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R 1 C 11 M () N P wliTuT
to rounroNBimn.
Leatre M tmd tern mutt be adjretted to tttf'BiUer qft'.i
Artirtee tortUon eu both tidee qf the paper trUl met 1# peblit»
at T\le it u rule of fwt# ttnmting, ouoht to be *rw>«ra to of,
ami uiU tm no eote be departed from, re.tta rry a. Mem em-te.1
bnjeiaM It*** are eharftd fbr am n.t re«i» ear*.
Vm Weomnnt underhiit to return retorted ■I’wwaatoattaM
Tkt Gold •rfalllhrata
If thr time* were not *o out of joint, and public affair*
■u>t *o entirely in the hand* of incompetent men, tr
might hope t'..it the coming Congress would do me
thing to cme the follies of our commercial and currency
systems. Stately nu country crer *o threw away the
l.nunlie* of ProTelencc a» llii* of our* hx« done und in
iiolliing perhape more strikingly Ilian in the policy »e
hate pursued toaard.* California, hour hundred and
I acnly-eight million dollar - aortli.rt gold ha* been taken
out in nine year*, and yet the foreign e\|>ort of preciou*
metal dmilig that lime lias exceeded the import lit three
hundred and hre million*—that i«, nearly seventy tite
p.-r cent of the California gold enriches other nation* in
Mead of llii* where it wa« produced, hut about tnentt
tite per cent. of it teutaining in American hand*, and
lib- specie exhaustion "till continue*, and never more
rapidly than dining the current year The gold which
■image clime* produce, which the negroes of Africa dig,
pistes froie them in the stme way in exchange for inacu
fac lures, and doesnot enrich their country. The gold of
which our International policy Buffers lo drain it, going
to the enrichment of other rations and the impoverish
ment of this, which would he speedily exhausted ami
bankrupt hut lor the good turn which our heat hower,
the cotton crop, serves in bringing hack enough money
from abroad to keep our heads above water. We export
a surplus over import and production of throe bundled
million* of gold, and the money is gone from the conn
try, whereas, if it was compelled to stay here, aud the
proceeds of its investment exported instead, the country
pro ild not only retain the capitnl but add to it the value of
the exports which its investment produced, nnd the bal
mice of foreign trade w ould soon he in our favor, in place
o! being so vastly against m a* it i* and grttitm heavier
frn.-u year to year.
flow much richer does California gold make the
country? A California mail arrives with one million
dollars which the mioersof that El Dorado have unearth
ed The telegraph announces the receipt iu tinning
brad-letters, “il,MW,000 in gold1’’ and the read, r ptr
su j with gratification au announcement which show*
th t the country is otic million dollar, richer. In anoth
er , uiutnn of ^e same p.vj*er he may note, unostenut
tu i ly set forth, the shipment of one million of vlollats
fir an European steamer, and, if he thinks at all about it,
bo redeem that “it’s nil right—we lave received a quid
yrc y iu tor this money which fully represents its value
nnd the country has lost nothing.” But what is the na
ture of this quidfm quo which is “as good ns money
It consi-u of merchandise, manufactured articles a'.
Mtoit entirely, and may be “as good as money” ro far as
the immediate holders are concerned but is a million dol
lars worth of perishable goods us valuable lo the conn
try at largo as the e 1,00.',000 m cash, w hich has gone
t) par for them, to be divided among the people of other
nations and added to the operative Capital invested in
msuutac orie* which we support, and whose commercial
nad industrial interests our wealth sustain.* to our cost
M oald it not lie bettor to divide the million of dollar,
among our own people, as it would be were the menu
faeture of the imported articles which we pay the mottrv
out for encouraged by a proper policy of iiiteruaUonal
commercial relations.
Every year rliows a balance of n-.anv million* againrt
V3-\ aud by just so much in this country pooler and ntheis
richer. The minera of California are digging gold for
the pockets of the Englishmen, Frenchmen, Germans,
aud th* other thrifty people of the world, whose Govern
tuetita look after the liitcrr*t.* of citizens. We manage
to keep tip tolerably, a crisis repudiation occasional!!
coming to our assistance to rub out a portion of the bal
anee against us, aud that onr mercantile interest* nre en
abled to quickly and so pbcenix-like lo resume their
ruinously prosperous conditio:, is due to the cotton crop
of the South and a few other minor staples, which brier?
back a portion of the money we spend so lavishly for
manufactures, while the gold crop of California i* ahem,
ted in assisting to pay off our tmlonre*.
The iurlrli Trial),
The latest intelligence ironv Europe give- the fidicoii.p
summary relative lo the Italian question
' The Zurich treafT gives a livelier movement to bn*i
ne«e, but Italy continues as unsettled ** ever. Garrihal
<ti> troop* and the troop* of the Pope face each other
near the Romagna.
’ The Sardinian arms have been put up in all the town*
and villages in the Legations, and pnhli. document* are
r.ow published iu tin- name of hing Victor Emanuel. On
•be 1st of November the Sardinian coinage is to he intro
duced, w hich, being like that of Prance, will lie a treat
advantage to all Northern Italy. The King of the Bel
gians. as arbiter has settled how much debt Sardinia
t>we* France for the war.
' It is now officially announced that the Emperor ot
Russia and the Prince Regent of Prussia will have an
interview at Breslau, and it is stated that the Eni|>eror ot
Austria will likewise meet the Emperor Alexander. Tin
Emperor ol Austria, will, it is said, meet the Emperor Al
etatider at MHowit/, dose to the frontiers of Austria,
Russia and Prussia
“The Neapolitan government is activelr strengthening
it* army, and the force which it i« assembling on the
Pspal frontier will amount lo thirtv thousand men, wb> *
supreme command will, it ia said, he temporarily taken
hv the Kiug in per son.'
The London Pott intimate" that England declines a:>
part in a Congress that doe* not recognize, ot. initio
the right of the Kotnagnese, the Tuauati, Modenese, and
the Parmesan States lo self-government, and the choice
of their own r der. This is, indeed, a rery im|a)rtant
and liberal feature of tha limes. Beyond this, it i* said
that on*» At Ua«t nf fit* 7n«4^li Teamtio. .i .j _i..
auJ atrklly on the term* of the peace of VillafrlQca—
a main feature of which waa, that l.ombardy should t.e
sunned to Sardinia, while Venice wax to remain with
Auatrui It ia thought that in a Coogre**, anything like
an Italian Confederation of Tu*cany, Modena, and farms,
end perhaps a portion of the State- ol the Church, if not
the entirety will beripported by France,England, Rurmi.
and Pruada, but oppo«ed by A nutria, Spain, the Papacy,
and minor Power- If no, the latter will he compelled to
accede, a* they are not in a condition to wage war again*!
Sub*, quern event* to th» treaty of Villa franc* go far
ro aite«t the finrerityof l*oui* Napoleon, both in hi* decla
ration* on undertaking the war,and hi* declaration* on
terminating it. He undertook the wnr, hoauid, in ol.e
diettce to the wi>h of franco to open the war for italim
in teprndence, he terminated It, he »*id, becau*o it
th e'ened to mend beyond tho-c limit* oitbio which
the iutcre-*- of f ranee required him to confine it. A* on*
rr u'.t of hi* policy, Italy now enjoy* the benefit of th
1 ’ I"'" maaiiu ; *l,c t» freed from Austrian dotnin*
t an, and ha-the livid open for Hi • development of organ
It d indi peodence. 8b" la now undergoing the throe* ol
rc i diutiou. The political power of the Church in th*
1’ ipat huic-a i« well nigh piralyted, and tire Tope ha'
abandoned hi* Capitol Strong tendenrle* are nltiMter
to nt <ke Sardinia rim one leu* of a national union upon tin
pti ' lpie ol conatitational tuooan by. But whatever ten
do* my < itim lely | revail, the r<»u1t« of the mov,
m S'i'1 ileptod upon bow rigidly the condition o
l «r. j, preferred, or how much it may Ire tli
» T -r lre»ty -igne I at Zurich will doubtle** pm
cl mu o the p .rt of f r«tiee and Auarri* that neither pow
wr - I* i iterpo*e to lake Italian atfiir- out t»f the band
of h* Itvliana. Therr ia no other power from whl* b -u-1
Interference ** etn« likely to proceed or even to Ire mens
wc I. A* for f.ngland, *be *rem« to hare withdrawn al
enltrclv from ('nntinenlul affair*, and *lie i«, be
aide*. lOtainitted by her pre*c„t MiniMrv in f»vor of th
Italian ret.wrw and rwcon-rtunion movement, which not
a-k* from Hi* great power* that thee Siafwtaio the ptit
Hplc of/flt-te Zeirr wnb regard to the internal affair* e
A merit mm Mr. ■ rifles throws
It t* not v*-rr flat tering to oir pti k •* i n»iion t
ili«l «ith iro’iff NHljf ii>-oip itn r^ni i
Ivndo'i and with a large amount of capital in the -hap
°f diild- nd* thrown into the market fot inte.tmewt.lhri
I *n in<iw«anig dietru*! of American neeurilie- Knffli
*>*f***U t* haw* had aon-c d.ff dty In nhtulniny «nch n
»t* iwali it weae la *1 r«i|wcU avliafacloiyCoat
lv<W ll<>* eel fee e-a*ed li*t*lMS domestic, foe* ig
and eolantvieaterp Ur* hare Wt ihelr charm*, and III
«**■» ofgvwarwmeut guarantee < repel rather than tempi
^wterir >t *t«*rl# have lo«t .redit even dace if,- eriair «
1*ST, so that even iu a market which ha* lieeu remarka
ble fur the rvaliue*.* with which promise* of large inter
e«t Lav* l**cn rcocivwvl, the atvcu and eight |>cr ceul.
I nutria of Ametivan railways are no lougvr sought, but
c ipital turn* more roe Jilt to consols, now rising to some
thing bke thoir prion before the European war, and tu
K’igttsh railway*, which bars themaelvM had a history
which does not tend to ln-piew rsryr great .ouRdeuce in
them as a general thing.
Well Put.
The Greenbrier / ,./e/-ende>it makes a telling point
against I.ocofocoDm on a subject that should never have
become a party issue. We all know, it *aya, how scru
pulous our Democratic friends are In guarding the Con
stitution Irom infraction, when Internal Improvement*
arc spoken of. Our soil upon which we tread every dai,
can receive no attention leet the Constitution be violated.
