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Daily Paper, $• per anaam; •eml Weekly. . Weakly, $3 ; al
■ aye la advaaca. KswilUinoc* may be made at thr rlak of tlx
Publisher* In all ease* where evidence Is taken on the deposit of a
letter la the Post OBee containing money.
One »4«are, (ID lineal or leas, one Insertion. T»
Karh additional Insertion.... gft
One month without alteration. $« *1
do do .Ul 00
Wa do . do .«u w
_ - Twele* do do .Sh tei
« Two Itjaaree, Three month*. .. 15 mi
M» months.
Twelve montlx.I.IllII.bu IM
IW* rfo advertisement to he cortaldeied by the month or year
nnbme spec Iked on the Manuscript, or previously agreed upon be
tween the parties.
An ad.-(Harmrat not marked on Ox copy for a spec IP... I nam.
bet of Insertions will be continued uuiU ordered out, and paymeut
eeacled accordingly.
f W Haul ran AM’nrtaauklTe —To avoid any inleuudrrvt upline
on tin- part ol the Annual Advertisers, It h p...pc. to elate.fhdriecf/v
that th. ir privilege* only ealeu.le to their lunurdUtr hiulurev. Krai
katute, legal and all other Advertisements sent by them to be an
additional charge, and un variation.
. 1f~ Heal Hit ate and lirnrral Agents* A.lve 'laemeuta not to be
Insetted by the year, but to be charged at the usual rales, subject
t<> »Jeli .tlec.uuta as sbsll be agreed upon.
i dp* ih.o.aetle.v and yearly advert Is. rs. renerallr. engaging one
oi in..re epuarre. with 111* privilege of rbangr, shall nut, un llirir
yearly average, In any verve week. Insert inure than the amount
a. i ed upon as the si .nJUqrntlr under thr contract, and all cxcee
ding such aiiiotinl lo be chuggedgt (lie usual ralea.
A.IverllarmeuU Insened In Ihe .'‘em! W.-eUv Whig at 75 een:#
per e.|nsre of | O Hurt or ban for llic lirel hiei-rllon, and 50 . rule
pr» t'luur lor each c..utinunnee?ur If weekly, 75 cvnta.
n iir:i;u:it a uii.so.7 h
4*5 o w i ii ur M n, t* hinen.
SlSi’l thr Introduction of lit- prnpnl sty It*, thr company hive
■••Id tu fHty Afr.n u;,itn.i> Machine*. Thry arr m.w
I" ••••'»* Uiy lu»» |»«r day, with * demand trnllt In advance of thr
n»ls Usrhlns ha* b.*m more extensively Introduced In Ylriclnia
r Ih «u a'nr othrr, amt of tbr great numhrr bdU, nut one ha* failed |.,
yitr s*tlsf4(*iUin. aftrr It* use wa* acquired by thr |»urk h*»er
which U rcA.ll!> tiuiir from thr printed lUrwllonM, which illustrate
rtrrry part of thr Mirklns, referring ».* thnn by numbers, unln
l»l onlnjc their use aim! Ri!UU|(rtumi Aii operator will accompany
lh»* MAv'titnrr, to xlre Instructions whrn nrcwnry, without chare**.
Thry will t»« earelutlv parked fur transport it Ion, amt delivered »t
auv .1 mil dr bust ul thr f4'*tory price. It took thu highc-t pre
miu*n« »A*t autiemi at tl»r l*nltcd St.it*-* K.»ir, and at every onr ol
Mi>* HUt* Palm at which It was e\|iih|tr*l.
I< lh«* in Ml perfect iiuktruiucidl.—• Vnfni/ l'r<+lyta i>tn.
N » .kthcr compare* with lt.-*.'t»w/A.
T* w >rk la even, str ui- amt perfect.—Ohri*i*m d/c *0*1*4.
It Is no hurahuy. It do*-* all it prwfmaea. -Enquirer.
It U • tlh**lit a rival.—St'irHlifk' Am*ri+-*tn
A triumph «*f mechanical yrtiiu* f'/c’s /»i. fhmnty.
Kmlnmtly superior. -/kWisnif y */
C T" .Hrnd for descriptive price tUu
0«rc* 227 Haiti Street,
mb 1ft—If_ RirilMONP.
iti ttirii t iw
A1 PRATT'S OLD liALLERY, lift Mnin Sf., Richmond, Va.
f|lHW truly popular Swing Machine (snow offered to the citizen,
K *il lU.hruonl at the f..liming untilm d« nt -d low prices. vl*
*30, * IO, at. I *.-,11.
Til • is in* humbug sffjlr, I.ul a first rale practical nta.-Mn-, will
do au> kii> I .d work, coarse nr Cue. Tl»e Agent h is sold over Sim
• • I
sininle In ll.nr •‘•ndiurtlou that an ordinal jr icaiustrrm can readi
ly Icaru to u*e our.
TtM-y sew I rum two ordinary spool, without rewinding, makln* a
wrong and elastic scam that will nut rip, although every fount, or
IWh sill eh l»e cut
A great deal iu jd be aald In the uual way of advcrtUlug Hr«
llr* M i»hil.es, hul We prefer III .1 the public call and ezauiiur for
t hems drew We arc ready at all time* to »how this machine.
N 11—The attention of country mm hai.U and M.rcuUt.t* l« In
sited to these uiaahine as a means of investment The Agent wbt
# *•» dt*pu#e of State and County ltighb throughout the Southern
The low price at which the«e machine* are sold will readily com
mand Urge sale*, and the liberal discount allowed tu agent • makes
ft both a lucrative a* w«ril as a picas uit biulm-s*. Mere ants will
(in I this quite g valuable addition to Uieir st«u*k.
Hansen's Pianos.
Awarded ;‘-3 Awarded
I Iff } If 1857.
fllllT. tnhscrlb-r respectfully invites the attention of the public,
I and of pur. h ts« r.t particularly, to the superior I’remluvii
I* mhos, manufactured by Idm. A vpl i.d.d aasnitment con
stautiy on hand.
our Plano# hare received a premium two years In succession,
1 >.*•*; -«nd In*T, a* the Pairs of lb- American Institute, Ci v»t •) P*J
ace. In competition with oi<*st of the leading manufacturer* of New
York and Boston, and are utique#tl>nat>l> of the Peri quality «f
t >:»• , full, i .and and biiltlaut.aa well s* fluoh and durability, and
we Hatter ourselves, l»c the approval of i. nnwnvd aitbt.*, in ven
turing to *ay that our Pi am * *ian I • uperlor to many oth. r*. and
r |.i ,1 t.» an* Grand P. «n . in r. yard to volume of tone and rlasil
e.te of touch eoint.'ne l with tin- greatest Artnn-**, wldch b vm
r si t Ijf to. t with in %uy other Plano* All our Plano* are warrant
Manufacturer «f Plar... Po.tet,
W.tierooms, I •mi Centra Street, New York
* I! Mtva, Agent, Richmond, fa. »u?r. d*hn
mil-; i\m kv\m; cotipatv.
(Capital, 810,000.000!
ASM Vi. IM0.U, * : , J r, o , o 0 0 I
All Pirtrimra /a* (A# Rngign>.*nt* vj
(A« ItMI/NIAf.
WE respectfully a*k attention to tt.« seemity of the IJyer|-c>l
and Iwmlon Insuranr- Company, to its policy holders in Us
lar/e cash capital and investments, as stated above.
- The large capital and Ineotn- of the Company enable It to take
lln*** convenient b» parties requiring large amounts of Insurance.
In addition to the ordinary mode of Insurance, this Companv Is
sue* FKH V.l VKKTFOf.fi'IRS, on the psvroent of 77T.V A NNl
A / PNRMtVJUS. Property Is, thenceforth, PKUMAS KS'TL )’
ISSVI!Kl*. The Policy r»n be cancelled at any time, and the pre
mium will be returned lew* & per rent
H i* Company will make Insurance by loas of Rent* by Fire, on a
new and r»o t liberal prinelplc.
Under the Policies of tios Company all claims are paid upon pre
a-, t »ti"n of s itisfactory pruof of Io»« without *,/*•#/<»•*»( or t/rJvo
s #•'•*" f»r n*4*r**f; and not, as Is naual, juxtv p«v« after presenta
ii it nf proof, WOKTIIAM A WYATT. Agents,
lubl4 lftt Main street, few door* above l,-«io|llre.
WF. have In and offer W,|.u «.*«».■ ins Krrtu.to rT
the Uiwa*r Cam Pan a*, a large and vers choice t*t#cfc of . JL
W.itebe*, Jewelry, Hllvcr and Plated Ware, of every variety and
style Diamond Work and other Jewelry made to > rler.
Jff" AH jHtirtinliHl to he a* repcewewled.
N II. Particular attention given to H*f*iiring of M’.r/eAe* and
Jftrt’ry HTArErElt A IIAKI.KY,
jy'Jd »m No *M, Market JUrwet. IWh Side, Philadelphia.
H59. I,,all and Winter, 1859.
f MPOHTFHX mud Jobl-m nt
1 iili.iMtn,,
Ronn. t *llka mid Satin.
li-ni i* »« ii. no,
Plrmy Rnnnrla,
K|»U, At-.* tr,,
Rn *33 and Loft* nf *3ff, PAl1ln...ce “Ircel, R.lllmnrr, Md
inter * .lock unaurpaeae.l In thr I'ulir.l Plate* „f tarleiy nn.l
Ordei**ollcllcil, an I Iirnn.p1 atlentlnn rlren.
IR" f»rni*,»* monlha, •!< per cent at fnr r**ii, par fund*.
aul< tin
ROWKR nilihrll A Co.'a l andlr*, In plain
a rf\w and fnnrr horna, fnr fair hr M Hula
s 4Ml, limn %*■> hook FACTOR1.
HAVIRU rrrrnllr added largrlr In my hull.Hny* and machine
ry P.r Ihe pnr|ntae nf martin* the rapidly Hicrrarfnr demand,
fur work In my line, I nm now prepared tn eaerule at Ihe at.nrteat
n dtce all order* for PAPH, PI.IMIP and iMHiRJl, Ae,Ar,ln and.
a alyle, and at anrh price* aarannnl fall to plea**.
In my lll.aZINO neparlmerit I am min* ihe held french filial
eaatmti* and clear. I hare nnar on hand abnnt 18ft Door*. of
d'ffi rrnt alaea 'pm patra of Pash and Hlin.la, and VI l,M bed Pa>h
f..r raldnr early readable* and tobacco planla, alan a few Rrwcla
and loon oak Palmier., nil nf which I wlllaupply In Ihe Irade very
)•*! w Mayo Street, Khhnvnl, V*.
