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Mfietil* to rstum r*j*^*d ,VM*iniiWto4l
Thi u and N«iw-rka«l* of Tune.
In his letter to the Clay dinucr, at Alexandria. Botts
not oalv utters a whining complaint over the tact that
he bad “no official part to play iu the ceremonies’ in
this city, on Thursday last, and over the further iact,
that he was not even invited to take a seat on the plat
form, set apa-t exclusively for invited guests, and those
©ibially connected with the inauguration, but he com
plains, also, because distinguished Democrats were invi
ted to, and did, participate iu the celebration. “W hen,
he says, “I road over the list of the names of the gentlc
jh« 0. who are said to have accepted invitations to be
pres at, as 'iiihsyuuAai paasfa, to do reverence to the
memory of Mr. flay. 1 pause for reflection * •
*1 cannot resist the temptation of asking myself, what
it is they see in Mr. Clay's character to admire," Ac. 1;
aicvars trotn this extract.that the “Immortal'' was over
whelmed with amazement and indignation, at the idea
that any Democrat should have been invited to a.-c-ist in
t! Clav Statue inauguration—amazed and indignant that
. Mill ..i Anril. the birthday of the great flay, should
!«• desecrated, by allowing Democrats to join in it- cele
).ration—amazed and indignant that any others but tl e
ft ieuds and admi'ets of Mr. Clay, during his lifetime,
should be permitted to attend, and witness so imposing
a ceremony in hisj honor 1 To bear him talk uow, one
would suppose that he would never consent to unite in a
celebration in honor of Mr. Clay, if Democrats were al
lowed to come near—that he would really consider it
wor e than mockery—even downright sacrilege—ever to
allow anv ethers thau the always staunch and devoted
li i-uids of Mr. Clay to participate in any ceremony, or
be present on any occasion, intended to do honor to the
ill curious Statesmen and Patriot.
But, we need not a-sure our readers that we have
proof positive before us, demonstrating that Botts' coni
pl.tit.ts about Democrats l» iue iuvited to the Clay S: ttue
inauguration, are mean, selfish, and hypocritical, to the
li-t decree, as we shall proceed at once to show. On
the U Ji of April. 1 Sitl—four years ago last Thursday—
there was a celebration at Ashland, fifteen miles distant
from Richmond. On that occasion, the “christening ot
Ashland" took place, and Botts had at least two “clhci. 1
parts to play in the ceremonies" of the day. In the first
p ace, he acted iu the capacity of Vice President, and in
the ueit iu the “capacity of divine"—for he performed
the rite of baptism ! He made, al~o, a speech on iLe
iKcasiuu, out- of the regular toast, being in th-*se words
“Pam SnniT—n to :tf,r the day, and a un
ion of all parti** in honor of him *ho never *uf end
/utrlv spirit to sicay hi* <t. fioms when the honor and ml
fun of hi* country mn involved. "
Now, there is a eerninut which Botts very cordially
endorsed four years ago, and on an occasion far less im
portant and imposing than the one of Thursday last, in
this eity. But things went to suit him four years ago;
for he had then “ait vflic.ai part to play in the ceremo
lues,” and things always go light wi.h him. when he is
made the central figure in the prog- amine , and uever oth
But further—there were tveh-e speeches made at the
celebration a’ A- land four yeais ago, the first b-ing
made bv a distinguished Democrat, then a member ot
Pierce’s Cabinet, and iu 1st l a lending member of the
famous "Tyler Hoard,” an ii was filled in those days—
the first speech on that occasion, we say, was made by
Caleb Cushing. And of the twelve speeches made on that
occasion, ten were made by Democrats—only t
Whig orators being present—Bo.Is biniselt and t.rit
tenden. The Democratic -jeik ts w.re Attorney tiene
r, i ;.liing. >ei a'or Il .t • r, of S>u;b Carolina, sv. i. at. .e
Douglas, of Illinois, Senator Mu-on, of V irginia. Senator
j,r .... „f T uiue—. e. Sena or J jnes of Iowa, Senator
Bcghr, of Pennsylvania, the Don. Mr. Cadwailader. of
Pt nsvlvania. Si'lnev We .s'er, ot M -sa.'hu-ttts, and i
Barton Key. of Washington city. There it is. At a Clay
celebration at Ashland—Clay’s birth-pl e —out of t**!ce
• • »u »;.ed guest.. * on the o asio i, ten w re />■
, ,, and only two were \V g-' N <w, considering
such a (act, thut Ashland celebration four years ago
looked very much like a Iteimoerat.e c< let'ration, all over
nul all through. And yet B >tt. w i- there, playing the
/, .(,«,/ “ollickl l»art in the cc e noiiie-" ot the day, and
niaKing no complaint, then or since, on account ot‘ the
Jjrmoci'utic comple uou of the celebration ' He did not
n ‘ isi'.m,* for reflection" then, nor was he tilled with
amazement and indignation at the scene before him.—
W.tb ten Democratic orators at a < lav Celebration, right
Hi ler bis eyes and nose, why did he then “re
sist the tenip'iiioo of asking himself," and asking
.. “what i« it they .it in Mr. C ay's character to a.*
m *" Why did he uot reb ike them for coming there'
\\ nv was be bunseif thus surrounded by Democrats on
< »__X an Ai'.'lviilM ^ U'L>n !'<* Hi W
t v Democrats had been invited to the Clay Statue in
duration here last Thursday,he ' paused for r. tiect*oi»,*nd
n , over with amazemeti* and indignation. Not <o, four
veara ago. The*, ha hail ati “official part to play,' —
, he was au "honored guest"—then he had a chance
c»t blowing hi* owu trumpet, .and laa ling himself; and all
t'.of course, weut oiFuppropriiteljr and smoothly
a d "merrily a* a marriage beli.* But onTnur-day last,
1 • , vd "no otfcc at part to play —he was not the C ntrsj
I gure of the occasion—he had no opportunity of ui
pUyitig his rhetoric aud his egotism—and, cl course, he
• paused foe redaction.” became tilled with indignation,
mj I damned the whole affair 1 But, all this is peculiarly
« l.,.i ictemiic and Boltridi, and we hope the ladies w.l
autvivo the "Immortal'*" attack upon their gioriou*cele
li ,. there is >till other proof of theei reme^litUeness
and extreme hypocrisy ot Bolts, about Democrats being
invited to the inauguration last Thursday! According to
L.- Alexandria letter, he would have made the celebration
lost Thursday a party celebration altogether. But four
vi irs ago, when he had au "oihi ial part to piav" in the
it lehration at Ashland, he had a ditt rent wav of think
nc a* tiie following extract trom his sp-ech on that oc
■ str i-i !!•■ i l.o-i ’h 1 •
April, l&Mt :
" Writ <• m':ht be for in all if there were more mu. h
«.ii,< lit the l •• •»rhielkthe **fr * ami the f">ahm> -Al
i « lioieH together:' mil might it be far the welfare of thii
, v „ v. mi'» of all {••’litieil partlrM can a*
»< ii6/r together either o. co -aiution on the political
lOmhuou of the eonntry, or tm- fc purpose of meeting
„, the temive board and otfV: it g t eir eongratulations aid
l.earl-fl it sentimeuu one to another. I ,-ee around ine,
>ta • es
a g amo ig th - g< -
ikin»u—ave. «ir, even from the capuoi itsell, aud from
lae rs-uate of the United States ! -ay, sir, there are here
t:,e ne'-t distinguished members of the country mingled
tngi 'her with us, the common citizens of the country.—
£ , s,t/e ami disregarding mil former J:jferettre* and
u ’ 'di! of didienJtiee, «v hare met here, »ir, for the pur
,t uf offering a rommon tribute to the memory of the
who'etood forrmaet ant ing hit eompeer*
Theie it is ! It was meet and proper euough.four years
ago, in Botts’ estimation, wlieii he himself had an impor
tant ‘official part to play," »«d when he himself was oue
ot the big guna of the oeca>iou, “ to lay aside aud disre
gard all tormer differences aud alt political difficulties,"
and meet together, Wbigand Democrat, ' for the purpose
ot offering a common tribute to the memory ot the mac
(Henry Utayi who stool torem >st* n »ag hi* compeers:’
But it »aa very improiier and very uufavoming on the
go-xter and far more iwpo-iug occasion of List Thur-dayi
tu sink party difference# tor the time, and a-semi I • to
K, i,rr. Whig and Democrat, to do honor to the memory
of glorious llairy of the West—ami i- was improper and
unbecoming *xvf- * because John Minor Bolts was not
mode the hero of the day !
But, after the disgusting and disgraceful exhibition he
}. - made of himeelf, iu coni.enou » th the Statue inaugu
ration, wc turn hiiu over to the mil gl J pity and con
p-mpt of oil tlie men, worn n, and children ia Virginia,
and throughout tie Cuion. __
“An Apology lor Ki»i»la.’‘
Now, the man who undertakes to make an apology for
all to# fools iu the world impo e* upon 1 im-eif an Her
e Van task, at-d must be some (urnpkiu*! Atd yet
there is such a man, .cording to th- advertisement in
the uvw.paperi; and he propoaes to hi Id f nth at Me
ehanica lretitute on to-monow VFliday 1 eve.leg. A' bat
be can wv on inch a wipe*, Heaven onlj knew*! But,
ft shall WW.
Wkrrr the Responsibility Beet*.
()n the 22 J of February list. there assembled In the city
of K'cbmond one of the largest, most intelligent, most or
d iIv, and most inpo.iog politic il conventions that«'or
coaveued in tin-Old Pommion. A dillercoce ol opinioo,
it L-i true, existed among its members on a particular and
s ibor.li ae point, but everything passed oil harmonious
ly. pie isandy, and fairly, so far as sra- known or believed
a: the time. There was no charge or intimation that
fraud had been perpetrated, or that injustice had been
done to a single'memberjof tV party, fiie Convention
adjourned, and all appeared harmony, peace, aud cheer- j
ful acquiescence in, if not universal satisfaction with, the j
p-oeeediugs and decisions of the body. The delegates
all returned to their homes, filled for the most part with
hope aud enthusiasm, and sanguine of the success of an
eudeared and a common cause.
