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i that so
tf etoyMr of the Code. The oc
m*U' ,or^hH an.-ndmeut b civarlv pointed out by the
* ' '*! ,. i to (Im, oases mentioned in his report, I refer
^rrotllSSrSS-*- -«*- •- H*sl upon tbiw
,i .li' mi it t*> **■m* Juty10 ri''wn;' ,hc'°sU!*w
m'tC owners, req .lung Iron. .hem-satutlactory securt.J
shall be amoved forthwith Iron, the lo.i.mOu
,n* l‘ - The State ought not to have tho po^etwioo and
zL. 0, the alavo, and yet refuse to pay a lair Moh
:£7„ him. merely because ihe owuor » not a resident
u~om‘uond that sher ffs -hall be required to eteeau
,,..r Lords .0 the circuit courts. The judges are better
V .rnwsi m rega-d to the legali.v ot such bon-Ls, ami will
. much more carelul iu ascertaining the aUkuieacT and
• ■.osibiiitv ol the security tliat war be offeied. The
Zs'at L-w is senoulv defective, and the suggestions ol
P . tu iuor are entitled to great weight iu the action
‘ ( mlT take ou the subject Tat- inter. *U ol the State
demand action at the present session, and the delects iu
.•i -.mg laws require U> bo cured.
The suggestions iu regard to delmqueul and other
. ,)(1< tr,. deserving ol your atieution. Those suggvs
'4 ,pp.-sr to me lo be valuable, aud if carried oui,
jd not fail to have a beu-b. ial effect The auditor is
‘ >r« familiar with the*' subjects, aud any n-coiume-ida
,he III tv m.ke iu roga*d to them is entitled to great
weight and should commend its If to your favor.
" j*- r,'K*rd to the present mode of ascertaining the tat
„h! .subjects ol theSute, Iain persuaded that the re
„ Its .-ould be armed at, iu a nouner equally satisfaoto
! iiul at the raw time a gr at saviug ol expense uo*
sVnually incurred could be affected. If both these ob
is .-an be •.■cured in the present embarrassed li iau rial
. M1,fiuju of the eon.ifry, surely 1 will be lolly justified
, di.eeting vour attention to so important a suhj ru
Ou the thirty-fifth page ol the retain, you will final a
r>. om'uen latmn that the bonds ol the State stock banks,
lOjnting to t-.‘iil.ltW 31, l ow on deposit with the
Tn ., .rer, shall “be converted into registered stock "—
Tin! course should be adop ed, or so ne endorsement
s slid be made upon them, to show that they are the
property of the bank by which they w re deposited, and
tuat tbev cannot be transferred or negotiated, without
the order or assignment of the proper officers of such
baik. This is a most valuable recommendation, and I
am gratified to know that it meets the approval of lite
Tun report contains many ot'a-r valuable suggestion-,
tka should command your approval. I cannot too
sirouglv urge upon yoa the nceossttv for prompt legiali
t.veaction upon the several subjects, ao forcibly and
c . ir.v pre-eited bv the iuteiiigeat, experteuce.1 and la
bonois public officer.
tiik La.vn orrict.
I recommend 'hat no more pateuts for Ian-1 shall ba
. ,L l do no: believe thcic is a .-»| i.tre mile of vacant
la ii iu the commonwealth; aud yet »t are issuing
pitcnt' from the com ueucemeut of t 'e year to the close
ot it. Such a poi. y as we arc pitnm Dg is eulcuiitcd to
pjs’pone indefinitely the settlement of tides ; and it fur
in- i *s to tho-e who are so disp i-ed the me.i as ol perpe
trating frau Is upon innocent and unsuspecting parties.—
It the unsettled portions of oar state are to lie tided up,
«c must adopt such a f«oli y as will quiet ti les, a id as
Bjrc parties iu possession that they are uot lo be disturb.
,. 1. Ifour titles had beeu settled, the popula'ion of
Virginia wouid have been much larger than it is, an 1
th-m-ands of acres of laud, uo* in original forest, would
have been brought iuto cultivation, a'nl made to bloom
* I ble-som as the rose. M my ot the-.* land* now iu
w irket cannot In* »«ild, because prudent men will not
pircha.se a controverted and doubtful title.
th* ci ttu or joiiv w. siur.
Your resolution of the l*:h day ot M .rch last referred
the claim of Mr. Seely against lit* Com moi wealth lor
painting dona ou the C .pito', It ll-hous--, aud Governor’s
h.i-ta.i f«\ lint k* v Oi-iif IVK Inr a»« amtu-lli.afl S .nil.
*0'ir adjournment, 1 tutde a cartful examination of all
th? papers relative to the ease, and -he result will b • seen
in the accompanying statement of the an aunt. So lar
from the Stale owing any thing t Mr. Seely ou this oou
tract, he is indented to the State iu tbs* autn ol ■? 1 :i til.
In this connection, 1 would t*e d. relict to the obliga
tiou.- of duty, if l did not impress upon tin* L--g «laBir*
the lies-- ssity aud propriety ol scnttinKiiig cio*«-ly *11 ol I
efums aguiisl the (.'otuHionwvalth. The contract in It is
caw was entered into as lar back as the wai lSI1- There
being some ddference ot opinion in r gatd to th- mate
rials used, the manner tu which the work was executed
aud the measuremenl, <«.*v. ruoi fJ had ti e work a
.thine) and measured by disiuteiested panics, and sin
[lie ' h day of Jauuarv l>l'.*, aw tried to the ooo'nc
tor the sunt of > *,<' I * --s. In exauuuing th<* paperso
h <-, preparatory lo making lbs* statement respnred In
vour resolution, 1 a-ccrtAiued that a bill had ou st-teral
o-ecs one ptse.-d oue or the other House <>l tus* le*g.ala
lure, allowing to this contractor upwards ot .silpkto, wch
interest thereon from the date of (he contract in I»t->
l it paid, as a balance ascertained to h - due to hiut.- -
»i . at atiention and cioee scrutiny Is necessary to protect
the treasury again-: stale demands o! this description.
UlH'M'AUl mgs.
Iu the exercise ol the discretion vested in me by the
second section of the inuit resolution passed on the 10th
dav oi March last, I coiuuiisuoud OoL Angus \V.
M. Ih.uaM as a competent agent to proc cd lo Kug’a'. l
an 1 procure record *' J docunientary evidi nee tendi .4
to ascertain and establish the true lines ot boundary
I. t«. i n the'Ufa*s of Virginia aud Mtr>l_ud, aud Nor n
Caroliua and Ti nu -see. A copy ol the instructions
gueu by me to th-- said agent acconipan cs this commu
nication. The agent,having performed the duty assigned
h. u, has returued at the I'uited States, aud his report i i
eiper*cd daily. So soon as received, it will be laid
before you.
Notlnug has been done in running and ascertaining
the line between Virgiuia and Mari land since tlie ai joui n
ine'it ot the last session. In eonwequenee of the absence
Of the cumuii-- ioner in Europe. The commissioner will
b r.- r . ted lo resume the work at the earliest practit a
ti -.omeiit, aud prosecute i: as rapidly as possible io
e i.npleitoa.
A copy ot your resolutions pa—ed ou the ? h of
March,-u regtid to th-* bjuudarv liue between the
sif.es ot Virginia aud Tennessee, wav promptly f> »ai i
i i .. ■. • .if Umi Ul N • i' i J
tush i. received, and uolhuig further has been done.
The iiiioriuution collected by Col McDonald, on his le
. 'M vi.-it to England, will |>erhapd throw ligh*. upon the
- it j 'tt, »ud enable u> to ilo joeiice to both states, m
any fu ure attempts to ascertaiu the true hue.
Tne second reso'ulion authorized me to ap; oint a
''limn Ssimr to -ti e and -rule the accounts ot Mi s s.
Hit'll and iliacc lor their services in ruuuiugand uia k
Hig said line. I accordingly appointed M jor Jacob
Lynch of Washington county such coiuuii-.utier, an 1
a - iup.iu.ed his vommittiiou with such instructions a I
cjiisid red iii ci---ary, tu insure a final eeui-tit- At ol ihc
account? His report t.is l< eu returned, and the Lal
atice ascertained by nun to lie due to each has hi ca
pud. I am confirmed in the opinion expressed in luy
c "l oume aion to you on this sutj c at the last.-es-iim.
T us hue ciunot L ■ accurately run and *»..tblu»fied m ul
th>- linet»e;we-.i Virginia an t North tlaroiiuashall ha*e
b*en iseertahied and detini ely set'lt d. I have there fb e
taken no action uudi-r your l ord res* luiiou, nor wid I
appoint other commissioners until the line shall be run
heiw.-en Virginia and North Carolina.
Nothing has vet l*eeu do 'C towards the settlement of
the ! ne between Virginia aud North Caiolma. After Col.
McDonald **• sent to England, I determin'd to await
he* return to aseeitain whether he could procure docu
ment uy information that would throw light upou
this unsettled ipiesttou. 1 bop.* commissioners will t»e
ippointed by bo h Slates, eariv in the Spring, aud the
woik pushed farward with all practicable xeal and in*
dustry. I will us*- wit prop-r and honorable etlorta to
lir.ug th. long s-mding aud di-a'groeable i|ie*tiouii to
a hual and satisfactory aiij istmen*.
I IlkSAt’a Ikli AM* OHIO * i> it. courANV.
I call your attention to the hccompicvi'ig commoni
cation trom the Attorney (veneral, iu relation to the
..k..■ nki. i* i 1-.,.. .* a. ......
g.-stnuis liter iu made. Some legislative action Lx ueces
stry, aud I reap-ct fully urg- ihe adoption ol his MArgea
tionx at an rally day iu the .scsmou. Kor some vans
pot the State has been paying the interest ou five hun
dred thousand dollars ol the bonds of this company, and
iu a few veais will be required to pay the principal of
those bouds, unless .some change be ellectea iu its or
ganization and management.
1 oiind it iiupus-isle to execute Tour resolution of tho
Snth March last, authorising the Governor to set apart
rooms iu the cap tol lor the Gourt of Appeals. The pro
viso attached to tiie h -t resolution prohibit d the court
from the occupancy ol either thtmber used by the gene
ral atwembly. The various departments of the govern
uscat have uot suliicieut room in tbe capito! at this time
to transact ibr public business with dispatch, aud to tile
asav tho pa pc-; so as to make them accessible tor refer
ence by the t uldic olheer- iu tbe daily discharge of th dr
important du .es. It you h id peuuitted the court to oc
cupy either the hall of the house of delegates or the
senate chamber for holding iho sesa ons of tho court du
ring th ■ recess of the legi- ilure, a conference room might
perhaps hare U* i provided.
I tider vour re-ioluiiou ol the «il ol April last, requist
ing the Governor ** to allow out of the civil eoutingent
fund to Wiliam Onhpnie the sum of twenty-five cents
[s-r div Iroin the cotnniencetnent of the presseut session,
aud t i allow to Richard Matthews the additional suui ol
«>ue dollir lor eah day tbe legislature has held nghts.»s
aioi.s at the pres. nl session," I declined to make any al
Ixaxace, b. cans • I eon-idered it tin* duty ol the
Ge.ural As-, uibly, if they believed anything due to these
parlies, to provide, by a regular approbation bill, the
ii.-ans ot | ay men t. The civil contiugeut fund is placed
at my dmporal for the paynieut “ ol all expenses iu the
execution of .mi, 'aw lor w! :eh there "is no special ap
propriation." Iu this case th.-re was uo "law" authorizing
the payment, or which deelired these parties entitled to
If the legislature r hall be of opinion that their em
plovees are etiiitlel to extri com pens.tioti, it i« ungues
t enahly a duty resting upon them to make the appropri
ii' on Co pay it 1 an. oj pom .1 to all extia compensation
to officials, and will in no i. stance pay it out of the con
I gent lord If the eompru-atiou i* inmleqiialxg tbe
h'g'.-lature should increase it, ami appropriate such sum
as Is necessary to pay a fair < qulvahmt lor s. rv|c< s ren
dered. Salaries should he fixed and cel ain. aud it should
no: b«- in the power of any officer ol the government to
increase them by allowances of extra coiupcuaaliou to
government employees.
Til* r*JMTR.WTU*T.
I herewith transmit the reports of the superintendent,
the directors and the surgeon of the penitentiary lor the
xear terminating on the first day of Octolier last.
Tiiese reports will inform you of the condition of tbe
lustituuoa aud the extern aud value of its man
ufacture*. They fully apprise you of its wauls,
many of which must be supplied. Additional room
most be provided, as the convicts art* too much crowd
*d cither for comfort or safely. This will he appnren!
wheu 1 inform you that the buildings acre originally
constructed with a view to the accommodation of two
hundred aud fifty estiheti Tbe number now iu the in
sutuUon, ex. lusive of the negroew hwevi ou flic public
work*, u thiej hundred and sillj-uine, and that number
i* being rapid!? aagmeub'd. I have caused tbe buildings
U> be . cAum.r.t tor the purpose of ascertaining tbe
hew* mode of improvement, aud herewith present a plan,
for ««eh an addMon a« wHlfornl
for tbe amalleM expenditure of money. I nope it may
b*' your pleasure to adopt this or some other plan, and
mike such an appropriation as will l>e uocr«aarr to elf,ft
tbe ot j. ot. It is of i he first mportarce that this matter
•hall be promptly attended to.
