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• in Him NOBVIM3, JV8K J«, 1 S60.
if ,'aitv4 m .’.mow*.. dO<trMr«Ll U- tW“Kiitlor •/i»4
AHMUt lOrittm on >* iA tU*i / Vi* /sl,-w •rt,'; «v>l
d TW* M a rat* */ J«v «**•«■■*. "Kl« * *» *’*‘*<’" «*> <*<”,
•t.'u^.ww MM btUfi'i+lfrvm. lit kiq w«iWW>Wl
roK riUSIDKN».
or tssnesse*.
Hell Mitllil* utiou fleet tut!
Tbere will be 4 meeting on the Public Square, in this
ci.», ot: ' S tur
of ratifying the nomination of Bui ted Evkkftt. All
those fnendlv to the objects of the meeting are cordia ly
invited to attend. Let there be on the occasion a mam
moth gathering of the friends of the Constitution and
the Cnion. Distinguished speakers »:i, be present at d
address the meet!' g. Com** 01 . come 1 !
I» ■ tiiocr.t11 c Slate ('wait utiou lu Virginia.
We r«j ice to be able to announce this morning tl e
probat. 1 y ot , 1 •*••• • r !• •• -•* -.1 c
State Convention in Virgin v, m the cour-e ot a tew
weeks. We confess to a monstrous liking for the-*
general Democratic pew-wows, for tf ey are always oc
casious ot lnhui’c* entertainment and amusement to th*
universal outside piblie. 15 st -. the dtflering and m
lagan.-tic wings of t e “fa hfu!" iit Vi gi- ia invari -
bit become more embilte* d . nst each o h r, and g>
farther apart, whenever they meet in State Convention
The present, too. we eeosidcr an especially farorub«
time for the Virginia Democracy to ns-** mble again in
council, inasmuch a* their weather-beaten old party 1
toin and riven into 1 thou- ir.J fragtn* its in every Slat*
in the I'nioo, and the iepiiugs of the Dot oia- aud Ami
Doc iilas factions towtrds each other are of the most
d.-i **ly harm >iou< 1 aracter. We second, therefore,
with all our maid and he. r aud strength, the sugg* stion
for rhe call of a Democratic State Convention at the cat
heat practicable moment. We are glad to ob-cr. », b'
t :e way, that le Kiti/mir > of yesterday contains a cal
I »r 4 nH’VlUlg Ut UK- wan it wiuuin
* e, to bo tcid in this citr oa the loth of July, for the
purpose, we pre.-umc, of designating a time and place
for the bolding of the prop kied Convention. We ex
press the hope that every member of the Committee w: i
be iu hi.s |il.HY rn t::c ! "h of .1 4!. i th.1t tl < "■
in» of a Convention, about’he Iit’.b or rii.Iule of A'
gust, wdl be unanimoa^y aud e-di-n ist.cxlly dctern.it;
ed oa.
A» to the place for holding the Convention, there will
probably be some difference of opinion. lu view otour
confidential rotations to the Doin'*.tracy, and of o ;r iri
meudous affection for th db-irered and melancholy tribe,
we take the liberty of making a - .gge-tiou to the Com
mitteeou th;- subject. In the first place, then, we arc
clearlv of the opinion that neither Richmond, IVter burg
nor Staunton, should be selected as th ' pi we for tu>!
ing the Convention, for the reason that each of thofc
pla cs has heretofore etjOJ 1 the honor aud tue spoil
incident to the asoemblii g of a Suite ( >>nveutiou of the
Democracy, lb -ides, the weather will be too hot for
such an entertainment, at ir s' -o far as R .hmond and
Petersburg arc ooocernt L We suggest Charlottes* die,
therefore, or Lvm burg, or I ede . k-b irg, or Alexan
dria, or Danville, or Wythe vide »r Wheeling, or Farm
vile. or the White Sulphur Springs, or the Mont
is irnery Springs, or Old Point, or any Otb. r point,
where fresh brer/ ■*, or salt wa'erdoth abound.—
Further, we consider Democratic Conventions remark
ably efficient m—dotiarv institutions, which inva
riably convert thousand of men from the irror
and vulgarity of D> mocracy, to the truth and decen
cy of Wti-Ka’ *ud inasmuch aa K.. hmond, Peters
burg aud Stauutoi ■*« .l»i fit from the Dennc
ri-v, in the way of Conventions, we think it is politic
and wholesome for th*' proposed Convention to be held
at some other place. Wo - bln it tl matte-, iv grv.it
e>; lJeucc, to the j :1.l; ro, .c .jk and patriotic
il.-cretioii of the C» tra' Committee.
The object of the proposed Convention, as we under
stand it, it to elf. et a union of t to S-.-i dor- and the
Douglasiot Vtrgi’-ia, ;ti sspjmrt ot I: - - ue electoral
ticket. But, how it is ii«r to bring th. abo t, and
yvt, for cither wii "to act in gv.. 'si’1, to Its own party
pa.-*(S our con pr< :.cs - on. And i* this anion could be
nia Den - vmcv pre»-- ’. to t • t!ilea throughout the lu
iou and to the world’ Separating at Charleston and
Baltimore, i-e - . as t ’ S-.. ?di rs and Doug as?
ites did, how can they co-operate together, upon j.rin
eiylt, by supporting,in th" v ir-ious " at- - the 5ame el»c
toral ticket, which lii .ct Is to i comp • ed partly ol if.
friends Of Breckinridge and pailly o' th fii i ds of D-.ug
Us, and the electoral vote of ti>* State to he c st after
wards a* a ami for whichever of the two candidates—
Democratic votes at the poll- I'nder such au amitige
ment, must not eiihir the Breckinridge men, or the
Doiclas men be nsceoaarily driven tot e wat.’* Suppose
ginia than llrvekiui dr-e, the • lor., ion# of the S-..« e.
IU CMC CQI .viou
li .ck:uiidge, then-lore, uihtaa »>lt not be in the
contest all Ou the oi-.t hand, tf Ireckiwidgu ob
tat:^ a larger Democrat* voi« tt so Douglas, tbe xleetoe
al vote will be not tor Breckuutdge, and tbs* trie-ids of
Douglas, in Virg nia, »ill lie pro* ally excluded from
auv pnrtWpotkm m
And, lor either the 11 is ode of lfr» citinnd-e or Doll.*
• uount to the ibiii M-imevtot t tr partic-iUr ... e i
the preren canvas* For, are not tl.c S- ceder* bound, in
houc*r and good ! h, to stand by Breckinndg-*, and are
»: a ad by Douglas, let the consequences be wnat th y
mav f
There can be no union of the two wiugs of the Democ
racy it Virginia or in a> y ot ict Su.c, in support ot the
•ame electoral ticket, without the moat shameless fa;th
lewnes* and abandonment of principle on :he part of
cither the Sec Jew or the Do gl cites. T e thing is
siinflv iuipoSM -ie Why, iu the liulf Stales the Secedeia
WO Id not touch Douglas » th a forty foe- pci.*, and yet
the Seceders in Virginia ac uu’.iy propose to vote for
P>ugDs electors, when tue • •• t *»f t .sir vote may be
* ml Sta
a-r i thereby role Breckmr -ige
axd perpetrate a grose a. d disrei "-.. le fraud upon :eir
Seceding brethre: u other Stalc-i Aids©, on the other
hatd. the propos- d arrangement n> ght ht . I to Breckir
ridge’s iweetvii 4 the »i.o!e • .-.e total vote of the Statc.aud
t> the ruling ol Do-istn out of -h*- r • win. h would iu
solve terrbly bad faith ou the part ol the tri-udsof
Doug Da iu Virgiuia toward the friends of Douglas in
Other Suces We cannot !»■ • eve that e:.h>-r th I... ck
inrtdge or the Doiiglta men hwe yet cou- lered tl.e
characu-r and efi ot liie prop ■- d -v* - or-iif.
when they do. they will hesitate a uiuiiieul about aban
doning it. We cannot brlieve that cither wing of the
party in this S ate will purposely commit so egregious
at! pal pat .» - with w 0:11 th pr >•
ft** to *. 0-0 per ate ia the press ut canvass.
But enough on this subject for the present W. shall (
recur to it frequen iv hereafter, and endeavor to “vents
late* it thoroughly,so that the pnn«i;4<-loviug Democrats |
ot V rgin'-a may cl »cr!y pereeiTe into what sort of d. spe
ra'e co-alrtion their arrogant leaders and managers pro
pose to drive them.
Tbe it rated Hall) To-.Msfct!!
We hop.* there will he an enormo is gathering of the
friends of B*:.t and Kvtaarr on Capitol Sq tare to-ui-h*.,
to ratify the nominations of fho*e pure and distinguished
•tatrsmen for the two highest offices in th * gitt ol the
American people. Among the geutlemen expected to
address the meeting, we iniy tnouuou John T. Tu 'Rxro*.
ot Prmce lidwaid, Join D. lunonis, of Augusta. Wit
Xtau U ki craaiavu, HaaMaoeu Jonas*.* »ud Ra
T. DaXitt-, Rsqli, ot the city of Richmond, and
perhaps other*.
We repeat the etpreaaiori of cur hope that tbe Wdiea
will honor and grace the interesting occasion iu large
numbers. In a word, let there be a grand an 1 irugudi
(wnt ratty at the fr.cnis of the Con-ututijn and tbe Uu
Th T nth Let Ion (hr Po«*ln»!
The Tenth L"gion Democracy ot Virginii, are rallying
wob the gre*'« - ent‘ u-iawm under the burner of Doto
as it.d JoH.v-i". We received, Of ye-'crday evening,
t l>rm ■ rai aud AVr;i*(«r, both > 'ished in Rocking
ham, and both the old aud honored c, -aiisof the Tenth
Legion Democracy, and both dying at their mast-heads
the uaiue oflirtrau A. Doculas. We copy thefoUow
iug from the Democrat:
* The Democratic National Convention, which assem
ble 1 iu Bal11more on the 18th o( June, have presented to
t An encuu people the uaiue* of-'TKPHKN A DOl It
1..VS. of 1 H i. for President, aud llKlir'llKLL \.
JOHNSON, of lb.orgia, tor Vice President
• We have placed this ticket at the head of our columns,
uid iuteud to s ,pjv.»i- . maintain slid defend it to the eud
ot the canvass. be, i-c-e i: is the ticket nominated by the
regular anJ properly accredited delegates ol the whole
parte. and lor the luriher reason that it is the representa
tive of the principles of the National Democratic party,
and he only conservative and national ticket presented
lor the suffrages of those who arc solicitous lor the per
putuatioo of the L’uioti.
