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Ei>isooP4lOomt»tios —TMuridaf, S*eund J>my —The
House met at half past •> o'clock, and, after tbe usual
morning service, was called to order. Pr. Creighton lo |
tbe Chair. A Urge uuiabcr of |«rsoua were present to j
witness the proceedings of the body, but not so many a» j
on yesterday, though tbe weather was of the aioat de
lightful sort.
1 lie Secretary called tbe list of members, wban those j
preaeut auswered lo their names.
The minutes of the previous meeting were next reed
and approved.
Tbe rreaident^lben auuouuced tbe following standing
Committee ox the State or Titt Cut trx.—Tbe Bets.
M. A. I) W. Howe, 1). D., I’eun.; Alex, llurgtaw, Mr ;
Jas. U. Maine*. N. II.; G. B. Manser, D. D. Vt.; George
1-eods. Maas.; Silas A. Crane, U. D , R. I.; Kobt. A. II*!
lard, D. 0., Conn.; Francis Vinton, D. D., N. T.; W. D.
Wilton. D. D., Western N. V.; Cbuksou Duuu, X. J.;
Iteoj. Franklin, Del.; A. ClerrUnd Coxe, U. 1)., Ud ;
Cbas. W. Andrews, I». D., Va.; Kobt. II. Draue, D. D.!
X. C.; Christian 11 nickel, D. I)., 8. C; Edward K. Ford]
1». U., Ga.; J. Jackson Scott, D. D., Ha.; Henry C. Lay,
1). P., Ala.; Ilenry lanson, D. D., Mia*.; llcpj. Katoo,
Trxas; C. T. Quiutard, Teun.; Robert McMurdy, Kv ;
Kobt. R. flat ton, D. P., Ohio; J or. C. Talbot, I). l).,liid.
Samuel Chase, D. D.; Illinois, Francis J. Clcrv, Missouri
* Paulcl T. Grinnell. Mich.; Wm. Adams, I). D.. tt iacounn
Edward W. Kelt, lows; Wm. II. Hill. California.
Committee ox the Gceebal THkoLooicaLSsMtaaEr —
Tie Her. Wm. K. Wyatt. D. D.. MarvUnd; Kev. Wm.
Shelton, D. D., Weatcru K. V.; Kev. Peter J. Sliand, b.
C. ; Kev. Kichard 8. Mason, D. D.; N. 0.: Rev. Alfred A.
Miller, Florida; Mr. Herman Cope, Penn.; Mr. Washing
ton llnut. Western X. Y.; Mr. Samuel It. Ruggles, X.T.;
Mr. John Ferguson, Connecticut.
Committee ox the Domestic axn Foreiox Mtsatoxatv
Society- Rers. Wm. liacon Steven*, P. I). Pa - Fia»
Vinton, 1). D.. N. V.; A. X. Littlejohn, D. D., Coun.; A
U. Stublis, D. D , K. J.; David Keene, Wis ; Messrs. Fd
A. Newton, Mass.; Kolit. II. Gardiner, Maine; Samuel
H. Huntington, Conu ; 8. F. Du Pout, Del.
Committee ox New Dioceses -lb-vs. a. II. Vinton. I>
D. , Pa; John A. Hicks, D.D., Vt; K M. P. Wells D D
Ms^s.; Anthony Ten Rroeck. 1ml.; C. Mtnucgerodr] D d’
>a; Messrs. A. II. Churchill, Kv.; 1). H. Conrad Va •
Jos Jutland, West New York; Win. Welch, Pa. ’
Committee ox the CoXxkcEatiok ok Hisiiors.—Rew
Richard H. Mason, D. D., X. 0 ; J. M. Willey, D. D.. Ct
David a. Buell, I). D.. Vt.; A. B. Beach. I). D., West
N. Y.; J. P. U Wdmer, D. D., Pa.; Messrs. P. K. Dc
mill, Mich.; D. II. Kyall, N. J., Thoe. H. Canfield. Vt:
O. K. Fsirbank, F*.
Committee ox Caxiixa—Rov. Wm. Cooper Meade. I).
P. , Conu.; Her. W. Baron Sterens. I». D.; Rer. Fras.
L. Hawks, 1). D , X. Y.; Rer. Janie* Craik, P I) . Kv ;
Rev. G. M. Randall, D. D., Mass.; feasts. H. P. Evans
Md.; Philip Williains, Va.; Exekicl F. Chambers, Mil •
Murray Hoffman, N. Y.
Coumittek ox Kxntxsxx.—Revs. R. H. Clarkson, P.
D., Ill; 0. Gillette, Texas; Fred. Gardner, Me.; Chari"*
Brock, Del.; Messrs. Herman Cope. Micbigau; Peter 11
lUiley. lud.; J. U. Tliouipson, N. J.; W. U. Battle. X. C.
Committee ox Cxtixisiieo lit .six ess.—Revs. Francis
H. Cummings, D. D„ Michigan; A. A. Watson, North
Carolina; Win. C. Crane, Miss.; George W. DurrII, Me ;
Messrs. Edward .Stanley, California; Jas. Oldham, Teun ;
Benj. lollctt, Michigan; X. 0. Peudletou, Ohio.
CnuMirrxx ox Klectioxm—1The Kcvs. Ed. J. Uid.ee
D. D., K. Y.; Thos. p. Tyler, I). I» , West N. Y.; Mil<i
Mahan, 1). D. New Jersey; T. IL U. Trader, La ; Kidiard
--, '*vr, v imiii ; JM'Oit »
Miller, New Jersey, H. P. Baldwin, Mich.; Andrew In
grain, Indiana. ,
Coxxirrsa on tm* Paaviii II-ok.—Rev*. Ilenrr M
Mason, D. D., Md.; Ileurv Waterman, D. 1)., Rhode I
latid; Ilenry A. Coit, N. H.; C. W. Fitcli. D. I)., Ohio- J.
4». Hubbard, D. D., N. H ; U. A. U.illam, D. D. Conn •
Messrs. R F. W. Alls ton, S C.; Tho«. Ruffin, N. C.; Taze
well Taylor, V«.
The journal of the prelimiimry Convention of the dio
ee«c ot Kit 11*10-, was presented and referred to the Com
mittee on new Diocese*.
Document* from the new dioce-o of Minesota, were,
also presented, itnd referred to the same Committee.
Documents relative to the election of Rev. I)r. (trie*,
of S. 0., to the diocese of Texas, were referred to the
Committee on the election of Bishops.
Rev. Dr. McMahan, ol New Jersey, presented the cre
dentials of the Bishop of New Jersey, which were refer
red to the Committee on credentials.
Documents from Ohio, relative to the election off?. T.
Retell, a* assistant Ihshop ol Ohio, were presented anil
referred to the Committee on the consecration of Bishop-.
Ber. Mr. \\ illcy, of Conn., offered the following reso
Int ion r
Krtolred, That reporters for Church papers he allow
ed seats upon this tkior, and lie provided with suitable
Or. Wal-h, ot l’a., moved to amend the resolution by
striking out the word “Church,” and substituting all re
The resolution as amended was carried.
Judge Conyugham, of Pa., offered the following reso
lution :
h etui red, That 3,000 copies of the sermon preached
at the opeuing of this Convention he printed.
. Dr. Filch, while approriug the resolution, expressed
his disapprobation of the custom of ordering sermous to
l«e printed, as some K|ii*co|>al ministers bad gone over to
the Roman Catholic Church and used those very sermons,
with but slight alteration, for purposes antagonistic to
tin- F.piscnpal Church.
_ Rev. Dr. Hawks, moved that a proposed change In the
VI Article ol the Constitution of the Church, be made
the order of the day for Tuesday next. Agreed to.
Rev. l>r. Meade, of Connecticut, moved that five hun
dred copies of the list of members, and also of tbe stand
ing CoiumillceSjbe printed for the use of the Convention.
Agreed to.
At this stage of the proceedings, Mr. Biiinev, the Lord
Bishop of Nova Scotia, having entered tbe chancel, was
t or mail v introduced to the House, nud took his seat by
the presiding officer.
Ou motion, the Treasurer's account was referred to the
Committee on Kx|ien*es. Documents from the Theolo
gical Seminary were also referred to the appropriate Com
Judge J. N. Convngham, of Pennsylvania, moved that
three tbonsaud of the sermon delivered by Bishop OU-y
ax' Tenne.-see, at tbe opeuiug of tbe Convention, l-e
printed. Carried miauimoosiy.
Uk¥. I)r. A. II. Vinton, of New York, said that at the
Jast seseiou of the Convention in Philadelphia, in 1836,
• the following resolution, offered by himself, passed the
H' talced. The House of Bishops concurring, that Ca
■HOD.* l. and IL of 1833 be repealed: thul the next evening
a mcevsgc was received from the House of Bishops,wuh
the following resolution.
Jietolltd, That this House do Dot concur iu the actioo
of the Hottac of Clerical and Lay Deputies, respvctiug
Canon* I. and II. of 1833.
A* the Constitution required that the House of Bish
ops in their non-concurrence with any resolution adopted
hr the Lower House should i court after an Inian.l m
not more than three day* and pr- their reasons for so
doing in writing, and ss, in the iuatance referred to, they
htd given no rea*ot:- for their non -concurrence,** requir
ed by the Constitution, be therefore moved that the Sec
retary be instructed to strike Canon* I and II from the
journal of this Convention.
Mr. Burgess, of Maine, hoped the motion would not
prevail, and called sttention to the fact that the resoin
tion which the lloi.se of Bishops had uon-concurred in
was not reported to them until the las: day but one of
that session, which might readily account for the tutor
Bev. Pr. Meade differed from his friend from Maine.
dDil disapproved of the action of the House os Bishops
Uer. Pr. Stevens, of Pennsylvania, moved that the
.matter he referred to the Committee on Canons, auilthst
they he requested to state the exact Status of Canons I '
.and 11 of ( H,v,.
Rev. Dr.>'iorer, of Ohio, thought the Cations were
binding, as. the House of Bishops had reported silvers* I
Jy to the re*«luti*u repealing them, within three day*.
Judge,CUatnbar* of Md., thought there was no prr
vedoiit hi Uie Constitution for mskitig a law by courtesv
and that unlcr.fbo,tabular course be pursued, it was not
binding upau the- Ciujfch.
Mr. Macredv,.of Jvpr|h /Carolina, was in favor of the
reference to tin* Oimiriuse.
After a protrweted discnnnjao tfje following resolution
of Pr. Stsvens, was adoptedu a aubstitiite for the mo
tioe of Dr. Vinton.
Rttolvt.l, That the Committee «n -Canons be request
ed to take into consideration, and report to this lldu«r
to-morrow, the farts as to the Legislation and the status
of such legislation of this House, on the fleneral Con
. ven lion of 1 S.’itt, ii(Kin Canons I and II of i 8.’>;t.
Dr. Vinton declared that the lions., of Bishops mutt
, give their reasons for non-concurring, and in wriftfig, or
t else tiu Canon of the House of Lay and Clerical Pvpn
.tiespf USM repealing Canons | and II of Ittfitt had all the
(force of law. He hsd no objection to its being referred
to the Committee on Canons, hut believed it had better
|>e made the order of the day for to-morrow—be wanted
speedy action upon it.
Judge J. N. Conyngtiam thought the conr<eofthe
House of Bishops was informal aud deficient, but that It
was in the power of the lower House to overlook the ii •
formality of their action, and the fact of their having
done an at the time, gave it all the hi,.ding power of a i
Rev. Pr Hawks, of New York, was in favor of the mat
•er going to theCommltee on Canons, with instructions
to report to-morrow.
Rev. Pr. Adams made a long and humorous speech in
opposition to the appointment of Assistant Bishops, «ml
in conclusion off# red the following resolution as sn
amendment fo Canons VI and VII, relative to the sub 1
Rfalrrit, That In care of recovery from any infirmity
presumed to be permanent at the time of elAetlon, then
the diocese shall lie divided according to me conslitn
llouvl provisions of the constitutional canons of this I
C nreh. Adopted.
Rer. Pr. Qnintard. of Tennessee, offered a resolution
repealing the title of Assistant Bishop, as s*t forth in !
Canon \ I, of I Mg, which waa referred to the Committee
on Canons.
A message from the House of Bishops, transmitting
Missionary llishopa' report, was reoeired and reform! to ’
the Committee on Domestic and Foreign Missions.
Rev. Pr Kvans, of Md . mured that the III Canon, of
lUfto, he referred to the Committee on Canons.
A report waa receired from the Bishops’ African Mis
sion, and referred to the Committee on Missions
Rev Pr Kelly, of New Jersey, mowed an amendment
<« the 2d section of the V Cannon, of l*Sg, by striking
out “ s v< ar " and substituting “ three months.
Rer Pr Ktnbbe, of New Jersey, moved to refer sec
tion 1st of Canon V, of I AMI, refat ire to the ordination
of Priests, to tho Committee on Canons.
Rer Pr. Htewens moved that the same Committee he
requested to report to the Hones the propriety of repeal
ing or modifying Caoon IX, of IMS.
»r. Moi rison, of Maryland, moved that tha him Com
mltaea soqulr Into tha eipadlcoey of modifying Canon
XLV. af lilt, hy adding another (action, aa follows:
" AlWf tha Wdar a4 morning avatar, tha Litany Md
miOMtvr i provided, thu •uaclusMil bo not understood
M IntfiMlf In an? way lo an e«ublUhfd congregation,
lo n»e the whole of the proscribed service during the
OJUrs* of the day." Referred.
