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ntud v*. Wyacle—Tke PoIHIcUm »*• TM*
We have already expressed the opinion, that in Vir
ginia, and some of the other Southern States, a majority
Ot the rank and file of the Democracy are,in their hearts,
for Douglas over Breckinridge. But the leaders of the
party, the wire-workers, the managing politician*, are
lor Breckinridge. The numbers are one way and the in
tellect of the party is the other. The money bags of the
administration are also thrown into Breckinridge’s scale.
The fight will, therefore, be full of interest to a calm
poiloaofitcr, like ourself, who is intent on studying thy
piin.-iples of human nature, and lb# influence.-* that con
ti ol the conduct of men.
* Mind and money are certainly powerful agents. Whe
ther they are strong enough to overcome and buy up
'.numbers, remains to be seen. All the cunning of the
party leaders will be exercised to the utmost extent, to
out-wit, entrap, and overcome the Douglas men in the
Sm-h, and all the patronage and power of the admini ;
t ration will be used for the same purpose. Purchasable
newspapers, if there be any, and pliant politicians, of
whomAhere are scores, will be bought up at good prices.
Now is the lime for fat jobs, and contracts, and long ad
vertisements' We shall watch the course of the Doug
las men with much interest, and we invite the public to
.. watch them also . not that we care a fig about it either
way, but merely as it may develop the philosophy of hu
Walpole, the old knave! said every man had bis price.
We will uow see how far the old inan was right,for every
effort will be made to buy up the Douglas men by hook
or by crook! We do not mean, of course, that they wilt
be bought dirtctlv. for a given sum of money, like cattle
in the market! By no means' That is too gross a mode
of proceeding! It would shock the sensibilities of the
subject too much ! But, there is a retiued and delicate
mode of buying up, by offices, contracts, jobs, advertis
ing in oue's paper, and promoting ooe's laudable desire
to serve the country in a public capacity ! This thing is
well understood about Washington, and an awkward, un
suspecting fellow, from the rural districts, may have a
noose around his neck before he knows it!
for the honor of human nature, we hope Walpole’s
infamous notion may be discredited and refuted by the
action ot the Donglasites. But we must confess we are
not without fears as to the result. Patronage, and Bit
ten, and the emolumeuts of office are very seductive.—
Although our poople are, iu theory, the most democratic
in the world,- there is no other race that delights so much
iu titles, and offices, and the consequences which they give
in the public eye.
We advise the masses of the Douglas men then to
keep a sharp; lookout on thier leaders. Let them watch
their editors ^lonely. They a-e a hungry, and we fear,
a *l;pp*ry pafck! A few poet-offije, or land office, or
State department advertisements may do wonders. Meu
a e very readily convinced that the course which inter.
• t points to, is the right course.
The cunning Breckinridge men will approach the
D vogUmtee with faces wreathed in smiles, and very po
litely urge them to consent to go into their Convention.
Th»* will argue to show that this is is all very tair, and
entirely consistent with democratic usages, and they
will, even, with bated breath, whispar that they are not
so mortally hos ile to Douglas as might be imagined, and
that they would not die of chagrin if the Convention
should declare for Douglas, or il the electoral vote should
be cast for him. It will be the old story of the spider
and the ffy. N'o sooner does the By eater the parlor of
the spider, than he finds himself entangled in the meshes
ot the web. Let the Douglas men go into Convention
with the Dt>unionists, and from that moment, they are
• entrapped and ruined. We all remember how the Hun
ter men hunny-fugglcd the disciples of Wise. Wi-e was
tne acknowledged favorite of Virginia, but by trick and
bullying, his friends were driven to the wall. But for
the want of wit and pluck ou the part of the friends of
our ancieut neighbor aud cherished pet, on that occasion.
Gizzard-foot might uow have been cock of the walk, with
a united democracy a: his heels. The same game will
be played again, and the Douglas men will find them
selves on the B«t of their backs.
The troth is the old Whigs who have crept into the
Democratic ranks, are too shatp for the old liners. They
wear the epaulettes and control the party. It is a re
tu irk able fact that almost aU the renegade Whigs are
for Breckinridge, and agou.-t Douglas. It is natural,
however, for as Breckinridge was originally a W big him
•eH the Whig interlopers into the Democratic partv
have a fellow feeling for him!
We shall then watch the moves on the chess-board.
wi*h much interest, and as by standers can sometimes
■ere of the game than the players, we shall note
whether there is any prompting from Washington, or
•beating'round the board! Our sympathises ^re with
uumbers, but we fear the politicians will entrap them.—
IV e lean to the fly, but the chances are the spider will
nab hint! Our heart overflows with tenderness for the
Unsophisticated masses, but we are sorely afraid, that
they will be cheated and sold by those in whom they
hare put their trust! The leaders will he bought up,
an 1 they will betray and sell out the masse*!
We promise the hottest, well-meaning rank and tile,
however, that we will be their faithful sentinel. We will
keep a strict watch on the lenders and the newspapers
professing to be for Douglas, and sound the note cf
alarm, at tbe first symptom of treachery '
We shall hare an especial eye on the journals of the
Tenth Legion! The Legionites hare strong claims on
Our gratitude and affection,which we are ever prompt to
acknowledge! If, therefore, the columns of those pa
pers shall be graced hr government advertisements, our
vigilance will be re doubled, and at the Unit symptom of
ahakiness, we shall cry aloud and spare not!
Bell and Everett la Eoalsiaaa.
The New Orleans Creseut learns that the Louisiana
S ale Convention, which as eraMed at baton Rouge oa
Wednesday, was largely attended, and the proceediags
were conducted with great satisfaction and enthusiasm.
Tne lion. Kamiell Runt was Chairman, and made a
ap -ech which was the greatest and most brilliant effoit
of his life. Speeches were also made by Messrs. Hayes,
ol Sew Orleans, T. U. Lewis, and other gentlemen, all
pledging themselvea to work heartily for tbe election Ol
the Coustitunooal Cuion ticket of Bell and Everett.
We shall have the official prucerdiog* in a day or
two; and in the meantime we subjoin the list of Electors
and Assistant Electors, comprising some of the best talent
of Louisiana;
first District—Ririere Gardere, elector, of St. Bernard;
G. DeFeriet, of New Orleans, alternate.
Second District— Ran dell Hunt, elector, of Orleans;
Jules Lavergoe. of Orleans, alternate.
Third District—C. Roselius, elector, of Jefferson;
D mean S. Cage, of Tertrebonne, alternate.
Fourth District—J. O. Fuqua, of East Feliciana, elector,
S. M. Fa Trot, alternate.
Fifih District—Titos. H. Lewis, of St. Laudrv, elector;
V. Fouruet, of S'. Mary, alternate.
Sixth District—John Ray, of Ouachita, elector; B. L.
H *dg», of Caddo’ alternate.
Beil and Everett electoral tickets have now been put
forth in all the Southern States, except South Carolina,
• •nJ shortly also have electoral ticket* in all the
Northern States.
* For Douglas wad Jvbatoa.
Tbe Nashville Bum-erf tp-eking of the declaration of
Hou. G. W. Jones lor Doug la* and Johnson, truly saw:
“George W. Jones is (.rvbtbly the most influential, and
eertaioly one of tbe shiest. Democrats in Teunecsee.—
Hu was President of the‘last D mocratic State Court n
tioo which sent <!e!< gates to Cbtrlestcu. HD voice will
be mere potent with the Dt me era lie masses in Ten nesaew
tlai those of any half dnen * bo tray attempt to de
feu^llta kancy-Disttu'oo ticket. UD own county, old
L 'Ruin, has laeg Dm tlw Dea ccta-ic -tronghoM a
T»wae-«ee, tullirg up its twcuts-fivw bundled mrjotity
jv- that part;. - I
la |cc«aa*<attaf
Toder thi* caption the Columbus A’nyiarsr remark*
tat the Hon. John C. Breckinridge, the seceders’ eandi
ate toe the Presidency, appear* to have the happy facul
f of adapting himself to any circumstance* by which he
jay be sorrouaded. In 1858, lie ran upon the dncin
•ti Platform, which he heartily endorsed and defended,
a 186)1, he i* the candidate of a faction who disrupted
le Democrat!.- party and seceded at Charleston because
t re alfrmed the Cincinnati Platform pure and simple!
fhe Udder by which Mr. Breckinridge ascended to the
l’ice Presidency in 1858, he eoutemptuoualy kicks from
inder him in 1*60 when he aspires to the higher position
»f the Presidency. No one, of course, is verdant enough
to believe that Mr. Breckinridge now spams what be
hugged to his bosom in 1856, Irom any real detestation
of its iniquity, or any present conviction that bis step
ping-stone to power in 1858 was a “vile means" which
lie cannot bouorably use any longer ; but it is apparent
that be left tbs wbcle matter to the only parties that
would then take bim for the Vic* Presidency, and noa
for the Presidency, and accepted in both instances th<
dinedy antagonistic platforms which they required bin
to ascend 1
It is averred in behalf of some Southern politicians
that they did not in 1856 construe the Cincinnati Plat
form as sustaining squatter sovereignty, but that now
having become convinced that it upheld that heresy
they repudiate and renounce it. This claim, however,
cannot be set up for Mr. Breckinridge. He declared, it
1856, in the most positive manner, that he understood
it as demanding for the people of the Territories the
right to admit or exclude slavery while in their Terrilo
rial condition. Here is what be said :
“ I happened to be in Coogres* when the Nebraska
bill passed, and gave it my voice and vote, and because
it did wbat it did, via: It acknowledged the riyht of thi
People of the Territory to settle the yuention for them
selves and not because I supposed, wbat I do not noa
believe, that it legislated slavery into the Territory. Tb<
Democratic party is not a pro-slavery party.”