U f OMAI1K WAR KD Mavln* made a large addition
I* to my Warehonae. on the Irnck, I am prepare.1 lo dove lie l.nlk
of l.l.mm barrel*, heavy and ll«ht ataara** Pr.nlnee or merrhan
dla* received from and dwRvcrcd to vc*««la or canal boat* free af
any evpen.e A. » LKR.
f w I Imre an eaceltead place lo More .lamp wheat, and p*r
•"'.* bavin* aaich lo More will do writ In *lve me a rail
lirrn-1 Ric**n*n A liivviu* A . R Co. (
_ Allffml fffh, Iffll (
nlVinrNft RfrTfCR At a merlin* of |!T Prmldcnl and WJ
rector* nf ltd* Company, held thla .lay. It *»■
Afeao/eeef. Thai a dlrtdend nf /'Mr per cent (nr four dollar* per
. abate,) he deelare l, parable in Ihe Kioekholder* nr their legal rrp
reaenlalirra, on and after the tat day of llrremher nr*t.
An eatract from Ihe mlnolea
Bee and Treat
la1 V'','- V r^L.,IW #r •*, »• » PN Af .- a
| WOK Nil* V| MaIr Uri el, ha« jn«l Ms r^piMr Ul
, c .t»»UMny In |»nr« of
l.**1 He|#s>ilip Rf>n4s>r« Won I, f, A, 4 «n4 5.
r*n Watt*r’« *r*l W*S«t#r'* kcW| IM»fl..n«r1«*
ftfM MI*fhwM*c Offer;'t •ml Vmlfh'c (|s*orrafehl* •
l.finrt Wmlfh'a, Hlrhh«n'i «rvlMurr*;’« Ur»niniri
l.lkkl Wmltir*. I» .rlr«' *n1 R»; » Arlfhm*ftr«
R.iftio Wshilfr'srioiifMnf f»i** llIn# H. ..4S
l«n OfeW VirflnU *n l North Carotin* Almanac
f.onfe 4o f(p<l f'M - turlAiuhriAifs
1,i«l Ream* Cap Wrllln* Paper aaanrl'd .a.inlltl- a
1,01*1 do letter and Role Paper*, .to
inn,mm RnR and W),|le letter Pnrrtope*
inn Oroa* nine and While Sonnet Roar.)*
VO family and fockrt Rlhiea, amorled
9,000 Vlrylnl* and ftna-r Prlte Ilona
).!*« Reama Crnlon and Mr llum Wrapping
3,000 Paper, mack Wrllln* Rand
Pol* bur* Wrllln* Ink * lor red and Mark
fam Horen Platea-aaanrted cite*
S.OV Quire* Cap and Other Rlauk pooka
tm.irna face* Phret Martr. fWlann, Oialtar Ar.
fern Pleeea Wall and Curtain paper.
13 Oeten Thilltaa from 7,1 ernla lo ft* **rk
•on pun die. TMIn and Ouliar Pirlny*. _
m,,5r iksd sipk
“• p,p* "
**1T NoK IM Circular few, 71 Mala k
t:»TAHI,IKI|t:i> |M3N.
ARK iw« receiving, direct from their own manufactory, the '
jUrfesI and nx-at deskside slock of KAL'. and WINTf.lt
CLOTHING, they have evrr cihibltnl, and to which additions will
hr made by every arrival throughout Iks
Tht lr^rsfyfiM’r la devoted lo the reUtiifr.n/e, where they are
prepared to show al all times, a full aud compute assortment of
the must fashlutialde r*"d#. gotten In a style e«iual to the best n*rf ,
chant tailor's work, and sold at iw«m »tr« rsa ciar ua«t4A«
Tuaia ran as?!!
Ttielr sscoM./ amt Oiled s are devoted exclusively to U.e '
R llOI.KJ*Al.K TR AUK, and will he f»wnd to contain a m«»st extru
sive and desirable »lork of fashionable and t*tll made Clothing, *
•nanufac-tureil with great pains, an I direct reference |o the wanta
of tl » Merchant# of Vlryiula, North Carolina aud Tennessee.
Devoting the whole of our time lo the manufacture an.I sale of
Clothing ah.nr, with tourer experience, more extensive operations,
and other material advantages, we can and de offer the greatest
*U<! lf *
K. Nf Oil KIN A CO., 59 and lUOSAIN NIKKK r.
NAM‘ In .lor. II..• l.rxr.1 .n.l I...I .uurtrd STOCK ul KI AIIY
fn.'lr Cl,.tl,III* lli.v h.\r rur ufft in] for mI(. Ttirlr
•>»*» lu-rn iutuuU<1urc,l bjr Ui.ui.rltc., upon the l»rM U«nu and
latest style.
Merchants are Invited to examine nur stock before making their
purchase* elsewhere. We are determined to offer the greatest bar
gains ever been sold. Call at
—It _ _ flff A 11 Main ftreei.
AT 1 1» M MS 8TURKT.
WKh.Tr ju.1 i.pm.il . I.rgr .n.l aril «-lm»4Mnrk of RKAI>T
MAUK CIAITH1M). ml ihr oM .l.tul rr.mll/ ,>• i u|»l .l t>r
J D. Goodman A On. Our goods are all uiarmfartured expressly
for u*, and we warrant the style and Hi to be e>iual to any gotten
up by the best tailors In the rllr. Our stock Is complete, aud rtu
braces aU the different styles now out. We have a large stock
of IIOYB* CLOTHING, to s*ili all ages, from ten years old up .
•Do. a large stock of NKGKtl CloiHINO A great variety of
UKNTLKMf.N*H KlRNIhlllNO GUUDH. We would mont re®|>ect
fully luvltc the public generally to call anti examine uur stock, at
J. I» *1 A Co.’s old stand. No, 11V Main street, Rl«--huiond, Va
—1'•___NNNU.N A M1LI.KK
ffflllK subscriber* are now offering their stock of
at extremely low prices, lu order to reduce the stock and prepare
for the Kail Trade. 1 Y
hummer Good* can be bought cheap, and It will not he our fault
If goods are not satisfactory lu price, *|uality, lit aud style
, tubman a hull.
fv** I lo Main street.
IN |) Kl hi.I NO, Dealer lu Gents* and Youth*' llcady-made
J» Chtlhlng i fid furnishing Goods, will, on xnl after this .late,
sell Ids entire st *:k ol Spring and hummer Goods, at reduced prices.
Therefore, c ill at No. ItfC, Maiu htrret, aud supply yourself with
a cool, hdiloiulile and ta*iy suit, on easy terms.
Cloths. Caaslmerea and Vestings always on hand, to Ihp mvde to
• i kf, < I wan tali ■ to At au*—dim
fllO TlflK 1*1 IILIt's—In eonsciuence id the unprecedent
■ r‘l success <d **Our Model fffiirt,' we have made arrange
uicuIs, (w hie 11 tu heretofore Impossible, on ar. »uut of the great
demand In New York) to ithniym have a large supply of this popo
Ivr htiiit on hand. In every variety of style aud fpsllly, so that
ilnwe sanding ord«rs will m>w have th. ru tilled regularly and with
despatch A* we are the sole Agent* for this hhlrt in Richroood.
we would respe. (fully cal! the attention of those who have not
seen Our Model to an examination, and they will become convinc
ed that It D the W,. hfii/H-At moei ttunit*/* Shirt ever offered
for sale. We «re a bo prepare*! to make lo order from rctetdiac
measures at short notice, and at reduced price*. We have on
htud a large ami dr«irab!cstock of UKNTLKMKN'A KI'KMHII.NG
GOO DA. width embraces everything pertaining to the business,
aiul which will be offered at greatly reduced price*.
N *1 >l.»m Hint. Hlcl.tii.'l. l, Va.
i>i v voi it rLOTiiiN« niun
-* > " N. 8TDCKNDAX.K A SON."
M.»r*r5l|e* an,l Linen Coals, *
Twit (a and Vrsls,
marked down to prices guaranteed to suit all
Ju>t received a fr*-»l» supply of
Nil i t*la% Collara, Tien, Gloves, Socks,
and every description of mmler-wear.
_1** Main street, r, • *r Kvchtnirv h ink.
NKW i LoniiM.
M *r»etll«a Suit*
Hat In DuCtiiro Costa
Gras* linen do
Alpaca do
linni Over Hacks
Just receive-I, aad for aale « heap, by
_ _ _ .t
I.UNI'V >1 UtmLLKN \ r.H’I'N■
X b title do tlo
Black and Fancy Filk do
Fancy Linen do
Jmt nKiml, it DARRACOTT, HARRIS A PO ■?,
_ iirnsA
jona « . Mi.vri.it,
fourteenth Mrtil, HuhmmuJ. Va.,
11 ^OCLD respect fully call attention to his new styles of FALL
v> and mamgoods
SDHMU « I.O'! HIM.. » v the steam
er* every week, fiesh lots of new for Summer wear,
tmong which win he foundthoer desirable strlis of
hkeUtuii Cloth Frocks, various colors
Fancy Marseilles Vests
Fsn<*yr Oval mere Pants, various patterns
Resides 14m n. Alpaca and Caeiduicre Fro. ks and Harks, which
• ill he sold low for rash. WM. IRA HMITIf
je9 114 M
assortment Is yet very full and complete, embracing all of the
latest styles, and one of the largest stocks In lb. citv.
1*9 114 Main afreet
« I. OT Iff l > «.
A T lie ad Quarters, Corner of Main and l.tth Streets. The sub
orn s*’i .» « r has ju*t returned from New York, with the large*! an.l
••"•i fasblonalde Stock of goods he hks ever had, selected by him
*e!l in person, with great care, and especial reference to il>e rr
t.l tilde A belt* r stock of Glottis, Caastmercs and X.aiinrs,
• annd he seen In this city, via : Coal*, Hants and Vents of every
imagiu »h|e shape, color and t|ualhy, embracing all the new styles.
Also a tuost magnificent stock of furnishing goods, such a« Hup.
Ik Lace Keck lie*. Black and fancy Silk Neck Tlrs.lWket lldkfs.
Cravats, Stocks, chins, Collar*, Drawers, Gloves. Suspenders,
Hock*. Ac,
AU in want of goods really fresh and desirable, either ready
made .,r rut to measure, would do well to give hiro a call before
purchaxlo/ elsewhere.
lie l«aa lu his employ the best of cotters and workmen.
M i tth Street.
Airfare now receiving by the slop llenry Clark, direct from
V? Liverpool this port, and by various ships and steamers
via New York, an unusually large importation of ItKITIHH,
FRRNCII, AND GKRVIAN DRY GOODS. wMch have Keen purchas
'd by our savior partner, principally from the manufacturer*, dur
Intr the dt-nrmriou «f business rausrd by the Kuropean late War,
FNTIRk I.Y FOR C \HII and at such prices a* will enable us to offer
OKKAT INDIU’FMFN PH to the trade The assortment will etn
brace a great variety of new ami beautiful goods, ami w 111 be found
very extensive In every department.
Froiutb" various home markets, we have a large and complete !
sf.okof DOMESTIC M\M FACT! KFD GOODS, making in all the 1
we have ever bad the pleasure of offering to our frlenda atnl cus
Tide branch of our business baaing Increased very largely, we *
have given much greater attention to it and will have a »ery full 1
st. ck of all grad**#, gotten up In the hn*l maimer and with great I
care as revrirds stales and *|*e*. at prices that will compare favor
ably with those of any Northern market.
