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Tfar Sepoy Sympathiser*.
Wo iuainuaitd the other day our intention to ro
pume our rematks upon the communication in the
AV tminrr signed "An Unpnjudiced Observer.” We
here insert another paragraph :
"Voltaire eahl that 'the history nf A'ngland thou’J hr
trriltsH 6jr the hand of th' 'irrutinnsr \ Hnirrean.) in or
der to gier a true tdra of th* transaction! which tool place
in that country during the three or four last ceutunrt.’—
lla<l Voltaire read a rvlaiion ol the h.irrora note prrprtra
ted in India, we are pretty certain that he would have
bean u'tarly unahls to fi d iu like French voeabu'ary any
expression to characterize these atrocities. It uiav be
aaid that most of the cruellies wa hear of are committed
by the ualkvca ; but are these horrid droll anything but
a retaliation ot the aiiff.-iinfa ol the Indian! at the bands
of the B. Itiah during eo many years, and which hare
been described by K'glish writer* themselves, principal
ly the e< I'-bratrd Burke? All the atrocities we meet
with in the conquest of India by the Bddah, and ol which
the present inaur reclion laa national coo a. qoence.had nsv
cr but ona object in view, that object which ia the Jie
tinedve leatura of the British character, energetically da
lined by the latin rxpreesiou 'auri iscra fames' — aacrrd
till lover* slier e.,1.1 l„ vein -ill P .I...I ..vwl.ie. r I.. ■
her MiqietU was made wilh a view to christianise India ;
this aweitioti ia so tidiculon*, ao absurd, that it ia not
w.irth dacuasing. The rcligi.u that rommandi to the
BritUli those bloody deeds, ia that wLicb at all Urncs,
and in every country. Sited Iherr minds, their hearts, their
sotiia—the worship of gold. Each animal in creatioo.
ever t society, every nation, has a peculiar instinct, torn
peculiar avocation, some inherent virtues or vires ; the
•at ia deceitful, the tiger c-uel, the abolitionist slanders,
the K-igli.h feed upon thefl.-sh, bloodand b >nesof the na
lions they conquer. And we are called upon hy some
people to svmpathiie with the British on seconnt of the
In trder* enacted by the propls of Aais on tha Europeans :
wc sre fsr, very fir from approving of such murders, but
they would never have uken plsce had not the English
set the eiampl *, A* to sympathy iuE 'gland ; which na
lion in Europe may haveanv ♦ Ia it Russia,their late deadly
en*mv ; Denmark, whose licet was burnt, in time of peace,
fry NeDon ; Hull*.id, the greatest rival of England in the
East India trade ; is it any of the Cath«lic nations of South
cm Europe—Italy, Portugal nr Spain ; perchance France,
whose idol died on tho ro*k of St. ilvlens » Indeed, it i»
hard Pi believe that one individual could l«e found on the
continent of Europe that feels the feast sympathy for En
gland, i xcepl those who are interested in the India trade;
tor, it is well kuown that a merchant's first thought is hie
money, which made th. first N.poleon say : “/r»» nryn
riantl n’nnt point de pahie"— Merchants have no native
\ oltuirc was, perhaps, the warmest admirer Eng
land ever had on the Continent. He praised her
constitution, applauded the fine spirit of her sons,
and rejoiced in her victories, even over his own
countrymen. The “three centuries” alluded to, sup
1 rosing them to have terminated a little more than a
century ago, included the Wars of the Roses when
the greater part of the ancient nobility perished in
the Held or on the scaffold—the reign of Henry VIII.
during which there wore said to have been 70,000
executions for political, religious and other offences,
Protestants and Catholics suffering in about equal
proportions—the persecution of Illoody Msry—the
reign of Elisabeth, during which many perished for
political otfences in liakington's conspiracy anil
others—tho Great Civil War—tho persecutions ol
Cuarles II and James fl—the invasion of I-eland
by William III—tho Rebellion of 1715 and that ol
1745. These were periods of great bloodshed, it ia
true. They constituted the fiery furnace through
which lh<anation was obliged to pass in pursuit ol
fffat freedom which Voltaire so much itimuut, --,i '
that Bhe did pass through theta In safety is tbw
highest praise which could povtibly be bestowed.
Had she succumbed to Stallurd, as France succumb
ed to Richelieu, she would have been in Voltaire’s
day what France was at the same time, and, like
France, she would have required another revolution
to set her right It is very certain that the language
in which 1 ollairc wrote does not contain terms sul
iiciently strong to denote the horrors of the late ma
Bscre in India. We rea I, the other day, in the Lon
don Timet, a list of the ladies murdered, at “one
fell swoop," hy Nona Sahib, and when we find a
man in this country expressing indignation at our
being called upon to express sympathy for these un
happy people, we conle.s it makes our blood run
cold. But we ought uolto sympathise with the suf
ferers. It is hardly jnst retaliation. Eighty years
ago, that is to say, tifly years befoie this Nena Sahib
was born, Warring II istings lent the English army
to a native Ptince, the ancestor or predecessor of
this very King of Oude, whose country has bct-n
lately annexed, to conquer the Robillas. The Eng
-w-^lish troops beat the Robillas in the field, and the
troops of the Indian Prince exercised upon the van
quished all the atrocities common to Indiau warfare.
The same Warren Hastings hung, rather irregular,
ly. eon less, a high Caste Hindoo, who was trying
to get tile better of him in the government Subse
quently, he plundered the Begums ol Oude. For
these, and other enormities, he was called home and
tried, and these were the excess.** of which Burke
drew such an eloquent picture, as alluded to hy the
writer. Tho speech itself in which this picture was
drawn was delivered in the Spring of 1787, just
seventy years ago last Skiing. How then stands
tho arkrtirnrntV Indian Ciihlii.ru i • * .
.. , -
years ago, committed great excesses, with the assi*
unco of a British Governor-General. For this offence,
the Governor-General In quc-dion was impeached l.y
the K-iglish House of Commons at the time, and for
this otlcnce, the great grand children, not of the
murdered Rohillts, hut of the soldiers who murdered
them, arc justified now in murdering women, dash
ing infants against the wall and subjecting such men
as may not bo able to resist, to all the toiturcs which
savage cruelty can invent'
We nee I scarcely call attention to the impotent
raving with which this paragraph is loaded. We
will only suggest that the writer must have been
reading the conquest of Peru by Pixtrro, and the I
eon ( lust of Mexico hy Cortes, and that he inialook !
tho-e filibusters for Knglisbmen, when he gave the
reins to hia misled (ancy. Ii was Catholic Spain, not
Proteatant Kngland, that fol upon tho bones and
bh»*l of the miserable natives of these Unhappy
countries. It was she, not Kngland, who stretched
an unhappy native Prince upon a gridiron, and
roasted him by a slow tire, to make him reveal the
ep.t in which he had concealed his tieanurea It
M Cathode Spain, not Protestant Kngland, whom the
vengeance of G el has overtaken f*r her cruellies,
and who now holds but one of (he provinces acquired
by acts at which humanity shudders. Kngland, R
mwius has no sympathisers on the continent. Prus
sia, whom her money enabled, “with some assistance
from the frost and snow," to repel the invasion of
Napoleon, has forgotten the obligation. Portugal,
whom she rescued from the armies of the Great
C mqueror, after they had actually subdued her and
were taking their ease in her i apital, is not grateful
f.w the nervier. Kvan Spain, In whose defence she
fought nineteen pitched battles, and expanded untold
Million* of Iter money, Is totelly devoid of gratitude
" ® p«" believe all this. Tacitus, who was a at
verr, hut correct, judge o( human nature, tells us that
Ihr obligation conferred exceeds the rapacity „f re
|.ai ment, the recipient is apt to hale the benefactor
i i ad of being grateful for the favor (uH milium
XHtrrtuirt, frnfmli* rnMitur odium.) It is very
< ifain that Spain and Portugal will never he aids
b. repat Kngland for the services .he rendered them
in the P.iMsian war. Knglan I mil never be overrun
by an usurper, as Napoleon overran Spain and Por
logil. It stir ah mild rare lie *o unfortunate
moth r Spain nor Portugal has Midi a General as
Wellington, end soot, fi.rces as the British army, to
•end tidier assistance
Lit tM took a little b>hi dourly into matter?, tnd
see the assistance which England furnished the [
Kunpe n pomci* of the continent in money, to prc
tent them frcui utter subiugatton by Napoleon. She 1
furnished to Prussia £7,135,996, to Austria £1A,- l
S*7,473, to Portugal £il.‘.'do, OtM), to S|>ain £3,7*4,. n
mi', to Sweden,£3,546,601, to Sicily £3,316,666, to It
Kussia £9,308,7*1, to French emigrants and other tl
foreignirs £6,956.013, to the Minor Powers of Eu- t<
rope £10,000,000. Total, £57,001,340, or about a
|iHn,iKKt,tKW I All this was done in twenty one d
year.*! And for this assistance, to *ay nothing of b
her armies ami the debt eentractcd in lighting their it
battles i for theirs they were, not hers), amounting to tl
£330,000,000 sterling, these continental powers are h
not at all grateful. We did not expect they would i
I be. We should think, however, that the aabjectt of p
these powers should feel some sympathy with her,
for they always take rvfugc under her wing when- h
ever they And their own countries too hot to hold s
them. We remember, however, what had citizens }
“l ersecuted people" make here, and we are fully pre- l
pare*I to believe that they r> joice to hear of the mur- 1
ders in India. )
The writer in the Examiner seems to entertain t
a most cxtravagnnt admiration of Alexander the c
Gre»t, and contrasts his lenity with the cruelty of t
the British government in India. Certainly no two i
modes of government could be more unlike; and I
while every man has a right to his own opinion, we l
hope we shall he excused for not seeing in the con- i
ipieror, who perpetrated the inhuman massacre of i
lyre, and set tire to Babylon, “ the greatest city the t
sun ever shone upon," in a drunken fiolic, that per- <
fe:t model of a mlor which wo are bound to fall t
down and worship. In the meantime, it is not true, I
as this writer asserts, that the Brili*h government I
ever set up any pretension to make those whom they i
conquered •* worship their God, and worship Hun <
precisely as they do." If the English press has ,
uw.d any such expressions, it has wholly escaped i
our notice, and we suspect wo are in the habit ol
seeing fully as many English papers as iTic writer in 1
question. Some of them have complained that the
government has heretofore offered a premium to i
heathenism, by conferring offices, civil and miliurv, ;
to heathen nations, to the exclusion of nations pro- (
fu.*ing Christianity ; but does this indicate, on the ,
part of the government, anv disnosltion In fnre* it* *
religion on the Hindoos? Hut the other dav, an ]
American missionary. Rot. Mr. II iy, state J in I.»n- ,
don, that in the “government schools,” so far from ,
loicing the religion of Christ upon the pupils, the ,
Bitiie was not read at all. Nor is it true that “ al- j
most all ” of the private correspondence attributes (
tlie revolt “ to the persecutions ol the English mis- (
sionaries. Oo tlio contrary, all that we have seen ,
assigns a cause directly the reverse. The English ,
mis.binaries have no power to persecute anybody. ,
Ihe zeal of some of them may have been inteiupe- ,
rate—they may have spoken more freely than their |
situation warranted, bill of persecution there has
been none. They have forced nobody to listen to
them, because they could force none. Does the wri
ter mean to say, that it is prrteeulion for a man to
preach what he thinks the truth ? Would he justify
the Irish Catholics for murdering an American
preacher, because he preiched in Dublin to Catho
lics, and is the bare fact of such preaching persecu
tion ? We do not mean to say that the writer has
not seen tom* correspondence of the kind indicated.
