtod; lint all r fToif* it r> «n-citwtinn f*il< d --*
T. .in fa It... of life to torpid dealh fh.- inp ml «*. *earec
It five nil ntr.*,
•It.tlge I* rue wi« a nalirc of New Jeraey. He came nut
P* N**w ftriern* alemt twenty Iwotrr Ifie* rear* ago, and
w t* engaged frir name lime a* ttf tor in a faotdr lie wot li
ed at one lime a* a pfi ler, ami early etrltiieei. il him*. II
with llw prew. in an eilitorfal eaparity.
Tvra mania tar Jocaiv-mr -Ai ibc late Out-do..ian
... ..t Art. S .tlo.d, Ih rtder of Yentirk, II
Mel, an. in the nice for the Wegtern Xiakcr, In t> * ep.
*1- .trot P, eftop down the fl. -Id, di*roa,-rr d hla *ad>'l
• lippit g r'niiel h fo*e he had tun half 4 mile. [iroppi tg
4rit.n, he how. , follow, d te. I lie race, witling until the
tin *1111111* had fail iy *lht t>eiio**h ibe a*dwntl** ••ell* ( wh* p,
on Ih. horre’* 1 are hat k. In- again *• I Hr w.wk, and prorcil
the aiirnm cimd-t fieirteodmi* applauae.
%r-*" (A* U'lUillyliHI Mar
Diuix-t Tusuu —Til* proportion of Dudley Mann, E*q.,
tor the r-tahl.*liineot of a Ini* of steamer* between nn*
mdMi .Hi the water* of Hie Chesapeake, and Europe, (En
glan.I.V la attracting great attention at the South —more
•hail we ytn 'oforc Ml given u> that lu'ject. It la to be
linpid Hint it aill . lid in »o uelhing wore lluu ne* -pap. r
■ ju*eulaiion. Tiie no-lit auJ progressing cotiat,uetion ol
• lilroatia in Notth Carolina, Vugii.ia and T.-nov-we, all
tebouchli.g upon the Chesapeake or it* tribulation, U des
lined greatly lu inc.easc tin- quantity ol ptoduce a. eking
in outlet in thia immediate direction, and to increase coi.
e-nondmgla tiie coast• lae liallic or the dir.it shipment
to Kora.|»e. The raw-ter* are, in a great measure, little
mu-, in cite, t th in light, r* Itolwceti Southern plantatioi s
ninlporu. and New Yo k aud other N'uithein cities. We can
not p. fceivo wliy.it d carer to lighter produce trnui Yolk
river to N.-w Yotk, to be loaded there tor E-trope, than
10 I,tad it Ironi light- is ill Virginia water*. Our hope is,
that aitli the completion ol the camiicclioii be twain the
e\ tens ion ail the Orange and Al.-sandria tatltoad and the
Tenne—ee mads, and that ol the York river ram.l. South
1 ajaltnl and enterprise will !>e I .on,I in roinbinalioii autfi.
cietil In -ust on a line ol screw steamer* ol ordinary ton
•'(?••. "• "ling Irom tiie Cbeaipeakn direct tn Europe. Il
the Inquiry and intermit generated bv the a-uirent pail.lt
Cstinu- coin .-ruing Mi Mann’s pi. j. qt end in the ,-tab
llshiiient nf such a line, much gn.»d will tesult from hi*
present labor*. Keall v, we sea. mi maw* reason latr ligh
'ctiug praslucc It inn tin Chesapeake to New Vawk, In lie
•here aluppt-l for Europe, than |,>r carrying Virginia -hip
timber t<> Maine, to lu* there worked up into tc.-.-ls to l.e
ompluyed in tiie transportation ol Vttgiitia ptodtie.- ocean
•>*". when equally a- g .od vcs-al* can now be construc
ted iu tiie docks ol Portsmouth, Yugmia.
/Vent the Xrtr #"r/*rin* CVnvml.
Ttd- b sly Will hoi I Its next session at the city ol Savan
nah, on .lie Slit ol December, Tile addre-a ol the corn
milt**tt, selling I.*rth il« pu.poaea, and tuviiing a lull tepre
s.'iuatiam trora ail llietnan-, cilh-sand Stales ol the South,
i .* Iteeti Wi.My extended li> the press Tin* Montgomery
'I ill. in calli. g public attention to the subject, say* :
“We have strong trope that the convention will lullv
represent the cute prtao anil capital ..i tiie Smith il it
>h .- 1.1 do so, it citinoi fail to . Ifect something lub-tantial,
ill 111 w (V ol Iinlialing sucli mi to. piises a- will tend to
render our uectinu indep n lunt nl our Northern factors._
rae time bn* coin ; we have talked the South into a be
lli" in her capacity Ian- the management nl tier own busi
ness—into tin* lu ll.-I, that all the adeiiieuts ol prng.c*a,
-■ lal, moral and commercial, almond iu her people; an.l
it remains only to cau-e, in s..me way, a practical dcvel
'fn.nl nf the theory t. such an extent a- aill convince
lint only our nwu doubler*, but tbc w.uld- Disguise Has
we lu .v, u.ir S-uilllcMi population lias a reputation in the
• il ...!.- .4' tin- world, lor tncntal mid physical inluk-iice,
which it do. s not de-etve. It will he a great step lorwaid
•o <ltsi.hu-.. the world—to Hon >ve it* erroneous ( sinuate ol
our capilHlili.nl. When il is found itiat the Aiigln-Stlun*
of tin* Soutli have. In tin- lull, tile - nil*, prugres-ivc Iseul
lies a- those of the Surth; when we -dn>w (hat our w ill ami
our power aie united tn wchiovecomniercialindependence;
then wo and our instil ill ions will have the respectful and
con-id. late tiealment liom till other section* am! coitlt
•rie* which our grew: acttional wualili lias failed to com
j mand."
W e endorse to tin* lull extent the foregoing reinatk- ol
our M •ntgomcry cotcmporary. They liave a practical
! 'tearing, and the Southern people liavw uu Head tor any
j tl i o clue save practicalities in these unpromising times
The -. --ini * i-l tin* loriiter Southern Cummercial t‘onVeil
dons abound, d ton much in theories, -peculations, ora to■’
| i icul display* and vtsnmary seiietties, to udtinl ol the ar
■•oinpli-luii.iit.il any great amoiiut.il aubwlajilu.l good.—
i W earnestly hope the approaching cun tuition will In- u
plain. math r-of-lact, icvrliity convention—not a talking
e.niv. utton. a t. solution convention, or a Pacific Kudina I
Ilf th«* co itcutioii ran Induce the Southern people to
d ver-ily their labor, to build and patronize cotton and
• ••ol" Uctoriea, t»» • -tabh.-h la mu* tic* and shoe a hop*, to
j raise al- th** necessaries ol litc lor theiiiselvc* and have
*0111 thing to spare, to g*ow wheat and erect Homing mill*,
o rehue lit u o*.« sugar, to enter upou the grape culture,
;«» go into the rawing ol s ik, which hold* out the strong
est Inducement* to -kill and entwpria*, t«» raise their own
hogs mid make tln ir omi baron, to aid their own milroa I.
4tid to lo-ier their home shipping intercut*, to educate
ih* ir children where they w»-re born, and thu* put their
school* and colb-g-* oil a lim foundation, they will .nc
compl di that which will entitle them to the lasting grati
Cud* of th* ir countrymen.
1 i.o manlier can the South become commercially, pe
culi »»ly oi -cctioiiaiL independent. It is idle to talk al*uit
N rnherii agureoshui and i- suit*, without doing anything
hi t er. a I wi>r-e than idle to apeak of or argue iu tutor
ot i if-*ili|tioii of tile l dun, * lieu we depet.d upon the
North or foreign countri •* -tdi more inimical t«» u* than
tin* North, for half our lood, nil our olrithitig and ninety
nine hundredth* of our shipping facilities, not to cum
r ite a vast % .if iefy of other indisprosabl- *. In lour yea;*,
by proper industry, skill and perHeVemncc micli u* w.
• • comment uml dw*vs Imre recommended—th- South
m »y b * i « *o -el|.*'otni iing a position that it will war. ant
«*r in a—liming any ground a majority ol her people m*\
tit to adopt. By that time S- tutor Seward will have
been cl o-ci» to the Presidency, by the voters ot the North,
or In* • heton wdl b«* ceitain it the llou*o of Kepresnita
tives. wiili th* aid of tree*aoil vote* coming liom tm
,S/«t/r< •> |\ «n*a«, N ! ra-Wt, Mimrsotu uml Or g.*n, u-1 of
which wdl l*‘udmtl'cd into the Union in leas man lour
year*, prov ded th * Union last* that long.
I i'Imilesion Couriei—« well inlornn-d, ablrand con
**nv tlv« journal—give- the following a.* the irto-t promi
se t - * tjocta Hint win engage the attention of the Con
vention :
1 Agm ultiiro and it* Development.
2 Internal Improvement*.
D nn *tic and Foreign Trade.
4. time*, Malitllaelures and tin* Art*.
•» Soci4* System nod Institution* of the South.
A very good programme, but no beiun (Inn previous
one-, tb it fvcwiii.il' I in nothing more t iiigililc than words,
winds, word*—-resolutions, resolution*, resolution*—bun*
• bu e.mlM*, buncombe -peectn*—m which the
•lug* Uluuri" largely prep nderatyd \W tiu.*t such «x
'nl-. i.ms will b*' wholly ignored al Swv uneib.
I'M p. ojil** ol Si Vitim ih are iM»ikn»g ample purpart lions
; u the t *«invention, a d will no d npe liko cart* of the del
• gile witn g**iuii e !• «»igii ho*pitvlity.
From the ()l*>trioU<aeillr Atlwrit*.
r e B e.lie Riilrotd r<’*»>uti^u rmlmdied in the Cincin
nati pi if tot in w «* oppo-ol |»y the whole South ■ Ml »l*4eg,
J ti »•*. i.. I niter it w.i* j*a-». d by the Convention^ Virgin..i
j m l fi»1n i S cithern States b id llicir protest against if lot
J ttialiy * ntere | iifron the records of tlio Convention. Kvon
j Imr g no* i itiva** *he State Right- Democrat* swore th u
| that i. -aiution **•> no put of tl»e Democratic creed, and
1 if Mu • fh«t it- 4>tilHgi|otis phniaeologt odv committed
| t'l»* party to th»* i ierci*o c»f all ronali/w/row/i/ power* to
watiia the coiolruciiofi ol the road; hilt denied that then
w i- my rttnatitutaouai power* which covered the case, and
• on-. tpi. i.tly the rcf'dutioii went h»t nothing.