We respectfully Invte the merchants of Virginia, North Carolina •
ami Tennessee, to give our ifsrl an examination, our Goods have !
hern selected with Special regard to the want* of this trade, ami j
• r are determined to sell them to cash and prompt paying buyers I
a* b»w as they can be bought In this country.
N nli’iiihrr, IH.1D.
I1TK take pleasure In announcing that we hare In at ore the
YY largrrt and heat aborted *i..« V ,.f Oo«».!a, aalted t.. th. be*t
Fanlljr trade, a* »r|| a« «•> large purclitaer* of heavy Plantation
flood*. We wiuild name
Rich Rrprha and Hayaderc Colored Mill*.
Ralra rich Mark Taffeta, high lu*tre.
l>o. do. tiro dr Fpaim, lor mourning.
I» • two .and four flounced RlHt Rohe«.
There flood# were bought at the late auction rale*, and will hr
•old at about the roit of Importation
Rich Parla printed M<»u*«dine dr Lain# Ro»«*
l>n do Aniellne do.
Rich Velour* Kpingle Kcopala.
Rich t'hinU Printed Parla dr balnea, for children, mia*< a an l la
Poplin*. Valentia*, and Poll da Ctevrra.
Part* Printed and Plal l MerlOoe*
flack Roint»«ilnr«, Taml*e, Thibet Cloth.
4 4 Merlnneu and Mmie«eitne 4e UlnH, with nther monrnlng
KUnoel*. Ratlnet*. Un*eya,f andfna Jeana.C*a«lmerrall?1otha. 4c
*,!**) ghlte and rn!«.r#t HUnkrla, for aegyanla.
• 4, 1(14. IT 4 and 14 4 lied RlankHa, aery cheap.
R-4 and A I Pulled Cloth*,>ow»e ralra quality.
Rheep gray and Mur mltrd, he ivy Ratlnet*
In thl* department, we are prepared totupply purchaser* In any
quantltle*. and at a* low rate* a* any Imnae *outh of ffrw York.
Mil CIIRIRTIav a LATMROP, ftllahifl
rn|iifitl 11.000,000.
OUR VWTHORVn TMOtTRAfttl IHMJ.ARR dvfwtM with the 1
Compf rotter of the Rtate of Hew Tort, and nut nf the hamta
of the Company to tecure policy holder*.
Dtvir>niM«ihiifiirmT'« i v-u l.lh rnl »»rln«lpl>
forty per ct of the premium on IJfe P.dhde*. will he loaned the 1
Inaored when the premium racerd* f.Vi
pnRrle* IwtM 1 a*4 payable to the Inaured on arriving at a err
tain age, or In the fcmttv «f the Inaured at death, ahnuld that event ;
happen prrvl-ualv to arriving al that age
endowment POI.ICIRR b*r children, granted on the mo«t favor i
Able term*
Polleb-a leaned at greatly reduced rate* of premium, when the !
Inaured prefer* not to participate In the dividend*.
All lo—e* paid promptly and without litigation
We than he ph
In thl* old and reltahle Company which cornea before you end-.r* ,
ed by your own eWaena.
OfRre IRI, Ma»n at reef.
Paw doom above poat (Hb-a
Oeneral Agent and Attorney
bar fbe Company la Ta
JiA H. Oava?, .M l» I
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J are made from • preparation lor g koowu lo the Chine*#, and
when harmed give off a pleaaaM odour, perfectly harmle— to the
human family, hut e*treia»* |y repatatve in the moaqaltn, an much an
that they will Immediately leave any apartment that la pervaded
hy lb* bream. Pail dtrartlona arcompany each package Per aula
4? ThHUiAKKR. Phariaaceutlata,
FOREIilil NEM ».
Prime Richard RctU'tuich, the Au.trian ajjrrtt, left
Paiia for Saint Saiiviur, when- he will have an interview
with the Kmperor, Lutiia Napoleon, ami wtynce, it ia
aaitl. he will proceed to Vienna. It ia uatiirwlly conjwc
tnrrd that Ilia viail to the Emperor l« made for tlie pur.
I*—* of direua-anj; the qimliou rrlabiig to the i-oudition
oft eiilral Italy. Tile r.-*ni t ia likely to Ik* verr ratirfae*
lory to t ie Attalrian t*aliitief, if we may nrcept the reiui
<>Mi< ial I iiaitilatii.aaW'a rtalemciit ot I rvin li iiiteuliour;
ami that autenienl derive* inereaaed probability from
tlie fact flint the voting tlrami Duke of Tnneany,’ dir.-ai*
irlieil with tlie reatilt of Ida viait to Paiia, ia about to
leave France. A report that an interview will probably
lake place betwreu the Kui|irrur Loui* Napoleon and tlie
Kill" of tlie Itelginlir indie.tier a iK-lief that Kuiyc l"-0|iold
will endeavor aj;aiii U> pLy Ida ordiiiarv part of peace
maker, ami emooth none ol the ditln ultie> ariaiuK from
the preliminary* ol Villaframa.
The Zurich telegrama r.|«ort frexli mcctiu£» of the
I and thus show that their (Iplilfratioim
continue, though iu> one seem* to *up|M>sc that thev can
settle any of the more inqiortaut subject* of negotiation.
It is lion*worth) that the Ktissiaii Kutuv at Turiu
proceeded to Zurich, lor the purpose ol conferring with
the .Sardinian reprrscusativc* there.
The .Void declare* it lo Ik* probable that Count de Ca
vour wdl speedily resume the post of Prime Minister at
Turin. II* the report should prove to be true it would
reiitlv seem that King Victor Kimuaimel must have re
solved to accept, at least pruvUiooally the profteted Sov
ereignty of Tuscany ami Modena.
The proj«%*t for funning the Duchies into a United
Kingdom, uuder the sceptre ol Prim e Na|K>leon, is again
brought forward. The St. Petersburg laasette coincides
with the drift of opinion in Parisian re-unions, hy recom
mending this arraugemeut a- the best means for neutral
i/.ing the extensive weight which Austria and Home will
have in the pro-|M-i live Italian Confederation, the one
Iroui its great military power, the other from its eqiiullv
formidable ecclesiastical iullueticc. i’he Hnssian journal
believe* it is iicees.'-arv for the equilibrium of power iu
Italy that France should be included, iu some way or
another, in the fedcial union.
From I he l.on.lon Nm Parts Corr. •|M*n>lent.
The Paris Con-tit utiontiel, in an otherwise encourag
ing article, * ays in plain terms that the Kin|ieror N’apo
leon cannot iueludc the lloly See in the system of abso
lute uon-intervention which is to he applied to the rwt
i»l Central Italy. The interests of eatholicitv dill, a*
heretofore, iu op|s>sitiou to those of humanity and civi
lization, require that the Pojie shall be piopjied up on
liis tottering throne by something more than u moral in- I
True, there is one mo«1e hy which the bayoueis mav .
l»e di.*|H*tised with papal reform; hut as we know the I
#/ urdre at Horn** in reply to all iiufiertinput obwer- '
rations i« wen we see that bayonets, and, no !
ilong but bayonets, will Ik? called into requisition iu the ’
States of the Church. Our vulgar silage tells us what j
is sauce for the goose ia ditto lur the gander. Havouets |
it Home—havouets then, in the Legation*. Can this j
tiling be? Call that nreacrioiioii .it l.i-l.li- i^n.^^l
■Ieel be ordered for llologna which, it is admitted, will
not be administered 10 Florence?
The distinction will lead to the horn I of a terrible di
Ilut M. Prcvost Para dot, whose signature in the lit -
^i/« will be bailed with satisfaction at this interesting
:rUis, foreseea a danger short of this possible armed in
erferenco ot France itself. He *av«:
llul may not the authors of the revolution iu tlie
Duchies in their turn maintain, that to support the liolv
.Home while it is attacking the Legations, wlierebv
lie entire disposal of in* own forces is secured to it, is to
Sage war indirectly against all the state* of Central Italy,
Itid thus to observe but imjierfit tly this promise of noii
utvrveulion, which now apprars to constitute the chief
■ecurity ol the insurrectionary states?
The Pope is sorely alHictcd with a sore leg, caused by
erysipelas, which prevents him from lenting his palace.
tiii: akuy or italv.
The Mon Ur nr of Bologna declares itself authorized to
ijnIratlii‘1 tin* rumor ol any projects ot aggreasiou against
llie Koniagua on the pait ol the Papal troops.
Tin1 loscaii tluveruuii'iit had issued a decree enacting
lh.il the situs ol tin* late liraud Ducal lamilv shall lie ob
literated from the I int ernment stamps, nmt that the hit
ler shall remain in Idatik until further orders.
Some official eories|iondeiiee of the late Grand Duke
at Modena had been brought to light, which is am thing
hilt complimentary to the K.mperoi ol the Ficncli.
The Connie-* de Moutijo, mother of the Km press, has
ai rived in Paris.
The Kuiperor anti Fmpres* wen- surrounded hv a great
crowd at lot lie •, mol could not pa. s, ami the £ropcror,
with a laugh, said that ••aI present he was certainly made
• prisoner. I bis obserraliuti drew forth a loud cry of
“Vive I’Empereur!” “Vive ITiuperatrice.”
Madame Poltevin, widow of the well known aeronaut,
in»i|e an ascension at Kouen, on Saturday, accompanied
in the car by her as-i turn in the coslumeof .Kanclm Pan
ts, while below was suspended a donkey, mounted liv a
new Duicinea del Tofioso, whose white toilet was risible
alien Ihe balloon itself could hardly lie percelreil. The
descent was etfccled in safely at Frampievillc, and Ma
dame Puitevin returned to Kouen in the evening.
The Faria correspondent of the Daily News says:
“I hear on good authority that a relaxation of the
I’resa system is under serious consideration ; one change
•IHiken of is an extension of the right ot publishing a
oiirnal, by eitlu-r greatly reducing or altogether dispcii
-i..g with the caution money now exacted.
Tile .htnrntlil lit A ]/t Lit* is the only Paris newspaper
lhal has been i lever enough to avoid a warning, nnt
ailhstaudiug it* known adherence to the House ol Or
leans. The Sirrfr has been warned three time*; the f Voa
tlUnlionel twice; lot J’rrttr twice; the 1‘ntrir twice;
ihe l/nirrrt twice, and the remaining |ia|M-rs at least
unre. Even the railway paper has not escaped.
Tn* IIkiitii or tii* Fui-ris* Kniixir.—A depnta
li«n from the municipal counril ol Pan was, a few days
hack, received by the Kmperor at St. Kanveur, ami pre
-Ctiled a loval address, with a rerpu-sl that their Majesties
would l»e pleased to visit the town before leaving the
South of France. The Kin|a-ror replied that he was well
inclined to accede to the prayer of the municipal council
nf Pali, but that unfortunately, the health of tlie Empress
had been so much shaken by the painful emotion* which
she had lately been subjected to, that she re.pored extra
ordinary attention, and it seemed doubtfcl whether her
medical attendants would sanction her makiug the visit
proposed. He was cou*et|tiently unable at present to
give a positive answer. Tlie*c otiihinti* ex previous have
..rated a twin I in un approaching addition to the lui
|ierial dynasty. There are. however, mativ circumstances
which would render problematical this realization qt the
“hopes of the nation."
tii* aruv o* >-ran< *.
