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~ • w- t—i—
Matw1* Oetmr.—Yaabardar, the court room vaa M|
Y—d by Os pram oca of o Urge number of ImUrUM*
Tho “mbwlaafa boa- m arowdod wMb whim mot hlee
®*®®| fH UM >tfrtH)(TM hemiw L
wbeee peeem •* be read whmTmJF? ’* an^Mik^
arotocgoatoe—bet not eaui. ThoTwaUoe eaaJ-m*
to tbe bar of Joatieo—the oolr bar be dreada ta
•d eUh mteg abeatre laagmage lo.arda olm
si tk5 ssSS br.S'ihrt:
tZX&TE'ZSZ Lfi "“vrta
•T ^l^ttodhlmT^** l°"’ Creel doatf
K^-wSs-ttarr^j? ss
ISSSfcrSSSfa S^-w
. “k*» «• "•* Amlrmoo, made b J35md em,
Oa*db, Mr o.nrra, Alton was orderml to^r/to"
Georgy alar# to T.O.Bercb, eaa nttl artalanml m.
-iSrSli^^SrhSS^"*1 »* '—~a.mii
Of SJ^Lr^fr"1 obrt~«i"« «ba aide walk
°* otoaet, between 6tb and tlb, with amotf bom
•• W. * HUI. tor tbreelenlng ^to uou,
lalr^Ubiijr,fc"W,,“ Thl. dam will Ua, until
•aSS^ST^Ji/; “rr,1*"ed far harboring a
flre'uabca' PP°^* 10 U * ronawa/. Ordered twenty
,, *dwrd H. Bradlrr, a white boy, was "ub" for i-;„.
K,<tr^Tr ^ i!0 ,lm?r on Sunday Uk. Ifc siaCed lh*l
uw-w. ..a... .„kb,’to. •£
Tuareg.—The “Naiad Qoeeu" will be repeated to
night tor tbe benefit of Mr. C. a Get., tin, aceoic .rU.t
ST*!0"1 5J****°na hare ao delighted the hmbitmu
|W,* Uu** U,»‘ • gmtrlul ap
KTZ^V* biillU^?U lud^« • Urge attendance on
, •«!«ioo. Tbe hboral cncunragcuieiit whiub haa been
eitcndad to the manager, haa prompted them to enterTp.
srsrii* p^.-E £
log as for as possible, with stupid and vulgar farces wtorh
^f.wuoJjMjitbthe^groundUng.." We uuderstand
* ■. ‘ J' . w‘or* • n,0,° d«iu«lic peiforuivr of eonsid
Til "horlly appear. Hia ‘•JibbonlBav,’’ or
* n- k|.?f lh* Wood4 wiU P'ov« »" attractive card' bare
^ife.7o^Mpcct Mr- “*d -
We again arge the playgoers to attend tho Theatre. this
erening and give Mr. Geu a '’bumper’’ rtcbly deserves a
II.tiering and substantial testimonial, and we trust will not
hare put forth hia claims in vain. The “King’s GarJencr "
In wblirb both Mr. auJ Mrs Jefleraou apprar, will be u re
sented, in addition to the “Naiad Queen’• P
TbeCitt or Nonroi.a.—The PhiUd .Ipbia American
givca the following dubious account of a “singular prr
K .11 **T* r bjve bo,rd. know not bow tru
ly, that some of our Northern capitalists bare organised
a project for the improvement ol the city of Norfolk Vs
whieh ia of a comprehensive and enterpriring character.—
It ia proposed to make Norfolk the great city of the Son
.hen, tWaboard, the centre of It. trade, and the m.^.S
tan point for whatever of commercial activity tho South
Ttl ^. J**-"**- conventions heM
at the Sooth lor tb. purpoa. of all,nutating the gAw.*h
menu*?' 'k^*’ ‘w* ®*n*ral commendation of all more
menu looking to that end, which has been uttered by
Southern newspapers, legiaUturea, etc., baa doubtless di
reeled the enterprise and capital of tho great and n0Du
nrofitahl"1 tto U’U hkely to pro". . chan cefor
profitable investment. Rrery avenua ol business and
speculation In thn free States is now so filled, that tho
home I? ‘ ** •J/e,;‘,ur* CAnnoi fi"d development at
Home. Hence we should not wonder If this project were
to prove a substantial one. That It ia feasible no one rau
. Norfolk?**0 ““ “Plendid commercial location ol
DruooaaT ic Ctiaaaarto*.—Tba auakaa ln the Capitol
Square, If any .re there, were awakened from their winter
f*,t*rd,.v.«veiling by the firing of cannon, as a to
a ft "joking •» the election of “old Buck ’’
After the fielj pieces bad played their part, tbe assembled
• U,KC P0"**00 <* ^omwen ne."7 h«t
fottan by stationary exposure to the aerere cold, w*cre en
tertamed with a grand display ol fire-works. A proces
sion was then formed on Bread street, and with tho Ar
uuwy Band discoursing enlivening mi*ic, marched threugh
whnre^thr ° ,tr**U? rKlurninl.' *0 the .Urting petal,
where the cremouie. were brought to a close. Thia p,!
f . L *Vnh’ *“ * cr°dltable afT.ii, and was entered
- I**7 ih® democracy with a cordiality and enthusiasm
wor.hy ol a better cause. Quite a number of private7. 7
dunces were brilliantly illuminated, and, as tar as we could
learn, the celebration paasod off to tbe aatuJaction of tho**e
interested in iu aucceaa. Ui0m9
Sal* or Real Ksrara.—On Thursday last the "Cobbs'
farm of 1400 acres, seven miles from Petersburg, was sold
*h«‘ ei‘J. for |7,860. Tbe tract of 230
aerea, in Prince George oonnty, owned by Col. John A
known*' ?J* , “ *4 *°J>*‘r The handsome farm
known as Jerusalem, just beyond the northern limits of Nor
SooSSr y ^‘h8 *Cr**' W“ •old on Thursday, for
*3,000— Mr. F. R. Johnson, purchaser, Mr. Morrison’s
handsome dwelling, upon a lot fronting 60 feet on Marshall
sirred and running back 23^, was sold in Petersburg, on
cW. ’ 9 ‘ ■ JOh“ D0b,°n- E*q • «• tbe k"
Potsoaixa Case.—Wo learn that a few days since the
family of Mr. Philip Norracnt, in King William county,
-reA^ThTfl!? °r food inU> *h!ch ,hcir “aid
servant had with fiendish intent incorporated a quantity
ol the juice of the Jamcatown week. By the limriy ad*
ministrations of a physician, Dr. Nonnem.the lives o* the
family were fortunately laved. The guilt of the negro
who waa a favorite Servant, is bevond a doubt, and Mm
t“ ££ ^ " j4" 40 •wbU 4 j,,dici41 investigation ol
► «s nrTrr
; SSsW^2S"“'k~'*-•’«“ *»
» NorawA »«!■.->» Swab B. Baou, tkaaocood aa,
I laat ,aj rlriag daagfctor of tba great orator Patrick Hrorv
; *Wd tkla Ufc a, U, r^uJ^TiJZ fZ£"a.C
I S5
1 C°*r Orrio* Arrant.—Tlia PoatoaaWr n-1 ku
' K^kM-I^T Prtl0" •» TUiW«*^ too
I iT "** "•'•••r portataator at Todur Hall P.forr Wil
! ^"'r. Tifa J.mr. E. Dow.^i^: WU
■ •e**- oo tba tampika ro*l Ua
Slogfrm SU-atoo u> Middle brook, wa. eooaomad by Bra
i “ .TfcTr*Uy.,*‘«M »*• MU iaatant. A aaabar of book,
•od other acbooi pioperty veio daatroyad.
Arrountaar -Hr. John II. Shook, baa baao appoini
,d bJ »h* Ooramor a Notary Public for tbr city of Kick
To Oat (VroacNcat.—Tkaao who burn gu on their
premiMa are latvreated in an ofBclal advertiaaaaot which
appear, in to-day*a paper.
