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a • / y #jui
!«a:n*w oreoMJTnr
W ■JK«a*L mrm #>*% Wn ***** ft^ap a^r
»^*4l W» ^ \a *< ■ kW| Itoi
‘.1 . ■"+, *■ " •■v^ •• I
Ay .mirn****tdk ,«**•%
•% , '« Mrit ir«
>ANH#pf &.-•» r-v* *4»Kiw' im « n flirt
»»*•)«* tytM .11 t«» .ab i 1> V* M <4 % jmT» Mi
*1 b»»ii 1 I •-^ *'' .<« -W n« .a 1 Ml k||r, §
‘^=-~-— ■ ■ -■*-■—-- •
Bi—B—I——~ ■'■ ii — -- - - - _ HUMHLK (12.
. w . _ I I'ttV S US 1-^. . - « - _ I . ■■ ■——■ ————_*
DaUr Paper, ft par annum ; fteaal Wewkty. f f ; Weakly, ft; al
ways In advance. Remittances may be made at the risk uf the
Pirf>Ushers la all casus where evidence Is taken oa ths deposit uf a
latter In ths Post Ofltce containing money.
Oos Square, <1® &«*•■> or lean one laseetlea. 15
Each additional lassrtioa . 15
Ooe month without alteration ..$5 *5
Three do do .. luuu
■f* . ta no
Twelve do do . I5U0
Two Squares, Three months. .. 15 w
IBs months. ..15 UU
Twelve months.. " f«o uu
pT Mo advertisement to he coasldeied by the iu >nth or year
an less spedied on the hlauasovipt, or previously agreed upon he
tween the parties
An *dwiU*em*ut wot marked oa the copy fbr a spwWBed sum
bei of Insertions wlU be continued until ordered out, sad payment
elected «• ordlngly.
|W“ iteotu As AbtsaTteaMBwa.—To avoid any misunderstanding
on the part ol the Annual Advertisers, It Is proper to state.ffs/aisrfip,
inti thrlt prtvlk geo only extends to their ImturdUtr h urines* Real
Estate, Legal aud all other Advertisements sent by them to be no
a Idltl uxl charge, and no variation
td‘ Heal K»ut# and (hoersl Agents' Adve.Usements not to be
Insert* d by the year, but to be charged at the usual rates, subject
to so* h discounts as shall be agreed upon.
t#" Booksellers 5ud yearly advertisers, generally, engaging one
a* tuaie spuaree with the privilege of change, shall not, uo their
yearly average. In any one week, Insert more than the amount
agreed upon as the standtug rule nuder the contract, and all eaeve
dlutr such amount to he charged at the usual rates.
Advertisements inserted lathe .'‘eml Wreklv Whig at 76 cents
per square of I O lines or lews for the first Insertion, aud 60 crate
per square lor each continuance, or if weekly, 76 ceuts.
Sewing M a o li i n 6 » .
8INCH the Introduction of th- present style, the company have
•old f-nsnfy eeren fL*M«r«irf ih.dUil Machlurs. They are now
producing IdO per day, with a demand greatly iu advance of the
Machine has been more extensively Introduced lb Virginia I
than any othsr, and of Urr great number sold, not one hae failed to
give satisfaction, after Its use was acquired by the purchaser,
which L readily done from the printed directions, which Uluvirate
* very part of the Machlur, referring to thrtu by number*, and ex
plaining their use and management. Aa operator will accompany
the Ma- tlinea, to give Instruction* when oerr*a«vy, without charge
They will be catafully packed for transportation, and dellvarrd at
any drool or boat at the factory prree. It took the hlehrvt pre
maune last auturun at the United skates fair, snd at every one of
tt.r ristc full* at which It was exhibited.
Is »tic mo*t perfect instrument —< Vntrut t‘rt*>-yt+Hun.
Nii other . ooparea with 11.— SuutA.
the work is even, strong ami perfect.— (H.ltiitn .t /e.>-<»<*
It Is no humbug It do*-* all it proposes.— JTwyur car.
It 1* without a rival. - .Si*feHf«if.' JmsWeifi
A triumph of mechanical genius - (Vi's JHch>maryt
Kil IheiiHy superior uf .1fecA.vn/ce.
A If' rt. nd for deacriptlve price list.
Oflfeicc 337 .71 is I si Street,
AT PRA1TU OLD tiALLKHY, 146 Maiu hi., Ki< IhuoimJ, Va.
f R7H1^ truly p | olar hewing Machine l* now offered to the ctlken*
M. of ni hm- .i l Ml the fo||«,win/unprecedenletl low price* vi»
f 30, ^ IO, and f 60.
firsts na humbug •dal*', Imt a Brit rate practical machine, will
do any kind of work, coar*r or line, lire A rent h «e »o|.| over tiin
during the |>««< summer in Alabama, fur plantation u*e: being *<•
MU»*r-- in irtrir coii«u u> non ui«( an <i.Unary acaroalresa rau readl
If Irani to an one
TV f *ew from two ordinary *poo»» without rewinding making a
•Irony and els-tlr train (tost util uot ii|>, although every fourth or
ftMh stltrli be cut
% great deal might bf wild In the usual way «f advertising Stew
n/ Marhluw. *ut we prefer tl« »4 thr call aiid examine l».r
themrelt e« H e %re t etdy at all Wtur» to show thi. mar Mnr.
N M —Tl»e attention of . oiintry to. rdtaab and an«*rtil%i<.ta U In
sue It i three ma. bine *• a means of invretnieut. tlie Agent wish
In/ to dispose of Htate and County Rights throughout thr ^utlinu
l be low price at which there machines «re «old will readily cani
tnand large uIm, and the liberal discount illugel to agent , mak< -
It l»otb a lucrative a- well as a pleasant t»u«lnre« Merc ant* will
hod lb.a quite a valuable ad litl o to then aim A.
W II I KK IK, 1. nt
■itxm:\vs pianos.
PI ANoti
PI A Nop
IIiiiiapii'a 1*1.111 Its.
A wavelet l Awarded
i*4c. TTr f ft i»a7.
t |!IIE subscriber respectfully Inritea the attention of the public,
I sud of porchs*-r« particularly, to the superior Fl rtUltltU
I*..inow. manufactured by Idin. A vpleudld aa»oitment onu
stant'y on hand.
Our rlsn«*s have received a premium two yeara In surretwlort,
I v '6 sod IV*i. at the I ii» of the A merle«u li.-titute, Crystal Pal
a la c uupetition with in ist of the leading toxnufartur era id New
V rt and II rlon, and sre uru|U< sttnnablv uf the be»t r|usllty of
tone, f ill. round and t.i till tnt, »• well as ttnish sad durability, and
a (U'ter • urseUre, by the approval of renowned artiste. In ven
turing to vsy that oar Piano* «r«nd -upettor to many others. an l
«* |ual t • any titan I I'rano In regard to vidutue of tone and t-lasll
• it) -f touch, c not.tiled with the fieriest It nun ess, width Is very
g«i sly u«ct ailb In any other Plants. All our llanos sre wan ant
ed H ii IHfl
IIsnufactucer of 1*1 «no Portes,
Wareroouw, lm» Centre Htrect, New Toth
V 'lira. Agent, Re inn aid, Va. auVt- -dr. or
1*1 hi; 1!«6|IK41ICI: CONI PA IVY*
Capital, $10,000,000!
4ft ft V A I. I ft t<> M L , $ *i , V f» 0 , o 0 0 !
IHVTHTKn IN THL CNirF.I) it I ATM, OFF.* #*10,01101
Alf D\ -s /V Mnaiiy ft**/*»•• -i/./g /.r fAg £*y%iytmentt oj
_ _ iKi t
Wf retffrtfullv’ ask attention t » the security of the Liverpool
and LwbsIoq Insurance Company, to it* policy holder* in lit
Ja< ge c uli sapltal and tnvcstinentf, as stated at »ve.
I'r.a large capital and Incoc.e of the Company rt.shir it to take
lines < i.cct.lput n parti** requiring large am. unit of Insurant a.
In ad.|u...n to the ordinary ruo.|e r.f inturane, thl* Company Is
air* / t.h’MASt. i i i'Q i /« Jt.\ **n the | svroetd of T f.V A Ski V
A ! i ft * Hi f MS Pr.pdy la, ih tu vfoilh, f'Kft HA V4.V Tf I
J.YSCkiCP. the Policy can be r sn-clif J at aoy time, and the pre
miuta vill be returned Iraa ft per cent.
Thl# C tspsn • will make Insurance by I *s of Renu by Fire, on a
bc* and most liberal prim tpig.
finder the Pofldea e.f th'is Company all clslm* are paid agon pre
srntatl.m of iitUfsdory proof of losa without u/wtfemenf or tieduc
ti>n f t fu/ecref* and not. a* Is usual,stxrv do* after present*
Al n of proof. WuKI IHM A \\ Y ATT, Agent*,
inhlA 1M Main afreet, few door* above PiwlofSre.
n itc'iu v jkwklm’ Hi mutir i Hi
WF. have In £*>**, and offer kst ■•**!« san Ravatl, t* /-"9
so r / nr. ft v a xj> has tahn mm ft* ha n rs, at
lhttovs.tr 4'iss Pan *-, a large and vrrv rkolc# Mock of
Watches, Jewelry it.lvir and Plated Ware, of every variety auu
gi Vie Diamond w,,rfc and other Jewelrv made to - rder
ffT AH y ynoriinUHi h be as represented.
N B —Particular attention given to TtepHriny of F<tf.*Isr and
j4T+n% BTirrrtK A lltKf.rv,
No 4 f, Maiket Pt eet. H *uih HI lr. I'h.U I. Ipl.la
i< i: for an■ Nu.
el is receive and evrt ule all order* In tbetr Hoe, with their
aerorenmedprviupllfwde and lespstch Those a> jualnled with the
L4 •<tlar >iii|IN4#m4 Use
nor ULtxii i.Akt: ir
Os pur.tr and • ll.lit v, nasd no connnwiulalkiii of It to give I *wpe
r'.rlty over all 4>«her* iiifwsJ f**r e a port, lb ing the nuly Com pa*
/iiMliiirnrf In pa< kiup for l»n| * ay »pr* tbej f*rl a perfect » anfl
ten- e In amuinr the Trade that »111 |rni It to th«4r a4fau
1 a** l«» r» ineHilier ua with iheli palronate The $r*«j*«t prompt!
'u*!e will he flvm to nirtt the d'lnanla «»f ruitmaro, »tUj* |^rn ,
• •id term* nil! he made at fa?#raMe at ran he nhtained from auv ,
In the Trade
Addrrta ft T COMP TON. Pretldent.
• dim _ «
18f.W. Fall nntl Wintor. 18.r)9.
IMPART,Re an.l Jebh.r. of
HI). )•»■*,
Moan. I Mill • *r4 tall*.
V.If 11, Hark,,
_ _ PiaRr.rt,
RlrnW Ronnrta.
Pill*, tP.| Ar.,
IJ) and Ir’Ae of 339| Baltimore Rr#rt, Baltimore, Md
Offrf a Hock .tii.oipa... I In th. Palled Rain of earl el, an4
order-aoll.-tte.l. and prompt attention fleet*.
yF~ r- no*,au luuniha, ala per re»| of for UMI, |»ar fund*
null ',IO
W*>*KR *111.1.*11 At I'n.'i I naaillra, In plain
If I f inf Iwf b.u.<, l.,i Mir hi M JlHtW
H AMI, Rf.mi A * II IMMIK I t( TOHV.
n ATIRO (errml, added larf.ir la at h.,u.i naa and mat Mo.
ry fnr the purpoar r.f roeetlnp (he rapidly fix rraalnff dtMian.U
f. f a. r* In my line, I ana now prepared lo r ir.utr .t th. ahorteal
notice All nrdara tar >«A«M, UI.IMiR an.1 KuORa, «r lr R |,
• ttrle, an.1 al.urh price, ae cannot tall la rteoee
In m, Ut.aflVI department I ant n.tna Ota Real Trench (It...
**, *lr..n* and clear I hare now on hand about t.Vt lloora. of
dtRerent .lire von pat. of Paaft and llllnde, and AD hot kwd Ro.h
for ratal nr earl, refer, nice and tobacco planla. Alan a few Newel,
and lew oak Balmier., all of which I will im.plr lo Ihe tende rer,
k» . Wll.M AMRI.PN.
