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-^_ __
YQT TT\fTT ^%7 -— —'- ...
HH/IHUnU DAILY WHIG. NEW YAlHl IKvnM«anmmi I um» n.__ ....__ i '-.: —.-—a-=_-r-.i' ---____ t -* n it ri m -.
ssss?“— “ *—*'—Ufa
-_-_ __ iDTUTOlIO.
®“* *»<•••. Q* •!■») nr law, one tneertioo. tB
Kach additional Inaertlon. £
Ottmttft without alteration."u an
Sjf" *• Ao .'‘.To 00
»* do do .... %) M
Twdn do do .,,...*,"’*****« 09
T«o Hquaros, Three months. .
Six months... »»»■■«.»»«........ . m (m
Twelve months. .mm't..!!!.*’ 00
. *0“ Mo ariverttaamnt to bo conablerad i.y the month or roar on
uZ ZOOt apr^T^
*lT*Tti*T?f"t "”* “a'kad on Iho ropy tor a apectScd number
!d ronUo“*1 «“« «■«, and pay incut tlart
fW- RuuoLia Anecartaauaura —To avoid any mlaun.hrrUn.line
®,4K* Annual Adrertlarra, It la proper7to .tale /MlnrJJf.
entaani. to thair ImumdUt* bualnem. Real
■to*W' L«*»l Mid all other Advertisements «*nt by them lob* so ad
ditions! charr*. and no variation.
Axai'ta' A.leartlaamania not to be la
••rto.1 by th* year, »mt to be charged At the usual rales. suMect to
suc^dlaeouats as ihall be agreed upon.
tW“ Aucliooerra, Dookarllera and yearly advarttaara, prneratlr,
•n«»rea. with the prlellrp. .fchanpe. dull not,
•a their yearly average. In «n j one *»rl, Insert more than the amount
****** «pon aa Urn auudlnp rul- under the contract, and all elcecd
ItUC aucb amount U be rturped at the naual ratra.
Advarttumanu lnurete.1 In the ftemt. Weekly Whip at T9 cent, per
•uuara af In Un<* nr leae f.w the Oral InaertJon, and So cau
square for each continuance. 1
_iAlKlUlAK run INAU.
2 ns n »•*' »> ti« n u «t **
4T’4S 49 3<i fti ..j 47 SS W.:>* 31
fmaoAar ..la. at.. .. i 4 Arum .. .. . l t
iftlnut i* i« i* if to ,{ ii ,l',j ,s il
»*•««,*= it 1* ityo ti.n lS
ru. pprttH-i- B:*Tr:w:!"
•;.2 .ilttluS .did i *| i!
lldllf 14 If »n t| 44 U 15'U !7 l*i 19 4o
.Sii? ^ U,21 ** *• il « M 41 46 it, -J
Ar,u 1 », s i f. Oceania . I. .1 1 a s 4
«! r iti »ii. ii it. b « j! J , l(>
1*111 IS ISM 7 I* It J It ISM I lb 14 17 IS
« * 2 5S!*4 ** "l : '* *' »* W *> *4 -a
*7 J* » ftt... JC 77 7* 9» :ki 311..
**‘T •• •!■• 1 *| * M iveunsa .1. .|. .1. .1.. |
II I* i? .1 i? ia !V‘t * 8 4 8 * 1. *
It IS 1ft 14’lf* Id la I 9 |.I I| H>|H 14 15
it !»«*«!« WnWiSPti'S
tb 74 77 M il *• SI 7ft 74 7b if, 77 7s 7S
Jnu i i s 'ir; *' 7' IlnoatiMa **i ij t!'» *
* c in.ii is 14, 7 s 1 m 11 ti 1,
ISMS 17 In,IP -ill 71 14 lb l*'l7 IS 19 7.1
*7 71 74 » 7*,77 to ftlwffS.iftSS
J79IA.I ..1..I..I..I..I .SstSSnSI . .
lMCVM.il TU UU. Hava,)
a r «• non i: ». ■<,
Walt tirtri. uniter St. dutrlte ITutel,
W„, . ... . . KMra.«i>, Vi.
ILL devote hit whole attention to the Sale and tilling of Ne
groea. Real KiUtc. Me., publicly and privately.
Haha utlafacW/ or no charge made.
Vtf~ He luu a convenient place fur keeping .Una.
.. ThTreapoetfully Inform, hi. friend, that he haa diacon.
tlwucd Uie auction buaineaa, and having rented hi. o«cc to Mr. J B
Hargrove, lake, phsamtre ia rccoomirnding hit former cartvmcr* to
* Jnly"V“ ‘ MNJ. DAVIS.
TIIE .ubicrlbcr rrtprel fully Inform. M. friend, and the puhlle
generally, that he la in receipt of hi. PALL HOODS, embracing
of all the modern styles, which he deems It unnr'ttsary to particu
larise. Puffl.-f it to say, lhat Ids assortment is rqaal to any in this
or any other city.
Thankful to a discerning public for their long continued patron
ag*. he ^IcUf a coiHimianrv of the same, and pledge* Ms Inrst ef.
foru to please._M _ _JOHN THOMPSON.
hiimi i vi roii ri:i»
1 *50!!
(yy *®0W receiving per ship Ptppcrdlst this port,^^--^
hy the ships Progress and Msscougus vU SiwF****)
Effort, hi* usual full supply of V
mQm latest styles and pattern* ; and from the manufacturers of
this country, a heavy stock of Glassware, Looking Glasses, Castors
and Fancy Goods, In great varUty, which he offers to the trade at
low prices for csui, or ou the usual credit U. punctual payers,
w k77 Wort will be made to induce the merchant* of Virginia,
North Carolina and Tennessee, to inaks their purchases Id this mar
_ - -_ au2J
Othnley, tarry a tu;
rS'Km ^MU NA,‘E» *'*» CAhSI 4NI» PliOUPT
Credit Ouitomers
1100 bags Rio Coffee, from fair to prime quality
COO “ f^gualra, Java, and Media do
100 hhds. N. O. and P. R Pugar.
D00 Packages "Loaf,” “Crushed,” “Powdered,” and
“Cuffer" do
fOOO kegw Nalls, "Oi l Dominion” brand
1J8 Fpcrai, Adamantine and Tslhtw Candles
baskets t**st Olive Oil
fion this , bf. bbl*. and kits Mackerel
B"* packages Green ami Ulack Tea
list bbl*. Tanners' Oil
kfci W*k and tierces prime N. 0. Mulassrs
fiO MmIs. prime Muscovado do
800 boxes 8x10 and 10x1 i French and American Glam
1000 reams Wrapping, Cap, and Letter Paper
|1<K) boxes chewing Tobacco
100.0OO Cigars
flo gross Mason's Blacking
Bin do*. Buckets
__________ 100 ” Brooms. w*—t$
spb.ieri.Tri wai.~wai«kiiacne.
“ Imbscrlber*, having removed to their new Factory on Cary
BtttrMt, IwlWTrii Mb and loth Mreeu, arv prepared lu reeolre
•ritan for all kind, of Agricultural Marhlnr. an.I Implement t of tbc
I***- nn* nofi npproved pattern., which will be made of Uie bwel
"SSSS*"* ?! “!«!;» Wiwktnan.hlp. Th.-y a.k altentlua to
OardweQ s doable and tingle geared Horsepowers and Thrcsltors,”
‘ft"' * ■* «wf Tair at Which they have been
e.Mbtlad. Alee, to “Croakin'. CV>d Cruahrr," Manny'. I'aUatk
■Uaper and Mower." the Iw* In w; r.wke. Patent Lime and
Haano Rpeeader. highly approved; llay Preme. ; Hay Kakea ; Corn
Rh*ller,, from |lu to gSA; MtnliV. Patent Straw Cutter, drain Cra
• Patent Iron-beam Plow; of rarioti. iliee. Me. They
■akfoln the opinion ef the lion. William 0. r.lvea. of then Plow.
Richmond, February *7.
. _ . . __ Ctnu Hu, ISth Deo. ISM.
Pot- w». B.HMPCgytig—Dear Sir; I lake plraatire In recording
am-e my latprmioti of the performance of your Plow (Rk-h'. Iron
Beam patent) at Cobhain to-day. The work tu far m.we thorough
and complete than thnl of nny plow I ever .aw In nprration before_
The furrow opened by It wa. very generally IS hie!,,, deep and about
SO in.-he* Whir In hard, eloee land, and moat .ft-etn.ii. ..a __
eleaned mu, non# of the mx) earth falling back Into II.
the trial of the plow waa wltneaard by many of my neighbor*,
among whom 1 will mention Meaar. Prank R. NeNon, J. Il.fteneul
i. II. leeli, o. B. Ilopklna, Thomaa Wat am, of hoal.a, Me., all peer
Ileal men and moat eaeellenl Judge* of agricultural laiptemenla. and
Ihgfw waa but one opinion among them aa lo the auperlnrity and un
aicepllonable performance of your plow.
Wleklnf yoo equal awceesa Haewhere In making IMa raJuahle in.
plemenl faeerahly known to oar agricultural bnthrwn,
I remain, youra truly,
*** _WTM.fAII 0. RIPKR
tt* '* 1 'V 1 M •••-The nlARIIIliRI Rll.uiK.Me
JB •J'P’ p *«> In o»er Hymn Caw< of AHatlo Cholera and
HTwal Omnplalnta, ha. rrerer yel faded, wh-n tried In lime. Inatant
*P»«flly lo egret a permanent Cur*. PRICK, V)
. tar Be particular lo gee that If la prepared by Baggurr, flcaa* M
"•JJWi m noncrHhrr I* 0<m«iln<»
tar Bold by Drugglata and Country Merchant, cr. ry where.
lAlli Bl , Re amer*, Ta.
ana now rrrelelng a cere larpe and genet el aaanrtment nf Riot
aacy and Btapte Pall and Winter DRV UOOOB, to which they par.
Ctlarly Inrlle the attention of Merchant,. 1 **
„ *!•'» tonalfuomul of Urn oaleWalod Roek taiaud. Norik
Carolina, Gamtmera and Jraoe, Jaet to hind.
1> H Y a OOD H
R moM rerneelfullr eollcM the merchant. Hatting Richmond
to make Ihelr fall purrha.e., to fire our nock an eramlna.
uon, which It large and carted In
0*r irfin|Fm*nli tn<( farflitld*# ar# inpb a« in |tT« a* i lrinlafn
ln Tlrginln.and equal to any In Ike
UaMed Mete., lo aopply the country merrh.nl, and wr nnly aak a
chance to prora It Our lerma era ala mnnlha credit In reapnn.lldw
mHi)7£,Knir? tllmmooi for roN,. W. hoc. I. More and eoo
Brown Sheeting, and Shirttnfe, In aR wldlh. and gradea
Bleached do do da
Omahttrga. Unary., Retaeya, Batllnela and Ry. Jenna
Oaatlmere., (Botha, Vrdlnga. Velret., Bargee
BUnkata.prln.lpMI, of oar own ImpoHatlon, which we ran aeR
A large and rarled ananrlmenl of Indie. Dima Bond., failed ta
. ^wneon.mnMlynf onr own Importeilon. ’
Indlea Area. Trimming., otorwa, floater.