Our great navigable streams cam scarce!' bo touched bv
the lost* ring hand of Government, hut Democratic theo
i rv starts fiom it* place in amazement and holds up it*
band* In holy horror. Roads that would be a national
blearing muwt not be aided by Governmental fuuds, be
cause there is no clear wud explicit authority lor so do
it.g, AH that pertaiu* to the improvement, advancement,
and development of our internal domain, the soil that is
really onrw, the resource* and facilities, which reason aud
nature invite in to open and expand, must he neglected,
ignored, set aside, and abandoned, to keep the Democrat,
io conscience quiet, and allow Democratic theory full ex
Rut bon appear* the Democratic conscience and the
Democratic theory, when they “quit their own to stand
on foreufn ground" * Their conscience, then, is more
pliable than India rubber, and tlieii theory I* Nlitudinou*
beyond ail precedent. How i* it the /». .i.c-ro/,. t'onati
lution allow* a President to send a company, at great
expense, to ti*h in, and bathe in, and sound the I»ead
■»ea, when it won't let t'ougres* vote money to char-uses
and sarj bar* out of our own tiver*, to save tin* lives
and property of our own citizen** Thi* is a great my*
ten ' How is it we can *wwtlow Mexico and appropriate
Cuba, to the tune of millions, and yet not lie able to
give a single dollar toward* the iinpmienietit of our own
wide-spread domain * Why i* it I'ncle Sam, under Dem
ocratic rule, i* all tin* while looking lti*tfuUv on his neigh
b*vr«' larms. and ueglectiug the cultivation of hi* own*
It i* because I'ncle '*atn, under Dcniocralic rule, ha* got
hi* mind wholly bent on plunder, pillage, war ami tili
busiering, and *o has lo»i alt virtuous and economical
ts-tes. He is dc*lined to ruin, unless virtuous counsel
lor* are called in speedily. May »uch sun Ik* the case.
tin erica n and India t'ollon.
The la*t year’s receipts of cotinu in Kngland from In
dia were, we believe the l*rce*t which have ever tieeu
reported in ant one year The quantity was nearly equal
to one-fourth of that which w.i- received from the Knifed
.-'tatcs, but the value wa- only about one eighth of that
which came from the State*. This proves that the .ave
nge price of India cotton is but little more than one-half
that of American cotton When it is considered that
this inferior cotton cost-, l>nih for inland and ocean
transportation, for all the great distance it ha« to be mo
ved as lunch as it would if it were twice as valuable,
we cm ?ee the difficulty under which the English labor
in substituting it for American, even if the supply can be
largely increased It seems prohable that it can onlv be
used to mix wiib tlie better qualities of American cot
ton, with certain limits. In competing with inferior
qualities of America cotton, it has tbe disadvantage of
being at a much greater distance from the consumer.
An Empty I?ox.
An empty box is ordinarily a useless piece of furniture.
I .ike an empty pur-e, or many other things, of value
when rightly appropriated, that is, well filled with some
p.-ecions valuable, it beconw useless and hateful to look
at when its rich treasure is exhausted and its hideous
vacuity remains only to remind us of the good things it
once contaiued. But it is a great cou-olatiou in this
world to have a friend of ability pledged to fill up vour
uox as soon as it ii empty, aud that ad infinitum. Such
i- oar happy condition, end hence we felt no concern
when, yesterday, wc looked at our tobacco box ami found
i: empty.
Jno. B. Royali A: Co., manufacturers of smoking t*
harco, of this eitv. who fabricate a- good an article a- i
II 1* found in tlie country, are the meu who till our box,
! and w ho doubtless fill the boxes of thousands Iresides._
| Toeir famous brands arc, *• El Sabroso," •• ib-onokn " and
j “ Ambrosia.”
Tire Ha'.tUuorc Election.
The election in Maryland took place on Wednesday._
i In ballimore there wv'e disgraceful riots, outrage- and
biooddied. On the day o! the election, the Baltimore
: Patriot said, as fol'ow- •
“ The conflict inaugurated by the Reform part*-, wc
me sorry to was op- ned with unusual violence this
■ morning. In several of the wards thev undertook to
t.ke possession of the polls hv lor. -, but wherever this
was attempted, it wa- *iu-u-svfullv resisted The accounts
we bate received place the n ponsibifity of these out
breaks upon the shoulders of the Reformer in everr
! ca-e
•• In the attempt to -c'.v upon ihe fifteenth ward poll-,
we regret to heir that Mr. A B. k\!e, Jr., mid a brother
of hi- weie seriously wounded, the former it is feared,
f-tally We kari. Irom several source- that, in thi* c*-e
Mi. A. B. lisle fired th.- hr t *ft.-rt, and wounded a h..v
very eriousiy In tb* fourteenth ward, Jamaa Johnsi
sin* Sonin White, a member of the American partv.aj
-hot while in the hand- of the police, by Michael Duffs,
a porter at the Eulaw House, who was promptly arrest
e-l. but not until uflei be had been wounded in the hip.
It is thought that White cannot survive Some one tireJ
at an American io the seventeenth ward, but the ball,
Iit.s-ing its objr. t. killed u boy. In tie- omoreak at tlie
fourteenth ward, a number of pistols were fired l.v both
parlies, and among the wounded are H, Starr. W. Stile-,
J Zimmerman, M. Di.Hr, and a boy named Harris—none
of them dangerously. At the eleventh ward, before the
poll- wen- opened, an American named Sally »> -table
ed by a Mr Sullivan. \\ hile re-i-tin- tbe attempt to
bienl. d.iivti the barricades at these poll-, we learn that
Mr.'T. I!. Morris aud Mr I,, tiittings were arrested for an
u unit upon one of the parties thus engaged, and put
under bonds to keep the [ware. In the ninth w irj, we
regret to learn that Dr. John Morris, city postmaster,wa
| -everelv beaten. In the tenth ward, the Reformers at
tempted to lake pos-tes-ion of the polls, bnt were suc
t r -sfulli repol-erl. not however without the firing of sc.
icral pistol- on both -id--, hat no one was injured but
three American- ”
The Baltimore flipper of yesterday s»-s —"The whole
American party of the eil* wa-gro--ly and infamoitslr
iusulterl and abused. A meeting of fifteen thousand of
, our voting population wns stigmatised as “cnnglomerat
j riifliaiiisin. Every conceivable means was employer)
to intl.viiie and exasftciatc the populace f'ouhl any rea
aouahle man ex|a-ct an election, held under such circum
stances, to Ire quiet V It wa- not quiet. Attempts were
made in several ward-, at tbe very first opening of tlie
poll*, to carry out the hloorlv programme of this locofo
eo reform organization. Collisions, in which deadlv
weapons w-rr freely used, were the inevitable roti«e
•ptenec. Several men on both shies were wounded, -ome
( "I'L-inn, surnr seriously, aim iwo or three mortally. This
the only re«..!t ofall the incendiarism ol the Reform
1 °'g*n* and the Reform speaker*, for the "twenty out of
. the thirty thousand volets of the rjiy” wpre found op
1 po ed U» their insidious and mischievous movement
The tale won I go down that twenty thousand voter*
were driven away from the poll* by a miserable minority.
It has been told over and over again for yeary. It ha*
been ‘aid too often to be believed.'
These are aerjunts from organ* of the dominant par
!y io flip citv. The journal* on the other *ide, owned
yesterday morning, throw the blame entirrly upon their
i opponent*, and give manv detail* Jo *nppnrf th< ir a*** r
: f»on«.
Hall Hnui«
The f.dlowing eilraet from an article in the I ondon
Tone*, about f.ngli-h Rail Road*, js gcpially applicable to
i our Rail Road ay stem It contain* undeniable truth*,
and ahow* the riu*c* of the peruniarr lih*iicrea* of oni
Had Road*
If nothing freyond the fair e»pen*o of a Railway were
t i be incurred in it* construction, there are no two spot
in thi* kingdom between which a line might not Ire made
topiv. Thi*. we take it, j. now an established fan
Itu • tlie land at a reasonable price, make a good contract
fur tbe cveeiition of the work* act * locomotive runmny
irt* the rails, and the mo*t staensnt borough 01 -equesteri
district will infallibly yield ita returns. Traffic is rallr.
into leing nobody knows whence It has been dormant
, or ' atent,’ ns the phrase used to rim, hot at the fir*i
I y’.tirk of the engine it Is invariably brought to life —
I vn in Ml (|H IH'ill U the same, and Hmid lien
gal. se, who never before went a mile from their abo !»
I ire found to save up lliejr pice for the pure pleasure o
I being carried out and home again in a Mailway train —
In thi* sense there is no 'eaten.ion' or branch whirl
wo Jd not be remuneraiive Anv Railway whatever noi
, I. it ing rn-t more than the just price of the work will pay
fair integeat on the outlay. The whole mischief has or
eurred became the outlay i# never thus limited -bersusi
apifsl, for wbirli interest ha* -Mil to Iw found, ha* ben
•1'i*nde?ed on thing* bringing no return, and Itecau*.
the concern ha* then tieronir oppre**ed with * load o
f | deadweight and debt."
The Ateaandha Hrmtnirt says of the rrarv “ogges'ini
f ! 'hat old Brown should be pinioned, the step would b
I *lmply a confession ol we*kn<«* and a •nppb stlon fo
nicer. Brown i« a rritninal nl ennrmnu* turpitude,—
Xball wr pardon Win. and yet hang a r,m> mm murderer
» government confe**e* u*rlf ;, trlrtmn, when re**on
•d little impel |> to thu* di honor i'y own lyw* Viren.h
I ha* not come fn that
nf old 11 i«o < d.j.id th«' he ront* uiplated rnurd*r
Rr two * *pi erli, when ahmi bring aenlrneed to death
""'*i •• me ol the hwld* i anil lei 4ert demands on Im
mane ednlhy we hue ever *tea . 'I nraev did iid*n<
a I murder, or trew*. n ur ll e drsbnct on of property, or t
r loette *ltve* to re tellion, or lo make insurrection' —thn
. h' *poh •; •»<! I* what * e h ire heard about w itat# atiei
ing in men's i| r tats t ere not *11 a fable, the*- word
4 wopld ( ,yy atm y in hi* Whi, than did he arm himaal
uutl UU I sand with lidos an<l with pistol*, aud provide
I JOn piki • to place in the bauds ot the slave* ? Hat it
Way lie said lie did not inland to take life, uaii-si it was
necessary to accomplish hij marnowi-. ludeed! Nei'her
doea tbe highwayman, when he load* himself down w.th
weapons of death; but he know* that murder will be de
er**ary to hi* undertaking. And so did UrWwn Mur
d- r was a part of In* plan, and lienee he prepared each
aiuj'le and extraordinary means."
The riuUd-dphia I'reas copied the foiloaing editorial
opinion given by the New Ywrk Herald, when Ur. Uu.
ehauan was ruuiiiug for the Presidency ;
“.lame* lluehanaii is an old dotard, an imtieclle. a mis
•'table, gabbling old gvanay, who has lost hia uiiud and
his memory, and who is, consequently, utterly unlit for
the important duliea of the Presidency
*Voe, the Herald is Hr. ltuehauau'a organ, aud his con
stant eulogist !