Rev. !>r. Talbott, of ludiana, offered the foltowiug :
AVao/i<-J, That, the Uouse ot Bishop* concurring, the
next Coovrution of lliie bodv will be held at St James’
Church, in Chicago.
Rer. Dr. t’hamb-r* moved to poet pone
Rev. Dr. Clarkson, of Illinois, objected to the poet
ponemeut, aud urged the alelme of the far West.
Mr. H. II. Davie, of California, opposed taking the
Convculiou to Chicago, and urged Eastern cities in pre
I>r. Cummings, of Michigan, advocated the resolution.
Mr. U. D. Evans moved to atnrud by substituting New
York for Chicago.
The vote was taken by diocese-, and the amendment
The uucstiou then recurred upon the resolution, pend
ing which
The House adjourned.
Citt Council.—A called meeting of the City Council
waa held yesterday afternoon—ten members prcseul.—
The absentees were Messrs, tiratton, Haskins, Greener.
Richardson, and Whitti-ld.
The application of Messrs. Cooley, Osborne A Co., for
the |>aymriil of &I.IKMI. ou sccount of the improvement
of James River, gave rise to some discussion. The Chaui
berlain had declined to uiaku the psvuiaut, though the
claim was properly certified, because the Couu.il had
failed to proe.rilie whether the uniouul should be paid in
current fund, or city bonds.
Messrs. Allen and Taltiot argti.-.l that a resolution di*
roeliug payment should not he adopted, until it could be
ascertained whether there was auy writteu contract be
tween the city and Me-srs. (.'., O. k Co., or not.
Messrs. Hill and Burr expressed the l>elief that there
waa such a contract, but, if ilirro was not, the proposal
°f Messrs. C., t). A Co., and the re-olutiou of the Coun
cil accepting it was ron'ract enough.
The claim was finally ordered to be paid when a con
tract waa executed.
The Committer ou police was instructed to in.pii.e in
to the expediency of increa-iug the day (Kilice, l.y the
a.lditiou of lire officers.
The Council thru adjourned with a rush. Tlio uexl I
regular meeting will tal.r place on Monday.
IxiCRivrK AaiR.'r.—Wr invite attention to the ad
vertisement of Mr. James G. Boalier, announcing that lie
has established an agency in this city lor several reliable
insurance companies of New York city. Mr. It. wa- con
not-ted for a long time with the Richmond Eire A-wocIa
tion, and is familiar with the business to which lie pro
poses to devnu* his attention.
I.awr Ht sinks* in the Sot-TilWKsr —IVrsotis having
ne.-.l of legal service* ia the Southern Slates, w ill notice
the card of James T. PgrroN, Esq., of Memphis, Teu
Carrios!—In our changeable climate, coughs, cold*,
and lung disease.*, will always prevail. Consumption
will claim its victim*. These diseases, if taken in time,
can he arrested an.l cured. Th.» rem.-dv is Dr. Wlstar’s
Balsam of Wild Cherry.
There’s a vile counterfeit of this Balsam, therefore In
sure and buy only that prepared by S. W. Eow Lr A Co.,
Boston, which has the vriltm signature of I. Ill TTS oil
lhf» out-i lv* wrapper.
entirely yew STOCK
I Anir* rleyar.t lire. (loo.ta, In rich Fllk Rohrs. two and four
J Bounce*, superb dr«a. party and bridalH Ika. many of whl.-h
are the nine, apirndid coo.la ever aero In this city. We ark the e.
perlal attention of U e laili.a to the.. yo.la, aa .uch an smurtmenl
nr them l« raraty seen In any on* hnu»e.
I Word. /Vl rfa anew and beautiful material, of which we hare
ft v#rv large and clinic* assortment of pa'tern*.
Rr dutiful French Mona, line and ValenUa Itobew and plain Skirt,
—ft great variety, r#»*y cAe«ii.. v
Medium and low priced Cooth of all kind*
Kle.mnt A tire! and Cloth Cloak, and Shawla-a Trey larrr .lock
nni TWpiT. ^ *
Kngll h Long Cloth*, from auction—rm’rAoin
!H«h Linen*. WMtr cambric*, and aM white g*r»d#
Fine Kmi ru l> rir* and Lace*, nr* and very cheap
Hosiery, Glove#, and ladle*' .and men'* under wear In allk 1
woolen, merino, Ac., of all kind* . a large supply
Cft'pet*. Rug#, Floor cloth*, and '’urtaln Good*; a large stock
*lr* hU Fl1Ur4 clulU* **racya. Blanket*, and all plantation
^ an I TwJ^d? ®0e CI#llh,.Caarfmere#,and Verting*, J*atl net#
House Kurnialdnr g^d# af every description.
All buyer# of Dry Good*. at whnlr*ale or retell, are Invited to ex
amine our stock, with the a#*ur*nrt* U»at the be* cl*** of t nd# will
be offered them at the fto««ible price* C'ur it «trm «.f doing
bu»ine*« selling superior good* at the lowest rate*-has *o Ur been
appreciated by the pob Ic a* as to require a material enlargement
of our House. Wt.lrh iflonU creatly Increased farllitle#. Hrerv de
partment of our builnea# will be kept«om/Vcf*. *nd newgoodscon
sUntly received. •
The want* of our DU-nd*. either In pen* n or hy order, will at aU
time* receive our prompt and polite attention
" hole#ale and ReUll Dealer* |n Dry Good#,
_ __ No. It# Main Street.
1 T!*e •ohscribeva Have received ihrlr
f/T"^K '"M* 1"t the seaaon. They will bo p on hand
during the season, a complete astoriment of the following and
other approved kind* : llo.Ison Kay Kafcle, *t«ne M.«m1o- Flkh
Mink. Brown Kable, and Rock Marlin Tlrtorinew. Tippet* and
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various Kr.de., from y«l plain Whlak.y to the eerr beat uni
cle from Rye. Our MAI.TVII RYE WHISKEY b admitted by all
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to nur works, we rhalienKe cutuparbnn for quality with any Whis
key made In this State nr any other. F. HTF.AKaB A CO
lSOl Street between Alain and Cary. Richmond Va_
HAVING erected kilns for .IryinK Corn, ar shall be prepared to
purr base new rum early In November Those who desire to aril
would llo well to erib It out aa early In October a. possible. '
<*• «' F 8TKARNS All. U! hmond
j WlrtK RAILING.—{BrcurrU by L-tteis Patent) Admirably
adapt of for rnrlo.tnK Fublle Grounds, Cemeteries, balcony. C.u
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„ , ... M. WALKER A HONS. Mronfaclurcra,
No .cts M arket, N. t corner Birth strrrt. Pblla-lrlphla
CIaOT Kit 9RKO*—SU bushel# prime nrw Clover Seed for 1
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I.£lVl*,l!h4r,r4,n,,n M',,on'rT tt KWOWI.M t WAL
Inthit lme aneb'ii ■«•»«,-her. you ran „„y thin, I
David* whiting plcid
David*copying ink
mucii.agl, ink stands, VAitfcrs pattrnx
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_ n<* , __ No 11, Pearl S».
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la In Ihe Bayln.
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TH* Twenfe fifth Annan! Meetinc of the Stockholder. of the 1
Janiea Hirer and Lacawha Company, will be held al Ihe Cone
pany a Ofllre, |u i|,e rlty of Richmond, on Ylondat.lhe IltiiofGr
tobff next, '
r»»NM Of riMrxT.
K*»v iu M>« »▼ ritMin: Th«t vc, the Hubfrr.hcr#,
hci» f Work holder* In th# J« ut« Hiv»u «m> K i» i»h t («iur«xT no ■
hereby rortt.lfut* #..U »f>|> lot--, our true «n.l h*. I
Nl Attorney »n<t Proxy. to rr| re-t nt eve h of .■«'r. nil flrnrmt I
Meeftnrr of the Nt^rkhoMem nf ful l C* mp.ny, helit viUiln *!■ 1
month* from in<l *f1»r thr i!#f- lirm f. vhrn tr *rr not perron* I
ly prrarnt or repretented by amt other Prnav; alth fall poorr ,
•nA NQthnr.tr, *t *«rh General MyHlnjr*. to fire »itch xf*te or
▼•tea, an<l to i|o «urh other acta. a* each of u« rnqM yt»e or «!• • »
a member of the raid mretln*». If vr wi rr personally prefect. and
ve do hereby ratify and rnnflnn vhalt%er rote nr mte•, art nr
act«, »«r mM Attorncr m«; lavfully ylfr «r do for qa. In iiurm j
anc» nfth. authority hereby c .nferre.l upon him.
Wrrx^ A„r hxn U and #r«h thU-«lay of-, one thru |
•and riff t hundred and —, fl»aii. 1
Taate, ~ — — -• ■■ ■, i9o*t_ |
fly order nf the Hoard nf Director*
flvtOfHk Wv p Mrrmvn, Herreterr j
(nonwnnon and iahrs « IiKiikd
\ J J<»jV*H h«oe untied In the pnctlc- nf the lav at Richmond, In
Federal Court# and Court of Appeal*
Ma. Jnmm vltt a ton practice in the Circuit Court# of Richmond
Ctly and llaarlro.
Hla nlRre la at tho corner nf franklin and ttlh atreety.
hcikmii, or drmiom.
TYIK Rehnol nf Dealyn of the Ylry nU »»e. hanlea' Inatllitte -III
he opened for Ihe admlaaloa af Rrholart on ihre.rnlnyof
Tue.dar. Get, Itb, and Ihrrr-tfler will lie In ar.afnn 'Trry rueidar.
Thor, lay en,| Stitt rday eaenlnra, until the |.| of April, l*«l l
., „ w .. B! , , *2e* have hewn my aye-1 a. tea'hera. Rnd
the (Vmimtti., feet ).erilSo.l. he raat eaperteneea. In re. mmrndlny
them aa fatty er.mpev nt to perform all the duttee a alia fa. forth
Beeld • Ihe raerrlaea In free hand akrlcblny and .Imply Gr -metre,
and the more intrirate hranehea of Malhematlea, t.eetarey will he I
delivered «very ThnimtUy evenlny. on mate praetlcal anMeel eon
neeted with Ihe raerrlaea nf Ihe teholan
Kerry arranyemena will he made to enanre the enmfort of the
•eholara. and tn alY .r I faelllGre tor thHe adraneement All per
aona who with tn atteaut, will apple either to one of ihe und.ratyn
' I. CY tn j w Lewetlyn, Pereeaarr of the Inarllnte, from whom
eerlfSratea can he oht allied, and wit hunt which no one will be ad
milled Inin the Reboot
Terma— $* per aemdon of three mantha.
nH—flwIMWjyia_Cn*>. on Reho-.l of Dealyn
* e* JuRI rreafre.l aapertnr virytnla manafaetared Palled
RRRRKTR. alpn, Mu* and blark ml ted SATtMItTR. aattable
R»e aaetanta and Raid band, which will b. an id .t iery low
#t» ♦*
.’lot) VKHV III PKHIIIM etl.lt NIK
'e V” »*•••* WIIIRRT, »f rarloua beanda. In .tore and lor
•»**»P fooll) _at menu
VAMII.V VleAl'U. R wloiS Mat r~6j KmmTTJ
r- . *»Mto efand, yround from pare while wheat frown an the
TIIO. I J**' T- »«"** »• •* Moaley.l
7Mn^int.AcUa* Manager
L & PIlLUfl. ...fcag« M«u»g«r.
I'rltlajr Kx-nlng, Oiloker 71b,
When will he niresnicd Um celebrat'd A.,**o A. cue from tl.*
LadrTMilc^ .Ml*. Jane coombe*.
The fourth Act ol tho
, „ Ml S« IlllAria.
. . .. Ml** J ANB COOMBt*.
UOWr.O and JI LIKI'.
J®,M . MiaeCOOMBm.
... Mia. Ella Wreo.
»“*'. .MUaPalom*.
To conclude «Hh thf «‘ouiw.*jr ,4
WANTKDt- Tor tli«> I'fdiw*? ptstoo Anuv, (mouitf- v a
•«l 0er»! t,) able HedUd, unmarried mrti, U> ubom M’J
• III He gWec r«K>.l p»y. be.Mrd. rlMl.lug. *n*l icedir.i «».
teoilaor-e. Pa> from f IT to |.fci |.« r M>t»l< un*
»'*•' .'V'"*'1 APP'J •» readaerotta, on Bank struct, h.taecmi.
%nd l*Hh rtrPtU. | t^ MtMIKr
•fT-dlrtf lit 14ml., 1st iHafoooa, R«uulllo|OHctr.
Drawn Not. Pntarl Count Jr lottery, Class No l««—lor Iw t
ticket* *1.
8 71 *1 A! 73 4 80 ! I M A*. 74 9.
Drawn No*. Consolidated Lottery. Class No. ]07—for Oet 6.
Tickets. #3.
hi I l 1 « : tl t ;u M II 81 w
®*T rilANCE, UROADHr.NTB 4 CO.. Managcee.