MONDAY, IkrnaWr n, UAL
4* •3VSS22Z4 5
Onn*»w, LyiuAOanr ; A W HUmu, fo.Ua Mr7o A
Kentucky; L If Drtkt, lluntsrUW, Ain; W Owe* Prior* nMft, Vi/
ffT r mn'nnii ii 1 -~-7 ' ■'“ XtMtUwIraala: O
7 J_B_Oortr. W T A sedan, W O KIM w
H IMim, • I lUitf, A M Dmaai, ft Bnlloj, W h*i|.t j iiuu
m\m, Va; Dr i Mary* six! child. WrotmoreUud UlmiZrL "wST
writ! «.< • s-e
•f \n; O ■ Morris, i Me Dow oil, W D Rom,-.,,, VT- jThmStlTllIi
••JJ. m,*ok • T * *•»**. Alexendrle - t oLtee, lady o„d
Albomorltr; T M Harvry, Wa»hn«'oo; P W uTiihtJntTnoenbali'
7 JS ***»■»* ton I ■ A PsSsnuo, • T Hun Ur |BK fS
wisT^** i1** * A<*l*r*r• i F Urtfsry mj servant kim
y ** • Oorkf, PuwkaUn ; W Spears. ChesUrflc-ld' jf
Mogc tod two asrnst, Montgomery : W 0 Watkins Cfiari.KU ' ■ n
£ar*Vl **r®r4®?J J® J H llarrlooo, Charles City • B j Pu
^ “ Maguire, Ball; J M Pholyau, A ft AWcon ouMi.
boro , N O; J Jenkins, N O, ft W lluuter, Prince Urorgr. '
®EAft SIHNt—Ws began Millar Perry Darla
J^ln ItlUsr with very little effort on our purl; tales
ere small at ftrst, bat as II became known In our community the
demand Increased very rapidly, far beyond oar expectatloue,'and
*y*^f P®^*®® thol (fv'wflil It waa Id come after more, aud sneak it.
blciiml terms of It a. a valuable remedy fS7aintal
pampldet spoke of. From these recommendations we were Injured
l*n"f* !'J“ °*i °rn “d aow «»IIum IU „r With mat
•alKUcUon. W* haw* Mid wort of the Palu KUUr IW wlp^m
Uar» alucr or before of ei.y oU.er medlclue to the uue leupb of
U. : *.?4 ” d? 001 U»,lui« to aajr that It haa fiTra brUer ••tlT'ac
Usu W tin tHtrehaaer thau any other article w, bar. arer -■t -
***". •/ baaatueaa haa preeealed our aeudlna cerUtcaU. but wr
hatra la our Tlcmltr from lru.n ___ . . **
wilnrMM who W*4ify to the r urkf!ib«»r*, day by day. of Dio • ml
* *mr J Miil<Sk|L KttPt * Urfe lo ,be Wr**v11 »* ju* such
"T— •"•fZXZEZm SkSkiS
-d'ls. _ LOCKWOOD AGRAHAM, Sandusky pity, Ohio.
,?AlK I* *PXMMA.-TheWlowtug'letbw
Ss® ,r"“ ;,on Wyrun Lawrence. of IMckertowu, b »al
«aWe U MLuooy lu favor of Ihv Oat grunted Blllvrt •
D. .. BRLCHKRTOWN, Mareh 14.
o. o»E«un* t'izrj?
Tjr -metwenly )e*ri I had .offered wlik Humoral AMhtna. I war
enm|M lied to fit up one third of the nights, wt'houl going to hed >1
all. and the rvM..} the Urn. my ,.eep w'.^oUrrijUd b /v o£?Bu
of coagliti g, and great dllflculty In breathlog In nil my auendanee
upon our court., I never went to bed In Northampton Inlwlno
year, but twice, and then "as compelled lo got up. Now I lie In
bed without difficulty, and Me. p prMoundly. 1 loik yomnLiicrn,
according to direction. Tnc violent symptom* Immediately abated
and perseverance lu ihe um of the remedy haa removed all lu trou
bleeome consequence-.. The value of auch a remedy U Incnlcula
" r' Retpeetfully your.,
* * Co • ,W WaUlngtou^u^EiTn'^U
lor*. Hold by their ftfvut* everywhere. drtl—drAwlw
o ° 1,0.'V-*PILLE-ikmlliy'. I.
remedy, blue pill, pervade* lb« sy»tnn with a
tnlneraTi^bAo; white Holloway'* great medicine, computed exclu
sively of vegetable extract*, regulates every Interna) function, and
leaves no sting behind. Bold at the manufactories. No Ml Malden
' •'J-Jrt ?•* Strand, London; and by all druggist* at
w .Bi^cMinij^li y box. drffi
I|k jih Attorr TO acKJiuvr. ouu place
M-B of bosloew to the house at the corner of Gary and Pearl *t*
at present occupied by Mruri Will'Aids A Brother, and wishing In
reduce oar stock as n jeh a« potslMe. we will from this date offer
extra ludu rmcr.t* to eta* buyers, and call thslr partlcuhtr atten
** °"r pr#‘rnl v*-ll »cl«-te<l stock of OROOBRIU AND U
present’l ime^* fttaadi «peel ally suUabla to tbe
Pure Boalhampton Apple Brandy
Kxtra flat Scotch Whisky
Bxtrm fine French Brandy
Do do do do tn cases
D • do 8t. Croix Rum, do
Old Rye and other Whisky
New England Rum
And all other articles in the Grocery line.
defrt-iw__ _RATCIJFFI A DOCtlI.A9fl.
, 0»* E HE ANON,—Large Mock of Drum
aff Bilk, at very low price.
Bilk Robes al JJ3, worth 43S
Beautiful Part. DeLalne., cheap
Larg. Mock Mrtpwd IWLal.iea, at 3S cu. per yard
Bond colored DeLalne., at 13M eta. per yard
English Merino, at 35 eta. p -r yard
Rich Lace Muallu and Cambric Beta
Broche, Silk and Velvet Neck Tiea
Handkerchief, and (Hove. of every Myle
*•“>. **rh Velvet, Uoire-Antique and Cloth Cloak., at coat
Broche, Stella and Plain Long Shawls
All at low price, to redtaoe Mock.
_Ba 141 Bagta Square.
OFEKK-H. II. .UAIIMY * CO.^Oar offioc wlilbi
clowd oa THURSDAY. Citb. Deed-note., drafu, Ac . due
and payable on that day. w.ll please be attended to on Wednesday
k)/U| PCM. CAI.lt OEM AT O 1-4 CENT* —
® YDb. FUR fill CENT?*—Now i* ths time to boy cheep
bdfunr the yeer close*. Corns one, come ell.
<‘r*i-_ __0. A. OWATKIN.
HOI.IBAY PitIMENTM.-Collar.; Embroidered Ret. .
Ilead Dremrt; Neek Tlee; llood., Rmbrotdeecd Handkerchief.;
Crape S iawl., Stella Shawl.: Velvet Cloak.; Caahmere Scarf. Plaid
5S Al», U) piece. all-Wnol Baaooy Plaid., for llute Boy. and
Olrla, cheap for rath.
dc33—WI _0. A. AW ATKIN.
fv?„T.l:l!2KN The .obecrlber ha. .ucceeded in gelling op a CT
BILK II AT, with a FJariU. Buntf, which make. II a. pleasant AR
lo;h« •>♦*<* aa a Soft Hat. JOHN POE Ja.,
de»3 Ballard lloaie, opposite Hgchange Hotel.
DREN.—A large tar ted and beautiful assortment of Kngll.b Bonk.,
•* _ MORRIS'Book Store, if Main tt.
Among which are Ihe following :
Old Tale, for the Young, cloth and clofh gilt.
Ancient Cities, do do
Andtraoo'.Tale., do do
Amy Carlelon do do
Quitot'a Moral Tale., do do
Do Popular do do tlo
fplrll of Ihe Holly, do do
ktfbloion the Younger, do do
Louis' School Days, do do
Winter Wreath, do do
Seven Wonders, do do
Stout llenge, Aa, Ae , do do
Naw Tom. Doc. tt—TUo Wwm. Kaoar Ilia of th. iu
ennaahUn, I»mw on gro at her dock la thu city. andU
Wtll bo boned to tbo waler'a oin. HU bad
•MiiliioUo oaigo oo board, aad woo iom^m
Th#,r u ooUUug from lialUat of tbo America aa yet.
l W# rereired yeoteeday weather deopalchee from tbo
■* j“*<» >• *■ *Td£ 52., *
cowtnLrt.T c^5 ^2««iy’
»l««bl auow ; fratmrilU. rary ooid. *’ *** eoW—
„ , _ FIRE "
RifL JkH?' 11 —Tk* »“0R and CandU Factory of
rridJ7 ^So,
CloSd.HT*r W,°fb~Ty »ee. aod tbc oppcr atroamc arc
v ■ W T**“; ****• **•—Tho paaoengera of tbc ship Now
*ero all oared and lanJcd on Uirnerat boacli Tbo
triSSTinir.jjr “ - ‘*nw *">»■
•r- Je.n^ “*». *» Mo
iZJSm'Z* tho~00ww •" «*«* b>
donor., re, S.
on4w.pertot.ndln, lb. huUdto, o/u. -Eim-jr/n^To!? 7’
■cabi.l Cr.ajp.oo and the hr lum caowil* **lk*r'
Nt. Yoa«. Dec 22—Kloor and wheat unchangmf -
CoTOflowor; toned 7u cent.; white 70 conU. Htodu arc
Utt-rtwcm^ Dw. *i._K|our U .lightly lower- ^ea
»*•—£■£■. n..
sz=?:.i^j»iga7 astt.-sa&.te
•crlpllon., had dripalrrd of brln^rJIJ4 ^ 1
irT-T..^y h*d ct“n»*d “«'r nw fo7Si%S3!Sl
77*« former buoyant vplrlta bed dmerted hrT SjATrJi
«• tb.it aha fait a chilly rfoonUne.. ilrtTn. ^
* “,lrrK«* -lib U- alU?" « o17£, ™r^T
*n10 do *>• *•*»«>« »oal Mil faith In m«Jh Ini '
length took to her bed. Iler trl.nd. hMrl1.r.dhr‘*Jm^jL.*'‘^*
cured two bottle, of Him MTTKU. p?td h„ a^Sk^/b^
,—' ,* ‘Ml she fell Improved,mod continntn* ik#
- p»rfcth«tS. tX?;££u2;
11 now °°® ®* to* advocates fwr ihe um of iki. nf.-r
Sr'S’SCi: 'TJZ'r'r? pr*?-— -
« • to-uTHtotaTLiZ , VL"ln; ,n h" «*»■»“"• »' If tBo.e,
in Net to H^^e. cd£“ JT ^Zlk ,S^E*,k*«o «"«
,x~ *' *pp5S?»i*£r5i‘iX.te;
css. :s££j3Tr"??
