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Ttie Intnalon.
The insurrection at Harper's Kerry was, as the Charles
ton Mercury says, simply no insurrection at all. Xot a
slave joined the reckless fanatic* who nought to promote
their nefarious policy of emancipation by blood aud trea
son. It was a silly invasion of Virginia by some eighteen
men. Kour or five men were killed.and a few more will
lie hung, and there will be the end of the enterprise in
it* mere physical aspect*. The presses of the North,
looking no further than these results, are pretty harmo
nious iu representing it as a very light nnd trilling atlair;
and the parade of Governors, Senators, and of the mili
tary of States and of the General Government to stip
preas it, as very absurd and ridiculous..
Kvents are often important, not on account of their
immediate magnitude, but on account of their signiti
cancy. A pimple on the cheek may he a very trifling
disorder, but if it betoken* erysipelas, it is the indication
of disease which may be fatal. Aud so it is ill the po
litical world. The importance of any event, however
inaiguificant in itself, must he messured by the principle
it Involves, or the policy it indicates. Kor twenty-five
year* the northern people have been keeping up
a continual agnation in tne ■ mon concerning trie
institution of slavery. They have broken tip our
churches; they have run off our slaves; tbev
have excluded u« from our territory, on the ground that
the institution ol slavery is too iniquitous to expand ;
and they have now organised a vast controlling party in
the Northern States, looking to the possession of the
teener*] Got eminent, to further their purposes of emanci
pation. All along, however, we have hoard put forth
profuse prole*.—m* that no interference with the institu
tion of slavery in the Southern States was intended or
contemplated—although every principle the) asserted led
them ja-t as much to overthrow slavery in the Star, s as
is oar Territories. The constitutional and moral view s
which they bring forward to justify their policy, mo-t
logically and dearly, must make tbera emancipationists
Sc f*r from creating any surprise, we do not suppose
there is a thoughtful man in the South a ho has not tieen
nnticipaiMV. for years past, such events a« those which
lately Iran po< J at llarjier'.s Kerry. Our connection
wish the North, is a standing instigation of insurrection
in the Svsith. Instead of that " domestic tranquility "
which the Constitution of the I'nitrd Maws openly assert*
that it was established to insure. Congress is a im *bj
liuon conventicle, and the Vnion itself a powerful or
ganization by which domestic disquietude is created, and
the mightiest dangers impend oter the South. Instead
of “ tranquility ” and protection, hostility and insurrec
tion are now its natural fruit*. The' Harper's Kerry in
vasion, therefore, if wisely considered, is of vast signif
t-ancy, and should lead the people of the South in prepaid
lor those future events, of which this is only the premo
Our ItelulIona tilth t'liinn.
rerhaps the English who, as the Philadelphia Bulletin
ways, are hard to please whenever an American policy i
adopted differing from a European policy, w ill at least
acknowledge that forbearance and civility are belter than
Meets and gunpowder in dealing with the Chinese. They
have gained for Mr. Ward, the American Minister, a
courteous reception in Pekin, wlii'c the other machinery.
employed by the British, failed utterly and lost them
hundreds ol' men and several vessels. Mr. Ward was
uot taken to Pekin shut up in a box, as reported by the
Kreuch canard-maker; lint so far as may be judged tr.iin
the reports, was received with proper respect. He ex
pected to send home the ratified treaty by the next mail.
The conclusion of the treaty wilt place the fulled
Mr. Ward to interpose his good offices in settling the
quarrel with those governments. The bloody work at
the mouth of the Peibo remains, it is true, unavenged.
But perhap.- it may l>c disavowed by the imperial gov
ernmeut, and satisfaction offered by the punishment of
tlie Mandarins that ordered it. If this is done, it will be
wise in the European powers to relrain from violent
measures, and take advantage of any proposed adjust
ment, so as to secure the ratification of their treaties._
War in China is not such easy work us it used to be, and
there secins to be no dispositioa among the English to
persevere in a war which may he very btaodv and not
very glorious. It will be a happy thing if the course ,;{
the American Minister should bring about friendly rela
tion* witli Prance and England, besides obtaining the
ratification of the American treaty.
Unnk Statement*.
We have as yet. in Virginia, no periodical summary of
tlie condition of the Batiks in the Blab-, whereby their
combined capital, circulation, loans, specie, Ac., can be
readily ascertained. Such a summary lias been publish
ed, of late year*, in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania.
Eouisiaua, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana.
Ac., and recently ordered by law in Missouri*. Such
tabular statement in reference to the hanks of Virginia
would lie useful for present and future reference.
We invite the attention of tlie legislature to the sol.
ject, and would auggest, as the most practicatdo meats
for attaining tlie object, that the Secretary of the Con;
non wealth I*, instructed to prepare and publish a sum
mary of all the quarterly staleiiieula now furnished by
the State Banks. There ought, in fact, to bo mrmthlu
statements, lint if these cannot be had, let the p*o|de be
favored witli an nutlurritative and intelligilde exhibit nf
tlie condition of the Banka, once in every three months
Previous ta the passage of the biiia re-chartering the old
Hanks, a provision requiring u-eetlg reports, as is tlie
ca«c in New York, Boston and elsewhere, was stricken
suit, in deference to the wish** of (tie patrons of the
lull*. We trust that the Qencrxl Assembly will liereafier
give th* weight of its authority to light ra'lier than d irk
ness, and let the people he fully informed upon *11
ject* touching their temporal welfare.
•TiMimmu, am. i i.ii mluriuilion from M- .i
co to the 2 ’A -uy.4 f !»•• Jtiir. / government i waiimg ||„
return Ol Mini-ler M. Lain; to renew tin trc.iti iiegof}*
tiooa. A- tin- gentleman commenced them at Vera
Crtir, It ia conaiden-d that it would be .ii-rr »p.. tful to
him to transfer tiie proceeding- to Wnahington
lien Rol.iea had a*kH an interview with Col. E-pry.,
in command of the Iil.eral forrea, aeveral league- froiri
Cordi.ni, wiahiug to make rnme friendlr arrangement
with him. The latter had 2,Son men and 12 hatleriee,
to a.Iranee on Telntaeati. There i« every probability
tl.1t the city will t.e taken, in which he will aoon hare «
united hirer of 4,lt<»» men to march on Orizaba and for
The -ati-faetorr manner in which the people have re
retired the ililclligl m e of the remoral of (iencral Vidaur
n from the command of the army of Northern Urn
roia regarded aa an evidence of their moral «t length. hi
action- not bring con-idereil in accordance with con-ti
futtonal liberty,
Miramon‘a troopa in ihe.iirof Metico were actii •
tnirely on the ilcfenuie, fearful toloare it eve.i if the,
hid the mean- to carry on warfare operation# el-e
Tlie intercepted corre-ponder of Maninc- .ho-■
that af er the battle at Leon, fieri. Wofl a, „t i„ ....
f,w retaloreeirmnta, and Mari|iiea accordingly din . i
ed to-end him I.MVi men and two halUriei, When th
latter repib-d, .tating hi- utter Inalnlilr to do «o ml
tbrratrniog to reaign hi- commiewmi if Miramoo ir
On hi* onlera.
Cftraon, Nov. t An evi-urvnn train on the North
we tern Railroad, fiom Eon Du Sec. run off the irn, k
Johnvon'a . reek, and aome eight per-ona tiare been kill
ed and a number aerioualy wounded Among il,e l.ittci
are A H Hom-te I. Imlivn agent, Judge El(IK andothei
n+t4*fit* of r ot» 4 i Hi.)
(aai-ovn nr-nreii ]
Cnicioo, No--. I—li ia reported mat among tbe kill
ed t.t the railroad accident, are —Jerome Maaon tc|e
Bphic operator J I. fldletl, Mra. H. Thom.., Lnltcd
lea Mar-1,at, fieorge E. Emeraon, .1, Snow John
Larrf, C. Peter* I. Sherwood. Mr It.iardman and It, T
Mimw, of Watertown. The injured are—E F? Sikia
lav'll leg* cut efr, M a Lewi*. leg l.ioken Mrt J.„„,
K imey, leg broken . Mra. fiildwin, both leg- broken
Val Bure i Smea-t. edit-ir ol the Eon Du lei, l’rea«, „„l
h-ariwred and nut etpe.ued to recover.
The accident waa can ed by the tralu running over <r
H» Jnefcoi R liidduiga ia one of the two ncuhi ,
**«• targe" ol Ibe Repo id stvte Central Coma Hire ,.(
OMv |t ia int ><rtaa to atal- t da. a- -Ji c - the »f.
••■•ptaot »e vile inanrr c um M Ha-iwi a E. r r, iha Hla.-V
Republicm- ha -e atiempto I to ,1a >y tua ct nnecthin with
•hew p.rariea a- it ey bar* alt* opted to repwdiato 0*
■a wale wW Mat >«.
Thf Harper'* Ferry Oonwpiritejr.
rosrvimoB of rAiTAis brows.
Jr;*nW)f of Conner! for the Fr«iai4ii»M—( V*„tny ,(,/
'aw of {A* f Wimf for the t 'ommootnimllh—Com o
lion of thr /Vlauner— I'rrJut, (Initty of 7'rrexm, In
tnrrt'tiononel Mwntrr -Molt.mfor Arm! of Jneltf
mtnt—ProloiM, A/ifeot.
CitAKLnrrotvM, Oci. XI, 1 S.V.I -Tin- court met at ;
o'clock. The ptisoucr wa* brought in, ami the trial pro
cceded without delay. Itrown look* better than hereto,
fore, and hi* health i* evidently improving, lie laid on
hi* hod a* usual. The court house and its approaches
were densely crowded.
orxxixn nu Ttir nemrr.
Mr. (iriswold o|<cncd for the defence, taking up thr
several charge* of the indictment, and replying to Uk
points made iu tho opening argument olthe prosecution,
lie alluded to the |<oculi.*r circumstance* surrounding th<
present case, and hoped the jury would give it their calm
and dispassionate attention, divesting, as far as possible,
their minds front all prejudice, and disregarding outside
intltiencc*. The prisoner wa* entitle*! to an impartial
trial under the laws of Virginia, and let him he acquitted
or convicted according to those laws and the evidence
given in the ease.
With regard to the charge of treason brought agairst
the prisoner, Mr. (iriswold argued that Brown could uot
be guilty of treason, a* be was not a citizen of this Com
monwealth, and none but a citizen of the Commonwealth
could commit treason; never having sworn allegiance to
Virginia, lie could not Ik- a rebel against her authority.
Ho was also charged with levying war against the State;
but the evidence given did uot support the charge.—
There wa« a great difference between levying war and
resisting authority. Men congregate together to perpe
trate crime, and have their rules and regulations, and
when assailed they defend their live* to the utmost—sac
rificing and intending to sacrifice the live* of others; but
that ^a* rc*i*tatice. not levying war. He would not
shrink from the admi**ion, and the prisoner openly ad
mitted it, that these meu came for the purpose of run
ning away slaves. That was tho crime, under the laws
"i Virginia, for which the prisoner t m tmenahle to pun
ishment to the extent of tho«e law*. In carrying out
that purpose, he temporarily took possession of the arse
nal at Harper's Ferry, and’ while there, attempts were
made to arrest him. Mr. («ri*woM bad no complaint to
make about that, but it was in resisting those attempts
•hat thi* blood wa.* shed and lives taken, and uot itt levy
ing war against the Commonsealtlt. It was resisting
that which was claimed to be the legal authority of \ ir
ginia seeking to arrest those meu assembled iu violation
of law.