)•** *) Maen direct. Rlrlwr.
a.m RNI.w ,l>,*t VliH.IAIA tl Ml- t. %
£•>* liart eere ot.l, Onretommi, faro, Mocha, M.nltta an.1 In
>oa,ra Coffee, Door Mala, Parlor Mata ,.orr Hearth ana aarnh
Rrn.hee All.re. Coper#, HHree eluftr l wllh Anchnrler, Manaaoi.l
"Crke-irtaraftini Deaf Tonauee. Mackerel la Kite ,mailer and
half bhflf , Rplrcd Palm,>11 In Srr. and half bl.lw ; Afnerlrkn Choree- I
A*wined flteotlne., T o..,., and Round., R... and lluleh Her
rlnew, KnalRh aul Dublin Porler Rcotrh and India Ale) Turpentine 1
an.1 fane, Roapa; Oen.ij .lm. all altea, tar .»U In .lore, and lo ue
Wee.R, RI.AIR * .11 AMRPl.AfNf.
a»*' *• tale W. M M.wwnwu ffChv
SrOMAdfB WAR I MD. Ilarlnf Blade a lurrr a.till,..,,
la in, W archonae, on Ihe Dock, f am prepared In at ore >he bulk
or ih/ra barrel., hearr and llfhl .lorape Produce of mdPrban
•llaa ..celt .4 from and .leHrared 10 raaaela or aawal koala Area af
awwipeoae A. t t„. |
It I "are an eacellenl plara In .In. damp wheat, and pae
on » haeln. tueh lo Woe. will do well lo atrr me ■ rail,
■■•-da _ A. R f.
"rrww R MR Whew A I.R U^Cn 1
■ XITtDPND NOTH', Al R aieellw* ofX'Vreefdent and'lft;
I / lore of ihia i>. mpaor. held IMa dar, R war
d»»f«d Thai a <Ril.lro I of A»nr per real (or fwwe dr.IIare per
dhare.l ha dealarad, par aide in Ihr taorkh .Idera ar Ikel. trfal rep
rreenl.Weee on and a«er u.e let Ary of Oeeetakef well
Aw rrtrnct firm ike mlonlea
»»0ff W RRfKlRNNMOreff.
Rac aad fkatR.
ARE n..wr receiving, direct from IhHr »wa nunulnlory the
forfeit and uiost ilssirtblr Ruck of MU. and *|NT».K 1
CLOTHING, they have ever exhll l«.d, and to uhhh addition* will j
be made bjr every arrival Ihrt.ufW the «r«»*n
Their 4rsf/Lao l* devoted to the rHuU fr*./#, where they are |
prepared to show at all time*. a full aad complete a»e«»iiiueiit of ,
the Musi fashion aide g-ls. gotten In a style r-iual to the
chant tailor** w«*rb, and sold at vwaarv rtia r»a csnv tanvars
rwsia raicge!! t
T1.Hr Mink/ ifa./ fAfr.f ff«an • are drVotrd exclusively to the
WllOl.l3*ALK THAUf, and *111 he found to contain a most extra
•Ive and desirable stork «l lashn.u able and >/#/i s*«df Cl .tl.ioe,
manufactured with great pains, and direct rrlnrif e to the waul
'd the Merchants of Virginia, Ninth Carolina and TsMinor.
Devoting the whale of our time to the manufa* lure and sale of
Oo*h*ng alone, with longer experience, more rU.iuirr operations,
anJ olhe. maleilat advantaeea, we can and do »fei the greatewt
Inducements. KKICN, hAI.RMIN A H II I.I A Mr,
" Hi. k.a • \ *
THK suI.m rlbns are now offering their stock of
M’MMt.K ri.oTtllM* and
At extremely low prices. In order to reduce me stuck and prepare
for the Fail Trade
ihMsimt i Uoo.it can he bought cheap, and it will nut be nwr fault
If goods ars not satisfactory In prke, quality, fit and style
TI PMAN A hi ll..
IfTT __110 Main streel._
CLOTH I N (jt.
Nt'KlXU AND SUM MU If tU>l'UI.Vt*.
1,1 it KKKI.INd, Dealer lu iieuts' and Youths' Read) made
J» Clothing su i i'uhtphlnf floods, will, oo and after thi- date.
•HI hts entire stock of l*pitng and Awmmcr 11.<>4b, al ieduced price*
Vhervfore, call at No Till, Main Htreet, and supply yourself win*,
a coot, fashionable andkavt* suit, on easy terms.
Cloth*, Cssdsirti t and Vestings always on hand, to ha mad# to
order, and warranted lo fib____mil—Him
f|U) THK HrttLIC • — 111 eonsetiueura of the unprcCe.lv bi
JL «d >11 ream of "Our Model Bhlit, we have made arrange*
nients, (which was heretofore Impo#*!!*!-, ou sacowrit t.r the gteat
ilnaaud In New York) to fltyniy have a latee supply of tld« popu
lar bhtit on hand. In every variety of *f> le and <|U«Uty, so that
those sending order* will now have them tilled tegulailv ami with
despatch As we are the *ole Agent* fur this ablei lu Ml. hmuod,
we would respectfully call the attention of thowe who have m.t
aeeo Our Model to an examination, and the* util become convln.
e>l that It la the P»e*f, rfoi/ud miH Juriti-U SA5 f errr offered
lor sale. We are also prepared to make to order from scventltlc
measure* at *h»»rt notice, and at reduced price* We have no
hand a large and desirable stock of UKNTl.t NKN g I'l KNI^IIIMi
OUOlKt. uldrh embrace* everytldog pertaining Ir the business,
and which will be offered at greatly reduced price*
«*•_Wa. U Main street, Richmond. V*
Spring and Summer Clothiuir.
K. WORK IK a co.,
59 and lOO Main St.
WE h»r» Boa In our alum on. or Ike Bunt ,nJ in..* 1
complete a**or1ment of N4d
U«-uln' PuruWhla, tiuuda, -ILL
we have ever offered (<• tills market, made up hy ourselves of the
beat materials and latest styles.
Alto, a large assurturul of
('iMlMeret wad
on hand, which wa will make up at short notice, and w”*anted to
fit or no Sale
BU w. uk la > trial, nt| «. MORKIB * CO.,
M>1»_- _ID .u.I lnu \Ulii ,t.
Be v yoi'k ( LuTuiNu raun
** N. 0TOCK.-*DBLE B “ON."
M.rarltl.-a mud Ltn.n ('oaataa,
e*MI> »oJ VraU.
maakrtl lorn to prim .uarat.trnl lo ,ull all
Ju,t rrrrli.d a (V..h au|.|>l> of
NltlrO, Collars, Tlaa, Uloira, korka,
aod .T.tjr .1. a, rl|>tlan •( uudrr arrar.
_Main atrr.t, nrar Kkcfaonm* Hank.
New CLo-riiiNu
Marsctlles .'kilts
Pat In DuCbiru Coat*
Grass Llueti da
AI|*«Ct Uo
Linen Over harks
Just received, sail lor sale cheap, by
l»V* __Hi Main »L
W lillr da da
HU -k and Knnrjr Hllk da
Pan. r LUirn .la
dual rtrrlirr.1, at II1KR ICillT, IIARRIM • CHI H,
J"-** U* Main M.
fi.uri.intli Sirct*I, Ki«!iui«Mui, VaM
\ITOULD r«*M»' -tnil!v call aUeoUon to hb new styles of > Al.L
SI II If 1.IK 4'I.4>TI( I \4., —1 nu receiving by the straw
rr* every week, fr»-*h lots of nrs Q.»o.t« for humtner wear
cinoug which will be round thorn- desirable styl.s of
MpIpIod Cloth Frocks, various colors
Fancy Marseille* Tests
Fsney Cassltnrre Pants, various patterns
Besides lai.ru. Alpacx aud Caaaluietc Frocks and Baris,pblch
will be sold low for cash. WM IKA HMITfl,
. g- - __llA Maln streel. .
Boys* and 4 Hiliiiik>'n 4 I.otiiim.. m«
assortment l< yet very full and (onplrtr, riul.ra lug all of the
latest styles, and one of tha largest stocks in (lie city.
cLbrni it a.
Hl’Ti 1 NQ GOOD8.
VT Head Quarters, Corner of Main and 13th htrerts The «ul.
scribe! ha* JuM i rturne.l from New Yutk, allli the largest and
most fashion side Mock of goods he li.s ever bad, selected by Idm
self In |M*r*on, with great rare, and rsy»ecial r« fere nee t*» the re
tall trade. A l»etlrr stock Of Cloth*, C«*«4i»rrr» and \cStlttg*,
taunot be see«» in tins city, vit tU»ala, Pants and Vests of every
Imaginable shape, color and quallte. embracing *U lii« new »ty|«*.
Also, a most luAgnldt rut »!.*.! of furuadilug »U-h •• Sup.
irtlk I.ace Neck TU, HU. k an t fancy mIR Nr. k ries.p... ket lldkts.
Cravats, Blocks, hblrts, Collar*, Drawers, tiluVes. Swai.rndeis
Bocks Ac,
All In want of good* really fresh and desirable, either ready
made nr rut to as* a*«sre, would do well to give him a call before
pur i hast ns elsewhere
Hr has lit hb employ the best of cutter* and workmen
_ _Corner of M.In *nd lHih .Street
UR. J. S. ROfftRa
o y i n i r. a h r i. r // / a.
l l |.irs'ii kuiUd .# Ih«t rented!.* banded nut tm gcoeinl use
should have their efficacy established by will trpfed experience in
the hands of a re/ularty educated It.y.lcUn *,!...•• preparatory
study fits him for all the dutte* he must fulfil, yet Ihe count!y b
flooded wHh poor Nostrums and Cu*e all*, purp rting to hr the
best In the world, whkh are not only useless, t ut frequently Inju
UH.J. *. HflMI ’b Tll lllf l.M N are the rr*uli* of
thirty dive year>'experience In PI.Uadcl|dtla, ahrre he stand* at the
head ».f It’s profession
Dlft. J.M. IK4»M ’%| f % || t|| v% l IVF II4MA M.
for Cholera, cholera Morhu*, p..wel complain;*, and W , *• i.u. v
This odstole is ot»e of llic most Important m.-di tots, and shmil I
he kept In all fatnlii - %» a s^Hhh.ir ptewaiatloii If l as no equal
In case* nf infants with flatulency, pain in the luwrb howrl » on
plaints, cholera morbus, restlessness trying r r smriat rain, ll has
proved a nrrfrct balm, ptodu.lng sleep will >ut t plum, and
strength without a bitter Asa sprit* for bowtl complaints of
adults, ll has never failed During Ihe • holer* of I*Hi, IM4, and
If failed In no Instance whrn used before death had pr*s,tive*
Iv struck th. patient I have ha l returns from more than one
Aon«d*'/ p*'* rn who used It daring those memorable periods
tvstlfvlng to Its wonderful curative p .went Dysentery vanish.-*
In a few day*, when thb artn le Is used as <Hr«tted W cents a
OH. J. %• H4ANK,«I 4 411 f.II Mill P, OH KY
PAvl’TOH IN'I'Jf-.t the i a Jh «l cute of Coughs, t’..bb, lluatse
rieas, Bronchitis, and all diseases of the Lungs. hi, r M .rats and
|l. larng experience has proved tlds preparation to be the only
HIsOOD PI HIPIIK, for Uir cuir «.f fon.faU, oidV.u,.
ll»M, Chronic IMm un, I l< rn, Motn, ftrllrd Nuk, and all dl«
«*•'» RiWitf from an lmi*urr «i«ir of ih«* bloo.1 PH> r f I.
OH M. S. HONK'N III I HI' (OnPOl .MI, Lr.ll
•llaraara of Ihr Kldnrra and HU<l<ltr Pili'r Ht,U Tf.r irtral *lr
mand fur Ihla artulr h«atiiduce«l othrr*to bolilr u|. Duirlhinr and
call It Bu.hu Aik f<»r K-ar'r and lake nr* other.
UR. J. M. IIOSP'SPUN kll.LKH# ~Tl.lt i»«>|»ular
and nrfrr falling rrmrdjr hat ahoir atm*! (he :• •« of tfclrtj
jrrart. Prlrr If, fft and An «It.
THR PAIN <1 RKH turrt RhrutnatUm
THR P » IN (TKKH currt paint I o thr limb*, joint*, hark
or tptnr.