But we deny that one dial I, or one-tenth—nay, that
one-hundrcdlh part of that which has been publish
ed in the English papers and cur own, iudicatc any
per treat inn on the part of the missionaries. They
could not persecute if they would. What they
would do if they could, wc are not prepared to say.
Forcing religion on heathen nations is an idea pureh '
Catholic. It is abhorrent to the very genius of Pro- '
testantism. When a man begins to pertecute, he
ceases to be a Protestant.
Tlie Mate Agricultural Fair. c
lo-day opens the great Stale Agricultural Fair, ,<
which promises to be attended by thousands of vi-i- (
l°rJ. Wc welcome the farmers of the Commonwealth ,
to their beautiful metropolis on an occasion so lilting f
and worthy. In the name of our enterprising and t
hospitable citizens, we bid them welcome, and wish ,
of touch instruction and uninterrupted t
feniBIMUeni.' ' * ‘
Our Agricultural Societies, State and county, the f
annual 1 airs held under their auspices, and the j
hundreds of scientific and popular publications edi- t
tel, contributed to, and wholly supported by, o
our farming population, are, doubtless, the chid v
source of the highly enlightened and prosperous con- g
dition to which our husbandry has of late years I
begun to attain. These, it must be admitted, are
direct and powerful agencies in diffusing a vigor
ous spirit of inquiry and improvement, and di-semi- J
nating information far and wide among that class to i
which they immediately relate. While Virginia is 1
entitled to the credit of haring done much, in a short
time, she has yet not equalled many of her sister n
commonwealths in the associative efforts and pro
vision* fitted to improve and to extend the culture *
of the soil. In New York, Maryland, Ohio, Ken- t
lucky, more attention, perhaps, has b.-en devoted fo "
the subject, and these states have exhibited con-pi- j
cious y, in the immense crops and fine Rtock tor
which they arc ct lebrated, the advantage of the sort «
of spirit and exertion of which we are speaking. *
Recently, however, we rejoice to say, a better and
earru-stei* feeling has been awakened among our tarm- c
ers respecting all such means and modes as may bo ^
made available in the advancement of their quiet
an ! noble vocation. Only a few year* sinee. a State b
Agricultural Society was organized in Virginia, and .
thus far it lias been attended with the most encour- r
aging and satisfactory results. And we trust the *'
Fair which commences to-day may afford ample and '
anil progress am ng our farmer* is still onward ami ll
upward, and that no obstacle, real or imaginary, ll
can hereafter interpose to arrest its proud and tri- !,'
umphant march. jj
Tho present occasion will no doubt he a most inter- 11
esting one in all its aspect*. The Fair itself wiil be ’
a curious and gratifying exposition of the agricul p
tural industry, skill, and enterprise of the .State.
We shall behold, spread out before us in uiinisture, ",
the agricultural character of the Commonwealth— i
we shall see it di played in the multiplied products *
of the del -I, the garden, the poultry yard, t!,« dairy, p
the stock stables, and household manufactures_we •
shall witness, moreover, specimens of (he sturdy 0
lords of the soil, congregated Irom all sections of the „
"Old Dominion;" and what will be more lovely and ?
animating than all else, our eyes will he gladdened r
with a sight ot the mothers, wives and daughters of ,
our bravo yeomanry of the plough, mingling joyous- c
oudy in the gay festival, bringing to it graceful sain- 1
plea of their own tasteful industry, heightnlng the ,
jocund spirit of the time with their bright smiles 1
and pleasant voices, and investing the whole acene
with a moral and social interest which only the J
presence of woman c an bestow. In short, the Fair will i
he eminently a domestic (estival, intimately annorj i
ted with our household wants, comforts, enjoyments, '
and affection*. N'o one ran stand amid a scene
where lowing cattle, utensils of husbandry, the 1
(mils of the taith, the produce of the dairy, and the \
ruddy-checked maidens and the sun browned sons t
of the soil, are gathered together in one hennonious '
company, without having impressed upon him a
wiiae of hoinrly atlection* and happiness. IIK ,
then hope, cs|>ccially, that tho mothers and daugh- '
tors, from the country and from the town, will flock
to the exhibition, and add that peculiar enchant- i
ment to the occa ion which their bright fare*, and a
gentle manners, and softening influence, ran l>c*t im- "
The Fair will po scs*. too, a special atlraction for -
the ritix ns of Richmond. It #ill afford them a bet- ’
1 ter idea of thjagricultural resources and progress of
the State, a* well a* of the character of tho thrift- *
fill, energetic, an I intelligent population of tho in- *
tciior, than they can otherwise as easily and cheap- |
!y acquire. We trust, then, that all the community i
will visit tho Fair (irourwU, and that ther will go 1
with a disposition n it inert ly to gratify a lore of
sight-teeing, but to mingle social ly ami agreeably v
with their Mlow-eilixens from the rural sections of | r
th- Commonwealth Such association*, if rightly ,J
improved, may he ma le the mein* of a pleasant ac- ,
•I'laintanrc and more hearty sympathy between the
people ol the country and their brethren of the me- .
Silent a* Prath. ,
Senator Hiintrr las a curious set of friend*. i
hough ntnrlantly pe« Wed at and assailed by tho
hymrrr and oilier Democratic papers, he ia per- I'
lilted to suffer and endure without a word or syl- |
ible in his defense. We hail certainly supposed
lat our neighbor ol the South would have rushed , 1
> the rescue after the appea-ance of the A’i<ymr*r'«
nicle on Saturday. But no* no. It is as silent as !
■■ath. Not a word did it utter on vosterday in re
ukc of the A'nynirer’a stem and severe attack on
a favorite. Does the South really mean to abandon
ic Senator to his fate? Does it intend to permit
is defeat for tho Senate without putting forth any
ilbrt to avert so melancholy a catastrophe? Does it
roposc to knock under to the A'n</>tirtr entirely?
If so, the Senator should understand that he will
ave to light, single-handed, his own battle, lie
liouhl therefoie promptly and gallantly meet the
,‘nyHirer on its own ground, and respond in another
•tter. This is no time for hitn to be thinking of
is dignity, and mincing matters. The crisis is upon
iin, and unless he grapples w ith it, he roust go by
lie board, and sink to rise no more. If he would
nly cast aside his absurd and impolitic reserve, and
nlir the lists with a courageous determination to
piloid his own cause and protect his own interests,
10 would soon Itnd many a stalwart ally lighting
ravely by his side. He should imitate the high
nd rhivalric example ol our interesting friend and
eighbor, who always places himself in front of the
«llle, animating his followers 1>y his deeds of heroic
aring, and imparting to all of them a portion ol his
wn fire and ol his own unconquerable spirit. Let
iunter thus exhibit himself Indore his friends and
nfore his enemies, and our word for it, though ho
nay nut win tho prixe, lie will show himself worthy
if it, xnd will attract to himself, fcs Wise has so
successfully done, the sympathy and admiration of
he public.
In a spirit of friendship, therefore, we admonish
lim to furor us with another letter. For, like the
i’nyHirer, we are willing to ground the arms of our
ibellion, and cheerfully aid in his rc election to the
•mate, provided he w ill come out satisfactorily on
11 the iinpoitant issues involved in the late contro
ersy between the South and A«yHirer. We have
ting cherished a sincere res tree t and admiration for
lilnlir and hi l.l....^lr ..
|iicstinns a'bided to to elicit our warm and active
upport. He would consequent’}" soon cease to be
nnoyed by even the shadow of opposition —for our
nfluencc with the Governor would soon induce him
0 suspend hostilities against the Senator We,
here fore, cnticit Hunter to lend a ready and willing
ar to our advice, and write a supplementary letter,
if a perfectly explicit, decided, and Satisfactory
haracter. 11c mar even again condescend to ad
Iress the disconsolate Leake. All we want is a
otter, and a letter we must have, or war to the
In the uuanlitnc, we implore the South and other
Iunttr organs not to desert Hunter entirely, and
cave the Enquirer alone in its glory in its warfare
tpon him. It becomes the friends of the endanger
'd Senator to spread themselves in his behalf in this
crisis of his fate, or else they will ho vanquished and
ittdone forerer.
A Xew Xag in the Field.
The Washington correspondent of the New York
Uernld says that in the event of Hunter’s not sati.-fac
orily defining his position in regard to the Aduiinis*
ration, it is the purj o« of his opponents to present
•ov. Floyd as a candidate in opposition to him. We
mow not how this is; but we have our doubts as to
be accuracy of tbc report The contest is purely
me between Wise and Hunter—not only for the
icnatorship, but for the higher honor of the Presi
iential nomination in ISO1*. As fur ourselves, we
rill consent to no side arrangements. Wise is our
boice in preference to any man in the world. In
eed, he is the only man who comprehends, in his
wn person, all the elements of a complete and Iri
mphaut success. His admiiahle heroic qualities_
is personal popularity—his generalship—his pres
ge of invincibility—all, all point him out as the
cry man, who would be most likely to trample llun
nr in the dust find achieve a signal victory fur the
idniiiiistration^ We rAuld neverfli^ve half the
pirit to fight under any other person’s banner. He
t the idol of our heart—the rose-bud of our aficc
ons—the very pink of political perfection. He is
ur friend, our confidant, our daily companion, and
'ould it not be like driving a dagger to our soul to
ivc him up, and that, too, at a moment when the
’residency is almost hit?
Tus Prixsytmian Virginia Sr.-son.—The Synod met
• iday morning, and alter the first half an hour had ben.
ns-ed, pursuant to resolution ol the Synod, in religious
rvotioti, the meeting wjs called to order for (he Iran sac
on of budiiess
ttn motion, lie v. George W. Sampson, pastor of the K
reel baptist Cnuich, was invited to ait as corresponding
The minute! of Wednesday were next read and adop
A letter wn read from Lieut. M iury, inviting the Synod
1 meet Liui at the Observatorv on such day during their
tiing a* might be moat coneet i.-nt to them.
It wn* announced that the report of the D'etrict of Co
imbia Prvabytery now ready to be made.
The Moderator slated that the papera and appeal from
derision of that Presbytery had been laid on the table,
ltd that, belore hea>ing that leport read, it would ba well
i dispose of them.
ft was moTed that they be referred to a committee for
atiaideralion; so ordered; and Rev’d Doctors Reed and
ainraand Rev. I’altersou Fletcher were appointed on
le committee.
The minute* of the various churcbea were examined
r Committee* appointed to (hat office, and accepted.
The vote of Thursday, fixing the time of th* next meet
g of the Synod at the third Wednesday in October, wax
rtootidered, and, on motion, the time was changed
■ the first Monday in November, 1868, at Portsmouth
Rev. Dr. Smith, presented a pamphlet by Dr. L. D.
uhnson, in the name of that gentleman, tor the use ol
>e >50011, and stated that it bad berm recommended to
it clergy ol the IT. State*, by tbo united clergy nl iVath
gton. It was “An Address to the Pastors and Peopt
these United State* on the Chaplaincy ot the General
••Ternment, viewed in iu connection with extending the
edeemer'a name in the world. lie considered it well
ortli the consideration ol the Synod, and moved that the
ink* nf (lie Synod be tendered to Dr. Johnson for the
■ mphlet presented ; * j order* d.
K.'V. f)t. Hanforth, from the committee which hid been
•pointed to examine the minute*nf the General Assembli,
ported that they had examined them, and had found It
r>possible to concur in or coruboratc the view* therein
ipressed, and which the members o* this Synod cannot
1 expected to carry out in the administration ot tha *f
ir* i f the Church; and recommended that the Synod
ithdraw from all connection with the General A»»cint.ly
I the Presbytery ot the (Jolted State*. In receommen
• ng this course llie committee believed that they rx- I
reseed the semimrnta of a great majority of the Church
< of the Synod after mature deliberation and after all
leisures to effect unity of action had been exhausted.