L1HAKCE. HHOApBKKTB A CO. h„Ing obt^ac l
J. fr,.n. the Legislature of Delaware, a LdTTsRV foNTKAiT
to continue in operation for a period of roaery lt,~ ,r,i
having (lent bmi.1* to the Flat* for Out- tllllioi* of |)„|
lara. h r the promi l parmelit of *11 prls—. , t i are now deaenir
at Wilmington. Del., the Consolidated l. dlrrl » of IMswate f..r tl e
heneOt of Intern >1 ll>ipt..rrtnenta *u.l other pmpo*.* and the Fas
■ea County Lntterte* of Delawate, for the anir.e object*.
All drawings under the superintendence of Louver UoawUalon.
Ml appoluted by U*« Plate.
Prim paid u toon an draw*
Nnluri'a), «rt. s.
To be drawn In Wilmington, Del., on Faturday Oet 8 IF.VI
7* Noe. l* Drawn llalM*.
Capli *1*:
1 prlae of..•MJEM I bn prlte* of. in*,
I prl to of W.MB 18# arias at o,.,
mi prlae. of .1.0. n : Ac.. g.
Ticket* III) Halve* ; (fry. 4 Mi, K!khtld 1 *b.
Saltirdit), tirt. 15»li, 1RS9.
To he drawn In WU "Ington, Del., on Srurlaj. Oet 18 i*io
K7N.W, 14 Drawn Ballot*
Capital :
\ prlte of.|5',43*11 4n prise* of. .8 eyi
3 prite* of. lh.Ckkl J 84) prlae* of t’*H*i
7 l*rlr*w of -- ;,'«n i 104 prlae* ,.f . " 'm.i
•o prlte* Of . .. b.M*' Lowest 3 No. prlt* " son
40 prla • of.4 l«*l I Ac Ac
Ticket* #13 ; H a’rea 7 SO; Qr*. 4 78; Eighth* l 47
To be drawn In Wilmington, IW Saturday. O.-i O . . yn
I t Drawn Ballot* ’
Capital* ;
1 prise of.HO.Oiai I I priieof goon
I .Ill.laai | l prise of .. . I) ,
I prise of . . 6.000 | 100 prlz-sct_ ""loot!
1 prise of. S,utl| A< . A,- ’**
Tick.U 4Hi; Ualtni; k|r*. 2 50; ligbihlI 25.
Raturdnjr, O. t. 80, 1859.
To b* drawn In Wilmington, Del., Saturday, October gvth 1*50
7* Number* 12 Drawn Ballot*
Capital* :
I prtaaof t7il.ooft t priaei of. «,«,
1 prize of..25.***» 10 prbe* of ».«„
2 price* of .H55* 10 prise* of.. ro-wi
2 prise* of. IU,i«a> 1-2 pm. * of .. KNu
4 prise* of .. r.,000 Lowest .1 So* .
4 prtlroof . ft 00*c # Mr
lit and 2d drawn number*. 4-'4io; ;ld and 4th do $M»I
Tiekeu *.'>1 ; Hall.-* 10 . Hr*. 5; Eighth* 2 Ml
Certificate* of 24 Whole*. **,„ f„l
Do 24 tfuartera. 7%
Do 24 k.ghtl,t 87 Jo
nondap, October 31, 1859.
To be drawn In Wilmington, Del., on Monday, nfl. 8l 1459
Id tl.ete Lotteries every prise 1* d'raun. *
Prise* payable In foil, without deduction.
25,385 Prize*. a mhu tiling to $331,500,
1 priseof......$50.ia>o 2 prise* of.1000
2 prise* of. 18,5410 lu prise* of '4,*,
2 prises of. 5.000 10 prise* of.g,,,
2 prise* of.. 2,M*i 2*t prizes «f..... an
2 prizes Of. 2.1,10 too prize* of lt„
2 prise* of. I ,MW 26.l«*l prize* of.. s
And 212 approximation prize*, ranging from ye- up t.> 4400
. - Ticket* 4101 Halves 45; kfnarter* 42 M*, Eighth**! 25.
A Certificate of Package of 16 Whole* cost, **4 no
Do do 16 Halve*.. 4* no
Do do 16 e|r*. . 24 1*1
^ Do d>. 16 Eighth*.12 on
4# All order* for ticket*, or certificate* ol package* in auy id
the above splendid Lotteries, will m.ct with Ihe mal prompt and
ronfidenllal attention, and IN* printed official drawings sent a4
soon as over. Addresa FRANCE, BROADREXT8 A CO
ocS-Atawlfid Wilmington. Delaware.
GaiXbgco'(*.*Omrc,G LoouxnrVa I
T Richmond, S-Jd , I-50, A. L. :-5v. ' i
HE MASONIC IRA7LRXITV of Virginia are summon- a
ed to merlin WILLIAMSBURG, on TUESDAY the
ltth day of October next, at lu o'clock, A. M , for the pur- "V jf’
pore of forming an Occasional Grand Lodge, to celebrate /xr\
the p'aeing of the Stone on Ihe newly -erected edifice cf William
and Mar* College.
By order of the Most Worshipful Grand Mxs'er
„ . „ _ JOHN DoVK, 0. Secretary.
r *■—Roioiimar*. from other Jurisdiction*, In good standing are
fraternally Incited to int-nd. *e4-iltawtdthObitd
STAtltlKHIM. H REII. Dr t’omstock's Vocal Him"
nariaui. .I*hdadelphla,l for Instruction In Elocution and for
the cur* of Shimmering and Defe.-ti*e Articulation, Ir now open —
* flaa* of J».f>«.aerer* will commeuee on Wednesday, the 12th of
of October. A.hire**, A. COMSTOCK. M. D„
™ -ftlw*_*n ■ |. la, p,
inura h i i hacks.— rT «
A FALL MEETING, I-50 - riommcn.-- Vi kag A
Ing on THURSDAY, the 27th October, 1*5# \!“
The Racer orerthe Ashland Course, In 'f.
*>vw cosnty, Va , will rot liune five darr, a* follow*
F«*t Rice —Hweeprtakr* for two yetrt old eolta and #nie*. gln
f,, “***‘ '» •■'r. 614*1 entrance. 4-'-» h.'GIk; 4 ■*■ ,d.led i.y the
JDjjN provided two or more aiart. Clo.ed with the (ollowbig en
Priam* ^ enter* e. f, by Financier, dam, Fidelity, by Imported
D. McDaniel enter* ■ f , hy Boston jr dam Regent.
V A. Thompson enter* h. f, by Voltaire, dam, l.aorvtllr. by
Brtlp*e. ' '
G, n. T J Oreen enter* Ml** Tobacco Fly, by lied Fye. dam Im
port*,! Priam
for lhr,f y,ar- 0,(, cnftJ ^
Two m.le heat*. $.Ao ent ranee; f too lor* r It; firto adde«l by the
H'jh. provided two or nor* start. Closed with the following en
Jn.eph nnimm. II enter, b f Cr1n*UiF. by Flnsoeler, dam. Miss
Mattie, by t u>plre.
F M Ifall enter* p. f Faith, by Chil l Harold, dam, Fidelity, by
Imtwinr | Priam.
V. C. Ilou.-t, enter# r. f. Panlinr. ly Btar Davit. .Ism ty 'Ion
mouth Pctlpac.
D. WcDanlrl finer# #. f MInnir lehlmaim, ty Boaton. Jr, dam
by Trualaa.
Pm-r Barr—Awr-petake for tl.r.o year old roll# and Blllra,
wlilrh Kara never won a rare. Mile I,rata, f loti intnnoe; ♦•■a'
forfeit; 9 <*' ad.Jed t#y the flat*, pmf)i|n] (»•< or more iUii. Cl«*s
•d with the fnl'owlojr entries:
N A. TT on.|w«n enters » f , by Rsgls'rr, dam by Hlack Pal
!;•?? T "* •*>«*•« e. f, by Orff KUuion.Uon, dam
\ Irylnl i Payne.
Mirhael Ryan rotere b. e. Prlmv. by Monarch, dam Mtdotina.
y- ■ L'*" **>'• " b. c rtyatecoao. by R.raonr. lam Mluf'utta.
^M. Tayloc entera b e., by Pinaariir, out of Emancipation
Oen J. t. Orecn entera Mary Blair, hj Rad Eye, dam Phil
Calvin Ocean entera b. r , by f.Hf rdmoo.laan, bla dam by Im
putted Priam.
Asruso Rica— Proprietor*a pnrae*400 Thera mile hoata
Tlli.tli DAY.
Fiacr R«» a single «ls«\ r»f ten mile*. fr«e for all aye* for a
purse of 9ifvO on the part of the Gab. #10 entrance. to gn with the
Bnc an Bars -Jockey Clab purar |m<>. poor mile heat#
eourth day
FiaerRi.a aworpatakr for there > eve old roll# and fllllre Tea
mile heata. »>x entrance. «lie. forlelt. J.nat added by the Club,
profiled two . r more atari Clot. d with the foil..a n# entrlefi
I* McDaniel antrra a. f M note Leblmann, by lb aton, datn by
P Bouch entera a. I. Pauline, by Alar Darla, dam Monmouth
MJiTph Brummell enter# b f. CrinoBne, by Pin.wlrr, dam Mlaa
Eandrrn. Wllllama A Co. entera b f. Ulaiirr. by li d Eye. dam
.T ,n'' T * Doavaell, entera e. f. by llrlf Ealmondaoo. dam
> irylnla P.tyne.
Hen T J. Orecn entera Addle Oorrler. by Challenger, dam Im
fwiftol Trustee
Calvin Orara enlerg b. e , by flrlf Edmondem, Me dam by Im
ported Prism
E M Hall enter# g. f. Eallb. by Cbilde Harold, by Imported
Bacdto Rarw -Proprletor'a purer Two mile hralt
Handicap pwrae SWWI, for Hie beaten horaaaofthe meeting Two
mile beat, NATHAMEI. a Tllt.MP.aoN,
Aerretary AaMand Joekry Hob
A*m.t»p, Hanover County, Ta , (let A. IV4. Id
« I 1*0.
\\'I wonld rail ihe altentlon of Huann Dealer#, Planian* and
v» Earr-era, lo ib, article ablrh wa have on hvn I and for tale
“ e.'f ,p“ «»•"" I'rriiv inn Ouxnn,
and nbleli we claim lo he au|ieclor lo ant lluvno or frrtllltor aver
Imported «e manufactured In IMa country
thla 11 uono la Import e I by WM II » EBB, of Haw Tort, from
Jarvla* A Bvkera* laianda. In Ihe "Bowth I’aelnrOeran •’ and la told
genuine and pare aa Imported It haa been aetiefarta.rli t-at-ihv
many of our t m nlnen* farmer., and analy#a.| ny ibe mo#i emi
nent and popular agrlenttural Oicndaia, and found to eontaln iaa
trill be aeen by our rlrcnlara) a large per erulage of IHIYV pinna
EIHTEOE l.iMRAMfi P OBPHDRIC 'C|!., and other animator
ganlc maHee, ylehtlng an -mmla anWIrlent lo pemtuee 1-ume.luie
abundant rr»pe, bnatdea aubftanllally an ,,-M.g ihe anil lt.,n
be Deelv "ae-l wit boot danger of buralt-f Ibe ami nr plan# by
routing In eovdael glth It, aa ia the caae abb aa. mbit frviibaere
retaining a great degree molelne., it rauae# Ihe plant grow In
a healthy eondHIon, aod, aa evpertenae baa prnted, EAEE OE Ib
E«r nrdrre In any tptnnilij (uMrb will be promptly attend'd lot
nr pamphlet# eontalolng fell parll. .dare at an tit a.# ,nd leata of
fermera, apply to JtlHAB AakI». Atar i.
Ho. M BootI| At. eoener of Wall g- view York Cite
Or lo AnRII.DA A AOMEHYII.I.R, Agent. at lAehmond. T*
•rlS cAiiiUwtm
A •"*«*«• »n*rT BE lIYII.an fhw Arw
aw SlElaJwr llniad, t'.ree na'lea Eaat of lb. city of Ai b
on.n.1 known aa "Aa'oirn," and adMalng Hta landa of IIre Dr
Cbrlati■ n. Dr. A A. Hart, and other#.
Ti e above Tract rnnlalne one hundred and twenty Bvr Aerca
and ta attnated In a pleaaanl and deatrable neighborhood Ii haa
uimn II a vary good Dwellln# llotwc. containing - <.r in rooma
wllh a atilBcIrm-y of wood and water Tb» .oil la prodactlea. an t
la weB adapted to the growth „f ,|„d. ,n4
would make n moat durable vegetable garde* It la blgblv eue
wp4lbla of Itnprovom.nt. and Ur the Judlelowa ttaa „f Qma and
lluaaao, ran be made a ealnahfe farm, aa Ibe aattafaetorv reawite
win atbit"** *f **** "* h» MW nelgbbortood
. *• o^Etd foe tain privately, an liberal and
laolaT tn*-**1** " uowld ba v«rV«i.gad fo* elly property
‘l^f^Maa .^SAWMHtft * MOIL*OAT.
awt-nmg IBbA, bgtvaao Ma o a-J Ertakln
80 .T-* ’"“Vr^u.v. mo
r^»Tlli: KLUVKJITU TK1.EN.11. I
al "'■Mini of tb. Oon Prool Kparoval Bandar
Kcbo»l Union ond Church Bad lalrlt, >11 WMjVM Paula '
Cb'irrb, k.l.meud. Yu., an »t*uaU> alfkt. OataUar Itth, at T
Ik. Hmaon will ka preached by lha Rer. A C Cob# D D and ;
a eollectt..i. taken la aid of the tUMirtr ’
. Aaediournod meeting lor reading ib» report, and tor adrorot
Inr the rlaturn of the roclrtv, n III b# brld at the nut |daco on
tb • or at .*. ..I.,a, Thirad.v, the tA*k. na t',v aaaiB kaur and an
aarh othrr ran.Inga aa orcaalaa Bay rr-iulre
•r*T -*d UkAC II. TUTTLE, Bor*/.