Woollen Oomforta, Ifondc, fVar.ta
OnMon HI* and line., cMfbrW Hdkh large aaanHmenl
Lnana, Mglnge. Rlhkona, Olmpa and Brelda
••■phom., I'r.nta, Alpnccaa, (V.hnrga
Irlah l.lneoa while 0aw.hrlc.; hlari and enIM do
Jacone'a and Bwlm Mtaalln. and ap'd Boklneta, Me, A«,
With a good rarlaly of fancy and amall ware.
Onr determineIhwt i. to keep a fond and Complete aleck of tho i
•** make, of American and foreign flood, mltedln Ihto market, j
j&S1 ,, v.v'.r'r.Fr ***jr**** 2,nv” *« 1
annum am nura m Horn, we ran procure Cor onr ruatnmrru any 1
ttrevsTid w ur"*- ~
. *■* No IT Pearl ainud. Rickman I. PR. I
Clfftf'If.AM BA WN.—R line a Oo.’a make A full me
/ ply of the*" erlekeutcd Baw. of e l dace. mg, M kl^d
ITw. K'” nr*rwWad ikero
'■'* d-r1"* **!** ♦»•*? Prara.akury ono nf nhlok bat pPwWrw
goadrafarl Whlek apeak, madly fee ihelr enrlrall--1 W>a*»y7 Or
dma from a diet am e* MtaM hare oar mod pruainl .tlaaUoo
., _ 6, J piston a no,
d*1* **» af lb* cireolar Baw. Tl M.« ft
•. M. hmtiu tO. in wwU hi
la th* Unite,I State* aad Canada*. .
■aw Tart, aad la su<4 Hrret, a—te a.
_ Mb Ml ui Shred Is1b«Us*,
BLANO MANUK, TABU JKLUKB, An. A prim, article
J. .fl' "44, and family as* Ta ha obtain'd, with
5^.5ySLrf prt*e,p*‘ a'°-n “4 Dr'«'~ *■"«•••
_mil OOOPKK. Raw r*rt._
fBNBOr, M. To owner* wf WlUlaaa R. Dutehar'a Patent (oclV
■.rro'ria'ou In machinery ter making Rapa aud Curd. hay. a
Marhlna on rthlblttan at thy Cryrtal Palace, Raw Tort Oily, and
9" laf ante rights h> urn aald Improvements In the difr-rm'
ante. Thawr machine, lake yam or thread and tarn awl perfect
,k* aP Ute Rapa, at retching
and colling It, nil by one pr,^ee»- and ay. adapted la Manilla.
Metnp, Cott.-n, Ac , Ac. Tloee Machlnea dn away with the Rone
walk, aad make coalman u* Ron. nr Cord ary length dralred ten
IW la inuxw hat. and at halfX c*y..L rf tCTpew.lT
Letter, may be addressed io Uie Company at Troy. K. T.
I" "W'l____
US Centre dreet, New York,
PIpaa, Piling*, T»„l>, and carry dm rtpllnn of at.par*to.
asnnrvtrd with Stem, Water or Oaa, for heating an.1 lighting
B*lmrrt. Cluirrlir*, Hotels, Private Dwelling., Hospital* Village*
Par loro . and llali*. ” "•
Tataaa, Cocks. Psmpa, (luag.*. Bailer* and Boiler Ploss
made to order.
Oar Screw Catting Marhlnr* art ratlrely new, and nar own Patent
■nrraatwd In da daukl* the wort of aay other InrrnUoa.
t^deva aoDctted frmn al^tten. af th. country,
EXT<S^0A"r?.‘^wU,° ?ACHINBS—Made by HOOD? BAT.
._M“. patented by 131*. lion. Jr.,
ovfrwailmr lOtb, 184f Tlirse Mv hint s are warranUtL (with proper
Mv,) not to gut oat of repair. They ore built In o goad, lubtUatUI
Sf^^r*TV***^* “anner. »">» »« do Tailor*,' Mmemakrr.' and
5i?r*T,.„ w«kLta • rj*u"*T warranted ta giro aaU.fartlnu, The
•"J^W-tw] W- *• UAW,WN' A«*“R
D. T. WII.UAn.t~
OKNRR4L AOPNT for Rccelring and Forwarding Manufactured
Tobacco. Goode, te., Ac., No. S Baocgos Stir, RiCH.oan V* ,
beg* lea re to return hi* tlncerr thank* to hi* friend* and the public
"*r °** rrT7 liberal palmnaya bestowed „>■ him during hu bvu'nem
e"* l7 »h A W»UI"‘. of thl* ,-lly, and re
•pertfatly solicits a continuance to hie new house. In thus appear
'**; v® «*>* ®f »w, i d«*, -m, mi £!**5Et..
77.. . o"'“ h“alin^*tl,.n* tleat the It.Ureal of consignees will bu
faltl fully represented.
t.^HT L1N:r*1 “*h o-Osnc-i ma.lc on ronalgnmcnU of prodnceln
anViS1.^ V,,wiU wlJ '?,N> * *®n. Waijawnrlb, Turner A Co..
‘K“* • : John M. fliey, h.q , Chi.well
f - I M'“f’ 1VV'r‘- BP*"®* * C> and Messrs. McOorklc A
Jones, Lynchburg, \ a._ Ja»S—if
Jknoe renmrr.1 to (In* store of Clinstlan 4 Lotlirop, No. 99 Main
Ht. - In emits-|ueiit'f of tli« r«m(gnot.on of David K. Crone. Win. H.
U.r»»u«i» >u unanimously elected Cashiar. T*»e office has been re
runved to the -tore of Christian 4 Latl.rop. whvrv depmiU will U
reeetVkil, on ufckh an interval of 0 per rent. »ill lw pakl «»a all tun •
remain lug on drp*rtli .is Months or longer, au*J five per cent, fur a
Micrtpr jmth..|
Tills matllatlon hi* Iktu ,u rxiateaec Iwruty rlglil Mass, has
loaned over clgiit million, oi dollars ; ha* no *ui|».i.d vl ,|ehi; |,»*
never luat oils dollar, or lalled U pay any cerllllcate when due.
JOHN TUUMItSUN. Prraid. nt,
„ WM. II. CHRISTIAN, Caaltlrr,
■al«—dly_III '.II W PRY, Secretary.
A I III: *1 A 1(1.1: l\M li.tM'l; f'ONIPAN V.
vn..m.*l^J.V,''"*.AIJ.,rMC« C"AR,«TT»" II.I.r. VA ’
i nAliTKtttU CAPITAl (400,000—CASH Kt'Ntl $IS6,(IOO.
■^NIKK. INSURANCK, In town nr c.mntry, and Marlnr Insurance,
. .TV I . rt*®’®'1 ,hr f trorable term* alUi llil.rumpany,
JJP" All Imams promptly srranged.
_ OT BT0KK8 4 OO., Wo.!» fVnrl rtreet,
__ _ Ag.-nfof..r K .hrnontl, Va.
orrif'E VA. F. A H. INNI RANCE CO.. I
KIPIlUiiWii g 1.0 t_t.wjs >
B 7.... ■ ''** rr?“T^ •* n» nk» orrics, n,» i ai
' MAIN .ITRRKT, nett d ->r to the Ul.pxlrh Office. wh«T* It U
prruxrr.1 to> Uk« Ktrv and Marine Ul.kl on lair u-rm.
n,,w ,-rv010 fP*f»H,.n orrr twenty
t,M 7r ?HrV“r “* * 'kh “ “ 1 for loaj to the ex
‘'.n „0r. ‘T'J iT'l " It rettrj to the td.tnrj
In. . v^f V affording the eery beat guarantee for the future, lie
?« * ' Irxlnlx Company and havlnx It. .loek owned by her rHIccni.
IMKoat. will be ..eared lo h> r enter,.rix«. and era.- to aoroe ex
Unt In Oil the aln-w. id her loami- rrlxl ami Meehanh al Indwetry.
T»,e Ion* a.e'ualnlanee of lid. Imlltollnn with Ihe ImarinR nublU,
-m I M,'J . f,u*,llu*r »*»>• tbetr wanu; and niTpTln.
will he spared, or inf,.rlnjl.ou wlll.ln-UI, that will tend to insure ae
eurary ami ylre aatUhtdlloii.
To Pome,., It h*. n i„ ,u twwer -from lb, eery nten.lre roan
tn.orane. air. ady recurrd-to he ahlr In refer to highly rr»|w.
uide rlllaen. in tr,-ry p..tlk« of the State. Jt ,.li i„ iar,,
celre and eoo.id.r adptleallon. for Insurance, aiidmxrit either
.. omi'i! O r 5*"1'"* *'••* *i" *'• return render rich facilltie.
as Ui»; U: lu IU power u> iu pa iron*.
CAPITA!., *300,0 OOII
.... T- M ALPRIKND, /V«r./.«f,
II. In K-xr, of Kent, Paine A Co.
II. W. IflllKLU.
tv a. Ur eaa. of Herr. A Poindexter.
M. W. Pxr.of II. W. Pry A Pone*
IV«. P.Luax.
J. A. Ixhunn.
A. K Psxxxx. of Parker, Nlrutoo A Co.
J. K. WaOewokTti, of Watlsw-trlli, Turner A Co
„ Th.m. Raxaox, of Samn.n A Pae.
C. W. Puncatx, of 0. W. Purcell A Co.
B. I-. Wnnus.
J. P. Wiser.,*, of Whuton A Powers
8. T. Pl'OUAM.
If A. Ccieoaxi.
P. Ccllkx.
O. W. barta, of ftntlh A Harwood.
W. L. COWARDIN, S^rAlry.
Tine i Str°!' !,{^0r. *“! °S MM Ita. f
HIS Ion* rstahl, hid and Well known In.tllullon luu... the
*!?"To «»^*cri|.Ut.n of risks, on as reasonable terms as otbrr
goiMl offln ■*, with a cash capful and surplus of #940,000. The Board
®fDlrweWrs( personal 1/ k no wn to a large portion of the community.)
iKrf.ling their meetings In this city, where all losses are liberally id
justed and promptly paid, entitles it to i due share of lha public
patron age. r
jar ‘No policy fee charged for Plr# or Marine Risk, taken hy thn
TO DRUCfclSTS AXO ruvsiriAxs.
It A'lT i’..YTIO,\ IS I Iff V ITII) ’I’ll 1 \ l ’ u
*"r proprietor of this article, well aware «*f Ihe great rri 'udice
**"' •nr'Mu* new In the pra. tie. of antdlelw, ami
Mpr. Ulty ill ihe class of caras Ur which this is Intended. Invites il.e
examination „f medical mm, ferlu.g sure that it will only result In a
perfect confident In it. 9
tlreat rare Is taken in tu manufacture to procure only Die purest
drug*, and only swrh as are warranted genuine art used. There is
na Ingredient»n it that would injura any pertot., and the whole
combined cannot poostbly be injurious. Circulars containing fall tn
f. rfsshi.n and testimonials ran be had at the whole'll* depot. AM
llowrry . second ■•or. This Is th* only article of the kind in extst
enca. lu effect I* truly wonderful. When uatl rightly, and In dur
?! ******** prevents the sufferings usually attendant upon
. htldbirUi. and preserves the mental and bodily strength of the pa
tient Inn marvelous degree. In IU action, although t biefly locaLH
* k»»4 strengthening to the whole system, and most plea*lug
In IU effect througIkon! the wliole p« rlod of confinement.
Here are a few teahtoouiali:
^ » .. B*arn>g, Mam., Feb 10th 1355.
