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Dally Paper, f* per annum; tteml Weekly, #5 Weekly, |a; always
lo advance. Remittances may be made at tne risk of the Publishers
lo all cases when evidence is taken »o the deposit of a letter la tl.s
r«»t Office containing money.
_ apeaoTtaixa.
0o« Square, CIO lines) or less, one Insertion. 75
•Car h a«l« I ill • »nal Insertion. ¥5
One month without alteration.^3
Three do do .. 10 00
Pi* do do ...go 00
_ « Tr1" d° 4,0 .« to
Two Squares, Three months.15 ta»
Six months .. ’ f3 on
Twelve months.. [ 50 00
So advertisement lo t*e const Urnl by the month or year un
less ‘perilled on the Manua ript, or previously agreed upon Utwreu
the parties.
An a-1 vert I seme ut not marked on tin* c.py fur a specified number
•f insertions will be continued until ordered out, and p-iyment exact
Sd sro.nlk|ty.
CUaon.aa AnrcitMisiVTH.—To avoid any mNumterstandlnx
on the part of the Annual Advertisers, It is proprr to state dUtin,‘Uy%
that their privileges only ralends to the Ir Imniedlatr Lusinem. lU-nl
ICstate, Inal and all other Advertisements sent by them tube au ad
dltlonal chary., and no variation.
Heal fotate andOeneral Agents' A lveitU-ments not to la* In
sertel hy Die year, l*ut to l*e charged at the usual rates, subject to
such discounts as shall be agreed upon.
flf Auctioneers, Hook •« ||. rs and yearly advrrtiw*r*, generally,
engaging one or more squares, with the privilege ef change, shall not
on tlieir yearly average, in my one w.-ek, Insert.re than il« amount
agrei-d up..ii as the sUtudMig rub under the contract, and ill exceed
ing such ataouut to t»e diarged at the usu.il rales.
Advertisements inserted in the Heml-Wc kly Whig at 75 cents ier
square of 111 lines or less for the first Inavrlian, and 50 <utb tier
square for each continuance.
" " """*■ " ’ —' ■
b _€ t Is Bum All roil m .lit.
2 -S-31SS4C
2 . r 5 ^ ^
_-_J|_ ^ (i = c; v, ;;
J.ioi.T I..I.. I *| Si 4 ftiijuiy ~ . I, 5 i sT
*! ! *> » HU 12 i f. 7 s' n || ij
IS II Ift 1« 17 IS IS 'is 11 IT, ir ,7 Is 19
40 /I 42 41 IT. iC ill 91 ti 99 91 ift tC
27 2s 49 SI 31 27 4. 49 , n
f“«‘« 1 2 irui’irr I 4
ft 4 ft ft 7 s *j H 4 ft ft 7 s 9
10 II 12 IR 14 Ift l« lo || 12 IK l| ir. Ift
17 Is 19 20 91 42 29 17 Is 19 <11 41 ... j*
44 4ft 26 27 2. 49 41 ift 40 97 ... 49 ■
Mild 1 ;||.
2 R 4 7* ft 7 ft S.rrKw.tt, I 2 9 I ft ft
9 lo II 12 |il It 1*. ; <s 9 |, 1 ■
Ift 17 I' 19 41 .-2 . II Ift If, 17 |s |» -jit
2R,41 ift 9ft.27 2- 49 41 142 >1 24 2ft 4ft 47
*" 41 *s 99 3Ui.
Afft'i ly.lt, OsToatK 1 4 :| t
ftO"7 s 9 I- II 19 ft 6 7' S 1> to IL
IS,14 Ift Ift II Is 14 , 14 lx ,, ,6 |f, 1T ,*
2" 21 22 4R 21 2ft 1C 19 2.1 21 22 2fl 94 ift
27 98 29 So ift -47 2s 49 30 31
**1T 12 3 s* irsiiMin I
4 ft ft 7 S 9 |o , 3 I ft ft ? S
11 12 19 14 16 If. 17 9 10 II 12 13 II Ift
18 19 20 21 22 29 21 Ift 17 IS 19 *0 21 22
2ft 4« 27 2S 4" >. 31 49 ii -ft it. 27 2s 29
. • • 1 ! 941, ... I.
J»»« 12 9 1 ft 7 IIkccuiik . I 1 2: ft 4 fti ft
s f 10 II . in II 7 s 9 10 II 19 13
it. If. 17 IS 19 2.1 21 14 |ft |ft 17 Is 19
22 21 24 2.ft 2ft 27 2S 41 ti 29 21 ift 1C 11
‘49 30 ,. ..! ■, I,, _93 29 30 91,.
I ti;ro*»•*.•» to a*xj. Darts.)
A I r T I O \ 1: 1: IK ,
Wall *tr*4t, under St. (Vbrr/e* //, 4tf,
Ricnwoxn, Vi.
^ VTfLL drTote hit whole alter,ft ,r» to ih. M.i. ,n.l II n„. r v
▼ ▼ fftoes, Re.il Estate, Ac., publicly and privately.
Half* satisfactory or no charge invlr.
I lie has a ronvcnlent place for keeping slave*.
The suhscrit» r respectfully Informs his friends that he has dfscr.n
tluaed the auction business, and having rented his ..(her to Mr J II
llargrnvr, takes pleasure in recommending his former customers to
•‘Vl*11" •caU* BKNJ DAVIS.
July 81
TIIK .tiltacribrr rr.|>..-t fully Inftirm. hi. frlrn.l. and thr puMte
generally. that lie l» in receipt of hte KALI. GOODS, eubraclng
of all the ni'Hleru style*, which he deems it unnecessary to particu
Uriae. Suffice it to s.iy, that h\s aasortment is equal to any in this
or any other city.
Thankful to a discerning public for their long continued patron
age, he anlit lis iwr..ntlnuance of the same, and j»h dge* hi* best *f
toff to pie tse [m >) JOlUf i IIOM.
1 h 5 li!!
18 NOW receiving per ship Pepjterellat this port,
an«! by the shliw Progress and Maseongus via New
York, hts u«uni full *upply of
of tiw latest styles ami patterns ; ami from the manufacturer# of
this country, a heavy stock of Glassware, looking Glasses. Castor#
ami Fancy Goods, in great variety, which 1m- offer* to the trade at
low price* for cs»m, or on the usual cretin to punctual payers.
Every effort mill In? made to Induce the merchants of Virginia,
N"rth Carolina and Tennessee, to make their purchases lu this mar
krt_ __ auW
TM>n:v, T*tlfI»V A CO.,
Ot'Fr.lC I Olt N ll.i:, I tK ANlI l.>D I*ICOII l*T
Cretin Customers :—
hags Itlo Coffee, from fair to prime quality
" l-aguaira. Java, ami Mocha do
1 **•* hhds N. O. and I*. R Hugar.
turn I'arknses *• I.oaf," •• Crushed," “Powdered/* and
“Coffee** do
2»Mi kegs Nall*, “Old Dominion** bra ml
lWbU l*o*e# 8 perm, A.lam mtlne and Tallotr Candles
basket# best Olive Oil
f#*» bh!f., hf.bbl*. and kilt Mackerel
package* Green nml Black Tea
1<hi bb|«. Tanners* CMl
Vf*'1 bbl4 and tierce* prime N. 0. Mnla**cs
M bbds. prime Muscovado do
8»h» boxes 8x10 and lihtlH french and American Glass
1000 reams Wrapping, Cap, and la tter Paper
I Dai Imxcs cbewmg Tobacco
IOOjOmO Cigars .
fi*» gr.i#* Mason's Blacking
Simi dot. Buckets
_ •• Brooms.
I«RM l I T1 IC ll. u AHEHOI DC#
f Rill E Sul**. rll»ers, having removed to their m w factory on Cary
R. 8trert, hetswn Pth and 10th Rtrrets, are prepared to receive
orders for all kinds of Agricultural Machines and Implements of the
latest and most approved patterns, which will Ik? made of the best
material* and of superior workmanship. They a»k attention to
“Cardwell'* double and single geared Horsepowers and Threshers,”
Which have taken a premium at every fair at which they have tx.wn
| exhibits*!. Also, to “Crosklll's Clod Crusher/' Manny's Patent
Rea|*er and Mown," the l*» *t in u*e; Fawkes' Patent Lime and
Guano Ppnader, highly ippruVcd, May Prc*w-s; lliy lake* . Com
Ehellrrs, from fin to #8.*., Mmltii's Patent 8traw Cutter, Grain Cra
• "WH» irun-M«n rw*i 01 • rrinlH HI*"'. Ac I Ury
tuhjoln I hr opinion of the lion. William 0. >(!«•*, of ||««r |»h.wc
Richmond, February 27.
_ Caana IIii.l, IMI, Dec
C«'l W m II 8r> ii'i.MP >m Dear Fir: I tak** pl»a*ure in r.'.r.lmg
here my tmprca«lnn of the (a r form an ee of your Plow (ltl«-h’a Iron
Beam patent) at Ootihaui to .lay The work w.il far »..«*• thorough
and complete than that of any plow I ev. r «w m operation U tore. -
The furrt.w ..pined l»y »t wa* *. ry gm. rally Ul Inrhea .1 . p «o.l aU.itt
Inrhe* Wide In hard, cl.tae land, and m«*t eff. «tutlly ai..l |« rfe« i1y
deanetl out, none of the ami earth falling hack into it.
The trial of the plow waa witnr«»et| hy many of my n. 'ghl». r«,
among whom I will mention Mnwr*. Prank It Mrteon, J II timett,
J II. I<ewi*, C. H. Hopkina, Thoma* \Vai«on, of l.oul«a, Ac., nllprAe*
I lb*"* m*»» »nd moat ncclletal Judge* of agricultural Impl.nuM*. an.l
there wa* hut one opinion among them a* to tha aopevturlty and un
•icttdlonaMe (•erformanre of your |4ow
WDhlng you equal am-caa elarwh. re In making thla valuable Im
plement favwrably known to our agricultural brethren,
I remain, your* truly,
* WILLIAM n rivfr
fll* -LAW | HlVlVAKlL
raflsFIF t«l In nr.r l-.-m On • « of A«latir Cholera and
IhTwel f’nmplaluf*, ha* never yet failed, when trh-d in lime. Indant
ly to reticle and *p< edtty to effort a permanent Core. PillCF, .Vi
I'W H. particular to *ec that It I* prepared hy !t*M»KTT, IUm. . A
F»«»t» a. Richmond, a* none other i* flenufctie.
IW A'M by Druggtat* and C.mntry Merehant* everywhere.
WIMWORTfVa mm i a # i>.
I III* IM , Rn tiuoart, V».
A UP now receiving a very large and gmeral awortment of Rlcn
ancy and Rtaple gall and Wlnbr DRV to which they p*r
eularty Invite the attention of Merehant*.
A v«ry large rnn«fgnmrnt of the celebrated Rock ftland, North
Carolina, Cm*Iiwt* and Jeane, ju«t to band
i > i< v < ; ( > < > i ) s
r o ii 7 iv v: r a v. v. t ii a i» v: ,
mWf F moat reapertfully aolirlt the merchant* vltltipg Richmond
▼ ▼ to make their fall pirrhim.lo give nor Work an r«amina
I t lion, which I* large and varied p
S foreiu.v and domestic staple asp fa.ict
n ii v id o ops.