Thus happily matters stood for several weeks after the
a Ijourntnent of the Convention, when, all at ouee, Botts
an i his friends raised the cry of “ packed committees,
of the popular voice being overslaughed." and of ‘ trau
d dent attempts” in the Convention to blast Butt- politi
• il prospects, and blow him into kiugdom-come. This
sudden aud before unheard of cry took nearly all the
members of the Convention by complete surprise. But
from the day it was started, it has been constantly rung
in the public ear, until its authors and circulators, few
iu number, have possibly come to believe it—but, we are
I giad to ktfbw, that none other than Botts and his haudiul
[ of minions, who originated it for selfish purposes, do bc
I Her* it. The character of the great body of delegates
j to the Convention is a sufficient guarantee to the people
| of Virgiuia that no fraud was perpetrated, or attempted
1 to be perpetrated, by the State Convention that there
was no conspiracy,or attempt at eouspincy agaiust Botts,
j for the irticient reason, if there were no other, that he
! is totally unworthy of being conspired against.
But, wc allude to these things to show that while the
Cviveution iisclt was a great aud an agreeable success, a
! little storm has been rai-ed aga;n-t it, siuce its adjourn
ment, bv Botts and his followers, for their own selfish
' end-; and that because we, aud those who concur with
us, itdiguantlv repel the imputations east upon the mem
bers o! th Convention we are areebarged by the authors j
of the controversy themselves, with proscribing Botts i
a:.d disturbing the harmony of the party ! We deny the |
accusation, and aiUrm whatis knowu by all to be the
..r.. . tK it tli.in. would have been no controversy.
lo discord, uo crimination aud recrimination, but lor
Botts and bis friemls. Whenever there, is a fuss in the
Opposition party ol Virginia, Boils U>1 the bottom of it
—it originates in Ai.< selfishness, in hit .vaulting .ambi
tion, in kit determination to “ rule or ruin "—aud the
events of the la-t twelve years amply sustain our asser
t oa. He it is. who evokes discord and mischief, and
tiicii, to evade responsibility, whimi>eriiigt.v cries out—
persecution !
Not alone in politics, but in other things, also ! The
I oiav Statue celebration of last Thursday, everybody was
delighted with, and everybody said it was a grand an J
! gloriou- success. The unnumbered thousands of men
women aud children, who thronged the streets and
assembled on the Square, were unusually gratified aud
hipp. on.Thursday last. There was only one unhappy
;>e ou iu llich i.oud ou that memorable day—aud we
i: ed not say ti nt that person was John Minor Botts. lie
was the “JohHv Hook" or the occasion! Amid the univer
sal rejoicing, bis voice alone was heard uttering com
plain - against the great and patriotic occasion ! He alone
was dL-s ttL-tied, aud he alone, iu the anguish of wounded
e .otLsm, cried out—‘‘uo otticial part lor me to play iu the
tvrenionv”—"uo seat lor me on the platform!"
Tints, when murniurings and complaints‘and contio
versies tri e, no matter ou what occasion, you will fii d
Botts auu Botts -elfishness st the bottom of them all —
t,»u! the persecuted individual!
The Charleston Couvcutlon,
Disguise it as they may, our Democratic brethren are
sorely exercised about their reception and treatment at
Charieston. And not without reason. The pros|iect is
tar from exhilarating. After all the threats about eharg
, t!,e place of meeting ou the one hand.aud the coax
, g on the o her, the Charlestouians cannot be induced
to manifest any cordial disposition, to give assurances of
nar very liberal treatment, or to put the hotel fares Upon
anv moderate scale. It Is clevr that teu dollars a day
j whl b • charged, and uot clear that good tables and good
- • cp ■ g accommodations w ill be obtained at that. The
i i. a of pulling the latch-string ontsidejof the door set ms
tu be cue rta.u* d by uo ouc. How thankfully the Dem
ocratic delegates will receive the smallest lavora is umu
g!v illustrated by the President’s organ in Washing,
tan. Some Chxrl -ton gentleman having written tot.
triend in Washington that the people tliere "canfe-d
. J lodge .ill who will come aud bchave.themsclvcs de
eutlv ” while “ out-id rs will deserve both skinning autl
•rv i g,“ the oigau Ls iu high glee over “Cuariestoti
hoij.it.iii v." We fear there will be more tir sing than
> .. dug from the lips ol the delegates as they return
I t oll- the BeMOItk gaiheritig.
spirit ot the Opposition lo (leorgln.
Alluding to th ? meetings w: ich ar • be n.: held in the
.... m ••• G« - g i by the 0 i-ion, foi the
p rpo.-c of appointing delegates 11 the forthcoming Statu
i uivcutiou, the Columbt'S Ini/uirtr thus r^ f< rs to the true
a id r>s ■: i e spirit which pr vai's auioug our friends in
i ■ K i pi c State of the South”:
"It is r !v gratify it;g and encouraging to receive by
t, rv mail ac o iut-ol meetings of our triends all over
i S ate to s*: d delcuvtes to Milledgcville. All ihtsc
i * lings give expression to the same sentiment—th y
uvn.ee a determination to p rfect the Union organiza
tion and to make a manly and determined tight tor its
principles. This is the spirit by which alone success can
-i .. itieved. It is the only spirit tha‘ should actuate men
C01 > ;ou.- of the re titud >•: Aw intentions tnd the cot
, ; * s of their aims. With men thus impressed, to fal
fr would be cowardice ; to consult expediency at tne
• - of nriucitile w<> tld be base; to be guided longer
j . tin coutn ils or the promises ol those who have a -
■ r a i • involved the con itrv iu almost iu -xtriraYe dotm H
1 .0- .1 .1 - V.i >:t .1 altt -Oti III-, would iu- lolly
i i thecxtt . me. The course ol safety and of patriotism
I i io pursue liic pitu which we know to be rijht, on all
j it c .ions, but e-pccia".v to shun that road and thatcom
. n v which expetn nee lots taught us to be wrong and
| unri-itable. We are gratified at tbe it: nv indications that
,r Op, osil.oa frienu.s have learned tin.' lesson from tie
e ot tne partv iu power, and art* determined hereaf
t, i to tlo bank for in ovarthi. first .tip need -
I . .rv ... piv-p .. . ol tne - - utt ry.
o ir co- tt v nteelit g- disclose a unity ot put pose at d
j s u i:net t Which i-s a gratifying harbinger if success.—
! T o • .. v t: attnnously declare in favor <d representa
; ;;U.i i i the italtinure I'won Convention, th v ant ounce
i d« t ntiation. tquilly unanimous, ti> insist on the per
ticteipid.lv ol onr section and the inviolability of its
- . t.o., I rights. We rejoice tu the it U cations »l
| ready afforded bv those of our propo-ed allies in the
I \jr - :!i Still s, who have «o tar appointed delegates to
i ftaltm -re, hit they i: e id to meet us iu ih ■ same spit it
and to mute with us tu the organization ot a true, eatho
.10. t.ati u.at, e mservalive, and constitutional party. A
, rtv -o f r i. . and U . tel by objicl- worthy of the
, . p .-riotie devotiou and tue moat ardent -uppoii,
c innot tail to besuccccx-fut. ’
iKxnggeralc ht|' elation* ol Traile with
I’nder this caption, the New York L'xprr.is contains
tu to nwiug, which may lie of iutcrest to some of our
j reiders:
‘ Th present prospects of traJe with Japan, the ports
of wnicuhiv, ju-l bee a op tied :o tcreigu trade, does not
.j |» .r to be so lavorabie as has been ai ticip.itid. Al
t ough tue i'lauds aliouud tu rich resources, the can I ion
and a tic i nt i I'loms ot the people in a great measure,
i l a- a harrier to successful trade, and these barriei'
,.;e :; - to be removed at once The manufactun ■. ol tin
i. eiou have so loug boeu eo:.tilled to just meicly the in -
1 ces-sitH-s of the people, that much time umst elapse Le
t. re ' trplus c-» >ds eau be turnished to such an extent as
will afford lucrative employment to shippers, and the
ii.. t-ril weal: . which i as yet to a great extent unde
veloped, must await the slow tetioa ot Japanese ingenu
! i:v to render that depirmeut ot commerce ol any great
« it. for .ners, though allowed to trade wtth c»r
t itn Japanese poits, are not p. rmitted to dabble in any
manner with th*- tuieiual etiterpiises ot the country,
a..d as a consequence, whatever mav be the
i p oductious peculiar to the 1-Jauds, will be ot slow
d. veiopmeut. At preseut the most important
feature which .s presented is that our whaling vessels
. 1 • sal* W :.t. r quarters III a few Ilf its
ports but all t implaia that great difficulty isexperien
ced iu o taming supplies and a still greater one is toutd
n. recruiting. fh_- port of ilakodadr is at preseut the
principal rendezvous of American whalers, and all de
clare that unless better facilities are afforded them, they
will not cuter the jam. It is to be hoped that such in
formation uiav be liit(iarted to the Japaui'se kuibassy in
t:..* I uted State*, a. wdt lead them to initiate a more
i : ehvnsive svstem of Commerce, Agriculture and
M ca.u.L'un An incident illustrative of the very limited
trade of Japan in ty be given. An American merchant
i Is .', Imported into that country only £ .n.tKW worth
o: cotton and woolen good .which so gorged the market,
i tha' a part of t!. m were attcrwarils takcu to China and
sold. K.ce is r.ti-cd iu great ubundauce. but tbe law Is
! .itch that no ve -il shall take away more tbau oue hundred
I picul* at a tin e, fa picul is 133 lbs.) The principal min
i on! product:* u is lead, but that article is >o pleutv in
o-.-e puts of the worll, and the means of obtaining it
»o axai.able, thit it cau hardly be made an article ol
trad*- tor Tears to coiue. Snk and other of tbe duct
productions are ouk iu iiraited demand.”
Tux Tar it Croi-.—We were glad .to observe during
a recent :r.p to t e c runtry, that the pro-pcct for a tine
fruit year was never better. 1\aches, cherries, plums,
and iu Uct eve rv kind of fruit will be abundant iu
spite of tr-.e bitiug -rots of the past mouth, which were
effectual tu at least begetting tears that the truit would
be killed. W< may,therefore,expect next Summer to have
uwr market Hooded with fruit* of *11 kiuds.—Van fit U
The New York Tribune of the 6th has the following.
