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nONMT MONNINV. tKT. (O, 1867.
Mltn on Mmm mart bo adilrooood u> tXo “ Sdltor of U.
0*0 ” ‘
ArHctoo mrtttom am bath oUao of tXo paper xrW net bo rabllob
oi. TbU to a r»to aflame otaadtap, amfbt to bo baoora to alt,
aad mill ta ao aaao bo departed from. I*rtnry hWiii omooml
tag m<ju Itmoo aro akaepat far ao ndurtlwwli.
fq/r i rlR bo ekarprd tko ammo cu attaartUo
monte. WlnaamO undm.*bota< am a retorted rnmmuat cation*
The Ei quirer on Scatter Hunter'* Letter.
Wo express* I the apprehension, on Saturday, that
Senator Hunter * letter would probably take the starch
out of enr neighbor of the Enquirer, and ir.dncc it to
knock under th Win, to the extent of being willing to
koo him re elected to the Scant* without further op
position. But our fears misled us; and we have
this morning to beg pardon of the Enquirer for sus
pecting It of a purpose an foreign to tbe chivalrous
and courageous spirit which it diaplays in its Satur
day's issue. Instead of n treating from the portion
it has all along assumed in regard to the Senator, It
manifests a manly aad incorrigible determination to
make him disavow all sympathy or eencurreooe with
tha views of the malcontents of its party in reference
to Walker'* policy, or to use all its Influence and
energies to procure his expulsion from the Senate.
Under the masterly advice and management of our
much lured friend aad neighbor, the Governor, the
Enquirer baa furnished new and signal proof of its
independence and spirit, and thus entitled itself to
s still greater degree of private and public admira
tion. Notwithstanding what wa said on Saturday
in regard to tha probable course of the Enquirer cn
the subject of Hunter'* latter, we some how or
other did feel satisfied, all the time, that the suspi
cion and prediotion in thi* matter were doing the
Enquirer gross injustice. But many Whigs and all
the friends of Hunter, whom w# happened to meet
just after the appearance of the Senator's letter, were
ready to-wagerany amount that the Enquirer would
take oo aiicn to express itself satisfied with the
Senator's position, and withdraw its oppnsit'on tu
his re-election. It was under the influence, in a
measure, ol these swaggering vaticinations that we
were deceived when wc gave utterance to our unjust
and unworthy apprehension. During the whole
lime, however, as we have already remarked, there
distinguished end unconquerable Gubernatorial friend
would be equal to the occasion—would come out,
right side up, and woul 1 still continue to wrestle
with the cunning and wary S.-nator, in spite of the
combined powers of the upper *nd the nether world.
We thought we knew.il mortal man could ever
know, of what glorious and indomitable stuff our
neighbor waa made, ami we thirefore felt moved by
something like divine inspiration to cry out, at the
top of our voice—all hail to the man (that is, to the
Governor) who never yet was vanquished and who
has always succeeded in scattering his enemies, like
chaff before the trim!. We have often confessed to
the world a strong and overpowering sentiment of
attachment and admiration towards him of “Only,
near Onancock.” but never before tiid our bosom
swell with such large and magnificent emotions of
the sweet and tender kind. We really love our
neighbor—a thing are have long suspected, but never
until now, clearly revealed to us. We feel an irre
rislibW impulse to rusk up to kis mansion, and em
brace him “with Ike rigid Hand and q|th tlio left."
He has proven himself a man and a hern, and has
thus illustrated the ctlieary ol our watchful guardian
ship and confidential instructions, and confirmed the
highest and brightcat hopes which even tee, in the
height of our partiality and affection, ever entertain
ed of him. We now present him to the world, in all
his august ami sublime proportions, as the model ol
a man, a statesman and a hero—the marvelous, bnt
legitimate, fruit of our own labors and toils for the
last three years! Having thus finished our woik,
we pronounce it “good," and henceforth recline a'
ease upon our laure'g, deafened by tbs uproarious
applause of the universe, and surrounded by a per
fect Male of glory.
But to the Enquirer'» comments on Senator Hun
ter’s letter, which will be found in full in another
part of to-day’s paper. It cannot be doubted that
our neighbor makes out a strong case against the
Senator, and very effectually demolishes hi* pre
tensions to the support of the friends of the Admin
istration for re-election. II the Enquirer nflects
the sentiments and describes the position of the Ad
ministration upon the Kansas policy of Governor
Walker, it is simply impossible for it not to oppose
his elevation to the Senate—tor the ground assumed
by itself in relation thereto and the ground taken
by the Senator in bis letter are directly opposite and
contradictory. The Enquirer endorses and sustains
Walker's policy throughout; while the Senator lua
no hesitation in saying that he “disapproves” it, as
in palpable violation of the Kansas-Nebraska act.
Thu», the two must either stand apart and make
war upon each other, or one or the other must sur
render his own opinions, and principles, and con vie
(ions of public duty, and solely upon the altar ol
party expediency—for the paltry purpose of prevent
ing division in the Democratic ranks. But this lat
ter, it iaevident, neither will do: and the conse
queue* will be, that the Senator will have formida
ble and organized opposition to hia re-election to
the Senate. The Enquirer puts the Senator in an
ralremrly awkward and unpleasant dilemma.—
It maintains that “Governor Walker’s expression ol
opinion as to the unfavorable adaptation of the
Tiriitory to the introduction of slavery” originated
it.crely in “a desire to t-uppress unjawful < (forts on the
part of the anti slavery party, by persuading them
of the nseleasne** of sdeh whereas Senator
Hunter directly charges that Gov. Walker openly vi |
•dated the principle of the Kansas Nebraska sol, by
‘‘attempting to influence (unjustifiably and wrong
full; ) thu tlociMon of the ptx.pkj of that Territory,
iijioii the question of slavery.” The Enquirer then
proceeds, and in its interrogatories will be found some
bard nuts for the Senator to crack— “If t.ior. Wal
ker's expression of opinion was not a mere attempt
to suppress unlawful action, but an attempt to influ
ence the decision of the people, then Oov. Walker
• imuiitted a gross impropriety, trhirh the 1‘reeidtnt
nnt rhnten to relate hy de/irietny the nvbordi.
Vote uf hie rommueioo. Such being Mr. Hunter's
••pinion, doe* he propoae to hoid the President ac
countable for thus countenancing Oov, Walker's con
duct 1 Or does the Senator consider such conduct
ilKiiently grave to demand the rejection nf his
nomination when hia name shall be presented to the
Mcnate, and yet too unimportant to render his reten
tion in ntflce a matter of complaint against the Pres
•l-ntl Or does the Senator propoae to sustain the
>urs« of the President, by voting to ratify () ,y,
Walker's nomination! Which of the three court**
does the Senator propoae to adopt 1"
It mil be seen that these interrogatories of the
Enquirer are all Important, and all of a atrietly
p *-ii.1*1 character. It is absurd for the Senator to
•Ipdct to overlook or to dodge them, ir he expects to
acqn re the support of the real friends ol the Admin
istration lor re-election. He should theref oe forth
with writ* a supplementary letter, in full and deei<
•l -l response to these grave and vital quertiena. J|e
s'loitlJ sty, in cispliatie terms, whether he intends
I • vote fur the ratification or rejection of the norni
mtinn of Walker as <i ivcrnur of Kansas. !• seems
Is almost impt'.suhU to supp »sc that the g.matoi
rouM vote to rstWy Walker’s n*.m nati.m, irh. n hr
l- l eves that Walker has outrageously riola'e<l lh«
|» mud plea ol the Kansas Nebraska act, and when hr
admiia that he' disapprove*” his r.wirre. Andctl
ill* Hena'or omitted to inf win us whether lu
would or would not sustain die President hy votirf
fw • aguinat Walker's laiittcation. And tbia omit
■ in, in the language of the /Tafi/rtr, atill leaves
him “in a non committal position.”
thciefore renew our auggv-tioa that the Sena
tor should prompt'r favn ■ the public with a supple
tn.mtary letter, containing a f ill and satisfactory ex
pokition of hia views on all those grave practical
point* adverted to by the Anyuirvr. We repeat that
Mr. Hunter, however disagreeable and humiliating it
may be, must again speak out—or he must retire
from the Senate, and take to the cultivation of cab
bages and onions.
Kansas Election.
The Allowing sweeping denunciation ol the “nation
al Democracy'' of Kansas is from the Lynchburg
Ke/iublifan^ a warm and uncotnpromisiug Demo
cratic journal:
“The election in K*nra» lor State (.(fieri*, and for a
member of Congress, has resulted in a Black Kepubliraii
victory. Paaaorr hat hesten Raseou, the Democratic c*n
didate, hr some thousand or two vetea. It I* said t at the
real |»o alvrery D, mocrarv ot the Territory refoa. d to vole
f.o Itesaoia, because he w*s considered unsound 03 the
slavery qmaion.
“Tim WaUtxa jonrnala hare nothing to my upon this
vutject, and we do not blame them. For ouraelve*. we are
gratified at th» defeat of what ia railed the “national de
moca-i in Kansas. It is a debauched set—made up in
moat part ul poliiical and personal rascals and knave*. R.s
sou was not one whit better than PsaaovT. Both arr
Black Republican* in prlne-ple if not in name and pro
tendon. The idea of a pro--larrry party running an anti
rr candidate lor Congress, in order to make Kansas a
Jar.- Siate. *as nothing hut mockrrr and insult. It
Cuild dm ire no one. It was the reau't ol a b*-e betray
al of the eiuaeol I bo Souih in Kansas, and ita authors
bare gotten the just reward ol tliair treachery. We have
an otter and inexpressible con tempt for such a D.mocra
cy, and can .ol eoneral It-"
The foregoing ia ait open anil frank admission of
what Whig papers and poli'.iciaM have invariably
asserted, namely—that tha national Democracy In
Kansas are utterly rotten on the subject of Southern
rights and Southern institutions. In the severe and
raunlic language ol our Democratic contemporary at
Lynchburg, “it is a debauched set—made up in most
part of political and personal rascals and knavok!”—
L ku our contemporary, too, “we have an utter and
•"* vpressible contempt for such a Democracy, and
cannot conceal it.”
