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*•'* i i'i i Hub ini iigf I
uk"un “•• ‘Wpo*u •*••■•»**•
O** Ap-n, (If Horn) or UnVil^tatU^. w
»ch *ldlUon*l knaartWn. m
2"* month without alteratiun. * * *' %$ 45
j- 2* ..'.:::.:::;::R S
ftj., 2? 2° .. ^0
Two Square*. Three month!.. .JV -Ji
Twelve month* . .50 *0
c,>n*W'r”1 'Vu«'month orje.r an
the partiM* **“ “““•''•P*- or prevloualy agreed upon let ween
_ An adVertlaemt.il no4 Ulrtet on th* c,»|,y for a IOCtOnt namhe
*d aivmrdiqgly *"* COnUnUr<1 ut‘1'1 orJvr''l out, and payment exart
_ •* RT*°i-** A°Tlf*v*un**jrra.—To avoid any mleu.eUr.undt**
on the part of the Annua) Adrrrtlaeri, It le proper to atate ,fMtn.3iv
»ha. tlu-lr prlHUu*. only „uu.t. to their Imn^tUU
y^1 ““ *" otW AdrertlaemeoU aent l>y them to be an adT
dlttonal . lure., and no variation.
««»• Wta andO*n*ral Agent.1 AdrertlarmenU not to he In -
r,^ri.'lLU,VW' I"2, e“ chV^J the ulual ratee, autfeet to
iocMl4r«unt4 a* shall hr ifrrsJ upon. ^
AueOoneera, Rookwllere and yearly advert I err., generally,
•"*5*5* v I oarer, with the prlvll.gr efrhanr-, dull n<£
«2e1,>jtr *rAr,f ®Trr**r'ln *nf “n* *«•*. linen more than the amount
aqrue-l upon aj th* alaudlng rule under th* eonlrart, and all eaeeed
ln* «uch amount to be charged at the uaual rate*
Adverttmm.-I.tr Inwrtel |„ th. Peml-Werkly Whig at 75 rent* per
■quarcoftO linn or lua* for th* Brat Inaertlon, and So cenla per
at "are for each continuance. ” pw
_«i*m»8AH rou t hah.
i milt^
* l' si 9 1" II 13
,1* nils'tc II It If
39 31 33 23 U 45 •>«
37 80 33 *. SI .'..
At-jeer .. .. . .. . f
* 4 5, « 7 8 9
■10,11 18 ISII4 If. It
1)7 l« 19,30.31 33 38
<4 2S 3< *7!« 3V‘80
|*l ........
frrv***.* .1 2l S 4 5 «
1 S 9 I. >| l» is
II 15 If 17 18 1» 3"
71 33 31 94 if if oj
,3b 99,8d . . I
. .. 1 3 8 t
S' A T S I Ill'll
;»* IS If'lS If 17 IS
III* 30 31 33 38 34 is
„ 16 37;3S 29.80 81 .
Nova**** !.. ....... , 1
,3 a 4! S. « 7 8
9 10 11 13,18 14 15
If 17 IS,19 So 31 39
138.34J M fT 39 39
Daoutag* :.,;i 3' f '4 8 ’*
T 9 *10 11 13 IS
'14 IS If 17’IS 19 30
31 13 28 24 35 16 37
_ .28 39,80 81...i.,1..
(ectxwwoa vt> »**t. Darn,)
aktioxi: 1:11,
W<iU afreet, under AT Churl** 11.4*1,
'■TKT’ILl, devot* hie whole attention to th* Sale and tllrlug»f *Ne
W ▼ rroct. IU.il Ksutf. k.c . mihltrlv irtil t»r. tat. I a*
**tes satisfactory or no charge mvie.
IW~ lie hu a coaTtnlcnl place fur keeping elieea.
.. T’*'.,.VUcrlb'r Inform! his frlen.l. that he hu .lluon.
tinned the auction holiness, and haring rente I hla oIBce to Mr. J H
Hugrore, takes pleasure lu raoommendlng his former customers to
July tl_
TIIK subscriber respectfully Informs his friends and the public
generally, that he Is In receipt of his FALL UOODS, esibraclug
off all the modem style*, which he deems It unoeceasary to mrtks
B*»*re it to say, that Ms assortment Is eyual to any lu this
or any other city.
Thankful to a discerning public for their long continued patrow
age, he solicits a cootlnuance of the same, and t»ledge« Ms best rff.
forta to please._(mH) _JOlffN TIIOMPMON.
niKsii nipoirn;i)
1 SAG!!
(JHT ^ NOW receiving per ship Peppered at this pnrt,^^^
»r^*n4 by Ibe shins Progress and Mascongus via Nsv^M
^wYork, bis usual full supply of \ jl/
of tlm latest styles and patterns ; and from the manufacturers off
this country, a heavy stock of Glassware, Looking Glasses. Castors
and Fancy Goods, In great variety, which he offers to the trade at I
prices for cais, or on the usual credit to punctual payers.
_ rBr°rt wi,l be made to Induce the merchants of Vlrglola,
Worth Carolina and Tennessee, to make their purchases lu this msr
Credit Customers
1*°° bags Klo Coffee, from fair to prime quality
" Laguaira, Java, and Mucba do
10U hhds. N. 0. and P R. Hugur.
•**> Packages •• Loaf,- - Crushed." " Powdered" and
"Coffee" do
*000 kegs Nails, "Old Dominion" brand
luuil Ikuxes Sperm, Adamantine and Tallow Candles
Ion baskets best Olive Oil
teat hbls., hI. bids and kits Mackerel
Boo packagcsGreen and Black Tea
loo obis. Tanners' Oil
Hfio bt»l*. ami tierces prime N. O. Molasses
AO hhds. prime Muscovado do
8no boars Halo and loxli French and American Glass
!<*«» reams Wrapping, Cap, and Letter Paper
HOO boxes chewing Tobacco
100JAM) C.gars
fin gross Mason's Blacking
9U0 d<ia. Ruckete
>. sUO " l<rooms. _ ^ (f
HF Hubscrlbers, having removed to thHr new Factory on Cary
Htreet, between f«h and Itlth Afreets, are prepared to rerelvi
orders for all kinds of Agricultural Machines and Implements of the 1
latest and most approved patterns, which will be made of the best
materials and of superior workmanship. They a«k attention to i
"Cardwell’s double ami single grsred Horsepowers and Thrashers."
which have taken a premium at every Fair at which th^y have bwm
•xMMud. Also, to "CroakIll's Clod Crustier," Manny's Patent
Reaper and Mower," the brat in use; Fawkes’ Patent More ami
Guano Mprea ter highly approved; Hay Presses; Hay Rakes; Com
Shelters, from $10 to Smith's Patent Straw Cutter. Grain Ora
dies, Ac.: Kb h s Patent Iron-beam Plow; off «arlou-i sixes. Ac. They
Mddoln Uie opinion of the lion. William O. Rives, off these ph.ws.
i . . . ^ C'AKDWM.V. A CO.
Richmond, February 97.
„ ^ _ C?4»ti ■ Ifru^ Iftth Dec. ISM.
Cot. wm p 5rrtooirm»—Dear Wrr 1 take r>l. *«ur«* In recording
berr u*7 lin predion of Uie performance of your Plow (Kkb's Iroo*
B«an) patent) at fVM.stn to-day. The work was far more thorough
gn<l complete than that of any |4ow I ever In operation before.—
The furrow opened bj It was very generally 19 hirhea deep and n».oat
•*> Inches wide In hard, close land, and most elfestually and perfectly
cleaned out, none of tl.e sod earth falling hack Into It.
The trial of the plow was witnessed by many of my neighbors,
among whom f will mention Messrs, frank R. Nelson, J. If. (lem-tt,
J. II. I*wl«, C. 11 Hopkins, Tboruas Watson, of Louisa, Ac., all prac
ttul m«n and inoM no.It.nl Judye# of ayrlrullural Implement# and
there waa but one opinion amony them aa to lb. .uprrlorKy and an
e#oeptl„nat,te performance of your plow
Wi.Mnyyou equal iotmi Haewhrreln maklny Ihla valuable Im
plement fav.raldy known U> our ayrlrullural brHhren,
I remain, your# truly,
_ Wfl.MAM o Rivw
W K/W| HKWAKU.-Tlr III A lift IKK A KII.I.KH, lee
In oerr Sft/NMi Cam-, of Auatle Cli.dera and
KTwrl Complaint., haa neeer yet failed, when Irled In lime. In«lan|.
IjtArelleveand apeedlly to affect a permanent Cura. PRICK, Ml
|W Be parllcatar In avr that It la prepared by Raaaim. tlaaaa A
rrm#aa, Klebmond, aa none other ttenuine
W* Bold by Ornyylel. and Ooantry Merehanta everywhere.
14th at., Rrrnnnvo, Ta.
ARK now reeelHny a very larye and yrneral a...,rtm.nl of Rlrtt
aney and BUpl. fall and Winter ORV HOODB, In which they oar
colarly Invite the attention of Merehanta. ’ ^
A vary larye ronalynmenl oftb* celebrated Rock I#Und, North
Ceroltna, Caaetmer# and Jeana.Juat to hand. my
i> R y (Foods
WrOH THE mi, T H A OR.
R met respectfully eoltclt the mtrrhente rtetttny Rb-limond
to make their fall purehaeea, to ytre eur etoek an .lamina
Hon, whloh t. larye and varied In
DRV ft O O DM.
Owe arranyeroenle and farlllllea are each ae to ylra na adeanlarea
other merehanta In Tlrytnle, and equal In any In the
Dnltad Btntne. to mpply the country mnrahant, and we only aak a
chance In prove II. Our ter me are Hi month# credit to reeoontihle
«een, nr ate per cent dlacouat for caah. Wa have In More end eon
elantty rv-elvlny—
Drown Bheetlnya and Bhlrtlnya, In all wtdlha ami yradeo
Bleached do do do do
Hanahurya, l.lni.ya, Keraeya, Battlneta and Ry. Jenna
< aeelmere., (Roth#, Veetlnya. Velvet., Ihtryea
Blanket#, principally of our own Importation, which we can aell
very low
A laro* and varV4 agsorlment of Udtso Drees Goods, soiled to
_ srsooo, montUr «# our own Importation.
f*4t*s' r»r-*«rrUHnp nfs.tVforws, Hus wry
Woollen Oomforts, Hotuli, Crsvst*
fjotlon silk and linen cambric Hdkfe. largs assortment
Laces, Edgings, Ribbons, Gimps and Hr aids
OVnflbams, Print#, Atpacras, C..burgs
Irtah Unews. whits Oambrlrs; Haek and eoTJ do
Jaoonets and flwtsa Muslins aod 9g*d Robtaste, Ac , *«.,
With a good variety of fancy and small wars*
<>wr deterant nation la to bee* a good and complete Hock of lbs
bwH makes of American and foreign Goods suited to this market,
Md asM thorn m low as we saw to ih- good trade. Any article we
sbwwld not Have In stock, we caw procure for our rostowier* any
ns* ,,rra*' °-r
WS __Be IT Pearl atreet.
g * * **4 I 1AM * A WM, y line A On make A full .„p
pty Of thee. cH.bf.tmt Saw. of all Hum, etvnetantly an hand
and tor .ale on the beH term# We have anld owe ton of them
Paw* .Ittr'ny the lift three fort, every one of whb-h hat proven
■and, a IWrt which qteake Inwdty tnr tholy onrtvatlel qoaltty. Or
dev# from a dlManeo ihall have oar Smat prompt attention
.. _ fi. J BINTON A 00.,
EW’lA Wffn #4 the CMr olor Saw. 71 M#tu «t
WHSPABinrPI Iw^ra^^iit^mWWf rnffSk
Mock of Lwdtes* furs. »wbr>Ons a general assort moot i.,
WtHuh I morn nmp-**y fvke Urn a.leMlonVlT^eh^ '
-■ ■ _•_■__..