Tba Triennial Meeting of Bit* Board ..f Mauagero of Ibe llene-al
Ib-oPatani Kplaropal Bandar Rcbm i Colon, and (bunk R...k R»
«l'ty. Oil bo brld ID 81 Paula Omit. h. It|r|,nu.ud ta aafUlUaY
algtt.the llihof October, al I oeloek no, aa ,oa rxiuat
’ „ *K*C II TITTLE. Baer alary.
ET^^» «;«» to o. iv. itnugt riioT^*
40<l *«•« lia D«« •lid l>r•u*iful ». • it,rfU. ni ol Ait
'.1^1‘‘'"’'S' **”■ •*"*' tTrrr »•» • >.* Id turebHo.glny to lha
Hjut..,,., Mr art mar there be a.en lo ail ||( u.,„ty, Pt,oiu«re|d,.
take" in every form and aarlaty of Bum, .,t or eap.rlenee
.Mlnlrodu.-ad.col.re,' Utaatoror oil r..I..ra, from ml,.I,tor, to
BtolaBtrula o.tr,. », dl-ctl,, |.,.r rail
In oW color#. Ambrutrpaatakan lu ararr n.or leablea'rle. aria
PREF.im; roii the iiili
I OU« fEVfK-A. lha fall -,.p,.,a,hm, „„t pUluW
and An. and Pea era baa become |.T-..1.„, every p.r-on >houM
| rr|.»r lbcn.aelaaa abb Ilia pr p.1 rrm-He. f, , iba... danaaroaa
..laeaaea Tlia aecrralon of Idle, and tl.a Inarttaitr of the IWar to
gether «ttb baad.itbr, palu lu Iba liml.a ,n : h»ck. night aurala 'and
luaa ,,f apprt'ir ara ll.r forrruunert Ufa.. t,.»la,lie?, and alb r let. I
mean# about,I at dat a l-e rarn.rtad !'■ by ol.kh then* .vn.otoma ran
ba at oncreauoaatl Por-Ida purp. a .. km * . f aotfdnr eonal
WHAKIK B PREMIUM lllnEKB. They cradle.UUwbSe ‘|J
pal the palna, rool the farara atraaptbrathc ,1‘acatiaa aaniu'rTa.
ate a po-e. haaltl.ful circulation of the 11. ,,|, #ud produce a B iw
of aplrit. ublrb of tSemfd.e. tend really lu .1. au.y arttb all uo
healtbfnloeaa Thc-e Hitter# can ba taken with perfect aafaty br
all ayre an.| a.gre. uUliout regard to Wea’her or diet and will
l«rpniu!nd,"*W" r*mlljr mrdlrtne 1" all auen a hare an active tonic
„ T° be had of PURCELL, I.ADIt A CO., and all other prominent
OnCTWa In ihr city of Ub-nmoot, and - lieWhere lo Virginia and
North l .roll na; alao. of 0. BTOTT A Co., HaaMnytoa, DC- E. II
BTAkLER. A CO . RalUtnore : B A fAIINt.-THCK A CO.,‘Phila
delphia, and Of HARIBRH A PARK, Kao York *
P','1/" t"*d bJr “« K BARER, Proprietor.
a«i»—«ac __RMnno-M Pa. 1
Thr r x rkcinfn oc th> uKMMaiiiu
»EMAl.E BEMINART rummancad . M..N ll“‘ ikiMifl"
at'^u*' Mr' Urr,'T'" r*»Wr“*'' 00 “ibce, between H and Ml,
BtmflnM'*t> Uo“*’ D’ D'’ L.terulare and Hlldlcal
PhA| Y ‘"in .’- A- **-J ,M'n,aI And Mural PI. lo»o|diy. Chrmlatrr,
Kb»t«*lic, lllstnrv Ri.tl (irrrk
R. II. CouutAB .U ol Va ). Mathrm. a, Nat. pluloaophy, Latin,
Altn«.i»to; . IWUIIT tn*l Hcolf^y.
Mia. AioraTi D.aiei, Preparatory Depa.t inanl.
rT’-f A. 1.4 I* iVliARlr, hrlirh.
I>r Bf * !i» > m. • mil)
2 >•... ItaMan. PtaatltR jr '1-alnUa*.
IVof. Cll4* 1 101 MT I*J tuo.
Pro! If Bcmiriiiiuo, |l«rp
Pr-'f J. lHM*fcllI.»,^ nmn.
Prt.f, O. Kiu.Bf.ik llalUf,
Krv Dr wtl! hor« c».»r»f of tb«> 4.1r*np*«! rluM» *r Por
af,M nf Ju > fi^i*!j • text bo k*
41.'! lrrtom of hi* W«u. will iuxIp rnuiM »n bilrrcitliitf kIdI
|fr<efli*li!r ..ne to thr impili In ihst »» n*. *
Yuan# U fl< • rt-vMinjr la r|»* iv l..it*pf finra,i'iip
at out wfn. tilU »Wh t.. .olilutP |. u£ i.tuV.
may b^comv ..f J»r. ||,.c. -g c.A,*r*. »b.| .urb.| mt tlie
1% h"u,,’*"hru' b*lr* AuSmitSS
- ,u T»rt- •»" >'
,’,PA"J’">*1» under the rrntrol of Mr. and Mr
Dupuy. aided by Mr. Mary R. Caeae a, .. Mf.ron. oc.—dArlw
THR Pan araalon. f thb Inatltutl -n u ,! .ommenoa on thr l«lh of
Auynr' nrat, and continue gl w-.-n Ti e P, ring out n b
I glna th-day \ftei ilia rl.ua of tba EM' • -al..,, and rontinu. . t|«>
.,h* n'![rr, '“tl'H.te year of 42 .act,
Till be f of «rbi<*h rrnuir. •) t«-l.« .,*1.1 ln aririnra
ctf im>i n. Th»« fut& In. ijdrt
‘■J’ntrtfor /toifir,, Bnanl, f-u,l „«,/ W*
««k of those seeking a place for me ydur.v -tl of their inns and
G lo nnteenrefu I., me • adeantar- . »Mrh we are offev'.ng Our
{'■cation, grad* of fholarahlp, at»UH> andrxis-rirnr** of th*- fac-ul*
ty.raccllrni .lUcIpHne, thorough c«ur»r *.fln*in»«flnn and blrh
rank of -or *r..lualei, haee already secured c, th, larireat patron
a»e of any CoIIck-in L' e Stata. For a catalogue or f r any pat.
! Woolar information address. t h WILEY Pry" P
tulyi—dAclt_ h .. t. p. 0.. Va.
I SCHOOL at (.oim 111 nn MANSeI
Hev. J. D Dudity. A. M.. (P»lv»r«ily „Ha.i l,rinrip.,l.
* T the request of several gentleinn .. . Hog In tl.e rlc.mir ai.d
•a *no *l»h lo hare tael Illea for th. education of th-wr .mi and
daughters, the suharnhvr will open a Thru I at hla residence cm
bracing a Mak and FoiuaIc Di-parttn-r *, under suitable and coir
prtanl Instructors. An It is his pnrpt, t„ establish a permanent
achonl. the Principal will ipare no effort to m ,k.. it w rt.hy of gene
ral patronage. The a- hool will hr locale-1 in a lection of country
unaurp.a-.ot for health, an.l amldit a r-0ncd. Intelligent and moral
community. A few hoarder* will he received Into the f.vmllv of the
IMnrlpal Pupil* coming by canal will b met at l»o\**r XltlU if
notice be given. The first sraaloo will commence Oct iT»b.
Hoarding, with eytrjr personal arconimod.iti.)ti $!4A no
Lower KngHVi Branch*-*. ^
Ancient Language* . «q
»"*■■■■.m «.
\|ii*lr on Plnno . ftlt r*l
He would refer to Hon. Jat A Retd'or, J M Morion, CoL J. M
, r "ln U *'•**“. "■'* T Wa-ksr, Wm B. Stanard
F r. lloh»« ti, snd other* r* wMit-fln the n< ighbi-rhood
.. , . Address, Kev. J. p. DUDLEY,
— lAeln.y I*..v.-r Villa. Va.
p-tK.n.ilaE TE.KTIKB \% A NTKD.-T!,.- .
I desire, is engirr tl rservlera of , La.Iy „||v ,.,,,1,6,,!
to teach Prctirh, Marie, and the or Jloary t ngii.f. Itranchra
-. .... AOJresr, Bee J, p prDI.EV.
■* *—lAeltr.* IV ret M Va.
I teach In my famih the t nrulng veer, or ae*s|..n of ten Mnnths
ommeticing arel, .f Oerolier. Ehr moat hr qualified tn giieln’
at met ion In KnrIGh Latin. Preoch. and Muslr on the p.»-.. Sat
isfactory reinsure required Ji.elait 111 Iff.l ejS
***> ■* Enfield P. O , King WUlism Oo , Va.
^riiooi. ROOKS.—J. W. RANDOLPH, til MainStrer'
la prepared to supply in any quatn.lv. on the heat I c rang -Hie
e- IIOOL BoOKrt I* I.-lC, Kneli-t., I'.cu.h Sp tn*»h Italian G. r
man, Latin, and Greek MEDICAL TEXT HOOKS and nth. r
Itandard MEDICAL WORK*, will he told t„ >«,. nt» ,t tow price,
*1 RANDOLPH'S Bookstore and Hindeey.
_°?i__lit Main Elreet.
PrltlOlllfAL AKKNCY,
l*t* Strrft, ne.tr J/rtfw, adj.,!min.j l*r ofloiof Ms •• l/ee. A.mf
7n,«rained i'othjoiny.
The tinder,!cried rrapertfully anuouncea that he ha* taken Ihe
above a’and. where he la openln* a aelect auvl useful assortment
ol Station.-ry f-tr merchants aud othrrr.
And1 In addition. a new patent fast Printing **r. and
materials for executing in the mutt fashionable stvles. weitd : e
an.l Party Tlrl.rlw, v'-ailing, prif.tash.nnl and l usiacas rurda.
I-uxelnpo, Ac., Jc.
*'••1 Engraving. all kinds of XOTIX.
CHE; KS, PKA/ fX POtlPIES. KXVM.OPKS. <U\. prompt’
ly fl.lvd Design an.l *f-t - liuri.s may t>c re-r. r.f the s-.i,r
err Note Paper* and Envelope* stamped with INITIAL.
no I<AA*1 LYON.
IT ,r-",m J . 12th Stree* near Main.
V It MihroripU ns for the most popular kl age tine, and Peti
od teals t ! I ha to i tlten .i Use Mure.
nryrhant Tall or.
Pearl Strret, Opposite Exchange Hotel,
IE raeelTlng Ms "Pall Good.,1 ,nd would he pleased to see his
mete's snd those who may fayor him with a call
» 'It' ! superior WORKMEN Ss2l>—WO
MIBS R . L, Y O N ,
Sir.** t.
| Ov*r (It* Dry Good Mforr of Sword* t Thaw,
HAS returned from th- North wph her *i'l supply uf cr —
Fast lonahl. Goods, om
I which she Is now opening sad would he pleased to haee her /*br
I rus—m-r. an.l the pul.ttc, gen-r..t!y. call and examine them
I ..J*—iltn.
I r.t Sf widt of i ifA dfifree*, <v--oi r d.w Xo.-tA ..rile t'.mrr of
V.l, Old tin.
Rcnmns ihe following wea eat ahUshed snd reliable Com
• psnies
Arctic Plre 1 isurantt Ce., of ths City of N»w Vorh eapl'al
and surplus. ... .. » -m 000
llomholdt Plre Inruranret'o , of ihvCity .-I N* . 1..rk, rip..