But wherein is the difference between the nation
al Democracy of Kansas and the national Democra
cy of all the Northern Slates V Are not “both” as
the /ftpuilumm expresses it, “Black Hepublicans in
principle, if not in name and profession*” Su:h
undoubtedly is the (act. Wo have abundant evi
dence in proof of it, which no ingenuity can make
wry with, and which no candid man would eren at
tempt to dispute. In the late olection in Ohio, the
Democrats put forward and supported a candidate
for Girernor who had furiously denounced the Fu
gitive Slave law and the Kansas-Nebraska act, and
lurioukly clamored for their npeal. Slavery in hia
eves only a short time ago was a great morgl, tocial
and political evil, which Congtcss was under so
lemn obligations to restrict, and to use all its intiu
er.ee to extirpate. How much farther than this could
any professed Black Republic™ go* Indeed, Fre
mont and his suppliters went not near so far as this
Democratic candidate in Ohio, in their hostility
to klavcry and the South. And vet Fi •mnnt ind hiu
supporteni are represented, denounced, cried down
as the South's direst enemies, whilo surli men sg
Payne, the national Democratic candidate for Go
vernor of Ohio, are held up as the South’s fast acd
reliable friends, and their sucoe-ui exulted over by
Southern Democrats, as a signal and glorious South
ern triumph! Where is the consistency or the oom
mon honesty of such a course on the part of the
Southern Democracy ? W! at virtue is there in a
mere name? Can the man who calls himself a black
Republican and the man who calls himself a national
Democrat be regarded in a different light by the South
when their principles and sentiments are precisely
| identical ? Can the one be an enemy to the South,
deserving of Southern mistrust and denunciation,
aid the other a friond to the South, worthy of
Southern confidence and admiration? We see not
how this can he; and yet Southern Democrats affect
to discover a wide and wonderful difference between
a so-called national Democrat and a so-called Black
Republican, although there be not a particle of dif
fore nee in the viptys of the two on the subject of
Southern Slavery. It is this Sort of inconsistency
and hypocrisy which confounds and startles the
Southern miud, and leaves the impression that
Southern Democrats, in their eagerness for tho
apoils, are willing ar.d anxious to coalesce with the
known enemies of the South, and to hold them up
to the Southern people aa trust-worthy ar.d efficient
If the Kansas Democracy area “debauched set,
made up in most part of personal and political rascals
and knaves,’’ so also are the national Democracy in
all the Northern States—for there is not the shadow
of a shade of difference between them in principle
or in action.
The Tenth Legion Democracy on Hunter.
It appears that tho Bard Shell hiubiu Democrats of
tl* Tenth Legion are immensely excited on the subject of
the Senatorial election, and particularly savage against
poor Hunter. The Suabians held a public meeting at U*t
Buckingham Court, and pawed • series of resolutions,
which shadow forth their terrible intentions with fearful
dislinctncfs. It will be seen that the Represent ill res of
the Tenth Legion ia the next Legislature are instructed
to ruts against Hunter in tbe event of his not endoraing
thvir resolutions which, it is obvious, he cannot do, from
his Isle letter. We -ubjoln tbe fierce and pugnacious re
solves of the excited .Suabians f ithogt comment,—remark
ing merely that tbe rank and file Democracy ibeiu-elvea
have commenced the Senatorial war in earnesr, and we
oid them God speed:
“At a very large and respectable meeting of the De
mocracy of Uorkiiighim county, held pursuant to pul,lie
notice, at the Court House, iri Hartlmuburg, on Monday
October 18th, 1857, on motion of George E. Denealr
Mat*on Bare, E«j , «aa called to the Chair, and Wm’
McK. Wartmaun and 8. T. Walker were appointed S<y
' lurmicun luc NTOin|j was ortcny ciplamed by
8. T. Wiilk'-s, mi) <11 hi* motion * committee of three wee
appointed by the Cheirman, consisting ol Messrs. g, J.
Welker, Oeorge E Deneale and John T- Harris, (or the
purpoee ql drafting resolution* eipressire ot the aenli
menu of this meeting.
“The (Bog*mine# retired, and in a abort time reported
the following reeoiution., fhieh, alter an animated and
running dieeu»*ion, were unmiimourly adopted
•'«e*o/>rJ. That we, the Democracy ol Rockingham, in
reviewing the policy of the administration ol Janice IJu
chanan, as far aa the same has been developed, And eve
rything to admire, and nothing to condemn.
"Rerodrol, That the principle# contained In the Km
ass Nebraska act are but the sentiment# and principles of
the Union gutea K gbta Democracy.
"Hjrolrr^, Tha' *0 trcngnlr- the right of the people of
t Terri lory lit lorming a ponstitutior for admi-ion Into
the Union, to eatablisTi suuh local policy aa to them mar
seem right and proper ; and they, the ritiaena of *<jch
Territory, in accordance with the epirit of the Kansas Me
bra-ka act, have alone the right ol r. jection or a<loptio<i
of the orgtnlc law intended for their own Ooveri menf.
"/fejotesi/, Tnet Utngress, under the constitution ha*
m» power over the q teatlon involre I in a constitution
thus made and endorsed by the people, other than to ace
that it is republican in its character.
•'/f/f /fee<f,Tliat Ksi aatin forming her constitution, ought
to aobtnlt tha sain# to the htma fid* Inhabitants thereof lor
It# adoption or r. jee'lnn, and the (adore to do so t.ln ?iol«
t«o «f fhe spirit and lett-r ol th < art creating her Terri to
rial (losarnnicitt and oygl)t t</ b<< returned to the lesidente
of Ksnse# for enilorwnriit.
••/freoW, Tl.ar w<- believe the people to be the source
olell poaer, and the rrpr.a ntative but the rtfle*
of their will, and at all time# amet able to them far his
"Tl •( wM!#* w# i^m!rp th«(«tfn(«m<l ipprt*
c ate the distinguished setrices of jor Senator R M. T. linn
ter, duty to oursclvea and the national administration,
prompts us, # part o» his conatitueney, to know wl.ather he
ei d r<e* the forego'ng resolutions.
"n*M, Tbet ■ -opy of these tesolulions tie forward
tp H M T. Hunter, with a request that lie respond to
the <#<tte.
"tin motion pf f. A. Shand* the lollowing resolution
• a* a<l <pted l<y ths meeting ■
"/(<WwJ, That ahoold KMT. Hunter endorse Die
loregoing revolutions, then the Senator and Delegate# from
[hi* Disuic' and coumy, are instructed to cast their vote#
for him for U. 8 Senator.
"Tha debate Which sprang tip on the ptmsge of the
resolutions, was p irlic'patcd In hy Me.sra Deneale, Walk
i rr, Harris and ff# per. in fsror of, and Ms##r«. Hhatid#,
| Warren and Orattan In opposition U>, the resolution*, and
' was directed princip.lly to the three hiat. Upon Die pro
I reeolgfione there wee no difference of opinion
on the purl of the mee log
I "On motiun e committee of five gentlemen, consisting
| of Simnel T. Welker, John T Marti*, John H. Wsrlm.nn,
j ■■ W. If ifrii, •«<! K A Hhimli, vorr appoinH hy fh«*
chair lo for wild a copy of three rveolutiont to Mena lor
| llgnter,
"(fit motion it was
"Hrrolrrd, That the proceeding* of thi# meeting lie sign
ed bv the Chairman, and 8 Mrtitlrf, #nd filbti-hed in the
Rockingham lt- tti<tcr «nd Vslh-v Deuxc ml, and that the
democratic paper* of Richmond lie requested to rnpy.”
NAASifS IIAKK, Chairman
"W» MiK Wntais, / u
' 'Bsw't T. Wsiaia ( | * crgtgr.ee.
Th« fair.
The cl'y i< afrcaiv pie'tv f ill of riaitore la the Fair,
■hick roname to asnrr..* , and the crowd U atilt p,iUr i
iag la fnww all directions. liun prewaat ludicatmoa, I
iharrdotr, wa incllje to the opinion that the nawhrr cl
F**,0«* ••• Hl«4ticr, will be nearly, II owt quite •« large, (
aa on any prerkiua occasion. It ia the Brat wbh of all '
of them, no doubt, to catch a glimpse of tha Trials, which
is said lo hare been prowling about and waylaying citiee,
but which, from the fat and jjlly appearance of manr of
•or rami cousins, has uot yet penetrated ialo the country.
In justice to the general cause ol truth and our own
conscience in particular, we cannot say much for the
personal pulchritude of cither the men or the women who
hare yet araeaiblcd in our goodly city. To be sure they
all bare quite a healthy and contented appearance, aa il
meat aud bread existed in great abundance, and aa If they
indulged in three g-tod things to a somewhat censurable
excess. We hare often marvelled, iu times like the-e,
when |>enple congregate In overwhelming crowds, whence
come such a multitude of ineicumbly homely folks. A
Kale seems to poasesa soma Inherent and mysterious at
traction lor the ill-favored of our proud old Common
wealth. We are consoled by tha pleasing refl.-clion,
however, that none ol the same sort are Ml behind, but
that all, for the time bring, are concentrated her*.
We have no idea of prorukiug a personal difficulty
with any ol the chivalrous gentlemen, who have come
hither to the Fair; but wa do nay, in spile oi the world,
the flesh, and tha de»il, that Ilcaven, in manufacturing
most of them, was exceedingly sparing of iu c >roely ma
terials. Wa observe a few sons ol Anack from six to fen
feel in height, and wearing beards and moustaches that
look sotircly Innocent ol any knowledge ol either water
or napkin*, wbo hare comedown here, wa atgipose, for
the role purpose of seeing how badly they can treighten
the animals oo the Fiir Urounds and tha little children
on the street*. U they do uot soar* off the Crisis, then
the CtIsis is a perfectly nnscarable thing. The remainder
ol the mate portion of tha assembled crowd ia ia admira
ble keeping with tha geurral appearance of tba Aoak
boys. We pify the poor father* an.) mothers who have
beeu fated lor so many years to look at and to meditate
upon this unmitigated and boundless ugliness.