I'm rut- Wind.
I know these Virginians pretty well. Thev are the
greatest people on the face of the’ earth, lu fact, they
•re the onlx (suiple. There was a time when, in mv deep
benightnu tit ntij in mv unloyalty to my ever dear old
mother. Virginia, I believed that Englishmen and Rus
sians were people, buch, however, is not the case |
am wiser now, and kuow that England is a country la
boring under drv-rol; it is, as uo Virginians say of a
tree, "doled,'' and Englishmen are hut the fungoid re
mains of what was once a people. It is not with much
pleasure that I make lliia an deniable statement, for we
ot Virginia sprang from British loins. In like manner,
the tloddess of Wisdom and of War sprang trom that
broken down old rake and thunderer, .love. Minerva
came from a |iain in Jupiter's bead, and Virginia came
trom a |>ain, lor the want ot sense, in the head of Hull.
As for the Hit‘*ian*, they own slaves, and hence they a|n>
the manners of Virginian*. Hut their slaves are whit.-,
aud until they Irani how to say “thar," aud to call a cu
cumber ••curcumlier," they cannot, in mv opinion, lay
any claim whatever to the honor ot tiring called people.
In this eonneetion, it is wrll to stale, for the benefit of
political economists, that the apparently human beings
of the Hrittsil Isles would to tins ilay'have remained
what they once were, and even now seem to In*—a peo
ple— but for the Act of Kmanci|i*tion. There can
not l»e a people without niggers, aud niggers are
not nigger* unless I her are slave*. A tree nigger
is a monstrosity, a Uounyhjrm, a hand without mus
cles, an amputated leg, a gisas eye-ball, and a shin
plaster—nneitrrent at that. In a word, he is a tender
w ithout any locomotive ; fuel—coals, for example—with
out any machinery. A nigger without a master L» Latent
power off the track. Put him on by himself, you esn
get him along only by pushing, so constant and serere
that it costs more than it ,-omr* to. Tackle him to an
engine in the shape of a while man, aud the loug train
laden with industrial product* goes it with a rush, the
locomotive display* itself to advantage, aud the Mack
tender follows and keeps close up behind, in a blaze of
dtt*t and glory.
Home miles—pity the distance is not greater* to the
Northward and Eastward of Virginia, there are, as it
were, people. Hut they are onlv Yankee*. From retreat
f.l clo«c an.l careiul pen-nnal inspection of great num
ber- of them, I am pit-pared to sax that almost anv man
not torn an.l raised in Virginia would mistake them lor
being* endowed w ith the celestial spark of rea-ou Gifted
with the lineaarnU, the member* and the garb of hu
manity, thev succeeded for many rear* iu palming them
-clvcii off a* people. The imposture indeed was carried
to an incredible |iitch. Yankee*, it i* «aid, hut how can
1 I relieve it '— land-re* were employed to iu-truct the im
mortal mind of the south of Virginia. Oh* astounding'
But the statements neither of hi torv nor tradition can
often l»« tru-led. and the above, it must ho admitted, is
preposterous. Why, 1 would respectfullv a«k, do we
never meet with a Virginian, young or old, or middle
aged, who sav* “ heaowr” for "how," “ doo" for '• dew,”
•'dutt’i' for ’ dou t,' and such like execrable jargonisms *
I answer, because such do not exist in the limits of the
Great Commonwealth, or it they do, dare not give vocal
• -r other token of Ya:-k.-e instruction, lest siuh.enlv they
l>e knocked down by the earliest sapling which the Vir
ginian who hear.- them can wrench front our blessed soil.
A dis-onting Englishman, wrenched bv tho violence of
hi* fanaticism irom me nutritious juices of be. f and forced
to suh.-ist upon the marrowless insipidity of codfish and
pumpkins, clams and onioc.s, the Yankee Li not in aur
ren-e a per-on. lie is a chattel of the worse possible
master—a machine. He I* a bad version of Frankenstein
—the trembling and ever-obedient slave of his own crea
tion-—a Wijw-r and cleaner ot the dirty iron structure*,
m ,de by his own hands. The highest of hi.* menial
function*,!! revolting to the whltc-hatided Virginia noble
man. For what loftier task has he than to absterge the
grimy orifice*, joints, and bowel* of a locomotive • F.vt
dcntly none. In place * f reason, he ha* cuteuefs—the
faculty of invention. On this accmmt.he is tolerated un
til such rime a» the Virginians sec fit to begin that “ ir- |
rept,- ible cotitlic.- which umst inevitably end in the !
co.ui c«t to the daily halut of chewing tobacco and the -
relit pi.Micnciaiion of ♦•wltar," of all that part ol the lial.i- !
table globe which i- csjahlc ol enlightened civilization.
long as it -hall ** t in advisable to countenance im
provements in machinery, the legislator* of \ trgini*.
holding now, a* they have always done and will always
do, absolute control of the Federal Government, will con
tinue to surround the Yankee with the protection
of law and to invest him with the right of suffrage,
the liberty of nnrestricte-l concubinage according
lo the latest canon* ol free love, and the fud pet
mission to worship, according to the dictates of
hi* own conscience Ilia! transitory woolly headed
idol known i-t Virginia as a runaway nigger. Thispe
r od, centraly to the supposition of all Yankee* and a
few of the less cultivated Virginians, will not be of in
definite duration. On the contrary, it will be brief,
quite brief. It -hall come to pis?, orue dull July after
noon about four year* from now, that a Virginian, hear
m-» that Anderson * line cut tobacco is senou«lv inter
firing witii the sale of the legitimate Orinoco plug, and
iearniug from bia “/.’nyMiVer” that Seward has at la-t
laid hi* Incendiary hand on the Supicme l.'ourt, with in
tent tn '•reconstruct it—mat i- to fill it* Itenche* with
Ab ibtioni i - it -hall then come to |ia*s. that a Virginian,
lousing from the lethargy superinduced by the anibro
ial di--t, hereafter to b- floriried, ejecting bis fist-big
quid In replace it with a Iresh and larger one, and dis
vncagiti • lit* hoele lect from the summit of the loftv
mantel-piece, will sh.wlv repair lo the shade of a neigh
noting “honer-shuck' tree, behind the ice house and
there proceed to fasten his eye* into the rortior ot a ili
1 ipidated worm-fence, lo -Hence, so profound a* to he
lOtemtplrd only by the incessant song of the jar-Hy and
the intermittent gush of the juice of hia adored w eed, he
will per-i-t in meditation for the space of twenty min
utes At the expiration of that time lie will hare done
a thing of which, although it be a work of neees-itv, be
will be heartily ashamed—he will have invented a ma
•! in-- for the invention of all kind* of machine* that
mav be required throughout all coming time, together
«ith-an auxiliary machine to attend to all orb nf ma
chine*, to keep them per|>et(tally greased and in working
trim, .md to repair any damage however extensive, short
of e-.rir. destruction, that may put ..out of runtime
order. Overpowered by the unnatural and disgraceful ex
- Ilion, he will seek relaxation in the uncalled-for and
mi Jeserved chastisement of a small male nigger, order
an earl* supper, eat a quart of iced butter milk and four
clod* of warn, dough called done Mscnit, an-l go straight
j to bed. I nable to sieep, he will fret himself into anoth
: er fit of invention, the result of which will he a machine
| lor pursuing, catching, and bringing back fugitive
*1«1 to which he will add a patent -teel key Im r.
opening the African Slave Trade. Satisfied with this,
| hi* thoughts will rush joyfully back into their natural
channel; he will recur with pleasure to the “cardinal
| principles of the democratic party," and, alter spending
a lew moments in blissful contemplation of the resolit
j linns o! *9s, will fall into a stertoro.Ls -lumber and en
lighten hi* wib- with his somnambulistic view* of the
■ question of “Intervention for Protection." In the morn
mg, he will rise to his plug with more than his wonted
i ivenous aridity eat some more best,-,I ,lot,at. ...
wiih raffish rbii'ken, straddle a half fed blooded hors*
and pace off |n the nearest town, to get a young lawyer
to write out an account, preceded and concluded hr a
number of politic .1 reflections, ol hi« intentions of the
dir previou-t. Thu account will he published in the
Richmond paper '.accompanied by leading editorials com
; plitnentjtif or abiding the in t en tor for his parly aflilia
lions From thn mo'tient ol that publication, Jonathan
Othello'* o cupttion will he gone, lie will subsist for *
I time on machine mule boot pegs, after whit It finding no
use for hi* faculties, he will die of chagrin and cerebral
or rather rerebelliai inanition And then, such consum
mation hung for the tirst time possible, the approximate
deration of mankind toward the altitude of Virginia gen
: lietncn will begin.
Rccuriing to the subject of ‘♦people,'' it i* enough lo
way of the daelhus in the Western and Northwestern sec
! (ions of the Confederacy, that a race of abandoned hog
fattener", mule-grower«, grnin measurer* sml hemp twist
er* could not even in the most erstatic moment* of arro
gance inspired hr bad whisky, rail ihrtitsclres "people.'’