According to the Muuiltnr tUr Amor the French nr
my ill Italy, under M arshal Vaillant, consists of 4:1,in at
infantry, 2,<ua» cavalry, I .fa si artillery and t*fi guns;' be
“ides the uiiliiary trains, and sappers am) miners.
Pate* from Japan are to the Mh of June. A dfliculiy
which arose between the American Consul and the .la
|iane*e Government had been amicably settled.
All Aineti.-nii who find discovered a rich Copper mine, '
laid claim lo the mine and to the soil, contrary to the
laws of the country. The government resisted, and the I
anmr waa ..g an nnpteaaanl aapeet, wh<-n the Km
|»-ror, t<> prevent all further diapute, proponed that a thirtl
jiower ahould lie aeleeted a. umpire, and doaigiuiU-d Hr.t
France, and tlicn Kuaaia. The American Conanl had not
■'cut in bi« anawrrwlien the author of the diacovcrr, who
waa morally certain of the rc-nlt, gave up hia claim ou
the aoil, and vnliriu-d autlioii.atioo to work the name,
and ahare the pruHt with the Japaueae government. The
offer wa. at once accepted.
The intcivonrar of Knrnpeana with the counlrv ««<
daily becoming morr evtemive, and ia likely in a lew
.want to affect a complete change in ita aaprrt. The Knt
peror, alter the flratexperimenfa with the electric tele
graph, ordered tho conatmction of line, connecting to
gether the tow ne of Yeddo, Nangaaraki, Simoda, and
llakodadi. lie leva al«o decided on iran.forming hia fleet,
and already po««e«eea ait ateant warjuuka. One of them!
the Niphon, ha. atarled on a vorage of cjrciiiunaviga- !
lion. Iler engine ia of AMI horae power, and ot Ameri
can manufacture. The rn-w i nhei.ta entirely of Japanrae 1
aailora, who ahow great aptitude in the management of I
ateam engine..
I AVo-n lb /,<>«.An 7im/« ]
The Count de Morny haa opened the aewaion of the
Conaril Heneial ol Puv de Dome with a aprech w hit h
•howa ao lunch good aeiiac that we cannot lint auapecl ita
general purport uaa •uggeated to him by a aiipcrior, and
ao much Ill-breeding, that wr cannot but believe the ac- I
Ittal compoaition ia hia own Lei ua take the agreeable
part of the oration Hr«t. The Comte under take, to tell
na what ia the preaent atate of mind of the Fmpcrur lib j
maa'or. The Kmperor of the French aland, at the head
of the eivilination of the world. HD intelligence, at Once I
profound Xml acute, h»» iliacovered that the prevent age j
iaone in which the traditional haired, of eaate and fami I
lie. have yielded to influence, of a more humane code of
manner*, and In which national antipathic, and prr|n
dice, have been .tilled by a progrewive elviliwtion._
The new generation h.a no thought unleva for the prevent
and the future. The Napoleon of to day and the pcop'e
whom he mlra hare learnt much and harr tor gotten much;
and among the word, they have forgotten are Waterloo
ami St. Helena. M De Mornv, who know, better than
anv other man in the world the mind of the Fmperm up
on theac matter*, i« eon r [nerd of all he lelfv n<
upon the moat IrrrfVapahlr official rridence_
Hh private inat met Inna when he alarted upon hia mi-cion
to Ruvia were to do nothing to weaken the Fngli.h alli
ance Till, waa to tie the ruling principle of hia diplo
macr; thia waa to lie the one .iar aim won of all hia
dealing. With the C«ar -"Do what you can to repair our
•Hhi Ru~la,hnt nreaerve untouched mr Rug
liah alliance W ar. M D-. Morny Intimate., ia quite nut
of the q neat ion France ia invited to far other labora.
Fmulatinn and not war la that with which France now
dea lm .o.hrenten Fnglaod. The paat ia hurled and fbr
fB,,*Pi If* *h« future b* k rivalry of indutulqua b«q and
five citizen*. France goes badly to work, Cherbourg
being finished, the fleet befog in splendid order, all the
rn.lrtrn of the french regiments being jn perfect condi
tion; the gunlioat* being laid up in the Atlantic port.,an.|
the soldiers and sailors who make the difference between
the peace and the war e*Ublbhmen: l^ing now upon
furlough—all this macliineey being in well-oiled peace
lnl order, France goes to work to flnkb her railway*._
M. De Moray is oven desirous that she should »dd to this
a commercial reform, and even ■ political refot m lie
would adopt every mean* to reduce the price of the raw
material of French manufactures, and of those manufac
ture* I Hamad re*. lie who knows the uiiud of the Km
|>eror so well lielierc* that Napoleon |||. desires that
France should imitate England m all that France it eels
—in a *|>irit of commercial self-reliance and srlf-gorera
im-nt, in the management of commercial credit and even
in the prudent acquisition of those liberties which make
a man absolute master of hiaown.and which prescribe to
Ills freedom of actiou no limit but llie right* of other*._
'«ur hand. M De Horny, upon lids uuhoped-for bar
gain ! All Kngland, with ti e ifueeu and her Ministers
speaking for her. and every unit of our mtlUoua shouting
in assent, will ratify every word of siu-h grateful com
pact, list what you may of us or to us hereafter, we
shall never again deny that there is at least one French
man who thoroughly understands slut Kngland most
siuccrrly and ardently ile.-ire*. If, instead of lieing. as
it, of course, is, the sincere expression o( a formed re
solve reflected upon the Comte's mind by that of his
Atvereigu, it had been only a form of words pul forward
to cajole us, it would have been even then a graceful
compliment to Kuglaud ; for it would show that M. De
Moray believes the best means of obtaining the ear of
Kngland is to promise her honest friendship and peace
slid commercial brotherhood from France. Hut ivhv,
having Maid all this, did not the President of the Conn
seil-ticneral ul Puv de Dome leave the good he had done
complete’ Why, having poured his oil upon the waters,
docs lie proceed to do his l*est to set a light to it* \\V
might, iK-rh.ip*, have thought that M lie Horny was not
the very best guarantee that we could have lorthe senti
meiita of the French Ktuperor. We might have re
collected that it was but a short time since M.
lie Horny was a Zealous adhi rent of the Orleans
family ; and a thought might cross the mind that |
Naji*deim is much too shrewd a sovereign to lru.-t
implicitly a inan liable to fits of change, or to i-e
very careful as to how far such a gentleman may damage
himself l»y promises or declarations. Still, any aasur- ;
ranee is welcome when it promises its what we wish;
and, it M. lie Horny had contented biiiiscll with the to
pic* wc have recapitulated, we should have listened and
applauded. Hut our ri-jriasl tnl jicst mites up hi
treacle with an iinrca-oiiaMe quantity of brimstone._
oblivion* of his own country's proverb which illrra nil
Irotn anlii i|i:iiing an arettsatiou, he seems to lake it lor I
granted that peo|4e aill not belieto what hr rats; an-l he I
utter- a sort of malediction upon all unbelievers by in
*oltiug them in a category ol per-ons aim dare to doubt
Napoleon the Third's heart and honor Imtli as sovereign
tod as man. Far Ik- it from us to Ik- guilty of any such
discourtesy. Let M Dc Moray think .-itch things |Kuwi
tile. We have the greatest possible confidence in our '
excellent ally so long as his a-is arc those ol a frieudlt
l-owcr. Wc Englishmen also commonly have the inn.t
t" iviiunic III inwr wuvmi we nave III I Pit. I atxilll
us—hut are must confess that coutideuce «.mM not be !
increased if our luuker* were to consider it an insult 1
when we asked now and then for our passbook, or if a
confidentiai clerk were to lesent the inspection of his j
accounts, or if any or alt of such persons were to insist, i
under pain ol tierce indignation, that we vliotthl put our- |
selves so entirely in tlieir hands that ue had no means left I
uf looking after our u*u affair*. Yet this appears to be the
real object Of II UrMorov’s speech. The French Knqieror
is a good sovereign, an enlightened Rian, a |waceful man. *
l•ranted. “Then why,” says our pliant and versatile or
ator. “not trust him absolutely » Why seek to rival
Cherbourg, or fo build steamer aguiu.-i steamer7 It. lie
Morny answers his own question by what wr rstuiot but
describe as a tissue of gross impertinence and ill-breed
ittg. He makes accusations, and impute* base motives
III English gentlemen who are, at least, quite as incapa
hie ot such motives of action as M. I >e Moray himself,
and who do uol lahur under the same disadvantage of
having reversed the instincts of generous minds by for
saking a fallen lor a successful service, lie tells u" ili a
this desire of the Km|x-ror to avoid an European confla
gration has, by some inexplicable aetpience, inspired ar
ticles in the Kng'ish papers and speeches in the English
I’.vrliatncut, anil has produced, as the consequence ol
those article and speeches, a great English arm ament._
There was, a« he intimates, no cause lor those articles or
speeches, and no eonrietion in the rnnula of the writei
or speakers of any danger. But the |axpers wished to j
increase their circulation, and the speaker* in rariianicnt
-ought to increase their popularity. M HeMorny, w.
fear, judges of other men’s iiioiives by those be bis een
iiu»st intimately in their successful action. For onr , lv. -
» e eau attor.1 to allow this capricious Frenchman to point
hi* arrow at us while the wind sits as it does. So Ion gas
he find- it necessary to bracket his abuse of the English
pres* with a declaration that French papei-v are as indem n
iletit of the government and as free to say what the.
please, as the Kuglish press i<t are can leave the tao as
sertions together as equally to lu- believed or d.-cr. di
ted. But we venture to teil M He Morny that such men
as laird l.vndhurst and Sir John I’akingtnn arc not only,
by the common assent of all, quite iue:i|iabie ol I icing in
fluenced by sui'h desires as lie Mltribiiles to them, but
that their |Mi*iiiou is one in which a mometii.xrv. fleeting
popularity would be no advantage. Lord Lviidhur-t, a
venerable |**er, whose words are listened to liy his coon- i
trvmen as the sayings of a sage, lifted up hi*’ voice and j
warned; and Sir John J’ukington, in his high office,
worked zealously at that armament which Count vie Mo:- j
ny so dislikes, not for nuv such motives as the Comte !
can alone comprehend, but because they were each doing
tlieir duty in their respective positions.' In England, fn !
eept only by a few fanatics who hold no influence,'this
tirade About tire equal freedom of the French and Eng- '
li-li press, and this Imputation upon our public men, will '
be read with indignation. It wdl suggest only Ihejdvl j
fable of the wolves demanding of the -liepberds to give '
up their watch-dog*. The rest of this Speech is so admi- J
rable, that we regret exceedingly to see its excellence |
marred by this impertinence, if the Emperor of the
Krencb really wishes to do away with the ill effect pro
duced here by the war pamphlet* and war articles that j
come toils wet from the press by every post, we tlmuk '
him for putting forward known men to do so; tint it
would be a* well if he would remember the advice of our
English poet, with whom he is familiar, not to allow his
clowns to s*y more than is written down lor them.