Mr Giattaii moved to po-ipnne the discussion upon
»i« mslter until the special ordee of the dsj had been
wried out, namely, tha* ot free conversation on the state
f religion.
Her. Mr. Carntberw moved tint the report U I,id on the
ible and the committee di-charged, and offered the fol
jwmg resolution a* a substitute :
/fesn/rnf, Thai the Slated Clerk ot the Synod of Virgi
•* ^e directed t«> renin i„ his po«ess|r>n the record* of
he Synol I II called for by the niianimnua tote of the Sy
«l as at ptreeut ronsttluied ; laid on the table.
flu motion, it was innIved to pos-pone the order nf the
ay; and then the question recurred on tbo adoption of
he repotr, which wu read a second lime.
Kcr. Mr. Il«*kr!l otj 'cted to the adoption of the report
t this lime lie held that.before a report r f thia kind
houid he adopted, the sm.ro nf the Prr»b|tery slioul I be
iken fully in rclitfon to the matter. Ho stood before
hose whom be bad served ind loved as a representative
I the Church of God. It was n * ilcmu thing to stand
p and oppose a report of this nature, or to adopt It,
dthout the most rn ii'tre consideration, directed liy the
ontreloig Influence derived fmm the earnest wresthni
'ilb God. *
Pkteurrv.ittas (N. H.) Sr<on or Vtaniau.—On Hatur
ay, the following report nl thr committee on tha minutes
f the I ale General Assemble, at Cleveland, Ohio, wa*
ilop'ed by a vote id >Tl to
The committee on the minntee of the Genenl Assembly
•port that they have raauil'ied the *aiue to pigea lot-a-:f
I, and aa it I# impossible for tlum to concur with the
ires therein exp i .s-d, and which the me miter* nf ltd*
rood are experrrd to r irry nut, In the admlnistraton of
i* affairs of onr churches, we are, therefore, h ft to the
leinalivs of dissolving our conmction with thn G *neial
sremhly ; and the committee accordingly recommend that '
is Synod of \ irglnia do withdraw from a’l futther com #«- ;
on with the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church ]
i the United Mute*, w hirli Nut I It* session* at Cleveland,
bin, in May, 1SS7. In recommending rhia course to the I
rood, we ft*lie*c tost we are expressing the sentiment ol j
•e great majority i f onr churches, deliberately formed *f
■r the most ampin discussion, and wlicji ail tha means of
nmcilia'ion ami a I the vffuvt* for united action bare
sen exhausted.
While we lake this ground, with a fine ten#t in the jux- '
ee nf onr principle*, and an nnaitcrahle letiS'im on ihe
rarfi'Ua auppott i»l ilia great Head of the Church, we dn
i with unabated affection for our brethrrn in the l.ord, j
ho have romp lied ua to separate Irotn thorn, and on '
.hom w. would nvoka »h« cbotcwst benedictions of our
Vtt IIK>M I .Old
Sigr.d tsy-J X. Dun forth, J.D. Mitchell, y TicUeiL
1. H M. Hovd, I*. R. tJrtUtK, iml Willistu llenitig
I ■« fallowing ’ soA(M<K.a arts li'M adopted eir.t nor*
Araufeed. That ths Rp,m| ol Vitgit.ia sppurr os a
»h le ul the n sohilfawd atloplrtl bt tho Convention ol a
tortion of our church, which lately mot in Richmond, Vs.
/■ -Ojferxi, That we will cordially co-operate In tho or go
.tt.tto.tol the I dled Synod of the 1‘rchylerisn Chutch.
which is to mart in Kooxrll c, Tooo., on tho first Thura
lay in Apiil tint.
From (Ar £»mt>; Timet, Oct. tf.
Tne Rank t>l England have advanced their rata ol dis
?ount to-day from pet cent, si which it had Mood
line* ths 16th of July, to 6 per cent. The suddenness of
ihe renewed .Ira n ot gold which has led to th s step has
taken the public by eurprt-.\ because they were not pie
pared lor Itieei'raurdinsiy news by ths two last A uteri
:sn mails. Allowing due weight to that iutelligcoce, there
is nothing in the movement to create alarm, although
Ihere I* a high probability it may soon have to be repeat,
rd The trade of this country w itb the United Slater rep
resents an annual total ol |i),tHH>,00ill, and it ir impoaai
ble lor any financial trouble to occur on one side without
its being deeply Irlt oo the other. During the last two
years we Itsve had many opportunities ol observing the
•en-iliveneee with which we respond to monetary perlur
baticn. In Fra' ce, but our relation, ol rotuiui rce and cap
ital with that country are altogether insignificant in cunt
patisoti. A panic in New Voik, therefore, which sends
the rate of discount to a point ranging between 20 and At*
per cent, and which is continue.) with intemdiy lor live
or six weeks, must necessarily subject u. to severe tem
po! sty pressure, and if the inconvenience should be limi
t'd bt a rise ol a ball or even one p.tr cent it: the value of
inoiiry we shall have reason to congratulate ourselves, and
to ace-pt the fact a. another proof ol the inherent aouiiUnem
of our genetal position. For more thin a mouth past not
imly has every payment due to ua from America bceu aa
lar is possible suap« tided, but special credit! have been
eagerly made use ot, calls on railway stocks largely held
here hsee been anuaanced (In one case sloue lor an
atntgmt approaching agdarur ul a million sterling ) and
draught* sulhotissd fast the ptttchase of securities by Eng
lish capitalists, tempted by t 1st! in prices, 'tom which
they conceive there cat not tail to be an early reaction.
It is scarcely ton much to assume that in this way a mil
lion or a million and i hall sterltug bos been already with
held, or absorbed Iront ua, that would otherwise bars been
in our possession at this moment, at.d the pro-pert is, that
the process will go on lor some time longer. It must al
so be considered that »t the sains period we hard been
dcrpatcliing the mist >«tly fleet ol transports ever em
ployed at one monte t with thirty or forty thousand
troop, to India, the outlay upon which in the shape ol
.tores, fu-l. A .cannot have (alien short ol halt a
lor which we will get nothing until the return ot the
tel* Irom Calcutta, a' 1'ie payments from the Indian lio
rmimei.l will not h<-made till a certain number of days
liter the arrival of the vessels at that poet. The India
house at I omc. Moreover, in order to lighten as lar
M poMihle the liabilmee of tho Urritoiiil Government, are
ibstaining bom drawing ibe usual amount ol revenue re
quired from that side lor the payment ol dividemla in.I
other purposes, and have thus louud it necea«ary to bir
row a million Irom the Bank. Upon the whole, therefore,
it is possible that the combined operation of the Anirri
ran panic and the Indian insurrection msy for the time
have affcCtid our r.-iurccs to the extent of two or three
millions. A decline of about s million in the bullion of
the Uink i« usually followed by an advance ol a half per
cent, in the rale ot discount. It woulj consequently
seem that the-e adverse influences, as they have borne
upon us to three times that amount, might hare caused a
rise ol one aud-a-hsll per cent., and ibat it is only through
some favourable ro'i iteracting circum-tances that that re
sult has been delayed or prevented. These ate to be found
in the abundant harreat and the change in the silk mtr
ket, as well aa in the -upplies of Indian produce, which
has in some degree diminished tho specie shipments by
tho la-t and the preceding Orerland mail. IUd the re
bel thus afforded happened in orJinary coarse, we should
now, probably, lure seen the rate of discount at t
per cent. A a it is, it has simply enabled us to lim
it the rise lor lie present, at all events, to fi, in
sicxd of carrying i; to 7 per cent. Under these circum
stances, this is no small satisfaction; but there is reason to
believe that, even i bother stringency should be experi
enced, we are no'in any danger of seeing the approiching
wiuter ushered in by a vary extensive series ol cummer
cixl disasters. Ot course, the American failure* must
hare told heavily on individual house* on this side, and
there are al-o several branches of costly produce which
hive experienced wido fluctuations that may disturb the
casual fortune* of speculators. There are likewise at all
l mes a number ol infirm establishment* carrying on their
business from baud to inoulli, to whom a rise of a half per
cent in the rate ol disrouut after any long period of pres
sure is an inevitable sentence of destruction, and it is usu
ally at tho end o! the year that such cases arc developed.
But as regard* the hrotd trade ol the empire, it ia iuipoa
aibls to discern a cause of fear. Month by month our
commercial payment* increase in magnitude, and vet are
met with a punctuality never surpassed, and all the lead
ing hankers w ill testifv that, thus far, there is an absence
even of tho-o premonitory symptoms which invariablv
warn them of the possibility of a coming struggle long Ini
lure the community at Urge have become awasened to it.
Hones the ti.li f may ba confidently Indulged ibat, *1
thoogln with our iiuiveisally diffused transaction-, we
■u-liwiw^iU-^Mcipat,. iu evc,y ibnckthat occurs
elsewhere—an- o never <a* a time wRPn prudence
waa more es-cotnl—our commercial prosperity, notwith
lunding the Sepoy mutiny, ia destined anil to continue s
marvel to the world.
The funds opened this morning at the closing quotations
it Tuesday, but subsequently experienced a la.l of nearly
three-eights p-.r cut. The first transaction in Consols
lor motley were at 89 7-S to 90, fiom which on the an
rioui c ment ot the alteration in the.Bank rate ot discount,
they declined to 9>J to 7-8. At this they remaiurd lil'l
sear the termination of business, when the market showed
increased weakne**, the final prices, baing b'J 5 8 for
on.ni-y and 90 to 1-8 for tho new account on the loth ol
November The gloom at the end *4 tho day was prin
npally owing to a report that the features of tlic Bilik re
turn to he published to-morrow evening will be much
worse thau ha* been anticipated, and but for the an
ounccmeiil of the arrival a: Southampton ol the expected
IS.t.OOirf., brought by the Isst Australian mail.-till great
■' deprendon would have been experienced. India Stock
eft off at 207 to 210 ; India B inds, 23* to 17s, discount ;
uid Exchequer bill*, 8* to 4s, di-count.
The discount establishment* have increased their rate
if allowance to per cent lor money at call, and to 5|
i-r cent, lor deposit* with short notice.being an advance
>! s half p.-r cent. The rat-i ol the j lint-stock banks lor
ieposit* will be 5 per cent.
The applications st the Bank to-day were numerous
loth before and alter the aiterution. In the diaeount
"larket seme < xeepnonal transactions have been negotia
led at fl|, but tbu cu rent rale for the choicest paper
leems to be only an eighth below the Bank minimum.
Naw 7 oxx, Oct. 25.—-The steamer Baltic arrived to day,
•ringing date* from Liverpool to the 14rh just.
The Baltic bring* £72,000 sterling in ep-cle, and 160
The Aiueiicau ahip Lexington has been totalis lost near
V al-.nUS.
UTMI >*014 IMDIi.
Tlie Indian mail haa arrived with date* from Calcutta to
be loth of Hcptember and Bombay to the 17th. the news
>* which waa telegraphed to London.
The siege train »1< expected at Delhi on the 3d ol Sep
ember, and theaeauuli waa then anticipated to take place
0 mediately.
General Man-lock remained at Cawnpore, but would be
einforced in a few day* by (ion. Outran, who bad reached
kllaha'tad with a strong force.
Lucknow wan still gallantly holding out and would be
elisved about the middle ol September. Lord Klein bad
elt Calcutta lor Oluma.
