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La Femme.
A iK'rscti there lives in the city of Pari.'-, whose name t
h II. J. M di< let. This person, having made some repu* <
uu»n a.* iiu historian, descended to the study of Insects, •
rose t ' the contemplation of Birds, and thtu soared to ^
t ie artifti . phjsioh'gt.-al and Frenchified treatment of t
t ie great themes ol Love and Woman. Ilia book on I
L->e L’An > :r) h.> been for some time before the aston- J
ishedand di-gu-t-d American public ; hia work ou W o- j ^
man 1 L.i Femme ■ has bat recently been translated. ^ ir- [
fullv the*e books are hut ore production. Having read s
one. you know ,11 that is in the other ; and the informa- *
tiou derived from the two is something less desirable ^
t ,an the bli-sful ignorance in which you would have re
•n iued tiv perusing neither They are beyond compari
son tl.e most nau-mus curiosities of the age, but their *
unpie. -ant odoriferousnesa infinitely surpasses tbeir siti- {
1 . It is scarcely credible that a not entirely luna
l c tu.nd could h ive produced them : it is nothing to ttie
credit of the human intellect 11,at they have lieon pro- 1
.1 10 >.; bat the gr*-v marvel i- that an American should
h ive trau-lated and an American published them. The ^
dec ccy of the country is not a matter to boast about, ,
now that “ L’Amour ” and “ La Femme are seen upon
th counters of the booksellers from the Penobscot to the t
Rio Grande. 1
It mus- he admitted that, scattered here and there in |
tb*' two volumes, some learning and same fine sentiments j
will be found. But the °hredsof knowledge and the tag-ot
feeling resemble jewels in a compost heap. Tne detest- ^
ab*e fiddle-faddle of French sentimentalism overlies air! „
n - iit’i gut 1 v. uofvai n' had it been deat.u-hc.i 1
a id kept clean. Wo trust we may be pardoned for using
stro : language, b t the case is one which does not per- {
nit-lueamish criticism. ‘•L’Amour" is nothing mon- . j
nor le«s :hau a glorification of the secretions, and ‘ l-a ^ p
Fi ui-’Lsi d!y miinabh'. Science and filth wore , jj
. ■ , -> revoltingiy tBtw®ingted »•* ni these j
books, nor will they ever be again, for the reproduction #
1: a fool -u well iuforined, so innocently foul, so learned- -
lv dirty, and so humanely loithsome as M. J. Michelet, |
we regard an utter impossibility.
T..c d« p ivity of French literature Is no new thing un- \
der the - in, but the tboiough corruption of the national t
■nind was not understood until the advent of the eru- c
dite eulogist of the secretions. Hero is a cultivated and j ^
refined drench gcuileinan, w ho holds a high place in the > „
priii - palpiistitutioti of French learning, and who, in every c
page of the books b tore us, displays a warmth ol '
c it. a ten-h mess ot feeling, and an earnestness of pur- ^
■ we, with reference to the amelioration of woman’s c
h ltd !>-• and the elcvaliou of society, as far removed *
■ ,. r I ■ it linikn Ki i«* m ha« •
rom such business an additional tax of one hall of one
**r centum"—while persons employed in selling tobacco,
orn or cotton on commission would have a license tax
1 £l" to pay if commencing business, and it the bus:
e-- w i< continued more than a year, he would ha'e
to per centum on th" amount of his commission to pay.
’bus you see. that the agent buying or selling slaves on
omo.i <sion is put «n the same looting as gentlemen tol
>wi g the noble and the learued profession ot the law;
liif' the agent or merchant, who sells cotton, corn ami
lie like, is put ou the same footing as that untortuuato
ml odious class, “the clerks."
ae how any such system of taxation was ever put upon
s bv the law-making people of the land, and that we
'ill, u*>" and hereafter, continue to coutcud for our
qual rights under the Constitution.
And la“tlv,
;m of taxaliou which is blighting in its iotiuence on
ommerce, mu-t atfect seriously the other gieat interests
t the country, and esp- ciallv the agricultural.
0 the Editor of the Whig:
It Ls a matter of deep concern, as well as pro
jutui sorrow, to tho-e Whigs and Americans, who
re trull/ and sincerely anxious for the overthrow of that
to t corrupt organization, falsely called Democracy, to
l'c our forces divided, and rendered useless, by internal
is.seutions, aud euvious feelings of rivalry. Though
acre in .v have been just cause* tor the attack upon
it* author of the attiele in the Clipper, signed “Frank
u," I am utterly at a loss to understand how you eati
ist'fv vourselt in the wholesale denunciation of Mr.
lott-s, and his friends in this *'-tate. It is not my pur
o-e to justify “Franklin;’’ I know not, ami care no*,
uo he is. But, in your haste to correct his missiati -
lents, vou have filleu into an egregious error yourself
'ou say "Mr Butts has not five thousand friends in tl.o
tan*.’’ Now , i happen to know, that be has two thou
rid in the counti. -> of Rockingham and Augusts. In
i.il portion of Alhemaile borderiug on the Blue Ridge,
auow that lie is the unanimous choice ot the Whig
union ol the community. You also refer to the voto
pon “Crane’s" substitute as u test vote. 1 know that
was not so regarded by the Convention, as mativ of
Ir Botts’s warmest friends voted against it. But, even
Jmitting it to l»e a test vote, what becomes of your as
•rtion, that Mr. Butts has not five thousand friends
1 the State '• You admit that upon that test,
e had over thirticn thousand. Is this the lime,
i.-t ou the eve ot »u important election, one
rnt may decide the fate not only of the Opposition par
,*, but t ie Union, 1 repeat is this ihc time, lot* angry di
I’.-sions amongst ourselves'. Can we divide our forces
nd still beat the enemy ? If our object is the spoils,
e are pursuing the proper course, aud the sooner we
lake a “Kukt nney cat fight” ol it, the better for the
Duntrv. It has been a mutter of surprise to me to sie
!.* bitter feelings exhibited towards ' r. Butts, by some
f out own party. In whit bus he offended * Has lu
ll or done anvtbing likely to injure the party or the
uuntrv '• If so, let those who denounce him point out
hci. in he h is i (Vended, and meet him in fair discus
Mr. PICKFN80V, by leave, introduced a bill to
| amend the charier of the town of Newborn, in the coun
I ty of Pulaski. Ordered to a second reading.
Mr. COG HILL, by leave, introduced a hill to amend
the 11th section of an act passed May 22, 1852, entitled
*■ An act concerning ihe terms of the Circuit Courts."—
I Ordered to a second reading.
The following Senate b.lls were taken up and passed :
! Incorporating the Bank of the city of Petersburg in Pe
tersburg; for the relief of Wm. McDowell, of Hampsliiie
i county; to incorporate the Powhatan Iron Works Com
I piny; to incorporate the Crenshaw Woollen Company;
for the relief ot the sureties of Win.R. Dicksey, late Clerk
of Grayson county court; establishing a Branch Bank in
tne town of Abingdon in the county of Washington; to
amend the 2d section of the act entitled au act to incor
porate the Raccoon Ford Turnpike Company; incorpora
ting the Alexandria, Washington, Georgetown, and Bal
timore N’a'ig.ition Company; to incorporate the Peters
i tow n Woollen aud Cotton Manufacturing Company, in
i the county of Monroe or Giles; to ineoiporutc the Rap
pahannock and West Point Railroad Company; to incoi
| porate the Lynchburg Athemeuiti in the city of Lynch
burg; authorizing the Danville and Wythevide Turnpike
Company to construct a branch of their road from a
point at or near the house of Janies S. Pedigo, to a point
on Wallersford road in the county of Henry, at or near
the house of William Dillon; Senile hill lor the exten
sion of the Franklin and Monterey Turnpike, was, on
motion of Mr. PAXTON, indefinitely postponed.
House hill uuthoii/iug the sale ot free uegroes into
slavery w ho are sentenced to receive certain punishment
and imprisonment, was taken up. Mr. NKKSON moved
the indefinite postponement of the hill. The motion w as
w is lost—ayes 13, noes 23. Mr. THOMAS, of Fairfax,
i moved to strike out the first and second sections ot the
I bill, aud the motion prevailed. Mr THOMAS then oil' i
! ed a consequential amendment, which was al-o adopted.
Mr. NEESON then moved to amend so as to put into the
literary fund the proceeds of sale of a free negro. M .
JOHNSON moved to ameud the amendment by putting
the pit ot Is into the Treasury, and Mr. Jomruos’s amend
ment was adopted—aves 20, noes 10. -Mr. WICKHAM
then moved to amend liv authorizing tin* sale only of
i such negroes as had once before been confined in the
1 Penitentiary ; this motion was lost, and the bill then
I passed—ayes 28, noes 12
House bill to re-euacl aud amend the 34tli section ot
[ chapter 42 of the Code, .-o as to enlarge the exemption
i from distress or lew the property ot poor debtors was
j taken up. Mr. NEESON moved to amend by ineltiding
i “oue bedstead, with i bed and necessary bedding tor the
i same, tor every three members ot the family of the hus
band or parent mentioned in the preceding section;’
the amendment was adopted. Mr. TtiUMAs, ot Henry,
o tered the following proviso, audit wm adopted : “Pro*
i viiled, that tlie provisions of this act shall not extend to
distress made tor taxes and county parish levies.” Mr.