Chapter 14, section 16 of the Code authorises the ap
| pointincnt of aeveu assistant keepers in the (enitentiary.
i Some few months ago an application was made be the
| supeii iteudent, and it was sustained by the hoard of di
rectors for the appointment of an additional assistant
keeper, to be placed in charge of a (ertion of the con
j victw employed in the shoe shop. The number now em
ployed in this b'aneb of business is one hundred and
| thirty-seven, all in the same room, and all superintended
bv oue assistant keeper. It is proposed to divide this
room by a partidou, and place one-hilf of this ntnuber
in charge ol another assistant, proposed to be apppoint
ed. The suggestion is in my opinion wise, and if 1 bad
po—eased the power under the law, I would have had it
carried out. It is neither prudent nor sale to have so
Urge a uurober in one room. The law confines the uum
her of assistant keepers to seven, and 1 recommend that
it be so amended as to authorize the appoiutuient ol su
additional assistant.
1 suggest also that you so amend the crimiual laws as
to prohibit any person from being coufiued iu the peni
ten’iary for a shorter period than three years. It re
quires at least three years to acquire a trade, and those
who aie contiurd for a shorter period area burden tot1 c
institution, and au expense to the state. In all such
c va« s, let some other pm i-hmeut be substituted. The
ends of justice would be as well accomplished—pci haps
better—and the treasury would he relieved from an on
erous and unnecessary burdeu.
1 suggest also, that wheu a convict is discharged from
the pei'itvntiary, it be made the duty of the superintend
ent to cause him or her to be removed, and to p»v the
necessary expense of removal to the place at which he or
she was convicted. It is not just to the citiz ms of K ch
iiioud that such characters should ha thrown out upon
them, to whom they must prove a burdeu and a serious
In the year 18.’>7-8 the legislature directed the gover
nor to have the slave and free negro convicts employed
upon the public works of the state, ** upon such terms
aud under -ueh rules and regulations” as he may pte
scribe. When l came into office, I found the men hir
ed for six’y dollars, aud the women going with th n for
victuals and clothes. Wheu the year for which they
were hired to Mr. Kosser in June last expired, I required
him to pav for the baliuce of the year at tho rate ot one
huudred ilollars for the men each, and torty-tive dollars
far the women each. I became satisfied that if compe
tition were invited, the convicts would hire for much
larger sums, and 1 determined therefore to advertise for
sealed bids for tho year 1861, which were opened on
the first day of December last. By adoptiug this mode,
I succeeded in hiring eighty five men for $175 each;
twenty-three meu for *36 each ; thirteen women for
Sou each : anil two other womeu and a girl teu years of
age' for *».'> eat li; The bond for the hires, with what is
believed to be adequate security, is ur.w tiled in the of
fice of the secretary of state. Heretofore the (peuiten
tiarv i has beeu a charge upon the treasury to the amount
(l believe) of something like $20.Out) per year. 1 hope
however, to be able to inform you, in roy uext aunuti
) communication, that its rec ipts are equal to it^ expen
I ditures. I include, of course, in receipts, the hires ot
tbe convicts, which legiiiiuately b,long to the iust'tu
lion, and should be computed in auv statement showing
Ills financial condition.
There arc at this time four lunatics confined i i tho
j peuilcntiarv; and most unquestionably humanity requires
(fiat some tiling shall be done for their relief. They are
| a burdeu upon tbe institution, aud they ought to he re
moved to some one of the asylums, where they eati re
e ‘ive proper tut dical treatment. 1 recommend that u
law shall be passed 'o provide for all such cases. Let
them be i xuuinsl iu the mode now prescribed by law,
| and if adjudged iuuatics, bo -ent to oue of the asylums,
• . ■ i __a .1.1.___ .1_
ih. v m tv •utter thi* punishment which ihe sentence uc
iim; ds. Legi-btijn on this su'ieet is necc-saay.
1 transmit herewith, reports from the director* of the
K.n ern and \V« stern I.unatic Asylums. I have received
no report from the directors ol the Trans-Alleghany
Y*v!- a, nor have 1 received a report Irom the oilieers or
visitor* of the Deif and Dumb Asylums.
thi a recent vi-it to \V- -ton, the place at which the
T. ’!--Alleghuiv asylum is located, 1 sujigis'ed to the
hoard of direc ors i te p-opciety ol eo npi- mg the build
j,,.» hv sections, so that accommodation may htiluruished
for some port am ol this unloiluiia'e class o' Our popula
tion now confined iu the public jail*. The Eastern aud
W- t-rn a-vlua.s trebled; and if my suggestion shall
t>e a J ip .ed (ml 1 believe it will be adopted, l I arty or
firtv might b • lO.-cived in the latter part ot this year, and
a* the work progressed, o.hcr-t could be received liom
time to time uuul the structure twhich will lie iu appeu
ance inosi imposing) shall be completed. Humanity de
mand* that this * i it. tie done. A-t a Idtlioual appropr *
tiou ail be required to com: letc the building, audit a'll
be applied lor at till* < Stioti. When completed, this
Imildi ig will r> I-et cre-it c-ii'.u upon the arcbili-c.U'tl
tu'e and liberal, tv ul Virginia. I’ Will compare most la
voruhlv in all ic-pccta with institution.* lor like puipo-cs
iu the other Slat.-*.
Tin: tiKOtMt MinrtrvT issTirsrK.
The rvporis ol ih*- superintendent and board of ti.-it
ors of thi- lioiiri.-hiiig and val lable instituiiou ate here
with trau sue it i I. The institution is managed w ttli very
•rreat ability, a d has stvuri <1 u strong hold upm popu
lar favor. It* merits are well attested by the cxtrairdi*
uarv sums*as which has attended it. It is second only to
ibe West Point academy in its system ol insiructiou and
iu the number ol the cadets. At ill a crisis io our afiiirs
tills institution deserves to b- fostered and liberally sus
tained. It pr« |mr. a our youth thoroughly for the per
formv.ee of military duties; ai.d in these troublous and
perilous time*, we know not at whit moment such in
to:-mat :ou will be cell, d into requisition lor the protec
tion of the honor, the prt -civ vtiou tl the rights and the
at .iu'-ninc. ol toe iu.-tim i«um of the t ouiiiionwi altii.—
I reoOHuaevJ th- or pins aid ih-.ir recommendations
to vonr lavoiaide consideration.
This uoble lustitunou—an honor io its illustrious
founder, and to this Commonwealth — h iu a most
douri-hing condition. Its repu-atioti as the first library
lustini-ioi iu the Siuihem oo>intry, is admirable au.s
tamed ui h r tin- ui.inag uient of i s learned, energetic
and «iheient iscd'.y. No innitutiou his done more in
d.sopl ' ng sad djvelopuig the Southern uiiiid, and iu
spreading abroad sound moral, political aud sc entitle
pil .cipe*. lt d- erves the lo-Ur tig care ol the IwgL-lu
tnre, .uid is ja-tly euliiled to aid aud support at your
In the Tear 1 si I, the Legislature appropriated $10,f.t>0
to proeu-v a statue of Mr Ji ll'er-on iu marble, which is
intended to lie nl »c*-J at the University. It is now here,
and i- s noble ami beautiful specimen of workmanship
1,-d In a native .-on «t Vugiuia, it is houorable alike
to hi- gvuiui and to the fame of the illustrious Xuan
whos-‘ name and statesmanship it is intended to perpetu
ate aud Iran-mit to tht late.-t (w.sterity.
I recommend that the Slate shall bo divided info
twelve divisions, and the brigade** be re-arranged. At
present we have but live divisions—three in the tast and
two in the west, it is unoo-sible lor a major-general to
command either of these divisions lie can never know
th • ux*u under his command, and it is equally impossible
that they can know him. If called into service, they
would meet as raugers, there would bo uo boud of con
hfoiio*- i» t»c?:i thc.u. In the absence of all knowledge
of each otiicr, if they proved serviceable at lirst, it w ould
bo but little »iioft of miraculous. Hcuce 1 suggest that
the divisions be increased in number, so that the com
manding c-llioer may have an opportunity to ho hiought
into contact wnb his incu. Iu the two division* iu Wes
tern Virginia there are in each at least fifty thotamd men
su> io t to miliu duty, aud w!io wool.I l>e, in the event of
trouble, calied into service. T ie simple announcement
of th s fact demonstrate* the utter absurdity of the pres
ent arrangement of the divisions, and shows the necessi
ty of a re arrangement tliroug iout the Slate. The exi-t
iarrangeiueut was established iu ITltU. Since that lime
population has greatly tucreaaed, and the necessity lor
at. increase in the number of divisions is patent, il we are
to have an effective force, reliable at all times aud under
all circumstances. I recommend, therefore, in the strong
est terms, au increase in the number of divisions 10
twelve, and the re arrangement of all the brigades
throughout the State.
In this connection, I also recommend that a distinctive
uniform for cavalry, artilhry, infantry and riffemeu shall
be proscribed hv law. Under the present system we have
every description of uniform; and if the volunteers ol
the state were called into service, we would not know,
from the uniform, whether they wore of us or against
m This should be corrected, but it is not pombl* tc
correct it without a positive law. It is very common
now with volunteer companies to adopt a uniform, and
procure it, aud then apply to the executive to recogutxr
it. How can it be refused? 1 cannot therefore toe
strongly urge actiou in regard to this matter.
The report of the adjutaut general will furnish full
into: .nation in regard to th* military strength ot the
state ; the nu uber and condition ol the ▼arioua *°bm
teer corps; r o extent of our armauenr, and the tll.c
live force that could be brought into the field in an
emergency. It contains valuable suggestions an 1 re
commendations, the result of his long eipe icnce aud
observation, which 1 commeud to your adoption, lie
time aud attention have beeu devoted to the mil.urj
m itters of the suit* lor vears. He thoroughly uuder
tutu!, her wants in all that relates to her defence aud
protection, aud is icady, aud willing, although advanc
o I in years, to re-pond to her call and saenhee his lit
if needs be, iu defence of her lights and honor. Tb»
views of such a public officer are eutitlled to great con
sidcralioii. , . „ .
It is necessary that the adjutant general shall have a
permanent cleik. My daily intercourse with the olhci
aud observation of its numerous and pressing duties
have satisfied me ou this point. This offie.-r has exhibit
ed au uutiring energy and industry that I have uevei
aeen surpassed, and has justly eutilled himself to tin
thanks ai d the confidence ot the people. I uder the ac
of lblS important and highly responsible duties war.
,ast upon h m. aud although he was receiving a nomma
compensation only, he devoted hints* If mentally and phy
sicaliv to then performance until the end had in view wai
accomplished, For these services he ought yet to b>
compensated. . . ..
Under your act of the‘da I of January last, appomtiui
commissioners to audit aud pay the expenses incurred bj
the Executive for the purchase of arms aud munitions
and for the defence ot the Commonwealth, von imposes
upon the Secretary of State, the Auditor of Public Ac
counts and the Adjutant General, a most onerous and re
spor.sible duty, in the discharge of which they were ern
ployed laboriously for weeks. For the perfoimn.ee o
this duly, they have received no compensation; and as i
did uot legitimately b.doog to either of these officers
some provision ought to be made for a fair and just re
muueratiou to each.
We should have an etli lent military staff, embracing
in .vldrion to the Adjutant General, au Inspector Gene
ral, a tj larterwiater'a department, a Commissar v depart
meut, au Eu.-inevr department, au ordnance department
a pay department aud a medical departmeul. AU thesr
are necessary to insure efficiency to the service; and 1
respectfully urge you to give the matter your cousidsra
rni rnue avivo.
Bioee vour adjournm ni Lieut. A 0. I.tyre, an ablo,
accomplished and popular officer, has departed this life.
The vacancy has been supplied by the uppointmeut of
Heher Ker, ot Northampton county, a diwinguished gra
duate ol the Virginia Military Institute. The corps is in
excellent condition, iu drill and discipline and uuder the
operation ot the law of the last session, has been greatlv
improved in numbers aud inxloiial. The officers are well
qualified lor their pogiiious, aud their duties have been
di-chvged with ability, industry and faithfulness.
I accompany this communication with a memorial from
the otli err,the prayer of wh ch appears to me so reasona
ble, that 1 earnestly invite for your sanction, aud hope
you will adopt the tcie-sirv legislation to give it effect.