I II K PAIN CT'RKK rural Cholic palm In the .it,onset,
or Pnwrb
TH K PAIN A'I'HIcK cares Iraida, Burn, Sprains and
TIB PAIN I’l H*'H cures any pain Inter nail/or aater
naltv, and should ho kept In every famllr.
We shall ..III. say In the atlllrtr.1, try thr PtIV <111 KM,
If It ylvrl you relief, rrrnmiu.nd It In nthrra. It ll falls, condemn It
Remember II haa mtnr frnui « rryolsr Physician.
the only sure i urr for h) ap,pda and hlvrr Complain Prl. r Vi
Uyaprpsla mar ha known hy aseli.s«r*y, belehlny »p of wind,
lour atoms. h, and anmelin.es .flat rh.ra or krarnra* ot the howrla,
tirador hr, nrrmua featiur*. .-old fart, wakrfwlnr** and vnrialdr
appetite If throe ayniptnma are altowrd lo on Inn*, Wlthn.it
IhM medicine. < which will always rtrr.l thro follow drtdllty of Ihr
lunya, and a predisposition In consumption
hare Ms written alynalmr oaar the Cork, an.1 no the nutel.tr
wrnpper of each pottle. Take none without It
Principal Ikepcl u« Arrh Street, PldladrlptilA.
■old hy Warm* * fearer, ITT Broad turret, above 9th, Rich
mood, V a.
B B. fit* Doctor haa published a book, which rlvra a .leacrlp
tto» of dtaeaara, and mode of treatment, and whtrh you will ret
yralta at Wartne A Pearce'* alora and itrAwlv a
Cnwlliil tl-Woo.ooo.
OBR flPBDRM* rtlOf-PAUft Il.il i AHr drprvlt.,1 pith tfte
Comptroller of the Stole of Naw York, and oat of Ihr t.ar.da
of the Company 10 aaearr policy holdrra.
fb.ipaatm waP. iswvtixf cm t oat l.lh.ml Prlnrlplr
Port/ par rt of thr premlnm nn ufr P,,11.1.0, wilt be Inanr.l Ihr
Inaureil when the premlnm eaereda fk'
Pull, lea Issue,I ot>d payahlr t„ the Insured on orrlrlny nt a eat
tain aye. or to the family ,.f thr Insured at death, abould that earn!
happen peer! *alv to arrtrti.r at that aye.
k I. Inomaad PtiMailkS hr . Idldrey, yr.iOe.1 on the moat favor
able terms
PoBrlee Issued at yrratle rodaead rot so of prruham, «nan aha
Insured prrlrra not to participate ,, the l . I.
AH limn paid prwntpaia and wuhnua hsteaieon
Be shall he fdeuaed to hoer yaw roll at pore an t secure a policy
in this ..id and reHolde Company a Met, romea before yntt rn.h.rt
ed hy pour own etUoena.
ItStra 190, Main atrref,
Pew doors shore post OBIce.
tfenernl Ayent and Attorney
h>r Ihr Cowman/ la V*.
J is H. O.swaa, M It I
Bn T t'.wsuan, M I*, f
SRRD WIBKAT. Boufhton rrrty WMte Wheat p.lrr |S
91 per hoy of two twist,. t«, for sale hy
eel*. -Im_utroaf • RASRHTT1.I,
(1HINKN*' Nltaql irt) TAPKRA.oTkM Tapers
J nee made Worn • preparation lent known tn the Chtnc, and
when htaenad ylar oW a pleasant odour, perfectly haem teas to the
hem an faintly, hot rateosnri* repekstre to the moaautto. oomueh an
that they wtll Im median dr lease any apartment that la pervaded
by the himea 9ml Slim Ilona accompany earn nark aye. Poe aula
**/ MPAPK A BaRPB, n.armaceultara,
n< lay Main at, roe shore foot tffltro
NPliRnin PBR All, ,—fu rate Sea neyr»»a, ewfwae
ed In throe louiHf. , for Sole, to ■ pnrehooev, who want# them
f *r b*a *wn laoe. and wts keep the famine, uohrckm Apply lo
-1* t* Slt'Rr* A Rut*
rr*Affel,IN« AHIttl.A Received ky Cramer, a toeya
JR •aAeo saw. k ofOrntleman'k »«ota, la whMi we aak at
California mails ani> fjmu:m in tke\m
Tin* If. S. M. •tMlasklji S*»r of the West, A li tlrax.
cni.inauder, Item Aspit.a all */J, an.I Ksv WV-t 7th <n*t .
»nli pa-.-uger*, mails and treasure to M tt Kol.ett»,
reccixwd Irom I*. M. S. S. Co.'s Mcant-hip Honoia, which
lell San Fra arisen Aug. go, aitired at .New V ork ycatei
day morning
la*lt ui the port of Aspinwall, tf. 3. *teamd.i|i* Korn*
oku and Preble, «l~o *totc-hip Itelii-t , crews all well
In the port ol b.-» West. If. 3. Mean... Fulton, toaail
in a few .{aye; all well.
Iu the I*tlilines transit of the pasaenp.*/* hr the Star
ol lire West, a steer ige pass. ng.-i i.amscl Michael Ward,
belonging in New York, fed from the platform of a pa*
sender ear a hilt* tin. 1 • sili was in tnolion,and was instant
ly Kill* al. li is said tint l.c araa intoxicated at the Uuie.
lie waa buried at Mali Pablo.
I he arnval ol ibe Ml. Louis and lla*ili*k (men of war)
al Cartliagena ha* greatly rcUcVed tl.o-e having friend*
in Ilia! vicinity. The rv vol**(ioii had created inueh tinea*
'"“s', and ear ears on the |mrt ol' the negroea had been
autici|»atcd, but these will now t*e kept in eLech by tht;
pretence ol tho*a te •**.■!.* ill part.
3an Francisco dale* aie to the SOth ult., five day* la
ter than teceived by the otcrlaml mail.
»*o\* 1'it‘in vaLLtr.
The latest new* liotii Walt i r rtt. r miueaU of the most
exciting character. At Ihu new tuioes near Meuo Lake,
the gieatest eaeitemrut prevail*. As high ■* a hundred
tlullais per day lo the lull baj been made with the locl
era, and what few pm tie* there were at the old gnu
were doing well.
Cold has beeu discovered ill the ILmihol.lt Mountains,
a report which we hate Ireipii oily heard.
More new diggina hare hern Ui-coiered iu the hill
east of Washo i all. v.
Trains ol itutuigiaul* ate daily arriving and |>as-ing
through tielioa to California. As a class, they are poor,
many of them haring left home for Pike's Peak, from
whence they have miller unexpectedly wandered hilhi r.
We had a I'l l tc In.liau in tielioa August 7th, who
measured «i\ feet three and lhree-i|tiarter inches and
weighed two hundred and fifty four |miuiu1s. This Indian
is well featured, and aged only twenty-fire years.
Tux Wawoi Dlooik*.—A correspondent of the Marys
ville Express, from Eagle Valley, says that on.- hundred
pounds of the silver ore wa to -tail lor San Frauei-s••
on the 10th, for assay al the Mini. The general diggings
are represented to he in a prosperous condition, tine
share, the twenty-sixth part of one of the richglaim*,
-old on the night of 6th for s7>aai.
The hills, ravines au.l valleys are rapidly tilling up
with emigrant* from this State and from'across the
A Ciiairra or loir asm Oxavti.—Mr. fi. N. Fisler, a
ualive of Philadelphia, aged about thirty, and for a lonv
time head book*ltt*e|M-r iu a iarge establishment iu tin
city, was engaged to he married to a Mi— Pico, of San
■fo*e, sister to the wile of Mr. A. C. Campbell, a well
known lawyer in this city, and ol the first native Cali
fornia family in the Stale. The trousseau of the bride
»a« rich in the extreme; the parties were sincerely at
tached to each other; the wedding day had been fixed
lor the I6tli of August, Tuesday Iasi; liie invitation* had
•wen issued, and much happiness appeared iu stoie tot
the parties.
On the morning of the wedding day the bridegroom
died Middeuly, fiom an attack of pt t-mnonia—the house
of feasting and merriment was converted into the hou-.
"f prayer and lamentation. Vc -.i -- .Ly morning, at ten
o'clock, the expectant bride left ,*v .io*e to attend the
obsequies of her alUai.ced; l.ut i.p *o midnight had tu t
anived, and her liieuds were ex.eeditigiy at.lions on
'** » iCAriHg ►4*111“ TVMlfMl 11.111 «H4M|rri 1 tu
•nr. Trulv, *,i:i the mi.L-i uf life we arc iu death."—S.<»
AVunrisco li'dltti*.
We learn that the Pacific Steam Navigation I'om fa
nr have ordered the building in England of a Mnall
-learner lor the C«ni|Mli.t'« u-o iu the hay of I'atiaiiia.
V\ c turthcr learn ihut the aaine company «. nicnipialc
itinning an intermedia e line on the southern coast,
touching at Cuayaquil, Rn-nnventuru, and other wav’
|vorts. This line will go in*o vqs-iatioti as soon as the
new Steamers of the company, now in cuiir-e of con
struction, arrive on I hi- coast.
rma sot rn America.
The PacificStcaiu Navigation Company's strainer Val
paraiso. Captain iliuuniliehl, arrived on the morning ol
the 21st ult.
Our dates are fro.ii Valparaiso 1st, and Callao 12th
! Iu* result *vf .'.fie fil-l ssii.il- -l.tiM - iK-il II il.. ..I . f
Is’.’m chin had a |M>jmlat:oii of I,.VM,::|M inhabitant-,
Iniiig an increase oi llt'.ll*.' since Isht, ot during a
space of three years.
The line of tin* Southern Klilroa-l is expected lo fie
ready for pja-niug as far us Payne uu the Dili Hcpletll
• •or, and lo lie fini-hed as far as ILuicagua at the end
of the present year.
The works on the Santiago and Valparaiso Roi.l
were progressing favoial.lv, ami it is now expected that
the line v»ill In* cotiiplelcil in fom years. The Mmi-fi-r
uf the Interior say.-, in In- repuii, that iiupuitiul con
• e—ioiis ate promised lo Fnio|wan colouisL-, in view ol
pinmoliug immigration. 11.• al-o mentions the .s tab
hshmenl qf Colonials iu the Sllaits of Magellan, from the
north of Kuiope, ami the pm chase ol a ttrainer desti
ard to place ihat colour iu moie ficqueut coiuliiuuica
tion with Cliile.
An important political prisoner, whose arre-t souie
short lime since caused gn at seti-aikm in Saiuiai’ii, ha
turned out to fie bankrupt iu the -mo of * 1,400,1ssi, and
has succeeded ill escaping from prison.
A rrporl was current that the iinii.-h Minister had de
manded the presence uf Mimr lliiii-h men-of-war at Val
p n a iso. in the event of lour American steamers arriving
'here, which were expected to rente the dilfirultiea with
Chile by four; but wc place no reliance in the repot t.
From Peru the nr ws is of some inl.it.-, The Spanish
Minister, Hr If. Oarcia dc Quevedo, had arrired lor the
purpose of negotiating a peace between Peru and Ecua
>lor, but it appears, without success
A7 /‘rfnr.o, the gOTert.n..ot paper, dated loth itist.,
contains an olficial note of: r Mclgar, the I’etavian Min
i-tcr ol Foreign Affairs, to the diplon.stia corps re-idrnl
in luma, upon the pending questions between llic iwo
countries, which we tal e lo he u pnliiuinury lo a decla
ration of war.
THf »vN tt’AR lurriccirv.
A \ isir to tiiv: '-Meat or Wan. ’ —A correspondent of
the Victoria (/attllt gives a description ot his visit to the
• scat of war," which we .in,dense as follows .
Vpon landing, we visited the little group of tents be
longing to the Mill V. H. Infanuy, Company P , Oapl.
George A Pickett, where w.-ie three l.rass held pieces,
to the wheel ol llic ceiilie and larger of which was lashed
a «talTbearing aloft the I'. H (lag. Capt Pickett was oii
board the Hhiibrick at the lime. He aeie teceived by
Ident. Ja«. ff Forsvth. Post Adjutant. Several ol the
officers of II M. H Tribune were seated In fiont of the
The "army under” under Cap'. Pickett consists of six
ty-six men, rsnk and tile, who, including the Commissary
department, occupy 2l tents—which, while we were
there, were being removed from the haihor frontage to
a spot a< ross the foii|hcin peninsula, shout a mile dis
tant. The -lie is all excellent one. rnminandinp a ven
extruded view, mill with water convenient. No perma
nent fortifications will l>e rrertrd as yet.