Such thing* have often happened. Jails have l»ecn
broken open, and men takeu thence and executed in de
fiance of law, alter being acquitted by a jury of their
countrymen, and the power of the Sheriff trampled under
foot. Neither doe* it necessarily constitute levying war
if murder ensues: because the commission of the offence,
or shedding of blood, may not have been contemplated.
It is said, here was an organized movement, aud a pam
phlet is referred to a* evidence of that fart; but it does
not necessarily follow that the overthrow of the Com
.. •»u»uia **a- vumriii|«iiru oy nnyinmg
that ipp'jtrvJ in that book. The most harmless organi.
rations in the country have been created with all the
outride forms aud machinery of government. In debat
ing societies government* have been established, a con
gr. created,resdntions and lawsdiscussed; and anv one
reading the bulletin> ol the-e associations, anti knotting
.othing about them, would suppose them miniature
eminent.*, organized within t.,e limits of existing
-ovt nmtenu. No matter w hat uamm.what officer* tliev
may have, that of itself is uot sufficient. Hands of rob
‘‘cr- or desperadoes have their rules and regulations,
their officers, and thev have prescribed death as a pun
ishment for tin* violation of their laws; hut that does not
imply that they contemplate the overthrow of the legit
innate government. It is only an association and govern
ment to control themselves in their intercourse with each
He further argued that the jury could not find Captain
Brown guilty of treason unless they find him guilty ol
associating with others to organize a government to sub
vert and overthrow the government of Virginia. But it
the pamphlet proved anything it shows that the attempt
was to organize a government in opposition to the go
vernment ol the Cnited Slates, anti not of Virginia, tor
all the cetg;* used and all officers appointed have refer
ence to a government UwJ that of the Cnited States. But
it was in vague, unmeaning language, which reallv prut -
nothing at all.
However, there was a clause in it which must In* taken
for it was all in evidence, making a distinct and pos
itix-c statement that in contemplated no overthrow of
the tieueral or State governments, but simply amend
ment atul rejienl of obnoxious laws in a Constitutional
The learned attorney who opened the case seemed to
omit this ground entirely. Vot even going over the evi
dence, to show w herein "this .. wa» proved, he said
t'u* prisoner was guilty of giving aid aud comfort to the
enemies of the Commonwealth, and that was the only
specification he made, charging the defendant with trea
son. lie was not surprised to hear the gentleman burst
forth in such a sublime apostrophe to freedom in terms
and language and with an action of such surpassing do
i(uence that no one need be told he had received his in
spiration in the land that urns the a dies of Patrick Hen
ry. lie alluded also to the distinguished associate tor
the prosecution who had brought Into his remarks the
dishevelled tress,- of a frightened h au y, and he pro
ceeded to di-cuss the chare*- of conspiring with f-lwV'—._
| Hes.M thete was a manif-st di*tinxtiou between nn <*l
Ih rt to run of s aves or steal slaves an 1 a conspiring to
induce them to rebel. Rebellion ait I insurrection wa- a
rising up, not to run away, aiiligpjb freedom might be
. the ultimate object, but arising up agaln.-t inch i.._ t- rs,
tojftWon" in.V.^,,S.»?(i‘sU,«o.!-to ®?ft:
The *i icstiou was as to the object and the ii.tetitiou of
th-- pirti'-s. || .- any man testified aught going to »b<>w
tl.a* Brosu or any one with him -‘aid or did otic thing *o
if'hi -e atiy - aves to list- in rebellion ; or perpetrate an*
offeree out ol which t. tiellion grows ? Slaves were
I m l temporary purpose . •
I ill the arsenal; but. Col Washington, who knew imu ■
-ibautii than any other wltues*, tu-tified that not a -lave
took part in the matter except Phil. who. at tl:c sugge
j tion of the prisoner, attempted to drill port holes in*tlie
j engine house. That was tiot done lor the purpose of in
•nm etion or rebellion, tint to protect themselves. True,
they were engaged in an unlawful act, but it was not tin
act charged. They were amenable to punishment, but
not as indicted. They are punishable in some wars." but
tied 'I* charged.
Hers tin, counsel proceeded to consider the count
charging murder in the tjr-t degree. This was a crime
involving premeditated murder, but hg ar-u.-d that no
»«u*h malice had bven .«hovrn. Kinrt, tteywood
! kilJed. Hour it hapjx*ij' f| uohodv known, (t wa- done
in the dark. W hether it was an accidental or an inleii
tionnl killing does not appear in the evidence, or by
whom it was committed. Perhaps these non were
guiby of that killing in some form, but it was not proved
to Im* murder in the lirs*. decree, or from deliberate i
meditated malice. lb* eonld only say, a- Brown arid to
him, “ why shouh] we-hoot a negro; tliat was not our
Object." He dill not justify these men in staving there
ai.d resisting the aulhority of the country, but be . ,„l
they WHO there protecting them-elves from arrest
Were fired in ail directions, and the) fired, or in
lende-l to fin , only on armed roe;; Without enuring
| that conduct for one niomeut, he wot,1,1 remark that il
r-futeif the idea of premeditated maliec. Tliev had no'
time fog the thought ami reflection w hich the law eon
templates—ual that lie would say the-e men should be
allowed to come wlltito its ‘ommoti wealth of Virginia,
p -rjs-trate these crimes, and go utiwtn^. of <urilcc—but
- h irge and convict them a* cording to their own iaw._
\ irgjnin fans law- and institutions sufficient f**r her pro
tection, and sin- J.-i* thrown over tin* lives of her citiien
every safeguard that ah. cUuitr.- nece-ary and e*-ntu»l.
!*h" has made laws necc; ary for tt,.* protect ion Of prop
erty. and the punLsIimrnt of those who dupriv- it owner -
»! it. It is thi- boast of onr ili-llllltions that no man can
be punished beyond what the law recpilres. and, if tbc
law i* no* se vere, oough. within the Legislature r,-->- ti e
pr.tfe-i rpfpedr, ('apt. lirown know h>* was committing
nn offence agan„; the |,„ for t'e nrotsetioo of
propr-v.. If.-i,;.. r,.p i.i.., , j,. nn>l !• willing
*•"* coneeqname. but indict him tot ih~t offence
J,‘ I i coj vict him of an ofici: e he nev r dr-aineu of
rotnmiitiiiR. h uihu.*-jii the cin uiu tinro- aurrounding
line <«■* demand. mx.Ii a pom- of • roerdire. The pul.
i. --Id/ <lo<-- hot reipiite loin I-, he pnmelieu contrary
*'• law. II a inao ol the indomitable energy ami j .
i.r.in. of t ap* Brown ..I I," rn-.yd lor lire
iiinnll.. pi o-i ruling li an nrnpri.e, ami „„| gather
t.irongliout the ( idled State, twenty.one men_-black
.ml whi t.—when time wa> nothing in the word to op
pr.«e i.o;:, how. In Horen'. name, < «n it be «up|.,«-d,
V. ith him •ml ad companion# .truck down, the South
awake ami everybody on toil .lert for enterpri-ea of (hi*
I ind, that there i# tb»- remote-! danger p:,^ther arheine
• k.u Ui thia. It i. hardly neeeaaary to make the.* ,«
mark- li *;i. ti.e duty of the jury to be Mind to all
outbid* ii.H-.ftfiff.j,
TIi'1 phvirjl rO'tn;»f of th<) «iipprriv*>i| the in
-orre. tion had lieuti highly rommended, t.nt moral toiif
**" •opeiior, and that courage which ran reels pre
•*'"**“ ••‘d I>aw*iott. fz-l .1 in pie juatire, then, lie met...I
to prt*om-r II" i«ked no more. ||. rallnl on
the Jury t„ pr. ve it,,.,, oath. intact and their honor
Iititarm.lied, and the reputation of the Commonwealth
for ju.tiee, magnanimitv, and chivalry unatninod
Mr finawold lelow-d hi- aperrh hy »aylng, on behalf ol
l i. client, tli.. ;.e had no e.ception to take to a particle
of the evidenee given 0!| the trial, hut he deemed it a
wonder, under the eireumMaoie., [hat the truth abould
bare i«-cn «* fully developed a. it tin. bee., |le r.pc
I l l Ij I,ore liotorraid • t< -11100111 to the conduct of Cant
inn. who tolonlarii) . ima from another Slute .imi.lt
for ttie pnrpote of doing ju.ipa.
Hr. i In 1 on »p 4., of 11," eiol.arraagmnat with which
' .’ST0!! ,h* Hp '»"*nd"d lo do hie duty faith
ful V ami had rome to .1. .1 .|,h the primmer, not a. Cap,
f.rown, the trailer of thia lor.y, but .lu.plr M a prteonri
uji ter the charge of riolatiug the law. If that law <tj.
not u a. 1 ant hi -' enriction be .|,onld endcaror to makr
that .ppear Ur it. , ry. .(,11 |,e w.,,,1,1 he
jwtliT with (h« briioBfi. Hi* Wrlh and rraidonw until»
lew year* pa.t l.ad Ire# in Vtr«,rb# In eonnertion eitl
(he inatit'itiou Of aS.eiy. Although to.*' , -e«|dent o
the Il.t'rirt of < >dumbia he had returned to In* nail.
I '° 'PV*1 twnaind'r of hi* daya. and mii.gle |,b
! Ho -* with - "f am" >0 other notice operated on hltr
than lh.1t of dUrhar^nf a mtlufrrcated duty faithfully
He regretted only the e«. dement r- .yvting the no _
He wa. ril l to hear the Judge - ,v on Saturday tint b<
•I--.led 10 fry thigeaM- pyeriwdy like other 4. lledeur.il
'b- »l„de State, and the v bote r v.,t»i drrired till' |hr
tn.l -bon d to- a fair one ft had lieen f,i. (ircnm-UO
re. bad Inter, upted if. prugrraa fVin.et warn her,
Without proper preparation, but indulgence had hw,
R, anted "-ol they made ,0, complaint. Thev aliould 4.
me r,eat they ronld under the rlrruni.taiwea and coub
no complain tif the rvehement. It wa. natural but h,
Imped It Would pul interfere with the comae „f J-mtlra
or ca-t • sain o„ ih„ |lf,„or of the State. The jorr ba>
ieen .won, »h .| they were u.ihiamed, and he prea ime,
I hey would hiudy dp. Ii.rgg tl.ri, oaMw and render a <ur
dht In aorordantw with the evifenwa
i | He could not undfrrtand front (be opening gddyraa o
the persecution, on what ground these charges against
the pi isouer were attempted to he sustained. The t'om
mon wealth's Attorney had indulged iu a strain Of abuse
ot the prisoner and pronounced sentence on him without
wwitiug lor the verdict ol the jury, thus usurping the
place of tlie Judge. Then- were three distinct charges—
lirat of treason. This was an eActice at common law.—
Tlie word is derived from a French word, signifying be
trayal. Tieason means betrayal of trust or conhdeuce.