Dr. Bannaii-Ilmvc asrd your“Uh.Mbtrih Pain Alleviator**anttm
her of tlmre In my prsrtiee | find II 11 ho a m.-st excellent article,
ami y that V can recommend with every confidence to the p«WK .
IU effocU are trnly wooderfnl.
Tanunoax Ocrmxx, M. D., Washington at.
tv • _ . ^ OaAxoa. n. J., Not. Uth,
„ D**- A»c*u»~I hare on sevvral occasions used you- “Childbirth
Pain Alleviator,” and find It U.« best article I have *ver seen for the
perpnee. It leesonf the pain and causes the birth to be affected root
ly and qnlckty. I cheerfully recommend It.
FftAftl* Ltwovrh, M. D.
n „ _ _ !f«w Yo»*. Oft 94th, 1961.
i*r. nnrerte -After htvlnf been confined M?rr»l litnr« with crest
I £,f,«K* * *£5 imin, I »u Induced to try your remedy by my
brother, who had beard of Ha wonderful effect*. I did no, ami i ?
result. You hare my heat flunk*,
■ml I would eherrfully reccmmrnd your prvparatl n. lo rurntf*
,w'r Truly your*, Locus Bmran.
Por rale by all reepaetaeto dru*.lrte, and whld—ih only al PM
T°rk >r1''' »* »" V“k''7' *"h «
5jj*Wl«»» *>J Piprcm lo any part of ihe Tail'd Plater
oePl—dtf P. ilRTNON, M. D., Proprietor.
\V’WO,‘ ni Plir. We bare determined to open, tn eon
..TTrJ^V'"' •*' W"*"* ha«1n»we, a Wool Depot, for Dm
rate of Wool, an.l hare mpaf ,| the aerrlcea of Mr John Walef.
iST'S* !?rlrf T*el-"1 Mtrnt Of the Wooten Pactory In thla
had! , »“• he dereteJ eietaelrcty to thk
eailJJIt2I-£,>Sr,,*?,^ ’? ” *®* ** P**'1'*. ro that each fHirchaecr
•*n *»P owh Wool a. he wanle, and not be compelled to buy ndi
Mr TT*** TW* * *T'r’a *• v,,«l*>'o,a auf
■riant quantity of Wool, If coneeutratari and armled, to attract Ilia
aueo'too of manufactory an., deelm. to*^r
XtolLT”** " "UWUh"‘« • food market tor the Wool ft. orn
tar panic ulari aae oar circular.. CRKK81U tf A 00.,
Grocery and Cnmmlmlon Merchant.,
__ Richmond, Va.
n rurw a,-earner amt tronJMn Afrod.,
APR la Mara a ftne aarorlmeat of aaprrh ftrnjnrr (Rich
.j™*1 “7 *?k °** •"•nti,>n «> *»•» p«hn*.
toTtlrlUT .wt’*' f*,T,n"* ^ • dnality unrurpaaard hy any mana
nl II1 •yWp.kelaR practical mechanic. l),.np.lrce, and
rtnnajllrrct a.a wprtl*n to all thft deiJl. „f 0*,,
manufanurlny opera Hon. They only a.k u roll from thoae who
aoodfarnWe.enpaitncetmply to offer them a aptendld artl
•*» kta r«ry reaeonable price.
•«*•«•* «• rmf^doMnp. and bold
k£h.i!e t*’ 1 •" h™r.,> •"'* "* rhorickt nollre, lo prorlda
haO.‘to, "*^“T * ro>'*, Cnmn,’mUh ahromla.llcaree a.el
Avsfcaw: ittasKM F"u
. hw Ordera from city and avuntry tor any deaorlattoh of P-- — —
LonklnyIllao,.. leuiklnf Otaar Plate., Re willelfril* ie1l '
At «d»RT com rtkii.To rinar
tire amort men t of Ctoake, Talma. and Phawle, outline rod lo
••‘•C* •*“* •" '*>• PrM January a eat. WrT.r ,!r
Mr the enure Pteek at roM, to oaah parebaaor*.
_ 1VM JiPTttBIPhTlMlS.
Nna V Moil IK, OWN * 00.. OaOtt Xmini APTtarm
■» llocaa, (imim'i Bviumm.) Raa-AMA-Taa Bauaawkr.K.T.
a saw mrntiur um u TW1 nu B.-WT rum riwu M.
«€»-<■ _U_MTtrKr.KT.RKW YOKK.
1M four ANT TO EVKUYBOItV.-Poc U.c~u7t
Uirwr gear* I baa* Wan rngvgwd la a bnatma. known anlg In
wgaalf and comparatively law aktxww, whom I hare ia.trwc-.ei for
** «■ of BBS* each, which hae averaged iaa at lha rale of f I i«n
u *<,i»l paa IMOB i and having made arrai.grmvuta in go i* Km
rope la the Pall of IsM i., rngaga In the ium huglnrw, I aiu witling
loglav full Inal rack loa« in Ih* ark to ang person In t WluNr.1 fi tat*,
aa Canada., wh. wtU remit MlkaaMaf|l. I am lodorml. few
•hr Ittero I haaa Wan farorad with, and lha aung lhaak'al ac
kaowlrdgmcnl. I haaa raaalaad from I tux* whom I haaa In,Ironed
aad who are making from (A to »t& par dag at H. to gtaa aag par-'
aan an opportaallg to rngaga In Ud, haaluma, whkh laanag, ph-.
•ant. and vrrg profitable. at a .mall rort. There I. poailirHa N„
llnnr.ru In Ilia matter. Rafaraocva of tlx Wat «-U«. raa W gtaan aa
regard, lie character, and I ran rater to prrawi. whom I here In
•carted, who will tea-lfy that they are making from $J to (IS par
dag at the lame. It la a bu.loaaa In which either ladle, or gratia
men anti engage, and with perfect earn make a rerg hand max In
com*, bvreral f.u/ira la rarlona parka of Raw York Stair, Pena
aglranla and klargtaod, whom I have la.tru, led, arrtiowmak
U>* from ft to ft per dag at H. It I. a ugraatr. innm, and hat
* "•■hilling, ate required lo .tart It. I'pnn u.r nerlpt of f I I
will Itamcdlalvlg tend to IW applicant a printed circular coutainlug
tuU In.truction, la the art. which can ha perfectly ui-drratond at
All Mtar. muet be add reaard (port pal l) to A. T. PARSONS.
dan-lm[r*r] SIS Broadaag, Raw York.
A Phgairlan of high .landing, aud former g a I’i ..truer In one
nflha Medical InafUulh-nv uf thl. country now retired from ar rive
practice, who baa been .u* ring from Pulmonary IHaraar, dbeorer
red, while traeelllng in Aoulh America (or hla hralth. arur* forCon
muaptlon, limn. hit.Coughs, Cold.,and general debility; ami In mg
aware that Thoumad. are iuArrlng and dying annually from IhU
moat dreadful of all dUraar*, he U deyrou., from tin- principle* of
humanity, of making known thla no.it valuable rvtnrdy. Upon the
receipt of Plflera Oeuu, In Poolugc dump., or Cbaugr. lx ulU xu-l
a receipt with full direction, for making and wiiTinefillly u-11,r It.
. JW amount required, I* upplkd for Portage, and tlx payment of
till, advertisement.
Addraaa B. P. DRVKROt'fill, M. D.,
. .. . . , Boa M, P. 0., Brooklyn. II. Y.
Jc IT—If [r. * A On]
And AjrnUhtr Uf tdt u/
Mus, 61 *ao 69 M.uiuxu Braker,
aulf—6m*_ NEW ORLEANS.
LOfl.t.Y MAl.I.liU,
*«UJ» "X OOmtlNfO.iW,
». wool.l retpcvtfuUj «ug*n.t to lho»« who »*nd thvlr YVWt to
tilt* market, Uie |»« oprtrty of having u rltum nun’ Uu.rounkly
ary. A* our M.IWtn v.II not purchavit when foul and d«mptxc<Z
at erry reduce"! pricer
3 I riT0,S? fire-proof warehnuie rec. ntly ooeo
■ ■ |dod by Tin row J Peyton, R-q., and will continue i. mil all
k»iaU* of country produce, \\ Ueat, Hour, Tobacco. Ac Ac
w; l,‘ “’• »«*»*— Iwreh.fwrw conducted
Vj b.m, Mr. John Bowrra. The buuiirau will her.tof.ee he carried
..n under the firm and rtyle of C. I> Yale A Co ; Tt,- wlx-rlh-r rr
turn.hi. cordial lhauLv to hi. friend. ar..l the public for the III,, ml
patronage which ha* been bcrtoWcd upon Inm, and for the kind in
dulg. ii.-e which.I,a. '•*» catended to l.lm l.y Id. cu.torarra In the
pruM-ruiloii of their order, lie tru.U that the arrangement. which
hare I— r. mol- tor a prompt and vUeient rulOlroenl of order. «i||
aeeurr lo the new firm a ccutinuaucc ol the n.-ur,, .which i— i...
m im-iurc vigojcU.
jyJS—tf___C. D TALK.
J■ N f ,'•*' T*I« under-saw, I respectfully
* , n»clttoenr«f Richmond that he >.a. resumed i he per
j .' ‘S.1? of r«rtlcal branch of hi, bu.ln-u, and t. now ini..
,.lh “ •**•»••** VAMILY LO\r BKKAt*, the
qaa.lty of which, be U.u.r. ’umsclf, cannot be surpassed. from an
eaperlern-r of over thirty years, Inctttdlliy rlyl.t yurt ... nrln. lnul
V A«br House, Net. York, hr Stn.wlth Se.torTe
tnrlh- t»«- attention nf the put. ,c to Ms Hanoi. Roust, r. are. Pit*.
y»kl"KUil» occasion t.. thank the tltia. ua nf Rkhim.nd for
"nr,^ J-f •*>' U.t three yew, he w„„i,l .repent
fuUy fc,licit a continuance ..I pas: f.tsnrs. JAVH.-i ADAM,
_ J'10_^Baker. M till St.. opposite A. Duval's Dniy Store.
1"VA Stf* t, l,rttr,m Jf.iia ou t Olrr,
H Kit'll Mt IN If, VA.,
.\\ K in rtr.reautl fur mU« :— •
. A lot |»r kinr family hog round
A lot l»fiin. \\ i >ii rn lla. i>n, ♦*l»*.ar f.b v!i]rf
A lot T.*tM\d i-xiraranra* Ilmu
M.%. kml; I la!*fax m il roe llcrrlnri
I. t^uayra, Ki.i mul M*r»caU*> C« tko
Javaaml Mwha <J0
N. O., F K in<l yellow 8a;ari, rirlous grvlfs
C»)ffcet ciu»Ik*«1. j tow's! ami loaf iWar«
N O , P. II. and Cui»a Mubuxi
lit A rd f.jrJ.tn jvaili
Mar !»;*l!’i fine aarkf
MlUHflac, «p«rnj «.i.<1 i.illow CarxUvw
111 ark, lirotrn and faury &>4bi
Pure ci'li-r Vln* ear
OM It mrbon.old rye iml rcctlflcd Whkkf
OM |*kcb,il.l and French Brandy
Madeira, Pori, and Malaga \\ inc«
Purler, |»'nu and quart*
Painted BurkcU. Tulu, Ilrooma
Cotton Twine, Mucking, Ac., A*.
aitVi^mTT*rl,IHrr-’AIUplo,r\.C,M>^'Utr. Muktard, Rlrc, Mace, green
Seari Ac S' A********, Oh^r.7'JE£,
yrS^lto^ * ' *'^r ' rre,/ kept In a
U P II 0 L sT "r ERRAND 'pim'nif gek,
ItlCHUOb'D, VA.%
,0,‘>r*'' ‘J*' CIIIM... of Ulch.noud and IU el
*•' I1'*1 *"• I*** now In store a very laryc .; I .►ice* aa.trt
mrnt of y n.1, |. Iile line, Co sl.ilnr „f plain' 2id j .. S i "JyTc.
of American and Kreneh VAl’KII-llANOINus and HORmtKS
a itin and worsted Damasks, Urocatc 1s and S .tit, d. baa-, for Otnt'
rs rtsi'J^ .K1"’ *n'1 •‘“P* b* match ; slHi.lacc and mu-im
Ct rtalna, by the pair or yard, from ffne emhml.!f- l a- Am ,-.r
J* r',.>*«ftil*•»«■>•« I«rr*fj; WindowmSSStjrjSZ
eat and nut beautiful paUerna—some at a very low price.