The Inland being deemed n portion of Whatcom coun
ty, Washington Territory, II K t'lo-hie ha* heen ag
|M>inted resident magistrate for the adjudication of sin h
matters ns usually come hefote that offiei r under I'. S.
Territorial regulation* Paul K. Hobbs, Jr., the revenue
officer, has n sided, 1 am told, lluec years upon the Is
land, and has his residence near the lliid«m lla\ Compa
ny’s buildings, and l-enrath the American ling.
He lisa not lieeii invested with nor exercised anv judi
cial pert.Rallies. hut, a* a resident I'niled Slate* ofiicer,
ha* referred such matters to the proper authorities on the
main land. There is unite a large number of American
Iss'tllerw upon the Island, which cantata* sixty fix* srptarr
miles, and, ns a whole, has no superior for the general
purpose* of agriculture, for commerce, or for rommand
iup military position, on thg whole northern roast, a* at
: preaent surveyed.
The Interview*, thu* fir, between the respective ofli
err*, have been characteris'd by a spirit of courtesy —
The most important event has heen the reception hy
t’apt Pickets of an order from the Hudson llav Comps
ny to remove his force from the Island. Capt. Piekell
replied that, while he did no* recognile their authority
to make the demand, lie would stale that he h»d received
hi* orders from the I'niled Stale* government, and thovild
oeeupy llvp |«hnd until rc-ealled liy the same authority.
lawpiarr I'jrgfw «»f tor Avirams Orel ravins or
nil Istasn.—Another correspondent of the llsrrtie vi
sited the Island on 1st August, and rajiori* as follow*:
In order to ascertain the first movement that led lo the
preaent condition of thing*, I applied to Mr. Ilnhh-, the
j U. S Kepnly Collector on the Island for the la-t three
| year* or there vlmnt, who kindly furnished me with such da
!,v as he had In his po*«ea-tan. lie had exercised the func
tion* qf « deputy collector on the Island for near three
year*, and during that tl.-ne has made regular qnarterly
returns of all the tat pot«« and gyp.rjs tn and from the
Island, lo tlie government.
Killing hi* residence on the island there have Wen
ipille a (lumber of murdera commitlcd there ami in the
immediate vicinity, and the American rcaiilcnt* on the
island deemed it proper for their safelv lo a-k the prm
lection of their government, Pending that aetlon. the
island waa visited bv lien. II irnry, the Commander-in
Chief of the Pacific KivUtan, who, In Inrihrrance of or
der* of Id* government. #*sui|hfd the island, prcpaiato
ry to making a permanent location of a portion of hi*
command at thst pu nt Shoitly after hi* departnre, In
order lo hasten if pnmihle the protection they J-ri-cd
the Amrrleon* met on the llth July laat. and prep.red
a petition for (ieneral Itamey, whioh wa* soon after sent
to him.
Before, however, the petition could reach Central
llarrt*?, w had, in nrrordnnr# with in«trwriion« from h*»
government, dispatched a force for the purpo^. and also
to make a regular station for a portion of the troop* of
his command • • • •
Mr llahh. infunned me that in |a«« tha civil authori
ties of Whatcom eountv. Washing’nn terH*s*r, assessed
lha itawal Mica otv property In Ban Juan Island, ahi.h
not hataf paid, lha Aa*e«aor« rcired thirty *h«ep hslong
lug to lh* Hudson Bay Company, anil sold them to liqui
date til* laves claimed. Tli# company has wuc* made *
Cliuiti on III* t>lim'd >»uia» government lor fila.Uuu, lor
lh«» r ilu«* ol 11** bi’tp.
I.i ii i tiux tailctH .0 I'.siare.— Wa bar* Vit ti
ria iMp. i" of lit'- Iflh August.
Tin- llud-on Btr Company a -leatiip Beater arrire.t
at VI. I.Ilia. Aug ti.baa Mao Just. 1 him;« rernl.usd
III «/. »fn yuan A scow had kti.rad Irom Whatcom a ah
lumber to r.eet a barrack. No uoop, had baett letulad
oil li. M slope Tbe Jed lata and Active left before
tl.e Bearer The Active armed in Vicio ia on tl.e nth
til August A Steamer arrived here on the evcn.ttd of
the 7th, with a detachment rf marit.es from British Col
umbia. via Han Juan, with Col. Moody
llrr Msjestr * ship Gang, s, Adm.rsl Baines, was low
ed into Kst|uimil' harbor. Anglia 8. The Gauge, U
from V ilparai«o. and her arrival here is eomewhai'unex
pc<.ted. mar h.Tiag rtacM tta that ordevt had been
•cut to Valparaiso for her returo to England which she
The following Is an eatract Irotn a letter dated Camp
at the Little Wichita, August .7. I as a •
“ • »»oie to you from Camp Cooper that we would start
on the tusi of the month to more the Indians out of Tex
as We got off at the time appointed, and thus fsr have
fill along very wr-H. considering the mixed multitude we
h ire to more. Huch anotbrr exodna his not otlen taken
place W* bare luJUn*. you.ig and old. and very olJ
—men, women, and children—aitb all aorta of plunder,
borsea, cattle, hogs, dog,, chickens, cats, anderemhmg
else pert-lining to Indian life Yesterday I saw an olJ
M|uaw with a pig on her back, slung in the manner they
carry their children The whole sei ne wa, interesting
and amusing.
\\ e have made four day, march, and have come
about sixty miles. Yesterday ae mar, lied twenty-three
miles, and to day have to lay by to recruit our work ox
en and th« stock, having here good gra-s and tolerable
water, kesterilsv'a march w,s a verv severe one. the
day being hot and the du-t almost suffocating. and no
water on the route. We shall t* obliged to folios do-m
this stream some distance. Thus fsr we have !i I owed
Major \ an Dorn's road. Now sc must strike out for our
-elves. Major Thomas -ends ba.-k an express frnm here.
Another letter, dated at (’amp on the head of Beaver
(’reek, fifty-live miles north of Red river, Indian Territo
ry, Aug. Ittlli, says tin* weather was evces-tvelv hot and
water scarce, so that many of the animals died. The
w riter adds that lung marches had to l>e made to get w a
ter. lie savs ther expected to reach their destination in
-iv d ye more, that is. by the goth of August
Orders had been received lor t’apl. IMnmmer's compa
ny to return to Texas alter celling ilie Indians to Uie r
new homes. It is expected that a force will be concen
trated at Gamp Cooper, the precise object for which i*
not certainly known.
Dxath or Li ioh Hi vt.—The Aufftn-Saxon brings ns
new* of the death of the genial and drlighlful author
Leigh Hunt.
Mr. Hunt was born in Middlesex. England, in 17M.—
His father was a clergyman, and a West Indian bv birth,
but being in Pennsylvania at the time of the Revolution’
he w»« lotvetl lo Hy to Knglaml.
Mr. Hunt, on returning to England, was tutor lo Mr.
lough, tjephcw of |<ord t liatidoe, alter whom hi.- son was
named. Hunt received hii ethic.,tion attlt Coleridge anti
other* now famous, at Christ's Hospital, ami lias lelt some
moat agreeable reminiscence* of liis school-davs there, in
“ Lord Byron anti -omc of his coteitipomries,"
Hunt showed hi* talent for poetry, anti became an au
thor ami an editor, in conjunction with his brother John.
While editing a London Journal he libelled the Ihmcs
Regent, by calling him a “fat Adonis of fifty,” and «i<
imprisoned two years therefor—also paving a tine of
HU brother John also slur. J the impri-onmeiit, aud
the costs o| the suit to both of them were c-iaai in all.
On leaving piUon be putili-n.-.i - Keuiinl." an.l con
tinucd writing in various periodicals, some of which_
The Indicator, for instauce,—were maiiilv composed ol
his own contributions.
IIU works have gained much in popularity since the
.lavs when Hyrou aud Ins admirer, - net-red alike "Cock
ney School," and their spirit lias always beou delicate! v
f.tiii'tf it!, genetou* mid high-lotted.
Among hi?* Ultimate tHrutU he nnmhereil |{*zlitt.
Tuttiilt, Sbdlv, Keat?*, Lloyd nud «»t li« r.a, who»e ft me ia*
woild*wide. til late yoiis he li» resided iu compara
tive retirement.
Ax EutrcurxT.—A Cairo (111.) ci>rtv*iNHul«nt of the Si.
Lmii.- Ih-iiuKTut fciyn:
“.V gentleman from Vick4wirgt who veiled St. \jnu»
i itLi'ompanv with hi* «Stl. hi* Ut*u . ?.»-•
••r making some tuv.-si.u. nt.- in h.-sniisnt -iocL, w.* In
li.-vc, returned this evening in m-:iicIi of hi, wife an.l *3.
iWhi which she is sappost-d to have t.ikcu wiili her, .in.I
went down on the Gladiator. The story, as told, is tli .1
t mutual friend of the hu,baud and wile called on the
lady hastily on Saturday la-t, with a purported message
tioio her husband, reque-ting her pr.-e.-i. e with the es
cort of llu-ir friend ill Hlinoisinwn; ibe friend l.-ar. s the
siul l.-n .l.-|urtureuf the hu-liand, and lh>- wife and friend
proceed ill rnllljwni 1.1 Sau.l...-si. Tfi.-n» thev * liange
cats l.» die lltinoi-I elitial Kail It.M.l for ill.- South and
•re in Cairo Saturday evening. Puttber than Sandoval
the hu-l.*n<l bad mil Irac. .1 llu-m .vrtaiiilr, and furili. i
than I’aito riot at all. Subsequently to his departure on
the Gladiator, It - in e.id.-n. e that a lad. an.l gen
ileninn aiisw.-iiug the .lc-, iiptu.n given tuok pas-age for
Padm ali on on the Tl.uni»- Sc.ill, Sunday niuruing reg
islertng theii names as -Mr and Mrs llargiave.' The
liu-band, wv are informed, U (-articularlv amino* about
a |..n tiou |*2,Sllt|| of lhe money presumed to be in the
lady's him Js, which he held iu liu,c for another patty."
j Ttir Port ann ms Parvirn —A private letter from
i Home thus describ. s the Pope and his premier
"Pav before yesterday I -a* his Holiness it was in
his liliraiy at the Vatican. He takes sr.nfl'; has a fever
• -ore on hU leg, and docs not stand or walk much : i« > 7
I year* old, very enrpuien;, ap,j seems truly ‘to be touch
i e.l with a feeling of our infirmities.* lie does uot do
, n.uci. . is regarded as near 1.U time, and Cardinals be
gin to look for bis shoes,
Antotielli who c ofHct? at the Vatican i» directly above
the Pope’s room, is really live- Pope. He is a man -t.'
j vears of age, active, shrewd, clever, with n good address.
and engaging manners, and work* all the time, like a
j politician as lie is. Temporal affairs occupy him -ol-ly ;
| be knows nn.l .-arcs little fur anvihing beside. Religion
! he leave* entirely to the professors of it."
on rtrrii antst'e
4i the Intersection of Eioadnray, op. Madison Sqnare,
Ntw Vork.
Ti. It cptntj .1 ..j., i/ ti t, i -s».
flyillS 1. 1 l. r. |, ||,« in..,t derlrahls nt ai.r In ll.l* grtal mstr
■ i->li-. ».,lns l hr stmt health.. .trCihlb.l I r, r.lt a I la lh» I
vr. and «nj near an.1 coovmtti.i lo lh« Hudson Kl. r« and tension
i K*Ur<»4-1 l*r|i(.i*
Thr entire arr Aiif emrnt« of the e«t«h|i»hnient «r« thr rt«4*h ol
m*iutr «ioi> md Mprrlfurr, and rrudci It thr met r. mf. it*bir
i m i Unt* like Hotel In ihr world.