SSSS12* IWtoM.
& rass &£&:-*»" ^
. . 0., eb.rte. Utou ACo, W».|,iugtou City, D. C.. Canby A I fitch
P‘>ltl»—»“? • *oA;*r A Miller, Cortnaiun, Ky eSSje, A Jon«
SKS551 *nd ,ro“ nn^iy: V““:
l34w{u'i.^!(‘,MT,‘,!»A" •" amelia
^Xgigl mSw^Ss
SSS?55^°- <w£5S£k?B
without pa n to .lip on . ion .hoe, anda/uiual, afJZfd to b“work‘
U hy me.°,L| “ ^Te^pZ^' "«
_• wn J. QMQO.
BGjfe. J.Vf,AST."*,“ ¥J5.,JU\“«u»
gSwareafej; ms.nrrS'H
•**??“£ **•**>• or »totr unslirt.tlj appearanoe —
Bofle s ttrclrlc Hair Oje Is void of these noxious pri-nerUe. li
lulthri wAU*?nh'.hE,irbeaUl‘fttl ***** bl»«* M brows, which
li1!;'"hllrr y^r ,-nV.*l?r can Urn,,b ,n toe least; and -to make
ne, Ifthe
sra'aas&HRL tre j-tf Sswiat:
ere" you r*1 bUd* 00°i “",B,UU». »,lJ 'fee of d.ud’rugf fiotoLre I
are, your cbUd.ru to have luaurlaul bead, of hair f Then uac Ho
Siu.I.U«*^,0ltPu'n,;.w,,icl‘ *"** ,4,u’ ln *>• uomdogeiEZu -
Price. Aft rta. 00 cu. 76 eta. and |IAu per buttle ... 1.' ,
Oytherla U«ud. unnralled for eradkatln^tanllid'pliSto'J. ind^u*
.Price 60 cte. iSrenloraJd SrOTkto^W
led —dl^r-—[rJ* * Otuggiu. everywhere. P l ‘
jt/iL, "OTiCE.-Virginia Central Ball Road The
tolpa again on Monday lb. 6th of jinuary 1967 ™r“Ur
Richmond. Dec. 16th ISM* HUNT“* - freight Agent.
filWiLs imn^e? 01,1 T,*IAL—PAYMRNT WITH
Tarantv yaanexperknraon oar part satisfies our own
~— --E. P.!<ASH_
Umw with a mil asaoHaieot •iirrrt from n u • wpplkd at all
at U.c loweal N«VT^k^.n^. wI . “* “anufacturrn, for ul.
tolly cuoal in *
commend It to the trade. • wlu> nonldence re
-*p80 ___BENT PAIWB A 00., Agoota.
'WT5* d‘-A. WE1.V191 baareaorad hie Purnltare Katab
fljSTWfflAJMUUUL- MllnP»‘"U'. w««»« under
op^ytoTg^ :‘^nre.M^£n:^2^J^.p h—
*"*“ *****■ i».i w. a — vti r ji
uun ^
£7«t. - £T;
E& &*■*—*£{
ittg* „ *«*•?. •
Boa»oo”li iUit/ax, D? 1
,L*—»-*• fc.Trt, K' ,,
SuwT**1’ 2** *■• Onm, Uc. l
j -—* ■—TocB.Dw. 1
-J°n a* *10MI«J*B. DKMinn, mm! ‘ ~
-!fmmm|TJ* — ♦ eWIM Itx r. ■.
jj**®** JnmD, Blaur, i. Y., aii. a
B»I*Mot«, Bak.. mti * lSSS. AwSSL
fcy lana»*r, VklMia. M. y . o*Ia . b A w «w_i_
WUlian, Poory, 4aw2^h» riTar, U^Bt.
-P1‘ «0«.»E!« PILLN.
1^^- THt co»Haala>« cdloBrodWoto Id Um nil. ar. pwfcci
W:$j^£r iy MnMM. *batr Hlc%ry ftn4 MvrtU ore Knrj b«mh> an
K^UCO or over thirty year. : ami whereIbeJIrSI^
bWa •trirtly followed, Ihvj have a«T«r failed lo eort*rt all Ir
5T^2S!l![!^I!2**S ^ di«cult namkraatlDu, u>»rUc«taHj,)
rrW» |1 for Box, with fall Jlrrrtlon. Bold —■- .--i ^»u
“ rciCILL, LADD A 00.,
Ajfarr JYuIo «o.y !««*££ 2*2^13"^.
SSStt.V?S*K» jss? astt ***-?*■ **•
J. W. EYAN*. No. 10 IWI kJok, ’ « :
*7.t**.u!? p",lcmUr*'■* ««■»•"»' a,«™
N®T,CB5 1‘® TAX-r A V fcaK.-Por.oaol Lo an „!
<finan«j piiad Uth or Jaooary, IbU, 1 will attend at the
S»»rsaSftS5 22LMM5S
£**• a-'u linr^
N B n .,1. __,k. JUUiLB A‘ “W. 0. C. B
U» H.r^nD^r.rB.hirr4S,^*t', JSST'l.rtSUSta
_•‘lill'OH. I'OH CHHIKtWTl
mw •* ■ n,w*W M Itora * Itrn ami rrnml i»
tZZ- «* WI*«*> “d UtlUOM, amo£* whST .m £
* pu“Tr,n«*lJT‘ p"tor 4,14 Ao,|«“ *“•». miu
14 half-plpea 11 may are Undos Dork and Otar, I. Dopey a ru ’.
kmod.ee. riot***, of l»4fl, 1S44, IMS and 1*30* ** L
* pi pea .opertor Holland Oln
m MU LTdl« wEatJ;**" '*• “•* o“« WkUk,
**’ btl!wS,'”U,“U’ p»n*'*T'T**>l» tad other choice rectified
« * ind V =“**■■ »«"*>-<»*«. pal. and dark
bi!TorV 5S" Porl' ehtT'y *"<* Madeira Winer, „,me .olta
.. W« »«r cookln* purpose. and a portion eery choice
d^UWlT£>gSh0MnI‘^tto'B'',U * 3f*3n>• choke Bran
»T3’."r!5 , **d“ a>". R»« and Scotch Whiaky, 4c , bottled ur
aod packed In eaam anltaM* lor family and apolUcarVuV^^ V
London D®*k brandy, Otard, Dupuy 4 Cn-./ntan 1840
• AtnoolllUdo Pair Sherry Wloe.eery delicate do* IMS
AUof^whlnh cell the tlknUuo ,f dealer, and corjimroe.
PWV1 Intttr* my Ciutomera a comfortable and therefore - Merer
2£uT0faTU'<LncuT£u<m lha° »Dj especially de
iJ.^.in.Ar hhlaolI hind tenementa. Ualranlcrd Orma. uo
^ which 1 will furnish st u fiTortblc prices us i lutu-ri r nit. ••*
aD,d otbrr SE
‘ »°d«™r to oT ordm,
promptly, aa heretofore. GKOROR STaRRRTT.
---14* Main atreeL
B»i^“Vbr slekhi -arasa* e
£5**— f hom# m*ke kr* alwsys OH hsod sod for t* W si k>«
aoJ£fldo,‘ml,*?* *' Pr'*i““ BOOk‘ “* <o thorn who .Wh
All kinds of Binding done.
qnhEJ^*P PM’Cr' r,lrd ,or »"*. pctcc* from It .« s; cent, gee
S^maULLT! "J-IaOTIII WCJ.—We hsre wow In store the
_ Isrgest stock of Bervsnt * Clulfilog to be found In the rite TV*
zZn'VoLl'TZ'zz: *-**oT^- £KMi
Sarr your time and money by calllnf on
--_ KKF-S.BALDW1N 4 00.
PINE VKEMHFHOCK 1Q4T4.-1 h... no_
another lot of eer, Bo. frock Com. £ dr*E»Er
EVoE^Efa'01 *',ac'1 Uo,r*kl0 p“'* *"d VeETln ESelyTaUof
rn MmJnETt“<l "T'w W Bl> ,or “lc u In" »* the lowest, at
— *twt- __WM. IRA SMITH.
J P*?iKjm^kn,V£0’ an°,U*r •"PP'y of ®*»cr*< awpcrlor
emlely Soap. „, al, kind., for ml, a. the DrZJLd&^'.o
^ "f „ J°UN * OARLICR,
_ Market Place, franklin atreeL
NEW»t<l0!W'k "V »TEA3If’h
Black cloth Cloak*
Blrh Tel ret do
^'‘'l*ind colored murfln embroidered Rohr.
Black Collar, and Slrerra
Uce Berthe, and black lace Caper
Bufl* Gimp, and Trlmmlnn
Wadded and other kinds of SklrU
With many other thin**, all in be sold low.
