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”” -- - -. 1 — -----5--——---------— ___ JilMUfcK I4<>.
Dells Paper, M per unnn; BvmlWeekly, *6 ■ Weekly, *3 : al
were Is advene*. Remittance* map be made at the rUk of tLe
PabOehera la all cake* where evidence la taken an the depoall of a
latter In the Poet OMoe containing money.
On* Bqaara, (10 line*} or leas. one Ineertlon. TB
Each additional Ineertlon . kS
One month without alteration.|6 U
Three do do 10 00
fc do do *0 uO
tT«*ve do do M 00
TWO Sqaarm, Three month*.. 16 00
■a month*.16 00
Twalvo month*..CO 00
IV" Wo advertloomeat to ho conaldeied by the month or year
•■'em epeeUled on the Manuscript, or previously agreed upon Li.
tween the parti re.
An advertisement not marked on the copy for a eperiflrd num
ber of Ineertioo# will be rontlnue.1 until ordered out, and paymtnt
exacted acoordtnnty.
a* Raurtxa Aeemmnnm—To avoid any mlsunderttandlng
on the part ol the Annual Advertisers, It I* proper to elate <ffafi«.<.V,
that their privilege* only ritende to thetr Imrardixlr buatnet* Rial
■Mate, Legal aud aU other Advertisements sent by them to he aa
additional charge, and no variation.
t* Real Estate and Ueneral Agent*' Adre •l.ement* not to be
Inserted by the year, but to b# charged al the usual rates, subject
to inch discount* a* shall be agreed upon.
aw Bookseller* and yearly adsertiarrs, generally, engaging on*
or more spaareo. with the privilege of rbaag*. si,all not, on their
yearly arerage. In any one week. Insert more than the amenr.l
agreed upon as the standing rule under the contract, and all cac*e
dlug such amount Is be charged at the ususl riles.
Advertisements Inserted In the Semi-Weekly Whig at T 5 cents
per square of 10 lines or less ror the Brat loa-.R-u, and SO cenu
per square for each continuance, or If weekly, 1 5 cent*
HAVE been opening, in putt, during the past week, and by the
■team< r from New York to day will be In receipt of their fall
second supply of Dry Goods.
We have bought many large lota of Drees Goods at the CT*nM\Q
AUCTION BALE* In New York during the past week, all of which
we shall offer at «u*fre«/ie tote
We call special attention to a large and choice assortment of
Dress Silks, embracing all grades, rrotn 7ft cents per yard
to llic richest styles
PrUted American and French De Lai»ee
MouseMne De Lsln • Ri*bn, at very reduced priest
Frint«d French Merinos
Kicb Plaid andBtripcd Poplins
Vtl«iir* dr Paris
And a great variety of other new and beautiful fabrics.
Our assortment of Embroideries is now complete, amongst them
French Muslin Collars, al prices much lets than usual
Heal Point Lacs do.
Maltese do. do.
Rial Point Lacr Ibtto, a ■ oh-ndi.l assortment.
We are also making laige additions to our
Large lota of B-4 and 0-i Fulled Cloths
Maryland Penitentiary 1.1 use vs
Phcep Gray Satiuets, all i|uallti*e
Virginia Jeans, Ac . Ac.
Also, a large stock of Faced Cnalncts an 1 Casdmeres, Negro and
Bed Blankets. llttFITFN' A FOX.
_OC?4_''tf__<17 Br ad street
1*50. FALL. ISftO.
the public reneralljr, that we bare now In More a lanre and well
Icrtrd .lock of F.IHEIHV and DOMESTIC DRV GOODS, to which
•« rery rope truly invite Oietr aitcntion:
Plain Black and Flyured -1LK8
llldi Bia k 0110.4 DK K0O4*K
“ - OKO* DU KP80M, for taottralcf
** “ two Flonnrrd -ILK It’OILd
Rxtra Rich Colored SILK ROrtKB
“ “ Part* Printed MOrssFLINE ROBES
Rich Parti Cldnti I’rtntvd M0U8S LIVES
Plain and Printed French MtBI VorS
Black French MKKINOF8
Black Si08-ILING4
BUrk B,INUa/.:V'8; Black ALPACAS
h-4 and 6-4 Hoary rL’U.VD CLOTH*
Shvcp’t Grey SATINETS, I.INaE V4, Ac.
Bed Btaakcla
White and Colored Servant’* ni. WRITS.
Toyvthor with every article u«ually brut In a Ant-elaaa Dry Goody
Home. Allot which wr will aeli very cheap, aeis—1«
JOHN B. PULLER, - Proprietor.
YJITOOp Maul dings, B« ads and Architrave* constantly on hand
YY worked to order. Also, psir Capa. RalD and fland Rail*.
Inside Trim ni Inga of every description. Bracket*. Trusses, and all
Blads of Re roll and fltralght Suwlog. Houaa Carving, Ac.. Ac. Anv
d«aire«l patiem worked to order at abort notice Wood Turning in
all its branches. Main, Fanneled ami Octagon Newels, on hand
aad mads to ordsr. Balusters »f all »l«ra and descriptions, Ac ,
Ac . Ac. Mahogany, lllack Walnut, Gak, Cherry and Pine Htalr
Ralls, sawed or worked to order. The prices marked on each pat
tern of the book sent to ordsr to any part of the United States, are
for 100 feet running measure.
N. B —One of the largest stocks of Mouldings and Trimmings,
and greatest variety of Patterns, manufactured of the very best
materials, wUl always b* found at this establishment. Planing,
with neatness and deapatch Terms cash.
JOHN B. FULLER will also manufacture and give particular
attention to Gothic Work, for ORurches, Public Buildings, Dwelling
Houses, Ac. Window Praroes, Ac mado to order at short notice.
Round and Square Picket Fence, Ac. Alto, dealer In Doors, Sashes
aad Blinds, of every description, manufactured of the best mate
rial, and warranted to stand In any climate. Builders’ Hardware,
and every article In that line, farnlahed at the lowest cash prices.
Marblelted Iroa and Slate Mantels, Terra CotU, brackets, Trustee,
Window Cape, Ac. Designs and Drawings famished at abort
outlee__ awl-Aw
K R It OSE8E Oil!
Great Reduction in Price ?!
tabllshed 1854,) announe** that, haring made great Improve
ments in the manufacture of Keroaene, they are now enabled to
offer it to the trade at A llrdiunl Price,
The attention of consumers is respectfully called to the subjoin
ed table, the result of a nhotcmetrical examination, by E I’d N.
Kent, Esq , ofNew York, Chemist. and dated Prb jt. i*.v>.
§1® fg
BlTnUAL. LANK. It ®"2 “« °o
1; #M »•
_111 1* i\
Krroyyaw..., . 1H.6-V y,L4*. || (»1 $4 10
Campbtne.... Comphone . 4,495 1,W» 48 4 88
Whylyoa... Solar. 1.8W *88 1 On If 48
Lard OH- Solar. 1,440 ?i<4 II] 11 TO
Bpvrm oil ... Solar . f.Oii VO 9 95 94 41
Burolny Fluid l.arya Wick. f*8 *00 *T 9« 00
Rvtlablc orders from the Trade, by Mall or frlryrapb, nilrd, on
application to ATT4TFN*, Ayrnta.
** Pearl Street, Hew York,
Iwosfnr la also to be obtained at the Manufacturers' Prices, of
all ths New York Wholesale Imirvlst*, Grocers, Camphene and
Bandog Fluid Manufacturers and Dealers In Lamps
N. B—Keroeen*- Is the trade mark of the Keroeen* Oil Co , and
all persona are caution against using ths said trade mark for oth
er rile oct -Am
T ast in rkfeipt op the f * ■did Fish! r s f|
X of geutlemeo's HATH, embracing all the various colors
m4 A*M1 JOnw THQMF8QN, kT Mufai si.
fflHE 9A KYI K VIM* BOO hare made the above es
X peelally fer Farmers' own wear. The are Double Net, Sew
ed and very long Leg. They are equally adapted for Huntsmen.
uncnrn mi Tnnim AIM, • general aeaoitneol of retry
otter kind worn, cheap at
—» _ PM WALBH.
no. rai,
C-woo* -.fiwokr CMiniuva.
CintffCBT CAP* • | (
Oo hand a (apply of lh# abort Oaei. for (olo rh»ep. ot
KRIWRR t PABR* Pottery,
ooW _orner of Idlh ond Cory Btreeta.
OommiHHion Merohants,
fllnrlnnntl. Obit,
BoPcII order, tor all Mad. of W< atom Prodnrc, and aiak.
libera) Coal, AdraorM an Clonolimmnnto tor eel., or
Moffk.to4.A0 hough, and Rioted oo account of porrhaeere
dimom tmu.
T** dr* of CHURCH A ri.PMIvo le ibl. day dleeolred by mo
* . **r Pl.'n'ng Intending to romore to the roun
try, Mr, Ohorefc will eontlonr In the l.ooinroe ot tl,o old «Urd, ood
will tell gtoek oo hand at r-erfocof .'rfrce for nre*. till let 1 annarr
»•**-. Mtbor panoar la aotborlaed to (nine the hualneaa of tbo
the old concent Wll.t.|tM B. CHt'RCH,
■•i*_ _ _ wm p. ri.rtnwfi.
r>() ••••in I- .r-Vv ,!?•, •uTTum*
ffPA*,—fill bbla. Par, for tala by
* an* _ khwrn wnaTTUtt A no
ij iTVm^pi Mill Iiik * - —
X V to hhd# Cube linger
W bble. P P W A Co •• 0 go,.,
Re. (Mow, for cate
aol»-tf 11 win WPOB a foMN n w tup
I (’k) "*•:* » a Pm. If PMII'II,, open...
X ''■/ too bbla.. rnob cl, powd'r'.I and . Irr|, t at. I C CnRe#
•"tea Loaf Bagar
to hhda Cuba Pugar
In Hereof Rlre roc,I,log, for gate.