The following is a copy of a bona ti'l> cones pond cnee
which recently passed between a Democratic *
< r at Washington and un iron-worker residing in B»hi*
more. We transcribe the original letters, but omit the
signatures iu deference to the feelings ot the proponent
and the wished of the respondent:
Tht Proffer.
Washington, April 2, I860.
Dkar Sir:—I write in a hurry to inquire whether, if
y >ur exp*'uses are defrayed, you will go to Philadelphia
and circulate a memorial ainoruj the Iron men lor Guth
rie as the best Protection candidate for President.
If you will do so, and Guthrie is elected, I will see that
you have a permanent and respectable |>osition in one ot
the Departments.
You understand what Guthrie has done and will do lor
the Iron men.
You mav rely upon the promise I make you, for 1 shall
he iu a position to ask such a thing; and the Members ot
Congress say that, if such a Memorial ia signed by the
Irou men, his nomination is certain.
Yours, --
Tht Response.
Bai.timobc, April 4. 1860.
Sin : Yours of the 2d hasjust reached me. 1 am too
much engaged at pre.-cut to leave my business. And
you know 1 have no faith in Democratic Protection. I
am a Republican. T ours,
“Democracy” is a rich institution, is it not* We ex
pect ilte people will he “too much engaged1 in Novem
ber for the comfort of tLeir nominee, whoever he may Le
From the London 'Times.
The 17th volume of the History of the Consulate and
the Empire, by M. Tiiiets, just published, contains a note
which M. Jerome Napoleou Bonaparte, “aFrench citizen
residing at Baltimore, iu the United States,” requested
ih ■ publisher to iusert. The note states—That on the
24th ot December, 1808, Jerome Bonaparte, then a naval
ollieer iu the service of the French Republic, married
Mi-s Elizabeth Paterson, daughter of a citizen ol the
l uited States; that the marriage was celebrated by the
Bishop of B iliimore, according to the rites of the Catholic
t'hurhh ; and that the marriage was regularly registered.
Tiiai Jerome Bonaparte, then nineteen years of age, had
at .aiued the age required bv French law to contract a
valid marriage. That, his father being dead, his mother,
M idaiue Letitia Bonaparte, did not within a year, as re
quired by the French law, demand that the marriage
should be declared null ami void. That, on the contra
ry, Madame Letitia, called, M. Jerome Napoleon Bonu
l>arte, the issue ot that marriage, “ her dear son,” and
signed herself in a letter to him, " hit rerp affectionate
in ithcr.” That in 1805 the Emperor Napoleou demand
e<i ot the rope a bull annulling mat marriage, uuu mm
the Pope replied that there was no reason to annul the
marriage, anil that were he to do so, he would he guilty
of d no><t abominable abuse ot his saereil ministry before
the tribunal of (iod, and before the entire Church. An
aii.-wcr to this note, transmitted by Prince Napoleon, is
annexed bv the publisher. It state that Madame l.eti
tin Bonaparte did. on the 3d Ventose of the year 18, its
-oon as she heard of the marriage, legally protest against
it in the following terms:
“That, in order that her iutentions should be well
kuonu, and that at no future time her sileuce should he
interpreted iu a manner contrary to her real sentiments,
hi oid' r to express her will on the of]' nee committed by
her sou against the laws of maternal dignity, declares,
1st, that her consent was never demanded by her son,
being a minor, and that she would have refused it from
motives which the law authorizes her not to state; 2d,
th it -he solemnly protests by the present act against any
marriage contracted by her son, Jerome Bonaparte, iu a
foreign'country, without her consent, and in contempt
o: the forms prescribed by law ; 3d, that site expressly
reserves 10 herself the right of appealing thus, aud be
fore the competent authority, as soon as she can procure
a copy of the marriage certiticatiou, iu order to have it
dedaled null and void.”
Tuis nullity was pronounced by a decree of the 11th
Ventose, year 13, by the Emperor Napoleon, aud approv
ed by the Council of Stale iu these terms:
" Palace or the Tulkkixs, March 2, 1808.
We, Najioleoii, Emperorof the French, I aving s *en the
document received by Itiguidea, a notary ol Palis the 3d
Ventose, year 13. containing a protest of Madame, our
mother,against the pretended marriage of her soh Jerome
B maparte, a minor, contracted iu a foreigu country,
without the consent ot his mother, aud without previous
publication iu the place of his domicile; the Council of
State having been consulted ; considering that the mar
riage of a minor, contracted in a foreigu country,without
the consent of father or mother, is null according to
French law . that it i« the right of the Chief of the State
to interfere or to suppress all that may wound his per
sonal dignity ,and offend the majesty of the throne—de
cree. fir-t, the officers of the civil state of the Empire are
forbidden to receive on their registers the transcript of
the act of the celebration (of a pretended marriage that
M. Jerome Bonaparte had contracted it) a foreigu eoun
trv. Article 2. The present decree shall be inserted in
the Bulletin tUi Loti, aud the Minister of Justice is
charged with ils execution
On the 6th of i Mober, IsOii, the njKciaUte of Paris in
i*-: turn dissolved the religious union, as the civil tie had
been severed, aud it declared that no marriage had
been contracted. These resul's had been previously an
ticipated. At the moment of the marriage iu I8n3. M.
Pichou, the French Chaige d'AtFaircs m the United
Stales, announced to Mr. Paterson and his daughter the
obstacles opposed to the celebration of the marriage, and
the marriege contract of the 21th of December, 1803,
contains the following significant clauses:
Article 1. In case of any difficulty being raised rela
tive to the validity of the'said marriage, either in the
eta'e of Maryland or in the French Republic, the said
J.-rome Bonaparte engage*, at the request ot the said
Elisabeth Pater-on, and of the said William Paterson,
oreiilnr of them, to execute any deed necessary to re
move the difficulty, and to confer on the said union all
the character of a valid and perfect marriage, according
to the respective laws of the Slate of Maryland and the
French Republic.
Article 1. That if the marriage should hi annulled,
either on the demaud of the said Jerome Bonaparte, or
that of anv other member of his family, the said Eliza
bet Paterson shall have a tight, in any case, to one-third
of the real, persoual aud mixed property of her future
Mi-s Paterson accepted the position of which she an
ticipated the risk,and received a pension of C0,0"0f. troin
me Emperor Napoleon 1 till the Restoration. At thcre
eatahli.-hmeut ol the empire uuder Napoleon III. the*de
seeudams of the marriage with Mi-s Paterson attempted
to establish a right, and Prince Napoleon aud the Prin
c >ss Matuilde appia'ed to an imperial family council, the
onlv competent tribunal, to forbid Jerome Paterson to
attribute to himself, with the name of Bom.p r.e, a dila
tion which does not belong to him legally. The family
council, on the 4th of July, 185ft, having heard M. Alloa,
the advocate for Prince Napoleon and the Princess Ma
thilde, aud M. Berryer for M. Jerome Bonaparte, main
tained the right of the defendant to the name of Bona
JPirwr, UU WP..UUV HIV v/1 aiuiuuf, u.ww... W. *MV. uw
vantages cmi'erred by the *2'*lst and 2n2d arts o( the < '.•/>
XajiJf it. The Emperor sanctioned the judgment, aud
when the present note w as submitted to him for his ap
probation, be added, with his own hind, the knowing
‘•Ilis Majesty the Emperor by his conduct towards the
de ceudauts ot MadenmL-elle Paterson since the judg
incut wav di termini d t! ought it right to prove tiiat lie
did not cons.der them even as belonging to his family
The question war raised again by a claim made by M.
Jerome Bonaparte to a portion of Cardinal F’esch'a prop
,-rtv, and which was rejected by u decision of tbe impe
riai family council, dated 23d of December, 1K.VS
Nkw YtiKK. April 17.—The Methodist Episcopal Can
ference, which his bet n in ■ e.-aion lor some days in this
city, has at length come to a conclusion on the slavery
q it-siiou. The d bate has been going on since Friday.—
1 appears that the fourth rub* ot the Church disc.plii •
makes it a condition oh membership to prohibit “t e
tuning and selling of men, women and children, with un
intention to eushtve them. The recent conference at Erie
did not think the paragraph sufficiently explicit, and pass
i d a series ot resolution*, which they requested the bish
ops to present to each conference, making the condition
ot membership rea l—“the buying, selling, holding or
tiatisferring of any human being to be used in slavery.”
\ direct vote oti this subject was required by the Cou
ei vatives; but the ‘‘progressive," or as some called them,
he “radical” party, were not satisfied, and i.itioduced,
a substitute, tliroiigli Rev. Win. il. Ferris, which asked
t at the general conference should take measures to pro
ven: slavt ry, for selfish or mercenary purposes.
Tne vote on Mr. Ferris’ substitute was «jl in favor and
y against it, while the ••Erie” resolution was rejected by
an overwhelming majority—the vote being -12 iu the af
firmative, and 125 in the negative. The Erie resolution
is iu favor ol excluding all slaveholders from the church,
while the “substitute” prohibits the holding of slaves for
mercenary purposes.
Washington, April 17.—The President today trsns
uiitte i to the Senate copies of additional correspondence
with tori igu governments concerning the rights of Amer
ican naturalized citizens abroad. It is conducted through
out in good temper—the United States iu all casei tepu
diating jjie doctrine of perpetual allegiance.
It appears lrotn these documents that twelve years ago
the British government released two naturalized Irishmen
who were suspected of aiding iu the rcbclliou aud enga
ged in treasonable practices.
I.ord l’altmrston, however, declared that foreign born
subjects of Britain, who may have become naturalized in
foreign countries, but w ho return to the Uuited Kingdom,
are as amenable as any other of her Majesty’s sul jects to
any law s w hich may be in force either of a permanent or
temporary nature.
The Senate to-day confirmed Maj. Eli-hi G. English as
U. S. Marsh d for Indiana.
“ Mozis Amu us,” the inimitable wit, is to lecture in
Rickmo! 1 < u Friday evening, lies subject is, “An Apol
ogy tor Fool.-”—a theme which his vets t ile talents will
make humorous atid instructive in an eminent degree.