It * «••»:»* however licit Mr. liuch.niHii flunk* differently.
His r« a ling ol the Cincinnati plafloiiu doe* not agr*
with ih Southern fniiwrructiwi. In a latter which lie
v% I oti* 14 • t llrllKHI iti. Suit! I h'llll il t'olltllil II*... 1.1* ill.
|inrpo*<- f iminiig tlu* volt* of (‘.ddoini i — which letter
j *i a.v* i* not known ol in tin* SUV* iintit .fter Cite cit e*
I ffo'i . ! In! not thcndme injure in- chautma liuro — h.
•• 'limit* 'irniolf amt hie idmiuittrafioit lull v to an active
;d. • . » *»t tin; con-lrut Ito u! the l*n ill * radio.* I bv '■
I - ii'ial Onvcimivnt, goin.> into a Id n • d r* a\ to pimr
it entirely rcii^titilioi) *1 11 mm it enema rh.it tin* |h>uif».
«•» p.ni v lira I* d by llnchanati i- committed hilly to the
policy td liiteili-l Imp!oVt-m«.*lil<* by the (tenetMl (luwin
oient. It i«rkiioaleli{ex tbtt cuiiUtitulio'ialitT of aueii leg
, i-liti.m, .in.I having thm thiowtt iholmr wide open f,n
ad - nd» I* £i»i.«tn'n (here remain* uo 1.imt.it.on whatever
#4Ve th.it enforced hy e x pedicticv.
W lir *• rn*w, we Jr', n tin* Infacted integrity of fit# l)*»n
ueiativ pii.iyf Wh n-h the cm.aiaf ncy ol it* limitc I
ennaino lion n( ihe Coiiatil .lion ? in ponty id State
Ih^hf- dr»rl»ine* I tie old Jii.e |»nii<*ci .*(4 m (Iii4 rtfgfcin
et«i.«f terribly uhi*t at fin* h»fill It-d.-uu■* male by tin*
chaiiaoV Ca d. im* ieller. Tin y |ry fo ijiaioit, ti» iwl •
' tin* |»r*|o»:tgdol lh.it h-tter lllto 4uHKa I- 44 olj cliofldde d.
el.»r ifio , hut it i- no avail, lor they aland r ttnmifted t<»
a pulley avowed by lltichull*Mf which i- a* Imiad, *4 deep
and 4« at long a* ever w ** ibo AmeiicHfl Svatein pr**poaed
by Clay and hi* follower*. Th' V CU'a-d Clat lor hi*
y*t.**et till (hay d^*«o*iWe«* H'li-HiMn !dr goln./ a fj«»w alod
. Inyonl Ciny o 411/ other Wing? Wlnt <uy* fho J Ifi 1
wiiliu ? Toe Ku«|Mrer f.*tnl Kxaminer liavu not even »»*•
| tirrd fhi« letter. They think the I a.f 4<id KnHII it the
1 In tier. VV ill the •! (1 f-oniin p*ir*ile the ruin* eoui.4* ?—
A«T'I?ii-iiivo Si coini. Vr. %t*—AnOvarlft tumor, weigh,
iiitf one fmndied pouuda, nhno-t *olid# and otie bundled
and live hi* a nit tin* ll .id extracted from a woman, by
Jtr. fl-mlop, of lib b y, d own county, w*a exhibited tit
tin* •tU'le i* **l tin* Olii" Sir dical college tbia morning, bf
Ibofe-aor ftlarkmah, arid tlieilce a *4 rvMvcyed (•» III.*
Mian*' >1* dieal College for the rtinn • f (bo at’ideiit
of th *i inMilU'.io 1. The woman Iruiii whom the tQiiji.
w »a -*» boldly and •tierj •«; a.t> » xfneted, wit* fifing Un>
day- ((in (lie < |n ration, and w •- hnpiorirg Fbe r>
•id •* iii iiiowii cvuiitf, a» d i* ,«gei| hety one year*. We
nr 11 fwni'd bv the learned fa-ultv that the tumor talc u
o it by |>r. ft iTilop U th*ltrgc 1 known to have In en -in *
e*--fully I'Mrottwl frotii 1 living judject, in the annul* of
*T 4 c ll prartiee, t* 1 the W*rr|.|,—wWnmtti /nn* it 'll*!
A Cowri.V HhIImii Thu H«4pe»|eiMl bri«|g.«, about fo
h • et r t -,| over ||«* di-.n-ipj-l at Si. lenna, it ia -aid, will
b* f’ fin f e»«tly In the *o*ld ft Will *’»r4f a boot two
wed'oi d »l»4»*, will h | f**»*| 1 bore high w ttefj an I of'-r
.1 tlid III length The mIIiiiii of tin* towur* wul ho fill
feet under low water.
ftr« i.ivr of wine fim.otao —The Ho*ion J-e.rnal %tutea
(fiilf th . i- r if n! »he f»r -4Wi| tone \ afitgle vr*- *l on
|ft.* —*.*f k4 *t M dford— an ey *nt winch f»a- not occiiirrd
witM «• perhaf of lwei»tv*Avw y**wra, Himiim *a iioniol'
ab|f fill! i' a coif* #|*|e«*re ; everv ave»'iie of ti.ide i- rlojf
ge.|, and iik* hvnic- ntr compi lied to leave town, arching
emptoyrm-nf in other piim.
Ihxcn Thior wint Bi ncrt. -l/»ti I'm, Ccua la \Vi»atf
havir .• b e one a ) *k je»rt ftbrietgb the bm bat and Ibof
Scai h t Kdlwiy, the e»»rerpS«mff ln|4fn.*4w men of that
city r -Ccntlv held a meeting, at wblefi It an determined
flint a f*a I - w> dd b wet on font tat »lie tho exportable pro
dnec of th-- Ciet fr? from that p'»rf directly t*» Mrofmal or
other markela ol K* gland.
pi» v Oftwn Amro* • Tte* P-tawwn rd ho
mu m • at At iw»-|>lH a'« l h ir**h Ring and Q-»wwn > und np
fee*.**4 Wm II Rrraley p.f*tm«ater fkh «•■••• wi’l rawlr# man
At (Hi • iw a- a tfCi •>« IM r am- fr w» RleVnaod W» rappako.
fw«*k dr I* «4 4 tp-eMv um 1 Oilaaway eiVwwlw a* IJv -t*
Ovtf. t'4 t I tr » e* rte.iwwa M 'O f »*»l i lv.il
a Innai-I a*«lr«-*yOr-ea.HW'VR<<ni*itg.vw**i.«liw»4iWi.r.*
• g.l; t J It •**»•.*« M l V rh. 0-r.--rihfWr fW M ttu
e9*n>w> t. rea jra 4 . •’ J .»tv*«, 4! tn'm. P lc*y rarHw fanfil;.
ik. I 1.1 r «fi|t f 1 rg *t. <o4 fm M binder*. ITn.lr Aleo .
Uv««ew iwwt|i cWr Jt*a* • A fetitnl, rwgwd.
A V’taumik l.kPY ix Ta.aiL*.—Tha LouUrilte Journal
alate* that Mia* Kim Canon -I, lia« bwo aent to lit* awk
Immvv in ihaleilt, lor having clreul.ted an "uuiragvuua
f hamlUII" in which rliarg a not til to apiwir in print, a.ra
pi. l.-ied ■YM.II -un.l. V l.oui■vtllain,. The Journalawra;
'•She ..originally lr.na Virginia a hern -ha U aanl to liava
rvaiM-ci ,l4e roonaiion* She has Ihvh r*ei.|,i,g in thia
CilT Ini awveral > rwa, and ha. b- an noted for g i nline.. of
dre*. and pudndon of jewel, y which ah# an |,. (hr hahit
of wean ig Maay liar.- aupp .well Min* Cam ml to be .i|lv
(eel to meat.I iWra ton.. She U picin well a'lv n .'ed
ill veara, (Innigh hy no m.m< veiy ni l ha. hen, in
Yidavd III many little law.ulU, anil vo evidently a tenor
Ui th« h gal Intti.riiilv."
The Court • atyiiittol li.nl ul her in ftMiai Ui anawer a
uii'd.iiiieaimr and in f3iai u> be of go.,,1 Iwhari w lor >i*
month*; In default of which .he wa* aent to lh* and
hiniv... hut we perceive by a later report that aim procured
hail ttu lh* lollowiug day, and *a* r. I. ao d l,om ••durance
. yUc.'’
I .Yi kllMIt.lh
On TViarwlay cY.ali.g, the Huts m»i., at M. Paufv Chareh. hy the
It. r. U. Mamanwlr, JUII.Y VVoHU'Ji, ban, to Mo. Ll'Cf bo
iiannan, oil u ti>i« a itjr.
AlOrtiidfiuy cMucboil W.-»li» «<lajr «rvrt»lntf, No* Itih. M )U«
* J Jut K » Nr. KOHfcltr W. OL1V kk atul Ui* I'ANNlk A.
* M >H»M S, »|| ui Ui.ioity
I ^ HiuitotUki AU , and CmciaiMli, U , p pl«>a»« copy.
Uo TturwjU* ni.uidur, U»r *MI. luhltnl. kjr l»r K. H »lu«ril, DA
» III I* IIALl.y of U.ihohUiitl, lu Mui k. M. J Uhl ir, of tin* dijr
, Oil.IV.
III Utloavllle, Alabama, on llialltlv loti , l>r JOHN it g.VKItt.r,
form,iiy of Kit.* * Ilham canny, Va.
t'.aanuil Coal aarna —Ttw folluwlug gvuUewea havoWexap
|... oied 1 >.I.,,i. . I,, tkr Xoaiheru Cumuwcrial Vom.-ntiuu, tu U,
I“ M at Pavaunah. Ileo.ylo.oa IIm aih ul UvrtiuVrr aeat:
JtWIPtl MAVO. Mayor.
J.W K A„Jrr...n, Itaii‘1 II London.
Wm II Mv tartaud, K H He ,i|. y.
Iloraee L Kvut, ll.vM J Hurr.