HBR tii Rirkroi
BRPtD RtngRB • |
__ _ .„ . . BRC AD RllltRB 'll
If yea wool guod bread buy a Rrood Riaer, at
_ _ fRRBRR A Pa RR B Pottery.
««• Oontor of i«b and Oary Btreub*.
tc<1 to call at tli« nl*l e*tabilahr«l
cisoriiiKfi worm,
mm4 ropplv thiaarlm trHh any articles th«v may nrel In lha way
of ||vo>l »u«l writ tna«U OlMm or KurnmJiluff U«o<U Krrpiiif at
all tlairs Ui« larfest ftorh an* f*«hVmable al>le In lk« Mole,
ami haring rrcaaily na<le Ur** a«l<UUona to mtr dock, with refer
euce to your wants, we are prepared to offer you erery Induce
_ _ IOH Main •€*•«».
AND make your wlrctlon from . good stork, having all Ihv re
•luisitM for comfort, dwrablllty and accuracy, which may bs
found at lit) Main Street.
and Irv sure to look at Ut* assortment shown at 110 Main St,. al
ihv same time be assured that stale and quality are points we at
ways try lo have, of the beat order.
either fancy or black, hut be certain to buy a pair of tome kind,
and th»n get a food article, we would recummcud 1 lo Malu fit.
Velvet or Caelmerr, silk or Cashmere, Palin or PaMtnelt, any kind
yao want, and rtmeutber I It) MAIN STRUCT, Is the beat place In
town lo make your selections. TPFMtN A HULL,
•*»» Jltl Main Street.
flimPMON A- 91 I L L E H’l,
119 .11 it I u Street.
I. H. RlfftON, Richmond. | H T. MILLER, Nottoway.
Mt.VbtK.ol the Legislature aod strangers vlalling the , Ity,
will Bod by calling on the m_l.i-rU.cr a large and fashionable
assortment of clothing of hit own manuf.irture. as low a* Ihraainr
qu .Illy aud workmanship ran he had of Northern manufactory - -
He has been manufacturing the larger portion of hla work here f..r
the past ten years, and ran assure h'e customers that they shad
nave JUcwwt.no tt.pa Olnr.ii.-o, tha* shall compare, in every res -
pect, with Northern wo.k they arc now purchasing. At I am con
vinced that clothing can he manufactured hi Richmond as luw aa
any city In the Union. k. R. SPkNCK,
Clothelr and Merchant Tailor,
_No 100, cor. Main and loll. sU,
DARRACOTT, IIARRIP A Co. hasr received, during the last
week, large additions to their atoek of
Hi-tat! y-.YIutlt* Clothing,
and shall be receiving rcevi/p all through the season, clothing of
every gnuh and prict, of thrlr own manured.ry, which, for
style, quail*y and price, thee will guarantee cannot he heat In this
or any other mark-1. We would tnererore Invite all In want lo
give us a call, feeling confident that we can make It to their ad
vantage to buy of us. Wc have on hand an unusually large stock
of Negro Clothing, at very low prices. Foa Bsaucixs call on
DARRACOTT, liARRIP A CM , No 11* Main it..
n°lA Bucesas -ra to Merchant. WrUlgcr A Co.
wM 114 NIatn Street.
IS50. NOTICE. ~ 1 •».%».
No. 126 .Unlit Street,
HAP just returned from New York, and la now prepared lo ex
hibit the moat attractive stock cl roods that h. has ever h.d
me I ft marc ol ntttrlcy to his friends id t It* public, rur..ltt!nf In
put of
of the newest style. which he will Buie u order ta the meet ap
proved mont-er. tile warranted to plots* In all rues.
. A130,
In store and receiving, a choice sslerMon cf gent s youths' and
of srsry grade and style
•och as Shirts, Cotters. Ties, OIotci, So.k* sod Drawers. Merino
dhlrts aud Drsweri, of good quality
wW_K. D. KFEI.1N0, No. lad Main street.
IMP. FALL ivTvrEK STOCK tit' (
W And FurniHhing Ooods.
k hare now on hand, ana ar.* uetkiy i.. effing the Largest,
Mnsal mud most complete Slock of the above good*. W he
found, all of .tor own manufacture, nj rrttli for istalling.
Overcoats, In great variety
l>rea* and RuilnrM Hulls, all grads
Velvet, ftlk, Hat In and Cut. f««'«
Particular attention 1« call, d to our targe and well selected
stock ol Hhlits, ITnsUr HMrtt, l>ra*era, Collars, Ties, Storks and
O lores.
A call Is respectfully solicit ad before purchasing, as w« are de
termined to sell low forearm. N. BTOCK5PALF k SON,
_____ _ _144 Main Hi.
ftMl« PASsls TRADE. i^i).
HAVE in store the largest and best aaaorud STOCK nf READY
made Clothing they hare eTer offered for aale. Their goods
have been manufactured by themselves, upon the beat terma anti
latent style.
Merchant* are Invited to eiamln* our dock before making their
porchaaea elsewhere. We are determined lo offer the greatest bar
gains ever been sold. Call at
•«1* 59 A 100 Main Street.
fllO Til K 1*111 LK'.—In consequence of tbc unprcccdcnt
A ed rucceas of “Our Model Shirt,'* we hare made arrange,
menu, (which waa heretofore impossible, on account of the great
demand In New York) to always have a large supply of this popu
lar Shirt on hand. In srery variety of style and quality, so that
those sending orders will now has* them filled regularly and with
despatch. As we are Ihe sole Agents S.r this Shirt In Richmond,
we would respectfully rail the attention of those who hare not
teen Our Model lo an examination, and they will hecorns convinc
ed that It la the best, cAeripesf .rrirrf most durable Skirt ever offered
for aale. We are also prepared lo make to order from sctentlflc
measure! at ahnrt notice, and at reduced prices. We hare on
hand a large and desirableatork of GENTLEMEN'S Pt'RSlSHINH
OOODS. which embraces everything pertaining to the business,
and which wtlt he offered at greatly reduced prices.
•uW _ No. 91 Main street, Richmond, Va.
C" It IM I V I I It Huoi oiir IKON tin
WIRE RAILING.—(Secured by betters Patent >—Admirably
adapted for enclosing PubHr Grounds, Cemeteries, Hatconys, Cot
lages. Ac. Sheep amt Ox Hurdle, Patent Wire. Hackling Bead
steads, with every variety of Folding Iron Ite.dstcads andiron
Furniture Patent Wire Coal Screens, Ore, Sand and flrarrl
Screens, Wire Netting for Mosquito, sheep, Poultry, and other
purposes. Wire Summer Houses, Pane/ Wire Work In great sa
tisfy, for Hardens, Ac
M WA I.KFR k SONS. Manufacturers.
No M5 Market, N. E. corner Sixth street, Philadelphia.
oc«—d ly _
J RLATlNW, *r.~Thp •uhwrthrr hai just returned from the
Northern cM«, where ha hat laid In a large intipljr ef material* of
ihe he*t qnallty, used In l-ockamlthli.g, ll. II llangfrg, FilrerTl*»
Ing, He., and Invite* public attention to hi* buslnem lie ha* em
ployed the be*t workmen to he had. and la prepared to make lo
order everv kind of Lock, to hang Itella in the bswt manner, and to
do Hirer Dating In a style not to be *arpii<pJ by any establish
ment In thia country All kk work k warranted, nr no aale.
After an txperlenc* of mnnv year* In lids city, and an ac
quaintance with the beat Uck makers In this ronntrjr, he flatter*
himself *hat he can give aatlafe. tlon, both aa to workmanship and
pi Ice*, and therefore collate order* from town and country, which
will meet with prompt attention.
Persons will Ing to have l.ock* made or repaired, Bell* hung lo
any *tyle, or Wlver Dating executed In a superior manner, are In
•outh of Main, where they will be atteuded to, etthe' ehortrat ao
Order* from a distance, sant through the Poet Office, will be Im
mediately Ailed, and Bell bangin'- done In any part of the country.
at city price*.
Address WM W. ANE4D,
ffilretcPlater, Lock r mill, and Bell Hanger,
Mil—dBm 10th Street, Richmond, Va.
HOT! K RAIIK IHORA.-l hart conatantly on hand of
my own mannfactnr*, the following kind* of
Boots and Shoes:
For Lndleet
Oder Root*, with and without heel*
Morocco face Boole, with •*
Ooat Akin •• '• •• •• ••
For Uenllrmi-n t
Pine Greet Boota
Font Boota ringlc and double hotel
Oaford Tic* »mf Brogana
For niMe* and Children t
float and Morocco Boota, with and without hc*la.
For Roya t
Oalf Brogan* and Olhrd flee.
For Servant Women t
Stout Goal •nil Rip Laci Bmii.
For A mint Jflen t
Brogue* and Brogan*
T am prepared lo make to order at short notice, any of th« above
mentioned klode. JNO O. PAOI. JR.,
II Male Atreet,
F*1___i doom above T R PRIOR A 00.
WARTRB- To purchase or hire, by Ihe let of January n**t,
a competent dining room servant, to remain In tb* city —
hone need apply eacepl eueh ae can produce the beet refeeence ae
I* capacity and good character. Apply to
deffi— tut Jan R. ||. AK INKER A CO.
ROOT! FOR RRAfT. —A room on iecon-l Alone over onr
Fore, All feet long, entrance from Atreet
"•IT PBRKINA A OO., 141 Pagle Brpiare.
WAkTEB.-Wewlah lo purchase a good cook, wether and
Irwnvr, to remain In the city. For one of good charcter a
liberal prioa will bvpatc_orPi PIAHRR A WIMPPON
F’OR RKNT—One Tenement on north aide Basin Rank, ad
joining Ihe office of Meaara Gooch A Echols At ply to
•cl it*__ Warwick a barkagalk.