It is said that “Mozis” has been invited to lecture he
ft re the Ltbiary Association iu this city, and that he may
make his appearance here oefore long. Of course there
will be much curiosity to see and hear the funuy fellow,
[who, by the way, is one of the nn st elegant, accom
plished and fascinating gentlemen in the Commonwealth,
and single at that.] .So we advise the Library Association
to increase the price of admission in order to accommo
date all who may wish to aticud. ludeid, Phoenix Ball
might be obtained for the occasion, and filled even at 50
cents a head. A all events, let ‘ Mozis ” be summoned
before a Petersburg audieuce, and that right soou.—
Petersburg Intelligencer.
New Yoke, April 17.—The office of t' e city colli ctor
was brok -u oi eu and robbed last night of $.1,1X10 in cu>
rency and $17,000 inch iks and treasury warrant*.—
No ciue hs» yet bteu dUovered as to th perpetrator.
Washington, April 18.
M'. Lane introduced a bill makingjnn appropriation
(or coiitinuiug tbo fortifications at Fort Pinit, at the eu
trr.uce ot t'.ic harbor of Han F'rancisco, ami also to con
firm the title to the site on which the Fort is situated.
After a long debate, the bill was referred to the commit
tee on Military affairs.
Mr. Kennedy gave notice that he should introduce a
bill lor the construction of a Pacific railroad.
Mr. Hale called up his resolution that Congress adjourn
from the 19th of April to the 22d of May.
Mr Ciingmau moved to amend so that the time tor
I adjournment be restricted to the 30th of April. Pending
wl ich—
The speciil order came up, and
'Mr. Ilale raoved to postpone it so as to consider his
; resolution, a.id called the yeas and nays as a lest vote ou
taking the recess. The vote resulted—yeas 27, nays 25,
and the special order was postponed.
Mr. Trumbull was opposed to adjourning at all.
Ur. Green took the same view, and said there was im
fO'taint business which should be attended to.
.Ur. Gliugman said that he was also opposed to the rc
c«ss, but as there were some Senators who were delegates
to the Convention, and some who would also pair oil, he
thought the Seuate might adjourn for six days. In reply
to a question, he said he would vote for a similar recess
at the mecticgjof the Chicago Convention.
Mr. Trumbull thought the Senate had better adjourn
for a mouth, instead/il taking such a step.
Mr. Hixon moved to amend, so that Congress adjourn
finally on the 4tli of June without a recess. The amend
ment was accepted by Mr. Clingman.
Hr. Clingman moved to lay the whole subject on the
table. Not agreed to.
The question was then taken on the final adjourn
It wasjnotjjagrccd to—yeas 18, nays 31.
The question was then taken, and the Senate refused
to udjourn over to the 22d of May.
At 2 p. in., the Senate proceeded to au Executive
Mr. Johnson, of Teun., from the committee on public
lands, repoitid a new homestead bill as a substitute lor
the Senate and House bills.
The bill having been read, Mr. Johnson, of Arkansas,
explained its provisions, and spoke of the concessions
winch had been made in the committee; in order to se
cure the most practicable measure. He contrasted its
features wit! the bills previously under consideration,
and hoped al the friends of the iioiuestead policy would
give it their cordial support.
Mr. Gwiu ioped an amendment would he made legal
i dug the occupitiou of Uu U d Suiesjiands in t a Jornia
and Oregon, lor mining purposes, us there were now u
hundred thousand American citizens thus engaged in
Toe hill was temporarily laid over, and a message from
the President read vetoing the bill for the rcliel ol Ar
min r.uwuru:i mm him susaocixiva,
Mr. Hale moved lo re-commit the bill, together with
t ie veto mestace, to the poMoffico committee. After
SJ.'ito debate, without taking the question ou that mo
tiou, the Senate adjourned.
Mr. Schwartz offered a resolution, which was read by
th » Clerk lor information, instructing the committee on
Expenditures to report a bill reducing the pay of mem
b .th to 4S per diem, and that all those who shall vote
for an adjournment fur the purpose of attending certain
conventions shall not receive pay for such time of ad
Mr. Houston said he would amend hy adding that
those members w ho paired oil with others, and thus pre
vented the proper representation of their respective con
stituencies, should not receive pay during the time of
their pair. Objection was made to the resolution.
Mr. Sherman moved that the House resolve itself into
a committee of the whole upon the state of the Union,
and promise 1 that n fair and square vote should he taken
upon the resolution at 2 o’clock. Agreed to.
.Mr. Conk iu thereupon obtained the tioor and proceed
ed 10 address the House with reference to the powers of
tae Supreme Court.
Mr. Bonk am moved that a call for the House he had,
and then the previous question for adjorument voted
The question having been taken, it was decided iu the
negative—yeas 68, nays 112.
The House again went into committee, and resumed
the consideration of the deficiency appropriation bill.
On motion of Mr. Kurkel, an amendment was agreed
to, appropriating si.'i.imhi to repair the damages of the
Baltimore custom-house, caused bv fire iu September,
1 s»8.
The committee rose, but without coming to a conclu
sion on the bill, the House adjourned.
Tobacco Pla.nts.—From all parts of the country we
hear the greatest complaints on account of the prospect
for tobacco plants for the present plauting. It is said
that the lly is playing sad havoc with them in every
neighbor! ood, and tears are entertained that plants
enough cannot lie had for planting unless a rain occur
-hortly to stop the ravages of the Hy.—Danvill Appeal.
In the 71th rear of her age. a! the residence of her ton in law,
Mr K Imun 1 Fontaine. In Rlrhnv.n I, Va., on the 12th of April, Isfin,
Mr . KI.1/.VBKTH I* BOLLARD, relict of Mr. Wm. Pollard, of Han
; over roun’.y.
She was daughter of Captain George Dabney, of the nme coun
tv, of wt.rae large family of ch.ldrei. only one la now left to mourn
h r ha«. In earlier life, the wai beautiful In peraun. and always In
temper,p”»-’»»lng a warm and cheerful heart, whirl, absolutely
overt! wed With affeeli n t wards her family an t the numerous
friends, whom she welcomed to her generous hoaplta.ity. She was
married Brst to Mr. Shackelford, who did not lire long after the
marriage, aud then to Mr. Pollard, whom the alsoAurvIved many
ychr*. Sre bad long been a member of the PrevylertanChuicb,
a d had manifested a simple and earnest piety. Her children and
friends while they mU’t mourn the departure of one so long lov. d
and cheridie I, have the best t ..flotation In the assoran-e that the
i chiding limps of age and physical decay are now forever dispers
ed hr th-su’ ight of eternity, In whole cheering beam* she will
ever bast, without a sensation or even a fear of darkneia, i.rrow
or pain.
I>g*pep*ia, Indigentian, Heart Burn, Water Branh, .Sour
Stomach, Jaundice, FUitulency, General /leUitity, 4c., find a
ready relief and speedy cure in this great remedy.
Are beliered by many who have been cured of the above com
plaluts tc be the only medicine which the materia me.tica affords
for their Infalllal.le curs. It is not aa alcoholic preparation, which,
while glv ng a momentary sUmulua, reduces the ■yatem It. the same
ratio; bu". one uistlnct an! different from any medical preparation
ever compounded, and which will, In moat caaes, eatract the dia
eaic hy the roota and restore the patient to pristine health. In
proof of which, testimony of the very highest and unexceptional
characic! is presented.
Kellaklt- Testimony.
Wo call the attention of the reader to the following letter from
Presiden Smith, of Wesleyan I'uiveralty :
Muuilitows, Conn., Feb. !«, ISfi#.
Mo.-sra. fern \V Fowlx 4 Co.,—
Gentlemen—I tir*t made use of the Oxtukvxtkd BiTraae some
Seven or eight years since. Having suffered fur twenty years from
Dysprps a wld It was attended with a nervt.ua headache, on an
average of not less than one day in a week, I was induced by the
unpr 'tet.dmg recommendation of Dr. Green “to try one bottle and
if n . bet t fit was received to discontinue the use."
The use of one bottle warrantel a'furlher trtsl. to the extent of
s me trite*? *»r four, with a careful o».»erv*nc** of the accompany
ing dire* t’ons The result was an almost entire relief from the
naual djapeptlr symptoms and their *1** pressing, painful conse
quence* I believe these Hitter? produced an entire change in the
habits of my a stem and up n the ac ive energies of the digestive
cry ms. 1 now delta mv»* If as exempt from Dyspepsia as most
persons. These bitten have also been cf service to other members
«.f my fsm!!y. Very rttptCtfaUy 70Qr.
Prepared by HVTIl W. FOWLK A CO., Bouton, and for
•ale, at wholesah and retail, by AD1K k OKAY, PUKCKLL,LADD
A CO., W. PKTKRriON, J. I*. DAY aL, Richmond, and by all drug
gies an 1 driers In m^tlcloes In city aud country.
mh-U> -drAwlm
mine HOARD OF VH1T0RS will mee; at the Virginia Military
I Institute on the 54d day of Jun**. AppUcatl *:ia tor appoint
ment at lUuj as Wrll ;if Stuff Carets will be made to tfie Under
s y r..1 prior to that day As the accommn latlons of the Institu
tl.m are limited, applicant* mud be prompt in tiling th* it ap
j ticatii n* T> iimonlals of fair u.or*l character a» d freedom
fi.m bodily disease • r infirmity must he preSinUd In . Il cases.
t acancies for State {’atlet* will exist in the following Senatorial
I tecomac, Northampton.
IV. Nansemend, Harry, I of Wight
VI. Petersburg, Prinje tieorge.
1\. Lunenburg, Nottoway, Prioca F.dward.
\. Mecslenhurg, Charlotte.
XI. riitsrlvonia.
XU. Halifax
MU Henry, Patrick, Krahk’ln.
XIV. Bedford.
XT Appomattox, Campbell.
\ YII. H* nrlco, Hanover.
\ Mil. Caro ine, Hpotsylraula.
\\V L udonn
XX II. Albemarle.
XXIX. L aiUa Goochland, Fluvanna.
XX XU. Hampshire, IWrJy, Mo gan.
XXXIII. Frederick, Clarke, vsairen.
XL. Mercer, Monroe, Giles, Tuzewcll.
Xnl. Smyth, Wythe, WHstiltigton.