The violation ol fidelity or allegiance to the Common
wealth. He maintains that treason could not be commit
t«'d again-t the Commonwealth except liy acitixen there
ol. Ir. the present vans', the wliols* proof shows this pri
soner is not a citizen of Virginia, aud therefore cannot
lie found guilty of tieason.
Tlie indictment charges the prisoners with committing
every act comprising treason. They are charged with
levy iug war against the State and exciting slaves to iu
sarreotion, but there was no proof that they committed
these acts as charged. There was no proof 'that they tv
slated any process issued against them as violator*.—
Hence, under the authority of the Commonwealth, lliev
were rather guilty ol resisting ccJ/m. which was a iesisi
ance of the Federal Government, and not of the Com
mon m calth.
He had read carefully the prepared Provisional Consti
tution and he regarded it as ridiculous nonsense—a wild
chimerical production, which could only be produced by
men of unsound miuda. It detinrs no territory over
which it is intended to operate aud says that "wo," that
is the signers of the document, not all citizens of the
I'nited Mates, "do establish the following Provisional
Government.'' What is it. It is au association or co
partnership. They are to own property in common und
regulate its terms It did uot contemplate s government
but merely a voluntary association to abolish slavery._
It did not even undertake to levy taxes, which is an es
sential to any government. It does not apfiear that this
association was to lie established in Virginia or when' it
was to go into effect. This was not treason. Is it the
adoption of a Constitution and the establishment of a
government* By uo means. These parties had a mere
imaginary government to govern themselves, and no
liod.v else—just like rules.gnvertiiug a inilitarv companv
! or deflating society. Even il they iutemled to set up a
I gover ament over others, they did uot do it.
There was a general principle that every piece of evi
I donee was to he construed most favorably lo the accu>
I od, wb* ahaald always kn tkt benefit oi iwij doubt,
i In considering evidence we must consider the whole of
| iu We must take the declaration ot Ui,< prisoner in his
! own favor as wi<U as against himself. Now look at the
, 4i‘*th article of this Provisional Constitution, which ex
[ press!v declarer that the foregoing articles shall not he
: construed so a« to onoourage the overthrow of any State
Government or tlie General Government, and looks to no
j dissolution ol the I’nion. but simply amendment aud re
I peal. This was in evidence betore the jury, beiug sut*
I mitted hy the prosecution.
Again, tlie prisoner is charged with conspiriug with
i slaves to make an insurrection. No proof had been
shown that the -laves had entered into a conspiracy, aud
| unless that was the ca«e, where was the conspiracy*_
j °m' P»r*y cannot conspire akine. Each charge is to he '
considered alone by the jury. If they believe the evi- I
I ilenee doe- uot warrant a conviction ou tlie citarge of I
| treason, they must consider the charge of conspiracy just !
a- if no charge of trca«on had been made. One count in
the indictment was not to be brought in to aid another,
lie considered that the prisoner bad a right to he tried
ou otic charge at a time, and entirely disconnected with
•iny other. The Court had, however, overruled the ruo
.. .mi- importance ot
making this |>oiut dear to the jury, so that thev might
not confuse the various otleuces and the evidence rela
Uting to each.
Next as to the charge of murder. It was a very sin
gular wav of doing business. By the indictment, five
prisoners are charged with the murder of four men. That
they might have joiutlr done it he could understand.—
itul they could not severally have done it. He declared
it was almost impossible for the prisoner to make a de
fence against such a charge. It was too loo-e and vague.
H\ the laws ot Virginia, there was but one specific grade
of murder punishable with death, and that was delibe
rate, premeditated murder. The prosecution charge the
prisoner with murder iu the first degree, hut he argued
that the evidence in this case does not sustain that
charge. The prisoner’s conduct in the engine house
showed that then' was no malice, according to the testi
mony ol t'ol. Washington and Mr. Allstadt. However
ridiculous Ills project, which, it would seem, could never
have entered the mind of a sane man, he might still
have la-lieied he could carry out that project without
bloodshed. At any rare, no sane man coulu suppose he
expected, with a handful of men. to accomplish the oli
ject by force; and it is but lair to lake hi' declarations,
especially when coupled with his acts, that he did not
intend to shed ldood. except in self-defence, unless you
! should believe, beyond the slightest doubt, that tliese
declarations were untrue and the prisoner actuated by
malice in taking the lives of those who never did hint
li-iriu and against whom there was no cause for malice
As to Heyward, thrre was no proof how he met his
death, or who killed him, or what cause. And, as his
colleague had remarked, the prisoner hnd no motive to
kill negroes.
The subsequent conflict resulted In a loss of life, but
the prisoner endeavored to avoid that conflict for the’pur
|>ose of saving life, and, therefore, could not have been
actuated by malice, which is necessary to constitute mur
der in the lii-st degree. Kven if the prisoner was guiltv
ot murder iu the second degree, or manslaughter, vet
that was not a capital crime, and not ’the crime charged
iu the indictment. He did not know hut that Captaiu
ftrowu waa justified in returning file, when he was fired
, upon under such circumstances It was a sort of self
defence ; and very probably bad a little more rime been
allowed, these men could have been taken into cua ody
without loss of life. He charged the jury to look on this
! V-lSi; a.' t'V 1 - liar wmil.1 -u— —m. -- ~r. c._—Cl.
I inTl'c prisoner ; an 1 when tbeir verdict should lie ti
, turned, no matter wh.it it might be. lie tuislcd evrrv
i man in this community wottbl acquiesce in it. I'alcs's |
i the majesty of the law w as eiippo, . d, a dissolution of
in- Union must soon ensue and all the evil* which w ould
iiccr-MMiv Iolio* in it-* train.
Mr. Hunter now aio-e to close his argument for the
pros.. it ion. He said he proposed to argue this case pre
i .sel. like any other. He had ho|ied the counsel for the
defence would have omitted to introduce ant outside
m.itt r. And to agn-.xl degree he had been giulifird_
" i - to, In ill** openinc sptn , ii
o| the defence this morning, where he had been repre
I iited as having drawn a picture of the dishevelled locks
ol uti alarmed beauty, his friend had dune some injustice
in attributing to him a de-ign of excitiug alarm or dis
turbing the nerves of the p-ople unseasonably. He bad
endeavored to march -traight forward, with the sole pur
pose ol discharging a duty aud procuring the attainment
ol justice in respect to the pri-oner. lie would commend
Mr. (iri'wold fur the u-stimonv he hail home iu the open
'«**? ol the court, in the face of day, and now to be made
an item in the history of the counter ;—that not onlv
have the foil,IS of a lair trial twn.li attended l„ the prj
-oner, hut Ihe substance also. That in the midst of all
the temptations to the contrary, in the midst of all the
snlij reasons that have lieen urged wtiv ■ different course
—I do not mean au irregular counc—a different legal
i I constitutional ‘ ours,* bv the Governor of Virginia
Jingl.t have bis., pursued: that of declaring martial
stid adnunisu-ring “drum-head justice." That the
l I‘|-1 Migislrate has taken |,ig|, eon-s-rvative ground,
wbiei, ae, a- \ irginians. are justly proud of. That he
di 1 not force this thing beyond what prudence requires
| ol n-, ami lliat in regard to the power, strength, sove
reignty mu patriotism ol the Commonwealth of \ irgi
i nla, we are -uffirienl/or it, come when it mar, in what
, ever form.
He proceeded to remove tin objections that might have
" mide I.slo'.he t-ower of this ,-ourt to trv the res
1 founded on the place where the offence was committed.
, ,t 'a* hardly necessary to show that it was within tin
j county of jem-r^n and within the jurisdiction of this
' r'V' ,7 “'r‘' Virginia de hiring the boumls
ot the toiiitnou wealth, nuking the Potomac river the
boundary lie tween Maryland and Virginia, and giving
• e-ilicr qt the Hta'e* powers, by a plain compact tone,
cute a criminal pro- e <a to the Iirtln .t tank. These mat
f- I- which arc contain, d iu the cod- of Virginia, it w»s
' .. »M «o pmre bv witnesses. Th? jury could re id
thecode tor them-e|v»s. Another law defined the litnita
of .Iti’ItT-Jon con'-ho*iug that it tbe locali
t <* • ■'••ii* ‘ <» ‘ urr» 'l. an ! .- % iurl-<liefion fn
. IlIHroun.
I . !' *"* hinted in the preliminary stage nf the proceed
int - and an attempt made to argue iliat the failed State.
n.M < cl i lift nti.diction over tire Arinorv ground..—
I* it now on i)mI bfc^'vc no fine
in itd-r put of the four liic* lalti o a a.* com milted ,m the
A. mo. g.ouu-J.
Mr limiter then *«,*,» Uji l||e argument re«je i ting the !
liarve of tra.i-on, which lie understood to l»c tiiat none l
'’ *’ ' - Attach'-* of the Commonwealth can commit tr. a
! *°° *if»in«t it. That portion he would broadlv deny._
Our .tatnle define, treaaon It i. limited lo no panics.
It doe. ::ot require that the offender .liould he a riti/en
according to onr .T«»em of government and the eornpli
I ie.| machinery of the K. deral and State government,
aider won h •• lire In some reaper!* we are unfor
tunately hound lo re ognt.e n. uitueim „l \ irglnta thpvo
who have proven th.-modves, within our horde?*, a*
thi. rase, and without them, ae in other., our deadliest
ruaniiiri. V'f Constitution of the foiled Stale! pro- '
ride, that ClUacli. of each State shall l.e entitled pi all !
Ill* privilege, tnd in.n.nnttma pi citizens of the or.-ral '
Su!M . „
Capptm llrown c.arne here with immm,Idea given |j
the t onatitnlion. Hid he come diverted of the rer-pon-l- I
hilitie. In-longing lo tho*e Immunities? led the word '
treason mean breach of truat. ftid he not betray that I
trust, tlien—yior.i consent—with which be la invested
I when within our border.* Ilv the operation of the Fed
eral I oustitnlioii, he was a citizen when he waa here, and
dot that bond of union, which may ultitnaPly prove a
bad bund lo u< in the South, allow him lo come into the
IwjMzrn of th* t uOioio.i.rraltlc with the deadly purpose of
appliing the torch to our buildings ar.d shedding the
I.Uod of our citizens? |!ut again, our code defines sin.
are citizens of \ irglnta All free whip* person, born in
: any other State o' thi. ftijon, who may In-eom*- real
deiils liere, are t-rti/ens of thll State.