WAN TRIE 4 good hands. In work on Welted Boom.
* do do do Photo and Oalter*.
10 mod Brogue hand*.
Good workmen will set Moady work and Ihe beet wages, ky calt
Ingat__feed, I_ PJt WIIITR'A, 5A Main Et
CfEdEK W AATRB. We wlal to purchase, or hire, a Arad
cob Oook, wttEiout Incnmhrancc to remain In the city.
WffiB Et'VT EAlVElrO.
rV»H HKltfr.- A haaement Atnre Room In rear of Meaara.
Johnvton A Branaford, and fronting In fomhardv AlVr Rent
moderate Pom***ton given lmm*dl*’*lr.
aoT WM WJIf.trr AONA
1 >1 MRfJKOf NIMtFII KN. .. ..
J African Ginger In kega and tw ee* Pore gr .und IRni.aaino,
•nova*. Altaptre, Mac#, Pepper, Ao . Ac . A.r vale lew
nets _ *A PVTVAAOW. derrggtst. 1AA Wain St.
('IIRitAR. CattlSlR. t«A Ire we krw Vork Fete Che toe*
J prim* rpialttf, and In Anc or.tr, ante landing and foy tala hi
nr.4^ •►UW* * MII IEB, cor. Pearl and l arg M
e EVE year* obt, In glaaa. In store and for ante by
APR _______ M JON l a
A m Hon not riM, CMETH. Erench A
J* Baopov Mill Fonts, and Mill Peeke, for sale by
no# m.AARAnet A ANTtrUAOM Mn 1M Main F
SARPANFk l.lt Oil kt R, (..reals by
no 10 -tm WAMV0T. ARMIATEtn * Will laws
Auf *rwiwwi NtRt 11 rib Him
and a E»W Jar* of t*rell«ot|Lsrd I net race! rad hr Fa bp
MW A. A MOORS, A«T„ Oary m.
nrrr\cr, not dkfi amckl
Nr*r»r the mailrrlng thaii«ls»i* toll.
MUckrr su l hravlrr fr«»wo« the $ky,
T*t oar •ItuntlM* totithsrn soul
Facea lit# •torai vita a «'ea Ijr eye ;
H»i»U are •troog whore heart* ore •tout.
Our rifle* are ready—look out!
No ooe ulaheo the storm to roll here.
No ooe caret such a deril to raise ;
And In brotherhooJ. not la fear.
Only for |>e*ce a toothero oiao pray* ;
Yet he may shout In the mhlet of the rout.
Our rifle* are ready —look oat t
Keep to yoar own. like an honest man.
And here's oar hand and here's our heart ,
Let the world see how wisely tou can
Fls> to the end a right neighborly part ,
Hut If .uWchlef Is trerplng about.
Our rifles are ready—look out!
Not defiance, hut only defence.
Mold we forth fv*r I umanlt) * sake ;
And with the help lit On.ttl w* v»,
We Shall Maud whet, the m tains qutke;
Only In Mira our heart* at out ,
Our rifles are ready look '
To the Kditor of the Whig :
Relieving, in (hew perilous times to the South, when
the cloud of disunion hovers over ns, and our lives and
property are endangered, that it Is highly important that
our volunteer companies should to encouraged and sus
tained, and that the militia should be organized and es
tablished upon a til in basis, it becomes us to consider
well the subject, and then, to adopt the plan best calcu
lated to accomplish these ends. The Legislature can aid
volunteer companies by exempting the members from
serving on juries, acting as surveyors of roads, and in
such other manner as it may deem proper. I do not
think it possible that our present militia system can ever
suoeaad. The tine imposed lor non-performance of military
duty is only seventy-five cents; a msn’s dinner and feed
for hts horse will cost seventy-live cents, and if he find
It as cheap to remain at home and attend to his business
as to go to the drill, he will most probably prefer the
former. If we wish a well organized and thoroughly
drilled militia, we must impose such fines for non-attend
ance as will make it au object with every man to avoid
the penalty—it matters not whit the penalty may tie, five,
ten, or even an hundred dollar*—lor if he'fail to attend]
and have sufficient excuse for doing so, the fine will not
lie enforced, snd if he have not such excuse, he should
be made to pxy well for failing to discharge his duty. If
such penalties are affixed as will insure the attendance of
every person subject to military duty, then competent
men will be indincd to accept offices that now "go beg
giug, and we will have a well drilled citizen soldierr ad
equate to any emergency that may befall us.
But I have departed from the point to which I wished
more particularly to call the attention of the Legislature :
fhat is, the clause contained in the Governor'* Mes-age
idative to the election or rather to the appointment of
■ liners. lie recommends the appointment by the Kxe
■•utive of all officers, from Major-General to Captain —
" bile a candidate for so important a post as llut of Ma
jor or Brigadier General should be sufficiently known
throughout the Commonwealth to enable the Kx. entire
to make a suitable appointment, it is utterly impossible
that he should bare such knowledge of the citizens of
each county os will enable him to fill the tumor offices
satisfactorily. According to this plan there must, neccs
s xrily, be a very partial and unfair distribution of these of
fices. Look to our military schools, however deserving
s young man may he, if he have not some influential per
son to present and advocate his claims before "the Cow
ers that be," be has no possible chance of an appoint
ment in one of those schools. So it will be if this power
is vested in the Governor—favoritism will unavoidably
control these api>oininirnLs. A few influential persons,
or perhaps one, desirous ol the preferment of some rets
tir* or fri*ml rnmaevilnuu nf __• _
of the aapiraut, recommend liim lo the Eiarutive. and
by their or his influence he retires the appointnis.nl
•Than perhaps he is unacceptable to Dioft-tantbi, If not to
every member, of the corps be it appointed to command
"'vra you to administer a close of stryobnine to each
member of tha corps, you would not more efiectoaliy des
troy it. The success and prosperity of a company de
pend much upon a free, untrammelled choice of a cm
uiandin? officer—the member* certainly have the he-t
opportunity of judging the merits and qualification of as
pirants for office, and most unquestionably the tight to
select the man they prefer to command aud lead them to
battle. The power is non where it properly belongs,
and I trust that the I.egisbituio will not alter the mode
now prescribed for tilling these office*. H. R J.
Ct uuKRi axn, Dec. loih, I w.'.y.
Sew Yoke, Dec. in, m.%9,
Ta the KJilor of the Whip:
I send to-day a Journal o f I'omtnrrrr, with Everett's
and Cushing’s speeches at the Rost on meeting, likewise
with a call and preliminaries of a similar meeting here.
If you can, 1 suggest to you to give these a place in
your paper. I have been greatly disturbed at the pre
sent aute of feeling in the country. I hold the leaders
of the Republican party responsible for it. They have
but ono political issue, and that is slavery. The leaders
of the party, ambitious politicians, seek power, and, I
am sorry to know, that they have «o far enlisted the pop
ular sympathy here, as to make their party the dominant
oue of this State, and others to the East and North of us.
Hut, the opposers of the Republican party—not alone
Democrats, but a legiur. or no party people—are, I be
lieve, true lo the Constitution and to the whole country.
Though this minority have been slow to wake up to the
exigencies of the present crisis, they are now thoroughly
aroused, and will speak out in tones which cannot be mis
understood, in condemnation of the bloody fanaticism
and disorganizing philanthropy which arc undermining
tho whole framework of society here, and which seek to
gain their ends at any cost, in regard to the overthrow
of slavery.
I brlleve now, that out of this Harper’s Kerry’tronble
will grow good to all sections. It is not alone the South
that is to t>e the suflerer bv the domination of political
parties at the North,led by such men as Horace Greeley,
who is but an embryo advocate of the Government of the
pavement, or no Government at all.
Yours truly. P.
At a meeting of the Charleston Sharp Shooters, held
at their parade Hall, Dr. A. E. SUMMERS was called to
the Chair, John D. White, Esq appointed Secretary,
and, upon motion, the Chair appointed a committee of
three, to wit: Capt. Jno. S. Swann, Iieut. Chas. mer
man and John II. Hart, E«q., to consider and draft reso
lution*. whereupon the committee retired and reported
the following resolutions which were unanimously adopt
ed with true military enthusiasm.
1st. /{rfolrnl. That the union of these Stales were
given us by our great forefather* for the protection uf
onr liberties, our pot son* and our property, from foreign
or domestic violence, and whilst it continues to give
tlist protection, it shall hare our firm support. But when
it becomes a union wherein either the libertv,the persons
or the property of the people of thi« mother Common
wealth devolve* upon her own sons alone and her sister
State* of the South for protection, the union is already
at an end,and we should look down upon it as the brave
mountaineer look* down upon hi* foe* in the plain pre
*d. Remind, That we trust the true men of the North
may rally to the constitution in time to silence their fa
natic madmen and saroJhrmselrr* not mi from a French
Revolution, their own oitie» and towns from that de
solation and blood which awaits them no! at, at the bid
ding of that fanatic furor which knows no distinction be
tween truth and error, between the just and the unjust,
but visits upon all alike a common desolation. Let them
lake lessons from the revolutions of the past,least in being
indifferent to our rights civil war in tlirlr our midst find
them at last divided into many petty kingdoms under tbs
heal of paid bayonets.
8d. Remind, That the wind# that breathe over our
Trans-Alleghany and the hardy toils of her son* have
raised in the bosom of our mother Commonwealth fit
subjects for heroic deeds, fit material for the historic
page; let but the tonch of boasted foe pollute her sacred
soil, and a* father* for danghtets, sons for mothers, hus
band# for wires, *o rush we for vengeance indifferent to
consequences, careless nf life.
4th. Reiolrtd, That the preparations of the people of
this Commonwealth for military organization, and their
clamour for arms, but tells the fanatic of the North thus
far and no farther.