In pursuance of the provisions of the first section of
the act parsed January _*lst, IhfiO, authorizing me to an
|ioini a cotumi. s on to arrange aud propose a plan for re- {
fittiug the armory, l>v the iutrodueliou of suitable machi
nery and otherwise, I appointed Col. F. H. Smith, Col.
P. Si. <; Cocke, and Capt. 0. W Randolph to constitute
the commission. They sic all gentlemen of Hie intelli
gence, and experience in nidi'ary matters. The first
named two are graduates of the West Point military
academy, and the hut n uned was for many years con
nected with the uavy. Tt e* gentlemen immediately en
tered upon the discharge ot their important duties, aud
have pro‘eciited them with a fidelity aud zial deserving
0 ' the highest commenda' iou.
I transmit, herewith, several reports made to me from
time to time by the commission, which furnish a true
history ol their acts, aud solicit for them your careful
consideration. They are ail drawn with signal ability,
and are replete with valuable information which can
nut fail to prove instructive and interesting to every
citizen of Virginia. .No commission has ever exerted
itself more zealously and pccscveriogly iu the discharge
of its duties; and under all the circumstances, none
has, I think, ever been mote succssful. The misrepre
sentations aud falsehood* which have been «o industri
ously circulated in regard to the arms they have pro
cured, and to their acts and the acts of the executive,
will be most satisfactorily refuted by the general dis
semination of these reports.
1 invite your attention particularly to the report of
the 7th day of December last. Suggestions and lecotu
meudutions are therein presented that demand legisla
tive aetion. It is proposed that ceitain |w>rtions of the
public property be sold, and that out of the proceeds of
- ilc a fund be raised, to lie expended in constructing a
depot for the arms and barraoks for the public guard.
1 cordially approve this recommendation, and trust it
will receive vour approbation. It is necessary that
something shall be done at this session ol the general
assembly in regard to the recommendations contained
iu this report.
From the report of the 17th of August last, you will
learn that a contract has been entered into by the com
mission with J. K. Anderson fit Co. for preparing the
armorv for the manufactory and repair of arms The
work is now going torward with energy and sucres*,
and 1 am persuaded that the contractors will redeem
their obligation creditably to themselves and *.iti*iac
torily to the state.
The reports of Maj. It. K. Colston of the Virginia
military institute, one of our most intelligent and ac
eoiupiished young officers, are well deserving ol your
attention. Maj. Colston was appointed by the chair
man of the ro ntnission, and charged with the duty of
making “ a series of experiments vutli snail arm* of
various kinds, with a view to ascertain their merit*.
Ill* reports disclose the rc*ulls of those experiments,
with intelligent and instructive observations on Ihe
value of the different arms presented for trial. Willi
these icporl* ln-lor. me, I have not deemed it prudent
to pureh.i*c “ the patent riglil* of any newly invented
arms.'’ The tests made were by no means satisfactory
to my luind, and 1 therefore determined to await lor
experiments ot a more deci*ive diameter.
ri 41M m;4Ivst ir.i.pr wirmns * iu.
All the information I have in regard to this claim is
derived from the report of the attorney p lu ral. This
faithful and aide public tifliccr has done bis duty, but I
am sorry to say the prospect for realizing the amount
due to the state is not very flattering. Ills n cuui.ntn
dal ions ought to he adopted.
I communicate, herewith, a letti r from the < xccutivc
of Testis, enclosing resolutions adopted In the Icgi-tla
turc ol tb it state, and approved February Itith, l-bW.
The residuti -ii* relate to a convention "I all the *uUlh
iin 'tali'. they arc deserving ot ami doubtless will
receive votir eariv attention, and that consideration
n 'iieli is due to a sister stale ol tin confederacy.
1 also received on the I'th day ol Ih-ccjuhcr last,
from the executive ol Kentucky, a communication,
h -rctviih t •jnsmtttcd, in relation to the grave and so
le mi iptcstioiis vviiich arc now agitating the country.
In this Idler six amendments to the constitution ale
suggested, all of which arc ol great importance at this
juncture, ami eminently deserving of the most malnri
and si i ions deliberation. In this day of startling and
momentous events, every expression of opinion that
mav come to U' from tin* southern states, should ho
cheerfully reccivid and i alinly considered.
james mvt:n a.xo kasvwiia Comi-anv.
Since vour adjournment this company has entered
lilt) a Conti icl with Messieurs It. Hot des Minn re-,
Brothers and Company, fr the sale ot its entire line
of improvement, with all its franchisee and imuiuni
ties, including the ciiiuinonvicalth's inter, >t, and With
stipulations tor tin-completion ol the entire work. \t
a meeting of tlo- stockholder* of the company held in
this city in the mouth ol August l i't, the agreement
was amended, and a* amended, was approved by a vote
nearly unanimous. The approval ol the Legislature i>
ncccssarv to give validity to the > onlruct. The accom
panying documents w ill place you in pos- ssioii ot all
I lie fads connected with the transaction.
'I In- completion ot this great implovcment is an ob
ject ot the first importance to tin p, ople of V irgmia
It lias been long on hand, and its progress has been
watched with the strongest interest. When < mpl- ted,
it will do more to develop the vast resources of our
state than anv improvement which has been projected.
Immense mineral wealth o to he found all along the
line, and the completion of the work will biing it into
a , and then hv ail'l greatly to our prosperity. I am
in lavor ol anv schi-mc that is likdy to be successful,
gu n.ling carefully however the interests and rights ol
our « iti/.* us. The section in re pint to tolls ought to be
changed and modified, as I am inclined to think it will
prove burdensome and oppressive to the coal, salt, and
perhaps other interests. I am sun-you w ill scrutinize
t.'tis agreement, and secure ample protection for the
rights and interests of the people ol the state; and I
mi satisfied that very little trouble will he experienced
in adjusting the details to the satisfaction ot ail patties
I recommend the w hole subject to your favorable at
tention, and earnestly hope that a w ise alu. considerate
policy will he adopted, looking to the early completion
of tin* great central improvement. The intelligent
president of the company will take pleasure in laying
In tore you such information as you may desire.
I am informed that M. tteliot di s Miineres is ex
pected here in a short time, and tin assurances I have
received induce the confident belief on my mind that
In- will come prepared to execute the contract oil his
Reform Is greatly need’-1 !u this branch of cx|>enditnre. Coder
the law the qusrterly sUt ni.-uta o' all the bank* are required to
be |.iib.UQed la the c ty papers, and at a large annual expense,
without corresponding a iv.nlsg-s, «o far as I can tee or under
stand Vor the year ending dept 80 ISAM, their publication coat
y 1,0/11 8fi, and firthe past year, |1,S“I s;. ln uddi ion you have
then- s'.sUinvnU publ me.I tor your own uae, at a heavy cost. No
them are made up In the same way—and It is utterly lm
poxv ble therefore to prepare a comparative ataieuient from the
returu a hi. h arei-nt to this department. 1 recommend that the
law requiring their publication tu the ri-y papen be r-|.etl'd,
leaving so much of the »v In force is ■ equlres them to be pulish
ed by the banks lu the town and cldcs in which thry are located,
i reo niinead also that to much of the law «s allows u salary of
l loo t the print -r of the del Ate, he repealed. The public jirluter
re< e ves no - Wary, an I I can r ncctvu ol no reason for all .win.- a
ni l y to the print r ol ihe denatc L t I, in be pai l a fa r and
r imin rativr j.rier lor the printing l-e may be riqu red to execute,
and that is all he lias a rtgni t, ask nr expect.
Ur.de the law the public jiriater is paid a coimniailou of ten
jier cent on llie purchase of pa|,er requ red for l! •- extcull .11 of
th • J.rioting. Hits Is wrong both I11 t»tncipl and |Miltcy It is ».-a
encouragement to the exp 11 lilure of public money. The tn're
paper coieumed, t .e :I'ealcr are tiis c<naa.l,signs. A tcui|t ition
I, thus li l I 'ut constantly to lids oOieer lo expcnil as much as
jn ssible in this paitlcular. Kucitjfh will be expended, evui under
the most favorable c rcum.t voces. Until nut no Inducement tv
expend nr;re than is abs< lately oecesssry h r uuy b'anrtl of the
repealed, and that Hie public t riu'.er be required to furniah every
thine necetaary for tlie ex -culloa of the pr.oting, au l ill it lie be
pi'U lair and just prices fur hU labor, 1 luteud to cast no reficc
ilou upou that esumablc aud prompt officer.
Our statute requires that each coun-y and town In which a cor
poration court is held, shall provide and secure a srlllcitnt jail —
I am entirely sati fl.-d that many ..f the jails in the Male, il not ab
solutely wortlibi*, are certainly Insecure and insufficient Reports
of prisoner* esc sped, and application to offer rewards for their
arrcl, are c.n.tantly Orrlng in to the Extcu'lve, ami In several
cas s la a h'eh rewards have been offered, the prisoner has been
shortly thereafter arn»tid 11 the courts wbl not s-e that> .fe jails
are pr tided, and their ct initials escape In cinstq lence of the In
sulllcieney of Uie jail, 1 will uot tax the wind-.' Mate to insure their
s fe-keep.ng.
I cnmiuunlctte herewith the report of the superintendent. It
presents tiuly the CODdlUon of the sevaral public buildings, and
the repairs necessary t) be 111a le to put them in good cud t on.—
On the sc re ol etor oaiy, these repairs rhoulil he made as soon as
practicable. Tlie longer they are delay • d, .he greater will be lhe
expenditurerequired 'liie recommendations made by this faithful
an I cxeeilent public officer, are deserving ol approval. 80 mu h
of I i. report as r lati s to the capUcl, I rec inmcnd lo your special
atleutl is, and cordially endorse h s recommendation.
The report of the sudltor of public ace unis will exhibit the 11
u suds I e .edition ol the Mate In allita details, and to II I refer you
for full and accurate luiorma ion on li is intaresllog subject. On
lhe firs- day of October las', rli ■ close of the focal year, the bal
an -e lu the treasury was $ld3,ll'>.'> lx. The estimated lecespia for
the fiscal year l*ii»i -6l, were fd l*o* 4*6 14c and the estim t I dis
bursements for the same year, fit !KU,Ml - Tlie estimated bal
an. - in the t.eaaury cu the firs*, d iy of October 1x61, is $134,-CS.
T etot<l debt outstanding on lhe first day of Janutry Idol Is
$ ...yJdjVbl til. Of tt.ts amount $0,411,1146 33 h sheen crea I
sin - the tl at day of Ja.iuary IV.I The did' guaranteed for li •
Jsit.rs it.ve ' and Kanawha catapauy, the t hesapeake and 01.:o
Can.! company,-ho city of Petersburg tne \irgir.lt Central K I'
road, the Picli-noud anil Danville Rai.toad, tn« city of Wheeling,
and the A1 -»xn iria Canal compan., am-oute I, on the lirst cay < f
Jriiuary l.Mil, to $¥,176,‘.TS. it i (lords n.< pie isure t. inform von
that the interest an the State debt was paid 1 rouipUy on the first
day of this mouth.
The li-iaurlal derangement and the un -rti!n eondill. n o* pub
lic a*a:rf tt.| ueh'-ul 'he o u’.try, shoul I ln.pre«s upon m the ne
ees-k' ef p-aeiising rigid i con, my, Indivl.laally, ai.d as repre
seiilallyet of the people la stirring and ever.ttul Hines, snrli as
arc now lidHi us, "we know not what a day may bring forth " The
future Is ehr uded in gloi m -and lo. k lu whatsoever dir«.-tlon we
mar, "w» behold nothing but linger and diikue-s ” 1 recim
metid, thcref re, that y. u confine yonr app'oprlalletiJ lo otjects
o' Indispensable n-cesslty—such u« arc • equbeit to c.rry ou the
regular and ordinary operati .ns of the t;..verum»nt, and such as
may t.e dei.iaf de.t to put tt.e Ccronh nsri-.ilth in a eouditlnn bi dc
f ..I tier lighti an 1 her h nor a ’aims' a*s .ull* from any quarter —
vv • must rctr. ncli and rc.wu ise, and enl <rc- a rigid account*
hllity that we may ward oil the evils which the financial atorm,
now raging au wildly, threat- ns to \ bit upon us.
T1IK fil.XCS.
On the SIst day i f November list the banka In tlie city of Rl'h
m.,-.d suspended specie nay ments, Tel very shortly therran-r the
o'lier banks in lli Mate followed lb Ir example. The fact having
been communicated to mo officially by tlie t-easurcr, l cau ed lhe
accompanying order to be sent to iltat offi er. Cnder tlie circum
slxcc », all of which were carefully considered, 1 name to the can
custouU.ai it was safer an I eheaper to make Die three depot.t
banks lhe special receivers and custodUns of the revenue as It
should be paid In by the coll.eting tfficen. The Capitol is not
fi cisrorf ; and If I hid directed the revenue to be received and
retained by the treasurer un ll It was nieded. It would hsve bceu
necessary to employ an additional cl rk. at a salary of perhaps
*•> 'asi per annum This course. If adopted, would have thrown a
heavy responsibility upon tie treasurer, and would not bate been
safer or mor** convenient lhau the pr.s-nt mode. *he nvsuue
. ..ltected since th« susp.-nsl.-u is on spcclsl depot it in the banks,
and lx to be drawn on special checks. 1 trust this arrangement
will meet with ycur approbation.