“ The people of the Territories, under the Kansas-Ne
brarka act. bate the full right to establish or prohibil
slavery, just as a State woul.l, which principle is as old
as republican government itself.”—J. C. BaicctNMaaE
This was the doctrine of hi* party in 1886, and Mr
Breckinridge took an active part in teaching it to thi
people. But it appears that in the last year he gave it
hi* adhesion to the opposite doctrine, and denied to thi
Squatters the power which be so strenuously claimed foi
them in 18561 This is only cumulative proof of his accotn
modaiirg disposition, and shows that be was only adapt
iug hi.to elf to surrounding circumstances—just as b<
would do if he should be elected President. The extrac
from his spe-ch of December, 1859, before the Kentucky
Legidature, which the Democratic papers are now pub
li-hiug to prove that lie is opposed to Squatter Sow
reigntv, was made just after his election to the Senate
for which othce he was opposed chiefly by the Douglai
Democrats of the Legislature, who did not liko his con
necuou with the Buohauan Administration, ue accept
ed, as usual with him, the platform of the taction whon
cand late he was: aud he now stands before the couutn
the advocate of squatter sovereignty in 1836, and its re
pudiatnr in 1860. Uow he will '"turn up” under thi
uext change of circumstances, is a question about as in
tercstiog as the rising place of a dipchip.
A Doug'aw D. iuouatratiou la Nashville.
Silurdav morning the Xatioual Democracy at Xashvillt
met to ratify the nomination of Douglas and Johnson.—
The met ting was Urge and enthusiastic. Gov. Foot*
§t ited the object of the meeting. Col. V. R. Stevenson
was chosen Chairman, and Dr. A. H. Hurley, one of the
Democratic Central Committee, was appointed Secretary.
Dr. Felix R diertson the first white bora iu Nashville,
and a Ufedocg Democrat, sent the following letter. Gov
Foote spoke of lira as having been for fifty years thi
intimate associate, friend and counsellor of Jackson,
and as au honest, intelligent, fearless, and patriotic
Dr. F. YV. Robertson presents his respects to the Dem
ocratic Ratification meeting to-day, and regrets exceed
iusly iba: his ill-health will rot permit him to participate
iu the meeting, but his heart is in the object Ue wil
not believe that the Democratic masses can, by wicked
and d signing men, be led off Iroin their cherished and
long observed usage of giving a faithful support to thi
regular nominees of their party. Xo unprejudiced mind
will pretend to deny that Douglas and Johnson are thi
regular nominees of the Democratic party for Prcsideni
aud Vice President. Work faithfully from now till Xo
veub.-r and trust in Providence tor the result.
Xashviu.ic, July 7, 18C0.
The meeting enthusiastically united in the adoptior
of resolutions ratifying the nomination of Douglas and
Johnson, aud proposing the assemblage of a Oonveutior
in Nashville, on the 23;h inst., for arranging an Electo
ral ticket. Gov. Foote then made au able and eloquent
speech for the candidates. He reviewed the history o;
the Democratic party, proved Douglas and Johnson tc
be tue Democratic nominees, and denounced the Seee
dors’tick-t as sectional and irregular, liis speech wa.<
of such length that it was concluded in the evening.
Politics in Prince George.
Lad Thur-day (Court-day) was a busy day in politic;
at Prince Georgs C. H. The friends of Bell and Everett
hell au enthusiastieratification meeting which was elo
q lently ad l.\ -led by W. F. Bowd.-n, Sr.,Esq , aud Ko
B -tiling. Jr , Esq.
T ie Breckinridge and Lane men also held a meeting
an 1 appointed dslegttcs to the Charlottesville Conven
Lastly the friends of Douglas and Johnson had a meet
ing. One of the editors of the I'ubx, who was present,
* We did not hasten over, a* we thought we would
have amp!” room, but to our surprise we found the room
quite well tilled, and on a close examination of the faces
we found quite a number of our oi l Whig friends, who
s emed to be highly delighted with the speech which Mr.
T m Rives was delivering.
“At the close of Mr. Rives’ speech, the meeting was
adjourned over to the Court House, where quite a re
speetable number of the citiz-ns of the county listened
with evident sign* of satisfaction to an eloquent speech
in behalf of Hon. Stephen A. Douglas from our towns
man, Col. U. L. Hopkins.”
Lou.'la* In Suaarx Ountjr.
•m.. r r_r • i.. „.u.
“A meeting of the National Democrat* of Sussex will
b» held at August Court, for the purpose of ratifying tin
nomination of Douglas and Johnson, and for the organ
ization of the party."
To tkt Editor of tke If hiy:
Bt'cKiNditAM, July !>, 1860.
The Seceders held a meetiug to day to ratify the nomi
nation of Breckinridge and Lane—but did not ratily—
postponing until August Court. Mr. Chas. Irving msdi
a strong speech against the Beeeders and in lavor o
Douglas. He denounced' the Secedere as a factious mi
mty, wlio had quit the Convention oa no principle bu
hatred of Doughs, aud wlio had noutinate<l men lee
Southern than he. Breckiuridgc was a Kentucky Email
cipation st, who, failing to carry abolition into that State
had moved to a hireling State, Minnesota, to praclist
law; while old Joe Line had voted again-t tbeadmiseiot
of Florida into the Union, because it was slave territory
A pretty ticket far the exclusive champion* of Southeri
rights! Mr. I. protested against the arrogant dietatiot
ot this factious aud unprincipled minority.
During the evening, the subject was very much dis
cussed among the sovereigns. The leaders mostly be
long to the seceding wing of the party.and probably they
will carry a m •jority of the party with them. But then
were some strong and zealous Douglas men on band.—
One of them proclaimed, that he would bet f 10,000 tba
seven States could not be named that would vote loi
Breckinridge, and offered fiOo to auy one, who wouh
get bis bet taken; but iu vain.
The S«orders were evidently averse to any public dis
cussiou. Their policy seems to be to entrap the Doug
la>ites by ne xus of a double-shotted ticket. They an
willing to leave the question to the present list of elec
tors (uine out of 15 being for Breckinridge), with thi
undeistanding that the six Douglas electors shall be gov
erued by the nine Breckinridge gentry. A very fail
In view of the election going to the House of Repre
sentatives, the Doug!a* men in Virginia have a vital iu
icrest in defeating the Breckiuridgc electors—for the voti
of > his State might be the means of putting Breckinridgi
in the House and excluding Douglas. TbLs fact wdl en
venom the tight in every county in the Commonwealth
and dispose both of the factious to prefer the success o
Bell to that of its fraternal, but hated rival.
Foa tuk Want
Aw Ecivoa iw a (JcawnxRY.—The editor of the Vir
ginia Index, in his issue of last Tuesday, after dcscribinj
the present position of the two Locoloco factions, iu
forms his readers that be w:!I require still another day
for consideration, before announcing the course to b<
pursued by his journal for the future. We sympathizi
with him in his xtllictiou, for. turn which way he will, bi
cannot save himself—on one side be sees a roaring Seylla
ahd on the other an equally destructive t 'kurybdi*.'’—
Frankfurt, Ey., Cueeun-mmaltk of July 9th.
Since the paragraph which gave rise to the above ap
peared, “another day," aye, fifteen or tweuty of them
morw or less, have passed over the head of the editor o
the I'iryiHM Index, ami he has not yet “shown hi* hand,’
or informed the uuterrified Democracy under which bau
ner be is goiug to tight. Mr. Junior, of the Index, why
this unnecessary deiay ? Why remain on the top of tbs
fence like t roomer, crowing on hoik it dee at the sains
time? The Junior of the Index, (I am inclined to think
he penned the paragraph in question! is unmistakably
laboring under a horrible incubus, or is evidently sick
as he has not unfurled his tanner to the breex>. If he it
sick, Breckinridge or Docglts is the cause of his maladv
and ok irkeatr he comes out for, will show, in his case
the application ol the following line*:
“ rw Itsvll (Ol •M, the Devil a salat wcu'i b*.
The Devil §o well, but Devil a salat was he “
Fikcaitlb, July "th, 1860.
lo th* Editor of th* Whig:
Please (rive the enclosed a place in your paper 1 have
more confidence in Northern politicians, than Northern
preachers. Yours, truly.
“At a meeting of the official and other members of Fin
castle Circuit, Roanoke District, held »t Black Creek
Church, June 30th, I860, for the purpoee of considering
the action of the late General Conference on the subject
of slavery. Rev. Alfred Buhrman was called to the chair
and Andrew I,. l’itier elected Secretary. The chair sta
ted the object of the meeting, whereupon the following
brethren weie appointed a committee to draft a pre
amble and resolutions expressive of the sense of the
meeting, vii: Henry 1. Stevens, Jere Stair and Andrew
L. lhtxer, who, after retirtng for deliberation, reported
the following, which, on motion was adopted uuani
Whereas, the late General Conference of the M. h.
Church, at its late session in Buffalo, resolved by a very
large majority U insert a new chapter iu the discipline
on the subject 0*' slavery, and whereas, said chapter de
clares the buying, selling and holding of human beings
as chattels, to be sinful, and adtliouishca Prtaehtr* and
People to use all lawful and Christian incana for its ex
tirpation, and wl cress said declaration and admonition
is an inquisition into the motives underlying the relation
between master and slave, subversive ot our interests,
aud the enforcement of which, by our preachers, would
make them violators of and amenable to the laws of our
State, and whereas wo regard the declaration false is
theory aud the admoui'iuu impossible in practice, aud
whereas we believe that we cannot any longer retain our
connexion with the Northern Conferences, and maintain
our self-respect and accomplish our work as Christian
men in this State, therefore be it
AW red, 1. That while the legislative change of
chapter 7 on slavery has not the form of positive statute,
it does in our judgment make slave-holding indiscrimi
nately sinful, aud in fact constitutes a new term of mem
bership. Therefore, we solemnly, and in the fear of
God, repudiate the action of the General Conference,
and declira our fixed and unalterable purpoee, never to
submit to this unrighteous legislation.