ARMSTRONG then moved to a nend the bill so as to ex
empt a mechanic's tools to the value of *50 instead of
*25 ; this amendment was rejected. Tho lull then pass
I ed—ayes !b>, noes 5.
House bill authoiizing the payment of a certain sum
i ot money to Raphael M. Conn late sheriff of the county
j of Shenandoah, was taken up aud passed.
On motion ot Mr. PAXTON.il was resolved “that tlie
Sena'e will take a recess that day, Ht 3 P. M., until hall
words “provided, fnrthcr, that th"' parlies defendants ii
the suits now pending in the Circuit Court of Alexandria
instituted tty the ituard ol Public Works, to enforce th<
liability of said Sehlen, Withers \ Co , shall confrs
judgment for the amount ascertained to be due] by tin
settlement herein authorized.
The amendment was adopted.
The question then occurred on the joint resolution a
The adoption of the resolution was advocated te
Mi KKSZiK. and opposed by Meean fERBT, DH 'KEN
SON, Of Prince Edaard, M AtiRUDER and TOCLIN.
Mr. MAG RUDER, of Albemarle, said. Tins bill pra
poses to release to Seldeu, Withers A Co., more that
$ 1 liO.OOt), admitted to be justly due and owing to tin
. Commonwealth, in consideration of tiieir giving securit;
I to pay to the Commonwealth the balance, to wit, $:>4o,
1 (hi;i, in a reasonable time. If such an arrangement i
l profitable to the State, it should be adopted; otherwisi
not. More light should be shed on the subject befon
this loss should be submitted to.
Re state d that, from information derived from officer
of the government, whose business it was to examine am
ascertain the condition of debts due to the Common
wealth, that these parlies had conveyed, for the securit;
of this debt, assets worth now moro than $33t>,0(>0, ti
J wit :
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal bonds, about $200,000, wort I
now - - 40,00
j Hillsborough bonds, $200,000-, supposed to be
worth now ..... 411,001
Lots in St. Louis, worth ... 250,IKK
In all • - - ■ $33ii,0tX
besides valuable Cumberland coal lands and other pro
He would ask the member from Marion, who acted n
chairman of the Finance Committee, in reporting thi
bill, whether the deed of trust, or power of attorney,con
veying property for the payment of this demand hu<
been examined by that Committee, and if so, what ar
the items of property so conveyed, and their probabli
value ?
Mr. RAYMOND replied that thejleed was not befon
Then, Mr. M. said, more light is required before thi
large sum should be surrendered. For, from the facts be
fore referred to, we have its substantial security nov
for the payment of as large an amount as we should hav
under the arrangement proposed, with this advantage ii
favor of our present position, that we release nothing
and have recovered against Withers, represented by th
counsel of the Stale at the last session to be worth 4 o
$5(ui,imi-a, and :iho against Sclden, admitted to be a mui
of wealth and fortune.
The vote being taken on its passage, the resolution wa
rejected—ayes 58, nocs 48.
Mr. RAKHOUK asked whether the Chair was not ii
error in supposing that the question on the passage 0
the resolution required a constitutional vote ?
The CHAIR was of the opinion that it did; hut as mucl
doubt seemed to exist upon the subject, he would Li
RimuoKn Wbio Off in, March 28, 18W.
Tlio London of .IVhruarjr 28, prefaces a (able
•howlng the growth of Brltlah manufacture*, wlih the following re j
m i k* .
"A return has been toned by the Hoard of Trad, of the derlar- !
' ed value of Hi ili*h and Iriab produce and manufai luree export. .1
from ibe ITnllc.l Kingdom .luring the paat year. IU chief feature
■ la again the eauaordlo»ry growth of uur eaetem bad*. In l‘->>
. value of our exports lo Australia waaexae'ly equal to thow to
India namely Si 1,600<K)U. In the »uh*eqoent two year* the Indl
an total hat m'crea.ed 73 per cent, while our commerce with Aus
tralia though better In lv.2 thi n I Me, 'how* a drrl tie
'■Within the aame period, aim, our dealing* with China h»ve
■ 1 doob'-d Contraeti d with the llgurt* or l-.*-> the trad* with our
1 owu mtaereslona during the p-.l year, ahlchetill co alllute* more
• than hi per cent, of the eri'lre export operation* ot the United
K igdoni ... an lnccea*e In all liut.hcc* *a»e thi *e of the
Wvit lo oil Singapore, the Channel l»lan la. Mauritlu'. ihe Ionian
Ialand* and Briviah llnndura*. The ahlpmenta to the United State*
• which experience.) a *ert -u* cheek alter the panic of 1x17, have
recovered 'o a point beyond th |r former .rale, and are now more '
that, '7 per cent of our total eapor*, fort Ign and colonial, and 2.
> per cent of our foreign export* alone (l-rmany, although her
trad - with u* I a* declined for Ihe put three year*, take* about half
, a* much a* the United State*, and then follow South Ame Ira ai d
i Ho land France again pr»«enta a falling off auffir ent to Indicate
1 a mini unhealthy .t*:c *f *h« coromer-lal relation* of the two
■ ' countrl.* In I'M Turkey etood before Ru-ula. hut la*t year th. Ir
poeit'on* weretr*n«po*eiL Sphln, Portugal, N»ple« and the Papal
State* all figure on Ihe unfnvorable »IJe Sardinia, however,
' »how» a good Increiae. Sweden and Norway have al»o carried on
alargetrale while that with Belgium haa beer, un»at!*faclorv —
i Finally It i* to h ■ remarked that our traae with European State*
1* every year becoming of » more veeondary character aaccm
pare I with that which we have talablDhed among our colonial and
1 American progeny. It I* to th tie* quartern that the magnificent
' aigm. ntitlon exhibited In the preaent total over I sV*. and which
render* It of unprecedented amount, le entirely due. The general
lncre»»e I* U-t MM,671, while to the colonies and the United State*
It w*i ti l,o.-2,Ai4 The balance i.f our buxine** carried on with
1 all Other paru'of the world re.u ted, therefore. In a falling off."
-a autiok.-i troeerie.. Leather, die., I
l Bt thi* morning, by I. tfl.B, DAVENPORT. And
I til , I , v. will be delivered by Jolt* It Th m ...*, E.aq , on THt’RS
DAY evening, March 29th,. la*W at 8 o'clock, In the hall of the
Mi- h ltd v Institute ScBju r, “Edgar A. Poe."
' 1 TICKETS 23 cent*, to be obtained at the u-u»l place*, and at I
j Uiednor R. K. IIOWISON,
, i mh2S - 2t Ch'mn Lecture Committee.
mint i.nimm: irocK or thb vih*
I til w IA LIKE INSURANCE COMPANY having been aubrrrlh
,-1 an I the Co-opary organ red, they will be prepared to tour Pol
i tea on. or before the IMh of April, at their o*Cc, nppotlta the
\nier' an Hotel, erm r Main and Eleventh *treet*
Till* Company I* instituted with a view lo retain at home the
, large rumi heretofore paid from nece**ity to Northern rffl.-r* , and
I* I, t-t-d up .11 the principle of mutual Jnlere.l, and benefit of In
| surer* auil insured.
y via; ei ng i tin- Stockholder* of the Virginia life ln»u
ranee Company held at the office of the Merchant*' Insurant!
Company, In the city of Richmond, on WEDNESDAY, thc2l»tof
• March, I Mill, the following gentlemen were elected a Board of Di- !
| rector*
Wts. If. Mx-farland, John Purcell,
Joseph Allen, Sain'I T Baylv,
I Roacoe R. Heath, Jo* R. Andcrxon,
Th-- W. McOince, C. 0. Barney,
. John 11 Montague, Ho. H. Maury,
David I. Burr. Ja* A. Cowanlln,
Wolfe** Pennine Cognac Hn,M
Wolfe'* Clcnaino Pori w t’
Wolfe'* ... Yladcir, ’
W olfe't deauine fth< r **’
I am bow supplying the irate with pur* r.,n%, **♦.
lift, l»oth for medlraJ anti prlvitf mr p,, lmnj# *•
baa f -owned my effort* to pi ire , ,„r, ****** •*,
ande the name of Aromatic Miledim lehnijp, ,','t *n
nf the matket the pernicious compound. Ki t
the country, led many leading druygi.ta. apnthrrVr ^
men, foraome year* put, to solicit me m p<lw, *** '»•**,
In regard In the article of Brandy. I ,h„qM . * u®* n<vk
Iheie requeeti from all quarter! long tgo, hot ,„ . ’ “t* H eg
by the fact that owing to the eaorbriant prlcemf
cons-q rent upon the shotm.i* of the .. " ' 'f ® frit-,
" my rrnt) Irm ^
there war no chance of my being able to Import u„ rh
dy, bottle It and «e|l It at moderate price. y,,r, '"'Af'ii
Hi* grape crop for the laat and previous y*»r , ‘ ,* ** *>
for tola) was abundant, and prim of ft,anit> ’' >T’*^
the itandard of ten year. ago. Tbo duty „„ V ****'Ua,
leveoty percent, lower, and t hare now made *r- * * * *a,
four Brandy eiporteri In I'-ance, of Ihe hlgtie., r,, '^,”5'v‘ »
ol at ./ receiving conrigmnenta of the heat Cogn fc ' *** ** •*!