To locate a quarter section of prairie, to enter it,to clear
it. and then quit it and go lo I’tke's i’eak and coine back
in rags and rote for Ntcpben A Hough*—these perforin
ancts, though note#se|;tie)ly dishonorable, do uut occur
to me a* being precisely llto*e which a nature equivocal
lx human would delight in The (ruth is, the cro-s he
j (seen the Virginian and the Yankee, or the (ierinnn, Or
< any of the inferior ra<-e«, is never, except in » *ingle lit
. statu e, attended with results at all more encouraging
! than the rro-« betwern the horse and the a**. On the
one hand we hare the Money or lloosier, an entirely use
|es* t pet) and on the other, the mule or Missourian, a
very good be»-i of draught when ‘ broke." The ex
ception,*1 instance alluded to, one which, from • sense of
justice not less than of personal obligation, I am con
strained lo notice, is that of the Virginia mulatto I
bare marvelled, how often I know not, at the gross and
wanton neglect of tl-i* delightful hybrid by V irgiuia au
thors and editors. Whr no poem hs* ere? t>een addres
ed loon* of the mod br-autifol and tn-efnl staple* of our
Stale, | could nerer tell Our literature is shamefully
dcfectir* in this tegnrd. We lure niggers in print by
tbc thousand hqt no mulatto has ever yet gone tu peers,
unle»* It be Ibe tobacco prs*3 i^nd xef the mulatto, if
lie be a male, and in any way related to the He 1st ilion of
I Independence, mikes an misnrpn ed fiddler; or if o(
I le-s ruiinenl > nmtc« lion, ,n W*0* esrri ige driver, atid
so invaluable barber Hat it ii to the softer form of thi
deeirable product that our indebtedness is greatest.—
What would lh| world b» without » mulatto chamber
maid anil washerwoman Nothing lea* than nothing —
The riolenee of my (eellng* will not permit roe to -ay any
more on this point
tlfilr one other kind of man remains to lie disposed of
—•that run wild Virginian, (Milled “ youlhemrr " A* I
hope one dar to treat the- I nfortiinate at soiae length, I
shall bare him here wl'h the mere oliserralion. that the
ginning of cotton, and the crushing of sngvt cane, ate
requirements allogethei loo rapid In tie • nui; aiihlr ffi'li
the lor Hr indolence which in all agra and in rrerr land
hare characterised "people ' ft follow*, xineff Virginian*
are the only people In the world, they tiff were* ardy the
| g/f»te*t je tipie oil Ihf fae* of the terraqoeo'ia globe,
t Therefore f repeat, whst ( saj-l at tir-l, Virginian* art
■ the great**| people that tffr d{<J f;r prey will draw tbs
breath of life For, men, women and children, *e»d ni
• alire, rlimale, soil, scenery, tlrer*, mountains, medidna
I springs, niggers horses cattle, dog* fUh nvstera. sort
bs*-. due plums, wood peek
ct*. rrvir«l», C*WM, «MM mi Ion.', tobacco, cheauiiU
hollow logo, cbtoqui-idtiK, natural bridges, mellow bun
June apple*, shook nub, peruiuimon,. politician*, a wee
rS** '' ?■*, *•«■«. oar.*, M> Ibodial prwmEri
agtfeallurnl f.tra, gold a*d light bcewd, dikp.
dajnd houses, homespun cloaking artichokes, waapa, goo,
Cofce. mullena, broomatruw, waffira, bollrhock*. biacalt
worm tcocea, spoil jaek, aaktakc. pine*, wild turkcra, ci
dec, merabrn of Oougrew, whisky. candidates for ||„
I residency, cvtuUna, pipe* and stems, turnip aallet, aha
ren. of paper, norelkta, nnfini.hrd canals, poet*, .he*I*
railroad* that don t pay, hotel*, game* of knueka. Demo
cratK' inspectors,! nirerailiee, bar-keepers, femaleachoola
chigoe*, huttcr-milk, faro dealer*, horwe-cake*, jtg pkrer.
and Julia palters, na country on earth will, aa W« all wel
i ■*'•» 'he Old Dominion. If anvhode k
Incline.! to dUpute thia, let him addreae himself a feu
liar nt we had the moat President*, the great eat ju.
ri*t«, orator* and military men • Dnl'nl Revenue win III.
♦ I.ta 0 pri.a at the St. Lotti* ’air • Can thia planet ot
an» orb tliat twima in celestial apace afford anv thing
e.,uil^to a tlu.rough-going, high bred Virginia 'sweet
heart n here will you find a man to mit a julep equal
to Lemuel Rowatr1*' Wu the mother of the iiracchi
i circumstance compared to an old Virginia gcmlewo
tuan, in a check apron, with a bundle of key* in a little
white oak basket ou her arm. and a turkey wing fan in
her hand” I* there any chewing tobacco in the world
like that made in Lynchburg' Aint Ridgway the goat
e«t editor that ever put pen to paper? 1* there a place
on thi* continent or any other, where they underataud
*° l J4'1 Died chicken and cun* ham*, aa they do in
' *rR>»i* ‘ " ho that ever smoked l.anghorne & Armia
lead .* tobacco, in a Woodall pipe, would give a d—n, or
even the fraction of a d—n, for anv other tobacco, or
any other pipe. Aint Hunter and Rolls and Wise the
three moat prominent candidate*, alter Douglas and a
dorm other*, for the Chief Magistracy of thi* t'nion
Live* theto the man not a Virginian who comprehend*
the joy* of Brunswick *tcw», the hli»* of rowa'n car*, and
the rapture ol pot-liquor? Did any boy but a Virginia
hoy* ever catch eat-ti*h out of a branch with a pin-hook
aller a heavy shower ? Point out the fellow who ha*
danced to the sound of Uenrv Thornton'* fiddle, and who
would'nt split the Italian Opera into splinters, if he could,
ami you will point uie out a find. The earth doc* not
produce oy ster* any better than t'arter'a creek oyster*,
and you will hunt through all eternity to no purpose to
find Mira superior to those von gel in Petersburg. A*
to discovering a finer hotel keeper than Torn Ballard, the
very idea is absurd. Do you think it possible that any
other village of -|i»i> inhabitant* can sumiort aa manv
good new.pajior* as Fredericksburg * Did y ou ever cat
any .'trap' cooked by au old Virginia nigger cook*—
Look at the Equestrian Statue of Washington. in Rich
mond. Contemplate the paddle-ducks of Prince Edward,
t.are about in all ditection>, and where*er you find a
good thing, that thing is a better thing in Virginia thtu
am where out of \ irgitiia. Thi’M* qm Minn* ami sitti|iie
statements of facts might, without the ’east ditlicultr, be
multiplied indefinitely. Tire pn-«**nt imtniier. however,
wriil suffice. Ttie proof i* conclusive. Virginian* or,
tlie greatest people on earth.
Ai‘Y«*rin+ie*«, tutr an*a \.iriou« peoplt*. Krom
those stupendous accumulation* ol heel and limestone,
which go by the uauie of men in the countv of Mont
gomery, to the chicken-cart drivers ot the' Pamunkv
who, owing to the oscillation* incident to their favorite
chills, are scarcely ever plain I v visible, but who, when
*eon, present a countenance ot wax cmhelished with tiir
kev egg freckle*, and emaciated bodv, with an ague-cake
ou oue side, balanced by a tickler ou the other; from
the former to the hitter, what an Interval Between
the inhabitants ol' the I>iainal Swamp, who appear to be
composed of bamboo-brier aatp and terrapin tilling, and
the rugged and ruddy mountaineers of the North-West
who look as if they had been lorn by accident out of a
-tde of damaged -olc-leadier—what a difference! Yet
they are all, tuore or laaa, Virginians, thank the Lord f
And consequently, more or less.the greatest people in the
world. Let them be duly conscious sod proud thereof.
It I were asked wha» this "more or less” means to
to w hat it i* attributable, and why Virginians are ' the
greatest of people, I should say. quietly, J'rira. If desire
were expressed to know what sort of peas, I should an
-uor, loudly, coax nxLD rax*. In case this view should
tail to receive the cheerful acquiescence of mv interro
gator, it would be mv duty and mv glee to put bis doubts
forever at rest, by the cogeut argument following, to
wit : 0
I. By so much as a man is a Virginian, by so much is
he a great man.
No sane mind will dispute this proposition.
II. /‘rrroutra, by so much a- a man is not a Virginian
by so lunch he is not a great man.
This propo.-itiou will not l>e disputed by anv sane
III. By so much a*a man is not a great man, is he a
little man, or I ankce, or Koreiguer.
All sound intellects will agree that this is a logical in
1\ Wherever you find Corn field Peas most abundant
there you find that the Virginia characteristics abound
the must.
That i- a matter of fact.
\ . hr im, it follows that \ irginians are the greatest
iw oplc in the world because of Corn-field Peas, and that
they differ from each other,are more or haw Virginians and
consequently- more or less great, iu exact prvqtortioti to
thi* «|iuntit\ of (*orn field IVa? the? grow ami devour_
tot 1 take it for granted that no ratioual eye could see a
grown corn-field |>ea without instantl; introducing it tua
palate which wool.I immediately Isiainr educated and
The chain ot augmentation is complete and ptofundlv
irrefutable. '
Hut examine slightly the physical geography of the
great t'annunnwealth, and you will find that throughout
the tide water country, and ou the south ride of thr'iaver
deems (foi mercy's sake! do not call it Jamest cornfield
peas are produced in profusion. And where else do vou
bn I the unadulterated \ trginian I would like to know >
It. the Piedmont region, fewer cornfield pea* are raised
and consequently the people are not as thoroughgoing
V irginians as they should In-. They are loo fond of mi
long tiionet, and dont care enough about the Drliaten in
the Convention. Why they actuallv raise pippins in Nel
*..n' When people quit limber-twigs and h.vrkerliuer',
and get to raising pippins, you ntav know that cornfield
p* a« are neglected and New Jer-ey t tales coming in I
have my opinion of soeli people.
I have not the cornfield pea auti tics of the Valley at
hand, but I am willing to swear that the annual vield
from Lexington lo Winchester, wmild'ut fill an K*»ex
nigger's later hole A (•prized ol this fart, will anvlto
dv hereafter wonder at the appearance of the Kuflntr
Pamphlet * Surely not Yet this important fact, to the
bc*t of my recollection and belief, wxs never mentioned
during the whole of the last Gubernatorial canvas*_
Hut, to test the m liter. Iwgin at the lower end, the collar
bone, of the Northern Neck and travel up. You start iu
the midst of unlimited cornfield pea* and pure \ irginians,
blit by the time ton get to Prince William you see scarce'
Iv any cornfield (tea*, and hear people exiling “fo'pence"
"fipptnin bit' ' Dad shim' such a set. When I got off
the cars to go to Hrent*ville, the county seat of Prince
VVilliam, (and x drearier plxce I never saw, except New
Glasgow; | a lad had the atrocity to call a ninepence a
“ shill'n," tight close to my ear. To the latest hour of
my life. I shall regret that I did not suit him to the heart
With a Harlow knife which | always earn Itccniiee I am
a Virginian.
In Alexandria, I ant convinced that they seldom cat
corn-field pea*; at Harper's Kerry none itt ill; and in
the Pan Handle they never heard of them. Wheeling
Parkersburg, Shepherd-town, Clarluburg, Woodstock
and along thrre, must be very deficient iu t orn field pea*
I suppose *ome of the inhabitant* of these unhappy pla
ces, emigrated Irotti Ka«tern Virginia, and having eaten
abundantly of corn-field (>ex* In childhood and youth, re
tain enough of the noble constituent* in their twine* to
give tone ami character to the towns they dwell in. A*
to Abingdon a ml the Southwest generailv. I have my
grave doubt- I reckon some am.lt __
r imd in that section, but, when eaten, become «o mixed
with goose fat, taken from the neighboring goo-e farms
of Tennessee, as to lose hull llieir virtues, mid <o give ri.e
to a *et of people not exactly low, hut decidedly Brown
low in eliaraeler ami habits. I trust the next l.e/islatm•
will see the necessity of -ending out a large numlg-r nl
corn-field |>ea missionaries to stock tliat country with tlm
e--ential element of Yirgtuia greatness
It will lie seen, then, that wherever in Virginia there
is a deficiency in the crop or a neglect of the culture of
corfl-flelil tat*, just there the pernicious traits of North
ern and Western character creep in. lienee, further,
the chemical inference that the c-aential oil or active
principle of i-ort-field peas (whit might lie , ailed Corn
ftfl<lf>rnnitui would, if copiously administered to the Van
kee or the llon-ier, turn him into a Virtrini.in. Although
I am not so clear on this imint, f should dislike to «ee the
I experiment tried on am large scale. Il is irtm, it might
■ ie*nlt happily, might deabolitioni/e the Northern mas es,
, and to pul an end to the eternal agitation of slavery.