Thoee In want will flu.l U to ttu-lr advanlaye to call and -rem ne
a new and very select stork of Velvet Tap^Try, TalweUy. l j“ri»
Ply, Inrraln and Venttlan Carp, tiny, boognt at the l.iv.vt
cash prior, and w.ll he sold at a ..».!«ilrfrarnoe
* ws,™2* yby1' wlt*! many new pallt raa Mai;res«rs,reaH>. r
ifr- Psper lla.iylny and all kind. „f Ophol^ery w„rk catrnV t
at Uo^hortMt nollte, and In Uk- hert manner, In town or cumury!
J• l«. MIIHPE,
TOBACCO factor.
__Mirr.n front Rote .t ntl if'in.
!S i: n I* II I S , T l; > > i; s s »’ K ,
RaTkararau :-J.,moa I'cnn, cashier of the Planter', Hank W I
HaTIo, cashier .d the Southern Bank; O. M. Morlo,, * c"k ’c.dton
Ifoetoie; A J. M.nity,.mery, Gsun Parlor; J. 0 L'tia.lel-k, A«enl
^T.panL: * *0'irr. Ornerr. . Stratum,
MrPkvitt A to.. Cotton Fictor»; J. D. William* l»rr floruU U,».
rh.nl , C). Follt, Orooor. Memphu; 9«ra*| Ayr™ . Ku lim tml Wm
LyneMiury'111*’ J"UU ** 0‘':Jf, o( Hw Bank of \ >iKln<a,
iwg l a, v I8CTATOH -Ur
It faroT* ^ ^ public, rely my wpon lu Intrinsic eleeUenr, to secure
•Z yM Dlllou, A,,»«k*. '* n,ay be truly and safely rrllrd upon as
belny fully rapaMo of romoriny the disease, for which It is recum*
mended, and for ylvlny tone and rlyor to the yentral srileut
lie qualitlea hare he n fully tested In a lony practice, by the urn
P Tk,ro“Pt', 2? urPrnl solleltatlone of many who havn uled
JJ5 '**" ^ peopfetof has l«tn In.lured to ptace It
^ r.?.th*..tmllJlc T.?r.Deranyernct., SI, k ll-.Ll nth ,
",n in lie- stomach and Bowel., General Debility, Female
saaRtss"1 ■ “■ ro
TT ~ S»:w pi,ow.-t-L
K h»T« wrn rngafnl for iotnr time past
In fitting op th* patterns for a new ^ r _ .
Flow, especially d. slrne.f for earning tind r the V ^
hear lest growth »r rrfrUMe matter, and weflftgHtSkhCifMU
t*r* oJa* t,,f EH"? ®f Informing our friend., II.at at think we
hare fully accotnidlahed that end.
We would rail the atten.lon of the Farmer, lo thi. Plow, a. well
N iTTT, !r*? "f r°n* °f ,Trry ■*■». Celtlr.tora, Corn Wed.
"oillcre, l.arye « Horae Cultivator*. f, ,
« , i ,.Ufr<y» *•- *«• All of wlileh are made Hi oar
awn ehnpa, by good workmen, and warranted lo glre aallofaellon
m. °CJLWArr* CD. franklin ,lrra7?’
-*** Square below the Kachanye, Richmond. Va.
«*■ »*H »•crons.
•Sla IH.MM IV. ttl kiii | s,
Kfl] MAI.BR IV MM1,,
rij SltOKS, TRKBlit, Re., r.«pec-t fully
.. bey* leave lo announce lo the pcitdlc, m
II.,I I - l, „.,w prepared l., „g. r lo II,.
marullny .tookt In hie line ever offered lu thlt etly. HU Mock la m
romplele. and he uli the attention of city and country deabn a with
Ueaauranc. CU'.Jku prW« ^.all ba a«i&ciory. _ m7.1
. ‘'I* fH.TITIf.lt liOdlhl,
ITFT mHred s Urge lot of superior Cloth*, INwtmcre* snd
Tssttfigs, Which hi Will task* Wp la tl*S hf«| man new mi i
»oM rsasnnsMe term* snd si the shortest notice. * *
A Urge sod well selected stock sf Ready Mode CUtMns
wid compare with m tht. or any other maTkm im !;^ ^
low aa at any ..ther Home. , rw** **
Tie,"Re*^!lr* °0“ta 'n fT*“ Orarata. grharh,
•*****•• W«"|e *"<1 other* who nr* la March of realty deal
rable food, to rail and raamlne Ida Mock. ^,c,
raw..* v-?**-*' ,;,»on* FOR IN VI.
sownhrr hss rocHtH Ms Fall »t,. k nf ftrinv vt a nw
WM hCi£OTI!!I,0J'? OKNT"r*",,,,»' rt RHIFMfS., tiooSn. "
rally**£ ** “* *• hla frlende and tie pwMlr grno
'■II tTW -Ww^gllnj^, aroma and Dahlia Deem and Frock ; Pane*
Oamlm-ra Rndnom Free* .ad y„k j Icmhaain, Ibmvrr, Pe.ra.haa,
Mohair and(Wat Talniaa and Raylana. Dan ear, Pilot,Wohalr, p>.
ter^sm snd gegro-Hiftd torts iM Hurts*}!*.
■ *°!arrrWrfc Ih^ln, grown snd flrsy Cross.
gibhedOss^tmne^Oriefi snd grown FUi.l C*~.m rs. ^
eoHrwHon of CToOta, CaaMmerm and Veet
-.'-l1.-r"r.?,n4'T «n* qwnltty. wbVh he U peeparwd lo moke |„
meaaaro at the Mwwleot ru.Oee, la Iho brat and mmt taat.hnwMe
R- R. RPintCR,
_ Rlehmaad. ffa.
Woo*, mra niMH. litre, .. _
Railroad and Ooal PI! Vlanayera, and all other, ehn^^g
mra ntyreee lo hat I hare In Mare ala hundred (*n<d del
Im whuS' -JmH•T4 Wh!! *«?' »•••. ••* prtee lor,'
Bim,hVh 1 wm “H »• very lew price,
—_FOHW TlfOtlpyo*.
Id11. 11 *.* *S»rr» WIW pay Se we* Markri rah..
urn w.hi nlf I'* ; °«<w, Sink. Mnakrala. »oa. Oppa*.
mwhWiM Oat, and Hue Ilk Ina, JOIId TMi'MIttO*,
_«T Maiaatreet
WUJTT&2 * »*«WF tt* aaty ean yet. and are la aww*
I'M. %.lir "h1™ 'Ary Aj'y to be eqnaltal anywhere
nil# nolabrated WhUky la warranlod lo be over nine rear, aid. and
tlyrae*ce«c e. ,u c ... ....
Mo. IM Mamma *rmt. amt dam to Mamma W,
JL IhU tine art the WASHINGTON, Captain V
CTrceer; HERMANN, Capt bw.u Hwataa -
TN«m bum atop at Southampton, both going auMMfML.
and returning. ’ ■
__ __ From South
From From mmpiom for
»<• Terk. Imt.. Xr.T~?
Maturtaa. Saturday. WtAnmday
WaaBiaoTUN.P»b’r * Maeehfl Mar' M
nauiaw.Mar'S, rt April IS April M
WraaiauTua.April 11 May IT May ft
"««**»*.May rr tuna 14 Jnna II
Wmo««tm.June It Joly IS July |«
.J«ly 1* *•**« 1 Aat-t IS
Wajautnus.Aug t ■ Sepfr 4 Sepfr 10
■ aaMARN....Sepfr S Oefr 4 On*, s
WuauenN.Oefr 4 Ne»V 1 Kee'r S
DaaNAaa.....Nov’r I Ko»*r W Dae'r S
WAMiiauruN..Nue'r M DaeV »T Dec‘r SI
stopp'n* at Southampton, both point an,l rrtomlnp, they oOrr
paaaenpere. proceedInp :o London and Maere, adianUpoa rm any
other route, lor the economy ef time and money.
PAMAsa ratur eaw net to umitm, aao lUMas.
Plrrt Cabto. Main Saloon, 11*0 ; Pint Cabin, Lower Saturn, 1110;
Second do. !•<•. 1
All letter, and newepapen meat pom throoyb the Port Otlre.
— m° ****** “f *“* "• wUI •’* •**»«• or parcel* recelred on Ih* day o
l» *n ripen, need Snrpeon I* attached to each ah Ip.
Por freight or paaaape, apply to C. II. SAND.
II Sooth William *t.. New York.
C. A. IIKINERKN A CO., Bremen.
.... _ ra.m trrtm — ,
I»1T—lyfW]_WM. ISLLIN. Harrc^^'
EDINBURGH, S3*Ai tona, - . - Wm* CcunTro.
NEW IORK, 1160 M • • » Runt. Carlo ^fe
OLAMOOW. IMS « ... Jon* If .... J-aiaC
Are appointed to mil—
rum olimuv,
FDINRrRGIf, 10th December.
GLASGOW. SI«t Drcvmbrf.
NKW YORK. 14th January.
re-in > nr
8',’‘.rJaT; t**4 *■>»*■>*», at 11 o'clock, nnon.
MtlaHsY.CUi Ihn mbpr. m *• • u
ED1NUL KQH,8atAirtlay, luth January, *t *• 44 44
_ »*tb» or r▲smack
^ * JTrom &*Wma From yew York.
r\rn CImk..13 gnloek* Fir«tCU«.$75 00
fteernge, f. und with cooked Sierra* , f.ton.l with cook*
rd provtaiona...$$0 BO cd provUfoft.SO 00
A a exjicricciccd Furrcon Attached to each ,ut.-onpr.
For Freight or kpply to JOHN Mr<*YTI0?f.
Wcw York City DiUa or Gold only received for Ptwtgp.
To be drawn la Baltimore, M.l , Saturday, Dec. SO, 1 VIC.
Pr^ea aiooutil.np to »t.Tl.fiO0 will be didribuled mrcurdlup to the
fodowini SfstpMMll.l HcVidp :
NUMIIKKF ! ’ 1.SUU FKI7.R.4 ! f f
IST~ Priaea payable in full without deduction At
ncnKNN :
1 priie of. Ito.mai; * prlam of. u „„
1 pnae of . 14 1*4*1 Sprlar. of... . ' l/»
I pr.ieof. 10.<*» I 8 prmea of.,’..!’ljtui
I pr.ae of. ft.mat ls7 nr'a-. of u,.
i i»r>se of . ajam |
AppRniiiMTi»« rare**.
