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Richmond daily Whig. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1842-1861, November 28, 1856, Image 3

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trriTi mD cm sms
ViMiau (ternuci-SmtmJ Thurml*,, Nor.
meeting (aa
*‘H"I l*M' ">* T*J» «• yr-lerdl^/'p,^^,'^
CiuS'tasiKrr1. a —
JT ^ *f “»« illWUU^, |l ftitU04,t (l|t| lU 1
Hnu.mwa pahh-hlng homo. do.-, in* more »ha.. ,-».
and lhal the Qoa.le.1, R. ..... U.w. uol .,
|M.»M and la in aaiioua danger ol diacomuuionoe J,,| a.
Iu Mat ol paying aubaciibe.a Ik- iwt.and. The lull...lag 1
pt-1-otu having peered an eaeiuinoliou ul character Ac
•me odnuuod n.u, luU oua.«uu.k and nleclnd ur deluoni
Jn«-pli * Pbtla, WUHan. 0. Lumpkin*, Ueaeki.h P.
Mind..-I), J.ia U Arnica, Jaiuea 0. Uuwuwr, A. J beck
•rtU, Samuel V. Uoyle, W. P. Tarrmen, Joe.pl, U. Kid
r ' l il ^*rl1 llU* M RMWIvk *,,<i Ur0r«° W. Wormy col.
In* loilu.lng Deacou* were M>lhu< baring paaw-d
Uu. U«|U .«a«lMrtu«. rto; Paul Wbl.^d. Cbarte. II.
Uall, JAu F Wmalarard. Wul.au. K Judkm., TUu.ua. L.
William., Joliu B Launni., Join. A. Lmleio,,. Oherkn,,
John >. Poullon, D.vld Wallace, U«o. U Har
AUiu..d,-r U. Brown and Jauia'a K. Kinh.il.
I'be lullowing pieaclie*. .VI. . lec'cd lo Kld.-ra' o<
u 'li *0?Vh A Provmr M-l.md M. Prl«a», Ale.audcr
M. Il-ll, Jauior & kenned,, Lloyd Hume, (.ho ... ,v.
qmmd lo uuduigo an elaoilnainru On L .gu- at ..o»i Oo.,.
Hn *"*• Ju'*” **• H *•*. » j««i OW
Ur.. WildaAl ||. Bamma, J... K. U.ani.1.., Wm. be
k. n.d.ev Ward, U. J. c. Slaughter, In.—-. V Cod. and
J .1... L lla.ke; and, at b» ».„ reqeeal, Arvhib.il. Clark
•«re pla. tnl on Ulo auperuo.Mra., h.i alil.out ul.a.g.. o.i
th* «m,N|,«J' U*OU°"' Liraiulror. .« placed on
Wm U. Clirtaiiau tu coming, d aa a deacou aud pta
oud u«. lih' .opernuuieiary li-l.
l. ,™* Uu‘n*Vo *7 ,l‘- oh-ir *° P*""" Urn Cun
t.reucu Kellel Society lo..rg.,„*c .„.| make arrangeuienU
funiL1* U** Tr"*ur*1 • *L‘poil aud dialr.Liuuug ike
The Oonl.-reuce room *a. crowded. A largo number ol
“ ” "or,r pinmn.l—viailora Iron, rarioua loualiliea In
Ouua.qu.no.- tin- Oooleroweo reaolee.1 n. bold in ,
!or lo. luluru in the upp., p«„ „l Oenleuary Obuicli. be
fiu iinf willt UpiuurruM,
uppoinunenu lor preaci.ing were anuuuneud m lot
C. nie.mry, 7 o’clock lo niglil—Oeo. W. I-.,gimme -
yL,u.\ L • Uenmrli; 11 u'.-k.k lu-inurruw 0.0.1111,4.
W. J. WUe ,; liti,on Hill, 0. H K.d.lick ; Oil, Street,
Al I U. brown; bucket!., K. A. Qilrba, IbmulioaLr J,».
K Littleton; Weak-, Olrapel, IV ,,, lirant. ’
Alter winch (UilprtMicv Moj uirnol.
Mavuue CoiibT—Yeatertlay, Miciwel Login, w*.
ralgned lor ruing ahudre langur** toward, hta wile in li..
Second Market, on Tueada, loot. ||« ,Uu chare. .1
W.ln luiowing a .ua.k.-t ben. I, npun her. On ace..f of
the iiijiirie. r.C.-l ,-d I.U .He w n. uol aide lo appear oo.
•vuui'iitly (liv omc w«m cotitiiiucii.
Patrick Saeeue,. again appeared in enort. having lm.
rc-ar.e- ed up.., tlm cha.ge of awamlU. g and beuUnJ Kd
gasliow ol the Ural,, produced by » blow mll.ctcd unim
T2»* *«• continued until Moudiv net.
**«-“<*"•.,or misOO'nlu. l III tile street, sleeping on tin
committed hi jail in <irUi.lt ul bail.
The charge against S.la* Dearie* ami Kol,l. lleith. f.u ,
Mealing a trank tram the Petersburg He,...I, further
jure-ligated. The bunk was IdenliBcd as the properl,
of a Mr. Chinn. The uw »«* eouuimud uuul the Ail.
Deocnlwc, so as to ..bui.i the ovidemv ..I Mr. Chinn who '
U.mw absent fiotu the city, ami will not return belo . !
that time.
was arraigned fur getting aboard a
Oaual bu.ll. winch was being guaged. y|r. K chsrdsor.
guiger, siaieii that the law prohibited ItOalinen Iriini n
turterloa wilu the gungmg ...
Coleman through imp.uUne. ee to Mr. It 'rin tl,
W ... queatimi, though perfectly lamil.or with the nil.
ol the company. The M .yor orde.ed the .ecus, d to b.
flogged. ,
Jim. a Slave ol Jrasee Williams. for stealing filttv-n feet
Of plank, was ordered to be punished.
PxrxasacBu Inma.—The Exp.ess did not “come m ,
hana yesterday, from the Democrat, we leant that a man
named John Andrew, made » wager ol 25 cents, that he
Would eat two pound* ol beef »tr«k, ball a .boat, and one
pou ul id taflow c a mil ft He ••worried" Hie whole down
and "Went with two qua-ls ol ale.” The bystander* paid
the expellee*, and Join, boast* ,d being able to do be tie.
-riu' ' Express Lunch" wnsaol.l, on Wednesday
at auction, foi dl,2'Hi, including the bowling alley, Bx
turv-, stuck, etc-Eire n w|, married couples le'lt IV
tcr.bu.g to. Richmond, by the ndlroad, on Wednesday
At. public meeting, toe Mayor w is authorized to
appoint titty delegates to the So itheru U a—arc l si 0.In
vention.-A poll MSS opened on Wednesday to aSCel -
U.II me sense ot the vote.. on the proposed .ui.ual appro
prta ...t ol III hid Irtuti the Oily Treasury, In agcieul
tursl Pair t he “*yes" carried it b) IP* insjo.ity, am
Uiereby secured the niagu.tteeutdoust.oi.ol «|.>,tum con
ditionally tendered by Janio* 0. llruce E-q.
Naw Sovtmtaa JoCbhal.—We have .eceivcd . spec,
men o.,p> ol “Thu Houtbem and Wewtun. Journal of Pro
gress,"to b* published monthly at Kiehaioed, lemi.vUI.
au.1 Chicago. It will I* devoted p.n.e.pally to th. p,o’
■laboil ol the Commercial interests ol ti„. Smith and West
and to tile discussion ol all subject* whiali c.inm. i.d them’
•elves to the ''blends ol prog.. **," Each number will b.
a-b.ill.lwd with plates illustrative ol American scenery
The bile-cover a.,-Id. piciorally the leading obj eta of th.
■oik. In the eviilrc medallion, n cute looking chap, per
aomlying “Progress,” occupies a commanding position m.
a liein,sphere, and with a t.ruad-aze on Ins shoulder, ami
cigar in his mouth, calmly survey* Ole pi.ispe, l b. fo.o him
Ban,mu.ling tins luedslhon aio expressive eiiibleiuatic .1. -
■gn* oi Agriculture, K location, Mechnuism, Tn.de, In
dustry, etc. Tlie Journal pioud.se* to bo uselul and’eu
tenanting to all classes. The subscription price U only
*2 per annum. A. Mneiis, is the agent tor this cily.
Htijh F*aio« or Lxmd.—A imiail larni ul Ion acre* owned
•by Mr Cbewuing, a.ljo.uiug the I. ol Dr. Watson, in
*he Green Spring neighborhood. War sold tin- tuber day
for *«2J |H-I sere. The Ln.l in H i, part id Louisa comi
4* G »*>d to be tile most productive (or wheat and Corn in
Virginia, the average crop of wheal is generally 2.*. bush
els to the acre.
Post Orricu Arrama.—The Postmaster General bane,
UbllsiMd a post-,.Hire at B .*» Lilierty, Page county, and
appointed tioeige W. Dovel postmaster. Appimib d
Henry H. Rich.id post master at SuiiiIt’s Gap, Hauipshirr
ooumy, vice Jiihn W. Kioliard, resigned. Ih continued
the office si Cranberry, Veit...go oou Hy, Pa. The tiuar
«-t olhci is "Agnew’s Mill*."
Errzor or Daouaur.—The Eairmnu.it American says
that tbers is •«n,<*>ii worth of lumber ready lor the w*.
ket, on the banks ol the Uomingnhcl* and West Koik
betwm-u that place and Clarksbuig, besides a va-t i.uanli
ty on the Valley river. The same is true ul the K maw
tiM Mini rill oilier BltoaiOfl u»uullv iiu vim util.* m tlx,- '
ol lli«* jfwir.
Relioioc* Hktmtal —Meeting* for religion* purpm ■ 1
have been continued and held in (he llapti.i Church in I
Charlotte* ville every day and night for Hie la«t IA iluy* — |
Thu Jefferaoiiiaii *ay* that atMOu AO per«.ti* proleeaed oon*
Veraiuii, gfl of whom have milled with the church and 17 1
were bapnaed on Tucmlay evening. The pvxu.r line be-n !
aaaUtcd ainue Holiday iaal by Rev 0. U. Kitting, of Han
over county.
Damaom Awaanro—Tl.. «,f Jacob Ranger va.
Central Kailr.wd company Inr dauiagea lor impiinea receit- 1
ed Iry plaintiff while travelling on the load in June la t '
waa decided ye.ten!ay in the Superior Court now in I
non at Stannum The Jury aw-ode-l f.loon damage. u>
the plaintiff. The defendant*' couurrl tiled uii appeal.
Uaavaa.—Upward* of one liundied In-ad of remarkably
largo and lal lieevt-A, fr m Montgomery county, pu-etd i
III rough town la*t week, on their *** i„ Hdtimoro. Tlu-re 1
1* no better beef in .lie world than the very heat gram
fed V ugiuia .lock, Tlit-ae beeve*, we believe, are luoaily 1
pai ked lor lira afmy and navy 1
Bailid. Under II Sarrcy, charged with reacuiug hie '
•on from the Iraud* ol police officer ilayne.at Frederick*- J
burg, wa* tried before an Riainiiiing Court on Monday 1
and Mill on lor Nnal trial at the next u-nn nf the Circuit ,
Court. He waa bailed at #1,DUO. 1
TMBATaa — Mr. Booth take* a “benefit” to-night, and 1
will appear on the oeea*iou aa Sir Id ward Mortimer, in !
the “Imu Cheat ’ lie willalao auatain a character in the
coniuiedietla entitled Uule Toddle-kina.
Rial KeTATl Hat*.—John W. Coleman, K.q , pureha*- •
«d a houM in Fredericksburg, aoine aii year* .gn, for #1,. *,
#00, which he Wild recently for |3,7oo—an mcrea«a of ‘
■or* than lot) per cant.
I A Spimmd Sr.ct i.ATin* — d. John Hamilton, ol <
Rockbridge county, ha* recently refuted #70,l*Hl for *om« ‘
Iota In Chicago, lillnola, for which, a few yeara ago he
gave #6,000.
Ca«« nr A nniNOTn* —The Jury hTth^aw o' Adding
km hied el Norfolk, for an aaaanlt on hia brother, ha*
been diachargerl—not being aide to ag.ee, g will b.
tried at a (pecial term ol lira court in January.
A Tau.au Teem -Th# Oaygeaaled H .Merabar* receiver! weigh
Ip twdortaiwenie, *<-• -rial..* the name* nf dutlncnahed M.rrhanta
xm: *» »»
••’■ffww «• rt«K PMt;m.-Wa m*
_ ptvaaer- ia referneg I* u.e vlrloe of t>AVia* Pain
aai ‘irf Ihurruoto m ■TTl-1**' *"4 ,"nn,> * *a»eah|. The
iS?.11."1**4 »» prrevlrat, a.