As to the female portion, laiiguigs fails ua lo speak of
their iuBuita <uctits —iu the re-peel alluded to_ iu
terms at mice truthful and graphic. The amount of fe
male homeliness In town at the present time ia utterly
iudeectibable aud uuimagiuable. There era a few notice
able and even brilliant exception*, however, to look upon
which I* a least to the *rc and a rapture to the soul —
But may a kind Proridenco soon taka the halai.ee to him
su'd, auJ make them jewels in his crown—lor their light
on earth, derived from their personal appearance, wilt
never be brighter than that emitted by a rusty leupenoy
nail. We remaik, by tha way, that crinoline appear* to
hare suffered a sad collapse. Its dimensions hare larr
fully dimiui*hrd—owing altogether, we presume, to the
pressure. Being an ardent admirer and advocate of crioo
hoe, we deplore the mrlmcho'y aud unimposing strait to
which it has been reJuced ; and wo broathe an everlast
ing curse upon ihc pressure.
Wilh a tear for crinoline, thereforr,wc conclu Je our origi
nal and ek qoeut and apposite obsci rations on the vision to
tha Fair. We protest, moreover, that wa hare intended
—for, while penning three line*, we have been whistling,
like good Uncle Toby, Lillabulltro, all the time.
From thr Fm/ttirtr, Ort. 54.
Some effect has at last been produced by the vaiiou* ef
forts EaJc to obtaiu an avowal on Ihe part of Mr. Hun
ter. The communication* which have appeared in our
columns, and those of other papers, have prohibit- done
much, and the movemrut mado by the Democrat* ol
Rockingham ha* certainly done very much toward* elici
ting this response. Bat »e mu*t also claim some credit
for the perseverance with which our own editorial labors
have cooperated hr the attainment ol this object.
The publication of Mr. Hunter's letter ia prefaced by a
short roicmui ication from the Hon. 8. V. Leake, referring
to a letter written by the latter guutleman, and'to which
Mr- Hunter’s ia a reply. We regret exceedingly that
Mr. le-rke’s letter ha* not also been prreetited to the pub
lic. The whole aff.i.- would be much more aalielactoiilr
exposed, were the people of Vtrgiuia made acquainted
with the form and manner in which Mr. Hunter ha* been
interrogated. If, a* Mr. Leake informs us, “the interrog
ator ten propounded will be easily gathered Irom the an
swer*, ’ then it i< erident that the interrogatories were
but partially and guardedly expressed. O.i the other
band, if, aa Mr. Hunter a**ert*, they were “in »ub*tanc>
newrly the same with the questions put bv thu Enquirer "
tUru llr. Hunter ha* given a *er* incomplete response to
Mr. Leake’* interrogatories.—More ol this anon.
We ramiot admit the sufficiency of either plea urged
by Mr. Hunter, to justify a refoaal to answer the respect
ful interrogatories of the “Enquirer." In the first place,
the Hon. (! rnator doe* not plead directly that our quetu
bon* were accompanied by a threat. Nor could he, in
justice to q», have aseumeJ -uch n position. Hu describe*
u« a* uttering ‘ thrtatt, or vital vrrr to routidtrr.l " Wc
must conic** that wo are at a lo-s to understand the pre
ci*e signitiranoc ol thu exousa. The Senator cannot
surely cean to admit that no threats were used, and at
the same lime decline to answer, lest othrr pro,Jr might
believe that he Was bullied into an answer. Surely Mr.
Hunter doe* not contemplate *uch a tout deference to the
opinion* of others, as thi* would involve. The o'her po
sition assumed bj Mr. Hunter is entirely untenable. No
question which the “K' quirer" has addresrud to him, has
erer been “loutuied upon hia presumed responsibility (nr
the editorial*'' of any newspaper whatever. Wo have
indeed expressed the opinion that “The South" newspa
per wa* founded with a view to assist Mr. Hunter's poli
tical prospect*. But we have never yet expressed the
belief that Mr. Hunter has been *o imprudent a* himself
to take any step which would involve him in an unavotd
bfe responsibility for the courso of that nr any othrr now-pa
per. Tne case stand* thu-: an organis-d opposition baa been
Waged against the present administration. Mr. Hunter doe*
not deny this, nor can be deny it. Ce-taln newspaper*,
the unniUtakrsble instrument* of this opposition have
published statemen's substantially assorting that Mr. Hun
ter wa- implicated by arqulrfeeitcf tn the course of this
opposition. Though not ostensibly prctrpulng to speak
by Mr. Hunter'* authority, they did use Mr. Hunter's
name —used it to add strength to their own cause, and to
Injure that of the Administration. Under these circutu
sUnres, we called upon Mr. Hunter—not a* the Senator
intimates, “ to force upon him the office of censor of the
public pre*-,” but to rebuke the attempt made to injure
the A.lmii.i-trstiph by tbe one of hia name, by ignoring
an sympathy with Iht nrpotiUn)t of which the*
newspapers were the mere instrument*. And we a-k
agi'ni: Does Mr Hunter pcisist in refusing this act qf
justice to the Administration and to the Democratic party y
Doe* Mr. Hunter pretend that the “puVic preaa" i* enti
tled to such unbounded reverence that the Senator it
not at liberty to rebuke It* unauthorised use of his own
name* Does he pretend tha' he is restrained from de
nouncing ut just a vaults on Ihe Pre-ident, by fear* that
he may thu- invade the rightful privilege of the press * —
How i* U, that when Mr. Hunter is questioned concerning
the courae of an opposition party or (action, he answers
wiuioni expressing approval or disapproval of this coarse*
Wo c»n find no satisfactory explanation tor this reserve
on his part, ybicli appears <q rally unnecessary and inju
This refusal to Ignore all sympathy with the opposition,
Is opposed hr no heaity expression of cnfrfidcoce in tha
Administration. We are indeed informed, "the impulsion
of hostility on my part, towards the Administration ol Mr.
flnchanan, is founded upon nothing that I hare said nr
done." This ami the language which immedia'tly follow*
it, might be employed aa well hy a neutral in the contest
wsgr-d between lire Itiends of the Administration and *
fiction professing lo belong to the Democratic partr, aa by
a partisan of the Administration. Thin pod lion of appa
rent neutrality Is qualified only hy the as-ertion, “In ray.
ing this, it may be, pe-hsps, fair to add, that I hope and
expect to he able fo support Mr Buchanan’* Administra
tion In |ho main " Tin- iangu ige atill leaves Mr. Hunter
in a non-cnnimUlal po-ilioti.
It is a mere general assertion, fortified by a saving thud
which leave# him free to espouse ibe cense of ihoae who
have been engaged in the moo Insidious part of the oppo
eition. Mr. Hunter waa called upon lo expieat an opinion
ar. lo whether the course of tha opposition does or do- s
not inroleo opposition on main poiuUof policy. He avoids
any response to thi# hy the general answer, that ho ex
pect# hr support the Administration “in the main." The
very organa of Ihe opposition, known to he employed in a
systematic Course of attack on the President hare
leaned an as-eMion identical in substance, concerning
their own position. The opposition liaro chosen to de
actihe #a immaterial point* of difference their repeated
assaults on the President and hi* adriaers ; their attach*
directed at the foreign policy ol the 4dministration ;
their accusation that the President haa become the ac
complice of treachery hy retaining in office a functionary
who, by groaa ufo-pation of power, has violated his offi
cial oath; their deprecation of that policy hy which tho
President ha* attempted to maintain harmony and ona
nimitv among the Demonrau of all aeoilona - their advo
cacy for a aeparate secional organisation ol the Mouth
ern Democracy, accompanied by opprobrium cast on Ihe
Democrats of the North. Dora Mr. Hunter Ireliere that
He can acquiesce in these views slid eo operate In tiielr
application to public policy, and yet "be able to support
Mr llnrhanan's Administration in /Ar muin/" ||» d >e*
not Inform u*, either directly or by implication How
then! Why, Mi. Hunter is atill free to oppose the Ad
miniatration on a number nf point', which hare been de
scribed repeatedly by the friends ol Ihe Administration—
all aa highly important, some aa vital to the interrrte of
the I) moeratic parly.
We canno* tegir-l Mr. Hnnter's views on the Kansas.
Nebraska hi|J as embodying a strictly accurate description
ol its adoption nr It* eg et. The pure and simple a hro
g.arion of the M tt'aid compromise woqld indeed hareprr;
veil “a moral biutnph to the Mouth, and lo the Inetbiillnn
of r|ivery itsell," even Uio-tgh the decision in the Dred
Meott case lias since demonstrated that legi-ldive Inter
vention was utioreruarv for such an at rogafir-n. lint
when Ibis act nf ahroga ion waa accompanied by an act
virtually emasculating ihe practical elf, rt <>f the judlrirl
derision ; when a southern man intro-lneed a psr.nso vtv
tually denying "that prnper'y in slaves is aa much sntliled
In ihp protection of the l*w In the Territories of the Uni
ted M a'es. es property iu any thing rise when the ' II td
grr amendm-nt,” proalding that no law exiatlug anterior
p 18*“, ahquld be reT|e*d Of put in (oven, ealab lahing ur
pradrcl.ng alarm*, **• ana, 'rd by lb* rote* id Southern
(Mr. Hunter a amm.g the re-1;) when the repeal id an
line '"-lUaiNxial hr prohibiting durn Swih ol t|i* ht>*
<M *11', waa Ulua acconn am. d by Ilia rep-sl ..I a vwn
ati' iiim al Uw aatobKahlng and pn ie<-t<ng rlar-rr South
aa well aa North at th* It.a- .4 JO'* 30', aa tho VWneb I iw
°* diff aatahiWi and protocl al.rrry Iw tbo Ter
r nx lew Kansas and Nebraska; thon mast ww any that tha
Kansas Nebraska bill tarnishes another instance < | Con
gressional comprwmtaa, which haa presented tha South
with th» shadow M irlanip'i. securing a solid and practi
cal advantage to tho non slave holding interval, and a
corra-;.. ndtng disadvantage to slate owners.