•'Wo do uot de> m it necessary to say much of the jmlit
cat career of Judge Douglas. Uis name, bis deeds, his
f.in’o ard V* fidelity to the Constitution, are familiar to
every man who is in the least conversaut with the politi
cal history of the country lor the last fifteen vents.—
Though misrepresentation aud slander may attempt to
d nv !•;..! that j .site* end gra itude, and that need of
pra • . '-I, ; i is due him, yet we are confident that the re
rleeti: g at d conservative portion of the Southern people
will rally to hi- -epport, &ud4coa-ig-i his enemies and the
cons; -..tor- uot oulvagainst the iutegriiy of the Demo
cratic party, bat ac e -' the peace and welfare ot the
e«.. try. to i- tamy .t: i disgrace on the nging current ol
po; dar cu: Tempt. \V hen integrity, consistency audfiiW
itv to principle aud vested rights tiud uo appreciation in
t: <• S > tj. ti: r. only *ul So p mu A. Douglas be repudi
ited. But so long i s the South remembers his faithful
idle rence to the Coti-Ututiou.d r.^hl- ot the South, his
valor and I every amid trea-ou and rebellion, his selt
-.ici t'.e:i ” . cm.on to u.aiut.t :i iu.dolate the Constitution
;. • i'. • t ' atre. a'.d tit 1 ,-i .. i ce1 in:-’aaci.-, will l.**
.. lie ol M j ’ en A Douglas be rev red and el -r. hed
si r call ot ii • eh it— prejudice ea . ot remove it,
or . -c : g aud oorr ipt tn> .sters induce the grate
„ . g. ,,ei - D. mo* rue of ii*. Soutn 'oturu their
* on I i* man whose person-bears the sears, aud
*h--seg,i - its-in* .1 ol the tcrtible coulli - through
. iih pas- ,1 i defence of t ie Constitution aud
it r Lis of 11,e S-- .
The loliowiug is from the R-pi*ttr :
VV e pi .ee it our in cst to-dcy/n .rrn- s of onr eandi
.. l’r. si i«T. v -.I Vice i’t -i.iei.cv ot the
p , i. .|f.\ t £>.>- L»st0| II. ..is, ami ilntcSCHltL
V J oil's. * s ol Be-I nil- We hoi-i our b.nm rinse, ibcd
* U . ... u., ... - . , ,i -e we r, gird them as t i*t ta'ily
- ii and prop- riy con-ettmed -.aiidud-'iearers ot t- e
. c We are Iree to .-ay, that in t' c prese.it
l.-tr .-t- ii’i.T d divided eoud.tion ot our party we shj ihi
Tiive pref. in il - mi.-one else than Mr Dori.i.-s to be
..ir I. der. Not that we had no <■ .,ti leuce eilocr in his
ce.-ii v, or ii.. i* v ; for. in our ju 'g-iueut, he t.a< *ho*u
i- ti i 111 v both to just prmeipl. - and il • highest i is iucU
.1 patriotism. \ ct we prel ir d anOltit r, because we be
l v« d the in'.ere-W ft agr. it party, iu whose slice* -s
h >|" s of it. impel died I nioli are hound up, were iil
,olv .1 in it-,.- 1-- je We b. Ii -ve, now, that t ie late of
:u- I'uion d* p*-i ds upon trie suece.-s of t e D* moctacy
b leve l, to-d v, that Duennas h id not b-en fai K
hoseu i i Coovcntiou; or if we believed that he * <s
.-iiru- to t!.- -ip it- and interests of any on** s -cticn ol
ur l ion w.- wioultt “spit upon’ his uomina iori, and
■ o d •(. • miaiirn s of t--- couvemion of seeed- is—
,[,.ts Btt- wi'Ri! i s' i Link. But we hold that w
,re I, rv d hoi-or.iSdy bound to st,ml by aud uphold
-rKPiii' A Don.t aud we mean to do if, to tlie ex
t ;,| of o ;r f>—tde ab lity, let others do as they miy.”
1'. . jo*-- the T- nth L gion, which -isu dly gives seven
or • _ . ihous .nd u: *-f . lor Democratic ca ululates.—
V J L>. I, .. ratio ; a ei' ana po.illcMiis m v irgiuta nave
■ variably to d us hir*to!ore that, as goes the Tenth
I. gi.iti -o go s •!: Sti c! Such Meed is the great
s'rcligtr. of :':.e Den “ciacy ill the Tenth I. gion, that
t ley can ways dui.it ■ to th. ir i.lbes in Virgi' U! The
i , | egioa j> not be ti d to the tad ol the arrogati*
Scceder ,
rhe Nomination of Breckinridge A Disunion
7104 eiuent t
A very rg vrous ta it ite-t > lias been istuod by the Ten
r. --ee d> leg re- who -.dhered to the regul ir Convention
it B.duinore. V. ■ subjoin a portion of it, that Demo
crats of Virginia, as w •!! as Tennessee, may understand
more c!> arlv the real intiaetie \s that dictated the seces
, on of certain delegates, and their nomination of a
li kit in opposition to that put fotth by the regular Con
vention. T ie facts stated iu this paper, t’t.e notorious
■osition with refer* tic ■ to t e union of those who were
ch e v in-tru’nctitai i’ bring;; g abjut the seccs-iou, a'd
the inevitable tendency of a movement conducted und> r
-ach auspices should a rile every man who has not be
come infect* d with the i-.-a- c id* a of breaking up thiJ g’o
riouscoul b .icy of r: res. We invoke conservative De
mocrats, of v out Wl *uo»v that there arc bo.-ts autoi g
the !■■ - ol the copie, to pau*e and ponder well bi foie
v . i, tie ta-ei • t • a m.ivemeut m u-g d by
slieh desperate :;e •. g J ictdieg t-J such ruiuOUs COtiSs•
H lc.ces, a- that u w iu t .e hauls of Ya.ncm aud Lis
co-Libore s.
Aft. r reci'itig the a tioa of th • CharijjIo.i Convention
on the s t of a pi .•?••• :n, the juar.il <s) -:
l .on t •; adopt.on of the minority report in th s per
f the nu taal Deu -
.j.,- u'.v , L. 1*. Walker, c mirmin of the Alabama
. .gi ee ,i r i.ej . . j p.e ot l a paper, in which
u is -Ho d *.ii s'. ’ ee. :i_ . v having it L-en content
i:.g, itie.- w •. I nos withdraw from the convention,
lie con , igeney v»n iu -ubstj'o he re' -il by a mi
jorityol ti. • natio‘ 1 Democratic couventiou to adopt
j t e p’a’t > o t..e party the principle dtiowu indif
“ oi , s*ioi..il lulervcur " i.;d “Coagresa
p:ot ■ ion to slavery it: the T. rritofit s,” in opposi
ti a to coi 1 national Democratic doctiue ot “uou-iutcr
1 :■ the sc --iou of ’he Alt' out delegation, the
m ,v.oi. / w ■ so itt after lcUowed by th* mcomuub of
i . ... s, ti'-iar :u wi.ole or iu p.; t, ol seven otla r
;lo i’t r-i States, the tuo.-: ot whom were not instructed
so to act.
N iv, tcllow-citi/, us, by whom was tliis “secession,’’
or, to * i i it by * -’ill more appropriate name, this ntsf
v ON in . .. mcul ! d* It is as well known to you as it is
•o u- t it u w vs led by tt e Hon W. I. Yancey, of Ala
, a u, -tuber and ebi--t -pokisman of that iklcgniou
i» t . ir A; , be ami mo.- el'",ui t nan, it is not
tin. mu :i t i - ivof 1 u ti it :rs coni-'' ha-, for twelve
v .rs r - . b-- n one long consp ruev, is well against the
i t grif of the Democratic par v, as agaiust tne luiou
t t c e >J:tl -
Look tir-t a* ' - coifse in the N it local Democratic
•\>t»v-n ton a’ IL imoie, in l'l'. On that occasion lie
•. >h : i •■*• ! t • iltH-' ii eof “ lute vetitioti, ’ or “ I’rotec
. '., jl, linn . i> fiil. d to gel ; -i gh- State to
-tan I t* him II e l t I h;s pro’ea’. seceded front tint
*,..;li. .-, hi d oj ; o-ed the election Ol the
■ .t o ro.ni Ut .tnu . ler.
|, ...-w.il ack to Baltimore with th»* same pro
y.. t j , o • r do o rum" tti»- P iwt-tn y, ati'i was agiiu
vot-'d rf.»w n, ev > tt luor- emphatic.'ly than before.
| i » . i, ii s appearance in 'he N ition
i I)- .-ii ., ratic Con vet. ti >n, which :tss*tub'ed that vcir at
• , ; t’.< m.uc advociti ig t icv.-. v reverse cl
lit! tritiO < f I terv. tttin- fur Protection. 11- had
... . ,- i;i it ructions to etc Alihani* delegation,
wt . he wa i lnii.iii t < tlftu nd .Yoi vnterve' tioii,
tu-1, it* h • convention did not g-ant it, to s cede and
j. i i.!» I,.,.. ofd.-i .icn—ft it tertihle catast’Ophe
w * ,i.i ln« J - in - seem . > nd. H i' the cnnve: -
11., - r. ■ ■ geti n:.i ipl • . I “ No > Intervention"
i.i old dec t •• of a ii. j'Hitv of the partv. unanimous
lv gt i- t d the •!, niar.d of Alabicin.. tiiro"i;li lit i “pole <•
M in, Mr. Ya c. ., • ,d »o the tic - «uds ot this arcli-lrai
tor a.id corsjinitor against the Uuiou were a third time
i j . iv g arc J ot the I’uion, though for a time
i • ,,iv v'.u.ik-.1, tveu as lie and his followers now en
• i- vor ;■* throw sand in the eyes of the people on this
ii ,-i>. (i o. ct. w.ts not allowed to slumber or grow
1. lie nur* i his w rath to keen it warm. In less than
*o years alter the adjournment ot the Cincinnati con
I, c . ■ ; n - : avowedly to Oreak up tile Union, as
r t ■»• -is; tirst ai ictc of its constitution, drawn by his
own i.auti, f .My provi s ;
•• vi;r. 1 Tin- •.•.-niiicrs of this org-mlaation shall tie
k:.ow-. .i- T e I. -ague o! he South,’ aud our motto shall
be ‘A - HK.US KfclTiiLlC IS OCR ONLY S.*!'KTT.’”
About the .« tim- appeared the tollowing private
tier, p g 1'e .... upon O.-ii o! proof of tLe treasonable
Jc-:g;.s ol this American t’atalim-:
Montoomkry, June IS, 1S58.
Pr . i. .-’lit: Your kind let er of the lS li is received.—
I hir.llv agree with you that a genca! movement can he
■nnl.-lliat w lit i out the A ngo in stable. It the Do
11.. .. ., v w. re overthrown, it would result iu giving place
to a greater an 1 hungrier swarm of (lies.