“W* ir* of
rrT.hfv.rtT* mil**.'!**' ^*,**'‘ m"'*' *"•» «•"»* wW» ih.
w .r I ►.»*»* M> laguiry ah-et H j and
■ "** ,r*” vowantiy la Ux- houae.
V'lh r
. rk i» Kiujr r«ti t« •« .nr«>
ZZZ.VX .'Sa?*,KT r1'" *' •*- M> I. UOvaMl ,
A4voraip 9
" ‘T'S"' "‘••rtahtf and tre y vale- 1
■wpr p*r «tioi., ».ry U.v.a P..n Ke.er, ■- r—-ai.nOy and rapid
I. Tlw-'JM?' '•"pr-vr - I n.-.LA «!«•*« 1
F* "***••? •*»*»>■ *» !•» »h,i lie*! oi .# n • i VaM, gp ,«Titi|
..i.. uw M & ■
P»wy Bavie> Kla tile "-(ffeav Mea Id*. aelf-dewtw
yy?, T**?”,*’' T “*'*"<1 «> Urn Quay.
, T”- , kody- haartng the mark* o| .CrmrguUlirm
•n<l other violence, *u Uj in lh« street, at Ju early
h-Hjr Una meaning. Ikv-»l ... tha mother of fl.a
children. A cvoH.ar . Ii.qulattkm ha. Idled to eaiahlid,
y H“S .I"'*. -fitnun.l Mid. a. ,h.
*•«» of the affair.
h“*ro- *•* *•—»«. Thoe. H. Baotoa Maml .
••*I'J "It!1** da.Id.eve before |h« Mercantile Library A«-oei
atioo of ihl city la.1 ... Tl.u euldect ...—••Tha
Htai* «d Urn Union—it. rondllkxi and danger.” lie occu
F*'’1 t*o hours in ita delivery, during which many of the
audience left. It waa loo ponderous lor an audienc* which
waa composed mo«Uv of young peremw.
uiiMTii. Not.Id.—Tha now Nicaraoguan Miniatrr
tarrar, ha. nut yet taken the course ueually pursued hi
■ int"**"* pr**"nl,“,J' to lMr cMWptioo by oar govern
Mtjor licit., wall known in oonoactioo with Niaarauguau
•ITdia, M here. •
So lar but law (no more than a doxrn) members of
Umgrea. have armed here.
I oLi’uai*. (S. U J Nnv. Id.—The I«cgidature of tbl*
Male m l mi Monday. Tha Governor, in hit ineeaage re
t.id. the recent eleeunu a. ineiely ealabli.bing a true*
between the North and the Soule, He auvocatea a revi
val of tile Airman dare trade, and li.it,ka ovary Itrancli ol
laUw doruld be in tho hand, of the dave*. He reluae* to
lay In-lore the Legi.liturc the rvolution. of the Nee
litiupabiiw U gialatuie traiumiiited through her Governor.
Tire re.t of the nwe»(e i. devotml to Sum affairs
marine disasters!
lWm. Nov. 17—The bark Siciliou baa arrived here
-.th the crew of the brig Hoii.ar, from Aleaandri. for
Htrliatl.***, which foun*Jcr**<l ml m»a on 17th hint
Nae You. Nov. 17—Tl.e «chr. Queen of the South
Inuu-e, ye.te.day, for Wilmington. N. C., returned. t|„i
niori.iog, damaged by a collision with another *< hoo .’er oil
the Highland., at Neve,.ink. Tin- latter v . ..el sunk.
sentence commuted.
BoraLo, Nov lo.—John Nehr, convicted of murder |i.
ilu-r iiv. III Septemberlirst, .nd u-ntenred to lie eircwled
rri V'ldiy Halt, ha. hail liia aeiit««ce|couiwiuted by the
Itoyeruor to imprpmumcht lor hie iu the St.te prison ai
Auburn. r
" Nnv. 17—The DemocraU are celebr..
mg Ilia r recent vuocu*. by « procession, enlivened . ji|,
"UMC Un.ier. dene*., etc., tu conclude with au oretio,
■ t the City Uall.
•N *w 0*L***». Nay. 10—Tlie official vme in thia State
•>r I r. .Idem i. B. Inline.: Bneh..imn, 11,104; Fillmore.
P»t7«»W; lixrliaiiftii k imjontv 1,455.
lkrrAU,, Not. Si -Rob.,, Gl.ts, editor of the Mil-a...
... A.U- --run <*««r by A bain ol car* o„ the Lake
more Road on WelmaadaT Ua«, and in*.a,illy killed.
later krou Kansas
LktTgxwokrH, Not. SI -Judge Leromp,.. f,., Imu,j
i piocrt* agamat Got. Uea,v bn- cont.ii.pt of Court.
■w tom, Nov. VT. —The imtv Printing Tel graph ln«trun.n.
o-d.jr They worked b..U, way. u„ o„„. ,
r^X'tbX' *,,d '■ ■X"" «*R— •*• >ha. baa 52
Nkw York. Not. 27 —k lour l. tula upward. Sale. <>|
•title nt #0 load SS. Southern heavy and unchanged —
|V"eat ,a one cent higher. Co.I, dull; raised 74 cent,
•lock, unchanged. Virginia 6’., i*4.
iltUTiuuar, Now. *7.—8ah* ..f dour at #6.80. Wheat
md emu acliTe, but unchanged.
lEUEtiPrio; or vih«inia iivk atu a
r,!H5‘r0,:,>,CKl,aOB T''« ^hLOWINO CERTIFICATE* OP
U«KB bjf !h' a'*1' "r Virginia. will take notice, tha
tae Hnaw.ioL.ner. u/<Ae .SiaJ-lny /W." creahd by an Act «■
2a2,W'n.r* **" “'V "f Virginia, paaael on the *»h day of Mar. I,
8M, will proceed, on the e-rond day of March, ls87, to redeem the'
• I.! «t''» •tec.t the Tiea.ury of the C.,mu...r,weallh .formal,I _
holder. of the *a hi certificate * are required.on or hr tore thr .aid
ecuO* day «f March luST. to aorrend-rtbe aame at the, dice of the
I™',id£Lmla IhM d"J'th*r,Urr*“*1, r«* "■••. 0>emirraet there
. A* /n mA/rf mime taeaarf at mount
at?1 SiK 2 Ol»na Talbot, „r Norfolk A $i,<m
2).;- £»*;- ? 21 5r*"c~ s.<*• Norfolk t,.,
Sepl 8 Ca Conway » hill! , of No, folk gl.l
*4«. J in. Ik M Hamu, I g.,rd, of Richmond H. n
841. M»r *1 «l J oph || Traelg 1 1 mou®
»4*. Jan 18 II HIM Car,nr •’ZJ,
ni1!' y*b 12 J'/'a?,','o" u“'<lck-of CheelrrArld Ion
a2b it* 7* “'“JndlthC A pplewha tie.of Norfolk 1,1 a a)
ai , Aprd i8 7« Henry ». Hunter.of Norfolk IJVa,
M#y 7 IT Urnry W Hunter, of N<W. lk 44.,
8SO, Sept. T8 81 John jnewart, of Richmond g>*i
' J* Ju y II K6 Mary T Chapman 74B,
2it' Ju“‘: 15 55 Jonathan Cowdery, of Norfolk Bon
222' N“7 *2 *L* Conway Whittle. „f Norfolk ,,ou
*ik. Dec 8 ki Tas.well Taylor, ra,-v Liter and trua
tee of U. Beall, dec'd 1 Uk,
8T*. Dec. 8 kl Juliet J Drew
•C*. Jan- *1 k« John V Wlllcx. of Peter.bure a,..,
AM. July II *8 R Bullae. Tr. m^rrro?^Xt An..
... lU llAnh of WlachrMrr 1.70m
2“* '? I0? Darld Henry Reed, of Rl.hmond Uu
888. 6-pt. 8 lfH Mia. Ueleo M. Southall, of Williaou
hurg, Va aaw,
883, Sept. 8 IM Jane A. ttrilBn. executrix Ain,
* -8, Nov. 4 1U4 Addlaon Hold
884, April II 106 W Hlam W Ju«ta, guardian of Lu
ther W. Mt ore UM,
«\\ Jan 18 ins Sally 8. Upahur SJ,
4 3, Mar 88 Ink Richard U *w* e. receleer, Ac 8?o
-88, April 14 110 Jot n Kichardaou, ol lmulm •>.,
I 8. July 8 111 E M Todd I?
<V\ Ihw: 8 III Will am li Him, , J5,,
4IT, Noe. Ik Sk The Pr,aldri,l and Director, of the
Dlaiual Swamp Canal Company l,null
ft* *“ d® do L 7 ijaa,
JJ° ** do do do l.i.aI
4» do do Ijaai
2 2° do ®° US
P° « 2° do d° l.iati
5 2° d0 <*o l.udu
S5 »i 2° 2° do
do do do l.MUO
*2 4o do l.iam
. W do do do loo
M HI 4** John 11 WingAcl.l.uf Norfolk 'ftflii
at* fb II 41 John II Wlngfl-I.l, of Norfolk Ijaai
**' « ’ 21 I* Wingfield, of Norfolk Ijaai
2'r 11 22 ! wiogfiehl, of Norfolk l,UM
2 ‘J »• W,ngfi,|.l, of Norfolk Ijaai
S*4. If*r .i 4^ N.irta k Hraw Hrolgr OfijRtpany
Nil, Mar. 16 47 Jaho H •uthgal*', of NxirioU ft U.««
^16, Jau. .6 4i Norfolk Hraw Uri Igc C<>uibAtiy ,Mm»
JJ Norfolk Draw Urklg* Company I.UUU
Aug 16 M John *uini»gaie «
iW, Aug 14 56 Mr* fumy I*. Rowan, Hrculrli of
M Rowan, decM, of >liU.lltwoi
county, Va 9oo
^5 Richard I.. Pag,-. „f Norfolk IU
’*?• J^® }• * Thoe. Htereneon, of k rheond I jw«>
”5' Dec. 19 I Tito* fltcvrn on, of Rlrtnnond l inmi
ill’ * Norman Sirwan. of Richmond fijn.i
488, May 18 18 Dr Win. II Hehlrn, of Norfolk .’.a,
»lu, Noe. SI It Mr. Ann Newton Kilby, of Nbnac
iiu,nd g mm
441, Bepl Ik SS Commodore Jeeee WUklnaon, 0. k.
1**1 8 tain
»48, Feb II 11 H. Hancock, of Chee erfl. Id eo., Va 8tM
*48, Sept. SO 43 Mutual AaauranreHocIrty again*! fire
nu build,ng. of IheStatr ol Virginia *,106
’I?' 2.*" *2 2? Oharlre a. tlrlrw, of Porumouth, Va Ija o
N|7 Mar 66 44 John ►coll, of Orange roun-y 1 mai
Mar. 66 46 Kubrrt I) Cunningham and Ann II.
hlc wife i .ifto
Hi. Mar. 2ft 44 Charlea II. Pour rm! U>iii. t wi.
wife I J V)
♦4**, Mar. fft 47 PC. K.ivmi and Mary U. hla wife 1,100
'!**' ?!Jir ?*? 12 «0,,u *2 *I|J Emily J. hla wife |,i0n
via, Mar. HI W utfl. W K»< liartlaon. viecutor of Id
war.I <4 'ran, d«cM j
^44. Mar. 81 04 Andrvw Johnston. of Richmond ’*»»•
*48. April 4 f4 Juhli McCl«lafi«l, of ftorkbrlifer | A «»
*01. Mur. 18 81 II Rhodt, and H. L. BruskeTcom.
mUHMiar*, Ao, in aull of Alfeti r«
Murray i immi
Ult May 17 68 Edmund Wilkin*, truatrs for Wm F.