Alter the suW«uaion o' *p>cle payments, the fir t important
question to be considered was h -w are lhe ipec e tur d, to br pro
;rd T‘. ,hc naymeii' of the State Inter..' and the rederopUon af
he-debt’ All r serio-s reflect uu, I d died thsl the only f lit
I and orooe- mod> was to ascertain what per cent**, upon the eir
.. . . o# a'l U»« b|Dkl In tb« oo tb? 1tt d*y of Ootohrr
ui (th. dat.ofHruic.1 quarterly return of their condition,)
wswUMtfMlMn******'* .V*'1 ,taM “T* "*• *,*4Ucf
th • 8taU I nseertalred that It would reqq're seventeen per r*a.
tur and t than directed lh« treasurer a d auditor uf public »c
CuiuU to prepare a circular, to b* tail III* batiks, railing upon
lit! m to furnish the quota necessary "to tmel tbe wb ligations ..(
the 8 ste " Shortly thereafter riplle* were rer elreil from t».i ol
tint bank*, protesting ns sins' lli* art angetmul, and I xiitlns that
|< was tbe duty of the deposit i ankr to furnish all tbe tper le re
qulrrd lor tlieie objects, but at the s.uie lira* • x pressing a wiping
n.„ lo aid in lairing the credit of the Mate, altar Hus* letters
wire received, I caused a second circular to he scot to the banks.
Both of the circulars are herewith transmitted.
Cn the gvddoy of December last a convention consVIng of efti
*• r* of the Valiev Bank, the Merchants and Mechanics' bank the
Northwestern Bark, and thebrannhes of etch, the Central Bank,
Hie Monilcello bank,and s!xt*-n of the Bute s o.-k Banks, aa»rtn
bled lo this city, anil a’ter spending some time In the discussion
awd consideration of the subject, delivered to me a paper, here
with transmitted for your consideration On the next da»,a cem
tmitee appointed by the convention, watted upon me. and we had
ac nference of ieverolhours In tegsrd o the plan I had ad ipted.
The object Iona to the plan, as stated In tbe conversation, were very
much these that are embodied in th* paptr t ■ wh rh 1 have relei
red still s re set (or h lo thrte of their iisdutl ns.
The first lesululloii tet* forth a principle which meets with try
cordial approbation I utterly dissent from the principle* avowed
an t ihe dortrin.• »■-cited In Mesecnni and third leaolu Inns,and
which are. In mv Opinion. In direct cot filet with Ihe principle as
serled In’>he first. The policy recomm-nded by the convent on
would re-ultlu placing the burden of providing for the Btatelid* .
,.,l ind the redemption of the debt alums, entirely npi n the dt pcs
it banks, and to that extent rmbarrars the an result e.commercial,
mechanical and mariufar n Ing Interests of Ih * city. Tbe banks,
a < well as the citizens, are bound, by every considers!! .n of doty,
lo i4|j In preserving ih- credit ol the Mate, and the burden ought
tn lo- mule to bear, as near equally as pca-iblr. upon ail. A poll
wn.ch Imposes th»t burden upon one city tn the Btate, Is. lo my
judgment, u-just, and 1 therefore decline to recognise It Nor did
1 appr .»• of the dls. rlmioatlon which this rnd.it Pm p.opoard t
make in tween Virginia bondholders and others- In the first place,
because it was unjust to our own cillxrui, and lo the lec.md place,
because tuch a d scrit ina'lon, If sanctioned, was lo beregatded
a. a declaration of inshlil y on the pa't of t •« Mate to meet In r
• ngigements, a'd iuu* have injudiciously affected her credit
ahroud. Ihe prcs.-rvallon uf Ihe Male's credit is at all limit aw
object of the first Importance. It It especially impoitant that the
s all m lolaia her credit now.
The third lesolullon d manJs “a uniform per cett-g.- opon the
sggregat" amount of Ihe eapl'ah circulation and d. p.i-ll* of all
III j bants of Hie Couimonwea th on tn.- first of 0.1 iher l**t exrtu
ding Hie State's deposits" A i logic illustration will he suliicVnt t>
demons rate the Injustice of this plan, us w. II a- its luipraciic.
bilitr. Ih-bank util, h'lend W»I eh ti tered at the last sisihin
with a capital of not lets than one hundred thousand dollars arid
not m/^,han on* million. Alien tie miulroum capital wes -uh
scr:riA» l the batik orgat lied, they applied for an Issue or notes
tithe amount of twenty thoutand dollars, having cn.- foul th -I
ll.at amount or hve thousand d-t ars In ip vie. According to he
view* embodied In this resolutlcn, I would have bee t rsquiied to
i.sse-s, tn Hill Instance.Sevettee-i per cet.t. upon one liundred and
twenty thousand duller.', wh u the bauk outer had a ctiealsti n
exceeding twenty thin sand l*o. a nt t is ;llcilriflon tlearl.v
den tnstrale the injustice of the rule 111 I dawn by the Convention"
I could not, therefore, reccgu xe el Jter the justice or the policy of
ih s recommendation.
Our banking system n-edt reformation In several rtspecls We
have two competing sy-tems of banking In the Mali: a .1 ' base
abundant reas-m lo know Hitt j jalousy and distrust ea'at between
them to a s-ibus extent. When the lat” Hank <' invention wa
hrld in this city, the VI glr.i% Bilik, the Tanners llank a d the
Ek.hange Hank were not Invited to parti -ipate in the discussion
an I ci ns di- sill'll of the Important qtn stlnns wh ch had celled tbe
Cunvci tion togiHicr. thtu I propis-d to Tie cjmmiltce who
waited upon me, that I would Invit ■ His ofbct-ri of Hi selnctilu
funs to meet and oofer with them, the reply was, 'tbit the Con
Vintlon had adjourned, and they had t o powrr .o alter the policy
! x-d upon by that body " My ohfecl In presenting this fact, is to
lecioriktr .tj the ivi-t lice of a feeling of jealousy and ho-1 Illy,
which i r.gird as decidedly nnfsvorahle tn harmininit action n
0 tr in'inelary systtm In lsJZ, my prtdeeesenr. In h.s mets ge
to the L glslaturc, in referring to the elistence of Ill's feeling, tistd
Hi t distinct and emphatic 'a guage: ‘Th-y are cempetlng wi h
each (tiicr, and their cuTUIcns wild |>al"U*lrl are not tor best it -
flueniei to cite the rlffleu ties cf Ihe lines. W Ithou'. drawing any
invidious Comparison between them, 1 urge merely tl •-fact that
the existence uf the two is not must (avorab'e to the harmony • f
our money system. Which wa* the hist or worst, either a'oie
would be butter, In my opinion, than tbe two with i n antagonism
between them Antagonism exists, and will exist " My etperi
eno and obssrva ioi, since the suspension of specie ..ajm- nt-.
corfirm fitl y the tecurarjr tfthls statin..nt. Why this Is to, I
am not prepared to ssy, nor shall I undertake to dctern-loe who is
t.. blani*- l..r'he existence of Ibis s'ale of Ihings. it isceruin.v
preju lcial to the Int.r. st of the State, and oujl.t to be coir.cled,
if it chi tie d ine hy iegls'a ion
it ,.llorda me great sain*‘action In believe that Ml our batiks are
ill a sound condition au.I that they are resuonsildc and reliable
1 . limes of financial < mb trra*sroc«il and pressure, sucl. as ae are
Bi.w passing through, it t ec in.-s us to pia. ilvc as much forbear
am • a* porsible la nu* buslmss luterceurse aid arrangements,
thal the evil may not be unneeel* irlly aggravated (' iifidenCt
has been sf.aktn to a great cxle.it, tut this was to have been ex
pencil. It la a plant c-f slow growth, and charily, f rl .aranceand
pi udence Is rcqul i-d to prevent It from being uprooted an I dr
great an extent at tt does here, are must be cautious, 01 we will
Involve all in a com - on ru n
Several refor ate nee isary. In my o; lnlor, i»i our system of
banking We * ught to a o Uh .it bites 01 a less den ndnMi'h
than twenty dollars ; hut th » h >U I 1 c done » y degrees ai.d w II
the utmost cautiou III** a reform that wit r* iptre thm- t ae-cm
plisu ; ' lit as tt t* 4 ne e-s r v r I no, ojr attention should be *;i
reeled I) t, and it sh* u d be provMej for ii the renewal 4f Hi*
«hnrur.4 ».f the o %tiSS IU 1 f! * t will he to in u«e n I r/#-r amour 1
of sptcie into rii.'ulati >n, aiwi to pro** -l this** In lie r>inmuri t
wf.*«, fr 111 tlssir s/^iit «I fan* I i* ity a th hank paper, nr m * t l.a
b!e 11 he imposed upon t*y • ounteifei paper Fr* m 1787 to l-|8,
* p riod of twiniy.ia * year**, ttie one and two p< und notes r f th*
Hat*k «*f high.*.:4, w* re a do W 4**1 10 1 ircuhit *. an«l n ordfig to *Le
» nterof
\ roan Itlona h r • MWB |iaa cf be
frank« I i,
*• tpl'al Cm vl i iif, ?*>' n 111 e«b»r *. *i\* tloi.s, at. I • aeijQp.t la—
1 he 1 1 sum of j| M9,' fid (Mir a nl I and h qua tc (I
dollars) was vxpeude I I*v ih- *»*• t m atU-uutng t * these pi.a u
I »*La. The icterus sf.ow r.ut t*y f «r the greater pap rdon (f the**
pros cuihitu were * >nn* t ied suit th* unc and two p .uni notih
I'm d te. th.uaat the b.u.k, for 4 p«ru 1 0/ a <111 - more than
>e»r*, froui fie first day • t Jammy l*>IJ to Apt 11 litlijil**, »m
of « "C pound role*, I n . , * I f»< » p*.m d o. tea, I7.7’*7; of.At*
pound nous, «f fen pound n*»t •• 1 !t. of ttrsnly j*.uo I
out*-*, f»l. 1 dot sll above ftnen/y pounds, do hiscov** a*.id.*
six years *ul <>t the twenty*!***; t*ut It shows a f ■. lit fa! exhibition
Ol c*line conn cl** 1 with tbe '•Hail irstes A refer.*n o t.. any r» I
able counterfeit dels* t *r wdl show th.it the( lit*01**1 t! • ai l. ifette
11 b *•( t« t, -i •! •
v d n>w* ds 'It***trt strung fAC’sare ixfrmletl t ua Ip* eh
m • tu* 0110 v«- r. by. . . r . hi«t iafor. e 1 -t* -*r. ••ru .»r* 1
t* . . sill di • • ■ 1 j nidini I In > 11 1 . . .* tk<
*i mat ion. It y«#4 »h ill eonit to the cou. lution tli.it no attest f ..
"ii.iiu i>n tlua 1 wt .1/d< •! i*s * .**u a I* : ii ur * l>v th
tiMiii, you will of course p •• h it tin* circulation of notes of other
Stab'S of *1* 4 d* DORiill.1 i 11.
>. *.m7—A *iit is prcval a throughout Virginia, In prrhars x 1
1, * , |
ihos • persons wh » can otfei drafts • n \.».-tSerii cuies. foil* p met
n, *n ii y opiniob, not ouly unjust t.* th** community, hut it a ui
shfc to the anL • to long a the specie of our baoks la a* pi In
New Yore,» r other Northern cllh «, 10 be drawn oa lu fav*»r of th
bank* If irout auy cause they «*i*j**ni specie pivmerits, we are
n*C4 iisariiy compelled to st**peud also. Tula was t* e rave in I-N7.