The re:. ■-.!» of die South is not iu such a process —
I: is in a diligent organization of her true men for the
II :npt re~t- i co to the nest aggression. It must come
i t he nature ot things. No naiousl party can save us;
no sci uonal partv cm ever do it. Hut if we could do as
■ fa !i.-s del - orga z.u “committee* of safety" all over
ih.-i-.-'.t. » edit is only in them that we eau
lie:* for at. v ethxtift movement i we shall tire the south
c n heart, ir.s-.r .-.t the southern mind, give courage to
e, r ■ r, iml, ai the proper moment, by oue organized,
i cert, d act.. we Cau precipitate the cottou Stales
into a r> volutiou.
fit !, a ! as i»een «h id iwod forth in the South hv Mr.
U tin . i - been taken up and recommended by the Ad
, ..i MoDtfMHry, Alt, Mr. Yancey’s organ,)
-. :er •. . na-.e.-ot “I. ague of l >itcd Southerners," who,
. g p tin- uid party ri latic s on uli other questions,
will hold me southern issue paramount. and will iiitiucnce
; . til . I.egt-I it r- s, at d statesmen. I have uo time to
ci »rge, but to suggest merely.
11, L 1 i-CRT.
To James S'a ighier, Ksij.
‘ This was a private letter, hastily written, it is true;
1 ut i a -ubeeqi.ent one, writtc a in explanation of it, to
t.. ed.lor of th Richmoud S-utA, Mr. Reger A. Pryor,
he makes the matter worse bv saying that iu “precipi
tant g the i .('in S ates [only] iu'o a revolution,’ he
n • ant ti.at iu such a movrtneti. as lue revolutionary oue
. ■ bin: cted by himself and tie ‘S lutheru Leaguers," !
I e a. . 1 ' y.tiiif- t it '-*■ i h - iu the border States—
e: > St.tes as I >• law are, M.iy'a.,1 Tennessee, Kec*
t icky, aid Mi-soun ." He cannot trust Tennessee, hit
i r -, i e, i .. si so long kept an Abolitionist in the Se*
i iio—mei:i:-g Jnhn Bel , of course—and because a Ten
be* *« Method*t Conference r*lu*ed to expunge certain
anti-slaverv opinions which John Wesley bad inserted
in the Discipline. He cannot trust Kentucky, because
Kentucky, lor so mauy yeajs, upheld such Iree-soilers ns
Henry Clay and John J. Crittenden. Virgiuia he did
not mention, nor did ho “discriminate between \ irginia
and oilier border States, because his purpose did hot oflt
lor it.’ He tlicn proceeds to say
“It :s equally true that I do not expect Virginia to take
auv imitative steps towards a dimilution of the Union,
when that exigency shall be forced upon the South. Her
po-ition as a border State,and a well-considered Southern
police, (a policy which has been digested and understood,
and approved by the ablest men in Virginia,** you your
self must be aware,) would seeui to demand that, w hen
suclt movement takes pi tee by any considerable number
of Southern States, Virginia and the other border Stales
should remain in the Union, where, by their position and
counsels, they could prove more effective friends thau by
moving our of the Union, and thus giving to the South
ern confederacy a long abolition hostile border to watch.
In tlie event ol the movement being successful, in time
Virginia and the other border States that desired it.could
j-'in the Southern confederacy, and be protected by the
power of its arms and its diplomacy. Your charge that
1 de-igiied to, and did, impeach the lid* lity ol \ irginia,
i- untrue, however much of truth there may he in it with
reference to th- - • border States that I have named. ’
Fellow-citizens, it is as clear ns the noonday sun, from
the foregoing facts, that a detp laid and well-concocted
plan of disunion and treason, ‘of precipitating the cot
ton States into a revolution,’ had been devised and ap
proved in 1838, by some of the ablest men in the South,
Sir. Yancey being the chief instigator and prime mover
of the damnable conspiracy. Tins hideous scheme of
breaking up the Democratic party and destroying the
ch-.-rishi J union of our fathers, was not to he initialed at
once. The time for executing tlie movement was kept
in the dark. When was it to be begun? Wheu was
ths torch to be applied ? The transactions at Charles
ton, in which Mr. Yancey took so active and so ominous
a p ;rt, have pi duly proven to the woihl that the conveu
t un of the National Democracy in lStiu was looked for
ward to n- the period when the Democratic party and the
Union wcie o be overwhelmed in one common ruin.
“Arc vou ready, fellow-Democrats, to lollow the lead
and a-'i-t in carrying out the schemes ol a set of men
who nre so madly bent upon the subversiou of tin rie
publii ami the destruction of that good old party which,
it united, is still tlie oulv national political organization
left in the country which possesses the power, as well as
the will, to protect the rights ot every section?
The course pursued by tlie majority ol the Tennessee
de'egatiott ut the adjourned convention at Baltimore, al
ter refusing to act with the seceders at Charleston, has
d Mibtless tst-mi-hed the whol-' country. That course,
id- ntiti d as it was w ith that of the soces-i joists, was
cleat ly in t i llation of the spirit of th» sixth resolution ot
th- T.-MH-s-ec pltlform, w licit pledges the beany sup
port ol the T- .it. ssee Democracy to the nominee of the
Ciiarie-hin couvetition. It was -till more clearly and un
equivocally violative of the resolution presenting the
llo A- dr- w John-on as the It >t choice of Tcnncssie
0 he 1‘ e- dea y, which ptcc >-ils as follow - :
■ t another limit It' fin f> rr, d by the t harlciton
1 'oor, „tiu *, imii u-ho cordta.iy • J riot the Cincinnati
i<la form, whether he remit So. th or South we will yield
h ni our hearty tupport.
From this it appears that nothing could he plaiuer than
t tat a I that the Tenne-st e Demo, racy r quired in their
a dul iti- tin- the Presidency, “whether he reside North
or South," w is that he st.ould "cordially endorse the
Cincii.n • ti platform.’’ The Tonne-- -e delegation was ap
poi te.i hv the co venrion which Irani-d this rtB.tltuion,
is ..Do the - x.h above ref'ericd to ) These were our
i s'ut ticus; and we submit to every lair and candid
mitid, tlut. in bolring hum the regular convention at
Baltimore, and in following the l<udof a fragment—a
- pia 1 of disorganize;s and disunioutsls who wi-lt to set
u.i new test- ot Democratic orthodoxy—the majority ol
that delegation transcended their powers, utilised tiicir
tru-t-, and niisrepresctited th -Jackson Democracy of our
| loyal and Uniou-loviug Sute.
The regular Democratic convention at Baltimore,
i which uoiii:ii i.ed S ep'ien A Doug at inr the Presidet.ev
—a m at who, iu the language of the Tennessee resolu
tions, •■cordially endorses u,e Ciucitina'i platform'’—per
foriued no a :tion no: in s'rie1 accordance with the ptiu
c pi, 3 and usag of the Democratic party. The S'ites
whose delegations at Charleston had seceded either tit
whole or in part, lul l been invited to supply the vacua
<. .e< iu their respective representations. Such as had
done so in good I lith, and wording to the usag, s ol the
[ar:v, iu the regular convention at iiaUttuore, were re
At Charleston, the Tennessee delegation, after consul
tali n witl North Carolina, Virgiuia, Kentucky, New
York and otl < r Slat, presented, through Mr. Howard,
the foil owing resolution as their ultimatum, and known
as he ‘‘Tennessee platform":
“At»•!■'rt<l. That ad the citizens of the United States
have tin cj al tight to settle, with tln ir property, i:t the
territories ot the United Si.-.t.s, and that, U' der the de
c:si ns of the Supreme Court of the United States, which
we recoct z-' a- a correc exposition of the Constitution
o; the United States, neither their rights of person uor
prop, r v can be destroyed or impaired by Cougtessiouul
or territorid legislation."
Now, it cannot he denied that the majority of the
Tenues- e delegation seceded from the National Demo
cratic Convention b-fore that convention had an oppor
tunity to vote upon the above resolution. The journal
of the convention will show this fact to any one wl.owi •
| rake the trouble to examine it; and the journal will
also -how tlu.t the following resolution, w r ion is almost
identical »i ! that otl'-red by Mr. liuwurd, and wpich
goes unite as far in upholding the consti uiioual rights ol
tne South, - a'lii iinait: ii'imfy of Jiu:timutt
by its regular Na totml Convention winch uomina’ed
Judge Doug! is, and it ts now a ]>art of th ■ Democratic
pi ittorni •
“A7»«,That it!® in accordance wi:lt the true in
terpretation of the Ciu.inu.v.i [Utf.-rui that doting the
ex stenee of territo ia! government, t e m isurc of rc
-•r c iou, wh ilcver it utry b , imposed by the federal
Co .-tit t ion on the i nwers of the Territorial leg -lature
over the subject of d.vne ;to rel t ions, as the saute has
been, or shall hereafter be, finally u> ’ .mimed by the
Supreme Coo t o; the United S ail.-, ,-t.ail be rv p ct :
bv al! good citizen®, and enforc'd with promptne-s and
ltd. It1 y by every Ltutich of the b deral government.''
1 v . I' V i !' e 1 -nor.
titan two-thirds of th-- entire electoral college, inasmuch
as more that: two-third® of the delegates elected to the
convention remained attet the sece-rion was cotuple* *,
and all of them voted for l.iin on the third vote.
So it will b- p ’re ci li.nl on no ground whatever,
c her of ..net. nt u e.-e or of fair d sling. can the course
ot tl: - jmejot ity of the Tennessee delegation at Baltimore
b.* d< leudctL Still less cau i: be defended when »c take
i i glance at the character and antu cdei.ts of tome ol
t it c who controlled the proceedings of the unwarranted
fragile" rary convention to which they -ceded aud which
i, tut. a'ed Me--iIi:e<-k;uridge aud Lane. The Iran.
■ -ent, unblushing political trickery iu which that cott
\ ation originated, is apparent to all. It t- so palpa
ble to all who have wan ned the course ot events since
the aii-ournmc".: of the Ch arleston convention, that we
t, d not t >: Piate upon it. Nor have we the time in
t brief and hastily w ri’ten paper to go into these most
Irn :• it! but disgusting subjects. We have only time to
adduce one other sigua! evidence of the charges we make
ag di.s>. the objects and tendencies of this whole disot
ga d/.tiig movement. It i- tliis, that on yesterday, the
other s*‘ es-ionor ot:t-and out disunion con veutiou which
net .i Kicliti.ind, adopted both tie platform and the
cand Utc* ot the pretentious lit le couv< ntion width so
irrec'i arlv, a i s » d fiat,tv of ttneuerr usages nominated
M --is Brceki: tidee ;»>,«] bane last week it Baltimore.
In eoiicbtsiou, b bow -citizen.*, the I cts wc have stated
we know to be incontrovertible, and we leave to youi
ca-iCid judgment to determine whether the inferences
a I .if.ii., •if. :- wc have drawn anil the , (ineluslo: s i.
iliii 'i we hato arrived. ire not lair and !• gittui .le Foi
! iur- lv». w« have only 10 -ay tuat we intend to stand
. tl. nomine, s ol the only D mucratic N'utio; al C"i -
v utioti winch has assembled since ]s.Vi. Those noun
res ire. tor President. St plnn A D.mg'its, of Illinois,
.tid for V ee-lYesnlent, II r-ctull V. J -hi.son, ol 0-01
ga—hot I* inucrats, who never owned any ot'n t
i tilb. and * ho bear the honored sears of many Inird
‘oughl lights tor t ic Constitution, the S mil, the U ion.
ii 1 that . n ,. nt Itetnoer.itic party whose organization
• .• musses ot Tennessee, we believe, still cherish as the
ark of our political salvation.