XLII. Beott, Lee. Kus.m11
XL!U. Kanawha, Bo. ne, Logan, Putnam, YTyomlng.
XL1V. Nicholas, Fayette, Pocahontas, Braxton, Greenbrier,
MLVI. IUrrls >n, Ritchie, Pleasants, Wood, Doddridge.
XLY’II. Marshall, Marion, Tyler, Welscl.
XL1.X. Monongall , Preston, Taylor.
nr in addl ion to the regular acaderalc court** of the Insti
tute, th ? Boaid of Visit »rs have organized two upecial echooU of
Applied Science, vix CVr l Emji icfriicj and Agriculture. Ap
p icanii to enter either of these schools inu*t be qualified to su -
tain an apptoved examination on the studies of the Hd and 4th
c a* *•• of the Institute. As the dei gn of the Board Is t«» maintain
a high frnde of scientific Instruetlon in these special schools the
condlti ns of a In ission will be ilgidiy insisted upon. AM r quire 1
icformstlon will be given upnu application to lie* eup- ’lnt nd**nt.
nr Officers of the Va Militia who desire military n»tru lion
a. Huthrrired by the Uw.wilt find it bent to attend the Infantry and
Aiti U-rr drills during the months of May an I Jnne.
IW The Superintendent it prepared to supply schoolt with
teacneri from the graduating clam, if application be made before
the let of July.
jtT The utual graduating exercises will take place on the *th
of July, and there will be an exhibition of Fire Work, at night.
VITIM, commence tilth April, JofiO, a id
Y Y continue two days.
First day, Friday, April 87, lS6ti, sweep
stake for nags that never won a race or re
0-lived • premium as a trotter. Twenty-five dollar, entrance —
half forfeit- the proprietor to add ♦-’5 If two stait Mile heats— to
harness, to name and close Slid day of April, la60—now two sub
second day, Monday, April doth. 1SC0—subscriber’* purse *-’al—
entrance-half forfeit to be added to purse. Mile beats—best
three in live to harness, free for all to name and close XSd day of
April Ibiid.
saosKb Rack—stun h»v.
v 8we -pntakes 'or any hor.e, mare, or getden, now In Mrglnla.-*
Mile heals— *80 entrance-half forfeit added by the proprie
tor If tw< start—to name and close 84d day of April, lsfiu—10 go
In harnets
All tite above races to be governed by trotting rules, and entries
to be made with the undersigned.
> . QALVI1* ORB HI, Proprietor
WHITEWASH SHUSHES*-Jut* received a larko
ae.ottu.cnt, for sale low, by
I *p!', ______ THEO. ROBERTSON A SONS.
IIUHI.E CASTORS.—A large supply in store, and for sale
| apis No. 63 Main st
) llllt: ItO'-TS.—We have just received direct from one of the
I best msnt.faclurers, a large and full supply of Cartlage Rolls,
I Oo.cb Sctews aud 'fire Bolts, well a-sorted, every sire, to which we
respectfully solicit a call from evert or e in need of such articles.
aplS No 63 Main st.
DADDLBRY. YTohavelofl ntt hand a rmall lot of Bolt
1*3 and Scirrup Irons, which we are offering at and below cost to
eel rid of them. T. ROBERTSON A SONS.
aplS No. 63 M.in st.
HKNN 7SSY BRANDY.—maekturn's Hennessy Bran
dy, ratluu* vintages, for sale bv __
We hare been shown a document signed by the May
ors in office of the cities of the United States anu Canada,
certifying to the superior excellence of Dr. Ayer's com
pound Kxtract of Sarsaparilla and to the value of ail his
remedies as articles of great public utility. Such evi
dence from such high sources bears u* out triumphantly
in the position we Imve long maintained with regard to
Dr. Ayer’s preparations, or more particularly our adver
tisements of them. No publishers need be more oppos
ed than we are to the promulgation of quackery of any
shape, but we kuew when we began that hia remedies
were above any suspicion of deception—that tiiey were
about the best it is possible to produce for the cure of
disease, and that they have the confidence of ail commu
nities where they are known. Not alone because the
Mayors of the whole couutry believe them useful to their
people, hut because we know from experience tbat they
are so to ours, do we believe we arc rendering a sub
stantial service to our readers in making their virtues
known to them.—Courier, Princeton, Ay.
V"^f=»AUCTT01T.—Groceries. Whisky, ka, this
morning, by I. A 0. B. I)AVX S PORT,
apiSX—It Auctioneers.
lb<- 9th lust, I received a letter, numerously signed by cltlxene of
E.ii ibetb City county, requeuing me to announce myielf a can
dtdate for the JUDDKBIIIP of this Circuit. Supposing that the re
quell waa prompted chiefly by the partiality of personal friend
ship, I torchere to accede to It Blnre that time, aimilar communl
cations have been tent me from cltlxeni rf the counties Of York
and Warwick, and I consider myself no longer at liberty to with
hold my name. In accordance, therefore, with a lenae of duly,
an 1 tny own Inclination, I announce myself a candidate for the
JUDtiKSHIP of this Circuit, made vicaut by the death of the ven
erable and lamented Clopton. Very respectfully, your obedient
servant. CHAS K. MAI.LOKY,
ap!9— dltAwtd Hampton, AT*.
No. 79 .Hurray Street, New York,
Importer and Wholesale and Ketall Dealer In
From the Manufactories of
Orders forwarded to all parti of the United States and Canada
by Ksprets. _____ up HI —w)lmR
RECKIYINU TO-DAY, 100 bbls Portland Syrup,which
[ will sell cheap to the _it. JuNtA
i AA IIII I..S OLD R 1 ■ WHISK \ , of various brands
/ \) and superior quality, iu store and fur sale by
apl'J M- JONES.
r/\ TASKS WHEAT W HISKY, warranted fo be 19
»)U yeai M J 1MB
M"* In store ind for sale by M JONES
| / v || II DS S KM W ENTER N IIAM«, In store and
Xv* for sale by M. JOMB
*d*i proof; In store and for sale by M. JONES,
J 9 article, for *ale by T. KOBKRTJON k HON.*,
up 19 No. 6ft Main *t.
H UaSllKll—
The U story of France; by Park Godwin, vol 1 (Ancient Gaul)
A Bachelor’* S ory; by Oliver Bunre, “a gentleman that love*
to hear himself talk, and will speak more in a minute than he will
*tan4 up to In a month,” ftOc.
The Ca\toi*»; by Mr K. Bulwer Lytton, new • diilon, complete in
1 wot 1-in • . loth, 41.
Marion'* Hunflay*; or, Htorle* on th»* Ten C •mmandments, by
Ml-** Kitty Neiily, amhor of Kills Randolph, 4th*.
Tiie Toll Gate; anew story for children, *2ft<\
Stories of the Ocean; or, Gem* from the Hea-falrlng life, by Rev.
John dpaulding, :MI<*.
The A«lventure* of Verdant Green; a further supply $1.
Footsteps of St. Pau’; by the author of •* Morning and Night
Watches,” Ac , 41.
Fay and Seal; by the author of ** Wide Wide World,” 2 Volf. l‘2mo
The Mock Auction; Ossawatamle sold; a Mock Heroic poem,with
portraits and tableaux, I lustrative of the character* and action*
of the world renowned order of Peter Funk*, 1 vol. l‘2mo, muslin,
A. MORRIS’B ikitort,
•pi? UT Main Street.
N OTICK.-I wish to get two or three likely well bred Boys,
to learn the Birber’a business, that will »p-*ak and step quick.
1 would like to have them from teo to fifteen years old Any gen*
t'.emrn who own or have such boys In their charge, will please give
L. B SMITH, Bai bar,
apl>—'2t Exchange llotcf.
|Ut hhdf prime Western Side* and Shoulders,
ft" tierce* Hames,
100 kegs and bbls. Leaf Lard,
50 boxes cheese,
aplS_ Forsale^by _E H SKIVKFit A TO.
GEORGK L. lil 1 )GOOD,
WOULD respeetfully Inf irrn hi. friend* .nil the public, th.t he
ha. reiu jved to Vie St >re
No. ll.l Main Street,
Recrnlly occupied hr Mr. Chaa. A. fiwatkin, and on* door below
Itesin. Kent, Paine * Co. Uii stock ct
will compare favorably with any house South
ID ha. .elected with great care a splendid assortment of Sts
tiomuit to suit the moil fuitidioai. A collection o* choice
of the newest tditlous, ami Indeed the latest popular, mural puldi
cation, a. soon a. published.
The Store has been elegantly and comfortably fitted up with ■
view to the easy conduct of burineas. a. well a. the comlort and
ease of the cusiotner. Also polite and accommodating clerk, art
Order, will be faithfully and prnmpt'y attended to.
Don’t fvrgel the place. No. 161 Mil* Stkktrr, one door be
low K tr. I’ai*. A Co. apis—dlw
FALOIIi.-Family Flour, ofsuperlor quality, for sale In quan
tities to suit, by
: I )OKT WINE.—Mx eighth casks pure Port Wine, aline ar
JL tlele, fir sale ty
(*I,t WATER.- E i-'i-r'« Patent Water!
J best article now In use, for purifying and clcniing water. A
supply just received direct from Europe, for sale by
apis—lw DUNLOP. MQNCUUE * 00
jI'IIIM, SILK VESTS. -The as* irtmcot la now ful
^ and complete, embracing a variety ef splcn.ll-1 goods, to will. I
the attention of our customer, and friend* i« Invited.
lJABA ( OfJA WATER -A freih supply of SARATOGA
O WATER, tCotigres. bprlng,)Just received, l r
JAri. P. DUVAL, Druggist,
apH Oppclte the Post office,
I' tub. a rkin., fre*h thii bpring’, butter, just received, to
day, for sale at re tall, by J. 9 ROHKATSON,
apl'- iw Corner Franklin and Governo* Sts
SCOTCH ALE, geuuiue articles, for sxle by
api- lw CornerFranklinand Governor8ta.
i>CRE FRENCH llll 4ND1 A \ D H \ J Wilis
K V, of the oldest and purest, and 1‘est In the United .'tales
for sale by J -' 1 I’roN
apl'-Iw Cor. Frankliu and Governor St*.
