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Tsaaisi.a Acciua*T.—ThoDispatch ul Saturday giro*
lUo following particular* ul a heart rcuJiiig accident which
occurred at the Midlothian Coal 1'iU, Iu CliotUibviJ coun
tjr, on Friday last : "The calemity wu caused by the
brviking iu ol e large body of water from one or more old
and deserted piu iuto the new one, by which the laborer*
were immediately submerged and drowned. Koiu« few
year* since the company, baring exhausted their old nit.
sunk a new shall aeren hundred feet deep, in ihe imme
diate neighborhood, and siiire tlien hare beou steadily
deepening their digging, hy incline plane*, until they liar*
gone several hundred feet below the main shaft Kor
aoiiie mouths past the Mining Agent ha* been afraid of
cutting into tho old piu. extending lor acre* under the
ground and filled with water, and to guard against acci
dent, had had the coal vein* bored to the leugib ol forty
feet in every direction, to guard against water. Thee*
'boring* were always continued in advancooltbe millers
and up to Thursday alternoon had never drawu wator.-1
Supposing that all was aale, the night hands descended ihe
abaft that evening, arid immediately aet to work iu the
lower passages, propiug the archet and preparing ll>« ti,u.
her* fertile operations of the following day.
Aa i* the practice at theae pita, no mining being done at
night, the eugino which raise* the coal *nd men was stop
pod, tho fire permitted to die out, and tlie rope* all re
moved from the machinery. About 2 o'clock yesterday
morning, whilst one ol the negro men was standing near
the main alialt, the other hand* being in the working,
several hundred loot In-low him, he heard the sudden gush
ing ol water beneath, ami U-coiuing alarmed, immediately
sounded the signal bell above lor aid. A. noon as the
engine could be fired and steam got up, one or two ot the
miner* immediately descended Hie idiafl, and fouml at the
bottom tho man wlm hail given the signal, standing in
t -r up to hi* arm piu and neatly dead hum cold and alarm,
lie so taken a tarn* a. soon us possible, and some time af
ter another of the uufei lunate creatures wo* rescued the
waler continuing to rise.
During the hurry and confusion iiiri.lciil to auch a de
struction of human life, the boiler ol the engine employed
abore ground in working Hie machinery, burst into bag
incuts, which caused a paitial suspension of operations,
but the agHiland hi* as-i.UnU, aided by that skillful and'
daring miner, Mr. Job Atkin*, ol the Knglish piu, set about
preparing a substitute lor Ihe engine, iu order to inakixre
newed effort t lo recover any of tho men Hurt might have
escaped death by diowning.
Whan our inform nit lelt, it had not boon certainly a*
cert lined whether there were more than ibirtceu men in
the pit.. Mix of whom wore white and seven colored, lie
describe* Hio scene a* the most d-sb owing lie ever wit
ncvcd. Wive* weeping fer ttieir husband.*, children lor
their f*tlieis, and friends fer trieuds, added to tlm excite
ment of those w ho were striving to learn the worst, must
have tilled every heart with anguish."
Tmratkc —Wo trust that the rcadeis ol the local co
luntn will be so charitable as not t» attribute ail the (dun
deis which appear therein to the writer ol the parugraplis.
In our Notice of the "Naiad Queen” on Siturdai,"wo re
ferred to tlm “p'ay goers," not "pav goca" and wr'-te "in
terest was manifested" instead ol "interest was main
tallied.' Hut those are trivial errors compared lo others
wliieh occasionally appear. Ncverlhele-a, the tvp. •* ie
II-ctcd our meaning precisely, when it "m i I- us »»y" Hut
tin- "Naiad Queen" is the most inagnili.-.-ut th-atrical pa
geant ever presenlcil in lliehiimml. The fttrurr wliieh il
lus occasioned -nil ... *ml tin- manager*, in com
pli nice Willi mauileal ..I the public, have aim.iced
it* continuance for another we. k. We an-gratified at tin
Success which has rewarded H,e enterprise ol K in
k'-l & Co., and uppl.iml the Uct tln-y have evince-l bi pro
iluciiig a soiiet ol attractive novcllie*, even though th. i
lie beyond tho pain ol ..legitimate dram a." Anuu
brokon contiiiualiim ol standard tragedies and comedies
' . IMUV' "• count n.K lie susUi.I in tl<i
city. 1 lie drama, to l«- fu*tcn-d here, mmi alternated
wriili “show piece*" which captivate the eye ol all an I
draw forth quarter* from the pocket* of those who Jo not
appreciate the sublimity ol Hli*ks|ic*re, or relish
tlie pungenev ol Sheridan. This line ol policy repleni h.
.... 'in- Th nitre, and . nc ,m i. tin- ,uuus,>i
to engage the service*ol perlonner* whose talcum enable
them lo “hold, as ‘twere the mirror up lo nature.'*'
Mator’s Court.—On Saturday, Juc. Me Hubert*, (sen
tenced to the chain gang some time since as a suspicious
character, gavo security lor h a good b haviour, and was
r> t ai liberty. John declare i breathing the pure air ol
freedom, that he “was himsell again."
Elijah, a slave to Jos. It. Anderson was eiuglil in the
act ol robbing a hack of its curt tins and tassels lb- said
tliathi* intention was to make a flag The M ayor com
Imltcd him t.ijril until he could obtain more Natislaetory
evidence in rvgrrJ to a cloak tassel found in El jab's pos
session. '
Oralion, a slave was ordered to Ire punished for per
mitting lus hack slid team to stand up m the track ol the
Petersburg railroad, while tt c train was in motion.
K-itiert Day, a lad of eleven summers, taken up on the
streets, was Called upon lo give an accuuui id himsell. lie
sui I that he came Irom North Carolina on a vos-td fieiglil
cd with iron and slaves. The Mayor will provide lor him.
Tui Nkt.—In passing down M tin street u few day* since,
we beheld an enormous pile of Trunks, and upon do e
elimination and inquiry discovered (hit our friend C. S.
Maurice, on Eagle Square, is agent lor the uianufaeturera of
lhe«.i ai tides,and that lie is prepared lo furnish them ol nnv
kind and in any quantity, at manufacturer's prices. He ul-i,
keeps on hand all kinds ol It nils and Shoes, ami Manul.ii
t ires most superior Drogues, which lie is prepared to
furnish in any quantity. Our friends who may lie in want
of any thing in this line, will do well to call on Mr. Mau
rice, tor they will Hud him always willing and ready In ac
commodate them.
Matrimonial.—The fair sex have beyond a douhtavail
cd themselves of the privileges of “Leap year" bv secur
ing husbands. In all part* of tho country scores ol unsus
pecting young men nave been entrapped anil arc now en
joying the comforts ol wedded life. The Bedford Sentinel
oflast week says: “On Monday and Tuesday last, there
wore no lesa than twelve marriage licenses issued from the
Clerk’s office ol tbit country. All things considered, this
is quite a brisk business. There have been one hundred
and four marriages in the county during the present year,
seventeen licenses lor which wore issued during the first
nine days ol the present month.
An Oi.d Organization.—“The Alexandria Sentinel ol
Friday says: The annual charily sermon before the
St. Andrew's Society will he preached at tho first Proshy
ti rian Church, next Sunday, by Kev. Elias Harrison, I).
D. This Society was organized in 1788, and during ’tho
whole period ol it* existence, has been served by but two
chaplains, the present venerable occupant having succeed
ed its first cliap'aiu Kev. James Muir, many years ago.
During sixty-one consecutive years have tho proceeds ol
its charity sermon been distributed among the destitute ol
the city.”
“Txi.i. Mr, 11 iikitk i- l-iii v Dnan."—oh, ye-' l!v
reference to Jamas Adam’s advertisement, it will lie seen
that the excellent bread which he manufacture* n,ay be
obtained at hi* establishment on Main street, near 12th,
or ut the branch which lie has located on the South sidt’
of Main street, below I7lh. Mr Adam’* bread, rolls and
..... - — Lw..ri.«! . tilt mm III me l II). AH (lie MM-Oil H
a!im». t at hand when luiuilo - will require i *tink of mice*,
pies, ami oilier •• goodies,” let them c.ill upon Hr. A
ami make a selection. Ki invmliertli.il the first who go
will be the first served.
Collision.—During the violent sonthetly blow on
Thursday morning, tho new II. S. steamer Roanoke broke
from her fastenings at the Gosport Navy Yard, came in
con tael with the Colorado, and also with the Pennsylva
nia, carrying away tho jib-boom and lore topmast of the
latter, and then tail ashore on the opposite side of the
rtrer. None of the vessels •t.vtaitied nny damage ol
Rank or Tit* Olo Dominion —William Fowle.K-q , re
signed the presi.l ney ol this llank, on the -Ith Instant, ami
the Hoard of Directors nnaniramidy elected W. N. McVeigh
K.q , President. Tliey also unanimously tendered a vote
ol th.inli* to tho lit#* I’rotfitlont lor ibo imprwtirilitv ami
couitesy with which he his presided over the Hoard, and
he was then unanimously elected a Director.
f*rE Wltila several persons were holding an impromp
tu inquest, on Saturday, over the corpse ol a voting deer
received by a commission merchant, of this city, some out
asked if the fur would answer for ladies’ wear. “Oh no I'
replied another, “it is too coarse, nod cheap. If it wie
worth $ltlO, instead ol * > or 3." he added, it would lie tin
very thing, no matter how coarse it might be.
( iiiiinkt Alarm.—Tin- In compauiee made a dasl
down Main street, yeaterday forenoon, and shortly aftei
the bells sounded an alatm of fire ; but it turne d on
that the services ol I lie firemen were not required, ai
the smoke which started them proceeded from a fou
chimney near the Central Railroad depot.
Shock an.—The Fredericksburg News nays that at t
fire which occurred in that town a lew nighst ago, whils
the content# ol one of tho apartment were being tumble!
pell-mell from the windows, a man reived a looking-glass
indulged a view of himself, and deliberately hurled it bead
long into Iho street.
It ink or R ana whs.—Henry Filshugh, F.s«p, has lien
elected President of lha llank of Kanawha, vice James I.
Carr, resigned. And Iho Stockholders of the Hsnk at i
Iste meeting, elected the following persona lbrectors, via
Henry Filzhueb, Dr. Spicer Patrick, Isaac X. Smith
Charles Hill an<l Thom** il. Ilutlrr.
Ffinwv.—Coleman and James Harris, f. m. c., wen
arrested yesterday by office.' Morris, for stabbing Ueoige
slave to Peter D. Glenn. Tho wonnd is considered i
dangerous one, as it is in the abdomen and the ga*l
about four inches long. They will be disposed of by tie
Mayor this morning.
H»i Awrri. A vary atf.—Officer Morris arrested fwelv
negroes yesterday, In the house ol John Disney, on llrnai
street. They were gambling, and had a pool of (H, whicl
was seized by the officer. The party will lie dealt will
according to law this morning.
Pont.TBT.—At the upper station house, vestcrdav.ther
were thirty five live fowl, which had been recovered Iron
different thieves caplnred by the police on Saturday night
Quite a haul.
A rroiNrMKNT —Col. Tho*. J E» sue, lias been appoint
cd Commissioner in Chancery, for Iho Richmond Circui
Court. Ilia office la near Metropolitan Hall.
J.lf-erat. —Perry Davis • Sen, af Provldrrtee, H I , have reerntl
tap.odrd over tlO/MMle srrnr. it,, patille a*, w.l psj.Bf thrtrais
RortMvr* count.rf.it*and imitation
»wv viiiiMf Pffiln Rilkr.
^_% _ • _• .
Sinoclab Arrata—Coauva*', Inqcivt—Coroner Kee
ne* held BO inquest, yesterday afternoon, over the body
of a while female iufanl, which had been found under
peculiar cio umstam.,, iu the custody of two negro trots,
Henry and Thorns*, slave* of Win. liarrett. As the af
Uir has created e good deal of "town talk,” w« subjoin
the tuba lance of the testimony adduced betore tbe Coro
K W. Yariington, proprietor of the boarding-house,
at the corner ol Main and Ninth atrectr, deposed that
about Oct. fClIi, a gentleman, accompanied by a lady,
applied at lus establishment lor board. They were ad
mitted. The gentleman gave his name as Mr. Tedman,
representing the lady to be his wito. They appeared to
Iro til indigent circumstance*. Mr. T. said that basi
lic** would require his absence, and he accordingly left
the house on the following day, and Iras not made his
appearance aiuce. Mis. T. wrote several letter* to him,
hut did not receive a reply to either. Her eaplsnation
war, that Mr. T. Ilred in the interior of North Caro
ins. where mail fscilitie* were limited. A Mr*. Alien
Irom N. 0., representing herself as a sitter ol Mrs. T..
came to witne**’ house, a diort time since, and remained
with that lady, On the Ifdlli Nov., Mrs. T. war taken
sick wii’i parturition, and this child was born—l>r. Ku«t
truing the attending phirician. Witness understood that
the aeeuuchment was pieruaturc. The child died about
I o'clock on Saturday last Mra T. desired that strange
m.-iiU should be made lor the buiial ol the child. She
had only fi which was offered to Mr. Melvin, but he de
clined to undertake it for that amount. Wilnera having
already spent f.lt) lor Mr*. T.'a benefit did not feel able to
give any more. At Iris suggestion lire corpse was place*!
in a candle bo*, and delivered to a negro bey who had
l*ecn employed by Ur*. T. to bury it. Sire desired witne*,
to accompany the hoy, but he refused a* the state ol Iris
health would not justify him iu venturing out iu the ram.
Told her it would be attended to, and that he would send
a t ii,ty boy to mark the grave, so that hereafter the bodv
could be remove!, if she so desired.
Andrew J. lliwkiuswa* next sworn, and atited that
lie raw tile negro boys pas* bis door, near the Armory
bridge—one of them carrying a box under hi* arm. lie
urco-to.l them and demanded to know wlmt the box con
tained. Af.er many evasive answers, the negroes finally
acknowledged thu truth, and stsled that they were pio
reeding town.Is 11 • .11 > wood Cemetery for the pui|>o»c ol
burying the child. \\ litre.,* had the negroes uric.-tcd,
and sent tin- corpse to tin- upper station-house.
I liese were the uialcttal lact* elicited by the investi
gation, ami a verdict was rendered in accordance with
them, to the effect that the child had died from nat
ural eau-ca. ** How great a smoke a little fire kiu
A«rA/fni.—-This moil dl»hc*rn*i,lu,f roniplauil has been complete
ly cured In many In.lancer by the urcof Wlrtar's Ilatraiu of Wild
Cherry. (Uirvly antl.lng that will afford relief from Ihir painful d •
•**a** •'HIh Iu IlfJ a* a ml bte«sinj[.