am bottling and telling ai Wolfe'i Genuine <yr^"**1
guarantee with my (eal, laheli and r.rtlfl ales * ®r“-d|
lied hy me, aa the pure, unadulterated article, and It * U’’
whro uaerl ae a merilclie, a beverage, or a .,,g|k k* ***M
Invigorating. It haa been a matter of unnet. aj
bottle of pure untuUed French Brandy, was rery ,]j« „ * 51 *• i
and the purchaser, nlnetlr e$ In ten, war decelred • • >' *’ **
ufactured Imitation. Of all deacriptkni of ardent,, i,% ' "***
from It* high price, haa been the on- article U.at nijier," ^r“*>•
ha»e turned their attention to, and mllijona ol gaj 4'V "
called French Brandy have been scattered annua.
land, and hare been the primary cause ol murders , . ' r
tie. aud crimes, and Inre lent thousands to an ,' ** tr‘
destroyers, from delirium tremen., mar..* a pot,. s-V'*
names unknown, until uoprin pled men i.eyan •, >* 1
Inf compounds snd sell It a. the pure FteLch Bra:, y *
The virtues of pur* French Brandy need tag p.
They are known throughout the world u a medld,* ,, w
ulmt. It ir, a< Ih French r.*ti..t p e-.,-* y ■ all It -p"**
vlh,' the water of life, tat thl* appliestahonlywp*. fc*
ubadulterated. Manufactured with the fearful --.ftv-'' *
make a good lodtatlon. It become, a death drink to ir ^
ol thouaanda of our race. To remedy a fearful e.il | , *'
iDenccd Importing Brandy, bottling It, and senior !l'u
I am daily receiving orders from druggists and afoU^s ,,
parts of the L'nlon, to sell It for medlral purpo.es.
ridou’Ho wolfe
So. 22 JlKAvm HiRgn, N»vr y0l
f fr- Agent! In R: hmon 1,
mhit-dlflm FISHirg t
UAUHY’M TKH'OI’IIKROf'S It the b*p , ,
I .1 article for dressing, beautifying, cleansing, curling,
rnd restoring the hair. Ladle., try It. gold by all dm, ’
I erfumen. Bhlt-d^
rm --. I <' t tin l
rai coasTiTiTiua—state kiuhts.
‘ru'Vi'mTTnT) whig.
rm usn\% ’khimm;, ’i \h« »i is, 1 itio.
7^™ 7^Har# on . issi. < iid*£rot»*c<- r?9**Kdit&r of iA*
0\ i.
A- fc*neri.'*« v>. Soa l*a»e/ rt« paper ».-► *.>< SepuAJJ.'
,t. 7"M-1« a rt .'< -/ bag lanJi'ij, ou;St fc Av t*** t<>
• ■-*«> **<w«*ww
•»j -u'.:tt*4*itr«oAi»v*<</t>r<u ii.iwrtowmew's
,*T >♦«<- n-„.i tn ;<•■ *■;< I.. '*t*n rv+ift . *t«u«tOft( A3
Hr pi) U. »i Holla t orreapon.lr nta.
We in- it in a ot-: 1 eoiuinn a cwnniuiiioati.ia front a
gentleman in Rotlinchini, in reply to a recent article oi
cpirs. eipt- : .• >. .• gro<s mi eji*-'»> tal ■ nsol a W »sh
i»^n it breau - oft »pei t al rcej'ct we r: terrain for
1 , «r{ er. a I in coo*- jnence of an entire in iispo-itioc
on o • part to do Hr. BotL\ or any other man, the re
j .-uitr ourselves in heaping “wholesale denunciation upon
M’ Bott and hi- ftienda in this ?tate. Now. wi 1 he
be »..nd enough to tell us when or where we have h< apod
las' three or four years? Can any such “wholesale de
Wa-’ting'c: cor: •-j.o’ d. nt of tt 0 < ,■ per We assert
i; • - re' • T it was the htug ji"1* wen-* <h at c
We v at th.it t : .1 word or-vllatile in tha' a -
denunciation ol Mr. Boos aid
t *1, we |' *1 guilty to the c up? of our Rtiehi: •
t . a eqtaliv true dial >ome of those opposed to his no*
tiooa of th.' National Committee. At the same time. *e
ei . > Mr. Boa- nomination voted against the substitute,
i *i -,.r i wh i I d* lrou. Albemarle. Ti.ere i* t
r t.d ,oir< Wi l t * IX if we were responsible fur Am
] M-t. ■ N-*rt ''an... .\ Keu
- a . .flat only of these States earned out the
recomtueuJatkm* ot the Sslioial Committee, and tha
Bunt» The other three State* only expressed a prefer
it . as recommended by tin N " ‘ *1 Committee.
w'ost be is taking about, we let him pu-s.
C»ii" rvatiir Ki-wulutionw.
Vt a Whig meetii g recently held m one ef the coun
* . . of Mm- -ippt. to appoint deleg* to the State t (in
vention, the following resolutions were unanimously
*v. 1. AVrefw i, Tliat we are oppo*. i. both ro the corn--,
of th.' - it! n; t> •• .-sb-rs and the Bl n-k K> pub .can.- of
T., \ ,r , ! *r. m ItTor of pr< -orviug the Am- nean
t JH ! . uwoting a spirit ot' bill moay and fraternity tie
tween'tbe ditfer. '.it sections Ot til- Ke;.-ihli.-. rc-iorr g
_ ity a:.d sfcibt ity to our public ni-ututions, and re
ln« mg the pi.1 iio eaptndiiun*.
, i Ti at web. -ve there e\.‘ts no cause
ij. , ,-m . .uoti o: the l*aioa of these States and tl .t
«e di iireeate tl ■ attempt* » hi. !i are be.- gmane to bn g
- ,t It -Olt. and. viewing the Imon as the real
* mrvo uf our national gtor? and prosperity, we call upon
. /; .„! j, T .it we cordemn the action •( . r
1 -g'-utire bof. in sppo •****# d I.-gstes to the Atlanta
c.wve i: a- \ the set*, hag of a C tumissiocer to -vm
u * Ot J«»«r that did not b- .oog to the Leg -It
1.:urand ,ws a wasteful squandering of the p upiea
-t th AW.W. That we call upon all thee r- tve
n ej if M e*-ippi, of whatever forrmr party atfihat on
th<» may have been, u> unite together in standing by
iv Cun-ti: v. ii a. 1 the l .non ot the-- Sum- , and m
atte- ipting to put a stop to such reckless legislation in i
o«n S.aU
Cau Math Th un* H- t
• . w York correspondent of the Mobile Rt-jitltr,
I>, -ocratr organ, th- writes
.r,r-vn Dll-, C. V. Clav, A. Browu. and other
Demoi r.w, who make Sewards home a sort of
.... urns. Will tell you that Seward «... make -Utter
President thananrotuer man. not of the south.
* t .b«* will uuderhacdedly sc;.port him by deleauug
rtu\;V Buchanan say. openly mat he ^ mor.-cou
in t*ewwr>l than in Douglas. Privately. Mr. Bu
“ ^ swat a person to Mr Sc«*xd with a Ust ot caincs
holditi^ ott-s that Ut« President is late rested ui.
c wt-\ as the *un is irom the Eirth—anil yet, his works [
are sota.ntcd with ind ceneT of thought, so destitute of t
t m nice sens • of the delicate and becoming, whieh in f
i i other countries marks the productions of the polite ?
c r: • n, to • >v t o’hi: : of the man of science, a- to ^
r iertheui more obnoxious to censure than the gross- ,
,. .h’i -ations of the city by-ways and slums—for M. i;
M , . t - books, by reason of their author's reputation, r
penetrate circle- of society from which the literature of “
lb - turns is rtgoro i»ly excluded. What is »or.-t ,
i ... • t m is that t . ir aim pretends to be moral.— t
.1 d.ity is ua-t d by its advocate. Where com- <
1 oeiey is put to open -hame, what chance i> th re "
virtue an 1 o! good morals Tiie only charitable eon- |
- action that can be put upon Michelet’s d‘ “irs is tl at v
, i i- imp tire-!. !••<* bv defect of brain than by the J
indaec.e of the poisonous moral atmosphere in which be J
.v is l orn .and bred- Whoever read- Michelet will pity ,
l-'ru nor on Mi -let's account, but because of the ,•
-ink co iption which breeds such monstrosities.