I VI ,t Ige l't.‘, I'.S' and ”6, lor sale by
apis-lw Corner Franklin and Governor St*.
Bl TTERI hi rTBB! !—I have now C0B|
arrangements to receive fresh spring made Orange Ounti
Butter, of .upenor (|U lity. Also. Mountain, almost daily. Fanil
Res or the Trade can be supplied at retail or t.y the package. Ai
so, reeeiving Ids morning, Todd’s Extra Stnithfleld Family Hams
ntd In store Todd * Sons Extra Family,tjocen City .Country Cured
and Plain Baltimore Hams. Call and t nmmr
9A.MP9.jN JONES, Agent,
ap!' Cor. Main and 9th 9t
J Vl.M'l ( ASM PAATS.-3.DWI pslra of bn.
fancy Casilmere Paul*, embracing an alm'ul endless vsrlelj
of llit* latest Spring Styles, in store, and for sale by
I JOICI I. AN n NX KIT*. New crop, dally expected pe
J sclir. * M I. Ilat is," L r sale l>y
1)1 HE .MOL ASSES 1(1 M best brands, for sale by
(<AM)l.i:s. "AVm. Jacks tn A Co.’s" brand gtat boxes, foi
j sab by I. A O. II DAVENPORT
TUIS llOliM X‘», ait.il 17th,
Will publish
ossawatamie sold,
A MOCK HEROIC POEM, with ten tinted plates illustrative of thi
wot Id renowued order of Peter Funk*.
Price 7ft cents, one vol, 12mo , muslin.
It will be mailed to all who remit the price »pl7
j A ( ASKS Fit IhM II BHANDV, under Custon
r House Lock, for sale by
aplG—dlw W'.| WALLACE RONS,
iUU SOAP—Just received for sale by
llicimoxi) FT 71A it: *1)711X1111
O.V tiltACk STKkLT BETHkEN Jill & 4TB,
A. M. DL’PCV, A. M., ( Principal*.
1|HE duties of the current session of this Institution will be re
sumrd on TUESDA V. the 3d day of January, IsGO,
Rev. Moses D. Hope, D. 0. English Literature and Biblical studlei
A. M ltupuy, A. M., Mental and Moral Pltilosophy and Natura
S. H Coleman, (University of Va.,) Mathematics, Ancient Lam
gnages and History.
.Miss Augusta Daniel, Prepartory Department.
Prof. Charles Seibert, Piano.
Madame Matl.Ude Estvan, Vocal Music.
Prof. A. La Bontbarlc, French.
Prof. G. Perslco, Italian, Drawing and Painting.
Senor Carlos Cordoves Merit, Spanish.
Prof Hclnrick Schneider, Harp.
Prof. 0. A. Kricsslon, Guitar.
Dr Hoge.s Lectures ou English Lllerature, which have been found
so very Interesting and instructive, will be continued. Young la
dies, residing in the city, who no longer pursue their studies at
school, but who still wish to cultivate lleiles Lettres, may becomt
members of his Classes and attend at the prescribed hours without
being otherwise connected with the Seminary.
Board for nine months (ending last day of June, 1SG0.)_|2< 0 0<
Washing and lights. lift Ot
Tuition In the Preparatorv Department. 80 Ot
do In ordinary English branches. 40 Ot
do In advanced do do . 60 0<
do luJModern and Ancient Languages, each. SO Ot
Music, Vocal and Instrumental (Plano and Guitar), for one
lesson of one hour per week. 40 0(
For two lessons of one hour each per week. 80 01
Use of Plano. 1001
Drawing In Crayon.. 2ft Ot
Painting In Water colors. 80 Ot
Painting In Oil.. 40 01
The Boarding Department is under the control of Mr. and Mrs
Dupuy, who exerc.se a Parental control over the young lai'lca en
trusted to their care.
Dr. Hoge will take pleasure In answering any letter* of Inqulr]
with regard to the schooL All business letters should be ad Jressci
to A. M. DCPUY.
ja9—dly Richmond, Va.
IROX!!! IRO.X!!!!
Q trvTONS ENGLISH REFINED IRON, embracing a fu I as
Oou sortment of UagnaU's Shafting, round and square, Hat
oval, scroll, half raund, half oval. Band, Hurseshee, Nall Rods
lloop and Sheet. Also,
EugUah and American Blistered Steel.
Por sale by EDWIN WORTHAM A 00.
U4LO till.—Family and Extra of beat brands, lor sale by
STEEL.—10 tons Blistered Steel, made of Sweeds Iron, fo
sale by aplG _K II 8KINKKH A CO
ilv7V/ aelect brands lor bakers’ use, for sale by
ap’.G—diw wm Wallace sons
H CO Alt Cl'KEB HA.ns.—western Hides and Shoulder
for sale by apll_L A O. B DAVENPORT.
MO LA SHFS.—Prims new crop Cuba Molasses, In hhds am
Lots., for sale by K. U. SEINE** A CO.
Wttrt Proof Dura —W« saw at Msssrs. Iters A Potodester's
store, last week, a piece of elr.th which, after being saturated with
some chemical mixture, had bee* lacked to a email bortxootal
frame, and made to hold a quantity of water. The water, ws were
Inhumed, remained upon the cloth setcral weeks, sod not a drop
nosed through The waler proof fluid was compounded, after a se
rles of experiment#, hr Mr Adanu. of ihla city, lie 1. amb us to
extend tt.hoioe manufacturers the first benefit of hie discovery, and
we hope they will not fall fo Investigate ita merits apt# dSt
HP” W« pgpxaaragi> that Me. Bcrrs.nr sin.nfl)..- PavllUon Hotel,
Chart- sion, ba» got a “few more left" of thoee desirable aocommo
dations, which are so eaeen'.ially neceeeary for the comfort of Del
egate.!. Appiy early, und accoomodatlont ean be had at liberal
rates. _ _ ap:»-H
ipss, i;m:kvi; tiii: ti:kt«i.—
IIKK " Is confidently reermmended to the public as the best denti
frice erer made for reiiiovlux tartar, preveutlUK Ita
rorilliitlnil, presi rrlng sud els suing till- t<■••Hi,
aud purifying the mouth anil breath. It has been used by our uan
clllsens wlUi entire satisfaction, and la fully endorsed by our beat
“I hare used and prescribed the “ Saponlnc Tooth*
Powder” of Messrs Meade A Baker, and in my opinion >0
ksTTXH preparation for the ends In view ean be compounded "
J so O. Watt. Dentist,
Prepared only by MEADE A BAKER,
Pharmaceutists, lifi Main street,
mhS Corner above Post-Oflee, Richmond Va.
[Front Rrr. Or. Rimtr, KJitor ('hritttuin AtlrornO.)
Psurta'a IxrsiUHLX Bsxigo Pownsa —All persons fond of light,
sweet anil wholesome loaf bread, biscuits, batter and buckwheat
cakes, may purchase this Powder with confidence. The materials
are perfectly harmless, and more pleasaut than soda, salaratus,
Ac. No fear of si'I K MRS, n The use of It will make the llghesl,
sweetest bread in the shortest possible time , safe time, labor and
expense, and never disappoints, if the accompanying simple di
rection* are observed. Besides, It Is manufactured In Virginia, and
la no Invention of Yankeedom. John W. (iarllck, manufacturer
and sole proprietor, Richmond, Va We know him. and have tried It,
and r-commend It, aa the best we ever tried. Get It and mind the
Por sale throughout the State by Druggists and Oroccrs gene
rally. mhl6
c. KlUmtDB*,
90 Tlnln M., .\»rtli-»ldc, 3 sloura above 1 Ills,
JTVKRY description of WATCHES, In gold and sliver cases,
H'ch Diamond Jewelry,Cameo. Coral, Lava, Carbunte, Etrus
can Cameo, and Pearl Bets, Sliver Pltchen, Goblets, Spoons,
Porks, Ladels, Cske Knives, Portmonles, Berry Spoons, Card Cases,
Silver Plat, d Ice Pitchers, Castors, Spoons, Turks, Ac., Ac.
{sV Watches, Jeaelry and Spec'acles. repaired_
H.\ II*! IIA .VIN ! IIA 1H S! ! —Just received, 1 *5 Todd's
choice Hams. Those In want of a reailv No I article will
pleas. calL JOHN P. WRKN,
apUt—Iw Cor. t h and Coal rtreeU.
N'OTIMJ.—Delinquent Consumer* of (laa In Monroe Ward
are hereby notilled that If they fail to pay their gas blits
before I lie hour of il o'clock, P M , tod ly, they will he dealt with
t-cordl g to the requirements of the following extract from the ar
dinance concerning the Gas World
By mi ordinnm / pftuthj thf Otuncil J/./y D'.th, I-vS-. flf any
Bill remain unpaid fur ms HATS next aft r baton which It is
presented, the Auditor shall notify the Superintendent, who shall
slop the gas from being used on the premises. In respect 'o which
the default ex Sis. and if not piln within rirTKKX inr.s, five per crnl.
will be added to the original amount of the bill, and it shall be
placed In the hands of the City Collector.
aplD—It M. L. hTRATTON, Audtnr.
Ml I K E.
(■N obedience to the Sid section of the Tax Bill, passed hy Ihe
Conned nr ihe Cltv of Richmond, on the 1st of 'I trch 1'*>', I
hereby give notice to all concerned th it the Committee of Finance
have rlaadfle I all persona and llrms chargeable with a class tai
the present year, such as merchants, traders, shopkeepers, manu
facturers, keepers of ordinances, brokers, Ac , which classifies,
lion lux be, n 'eft In the And tor’s office, where all Interested can
see the amount of tax with ahlcfi they are charged.
The Committee of Pittance will meet In the Council Chamber, on
TI, rs lay. vtlth April, at t o’clock. I* M , to hear applications from
>1! persot •> who shall think they arc put into too high a rlsss The
sal I Committee shall, after hearing the party, and any evidence
he utav produce, change the clast of sit. h person or firms, or per
mit It to remain as It has been fixed l.y them, at shall appear to the
Committee just and equal. k. I*. STKAITON,
apl'j-td _Auditor, C. R.