Dandrldiraand Puaan C. Oandrldfu
hla wife, and her uiou oMkirru, Ac IJKN)
<!,!>•€ 18 10 Richard Archer, Jr., of Amalia, l.UuO
*08, Jaa. 81 6A H W. Flournoy, Administrator of E
H. Moseley
1‘f, Fab. 81 60 Richard K recelrer of tho fund
an* ng from the sale of tha Olobo
laud In Ralnt Anne’s Parish, K«m
•uimj yno
*M, Jan 18 78 Alnaudar J. Rroadnai, of Bruns
wick county 8>>0
‘ f? If ,* V- *•!••**• nf *Uf«»rd tOO
*•4, July 18 78 t*J< Ilia WalUcs, of Fredericksburg 0nO
14, Aug. II 80 Mary llill, Murgarrt Tyler, Kilaahotb
lllll, to bo hold by thorn aa truafee,
Au . Ac g,4,
406, Hot. 4 88 Addison Hold 100
AVI, lire. 8 88 J H. PtoTali, Troasuror Ac., Infers*
^ _ for tha Mool>c«llo Hank 8400
W4, Jao. 80 84 Richard W Flournoy, Administrator
.... - .. m0lXw-rV “®w#tF,dac*d 84«0
14. Jaa. 4 W Rot. 0 W. Petharldgo 1 im
Sa’ »*2' *2 21 S«t . R. 0. M tore, of New Jrreey 100
TAS, M. 4 M Joelah 0. Wll«on, of I.nooa,il
Oh arte, City county , a,,)
*nnu T R John I Walker, ,uar.ltan of Aman
da# If. Walker j am
W8. Jal» 1* S*» John T Lritch, of Fafford
*M, Jaa t W Wm. I» Sima 1 nn
'did, Jen 11 M Mary and Klleabeth Da Taaa 'too
■ttd, April 9 97 Dr. Samael Paitcaon, y«>
ftlOd lfri
Nora -Thoee holler, of eerllUcalee who dmlrr to redeem he et
■mry, moat, If reetdlng beyond tho limit, of tho United Stale, ao
noatedee the prwer before aomr Ml'.later Ptenlpoteoilary, Chirgo
A Soiree, U.m.<il flrnerel, Cniiaul, Vice Conaol, nr Commercial Agent
|.|>.lnted by t r ttaeernmeni of I t l and male, lo any foreign
..nniry i or before the proper officer nf any conrt of euch county,
r Ibe Mayor or other chief magl.trah « of any city, marn, nr cnrpo
atlnn there n. If reahllng in tho United S aloe tho arknowtedgr
tent before a Jnatlee of the Peace, Notary Pohlte or Oommle. toner
i lie da. iipp .tired by the U ,eernor of Virginia, la auffirient. In
li aeere tha curtlfleaiea mu.I he delleered
tl W UhUTrKR. Auditor of Public Amount,
• M Pa KK t K, Reglater,
liro W MUNPORfe, Seo’y Onmmnnueollh.
Richmond, Nor M. tffiT — •»
DRY O O O L> H .
W*"£SSnX£r" «*•"**• «—fe rteh
Rich rrlret and elmh Gloaka and Tnlmaa
Urgent fancy RHka and Silk Rohoa
while and colored Moira Aotkiaee
Super ailk and anal Tel.aria.
Preach printed Mouannr DeLalnea
Fella Faala
Sonnet Trimming gnd Trleat Ribbona
Faek thread I era Telia
Real Mack thread Lam
Linen Kohl to Kdetng
White and Mack lam Berthsa
Fack Lem Unbare
Preach Keohrotderlee, la eeee
L,d.0t> and mea'a Preoeh Rid Oloeea
Laflee* caeaoe, calf and kid Oaanllete
Mack Flk Mltle
U ilea’ and mea'a L. 0. Ildkfa
Drem Trimming,, la gr**' e.riety
•alto, Tagaet button., Brakde, So
which make ear lorg. eeeorlemut of nig|« nod faaee Dee flood,
•ry complete (.off) PRICt, KrT? TSaTZiW
Iffi Sereda Iroa, remte.
1 * las, fee rale by JOHN R. OORDON
I H to.^JtlV*1 9« AtdAr»ai rF *« *9 9IU AM MY
R •» A ..ragtag »7 degree, abeee proof, la extra, fm aale
I X MM US. ■Miff MT 1901.1, port M
BstrMrAlMry Ramaij Imvi.
to* mutod m that ton la aathiag lano to tto medical wacld,
dhkkwtu at all >.a|w «m. I torn They errtetoto amatotara •«
to eor.lug aaogAar.
I» w» ■- mid ot torn., auto a* tme of ooua.IWU.rn m pml to
to contrary.,ha. If tor, an appiwd at an, Um. pr.vuw. to u.
ad>»l rtottg aI Ito bred. tto, ulU promptly alia, all luCam.lloi.
f"f* P*1" |*r*r*wt Uw brrM( rr.tfn f «UMrtei|, *>*] fwr*
•torto«». If ito heart Arnold actually rim Mu. tto cloth. ran b
.to. tto .ppiketl ... and conManl • wring «/ them *111 podac. ml.
* mmdXbm of tto tom m to Iwm. tto umdtot pomade can
■wr, nulur ahould l*v them b, tor, and totto. to ttoi, am in.
tom tb.ua. al,mb alaajr* an mi with Ura. and oar word lor It, to*
• 'lam top.* what It la to bar. mrtoM anflrrl.g alU, tor toub
* remittance of IT j»'. accompanied b, II eau worth ml
r“ ■**■*'•• »dl aaawn Uw prompt Iraiiamlaaton b, mail ml a pair
•T Mam oiotha to an, pan of tto Celtod a—t
Tto, an (or gala b,
*w* * ORAT, Whulmalr and Retail Ageote,
** 1«T Mala atroat, Richmond. Virginia.
Ami b, MV ADI A BAKgR. lug Mala at. Rlatonond. Vr.
tar Pall dtrecUuna kg applying Rina Olotha. win tmamu
thank. , " ’
r W,,HUt III HI riOT. If w. ace to 1.11
■ ■oaf t**-- r* Thai tto win and .pring. —a* in Il,c
itom and ur, and that w. wrr. prepared t„ .b.r. oul. them, urn
•Mia World r.biae oar aid to to-u- II it a. health Ir more raluabi.
thru rn lira, how much am gr.llD d ihouid they be i,, |.,M,
PUWaCea bar lir.ii c impounded of porrly Treiahle Htali.r
Va kM-Wto P*,r ... .-V«li. tl..a .!«;?«.•
I ‘r«V g aim * "•**'• *• ’ " *o. rail on ih. propel,
I*'*** * ■•JV*** »*Hl «iAMlln« tt»- myriad* of, erri.**! **
. 'H* * »e«tW»n« of thf Booth, of ppr»oui who Mi re b*-»n cwrmf of
''ft' ’ 2* »,'!'•'*"■■« Pfup-rtm Among ,hr.,l^m
and ymug, mak and frinalr, candling thla
Knraa* to the Aha. and klemlng Providence for lu curative power,
to It. virtue. an aot couBned to Dr.pep.la NeeJm“feSTto.
^ T“,PW laearr beer me quickened and
*** *filteby IU lufluel.ua Pour fltomaeha are tar dr healll.y bt
'2gec 1* nfc* dlmppnr. when It enter/Ito
* ° ,,"r# wlurlMi* cannot rrtiii Ui tonic nowrr* a mat
^',^r^n.nr: hL *'".** “rrT““| u xrompll, dimmed a.,.1
iHn *~T~n‘ hare e.rtiBe.1. a ho u~ d
rt Vfllf Jnt **' JeeaalMmg tto cowry —
itAKKIfM IlirTKRd wll. not remedy all 11- ill. Jf human ly but
meh dlmam. aa are cured by Urn "U.m.ct. .ud how,la, r. ad l/y-:d
em Arn"/i ,n ^ ’*7'*'*U? rpeeddy drlrau f,«m Itoly
To be bad ul alUhe principal Druggie In Richmond city Aim.,
.f ito following Druggiata Peel A Marena, Aloleiolrla V. . T II
McKcnney. towlahurg. V... T.dd, III,.ton a Tr.ytor, PelerAmrg
* T’'L,nVr,‘,,i1' V‘iJ * Can,|4iell. Portao..M.lh?VA!:
* !”*““• 'Vllllaintbury Va.. Jolmatoi, A Co . Pn.Urlrkd>ur.
'Tallum A to*., Danville. Va., and llruggl.ta In Parinvllk
-n ' * °° • BiwIMiArld, Va. Hildi A Wella. CT.arl .U. .'
J"*' ■•■*»««•. fftaunn.n, V. . W II. Idppiu, WilmlnmLn
C’,■• *“•hmgtca Oily, D. C . Canby a ,lftn;|.
UaUlmore, M.I., Itodekcr A Miller. Covington, Ky , (Haider A Jone.
Lynchburg I a., and from DrugglaU and Ittorm generallv Pne or.
« bakbr.
ooiv—dw_ Richmond, Va.
CS^wLSr^ow ■" *"E' »
il me. .. Aliatta, Nor. It. lsS«
P®T* * r® My ng drlr-r. In taking a hear, leg (U.a>
’**'or*J<,» fr®“ «”• “ " dropped on the ,„.| on. I,.rl,pene.
.to “'fVe0'.1 *"*r‘nr*,'J *'• rough, about half way between Die
I mVto* n*'*'1’* 2' •“**"'* Treat palu for Are or .,z day a,
t.idal the time preaei, e l a eery uulo althy appearance Indu'd ll.a
..mpioarn lodk.ted Tei.r.u. or L-M-kJaw. My o.lgl h. , ir *r h’/
recommended ,our TI RI OIL. I obtained about , lab e }un
tod applb d It a. d r. c.ed Th. lour.I. .1., .Her imim to Jti ’
• Ithoui pam. to .I p on n aofi .to . and aa u-ual, aiteod to hi. work
I hav. applied it t-. burn., gwellluga. Ac.. wl,h lb. ...me a „.l toto,'
~a z.7. («h«„ n«uiur
*lfl J**** bj?1** 1 “F* fl“ **>• •‘rulgl.ten up *tjai..«, brut.*.
«min«l*. sc. Having apcite.1 nil it.« rrui- dwoffvnt rail/ in u»«. frum
•£! Kgon?"!** Wl fIU‘l* r*m' Ac • lo l,Mf ‘"ir.KlucU..to of
a.* UIL* * *m tnrTiu “J U ■w'P***'-* •»»/ ap|>i ratiMii ever
I o' ■»» reepcctlully,
I- _ ,?',,1,u,':. 4,,T "E mkiiiu hi m>
Ji . . . •* h**1 Imperfectly understood sreo by Uiom
who nuke the greatest pretensions The most of the popular Hal,
^««»f Itoa day may. for lie lima, color u.e hair, but emu to he
sooeoedrdhy a tarnished green, or other uq.lgr.Uy appearance —
“°gle . Electric Halt llyc U Void of these t.oa.ous pruperUes It
■ uetantly .lye* the halt a beautiful natural black or brown, which
neither water nor autultlne can tarnish In the least; and “lo mak
.Ur,*o.'r *“/* hl‘ W1|U *rr »uUiorlscd to refund the m..
ir*'1,U* pchlect ..ll.fartlon Is not gtvelt Price .Vl coble.
Vrwg^J Jwy^.T' *',d e.l<l b,
i i . AMK *«r ilKTTIMI UAI.I) I
U your hair turning grey f Ih. ,„u wish to cultivate good srhls
, i"“r tun to he soft, allky. and gWy?
J"".'""* V“.,Y C'~' cotwfurtahle, »ud free of dandrugf Moll-er. I
Yiv i7/.... '.l7;,e h*'L* 'UXUrtA,lt ''"“l. of h«lr» Then use Ho
Prt£.HirSi ,1,oY‘,u Bs unerring eir.ru -
maasK eta. On ct> cts. and (I.&. per bottle. Bogle'. Balm of
CythertA .lauds unrivalled for eradicating tan and nlmples.and Imau
Hli lV^lbl?"’'" ''a " ,,’r'CT 11' cU Inventor and proprietor, W
HUbLE, Boelnii and sold by Urugglsu everywhere.
Xjtr , (.| A 1 NOTICE To THE ~ —
i-*, LADIES —Theaubecrlherbeg,leave I.. ann.enn ^K|
to Uie Latl.ee of Rlehmoud. Bod Ore Hlate of Virginia, that he lu.
Ji!^e7T*‘,'’p*”'>U*^: “ ,, UTKR-' imported by himself 1
met frym Fan a. Th.y vrr« in*«lr in hi* *f>«>r(*J onlrr, out of m.» '
^ tmrr UJ ' U M«nt >u Furl* Tt** following <
\cm Ihr *t/|«r« In (lie cnw, (ih«/ nrr rnftrrl/ n»-w In IhU cll/.l vl*
vnit/rtM (jfellvn, cork *..».*, k.<l lop., with h*rl» ^
llult on ••
“ “ Jonb*« “ “ “ •* •• pal. leather fused
M “ *11 14 ®* ••
, ** ** ** M cloth top*. •* »• m
(VtofreM •* M.,a. M M u M
UkP “ •* *a M M M H H M
i _ _ a. . Fraud* •* ** ** 44 llunrtrUo
I Would most respectfully mvile the Ladle, h. call and ra.tnln.
U**°’ ALEX IIIL* , 1
Matiufartorrr and Importer,
n,>* IfT W in, gffft, H Vm ..I, Va.