Kach bank Shout 1 l*e the custodian of its can fuo.n, but white this
p.»li y prevails it cannot l»e. W. newd i» greater spe»i • ••Ircols
ti-.r O il 1 is we eau nev* r l.ax e so long *• l ie vaults of our bant 4
main lit I n tea <t- canted, most of whli I
are payable out of the Mat*;. Fr mi su*'h utils and notes, to y
utile golu or ail v - r i» brought too the Male An*l besides, l>e
liiOk whuh puisnes this |*oi»* V, Ir-m the U »ture of the **ft»e, n u*t
yp »i 4,b.l iy of Uic uc *cpt**r o t1.** d*<%it. W*.nM it not ».♦* hr t**r
• 1 • n, I iv th* if me ins In disc •unticr the paper if I i m* hi o ait*
per.* i.-i’-'y known to them as the maker an I eu lorvers «*f tr*e
II in ' of whose ah.illy to un i It at in:iiur(ly th»y .1 e lull)
There h am ther otj <*lhin to this pol.cy, which 1 will ILu triU*
An .dual n >rrow« m» t-.'''* ) f *ra one 1 f our banks. payat.L*
In lt% Ui more, t t-r h*s not** h 4 been < Iscout ted ttu banxsru
p nl ape ie pay meiita. It hen then te mature, he must j»r*a »i e
evchihge fr; m the h ms flat mad* the 1 an, or he n 11*1 g 111 li*l»
not*s pmbapfl
broker at a loss <7 tw * or t/.rre p»r cent to pn cure I!a lltuore
funds to take up his not rt. 1 ds su* • ly i« u-lthrr ju*l i.or right. I
icco iirmnd, it*** • for**, that I is polky tie pn Mbit* d l*y lasr, or at
l* nt that U *• party » e allow** J to le l u* his obdgA'loii t*y re.jut
log itie hank to r« ive its own tot.« In pay m *..t in ati c.e i I t.is
p. ih*y p ac aanoUc oi.4 hunleu upou th. Iioirowrr, wj i h is un
just lu it*e extreme, and it <*uiht r ot to he permitted. If a h *h:s
inv ti .le, nnd l hold a note of t-qual mnouDt against A, the l«w
• «!• ti r T— Tor to set • if A s deiuaml Wiiy atiouht it Q*.t t»e so v%tlh
the banks?
/uuu l would prohibit the hanks from dealing In exchange,
ir d a rul’d rvq dr.* ilieci t * furnt h it, not a; par, hut wbai it eost
it.em The rwe of exchange b* tween Virginia and New Yurk lu
ordinary ti»n- •, when the banks are paying snee e, seldom iauge<
at*.« v • the half of one percent, wh ;n Uabu.t th** •* at of trigs*
porting specie bt* ween the two p ints. •( the birk . were d t.ied
the privilege «»t den'lng iu eirtungc hu I realising a pa*fl:. It
w. uid lake froiu U.un the ten ft it on to ror.f.n • their lours to
thfiwe who pay n N*»it:ieru dr.fis, sil l ihtlr a * on uiodaliuns
would In* d.fTuJtd more generally amongxt our own «dtUcU4. Our
bank! *g c iplial wonl 1 thu-i he use 1 I* r l,< aecomoiodatlou of our
own people. .As it low Is, mud* of It Is used for li e benefit and
advantage of * iUieD* of Northern Hiates.
/ 'i»//y - If the policy of dtsconnting Nor turn dra^s Is lobe
c ni nutd, I r< comm* nd that It thail be restricted la sue 1 dr*f t
as have only a short lime to run, say sixty *1 a>w Many • f the
Northern d xf a tint the banks are In the habit of discounting, If 1
have been coirectly h*loiiued, tun f o a four to six m n tbs. ‘this
Is ex*end ng Puu'hern cred«i to «he Noriht-rn agent Heliushg
the funds of 8* uthern bank* for hL oan aJvau’ajie, at the ex
pens‘and injury of our own ctlsent. Our binViwere cr a.e«l
for the ben* bt aiid CoDVvU euce ol the people of Vlrgi :1a If the
Northern ageut wishes to purchaie onr tolucco, or any other art I
clet wc have for s de, let him cotnc prepared to \ nv for it. Change
a policy which thus mak :a the Hoith tributary to th** North. No
p»,l!cr, financial «*r oth-/,should be cacourag d to strength**!) .nl
authl on the huiinesa of the N<*r.h, und r pre.enl circumstances,
a*, our expense.
Inc mmeiid a divorce of the8tate from th * banks . and In ma
k net ilw recorara* n h*iior, I deslr* to l»e nn«le.*xt md .•* striking no
bl w at tcose If s*i utious. It 4.1m- urvOe nan*! d alike by *-i<
dom and prudence, aod ih- liueres s both of iht Mil- and tl.e
tianks I cat i-oofclve of no system wit t h is so well ol-ulated to
r* »tr tin th** hanxs from excessive issue-. an«I to « online fheiu with
in prudent and s *fe limits, ami which at tie sum** linn* «ill tend 'o
ti* • tnlarg ment of th • sp nr * ir<*ul itlvn of c ur8: -t**. Wher** there
is a demand, the.e wi 1 n a-ssir.l/be a supply io aoy anl I.* ili.it
may be r**|uired for the *roxf*irt, the convenience or the buvtness
i ite «• «tsot the c immunity, ihv amount colb-■••ted by in- va i u«
Slate governmtiiU ^»nd mainly In hatiK paper) \< about tin* suiu
of f.*» a; n .alt) . Cur revenueamoutits :o about fi8,fiS8,iM 0,
in round n m u*ra, and if coll *ct d in spe* le, it iv p ain t»the c un
monest u» derst in ding, that it would exer t a p we. f ul nil ienc- in
i»s'.ialni g over issue 1 tbe banks, an thus prevent over tra
ding. It would prevent the depo it bankn f.om disc* unMng on the
fattb of llm revenu-, *-**llei f erl by th- oiat *, in the notes of her va
rious batiks and w: i* h are on *tep**.it in th**ir vaults. Ihi* stimti |
1 int to ovonrallt g reini-wiinurawn, nt-wouiu nav- a n-jiuin
ami a more uuifotiu cl' i‘l|la' I"U.
1 he adoption of this policy woo'd malt In nt.ilning in our
Rtale a suflieleot amount ol specie net o;.lr f. r tlie pti:p"se#of
the government, hut iu a t me ol Iran- •iitpenvmr* wjul.i furnish
• ultictrii specie '• r the ordinary trsnsicti -ni of the people The
divorce U demanded hy piiuciple and p nicy The coni.action In
volvea the State a* a p rrim r in the m sio tune* of th* haoki. and
wh’never the law is violated, hy the (u-pcti ion of apciie pay
ments. 'he fa*t that the State i» a atr.cshcd.ler inducts the Legisla
ture lo look upon the act more fatoraoly than would be ilia . i«r,
perhaps. If she held no In e-eil In them. Wha eVtT Is r d il uted
to Impair or destroy ludepet deuce la legiilstivu, r„ust io< ner or
later exert an li ja*!< Ul Influence upon the , ubhc Interests.
KotetUlniag to y d cl.I.d convictions on ihis su' j ct, 1 felt .t to
be tnv du y. In the canvas* which preceded my election, to amw
IT.) opluloss freely and frankly, an.l to declare my purpose to r
commend the adopil >n of the independent treasury s/iteio to tho
cuiisldrrailou of the legislature. The recent .u.p -nslon of specie
p n men's ta r.*il' I did nil then iiLtlrlpate). and the dtflicollhs
that have attended the arrangements forth.- payment of the Mate's
tend annual interest g owing out ■ I the h.,»il,liy existingbelw. en
our two systems i f h oik ng, show In my ju Igmebt the necessity
(or adopting t* ia p ni y at a« • arljr a day as practic*l>l*, roosls
I n'ly with a due regard to the Inlrr.s's f the 'Okluo. weJ.th,
aridng Iroiu her owue’ship 0 itoc* lo the hsr.kr go long as the
c nn.Tlion httwe n the Male ml ihe i.si.ki ex'.?. ,, Oi -e l,auks,
w tlch receive no porllon of th • Mate rev nu», wilt c n.plaln o(
t , preference which has been given to the three .auks in t .3* ei-y,
as pr judicial and Injurious lo Hi lu. and v'j.l always protest
again*' any detna-rl that may he made dptli -v u h/ the ."l.te,
b. yond tlie r'deinptlon of »o much ol tbclr paper as .» ie> e,vo.l in
|iaViti,nt.of scveuu* As lie.weeu tin* systems, v,e should r.ot ex
I, h.t a preference f .r one over the other Let the Male inantgc.
hm owu affair* la her own way, and leave tlie b,n.» to m-n .go
their*, xni j ct only to he requirement* of tlie law Th ■> ivorce o!
tin- 8t*te Iruin the ha: ks wi.l remove one sr uud of j •*lc>u*y. Let
ihe t«u system* demonstrate their illative adtanta.es.
Against t!.ll p.i Icy many o'j ell. is are urged-soaie of tho
more prom'nr nt of whl h l propose to notice l.nclly. Most of
these are the same nt j..tl<,09 wl ich w re urg d sg.ii.st the orlop
til,I, ,,f the In.lepsnde t tr.aoir .y.l-iu l.y tlie Federal HoVern
ment. When Ibis great messurc was pr posed iu Oongrcss, Its op
P >nonts were fully saluli.d 'li*t the cff.ct ol such a policy would
be rulann. and irrlr.iit »pp. ehMiloni were fe’.t kinl excriisetl hy
the thnld of iu fr.r i.ds. The measure was pressed, adopted, and
aft, r an experience o' ve*rr, v-ry Irw w old he will.ng n. return
to ll.e (dls.fllem, and terivelt as ll.e settled policy ol the govern
ment. I caoBte no reason why the adoption of u U« policy l.y
the Stale tv <u d nut r pel ale iqia'ly as well, ar.u pro luce usulLj
eqi a ly sb «a i f .ctory
The first objection la, that It would operate oppr »*slvelv upon
the pc.pie. In this - th it thrv could not procure spec e tn'llfh t >
pay ll.e r taxes The same objection was urged When tlie syhlrm
was prop Bed Ir. he adoitid hy lire Federal lloverntuc.l; nut tic
result Ini* proved in thwt ess. that It was unfounded, ho I t’ Ink
It would he Ii this case. In four fi tbs of the Rule* the taxe. ate
now paid In boles of ihe bauss These u jus up it their fare | ro
f. t* to he tlie repres ntallves nt sped*. If this he true, th n
there woul! tie in mtfirullv In convert ng them, and the specie
thus obtained would he used I .the payment of the tixes If they
are not com ertlble, the people, the must of whum are intern cd In
hanking rpon • .mid principles onlv, should ktuw the fact, and
neither they nor the Slate should receive 'hem We want a sojod
paper currencv—a currency that Is c.uiveitlble Into specie-sod
ir our pr-sent currency li not ronveititle at tlie wihel the balder,
it ought to he m»de so
Theseeu-d object'on Is,that we h've n. t specie onrush la Vir
ginia to carrv ti ir poller lido operation The wlteit rnuvnu'O of
the natlnu have for moie th in tw oty-five yrarsfelt Ihetiecettilv
of Infusing l:.t. the Ir.-ulatlou of the country a la'ger amount of
speed.., aad to this ecil they have been sharing the IvffVatlnn of
Congress. They have abun isi. reason to he gratlft. d with the
success that his attended th ir elf Ms. lo October inJ3 we lisd
In Spe-le In active circulation $-1,001,000, and In t'te hswks, lo
si>. rle, $'*\000,000; on He 1st dav of J vouary, lS*l,|U,0i'0IB0t'In
aetlveVlrealst|on an t $?7 uflOlhOln the bai kr ; on the 1st .lay ‘ f
Jsnusrv, V 'ff>, flS.IHWiwu In *.tlv» circulatin'', and In thebrnks
J i't itst.i tsl; on the Is* day r.f Janu.iy $.'3,0 d.nOO In 4'live
< ireulation atnl I'* th* ha* ks, $lifOtlits ■ sod on the 1st d-yef
Deciciber, 1388, $d'.'»d0,000 lu »Ul ve circulate!, and I: th* tanas,
ttf.QU "■* Th«M ui Um r«Kln of th* poiKjr IhhafarhKd hr
lho*» Mkit'MDVP, »ko w«r» ridlootod ai.d M ***.!«»<( ««(W day „
• »<i/W «wN|f mm," and they a>« valuable practical rc.ulta, re
llrc.lny th* higheit emit upon their lafirllr u l •l.tr.man.li p,
• nil produc up the br»t rffteta upon the lualnou an.i lu crut* nf
the oountrr I route donn to a l.»U- peilud, .iod |>r«tnt the re
iu.U as th*-? eshl ‘I Iheuist-lve t» u» Mn<-» the discovery it gold
in Ca Ir. 10*9,more than $400,00<h>*> have been added from
that >oun*c to the gold of th? wirld It was estimat' d i:.a'. we
nad in the l nludStates, at that time, flsO.Omi.UMi In tpeclf, show
log an increa •• between 1 >.*11 and IMS, of $l7 0t0.loi. I: De
cember, tbM, It was estimated tint there was St ie*»t $ *0
in spec e in tli« In te.i Mates $ W1 (’U9.U0 i of which were in the
hank *, and |20tt 0 n 0(0 In active c remation.