All Ih- lfu|>rnrrmrnl» that rv tu/oM And rnnrrblfncr Mrr pn*r
Iftlifl, hiHtirrn iMroluirtl,
frerjr pFrf rutis.n hi* born taken, during conrtru rl. n, to «erure
thr pool tier of rur«t» how the .Un*ri» of r. r.fi«,r *i»< ta -
j*uhdWI*tnn double hrlrk • «li» eiUn.l frt-ui the re*. k l .i.Ui, n m
w •*»* nv.r* arc double, and are ». par tied tv a lav
er of , emMd. u *Vin» :J » entire atrip |itft hi # nr . 1
Aio »ur other import a hi Imido' erhetna, id * i lui >a to the u«ual
«talraay«. • Vtatli Kali *• av l« ready ,01111.1.1,-1 t.- mry c »<%ti
fioiti ihr flrvl lo the upptr floor#, upoq a plan which a limit 1 no
|KM«d>llll> of accident
le>n*. «f>artotta aqj *nrrtd.ra. forming a promenade of tight hun
dred fe, t upon each of the *U •b.rle*. give ligfd and alr.ti* the htglf
. e*t degree to every apartment
A Mberal apace haa been appropriated to public reaving R«*nnu
, and Parlor*. conn..Hr g a hi. h ami the liming R.u m* there U
a grand Promenade Mali rtuite* of «parinu« Parlor#, Chamber*
and Hre«ainff Room*. «lth all the modern convenience*, have l^cti
especially drri/neil f. r the comfarl of famine*. travelling par fir*,
and tingle /'‘Mirmen.
An etchange, r etaining the Journvt# of the dvy.and all th*
I convenience* for commercial Intcrcomae and liotno*. ha* beer
: added |o the many other feat ore* of the Hotel, an t there I* a Te
Irgraph office cot inerting with all part# of the country.
, Hiltl «rd and fhe** Itooura of tin m»o«i approve*I *t>le an*l vpfwdnt
* »*m. provided far the ate of r*t«t* and the public
The Fur nitnre and every art cle of uae In the e*t «MI*bmcnt, ha<
been evpree»ly dcriffiied and manufactured fi.r the Firm A* tan
I All communication* for aparimerdv. or upon anv horine*# eon
nected m th the ho«*e, (deaae direct to " F*/i« Arraca Harm,** if
or er |o invure in»me linte attention.
p,f enjtre orettiftaflon of thla llutel haa been under th# dlfrc
| lion of Ma P4M4K RTRfFNP. proprietor of Rrvgre an I Tretn ti'
t|r.t>#e* it* hoe+OM, and H#*»ie at I F ini bdeaj l| u,r# Jh Middle
•uf* f.alUBi >l*Tltll<M«, DARl.Utt 4>Jo.
R*c’» • rtrnca, 0. l/gnt oe T# , 1
Richmond, Kept., laBH, A L. K0 f
f|1HF M490XIC FR4TFRNITV of Virginia are eummon ja
I Ml In meet In WII.I.I 4M*BV*RO, on TCMIMT, lh> A
V aF
po«e of forming an Ore a don a I Oran I lio tge. to celebrate
the placing of the Meat on the neaty-geerted erflice ..f WilMare
APd Mary College.
By ordeT *f the Mori Rfor*hlpfUI Orand M*Per
it»HN IWtTR. f; geeretary
P B.-Bo»ournerr. from other jurWdtetlam. Hi go*J ri*r*dlof. art
fratemr.llv lovlted lo Int-nl. *»t u *«* ttiMH.tid
FKMtl.K HO *\l> BOUtW*., u-Mtfvt.
T R AAtmrtiit. Rrterlp.l. «»1 0 AmM.m
Aw (l**..,. I f.«o, ol Mwk
rpur n.'t A • •Ion »( IM> Aft .-O .111 .-..nir.rn . or ihr |r« M..|>
■ |XT In o. t..h»r. «nl rlow th. tlft of Ml f..|V.»tn,
11r<-«l»r«. r.nl.lnlnf Iftow, *IU h. hir.,t.(„ | „„ .w^v.lhtn to
__•«** Am.Ixi rilBOiriL
iitqifi.v u*i'iuo>« i;o\r
•ti l*i» F.r C Al.itf PhtM«h*|. .( ■.!«•, »l
1*4 I'fr f>*1. »l llrsAAlr tlilirr, proilur*
IMR AlRMitAl*.
4" toBflt.J I. »W» th t ».llt.lr«M» r.tlll.ir r , trial In lh.tr l» l
la( tar
Mi l* « Hop*
ahm(at4. of Rrftt.lnn Maaaa m M| .th«r f'rtRltrr.
rate# *11 I’M TON or mo LM
far a llkml di> om.i to » aim.
Aolr A.rnl. for W.trlouJ ...4 * It
CW M.ll.l'ti* • *h«tf ml [>,.» Ati.ri
■•in tu'U _ __ >»|.ri»t|i,ii
WHI*KV.-1*M*M« WUWif.l* **"••, *., .»s ►,
MU *«• V*U*C« fun.
xi'hanuk * ■mtd» «•«!•«
J*/MN P * TMOA t M ALI.«IU>. P.-pefotort
fcfL U. 1 ACM
i - xaEaarsr u h vs&ir* ‘,4—*•*
*■4o W UMO.WI, r.
i *• J ■ Ot«np * ko.tj Norfolk
IWHArtlK,., CM* 1-AWlAf.J, A .
i t Tzsxfrr
U S £iiu>m ko, Udjr 4 loa»hler, W r .|*er ' fo
“ _ CP»ojrr,nilU
' E * Adam.. t» 4 a j.
' Ml" * Mr.*> Jll Raker. Po
, Mly .. N KaMta* do L 4 Tae.*l, p,
MliThLoo '** LhnAl.lf.NO
vULuTm O- .» Wm Jrwrt, Louloo 0 H
ilrTl • 40 i't * M' 4Ike,::a,la
*«- - L CarrinctM, To
H L rUM*!?v"' 40 * '“•*! «n
I “ J •“**»«. 0» H aV^m'i. AfobflM Co
15 3 p£YJr*“’“ ^
' mII'd*'*’ IP J “ ,rY*n * *«r. *•
I ?2T>! Bwr"*‘ 40 Ml.. AD... 4o
I Mil m'J? M 2° to Pi Uroon, • C
' ?M mi B " *?«??• Udr.
iToS£* =:■»° «c
: A Croli 4 *Uj, Mfoo Wm TUA.r, cl.ird 4 oorr, Ala
a ^4U»lA!U>n DUVAL, ricnmoL
StpL U:h. IM
I i JJ**®4*?• I f J M Atkiouin, .V C
P . l;*rV {*?• '• IM’,r n* J Mon n. Kiorldo
, J k lllhoon, Staunton
HolW-tn Wl.l l. V.
“M'i. krnr.ir do W E Tulaejr, da
A hli.nl. e, Ljo, I,burr J (. BUwn*. Selnnn
T O Poi.Uin. Art for SouforCo W WoodrtM, * Bo. Hnobum
« u v !**'a T,oa4f: P**ua « h Wo.dri.lrt., CL rter#eil
VI o \»,Y‘ V V **• Vrn:.«lit
. M- * A“«". d“ J A hrrr, do
’T J> •*« I Nortnur. .to
l n^ol ** H W Martin, N.. Kent
L*l5T"i ™ d‘‘ . !■ II Mom .. Porkrl Matt
. 'L * *'«*»'. CWntHI J k fluckodalo, Bob
' » CnnoetUna, PeW.ho.f H / V -u. ;,blr, U.i|an,
on . ““,,• Donrille VI H 1-1. her. P. In.'etoTl
1 2.*•.?*'*' ‘*u H U Mor.I.ao, Vo
r MWluol.14, Uouor rr • HW, do
i ^Amelia lv B Jenhinr-.B otnn
M II. Art III, ,\ \ » rlrorea, Po.l. .1 m
vi.rll.runl, do W R Sodth. Iflol.loO l
MaoPlotr. Hull.on, N V H » H„lw;, klllooklr
I . i.VL‘“" '* JKDo. .. prirnt.urjf
1 ' Wnhro. do II II W. .imorr. do
*• A U..wlor,f.l 0 lad. Bo.Mnchom I
N.° Ur •« H Pan,.., Nr loon !
| 7 *■**-• do II I'ortrr. do
j 0 0 J.lllh. Il.l.fr, G Blrrrtra
A Wnrhl. «lo..i.l..n III G XI. n’oo. Oronr -
I VV I Urnnii, Gourldond
JO.AkPlI II. CRENSHAW, Propiirtnr.
Srpf 14, 1V4.
J n norland Te<«, A bUi.ion, Trnn
V.,,Y,n' ,r,Jnl*la ro.r lwrt., charlotte
J LIVofkin.. Vo O a SI Ol.lr, Vn
» P. Porror. Aforli, Dr L T W .,olon. do
T Aldrm.tr, INtoil. I «• B Cullender, .rt, do
Martrr Al him, .In J Tli.ruor. d..
| WM Barron, »o A Urtrlmoll do
d * I D V Moron, 4»
'T T lloborMl, Cun-I. : P T More* d..
' barter Hotraoo. do H W Nb-dl’ dn
! W S chortler. t> « W s-rurr. da
I * II Murrell, do j ;» HoIol d,
I ' V'o'!rl!.' * CI.d Ge, . (C.
fJ,T”;,rt4° O V. c Cundfc ltd
llfJAIIr|o,lr A t Uitroon, do
! K lluoln ., A ou.|.he!t A .. Wooliritt do
| Ur Rncr. Charlotte W A Withrro».on Alo
. A " v ns June*. ,|U
i J Cal worths, j„ c K i.iet,tnuu, N c
1 ;;N c c i» in i, do
[>r B U PlrMiim, H sons, llalilsi T Cuuunjham. llamnln
i i '• * »-' H« A Hofdcrhy . Pet <
r Kmlln, Henrico p. Cousin, do
K Koulsnd, Otts City l. tt Uricld riu's
i j ir°"«Vw •« W«kb. 4.'
I. Johns, N V II Harris, do
«U Miller do HBHr^u.V.
t. S Sander.. Uoct'm Col tl De.mn.o, city
J. 2 • *««“». do tt C Scon, Ur.nrc
II P Ta> lor, l uiuh d LX Lam X t>
K Wilson, do T« Turner. Jo
Ur W II llcnuiu*. Pow n \v S Lymoo 41a
? n M r. » S U can. .in
7 ® *»•*•«». •*•• 4» Alt* AUJC/. <lu
i D-ru*Utr. .S V F J Alouttoo. Ba^r*
Dr T B Uorseii. do E D Psilon. Mias
** H Smith,t'anipbe.1 T X Price Louisa
i ., r““ BT Puce. Jo
u-' J".'**- .. K K ftaris, Tolersellle
» W IMIM. NO T II Hamlin, Ter.n
i r***1". •*«>» u Mr. Hamlin, do
r y*«* Hock U B Haywood, Ohio
J W Towns, N <1 || || ,|,a v t
Mrs Town... do Mailer Hahn, do
M Iredrick. do L s limey, V,
'‘i o>!i‘.ll|l‘r[' Y* T " Meridi.li. lasulsa
poht up UCHMOEB,Sept. 14.
UI..H j‘, -•«’* iuu Aki;
Brl.1 £»c UrrHin! Phi . roil, 1 B: >
I1* l.r b<Miic.,i i .uittrr, feU»trrn ah.»re, %<*ru. A. Miliiptu|h.
•Urk (.tmkiti, Br.itn, Norfolk. Ilftil
Mir t)rr»u, Atiiib, tubtailtw tU P..rt Rai<h«tl. coal . l»
l.liquid A Lo
^Ur Mivrt 4* On r. Ilri.l*. 4 mu ih- rlr«, |UM
?chr .lodrr«r k'mtlii.;ik> Bt.hrll 4o
1 Nh» Pel. Uf#A i.4
. w »*r H-iil.si, RJ.*.«lfc, ... vUUi H «ithall <•.«• I. U. U.
I • ol.|uin A Cu
I • »«'H NMI VORR Ihw M«>4Noh»
• on h, will Irate here .1 s otlo t, p tl , CaTTv^^;
luh lust Pi.t s.llr ale i .oestr I to he .so t.oaid In ... i
■ hot Intel. Sul. .ran or.dal . wo*cc,oi ah;,., m„
U.lp Casaace lo.N.W tort, staler. .a III.luted, p- tl, aL. I
,ra Slmraxe i-ssayc only fd Passaat lo Norl.dk the s.me .I
ny the rirti Coals ts.u.eson tnt.fs the round trip, 111
inrlti.Un; oiral., sr. I stateroom is. I » ■ 1 hy aor c>.' the shins nniii
isl-f lirtohes t .rift.t received to-day .IKIDAV » <>r.s*rnr
>rc rcyeeated lo sac I tes th.lr f-eds io-,hsy. firl.-t.t Pr Boat-a
*‘*1 forwarded directs/ on, at tc—Jcral" rates, and with i>
drt steal despatch. ‘s
1 sci'o-m_yini.AM a watsox.