«*«A»0» ON TIIIAL- PAYMENT wffll
-■* HELD—We peepws to purchasers of Piano Purtes
u11' rur ••‘•““"‘•■its on lr .1 In order to leal what w. ... „f ihelr •
quality before paying for them. ' ,
Twenty yea r. eager tear* an our pan satUSe. our own minds, and ,
We could! get o.er 0 lean hundred persons In unite with os in lie
opinion, that no estahll-huteru, Nortl. or A,u h,can possibly furu.ah
b, tier or cheaper Instruments thsn we do.
no11 . _ . _ E P. NASH
(*LAKS PLATE. Ac.- M ERaNck, Sin In.wd'.lrtei i
tllentm.od, » a . keep, eonslaally on band fancy aud plain material In I
”’ hl* bU'loes. He asks a rail rr„m »n who bars Hr
lures to frame, or wish lo bay articles |U kla line. jyg
1X0nt t.—Ilarlng been ap|>olnte<l Agents for the
*»': »f «‘m • ch-br.ici rp.n.1 Cotton Manufactured by
Memr, John Dick A dons, Olaegnw, we shall he aupplWd .tali
It the'T- m" •~r’'tJntr!' direct fr.mi the M .irnfaeture s, for gab ■
ril. —rTiN ,i0rk prices Vte ear, guarantee ll,1. C..uon co be i
fully equal in quality to any luanufkctured, and wlUi conSdence ee
commend ll to the trade
__ _ KENT PAINE A 0Q-. Agents_ |
vd»~» J. A. ilt.I.VI* has removed his Eurnlture Eatah
•TrrTnrTiii.N i‘!U.',"|t - Sj*,*P«*' “s »ndelegant Warrroum under
KINrlllAN IIAI.L, M<ln Street, above the Hank., and has It,
upciation all ih« apf4i«ficr* IncUrM l/» %n cilrnitv* biulur**
NotlUT^ lil 1 as( (India,
"m “T,' •■“PP'J' •>"*«• Invaluable article, on hand, and I
eould call the attention of the public to the advertisement In an- <
Other column MEAllE A IIAKKR, fhemls...
_^y^_^__^___laAjlaln *lr-l n,.,ll,w—l c.rn-r of llhh
MTTtir f>«»M on chi hi h hii,i.V The ijsdn.
n of “•* » -I Pre-btlcr au Ohurrh, with a rk e to Uie re.
10.1."h.g Of the Ohurrh ed g, ,, and uther Imporlset obleci. propose
to hold In the lealure Room co onieoelog THIS EVE.NINO. and '
cont nulog Ihroogh th. week , fllR.l.nl,, ..I- of nroamen.al '
and useful article., and r. fr-.hmeni., lo which they reciH-riftillg in
rue the Iitlentlou of Ihelr (Heads and tin- public generally ’
» «•'» ni:vn,EiiEk-Non ami> —. i
srrilwr he,-a le.vc In call the attention of Urnilvmen in waul of to- '
U)rf»l drew BooU, Hh »rs and Fum|»«, for Wrtldinf mod party par.’
p*»ra.b. hi. Very due a-soetmeui. m .de p, hi. order, lo Paris, by the
Y-V'YT' M"n,'*"r •Vcffes Thcv ara far superior to any thing ol
Ule kind ll,a, can l>e manufactured lu Philadelphia Also an as
a-riiueot of Roots and Shoe* of my own make, of superior anility — '
All In waul can be accommodated by calling on I
,011 _ _Manufacturer and Importer. U7 Main at
NOTICK TO I.AI>I»:N.-Ladlea wl.hlT-g whd.
KOI and Satin Slippers and Halters, esu be arrora-WK7^*
■SfH kr calling at Ute Pr oilum B.-.t and Worn Store, where liter
will Sod every thing In his line that can be found. ’ ,
_ALrX IIILL. I»T Main street.
FI K('MANi:hh Of CI.OlHIVb WILIi flkli
us well prepared to serve them with good and well made
thothlog and Ettrmshlt.g Hood, ai sallsf.ciorv price.. By recent
arrival, we are eoabled i„ .i,„. ti„ latest style, of the season -
IIsuing al all times the largest .lock In the city, with many silvan- 1
imte. In the manufacture and tale of clothing, we are prepared in
. __ _ Nojttf Mam .treat.
piltt ll l IAN Hill si .
mT Corner llth and Br,nil .Ireeta, opposite Capitol Square
The proprietors of Oils plsanntl; situated and popular Hotel
would respectfully Inform the pnhl.r. ae w, II aa tha former Mends
of Ilia house, that they are pr,-pared t. accommodate their guests In
the r.rp he.t manner and upnn H e most moderate terms.
It lathe Intention nf he proprietor) to keep a flr.t class Hotel,
and no pains will be spared on their part to make the a< inurn of
all^wlio map faeor them with ihelr patronage pleasant and agree
. ... . . PRKNCH A CARDORO, Proprietors.
Jan w. Puasi-n, I
flau’L P. Cant-oco. (
JOHN II. RKAYKRR, Rupertnlrndrnl,
(Pormerlp of the Colombian Hotel.)
An Omnibus will alwape be f.iun.l si the Rsllrnad Depots on the
CVArIiR e,r* *° ukr paevngere to U.la house. PRRR OP
A i.i. to hi: no in.
The Urge and rich stock of DRY OOOD8
Olouka, |
Do Lalnaa.
„ - _ ^ Ro*Vrr, |« l
-,*W__ THR PRICK * CO.
fill AIM at IM S< * IN N I M \<>HK.
*2*2411 ►"TRR nrRRCT.swee, myle of Duf eJ^T Vr.meu
-tup- rW Workuianahni, uMo. levAli^ (Ham' portrait
and Pielu.e Pramea of ere.p description m.de t. ord- r at the Rior
Jtweek of Roe.Wool, Ogees, Blark Walnot
Map!., ftak. and ih.- b-«t tm lellona. constantly on hand and for rule
In the l-ngth. Ord. re from nnp part of tha Country prompilp
™*"d p-uler- will Did It to ih- ir adra tape to rail and|m4e mr i
IbeUaaelee# DAhlRI.lt HCIMtlvR. pfii tb • Ire ,lrt-*t inns door
lk«n OM Petlow'. Hall „ rner of O-inJih ) Ne^York ,
N R all k mis of pieturra a 1 terns In* lHaases framed lo order
tn the neateat manner. In gilt • fa ire p Wend
nl*r NP: ’I IM I. Dear atr Please send use anelher ent-p'f
of pour In.alilM, Baking Powder, w* hue* had no trouble i
| with broad sine* trying poor powd-r* They are lodlaponeohte In
| tha wap of good bread. Yerp respectfully,
___ _ R<> A MONDAY.
Ring Willi** Cowntp._
HIBIIU.AIttM IbAHth rerp fragrant,prleoA rtr at
"••*7 __ AS MPI.RTI
Ol’KM A tlf.AHS, eerp pleasant, prior Arts,*.
'•°*7 krMPi.R**_
Hfl NMl I HI I HJtUS. . ,
LIIMAM«<:|MAMflt seep delightful. price A Ms, at
* n“17 arm pi rn
n AN I I.I. W I HAD R | IS. ANN. rerp deHelowo, prle*
Kl N» IVi hblt piire M o Isaacs Ram. f. r sale I j
"R*7 _ _DAVgNPORY, AI.I.PN A on.
I •■^■•WAIflfl I I I I IMA. a. I AS ANSI ||o( >,1 -
"•** Me the PALL YRADW, owwspM*
In all Re branches. I ahaM he glad to see all aip old Mends
raalsWfn oatd a there be foes purrt-sstng sisewh.r.
_ ___ TMOAIA* Mow. r» M.-n «,eet
Cl I NPtbARIal M rfl.A,atfll Ad|C, p und at
1 • iV ?' • » AMiaM, Cons .ntly ..n hand
■ *.*w*®" • *7'1 *•«*•»» bra and mb Rhosd, ..e,, cd stuee
* T*ae harsa shoe Malta, all -*-,*» ..t.
loss I. salt pwrobaaara, bp__ W |4 A U HON NAN,
M« W ■«rd..m. Ca,he,, Aa .^
i l MnrT,rim|&iri«n£ar7i<ri w ■ uaacm.
"wmmMM or «ibtm<ti.»
. ..... _ wu-liam m. dohman. ~-r .
’_marine NEWh.
nmvrmkrtii or fartiAitt:***
*■**—» ww.. w„ „
W * T. *• LirrciMcJ. *•
r«l, imM, ... y,
rMOM tUW'H-k ^
SB: S?s Eg
N»» »ork. No. |A
TO L AJSV Y i; H s.
Wa ara Dow offering
^>tma Mqibiu ur rai Baa,
A Unfr Mild
Fiaa Amm itmut <•#
All ! At
V A A T I. o . P . I C A A .
M*«t ft. OA AMillcAlk.n In
, La. Mooka.lt, r. and PnMIahAra.
***'~lM _Wo. 144 N....U .1 N T
Plt ?ul,l’p« 0’8 COLDK* PILM.
fjr^, •* UrrwlWau .a the pill, are perfect
js5», r"*-r1U »—•4 upon a,
“™' prart»a«of nrer tl.i,«y year* ; and «Up the direction*
JVr ^ *>r^y follow, d, thy tarr ntvrr failed to romrt all lr
'vfuiaritiri, reiser painful and >l fh< ult iorn*t rust ion, (narucuiart v I
g MubKaaac of III. They .ill cure th. WhK,., I',!
MHtractoim frnio cold, eipwart or anv cut and u
s^cfr'^^::,,nruw *“ ^ —«*• *
UrtA, «l per ko>. .Ilk 1.11 diroctloo. Mold .h.4,..i. .m „u„
*’ PC MOMLL. LA DU A oo.,
,,_ ... .. '*1»»U >*TtT« Aoaara,
' »«U dr«a, ATnAmom/. Pa.
SEofL* HORTON. cur. of Mru aud luth au., Blcinuond Va.
GRUBB* A APPKRPoN. No fell Broad rtreeL - -
J W. HI AN*. Na In Pearl street, m u
A**r\U T‘" 'UIH>7 4w»|^rs at Proprietor** price*, and
p»t»d the P>0* to jconfllentully) hy mail. t«. elth~rVity“,
r.MM.irw. on reewdpt M $1 tl.ftMigt. Kir!,*.** Post o®e*. Ta.
"• *s*cnai«re of J DUPONOO. No other
J«4 cli if ***rtlc*Ur*’ *** Circulars of Agei.U
^y-»no.'>^t;>tN AM» I.UAEMA, ATfEV
Tim..- .ha kawr .on h»r. on th. Bn t,«„ hare a chine, in In
IJSwJJuilr Ei£ .T Wb° h*'* h**' b‘” “ »PI~ri«im» u,
To an Dam, PKIUAV. Nuiuaia As |«4.
which afford* ’
«•!» Were ever offered to till trliew*.
HUiincjr rune 140.000 \-lo west phize a to 1
Mor. Hull oup I’riip in pypry 10 Ticket. I
Whole Ticket#, till l«l— II.Ire t-1' «> - Quarter. Su
. D: Up *1 Ihcrclnr. loan no tlmr In .ddrcln,
'IUwr ta " "*A. A CO . Alionla. U. .
tM**~4**_ne M HWAW. Monl«..ni,r, Al«.
tr"‘‘ tWteOHTA VI TO • .IIMt:K.-W,
▼ “ *•“ n'loollon of our l^dy Inrod. .ml cummer. WS
k,thln II. city And rimnlry. in >n examination of our Imc- and
raronl aaroct—.« of Ud,„% M.ro.' .Bd OluUrro-. ^ocV^h^
•• ~ Uoe
14 41 ** Crro If ** MM
“ ColOfMl ** « M M M
“ Mo rocco Boots, with and without heels
“ CllLilSfl With sad without heels
- hlT M'l'l*"»- *>ry aoft and nice
While Kid aud Kalin Slippers. »er» Hue and nice
*f?j Bn- rrrnrti Parlor Hllpfwra
Mor.»r.-.. an<| Kid ihick and ti.in »olrd Boot a. with and
without hrr|«
''_. m°r“7;nH “'<• IMck end tl»In anted Bu.kln.
Misers Black tialters, with and wthoul herb
Colored *• llutton an«l Ia<*< with ai d vtthnat Kwwia
“ 0<Knre.l and Black Morocco Ho..,.”'. o n .
“ Black Morocco Nippers' “ “*>'J
Child ret,'• Colored Bolton and Lace Gaiter., with and without
** Bla**k U»r Oal'rm
“ 0l’^'1 Morocco and Pat Leather Boob and
44 U*ml Ii ota, tliwk •olri.
Tnrether with many other style,, ho numerous tr. mention
Call and sec them, at PCTKFY A WATTS'.