The audenge in thi. tao- show, llut thpr« i« no ilia
•low of >|ite«tion that When |hi. man came to Virginia and
planted Id. feet In Harper's Kerry, |>c game to reside tbrrp
, and bold a place of re.lder.ea perm rnently. True, henc
f I < Hfiietl a farm fotir or fire mile, off In Maryland a .boft
time since, but not for the legitimate purpose of e*P*b
li*r>tU|i 4 (Jomtcil there. It w.a for a nefarious and ht-lli.h
purpose -to rail. fu.ee? ty invade thia Commnoweal'li
» and ewtahli.lt himself at Harper's JT- try 1* • starling
point for a new government. Whap-ver it was. whether
tragical or farcical, and ridhulona aa Ida counsel have
presented it, his cortdn- i showed it, if his declarations
were in.iifllcWtSt, that it was not alone f.,r the tmrfeise of
v prying off slaves that he t.aine llseye. ||i. Provisional
i.ovcrrunent waa a real thing, and no debating society,
| aa Jjj* coonsel would have u« fcfMey* ; and in holding of.
t,or glider p *<;i} eiccuting its function*, he waa clearly
guilty of tjeaaon.
Ihe li-th section ha. been r*f-*i»-i t„ ** .bowing It aa
0**1 *i<-.M>nahle; but he utipfHzytd that meant (hat the
■ new <1...., .im.-pl *S» to he a union ni the separate
I Pistes like the prewent, wjtij the difference lint ail were
i '• i** fr»* Htnte*. The whole document moat bj taken
I together. The property of slaveholders was to be coo
fiecated ail ov*r the South, and any man found In arms
**' *° Ijf *b°* down Their conduct at Harper'» Terr
Hke insanity, hut there was too much method t
; ‘‘"W * • ** purpom-s were loo well mature,
i V1''. *,,J hT ***r,v •‘•xlar.xl there were thousands i
the North ready to join thorn
*** 10 u*,° * hole declaration c
i , “* hooka eiprewsly deeUre they mar reject.
I V1*' cauae to do so that which would evtruual
1 the guilt «d a prisoner, tber ate hot hound to hello.w U
| titer arc bont.d to cotwadcr U. Thala all
' I 1 V *° ,lu' ' b-tT* of conspiring with slaves to r<
tK'l. tnc taw ways the prisoners ate equally guilty wlieth.
insurrection ia made or not, advice may be given by a.
tion.H m «i*ll u worj-i. When you pul pike* in (he h«n«l
I °* ,rw *,ld their iuwU'n< taken i tptirr, that 1
T K lw rebrl »nd »* PQoU«hl# wit
death. The law do«a not require |Hxsiijve evidence hr
only enough to reiimre every reasonable doubt as to th
guilt ol a party. tNowcumcs cirvutmtlaulial evidence i
the stiougewt kind,for witnesses mar periure thenisclvev
or Im> mistaken.
The defence aay they don't know who killed the n<
gro, llet wood. That Hrowti did not do it Iwvause thrr
was no object lor hia doing so. liut that it was dark
and the supposition U that llet wood was killed by ntii
take. They ay Iirown shot no unarmed men; but Heck
ham was killed when uu.it tued. and he therefore though
vi” *ho ° °V*' bad been proved by a mass of argument
m itb regard to the question of malice—tlte law was tl>a
if a party pcr|>etrated a felonr and uudesignedlr takes lift
it is conclusive proof of malice.
If iirown was only intending to 'teal uegrous, and it
doing that took life it was murder with ntaliee prepense
So the law expressly lays down that killing committed it
resisting officer* in alteiuptiug to quell a riot or to arrva
the perpetrator of a criminal offence, ia murder in th.
first decree. Then what need of all this delay to prove
that Iirown treated his prisoners with leniency and dh!
”*’* * *“l *° "bed blood. Iirow n wanted the citixeus ol
\ irginia calmly to fold tbeir arms and 1st him usurp tin
government, manumit our slaves, contiscate the proper
ty ot slaveholders, and without drawing a trigger or shed
ding blood permit hint to take |xM«caaion of the Com
monwealth and make it another Hay U.
Such an idea was abhorrent to pursue. So too the
idea that Iirown abed blood only iu self-defence. It wa<
but absurd to require argument, lie gloried in coming
here to violate our laws. He say* he had eounted the
risk and knew shat lie was about and was ready to abide
the consequence*. That prove* ntaliee—thus admitting
crmiluui; clurgft).
He knew hi* lile was forfeited if he failed. Then is
not the ease made out lieyond *11 reasonable doubt—
e'en beyroad my tint lottbxI We therefore
ask for his conviction to vindicate the msiestv of the
law. ■*
Mr. Hunter closed at 11 o'clock. Poring most of tb«
argument Brown lay on his hack with his eves closed.
i III \t. t«K I HU IN I'tHTKK.
CltVRt.K.stou N, V* , Nov 1
The Court met at 10 o’clock this morning. Judge l*ar
kt r on the bein-li, and Charles Harding, K«q.. assisted by
Ilott Andrew Hunter. Attoruies for the Commonwealth.
f.Jstu Cop|s-e waa brought in and placed at the bar
tot trial, on the charge of treason against the Slate, con
»1«t. lie is a small man. not over five feet five inches in
height, anil weighing about 130 pound*, lie has a stupid
look, an i is regarded as the least intelligent of the whole
Messrs, (.iriswold, of Ohio, and llort, of Boston, ap
peared as counsel for the prisoner.
Previous to proceeding in Coppeo's trial. Mr. Griswold
-tated the point* on which ai. arrest of judgment was
t-k' .1 in Itroans case. In addition to the reasons men
tioned yesterday, that it had not been proved beyond
room for reasonable doubt, that the prisoner was eveti a
LUliaen ol the limed Slates, he argued that treason could
Hot he committed again-! a State, but only against the
general government, citing the authority ill Judge Sto
IV. Also, that the jury had not found the prisoner guil
ty of the crimes a* charged in the indictment; and had
uot responded to the offence* charged, luit had found
him guilty of offi-nee* not charged. Thev find him
guilty Ol murder in the first degree, when the iti
lictmeut don't charge him with offence*constituting that
Mr. Hunter replied, quoting the Virginia code to the
i flcet that technicalities should not arrest the administra
tion of justice.
As to the jurisdiction of the State in ease* of treason
It was sufficient to *av that Virginia had passed a law as!
-liming that jurisdiction and defining what constitute*
that etinie.
The court reserved its decision in Brown’s ease far the
present. It is supposed that if a new trial is refused an
appeal will be taken to a higher court.
trial ok coerKR.
The jury was tin n sworn in lopp -e’* case, the main ques
I, 00 P*** *° being whether the? believed they could
give the prisoner a lair atnl i ..parti .I trial on the to*il
ii.o.iv, independent of anything thev had heard or read
on the nutjcct.
Tli- testimony was the same a* alreadr published, but
much more brief, they only being questioned on such
p tut* os are essential for conviction.
The examination of witnesses for the prosecution had
not concluded up to the time of adjournment.
( apt. Cook wave* in examination be lor- * magistrate’s
court, and will probably be indicted by a special graud
l*ir\ to !*t culled next weofc. II** t» more communicative
II, *n nnT o* the other pri'«onrr*,:tnrl denounce* Frederick
Honglass as a traitor and a coward.
The two negroes Copeland and tireen.who are iudict
ed Willi Ilrnwn and Ooppee, will be tried neat.
Phil, the negro of Mrs. Al-tadt, w lio was cnn.|H-lled by
ti c walls of the engtne-bou.se, w as arrested and convey
ed to jail, on the charge of sympathizing with the insur
gent He gas since h*en Ivin- very ill, and died ve»
te.d.v ol pneumonia; though il is said hi* sickness ’was
caused by (right.
Martial law prevails throughout Jefferson eountv and
every stranger that arrives is compelled to give a satis
factory account ot iiiiii’telf, or iuiiiieduiteh leave.
■} 1 < T « OT—Groceries, Leather and
H i. on, t a* nioruHiy, by
I k (> I! OAVKNPORT, Aurf.
V’*" ‘ - Cffitfr
...u“;';.1IrtoVlJ,ni.,,^d wn*.t"*;*1'
T .
Tb<-KOANOkK will leave liete oo FRIDA Y ai | |' m " '
(soiiimtHmion Merchants*,
HOT IL lilt \ LOTTER1 .
- • g SSB
' as as. !.* ^avev»M,WM
w • -• . ..... M .o/n
'* • ” 4*,»- - ‘..It. -6.1UI, *7 jew, i;0 -7 r.#i u
‘ I. e>. ..M V.gHt, ?'./1J II ••«. eji, ' ■ ' -1' 4 • W’
lb™ffi~? *!£££"' Cr,thrm'''' "k' F'.vr on
ml *** '‘'srme... In an..ilirr rnluian.
41 DOJI rodiioobi
( ’ efCHFWKMt K.HACCO embrace, ,Hof
IvV.Il’d.'uir’.’S.V^ MW"?’ W'M'
Itaff/bi i:fJ1,1'1V*I',kr ' tor,'’Jr U- P X J. Cl.ria
T..,. be; w ".
J'”!', "' "f rurrhaa.ra, and wl.lrh nr II.,.of „n !hr"m,.V'|h,rIi
n>i> n % neCi i.
| i-KKUt f<»r fair m> Trad of Land know. » "Vanrluae •< |n
J ' ' "/■ "P fiHViy. r.Mir Hundred and Klgl.if'n!?
Tl.r lM.,,r..»rr„ 1,1. arc comfortable, rnnalatlng of ..no,|
• '• -if • u-'ril in a ir*»*v of An* mk«, nort.>u,.»i .1 hr *11 (hr
o* Ueii:' ,>r^Y* ,T7 ^ "l*,,' 'l ‘ "
ll‘ ."a' ’“I".'; "■' yrm njha.irrd l„ I... ra,Im!.ln» ,{
a ?X. ‘ firchaac hg He railroad faeinrtaa, |,|„, wllh|n
a abort dirtier- of Chula and Matioaa rtallona. on Iha* Richmond
ar.d Danall - Railroad, About *i m.lca from Richmond
Hieing purrhaa.d a larger farm, an,l l.-lng drtrrm'ned In aril
• P''»' "'ll •>» ,ffcrc,l. If not anld before, of whleh due
JaTrttnir ,ru^'i w,".h' p,,blk,T '"-<.d to ..i,, on
. h •I Ki»% >, u,r KHh of l>rreni».<-r nrvt, on Ihr prmiUr*
i ■»"" »» !•*«*. Halloa., Amalia
"M'H HI.KantM, MHq
!■?»•'Mflirr, for «r|p, <<.Mair,iii|r «iin 4'm |fU- w;o,ta
AT 'la mile, of t.f i.elthnrg, on ihc road lo Ami.-rat <>,urt Hnnac
,n ■ holfn.il- <f ii,, orange and Aleaaiolrla Railroad |,.i nri
It a goo.l >•,, atnrg hrb«h home, .III, a l.ea,nlf,il porch, naal f ard
•1 Vrt' r"‘r" Ty'r’' '* * r"'”1 harn. Ice home'
£ ■i1'.1: “T. “?* fdrnm, in good Igpair good .p.inga ,n,
a f*1? ' **' '-I'oarda of i holae frulia Tha land lleaorll,
an III In 1 g,-. I r Al-of ..oproaemard- 1.1,1 og In ala (1e|,la of ahr.ul
w *rT#* *4*,b Wrll WAf<*rri| |*i %rt* in tlmhff pr.n
*»*m M onr#
Trrrn« arrfminioiUUnf Apt*1/ ^
1*11.4*0 M Plfrt.TO«9. f^Tlntl^n
r. eA *««•» of l* J MAtmoftK. Ilovftr.ltvfll#
\ % f i INLK RIVRB Ul«» i on MLR* K«
▼ prrtinp to rrf .rn i* •».* Pou«f», I «(T-r for Ml# hit #ir#tl#-ni
lylnf t0f} IA. N'*rtfi*nrti rtr*r, In |t|>ol*4V|rnoln roi»n*y,
■trout I ,, o • i* * ff'.tft rt »li»r'i r»M Ta»mi. «M alMnl • i«tM#a from
• -Wf»l R>« Ir-..,1 Hcggpalv||)r nonnUta of ill >4 trrra, ynn <>i
I ,' *r# . Uar#<1 a ft-! In n rr*o4 •»•*• for nif > R'l in, t»i# rrvonln
Ji *• *r<«t |.uip A >m«> 40 arr^a o* Ih# arabl# Umf Arr #«<•##•!