HOOK* OF VALUR. are to he found at
Imaginary Conversations of Greeks and Roman ; by W. L. Lac
History of the American Revolution; by David Ramsey, M. D
2 volt. 11
Life of Arthur Lee, 1.1. D ; by Richard Henry Lee. 2 volt. fit.
Old English Poet*—uniform edition with plates—Chaucer, Spen
cer, Dryden and Pope, at per vol. |2.
Old English Dramatists unifo m edition with plates—Shake
peare, Wycherly, Congreve, Van llrugh Farquhar, Mas
singer, Ford, Ben Johns ,n, lleaumont, Ptetchcr, Mar
lowe and Webster, at per vol. t-T.lH.
1)0 \Y DKIt. -Kentucky Rllle and Amertc m hportlug. In kegs
tl .ska ani canisters, Blasting Powder,—2,nOOkegs f. r sale hy
apH—3t I. A O H DAVEM’UKT.
1|»/V HAGS HI. It K PEAS on consignment Jarid for
sale by w. H. PLKaS> If fS,
apt 9 l.Vh street
| n TlFHd S TODD A NO.VS I. X I'll A Sl (i » K
-4-’ ’ CURED FAMILY HAMA on consignment and for sale hy
apl, W. II. I'Ll V-ANTS, I.Vh street
1 f * VINEGAR, on cotilgnment, and for sale by
apl9 W. II PLEASANTS, I.Mh street,
i A uni s. BYE FlsOI II, t getber a.U> a s nail lot of
Jordan’s family Hams, on cnslgnm, nt, and for for sale by
•p 9 W. II, PI.KA8 1NTB, 15th street.
A Satrllltr ol Silk*
Elegant Dross Goods,
Embracing the
At unprecedented prices, bringing them within the reach of all, at
figures 40 per cent, below the cost of importation.
I of) VJain Ntre I,
Are now receiving and opeu.ng their third supply of
MAN Y of which have been purchased at the auction sales In
New York during the past week, at which the prices were
lower than ever known before. In
In elegant Batin striped and Cammeaux
In plain and flounced SKIRTS ;
Either by wholesale or retail, they are prepared to offer Induce
ments HtTHXXTu lxiojfau.au.
We shall be prepared to exhibit an CxaivaixaD Stuck of BILKS
of the choicest styles and astonlahit g prices.
jy on THURSDAY morning, the 1th, we will exhibit our Splen
did stock of French Lace, Dantaife, Pusher ami Real l.acr, Silk and
B-rege Mantle, and Shawls, some of which are very elegant and
cnfiVWp nw In style.
fffttur beautiful TRAVELLING SUITS for l.dirs, embracing
a beautiful variety, wilt be exhibited at the same time. Our assort
ment, the extent and elegance of which an advertisement can give
no Idea, will well repay the examination of all clae.e.of Dry Goods
buvirs. lly uollle attention, the best goods, at the lowest prices,
and liberal terms, wc strive to deserve the pttronage of ail.
weighing I ID HI lbs., In perfect order, for saleiby
l'Last Chance. »K.*CHCLTZ,in -8%s
r. uiru: g u.miiki w r mruic*i »nu ouwr ^ 7-—^ v.%—
gentlemen and Lad It*, respectfully Inform* '* is j <u m
those of hit city and country patron*, and all suffering from the
most painful Corns, lluntom, Deformed Nail*, no to delay in ap
plying Imtr.edUte y. There are many who nil! lack for want cl
r.lldcnee, and continue to suffer, although Dr H has been prac
tlclng for the tast five year* In (Ms city, and mch reference* ai
Win II \\.i< farland, F*«| , President of the Kariuers’ bank, Jamei
1. os, Ref Mr Wm J DeUlnger, Dr Mills, Ac., cto be seen
Office, Wall Street Hotel, Wall Street.
WT* car in mind, no pain or inconvenience, being by novel
chemical process. a- 19— *2t*
J the board of Director* «>f the Virginia Central KaUroad Com
ptuy, on the 3d April, ImSO, the following resolutions were adopt
ed :
Het,dred% That after the 1st day of May, the freight charged or
goods conakned to person* living at Staunton, Wayneaboro* Char
hittesvllle, (iordonsvlllc or Louisa Courthouse, may be collected
those points, jhoi idet! that the cr It ole *umiln* fi*r any consign
tnent mv.tt he >»t id before ft ny portion it btken /non the tle/sd,
ami that they will he tut j~ct to stored at the owner’s expense
If the Company shall find it riece*sary.
lifeulcen. That after the 1st day of July next, this Company will
not a< t as forwaider* of goods sent to Richmond from any oihei
Note.—The freight for goo<ls sent to the above named depot!
will still b.- required to 1*» prepaid In Richmond unless consigned
f*» it resident of one of tho»e place*.
(food* sent from any other point, to pa** over the road from this
place, sh iuld be omaigned to s«>me forwarding merchant In Rich
apll -d.tw‘2w Principal Freight Agent.
K hm( i I, April l", lSift
WHITE 81 1.1*111 It 8PRIXG8,
rpHIB long established WATERING PLACE will be open for the
1 reception of visiter* on the 1 jit Alii).
Many new and important a-ran?t menu have been made since
the last season In tbU large establishment, end no efforts will be
snared to make the guests comforiatde.
JrKEUUH MORTON, Pre.ldect.
J. HraritRars, General Superintiedent.
r#“Co rrcspondeiits wl I please a idre*s J. Humphreys, Puperln*
tendent, Whit Sulphur Spring*, tireenbrier county, VirglLU.
ap16 - li'.uwtlju __
Tills most delicious and appetising Baure,
Invented by the renowned **8ovan," for
the London Reform Club, Is, since his de
cease, manufactured by the well-known
house of Ckokhi A Bi.acxwuix, London,
from the original recipe. It Is the favor
ite Sauce lu England, and ou the Conti
nent, with a h1 j;h and growing reputation
among American Epicures, and is much ap
proved of aa a stimulant to the appetite
and aid to digestion.
“We recommend our correspondent to try Mox.e. Soria's new
Sauce, entitled the "Sultana Sauce.” It is made after the Turkish
recipe; Its flavor Is excellent, and It affords considerable aid in ca
ses Of SLOW AXD IUI DIQHSTtOX."— 771« lAlnett.
“Savory, Pi-iuant and Spicy, worthy the genius of Boyer."— Of>
1 itrrer.
\ “A most valuable adjunct to Pish, Flesh and Fowl, and should
i have a place on every table."—AU i*.
1 Sole Agents for the United States.
GARDNER G. YVELIN,117 Fulton St, New York,
and BRAY k HAYES, S4 Cornhill, Boston.
For sale by Grocers and Fruit Dealers everywhere.
DOVK A to.,
Wholesale Druggists,
No. 83 VI a in Street, Hitiiiiiond, YIItGIMA,
KEEP always on hind a la'ge supply of Drugs and Medicines,
Paints, Oi s, 1'ystuffs, I'erfumerv. Fancy Goods, Tobacco,
Began, Ac., and will sell on the most res sons be terms.
PERFUMERY.—A tine assortro. nl of the cholosl Cologne Ex
tracts, Ac., English, French, Spanish, Hungarian, and American.—
For sale by DOVE A 0«.,
1 aplO—tf___Wholes, I.. D-ugglsta.
Fil VIE WHITE COBN.-Ina bushels prime~Whiu
Corn, In lots to suit purchasers, for aale by
A full esiorlment Bilks, Cloth, Challeopllu and Lace Cloaks,
Manies, Ac., Ac., now ready. F. r sale by
A EKS—We b.vejuit opened of our own Importation a large
, stock or Toa Tray", In set., some very elegant and chaste pstierna.
Also, Wire Dish Covers, oval and round, for ante at Wboitwale and
Retail, at vary low pries*, by
No. If Pearl M.
Th* rood certain amd rm
/or all IM*~um o/ Oh fhtd and /„_, ****»«
Old*, AdKmo, IborumpMon, SrortrhUU
•"•'». ffciranw, iHfflrdt BrnVa^,
Oort Throat, Sc , Sc.
; TTtTff. Wafer* (We the mo*t Inatantan7,«, ,M
and when perievered with according to dUectloa# ***** **•*(,
feet a rapid and laetlng care Thouaand. h»„ <* *•
perfect health who hare tried other Deane In rain 7 r’**'’’•< <«
and all cor eUtutiona they are equally * Meeelr.g ,„g * ** *****
need detptlr, no matter how long the dl*#ue m»» k * '”'~****
however eerer* It may be, provided the organic w
tat organ. • not hopeleealy decayed, (very one W.
give them an Impartial trial. aaurta* m*mg
To Vocauwm ago Pcnuc amenta, thea* Wafer,
valuable; they will In oil D.r remove the moat
hoareenee*; and their regular nae for a few day. 7:7* ’*,*4'>**
Increaee the power and fleitblllty of the vole#, “***•
IU lone, cempaee and elearneae, for which parpeae u.. *l**’1*»
larly need by many profoetlonal voeallet*. ' h w.
job Moaw.ao,.^^
Wolfe** Genuine CoRiiiie Brand)
Wolfe;'* Genuine Port Wine,
Wolfe'* Genuine Madeira Wjn(,
Wolfe’* Genuine Sherry \»in,
I am no # eopplylng the trade with pure Cognac Brandy
tlea, both for medical and private o.e. The Immense
hae crowned my effort* to place a pure Gin within the ,rac7* '
under 111* name of Aromatic Bchlrdem tchnappe, and i71e ? ^
of the market the pernlelou. compound. Mid u Gin •> "
the country, led many leading druggl.U, apolhecarie. and "
men, for Dine yeari pa«t, to eollcli me to purvue th, ,
In regard to the article of Brandy. I ahould have c..In",,7
three requeue from all quarter* long ago, but wu deterr-d b
by the fact that owing to the exorbitant price, of Brandy p /"* *
cone* quint upon the .hortoraa of the grape frop for, r,/U'''
there wa* no chance of my being able to Import the T*1*1
dy, bottle it and eell It at moderate price# fortunately'!,, *
Uie grape crop for the laet and prevloua yeai .'and th, J" **'
for thie) a ae abundant, and price# of Brandy hare f,;;J7t*<
the eUmlard of ten yeari ego. The duty on brandy 7^'
•evenly percent, lower, and I have now made arrangement.
four Brandy exporter# In T-ance, of the hlghevt repaired * *"*'
ularly receiving coiulgnmeau of Uie beet Cognac Brandy
am bottling and ielllng as Wolfe’. Genuine Cognac Brand **!
giaiantee with my aeal, label, and certiorate*, the brandy J, *
tied by me, a. the pure, unadulterated arUcle.and ll nil k, r
when need aa a medicine, a beverage, or a cordial, htalUfu ’
Invigorating. It hat been a matter of unlrmal. omplalnt ;; '7
botUe of pure unmlxed Trench Brandy, war very difficult in
and thepurchaecr, nine Him* In ten, waa deceived with a rile
ufactured imitation. Of all de»erlpti< n. of ardent .plrlt. Hr <
from Ite high price, hae been the one article that mlier, and „
have turned their atteution to, and million# of gallone of U,
called Tr.-nch Brandy have been .raftered annually throui! 7.
ianu, a,Hi nair in™ uic pnunr/ nuc oi marier., ..l.l-jr, ^
tie* and crime*, and hare lent thousand* to an early *r*,>
deatroyeta, from delirium tremens, mania s pola anj torr
name* unknown, until unprincipled men began to male m.j. 6
Ing compound* and tell It aj the pure French Brandy,
The virtue* of pure Branch Brandy need nut be toll by o.