— ' *_PnlCIt, BAYLT 4 W4TKIXS.
ELk/I j ES.-Wear. In rrcrlpt ofa lot of superior tooth
Bruthea. made expcroaly f„r our^rr. at ,h. beat manulEtorVln
fd ^D „Ib,ir'*U".ar',*cur'd b* S»M wire aod prote ted from
the injunona rflrcta of the water by the patent remeonnr procraa
which render, them a. nearly perfect a. at prcTrm the? cm U
mad* all alter and drerru of hardorm. for sale at y canoe
... L4IDLKV 4 ROBINSON, New Dro* Store.
-A *__4thaod franklin .1. , Richmond.
Iiy y HOkOyi 4HIHTR,- Just rrcelrrd a lot of ruf
* n“* “<l iee.ro borom Shirt, which win be sold al a .mail
ranee, an com, call and look at them al M
^■livna.1 - ’
^ the favoriu ptggg 0f tho
*-•—■—- -rivu .•»■*****.
ter rnTrJ *• te., (M nm ihip
■2T5Z1 ^ ?“??•?*t- *>>*«rte.te) **4 nZT
-^7-^..-,^ - ■ * SgJ* M »; ovw»w*
*N •F' ViatilNM riVE
1^:5^-. 5 s E£SEJ,i^,s*s»
ISaKTi? 2 SSETZnS'mJZZ? •"
iss-sr s s w s^/"1-004 ®2
•***» 15 Tl Ulll Cftrtor ™
I**! RT M ;j l«taj5l3rcHfS2^fc#,CWIW
is sr;1 •? 1*2
1*1. July U M Jo"/uL c«Sj*. m , I**
ISO*; • 2 j2Z? D£',, d"4 ^
««■ W n ;«. >«
'**• *■**- * »«
:s;sr: a iSv^—* -
1*54, April 11 100 Wjm._ w. JMtU, r^rdUo ^ Lo
iStfeiS )2 i^^rtttlnrA
I3£n; 11?
Do ao WraeirMpCuno*^, 1.000
E § £ £ £ «
£ n iaoo
Do u Z T* QO i.W)
£ S S £ £ MS
s s 5 £ £ &2
k s £££’*»
IStJi .*! 2 iS
Ig: i£ 2 2 £5 S:33£S:2!£2£ &
!i£ !« M 2 **( “ ,Wlo*“*ld' b' Norfolk ijST
J™* JJ*r" r? *2 Norfolk Draw Under Comnanr MO
!'“■ . ’* JJ Norfolk Draw Bridge twpui 3fk>
iSSiS « I? tt£&2S£f'dt'<*“*“* ir
1*30, Aug. M 39 Mr* r JZ p. Rowan, rxccDlx of '
M. Rowan, doc'd, ef Middlue.
\# lfT » Rwhard^L. Page, of Norfolk £S
Ml' Sic 1 ? TW SteTenaon, of Richmond 1.3U0
W m o £•<*•«•««. on. of Richmond l.«oo
«’ u!2 2t ,! Norman Stewart, of Richm.o,d S,UOu
!»4u’ Nut 2 ?«’!■• Bw*cW*n- o» Norfolk Sou
1840, Not. f| 14 Mra Ann Newton RUky, 0f Nuk
1844, Dept. 18 *9 Commodore Jeue WOklnoon, C. 8. *'"*0
IMS' £2 2 2 &**?”*• °f CV*"fl'ld « . *■£»
194a*, Bept. XU 44 Muluil iMarucr BooWtt miott Art
1848 Jan *8 48 0,°" I""?“If ^ oTv^2!T 8,100
IMf’ Mar ll 2 °^^of PurtmnooUT, Vo 1JM>
ion. *e if ff John Icott, of Orange coontr 1.00U
1848, Mar. *3 43 Robert B. Ounnmgham and Ann H.
1848, Mmr. M 48 (huh H. Poor aod Motile L. hie ,’'5"
1h2' m!J' » 2 JoJf ?° »*“ lnd “^7 ». hie wife IjtW
>2552:“ S w fe3l^TecJ»^.:iS. uso
1848. Mar 8, 34 8^1210^ Richmond
smsu " ^
mlulonera, Ac., in eoli of Allen re.
1931, Mej IT 49 W»«87Wllklne.lrne»raferWm.P.
Dandrldge and Snean C. Dandrldgo
toe, _ hi* wile, and her nine children Ac iJMO
Si' 1! P R^hud Archer, Jr., of Amelia, i uSj
1938, Jan. 81 89 R. W. Plourno,, AdmiuMratcr of K. '
1939, Feb. *1 49 Rlcherd Row-tie, racetrer of the fund
friYi,?T,he “‘••"M Glebe
land la Salat Anne's Parley, Essex
^ao* ^ Alexander J. Broadnax, of Bnu- **
ISM, Jaa. tt 74 H JxsbrtCh°y0 ^ all are of Staff rd *’5?°
J®3* J*1/ W 78 LoctUa Wallace, of Krederkrksbure Vmi
ISM.Aoe.1I 80 Mary HOI, Mar^rlr^ntJSth ®"
lllll, to be bold by them as trustee,
I*®* •*«» * 99 AddiaonDaid P®
1 AH, Dec. * 98 J BBtoxall, Treasurer Ac., Interest
.... . „ for the MouticelUj Bank a n.tn
laM, ju. 80 84 Richard W. Flournoy, Admintatrator
, of Edward H. Mueele,, dec’d 9Auo
1933, Jan. 4 81 Re* C. W. Petltmdgr T'~
Iw'iiSl "2 2 *- C. M»re. of Kew J,raey 'uS
193u, 7rb. « 89 Joalah C. Wilton. of Kmaun’r,
1933, June T 99 JohS^'wSk^'^Vdlan of A man- *"®°
!Sli27 '? M IfZzjXZFl Mbed *{2
*®*i Jan- I W Wtn. D. Sima , ir
JSf' ,d ** Mar, end Elisabeth De Vaee *22
1938, April 9 81 Dr. Samuel Pauraou,
Not, —Thooe bolder* of cerlt8celee who deal re to rrdeei'bt'^
tornry, iau.l. If rraldln* beyond the limit* of Urn United SSc/ nc
I pOW," bT,orr •b™' Minuter PlenlpoU-nTlarT Owi.
d Affaire., Lonaul General, Conanl, Vice Coneul, or Coiamercul k2fT
appointed by Ike Gorernmenl ol the United Piairat2nny forwhn!
conntry; o, tmfnrw th. proper <d8cr of any courTof mehc^o^T
or Gw Mayor or other chief maftairalea of any city, town or '
ration therein. If redding In the United Fmle. Gw acknoJlM^
ment before a Joetlce of Gw Prac*, Notary Public or
0*0. W. IIUXfOkb, Sec'y Commonwealth
Richmond, Not. R. 193^ .^
B^hoSi; ys^k'^r^k.^^
U.nkm, Hmue, lo the ell,of Richmoodron MONDAY, the 19th Jam
. ^^ paased at tlie last session of the Lrelslature cxtradinv th«
“ i^ssirrsrc; ■
of IhaBank, nor Mall an, proxy b.T raBd rttoh *222^2^!
ncuted alxt, day. befur, the tlm. of election. “
delB-lawtd_tAMI, MARX, Cnahlar. <
, JiT «b«Tog, fit. M. 1UKTI1D, > UTT. ,, , 1
Aufe .j, r.trmtilU. Lair oj Cornier Hand to Oj cumfwr/um/ro ,
t-’ O ,T| .W IN K ■ O X nCRCHAllTk
W‘ll •*»* *P*cl»l nttention to the anle of nil kind, of produrw tod I
... ‘° “7 ofher buaiorM entrn*t«f to them * ' “ '
- - ~ .■ 1 <■ MMJtr
-auction sales.
l**l»* It___ _
Marbiaali. Jy L. Rvrli. jM.'
If Ml aoM prtntoiv Mart Um Will -- ' IM
toWW twtliB, m that day, to the blfhaat bidder ^ *^T
-.poo .*3***.. jfri^SLa..
- 4»iT-d*««. r. o. m-. «Prr*CT.
-*<*» — ■»—<■»— and_~i bin u,^JS^c*
CmijH HWIOilHy tALE Ol' fft ai a vvm rz
AC0T10M.—Aj Commiaoiooer of tiw
Oily of Kiclaoad. lay a docrM »»_ * Oowh of iho
‘•^canrt&l'^SZZSFTTZZdr V
g»WW anctloo, la froat of tbVbL.t.' *-.Tl % ‘ • }**»" “■ “
Richmond, oa WlultUUtr t* tin ik!!Lil!!Tua *• ®*f •*
bL>t^ZZ^‘,701 *•
Imo/Tu^uy ^TbT^Tj^
Mrroats.bc. W W £T£V,^T £ *?«••
*— by OP—, b Ammo, Ami MAKTIK. tWr.