If regular Democratic ti ki ts are run in all of the
ithern St a in, as we are assum'd by our friends from
very pait o' the Somh they will he, as we have no
doubt they will lie, Douglas and Johnson will be trium
phant \ • ; en d bv tt • people. The masses tbroughoui
t:.e Coni', demey are already ri-ing iu> in their behalf, and
especially iu behalf of the great and glorious, but much
calumniated statesman ol l.iiuots, w ith an ardor and en
tiiusiasm w hicu betoken a success equal to that which
e .ructemod Democratic victories iu the days of Jack
sou. I
Wm. 11. Carroll,
II. M. Wattkiison,
Washington Citt, June 27, 18t>0.
Mr. W. H. E. Jones, of the 2J district, will bear wit
ness to the (.lets above stated
Washington, June 25, I860.
Gentlemen: Your letter ol to-dav inhuming me that
I "luve been unanimously nominated by the National
O'u>veution ol the Democratic party winch met at
C irl.-stou on the 2'id day ol April last, and adjourned
to meet at Baltimore ou the 18th day of June, as their
candidate for the otlice of Vice President,” was duly re
Acknowledging with the liveliest sensibility this dis
tinguished mark of your confidence and regard, it is with
no ordinary foi lings of regret that considerations, the re
cital of which I will not impose upon you, constrain me
II decline the nomination >o llatteriugly tendered. Mv
d -ign ition as a candidate for this Ligh position would
have been more gratifying to me if it Lad proceeded
from a united Democracy—united both as to principles
and to men.
The detracting differences at pn sent existing iu the
ranks of the Democratic party were strikingly exempli
fied both at Charleston and Baltimore, and, in my humble
i.piniun, distinctly admonish me that I should iu no way
c uitribute to these unfortunate divisions.
The Black Republicans have harmoniously, (at least in
convention} presented their candidates for the Picsiden
cy and Vice Presidency. So have the Constitutional Uuion
party, (as it is termed.) Each party is already engaged
iu the contest. In tne presence of such organizitious we
suit, unfortunately, exhibit a divided camp. What a mel
ancholy spectacle ! It is calculate.. to cause every Dem
ocratic citizen who cherishes the Constitution of his
country to despoud, if uot to despair of the durability of
the Union.
Desirou •, as far as I am capable of exereising'anv influ
ence, to remove every obstacle which may prevent a res
toration of the peace, harmony and perfect concord of
the glorious old pirtv to which I have been inflexibly de
voted ftom early manhood—a party, which, iu my delib
erate opin.on, is the only real and reliable ligament which
binds the South, the N’oith, the East and the West to
gether upon Constitutional principles—no alternative was
leit to me but tint which I have herein most ru.-pectfully
communicated to yen.
For the agreeable manner iu which you have coureyed
to mo tbo action of the convention, accept my sincere :
Very truly your friend and obedient servant,
B. Fitzpatrick.
To Win. II. Ludlow, New York.-and'otbere:
New York, June 28.—The Great Eastern passed the
Battery at 4 Jo P. M. She bad no difficulty in crossing
the bar. QuiU: a fleet of steamers atteuded her—the
crowds on board of them enthusiastically cheering the
stranger. The enthusiasm of the crowds on the battery
aud piers was also unbounded. The Niagara, in the
stream, looked small in comparison with the vast propor
tions of the Great Eastern. Many salutes were also fired
iu her honor. She moved very rapidly, and wended her
j way through the bay as easily as a pilot boat.
Messina, June 10.—The secret committee of this town
are iu correspondence with Garibaldi.
The insurrection in Calabria is denied.
Catania has been evacuated. Several officers and a
| party of Neapolitan soldiers had deserted aud returned
I to Palermo, w hence they were sent to Calabria.
Florence, June 1#.—It is reported that Baron Ricasoli
is about to resign the governor generalship of Tusca
) Turin, June 16.—Count Thouvenel is concentrating
with Count Cavour on the line of policy to be followed
by the governments of France and Sardinia iu common,
in reference to Sicilian affairs
It is stated that dispatches have been received in Par
i is from Baron Brenner stating that a revolution was im
minent in Naples.
The London Weekly I iess states that the groat pow
ers have discovered a scheme on foot on tire part of Kus
-:a and France to give the Danubian Principalities to the
Grand Duke of Lcuchtcnbcrg. It also rays that Russia
and Austria have refused to recognize the annexation of
Tuscany to Sardinia. Prussia escaped tin obligation of
a rctu-al by asking Count Cavour not to announce it of
ficially. The same paper also says that Napoleon is
about to claim as a compensation due France, in con.-nle
retinn of the new territory which Garibaldi's successes
will add to the House ol Savoy, that Genoa and the Pro
vince of Nice and the island of Sardinia should be an
nexed to Fiance.
Pennsylvania Politics.—The difficulties under which
the Democratic party of Pennsylvania is to labor in con
s' qucnce of the Baltimore plit are already becoming
clearly manifest in Philadelphia, where the feeling be
r ecu the offi-e-holders and non-office-holders is very
Uu Tuesday evening the City Executive Committee
i held a meeting to take ncti >u lot a ratification meeting,
i when a division look [ luce respecting wuieh ticket should
I be ratiti -d, and the meeting adjourned without coming
to a a-11' m nt.
On WcJin'sday evening the Douglas portion of the
Committee held a meeting, under a call of eight of the
i .emb' rs, including Alderman McMullen. Ten of the
twenty-four members ot 'he Committee were present,
and agreed to hold a mass meeting on Saturday night to
ratify the Douglas ticket.
The Chairman of the Committee publishes a card de
claring the call for this meeting irregular.
A call for a nia-s meeting ou Monday night to ratify
tin- nomination of Breckinridge and Lane will be pub
lisged in the morning papers, promising Senators Fitz
patrick and Betjunin, and Messrs. Cushing and Burnett
as speakers. Tuecall is uiipigucd.
Tue Democratic State Committee will meet on Mon
dsy, when the preference of the Electors will he ob
A pioposition, s rongly urged by the Breckinridge men,
is to run Douglas and Breckinridge on a united electoral
ticket, the Electors to be pb dged to fairiy represent the
ratio vote iu the College.
Tin- Elector.-, previous to the nomination, were un
d rstood to prefer Mr. Rrectfinridge ns the regular nomi
nee, but their present preference- are believed to be in
favor of the nominee of the tmjoiity of the Regular
Dk.vtii ov tiik London Moknino ('miosicLr.—The
Putt of la-t evening has an obituary notice of the Lou
don Morning Chronicle, TliC interest ill the Chronicle
li iving been purchased by the prup'ictor of tin; London
Morning Pott, the former paper *• id cease to exist on the
1st of August nest. The Chronicle was established in
177", eighteen Tears before the London Timet. It was
in the Chronicle that the famous letters of Junius m re
first published. These letters appiurcd in the Chromclt
during the term ol office of its tirsi editor, Woodlall, who
introduced into his paper the custom of regularly report
ing debates in 1’arlianieut, a new feature in English jour
nalism at that time. Woodlall was considered "a reck
lessly brave pi mon” for having given publicity to the
ideuS of Junius, Uurke, Fox and Sin r.dan. Tom. Moore,
Cai ipbcll, Goldsmith, Byron and I’.ckcnfl nuy also be
numbered in the bnllian; array of w liters fur the Chron
icle. Mr. .fames Perry siccc « 1 Woodla I in the editor
ship of the Morning Chroni le. He was the first uiau
w ho acted on the principle that an editor should be )icr
anually responsible for every line printed in his paper,
wh ■ her written by himself nr not. Mr. Cooke and .Ser
geant Gluer, two of the l.i-t e lilots, bio iglit great abili
ty to sustain the Citron. <U, but tluir illurtK have been
unsuccessful ; and, altera <ar«erof ninety years, it now
disappears from the list of H i uh journals.
A spirited meeting ef the B II and Everett Central
Club w is Lelil on Tuesday evening, I. D. Van Duz.-e pre
The prcslliog officer, Mr. Van f)iu*e said tiiat lie
agreed with the remarks of Mr. Saltonstall, (theothir
evening,) that if theie ever was a time when the young
men of the country should rise up in their strength it
w is now. He hoped that every young m m who entered
the hall would endeavor to bring one of his friends with
ii m next time.
Mr. William W. Baker, of Ward 11, was unanimously
elected eh lirnmn.
Vr. Norve!!, from Memphis, Tennessee, being called
upon, was received iiithtlip ‘cheers. He said he had
never tried to make a speech before in his life, but this
*»• the In -• pi ."!• to i. ike on- he ever saw. a ll -ll m d
Everett Clno had just h en started in his town, lie hud
not -een much of it, but one of its officers came round
wi'h a -ii:'Ciiption paper and he g ive him He
thought the Union pirtv would carrv every Southern
State. It whs a tick't that en rv Old Erne Whig could
vote for. Breckinridge would got t* n or twenty thous
and volt - in T u n -oe, Douglas as many more, and the
re-t would go fer Bell and Everett, who would have a
laig plurali v. lie ha I lived tweutv years in M ~-i--Ij -
pi and that State «o Id give a majuiity lor the same can
didates Tlier- wbs no doubt of the entire success of
the ticket through the South.
The Setteders of the South and the Abolitionists of the
North beloi g< il to the same school. We have things
now in such condition that we are bound to succeed.—
If »e don’t slice cd we ar- ready to die in the attempt.
Mr. S S Kichnrdson, of Winch'-ter, said he belonged
in a small town where there were a few Bill and Everett
men; he hoped a majority of the voters w ould belong to
the party before November. In the list sixty days hi
had been in fifteen States, and from Boston to Minneso
ta twice. IL-rode in the cars with delegates returning
from Chicago, and tliev expressed the opinion that Bell
and Everett would win the day.
I G II. B F. E iinsllils lie believe*! he shntlhl vftt.
the I'nion ticket, if he wore the only man in the Stutc
"ho did -o. 1! had gnat confidence in the party, and
believed it wo ild be Micee-.fu! in November.
The meeting was also ad I esse.’ by Messrs. J F. Paul,
John Bell and Sno c. r W Uic.hardson of Boston.
Nfcvv York. June 28.—The American Telegraph Com
pany me to-Jiv, and was called to order ni noon, i’r -i
• in llarnuw in the chair. Mr. Rus'tll, Secretary, was
d-o pieseut. A gentleman representing a large amount
ot Engli.-h Mock made u point that the meeting was t ot
Itilv organized, but lie w is answered by a sta ementthat
the President aud Secretary of the Board of Directors
had signed the call for a special meeting.