Most Extraonliiiary R<*niffly Kuowu.
■’•«!*»:*: i r. titH rxprmknc*in ih. .*!«•«•
»>»• ^.n»Tiii:irMiiiKANT ri.oi iiv
•iaa b4U.-n*’l n« tJ.Mt ihnc U nothing known to the rmdl.al tortd.
wlilch will At All caNupAn* with thriu. Thvjr ar«? ii.<M cuiuUku ol
lh« HUt mih\J tftoSJUr.
II mav be said ol them, without bar of contradiction or proof to
the contrary, that If they »rc applied at any lUne previous to Ui.
v-tual ri-lio- ..f ll.c I... „i, th. y null |.rotiip-ly alUy all indamallon,
isllcvr all i-iln and prevent the l-rcart from Katb.-rUiff,and fur
tLrru.orc, .1 the br. a*t Jwuld actually rl*e before thr < loth* can b*
nal.tb.- apphcvi; ... I ...rotar.i wearing of Ibcmwlfl produce tael.
t V ry iu .tl. r ! ..ul.l kwpihm l.y fccr.autl fullci* la (Ik ir u» tbi
lim-lluus, •lil.-h srr x i.t will. Il.rm.nn.l our w..r-l fur II, .lit
41 *1 n• v'" k....w wli.1t II i. 1,1 t.are atrium .ufftrln, with |«-r Lnul,
I ff A rtmlltanri uf |l.ikl, a. c.iu|>anl.-d by 11 nnla wc.ttl.of
pa.U/- ,t.tni|>., Will MxurtOitprwuiptlrsiitaiUwl..n by mail ofa |.ali
uf Uuur elultu Ij any |-n rI uf the I'uiuU Mut. a.
Tin y art fur .ale l<y
AI>IK A ORAV, whuletale and Retail A;enU,
IW Main .treeI, Rlchint.u.l, Virginia.
An.l by MRADK A IIAKKK, IS* Ua.ii »i., UlchmonJ V*
ttr- Yu!I directions for applying these Cloths, will accompany
thorn. __
.r~. u.3 WOlim III'! IITKIN, IfWWWI
- if. ""*r ri III II,.I Ibe Well, an.l .|.rlii|(« ll.roiiah. ul lli
« uiitilrj li ol «*• • n |Ht, and that w«* had dis uivrnl an xntldob
•i» Its Hi n ts, n*>t on-of them that would tint gl*dlv avail tlk-m—lv-s
of our d«-t overy, w.th tin- hop** ,.f averting death, if tr Hrf. t<.
trll them that w»* l.td discovered a mine of trea*urc, rtinuvh f<>r
hem • i it, and llial ws -. i. pi | i r. i t.. - ■.... *. t]
..?*• would refuse our v«l to fortune. Put as health i» more valuable
than r! li «, how mif-li mire gratifl-d shouUI tJ.ey to learn that a
great pantrei has •**• n e .ttipjuinli.l of purely v«^(etaide matter,
and that its enntiVk |m«in ire little leu certain than light at.J
•Ivkn.t* \ « l w. >r ve «,.ii in-taitcvar If so, r«ll <>ti th.-t r ..ri.
*•'»*»! M N K l lt*|t HI * I l'IIw and examine t!.« myriad* of certificate*,
from all —•* tmns ol the South, of pn-on* who have been rur«-d «.«
/>g«/ie/)W*r by lu all beallng pr »■ rlln, Anottg them yoa will see
the von tier* of ul.l ami young, male and female, extolling this
RiTiaie* t.« the skies, and bh-sstng Providence for It* curative powers
But It* virtues are not confined to l>vst»«>p«ia. Nervous llradaches
yield I' Sdtly to its powers. TorpUl l.lver* become quickened and
made nclivr by its influence. Sour Stomachs are untie healthy by
.1* neutralising eff«vt«. ludlgestlon di*a|p.-xr* wlir-n it enter* the
organs of life. Uisrrluiu ranoot re- *1 its Ionic powers. Arid
Chidera Itself, whmi nwt by t)»e*e Him.*.-, m promptly dl* t.m. d and
tirrom*'-harmless, n thousands of p. r-..n- but • certlflc I. who used
..*?, 1 *1 *r *"** *•**. when that scourge wa* devastating the country.*>
llAKMt.-* Him ItS w.ll n t r. lin'd y all the ill* if him «n ty.lMit
*u. »I «! cave* a* are cu««-d by the stomach ar.d b«.w. I», readdy y . !d
to its strengthening effects, and ar- perdily driven from the »v -
tern. All •honed a loiiic should try it, an.l hoiue thtir own
judges of its virtues.
To be had of *I| the principal Druggist* in Richmond city. Also,
Jf IU hi wing Drug* r
McKenny, l«ewi»b..ig, \ T I, llmt,i, A Tray! r, 1*. pts! urg,
Va .King A Tay. Norfolk, Va.,J. It Campbell. Purtumouth. \ .x.,
Dor K. Cat run. N% ilhaiitshurg \ a., Johnston a r,, , Kied-rt.kdburg,
ta., J. It.t'kllum x I’n.,iuuvitli', Va.,:iml l>ruggi»H In YarmvlUe,
\ a.. Tin * Adatos k Co , .HoilthfU 1.1, V*., It t.ti A Wells, Charlottes*
vlllc, Va., J It. Kslr •».'••, daunt..n, V* , w 11. I.tppitt, N\ liming!..n.
N. 0., Oliaile* Mott Af..., \V.i*hiugtcn City, l». Cali by A .Hatch
Baltimore, 3ld., Ib-b k«-r A klillcr. Coving!, n, Ky., *t«i.ier A j.
hynehtmrg, Va,, and from Druggists and Mores gcto rally. 1 .r or*
ders, address K. IIAKKK,
iiol* ■ tw Richmond, Va.
mini % f.IMM Tl.V.N IN A UKLIA
Amklu, Nov. 11, InVI.
Mksu.-. Dot* A Co My ox driv-r, in taking a heavy h>g (that
was forked) from the curt, as It dropped on th- end one fork j* ne
11 st.' l his foot, and «tuck nearly tfirougli, about iialf way hrtwc n tiie
ancle and middle toe. He suffered great pain for fire or *ix days,
and .a Die time present* I a very unhealthy appearance; indeed, the
symptoms lodlcated Tetanus or Lockjaw My neighbor, Mr Archer,
recommended your TURK till.. I obtained about a tr»l»!e *|».»on full,
and applied It as d rreted The fourth day after lt*u*c In- was able,
w llhout |»ain, to slip ..n a soft shoe, and a* usual, attend to his work.
I have applied n to burns. *w« llings. Ac., with the same g <*d rtt- ct,
having been railed upon for the U*t thirty years, (when no belter
aid could be had.) to sew up, fix up, straighten up strain*, bruises,
wounds. Ac. Having apt died all the rrtn-diei gem rally in use, from
the old applications of I nt, rum, houey, Ac., to the introduction of
your TL’KK OIL, I am free to say it surpa«srs any application ever
used by me. Very respectfully,
ttf4iL 3fHB ART OP DYEI1IV ill 91 AN
rmm ^ HAIR Is but Imperfectly understood even by those
win. make thr greatest pretensions. The most of th- popular llatr
Dyes i*f tie day may, for the time, color the hair, but soon to !*•
succeeded by a tarnished green, or other unsightly appearance.—
lh.gle's Electric llxir Dye Is void of these noxious properties. It
Instantly dyes the hair x beautiful natural black or brown, which
neither water nor sunshine can tarnish in the least; and "to make
assurance doubly sure” his agm's are authorised to refund the mo
ney if the mod perfect satisfaction Is not given. Price 50 cents,
#l.«x» an I per case. Inventor, W. Bogle, Huston, aud sold by
Druggists everywhere.
Alii; 1 Ol' GETTING It ki ll *
U your hair turning grev * !>o you wish to cultivate gooJ whis*
kers and muu«Ucfie«? V.»ur hair to U- soft, silky, and glossy?—
Your head to be cool, comfortahl.', and free of dandruff? Mother*!
are your children to have luxuriant liea<ls of hair ? Ttien use Bo
QU’.i llvrisius Ki.1 IP. which a*vsa filial In It* un-rring fflrcts.—
Prices */.'• cts. N* cts. Tfi cl*, and *1 fs» i**r *• P.-.I.., ..r
CjrtiM-n % stands unr.vail* <1 for eradicating lau and piutpb *,and f»eau
llrjrttijc the complexion. Price ?gl els. Inv.utor and proprietor, \V.
BtNiLK, lloNton, and sold by Druggists everywhere.
, iPRCIAL >oi m i .
"Iw for a change In our business with the Ugionlng ..f
another year, wr shall commence from this date to offer our entire
ato k at greatly reduced prices, thus presenting a ran opportunity
for purchasers to supply themselves with all sty Its of—
Dress floods, Bilks, Robes. Ac.
Shawls, Cloaks and Brarf*
Heavy Woollens and Blankets for servants
A splendid a«s. rtment of Carpetg, auch as rich Tapestry,
Velvet and Brussels, Three-Ply and Ingram, Hemp and
K ig Carpets
Mo*» c, Velvet and Tufted Rugs
Cruruh Cloth* and l*ruggH#
At (lie Cash Flore, VU Main street.
y y* *>•»*•« i \i mu u i ro ini ^ •
LADIF.N -Tlo •ut»srnlK r Ih g-< Irav* to aniioiiiH ■
l.» t»M- Ladies of Richmond, and die Ftate of Virginia, that to- l.a
just receive I another rase of Ladles' t) A ITKltF, Imported by him«c|i
direct from Pari». Thry were made to Ids special order, out of m.t
Irrtal Selected with great care by Ms ag.-nt in Pans. The followin'
are the styles In the case, (they are entirely nrw in this city,) via.
Congress (Jailers, cork soles, kid tops, with heels
Button M •• •• •• •. •• h
“ M H M M •• pat. leather foxed
" *V •• M all •• .
" ** " " sat. cloth top*, " •• ••
C«»ngr*a* •« •• •• •• •• •• m it u
l<acv M •• •• •• «• •• II II II
V **. " " Prancl* •• •• •« •• Hungarian
I would most respectfully luvitA the Ladles to call and examine
lh*ro- ALFX. HILL,
VanufWetnrer anil Importer.
•®* 12T Main street, Richmond, Va.
Fmrn the Xfir York* Daily Veirs, .Vor. 24/A,
V I * * *• V (Mlltl %|.w. TTie two champion *af< •
H* rrlng’s patent have pia*««| through ih- trial t.j
Are and siood ths test. One was contain* d In the store of K. If Her
rick. No *2h Coent its sip, and the other In the upholstery »arrhou*i
of O'Fulhvan A Kuv, No. 4-4 Pearl street, destroy*'! on Friday nigh
last. The safes were exposed to the flames, and the In* k< and valu
able# they rsntained were preserved uninjured It is needless tr
• sy that the proprietors of these establishments at on* e ordered ih.
Champion Bafea.wtth the newly pseuted improvements of the lug.
nlous manufactur. r. Tl»e certificate. «f Mr. iLrnck and Mrsars
O’FnIliran A Fay. are evld* nee# of thoir estimate of the value of tin
safes, built by F C. Herring A Co
Depot in Rlebmond for IICIIRINO'R "Fire And flurgtar Proo
B.afcs," Ro. 21 Pearl street.
n W RRflWIJBF, Agent
_ 1*1 % >ON ONI Till ti. -PAYMFNT W ITH
to take our Instruments on trial In order to test what we ssy of thHi
qualIIy before paving for them.
Twenty yearsriperknc«on our part aatlsfles our own minds, am
Wr could gr| over fifteen hundred p-rsons to unite with n* tn tin
i nplnlou, that nn establishment, North or B«»u h,ran poesil.iy furntal
lutter or cheaper Instruments than wr do.
EOT If 2*,.- Having t*-eo appointed Agents for thi
VW' «f celebrated Hpool Colton Manufactured t»
Messrs John Dirk A Fons, (Jlaqrow, w.- shall t*- supplied at ai
times wHh a full assortment direct from the Manufacturers, for sal
at the lowest New Vork prices. W e can guarantee this Cotton to h
fully equal in quality to any manufactured, and with cenfMmc# re
i commend It to tbe trade, v
_KKNT PAIN? A OO., Agents.
J* %. RPLVIR has removed his Furniture Fstab
llsbnvnt to tbe spartou* andetegant Warrroo-u unde
•^CttKINTHIAN HALL," Mslu Bfreet, above the flanks,and basil
Operation All the appliAncea Incident to an evtensive bu«ln-«s
I irjr* Pit TI ftl. lit INfA. I IIIlKnLLMk
, Richmond, Va., keeps ronatantly on hand fancy and plain material H
every branch of his business, lie asks g call from all who have Inc
lures to frame, or wish to buy article* tn hi* line. jyp
„ KT-Up* Mother*' Breast Cloths.
Wp ---- . —M’lf -1 111-. Inr.ln.Mr .rtlrlr. nn h.nd, nn
I Wn.,1.1 r.ll Ihr .(trillion nf (hr pnMti* In Ihr .*1 rrrlIwitn nl in .1
nlhrr rnlumn. MKADKA IIAKrh. Chrii.i.1.,
1T> _IS Main atrrrl.nnrlhirrrt rnrnrr »f Inih.
%U1IS. 1 MRS. Ill I.I.OU N. A <. «■ I„i. ju.t r*
, fr'Tr.l . T -l . . .ri.n. nl »f fmlrr'., Wil»tn«.i,'« .1,1 Ann!
l i !«*.-•. Mnmr llnlr Anrllf, Kotlrr Kry .n.l » 110 It \ Vice, .,
.milh*. Ihll Iron* W in *. Inrh*. ; wr h.rr .1.., on h.n-l «nd (n
Mir . (r.rr.1 .••nrlm„nt nf Kmllh't TnnH, (..n.'.nin, nf ll.minm
| H.nn .n<1 Or lfr, T,,nf«, HallrrMr. »r.
1 J*} _ AMITII, RIIOKKA • CO .« P,«r1 (•'.
IM I RPOOI.riSR .(I T I order, landlru
Jit M* day ; fur sale by
1 s«ri davknpurr, Aurn « co.
n. L. KENT, /Vaa. I «. H. BKNTLAT, TV. | W B ISAAC*, flkc>.
to*mutex or atniiTu,«.