But I am opposed, vets while, to this wholesale trsusmn
I tatioti of nsetnl menials Into gentlemen. If we were all
gentlemen, existence would lie Intolerable. I.ife is not
worth a button to a Virginian who cannot look down
] with infinite scorn upnti nearly everybody else.
I than! my ipno-ane# that I have not the remotest
suspicion ot what the botanical name of the t'orn-fi'dd
I'ea i«. I know that it is found in a curved, bumps pod,
three of which, if straightened out, would he about «■
long as a leading editorial in the Richmond Whit). The
outride of this po I i« a little rough, resembling green
velvet, and the inside is lined with whits- vegetable satin.
In tliia siimptuius bed of the interior repo-e a half dozen
or so ol the blessed globules There are several varic
*"'•—the l-e-t of winch, according to the swnrn state
inent of mv own and many other highly respectable ami
reliable palitea, is the kind railed the flrev Crowder. A<
its I, nne Implies, this coble pea is (danted in the com
field, and, unlike the miserable Marrowfat, it climbs ton
a dead stick, but rises beside a living and lowering stalk
Ho far from injuring the corn, Il benefits its growth il
not during its (the pas) lifetime, after if* (the peas
death ; lor il i« a notorious fact, that tlie t'nrn-ficld Pet
improves land (setter thin Peruvian guano, and alinosl
a much as Ruffin's fertilizer. A« an edible, the vegela
b|c kingdom has not tie equal. It la good for inan an,
I"'**1 nnd nigger It i|ors not agree with Irishmen In
nutritious properth sre on-urps-aed. It Is the concert
traled tpitotf - ttii e of the delightful. It ia li irinlssse. I
may be eaten in any quantity. It is hard to unit eating
it It does you good all over It Is fine for the genera
health It rattans you up. Makes you strong and -1 tay
Its |is|e is index-til,stilt delicious. In brief. It ia meat
drink, lodging house rent, taxes, and » free ticket to lie
fair and hack again.
You wretched, wretched guzrlers and gormandiner*
you that sit it the wontd-be splendid laities of the Mel
ropolttan, Hi Nicholas, Oirard, and Revere, gobbling ii|
voor/t ries, Isrrzssi, rsynttfi, and fWc.tMzet, and -alllitii
rout Burgundv and In fieiial mil of yonr nine cooler*
there i«, if ye did but know it, on thia earth, or rather It
If* F.den,Virginia,s diliter thing than your |toor longue
ever tastei) * What, n»me|v•" Pea*, egad! Aye*
CorafieW Pena1 the cent al,etherial, intenaely eom|en*et
elsliorated. sempeternal IntitrleHts fruition of all that I
neetaremvs. ambrodal, vivifying end exalting In the w|d
realm of nature'* henigm nt el- hetny Too good too *oo
for yon. ye Northern got mggdl^era, y« qrjjan MhWnra
Fit dirt onlv for fiode, for Virginian* and for Niggers
Not a pea, not a fragtm nt of a p a, not tka smallei
Mack rye of pea, not avcu a pce-liull, or lb* glim pat
, Arreol, shall yw hare, no, uot to save this mighty Cntoo
i Pro|i«l) to understand the indeM-rtbable menu at tb«
I 1'ornfisld IVa and to enjoy the aaniu.oou awl know boa
*• *•- lk»i ara never aateu re a, except in Aa
akirti* district aborning tha North Carolina Una. That*,
l am told, they are vucleaed ini paste oampuaad of par
almmoua and tar, and iu this state muck relinked bv te
dtea during the interval* af awuff-dippiog. la tha U'mnd
Common wealth, however, Ike true *r laa tide method ai
peepanag theta for lbs Uble U »* follow*: (lather youi
pea* betora auudown. ere the dew tell*. On the morrow,
at or about In or 11 of the clock, extricate your |>ea<
from their natural wrappage*by a dextrous manipulation
of ihf thumb-nail, alter tint mauoer of icougiog out th«
*y* dt Court-house sdreraary. Kluae your Pess. Then
pwbile (ye*, 4//*—I will say kite) parti/* them. Next
wy them with fwa or three or more l according *w tha
•luautity Of pea* oooked) slice* of streaked middling, an<
c our aging asrawch as possible tbecxudailon of die bacau
fr,vfi retaining, and disarm iua ting the same throughout
the leguminous collectioo by the Instrumentality xif' the
proems of gently mashing the individual member* or Peas
aith a spoon. The agglutinated composite of grease and
pea* «hould now present a dark brown hut not unite
scorched aspect, and, such being the case, your Peas, al
ter beiug emptied into a deepish dish, mar ho swiftly
transferred fiom tbo kitchen to the table.
Hut you are by no mean* ready, hoaerer much you
may think so, to eat your Pena, unless vou have earnestly
studied the harmonix-s of food, and with especial reter
cnee to the unchangeable affinities or the Cornbrld IVa
A brief hint of explanation will make my meaning clear,
perchance, to wit. fluttermllk and ashcake go together,
dou't they? Ifoe-cake and sweet-milk—middling ami
»“»P*—liani and cabbage -bacou and greens—iMsafsleak
and onions—chiue aud turnip*—lamb and green pea*—
iole and turnip sallet (not salad)—sweet potatoes anil
young ducks- -thoat aud butter beans—aud so on, all
these til into one another and make each other belter,
hev ? Well, eowtield pea* have a partner to w hich they
art- attached as paasiouatrly and even more so than anv
of the cou|de* just named.
A* for meats, there are but two rest old Virginia meats
—bacon aud Iried chicken, slid Cornfield Peas go well
aith either of them. I have heard ol people who ate the
divine IVa with veal, aud mention was otiee made to me
ol a Scotch Presbyterian whose habit was to mix baked
eels with Cornfield Peas, but Heaven lias kindly preswrv
ed me from witnessing spectacle* of such idiocy. The
precise null indeed the only harmonious companion of
t ornfield Peas is Tomatoes (“a" broad, very broad,—as
thus, “To-mar-tus,' il you please.) Hut your tomatoes
must not be eookeiL They must be raw . ' They must lie
|wcled and sliced iu slices uot too thin. Tliet" must not
tie dressed with vinegar, pepper, and salt, aud* the like of
that. Or with mustard. Or associated with eurenmtiers.
They must be sprinkled with a little, not Much, sugar.
I uot while sugar, always invariably krotrn sugar. I.et
| nothing tempt you to deviate from brown. Sprinkled
with a little brown -ugar, finely divided with a knife, and
intimately mingled with tho pea*,the Immortal Dish is ut
terly ready.
Urge mouthfuls—* kuife blade, heaped up the whole
length. St every pop. Say not a word. Answer no
questions. Keep your eyes imnioveahli fixed ou your
|..*ae. Come down steadily to vour work. Kill lour
plate a rain, and again. Once more. A iptart every
time. Don t be alarmed. Kat on. Let out vour girth.
I'n hut ton vour waistcoat. Make a fresh start. Scorn
the imputation of a memory that charges with having
already had some pea-. Let your intrepid -totnach give
the lie to yout recollection. Kat more. Eat a heap
more, Stop? Never while there is a pea in the dish.
| I ou must not starve. What ! When the low grounds art*
full ot peas. Away with the haggard thought. HwoUh
i the emaciated conception. Keepon eating, lint why .lou't
j you rut' That's plenty. “Another plateful?” That’s
sensible,'that's wliat I call a coining appetite. No, no,
no—don't snatch your plate aw ay—a matt is never hc'lpcd
until his plate is packed eight inches high. Pitch in,
freeh, copiously, fearlessly, Appomalioxlv. Ah! that’s
the lick. Now you’re coming to town- Hand o\er
band. C5o it! Rip ! Now one last, long, large, ilimit
nble mouthful, and you are done. “Alt-a-a1” “You feel
good , you’re hound to feel good Stop ! not an inch,
Ilon’t budge an iuch.or you are a dead titan, dead as Hec
“Boy! take this gentleman up in hi* chair and carry
round tn the shady stile of the house and keep the flies
off him nil sundown. You hear* Quick sir! Mark
time! Forward! March!"
Pea' blessed Pea! thrice blessed Corn-field Pea! —
sublime pellet! celestial molecule' divine little gob!_
oh ' pluperfect ellipse of vegetable fatness anil sweet
ness ' how much is due to thee. All that Virginia is, or
; has been, or can lie, is owed to tlu-e. Without thee,
( there t- no \ irginia. The magestv of our mothers, the
i honor or our sires, the beauty o’l our daughters, the
| courage of our sons, the strength of our slates, the fer
tility of our soil, the salubrity of our climate, and tha
, magnificence of our scenery, I ascribe to thee, ttur
glorious IV-t lu-gan with a 1*. Our Patriotism, our
1’tiJe, our Power, our Politics, our Pre-eminence, com
mence with P. Our Progrisi i« nothing without a P.—
The very name of Patrick Ueurr start* with a P. Tho
m.x- Jefferson wrote with .1 Pen,'two-thirds of which was
a IV. Chief Justice Marshall delivered his decisions in
S'l.ourt that won! 1 never have been Supreme without a
I*. More lilt-ssed than these, the I'nltt Patri-t eouhl
boast a double I'—two e.tpiu! IV The essence of I’sas
inter perinea ted bin pure and inapproachable spirit. The
soul of Washington was u solid Corn-field I’ea !
The Farmers’ Assembly yesterday elected Johu II Ed
munds, E«i|., of lialilai. President of the Virginia Sutr
Agricultural Society. Mr Edmunds’ Hue talents and
great worth entitle him fully tn the honor, and we doubt
if a better select ion, in every point of view, was possible
We liO|a- and expect that Mr. Edmunds will take hold of
the ohl institution with a firm grasp, and push foiwanl
its grand mission. It is an honor to preside over such a
body as we see assembled in Petersburg now. AVe shall
be much deceived if the honor he not worthily worn._
/’tterihurfi }*rt*t.