4 of loO, t|fr«iiuutiuQ to $|-*.<**».
4 of lUO, do 14 ‘.110.
4 of do 10.008.
4 of 89, do &,ouo.
4 of Til, do S,<Nki.
8 of CO, do 9,000.
12 of 4'», do 1/»K>.
1*of *\ d> 1
74** of 10, do koi.
1,000 Pnaes..|1 *3,600.
Whole Tukel* |!0; Halve* f 5; Qrs. |ij|0.
To he drawn In Baltimore, Marylandd, Saturday, Dec. 27, 1856.
M Utsr.:
1 Prise oC.$4ft,nik
1 IW .J..*UW
1 Pnseof.. . ,e ,
4 PilS-iof..,,... l«HkM
fcV '2'' I’flM of..’’’*’** *****
1(1 PriUftf..,.,.. ^ y'hiik
To Prises of. . i ;v
1T3 Pnaes of... IlllV.l 7>"
C*i Pr;a**s of. .!!.!!*.!!!! !v,
M Prist of. ’ .*,«
66 Prises of.. 7,,
4,1.Vt Prises of. ]. ^
95,740 Prises of... ....II’J**J*J"*’ 2*
3d,316 Prlx*-*, amount inr to f 1.1 41,1 In.
Wholt tickets t«! Halves #H>, <»^s f.Vt Elgl.ths f2 50.
t# All orders for tlrSris or park»fr* in any of the Maryland
! .‘dimes will receive prompt attention, and the drawing mailed t<
all purchaser* immediately after it is ovrr. Address
0„ __ T. H. HUBBARD A 00.,
BoBR lfo. VO Fayette »t ,or It \ \ >1,
8 X l 9* 9* A N 19 r O ft: a «’ C Os
No. 42 Chatham street. New York,
SUCCKt&OR of Pei as A Oboeob Lobuxaed, offers for sale at
kinds of 8NUFP and TOBACCOS in general use. For parltcu
lars, m Peici Cceeevt can be obtained by addressing as aboer.
Tl.is Eatablishmebt U one of the oldest of the kind In the Untte<
Bt*1**- mall—1/ (w.)
Have rkmoyfo to u»« new stork. no ioiawt
Main street, leeonl door below 14th street, where thcyB&SI
are prepared to »bow the largest amortmcnl of W5t
wer offered in Oils market.
A good assortment ef BONNETS and MILLINERY GOODS, of al
14 .Vain mir/,t. RirKu,and, Va.
WILL give their nndlrlded atkntiun to all Mice of Real »n<
p"““>l Eetate. sal- of Hmuehold furniture, Stock, Good!
Jtc., Ac.; alio, special attention to sale* on Saturdays of IL-rae.
Oow«, Carriage,, Wagon,, Ac., Ar.
Alao, keep MOstamly on hen.I the target and handsomest stock o
rurnlturr to he found In this market, constating In part of—
Mahogany and Rosewood Wardrobes
Do <• Msrbls and Mahogany top Cabinet,
Sideboard* and tkasnstands
Splrndhl Spring Seat Sofas, Tete a Tetea, Dlrans and Lounge
Spring Soat Parlor, Cane and Windsor Chairs
spring Cur'd Rockers, Soeiabb a, WhatnnU.
also, a Iwaullfal assortment of Cliatnbcr Setla, together with I
general assortment of Housekeeping Goods.
The city and country trad, are Invite.) to evaralne our collection
“ ar,- determined^ fell at a very small advance on east.
SIIOCKAI. Mil Ninth' A ’III iiim: siltll'.
Rjcevoed. Vs.
TALBOTT A BROTHER, PrnprlHcr* of the above
works, are now building PORTARLE HTFAM KS- ^ al
OINKit, of an Improved construction, of all sises.fn.m six Jg/we]
to forty Ilor*<* Power, suitable for Circular flaw Mills, EKE
Threshing Machines, and other purposes, which thry flatter thrui
*•***• arc fully equal If not superior to any Kngioes ever built for
or elsewhere.
They will also furnish STATIONARY flTKAM ENG INKS from t«
Horse to auy required j»owrr.
CIRCULAR flAW MILLS, of the most approved construction, an
of various slsra.
MII.IS and IKONS far VIMS of all kinds.
RAILROAD WORK of every d—rlptlon.
rnnii’m diumjij m s hmmim.. ...... ... « .
In hlanufactnrlny Tnhaern, loy-H>*r with eTrrrklnd of RRAff an
I They are alao the eTeloalrr Marufariorerr, la Ihla rlty, an
TO,:j,° amkrica corn and co
CRlfllKR, which they confidently recommend to their codomci
»nd frlcmla aa aoperlor to any Mill of the kind with which they ar
I 5K,&^,ttwMch w ‘•’‘-say
mnvr*t-mtrn or
» wo. 10 aotTTu piptii strrrt,
PHI I^A » K V P H I A .
tw All colors and qnalllll of MIIU,try irn.f fitury Ctnti
conatantle on hand and kw talc at the |..«..i prlrra.
ortO «m| V II P]
— I nPee for aalr th* Ship Tlmhrr and l.«aihrr. now rtandlny I
lary- My upon Mr farm -Capahnaar.''on Fork Hear, Va.
Tlw far ditto* for ahlpmenl are yreai, and Ihr aaw mill* of Their
apna lb* edjntntny farm, render th* raltfny of thlt hrdy of fihln Tin
her and l umber enmparallTcly eaay.
Corner Praaklln and Oorrmur atrerfa, Rlrbmnnd, Ta :
.. _ Or to TUONAN O PR AfllT, jn,
trail-d*m WUHaawbwry. Ta.
A>fi •^fcCRNTRRPTRRRT.esrry tlylr of Danerrentyn* Rramr
** Air of aoperlor Workmaaabtp. aha. levoklny Ola.. Pnrtrt
and Pirn tire Pram** of ceeey deacrlplion made ta order al Ihe ahoi
lee* nek* ep. A lory* aleck of Roacwood, Oyer*. Black Watnn
Maj.le. a vk. and Um brat imitation*. eonaiaatly on hand and for eal
In the Ira hh. Order* from any park af lha reentry promptly *t«
ewlad Ihr alee* will Rad » to their adraniafi* u ran aad jody* In
Ihemaeteea DARIBL 0. HIIDOINR. Mo Centre at reek |oa* daw
from Odd P dtnw-i Hall, corner of OrandPf.) New Tort.
N. R all k lode af PVharea and Imoklny ill.no fraamd la nrdei
la Ih* neaVat manner, la pill ar faary Wood.
noTT-Rm _ __
Nl *.MO « I HI HIM.. Ill IHIII IH.I Him
INI**, fit- -TAhtNTINB « RON hare lately reeotred an ad
dtllonal rupply o, eoarae Woolen, far (arm band, and laborer.
Imwyht rwryehoap RM owner, aad are oRrred al a email adeanr
for eaeb. they re natal la par* of—
fhaoobm pwiw. ’ Cloth* aad RaUMael*
Had aad Asrean A' Wankc**. an prlrra
Carpeting*. Rapa end Rah ( totho
Proncb, Rnfflab and Amarl'an Caa-lmere*
Haaaalo, Merht.. a, Meoarheea and floBeyea
Indie** and peal' • fhawla, ail My lea
A lkrye aaaorlavonl. <t
tmmm, Ttomeat i*. , MoMery, PmbmtdeeVa. I area, a*.
Ahm, for reonlny dee WWW
WMie an.I oaTd Ar dwwl.hwe.1 ARk Toll* Robey
Dotted and new *t> I* Aynred fwlea Moallna
Color, d and whlv Tarlatan*, *c
«nmer Broad, (Ih and Uapllol atraell.
__ ___falenllne Arpiare.
PP-** NIR An In Me orkrbrak.d treatiae on Pood an.
Ih«l. eaya fa A r-m. ol*.f bread pooaeaaei aeerral ad* an
Awweoforl hr «.l ho.b lime | i„.„M* I, *ared. an
Ihrrlakt or cilia. I oy the b read by Infrrtae yearn, nr carryiay lb* hr
mentation Ma far. I* a»o Red It le o«M adapted Hoe .omfhr* am
'fpa/w/Mfrw, with whom i he ordinary ferinemed hread dlaoyreea
In nr:.,ary aaalad.e., ala* R la a.Im raMe .»
a . ..*" *•* ** »"*' •MHUT* IRFAI.LIR1.I
AARINft PiWDRR, whir k la (*M wholeaaV aad rekall ay
d. » • '■ *>V"M •.
fsiiik roiimn u. —.t
1 ~nnto. —ly In Urn .Mid tog
w-k~-' «’•»«»« Lola*,
k*MU of youth. which destroy both body and mind. Those annl
aad MiUary imcUss arc more fatal to their victim* Uian the-p
mImL—????.*/1n*r» *>/ Lly—a, blighting tbMr mo* brit
llant hope or oath I pultons, rsoderiog mamagr, Ac., i-~.ai
JJimeUJIy. who bar. become the victim, of Solitary Tice, that dread -
flu aad MruHn habit which annuity • weeps to ao uctkMf
M“ ™»«MipUUng Marriage. being
- ChyUcal Weakness, Organic Debility, Deformities, Ac!
brslth consult Dr. Johnston, and be raatorvd lo perfact
**•1wk® pfacao hhnaelf under the ear* of Dr. Johnston may ruti
“ * *“Um“*“d confiJunUy rdy
immediately cwwd and fall rigor rcatorud.
TbD disease la the Penally most fresueatly paid by those who hare
indulgences. Tout,? person, are too
y_t*»ynlt from not being aware of the dreadful eoaae
finances that may ensue. Now, who that underatanda the auldect
IT* PC.’^f“'4 *? A*°7 **“ ,h* P®"*' Procreation D but auon«r h,
U>— Ailing lain improper hablto than by the prudent. He...toa
being deprived the pl.saure of healthy oS.prlng, the moat serious six'
destructive symptoms lo both body aad mind arise. The ayslet.
k—"*J“j!frB"P,,*a “>e physical and mental power, weakened, ner
b’ l»1P*““»® »' the heart, ladlgeutiea,a was
un* of th« framo, coa*!<, i;mpu>ni of rou«araptlon. etc.
i£r® JOjtMTOlf U Utr only regular PliysicUu adveruaiiur to cart
rivatp Coiup<a:BU. Ilia rvnM«tlcs and tmtmcoi are entirely un
knoan to aii other*. Prxf>ar. J from a ItAe Kpml In the treat l!o*»t
yt of ■yoy the %nt in this country, v«: Kiiytand. from*,
the Bleckley of P..il«'Jclj»h:a, Ac., and a more eilrriaire i>rcatir< iLan
any other Phymiciou in the world. J!U many w, „»rful car** and
most Waportai.t tturfical operations are a iuffl .tut guarantor to the
aflWadli. Those who wish to be spcedly and vSertually relieved,
jhould shun the numerous trifling Impoatcra, who oniy ruin their
health, and apply to him.
Omen—No. I SOUTH FREDERICK STREET, !«ft ..__ .ot
Ing from B dUmore atrrtt, seven die rv from U.e corner *
He particular In obaemng the aame aad number, or you wIL
mistake the place.