I _*****jl,?M*« .... *12,0.0
Fu.ton Fire ln*ur«n *e C*>., of tbr Cliy of New York, capital
and surp'us .. «as ism
I inmf r»re inearance Co , or 1., capital f.'*«•.»» 0 *|.h a lira
! Pberalx lire In Co., of Brnokljru, C ipltal tnd sur|>l »*, f.'Ol.onn
Po.ic*** IfMel o:» Hui'JInrs, Kern mre, M muf« torir*. Mercian*
•life, %n.l Prr«Mn%| »* t.j>erty general!/, agaluat loes or •’vrjig- by
fire, nu the mo«t fvjrorabl* term*. losses rromp'le •'Jetted iir*
pnn iua?lir settled, the security offered by the .«h pee eampstilrw.
cenUvA *e.| a* they ere. by experienced an Ierwriters, afford* tu the
Insert<1. the nut an pie guarantee and th- fall aanran *e that « 1
c-ntracis entered Into he tlirm. will be fulfilled in ih- m st s»tls*
• •cfory ir-anner. The lor.g-v .ei n-* .*f the • i*.sbi|n«r In these
muter*, will facilitate and prv a?,., the be*' of hi* abilities.) the
interest of all who may be ,\ *].n. I to p*lro’it*e ».b rff .*t* «\ un
try flsk*, InUn.l navigation * A* Vesoew and their careaes In
I P®rt. Insured nn the most rear mbit* term*. oct4
KNOTT! »> .♦ TV \| H»Rn, A*.tv
CAPITAL RM’HI.SF. AiLli flVKK *.d .>00 00<V
\VR are imnli for aom- of Ihr hrwt Lifrand r re l.t.nranro
“* Comparlra Ip Ih* Unnrd Hotra » r |o ur« h.r. mi l r.r#
p. iy on ihr Mutual Plan, hui ih. inured la no! luMy f„r any
'hln* o»rr Mi annual premium *
Th- dtyldrrda ranvr fr ,m .n , to ho per mil. Wo l.cllcrr rr
«all«fy th.an wlah.ny liwu atM-r that thiy Will tarr from 10 to
‘/ft prr irnt n! their j>r’tni'm.a hy Ineurior with u«
■**» _ RNom to i WAl.pomn.
Ci«)>ilnl *1.000,000.
OSf. inTf>R*r> Til'It'll A.\ It Hol.I.AK* d.po'lrd With Ihr
Complrr.llrr of Uw Afalr of Nrw York, ap t o«l of thr haltifr
I of Ihr Company fo yrotirr policy holdrra.
DtniHatPyira inriut < • »~t Mh ml Print l»|r
Forty prr rl of thr prrmlnM on Ufr Pollrto*. wlU hr loaned ihr
Inror.-.t rhrn tho prrmlum rtcrr.tr RM
follrlra Imur.l a.4 nayahto to thr Inanred nn arrlrloy al a orr.
tain ayr. or to ihr family of ihr In.nrrd at ilrath, ahould that rrenl
happen prerl nialv to arriving at 'Sat ayr.
I Kndnwmrnl POI.ICITR for children, yrantod on Ihr nv«1 favor
ahlr trrma.
PoH.-Irr iarurd af yrratty reduced rafrr of pr.mtum, whrn thr
Inyurrd prefer. not to participate In Ihr dtrllrnda
All loarer paid promptly and without Htlpalton.
Wr ah alt ho pt.aor d to hare yon .all at oa-f yr I ac : nry a p *■ y
In thla old and rottahlr Company whtrh romte hrfory you rndora I
| od hy yaor own Httarna.
0«re IM, Main atroof,
! ,... _ ___ Prw doory Above Pell 0«cr.
fir nor, I Ayonl and AUornay
for thr Company In Ya.
MKt1/. A /. KXA W/,Vf A J .
Jaa n. Ooatf, M It I
JMt * T 1 • f
LmtRPttfll k>n LOYIHlY
firs: mrikaki: conetw.
Capital. £10,000,000!
mill lAfO.MK. Jj.iho.ftofti
iBTMTun in riir fBirm miw. cut*
All bi't t> r, p0.mui.Vg /,Vo i-.'/e 0tr IS* JTnu',- V
tie Cwsi/dM,
XI/P reervectbifly «*k after ^n t the •*. wr«ty nf the Urcrsool
II a ll,. ■» Yi Ins-1* »r>. - IV* Mil **’Is n aft-v hwl trr* lA u*
j l*ef* rash cafdt.sl and Ineettmenis a* staled ahnsr
Thr laror capita, and lltrow r of Ihr V.tMany rpahjr It lo take
I I’ns-s cnt)A ef||-r>t frt parties reqelelng large sninants nf N*#ar%rw#
In adjtttnn if tbr • r.ftnart a »ip *t ln*arMt-«, ibi* r—iMi* u.
Mra / R7.-.V < A • . • /•"/./< // ta-r my mop 1 ■
sa rjee/r.vx Pct-ru la Ih.prr. >!h. /'/rp v< in ft j
/JYxl RAP. Thr Policy can can ailo.1 al any ihnr. an l >hr pro
mlnm will Up Pv*ttrnr*f Iroa A prr erwh
Thla Oompanr wtlt mak. I aara.i.r hy I mg of Rrola hy Wrr. an k
Ira and moat hhrrat prtnrlpta.
l/’adrr thr P Jt l -a of ihta Company all > |alma ary paid anon pro
•PMallon of aallafar'ory proof of loro withoiM . ‘ r/rrrr..r .frrtaro
fh w fwfrrrm, and rvd, aa ia ja-ial, artrt Para aflrr prr rrpua
Uop or proof. WORTHAM • WYATT Awrola
•ahlf t*« Main aarrot. tow doom ahorr Pooioi»r*.
(\ f W \RT, Importer and drain In YYIpra. LI,.,or. and Rw
"• mw, l«* in itAW n*»w, an«t -(bw f«r
.IBMf fttf»eaJ«a. Menrcsr Brands, V Intags I Ml is In *M
4t» <|ta and right cas|«P«l Vtrabdv, H-ftne** 1 and HI *».
sera.- !T>s I-’ft an*l 1b»*. r»e* C#rI Ian A Cv, fin i%ij
4S hw aid I An.I fb> k Hw. e*y |M^> an ; 'as tir iTfw Irandf
** (* an l haok, a of C.a fora- Otamparto. atarh aa Vyurt,, rit/
f» >1 Imperial »oyl ah Wic.yo, ar.
Jf-hyt OlareA cf ihoaholr.at hr an4a. ala*, a lappa >M af awprrtor ,
W»ta»M Rfk'A _ oH
tiat.r r.'Qrc o^o?*tv»A5S.*Ah5: rr o op :
IK** i
*« n hk Dm.
•Oi.fr. adpdMn/, oaa lb- Kaal. Ih* randan, a of Lea 1, Vt .1,0 f
rooaing.., the no.'U.Ue of Let.h £«
1®*'. faff, ID aaa alley la faai aid, *
“‘•“•‘haa.uk “•*. balaa.» at I, a and 11 month., for B*
««laW» Uiitca, Ici.rrat add'd, awarad by • ir„.; deed, ..r mi* r*
“‘“rt o«*_OObUI** aI-MBSm*. Amta
MtW VAIiliABLE KK * L EbTATE aa Tlib*
armina1 ,lPt'A>*t- *M> PIXTH aritkirna, r,.K 'll*
Un iaT11.® .dAI r"l"‘ ■' of »> Chi .tophrr WntbaD or
.halt aetl at po* t<- r., iiratla* ’ tt .
«tb dp- I*aV», ,* o-.Krk, P M , that »Xy a3r.?£\.S3
Mtat* located a. ahavr. Tl.o l..t haa a front on the ,„«th aid. of
J*n* »*f«t of ldt< fool, and a depth of It'd r..t on the rut >lnr
4-h.rir.a and a f-..„t .u., o„ ,r. ,b-"„r and
•■2^ ;A r**s *7*21 * ?\u.,u m *?jr»* u,wk
Maw .er m.uw, soil 'VoIipw u. l hm.lv.mrly f ntolr.l 4w* lllng.
nf wMcb »•«>••* 9**np**l »,/ Mr Thr 1 t will h* V:»»U
** \ |,U,a *,’tl *urTrJr r‘* hr '* »« o«r* Ta
king Into roi.at.l«rait«®n tti il the foregoing |o« ».«« « water fpwwl on
Ual anal, ftl.iao aaa ,ng d ayage.) It I. Jiae.ly „.|*,|
®igrt tr»lu.>4e In Into d»y *«.r * lu «Hrr yard n«rw, or large War*.
Tbr dw*H«og, »n admirably well arranged. n .iL« Zl
the modern impr,.Temmu uf ,u ooler, ctalatrte, marble mantle.,
Taava—On* Hit’, raah, batan •* at 4, ». and 1! m..vl . f, a n.
(Otlabie note*, Ualef, at add'd, a-cured by a troat deed
TfjTlSL a . a. U0I»M» * APPKftnoV Aorta
b-'Uflit pri
POBTa-O » h n KNT. To gW, time plrt. area Irn
Paf ■'|,,4,rr *4-’ • ^ *♦•«»*« »<ilc U ip .*pon<-l lo Tl'Kr>bAY
Ito Nth of October, !S59, at wVlock, P. M. *
••O-'A* __ * ’.**111*1 N A Aort,
# 'Oll.llIMKiMtH’b S.llt OF V ALI mi r
u"J,:Pr«* tl Ural r.atafr |„ nn-lnnr liar
Iflcir moud. — .\i Cciqri atiuncr aj.j 4bted l.y % ,j«.
t,rcul* ‘ < of the Cltr of Richmond, pr.ifo*uc,d on
lb* *»U. May. I V<t. tn the ra.. of Van I,.. . *««utri7 Ar
'dTr^i*'!*' ’ 1\V*dl',OC*.'d ,h' •**«» ta'lfi order
M o r “. “ » V WU' d‘r nf tfetober. lad, «.
“ “ ' !***" ** • ">'» v.Hah e lot ..n'l.r n. f.l, ,i,|r of Cary at
rpmeltru, M.a.ra_ T.’b.tt a fnaodre, Ir.ntU.y «V. f„t. ronnlnr
back ll' trrt to an alley, bcanded on the W*»t by »l .«-koe frerk
h iin‘ P ' ‘""f” •'I’aar. of t.„ „
on Cl ur.h llil! l « i-n..»- l J.j Omcr, l!mad. k3M -n<l S^| »u uddo
t,'rV f.rrl,lr'" N r l-«. tnj cr„,n,ondi„i , fnr
Ida .-f-r* ,',' y * ; »n’dr..i.» for many i.ill-a. AfWr ohkh artll bo
•old l«n hdlf icre !• ti In AiUm» addle on. honnde<l by Sltr*!.*!)
hlti.-n'yltb r'd ^ ',r‘ 'r ""fib line i>f llr.,-.d|
h'lwr-ti ifltl! and *;dh atf'rt., rnnntny ba. k ion fret to *„ alle*
ntV|T adftdnln* the tn- ’hreary „f Ur bual&aca After
»Hrla Dill be (add tea. half acre Pita No* 1 and 4 in t.ioarr X‘
boo .d.dI by t. J».l and ..id T>.r forrtoln,To JtU hi tabu
add'd Into atr alter oneo, aa may hr dcnnrd brat, at thr lamr of
.t.wT'^!70*r,,,TU,,***l‘1 . 1. 5 a:id X year*, for Been,
liable notra, bearing Intcra.l, and title retained tlU Ian n..tr ia
paid, and a r. nr -yan. * ordered by ll.e f ..u,i
•rtf ad. e. K, ,7A L v** erw,
*vS,' r" . . ComunMiuocr anil Cxecutrljr
IV *•"!»»'« A Arrtwng, A arte.
0.\ .1 t.TH> KIVKK.
T N Oo,.'■hUr.il ronnl.T. A1 mile, ahere Rlrltmond. roota'-.ine 1 ,Vri
• « ■«i»V«P. .0.1 2b* .trek of m LlT
!! * ' ■■■*** * *"■ ••'MiB. flOff of raiHN, TOBACCO oa t>
■ 1AI, 4r , and bARMINO IMPLEktrNTa V UA
A* trurto.- In a deed of trtnt rarrot-d h, T».ntaa. Jamn Dean.
r»l . bearing date lid May, IVe.dul. r rord-i Indoorhu dforn
ly lojrt, and In the llua'ing* Court hi*hm.io.i, J al all In rarer
tlon thereof. ,rd »t Ik- rr,|U-.t nf Mr l,,,,.,. pr„. ,*
rtTRLle ACCTIflW. on the permlara, mm I ■amalny, the ISUa
ol Itoi « mb r, 1nj9, com Aim .ng it II ^ *i f
fair. If nM, th* n*kt f*lr d.ty, th** Urg* %nd ««lu»M** «i»ua*>
Mrn Jhc.c* Hirer •ndUttirCrr-g. c»Ue.l “hl.lTIU W*K)D/' and
now It. .he | iii',<i'cn of thr aald l»r.„* TT»r tract c.nui'ne. by
r*<**nt Durvrr |/dn» ACttl-4*. of •hid, 5i*»^ .%CK»2t Hr* In w’ oJ
an*l timlH-r I^ AC’HW In flr»t low grmaw. Nt» Af'KI> la **c«,t I
low ground*, 1**» A<*Kfj* n err* k an.! hrar.- h flat*, km,*; to U w
gmuodj. an t S&tV ACHPn f'pgn high Uiwl. n*w Ir. a high «4*c , t
.mpn.Temcr.l. AbotH 5.^ hm t.eh of Wat wrill he »e*4*d |„ goc. \
Ubt** tl.iD * al! Tiic hiDroTrinri i. a» __. _
In number, im In (jtsabiv, cor* •ting of a «erv h-.»