In our own state, accord.ng to the quait rly returns made hy
tii * banks to th s oepartmrn>, of their condit on < n the d ih of
S ptem er last, th*ir anpital amouQis to $ 6 .'*66,8 0; their drci
Ut 00, $1,606,tiff 98; their deposlls, $9,699.2 8,60; heir d.sCOUDU,
$2 vM2,8y|,67; and their specie, $2,So4,93l)yl9. Thus It is *ten
that we have a citculalh n of near ten m.Ilium. uoon a banning
capital of mon* I Inn sixteen ndillors and a half The qumtljn
that presmts Itself In th's oinection Is, do the ti/e.t n, twenty,
ti I ty, fl*iy si d bundle i d< Par notes, now In circulation, • p-t
sent spe ieT L’pffu ihe’r face, they purport to be converUI .• Into
»|*.de, at the wi.l of the holder, and K would be r*gatded «s an
aitick upon the solvency * f the banks which had hsued them, to
s»y they a ere not c 'Avertible We .hus have withia a frail on of
t**n millions In the i irculsUou of the banks, healdt' he tpe le in
active Circulation In the sta'e, which mus be *e%«ral millions
mi ro Cm it be possible, with these acta Lefore us, ihst the r. v
enu<-of the state caon<uhe co'lecttd in specie* If ;h«rv il.ouhl
be any doubt on t‘ e subject, let the law pre< Ibelhito v-f.uih
shall be llected In specie athe Aisr, one half the • rood, three
fourths the third, and the who e amount, th ioarlii>ear. This
w II afford the people ample time to provide lor the mange In the
system of collect ng the revenue
In 1s49 the hanks hel I $48.0u0,000 In specie, upon which th y
Issued a circulation of $114,743,415 In 1&87 ih y ha I $6*J,OCUO l»
In »specie, upon whlcn they issued a circulation of $214,77 ,**2
Tliiti It will be seen that in a peri d of rig .1 sear* the b*r<k« i -
creased their specie only $I7,<H)0,OU9 while their cir. ulatlon w s
inert*«*ed more than $ 0 ,<N)v,9U) to the store time. Could such a
result have occurred, If the opt rati ns of the various Ma e govern
ment had * eu conducted upon the pritulpie, for a him tc u
tend, vis the Independcui tressu y *y»i*ui. It requ;r s no | ro
phet to foretell the end of a system which exhibits such stailling
Another objectlou urged lj. that ‘he syste n Is net sal*. Why
rotv Cannot the treasurer of the 8tat»* be assxftly cm. u*t J with
tlie kccp'i.gand disbur*eaitnt of the public money at the officer* of
Ihehanstr They un all respectable g<nt‘etneo; Mid is th terra
sen to suppo>e that an officer o' the Mate Is les* trust wor hy lit m
an i fleer of the bank* kspriience, however, is >f» • *afist guide
In all such cases, lias not the expert* «. t work.d wtll under the
fedtr«l governnien'; and if It as, ha*e we teason to suppose that
the < flicers of cur :» ate government would be less h« nest, l-sa
prompt. or less faithful In executing th** laws? 1 trust net.
The Mate of Mt**l* ippj has collected her revenue Id specie since
1686. The Mat**- of Arssnsas, Texas and t'alifort la have c II*ek
ed their reveuue in specie also, frotu the time of their organisation
:i» Stale* ThericeiptS into the tiv**ury of bllMiafd pi f oiu the
1st day if January 1659 to the 1 Cfh cf February IS5r, amounted
to$l-2.SlS 65. liter venue »f ltxarvfor the > ear endintteto
her Hie*, K'i2, am* uu*edto $189,222 51 ; and at tiatdate she had
a surplus in specie i^ lit-r t“e *ury, cf «5i8,75i 2 » Uu the It. < f
O-t.her W-0 Arkac^as had in her trtasurjr $218,961 t ?, anu receiv
ed from m!I sources, from the 3* *h cf teptembe.* l*v*t to the ^<»rh t f
M-ptemb* r lv5f, »h- sum «*f $***6 767 08, making « total*of $5'.m,
788 11, The r etlpts of Cal.forr ia. as t-d1 mated for the year etui
ingJuce 1st. amounted to the sum of $hi| l.*4h Tt*ese are
t ir Int1 returns that 1 can c tr.ven »*ntly ref^r to, hut they * rve
I * lllutt ate my view ; particularly uh n 1*. i« remembered that Id
the *•,gee cf eight years ue amount of levejuec limited In vac a
• f thtM* States, with tli _*.r Increasing wealUi and pot ulati >j, ruust
have been g ♦all, augme* ted. Ilirre is no C'linectlou w th i>anks
in either • I th< *ehtiti*s ; their revenue is cod.cted »n spec e; de
posited in the.r tr<-isur.er, in custody or tli ir own officer*, and
disburse I in specie by Uiose iffi. ers, to h »it .it. rs of the govern
m nt hi each cf these cases the independent t cssury »y*t* rn
ha* noikt d a- wei' as In ibc c se of the fc icral g ivirnmenl
The policy I recommend hss be.n fried by the «allocal Hovern
tuent the ^t.itss of Mississippi, AiksL*4S, Texas and California,
and It has worked safely, And to th * public sali«*acUoQ. Ibis
policy, in a time of suspension by the ha tks, such as we now
have, would fa nish .t sound a »d heaUht spec e currency for ail
the ordinary wants of Ludnes* Inleicmuse, and would have a
powerful luluence in restraining bank Issues within legitimate
'Hie s'atistlral facts tl at I have present.il, In support of ray
view*, sre drawn from the mokt re.lahi- no I au'hen’l: sources —
Toey are drawn from con* i es.l«m»l and other recor s, and have
my entire cor tl ence In their aciurscv. I comtnerd the 9'ihjt rt
to yoir coDsidersll >n, assured that its importunes wl'l be fully ip
pi.cUted, at d that whatever yi ur a tlon tn»y be, It will be the
result of your c< nvlc’lou» of wh it Is • ue «o the publ c li t re^L
fcverds crowd upon each other with astonish ng rapletty The
s^enei of to-day are dissolved hy the oevrl. pment- of to-n-rrow.
Ti e opinion* now ertertalncil may be t^ t illy reVo utionlxed by un
fortseen and u* snticipaied «*cur new that an hour or a day
rnav hrlrg f*»rth We must meet them as they ailse, and our opln
l«»-■ and actions must be controlled by our jndgmen of the re
.pdr merits < f the » cession Whatever duty •«* the Sta't demands,
must be dni.e, and to do it effertu-kily, we must thr-.w awav all
pride of op nion ami of consistency. Vkh le wc can have no Idea
of what ibe futu'e will dtvs'op, It Is the part of w ls^lom to prepare
r I.. n mil t . v vl.» A,ir Ul . I, .. -
better prepared t an any other, but l > place her ou a stfe looting,
tmn-h ri maim to be done,
1 h.t your action may be guided and cootroled l>y wlidom and
p.t loll in; that your proceed g* may be c -n-ucted In a spirit of
nsrmojy andcnnclll it n, that f e hi nor, the rights tad the In* I
tio-a ' fils Ooninio^weailh may t e vinolcatrd, pro'ected and
pics- riot, and P.at our eor.inon country may . e redev d froni tie
horruia of threatened anarchy at d civil ttr.fe, I- my ran -st wi h
nlVIDKNII. Th-l*r.«i tint end Dlrectnraoft oKxebang.
E»i krf t'rglr.Ia have drcVc.l a Dividend (.1 jlc-iit.,
subject to hr .t. bonu>, payable ou K- h imt’n' In ciirren y.
u I- .-1 n-TIIKK, < *-l .
I i:\M\OI VI III UN IA have d-eared a dividend of t! ree and
Inrce-qiiarter* per r-nt fort'-e list ■ v mvnth*,payab|e In current
cy i n the nth Instant, lubjeei in a dcdurllon »i a quart- r per c- n
bi nos to the • i ite, leaving ‘JJ, per cent bel payable to the stock
hold rt. (or I.’- per share )
, tf WM f TAYLOR.Oathf
fldHP President and Directors of (he Kurtrer'* Brink of Virjj'bls,
1 have declared a dlvld. nd oil lime and 11| r c-qnailrrs per cent,
(or Ihe last tix m- nth*, pai -hie In currency, on the -ih lost , sub
ject to a deduction of a quarter per rent bonus to lie Htale, le.iV
Inc ■ per ci nt cssh net, payable to the pin. khol-lers
jal lit .1 A SMITH,ClUllier.
V.Vi Mils Irish Pot .ties
oil ** Ouiona, |«-r schooner, Ida Ma'ller. now In Ik
Dock, for a.tie by LIIH1V A BCRIVIN,
Cor j-i (i a; .I ftiry At.
| \ fits I. tiOllUIN,
,J NO.'s ItEI.VIN’rt Ill.OCK,
nru. /.. .' ta tk « • /< .v< n: h/:oa en
Will >I . N.-sollate Cl.lma of every drac.iplluii, upon strictly
buvin-ss prlncl let.
{True r. by pt*rtnl»«loa, to Miiin J««. M T*▼lor X Smi;
Me am. (>*vU, 1> upree k Co ; Met>r« ** MrOrmlrr’a 8-»m. Mr«n
O ii'.l n k *p!" nor; A. I). William*, Ksq ; Kurkin <V. (il i b *>ok,
► - , Ifetara. Joic| Rramn«l k Co j»4—la
N’©TICK.—All persons batlny rUlo * ayalnxt the *sUt«* of
Col. J* ho AruijlvAil, Jec'il. will plrata pntetit 1/ **ni to m«*
fiT ft* tl* rotrot \V II \. M> T• I yLK, Kx r of
.A; p< i***n'« P. O , Chari** C ty Co. John Aruimirn*! «l*cM
«' mpatiT |r prFp%r***1 tn till orth-rx for Mi n*. Women*,
! I> .>• mi *1 ,*<rl8, !•«•«»*m anil bmititna, <•( rvery f.irirtv, t*nn rj.
tin s'l ntllf ’ ! pp r »nil M« r,* ConirroH Halter, nr»l Osfonl Tit*,
t.g tl I 1.1 Ft I n t Hlul brf-KaO.
It la a Southern K*sft«-ry, hul l up by 8iuU!«*rn C.tpiUl, wirh tl.
n;<*«t approved nr rh*' **rv, work d by st, tm, umI at wood w» r<.
i:.. n a-, are In Ihe I* all Hit tv*; Mlcl all! furnish a- -I work at
ihe s.iti • prl«**», •* any Fvt ry ;u llu* 1’i.loL. Ltl h«'Ulh»*rj nun
ijR'xlnH -utfivrri M^rmfi »urt».
All onlrrs promptly flllH, arni all w. tk w.irrant**«l to he »arh ia*
tSr I*> —«IArtf ♦up«*r1r.,»*nirf't
r|( ik undersigned prop «ev to sell, or exchvnge for Negroes.
S from 1,000 to ft,Hs) Acres of the finest Cotton Lunds In thi
Yaton Valley.
gome of these Lands sre In en!t'v.vlon, with kteym Mills at.l
(llns-others are rleadeiied and esn beevs'ly Improved.
Th.-sc l.m.I. aic ,n th-- richest portt.-r-s of Vitaon snd Wishing
Ion - -ut-tlrs- ire e*.y of ac.-c and convenient to narlgs lon.
Any p< irons aist.log to negotiate, are referred to Messrs. J. R.
And. Yen A Co Trtdegsr linn Works, Richmond, Va„ andean
sddri si J liA RVVTP, or
M Df Yaioo t'ity, M s.
dd r co- srtnnshlp heretofore en.t og between Ihe undersigned
Is this day dissolved by mutusl cm sent. The afiuirs of the con
cern will he »elite I lie W in. It. li.ises, who Is authorised to usethe
name of the firm for that purpose
Riruuoxp, 1st January,
The undeisigncd will continue the Exchange and Banking Bull
nets o* the late firm of Isaacs A Taylor. It will be conduc ed un
der the style ami firm of WM B ISAACR A 00.. B II Hmlth. Jr ,
having an inter- rt therein. WM. B. IhAACd.
lit January, lbSl,
In withdrawing from the Kxcharge and Banking Biulncsr. »«
feel It due to our ruer-essor to sav, that from a lang personal ac
quaintance and tiDSinen- cimieitlon wph him. we have every c *n
tideoce In his means ability, Int-grttv sn-l prc-lcncc in themanage
m-nt of liia affairs, and do un-st cordially recommend him to our
f lends and the public as every way worthy i (ih--lr confidence and
patronage J0«KPII BPUHMKL,
nis OLVTION.— „
T econcern of JaMKS U. tllANT A <’ Is this dsv dlsiolv
ed, by the expiration of B< limitation. Either partner will s gn the
u»me of the firm in llquidutlor only.