‘ l.a Ik mine m> be judged by a single chapter— ’
st n-tiled “The Woman who will Love most.” Can c
anyone knowing Franc and Michelet, entertain doubt c
. oat th in i-ter? M. Michelet sit the /-.woman
,11 ,..vc u — ■ .,1 w'Li- eu to Michelet “Such
• : vir: i** ol . ' ‘■■■i. -iiat wherever a drop of it
f .I,-, evervt'liug revives, to more old age—a young and
,i- .• t ct • ,-y, i: is the v. ry fountain of youth.” That t,
*111 do M. M: held You may go. tour ilea is not
re «;«••• in her.- t new. Firrailian, in the "?[«-- J,
jdi Tragedy ” ot that came, tells ns of a poet after \
*• Tl .1 » anal i 'v s : the vulvar reach.
r.<-4, ir’.l y. ite we, no: the foot
■; . . «• : ■ i tty troo it« - at*
..'A -'..'oil in Ingraft :e ’or.
T : i-ljr .u lu> * « J«n* ■» I i,
li . 1*1 t-ous 1» the S|.liln\ • are,
*■ a* Kilo Nua.'.'liaii > ail,
w. a: u 1 t! at t - interesting predecessor of M
M • *• i ■; “ f in -d : ti. rv so- '. before he dared invade
• vi- n -s of 1 - la *, s! To this so c. if he can
it, v. ct id M. Michelet; l'I.a Irti.ui
Fuels for tlic L> gl«:nttiri mul the P« oplc,
A wri er in th P .g dmtel tencrr presents, in r
• et* • •;. ... iea: ■ great many ta.-rs in il
I . : deem it , : • r Iwise to lmpox• -.»
. ti- «, It r. i seems a- if ti e coentty member* d*
-ire t<> tua c tl.- I ! aWta’.'i id the ci • and towns pay ,
thi-ext s *.f Govertime .:. Hut, h. re is the com- t
Union, w hi. we huJ in the InltHuftnftr, and
which wo commend to the serious consideration of the
••Ki d* IT HKFOUF. TfTF. PEOPLE. That tl*. recon*
11\ t it pa l in U. Bouse ot Lb gate*, turd wti.ch
., . S.c ruav I. t debated in ti,e S-na'e, conf i ned, c
... per c t. . on merchant- *.ik-, the follow !
Ac rt ivin *1/ -alary, pay-?20 State t xx; *
j. - it .», flu win r< 1-, a Lawyer, l» i •
•« .1)01)
... *v ' :<\ » to pay. Tolls It will be
:• ,{ a ... - . *1 ft -.* ny, pays as mu It
...it ,wy 1». n-. !*n geo:: or JPuyncunr t
, i.i of Jy.YOOO f
• cr.t.i'ii' Ltd 11Li. I'llfc l‘t-»PLE Ti ut un ’er the -
,m ,Y. n , in • t t o'" :a ef Virgiuiaus, t
1 w to pay It: ' r- • ived 1 y liitu aa com
-. oi.-, a state tax <>f >i- <>: whereas, h Lawyer, Lb*: -
’ ■ , P v-*.’ »u or r * o*i would o:d\ have a lax of *s'J
• *. 1 .i.OIMt.
KEEP it HKFt-'iiE TUI-. Pr.t'I'I.K Ti.at a Virginian, 1
...'.hi ,• ,*:. .r y the pi e iu.es of Virgin a, It he received
„ i * * tot , v. J . a tax t / pay Ot >10/. t
• . .rtheru Insui.nc- Company, |aud perhaps '
evet v st /.holder ot it wooi-dved abo itioni-'s ) cau set 1
Up a idoi) - - i*. our S' lie, and epos *10 o " re
.1, 1 .1- pr.-tut tins, would have only a tax ol *73 to c
IT BEK'i’.K THE PEOPLE, Tuat a strong, r
i . i: jv . ** :;.d tu tu.tid «* will as body, recetv
-: ■ or iv in*. u* a heau-woikmin 1
• .1 not have t! <• lir-t red cent ot State
. - y'i u.e-a ■ ml so received ; whereas, a poor 11
whole Cl ived the same * oy, would have a tax
o! ;..-r c- to pay on the amount ncav.-d hv hint! 1
.. KKKI’ IT BEFORE Till! PEOPLE, That a tnuu, c
ow . s-ore iu the city, worth would only
£ sitaie ut to pay of $»'*—«i cr.-a-, a cl rk, cm- r
i. pcu:u| Lv I..C merchant residing iu said «ore, 1
„ ; caved Mr Lis . vr »1 • have a Slate '
* ■ KKr'i* ll^BKFORE THE PEOPLE, That all pro- g
•. it iv resent' labor, and consequently it stand- < ut as
■ i oo -day’* -un that the fruit ut /.a*' labor pays f
. \ , ».t labor « at tire rate of two dollars on every -
. ia md rk* - • Virginia are pertcctly wilting to bear i
-.'portion of th- burden-cf government, but they r
. U- ,... '"1 to-peak out against any lull wnich
v- nut-. " 2 on thi ni. ’
■ s EK1‘ IT BEFOUL TH*. PEOPLE. Ti at the mer- »
chi. - iml cV -ss c:t not bring tieraselie- to th*> belief »
• j -rev pursuit.* of lit* are disposed to sad
Ic on Hum an uiij ,i and odious discrimination. mid t
1 ,■ ce our anxiety to show the pr ictical workings of the
; . cat ; ri-f iple of tax .non in Virginia that the people <
u.av come to our assistance. ,
‘KEEP Ir BEPoKE THE PEOPLE. That if the pre -
a i-t -v-t.-m oft.iX.ti0D is cOD'tnued, ill" effect will 1
. ■,» ui kc the El- eru pail of the State divided, when «
l.c cr:. fie com"- up in 1 >• •"> **l»r an uJ ..iIntern taxa
oti” o . v. ry thing, n. gr. es mclud. d.
•>Er I’ IT BKl -uE .HE PEOPLE. That we cannot
•c .::\ ;iu . so d gra enc or immoral in the cal mg ot
rchai t- and dert- that they should have to bear so
. i: ; or.' '. -he a hens ui government than lawyers,
v-i i ms ile- ti-t-, surg- ons. landholders or capitalism _
“KEEP IT BEPi'KE THE PEOPLE. That we tluuk
t* e : .cl- - i-.cd cor.cl'.i-.vciy show that the present ays
to iu ot taxation »-* liiuioal,’ atari it ^uch Ik* the unawput- -
,l!ti- is it not c just that it should be continued 7
RE THE PEOPLE That if »t be t
■ i at all t . vatiou comes out ul th** ownersand tillers
ot the soil ut lust, where i* the justice ot uiawing the '
e pay-masters, and where, waaak, w ould
,* t e i i- .v ot driving aw ty the ‘License mw an . col
Itct ng e taxes c >.«cr from those who have them tiua.
Ti;. those wlf* prc-tc-s to believe the above doctrine, 1
h ive t.ot the nerve to dare and put it into practical ope
nothing in t c pr» s-i.t tax bill requiring a consumer to J
[, 1 a!. , lux o good- bought out of tae State—-thus, di-- '
j .ating ,n favor of lh...»e who are able to go out ol j
,■ >u « to iu<kc their pc-cbases, am! aga nst .hose who ,
i unable - to do—(for if the 1> gic be true, that the j
: i x corn. - out of the tiller of the soil, and supposing that
-a::,- r- .done were both such, it i' evident that
t c weaker 004 would have a tax to pay, whereas the <
stronger would not.)
b< ..eie mat auv good or ju-t mau could or would a-sit tha
E. . -Uture to tax aiut l- -s t .n bit ntiglil*or, and yet. sa i
* Lave. .-. .stic.y shown, Mthb thet'rt.vt
of the present tax law.
A_d to illustrate ouce more.
liser.se to bey and sell ler oth-ta on oatnmiseiou or for
profit, ila\ts, uc u«il»rs, and the yearly income derived jI
ion, and show him on errors r.y lot/irni rtatomw: ana
iv word lor it, he will acknowledge his errors, and hi
.ir as hard, and o< <iA/y, a' any man iti the Union, to
• pair the injury. It is not an uncommon thing to hear
om men who “ are wiser in their own conceit than
■ven men who can render a reason,” that Boii
a d:ag upon the party; but I have never
el met with one who could tell Aow he was a drag upon
ie par'v. One of the most active enemies of Mr. Bolts
i the State is a man who has been for ftVe ytnri a noto
oua drag upon the party, and oe upi'-s to the party
tiout the - mi- position that “Giddy Gout's” shirt-tail does
> t.i- t.iceehi-—one who was throwing cold water upon
ie efforts of Mr. Bolts’ trier. i-,in their struggles to elect
ie gallant Gog-gin, and who has «ai I since ih<* election
it he voted tor Gog’cin, but was alnios- nshtimed to
.knowledge it; that it was the damnedest low-liungeati
:v— that was ever conducted in Virginia You say Mr.
lot.» has not V(. thousand friends in Virginia. Now il
oul i g v • u- .o'oil pleasure to see you in this section of
ie countrv. The Whigs of Augusta, i'eudletou, Ko.-k
igham, Albemarle, Ac., will give you a cordial and
trtv welcome, and if »o don’t show you the error of
i ir estimate . f the popularity of Mr. Botts as far as this
•trt of Virginia is concerned, it will be because you are
ot open to conviction. If this strile is to be kept up,
which I d vi.utly hope is no' the case) Mr. Botts’ friends
enter the i-t-.ai.d if t!t- y do no* light with the bright
wn ■'.r of i S.r'.t they will make the best use tliev
in of the battle axe of a Richard. Jl'STICE.