• if'# *^». r.,tr Iof proonffa, proituHnpr rifpRaat <- rof a of mrn
•* **••• •# In »|»« < ufi«*rr of <nri,
nkaal, tot.arm and ,U,-a , .'J fromVl. r a per, ma.V «Vl4 1
hare mode, I l.dlefe the aolfla hlgl,lr a',- -plfl le of Imp-oremeni
hf If.- oae of plaatm gor I,ell' It and feflllll r, Wood elite h am.tr
■taeaed !.f ai.f Urn, In tl.lea ale.nil, Peraona nlahlng lo por.haa,
hgd l,«itc, i n.oe and eiamlne for Ih-ma-lrea
^ lIV.’."J,1 ,,rL • hj" o*»V H at nhltr anellon lo ih<
Id a I,eel Iddde., ,,n IrMIf/ij, .he pih dav „l l,-e-,i...-r o-irl Al
ee, >np cr Apt of corn, f. diet. |ol a -eo, *«, horaca, „nr being I
nom1 ar one aaddle ha.rae , rnlilo. naan, aneep, hr^a, Ac. ; nil m.
farming tier,alla, and I.nun-hold and kitchen foinl'nre.
"** r,*» _ K II HAPTinT.
N RW 4 1.0 Ihi n VKMKT AdD <1.0111 -
All kloda of I. A Dim WRARI’ITIim made 10 order, hv an e.
perlenred hand. gWI.RI.II A THAW, Ho lift tleoad at,
nuif" AII.R4, Pot haegalna In llreae Pdka, call al II
llr,m.| Ml reel nod gWOHIM A THAW.
I till AMI lull |,KA •», fo< ■■»•, h/
JOHN N. OiiRIm,* A gait).
IUIfiK aTIM R OP |NON -We aak attention In on
J prrernl a, II .aaoie.l alnek of Iron, moel. Inereaeed hf Ini
arrlaala no! IIIHM M OOKftO* A WIT
'•'Hl.'Kai IHI VMI | Kanin alaw* the large.! an
I ,„,ni I*. A.iilfol aaa.einiamt of ira.ellna and panting Trank a
f era hnd, and »pl l«IHI|eiii^ry^efo>A|^ ** WAIMM
nf{4» » MIKA I.RM ROfrT* TheUrg.M and he,
**»«ii am J aarea had laglnre, aa#»« he aold aarg rhea,
M*"’» H It * V \-Th#imwi(kiK M
iy largaai aaocrtaaaalTafea bod. foa |ala aarg aairagnal
et,»ap for the aogerltr qmlltf. Ill W W filil|
— ■
' Ciawwtiu.*, Oct. *1, 1819.
/kwr Aijwrn —The Foundry, Furnace and Saw Mill,
a beloi.giug 10 Mr. V. M. Alkiu-on, and occupied by Messrs
\\ hitice, Alcotl A IV, took lirv this motuiijg about day
f break, and was totally burnt up, together with a eonsid
I erable quantity of lumber. At one llmo the two engines
.• belonging to the R. V. R. K. wen* in danger, hut th.
- erired upon them, and soon drew them bemud danger
The nifiiii' liouse *ud ihopd belongiii); to Ike Kunn
oke N «ller Kiilrued were frequently uu tire*, but • ir<
r saved l>y the aliemioua efforts of some of the crowd._
' The tract of the Railroad was on fire but no damage ol
« any consequence occurred to our Railroad.
In haste, SIGMA.
t UwtiMi Ansa Si srictois Chakai rsa* is M auylam*.
1> The Hagerstown Totvh Light, says:
» T1"' Governor of Maryland ordered the Sheriff ol
. " '»• hington county to appoint a sufficient number of do
putioa residing along or near the boundary Una between
. this state and Pennsylvania,and others also'residing along
* the Potomac river, who may be empowered to act with
• authority 0| law iu case of any assembly of uulawful
. characters, or mru whose character and purpose is not
known, and to arrest and detain them. In pursuance
l of thts order, the Sheriff lt.ts summoned five hundred
men in various parts of the county to act as his special
1 deputies.
< The Hoousboro' Odd Fellow, says :
, , from ,he Governor, countersigned by the
1 •uenfl, have been received iu this town giviug authority
to certain persons to arrest all suspicious characters who
may be prowling about or pansing along.
Jaii. Dalivksy.—On hut Wednesday, a party of five
prisoners escaped Ironi the jail at New Vastle,'Del., bv
knocking down the keeper. Their names are as follows
Alexander Robinson, Jos. Haves, John Hughes, Charn
piou Stillwell and Robert McKIheny. Tw o of the persons
named were under seuteuce of death, having I teen con
victed of rape.
w •*•** 4'HKMRY .IT 'I'll Rv KOI TH.
■a a. .. AtlllSM AutfUll ?|.
t»v»« Sia1 — llarlng been alttleted for mors than ton months with
Chronic Intlsmalion of the l.unrs, at tlruss very severely. anJ hsv*
!"* *h«'P'r'' «>th-ul any hut temporary rettsf. |
purchase,! about three bofllea of ffitir'i B.1U1- Wild 1 Asr
ry. frrwnI the egerls of which I uhtainrst more relief Ih.n frooi all
tt.e mr.hataea I had ever taken for that rPstrestlns .llaoriler. I
I'**' -'•> ,h* retreaud use of thts ealuahle tUlram. been more free
Into-hTT*?"’ Vr,ht'*'/1 *n,, <\ITr”*lnn *'» the t uny, than I ha.l
In. rm ^ Too V that t will he cured, he rtmllnu
fCSeiTVr "'"’‘•."“'••‘^‘•heartenlns malady I d.. uiosi cheer
Is lio ii .r‘’.U hL* ••knowledgrnenl. which you will use as your
jadgmen. d!.-,.,e III > UNITY l.lRKr
«».cAr|w ffayn>uiuj|h Hurkr Co III.
A.V.r^"rrU h!**™ W KOWI.K * CO , lloJton, Mini Kir U
* YKAWVi *CK,*L L*DD * CO . and W. prrv k.h«'\:,
el iirrnM TV by ••’»,oln »d Agents In every county, and Krug
gtsts genet ally. oc*A— del w l w
Nolire to ( oiinlrv qprrlm m* vuiiUw
Kir It it> u ml (lila Fall. W» would moat rrt|»tc full; rail
thrir attention to our stock of BOOTS and SHOES, which we will
sell lo% for csah or lo punctual ctutomcta on lit ttu.nlIn crvllt.
__ I*T Main $L, Richmond, Va.
I T*»n want BooU, Shoe* or Oalten, of good quality, go to
ALt.X HILL A CO.'S, and If you cau't got them there, I do not
know where you can Ond them.
S I () ()()() MKWAKD.-JORHUA R liUtBINtiS
i * ' fa ’’ ’ having opetdy declared hmixclf a 7V,ri/.. in
lecture at I'ldtad. Iphla, on the Vn|, of October, and there twine
no process. .trange to ,ay. t.y which he can he brought t. lurti.e
■:;V 1 ! / “‘■‘''"'on'*, or ♦.-..•Oil for the production of Ida
Amt » I,dtna "**''* ,w» proposition. eatraordlnarv .a It may at
The law Of Ood and " the
K. 'iu Itutlon of hl« loiintrv both condemn him t » death
hu. U l*ln ' *l,'M'°ld “X name from the public,
-Vll h - u* ' o'1*.”' ,h' «>"■ Hichmond Whig. Th-m
will he no difficulty I am .ure In raising the «lO.iaal u|kui a reason
"f *rtl,Bg Aaltl (ilddlnga to this city 1
lull hiu .nJ, November 1st, K4. n«l—
i _ ItBW LAW hooks.
A <.* Me "Artie aj Jf,.r Vlpex.'1 dV.
. In two relumes, Sro. Price »lti.
Julee'llimV,r'“' n'd*l,,’"'U.rh »•»«»•>«■. this latest work of
a k d1 ' r'*»rd " u 'he moat valuable of all the
Iin , ,nl »n' ''." - 'll' ,'ro,r*,°"' •>"<■<• " suppllc. not mcrelr a
Mandard Amrru an work upon an ln>|K>rtant branch nf the law
hut a work where none existed before, upon a subject which hr'
ccl J.l-. JiL i,L., ' r* !;‘‘'- m,,'rVIV' r d"n“d'd «h*« u ha. re
‘“JJ* dUllur<- full, eomprehenslre and phlloaophleal treat
rise'L«“'ihuh.fnrhu'’ 7' '".H'" ">»' ,h' ptep.ration of this trea
be of .Vl'li nm »"*l advise,!, and that it will prove to
..ndlnV"^h“d‘ d b",h »"d
fontt.nl‘nu*,ion #f English Law and Equity Reports In a new
Common Bench Reports, New Seri ., by J Senti.wlih an Appendix
omlirThV’S *?* J'”1™*'. and time, which have hem
omltled, by M Scott ; also! aaee derived b> the House of hoi.Is
r, *':pvali T. vs.® *,h wby "'nr> -
.. ltwhrr,,!m,<'V::r'VohT?ai,w,,h * App'nji'- **
peX.,;’S^T"w^,ri^, \rZZ"*T ‘ Ap
c°nun'1' *“* Kn*u*» «•»» Equity r<
English Cumwon Law Reports Vul 91 ■J ;al
T A I,r;*Se^ Tlurt. Jarman. Fw, , of the Mid die
I M l!* i W Po,,r‘1' Am, He an Edition, with large
rui ns h. V^ T' V1 ""*1 No's* and References h> American Be
»b; J t. Pcrkiiu, Fa>| , 2 TuU I*'
TreatWe on the l.vw of Evidence Tenth English Edition, with
»ddi,lon*. t y the Rt. Hon S March
f.Jell‘ isyjT’T' J“e 'ru“ld, lj"l • <•"* of the Police Magtatrales
nnr . , 1 *""•"«*•» Edition, with Cow * n and
i 21* W,'h “•<««“"»• POte, and references to the Eu
* i , « 1A“",l'.*" c**",,0„,h* present lime. Including those a Id
el lo the las' edit, un by J Marsden Van Call, by Isaac Edwar-I
Counaellor at I .aw. :| vol«. lx. •
‘Vr' l,"P",'*,‘> Law Boohs received as soon as published
and for sale at the lowest rates at MORRIS Bookstore.