When Mr. Hunter Mtitucs to drprwcalw a mere ex
pression ol opinion an the part of Gov. Walker, to the
t^rct that th* cHatala and seal of Kausas are unlarorable I
to the introduction of alare properly, tha 8*nalor must
rametnber, not only that he, himsalt, has expressed the '
•atne opinion tubstauiiallr in the same language, but that
br hia rule oo the Btdgrr amendment he did mure to dis
courage the introduction ol slave* Into Kansas than any
intervention on th* part ui Guv. Walker could possible I
liar* effected. We hare no* wished to arraign Mr. Hun- I
ter for hia rut*. Wa are still inclined to believe that It 1
waa an act more of omission titan ol commission on hia
part. We know that the mea-uro waa hurried through,
and that many Southern men tern committed to iu sup-’ 1
purl, through a Wantonly of mature consideration. But 1
though the Democracy ol Virginia may bo persuaded to
lorgire this rol\ Mr. Hunter ought te be advised that
they sill never bo peisuadcd to rtidorve it.
Aa to Governor Walker's conduct, we hare to repeat
our previously expressed views, (for. Walker's e I pres f
sion ol oplntou a* tu th* unfavorable adaptation of the
territory to tho introduction of slavery may bar* beru
impolitic. But th* Mtenaitde motive which induced it, I
the only motive which w# can in fairneaa attribute to him, 1
was that ol a desins to (upperat unlawful tff.xu on tha
part ol tha a-tti slavery party, b* persuading them of tba
uscle-snca* ol such cfeirt*. Van Mr. Uutitcr deduce Irons
Ilia language or bi- avion any olhet fai-ly deduced mo
tive? II so. the Ssngsr lias tail, d to t xplaiu liu di*cor- ,
csy to the public. And yet, he impliedly asset is that the
Governor of Kansas did “attempt to It tlneoca th* derhaoii
*1 the pe ipls of that turn lory, upoo this question of ala
sery.'' It Oqy. W alW'aluf raw ion of opinion was not
a mere attempt th soppressonlaw M action, but aa attempt
in tndacnc* tha docfcfon of the people, thaw flow. Walk
er committed a gross impropriety, which the President
ha* not choeen to tebtika by depriving tbo subordinate of
his commission. Soch being M . Hooter's opinion, due*
he propose to h till the Proaadeut accounts',J* for thus
couutrnai ring Uw. Walker's conduct? Or duos the Sen
ator consider such conduct sufficient'? grave to demand
the rvyreiton ol hia notniwMion when hia uam* shall be
pteseutrd to the Senate, and yet too unimportant to ren
der hia retention Id i He* a matter ol complaint against
th* President ? Or does Mr. Hunter propnee to au-lain
the course ol the Prsndent, by voting to ratify Governor
Walker's nnminatioo? Which of th* throe course* docs
tho Senator propose to adopt ?
We are forced also to differ Inin Mr. Hunter in the
view, rxprrs-ed by him, that If “the Oourention Itself
waa legally cnstiiaird and elected, the question of sub
mitting their work to th* people lur ratification, was one
ol which that body had Jurisdiction atone." i ho act
which caihd the Con*, niton into being—the Kanaas-Xe
braska act—does require a final ratification by “the peo
ple." It provides (hat (he ptople of Kansas shall be 1,-tt
Irre to lorm their osn Constitution, when applying lor
admission as a Stal.-. Indeed, Mr. Hunter’s own lan
XUige lepeatrdly admits this: “accordingly, a bill waa
pa-oed upon the pr uciplw ol non intervention, in regard
to slavery, so lar a* th* Gel oral Government was con
cerned, and which left that whole subject wit Ain Me con
trol oj the f-roplr c( those territories, when they should
apply lor ad ilia toll aa State*." Here we baro the ad
mission that the wry act which intervened to rrpeai a
law protecting slavery iu Kansas, leaves the whole sub
ject within the co trcl of tAc people," to be exercised in
the adoption ol their Goostnupuii. Again: “The sole
uupc mr jroiup.1-1111 g mj nappy a lC*Ult, depend'd Upon
auhmittiug this question ol slavery to the ynrple ol lliiae
territo ice, when they came (o lorm thrir Constitutions us
Slates. "With the rianaoa of the people themarlrra, so
Ur as the character of the new 3 ate* was cooct'rnrd, the
D.-ruix iaiic parly of all sec'iou* declared they would bo
-H'iehed." It canuot be lightfullv contended that the ae
liou ol a Convention which retuaea to submit its work lo
popular ratification, is equivalent to “ant,milting" the
whole subject “In the people,’’ • to the people themaelrea.”
Such a rclu*al woulJ remove the form>non of thrir Con
stitution Irom the ‘ nitrol of the people."
Such a refusal would be in notation of the Kansas Ne
braska act. More than that. It would violate the funda
ni«ntal principle if Democratic Republicanism, the aore
reigntg of the people. Iu Mr. Ilunler'a own language, to
abandon the principle “of the right of the people ol each
State to determine the character id their own domestic In
stitutions without pn-judlco to their claim of admission in
to the Union," "by a retrograde movement, would be an
act ol (elo lie a* in thw pwily, and nut merely a lotlv, but a
crime lor which prosperity would never lorgiva’’the Dem
ocratic party. It ia iule to urge that this right has been
di-rrgaided in repeated instance*. We know that the
Constitutions ol Territories, applying for addmiseloti a*
States, have been adopted without popular ratification; and
it ia not difficult to point to an instance in which such a
Constitution lias been adnp'ed, even without tha Intelven
tiou of a legally constituted Territorial Convention.
But uu parly will new alti nipt lo maintain a re-pact for
a one of these precedent*, and other* aie cxcu-abie, on the
ground ol popular siqolcaociiie. In the latter instances
they urestrihua adopted without complaint Iron, any por
lion t'l lb* peoplejtarsvdistclv iiitersatod, staiplr h cause
there wa»'no g">Wdjpd>i'g question ito be ai'justid.
No such precskenrcaii be properly applied to the case
now under c m«h|erilion. The people of Kansas aru di
vided ou a question of high importance. They are unwil
ling to permit this question to go by default. It wa* to
satisfy their urgent a d rightful demand on this subject,
that the Governor ol Kansas give the soauratice wnicli
h>* bun the source of such unwarranted complaint._
Whether lie ndoph-d the most prudent or politic mean* by
which lo render this a*-uranee, we are nut called upon lo
detenni: e. But that ho violated no duty iu attempting to
guard the right of the people from the prospective possi
bility of an invasive encioachuici.t on the part of their
delegites assembled in convention, is a po-ilion from
which wr cannot be driven. Moreover, we repeal, that
the ciicurastance* ol the case may b • aueh as impeialive
ly to demand that Congress shall reject a Constitution
which has not been adopted by popular ratification. Take
the instance now in hand. We are informed by a Virgin
ian who ha* cast his lot io Kansas, a man who has risked
hia all for the pro-slavery cause there, and no* playiug a
prominent part in the politics of the tcrritnrv, that al
though the anti-slavery parly have a majority in the terri
tory, "in the lump,"the districts have been so divided a*
to give the pro-*!avery party a ra*jority in the Legi-la
tura and In the Convention. Buppoac that our informant
ia himself correctly inhumed—would Congress, with this
■tale of fact* placed before them; admit the tciritory as a
Slate, under a Constitution which had not been submitted
to popular ratification ? Would not such an act, on the
part ol Congiese, constitute a fraud on the people of
Kansas * v
We cannot understand Mr. Hunter’s avowal of ignorance
as to the president’s opinion on this subject. That opm
ioo has been fully eipressed In the Siliman letter And
we are equally unable to appreciate the position assumed
by tbe Senator, as lo the impossibility ol t practical i-eoe
arisii g between the President and those entertaining dif
l*renf opinion* on these question*. Tlietg at* two pos
sible eventualities which luighl pre-enl practical Issues._
The one is the ratification or rejection by the Beuato, of
Governor Walker's nomination. The other supposes ’an
a'tempt on the part ol the Constitutional Convention ol
K tnsas "lo luoit the power of the people to lorm the
Bute Constitution accoiding to their own pleasure ” by
presenting to Congress a Constitution withheld from pop
ular ratifica'loo.
For all effectual purposes, then, except the expression
of some abstract view* which we cannot approve, Mr.
Hunter still remain* silent. He exprenso* neither xp’pro^
val nor disapproval of the views and counts of the oppo
sition faction wbieh has ventured to claim h.s
cence. Woarertinpl? rcf/rred to a refiew ol hi* past
course a* the only answer which ho deign* to offer to our
quesliona a* to bie preset,t view*. Yet bis psat course is
a* insufficient to obtain satisfactory eypi*nation* now re
qnlred a* are hi* present declaration*. i|* still tuamUlus
an unbroken reaerre.
What we wish i*. that a man who ask* the Miff, ages ol
the Virginia llemocrscy to retain him in an derated offi
cial position, shall bituaell olearly dt line bia present poli
tical poaitioo.
Wc do not require that Mr. Hunter shall commit him
self to all the future acts ol President Hurhanan. All
that wa ark i* that he shall end orse the policy of the pre
terit Administration, so f*r a* it ha* yet bran dereloped,
and manifest con(idonee in its course, by a full renunri*'
tion nf all sympathy with the opposition faction which
Inf cbiinfd hi* scqulaecence.