. „ ._ . _ ito nut'll
Pniaantu. | Oo. are tnan tor attrlt all the Ncvniaocrs
la the United Haiti and Canada*. Office*, 11t NamaartrTet,
Twk, u4 10 Hair itml. Bottt i. »*»*•»•
RcQurtl Kb eel end Kb red IcIdcUm,
Vr Confectioner., IlnUI. and family taae. Ta be obtained with
"II* for ualng. oi the principal (Irocer* and Drugg >«. through
out lie United Htatea.
—'I-*-!*!_PETR* COOPER, New Turk.
Tin: rum pati nt iohuaiii: lonpivt
ravujr. N. ...uer. of William K. Duicber'* Patent loi tV
R »jvrm*oLffi In ui«cliln«*rj for nuilui Roue tod LVrd Katp a
Mffi, I.I..C «.d rihlbuiott at tie Crystal Palare, Kpw York City, ami
■57 ,Ut-r7* " r** 'fl *“ "*• “,J Improvement. la the digW.nt
*'**'*• Then. machine* lake yam or thread ami turn out perie. t
K*H*» or 0--rd—forming the .Irand, laying up the Hope, .trtuhlna
an.l colling II, all by one prie-eaa—and are adapted to Maiulla,
U3bPa^dt,0?i *C ' V' T,WT *,*cMo** 40 aw.y with the Mope
»akr •'tmhnmouM H»)m> or Cord arjr troath JralrrU from
luu to litljkw fret, aud ak half the expeuaa of Ihefiopewaik. ’
Letter* may be addreased to the Company at Troy, S. T
Mil* Centre xtreel, Sew York,
ApJ., r* eT^ttR*’V \S0 r>*ALKK* IK WROUGHT IRON
j'l"r*". Klttlug*. T.n.la, and every deaertpiloo of app.ustu.
connected with HUam, Water ne Ova, for liaatlng and Mffiittng
Ajur-Valvea, Cti-kt, rumps, Uuagea, Boiler, and Bo liar Plum
BM* Ut orJt-r
Our Screw CuU'ng Machine, arv entirely new, and our own Patant
warrcntml to do double the work of any other Invention
Order, solicited from allocations of the country, and promptly at
__ _ Jall-dy—{P]
RJvnMI^'w0J*ro^,UN,, MAC,,,!‘I»-»lad« by HOOD, BAT
A-d TKI.LK A CO., Worrotter, Mam., patented by Mia. Howe, Jr„
Beptrreher loth, ISM. Them Machine, are warranted, iwlth proper
■**•> l«d «««t of repair. They are built lu a good. .ub.taj.tlaj
and workman llke manner, and will do Tailors’ Phoemaker.’ and
hS. ,ln * manner warranted tn give •aU.factlon. The
•Ulch will not rip any more than common -ewlng done by hand
Call and arc llau lu opnratJou at 140 CIHlKNUT Btro.1, Philadelphia
•"^S^V-C-l W. A. DAWSON, Agvul.
D. T. M’lLMAMli
Ci KNKRAL AOKNT f„r Hrrelelng and forwarding Manufactured
W Tobacco, Good*. Ac , Ac., No. & Baucgoa Bur. Ricuauat>. Va„
r.,7.”T:.W.rUr,n h‘* ,,uorr« ,h*n»* <" hi. friend, aud the public,
“l1* 7 IIB«r»l Paoonaxe bclow^l „„ him during hi. bi.lnem
o .7 u "0,'k'r A Watkins of thl. city, and re
N'eetfu ly aolMta a continuance to hi. new bourn. In thus appear
log ou tile III..tire nf buamem alone, I do BO with foil confidence la
UUhVS,.vrop4Siwah“ U‘Jl ““ MWrr“ of conalgncea will hr
hi(I'Jr” Liberal cub advanert made on eon-IgnmenU of produce In
anl'jUVlL ^ “rtUwS WeUi A 8,.n, Watiaworth, Turner A Co.,
an I John Ituukrr. Km ., Richmond; John M. Ot.y, K,o , Chl.w.11
Mr*\” ‘ ct*"’ *•»»« A ■ t «nd M«r.. McOorkle A
Jorikfs. l.tuchlmiv. \ u j,4.»V- tf
a^*nnie It'llll TIIIAOI UitlltlllMI.
CT omoe removed to Die store ofChnallan A l-athro;,, No. W Main
Wh-lu cun.c04u.110e of the resignation of David R. Crane. Win. II
Christian wu ur.anlmuurly elected Cathler. The office ha. been rw
‘*U74 0 ,h» °f Christian A I-a.hrup, where depo.it. will V
rm.el.ed, on which an Interest of « per cent, will be paid on all Min.
dmMcr period <,'’P“*“ *** “"h1*1* or and five per cent, for a
Till, institution ha. been In evlaience twenty-eight years, hu
taanml over e„u, ndhlon. ofdolUr. ; ha. no Mspendcd debt; ha,
never lost one dollar,or failed to pay any certificate nhrn due.
m, M-4,T _ HUGH W. PRV. Bccretary.
A ^^^^^cuAMummrSu *vA ”*f'
CHARTER Ell CAPITAL *100,000—CASH I t.VU * i 25,000.
■^TIKK IN8CRANCE. In town or country, and Marine Imursnca,
ffi may he eSe. ted on the most favorable terms wlththl.company.
OP" All Loaaaa promptly arranged. 1 '
BTOKK8 A CO., No. X3 Pearl .treet,
-•"*___Agents for Richmond, Vs
offick va. r. a ji. insi hancf co.« i
u RICHMOND, Tin, Jot-v, InM. f
’ u.fj?i!rPoA^ci. h** r€“or«1 Ul it* new orricK, no. 131
MAIN HTRhKT, next door t.. the Du(>atch Office, when It I.
prepared to Uke Eire and Marine Kl.ks ou fair term*.
rnu.'7rl.'77!i.i“ I8*' V"! "'•* hv»“ in operation over twenty
r;»r»-.lurlng which time It ha. met claim, for lorn to the ei
Uni of lartfrlr uv»r «j „/ tt.JL,*.*_.s_ ...._
V *1I*n,lft* u,« guarantee for the future. Be
J/,* F'"‘t'xnr', *"■' '•»»'»« •«» »tock (>wned by ber CitlSclil,
IU IT' Bl. will be ■'•cured to her enterprise,. and ,eroe to mm n
t«.l to oil the •new. ,,f her Comm-rrial amt Mechanical ln.lo.try,
!?? of ?"• '“••““M®" "UR the insuring public,
ha. enabled It to Iwcoinw familiar with their want,; and no pain,
will be spared, or Information withheld, that will tend to In.urenc
curacy and glrc Mtbfadtlon.
tr.T!’. *,* ***? “ ,u f»«^-f«w the »ery exten.lre coun
Uni m .** 'T [*rrurrd to b* able to refer to highly re.pec
UMc cltlien. In JTery portion of the Htate. It will he happy t.ire
'«• Inan ranee, addre«e.| H,l.er to
or Secretary, and will In return render euch fac.illie.
aa may be In lie power to lla patrons.
CAPITA!,, *200,00011
„ , „ T. M. A LERI END. /•< M.'./ewf,
It. >• Kewr, of Kent, Paine A Co.
II. tfraat-m.
ka. Ureww. of Ite r, A Poindexter.
H. W. Par, of U. W. Pry A Son*.
W«. Palm,a.
J. A. lsi. ee,
A. K Paaxaa, of Parker, Klmmo A Co.
J. E. Waiwwuith, of Wad,worth, Turner A Co.
TU'a,. Hi Ms. i,, of Hatofon A Pae.
C. W. PrwexLL. of C. W. Purcell A Co.
B. L. Wtaarox.
J. P. Wiser,.*, of Winston A Powora.
8. T. Ptujix.
P. Ccu-xx.
O. W. Bxith, of Smith A narwood.
JCCr lf __W L. COWARDIV, Sr. rtUtry.
T Seotmd poor But of Corner Main awl MtA gU. f
HI.^ long rstahluhtd and well known lustltnth.n issue* the
ulH.re description of risks, on a- reasonable terms as other
good Mien, with a rush capital and surplus of #24P,Puo. The Board
» k,own * larfe portion of the community,)
bolding their meeting- In thu city, where all losses are liberally ad
justed and promptly paid, entitles It to a due share of the public
J®" Ho policy fwe charged for Plra or Marina Risk, lakmhy this
„ n_ . . DAnD CURRIE, President.
JXft. II. ttociiaa, Peeretary. JelT—If
Y»»l II ATTi:vno\ IN IWITIiltTO A NI W
The proprietor of Uil, article, well aware of the great rrejndlee
that r.i.u against anyihlng new In the praelIce of medicine, and
.specially lu tlie clau of eaaea f»r which tbl, la Intended, InTltrl the
examination of medical men, feeling sure that It will only result In a
perfect confidence la it.
Oreat care Is taken In its manufacture to procare only the purest
drng<, snd only such as are warrant! d genuine are u«ed. There I*
do Ingredient in It that would injure any person, and the whole
rotnb'nrd cannot possibly be injurious. Circulars containing foil in
formation and truimonlals can be had at tho wholesale depot, GM
Bowery, second flour. This is the only article of the kind In exig
ence. lu effect is truly wonderful. Whew need rigidly, and In dur
•fJfSJJ* )f rnU^e,Jr pferenU the sufferings usually attendant uihu.
childbirth, and prtsrrrrs tlie mental and bodily atrength of the pa
tient In a mnrreloat degree. In 1U action, although chiefly local, li
Is soothing and strengthening to the whole system, and most phasing
-to— -- r»"wwi vuuiiuniinu,
Here are a Uw U*Uaiuuiala:
n _ tl_ , »*W. M*w.. Feb Iftth 1SM.
Dr. , BfttnKm—I hare nw«l jour "CliiMbirth Pain AlWrlator** a num
ber of Mm* In vnj practice. 1 fln.f It tj be a m..«t excMIrnt artk-W,
an«l one that I can recommend with ererj cottBdeoou to the dqMIc
lU rffecu aru Irulj wonderful.
TuantioRa Qrittn, M D., Waahlnfton it.
h # . Oatuou, If. J., Nor. 17th, ISM.
„ .A1**0*—" ***** 00 ******* tWdtit uaetl jour "Childbirth
rain Alleviatoran.l And II the brat article 1 have ever Bren h<r the
purpoar. It Icon, ibe pain and cause, the birth to be effected eatl
Ip and quick Ip. I cl.eerfullp recon, mend It.
Patn-tv t.Tianriv, M. D.
_ _ . . Nsw Yoaa.Oct»fih, ISM.
Dr. Bnrana —After having hern ronAned several limes ellh great
danger and much pain, I »„• In,lured lo Irp p,.ur remedy bp mr
brother, who l,a<l beard of it# wonderful effect., I did ao, and ex
perienced a m,,t heneArlal result Vmi have mp bed thank.,
aud I would cheerfutlp r,eon,mend pour preparation, lo eerrp auf
Trulp pour., Iormi Hstcvaa.