3. That we still have the fullest confidence in the fi
delity of the preachers of the Baltimore Conference, to
our interest, and believe they mill stand by us to the
last extremity.
3. That as the Virginia portion of the Baltimore Con
ference has made sacrifices of peace aud influence for
the sake of union with the Baltimore and Maryland por
tion of said Conference, those portions should uow stand
by us in a united and unflinching purpose to sever the
ties of ecclesiastical connection with all those who ap
prove the action of the last General Conference.
4. That we hereby call upon our brethren (Preachers
and Lavraen) of Maryland, the District of Columbia, hast
Baltimore, Tbiladelphia, New Jersey, Delaware, Western
Virginia, <in<i all other Conferences, to unite witll us in a
! movement of opposition to the unconstitutional aud arbi
trary action of the last General Conference.
3 That we urge our people everywhere to rem tin calm
and quiet rill the uext session of the Baltimore Confer
ence at StauntOD.
6. That we heartily approve of Dr. Bond's iltfeuce of
the Border Conferences, aud his views of the change of
"Chapter 7 on Slavery,’’ as found in his editorial of June
9th, Baltimore Advocate, and hereby tender to him our
hearty thanks for his fidelity to our interests.
7. That we siiccest that one lavman (elected by the
Quarterly Conferences) to each preacher be seut front ev
ery circuit aud station to Staunton, next March, to con
fer with our preachers os to our present and future
church relation.
8. That these resolutions be published in the Baltimore
Advocate, with the request that every paper within the
bounds of our ConfercnoF copy.
Alfred Buhruian, L. E. Joonson,
Andrew I.. Pitzer, Jeremiah Stair,
H. I. Stevens, A. C. H ill,
Robert B. Stevens, J. L. Williumson,
E W. Hunter, John Peters,
John W. Parr, J. 8, Walrond,
James Falla, Geo. W. l'ribble,
Win. Booze. 8. D. Hopkins,
Joe. L'ukeuhoger, 1). A. Brumbaugh.
Allkguzkt SfKisns, )
July 11, i860. J
To the Editor of the HViiij ;
Some of your city papers report tho number of visi
ters at this place so far below tbe number really here,
that I hope you will correct the statement. List week
there were between 130 to 200, and to day the register
shows near 3o<>. The company is daily increasing very
fast, and by the end of the week there is every probabil
itv of its beiug enlarged to the full capacity of the place.
1 have rarely seeu a more elvgautgathering of gentlemen
and ladies.
We bear little of politics. Hero the talk is for Bell
and Everett, though that may be owing to tho unusual
silence of tho Democrats who are as quiet as oysters. 1
have seeu but few with sufficient energy to call the name
of the lost party. The “Territorial Abolitionist" has no
friends here, but we look for some from Petersburg. Al
exandria. Ac. We will not be surprised ifLyuchburg,
too, sends up a few.
At a meeting of the Whigs of Powhatan county, ou
the 2d d.ty of July, I860, (court day) Capt Win. E. Roy
all was called to the Chair and E. C. Mushy appointed
After an explanation of the object of the meeting by
the Chairman, in an earnest and animated manner,;Mr.
C Carter L<-e addressed the meeting in his usual lelict
tous style, aud concluded by offering the following res
olution :
Resolved, That this meeting hail with peculiar gratifi
cation the nomination of lb H aud Everett, made by the
Union Constitutional aud Enforcement of the Laws con
vention, held in the city of Baltimore, and will earnestly
support the movement there inaugurated, as the only
menus of saving the Union, aud tire great aud sacred in
terests it alone cau protect.
Gen. W. 0. Scott ul lressed the meeting. Cols. Farrar
and Capt. Wcisiger of Amelia followed, w ho 'o the earn
est calls of their friends responded elnqucn ly and pa
trio icallv. Tin' vote was then taken ou the foregoing
resolution, and it was pa«sed unanimously.
On motion, it was ordered that these proceedings be
published in the Richmond Whig.
The meeting then udjoured.
E. C. Mcsnv, Sec’y. WM. E. ROY ALL, Ch’n.
To the Editor of the Whiff:
Regarding you as our standard-bearer in agriculture,
as well as in politics, lot me call your atteutiou to the
effect that this long-oonthiucd and extensive drought
ought to have upon tbe prices of grain aud tobacco. From
my own observation in the county of Buckingham, and
wliat l hear from the counties of Albemarle, Nelson and
Amherst, there cannot be more than a hall a crop of to
bacco made. A SUBSCRIBER.
St. Josiph, Julr l i —Tho Pike's Peak express arrived
last night, with advices from Denver City to July 5th.
Tbe celebration of the -1th passed off with ouly a shoo -
ing affair at a race.
The recent favorable accounts from the Arkansas
mines are confirmed. Business was still dull, but im
proving slowly. Au average of forty trains per day were
returning lo me m:c*. aim me arrivals were ucurnasiug.
The weather was hot.
Fayhteyillk, Ark., July 12.—The overland San Fran
cisco mail of the 22 d has arrived.
The hark Camille sailed on the 21st for Melbourne,
with a cargo of Hour and wheat of the crop of 18f>0.
Ten convicts escaped from prisou on the 20th.
The Republican Slate Convention had nominated
Charles A. Washburn, Wm. H. Weeks, Charles L. Tut
tle and Antonio M. Pico, for presidential electors.
The Jacksonville (Oregon) Sentiuel extra of the 16th
gives the official vote of every county except Wascoe.—
Shield, deni., has a majority over Logan, rep., for Con
gress, of 78. The vote of Nascoe county will inercsse
the democratic majority. The Legislature Ma ids light
democrats to tin opposition ou joint ballot.
Nothing has yet been heard of the partv whieh loft
Carsou Valley on the ninth, to establish the pony ex
press. There hare beeu no recent disturbances at the
Wa-hoe mines, but the danger still exists ou the road to
Salt Like, and hopes arc entertained that the troops at
Camp Floyd will protect the mail route.
The accounts from the Washoe iniues are not very fa
vorable regarding the new discoveries. The Comstock
lead rein continues to widen, appearing more valuable
and extensive. But little confidence is felt in the silver
mines, and prospectors are becoming discouraged.
We stated a day or two since that the Opposition par
ty of Alabama, in Convention assembled at Montgome
ry, had declared in favor ol the Breckinridge and Line
ticket. It turns out, however, that the Convention tc
which we referred embraced only the representatives ol
the so-called “Southern Rights Democracy of Alabama”
—a mere fragracot, it must be confessed, of the old Op
position party of the State, only nine counties having
sent delegates to Montgomery.
The regular Opposition Convention of Alabama, which
assembled recently at Salem, was numerously attended,
and resulted in the formation of a strong elcctorial tick
et for Bril and Everett. According to former tests the
Democratic majority in the State docs not exceed 12,000,
. and with two Democratic tickets in the field, each receiv
ing a strong vote, the claims of Bell and Everett in Ala
bama are by no means desperate.— Virginia Index,
f (Hem ) _
The New York Tribune says:
We are pleased to learn that the Fowler Committee,
combating ol M- ssrs. Isaac Bell, Hiram Cranston, Elijah
1 F. Pruiiy, Dr. Crane, and Dr. W. W. Sanger, now hold
ing their weekly sessions at the New York Hotel, are
doing even better than they had reason to expect. Al
ready they have collected over $60,000 toward reimburs
ing the (loverr.ment for Mr. Fowler’s deficiency. We
, are informed that numbers of the persons to whom Mr.
F. in his palmy days lent Urge sums of money, without
taking any memorandum or written acknowledgement,
have geuerom-ly come forward and paid into the bauds
of committee the entire amounts due. This makes ui
think bettor of human nature.
Tn* Wxsr Point Military Acaukuv.—Major Roliert
Anderson, of the first artillery, and Csp'ain A. A. Hum
phrey, of the corps of topographical engineers, arc de
tiile 1 from the armv aa ui-mbcis of the commission cre
ated by the act of June 2lst, I860, to examine into the
orgauix ilion, system of discipline and course of instruc
1 lion of the Dulled States Military Academy. They an
ordered to report for that duty on the 16ib instant al
West I oiut. The commission will consist of two mcm
b.-rs of each House of Congress, in addition to lh<
above. Senators Davis and Foote, and Krprceentativei
i Juhu Cochrane mud Henry Winter Davis have been de
signated to act in such capacity.—11 ask. letter.
We (earn that there are about 25 > visitors at the Wbi l
Sulphur Spriugs, loo at Rockbridge Alum, and generally
that the mountain watering places are filling up rapid
from t\t JWfwkw.
To the Democrat* of Virginia, who are in favor of eon
forming to tho usage* of the party, and who are for pre
serving it* national organiittiort.by supporting the o**n
iueea for President and Viot President of the United
Stale*, Stephen A. Douglas, of Illinois, and Herscbell V.