0«e» of tbr County Coort of
Mf of a tract of land aoM by her to the raid BorirTrfT^f^^L 7^'
bomlrrd sens, lylor in the oboe. mTulTvIT?*’ containing tv#
lb. Eaulc-fcai, £ct? tSr°^2o/tL"n ^
*• M^mIm., on the 3d day!? ji^£? J?$ ^^2d
u MU. brttb. no bmI of lb* tract m BinZsoX' tho VeSET?,
*• D«rch*r —V ««u bar Opon lb. then, InMulnurn J lSi ,^.
cb.rgr. and cotnmlMloo. far HMT«Lm«nn T.™r?*nU» “* «*•
Thlo land to attuted near Um land* of V J Wmrm if w .
mm otbon. m I or * .IM. JE? iitZh,-uTSd E-’**
ri.M, aad U bow In tbo poamalon of Hr. John CnMb J“"
_ —_. - . HOLDEN EJI'JDW TrnHou
CT Sole by Oooot. b Ammmam, boot..
other mod aad well oetabltobod Mahan/ * °° ■od
T: ^cooetaoUy on baud aa aeeortnmt of thr i,..l Mr
Sl?.n{; 1>1”nc>IIIIT». Mamcal Mere hand*. In ««o£S. eon-’
•Ingle SnXtoZZ?"' *' • oeUT-> -ufc
Martin', unrivalled Gerra as
TayW, approved PhCT»-(to<ne Plate, art n.t rarpa^)
Tnnto« Fart, and P^ST ™
u" J ^ 2te-*
“ “ zztzi —
** a liberal dta-oani made to Teacher, and School*
^ ««* “0 'B‘ «« klrc. Old Plano. u!h£n id „eh,nc,
-**14 __P. h.j-atlok.
jCcS l!^.™1.11^ PIAilO-FOKTEB.
aaHSn^u^Vto, ’ N** T°rk ,Blr' P-na^.ranla Star. Pair.
re^l^T- of Kaahc A Co. nod Brown * Allea. hartoHe. M h>gh
Uchmood, Main mrvet, No. IB, orer Memr. HaMIston A Ben* •»
—?°*_ furnlior. Bore, opposite the Ekchange Book.
T "5, !L",*<“'BK,‘ IN KTOHE.
thja»«t toMutmabte BattIHJ Mta
oclO 5®* 1 *•**■»*•» Hotel,
— 1 - -_--„-_0pyH> ttw hrfiiBf.
flu.**Jd *^7 *« »«w to receipt of their 0*
^*d^I rtpil‘h*h5*,£ftjj £?,d *ZT «“*• '» *»**r line, of
saAra apo° crises
A coll I* rrapcctfully .ollclted at 75* Mato to.
***** rrBBlrT’ H “OW rrcel.lag tome .nllr.lvrirwtoKF
KJI« of While Dinner, Tea and TolIrCOooJ.. ihlch alto »W%
grnrral assortment of China and filaainare he <j*.n a ME
ahohwal. aad retail »l mod.raic prlceT h* **
PltFMf ll BOOTH AMD NHOFN_In .rdrr m
^® ^ locrciiioi demand for French FWWTN > 1^.
SHOES la .hi. market, I Ear. mad. a^Sie^?^^ ito
constantly .applied with those article* aad har. now the nleaanrr
to anao.no. to my friend, and the poblic gen^Mly toll I hT^u
»«“*«« by tK, world-renowned^ m«^u
irs^riiraEsrw: •ips»
TSiSffS^S:-* u“‘ ^^rpVoTjV^
Bal*_Patotoanble Boot and Shoe Dealer, IS Maln'nreet.
y for ciil at to. New Tork anetioo. .nd now ..Eeee’rftff ^
S3 ggp*asBJaeaaBs.« e
Pto?'!to^mL£"m' l'J W E *7«oon; 75 cte.
J?*7 ,Db7 ®<*>*c-New *•*»«• b>r 1*1*1. folk., by Fanny Pern 76c
ao^w to^X^m’a^1 £ Lto SET j ~
Pictorial French and Kngllah Primer - » ct*
^Appleton'. Eallway and Steam SarlgaUon Guide, for December
^Kro-Theological Ucture, on Pr« Maw,orr, by Eober, Taylor
g«^»7’*.L»dy'* Book for Jan'y "57; 23 ct* J
Graham • Magatlne for Jan'y T.T D eta
Hannah Mor*'. Select Work., i vol*: 1 75
.1 SSL'l*.'. B®eb of Ancient Ballad Poetry of Gnat BrIUto Hlrtorl
•J. Traditional and EomanUc , 2 rol*. Illuatraled London' Jdm«
-:____delS '
SU^St' aSd^toTc0* 10 U h*f*P7i^h^Kmll^inntokmek^S^c! '
leto^.oiad^<?TrWhiCt “*k" h™' b7
30 ZEszszsrjzjui spr —
_ KJLUAM * DATO, kmcu.
royal HAvm urrr55T ^
»vA"tA,T «r»Ti«*i.
•0*1*0 NUMKEO SI4 OUDliun.
,PH. w c^™ir*«V55S«i
1 M eg ..'•‘22! J5S?1*.IMM
i: g=Hl4B$=EH’g
PHac* cubed u .tetu at 5 per cent dlaMut”^" **•“’•
mu, ,t lit. Richmond CHy WuLbiTr.1
A drawing will be forwarded uaoon u UMreaoiiImooim kl,
J"°- V»yD A ^ _ THOs.-r^ASM -
fkodcce generally
det—dAcly L*»»TUIE,KT,
___, M watkrRotrS^ m YOU.
W ^WCK?WU^’ald^r^^^.e1S2^,^i^,
Richmond,My ISth, iM A- U *OT8™’
* uainorum mnut.tTm^
***_bicotond, VA.
uumin* caod bom*, and Wmj them well pro Tided for la alch
Raraaapcu.—W. W. Dunnarant. Rtctmaml AVouirar Mae
farlane A Ferguacin, .Saw. Lit JfruraiTji- ■- J,..' ."f1'
CM Mercian,r^L-Amnarf l. ItTV^r V nmZZt*P*'•
torn. D. Ltrely, a ,rvti~. Thnmu UFuMk"
^KBrawn, WMt, U„U, AU~marU Co. A. M o7.
groaia, OB WaU Street, under St. ChaHee HoteL
sir J? iw? S3 cm
Hiring out Nrgroee, RenUng^ntUo^^^^r ■
description—end wlltjir, hi. prompt “
SES? fo hi. care, and E pa, ZStSSSS^g^TZ
tad Collecting Claim. of ..cry df^pST^ ^ “**
delO—dAcEm “°®4KD HTU-. Jfc.
oe.o-OAcSmK. 8. RAWLINGS.
MjlH 1 DAY. DEl'E.IIBER 1STM. I It W, ' '
r per .learner, tbl. week, the following aoe CLOTtSun^**''*'
SO Black Bearer Cloth Over Coata, (Enel
“ Raglan^ rarylng In oualltyfrnmglO u> MB
1M Duaineaa Coata, of Drab, Browiraad Black Caul me rr
S« pal r Black Doeaklo Caaalmera Pan la "
*0 “ Fancy « ..
'2 I****’ ?!V®1™- B1*«k and Fancy C-mlmere
80 down Colored and White Kid Glorea
10 doaeu Merino Shirt, and Drawer*.
Thooe Id want of flne Clothing, of lnteat atyle. „t UL, fn.n ,e ^,.a
>rieM, are aotlcited to call aid examine the lar^e ,toek u* rt
NO. MW Kb.
del* j
S^J!dtSS>,*3,U "OVEUt-At 0-NE1LLU Bonk
lit For Tat. by a Lady of New Or lean., price «1
w“” S.T ror
Ladle. complete guide to -rochet an I fancy kntttlne ortce 7B
A large collection of new and popular Nurds, for «fie
i wo risc,.—The Code prohibits the «.vm
hlsge of negroes, in this State. except for religious wor
•hip, and yet thera is an organization in ibis clly whirl
■neeM tor another but w. beTiere an innocent purple I
dent ffr f ir °! "hkh that thTpresi
„n‘ h “ ,or„Uil,ni »• P*f»orm certain d.itiea "be li.bl.