Mr Livingston moved an adjournment forthwith. D.
I). Fields Stated the reasons why a special meeting was
..aty. He was interrupted liv u point of order ol
•he Secretary, that a motion tojidjourn was not dehati.
vble The Chair sua'ajni d the Secretary, and the quei
tion was about being taken on an adjournment, when,
upon urgent solicitation, .\jr. Livingston withdrew his
motion ai d the meeting adjourned till noon to morrow,
ittheA-tOfllou.se. Mr. Livingston urged in favor ol
his mo ion, that debate would expose the affairs of the
The Democratic General Committee of New York met
it Tammany Hull, on Tuesday night, when Mr. Win. D.
Kennedy < ff ted a scries of resolutions, the preamble of
which recited that, ‘ in accordance with the time-honor
ed usages ami customs of the Democratic party, the De
mo tu v of the I’nion, in National Convention assembled
at Baltimore, did nominate candidates f >r tin: Presiden
cy ami \ ns Pie-idency," Ac. In the resolutions Messrs.
D Mights and Johnson were duly praised, and their nom
ination ratified. Speeches were made by Messrs. Hep
mont, Kennedy, Waterbnry, Clanccy, Devclin, Chandler,
aud others, and the resolutions were adop'ed. It was
determined to hold a general ratification meeting next
Monday evening. The Young Men’s Committee held a
meeting at the same time aud adopted similar resolu
Rutland, Yt., June 27.—The friends of Douglas and
Johnson fired 10o guns here tn-niglit in honhr of their
nomination. Speeches are being made, bonfires iilumi
n ite the streets, a band of music is playing, and great
enthusiasm is manifested.
Concuru, X. H , June *7.—The nomination of Doug
las and Johnson is being ratified to-night I oth in this
city and at Manchester, with great enthu-iasm. At Man
chester a silute of 200 guns is bting I red, interspersed
with fire works, arid speeches by Hon. E. W. Harring
ton, Ira A. Eastmau and others.
Erik, Pa., June 27.—One hundred guns were fired
here yesterday in honor of the nomination of Douglas.—
Military companies paraded, aud the enthusiasm wua very
Thu Democratic WiR is St. Louis.—At St. Louis,
one or two nights ago, a very eu husias.ic Breckinridge
aud Lane demonstration was got cn up, in which thou
sands of people participated. The meeting, however, ox
cited the jealousy of the Do tglas Democrats, who re
paired to the scene in huge numbers and attempted to
break it up. The S\ Louis pipvrs say the d'sturt auces
was great “The Douglas men continncd for half an
hour to keep up a scriei cf infernal veilings that could
not be excelled in Paudemon utn. They hooted, shout
ed, ground, and manifested the most ma'ipnent feeiing
toward the Hrecki.iridge cro vd. They were evidently
present by secret uudirstard ig, and appvared to be
under the load of some prommet t Dougl cdles.”
The Southern Churchtu ui, of Alexandria, (Episcopal,)
says : “Tiie Hi hips of the Chureli have unanimously
icsiified, that -.he Cano i (oi th • C t r.h does hot forbid
the 'ending of a: Kpi c >pa Cliur.li to any respectable
ueiiowi.jai.on of Chrianan;.’’ I
Washington, June 29, 1860.
The Senate met at ten o’clock. There was some diffi
culty in procuring the attendance of a quorum, and sev
eral Senators bad to be sent after for that purpose. Un- I
successful efforts were mad-' to order the printing of the I
eleventh volume of the Pacific Railroad eport, contain- i
ing maps and charts, which it was in-ist -d was necessary .
to understand the text of the tea volume* already pub
Mr. Stunner, from the committee appointed yesterday
to wait on the President, reported iaat the latter had no ]
further communication to make. ,
After a short secret session, the Senate adjourned tine
die. i
Pkatii ok Mr. Brow n.—iVe deeply regret tr annonneo
the death of Mr. John M. Brown, who died at Amherst
Court House, on Wednesday night, Irom wounds receiv
ed in the recent affray at that place, w tii Lueien Fletcher.
Mr. Fletcher, we hear, was not so well yesterdays and se
rious ft-urs are now entertained, that he r.my not survive.
The tragical termination of this unfortunate affair has
throwu a pall of mourning over the entire community,
and the untimely death of young ltrowr, who a a* just
fairly entering upon the vovsge of nfe, cists a gloom of
sadness upon the hearts of his many friend.'.—Lynchburg
Rrital Mtruer.—James Isom mm ' red Zachariah
Roberts at Hrayson Court House, on M'adavhst. A
difficulty occurred between Roberta » I ’in Isom, 1
when James I«otn rau up to the scere i.nd s.rnck Ro
berts a blow upon the temple with a nng shot, com
pletely mashing up bis head, wnd killi. him instantly.
Isom made his escape, and had not l ji a arrested at the '
last accounts.
Mavor Wood for Douglas.—Xxie F w York Tribune
We learn with pleasure that the lion. Fernando Wood
completed his arrangements with the Albany Regency
and Tammany Hall yesterday. He go s for Douglas
henceforth with all his might, and Is thereforo to be (if
uot cheated) pi iced at the head cf the Soft El- : tom I
Tieket. Mr. Dean Richmond, wtio negotiated this ad
justment. I jft for the rural districts last evening in the
confident assurance that the country is safe.
Morii.e. June 25.—A grand Dougla • Mass Meeting was
held here to-night, and was attended with great entho
si ism.
New Orleans, June 26th.—The friends of Stephen A
Douglas assembled in this eitv last night, and evinced
their jnv bv serenading the office of the True Delta, the
leading Douglas organ.
On 'Vcitof* t«v. June 2-th In Chrt-t Church, riiarletteAT'll*,
R V JlVK-ll HERRICK, of NVw Vnrx to MU* RoVlK Veit.
VEIN*. DLKDSOF, daughter of Prof Ii.e Koi, of the Cnlveriity ol
In I.vnch’iurg, »n Mondxj, Jure SMh, NAVSIV MILLER, »ec
nmt itaiigrteroi M. R Bchanaan, aged 2 Jran i ud I month.
In Lexington, on the mo nir.gnf tin- 21 h, aU> r i protracted 11
nr-s, Mia. EVALINA R. MJOIti', wife of Horn Samuel Mel).
Mo >r«.
June 22, IMtn
T o'clock. 12 o'clock. 5 o'clock
InDooks: .85 9(1 82
Hrr Boons: 81 !2 Oik
i:_Rev I) S DOGCF.TT »i
preach *t Ilro d Sir ct Church nn to - orrowr Born
-t-K t - "'clock and at night at 5V oMock. The public are invi
ti i to■-! a i j 'hi -n
M '.V YORK. BY STK" KH «<>AN( KK-c,,, *T- G —1>
s. ng r -oust lie i ii board hy h o'c nek Mo da? n^nrn'ng, 8d Inti .
at wi.lrh hnu" the Roanoke will leave. Those ptefeniug may g.t
rn h’ard Hubdsv evening
Perth aeruved at our • nice tnolay Saturday, or on hoard thlp
F.xcu sion tickets far the round trip, l>v «It er of Ihe -'earners,
1 su-d for #10. I.UKLaM A WATbON.
jeJ9 It _
YlltMNIt (KVru.l I, HA I LIU* Hirii’IPiM.
N’ori'jtc T > COMMON >R9 Uv "dcr of Ihe Hoard „f Hirer
t rs, -11 g >od< t > l*e transported • n this Road inns’ he plainly
ii.arked wllb ih* name < f the real m-i'ii and of th« !*■ pot u
which the are cr n-igni d; and the fr* Ubt ayenta of th‘s Pompany
are Instiucted not to receive g >ods f.r transpo talma which are
not so mark’d.
Ami they me further Instructed rot to deliver e mdstn any per
n unless known to be the real owner, nr *h*r ih *v are .atlstl.d
ihsl an orde. or other application • om«u from tli- > tut «u ntr.
I1 lir.NTKR, Principal Freight Ag.nt.
Richmond, Jane 29th, 1 ‘60.— ft
I1VMYTHINO In the ah.p- of StH1M*R ( A88IMIIRS, will,
j fr. m this date in- told ai jrf'tt y rtdtu'cd rut-4. We with to
el-an nut and he ful V res 1y for tli- Fall trade, when we lutedJ to
■ I ow our friends a sfocf that ttill cotnnvsnd a"ei t'O’i
’It M . -• . Rlchm nd, Va.
/ iLAliKT wink.—
* J For aale by
J.:til I *0 R. n t \TVPftvT,
/ i I NPIIWIIFII rK.lS—N » opanl-u .on e .,ual
\ I It} ted rkprt.-ly .’or the retail Iral • o K .< Iimuiid. loo
half elus s for sale by
j..iti-tit_I A O It BtVKXPQRT.
\| A TYING ’
i| \ I TING !! ! !
A few pieces 4 1 Matting at very low prices, by the piece
Pt.KR'N* A CO,
js30 _HI K.vle S.ma-e
flhtNNKKV OIL. p”'Irbls n g< nd trder, for sale by
’ I In |, i Bonnet Rib sons at It jrorih 87 J, -Hi Rich-rcnes
lu proportion. PtUKINf * 00.,
111 Man §:.
I)t>ll I! If |RB t limit
I’ur er, l"d . itrs and casks; Aspinaah's Btrong l.r ndon Po.
i’T, hO casks; r-liohurgh cnarkhng Ale, Ha* casks; Aspioaali'tln
d.a Pa'e Ale, 10J casks; Whllwell'* Pa.e Ale, losi cases V-r sale
b- I. A (i. B, DAVKNfORT.
Official Railway ('iiide,
ConUIr.Itig Ku’I Time Tables of all ihe rlaiiw* ,i it* the United States
*n i 0«t.a<lu, ar ! :«hi explaining at a glance how the Trav
ti er la to proceed. Price, 25 cents.
If. I
Companion liaiul-ISook of Travel,
Containing a Full Description of the Prlnclp I Cl'i»s, Towns, an 1
Pla es of Interest, together wirh Hotels a.i I koutes of Travel
through U*e Un.ted States and the Ca »ada§. With Colo td Majg
Price, paper cover, 50 cents ; cloth, 75 cents. (Rea y July 1st.)
filiislrated Nand-iiuok of American
Tra t cl,
A Pull and Keltshle Guide, by Railway, Stcambrat and Stage, to 1
the Cities, Towns, Waterfalls, Hatt Fields, Mountains, River*,
haken, Hunttx.g ar.d F salng Grunds, Watering Rlacei, ?u?nmer
K»*irTTt«, an I a 1 H enes andOhje. li of Importance and interest In
the Inltcd S'Ate* and BritUh Pro vinos. 1* T. Admits Richa*Di<
With 0 .reful Maps of uii Parts of the Country, and Pictures of Fa
mous PUct-B aud Hcetiti, f.oui Original Drawings by the auth rand
other Aitists.