BRICK DWRLLIKO. tnJtt •►*♦»«! 1f» yr«r* ago, of th'- b*at rr.*t
.?iT.c,nrN- Carriage moitr, uvok e
IlOtRR, DAIKY. Re , ktlirlioi therein; a targe hl!l> K KAKN
with THRESHING MACHINE attach'd; A DK1,,K UKIhl tllLI
and PAW MILL. with CIR. 11. A R SAW, now In , -..Id"
ample stable a.-.-omn..~t«ll..n., g..- .1 HAT PKEltE an I gl AKTr Rv
»ith bri-k chimneys, corered with shingles, »u!t. tent to accommo
date lfa* Negroes
After the eaie of the FARM, all the PLATES and Ff RISlIAftLF
PEOPk RTY thereon will he send. There ar- M PI.AAR7 eli or
nearly eo, young and likely, emhnteh.g two Mackatolth'a’, one of
whom Is a superior workman. Ti e PKUUliAhLE FLOPERTV
the CROPS of CORN, test hosted at Tm to St. barrel- it!TOR ar.
CO. (estimated at :>',(«» lb. .1 O ATS. HAT. STRAW SHI CKS *„
1» MI LES, two liltoow aiAP.ES and COLTS, a larr. number of
MILCH COW* and OXEN, SHERI*. HOGS. ic. 1^,1^
aiderat:on the fact that the James Rir.r and Kanawha Canal par*, -
through the above *-*tat-,ar.4 that conseqncr.tly ita product# can he
rap-d.tiously and cheaply deli sere. I In the markets of the cltrof
Richo-.' .. I. and the quality of the land, for rale. i>.er ■ are r>w'es
tates oflerine a* great In loe-memt- a> this doe* for a Judicious ln.
*’**b»eot ..f capital. The Farm h. ing In pertect order, with ererr
buiMing needed tor the eomf .rtahl c arcom-mcdafl.n of, large
family, and every kind nf property upon It for Ihe u«e of th,
tho.r disputed to purehaae and fit out a place, will rarelr meet with
an -pportunltT to -alt then.*. Ives ,1th ao fin- »n -.late'
T«»w- : For *!.e K-al Estate one fourth caah, balance at one two
and three yean, fur hoada. hearng Intercat. s*.-._rcd by a.M ,f
teurt. For the Blare* caeh. or*ll month, erv-dlt, for approved eti.
dorsed nego'iot.h-note* addinc IbTere.t For the P-ri- .ai le py,
pcrty.aU aum* uod-r *.•«> caah, over that sun, all months credit for
approved pntinrvnj negutiab*e pap^r.
A put of the land Can he *een at the office of th. Auctioneer*
Ttie creditors, secured l.y the deed of trujt at-OTc mcr'iore-. are
tr-pieated to prevent their rlaima prope-ly aid bent leal, J to 11 e aul
•erj*>fr bvforv the day of tala.
au«—lswt.1, JAVFS LYONS. Trustee
Sale conducted he GOPDIN A APPERKON. Anr»«.
viarV-vtBr-^'1" 1' ‘"ITT ill' RICHMOND. PTaI E
7 A\ '?!**' •» » certain deed of irt.ltr.tnVt.
Richard Reins, d-tted llth February. ln.1t. and dale recorded I
Seal proceed to sell at p .Idle aoctlo >, at the office of Mcmra Ge’-l
.1.0 A Appcrson. cornerrf Rank and lilh .trert., in the Cl-r -f
Richmond, on FRIf AT the 54th O.-t-.h.r. lnSV at 1“ o'clock Vt
the f- Ih.wirg raluatile Tev. s U:> vm ■ -Thr. c ...Don'of
each contain ng opi acree lying In th.-Mate of T.aa. *n.l which
were granted to the sai l R-ln. by.. T V.'oid. lioermor ,.f
ivi.. *r,,‘u l caring dal* on the ittth Mvrct.
I'iA. and are dcs. -rihed In said grant. as follow., tr. wit N.v. IT.
wl. F. bid acre*, situated in R.o-ert.oi, Ilie-r-l, on tht r . rn * S
lers of th.- Saras..to Hirer, « tr ite, ther. from, and al-out li mite,
shore the S.n Antonio Road, l.y virtue of land ..-rip No a K-u. 1
to Mm. F lid,III. , hr Henry Emit' . S. rreta-r of th. Trea- ,-r on
tl.r lfah lire ember. lblT, and lie h'm transferred to th- -aid Re'll s
' • • ’V ••• a \ ... ■ ... , ..... ......
a branch of the Navas do Riser, mart I \I\;» • ,hr other see'
lion of land, V> pt *ltus-e i th* nun » Birch rr,rk ,
branch of th> Naess >t-. Rlr.-. marked XL and In which aild
granu the In undarie. of the there .. 1 o.-a ..f and aforeaal.l are
I particularly »r( forth and described ”
Th« i«n^« of *al- in»t«*ad uf toix./ f«r ca*t,. win be one-fcarib
rash hala'ce at *, lia. d I- w>. ,th., for n.g-.ti.l v r.. ter Imere.t
ad led, recured by a iroat deed. or tit,* retained.
n.e.e Un.t* are NH-Ted to be T-lualde. and an information 'u
re-pect to them which i# It. poa rsalon ofthetnutrr. -til be cWr
fallv i rn by bim.
Z^Tgoddin a appeus_on?;Vu".,L
tbc !ut»- FKANU.h |»URGET, «f l irlii . )\ Bt 4.lt>
ti n, at Cltrmilon. a!! tnr L^n«'«tn N1‘*nror ro^o'y, .irk «>n
thr urtl MONDA \ (brttij ?«h «iay> of Nuvroihrr nr*t nitd cti'li r
•rrond MONDAY of Novnab-r (tr‘t.jr thr 1 «1ll
Jarkaonport, aril ail the Lan«la ln Jark**n countr. ^r. ] oC the Ad
MONDAY ln .Novembvr (bring theilat,) I wQ! aril, *1
all the Lands In Randolph county. Arka&saA ln all cases mu lid
• 111 be r*.»ervpd for the ts^atr.
Taaas.—Ooe-foarth cash, or Ita equivalent; residue In ent two
and lUee years, bearing Interc*t fr a *ule, with Men te »ecurt the
Cutil tbc first of Vevetnb-r. any of tbcec Lands are offrred at
l oHniU *</«, and otb-rs are invited. On app!U ation U. te, at Lou
UviUe, Kv., puts, U-nns, Ac., wii> be farnUhed. These are unrsr
the earliest stlected aod best Lands of Arkansas -above overtlo*
titles perfect, and all near to fine navigation.
—il&oet GEO, HANCOCK.
L,«d~*ru. Kv..Ju*y K 1 kSA.
VK,I1 DFMH iDLr F IHn.fil Hnnitrr Wa
f ter Mat on, m Hen r r«> County, • tr vf \orih of
, • ’ ’ krt a
Mr. ltcn<amrn K. An non to »H1 the firm Waled *. ,bo%e now
I in Mr .KTCUpait. F- The rmwl ot the land is pea and in a nqli
f improve*,.m, consisting ,.f ft.* u. ada* at w.l! as Ugh
Wild The holt.llngs on ihe place ar- htvr ., p- w r.sving hr. a
'rrcte-i o,de a few res t ago. Tn- place 1* v,-y healthy, and
r.rirhhuTbood Ivi. remarkably g- od. -u.t -. -t.g i,..ny f n,n
r.vpr table fanners of ihe county, th- Ki.Ln.cn.} gad Frederick's
hurg Rail Rood run* <hrough the laid, an t th# ,-ars .ton at the
Hungary IhrpM. about Fhr.nl. (row. tl . dwelling .nthst prre. r.t
doing business 'n Richmond esn go ut> and down oa th« Uidi K.sd
twice daliv, at su I. hours aa mar suit loa eon w-t.... . . -w.
IP* tm.ietial UriMilM rrr trine) ortatlon <>f raentuee from the rln
SI ould » rt land be dcnlr-rt. the tract con be ritijire • be rnreho
>-«of lend Odintnln* A profitable I e hue'er-erory be .om-cl-d
with lho forming oprTktlotie the owner If anxi' li to »rl! th<
price on ! loema of payment will be made rcry nc.-op ro-dern’r.
Am ly to i«. GOODIN A ApPFi SOS.
tclA-clm _ Auctioned*.
J ATI Ihf >t L *u • iM. )IVui Y»: If k»w, w# f a i^v
iN to> Dr Wvod. of tM* city, frvta a getitle;nan in Uilei, whf<
•Pf*k? glrwipgiy of the superior trer it' offu hair t Die. Mich m!
•ence mu*t ’iiv- he effect, when c »ming fr^m « reliable enu*-ce —
If certificate are guarantee* «f truth, the Dr need* i.i eft'*»u.lttm*
nor uirlru puffery (mK the pren j
/bw nj ir«* , o, , Ua »■!?*
flmryigHM —llawtng my ottentlrtn #, !..( * n w m«r.lba elnc* to
•he highly t.encd It! tfcvteot yur bob r- .u.ritt «, I woe irdttc d
tomobr •ppllcalt -n of It op n my own h»lr, wbhl bad be-vme
.lode gray, pr .bat-ly .•Oel'f-d oblte. mt whiacro W.rt cl ..me
eboract-r. l‘ >roetbreemr'nU.«olt.ce I ppund , bottle of r».ir
b»lr rer'orattee, and need It. I . ..,0 brond ;t woe proving wbat I
bad w!*bed. I .toed It obotit twUe a w«. k 1 ha. .■ «‘i,ce preeore
another bot'le. ot whirl. I have u*o<l o»»rtr. I car now c*-w'i t,,
th. w-.tld tbti the grot or whir* hair hyeteiallr Hre.. -or. J both
on me broi and loew. and my hvr hot rmarl tie not 11..I cl.'
and I brli. r mere fo't and glewy than It yK> i.rru I ,'oge f. -
twenty file year* I am njw rtgly yerro e|d. IUT go. J wife, ylto,
• gr of fifty.two. hya IllrJ It will, av.nr cart
Th- aheyg notice I degrn dne te t >n for yor-r ealnab'e d)«. ■ t-re
I tro arrur. d that wboeerr will rigl tty nee. »• per dlrectlenr, win
n«l have oxfaelon to contradict niy ftatemeata. I or. a ilirm of
•hlo city and a r ddent here for the tan bfieett y. trr. and »m
bn wn to nearly eiery one here aod a.IJ-'nt.-ig towpa Any ye
yow may make of the above, wltb at natt-e attached la at'your
rrrelce. at I wtah to prewerre the be ant tro of nattir- In .there aa
well ae myeelt I am, truly, your*, A. C. U \ YVO\ [1
ItitTNM.'aa jeh fa u*4
_ t_ __ wrw>DH HATH mrm.Mnv}
rrnfeaarjr Wp©4 D.-t* At llaelng had the twfortenr t« !(v*»
tfta »**• P *M «n nf my hair, from the effect* ef the plk>t freer la
New Orleanf in KU | Wa« Indue* d t * n.ate atrial of tour t.ei a
ratl^p, m l f«ot»-l I* I* an«*«r aa the ee»y thfnr iCf ljl %»r h .fr
H tMch md g1<«a*y, ii»d n« wofi|g can exf*', «* mr «i1>P.ra'lon«
•« yoa In gating to the afflicted euch a trrtrjr.a.
The wnderelene I Bee J. K B> .y*. t* a rmafat* r in »*gnl«r *t «r4
r.^. »r 1 ,.•*’>-/ »•. th- Orth'4..% fTiurrll %t Br^kh*!** Miwichu
w«f* II# 14 a gentlewisn #f great Infaen e. an«l JD.r,re»’ty he.
^^^4- WM nrrt.
Fr©fra**ir Deaf fir uui i \ *ur li »ir K
etcratlte. It fU*4 Mr akpur- m *%|. ihst |t« rffrvt* ha« he^n ex
rehent In rewiring Inh imtuat^n, 'Ian4r iff xn,l a . engtant ter.4,n
f j hr It*Inf 9 *4h wl»i- h \ hxee h-^n IrntthTfl . r^r el«||afD >; f
aaa ha* *|«n rr*t >r**4 me h*»r, rhhh wa« h??«vlftg f*ey, twite
eriglnal eolor I h«\« u*v1 ft«t u:.%*r %*tlai* »»«h xiiylj, r.g the
•amc t leteare nr pf'iftla Teur*. truly, iff BHA'rO
The Bettor tile* le pwt up In hMtlee af tFre# if«d«. r!§ larg*.
ta^'thita. and vmall. the aw all Hol4e on#-half a j. iv, and rrtalB
ter «*•* ^’’ar per bottle; the medium hn!4i at leaet twenty pre
eeat m^t* In pr<.wnrtk»« than the *n»l, r« tafia ter two 4oUare pet
terftle. the large nolda a <iuart,4* per neat ta^^e In pr«p«*rtlTW, an**
•ftiUi ter It
0 J WOOD A 00 . DeprlHert, 444 Broadway, New T*rl and
114 Market ft * Lnmtt Wa
A an ru* we m mem nanwipea *vn ft are 0<vmw tettvw
•xN 4 #4»4e
t)( W \ nni.B. M*A«e4 Aniart, atl g »l ., in xt^r*. ter
awt rt r ante *>v n %i wtt.f.tc r io\p
ororoc ntnuY,
MAurrAmini aobnt fob tiib ialb of
POORS RASH, ILl.Vn*. aoflltt«R. fcg.