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‘ "‘“VWTAHIYO, In all I-. branch-, attrndr.1.
lo ®l »" ’ ‘ “r* „Wf *" P «»» taiify on hand a large ai-Wl , " I
wfUwnt JMaMc Burial Ojaga. Mahogany an,I Poplar C..OI11.
ciiroj«l», Ac._[ vet61 B. A P
H4iduirMta?iKjl3Lfc ir ’mrA" '-*•
*''*, l n* }hr? ,n *”• '•» larf.M and matt attractlre .tnck ever
eihlouol by ihcui, or 10 I,a found In IhU r tv or Rtatn Hexing , n
equal.rd a, v.i.la,.., U i: DIPT BUCOEB-UTt. COMPETITION
i,^'U 7a»‘i> VA/V M'rl wt4.lMTr'*'- «•“ “ «u aud favorlla
,u- VA ' V STBJOT. where n ay by (oai.,1, at all Inn,.
wurmSe!/. *' L*UhX ■«* Bargain* All liZSl
* 7 '• , T1= IN N KSNB *** « MUM*
I f —The holder, of ih • Interval Coupon. of the 8r t
77i,‘l at till! Company, due in h.a York l,| Janu
ary, InAN. ar. hereby not: II-I that they will be reibeJ on p react, t*
tion at my • ffie on and aft r iha Ut d»y of Nov -cnber nvi; eiu,.
out .Im.-onnt for pre payment. Uj rirr of tho Hoard ’
___*re»a.ew V A T . K R. On.
rpYO l ilt; PtBLU .-E, rania ., „7 JL
bwmRj* « vvAton to cloae
I® c®r.’,Dot “nr c’'nl profif will be charge,!, and many arllclVa'w il
he . .1.1 for one half th-lr Talar. TMe ,. no homKig
K</”r jouraelrev. All of the a>lapcnde,l bank note* of Ylreiuta
and North and Bouth Carolina will be taken at par. *
oc*®_1I& Broad it,cppoalte Broad Hfre-t Hotel.
▼ T one or m..rr art* ol michlnery, In runnii g order, or lake
he m.n»*cmc..l w.lh >a Interval. Can briny ihe mat reference aa
In character and capacity. Ia thoroughly nrquaintrd with the
nTran* n' 77£ °L *72 ■“•*> Adder*. ISAAC
KTRAD, R-n.lnifon Port Office, Philadelphia, Pa. wit ,d-weriuilcna
and cundn o ig.__ocrt-wYUr nr.)
%]"OTH'E,-fli. Bndrri'frred will r. open the ,
AN Ealing Department of tho - MAONOI.IA," rnr :<a*\, /_ V
acrMvIaan l 13th atrrela, THIS DAV, and upno ih.- W1 f/
new | I«n Oyatera, a'a-wed aud fried, r-wly corked, NQW
VI.—other dl-hca In proportion. Will Duckv. Tu-kovi, Chickrna
if - “l” *®“* pr>.**. oy.u-rt by ihe quart or g.ll n,. heap -
■hell Oyeter., by the d.i-n or barrel Pickled Oyatera, in any
quantity. Drop In and try Ih 1 new arrangement 1
„ R W ALLEN. Agent.
ocU»—»t_ Corner Main and ' M, ,t,- ia
V'fJUTIIKUN hbla. R.,.e,0v, and »■
IN P-PP n,. In prime order
*i3 whole boiM l*y»r 1U a:qi
rte do b inch do
half do do do
1<» Mata. Newark Cider
Per steamer Jamestown, fnr sale by
-Tf?*-*1 _ _ W M II TTI.EE, ISth gtreet.
In obedianoe lo a decree or Ihe Circuit C.urt of.Prince EJ*
:*r,! '’''7,T,«P.rv07'>an7i*1 brni. 1*57, of .aid Onarf, 1
rhvll on the ldlh day of November, 1S67. a-ll 00 the nrrmlaev at
public aucUon.the tract of land ou wblvb Iha late Dr. Ikrjaaiin'u
B'ee, resided at lbs time of h-g death.
This land lies In Ike county of Prior* Idwerd. In a r>u%n*r of a
mils of lUrap Isn Bldory < >llrge. Th# tract oootgios SHA acre* a
large portion of It It n woo I. A good dwelling Loose and all nocm
•ary oat booses are s'toated on It.
It ke sold oa a credit of etna tod two years, <«ial InstalaienU
the purchaser Is to give bar.ds with good personal irnirltf ar><l !*,•
Ikle will be retained until the whole parr has* money is p»ld
***~*»**Q_JOHN T. THORNTON. Commlveloner.
P'l Sf f^5u kfCM ,I,,A,DV’ ubd,r ,*Cn*tum How."
___J. R o *. davenport.
CIHI IHI D, PUWDKIieOi “A,"uunV.n uc iv
I FfOAIta, lauding, and for aalr by * U ^
-IH}*._____ I. A <1. B DAVENPORT.
1 f If | **A,E* COXTO.T VANIN*, for ..Wb,
® N FN N nc7» _I. A O B DAVENPORT.
SI GAK# to hhds. good Cuba 8ugar
1<3 bbl*. Orwshod. Powdered and Orffs* Boyar
Portal* by LBW1II ff. WEBB A OO.
' HSPlfc,- fu hlnls. prime Cuba and P R u-»
•VT*. *u kbla. P,,.. *yrnn r,„„|,7r
Ciorru * .-700 bay. prims tlo Oc»-s. f„r tale by
/ ori«-lw _______ LEWIS N. WlfnW A 00.
4 ' A " ©IrtS.-IM ball bose. Adamantine Oandls.
Bniea Bpsrm and Tallow do. for eal. bs
7** Oil,-# bbls. Tanntra’ (VI. for a<le by
A. »r»~lw_I.EW1A N. WEBB l 00.
Si* nnrri.M Dcvili « „
aneurraot mr.nry. tor Imprnsiny the con- ,1*^ i— ‘
d t on of aleck and giving them a better
bottom. Oall and ore certificates at 1,1
_O^TAL A MORTOMU Dray Blr re.
N*’* * V V.“» P*,rh*H •" «*» B'«ln Bays bslvnyjny
10 v william II. IlMifo, and marked with IBi nam* ih. i.
in ret inert all prraor.s, In town a d conn fry. barmy any of mid r>«*.
In to. Ward them to at The ayenta al Bor Inn,sill., <&*r1nttraims'
“I other,.nlou, lo .bomb... Werersn. for dutrlbouLo.
« "A'.0' 7 rMO,B“« «-•' «,h'7 •"•s bast on band
oeti-dTiAwyt_ROBiyatlW A RQBKRTB,
*50,000 IN STOCK.
fsc.Ll'7 enlarged and Imprnerd my rale, mom. al 114
•Ifftli and tJi'i fait laid In • ttt u i.■ .l •
2rT,,,I"0*J^a.r *; ?*"•*""* lo ZlZ'ZtZ, T7LS
aak of tbs palrpnMog public I, call and eiamtno my aaasrtmaot of
Hr.AIII-RAIIK l i lt • IIIMj |
For .Mea and A .ye* war. Tbankfal for past fasora, I woold ...
Ibat no rff.rt, on my pari, shall bs wanting to ytss entire ........
tlon. My 01.0.0 Is la d In for the Rrt‘,11 trod, onls ami rmh.eee.
*!Lan^,a, ew.nfs'./oy AHirltt oswaHr kept In a
elath of bn,»e compr.stny all tbs I.A1 LBT PTrLtn, a. ioMS A*
Urn and falrii, and made by Ih* baai workman. My obUetii t.
•oil a good article al a 'air price, and will , tt; Uwm *1 sneh orbrna
as willBUIT THE TIME#. " •• am* prlos.
A Word lo ibo wlto Is tufBcleal. Ootl and examine.
*”*_ •** l*A MUTH, III Main .1,
radlllB week's receipt* make my .lock now compl.u In rtsra r„ ™
■ "*» -..He* to Ibo keyed mam. in osery arthdeaf I n..1™
parrel of all Iba late* ,t, *. of Ml*' Pall', pUKST. mpM, C
\.,t9T Bndoea* do, Over C >at. and Bbaatr, snf fa.nl.Mns
Bonds of es.ry rtekty No pales l,*s been soar, d t, " l" 0*
sto bneomiti* ..d7»o* sEL.
owsst ftyarm, aad wiu be told bt n. b pr em a. Vu\,Tp„Vw.m
lh« laws* eaah p*ees of any eWy, rv-eptice non. al this itsna
A I in waat ae. InslUd to IMBM af Meet
net* l D «00*M*»,
— _ Kn. lit Main .t.rei .
TV" V.*V!,
!Li3 w.Mtw*"*' *» *•> •»»*«■
Oosia f.nli, T, it. Ost. Ona'I, Rifl.ai fh.st.il ioi,o n,
, fjt«. ftliiee*. Ol'rt Collar., fv..;,.T.Xi;,ri:,r^i0;:j
Of fail, »,th ll a rarloua sta'f.i of ear. ». ,m. in. yy ,
*a s. Mi of which or. for ml. .1 Ih* k m.* }%£ W,nnl
Oottomsi| ars Wanted and tha dpi mo* be w> d AueiMna In
'Ns hoiss fpr sals t heap 'frr r*,b *• Anything la
V' O ran tod whal yon want at 110 Mam M m
NT. HU IIO| Ad aid! (HIT.— ^
Tbe sle' nail Iny department of Ibises \
^ lasdtsbmerit will bs reswmml 'm tbs
-*• winter season, on Monday nr It, H *BRr
Ins, Oymws. m every .tele, and all p .polar rornemiMe* 0,
rarsnl al sin r nntlcs. Tea, OoCre and Obnerdafs at ih* asnal
h an. Mr Th- pMronays of P,e Imdbs' la ercerially antie w*
,, ,, AMt.MEW ANTBMf,
wW*»___ft Ml hnlaa B.lmn
C1 HA BtWf M MM I MB, Ury. Mae.'nr ml* by
' Wli BATTUE ft <»., lift Mata *
* iron on mi« a»«umw m m whirl I
mu ii> immu a»n
ill BA.- Tiiiim • Nb d 'mi mill •* Mud lab it> . mat
•UimlTAIlriii ul.'Mir M
IhA- -Arnlm of It.. A A* / IT'luN, Aa4 All toe lyrtmum
—to ba add At Ih «»A» U A A ,» Urn atg.M ' l .'a-OVA A M
9mm Adel
j» t^SESE SsffirSf wssai
mein while Km adit of im. L Andarma.
Aw* 4a/—a tract ml 919 mmrmm, al Maharrta Pipit, rnLAI.
A*.- fww of NJ Kim, to Tara aad mill, at Ch.etarReld a ■•—
9mm liiX
ftch —/arm of ttS area*, to Pawhalaa eoaol/, U mile. fa Mim*.