A KV r.imlantly sti |»,. Ilr .1 with s full amt eorai.trlc sss.irtmelit of
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Sept. SI. 183*.
1 JJ M MO1**1, Ch*,.°'J R PoIlAr J, lady KAO
1 I, 2’lX,7iU* ' ’ "H*-* Mto* P.llerd 1 do y
jw^ud7 £ as*— rr,*
T Met. Sjulih do E Vlrtor, I* 0
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Ur. fc.i i, .nd tot, N C r d Epnla £
2 *° »l V. B.IItir ,t„
I T . ,* Alexander do J 8 Burrou.lt. do
j .7" t W Sitiklrr, Lady do
»• U o U do rMId, >Tl do
Ktes*'* Ki_*
•»g~ VftSB. Cli'VlIle
C 1* »fl. Oranr** () W Mo
8epl. SIM, lt!A
J5*"0 »P Sounder., P.r.,1!..
I, » .*"' O. IUr>orrr J IV O'.ewinx, do
II T sharp, Norfolk c Hu.eUfu.rle, R T
P K f L I eo,/ide.lrl.1
... /o ' *7JJ • M S* Mnn. MM, Liverpool
*’ j* Way. Campbell J Ducnad, M l
V. uTl 'Jbertv V Atll-... Lady, Geo
]?, M *,~ld.r*li». CbeM'd K 0 Sire,,,-. V.
B H Bernard. .1,,
MDe Te.lr. d,, j Cor,I, da
S B" *er do Ml.. „ c,|,b, do
H-krr, do HBrn.el|,do
' ‘,0, Ml~ Rieb.rd, Peff
ST*'.? 2 . " T “'*• h. do
, •* II 1' Volt, do
J rbovn. do 8 C llor.- ly, do
7. L V?'1'- **. Moocur., do
II Wood. darker I He J || Brook,, do
M * 5*t*' l n"y. ‘ epr li B Bride ford, Jo
7, J R’Ver. NT J W Brook., W C
1 hi,,< Wri P 8 eiktd-on N T
J J Price, Sri.eea II lleorr.li, V.
J Prinee, do U R W.«„, Texet
M..e Prince, do »: II Pendleton, Cuiumlna
C Jo!.neon, do
_ „ .. Sept. *i, lias.
Chariot,. Col P R Burnell, Meelrn',
Jti Smith do W P Jordan, I noen ,
*7r' Xr* K«“' X A Burnell, do
W Bl lei ion. do A A Bray,. Jo
!: 7..1 ™M,P. 1 • J I. till. n. d.
I WCrump, do B John. ,n, A,o. II.
II Bel Ion, do N H Turner. V.
V 11 '-her. Ckn. City W C Suit.-rl.nJ d.i
Jti.mn-I. Hat»|.l.,n T E lie. k.m, * C
J luiMe;l. i ane.u W N Ankrroe SO
R Haantcll. do j I. U Ilk'neon. do
j 7 * J P Rots eon. KulOUR
J A Mitchell. do W II Xorrill. Lunen'd
» K > ,.,|.ni, do T Mr Kdr.r, Pent,
S ,l i*,,, d.. II II Mu l>. Dan e
M HI -el- eon. |o A er,•!,.„, I,
Mi' Tale, do J Boyd, Lynch’,
L T Jett, do J 8 Re. r. . T-I.n
.. .. m J II ' dr — II. do
if 1'* J V.uyhan, do
J iilfin, do j s Wnlaar.l Vj
J U Andrnon. Jr, Trim T Dyt..c. Nottoway
l O D Picaaaol. Il-urlco
S. Kl !’ '• Ur / S Mril ruder, do
A II FauUnrr. Mrc'f It J Im. al. do
b J i1"!:' A U *K-'iur llcl-t.d
R H. RUi* lim k ni H C Carrington, X'r'.in
Mj-i-r llo)IU.g. Jo C«j»l C Yotoo-oo, p.*lrt Roat
u ‘. r*r,'' '"o' ... W C Sw-hoo. Hkaor.r
" f«nn'a;rif, l.wh d l> ► dmon.!. \ a
Mie* K K lie*.rt», Danville U* HJcti r Amelia
” (i Warren J A Ur«VH, de
J K .feu., K II Atl« a, N O
Mr. Allan. Jo
M II lla-rla. Jo VV lirav-a. Liberty
■**” •I’Uria, da Mis* J Cath-tra, Tred'f
Marine TsTE^W"S.
Fou r of HCMOM, Sept. SI.
W|—Ml) tty rtucR-ta w : :a. am im
M r II'1. ) Ura.l, Pa—wai-r. Port W allhall. coal. Mrarni A Co
Ari. di..u. Wrntrli, Phil . iron. VA F Tridrtt.
Fv f. Min A. Ilrlta, Jnoca, Petcndturg. win %t_
Fr' r At r. IN k-rel\ IN. k-r. 'l, Ph.L. i ,J.r , VV. P Colqnilt A Co
ScliT Win. F. rcr... Brook*. D.it.. guano. Fch^r, K..h:«y a Co.
dleatn. r City of Richmond, Mitchell. Phil*., mdtr and naa.ro
(frta. II It. Tiiltlr.
Frtit l.4«icn licAnr, Prtnkwalrr, Boa ton, m )o . Bt.drfor.l A C..
i“'hr lleory Tract-. Wy.tr, down thr rirar. light.
Fohl l i itUa Jan-, Philip*. do
S hr '.rorfUtu.,, Float. do
Frl.r.1 Vt Kol.r I! gera, S. V ..Hour.
Fchr l> HcDierl ilvvra. lor! Calhoun. 1' nr.
Frhr li-uac I. t.uole*. Joan tnr rlv.-r. 1101-!
Frhr W im t\.i.|uill. Prank, down fh. rl* rr. light,
I'li Hill Mat .11. Gardner, X. V.. Hour, D. a W Carrir.
I.’oil RUTmORS. TRin-ECKLI iini ./i#, :
I I' .nhal .ii Mtiul.ol C. -".[.al Thr-i. rr *» ’ »
H KDXEPDAV, and up p. 111. h-.iir ... 1; o', to. M . Till ILMltl!
I‘*r -»•! .i-«r , unlraa * aulRr 'Ir Jf 1* rr.yirrlWf rr tN.t 1 ur No
l.li.l., rrrrlr-l IM. tr.(. uni-.. -nr t-r. d at oar ortt r Irri.M takrti
tot 10..1 on, yia Baltimore, at loaral rol, nfiii gr it drat.alrh_
P ..—nyrra / log In lid* line will plraar l.ron l-ui.IMn u .. .
dork. VI. I h in lay. thr hoot ..I departure. Tick.r. 1 .r paa.,.,
pr r urr.l rl'lirr at our ott. r, Inllir -lip ,, ik-t tie Colin. ' 1IL
llotrl, or al thertramna ahartn
««-* ____DkV ID A Wll.l 1AM CI'RRIE |
IiWR VI II \ Oil K. tIXST a:>o :
> an
hr. MANCHESTER, Capta v p p, » . • i
i. II of hrr , aryo engaged. and goii.a ..n to .rd. alii ha.* quick
di.p-itrh. lot balance ol frngt.t, apply In
1j»R MOBIlalC* UA. Tkai , JL-O
» hr. "II VV .I'M,'■ apt. VJirahu'l, I at Inc llo- yrga'rr 1
portion of hrr, .rg., mr-irct, will ...II aith quirk d'.i. o nkT!
luluKPof lr<l|!ii, a|i|il| to
•rW _ w d coLQmr A oo
i.ioit BA LTI MOB .1 . , ^t,r.
l-n-oa J\ ipt. Wm. I'ldllt| a. hating a r..rt!..n
of hrr . i.r.o r-, .,Trd, will .ail a ith all poa>lt.lr dtapit. h.
»* *'•* Irrifht, a|.j If to
_w P. ClVlAll'ITT A CO,
dor bos 1 o>. r/urr rnui tn. rrcuur -e-c-.
a paikrt . ' -.tirr **H catot rr." Captain Mrkrr.cn Mai*
hanug a portion of hrr ni«.. .or n d and gring mi ^TT7.
will have quick dl.ju.trh. For balancr ..f hi igftiE aj.piv to
flVB.AIN H ANDS WANTED. Ti nt good hand- fr
I w.t I rd, I.. «„rk on thr lira, rl Train, in thr . oaulry , ,.n rW
'hu Road, t'on.lanl rrnp|..yn>rnl and lihrral wayn
I'TS 1* a WAI.TIIN'. a-t.trf Rndnowr
i.%xi> luunrv ix
nA\INtl been employe.l to »ell Ur^e tract* of !«
in MiU*», OrcvnMrr, *n.l R.Ija- -ni countlev. I Idvlte pr
front c 4|*itsi.vis, bid! pBrtleutBrly from person* «h > m *
wish lo settle on the sitme, to whom fte»t barysln* will be sold. j
can *%fely assert that, for fertility of soil an I a«lubnty of rIh.iate
it Is nr-t sarpaasr I by any portion af the Mat- The lanJ U sat
xted in the iB.'itn**lrw*. by far the rtcl mt of which mrvins of table
*•»•«!. eoverod with »j*r«*r maple, aati, wa.uat, oak. and l.i< k<>ry. It
is admiralkly a lspte I for a staiiny country. Thoura'itls «>f acres
of thr land hare Keen, within a few years, opened, and are now
'Bakin* ample returns t.» the owners. The land will l>e surveyed f
»nd l.«ld off Into mail farms, thee* by fir iuy to pure has* ra with
ruo«ler.ite taeans op;, r .unity of Investiuf. I will five all neetlfal
information on the subject, and will sh >w the land to thnae wislnn«
to purchase. Tli<#e eentlen.11 w»th wh< ni I have orresponded
on thl- subject, as well as others who may .l.-sir- to purchase
fur residence or speculation, are Invited to elsit the lauds an.!
wee f.»i themselves. 1 shall be ready by first May to hi w them
<n person.
|W“ Wy fkWtofilre, after 1Mb April, will be Nicholas C. M.
KIClf%KI> Mil l,
Rlchfoonkl. 41.r11 |*t.
I A'l now me. It la* .... r.li Atork Cos n:rTI OM H 1
FKI ITF Ae, carefully-dr- ted I . miaoW Irom the Importer*
of and Now Ynrk h--aaea, of which. I |ori.» that th.
prtee* will bo |.ul » ch-ap aa Ihey ran t-e h.uf M It... aide nf New ,
YrrV I all. ala., annul. ■'..ring Houtile Krt.nr.l CAMIItM • a> ,
rantr I In rarir to any climate, and madr nf Ihr very hrrt Crud.r.l
*»gar Call an I raamlnr for younelf, at ih» Wtmlrrale and R.talt
St--re of aviiRFWANTONI,
arl't - 1m \ral dn.»r to Fa. hange Hank.
llll». PI Ml.If , the ruharr.hrr wiahoa lo pnrchatr a
■ a atoill farm ai'uate-t In a g.-.-d netghhothoud. conmnlrtit to
Churchra, ggRooIr, Ac | intend Irariaf thr county nf Augurta
aa e-on aa I ran make my arrancrmenie to da an I rrqulie a
hnuar wood, water, and a good actuation for a et..r», Ar.
aulf-dm » RClIll FaTIART
r t—Addreag. *• A P qtnart.'-Atanot.-n aaauata roonlr. Ta
- Hlint. ( IlFdP It If ON NIOKN. ' r .alehy
♦» *n» Vfi WALI u > . i\ -
i'"R in o ii % n ni.KHM. —rtoocn'e patent n-t. arro hand
■ Irra fnr .air |.r ae*.. WM rtl MtH. mt A m
!>•""* Pon PALLOWIRn—rq.