Tresii*!, March TJl, ISilff.
The S w.t called to order at 10 o’clock, Lieu
tnant-Governor Mi.nM'.i f iu the Chair.
Tue follow it •’ Mouse hills were taken up and passed: To
.eoiporaie tlm Yellow .Sulphur and Montgomery White
i,!|. r Sprit gs Turnj. ike Company, refunding to John G.
flight > J; to establish u Branch Bank at Palniyia, iu
ie county of Fluvanna. Amending and re-enacting the
ih section of .ii act pissed February IT, l'l ., entitled
it act to estah'isb a -ystem ..t free ehool- in the county
r Korl of Tho naa W. Wigt r,
itc Sin riff ot Warren county, from the payment of
image- imp e l upon them; to amend the net pa-sed
■ ; -ot. at.tt ■■ . a Branch ot Wy ttie\.11
...I I' nv '!•• Tutllp'ke; loiter a-'- the cipit tl -lock Ot
'gati'lW ii g Tuillpiki Ko.l to j
■ i ' • the B" ltd ot Public Works to subs ribc
>t thr.-c tgtl..- ot -aid stock; coiiceri.it.g- the workEm-.
j he e- .ii.ii-: • d i:i tb city ol Richmond, and person
t-;.loved therein ari l aboa: the public works of said
. t. re;. .1 f e i; t to iucurporal. the town of llamp
>t, i t the .-.ii' v ol Elizabeth city; House l.iil to incor
a'." the Saltville aud Laurel Turnpike Company wa
The resoiut'. :. of the House authorizing th< Anuitor
f Ik. .ie Ac. ounts to i—uo It- wurtant trom time to
t- a sum not exceeding for the repair and
r i hit g of the Governor's llou-c was taken up and
Mr. Tilt'M AS, of Fairfax, from committee to whom
1en r f tied the Governor's Message and docu
- d in.-ttiori.i! of J .hn Carroll Bret.t, President of
•• Great Fall Manufic'tt.ing Company, in reference to
i ripatia . rigl.'s of Vitgit.i* propri* tans on the Pole
■c river, j,r> -> t ted a report to which is appended the
allowing re-olulion:
“/.V 'V ii ’ir-’ .1 That the Gnv
-t or of V rgit> i he and I. • is hereby authoriz d, it in
- -Hseretion.the right-ot the eitizensofVircir.il should
elitand, to cause the State to be represented by the At
i H - m a
"'.itipattv .g’lti.s' the Great Fall Manulaetu IngCompativ,
I.ether the same shall be reheard by the same i oart
; it has protieuuccd a deci-tou therein, or before u*.y
titer legal tiibuntil.
Ti e i. rt.d resolution were adopted.
On motion ol Mr. TAl.lAl ERKO, Senate bill to meor
,, • | lericks urg f auquier Railroad I
a.,v wn- ti .cn tip.but it was rejected for waul cl a eon
■ notional tm jou .. Mr. Taliaferro made air earnest ar
■itnent in advocacy id'this bill.
On tt. iu m < 1 Mr. JOHNSON, i for Mr. sTl’AKT.l Sc
ale bill to incorpora'e tho Cbri-ti in'- creek aud Belhle
em t i.urch turnpike company m the county of Augus
wis taken up but wa« rejected for want of a consthu
on .l m.pjoi if..
On uiotiou ot Mr. Hl'BRARf), Senate bill nnthtvtriy.it.g:
ie pavtnetit of *150 10 to Thomas [>. Harris as his coni
. —ion on the ..mount ol revenue of James City county,
.a- 'aketi up n1 d pa-- J.
On motion ot Mr. KNIGHT, Senate bill to increa-e the
,pit*i stock ol the South Si Railroad Company, fur the
ut pose of constructing a br.tn it road to the ito.iuokc
iver. was taken up but was rejected.
House bill making further appropriations to pay ex
:i-es for the defet.ee of Harper's Kerry was taken up
1 a -ul.-tit'ite offered f.\ Mr. U R'KllAM, mailing the
mount ittl,"" k «m- adopted aud was then p.s-ul.
On motion ol Mr. MARSHALL. Senate Bill incorpora
ng the Mo mt Hope Copper Mining Company, iu the
outitv of Fauipiier, was taken up and passed,
i. , ,, \‘ 1'INVHV S tnte Rill to amend and
r-enact the l-t section of an a. t providing additional
roteeliou lor tin- Cave property of citizens ol this Cotn
louwealth, pa-sed March 17th, 18jf>, was taken uj», and
u then olllred a substitute which was ordered to be on
Iloa-c Dill fer the better organisation of the Militia
f tin- Commonwealth wus taken up, on motion ol Mr.
L'l.t-r. Mr Nnsos moved to strike out the tit - ion.
Ip. a- tit -t i nroved the motion. Mr. Wickiiam n oted
i -trike out ? i and insert in the 'ante section, Mr.
ospk approved Mr. Wh’ehaji’samendment. Mr. Wu k
iti's iin nent was rejected. Mr. Newlon’.- anicnd
letit was al-o e jected.
Mr THOMAS, of Fairfax, then moved to strikeout the
ronls “ in u reasonable time,’’ and insert in lieu thereof
he words “within three months." The motion was
Mr THOMAS th?n moved to strike from the 7th sec
ion tin. words “ Major Generals ami Brigadier Generals
hall be elected as now provided by law-, by a joint vote
f the two Houses 0f the General Assembly.” The motion
i as adopted.
Mr. 1’F.NNYB ACKER then moved to substitute the
ollowing for tin* words sttiekeu out t “ Major Generals
ad Brigadier Generals shall be appointed by the Govor
in, by and w ith the a Ivie** and consent of the Senate."
litis amendment wes adopted.
Mr. BRANNON then moved to strike out the words
1 now " and “ by law " in the section, and substitute the
rord- “bv this act,” and the amendment was adopted.
Mr Mi KENNEY moved to strike out the words “se
en aids, ’ in the Mil section, and substitute “fout aids.’’
'he amendment was rejected.
Mr NEWLO.V moved to amend the loth section, by
talking oat “$2000," ipayjjf the Adjutant General) t and
uhstituie “ slots'.1’
Mr. Penny backer, Mr. Paxton, Mr. ArorsT and Mr.
'aUaferko opposed the motion, and the motiou to strike
tut was lost—ayes 18, noes 2".
Mr. WICKHAM moved to strike out the words “ two
ralnings,” from the beginning of the 12th section, and
ubstilute "ot.c training."
Mr. Thomas, of Fairfax, opposed the motion, Mr.
yew man supported the motion, and Mr. Uocclas oppos
'd it. The amendment wms rejected—ayes 15, noes 21.
Mr. WICKHAM moved to aimed the !2:h section, by
idling at the end thereof li t- following words: *• Provi
led, however, that, when the inililia of two or mote ad
,ining counties constitute the regiment, a majority of the
Oinmis.-ioued nth ers of the Regiment may determine to
uve regimental musters in cither of said counties, iu
leu of battalion musters.
Pending this amendment, the Senate adjourned.
Wednesday March 28, lSb'b
The 8 mate was called to order at 1" o'clock by Lieut,
lov. Montauce.
Mr. NEAL, by leave, introduced a bill to incorporate
he Parkersburg Boot and Shoe Manufacturing company.
IrdereJ to a second reading.
Mr. NEAL by leave, introduced a bill autboiisng the
Ce of*delinquent lands and lots in the city aud county
if Norfolk. Ordered to a second reading.
Mr DICKENSON, bv leave, introduced % bill to au
bor.ze the citizens of the State of Tennessee to act as di
ectors of the Branch qf the Bank of the Commonwealth
u th<* State of Virginia. Ordered \o a second reading
Ou motion of Mr. JONES, Senate bill authorizing the
payment of the forfeited capitation tax of ISM, appor
tioned to the county of Chesterfield, was taken up, aud
Ou motion of Mr. C0CH1LL, Senate bill for the re
lief of tin* sureties ol Joseph l.igon, late Slier.If ol Xel
s m county, was l iken up, and having, on motion of Mr.
THOMAS, ol Fairfax, Ireen amendi d, the bill passed.
I'n motion of Mr I'ATK. Senate ni!l increasing the
capital stock ol Wilson's Creek and Kanawha Turupik*
Coni],any, lor the purpose of eompleting the bridge over
Coal river, was taken up, but ihe bill was rejected. Sub
sequeiitly, on motion ol Mr. KIVKS, the vote was recon
pidered, and the bill laid on the table.
On motion of Mr. I’AXTON, the Wheeling Railroad
bridge bill, was made tl.e order ol the day lor Thursday,
at Id o'clock.