8th. Remind, That it become*, the dntr of the legis
lature to make iostant preparation for aiming and uni
forming a* many volunteer companies as mav organize,
that these arm* should be of tho most superior quality,
with long sword bayonets and minnie bore and ball, and
should be first sent to the border counties.
filh. Rnolred, In these limes we know no Whigrry.we
know no Democracy; party for the past, calm men, whan
council for urns, heroic deeds If nrce***ry for the fu
7th. Remind, Though tlie criminal* and mil-laws aim
violated the sacredly chaste soil of this Commonwealth
a- Harper's Ferry, mar perish now, let there ins? lie, m
the near future, times to trt the soufs of man.
Slh. Remind, That we ha re the utmost confidence in
the venerable Rtecnlite of the I nited Slates, and well
admire his calm dignity in this our time nf ncileiuent,
that he merits the acknowledgement of \ irgtnia for his
promptnea* in opening the arsenal si Harper's Ferrv to
arm nor people, and in nnleiing Hoops to that place.
(Hh. Remind, nist In the linn. John Leichet, fjorr f.
nor rl*cf of thi<4 <'<»mninn wraith, wi* rrrnpfilxr a .aim
statesman and Infer patriot, and that the ^opte lure
cause to congratulate themarlre* at the early approach
nf hi* inauguration.
UHh. Remind, That the Ki< hmorid Whig and the
Richmond F.zaminer, and other |iaper* in \ irglnia, have
well eipressed the patriotic feeling* of our people
I Hh. 1,'einleed. That Virginian* adopt* I «on* many of
them member* this Company are in peace onr friends
and equals. In war our rnmradea in battle.
19th. Rend ml. That title Company has clamoured for
arms again and again; if there he anr at th# disposal of
the Stale authorities with good awoni baronets and min
ole bore and halls, we reapectfnllv request that they be
sent al once to the commandant of this Companv.ao that
w# can get them according to Low.
1 nth. h'enjrtd. That the Secretary transmit a copy of
these resolutions, with a request for 'their publication, to
the Kanawha Republican, ami Kmaaha Valley Star’to
the Richmond Whig and Examiner, and Dispatch, the
National Intelligencer, the Washington Constitution, the
New York llrrald, Alexandria Sentinel, Valiev Star, Dan
ville Republican, Staunton Gaaette, the Executive of U.
S.. our Delegate and Setutor.tbe Executive of the State,
and the Adjutant General.
And thereupon the meeting adjourned for drill.
A. K. SUMMERS, President.
Joiix D. Wnirg, Sec’y.
At a meeting held by the Opposition of Braxton at the
Court House on the 6th instant. Col. Benjamin W. Byrne
was called to the Chair, and K. 0. Shepherd appointed
The object of the meeting having been explained, on
motion of L I>. Haymond, Esq., a committee was ap
pointed to draft suitable resolutions, who, after a short
absence, reported the folloaing which were unanimous!?
lal. RrtnlrtJ, Tha' the Opposition party of this coun
ty approve of the Convention to be held in Richmond
for the appointment of delegates to a National Conven
tion^ be held at aome future day, for the nomination o(
conservative National candidates for the office of Preai
dent atid Vice-President of the Uuion.
2d. Rf-tli-td, That there is no longer any Xational
Democratic party, that in view of the distracted and
shattered condition of the party uow in power, it be
hooves every true patriot.ev«ry lover of the Constitution
and Uuion of the States upon an equality, to enlist under
the banner of some true, wise and conservative patriot,
to avert the calamity which now seems so portentous ot
evil to the Constitution and the Uuion.
•id. Rttolred, That we view with abborence any m.in
who will seek the highest office In the gift or the people
by the means usually resorted to by politicians of the
present day, thereby making an effort to thwart the pen
pie in calmly choosing for themselves the man who they
believe would represent them most boneetlv, must ably
and most faithfully.
4th. RntJrtd, That the compact of Union betwe»n the
States is a Union of equality, that that equality is one of
the rights of the States, that any meddling by one State
with the local institution of another, is in direct viola
tion of the national compact, and that all agitation of the
quesion of slavery for political or any other purposes
either North or South, is a violation of the compact of
1 nion, and forfeits the rights of all such agitators to the
benefits of the Uuiou.
•>th. A’r.io/r/t/, In view of the base and mercenary pttr
\ poses to which the offices of the government have" l>e»-n
prostituted, that »c appeal to Hercules to cleanse the
.Vugeuu stable, and place men in power who love their
country, the Constitution and the Union, more than the
spoils of office.
«th. Rttolvtd, That we deem it inexpedient to express
j a preference for any of the candidates named for the
Presidency; hut that we sill cordially support cither of
them w ho will carry out the views expressed in the above
“th. Rriofrtd, That the Chairman appoint four dele
gates from each district of the county, to repreeeut us in
the Convention.
In pursuance of the last resolution the Chair appointed
the following gentlemen, viz: Maj. Wm. U Mulloban
John B MeCourt, Jacob P. Conrad, Jackson G. Barns’
Col. A. McLaughlin, Fielding Bcrrv, C. E. Singleton C.
S. Hurley, David Irvin, John II Kelley, A. C. Kincaid
Col. Wm Xewloo, Andrew P. Friend, Jas. A. Boggs’
Maj. W m. Thompaon, Archie Taylor, Capt. B. L. Boggs
Samuel Fox, Dr. N. 0. Gibson, j'as. G. McCav.
8th. A'f trt/i'.v/ Tli.r .Tam i ililaws*.. P_ r> . n?A_
W*T; 1><1 • AUen T. Capertou, E*p, and Uaic N. Smith,
of Kanawha, be respectfully rvtp.e-ted lo act aa alte/
On motion, it was ordered that the Secretary forward
a copy of the proceedirg* of the meeting, to the R„ h
mond II /■«'j for publication.
BEX. W BYRNE, Chaitmau.
E C. Furrurt i', Secretary.
The Tenn.-aaee Legislature has adopted the following
revolution*, offered hy Mr. Bayles* in the Lower Hoix>c :
RetrJred, l» the Oetieral A ttewl.lo of the State of Ten
neM.e, That wc recognise in the recent outbreak at Har
per'* Ferry tlm natural fruit* oi thir treasonable “irre
preaail.l.- cootbct" doctrine, put forth by the great head
of the Black Republican Parly, and i-chocd by hi* sill. !
ordinate*; and first it become* the imperative duty of
National men of all panic* throughout the Union to an
nounce to the world their aen*e of it* inlamv, nod to
unite in crushing out its authors a* traitor* lo tlieir corn,
try, and aa deadly eneraie* to the public peace, lo the
riwht* of the itlalM out it- i-* --TWinT aI ... ,,.
publican institution*.
Retnlred, That we record it a* the sente of the Ten
nessee Ilegislature, that the declaration of Mr. Seward,
that a respectable portion of the Southern people, under
the lead of such men a* Camitt* M. Clay and Francis P
Blair, will unite with the Black Republican Party, to pre
vent the extension of Slavery, and will eventually “rise
up against Slavery,” i* a libel' upon the honor and loval
ty of the Southern people, and will but nerve to make
them more watchful and exacting or their public servants
in the National councils.
Re tolled. That it ia the duty of onr representatives in
Congress to recognize as enemies to the Union, and es
pecially to the slave Siales.all who in anv wav favor or affi
liate with this sectional Black Republican Paitv, and that
any action on their part, which favors a co' operation
with the Black Republican* in organizing the House, and
thu* placing the offices and important Committee* ol that
body tinder their control, would be false to the senti
ment of the people of Tennessee, an insult to their con
stituents, and disgracefnl to themselves.
The following additional resolutions were adopted a*
amended by Senator Richardson :
Re to! red. That the theory of an “irrepressible conflict”
is a startling and mischievous invention, and is well cal
culated, if held to be true, to reconcile the mind* of men
both North and South, to a separation of the Union, un
der the apprehension that in no other way can the 'mul
tiplied mischiefs of perpetual strife on the subject of sla
very between two sections be avoided.
Ret olred. That in the opinion of this General Assembly,
all the evil* growing out of the present intense slavery’
agitation—- ill tho discord, alleniatton and bitter hatred
now growing up'and extending between the North and
tho South, are the legitimate fruit not of anv necessary
and “irrepressible conflict,' between free and slave labor,
bttt of a conflict between rival aspirants in the race of
ambition North and South urged on by an inordinate
greed of official power and plunder—a conflict which cau
only be repressed by a powerful and successful effort by
the friends of the Union, to rouse people to a conviction
of the reality and magnitude of tho impending dangers
to its existence.
TsRarn *st. KCATRZRxn.—A rnsn named Clark was
tarred and feathered in Ontario county, N. Y. on the Sih
instant. Three stalwart fellows, painted black and olh
erwise disguised, came to the honse in which Clark wa*,
knocked at the door, and a« it was opened in answer to
the knock, burst into the house, seized and hound Clark,
threw him into a wagon and drove rapidly off to a swamp
about half a mile from where they aeized the prisoner._
Here the distmUed men kiriilim! a fir*
warm Ur, which ha<i hccn brought in the wagou. After
abusing (Hark in a shameful manner, they tore his clothes
from his person, poured the warm tar over him, and cot
ered the tar with a thick coating of feathers. The charge
against him was immoral conduct in marrying a female,
then deserting her and marrying another.'