The Ul.ina mail la.I.-J to roonect at Ceylon
Gen. Xcholson bad defeated the iobeli at Xajof (ihar,
aith tile loae of their g ins. lien. lla relock had defeated
bo reliels near Rithoon.
On the 17th of August, the garrison of Lucknow made
1 su"ee..lut sortie, rapturing the guna and prorislons ol
be D.napore mulioeera, who were again defeats J by Ma
or Kyre.
Th • rebel* were threatening Allahabad and B.-nairee*
Large borlier of troopa were inarching from Oalcatta to
sard* Allahabad. Tronpa were arriring at Crlcutta rap
d'y from R >elaaad v
A dispatch to ihe London Poat saya that the British
brcea had attached Lucknow raatle end spiked the gun*
i Aiding a beery lose on the enemy.
Lm'ral India cuutfnuea undiaturbed. Vo further out
breaks at Bombay. The Madras presidency was tranqui'.
The Persian* evacuated Herat on llio 37th ol July.
Import* at Bombay were adraueirg. Money waaplen
ty. arid exchange n ad. The IIink of Bengal had re
i iied idvancoi on the IndU Curapiiijr'i piper.
There were thirty four horses entered and ran for tho
Hegamwitch pur*c, including the American hors- Priore**.
The first IrUI war a dead heal between Prioress, Klharrim
*.vd Queen Ilea*. The deluding he.at Prioress won by a
lengtli and a ha t, amidst great cheering. The saluo ol
the stake* wav over Xl.OOU sterling.
The Arneriein horse Leeornpl* is dead.
There is an M<e«elre money pressure at (<ondnn, end
Further edsanew in tho rates ol interest wta feared,
Conan« had A r riled greatly, haring been aa low at
&3 3 3, but rallied
The Bank of |» iblin hst adranced Its retee to 7 per
rrnt., and the II mk i»f France to 6 t 3. There wsa also
a great presrure *t Vienna.
Mesara. Rm, Hi’rhrll A Co., a Canadian ffonte at Lon
don, has failed I,abilities quarter of a million; aaseta
J. Montieth h l'o., end other Ula«gow honsra, hare
luapeii'le I to Urge amourre.
The King ol I’ru-wie was better, but etill In t critical
Ltvrsroot, s»,-t 14 —CoUor.-Melee for the last three
davs lu.orsr bal,. of which speculator* look 7,fHMr and
export- r. I>«!er. The market opened buoyant, but
rinsed dull. Pm--* grnr rally nnchangr rl.
Bread-Huff- -The market i* quiet and *11 qualities lure
slightly drcl rid
Prori.-oti. ar-> -prist snd.fr srlr.
Ltrearoor, ft t 14 —Flour i* dull at a deelins of 3d.,
being ehirfly re. .tipsrior q ulitlee. Wheal is q-iist; red
has fleet r.e.1 I I , 3 amt shits -id « 3d. O. tt is He*,
dr; mixed -,| , 37*; yellow 37*. 3 I . while II*. a
IrOWBOft, <» I 14, — Flour baa a declining tendency —
Wheat ia dull at * declint of i l. Sugar ia heary at a de
>1 ne of ?J, a
Lirrarooi., s /clock, P. M. -Cotton is qdlot, but alee
dy. Flour toady. Wheal baa a decllulng tendency.—
0»*tn in fl'iidf. |*ro» ••kwa quint.
The moo. v market decidedly more stringent. Hank
ia'** have advanced to 7 per oou|.
bad ronxdei ably deckord. bvl r.Ulrd Ai d
cW**-d at f»7 | a *7|.
L-anob, X o'elnrk P. M. — I'oaaola elated at *71 a ••
lor u.<mey, and 88^ lor account.
IIkavt t'*r*ication* i> Ksw Yoax.—Some lime ago
a special cornu.litre ut the Ne* York Common Council
• aa appointed by that bodv to Investigate the Hnanrtal af.
lain, t.l the city. That committee has concluded It* labors
and presented a report which w« Hnd in delaU. The doc
u"""‘ '* • t*'markable one, a„J discloses a long ol
official defalcations amounting to ntffione ol dollats F.r.
rots of omiadot. and rotnniisaton were ahoan in ncatlv ev
ary branch ol the municipal government. Against , long
l.ne ol tax colWctor. there are recorded deHctls of heave
sutu*. ol which the date* begin aa lar liack as I8l;t the
entire amount ol default being #1*4,121. boat ol till* i*
now outlawed, •Idle a console..n|e ponionof it cannot be
coll oted either from the ,h,|r -
The over las.ie ol aascaemcut bonds alone, juat discovered
amount* to #X8t),3i>6, the amount of unpaid taxea #x •
K!ta,«70, and the unpaid aaaeeaments #4 767 p6« reach
Ing the aggregate ol *7.730,750. What proportion ol
tins immense vum •ill be collected remains to be seen.—
The New York papers concede that tho per can tags
aared will bo compa.atirely trilling, and that the major
part ol this Indebtedness to the tst burdened citizens
tuu*l be looked upon ss irrecoverable Uvt. A more per.
lert system of Irsud and raacslity—as wide spread as it
was .thorough and uncompromising—wsa probahly never
disclosed. No Wotider that property owners in New York
stand aghast at the prospects for tszmlion.—/‘A.We/i.Atu
Imsettt, 1
Tiik ) otato Caop.—The I on don Star of a late dale
•ays: Six *<tka ago farn.rrs were congratulating them,
eelvea that at length thev would ba enabled to harvest a
good cop of potatoes. Never vines the first appearance
id the di-erase bad the plants looked so well. Those that
had been dug up wore in excellent condition. Th. re wa.
• n unuaually large breadth of land sown and everything
promised well. The prlew of potatoes at the waterside
wa* 1.01 more than Irorn £t to £5 per ton. Within the
last low weeks, bower, the disease has manifested itself
in the most extraordinary manner. Iluudreds of acres
• ill not pay for the digging, at lbs potatoes, although
luoki .g very well when first taken out ol the grouud in
twenty.four Hours are unfit fer use Cufortuuately this
Midden luauileslatiun ol the disease Is not vot.UnaJ to any
particular district. but teems very general. This is very
sad iutelliget.ee lor the poor, aa it •ill practically put this
valuable rsouleut beyond ihrir roach. Fortunately how
ever, we have bad a plentiful harvest.
SaxsAyittlu ano its Acrtott.—Alterative modic ties
•re those remedies which sre given with the vis* to rorect
and re establish tho healthy functions ol the ani.ual econo
UUIUM—Ol WHICH lb« rvAispa
rilU belong*.
Ol all the preparation* of that root, phv*iciaraitivariab'v
recoin me nil the compound ajrup nienul.curvil by Dr. T.
A llurle*. ae being tbo only genuine extract.—Stale \}a.
t'tt'.M. Y. _ _ ocltS-1*
A Nxw Story iiy TmcuUI.—It is aaid that tbe au
llior ol I’witii-Iinia la writing a new alory, I lie first nuut
tKT ol which will appear ill November. ’ We hope the ru
mor ia true, lor a uew tale by Thackeray, is almost ss at
tractive as a new suit, in the (all vtvle.’liom the Brown
Siom. Clothing llall of Kovkliill A Wilson, Noe. 603 and
605 Cheat.ut street, above sixth. ee_ts
On the n I Hist , at B.rhamsvttle, New Krnt eonn'y, altar a rr.i
Irarl^l I InMS of veerral days, THO*. N. TINBkKLAKk, Jr., la
the fd h year of h'a if«.
Thu* has parned *««j from earth a young man who, by hla ur
banity an<l kindness of heart, had entwined himself around th«
hr«rlaof «|| alnlDf* Mm, • K quietest lo |>ar* " f \
K iqulrer and Dispatch please copy.
OHAN88 ok* him h*>.
4 S'11* • ‘:r U,e Sin .,f November, ear Packet H .aia will leer*
Vr S.rhnioni Mondaja, Wednesday, and Fridays, at n A XI
»n l arrive in l.ynrhonrg neat day. at T P XI
Returning, the tonta trout Lynchburg will leave same day, and
hour* and arrive In Richmond at 4J, P. XI.
r.re to Lynchburg ».t ft > ; throuah to Us'ngton and Burhanan
only f I. Biata from Richmond and Buchanan connect In Lynch
Pasaenger, from Richmond and I.ynchhurg connect In Beoltaville
with the Stage for Charlottesville. Pare through g8
Pa Men get a for Buckingham 0. H connect with Bug* line at Nr w
he low tec time of arrival at Intermediate distance, •
- o.c . ""*• tisb. via
Lear.* Richmond, B a w | Leave Lynchburg, 8 an
Arrive at | Arrive at
Mannkinlown UJf 4 w IT i Btaplc,'Xlills, HV a a IT
Jude. Perry, 1 r a « | Bent Creek, 9 IS •* so
Mlchana-. Perry, 9* •• SI IX, River, Ura S
Oediir Point, *1,' •• 83 llardwhklvUle, 5 V “ 4ii
Jeffcraoti, 41, •• 89 Warmtii.ter, Ca *• 4
Pe tuber ton. Cl, “ 47 Hovanl.rille, 7>. “ 64
Columbia, S>, •• 6; Scotuvtlle, low « *;
Sew Canton, lu?^ *• C« Naw Canton, 1)4 a M m,
Scottsvillv, 1, l M T9 Columbia, 4 “ 9,
Ujiw.irdavllle, 4% •• 91 Prmberton, ft. •• Iiai
Warminster, «!< •* 99 Jeff, root:, Tu |,i)
HardawlekvUle, Tig •• MS Cedar Point SV *• II,
Tye River, •• n« llichaui'a Prrry, » •• Uf
BfBt Cr^k, \o\ “ 1 IT Ja*le'a Ferry, low •• 1*1
Staple. Mills, 1\| r w 199 Xlanakltilown, 19 11 1:i
Lynchburg, T •• 144 Richmond, 4V a w Uf
_Richmond, October 97,1866. 0<i;
J A m i:s CO ALI.i:.\ <fc hOTN,
JL wa.i. ami is asp as ir mi.L bk : by t»• j.r n«c ».
on itoI, ttaroaoogr.pblc Illumination., Steel kog^vtogv'ftwu'oiT’
Panorama of the entire elrmlt of the c ly and envlroo.. evn'anato
ry Diagram., Map., and Wo A Rngrarlng., h» the beat Artlu., etc
t iled III the hlrhett eayle ol their an, from phulograyh. and orlgi
nat de.tg'ia. T te Author, during a residence ol three ye.r. and r
hill In Hi- lloly Land, c llrrtrd Ih- material for ltd, Oo:k, and II
can be retied upon as an henttc, miking it lur.mai.le to the g nera
reader, and rrllable as an authority a id tret book ti Mini.ter. an.
Sup-rintendent. to whom the puhl .h,ri ape.-ally e,.n,Tend it
Over SOU large 8 r» page*. Price 13 On In cloth , Morocco. Iu | gut
|6 0> he roali, po.t pel l ■ e ■
WTIn Work w.ll be ready for delivery by lltth November
.. ... TVIJtK A SO.VB,
0.X1—dtf __Agents tor Richmond, Va , aud vlciuiiy.