IwTf.l'h.'h.'Jl:*1*"*00*’ I JA>"* »• iHfrur.
viovi.-mvis or uu;aa sti:a.vii:iin
tain. uav, rva c.
J*'*1*-. *“,k- UmMi l>«r. 10
LOiaaba, Nv- Yuik, lUfaaa aiul X. 0, Doe. ti
A,“f*' New York, llarra via S.oih't'.a, D.e. U
A.?,..*;. Liverpool Hal,fax. Dac. IT
Atlantic, Nr* York, Liverpool, Ike XU
Africa, Nr* York, Llmpo.,1. H<c. XI
Ten nr veer, Na* York, Han Joan, Ml*., Ike. XI
An,lo Samoa, Portland, Liverpool, Ike. X7
Hermann, Nr* York, Hrnnrn via SouthTon, !)• XT
*'*•. Nr* York. Ilavrv, Jan. Ill
AUaalk, Liverpool, Nr* York, Nov. SA
Analo Saaon, l.lv«rp..ol, Portland, Nov X«
«*«•. Ilavrv. Nv* Y«tk, Nov.XT
Africa. Liverpool. Nv* York, Nov. Ti
Hermann, SooO.amplon Nr* York, Dee. !t
Amerir*, Liverpool, Horton via HallTav, Dec. 7
J™,w* Idvvrpool, Nr* York, Dee. Ill
Eur..pa, Liverpool, Nr* l„,k via Cover, Dee IS
ru >l"Rllavra. Nr* York, Ike. IT
NUVLLH-Nrw and hi eg «til l.brarj Kd!tlon—
▼ ▼ r xiUlnlui all til.- lat«»t currtvtiun* ml l)»« author; llliuiratrd
with Btrel ICtirruvlijgi; r|rg*,,ily prluU^I; IS tulum. *, .uim rMy
hound lu full e »lf. ^ '
TI. « Library • -lition l« th« moat aktatil ever published. It con.
Ulna ill the Utk-«c correctlutia of the author. With *.►«»•■ curloua ad
li *#. T"* »«. I vkfn-tte* ar. « gravel lu ih« flr.t
atyle, after painting* by the inuat eminent artist
thher ra rll ut KdtUoti* of ih« Wavcrly XoVil-, In varioua hand
* »tnc ir.ti liiiira.
BYRON'S WORKS- Murray', new and Icauilfrl Edition ; A v<t.
-.o; lUiut rated *IUi nom.roov Steel Eu (ravine, at.d braut.ii.llv
and .nbaiantlally bound In full trie- niarbl d all 1
^O.I-.A^UmU Editionr ol llyrou*. Work., In v'ar.cu. bandaomc
THE » OIIK'8 OP WASHINGTON ltVINO-Tbr Author1. . R .
vlo-d Edition; I., vol. . lu full call, half rail an I „t!,, t, , i,„_
'^'dbh.'lln ,NtJVKU! ANU t'LES-1I Vola., In nt.l Library i ylc
TI|'!Ji,';U,,;,i'K.,'V0KKi' "r TllONIA-s '"'Oil - I vola,, In haniDon,.
fiali calf ImimI.uk.
THE WORKS op JOSEPH AHIHSOS With Note I y Hr. Hurd; a
•'*w KdUbati; C r«»ls., I • * I f call.
call; ut* K litioii * •
_.A d.airahl, E llli.m of thl. Sue old Work,
run WORKS OE Rolir.lt 1' BURNS-Kditcd by ih Kttrkk Bbcp
Fm r I, .» vol#., |*»n»o.; half calf.
IIOSM ELL'S I.IEK or DR JOIINSON-Nc* Edition, with ..tin,
;'|U‘o“U n‘.*I? »"'1 ,U'",*r'1* •' A'1/ Cl.* aved lllua'.ra
lion*, »0 r.iR . lsino ; half calf an iotte.
/;-'f /fV//lm“,U‘,bjr A“llUr 11 VoU.M.,., half calf.
PRESOorriS WORKS—Comprlalns hit II ,.ory „f Panllnml and
I .b. H. .Iv,'1*.; ll.dory of Mexico, A vola . Ilivtory ,J IVm. X
• UDLiry uf Pbiltp II. X vol. . and Ml.ci!laiii. . In a,I II v.,!e,
Li.l. lolly and aub.tant.a ly l«,und In half , ,lf ant
* b^lry 0,I)T ^ L’MTfcii WATEU-t Tola., half calf am *|».-; fine 1,1
M A0AUI.AV3 lilitroitY OK KNGLAXO-4 fuU , Sro.; half calf
the Worksop oi.iyer r.oL»sMiTii-E.iik.i by p.ier cun
fiinxh .ni; 4 vola., Svo.; hatidvomc half calf blmlluc.
Prior'. Elition; In 4 vola., IX no ; half calf.
WORKSOP loNJ.AMIN PRANKLIN-Wllli Note, xml Ufe hr J*.
rr.1 Hnirtk; 1<» vol*.. • ;
I .,l,.TBl.l.tym*>l,rir- alltl,.,. ln,t...;r ... r ,.f
*•' *w' V"1.* Edithum ..f Sundord an ! p .w,ur Ld. Til ..
-—being III.* last editions of tIf l.' ii author*,
l.ml'cm. II f. riiii:;r I,brans., or Making a.idlllnii tb. r. In, will ti ,J
ran and uit,. tint Book!on thr.r Counter. an ! u,.
ror.-lgst Honks iin|'irt. J to order.
.,, James woodiioivk a co.,
*w_1M Main Mod, B
3? "" Id.LLA.VT HOOKS loit Tin;
'* I Ini i.l ay* uisfn.flrvDl Hock now In Bon- and for Halt by
TUK RIME .* Til E ANCIENT U »RIN* i?i!!"^;oTnb„
«.l llli. I r.itrd Willi dtr*lgf|S In I|„. *ty|,. . f El. *y. |*r .
In stil «i i »ltiih ll.bt,aiiirucm mitkiur l^W, II.. i
.■ •■•-"r,
'1 P1?* ■ ,h ..Oliuac. XV... u, Into „
• .. onnt.n.. .elect -it. Iron, tl..- pmi.y,
Ilirloet* Who h,»c written In pr. ,.f . .ontryUc V .niri.e..
will Iw fmtl.,1 the uani. , „f llry Hit, l^nc' lloa.Ke |.,T , i

H l •• p* •»» Blrket, » • . Abjj n. RW
AO*'* ll.t 'top* r .mi | other*.
... . e ! W.IhS.ccI Engrav.llg*. .Velum.. | 'Min . .. -
il nil; r.lKEN \ Christian whm.iv tears'oipt V
Real PUU lllndrailuna tlnr vnlwn.r. It mo l',. .at
THE MlfVlMlt tip ERIINIMIIIf, l CllltlKT «l \ * VNTlMW
'* ' W SKI i »r. / ' .• 11 / ... iai /
i i'. ;
hi. Vntu.ue Imre I wet: mv .E.l by rnliicnl art *l., and in ll«- ..I ■
Ih.hni I • letter |ne is particular care lias I,cm t .t.,« , I, n,
Jf c.'ltr.i.ity ,11 II. r true, brautilul and the g, | ,—JCrtr ./.■!
OPEN II El M E R.—J E TI\ 1.1. VI \N|I ITS VICIN1, i* a Sr . ..f K,
tn.iar I. .tore. Oh tie Sa r.d LmMItlr-. ronr.etcd »,th the
7. 7. birothr lte-orreytion, It, He. tv. II. ,11. tl.ehher, II
H lint r nf St. Pe e1. Church, Ptilladeh.l, .». | , g»,,tly .1
.Ts. 'V lr:,"L'.''''*•*!* Khgravings in first - si- „• mrt.
n I . o .,N r',,: 1,r» Covenant M re, for
the AIN,cud. Hy Lev tlm. Hacon ,Ktr*wus, l» li . |; ...,r ,,i
s ta.lrew . Chur. h. Philadelphia Elegantly llli. tr,i d with
HKNKV KIIIM tVIII IT..,U.a Memoir I., Il.heit S ,f,T _
. . . ej1l*lVn.'l .U.‘,.r,l''1 wl|l. 'be Engravings kh.l a la.rlra.t.
wall . t| ..... r t,» I: I. ,„| VI VI iilln I. I ganUv
tul *iMi a rortfiii kiol id i (graving*.
te.t e»|.r.Ml,Tor tin. w.,rk, tint,, original .1. .y „ hy ll'vcreu.x
, 4,1 11 'Otra.l r..m in nr.ginat draa y by Kurile •
10MM on I IRISH MCI... by 11,..mv. M.urc | . g»nlly
... '•••■
l Mil'll* IX. 1 vol , ftvo. .^ili-ii lkl liltslrdUd witli ttiirtmi
i it i : f ■ . . . i
tiA tin •'•tipple" bjr AudcrUu, frutu a|.in. i • by Mr Tliatuoj
Itr iimimi, V*.
<1 l.<>, II Vltill.** JON*^, !»,t ut a till collector, haring a'«ocinte !
W * ;lii J. D. D-Atir. Inft.rm* the public that they w..l give l t:r
*i*«« nil a ten Pot i to tilting out negro.-., renting out h«>uft*i« and to
t» r*. Physicians, Marclianto, Clerk*, Ke* BUD, Ac.; aim art-ndln* t.
»e::in»X account* in tbccUy fur Farmtr*. Prompt return* uia ic m
^ B.— In Hiring out Negroc* we »1.«U hare a sp-cial care in i h
Ulolng good Itome* and *eeui« them well provided for la *U k
• wnw W W i>..- kvanf R | y
' \s
Lu*l Meichaut, A’t. A»,. « /. L R. Waring. M l» /.*.. / . —
J. l n D. Lively, Ciy-litf. Thom*' I. K..rUh. C\ t ,r,. >*—
t'c*. n Brown, While //utf, Aii^matU Co. A. Payne, M. J .
ft igR'fl • t ' M/f, * * 1
rr- Ollier, on Wall Street, under Ft. Charlca Hotel.
delH— 1 y
aiik \oi < i.o*i ii 1.1*
A F you pltouhl If for the season 7 If not, think what l* ncee*
sa*m. wry, wh.r you can purchase to your own**' ^action, tn.i
«tuy on the ^rore of «Haonoruy, hut kuow that (hr good* are p. rf. ,*i
in style, q ulsly and ra;ike, and when convlnceil "make a note or
(•KOFIIoNtl A TCPAIAN offer Inducement' In Gent** Wearit •
Apparel, and ask attention to the stiKk.ahkh .* If mg • onstantii
repletiibhed byw«,-kly arris als frs.ut the manufaetory, Midi ,u, f
c<»«>d« as are saleable, dcairabk* and ecoooiulral Kvamlne tin* mUx .
‘ a T!* tlBOFIIONO a Tl'PMAN,
.1 . m
\ l:%% lil l.K.lOl S HOOKH, for sale at
, ^ IlORRlF* llook F or,. 97 Main J.
ini.ial Commentary on the New Te'ianw nt. r>>- Dr lle.uia!it
U!»hau«-n, tratisktcl from tit,* German, ved 1, >v,» c!,.tl f J t o.
Life In Israel or Portraitures of Hebrew Character, l y Marla T
The U't nf the Patriarch' or Lc-mou* chiefly from the Life of Jn
* I’’ • **\ Ihi K v John Camming, D I*.
11 1 ,M 11 J v' v < <11 N l HOOK
«|er, ULANK IlGOKF of every d, riptio-i.
They have a /.,■ .1 'toek of Cap, D.mr. M hum. floyal and Fuprj
ti«*M «h • t%Tf J. irtu ular ran have a m .lr range f«.- arWliun '
\T \ I I Itl \> ITF OP t *1 MOM I,
Pff n.lflrhlr »*f Iron, lh««»lrjr alt,
Hul|»ha!e» of Cinchona. (JuinU. M< rphli, Ac ;
Kmetln.-, Karcotlnv, Krgotirr, IHgltalln ;
Alrnj.'iU, Cinctu.nia, llriieka, Slrjrrhnla ;
Wratrla, Sa**eh.*rlru- Carluinate of Irot anil Munfinoir ;
Pirmtoxln, i'jro Acrtir Spirit. Pnrto Nitmt.*. at ! «i| •">.
other preparaiionf of Iron, and rvcrjr rare and new Chrnmal ao<
Fharinaemth al preparation at
« MR A l>R A RAKRR'S, n..*mlral Sore,
I-*** N W. enrtwr Of Mam an.I Rth st*.
■ •■-.Ml lilti 1C Till: ITU rm r i.imis .
■ a »w»nlnl the high. .1 premium, ta niter mrd i|,» at the I tat r.
hllMlir.n of the Me.liantc.' Iii.titnle, I,.r the anperkolly of lit. AM
BKHTVPBM liter all «un |drlure. on r.blhtllnh; but . .till Inf!,,
reward lie l« re.. ‘ring fr .m a daily inereaar of hi. l.-i.io,... whirl
prove, that »•'«• iff irla lo e-taMI-h a flrtt clan (ivllrry, ba. met wri
the approbation of a genoroua public.
lie reaper llVilly amiounee. that. In order In meet the demand, c.
Id. tiu.lnrta, be ba. Incrratcd bl. forre. Having now In Id. emid..
a mperlor Arll.t, lie I. prepared lo furnld, PlloTlHMt APIIS, freti
•mall to llle >lae, colored In oil, water or paatete. which be warram
for aeeuracy and beauty of flnl.b, iqial to the bert pamting. in tb
eonntry. The public ate rcpreifuliy Incited lo rail and caamlii
(lallcry, Corinthian llall, belwt-cn »th and I nth. Main .trecl. Rich
P. R. t.liiiw, Pr. i . Mi *
P. ff.-Tlieae Photograph. can he rnlargrd from (mail Mlnialurt i
Ifaguerrecdypoi or Ambrolypc., lo life alic.
•w* P. K. Cl.
i-, J/, and I 'I
mial Pair and Show, held at Aitila, Wyoming roni.lv. Plan of N. i
York, did award ita flrat premium on Hagucrrcvijj.. « lo Peter I
ClUd*, of Itirhmond, Va.
Se- relar’jr Olflee T V AJ.AMM A , I
Athta, NoVftpl>er 91th, KV, \
d-d Mil, AS POIMOM, Re,-or,llt.f Secretary.
I ot Its I on s A l.i;.