All per.or.s bavin -11 dots will pres-n'.lheiu Immediately for pa.
meut. a d those indebted will make payment »s ai.oa »s p tribl
Richmond, He. 81st, I£W. OKSNOE BENNETT
IfYf” The huiimsi heretofore condacti d by JA?. II. fiRAb'T A
t'D. wtl h-—eafter be continued by the uuJeralg sal, I dlvIdusBy
Richiiion-I, Jan Ut.lNOO. JAH II. (IRANT.
j il—ii-g»*
rpiIK OO-PARTNKRRII'P heretofore extstlng between the under
1 signed, is lies d y dt as I fed by mutual consent Theafii'rs
ol tlic -• .nr., o will be settled bv Wu. II. (laanx who is authorised
WM II. (ittKRN,
Hicimoltli, January l.t, Intil. k'. ^' IIOBSON,
Commission Movchant.
attention riven to the salt of Tobrirco, Wneit and K1mr
ani l«i ti ling onlett for merrh4n<lU»* of ev rv d«»*cti|it on Liberal
a*lv «ti«*»'H v.U b- m i<1»* for mIi conilgi menu in band
John a. gkkji. B.ilvamau. Jo*. W. W'atnon, C’lerk,
WM. B. « HEN
Rl« IMOND, J^nutry Ut, IStfl__i*1 ~i^
w. F. O W EN S.
•Hit, Riiltilhorr St.
J j WING vUh rce L.e measure of lliost fur whom I made
WlilU* IIriiiu Hii-im*** in ltirlini*n<1,
anti ti.Dig largely engaged tn manufacturing, will be pleased to
receive their orth-rs. ami promise special attention, and inalliu*
stances guarantee satisfaction My stuck of
Furnishing Coods
Is very large and complete, mostly Imported for Southern sales.
7 W. p. OWKNS,
■ell 9i» Balt. St., formerly 169 Main St, Richmond, Va.
|»i<» &HBIANTOI C'OFFBB.-'Vsofer fevaalapt
l v .t ly tbc cargo of Ci flee, now landing by the bark Salbe
MagOe, dliect from Itlo, oonslsllng of
9S7U logi | li’ne Hlo, in double bags
760 •• Sanies, In 110 pound bags—this • equal to the
>t<t T.acuyra
illc-..l UlMt.SO, DAVENPORT .1 CO,
1 IIITK Mercer, Bock Eye ant Peach blow Potatoes.
» C!IE»SK.
Pine Apple, Tmltat'on English (D'Shen Ob esse.
* Buckwheat, Print Gotten butter.
Also, a lot of SUPERIOR API 'LEa, arr vlng per steamer tlda
day. •
Also, on hand superior mounta a Butter and a general assort
ment of Groceries. SAMPSON JONES, Agent,
•ry flor. Mala anil 9th its.
WITH an experience of more than a quarter of
a century, riu'ing which time, thuusaudi of
chr.lc ■ PIANOS have b-en sold, and we can add
with truth, "with iut ever seldr.g a bud one." Hav
ing sepertor facilities for the selection of the “ very hrst Pianos,
we efferlhem upon » alter terms than similar good Instrument* can
be procured North or South.
Some at > ur late styles have be.n s» Id as soon as they were seen
and trl -d, the principal attractions are tbs rleb, deep, Orel ow tone
and dell ate n».eb
To our friends who prtfer ord. ring direct from us, we oner the
greatest poaaibl* Inluoemeots and advantages, I e , we will s*nd
.elect PIANOS, subject to the severest iri.l and wairant them lot
klVE YEARS. No responsible h- use can do hi tier.
noil Pbtsrsburg, Va.
Wahiik..to*, Jan. 7.—Stttn t - Mr. OLv, of A'abama,
apiM-and and took his wat for the first . imo during (l.u
The resignation of Senator* Hamlin, Vico-President
elect, to take effect front next Monday, waa read.
The bill lor the admis.ion of Kansas, as an II at that
chartering the Pacific K.i'roud Company, waa postponed.
Mr. Crittenden's resolutions of adju-lmeot canto up,
and wire advocated by that gentleman. He said if Cor
gress could not aeltle the matter the people could give
them instructions, and there could lie no humid tiion in
obeying them. It was a qu.sticn of our national exis
tence Would the Kepttblicans ct counter civil war ra’.fc
er than deviate a hair's breadth from a particular politi
cal dogma ? The venerable and devoted Senator appeal
ed to both aide* of the Seuate aud the country iu mtat
affecting language.
Mr. Tootnba responded. He said the Republicans had
been sowing .h agon's teeth, and had raised a rr.tpol
aruied men. Tho Union was already dissolved. Trie
ctuae of South Carolina waa the cause of the whole South.
The South bid at pealed to the api.it ol fraternity and
toe sense of jus. ice ot the North in vain, aud w. re now
prepare.1, if in cessary, to submit their cause to the arbi
trament of the sword. He reviewed the deu audaof the
South, and contended that tbev had am ght noil ing but
equality iu tho Union. He cited the tacit et eour«g.-iuent
given by the Republicans to invasions of slave state., and
said that the only arbitr..m nt waa the sword, niaape u It
w.m lengihy, and ardently for aecesaiou from b> glutting
to end. He n-pedinted every idea of compromise in the
Northern intcri relation of the Constitution, audcoiiclut
ed by an < I queut summing-up, declaring that if tie
South were d.nied her tights, she would invoke the Cjd
of Rattles.
The Senate went into Executive session on the nomi
nation of Mr. McIntyre, as collector of the put of
Charleston, which waa referred as usual.
Iloutt—Alter the irumaction of some nuin pirtant
btifinefs, the House went into Committee of the Whole
on the (legislative and Executive bill, amending it hi
some particulate—after which it waa passed.
Mr. E hetidge made an attempt to introduce, by unani
mous consent, tbe plan of adjustment agreed to by the
committee ^presenting the bolder Stater. On the tnc
tiou to suspend the rules the vole stood—ayes f:t, noes
78—so the motion was lost.
Mr. Adrain naked leave to offer it re-o! tit ion approv
ing tic bold and patriotic act of Major Andei«.>n i-i
seizing Fort Sumter, and the determination ot the Picsi
dent to utaint .iii him in his piescnt poti ion—as also to
enforce the laws aud to preserve the futon. The lioi.se
suspended the rules by a vo e of 131 ayes to 53 noes,
and the resolution was adopted by ayes 121, noes 06.
To-moryow being the miniver.try of the Battle ol
Orleans, the House adjourned to Wednesday.
Montgiimkry. Jnu. 7.—The Couvcntiou met at noon
to-day. Mr. Phillips, Secessionists, was chosen i.mpo
ivry Chairman, aud .Mr. Horn, temporary Clerk. A I the
comities were represented. Mr. Wm. M B oak* ».v
elected President of the Convention by eight insjoiitv
over Jamison. The proceedings thus far have been v. ry
quiet. Fowler, Sects.omst, h.s been elected Secretary.
Montgoukry, Jan. 7.—Alter touaid. r-ble discussion
and consultation, a preamble and resoluli u offered on
the Secession side, wwe put iu such a form as command
ed the nnriuimou.. vote of the Convention. They were
as follows :
If ’liman, the onlv bond of union between the severs!
States is the Con-'ittiliou of the Unit<d Stater; ami
w1 erea-, that Constitution ha- hrru violated by a ma
jority of the Northern S'.ater in their gcparat# Legisla
tures, Vrv action denting to the people of the Southern
States their con-ttmional rights; and, whereas, a Set
tioiial party, known as the Black Republican party, has,
n the recent election, elected A hr a hi in Lincoln to the
ollici* ol President, and llannifnl Ilainlin to tin* office of
Vice-President of there United States, who hold that tin
Cou.-tilution of the United States does not recogniz
property in -lave-, and that it is the duty of the govern
ment to prevent its exten ion into the common territo
ries of the United States, and that the power of the gov
ernment shorn J be so exercised that slavery should in
time b*‘ exterminated.
lie il AVto/wiI Ay the People of .\lnhttna, in Conven
tion assembled, that the State of Alabama will r ot sub
net to the Administration of Lincoln and lljinliu as
President and Vice-Presi.l i.t of the United States upon
the principh s referred to in the foregoing preamble.
Montcovrr.v, Jan. 7.—The Convention met at noon.
Wm. M. I’tooks was chosen permanent President by a
majority ol e ght over Mr Jam sun. Mr. Fowler, Seces
sionist, was elected Secretary.
rFoi'0-rn sei.'k.-sion or the citv from the state and
New York, January 7—It i- rumored that Maior
Wood’.- m—-age to tin* Councils to-night will e>nt odv a
I ropo-it on that the city ot New York shall aec.-dc from
the State and Union.
| SECOND dispatch ]
Mayor W< od’s message recommends the recession ol
the city of New York from the State, and from th**
Union, and become a free city. He is not prepared, how
ever, to reeomtnen violent measures therefor.
The strainer Star of the West, which has been charter
ed at the o ders ol lieu. Scott, took full provisions for
Major Anderson, and 250 men, under command of Lieu*.
Barth tt. She is due at Charleston to-moriow afternoon.
Washington, January 7th.—The Washington Slur, of
this al enioon. mentions a rumor in circulation, that it i
11 intention of tie* Cabinet to nrre-t Senator Toomb- on
.! charge of treason, for sending a di-patch urging the
■itiihoritics rf Get rgi.t to seize the United State- forts iu
her territory. Tl e trii'h of the rumor is doubtful.
Tie nii'diog of Southern members Saturday nigl t
cunsii tc I oi ly i f cetfaiu Senators, and did tiot embrace
members of the lloti-e.
Jackson, Miss., Jan. 7th.—Ti.e Governor ha- ordered
the artillery to prepare ball cartridges. Tin; Delegate*
o the Convention, unanimous for secession, as-cmld d
this morning, and adopt-*J a resolution requesting the
I’maident to appoint a committee to draft an ordinance
ol ,-ect ssioo.
T.u.1.iHA.-.-EE, Jgi. 7th—A reiolu'ion dec'arirgit the
r’ght mid du'y of Florida to secede, has passed by a vo'e
■ >f s'xlv-two ayes to live nays. The* committee of thir
e*n on -ecrss:on icportcd an ordinaticc cf accession,
which was adopted.
Washim.ton, Jan. 7 h —One eompanv of the Eighth
Infantry have just arrived here from Carlis’e bai racks.
luiTnioax, Jan 7.—Flour l.aly; Howard Street amt Chit
t5f.il i*lty Mllli R5.25 Wheat atcadv; H--.! 10.'.ft,'«'2 cent*; whin
t4t felOu Corn It m; new whit- a* d yellow 02<c,f‘.6. Provlatcm
n Tiitnal. I-ar.l Whlakv *t-a.ly at H'c
Ntw Yuax Jan 7.—Ptocks dull and Iriet-ular. New Yotk Ctn
traN "-'fit Virginia 6’* 7.*.’, Ml.a tni it's 7'*.
Colt m la firm; uplaoda middling 12',<$13 cent. Plour .'dill
i nts lower. Wh-at dull; whi*- 145 cent*. Co*n haa a deel < win
lem ency; mixed fi'J cts. Pork linn at $16.60&1t 75; Prtma 12.• ■*
z*t:;. Whisky firm at 19C, to 20 cents. Ccd - firm; Hio lute
12 ',. eta; Naval Bt- re* firm
would call your attention to our very larg: itoek of Ready
Made Clothing, wt Ich, owing to the times we are (cling very low
<i-r stock ot fine overcoat* U largertlian ever before, at tlila tini
of the year, and we will sell them regardless of cast. Olve ul a
rail and we will certainly sell you.
„7 No 112 Main Street
11 VI K, CKJliiNT, Ac.
J 1 oki Uhls treat. Rockland Lime
SIM to “ James River Hydraulic Cement
10 0 •* Reset-tale “ “
5 0 lialea Hay
200 libls Call ined PI ster
In* ' husheli IMastering Hsir
2i>0 cues Howard s Matches
For sale on eonaifumeot, by
riytlE Co Partnership heretofore existing under the firm o
l STOKES A Kit KS, is this day dlsKotvtd by mutual eon.ent -
All oeraona having elaun* iga’net 'tie firm, will present them foi
payment, and iht.s- In debt, w I! | telle settle their account* Witt
fi ller partner will me the name of the Arm In liquidation 01
settlement. A Y. BTOKK',
Hkhvovd, January 1st, 1>Grt.
rpHK aub'erthera have aoorlaled then-.»elre« together fer th,
1 porpo'e III conducting a W holesale Grocery, Forwarding au<
Oi mmisik-n lloilncia, In Ihe City ol Richmond, at the atore (nr
marly ore spied I y Htokes A Hives, at the corner of 15th and Can
wtreels, under the Him of A. Y STOKK8 A OO,
They would r< sportfully aik a runlluuauce of toe liberal pat
mnage bet towed upoo the late lirm of Blokes A Klvca.
Kirmiovn, January let, I'd!!. Jal — Ct
rHVNRV niYEt, takra th s method of Informing hi* Meads
, l . »t lie will continue lo fell on Comml'i-lon, Tobacco, When
and all other fi. unity Produce
hoi the pr. i-enl. * ■ may bo found at the office of A. 1. HTOlr.