K* ' A XX 1VS IX J .XII,.— Was committed to theJoH O
tv 0.1.11,gt ", county, V, , on Monday la.t tl.e lath h.«.. t.r
l her , Xlcn.br the o.iu .ot Lewi, and Bhsdrnch Levli la a bn. k
near 1. about 4'. year, oil, som.what bald, about 8 fret »or9n,cl,.
h gti, and any. be foinirrly b.longa.1 to the relate <.r a H, J.,„
I son. u. Spi.ttsyl.ania ecu ,ty, Va , aud vu ruld to a gent.cman b,
v'ujl*m” °* HllUarJ, ou Cumberland river, I6d miles above Na.n
, Bhadraeh from the wound, r,c If. I on hte arreyi, can glvj oi
drflnlte.ee mnt ot bin self, but hla companion says they were ho.h
•old u. Xlr. H illard at ibe same time, end Irfi him tegither inJnl,
what tall, r'*trl*htm0l*tt0' aboet the age of Lewis, ond.ome
The owner is r.«| ilred to come forward an l prove propertv oat
chargee anti take mem away, or they w.ll be dietuiwnl of m iIm Ue
CHA9 W. Wkun.
JC*L-”____ _Jtllor W. 0.
VJ lUvlng dow Id tlore alorge stock of flu* ULiiru*
INU, tmbpwlnf—
Oaar-ComU, R»gUo*, Hh*w|*. Blanket*, Cloaks
Kina Ur rut Coats; Drew Fr*ck do
ktusioaas (Vats, all colors
Vials, great variety
Pauls, r.f Frannh an<J Wnfli.L Casilmara
And FCRNI9111NU GOOD* of choice selections, from floest tc
low grades.
My stoxk In aarUtr Is onsorpssseil. aad markad *lown ta
0«ae hard Uwi My old palroas and Ui* public are larttrd toeaH
AH in want will profit thamselaca by asaiaiolug my sock. <\iaA
<p «c mt*tt at No. Il» Main atraat j. U tiOUDMAV
(#• N. B. Tim Goods will bo sold_o^iT
TOILF. ■* HllAPka bow's cua*k and row scefa*
■7 ; brown Windsor; Wright's superior honey Soap Co;
gate ■ toilet Soap*, and a variety of others, for sale by *
ot ~ w ktirbo*.
_0—•* Iftih m4 Mai* rum,
Mlt *. Ai.i.KNr* iiaik iimniim xx„
Zylobalsamam, Trleophcruur, Kathairan, Ac.. Ac , for ,,|r b]
< c‘‘ Drugtlrt. cor. ISth and W.1 n
I, I VI'. li Ol I.•—Prater's, Hrgrman, Clarke * c, '*
/ femes, Ac., for sofa by W mai«i|f
™_Dntgg'at, cnc. Ift'h ond Main s'is.
YKAWT FttAA DKMR«— Preston A Merrill', ond Thom..
Andrews A Co.'s toprrlsr Trod Powders, for asle by
-T __. W. PBTgRPON.
^nc*' __Droggtat. car. 16th aed Main ate.
INI.IOA, far 0.0.1.., Asthma, Colds. Coasumadtoo A .
frrsh supply Just rsanlrtd. W. PkTgRAON *
.. Druggist, eor. Main and 16th st#„
__ _ 6ds Aseui for Richmond
IltHTIfll.A |g MOT I (.'R.—This tsto Isi7m
my country fr'cndi, customers and the pubic gene- MQ
rally, thsi I now off r them s superior and well select'd fll
•«ork of HOOT?. ailOCll, TRITNICMc , of most .eery de- » K.
s-rlption, and would say lo tho.s buying for cash, It wool I be in
Ihelr Interest greatly to call upon mo. as I am prepared to 111 or
dert for h raw/ coarse nogro ffhoet, Brogues and Brogans, of at
own manufacture, as well at the betl Pattern make and In fact
! ?r ';-c‘'‘ri'J*,l<l ccmplels, of lad as", gas Usman's, mMssT
boys and children t 8oot< and Bhoet.lhai I hop* 1 shall bs enabled
to pirate all who mty continue Ihelr patronage, and all others who
">»/ **ttt good work and at price* In accordance with If a limes
.. . . . „ . . IV B PRA1RI.nl,
Manafsularor and Beater In Boo'.. Shoes, Tranks, Ac , Ac .
«c*T_Wo. B.'i Broad e'rcet. PAorkce Hoi.
NF.W BTVI.P Bff IRTW.—I hare Just opened a large
a-aortmcol of new Myfe rollon Plilnt, cross plait. andPrehrb
corded, made be fitasklo'scelebrated pattern and warranted to 6t
OppasWa American Wots*. Ma'n at
CIHIVATkOr All, HIBDA. a rery Iscre sod ssrlod
J aasordment far Pall wear. r p owrwrt
Rilli, Woolea and otk«r d#tlraHI# mavrialt.
I _w n
W/4!% T Fundi on M r w Y*r\,
I ntcmtoftn, va%
OFFRR for Hie, Al rfd*i.'r4 pr cm for r*»h, § Urf» tfork of
tiBikpM hjr on* of ih* fl m, for ra«h In all Inttanoo*
tf'>m th* ronnirf or- r< q in roll and ii.#
•tork. r#>n#l*t* tn part of th« f-1 low. ngr :
> M M^ha, J*ta Mirinhn, f.«fuavra and Rlo('»fo«
***» sni« 0«4Ut Hufar*. ••A," MR#’' • O’* and yellow •
4" do nflnH $yrwp MuImmu
1*"» dn Mo. I and Mn % M»- k#r*|
f-O d* Mo 1 H pi an I flHhwd IV«rrfr»fi
JfW* do Mn. I Pftk*n«e i">n Mwffifif i
W hhdi Ra**nn Pilfi *nd N naldrra
TJWI hnffM prtm# (insert Chomrn
fM iu*»« and k*f» p*-1*»# o *#* *n R«i*t<>r
I rider. Ale Whisky. Brandy, Ole. and grnerel'r Ur,u, r. and
j Wu,.t of an desrrHt nus; Belt, f .ap. I*sndles, n.ur, Broome, I
Pockets, Ac, Ac Will also he In re-rlpt of weekly supwttwt ,.r '
yoods by steamers and park.U. which being boj/ht low f r cash
w II offer great Inducement# la cash customers. We alto call at'eu I
| "c" '» n®' Isrg- stork o’ An* Imported Brand es, Wines and Olu 1
M M ' #1 I'T
| «♦•***• m n f»i iirr“r»Ti7»»r ;M , :
" j HAM OOf’MTY. Tifftnta, 2\» , Mf„ mL*n
earned r.yct. J-, or fT y,.„ „|t'f- « loehes h-glt, * .*
b- wn ruler; ha. s « us scar user ».« left -ya, thras Inches I mg -
m m"' W2J’ •' th. ahoe.cunty, hy Me. B.most Allen, lo .fr I
i william A Pn'Sesr, and Mr. Puryctr told ttio aald omr. in It vh
mood, Intlm fait of HV>, to Mr Hun*, and. th- negro say., Mr
llaet rol I Mm to Me W Itle.u. anlh. lo Mr R..., of R eh nood,
ond saya hod-ms not know whuhe taster Is. Thts Is to o -ilfg ihJ
| owner of III. oegru to come forward, prere proper y, p.s .1, ryes
sml take him fro n Jail, or hy will be Await with as thy law directs'
I pclf wtl Jailor of Ru Aloybsm roontp.
rn limp MAW HTOIir.~l hsr.on hand an ...
A y » nt Of well mooted <tro«e.lee llosIM pur h .owl ttrluslry.
ly f 'f ' 'is., f shall ho able to soli ol unnoiatly low prices lor ibr
ram# tf'.uulalu and tforih.ro Bo'kwhe it always on hand
«o pks of 'lo.hre and Mountain Bitter , »l Mrfs erosh-d and oof
f. -B.w,e. Juttre-rleod. BAMPBOff jnWMI. Att .
»• l\ —*.* ___ fine Main sod ff"i .... O*.,
ti f f w.—Jno haft prims Rio Onffeg, for sale by
) ocM-Ib IJffll W WffHB A 00.
O o M M E H OJ A L .
Mo.«ir«ar and ixiumhoiai.
«*"•»*«• Ig, |AM.
T** "•* To«k s'.ippir* and Otoimm-ul U.t riprerto. I
to. foBewiug toil to 1'iaH to to. totor. prep..t. at lha Ogited 1
An ap'ni. n pna<h •«-« panto. who an twawrully wall tar*,.
•* *' *.*4., ton. Ih* MpUHl which n,v r
***• ***M to I Hf to p»* Ha* I % aa liKrtaanl demand <u
Rarop. A. ..... Of to rw Mnplau. lUpi. Twrk.y |U AMa. and I
India, ar. cotton and »»c. growing reg,,o. to a grantor or lw ...
••*4 H WtlcJ kf Ibuti vltu kfv bril k« i|u%iiii«tl v| )i eott
d.ttono( ibetr agriculture, trial Internal dlmrutlon. hare greatly ta
Urhrrd with IMr pi-durtlon nod indutlry. If an. It I. to ih. W«.
teco hemtephere that th. wcrld utH tarn for any de&clencr of .on.
ply. nod w. khuwld not b. at all .a. or Into u. aw toe to this lui .,r
rumManc-e. n tn. of th. u.u.' articlra of etpnrt-rom thi. country
w»r» much augmen t.) in *alu«. To. a. tinny that I. r.peclrn, ed in
•nti. a, for in.iance, and th. huh price th.l that ar.lcl. c.bUbum
to command, ooiwIthMandlog th. monetary promure which I. more
wr i.u f.U over th. whole world, .l ow. the dewiaad that eilau lor
y,*‘*J*‘4*- *"4 4“‘ r***',n eipect a conliaoaanr of
high p'lcca. Beyond all doibl, whatoeer may h. the defect, of oar
Bnawelal .y.trm, ar our own ret rang tore which ha. brought M
much emb.rrara neat ni on all alec to., natar. ban bran b. mm raw. i.
»• Bh« ha. .anted benignant!* on all the A, Ida la oar wide do
main#; toe hag richly ivward d the well directed labor* of Indoatry.
We are jut lu the inmlt on that atabra aa lodUpeombto to mankind.
We ar. unlraraaily a. km.wledged Lt.ni; and II will hw long I*,
fom any competition can be nrganlaed that win inierfrrw wnh u.
JS’V* "*'«"•' -ntdaa. or direct f,oa a. the Uream at w.alth.
Tb# United 8t.ua, In fa. I, U o*t In th. dawn of lu nru.perity and
th. pnaoal Boanclal difficulty la bwl oo.of them, tranal ory uia
that oltontimea eon one th. breaking »f th. brlght.m day*. ’
The N. Y. CoiDuiertial, of Saturday, ante:
Rub.nr*. generally I. Trry dull, bol Ih.-. la an notlcaahle ehanr.
In IU aap-ct. A. compared will, the laal week, there L a hill. more
doing in mrrr.iitil. paper ouui-lr Ur bark., bat Ui. buHml I. al.
iogeih.r too unmtiied to a<l»H of 0 total ton a. We hare beard of
> me paper being token al one and a half per cent, a mo, th bwt
that i. con rider ably below Uu o.unl rate, aad va afe.uM thlak th.l
two to three per eeut. would more truly rapraaeal to. market Pn
rr\fr\ nrhatift cooUdum dull and Irrrftltr, aniu« of tKo lv«« f«U
,u draw below 10$. but th. traaaactlont ar. mo.ily al luo
The lUIliinore American, of rime dale, aayg ;
The money market at Ih. otealag of th. week .earned rtrier hot
II .ubr-qaentiy lightened up agnia, and fer th. laM two or lhr«.
day. the pretaara ha. bean at aeerre a. at any lima alter Ih. earn
me. cement ol the panic. Tb. demon I for money from parum her.