Johnson, of Georgia, duly nominated by the adjourned
National Convention, held at Baltimore, the undersigned,
members of the Democratic 8(at* Central Committee of
Virginia, beg leave to submit the following statement:
By a call from the Chairman of the State Central Com
mittee, it* members held * meeting in the city of Rich
mond,'on Tuesday, the loth inst, to take such action a*
might' he deemed necessary to harmonize and conciliate
the division now existing in Virginia between the friends
ol Breckinridge and Lane and those of Douglas sod John
son. The proposition first submitted to the i ommluee
was whether a State Convention should be held. The
undetsigued, aware of the fact, as the Democracy ofVir
ginia generally arc, that the State Convention which as
sembled in the spriug pledged the party to support the
nomiuees of the National Convention—this pledge hav
ing been made by the body which appointed the Central
Committee—it could aot be revoked by said committee,
nor could the committee, in the opinion of the under
signed, take any action or institute any proceeding look
ing directly or iudlreotly to the support of other candi
dates than those named by the Democratic National Con
That'the Convention, should the committee decide to
call ODe, waa expected to nominate an elecoral ticket,
which would cast the electoral vote of the Slate against
the regular nominees of the National Convention, Douglas
and Johnson, there could not be a doubt Being satisfied
that the object of the majority of the committee was to
promote the nomination of an electoral ticket for the
support of candidates hostile to tbote of tho National
Democracy, the undersigned did not feel authorized to
aid in making this inroad upon the time-honored usage
of the party, and they therefore voted against the call of
a Convention; it, however, was adopted. Still being
anxious to besl dissension, to conciliate brethren of the
same party, who have so often and so gallantly fought
together uuder the same flag, whoee eagle* they have
kept perched so long upon the ramparts of the Constitu
tion. the uudereigned submitted the following fair, just,
and charitable proposition;
"Whereas, tho present division of the Democratic par
ty must lead to the loss of the electoral vote of Virginia,
uulcss some compromise can be effected; and, whereas,
this division of the party is caused by the nomiualion of
Messrs. Breckiuiidge and Lane, by their friends at Balti
more, and by the nomination of Douglas and Johnson,
bv their friends also at Utltimore, each by bodies claim
ing to be the National Democratic Convention; now,
therefore, with the view of restoring the question a* near
ly back to the bands of the people as possible,
"Kttolvtd, That we recommend to the friends of each
of tho tickets to hold each a seperato convention, to
meet in Charlottesville, ou the ninth day of August, to
be separately organized and to be held iu separate build
ings, to effect u compromise, if possible; and on the
failure of which, that said conventions be left to take
such course as they may deem proper."
This proposition so just iu itself, to refer to the dis
tracted members of a great party, brought into collision
with each other, not by any act of theirs, but by seca
ders from tho National Convention, was not met by a
direct vote on its merits, but. fell by a side-blow uuder a
motion to lay on the table. Was this not enough for
the undersigned to offer? It said to the divided De
mocracy, we usurp no power; we make no iuroad upon
tho usages of the party; you arc the sovereigns; you are
the sufferers; take the question yourselves and arrange
it as you tbiuk best, and, if separate you must, why you
must t'Ulr the terms of the separation.
The politicians and Presidential aspirants had, by the
nomination ol two tickets, at Baltimore, caused tins divi
sion in Virgiuia. They knew what would be the result
of their action; then produced the discord; we desired
that the /nople thus divided should each separately con
sult and correct, if possible, the digram violation of the
lime-honored usages of the party. This olive branch
was laid on the table, to wither ai d die; and tbe people,
who were told at Baltimore, are now to be delivered,
whether they will or not! Freemen, shall the politicians
or the people rule ? The issue is iu your bands; and it
the past history of the gallant leaders, wh have passed
from among ns; if the warning voice of those who coun
si 1 us to go for the cause and not for men; if the clariou
notes of the Napoleon of the press, that greut aud patri
otic man, Thomas Ritchie, are stiil ringing in our ears,
“Rally, rally to the nominees of our parly!”—if these
teachings will not suffice to stimulate you to action, and
the decisions of Uouveutions shall be no longer binding
upon honorable men, then you must choose submission.
For ourselves, we will suud by the party, its uominees,
aud its old platform.
The uudersigned will not go into a review of the fact*
which transpired at Charleston and Baltimore, to prove
whether Douglas and Jolinsou or Breckinridge aud Lane
are the regular nominees. It is euough to show that
one-third of a convention cannot make a Senatorial, Con
gressional or State nomination, much less a nomination
for the National Democratic party of thirty-turee States!
Yet this was the strength of the Seccders’ convention,
according to their owu showing. It is enough to show
that no member was commissioned or accredited to sit in
the body that nominated Breckinridge and Lane; it is
enough to show that, the delegates to the National Con
vention were commissioned to sit in and uot out of it.—
We shall not introduce any argument to prove that their
nomination is null and void. As well might the chair
man ol the central committee, with four members, with
draw from the room in which wo sat, organize them
selves, and decline that they wero “the Slate central
committee" and that the other two thirds, ten members,
were no', competent to transact business. Indeed, why
could not the undersigned take the position that they are
the central comm ttec ? It would ouly be working out
the principles of this nan invention.
Nor shall we, on the otbt r hand, argue to show that
Douglas and Johnson were the regular nominees. It is
enough to show that they wero nominated by a body au
thorized to make u nomination, that Douglas’ nomina
tion, when made unanimous, washy a vote of more than
two-thirds of the entire Electoral College, viz: 210
No friend of Breckinridge and Line has vet been so
bold ns to aver that their election can he made by the
people. Their entire elf rt is to carry him before the
House of R preseutaiives. Is this Democratic usage?
H is the contest between Jcll'eison aud Buir been for
gotten ? H as the struggle between Crawford, Adams
aud Jackson been forgotten ? Surely these warnings
should teach Democrats a s id lesson. If not, what ele
ments in the present House of Represent! ives are so
enticing a« to induce a Democrat to subject the claims
of a favorite of his party to that body ? Have they for
gotten the eleection of the Speaker? Don’t they know
that the Black Republicans can c trry or defeat any mea
sure? We cannot believe that the jieople desire that
tii h a Home shall select a President lor them.
Then what shall be done? I he under-ign-d, after
much reflection and consultation with Democrats of dis
tinction for their talents aud service in the cause of De
mocracy, concur iu the plan suggested tor a mass Con
vention of National Democrats, who adhere to the usa
ges and nominees of the regular organization, to be held
at Staunton on the 10th ol next August.
Iu our opinion, this is the only way which will secure
the election of the nominees ol the National Democracy,
aud defeat the election of Lincoln by the people.
Richmond, V* , July 11,1860.
y, om the AV,'U»rer.
Acting iimlcr the authority Utclv vested in me by the
National ’ Democratic Executive Committee, I earnestly
rtquest those Democrats throughout the State who arc
in favor ol the election of Stephen A. Douglas and Her
schell V. Jobuson, the regular nominees of said party,
to send delegates to a couvenuou and mass meeting to
be held at Staunton on the 16’.b day of August next lor
the purpose of framing an electoral ticket and transact
ing such other busiuess as the exigencies of the case
may require. JOUN A. 11 ARMAN,
National Committeeman for Virginia.
DaKADurn Amain at Lawk Bokrkic.—Three Spaniardi
Kitted hit a Chinaman—The Chinaman Shot Head.—
A terrible affair occurred at Froetorvilie, Lake Borgne,
on Saturday afternoon, the main facts only of which
bare yet reached town. It appears that a Chlnamau
went into a coffeehouse with a party of fifteen to drink,
aud only put dowu twenty-five ceuta. They went out,
und another Chiuamau went in and claimed a drink, but
the barkeeper, a Spaniard, refused to give it to him.—
The Chinaman slapped him in the face, aud the Spaniard
threw a tumbler at him. A countryman of the barkeep
er's weut in to his assistance, whereupon the Chinaman
stabbed him. lie then rushed out and slabbed another
Spauiard on the gallery, who attempted to stop him.—
He then ran for the wharf, and was pursued bv another
Spaniard, named A cgustino Fe lerd.and he got cut in -eve
ral places. The Cclestiul desperado leaped into the Lake to
swim to a boat, but before he reached one lie was sin t
dead. The two men subbed in the coffeehouse expired
shortly after. Fellerd was brought up to town, but died
in the Charity Hospital at 7 o’clock yesterday morning.
He was stabbed in several places, and the flesh was lite
rally hewed off from the bone on the right arm, te .wreu
the elbow aud shoulder. He was a member of the Span
ish Benevolent Association.—K. O. Bulletin.
A Littli Dtrnooi.Tr.—The Laclede (Mo.,) Journal
“regrets to learn" that a “little difficulty” occurred at a
horse race ou Fox Creek, Douglas county, Missouri, tha
results of which are summed up as follows:—Win. W.
Gideon, a citizen of Wright county, was shockingly and
brutally beaten over tbe head with a gun, by Jack Aslup,
until life was extlucL Arthur Neal was fatally stabbed.
William Neal, Isaac Davis and Joseph Todd were knock
ed down aud severely injured ; a man named Teterick
bud his bead spilt open. Jack Aslup was kuocked down,
William Aslup'sjaw nos broken—another Aslup had hia
arm broken and his head badly bruised— aud a man
named Davis was shot through tbe hand and wrist, al
though not participating iu the “little difficulty.” “These
men,” adds the Journsl, “had long lived neighbors aud
fi iends.”
in am hi Kin
On TuMdxjr, the t'SIh ult, uy lUv KJwanI P Hawklne, Mr.
JAMC8 II. MADISON, of AlhemAilr, to Miu 8. ANN IK PAYNK,
ol Or • nge.
la th« ti tptDt Church, Char‘.o'tc«vt11e, oa Thursday night, 5th
IniL, by Her John A liroados, Mr. W P LOU Til tN, Proftsror
of *ircrk. In the Uicluoond College, to Mill UKLKN Vf. daughter
of John 11. lllbb, Pstj , of Charlotte.villa
At HU residence, lo Henrico County, oo Monday, July 2d, 1 S/0,
Mr. Al (tUi«TlNK ItKAXTON, aged yean
When he was *-'i years old he nude a profession of religion, and
united with tbe MUttiewi fUptlit Church; »«bM»qasatlj, he mar*
ile.l in kpirr >palian lady, am connected himself with tbe Church
of which khe wns a member. Mr. Braxton belonged to one of Ihe
old and innct respectable families of Kastern Vi, git la. The name
of h's grand father, (If the writer Is not mbt*ken,)ta at ached to
the Declaration of Independence He was a Whig In politics,!)
long as that party maintained Its organisation
Mr H was sick about fawr wecfci, during this time, he wax
calm, pa:lent, and aa*>tnls>iee. lie acknowledged the Justice of
Ood lu Ids aQli.iUoa, pendeutl* centers*! hia S' ns, and hoped for
par Jon through the a^neaiabt of ChrDi. During Id. cne»a he
took great Internal la Uta readlug of the script ares, and In dawo
tlonal ex-rclece On the ruadsy morning before his death, he bad
all Bsfkmdv call'd to,tf ir, Id ardtr la religious Sonin• lo hii
room HD Msadj are much comforted la Ute assurance that their
let! tiki* gala.