•< " P'f. It W It , l.ar.to.0,
R tl llaa.lt. Jidiu ti.Luur.,
II 0 Cal*, tl, W P hoi.iian,
Ricnard tr Morrlaa Jvl... It oo.bh,
U 11 Mallard, Jehu f. « 0I.4..1 lh,
Jot'ii VI gotta, J..1.U It bcttauu,
Kd •> II..AIn., Ja. I.y„„*
L W tl.aarmook, W l,u Idiu.
Tta.iuai. It Price, C W Pure, II,
A V Ploa.a, J Daeelipnrl, Jr,
W ui P Triplett, H P A,car.
Ttlu Pampo.it. Join, r Tanner,
J A Co«nr<l,a, Paiu'l Ay-1.,
rred Uranafoi J, J fall.-U,
John Jour* Wm P tl ur
UPtluueli, J T II,ill. r,
Il tv Ml.lie* U V Unitor,
It P 1 iiialcy, John It glair.
II It Uickia*un, Co nway Rohd.mn,
w M llarrieun, J A Melvin,
OCR o.l, (t Y Liodr.ua.
Ja. K Ca r, T«... tv McUauda,
J .I..I PCa.k,,., J .lot Dove.
Pou'l T ll.,l,y II. v i.l Curt Ir.
A A Vl..r...n, Win * Mll. l. e,
Ueo K Ciulul.flal.1, Hubert Hl.laaaY,
Tyr.r VIiii|.,ii, Dar .l J Kaiurl. i*
tv II..n Hl.'tiarrt*dt, 11... VV ilr, (trr,
Ida it, K Jdo.'.i,, Cl,,, a W«„y ui.
Prank P ram* Al-thPoV ,,
Ja. A v .u. Cl. i. r VV ,il,aiu,
llemy Thwentt, Il A William*
Jaitle. Wln.u.u. III VI Alt Mud,
Arch'd Pl.-aaai u, John fooler*
AmlrroarCarlton, John II tTrihornr,
Wm Palmer. Ja. II llranl,
Il Crvlitliaw, J.m, II ly .ailrv,
VV aif VVila.o, Maul., a IM.oey,
Jol.l. lhh*ui, li „ VV It tod.-lpl,
Wm J Scott, ti, „ H Peake,
h r K.K'ai.,1, HoAMa.o,
l.ather 1.1 buy, f. ,t u,Vf».
A 8 l.ee, Ja* II f'er*uw,n,
JP Taylor, Wm tiny,
U.o'l K Mtitart, Jnu Ouoley,
K 11 pktnker, (I tv Wal erd.
KHII-.P,. Thn.Ttl.le7
J* Jno O II hum.
Ku W lluKhri,
,1 m* * "‘-IM I H III It \ I V. — AN,11 IICli
*W^S^e Cl Ilf HV UXVUt.N l run 1IITI KH8
„ .... Ucaukdrux, Vr , X... it, 1(81.
.—I !*uuer««! fur a iuui » ;c«r |ircriwa« to tv| «|.r i,.
iron i raiiilo llic action o. t|i« hrart, •lildi, like uto«i *vt|t
• f« btuuUrlj .III I Ml'i|h.<« I u* 1h* nii t»r|{-m «• Ji«. a rf ami l»av
inK *cc. «lK- /Ar|,y,/..»/4Nf ffUUr9 I.IjMy rcv-u.iu. 1. Ird fur Um- in
•n. 'i c »h>, I p.ticurti aii<i u««kl a nujr bulilv, ai.li milrt. »uc
T.f I AA.*rtV('t»le hymptotiih «pec«U/ dUhppeuvt, at «1 I hrvt- ne».
r, c aw pt in one or i»t* lu*Uun», a»il/ acwuiilr l U.r, ItuJ any
'V ! • i 1 '*,U’ Whv“ Ul<J *crcta!“l> rc.uuv. 4 uy k mukIc dour
ally of opinion Inn Uu« bknIIcIiiv U of m q ie«t|ouabl#
| know that I Agree with iu uiy InUrlligsat pi,/deigns )I hsv, iu. p,
t-iiiou iu }K running tMi ccrt-Acalc to Itr used iu any a ay tint will
prattle u> more gwucral uw ^ K a. M A.SMU'uY,
k lltor of lhr Uuii'ugtou ( •>*/ hr.
HKTH W. KOWI.K A CO . 184 Wm*lt gto» htreet/bostou. “wcH>
ar^S OflMf. NS »| I Ul. I ICI N. A. ,v.
| kKs --S plcs*ur» in referrli g to U r Virtue of DaYI** Pa|\
V 11.1.Ml We iitlr used lit- article and found it valuable Tl.
j <«h of tills artfrl* tut .e timed Mat * U he>,.,»J ail prrcedent, •
• h.'itli of the ••lit* e will show — {Clocii.nal, Couiuo ic.al
luvia* VkuCTAULV Pint Kiu m: Wcttr*! i.eud of th s tncd.clnr
durlng a v Sit to the N-w J ugla-l Ptvtev. atol bei g *lru. k with the
■ . •. ih • tnl a. •, .11 I .. I i | . .k • . mi.. l.,.|>iirjr ih -ui .
w w re •ur|,fir*l to learn tl.a. it w*a kept «:-U* suU) Iu lh «
• *f Omd . f t.;r ttiliat.it mis of tlie cities and village* where stop
;•« I, to to ipol In »-a»es of su Idea attacks *.f pa*n, hum*. s.ald*
*’il t* - .rd l» keu.it ill l< tl.is at li'ch CiouiueU-latiou,b,»tl
UJ .1 »afg •» I. I j»by»i isi»s —{Pio.Ml.|p\.a k gie
KiriA I'At* KuLaa —It is a i«ml pitrasurv tu us to sp. sk
. laMjr <>r iia ar»i-!<* knuwrt aiui at umveisallv lo be a go t *». .
* - i ■ .
i. i * : ly ■••r colds it* the *inur,i ui for various nuamuri c*inplatnts
ao I '*umld he tu every la iniy The casualty slitcii tkuisnds It, mm
• o unawares.—{Christlat* Advocate.
Valc tui.il Midi, tax - The sale of that remarkable and Uu y valu
.lie prcparatl'Mi, terry Dav * i'aio Killer, n constantly and rap'd
.v <• Teas i.g. llur tig th« past year, die d«-ut:iud for tins ^r. .1
r Ku iv lias iieen altog.'tOcr unprecedented. A.iirccly a ssrk |mihi
1 •» it ■ c wl. i w.- do n.-l hear of some reuia kal.lv cur* tiaVu.g
i. ,1 p. I r fined, within the cir.de o our aci(ua.ntauce, t.y the u*- ,»
Terry l>* vis* Pa iu Kilter "—{Pror. licit Adv null—slcw^w
up' 1HM.I.OU/UN Mft.I.H.—Wll»K-. vit.
TIIKV ' ITT-Well may these Pin. b« called »;.«»./
• • 11 r IIm*J i . g .(■ I tl, » 1411ou* ||u i.| i.
gi *> . Hvsii the in-.f «i dogmatists who rcgai d all deviation* t,
' • •»*'•*» • « g •. .r* 1-tffld i.y t.e oe* o Iv.p. p.
• • • . * And . - i f a .. ,IM .*• . .i I.y ii .*«>•. !• .
*1 41 u,< mail i» tael or lea No a* Ms.den Loin, New Y..rk, *i, ;
I«rr Ku. U<*t4
A 1 * * *• » •« v i.i i m. IflAWIsfc* • • i
"4 ami Hlauk
a, I An
terminal sTvv Main street.
____ citAiamn a lath nor.
1,0 lie OII.MKKK*. 188 boi i oft i t || I
■ JOHN Kt-llf lf,
No 10, I8ih
1*1 •* •• l>*». IS II 14a ll I SIKH I llklla v \»
*8 *1 IHts, recetvifAg, for s »k
iStKOSa M U II \ tjN. |
'99 * M.I.HH si «;.%!*. Iml ng su I or by
DAVKNPOU1 % I.I ■ . , ,
CtOas t INI I —(.urge A Id 40«J l»e.l «| | ality — &l OaSeS, f. r «al.
J bT liA% KMMIIi■. AI.I.PN A ho.
JL fill) 4.1 k s.ll tllJ.S, ol the very teal qunhues, J st n
c ved. and war rantail fresh ami g w*l, hy
I.AIHLkt a KUUINvON, Chen,Ids,
•til > I ft ii.al n sla.
A -v « \ im Is.I NS % \ I# 4. 1.4, A I I > I., f..r Jdlir.. It)
■ Ma t*•. All Hie vnr.i tl- - an,| h*«i q.nhti for «.ile i y
I.AlUhKY A KOHINPON, Cne ns|«,
Itliai it » kltn tit
18 I n,.l\l \ Utll.\K'. .1 ,
hrands, at I.AlHLBY A hOHINM
New Drag i i . i f
* 1l#< N ric % it '< i I mm ti .-A large lot of >umy km
> W l >*. MV miner Kira larg~ «dse*. suitable for Co*l Pi! hand*
► ■•r s tie l,.w for • a«h only.
|'l IklNMbl.OVI', Ju« r .It .I a rlH.lr. |..i n, Vi.
▼ f«i., mail, tbi.knhi Oj.itibi. an M.irt lllt.rr.
*.«, ", * *i|*.ru#e»fUel« ... ii.rtty.l t«. ^.11 al Mnirn, r.» Main
miaiwmi. i. it ii w
44 '**» b l I.l. Off II 4. N I *—Titc ilire* aiury ini. k
3 anl M*lu r.lllACft KACTOltl on II.4I1 street, Pel.,. ^sX
*ur»r V » , ii..* in tli« .. .-upitncr of Junes ft
• gff'rr l lor sale |inV4Jrlr, #ir for mil
Tui* • * uii«)i|iuimi*Mjr wo* ol lhe iu >st • on vrtitent and admlr »f>n
+irmiig d fa* tom * in tit« Hislc. and It no of *1 If b|y situated. from
me aWit il • ret on t*uor*.,i«*e iirc- i, «n.l KT* lo t on llifh street.
in.* f>\' o y has recently l» en built (a portion of it ju*l cm
plrte.lt of t> * l»e«t in »tenol9 itriil In the nm«t wnrkintnlikeiMUtit.fr
Wilit the view of currynif on th* niiot rtt«n«iVg hu«rneo« in all it
l tail*, w.i. tie »*»•..i • ftiivml.-oce, and to llie be#t advantage. Th.
fo y.vturrt. also, whh.lt ur* very complete, untl of the b*r*
1 ' it l*rgt In# tgft of we*.
wnoTie l |i x Timticr. of sycamore ind other kinds
1 * i-r i • ny f»o- W*4hl prtrfttety be il* W| December,
l‘ ’• ffll*. ...» 1*1 . ^ , lie ao'il lit p Jh||<* ail. It II J.rcii.
foe term* for v YZ> to y, ij*phr itmti iu .t t> mi.j.' n h* sip.