Wo- H» Main street, Richmond. Va.
plea.ore tn saying to those who hare hecn w.lt.nr lOSMdh
. r the arrival of N le> and Sou's Hue Dress Boots, that If they will
all. wt can now At il»n In a manner which cannot fail to
,,rM' th« '**'« fxslldlnus. aa they arc very soft, aud At Perfectly
month, and at the uae time per fee u, ea.y W, aak the attention
If gentlemen ri.ittng on- elty to call and ry.mine them Call soon.
“ «*wv are selling very rapidly PCTNtT A WATTS
n<”_ Mo. U» Main street. Richmond. Ya.
Ci i:.\ I I I II i;n "S f. A FrFICN.- Justreoelerd, -
■ pvr steamer, a larg and varied assortment of Gen-^^pH|
leinou s flsH and Pateui Leather Gaiters. Oxford Ties and Low
luartered Shoe, all of which «e warrant to be the Bnest article.
kOd U> *ru Veil. Call and fee il.rra at
on w. PITNEY k WATT*’,
BoW_ Wo. Ill M>tu Hrcft. Klchroor d. Va.
n‘» »«»*' ,WI»»I UFAI. C II A -*1, W ARM
»* *rt- rrrorinbrr n-t f<>nrrt to call ot
KAVKLIN, at his old stand. at once, and procore a pair of hie rel
I2'h C'"k ?"*'*• where, al t»e aan a time, you ran buy
ny kind of Bools nr Fhora Suitable tor the winter, either for your
ele,.# nr .enrapts, at prices that will do yon good, and you will res
»inhr I'r wr.i flttrd, and |>lt a»«-d al hli *rrjr low price, for rub —
rI l*»m . lit* *torF Is No. *13 Broad strrrt
Kfff thyjeft wahr A>U UHV, f
If you wish to be comfortable, and enioy that greatest t
f all blesslnga. health t The subscriber has received his sin- Jm
er .upply of frentlemen's winter Boots, con.lsUng of Bant U?.
tieh aa doable soled Calf Water Proof Boots; rgtra .toot do. Hangs
*t!■ Mip and Calf Welted do. do-; with oilier kinds suitable lor the
eaa.n, and for sale cheap by
no**_ __l>. B. FRANKLIN.
\Vr Ai'T/i.I>r4 situation as Teacher, either to take charge
W w of a school, or as an AasLIaut, by a young lady a Vtr
nlxn. and educated In Richmond, Va She can furnish unrxeep
looable twatlmonialr of bsr qaaliBca Ion. to leach all the brauche.
f a thorough Fligflsh education, the French language, aa Well aa the
u.imenUof Lotto and Ualian. Reference, exchanged Adder,.
*'m H • Richmond. Ya. ,u IF—ctftf
\J A .A. KO ( I.OTII I NO.—All prru.m wishing to bay good
uW and cheap Negro Clothing, arg rr.p ct ully Invited to call and
yam me our >lu.» before purchasing, a. we are del, rmlnel lo aril
* ®* possible. Ml Hell ANT, W K1MHFK A CO ,
“®*T __IU «a o «. rel
Ik v Fit Cm 1 Tn! nvi: I CIS l IN!!—MKKtH i\t
If WK«10*R A CO . have on hand an ..oaf !.r“ .
* ,'v«:r Cu*i®, IUrl«iii aiid T*lm*«, which ihrv vitl %■ it *rr> klW
111 In want are Invited to glee then a call, at III Mam street
V°M I N X I ■ t: riv, |. Ill am^Umeelrtn,
ky D,w sui-pllea of superior Ready Made Clo hlog. lo suH the ad
anclng season, and ran now tnruiah those In want with a heller
armonl, al a lower price than eecr. Call and examine fog your
■*y- HKNRY 8HA.FR,
°■ ** _ aornee of Main aud 14th streets
D“ ^.‘iJ!tEA'r WMK,t-*r*B,rrs
. ... . P. It. PRICF'P.
Annals of the American Pulpit, or commemorative n.-lleea .f di,
Inrnlalied a me clean Clergymen of tatout denomination.. from the
arly Mdtlemen nf the enumry to the close ,.f th, year 1n’« by
Yllllam B Sprague. D 1> Flrd tw,. rolumea of this peal work*
mbrartng'Trtoltariaa Congregational Clergymen la received -
„?;*a„7 £ih*T««0-»c.Uon n'»"- *< **
saidc'to^wah^Mc * “** “D'' •,,r®rn" ooHwctiun of Hymns, with
Stanley’s Pinal and Palestine -■» ,Vi.
Holge’. Rasaya anil Reviews -IM
Beveridge'. Prlvair Thought., * vnl—IB.
A handsome assortment of Peer Books, and of Panday (tehool
Bo-As, generally, together with fresh supplies of popu
Willis'new Novel, Paul Fane.—1.*6 nn»«
K»ei,A>D, CI1R FI.F.TK—Tha
work. In on* octavo volume, h"iin<f. f..r $1 For »al«
^ . A MORRIP, »J Main street.
Other .tyIce of tlie same Standard Work, aa follows: 4 volumes
loth. fA. 4 relumes, doth, lima . *I,7A. 4 robtmee. sheep, s»o„ («
oindon ed.tlou, |1 per volume; In half calf, 4 vola., flO.
_ . ... . Lihralrle de A MORKlr. Hue Main No FT.
Cliefs-d Auvre de la Lllurafute Francalar, grand In 1* Format
Inglabj, arec perfralU. Conrniahlr pour ba Cedes “La F..w
Corneille, Racine B. ileau Mnllere, Regnard. Vnllalr, Fens
on llsaam t. lePage, Pevigne. Muntemnlrn. St Plerr_
" «<?•» *o««1, V.ivrr* KlrmmUtrrt, * I'aMqrr 4* Comm* n
.*"*• Or*BiBMlr*i, LFCtrurp, Iivrclm, tnr U Corjuffaitvn d*-i
m d,Hwu>l™. Conver»atlrn*t Dlctl<*nmlrr», Rrcurilt |
J * « » ’» « - r «» T..F. !
*****—Mlrtcrj of Tr«*«fporn fUflrtt ttttknmt, In IfW, to It a an- '
nr vat ion to *»* t’nltod ftatrt mlM«, by II Y oak am. bq «
▼nla Sro •» * i
* *1, w J*OT*U— Saul f*n» . or. Part* of a Ufa Elea !
Untold; hp R P Willie gl *s
.ADY MORtlAR — The O'Rrten** and the 0'PI*hrr*r'i; a national
Ule; hp I-adp Morgan; t eol ft
I* M A<*OOff — Woatarn Kmplrr ; or, Tb» Oroat Drama of I
Unman Pr *#rr«« n
M)MW*Tir POULTRY —The American Poulterer’* Contpanloo A
practical Ircatlea on Hi* rearing, breeding, and general manage- 1
meat of enrlon* •!>• eiea of domeatie p uttrp, lllo*ir»t*d wnh por- I
trait*. Ac ; a raw edition; hp C N Kcmrnt gl g6
rift HUMORS OP PaLUUNIiRIImIR - a roll-rtion nf hamorona
and -reap dap earner, hp J T Kelt/ gl *»
•OTIt WELL- A Porm in ala parte, np W. I Apton. TA canta I
•Off MS -Bp Matthew Artiold, IA era
•VAX* A BORN* firOcorgell ft-arr. In I role |g
IfTIHTBOB, me Natural at of thr New World; hi* Adranlure* and ,
iWir>tiilii; by Tho*. H Pt John; o omty Jarrulb 7!i cto
IORRRR -A ehltd'i IHtoore nf Romr, hp J». R mn,r nntkwM A
••child•* llletorp id th. United Stale.;" g A, * *
'“TS'ZVS*0” H,*TO*V-#T Bmtlp Tap lor ; a new joe..
ITOBIKB or Tilt CANADIAN PORPAT - Or. Little Marp and her
Nnrar ; hp Mr*. Traill, an'h -r nf •• thr Canadian Croaore,” Mo
•JIB tinspri, AND frs PI RtoBVr* BrJameaChallaa tiuT^
iisflop DRHOR'A SPRMORS Sermon a on the Public Mean, of
Hence; an the Pratieal* and Paata of ih* Church; Brrpiur*
Character., and earlona practical auhfecta. bp ih* late Right
Re* T. IVhon. D D., Btahop nf the Dtoerar at South Carolina .
• *■•*. f •.
ITCffiPIDlA OP SPRMORS— fVntatn*ng abrtrhra of Brrmona of
thr Pa-*Mee and Miracle* of Chrlat; hp Jahra Burn* gg Sal
>R RARITS ARCTfn «XPf ORaTIORB » e fa.Aeo gA
(IT BCR TAT—A rrple to • Uncle Tom.” and - Dr. d bp a l.adp I
of New Orlcan* gl.
fl 4141 noiKY Nil IH TR—Both f,„p and white,
■ R SR B Prenrb a tut old wrIMe. wide and narrow pirate, all -'act
ind analitiea, with Ihr following rnn.id. ratione In Ihetr faeor Aral '
ate Bt, Bret rate atnrk. onlfnrm i* . t- and qualltp, and the -leap 1
et ahlrt In market Thr article t* red bp the roh-crtWr. a known \
n he perfect, and w* guarantee whaleeer w* anp In their taeor —
The ape* the cheap**', and go >d a the heel
flERf“A PI RRIaillRO liootd - The atock contort, nf fp,.rt«,
Vawrek. Sncka, 01.tea, Anependrra. C.dlaru, Crkeala, Neck Tie*.
Itocka, Handkerchlcfa. R-ght Cap*. M nepRelta. C mforte. Ahawl*
larked* Dr. wing flown* and I rntr 'laa Park and eeeep articd* I
or rent’* wearing apparel map he b ond In owr rtnrk. and the oean
Mp and quality anfRcimt In aattafp the want* of them* Inter toed —
Ip railing at IIS Main (tree*. p»n ran J .dge Ih* p-.,ir*ute,■ bp
letnal namtnaiioo. ORoAIIORO « TUBMAN. ;
_ _ ____ __ lls Main »tt.rt
\M< Ifirr.fTI M 41. M fill NW-Com| rlalo. Ah..-,
Architect Ranl'lfa aptend'd Work, In » etrfe.. quarto. Hrnja
nin’a old familiar Work, I e.d , Sloan'* rer. ni and moet at-client J
Architect, alar,M*Carpenter*'Oa dr, Dnw»tng*aCottage Rretdenre*
u d Rural Ar. h trtnrr Rmio, k'a Am-etc an Cot-age BuiMrr, Wheel.
Rural Home*. MatAeld'* Amrrlcan He* Carpenter and other
Work*, for ante bp
—»__A. MORRIS, S7 Main toreet
ffRIfl RMM flgllll I IMl MtrOH BI TIIR
toconnt of the adeenturoa of that intrepid and courage,,ua Raetga
nr In aearrh of Sir John Pranklto, In T eolumra. with name roue *trel
date* and rwt*. Illnarratie* sf M* ndeamnroua career Price In
ilnth-AA, In ahuep, library topic, gA Por tale hp
* MORRIS, VI Main afr-et
ft I >F»W III It lit, at I on per
■ ' AkwBl P S Dr.g St.„.
\f I M< KM Fil l 4 1 UKR, prime quality A an,ah lot in
More, and fee ml* bp ARI.DRN A Mil I RR
_nnSS__ ^ _Cornar Pearl and Carp .ir-eta
Pin vn'a IVilMtMni n I’M AF 4 M 4 flna POR
IRSTARTI T OI.RtRIRO Rin HI/IVRA -One bottl, ”|B clean
IS pate, and lea** no amelt, for **l# at
MRtDP A RARER'*. Rev Apntheoarp Ihues,
_ "RBT IM R W burner Main and loth *tu
4 MKMM 4M Ml .IN ISM KM RTI K1..-A amply at
hem Rwatl'p American Blltoarad StawLmadc from Awetfa lean
am reoufeed. taemlebp 4 I AO DORS AN.
n*" Imparaaea al Rardvnr., OntMry ft* ilftiSunto to
amusements. _
'VtMKATBI. 111 11
rmiBAT it m. im
bcheiit or
To t.*iu,«r. nub Um llr.ai PI., M
the I rob CHEAT.
To rooclud. >.U> b r.,radio! o or
Jo. K-ddiuoa Brownai.il. . M> * -
. •■s**** m„„
n. TTLiT4 k•'** **■» Ro*ra. WV«u . OaIDHo. ft- .. j *rt.