W> regret to learn, from the Richmond (Kr ) Me*#en
ger, the painful cause of the absence of the lion. Green
Adams from bis seat in Congress. The Messenger says :
‘•The Hon. Green Adams, member elect from this dis
trict to Congress, who purposed reselling this plsce on
last Monday, (theXHlh instant,) en roult for Washington
was prerented from doing so by an alarming accident’
From a private letter we learn that on Saturday night he
went to hi* law office in Rarboumlle to get some papers
which he desired to use, and in groping for his candle
and matches he stumbled and fell upon one of the front
posts of a chair which had been broken and was sharp
pointed. The point penetrated his neck, Immediately
shore the collar bone, and hi* life, for a considerable
time,was utterly despaired of. Eminent physicians from
a distance were immediately tent for to sM thoae of
Rarbotirritle In his restoration. The last account# re
port him somewhat better, hut far from being otit of
Wsshiwoto*. Dec. 11— According to the opinions of
prominent Congressmen it is t ot probable that the elec
tion.of a Speak rr will be effected to morrow Indeed no
idea can hs formed a* to bow long the debate In tbs House
will he extended Cslcnlstions continue to be made by
members outside of the tepublicxii ranks as to the best ,
means of nailing the democrats and southern oppositmn
and such anti !,e. ompton democrats a* bare not ».*ied
for Mi Hocork I p to Ibis etching they ha.e not conic
, many satisfactory *r ran cement ,.f ,hc figures.
The Southern Opposition members last night had a -
! full and free conference, sod esme to the eooelu don thai
I under present aspects, it is inripedier.t to make any |
! proposition to ofhei patties in the House, looking to the
[ election of a Speaker
I • Venus is nor the cTen.iig star," say the almanac* —
i She may !•* seen in the west si sun down, easting s re
I ,m*k ■* her fsllier. Jupiter, oyer In ilm esal, t
I for E*»*"r her in msrr.sge to hi- lime son. the Mark
i fTOi'h Vnb an it, perhaps, s|,e is keeping a dr look out
aftet her (.M paramour. Mats who is now holding hi* I
I mghll* vigils ton nest the Vitgin 1st t.« agyeesl.le to her
Theae aye the celestial aspects, lull here t~tow we find I
thst Venus is always the crrning star, and, from the re
lie. te.| light of chandeliers, always shines resplendent
anil wiihotrt a viral.
V .sat tor is IIinn l.trt.—Married at t'slrarr Church, i
New Fork, on Monday, December lx, by the Rer Itr’
H n U r,,"iDE Kotdley, F's<| , only son of Sir Col
nag Kardley, Bart., of Bedwell Park, Fiatfirld, England
to Miss Emily Florence Magee, only daughter of James
Magww, K#q , of New Orleans, La.
Tlir arrival of Lieu tenant General Wingfield Scott,
from San Juan, Iw.ring the new* of the temiior.iry settle
metit of the disputed I-lamJ question, was an erent total
ly unexpected sud unlooked for in this city, and caused
no little surprise among his relative* and immediate
friends. He was accompanied by Col. Lay, (’ol. Thomas
snd I>r. Crane, all of the (Tutted State* army. The two
former were amt immediately to Washington, as beer
ere of despatches to President linrhanan, containing a
full statement of the terms of *etleincnt of the Sen Juan
imbroglio. The left in the fire o'clock treiu last evening.
After the Atlantic was moored at her dock, Gen. Scott
disembarked, and although his arrival was unexpected,
he met a cordial greeting at the dock. He immedittely
took conveyance and proceeded to his residence in West
Twejtb street, where he was met by Col. H. L Scott, hi*
aou-iu-Uw, and family, with whom he paimeti the evening
without molestation from the visit* of anyone. The
General has been absent nearly three months, has trav
elled over thirteen thousand miles, has temporarily set
tled what appeared at first a pretty difficult dispute, and
returns home without display or ostentation, quite heart!
and robust.
It was supposed that when General 8cott returned, it
would be to New Orleans, where it wav expected he
would pa*« the winter and return to this city early in the
spring. The impression was, of ronrae, erroneous. Act
ing on this hypothesis, * committee of militarv men and
eminent citizen* had been taking measures tub rota to
give the General a grand military and ciric reception
commensurate with his rank as chief officer of the army
arid, also, for hi* past eminent military services, as the
hero of many well fought battles. Ol course this pro
giamme is reversed,and what our citizen* and militarv men
will haTe most to appreciate aud admire ia the unosten
tatious manner in which General Scott returns frem an
important mission.—.V. V. Herald.
bare removed to their New Store,
• ho. *1. Mala Street, verm door* above their old elawd
wnere they have Increased their faculties fordoing aU Unds oi
work In their line, each as patting ap every description of Water
Future* Hydrants, Water Closets. Bath., Boiler*. Cooking Range*
Punipe. Hydraulic Rams, Ar Patting up Portable lias Work.
Suing up buildings with gas pipes and fixtures.
All sorts of tin work. Rooting, Ac.; besting buildings with hot
air water or at ram. They take thte occasion to state that they
base the heat Hot AJr Furnace In thlj or any other country, which
they will put ap and warrant to glee satisfaction.
A large a».rtment of plain and fancy tin ware, and Orates and
Fender* nlwaye on hand. anil—tf
I ) *i*>ODS- -bare reduced the price of all our
b!lh*17elln,^0<to’ mOCh b'l0,r "h** *“ art*d ,or earlier
_y'no* offering M ousts In Robes, Printed Merinos, Poplin.
Primed Mouselains, Silk*. silk Rohe, Puid Merino., Ac.. Ac. at
■V'7,..? pric”' “ w*"Vrry bi reduce our stork before
the 1st JAnaaejt we will offer bkrfii&i
_de5 _ _CHTI.KJ A CHi:\FRV,
X K\% *T\LE HIT.—Jurt received per steamer Jamee
R<?ond^^nIn,’i!,nU|l'.“*Ol.,“*®L.0, T°m't raU'* Xroxvle French
‘^>fl HlU Something entirely new In thl. market.—
C*‘‘*ad “« _ KLLKTT A WKtMOKR 8 !
_DO“_ . . Kt Id Main el., opposite Fnchange Itank.
STOCK tOUeLflt, ■ |
pricks RKnrcgn.
CniXA, EARTHENWARE and glass.
Bl'TLER, SOS k UUShl.lS,
Importer*, 19 Main St.
T NTFNDING to move from oar present place of business before
R the Spring Trade open*, sod to order to save the expense and i
taR, our large etock^of*4' °f « oS«- “ “d
qrtFNSWARF, and
., . . . . . GLASSWARE,
at reduced prices, for cash, or on the usual credit to prompt Hi
month* outer*.
Tt»«* merchant* nf tMiPiit# iml rf Vnrvh *_
,M' 7?11 thetr tnterrs'a by fir inf our stock so examination.
A ut (Inne r for ilia* Hair or N. ero. .,
FKANKf.lX WRm, f
HFJ.1J* N'frlRoFJ* bulb t.ubUcJy and privately. Ur plrl«(« Ms I
b#^l r<f..iid Wi vet the nftp«a ^1A- *f
ItOOTS A.\D siioi:h. ~
f pat Buho. ilber hat Ju.t returned flam lli. North, and
1 know ju «*r«lid of hi. KaU 81... k. of Hooks, 8*»ra, |)j||
rruoka.\alU«. Carpel Ba*t. Ac , Ac , to which he would fit
tnoai reapedfullv call the attention of purchaser*, as he U *
confident U.at Us stock cannot i.« .«r,.a.»cd, both as reward, orb-,
and quality. II. particularly Inrltea Country Merchant, a n doth- i
abuy ln» to.aril a«ain. to dr. him a rhU before pur.ha.tne at be
I. determined to tell a. low, for Cash, aa the same quality of 'nod.
.an b» bought In any of the Scnt,.to markets.
lie U ala. prepared to make to order asythtnc In Mt I n., In the
beat mann.r, a. Ida stock of materials It very larre and of the eary
beat quality. _o. : P. K. WHITE, ;a Main M
('WA t| PAf«h K. - Ju«! recited a frea). lot of Chamnarn.
J ot lb* ]*n. Tinta(e. Tbet. WTnea are auperlor to any .Ter
received befuru, on aerount of U.e rtceUenry of that year’s rron.
Portals by OBCAR CKAN7,
* _ _ __No. • Kxt-hanfe Block.
rjlA.HILY FLO I K, very •ui'-rior. for ijp i.y
nfwlii .fu PPML&P. MOWCPIB M Oft.
M Tu,,,y *nj -ij«
37 Central Strct-i, Boston,
(Successor* to E. V. Jones A Co )
"■ ■ -T>"' *«•••» Horner, recently Improyed, d'ea more light
i«n<‘™7f.eTOr^'- ,h‘D °U’*r
HAIIGAIYS |> noiSE! \I>«a*
\VE VI •',Iin«r,rln''-‘ Mouaelaln. at one afcminy. th,‘.,rae at
A’ t°M some time dnee >1 fle. Alto Merino Plfl.u at i.V 7
i'VV n' vrVi!,P,1? 71 Mouaelaln. «t lea. than eoatof Importation.
M.rlV. ' V!?>■ 2S* TI7 ch'*l‘ Printed and Plain French
Merinoe. Rich Mouaelaln Rr.be* In variety. Irish Poplin Robro at
a sacrifice Striped and Cheek Silks at «v,r., and Toe , Rich Sin
o 4* 4’ *"'* * fl®Bnrr#. al lea. than cost of Importation Rich
RohmVllV'' ** **• "r1*io*1 Pn" •*> <•> ♦*> ; Kloucceil Bilk
For bargains, call at 99 Main ttreet.
■ *l RI?HMONIt* MA^4i**•*’’ VIMRTINIi
»■< “‘CHMONIl Vt r would mast reapeetfully call the atten
I 00 •/ •lr»*'fvra ami others visit l ny Richmond to cull and
I ISfc^'tVP^'n w-i*'r,T”.'of B,,OT4-M,ocs- trunks, va
, **■’ FT BAffd, Ac., before purchasing, as thev will Bml a
large assortment to select from. AUtX HILL A CO
,lta_So HI Main 8k, Richmond, Ta.