They are known throughout the world a* a raedielj, M m j (, B
ulant. It l«, a* the French nation (wietlcally call It, “ Ksa j |
vie," the water of life. But thl* applle* to It only when pare *..!
unaduller stcJ. Manufactured with the fearful Ingredlenu ■!
make a good Imitation, It become* a death drink to Innocent trni
of thou«and* of our race. To remedy a fearful evil, I b*»* c a
menced importing Brandy, bottling It, and telling It w
I am dally receiving order* from druggUU and apothecarle* In 4.
part* of thu Union, to *eU It for mcilical purpc***.
No. 22 BkarkK .strut, Xtw You.
tV Agent* In Richmond,
mh44-diflm _ FT.-HKR A WIXfTOX
II*<I<*. Oil mill LcnllicrMorF,
D. KIRKPATRICK A SONS, No. U B. Third Street, betvee* •
Market and Cheatnut Street*, Phlla lelpIJa, hare for i.Ie DRY 1X3
HALTED HPANI8U HIDES, Dry and tireen .“sited Pit.-,* Kip*,Tu.
ncr*' Oil, Tanner*' and Currier*' Tool* at th* l*>c*t price* sad
upon the beat term*.
tV AU kind* of Leather In the rough wan'ed, for thick tie
highest market price will be given In cash, or taken In etching*
or Hide*. Leather stored free of charge and sold on coastal**.
fc21 —dun
Chiirtei /11 ly the /ygiJnture rf Virginia.
THIS INSTITUTION will receiv* DIPOHITB, on sl ick s* later.
eit of six per cent per annum will be paid on alIiumaresale
Ing longer Il.an • a months, and flee per cent for a shorter t*e»
liepo* t* receive I at the Insurant-* office of Metsr*. War*.. |
Wvstt, No. DO Main si, by the Tass.-t as*,
CH AS V YIOKRIeH, / • -ri 'enr
JOH P. MWiiKI>.\ Secretary.
CHAS. E. WORTHAM, Treat .nr.
Chaa. V. Mori It*, Jsa H Conway,
John Dooley. Ro H. Bo-her,
Oeo. W William*, J. B. M--C e land,
John O. Chile*, R. 0. Mor iw,
Jno. P. Krgn suit, P. II Starke,
Wm Brent, Ro J. Ethola,
R, M. N! u.tno, A K Di-klr-.o,
Thus. J. Starke, Jo*. P Swords,
Jos. F. » o'trell, Wm. B. Pless.r.t*.
Hoi. A. Myers, Jno. C. Shafer,
Wm. C. Braxvsl, Jus. J Dorrln,
Wm. H. Maddox, Cha*. K. UV rt’.am,
l. W. Glaiebrook.
apt I - .Wm
Ornc* Rk'im- >u A Psrvastrsu 1
Kiii.k -in Courssr
Ro iiw- sp, Ys , April K, IMkt, |
IIXOR the eonrenience of persons attending the Deocmtk Cow
vent'on, to be .held at Charleston, on th* - -.‘1 lnstr.;.r»
ticket* will be sold at this office from the I'tht, the .’.'a.. Insu,
and good until four days after the adjournment if th' 1 rn-iuoa
Price f25 CO. T. H. W YNN,
ap 17—At Sup,t& ti ll
south i::r\ sewIxiHiachixes.
Itlrh inond, Ya,
THE subecriber* have formed a joint itock company tor the pur
pose of manufacturing
which, from simplicity of construction and adaptation to all brs*
chcs of needle work, stands unrivalled, and we ofier theu t« U»*
public with full conDdciiCc, believing that a fa.r trlsl of th* ■»
chine will aati-fy all of our ability to furnish this v*lu»bl» smd*
In domestic economy, fr. m OCR OWN FACTORY, that will prof*
lu every rwtprct equal to the best furnished by Northern Bawafat
These machine* are manufactured tn l sold under legal righu
from Ella* Howe, Jr , W heeler A Wi|«ou-* manu acturtng Comps
ny. Grover A Baker'* Sewlag Machine Company, and L M Ktt*
A Co.
John 11 Letter, Jam.* 8. Kent,
Abram Warwick, P. Morton Ke*rh.
Horace L. Kcl.t, Christian A I.sthr p,
Edmond. Davenport A Co., P. C. W arwick, Jr.,
W. G. Paine, Bolling W. IJasall,
J. L. Appersi n, U. K Ellyson,
1). 8 w’ooldridge, H W. Kn wle#,
James Dunlop, John A Geo Gibson,
Tho». R. Price, Keen, Baldwin A William*
Wm Beer*, Edmond A Davenport,
J H. Montague, 0. (lennet,
W B. Warwick, Wm A Walter*.
R. R Howlaon, 8 M.Gruder * Son*.
W II MacfarlanJ, L W (itasebrook,
Sam’l Putney, John Purcell,
Geo. J. Sumner, Crrtuhaw A Co.,
Wm. II. llaxall, H. E C Baskervlll,
T. B. Statke, C..rbln Warwick,
Wm. Palmer, Geo. W Vaneey,
John Thompaon Brown, Ja* A. Cowaroln,
Jo* P. Win*! n, W. B. Pleasants.
Sam’l J. Harrison, , , .
N. II —Local Agents wan’edln allthelarga cities and Inww I*
iMi United State* and Canada, to *, II the ahove Machine*. *»«*«
for the present, CORINTHIAN HALL, Main street. Addr *.
LESTER Manufacturing Company,
mhSI—If Rlhm..nd.ra_
MW half cheat* Gunpowder and Black Tea*, direct Importinoa,
of the heat crop that c ould be obtained In China
8,MW saekt fine Sal!, per nh'p ..Alexander,”
MW *’ Ground Alum Halt
Til tierces and half tierces Klee, direct from Chaikatoo,
2.1 hinis. Cincinnati Bacon 8 d»s,
7i») hag* Government Java Cr fee,
Ml tierce* Solar and Coal PU Oil,
I Mt case* Sweet CR,
1M> “ Licorice,favorite bran.l*,
SOn tierce* llibberta' London Porter,
Son bale* Clove*,
Nutmeg*, Mace and Pepper,
Dark and Pa e Brandis*, of our own Important*,
Wine*, of approved brand*,
Worcestershire Sauce;
CruueA Blackwell'* Muattrd,
“ “ Pickle, pint* and quart#,
7,<W0 bag* Peruvian Guano No. I, ..a
1,000 *• Phi) and C. Manipulated Guano, '■
1' AN LEW, TA YLOIl A UO., No 74 Main «««*>"
f Id fture » Urge *tock of
Butcher** Hie* and Edge Twol*
gpear an«! Jackion’* Hand. Rip. and Grain
B»l<Wtu’* bench and moulding Plane*
Huiita and Blminon'a chop and shingle Uatche*
Nag lole’a A dge eye, nail and brad Hammer*
Cook s and BnelPa east ftcel Auger* and Bttw
With, rby, Beatty k Bradle?** Dialing Rulee*
Turning I.athes, Chl.«els and Gouge*
Boreiig Machine*, tire end brcaat Drffla
A L0O, a m ||
Blackimith'i tools of the beat <iualltyt for salt low tor c ^
pu'itUaal customer*.
No. 141 Kaifle Square.
BEST 4 1 Blcsched Do me* tic at 9J
Best do do 10 et*
Good do do M
Best Ei.glUli and American Calicoes At lie
Superior Khl Gloves at 75c. ...ukiM
Prom the great auction sahts in New York we have 1
T'* ’ 30 pcs Ore** Silk* at 97*e and I1W0; worth |l «•
Poulard Silk# at 50 ct«.. verv cheap
chaine il)e Lalne* at Vd and la do do
Berege Angial* at M and Is do do
50 p • 4-4 Prench Brilliant* at 9d
Cambric Selta at $1 85; worth 98.
Very large *t >ck of
for the present season, cheaper than ever retailed
mh2« PERKINS A CO., No. Ill W ^ -
TWINER. -Cotton, Hemp and Jute Twine, of *»0'‘U»4
j* »nJ ,or ,4** bjr joHK M. GORDON A i
tlon lo the Slock of the Bank of Richmond. *n tjaus4.
May next, at the office, of Messrs 8. Mcl.ruder . »• “»
Davenport A Co., and the Uallego Mill*. McG*U',lR'
ap!7—dtlMav_ahkaham «ak»L
Just received 4 4 White Ctnton M*l«ng
*4 do. do do
4 4 Red Check Canton Mailing
Of .upcrlor quality, and very «b*y„.lyriIM , uTH*C^
Fine Havana cioabs,warrammi *«
consignor at, lor sal* bp waLLAC* I0-'*' -
ilMI* __ - - ’——
W WALLACE** ELBE -W^Art* *»*
, WUIALY, *>r Ml* b|

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