Por .ale hp all retpeetat.le drug Ida, and wholesale onlr al *.*•«
I W'iL',i^,T0.?<, nTr' fl“w r,,,k- Price o per package, with full an.l
>linpl« direction* for o«c
Package, tent hp Kxpress lo anp part of the United Plate..
0,*,~d*f P. BRUNON, M D , Pr prletor.
WfMPI, IPKI’OT.-We hare determined to opwi, In enrT
neotlon with owr present bo.lnra., . Wool Depot, for the
•are or Wool, and hare rngagcsl tiro atrrhes of Mr John Wafer
»*•"« ®f the Woolen Pactorp ,a II,la
bUrt'neil ‘Uin',f I1®r*“arP. wi" *>• drooled ci.laeteelp to this
All Wiol ®®n.!gned f ®» *IU he graded,., that each pure has r
TOP «*•> Wool as he wanu, and not be compelled to bup ntch
aa will not aMWar M. pnrpo.ee. Tb»r. la grow., in Virginia a enf
Sclent quantity of Wool, If conceatrated and graded, lo attract the
•Mention of manufacturer, and dealer, lo our markrti and we
near i'" r®uw,*’,l,W » *««• market foe the Wool grown
P«,r particulars ass our circulars. CRKNrtllAW A 00.,
Orocera and Commlselon Merchants,
Richmond. Va
Ml Af A flit IP A IMIM I I II.
n fwrner Unrtrnor anti franklin .Wcerfa,
AVB In store a Anr ..aortment of snperb fnrnUnrt (Rich
mond make.) to wf.le'r I ay a-k the attention of the public,
riwp aetym tlielr fumlterr of a qualttp un.urp.me l bp anp m.na
ffaolmrrol In this country, bring practical mechanic, th.nmelree, and
firing direct and personal aupervl.lon to all the detail. of their
manufacturing operation, t-wp only a.It a caff from thorn who
want good furniture, engaging .In,pip lo offer them a ndendld artl
C'e at a Very reasonable prlee.
P1*® »®peclal attention to rn.feefdAfng, and hold
SSSwmLTC? . ' *' *" •T*"’.*' *' Shortest notice, to provide
ZTSa?’-*'***''’” ^P1*' 0r'*"'.*lth ehroud«,lf..rw ar»l
P. A One or two rarntahere and potleher. wanted, to whom per
manent employment will be gleen, If Immediate application t.
m im; I'Kamks
I Ornt'rmvn geUtng up Painting., gneraelnre.
■ J Needle Work, Ae , for the approaching PA I HU will do wait to
rail at PR AWOM’A, 110 Bmad Mrfor frame.
wr IMm from ettp and ronntrp for anp description of Prams.,
looking (llaaem. looking.Olaw Plate., Ac .oltcltcd mil
At t OS I . on f ,s,,. loti not: oi r.
tire assortment of Cloak., Talma, and Phawlt, wl.hlngr.al to
EXlTJaX? • i***/*"* ®* ,h'f auoarp neat. W. now ,.f
ale* •n",, »• »*•*, <o cash purrhaaera.
- ***_ C. A. PWATKtW.
T "**•»> III.miR All) DOOMS
" '• "waged ta the manufac'nra o? Hash, ,
.mamStl *' loal'tp of material and
-ocmanthlp, at low price.. Order, r—pertfullp aalcited and
Prompllp reseated. Perron, ordering Pa.h, Blind, or door., 1
„ m**,"*•« ••rored of grtttng a. food work, .
f* w—wwJ*"®—. aud a. prompt attention aa if order’d
” tTWf- ■l**-l®ff l»®"® eery low, and anp oualltp of Ola..
a '’Tf®*'**’ Constantly on hand tnhyU, lOhy t
It, and Shy in Bad. glased -aim, Blind, ta suit the .sum p.rUry
tnd building shoe. Ilaealla' Mill., Richmond. Ta. 7
PI Hf II OI MB or I I.OTN)Na eg Bod we weM 1
prepared to wre- them with good and well mvdfno’Mog .t i
K9£!£L pr a", "I r",'B, •"'»»•• e< are enabled to .bow t>.e |
Oleat Mytra and targeet emoetment in the rttw. BaOng many ad- t
mr"at^l* " "'* *••• •> etc.Mag we can ctrf -Iw (
^2*7* WtrmtiU ifl lo r*n on «• «
*®n RRW, BALDWIN a do, IMMala et I
U4 lluM, limn.*! Bciuxm.) No* AKA 949 Dbouvat, N. T. I
m mum uniLuuT uows u in rest a ter rua »■«•■■ - tt>>
•■■4 also for
KtWIJIi II 1 C U I ] g 8 ,
KOBEIIT I.4H.AM & *•«.,
. •**»-«•_M DtT ITRiET. NRWJTORK.
InPOUTANT TO EVEIM Bnnv.-r* Ih. l.rt
r'hr‘ 1 '*»»• •’*»" "dreged lu a hulnni known only to
atyrelr and comparatively lew other., whom I hare inurm-tad for
“*"* •*' B**1 *«*>. which l.a* averaged me at the rat* of tl.ioi
to Rx.iuu per annum ; aud hartng made arraogem nH to •» to Ku
rop* In th* Pall of tail to engage lu the aame baalures. I am willing
to glee full instruct loti, in the art to any uerreu In lb* Uullad IhaV.
or Canadas, who w II remit m. the nun of »!. 1 am Indued, from
the Mecca* I have been favond ald>, and the many thankful ae
know ledgm* uu I »>are received from It.ore whom I have laetnn tel
and wbo are making from AS to »IS per day at It, to glee any pc’
•OU an opportunity to engage In ltd* Uuit.ee*. which I* * rey. pl,
•ant, and very proflu,*le. at a .mail cm*. Thi re t* positively No
llruaeu In ,be mailer. Reference* of tb* beat ,1a*. can be given**
regard* It* character, and I ean refer to |>*r*un, whom I have in
idracted, wbo wUI testify that they are making from A' to A IS per
day at the aame. It I* a leulnm In which either ladle, or gentle
men can engage, and with perfect ease make a very har.dw.aie to
com*. Her. rat IndUt in various pans of New York ftaie, I'enn
•ylvaola and Maryland, whom 1 have Instructed, are now uuk
tug from tn to $A per day at It. It U a uareait. .nun*., and hot
‘LV"1!?'r* qulrrd to Out It. gp..i, the receipt of ft I
WMI immediately nad to tb* aputoaul a printed rlrculxr couUlu.ng
full Instruction* lu the art. which caa Ire perfe, tly nndcrrtood at
All letters mail be &JJ (|*o#4 paU) to A. T. HA K5ON0
d«*i-lui[vA.J . W& Broad* »»j, Sow Vork.
\ ? LT^*1 * 1,^ F ,,KW K1IT 1 TO OONBOICPTIVE8,
^Uoding, on l former y a Hrofcssor In one
©rUie Wetllc*!I Imilmtktin of Ihta country now retired from uctirr
practice, who hut been suffirrlng from Holmonary Disease, Jlacnvr
red, while travelling In Svutfi America for Ms health, a cure for Con
sumption. Itronchlti*. Coughs. Colds,and general debility , and being
•ware tl»a4 Thousand* are suffering and dying annually from U.w
inoat dreadful of all dlscAr~«, he la Ue»ymu«. from the prlncMfo* Qf
humanity, of making known U.lg most valuable rm-dy. l*lK»n the
receipt of Kifto n Cent*. In Hostage Hum pa, or Change, ha will send
• receipt with full dlrectlotia for making and successfully u*)ng it.
Tt.c amount required, la applied for Hostage, and the payment of
Ua1« advertisement. r3
Address —ft F. DKVFRot’Cill. M D..
frlT-if [btl,] B«» ^P.Q.. Brook yn.N.Y^
« A I. V I > T A T i: A f
-I H>t A j+nlnjor th* fils of
N«xi. tT *»D «8 Mioirrxv Svxixr,
an14—dm*_NEW ORLEANS.
„ , w.t
akuji ox omnitiuuox,
V- would respectfully .ugge.t to Ibtwe who rend their Wheat tn
tin. mkrket, the pioprtdy of having itc-fe.ln «n</ tAorouaAlv
«ry. A. our Miller, will not purchare It when foul and dampexcept
at v*ry reduced prices.__ Je *«—ly
commission Merchant,
HA.SiIT K0^1 lo ,t.rK'' Bfv-nroof warehouse recently occu
pled by Thorax. 3 1. yton, E-n . and will contlnc to aril all
SIIKI* of country produce, Wheat. Flour, Tobacco, Ac., Ac.
irs^dAcly _
ire i •e'vwV’i 'u’* w lh *‘l™ lL< hualnea* heretofore conducted
by h.m, Mr. John Bower*. Tlie tnulne** will heretofore tic earned
£±na!r 1Pr1'n.*r"! *,rl* of C U V*1' * °® Th* tobo-rltwr re
turnshi* cordial thank, tn hi. friend, and the public f„r the liberal
JtotocoJfirf'i'V ,1*’***“ bertowed upon him, arid for the kind In
dulgenre which l.a. heen extended t» him by hi. cuitomrr* In the
precaution of their orders. He iru.t. that the arrangement* wh.cl.
have keen made for a prompt and efficient fulfllmt nt of order* tlll
heretofore cujnoyld.,m “ cvaUa<MUC€ 01 Ut patrouage which he l.a.
JyIR—«f___0. D. TALE.
** * *"■ OF I.li E.-Tbe uodervtgncil respectfully
Inform* the cltlren. of Richmond that he hx* reamed the per
■mal charge of tlie practical branch of hi* bu.lnrm, and I* now sup
Idylng hi. , uxtomrre with an article of FAMILY LOAF BREAD, the
quality of which, he flatter. Mureclf, cannot be .urpaired. From an
c.perlimcc of over thirty yexr.. Including eight yean a* principal
•t^ntion of th« public in iiic Bread Rotxo,Can 7i2*
fhll, m lh*U <*'**}** »'> «»ank the cttlarn. of Richmond for’
l*«‘r®®e*e during It,r last throe pm, |„. ,„M respect
*UVE *011011 a continuance * f past favors. J AMFS ADAM,
<**"_Baker. MaingL,oppoojte A. Duval’s Drug Store.
„„„„„„ Looaunr a m\ m •».
littA Strut, ? rtir*m !/./•* and L\try,
A v F in Htore and for sale:—
A lot prime family Baron, hog round
A 1.4 prime* Western Bacon, clear rib sides
A lot Todd's extra canraa ll«mi
MAvkird ; Halifax and roe Herrings
Iwiguayra, Rio and Maracaibo Coffee
Java an 1 Mocha do
N. O., P. R. and yellow .Sugars, various grades
Coffee, ciusliol, powM aud loaf tfurars
N. O , P. K and Cuba MoU«*s
Rrflned l«nrd. In pall*
MarAhaU'a Rail, fine ockt
Adamantine, »p*rat and taOow Candle*
Black, brown and faucy 5v»ai*s
Pure elder Vinegar
Old Itourbon, old rye and rectified WhUky
Old peach, old apple and French brandy
Madeira, Port, and Malaga M ines
Porter, pints and quarts
Painted Buckets, Tubs, Brooms
Cotton Twine, Blacking, Ac., Ac.