- * OWcp.. ,r—»t.a.VU<*. Dra. upon I, Ornplur
—'"**f** “ <“rt" **•<** • o «doc» pr.Hnlj J
. __ PI.RVR1 PI.AVHI! PLAlklt!
HRHK AiAndArd a Ad Minor l>r. u. A And All odbrr noKIlabod Pi..
JL. Lstvs jsrrji a., taja
•’Sr. arg, —• -~,j?
- 5“'r2rS=.S-JS jft>
*** ‘*‘k“* OKI ANN *. 1'vpTjiral •**<
titiysnssris: rc ■— ~t*rd
n..Tl *^ kW 4l»*«AO-h Por bAlAucr of fr.ight. .|.pl,
——--- O- A w CCKR1R
H^R IMHO. • O N .-TIR.T v KdPKL - Hi. W~/ and ~ I
* FStrkHa —ftt* Mppptof f».| t%|lllt- tCL\
»■*;*' -A; « NIURKKAON.Cap. C,r«. Nlcbraao,? I
•iu.^[iapTAiAB 'd!UnLr“»’ *u,b* »a -
- ►** *4Wr Fapc baUuc* of r»oi#h!. at>flj u>
s- p» * CflOllUk
J* 41 **°K raprrior tmiAr p.t. a*.
POT!*. A.rot. B.al.r. Loving IK-gr..!., p.., •NTTI
' 5*'r" '"*•*»• And roll.* on boArd A.IU h«£ qu^fT^
^ ^ F.»r boUucr of rBr|i), Bpplj to "
gt!*___W. 0 COLyl ITT • oo
'OHrO'.K.-Tb. good «-h PROTIOCNCK.
*•_,' Ff WotKrr.rod. harlnf B prrtlon of her nrn •«.
‘r^Tr^ .Ad'r”lT b'“"‘ "* ”*'* d““**h *’•" ••*'**'«
" *’-,w__W, D. COLQUITT A CO
SWSK-.’frfl'f SW »}Wf)
. T'M‘.r.T;l,t"*' '* * •» *r-KI In 0,1. Hi, lor (h. .«!. of 7k. “ .
>A»» rncHTrd IL.arqaAl.Bol Appmral of IK. Phnfat. In
j53.u2tfnEr * «• »*
PriAibAl'g rap.rlor Mrirkgaa, of 4V 5 And A _.,.
rlngl. And doohl' o.d. *' “nJ * oe,»’«- »«»'
Mirtln's anrirHRd Urniu
T., or'. Approrod Plp-tb, -(tbra. pi«ira .aro.Mo.l,
^.^rR^ijr^sr- ru^i'u-°“'1*^
Tunlitg fork* ainl Fipr«
SL!lk^'Sr ,°a<^,'“B1* *"d br»" Ib.tram.nU
In .K^ •“<* *n.< qiAln, lio.tAr And Tlahn Siring.
iJ^r:-, ,ln' w b- -
.■^^r,VrT"VuM^t' 'Zz'rzi.tz"”**'- -w
PIT A llbra.l dln ooot mol- la, Tr.. h.r. «,.| **h olr.
,JZ, H‘n^" ,““*d *"d «• A*" Old run,. tAkrn In rrrK.rg.
GE.VTI,r..HEY’)l II IIMMIIM. hoi si
No. : Balls an Horn..
11 AV,Na ♦'taWbhrd tom.. If al On- abort location mo _
a ZszrzjixzZi si"M •£" *"•—* *» ■nTE
^ru,!ir. .OJ ^ -yi-.’s? rx*'
___ noli
•“uf -hk*“ >■* •'». Xi,
tbr L£lotwT?f ,V“!A,D"k'»n *>f< Hats, to rticii hr would ,nTltr
the aUcoUuu of thorn In want of aowmthlog ta.t, and comlnru.il
oclO *° 1 N*ll»rd’» Hotel.
—- Opporlte tl* Exchange.
■*• 1»A;N.\ % bora Imre to ap
1 *T h * Zrienda and tie- puhl.r ihai hr "aa f-s. ^ .me* \
luat opened in the newly Ailed up and roneralently
arranged store. No »* Main aurrt. and nearly op
po-lte the new Cu-tom Hou~. a fr^h a„dT.mplX^I^
purrhaaol upon the tnoet fararahle tertna. and embracing the usual
r.rh:,, of articles towel In auch an mablehmrTt *
"r U ,7.*°"r,U A *hA" of Patronagr, promising that hi.
^Tl.i*. luW “ I* c*° **rd- »hd that crer, shall b.
. *"'* to th~e wt,o may faror Mm
r'lt,0*^,lo', lo *rep “•> l>»'id Particularly a good aao>ri.
mint of llouarkrepina and Building Hardware *
, jOrdcr. from the country ahall receir, earful and pnwnpt attao
Ffm'lr" Tv *Lor Watchea, ji h-r?
eTu. OTtx i .7 •aUcr,W” “» "•'» '» "-"'P* of the.,
hatches, jewelry axd spectacles:™™
consisting of all the laical styles, and brat roods in their line i
“‘-'ImlSeTriTi!. “PU"U*' “““ ler.nt, e.the, a.
Acall la respectfully solicited al T5J< Main at
I,,_ Ui.ANN WARM f.I.Ahs W t t< a; it ~
lrT. rT' '"41 • ,or‘, er •“PP'r Of GLAS4 M ARK, ton-^-a.
Slrtlog In part of i yf ,ia,f Ar.oef (,,Vd.t. TwmiL„
•S-por A„Wa. I’Mup,.*, rf-os. XIHl. VT
r*n«E Of otlwr articles H
, 5T 100 *<> mention. We hare also soui- few
ru OU**. »*>«* we offer u, those -1 do,,, something eomplri,
ond handeome, at prices which will aurely please * P
Call and szaaaina of BL LEI.rv A OO .
006___ 1«T EMle Squara_
MWjasA trasTj:- sr-jMtt
gfgH »saorirawn r*uf Chlna',.mi‘l
whole-ale and retail at moderate price*
mart th.lt.crm.ing dem.nd for Irene*. BOOTS A l«k
SHOES In this market, I hare made area g. ments to be r^.
constantly supplied will, those articles, and hare now tie pleasure
u. am,ounce L. my Irlend, and He puM-c generally 0 .1 I l ate Ju I
rr<*!.Tu ,* 'V v'*—*• »»■»* * '»** T-eld-cenowned maouf.chj
res, Mel tea, of Parts, to which I InrdKhe attention of puroha-er
assuring th. m that Our,- are nans imporied In this or' any olhe,
market superior to lien, aod that they will he odd ee low aa such
good, ran be h. uffht for. JNO. C PAGE jV
nol»_EmahlestaHe Bout and Stale Dealer. I* Mala tin*.
Sl'f'1 ' ami mil Bl E BA la if a a
Gl NS, KIELES. Ac - We base on hand a large "TAw A .g-J
eo e l of Single and Double Barn I Gun-, some eery
sat|irrlar, ala.., R fire. Pialuls. Sl.ot Bags, Game Bags yBlTS
Powder Elaaks and H.uns, G D , Engllal, and Hat Air I \
”l>’,. A* " »" ajawua to reduce „ur aio- k. the shore fu.nl. will
hr s.dd al a "mall adsaore on Imponalloi. prlee.
W e respectfully ask all In want lo glee u. a call
,.«>1 • P T. MOORE A 00.,
_ _ Imuonara of Hardware Id Pearl street
'■lilt: fiHEAT (|l ESTIIO HETTI.I II
■. - Well, yes, and oi where shall I buy Brogues ■« tXMb.
■ny ebu-sMn and y atird-Aiot tribe—they should be Well fed .
know and slu.ul l be B,od with old Vistula Rro^. . Tin, '
,h' wlofcr. The Colon la *1,-, |* llTl.Lu, . *
the Demucracy—old Buck Is Presldrnt, and o tell w wt a, I want
to know. Yea. we wilt tell you. friend If you want to know wber
;!"• “d cheapest, and If you desire lo pay co.h, T, u c,,‘,rt
them at th- rrry loweai market price, both for urn and hors You
hake only to call at No IIS Broad street, Shockoe Hill IMsInr be
gome the purenaser of the entire stock of Col. H. W Quarles Itf.e
premium Brogue maker of Ylrgtula.) which, together wlih O.mr ol
my own, renders my ••..rtn.nl at present full and complete, per
haps equal to any In the city H ’ r
If my country and rlty f.lends will please ran and examine ms
stock and m-lcc. I am sore that n„ g txxrd foot or ebo .hln, of the
Muter of Ksln, will sutler the cold of tha approaching winter —
Therefore, please remember rhoehlu, yiaxard faot, aad
»** Manafactarer aad Oaalue In Boom. fMmls'^rno.kl^Ae
T'!'a yHmilEYt-yehare^i^T^T.
wrek. Mill further addllloos to our aloek. and arr confident
inn „ur aaoorlment contain- all tha necessary ankles f„r a Gem.
Wardrobe, made up with as much care as possible. Each point ,„
rr/-.' order, and for .ale .1 a low prlee W, may «. m,kr
Th ‘ w*y;‘b'"-ter th' —,«oi,ng,.t u.;
NEW OOOM.—New styles Of Shawls. Or.r CoaU. Dress Pr,*ka.
Po1.,'.*nJ.!r*>_noJ ln Marr ,or thr raamlnatlon ol eusiome, •
mork. t orer and you will not And as large aioek. a. great rariety. or
prices so low hy a louy way. UKOOMONU A Tl'PMAN
n<*___ 110 Malu atroat
Cr?npHiSk*^-TMT^ i M PHOOI booth oi
JlW^'.PNKIOR QUALIT1 —I hare now In store Geot’a Cork
Mol# Wmlrr Prook iVaotaof Mprrior quality, aurh aa hav. naia. k—..
r'n oetcrr, they »o intended to be worn wit Hoot Orer
i r ,",w •" S"rp the Art perfectly dry; .l*
r,,'n W*l*f Pr<K,f S.xtte. OmRcra on.lfc.ne. of er.Ty
•tyle. to which I would moil rrepectfolly roll the oltentlon nf >11 if.
wont of good winter Beot. ond Shorn *“ ,B
ALEXANDER HILL, Manufacturer
JL__ _and Importer of B mti And Shore. IT! Mala St
N»» I l*!A. Til I A It tl | IIh. i hare on hand a large and
ooperiur or -le of Negro Brogan.; alao a aopply of Uxor Army
rxtoeo for Plantation non. they are eery heary ,™f durable for ulq
irr wear, to wbtrb I would nx>.t maprcthilly coll the attention of
Farmer* aud all other* to want
"«*? __ ALEXANDER HILL, m Main St.
A4 ■><> t| t l>> run m nt|K |IK 1,4 NOCITTr
M^HTOIRNIIJR."—.A moot raluaMe and trlmuBc prrt.r.
H?" ”f‘“'f .’ssss ■">' IS Parte, and »,ry highly reoornmend
•d A frr*h rapplj rpeflTsd at
_ — i, iA £**'• *'* Apothecary Store,
***^ IBi H. W, earner of Mata aad IBth ele.
• leolao Balm, prepared by oarerlere. te s moat rfccteitt and
pleaaanl article, rendering the e*ln Air and toll, and egrrtnally ru
ring eR chepplng and resgboem W. hove aim. perfectly M
Amandine, Oold Cream, and other popnlor toilet article*
ootd ."***« 4 ■ WER. Chemlra, Be ,
now l»d N W corner of Main and llhh tta.
r*. - .••nW> rrBm* Wr»PP,»« Paper . I/gin do Cap aad
b*tt«r do , for Ml* by
dayrnport, ali.rn A 00
—** f^1’ C,’,b' Sugar ; T4 bhda New Orleaaa So
f%r; In rtor* and for *al* by
Cfc'.ah1 In4*?,4 **** lbB P <*•« Arabic. In bake, for
—,T BEWWgrr, BRERS A PtSHRR, DrugTal*
IS»IM ilUI. TKArMTJtwal. per pound. M
"*■— SEMPLE* Drug Store.
I'll’l HI tl II t, at $1 lei per pound at
“oM SEMPUTB Drug Store
****®WIF. SIDES. Prime ReSrrt St ee. receiving, f.r mow
■ B H SKINSm a CO.
_Wo. to Cary turn
tT|" >»• •• ' '«•' M l.i
*■ *”**_ SEMPLE* Pepg<EWB
V°* "ISOS TFA, at 7» real, per pound* at
■ _ _ BrMPI.e s Drug « r.
I m i 141AI lit,. I •- , .
SEMPIE** Drag Store.