At a meeting ol the Whig State Central Committee of
Massachusetts, held in the city of Bo*tnu, on the first day
of November, Is.Vi, the following resolutions were iinanl
moil-It adopted
AVW,-.-i/, That the extraordinary and alarming . ondi
tion ot political affairs in this Commonwealth demands a
thorough change in the Administration of the State flo
t eminent.
A’/■«/,-«/, That the call i* imperative upon all tho-c
who value or desire a prudent and honed Administration
of the State to exert their best energies to effect the
needed change.
AV«.>/r».f, That this Committee heartily recommends
' to the support of their fellow-citizens the list of eandi
dates nominated for State officers, by the Convention
held at Fancuil llall, in the city' of llo-t n, on the Istlt
of Ortoher, nil.
tlruJrrA, That the principles of the Whig parly, by
whatever name its members ntay he called, are indes
1 trnetilile and permanent,that the late ineffleiet t condition
| III the parti h vs been owing to the abandonment of its
h.t«is liy many of its tncinhrni, for new opinion* and po
I litleal associations, which have tended neither tn the tn
j torest, nor the honor of the Commonwealth—that the
cud of sneli abandonment i- now manifest in the declen
| * on of |iolitiral and moral integrity—and that the con
dition or the times earnestly ini lies honorable and ra
tion.nl men, who once acted with ns, to return to the al
ii tnres of tlie put, and to unite with it* in a strenuous
effort to restore the State to it* former distinguished and
reputable rank aiming the sovereignties of the Union.
Aeso/rrrf, That we esjieeinlly urge upon those of our
fellow•ci(i/.<*ll« (’Oflfftitllf iftfT It vnrv niimorAtia ttlaaa w.r iL.
well-disposed |ienp|e of the State, who, lor various rea
sons, have refrained from voting for several vears past,
to resume the discharge of those duties incumbent upon
every intelligent and responsible citizen «f a free State,
when his action can be of service to the common cause_
that, in our judgment, the time for doing so Is at hand,
and that we trust no ordinary obstacle wdl prevent the
expression of their opinions at the polls.
Hinnh-t.l, That these resolution*, signed by otir Chair
man and Secretary, be forwarded for publication to the
various newspapers of the Suite, and he otherwise pub
lished a» mav tic deemed espedlent.
ffogaintr Minu ar nv thk Ixntaxa.—The latest Salt
false mail firings the details of soother Indian massacre
which occurred twenty-five miles west of Fort Hall, on
l.ander’s Cut off on the night of the 2d of September
on a party constating of sit men, three women and ter!
children, part from Michigan, and part from linchanan
countr, Iowa. The massacre must hare lieen a most hor
rible one. The emigrants were surrounded just as they
were about camping, and shot down before they had
time for defence. Some who escaped fell in soon after
» ith a company of dragoons under command of blent
IJfingston, who sent a detachment to the aeene of the
maseacie, who found the dead bodici of live pcr*ou< on
the ground, out of the eight that were missing The
dead were horribly mangled and scalped. Their ani*al
were taken and their wagon* plundered according to the
usual mode of Indian spoliation The name* of the mur
dered are Fdward Miltimore, Hen , James Miltimore, Jr ,
Witiatn Miltimore, Mary F.llen Miltimore. and Myron
f line. Mis.log, Mr*. Miltimore anil child, three months
o’ll, and Albert Miltimore Feraped, Milton J. Harring
ton, wife and child, A Hill, wife and child, (Jeo. Alonzo,
Nelson Miltimore. Frank Ifnbbard, Nathan Tilns, ami
Wrn M*r»h. After the Indians had completed their
work Of murder and plunder with the Miltimore parly,
they pressed ahead and attacked the remainder of the
train. Here they met a warm reception, and were kept
at bay by the emigrants until darkness dosed upon the
scene,whrn the as ailed, finding further rrwisfanre futile,
Ml tde their escape, leaving the Indiana posatasor* of their
•fork and goods. Thev travelled on I twit two day* with
out anr thing to cat, ami finally re iched a military post.
ff'tnnuxn HiK tnr. -A catastrophe of this description
took place yesterday motning about III o'clock, on New
York avrnue, between ftlh and l<tth street., whereby a
rnnng man of about twenty year* of age, named (winis
Jones, lost Ids life. It appears that yuting .lone* ha* for
more than a yr*r filled the clerkship in the band Office
left vacant by bis father's decease the salary of wldrh
paid fo hi* widowed mother for the aupport of her
family, conais tint; of seven children. Mm. Jonea allowed
1 her son ona-fourth of the salary fur his own ms, an ar
rangement with whtrh he was dissatisfied and wanted one
half Not Judging this desirable, Mrs. Junes had reason
ed with her sun nn iha subject, anti when he catne down
stairs ya-tarday morning, perceiving him troubled, ahe
fhr*w Ires arm* slfc. tinuately round his neck and kissed
him. In a short time after this young Jonea went up
I atairs, and, returning to the sitting room, called hie moth
r er's attention and then pul a loaded Deringer pistol to hi*
1 fit-ehead,which exploded and carried it* contents through
l the frontal hone Into tire Interior of the head, the ball
« trvs-ing through the brain and lodging within the rran
itim. ('enableralde doubt l* entertained as to the pnr
, pose of Jones, many supposing that the explosion of the
s pistol in the position he had It at the moment It went uf|
s wa* not his real intent, and that «t the worse be q .ly
1 wished to Mmlfbte hi* mother to bring her to com ill
I ariv*. However that may he, be never spoke after h*
! fired, end died about half prst t ns o'clock, PM— Va
I Hone/ /sfsf/ifnrsr,
Naccviuk, Not. 4.—Tba Am—MR America from
I.itrorjwKd Me Jid ah. arrived |a day.
TV departure of IV (irvat Rasiei it boa bceo poalpon
rd dir. It will probable not take tdaoe this teaaon.
The detail* of the Zurich treaty furnish only aw amphfl
oatiou of the ViNa France agreement. The rights ol the
Brand Dukes are prvaerved. The Iroaty U to be ratified
amt exchanged in fifteen days.
The Louiton Times. Poet and Herald ail oppose Eng
land's taking any part to tbs Peace Congress. The Post
regards the Italian OompHsMiea as tree* saris as. and the
situation of Napoleou as highly embarrassing. It think*
it ret lain that Kouugna out be attacked bv tba Papal
troops, and that at the flrat menace there wilt he an arm
ed Intervention by the Duchies, wheu tlarribeldi'* troop*
■HI sweep away every vestige of Papal rule.
Spain Is dissatisfied with the offers ol Morocco, and
war is considered imminent.
The Sardinian government has issued a decree for a
losu of liui,nnO,tk*> francs.
The electrician! hare recommenced, at Valeotia, et
periments on the Atlantic I'able, with some encouraging
results, u Is re ported at Parts that the Emperor refused
an audience to a deputation from Bologna, but granted
one to a deputation from tba Duchies.
The English journal* continue to draw attention to the
Ituinrnse naval armaments buiidtiig in France, particular
ly at 1 onion, where 22 large ships are constructing.
It i« repot ted that Marshal ValHant has suggested to
the Emperor the occupation of the Duchies l.y French
troops, to prevent civil war.
t'oiisiderable excitement exists In Piedmont, oa ac
count of the condition* of the Zurich treaty.
It ws* ri-|Miried al Turin that Neapolitan war shitM
had .ecu seen off Romagna, and that a Piedmontese
squadron bad Itcen ordered into the Adriatic.
There was an unconfirmed rumor of a revolntionarv
movrinrnt at Patenuo, in which I5tt of the rebels were
_l.t» aarooL M* attar*.—Sales of cotton for the week.
A.,tHk> bale*. Middling <|ualitle« bad advanced 1-8, and
all clean description* had an upward teudeuev, owing to
scarcity. Saturday, the market dosed steadv. Orleans
lair T :t-l, middling 7 3-ltt; uplands fair 7 1-4, middling
ti 1 i-ln. Stock ill port, Ilf.idO hales, iiidudiug 37l>.INtl>
American. ’
Hour dull at 22*. tld. a 27s. Wheat dull at 8*. :td a
«e. ltd.; white !**. tld. alls, font quiet; yellow 28*. fid.
a .Hu. t»d.; white 3A a 37*. Provision* dull but steadv.
.sugar ftd. a Is. higher. Coffeo quiet. Rice firm. Ro
sin dull and slightly lower, 4s. Id. a 4s. 2d. Turpentine
dull at 35*. 3d. a 35*. tld.
■> ^“°'r ** *'8 ,* “*'• Money stringent, but abundant.
Ilullion decreased 1338/8*1.
IUiti nos* Nov. 4.—The returns show the election to
< Olifrvw ol the followim» 1. Il.-i. it*-:._•
| Webster, American,, ,„d Stewart. Kunkrl and Hughe*
IViitocraU. The delegation Mauds, politically, as before.
The House of Delegates will be composed of twet.tr
f»\e Aiiii,ru>«ii<* and fortv-niuc I>cimxrai*—the Senate of
b Americans and 13 Democrat*.
It is coubdcutlr believed that the Legislature will par,
a law to hunire peaceable elections hereafter in ftilti*
i.MvisBinTit, Nor. 4.—Tbo Denver cilr exprea> ar
rived to dav, with fStl.fttlO in gold dust.
The weallier Is said to lie unusually favorable for mi
At the e'ectiou, held under the proti.-iunal govern
mvnl, as far as ascertained, Steel has a majority lot
Baitiuork, Nor. 4.—The funeral of Mr. Kyle, killed
on the day of election, took pWr to-day, and was at
tained hr an immense concourse. Th* procession con
tained the members of the Reform association, and largo
numbers of the first citiiena. Store houses were closed
along the route. There was no disturbance.
Nrw ftkLKtttt, Nor. X.—A firo broke out this evening
in the Fourth District, which destroyed sixty building
involving a loss of &'<&ti,Onn.
WaiTtuosa, ftor. 4 - Flour steady Howard Mrect »fv*T —
Wheat declined .1 cents—whit* »1.»I«*14C. red *1 f.Vf I M Com
downward trn.lenrr, and rent, lower. Pork unrhanred ---
Bacon Mde* Whisky nominal at rts.
a.?** Nor- 4 —**•«**• icUtf anti higher. Tlruiala fi‘a
*■of ,a0* b»'" Hour he.., -South,
rrtt TR. Wheal hmi'and (rarer. No Southern. Com Rrni
er yellow 4l(itl1 (U eta. Pork stead,. Sugar adtanrrd V Tut
|.rniiu<* and Roaln dull. Kir* Ann.
t’nr Aurntat At’.fM. t^orfia, aen</s a* Me Mtotrinj LtVtr.
wi!\ perriitsjriois h*/*wMtJk: J J •
,, _ , Am lot., August it
''*** 7"Hatlnr hen afflicted *or more than ten mouths with
t hrontc Inilamal'un of the tsinrs, at time, very se.errly. irul hav
In* adopted man, tnrjic'uea without auy hut temporary rrllef. I
purchased alroal three tuiUiea of H .f.i.'. Ai/uii, of R'i/.f f'Aer.