Paitl, c.nUioing the Northern and Kis*ern States, ♦’ 00.
“ 2, “ Southern and Western State*. 1 00.
Or the tiro purt* bound in one volume, $1 50. <
Eithtr of tne above lent free by tnaii on receipt of price.
D. APPLETON’ t CO , Publliheri,
je83 443 and 415 Broad war.
V Till I.AIdO *>D IIEH HKI Li» ,
* rlnient of the various siyl»*s of Portraiture execut'd by G. ,
•Mreel, Bivhm nd, V* , m.iy be found L keneases < f the following n
well known and distinguished gentlemen, all of which bear testi
mony t«, the aperient*? and nkil! of the various Artists employed,
and the well earned rupctal.oo of his Gallery :
Ex-Gov Mise, lion M? Orr, 8. C.,
“ I ieut Gov. Jack'on, Jno. K. Thompson, Eiq , t
Lieut Gov. Montague, Rev. Mr Kie l, ,
Hon Ja*. i rons, R. v Mr IWrkin
“ J CasMe, Rev Mr. Du.ican,
Judge l.oniax. Rev Mr Mb egerode, »
44 Tyler. Rev Mr. Ital -r,
•4 lioiikint. Rev. J L Burrows,
Chaa. Ilrucf, tgq , Rev J F. Kuwaidf,
Gen. Wm. Walker, Rev. Mr. Seeley,
Cap*. Jos Myers, Rev. Mr. Peterson,
Rev. Mr Jeter, Rev. Mr. Kepler,
Rev. W. A Siii th, Rev Mr. M litner,
The late R* v. Mr. DibreB, The late Ju ige Butler, 8. C.,
I he late Judge Clapton, The late Edgar 4 Poe, i
Ri-v. Mr. H' gg«, Rev Mr. 8chiigley, <
1>ii|»lh*Ate copies of all the above for rule, and ev. ry stvle of
Ph. togntph executed from life or copied from small pictures and
warranted to please. maHO
. I MR BOILRR8 Foil 8 % LB.
^ hand steam boilers complete, with flxiurei from 2 to 15 horse
power. Also, two ►te-im engines l and 6 hoi sc power.
All kind* of bolleis made to order at tbe s‘- o test notice. Inquire
or address WM PINNtVACO,
Brooklyn S earn Ik il-r Works,
jeSti—1m _id: Water 8t. Brooklyn.
LESTER AlA.Vmt'Tlkl.VU lO.M.'A.VY,
Itlrlmioml, Vn.
.Vadt and Sold utulrr f(ja! Rlyht, from
Hiul 1. M. HINGEII St C-*.
l*rlri'» from 850 to $175.
rrineijial OJfite and Saif> Room,
.Wain Street.
| •» So bbls small No '■! Mackeral For ante by
j - _mm WKBB A JOHN 0. WAPS !
r|lIV PLA'I K.—200 boxes, In itore for sale by
X jc2« ___K H HK1NKER A Oft,
T For G.'litlemen anil Ladle*.
We have received • ve'y good variety of I adles and Gentle- 1
men’. Shoes, snltei) fur the Hummer wear, Manu actured by.hr
most c. le ra ed makers, which we sell as low as we cso afford: .
Ladle ' fine Gaiters with her s, with or without Tips
Ladies' fine Trench Kid Slippers, with heels
Ladies' line ** “ " without heels 5
Ladle.' Velvet Sippets III -k
Ladles' Dress ing Hlipp.rs
Ladles' sailing Btisklis, for old Ladles
Ladies' Moro.co an I Khl H'*1 It >ots.
Misses and Lhlhlri n's Kho*s f the best qualities
Boy's Slurs, most all kinds.
We invite all In want of somethin? that Is teally nlee and good,
k> call and See our assortment, we shall keep the nicest and best
Goods that can be mads.
CUKKIAlTe AMI PLOW HtfUS. Jj.t received [
J from the manufacturer a full supply of Carriage and Plow *
Bolts, comprising every slr.e for which we respectfully soil-it a
sail from any person in want of such goo fs, which we »re selling 1
;h:ap T. KOBK.UHOM 1 HONK,
jelfi_ N» iV. Main HI.. 0
tlio niLLKHB We kifi 00 Im * a , M Mis (Asski kcO I f
JL •'Anchor** Bulling Cloth Wire Cloth ; of all sis«*s Mill Picks, 0
md. as agrnt* for Bell A Case, of Now York, are prepared to Hi!
nrde.s for French Burr and Cisopus Mill Stones of superior quali
No. 104 Main alr.sL ,
Jal4 lUcfuaonfi, Va. 1
Orrioi or »■« Warn, June *», 1810.
TSe following Ub'e give* the ciporta of flrradutuffa
rotn all the porta of the (Jolted States from Sept 1st, 1 -<‘4, op to
steal dates, an<l the totals for the corrcp..nlliig period of the
here previous years:
trjforti oj JJrni'lr ijf* from Ike t'niUd Stilt* to Ortat Britiin
and Inland, Hnrt led 8«j>t*mb*r, lsfiO.
Floor. Meal. Wheat Corn
From— llrla. llrla. Bu h. Bosh.
lew York.June 5 268,792 Ml 1,03ft 28* 867,606
few Orleans.. May 24 All .. 81,357
’hlladelphla. June l 17,2*7 .. 78,f59 182*16
Uni Imoie.June 2 35 .. .. hi,3*5
loston... .June 2 1,8.13 .. .. ..
Btier port*.... ..June 1 7*1 .. 8,823
Po«H 18* <10 . 277 510 522 1,177,717 1,1*4,IU
roul 1*55-53. 02,7ft 20 415,570 3U5.7V7
Increase.. 134,744 502 732,147 8*5,437
Decrease. .. .. .. ••
Potal 15S7-5i. 08.V0* 6"7 4,043,6*3 3,15s,5v»
rutal 1*50-57. 883,4*8 8*6 7,131,480 «,:* ,0»8
To th* (on tint nl.
Flour. Wheat. Corn. Rye.
B Is. llrla, llush. Bush.
few York.June 5 81,232 8,737 17.25*
Total. 84,814 8.783 13.853
Potil ls.V-59. 4* fart 67.*45 #,,51*
roul 1387-53.. . 243,230 253,773 10,**I
Potal 1 *53-57. 408,280*,*08,S07 540,3*2 216,142
^It will be observed, says the New York Eronomid, that ship
nents to flreat Britain and Ireland have been very consldera
>ly In advance of last year, whilst they are very low a* compared
ri ll the exports of 13'/ 7 and 1357-*, year* of extraordinary ac
Ivl'y In breadstuff*. The export* of wheat are I arger than those
if cfl*5s-J by 732,147 bushels, or about 15) percent increaae ,
rhilat of corn the shipments have been 1,144,164 bushels as com
lared with 305 737 bushels for last year. Owing to the supp y of
tome produce, the Continent lias taken but a small proportion of
h- exports The contrast between this year's sh'pm- at* of wheat
o thi Continent and tlr,se of 1*56-7 Is very striking—the flgu-e*
or the latter period being 2,306,*17 bushels, and for the present
rear 5,732 bu-liela Owlog to the partial exhaustion of the supply
n l,real Britain, the demand from that market haa of late very
apHly increased, and Die probability Is that for the next few
v eks the bri-kntss will be well sustained. A fair reserve Is still
n store in the West, which the prospects of an abundant barvtst
v.U tend to bring forward.
Rkkswax— We quote 2*s3dc as tne av-rag- for this article on
snivel Iherels very little , ff-ring, however, aa yet, and these
ir , rs a-e riomlnil to a great extent
Hcrrea — fhe rwctip.a b ive been fair during the week, and in
tx e a of the d maud, at the packers a-e buying sparingly —
Me s have not changed, though the market ts qui e !>• avy We
(U«’e C ’ itral Ohio a; 1'iatlc far good to prime top* kert, and
lieforch ice suit tble for table use. W K would bring 14x18c,
out there is lilt e or none offering
srii.x Th-market for >e- h *s b‘*n extremely dull during
:h■; »h ne »e k, a d prices are fully 28 "ft c -na lower, with a s ip
;>l/inex ,-*of the demand Th- sales at ad the yards add u.>
7*0 head Th c' -in t raiei we-e to- Cummo ■ |2; fair 2 80, good
64; nrime3.25 and exir * 63.6*1, p .r cental gr si
Chxk.sk Tn,! re e pis dur ..g the We K, nave not been fuilr up
, I the drmand, and the instk t has he-n fl-mer, from day to d*y,
o ugh pri r a earn t be qu ted higher. The sah*B adu up 3,(0*)
mxes, ad at 7‘4. The market close* very firm, with a good de
fliwtic -Til's art'cle contlnu-s exceedingly dnli and the ma-k
i . 80s88e for it r n arrival,
UN B d willing to aece|i! It.
rhe s rong probah:Ilty of the blockade of the ports of China by
hen-vie' f France an • E .gland, rtnde-s th' val - of Ibis arti
de e\. ceolnglr ornbi -mali-al, as China is th- only r ark t for It.
tia.is—l e recei its have been very ligh'dur ng the week a:ij
with » pr tty g o I de-1 anil pric w of wheat ha*e advan. ed 8*5 •
•ertius, ci si g a' *1 I*.I 20 for pr r red an I 41 25 tor prl.no
vhlte, r.ut to a gr. at ex*ent n mifnal, as buyers were holding back
r rsle day. cor t- ml : g tor 1 w-r price*
Coax hi* be- . h g • >•* demand du- og the w»-k. and p-ices ad
lanced lc per bu cl.iv ng at Ptatic f ir m'xed in liu k In the ear,
rnd hoc f.i - h t* ah de > i bu k, whilst mixed It dull at 46c.
l a ivrsi 'X*— Th- inarke for nxas pork h •* been very quiet, du
ne the week, an I t ..nr war nothing of Import n e th n . It has
e II || Ml .1 4 8 25 liu' buyers did not ..|T-r over f 7 75.
A incre te l demand f r Baco •, and prices a Ivanced *nl v {6
, ihiHn thewetk. The t.ils comprise 9 0 lihds, closing at 3 * it,
U>, »nl 11*, f ir should is l ies and ■ ea side*, ati i l.liie nr i.o c
rt r llt'I i > li • i -» « ", ibbiiim w k
or h»*»**« have b •• n In d mm prtr* 9 t’e ?• n**
all ^-'gher 9 ^rci e llX&.c %v d cmrcc aevrrai h< u«e» har
uf m»t, < -I I* iru»*'
An act vr »*an piWdllefl for i*r I lh« earW part of t’e
fcsM.jb’iiI l*ou tr§ iol 1 at 12c. Th-denan.l, h-i»frer, cr!*•
-i about the ui « il of th- wei?4 4- <1 finer t rn th rr tiafl to* n
I> tiling '! »r.r. f* l *• In hi. Is. • IT re ‘ at 12c N • ll«rrc»* nfT.-n g
i bring generally he id ou. • l the Did Icet. Keg '■ lich| at ]2*tf ai.u
2r • flier* d
PoriT >kt —Th* marVe* h du’l an I heavy, an I prl-vi a-e 2V\
d»l. lower do* : g I nivv a $' 5 V*'1 bkl. for the bdt, and
ft | r If .1 . I. dfl MI * ti.-n#.
ontc -i—Th* re.nan * fo- .in »f«ptu*c 1 mntlin** on a most
[m t.-i seal**, ho* th It n Itnp »rt»nt c ,ang* in prc-9
W <ol—An act v den»' a lu price-*, ranging fiom 3d t« 4.V.