► V l.aai Rirhm.uol Cit y l!..nda, 1S7I
AT .bare* Va , C It K Si..,-k,
n..ai Virginia and Tennr.«ee Mortgage Imnd.,
feaai Stab* Reriatere l e >1 e,
Virginia Central Rail Road Imnd., Ac.
*»»-»_ J IIROWN.J. .> eV Bl V.e
Coil VI- VV VI.OS V NO t til | UR| VM
J IIAife frr riMe la tbe mo,t reonouitcal, and Ibe b -at art,. I
I an r need for grea.lng the aalea of Wagona, Carriage., Omnlbitaar
I Pray., Ac , and for all rough grarlug, inclined Planer, Ac It net
Irr heenmra hard In winter or toft in Ibe anmmer P..r .ale l.y
VIP A III: A HA K PH, Drnpgiala,
mil ISA V. W. Corner of Ma II -
A a OHM |;W ITII i;ai|;. prime qua,Hr. aw land - g fmi
aebr. Crenahaw, for rail-by SPI.HKH A Mil I I'll.
1 I drill Corner Pearl and Cary a,ree «,
\M,MPP'« I VSI IVIlll 41.i:. hhdaandh,
Hew, Vonnge?'. Alloa Ale, plnla,Mdot ln. ua vl.uirA Mon
I I Ale, Ailoa i aae., pint tiotllea; llarkley, Perkin. A Co*. l,..ndoti Pm
’ ter. In .tore and for male by SKI.IIKH A Mil,I I P.
• dels Corner Paan and Cary atraefa.
Of every .ig. and atyle for Ibe wb.,|e leg, calf, knee or ankle -
, VA> bare agio, ae-ortment on band, and will obtain any ala,* r
kind wanted, at the ahorteet notice, from Ibe manntacfiarera at the
I prleea. MKAIIK A flARPR, Chem .t«,
del#_ ISC H W rornrf of Main and lot,, St.
|»l VS I I It V > l> I V I IIS.
IW Iona ,0101(1 Platter,
?drt M Raatern Sawed ioklbr, landing from Sobr. Sagm
for aale by
. dell) Slini.HM ASOVIRRVTM.P.
I Tree Bill, three mile, below Richmond. A graduate ibe V
Military laswata w»n tu- prrfer-, i aj .-ig n i» i,, j. *., Pa
| rar or
I I del* -If Fit ANRI IN STtARHM.
114 k V I lit si I’l ll loll II I tls I t i: 4 II III l
"™ " -I do .lo do 1 an I :l v -art old
fhrae bama are ronnlry cured and hare be. n well prcwrrr I by
I I "in s. I vi l: ll ll t R % R Ik I Mil lSI
I Silk! r IROR Aaat.n.1 fr.,m Ro I M •; r , . ,
104 I IIIVI.-S I III Sill II AVI, 1*044 III HI
A SHOARS, l.,r .ale by
del* CAvf NPORT, AI.I.PR A CO.
g flit Hill R. HOOP IKON —Am. .1 fern V, to
1‘rV In.bra , for a>1* by
d*'* JOHN N. tlORDOR.
Monday ivBNiNtjTD. <«■*<» u, ivs.
A »L1» Nit.ii re viom i..
0«lo U Um CNAHaTKO SCOCHdollhe .pmulaf -r
lh, Management have been indue- i to continue it fur % !■■ w a:*hu
mere, with all UalKyROBOl'S SC KNKIU-Splendid Acting-Oran!
March of tin. E-male Warrior, E .client Mutlc, Ac . Ac
particular,, are •mall bllta.
! ^wing,0 ***« great dvioaud, teat, may be MCurtd three day. In
Ammw«-Drem Circle and Par-tuel'e. ho cla., (no evlra charge
*'*'• •> *•* Tie, Hose., cU ; O.llerle. So and *S et. ,
*“» OIBoe open Item 1 to a o'clock. Door, open at T : O.erfirc <
Commence, garter before s o'clock precis'!/. d.U
uiiAND t.irr conckrt nr sharpleva ictekpean
el elo.(1fi0dD|A’r) rwnln* • Vn'nvhle lot ef Jewelry, Including an
charge^ °“M L'”r 'V*,C,,• Ptrvented to their audience, free of
Ticket* onljr 95 cU.
•Oo aee the pre,>nt. at My. r, A Jenkc'., T5 M >ln .treeL
| Door* open at I. Concert at T*. Bee .malt till .
B. N. Ml A RILEY. Manager.
sii^xK^rTA. IVACt.CT* in all Court* of u.. Turrit, rr U, i w,,.
I ,! Urhl ‘J1 *' U,J , l*ivc»U I
■ * 4 l Uonrction* mile t*>rou/ ut .he Territory
I {1T Ollier, corner of Third and Cedar MtrtcU
noiS— ly
• lh« ,im Ivriufi'lt r the Arm of Lie, llatljr an I Co* k<- for
th.-praet.ee ..f few will,In O.e city of Richmond. They w.;i at
tend regularly ml l the Court., State and federal, held In said city
. ... PAM'I. T. BAYI.Y.
no»—fAr.m KICIIIt. I" Ax IInE COCKE.
' *■ I I Ci kc on IttR |L o|«f»o*ite Ler A !
I,.'"’ NOT Hi:,—Th. undersigned have atsoelatcd them
A aeleea In the Pro l.ec ,.f Law In the Court, of tic. . Ily and
If. nrleo county. CHI, e In the haw Ihidd.h*, where ohe or the other
of them may tie constantly found.
The mid -reigned will aUn lake Dcpo.il.. and atun.l t.. . liter
i Notarial bualne.. In hla office. MttNKLIN TlloMAS
.1.-1 dCAsCw
ranio,| is it. i .iiti.i, attorney at law. iim ...
■. ara.i, V. , praetleee In all the Court, for the city of Lynch
burg. a. I the countle. of Catupbetl, lledford aud Aj pomattoz.
' ' *r - if
I II. A !• I \ IC U 1 > f. J o>, ATTORNEY* AT LAW
• w II practli r ‘n all the Court* of the couutlc* of HUt«ylr*ala
| FraokUn and lit! fax, V*.
Add re**, H.tujrlranla Court Houae, Va. ae l9—1y
I i *tB5S!j??W,llo,lJ ATT'>**} v AT LAW AND
® w NOTAaCY I I ItlafC, hu rtmovi«l lm «>fflre to hla r**ldrn<-«\ on
Itroni liin former office. Jj*1_1y
a i.mk. pam'i. t. r »rt t
A AT I.A W . pr.icti. e It, the Court, o! Richmond.and the count). .
| ol llcurtco, Chesterfield and Hanover. Olhcc ou I lth atreet, near
_ _____JyY6—Cm
ei> eef in the couru of PlUe.lraola and franklin. *
' - t.ylvanla Court II..aee. Va. Ju !—ly
B Oil N I*. IIA It It ■ MIN. tTTMKAKV AT I. Ill .
U " i-rActlc, Imtl - "Uftie. of Hanover. King M dUam and
flenr.ee. aud In the Courts of the c.ty of Richmond
of franklin and Twelfth street., oppo.Hv the Plate
_ Address —Richmond, Virginia. tnxl—If
f|VIIO d IS I . Loom:, ATTORNEY AT I AW, D.rirT-e.
I B. Ms. aLs.sHi auO.caTT.Va. Cunria -Mecklenburg and Lonen
— _ *p*-ly
ol n‘li* ,5' S.,,,,OK' An...-.SKY AT LAW, Riotw.-st.. V. .
• D lilir.ee, No. , |j. tluihllnr.) Will attend!* the OM,.u
/fr -t* And 1 **l i.r. sr. fitivn of the *»»«••, Krutnltuiti^m of T\V*m
and an> btirin.-e. hji|M rtAlnlnr to hi* profraaior,
//•* fV»./4 rrrWrr Ao r-/-r.-oi/ utt. ,tU„n.
Practices In Couru of Richmond Cliy, Henrico, llanorer and
W ’»• ill* Nit Vs AT.ViRNKV AT LAW, Attend, the
. T, T„ . Clerk-tte, P,i,„ e l-lward, HaJifas and Camp
bell. Port IKBce.Charlotte Co . II.. . Va. e.i.
\V *' **• »*" El.l., ATTORNEY AT LAW, prac
»v - I Iituoud, aud the
couiitif* of UiratfriVI i art 1 I'uvIikIax
",!I l,r,::,u-ikn pf*.»claim. »n.
I irvAlt .1 i.» Mm. O.Ure oVrr Uk* »U*rc ol Parker. Ns turn. A Co Kairl*
' ' V ml.S*l£.
• I Vutv’prm'.Vm * > , s: ATTORNEY at law and no
I ” 7ARY PLRI-10, I ra. tio-1 In all the Courts of Goochland,
llanrico and Die clly of lu.hmond. ’
oni‘ ■ °n lid’ strsct.betws—nMalu and Rank. mhlS-ly
! berUn I II tl.1"! ” , o ' * * 11 l,r»ctl • In Iheeoui.lles of Cum
berland. Hucklngtiam and Prince El ward. mh*N—ly
' ■ J. DALY • ATTORNEY AT LAW, Boy Mult, Ta will
! HrJn'wickr'T“l''rty *“ Ule Uourls of “«kl«.bar*, Lunenburg
Yan.^He^rKlSSrU’d fEjL* “* " •'rankl.o, Pills,1
l*r* Addrets, “ R-, ky Mount, Frkr.kliu county. A’a."
je'w'-dAol^ mauiau stcapaaa.
\V I *• *• 1 Y ’• *• ** K # • ii.mu or CcLMraa,
▼ ▼ liavtnc rrnioT«rd I.. Uichrm.r. I,» ffrrs M* |.rcfn«l, oa| » r
.• !’••; "f APP >*» ■ 1 in ’V- ctreull Oourta (of u.
. ta.e and of the United cutest held iu the city. He will also give
0,’» la--V' * 1,1 ot*""r rwwpevt.- act as chamber counsel.
,Y' u®‘* k! r* Idi.c.stoutl.w. it Corner of Alalii and Seventh
* _____n.h-1—ly
k 'V *'* 'ISKIN ATTORNEY AT LAW, Hwiwyaat-.i I* 0.,
*".° V •rl;‘ ‘-•‘P, •■•>., A a , Iba Got. I.U p.olea-.ou In all the CourU
f l?e-ly C r’ Clty- SlW Kpni »“•> Han rlco counties.
\v ViniMta Wi.TN. ATTOUNEV AT LAW, will
rlco, Caroline and Goochland!"*"**“ " “ M,"«*cr. Uen.
*W“ Address, Slash Cottage, Hanovtr co.. Va. Ja!l—ly
B si SI *2 1 V —*>*' partnership of llanoocg A Ucdxall
, ■* ! , Y l-eeti ili.o.lTed by mutual c r.scnt, the undersigned may
['Uiidtil bis oRiCv, on llth Street, nearly opposite Ood
i » Hall. 11c will attend regularly the CourU in Richmond, Hen
rlco and l-h*ntcrCH.I.
Claims collected, snd remittances promptly maife.
dell—ly___ HRNRT HUPKALU
B^IIAANKI.IN MATTHEAV3 offers his serrlcci to claimants entitled
■L to Pensions and I-and Bounty under the Ule acU uf Congress.
Charges moderate. Office on Wall street. nhS
, ii '|K°T01 ei •“‘‘"l1" Hlr,"« pl“ Xaffao >. Renting out IL u.v
&ful Collecting CUini of every Ja Kiipiiou.
Ucin—die .tn fc. o. KAWLl!C(iS.
7 * , fi* o *’ (•* •
whom .ie ha* l»i*en iA««t>ciitte I fur ti.e U«t «it ycnrD ) He will Con
Gnuc to transact the same business hrrdolore lone by them yls
Hiring out Negroes. R.-tc ng out llouv, and C.dltcUng Cairns of
ercry d. s r ptlon—and will glee his piompt attention to all buslnr-s
entrusted to his care, and u. p.y special attention to Seryant. in
»lck"*“- ___deli—dAtSw
I SHALL OFFER, at reduced prleis and for s-v
cash, from Ih a day. m« .t. k of Allium . l-JS. •
rUKAl. IMPLEMENTB In N , Id Af.h, v
•treet. and Sl.-. l, Al rrhlnrry. A, , in faelory EDc^MKKk
so ,«o as the old distillery, on V.iky sired. The « .1 stock Is urg
and well assorted, eonaistng of.
AA’heat Threshers: l’, rn Shrtlcn
Straw Cutlers: Ploughs, of every stria
Harrows; Cnllirnlnrr; Ph ugl, Castings. Ac.
My obje.-i In offering said -lock upon ihe »l-.*e terms. Is to ri.aldr
rne to pay my liabilities, an.l therefore trust that all perv.ni who are
in.lrbt..1 to me. will, without delay, call and vtile their aerount..
.. haring rlaiina agaipsl ine, w.11 pi, t, nt them to .Air. AA u.
II. Pi rts .NTs, who Is authorised lo close said business.
Dee. 10, laid. r< NKIXIN.
n AVING Iven anthorfsed by Afr. K. Ns. - e lo rinse th, ah.,re
Ini-,ness, an.l being parts nlarly anxious toefsw It as s. ... as
• till op. it. that lliry willplna# rail an,I Ill, ihrttt, an.l t.y a., doing
thry willing. ntr „» un>nvr..ary trmtblr. an,I ih„ar haying rlalra.
again.t .aid l„>u*e, will pirate prrtrnt thin*
1,101* III >T. — A C Itarr wll.ml i.'i llill, nrxl ,l.,„r .
!•- Mr, Cl nil's. It contains right roomi, an«l l« suitable £93^
f- r a «m»ll faintly. A person who will take tie* furnlinre- a H
and no ntl.er need apply -can have the house for two years from
thr f.'lh ltry*rird,#r, at a mod, rati* rrnl. TIk burniturw It nrw. aitd
Tcry little ll.r.1.
Apply at the Whig Office. dell
\’I,H llOllks \MI Nih |;| . t O'NULI
tore at,«l l.tbrary:
Tn y„r Tat.I.y a I ndy „( New Orlran*, price $1
l.iyr and Ic irn. or a gimlet* nil who wtah to .peak and writ cor
rectly. price 50.
I.a.l.i . complrir guide lo rroahrl an I fancy knitting, iwlcc 75.
A large collection of nrw and popular Novel., for ««le.
... JOHN O'NKll.L,
Agent f,,r the Bouthern and U'e.l.rn Journal of I'rogrc. price
l U per jrrar.
A large collection of Vocal and In.trumcnlal Mutlc, alwaya on
> hand.