_ v; Mail, strert
oe'f»- I w
iP.i yrriur' \T,U 1'IHRtuAVf.V
, * ' '“l1 8AJ K: " * *r* vulhorlxcl to scUth, foregoing ralu
ah sfP.opsrty It hu a front „„ „.,„h ,td, (.„* “^“of
^ ill. / *."d i.dT2.2? '1'd nf *»■' »" Vlst street
of I'M fee« The building* on the lot arc nearly new, and ar. ad
o _ * r»r'h<'u*e is established be law, and last vear Messrs
P tr.l k Prfnrb were app^lnf^d ln>prrtnr« b? lb- Onvrrnnr *lb#
I. aA' •n<l toe rnrnuf pal.! to thr landlord «H about
m‘c ,h^Ryp'"r,r,rcru„,,,“'i'/d, - *m">“ *—
ocll- lot IIODIIIN A Al'PERSON, Aucta
f|VIE S hnol of Bed gw of the Virginia Mechanic.- Institute aU|
■ »• (.pened for thy «i(mli«|fin of !,choUr« on the ♦ vmlnr of
Tncsd,,. l.cl 4th, S„,| ,h„„n,r win he In „c,y Tuesday
Thursday and Fain t.l tv evening*, until the lit of April, IMjl ’’
* HsiTi pie* hare been engaged as teieher., and
him IT foll.'l l!1 '1'kfpail experlenees. In recommcmllng
them a* tally e„mpct. ,,t h. perform all the duties s,n,fseh.hly
llexl.t a thr raerelees In free hand sketching and simply (tcomrtry
nnd the Inlrtrate hranehea of Maths Ler\0,*s .|,|hr;
n- . a .d|.h .Vr ^,ur* 'T "r",n:.°o •s-n.c practical subject con
net fed with the M-rcltm of khe •thoUn
j •rvHV.frtnvi.k will be made pi enaure the romfort of the
„ *Y ' : . r inrlr »*l*«r>erinenl. All prr
cT’, 7 m "j w *2 •pp,r ,llh" *•' **"•• «f Ihc nmlrr.U...
*?■*•* '•*Wr,1T". Bceretary of the Inatllote, fr„ni wbnin
mttledTnm 7h%%b;,.771 an'' "h'rh *'■' p- ■'<
Term*—$8 per teaalon of three month.,
Jamm kfhfft,
New hooks
oat titan it
| Tllrf,. ... „ „ 4*P- WOOPHOUPK A CO.
TIIF Curat, andth, Hr mr. a ll-meaHc Mory, hy Kllr.hrth Ftratt.
"J11 “Chancea on.l Chanyra;' »! K.
•'■other, the ifiieen of Portia, hy flephi n II
A NEW filnionary of Qthitotl-na from the (Ireck. I.alln, and Mo.
drrn Imnyvayea, iranelated Into Anyll*!.. aoltl. an etlentlre in
a Reared bJ <tr b,,t ol ll,r "ork* of ‘Re kind which tiara
THr Lawyer'! I’owimnn Plary Book, with an Index, alphabetically
arranred, of the Utley oeneralty iieedlnihr practice and Ftu.lr
nhlaVar’i So " bT « member of the Phil.dei
W* h” John VIil? r'*' n'h'r W,,',h'" n» Uf» in HtnduMan.
THF Adrenturer of \|r Verdant Oraen.hy Cuthlrerl Bede, with 8
Humo;oUa llltutraiiona, I ou
K£M»' h> <»••" a Talley, of Vo , 7.V
l.lT.'i d.n,,r‘*,r"hr"F tiacworlh Pra-d-new and en
Urg^il • dlflori. 11 Wf.|«, 9 Itn.
T,,rn!?'7 •'■dlnlitjryh P-dlllr.n of the Waeerly Norrla.
handaomely lllnatcaled now puhll.hlny In rnlumea at | *.■{
^•^n; foil I am| / rn pIvp<I
Tlir■ llltfmjr of th* Mmfnrvnition In PUr#<f#n hy I a Arv*f*u
Kin* of Sweden, tranalated by H M Mae.n]
* f ,''<> ran,ii-r or, A Year'. Ferrice In India, by Ident. V
II Mayandle, I Jft,
PW'v. n,*"4 Tt“ ,,n9n’ bT 'he author of " (luy IJrlnfMone,"
PA V.'nJio'"'.P’*'!, jrW,p^i * M-nnal of Political IntelUye-n, e,
eahlhltlny the orleln. yrowth and character of National Pertlm,
*, *" f***.”*t containing ralnohle and rmrral atatlMIcoi
lrf«*fma»lofi. hy Arthur Holm. * | on
l.RA VKm from an Actor'. N.de Rook ; by lleory* Vandenbod;
TIIF Popular Preacher. of Ibe Anrlenl Church, their Urea. Ih<dr
EdT*. ” WnTb ' hT ,,r,■ ” M * . Ill-mra.
BBOtiK Farm The A mutiny and Memorable rf A merle an Country
l lfr. •» rig. 1
* "kBOINK, hy the author uf “ Charleu ChlcheMer ;
nft>fH(tl.f) « Fml.lerna or, fnatalhle Thlnyo I nderatood hy
I,i*' »'£ Mode h> Chrixtian Bertaet f tola I dB
IIOLNfl the P re, Rr| a I or Ice ;>
TIIK Her,uf.< tore „| PI.ry.rde.nr Hydro Carbon 011a from Co.la,
C.^,1,1, of anpplylny rt.ter.lny Fluid, hy Thou. tot..ell, M II.
Alao, many other New B take, which may be »eyn on Vhelr r.un
tarj and ahairea
\OOOD ptfbt and Other talea. hr Chat Read
Woman Artlata, In oil a yea and counllea, hy Mry Flleti
e Money Rln* and other Forma l.r John 0 Beta.
M.la_Or.y,ee What make# Hum. hoy. py, by M J tMatmd.
The FMatr.i.rye of Common IJfe, hy tiro. Henry lewla
t The Watery of Herndlloe. by fleo Rowllna-n Toh | and 1
The Bworri and the flown, by the author of einy IJrloyton
cheap edition -w .
Hlatory, Hte and time, of Jamee Mad ton hy Wm C Bleee
r Reeel red and for .ale, hy ^ A MORRIB.kJ Main ytriet.
I I The Lew wf Porta or Frtrat- Wrong, by prancla IIIByard
| |>Kllt.'VI A Bf fJ|!A NO, -No 1 Perurlan flnano R-"’,m* te
J i V Impcetlon, lendtwy IromBehr. Wm B Triplett K, ml I,y
1 „ R H IRIhHhfi fen,
. nnl & Gary Hraet.
* IkAf ON BllkK*. mhhda rhnlea Weatera Bteon Mde. tn*
'• IBaalehy tan* B. II. BRINRRC A OO
. V“W <;"Of"HA«A HAIhfNB. rirMof thama.
By Rer. Wm W. R .merely, M is. Mth ulv. at Rolling nil!
Charlotte. Tn , Mr MARTIN HANCOCK. Jr . of App-ma'lol Cw.'
»o him matilda a mar*ky, h imn pUo,
*1 K*». K W Ko.rh, on Ike -MUt ad, Mr. T. J. HANCOCK ol
K'< Hnj**«. Charlotte threat/, la Min I ANTH.t HAMLET. <4
On the X-Vkh nil , hr lira. R Michael. >1 Ika rraider*-. ,f R„
mother, In Ohmie. . lllr. Vk, MIm ADELINE M RAY, gad J»e. ha
vii. «rn i.k, ..f ivr...h«n
On lucUy. Nenmhfii Irt. .1 Ur Tnl.k Rrao Prcebylcrl.n
Cherrh. Pikefwberg. I>y the Raa. A W Millar. Mr OIIARUKR C
CLARK!. Chief OprrUaa 4 Ihr Wuhluluavrl Nr* Orient* Te
le.raph ««.-•, W MIm MOLLIK JANE, rMal daughter of Captain
joarpfc A. Snyder, alter Ural .11 Jr.
. la Hr* York, oa Ik. *3th nM.. at Cal a ara Church, ha Ihr Rra
Dr. Pane, of tt aridn.lou, CIIEsTKK ALAN AKrlll 'fe. Feu to MIm
KLLK.N A., daughter ef the late Cap*- Win. Letrb Herndon, IT. g.
f* Mruo.ol.-k. on Hr. IMth of Ortobrr. ha the Mar. Ilaurge W
W Kite, WILLI AM H VKN t MLR, of Prince Edward, to MW. PATTI I
V., daughter of Then. . rournoy.
A1**'* >n H»e MHr co»ntr. by thr ituir on Hid iVk «mH iw
uh(»Rtnc c cahbUs f rwgit-K t» fciiM makv iiakrikon,
tUujcl.trr of Col. Hmry R. Rulr.l *
. uTa'iSJ?- •">*- «■> U. Mth .It., Dr. T
R rKASt.lt. of Triiaeeee*. to MIm H.VTTIC. daughter a/ Kdwln
rru«r, K»<|
AUo, In Hid iaibd county, «n Ihr ttltll oil., bv ihr Rdt Mr Cllh
*"&*"*>* KK1.LT. I Mia VIAKY A.
KTOrflC, tUuyhtrr of (imrgD flour.