»r common to in l b. o I a* d for e* r% clip 50 cents paid frc#*l .
Wiir-at— T market h% b**cu idy during the whole week at
TV;c. audio cl ued la«t av^i ing.
a \ w.wed itt t-iiii/ron.
leaHn mini lh»t whife other h\lr dyes ar 1 endorse I as harmless
,nd efficacious hy fAWr )iro/irirb>r* nlont,
l certified by Dh. Cbii.tii, the distinguished Che rditto be
nd therefore as so/e as it I* fi/terior. Dr. Chilton has been s»
;cUd by the Citv cf New York to analyse the
nd he hss pronruuned Chrl'tidom’i Dye Si Innocuous as that wa
er lu Its purest condition. Fold everywhere, and applied by all
»lr drette'S. CHRIST ADORA, No li Astor House, New York.
jeJ!-dAwlm _
Fasn’s Fans ip*kills.—Investlgat.on and experience have de
nonstrated tint upon the condition of the blood, depends the
irailh of the body. Consequently, when dise.se In the ibaps ol
crofuM, erysipelas, ulcers, cutaneous eruption*, liver complaint,
t<\, appear, it is at once evident that the secretive functions have
teerjme Inert and l-npu-itics have been engendered In the blood
rhlch are working their way to the surface. This celebrated Ex
ract will speedily purify the h'ood. equalise the circulation, im
.r-.ve the appeilte, Imparl t n- and rigor to Ihe syrtern, aud gra 1
ullr. but surely, extirpate the dlrtase. JelS—dAwlw
Nf YE’S *sl (ntK Cl ItER If AHH.-90 Tierces to ar
rive. This Ham runnel be excelled in flavor and mildness
For aai« by WB BAlXti r SONS
I Hi. ( ilFFEE.—lot) bays prime quality, for ssle low, by
li . TARDY A Will.lAMn
Mr. Rive,’Life of Madison—Hitt >ry cf the I.lfe and Times of
Hoi Wb 0 Bi • s. Vol. 1, price fkftO
•The w rk. wr.cn comt leted will he on- of the most remarkable
ontribu' or* ever made lo the history of the country, and ought
f rui apart • : tvr-y pa' He an I private librarv."
IhrV p M -ace's sketches of Old Churches, Ministers aud Fatnl
lea of Virgin!* Illustrated 2 vol-.. -v> to.
'lr. ChinesCampt-cl'» lis'ory of Virginia. 1 vol Svo. |2 .’0.—
Mr. C drierv- s much of the Virginia publ'c for his labor in hi ir.g
... fro i the d ist and ru> h si ol the past, these chronlcb-s of
he early eii*'erceof the Old D' tn ttloa.
Mr Ooch -'s CnnstituMonil History of tho I'niifd States. Vol
♦ S'. "It is .i muterly exposition <f the State Rights School ol
•olitl a Kh-Aht'inil Enijui' tr.
the f-cst Pr.nclplv, or, > he Sectional Equillbritm: How It was
■ea'ed-how desiro ed linw it may he restored By “llarba
sa " 1 to’., Svo i- .This work Is sddrtss.d to the young men
• theilavehotdtng section The author sajs, "Hut let It he re
oemberol that youth is not always determine! by tlirperlodcf
III There are old young men. while there are those who, like
*e la, wear crown, of snow, and yet, like tlecla, hsvescuisof
Ke>. Mr Fir.ug'itr-r’s N w Work—Man and Woman; or. The Lsw
f Hover, applied to the solut on of the problem. “Why are lo
vany ro re women th-in mea Cluist ans?" By Rev. P Slsuglster;
Ith Rti Intro.tu t n h.v Pr d Bledsoe, of th* Cidverslty of Vlrgt
la. P IC,! 'j cts Dr. J. L. Cabell, of the Cclveoi'y ol Vlrgt
M, sty. . " those of my colleague* who h.v:s< rn the manuscrli t
■ncur wi;h me in pronoun ing it a work of extraordinary merit,
n 1 predict or It h wide clrcui.tlou.’’
Dr. Moorman’* V rgiuia Springs, and Springs of the South and
Vest, wi'h Ana ysia of their Water*, with statement* of Diseases
o wiiicbthcy are applicable; with a map of routes. (1 ft'.
For sale by JAM as WODDH'HJ.-E A CO.,
ieS9 Roilusilsr, Richmond.
npltul over . $100,000
IlHIf* COMPANY offers greater advantage, to the Farmer and
. othes than any Comp ny clurtered In the State, by Insuring
ith or w lh"Ut t|r tnlum note lithe applcant pre er, he can
»y the full amount of *he premium, in cash : or by becoming a
i inber, or giving a •mall premium note, be saves nearly mie-hal
t the am un charge-1 by St ,ck Companies, when Insuring anno
ily. This Is toe advantage rtsu ting from the comhlua'lon of the
This Company commenced Inulng Policies against loss or dam
ge ty tire on Die !3lli day of March, IsM, since which time over
en thousand two hundred persons have insured and become
■embers of the Company, and over #100,0(0 have been paid for
jy All differences in settlement of losses may be determln<d by
fr--e disinterested Arbltraiors af the Cou ty where such lows hap
ened, to be mutually chosen hv the Insured and the Company.
HENRY \Y THOMAS, President.
T 11 kOUERTSON. Vice President,
TIIOS. T. 1111 l„ Trearurer.
MM. WRIGHT, 8 cretary
JAM'S T L'L”SK, Actuary and General Agent.
rvAppi ■Ckt'Ons fur Insursnc: ar.rl Policies granted, alsv, old
ollcles renewed, psuiph ets, blank forme of Appll ratiuu, andrv
ry inr..rotation on the sut'Je. t of Fire and laile Insurance, lurcisli
d gratis on application personally nr by mail, to
cock k a cum;
General Insurance and Colie ling Agents
OFrICF In Fxchange llotel Building, on 1-ith st, Richmond, Va
At accutente trill happen, rrtn In tctllreffuUiUA famillea, It ta
ery desirable to have tome cheap and convenient way for repair
ig Furniture, Toyi, Crockery, Ac.
iceta all such emergencies, and no household can afford to be
Ithout It. It la always ready and op to the sticking point. There
i no longer a necessity for Umplng chairs, splintered veneers,
eadlesa dulls, and broken cradles. It la Just the article for cone,
fell, and other ornamental work, to popular with the ladles of Te
nement and taste.
Tills admirable preparation Is used cold, being chemically held
) solution, and potaeaslng all the valuable qualities of the best
ablnet-makert’ Glue. It may be used In the place of ordinary
lucllage, being vastly more adhesive.
N. B.—A Brush accompanies each bottle. Price, US cents.
Wholesale Depot, No. 48 Ccdar-st„ New York
Box No. 3,600, New York.
Put up for Dealers In Csses containing Four, Eight, and Twelve
■men—a beautiful Lithographic Show-Card accompanying each
ry A single bottle of SPALDING’S PREPARED GLUE will save
rn times Its Cost annually to every household a-1
Sold by all prominent Stationers, Druggists, Hardware and Far
Iture Dealers, Grocers, and Fancy Storea.
Country merchants should make a note of SPALDING’S PRE
ARED GLUE, when making up their Hat. It will stand any cU
■ate. _ rats—d.cAwlv
k SOUTHERN gentleman, naw In ihecltr, wishes ta buy from
BRy to a hundred negro-e. either single or In families. For
utlier Information, app.y at thli ottew, JtkT—4t*
hcimstseet's inimitable haib oou/rinoi
Th* attention of the public la railed to thla article, which la oow 1
being extenelvely wild In all part* of the country.
Prove* It t* be the beat Preparation for
Restoring Urey Hair to it* Original Color,
Bringing Hair out on Bald Head#,
And CaiKing it to Urow Strong and Healthy. !
If you wlah to have the aatl. color liutead of the dull, rough
look# which hair dye Impart*, uae llanmnmrr'* RiurT-i*«Ti**,whlrh
Inrlgoratca the root* of the hair and make* It young again, no mat
ter how roach It may b* faded.
Thoae who drelra an article which they can at* and ALW4TB rao
ommrnd, are Incited to read the following, from a well-knowa
; Apothecary:
WaLTiuw, Mam , Jan. tu, lia».
Mamma. W. E. Haoaa A Co.: I hare been aelllng IMowtre-t'a
Inimitable Hair Raetoratira for three or four yeara, with |.ood tat
lafactiou and auccra*. 1 hare tried rar'.ou* other article* In th*
market, (Page'*, Packard'*, Arery'a, Wood'*, Ac.,) but jr ir* ha*
the ded Jed preference among them all. I hare oarer ar dieted u>
recommend It for all It claim* to do Sererel ladlea of oar Iowa
who had been wearing falae hair for aereral yeara, hare laid It
j a*!d<-, and oow hare a fall and lumriant head of hair rf original
■hade and color, produced by uaing two or three bottle* of your ar
ticle ; and wh»n by aome mean* they hare been Induced to try
aomcthlng elae, palmed upon them aa being uupertor, they hare al
moat Invariably returned to the uae of your Hair Coloring again
aa the only meritcrioua and reliable article In uae,—finding It aa a
toilette article a* cheap aa any of the Hair OUa or Waal,e* with
which the market la flooded.
Yoon, truly,
Price SO CenU and |1 per Bottle. Sold at Whole**!* by all Large
Dealer! In the United State*.
W. E. HAGAN & CO.,
Proprietor*, Troy, .\a:w York.
Whoalao Manufacture
Solo at Want.***-.* ikd Rkta!L ar
» Richmond, Ya.
apt.".—d.cA wflm
MAE € T 1* O \V n i: It
INSECTS, Ac. It ivmt-tin* no I'oUon.
apS— 8m *oLn kvxarwHxa*.
t£~^pa»SPF.CIiil* 8 OTIC E. ^
iaD' - all rd nur employee* r.rtcall n daring the au> .r
our at ,c will he clnfed at 6 o'cloc*. P. M , fr..m thla date to loth
ByM _ No. lllfl Maluatreet.
i*.\iti.oit cakpctm.