Our arrangement* and fartlitlea are tttch at to give n* advantage*
*upe rt nr to any other merchant* In Virginia, and equal to any in the
Unite*! Bute*, to *uppty the country merchant, and we only aak a
chance to prove It Our term# are »1« month* credit to retpon*lhle
men, or *1* p-r rant discount for caah. We have In ftore and con
ftantly receiving—
Brown Rhevtlnga and Rhlrtloga, In all width* and grade*
•leached do do do do
fNnahurga, L»n*ey*. VCer*eya, Battlnet* and Fy Jean*
I’aaalmcrr*, Ctotl.*, Veating*. Velvet*, Burg. «
Blanket*, principally of otir own Importation, which we ran *e!1
very low
A large and varied amortment of Ladiet Drea* Oo-Ja, fulled lo
the feawon. moetly of our own Importation.
Ladle** Drea# Trimming*. fllnve*. Mnttery
F Woollen Comfort*. Ilooda, Cravat*
CVdton *llk and linen cambric Ifdkf*. large aaaortment
Lace*. Fdgtng*. Bihhon*. Olmp* and Braid*
(Mnghatn*, Print*. Alpacra*. Coburg*
fr»*h Ltnen*. white Cambric*, Mark and eol’d do
Jaeoneta and Rwiaa Muatln* and Ag'd Bobtnet*. Ac , Ac ,
With a good variety of fancy and amall ware*
Our determination I* to keep a good and complete nock of tho
W heat make* of American and Foreign flood* wilted lo ltd* market,
and aett them aa low aa we can to the good trade Anv article we
ahonld not have In *tnck, we can procure for our c uttomer* any
time, on *hort notice and on the beat term#, through our booae, Bell,
Brook*, pace A Oo., New Tork.
Bo IT Pearl afreet. R <'h"v f..| v*
J 'lilt i i ill
)dy of theae celebrated Rewwnf alt *l*-a, con*tantly on hand
M *bd for aale on tf|t beat term# We have aoM over M of theae
! Raw*.luring the laat three year*, atery one of which ha* proven
f•*"*!. a Net whic h apeak* loudly Nr Ihale nnrtvaltet quality. Or
der* from a dlatance shall have our n»n*t prompt attent*#n
1 _RB *f tho Circular Raw, 71 Main *t.
I 'i'll s’ l IM t || ||s. I Inf mv Fafi
M J IMocb of UtVkf Fura, embracing a general a«*ortmen<, to
Which I moat rmp>otNlly Invite the Attention of purchaser*
nan lunn aim r<K 1 l-MviJ r.,> 1 >.
0. M Prrruan t A CVj. irv ayruu fur nearly ell Oa Nreqanrrr
In the United Sutra anil Canadae. iMLcra, lit Naaaau atreet.
New York, and to Stale atreet, Hualo a.
Kclimtl Stiff! and Shred lailiKla**,
B.YOK BLANC kl tNUK, TAIILE JELLIES, A. A prime artlele
M’ fer ConfeetloOrrs. Hotel, all.l F tllllly Use To be obtained, With
dlreetlooa for ualug, ol il,. principal Uiueera and Drugs.ata through,
out the United Slat* ..
""If ftrai 11’ ]_PETEK COOPER. New York
fllKOV, N Y., ovtM-ri of William U Dutrher'* Pat.tit f..r |(n
■ |*r..vrtuenla lif niat lilnrrjr for making Ro|et ami Cord, haw a
\i K«n«* on rahi»»Ul«»n at lb* Cry«tal Palarr, Krt York City, and
«R.r fur anlr rtirhta to u«r *at«l Improvement a In Um dig-rrnt
Htal. a Thoar aiarl.lnra tak» yarn or tt.rrad and turn «>ut
K.>|»r «r C rd- -fornting thr atrand, Ikying up th* R.»»ir, alrrlrhing
and colling It. all hy on- ,„J ar* adapt, d to Manilla.
Ilrtnp, Cotton, Ac . Ac. Tlirwr M%.'Mnr« U j away With thr ltopr
walk, and makr o.ntlntu'UM Kop«- or C«nl at y h t.gih dralrrd. from
!»■» to hai.MMi frrt, ami al half thr rx|»* ti** of thr l(o|>rwalk.
Lrttcra may W addrraard to th* Company at Troy, N. Y.
ih-8 -Am[P J
It! I'eulre »lrrel, New York,
AY ■ ri,n a, tilling., Tout#, aud eT,rf deeeripllun ul uattvalui
connected anli Steam, tlab-r ur Ua>, lur healing »„.! lighting
Steamers. t hurele a. Hole!,, Private Dwellings. l|. .pit .la, \ lllagca
Paeloriee an.l llalla.
Alan— Valves, Coekg, Pun,pa, Ullage*, Boiler, and Be.Uer Pluei
made to onlvr.
Oar h*-rew CuU'.ng Marhlnr* arc entirely new, and our own Patent
warrant'd hi do tfouldc the work of any other lovmtloo.
V^XCKLRfOR MiWIMI MACII1NW—Mad# by |R>t>i hat
MjJ TKI.LK A CO., W’oroaater, Mam., patented by Klia* lluwr Jr.
rtrpteml^rr lUth, l £46. Thr*e Machine* are warranted. \ with itroMt
um.) not to gel out of tc|*alr. Tliry arr hull! In a good, ■ubaUntlal.
an<l workuiau-Uke manner, and will do Tailor*,' KhorntakrtV and
Haddler*’ work. In a manner warranted to gtv* •atUfactlon. Tin
•Uh h will m.I rip any wore than ronmmn arwUig dun# l»y hand.
Call and *ee them In oprraliou at I4u CIIICS.NCTmrcet, Philadelphia
up.Utra. W. A. UAWikiN, Aftnt.
myV dly — (u)
II. T. WllalalA.HR
<1 E NI RAI. AliKNT fur Reeelrlng and Forwarding Manufactured
* Tobacco, tlooda, Ac., Ar„ No. aSaigiang Sue, Ru saoni. \a
bega leave U. reluru lu. amerre than la lu |,la Men la an.l lie. nubile
fur tlu-aery liberal |iali cnapr bestowed on him during Id. hualueJ
cunme wna with Mcura. Ilouker A tValkina, .,f tl.la eiiy, an.l re
apeclfully aullell. a continual,re U hi. new huuw. In thu. appear
■ug .in the theatre of l.ualnraa ululir, I du ao with full cnnfl.lriicc In
,",l".ine.. ,iuallflcalh.ua that the mteieai of cun,l*i,eca wlU b.
faithfully rrprrfti nted.
* l-ibrral each advance. made on rotu-lrmneuti t,f produce In
KK. aaa v. Meet™ Lewi. Webb A Son, Wnn.wnrth. Turner A Co ,
an.l John B.,..ler, Kaq , II ... , J..l,„ kl. llt.y, . Clilawrll
Dabney E.., M.a.ra p.lera. Spell, e A v\- . and Mrava. MeUurlle A
J.u.ea, Lt..eM.urg . V a. j, '.. -,f
UlTiee removed h. the t. re ofChrutlan A Lathr.-.., No. 9H Main
Si - In • ....Mi,., gnath.n of Darld K. Crane. Wm. II
l.lirletl.tn a a. unaii>n,..ti.ly eleeled Caaliler. The him been re
m..ve,l to the Iture ..f I hr,<1,411 A l.atlirop, wl. re ,I«ih,«.u will lu
rvraiwd. Ol! whit h an itit«T«tt of 6 |Eer i*rr»t. will In- paid ,,n a|| lun„
ahorteT^ierbad •** »> lunger, and Are |u-r cent, fur a
Tbla Inalltulloli haa lieen Iti .-il.trnce twenty-eight year. I,a<
loanedi over eight a>.m<-..,g ..f,I,-liar. , ha. „„ ,u<p,-nde<l .Uht ha,
never luat uUe duller, ur Ulle.1 lu nav any r. Mflcatc when due
Ji)(lN THOMPSON. Pregident.
ml. 14—dly __ lU lill H KRV. Secretary.
A I, It I. »! kill.!; INS! II %>i i: tlltIPtvt, *~
... . ..«..!’.KI>irl,'AI’ OPF|CK. CllAIU.OVTESYILLE. VA
iH.lKTU’.tli Ctl'ITAL $400,000—CASH KI NU *125.000
B^YIRE insurance:. In town nr country. and Marine Inauranre,
M may be rtfecle<| on the m. at famrahh- terms with tl.larumpanv.
He All Loaaea promptly arranged.
„ STORES A CO., No. S3 Pearl atreet,
-Mn '_ Agenufnr Ri. huion.l, Va.
RICHMOND, fltii Ji'lt is’ifl i
r|*lllS CiniPANV haa r.tanve.l to lu NEW OFFICE:,'No. 1:11
a. MAIN STREET, next d.mr to the Dispatch Office, where It la
prepared t., lake Fire and Marine Kl.la on fair term.
• m. . »», nun u.tTiuc u«.w iwvii in o|Hration over twrntj
four year.—during .Mel. time It ha, met elaim. f, r I,w i„ the ex
tent Of largely over .1 i>«m nf .Inllan—II refer, to the I.Utory
f* **"' l"..t a. atf .nlll.( the eery best guarantee for the fulore. He
“».* VrKM'V,7 *»■ hxelng It, .nu t owned hy Mr cln. nr.
“ *7 ,'ru,;Jl,u ' enterprii... and wrue lu .ome ex
wnt to 0.1 the .Mew. ..( her Comm real and Mechanical ln.ln.try
TV tong acquaintance of tl.u lutltut.on with the Insuring public
baa enabled It to become laniili.tr with their want.; and 1.0 p.1...
will he .pared, or Informal on withheld, that will lend to lu.ure ac
curacy ami Rive •alUfatllion.
J" jwiacn, It ha* U Id **• l»ow tr—from the very extmtlvr coum
try ln.urat.ee air. a.ly Secured-to he able to refer to highly respec
table c.lixeu. In evely portion of tin- State. It w.ll hr happy l.. n
SJI’2' ' ""*"'rr a.tphr^ioii. tor li.Hirance, a.ldrccl . Ither to
tM IVeside.it or . ecrclary, and will In return rend.-r »ucl. facilities
aa may l*r In Its |*owrr to its j atrorm.
CAPITA!., » 200,0 00!!
„ , „ T. M Al.PKIEND, /Vai-ui.
II. L K.xr, nf Kent, Paine A Co.
U. W. qu.att
Wu. Itriai, of lleer. A Poindexter.
II. W Pit. „f II W. Fry A Boo,.
Wm. Palmar.
J. A. IXLoft*.
A. K. Parker.of Parker, Nlrr.mo A Co.
J K. \VAne*w«.RTii, of Wad worth, Turner A Co
Tihai. 9am*ir, of Sainton A Par.
C. W. PraoLL, of C. W. Purcrll A Co.
H. L Wixmtor.
J P. Winht.ir, of Winston A Powers.
II. A. Clair..ax*.
P. Cru.A*.
0. W. Smith, of Smith A lUrwood.
JySC-tf W. L. OOWARDIN. .Srr-ref.iry.
. ‘‘v<"M.//Wr AVl.r 1 \irnrr Jfrtlw and | 1U ,U. f
rpiMH long eatahll.hed ami well known Institution ls.uo. the
*. i'. lro r'1''," ?“ "• reamnable term. a. other
offlt PH, with a ca«h capital ami »urplu« of #*Mo,non. Tl»r Board
of Director., Iprrmnally known to a large portion ..mutiny,)
holding their meeting. In this city, where all I..... . are liberally ».?.
paMonage' ,'ro",|'“y 'nUU** •* «*> a due .hare of the |mblic
t«v- No Pulley fee charged for Fire or Marine Rt.k, takenhythia
jI, If n. , . . DAVID CURRIE, President.