Uf^CIDID.—A number of oar \ Irgtnla contain port
riaa of tbe Democratic atripa hare not yet decided under
which banner they will light. In reviewing tbe difficul
tie* under which the party ire now encompassed, tbe
Rom not Argot, eaya: .
"If yther one of the Democratic candidate* hare half
tbe stNDgth, in the oppoeite section that bit friend* con
fidently claim for him, the inevitable conaequence mutt
be that Lincoln will carry every Northern, cod Bell and
Everett, every South Slate. Should Lincoln carry the
free State*, be will reoeive 183 electoral vote*, when 153
is all that is necessary to elect him.
"Of tbe Democratic papers In Virginia, which have
defined tbeir positions so far as we are informed, 14 are
for Breckinridge and Lane, and 8 are for Douglas and
Johnson.* In view of theoe facts, is there a sane man in
Virginia,-who can entertain the idea for a moment that
Bell and Everett will not carry tbe State by an over
whelming majority f It is an admission that we are
pained to make, but it i* folly and madness to console
ourselves with impossibilities.”
Close Vote.—Upon the down train on the South-Side
Railroad, on Wednesday last, a vote was taken in one ol
the coaches, as to the preference of the passengers for
the different candidates for the Presidency, with the fol
lowing result: Breckinridge and Lane 15, Bell and Ever
ett 15, Douglas and Johnson 15. The coach contained 45
male adult*, and it is a little remarkable that politically,
they should have been so equally divided. A good deal
of merriment was occasioned by a strong minded woman
in the coach, wlo wished to cast her vote for Douglas.
The Breckinridge ratification meeting at Charleston!
S. C., waa addressed by the lion. R. B. Kbett, who ac
cording lo the Charleston News, "strikingly enforced the
propriety of tbe South's preparing to take her destiny
into her own hands, in the Union, if possible, if not, out
of it.” Tbe resolutions of the meeting recognize Breck
inridge sod Lane as the nominees of the Richmond Con
vention, and do not recognise tbeir nomination by the
Convention held at tbe Maryland Institute in this city.
Dehth'Ctive Hail Storm.—We learn that a terrible
hail storm, |iasacd over a portion of Halifax county, on
Wednesday evening, doing immense damage to the Core
and Tobacco crops. The destruction in the neighbor
hood ol Clover Depot, on the Danville Railroad, is said
to he immense, the Corn and Tobacco being literally
torn to pieces. Some of ike stones, we learn, were at
large as hen's eggs.
July 111, 1860.
T o’clock. IS o'clock. 6 o’clock,
(a Dooaa: 6S >6 14
Otr Dooaa: 67 78 78
In the whole hlito-y of Medical D'seovcrlci so stuxnr has per
formed ao-many or aach remarkable cures of the numeroui offer
Uoniof h - Taaoiv, LoiiiiatdCiissT—ofCocoHs, Coum Bousi hit
is, Imlccvza, Wsoofuo Cocoa, Oaocr, Asthma, or of OoaaLMrrioa
Itielf. as this far-famed, loaf-tried and jaatly celebrated Mai.um.
Certificate frooi Mr. Nuaauiaa Noaroa, of the Raamlmer Office,
Bicituoxn. Va, Fob. 23,1860.
Mcure 8. W. Fowls A Co , Bnaton.~iienilemen *—1 with |> chi
uro terlfr lo Iho freal merit of your Invaluable lunt medicine
Dr. Wiatao's Balaam or Wild Cua.av, which 1*1 kewlaehlahly val
ued by many of our esteemed clliaena, who have teoted Its virtue)
by triel. I
I Aral made uae of tl la Balaam acme three yean atnee for a vlo
lent and dblreadnf coUfh.wbLli l>allied ihe aklll of p'uelctani.and
to my Joy, experienced each yralifylny rilirf aa to Induce me tc
peroerrre lo I'a uae. I olwoyo keep it by me, end over find it lo be
onauch ipeedjr relief Your* truly. NORHORNR NORTON.
tr < uiUim to DurcKa*ere.—'The only genuine WUUtr'e DU
•iim has the icrUUn signature of “I. Bcttj” and the printed one
of the Proprietors on the outside wrapper; all other Is vile ac«l
Prepared by BETH W. POWLE A 00., Boaton, and foi
tale, at wholesale and retail, by ADIB k GRAY, PURCELL,LADD
A 00., W. PETERSON, J. P. DUVAL, Richmond, and by all dray
flats ani dealers In medicines In city and country.
jy14 -doAwlra
AV,.m the Jfew York Time*, Angn+t'J, l*tio
frALDtXo'i Psvharsd Glce.—Prepared Glue: a very useful and
convenient art'cle fur housekeepers and ethers Li • Ppalding'i
Prepared Glue.” It Is one of those Inventions, small In themselves,
which, revs thelesi, g y far In the econornl- s of household manage
ment, and are an ever present aid In saving tlm\ expense and
trouble. Tr.e number of email repairs to.the furniture rlcture
frames, crockery, children’s toys, leather, shell and ribsr faney
Work, with the almost Innumerable uses to whit h In every house
h -Id a really good and ever ready article of this kind may he ap
pl ed, «ftl st oaoe suggest themselves to the ladlis. Damage I
hook covers, loosened leaves, dilapidated maps and herbariums,
will remind the stu lent and >he ho »k*wurm of its value 1 his glut
Is comp» uided with chemicals which fold It permanently in aolu
lion until It h applied, without <ff«etlng I’s slret-gth, and whlcli
serve to give the adhesive nutter a firmer hold on the surface tc
he united, after which they <|uh*kly evarorate, leaving the glue tc
harden with rapidity and tenarltv It Is estimated that there ar*
at least five millions of houteholds In the United Plates, and »h%1
an outlay cf from ons to tea dollars Is annuvlly r. quire J to
makes nail repa'rs to.furniturc alone,apart from the numerous neg
lerts and mike shifts that arc necessarily resorted to.
jy14-d. cAwlw
I) vAl) the following certificate of your owa towrsman, a gen
lleman well known to all; If this is not sstisfactnry, c«ll si
the Propsiftnr'g, 60 Main Street* *nd you can see ceitiflcates from
all sections of Die Uni in :
Rnmi'iD, July 10,1*00.
Mr. y fctktA—Dear Sir: I take great pleasure in informlnf
you thit I have used three Ilnurs of your Hair Restorer will
great SATtmrriox n» UYittir, my Huai.t Ghjwi.nu rutiLT; pleas*
send me half a d .ten bottles.
Pattls lloinur, I
Monti i, Ai.a , AprIMUh, i>U0. f
y. Rs*kiel% fmj , tiirhm mt--l)ear fir: You were so kind as t<
present me, when a guest cf your houie, w Ih a bottle of you
Ualr Restorer, which has teen cxhiuxteJ for s’-versl days, and!
have enquired In vsiu at to nr agents In tls city, day after d;.y
to renew my sopply. The trial of jcur Restorer, as let as irj
limited »u jply permitted me to Judge, li uiuiily tuTisr actor v. 1
wish to give it a fa'r trial, and will, therefore, think you to sene
me half a dozen Bottles by Adam's Express ; send bill with tl*
package, to be collected on del.very. Your early compliance wli
very much ob.lge. Yours truly,
fMTFor sale by all Druggists In tho Uulted States.
X*r rrlc- 91 i> r lloitl**.
All orders niut be addressed to the Proprietor.
R. t7.klCIKL.tJ Main St.,
Jpl4— Richmond, Virginia,
OrriiK cuexkr or Maix axd Yu v ext* bTaasrs,
rim IS COMPANY Is prepared to take Pi re and Marine risks oi
X favorable Terms. Also, to guarantee and discount NegotUbli
bills, and to receive Money on Deposit, and pay lnte est thereon
Capital, ... gHOO.OOO.
Wr If. VacriSLAJB), Preililrot Farmer* Bank ; A. Wiawics, Urn
of Warwick A Itiraadale; W«. II. Cr**.-ii*w, firm of Crcnahaw i
Co.; Wtixiaon.x Odiums, firm of Ood.lln k Aj peraon; T. W
HcOaic* ll.-o of Dun'op, Mooeare A Co ; O. A. Iii*im.u.», lira
of Warwick A Ba karrill ; Jiwu If. Oa.aT, Tobacco Hai.uUciu
Bav>'N firm t f liar >n k Br.rk*di»!r; K B UiXALL, firm of HaxmII
Creiuhaw k T-i; John Cnakii. Ji, f hip Uto«r; IV* II XVar
win, Qro of Warwick Jk Dark»Ualr; Jai». ALtaiu Atiurtrj
at I.rw, 0 G. Kluctt. Buttdar; t G. Hrm*, Agrlculturbl ani
Manafacturer; K W McGki’dkr. Arm of 8. MoGrudrr's Bon* ; W
W. Crimp, Attorney at Law; Jan Dt'XLOr, Arm of Dunlop, Mon
cure k Ge.
BOLLING W. H4XALL, President.
0. f BRK <«, B«c*y_
Q-reat Reduction in Stock.