S ■'!« batow BcwttoeiUa, Alb oo., known aa Uio - wlafru* tract ”
tf? ,f *'* “r*V“ *•»wdarn eraak, to Ueooktoad aaaat/,IT
mll«« fn m Richmond
••A-—Rmr*. aola of IS atoraa. al Rockingham 0 U.
..'A-* jAa'omli -about too arm ml land, to Maw Real mm..
*>»'“• lr*T R •A"*®** »»d »am It. A Y. *. 9.
^” *“-■ ‘-v“« * •—
tlih.--Oamm*M aala of a farm of fliN acraa, toaii or loan, to IW*
lowar part of Now Moot c„Unly. or woo. la urn
IS.h - •hiio'ra aala of A4 aarm of toad, la Imlkitom
oaar lb# Oof leg'al. Inmitoto ■aeaingnAja ewa.gr,
NA/” ••f’’ ***• dlls acre, of land. In Ocaage bad Mndiaoa
••JJJJA’ l*J* dlataoea from Oardaoairtoa, with maailini. ale.
Jl5' **** °* **° **nl d Ail, war* w laaa, in lowar
an or amr R. A D. E. R.
R an » n-^***,’004-" '■ A“«*to oo, oo.t'g gig acraa, aw
aW.it *“*“ prl’Au*f atoauwhll., a bool M uagrom tuba
da/—Oom're aal. of a tract of aalaabW m o oral toad, to
BorklnAam coonl/. near the canal. Kco odel.
•WR 1* iw.-ti*Rrt'« nl« of th« B«r;vilk Rad OhwU«Ut&
taru^Nk* rv%d. adv*l In coantrj Whlf.
m inciu itmu,
Oct M h gala of H. W /r/ A Boo.' Mock of gtwoertoa.
clM al to* o'clock. D .kt.AOo .Aucto *«—m
J»J* • No. I ccoper, b/ D. M Pulliam A 0 V
b,«£aT%n crfSTV*-* “ *l,r^d*'
Na**1 »‘ »Le American Bold, at 11 o’cto.k,
Ry •» ALA Hon.
*Vm' .Ale of alarm, lee itock, crop., ale., at lata raw
d"Sri“f ? 9 r ,,u,n®»' !• Ch-aurlaAl oa.
I„***b “ '■ Manhatto," to Alhemarla «>, af fornttare, paint
log., aic, bulouglog in tha tola Han A Stereaaoa. Im nde't.
iDenariHBO is mi lut,
Richard Hill. Jr., odlrra mrural availing, bad baUdlng teU to tola
•zss&szizcizj? —*
mmmr°A :*ssL'z&)*rm^Li*M -
A tract of ITSo acre, of H/co load, II mlir^^om RarkadalVk
dapo*. on R- A P. R R. Ad.'d kj Jaa j Thai ion [ tNDJ
Na retard Vi Or.ler." ly log In Uaar/ Co.. co.IV lftgu Irraa III
toramr p-wtloo wood land. Ade'd b/ R O. Lamkln, agt. (HUD)
Tha - O roan baler" farm, la Rianand tinman aownt* a ea tain In.
•jkyy"* *' ,“d' Ade'd b/ iTh. Ortgg, Ayleu*a, Lag wiUto?
" Burfeot'i PI .nloHoa,- coat'/ aog aarm, to Olmatarhatd Oman la
Idt-V1^) eo*1'* *** *"“■ *■ Atowtta ceL,Mih!o. U. lUm
Tract ml 900 tern, to Radford coant/, an tha L 1 I tamatka ir
■J5J*— Lynchburg. ade'd b, M. w. Bndlbed, Ottor^A^. ,
■' Plaamtnt Milt, on Maltoponl Hear, to EIim and 'him oowaia
Umaii^f* 0l ,*nJ’ "1Ul *“* dw*lUD•• "" Read tha ad ear
Parm of bib acre.. In Amelia aa.. aaar lha R. A D. R. R , and K
mllm hum Richmond Ade'd b/ A U. Town- Amelia C. 1L
A* Ocn. Peach/, M. D . atera tha him oo York rtaaa —lied "On
SJrmTr't. ,JU* •«'«*. ** AA anttra farm or la aU nannl tom
■' N»rtl3'..-l,tog Boon Joam’ creek, to Powhatan rw . abawt ft
mu., from Richmond, cont'r suu acna, with eatoahto 'nnu
meota therooa Paa ade'i (U) -pei.ee
ttr* REWARD IB OPPURD! for the detection of aa/ per act
eouaterfel.ltg, Imitating, or tha render of an/ aach couolerfeit or
Imitation af EIRCRUAVR-S HOLLAND BITTERS. Tito gaaatoa
lilghl/ Concentratal fo/foatf Hiltm la put ap la half plat hottim
onl/, haeiog tha nama of tha proprietor, B. P.da, Jr, bloao In
tham. and hio aigoatura around the Deck of each aod over/ kettle
Thla delightful Jraaa baa baaa racelrad b/ Amanmaa with that
Unr which la oal/ extended to really ac'entiAc preparation —
When wa oonatdar the marked auacaaa attending lia admiolairatht..
la Ihr wont itulborn caam of /.ear aad Agae, Wmkcreaof ia/
kind, Drapep.la. UaartLarn, Acldli/ of tha Stomach. Btck aad Ner
tool Headache, Indigaatle.n, OaNleentm and Plica, lege the r with
tha comtleta control It cicrclaia aaer all Ntreoca, Rheumatic, and
Neuralgic AN etloot, wc cannot vender at lu popuUrllc. Well
may tha Inealld ealuc thla remedy. ocSg- dAwlw
IW TUK DEAD RESTORKD TO Ll/R.—A few /car. ago It wa.
gaurrnlla tuppo.ed that gray hair could not ha realored to Ha ortgi
nal eol-r. or made to grow on bald head. , but alnaa tha adeanl m
Profemor Wood'* lltlr K-rtr ntlvp. mm iwn..na wkn ./aa.< ....
ago arc noar >ccn dally la It* rarlnaa walks of life, appearing In al
tha v gur of youtk, wearing their awa dark Busing larks, simply
from haying used this great Re tarsi Its -M riU* T mat.
We rail attention to Prut Wood's •* Ualr RotoraUee” advertise
ment. Without doubt the only remedy that can restore the hair to
Its pristine quality, and has glrrn an!reran! satisfaction. The Pro
feasor has the l. ei.u.onlala of hundreds of cooes eared by this loUl
libl restorative, ard we can Medially recommend U to all wba need
lo use thla valuable preparation.—Cincinnati Daily Smn.
S'* IIORTKTTRR’rf BITTERS --A*, thla season of the year, wben
Uie dlgmllva organs ara waakentd and debilitated by a couataat and
over use of vegetables and lrulls.lt It absolutely necessary that i
food and pure tonic should bo used to keep tff Chills and tke use a
fall fevers. A sew sumulur wl I tot do; It must bo a genuine, Ir .
eig .rathig tonic, and we are fully satisfied these la nothing In ita
Whole catalogue cf med -rtae that will al al! compare with HooSetter’,
Celebrated Bitteva. We are glad to kaew that the principal drug
stores in the city are supplied with Uoslctter'a groat remedy._
limit.rill* Tims*. orgd—dAw 1 w
Mv oxiurnatbd birrajta
„ _ _ PiavasiotTg, If. n , April IB, l«5t.
Da Pswtdi - /Ir ir Sir • Fur the last loir years 1 have been as
ynu are wad aware, a great aaOrrrr with Dya.eepala. Tr..; lenity
during that line. I haee been compelled lo quit my business, and the
dI ease had become so sealed that I hed given ap all hopes of wet
Otdaluir.g any relief. 1 he ro.'el eltaplo foot caueod geeat .1,.trace
osyymuZrnuiT. tmri.-m,
now pronounce u.yeell uhofy f.on all tym/dom* ./ Dvip.n
•‘■I. I can eat auy thing at any tnue, sleep west, and can now en
joy the hairny air « f spring, and look cpyn nature with a delight that
has bean a stranger to me for jasra To ail who may be Buff.ring
from Dyspepsia, I would say, "use U r Uwyjcnat* ! Bitter* «
ffmlirmtn . -I add my hoartr concurrence With tha above auto
meat, knowing it to enntain nothing but the truth. I never sold any
med Cine for iiyan-pai., tail hia gtreu as universal satisfaction m
the (hryjenaied Bitten. WIL U PRiutTON,
_ Drmg.hlanl Apothecary
Portamonth, April IB, ISM_ ocVfi-dlw
F A Ij I THAI) It, 1 M 5 7 !
. Al)IE (IKAY,
3 ■ *TP la Store and are now receiving a large and carefully Se
DTK IT I rn. WINDOW (SLAM, Ac., Ac., consisting In part of—
Superior I ndlgnca; best Ombro Madders
itf- Garb. Seeds, beat New Castle
Bui Soda; Iltract Logwood, Cocl.lneal
Blue Vitriol; Lae Dye; Alom; Copperas
Cream Tartar; Tartaric Acid; Citrus Add
Opium; Rhubarb, root and powdered
flour Sulphur; Roll Brimstone-, Refined Camphor
Wood's Refined Boras; (Judilr fi.»p, while and mottled
Tankee, Military and other Sharing Soaps
Camphlns; Burning Tlo'd; Spta. Turpentine
Alcohol; Varnlahas, of all (rules
Linseed, Lard.Mar, Sperm. Machine and Tanners' Otto
«pc Paint*, Freo«*h an<l A merle A a
Lewie' White l ead, dry and In oil
Red Lean; Litharge; Verdigris; Vermillion
Chrome Orren and TeSlow
Paris Ureea, of hast quality, dry and In oil
Black Pepper; Allspice; Cloves; Cinnamon
Mace; Nutmegs; (linger, ground and whole
English, Trench and American Mustard
Seat Table Oil, In bottler and cases
nitre Oil, (or manufacturers' use. In bottiso or on draught.