TAKE NOTICE—Observe the name un Use door and Win
Mem her of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, graduate from
oat of the moot eminent College, of the Crtted Staten, aad the greater
.■.ho*' m* ha* **n l® «•» Hoapltal. of London. Paris
I tilladclfKiia and elsewhere, has rEccted some or tiie moat astonish
ing cures that was ever known. Many troubled with ringing lo the
ear* and bead when asleep, great nervousness, being alarmed at sud
den sounds, and hash fulness, with derangement of mind, were cured
When the misguided and imprudent votary or pleasure finds hi
has irabdjcd the seeds of this painful disease. It too often happen,
that an lU-itmcd sense of elm me, or dread of discovery, deters htm
from applying to those who, rrnm education and rrspectabilky, can
alone befriend him, dlaying till U.e constitutional symptom! of this
horrid dies use make their appearance, such as ulcerated sore throat,
dLeased nose, nocturnal pains In tlic head and limbs, dimness of
algl-i, denlneae, nodes on the sl,lu hones and anna, blotches on u.
head, face and extremities, progressing with frfifhlful rapidity, till at
last the palate of the month or thr hones of tho none fall in, and the
vlcllm nf ilna awful dlaaaae becomes a horrid olivet of commiacra
Hon, tdl death pula a period to his dreadful suacrlrcs. by sending
Mm to
••That boerne from whence no Ira Seller return*.”
To such, Utrrrfare, Dr. JOHNSTON pledges himself to preserv.
U.e moat Inv! I tble secrecy; and, fr, m Ma aatenalre practice® in th<
first Hospitals la Europe and America, he can confidently recoin
mend a safe and speedy cure lo the unfortunate victim of Una horrid
It ia a meUnchdy fart that thousands fall victims lathis dreadfu
complaint, owing to the nnskllfulDess of Ignorant pretenders,who,
”7 *"* IhmX ilnAtlful poison, mercury, rain the couUUUar.
aini cHhcr Mid tin? ui?ortuQ&tc sufferer to an untimely grave, of els
Br. addresses all those who hare injured Urmalrti by prlvat*
ar.«l improper indulgences.
TIhw*. are some of the sad and melancholy effects produced by ear
ly habit* of youth, vta: Weakness of the Back and Unit*, Pain U.
the Head, Dimness of Sight, Lorn of Muscular Power, Palpitation o*
tho Heart, b> *pepsia. Nervous Irratibdity, Derangement of the Di
gts’.ivc EuncLoas. General Debility, Symptoms of Consumption, Ac.
Tt.e fearful effects on the mind are much to be dreaded; Loss of Me
mory, Confusion of I<ka*. De|irea»k>t> of Spirits, Kvil Forebodings
Aversion to Society, Self Distrust, U>ve of Solitude, Timidity, Ac.,air
Soruw of the evil* produced.
Thousand* of persons of all ages can now judge what Is the earn*
of their declining health. loosing their vigor, becoming weak, pah
and rma* iaUd, have a sitiguiar appearance about the eyes, cocgh
and symptoms of c.*i.sumj i ion.
Or thnar .-ontemplutlnc mnrrlmcr. be kit, ■,« of phnv-.l —-.lama
•JmhiIJ imue-Umtety con wilt Dr. Johnnton, ,»J he i«u.,ot to mifbct
health. 1
By this great and important rrnjedj, weakness of the organs art
spreddy cured, aud full vigor restored. Thousand* of the most ner
vous and debt 11 La ted, who had lost a?! hope, have been Immediately
relieved. All impediment* to Marriage, Physical or Mental disquali
Bcaiios, Nervous lrr liatious, Tr*. tab! lugs and Weakness, orcahau»iio£
of tlie most fearful kliyl, tpe. 4Br cured by Dr. Johnston.
who hare Injured themselves by * certain practice Indulged In whet
**onf » habit f.equcntly learned from evil companions «r at school
the tfftcu of which are nightly f It, even when a. leep, and, if not
cured, renders marriage Impossible, and destroy* both mind and
body, should apply immediately.
What a pity that a young man, the hope of hi* country, and the
darling of his parents, should U snatched from all prospects and tn
joynunu or life, by the consequences of deviating from the path o!
natur., and Indulging in a certain secret habit. Such persons,before
should reflect that a sound mind and body are the most necessary
requisite* to promote connubial happiness. Indeed, without these,
the jwnfj through life becomes a weary pilgrimage; the prospect
hourly dsitm* to the view; the a nd becomes shadowed with despair
and ullod with the melancholy reflection that the happiness of sooth
er becomes blighted with our own.
W AH SURGICAI. OPERATIONS pwforrord. Bil'T’*1*' ***■
N. B, U» ootiW -WHcncy prevent you, bo: apply lmm«di*tely.
cither p. : v nalljr or by letter.
iw SKIN DISEAbBt epeedfly cored.
The many thousand, cored »t thU ‘□.•.HutJonhritVn the lut It
reon, and the nuraerooa and Imp.rtant Sorytcal operation, per.
formed by Dr. J., wltoewed by the reporter, o» the patera, and many
other peraona, notice, of which have appeared again and attain b.
for* the public, braid,, hi, aUodla, a. a tenth roar. of character
and reapooatbthty, i, a sufficient guarantee to the aQIlcted.
It I, with the rrratevt reluctance that Dr. JOHNSTON permit, hla
I card to appear before the public, deeming it onprufeatfonal for a
, phyab-ian to advertlae. but onlcaa lie did ao, the afflicted, envclallr
I aaean*cr», could not fall to fall Into the hanj. of the many Impudent
•ml ouh-amed Importer#, With innumerable faliae nameo,or combined
r querkahop., awar.nlntt tbeae larye citlea. eopylny Dr. Johnaton*, ad
TtrlGemerla, or alr.rtlalnir thenuclvt a aa phyatclan*, miterate,•hal
low-brained fellow,, too lary to work at iMt original trade, with
i *rM.rr''lwo beyond the brute, who, foe the purpoao of enttclsf
und dercivlng, carry on flvs or six oflWs, under a* many different
i false names, so that the afllkt'‘d stranger escaping one. Is sure to
tumid? headlong into the other. Ignorant Quacks with enor
mous lying rertiflk'atee of great and astounding curve from persons
i not to be feund. who keen you taking large bottle* of Lleertec Water
ano other packagts of filthy %/»d worthless compounds, cunningly
, prepared to impose upon the unfortunate and unsuspecting. Trifling
month after month, or as long as the smallest fee can be obtained,
. and. In drspair. leaves you with ruined health, to sigh over your rail
ing disappointment.
It Is this motive that Induces Dr. J. to advertise, for he alone can
► cure you. To those unacquainted with Ids reputation, he deems It
dAW***7 MJf l*l%l ^ cnK,tD41**# 9r diploma* always hang lo hi*
N® letters received unless post-paid, and containing a stamp to be
| bml for the reply. Persons writing should state agr, sod send that
\ portion of advertlwment describing symptoms. sptl—dly
i ONNONM1RTS of Tobacco, Wheat, Corn and other produce
tUn sim ctfuUy soil sited.
I fW" on Virginia street, next to Fry's corner.
. ■JECKIVK n.n.Timrnt. ,( T*«r,„, floor, C..rn. Wheat, Ae,
; and (It* their peraonal attention ta naira of the a.iatT; and
1 kern con.lanlly on hand a larfr aaaorlun-r.t of Urocerlra, Seed., E*.
I iREtan Guano. A tsil
, ottaat.Ka H'uatfRRR,__R, V, R'uarnaa
. ^ ». TtNSHl DF.It’N NON V,
r N^f rtrraaTT* *t*k(T, aiCRaottn ta..
Solicit rontlfntnrnu of CORN, WHEAT, PLOCR, TOR A COO. So
. March I A, IN*.
oprrsr car. inn Tiaatau araanr*, att'tnaoRp, t*.,
I'M perron* I attention to the aaleof wnEAT, CORN,
T ▼ TOBACCO, and all oilier country produce ronatfoed in hi*
****• aplf
1'iH.hBTT * ANHl listn.
Conner nf OvMrnnr >tnJ fr-tnUIn afrarfa,
Wholesale ano retail healers in ppmehand Aa>*rv.
ean Paper Hanflnpa; Salta HaUnc. and Hamaak, for Win
, d®» Otrtalna; tllmj.*. Cord* *nd Taaaela. Cornlrra. Honda and Coonr
„ Uee and Mndln Curt*,na; floor and Table Oil CMh*; Hair Cloth
and Pln*h, for Safa*; Car led Hair; Sofa Sprtn(a; Twin*-, Turk a- Mai.
* Window Shade* ; hnt itarlot Hair and Shura *f attrraac t -
i. Yeathcr Bed#; Lnanpra; Sofa Bel., with many othrr artlrlaa la car
Hue of tmainra*. all of whleh will h* odd on th* to.at rra~.nal.te
lerma; and Paper Haaftn( and I’pbolaterlnf panrtually attended t*
In town or country.
RE 7101 II..
I (htauhtfa* Afrr.-A.toT. Impnrirr, Jfaaaf.tWar«r, and ITAofamJ*
lVefrr In JVery fVr -r Ly/.m* «r
A If F II I ( A N ll A II It \* A R F,
Chart srwd hy th* UwlaUtiirs of Tirfinla Dec, 17th, ISIS,
f 8PITIL rim THorsoiD DOLLARS.
THIS INitriri TION reretree depoaR* on which Intereat I* paid
at fhe rale of alt per ml per annum ,fr*maloln( oa leaaaR
"» month*, atad lea per rant tor ilertrr torkda.
WW. O. PAINE, Proatdent,
• ORO. J SI'MNER Sorretary,
Wan. 9. Paine, af the Sraa of Kent, Paine A Co,
jataee I*. Apperaoa, “ “ ” Goldin A Apperann,
ThoaR.Baldwin, " " " Rera, Bat-twin A Co,
Bohert T. Rrooke,
H Ohrlattan, » « " Christian A Uthrop,
L*w»a otntrr, ta a « Otnt-T A A trey,
R * Heath,
Sa.iiaet p. Uthrop, " « •« Chrtetlan A Uthrop,
R W MrOmder, » •• " R Method-, N S. t a,
Bamwet M. IN tee, » " " The*. *. PTk« A Oe,
9eo. J. Snmner.
Jiao. 0. Srhator,
l * Y Stole*. « " " Stole* * On.
Jeh" H. Mootayne.
I |* ORee With the Merrhanta* Inaarance Company No IM, eor
ner of Bala and Itth .tree,. ^.ip
NIM'lt I . r eale.d P liar t'.''«l|rM„,
WHISRY.formerly hell hr M. •«* He*ne A ft*"WO, tad rr
really hy Mr t Jaa Ih-ane. ha*, with the ranunt of Mr Deane, |
I hewn Iran,torred too*. We hay* Hi store, and eapeet to keep a con- I
•toot n»p»«ty of •• Otd Rye " and " Pamtty,” wMrk we «*. r In the '
m*r amt to oonaaatera at th* aawte rare, eharfod hy th* former
•wonta t let at nr RT« in a (iRKRNitow
> I’HtH ND AMR ASB FINK NA*,#. k-r .ah ha
Most Extraordinary Remedy Kiowa.
if ~a •—w.*1. V CAIt U XXPERIKKCB In the sole of
aoy IK. “nOTHF.lt’* BHKUT fLOTMV*
“* 'n’*rlrl) “•*>*» “*• to no'-htny known to toe -rfril world,
»b*cli wlU UUIMm WHO them. Thay us lo.tord rmfiHoi of
Use nuresup usrdAor.