TOH BU M I n-Weekly _ _ir—a
I I.lm..-M-iJ7/l Alt .VTT.I »F‘4TC* ~ * V?s - —N
The Meanser MftV||»EKt. •'splat* Wra. tv *,.er.V*W" ViT.
trelfhl loolas, tt fllttll'i 1, and U|* lo liar I -nr -XU ><>1.0 hi
Thursday. Ihe t.’lh Inst ' '
Frelr* i lak. n for Donou rla Baltlm-.r*. at I -west rstes with
ureal drapalch.
Pawieusers will please b. nu U.sr J heswre 1* o’. l«ek U Tl.urr
•Ur, ilir hour i l dfiuMtrf.
Tjekeis tot |.asso,-e prwenred clibee si ..,,t , ®,. In the alio, eP
i..sailc ibr i elun l-tais llolel.-u si ihe n steer’s wl» *ra ts *
rcil-.t Dlllt p WM i I nnip.
t packet . i ,o.,..r jio..'e.'i t-.plain Xlrama. <EH»
Ihmrii.s a l rllon o| her .ary. . n*s.rd aud f.-iny on l...,,.|
Sill havewuick dfep iUh I. r halsm c c f frcift i. anfav lo
P«>H UiU roRK. Hl:;r s'tiif/. — A'. .. x
H ,ii. tut
Al |. I Iplalli 11 lltlam II Wild IS he! r: C 4 pi ;|; a. 7 btl .41.
I < nsaje.l, and (oinw >n board, will hare |.i h list ,i.h I r.r h.t
j *IKp n( firipht, k| |.|| lo
i>\Mt» t mu ooittt
LM)R Pftlil. IUKI.PUI 1» * I . hftoacr, i
I tlt’h tti. Ilror).' i «|*t li«-.n/ * i..iHio.n '*vLZb
f hr r c«r.-> 'tiM.iJ and K'lr.f or. ♦ >%ij, «‘.u I.«t* .ii*r.4. f^For
' ... ... -■•-■■I " i' MMijiin * i».
LXIRUtlTHIIIHK. Tl. ..ur .a .1 I . ... -r
1 ir, ‘to \ Bratt,' Iluifftt.1 roa*. ■ tipvtnr th< lot AlZ[|
| ar i-orT.on of b f caff* in»‘a«4n 4 fain - r.n koar.4, *uiU7,
I .■*>' b di'l-a - r- t«x •,-BMji.aat »f a-.ffj »p*|f to
1 — *■*_J. U tail -a ITT 4 in
1 .aii’iir a-1, uya ■ It U raV .t. . id.i,i.Ii.iii.«JQ
lba.rc.lrr p.nn.oof bar car<o ,»*•>.4. mil t.ara an 1 .dlT.
illapat.b f r raB.ali.ll- > of , a. t • a|.pl. to
J2_W. D CoLafim A 1 .1
H« iIHLHM .1 pi. aa.
■ *uparl •» fa.t aalltm B. I ■ .-I r.ll'KIiril t'.plain
llakrr. Boa I .. Ha..- a 1,J I. .< 1.,. tl.a pi. air 1 portion i.f br^^TT!
I . npap.if a ill tail a ilk a»l poaafMa ilaaudl.-b lot t a’.iicr *1 flair bt
l.tWW W A . I RriI
V*MT4H*R AT A 1114.IN I » I-PKIR.,*
I 1* n • n it tu sai\ Turk .14 r a t> - i tat, if A CiT>
; PI.*tB»Xir«T Ll.XR Par-on. 4. » . fi'mir^T"*' ,
j Bprtapa lo Vorb, arr Infnrmarl ihai tba I'nita.l Plata. Uall
-‘irtnrtblpa T.-rlt.an, J»tnr.t.,*n an-l Hoaaata, Irara Ri. ban nd
| rnnra n.ra- . arak f.„ Xr* Tori Tka T«rkm*n array Honda,
m antra* at larUt Tka famaalovn ayary Tnaadap aRrrr, op at
| 4r.rl.H-b Tkr Roanoir ararj P.ldaf an.rnoon at I nVIo. b -
I P.—apa lo N»w tort, Inrlmilur atatr room. $» mania Rfla rrnlt.
I *Ir*,n**'P* ,f» »«» '*fp, and i-.iam.dUi, and ikalr ar
I .-iHnano.lall-na r.(nal lo Omar of tba flr.t rlaaa b. tala
W iW . v, aVPlto A W4TBOV
1 " 7 a WVAI^r Ik... pool a and. f
■ to «urh oft »„r it, 4*»i rr*.# tn fftr K ,.u- |r« u AlflL
tbHRoad ( .««la.d amplnpnitnl and 111,141 atom
m a wtifom, Am i ng*m**T
S' rT’* .•f?'*'** M- * »• H- M—larona. fT
"M‘ ■>» abaat and ,dbr. Banda, a Ml
l\k !?! "T1’"1 h''"* ""P1'"'1' " tH. .n.r,a^Sr
>»rt, inillh,. il|n.|,fn”.| iMa.ffi it .fffW a a| a
If no! l lion «*•? *t><* l-nt-rnl f*,x» t|„ JL £
! ,1,k •«’* «f lb# iviior .»f i
i 1,1,7 4,1" r rAwmn i. p.,m
plow* »»H mi oniTip-.v.
H'RHIPP »..■ Cry . a . . _
prrm.. in wi.rtT Hrii,.,„g n,., ib.„ ^ .gST
In my NPW mow ib. > ..r m,
| »rt».tkta«■»•>»W. Unn-ii U tlinf...
oitb tbryr Ini|danivoia,ao4 Ifibay a., ad taUar INaa ikarlka* non
bara, ib.y ran rytorn ikaal,. raa aftt' irplnp than, baa of rbaraa
|r>fik Mfvty f»f Tninff |a»* I»«n*
r N AtAftKK, M Wain ft
ln» A AMorw i»m»f Af ritarU HrIpI
f|4f» IIOTKI.W t N n N MT 11 M % W T»—W» b,„
■ brand a baa 1.4 ..f WbHa n-.’id. mall OWbra 1,1 k„d
dm*. 4TM4, Ufa oil- Pl.ta^ of .It d.r. ATl.,1, fra.,.
LAID tucm
Hi 2L!f"."t,rt,< u rararal l.rpa tract* ./ 14
tl^toWtak*4..L0rr nbrtw, and mRvr>: . .imnjl
'' “mtaHrl. a*d pa.ab.HO ly fona. paraotaa ako ■
bit a4* atm*, t* akaaa praal Oa.p.lo. a HI ka aaM
, •»« aaWj taaarT tb.t. Art fartldty of aril and aalnbrtta af clt*.ala
" ".rpavad ky aar p-rM.-n of tka mala. Tka land „ mi
*«ad In tka anaantaHaa. by far tba rlabaat of wklrk eatmtaU U aaalt
laa t. -car ad a Ilk aapaa mapia. aak atlom an* aaTkbrkora la
L,f*,?:,u!iTL‘d*r*''1 j*.—t—^
_ **. tRM Ufl mm*. a At* »**«, panad 4*4 m
If**.*** —^ AWn»«ra. tkalaod ml, ka N,,„,d
. . tkta rfnall brka i h.rrt-r ffytnp lo pno-basaay all.
mndrr.t, amarn apportnatly .1 laraaftap I aW «4y. *H nta-lk.1
tnf .rmalloB o* Ar mbtfact, an I *111 ako* ib* U,4 t* tk.*.
k* PykcbaBr Tknaa tfbtraat *itk at m I t .i yr rarrmpanlal
?• ’k** •W'Jact. at vat) at d»m *ko may rlaaiy* to
M rmtdanoa or apaadkt.loa, tfa l.yMad to yt«H Ar l.nm .Vd
1 —« Af m. «J *, Arm K*, A
' MT Mp foal-Wra. altar IPrt April. *W ka XMaol*. C ■
i •dmpMkdllAIXt
1 kl »■ I'bkt, k • ..lab,
TH* rmnuu of IMS milk i tied ImlllatlM fs,s the moat cer
'**• t—df ****** in the world kit
RtCMI.f hl.-H.1l/,
»on..t,howL»Uo1«. «ut.twrss. i-anutl w-nkr.w, P.in la (he
j"*' Uii"Hl»Bliaf»*l 4*vuii, liu|iul«B(t, 1* rain— nf Ur K«.|
Affi'lku* of Ur Aliorit, rdpiUlltofl i,| ij,e H*«it
N.ra^ Inlubiuti. ITuTh*.! Th.^
wl SAUi u«*4 *U Uk4« Urlukk. if t i»i|%Bcku4jr lu..r t*i« «i<»
V? A■?."* ■»»- - ■ > -»■ —ch drirTi-iVXf,
**“***i • itutMauM l iwu 4ii Drtcllctt iif morr inti <<,
m*“.-a.VliA w “•*»•»»• to the marin-ts of H>»
mtrrl!^^? ^r^Tu., “•t*‘ *o*"80r anticipations, r.cJertL,
—p*' U,*X‘ w**° ••»»' Attome tli«* rtctiB* of Solitary TW Utt
H-MUH.4 k-ur^rc kabh ...tck annu!l.y sTJ^.TX. «
***?*/ ^**5 of /«*ur.K rr.ro of tht* molt
Urlo, ijrrt, n-.| -ail with f.d con# lew *° *h'
Utrrif'l PerioM, or Ttcaf Airs oMrspUttaf M&rrlicr h+%nm
owurc of WtUam. Orgxrjc L-’cintj*
MjoaWhjmrdiaUiy cc«un Dr. Juhiwi,n. and fc, restored
H. wko pisce. Urns-If cider th, ear- of Dr Johnrton may
^'-*1) fooWt In Ida boner aa a ireikowi, aad conbdnnlr rei.
opoo hu said aa a pbyWcwn ’ conademiy rely
Immediately core ) and foil n*.,r restored.
^nt* dlaeaae b Ika pacalty moat frcja-ntly paid by thoae who
hare b acorn, tb, alrttms cl lay roper Ir. laUaado VounTAr^
r/ tor*f>l 11 abeam., ften act Hr, aware olrtc dread
f"“ f®“,*JC*W®2***** “J1 Sbaar Now, who tha: understands tha
»ai-lect wKJ pretend to deny that the power cf Pro-ranHon to toil
V ?fV }~~? >»»• »»prop«r Ubh. thJ?l7Sr553?
IhmIJn »-«>f dcprtTed laa pleasure cl k-aithy .Skcrlc* the meat
mrlooi an ideelr-jcllre tyc-ptoma to bath body and mind irtu”!
The system bwraw daraay,,. lb. phyrtca, and mrowi r^ara
jPW*1*. palpitation of tha hJS£L
d^U-a. a waMta« of kf*v '-«**, sympwm. cf —twwmp
** iuHNSTON la tha only r.r-lar Physician adeem* n, to care
Prirata Compwlnta liu temaul-.aaJ iraaiineal art caureiy aa
ba .wa to other* Prepared from . nf, ,p,., lD lU uZLS.
£*. V”lc 1*” c«“rE. ** acruc l. tr.nc? kh
bicckley afl<UU4a|phl., 4c , and a more ejrtcnulr. practice than
WI other fh|Hclao la the wend His away wonderful ca~aa and
wemtoapeuamdo,*.., c-pciatt -ns are a w.X l-M rSTee to
th< nai. led The »ko wtoh lobe sprcill, and ale.taaily re
Uatad, ihoaid ah on ihc numerous trlflta,- Impostor. who onie rutr
their health, and appi, to aw, ^ K‘"*' '•* “-‘T
- ; Wv (II HUOrEllie K dfRlaT, l,a hand mda a-dn.
frocn baluioor-- atreat, bid. ,io -iI from lae ,rc,-r * J ®
-llStoXa|wffi/,U‘ 8kW*B*'k* °*®* «■< bitmhar, or yea
I3T , ARE NOTICE Uhecryt tha oame on tha doar and win
No MSHcvar oh .\AisKoi&ohio rsro
„ _ DM JOHNdluN,
Member Of the Royal Coll.ye „f lurreua,, Londaa, ir.doala from
—ut «*■-•*“« eminent CoU.f.. u( lh. Ibl.ed Vl*.*. aid the
V”'" U*~“ .petit in the Hospital- Of Lou
dou, (tana, W.Hs.i.tphil ami elaawhsra, h»s eRscded ...oe of the
muto asiculshlny curse ih.i was ere. known. Many troubled with
rinyinp to tbe ears and head wheo asleep, yreal nervousaess be
l«r alarmed at sudden rounds, and twOllulue.., with drisoeameot
wf XlUtl, BWf cofttl luuBrtlidll'Ijr.