House bill for the better organization of the Militia of
the State, being unfinished business from the previous
day, was taken up, aud a great variety of amendments
having been adopted, the bill passed—ayes d", noe.s I
tin motion ol Mr CI.AlB'tRXE, House bill lo author
ize the Common Council of the city ol l’etersburg to
subscribe lo the Black’s and White's branch ol the South
Side Railroad, was taken up, and parsed.
Senate loll lor the collection of taxes on persons and
property, was taken up, and a House amendment there
to, was concurred in.
M. CHRISTIAN, lor (Mr. HCBBARD,) introduced, by
leave, a bill lor the rebel ol the Slieiill of James City
county ; ordered to a second reading.
The Senate then adjourned to half-past '..
The House was called to order at N o'clock, by the
I Speaker.
A communication was received from the Sena e an
nouncing tl.e pU'-ageof sundry t.ills, among them, llou-e
bill making an appropriation lor the furnishing, etc., ol
the Executive Mansion
Incorporating the Mount Hope Cbapp?! Mining Coni
^ pariv, ill Kan-pi.cr coilnty. lor the nln-l ol ticoige Ar
nientrout,ol Augusta county; for the relief o( the se
I ies of R ib< i( lunch. I-, Sin-rill ol Hoonc couiry;
authorizing the Hoard o! I'ubiic Works to .-mli-cribe, on
the part of tin- .-.it-, to l ’ capital -lock ol tile Hack
I Creek Valley Turnpike Com pa: y.
Mr. Dl' KWAl.fi a-kid t. llc-u.-i to take up the rc
I pur: ol tii-. Boaril np;o.i.t -i to -eltle tile accounts ac
1 cruing from the Harper'.- Keity iaid, advci.-c lo the claim
id the SV i I: gimeut. The repoit was accoidingly taken
1 up.
Mr. I>l*t K WAI.I. theu ottered tlie following resolution;
lit - jl< t ! K/ tli (!• itrul .1 < I iiat tue H - ird ol
Commi- -ion- is ippoiuied to audit the accounts grow ing
out of tin- r.ceut invasion of the Stale at Harper’.- Kerry,
1 in i'ii co .utv ol Jefferson, he instructed to allow, in ue
! cordai ce with the rc.-trictious aud liuiiiatio..,- ol the act
l heretofore pas-cd ou the subject, tiie claims of such por
ti m ol the V'th Regiment as were in actual service ou
ihe occasion aloie-ai:; provi led that no such claim shall
be allowed unless it uppi ir ti it the p'-rsou making such
claim was in -crvice nod- r an order which by law he was
boon I to obex; and provided, fur:lo r, that the joint rt
o'ution pa -od K bruiiy :li, lvi ', gianting extra com
pensation to the officers and privates on the occasion of
-aid i:-.v.i- on. shall not apply to tie- li -ginieut ulore-aid
Mr. Dl’i'KW’Afifi - -id he wo;|i| simply put the Iluu-e
in jios.-- .--ion of the law. -tel the I . •« b-.-ning upon tue
cam*, tog tie r with a litsei statemeut ol the grounds
ii on which the claim w,.s made, fin-y wcie briefly tliest:
Col. Samuel Johnston ol the 89th Regiment, undei iht
power given him by law, o i the 27in ol November la-t,
called iipo ih<- service ot the St.it--, a paitiou ol hi- Ri
cimen’ and immediately at.* r doing so he notified the
liovernoi bv tee graph, and re. i-ivt .1 the (Jovernor’s re
ply the - luio d y. Tie- 11. nd ol Coiiuni-sioiiers having
doubts about allowu g this cluitu, icterred the matter to
the A'tornev *i.r.il. w(i i d, i-.-li-d the claim ought to he
paid. Tucro being a difference ol opiniou between the
Hoard and the Attorney General, the toriner, aitnough
expressing it as tie ir opinion the claim ought not to be
allowed, reported it arid tie action of the Hoard in ill ■
premis- - lo the Attorney <»■ n ral, lor final adjudication.
T.u- aiitiioniv ot tl.e Commandant ot a Regiment, in
such a contingency to call out his men, is in addition to
the pow.-r conferred upon the (inventor by the cou-titu
tion and laws, as binding upon those under him as
would be the order of the Executive. The officers
ami men under him were absolutely bound to obey him,
and it so when in service under an order which they
were by laxv bound to obey, they are cl arly entitled to
the compensation given them by the same law f »r tln-ir
-irvii-i-s. It is freely admitu-d that the reply of Cover
i:or \\ i*c, to t!i** (11*1) it*'ti iruiii uoi. wa- nor
explicit, and is susceptible of dillercnt interpretations;
yet tiio plaiutomtuou sense ol Col. Johnston construed
it into an approval ol what he l.nd done and was doing.
At all events the claimants were bound to obey the or
der of the Colonel, and it was t o part of tin ir duty to
question his authority or to interpret the dispatch of
i l.jv. Wise. They performed service under a law which
' they were compelled to obey, aud by the same law we
arc bound to pay them.
Mr. CRANE -aid be should vote against the rear lotion
of Mr. I)., and would state Ids rcasous When the prop
o-ition was submitted to pay the troops engaged at Har
per’s Ferry, the gentleman from Morgau (Ur. H.jas
' chairman of the Committed on the Harper’s Ferry ex
! peases,reported a hill for the raising of the present Hoard
to audit thes. cliinis The gentleman stated in reply to
opposition made to the bill that the members of the
Board were State officers, intelligent aud responsible,and
coul I attend to this business better than a committee of
tlie llou-e, or the House itself, and thus the Legislature
would save time and be relieved from much trouble by
their appointment. The Hoard lias reported adverse to
this claim, mid now the Legislature is asked to instruct
that committee to pay the claim. \\ by should this Reg
iment be paid for protecting their own lives and proper
tv? They were not at Harper’s Ferry, and were not de
fending the State, but tlu ir own firesides
Mr. GIBSON moved to amend the resolution by ad
ding the following;
Rctol. t l. That the Board of Commissioners appointed
to audit and pay the claims ari-ieg out of the Harper’s
Ferry inva-ion, he authorized, aud are hereby directed,
to sl ow one full month's pay to all per.-ons who served,
whether they belonged to a volunteer company or nQy,
provided, tbev were ordered into service by competent
authority, ami have not already received compensation
for said service.
Mr. BROWN, of Hedlo?d, said if the amendment was
adopted, it would cost the State *UiO,OoO more than i(
was already called upon to pay.
The amendment was lost.
The question then recurred on the adoption of the re
solution of Mr. DrrKWAiX, and it was rejected.
srt.nKs, vvitiikrs A ro.
On motion of Mr. HARBOUR, aSeuate joint resolution
reported from the Conpniltooof Finance, w ith an amend
ment, was tiketj up. The resolution, originating in the
Senate, and passed bv that body, reads as follows:
Rt'ohtil, hv fh' (,'cnfral Jumtl/y, That the Board
of Pubiio orks are hert-Lv authorized and instructed to
adjust vmd settle the balnn.e d le to the State oi \ irginia
from the late firm of Selien, Withers A Co., on the basis
of charging said firm only with the par value and interest
of the six per cent, bonds and a pioportiopate value and
interest on the five per cent, sterling binds which were
either purchased bv said firm from (tie Raid Board or
placed by said Board in the bands of said firm as agents
of the State lor rale under the several contracts entered
into between the said Board of Public \\ orks and 'h •
-aid Bolden, Withers \ Co.: Provided, that said Seldeu
Withers a Co., or any member or members ol sutd firm
| shall pay or secure to be paid within a reasonable period,
satisfactory to the said Hoard and to the Attorney Gene
i ral of the State, the balance so ascertained to lie due.—
And provided, further, that nothing herein contained
shall have the effect of recognizing or admitting as part
of the public debt, the sterling bonds which were lost in
the steamer Aretic.
The House committee on Finance, proposed to amend
the bill as follows ;
After tbe>kword “Arctic’ in the lost line, add the
glad il some member would nine an appeal irom me ue
ctsion of the Chair, and let ti c House decide for itself —
Thereupon, Vi r. TOMLIN' took an appeal, and after a lon|
debate the ayes and no a were called, and it was decid>-<
that the resolution did require a constitutional miijorr.;
to pass it. So it was declared lost.
The bill making an ad litiotml appropriation " to defra;
the Harper’s f erry expenses," returned from the Seuati
with au amendment, was taketi up, the question being ot
concurring with the Senate in their amendment, w hich i:
to strike out all after the word “ Assembly," and insert
" that the additional sum o! be, and the same i
hereby appropriate !, for the purpose of defraying theex
penses incurred by the Executive, in consequence of thi
raid on Harper’s Kerry, to he expended upon the priuci
pies and restrictions imposed by the several acts passe*
at this session.