• r *tr, for II.. If.x ir . and It .a Timber. to N J II.iI*,. i K*« , . If
e.eiiif pm toer of Joi*.* ft Hudson K. V JuNM,
Kirmlor Ih-nJ Jo are, demised.
**.t »!••• day uf!*r tin- shoe* sale, will hr sold hy tt J. Hu n .n, *nr
VIvlflf .• -rf , r. * XI- tt you g Md lUfefjT n.'r..*, MM||nf tit
rn ol * J. Ho |«.n ft t>i . Uirirmf whom ar* factory hand*, r,
fa if. ;k r*. ftri t « fir* rut** c.»oj»- t.
noJJV-tels R T J
C1IMI dlhiitlNI hV fttl.K t» iWJ ... i
J I, . N l» ON M»MKK CUKflCK, I\ rilhCtH M V 't/CIlAMI H
'MV '•< min** .... rs, .icflnf under ft leer* r of H*. f,r. t.Il
«.» - hail.*. »*hy r«u,fity, entered «t the Kali ferui of the •«mI .
r» tlm fear t*t l^'., it. the .nit llalr and * if again* ll ^v.'Al
>nl'n«trftf..r and ..(here, we -half, on Till R*IMY,ihc |>.b dry..'
ih-cemhrr. IWI, at O' arl*a City Court ll<.w«e, Hut h-trif < >urt«l«>
«#n at p '
• vd. of w »• r» tf.•* lot* llrnry Ifufftet dl- 1 •*»«.•■! fi uirlM —
T».r -aid r .f.d |i»a on fiav ffnMe wat-r, and ha* *n it a cwtftfnrtfttdi
IfdHkf .* wIM) AH r .»n«t mil alt m • -.srr rVt houa**. About
two huiidif 1 and Item y He* acre* of said land is In a good state n
cultle* on ftftd h*9 been limed Slid mftrfrd The rriidwhi well *, t
In w « I .• I tmih*r Thr *«dl of the W*m I* tr* I It eery food, 40.1
41*. -p .Id of th* Idyl**** *ffn»e of Improvement. l'.r*.,*,iou w.lfh.
yfr* u the 1 -t d i.ff of J-smtsrff, |V»7.
Tra 1* - Cash *• to eip*ttse* of sftlr and n.mm a-hoia Tfie re*t.
' < 1 If - V w II »M d ff ded hit to .f * 1 h ,,
. pa ff lUt T, -it. i« Ir*. etgfiteftft im l ir.t.'r torn m n
•i1' ' ' • 1 ffty of sul*. with ,4» ..t .
n * • 1 1 * •» 7 '*• «'• r li»br et from tr. 1 -ri*. m
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lo Hi* -*11/ o' l» • liiU"tt*l,otic w*> <d*n letieoieftt. .<n eroun l rent atol
*» I •••/ g v. «♦»» Hinith, to s »tr*fy *sM ei*e*rt<..ur.
T.w »|. wdl uke fdftce at hol -p««4 4 o*rl .k V %f pun*t.iallr
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DAY nefti. the Yftli in*l., 4t 4u'ctoM. T*r.-ns as aoove fi*ni**l
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r|1f||s 1% A i . UK s i i t. ff 1 , ! a. . . .
| At *k, stdl further a.IdlilnrM to o*jr rto, k, and are cnn(|.|*nt
th,1 -.-ir «a«*.r1m*-r»t . »n kin* all the fn- -*oir| srti:l*« f,,f a (irnu.
war ;*• mi 1 1* lift «IK| . Iftftll < «r* 4- , . . , ,, t|
rf • »*rder, arid for *fth* at 4 low prr«’.. W* m »y a ry ff. ry low,
• ‘ s r m ijf h.w Tina way, lh*n, for the h-«t Cloth Inf at ♦ r
low**: price for rash.
n», ft flO'r.rb N w »tyt * o' Oyer Coals, Dthi Ffseks,
Tm 4 im r V *. ii'.w Pi *,.»e* f.»r rli* e « ,»n*r.i» l-.ri off rt|svomr»n
for flUf Hit AMT AT lift Maim . •’.
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pel ... .0 low hy * | „,v way. HKtMIfoNO ft Tt'PMAff.
nodft | in \4a«n »tr« h|
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■ * AA ' II. ye*, a. d of- wlurr shall f buy Itrofft** '1
my ftbti-si.i • mid g.0 - * 1 f- • -t (rlbt 1 1, y..«
* Id M hod with oil TryPd* Hr of nes T > ...
an I •ha ll*. >r*. . 1 tr.. w
1 .-.i *ue «>..i I * n
b* A uw Y^s. wr w.ll te!| yo«. fr.rtnl ff you want lo bnoft Whrr
th* •»*«' and eh *p*«|, snd If you Irsfr* lo pay cash y.,o an y.»
th*» *1 at IV ff* ry 1 wrti m ,rk*' price, h .th faff men »nd h-.ys Tou
bftffr • dp lo rail 4l Nu Slfi H oa*1 s»r**-l, 4v- k>r Hid II iff nf b.
r m» -I. pir.ua r 4T tb* rfttlre Hod of Col. Il W. (| i.rles, ^Ibe
pfromtut Hr Mr maker of V irginta.) *h'> h. r.<f. |l*«r wl.lllUw
my >»ff . r o I r# my a*wwUw«iii it prraftbl fell and uwiplet*-, p r
h ti»* . <| iml tr* k’iy I tler .ly
!■ •* tt » ft I I* • II p-.-aa.- call Ml » .I
•*.**■" Ip* 1 hat »* g m t rd- *^e h H.m.of It*
h M-if H no, ftih **t r Ur*- ns*d «*♦ the a|.pr«.t*h ng srlniftff
rr.^^^Offff, pl^ftsv f**fti ftdlfft rbo ffhto, f s* -I ff.,. 1 . T.f
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Otwwm wm VM, Mat M IMS
Tb* Saw Torb L'uunu.-tcial Aiiiritiatr, of Saluda
Uw«.»«».w has MM further Baprw.d (alt* .q«< Ih
Wart. The -«pp J <>*• rail la abundant, lltr raaular rata reatalalii
al I * cunt, thong*. In mm Instances Uu larg r boa<« obtain
..awwuu-nu .l,.,*. Piluee lainaaullW papor la uni abut, ai
eo.l la H.g.-d 4 .rendatrtgtd.n l , Ball iu 4 • uaol lad.
!**';*• * *® ** ^”**• *'r l,n4W Hum. wUBIIiIt, BoW.-r
I .at a III Ike pari.- 1 unkal llm . a raaaa ram tnM.I risk. uau
ar- e »mi eraila-iy in Baa rtq last. and rai.ga all" m Ig |M i-.nl -
4 rtaMy neat i l%m -lugta uam.a go ir. , |y al lu per rent . and t*o
that ap t . IlUirn. aoLkuliuf lu lleolr .-errancy In llm uiarkrt TV
U a i-ir-rr .ul l.um outturns (InV, -in I aa a gm. r.l llnng a ,n ul
*■*'•** Uiai ibr prraaui lemraM. aspect u( ilia mar an will aouilun
Iwf Mni il«r.
Tim ha. h-an-lua roui|mrati*rl> ra.jr prmlllon. Tbrlr retur
—wd. puMm on Tuesday ahawud aa luarvaaa al nun than a maim
lu ll*e.i .I kuuul Hurt.and of three q uarters nt a million ,n Dm
specie averages the nporl IKI. seek ia lhal they are d mg I I
•rally hr Orrir ra-loamrk Tli. y havr had au addulun ol Igf ,uuii i
j lh«i. .lurk ollhri-rmh.ua Mriaia l..an C alitor la roam I art by 11
Ti-aa* on lij day, au.l ihry n.aiutnrr l ihr urrt wilh n.prr col
j than ... Vu.uoullmlarrol Iha work I, anuni.nl. Thay hat
probably alau rrcTit.J tome colu from lire- lulrrtur, aud Ihr du
bdracumuta vt Ihceub-Ueatury arr our humlrrd il.ou-ninl 4 ,11.1 a ,
tic.a. ol iha treefpia. TV- riporla -d d m.-ma- piodnru far if
Wa.-h bar* Inn u largr. am. ul.lmg lu atoia than two ami a half tm
liouk. IV ptjiuoui. loi dutlra dating itirw.ak w«ra about ala hut
urol ihuuaau-l -lollart
, Tliv Haiti moti- AMtintr, ul >aiiic ilala, itinarka :
Monty continuer rlrrt-dlngly l-gbt.altb.-uih Ihu mark-1 I,roam
whal carter ibau It aat a nay . r Ika tin. r Th. Banka ar. 4o
coutiimg .-. uipuailv. Ir little, uni llmru la cunt, qm-nl'y a gn al d. i
of |uatn-r u4"i mg ou 0»ealr.et. Yb<-4 reotat ran on U.o ttteel t.
•lav n.r lolrloi paper arr IVakhl S \< .ml, ami fur loam on . ,
n Ul. stork kaeur.tlee I to I W P ecu.. V moulh. Second c beat pa p.
In rlil-iclt Uliaalvablu
Imi'il \\ '.riant- art* ol ill in ginni li.titininl, ami have ail
tancud about tod.)l aera. Tlunuptuii'. Report.! quote. :
AcAT* Uuili g Setlli.g. I Accra. Buy i.f. Selling.
w i* id $1 I* I go gw fit
« »• |_ IW VI V7
Tat Km MKT tat Ktu lau Opt -Th- fad hat already bm, p.i.
that ih-ue.al Halkcr I s.fallen ou* wilt. hit old Iru-nd and lellot
» ibuner. Urn. Uolenrtk, end tbal the lad new. Iron Mcar.gua aa
Ul.- l.lt (liinrtinrln'il name at It. golVr llrneral In I hr army ha
i. e n "atrtekrn from ll..- r.dl *• Iinh-wla.il will be rrm. mln r- d.tu.
nua. ilte part In krmgi.ni.nl h, rrrolatlon.ar OWut a nhll. ag.