* A 1 N POM HI H FPA, at D rente per pound at
" "U_ ..._SRMPI r-S Drag Store
"".**•* "
/ of Ctnlh. Srlret and Sow Amigo, CloaSo, S'alln, Dcoehe and
nu'n I-one Shank, at eery rndwcod peter, w, mnte the Indie.
eeamtne them w p PPRNins A to,
""" Wo 141. Eagle Bgaere
tl M KI III I . « kHe new Wo 1 Mackerel Bo.lea In
r B
mediant No t Mackerel, do de. lor alt by
"°n B ■ SR INKER A 00
■ ^t M SM IN*. I win pay the' bigbeet Market .a'm
■ **•»»<•€ *Br SRtnga. Tn Otaae Mink. MwetrMa, foe. Canoe.
Cm, and Hare Sktae. JOHN TN''MESON
im*W *7 Umtm Mr«Di
fxI.IM'fit §idi(‘»Wm-*s barn yet a good aopply of
Wmaaee. Hodfe. J .panned Inlaid ami Imeed h,»4
CtOORS. obteb we ea* re.-amend aa good Urn, keepeya in la
hod - i“"«) SI I SI a VA co
W'lNIlftSS 4.1 SUN. We ogee f.., ante Vat hole, french
aad American Window 11 lorn of all atwm. dagk aad double
«*«' Bli* 4 AEPrRSON No *0) B,o«d ..
HI y INA.lt Nl a. AMU. L-of. t'r.mhod. Powdered, tod I
TeDow Sug.ra, In atore and lor tale he
"•'* 0.traee Pearl oad Car. a rmt*
It1* "in ISB l:\IMt Mill it. «..i i
■ MMtu brand, atlfc ttoc., and hae oak k»
_ _ BE! 1>EN A MILLER,
^ ®W«u» PuaaS sod Oary Mrmti
I .
-• • »• Arm mi£,—
»T rClXlAM 4 M»B, tma
IO i'lrssi *•
-1-Triii Um -o*-_. ' v mmvm*. mmm mm •■vail. mt
o.*« and l*dr.aadftM.M.alab
---KtUUH P«TI« Amu
- *-> -U pr-.aW.riri, IT, -»*
*%£-»*•—fc ~ -srtsr
•»'«» ••«- wX2SSJ*J7£ iST-H'r^A ia*‘—
~?S:£S - •—r- awar - --
1 ^sessssssssssss:
mJrtMr. Ur tk. n.«w m/WtSSST
r.ru., p. imt mf J .m. A UM^n '* * J
•>■ uw 4., an., .k. aw,.. ^.VsMftlrriircrt
SrjTi icz to £ «K i^S^x
srziv.ii Strri&^r* ——
-- -r r j
sr, 'n^r^xr:
»har. tkrc , out* HT. l.LtONd „f a if. p,„,„i „,TmfltXE?. ,,
I tlr l.M,J ur r.i.kai... ardrr Tk „ . “ "kim.rr
toll * .... «>woand! Ik. t-arrvnrr mh.rvvrr >k. JmulMtn ”
j^rgg?. ;*%»•» —'j£?T—»
■*•« Slw 2J’^LTfc“ PM^,t
__Tilt* n/H’RJfOT
ijUtW.UW Mttxou ll||’l,RAEIITk
d inSr irtL~k rr"***.<* •f.it>* »--"»'«* ■• <• .."j. wX
Sr—'5?* - 2st"~csJf-k£
* .l» l-proa.* A portion of H It w.M «, i (v"
££• " ’• ,,',w,-l •» •*• —« wop «iww **:££?jg
. 2* ““W-rrowow at* nor. Dim ampl. (or tk. Par- and all t.
•■Jn rood rooofVnrfoai**'0 * *'d
T^jaok^rjwUr.^kU prop.,,, drlrah.. a. a T.rwn. U k.r
-i .oil *°d t~‘-—'«■ **- *«*.
rk£ Pr”‘“* *’" *fc°W U'* W*"J U pcraon. dtapaaod 14 po.
arurjsus.v*1, •— uTwsktk'k
w*. w. CRCWP, l _
.ap^a-sl^™* t9rr^
N. Tl «>AY. Dvr«mhrr fd, at tbr town c/ UnliCnx S Cun
Ima. will br.wat niUm. for cnah from ’ ‘
- - SMSffl ZSSftZSgffL* mw.
..“7X:uvia^'1r.,^:‘.;li:;;'*' "—•» •••• •-«*
Tk. .Al. old br Ur coah. but If tint, Ur rrouirrd to make moo,
wcw>t/ro,nU' '* *l" ** *r*°b^ “‘.douUlrd bill* or approrrd
farttrr. aadrmawrd to lit, auhoTlhar, At Ralr'rh. S C . oUl rrc.tr.
oe7 dA.-Jawtll.t Dec r. utllUHX.
HT TW newspapers in which the chore sale war adeertuwd as
rdV, W'"f thl* and send
r^r^t-aEr 'Th* **"d*rd" *■ o- •»
K- ''J "£'r «« *,1^1 *AL*(itNT aniTcollec
T*>f, 9 W.iU Strut, UH'irr . Ajr/«|
V'T!0 •uO'crlher beg. lo return h.s acknowledgment.'
. hiuf| 'r0'*’ *?** ,or ,K*"’ ,**»ra .luring the past y. ar and
Infnrin them that he rtlll continues the busines. ot -hiring out
; nft0“' CO,WcU"* MX) a'I n<Ur\,uZj£
L't olC-*°JW»I kgwocjr. to all ,.f which he glee h'r |er.M
* k^*r ln ,-V rountry who mar Intrust the h r ngof 'heir
nrrwea to him. may real assured of crery attention being paid u.
n. .,o h:'" **'•"* ”‘^ff *}**u K>o>« homea. and in the eeent S Sick
plwd U ^ mwltcal and personal attention shall always be
iW" Nsuanea for hire the romlng year had better be asm in to
me earl, ..ter Christmas ar p»3£ “ ““
r. fir •» I *“ peraonally unknown I twwtn
o-frr to the following person. I._ H Krmp, Dr, J. D Hutler R
V w’» • Hu, John Shepherd k, j
.. r.. *iYU:US Dr CB*;t»i'«. Carmine county; Judge J. 2
l^y?' * A . L*neaatee A Sun. Judge J A Meredith. John P. B.I
ard. flrecter A Breni, Oarrett A Andrrwn. C J -Inton A On Blrh
wond ; Joo L l.ataoe Wm. C Latene. to John Cs-te Wm. T«'.
t r„ tortus Harns.n. King W iliam county ; Dr Thoa. 1-atane Wu.
S. Courtney. Turner A Acree, 0,1. Alex fleet. Cap* T H.roes' fire
d,am A Bagby. Dr. O Pauntleroy. Betmnt Carto n. Dr Benj Fleet
*}“'«• bounty; N. J B Whttiock. Thus N Clarkilir F L.
lire'* ;*' p.r.J‘.V„HrLit*!!l ' *"•*• C..I Richard Bougie. Dr.
Her D Bur. Deo T W right. Mm. B Darts, II E. Wright fare
£,Jy aw*—. Qiuuceuter county: Wm OTjIH. ferrn.
„ Capital all pall in. fL-tuo.uoo
This Company insure, fire and M.rtnr Rlakf on the moat farora
Me term. Country Stores and Dwellings insured.
Capital all pa d In. ♦*ju,niy.
Hubhardwti.rduer A Carlton hating resigned the Agency
‘ this Company, It will hereafter be repr. rented by the und.rtgnetl
_ Capital all paid In, |i«n,ui-« I
Thl. Is the oldeet St-.ck C. uipan. In Virginia, and has paid all
laltos against it, without a law sun, during fwiy years.
■> ,0.1— , WA»,nou
leTteXtb^bLV." ’""'a ’,i" ^ ,*Wd The dlelden Is
l |Tr!'liby lh**.Col°PA"T ►>•*» aeeraged, during the past ten year*.
_ , „ Capital. 11 Son Ota.
Th . Company Insures White P^.uns for life, or a term of year.
le’l'ri"1"'* »ht»u«l dlruleoda; aim, Saras lowed f« on. o/uuij
. .m^ui'ue'®" ®" “■* f®»«®WP known lo th .
t immunity, and Insurance to toy amount. In el her branch can be
Pe-ned. by apply,t. „ p BRyjtgg,
_ l«th strew*, a ear Pact OOce. Richmond. Va.
& *AW9\W*W*W RRHLCEU *11104 a. the uc. Carpel
l^'Dn,"l|0, Cl*Af A ,,W*T*1V1 "PPot.te Exchange Dank
Vow la the time lu buy die ,p for cash Ot.e ot the isle out and
neele.t « ct. ol Carpets. Rugs. Ac. b. be found In Ue- c.ty ail
Itrlea. qualities and coloring bueer. w.U pleaw call eaMy
I JAM yard. 6-s Carpet tog at 14 W rente.
I,UUO do M do at 1I>E do
1,'On do 4 4 do at 4b d«
Al?.’' ““»,*• **aU- Drt‘«*u C A. OWATKIN.
no41—Allf__Opjsoslte Rx -hange Bank.
d A 4*4 4*A—sold bp
Vi.?"**___S. P. SIMPLE
PHK FHEklll IIH IYDI _»ld be
“*** ___1. P. SEMPLE
r %SII« to i aixl 4 cbm—fold bj
■ . "“** ___S. P. SEMPLE.
^ • IK i: IIHI MILS -sold t.y
~ n“** _ ..... 8. P. SPMPI.R.
L’)«) '» H H»»4»». HI.ACK I.Mta—sold by
■ ""** _ __». P. SEMPLE
tVAMII YIj n.l ID-eold by
WW n<>4« _ __S^P_SEMPI.E
I '*N1M»> Ml NT A MIL, LEMIVl -mdd by~ “
|>4*< KKT CO.V|PA.MII»NM-aold by
■ no"__ 8. P. SKMPI.B
P.mriMR C'HTNTK—sold by
iTM 44AR_a. p SEMPLE
CaH1:F:nA:.—INI boxaa pilrne Guslurn Cheese; M do Knrlixh
j Dairy do , for gale by
?!’**___E. H SK1NERK A CO.
C4.4N Dl.FN.—mo boxes -Jarkenn's” Candles, for sale by
*|( JAVA 4 41*1*:*, nw bags superior
*#• *ap Brown Jaea. for tale by
best quality, afloat and lor sale by
£ i \ ▼! !• If I %' k Mi ill k ■ ■ it* vk.m.1.
> rCT'b^l?’ and Minn^ht'iur+rn of an.I
Burning Fluid, are prepared, at all fieri, to furnteh the mm at
lo-e-tmirkrt ratee 4D1B A ttRAY, br«ff»eu.
°nff___ 147 1U»» imt.
C7MIKH15IE *0%F.-Cleaeer’.Pu e CMyWtffwn «»*p 1.
W mm.cularly rrcotnmeodr.1 for winter Me. therthe preeet.t n*
th- hande end akin from ckapplrtf, and r»nd*rirf them *of\ and
p^Mm. For tale by ADI I * GRAY, 147 Main ifreet,
**”**_ *P»Ub carls Hi Dth^s.
I KIlJiiW COII.H NT RI P, for .ale b*
""** _APIA A URAT, r~M~ ~
W »!,».’■ tHIINATH x« IIIIOUI MM i
,#r *•*» by API* A ORA V. Druorou.
___ 147 Mata anal
Rail A *11 M>'* S k DIM I lltl.* A*ll | t till 1
■ MED1C1NR CIIITtTH, for sale by
APIS A OR AT, Apat hcrarlaa.
_____ 147 Mam atra.t
|\|t ,,n' El EHIRF. 00*11 I.N I HCMi;,
*9\W bow landing, and for aala by
afi.dfn a mim.fr,
m’w _Orm*r Pearl and Oary arreeta
reealaad and for tale by Att.DK.af g Mil l KR,
"Or* Onraar Faarl and CNry arreeta.
IRINUI.ASR and OPI.ATINR, for Jallls. Dane
Manga, Ac. All tba aartetlea an.I beet qqalttt.e. for aalr by
**” | _4tb and Frankltn rta.
KK4I. HAVANA IIUAHS.-./7. trreat red..mTctilTe
brand*, at I.AIDLKY A ROHIXg.lN'A
• '*' Waw Drag Ato.a. 4'b and Franklin >tr
i a* • i SI MY KNIT xttt ML a, 4 large lot af aoaaiy ktk
. Wool An kt. nwr.tr. larga rtaaa, twttble for Coal p . hand*
E-r aala low for raab ooly.