VI.ABOF M*ort»#ol cwnetantly ot hand. Or tier*, hy mai. oe
. fth'-rwtaw proiapt.r tMm<M to
!*•. II. Oevernor Btreef.
%W~ Tm^g’* re»ehr*led em-^Mh^awM fit!NOT V MtrHINB
l*w* wt» In ane nae* of the fta«e. ax w*t,-# lvt« ft
WM. B. fnUAM lAMfJBL V rbid
HIRMI^IB * IIf in,
Commission Merohonts,
Clnvlnnatl, nhlo,
•allffd prden for all am ta dWcatern r rryrl nee, and myke
ineealCGGfc A it wan »w on Cuttslsawpnts ft? vale, og
X. rrbg^gRlae bowgbt and SurwSaa aoeowr1 af ftrSaiik
u mm*, “tflHyjisZJkX a mm a
FtTBM aSw. 1 ]
>r JAMU m. TtThniil mum a— j
1 <A achkk UK vali abli: land I mi H
I ,/ kA*T or Tlir. CITM. *T AUCIIwM ", will "
Ow I'ffmlm, on MOM DAT. th. At do, of OcM« ti.,XT V"T.i 1
*> "Vhek. r M. ID nrrrn of nnlnnWiT^uIl ,L
H«*nrlr© 4omi*« y, *4)-Inn* ♦•ebtW^a,’* Itfe*?. ,
Xiis*” **“ —
Tl.ii landIk adapt.! far MIKtf r«l'm or « aarkrt
Any w, defru.y to nrtir. a 'mldlt... <p, •.I'rred to thrrdt. i„
•MjMrrur«ftaiW and h..»Sy ...Igl.b rhea, w.,ld 4o w ril to ‘
•Al^' *boT* pr***r,7 r*° b* W«Et prirafrly hrf-r. th. Hay „( ,
Tv.ua —Ono-ftflk mb. tbr balane at «. 1*. tA ,ftd *1 month,
for nofo'i.bU note. Inter.« nddrd .-.I b, . , '
J V. M rutOd A ,..- •
i*tivn>«\E.TI KMT. -The ahoy. ul. I, ^o.n-1 till thr
o “rr.TMrSS!
•|U«nc« of iwl Mik *!»!« to ha*. IU 1ac,«| aunty*4.
I Ja4. M. TWIOK 4 IK»N.
I * AitrT ?f *** ifcV* '*"* wiU *• *•« •»
and a ijUAulltjr of \ C(iU6Ua, ac.. Me.
a°®*—_* j V T . . o>
A hiprnru: to i#TU niitikr. I’tTWftv cahi mnT
‘ ,Vr.u T1 '•9D>' '*“• day ..• Ortobrr. o.o.o.-l,riny
•tl-o. bwk M., two tr.ln.fk t- « u, ml Mr id '1*1.
rtr.cil. between c.ry air. ... Ire . Jliu .fl rt- l. d",c
j .I.e-UrUr kXmn *4f Mol . r,.. 4Ul, IV |. jn
] nn.l iwct nf »AVf «.cS The Uum- ,, • n.rr telerbteh. Ini lad
^'rr^v^whir1 * *■**** *«•*
Tbr.. Ttt.eiurnt> ar« conn, feed ratuabl, for .to,*,. „,. rool
| BUM boon. bavin* b.rn urr.J fa, tbU ,wr, w for . .uutb.r of
„ T*?.** 7 °®' >i ... |i .nd la north,. f...
necotUbl. note, with Inter.', rddr.l ud eiur.d by t.u.t .1. .da
octL-l.l, __ JA- M I'A> I lift A r«f>, A-. • t
. T U>T AD.Ol IN'*, on *r t ,tl r^t |..t.„„ i . ..
n.l Hrott, at Anetl tn - W, will || . ,.t<u,u ‘ T ~
I '*“T. ,t'* 1,T*. •W *r I.etobe, rnrxf, . . s „ | oil V V
th. y.ln.l.l. frl. k tenmn.nl ..i. t.„ .... . ( t.,,.,.',, C.1T
...d U,o llNrik lnl loo.u e thrUk t..id ne. of (%,!. « w
Uy.t. Tbr t.»Blf h=» m. U*cr «Bd ronrrniml ro. to., with a
I k TI "!,*?*• T->‘,TVT'.r Cm‘yT’‘'' ,lCe upon th. p.rtel. .
• ‘ * **** fr<M'ta *i frat 7 ii*vh«t. ami • ai » ba< * f**ot th.
C f r-Tit^f in«r a «t!l . u .Mitt a! k ’ *U*
-.her u' *'d'lolnr. frepln,.
• th Hr *ti i* fr<t •, Inch a, at.<! mnt.L e hack 1 »*• f.-at Th
•b... of pi op. rtyrnot. „ h ,.lu.^r . k roe. ^.tem,
1* r*na-Oftr luoUhiai. Ili» bataiwt *< 4 )•/ ar .| i, fn*
oolr», With Inter, at »t:» ! aL t ,* Crr t hr m J^CTt .1. !<*
__ JxF T4VU1H 4 tfO.N*. An. it
' I.L^ PLA lOIS, ON J \y% W*s h i v k- ii
n,K >AI.K AT AICTI..V pi*?™™*'**'
rHUa M Iht late J«itt|ih Matt, a»k4. t-> Mb^-rtt^r t<l|Pa*di
ru^f nV't.Z r'’,,7 Drtol^r. tit
hdm. Ul.kl / d,T.,,.o-: or.o, Hl ,, „ Ho.k. I M
PI A-TiTlMV " V U o »• .hr >• » ILL
PI.A . l ATit.M, r.lu, !p t... c. .-oty i t U..,triS.I t. or J. . ..
MlV.^ t**» e ,h" '"T "f Wrktnutwl, ud a.*J. Inlt-v tb. Ic.Kf
, ai?? ' '•“'*.'!?? Y™- nf "»•!'* *>-« *v,
i w. nteldrwUn.*’ ! > ** ^ ►“*’”< “1 U-' retd e I. .raklr
Tuei L .. 1 RUTrT.d n. Ihm^k woo.1
.»ml, thr a.rrctt of Mtn lickUr t .
i llr/t^.XUclV,r,Uy ‘’V TJ r4l-Ablf. tbt htarriKfa. »0,
• , .
„ A l**r4* I • of tbt I Atid \m J«a*aa kl»-r of U»
rr» qoil* f, ar*1 tl*t hltfi land !r ai*l ri r vmlk«
Tk* I-Aud Hs-t ;-r*.iuaitt fr. an tha flat? 1« :.*r urfiu!a.n.» ».
••▼-ry po.tion • t irU «l/alnt4 wlta rf-,ai fa^t«*r, a»i«i !• tArileulAr.
Mf.r prop«rtr front, o. I .me Live—tlrnirdlatelr oppo.ltr th.
HkhKond Dor. and 'tend.oat wh.ee - about Oireo,uar.re . >
■ Atull., ab. u'dtv fed uf wbtrh I. ooryMmd re/ valuaflr t,r
Nte far werbotue, b*la« .t tb. trnulnnt M Ue Daot Uk K.ii
1 ,U‘d*,T b'lD>! of flrtdL to aemlt r-mrl. ot
'»rp# • w u> the wharf.
al»o a ■! «!rxM*' altt f<* auiifiriurliif mtn.hm
niTt *^V •fnrt,tn An l>: * »r« a eoaifortahtfa '»wn.l.!Nh
***** • *x«*t Irtit harn« ao'I m*ott»arv uc*.i niMi„ „ ___i __
!u* . rr7V *nd »i 'lnjr« of fi'rllrrt *h.ir
SlSiSrtkMhjrd'lou-,h',n,,r- ,o':
tlUZiXZ "m"T. f tbr r*"“ <-«•« <*, of tkW end ten of
o!“ie”w-ni! ’"7 T““,w* •» M-** r*:r « kid
On the rirer <ppo.lt* Rockett*. are .Mr, * ir j T.rk,
Thh h.Te yttlded good rent., and «.11 hecyae s«r, rtluiMr '
-A *®w helnc p-rpar-d for the fill .Tone. P ec,rtl.<n
•til he r'reo rot •• edit-e a heat as soon .1 th, ending rr. re
gathered, an.l foil | .-»• .l-u on the let I./ <{ J.tn.rr '..ft.
J*' ProP*tAjf on !he rirer ar.d adjoining Vs.ud <at* »u; hi laid
r ir.t« lots and »auar*», and the hutancc cf the l»n/i win be #.. .1
a. !«**«« cui-n»« let re eCVred are ucnarmilcl.
e.l»n the Bute ..f \ Irjrfaie. both u» IS*- ci^wnei end e'Jtm.
onI.r»hTrd,^lilrtKrr/‘ r Fnr •P/ox=* Of W.OW a%d under.
IKI?. .k9h\th'**'*ncr •» 1. ^ -fid * year*; fur U1 umt oej
*.•« and un1»r ♦; ow*. or;c lourth caah. r!.e l.al-ace rt ! r ,t
I 4f*‘ «• °7'r W.®"*. Uxu cx<*. the bularre
at I.*, s .4 uni .» i -»r*—thr pi.ihM.tj •. ruftte n.|f>iiiU^
nl€Wl *‘,dri’ W*tS* i ufs.i »rrure>i by
I *'**• !Sf" Trr;I"ry.1- DP| *°M 00 *7 ulrcrtlscd. the *u)«
, SlMhTrtS-^Sto^M <Uy-“-“*=ei^b“h'*A®.b-,r.
m<bT:1\o7’V'.' ' Property e-r refried to Mr. CII Ad.
« hX. iv . “° h' r?ei.vj. tar further infomAti vii.
j *Pl»y to the auctioneer* or the u&oeraigu'tl
A plat of the property ran hr teen at tie oXe-of the ecrtlocerr.
, _ . It«e.-u:«r of Jraeph Mara dee’.l
VA « ' ' iaCi’, < aeli-dAotd.
. * T th' h4'* * hr** W*h*T*d. they ulU be »n|«J |o
,h^M,><*k- *•«** Im pl-ment*. A«* . 4c., r»f which dc
rwicrajil l f flvii), I* M
• ** A lJK,1,rovi'.,'i” ' V.U.I Atll.li PAK3I l>
r" '-a,,..
, C Deiarnette, JJra. R. hi W right end eth—i. dioatej nc..r Tu.n.i .
•tor* ,ho„t,«, and a half mllea (Tons th* lr~Irri"k.hn-r .
oton.1 and Potomac R* Ir.kd. olT-red for Th- t rmrtcor
| *™ ** n"” *• ‘A”'1- *rll adapted loth, gio.lh of rom and to.
; r.% •n<i •»'»*■*
J lfiJ? weil «wp*pHed with pdne and «»k timber
Tn» iinprorrmenm cenpket of a new »td «uMt«nt!al dvetltar
hleoT? ,h* **?' the nee***art
i ./ ,? ' lohaeco ho,:,.,.. tr It i, , Ten pleasant »l,d
j netehh^wT *" jf * pnuprroo, and hospital
laaaenrPavK.—On* third cash; ihe halanr* In 1 and ? rea-.
-,u,l raymente. he..in, lot- r, *• and MtWatto :iV,*eS«l
I -rZ.‘JZ t'on^TSjr^^L^ Wm ™
I I’ae-ua given hr thr ISth itctober. IrM
Per farther particulars a.,dross
C.pL GKO. A. M.tGRmKR,
1 snS-rim ®S* A- *• M; rruder,
* * c,ra Washington CilT, tv. 0.
; ;!rv* r‘rm- “*i»*rfoTi«.- »,n h*
: •* PBhRr aoc’lon. on the premises, nn TllTHcD s v
the lAth day of Octet.er, 1VW, to the highest hld-ler ’
Tnans or .«> Lr. —1 >t.e-third r-rt; and as to the halanr. e. .
I credit of I and S rears.h-srinc iotereat, .reared hy p«.*anaJ * car
; '«». and a deed of trust oo the property. 7 VrW—I*
Vd.hi.mmtkat»»k- mi i. op vai.i adlr
5Jfl «f tiiclunuiid — At *«t:uini*tra»<sr dc». nis nun with it *•
Ml annesedof n.e ate CoL lit.-hard A ltme. de«a.“ Tnd “y
rtrloe at a decree of the t trrntt four* of the City of Ul htoood ail
3kuor,,toothe tie. Keb’v. !a». In th, c w ol AdW aslonuu^I.
tor agatnr. Caretrru rt »r , I ,• , .l ptkeerd k. sell, at pol’I. aa',
.a Prrt "'* »» U"t "r-'er aderrttoed, oo Moltditi.lL
V' ;Vi C,0t" rEci0rk“ 10 a'<k**!l. A M . the fohoVfag
Ue»l b-ktulr belonging to the retail , t the late Col R„-har,l
, Adama. lying Icars-y In use city of Richmond, and partly in the
*oaoty of Henrico, adjtrmt to t&id city, vii; F
; , ,*•*, A ftrro *W ' t*'a Ik a* ®n “>« North tide of rranallo, rtm
Utng back on tbe U».t hne of Luioi, gt, about be feet. “
- A I;' fronting about tn 1„- „0 lbe »nl ttM„, ( a,OB Kror,
i'rlddy1 ^ *rCb' n,bD °r b*c‘ »b®“* »»> ten to the line of Jrto.