It may be oil of thro, without fear of eootraJIctloo or proof to
ihr contrary, that If they am applied at aay Urn. prorWtotbo
****** f***"* •* **• ^roa*. tooy wM promptly aflay all fn
**“•*• all pain and prem, to. br^ from yutomtoy, ami tor
ib.rtuoro. If too bream tooold actaally rim brfort too rlotos caa bo
1*4,11“ application and eomtant wrarlny of ttm will prodooo meb
a condition of too bream aa to Inmara toe r - - f - r—rii rare.
terry author abould katp them by hor. and follow la toolr am to*
ilroclloni, which always are seal with them, and our word for H, sh*
rBI nee re know what nut. bar. errtou. mfcrln* with bm breasts
tr A Iealliance of *l-*u, aaeompanled by 11 ce*U worth of
pom aye stamps, wUI secure lh« prompt-ra Malta by —n of a r-‘r
*f them cloths to aay part of toe Col tod States.
They are for sal* by
ADU A SKAT, Wholsaalc and Retail Ayrats,
fcW UT >*aln street, Rkdunond, Timtota.
And by MEADE A BAKER. lb* Mato aL, Richmond, Ta.
IT Fall directions for apply toy thsac CW.ihs, wRJ accompany
„ iatui, X*t- H. ltay.
*,*b'“- «“*• A Co My c* drlr w. to taklny a beary Iw (that
**’’r**4' ,r»m the earn, aa It dropped on the end ons fork pro-.
•‘“bor^ly tbroach. shouthalf wayb.lwe£to,
”t,|4U io<- P^in ?or fire or «tx dxj*,
am4»t the line prtwtiiH i wry nnh-althv AnMAmw Irtdwd the
•jmpto®. ,»4U-%iwU TrtHMtr Loch^m.
rertbtoMrndrd jour TCRP Oil#. I okxlnr.1 about a tub)# Bp >on full
*n4»p|4lod It aa dirtrtrd. Th<* fourUi da j after ita on be vaa aLlr*
* *°f* ^5°"' ** ****'" '» *>*• wort’
I MW applied i| Uj burnt, averting*. An., vttli the um wood effect
«dS!LMhill2rf.“P"“ '°r Ui* '*** ,hir,Jr F**™, (when DO b-tter
aid oould he bad.) to mw op. fls o|», mralyhton op strains, bruise*,
ounda, Ac. tlavi&f a(ipllol nill!i« rrurdki pern rallj In ur, from
rourTrUt'oftoT" #f ^’.rU“’ hun'T' ** • *" •**• Introduction ,.f
^d b» WIL’1 “ H “tfp^ms any application ever
*** 7 n**- Ter7 respectfully,
—**__PTTER j. ORir.d,
jpg- a“T or DYEI lti HI9IAT
HAIR Is bat Imperfectly understood eren by those
*? ETtol.m prmwMMi.. TSe mom of the popolir Hair
^ “7. *»f «*>« “»«. color too hair, bat soon to b.
mmodrd by a tarnished rrecn, or other uurtyMly apoesranc*.—
®*f** 1 EIrctric Hair Dya la void of them noaious properties. It
tostanlly dyes the hair a beautiful natural black or brown, whirl
oaltocr water nor sunshlao caa tarnish lo the lout; tad “to —h
*■****“' <,®^*7 “7»" *»• byeuts are authorised to refund tot mo
Jfloo Z? ***»*“* batlsfoction Is not yiren. Price SO cents,
D^ueemy^wr- ‘DT*Dt°ri " Bu«,e* D-to“* “« ■*» *>»
, . AKK irot" GETTIXE B.l I.D *
‘* lr tarotoy yrgrf Do yon wito to oultlnto -ooj whl.
kers sad moustaches * Your hair to bw soft, silky, sod ylossr?—
Tour bead to hr cool, comfortable, and free of dandruff? Mothers !
are your children to bar* luxuriant heads or hair? Then use Bo
ana's Urraaioa rLcm. which a ana rsiia to lu unerrtnr effect*.—
JJtJccs 1ft eta. oh eta. TJ els. and IIJu per bottle Boyle's Balm of
Cytheria stands unrivalled for cradlcalln* tan and pimples .and beao
!■>''■*.■■ **f'c*5o eta. In renter and proprietor, W.
BOGLE. Boston and aold by Drury 1st* everywhere.
If if_ SPECIAL ROTH'E.—Tc make preparation
«*r a chance la our business with to* bmioulac of
so other year, wt Shall couamn from tots data to offer our enure
Stock at (rratly reduced prices, thus prssonUny a rare opportunity
for purchasers to supply toctaselres with all styles of— 7
Dress Goods. Bilks, Rohe*. Ac.
Blmwls, Cloaks and fh-arfa
Heary Woollens and Blankets for servants
A splendid assortment of Carpets, such as rich Tapestry.
R*yCAn*d«BrU***U’ ThrTt'*',J *uJ ,n«r»iu. Uctop and
M..U*. Velect and Tufted Ruys
AC the Cast. Store, In Main street.
TCW LADIES.—Theluhecrtberbrga leave to aanounc. ra^Bte
to the Lad tee of Richmond, and the Slate of Virginia, that he has
°' L“dl'*’ OA,T**W. Imported by Mmvelf
direct fro in Parte. They were made In Me vpeclal order, oat of m»
Til ‘T“‘ e*.r* b* ' •* ■«"»» ,n P*f“- The following
.re the vtjlee in the ew. (they are entirely nrw |n thle cltyj via.
Cr-rtfTM* Ga!t« rt, cork solo, ktd Cons, vlih heels
Button “ 14 44 •« *» M «
44 double ** **** ** 44 pat. leather fond
44 all 44 •• *4
** ****** *at. cloth tope, •••• M
Cf'f'JIvM 44 44 MM M 44 MM M
Ufr 44 14 *• 4* 44 4« M 44 M
• ■ ■ *• *4 franris m m *• m Ilanrarian.
I would meat respectfully turtle the Ladka to rail and examine
Manufacturer and Importer,
***____IK Male street, Richmond, Va.
B’lWa Ik .Vrie Yurt Duily .Vote, A’or. S«fA, 1SS4.
V,,*44 ' OHIIliALS.—The two champion safes
M«»™>g • patent hare passed through the trial by
are and «o.ikl the teat. One waa contained In lire Ho re of K. H. Her
rCr\'.u ,1 Cr;'^”.l‘p- iig1 M "‘her in lire upholetery warehonve
of D-dulhvan 4 r.y. .No. 4-4 Prari itreet. destroyed on Friday night
**t' The safe, were rxjuiSed to the flames, and the books and vain
able, they e.ntatncd were prewererd unit Jared It it needless to
• sy that the proprietor. of three nui.lid.oienta at once ordered the
Champion 8*fee, with the newly pa rnted Improvement, of the Inee
akoo. manufacturer. The certificates of Mr. Herrick and Messrs.
O. ulllrap A Fay, are evidence* of their climate of Die value of the
“H built i*f A. C. Hrrrinf A Co.
SaMo” ^^re,."EUK,NG'8 “d Bur*“r Pro#4
-gg*4___B. W. KNOWLES, Agents
^ HELD —Wo propose to purchasers of Plano Porta
to uke our Instrument* on trial In order to test what ws aavsf their
quality before paying for them.
Twenty years experience on our part satisfies our own minds, and
we could ret over fi'lren hundred persons to units with ns Id the
opinion, :1.xl no establishment. North or Bomb,can poasibly furnish
better or cheaper Instruments than we do. ‘ 1
-ggl1___M. P. HASH.
If NOTICE.—Haring been appointed Agents for the
“*r •*»■« celebrated Spool Colton Manufactured hy
ti^^r-OK 4 Olnsgnw. ww shall be supplied at Ml
n mgr>'tmcnl •“««« from tlie Msnufaeturers, for sale
,oWf*t "tf Vork We c*n fu%rtnte« thU Oottoa to be
Mul with coaAdc&ce re
eoianwud It to the trade.
_KENT PAINE A CO , Agents.
if J. A. Hl:l. V l> has removed his Furniture Estak
WSfVW,.. •? tb« apack.ua and elegant Ware room under
CORINTHIAN IIALL, Main Street, above the Banks, and has in
operation all the appHaneea Incident to an extensive *—■- n
u,; m inr s. look■ no a.i.av
CLASS PLATE, At'—M. FRANCK, *10 NruadTtfeev
R.rhmoud. Ta.. keeps constantly on hand faory ami plafn material In
-•very branch of his Imdnesa. lie asks a rati from ail who nave Ple
toros to frame, or wish to boy articles In hU line. Jy»
Mothers’ Breast Cloths.
w* g ‘“PP'F Of these Invaluable article, on hand, and
would call the attention of the public to the advertisement in aa.
other column. MRADE A BAKER,Chemlsta,
,,J Mala street,northwest corner .I loth.
To be drawn In thecHyof Mobile. Alabama, In pnblle,on TTEPJAT
December At, 1nS4, on the Plan ofSlNULE NUMBERS
Joaa Hurra, and W. W Midi l ias. Esos, Co ramies! eocrr
.. 3<M»»0 TICK FTP—3«2tiO PRIZES.
N O V El. M'llEBE I
1 Pr*eof.* pi.imn | 1 p* as of..ttflM
Iprseof. It.inm In prises of. (fat
I prise of . a.non | pat prises of. loo
I prias of. | lutt pnses of. To
1 prise of. 1,000 |
irranintxTin* retsea.
4 prises of >I.V> .pproxiutaUng to $4".'”0 pvtae, are.... SATO
4 “ ITS •• Il.ram « « .... •«»
* : - -:::: *„
* “SO “ 1.1** ~ «_ 41II
* « •• aoo - « .... i.sm
*•'"« “ 40 are. R1WMW0
M* prl* *. amounting to. . *,,,(
Whole Ticket*, (lit; lltlm R.1 , tjmrvri, R-J fin.
*,fhin prime or R«» Will bo determined by the la.t (were of the
Nun*her that draw. U c R4t\<k»i pr.«e Pur example. If tbe Number
d awln* tbe R40.n>* friar end. with Ne 1. then an the Tick*** where
the Number end. In l will be entitled lo Rdn 1( the Number end.
with No. R, then all the Ticket, where the Number ends In t will be
efttftlrt to M“i ir »n lo n,
rVrf{dc*r/ce <•/ poet ago will be rnU at the following rate., which
I. the risk :
OerllR ate of Package ol Id Whole Ticket*, • . . . (r
“ 10 Half |f
" 1 *1 Quarter “ Ifl
Addrear order* lor Ticket* or Certificate* of Package* of Tickets
either to P. PW AN A CO., Atlanta. Oa^ or
»«** P PW AN, Montgomery, Ala.
To be drawn In the rlty of Mobile, Alabama, In public, r n PATCR
DAT. January 10, |»I, on tb- Ptao of xtNULK KIINIUI.
don* llur.i and W W W art**. («,* CommkaMonere
NOVKI. M ill HI !
I pel*, of.H5.ni' I 1 prise nf.. .Rl.«*
1 prim of . In.itnn I In prise* ef. pul
lprt»of . lo.imn | M peter* of. Iig
I peter of. ln/htg t wo pr ate of. 7#
I prise of.. lfiju* 1'W peter, of . Rg
lpcweof . b.noo | A Ou peter* ef. 40
RJh'7 Prise*. amounting lo RNM,M«.