X pkCAUdlC why ? If at regular prices nur clothing was so gener
I .* ally purchase I, what must the effect be when thl. HRKsI
KKni't'TION has taken place ; when the most desirable Clothing li
this Martel has been marked down to a fraction above Cost I Ktl
denily the result will be that a great iu,h will follow, aud thee
who postpone for a few days the advantages offered, will come li
whs i the bargains tre told. Fair dealings, small profile, on
price, la the motto ws sail under at, 110 Main at.
i\ Jo-t received direct, a shipment of ihc above ce ebrated Browi
Stout, to which we dr sire W call the pat tirnlmr attention of purcht
sera, who desire a perfectly pu*e article, bwtlad by ihe brewer
them’.elves, and easily superior to the article generally told U
tills market as London Porter. Tor sale only by
Jy 14 Cor. Pearl and Cary gtreeta.
CLAHKT WINS*.—100 cases J. Merman A Co's Bor
drauv Claret Wines, Including Bsgea, PauUltc, PonirtCsncI
Chatran Herman rills, Chatrsn Hiseouis. Chalesn LroviUe, Cht
tcao Ynucm. Just landed and for sale at same prices as charge)
by the New York agents. BKLDKN A MII.LKR,
jy 14 _Oar, Pearl ami Cary Blreets.
Deft, .imkcraux * co»s. cuampauni
Wines, Including Imperial, Ued I ae. Carte Note, and Halt
Blanche. A further supply just landed, and for sale by the onlj
egrets forYlrglnla. BICLDIN A MILLKK,
jyl4 Cor. Pearl A Cary gtreeta.
2-Vi dot Blue and Green, * hoop
40 •• •• " » “
fill “ Varalthtd 1 “
h0 “ Cedar for sale by
Bnoons.—10° dot assorted, for talc by
BACON HAH!*.-! casks prime fingAcOdCcg, f°r 01
consignment, by TARDY A WILl.lAMI.
MOUNTAIN HUTTEB.-M kep prime for tale 01
OL D DOT*IN ION N AI LS.-».M« kegs for sals ches,
by Jfl4—61_ _ TARDY A WILUAMd.
SMITH FIELD BACON,—fiOiWlbs Brigg’t Hof Boon
^Hscon, very aup.rl.r artlcl. qO.
purni^w KICK, fornale^by q ,. daVINPOBT.
COFFEE SUGAB.-MO bbls Ixtrn 0 and 0 Bagw, l
tian for aala by QUAB. T. WORTHAM A CO.
.*>h*lf pipe* Pinet Ca*t«!lon, ke. brand*, »up<
^rlorOld Brandy, lor .a^by_J. k Q. B DAVENPORT.
C"/**"..'!*5 b',,f‘_Prl"“ ®“b'wM’'wALL,A«,BON»_
M KKEL'l^i“d,a“
C1IGAHS.— IS,000 genuloo Principe Cigar.,Jist rccalred, fo
^ ..Mbw, to do., ooodgo.«i,by WMWlLuct|0iML
I (Ml OAR clIMD MARK, la Store (nrsale by
j'l4-lw WM. WALL LOB BONA.
; JAA ■REBELS WHINE V, lo store fnr aele b
ir>00 T.Ta” w WM wallackaonR.
o c RKH PSiamoUIII) WTTB*,J«lf
jlM-lw^’ f°r **"* Wa, VAUiOS IONA
Omm m rm Wmm, Mr It. MM.
western crops—oinoinnati markets.
TIm Cincinnati I’ric* Current, of 11th bit., mji :
Ths weather has been quite wet during the week; an uuusaal
qota’Jiy or rail fell In the aariy part of the week, thoroughly sat
urating the earth, ana this, together wtti a eultrr atmosphere, ren
dered the weather the most favorable tor the com and other grow
ing eropa, which call be vtH 1 aagined. Tr e eon has grows with
great rapidity, we learm from farmers, sad It Is thought that though
there abouH he no mora rain, the evop mould be a large one All
concede that the p roe pec* ■ of an Immensely large corn crop never
have brew ewrpaeecd; and this applies to all the Western Hates —
It was f*ar«d that the heavy protracted rains would Injure the
wheat, which was mostly In shocks In ths field, but It hae sustain
ed oooe of consequence; and then since tun day the weather has
bsen hot and dry, and has removsd all the moisture from the
•heaves. Oats and potatoes are dolog very well, and the crops
of both must be large; ladeed they are spoken ol In oar letters In
extravagant terms The crop of spring wheat throughout all the
Northwtslls represented exesilen*, ana now about r.pe Tad great
excellence of this crop will In par makt up for .he partlil failure
of ths wloter whsat in Mhsouri and IMnoir Ihe prospects of ths
country, taken In connection with the existing state of matters, at
the other side of the Atlantic, are certainly very favorable, aad
Imitate a season of great and general prosperity throughout the
whcle Union.
The stock of old flour Is bring reduced quite rapidly by ship
ments to Eastern markets, and the receipts of fresh ground being
very Ugh*, the market has assumed a firmer loot, though the de
mand it chiefly local, but la, do twith stand lug, la advaaee of the
receipts; aad whilst old Is not stl ante at anything over $4 fit Q,
A C i, fresh made Is firm at|h^fi U> for superfine, $5 60 for
extra, and |5 Go<&'> for extra family te fancy brands white wheat
Home parcels made from new stwat have hern sc 14 at fib W to 6,
but It Is too fresh to be handled with confidence, except In small
Wheat has been quite unsettled, and old little better than nomi
nal, at $1 10 and 1 40 for red and whits. Thers has been a gcod
deal of new offered for future delivery, bu* at $1 10&1 20 for rod
atd white, whlcv are above the views tf miller, trig there has not
consequently been much dona Miller* mink Ui*. $1 for red and
1 IV for white Is as much as ought to be paid now, so that the
market Is Id an unsettled state, and not at all In a position to ena
ble dealers to anticipate It, to any extent
Corn has declined per bushel owing to large arrivals,
const quenl, no d ubt, upon ths encouraging prospect of tbs grow
ing crop. Oats dec lned 2c. from ths highest point, owing to large
Ihe provision market ha< been rather quiet; the actlv.ty of the
week previous, having as has been usual ill ths season, fol owed
by a calm, but the confidence of holders has been as strong as av
er and few are wJllng to make the slightest concessions. In order to
make sales.
There has been very Utils done la btcon, ths sties not exceed
ing Hoohhds for the week, at t and 11 and 12c. for shoulden and
sldta and clear sides. Hams have bees anxiously sought if
ter, and prices a~a again higher, common a-IItog at llQIiM1?- and
sugar cured at 12)f 18c. 2.200 ktgs lard sold at 12.14c, which Is an
advance, and It l« now held at 18c. Very 11 te dou# In barrel or
tierce, and not much ofleilng HuO hire, sold at \ \%
Whisky has ruled all the week at lie, except Friday, when U was
put up to IIV, hut f«U back again ths n-xt day to l«e.
A correspondent of the Boston TnctlUr% at franklin, Maas., tbs
la gest bonnet manufacturing town in the htaW, says:
“The bonnet business of ths season was brought to a eloss about
two wtek* ago, and the fair occupants of ths several manufacto
ries dispersed to their respective heroes. On the whole, lh« bust
Dess so4*0u h»s been good-not remarkably active, but good. At
the commencement ef ihe year high expectations were raised, and
arrangements were made for a large increase of manufactures.—
One, two, three, and four weeks passed away, and still the market
was dull au 1 uopromljlng. Fears were awakened that the season
would prove a d sastrous one to all parti- s concerned. Hut much
later than usual, encouraging sales began, though not “brisk and
lively " Western trader* were c*uUous In thstr purchases, while
Ihe market was rapid y filling up ullh g >ods Thus, the first part
of the setsoQ “dragged Its slow length along." glviog place,for the
last two or three mouths, to a much thriftier trade The number
of ca*e* of tonoets manufactured In this place during the season
will not fall much below Un 1 h«-ae cases wi I average,
1 am told, »bout for’r bonnet* each, which will make the very re
spectable number ot/mr hundred thnnmmd
“A word about the dou them bonnet trade, which I* an Important
affair In the New York market It Is well kuown that Southern
traders hare threatened to with! old rus on from Northern house*
on acconnt of the aatl-eUvery spirit mat prevails We happen to
know a Northern bouts la a Southern city, from which eaana'ed
som* doleful letters tn January last, prophesying that their trade
would be small because the fana’les had driven away their South
ern customers. “You are a Nor hern house," they would say, and
withhold their tradr Bu*. It taros out that this xamt house never
did a hotter buslros than they have the present season. In a sin
gle week of March last, they «old a larger amount of goods than
thev ever did before In one w-ek."
of the choicest Irinka and eatables, will srftfAi
be served at the opening of the OLD DOM IN*
ION SALOON, Helvin’* Block, 19th Mreet, on ^
ftatunlay. the 14 _h July, by
jy 18 -If G. A FACCHI, Proprietor.
maKLR - Having a thorough and accomplished g»vernr*s |q
try family, for the edu at.on of my • wn daugb'ers, I »IU take a
few young lady boarders. School situated with n a few miles cf
the Orange A Alexandria Railroad. In a fine healthy neighbor
hood. Instruction given la all the English Branches, French and
Taau.s—Ve y reasonable.
BR-Addnaj, Mrs ANN I COIRS,
Jyl4—4t Warren P. 0., Albemarle Co., Va. _
BOA K private family rrsidlng lu a pleasant aid re
tired part of the city, (within two minutes walk cf the Capitol
Square ) having more room than required. Will accommodate a
grnt'emsn and Ms wife, or single gentlemen with board, tn rea
sonable t rtr.a The apa’-traonU are airy and c mvetdent with all
the moaern Improvement* allchel For a idiUonal Information,
Inquire at the counting room of .he Whig. Jr 14—St
STICK LIUOBICK#-*10 case* "PlgnatelH" brand, per
r*chr. liaxall, for sale, lo arrive, bv
£t\r\ DHLS HRFINRD RI'OARL-A B,diamond
B and C. AIsj flushed, Cut Loaf and Pcwdered, In
•tore, for sale by
iw_wm. Wallace sons.