J *' Wftl door to Broad Street Hotel.
l.r, I. or I'ortrallure of Hebrew Character, by Maria T
1th I,ar.lt, author of l.lfe in India; I rol. Unto.; price (1. Which
will ho sent l»y mud prr p«iil.
• . 0,1 Principle* and Practice* of Itapti«t Charcf.es, l«y
Hr WayUnd—an t t.-tdknl book . |.rlrc VI.
Tit ft»r T it —A rrply to |)rrd,l»y a Indy of N» w Orleans.
Cfclcp«f|g <.f Per mono, containing sketch* s of sermons on every
•ntject, by J Burn*. IV D.— $2
Sketch*-* an.I Skeletons of Sermons- $i V».
r Pulpit Cycle pedis- $1 fs».
Arctic Pipedlttos, by Dr. Kane. 9 r«d*—55.
The Baptist Denomination, by lfayr.es- |1.
Tt.r II it of thr Abalr mnc. by the author of the Wide Wide World.
l'.«t Ofl>re Direct >ry f..r the United Afates, containing the natn.o
of every r«>*t office, for sate at No '/"‘i Ma n street, by
worn.1 \w a conrii i
: %%TR eeceUir.g by steamer and eipresa, the following rich
▼ ▼ and beauUfal 0<xkIs—
Rich velvet and cloth Cl ak* and Talmas
it Meg ant fan. y AUka and Ailk Rohrs
White an<| colofe* 1 Moire Anil ines
Auper silk and ti«l YaUmtat
French printed Mou«llne Delaines
Atella A1 awla
Bonnet Trimming and Vrlvet Rdlvont
» Rlark thread lace Veils
Real Mark thread larr
1 inen Bobbin Fdrlng
White and Mark laer flrrthaa
Rlark larr Cottar*
Frrnrh Fmbrotder»e«, In set*
f,*dle«' and men's Fr. ft eh Rid OfoveS
L«dte»' r**tor, calf and kwf Oautitldt
Rlark Adk Mitta
U«IIm' and men's I. 0. Hdkfr
|»rea« Trlmm'nrv In great variety
r Hr It*. Taasel Button*. Braid*. If
r WMeh make our large assortment of staple and faory Ret O>odi
very rompleie. (nof7| PRICK, BAYI.Y A WATKIN*
d *1 •••’. NO! VC I OV WV Hum >rops, aaanrted Savor*. Jo*
M. / Jnbe Paste Fig Pa*«e, Jelly Cake*; Jujube Drop* II. *rb. ond
Dr.vpa; Fla* seed Drop*, lemon, P^ppr and Cream Irrof**. Hoar
lf hound, lem.»n, Fl«v«eedat>d Winter (Ireen Candy. AI«o, Couth
Camly All very nreeaaary and »fTiiknt In « uring eohl* Fred,
mamt'ar lured, for eale by
i.oriA j boaaivtx
g (N4klll:HHir.*l nmHIHRIM! I IIA O'
^ y on hand and for sale Iti lb*. Cranberries, very large
I ^ Sell Rfft door Rarbange Bank.
d I • d| V* %t Vi I Mb A auperK»r art b . f »r sale at mai.uNc
• MM turers price* by C J HINTON A it».
de 10 Sign c.f the C renlar AaW. 71 Main *t.
I4N\IH% AN IV Vtmn I I ill M« Rowland's Pal
J met!. . Kttrs Kuur, IlsnUo brand. fr««%. supply, ju«i
• received and for sak by AKLDFN A Mil l F.K
y 1 _ deU C .rner Fearl and Cary wreets
N* AN W\W Marsha'l * brat I, In Store and for sale by
«•* IA Corner pearl and Gary *tre*tf.
C 1| til N I A I N VII TTI H * for sab- low *o rfo*e const*i.
' tMf Corner Pearl and Carf *<retts.
II Ti HI DUt. -
€• M€M' •: III t.Ho 4k Co* IT .%• « riO\.
«N 11,1 v «rA««.
Uoa 9<orv, an amortrueut of Ore v *
h‘f« l-ugaagua and J»v« Coff^
10HII. * R~ IIM Whi*ky
if? •"<! Urt*. old Kjc Wh'.k •
104bfet s K Rum
p»<U|u Bnr. ljf
do Ur«u and BUc k Tea
Snap, Candle*
Wrapping pa|«r
Cap and L*Urr paper
Saw R'c»*
Ba* < u Mbl« « aad 9houM*rf
Win In* filaaa
Olive OU
■•Iterpool in* and ground Alum, Suit. A\
SuO del bruoRu
7ec„..-ur,d.r «luu cl.. |loo and orer 4 month. m4,l tor »p.
!>•*£._DAYKNPuKT. ALLKN A CO . Aueta
I A •*»;»: N V l.l ob lAI.LAIII.L ill l.l'S. llou.
■wc haring entered Into the UI.m m «« n* bmlnem. which he Bed. I
w .1 demand hi, whole tl,ne and attention. I.aa JeUrralned lo .lluon
II",.* Teaming, anlwUh .he hi. .lo-k .. on ..
• ,il fj r th* umr at publ motion trilhomt r*m*rre, «,ri 11 f>|» \ \
U.-k -I „f bveerah. r. at 11 o’etnek A. M , on Coocc l Chamber 11,1!
The atock Colnitti of—
41 mule., all broke and lu good ordrr, the mo.t of them young
4 Horae*; 15 atre* t \\ agnr.a 9 * ,
3 w.gon.for tatr. bear/ work, (capahle of npporttogU ton.) 1
llarn« •«, Do *ct« ; chain*. Atturea, Ar., A<*
I '* *• enough to My that It con.l.t. of well .e- |
lected aid well kept anlii.aU. Wl.,. I, eanr ,.t he e.c.iuj i , »„
go-^d*orda^ned b7 *"J ',n'' •**•* lMrl“* of g «,d ■ ae, and In
ri •"7th!hg II. the line, eannot hare a better op
jto.rtiinlij to cupplf || ei..«Hv«w
inn m dn V*'ci*h,ovr that amount and iin |rrl* «i '
fcVL,AWnkkawa A„,-„. _ •*ACO« «• ATLKR.
S IM *S s \ |.i:._On THURSDAY m..ruing n-.t ^Te !
sire **" ** *“ 1 "• " ",r Aue'toi, I
„ *• *!i.* r'\'- * “V" * m»u named Fra,, . .. a,.d her eh,Id,
col,ve.e l to H ,u. Amber., tru.Uv In a d ed of tru.t
rwanr e, V1 ?L ‘‘I. %* Mil PI,A YN III
FB1IIK standard and Minor Branta and alt other |Hrhtl,l.ed Plav.,
, S'•»l«Ar* Prene-h. Ill N.MauSL.N V. Pr.ee llw cenU
ev h 1„ f,.r n \.,i. *1 A new Play pabllal
”'1*1 C»*“l'|eU li,r« «nt by Mall “free" when requeued O. M i
A^^tT. ar„l J. \V l: \ \ ,, ,! | j |.
Xn'ZsJik-HX&V: >'rAUU-H',MbNT u,rrffl
The anderdgaed I. * le agent In Ur la rite for the .ale of n.e e. i •
br.lv I NUNNS A CLARK S PIANO FORTFJ. TliU In..rume„u ,
hare revel red the urnjualiBed approval of the grette.: P.ar.l.t, h,
oil H« *'*•> ke,Piano, of Oale A Co- and
other r-*l and well rat«l>lii*hed maker*.
a,}!'., it j2SP'®!“fto*,Jr "n hAn1 an avorrtment of the be«t MU- I
^t lhSTKCMLh*. and M,rchar,di»e It, general, con- |
Pelaubai*. Warier MttoDa,*,. of <*, * and ( oviare*. wlU,
b,r*|fle aiiil ilouMc ret <|*
Maltin'* unrivalled Ui'inu
Tayhu-’. Approved Fu.-re.-tthew Flair, are nat .nrpanud) i
'Tnriian ii"', *• *rln'*• 7.'" V'Agvoltl., tin.tar,. V o- ,
llni. Bai.jor. Bridge., Peg,. Ac.
Tuning Fork* aud pip. «
i?.' Ul**J?,CC.P* ^‘>r »n'l braaj InatnimvnU
Plan.* Stool*, aud U^t i|ual.ty tiaiUr an l Violin 9trinr*
.J.nm^ ii,k 01,7 w
i L~ ll :i ■rr‘1 d“r«“t “A-1* to Teach r. and Bch- ol.
\ ltiUc'1 »nd ‘'t »" Old Plano, taken In eichang.
— ul*___P. II. TATLOR.
,, "V- I •’ '*'■1 1 n*
rrl'alTpi!, " "““aW,: »U uf he kU« at Ureir j*
.l.AaU^,.rr'DCrh.r?d km'rlrin !'/’n "ATS. to which he would Invite
tli< auchi.on of ihoac in vaut of autocthing ta«ty and comfortable
Jyus pok. j«.,
-m No. 1 Ballard*. Hotel,
«*l pi site t! * Btiehanft,
1 V -A,
UATrifRfi. jnmnv i\r» cDr^inro*
con.imtlnif of all alylra, »n.t brat y «,|, in their line, of
n.rry dcwrtpUun. Tl.e.r u.-k Fdver XV.r.. ol all klml., la very
*■< *«rk<l. MHl purcha«-r« may r-lv u. c .• rut »v.ry
■i SJ 1 ' “I>00 U,e “<J't •‘•"■uuudhlta* terras ether at
• li les.lt or retail.
A call i< ropctifully aUkllcd at 16), Main at.
MW qoodci. rijicw
a» ■ «»n i>TukT,U now r.ct.vit.g *ou*» entirely w1
\ ^
... ... \ /
IJW1 »« *1 ROOTS \M> SHOES, if srfer m
I kBind f< r El V HSk.
SIIOEF <n this market, I have made arrangements to l«
constantly supplied with those art.cl»-<, and have row l<V pleasure
to announce t«. tuy friends and the puMic fr nerally that I have just
receive.! a esse of g.~ad. mad** I r tl^it w-thin nowned ruanufu'tu
r**f. M* lies, of Parts, to wlii. ti | lm tie the attention of purchasers,
assuring them that ttiere are none imp tried In this or auy other
market *aj erior to thun, and u.at they will 1- wil l as low a« such
goods can be bought for. JNO. C PAGE, Ja.,
nolS PashionaMe Boot and Shoe Dealer, IS Mam street.
Jl ■'rT rr. i i»ed per NlWMMr Par.t.:. Curr e, me re ‘ . I
of tliese fr-N brated .nstruments. t.. wh h the I
*ule», rib. r a j!d il » te th. ptrnt r. . f all prt«..i . }
who ari desirous of purchasing a first class ln*rrun.ent
assortmentIt the Louis \IV , which stands unequalled u
tone and fiutsh.
F? ouhl the priees of the instruments in the store not sett, they can
be in a f. w days tl> rr„u* tk fa. tory, at prices rattgmg
from t«> ^lutai.
Persons at « distance, who may lesre t.» th* •ub*ont*er the selec
tion uf an Invtruincn., may r. ly up.si rtaclvlug on* of the very boat
o! the d» kind an.l price.
The subscribe; b- l*.g the *,./* «i/euf of this fectory for 111. hmond
and Petersburg, no Chick, ring in.-truincn:* are </* naiaa but those
sold by him.
To iv ttetlnsouiaD. Ac.. alreaJy received bv the
“jiii'ilS;'I'Jfn*. ’ Torky"r'*rDa,>'r™"»*ir.
,f Kih"0B *nd Brown “•>»
Ri. iira.bJ, Mkln »:rct. No If9, orrr Mauri. II • V nr ‘..
n<J_ furniture Store, opposite tlie 1aen Bi*nk
RICHMOND—orriCK NO. 133 MAIN fm.lV
F/RK /XsrRAXCK — On Merehandll' yencrally, 8tor*«. Wa~ >
hou*e». Dwelling*. Furniture, Ac., Ac.
-V-. /.’/.X A'/.X Sl'RA .X * 'R.—On XrMi, Cargoet knd Fre.gl.U,
rx«rrtgti or c. astwise Also, on goods by inland transportation, t*er i
rivers, railroads, canals, A*. I
No charge for the Policy In any cue, aid Claim* for lotecl fairly
adjusted and paid promptly. *
. Wm. II. CirlaUan, XX m. Breeden,
John Purer", Thomu R. Price,
XX ra. (t. Paine, J»». Thomaa, Jr.,
lien I. Qlbltr, John Currie, Jr.,
Oamtl E. XXation, Jai. Dunlop,
Ja«. L. Appcraon, XVm. H. Haxall,
ibvsvoe It. Heath, John D tjuarles,
J.hn Ikvilry, Da rid J. Burr,
Rl. ii’rt O. Ila,kina, Larkin XV. <i;»«cbrook.
Law is D. Crenshaw p. Von (droning,
Joseph K. Anderson, Emanuel Miller,
John C. Finlon, Ed. II. Sklnkcr,
Franklin Fleams.
, „ ti _ . A PLEABANTF, President.
J 11 MOflTAOW, bey
II I l: 1 . ’I X K I N I X N IX I I I r IXM ItXM | .
Capital all pal«l In, fJk'n.wiO.
I Till. Company In irr- X’lrr anil Xl.hnr K ,k. ,.n the mo.t faror/x
hlr term*. Country Si ore, and Durlllny, In.ur.dl
Howard fire inscranck company of nexy york 1
Capital all paid in, ♦i.'r'.OOo.
Itahhard jUardnrr k Carlton hariny rcornrd the Ayenty
.*f this Company, it will h* r* af:.r be repr« seated by the und.rigncd.
Capital all paid io. #!4*!
| This Is the "lde«t Flock C«»mpany in Yirginia. and has paid all
•'Dims agairist it, wiih«.ut a law soil, during forty years.
Cash Capital, f ;>ki,tau».
Policies f..r life, or shorter |»eri.iis wiil 1^- Tlie dividends
declared by tins Company have av« r.igi^l, duringthr past ter* yrar*,
aftrnty p, f Cent.
Tt.l« Com puny n.urt- Whit.- l-ev»i.n- f,»r life, or » Irrm of y, »r»,
»n.| 'lr Ur.-t annual il.vi.lrnd,, »l-u., SUvr. In.urrd f..r one or io..rc
The above Cempaniev are all well and favorably known in thia
eon.mnnity, and In.uranee to any amount. In rph-r branch, eali b»
•Heeled, hy applying to O. V IIIIUKB, Agent.