.^^£°T5S"*,J,-A.u,e«’5CSocoUt«. Mustard, Rive, Mace, green
sn.l black Tea*, - -E«. Starch, Sod*. Salmratu*, tllnrer,Tobacco,
Krocvrj slur *C-, Ac , tigether will, every article usually kept In a
\V I l.l.l A .TI As WAl.TKItV
"■a KSrKCTKUl.LY Informs the cltliens of Richmond and It* rt
■a clntty that he ha. dost In store a very large an.l sol. t assert
mint of good. I'1 h« line, consistin'- of plain aud decorative styles
•I American and Kreurh PA PER-HANGINGS an.l BORDERS
wtin and worsted Damssks,Ilrocatels and Satin d-Lane, for Cra
rtln\f>*’‘"I10:''** loJD»t<* I aUo.la.-, and randli.
Lurtaln. by he pair or yard, from Aim embnAAernl.nl API per
l>alr. Ii the plain at IS eenU per yard, Window Shade* of the new
t»t and most beautiful patterns—some at a very l.,w price.
Th-s*e In want will find It to their advantage to call and examine
l new and very select stock of Velvet Tapestry, Tapestry Brussels
rt.ree Ply, Ingrain and Venltlan Carpeting, bought at the lowr-st
■’ash price, aud wdl he .old .1 a nmilla.lran.-e * “
a A. rr!J,.lArW'’ f.‘Tk’ "“"I nrw pallerns. Mattresses. Feather
Ue.1*. PtUow*, Bolster*, Lounges, Spr.ng Mattrenes, Ac., on hand
Hid made to onlrr.
Pa per-Hanging and all kinds of TTpholatrry work exeen*rs1
*riM’b°r,*rt *oUc*’ “*d 10 Uw br,t In town or country.
J. II. Nil A It 4* |J,
TOBACCo f actor,
Mwern front Bmc anil Main
yt *: Ti i* ii i s, i i, a n i; s n i: i:.
Ktrxaaxcxs :—James Penn, cashier of the Planter's Bank - W J
Daele, cashier of the Southern Bank ; 0. M Horton A Co, Cotton
Factors; A J Montgomery, Cotton Factor; J. C. Chadwlrk Agent
*tna Insurance Company ; Slant,,,, A Moore, Grocer* . Stratum.
McDuvItt A Co., potion Factor* ; J. D. William*, Dry Good* Me,
ham, I). Pall*, Grocar, Memphis, Sam’l Ayres, Richmond; Wn>
Ayres, Danville; John II Ok-y, cashier of the Bank of Virginia
"J,,K * ***•« iTgeommeni
ed to tlie public, relying upon It* intrinsic excellence to at urr
slI lMHou. Attack*. tt may be truly and tafely relied upon a.
Winy fully raaal,lr of retunvlny the dlwun tar which It la r\eom
Birndetl, and for giving lone arid vigor to Die general »y»fem
Iu qualities bare been tally tele.I In a tan* practice, by the pro
^‘.°r Ti’roi'?h. "r*"" ■''"'•iiatw.n. of many who hare naeri
tnd been benelltwl by It, the proprietor haa been Indued to place It
kefore the public, for all Bllloua Deranrem.-o ., Rick Headache,
Dbronk D'arrhma, Habitual 0,-tlrrne- Wllou. Colic, Dyspepsia
Pain In the Stomach and Bowels, General Debility, Female Weaknesrl
formic bf Druryl.t. rener.lly, and bf PCRCKM., I.ADD A CO.,
No. W corner of Main and Uth «... General Ayrnt.; and by Alra'r
yar*18 * “ ^
W "kw ri.ow.
r have been enynjred for an me time paet r ■
In act liny up the patterns for a new rd\ ■ r -
Plow, eypeelatly desiyncl h r lurnh y under tbe ■SgT '
■easiest yrowtb of vcyetahl* matter, and wrKBi^lMHA
have now the pleasure of Intarmlny our friends, that we think wr
lutse fully accomplished that end.
We Would call the atten.lon of the farmers to thlr Plow, as wall
as to rmr I a ry- stork of Plows of esery time, Cultivator*. Corn Wed.
/unptoy C«,alters, Lary. A Horae Cultivator., ta,
puUlny In wheat, Harrows, Ac., Ac. All of which are made In oar
»wn .hops, by yuod workmen, and warranted lo ytre sail,taction.
. , . __ 0*0. WATT A CD, franklin street,
**_Square below the Kirhanye, Ith htnond. Va.
n» w stack nr » n t noons.
aib. iif'iiv w. qrAHi.cs, _nM|pp.
fWl DfAl.Mt IN HATS, CAPS. HOOT*. <«Wniv5A
V yj miorjt. THINKS. Ac. re.pe.tfully 1L ’TAlyl-rt- ,
wVte. ys leave lo announce lo the pntdlr, iJRmaVjStPM
lhal he te now prepared to "ter to the pnMIr onTsHr^TmTen..
mandtny stock. In M. line ever offered In thl. etty. Hi* stork la new
rom plate, and he aak. the attention of city and country dealer., with
Iff*bamrapes tW hi*price, .hall t- satisfactory. ,ei„
f MPMISn AMD M MflKK vlooifN.
ITST received* lory* lot of superior Cloth*. Ca-almer*. and
\ e.tlnyi, which he will makeup In the hod manner, on tbe
meet r.aannablr terms, and at tbe ahorteet notice.
A larye and well aeleclml Mock of Hearty Made Olothlny. which
will compere with any In thl. or tnjother market. Our i rices a.
low a. at any other House
furul.hlny Good. Hi yrenl variety, eurb a* Rhine, Cravat*. Seharh,
Iwf, Ac.a Ac.
We Invite* hi. friend, and othey* who are In eearrh of rvnlly de«|.
mbl* yood. to sail and eeamlne Me Pork. mhSU
,1- MU f-'Mins ion iA.ifl.'
rMTIir Subscriber h*. received Me fall Mock ol Rr A DV MAI>*
• hleh tat would a.k the attention of hi. ryiend. and the public yene
rally, via :
PDA1M—Blue, Bfark, Brown and Dahlln Dmt and frock • fancy
3*m!mere Budneae frock and Sack ; Umbel In, Braver, Petersham,
Mohair and Pilot Talma, and Rsylan., Heaver, Pilot, bfohalr. f«
lertham and Negro-Head *a< k« and Par foot*.
P A NTS - Super!, r Week french Doeskin, Brown and Dray Orom
Ribbed On ml mere, Breen and Brown Plaid Oaasimere.
VkSTS-BUrk Satin, Silk, Uaeelmers. fancy V.lret, Merino ami
3ae.imer. , Silk and florh.
A I.SO t very larye rolleellon of Clothe, Caerlmeret and Vest
nra of every .hade and quilHy, whleh be le prepared to mak. lo
weaeure at the fhorteet notice, la the hem and mo.< fa.l loneM.
R. B SPfNCf, i
**■(_ _ __ __Richmond, Va. I
WtMtl.lf tru ttlllll HITS. T. i" i ■ ■ _
Railroad and Coal Pit Manama., and all other.
**t Rrymr, ta hat: 1 hare In Mere «lv hundred , H a 1
S"4 White Wool llata, from low price lo very .
Ine.jhkh 1 win sell al eery low prior*. I
ff,RI IV sit INS. I .U| pee the hlybrvi Market valite Mr the
■ "“VAf taf Sklnya, VW Otter, Mink Mwetr.te, fee. Opwo*.
nan. Wild Oat, amt Rare Skins, JOHN THOMPSON,
"*•* _ _ __*7 Main mreet.
Wiwirrow (A V»OW» HU enly ran yet,a., l are in aap
**••" vblrhthey defy lo ta ali-d anywhere,
une celePrated Whiter la warranted to h* ever nine year, o'd, and
Iway. taken buck If not approved of. fie superlorltr le yatnlny for
' • fMWUBdW. t nd amended reputation by mnaelo'iri thronybeul
<v’*'"rr-*'** >" Krederkl stair*. l yn. hkury, ,
talttaeaja and V, Turk, boride, many nth-v id*.-. . of em*n nut*, I
t»o~ who here never tried M, We Inrlbe, awd ike term* of n yar, |
rw,# f»A«AAjr i|t
to. 184 A iiWMrl nmri dovr to A’uwsu ItunJc
The ski ph eoMPHiHiNo c-t-T-m**
thla line Are Lhe WASIIINOTUN, Captain E /J-A jl*
CarasDT; llKUMAN’N. Capt. KixwAan lUmW
Theac atoaiiKrc atop at ftuulkatupUiQ, both gul ng aoJlBMBL
auvl rctarnlnr. ~
From AouJi
Frora From arur.u.x. Cor
£♦* Turk. Bremen. New Tort
AHurd-y. Aitwr.tew. W~Uu*tay.
Hcaw.ex.Jan^y * F.by gj r b. gy*
Waatnairruu.Feb'y SS Karel, n Mar: M
“*“»**.SlarliM April IP April *1
W.aa.Km,,.April IS May IT May tl
llaaa.Be.Mar IT Juoe 14 June 14
Wiaaiauma.Jane 14 July 1* July it
lleau.ea.July ,g Aog't , AuJ., Jj
. » Sept'r « HepCr 10
Heaa.aa.Sep. r 4 Oefr 4 Ort’r S
WuciauToa.OcPr 4 Ko.'r 1 Nor'r S
.Nor'r 1 Nor', n Dee', «
Wisataoroa ..Nor'r t* Dec’r »T Dec’r SI
Stopping at Southampton, hull, going and returning, they ogrr
puaaengura, pro.oed.ng ;0 Londnu and iTarre, adraulagau over ana
other route, lor the oceo-uoy of Uo»- ^4 aeor.ee. 1
wo* ruwnraw r.raa to anpeuiurma tap aaraas.
SeJlEi d£ *to "*"• *"W: ^ <Mla< Lowe, Aaloua. |IH>;
N.! hllhri hd..nr,‘,ft*.prr! ®°? >*“* Boat Office.
Bailing " * UJ n* 11 *** •1T,,ed °f purceb. received on the day o
PT tn gnpgrioneod 8urfron la attached to «ach ship.
For freight or pasaafe, Apply to C. H. SAND,
11 Booth William at.. New York,
C. A. IIKINKKKN A CO., Hremeo,
i.i4 . rep, CKOSKKY A CO., Southampton.
jMTilytW]_ WM. IMF LIN. Harr*.
miNRUROll. SS.UI ton.. . . . WsTcm^a T.-fh
NEW TURK. PI5.I •••... H. rr c7.,o <. 4
GLASGOW, IMS " ... Jo.,^°.SiTefiif
Are appointed to •all—
KDINBCKOH. loth Decr^r?1^^
GLASGOW, 81 at Decpmbcr.
NLVY YORK, 14th January.
ra<>M xtv to**.
NoTrml"r. 1* O’clock, noon.
OI.A-HiOW, Saturday* 6lh December. at** m
EDINBURGH,Saturday. loth January, at** *• *•
_ aarm or nuaui
»• _ . I /-row. JYeir lo/ A.
F'rat Claw. .13 ffulneaa 1 K,rstC;*-< $T5 Go
Steerage, found with cooked Steerage, found with eyck
V* ■ ..Y*n 00 I ed prorlainn. SO Oil
An rxperlente.l Surgeon attached to each Steamer.
For Freight or Paaaage, apply to JOHN McSVMON,
Self—d!** ***** or OoM utily received for'paaaaf*.*^’
To be drawn In Baltimore, Md , Saturday, Dec M. ISM.