I. not raceto.ee. but a large amounl of Baltimore paper h.d k.nar
Hr. In New York and ri.d.lrlphto ha. rec.aUy bmnpd upon our
market, generally wlthrmt llmllr, aad Ih 1. hat ocmaloned the In.
erraaed .trlngenry her*. Th. ruling rate on Ih. Mr. I far tb. lari
day or 1.0 for print, paper bar. ton •. Ilg and 1M per emu. per
month, and mo al them rale. It to difficult to place It. Money can
bo h.d on .all with Bute or O.ty .lock a. collat ral al IJf pm cant,
per month, k.change an New York I. In toll.* demand and lb.
r.ree for It .till rang, at from « to 4 per emit, premium. We qa.d.
..change on Phlladetohla al from 4 to « per caul, premium. Gold
I. telling frt.ly at Tk$S per cant, premium.
Al the New Yoik Slock Eichtnge, on i'ciday, ||.ooo
▼ irglnl t .law war. got I al TB ; 11.000 al lijf. and IB.000 al Tie.—
On Saturday, al Tire I Board, tt.rBB trer* add at TB.
Oonaa.i. Raut.ai—The mercantile community till! labor under
the general dtprutom, Inaugurated by the Bound.I e.clt'in.nt,ba
ll leobelna. Ihnl qol.ao.nc. ha. now rupere.ned, on,I, that a. th*
year grow, o'drr, ttio former order of Ullage will be prnctlcolly r.'n
■totod. The bant, m.y not r.mni .peel. payment, far meeral
month., nrecrrlid.M b.anett will r.rlr., an*, ere loag, tope, Irik I
evidence* of t! e' panic will nav* cvastdto exist, and. With the
great body of th> public. It# occurrence will alivoat pe«s from rewol
lee Una. Th * only real obstacle* to commercial transactions, just
now,are lb* scarcity of small changs, and hgh rates of cichang*—
generally co existent. It Is our decided opinion that tie Banks o'
Uilscity, from tha ntarwoven relations which exist between them
• elves and the public, should mak* «xtraord.uary sxert on* to af
ford relief at this juncture. It appears Impracticable for them to
expand the'r dlsoeunts, since It Is tbvlr Intention to kr#.i as near as
possible to tha rendition which w!ll enable them to resume the pav
meat of spcele from their counters, but. It '.a not Impossible for
them, with the factMttce. credit an I Irfl ience tli*y possess, to aile
vlata the Inconvenience of the people, by it*ing eom*fW»g to les
sen the rate* of Northern txrhange, and Incrcas'of tbe c rco’atlon
of small change. They can do somcthlog. If they wUI alno« rely and
earnaat'y address ’hemselves to the sghjrct. The 'balance of trade'
ought unquestionably to be In oar favor—we sell more than w« pur
Ami ; yat. sight drafts on New Turk cannot be obtained now fur
leas than f *10 ft ct pretnlem.
In the g-nrrel markets, ws have several charges to no'e since
our review of Thursday. Bacon and Corn are lower. Tobaacu
and Wheat are hlghtr. Lard has declined. Flour and most ether
article# unchanged. Tr.e weather to day la wet, and loaaspic fu«
fur the Agrtoaltnra! Fair, wh'ch commence* to-morrow. A large
number o' s'rang. ri, however, are In iho city, and tbe retail lr»dr
will doehUesa be » r'sk for veveraldays
tf 7\a«a represent (As »rAoUsaU prices, /n /til
ing mnall orrlare, higher raUm A.*ce to As jmttf.
B*cng —The market Is belter supplied, and prices *r«* easier. We
drop the • x'reme q mtatlnns of our last report, and accordingly
quota Bide* at 17cts; tfhnjtdrrs U^cts; Hams 17*14 cU. At
<h-v* ra«rs buyers show more disposition to com* forward.
Reaawsx — We qu *tc at AtVrkf rts.
Rn mats — W« quote at >1 no, according to quality.
Hums S, Ac.—Wa quote painted Duckets *.»H> \t dosrn : three
hoop Feinted Falla »» ft dosen; Heavy OrdarTut* AJWi*A V nest
Olty made 4554 •*» *. hvxvy cedar feed Buckets >5*4,25 ft dosan •
elty made >f»H*A do.
Bcrtxa — We quote Mountain at 14*94 cents, gool to prime • —
Oothan 19*24 rents for rood to cho re.
Osxm.m. - Wr quote I—wt q isl.ty Adamantine at 2**24 rents
Kitehell's Patent .49*54; Manhattan fill# Pal. :i7K; Tallow, Jackson*#
l«Sr. 5perm 4t*5Mrts.
Ousenr—We quote James river hydraulic cement at $1 90*1 95
per bbl. Other klrds same price.
On*U—We quote Anthracite at >4 cents ¥ bushel by the quantity,
and »Jm) V cart load, delivered. Bituminous Clover lllll Lump,
>5 *5 |*er carl load, delivered ; Fine, for shipping, 12 cent# delivered
on the vessel.
Cnxs—We quote soft tump at >5 25 ft cart load ; soft hall at >4 75
hard lump and hall |l 7h
0*M —The continue 1 liVral deliver? ft corn, from the country,
has caused nrl cs to reetde a»- ut 5 c»# V but. and So <-nt was, to
<Uv. the ouUide price fer small lots ».f prime. Tbs ranrw is about
fA**j eta from *lep.»t and store. Imt m s*, of the Corn sold on Bat
ord *y aw l bedav.» rourlit 77 Is *96 eta
C«>»* Meat. — We quote at 9"*g5et*. per l ush-l
(\<rt»-W, continue |.> quel* Hi., at UX&I2V rls.. for ordl
nary to prime: I.»rt*yra 1.3), ft]« t-u ; Java if^ftl* V, cent*.
I ' —Wc 9®o!e country at 24ft25 cl..; clly 9»c.; on
Pumn.-Wr quote at 47 eta. In l«rr. In'., and M eu by retail
Kk.tiuskk, ~ We quote Perorian at ,«<> \J ton, trill,oui r.ipert t.
quantity; C-'utuliUn and I’at-rmia ,10; Mca can ,9ft; Hrere’. Me
MS; DcBurg’. V-3; Rhode.’ Super I’hoap'hate of Lira
It HZ-r-.V** ennUnne. qulm .nd dull. We quote. .. before
ll.lifai N .. I, from More, at ,«S i*t V bt>l ; and No. 9 at (ft 3d •
b*d ; No. B (medium) Mackerel »»J4ftiq 1 1 »* **•*’ »
ruica.-We hear of nothin, dolor In flour, errept In a retail
• ay. I t the eitr trade and bakrr. «t former prl-. We quote Super.
n .mall loU, »t ,i!. larorlte brand., ,d 13), 23; Kura ,0.50_
Toe ree-lpte are a. la'rc ai moal at ’lii.pe.-lud of the year
Paotiit.—We continue our last quotation, of imported fruit, Til
lla,.ln*. Ittineh. lob xc. tft; layer. »ft 7S3«, helree and quarter, m
proportion: Current., l«ft*0 cts. ^ pound; ptrt drum. 12&I4 ru
Pninoa, 14099 c.; It ate., »- : Cranber-te., 2V a quart, new crop
■'u4<.—Almonds. II. 8. loftl'J cla.. Bit Ir, 17&1-4 cu. 8. 8. 91A9B
-u : Palm Net.fSItdi; filbert., StRlo eta; Parana, loftl* cU
C«*c«* nati, fft ^ too. w
^’-•o-ore — Wr quote Bla.Ua,, v ko,. ,4^4 V ; (porUa,, IX
lUr.—We quote Not them baled at <S7X cte (ill. and doll.
Jl **’-*' 't'tute dry at 11019. salted at llo ; Call 8k ne, ,1 9ft
*—*■ ~w* d’tnte Pi, at MiOYi. enmtnon fn,llah Bari,to ■ Iter
Uh Refined *«ede. IJ0O13*; Tre4e,ar.nd Armory'^*
l-Ht; Auaerlean hammered ,ltt»* to Iu5. 1
l.tao.—Prleea bare d-rlined. Our retired quotation, are - Baltl.
nore rendere-l, 16 et. for bbl>; In krgs 1«X^1I cte.; Richmond r,
)ned. In P« 1», lbj,:sx cent. '
l-«»»—We quote P.r ®x ea.h and time. Bar 7ft? Vr.
L>t>f«ics —Mr. N. B. Dickinson quotes : R.,i brands Mam 241517
*ta ; do. mick. 25H*iA ct# ; common 90*24 ct, ’ ®
Lure re.—(loot «i .ton. heary, t rts. V B> . middle welrhu
Wcenu; damped 3*ft*oe.; poor^ft96e.”oT.„r, tea.0^,1 M
**■**■ “ ,n »«'«l>‘ -nd quality—ili- latter prioe ooly for tare
oqttahty7 *M®*- HklrUu, and harneu Leather ,96ft8s.aeeordlnr
l-tttu-— We quote Northern al ,1 93; Virrlnta blue marbU It-..
|1.23 from depot aod ,1 5ti from More. U“*’
Mm tuar.-V, quote Cuba rlayed at 4riA43 rente■
««Vre»te ; Porto Rleo.’WreoU.
B,'n “10 °*nu: flkoru 13 «">•• >«*»
•U-Sr^n.hJOU "" “°" 'V’“i0k,a" h~“d “ d - ®f 414
Jt?eT ~8op,d’t«"rM.' 0k,*ln'^, “ *T,rMT *f “ '««• V
.■°IL*B.’rd*au« ,« per care; «far,-me,, ,« do.; Tanner’s 11
| Unae-ed. ,1 A3 per ration; 8perm. ,1.98 ; Lamp, ,1; Whale 7,< cants
Pat, —We quote Oov P,a> at ,1.80. *
Ptierse —We quota Lump ,1 lit, from the wharf- *3 delleeeed
1 3« depot or batln oaok; ,r..un4-C?alb..in-’. (■ir'lm'ood
*1.1* ** 10 b°"1' *Dd ** parked ; Calcined 9J7X03 60 B
Hte.—We cannot qnote h if her than TO cU.
Rice —Wc qoow atS\Qict».
Jonm.-W. quota <»'nreog at (0 tu; Saneoa ueso »,u.
. W*' Marahnlt" and Worthingtor” at 1 56 Aahtona
1 TSAI *, and Otound Alu-n at t ttbfil *0 front .tore ““
urn^vsrr ‘,,7ftoa,,; T.«..u,rduU..
Ram—W, quota at cta; far drop and hook.
dru‘roJl*.?,n.'fX*r0WD''l,,B‘"*f*Cl",'J’M*X' !,orlh»7" ‘■‘O
Rcotaa — W. aontlasa to qooto Cuba at »XA10 rent. ,
MR.; OradadUd Powdered HAIR* .U ; I Jf ft Z. °
»P»*Ya ""tfonllilA'i as*u 'Si. P'*'‘h *'*" *7-•*
Appl- dl^hl.^rU; Northern doSOc; Holland Ota MIA I 3
American do Rd ah. Wr quota Richmond ract’d Wklakr at HA 14
oenta; and ctbar brands at WAkRc 7 "
Toatcoo—Maaara Winfree * Watklna report: Tb.ro was da
oldedty mora aotmatlon In Hi* markat laat traak, and nrlraa war.
rathar battar. though tba t IT.rlngi for torn. Jar. „.,,Pn,,I ***
•mall We qoota Ug. from MX u, «*. and loaf f,o„ Jg* t- Igjr
M3<"' _"** pdmiaga. bra*, a.iabt., from ft x ta
JJ, ^Khd”' ^* T 0 W,,r '* MX*; ••■* I'm. lam
Waitt.-Tlif falling off In tha rarrtpta Lai ptt tba miliar, on
■abort allo..„re,"..d for lack of rtnr'k. on. .rt.bllimre,
oattdml epara-hu,.. on Raturdoy. hot aril) ,a,„m. m d... rh. m.r
art la rnne.qo.mly buoyant, and prlaaa Sara adranrad about S ot.