And a general assortment of all the popular Madre.nre; together
with a large and choice selection or English, Trench aad Amerlrar
HalrToothN*11 and other Brushes, India Rubber. I rory, llort
and Buffalo "rearing and Tin* Tooth Combs; Trench aad RoglM
Perfumery, lo grvat variety. All of which they c.ffvr oa the mo#
favorobl« terms for ous. ov the usual credit to prompt owstomrr*
All orders entrusted to us wui have nag special car* and atton
“'""i ADIR A ORAT. Druggists,
***___Da. I AT Main sigwa*.
OAfrlr A of. n I e, franklin *i , Richmond,
TTERS f..r solo a select aasrriaent of Derma, Medlctaes, „
Ctrcmlcala, Toilet aad fancy Article*. His medielaoa ariAH
lelrcrd with reference lo phyilclana’ prearrpthns. and fnvTW
the supply nf phyalrlsna and families In thv country. Her- £D
Inf bean vngsflvd In the Apnrheeary huatnraa far C rears, and a
uco-.pi r.,,i.c.»n e or a year. pmrloUa, Do ..ell Hnrrl that hr
aaa r»r perfect eatlefacllon lo an/ ahp say fator Mm with their
CIOiriSTMV Pinllf'lAH« (III h4 a lar|kaad rhda
/ atock of perfectly freih end reliable
Delected eipeeeely foe Country Phyeirlane. Family and Plantation
nae . Ohemlcal and Pharmaccuucai prcparatlona, ofnar own mane
fartura, made etrlatly la aaeordanre with tha Ualte4 haul Pharma
oosr'a. of tail madloal efficacy, iha aama aa are diepee red by the
aaneerlbeca la an citensrc praecrlptlon and phySrlani' Duel nan
and for which Ilia Virginia Mr banka' Inatltata awarded the PIUDT
PREMIUM at tha lata Pair.
Alio, tha choices PRRPUMIir, from the soS celebrated A sari
can, Engl tali and Preach Perfemcrr, Toilet it. ape. ("oesetlcr: fancy
Gooila; Oosba Broahra of all klada. Pramlara Wes End Col .go.
Water. Prrmtam Aoryical Inaireaacnta, In great certety . and a full
aaaorimrot af all other artklca In lie drag line ; for ealr by
rrtfMetl ChraMli and
OridMliio' ih« Phil»dl'lpht« C IWf» of PW*M>f,
_ _ 0»r»«r •# 4th Ami rronklln »tr^ •
No. 175 Brood Aral, Ri> Am/md, l'a.
ID now ree. Icing and e Err. far sir a fra ah and rellal'e ha- _
i.rtment of Drogi, OhrmlaaI Perfumery, Fancy Arllctri w-WA
Dp.ri, I lyre, family and Tails Soap. MrdMnettheSa -e.li. v8r
Mr for Us.ly.j.I.ySclen ar plantation oaa ; M-dical Sad la
"aha, Pocket Oaaat, prise llaeeana 0 g.ra, and chewing Tobaaao.
nr the neat approred hraoda ; pare Prench Rrandy, old Poit and
Olng. r Wince, popular Patcwl Medic nee, Ac., Ac.
._o. « GEO. nOWBEX.
**_ Bragg'S and OAgmleg, »A Sfsd S.
SHS.Hh AWHI l.l AMI f 'lliili im
1M M. W. Ooaaaa or Mata aan Kira are core.
uciiMonn va
_ £**• SraW.ee; Combe. Olcar'i Smoking and (>-wing Tohnceo^.j
*w *1" Mandr, Pure and Ad Srandy, Tort Wine, and the he* fern.
Ann Porter, eeleetrd capaclally for Inraltda y.,a
nawra Lamer. anwaan > biaisa
_ I.A 101,5*.V * RORIIMI.k,
nia rn Argil nan,
OPfhR In reentry phyetclana and feiolltea a perfectly _
aew and nan aannk af pare and rSUMe MEDlUimM,
togcih.r with Dneoane'e lebTttiwmmi, Piarnwear. finer la
Arai.int aM other Ihinga In the Drng Una, whleh they will ft
AMI on the brat term.
W Chemical and Pharsaaaatksl PreparatUaa asde lo erdar
and sal la any pas af Ms eoantrp.
i.airs.gr a rgisxsom,
Haw Dru tad fhrSctaae* fa.cl.Me. Sore,
_ Ath sad Franklin Sraaka, RtehmnaA.
Omdooto Of fAa nuodgpkto f Wfape of PKoroonof,
WholfMiilf and RH«II Druggist,
Onmat llkh and Main stool
WOm.D rmpcetfatiy call Iha atteniinn af s wchaata, phyn
rune and the tceda r»n»relly lo hie complete and carted
been risen, nf (StllHt, MSIMOf *•■«,!PH* MIC A IS, P4NCT 4R
T10I.SS, PAfWTS.OIIA Him, WIMfXIW tlf.ADP, Ac . Ac
I ndoceeicnte offered lo caaeA ond rooUp ;.'ooagu f-uware, and
anttaUetiot. gnerani*ed h*.th aa In price end uuafVyT
AII oedera promptly and carefully attended la.
►ewSpiinna rerehell/ .ompnundrd I fees medietas nf ataudarf
I hy cnaap..teat pit uni, a< all hoart
'**• " Hay* aarga of
11 hclg Sehn, for si. to arSrc hr
**TT ' Minat-I“
Al. .HUMdlhUallaid .IDirwtm to, th. ft.. Park
Uto Wmm Oowpany, to tba Capitol, la th* city of |
bAMaa Thnreday. October 4, 1331, Iba Mlowtog au uulaMil,'
Iba aalarlgaad, Freed**! and Director, of tba «-Tnif
aaaailaad tba re perl aad aablMI af tba Raw Tark LU* '__t
Ooapkuy, far (hr half year rod in* tba la af July. mi, awl bala*
totloAed wllMhyraipa>aaacoatwtaa.aardla»rraaiaaia<Wka the a
etmnr.ul tnl mppvrt af Iba eaamuMy. Tba Mow Tark Lila
laaaraara Oowpany baa bow boaa la aalaiaaaa tor II yaan, aad Ha
capital baa attained tka ua af II.MU.teW laeaalad la (Me Stack*
and Bend* and Mortgafea *■***• IMato. Wa tklnk It a aaat pra.
Stable and itk —da of taeaaUa* aaaay. Tba produ aaara to Iba
board11 f iba insured, aad bare aseragad aal Iran than thirty paa
OWL par outlaw oa Ula prtwbiw. SaWdaa tbma
•tocha, Ac, the law af Raw Tark regwlraa, aa additional aaaartly
that lloo.oon than ba dapaaMad with Iba iMa Oawplroltor, la meet
any lawful dawaada wblab Iba Ooatpaay way toll to pay.
Wa Wetta aUtnllun la tba aatara* ablaata aad adraalagta af LMU
Inaaranc t at art forth by Ibla lnetllittoo.
Awotni af aate'a, January 1,1431. IUUM tp
Awoaol of receipt* far uremia w, later
«u. a. . to Jal, I. jMUMi M
Paid loatoa b, death. Intaree* tot dirtdaada,
aad nil albat alpaaaaa.. I4MS4 U
- IMM 44
Aecoaialnlrd inly 1,1»T....S1.MBAI4 Id
It win beam by Uio ahoto ala law I that lb-* Ootopao; la la a
■eartahtag ooodltloa.
TUom dadrlag information la ngard ta tba aakjrct af Ufa »
raaca would ft adl la nil ta Iba agaota af tba abort Company,
who will »lea thaw any toUnmatioa that way ba daalrad. ar tor re
•trance, apply la abhor wtwkrr af Iba Lam Board
0*0. WITH* MUBPOBD, Bag., President,
(Secretory of tba Ottwwaawealth af Ylrglala.)
Bncee A. Pan*. Bag . (Bdltor af - Tba Bawth." —- | Ta ,
niwyi*ii** )B' ,UJ*’ **'' 1 (PrMMwt Jama Blear aad Barnwlw
Tm"t. A Caere. Bag, (Attorney at Law.)
We O Ptira. Beq , t Bent, Paine A Oa, Merchant* )
waif" Bauer Jtog , (Poreiar. King and If area coeaty, Ta)
Bar. t«aa. H ktiD. (Ptaar United Praohrmtaa (bard.)
Bar. Ira B. Taiura, (One, aapoedlng BeJHB# aanttmra »-o—
Ouovenlton 1 -
II. K Burton, (Prtatar )
Cera. w. I recti t. (Beaker.)
Jfrdtmi B,, — | , ,
Jaete M. Owen, g. D.
A. e. Woerere, w D.
Bo. T. CoLaaua, M. D.
Omtral Agtul art,/ dMurmop to rirmtmU,
Oao.ro* Mein elreet, BrcAwnad.
A W. TBOTTBB, U.n.ral Ageat
Ctalmt l\iiri from January Id, IMT, to July let, |»J, of-- ;
JTrwAfrwca. A~»au>
■**•¥? _ J*»w York. Mh
rbotoaJ Wart eg, Loulttuia, By, gWk>
uatarr Bally, Genera, ymn
ImaaP.^agbt, Haw Tib. r'w
Viyal Paretth, Blobwead, a.rec
Ww. B. Allaa. Petersburg, fkjwn
BaryD. Harwood. Lexington. By., t*0>.
A. Dtaals, Mew Yerk. B^On
*?>■ w Uborry, Waabtugtau, D. ©, son
.okabod O. Jwe, Ooiambee, n«pt
lea. W Mekardm, Itooo.rdY.tre,Md. \mr
Uaary A. WBHawa, New York, 1*00
••A* B. Logare, On arise to a.
Itlria L ily, Onandn, 1^00
Ww. Bdwerd Malr, Now Or^annt, y yu.