L* kr •°rr,ln?,o ,h°Uw °f ,h« «">•-.*■<«
«/ {I r?! ,hT*! dulk*. he u liable lo a sercre laahii g
.dicruL,,,:r^i°“,j-k<jri-r*' A"od‘u#n”
Thk Woxuta or thk HixrraaxrM Ckxtvbt—IKblit’i
HAarAFiaiLa. Thia medicine may l« taken at aay seaaon
ol tbo year—ep.ing, summer, and faff. OeM/e, thoueli
potent In it* action, it »o recti Wa tha blood asdjnicea tlml
are ™DidU*rZ'r,“’ ?“Cl* ^^ho* pin,plea, Ac.,
UkenT.h^ZT, i 7 ‘h? m*nf ‘IwdMds that hare
uZrtu h Coecra! family medicine known
Tai*« Attain,—The Are belle ring *o often now with
out cauae, that when we hear an alaxm, we do not taka
the trouble to enquire the whereabout, of the .uppom-d
Are.nnlonweNm a hUae oramoke. The reel, pS
o^ffta^yanerday.ooeof them in charge of . hoy not
moee than twelee years ol age. Until minor, ere kept
ThZ will con
PaacaerttMaar Maaaoaaa-Tl.e A7|j7u7,l Oener.l has
written to the Comma,id.nl ol the sail, Regiment, that the
nnZThi.1^ ■'•—•"■Hln.ilo. which it I,
.TJZZlw-!". n m*,"f,‘*kd bJ in several ipiar.
ie . tale, andI that each uniformed and effective mem
riTlM0” Th1* “r“h r^mda ol ball cart
nuflw. Thi# ordwr Hm been carried oot.
|Pp«a,. or rat Uauar Lawa.—We notice that the Hew
YoRt Chamber of Commerce hare determined to make
another effort to obtain a repeal of the U.urr I ... „#
Staf. It I. high time,ha, the people d rrfol.
giring thi, matter thair d.litme.t.'Zd Intelllge.lV condd!
era!ran. Our present law, on that (object hare on, r.tod
Zf,.V0|"8 '»!0 ‘b* dU*dT,",U«* ** HUIw, in driving
eapiul elsewhere to aoek loperimenl—PVrrf. Hrror,Ur. *
Pownta Rxpioatow.—At DaerAeld, Angaria county, on
the IMh instant, during the absence of Mr. Robinson end
i, wile from hoxwe, a gentleman whom they left there In
M.*.tM.°!ZT a?"1 k,*d *" WApwiment with mm,
blaatlng powder, and In so doing the kca einlnded l>ur,
"r T* r
Rwioairiwo Wear.—The Leilnglon.’MiMonri Rxpoal
tor notice, tha ar.lralofa targe number of Virginians in aet
tie Iiii Miaaoori. J. H. Timberlake, of Warran co Va h„
EJT4* ** « •«WP. In Iwlayetie county, ’ M “
aonrl, for |Ao per sere and t. 0. Rrlghtwrll, of Rockma
izJx.sZm^z.'nu ■s*~ tsss.
Extra*,rt Hairwrars.—The Petersburg Express Mate,
that on Saturday, the American ship Marengo, Ale,an
der, master had cleared City Point lor Ll»arp.>ol, with a
mh;~U *nd «*“>". »«• Branch,
«d tta,m,r, oed.t#«flooo Bwch ahlpnnmta horn <m*
eautill.hmenl are seldom beard of In thi. Stale.
«m£LTSSE «Wm,riWaritaaihT».Ma rm.«,
^MSlSSflSiTiT* •OMM~ ‘—wrtet,, Hatu.km.
_.*** *7**'**""* a^eemrf Ika 0>rgea.i.a katamta Mm went
yy,1;?' ^?»«w atmkri*. Mmlun „ a. nanta.
-nm nun . 1AMt* »0«»«0rs'! A CO
»..enruL BIBLES- In rich eelrrt, morocco,rail and other bind
Inga, all •!#*#.
I BEAITTI PUL Pit AVER BOOKS tup-rbly bound In rarlou* itrln_
trb"0Dd 10 •■«»*>“ and Parle
UTRII NOU-miM to the rarlou* denomination* ; In ibnM
RICHLY ILLUSTRATED BOOKS-In riqilall* binding*; an lm
menu collection.
pKota ill* HJ?''.KJ,“ln rrrAi -sr'cly • all age* can b« anllcd.
POBJA*c^"JffKS2r DB,«*-'“ -hhegany. Papier
Papier Machle and leather.
CARAB, or Ladle.' Hellenic.; Hold Pena; Oold Pencil Ca.ea; Pearl
Paper Pnldrra ; elegant Inaatanda and tnkaUndlahea; 6rntlr
? JF1***- romeihlng new; Ladle.' Work Box** and
To.lel Ca.ea; \ lallng Card Caeca; Port* Monntme; Packet- Book*
Pur**.; beaullhil Pocket Knlee*; Pen maker*: haodaeme ecu or
***,_iBt °“IUrr> aplendW Plano l^ortr*; Melodeone.
M.*teHotu7ol«£: “*°J °,b" h‘nd*°~
W7d*a * ro., at tMr Artlfti* Sopply Store.
*4*tir99t^ below Kvrhang* Bank, keep contUotly on
Hand ai* o#er for m»* at very reavonablv price# :
Material fur Portrait and Landscape Painting, with Oil Color#
•« u a, . " M 44 Water M
Monochromatic Drawing
** tha PmIcII Crayon ••
44 " UrrcUn Painting
4 44 44 Leather Work
_ " •’■fw Machle Work.
t. ne'pu,^dto.*^d',U'’s,::J:Tn iow1:1"'-1 •' ,t,,t k'od *+
nO.YIK All Allg. The aubecrlber I. again back al hi* oi l
H«.d. corner of Main and Kill, atreeta, m.h . beam and
* "'* ^1*®od*' *n'1 "?w prepared to offer greater Indore
?•?'* iiL’iJl?'‘'ST* •V «"'< llw public generally, Iban
J!* !u! ""T " "**' ” *bw»0>l"» really nice and de.
rl!5.b!*’.JL.,h7 ***!' ISolblng for II,e Cbrlalmaa lloly,lay*, would
look te tbelr Intereat and glee him a eall.
B. B. i,PKMOIC, Clothier and Merchant Tailor,
_ '* ”, H> Oontee af Main and IHth Me.
IjfLRU ART II.1.1 » TM t ri ll HOOKS , nit
■V ohristmae and new tears pkw7n" 1
A good aaaortatenl of hooka f.,r the young,
Pr.yer Book., BIMea and Hymn Book. in eel Yea,
I a,Ilea Retlrnlee Curd Once a, te., te, te.
Annnala al all price* and ofeeery dearrlpllnn.
Pap'er Maehl* Work Bole, and Portfoboe,
Oohl Pena and Pencil* a fine aeeertment,
IB Ha Robber Pent and Pencil*, extra
Poetical Worheboand la cuff, morroeeo, te., te.
»" resonated to call End examine our aa
lenMr* clock ef Book*, Stationary and fancy (inode.
*•}•__wonrtt AM aooYtr ri.l, bni Mam rt.
“I II! I>NI H IM K.ee
R W. KBOWLIW. Agvnt for thv " MITUAL BK7VKMT LtFfl
•BSI'RANCK COMPANY," aeke nil per anna deeirou* of *f.
fcmlng Inwaranoe on Ihelr lleee. In Iha Mloumg facta
Thl. Company la perfeeily mutual
'' ““** «"• rf(efwAWe (Ac fneueaf fa He
,n9> or oxer on* third Ih* premium paid.
If RbSShT**"" " ,°*”4 ** '”',,*d •» "«P* real. Inlercat,
_0K#e at ' STATIONERS' HALL. " No 91 p,»r| «.
"’,or» Mi friend, and Ihe nubile generally
that ha uill continue la the earn* line of huetneee tbt mauine rear
AR bo.,near enlroalr J la hi* ear* will be alteaded la with promM
** •** f”"n
Alen, agent tor rent.ng out Metropolitan HalL
Bartaanraa - Roht. A Mayo, Kent, Paine AOo , R. W. floor nor
<KSS*-*Sy BSS&tSSk;
tae^e and wem o.1 and examia* tor yoormleea at Me 111 Main
•treet (d*H) MERCK AST, WgtsHIER t 00.
A W T1 f * " * ", ol three feer. ..
^m ^aetewee neE^eBBeg „ p*,a ih. EngtlM, lanomoe. Ulehea a
SlSIrTaAdl!m**a rwhrther par
dJjT e^T "te^Mtoed'a P 0 , King aad Aueow.
fl **'PtlHIilM til H Nil '
,5,*a. ^ WMIPKr -IMBereaa brand, m men and In arrler. toe i
T--Tf __M JONES e
^ yRgf* WHlg, ad wm byrjUjSl ;
-.TL * _•or who to my article* io hft* ||0*. jyj
BCsr* Mothers’ Breast Cloths.
- ”T.,A "■fPO' o' «*«■» lr.rala.ble article, on hand, and
***"“•7; xzxttirZ
^^> n ^r—t.northwrat corner of 10th.
p & as is^vauis^zbsssr
^IvoS SZVn. i,nd Dom”"' CANDIM Of £.7? dJ&JSTo"'
«, getTSKS'^»n^ii^TdDU., ^,^UW,^,r.’
which ha ha. provided for CHRISTMAS. Bear, and com. Zolhl
Chrrw22r«”?,!iT„,r C°Df'Cl,OM or c,b" *«W« Adtplcd far
tnldaV1^ ESE?* I!’’ ,rt0’ ornamented Pyra.
inia*, ttira, lce*OreiBi of Tihou Oitoti. etc havln* Mu_waji
S-ato."1*" °f °“* 01 ,h< m°’* «P*'*'"m« workmen In the l£Kd
— - Ml. Nicholas lUlonn.
H‘™ rrceleed two flrrt clam IMWnma. at the Mechanic.'
Pair far year. I Wand MBS, (nr kink WINKS and LIQUORS
would call the particular attention of those that want ■ nnr# .n*«
choice article, to ...mine our l.r„ anda^nlw. ™k TS* "d
Slerraa, Amontillado and Pemartln Pale Sherries ’
Old Pamily and BI.rkbnrn’. Madeira
Aandeman'. and Blackburn'. Old Port Wine.
Champagne—a full ...ertment of the choice brand.
Oognae Brandle.-Hennemey, OUrd, Dwpoy A Co.