I Mill W IA Id 1.0 V KR. Jaa r era. red a rbotca lot of Ttr
pnla ande Rurkek.n Oaantl. ta an fRnrl Olnaaa. Tb .aa In
»w.l of a rape r. or artarbr ara tor trad la eat I at Uaat. at or a, M Main
‘tfMin ■*'*• OVRTRM •IIM.I.R. .goat, for
••""Mir by_[neH-At) ROY tit A AWOHOR4AB
‘til Minas. PHUII MM It. Ill Ybt.stllix
dU CCRRIl HDD ; •» Kbda do do Ahoolder* , to tiereea go.
I ' 4wad Oanvaaaed H <ma landing aad >nr Mia by
»'•* WuMHtt A t'l.a IgtiRNK. No. «| Faarl g,
.)() !Hlr1.*’ CKl RI.tR PI Mr. DlSTII.I.FDRI-M
•a* " Eo* Yt*bwa..alau, may a. oa> order f >r aalr b»
WttMHI.k A Ct. tlBOHN*. 1 ,
*24 Ml '",X' " 4D4MANriN» I IM.i.v .
Af* tt W terra,t brand*, for aale by
uat* '• ROYAI.I A A*'OPffRAAN.
ClHKME.- t» raaka ynae Cberae,for aak by
\>l fkakPNIYIitkM ISA adnok
*"» aalr. a larga ainek of tba ab„ae r- da
"'•,l___itHITM ANOPRA A CO »1 Pearl gt
■,**1.11X11 MINI ft* I M HUTS, W. bar. o.
Wd I* at ore a good auyyly of the e *ary d-alr.M Orer Onata for
Ueertrere. TrtwtiArt, t d Utoee who ere rtpep* to we* end reH
vaaNtee TV*a. Corn ara Maywted by oausetae* and ««. rad at ■
•aaaall adeanoe a* rsat RRRN. RALDWIN g CO.
la"* M*t» a»r . t
■ RID AND Rf M ATIIIPD IT M \ IT I Mr, iaa ba
•*- M",w*0^
f*** HA, N W. earner af Mata aad ittOala.
1\it P»( At 401 s I a# k » , INI Nil bib. AND
• iff C Ytt.Htw ACR4RA. ta abnfa and t r an). by
„ -Agl.ltfN A WILIER.
_ CbbRIt r ar and Cary weeeta.
Ml.It MMANOir«a »Y a M s AND I g.
■ X|l ORA - A fail *••*!'*>*<.1 aJaaya ™ b« rd. a I la rat u>
gaa tiUea la aaaH garebaaara by ktt.PtN A II1U-IJ1
■*,T Ooraw Pawl and Obry awwa*.
—‘.’Al'OiijN saj.Km
, a «•»*» u...
18 arfeararissswsssa!
*T HUIIT a IMtB, IM ■*
'20 u5S»iSS*'i*lI!^i%V' •«
„„iT 7 "“awe*. Men. »»».. W. ^ UtoV
^ ^ ' I 4 t( | DAY|«.
- Okptalo General „f Me. wlfl taA* piece k* ItTe..! —
*CBTK»H«V, bCC’M I O r M . I • A«
8*458,000! !
aortko inmo bt» i)uhriuo
: 5-:::::::::::: S3S 4RJSS:
} . '“d» Id* Mo. of
4 Aupru«!■»•(too* U tb* |1 ••• 00 t«i VJ j
' *“•■■■>. m *m«,ziumSt TToitr*1
fc* WWaUakac «0,0ir. US (HUB, Q-ie-m-M
rrleea cached at light at 5 ear cant -- • *’
Wile .f the Richmond Cite luk. lake, al par •
* drawing win bv fnrwarda.1 ee anna ae the-o . — .
r..maiuolc»tl.ma aMraurd le DOM RODRfOLRxTtcIII
Ihwh r* adadoh. 8. C .) anal the loth of Doc?; wonk,'tlmiid2
,'T,0,, •" th
u' mi |*f ftni wtH by Oq) nr frnm 1 H aw
roorfV. CWemht.h How *JXLl *"
MtlwklD klAU of bp«( (|U*|ltf Oq om-fiA
M* Co^tSToa^,*
Calfcfcl,. *WwM OliodM, M.ttV
* K*# ••Mr »rr*nfFTBwrU with
»• of thr b#wt fi.ak-rw In tbr rtty of PhiUdJ«ft>M*
fiilhfL'llL i^U*d*um' •ahatTnO.t
*>**‘.n *'T7* MOOT, which he wfll eefl at the an
pret-dcnl-l tow price of THRRR DOLLARS AMD
f'XlIkki niHklil rifgl r.!
Brurtimo .h.. a* fmm" k.,rt!:iit.,Lr.v._ _
richtoe la Package., holding, In maae_ar . ■ . R
repreeented, We haee c. aimm. . d putting up i„7.tdhiTL*!.
iweeeut —Cund .**- lar. an ertlrlr which wa arc 'ahchire -mm im.7
UfRklklB « COS IXTR* PICKLKR." ^ t~rTl.,..!V S?.'.
•da I jar*, which .1. lav ltd, .i.n.prd .a Urn r>_-* L * ■**’* ***'
" °“DC'7-U- —“Hi *. ™£Zr Lh:Zt/Z?r
Thca. Ritca Pkckiaa are pat up with rear a reward la Mato an.ni.
aad dari r. and .MPa -hi a, muij ramani-l^TpX« , 7
Wa haee Bad. no cKange in ..ua manner of Weealne Ptrkia.
ZT’M"’'?! r’*°rtW t4> “f deleterieae maaa.TICSlm th^Vw'
The Cid.r Villager which -a «, to mad, from Wood fitoa.dto
-l\7T ,ro" T:‘Oo* or any other mineral „cid. which to oi ikS
.‘"’I a —' br— <*' Hofx* Tckto, Cad STihZ
o.i^SawS« L*DRRWOOD A CO .
" w Broad MreeC, Barton. Mao.
AMH1MAC IT*: C OAL.—Thr ool, Pertain waVtonarcT
tain quantity to to weigh It. 7 7 “^ r
»*’ tone Red A>h. - Egw alee* 1
AO do. do. - Mut> I
I3fi do. White Alh. -Igw” ■ AMTHRACfTt OOAL.
»W do. do. '*LBap,'* J
Having erected at my Coal Tar.I use of Falrhaah1. — - -
•*?*£ 1 »r Coal fo, -la byTe*.,™'^ ”
codd coiltwif_SAM’L F. HAWB
|4,W*1 «A • > * •—Th* 'rnrnrwnt np Cpry Mrort now !w a
m.-c ^r* Ma—ra koiHh^ Maddue. apo'latag,hc 91
. . , .f**" ween A Hoheoa. Thto property to admlrahl^T
• led for the coiomtoalon bwlnam. h.Tl„. a„-^Ty lT
B, na Cary^Mr^wl.h ngreoahte .,d ‘,»f„r,.hto"‘,^^r.
WOLLD ■« iwp ctlully Inform my In. n.l. and th, oobtlr „
jr»Ujr, that I have opened a Rrsuartr.t, at the new »u>re
J»r Mam Mrvet, formerly occupied by Dr lludaun where the’ sJ^.
Uqanr. and *nr»rw «aj be fetmd at il I**l OUuEZwZkSl
fffft ^ Ini *bK»b meal. r*n be oereed from «, 1*
f*k-M, w TS." fcw,r' ^ p‘n‘'* “
nnfi *! JLA' * "r “FO*7 «» hand.
K AVA DKN V I on I.l:Ail .
—Tba undersigned >. antt ertted lo l-w out for “our air.
nr • shorter parted, this Well known end eligibly situated Academe*
The pirn r U -rllencl.-md, I*, gun «M otZB$ £ A1£,fIJ;
b"Jrl For purtlculnre. addrraa me si WeP.lngton, D C.
rn.T-rA.lh .»»,._j K* BLANKENPHTP
lkT*8^.-Propow1* Will be rrceleed at the office «rf the
Jt ,,r.*'"i R»o»»h» Company. In Richmond, ont'l the
ath.fc.y of December Best, far the Imprneetnent .la, Kanawha
embracing about SO miles of the Hear
BpecIB- atione of tire w,.rk can hr wn at the , fficcof the Comaa
**V *u ■ •chm«nd» at the Rnflnrtt'i tffler in Boeftanvn
n..! fas-lip_WM p Ml’NFORn, S,<dy.
Sim ha mu hAl.i:.
VlrjnnU State € per c> du.
Cl»y of Mtcb«a..nd Stock
Yirg.uta ft Trnnrtaec Rail Road Bonda
Central Rail Road do.
. *“ ,ult P**rrh:rr* 0rd'ri *"■ “>» Country pm.ptly at
traded to_null-etc <3. W PCRCKLL A CO.
'|W TUP: nUIICAI. r A CII/T*.-Notice leherebe
1 »l*r«. that Dr Pranrl. T Strlbllng baring declUnd a rsHZ!
lion 10 the effi . af Ph re Irian ami a.c^InLmSrn' o/
1-ouaLc Asylum, the Boa-d will, on MONDAY, thr lath day 0/ De
«-ember Drxt, proceed to All the vacancy CoonuQic«ii«ej oa tk.
.Uhj-ct may he addreoerd to W« II Watt.. Clerk of
s. . a THOMAS J MICHIR. Prmrtdral
Staunton. Nor », HM.__ aolS—dU.VDec
\ tCT,«'g;^-AI a meeting of thr Board of Directors of the Ylr
f"|B Central luilnnd Company, hrld In thlaclty. Ortoher ltth
isna, the i>»'lniidn vai adopted : 1
Xeaofred, That Inn and af.er the [at day of Nnrember nest, tho
Company will not pay anything lor stork killed ooti d, of enclo
noi-gw___JNO H TIMBKRLAKt. Sopl
-I ,ff. r for sale th. Ship Timber am. LomErVo "*?nd£S
larg, body upon the 'arm “Capehoear," o a York river, Vo *
Tl« tar.line, for ar.ipareai are great, ar.d the saw mills of Blsirr
upou ' be adjoining farm, render the cultlug of Ihle body of Bblo Tim
bar and Lumber comparatively easy.
R'r,'r «« Dr 8T. GKORHK PtACHY
Corner Franklin and Governor street.. Richmond Vs -
,, Or to THOMAS O. PKaCHvT/r.. ’
nnl,—dBm___Williamsburg. Vo.
TU IINUUREKP»:Rg.-I have lo stors and offer to,
sale OO the lowest terms, w
Ur«en pierced iron Fender* of every description
Hr on ted Iron Pendsrs of d Sr rent ps Items and slses
Bra«» Fender*. MantUd aisee
W ire Nursery Penders, assorted Uses
Bvm Rnglltl' Coal Scuulea aod Cinder Sifter.
Fire I run* toJ 9tiiiili of nuoicren* peu«mi
Toilet Sells Tea Trays and W'attrrs
,Tu*>,B,K'k*tB' Falls, Mala, Brooms, aod various other articles
umful to bouse keeper. r. j xjCNNT,
New Hardware Store, No *JR Mala street.
_ Sbo». the Banks.
'P'i *?r*«TWIsrv.sii-COTTON and uxkn twlxcb
■ We bare a lory- amnrtiaent and Intend adding to nor abrek a
/letter variety, also wrapp-ag Paper. Straw and Manilla. contt.aUr
•n band at BtaUoovr', Hall,3 N«. «| Ptu* „rr« co»>*'»“F
00,8 __ B. W. KN'iWLIB.
VI I.«-A.MZ»:D HI HHI’U C«ODfo-M«km Up
log. Steam Pa. king and lioae, la any uuaallly at market art.
cee. aim a new article of Robber Goods for t lei!,a Iralher Boots or
thoet, preventing dan.pars., and more durable ll.su Leather and
very much . 'reaper M .uolarleerrs of Boota and Sh. ee are Invited
b. callland -re thr artsde. •Statioaar's HalV Bo. *1 Pearl strmt.
Bnl8___B W KNOWLkS
IX II IflU Ilf Is—We are new In receipt of In hbla Tallow
OU. a sulrebtulr lor Lard Oil. Il le Cheaper, doeu not conceal
a. easily, and as a lubricator for machinery I. Vgualmany^"
cept pore sperm . for sal. by gum to any oil ck
B<‘‘7_BomrTT, bkkbb a fishkb, Druggims
» hhd* Mmc Wettrrn Baron Should? n
^ “ ** Rargvd Ham*
i box** Bp«f T nguc*.
In ttorw and for *al« by
f(xo s.ovr.Mx in MM»BC»m:t:_cofc.or«i«.
I Ine ft.b.rlaglt .eogre.; Cm.. Hohltag fro-Tfo W qT*:
Log*. Blgynt. with and without heaters- dean's Patent
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Iron and Wood Handle Cinder Shovels ; Braes, Rronaed aod J.o’d’
Andiron. ; which We offer for sale al the loweat market prtewe
_SMITH, RHODES A CO., tt Pearl St
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