II Ihsmaa, Secretary. jell—if
ari in inrsANOR coMPARi or
1 /t.lXCK— On Merrhandll* generally, atom, Ware
house.. Dwellings, Pumttiirr, Ar , Ac. ' 1
J/.t K/.\ K ISSl'RAXt-fT.- On Vrsiels, Cargoex and Frclghti
rl'y. rs? aA.0“ ^ ",l*nd '™V«rU«un.r
pij;iS;;Mr5rnrf,,f',n'1 otaUM r
Wtn H.Chrl.llan, Wm. Breeden,
iS'"' ~ur.fr."' Tl.oma. R. Price,
WmOPaMe, Jax. Thoma., Jr ,
Uwh O Inter, John Currie, Jr.,
I. arrelt F Matson, J»,. Dunlop,
Ja». I.. Apprrson, Win. II. llaxall,
Row or H Heath, John D Unarlc.
1, :'c’..,,o’lr.y' . Dayld J. R.trr,
Rloh d f». IU,kM,, I.arkin W. (Ilatebrook,
l/owlo D. Cren,haw D. Von Droning,
Joseph K. Anderson, Emanuel .Miller.
John O. Hinton, ltd. H. Hkinker,
Franklin Steam*.
J 11 \i a • * PI.RASA STS, President.
J. H Mowraanr, Sre'y. ^
I* I'lTH'I'lltll Is IMTITD 'I’D % ISTTV
The proprietor of thi, article, well aware nf the great prejudice
that rust, against anything n. w In the practice of tnedleme and
e.,*ectally In the claas nf raw. f.r which this la Intended. Iny.tr. the
examination of medical men, feeling xure that It will only re»u:t in a
perfect confidence In It.
Oreat care I. taken in it, manufacture «,. procure only the purr.t
.ling*, and only such a. arc warranted genuine are utu-d. Tie re 1,
no Mgrr.ltrnt in it that would Injure any person, and the whole
: " " ' .."I'"' Pjariona. I irru'ar. cm,Lining full in
formation and Irailmunlah ran he had al the ahi-h-Mlr depot, AM
n. .Wrry.aeeoBil floor. Tbla I* the only article of th- kind In exlet
en.r lu effect I, truly wonderful. When need rightly, and In due
l'r'’T'1'1* the nifferlnn u.nally attendant upon
.lilldt.lrlh, and pr, aerve. the menial and bodily alrrngtl. of the pa
lent Ina marvch.ua degree. In Itr action, although rhl. fly Inc.I, It
* mnyioth. whole ay«ep., and mart pi caring
In It. effect throughout Hk-whole period of confinement.
Here are a few !• •tlmonlala:
„ „ .. Ihemm, Ma««, Feh loth 1AW.
Hr. Itat aoa I hare naed yoor "Childbirth I’aln Alleviator” a nnm
lM r of tin tea In my practice I And II 1 . In- a m...t neellent article,
ami n»M* that I can recommend with every ronO<|rnr«- in the public.
II* *fTr« is arc truly Wonderful.
Tmmmat Hrurnca, Al n , Waahlnglon ,t.
f. . . . Oaaaua, N. J , Hoy. ITth, 1AM,.
„ .. o" a.reral oeea.lona u>,.1 yr.u- ••Childbirth
I’ain Alley lal«>r,” and find it the In at art tele I have ever aeent.r th.
purpouc It leaanna ihr pain and eanaea the hlrtfi lo ><r effected caM
ly and quickly. I cheerfully recommend It.
F"**« i< f.Tmnt ru, M. D.
h „ P«*To«l,Of».Wtfi, tfd.
Hr Harinf After having been confined nvr ral times with great
danger and murh pain, I waa Induced to try your remedy h* my
brother, who had heard of it* wonderful rtferts. I did an, and . a
prrten.«d a wm*t hemfl .a! result Vow have my heat thank*,
and V would cheerfully recommend your preparatl ns to every suf
Fefrr- Truly your*. h>i mrII«u hm
For tale by all respcctaolr drug Mu, and wholesale or.ly at RM
nowrrv,second (1.*or, Mew York. Price $A |*er packs**. with full arid
simple directions for use.
***k*'"1 k/ K«pr*a» lo Any part of the United Alefet.
"■'H -«» r. AKUWON. At I)., proprietor.
W.HU, Mi l’ll I . w, have determined to open, tn con
rirollon with nur |ue«et,t tm.lnru., a Wool Deie.l, th.
•au-of Wnot, and have engaged the acrvlro of Air John Water
hnuer lhe former efficient agent of live Woolen Factory in Ih.l
•JJJ- AHentlnn, If neeemary, will he devote.I eiclttllrely In thlt
All Wool eon.lg.od to a. will he graded, ao that each pnrrhaart
can huy .itch Wont aa he wanta, and not he compelled In Iny aueli
ae will not anawer Me purpneea There I. grown in Virginia a nil
Orient quantity of It ool, If concentrated and grad'd, to attract th*
attention of manufacturer* and dealer* lo our markrt| and wt
hops tn succeed in establishing a good market for the Wool grown
near home
For particulars Me our circular*. CRFMMIIA W A CO.,
Grocer* and Ooimwtaainn Merchant*.
Richmond. Va
HiVrmiD a roitri H.
M f**r"'r Oorernor nnl Fr.tnkHn WreM*
A VR in afore a fine assort men I of superb Furniture (Rich*
rnond make »|o wMc'i I **v a*k fhe attention of the public.
Tbey esferm their furniture of a quality unswrpasaed by any ma on
raefur**«l in ibis country, being practical mechanics lh**ruprlves. and
giving direct and personal supervision to all the details of their
manufacturing operations. They only ask o roll from those who
want goo.| furniture, engaging simply lo offer th. m a splendid aril
cle at a very reasonable price.
yTley give e*ftecial attention to ft*•Urlotlng, and hold
■eUTT! Pr*PJrjM. at vll hours, and at shortest notice, to provide
hacks g* nr Toplar Coffins,with throudsglfearse and
P R. One or two ramlsher* and polishers wanted, lo whom per
rnanent employment will he given, If Immediate application la
I —»_, i
_ M i:i I i; \ m kh.
I *"'* He hi lemen getting UP Painting,, Kngravlnga.
Sf.. » !«7w£‘.m ']"■ •O'MJWhlng rAIM, wilt dn well to
cull at PH OfQS A. »in Amid alrccl, for tram*, for the aamc
ww <>rd»ra frn* dig and country bar any dosrriptioa of framoa,
Looking ffluar,. LooklM 0lam Date., Ac mllolwd mil
r*"“ VINnCHER. OWES A CO. UuniL Ni«,r.rn Ane..^
■ llucaa, tArri rr-.a'a Biujmsu.) Nun Wtlli lie-N. X.
It SUM 1st V KA*4I LV *.* >*% AM TNC TEAT DlMT DOE $ k MILV C*SS,
EU«I sliu for
8 nv I 8 li MACHINES,
ll.rve year* I have been . I,(and ,1, a buaii.-as known only to
myself and comparatively Irw , ihers, whoa, I bare Inatrurtrd far
ti e sum of trial rai l,, wloeh ».»a a,crag,d me at ll,e rale of (J.nu
to f'.'l’a* per annum ; and having made arranger,,, nta to go to Eu
rope tu Ihe Kail ,.f IHfif to engage In Ihe same business, t am willing
to glee full instruct on. In the art to any per on, In the Culled Buies
or Canada., who w.ll remit tne the auin of $1. I atu induced, from
If,a .oceeaa I have teen faVur,d with, and Ihe many tl.anklul a
knnwledgm. nl. I hare rt reived from those wlmu I have Instructed
and who are making from $f> to *1.', per day at It. to glee any per’
son an opportunity to engage In ihl. business, whirl, is easy plea
aanl, and very profitable, al a small coat. Tlere Is pos l eety No
lliusru In the matter. References nf the best, lass can le- given as
regard!ills character, and I ran refer f„ ierv.ua whom I have In
struct, d. who will testily that ll.ey are u.aklug from to Aliner
•ley al the same It is a business in whiff, ePher ladle* or gentle
men ran engage, and tnl, perfect ease make a eery handsome In
r'-me. Bee. ral 11 1,e« In various parts or New York « a'e. Pen,,
aylvsnla and Maryland, whom I l.aee Instructed, are now mak
log from | 11„ |« per d.y at It It la n outsail, arsis a.,., ami i.ut
Slew .hili.ng. are r..,ulr.d to Mart it. 1 pot, the receipt nf * I I
will imn, dlaf. ly send lu the appltraut a primed circular eoatainlng
fob hislrucllotis In the art, which can he perfectly understood al
All letters lunsl lie addressed Urns! paid) to A T. PAIMONB.
il.v-lmy),] _ ill* Broadway, New York.
A vitai.izim; i to conhimptiveb
aa. A Pftysician of h,gt, standing, an I t
of the Medical Institution* nr Ihl* country now retired from active
practice, aho haa been suffering from Pulmonary Hiaraae.discover
red, while travelling In Booth America for t.la health, acure for Con.
sumption, Bronchitis, Onughs, Colds, and general debility; and being
auar* that Thousands are auffbelpg and dying annually from this
moat dreadful of all disease*. he la drayroua fr,.ln the prlnelplea of
liuinanily, of making known fhia most valual.le remedy. I'p„n the
refelpt ,.f Pifteet, Cents, in l*.»*tnffe stamps, „r Change, l,e will send
a receipt with full directions fur making and successfully u-ltig II
,, V'".*,n"u"1 "•‘initial, Is appiled fur Postage, and the payment ol
tills advertisement.
Address—B P liKVEROt'flll. M I> .
, ,, , . , Boa *-d, P. o., Brooklyn N. Y.
Je II—If [t. a A on]
€ ALVIN T A T B A «•«».,
Ami Ay* nts/ur the mote *>/
VliUilMA mantfactukkd TOBACCO
Nisi. CT asp 09 Maueriag Btsxxt,
MM c' jj Nl w ORIJ IN*
I III. t \ \\ \ I.I I U.
hklXeS nl OiNNKtltiX,
E would resjurelfully .ugg-.t p. ... |r Wh. al to
. II.,. ft ,i •. It • proprMy of haying l riser wtint! U.woAIp
«?;r,^v.;.” in,”.* .* *- *•*
J . . V l< V .
nVjSftSS *° " '‘I 'o ftr’'l r—f «»r.l use recently oreu
I' by ..is* J I. yu.n, ► -q . and will continue lu sell all
eimuj uf c.'ititrjr pruducr, WlitAi. Klour, T..I**t.o. A. a -
JyJ»-«JAcly _ * *
,■ ,, h>'±\ 1retnfore eo, .dueled
rn tu ri' ii" a ' " heretofore k rarrml
on under the firm and alyle of C. II Yale A Co : Th- aubserlla-r re.
turnstile , ,r.llal thanks to his friend, and the public for the liberal
pa ronage which has heel, bestowed upon l.lm, and f..r the kind in
dulgcu.e which has been extended to him by Ms c ustomers In Ihe
,rsvT? "m ,l ;'r or',, r* “* «*■»< nrr.nge.nenia !?I,|S
Leoe^T le '"J * ,’ru,ul” »•"' ‘“‘■•lent fulfilment nf orders will
ul u‘* patronage which he haa
jyl'—If____ C. I) YALE.