“The Commissioners appointed 1 to audit and pay th*
expenses incurred for the p ireha=e of arms for the dc
fence of the Commonwealth,’ shall be, and they are here
by, authorized to pay all claims of otli ’ers and railroat
companies which may be hereafter audited hy them, up
on the principles and under .lie limitations and restric
tions imposed by the said act, ami by the act making at
iddiuon.il appropriation to defray the expenses incurrec
(or the defence of the Commonwealth, passed March bill
Mr. JONES, of Gloucester, siid
It would tie recollected that a bill was reported to tht
House a few days ago, from the Committee of Finance
making an addition*! appropriation of thirty thou-an
dollars, to pay a certain class ot accounts, growing out o
the Harp r’a Ferry raid, which hue been reported tu
the General Assembly, by t ie Commissioners appointed
to audit them, as directed.
The bill passed tiii. body, but was deemed instiftieien
by the Senate to accomplish the objects designed by it—
hence the amendment under consideration, proposed h_t
the Senate to the bill. Th** amendment simply incri asei
the appropriation proposed .11 the bill, by the addition o
o e tliou- iiid dollirs, m iking it £31,"oft, instead of £30.
"" I, and direct* the Commissioners to pay, not only sue!
if this class of accounts a* have been already auditet
at 1 reported by them to the General Assembly, but tils<
s', -h as tin y in ty her lifter audit, accord ng to the prin
ci.de established, and the restrictions and limitatiotn
imposed by the former a Us, which have been passed
'ni..e 1 np| oprifliions tj defray these expenses
reS'dltt £ from the Harper’s F-rry invasion. Tni-amend
nient .'[Julies ma lily to the a- out,is of Staff and Kiel*
officers, and lb- Railroad companies. lie should vote ti
concur In the amendment.
Mr. TOMLIN' a lee- 1 if i was intended to pay to tbon
Kiilro i ls iud bti d to the State, the amount of thcii
claims ?
Mr. JONES pr suitied it did.
The vote being taken on concurring with the Seaat<
• " • II > ;- to concur,
r Vi.' I Tix (. e'oMMIWICaTIoN.
The SPE \KEK laid bef >re the House acommunieatior
fro• 11 the Governor, in r. sppnse to a resolution adoptei
bv tin' H<i icon the 21th iust., calling lor a report of tbs
exp.m-es ineurp d hv the State in guarding the pri-oner
Steven; and li.iz.iett; which was read ami laid upon th*
table. (A letter Iron S. 1!. French, E-q., Secretary o
tiie Auditing Hoard, states thp aggregate expenses tliu:
incurred, to be, since the l*t of January, £7,320.43.)
On nio'ion of Mr. \ EUHV, the vote bv which a bil
exeinp'ing the r' .vington A ttldo Railroad from the pro
vi-ion* of "nil act to provide tor the redemption of th«
.nit- inding drafts of the Board of Public Works on the
Litermd improvement fund," was defeated, was recoi
‘id-red, and then, on his motion i: was laid on the table.
At 3 o’clock the Chair was vacated till 7 P. M.
WabuisqtoS, Marsh 'll.
Mr. bavin «*et,trd r< ! .tt. a* . ' It I si-Vate-c of MtsMssipp
». lt:r.H I'.I;!i li e Urc - amount t! s' ippiug engaged in c m->r i
ap.iU I', m’.m t.I lie (oil ut M'a On, In (..rig nr lie Cnl et
pia'n. a- t-ll »« tu ' reign afitru a being Oi great value a <
irr .wing tin |ifr t a nee, h * • hence that theie ts need* d at «* me D
tr»l pnlut a u»vy >ant where vw * max he Fuili, eepalielan
alieltr" it, «u'i t: at a* the n'.ht'iia 'lirrefor may he cheaply grn
conveniently obt lined at the nt> uth fit- hay of Biloxi, .a it
S'aie of uslppl, a navy j aril l« need-1 there, »i well f,rdo
iiieido convenieo' - »nd protection, a* for general use uml de
f.-ns *.
Al a, resolutions of th" I.rg'slature of Mississippi In relitlon i<
t!i- graduation of lands belonging e> the Untied Ma'n lyteg with
t 9 x mile* of Mobile, »nd I . relation to the ecsgl n of eengti
public I.Mid* to aI>. 11 ttie const, ueilori of the Holt and Ship IsImhi
Railroad; which were read and ordered 10 be printed.
Mr Slidell ask-U snd obtain'd leave to li.tro tuce a hill rivini
th- consent of fonprt-A* to t i.- improvenient of the Pa-s a l.’Outr*
f the Mt-sisstppi hut, and be 1-vying or a tnnnxge duty to main
t da i! -ame, n lilch was read twice and referred to the commit ei
on c-mm rce Mr s. hoped the bill would be reported back at ai
earlv day, so that It might lie acted on at the same time will
another of a similar char*' ter wtiicb had been Introduced In refer
cdi e t ■ the harbor of Mobile.
Mr is • tucci i in in auinonze a special session u
I'm* Ln»i d States Circuit Gmirt In the District of North Caro
liti a.
<> i by Mr B&uUbury. Mr DitU' retol U r.- ntcrri
t• rl;il : i.-h'i wus raa«le the special "rder for Monday next, at 1
Mr. Johnson, ofT *nn»*vsee, made a i -rmnal cxp’anatlon In ref
♦Truce to Hffpeeth made leccr »fy In Nrw lUmpbhir** (slid whict
hr four*'! eporttd In tl ♦* NVw York Herald i by Mr Cl ark In thn
.prech there were allusions made to him, which he deemed it hli
duty to notice.
On m t on f Mr Mallory, flu* Sen*to pr< ceeded to the conslde
railoh f the hill to Increase and regulate the nay of the navy o
th** In ie l States. Along tliirusitiuii emu d on sundry ameud
menu Gut tv an adopted giving Commander Oahlireer, who h o
charge of the experiments ir: guuru ry a* the W ashington navy-yari
Vi Mm.
Without finally oispo-dng I the bill, thr Feu ate adjourne 1.
The House concurs d in the Senate'* Htnendm ut to the hill foi
fuelling treaty ctlpuUtLm with the Indians of Wathingt m an«
! Mr. Hrigca presented prtilion* from New York, numerously ni, n
ed, | r.ixit.p tfte passage > f ». bankrupt law.
The House pr«*.- ! d to the consideration of the bill further ti
provide for the safely of paiaengersin vessels propelled Inwhoh
or n part by steam
Mr. Washburn, of Illinois, earnestly pressed the importance o
| pasting this hill He explained that it proposed to include’errr
| tu/and freight boats under Hie provisions of th»* law of 1SN2 re
'pairing them to he examined by the local Inspectors. Also, limit
lug the number of passeng rs in s. a going vessels to one for »ve j
tone and a half tons; and, In addition, requires an erflei* n *y>
tern of lights, alter the example of the French ard Kngd*h natlonf
lie spoke o' the impositions *nd perils to which the public are sub
jected. and which the bill is designed to correct
Mr. Taylor, of I. ul*'.«*i:i, advocated a substitute, which he de
signed t" oi'er, contemplating action on a new principle, ns*rely
Vitiating Insurance of h vessel, provided the tr.cansof saf».*ty has
not previously been provided, and prohibiting the employment o
any master, engineer or pit vt « n a boat, where accident or loss o
life has happened uut i a jury shall exempt him from blame.
Mr. Crawford, of Georgia, opposed the bill, one ofhb ejection
being that it proposed to In’ ade the States by extending the provl
‘l«»ns of the law >>f 1S5J to ferry boats under charter by Ftate o
rmir.iclp'il au horlty.
Mr. Gartrell an* Mr Siccles favored the bill, believing It* pas
sxge would be gratefully rec»lved l*v the country. The former sal*
there was no opposition to X except by ship owning monopolists
'I he further conaideration of the bill was postponed for two week
from tnalay.
The 11 .u«c, In Committee of the Whole on the 8t*te of th
U ilon, proceeded to tie ci.niideration of tlie army appropriate
I .
Mr. Ucteler moved ar. I earnestly advocated an amendmen
proposing > ftQ, instead of f2N0,000 only, as provided In th
Mil, he appropriated for the national aituories ut Springfield am
Hai per’* ferry
Mr. Etheridge opposed the amendment, and said the legislatloi
of Congros .huuhi be witli a view to peace, and not to war.
After t.urther debate, the committee rose without taking a vot
oa the amendment, ami the House wdjourned.
Certificate from Mr. Nt rborne Norton, of the Examiner offles
Richmond :
Richmond, Vi., Feb 2d, itgft.
Messrs. 8 W. Fc wi.k A Co , Boston t OeaUem.-n—1 with pies
eure t--.t'.fy to th* great merit of vour Invaluable lung m<'dl«dn'
Dr. VVI.uTAX’8 BALSAM OF WILD CUEKRY, which la llkewii
hlglily valued by many if our esteemed cltlx. ua, who have teste
its virtues by trial.