'" *■*.. aa.roni,oiled lu harr ihal l.lanrl llelim.
raiuwi.1 ihla e.ty, and. an ig a man of u-elm nnharkr-l hi. "I f.
ami mrltiur.an.l Idtkan.dhun ■>" In the Vino nf ..
N. arag-la It alkrr g a-lly aecrplrd hit ami. a* |. r.
|» a luaihul .onl Im r aud aal.tlu appolu ol limi mm Ir or i
v.« giamt llm Ir i. una drlayret hi. .leparluiefbr Si,gland u.ate
Ih. *-rue ol ilir tirogl'r *«fl»«va It Van and K »a- Till. hr. jg,.
*Krj ** * lr*1' *hlehlatu led lu llonwia bthiig "art adrift.**—.V. 1
A niwtiug III III,, rmtliloim nf Mot rip Koi, ileildi-l
* Oh. waa In Id al ll riulngUt.n u . thr 1th, wheu Iha on. nt-r.
IIcl.dl.I. , ol ll.e Arm acre a'JI.el at Cllt.uUII and tin; awtb al high
llm aBtir* of tl.r Company are lo hr eloard under a dreel .
RICHMOND MARK Klit. Not. MIB., I«34.
Ilenkati. Ibaillt tin* fotereo of boa imaa runs eu.ooili, .oil, i
kl.gl.l I..UI- in*. aaloBad by a UioUrtary alonel, "Imra and lliar<’'aeli |
per.-, pldtle on Ihr surface ol Ilia *U atm. tt r In ar lew cr . oinplalut
of “h .r.l timer** Ilian utual, am.mi nor t-u.l'lr-. men and llirrrfor
lake II f.o granted that all reach tide aremm datl>n la nlrnilr.
to Ihria lit III- Banka. Ii I- fat ..me.ally anuounerd In ll.r Knqui
i. r ll.et Ihr Hote*nor will nut rail gn Mira irealon o* Ih.- Vgktla
lure Oil. wilder. In lepandern of tl.e rrat.m, aigrd by thorn faror
lu* an aura araamii.ltwaa deorvel by many that the uieaaurr wuuli
pl. t..!, if for ... raaauti than ib.it iha city ni'ghtavail l*». If (.
Ole adeantegua retuldng. In th- way .4 innraairl Hade, from II
preartta of Ou- .W.ale S..IOII-, *ml thoee win. follow In Un lr wak. .
If lln-ru la really to hr m. raira aokVon. the Rank, will bare to ih
clde III a few Week, upon the acceptance or r.jecCon of the calc, d
cl charter* grudgingly griub-d them at Hu- la I aria Ion. Tuba, c
k.-epa Up. but Oirra are oceaaional r>niplows of Uaildiiy eihlhlic
by apt C'llat-r* Wr beard „f , e,„, rer-elllly detrh.pcl. In whirl
tin* holder of varlnu. parrel, became apprelieu.lre of a decline, am
oir rod .» mil .an al con and ffd* a.hid lla fuand a pur hasat
and th- . itne tobacco we. .ubt-quenlly rear.hi it an ..trail C .
♦ ;.~t! prirnr.of all article, quotd routtnur nearly aa last rrp.„t.,i
■ ff/»n«ll(If Udufran/r /H-trw In HU
Iny) •mall ttrd^rm, ruU* A.ir** t.* />*■ jmid
III. a Hey.I a iri.rle -y lo ra.t.r tel .. he maikrl hi.-ahl
lot..| no change .me ».r las* report A. deal, re t,uy .parm-lr
.1- k. ralh. r ; umulalr the-, diminish W* .. u Ir »tde« al V*
Shoulder. da; llama «•; To l l*, farall) Img reum
ll i'Ih ; lo il.ttii*—itikti# in nubfkrt.
Unnwai.-We qm.le al gtt rent. |f Ih In PhlladrlpMa, ||,e U
•| t .iklmn. arr *.*7 a la ter R. rakb.
lla...tm—H r quote .t *1>>® i,i.i, areordln* bt quality
III « fckT'*. AO.— VI.- •i'll*!t* I'.atlit. tj Itu.krt* «|, 4pU; |hft,
h half. p»!u(r«| »'h.1» ‘2,.'i. r joint; llr«vy C«UrTub«8.Vi&5 •
n «i llsNtjr (YiUr F»*r«l Hu< krti. |m*» <1. t*n
IU ri r« —T1»U •riK’ir CMiUuucs iu cum* or»nn! fu rl* HV nuai<
-«*«- 1 **‘ » Jv• ’• "'i ICWhI ;u I'Mitu , « IniIu lh>ct* ; fur Vrr
. lN«le« anitJli ria. Hoahrti al tu,U J ot«.
CaBM.*. We quota VltinatilUir al *.\j£ 44 rvnU, u III mkIII)
Mitel.. I!’. Patent Si.r 14 MauhalUtnvijir Pst. 31 v ; Tallow. Ja. k
o.n a. Irt^r . S|*en . rt*.
Ckbkji r—W« quota Jam** Hirer hydraulic cement at f|.7o.
Ct»AU—Anthracite, we quote as l.dlow* ; red a*h |6 %• u|,,tl
do *0 ;.Vi7; Uuumim.ua, UHiveredat Puri Walthall, or at H r char:
o)q»«>4<te lt,M-krtta we quote at 14c luraierage and ami*ha’. Poi
tv nar. to consumr*. $’ ,.“**• tor l*uiit|> ; $.*• lor Had. -ante price ...
iVitt-Wr have nn unable t » hear of anv trsnxatlnns >|qo
“"r l !* T**' hu’ > eta w\ | a.ill r. juts, nt Um
tasrket The rctn tnhrtor• of the great drought which inrfl..
! ter Ondi ^'U,T,‘,>r,r• fu,,J W4rr**'** D u expectation of high prKn
*'•»«> Mkil. Weqttuffat h*icents.
HUotc H o at ’»•*<& 1IX for In'erlor to prime; Ugua
vr* at I!V<’jW Vt* ; Java IA4016X.
C*»tt*ix Yau«-Wi quote at l%^u ru.
I kiri.-fk- —We qaotr t .V) ct* lor prior.
gi-Ml — Al III!* k-.aoo of the j. tr there I* v rr 1»tt*e hu«!nr*a trxna
» !• *1 ;n |» ck1e*l KWh. Wc continue t**e hitnmrr qnUat'.ms of II. r
r ' *r * ** * 1. win hare nearly nominal, v t ll ti.l-ix llemi.v
* * V *’»•« . N «’ a .| Potomac VI • at f.’ <, lor v I *r..
%l * r N N 0. i*had, No 1, lot, y bb|.. and
4 “ • ,,r k *»i onl W-..k*rcl hat Invu exhauste*. and u<
nr*. In* pt bwli rwtltrt.1.
Kt.* iWr quote at $1.&-uAl.6i).
Ju>ra The *narxat H u.i hang. .1, and «.em* to be scarcely af
»>. fore at $tJ for J*4|* rflne, w.U.tr. the range of which figure
there Her- J tolled ath • |.,-d 'f
Karir. - We quote Orange, tnbhla fnigii, Utxoo*, liibx«.iM
l; nc#r buncli R*l- n*. In t* .le:, $ I *4 ; !.%!• .] . . f ■» vg qr ,| , t |
11 '■ .♦ X l»r *-« ; I'tAjarum. 1J-. Hi*' it.111. Curri.ni.
•’ "f.-1* : Almond**, a. j* , lG>«g'Jil.; If. .a,.
H«V‘ »%«.—W.- quote at 47.X rf* nominally
Ol' .m> —w- .1-1. IVrnv ,i, ,t *.Vi tiro ; X. «*<-tn at ♦..<(
* ' • l,-»-Of* -.per pt.vph-,'. •! l.|oi., *I«.X Ttir
over, tic sales Ore lt’ii I* d.
-|U-<- liu.lln*, prr krp, OXOUX: Spot liny
II»» • -*> .Iio-r !«i.rthrrn .1 *•> cl. I>. U« crpu from «l,li..h,.,r.l
•I IVnni t'nrr. r
llir.-IV, ..lot- Jrjr,»t *XUI'*: »nJ ..I!,-,! .1 9 rt, 0.1
«lli*, 9->(f6t-.|,
In.,. — iv. p I’-p •• ♦ O-itn-ii in KurllOi IHr. *•«) Ki.u
• K-flncI *«>'**». . M«m-« ; Tn-I irtr uk| .rin*.n
i* 1,1 ll.*; AnMfrlc.n l.,inni.-ri-,l .titnu, |iil
q,,OU b4**‘ ** cU; k*e. IVtPl.X -U rrdl1.il ll
I.a tn We quote pig 4if cash and tlma. hxr T(/fc7Wr.
Lima — W. qu »»cfr*.»u store «t $! Jat.
M«h.amw. ThnC a n*> prime M. l»a*ea In flr«t luolt of rtthei
x a Oi le »na t r Cut-* W- quote the former tinmluatly at gtcti.
<*»•!•; '••tg tr ll-.uar H/rqi T'^75 rp.
Mill Omi Wc qi|o|« Pr hi at l-'if»IM eta ; Shorts Vn eta IfY wi
' *ilT. ?•* cfa ; Phtp Htt.ff. 4*» rt
Nut**—We quote •• 01.1 Dominion** brand at 9 \ eta., ca4i or I
4 riiotit'iH
t»*Tx - \\ -• q i dr at 4Act«. per bushel.
!•«*< - Me qu te l;u. k lived at !» C
I*i.awtmn Tt. market i« Hare of Immp. an I we quote Uomlnallj
*’ • 1 v * * V -r ground Hie»e la an active demand. We qm*ti
^ bM r"-’' iKh ttnioiid klilla,) at ?*X |wr bbl; Cal. Ined $.*,47
»*** “ We quote Nurthern mercer at dt) eta; Hwcci at *JV,tir
•J'f |e*r barrel. ,
1*10*.— We quote x| | ‘f.ri cU.
Kf * Wc qu.de at eft ct*.