*• ’* * * V V *■ * * Ks—The undersigned respectfully
wfa. 1 r '■** the per.
uuJiTv,:;.! v,1,"' k",iiv w.^ mnuD,4
«..cir *•; .,,'wa;;k.l V;^'^;^:.;;: :v
f“Kn*°'W,»'—'"•“'S-rf P**< favor*. JAMES ADAM.
J Ha.-r. Mata .'•..!, alte A Duval** Dru|f store.
.... i fK'Krr a m s ms.
IMA •'.#-/ir* / n JJoin ttnd (Viry,
n.v_, - RICHMOND, VA.,
A\ K in tit* rr and for ■«]? .—
A lot primr fsniily Baron, hop round
* J°l Hrotern lUcoii, clear r:b ti let
A lot T.mM's extra canvas Ham*
M* kcr«l ; Halifax and roe Herrings
l.nguayra. Rto and Maracaibo C. U .-«•
Java and MikIiX do
N. O., P. K and yellow Sugars, various grades
Coffer, crushed, powM an I loaf Sugars
N. 0 , P. K and Cuba MoUs^s
R» ft ied Card. in palls
Marshall's Sait, flue sacks
Adamantine, sperm and tallow Candles
Black, hrown ami fancy Soaps
Purr cider Yin. gar
Old Bourbon, old rye and rectified Whl.ky
Old poach, old apple and Error., Brandy
Madeira, Port, and Malaya H luea
Porter, pints and quarts
Painted Buckets. Tuba, Brooms
Colton Twine, Blacking, Me , Ac.
A,,'P,cr* Chocolate, Mustard. Rice Mace rreen
?C‘^a7' :ir, Y-1*'
2S?»t«o« • ’ grth*r wnh r’,ry u.u.llykrp. In a
•-«. ____oclu
ii“ main 8rukit, cornier op r/ru stkkkt
MCintOS'O, VA.m '
lhr ri|licna of Rlrhmond and Ite v|.
.■» w *r n°" * T,rJ '"Ota »hd aclret amort,
nirnt of r-od» In hla line, co'i.ivtlnr of plain and deeorallre .lyle.
of American and Errnch PAPER HANGINGS and BORDERS'
»lln and worsted Damaaka, Brocatel, and Satin .lc Lane, for Cra
Vila*, with ftlmp,, lameli and loop* to match ; alao.lacc and moilln
CurU.n. by the pair or yard, from Ana enirrnfcWMtamSU
pair, tl the Idam at 15 rent* per yard ; Window Shade, of the n!w
eat and mo.t beautiful pallerna- »ome al .a very low price.
Ttioae In want will An l It to their advantaire to call and examine
TlTeT l*r, VnZ .to”' V'vk "/ VMvelT.ipr.ivy, Tapeatry. llru.Jla,
Three I ly, Inyraln and \enltian Carpeting, t...iiyhl al the lowert
eaaf. price, and w.ll I- aol.l al a tmnU.ulnin.r
. oil CI-OTIIS FOR elooks'
ib-uKioST UTe' ““"TnewpaHern.. Maltrcaaea, Prather
iSS made to or.tor"* ’ U'u“,t,'’, *l,r'n* Matlreaaea, Ae., on hand
PrT-Paper-Han'rlny and n" kind, of Uphold cry work executed
* arid* nul *,“l ,n l,K •’Hi manner. In town or country.
.1. If. sli % If l*|?,
T O It A V C O !■’ \ <• TOR,
R'tirff* Front ft.or j
!*l I. Ml llls. | i; > n s N K I"! .
Iltiaa.xi. —J "i» < Prnn, ra.hler of the Planter'a Hank : W. J.
Davie, caahler of the Southern llank ; 0 M Horton AC.. Cotton
E, tor,. A. J Montyomcrv. Cotton Factor; J. C. Cha l.l k'. A rm
Alina Inaurance t .mpany ; Slant.... k Moore flrorrra- fUeaitno
llrDavl.t A C.. . Cotton Factor, ; J. |. willmmV. Dry««»'. Mer
rhanl; II Pall,. Gr eer, Memphl. , Sanfl Ayr.-., Richmond Win
Ayrea. Danville; John M. Otey, caahlrr of the Bank of Virxlnla
Lynehbur*. _
noiHfl',,|’,,,>!S I > f II.DII » rolf-I.recommcnd
■ i .av.^r* ^ ^ puldle,relylttf upon lu Intrlnalc excellence to weure
hern’J f"ii!!"'l"“.^lllr''k''11 ^ ,ru,E end .afely relied upon a,
helnr hiHy capable of reinovio* tie- ■llwaar, for which It la rveom.
mended, ami for ylvlny tone and vl*.,r to the yeneial aydem.
lu qualHIea have been fully levied in a lonxpraellce.hythepro
L’n.i i^en Iio"SrT’" many who have
bgforv the public. For all Blli.m. Derangement,, Kick llca'laobc.
Chronic D.ari litea. Habitual C.xtlTelil a>. lllllou. Celle Drapclxl*
Uin In Ihe Stoma, h an.I Bowele,Ueneral Dchilllg, Female Weaknelwi
For .ale hr Drugging general!,, an,I hy PI RCFI.I., I.ADD A 00 .
j*"• *7 m *n'1 ,4"1 *'* • "-neral Agent,., and by Alra'r
IfoSrS.ff* • " Whl*'( ,IS *53 ..rcrt.mnl
\*,rK hare been engaged for a,.me tin., |..«l
▼ ▼ In getting up ihe pattern. f,.r a ...» bJste-*
Plow, r.peelalljr de(lgne.l for turning under the V >UL *
krarmt growth of r. g. table matter, and » aMBkaab
hare now the plea.ure of Informing our friend., that we think we
hare full, areomplUhe.1 that end.
W> Would call Ihe alleti.lon of Ihe Parmer, lo thl. Plow, aa well
aa lo our large .lock of Plow, of rrer.T .iae, Oullirator.. Corn Weed.
T <,rrmr /""tplttp Coaller., I.arge fl ll..r.e OulllTaton, lor
pulling In whrat, Harrow.. Ac, A, All of which are made In our
owu .hope, by gi,o,| workmen, and warranted lo glee .aiDfartlon,
, . OKU. W'ATT A CO., Franklin .Ireet,
(bpiare below the Kichange, Rl. I mi.ii.1, Va.
M'W RTfH K D| » »| |, IlDDDS.
.iL. MIMA* W. 1(1 IIII.IA,
III lOtint IS IUTS. ftPS. lun.TS, J\
rm." niilF-H. Till SKH. A . r..,» . lfully .
I ... leave to anti,oil,, r lo li e public, AUHeM&M#
that be I. now prepared to offer lo Ihr public onTTHTHTT^om.
manning .lock. In 1,1. line veer offered In iM.rltr III. tliekl. new
romolete, and be a.k. Ihe attention of rtljr and roenlrj dealer., with
Ibe a...trance lhal hi. price, .ball he eatt.fa, U ry
Kl). I>. KKftLINo7
_ triMNU Ikii si ti m il noons.
1 reeel red a large lot of aupwrlnr Clolh., famlmere. and
• W \ »«llr»ir«. *M h he will makeup in Ihe be*t manner, on the
mod r*M.iniMc t-rm«, and at the *hnrtc»t notice.
A brfp and well aelect d Mock of Ready HI ado Clothlny. which
W1M compare with atitr in thta or any other market. Our price# a#
low a# at any other Ifnuac.
furnlahlny flood# in yreyl variety, #wch a# Fhlrt#, Cravat#, Frharta,
1V«, Ac.. 4c.
lie Invite# hi# friend* and rtherv who are In aearch of really deal
rahle food* to call and eiatnlne M# dock. mhtA
IMV.V# fiOODA mil IN.ifl.
fBTMK *»ihff«-rtin r ha# rcc vrd hi# fall dock ..r IIPAPY MAPI'
| I ( MlTMINfl an I flKNTI.KMKN It Kl KMMlINt* <)<x>|’F. to
which h»* would a#k the attention of hi# friend# and Ihe public frnc
rally, vl# :
fflATil—Flue, Flack. Frown and Fahlln Prrn and Frock ; Fancy
Caacifncrc Fu Ine## Froek and Fack . I,*ml-*kr., rVaver, prter*hao»,
Mohair and Pilot Talma* and Italian*, Fearer, Pilot, Mohair, Pe
teraham and Ncyro-llcad Fork* and Furtouta.
PAWTF -Ftiperlor Flack French 1*,^ •kin. Frown and flray Cr>»«*
Ribbed Caaalmere, Oreen and Frown Plaid C'a**in»ere
VFFTF-Black Fatln, Fill, Ca**imcre, Fancy Velvet, Merino and
Caaalmere. Fdk an I Pln«h
AMO-a very larye collection of n .tha, Camlmere* and Vc*t
Iny* of every ahade and quality, which he l« prepared to make to
me afar# at ihe aborted mxice, In the feat and mn* fa*Monahte
F7*f. R. F RFRFCR,
_ Fichu* nd i n
ItniOl, lltm %% 4M»|. II % I *. To Planter•.
▼ ▼ Railroad an«t Coal Pit Manayrr*. and all otl-er* who^^^B
have Meyroe# to hat. I have In *toi. *ta hundred d. *
| Flack, Prarl, Frown and While Wool Mata, fr, m low price to very
fine, which I will #ell at very low price*.
_<**>__ ' FVtFV mORWOF,
IMII III i \ I'M | s in
i for «ale by HKNNITT, FMCRF 6 FMIIRR, Druyyiat#.
II I 1<m jar*, for *alo hy
( BMNFT. Ill \ RF ft FIF11FR, ProrflM*
Kl I I II II I) \\ II I V |k I . \|
' IM bWt , landlny and for *alc hy
I non datrhvoit, IIURI CO.
I FMIOAIOI ,% lll'.IXW.—A *ot of vmatl *'.te, rquat In flavor to
| M the larfe*t, jriM he rbwed out at a low prh e
non BIN N KIT, BRRRB k FIFtlRR, nrt»f|i„.
A XKM< 'A X, t ’A XA 1)1 A X. MVKOPtA X A WK.1T IXDtKS
.% I>V I:ItTI H ■ S <4 A SI 14*4 HIPTIOS OrriCE,
Ao. 188 Aumm Stmt it or* <lonr to Xu—Htt Bunt
itr.w voitk* HKi:nt:s * m»itiuri*ton.
rp n ships t.-onphimru
■ this line are the WASHINGTON. Captain K. Sri'A JfWT.
Cavexur, HERMANN, Oapl Enwaan IlMoiga
Theer steamers atop at Knuliiaraptm, both going m~JX*UttttA^
I aod returning
From ftoiith
From From im]Hoti for
New Turk. Rrrrm-n. Nr* York,
i & it uni* It. Untunfuit. Wmlntrniny.
If aau tvu .Jsn’y g{ F.b'y xJ Frb'y 8T
Mtal4laut.nl.E.I.-y il March** Mar *g
! Ilaaa.a. .Marl. M April 1» April W
Wasuiauvoa.April IP' May IT May VI
!•«““»».May IT June 14 Jane IS
Waaulaur.nl.June l| July |, j„|_ ,g
Uamiaaira..July 1* Aug’t I Aug’t IS
Waamaunm.Aug't » SepCr C Sept’r lu
llaauaaa .lupi’r C Oct’r 4 Ort’r S
MiaatauTva .Ovt'r 4 Nut’r I Noy’r &
Haauiaa. .NotV 1 Nuv'r » DnV *
WaauiauTnu.Nnv’r S» Dee'r ST Oee’r 81
Stopping at Southampton, both going auJ returning, tiny offer
passenger*. proceeding :■> London and Havre. advantage# over any
! other route, for the e. on-noy of ttme and money.
raauaa faoa at. voaa to soCTUiarros tan aavun.