SITUATION WANTED la thisdtv or vicinity by a Cu
ban OoYLtMAS, conversant lo the Spanish, French and Kog
|Uh languages. I as had five year* experience with a General C« m
mission M. use in the North. Can give uncac-pUooable references
as lu aMlltv. hone-tv and integrity.
Please address D. S. H.,
Jy18-dla* Pot* Office Box 1466, Boston.
(tnKHOKF* OLD UIIISKV.-40 bbls, for sale Mr
|> iyl? _ I. A G. II IMVREPORT.
:riiri:v hoots a yd siioi;n.
WE have Just received a larg-. nee* and tuperlo- a**r rtmert
Tv of Miles’ Boots and Shot*, both Patent Leather and Calf
flam lfy.»u wish something ti fit pred!/. and wear comfortably,
rill and get a pair at PUTNEY A WATn*,
jy.ff _No 118 Vain si., Richmond; Va.
WfK Inv t. tliv attention of the Farming Community
TV •« thla
which has been tried by man- practical Farmers, and pronounced
by them to be the very host impl.men fjet mads, for prspartog
Ui- land tor seeding small gr-lo, and effectually covering th* same
after seeding, with two horses doing the woik of six alnxl** Plows.
We have purchased tne right for Use Slate of Virginia, and are now
manufacturing hem for the tusulug seasoned icspc* tfully Invite
an examination of them.
JULY I860.
ffllfONIAS K. Pit 1CK A CO. will place upon their
M, counters, to be solJ duiiog the present and ensuing months,
ah af their slock of
Summer Dross Gfoods,
With many other tilings, at astool*h!n;ty low prices.
Elegant t*i as and HUM Hob- s
Organdie Mealing and Rob**
knglbli Bareges and Rich Kobes
Jaconets, Lawns, Cambers
if-rnant Robes. Grenadines
Freu h and KnglLh Chlnta
Bhawls, Mantles, Linens
Sheetings Damasks
Erabroldrrle*. Hosiery, Ad., Ac.
Their s ock of 1.AUK and 8UK M AN TLRfl Is large and complete,
a so, DOfTKlW f every m iteriai for travedlug, kept cone, autly
on hand or made up at tuair Maxrills Mascv ectomt upon a few
hour* notice
CiiUens and strangers ars invited to give them a calL
Now (loot* l>w vwvry arrival.
Recelrtd j
OT Mala Street.
XV Kobett Leille. R. A. Edited by Tom T.jrlor. K«| , with » pre
f.torr ( ••»> upon Loll. >• in artltt, ind i Hal o( hit picture.
Price 11,46 •
Travel., Reaearchea and Mlaalonarr Labori da,In* an ll*h'een
Year.' Rtaluenco In E.atern Africa, with an Appendu of the
ftoow 2a; ped Mountain. of teut.rn Africa, th. Kuuroc. of the
Nile, Ac. 41 <A
Th. Hill-of Jutland; hr llan. ChrUllan Andenen, author «f
••The Iraprovl.atnre," Ac The
Cattle Richmond, a Norvl; by Auihony Trollope. 1 00.
ttlut.t .L [...[ .nd Oil,.. Taira: bv Mr.. Gaak.ll. author of “Marv
Barton.’’ Ac. T3c
The Three Clerk-,n Novel; be Anthony Trollope, natbor of “Ih#
B rtranii,'"‘Dr. Thorne, Ac 1 01.
Natural Hletory, forth# uie of eohoole end fem'Ue* , by Worthing
ton Honker, M. I), author of “Human I'hynlology," “ChUd'g
Book of Nature," etc. I (HI.
Live! the W.Jower, a Novell by Wm. M. Thackeray. S5e. _
CA ATI LX SO.t P.-'.’S boxee Old Mare, Hire Soap, on con
klguiuent,feraalr by wm. a. ROVgrdK,
JylO—ht Corner Cary and Virginia atrccte,
liUA «»-*h.l»W Cigar* of g >od quality to clone conelgn
J menu. Tor tale at extremely low rate*. by
|y 10—At Corner Cary and Virginia ete.
a learner we are receiving a lot of large (lie Alpacca sack and
Frock Oo«U lo which we Invite attention. *« hneo In »Ure a full
eupply of Uvht Siik and Fancy alpaect Parka. Alao white and
colored Ireh Linen ditto, which wo leeommeod aa cool neat and
INDFLIULK INK—Juat received a fall aupply ol Pay
aon'a J jbnkon'a, Neeedlea’, Bakin'a Ac DOVE a CO,
jyg _Wliolfaale DrnggleU.
X Edinburgh Pptrkliug Ale
Uuluneea' Ektrn htou’ do
Aiplnwali'a London Porter
do India Pale Ale
Whltcwlll'a do do for eal* by
Jy1f __U. U. It. DAVENPORT
at greenwood depot,
Wn. Drawn,die, M. A. (U. V.) Principal
Jiihx C Drawn Din, tiraunatc U.V.
J..MX Monnev, M. A. (U. V.)
A Ma.iu. burro, M. A. (D. V.)
THE FIFTH HUIBION vlll commence onlh* let September neat,
and clone In the laet week of the following Jane. To* eonre*
of Inetruntlem li thoroughly preparatory for tho UnlTeirity of YD.
irlnla, or for ary College. ... .
. Number of pupUa Bunted lo mtustt. Only two occupy tack
Exelnaiv* of light* and townie, t'ioO per Marion, to bo paid la
' advance, 143 on the let September, and ltd on the lit Feb-nary.
For Oatnlogaee and farther Information, apply to tho P.tadpnL
Jyld—dlwkrtsept let___ _
, 4-5 per cent Saved,.
ONrr 1110, Mata Slrrwl.
rilHlfl OmpuT Bikei yrsrly dividend#, and pajf them lo the
X Insured while Uvin#.
Dividend J*nuary 1st, 19t0,45pcr Ml.
i Only half the premium li required In caah on poHelm fm
term of life, Ihe other half Is loaned lo ths Insured al el* per cent,
lfJa»nW,“’_EROWLEd k WALFORD, AgenU.
TWTOW la the time to b u cHeap FlAWOk P. H. TAYLOR hag ewe
J> eral good ..rood hand PI AMOS, which wlU be arid eenrche.p
for Ihe eaeh He h« alto JnM received on* of Ih* relebroled
Bring . Patent Flan'a_At 1» M... Rmri.
CHINE—By Ihe aid of the above machine Ihe wearing of a
large faml'y, can he doo# lo one half the lime, and at a great «av
‘■raoftobor. Fnrnniehy_thol A. BOLELIVkCO.
L*1"1 Mnaafkctnrer of Donblc-Etinod
and whole#ale dealer In _____
The beat wood*, the cheapat |00da, and the largeU Mock, cam
aleeye he fouad at** mtT icacIW* Wo n Wa]l „,
Opporit* Biehardeon A Oa_,
JeM-UotR Mekmand.Vh,
The attention of the pabfle la called to this Ssttcla, which know
httag axteoalrely sold In all parts of tho country.
nrriKt tub* bxfibibnob
Prorcc U to bo IAo beat Preparation tor
Esstofing Grey lair to Us Origin*! Color,
Bringing Hair out oa Bold Heads,
lad Closing it to Grow Strong tad He*Hhy.
If yon wttt) to hare the isal color Instead of the doll, ronfh
looks which hair dye Imparts, esc Hckstbsst’s USToaimrs.wh.'cb
In rigors tea the raota of the hair sad makas it yaasg again, M mat
tar how mnch It may he faded.
those whs dattra aa aittote wfalok they aas ms aad alwaib rod
ommend, are Invited to road tho following, from a well-knowm
Apothecary •
Wauaaa, Mam., Jaa. to, 1800.
Maaaas. W. B Hinas A Oo.: I have been telling Haimstreet's
Inimitable Hair Raatoratlrc for throe or tow yean, with goad sat
Isfaction aad aueetaa. I hare triad various other articles Is the
market, (Page's, Packard'!, Avaryk, Wood's, Ac.J bat yours has
the decided preference among them nIL I have never hatttohad la
recommend It tor all It claims to do Corera! ladle* of sor Iowa
who had hoaa warning tala* hair tor sovoral years, have laid H
aside, aad bow have a foil and toxurtaot hand of hair of original
•hade aad color, pro da ced by aatng two or three hotUaa ef 7 owr ar
ticle ; and when by some means they have been Induced to try
something else, pahnad upon them aa balag aaperior, thay have al
most invariably returned to the uae of your Hair Coloring again
aa the only meritorious and reliable article la nae,—finding n aa a
toilette article as cheap us nay of the Bair OUs or Watties with
which the market Is loodod.
Town, truly,
a. b. niMoiis.
Pries It Orals sad $1 per Bottle, (old at Wholeeale by aR Large
Dealers la the United States.
W. E. HAGAN & CO.,
Proirieton, Troy, New York.
Who also Manufacture
leu at Waoamau ass Reran. sr
Richmond, Vs.
EatabHahrd A.D. 1 TAI.-BlaNDUTHW FILLS re
move from the body, tic cavities, tha bow eta, aad tha wpya of tha
circulation, tlmaa dead matters, warn oat body, which occaaloa ,
that peculiar heavy feeling In oolda, beaduebm, Ac. These pure
ly vegetable pllla do not act upon healthy parts, excap, to cleanse
aad pnrifjr. Tnelr timely me hat laved many a ralnable life, nod
BaiSDami'a Pius ahonld, therefore, be to every heuee ready.