'M.r We q I'*:•• ”M irsl.all** an.I •• Worthington ** at $1 «
ishtoti'a $1 Su«>l m.%, and Onamd Aluut at $1 9-' frr.ru *t re
n** We a,, i ,.-»r of hut little business in Cover H-ed, at %x x.
» l.idirD Were soM . II Friday at f7<Q»7 l*Jf. Htrletly j-rltue n. «
IV t 1,1 Inuati mi l^tb, «r>9 buahrls w.n
mumax W qu«tc New Orleans al l<»W<thHX; v.-ry rholce I:
*. t-uhH -none In 4r*t l.and We q i..«e rejlr.e.1 Xurars a* f0|
»a- I’..tfe . A and ll, white. 1 V.4II 4 eta . V. vrll..w, I*6*If *4 .
ViMhod ai.tl Pow.h-rol 14-v i\t ta . |^».*f !4X rta.
t* 'AT—We qu'dv Hr ifn. city manufactured, .it 4X‘ Northern. SA
t cell la. Colptn 7 V CU.
Friami.—We quote Brandy, (Hard at llenneaacy ifiX
Af*JWl; Jamah s Hum $4‘. Neo Knyl-ui.l |pur*-| . ntr dr
Wh»«kj|4.VsfckB «*'• - I’carh Hrandy. $1,4f»; Va. App4r 4Ari7f. ets; Nor
*e.. do 4.V . H.uiin.| <||ti $| Jt«4rbt: American do Hg cents’ W .
vV^lH'.l rU
r..ni< • .< - Tb- li-M rr-ipi« Mill ltm«l quit, in II,- d-manit.
III p.rl ..f man.ilj-t.ir. r., pr,. -* in -u.< mnl, ami w- ninllnm
I.-I ati.in-. * a: N. « Prlii.li*. *' 4 Inia'♦;V
•I Imp. 4*tfcl*H; I-a'.omnm-. , «IH^I6; few ftbtpp 7.
lifts,'«la; ft I- III iifa.ii. rl.. a ||ftiftp,;i |mi, nlln« i..qi-l|iJ
Iliir.T Tb— mark—i l.q. ..I—I no rliarm*'.In, - nnr la.l r,
'!«"•. 1 apt llmt to-1,it il,. n- *«• ratlirrmor. MIi.-m p.pi.l.l
“k r.—eip(« bjr canal, •« far, thi< men'll, af- al-mi l.fnw | ,.
■ Iranc* nf Ibc re -Ipl. tor tb- cornnpnii.tin, pcrbal «f la.i rear -
I ba* bl eu .ur.nl«ril Dial III- bulk cf II..• ft.,11th (III- -repa I,a. Mr
■ krkrlnl W- n.nl line In q irt. II,- -llr-m-> al fl bftjtl ftA,ea<b
iv,a.p.—Oak 48.7ft V evrif, Pin- *.7t.®ft, wbnlrMle. Tb-mall
» < -1 are fft U r Oil, fur Pin**
VV(*»L.- \f> quote waali.-d. Comm >n,at ct*; nnwaahcd |pft
' » r.f» ; Mvrlno half hired tU ; do full Mood pt.f l*i elf on
r 1 II u r r onw idled
I.IVI ‘TUCK Jamb Phnok r*p;.rt* . Prtr Ctrn.r |7»ffcA V
»t fur g . . I II .». » N . I an! te Would .111 .» I. giM.r price
Nu a'v* ah.v* thl« q?iotathmi h*v. been mid.? for tome Urn* pi«t
•y in- Inferior lt«-*f command* » letrr prlr# Amt*? and I, ivh«
\l .'hi U I . p, r head, a rurd og to quality II m* t.. $ • y , w\
K m' to* S . Very re nit dig »<nt« for Ja*nr« rlfrr. The dr
mini for v. «• )« Iim 'I'lnlitUlinl.
Ih.Mmnic It •!.»»,, {Mcent y Mil fd rM y hhd. tobacco. to rente
. r wiMiie. -Ill ia»4 Cl.If y In.v tobacco, X* « York, if* ivtiii y
• fifr« y Mel Ubiecn, »t renta y who),, and lAfc ,1# V . h.,i
XnllillMt doing 1*1. I ide'pMi to cl* >1 M* I J At I ft »,», d
Hore... 2 9,. -t* |» wh.J. and lb off. ? \ bug lobworm ; llalT.m. re
6 • nle y bhl. ff.to y Hldl. U baorn. Id.- per whole ami 12 c. If
1 bui tobacco.
IIivai. Xnv 9.- urt»«k-TI« demand for American fl-or b «
*n«tderaldy tmprnvod,| ,rgr • hii’mrnt* Hein* ma te t.. ApanUh port*
rn -r» *« <tielu.|c tS.rga, l»bl« Hew V .rk at »af. r ft owe
Mr extra Hex tal » .t* of Fl tud- Ipt.ta Mid mi 4<», and Halnnmr* l
41. Amrrtcan wheal, red. •» Id at a|f.
M iMaaii.t «a Or t A » real* l oder (he InAmoee of a c ncral
frclnie r( th#- interior, and large «upplle« from ntiroad, oar Market
*4 fid.nwed tlie Mtn* nKiVenieiit, a,id we have to rri»ort a |,*avv
I cltne w
lPH"«. Md If* -H efral*- W irket Orra Wheat o ld at uadg'tf. R«.
Aavwrar, X *v I T- hac«.» airady, ai"l Ir* gruel dcoiarul. A»/ ck
*47 H .df Virginia. Ill lo K rituefcj Angar Ami CefeaU^-With
Ini: bt**l •• 4, pr.re* ».: ado a« an I rjre ha e ilerlinad.
AuerrHOia. N v. 1 —T.d*»ern tte*df; •*!*• litiP ed <•« aecoubt of
he am*11 -to k To* tra 'ho.* Include fTo l.h !*. Mar>l*ntf tf
’1 rti.w we have •ev.-nl grriViil*. end •t** *tock now aoi, imt* ?n
■» *:t t.t 1 M rvi-tn • and fro d>> Jberuf Ofeal«~Wl.cit flat and
•tulet. Hvc nncliangnl
K 'TT* n.a. Hoe. 2 -Tuhwwi- Aalc* tnefnd- |A hMa. Marjland
« ./«ilin* fh. r- arr v. d if hlet* per Onntort from H .1 imore, of
which i:*H ».hd< w re *<dd bef.rf^ arrival, et#K*k in flrtt hand* Ati
hhd* *f«rjr|»od. k| Virgintn, and 3 J* A.em«. Carcali quiet, and nn
large tranaaetton* r* ported
MA •• ran. bav. I - fntra. m active and Arm ; the *ah • include
bhd« K- ntnckv a* fail r*t»** (h r-at* fhir rnark*t la dull, and we
have 1* reit*fl no I *rge Iran action* Fra»■ id wlieat Miatalnrd ;
rjre »• ft re*l it derliitiwg rate*.
Pvrrria, Aav. i.—Cereal* Wheat nnrhanged, with limited eate*;
rge active
liarr/K-. Oe*. Al - Omt* — Floe qualitlc* wheat in -’emand at fnrt
r*t • Mv *• ttve and Arm.
I'arrantaao On /7th -(’twain Wheat active aid Arm, Kte
rciree M. ek of lin*e* d • xhaaaled.
On*«w«. Oct ft" 'Vreal* Ti e tnpp'jr nf w» gat from the Interior
•1"r I r/-* nr»e • have dw*d neit Cofr. quiet and n •mlnnl
l at»-*r»:. O • *• letnr* fee* lvrd tf ■* P*traa fe|*ort the wh* le
• rop of nr'»**•» «« d.qq— 1 r*»Oio*»*4l4»*i h«.a*e» r«-fu*e order ■ b .
• IV lI'flM** to oMalo the qn III Hie* w*nod Al Xlfl'- , Ane qnRfitte*
curt «nt« we * aefting *4 H Al » «phai ni* lire «P*rk Vi* redt» e.|
And MM a 72
UoawiiiTiaom g. Oct. 94 Oer«nl* -tfurlng the weik 1^0 chdo
•rn *«4d hrr tl»# \ff-*titerra*>eari; wt.ea* ha* odvaneed ff.«» *&ii>
per ebtkr, iiok, i/ri.iM' ehilo wheat, lo/uto ebtlo corn
Jf KW YORK W iKKrTA, ffr v 99
fVrrr ig -The hear »re«* n.derf In *H*r la*f ripened to a decline nf
c t F*. 11 \c being the oo««lde qu-.tit»nn f. r Mkf <tlnr l?pt *1 d« ,
on till* tailed to create arif mhtenal %ct,vit/, exporter* h*'nf •.**
modi r nnlf pwrehaarr*. eptnner* evincing mieh f'lu tan ♦ 11
m-tig t »ew »n1 , th v and l »atlng • further d*rtinr W th ratdd y
ucrrafi'ig r ee pt* At flib* p*«rt, and unfavorable n« w« from at>r<-a I.
*-e #rad» fr*rfa Ijr afv 'h r to tbttilr that any material improve
m tit la near at hand Th City of W %«htngtn*i and tflagnei*# new*,
idviag j« of a * oady market a*, l/verpool.qaltr gnrxp cted totn*ny
h* re. Ttit* fact n *• checked all Wrakneag. and nnr market ti- aw
with a d free n' *tn »»*«h at owr q to* at lor •*
Flora Amllvrn F'oqr ha * ru'ed comparafVvefv quiet, And with
ilq irrivals, »nee# hav# gorolnoed m favnrefthr hgyef. al
'V' lfb hut (Itit tl pa flirt> ha* he#n evinced tw prg** It* Mir Ihg
•ni* a » high pel e* of WIm a* *| the 9 a hr »*d* r» It ecftxln that
• hi *«fpt» y o' f nr t'onge, rhad *#.rm fill ■ f r*\ tdly, a* at the pr~
4 I'|irp#4 he r, AHffVr I W'fl'tt and Fhtppef. *rr «t»-da nt«-g a
o*»•<*•» rahh- o *f hgnoe m my h»» der in vP w of th* m^deral* eta* k
»f .Ye hrn are dimed to NM Mr *oM- rbaetl n wMeh ‘f b*W Irq
g thihlr g« all ga if dav The dmilbm b»e the gryk »a iwoi.'u^dR
fAi p hht Richmond vAwntgy cwuttwugg dull and be**}
N#Tj«iwBtir« *»
U1*M - A toff f.««l<l*aaid l«>« |-i««tLktl Iwr WU*I, priin Ipal
v hi export, though there haa slew me* a tan tnqu-ry ftwa the »**•
ea! ai ll-e», aa» el aha have Keen nereaei'ated. ki th*l» meagre
J •• *ww the view. «f seller* TW ava'labi- supply ha. al
so reel‘word email, and aa aver eg. -dvaace «.f two .*ea«a hae h,«
- Tu-aday- sale. Mam bush. « WI.Me lio.ro. al
* !,<T** T5- »'lu Canada I N0|,l», Mat White ft-url. ru.