London D .ck - A. Sefanetle A PMIerolela, both Dark and Pair
a part very Site and old rate,
Holland Ola; St. Crnlr and Jamaica Rama
■f*43£?7,r-' Halt Whhftj; Tlr,lnl. Old R„; Mo.nt.ln
I.le of Wield Apple and Peach Brandies
_ Atmi-A *nr let of choice Havana Clear..
- - T* Mila *tree«.
R* ■ * I Tim HUM -
Combe, Hair, Toftlh, Vrlret, Hat, Nall and Clothe. Bro.be.*
loiniiii. celebrated Handkerchief Iritr.et. .nd Soap. r,irraalef
trr'Z* iW'r'wIne. Honey and P.l. Soap,? f. H^dM^T
Pert.Monies . tk-ftim, ^-eh Uj.d Mlr^r^ AeTTOTJ. ‘
. —O MKADK A BARKR'S, New Apothecary Store.
_*i*__ »W,N W cor Gal. ani lath me
S* TKTW PVIIf CO D SINK, » A«tim»ot«
Orntdl.., N. K. Ram, T.oae,'. otl. far ,."ly '
_ davknport, allkn a oo.
t* * 5JWWW MWWAM.—Wo hbte.for ,ale^
‘‘f** . PAT KB PORT. AI.I.KW A 00.
f * VA *«»n:i:, of food imlllr, f»r tale by
99 rt**° ____DaVRNPORT, ALLKN A OO.
DRNAPK D'tRABlK, two etrrllent Prenah preparation for
eoxi., eoWKhe, bronchitis, Ae„ far rale by preparation, for
* “AKRR Ohe«l.t.
__ _ _ IS.NWmr Mtl.aad IWkat
er w,H every r.rwt, ,, roarm ..d low iwvid .wEta, ^hte* ?.
"Per at piles, lo nit the time..
ft ■» AI.H»:r» AMI PIPPIN* -In .oner I or
d ST ’Zi"’ ',Uk»n'*1 OmhlrdlaMto
S1.1^ »SITHPIKI.B Al l’l l HHARBVi
mfAW far Mle___ liSM WINSTON
soraiCi?.. wiwnaar
2.» »caarneoje
2d Ml ' * eMir.enri.eMi* n, rr
'T W T'-niii re. far sale JAMhA WIN«T< in
fl O ** *111 IHI WINS, far ml, ky
■ __ M J.lNKJI
ll/s pippr rMRRrn warpt-pis m ww
9,9 rmlrhy_ M JONRB.
>OQ!!?!; .. .. yrusii"
I iHI w•,M* < «• *■»
TLA. Pia» and •*. I,
Al"® •* Whisky, Onfnae Brandy, far sale be
•i PBI RRA, in fancy Bores, far ml. by
I O liVlAii^ iw Mia --
lv +* nm» wtmbios.
____Clothing Emporium, cor. nod Uih tU.
ROOJI FOR H F.'VT* —We will irnl ooVaToom Ttpt mir
store Ml foot I,-U| a,,d Su foot wide, Well salted to tor Met I
isocy business, possession glreo 1st January r
**> W- *■ W««W * CO . No. 141 Kap.
Bl, A N KETK.-W* hare still on band a good stock of see
earns Hlankets, white and colored, as wen as rod Blankets
u™ ansloos to dose at a reduced price. '
BIOSES!; !^SK!7S2£3;ffi"ftE
d**°_2,Af!“lw> 00 . wo. 141 - r ~n hr.
.iTT.utwPHATBOr unit-Ad excellent article sod entlrelr
•» <Hb«r Ood Ueec Oils, for salean'y by 7
B ACIICl.OH') HAIR DV E—Til. tod In use for mT.
*>______ ,,:-N!,,CTT.*»:«ll8AFLXHItE
SPOWDE—BPONCE-BP«»y|«K^-A eorr aloe Article of
carriage Sponge, just received and for sale low by
del A „ _ JOHN W. OARMCK,
_ _JMarket flaw, Franklin street
M *kltn'/call at^i ^tie ^ ’’A™1' °r "R, HHEN, of any
MarkatPlaaa V 5*bl?ru* “d »***«'PUt» Store of the autocrltor,
row. n ' ,'*nk,ln ,'r**t where you can procure the beat at tow
5S idflsl _J^W. OARMCK.
Mr.ii*az£‘z'^zzrj*’w7 ****
d**’_ IPUUT A COT.
8"®***' A"° TON4.N.—Polished ft.ewl Dr, Sets, at iR
^r c** • AoJ'runt, Tenders; TooUncn, and other winter goods
""£«? ^ *® *'• «’»■». and b. e..mf..rtahle Tor sale by
P*"ATE WAIiniHrl PLATE W A R .W l: II Ik H
."f PUl" kol faring thr winter ormson. Nothing i.
—O.C oonduelee to comfort than by nslng cne of thr a bore „,|rT_
.T.'oiV' °Lrr'°~ V*1"" »®f Pdce. They art
thing for a Cbrlstmaa prc^.t to the •< good W1V at how., - To to
”R-_ BUI.KLRT A 00S.
A crackers, large and of exceedtogiy loud report and No t in
aerty to«to of the word,)..! rtc.lerd.nd ZT.*!XT " ' '*
d . _ _. LOUIS / ROSSI R1X
HI r rr.H, -«®keef rapen.-r erlcctod (loahea inner, tost
rrcelred and for sal- by CRAS. T. WORTHAM A ta
0ANDL1B- for aale by W0MBI.R A CI.AISORNK.
No. II Pearl atreet._
P'JliSjOTfiJL" ZZ^*’ ,rf' " W1*M Hmk
__ No. 11 Pearl streeL_
A &mY£kftS*,!gyiK”T or
__H«- ItPeari .
fiO KE4JN NEW LARD, for sale by
- - No 1| Pearl streak.
S*!.!.*®*' 4 4TTL.RN, a superior artier, lor sale by
g 44 BARREI.N I.ARB, recelelng for sale
MQttr&W rM,",r "KW
Window 4ji.au. a* dratoewt ataaa at
_MMPLrp Prtw More,
H*1 tons lamp Piaster,
W tale by '** h*’1* *,T*T 0n''’0,■ *•»»"«• •» 'to Herb
d*,d _ ®wm Awamu
** IN N4RA.N4EON I.ITEM DENI aw a-et ss
4 ut 2* albemari p ivscRaNtR company.op
rm i N ARLOTTWTII.LR, VA This Cosnpnny Inawrrs Are awe oe
sure years, at the customary rates *
le.sjr. are paid promtol. R W RNOWLTR, Agent,
d,,a_Wb" Da Howe rs’ HaB, No *1 Prerl et.
£00 RVEUT»»« ^n:
d*,d_.___DA V BN PORT, AI.I.EN A (X)
PVrsJe^thLf^nL^H^ ly*frmm •• acltets Impmled
tola "Ur*** Do« Havana Cull mad try them
* ddnnptt,RBRRB a pibhrr
SrlA-citm n“°* "• Proaur*> •'«>« to cub or guano.
g^stssrjs: tt»r3»S
ZiSZ-jkSTrSi? ** -!*-*• SSTmMfri?lirt
£^r=;jriis£aKj ssr ssbrssjs rs
W^fV»KD,.“A rtUlAtk>40 u Tether, either to take charrr
of* School, or m an AMlftant.br a rovne I^t, a
rioion, an*l relocated In Richmond Va «,» * r?**' * Tlr
giT^as.^1^ "--^-^SSar
gySg ssiSSmesj sersscs tSs
Stocks for mlb. --
' IrRinlo Stair < per conn.
CUT erf Richmond Stock
' IrRlnla A T warmer Rail Road Bond*
Central Ball Road J,
irtgKfFgg jt waatatmaa
*" ^ ®syC* to appoint n Prairie of Hlatorr and
fanaral Literature. Ooiamnnl ation* to the Board In r*i*rmZ»m #«
to. oppotntaicat, ma, ho Ad deemed to +r£7$'£TSS£*
dolT-tandw ____ Chatrmnn of the P^lt/.
A *'r2?u.’^?Er*^Lt.W“h **'+' rr** »"«* *
“a HtMTimiAU^ —S'.1* f Trachor.
r»OTffiMStfi £,fe 222?rff!2»*
• rHoatlon. Refereneea firm. ^ °f ,Wft *•*'"
AiMi _ _ _
^It .aa _ X. T. a.
-- ____ HonoTwCJF , la.
*« -*t ^a~
jirre^r. rg^sr^o",^.1^
soil, from l» A M to A oVIoik p u oh-rVare.
■*w"STgn °-l*w"
L\ --V C »**'* « Pbwm, d
do* R^Arnmano, J Aim M Ann , 2
., .I **•**"’**• 2 Jons Aam.cn, Ar , 3
D H Tmnn, P A Run, * £
J. P. Kau-tnn, £ H. Ilua.n, f
/■kH"’ X Bnw.nn Tnnaa, j
W« R Train., JS a T Ainara l
Acme P t mm, a
AadHWro__dots moAIJW
A i ,rnk ? *T*rI11*?*; *? *** fxsstrsRrmont reeded
»^r mL,77s 7^' ^ SJ77L '*?"* •rneorp Store
their rr:^/ *225* •*•• ,K*r •«Ka^« m «
l . ▼W^-re. ihef hare concluded to abandon u.i I !