I cultivator.* asi> harrow* for Uiv.
Ft TTIMI IV WHItfT Hellerlng that tham V NS?'
In my SKA plow .hr heat Flow In aar. la^BklMh
make thl. ultra to the Farmere* and Planter. I .ill farni.h thou
with threr Implement! and If thry am not hotter rhea thnarthry note i
hare, they rail return them lo me alter trying I hear, free of rhargr
ir Freeh aapply of Tamlp fm l j.,et rrrrlrrd.
F H ATARK*. No MMalnM ,
'T“ • doofu abort At Chartee Hotel.
M&IRTHt 4HIITIII shun s • j
Cl TKS TKlt Vf»VKMMrtt nT/f. ISSR.
Thr deal leratntn ha* been obtained-Thr Kyou Worengklrt will.
Woven Hunt]**,
It admitted hy all lo he an per lor to any other ARIRT, made Ihr
Rein* made without rowing or r I raping, them la no rlnp'og or fall
I Ing apart, H g. ||»W*OR,
Cm AT l lh.r.t At . V-w York
N» I. Mob n FOR flL . Twenty ■ .
ed In three famlilea for Sale, to a put-haerr, who want! them
! f .r hl« own uae, an l will keep the famlllre unh.„krn Apply lo
••,0 •» ATORF* A RIYRA
>)- IIAinn. I HI1F nil ON «HIK1 In atom far
f aale.hr_ret* WM WAIT ACT AONg.
^ HHI.I, FT I NA R, Al’li IH, :n tr-m he aale, hy
ICVF a-l* WM W»l |,t<»» AON*
'til "TNI 1,1, * flF»,» PI NK HI n.
If” for T -ham. lata, for ealr hy
I *** PMIWA A rt ainoqwr
)\ "lll'l- PI. IIS AND I IM A vs I: |i
• HIM? In t'fUF frt Ail# hr WM W «l|.%r ?oy«
I\i I N Mhifor r ICK, la Mor* for ink Kt
Wlf W*l|,Ar»dAI«
V W4Ra N O foiMf. •» •* rf, for «n|f hy
| tea ee1« WM Walla..
f|M H H l*H SMARISIJ TON At l«. Wa hare a lot
*- »r awprrtor Turklah T.d.ao.-o for emoling. whirl la of flair
quanta, for ante by RlAIA A CM AMRflNLATMfl
—*'*• lat. w M Niantmiw • Ah
CVi? *:Vr **«*».-*« hhlaiv Loflf fqe.r |» Horn,
i fra >alq A| HU WH. W AlXAC* flows
Til* ruCRDKM of UiU eelebrated Ibatftntlsn offer? the nuwt rer.
Ul», speedy and only eflec.a.l remedy l. hT.TrM
„ RkCRtT DlAK tM ...
Uor.orrl.oa-. Oleeta. HtrlcUi.es, beniinal Wfakpeaa Pain In the
Lo,1“*- Constitutional det-ltlty, lmp..ren.-r. » of the Rack
jsidUmh.. Affections W lb. RldEr7 KiptotaTuT,tbi'Hnn
D>speps.a, Nervous Irritability, Dt-easoS of the llea-l Throat
Naae or Akin; ao.l all tk.ee serious art mel.nrbolr d: .order. arts!
*u »M«* destroy both lowly
at. l mind. Those secret and soil-art pract.cea are more fatal ■»
IhCr vlrtl.u. than the aoug of .j. «rtwm of ‘,7
imp7X?,,U’',“ *+" ur -MP-*«-.f—«4«
Torso m*s.
•apedally, who bare become the victims of Sol,tare vte. th..
drer.dful and deatr-.etlve habit which ann^nyr^trT. 172.77
timely Stave tltousaa.la of young men of the il«7v.^.d
at‘d_brJlUnt Intellect, who might oiherwl.e h.Te ,n. rancid ultra
d'i henates with the U.traders of etonsenee or w.ke.1 to ..... ...
Uvu.g lyre, may call with full couhdeorT ' ° ^ ,h'
Married Persona, or Toon* Men r„ntemt>latlnr Marriaes hetoe
aw,r. of Physical Weakness, Organic Ae
ahoold I,..mediate', c. om.lt Dr. Johnston, and hi Vl^owdT: £e,'
Me Who places himaelf under the rare of Dr Johnston
eonffder.ll, rely
Immediately cored and full v igor restore.!.
sut.,e.'t will pr^nd t.. deny that the power ..f Procteatloo la lost
T 12° l“l"r'b'r habits than hy the prudent
Hertdes belt.* deprived the pie..,.re healthy ..(bpHnv ihe m.-st
ae.ioaa and destructive symptoms to both imdy „wnd arise --
Tl.e system becoo.es deranged, the physical and mental power.
S£*E^n,712£.^!r,!i,r ' rl’*• I—'W-tir. of the heTl.ln
tlotTVic ' "* ofUe Tame, cough, svmptoma of o-naump
Prt'r,..J,,c.m1^!,’,‘* l'^7n,T rT*“r 5*,W“ advert Ring to cure
n H>* fnmedlca and treatment are entirely un
kn-.wo to others. Prepare.! Irma a Ufa spent In the great Hospitals
*n-l ihf 8r»i In thl» country. rJt tuicLuid hr*n** <
Hn7Ui7 '>L{®,j'*‘,eRd,la Ac., and a more extensive p’rnctlce than
any ...her PI,, atrtan to the uortd. His many wonderful cares son
tts.Mt tiupnriftia 2<ur*i.'uJ ..|v«-r »li.,r.u arr % Ruft.lrut ruir«nt#r ».
tl.e atmcte.h Those u bo wish lobe apeedll, and effectually «7
the4r*heaRh^adlap^y *• «h“
-KS«VS!E.“ *"***” *n,i number, or yo.
j Cr^TAKPNOTICf- Observe tl.e name on the door and wln
thouavr ;
Ao yummy or ha ( shops hr to csso.
„ . DR. JOllN.uro.V,
Memhar of the Royal Cottage . f hurye..,.., U.W. graduate from
the moat eminent Colleges o{ the L’mtJd Mates and tl.e
V EsT'. 'hrZ!'tt *2? ,‘r'n *l-cnl |p the H.apltaU ,.r L-.,.
■I.m. Parts, Pl.tUo. Ipl.la and elsewhere, h .. effected aorue of the
U’;",7V,‘V. ' Cur<*.,*‘*‘ ,**• '»«' ‘«k Man, troubled with
■ngiBff In the ears and bead when aal-ep, gr-.t nervouaueas he
log alarmed sudden sound,. ar.J haal.luluem, ulti. de.eog.meut
of Biioil, were l ur* J IniiiinllaMr. *
, " ntomi> 1 e.| anj lmpr...t,,.t votary of |deasure Suds he
ha. tmt.tlm.1 tfw mend of tUa f.aloAd disease, if t .o often happens
[’ ■*1' UJ 7 d.aioe, or dread of dls4'..rer> , deters r.lio
,r. w V’pa' “ '?• ,,om education sod respectability, car.
alone befr.er... h i, deUring till the Constitutional aymptnmaaf
.!*“ . rV,'l dwease i.ul- tlictr appearance, such as ulcerated sore
throat diseased nose, ... cturnal paias In the bend and liurbs, dim
&er« or •jfttit, 'leatnrM, nixies or* th« ihln hoi»^» And mcmm i.lt>t. i.M
*7 7.1. .7 . .. ..***’ with fHrhtful r«ui.||. I
*r, ill. »t ba thr |>aUle «f the n»mth or thr bone* of thr li.kseftll 1
' U'l* **Cul h***uin«-s a HorrM object of '
.e^STfetoU hU arr*'1!U '•» j
“ That bourne from whence no trnerllrr retnrru."
II la a mel.ncb.dy lad that thousand. Mi victim. t« tld. .trend I
fuj c .tnpUlnt. owing to the u-sUllfulnrsa of Ignorant pretenders,
a ho. by thrnsr of that dreadful poison. tortrttry , ruin the coueth !
'utlon, aud either arttd the unfortunate sufferer to anuutlmelv crave
or else nosite Use ro .|„ of hi. life miserable uunteiy grave.
Hr J addrcm. a lll tl. se who hove injured themselves by prl
rate WiJ improper ln'lul«.*i neiew. J v
TI.e.e are some of the sad and melancholy effects produced bv
;' •' .^altwissfjhsParksafuiitsirte
f tb \\ ri USST” V?'"- M“c»Ur Power. Palpitation
fthellear.. U.spe.sl.. Nervous IrrstaUUty. Derangement of the
Higestive functions, General DebUIty, Symptom, ot Oonaumption,
The fe.rfti! e'-r'i nn the mlr.J an much to be dreaded Loss ofMe
?J2il "/'*•• "!';f i’MTerdon Of >pi,its, I,II retooling,,
a*rr ..on t • • •) , otrH Lhstro*t, Love of 4uUiuUt, Timiditr. Ac
arc aotue of Uw evils pm.tu.p,t, a '' ’
r^auTullmu of!**• e*n n"w J what IS the cause i
r their declining health. L.oiu, their rigor. becoming weak, pale !
emaciated, nave a smeotar apperranre abe.ul the eyes, cough and
•vinptons of c •naua.pt : on. *
Wh.kKNl.ta. |
,n‘; •"rfftaut remedy , weakness of the organa are !