'2i")( ) 'I t I'l".
od’fw *nu s den Bole Leather, heavy, middle, light aright v t
.tamp, and good damage,!. R.eelrin» >..r t.l, ’ ‘
11 tt'ts tvyRn a John o wan*
77 .MV1"".' »>Ht richly Bound, guitabl* foe Chriri
mat and sfs tears ;>re«iQtt
R hbi'.V'/' f *" hook beautifully hound, and
lllutlraled with thirteen plalew o< the Madonnas of Raphael—
a ,*14 "Of'"® tuoer eai.a gHi. (ilk P
* |t|>1V.L>in^ ff yi*tln8,i1,Bv<* RORtteh and American Female Poets
hoJLd. iT” *’* " * "♦»' engravings. elegantly
'4 "m*' h*n,Wom'lI ‘"“"rated by Horket Foo
BKAlTIEt of the Conrt of Charie* It. By Mr*. Jametou Twenty
cne portraits . morocco nira |j (V> ^
wltbteo tupurb enirravloo,
airikane .“lJ'.,orI'r* * h*n,1»om'' '‘ "o volome 10 WV
*oo Wo oE\a I **inred illuatratlons. printed In gold
Brtatol hoard, an.I uniquely bound, b <•».
T tfLUl>,ul#80"1r*a,ri r,l°*er»1f0*rt^«, < nature, with their em
blST' ?.«'r Pr'’*1 ln «"IJ ®n Hriatol board-a pretty
T •TOwma<,"il<.mn,ry “ rlegar.t aa well aa valuable work at all
IS}! ?"?)rnn*ll,ry ; S1**™ w,,h ,ht DrwdeB Oallerj. «o<a. 1
T,Munleb,"»an,rryry *Hh ,>1' H"*'1-'* Oail.ry and the
TF.NNYSONT Poems, lllutlraled bt Ma'ltae, Stanfield and othert '
morocco aniifjue. worked edfe*. «t is).
C<boumi. gjg* Handsomely lllu.trale-t and heautirntty
"AMSSr'^ ,5^ Wor**««b Ulwatraied. Ualfcrm
»*ort»#r» ami »IU» color* I il'oitratlnrH 7 00 ^ '
T hf.hiw‘‘S^Ur ln',J!n‘V °r B°yal *"* of *<**'7 Tv#ot*-«lfht
Mfhlj Anithed portrait* r>n »t*«l ]f 00
■?»a£S“Sr - •*> ■»—
T,w.^.*T,T."*"'rT, °' 7* I"1”’!*®1 r»»»l* characters It. Mr
lt« Wli7"?0 On*’*1*' * "*" *"* 'l'**0' «>i"on of Ihi* faeor
* ■"* *««"» ■ • -*n P*Hr
Bl STAS'S Ptlprlm* Prcrrr**. Steel llhntratlon* hp Mr other d —
Morocco aotlqae. J.J0. ’ I
**«” ‘'j'on* ******* *rt *T Mr* ^*0,*o°n- * roU., Ml coif.
TnoMPSOS'S Sraaoo* a new and handsome edition llluatraiM I
TH* Courac of Tima. lllu.lr.t-,l imie.ra.oa
.7** tb*’*e ror7’„lL”' * portion of thr splendid rollartlon of tle
(antlp bound and mutinied work* latrip rrcrlrrd bp tba tubarrl
orro nrarlp all of which arr frrah and nei .rock
. „ _ . „ _ . jamea woonifora«i oo ,
doln Booktcllrrs. Stationer* awl Drains In Plano Portra. I
OPrr* for aal. on aocommodatlnp Irrtn*. a l.rp. Mock or ra
rioua food* aa follotra-now on hand—
ion Bbta »n airman and other Mountain Whl.hr
MS 2l!S *»♦ whwkp,
lof f*Ma rroof
'Mg gdo-Oo—nw WhWky. nfCMlH .BaH and Prno brande,
100 Bbta Oouimon Pren-h Brand* '
TJ Bb’e Common Oln,
IDO Bbta Ram,
>h Bbta Apple Brand#,
S» Bbta Cordial and Sweet wine,
’** hp££rw.Jd/*-“ H ,Mk* - I'"r*
S* qr cask* Port Wine, rttioua qnaltUra
Champ*po# Wine, Oetet Win# and Port Older
Oowutn* liar ana Cl parr, Domestic Clear.
Chrwtnp Tobacco, Traa, ptrr Orarkrra.
Jt'T* ",rr1"«* • »d Mackerel,
Candtra, Soap, lard, lloahrn Bnttrr
fc'/'P'"* Pop". Wtc. Powder, Mar. k, |r p*
!•»•*« HMw R»P no.1 mi|an
M Bbta Cnmbe .1 Sup art,
•no Haws CoPee,
vr. J5.' "TT*': ,fcl » PWwk "f other h.arp poo.ta
1.1 **iualt,r*** w *"*"• "A merchant, rm.rally
_Corwer of Paarl and Parp Wreete
WTINS.ISIS 'iim ill i< I iaa|t|RHl
ft illm"1* *V la*,**"3 * -"•‘""tof MewIntaTJadThlmk
. •“•‘"W • superior home mad. ar
h^;*::^. pe^.**"- **,h* •*•u *•* —.—«
H CIlll.Ba A ClirsPKV
Isa nnirinv to sr i, a hi.p amt ■ nw ■ ..
* ■ p-- • •«*•"«*. i owe* now r« .7,." T^T,* 71;
a das ortwn,.. ball plpra olakd landnn Bo a Men newer Brand,
wh.rh wrr- 'cpr-a.Ii a lee *d Prrme at Ik. ti.tr. wHirt^m.1 port'
_ . _ I* OKASZ, t
. « Dratar In Wl.,.* liquor* and Brpara,
So « Purbanr. bbmk
M*%VL,,.OR *' «. mirnrlor quaktp, on o.nalpnment .1
r*ri tnr u|p », y
!«!• ■ HA TV HHOHf
/ ^V ftf ifuititf, A? Hi# K«
** * A u * iuvrvr.mr
MIJ*SW<2S?|,!*,?rA"n mwbkh
1 J cs Sufara. It» barrel., N tala bp
4*’\1 _ I. Id B IVkVrSPORT.
r; :&isr*,,m *rrt -• <y>»'
A. K, MBl. on th. |toc»
^■■PI I'H Mlt ASIkl . " aup.tl.rr qunrlltp p.
r ported under Out torn limit look and oil In k ’and w ran,
M»*Wk| ISO* IkATrsKtRT I
Till FOUNDER of thia celeb rat. j Institution, offer, the most eet
Uto, speedy and only effectual remedy In the world Ibr
Tain In the
Nw.™ Irritability, DtL«ro 3 * he°llead, ITtroaL
or Skin; and all those serious and melancholy .ilaordera arle
“•* ■*■* Tfc?— “«•* and solitary practice, are more fatal u
their ricUme than the cone ..f the Syren* to the mariner, of Bleu
ae..blighting their moat hrllUant ho,*, or antldpalfon., rend.tig
especially, who Knee bee..roe Ute tier law of Solitary Tie. that
dreadful and daatnetire habit which .“a!lir.--T. to ll. U,
timely grave thooaan'te of young men of the rrost esalte.l talent*
“.s'Srts sarr-* ^10 —* •*
a.-,*. - MARRIAGE.
awSTThL*!!^ w Tr'n* **2J-ontenipUtlng Moertage. being
.°f Thyntenl Weakness, Organic Debility, Deformities. Ac.
feet'h,e!dor"k*t*,J coo*ul1 Dr. J ..hnaton, and be restored to per
He who places himself under the ear* of De. Johruton may retl
.eo..em.n,.nd conlldentl, rely
Immediately cured and full vigor restored
•abject will prriccid to .|-nj that the power of Procreation L* lo»t
JJSSL1?‘I!10 ,rnprnper *%hiu U‘“ *>* U* prudent.
U«ride« beta* deprirvtJ the plrAM*rw of h**Jthy off* urine the moil
•erloua And ieeUucUve ijmpiwn to both body and auo.l urUe.—
The ijatrm become* *Jer»n^uj/the phitlcal m.i merit a I i-«iwm
yk«-d, »yTyi dcMlHjr. dy.pep^, palpluUon of the hJKv Id
U *tw-"’ ^ * f *h* frbn,r< ™ugh, symptoms of <—oeump
Pr" doilNHTlJN D the only regular Physician adrrctialng to cure
Prirm. Complaints. Ilia remedies and irrattsent arTentfrrir un
known to other*. Prepared from a life spent In the great llwnllals
of Europe and U>e fit** In this country, rla : England, Prance, the
*r'“d * ,cnr* **ten»ire practice than
mil ler,r.nfsL'r" t'" lhr Hl* »»»T --deriul cure* and
most Important Borglcal operations are a sufficient guarantee to
tforr 1 Tho*?. Wt‘° wtah 10 •>* ‘pcedily and effectually re
l*mc||-!<o. I SOUTH FREDERICK STREET, left hand ride going
.r< n^RAltimore itreet. ictmi door* from the corner.
w&a.P^CnUcri° oU*rr,a«lh* “*“* *“d number, or yon
! TAKE NOTICE—Observe the name on the door and wln
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, gradnate from
one of the most eminent College* of the United States, and the
Ifo^pr i^jT? |Hf* h*f 'P'"1 ln H<ue.lt.Is Of Lon
Taris Plilladelphla and elsewhere, has effected some of the
m<wl astonishing cures that was ever known. Many troubled with
ringing In Ute ears and hea.l whew asleep great nervousness be
“ ,udi',n •oa“J*' »aJ bash fulness, with derangement
of Bl&d, were cored ltnsnrdlatelT. *
When the misguided and Imprudent rolary of pleasure finite he
of «>i. r»inful dtaea£ „ too often h.rp,„
that an Ill-timed »«mr of shame, or dread o( dDc.rery. deters him
ifon/foioJ “5 tb|,h°*f rl?- oAleallnn and rrapeclabllltr, can
'}°a? <*£}•«“ hlm< "lolATlng till the eonatiiutional symptoms of
this horrid disease make their appearance, such as ulcerated sore
throat diseased nose, nocturnal pain. In the head and limbs, dim
node* on the shin bone, and arm*, blotches
“* •‘“''•.fooo •"'I extremities, progr.eeIng with frightful rapldl
fr’ ielVh.“.t P\U.V, 0f ,b*. “?“lh rrlb' bone, of the ncr f.U
P and the victim of this awful doe.., becomes a horrid object of
jmnmnwUon, till death pula a period to hi* dreadful .offering., b,
“ That bourne from whence no traveller returns.”