First Cabin. M».u Saloon, |I8U ; Frit Cabin, Lower Saloon, 1110
Second do. $6o. '
All letters and new.papera must pair through the Port Office.
of lading will be signed or pa re eta received on the day o
nr An experienced Surgeon Is attached to each ship.
For freight or passage, apply to C. II SAND,
II South William at., New Vork,
C. A. HEINKKKN A OO . Bremen.
. , rmmr, CROSKrr* CO . Southampton
_JalT—ly[W] WM ISRLIN. Havre.
EDINBURGH, Mon tons, . • - wi* CrSUDia
NEW VORK. 81.VI It,,sr
OLAROOW, IMS •• ... J.*hu Dawes,
Are appointed to sail— ™
M. .LJ1_ r»t*ll ULiBOOW.
KblN Itl K<;||, loth Deoemhrr.
HUSliDW. *l«t Opi- mher.
NKIV YORK, I Ills Jmuvr.
r*<m xrw T-'m.
2fi?rnrTn£Ki8.',ir‘,*Jr; "V' V ’ '">*■«. *' « o’cloek. noon.
GLASGOW, sHaturdar, Celt Oecrtab-r, it •• •* ••
EDINIlCHUH^ituMijr.lHth J»naarj, »t •• •• ••
«*TM or rilMAOB
. J:r,nn wntgoic I From Nnt York.
Fir** 11 1'*..l.> guineas First Claw IT.** 0l)
M.. r age, found with ... iked | Steerage, found with conk
adpcovlatona.«m | vd proviaioo .. . .sow
An rX|irrience«l .^urg on atlarhrd tu each Mriu&cr.
For Freight or Pauagf, ai.pljr to JOHN Mr^YMON,
a# w. . ..... „ IT Broadway, N. Y.
' *2?* ^Ity ,l4ll« or Gold only received for Paa«agc.
A <.ICt Nil M IKYl.tMl 1.0 r ri'KV
XXr 11A CLASS 1.
To be drawn in Ualtiinorr, Md .Saturday, Dec. So. ISo*.
Prixcs amounting to IlSU.Cisi will he di-tribulcd according to the
e-no-iog .-{Ii'-nuni p» .lerne :
NUMBERS ! • l.n.i PRIZES • • •
SJT Prime, payable In fuB wltliout deduction. m
tenant :
1 Pr,« “f. ♦ 2 prla-. of. 9 it.,
I prize of. 14»4<i 8 p,Ur, of. l‘>.i
I prize of. 10.non 8 prize, of l«o„
J '• M«* 1«: pr.z-, of ...
I prize of. 8,i„i
iPMoiuuTM* prizm.
4 of ISO, approximation u,
4 of 1o0, «Jo 14 910.
4 of 9», (Jo l'l.ttfMI.
4 of SO, do ft/ik).
4 of TO, do S.OiNt.
5 of 6o, do y.iNM.
12 of 4**, do 1 ioo.
Hof d) JAIO.
74"» of 10, do jiiki,
1,000 Prises.. 91*2,600.
"hole Ticket* 9H>; Halve* |S, Qr«.f2 0tf,
* /.ASS T.
To te drawn in Baltimore, M»r.rtan.|.I, f*.»turilay, Dec. 27, ISM
i r,ri*,off-..
j .
1 H“of;. Ifl.sM
. — * * rtl * <lf. ln.omi
“f,. a.*rw
ll.i lVllrl Of. vga
’ I’ - * ' ,
4,1.»S I’ritrt «»f. .... an
*»L*16 Prises, amounting to fl’i 11.140.
Whole ticket* #20; Halves 91**1 Qrs K-ghth* 92 !W».
TV* All orders for tk**cU or package* tn any of the Marvlan 1
lotteries will receive prompt attention, and the drawing maUrd to
all purchasers immediately after it is over Altnu
' T. II. Ht'ktHARD A CO.,
_ _ No. 8S> Fayette tL^orBox Nn. 4". Baltimore. Aid.
H * 1 F F A > D I O || a € C O .
No. 42 Chatham street. New York,
^UCCKWORof Prraa A (isoaos Loitixaax>, . ff-rs for sale all
^ kinds of SXLFF aud TOBACCOS tn general use. For parttcu*
lars, a Paics Craak.XT can be obUlned by addressing a* above.—
This Kstablislnneut is one of the# oldest of the kind In the United
mal*— ly (w.)
n .Wi: Itl 'lin I II In the NEW STORE, No.IOlMTVta
M»ln ■trr. l,second door brio* lllh umL where ■'—U. J <
zre prepared to .how the largest aMor’.mrnt of
ever offered In ltd, market.
A good aaaorlracntcf BONNETS and MILLINERY GOODS, of all
W74 Jf lln ttrrrl, AaVAmontf, I’d
ILL give their undivided attention to all .ale, of Real and
Personal Estate, ,ale of Houwhcld Furniture, Stork, Oonda.
**" «f.; all... special attention lo tale, on Saturday, of Horae,.
Cow,, Carriages, Wagon,, Ac., te. '
Al«,\ keep constantly on hand the large! and t.and,ome«t .took of
Furniture to he found in thl, market, eon,uting In part of_
Mahogany and Roiewood Wardrobe,
D« in, . 1,0 . u. M*rW,‘ "“d Mahogany top Cabinet,,
Sideboard, and Wasnstan.1,
Splendid Spring Seat Sofa,, Tete a Tete,, Divan, and Lounge,
Spring Seat Parlor, Cane and Wind.ur Chair, *
Spring Cur'd Rocker,. Sociable,. Whatnot,.
al«o, a beautiful aaaortment of Chamber Seitz, together with a
general assortment of Housekeeping Goods
The oily and country trade are Invited to examine oor collection,
o V M 10 ,rl1 •• * ',,r7 tmall advance on cow.
Ricnwoan, Va.
19AI.BOTT A BROTHER, Proprietor, of the above _
ooo"rV'lu''‘ "ow bolM,n* PORTABLE STEAM EN- IN gl
tiiNES. of an Improved ron.iruriion, of all „ tea, from *!x WSCyi
to forty 11 or,, power, »ultahle for ClrcuUr Saw Mills MUHS?
Threat,mg Machine,, and other purposes, which they flatter Item.
oreDcVhere* *qU*‘,f n"t »upvrlor to any Engine, ever built here
They will al«ofurril.h STATIONARY STEAM ENGINES from ter.
Horse tn any required Power.
nfrirtooMlifl ’ in* m<m »PPfoT«l construction, and
in^ul'^:,w.fVr."ATr,t W0RKa. PORTABLE GRIST
Ml l.l^* and IRON# for MILL# of all kinds.
RAILROAD WORK of retry description.
TOBACCO I*BCM#KF, FLATTKNINO MILLfl and all article# used
tn Manufacturing Tobacco, together with rvrrvkind of HKA:<# and
They are alw> the exclusive Manufacturers, In thf# cite, and
1/KtlMir.K, Which they confidently recommend to their customers
and friends as superior to any Mill of the kind with which they are
.of wMch W,U • kept on hand, for
which thef •«•!: t ord .f
WI|Rsvo> «\ POM i its intHi«•
|»ly, of Pure Rye,” which they defy to he equallesl any where.
ITU# celebrated Whisky Is warranted to be over nine year# old, and
always taken back^if not approved of. Its superiority Is gaining for
it a rrntnrn • nd extended reputation by connoiseurs throughout
5v..7,r •r“,< •f2P*l>i,n* county, and in Fredericksburg. Lynchburg.
California and N • York, beside# many other placet of small r..te.
who have never tried it, we invite, and the lovers of a rare
* erally. _ ma1#-tf
ffSHP. nn.lor.lgmd I. .ngagnl la th, tnanofartar* of Fa.h,
■ Ithnda and D.*or.. of II, ho.I qnalty of ma'rnal and
Workmanship, at low prices. Orders r**peetfully snltcited and
promptly execute I Persons ordering Fash. Illmls or doers,
from me by mall, may rest assured of gritlng as good work,
a. mod. ralr prlrr.( and a. prompt altrntlon a. If ofilrml
1.1 p. rann. • ftlaaina don. Tory low, and any quality ol Ilia.,
aaed that may he lr..*nato.l Coiiafanlly on hand In by 1«, In by
1*. and s by In Fa.b ylatr I -alao, Ill nd. In mill the aamr. Farlorr
*nd building above llaiall.' Mill., Richmond. Ta
,,1&_ blirj MERCER
M \A S I OH I l Ml M AA s | III K
FOR fall and tt INTER, IFF*. ISM.
Comrri.lng all new «lyle. of Fall and Winter Over Coata, Raglanda
Talma, and Fhanl., l»r.a. and Fro. k Coa'., of French and
Er^cilah Clofhi, Bu.lnraa Coata, of Fancy Cbdh. and
Ca.lmrra, Veal., In en.Bctk rarlrly of A ik, Fatln,
Velrri Pbi.h, Mrrino. Ca.hm-rv, 0. Ml more,
Ac , lllack, Ifrrkk, and Fancy french ami
Caaalmrre Panta. ii >., Failnrt, Krr.ry,
Cravat., Fcarf.. Tlr», Ftock., Comfort., Mufflera, Ar . of the
grraiea'variety, Fuaprndrr., Rid, Filk, Fur, Bin k and Cam mere
H.ndkrrchlcf., Ack., Shirt., Collar., Fdk and Mrrino Co
der Ftilrte, Filk, Mrrino and Cotton Elaonel Drawer., Ac , Ibnhrel
la., Indian - Rubber Onodv.
I f*’f *1*1*11 v| IS hat now open at hi. larrr new More-room
a III• Main ttrrrt, Rvhm n.l, Va.alargr .r,| eniirrly new
Mock of Fall an.| Winter READT-MAIIB CLUTHINO. -mh/.rlne
all new atylet. of every rra.tc „f Coata. Pant, and VrMa. and Eurnuh
mg floods From hi# very great facilities in m«fiufae«oring. hi* Ha.
cral patron# and the public general’/ will still find *|| artietes in hit
line, from finest tn lowest grades, of the very best make, and at unu
•uallv Lew Ps’cv* r -b C*su
• Remember pin*-# snd No. lit Main street, next dour tn J W. Ran
dolph « ftoos Ft.re.
l^TrF ^Trekly Receipts Direct from Iby Manufactory.
S*' _• I> if'».»0M4N
r|* HIM ntWlAH II n Tim. AII’HIU T a."
■ I ng. Idrm Fhorilng and Fill * I .fin- a»-rfm-nt at
th, l„w-,i p,l«, PRICE. HATLV A WATKINA
HI. «f KNII.M » Ilk II, an I trlmlnga for cloak, ard
K»: %i riA i i. i ht l oniHEn phis r«. r.
irrm.'y cheap PRICI H A V I V A W A TRINE
Is*' H sn l>s. In Marl
I * following ftor Eking., na Ottar, Mink. Muakrata, Fo,. Opnoa
| Kim. Wild Oat, aod Hare Fklna, JOHN THOMPSON,
D0” 17 Mato Mvaut.