W. qooto prim. Ic. of red and white at II **»' » n^rt.,.T,
Oanal lam week *SU hue; Mm. time laat >.„?»"(». P* 1
Woum—Wa quote Oeat uaaifAav w aord hu a.w a* wv
ratmi price, ara *6 for Oak, andfSO fe>Pina ’*•
Woof-—Wr quota waahad, common, at MARS rta nnweehd oaw
iJlrd’uII'fer in-.,,bidM*1U;'T ***; M«X «Kh»" rt£*m?.
Oorrnp—Wa hare to report annihT ret of ■ ma'.rlr Ina.tlrl
*jr, et lva«t amenfft Oottnn hrptherfl. The ealea are tn ihw #|iMi
of aatbalre oa.y.alTmt Irtrgu.ar ratea. and ,»o,.,!o«. w
re*!*” Ilmay ha ataUd.howaT.r, that bolta a arr. In riaw rf
lh»ur,""e^il atock.,anwi^1logic mam lha 'aw rapadailoot of barrr ,
aod trad. W much r-.tri.ted bT tha teal w.„- nf .nythl. g ItkVao
aaaortmrrt of tq. a-lout qua mire. W. baar of aom. f,w p
aod nnihabaa-aof l»AI'*l<« for Wlddl no Prom pr-rent ap
preranere it la llkafy that many >mu'l mule, who p-tr.bac tn o!m
“'Vii1,1 ”* Hi'b .top. mor- from tha wVji ,f tb. .«,'Jt,
WZXr (,"rrh*,ln* *1* h «« band la baton
fton—a goodboma frada demand baa prerallad for Rtala and
Wctarn r.oup, but fna aapert lltita or noth n« bat ha.n dona «w
I g to tha dtlRoolty nf tailing taoha-ge Tha lanoa of prlrata ad
rl-aa from l.'r.rpool; laaraana I III. or no doobt that wtalreat tor
«2®?* ** ™»7 h»” »"■; • mark.l In rnropa. tba rror. on Iba
"Xa^SP* haing not abera lha aaarag., whila In fir.at Britain iba
yl.lt bf caraala.lf aboaalb. gane-ul .apclallon, la n l.„m-i.ni
'«***» Ibapkrt... failure o'tba pot.,, „PP Owr aeati.-.
.lew, and lha rapid apprnucb of the parted for lha alow of canal
n.T g.lhtn, X aoggmdire of , aompa.mlaaly .mall .up,da durttm
tha Wlntar, but lha <•< urea of iha market will depend malnla aoc,
lb. tlaU of lb. Boanca. Mat for lha th'aa day. II .ntiOhbfa..<u,a
murk., elating ataady at oar retired q iotnlloni, which mdlr.u an
Kiranee of cent#
0*1,1-TbaWbeal mark*, If about tbraa rant. balUr, with a fair
Some iratla drtntud, bat not moob Inquiry for ..port Racrtota
mod.raia, and natblng of mom.nl going Into at-re Tha aal.a m
Cnd* 1 7bf> haAala WMla $ .nthean at fl.lftai So ISTno
• I PIX9I w fVrma laa. aa it., and ih? mare rex jAarenu
l-tw-r ; aal.a *l.»w bn.half, rloa.nga, fa^j.i aan-a fbr Warta n
m'trd. »I»TI for tallow and mlt.d Po-jih rn, an l aoaui for rawed
yallow and whita Ron hren. ^ '
lao« -Tb. mark-*! •• anu.u.lly qul.l, but prl.re of moat drecrlp
tlon. ara b«-,.r aupportml than almoat ary rtba. artxla of atar
cr»v»4l«e We learn ihil H". I A rner*ean n lenfr reH «i in mri.
Jw . dallreradhr.., and ih.i arm. .ala. baaa bren mada'
Imarea* - Thera X pare IMffg doing In llamloa . or Oak Rnla. and
prior, remain entirely nominal—lb. rrc.lpl. onnllnua .eodanta
and lhara la a Itrgo and wall aaeorl-d atook an band Prom tb.’
fad that bo, f.w I,idat haa. horn, aaa* nut to tan fop torn, ttma pat,
andlht la.ga qaantltlm of Hide, and laa-bar bring etprtol mi.'
appr.h-nd-1lihal lhara will b- a great star. Iiy of S-le Lrn ha. iha
naal y.ar. Th. conaumpilou of tha coon rr, wtth-u, any allow
anr« fo. Ineraaaa, would.no dotthi, In tha ordinary autre o' thing,
hare required all oar .apply of H d-« ; and tha rft-tl of re large a
dly.r.ion In Rua. pa, with tba malarial radurelon In tha lanUta
tann.d Itare. matt baa. an Important bearing ap .n fa'ura nrlma —
Prcnoh naif Ram. art aaWrm.ly .lull at preyt-re prim . '
Pitota -Tba-a ha. coot tn a*d a rtaudf g-d domand for raw bow,
the trad, aod RrRurre, wHb noouabmall, q dry tnr ..port, aad tha
mark., retain, d, Rrnnaaa. and awan c'o..d yretardar w'th a roo
tld-raWo baoy.noy, at lha Stllrtirrancyof the early p,rt of tha wa.k
R-flu-tlhaa adranrad 1, nf a cant, and It now XKAabort lha
IV lowed point of lha .aaeon '
RAf.TIWftR* MARRPTR, Oot ?4,b P M
Onrrre -Tb. OoAa market partake, of tha dapaaretea attendaat
uTII ** **** ■fT-**"7 of I rode. With u iwm.
tetod •*•-* Ol Rio. m holder. on m«., w rMl • i.«i th, it.
***** fee COWMI opUaa »• <|4it« hwlia4, %•..( th* arvoara mI«
J*a*U. U,... r. IV. ; J.». lO^JIu*^ l V" 1
, H%« Hva aai'v an art va bu«m»*« ,j4ln. •vi_
»« r*w«r Tha a%U** r—9h •» 11 ..4*. bi u afttit .S i *m k
he. w.. Mo* ..p.. t To. *V*h
Tha aalaa af CH? Mite f»- ar hava « r. n aaada at an »4*«t>^« ^ *k.
•luting r« a* »( M «a*4 bat far ftJawarU Mraak aa4 OmI
Caa haa« 4mIIo.4 Tba *a.aa on Ch,aaaTTdar iw^ !l»- IV.
* I'h,"7“7V ot ft* IS ruh. and TW b*>. Clip Mill, nupr at
*»' Wh OMo end ||..»,d Btmot ihTSITh!!
pteMd eleo'iy *1 Uw obo.r quotation. City Mllu n.\l „5Y,,!
Won bed reedliy at $3 11* toeh, end $3 ft.* tu ft Bu V ‘-‘■’11m.
Until- Tb. dr maud If tn. brite. m^lol" f“,WhteTI.d
Corn, end uoletl .tending I he anfneurnbt. tune of ibe foreign nd
71'*" f ' beend.lug., both theee deeertpti.-ae of Urnln hnee.d *anc.d
In pelo. Ontl. on ibe contrary. hoe. itecllnod. Tide. * ,.ry Mu.
■ye ctrmlpg forward. Them U oonm It hoot being bouobt >or
n’tbough lli... hoe. two no . a port. mode tb..“ r^Th^i^wL’
2.‘ W' d*7 °" ’•*“«* *«W only » «*> boetmle kml, mTd IT
11*01 •<* wall Hx fond lo prtwr, and I lU eta. far fair aaraala of «ft«
Whttaa aald al IlOQliO wall for ardlDtivU ffctp. Itftdhila caau
1y food U» |*H«a and ItotoUW oaoU for choloa f*»l|ja7«r tare la
of do. Tha markal vUtJtirm at lhaaa flfarra Oora aaa iVflir
4««%n4, anti tha aarkrl for II alaadf. Thara wara 5.000 buahwl* *t
taartal. all «i which .bangrd handa al 550** oU. hx *vx>d to t mm
while, and IT^II ocoti for |»r?w»a parrata of jallow Butt lata
orw Cora cut of coodiltoo. aold at raau Uau w*r« iTfhlr
rcoaipt, bal |>ikaa were ra H»r raster. 1 haoffarlun wrra § Ut<0 bua
•0.1 ,.f which .old o.tail.1, foe good te prt«foterf Momtend
ond Ten n .yl eon lo. Borne interior lot. of do. eotd ot N clo. There
Woe an Rte off.red on t boi’ge to-dor.
Too.tUooe — Trorlelooe of oil Jeecrlpttone oro doll ond beory_
Although elneke oro I’OOlted, buldero oro willing lo eell el o .light
decline an pre.loo. roloo. Bacon coaid bo bought to-d.y In lot. ol
l( rent, lor Bboold'io ond 1ft cento for Bidec, hat wo bod Do tnleo
reported Tbo lobbore 010 eo.llng but I’UIr, ond In fool there I. nu
demon.* fee any dieertptlon of Troelolono. conrequently we con g-ro
no corrmt quoimione. Lord lo quiet bat .body. W. quote Ct’y
rendered ot 11 ooote co.b. No Weeteco lu morkrt. Cheoeo lo lu
fhlr demon,I. ond ooln oro making In Mo of Wew.ro ood BoeUrn
OoUlog .1 •ail) eenu. ond 11Q t cop e tor Waetero ond Rooter,,
Rndteh l>elry. Rotter I. rolher dull Wmtero may bo qMod ot
PWM4* eenu; tilodre at lb© Hu cento, on I Roll ol llAtl oeou
• *>■
Bonn —Cram Bred, oro eery dell. Homo email ealea of Timatbe
hoe. beta mod* daring the week at prime ringing from ll.kftio tJ
but wr heer of On lronoerl1f.no obotefrr In Ckorene.d. Wr 000-0
It nnmlool ol $S cat ftO • boehrl We heard renter day of o Ob
of ton St.lrrl. prime Tlmou.y Bond ol a*-ft» V huebel.
Being..—There hot barn a eery or-lev demand thle week far Hm
gore, both fh-rn tbo trade and tbo r. B -ere. and tbo ealee, Inalwdlrw
thorn nf Mel ado. tw. I to nearly | At.r hhdo Tbo market tea
through UI the wc- k eehlhltod o good deal of Rrmoeea, and oft tire
mlm her hern mede et full mine.
Toeicoo.-Tho demend for Mery’ond Totmccn onntlneee ItaMed
ebipprre ehowlng no d .pool,Ion to operate rcoopt ol lower r-lee
thon demanded, end bold.re not being willing to preea eolee. The
troueaellnne ore quite limited, ond though wo roollnwo tha qootn
tioeie of leal week they mu.l be roddered quite nomlaol,la oo much
ee them relee ore ebeee the elewe of purrhoeore Rome email pay.
or!' of Marylaud ground loot, of the new crop, hare reunited the
market iMe week, bat eb’pprro .hew on eowilllnguem lo accede in
u.e elewe ef holder. Pome pare.In boro boon eold ot tbAT Jo, bet
th.ro U no ootlvllyln Uto market, oo tbo d Scully of amounting gg.
ebongo tend, to dlmlnleh tbo nee. I fieuiiloo af trod a.