■'"W llth atreet. near P.>,l Office, Kiehmond, Va.
\’i:w knitia 111 i iwi ntMi:nivii>t\t,
'Il'TI Al. SV.-TKM —ArrnmnUtlrtl I -toil.tl l\-t,J.,r 1 •! II,.
I.o.., pad at llie Richmond Agrney vine, January, 1aM, |1h .
Oi» 00
l'!«urer< are allowed to eettle their premlnm. hv paying the wh.de
amount In raeh or hy paying fti per eent. of the amount In eaah,
and l.y giving a note tor In iwr rent.
• The I'irhlrn h n! the I' .i(«i«|r have alwavi averaged ahotit S.T
or 10 |*er eent.
The , Y«.»;».iip alwaye pay on the let of March « per cent. Inlrr
fit on .ill l>.ri,l. a.fa /Ail A.fee not Area re-feem-f.
rrm-no Injuring In Mi. C..m/~ioy will r.-reive In the conr-e of
fi'ttrlrrn or nfIren y.or% In*. re#t rtit iifh on thtlf iHtidmd* to jh/v
IAc Prrminm* on lAtir f\Ji yi,
0»*>. B t tub Mt»ro#t\ R«<|., JPrrmiiffnt, Secretary of the Common*
wraith of Virginia.
tiro W. Clutter, t#q , Auditor of Public Account#.
Thoa. P. Augu»*. K»q , Attornry At l.aw.
Wni 0 Payne, >><4 . Finn of K-nt. Paine A Co.
Ri t Chaff II. Rr tij, Pa-ti.r of t’nltrd Prc*hrtrrian Chnrih.
Rtv. Ja« It Taylor, fiecrctarv Society BapU«t Miwlnnarj Hoard.
J »t.n Rigby. F- 1 , Farmer, Hi* g and *Ju#en county, Va.
CIIAA. WORTHAM. 1* eat Agcn*. no94.
^CIIAP F WURTIIAM, Ornerij Agent and Attornry for V*.
UlIMM % NkAINUS* If % > k •
%W oNl'T received on dept>«it in *»im« of lire dilftr* anil op*
»*um I* pa'd for mmr remaining fir month# of longer; for #1.orUr
period#, ititeiffft al tin* raw t»f fire per centum.
The whole Joint Mock Noun.I f.»r the drporitff.
|hf»o«it« received, and certificate# t««urs| hy the Ca*Mer, T It.
Rriaae. at the More of K. B. Spence. corner of M*kn and (Invertor
•Um U, Richmond, Va. fiAM’L F COTTUFI I . Pr. nU
T It FTAKKF. (*#•; wr
ll-tf_ ©.WALTHALL.*
f ■ a t Merry
I Chrtfftma#." I am co* *tantly fnek'ng •>> Hg' t S'ovr«. r r wood ;
Pyramid# an I Had ator#. for coil . Portable tirate# c - nMnlog a
• cheerful open fire ** with •• economy of fwrl ,** Portable Ifratrr#,
for warmfog rereral r.»ome or p«»«ag<« with one Arc—more nr*t
and convenient and lr## ctpentlve than fnrna.*e#, and r«p» r'lllf dc
•irat-'e for occupant# #f hired tenement#. Oalr«n>ied Oven#, un
eonapv-d for haklt.g and roaallng purpoaea . reference given to tbo#e
who hire them In nw. AHo, firret from the old and celebrated
Ft..re. Range and Furnace Factory of the Mrwn Harrtow. Provi
dence. R I . a larger and more varied a#* rtmeot than evtr before,
alt of which f will fomlah at a# favorably price* a* a awpertor quail*
ly if ■ afft'iif can be *tFfhd lr» Balt'more and other Northern elite#.
Kepa'rlng Piece# for all the ab>*ve-named ware# alway# In #tore,
re*dy for customer#, without the delay required to ca#t them.
Thankful for pa«t favor#, 1 will rndrar r to etecu*e all or,lev#
promptly, a# heretofore. (rFOROF FTARRITT.
I • _IP M,
\’orn 1 1 «• 1 \ »*p n 1 ii\. p .
dinanee paaaed 11th of January, 1»sVS, I will attend at the
Collector*# Office, In the City Hal*, from I.Vh to 91 «t December, in
ctoMre, to receive the remaining half #f iaa**« from twh prr«rn# a«
• r- entitled to a deduction of 10 per cent , by haring previow«ly
pant the Ar«A half in June laat. In a-eordance with •• d ordinance.
Jl’l-ll’F A IVORSON.C. C R
N B It w II be ueen from the ab.*vc, »h#t the Colte* tor l# r« q nred
to attend at the office flrowi the 15th to if «t . f »h»« month, to receive
taar# remaining due from June la*t. Before the January term «>l
th** lit #ting# Court, he I# required by ord nar.ee to adrt*ti«e delin
quent real r*iate to h- aohl f »r n- n payment of laa»«. Per*- r*i who
hare not done an, Wdl #ee the nec*-aa *y of ealting and paving then
taaea, aa it wdl be tmpo##tl*L* for the collector to call on lin’iw be
fore he advertlaeu. («fe1 - |mj J A. II . C C R
\rw bfHMH IN N roll | Men. #hut# amJ Drawer*
of g.io.| qnabtr and olfeee.| »* a low mice
I CAPS tit KR CWAH Varh I In pric. •♦»»* arj qua'py and gotnf
J —to the #aM«fact»on of all for Me# htirrMed,
I wool. AND rrRiVMFMKI* Are, •• »fy article f .r the pr*
rent *ea«oH and proof afalna* the cold Wind# »-f HmmUr.
UMiVH A90«At miTT? Caa«tn rre. Hock, h I. F Ik, B- r
lln. Plu«hlined Fur Too, large and vmall • te«, the il l rrt.t qualttUi
nee nar; for the trade
del A_
SI'BMl Ml K. A fuitl**-r Mipi'lf of Bine, H«,-wr. ©fern
Ac , Bad*ring our a»a<»rtmer»t v« ry « ornid. te, rec- ir. d it'd foi
ra»r hy (d« IJ KhNf, PAINS A CO.
_ _ auction sales.
_M Tl Ml. UAllir ' ' '
UYTiiuMi'w KKHtCa. AM*
(<>»e will. J mm.,..,, No », p,ui g()
*"•* "»••» « lirmon. Mr
■7 B. "Jhmln Lloyd Ball, b tug a |.i to gia. up th- hnuao nln h
h. now o-.-upl.*, corner of Main anj i.cood ftre.tr, and not 0.'n.
ah . to pp.fii at tlitr time a boua. O ,utf turn to., f...
r^juat will be rol l on TUCRJInr mom ng o.nt, l>... ot-f tbe
1«h.. commencing at It) oVIork at hla r-ellrnce, corner of Ma n
ai.d am and atrmta. all ibe Htmaal-.ld and Kitchen Purn.tnre in laio
p.-ma.li.o, whtoh ... held by th. lat, Mm I BWppard. True., foe
Mro KI.at.or Belt. It connate of th. uaoal ver*.t* a>; <tl I ...ard.
Bureau.; MerdrnW. Dining Tablet . Iv.lat.adr; toll. Ilthttrant
lhatrr: Rocking Chalrk. Httokiara ; rich Brumal, Cartel nlao n
ret of Dining Chinn. Clwawmre, Ac.. Ac. *
V^yMUAg. In naul of rtroh arliuWe. will probably do wall to
Tj*«' —lor nil rtma tin l-r $'0Ce*h, oeeg that aaoarlgit; day,
credit fer approved negotiable paper.
K» • mor of W I* Ih.ppard, laleTrnetee for Mre. K..auor Beit.
ae I ale coadai-t.4 l,y T n- w Krrean A urt. geW
V * (l >" HOV-Oe T-iitgj
Bee. >«lb.al«nfl. ck. In the ee.mng we will nff., foranloat
eo. u.tn et our M are lluuar. et Utehatnd of the Dock, boot) encka 3 no
AleBO bt|i Coffee, Rio am) l.<ri»fra.
inr KENT. k r.v, Accra
S.% I. I! Of' 41 <•! Vf’| s A> PMISOT A cn *%
«*>»*• A.' ,CT*os Tirsn»Y."
tn.ndng At 10 o clock, w. will cell, at th. . ore of Mora Auguetut
And.raon A Co., No. l*)l Main etfeed. (who are doalrg up their pr.
acot bunn... o.tn, to th. death ,.f Mr At.dereot..; . gr..t T.r‘..v
of chaicv m l dr* r*W«- conintiinf—
b-4vm, KirmiK, Kiown-.u, Elckk*< *.*, \f(RrtuiM. R *mtt
w Miujsgnv in general.
W. wlllM.M, ,lrrof Woolen an.| Cotton ITo-Wry,
“ bltiru and Draw.,., Woolen Glove., Ltn.
• D *itlre and w.th ml nwrv*.
laau.-AI! Rtmauwl.r »10f, carl; ov.r that amonnl, four month.
credit for approved | .*per.
W .1 nltio be aobl rcvcral n. w Counter* and Cn*.* with Drawer*.
n.Atr.’ mIw:-|y-*fa!hvti*ck ^ r^r «*— «“»•. cioc.
>**__KK5T, PA INK ACT).* •*
I“C TEfillflF.h.-Oe 1*1 January, 1-*ST, at Id o'clock, we
• " - **■•' **t ■'* Hkaly N. groca, bcl.roglng to tit. e*t.ai.
rplt .'•larkc, dcc’d.
H'H.TS, s..o.>, || ATM .»>!* CMPM, .AT AI « -
VIUN On WKDNRcDAY, 17th December, we will toil, at It)
•*c!o k, »t »ur Auction -tor- :
ca*e» Boor.-*. ?IIOE.<4 and IIAT?
fiW, cash, #: » and ovrr. 4 mrmha credit for ap
prora«l paper. DAVENPOUT, ALLEN 4 CO.,
-d*1"___Auctioneer a.
FOXC hAI.C flic ICIMT,—The three *tory brick
and rt.n- TOBACCO FACTORY on High .tr.et. p,t»r,. fcA
hoc*. A a . now it, th. occupancy ot Mea n. Jon.* A lit, la.n a- el
• • a red for sal- private ly, or for rent.
TM* .* atM|ae*iiuft%U| one of the inert convenient and admirably
srranfed fa. urler In H.r ar.J U ir.ort rUgiMy ritaalvd. front
ing aboai 2(o fe*t on Guarantr* iimt, ar.d S5 fret on High rtrect.
ThU fxrtorj ha* recently U*® hu.lt (a portion of it ju»t com
jd-iA«) of the bet: m aud .n the «»»o*t vorkmanlikv tsannrr
with the view of carry i g on the mo«t extpnrive t>i*in«M In all »U
details, with the moit convenient , and to the brst a«i vintage. The
Tobacco F’V.ur-*, also. wM» h sre very couiplete, and of Die Bps:
character, are offered for sale, together with a large fine lot of w«H
seasoned B**x Timber, of sycamore and other kinds.
Should tl.la property not b. fold privately by the « l Dccmher.
l^.*o. It will, on tliat day, be sold at public auction, at 11 o'clock.
E.»r term* for tbe Factory, application may be made to the sub
acr.ber; for U»e FlxU^es and B x Tmiber, to E. J. Hudson. Kan . »ur
riving partner of Jones 4 iiu<l*on R. \\ JONE.d,
E*Tutur BenJ. Jones, deceased.
Oa the day after the above sale, will he *,id b/ K j. iludaoa. sur
viving partner, sixteen young ar.d likely negro.-, belonging to the
•oaccrn of K. J. Hudson 4 C*>., among whom are factory hands, ci
gar ro.aktm, and a flral-rate cooper.
lit.LI—td<___K. Y. J.
C*«)A| ’IISMilA I if*, s ki.i; e*b A l: It V VAl.r A -
CommDatoncr appointed by a decree of th. Circuit Court of Kich
m -Tid. pronounerti on th. tffd November. In th. cat. of Nicol
.on, va Rage'* vlm'r*. Ac..I ahall pr..cra.| t., ,eil. at public auction,
on tit. preinteea, 0:1 IttIDAY. the IPthdayof D-.ccmher, at
. .... ..... ... .... .. ...... in,- n-ai :air nay, u.at r. ail/ valuable
bd a* Dll* sb'p lock of the R . .uion-l -lock, fronting on the south .Me
of Water street, J5l te-f. running hack of an irregu'ar depth to the
dock, and Mng the same lot au. seed on the Cou.niis.lt,tor's honks
-.f the city of Ulchm .nd. In the uamc of J. E. Il-.ath and C. B. I'ag s
Taaas —One fourth rash ; balance at ». S and 9 months, for nego
tiable r.t tee. Interest add-sl. with condition payable to the credit of
the a be rr .elt in the Uankoi Virginia, and title retained nil last not*
Is paid, and a conveyance directed be the Court.
Sal.- bv O-'pd:* A Arrsafo*. Aucts.
Immediately alter the foregone sale, wilt he efferc-l at a-tetion,
that desirable lot of ground nearly opposite the lock gate of the
Rich moo 1 D.--V. iv-cg kelwweu u st-r sued C -ry ,tn ata ■* - U ■ noi th
- Je of Pear street. V t h- unl-d cn the N rth by Cary stm , on
tl>e Weak by the property of Warwick A H its Isle, on the c utt. by
the line of the Y ork Rlecr if R . and on the bast by p-ar street._
It Is a spacious lot, and desirable for many purposes. A plat of the
same will b prcpaird and eablb ted . n the day of sale.
Tuaus.—One-fourth cash, balance at t. S and 12 months, for ne
gotiable notes, interest added, secu 1 by a tru*t -tee-1, or title re -
•alnvd- GODDIN A AI'PF.REON, Aucts.
AT AUCTION.—W ill be old at auction, on the premises, po a- si
Tl'ESDAV. the 23d De-eniE-er. if fair, if not, the neat fair day, at 1
l. clock. P. M . that I irg- and cligsi.lc residence on Grace sireet, near
.»t. Tsoi's Cl-urcb. formerly occupied by R. T. Daniel, Judge Clop
ton, pr Pcane and ,,'Ie-ra, lately occupod by Mr. B. B Minor. The
lot fronts :u i.et on Grace sir--t, and runs back about ISO feet to a
wi le alky appurtenant to it. It contains, beside* the main building,
a brick kitchen and stable. The dwelling has recently received t-x
tei .irean.l eanei-.lve r,pairs. at.d has botl. gas and water In It._
In* -.‘.nation m ,k,s ii ..r.e ,.f tie- most desirable residences in R1.-I..
m. .nd Tin- terms will I. made known on the day of sale, and will
be accomiu.Maliug. 1. ug lime can be bad for the Larcer part ol the
purchase money.