Prlaca amounting to IDK.Sfti will h» dl.lrihutcd according to the
loll.,wing Splendid Scheme ;
■Jii.iVil NUMBERS I ! I,hal PRIZES ! ! I
Hrtaca payable iu full without deduction /ae
* Pf)*Fof.$40JMW * price* Of.J.uno
} S*-*"!. IS.MAri I price* of.I,V«.
1 price of. lo.laai n price, of 1%*,
l price of. 6 i«n 1ST prilea of.Mo
APrfr'iiM ATtn* raixr-f.
4 of 150, approximation to #40.000.
4 of loo, do 14 9k).
4 of 90, do lOJNM,
4 of 80, do 5.UU0*
4 of 70, do 8,000.
Hof 4*\ do lAm.
M of do 1,11)0.
*4i of 10( do Sud.
1,000 Pr.*-I..... 9199 CO)
Whole Tickets #10; llalrei 9S; Qrijilt.
Rif 11*1*1 ast M iit:.mi:.
To be 'lrawn in Baltimore, MaryUnJd, Saturday, Dec. 27, ISSt
khui: :
} ££ °f.»-•<*»
10 PniMof.
178 Prises of. . 1 VC
MPr.se. of. i,
<« Prise* of. rr,
4.1-Vi Prises of."""I.
5fl»f74o Prises of..... ”**J'J*J*** ^
_ _ , *0.010 Prist xmcmmlngto $|.ifi.Mn..*
"»* tickets »»*; llslres fill; 4r« $5; Eujl.ths ,4 80.
o^r All orders lor tickets or packages in any of the sl-e.-i.-A
1-uilrric.o.ll receive prompt attention, and the drawing mailed to
sil purchasers immediately after it it over. Ad-Irrsi
„ - „ M „ T. H. HUBBARD A CO .
n°a_Ho- W Payette st.,or Hoi No. 40, Ualtlmrnc, M l.
8 S I' r I' A 7 I> T O II AICO.
No- 4* Clistham street. New York,
£4 LOCK&SOR of I'm 4 lltiws UmiLi-taD, offers for tale all
^ hinds of SNUFF and T0BAC008 In general use. For particu
lar*, a Paics Octasirr ran he obtained by addressing an abort —
this Establishment is one of the oldest of the kind In the United
_ n>*13—ly (w.)
LARIN A- shim:,
14 Mntn -:rrrl, Ruknund, Pin.
aa7^,-L *tT* u,eir utidlvldetl attention lo all sales of Real and
» ▼ Personal Estate, sale of llousrhuld Furniture, Stock, floods,
ke., Ac.; also, special attention to sales on Saturdays of Horses.
Dows, Carriages, Wagons, Ac., Ac. ’
Also, keep constantly on hand the largest and handsomest stock of
garniture to be found In this market, consisting In part of—
Mahogany and Rosewood Wardrobes
k- . »t«J Mahogany top CablncU,
Sideboard* and Wosnstandt
Splendid spring Seat Sofas. Trte a Tetes, Divans and Lounges
•prlng 8o*t Parlor, Cane and Windsor Chairs *
Spring Cur’d Rockers, Sociables, Whatnot*.
/»!*•, a beautiful aosortroent of Chamber Setts, together with a
general asaortment of Housekeeping Goods.
The city and country trade are Invited to examine our collection.
» o' y.rJr,<frnUu'd *" »«u »* » T«ry small advance on coat,
•c**™*" JAMES N. SHINE.
T. _ Ricntsoxn, Vs.
ALBOTT A BROTHER, Proprietors of the shove - -
Works, are now building PORTABLE STEAM EN- D ll
ill N Ks. of an Improved construction, of all sises, from six iHIhSwVl
lo forty Horse Power, soluble for Clrcolsr Saw Mllli, LUcD
Hired.In* Machine!, and other purposes, whlrh they flatter ihe[D
selves are fully equal If not superior to any Engines ever built here
or elsewhere.
They will aim furnish STATIONARY STEAM ENGINES from Mn
Hnr»e lo any required f»owrr.
CIRCULAR FA W MI 1.1*8, of the mo*t approval contraction, an4
of rarlnut »)*»•*
water works, portable grist
MILI-4 and IRONS for MTI.iJt of all kinds.
RAILROAD WORR of every •learripilon.
" Hyt'AclUrlog Tohaceo, ngelher with rvervklnd of BRASS and
They are also the exclusive Macufacturers, In this city, and
UUUtfltKIl,” which I hey confidently recommend to their easterners
on«l friend# a# #uperlor to any Mill of the kind with which they are
■W4!**-’* • Wfr •' •*** W« always be kept oa hand, for
which they solicit orders. ap7—tf
VARVPAcrrRiti or
no. io south pipth struct,
rW All color, and qnallilM nI 1/llil try anti Fauay ClaUt
eonrlnnllg no hand and lor tale al Ihr town! price*,
twfln- Hm[V B P]
SHIP TINHI II l>ll I I Hill II Kill Ml I .
— I oorf for ealr Ihr Ship Tonhrr and Lumber, now .landing |n
larirr icdg upon Ihr farm "Cnpahomr.”on York rlrrr, Va.
The IhctlWee foe ahtpmrnl are great, and ll>r aaw mille of Wrier,
npon the adjoining farm, render Ihr calling of thl. bode of Ship Tim
her end Lumber comparatively vary.
Corner franklin and Onrrmor rtreel* Rlrhmond, Va •
„ „ Or lo TIIOMAA O. PfACMY.ia,
ncli—dRm Wllllamaborg. Va.
( HLU'liaTirMf K IN M W TOHK,
• MTBftrrNTRR ATRRKT.rerrgtiglenf Darnrrrroigpe framr.
P oftnprrlor Workmaneh'p. ,l.n. Irmklr.g (lino*. Portrali
and Plrlure frame, of rrerg dracrlgilon made lo order at thr .her
to* notice. A Urge atark of Roarwood. Ilfm. Wart Walnut.
Maple, Oak, and Ihr hrot imitation#. ronetantlr on hand and for .«le
In the length. Order, from ang part of the Coantrg promptlg ear
riJ,rd Denlnre will And It In Ihrir adr.-luge to nail and Judge 'or
il.eme.lee. DANlfL 0. HUDGINS, OTn Ontre etmet (one door
Worn fhld frflow*. Hell, earner of Grand At ' Nrw York.
N R. nil kind# nf ftrinrrr and Looking Olaenre framed In order
In the nratret manner, la gilt or faneg Wood.
Ni;uro(|,otiiml.iii %-ski im tim r
INOA. Ac — TALKNTINf A AON hare latrlg reretrrd an ad
eirional npplr nf merer Wooten, foe farm hands and laborer#,
honght Terg rhmp with moneg, and are oMrred Al a email advance
rcr each. Tbeg ronri.t In part of—
Auanton failed Clothe and Aattlnett
Rod and Aerranta' Mankrte. all price#
Carpellnge. Rag. and frit Clotha
french, fcngli.h and American Caxlmrree
flannel.. Merino, Monerlinr. and DeBegra
Lndte.’ and grnl'i Ahawla, all etglea
A large aeanrtmeat of
Oaltreeo, Dome.tie.. Hoelreg, kmbrolderlet, laeri, go.
Aim, foe evening dreeoec
White and mlM gmhrotdrred Alik Tnlle Rohm
I rotted and nrw etgV Ago rod Awtee M a.line
Colored and while Terlalana, Ac.
Corner Broad, kth and (Mpttol etrrrt*.
B''T1 Valentine Square.
■ kll. I'l Hlllil t. - on food and
■ ” ft* : t n/rrm'tUt'l bread pomraart ererral .dean
acre over Amw.fnf bread Roth time and IronMo te cared, and
hr rt.k nf rlUa.log the hrrad kg Inferior gram, nr merging the fcr
.• utatloo loo far, la avoided. It It well adapted for inr.iU.lt and
g*/*o/*ffr., with whom thr ordlnarg fermented hrrad dlmgreea —
n nrmarg maladira, aim. It U adm rahlr."
, '• m%*r WI,B •**«*'» inp alliblk
IARINO POWDRR, whlrh la aotd ollo.l- and retail hg
P. MMPLR. ApolhertfT,
*■>"_____W Mam etreet.
thr Richmond and DanrlTIr Railroad Ompang hag* had thr
ttvfbrtane to tom their freight hoove in Richmond, a. well a. a nor
l"B ■* 'keif ndllng etork. thrg are ronotralaod foe the preeent Ic
*>wn Bright on thr elding cf Ihrir road on the depot
»t In 0 It dig, aa coon aa thr tralae mall arrive; mid Bright to be
wmodlatefg removed bg I bore to whom It mag hr conalgtted or ke
'*». aa the Oompang will not be re-punrthl. far the talk keeping of
hr mm, , and the partite In tore tied, or In ang wag conrevned, will
Iwreforr take notice that an down freight, a. before rioted, will he
I their rick ae toon at an loaded from the ear*
, - . C CAMPRRI.I.,
Awportetrndonl cf TraaaporUUoa.
’flora the moet
1 -m., -P-iy ^-jMSmJ-Irjjwd, M the world for
Urn* serious atal aelurMr Jlmotr. arX fr«i* u„ KiJ^i »
hahtu „r youth, which destroy both body an* . ™d
Pr^“f«» “• ■»« f«t*l ta their victims UuufTh^ot
•Hths RfnsmI*{£* maria art at Ulysses, blighting their moat brlh
haul hopes or uulklpationj^rw.derin* msrrlsg., **, inpomlUc.
hV*m Grimms of Solitary riet,thatdread
d d“,r*?~uy bohil which anuuaUy sweeps to an untimely
KKflSSLttfaffSS^ Hr —•-■Bltafc*. a«f£t£
IST.T r-^a*** oU»«rw^ h»v* «ntraac«4 listens,* Woales
with Jic thunders of eloquence, or Wftktd to ecaUcy Uau livine lrr»
mmj call with fall ©ooAdence. «**cy u>e living lyra,
M _ MARttlAOK.
Married P.-n i», or Young Men contemplating Marriage Win*
adware of l*h>s» al We*knees, Organic bXftlyV Defon^w it*
jhuuW .mmed.aUt, cuuU Dr. Jolmawu, ahd b/'reZ^Tu^aW
II* who fdarws hlmeetf oiidcr ih* care of Dr. Johnston mar reb
SSKS-jrxicr. - • «—•- ui«st
.,,°sstss ass*
This dtscaee it the penalty most frequently paid hr those vhn Her*
S Sr-u- .^pvVo^r..^^
destructive aympmm. to both body and mnw »,£ The.^aUm
Kcomc. deranged, the pAylcai and mental powir/l «££££“
djBpep*i*» palpitation of lU heart, indigestion!! was
symptom. of consumption, etc.