It U a melancholy fast that thooaan.ls fall ricUme to thli dread
ful complaint, owing to the uneklllfolneee of Ignorant pretenders
|W t|0,nb'liV iJ?I °f th?'edr,*.df“l To|*"'>. mercury, ruin the cor.etl
tutlon, and either send the unfortunate sufferer to an untimely grave
or else make the residue of hie life miserable. ’ ‘ ’
r^dV^rbd^d* Nttr'J ,h—,l™by prt
'*?**?* •ome- of klte> sadan.l melancholy effect, produced by
•mbits ef youth, via : Weakness of the Back and Limbs, Pain
° **•* ?/*d’ °f ••kb’- Loss or Muscular Power, Palpitation
NTTS?.*,,.rr*li‘d",v< Derangement of the
Dlffcatlrr functions, General Debility, Simpletua of Coneunmn. «
The fearful efe.-ta on the min*! are much to be dreaded- Iras of Me
"''rFj5‘',,,u*!°n *'f Ideal, Depression of Hpiriis, Evil Forehodtan
f". *?»***& DUtruat, Love of Solitude, Tin.Mlty,A^,’
W#aotn^ of the evil* |.ro.fn«'*d. ’
Thousands Of persona of all ayes can now juder what !■ the eauae
of their dp-Ur.my health. Lo»i:.y thrlr viyor. becamlny weak, pale
emanated, hare a elnyuior appearance about the ryes, count, and
• viuptoiua of consumption. 1 ’ ’ * u
.iLni* *”V *n1 If'.!*"?*"* "“r-ly, weakness of the oryaoa are
•peeddr cured and Pill eijror resirred. Thousand, of the mrat ner- 1
,*ma and debilitated, a had torn .n hope, h.re been
AH‘"•PcMment* to Manfjye, Kyatcal or Mental dbT.uaf. ‘
!**"',u* Irritations, Tremtdine, and Heakneaa or ex
•nstatlon of ih, moat ^^Hindj ajeedlly curW by Dr. Jobwton. '
who hare Injured themaeleea by a certain practice Indulred In !
*Q«t ,f n<>« curM. rentier* marriage tn.| de*tfort hath
mL-id and body .hoald apply iauJfcdU.riv ’ d**royt
enjoyments of hf,. by ,h, congruence, of de,i»Hn, IroSufi J^b
b,,£;;«n^‘:infU*,a* «"**"«*« peons':
, ,. . . marriage,
•houhl reject that a sound mind and body are Use moat neceaeare
rcrjuwies to promote connubial happiness Indeed w
wT Performed.
•** iramedlatoty.
i^1 8KW DlitWJES ipw.SUy cured.
character and re^onaiblBty, U a suSdent yusfxutee JtWwAed.
<y.-a CoA nJe of lit* •j^AjtmatjIdW A’orfA *yUr a'mor of
Rp^SUT4 Altw feUowtny well eatabliahed and reUable Coo
AMd £%\'£nnDrr C°- °f ,h* C"F »f Sew Turk, capital
°' “f »** V«rt. c.J?°M#0
ri,Mdn.ur7lm’Urln‘'' C°- °f ,h' ti«F “f Ncw Turk, cpli.?4*-'**
iTTWfhwIni^i.I.b^W N. V.. capital •*,«.> with lu’r"
Pb.rnlx fire In Co , nf Brooklyn, Capita! And tarploa, WO
P-holei Utuf-I on Rail.ling*, Furniture, Mtnafmrtoriee 3k|er. hm
dite, and Perxtotl Pi. petty generally, again*! l-«s or ,'umirf b*
Are, on the meet favorable ter ms. Lomus promptly adjusted ami
Pondl^*]!i' "'.a'''1’ ,h* ?”'or1,T offered by .he Shoee c.mp.nlee'
• ondoded as they are, by experienced underwriter, atTordslo the
loan red, the moat ample yuarantee, an 1 the full ajwuranre that all
c ntraeta entered Into by them, will be fulfilled In Ihe meat sail a
factory manner. The tony experience of the subscriber in
»UI facilitate and protect *p. the beat of hi, sbilkkaa ) the
interest of all who my be dieposed to patronise hi, cSorts Coun
/.G r!***' risk,. \ r.seta and their caryoe. In
port. Ins used on the moat reasonable terms. ocit—
UU HI-nm, and LONDON
riRi. i.xni HAxir: co.upaivt.
Capital. 810,000.000!
A .$ S P A L INCOME, $2,260,000 1
Aa,^ISTK,> J" c2l™ ST*™1. OVER •u.m.tno)
AU rtracAeu PtnoMtOp( A*ttwa«i U for tAa Eap.ver.eata of
Mr 4 vrnjmtuy. *
VV* fctpeetfully ask attention to the security of the Lleerpool
, ’ u? I on Ion Insurance Company, In ite p. llry bidden In Us
ihf£T cash capital and Ineestments, as stated above
The tarye capital and Income of the Company enable It to taka
fondant to !*•'!!'• wl*ta» '•'»» am. n-it. ofln.urun.-e
_i? le/!£Yv?v£rpJ?r/ r“r'* <**■««««. ,U‘ Company la
"?#* *DvirfnJ» Troth IS>, oothe payment of T&.V jI.V.\ /•. I
£2^. •* -v.2.
bJ “-of *'0U "* ""•«•
Cnder th* Pollde. of thl. Company all claim, are paid npon pr*.
Won .ft-r inter**, anil not, a. la nanal, aiiry p.r. after preaenta.
,« u WORTHAM A WTATT, Aerr’i,
*****_HQ Main ml, few damn ahoee PnetoBea.
0_ _Capltwl «l.fioo.ooo.
■«*poMt*d o,,
Comptr. Her of th* Rtate of Sew Toth, and nut of tha hand,
•l m* Oorop.ny to .reare policy holder..
Dmpai.e a.ra tmiut op a aemf Liberal Prlm lnlr
barayo prvvfanatv arriving af that agr
ahT“tS"'r°i,Cn® •brehUd'«- tinted a* th* aaott f.ror
Polld** lined at (really redoeed rate, of premia* wh,n o,,
prefer, oot to partidpate In the dlrldenda.
All •■mn paid promptly and vitfcoui i»ur«tii*>n
t. 7? ,,l*n/* »>•»* yoa call at once and aornre a policy
- d^'°"P*n7 *“* "■"'* ***’r* F°*
worth a hi a wtatt. Aemta.
oa.etpi, UainMrna,
CHAR. R. WORTHAM. 4oomah.ee IN* OWeo. j
General Areal and Attorney
. „ MtPtcAi KJAunm*'**9—*’" T» !
in H. C.nrm.y, M D. I
),11 *° T ft*™**. *•. D f
osr nrsntin tsr> portv rioirr rnor.Asn sisr in s.
Gl!l l» noi.I.ARR.
. . < * I I ft,WOO.)
anwpTsv IT4. k* '* 5?TPX1 nrVirir lirr ISM R»sr>
RI ?I *T.1r*,h. —■*" P»H-f Imn- l .t .1,
'" Rh-hmon t mho hare fimiHe* ny friend, drp.ntent
on If,el, Il.rn fo, nppo.l eonld. e.th . ....nil on„|.m „f
SXdcdSfc *" ,k"' —4 **""■ '• *- P«h.
0,Ibrhm«i m MrTr*' RrsrnT COMPACT
commhi! VIM. SSS, £*’. tlZZ'™, 'TZ'ZZ
'Tl n'h»;;p .Ronald
mTLwI, ”*T-* h*»*4 * ,h lh"-. .may. |
pf"»?d»y .left KSOWI.lS A WAtPORO '
AT WHOI.RR ||,r,
ev..«nVEST ■“ * AI»M OF IHEHIM. TOlillO.
( ',1’UW,','I f''«*CCO emhr.ee. ,h,
a P *T2? heaajb namhMtimed here and In the Met We
^c p *-*v*tT*£S:
•on . Ion bar W.d, a M^rnmanS p^,,jT. I .n*,7^ *
MIiJ*5S 5"4 * rlfWdod
n^a M aTehlSTn T^d l. LV'l•****•»• " NoWa lb* at
to_, FW»*«nra, and mi lch my 4bp«o* of an Ik. man liberal
B0T1 A CO.
< OAL OILS^: ( •< )AI, OILKI
I* • T7 «'**■«««OCAi.mr.f on fra omi.,
,h™i ^H1** »•*•» "EEROMNR- er COAL OIL Lam,..*
Our 0>U ar. very LIl.HT COLORED e—i ._a_oZT? .
I Upillff'w '* u uaua other. IN ANY RE.
HPECT We are new railing It to IK. Trade el REDCCCD TRICRH
and. with oar LNEQUaLLTD PACILITIRR ara or.uarralt.lw’
TKOMI«t|,TA‘NT ,lt!rrrrTL^ *° R^CVTf ALL ORDER*
I A CO. A grata.
1 —*«** ”*_Wand r: Central ft, Beaton, Mara
ADIE <Sc gray.
OTTER to the trade of Virgin* North Carolina and Tanneaaee.
• rft,nrlH» «loc*k of DRL’Ui*. XKDtCISEA, PAIMTH.