SSSnSk'SKW “ MA7“* *d'u‘“*b- <w- ««
, uZ j^tZL*' KA" °' litb ,U": M‘-- f-s it.
1 ,,,{<b,rA *ot 011 W’eet !Jn» of Colon street. North of thr arch, At
I It'S- a lot In rear vt No S3, of Mayo*. art-liHon.
I ae^K W®RS Inert er. tb, »ttuU aide cf
l-iio f U‘* runoU“ b*kb Ahogt '.hi. foet tr. Lpnp
I hunh ul uVh s*a °“ M'“ CA“L l7'M **“'h of C*77taC« »<•
•treoc £r.:'.Jrj;:rz‘b!
MI'U1*' Ltt* Sj*’ **• **> ,n P4*0*' Tat®;. u®tr to Cnrrtoftor.'a
' nJUSJ^Sti/Sl^ 0rrn *"*'“d a°: ‘-f *• r»- ®»«i
" c,“°rd *""■ °*r
: W ;.JU,;v®«,"f m • ,ld*ef rr%°'
I JJliLuVfi'fi!!' "n n £***'» »»<«, *<ai!»K TS ft®.
njpn. •.»*.% jrf. 'V: «ta® j>>v«-t» ®V R« McCord;.
I .«.. «anofJn« '» i It. th® jun<•• Mtlcaand. f®aoUr« ?h*.t
T. Wr»’ !it» of lift Jt®®®:. r.ML| hack v® V p„
, Mr Rinata uraanor. inf ay .lull* <,& rw ifca raltad pt.t.a
i:tk 1-1 la P^nkUa aaarr. M«. 1 fYocBnfdd f:,l nCnr® .1
fOt'htndVih'S '>MW'’ **”* '- ,‘le0', 3on- Vood"1 * °.
*" * mb
.tf^Ja L"‘ N° i"M- Potnh of *vi w,,,,. .n.l o
! - xtjt sf ,w' ■* * !,-,h °f ">•
1 >■> aqcat® J», Ad».o«' L.IJ.it-o. frcntlna ',•» fc«t
Vi ? i ,V of . ”"**• *a4>“* «-»t 00 *»•■ sf s*i Mf,.t
•t>TMrZr«r*+SZ 00 ,hc a"“kfc* * L «- •' «•*>.
»M!,u®TV.r;,?::^ nni* ^ •* *-■* *
Tllfwtm* #! ““ *'“* '"‘““‘W 41 b ** oa Ifcr bat ttnrcf
, Th.'-h,’lln uU' T."'?. ! *' *h* °*m*4 >**.•» t> • hoar of 10
•'.«.* M ami *.!l t e ct eat4nacd Ui th* srd-r advert *«nI lv
Tl! all ihr prop.-*} i«.«kM **<1. *0
Tt® itorlruiar altruUn* oftfc® puhli, b r ipsot/cL’, ®»||,<) ,„,s.
J *'1 lo* va'uahiv r^al **♦«>.
*n' <“4>" r»*h »o d.fro* th® mot® and »iprna»a of •«!*
.. 7. ,fcc r' ‘ ‘J"'' "" * <'rr,,K "< *. >» and Is aouth*. 'or nmm
iltl-lr iwl4, aatbfsr.ori'; *ndo*t®.l( h®ar|na latarrat. is< 1.1 k, ..
I | till all th® porchaa® m nr* la fan; pall "
Plata of th* pro port, raab, a.rrit ,!. A. .( u>a -.artlan
► .|a b ■ adtl.ifcWl.Adaa-r. do
V iJ V\H'if:,***» ►OM "4lk
w* Mlt^Hf of % i| fft-f of ih* ( ircnii
; C lit* t-'t .a®,1 owp', 4 >i®a fc ot rntrrrJ a ts. Pa3 t«ni .if an.,|
. ISiri, W.s In tfcr aun of "App*non *». App*®s.ltl', nr)r. •• j »,1
a®ll •• aj.fUi t’. nitni.alnn®®. I . pnt»i A,rtlrnTtVh’ihru a I
■ uor.ootllIIWPAY.il, licit' Uf of tart, i,® i,*tu (ft,4;,? ,
that *t,,l|,ot ,.|o®* of Tm.h. r-.l | ,vi aa.vt, m • 1-iu.a Rlri ?
,f whirh ih® lat* Pr tpp-rron '1.4,t ct'|.4, , aiti.-\|- ; ;t ,,r w',1
h®* In IM. 1 lolntr ® I*,.itaai a mlba Jt, r> laiuit* ltlr®r ah»r ■
| a r®»1® W|poap a® aiotaltfc farHt. StroUrZzliT * '
f**-* “* rrt'M! of*. IS ant |.. Binaifca »|j p, ,r-,.
K“«rSj-CS.X“"W“> jif rrj-'S
Mr-inqulr®; orp, 4114 rae < MT1 t. thb nSf. 5f *' 'U Cam'f
.V."L* "K,,K:
t^VtaasirwiA.! I! v,7.hr***.*? Sr fc1''* ■ Ti to
la a^f^TlV^JZ- iw,rTfc?l aa®tlo». th, trartef land, nnllofol
n .i"i i^" •*>''*• '««• Vlws.»«s (th* a |..« „f a,
Qoarlra, 4aaM !r^j^l„,h,tt». of ®i drath
raVLAlT.* h *. *ir'1 *•'*•* ”'h **4' of Pr If .nt C-ani, ah- ,t
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Ihr |r i«lk of carlr r-.o laMre 1
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alw al 1 ai * “."f*- '•'toiio* about Kb fact, rnnfeln. ha. .
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/ t.ablr note,, tntefeat added, aecurr 1 by a level deed . r’title r-.
. r ,4. CODDIS A Akar.RrON,
--- A«rtloifm.
M. u.i.*l1nh» v .III i. * m \»c B
’VR*i*t«»l'fr.—TUtf DAT, at 10 a-.-ilk7*ill be aofd (n R,
T7**. **•"•'•Lag of Men, B- yi and fVrta and Trnaa and Ctdi
•Ji. DlCKIMBOir. Hi LI. A Co.
__ Aacttrnaerk
_77 M*CT,,R frATTO, tort
l imifltTH.1 OK U BILK. THM DIT at tba
a V “-•*.»» hour. I will **ll m*oi« !•♦ or !i \ *<,.
m Wil hjr Jif iduiiuistraior :
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I 1 ^ T-1 * 14 t‘ O' U, a. a .: tan f '■ tlunlna, at 10 aVOoaA
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__ _ * ankltn .troaO.
* U* Mfbaiti reaneaal u hT
Wtl NBCBD.k T, Of TO II f-:U l»»la. Itin
$880,000 l I
. ___ CnpUiil Prig' Bl»0,«h00.
I PrV»ff..fl'Wjmol « Prlaescf. .. RM
J “ Of. »*•.,) Tn e. Ijm
} a °J. It,n» H» “ of" gk
0 app^ .•matton, to ik. 2?&X^0^
»•; 0 of H-C u **,000.. « of MOO to mS.5Sf «tf wS#”to bS;"
Bf Wtola Uckrta *90; Rn>ea J10; p...-, ar
’* 5 f*" r*®' <5'»con n.
BH.f of the b’.rhtr end tlty (teoLt taken a; par
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IX PU CK OF IIAT3 AND l: *JTa._rrv‘ XS
'•tn Ml!. farad l J be jli.* tom
«T. II. Anthony.
Mr.’ » In Hitt, ef lot qanll’y »• 5, J„ „
on.l qwlky M DO; P.uhWn.1 |/Kli JIau,
For talMtin Prired Rent*. M SO; C-ncrru «»-’
jytjjc,llS Is *■<. PX>e CalfiAla Srwr4 Blu . a,
j. u. AxrnoiT _ ■
anti Gonenil Commipaion
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J. H. FTW.f, I
« P. W.uw, i S’nOi’tut
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“NASH A C«.*l«!*i
Q. “In4 why*" • • W I II
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--Cor. Syramnr. an.1 IV,|tt„,v..
dpriny CharlnyVrnaa^London Vnnar , ^
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I Of 1‘arllaint.it Srcrrtary. J.,, K.wii, *U A^TT"1 *° * ‘
n* a poiitlre mets«d of leifcarr ;.f«7 r,r?. * <,'o>-..trry hr*
| r.tlrf o luflrnr. who may bait lira Y?J
means of a compound tr.e'j! a!r4 Tanner anT'lJd ?' ^ 7'“r*’ y/
Car. /YXen vi;.oor STS U *3?Tl X
one minute to the ea- . *„:*• *7.\ . . LI “•* «*»rrrr f.-.r
, TiOU.lT wa, ilrAf, LJvwi, he.rT^7 ’*•* >*“*»*> »«• «
A fa* nig*,,-, ... •“•*«*»« ■».
iT.iraie caat of Deafer-,\r" SoU? lo^rHl^A1® fTJ *** 6“'*1
’ mean, ol IhU, «M by
! pat, ol thr.tto’rM wMKTSSPfr ” '•* -»» 4-.^,
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ianferou*. uriu-—lifiej br*t»n^« y I, •&***» of Lkr nomermu
p.it.., fcrsr.ijy
alctaaa and So -.-on. In PrU.,;, i„ *
hc«n ctt/r.!, uJ hundred* J*!
c*c ix* nftTrt ,o. A^y J? iJL^’Vr
In any-of Mm. P»r Qu,ne„ o?Tf..“te£ SrtrrVTJ^*‘
XU diuoiery can be uat to Umu with Ti? £J2Lr? ”*S“
■loo, prrpa.-».' eeu.tr.., tUl-111 r,.aua ■X— * '*. "J. B*—»■*>>
l.*T^Lrth.*!LIt? 91 ^-STofSiiTJU? ^2
Cbwtu| Cwm. Leoaion,
Head. £!. “ U»u«u«- D«A,«. and ReU« la a«
., co*f K STRtTE * P0Ti.AH.
V-r. f*,„ D M< lK. n/ K
I♦ R ttu1' * ®*»*P «Uho«| Mira, «iih «-yif TrnMhfi —
I • *! .no* rhf .Stop*.; •rttrl* „„
o. pourt.i .!U -=,l, I.rlr, „P flfw.„ i-.^m'r.n i “JC
_1«I £,* «',Kf“,Al?n;k
good ako h°ttlk« «*;oLi> “
•Ha iriia, *•*
** *+<**--£li issisrs^o,, „
1*, Tn poosMfy ir>.
W. To fort 0)r tour -.atrotflr,
V, T- r«.t, UMr.J r^n,.n.
... r ,To r'w»» «>•** to P.M k.*4o.
•U*’2£ ,v *'•«* ooH »!.UnTo.t
T,TT,nr»’,,‘ •«!.- from fcm«,
•*k. Tr_carr all ilMunof tS« >,*k
»•> To prrrent hair tumlnx frr,T
*o CR*t hnR4Rolk%
art ^
*>ld kT *»nw * Tara,
nTan i wttTrro, *'
nr tortk, tHPn mntt, ’* M*ia ’ * *f«4
m w, K.VII. mai.im ”* ~ * -
Tut* of th- Bnn Of R-...I.TI t To* * ■*'"’**■
JORDAN. WINN /tr rri
l-KX.IML ( O A t| l*s | d % AI NI lltitl*.
.. , "*■*'> »>SI. TU( HrtoVu H r*.
oto •tojrsj&r*’*'—or
* 4 - H t , T •
hivta RROTHTn’ ‘""
C im Tiff'i'i ..p C*»T «*r»»m ’
I,,AR Vh» •«!* of T..»*.... (Vn< War.. ■,_
1 ^
W »T* kA P.-mm.W. -WhH. Boo . o. w'oxT ..
TV .! .... i II,
,.a * T I»rv «L !>..**I*.
-- -- C«n»#e M*’o -•».! *©,h
0,1 «■ 'loTWk.
( *;K%7 *•' n ,MK6Tl. TO-. TuarM.i ..|| of
V \.I... U. .„• 11,1 MtMkw. .., l..H.rt.«<«,r
,M* ,nr h*r • «■««•. for ulr kr .t" |„,A77.
„ „ 4 4*!,rj* * "*«« IT* *• tCm «*raat,
- - - ____ _ _ T..r*.
hi: not i:i>.
S H fWS^wa » »
*k »tlrr r it n, ^tTlT*'lit, or'A'uon tf!T T1**1 ^
*)»»» lOf. krrl II .i *|« Tumor>■ ,o ml. *’U
fS-T am r*‘ IT .O l ~ , r.W.Xa' '",M" ’Mrk
rSSZr.TZTZI.V** -* “• »•"■. » • 'H.T*. «•
* tr11 M
mii.fitw r»,k-4J^“* *** ''
IMt- Mk2.. p*£r*mm tl th*. .Ron^, »«*v»
u.r.7s^,^ -
,Ok nrt oo* oar. r'*''»* rrrr-MTT «U4a.l
•» 4n.»
P1!!^ ™* «*A*«A. ..wr r»«T OTTVI
A f f*rS-ffi iru.4 iM* er.*r Toro,, T oo. Ho,
U«. »r.^o. J*« mru ,J .*| fa, k, *f
-' __ l»l » i. TWltn
V«MTMKMN *TT|,M.-*.imi art*. ,
!sr'“ *WiraRr-fft

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