TUB FOUNDER of Uita nMnM obn th, ao,t
certain, .pee-17 aud only eHevtual remedy in th* world for
O.-nurrl,.*-, OkeU. Strtetar. ..Seminal Weakuea., Pain, in the Loin,
ASkcth.ua of th. Kidneys Palpltat.oo of the Heart, Dyauepa.a Ner'
tow« Irrttablhty, Disease* of tbe Head, Throat, Noae or AkuT and all
those aerk.ua and lueUucholy diaorder. ariaing from the ! .true! V'
kablla of youth, which deatroy both body and mind. Those aecivt
and •o'hary practices are more fatal to thei, victim, than theacog
. of the Syrena to the mariner, of Llyaae., Mtghtlo* their moat brll
liaul hoi-a or anticipation,, rendering marriage, Ac i mtioadble
capeeially, who hare become O.e victim, of Solitary Vice, that dread
> ful and daatractive l-ahlt which annually aweep* to an untimely
“to of •*« m"“ e»alte*l talent, and brl£
wna !kU!ir' '’m h® T1*1' I’U’e-wi-e hare entranced liatenln. Seriate,
iz orJ10 u' "*“« *•
aw.tr^f T“ud* Mrn contemplating Marriage, being
7 .. ,®f 'Y-akne.a, Urgant. Debility, Deformities, Ac
ahoul^l Immediately conanlt Dr, Jot.naton, and l» rcLur.d U. perfect
l!e who plaeee Moaelf under the care of Dr. Jolmaton may reli.
gb.uaiy ruofi.le In hi, honor aa a gentleman, and confidcntl. rela
upon In. akdl aa a phy.lelan. , an conuueony rely
Immediately cored and full vl«t.r r.ytored
hrT^m J ■*®®r *f »>«J..nalty m<,at frequently paid h, thow who have
become the vktlmaof improper Indulgence.. Young peraona art too
hum not being a war a „f th. dreadful conae.
quence. that may ensue. Now, who that under.tanda the subject
will pretend b> deny that the power of Procreation la Inal ajon.-r by
thow falling into Improper hablu than by tbe prudent. Ilea 1.1,4
bun* deprived th, pUaaur, of healU.y ..ff.prlu*, the moat aerloua and
dcatructlvc lymptoan, to both body and mind arl,e. The ayatem
. pl,J,.‘c*1 »"'• mtnUI poWcra weakened o.r
l*f*p®p*i*- pai pi tattoo of the heart, InUgratlon,. .a.
®*nF "^®*t •••ml, l)rnpVMBI of miiABniijD.n
llr. JOHNSTON Is th* only regular Pfayelckuiadvertlalug to cure
Private ComplEtoU. Hi. remedie. and DeSwTt inT, •‘Jr.ly™'
known to all olliera. Prcpar-d from a life .pent in the great Uoepl
taD of Europe and th- Sr at In thl, country, ua: England lrar.ee
the Bleckley of Philadelphia, Ac. and a mori can,..!, , Kc.O«“m,
any oU.tr Physician In Die world. Ilia many wonderful cure, and
moat Important Surgical operation, are a .affluent guarantee to the
afflicted Those who wiah to be ap-ed ly and elfectnaUy relieved,
Jhould d.un the numerous trim..* lo.po.lera, who only ruin their
health, and -tppiy to him.
Orrtc-.Vj. 7 SOCTII FREDERICK STREET, l*?fl hand tide go
In* from li. km nr* street, arm door* from thr corner.
Dr particular in ohaerriag the n»u and uumber, or you will
■Mur Umt Hace.
d YAKE None*—Observe the name on Ihe door and Win
^OjffC/tCCft r Oft XA P.VAVrns DflCGS USED.
Member of the Royal College of Surgeon., London, graduate from
one of the moat eminent Colic*, a of the United Stale., and Dm greater
7 life ha. lean .pent in the Hospitals of Ubndoli. Par!.,
1 Miwtl|»!i.a and cue where, !oi rlcctcJ *omf of Ute most utotiib
mg curwthal: was ever known. Many troubled with ringing in the
ear. and head when asleep, great rirrvr.uanea., being alarmed at aud
den ..lun In, and baahfulncs*, with derangement of mind, were cured
When the mlagulJcd and imprudent votary of pleasure find* he
ha* Imhilscd the la of thu painful li^-aa., It too often happens
that an lll-timcd x nae of thaiur, or dread of discovery, deter* Urn
from apply in* to tliox- who, from education and rvaprt-ubilhy, can
ahn.e laefrund him. deiayln* till the constitutional «yTnptom» of this
horrid diaraae make their appearance, aucb aa ulceraW-d •< re throat,
d t . no-*, nocturnal pain* in the beaJ and limb*, dimn«s of
alglit, deafoe*a, node* on the aMn Ih»ti» « and artn«, Motchr* on tiie
head, face and extremities* progrtvaaln* with frightful rapidity, till ai
last the palate of the mouth or the bone* of the no*e fall »n, aud tbe
Victim of this awful dlaeoao become a b rrld otyert of commlaera
inn’;1^ dCAth PUU * pKn°*i 10 hlf dreadful suffer in**, by fending
“That bourne from whence no traveller return*.”
To *uch, therefore* Dr. JOHNSTON pledge* himself to pre*ervt
i . -» 7* r**» «xu.n»ive practices in th.
first Hospitals in Eurofte and America, he can confidently reeom
dhuas? **fC •P^iI cure to the unfortunate victim of this horrid
It is a melancholy fact that thousands fall victims to this dreadfn
complaint, owing to the uuskilfulness of ignorant pretenders, who,
l*y tke use of that dreadful poison, mercury, rum the constitution’
and either send the unfortunate «iiffcrer to an untimely grave, cr els*
make the residue of life miserable.
Dr. J. addresses all those who have injured themselves by private
and improper indulgence*.
The* aie some of the sad and melancholy effects produced by ear
. TouDi. v»*: Weakness of the Back and Limbs, PaiD in
the Head, Dimness of J*ight, Loes ..f Mustular Power, Palpitation of
“cart. Dyspepsia, Nervous Irraubility. Derangement of the Dl
gesUve Functions, General Debdtty,Symptoms of Consumption. Ac.
The fearful effects on the mind are much to he dreaded; Lots of Me
mory. Confusion of Ideas. Depression of .'pints. Evil Forebodings
Aversion to Society, Self Distrust, Love of Bolitudr, Timidity, Ac ,art
sodm of G»c evils produced.
Thouand, of per.on. of »!l c»n new juJ.-e wh»l |, the run.
of Ibrlr a - Ilnlnw hr.lth. I.A,:nK thr!f Ttfur, toc.'lalLp well. |>,1,
h»vc i ,ln*ul»r .ppr&rnnce wbout lUcjo, covi!
urn symptom, of conwiunpt 1< ,:i.
Or th't* er.nU'-npUtin* m.,rrl»(f<, torn* mri of phtwh-.l
•houU irnmnltiuly conuilt Dr. John.wn, »nj to 10 perfect
By tkis great and important remedy, weakness of the organs ar»
speedily cured, and full vigor restored. Thousands of the most ner
vousaod debilitated, who had lost all hope, have been Immediately
relieved. All impediment, to Marriage. rfpslca! or Menu! dlsquali
fleatlt •. Nervous Irritations, Demblmp and Weakness, or exhaustion
of the roost fearful kind, speedily cured by Dr. Johnston.
who have Injured themselvr* bj a certain prartl-e Indulged In whet
alone—a habit frequently learned from evil companions or at school
the effect of which are nightly felt, even when asleep, and. If not
cured, renders marriage impossible, and destroys both mind and
body, should apply immediately.
What » pttj that a young man, the hope of hi, country, and the
darting of hi, par, nu. ahouhl to auatclied from all proatwcu and en
joy menu of life, by the coungiMica of toviatug from the path of
natur., and Indulging In a certain ieeret habit. Such peraoua, tofor,
contemplating ’ ’
fboulu reflect that a aound mind and body are the moat neceaaary
recjuUin, to promote connubial happineaa. Indeed, without theae,
the Journ-y through life tocomea a weary pilgrimage; the proapeci
hollr.o ark’'n* *° l^c Ttew: *he mind tocoun-a .hadowed with deanair
and filled win, the melancholy reflection that the happineaa ofanoth
er become, blighted with our own.
rr All SURGICAL OPERATIONS performed. BiLT!,K>“’ 4,3
N. B, Ui no false delicacy prevent you, but apply Immediately,
either personally or by letter.
Pf" ^KIN DI^EABKs* speedily cured.
The many tho«and* cured at this in tltutlenjwithin the last II
years and the nuimrous and important Surgical operations per
formed by Dr. J., witnessed by the reporter* of the papers, and many
.*Uier persons, notices of which have appeared again and again be
fore the public, besides his standing a» * gentleman of character
and responsibility, is a sufficient guarantee to the afflicted.
7 K K
It Is with the greatest reluctance lint Dr. JOHNFTON permits his
card to appear before the public, deeating it unprofessional for a
physician to advertise, hut unless he did so, the afflicted, especially
strangers, could not fail to fall Into She hands of the many impudent
and unlearned imposters, with Innumerable false names, or combined
qua<*kshop«, swarming these- large cities, copying Dr. Johnston's ad
vertUemei.ts, or advertising themselves as physicians, illiterate, shal
low-brained fellows, too laxy to work a*, their original trade, with
•rartv two Meat beyond the brute, who, for the purpose of enticing
and derelvlng, carry on five or six offices, under as many different
ralS’r names, so that the afflicted stranger escaping one. Is sure to
tumble headlong into the other. Ignorant quacks with enor
toons lying certificates of great and astounding cures from persons
?°iU>.lT fcun<l; w,*° kr«T 7ou taking large bottle* of Lkorice Water
ana other package* of filthy and worthless c. ropounds, cunningly
prepared to impose upon the unfortunate and unsuspecting. Trifling
month after month, or as long as the smallest fee can be obtained,
and, in despair, leaves you with ruined health,to sigh over your gall
Ing disappointment. ’ *
It is this motive that Induces Dr. J. to advertise, for he alone can
cure you. To those unacquainted with his reputation, he deems It
DflLe**r^ credentials or diplomas always hang in his
?*)*"*!' refelvedunless port-paid, and containing a stamp to be
use<i ror the reply. Person* writing should state age, and send that
portion of advertisement describing symptoms. apll —dly
no**A* A €'<!•«
TOBACCO and GENERAL COM All.'*.'* i on merchants
i or Tomcco, Wheat* Corn and other product
^ ' r-- tfullj BolUitcd.
OBct on Virtlnla ctrcct* next to Fry'* corner.
March a, U mhli—lj
ii %« n> a ii ink i kvil I .
K general commission merchants,
El El\ E mnslf anient. of Tobacco, El our. Corn, Whral, Ac.,
and *lrc Uielr personal atlrnllon lo sales of the i.imr. and
keep constantly on hand a Ur*' assortment of Groceries, Seeds, Pc
rurlati Guano, Ac._MT
cn aaiaa a’sai mb, «.«. a'anona
CH. TIM.Ml Ki ll's NON*,
/ rtsrsseTii craarr. ainmoao at.,
Boll. II con.!*nmania af CORN. WHEAT, ELOCR, TORACOO. Ao.