HYtt, H IMhjW Gt.AflP, Ac., on the most ftTorRMv ipmi
ro\*L±*"' or the °*u %l rr#Nlu to ™V*™*bU an<l rmomrr «1e%Jers *
Also, the uauai MaortElTDt of iVi uUr or Patent He<tteliMA. u*.
fflhrr With a variety of Toilet Aril. 1. •. efmriating. In part of
£oapa. Hair, Nall and Tooth Brwhra; RheM. Ivory, Itora raTT^dU
Rubber Combo; 1 ubln't and other chi-lre Perfumery, Ac.
VE™ Orders carefully packed, and forwarded with deapatch.
***_* URAY. Druggists.Be., 147 Main at.
J VO. F. K I f. \ v I II,
H^werl1?*^” r,,,, "*°*k •' *■«
Window Shades, Rasa, .Hats, Ac.,
Stair Rods, Ac.
employment Ant class Paper II t nr era he la
‘UU* *c..,nthrute^,~i.'1L,d
u<**r’ D'PHOLATERINO of every description done at short „o
C»D “•< examine hla sfoek, ha fa d/fermlaerf to aafl Ala
ttjxm ar ratauaUt tenor na any heurr in thr city
The cndphrtosed ontimt to MANrptrrrRE win.
RY. of all the carton, grade., from ^od plaWVHI,K?1f0
tne very beat article from Rye. Our Mailed Rye VLhV.Vw
la admitted by all who hare tried It to be u "ufJJXd ftOil
made large addition. I. our wort,, we rhau“ eXn.eS,V^
quality with any WbUky made In thb 8t.u or Sfy Xr
. r. stearns a oo ,
w ,5th •treet, between Main and Cary,
_____Richmond. Virginia.
• 1,000 REWARD!
MA^fY persona. Ineluding conductors of pub*
lie prea.es, hare shown theirlgnoranee, no
leas than their real. In charging the DUU lets
with miring poison with their liquor*.
To one acquainted with the procera of making
wbiaky, thb I* limply ridkulou* ; but to the pub
fou^a'tlonmtJ,A^:r“100 CO°Trn ** ‘”pr'-lo« «“ «* ^ —•
Hhraky U made from grain, which la first ground Into meal mix
»d nlth hot water—made lo para through the process of ferments
Uon by the introduction ofyea.1, precisely *, light bread U made
No- !?■' ffff pro,"** dexelopa the al. ol.ol-a»d then dimmed
No poison, mineral or tegetahte la uteri in it. .natinraeftire If
other peramia are tilly enough or criminal eonurh Lommmit .0^.
■*'* *• b*11 •*» bi to drifBii them we ••uiy claim to an*
swrr for mtitlm.
The shore reward will he paid 1« any one who will prove bv the
testimony t>r a competent and rrepeeiable ebemht that our state
mem U untrue, so far aa liquor man ufactneed by u> la concerned
with the understanding that the liquor subjected to the test shall be
procured e.ther from our storehouse or from any ..f et,x many re
spm-tahlr rustotuere,and that the ebararter at the chemist who an
b' ,“*plHon
"*'*_ F. tm.tR.V8 A CO
JAP. M. GOGOIN, D. 0. TRADER. M w t. HAL*'
'^atTR^R a's&y^
Grocers, Kecrlvlng, Forwarding and
c • o m in isflion M erohau ts,
— ' 1 1 *__Wemyhl a. Tcun.
F O R FALL, 1859.
No. 17 Pearl Street, ltl< latuond, Va,
WE ask the attention of the merchant! of Virginia. Ko.th Cam.
Una and Tennessee to our large and varied stock ol
*r“l adspied ,o the trad#
" e iTr il^trnnlnpvf to »p11 oar foo/ta aa low aa thev ran h- •__
“rk« !n lhi* Grtdl prompt “a m'omuVmV^
Merchants going through to the Northern cities, are requested
to give our Mock an examination, as they shall be t.rot»ct...M1.^r?; “
'I' Vi ,•,*.* *=•*' •* OF \ iiit.t.Nl o.~r.cT
A.I h h h rr='t"'-J come to OUT knowledge, together with atf.
vertlsem.ms.and . card which a—.-mini ^ i
the country to our friends and customers an.t frum si u/
the following extract. -The aut£“ ™SSuet'JJrte'JS*!!
'•* » Tran, on rrankiwj,"Sndf r7h7l„ b
",*A" * CO., begs leave to Inform hi. friend, and the
ers of the old concern that that firm does not now aMs •• V .
rr*nI*r 7»>Wiflii effort ha* amt .■ iUUMm
T£i?<XeS!*mrnd ihrm U> ^Uere th.t
w*S oV0fiVpr;%^V.FhV7Lk^,w,h£ndP.Mj;,'p^« £2
GEORGE WATT A CO. 1. muTln ellsu«7: tll,
J>f*,fD£jfe,5 F&J&2S7"
genuine patterns, of the best tnalerlala, together with nvl£X
ol other Agricultural Implements, which w» warrant
buym. and are determined not to be andersatd hr mfTeeen. it*
^ GEO. m ATT returns hi* atneerc thanks to hla M-ii.-la
and the public, who have sustained him heretofore andhwe J^ttrfa
a continuance of their patronage. • “a w* **Bcn
#itvVtT^AJ,.1ra,'-A?n’ "AKR|,'V“ TOR * , _
rl 'BAT-RvRertng that thaw *
PLOH the beat Plow In m# j
-ra?Khl* *° 0l' »"d Pl.mera iTmfurTbl^ST!.
T °>rr ,'“l>'««>»n«*.and If they are not better than thrw, the, n^T
hViwic'5' ?*“ rrt?ra 'h”’ *° “• after trying them, free of cho«
IWIreah supply of Turnip Peed just racetred * *
P. M. RTARRK, Mo. W Main St..
__* doors above 8t Charles Hot.l.
• au». NOW HEAD* lUK THE FALL TEA UK. | N&a.
PEERS lo hit customers an assortment unrivalled hr .
that of any preceding yeer. Our facUltlse Inr doing ink
In ai*d upon dwelling*, «tnre*, fbwtorlea, ckurebaa
annot he excelled, Repaliinjr-ptecea for Moeea aoid In'^9^
yenra pact f.*r tale.
ftamow'a Pplra! forntcF, for brkk; ft aiiea
Richmond Portable Furnace; S afire
i!e«lenbnrf*a Patent Heater; 4 alcea
®rChl«n,j.Heater,(formerly known aa La Trobuk
RrllHatit Oaa-Bnrncr (a fnel aarcr); S tlaea T°**b*
Factory Coal Burner (warranted to atand freV .*5
American Cook Inf Raofe, for brick; 8 aliea * 1
American Cooking Ranye, rotary top. S aliea
Bay Male Covklnf Ranyr (Partable); ft alaaa
tr»de?Tlth Mot Wafer Rraervilr? Tin*Ro.CM^.“*bI!llrtrh^r.
y . 7 com pine. -
&T^pT' "nr T‘rt'‘’" BBd——•« -
T,n *-* "m.
Barljnrd.ea win nc.lv. Imwi.dlat. att.r.iion. Tbna.___
*i,fd ,b u,,ir °rjw- - - *-»«iCTi£
- - iuN
»A»II, 1(1. I* D* A.*|b IHMIltS '
___ o.a . MWIJCO AWO TTA!«lNf»
PRTHR Ol lnt Fatabltabm.at In Richmond, whtre may bw b. ha it
1th. aborti artlrlm In prrfirHrm. al th. ahortoat nolle.
IMn* cnn#d»nt of giving »nt1;» aatlafactlnn, th. mbgerlbar aoB
mhi 11h*,T">,or». •*« pahHc patronage Having rrfwr.Hv ./Ur
eab'nrt and rarp.nt.ra' Taming to hta baatnm. .
hav. th.tr wort tcIM-uf ./toil , .mh. ,, • „ , . ,.'.7
^ T P C ftRCRTH,
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O HtTa?*’ T«r1e*J *n<1 Tnt»« h A|t« Cf.n#. H..i,
British author*. pcM*rhe«l at Left**'#
lo Pap#r Ha«-k« A**,
Half Mnm<r« #1.
rmbra.lngth. worla of Byron, Ratwto. Rama. Ml*. Rwm.r C..I
llna. Carlrl., It, To., f> lara.1t, Jan. Tyrr, PtvMinr Lilt A a.i
Irrtoa. Mra Oorr. Johnaon. Poaglaa Wil, OPR JmSm
- Mlhon. Macaalay, Mlaa Mato. b. Ihomaa \to£?
l^rd (fa. n M, reran Atom., "maliett Waltrr Rr.dt tw.J
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Itrltwh Poeta. in Mu* *r»ft fol4. at 75*
to.711T "'."•*?* W"r‘*- •"•Braving a (Va.mi.,, am
Co^IThO* 'Balata Raa. Ikavtd Catdw.R, A M of Itaa.rVr
-p*rr#n%* Pennon*. Ath fieri#*, fl.
Jarohua on Art* 7V.
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KOT It "• ar. roc. t,!ag farther vaM.iim . I
v' Cloth and Velvet Cloak,
Blank and Card I dal. RwpHna
at-. Bla b V.tonra for mourning
f,»c» Coll,rv. In yarl.ty
RaanlWBUmcwhiu, earn. at *.%, a bar,.In
I vahlonahl. Pura. and bvatHyloa «| rt.no.>.
Oar taaortwirai of giiba and l>rraa Hood. , .. ,
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Having made .rraatmamt, with Yfr it. V 1
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a -th w. tornpr Ma tnto ,g»nt«, wr will n future tern u,
ly *va hand a garni a.tppiv, t.. abtoh w. wo.id -»ji iB.7M.nlCl of
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■ now on hand a larg. ansoHmmt of TRI HRa, of .vrvr toda
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