I Vl.iT- the Rye market t*|ra, and the d*a»*nd la krUk »..r«sport
. *'••»“•••«». hut the ho.li.s** U restrict-d by tho llgt.t supply .
S^hviii k««hr:. al M^hT wau fer luf«tU»r te prime tl,.**
1 h**be~u a better d.uiaml fur Corn. and wt-h limited o*-lnt»,ts
•ht*’ cent* better. The Ac«t |>ar el of ties of the a* *«--»• a ««
•»(fe<e>lat the C»ru Rx-‘t«a -g* y. eterday, hat te*. out •.Id, w« be
'•ev* ; It wee White North tJar.llov and a very fair wa|4 i* <um
"* am th s.a*n wd*., sale* fO.is.r bushel.. il»« market r’-at g
* strung • It^TS.enUU r •. u. d We-t.ru »Hr4.ai>d n^Tifor
Hvuth.ro. Oata have Uc»»o.r vary scarce, and with so active de
m*2:L of *<£« ceuta haa beeu t stabiui.ed. closing
at for ihuaih.ru.
* ■*** —A futihvr rap'd decline may he n«ded In our Pork Market
. *mm **9 •••*. »b» Wade being wady t« aa |dy thetr aa4 praa* m
•lug vtnU, and ti e weethrr being (*v..»abl-, Picking kpcaa*
nieao d w lb c>* isideeald* animatn.n, throughout the courrirv, and
* "*■ •heady In receipt of new me-# tr- m Uuciituail Tl.te. gag
* p al w.th liberal arrivals uf old. hare In--r earn d tho *ni.*ty on,.!,
d rs «•* realise, and to d -. eo have subm tt.d tug decline ©• I If huh
lJld p b*d an Mem. and Ail to on Prime. 1 he Ut er la-tng To
fteilv d •ui-pir and moderate nqrnai, Us ealuo to qu.U u. run al
Toattws— Rear*»«»• Inactive, withoutchange In pen**. M.nufar
r •W-j h mMlmt q pet, the receh-t* of Mist mode frw n old Leaf are
v-iialf,and fvr such price are Verk Aim, with an upward Irphai.
»•**' b-»|k of the supplies now coming forward are made up • f cun
a»-*r» S'* and Vs wiad* front n«w Primings aodluie, eh*rb can le
bvugt.1 at rather easier rales than those current during the past two
ItAV.TIMORlC M * RK» TF. Now. Wd.
C«*ri**s —The demand or Cation this work »• asb.cn lees ft- »n fur
tn.-.v Week, past wing la a great degree tu the awMlbnod Mrfngdu
e> ti Hie uivney uark«l. Menu'aotur. rs are par- ha-u-g only to
* supply heir tu-imMUie wants. I dlgvu g that a reducthm in prl . s
niast . usnr as Ute r. c*ipt« are increasing. at d more | srlkuUriv so
. If the demand fig mom cuutinm s ns pre-slug lhr sal*a of llm
Week have been ab ut * g lo **» h*l, * at a .c|.of V. can « u
tl.* price* obtain* *1 hsttuk, and we rhsnp- our quotations m
rordli.gty The I'ak on hand is Irotn I.AIH* to I.HuU.
lmri->Tle trufivsftlous lu Fb»ur tMs we*k f-.m bran light «.
cooi|*ared with Ihoea of last week. The Mi«. s-m, up ab-rot f'JNM)
bid. Tire market opened at 1st a.tk'.rUiig Aguree, bat ler the
Br«-. two «-r three -lavs of Me w.-ek there was but hit e don*. The
sl-t.mer Orly of Washington, wh*ch srrfVid on Tmd.y. brought
rath, r unfavorable advn-ra for holders of bre-dstofft ller i.*wi
drpreea. d »h. asrftH. an I after 11a receipt 11 ur Ml - If Iff* . t* t*«r
ld*> Th* reduced rate* hi ought out buyers. and siiioe t»»*- d*.|>r»e
tl.e market for a day or two w.s quite acUv » Tfu! Nlag*ra*s ad«l
e . have still farther d-pr* a.e.1 the market. Tt»e Ur iigrn« y ah.t b
h .* rallied for a w.ek pa«t In ih# money market lias had a U-tulru
• v ter.strict the iranaacthn.e iu wh-eb Is nmallv -old .-n t m
b*we has treeu for some days pad add rctioe of lXM ots per bid
>wda.*n tl.# ca«h and the time price. Th. vX|K>r|sui Flour thl. u.rk
l«sv*r bt-eii heavy.
tiaviv lb•»«v the close of our last review most deocr td|>tit rf
Imv.. tallrl! .1 k-.ltjf Al ll.. . |.. ii ii, i|„ w rk th. i|~.
m.nil f..r thr In.I II, dnx'tlpilon, t» h at an. I*..rn) a.. .r,u. ar.
' •» at.rultr Mdan nnu-ailon.. hut tl..- <ul>n,ii. ut mrti u: ,.i|r,
i|u(.Tiu.t.l.. f.irr.,11 ..I»'.■<•« oink- .1 th. itn. auJ ai,.l J. urrM.it tl„.
I milkrt h.r hath thr-r artWIrl U hr it i'Iim.. tu .j it a .In lln.-of
•i tu *, via fruat ttir rata, at ikuli It la ft . IT 1 ... *..>< ; uu| , ,au
. th .Ukh .lull h.« u..l . Ii.uknl nialrri ,11/ lu |mU« ■••Uli,«a «l!m
ufTwinaStn* ilrfar kual.rl,hul R>r I... tarn lOilli, ihn.uah Ilia
• rrk .1 .huutlaal arak’a |»ur. Thr fi.i.i.u ila.uauU lur Whaal
ron I trues hr si.
Iltiru.—There la l*ul little doing In and th-- qu« tali--ns arc In
» great degree non. ml W. quote old Hops at ? *. Ole, and prune
*w Ksstcrn at cent- 'ft IL
Utruii —All that rcache* tl»r uiarkrl U promptly taken at f*w
•mr rates, which arc um hanged. \V« quote rt.-m l.l. Hole at
cents; HUoghterrd M^.‘ts re t*. and Roach Skirting ft|^
Parti, u arly Uvortta makes toiu-oand high rate*
Mitsui —The Mel.I urarke rmnllnues tn lire same c-ndltlon as
t-w .oui time past. Tf»e d-in md U brisk, aud for all variet-* « pri-cs
rro Weil -natalued. Thr sin. k* are light, parti, ulwi 1> of |»-g Iren,
at- eh i* s. Ilnig a- fast a* U coniee hires*d at th. qiicttlio *.
Ha--visions There Is hut huh dung in Frovl ions, sisl o* almost
•«H v.irn-tn■, the market la heavy I here la amt* nuutry for It, *
M- Mies for tire Kwgtuli buift.i, tail f.uvc.s and s.llcrs vaiin* t agree
upon terms, and we hear of no cutthart. having he. tr madr Hn.ow
• mu- | is- M- o Cork »m»b dvchn. U. and .al. a ol lUctr I «vr also
f c- n nr .do at lower figures th *u have prevh u t> Imo-h i-unnd.
M..in —We noticed last «wk vary heavy tran-acUms In 8 gar.
a hell! . a g.eai ui.asu-e rl«-re«l the inn kit IW luring the stork to
-MUi S .• to I t*ta» birds, rhi* vto- k b. tng behl m- -tly by ipniUt.es,
price, a <11 not, in all probability, de liue shortly. from lU nr»-. nt
high rvtes.
Toitnv'o —Tlir demand contliiu. * extremely active for all dee. r*p
lions, and we alrouhl have large aal.-s to i.otlce .f the article was n
market We qu t* M rytaml crop aboiu a« la-t w,^-k. with the re
mark ih .1 %l. ppert take alt d. suable lots that are offered, and vhcrw
parod* pcouli.vrly suit them h ghcr rates Pm quot.-ttlons are gtv.o.
HBti. sen riM«lL vsiiTk
.Vor. A5tli.—C*unmrs’ sale of slave,. st«a-k. cr« p*. etc , at ihc fate
rr*i.ici»o«* ol Wm. II. Col. nran, d«-c’d. In HtKittsvlv.tiiia ooutity. aec
Fame day—Cofoinlvstoner*' safe of a tract uf 4tHI a res, iMichwr*
j *d, lu A me la Couuiy. near the Dauvlllr railroad ; also, st.M*l ,«*r-qr,
Alao-■ The farm culled Hlrrtihvi.4, In Orange county, (mnlalnlng
verrg 8e. .alv'l ol Uro A 8 rvt
‘.Mth. lix. - utors sale of six valuable tracts. In the vklmty->f
'l-l. <>vt|lr, Osrvdlne c**nnty—about ' SOfl acr* s; al«> ,*t v cral other
tracts In Pahl c-unl.v 8ee adv't of Megors llki|iia.ti,rk * u'or*
llohaon Johns' I • .. ■ ry hi Danvtil ;al m i
i-K s.lj .tn ug lire factory, and a lot and dwelling t.ous* on drove at
Her adv’t.
rb| |»rl»ite ri.4 7W‘ »crt» ol laud; aho. atract ..i • ** w» s,
ml hiuiK 21* nr Hu building lot*. Hre the a lt *1
/;c 1. - A tract of 1,*J"U tern, i i'lr.1 •* Dunnlvant," Id *3harlotl«
umjr. ft m.let from tire 0 ft — wdl be told at the C II by \t ill am
«t<|*rll, trust-r
Id. -Sin uf Wll b> valuable uegroet, at Halifax, N. C.—
M .»dt*l of T. I* lH*VervUt
P itn day—In this city, t*n likely nrgroet, hr Pulliam A Davit,
H J — In Buckingham county, 4 tnllet ftom tlardwh ktvl k. tsWral
■•ri-el* of laud, tu-atu eiig.no, gritt mill, Ac. bee a*.v’t ol IV It.
r.f 4..t, a Co.