,4c?r’s roior*J. Th<*tu ui.b of thr m<.*t r»er- i
"f l"'*’ *u '’“pc. ha.r been Imiurdtately I
:: vA;n,'>l~ -l',“eid.l.t Marttegu, Physical... Menial db.,sal
u, atiori, Vro ,, Irritations, Tremblings ami Weakness or cx
.oustioo of the m.«t fearful feted, speeddy cured by Dr. Johnston ,
.hn hare Injured themselves hr a certain practice Indulged In 1
al. cn a or a habit frertaenlly learned front evil. ..mponiona nr
ti setoou. the effect* of oUd, are n'chtly Mi, e.en a hen mleen I
,7 i 7"; 2??1*** ‘“po-wc.nnd de^my.**.;,
iulu.1 ami t ..«!>, -iiiaoM .*pply 1 htcxii^^i^
« hat • pit. that a y none nun, the hope of hi. country, and the
■! . ng of In* (.arrets, -t. uld be snatched from all prospect, and
riiy-t. newts el hie. l.yUte rouse.,,|enr» of devUllag t,on, the pub
.1 nature, an I indulging In a certain secret habit. Such peraona
b. fate contemplating *->.o peraoua,
shnul-l reflect that a sound mind »n 1 body arc the most necessary
o ,U,!17oA° Xro,a"‘*11V,;"«hi«l happiness Indeed, a Ithout these
t oie t t. o‘ ‘‘Si ' * *,,rJ pilgrimage; the prospect
t ur!y darken* r . t; vi-w; the wind becomes ahodowed with di.
t slr in., ail, I at'h the inrianeholy rrfleetlno that the happiness m
sto.tl.er trectoes t.h. hte-l with our own.
fir- All .‘■URGICAI. orri!ATIONS performed Mn
th'. «££ pn'caX 7°“- bul ‘HP1* Immediately, j
^IvIN I>I.<KAa*> >;**-r !!ly cur*kl
Tb* ir*rir ih u*nn !« car* » xi thi« InMiluf* within th* Ust tw*lr*
Imp-run. Surgical operaUotta per
n,. l b. I... J , «..t,—e.l by the reporters of the papers, and
loan. Alow persons, notiee* of wldch have appeared again and
agate hrlore the pol>h.-. t .-sides bis standing as a gentleman r,f
liar ae ter and reaponaibihiy, la aaulhelent guarantee to the adh-teJ
JUS-ly a
T " ’ " t: * » HSIKH* of nUGINIlTd ,
■ It ha ate i.r, together a tu, ad. i
1. U* UEtt *. an.l .1 , ar,| «hich ha« bfrn *«*til rXtrtttivHi tbrouch i
t ...umr. to our friend, and customers, and from wl.ldi we make 1
rlo following extra -t Tl.e aobaeriber hating roudueled the above i
Il"tt‘aTT a -T '7 ' r-"*- under the style of
ll w ATT A CO . he, , ,ea.e I., Inform hla friend, and the custom- |
cm of lie- old eoncei n that that (Irm does not now exist," have sat I
file l ns to.r a r. -.alar and -yatemativ eff.irt has aud ia still being 1
", .de to teeelTe the pubHc. and lead then, to belley, that the eon
.ern Glo w xrT A Co i, not In ritatrnce. aod that the only I
plaec |„ get Wall a Patent Cuff Brace Plow is from a man oho i.
"• Vr*"* * , *“•' unjustly deprltin. George
Watt of hi. pr-i erty.by making hu Patent Ph.w. «ithout hla au
itlor ty or conaent. » c desire to rorres t tie impression thus sought
. .-.To*."- o '.'ii, ,ou 1,‘'1 ,h» Public that Uie concern of
■ •LuRl.fe »\ kTT 4 CO. Is atl.| in existence, that Geo Watt, the
nr ■ t.ior and patentee, hu not sold the right, or authorized any
'•TP‘ ',r * M. Scott, ol Irederi X.hurg, to make any of his I
t St nt I .owa, and that ae keep constantly on hand a large stock,
..r all sues, made under our personal aup rrislon, from the only
-outEre patterns, of the best materials, together with 4 variety
-I other Agricultural Implements, which we warrant to the
t . ter ...d are determlmd not In . , undrn..ld by on. In the
ntarkrl. «»ur «»KO ** ATT return* Ms finerr* thanks to Ms (rten.t*
*n.« the public, who l**vr utfe«t«Wi*s| bin hrrrtcvfnre, an.l we solicit
• <**'n»inuance of then patronafre.
_npoRliR W kTT 4 CO.
\\ 1 ire now opening ta-ir.
YY a par f our PALL and WIN life STOCK ..f lb«.u shoe.
Ttr0nV. 1 ' “'“prising k good and general variety
Otall tie- mist deairabte kinds, mostly mami'arture-l expressly for
ua. and the |o«l,l..« are such at we can recommend to be goo.L—
a l,\ ,r ‘ur ^r»* I**, all an«l r*amine our »t«*r|L. We are satUfl
V L**.*’ ' “f'dlhem s. I. w as any hous* at tl e N„rh, ,1, N,w 1
.-rk, Philailelpl '• or Baltimore, and we sill sell n„u u.w, all
inw.nl r goo-l Goods at low prices ar- respectfully Invited to
a. a itVlVT, r'7i '7" U*“ h*7 C‘,h- °r P-T ptompt
i vii. tkvih:. ■ as*.
__ *" •*. non -Tamr. ah’h'p, ..
\\ " 11
HrMn, P*|mna, |iu-.k Rooha. OurtAln Pa|»m. tnrrloprA. MuaI,
« Ationrrr. ' rrtlirr nltti a frnrrAl AAArrlamt ofRapir ,0.1 r,n
'* *.'“'•'V1"1* ” ■■'••nplrlr An ,«.»1arg, AA r.n hr f..,.n.t
in Al»r »r " holrAAlr Ro.,k P.lAh'trhinrnl In ItiT I'nllM PtAtrt
Al. l Iip .n Irrni a« r ,lr vul aa l.ihrr aI
. rr~"r .nlT ..4 , riAMinAtkin of oar Work Ron, Put,m
kturwlof In At war AD AOMflr Ihrlr n.nta tn «r Itrr, to thrlr rntir
B( to fri<f9 »t»«1 of lf|<4
MU. ill MOMI MU r>R\ tiM»n^::
N. . * llrrAtid Nlrr.-t,
A»r hrr., "prom.- tor (hr pant In.. Arrkt a t»tt tarpa AAAort
. ' ' f>R’ ... P> I'i'Iaj • 'trAArr rrom
.or*, -.11 hr n rr.rlp, aflhrlr Hill „w|, rr»Mptto«
In l»rr.. I». o.lA Itrparlaiant. Ihr Atrt, . Ap t lAt rir. AAA Trrr nm
•n^attrartlTa. and Ihr »»rt,lp l. frratrr II,,., ih.i of tap formrr j
nriPtR.NIrr'111^1!.Ni‘; •**>«*. *'*diioi j
Wr Intifr Ihr AllrnlUn , f bn.rt, h. ,h a holrAAlr An,I rrtall to
n»r.p.,k. »..arlh* ihrAA ll.Al » - A),.11 rn lr..,., lo flrr rnllrr «
i«».rnpN t r»x.
”_SIT Hr ., 1 Alrr. 1 j
* too ON } IBM 4.00 ON !! W. ,rr not, In m
rr |.l of apart of A,p„lT of P,|| W|n,„ fjn.,.1,. .hj,h
Wr In.llr Ihr AH I,Hon of ihr romoranltp. Ivvrp Atraa.rr nlllllvta*
n* friNfi fK»4» 'lunne th«* hu«jr •. n—>n.
rint.n 4 rmsmr
V ,?!D " M -Ill harrrl. A and I
• » I P*r» Pl. -Af, lor «Atr hp
r. 11 HhiNRri 4 rn
4«INNV Mt|tw...w. hart a h.i of liunnp Rap., an
\W Altnntml, nhlrh air »U| aril l..« u. rlotr
*"1' InllNAttN TDfVItt R * fpfpp
*4) Mini*. PHINK M KNTKMN *>IOBN, lamllni
_ ._woMRi.r 4 ci.airornp,
I I I Of INI, « NO Ol NO. . for aalr
1/1 K II HNINKI K A 1 .1
®**,l1®* Mlf ftIDVt*, rvwnfftllT rt
•)*, "Ml*. H IM « I N| «t«M. I.’tln, I.4., tm
** ' aai. hT Purr*. r>Rl.rv4 ro
<1 PPMIiiH PNMM UIPMinill tk*n—
~ J«» <«*R «~l, »rr IMp MaIat," Ron. Chinn, for .Air hr
I 4 II R l>4VKNP.iRT
|NOI% HI IIIIPM i I.OTH, forll .I in4 l„.U
■ O'pa'. 4W«, lo -l, HoM-rr ptpow. .rvl f'mhionA porA.I.
Mr*l>r 4 H 4KPITA PrrArrtpflon No,,.
*'•*b» Cornor *Mtp pr*«t Off! 4*0
It" 4R,n,»M »Nn WINK*. Parr hnp.ot,4 rwk
****'• ,1 I * •.*< •irA.I aodrrfTW on H'toUk .ad
l«n S an l I. r.Akt pair an,I |h.rk Rrapdlra
N Hhrrrp. M. lrlm. and Pori Wtora
***** l»AAk. Ia Ph.aipApar Ohio
*W* ,AATA tiarrl Winr, for A a to hr
1 »o r tMTRNptnrr
<*■«. 4NN. IA« hoiaa, «w».a .nd P m. lpr, la
J Atom tor a,I. hp tall _ «« W*U 4CRR»NR
*TtlRl'*ll*HB, -tiawan at irtnttlh
1 1 **
J I have In afore n larg* and w*0**lert*?*tni-k"of Bo.u"*h,’!r*'T!'
I of my own and of the beet Yurtkon ntiinfvtiro .Heeled bv nr
I aelf dating'hit ."rotor I hire alao an hand a larve-T-o ilt
of Trunk*, to which I would eall lb. atteotUo of perron. In want
i »• the reduction *f U per r*nl. will make then very law. H
Mr. ROPT. RRtlHIR I* Mill *ii|>*rln'ending the —-*_taring
> department of my hualnem. Ot hUquaJi Vatleuu It W unnecemar*
to *penk, a* he i« well known to he one of the bent, if not the mi
maaufarturer or Boo** amt nhoea In thie country 'rnB at
I |e«_*<gn of the Big Hhoe, TH Mala ac
p;u.si\ USTilirJY.
eiita y*» aaay *•■*?
iiftib'it. mi
3BBIJ 8r-Hjl4:«*»*
Jl4 #£
riMIIH atandard brand of Put Wntecav la offered lo the Trade In
*■"! ***• It I* guaranteed na bring a perfectly pure
,1 lrt. entlrdj free from iVlH«riou iuImIabcw, atari rrmnti
the premium merit of beinc Correa l>rvru i fhm hem Uii.ru>
••\?;.US^r.r.r^ “in'W*. II.ring a large Mo. k of
. *"■' ,,'*n4* P«« Mfmguar In New York
and Philadelphia, enable* u* la ahlp fern either cMy without datrtt
“c,°- PRKkMAN d HIMPttON.
Pauati Iktaanj.av,
, , „ _ _ _ Schay IklU River.
Office* • 109 Pknnt Htreet. Philadelphia,
1 1 W WaP Hirer*. New York trl [.
will* double hounding Hoard.
P II TA YLOK ha* ju«l recrlved our of lh. ahov.fESSMii
eitr.ordinary Planua. Dee uhat the New York Her IT f I II
aid uya of It: • • w a I a
Th* Nkw Pi*no r..art.—Perfection in n quality which hna never
been < talmwl for (hr Plano Porte The moat successful effort of
Jhe .out .kintal maker*, hare ..IN brfl mmethln. Hi ££ m
•.ring the Instrument lo the highest point which tome dartae
mind* believe that it could reach Nett to the organa of the hu*
man voire, the violin ha* been, we believe, esteem, d the a*o*t net -
feet musical Inurnment. To aeslmilate the Plano Port* a* much
•» po**it-l» to the rloHn In construction. I* them vvl.lenllv some
«' *»»* ulmoal effort .,r utleuUHc tabor to arcumnllah.