»~;ir:,ssrir:jrjrr^- •—»»-'
yjS^5!£*S!S^£ wawwassi;
SSS2S3S? EW“~“cj
P'*'^ *ke netfihnfhaad being eqnai to any in the rite_ l
W. m.,.,n.ng „um,.. HR A?i, 12 m ' '
' *_OODDIN A APPRkAor, Anct'a
I d'V. rTM.\"a*„.W!"EV 'm"~* Trmck Brand/, 1 I
a2d r ’7*2* * . ""•toad ui». Modotra! 4
*^7 ••* Tt*e% Winea, TK>niM»e, and Dnr% Brand* vimnu f i
Ponca .nd Appt, do, MB »..d, ,/. ~dJ^2r^<uI.T^
"i!l BURR A PBAt'/ »
J""__ ___ HMtitmi
fa” ““"TKifiVn,. !
30 cwnta.--*“*u*^‘ ■'Oseph Belcher, D. D.;
doV.Ti.0*7 D“»-art«h*» ^ character and conduct,
SO U,,n, °rh°*U> ob^rT, *• *oM~ raW, bj I. Chubbuck.
iVen locat, tbe .elf-made man, b/ the rime ■ SO Cent*
,h' c*nJ/ fir1, an Inttrurtlv* atorr ST*.
nSSmtJ^1 ’ * “<» *-1111* Sue,', Six TrJch^,' each
/oon« ma, trar.l upward if the/ »Ut to».o.lJi*7'ndrlr££
m ii(i7»Hf kin/i,?(,,'WO B*-Dt:c' 1». ISA*.
tm; \«'on2ns2 £°£isr ft?
and^nrSrrTnVTruT Dl^^.nmT £££t't”
Blanket*. Negro Hlankeu. Ac., thee are artlm* (it’ ’ 7**
-££h *" taT" «* »Uent^u7r^:,r71;7„T,d*2.‘ULrr1“'
- ----THOR R. prior A CO.
GmoMAr5.5.’? PiT,:1T *OHM AilB (OH
of au IB .'lent Bneneaa for caul* It la ooc llobfok! get out i7nid “
and i« moth mart durable than an/ other of Ita kind lh*t°oe hi..
tiu'i^** °*L- ** recommend It with confidence. Thla Mill took
th* Aral premium at oar Bute Pair and the fair In Petaraburw *
*-*_*. *_. BALDWIN, CARDWELL A 00.
dfS-d'mAwTm _143 Main atreeLRlThSoid.
PIRE-WORK3, MHE-UOHRii, — A, urnt fur the
m%naf*rtor*r. %n4 at tits orWa am_.**\ul ^ 7*
«*• th. following Ptr, WorV, : ^ °* r—' “*c for
’! r"« f*o.*7l " ,1 P"" 4 u*h TrlAORle,
fiE^I™ £ J* *• H»Wb«U
«EZE? 2 10 <• BpHOeelle
.* E~ ’• T’ ‘‘"do" S 2° *•"*« vEtical Wh~..
£ £ £ ? £ i*22"“0<,rnrT’rt
5 groea Blue Light* Mu.MO Toejmdou *°
rmat'bT 1 0oM™ <*•«> "E2**ffc -*•!••* and
4*10 LOUIS J'. iomtEVX,
-——...---Wo. IT Mala
Weak i"*,JWMP«MIlrtRf~‘
* — -**■**■ ■=»*€ <o our frleoda and the publle
amort• '»Hfe and beautiful
arrnrimentof r.tnty f,We.eniuble for r*eorwla,#mbracing , earlete
g!'.??l?y tl,y V h*T» »«"•-» before In thl. mark.'
dels ,or f"'""", •• BCLRI.RT A CO .
. n ____•mIST Ragle Square
11 *S5»» *****•** I—The aadmaumd revnealfwi. 7^~.
" .^•heta.TS^dTbr^hrrS.^or 2fcs
^,1^. V,7;S.T«^rR^li,,V7,7.-A*J *,1££2
Blra thla occaaloa in remind thorn within* Cakna £d
fc-a for Chrlakmaa u rol I. the,, ecd.,.. J aS» AMM.
-—-j, , __ IM Main atrewt.
lt?V‘ii»H H'tmvt n.kts • handrsra
Muf kn$U*k MU ton CUd\ (W«, ao wall •.!«■, t*..i
w.*ree,nd7h 7 ,h'T •*»T fim*« enllrel/, r.llerlng^the
WMime td the Ineoneenleoco of loo much ablet. Alan, loot received
_ Corooe Main and 14th atreeu
J > i t i i i <ii nu » i it m *mim. i.iMiha.
^*‘.krP ‘f4 **r« arnortment of SMrl., o„„,f,
’tJ™ MRRCIHirr, WrlBIORR A c£,
Ro. US Main -•t-.,t
S*»E B Or K Maurf.-We will heln r..n loaraatu.
ec oomr and aar* rnor mono/, If /on will call al the old eatah
--*dlNone/Saving, fauitalhu. HIRafe Stre«, and bo/TTear
loth1!,/ Wv ha re Ue largem atoe k In the elt/ (which u ana.rn.ao
*A ‘"d honog man/ advaoUge. n thla h7 of
' ** ** *• the grenleal Indncementa In por, haaora
I V ' *MI 1 Ml III HIM «l III■.
To -TJ •*'»!". th» on Ben led boMneaa of oar con
era, wv ow r for tale, opon accomnedaung ter as a. th* valuable real
s*r,,r- ^'h^.
™« prn^ovtf. Mm »» Uw ew»«rp of •!»•> m»m> nh of iho rit*
1 iHiiT ^^ r!^
irK». '••‘r^‘*P'J»;~w ClnwrS^d, f,n
* . *■ *' WlWWi ^ OO , (*R r j .<
||Rinn<4 I.OWM
•j^r^ x X^h.’^r ■ssr.r aVr^.T -
-9r»*f amd Pearl *r*V
^fMlrXTI>d MWfcTM^uwje ^^ - I
w 8ouu,'Tn w—™ **"“•
InMru.cnt.1 Mule. Sway, ou
_dff-W.at door W B,o«d fan Hatal.
n « T *iu’ r^L^'V^.V’1 C“ 1U»» Oxtutt Va.
_ C • NHACKIaKfI'MD PRi\npiv
«***'”* •» <*■> -no- ~«-e “ " mJ3SS oSLu
® Board, Be., and tuition, Includm* hlefcar bran. LI at£i —IT
tlon. Without board, from $M to >40 plr JuS^**™** *,S^ Tiu'
ZLirv* -»
ssrs ,w»&,^co1- *“ ^ •fcr - ~
S^Zd^Tii^i*--^puid “-»•
A large Mock of Black and Fancy Cassimores
City and country buyer* would do well to call or *cod la ih.L, „
Waoaoai for hire the corn Inf year had bettor h* uni u *_,
«• M early after Christmas as possible. *••*•! * •#
7" )**!!* ** * rlutance to whom I am personally ankaasm f hm i0
I persons: L. H. Kemp. Dr J D |su«,*#
Hurffns, F. Wool folk, Willis puts, John kheahrrd Wm I ih!L.‘
D C. DeiarneU Dr W. C. iaUaui, eSETZsZTJ+S^Tt
zzufiSLfz. \e
z: ft'Xztzi vl
Ktof B «m county; N. J. B Shitlorb TBu. H ciukVn. V?*
Wrl|H »r lu, H. I—tan., Kd r. Nul, Ool Richard Rn.,.1.
*” D Bay, Ou T Wrlybl. Wtu. B. BbwiI. BBWrih?
tuZZi Clo,-*n- «'»•«»••« county , W«. aUliaterro.
n o county___ oaU-UPI.
PKprj'■'*■*’. lllfV-We bar. racefrad, and are now opuliaw
a haadenm. anortiu.nl of Labi o '. *ad other InLo
-*n (W^jWurr, Baruu. n,M,
•ortmeot or Preach and other Pomade, for Ml. low by
Brae, fender., aworlcd >!*■*
Wlr. Mwrury Pender., aaurted Mu.
But Knytlah Goal Bruit l., and Cinder BtlWr.
Plrr Iron* end Btarot* .r nmur.ua .attnr, ■
»*• T~y. aad W.ier.
■MstT’iSSSyff1 *'**■ “,°—• ’ff7 jgjw-*”
Hew Hardware Sore. SsWlC^M.,
«*' * '°4* . Mloual aad P—e.».i * lute
ereu ^T£Lw P*i^« .ud'»I^"vrr<«SJ*lldMr'Ll|m7.Xd
o*«h»r with an article. auaBy found fa ay Itu af bu.tnl M 1
^ !»«W Hardware Sort. No BM Mala and,
r" *SsM^ivsjic25,,%;“'"*
0«d Bourbon Whtoky, In- uoal'ty
C.-.am« w *,,«rhhnf Maud. Wta*
CbMUfM Wlu* , Behtadaa Ha
la Ui and h. .1. t« --*ir*Bi i in by
__ m.BBB b inim.
___Ouu* PMrt and Gary «r..h
f 11 ■» HSASp-» IBM Mr BMH_■
tT** ****“W5k

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