, **”»’< day—Adrnr’t vale of 12 to 15 n* grust, furniture. stock,
crops, *e., at Psruilugtoo, Gl u c-ter county
c fl Three tracts • f land a*»J nli g or tn tb.- vicinity of n.at
• pttltylraiaia C. II. Por particular*, *»e *d*\ fi it. I.. Pun
st*. —Ths"flhtdf Oruvi " tract lu lleiiricu,about II n.iht North
f It csaioud, conUlnln* neatly *2 cies; alto, an a* joining truck
•d «»•’ ‘4 aorrt, kn wn a* " Fr.e II il M
•*n. - I rosters’ fair of M Buck hill,** mar Maud e«tcr, on thv C->ai
»M tariip ke, ouoi’g U7 acres, with hi tek dwtiiu.g. etc.
I - to A arm * f 6un acre* In New Kc .t count/, 2«» mil* » from
Ko'hct lot near tl»e K. A V. K tailrotd—lor rale pltaie'i iuhui
wl *t by tl. A A.
k.-vuie d..y -t.oinu1.4-.0wer’* sale of a tract of wood Und. C6 «.r 7t>
acre*. U lUnuVci cuuty ; alto, two Uactt In the taui neighbor
hood -all Situated mar the K. f. A P. R R
Ifttb —4'oiuiuts- • i.ei't mI of i!**• late Hen llarvk's istate, In
II nrico county—dit Med Into seVru lota of diffrrm* dimension*. -
t|e >, tel ulavee, men, woiuew and obihtreu, and a portion ul the i>u
• «*ahl, . .Mir. Nr atlv*t.
l«Rli - Adiur'a i ale *»f tiie •* Mountain T« p," and farm of dl*> acres,
*t K»M kfl.h (lap. In Augnvta and Nelson c. untie-.
I7ib. At V.*ld«*o, N U, a farm of kdft acrua. Inn.an at the
•• Trent Land able tn adjoining tract ol tt*5 aciri f a the adv*k
of Jm . II Ivey, 0. M. K.
Hnu.- day —In this city, extensive • *k of re at ***i »U- b. long ng to
dir lat • ti* n. Harv «. commencing at 11 o'clock a. M. bn tdt'i ol
Wm. W, llarvle, cora'r.
AUo—W.ttkt acre- of I he tract In Fianklin county, upon which k.
r Mr Mir* resides, 4 mile* from the c. II —lor sale pt*v tlrlt u ran
w‘ a Hee adv't
Alta—A tract of land In the northeastern corn r ol K<nk<i«t,'i am
ouuty. N C , contain ug l,Huo acres, with dv.lhng. water pow-r.
I«tli The “ Magnolia llou-a,” at Bristol, th. term tows of the Va.
and Tfin. railroad, also, 4 lota ad/g the depot. f„r nlr pi Ivalely
uu-au while.
—A tract of &«• acres, in Amelia county, near the RAD.
K tt und a o«tglilN»«fr>g tract of V4» acre—both 4 •Ileafrom the
i A lv’d l.y the heirs ol Jo*. Kotl, dew’d
WJU».—*A plantation ■..nUininy HjMk acres 'u N. ib Al.bama.
J>in Hd. 1'ftT.—Commissioner’* sal- ol the ••Refuge" iract, of
•*J 4 acres, in A'hemarle county, 4.5* mile* from tkott-vlilc Hge
td*’i af K. M lion t’ary
Wh 1 be 'rad In Ilu. klnghaui county called " Helms," ontitalnli.g
I r* •.ahisit onr hail In woods. Adv’d by R. K Irving com'r.
at im. vij.as r»r».
.Vor. 2ft —Pale of furulture at Saunders' Tavern, In Manchester,
commcijc.fi* at in oMock A M
*'7ih. — I.itoj.s.ve salt of lun her at t|»e yard m ar the P« lcr.*l ijig
Ik mt.H DCllig at II o’clock A M by T A W . Am is
dsy—Hak of groceries, el**., at auction store of Davenport,
A d* • A i n , «*oin mane I ng at K) ,»'* lot k.
Mill.—Hale stork and cn.ps of every il* •«;rip'| .n,*•**, ai the
plantation known a* Kppcrson's,on the Matupt.ul rlvor. Bet adv’t
or Mi —m Dickinson
d»fi* h tb.- Al L.hcrty Mills, Orange cnunty.Ao head of cattle,
l»» or 12 horses, colts, Ac. He*-adv’t.
Farm of 7ft acres. 4A cl and, with eacellciit brick dwelling run -
taiii'inr 11 r- o*ns. on Hie W. stbara plank r«»a*l. 8 n*» vs west of Rich*
•not'd. Adv'd l*y Jtio F Wren- G a A [tNBftJ
A fimu'e and lot ai Berlin, H**u*baiiiptou county, with Id) acre* t>f
land ijoinlr g -a devtiable off. ring. Hee adv’t of Mi rrlt J Davis
luo J
vaiuab’e lot on Gambit’* lllll, commanding a view of the oltv.
river A. Adv’d by G. A A. [tD6J
A farm of HI ane* adjoining •• Ir e Hill ’’ a short distance mat of
Kkhiimml. with brick dwelling, Ac. xdv’d by G. A A ltl#4|
A farm uf Itfft acres. H mtlua b* l**w Kn.htnotit|, on II**- ItrUlgs
ro. I hn« large dwelling on It, etc. Adv’d by G A A. ill*-)
A farm of 2nO acres in Lunenburg county, situated upon Us R. A
M Kadr***d. with dwelling, etc. Price Adv’d by Vt iUUm
It. .Virvefl. (IDll]
on 'h'- Mvhrrrlo rlfcr, l)f mil™ anwtli nf l-aur, r.r. vill, with la/*.'
brick .Iw-llln*. etc. Arir’rt by O.n C) K vo. f ■ i A-.j
1,1 lllinoia Central Railroad rnmiMiny i.ilrr 4 .undid* arrra of
larmlnc lamia. In Iran, ,.f 40 a.-ra* ami upward*. ..n inn* credit*,
-lo. ••*. r th a hmytl.y a-lr’l of Mr. John WiUnn, ihe company'* I amt I
*• -iniintmlotter ['Jli]
rarnt nf MPt turret In Powhatan county, with ilwrllln*, ale., there.
Tbr farm rail art •• Ite.furrt," In Matthew* rnnnty, ronlalnln* 1M
acre*. i.f whlrh Mu ara arable, (If.l
Plantation In fin,.chlaml antin'*, 18 mil™ from Klrhmund, callnd
" Mum llrrnar. I,” ronlalnln* W aar™ (If)
An ratal*, runtatnln* *,!W«i anr.. in Amalia and Nottoway conn
Hat. I" intlaa frnlii Kli hinomt. Arirerllat'd hy I. Mail ara (If.)
farm III ft40 aaraa, half clearml, In Chart™ City uuutily. W nilla
from Klahmonrt (If.)
Tlia (arm known aa "Profael Hill.” in Oran*r rm , on ll a Dim.
I.-untuck rlrrr, ai.nialna ftrt, arrra, amt haa rrrry ranIIMy of ten-raa
to m%rkrt (If )
Valnahlr mill property—late •• TallaVrru mill* "—at Robal.a—.
ram "pimrtun fy for Inraatoirnt Pa* art r’l of i>. A a lift
Firm In lioorhlanrt F unty nf Fun arre«. ratted “ itraiwkiw." 4
mil. a from tha 0. II , 11 from Kirhm.u.rt an I a.liarmt to tl.. ranal
■Jn l 1^'* rirar; a rary rtajrahla olt.-rln*. Arty’d by Mlhw 0. M
" - -~ -UE.J--1-JU- •
j 4 «*>SI 4|»*THIN I I ilf ll,
“*-H* NOT DKCKIVKII by i.*aa iniltattona. HFOKMAN, 4
CLAKK 4 CO’! OFNI INK OoO MVM oil navar .llaa|.|mli,t., .„ri f
nina year*' eiprrb-nce baa prorrtl ll auparlor lo all othrra, and Urn
•••ilf ra lahta aura (hr POVlIIMPTiob.
A. Hwra la a *r«at ilaal ol a|,arl..u* oil In llie market arioli.nl. d
with oral oil. whale oil. Ac , Ar , too taorb car* l auaot b, uh,11 to
pm* utw rto tlcnutne. ,
Our (III la mart, at oor own faelory In Nawfoonitlan.l, anrt each
bottle haa ..or alpnallira o»er th* fork Ha car. (ill lo (at Ilk. 1,0,0. I
Cl* a* » (V) , for atnea (he o*«ro of la lira •■/■>» our lalo parloar, 1
th ra h*« horn an arilrla Introriacwri rall. it R.iahioft'a, which ta In no I
aar ...ri.iara.rt with R. 0. A Co. or If 0. A Co. I
PuM by PI'RCFM., I.Afll) A CO., and by lir,i*<i*t* *m.rally,
nett Am -|P) *
- - — - —. •
| iK'JT I IIM RA ( III Ill'll llll l . The ladle.
... rhr If.l Pr -aht 'a.tan Churab, will a *l#w lo iba
pau.r. * of the f'tmrah either, ami nlhar ltop..rf*et .840 orabo...
to l...|.|. In thr le-rtor* K.-.rn to nmanalo* TIIIH FVKNINfl, aa.l '
ronOftol',* lhr..w*b Iba weak, a FAIR. f..r the ...laef ..rnamanlal 1
*.l <l ratal artiele*. and r frtalmt.nl*, lo wMah tb,y re*)*.’fully |«. *
rite ta. mention of thalr faien.l* anrt Iba put.Hr aanaralb
aot4 If I
fif* '™Sk ’• 11A V f.I-1 NF* tha laat Irw mon he at an anttio- *
tA f «*rt Aye-I of Iba National An erlrali, I n a f w non
If o' C.rylnla) Richmond b.apairh ami R. I (lout If. rai l, I r>. dead *
| bun. nan..-* ami moo-y for tha Whl* without auth rlfy, anrt b. I. * *
Io il.la. from my m-...... anria, ... m .ka a Inal aaillamaof wub tha *
olhe . I rat«oa.i all per*<.n* lh«. p*ld » m may. to forward Ib.h ra
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