Thta dedd^ton. seem* now lohav* bees achieved by the Invendoa
tr “r 8 ■ “J *—■
HI KE FKIoltll ZITC, 7
OF T1*« BUT dCAUTT, F*U *jf IU(
/ -/wet*/ dry, by J.orpA Jg. .Stroog, Ay't. for fAc C. .<{.
1 IIIP above crlebratr.l brand of FIRM. II ZINC. Mrlctlr our.
and of all the qualtllea, ground In pure Hle.rbrd Unseej'otl
warrkMpH, and for »«Ip it thr rnlacnl urtf of r>rti-p« *
ed*.^SS "" b'*‘ Jr» — *• “'*«*«•
A.NOI.IHH and AMkRHUN WHITF IPAD of the hnt qoalltlr*
of our own Hr.n.la IP LAND CITT, NANUU.K.AHT RlVU.i
YORK PITT rn.mv .*•*>•.>.w ir
.ortmrnt of the best rolon, dry and In nil, nil of which we
■he lows* market price., and . III be pleased to (lee oooUtlooe by
mall or Other.He. C. H A A. T BAXTER A CO., 1
Proprietors of the Kanes 1» kite Load nod Color W orks,
_ . 0«ce Xo. «* Malden Lane, nnd 1» Cedar Bta.
*'•' •ll*__New York C«Y
rivill: .uherriber lakre pleasure In Informix* hi. rvmrtry custom*
L er», nnd the City trade In yraeral, that he l« .seisins be ...
rry steamer snd packet, the following frrsb stock :
400 boxes layer and bunch Raisins.
2t» bam Soft Shell Almonds.
MS bam rarloua Nuts.
*41 jars and fancy hoirs Prune*.
ISn dozen axaorted Pi.rl.s_
-'ll dozen WarrestervHrv Sauce.
28 dozes various Sauces.
SO dosrn French Mustard.
IS *“**• Nsrcamnl aad Vermicelli.
r-R> lt*R. Jbjuhf* Rlltp
1“'“ <*/««'. «* mT own Importation )
'.*<* tltlrn Mi-wlllr* IW. 9
5^.^' ▼urluu# fTsdn of Clyin,
BO Caper. *u4 olivrv.
_ & ***»• Ernies 1000 11rum* Fig*.
With a great variety of other flood*, lass num. rout to mertinn
Abo 1 m.nufsctur. d.ll, a Is rye StSLT o?«.
n'** < *■*«!>■» «•«!•* frum the he»» Crushed t*ugar>
T?ie atlrntkXi «»f pur baser« of the above |« -_an. ..
They .111 Ld U thelr
as cheap as the Northern markets. All I ask la, a call. *
Wholesale Dealer in Poreifn Fruits, and Double RriD^d Candy
**•_Manufacturer, No, lgs. Mala ah, Richmond, Va.
No. 83, Main Street, Rlrhmuud, Va.
HAYINti iurt received I heir fall stock of DHL UP MS DICtXEa
PA INT!*. OILS, DYE STI FF!*. *c . *c, are SnSed tJ
supply the trade, both to.n and coun'.rr, on the most asm.**»ta
uw‘ fn'lhraUi; "h “*«'«. conaDtlnr la pan of
Sup. Carh. Soda True Turf Oil
!u*ttyo, (warranted) Morse Powder*
Castor Oil W ater Pearls
r.|« Sells X X Dourb*»o Perfume
*5 Turpentine Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
A»a,n K*JvaI •» K«Ur(
OrckmTkftar hdN.h .H*r.*purilU
Fit. Iri>f«(iu4 Tiivuriid'i do
Rfimwlotx- Hull's do
feiphur Kitrumath Unlmrat
Sxtlpetre Mustan, do
Msdtlrr Arabian do
Klurttone Arctic do
CabNnrl Utile'» White «>U
Utn|tknr h« JatuaJc* Ginger
Copparm* Cod Uvcr oil
F'l'P^r Quinine
®2?Tr WtHRl's Hair Beforer
Mr* A lim a .to
Nutmegs bv« n*s Kathalron
Barry'» Tricufd«M«
2°,r* Matches, aN ktsJi
Clb&AMAO Vermifuges, d.. t
MueiatU Baker *• Miters
MMte Lead Muitltf feap*
Be«l Ua4 Toilet <t»
lsln*ee«t Oil PlUa. a|| U»d*
Taxwer s <M Havaaa Clg-rs
Machine oil fend lag Tubseen
\ .krn.sh Chew log Tobacco
Concentrated !.ve Pipe*. Urge variete
HK tNhlti1 »n»t M ISF^ for Mr.lh inal p**rr..se« tibgether with a
V»MwTr? j£ rT'y Tl*J™ M Aik BBCsStal
01|l 1 • r" whlrh »c c»l| tost ItUStUMi.
kM«ssn, Va,
TKvITF-'* Merchant* and Ithoiesaie huversto an cvamlratlon of
* '*;v r."*P'r,'n< k *» »"**•• Psln.. <m.“;>iu, me
dtclncs.Wlu.low Glx-a. Dyertaffs Superior Indio. Brushes Per
“■*" i*"'rr*"ky kb tuck
satwirto-7’ *aJ *" *rtkl" *»"»»'«* r>*the t.cst duality, and
tb*onler. solicited and promptly and falihf.1 attended to
_ '___w. r.
NV PrS. To «•*'■ FtlhUe.-The submrther
“turalpg bb thanks to the
public for their liberal palrcn^e ex tended to Mm; also
fu inform them that he Is hotter prepared, st IhD time* b> furm.h
Ml kind, of SADDLERY, than he' h.'. heretofore branlnd.tp,^
that cannot f.l* to |>le.se. Hsetn* the he«i workmen In tnr em
ploy, and st.m* my whole attention to hmlsrw, enables u># to
maaetactare suck work as ranaot he surpassed lor neatness and
durability As my motto is, "Muick sales and small proRta." yon
witl Rnd It to your Interest to (Ise me a . alt, at No. IM Main st.
Rt> t.mond, va. All orders promptly attended to. 1
1 1 EM IVE tnt n t CM Slav ..
AlaAlto A HAKl'K't* Prr»crtpl,..n Mora.
_Ar-‘__!*• **•'" A . '-or a burr Pn.tllAtrr
\-KKV II 1'I HHIK OLD J « V | rori'Ki aad
rnolm S'! Orleans and Porto Rim fu««n, to hr fonnd la
'»t cUj, Mr .air by AUSTIN K MOORS.
- -—_ __ _Ajr-nl
l» K 1 «. O <» l> s
FOR FALL, 1859.
N«. IT Ibarl Mnrl, HI hmcnf V*.
YV * **k Ul' nAAralian •( thr roar, hania ..f fltyhla. intt Car®.
▼ ▼ hnt in<l to »ur |«rgr «r.*| varied rtf
foreign inp domestic pry good*.
•rlrrtrd with rrrat rart. aad roporlally a-Uptrd to thr I rod* of
thoor am tit-no.
Wrttt drtrrmlnrd to rrll our Ann.tr aa tnw tut they tan hr hr-oahl
j* “I1 aiarArt l» thla rnanlry, to all prompt ill month. and rash
Mrrrhantr ynlny ihroayh to thr Nnrthom cMI. a, art rawnratrd
*“ rtaminallott, at lhay .hall hr pr.drrtrdla prim
.( tlnat all 'hr on anrh «nn.la aa Ihoy arlr. I from car a) cA.
■ hrrrby BArlny at IrrM frrtpM and r«chnn«r. and ,tt a nnrtina of
thrlr rnoda In a naar martrt, and rnrourawr hona Ira. In wlthowt
failhla lam to Ihrnmrlrm.
1* i'll Tr A DASWAY.
■ «&». NEK MU Ml W INTER GOODS. | *>».
VI.rRIO 'into* roaprrthilly ralla th- aitrnilna of hb rhy aad
C.nialry hiaada, awl cu.lnn.rr. to Into arrtaab of aow fall aad
Winirr fl.-o.la. —nslstlnr of all atylr. and <«o .Hat— ..,«Uy trot la
Orb claaa rHall dry H llr will hr rrcrlrln. hy
atraairr dlrrct from Nro T,.r*. addi'h-na In hb a'r.a.lr wall a.
•onrdatnr*. — that hr otll hr mahlrd to oAr to » h h-mlr aad
Srtail .-nalnmrr., nth Indnrrmrnta aa raaaot fail to pfoarr. hoy
"* £***.<. taHogadrar iaro of thr loot dtaraanla hr
■orrn "varh and “Crrdti" |.ur.-ha—a mahlrs Mm In tarry ant
«nd f.at.In hb promlao >a aril CHA.A P HUY <l<M>|va m alPwhnmar
*V” •Mb * Mrfrhanla. Pamtrra, Plantar, and Tmdrro
•’ ll atndy thrlr own Intrrral hr dolnf an. tha plarr Mr pood ifon.tr
at Inw pH. ra, la thr .dd rriahllahrd harroln Km,..»lom of
wla_ALf ■ KP Madl—, «A Main St
Corner of Tttlflh m4 Cmrj !Hr*>et«,
■ RfCNRCS A PIRN, Proprlfiort.
ffWr luh* HHer* r»«pe«-i felly Inform tike mep. H«A*« n(
I %irf*vtU. *»»«l» r«»s|h>» ibiI ifnnPDrr, <bil they ffW
»re niiittUt tiirlni tike eery beet t|««Rty
oMch thry art arlltag at tatory pHrar, with a Hhrral dtaronat Ibr
fW~ All war. an Id by aa wIR br AoAyr—d In ant port nf thr rtto
C L ('HEW aV »N,
ITIh Hrr.l, llppoallr thr Marital.
{ vl A nrran«rmrnta far wanaftctorlnr wrro nrrrr amna
, !•***. w'"*' ’•'» -ptasty at oar Anapa.,, ararh Imp—r
-d, In pH. a w. arariy loarA Mm lnw.ai, r«mhfatn« paatAy aad
<rW we 4efy c*smp*A**tn
G'*' k*ING-« rank*! AM*. Par Ihr Halri
Snrnrtl a C- nalnr , Wood's Rrstnrrr An Alloa'a Ar 1am
: 'hr a at app—rrd fnaifha and Hal. Urn Mr anAr al
MS tn* A A A USA'S ftio. Hprton mart,
1*4 Mala at , rnr ahoro p..«r iHArr
Barllor Taboo. S—ry .rat. It-> r ”
Tobr Malta and in art thr Taba In tha ham mannrr
Tahr (Aoaarra Aral Wlro and Who's hoar S—
fahahr Artrda* W.b, Ar , arrawod v.—aw. A.mh aa aa
' Md^orwAACbnpAaAiMRm.mimd.o.hmbM
__ TM*« nteiA a Ann
- "* <l11 »■ Rr't R— Mow Port
2740 J!,r“Vr. .
Ml* l • • B Bat>mmb*|

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