March IS. InW.
ft-ausa ctar a*p .mount smarm. airmansp, ra.,
IVflH * If hla personal attention to the sal, , r W HEAT.CORN,
" . TOBACCO, and *
**"•_ Apia
f 'pener of If.irtrnor tint! Fr.lnklln drift*
\X’,"°LEsai E ANl» UETAII DEALERS In Ere,„h and Awsrl
® T for Wn
f"* * urtalna. Olmps. Cord, and Taswta, Cornice*. Hand* and Coops;
,c?" I SI it*Ii n Cnrtalna; EWr and Table oil Cloth.; Hair noth
and Ptu.h, fnr Sef.s, Curl. I llalr. Sofa Sprlnpt. Twine, Taek. Mai
llbf. Window Shade*; N«t Curled llalr and Shuck Maltrraae*
Feather ll d., la,on fra; Sofa IV-1-; with many other article. ,n our
inr of hn.lne.., «n „f which will he aohl on the n>o«t rea.onahle
term., and Paper llan*tn* and Cpholaterln* punctually attended to
In town or country,
it i: nor x f,.
thomas norm.ASK.
iVi’i'M.rbm Mrrrkont, fmporirr, Vrsai/’.n-fWere, find Wk.Ju.il*
P*il*r In ATrrru /VaWi.lle, ,.f
A Tf F MICA N II A Ii it H I H F,
Hurler sd by Ihe LeeiaUtnre of Virginia Dec. 17th. ISbJ.
ru-iTu, rim Tiioi Ni.ru doluhs,
t■ THIS IXSTITCTION recelera dep .H* .<n which interest « pa1 I
■ at the rale of ati per cent per annum If remainln* ..n deposit
at* men tha, and Ire per cent for abewter period*
WM o. PAINE. President,
GEo J. St MNER Secretary,
JOHN H MOXTAOlt, Treasurer.
w* o. Paine, of the Arm of Rent, Paine A Co ,
James L. Aop-reon, ... A Appervin.
Thoe S Baldwin, •• « " Keen. Baldwin A Co.,
H*fr1 T. |lroa»fcj,#
’*« II Ohrtetisn, « " " Christian A Lathroo,
edmlH. ctaihoros,
Jno. Dooley,
Uwte ointer, « ■ " outer A Aheay,
R B Htaik, *
temuei P Uthrop, •• " •• ChrlatUn A Uthron.
B. W Med ruder, •• •< " S Wdlrud*.’• Bona,
Samuel M Price, " » Thoa B. Price A Co ,
0 to. S Fumrti r.
Jnt* C. Miafrr,
f T •• " •• Ftokrt k Co.
Jrihn If M nl»f is,
IP oiBce with the Merchant#' Insurance Company, No 1M, cor
nrr of kffniti ami ltth tx,1$
\i» i u i
WIIISRT, formerly hr’1 hy Me..r« [Vane A Hr wn. and re
cently hy Mr T Jaa lh »n». haa, with the ronwnl -f Mr tva.e,
been tranaferred lo ns. We hare In .lore, and raped to a .op , eon*
aunt .npplTof " Old Rye” and •• Eamdy," whe-h we rdf. r to the
trade and to coneumer* al the same rale# charfrd hy the former
CIMOI TO *1.1 T| AND H>A, Sll I,' I .ah hy
THIKTV-Fol RTII (oWJREtW^SecoidSoitoi
WaaiiijtoToa Dm. 10.—Mr. Pugh remarked wl.‘U he
ahould have considered the election of Col. Fremont to
the 1 residency aa the greats,t calanuly which conld .sec
beta lien the American people, lie had no reproach., to
cast upon those honest and patriotic, but, aa he belieted '
misguided citizen* who voted for bioi. Nor had the Pre
atdeut done ro, a, had been charged by opposition Sena
. tors. The paragraph in the message upon which hia col
league [Mr. Wade] and others had founded their serra
tion. could not apply to members ol the Republican partv
. ,l,*e£T trme* ha,‘ **«“ repeatedly assented on lbs dix'-r
ol the Senate that they did not aim to any legislation by
1 < ongress on the subject ol slavery within the States. The
rebuke waa> directed by the Present against those who
boM that doctrine.
, It related to men whom the Senator from Maine [Mr.
Jesreuden,) and llie Senator from Massachusetts’, [Mr.
" | had themselves denounced in the Senate The
Senator born New Hampshire, (Mr. Ilale.) had gone so far
tf..1? “J tl‘*t •>« l»»d never Seen a man holding such vu-ws.
" Kb what propriety, then, could they accuse the Presi
dent of applying Ilia remarks to their partv, when accord
ing to their own statements, they do not belong to the
class ol peopled whom the President waa speaking*_
The Pi evident, however, did .peak of another class of hi.
fellow.citizens—of the cla.s to which the*e gentleman aav
they belong, lie had not applied libellous language to
them. He considered them honest and patriotic at heart,
but thought (hat they had aufleied themselves to be mis
guided by the artifice* ol partisan leaders. But objec
tion had been made by the Senator from Nsw York, I Mr.
Seward,) that the discussion of such topics in the 'presi
dent', message was unprecedented.
Mr. Pugh thought that tbs Senator seemed to be as lit
tle acquainted with the language of Washington aa ho
Was imbued with bis spirit.
Much strees had been laid on the assertion that the elec
tion of Mr. Buchanau was not to be regarded as an en
dorsement bj the people of the country of the principles
and policy of the present administration. This was a most
remarkable statement, in view of the fact that the leaders
of the Republican party had declared in aH imaginable
lornis, during the recent campaign, that the election of
Mr. Buchanan would be a continuation of the poliev of
this administration. What they then asserted with all
possible emphasis, they now deny in term, equally strong.
It was in early times a favorite maxim with the Democratic
party that their President should be elected lor a single term
and that rule has only been violated on special occasions’
as in the case Gen. Jackson.
Mr. Pugh further replied to the arguments of the op.
position Senators. r
Mr. Wilson rematked that he desired to speak on this
subject, hut yielded the Hour to Mr. Casr. The Utter sav
ing that he proposed to abode to a few points which had
been raised in course ol the discussion, aud would taku
occasion to do so to-morrow.
The question relative to printing extra copies of the
* itnuuu - ini'SNge uAi rcsumcu.
ilr. Washburn, ol Maine, was not inclined to be in fa
vor ol the motion pending to priut an unusual number ol
copies of the President's message, for tbe reason that it
sas full of calumnious misrepresentation* of a great and
growing, and soon to be the dominaut party of the repub
IC, and contained statements which, in his judgment, were
devoid of truth, full of sophistry, but more particularly,
lecausc it contained doctrines w hich are at war with the
genius of our itistitutioue and spirit of republican system.
It wss plain that the President, in sweeping terms, alludes
to the Republican patty, charging them with nothing
more nor less than having disunion designs while proles
sing merely to prevent the extension ol slavery to the ter
ritories now free.
Not only were these charges not true, but the negative
proposition Was fully susceptible of the strongest proof.—
It was bv the Cincinnati plaUorm that the design* and
purposes of the Democratic party were judged ; and why !
•hould not those of the Republican party be judged by
their owu plallorm, framed by suie and patriotic delegates
from twenty States? So lor Ironi revolution, thev dis
tinctly declared that the "Constitution and the Union of ,
the Stales must and shall be preserved I" Tbe President
undertook to know better than they what were their prin
ciples and designs, and made those sweeping charges iu |
ihe lace of the soieinu declarations of the partv he has
maligned. They advocated nothing which was "not con- i
•isteut with ami deducibie from the decloiation of Arneri- ,
can Independence.
In further review ol the President's message, he asked '
where and how thjj Republican pailv has acted with the
view of emancipation in the South. I
Perhaps there Were not a thouaand voters in thte free I
-■state* who have such a design—so far as he kuew thev ]
have never sent a petition to Congress asking for etuanei- ,
pation; yet Ihe President undertook to convey the impres- i
don Of the country that the Republicans look to this con
summation and concoct their plans accordingly, because
the President had made up a false record. ,
Mr. Washburn denounced the assertion. In the course
of his remarks, he said it would appear that tbe love of lib- ,
vrtv and hatred of slavery was the unpardonable sin.
Mr. Smith, of Virginia, inquired whether Mr. Washburn
would, by his vote, admit a new State into the Union with
the liberty ol lorming its owu institutions, according to the
character of the people. Mr. Washburu replied that when
that question shall be presented, he would be prepared to
act upon it. lie would not shirk the issue. His vote '
would depend on circumstances, but it should be iu accor
iance with the principles of the Republican party. He |
would a*k the gentleman of Virginia whether, it Utah pre
sented bersclf lor admission, with a constitution recog..'~
inc tw lvenmy, he would vote for it? [Laughter.] ,
Mr. Smith. The gentleman is playiug Yankee on me I
completely. [Lsugntef.] before 1 answer his question, ,
l want him to answer mine. I put it again to the gentle
Mr. Washburn said I put mine again. [Laughter.]— '
1 must wait tilt he answers it before I allow uiveelf to be !
interrupte'd any further. Was it not strange, "he asked, i
that the 1 resident should hi d outrage* and wrongs to ex- ,
i»t in the north only ? These slanders emanate from one
of the sons of the North, and who iike the cow boys of the ,
revolution, found no good in his own people and no wrongs
in the south. In conclusion ho argued tbe right to pre- ,
vent the extension of slaverv to tree territory, and enter- .
ed his protest against the President's constitutional doc- i
trines in this connection.
Keittsaid there was something ominous and gloomy .
in the aspect of aTairs. The House parted here last sum
.ucr in Hit* iiiidft ut I ho contest on the ilavenr question,
and now, after tbe presidential election, that parry whoso
regiments were cut down and banners fallen in the fight,
again spring the discussious on that subject. Thev rav '
(Hit tor th<» :if*lir»r» nn 1 Um/xw^sU _j ,l. n • . «
dent s Message there would bare been no discussion.— j
Hut did they not the first day ot the session re-open it by | I
objecting to the admission ot the delegate from Kansas,
who came with the credentials under the seal ol the Gover
nor of that Territory ?
Haring di fined the Southern view of property, Mr. Keitt I
implored ol Mr. Washburn whether he and the Republican 1
party would not, il they had the power, change the Consti- *
lotion *o as to provide lor the cinancipatiou of slaves in
the South f
Mi. Washburn replied he would certainly not object to ,
such a change in the Constitution so as to give power to 1
the Federal Government to do what Jefferson, Madison
and Ucn. Scott desired to do, vit : to ameliorate the con* 1 1
dilion of those in Slavery, even to emancipation. Rut he
did not deem it wise now for the Government to eterci.se \
euch power. 1
Mr. Stanton. I Jo not propose to stand committed as '
asking any change ol the Constitution. My position and 1
that ot the people I represent I believe is, we will abide ■
by the Constitution as it is. We ask no change, and will I
insist on its original construction as put in practice by its ^
Mr. Ki lit, resuming, said the remarks ol Mr. Washburn
and Mr. Stanton otdy showed the difference of opinion en
tertained by the members of the Republican party. He
asked whether now there could lie auv doubt as to tbo
aim* and tendencies of that party * Therefore, was not
the President correct when he says thetr object is inter
ference with the domestic institutions of the South.
He insisted that the President was equally correct in *
describing the doctrine of the Republican as revolutiona
ry. The Slates which formed the Constitution formed it
as equals; as equals Ihe delegates were elected ai d acted;
as iquals they adopted the Constitution and equals they
were. The South claims the right, under this equality, to
go into the common territory with their slaves as proper
ty. The question of slavery, as a political institution, will
come when the people are aeady to form the State Consti
Mr. Keitt. If you had power, would you not do it by
progressive gradation*
M*. Washburn. I am willing that the principles and
declarations ot American Independence, the Constitution, |
snd the Christian rthgion, shall "have free course, run j
and be glorified."