The adjoining carpenter shop being now uxidrr the control of the
owner of ihc foregoing tenement, the same will be removed In a few
Immedutely alter the above aale. will be solj, for a negotiable note
at t month*, well endorsed, the brick buildings on the school house
lot on 3th Street, below Grace, and neat to the residence of R. Pox,
la-1 , to be removed In tu days after the Brat of February, 1*57._
To- y com.... a large x-iauf.ty of good bu.tdiug materials.
Pale conducted by GODDIN A APPER-«ON,
d*6 __Auctiooecra
V *" ***»•«• Kli U. I S TATE ON H.m &
TION.— By v ruie of a decree of the Circuit Court of tLe city of
Rl.limnnd, In the case of •' Moffetts vs Moffett.," I shall offer for
aale, on the premise*, at public auction, at 12 o’clock SI , on FRI
DAY. the 19th of December, I*5fi. a I. .t ..n tl.c North side of Main
street, at Its Eastern intersection with 25th street, fronting 110 feet
on M i.n street, aud running back about Ils feet on 25th street to
• he factory of Sle-.rs. Royster A Ur..., and at I o'clock on tl.c same
?*•, » u‘< »< R' ‘ketu. fronting So leet on Lester street and running
os a 45 feet toward* the river, opposite ttwharf belonging to tbe
End era. The foregoing Iota will be surv.yed and divided
a- l ali, ^>T"’V''J V'. CIhlhlt,d on «*>• day of tale
s.l T'.e i'i" oaoe of -'Ic-srs. (ioddln A Appersoo prior to th.
ft one M tt:e r,jr‘i,r of u»1" »°d 95th Streets Is believed to
» ” ^ d v '■ 'T * ,<*1' * to,'*cco factory ta Rtcnmond. and
,, '• avow to th. erection of such a building on
• i hro*. J]*I a* *l ,u,rkrU" '• «UH d to the erection of
!fa«onJ wharf on ? "r'^c.C' *«'**>'*** •■«*« ~ W fee.
Ichor, nor. s a- OKO- W' RANDOLPH, Commlssiooer.
Sale by OoPDfs A >triR-.i». Aucts. d«N—tds
S9I-9- I P Al 1’XlfkN OF HIT V on a knar.
iVovVlt1 uiivov »KUt. t^.hT',ON JAMES lUVEH, I I MILES
ALOV E UIUIMOND.—At tbw•-*iuest of tl,.-C.-lonel of me Ordnance
Department, Washington, D C.v, afiwll sell, at puW c auction, in
valuable llnber; an, tf.er^'er'i has
w„b the Arsens: build,„gs, SK.nV.nih"SJ^ETSiSKS!?
h»*by ‘*3 feet, dale r.*«.f three alette* and bn*ewnt - »r li r’
rack. lm» by feet, date roof, two *torie« and b.b* ’ . . /
ItuiUinfa for vtttctr*' qoarWra. each by to htUSSl
*ur\ c*, liraldcs cellar* and *arre ts ; two Urick gUmtf.-’ %
**"H **y feet. tUlc roof."*, two aiorita ar.«t cellar*; tw pr-ek w.,rk
each 41 S by *6 fort. *lat* r»*oN. two ttork*; *rtlJ. r-r-*
and South** i*i op, hr k, T4^ I y <4 f it, *laU> roof, two^torlr* a
brick wall, 1" ftet h gh an I ; fi^t tl. ck, connect.r.ir tbeavaaiunn-.
•ml cm b**t>ir tbc Arwn»l **|uar«. Tlirrc I* al*o on the r^hertf •
Ma*cat':iev ol *Ustic, **l by *.'t» feet, w th a ulatc roof, • jrroaci?«Sw\»r
• n. l>k«hiff **otte wall !l;l by W fe.t, and tO fcct hirh; and a Irk-L
!c. it 1% by thU* feet, *’ *te roof, two Mnfie* h'lfh.
All A»f the fcrefoir-c t»u Id'i.y* arc *aid to be ?» a fcod conditio*
WIU* flic caception of the Armorer*' Shop and Stable, which reauir.
repair* Tiiey were er( cletl lu a very substantial manner, and would
yield B large quantitv of brick, stone, slate. lead and other mate
rial*. should the purchaser desire to take them down, which mate
rials could be tvate i down to Richmond at a small cost.
Upon the purchase money being pa 1 cviaA, a deed will he exe
cuted by the Aecretary of War, under the acts of Congress < f Ad
March, lslA, and AmIi April. Htfs, conveying to such purchaser, his
heirs and assign# forever, all the right, title and interest of tin- United
tales in said prem's* s. Ti e foregoing 17 aerev were purchased
by the United Aisles from William Traboe and wife, and Mary Rea
dy. by d* ! dated gist Acptember, IM5, which is record'd in Cbes
terfl-hl C uniy Court, to which reference is hereby made for the
hounJarir s thereof, arid other particulars. The attention of the pub
lic i* railed to this sale.
For further particulars enquire of the Auctioneer*.
deg G0DP1N A AlTkRAON', Aocts.
<0*1 T1INMOM.lt s* kill; Of' T A V I II N IA.MM
IS pursuance of the provision* of a decree of the Circuit Court of
Amelia, in the case of llarvie r<. Barnes, we, as the special Com*
mlMionert appointed for the purpose, w ii ofrr for sale, at Amelia
Courthouse, on THURAD.1Y, December th, lA5d, the Tavern at Ame
lia Courthouse, with acres of land attached thereto, about of
which nrc In 'tifinal growth.
Tb;» propertv is situated immediately on the Richmond and Dan
ville Railroad, ’•« tndes from Richmond, and as a Tavern property
is one of the best in this sc*'on of toe Atate. The improvement*
consist of a lar* hot*-1 ar I private house, with abundance of sta
ble*, and all nee r*«»ry na’house# Ii is the only Tavnn or Board
Ing house at the place, and has a» all limes a large patronage, and
especially duriug the summer nionths.
Vv siil shs •» t»,# sann- ..me a tract of about fUV» acres, ly
Ingcsstof the Radrwwd. and aYpTiling th* ,.sh^r property There
is upm this tract some Jb» to 4«» acres of very fine list lan I. The
tract w«.ub| make a n.<-t desirable smsll plantation, and is original
ly of fine q tal *y. nnd ha* up*n It an abundance of w.todland.
W. wilt also offer, at the sane time, two tracts in woods— one of
i*» an I the other of 16 acre*, heavily Umbered, and some In*# near
the Railroad dop'd, an 1 adj dnlttg the public square. *u taMe for
hu M.ngs or *< »re«. k favorable .-pportunlty is thus offered to me
chanics to attain a location, h<ddng oat great inducement*.
Person* tesir u# of purchasing are Invited to look at the rmperty.
A map of the lands and lot# and general plan of the p!a<e ran ’*e
seen at the office of L Masters, at the Courthouse*.
T«swa -One » 4|f rash, and the haVvnce In one year, the purchaser
executing b u d* with g tod personal security The title will b* re
j talned u.<t I alt th» p irehase m -ney Is paid
I Fosses Si n will be giveo on the 1st of January, 1<U
I . M A ATI HA, i - .
de*-M*MAW A. §. WklAMKR. fC°® **•
ICIOII k||.r AT % f < II O N ,A r Hlflll
W COURT MOl «r., on MONPkY v.d TH M>AY. Deer e' - ***»
I and knh. If fa e, If not, t* first fa r day 'hcrr*ftrr. all the lloe-e«.
Cattle, Fartn-Mago.,,, R-s ks*ay«. liar• •«, Hr <1 • Aaddb «. Farm
ing Tools, Ae . wtrh the Furnltwre n th* Priva'e llaose an,I Tavern,
all of wMc’i • as gooj a« new, font -1 rr of % handsem** wit* or
j Rosewood Pari r Furniture, with sspleul dtones!*% IVtave PIANO
Fl»RTF, in R *ewood Case, put Intic u*d. M rr. r*. hurvdwmte Time
Pleeee, Carpet*, A . Damp* and OH. I> n.ng Ruotw and other Tabby.
Arm and other Chaus. White W- U s ed Dinner Ware. T, a ami
Breakfa«t Act«; « targ. *| uni ty of Glass. Plate*] and ether Cast.-**;
Apoon ; Knlvr* and r,*«k*; Tea and other Tray•; Table Linen, W*.
ter Filter, Ae . Red-tea N. Mattrrsoe* an I Adding, Bureau-. Wasb
stand*. Chamber Ware. TgMee, Chs'rr, Ae , a Ifaadaowtvly p«i»ted
to He of Cottage Furniture. Large Tin Portable BatMn« Put.; Matt
fte. Cook'ng, Parlor and other Atoves , a Var.ety of Cook ng Uten
sil# Tin Paney Ware, Ac.
The Furniture c an be seen at any lime, aod terms made known oo
the day of sate
Siioi v i*i'v< a»; i ti miih r*. t * mh r*s .r >lM
in store a fr-at variety of Ready Made All IATA. after the ah. vv
! Justly celebrated pattern.
Me ia »lv> prepared to take measure* for the #*• uM-r Seam
Ahirts, which he wd warrant to pb m svrry nartictiiar.
JollN POK, Ja.,
«••• Ho. 1 Ballard's Hotel.
II i*d IU, '
■ 1 * a* Jo#t Iern rr • ive«t, to wbt< h 1 WowM ea the at.wntfori «H
I th.**e who w-ah a good style of (her V«ir,aewf. The A'f^fca r as
I *e -eired tl»e h«gf>e#t conn»i* laiie«* from all who hare -vamin-d it,
| for warmth, convenience and beauty. Call at No. !•€ Mato street,
j and sre for y nrsvlve*.
dv« RCM1Y All IftB
f ini nr oi.o i;ili isii ciai iii:.
R bav. t cte-sl. on »nt'r m»*.t per eteamer Kuropa -
»ri! Tn* in canisters
I* ITtf I Okf amt
1MR- TFK CIIFKAS. equal In qua* ty to any lit Great
Britain, fur sals by
1 del* Ntfp I ai MI R A CLOfTON.
mi' mi,
C«ui|i«i'Hiiiki:M’<i mi: a> til
/ LANDRD t'TATh AND *UU' l\" ni»,J.,L n",.,,
IN HrXRlCO OfHTTTY AUK». UU lil t *£L"** * T5
I "* CITY or RICHMOND^ .£,» wToST
Sj?1.** !*• cl,P •* •''■onJ.iwiioMBd sa ib. 11 ib w__ . 1
**? '*** *' ,,%rT1* “ uinbii, a« , ib. JZSTt .*
b|nr4, .tc *•« thereby appointed b ‘‘-Tlwiiibri br iAai .
P**. *^ll bll at public auction, on tb. per o-. » MONDAY lw'
o-»b« 18. I'M. a. II .Moeb. A II b!T!r p*T.:.pr
■enrlcn. on ChletahwalRy And on IK. Maa2aMwiw3a%2mam?
•bout 4 m le» cam nf Rlrf tnond, col)IA1 nine be a eir... nor
* fif* *7»*| which ha. been •wMl.afc^& Sap***? ^
So l conlAlna 141 \ arm. of which 184 ar. line low__a.
nearly all cleared, ISt * arrea r leare-l t, ,,b laad aad Alo'c,'
ptna and oak Wood, heaelly art. Ila thla tract there ra .mall dwel
Un*. and ample oth.r bonding! to, the w otTb. m,^a...VTo.i- a..
410 a,r^. 1 .for*
V**l}7» »l»kh 49 ar* la tifnhwc,] tti trm high land*. to «
and n a rea cleared high land " *'*•»
in‘'wt3>.nt“"** ,*i'< whkfc ** « cleared, mm m*
w-ioda N° * contalna M* acrea, ail af which la In oak ao.l yin.
H *» * contalna S41, acre,, ala, pi„. aml arok
V. , No°' ' crtglnal growth of o.b and pine.,
.4 ell.ol,;,?l"y ° UV *•"*• *" -* P‘« U-Wr.of
After the .ale of Ih. land, will be mid .11 the RL AVr*. laboat *> in
nun,he. I on the e«ate. con Meting of Men. Women and Children, and
are aa valuable aa any tlmllar number ,locally found on a farm —
ciui.* K^&sxzz ~~.. - ■—
_ rTh* "I 'l** pertahabi. emir, conat.tlng of crop, of ||a.
Corn, OaU, Poddar. Ac . will be mid at Ih. a.m. t.m. and pi a.-, of
Which due notice will I e hereafter puhllabe.1 1 P1"**,
11 ovl • **>• Ulh December. I'M. commene<„g
"w"ni eUl^h" ^ *** °f *kb~°d- — «
TIiOrc two half iffN, Nt*i. Ts7 in the nlan of (KppIIv nf Buk
rr!-Z'* I'V'**: d-*i,,n*
jt‘hfrt?»w'thJi/l‘1 °°.W •"* ^ yewp^cy Of the family „f u„ l,t„
of Uf 's h^t eTch. ’ ' M',r,h‘" »"•' «.y atreeta
l?4" «".*<> ;°| •» «* corner .f; M.rah.ll and
ktreets. with a larr brtrk terx-mrnt thereon. recently in Ihr «<•
5S2raS2d :iceCVi' :,M Tnn>Pklt*e, Anting on the aoutb ud. of
AI K ^ * * ‘ *• n,nmr4 *>atk «»n fth afreet 149 fart.
Aim. that part of lot No. 7..I, fronting 48 feet on the north ride of
Q1T *r?Z'-rr.t‘iD* c«4t line of »th rtr-et I4A feet.
lo* v *£* 1 Ji“ '*'• »' th« corner of Clay and Iwh at...
with the large brick m.ineton thereon, now In the occunauc. of it_
family of th. lat. O n. Il.rel., fronting lSOt. reel on lb. noJth .1.1.
°n the ^e»r* ’ r’“n‘“* b“lt th* ruU deplh of the lot to I ho ratio.
f *,r„'.4’°'*:a!4“',’; J'll*. 11. In llir plan of Col. Jn*. Rntherfteoi d,
o f- ,* Lh'r '* 'cct on the we-, line of P.Huhe, .treet, (oppo
•U«r Xl.il s i-tkcrj.) running hark 1.19 fet*.