I first made use of this Balsam som* three years slnc» for a vlt
lent and distressing rough, which baffled the skill of physician:
and to toy joy, eaperlen ed such gratifying relief as to Induce m
to persevere In Its use. I alway. keep It by me. and ever find It l
be unfailing In its effects. No medicine that I have ever used ha
given such speedy relief Yours truly,
RT OtaHon PurikitAtri.—'The only genuint Il’npir's B>i
ta in has lire xrriHtn signature of “ I. bLTTrt,” and the prlnte
one of the proprietors oa the outer wrapper ; all other la vile an
JaT* Prepared by S*TH W. FOWLE A CO., BoRton, and ft
sale, at wholesale and retail, bv ADIK A GRAY, PURCELL, LAD
A CO., W. PETERSON, J. P. DAVAL, Richmond, and by all dru<
gists and dealers In m.dlelnes In 0H7 and country,
March 22d.br Rev. A. Broaddus, Mr. MOORE T. SALE and Ml
8 A it All M CALLANN.
R chraond Rs^atrst pUtsW vOfy,
Lewis (-inter, Uetg. It Nash,
■ John Jonci. I*. T, Moore,
. | Jus, L. Apperton, John M. Claiborne,
Lewis 0. C -nahaw, H Wherry.
Wm. 0. Paine, Wm. II. Christian.
I H. E. C. Rstkeivill, Wyndham Robertson,
Sam'l J Harrison, John C. Shafer,
Wm II. Ilaxail, Peter C. Warwrick,
Koht. T Broose, R. 0 Haskins,
Geo. 1),Shell. Edward Norvell,
W'e llngton Gnddio, Geo. J. Sornner,
John Dooley, D. S. Wooldridge.
Upon the adjournment ef them'-etlng of Stockhn'ders, the Hoard
of Directors convened, and elected the following oOlcors;
/' ,.///nf -WM. II MACPARLAND
lor I’lellent-HAM’I. J HARRISON.
t~. .ti i/-J. ADAIR PLEASANTS.
/•Aoai.-OfIS—Dr lil.AIK BCRWELL.
Attr cy-ROSCOE B. HEATH, Esq.
By orde' 0t Board
.1 ADAIR I'! EARAWT8, -e r tarv
> i A. . J ■ . July x), W,9.
Amon-i desirable articles, we may name as foremost the want of
a useful glue, easy of use, and of general and universal application
to the repair of furniture, crockery, shell-work, and other service
able and ornamental purposes. The prime qualities of a good giue
are Immediate readiness for use at all times and reliability at a j
hold fast. And this Is the article which Mr. H. C. Spalding has been
so fortunste as to Introduce, la convenient bottles with a handy
' l rush,Spalding's Prepared Glue requires r.o day’s preparatory
aofteningln water no heating for use, and no tedious delays to se
cure Its junction and cohesion—being held In solution chemically,
and capable of being applied Instantly, and to every variety of
I work and requirement. Spalding's Glue thus prove* Itself to tea
true Household I .lend, and will be welcomed heartily In all parts
ol the country. We hare glrcn It a trial, and we have found It
quick ws hunger In taking hold, and firm as death lu holding fast,
j mli'i.")— dcAwl w
jy To reliev suiter ing has been the object of the humane and
; philanthropic In all ages before the practice of medicine became
a science, Hie sick were publlclv exposed in th* open air, and eve
ry passer-by named the remedy he considered most suitable for
the complaint. We possess at the present day, Usrough the agen
cy of the press, a more reliable mode of conveying information to
our su!T r.ng fellow rrealnres. Those alhlctesl with scrofula, cu
taneous and eruptive diseases will find In the columns of every
newspaper and periodical published, certificates and testimonials
from those who have been speedily cured of the*e dreadful com
plaints, by the purifying and powerfully regenerative quadl.esof
Sand’s HarsapariUa. mhdfi-dcAwlw
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Proprietor of the Brandreth House, New York."
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very best refined Sugars; they are better made;
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WOtt< UNI Jilt 's
Ctn h>- obtaine I f om WKoT t J ill Nr ION. wrh -r.- th - complete

err-1 on p ,rmi--i! of prlc--, 47 50 The pr ce of the Library Edition
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N. B orders, to meet prompt attention, should he iiddrreated to
Publishers, Booksellers and stationers,
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WORKS, and If elected, will devote all my energ*.,, r,.| ,
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mhsftf—tde CiUKI } - ,
a»*lf a can li-Giir for rr-cW ction • ihr
. K \ N i of the City of K chiuoLd.
mb»6 Me _THOM AM V DClUy
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ly > tit ' tuyv-lf a osnd. Istr 'ci .
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Thursday, March SVth, lbdO, at 14 o’clo a, M , whet* at ..ex
Directors wli: be held.
By order, W. W. HOLMNGrWfilTH
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Mr. K. la about going into an extensive mansfa- turc of at sr.
» lleh l* destiued to prove of anxious Intr.-nt t, - .r la.: }<
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Those persona who desire a fine head of hair, have nly to as*
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Imva Mjr dvubto vf Im cAcm/ cm L«ir I « < • - • ■ - t • *
time, b uting the VIRGINIA HAIR RKaTOlUR LMALUl^
proving that It is all that is is claimed to be.
Wholesale depot for orders, to Male St R. KIIIl.
RKxeigb. Kos.tt, IS1
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KIEL'S '• 1. '* NIA .-'AIR i! ■ -
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Ws shall b»» pr**pAr4*il 10 exhibit an C.vxiT*L!ai:’ hi* k .f
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lo a:*'l l>ss‘« 11.
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itjur.p. every virfefy r.f Brandi m t*!*- to onUr.
,% V. GRAHAM, Braud CWVr.
f’ ‘21 t( Cot. l'Mh and Cvry *ta., 1 . ■ • • ‘ *
T.tati-ltft." oa thr honeyed dew,
Painl in H# »riioii too ;
Harm I eta an the ro^’a breath,
But lo wormj lmmediale deatli—
Is the mother's grand rea^u^ce. ,,,
Sold In bottle*. Price 98 cent*. TisHka A WlIrtM
Agents. _ _
Dr. TIcCIInlurk’ii Pm lor.il *> rup.-v t*;
higher In ib« medical profnslou thao that« ° .
and this great vegetable remedy for c.n-iin/ Q. ^
chits, hoarseness and all diseases that affect ^
sultif twenty vears of practical experiment and o4*11
Price $1. Bold by Kidiika A Wivsiun, A^cDt*.
Dr. Mlcflliitork'* C’ol • and Couijh n“'
the established and stand ird remedy for cough, .
hoarseness, and all Irritations of the mucous oe* r
throat, palate and nose. 1« indorsed by pbjfe•,r*# *. * p
have used it, ai a piepvrati *n that has no ilvaiio l**r . %
Cents. Bold by Fpbae a Wiwnm._ _
[/>...« U r. D, EM ■ 1
8kmeta*!* Jkfailidlb lUkiso P* ar*ea — All prrsoai c--J f,
sweet and wholesome loa' bre*-l, hi*. r •" r *
cakes, tuay purchase this Powder with frjpfldenct. ••
are perfectly harmless, and more ple*s*if th’O * ‘ •*, ‘ . ^
Ac. No fear of *>t*a nag tr» Tht ow of ll tW
sweetest bread In the shortest possible time *•'* ® ■ .
expense, and never disappoints. If the »cco'op*tjJ- • u ,
reef Ion* are observed, besides, it is uwnufactur
It no Invention of Yankeedotn. John W. <*%r '
and sole proprietor, Richmond, V* >4 e kcuw hlur. ao® ^ ^ .
and re« ommend It, as the belt wc ever trleJ. tie.*
directions. _ .. .«*
Por sale throughout the flat© by Druggists »
I IUI OKK K Piirs.
J J cel in< f>r sal- by K II. BKl VKK t A t "
d 1 (T A NO.—No. 1 Peruvian Goan >* RaJl*
\JT log from achr Wm Praxi«rv for lalobjr «|r|gggg A (
inb‘J» ^ '*
t.KtAT MIMU8 U I M "®
Mo. 141 Bait!*' Square.
BEST 4-4 Bleached Domestic at 9 1
Best do do 10 cu
Good do do tid
Best English and American Calicoes at lie
Superior Kid Glove# at l^f. # . .k, ftC** 1
From the great auction «*lei in New \ «»rk we u*
80 pc* Dr«M Silk* at SIX* *“•
fuulard Bilks »t M) ef., vere ehrap
Oreille De I.sin.* at '11 ao.l 1* •[» “•
Berrge Anir'al* at 91 and 1* •'» •*
JO P * 4 4 french Brilliant* at
Cambric Setts at II *8; worth 11
Very large Mock of „ „ .
drerm <;<>«>®s
for the prejent leaion. cheaper than erer ret* «,t»"
/ til A M H w.m; u IN »>.
VJ assortment of Champagne Wine* to »hut
aatlentinn of purchas-r*— 1 .
MoetA Uhanden* Imperial Green I e*i
D. 9t. Marceun A'V * Imperial Re4l »' ,, j
Chaa. Held*l»ck and HeldMcck A to •'M
OeUIrr A Co.’*, our own Importation, *|o
Muon's Imperial and V. rtenay
Royal Verienay . _..*»! prl^.V
AU In fine order and for tale at the low'’'™„* * Rli-U^
.,,, cor- Pearl t***’' '
J5 and caaas * Brntucay ** ikJlw
rrvhtl -At__h- - , 5
mh-ifi_ _ -----*
LAr;,“ ,

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