Whole Ticket. Rio . Ilalr*. »h. Quarters RC Rg.
The Rest *17 Pr see are deeldod In tbe usual manner.
R.ono Priaea of Rti will be determined b* the last figure of tho
Number ibal draw, the R*».f** Pr'»». for etample. If Ike Number
drawing the R4n,m*> Prteo ends with No 1. then all tbe Tickets Where
thw Number end. In I will be entitled to R40. If lb* Nauthor end.
with f. then all tbe Tlrkete where the Number ends te f will be enti
tled to $40, and so on to 0.
f Vrf.N.yrfe. n/ /Mcg-ig.. wiR bo sold at the RtRowteg rate*, which
k the risk :
(VrllRrete of Package of 10 Whole Tickets, • ' - • . ggn
- “ I * Half - .... * *t
" “ 1« Quarter " . . . |j
Address orders for Tickets or (V rathe stew either to
P. PWAN A OO.. Atlanta. 0b,
P. PWAN, Montgomery. Ala.
Or Bo* tig, Mobil*, Ate.
1*1 IT or »W IT A f 0,tR I.OTTPRtri.
•T".“ •Nombera corresponding with thoee *• the Ttckete are ptaerd
In one Wheel The Prim** are placed te another Wheel. A New,
be. Is drawn boa the Number Wheel, and M the amm Urn* a Pete*
la drawn from the other Wheel. Tbe Prtre drawn * placed aganaa
I be Number drown. Thin operation In repealed w,n a* 'be Priam
arr* 4ra«a oat.
r« <w«irw nr««v*,
*brb‘»' 'be money to owe address f.r the ttekete ordered, on re
ceipt of wbleh they will be ftarwnrded by Ike Rrnt mad
The ft* ef drawn number* and prise* win te sent to pnrchmmr*
Immediately alter tbe drawing.
IW~ Perrhaerr. will pteaae write their Mgnatar** ptaln, and (It*
tli.if p*,n .(her, roar.ty aad Ptale.
1* Remember that eery pr o* In drawn, nwd payable te haR
**~ Vg^pcmeTof Rlgaa and a odor, nahl mmcd'alrly after the
drawing -..pier prime at tb* neeal time ef ihtriy day*
All eoaamnnlrnfVma strictly oongdenUal
Peter tb-kea* eaahe-l or rwnearrd In other Uekela M a label *4he«
HI II.IIITtfj ll«RnW IR>:. I hare b 1 .tom aad for
aal* on tbe lowow term., a good aasortaacnl of Ruldtng Hard-:
warn, embrarlag Iccka of alt kinds; Mineral and Porcelain Rooks
Romel. ftpisr*. ptnea. Mortec*. PkaUer aad Chain Bolts, Hinges and
Prrew., W ln.l..w Pulley# aad Push Cord ; Cut and Wronght Nnfle ;
together with alt arttebw wawaWy found la my lias of hwataete.
New Hardware Rtero, Re RMI Mate ■teaat,
*1 Ahor* the Raaka.
/Vw«t dr /xrwdrir 71mm, lf«*. J*.
Nobody can ba surprised to laara that Mr. h«
acrepted without reserve tha proposition of Mr. Secretary
Marey with regard to tha rights of baUigavawaa, hr t* to
wall known that if that g—-‘mm war**■» War Minister
be would proceed at ouae to diatab ear arm t,to dtocharg*
owr nary, to dlmnanU* our fortificadaM, aad to “ , , f
our stores at Woolaich to the dealer* ia old iroa. Wry
too, hava all along eoahsaed to a itrang leaning (a farse
of Mr. Marcy's propoml and w* ihould ba giad u wa aoaM
■a* our way to an anquaEfied approval of what on the rar
(ace at least, appears to be a* fair.
“There i* no tocb gain of time,’* says Lord Bacon, “as
to iterate often the stale of the question," and it nay there
fore be wail to remind our reader* that, at the “iragnaj
of Paris, tho Plenipotentiaries assembled declared on ha
half ot their respective countries tha^iivaleering U ahvl
tahod, and that [always excepting contraband of warl ena
wy'a goods in neutral vessels, and neutral gsoda in awe
my'a vessels, are exempt liotn spoliation. It waa -ipaM
ed, that a hen the great Europeau Power* were willing to
mi igatc the horror* of war by voluntarily waiving tbeir
undoubted rights, the whole civilized world would ba wa
dy to give ill their adhesion to an agreement so honora
ble. It was found, however, that the United States
hesitated as to the 6rat clause of the declaration
—namely, that which related to tha aboHtioo
of pri vatcering. Only on one condition waa Mr.
Marcy willing to accede to Ihia abolition_“that
the private property of the subject* or citizen* of
belligerents on the high seat -hall ba exempted from sei
zure by public armed Teasels af the other belligerent ex
cept it be contraband." The proposal, therefore, ia that
maiiliui* warfare shall become a mere duel between lb*
hostile Government* and thrir force*, no private parti**
'wing attacked or allowed to attack. Wa hate several
lime* expressed some surprise that our American friends
Lave been unable to lee the difference between the dep
redation* (if privateer* and of a regular navy. War be
come. necessarily inhuman when every person U permit
ted to take part in lh« atrile; nut subject to command,
unaccustomed to discipline, under no restraint, having no
hope of superior reward, and looking onlv to the prevent,
it IS (earful to contemplate the exectaea to which priva
teer*, far more than regular combatants, are tempted._
All this, however, Mr. Marey baa overlooked ; he insist*
upon the right as a most important one, but he ia willing
to aign it away on the above condition—that private pro
perty on the high seas, whether an enemy's, or in neutral
veasels, be respected. Hereupon Mr. Cobdcn takes up
the tale, and draws a pleasant picture of the world at
peace, and leaving kings and government* to settle thrir
quarrels as best they cau—something like the prize-light
ers, who, with some acore or two of their friends, hire n
special train, go twenty miles out of town, select soma
quiet Geld, and than,
“ The world forgetting, by the world forgot,"
fly at each other without fear of the police and without
thought ol life. For the first time in the history of tho
human race the right* of individuals are to be inspected.
There shall ba no more plunder and prixe money to a'im
ulate cupidity and to give a zest to cruelty; there shall
be fewer taxes to sustain great armies and to increase
great navies; and. In short, trade will flourish mure and
mote, war will gradually rcaao from the earth, and the
1’eacc Society, having done its work, will be dispersed.
All this is very fine, and as a mere matter of tbeorv we
are willing to go pretty far with Mr. Cobden. We do not
witii him, believe it to be possible to abolish war; but it is
possible to reduce war to the condition of a duel between
respective Governments; and who would not welcome anv
expedient that is likely to gave the unoffending peoples
from the crimes and miseries of such a “fierce arbitra
ment?” But evidently, if war is to be reduced to the lim
its of a duel, the duel must be on fair terms. It ia not
lair (or a man who has all his life been accustomed to
snuff out candles with his pistol to summon a poor fellow
who knows not where the trigger ia to an exchange of
shots ; it is not fair for a man who is a perfect fencer to
cross swords with another who pretends to be nothing
bettor tiian a good boxer; and, if close attention be giv
cn to the tendency of this di-cussion, it will be found that,
while the proposal of Mr. Marcy is most specious in theo
ry, its practical result must be to make us fight a duel on
unequal terms. For let us carry out the theory to its log
ical coast queuces.
If we arc to respect private property on the high sees,
why not on the coast?—why not on land? It is impossible
to draw a line of distinction that shall have any ground in
reason. Tbo rule must be made universal, and, if so, it ia
quite apparent to what object we are tending. \V> are
tending to the disarmament of oor principal force in tho
interest ot the continental Fuweia and of America. Wo
rely upon our navy, and wc are told to abolish it, and to
fight our battles with our weakest arm against the stron
gest arm of our neighbor*. It may suit America, pith her
vast seaboard entirely unprotected, it may suit the conti
nental Stales with their immense armies and feeble navies,
to adopt Mr. Marcy’s proposition, and among themselves
it may be quite fair that they should fight in tMs fashion.
The question is, are we willing to fight a duel on these
terms? Let no ono be surpiued it the whole civilised
world be against us, and iu favor of Mr. Cohdeu’s policy
of peace. All the civilitcd world will be gainers, and we
alone hare a formidable navy; and if we accept tbe terms
wc shall be able ouly to dash our ships against stonewalls.
Of this kind of wai fare, we have had experience enough
in the late conflict, and it is not likely that we shall, tor
the benefit of our enemies, consent to fight at such a’dis
advantage. Tbe truth is, indeed, that carrying this prin
ciple of Mr. Marcy’s to its legitimate conclusions, we
should have iu the end to abolish blockades, and there
would be absolutely no reason tor erection of fortifications
on an enemy's coast, save lor the protection of arsenals or
for the purpose of preventing an army from landing. As
it would be useless to attack such fortresses as Crouatadt,
our fleets therefore would become null, save for erasing on
the high seas, where there is no other navy to oppose, all
being snugly laid up behind impregnable walla.
It appears to as, after reconsidering the suhjcct, that ia
consenting to respect the private property of neutrals in
an enemy’s and the piivate property ot au enemy ia neu
tral vessels, we have granted all that wa can afford. Mr.
Cobden argue* that the renult of such a regulation will be
•imply that enemies’ goods will be transferred to neutral
vessel*, and that we shall be so far loser* in trade. Ia so
arguing, however, be goe* entirely on tbe assumption that
there U no blockade of the enemy’* coast, aud that wo
have not a navy adequate to the protection of tror mercan
tile fleet. The wish ia father to the thought. He shows,
tor example, tbut if we were at war with Frmoce we should
have four time* the emoont of property on the Sea that
the French merchants have. We should therefore be four
timee as touch exposed to tbe depredations of government
What an alluring vision for those who inspire tbe lucu
brations of the Au*,abl*t National* ! It haa not entered
itifji Vf r (’nKrLin'a — —-—1 - ——»-• -■ t#
property aduat would be lour turn * M valuable as (be
Kieuch, it would also In the same proportion bo better
protected. And the hon. gentleman is not only wrong in
hiaanticipation of e»ll consequences to oor trade from the
declaration of the Paris Congress, but wrong also in bio an
ticipations of a glorious luture as the consequence of Mr.
Matey'a proposition. If that proposal might tend to alle
viate the ill* of war, it would certainly Dot tend to dimin
iah Hie anna menu and to abolish the' wars of diferent
eoontrieo. War, on the contrary, would ho proclaimed
more frequently than ever, because It would be pomibic to
wage it on easier term*. It in the fear of destruction to
property that continually restrains aa from appealing to
the force of arnia ; and, if that restraint of self interest
were removed, why should not the nations Ireoly Indulge
their pugnacity by reaoiting on every idle oceualoa to
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a*lo, which i wiii srii i«w, g j nguar
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Band tad Boqo.1 (Worsted Ctdna Bioo.r UMoTof Ik* Mm
pa Keros, to which wo MSB* U.s Mteadoa of in i k*si 11 Sat* iw.
rolrod at 1*7 M... Wreet. -
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f 1 I MW, Hiri.B.M, PIUIOI.U. W. bars M Mwrsatarrt
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**•»"*■ *° *•* p"rch***r* by o i «i trow a on.
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