Wh*o lh^ xih! lnipmdynt raimrj of pliaiarf fln.U
ba. ..nhlMd thr eee<ts af this .wloful dUesJ. I, A. ^
hat sn lU tsmad uior of sl.aui., or dread of dtoeo.ery, Jeter, him
from sppn Inf to those who, frnui etluration and r--*t»ectabitil t can
stone befi1«u» him, deUylnf Oil tb- - .nstitatt-r.l symptom, of
Ins hr rrl.1 disease make their .ppear.nee. h u uleersVed sore
t bran I. diseased bum, nocturnal puis lu tbe head aad limbs, dim
,‘Au“'A'rt:, A*f‘l~ 'bHer an ‘hr ,hls bones soJ sntM, Uot.-b-a 1
on the head. f,c, mi„| -itrenntle-. prorr-M.ne with 'r*'t„o, t .Lldi
t», till al last the palate af the mouth -• ■ o-ues •.fobs'll,me fill
I and tb. tutlm ol CM- ,- pi m.WTd 2^, o“
.eXiriimio J*** ^ * P*n<,J U* hU h,
That bourne from whence no trtreller return."
It IS i metsacboty fart that thousands tall slciims lu this dret l
•ul comp,alnt. owinp to tha uuaktlllulu.sS u. ienjiat prrlru-lers
iwlw uJdlt “* " ,‘!udr A.J,Ul 1mrreury, ruin the cowti
'utlon. and tdihtr saad Ihsuaiurtub-iesutarerla an unilairtr erase
.r eUa mat. Ut. roaldaa of Ida Ufa miserable. ‘ J
Dr. J sMrrsst s til It he who Lave lilured themselves by art I
rale and Improper ludulfemles. y * (
■niese are mw of the sad and melancbalr alerts produrad by
I WifHom fty.p»p«. Nereou. Irral.biUtr, Iterance,. ,-A d| the
GifauUee fboctlona, Uenrol Debility, ttymnlo,*, *.p. „
_ , . . . aikJifAUT,
rue it,,.*« MNdl* oa the mlail are uachiob* dreaded- Lon of Mr
«“** , Ouufuaioo of tdeaa. ltepreraiou of Spirit*. Evil furet„dtng.
•‘J trirt,iL8'U Pta*,'*“. ••*» “I Soiitade, TlmidltTr^ !
»rr autur o( Uw r»lb |»rotluce*l #* *
TbouaanUof perrour of all ayrt can now judge what >ath-c*a*e
.f their deeltbinr health Ujaluy their rt»..r, be, jtt.Ua aeat uale
.uacialr.l, hare a *i»yul.r appearance about lb. eye", cuiiuJ
*Tiu]*ti-rj t»f coiaumpttf.f;
l>K- Jotl>.<TiJN » INMi.ur itl.NO REMEDY FOR ORGANIC
anrUf?. I7V Srs*“ r«a*~1F. »«•*•.»«* of the organ* are
ipeedlly awed. and full rigor real-red. Thuuaanda of the must uer
‘TJ* '*JV1 **-A ■ whu '‘A** >"•* all Nope, Nave been laa -.ttately
UAI Marriage, Kyric.I or Mental db..ual
iflcation, Nrrvout Irrilatlou*. TtemLlu,... »u.l Wrakneaa, or ax
-auatioo of the in-ol fearful kind, •t.eedlly cured br Or JobnatoL.
oho hare loured Ihemartrr* he a .ertahi practice Indalyed la
*h'n. alone—a N.hil freuncntly learned from ,eil r.-mi.,." , or
*ffect*of wMch L|,hUy Mi, rvta «Ij>nl*ep
mind and body, ahotlld a;~ly U~.,dl»lHy.
Hiiwt * |4t v tl;^| | ,-uuji u»wu. the hujar of hU roualrr and the
§uLt* ' **>« wjiihnl frtxa aU pro»pecte and
wf R.r, bj the con scour ;u sa*J.J-xiAtinc ihj* juoIa
♦*ei*re coalemptmtlnf ’
** mid reflect that a *<*on4 mfod ar.J body are the nr.it nrrmi y
rr^iUaHea fo promote c. onuMal hspplurw. Imlee I. without U.*»c,
thr- tourtir? Uirtmeh (lie be*,tan « weary j<il*itm»re. the prn*p*~kt
•»e.uil> dirkffM to lit* rleu. the uo...l became* »b.thtsretl with «tts
• II wnd tilic-.i wall the liirljrtehiiO rrdrctlno that the haie|'lne*0 nf
ibulliri bet otue* hhrfcled ulib cux own.
|«r- All SURGICAL OPERATIONS perforin,,t **
N It l.r» no fata* dcN.y,-, pratcl JvH, bul aluunedlatafT,
riiher i^i.onalU of lr lo._
IC EMM OUa lJa-- y,.-Mf uitA
TO Mi. in..AKA
The man, lhuu«.nda ,o.,J .. tUa Inaniute ottMo the laat toiler
* can. au l the liutnerooa and l.up..ttant Sur,lr.i operation* pee
— 'J '•' Ut d , attne>.e.l br tie tep-rten of the punrra and
uan, or.ei pe.aoma, n..ll.er otdch hare appear, 1 again pad
raalr. bet. re the puntl,, b,-«tdea Nta atanddna aa a rsxareman of
t.ara.-lri and i e«F-t.uuui, la a ioMilcnt guatant r m the aOI. led.
J— 1»
II 'it A AA A- PI AINU , — 1 t«e rwtdcrlbcr otabea to pnr.-Naae a
R a au.,11 ia. m -I'ullt t ... a a—.1 nrlyi-bo.No-d, r-nttnlent to
tjuarchn,t. la ». I IntetiJ unit Aaauata
itpron aa I Maui a.y a..anrrmrr.tr to do ac 1 teq-jarr *
t-Eade weed, a at.r and a pood altuatun for a i.ur, k
-a 5Fr^!
0 111 Tit % i» • tsitf.
» »T. a-nr erartr. ateti a, ra
W011P 'ctpEctf diy l:.TUc Ur it:-at! o of conaln Mtrehictr
,, ', * 'Mt thuiaallr Large and Gcarrui A Eer;me.-.t of Irookt
ttmtrr Fare*. Blank Hooka. Curt-.In 1-ay-r*. Kreciccta Vuaie
■•t.iloner.. it rut -r «Nh a rets .--I aa.--ots-.rat rdStipfr psd tan-’
V Goode, err-i.racing :i rcmplctr a~«t:mrya ai Jaa tc f. rnd
it. any one V. hoiceak p-.ik A-iaWlU.aai.i la tin United Bute*
and upor.at Pat.- usd AJ Idkcr l
W» e - nly 4 ro -nalro.i r -f -et Sir. k fp,« Barer,,
kpouint il.aa or Can ieppiy tbei; »kr,ta ear line. t-> th.lr entl c
aantfacike, t Ah aa lo IMuea nod nuatir cf gro-l. .. |S
«Mn ttalVt tfITC.SSHiUE 1>II NLASN. yw-i
V* (Lata Wm F Butlei ) \ W
TS( Mu* Smart RICBilOXJ), U.A
¥X»TE row In ttorr.n l will be retelling In ail tl.U tnontt. a
RR **rJf« and genrral aaacrtmenl cf CHIN A, vlL'Ak »;hAkl . ■
GL ASdW ARB, Lamp., | ook,,., ClMWF. S a. t^y'l
ka».-T O.oda Whirh they Of,, at Whole., and «v,m, an?n the
*V,rt‘ r E‘t-balty men; in, Mci f ...lafi \ir
b N,r''‘h r,rCI“ ,D** ▼.ci’.im* i- laurel ar t ptb . -i
’* Jrrbaa C Jnflden, »r .an -O-r than, t.;N :n.lucttucata
. I purrt.aac of ,, m.it ,ec :r iVclr erdara
W ••*■>'>»! cur etui alf<$»;r: r. vat«b la l ; kiie*; liMenMi*
| andY rwardlr.a INefti ebt. dUpat , i>AC*U.C 140041 aocutely,
Rb-Nmo-.o. Vo.. Aogual 1«. 1,*A
KMT, p mi * co.
WPuRTSRs 4.VD JuHeth ui ou\ \iOOl->.
sot IDS AND H. Main PaKii f.
WRi< H UtlMa, VA.
r«r»r » rrMrlaf hr ihr at.ip limit Clark. Nrr.t ft m
li<'tpr.ol I. Ikh putt, »|,J bt tar.aov t«w-; ku., praami
j nt Xtm aa abaattUt U,. ■ 40- uii>n of Half mil
FHFSTH. and urn a in nay OOowTSti b*L„, kl„ !!/.w
i —* *1 "**•'? *">•'< Frt»c»«l|F >»■» thr r-auafa.iao.., ,,M1
V^rikL?Trsitiu ?7*.“**;* k"k* w» *•'.
tiltaVisi,iv» MisVa t u* w -•* -**■
, n„ . . . V*. 11 lfc,*MK Fht a tan r« tori.I anl
I »ra«» •|l'«tarVtf •fat* A»4kttnMt,vl t—it.apR aiiltr i,.au
»»* 1 'Alttialar la Offtf AapailiafM
Flam .hr fa,Imiil>..tor «Mbrn. at Aar, a lairr anJ rmnlrir
at.ta , Dt'.AtPNTI.' At ASH aCTIRRR HlmltA ".SS
I.U«t.fc*T A Nil blimtCOtHfASlilMi •**.« i*» ?.»»«,It.fc
•- I. t»t rm ba I tl.r plrva,. ,>l f,ro.
1 toairra. ”
. . inniiiM..
! Tbia I ranrh of oar bn.lnrta bttlna in. rr tat \ tart latjrly ar
rlrrt, tan. K «rraut attention to It am a,II kvtr a iitt'al
aa>..-A ,.f all traitaa, fnttan np \n Il.r taannvr «ad alik tmt
; •• 'tttrilt «t, Ivt a«*t -tar*, at prior, tbit wilt romna r favor
• blr ajtb it—«r of tbf \nrtb-rn taarkri
IWv rwprrt ftibr iiirtv 1 hr mwrrbantt ..f Vtrainla. NaftA Cmmi
amt Trnnrv-or, to rltr oar rfo. A an rtamlnail.ni . m. 11—«t. httr
l-rr# t'lvrtnt a HI. a|.rrlal rrfaplU Ur wan'a of I bit IraAr. an.,
| *r trr .Irtrmilpr J IJ mil Urtu lo .‘4 th tori prompt patina l.orrra
| a* loo at 'h»F raa br houfkf In tbla .nuulrt
1 AFjrr. pain* a co.
■>■« ll»l:>l) 40111 1;
f 1^11 f. ftr>«rit <\f lHr'rt«n of 1 H* Vlrffnu | Cr*n
* raw.karr lrrlir~l a llr!,'i,.| l;, an nr, /-raa. lor tbr laat
•it m nihv on oaoh abort aftba Pin, A nl tbv ts.mpanj. pat aMv an
Abo 1‘Ah Afpl , 1VA
Ybr bool a of Irttiafrf will hr rlnar.l front Ibr :«b to tb# I.Atb nl
PrpUatbrr, »ti.l tbr .lltiArnA will bv pai.l In Ibotv In wborv aamr
tbv rAt—k ttan.lv, on tbv Mb Itvpt—r.t.vr
ani* .ni>rpt I OttUtlTF. Frrtvnrvr
i JfW l»l*T FIIH |tFIATa..|||tlH PINTO
• * T,*f An arrvvablv, n .Writ I au I ' ..«itn| oaf t..t la
1 lattta tail IntalMv, vtlrnairrlr a,.I alJt* Vrrlb, anj aaork t..p>
plat to fl' • <>*, aliiii. via./ wr.itri.it For tal- at
a NtAFRa tam.lt tar Of Ik wo.
| *1® tib. Af tin atrwi, for abort P..I itfRrv.