. y, from the effects af whlah I obtained mute rrllef'than from all
the rarillrfnra I ha.l ever taken for that dUtrcasiug dlaorder 1
hare, t.y the repeated uae of this valuable llalsam. hern more free
from preaeure for breath and oppression on Iho Lung*. than I had
anticipated, and, indeed, conceit e that I will be cured, by continu
ing IU use. of this most disheartening malady. I do most cheer
lolly lender you this acknoaledgtn.nl, which yon will use as your
judgment dictate*. HOUSEr ftlTRKK
„ *•*?«*__ ""ayaahorough, Burke Co , Oa.
~ r0WU! A CO . Buaton, and h.r sale hy
AltfE A IlK.tY, Pt RCr.t.l. I.AUIt A CO , and W*. PKTKKSnN,
Richmond. and by appoin.ed agents In ercry county, and Drug,
gist, generally. _ wcXI-dcAwlw
‘W Xullca t.> Caagtry HtrekaBfa V laltlnff
Rlrhmond this Tall.—We would ruoat reaper fully call
Ihelr attention to our stock of BOOTS and HUOKH, a Met. w* will
aril low for raah or to puorlaal customers oa >l< month, credit.
"M MR Main si., Richmond, Ta.
|F If you want Boots, Shoes or Galiers, of good «,uahly, go to
ALEX HII.L A CO.’S, nnd If you can’t get them there, I do nut
know where you can find them
oro. m westh,
, „ . 14.'. Main Rlreet, Parte Square
A Hood light, and other Tale*, hy Chas Keade, authot of ■’Lora
Me Utile Lor* Me Long," "Peg Woffington,” Ac., Ac llloitra
ted; The.
The Money King, snd other Poems. t.y John O Rare; TV
Women Artists In all Agra and Countries, hy Mr* EUet, ant hoi
of "The Women of the American Herniation," Ac 1.00
ttepresentatlre Men of if r New Te-Iament, hy Oeo. C Baldwin, D
Rword and tlnwn, by th* author of "(lay l.lvtngatone " the.
Parties and Their Principles , a manual of Political Intelligence,
rrblbl mg the rtrlgto, tlmwih and Chararter of National Par’
*!••* appendls, containing valuable and i’fiipuI Mails
llr»l Information, by Arthur Holme* | An.
Beulah, hr Mlu Augusta Fvuns, of Mobile | f.\
l*ie«|.trntlal Candidate* containing Rkrt<-he*, Bloyraphlcal, Prr
«on*| und Politic*!. of prominent candidate* for the Prcdden. y
ifl IMB t.k l> (turtle «• I aj
Hand Hooks of Home Improvement; comprising - llov to Write,
*l*'w 1° Behave, How ti Talk. Ifow to do Bovine** , complete
In one volume, I ff; or each *o|i| separately at Site per vol
I>I'UK Pri-tn li Hrsml), of supevhir quality, under
Cictoui ll-Mise lock and aeal
Ml i|uart-r pipe*, pole and «lark.
W eighth do. do. For vale hy
Baft - •» la I a. B lUVKVpOKT.
I A i k SON’S Tallow (’NiifllrB. MB ».«hp* for sale hy
KHNHRAT Java Coffee. IM hays, of superior
quality, for sale l.y I. Jt O. B. DA YKNPORT.
I a /\ Tivni’ra uonau ano vn . ..
I V tat Mkhy joiinaon k raORHMRT. '
.(MMvtsniUHII IftlCOKirK, for ,.l. br
1 OO SACKN IflARRHALL’R • ALT,for »J« br
\ - FEED, of strictly prime quality, for sale by
111 V 11. . * r. lor tab- |»y
III**.—bhle. Tliomaiton l.lme, fnr sale l*y
||!IKMfcTt‘l» UX'OAhi; for pr* mot log th# growth and pre
■ • aerrlng the beauty af the human hair, la a very popular ar
The C‘*'*♦>• Nut Oil Is perfectly deodorised and held In a roaiM
nation, which p^r utterly ada|rf« It for the toilet. It la unrivalled
In delicacy and agreeahlenese, cooling In Ita nature, and posses
sea sorb • peculiar affinity for the slln that H la readily absorbed.
- ff'dffM Tran* ri/tf
for aale by JAMER P. DCTAL.
'*r‘*r*_Druggist, Cor Main and loth IMs.
I NK MIaIC. -The subscriber ~~Mttsa la purrbaat a
1. a small farm situated In a good neighborhood, cnureulent to
Church##, Mrho«Is, Re. I Intend tearing the county of Augusta,
as s<-on as I can make my arrangements to do so. I require a
house wood, water, and a good situation for a Hart. At.
autt—am ARCH'D P. FTC ART.
P n ■ - Addreae, •• A P Ptuart." fftaunton Angnata rsuMr. fa.
OR A RARO AMIN, JH, hare remnred to their New Rtore,
• No. f 17 Main fftreet seven doors above thvlr old stand,
where they hare Increased their facilities for doing all kinds of
work In their line, such ss putting ap every description of Water
futures. Hydrants, Water Closets, Rathe, Rollers. Cooking Ranges,
Europe. Hydraulic Rams, Re Putting up Portable Oas Works,
fitting np building* with |ae ptpee and ffvtwrea
All sorts of tin work. Roofing, Ac ; heating buildings with hot
sir water or steum They take this occasion to state that they
hate the beet Hot Air furnace In this or anv other country, which
they will put up and warrant to five satisfaction
A large assortment of nlaln and fancy tin wars, and Orates and
I genders etwass on hand. aull tf
shawls a aircloak*]
rrRTHRR RtTpn.ir*.
and a rrw
«■« BAV-i. m. mint * co.
n finnan.., t.l Nm .miter. INRl. (
t A IIIRCRI D. Th. H»*r4 nf 1Hr.rU.nnt IM# 1'nmpany, ft 111
It* nftli p-nM. Inr lh. pa* X« wMb. «hM, ha,. amnnnt
.•I l« RRft.fl Bftf ft.nl, npnrt I ha Caplt >1 Ain.li, ha.. 4..|«ra4 .
Dl.ll.n4nf MX p.f r.nt. pafraM.I. |h. *«.»hftM.r» an an4 aR.r
M>. I'ahlnaf., an4 plar.4 lh. halanr. In th. rr.411 nf lb. A.irplw
r"'-' J. M MONTANf-r,
•N B 1 NfWlMJ.
i 1 A».A ABB HKIlIRnpi.tini. ifunmimt
X I rW fiat. an4 Mnln* P1»H IJna.ya. r.nftf.tny a»4 for Ml. nf
RftftRlfy fa4nr.4 ptlrrt, by lh. pi... nr parkarn
"•* KI4T PkINr . co
GDRHKR € If RRRI. Atpril*. >tnalNy. fnr aala hy
New fOHH RXTRA MrMCe.-ltft bbla, far anla
*■* (""*) I A II. B DAVRWfORT
WHITK «JRR «*ac.—1«R I'bla . fc. aal. bft
•«* I f «. V DAYRNRORT
X ■ an4 IlnT.j . Paiam Iknrlna M.rMnaa for aala rh.at> hy
"** ffa. 14# Ma n .....
< ki I RHtrn ARD WANW KKlll.ya,
V ' *Y PI.ARR40W a as nr kaon,
"• »a IM Main afftftftt.
(lA*TOfl f'SAerR. »• b«T. nn I an4 a f.w nw> rant
1 Canto* Drapes to fks# owl itVlrta at ard
*”* __ AWOBRR ft THAW.
/ 'AITftR U «T*. I"0h laa •ap.rtnft I'aMan final..
\y ta», w4 tat aafta M« by
"•* __im.tAinm
CV*1* *gfr-~
r ■ ■
*w» n™n Sc., Sc.
***** w»*» W*» «h« M tntaataann aad perfect relief,
•ad rb. pmtml wHh unrdriU dlr.dl.afe arm Ml turf,
fed . rapid aad ladlap car*. Itwiil. bar. ba ndadu
POTfMl health Who have triad at her aaaaaa la rata. T» all rlaaaea
all caadlltdWrta the; ar. enmity a Mafe( aad a cure-aou.
aaad dray air, au matter hoar bn* Uw dtwaar way harr raid ad, or
ccccrc It aaay W, prodded lb* organic dractare of the d
lal organ* I* ad bwpetonly decayed. Beery on. ahllrted rhea IA
«*ec them aa Impartial utal.
Tu Vonatawa ana Praue brum, thane Wafer, are pecaBaily
valuable; lhay will la an natr remove tho meal oevtrv eecadoaal
hoar aaaaaa | aad their regular wfw.l.v day. -tu, at ah llmefe
loevea*. the power aad BaalhUky of the vwloa, greatly tmproi lag
Itataaa, ■ aaaaaa aad clearwaaa, fer which parpaaa Uwy are re*.
larly aaad by many profndtaal-,
JOB MOBB, Bate toprletar,
Rocheder, Nag Toth.
■ VM# VO (9Bll MV kBI, W%t Mid WW §11 PnmnAakU BaaWaU
roa Evil- Potavv tun flaw.—Whtn pala or Int .m
datloa u pr.-rnt, aad Brmadnth<a EUla ar. U^. they it M(,
Mte upon the humor* which hr* th* ore ado. of th* pain amt in
ttammatlon, and remove Uwm from the body. Tide .,athty of
abue telling hold, and ran.la* the r.poWnn of derived humor..
I> poaanaed by au othar medlrln*. Par Braadreth'a Mb operate
•oldy upon thoe* ImpuriUee which earruaad an,I atari the tlaanea
aad organa atected by dleeaae B, tart an, aenaitt, teat amru
nioaa ueuoaa, am area vaata ueu it aaiow rate or rua euaaot an
tao eaatfe ad eapd Uwm fewm the body. Young people reaad.
hat middle aged aad dd people can. la a wwaaure, appreciate that
medirta* wbah, being need la abba**, acta only upaa Uw caaa*
ef dlaeaae, aad which ha* a* peace, eaecpt apoa thoe* hamar*
whow prraenr* produce, every pala. aad whoa* remeral remove*
evwy dleeaae. Whatever organ It atedad. there Uieee wonderful
fdBi penetrate, aad reaavr Imparltle. horn : that prerenUag nt
Ulng of the humor*, became they are removed from th. body In
rheutnallun. teem, pleuritic*, pain, m Uw aid*, dyrpepaia, head
achea, cuaUvtneua. aethma, oaido, mwghfe core throat*, plba. ul
rerv, boll*, they give Immediate relief, and, taken early, prevaat
•rgaale dlaraw. Maladlaa, pronounced beyond huaaan ehtfl, have
yielded to their Inhume*, aad aallHona of human llrrn have been
••veil by their timely nee. Oh how Important, In detune, lo uae
that medicine which only aatlngulahea the dice tea, aad Uavn no
evil rdecl behind. Bold at Dr. Brandrvlh'e Principal OtBer, No. «N
Canal Street, New York, and hy rewpeetobw dealer, la medlrlnr.