Mr. Keitt. I asked you whether the member from Maine, !
would or would not abolish the institution by progressive
Mr ''iddirigs got the floor and made one of hi* eharac- j
leri.lic speeches, and was replied to by Mr Morrison, of I
Illinois, in defence of the President's message, after which
tho House adjourned.
Svsn* Statu a—The fact has been mentioned that a
married lady, living in elegant style in the vicinity of Mad
is-rn Square, had become so smitten with the stage that
no arguments could restrain her from appearing before th#
"foot light*;" and that she was about to make her >bbot in t
the city ot Huff ilo This lady is the wile of a young law- |
yer In this city, and her origin, education, and history are
somewhat romantic. She is siid to possess fine dramatic
power*, which hare been well cultivated, and her friends
predict her triumphant siu-cesa. We fon't know as there
i< any harm in staring that the name of this new aspirant
for lostrionie honors is Mrs. MacMahon.— .Vne York Mir
»>|| hmi S.SM I *;t MAI.AIIA w iwnvn Wnrelftir l
r sat* nauwtaroN 1
* kwh by telegraph.
Satassau, D,c. II.—Mr. DeBow, ol Loouwan*. from
the committee on bu-ioe**, offered a aerie* ol resolution*
l«t. Appointing the next meeting at Knoxville. Tcnn
c»n the «*ro«)<J Monday in Augum neit. *
Sd. Endorsing Dudley Mann** scheme for * line of Iron
Ed7urv.br 018o>,M) B*r “>
Sd. Favoring the introduction of Southern text book*
into Southern schools ami collegea; and providing for tb*
appointment of • rommittee ol distinguished Southern
professor* to prepare »uch work*.
4th. Recommending Soutlierti Legislature* to order
their u««* in Mid acliooK.
**vorirS ll,« encouragemer t of Southern book!*,
periodical* and journal*, in place of Northern publica
tion*. r
Cth. Recommending the encounigement of the mining
and manufacturing intereats of the South.
The revolution- were all adopted.
Mr. Semmcs reported favorably opon inter-oceanic
communication via the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, recom
mending Congreaa to make a contract with the Sloo
Company, for the tran.portation of the mail* between
New Orieana and San Franvivco by that route. The re
port was adopted. The reaolutinna in favor of the Pa
cific Railroad, reported yeaterday, were taken up, and
adopted without amendment.
Many other revolution* were offered and referred.
A letter Irom Senator Tootnb* wa* read, in faror of
absolute free trade, and direct taiation. Oaa thouaand
Copiea were ordered to be printed.
Much desultory d-Uto took place in favor of opening
the above trade, and the exeluetoo of everything North
ern from the South.
The Convention then adjourned until Friday.
^avasnaw, Dec. 12.—The resolutions in favor of Free
Trade and Direct Taxation were laid on the table bv a
vote of 67 to 24, but the vote was subsequently reconsid
ered and a committee of one from each State was appoiui
• c2""iJer »nd report to the uext Conven
lion. The revolution in favor ol the completion ol certain
railroads in Georgia, Alabama and Louisiana, were adopt
Mr. Hubbard of Alabama, qA-red a revolution advocat
ing the establishment of a d. t/ctive police to ferret out
disturbers ol the peace in Southern Slate*, and a union
ol .Southern planters lor the csublialmicnt of a fiacal
Revolution* for the appointment of a committee to in
jure into the expediency of opening the Flare Uude
»erc debated.
•Mr. Albert Pike made an eloquent speech in oppoei
uon to the revolutions on the ground of humanity—he
JOped that the whole world would ultimately be free.
Mr. Bader, of Alabama, replied to Mr. Pike. He con
:rested the condition of -ociety at the North and South
uid drew a conclusion in favor of the latter, and hoped
lhat slavery would always exist.
- Th“ ro,<?lluio"'1 wer** rejected—24 to 61. Alabama
south Carolina and Texas voting in the affirmative
Various resolutions were reported, vix: In favor of
nail contract* to North and South America—for a steam
dup company—establishing foundries for casting cannon
uid small arms—recommending an organization to pro
noto Southern emigration to Kanvas-inouirine whether
I line proportion ol arras and munitions of war ia iu tlia
Southern Arsenals—asking Congress to put Southern har
>ors in a state of defence—sympathizing with the demo
.ratic movement in South America, and introducing slave*
■y there. ' *
These were all adopted, and a committee appointed to
:all the next Convention and issue an address to the Sou
thern people. Adjourned.
A final adjournment will ukc place this evening.
Nxw York, Dec. 12—The Russian organ <• Le
\ord, rc affirms that the Czar will neither give up Bui
;rad, nor the Isle of Serpents, and that government
iresints in demanding that the questions at iatue be re
ferred to a Congress st I’aiia. “LeNcrd" adds that
■ ranee agrees with Russia on the subject, having had
i Conference to decide the proper interpretation of the
A Vienn« letter of the 20tb, aars th«t during the
a«t few days the question in regard to Holstein and
feulchatel have led to repeated conferences between
ount Buol and Count Arniin, the Prussian embaaaa
lor; The hand of England begins to bd visible in tho
iflair of Neulchatel.
the Danish question.
\\ l.ilst Denmark has applied to France for mediation in
ler conflict with Germany, the cabinet at the Tuileriea
ias proposed to those of Vienna and Berlin to submit the
>anish question to a Second Congress at Paris; but Aus
ria and Prussia do not appear disposed to admit that
node of intervention.
The American sloop-of-wsr Constellation was at Con
tan tinople.
The news of the election of Mr. Buchanan caused con
Iderable sensation at Madrid, as ha was looked upon as
he patron of the filUbuaters.
New Orleans. Dec. 10—The steamer Texas has sr
ived, with California dates to the 20th uIl and San
uan dates to the 5th.
The vote of California was, for Buchanan 60,000 Fiil
nore 35,000, Fremont 19,000. A majority of' both
rouses elected are democratic.
The news from Nicaragua is important. Walker met
nth success in a serin of battles with the combined
entral Americans. On the 10th of November, General
lornsby with two hundred, defeated 1 luO of the enemv
mder the Costa Rican General Canas. 1
The enemy lost 200 and Hornsby oniv lost 2 killed and
rounded Four days fighting at Mwaava ended in the
mire defeat of the enemy. Walker returned to Granada
nd after giving three days notice of his iutentiou to al
jw the inhabitants to remove their valuables, fired the
own, and not a vestige of it remains.
He removed all the effects of the inhabitants to Rivas
rhtch will hereafter be the capital of Nicaragua.
A naval battle had taken place betweeo the Nicaraguan
rar schooner Granada and a Costa Rican brig ol war ol
hree times her aize, in which the Costa Rican vessel was
down up and all on board destroyed.
It is supposed that the enemy's loss in the various bat
!es since the first of October will amount to three tbou
^'BI'oton, Dec. 12—The Senate was not in seasion
o-day. In the House, Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, reported
he consular and dip!omatic,,snd legislative, executive and
idicial appropriation bills. Alter the consideration of
'Ovate bills, the House adjourned.
Ktw Torr, Dec. 12-The ship St. Louis from Lieer
ool, has armed. She bring, Cspt. lliggins and thirty
•o of the crew of the ship Transport, of Boston, wreck
d during a hurricane about the middle of November.
the markets!
Bsi.tiworr, Dec. 12.—Sales of flour at fit 50 _
Yheat is brisk at ft 4Sal 47 lor red , and «i 53al 68
4aS8 •«*" Conl—new white cents; new yellow
Srw Yorr, Dee. 12.—Flour is better. Sales of
«f #»'• 2«)a6 3J; Southern |7 10a7 30. Wheat_
lolders demand an advance ; no sale,. Corn firm, hut
inchanged. Stocks higher; Virginia sixes VS.
kltltlt Al.s AT I'll I. 1. \ I II AAt.t; Holt:I.
AXI» lltl.l Altll Hill si;.
FRIDAY. December ;|9 IY4.
J H tVomm, Baltimore; A Drlcambre, Paris; J ¥ Dowell N Y
I tl Pw.lMornOil^ \ If Johnston, Monrne, ¥ Brown, PtulaiM*
hi* W M Klbbinger, Charlottesville; *S Orrsham Rina a barn
• T K, '.h do. J » hhan. Chariot eae,lie, W ¥ Crt.il ,,3 VrTT-S
lelaoii, N AM llchett, do, H (fault. Athrsaarte. K K wv.i, Charles
'V: ¥ II Symington, Ala, J ¥ ¥ nirjr. Va; % J If Kr. 1M. Os—«—
'•bl!'ilslpMa. Wr. C F Under*. and child wT;
yu* ** Lindsey, do; II B Tomlin. Rlog Wm
■hTe«‘nr,h,,,d^,"n'r*''/ "uV'i* ** *"bn,un' Phiiadetphta; J B
■htwflnoh. do. Ree K ¥ R. .Iman ami lade. Ua.-ri.i.od V ¥
^J*J**» Kichwond; C II f>«fil#l Loan* B l.urjr and Vrvim « Y
I D wtde' WimVw J1'" n “ "alteton! Mmr]r.
• P| 111’ ; ^ '* tin, J i)kp«o v.|, child and wrrtni
/■ * ShMrlcI, do, D T Hirhrr, Morfi ia IK W a_.ii.
Bmi»h. MorMfc. H A fortlt, FavhaUn. Miaa Panaili.fliKaylTama
I n « '» ^owhslsa; F (» Bimpass, Hanover. A A Drgtrtck, Dneai
5, ' W/ H * W lmer. Philadelphia, J 1
•WAT * to.’w I.OTTERIE* 1 ! 1 "
r0 he drawn In (he Htyof ¥ohile Alabama, In pnhlle,on TCBMAT,
D oetober *1, ’on the Plan of»lX(»LB NI WBRRS
J.'SB Hearn, and W W Wrflrr*., 1.0. , Contmiaaiener*
mohk tha y'jy/r rrt/zx t<> i ykk >■ tks tickkts /
E23 >*'*•'. 11.non
^ . j l«» pna-a of. it*)
prise of. MM 1 lews prlaaa of. .. fw
sreaiiiiatnns eairaa
I prims of |1 W sppeoalmstmt to fen.nno pe<a*. or* .. Mon
J ;; “ “ .... Am
i “ '5 " ».«• ** - .... m
t.imo h m m
1 z 2 " m
F 45 ** |n m * ijm
*■*** " 40 fldM.W
f,fBn pli*i, amoantisf to ,u>
Sono ,Wb®*» Tlcksto. fin; Halves fft Qoartees, tl Us>
R*Mn Prlae* of fpi will he delermtne-l by the last Sears of Urn
umber that draws the fbi.issi p, ,. y..r ,a,a,p*, if ths Sfamhlr
kawiny the ftn.iao prlae mils with ¥0.1, then all lbs Ttekele where
he Womhe, ,„ds In 1 trill be rntltimi 1,. f|» |f H„mker end*
Llo.ula .*ai'n *n. T*r*r** »n*r* ,b® dumber nd. in f will be
ntniril n. fb'. and so on In 0.
■ tbV Ms^^,,,* nf ^" *"9** *m b* at the Mlewtng rales, ehieb
Vrt B -are of Parksge of 111 Whole TVkrte. .... am
“ to Half “ ... *5
M In Qsarter M . . . . tg
Address order* far Tlekels or OeiUlmtea of P*rka«st *r r-kete
'"¥V'« » »¥»¥ A CO , Atlanta, On , or
no®* tWAJI, Montgomrry, Ala.

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