“w •«» HP.H'N” rit.n ...A MfiTMl*
▼ ▼ • 1 «-«.*• mmtfi•*»«• in.) mill fj « *U*«
«fi«l **••»!.» jpftfcrt'f t»■,».«#*• ***4 i
!{,*•«». 4li,i
H<4iNi ti'UfUl#. 4t . Me.
ffaa< »«n ^l ofUiHi*. i* thl|F Jtm*t IatM l «nJ
far *mW k*. h| c. J 4 CO.,
I •■J® U Alvin at
L1 » !A|| A AvfMMatv. NapwrA.-, I'vtvrarw Patrnria, Hat Tot rt
r p. .pt, T -tb. Halt, Ct. .*< .ml Fbab Btntbra. Ar . Ac . la rnd
Hat m4rfvt4 mhI for i«V «| J W «• 4 RLK k 'K
_ - l*nit «a.1 frp*cr#tk« Muff,
I fHr#. rp«;.%R*, MinnI
N c 4v K : 4 11 (♦ooc!n !
f IK WW iTTfJTtfit.
I — IV#
IRANIC pt'crn -Nttnb. Dr... Nook H- wo* Im, ino Aomta. fb>
■ PAIkt. r Cntprt. Rnga. rtnnaatbu On**,
■rankrIt. brtinu (aar P.rt an,. F»•> ■ Mnio, *r *r,
Nrtf *\Jla ftp prb.it. Dr Lvlnt* Afnamlnf Rr.
. UNI.
' |,w" *<•» O'* F«Fl* N.4I .4* Chon I, bw UNna J’ranra %A fb -At
pnf FartA, Ibv rboapoat f«o4a rrrr rttrvA in 'hi, mafkrti
W lilMIIIA I AAA* HAORA ll*. trr now in rw
«*pA of , >ait rf tapi-it ft Fait tal AAlnMt flm.fc wlWr*
I W'o*II*' • -mmunp, R,.„ Wvamm •NibvAp.
j ■nbflApr li batlaa tbv hat, a an
I 1st. 1 • CfIFtIFRF
W*4R.f Horfan’a * wwnan Na*p "I MaN'a I. - Mr
^ t bat kn 1 »tkar batata, forfait lowk^
1 wh Aauaci torn.
* OTiil:
I t***^*^w ItMiHiWi, ia mhr tv p«) •■ 4ebfts .«« I _
, r %•• Jvlrnalf.*.! t.i J,i .1 ,|M.t • «* t* t« r YV.fM^ffc
<*' HOOf. MOW IKl Ml lt.lAaiM ...amli? PM
u•moll, my OKI, UMm>»a<k«iU> >ht mmImI,, * V
LA*M lihoul 1 .ay artklr, ol toy 4.>01*11 O, t, 7
“*-* Mtor lota m»..Q mCVin ZxZL
I I ».••# u> »i«4# * U'«- %t».l j ttoih af ioou *bo**T
i n# a) o»n «**J of ih* c*m N .nhftt **n*Uctor%%. —u i^hT. ^
wftI 4».u* U.I. Ap.Wy I h.„ .too
oi Trunk! tonkl.fc I would c.U II t allrath.o of ZoajMMaMmt!
M Iky retortion of *4 par r.at wM UK UN* rinrton "*"*•
**' *0>f- HUMS I* allU tupyitoimMaa itr i.idartutan
•rpAflrarcl of my kuMarm 01 UquMnJmto la ot,n,r»iJ75
to ••*!. «a hr la wall known ic by ooy uf lit brat If or t the 1 Jt
maau/OLlur r of Bocta .of them In U.ta root try Con ot
niiur k. u iitTk s
--_ Mm of the HlyWwe TkM.tr rr.
lUkMUTION Ob’ («M> . ■lNUDUlir.-ff.
LF coAcern "f J D (J’XIUV >n « Co to III ~ 7“ 7 il 1.4 k 7
muto^ r-um TK. l Arn, .11. by rbrnyf b“j rf mZZr.ki
win ua. thy n*=t of thy coocyrn Ir. iluul-JaU-n ,nly ' ' ' *
J. D 000DMAS,
Jkly lBtb, ISO*. J “• IU,u’ON
purrhaarj ofJIi Oootma , hit rntlre Inter rat In thy ay... y
and areoanta of J. B. o.-.una. A Co., uf nlu mulnur thy cla
■oUMrnn. .imtor tb, ,nH arm ..r »IMP*nN^
■ IlLfcK. at thr «tan*l iwrntly noroplH by J. ft <Joo«la»a» A Co
Tlpy «Murr th* patmu «f th» *mI r*»n<*ni Uiat dhiMm ■)>■<. k«
T‘l r*“r ,hrm 1>,'T k~r* byTU^t'.JJ
rompt attention to hctinrya.tr merit tab aecura n-.t ante ti dr
; atrenaar. but that of thy public generally. W U *“
x ii anwros.
July l»tk. 1S». *■ T
IS retiring from thy bo-inna of j p Goodman A On . I tin r-lrar
'? ,ln >*r-««tu:.m.c that 1 toorr mi frlrnAt .no nau^HTt
ikU.lftl tai rbdtct han-ta. I hnau Mr rlrnfacn an I Mr Ml. *r
Iborouaihly. .n-i ihrtrforr Jo mm tortUliy -rrommrnj tbrm £
Afw? of ny 01.1 irtredt an 1 autrena.
mi\i\ iii'liLLtiK ‘'>'vA
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»*<« MK'i. i.4««| 9
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TCrSjtSttSf “ -*••»*•» '*•' Trad.,in
“ utTf l^t'„.ml,l.<7'r,"‘ *"*'<•• «py..rrtly pw,
•hr r—dtm Tjotyrtum ntnurn. «..! r»«w,
a,/ «■»**«» iiierit y-4 bttt.# O 9Ma UipTiuid. fit** K«m Mu li
“Aasz.? .tnr.iTKS!r*»i^:.‘»wr5 •:
r:ruu*^*^ —-«- .‘r.b^rj^
»ttb«AS ammwkmx
°<u”' ! ’2 w+tSSZar^T11^, u
DQMra, —'
r. H. TiVtlli b.l juat r. .-rlrrJoar of K.r tb-»,
'.M u',, oTuT **" V'» Vu.y HrifTT^II
tw mo.1 ttlklyl mahy.f.bAIr MIU Irrt MMarthtoy^l^bt 'J^ar l'!
» rin« the imuumroi io thr ooiua tUrk u^-Tj . ‘
man tatoy Ibr tluMa ha. hrra, «c byUyvy, aalyvmrd thy moat u.,.
lc«l madcnl lo.lrumyul. Ta a.rioulatr tha Pinna PortyTi/L.Trh
.• tc’-t'l.lr ’o thr rloUa io rondrurtioa. It then, trhicall,
b» *-W**wrSiS2a
ft'Kii riiiicH ilic, ,4'
ar rat liar ucilitt, rut m
'~‘TUJ jr»- **"*■* * «—vd. s# « >r Ii. f y*
TSrtn5!531?513 CSS iSS-.SS'/S’
N WnH#.l UK . \l>0,
AN0LI41I <t»d AMERICAN WHITE LE%D u» |U w*..,
n.,rtu»ll«ar *fj »»4 ta oil. .11 of uklrk ..oSTrT.
Propn.lors of th. Nun TVI.ii, L>«4 »„.| <-,.0,,
«•«• »«■ “* Lane. .04 l» C.4« to.
__ Ke. Yukon,
MKK»Kt>* Nl tMF| L;OD pi ...
W *' V k?S.i r»»«l*t supply of tf.l. JOelJ popular Xr
To . ^W» u<t> B» per to* IB ...I.. ., Hu
d*£l2L** ?T** ** »‘ Hftf PolUto p,t |JL ™ “
-I- "’’hmh k aitv.
riw. mhu.Ue, Utu p|.„.ur. ,. wJEo,. cm*
IL «», .II I (hr City ti.4, lu Moral. Utol he I. I et.lTte. L» ...
"T Ilrimrr .ad packet, ito. lolioatot frrifc „.£t '*
iou uoif* Uye* *r.4 bunrh JUi«iru
inn Vujni T4rHtt» ->inv
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Vftlf «!* fro UMMtr.l PI VK
i»* ••**** n Wnrrr«|prit.i(p
to iuirn r*rW.u« Sn^
fin .#4 tra Er»-n-^
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i«W a» * lud a to..,a.
l«w *. Gfeyi prop.,
i* 4 «•* Jtiohr Pan.-.
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pal.UMl Va float JT\4». „f Cl».r».
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I 'r*,K l*»to. H*4> druse. n*»
! r?,k ? fl'lt lshdf of r.tku toeod«, to- fisc IsU »0 r,r*;*B
.to, i i4.«shii»i. Jd'y i Uir.Mutui kouki, 44 «r.
UL» 4 «U«I> , ii>.4v Iroiu Ihr tew Cloak'd h
,?' *tiMit-coof piu-ihs.r. at ihr skr-vr fi. i, it rnpunfullr
‘••f1 I>»f tkl ttJ || I. itok laiin . to, siiii. .i. issc.j
.» strap ti the .HotfiJtorc naririi Ah i ... I». « , .u #
Wholesale Hector in .orrl.n rruttfi. -nd p'esL.. A.'-tora Cecd,
’** _U.ttoEtrtar.r V-. ty Mata «a. Kfe ha-end, n
novE & co.,
I No. 63, Iflola street, Bl. isusoasi, Ya.
HAJ fi*®*«* UHr r,» Meek cl Dsrop MSBiCINK?
faints, mi I*, by e *Trrrt. *K. w ” mr i;!":.,;
'-•F1. 1*11 trade. Nto trac and ccootrv. re ths c..—. eta -» - t
ufwfc*^?* *• “*** «"-«» *■* *» ro-t'ef
f^T C«rb SrU Tr:??rtfiSi
ladlt'. taarraal *4) Be,h-.Jn
| S**1®'.*1 *tm Ptatls
•?“* XX 8"urken Pcrmn..
! kps TarpeatUt A>rr t CVm Putoral
k.H"! Badtosj-slcItoS
Ctoautemr ?e» S Aan,p.rfre»
1 r.ti k-.jr.d TewcstniTs <Pi
I fcdmrtene Bell’s ^
n?!r*Sr Rh i «m»tK UrJai at
| frByctre Mc-dsa. 4.
Maill-r krtluan da
I Mwtiiie. Antic
Uttl. , ffM,e o«T
‘ ?*■ Um*n file~cr
t£TLT Cod Um Oil
TT***9 Ontab>«
YSSJ Woo4*. Natr Rwtkm
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l WalR|,M Lyp r‘* RuhiW
| 2JW RfcJ ry lTiif |.k. rm*
»">'• M.l I rS, .11 kiud.
| CJnct=»« YrrulfWa, .to
Bskrr’s Mr,era
J“Vy . . A pp<lisrt
jMe Lead SU,»r,
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L*.?' rm Ha. aaa Cigar*
Ms.kin. OU kuokli.ttS.arco
T k.mtk Ckcuing Tct.cco
Cocctarrated lyt Flart Urn vaitotr
BB « NOU 3 a.i I«M for Medical p... SS^reUrf ..Ik •
' mCatMi"r f TCT ST* “wk- « IR
I roittoB kc , kc , to «hl >. .« call iour an.aih.fi. , ;
HHOiS.niLC Oi. kt f Hi. IrBI btiUT,
MAIM •TftiiT.luR'.f R l4|t|
RU UWhAH, V« ,
j IRJITr^ ¥*r Mou tml Hh«lr««l« fcftfrr* U> of
■ hi* Uf#» BA«I i •Bi|>lrir Mocl of (htig* CiIrIr (An | | tea
1 a'lrMVu« DriT It »"*•*'> w...tn plYn
1 h^r^X"““*■*" ,h’u k» »*•
1 ..Ik!*’* *T7' <k4 *“ •,W‘,r* ■•»»*•*< of lb# Pr-t ,,o*rttp IMl
|p* ')r.la,< < pr.ia l .>1 pt impllt an.t ftllPft.1 aVta« 4,4 tn
___ « p
• \^f li* Ta lb* Pahtlr, fha aw rtan /v_a
*,.*•* ',S^ al '*1 Wlilftg M, ?r.,i.»t I, ,p iAA
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> inform <h**m th«t hr i« Afiln urMfri «i «m« Mot* ■*
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sail Prtr.wP# t Ca. Wa.dat
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stonk-wark pottery.
Cats** af Tn.mp and Cat. fk-.n,
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_ atobk-wabe.
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