*•*»*♦> O'-t-.alth. ,Mld„rc, of her taUrer. |n
?o«h^^toi“ ‘'A*V .h. c„Aan,?L„V,.‘r..am!J;
rlluaorjr If thr Wak-h *111 not pcrBsm equally and ulthaerura
cy. It U tr. no purport- «hat*a.r that it I. aUbweal, ly Bnt.hrd, that
cur roue .i.apee nnd patented dealer, ar* adopted, that noarl we
capemeht. and mgrulou. rontrlaanc. Bn cui.,p.„.ailon arr m
I rail need, or that Ihr uh.de I. core red »., . r„„„u, name h, ,
ruaeniar and . .ally raw. Hundred, of uorthlre. Watchee .re
treeutifhll) flnlahr I. an.l tome are eaqulallely coulrlaed lo run I ad
ly and .ear out uulckly A grrat dral of work I. mod often a
great dral of complexity, an.l all will admit that no amount of mere
poll.h will aria.mage any piece Oral W radically malformed or In
exactly ailed. It h SIMPLICITY OF CONSTRUCTION, and .uch
mathematical corrcctnem In the die and .hxpe of »»,ry part at
the application of machinery I.. the purpnee alone Inaure., that,
«Rh anfflclent olecta of Rnlah, accompll.hr. Ore dr.lrrrt re«ulL
The founder* and manager, of thr American Watch Company of
Waltham, ar, determined to make TIME KEEPERS whether they
make money oa not. They d» not umlrrexlue ornament, hut they
feel that they cannot oarraxlnr TIME THIS IS THE MKAN1NO
OF THEIR WHOLE ESTABLISHMENT. Thoroughly familiar,by
practical experience, «lth the rail. Inherent In foreign Watrhn.—
rail. Ulrich all Watch dralcra will hear lhem out In aaylng render
nearly wodhl.M for Ml pqrpnae. of lime keeping a large majority
of foreign Warchee, -they aim. through Ihr tubrtllullon of me
chanlcal actence, for lire uncerta.tr judgment of Ihe ry, and l,u
(ter feel .kill of Ihe han.l, to produce an article that .hall not only
look like a Watch, hut perlorm the duty of a Watch, adorning It
will, .uch a degree ..| fl„Wh a. 1. tuBMcnl, ».„1 which, through cot
Ulue.., will uot put U ahoae the reach of any clam In the c.mrnu
nlty. AND THAT THKV luvr h.iyv rm. .....__
INU IT, they confidently appeal lo the thousand, whose daily cum
in* and going b regulated by Waltham Watches, to „y tTtry
system, CTeu lbsb.it, there .Ul he Imperfection, and loatauce, of
failure doubtlisas occur In the Waltham manufacture, but In a sys
tem which produces Watches which are IDENTICAL, rather than
PiMlLAR, the proportion of such must he reduced lo a minimum.
llatlnr achieved this decl.lre Victory, a victory with a rea.on
for It, the American Watch Company t. far from being disappoint
ed at the IrwMuent and unscrupulous opposition H meats from many
In the Importing hudncss Thb opposition was to have been eg
lus ted, and th. occasion of It will be apparent to an, „n, who con
aiders the evteul of|tl>e Importers' trade and lu highly proBtal.le
character. The Company lias no reason to he dissatisfied with the
amount of patronage at receives, since It la obliged, by the usuitl
plication of orders, largely to Increase Its foroe, and to work t.y
night as well a. day; hut It boat content that any portion of the
community .l.ould he misled as to the real merit of I a Watches -
Unfortunately Ihcrr Is no article In common me which people g,n
ernlly so little umier.lsod .. , Watch, and aman's watchmaker I.
his only reliance for Judgment. So long, therefore, u Imported
Watches yield a th h profit to the Importer, the Company eaperta
a good deal of decrying and disparagement, wise .h.klng of the
head and faint (irilMf.
Thu « .tinpanjf la gratified to he able to aajr, hovrver, that there
are hundreds In the trade whose supreme lutrrest ts not In Impor
tation, or In an old stork on hand, who have no national anilpt
Ihie. to an American Watch, who, Indeed, from patriotic motives
would rather distribute them, even If they were not I,Hr, .. sound
and honest, and cheap as any other—wfth uhom Waltham Watch
es may be found. The Company confidently maintains that Its
Witches uill Sl ide the ronrlusire test of time keeping, and upon
that ground!! Is content to rest lu claims to the general pain*
age. The public will bear lu mind that these Watches are m ,.l,
for reputation, and with the riipsnsihlllly of perpetual guaranty
constantly In rlew. for. however, they may change hands, a hero
er and whenever they are found faulty, the Company u bound to
make them good.
I AL'TIOM.— As our Watch it now etlrnslvely counterfeited by
foreign manufacturers, we have to inform the public that no WaUh
Is of our production which Is unaccompanied by a c,rM/foih tj
t/ess nearness, bearing the number of the Watch, and signed hy oar
Treasurer, R. K. RllRBINi), or by our predecessors, A IT LET ON
fW As these Watches are for sale l.y Jewelers ge nerally through
out the Union, we do not solicit orders for single Walrhea. gor the
American Watch Conipiny.
tteneral Agents. 1W Urosdway, New York.
The following gentlemen, among many others, attest the superl
ghfifv of thrt«A> w» •*■»*— — * 11 saw irrfm;
nu. t. u aance tuns, net. wuarwT,
wv. iisaut, x. r. wilus,
evuca w. rtri.n, a. H. wianwru,
mu w. ertao, xav. am. catty,
wiLuaw a. cany, mj-res aosutxs,
ck*. i.. r. uniats, saury cariKeuaxr,
"»« t. r. CLavautsn,
raeir. it a. runes, pu gam. nTsvsva,
u-ix ». r. mats, no*. a. ». aavnstL,
Jets, w sluosTeix, uox. n. r. rlsasae,
ox. slum o. Xovra, las t. *. nswitt, ’
arv, a a ays rutty, prrraomiraa,
wttx. r. j .rryaawow, wttma s. am,
Hot. j. w art run, noe. it. a. rax nyrg,
rnnr. a. c. nog, r>lll „ Ilm,
sell — jt awtlarowul
V»f» FORK EXTRA AVKLP, -UsIMs, for sale
•* t A e. It DAVENPORT
WOOITi*. hltl. AXE, Its* Iftbls . gay txlc bv
_. I t t; It DA TEN PORT
( JtWHR ARIIlK ,-# bales* h*st quality, f..r aala by
V" hoi | A li It DAI I SPORT
sale, bv (acSIJ I AO H DAVENPORT
lOO HWWINKD LIIID, landing per .team
f'Jy tf< "» “•» hJ WOMBI.y A CI.AIHslRNK,
-°** _ _ _ No 11 Pearl street.
SA Ti the fit Louts. (No j Democrat Below, ws publish a letter
to Dr Wood. of this city, fr.mi a yantleman tee Maine which
speaks glowingly of Ihr superior merits of hi. hair tonic. Booh evl
J"** h*" l“ effect, when coenlag from a reliable source —
u"Dr D"d*1,0
J'ret/e.sor f> J. W.s.f , Os. , J‘n “•
exi'^r-” "» attention sailed a few months since to
the highly beneficial effects of your hair restorative, I wits Induc'd
to make application of It upon mv own hair, which had become
qutte gray, probably one third white, my whiskers were of same
r.r.rIrtTr'. It* "^re * procured a bottle of your
bid rfl" , ,*; *"i l. •°'in ,"UB'1 " wu proving what I
had Wished I used It about twlee a week. I have since nrneured
anotl.er holt!' ot which I have used some I can now certify lo
lha world that the grsr or white hair hat totally disappear. Jboth
t* *r“1 *!?** u‘a° u •>»» h..«h3orV r';
**% ■ !**•■••4Jl wia* «au>* tW
Trie iooti n*'«lv« I d.-m due lu row for your ralnaM* discovery.
I or* *«*ti(ed that wt»c.i.»rr will rightly use, a* per directions, will
not hare tx-cation to . .mtradlot my statement*. I ini a cltlrm of
Mila city and a rssldeol here for the last fifteen years, and am
known lo nearly erery owe here and adjoining lown*. Any uee
?ou may mass of the aboee, with my name attached, it at your
serrlce. as 1 wish to prererre the heautle* of nature In other* a*
well a* myself. I am, truly, your*, A. C. RAYMOND.
H*ltiw<*hk, Jan. 23 K'4
rrofcaoor Won.| (tear Wr llarlng had the misfortune to l<w*e
ll,r hr« portionlaf mjr hah, from Ih* rBanl* of Ih. f,„r.
New Orleans to 1*64. I was Induced to make a trial of your arena
ration. and found It to nurn.r .. ih. thing nr.d.d hi, h.lr
* °°w *Mck and g|o*sy, and no word* rao eiprea* my obligation*
to you In ft ring to the afflicted such a treasure.
_ -_, . . . „ _ *INLRT JOIINHOM.
The undersigned. Ree J K Rrart, I* a minister In regular stand
I Ing, and pastor of th- Orthodot Church at Brookfield Masai; Hu
w*tta He I* a gentleman of great Influence, and uolYfraatly he*
wVI SfkR.
„ , w . .... N>«ifi.n.9, Jhn. d, Isfln.
Profeoror Wood Dear Mr Having made trial of yoor Hair Re
•torallv*. II *1rra mr ptounr* to wr, that It. .Bed. ha. torn
rrll.nl In rnao.ln* .ullau.>iatlo., daudruC and a < ui.nl.nl Irn.I. n
r, In llrh.nl *Uh «hl. h lh»\. brcu lrnl|hl..l from m, rhlldh.M.d
haa aton rwliard mj hair, which aa. hrcomln* .r.r, to It.
u.lalnni . .Inr | har. — I no Mh.r artl.l. .Hh «n>lh(n* lit. ih.
aam. pl.aaur. nr proM. Tour., Iraly, J, K HRAIIO.
I Th. Rprtarall*. to pul up In h.dllra nf Iflrra Saw, »1« lar*.
medium and .mall; Ih. .mall hr. I da nn* half a plnl, and rrtalla
for an. dollar p.r hoUI» ; th. m.dlum hnlda at Iraal tu.nlr no
"".L' 1" I‘romnrVnn than Ih. .mall, rrtatla for two dollara p»r
rrtalla *ol<1* * Taart.dB p»r r*n« m ,r. la prnporUon, and
, mV.rtWH toD L°fLZX*‘n'444 ’TO‘,,w,r- "~To,*'bb<
frtlfl *** *"°T‘ *»0 »*•»» Ooina Oil. aw
\1 l< KKHKI., I Lf WIVM and lllllif .
i-l m»hhto No I 11... r.. Cut Hminp
Whall ln.lt Wo I llallfaa Cut M.rrtnn
W .. Al.nlrra
** llroa. N.rr1n*a
f»* kits Ho II Mackerel
IJ&b* h No t smart Mackerel
Wnm Wo I,*, and din hid. half hhla and tu.
rondpnm.nl, h, BHIlWirnRf) A Pa.
' Oh Ih* Itook
V/ m.vrr nsuKA,
__ Ilf AW lit,
IW orrat VARirry,
_ 'CIO_ ___ IIA Rr«ad dir.at
HINT * on or if ph.' '' ""
Onuaa Viaam. .an Cl nr draanrn ’
; l|TOR ih. *al. of Toaiono Orrm*. Wnatt. Pnorr. --
T af aR kind., a too, for ik. ..I. m pur.hw. nf 5tt”tIii
I,dH KWH (id, ATIWK. Jnai feee*a lot Af (Viim rr
Pnrd dhr.d Ooop.r*’ Wrad, a^a Whirl Ml.pl.w ktmn nil
I kind af f a.artap rmr.rta K, PWaSiK VX. A. aJ '
L SA^IWto,
.• »BI Wroad Rtfort, aha*, ton
Sldaaaa, —Ould dp..iari.«
I (l<Vi!?hJTf«rT|!a!?.f?‘d otol>. ***'*-♦** "* W**4 Wuailn*
..Jlf" *'•*£?"*.
Th© Great Kn«ltwh Remedy,
thta laealaabla m*Mm U aafollag la th. nr* or all thou*
polah.1 ...I d.rvgMoo. dtammM IrtM lo the femol. ronwllattoa.