Dr. James Loll, of Pottedun, X. T , writes, Any. 11, ISM
"I met with a man three wreka ago, who had slightly Injured
hie lager Iwo or three dsyi before, which caused Immediate pato,
•welling and rt .lent fever. When I law him, the pula and (well
ing had extended to hia shoulder, depriving him of rest or sleep.—
The hand was turning dark colored, and on the potot of mortifica
tion. I got there at even'Qg, and during the night 1 gave him a
whole box of plllr, applied a yeast poultice, and saved his life."—
Sold, price to cents, at No. tot Canal at., New York, aad by all
Drugf'ata Also, by all respectable dealers to medicines.
Health depends almost entirely npon the (tale ef the blood If
the vitalising tlnld which pervades trery tlaane, membrane, fibre,
filament, gland, or other organ, primary and euhg'dlsry, he charg
ed with the elements of disease, tlckneea mart be U e cons, qoet.ee,
and until Die cause la (radicated, no permanent relief can he ex
peeled, it u here that l\e powerful health reeforiog props* ties of
Pas os’ V*a*irABiLLA are manifested; Its search!* g operation rea* h- ,
es the germ of diet ase, aod the caret it performs are therefore rad
leal and through. Void by Drugglrts everywhere JyT—Iw
Vcaar (Jo, Va, January, 183b.
Giwti.ruev : My old man, B!lly, about 70 years of age, while
hewing sills with a broadase, split the calf of the leg open down
to the bone, about 8 or 4 Inches long, cutting an artery It bled
profusely for two days, and continued to bleed until cold and stiff.
I had to give him hot biaody. I could not sew It up, but ju»t sat
urated a piece of linen with your Turf Oil and laid It on the cut.
I did not espect him. on second of bis age, ever t> be able to
work again. I cotUnu*d to dress the wound two or three w-efce
w.th the Turf Oil. In six weeks the cut was entirely well, and he
was at work again. Very respectfully,
Messrs Don A Co , Richmond, Va.
saved! ai vxd I
Physicians In vain came again and agala,
The dear little angel grew worse
M *Tls a fatal disease, and we cant give her ease,"
Raid the doctors to mother and nurse.
But the nurse In p’ain terms said, “ 'Us nothing but worms,"
Bryan'* Vermifuge mil J, then they gave to the child,
And behold! hhe wt.s well the nest day.
Price 23 cents. Bold by Fhsu A WlMTOI._
Dr. Mcl liistoci«’w P« eto<ul Syrup.—Where there
Is conflra ed c* ugh there is always great per.l Tj trifle wl.h any
disrase of the respira ory organs Is to court destrociion. C. n
sumption, hr»ncl ltl«, pleurisy, lurg fever, Ac , lie close hehlrd a
cough, and the on'y safety In tuch caret consLts In an immediate
resort to Oils great vegetable remedy.
Price |1. Bold by Firm A Wigitox.
Dr. IWcCItmtock’w Coin and Cough Mlxtar**.—
Tills great family ine Heine was Are*. Introduce i by Dr. M».Ct hi ck
when Dean of the PMladelpeta College cf Medici? e The entire
pro'estton approve It- and It Is guaranteed to cure an ordinary
cold or cough, ra arrh, I* fluenxa, Ac , with ab« lute rertalr fy aud
a degre* nf rapldl.y tint will agreeably astnLUh ths patient
Price 26 cents Bold by F »m»* A W x*-ox. Je2l lm
SPECIAL AOTICE.—76 cevTta to
11 6o will buy one of Graham's small stencils, for
marking clothing with Indelssj.! Is*. Call and examine speci
mens, or if you five In the country, send for a sample, enclosing
stamp. Also, every variety of Brands made to order
A. KL GKAUaM. Brand CuUer,
fe 21—tf Cor. 18th and Cary sts., under Tubacco hxchange.
Tonmaii-Cured lu • ne n Innte !—For t went> Are cents, bv
the Clovu Abodtkb Tbom-Acvi Danes. Acting upon the nerve, ft
imparts Ins emane* us relief, without discoloring the teeth or un
pleasantly sff*rtlrg the breath or pilate Once used, you will
never willingly bv without It. Only try It, and complain no more
of aching teeth.
1 Frotn flee. Dr firmer, Editor (JhrUMan Advocate.]
Bkmpli's Isfslubui Basis© Pownaa.—A1J persons fond of light,
sweet aud wholesome loaf bread, biscuits, batter and buckwheat
cakes, toay purchase this Powder with confidence The materials
are perfectly harmless, and more pleasant than soda, salaratus,
Ac. No fear of *«ra laasn The use of It wlU make Die ligheet.
sweetest bread In the shortest possible time; save time, labor and
expense, and never disappoints, If the accompanying simple di
rections arc observed. Besides, it L manufactured In Virginia, and
Is ne invention of Yankevdom. John W Uar lck, manufacturer
and sole proprietor, Richmond, Va We know him. and have tried It,
and recommend It, as the best we ever tried. Get n and mind the
For sale thronghout the Bute by Druggists and Grocers geno
tsMy, % mhifi
CHEAP RT<»RE.—The subser brrs have on hand a
varteo assortment of Ladles Congress Lace Gaiters. Morrooco and
Kid Boots and Buskins, which th-y are selling at much less thaa
first cost. Ad In waul of cheap Oallcri will please call soon, st
Jeid___ALEX. HILL A CO ,111 Main O,
WAITED.—By a graduate In most of the schools of tho
University of Virginia, a situation—that of Teacher prefer
red— for the coming session. Address
jjrlO— 2w Fredericksburg.
AOl ilillAs MANLNT CURE of this distressing complaint
Mld< bj C. B. MTMOUK k CO.. 107 NAM A l' 8TBKET, N. T.
Price |1 per box; teat free by port.
m.jft—dAwtiim __
At Reduced Prices.
HAVE determine 1 to reduce their itoek of Summer Clothing la
order to make room for Tall floods I
Persons in want of Summer Clothing would do well to caamlnw
this Itoek which we will sell regard leal or Profit.
110 Malawi., .'
jy!3 Late Tupman A Hull. _
HA- TMIOHNK'N CURB ALL.-Ten Oross of this
valuable medicine just r wived and lor ea'e by
Jy 1)_ DOVE a CO , Wholesale DruggteU._
I .■'•la IAIaB.-tM.0IM Virginia 6 s
’ 66 Shares Va 6>ock
100 do Hark of Ihe Con'wee'th Stock
44 do Ta. Fire and Marine do
M do Aich'd Eire Association do
S3,'EM Third Mortfag t Va. and f eaneasee A
It. Bondi, In sums to suit purchasers,
lyia-tf0. W. PURCELL A CO,
Gl' A NO.- No. 1 Perurlan Oaaao, for tale hy
VINKGAH.—llbbls. part Cider Vlcegtr, In store for tale
by___ jyU1 W. H. PLEASANTS. 4
you are not a r«»i'Unt of the cl;/ of Rlch-nond, you are here
by Dot fled that X aha'I take promp: msisurss t* eauae a ou'iance
In form of a pond of claimant water oo your lot « n ihe eastern
aid 4 of Hilrd at, north of X*Uh, 11 lhl« city, to be abated la pur
suance of th* 1 Ith section of the ordinance of Die city concerning
tiubancee—Hi* 49th section of the charter or the diy and lf?Ui
chapter of the Code of Virginia. Jv>*. MAYO,
Jyl8-t*__Mayor of the Cl»y of Blchmmd.
Elixir calaiaoa or babk.-a delightful
cordial Toole, for sale by i uVK A CO.,
Jylfl _ Wh'diicle Druggist*.
BIT rt MS.—The best aad mort popular always for ssts by
JyliWbolcaak f^ugyiwa.
CHE Wl!t n TOBAfCO.-A tery Urge stock of the most
popular brand always kept, for sale by DOVK A iXV,
Jy 18 Wbolesaie PrurgUts.
A collection o»
MASONIC Of) MS, H h.HNS, 80X«”, Ac.
For the public wad private crrwmomrs aad leitivala
Editor of the Masonl v J emal, Ac.
For tale at P. H. TAYLOR'S Metle Stare,
Jyl3_188 Main street.
FIR B MNT.—The ttare OB Paarl street, at preaeat |A
occunlel by Mfasrs. Oeo J Sumner A Co. fc_4
Fousutsloo given let September, 18*0. Apply la
Jr'l—le*Cor. 8th aad Cary Streets.
1,10■ BMNT.—That saw, commodious and vary drs>raMe
Uaemaat as 6th betweaa Olay aud Leigh tlreots, reeucily oc
cupied liy Judge P. V. Daniel, deceased For trrme apply to Mr.
a a Ellet on Leigh street near Second, or U
Jell—tf_t. V. DANIEL,Ja.
FIB RR T.-Ont Urge Room on Msls Sliest. os she l-t|
floor ortr the ihe Sure of A A My era tollshU for s business
office. Possession given 1st July next.
Jel6—tfR A. MTEEA
KOOllfffi FOB BMNT.—Two pleasant lodging rooms over
oar office, suitable fur tingle gentlemen. Apply to
nrtt W. D djLQUITT A 00.. 138 Cary el.
FIB BMNT.-Two large rooms admirably adapted to
the purposes of offices or Lodglag Roooma. Apply at H
Whig Office._mh~
VAOK BMNT.—One large ROOM over the Stare of bhv'er,
F Halsey A Oo., 110 Mala St. Foeeemlon given tmmedlaleiv —
■wwlroaf_(JrTT]_SHAFER, HALSIT A 00.
AN r FACTLMM»T*B Aticffi—*ou'peaAeg»e~es»
at Wag nil grades, ‘Dark," "Sw.et," "Medlam," Bright,"
N. a Fcsnde Half Fouod Brands:
Rosetta, bright tan earad lb. lamps X bouse
Ashbury, - “ “ “ X •
Hyeo, medium bright “ “ \ “
Sookt, « “ • • X -
Fearidgu, “ “ * “ X “
R Dale, • ■ “ ■ X 44
r-P«, “ " “ " x “
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