'Am Bchwtil, Baltimore, *jft
lohoT. PrellAh, St. Louie. soon
law. R.Ichard, - •• gjyJ
tadeawJ Martin, Baltimore, Md, **>
daarwa U rare tar, Looter Itte, By, SjOwt
* L Olay, at Charlaa, Mo , SyiUP
«•". L. L, 3.000
•Jtjak_liteea. Ctrl tea. Mara, 1.000
ATm. P. Batoa, lxrekpurt, e M
J. P. Tenia, Rliaabeth Olty caenly, Ta, s two
Claim* maturing .throveml to July laf of Ufe ypro«?I!’iart
Geo. W. Clutter, SS.UUu
Frederick Boydea, B.ooo
IldWotd, October It, 1137. oeta—lei
'WTIIWK riceedlugly rateable CloUit, af which hundrede of pala
*- bare keen odd In the laat few month*, and which are guaraolaed
w protect molhere again*! a Atom MrutH, can bo bad of ADIK A
• KAY . Wholesale uud Retail A«vou, 1*7 Main Street, and af
RRtlilG A BAKU, IM Main Burnet, earner of 10th, Richmond. Va.,
•ho upon the raoaipt of *1. accompanied by II cents worth af
1‘oetage Stamps, will transmit n pair of them by null, free of ad
UUooaU barge, to any part uf lha United BUtce. Mothers should
>btaln Utem ml uuaa and keep them by them, ta ba used aa directed
alieneeer threatened with an Inflamed Breast. They can be worn
vtthoal discomfort or Inconvenience of any kind. oclT
The Led eearw respectfully Informed that this Btaacat la
ixl'luiuvu.t t ati) i.t yig as vitTuuia’a Laonuav
tod Rar Mtjaaty’a Laondreaa says, that although the hua tried
Whrxtoo, Rice, and other PowJrr Btarohoa, aha haa louad nous of
thorn equal to ths OlenSald, which is
Bold by all respoctaMa Oroeara and Druggists throoghoat tba L’a.
on. ROBERT II08IK. S Pina Bt.. New Tort,
sell—dl*n___Bole Agant for tba United Matos.
dealraMa and may readily ba acquired by any oaa of
ordluasy telf-cootrol, proekled ha la not alBlcted with ehUla and
fiVvrs. or aeme other InalhinaK dlieaav of like t hur arise A sent e
mao now llrlng on Ct.oreh Util was taken with agoe and fever
*d for lha dtitave, called la n physician ind^m^aTihVJtw’er'qui".
tine, calomel, and other polaantos ffvuya. After following lha pm
•crlpttone furnished Mm month after month, without obtain 11 g the
dtyhirst relief ha gave sp their use. hy tba advloa of a It lend, and
rvaoriod m Hsiaa'a Binua.1 law bottles of which . spelled the die
ease from lha syttem and trade a perfect cure of Mm la one month,
rhe reel B ete of Oils genii man haa barn given to the publ a on va
tlaua occasions, a*.d as he la well knowo lo oar community, node
will doubt its correctness. We haes seen these Ai/Terv InlroOacrd
and and on farms In Eastern Virginia, where agues w,re aa regular
visitors at Sommer and Pall, and wherever they have been taken
•r-ordtng lo d rect'rma, they have proved an InfaNaklo prev.olive
ta veil aa certain corr. All who hare not jot tried them should do
ro at once, and obtain trllcf.
Prior to rente per bottle.
To ba had of Purcell, Ladd A Oo., Adle A Oruy, Viator A Wlnrten,
and the principal Drogglete In the city of Richmond, and oloawhera
in Ta; also, by Mraara. 0. Stott, Waahlngton city, D. Cu R.
0. Btaidor A Co., Baltimore, and of Barnra A Park, If. Tork.
mrzsm JHEART U»- Dm n u i* urn an
•miss* HAIR la bat lmpcrfeoUv andsrstood sewn ly these
■fro make the greatest pretensions. Tbe moat of the popular Hals
Dyes of Ite day may, foe the time, color I be hair, but soon to to
•noooedod hy a Urulahad freer., or other unsightly appearaoea.—
•oyla's Rtoctrto Hair Dps la void of these nogtoua properties Ik
Instantly dyea the hair a hoaouful natural Mask or brown, which
neither water nor sunshine can tarnish In the least; and “to make
usarance doubly aura” hla scents are authorised to refund lha asw
aqlftto mom perfect satisfaction la not given. Price 30 reals,
P* and 1 AO per anas. Inventor, W. Bogle, Boston, and sold by
Is yens hair turning grow I Do you wish to cultivate (nod whis
kers and moastachrs* soar hair lobe soft, silky, and glossy f—
Tour hand to to eool, comfortable, and free of dandruET Mother* p
bra your children to hue# luxuriant beads of hair f Then am Bo
tha's Htrauma Punn, which xxvaa Sana Lo Ite unerring ttolt.
Prleue S3 eta 30 eta. IB eta. aad *1.30 per bottle Bogie’s Balm af
Oytharla mania anrl vailed for eradicating tan and pimpsea.and beta.
Unrlag the complexion. Prim B0 eta. Inventor end prwprteaor, W.
BOfiLR. Boston, aad aotd by Pmggtam every abate.
M-iir-l>)_ _
■oS» WITHOUT LTTINU — Dr M. KAHIf, lute of Phlto
doTphla. rvapoetfally offer* hla aorvlcaa lo the edlaaaa aad the public
generally, Mr ite atIS* of Oanoovt, Turnon. Moulds. Blotches, and
all diaaaaa of the akin. Ha ana also ears Booral Dlasaara.
Ha coo bo found at his o*co opposite the Clifton House, from Iff
A. M„ to < P. M.
^ Recommendations af Rlohaeond people can to *aon>on[[ap^tem
mPORTANT NOTICE. -100/W# dollars worth
ymm of Btapls end fancy DRY ttOODS, Inc lad tog lB.dffO daL
let* worth of Rich Tel ret aad Braaeello Oarpatlnga, to be sold Me
•reel teerlBc. P.1R CABH.
The majority of our goods are of recant pure hem at reduced
prices, under ho Rnonetal dlMcuHtee that pnet la tho Northern
ply ihetaeelco* with IlMtr mill ynrehooec.
•*H _R*. **, till flrcot.
urar mir irbihancb.-tiir htttuai. aa**
P ~ riT UH IMURAMOI COMPART make, u.,,1
R.Mend. of l(ilrt»-A*» per Ml, u4 pays thorn whllo the Inanrod
It llrlag, that halplof him to pay oe.r oao-thlrd of hi* promlam*.
War* Iha caaipaoy la retain iha dtrldoudj anlfl Ilia death of IM
hnaarad, they eonld a* wall afford to pay lira* TS to M par cant, a*
*** I>T”d*n*T*pald la January Itt, 1A6T, (MTJfiT »T
Lone, by death tp “ “ lJhJdJtfld **
Ra ear rad aapllai la pay faeare laaaaa. uiun la
R« Ooapnay tn thaOnltod Rule* ha*-t“-|*-THiia-ni
»f rtah—none afford, more odrantoge* to the laiwnt
R. B. Whan Iha prawdum an a polky, tor term ad I Ida. am mat*
»•*'!* fear, the company wlU loan Iha kwatad hnlf of It at *
per oral. Intareat. B. W. RftoWLMt, Afloat
Or. A. Rwaan. Madkal Baamlacr.
VT ORo* at “ Station.re* Rail," Ro. tt Mart ah arf
HILL';- Tmua Talkaa. Ladica Bonnot flaaac of all
■Itra .and of all frolHtoo and at OR prwoo, acroedlaf to analtty tad
PM, oad rcrtalaiy aa law m thay aaa ho had ho tM* ar any other
«*>•_ _
Wo riCK.—AttX** HIH hat Jott f~mt.rd.dl
■Pv_~B root from le.ndon, Ira hundred pair of Inyikh Baa*
akin Orar Ooltort, of all length*. Thay ar* both eulteMe for wait -
lag ar rid log. Tha abora war* parchnaod by hlrnodf ".Ml* la
Iwadoa, and wltt b* roM kw for rath, nr la punctual paying cur
lamer*. _
zr . Mini i womvoadwth*oaiRTon^
•a. «RR. FllffDI, ARD TllR PtTRMO ORRBOALl.T —
lam no* prepared to fur tilth them with Rr>wart,*f tha brat n*«U
ty, *f all a oca, of my own make, oad of all .loda. A ion. float* oad
Short, for lodka, gantlaman hoyt. o,'#*aa. and ebfdrrn, of rrory
dr*r->pr|on-oneh of my own mtnnfnctar* and of the Met impnrtod
»or*. ALfX'R HIM
Manofartarar aad Imonrtar nf Roota and Plata,
_ Rn. 1)7 Main at , Rlrhrooad, Va,
■fTJf CJOlWfJp IJOIWU.—OaR aarr* ** tb* nrf artieMa
9b£^ you waal all be gnat. If Main ate.at la tha plan*, at
the out A ad loo Roue*
TV. Plaint — a a*i shooter —wua drawa by a pnrehaaar wtm baoaht
•fry canto worth of gnndt Tropic ara baaing great Inc* at Up* (Jilt
Auction Hama, they bur rboap, aad draw amt In. *••>
•TjR AT NOUS Afl A IW.—J. A. WwrtRham
■tJSR tnorad tn hi* naw Rulldlngo or Q-rarn-r Rtroot, **
tween If tin and franklin, ahrra ha bn* Rtk* of bio Wora Room*
W w*r®d*d kyle, oad baa thorn Rail gded with rtagorit Parnlinr*. -
m *aw ha* oaaay thing load la taoannoltl* hit friend* and Iha
pWMk. _my* __
U^jgg^m f IIMWIVI derir—it of tendon* latter* or tlwafh
WvJA gAetagoa tn L'barl* by tb* .b p Nary Pnroline Rtoman*.
Efr anon to .all with emlrronio, or* adria.d In lorwnrd lb* mm* to
i oort «f Mourp frnBth A Witoon, Roriel*, To-, before the M
y of Roccmhor proilmo.
"*'• WM. R. ITARR.
mi mi job raiNTiic
OT KVKUY at thu
““-f.1”!!!' RICHMOND
uiTBT mu_ms irnci.
-'/r.p J»w*bn*ed • eppmptotr ROOK
»nd JOB OPflrff. In eonnortlon with tb. Richmond Whig, wo
^^SSLTlArsssr. * *n •» *•* * ****>

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