Whlla rung.al.laUng Ui.oe who have had tha good fortune to be
I would remind tho** whole hair le of an ndlouaUnt by nature or
DJ lu iom or tine, that by uain Cai-TAnoan** Evreblor
llalr Dye, they may, ao far a* the hair la concerned, lo m Mtarna
Th. Dye hat been analysed and certlfled to be pare and harm
l'*“ hJf I>r Chilton, the moat distinguished chemist In the tolled
Btat.o, Bold errry where, an*l applied by all hair drrtaeia Cum
mi*«o, t Aatnr llonae. New Vork. „eY« .Units.
31, Crosby fttreet, If. Y.
Are manufacturing under their Patent
Bui table foe wrapplnf
Fine Cal nail Caveudul, Tobacco., (hnean, BplcM, he..
TWn Bc.trn Poll, ail .lire, swporfee In b.UUaney and •OmigA u
the Imported article.
for aoallnf Bmu, containing Wine, or other liquids, Jana he.
•tamped with any name or deoign required. Alao, *
®*VlDBMD WOTICE.-Tl.e Direr *
TwTTT.t vi,ro.,n,a r,»* marine inscr
ANt h CO' PANT , on the I at Inat , declared a dlrldend, out of the
tir»Al. of tl e paal alv mouths, of 10 per rant, payable to the hti.rk
holders or Ihetr legal representatleea, on and alter the I.Vh Inrt
and added the remainder of said profit., rig : f .ur per rent In th^
surplus fund of the company, making that fund now thOMM Tt.e
transfer h. ok will be cluoed aa usual until the l.Mh Inat.
nog—dtlhW_ WM WILLIS, Ja., Rac'f
®® T® **• W Milf.f IN’ photo'.
M*n»" and beautiful Room,, and the fine apeelmrn. of Art
that decorate the walla Every variety of picture hrlnng.r.g to the
PI...I.,graphic atl may there he teen In all its beauty. Ptrotographa
taken In -very form and eatlrl.r of Bnlah that art or eip'rlrnce
has Introduced, colored In water or oil color., from miniature fo
Ife else making a plraalny mlnlalureln wafer, nrefferllrri.nrtr.lt
In oil colors. Amhrotypes taken In every runrrleiblr style. »rS.
.°w-—TtBr~A* *** l'«u approach.,, and Hlllnua
and Ague and l ever, hat hrenme prevalent, even- person ,1.001.1
prepare UiMUMiveu with the proper rem.dle. for three dangerous
»*«»»••« "I bile and the Ina. tleity of the liver, to
gether with headache, pain In the litnh. and hack, night sweeU and
tom Ilf appetite are the forerunners of these maladleS, and efficient
mean, should ut oner be resorted lo by which Hint symptoms can
l*t at unrf rmioTnl For il»U |>urknow uoibiiik- muai
* PRLMIl_\W HI rrcia/^They cratlii «l« the hflc, dl»
the paliLD, cool the fever* strengthen the digestive otg*n». rrr
.Jrgpiir* brMj^fbicJTcuUllT.nof the blood, and produce a dow
, . Wh,r“ K^*‘ly lo do «way with all un
lifAlUitulneM 1 he«r Hitter* can br taken with itrfn't ufriv by
all afr* and ifio, without regard lo weather or dUt. and will
ytu\r a valuably family lucJlcilwin lUlain where an acllvr Ionic
la required.
, «' Pt’»mL, LADD A CO., and all other prominent
wVUifn'* Richmond, and eteewbrrelu Virgin.a an I
‘,:0•.0, C OTOTT * ®° I taakiaaton, D. 0.; P.. U
STABLER, A CO , Baltimore ; U A. rail.MISTOOK A CO Phlla
detphla, and of It ARNES A PARK, New York. “
Orders RUed by addressing K. BAKER, Proprietor,
Richmond. Va.
NsmirtL ■■ hr so. ,
Render, the hair aoft and glossy Increasing It. growth, removing
dandruff,..,.| rr.li.v ng It. erigtnalr. I,,r. Da drluAlful p. tlume, and
many virtue, have made It an Indiaprnaable article of the toilet -
Price M cents. For «ale by
, OrORflK DOWDEN. Druegaat.
°e ’ •*? __ITS Main Street, neat American Holrt.
T,,K k*01?* — Ladlta In want of HA ITERS, either
wun nr Without hrela, ran And a large aaaoriuirnt to select from
at prices from |l S., and upwards aa lo quality (LIPPI hs with
and without beela , rhlldreii'a and aervant.' HIIOVS. of all uuall
Oea fo, sale low by ALEX IIII.V A CO .
Wo. ITT Main street, Klein....nd, Va.
ff^w^FALL TRADE. — \ Illf.lVl v
IWtrrkauta, and .ilerrlinnla Rrn.-rnll»
fb.iilh, in laying In their fall .lock r.f mrrehan Il.e, ahoul.l nm fall
w'.'v.T topl.lv of SEMPLE S InVaI.I.IHI F ha
J11 ’ ' , •'FH, the hc*» anil tnoal ronttonilcal |»rr|>aratlon known
Tor uiaklny light, ivrrt and «holr«o-« loaf bread, bli rilb, Ar ||
rrcotamt nded by nutnrroua rltlsrna of dlffeiynt •<nlon*, an.I
will certainly gtrp aatlBfactlon when ua«d profiyTly. Hi antlrHy
harmlea*. bring thr |»rodo«*tto« of a arlrntlflr Virginia Fhy»l« Un
and manufactured with great care from the pureal material. %fer
•*hanta can ronAdenlly rrromtnrml Oil* arllrle to their .*u»lomer«
aDlheaarr. j w «»ARtmlOIC.
04 M Manufacturer and vole Proprietor.
w. fiarllrk-THtekR HI* l have for ume
STiStiJf4 m,r fam,l> *W"PU,,B ceh-braled BA KINO
low lo KH. and take plea«ure In recommending ihetn to all faml
llc* a* the very best article I have ever Med for making Itgt.r
•wret tpongy bread. There is no eiruM for had bread when Hem
|»l* • Powder* are uaed Reapectfully.
Petersburg, July WHh, In'*.
J. W OARf.'CK,
_ , . _ Manufacturer and sole Proprietor, Richmond.
—f Drugfiata and llroc*r» generally.
lw Mamifioent Bilks, a.i
A If ft
rrom I.r • Auction rim oi French Impoilera In New York
ro lenee lo Inform their friend* ond the public gcnerallr that
Ihelr large and anperb olock of new and freoh DRY GOOD*
ha. |or< been replenl.hed lie eery large addition, of aarlmt. alt lea
of l.eantlfnl Gor.dc, purrhnaed by one of Ihefr firm, In many In
atanc, a at nearly 1
"PP'Ct'wl'y «» oM'dilng there Choice and
Relect (looile, of the n. wail and moat Faahlonahle Helena In or.l. r
to Inaarr aalea, and aurpriae erery one with the LOW PRICER
In HILKR. eapeelafly, we are enabled to a(er »u. h prleea a* will
bring title hitherto cnat.y article within the reach of arery oae
Henntlful VFLOUR OK PARK, 1 "
french and lrt.h POPLINR,
Parle Printed IlKLAIttLR,
Milk 4nd Wool PLAIOM, 4i*.(
Are hgfnff opened Ihla morning and'attl he founde.tremtl. hand
antne anil moderate In priee. nar ’
ComnrMng the moat catenate* and tl<h aeanrlmrol we hare had
r:f:: "•'•"'d *° day. and am he found wt.r
Ihy the attention of all In want. Rome of them entirely
new and »ere elegant Onr ..tortmenl of
R* leant*' and Planfatlon Good.,
Men'* Outer and Under Wear,
Honae Rereant*' Wear,
Plantation Good*,
Honae Purnlahlng flood#,
lefah Llnene,
Whirling, and Rheelhtra,
Polled rioth>,
wilt a e . a RallnMI* for Pactorr llanda, Ac,
Will he found unettrpeaaed In ret.nl, quality and priee
--- RICHMOND, Rept IMh, lhfg
i? ® ^ ® ® -We ntnal ree|i* rlfnllr rill
Jr*''***,, .lbr •*•'»••'*» «* "»• friend., raatomera and th’e put.
Re generally t« our aaaortmrnt of linnfa, Wht> a, Trnnka
and,i.?rt*."?tV*,.,r?,,t^f ** ,^,'r ***' *^d '*•' l"ac*t
and beat i•a^rimeot of gooda In our Una. eigimaly f,„ retail mat
“r at aR priera, either of our
own manufaetwr* or of the heat HUad.lphla and haalern work
Pleaae rail and eramln* for touraelrao .
Manufacturer! and Impmura of
,, BooU llid Wmn »r><l<«rPei Ru«
■*** _ .we. W M«ln Wrn, RWhaionA, J*.
. RTRANIIRRR yiriting TIIF CITY I w|ah to -.11
\V!^: ‘LA,:r"r *n'1 ****»''*»' *1*1110# m.S
4« !lwVi iff'i!lSn.I HZP* »«d a—nerlor nmortmefH of
... .A ' fW' ,r."* A lao, a large lot of „ ,
(iooria. Mr prlcfi Rff |„wi ,,|o,t(. .|„ ,
• e«H h+tnt* pWf*h*«fnjr rltcwk. rw. j || MK,rff * m
'"~M l,,m d«"t .Ur, p
PntKMNOI NIMPff Ra. , t_ .
African Ginger la key. ^ ""l, *
Aiwp.ee, PyerAe Z.Z'JCZ*
w I'UrgRat.W, draedet INI kfatw „
200 SWR/-*- « t her.
inn hhla Hillkf Alewleea, for tale he
arik WOHRLfc • CtAIKartIHE,
a« sv— —
“ -j-e- — -«w *. . |1 rl H
•* rHbf •»
Vh ikcldtv wanaar '** M,>* **' "*,*"re k 0
§isS ■**»•**."
JLs* .. &»&«*«>
rod all wrut
act.rnn, craw:-W

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