-JP1JOHNSTON Is the only regular Pbestclan advertising to cure
Private Complaints. Ills remedies and treatment are eutirvlv un
known to all others. Prepared from a life spent In the rreat
»r**w£m*wtrU*>ev^?'!i 4**, flr#l UllB ^x^o^/iVia; England. France
Uie lflecki^of PttlllAsIphla, Ac., and a more eiUostre prcalic* than*
any other Physician In the wur!d. Ills many wonderful cure* and
moadtlmportant durjrical operations are a suUcieiit guarantee to the
aJQbcted. Thao* who wish to he speedily and effectually relteycd
health, eurT appOT Uhlm"*1 ^ *ho on'^^
Omca-No. J BOOTH FREDERICK BTREKT. left hand aid* go
ing from UWtlmorc dnctwvcn Jus. from the corner **
mSrr,the,pr«i4 "’ ou'r,k-*a* “» “*> ^f. <* ,Su wm
jJBe* take NOTICE—Observe the name on the door aod Wln
„ , 1>U. JOHNSTON,
Member of lb* R .yal College rf Burgeon., London, graduate from
one Of the most eminent College* of the United Bute*, and Uic greater
part of whoa* life has been spent In the Hasp tala of London,*Park
Philadelphia aud .lavwhen, has cOccled 0,10e of the mJw^Monlih'
lag cures that was ever known Many troubled with ringing In the
.tlr*d_T!cn Jf rT> r”*‘ n'rToo»»eM, being alarmed at aud
im mediately * ^ *lth <«*rangvm.nt of mind, were cured
. , Ti.—™1,*u,dcd »B'1 Imprudent rotary of pleasure find a he
ha. Imbibed the ~-ed. of this painful duo* it too open happens
that an lU-limed sense of shame, or dr. ad „f dtscoeery, deter. Mm
from applying to those whn, from educatl- n and respectability, can
. °"f,^ ,ond hlm- A-dsylng till the cotwhiuilunal •vr'idom. of title
im*k' th"r »wn*r*uee, su.-h as ulcerated sore throat,
»»•«. nocturnal pains In the Mad and limns, dlinnet, of
nodes on the shin Uitn and arms, blotches on the
1 ?,.'kf‘c*.*?d progre^ng with frightful rapidity, till at
la.t the palate of the mouth or the bones of the nose fall In, aud the
vlctim ofthts awful disease become, a horrid object of commiaera
Mm'ioU d“lh l*“U * pulod 10 hu ^cadful suffering., by sending
“That bourne from whence no traveller returns ”
,kJ° T.hl VTT(or*’ Dr JO|l-Ni,TON pledges himself to preserve
. inviolable secrecy; and, from Ms ealcnsive prait.ee. tu the
first Hospital. In Lurope and America, he can eonfidcntly recom
m*nd a safe and speedy cure to the unfortunate victim of this horrid
It is a melancholy fact that thousands fall victims to this dreadful
complaint, owing to the un.*kafulnr»fl nf !#tMf.ni »—-«— .w.
7 . i . °‘ . . dreadful poison, mercury, rain the constitution,
and either send the unfortunate ■ offerer to an untlmelv nave cr«l*<
make the residue of life miserable. ’
®r, 1 Addrwses ail those who hare injured themselves by prlvau
and Improper indulgences.
• T1^ “5 * ’Inr of l,‘* ,*d *“d melancholy effects produced by ear
7 W«knes. of the Back an I UmbT PaiSln
Mead Dimness of Bight, Lo*. of Muscular Power, Palpitation of
the Heart, Dyspepsia, Nervous Irvatibility, Derangement of the Dl
fealive Functions, General IVebUil^r, Symptoms of Consumption, Ac.
The fearful effects on the mind are much’to be dread'd- Lorn of Me
mory Confusion of Ideas. Ilepreaslon of Spirits, kvll’ Forebodings
Aversion to Society, Self Distrust, Love of Solitude, Timidity. Ac . are
some of the evils produced. , snumuy,«c.,are
Thousand, of persons of all ages can now judge what Is the cawe
or their declining health. Losing th.ir vigor, becoming weak, paG
and emaciated, have a singular appearance about the eyes, cough
«jin pic mi of coniumpiion. 3
Or thou contemplating marriage, being aware of phyitea! —-Ineea
jjjjj* immediately consult Dr. Johnston, and be restoreu to perfect
Bv this great and Important remedy, weakness of the organs are
speedily cured, and fall vigor restored. Thousands of the most ner
Tgg*.*?1 Wf‘° h*d »" !‘»pe, have been Immediately
. .. Alt Impediments to Marriage, Physical or Mental .lisouali
Bcatlos, Nervou! Irritations, Tremblings and "catness. or-»I.—
of lire mam fearful kind, speeds/ cured oy Dr. Johnston
,he,Bte,TCS fcF a certain practice indulged In when
alone—a habit frequently learned from evil companion, or at school,
the effcc.a of which are nlgtdly fell, even when asleep, and. If not
cured, rendere marriage Impossible, and destroys both mind and
body, should apply Immediately.
What a■ pity that a young man, the hope of hie country, and the
darling of UU parents, should be snatched from all prospects and en
joyments of life, by the consequences of deviating from the path of
naiur., and lndulgtug In a certain secret habit Such persona before
contemplating pe.^s.oeiore
should reffect that a sound mmd and body are the most necessary
happiness. Indeed, without them,
U»e joaiTk*jr through life become* a weary t.Ucrimawr; the nrmoert
r4rwI **»e mind becomes ilsidaveil with denair
•JidftUed withreflecUon that the happiness ofau’oth
er become* blighted with oar own.
tc All SURGICAL OPERATIONS performed."^™0**’ “°'
N. B, Let no false delicacy prevent you.bui apply Immediately
either personally or by letter. 7'
Iff" SKIN DISEASES speedily cured.
The many thousands cured at this Institutloniwithin the last 1*
r*”’. u „th*.oumcro,‘* *nd Knportant Surgical operaUone per
formed by Dr. J., witnessed by the reporters of the papers, and many
other persons, notices of which haTs appeared agsin and again be
for, the public beside, hi. .landing asa genUeman „7 ?R£c£
and reeponeibtlity,is a sufficient guarantee to the afflicted
It i» with the greatest reluctance that Dr. JOHNSTON permits his
e*nl *° appear before the public, doming It unprofessional for a
physician lo advertise, but unless he did so, the afflicted, especially
strangers, could not fall to fall into the hands of the many impudent
and unlearned Imposters, with Innumerable false names, or combined
quarkshop*. swarming these large cities, copying Dr. Johnston’s ad
»dr*r,i*i1n* »• phyum... mmi*, ,hai.
low-brained fellows, too laty lo work at thetr original trade, with
•farce two Ideas beyond ths brute, who, for the purpose of enticing
and deceiving, csrry on five or eta offices, under as many different
kT\«T> UlV ,h* •fflk“'1 •‘ranger escaping one. Is sure to
tumble headlong Into the other. Ignorant Quacks with enor
mou. lying certificate* of great and astounding cure* from persona
not lo be found, who keep you taking large buttles of Licorice Water
•"UU!?! ?•*****■ of fl,!h7 »',d •■■rthlea. compounds, cunningly
prepared to Impoac U|»on the unfortunate and nn«an*» ctlnf. Triflirc
nionth after month, nr at long a« the smallest fee can be obtained,
•nd. I». despair. «earet yoa with ruined health.to Rich orer your call
Ins -lisappointmenl. 7 *
It It this motive that Induces Dr. J. to advertise, for he alone can
junZx*' JU"‘T 11 taoqualnled with hie reputation, he deem. It
•Set. ' '
r««lTwl'unless port.paid, and eoatalnlng a aUmp lo be
aaed for the reply. Person, writing thonld state age, and send that
portion of advertisement describing cyntpioma. ap91 diy
l>tl>> V > A I «., ’
gNONSKINMENTS of Tobacco, Wheat, Corn and other i.rodnoe
rcpectfully enHetted. 1 O<,,,0•
o®ce on Virginia atreet, nest lo Ery’« corner.
Richmond, March S, ISM. mM*-ly
Wjr.C».ITK con»lf *m?Ms »f Tobacco. flour, Com, Wheat, Re.,
MMf *nd fire their pervooal attention lo tale* of the «aa>e, and
keen conrUntly on hand a large aaeortmcut of Urocerlea, Seed*. ftf
reman Guano, Ac. fjfi
oa.et.ee h'ubcdsb, ~ — a t
C*. n'fiHi nun’s nonsi,
rirraavrn .rater, aicnotrp va„
Sollcil con«l«nmenU #f CORN, WHEAT, El .OCR, TOBACCO, Ao.
March 1*, l w,
JOHN l. KOMI > M>>,
Wonasn ctav asn viaitat, graters, aicmiosn, va.,
■W- E,r« hit personal attention to the sale of WHEAT. CORN,
TOBACCO, and all other country produce consigned to hie
lut_ apt*
_cVrnter oj ff.wernor .la.f Fr-mtUn ArtrU.
Ym^HDI.WAI.* AND BET AH. DEALERS In french and Amerl
. ” w r,n Hanging,; Satin Dalanraand Damask, for Win
dow Curtains; Glmpa, Cords and Taen-la. Cornices. Banda and Coops;
.-"I Curtain,; floor and Table Oil Cloth.; Hair Cloth
and P1n«h. for Refer. Curled Hair, Sofa Spring,, Twine; T.cke Mat
ting,; Window Shades: beet Curle-I llalr and Shock Mattresers
Eeather Bed., Lounger, Sofa Red.; with many dhar art.clas lo oar
Hue of bnelneaa, all of which Witt be wild no |f,e moat reasonable
lerma; and Paper Hanging sod Upholstering punctually attended to
In town oe country. ^
hi:nov il
Mtrrtnni, Importer, Af.inudicfurer, on.f Wkoltmtlt
I>*tUr fn Krrry /»earrVnf,.>n ,•/
A Hi; Itll AS IIS H ■> AS A H F,
CYiaHiimI by lbs Lpti.Utnrf of Virgin)* Dpc. Hth, IMS.
orrru fifty thoi sa\i> dollars.
This INSTITUTION receives deposit, on which Interest la paM
«2* r***o' «1* E*r cent per annum If remaining an depowM
m months, and lea par rant Inr shorter period,.
WM O. PAINE, Presldsnt,
GEO t. SUMNER.Seeretary,
JOHN ■ MONTAGUE, Treasurer.
Wa«. 0. Pains, a# the grm nf Rent, Pain* I On.,
James L. Sop. won, " " " Ooddln I Apperenn,
3Wo. * BaUwl», - “ “ Earn, Baldwin A Oo.,
Roheel T. Brooks,
*»» n. Christian, * " " Ohrtettan A lathrop,
id&Sr*' 1
jfr,Kssr- " - -
1* " " " Cbrlrtlan A Lalhrop, <
" " " • McGmdm '• Sons,
Ramwel M Prlea, " “ “ That R. Price A 0« ,
fas. {. Euaner.
Jno. C. Schafer,
A.T.BMW, » « Spike, A Oa.
John W. WonUgn*.
O*** Wrr.'hunU* Tn«uMnc#rv.mpyny.'9* 1RR, r«r
lU-.f Mtn |h| '111 rr Ig
I™' *?*"<•/ >n, the „lr Of •• P llsft ft r*e" superior
WHISRT, fbrnwrly held hy Mere, Deane A Brown, sad re
wntly l*p Mr. T. Jae Deane, has, with the coeval of Mr. Deeoe.
wen transferred to as. We hare tn rtore, sod etpect to keep a con
«ant supply of " Obi Rye" and " Pamtly," which we o*w In the
rads and to oeo earners at Utc tame rate, charge I by the termer
»•">•* I tel a) BURTON A OREENHOW
ft HUS Ml A 1.1 l| AIR FINK SALT. U m>b,
*■* »•> JOHN R. 00 K DOW
IV i L ii eU U^ U WilUi.
Wajhikuto*. Dec. 13 —On motion of Mr. Joae, of
Iowa, the credential, of J.mc* Il.rtan, Senator elect from
Iowa. With the protest of the Senate of that State relative
thereto, were taken up for conaider, lion.