AU nf the Krai K*t*v u» lllrhuiof..l. wtll hr Alvhlra iaU> laU of
si^tiuw "J *u’',r “•* b*'-« *•"«
.Tire foregoing landed ewtatc in llcnrtco.and real male m the rlly
?»rii 2‘“,,,nd’ |Uitt‘l 7 rrf^r,|ed %* »o»nf tl»« moat valuabW ud «|r.
S;1.1' " ■*U;1 ,of V, 'r P^PcCP 'hat ha. reef before been of
. r d i market at an. tlon Plata and .urreya can be men at the
• Bici ... Uk- Aartlonrrr*. to Whom I . r.nm i|l*|K.««d to huv ora r-*
rpectfully referred for furthrr p.rilcu!.,, ‘ 7 "* r*^
1,1 Hmrtco, one fourth cub ; hot
nnc. At 1. * and * year.. P..r the rval elate In Rirhmon I. one-Bflli
bf.“o • s- ’*• J* »ml *< Uiontha, in each caw f„r neg.uia
nlc Ditft, with lUkrttl tlirreon, the interest to br nah uarabir half
yearly, an.l r^Ulnlng i lirn on thr land until the whr.lr pur. hu*
w*nry and Inform I* paid, «nd a mnvryanrr ordered by the Court.
TT*. FXarr* and personal mute on the Farm wtll tx> sold for cant —
If tl»e Wrather Mould b« .u« h .»o either of tAw U«s erlected for tha
**tiC l° ^ uP*olt>n ot ^ Commlssti iirr improper to
*eil, the Bale will take place on the next Baiuhle day thereafter.
> Jr_ . WM. W. IIAR\IK, Commissioner,
k v conducted by Godws A Ari utm>a, aucu.
P. 8. The pcrWuMe e.Ut. alluded to In the foregoing advert,,,,
ment. cnn.ut nf 2<l flne mole., 4 horaea. SS head of cattle, 8 brood
geueralty 0l,lr »»gon«, carta and farming Implrmrnf.
The decree n Tilrer that they thonld be rold for ca«h, but lu or
d«r to accommodate bidder., Inrtead of c.ah, a credit of 4 month,
will be g!ceil on all tuma of ♦•'ll), for negotiable note,Intercat added,
•ati*ra<*ton!y en<loraed.
At the umc time, on Uie tame terms. I wlU sril the following
cr* p', ▼ * : about bbls. corn ; about An.ut*i U>*. »heaf oats fn -
• a*) lb< h*y ; 80 'tacts bl*de fodder. Also, wheat, «*raw, top' fod»
tlale conducted by Gooots A A mages, Aud?*' ^t^fovtda
The next Ordinary Drawlcg of Uie Royal Havana lottery
conducted by the 8panl.li Government, under the .ui-crvl.wn „f
the Captain llcneral of Cuba, will Lake nla. e.i „„
J* A T V liU A Y, J A !R f A R V 3D, 1857.
80RTE0 NUMKRO 374 0RD1NAR10.
CAPITA l. PRIZE $100,1 Mai.
t Prlae of.*100,0110 3 Prite. of. so <vm
} “ »f.So.imm* k Prime, of. i,„,
1 of.IOJIOu 7o Primes of. a,.,
l “ of. 10,000 14l> Pnxrs of. 2tN>
I 44 °f. 5,imm> 2n Approximation,. 7 gtaj
■4 approximation* to the *liMi,iMMiof ft.«ieach; 4nf f asifofAn imw
* ♦4“-' to *4ll,IMJ<e, 4 of *4l«. TO $l'M»a>; 4 of t»«l to *3,1100, ’ ’
Whole ticket, *10,00; Halve, fln.ial; Quarter. x).
prise, eashed at tight at 3 per cent, discount.
Hills of the Richmond City Baras taken at par.
A drawing will be forwarded as soon a* the resultheeome* known
C miuunicaUons addressed to DON RODRIGUE/., tears or City
P^^^4'arle*ton, 8. C.,) unlit Use 3rd of Jan'y, will he attended to.
a• Tor. oj)Ice, .No a H.if/Nfrref, under NT. OktirUt tfdj,
Uu B*«o. t s —Tie subscriber legs to return his acknowledgments
to his fri*nds and patron* for the^r fevora daring i)«r p**t year an.!
woul.1 inform them U.al he still continues the business of “hiring out
negroes, renting out houses, cr>n~ct!of claims, and all other busmrsg
pertaining to a General tgenrjr, to ail of which he gives his personal
attention. Parties in teV country who may iutrusl the hiring of their
negroes to him, may rest assured of every attention being pakl to
getting them Done nther than good homes, and in the event of n«i*
ness, the best medical and perseual alUaiiou shall always be sup
plied. r
&T* Kconow for hire the coming year had Utter be sent in to
rue as early after Christmas as possible.
To those at a distance to whom I am personally unknown 1 h*g to
refer U, the h.Uoaing person* L. II. Krtup, Dr. J. l>. butler. K.
Hudgins, P. WoolfoUE, Will S Pitu, J^hn HL upheld, Wiu. J. Murray,
I l" j a.4 III \S 0. iMlttHi* OimiitM CMB||: Judge J
Ll< l»t«*u, J. A Lancaster A l*on. Judge J A. Meredith, John P. U«l
UrJ. QreUer A Brent,Garrett A Anderson, C J.a«iDU>n A Co., Bich
moud . Juo. L. Lataue. Wo. C. LaUne, Dr. John Lewis, Wm. Tay
lor. Luc:4a* ilarnssu. Kixig William county ; Dr. Tho*. Latanc, W ia.
P. Courtney Turner A Acrve.Col. Ale*. Fleet, Capt. T Haynes, Gre
sham A Hag by. Dr G. Fauiulcroy. Benonl Carlton, Dr Beni- Fleet,
klag A en county, N. J. B Whitlock, Thus. N. Clarke, Dr. E. U
Wright, Dr Jas. U. LaUne. feu! V Noel, Col. Rh hard Bougie, Dr.
B< . D. Hoy, tieo. T. Wright. Mu*. U. Davis, B. E. Wright, Essex
county Dr T. C. Clop ton, Gloucester county ; Wm. C. Tslllaferro.
Urnnco county.__ noU—UF1.
JNO. WARD. TU08. P. NA3H.~"
t*.ATE «l I.Y.MClIBt lt«i. VA.,)
acaars roa rax rracaxsa or
PHODICE lO.RMlbMIiN ill ltdllXT,
A TTENDS to theyale of Wnxir, FLoca, Ccxs and Tobacco, and
-aTm continue* to hire out Negroes.
OtBce on Governor or 13th .treet, Richmond. Va. ocll
i:>(.1.1*11 AVI> CLASSIC Alt M'llOOL,
At V-ua, xsxa Miu tn, Camnuaa Codrrr, Va.
V: MON of Un moaths commencing first Monday In October —
Hoar-1 A--., an.l tuition, including higher brauchee, AlSu tu).
Uoti, without board, from ».'Vi to *4n per session
Pupil! r-.< v.Tr,| durmg the icstor. are charged only from entrance.
Address, MU ford Depot, Caroline county. Va. #e*7_1y
\\T^N?Tt^ 1 P0W KRS hare in store a targe and general as
„VV s-.rtmentof WINES and LIQUORS, among which will bw
3 P?.nc.!’c00' of Mapcrior old Jamaica and Anligua Rum. suita
ble for rgf-nof
14 half.pipes tiennyacc London Dock and 0tar-l. Dupuy A Co *a
Brandies, vintages of l*4n, 1*44, lMs and l>3o
Jl pipes .ntHrlor Ifrtland Ola
,!* LLi' v rL"l<l 2?'*** ; P“r« rye and other Bnc Whisky
lx’* bMs. medium Whl.ky
540 l^,^"c|b“*tl, Pennsylvania and other choice rectified
** •* and M pipes medium French Brandies, pale and dark
4. an.l Q pipes Port, Wo rry and Madeira Wines, soo-—,.
b e for cooking purposes. and » »»•*«— WJoW.
^!sr-. Ri'.vttfi -swr wUssRM • illWToun.l x vxricty of choke Bran*
ills*. \N in*r», Schiedam Gin, Rum xndHootch Whi*ky, Ac., bottled up
and packed in cjvr suitable for fsmllv and apotliecary use :
Loudon D«*ck C gnac Brandy, (hard. Dupuy A Co .vintage 1Mn
Ft. |v•*r•s Am< nt.llxdn PaleH’.erry Wine.very delicate do 1>4:l
P'noronn « norxrt r<*n wine, war genuine do i**»
l»lay*sScotch Malt Mountain Whisky, very flue, «lo 1 «*4'i
Qatri Jugs Old Schiedam Gin, pine apple flavor, do NJ
J uni't'a Rum, prime for egg nog, do Wj
All pf which We call the attcntioa of dealers sr.d consumers.
drV— 1m_
SITTTNf* Oil AT i OftT.—Having many new and
desirable GOODS, well suited u> the present Reason, and Dot
•*Upted to Spring sale*. I will from this day offer at cost my enlire
•W-.a of Woollen GwmIs. embracing—
Heavy Sattinets. Foiled Kerseys, Plaid Linseys
Ihd and Negro Blankets
a Urge stock of Black and Fancy Casaimcres
'v'vet, Silk snd Woollen Vettings
All »tyl« ladles* Winter Dr««sGood*. embracing—
larn-) 2*llks« Plain and Kai*cy Mousehns, all qualities
EmbroUerta*. Laces, Ac , Ac.
City and cotnary buyer* would do well to call or send In their or
der*, a* I am othriog superior Inducement*, having determined to
close oat the abort goods to make room for a large Spring stock.
. d<>*—<*•**-*”_No. 9 Pearl street, Richmoud. Vs _
■ £1 It I I *11. If \ We have received, and are now opening
M a handsome assortac,t of Lubln*s sod other Extract*. Ger
man Cologne Water. Sar ago* < yior Ida Water ami a hand^Bme as
sortment of french aud other Vomades, for sale low by
f|NO Till; NI IIH %l. PAtTT.TY.-Notlce isWrsty
■ gl^cn, that l>r. Franri# T. SlrlUlng having declined a re-eke
t»on to the fll e of Physician am! Superintendent of the Western
Lunatic A«y!um, the Board will, on MONDAY, the Utah day of De
cember next, proceed to fill the vacancy. Communications on the
sulject may be athlreescd U. Wm. 11 Clerk of the Board.
THOMAS J. MIt IMF. President.
Staunton. Nor. 10f4. noli— dtl&Dec
1 sale on the lowest terms,
Orsen pierced lr<»o Fenders of every description
Br<«nt*d iron Fender* of different patterns and stars
Bras* Fenders* assorted vises
Wire Nursery Fenders, assorted sfses
J*. 4* English Coal Scuttles and Cinder Sifters
Fire Irons and Stands of num«e««a |.Mter- «
T.-ilct frill. Tc» Tray* and Waiter,
Tub,. Ibickrt*. Pall,. Mtta, Broom., and Tarlotu »lhrr arttrlr,
tiaeful to houlihrcpwr.. g j HTNMY
K.w ll-irdw.r. Kora, Wo. f*> Main «rw’,t,
_Abo*, th* Banka.
\ »*'»*• ' ii "i i *«» itki: noan.-t
•* a Ar*m wanted to takw lh* mlc and txcltMlww control of
t>T Mate of Virginia, to b* located at Richmond, for a larfa at
-'I1' Publ .b n* Houar tfrnu m* mayyini tmclte
I hare »r.d *»,<•«> a yrar A «matl .-tptal of from fM to 1S«m
• oiild h, r-'ptttrd P r particular., adJrwm BOX t i t. Pb lad.l
pb a. I'a., P..I offlr,. d.ll-«t[, , p )
ni.IkKCTI. Unfit. JMVI AMO ri.AM
SS kfl.t—Mt".lt I loo N.fr,i tbnkH.; Carolina J.ana,
Hia'n too Pull Cloth*. Ac t o i, and Llnarya, for terraote; Plannwlw,
I tar., «'d of 1 it-1 ami If-1 Bleach Ahfrtiftga, at low prlrra f r art,
1 or to promptcuatoniwr*. W P I'KKKf >H A CO.,
•fr’l_ Mo ttl Part. «T,aro
1)1 Rltt I H.-HIKT A HROTIIPR haw. rwmoy-d thwtw of.
■ % II • rrowi Yctcr a *tr»rt to Cary, Worth atdw.bwiw.wn lltb and
ldt|. .tr»w!». "fpo.tte Momra Ha. on A Itaak.rwtll, bain, th. aarna
bow* rw wntly orrup'wd by J V. Conrad, , whwr, tltwy will kw
pk iwl to *. ttt.lr former frlwnda. dwto
»• AlXI’.hti M| ITk.-W» hawo now in teorw a wwry fwtl and
dr.trablw aaanrimwnt of Ooth an-l CaaaiWwrw Coat,, Plain,
I Kit,bod and Paney Oadim.r. Panta. Black ami Color'd Camtnarr.
VrAta, Ac ; fitted to hnatowa, imrp.,».., whtrh w- . Ifor aa unanr
pa.Awd In rtyte and <|wamy, and al prior. that mtatt idoam.
'IaII___ KttKM. BALHWIH A 00
^"’ii mite nm nil i » oh t it mm
” MAA PRPACMTA.—Tint London Art Journal, a laatefalty to.and
b*wk, rontalnlnf upwarda of I1« Ann Btewl Rrqyrar'nfw. cnpBm wt
Patntlnfa and Malar, from th, T*ra*n Salter* in tendon
I Pnr aalc by WM A A TTL* It A OO
I jW _ _ 11 Main wlrwwt, hwbiw R.'han*. Bank
lUH} HO\M IIM t| I y I m « thiti i w. tor
•• H lw ' ROY til. A anoimiRaRB
‘l ~ A b HI k II I I t I'KI Hi: tl:» I I tit t M *
• »•»* W Alt It, for Ml- by
'Ml >»iie. PNMii tot on i iih t Hum
• XV W "lilt A, f, r ml* hy
I d-ll-l#_|llt ■ . MM"
• )t W tod for ml, by
.i.u - lw_tor til. a awofwiA*RH_
BBr I M I It.
VV Parlr.wr, *tnw who ,od-.r.ta>. t« thw hn.lnaaa pr''nr.d. -
Ad Iawm BOX W
K'lhm. i l, IV. 1.1 __lw*—tf
OtkfllM a •• i'. (.1.4 P- ,r mlw hw dte raryn. Aapfw la
JwW-lw . W l» OOfOCIIT 4 CO,

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