Wn-e.—Th.r. I. nothing whotoeor doing lo WooL Thor, lo o
good dool offering, bat noflbor the monnlootorore or Uw* agent, or*
buylnc, and wo oen giro no quotation, for IL Wo on demand teak
■.**« dealer e In Pbllpdalphle ere .hipping iholr rtoek te Ra. qg
rapn, being unnb e in grid pnrobnnere hero. The mnnufbaenre nt W
woollen good, le tn a eery dev reared oondltlon, bad tb. raw_
rial nf couree euff.re la coneeqoeneo
Warner —Tor Whteky tbo market hoe through tbo wook keen dull
although ibe Inqu’ry within the loot Joy or two boo been rather more
nolle. Ikon ol thooiunlng of iho week Oily ond Oountry Wh tew
hoe m*ed through the wee. nt T’HStl come, and Ohio do. ol lift
II* cte. Ohio Wl-leky cl.teoo firm ot th# onutdo Agure. Tbo .lock
I.f Ihi. deorriptinn la rodeoed m o eery lew point. Tbo oolra of
Whteky thle weak reach about ftao bide.
w wbuiinio; mmi ac’ 4f%r« rnr» not
b«ju( on aoco.nl of th* *c*rclly of m and '.ok m, )I(M o,
mawl for th* orll-U whom wo’krd wp. Them hr* »• arrival* of
any ™*~| loon on account of th* low prior* okulard f»r u» r.w
•*mpfr* wOK-h or* »B*r*d for ml*. Wo rad*-* oar qmtaUon* r*ry
001 *t lerabty. but the quo atlona <or a.ariy all grain ara nominal.
Mi. naw crop la arr.Ttng in a am*11 way and la generally of good
quality. Tbe new crop la not aaly tba large.! bat geaerallr ib*
Urat that hu bran raUad la Kentucky far eevrral ye«ra. Rel'ablo
acoouoU from Virginia are rather aafaeorihle. aa to both quantity
anl quality. Id *nr*-aldl*irleU tba rot >t>|.eared la tha g. owing
plant and tha knife had to ha appliad bafnre tka crop waa npe la
the wrat.ro part of the BUI* It la fen rad froat alU catch tha plant la
many aa aa. Wa quote t
New l*uge, froatad .|isu<3 g on
Naw Logr, nat truated. g uu ; u,
Old Luga.I noqj l ot
Naw Leaf. »U"4»tl.nu
Naw Leaf, chola* .uu
hkAL avd raaaoiAi me tea.
i*•■/.' tlh—Bale of Allegheny Spring*. and all Ikeaepertcnaoraa
—to be aoM at tka o®cc of 0. A A ,In tkla city, at II o-ti , u
Bee ade't.
Slat.- Ocmmdaloner'a .ale of tha “ National Hotel " and at pur
tananr, a, at Palmyra, rtaeanna aa. Be* ad*"l.
A'oe «.—Tit* OaUaba Iron Wort, property. In DotaUart awaary
-to he acid at tha American Hotel. In thla city . for onto aataatcla
mranahll*. Be* ade't of toe. K Andcr.no. 7
8*m.- day—A Iract of B76 acre*, at Maharrln Dawut, on R. A D.
Kalb o*4.
4th.—farm of *4.1 acre*, Uyarn and atlU, at Chaatarflald C. U_
•dec WlfH.
W» —Farm of 883 acres, In FnvKaiaa county, 85 mile* fa Rte*.
mond ; for sale privately meanwhile by Frier a. Fa bleu
— lames river farm of 8.285 acres. In Buckingham oeuuty
■i miles below 0coiuvtllc, Alb co., known aa the - Wiafrw tract **
Pa nt of 418 acres, on Beavevdam creek. In Goochland ooanty, II
mi es fr^m Richmond
Vih.—Ear's ask* ot 18 slaves, at Backiarham 0 IL
IWei..—Ojat'rs sale of about 850 seres of land, la Naw Kent ce.,
80 mile® from R-ehmond and near R A T. R. R.
llth—* Great sale of lots.” at the “city of Morehsad,” Beau
fort landing. N. 0 Fee adv't In country Whig.
Uth — Tr.e“ Hslrm " farm, of 8 s* acres. In King A Queen co'v.
opt*-site West Point.
llth --Coan'ri sale of a farm of 500 acres, more or less, La the
low«r |>ait or New Kent county.
18 It —Oom’rf sal# of 4* o acres of laad, In Buckingham cue air
near the Onilrgute Institute.
84th.—Ear's sale •( I 5-0 scree of land. In Orange and Madison
onuuue*, a short dls’ance from QordonaviUs, with a*c.
8kh- Oom'ri sale »*f 180 acres of Isxxl, more or less. In Lower
#od of Powhatan county, on or near R. A D U R
Z/ec 15th —" Ucalvutd," In Amelia co , co *\'g 413 acres, near
R A l>. R R . for sale privately me an while. ahuut UU negrooe to be
elded te the sale.
Kamo day—Oom'rs sale of a Iract of valoabls as nera) laad, la
Burkingtaam <*oanty. near the canal. Pee advt.
/m. I, sale of the HcrryviUe and Char lette*n
turnpike road. See adv't In country Whig.
f**f 17lh —Sale of a No. 1 cooper, by D. kf. Pulliam A Cx
2 th.—Kale of 441 yt*aug mules, on a lot opposite the Fa.r sireu ads,
by G. A A , at ll o'clock A. ftf.
Same day—Kale ol stocks at the American Holst, at 18 u'clm k.
by J . A. L. A Pod.
Sur. P — ®*r’• sale of slaves, live stoek, crops, etc., at late reel
dence of M W Flournoy. In Chrelerfleld On.
'.4th —Bale at “ BUnhclcn," in Albemarle cx of furniture, palnt
*•••» Whb*w‘«a •» »ho late Mon A Stevenson. Bee adv'U
Richard Hill, Jr., offers several dwelltagh and building lots In this
city, and land near the city, for sale. Bee advt.and for informa
tion apply to himself or O. A A. (if) ’ W *
A tract of 175u acree of tlyeo land, 11 miles from Barksdale's
depot, on R A D. R R. Adv’d by Jcs. J. Tbsalon [iN6l
•• Bernard's Order." lying In Henry co., coni’, 15*. icres-thu
UL*rr Ft"0* JVd by it Q. Umkln. agt. uNM)
WresnbrUr farm, in Kins and Queen eout.iy, «u<.i*iaroa
d' Ad,db* “• °rl«- wuhTU
"■ Marfool"* Plantation,''cont'g BOS aciwa, In Chwt.rA.ki
adr*t CODl'B 4bfi oerc*. i* Atnrita c*., at ta* C. II. *«•
Trhc« of *80 acr**. In Bcd'nrd munly, do IL.LIB turnulka. Id
■ ll« from Lyt.cbburg. AdrU by M. W. KaJlorJ. UU.F Imp r
’■**,u» °® SwUAponl rl»«r, In King and Qur«n county
0> ‘“d• "llh d"»1Uo* - *U- «*»d lb. *Jy«!
farm of *1(1 acre*. In Amalia co., near lb* K. A D. K R ami si
mile, from Richmond. Adr’d by A II. Toung, An.li.C M “
rv-fr. &D.. *ff„. the farm on York ni.,^uLl --Ow
B^^td7-t. * ’ “re*' “ *D tnUr' '«■ or la at. rn.ua! l2i.
- Martin ■.' lying upon Jon**’ cmk. In Po.kotan **.. »boat «
-tls. ,.» Richmond, roof, 400 ac,.a. .WhTTT/u ”
men Is therson. See adv't (tf) mprore
■«■#*¥ A. I.A.NH \N-s H.OHIDA
'4TH.—Tht Im tats on • of this famous i>srfMe»* dt»
-*■ r-eir opinion
birth, while this prtrless cosmetic and refit bins scent lucre®.. ..
Uror do.,,, and „ bcmlrg .ka. ,, h*. ktooT\l
SpHilsh Amrr.cs, ihe most popular of all Borsl essences S* Id be
. Jby^rr^; .:^; V.u, H. N„ York'
01(01.14 or PUOOK».4IOtT
cor\i:k htose
WED.VK801T, lbs 28th October, 1*57.
TH® PROCE00ION will be formed lu front ef the Masonic H®n
•» W-4»-^oy. »• k Ortohor. 1BW, at i .•*£,“ V m .?IL’
cl*.iy, In tk« lollowing order : . ■ « «o*«, r. **., pi*.
lrt'fort’""4 Knight* Trmplar, hetlag a*
SSAISSSSSL? ..— >. *.«.*►
(th. Open Oar,lag*, containing Orator of th. Day.Ohawlala of th.
^**Jr**J *• • d*wa fa. to the lot where the bu.i.iiu* »• to he
Esur*^-*1" '™~2r'-s:iXJEr.."5r
The memhe-t of lit. Jnhn'e Lodge, No. M. are hr refer a
J21!!!!! ’£htund a railed acting of their I odge, to Z
held at the Maeonfc Half. . o WFDNMDAY Mh in.i.m IT V'
•Imt Brethrm, are cirdlaily invii.4 to attend
By order of the Wor.hlptal Matter
°*Tr~9t___PA TIP BIMfl, ArrreUry.
Mo. It* MaiM B.rut
n»* ■•» •« Mora Me P.u tanply d F'mnA mtrf
A.tayfaye And AnrJtrt, oooatefcaanf a taro*
ofmye. andpa.terna. *teva*o«a large »a. l.ty
Hlittoek of all kind., f ( ertalo floode. Lon. and Mo.ll. __....
—»* tsassssjRST®
jsaarifer.jsarsrir.sss r -■■
JfcvXXESZ.'* '”,h"*W7 *"**•—*
~~~ 7-— - _net!
IIIMiAa—llailnf now a bre^dit^ l(K/h o
V !• the eoentrjr ellletf donation# «Tih# *
*•'"» and Ireeder, Jam.. Anem, MfST^ ^L^r.
L,rsr "mSstsl*' hf r-rBUhiijTrsijj:
■Ai r Ceter.e Oorrr. P..* 7 * "'**• •»»»
~VZ!z.tU+,U_WM fl RIOMAiniAM
HKAP qi AHTRRk, l||f,
v 'tV.ftu.BiSg.'. v^c^v:,*:irrAm?'
neat and eneap to th* waf nf 0«e hfng and Gentlemen’, r-TrV.hV*
rtnnde. Md at or halo* rnat, hat al a fair Urine !
nail, and I al l prnnl.. my yoade, vhan-...--5T*B<I P*» »■ ■
are eempared, .hall rla with the ehoapoah * ••rWaaaahip
_Ma ltd, earner of M.in*,.* .
Mmil»,kHiii;». ini 'nr, -
id —Atranfar. rla>tln| (ha ally arr ra flT\ TTb
•paolfiiliy In.Hod in el., ma a nail al do II Ma n PDA ‘ if
«rnM. near th. Old Ma.ke(. They onl tnd my .in k WKljLD
ee Maolt, dhow, Troake, An., .q ial in eoery re.paet i,
22' *.7 **'’** *f ™» menofantar. I. .err V»h and enmUt!
t;jsttssrs - •»
**" *"0 0 PAiiP.in.,,
^r»r uro. pr.tHnni fob ealti ^ r*-t.
^EOEE —Will Dare here thte ifterionn at 4
~TT“,‘ - ._tcntdii
I INI JBSfKHLKrLTa,"*" " -
-....____JAWf* wimptom.
*241 AE«: «»**T TRI.l.tkW (MUM
" Nf,rTtE, )ki#t rare red, for *%!#. »"Kh»i
I Rttl.l. VINRAAN . “
rn BOhnf. Imanay/a frf..
IP knveA damnntln. Oa a It at
*» aide.* (e Ua-han
A&hhla. M. B Bam
onk; •M" r>« rry tad Part Win...
M if MCA.

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