“r *WU" proceeded to speak on the subject, statin*
the facts with reference to his election, and citing the
provisions iu the United State* Constitution and the lawsof
Iowa 1 rearing on the esae.
Mr. Dylan said he abould not object to the subject
|o bw. referred to the judiciary committee as moved,' si
frougb the committee is comp need ol those who are po
ubcally opposed to bitn. ^
, The subject wa. relern-d to the committee ou the ju
diciary, by the following vote—teas 31, nays 13 J
Ow motion ol Mr. tlale, a rewiiotion was adopted, io
•Irucun* ike e^owutae* ou the judiciary to inquire wke
tlier may leither LgUlatioh is necessary to carry into ef
factsn act regulating tfti compensatioq of members ofCou
great, |rass*<I in August last.
Mr. lUta pn aotiewwt M. tatawloo « fnteodae* a
bill providing for tha esUbluhmenl of* male route and
car rying a semi-weekly overland male from the Missippi riv
er to San > ranciaco. r
The House bill provided for the settlement of the
aro.mnu of the soldier* of the revolutionary army and
their widows and orphans was discussed until the adjourn
uielit. *
Mr. Etheridge submitted the following resolution which
wa* re*f! for ir*format!on.
HeanirnL That this House regard all suggestions or
proposition* of every kind, by whomsoever made for the
revival of the African .lave trade.aa shocking to the moral
sentiment of the enlightened portion of mankind, and that
any act on the part of Coogreas legislating for a territory
or legislating that horrid and inhuman traffic, would just
ly subject the L toted States to the reproach and execia
wmld' * C',illlcd “d cbn»Uan people throughout the
ti <n^CCt'°n WU nudc *° *be introduction of tha resolu
Mr. Etheridge moved a suspension of the rulea.
Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, demanded tbe yeas and nays.
Mr. Walker asked whether, if the House shall suspend
he rules, it wss the purpose of Mr. Etheridge to move
the previous question on the adoption of the rtmolution to
cut on debate.
Mr. Etheridge replied that the resolution contained a
self-evident proportion, and he presumed everv gentleman
had an opinion on the subject. He should not discuss
it, hut would move the previous question.
Mr Jones, of Tenuessee, said he wanted Mr. Etheridge
to leave out the argument in the reaolutiou, and said he
:r,r.mrh 0?,pO!*d to **« re-opening of the African slave
trade as hi. colleague. [Ue was here called to enter, as
debate the Speaker said, was inadmissible at this time.!
Mr Jone* Mid he would not be gagged by either the
Speaker or others.
Mr. Orr in. flectually strove to offer a substitute, simply
resolving that it is inexpedient to repeal the laws prohibi
ting the African slave trade.
Mr. Etheridge’s motion to suspend the rules in order
yeu’l nay‘ 'a 'ntr0dUCe bU was agreed to,
The Virginia d. legation voted a, follows:
Me.srs. Uocock.faulkner, Kidwell, Letcher, Millson.—3
,\acs—Messrs. Caskie, Edmondson, Goode, McMullen
ind' tVHte. *' NU rrfiw^Moaars. Garnett
Mea»rs Greenwood, McMullen. Purvcar Smith of v;^
gima, oouiccner, Burnett, Barksdale and Phelps severally
KE,** re"°n* f“r V0,i"S “No." to the effect that
while they opposed the re-opening of the slave trade, they
thought that the resolution was out of character and ill'
Messrs Keitt and Garnett remarked that bad they been
present, they would have voted in tho negative.
kurther explanations from the Democratic side were ob
jected to hy many members, amid cries of “order.”
The demand for the previous question was sustained bv
a vole ot 36 majority, and the main question waa ordered
by a vote of 41 majority.
Mr. Queen moved to Uy the resolution on the table bv
a vote of yeas 71, nays 137. }
; Mr. Etheridge’* resolution was then adopted—yeas 162,
AH the Virginia delegation present voted in the nega
K^welU^MTlUr"8 ^ k*essr*- Carlile, Faulkner,
Mr. Orr under the suspension of the rules, submitted a
resolution that it is inexpedient, unwise and contrarv to
tne settled policy of the Tniled States to repeal the law^
prohibiting the African slave trade. It was adopted; Teas
L U*rk*dsl° Bennett, of Mi-s.,Brooks
Keitt, Quitman, Shorter, Wright, of Miss., Walker.
Mr. \V ash bur no of Maine, asked leave to offer a resolu
tion calling on the 1 resident to communicate a sutement
of the amount of money paid and liabilities incurred for
l. e support of persons called into tho service of the I'm
ted Stales, either under designation of militia in Kansas or
as pave conuutus by the civil officers in the territory
since the date of iu establishment; and for witnesses and
arrests detention and trial of persons charged with treason
agaiust the the Limed Sutes, or with a violation of the so
adjourned.* “ tcr"Ux^ *«■*»« »b>ch the House
Rases Li tt or a Xiwiriru Attachi.—The Mew York
papers mention a piece of rascality committed by an at
tache of the Conner, who taking advantage of the lamilari.
ty and confidence his position gave him with tho business
community of that city, obtained some #20,000 by dishon
est means and sailed lor Europe in the Persia. The Cou
rier makes the following ststeruent in reference to the af
We are under the necessity, this morning, of stating an
act of treachery, the most painful to ourselves our pen has
eTer been called upon to record. William E. Thompson
for many years past a Commercial Reporter foe this paper!
left the couutry on Wednesday last, by the Persia, under
circumstances that blast his character, and make the an
DO“1!'^enienl lhat hc u DO longer connected with this es
tablishment a mere lormslity. Taking advantage ot tbs
friendly and close relations subsisting between the Courier
and Enquirer and the principal financial houses of this ci
ty, ho obtained, it appears, from several of them, on his
own individual credit, the very day the steamer sailed 1
some twenty thousand dollars in cash, bills, and boods with 1
which be decamped. The Isct which first became known !
Iim mi lazed u§ beyoud measure.
Mr. Thompson hat been known to tbit mercantile com
munity for more than a quarter of a century, and ha* un
interruptedly enjoyed iu complete confidence, as well as ‘
our own. He had an interesting family, had an income 1
sufficient to maintain it iu comfort, bad no extravagant ,
taste or habits. never. 11 far U ... 1,... .v.i. . 1
cover, indulged to the least extent in speculation, was not '
involved, ao far as we know, in any pecuniary embarrass
mcnt, arid was almost the last man we should have suspect- *
ed ol betraying h„ trusts and yielding to the temptation
that has ruined him. It is to us inexplicable infatuation, i
The poignant regret and deep mortification which w#
experience that the generons confidence ol our moneved 1
houses should have beeu so shatnelully tbusrd, is not at 1
all mitigated by the Isa that he did not pledge to the i
least extent the credit of this establishment and that it sol- 1
fered no pecuniary loss; we are none the less disposed to !
lend our aid towards bringing the offrnder.il possible. !
within reach of the law. Ilia long period of faithful ser- 1
vice, bis possession of our implicit confidence, the high !
character secorded him by all who new him, aggravate !
instead of diminish, his oficncc. It is upon hi* innocent «
family that the blow will fall heaviest; they have our deep- 1
eat sympathy, r J
Tit« Mission or th« PniLA*Tiiaopi*T.—Napoleon tho c
Nephew, like Napoleon the Uncle, believes that he has a l
great mission to fulfil tnd that bis life is in no peril until »
it is accomplUhed. But of how little Importance to the *
world is the mission of an Emperor, when compared with "
that of a philanthropist like Holloway. He indeed with
out Impropiiely perhaps, might he supposed to be under ]
the protection ol a special providence, for his mission into 1 c
revive the sick, to sooth bodily anguish, to save human | "
life ; these are the deeds of benificencc and love and mcr- i J
cy. Krom all quarter* we bear ol the most astounding
Pure* accomplished by hi* Inestimable Till* and Ointment. : ,
Vo the former of these remedies all diseases of the skin, I J
the muscles, and the gland#, seem to yield like morning I «
mrste before the son. The Tills pul to the route indlges- J
lion, liver complaint, and disorders of the bowels with £
equal certainty. Our “national disease," dyspepsia, is in
|>*ril of annihilation, and we have seen enough to feel as
mred that whenever Holloway's Pill* are universally ad- -
ministered for this distressing complaint, || will inevitably I
>e “expelled” from society Every day confirm* the opin- J
on we hsr# heretofore expressed, that Holloway's medi
•ines are the only preparation In existenco that operate
lireclly upon the sources of disease, and we should be
silling in case of sic kness, to throw away the pharmaco
neia, forbid the doctor our presence, and trust to them
md 1'ieui alone.—Botfnn Journal.
The daughter of James R. Ross, of Washington, four f
rsars old, was handling an etherial oil lamp, on Saturday, X
rhen it aecldental’y exploded and dreadfully burned her.
>he died next morning, after much suffering.
Edgar If. Harnett, of Va, has been appointed assistant
Terk of the Court of Claims, at a saiarr of |i,i>Oo.
IMff A NTS’ NORM. A larfs usoetwent »f Infants' Rm- 1 r*
broldrred Mnslln RoVa amt Waists w
Monitor Laee Berths*, Onllsr* and Mssus R
■oetlsb l.se* let and Mist h
Whits tinel silk PUbst, for parties
Whit# and eolorsd krncha Ktnv ter partlrt
rum Tarlelon and whit* and rot*d ssk'J Mnslln
India Dint if and ohlw BrlD'ams W
Orlk and Oradi- Rlant-ts and q-uMs
®Wk Paris MotieeUusa, at STM awd 90 cents, mch as art usually ^
told at T9 rents
Plaid Merlnea, a beasttful ass <rtm*wt
Colored Wtas, freta MM ett to richest Imported
AU s4 whtek w.ll ke aoM al (Tea* bars.,ns to prepar* tar our -a
haotr.lnlmU-.es. At tbs CasbVoer, »7 fl.-n wrect g
ciinsTMi* a i atrpor > m
WuniMTin, Dec. 1*—Skvatc — On motion «T Mr
Dodge, the Secretary of War >u rruucaUd to Mai io all
instruction* from hi* department, or iron GorThanixMi
to Col. Sumner, relatlre u, Kan.*.! affair*. not hereto**’,
communicated. The Ji iut resolution ci tendum Un li—
10 l‘rwnl “>dr claima, TU
iMted till the hour «*• • fjounimcnt,
llorsc.—Mr. Whitfield introduced billa to Comm-usar..
bancee’^!n l°t **17? I" '<77 Ju'inK *• ««■«>» JiaUr
bance* and to eatahlisb a district courtaod luo additional
IaiuI office* iu KiiPiAg
Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, reported the Indian Civil aid
Army appropriation bill*, .Inch were referred to the com
nnUee of the whole 01. the state of the Union. Mr. Chum
hell also reported a bill to amend the tariff of I (Mi, so a*
to prohibit the ini puttatiou of iudecvnl and obxccne nriai*
transparencies, statue*, he. Tlie bill was paastd. ' ’
On motion of Mr. (’.mi pbefl, ihc bill reducing the duties
on import*, reported last session, waa poatpooed till th*
Brat Tutadav iu Janaary,
^The preaidont s ineaasge waa then debated till tha hoar
ot •ajnkmifnmt.
Lm uvillc, Ky.. Di e. la.—A colored Methodist preach
",r.a,rr^n,,ST",',-T U8t «* *• Tteamer IVIegrapb,
with a raltae lull of incendiary publication.. U« b».l
Bapn engage J in running off slaves from CamJitoo. Lou
uuna, where a reward of $G»0 had been offered fj him.
r“J Wcn ther5 U-“'rday. The document* found la
his possession implicate prominent Northerners.