\yiLI. fell a great ha-gain In BRrgSF I IS CARPET* He haa
YY an hand three hand*-me aetta Aa Iheat go. da at* . at of
■c**on, he will aell a great Bargain in tnem
CHARLES a owatkin,
J«*8 lltif Corner Mh and Main tta
Toorttii hr—Cu-ed In me n Inute ' -For wcnly Ore cent*, hy
the Clovk Aaonrxa Tkan-acm t>..ow Acting upon the nrrre, u
Impart* Ina -*n ai.e u* relief, »;ih ut riUcoloring tin- teeth > r ur
plaaaantly »(T .ting the breath or palate Occe iioi you will
o Vcr willingly he without It. Only try It, and complain no mere
of actii-.:g te. ih.
Mrnl Htvth!
rhyal.-iaraYo rain cam eg tin and again,
The dear little angel grew w..r-c
" 'Tit a laial diaeaa , and we can't give her raae,"
haid the dih-t n to m itl.er ao.l n ine.
But tt.e i ut»e In plain t r u» eal/t, " tl* noth ng hut worma,"
7J.pi//iL Vtrvii/uge n.il i,then they gate to the child,
And ucbold! Hu- »..» well t/ic next dar.
P - ■
I»r tii i liniiiChN iv rtoiui h|»u|i. -wi *r. tr.ei#*
U conlir t*l c ugh (her* li aiway* Kr«**l p«r.| Ta trifle vMi *njr
dt»ease of the rei|ilr» nry organ* is to court *l* »ir*» tiou C» o
umii oii, hr nol ltl«, pUurity lu g fiver, Ac. He clut« tiel.iod *
rough, and the on y ta'etv in •ueb <•%*••* Consuls in ah itnm* «liute
revolt to tins great vegetable r »u-(1y.
Price i 1 t w s s
Hr. fold inni roiiyli >lixtiir>,—
Tlii* great family me Heine w-.sflu iuirodu. *• i by hr. MM nt ck
when D**an of the l*Hil*t!<'ii>ela College of Medici e Tt.** entire
proVision approve it and It is guarani'-ed to «ure an ordinary
• old or cough,« « arrh, i» Muensa, Ac , will* absolute certair ty ami
a drgte • of rapidity that wid agreea dy astonish the patient
Price Sft ceotf. Bold fcj > *hau a W htox.
g^2a SPECIAL NOTICE. cetiU t*
IK ^ (1 Jo »11! buy one o( Graham's small iter.cllt, for
marking rMhlne with iKom.oi « Ixc. C*!l and esatoliir speci
mens, or If you lire In the country, tend fur a sample, enclosing
slump. Aim., every variety of Brands made to order
A. E. GRAHAM. Brand C’ut’er,
ft 21 —If Cor 13th and Cary tu., under Tobacco Exchange
CtOI NTH I HAMS.—A few Jo*en. for tale by
HAliKY’.N Tltlt'OI’HEUOl NU lr 1 ,.t and n.rap
est article for dressing, beautifying, claiming, curilng, preserving
and restoring lb* hair. Ladles, try It. bold by all druggists and/
perfumers. mhlB- d6m
Jiyer’tt Jllra<‘iilou«t Vermin Dcvlroy*
er, the oldest and best remedy kaown for Eslemloatliif RATB a> J
mice, cockroaches, bogs, ants, mcsmoitoes, fleas,
yW Principal depot. «12 bROtDWAY, N Y.
Bold by all Druggists everywhere. my 16 -dim
a it.iKi: <n»i*oim nn in
now offered to a maa of capital to pur lias- ti e !u
Wreat ol a perm r retiring, r, w engaged In the Wh Settle
•toot and Shoe M tnu'ai during Company in Philadelphia. The
House Is an old and Well rite llehed cu :. faTi rably kooait
'broughout the Mouth and W' x*. Th-lien-ex can be Increased to
a.moat any amount. ContinuedUl-licalth it tfo-vauieof the part
ner retiring. Address care of Al.PX HILL A CO.,
ma«- 1w 127 Ma.n HI , Richmond, Va.
Hi khv Co , Va , January, le.'o
b'va I r .tv : My old man. It My. at ut 7u jeers af ag., at le
bea .,g »iiis with a broadaae, eptit the calf of the leg open doan
to the bone, about d nr 4 Inchex long, rutting an artery It bled
i rofesely tor tao days, and er ntlnued to bleed until cold ar <1 it ft.
I I 11 to ,iv him hot b-andy. I rould not tew !• up -
uratol a piece of liren wtiN your lurf Oil and laid It on tne ut
1 diil not ripe t him. on account of bis age, ever t ■ be aMe t»
work again. I crrtinu>d to drees th» srr.und two or three weeks
w th IM Turf OIL In sis weeks the rut was eotir ly well, and he
was at work again. Very respectfully,
Messrs Di.vs A Co , Richmond, Va.
t or ll. r l> ■ ; K ■ ,it,
BaurtR'a Ivrai Lists Bxsisu Powdo*.—All persons fond ■ light,
tweet and wholesome !oaf bread, hiacults, batter and buckwheat
eaket, may purchase lliik Powder with confidence The material*
»re perfectly harmless, ADd more pleasant than soda, tali r s'us,
Ac. No fear of NIC* sauaii. The use of It alll make thei.gb, it,
sweetest bread In the shortest possible time ; save time, labor and
espense, and never disappoints, If the accompanying simple di
rections are observed. Betides, It lx manufactured In Virginia, and
it no Invention of Yanketdom. John W Gur.ick, inanufaiI r.r
till sole proprietor, Richmond, Va We know him, and have tried It,
and recommend It, as the best we ever tried. Get It and mind the
For sale throughout the Htate by Druggists and Grocers gene
rally. _
ar2* «***■ ni: i.i:\ rm;ic
iJO., 127 MAIN 8T , RICHMOND VA.—We have on hand a very
superior lot of the very best Sole Trunk) to be had In tide ciun
try ; made to our own order. Persons In want of a verj superior
Trunk will please caU anil examln-them. A HILL A CO.,
_127 Main Bt, Richmond, Va.
sr^a SPM'I \l. >OTin:-L\|ll| k
■4^"- uu—• cheap eTttRK.—The subscr b-re have in hs.-i-l a
v*rte.. assorts*. nt of Ladies Congress Lace Gaiters, M.-rr-rco and
Kid Biots and Bui ■ . ag at ■
first cost. Ad in wa„t ol cheap O iit-r. w..l | cast , a I SOI I, at
Je2* AI.KX. HILL A CO, lrl Main-l,
rlTllE rNDERSIGNED beg leave to es|l the aiier.tion of the cltl
JL t-rsof Richmond, and to so l.-it tii-dr assistance in a matter of
e>set,tial Importance lo the Vi lunteers of the , ity.
Ihere a e hirt m Wuntcer c'omp.nlcsln the city and hut nna
hall suitable for drill. S-ven of the Cof panies have no drill pwitue
excoctsucb a- are rented liy themaeives, aiib little adaptation to
the pur, os-, whilst Ole two Artillery Companies have neither gun
houses nor dri I rooms, and are unable lo secure such as aril, ac
commodate the d UL
W it ft a view of remedying this state of things, so destruclre to
the efficiency of the Volunteer cores of the city, the Comi-ati es
commanded by tne unoersler.ed have subscribtd fil.i'SJ for 'he
erection of an Armory, the City Cnurnil have glrm a lot on 2th
street, betwe. n Main and Cary streets, the City Engineer has fur
tnshed a plan and uuoierous offers have been made f..r the erect.on
of the building.
Tu huil l an Armory e'e 'italic to the city and ad. quale bribe
wants of the Volunteers will require an additional suui if four » r
live thousand dollars Cnwl I ng to make further nils up- n th.lr
Cotiipa i-s after tlieir liberal subsc'lptinna or lo make spplL atiuu
for additional aid to the Cits Cocm-ll a ho have done so much for
the Volunteers, the undersigned have no alternative hut an sppli
cation to the public spirited eltiiens of Richmond.
Experience proves that in time of ernerg. nry the Richmond Vol
nr.teeis will be the first c lied on, and from tin Ir suppo.cd adt an
Ugcg,they ar- • xpcde.i to furatak A model fortbe V .Isatrin '
the Mate. Wbhout the mea .s of c i,slant dr ll they »l I be unsl■!»
to mcit this expecta'I .n and lo reml-r . fllcient in vice Other
eommunitbs hmv* rherisbed Ih.ir niilba*y organisation wllhprhre
and pleasure, an I hsve lavished < pun th-m ruch inkeuaof f»v**r
and teg ird a- have Served In spread their fame tvrr the nil on
and lo sreure to theme. Ives the rullesl guarantee if pea. r sllh re
curity to peivon and property.
hilly in pressed slih the luipurtance of maintaining the ml'ItS'7
organifatiin o! the flat. and especial.y oflheiltv Inap" peren
ilitioii of efficiency, the undersigned will call U|e.n the . It sen. lor
such assistance as they in*, think proper tn sff .rd,
W VI rt.I.IOTT, Cap". du Company A.
R M CARV « -7
oeo. w. Randolph," •• h.
UEIIHIMiy. M 1.1,1s. No. 1 t it Herrings, ju.l itceivel
and for sale by
BACON* - .'“I Mi.Ij. prune W.stern Ila<*. n Si i...
80 “ •• •• “ Bboui Itra,
For sale by
Jc28__ _ UHA3 T. WORTHAVf 4 CO_
lyjOLANSKN.—lObtlerccs prime Cuba Molasiris,
Eorsale by
SXVKOKH IKON.-A full assortment from IV, to 4 h •
wide, for sale by
j«56 _ F. H PKINKEIt 4 00 __
28 bbis Kweet Older
25 tubs prime Butter
25 bbis. " Lard
4n boxes Cheese
2n bids. No. I Mackerel
100 bbis. Refined Sugars
38 bbli. prime N. O Molasses,
Landing to-day, for sals by
Je?5 - 4t 13th SlreeL _
V«. 1 ( I I II Kit It I .N17N. - 160 bbla. Imbuing from Bchr.
^.1 W»ve, from UoHfax. N. 8 , for hr
/ lOFFKK.—100 hags prime Laguayra Coffee
^2 100 do Old Java of piIme quality, for sale by
NOTICB.—1The subscriber has In store from 80 ts 100 cases
Mass and blick Licorice sf approved brands, which he *
sell on favorable terms. The trade are requested tn cal and cl
an ins it. J MAURY UARLAhlL
DiXl Piry itrfft lMi 1M ^
OK Mlinx. 1*111 HE HACON XIDKN. lu St. re and
for sale by ]«45 -dlw WML WALLACE SOMA
WB I1AVB IN STOHi: AND Oder h-r Ni.l,
on as favorable terms *s the art cle can be ImportadJfwr. m
if packages (#, and % pipes) of pure and best quality FtaNLB
BRANDY, of our own Importation. _„
fix AH.—174 bbla, landing from schooner Jamaica, at l*« Dock.
J«W ,gf ‘u^U WUiii * JOHN (4. * ADA

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