It -Oder.Urn *11 r******* .ml obrtrmcllnna. (torn
whale ear cmm. ud % *pe»dy nn may t>. reBed oa.
It I* pacaBariy malted. It will, la a abort time, bring oa th* moDlh
!» period a Mb regularity.
Them /Nil« *A<>W./ ml be *t/ea bp /Vwutfea (kerf .tre peeanal
daWng CA* r/Af.vy THRKK MONTHS, ,te (A*p .tre tae. fc Mu.
m Ao .im.n,, . bal dl eeory ttbler Nate, ead da aeorg olAee eta*
*W dr* yweybcMp «</».
In *U ***** ul Nateoua and Spinal Affection,, Pain la th* Bark
and Limb*, II.a.Into#, Fatigue oa alight eaertlon. Palpitation *f
th* H**rl, letvt.e** of Spirit*, Hyrtert**. SDk ll.ad.chc, Whim
and all th* painful dleraaaa ocraaloMd by * dlaordeevd ryatem,
the** Pill* alii affect a car* whe* all other mean* hay* failed.
Soil direction* In th* pamphlet around each package, which
ahoutd b* ear, tally pewarred.
A bout* containing 60 plUa, and enctreM with lh-> Ootnuwent
Stamp of Or*al Britain, can b« teal port ft** far |l and ipostag*
ho,-heater, New Toek,
... .. . . OrttrtU Agent for Ut* United Mala*.
*°*d ° by nn th* r<wp*etable DruggUU; H M P.
•PuTSWUOD. Agent for Prtenbutg; M. A. BANTUS, Agent foe
tar Hrandrelh’a Pill* hay* ns Artlea am*a
on lnt|>ti i-l tic*.—Young people cannot, bal middle aged and
old people can. appreciate that medleln* which, being u**d lu
•Ickncwa, acta only upon th# cauae of Uta dlteaae Around eeery
organ affected, there the medicine penetrate*, remoelag itnpuri
u«, prceeollug all Milling of Ute humor, lulu alcera, awaiting..
lontor* la Heart Affection*, la Kpllapay, In Pleurlay, In Bure
Throat*, and affection* of lb* te.plr.lor, organ, generally, |D Dya
p*p*U. the** wonderful PILLS glee Immediate relief; and pee„
eerence wiu b« utre to ear*. M.ladle* which hae* been pronoun
red beyond human .kill knee been cured by thele u„ Ao,| ,,
Utlarttwondeeiulf Behold the reaaen I Hr.,. Jra-tlf. Pill,
purity the blood ; they hae, u« power, „ccp. or. r Impure hu
tuora. and tbeoe being retuovml, the dlteaae la remote I MIIHoi a
nr* d*rl,log health from the uae of ihia Innocent medicine .hick
r"rrn*b-‘ »>y uki„;
lh. body Iha... matter., which held. .. It were, the life principle In
ruatndy ,,„d. .econdly, by Impartlug . Ilf. gt.,Bg p,„p,r„ th,
blood. Hold nt Dr. Brandrelh a Ptioclpal Office, No. *94 Canal
Street, New York, and by nil rraprrlable dealer. In medicine*
Mo. 3M, Crotbjr Nlrool, if. y,
Are mnnufncturlng under their Patent
■ollabl* for wrapping
Hue Cut stu) Cdvt ii.li.li Tubsrros, (Ttecup, Kplt ri, fcr.
Thin Be.len Full, all al.M, aw/rnrh,, la and ato
the Imported article.
, .. « invaluable
fur aeallng D-maa. eooUlalng *1,^ »r olh.r liquid,, j4lu A,
atamped with any name ur dcalgn required. Alao ' *
While congratulating thoM who hae, had the good forlnne lo ho
IwoulJ remind th.me whom hair I. of an odloutllnt by o.lur or
grtaaled by ale kora* time, that by ualn fat-rangi,.,V ht. rt.h.t
Hair Dye, they may. ao far at the hair I. on,..__ ,_
be ■ "
, TT I1.*'b'*“ W,*l,,'d *1"1 ""»«• «- be pure .nj h.lB1
’ U , . • distinguished rheml.l ln rh, , oUe,
Plate. Bold e.ery where, and applied hy *11 hair drcer*. Cal.
r.noao, f. Aator Houm, New York. o«*4_,iAwlm
l**8 IDr.NI> NOTH’E.—The |)ir,..
7MTTr.vpl^0LLhrav,.R.n£'A r,RK ax» hahnr inm-p
* S1 A*1 AN'» on ,hr , JfrlMf.l * dividend out . f «». .
prnflu of ibo past *lx month*, of to per cent rmMr i.'.ihr ki 2
It* '• *»' -IT..e’oU.lTcP,. on andVlU, 'r.',' K.:h .nf,"
»n*l added the remainder of **|.l profit*. f.ur . ml *
•urplut fund of the eompeoy. m*kln* that fund now •*>YSo ThZ
wl“ •** c,0,»d »• «»»H 'he lftlh ln,t ’
noJ-dtl„.N WN WILLIS. Ja , 8*. y.
nthVr'^kJi!! liCf?*6" °f ,bnf' *n4 ,h* *"•« tiw«t> . f »hr He* r Y.
f ihrr with headache, pain in the lliabt and back nUht tweet* *n i
m ‘ba h wTKsVffwnRP* nL'r.^.aiSa rqr
|.et the pain., cool the freer*, strengthen the dlge.ll re organ.’cr*
*r'.nlril.’r.'M,"r ,V.Uu 'lrc“l»,lo:' »> the Mood, and produce a H».w
of •pirda which «d them*.-1 vet tend greatly U> do iwiv «Hh ,11
•«*« difulnr** The*e Bitter* can l»e taken with perfect tafrlr i.v
allIl|r. and .rtw without retard lo weather or diet, and* a r
f*“"* '■ “I —- •».«. *n active to*i‘.
gSrJ*-V- a‘nd eLrVh,:" taTliSfES
Mntimon.i Ti
Cif* Matmiftcent
ki*i*e.\i>ii> i>ki:sh c;oons,
elegant cloaks and shawls
From last week1. Auction Baler of French Importer, in New York
H.,_ , WATKINS A Flt’liLIN
>0 leave to inform Ih.ir Wend, and the p«Mic yeu.r.U. that
their large and suprrli .lurk of new and treali DRY nun i*
iw-t hern rrpunl.hed very mrg. addUlonTTf
ea^afiwll!*'P 'h,lr “"»• m.ny iu
y,nT'.V"'.r "!W *" opporiunliv of rvMMiihg theta Choice an I
Select Wood*. of I he hewn* and mcl Fashionable L.„|r„. |„ „,d-r
HuTm"’ *n<l !?rp""' rrrr-’ with the LOW Fillers
J* *":**;”'?*'*’• Wr Ur to offer M, a P.ICM ,, .HI
bring lid* ldil.enoro.iiy article wlililn the reach of
He.ullful TRLODR Hit PARIS “""rn •*«'»
French and Irish POPLIN*. '
Pari. Printed D PLAIN PS
Bilk and Wool PLAIDS, Ac.,
* •>nBl* vatremely hand
o a , .w CLOAKS AND BflAWlJI,
ComprWni the mo«t ntmtivr ami rich ftMortntent we have k* I
!? ," **U will be opened to day. and will be found w..r
jjj **• •**•»*lion of all In v«»L Pome of three flood* are rntli. lv
new and very elegant Our .Mortment of ’
Servant*’ and ptauiatiun Hoed.
Men1* Outer and 1‘nd.r Wear,
House Servant*' W..»,
Plantation Oood.,
Houtc Furnishing flood..
Frith Linens.
Shining, and Shearing*.
Fulled Cloths,
, . Batln.ll. for Factory Hands Ac.
WIU by foaa I iinturp.Mrd In ..lent, quality and price
* W ATKINS . I H ki rv
M^ m nm.o^ RICHMOND, Sept. |Mh, Hr
ar*3 Jlf ®* t. ■„—\Vn mo*t re-pectfullv call
ilT e^TT^IIe rl.h^ °* <d>r Mend., customer, .mil the pul.
Cnrp -t H-e^ ‘1 '*"»•». «<•.„ Xrunta,
... i f . ^ mllrmo Ac,, M they wilt th« urrt>t
J”; n; f..un,l kr),.“L“f f '0'1,* '" ,mr “»*• •*i'f***ly for re*all. that
ol* »r .Hewhere, and at all price., either ol „ur
KLrsftsrsaSi't^xwri-. ^
alexanukr hill a co.,
M.nufaetorera and Importer* of
..it •”»•* •»'! Shoe* and Carpet Ran,
**” No. 1»I Main .lr..v Klchmood.^a
SSiKS jjsk'jsi.sk aUmS
a call l efor. purchmlng eln-hifl. *' H M rIoi/! 'U<'
■ . '*« .or* P. gy&3tlSSfc.
?!:«r;Tl;*K?',;-jj„n'^,"r;j|i *J
o<l i- Jn, * t ,*ud l>nt*»l.l, rr, ry w*#rr.
For itli *ll BrvfjrWt*
S^C '
«rl» - 9m ,-, «®E‘r*.DOWD«. n™W***.
'•* ',*,n nr.t Atari Iran ll-rri
KT^jr" thP^Siw15 i V1 V for
»t |.llrr« |r, m || ff nitnnaaf.l! * V W",,ll*'“' *" •»**•* lt. «.
ml wlthnvt hrrlr7 rM j 'I'mMl *» IfftHO » Ih
""■»» WLWi.
ter"•■• OT^T-tsaifsasrt'ir,;
... arl lr
rillllt •ubarrlhrr l|t« IM. mltlini* .. ,
I Ihr pahllr that hr kw MUhlhM Unn.-n I.*1)* Jll't!* if ’
Brohr, clrnrr.l OmmMon MrrcUn! Mr,rh....ll
llr will all anil lolhe iriiiihMf ami <ri. »
IrTWIa w. hh. »•! ,
Hun lop, Mnnrqrr 4 Co,,
*• THmonA. Dtvrnpoft 4 (Vi f **' hmnnj. V*.
** *•*'’»» A ll*«k*rv|||«, * I
* Tin Irt 4 Hoi *<* |
gp**** A IUW, . RaHImor*'
Thmaoa Monahan, r.., , Urn r„r*,
__ »m n. (loT^nm,
»"t “fat y»” °»'J nnd » Irflnla •<•
—■ AWhm^aH, Nnomnbrr lot, MM
PtalfUg •RfiR, Jllmn**.;*
MraUm, %*''”• nth-,..,
iJwrtnN, |. ' y fn.llrh Walnnf.,
-- Wl—*r, Com. m„i.
Ifr plan of aj.in#.# hJllk1?*1^52** ***** firMf
Mrrrh.nl. f £££ SkTriitt/i!"?1 ,n **»'
pr«r,| tn nMrr n„«. -7 Mr .horlUalTJ ’?.Vif *r*
frrr,nrnllr rr.rtvrlnfrrv,, — fi.T* anA InMa«r
aBaBay-—• - W£S

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