. tw Oat-itava, Dec. 13.—The steamer Calhoun, from
Vera Cruz, brings dates to Die ath inst. Puebla wassnr.
rendered on the fitli to the Government force.. Vidaurri'a
reaty had been confirmed. Alvarez has taken the field
io (lefeucc of li»e ^foreromftit
CuiCAGO.Ttec. 15.—The Common Council of Galana
hare Toted to subscribe for *100,000 of the stock of tb.
Mineral Point Railroad, and have also appropriated *60 -
000 to construct a lock In the Galena liverT^^
JWroir, Dec. 15.—Wm. Baker, the deputy warden of
the Massachusetts State Prirmi, was stabbed this morning
while leaving the chapel by a prisoner named McGee —
He died almost immeduUclj.
wriiLo, Dec. 15. Tfc«e ttorn of yesterday was titt irtm tn
r° !® PrvPrrtf’ wd ffirdiouKi were unroofed. A num
of»*r*houici in the lower parts of the cltr were *--■» a •
many buildings «itlrrljr .h-r.rovH. Thr ste.(Ae of the La'aVTtt*
Y DrC; Advlevs rveeivsfl her* from Jsmalea. br th*
Trruireeerr, sta'e that the wh« 1« UrilUh fleet on that fiUilou had been
ho,i J” **» proceed to the Golf nf Mexico
-erc drnTrvVc,^10* ^ MC" ““ PO,U' **
. markets.
,."*w V*1, ^le upward, ealee of Flat# brand# at
14 6rn* ,WJ« •»> '• ”ir rent better. t£re Is
un« hanged. Storks are generally Vw-.r; Ttrgfn!a*a )i
Baltimou. Drc. 16—Tl.e flr nr market waa rather evict this morn*
ing. Howard itmU^a Cur Mills brought WWt, white,
good to prfme, ft M to 1 6W. cf o cr 1 63. red 1 47 to 1 dT Corn,
m’iT. Osu «e>41<!tfS “ “ tUi B,w JtUaW 11 to «•>•“«* «®
_ . , CLASS L,
"* 'ir%wn.iD **’• ci,J of Mrbilr, Alabama, In publlc.on TUCPJAT
December !», ls3«, on the Plan of SINGLE NUMBERS
Job* Hcktsl an.l W. W. McGriaa. Kxis.. --—
u .BU -„aV-’000 ■nCRKTS—3.280 PRIZES.
more tuus use irjze to etery tks ticketst
.. .*40,010 I lprlaeol..OJ.OOO
1 pria.- ot..... l'i.Mki ; lOoriaeaof
j pn«e»f..a.***hno5rS53:;::::::.T" «*
Pf*" “J. , 100 priaco of.. TO
ifrwnamiTKm ratzai.
4 prises of *150 approximating to *4'.mV) prise, are .. *<00
4 “ 115 •• HjBIO •• “ . 6mO
i “ 1®* “ 5,oil) “ » .... a,*,
4 “75 “ 1,000 « « goo
.5 “ 5? “ “ » .... 4<>0
8,u<« * 40 are.....*120js<o
8,280 prla>o, amounting to. tKkAuoo
_Whole Tickets, 111’, Halves *5, Quarters! *1 50.
8,000 prises of *4" wilt be determined by the last flrnre or tho
Number that draws U.e *4u,i«s> Prise. Poe sxampU, tl the Number
•rawing the *Mj*bi prtae ends with So. 1. then alt the Tickets where
Hie Number ends In I will be entitled to *10. If the Number ends
***?£!?■ Tickets where the Number ends In 1 will bo
tntitled to *♦*, and so on to 0.
s U^riek"1*** wUl b« auld at lb* following rates, which
certificate of Package of 10 Whole Tickets. .... mat
“ “ 10 Half “ . ... »o
“ 10 Quarter **-... j5
Address orders lor Tickets or Certificates of Packages of Tickets
to 8- 847AN * CO., Atlanta, Ga.; or
®pff 8. SWAN, Montgomery, a is
f° h* drawn In the city of Mobile, Alabama, in publlc,cn SATUR
DAY, January 10,1S6T. on the Plan of SINGLE NUMBERS.
Job* Hestsi aud W. w. McGruti. Enus Oemml.tloners.
30,000 TICKETS—3.307 PRIZES •
Pf**'of. .*15,test | 1 prtae of.. ot non
1*0*0 of. K‘.«ut> 10 prises of.*'*(»
'P’1**®!. W,"00 | Ml prises of. • IINt
tpO—of. 10,000 1 100 prises of. ' to
! PTi* of. lo.issl It st prises of. M
I prise of. 5.000 | 8 "Uprta-sof...* 40
8-3n7 Pr ice, amounting to $2h4.(mh).
Whole Ticket* filO ; IValres |fi; Quarter* $2 80.
Tne first fut Prmrs are decided In the usual manner.
8,0«0 Pr't«rs of $4® will be determined by the last flrare of the
lumber that draw* the Mae. For example. If the Numi-er
I rawing the | !•»,«*<) Pr!x- ends with Mo. 1. then all the Ticket* where
he If umber ends In 1 wHl be entitled tn $40. If the Number en.U
rlth 8, then all the Ticket* where the Number ends in 8 ulU be entu
W W> 8 Ml, and *o on to 0,
a therHA *<rt * VaCkn3" wia be *®M *11* fallowing rates, which
Certificate of Package of 10 Whole Ticket*. .... ,
M “10 Half « . . . .
** '* 1® Quarter 15
Addrua* orders for Ticket* or Certificate* either to
P. 8WAN I OO., Atlanta, On.,
8. 8WAN, Montgomery, Ala.
_ Or Box ion, Mobile, Ala.
wO® Number* corresponding with thne* on the Ttefcett are placed
n -or Wheel. The Prlx*-« are placed |u another WheeL A Mum
er l* drawn from the Number Wheel. and at the same time a Prhk*
> drawn from the other Wheel* The Prise drawn t» placed agalnrt
he Number drawn. This operation I* repeated until *n iheTrtie*
re drawn euL
i» oaovanio tick its,
Kneloee the money to onr *ldre«a for the tickets ordered, oe re*
elpt of which they will be forwarded by the first r«VI
Th«- list of drawn number* and prtae« will be sent to purchasers
tv Porchaaera will pirate writ* their tfgnataree plain, and airs
heir putt ufoce, county and Ptatr w
,«V. 5®?®“*®' "ry Pr‘« 1* drawn, and payable la foil
rlthoot deduction.
tV All prim of |t,0<«1 and under, paid Immediately after lha
rawing—other prtxrs at the n>ual time of thirty lata
All oammunleationc strictly conAdenital.
Prae ticket. rallied «r renewed In ‘her llckrU at either oforo.
>*r«x»«»- mil i it. i m rh«* ARWIPAPla.
M BLILOI.RO. rIXTI Rmt. Ar . POR RAI.P -ThaeuJmrri
«r, inteodu f lo rttuiVe from Prtrnburf, offer* for »*|* Um qJ|i ■
f the "Tara war an Imu.i .m .a,” with alt lt< Prresae, Tyne. Pie.
nree and good will. “The Intelligencer," with the exception af a
i" VirglnLe. and ana ef lha oldest
1 l «*!•</ .Vfn/■*». IU Rt ticri*] la now fomp|*i* Inavtry MrOca
*r, rotnjhf *li g An not Jknt. Mfc and rityhl Pr.w« haw Ttm
nod for IB month, longer, Imposing Atone., Caeca, Aranda and
eery thing < •*’ 10 R<*»l <’fd« rl necessary to cnoetlluta aa excellent
ew.paper o«ce. Tim worth of IU ‘ poo-f rct/f can ha aaimfoato
liy ascertained by reference to the hooka of the ofoce, which hare
een accurately kept, ao l which will .how lo a coal lha ncll In
ome of the ofoce from inis to the prea-nt tlam. All ri innat de
icon. to examine them with a riaw af making a propositions for
archaic, arc respect folly Inriud to <la aa, with the aaauranoa that
ranted'*"** *° 'hMnr' nf information win be ehaerfolty
To the purchaser of “Tire lol. lligencee” newspaper will ha Arm
P-rcd the Brick B'tiUtnj, on U ink U., one door east of the Ki
ll any- Rank
Tfoe die Is known a. one of lha moat central In the Hty, and the
Wilding wax erected nllh express reference la a e-wapapsr ofoaa.
hoold lha purchaser nf the jew.pipcr ofoce dealr* la eoad< ct lha
aper In the handing now ocrapl-d by It, the terra of mis wfR ha
is-fo a. conirnlrnl aa pi sot Me.
delh-tawtf JOUR W. THE.
tfofoW—At MMnrd1 R r . |MtMMM
A nlnmo, a large tola a TRt RK. with a cattoa Uffilll
»»er. asms on the i..p m a il .r.lm., foiingh. and JhA U'Vi
n the rad an I ami, r ti sorer, 1. R. <1 rdon, ■■il l T I I
l hmond A I hcral reward w't| he paid for the rfelieery af lha
onh to me In Richmond, or left at the Exchange Hotel.
d*4 _ JHO R. HOEPOH.
|>l II t)|R«; M IHBH (HR, 1 t.aee in I itoewaad for
I » tale on the Inwcet term., a e—I omart scant af Bali ng Hard.,
•re, embracing Locks of ail k.nda; Mineral and Porcelain HwaAa
ound, Aq iarc. Pinrh, XInice. » el er and Chain Mu, Rlngee and
;r»wa. Window Pu'lcyi and Ai.ht.rd Cut and Wyaaghi Ralta .
‘gather with all arttcl. • asus.ly found In my Baa ot toti.Hnaa.
Hew Hardware More, Ho. *» Main Wrest,
___ Atones tho Ranke.
Lit XI xl HI It at / xt xt HHAXIIt, riotaae IIPR
r Ollrerw. «n>al old Aoath •lieMade'ra Mina
Hoeal Pale Aherey. eery dry and delteate
OM Jamaica km, Povteh WWehy <
Old Boor bon Whisky. Inoot quality
Cook log Winea; .parking Moselle Wing
Champagne Wince; Arh-d.m Um
In Won and for taie la qnantitioe to mit purchasers, by
.. _ AxlOHM a MILLHM,
_Corner pearl sad Gary Wrests.
II *• * HHX I
1 szMrjazjss? *—
Onnpowder sad Bias* T-aa
Loaf, crashed, pwlsertant and Co Are Osgare
la Mare and tee sale toy
_ Orner pearl and (Wy Hrwai
i ""JK • HITH I'M. ART PM MoffoS.
y RRRPRRA.-panUeo'i rcAned OeU'tae. an eroaomwal preps
■tan for making leRVa. Mane mange, marietta Roam, ■n ips .Ic
►ar“I «*» rtar’fo'ag anat■mare One
ckage will make a quart and a half of pwr> jefty. Prise IB saela
■ reealeud sad for sals only by JOMR W DA A LICK,
lMon.HPR AMR WYflIRTR. t». aHaifoi km
«u WlW> of *•'**» Made SHI ETA, after am shoe*
MV*W*VM p*ltcffi.
He le alas prepared la take moqaaraa for the ^ tf T I Rw
irta, which ha will warrant u ybaai In aeaey sortie«Uc
JflWR mg. fa,
*** - _ "n • •s'foedh Heard
RS5f■«ua-*-=j ta,,. .

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