A CP„ ,r.d iiaprctfnlly aolldta a coDtlhuaoce of the pat unage oc
slowed oj he ate lirm of Mutes A ttivis.
Rwnuosp, Jan. 1st, 1’81____fnl - 2w
1861. NEGRO HIRING. 1861
fllllK utderal.ned will continue U»e above bmlnrss t’ e erscin
I year, and solici'e the corUnu-d patronage of thuse frlendi
for whom he now acta, and of Ihe public generally.
With the knowledge obtained by arveral years rapt rltrice li
this ba.lneaa, he feel, aaaured lhat he will he able to s cure goo,
hnm* s and the beat price* Every attent on will bo givtB to h,
welfare < f Nt grues intruded to h.s care; and attached to liia offici
Is a room for the use of theae who have D‘l home* In the < ity.
Having been n mpe ltd to buy the “entire Interest’’ of Ids lot,
partner in the concern of Hawlluga A Unit may, to aecure blase!
against loss, all the hooka and account* of lh: toocern are Till,
him for ae tic me ok
deeid -dAelrn_ALFWFD I. HOLI»n«V
TO NOTICE THIS i'»Kls —We have juat cpenel Ih's wr,
Ing a very inperior assortment of (lo se I eautdul tie Ida' dullu,
Button Boot*. They are for Uenllaoien's winter rfreas hoota A
in want of something nice and good In tl.e a iv < I II ots, Sheas o
trailers can ha suppled ' y calling on ALEX HILL, witert they eai
not fall lo be aul td both lu quali’y, style and price, by
Mannfaetureis and Imports rs of
Boot* and Hhoea of Every deac-.ption,
No. 127 Main Street.
0o2T Riehrr.oud, Va,
Fkksii bijttbk.
Huktly prime (rest. Orange county Butter, for 25 cent*
Prime (It ah' n llu'ter, for 25 Ceuta
(lend Cookl' g Butler, from 19 to 20 cent*
Re.-elvlng Fresh, twice a we«k.
2,5(10 lha Mountain Buckwheat
Dried Pearhea and Apple*
Whl>e Hominy Bear.)
Black Eye Pea*. For sale wholesale and retail by
J. S. ROHKilTP'iN,
ded—1m _C°*. Governor and Franklin Hts
1,1 k 2111. V PLAKH. Rt.wland'a XX faatUv flour, a fu
supply of thia celebrated fl w, now ca hand. For >ale at r
duced t nee*.
ALSO, Howland's ru-terftnc II ur, to which Ihe attrr.tlou ol B,
k.rsls uqutsied, the Ilnur being much * rr.rgef rh.n any othr
tr.n l of supeillib lo Ihe market BFLDEw A Ml 1.1. Ell.
diclS Ccr, Pearl an t Cary rtriata.
BY DA VIA, Dtvnri A 0 »
•>/■ | NMIIIOt A, Wewliitat, t. m eaor. I. ti
«>* " Thirty likely alave*. DA VIA, OKI ItrthO'i,
iyll_Q-*d Pellowa'Han. rr r Mayo and Frank la iha
bv Burn' a okmkjhy. t.m.
1 fk NBUKOlik. -W, « ■ ,
IU 10Ukaly Negro** BK1T8 A HIUkiIV, Aart're.
franklin die art
BY fl'I hlAM • CO. Aacle
i>fT TVKMHOKM WkwHl.«Uaf.r iV*lr!* -ro-ru-l.y .11*
AirJ o'clock. fUUaM i CO , Anew ,
Odd Polio*. Hal
B B —Houae Servant*, Oooka, Waebera and Irocere tor t\l*
privately, a,
CM IN BO MO KM.-ThM day at In o'clock 1 will toll «fl»Ht*ly
Hla.cc. UlCTOk D*m
laSt—dM Ale*.
B* PI0K1NBOH. HIM. A 00 aseta
NKOKOKB. THIB PAT, At 10 e'eioek, *111 kt »ol4 M
free, oonktrtlof of Mon, Boy* and f>Ma and Women art Ob •
dree. DIGRIXBOB. BILL A 00 .,
d*Tt—44m Aaetfonart
I Aims SILK OP iii ii.him. i.<> I s iTVJRf
J POINT, VIRGINIA «.-• pinl . .1*11 »•-■! .1 11 e head of
Yor« river,and la a beautiful print "f land fore r I b> Pa June Inn
of the Pamonkey and Mattanool ilyeie, »M< h brre t kr ti e name
of York It It the e »l-rn P rtnlnn • nf ti. Rb imnt in* V ,k
Hirer ha'Do*', il.aianth"', mllee fron Hie* ir< nd tte M Inin, ihe
Cape* of Virginia Per a h' rbnr it I a- the *1, de Voik Myer fr- m
Vrrk • *n t ■ del' prvlll', a dlafait e'd t uulrl, kl d k width »| I
to ft. mil. - wl'li a d. pin .0 I rapa.il. aultx lent Pi a conwr" l.te
a'l the na.ii-e nf the .< r.d and ill the I-rent Raft* r, ■ now < r b re
after fo he cm atraefed. fir whir»g* plere. ii< fit, Ac , It lioi a
front of I1, inline on the V .flap>* I *rd p-.haonth. Ban u »
kev, a d It r building parpoaea, »»• r 1(01 L .la.
Tli • Hichmond end Yo-k Hlyer Railroad • no# lur.f.lng through
to Weal hnL.l, a d r at A l- a acre* of aod w th!n Ihe b* anoaii.a
of the I r,p led 0 wn, which will be devoted lo d pot purpoti a,
aUtinna. wa h ne ib*v■ foundrl a Ae
A pub . aa » of le a within ihe pro|o«ad Inwo o' W-.' F.lnt,
will commence un WkDN*'DAY, *h* It-th of JutiuAry, Ibd , and
cot tlnue fru •> day to day nn'II rompletr d
The atlr mill he w flout r.-eerve aa to ptlec, and for oBelhbl
ea.li, or for tier liable nntea at al.ty dayt, el h approv'd rn
duller., and In ereat added, and f.r tne balance bonda wlib »p
proved aeeuitty, payable In equal Instalment, at el. end twe t.
month*, wllh intriret from the uey of aule.
J FRohHr R T l HR, lC«~. appointed
BAM'I. B IIA Ml OOP, - hr B aid
Al.t V LI Dl.kY, ) OfDIr.etci.,
jiT d.t-id(
HV Oil 1« T. W ■' RTII tv A f'<)
KONK Dl S r * T Al l riON Ou WKPBMPAT.Jae.
Vth, a* or Warehnuae. on the l)".-k, commenc rg at .levrn
n'elork, ere will ge'| th- e.rgo per aelir. U. Towcaend, direct fr.m
Bucnne Ayr, c n.l.'lug of
YtMUin* Bone Pott of aupr. quality.
Tot nil ca«h.
jal—tdg OH AH. T. WOKTHAM 100
I'ABMOL MjI'AhB. futt BALK AT AUCTION. » II be a. Id a
Hurt i n, on ill-* prrmliei, on THUBHDA Y, the Pith Janu ry, 1x41,
al 4 o'clock B. M , *i<h< ut reiatve. Ihut Viry va'uable real ealale
located aa al" ye, adjoining th • tea Cent e of Pr Jamea Ilea e o i
the North The lot ha* a front of VI feet, »l Ii >he pr.y lege of
bull ling aeain.t the North wall of pr, Be.lr’a ri»dence, and a
il-pth of ah ut Hal feet, and it bound, d on the Ni rth by a wide
alley Th, I u"d i g • n laid lot laorean ol by a'rvir*. William II.
Jarvir U Berate >, and other., at an annwil ref.t of ltd. Ihe
local ton of lie property tin f ot.4 rf the Caplto' B.|uare) la among
the luo t d.ai’Bbl. In Ihe el y for n pr cate rea .!■ i. e.
Tatt.e : line third raa i; halanee at I and w month*, fir n.g lia
ble nob a, tntereal add d, and file retained till ail th* pnrcbaae
money ti paid. The tuee for pur liv. !« f-av
j;.d (iODPIN A Al'BkRHON, Vurta
V,T A 1.1 A It l-K I.Ml IN t LtND '«!« BALK
d-raigne I, commlralon-ri ep-> l-le I l.y Ih •«I rult Court of I* u •*
c un y, at ife Vrp.'r t.rm, l'l'af lx I »ai.it • f ho e f M Kent -i- I
Kdu'ard II Line, Kteeu»nra of f arlea Bottle, do.-M, an I oib r»,
hdlth. Pottle, wll w of (ifinfe V "te, d..-'d, Vary P Kim
. rough ai d other. drfend.<;.t*. will (f -if r'a'" at paid1.- aui t on,
upon the p eml. *«, r n Thf*RHPa Y, t * -*l 4 day of Frbrw«ty peat,
•t II o'clock. A M , If fa r, If not. Ihe neel fib d>y. tint hau I
a line and dealrahle reaid. n e >n. wn hy tv n.uie ot |> itie.yllte,
altuat*' In the c uxtv of Lou aa. on h road I a Hi g t Cart".
Title, In fu i ytew of the Viryi. la Cerdia K i.r a-*, rn liarlr g ore
hundred and tblrty-nl etl89f»«r ■ of i .nd, (xeliilf In or'g’t.yl
foreaf a-tjololng the l.nd* of Oen- r-1 t' fi. l> Ii-u.an aod • 1 * ■ «
T: o Impr yem.nt* con.Ut of alarp--brick at *1 wooden l-ul di< g,
L. . .1.LI.. I... t.„ I,-, t, ..... Wn Ac li t .o. e.r lie .I
c.ti n for a r.llnp sehrod. belcy on rri • ml t Ul' distent
f mu **Bui.p*si,1* n •’ *•!« r ' n *li- t.rgli Is C- tr*t Re r-s d
W- ihiil kl». m>i: »i tb- iwc ti no i 11' •• - no# oil ir tact i f
land containing tlW.V, acres) thr-« hundrtd .ind r ■ > Gv-sn.1
on- fourth anr-s .mm ding i» a su-v.i unt plat r. <entls made i t
A'dreft J I* ritni, the county a irveyn of I. >u!»n - ■ nty T‘ a
I uni adjoins the Pollleavllle land ihnn inrntl 0- <l,»nl I- I'luatr I
wit* In half a n.d» of tl.e Virginia L'.iir-I P.iroa' , taolhlidtof
It li. l ovrri d «i'h |.ine and (.rigi-. o a fo-eat
Person I wishing to pnr.-h.s. ell *-I on Ca| I. Jarn-i at T r’cc,
who re'll!'* mi tile premises and will take pleasure in gl.Ir e any
In'crciatlon || *lf.d
Taauft-A sumrl. nl mm In carii In pay the costa ofear ut ru
thl. Jnree, the balau-r In tl.r»e squat nsUureula, allb Inlneal
Lorn th iIhv of «aV, to he pal t annually
Our addreae. •‘Bnu.patie," le.i-ita no Ts
ja — rt I._JAMMU RIM •
signed. -a. ucors of Wm .1 Barksdale, d- ’u, wll s-l1 at ' Ciav
ill I,' In Amelia r unte, the late re-ddenre of th* iai-1 w lldam J.
Ha*k dsle, on Tlll'll-lta V Ilia lit h day »* January, W 1,(1'fad,
and II not. then on th- n»xt fair day ihrreafur Sundae* excepted )
.at public auction, to theIdeheat bidder, all It- slock of Hnraes,
Mull *, Oaltle. SI--P and If oge, togvth-r »i'h ’he plan eiii.n uten
sils and t. hM. s of every kind, sriih the Carr ar-i. Bugi l-a, *<■ ,
belonging to th-estate, an I also all the crops of Tobacco, Corn,
Fodder, Ac., and the Carpenter’s and other Tool* on the Plant*'
tl n.
T.rw-—C.nh for all sum* of $■’" ar. I under and for alt *oe.i
ov-- fill a credit of ilx month!, tilth Intrrrit trom the day of •«!-,
to be secured hy bonds with good arccrily, aatlafactory to thi in
IlftHmT J. IIARKaDAL®, I Faicntorsof
(iFORtiK A. HAiiKfUAl.K, I Wm. J. Barksdale, dee’J.
r|TUE next Ordinary Drawing of the Koyttl Havana Lot*
JL tery, conducted by the Spanish Government, under the M •
pervlilon ef the Captain Gentral ol Cuba trill lake plAM At Hi*
vana, on
Tl ESDAY, JAM ARY 22d, 1861.
6860,000 1 1
C'apitnl Frias; #100,000.
1 Prig* of.. ~.$100,000 1 60 “ if
1 “ of. 60,000 I 60 «• ef. —
1 « of. $f',OOC 18$ *• of...
1 •• of. 80,1)00 80 Appri jlciilom ..... $,*$$
1 •• of. 10,000 1
4 Hpproxlr a’.lons to the $100,000 of $600 each ; 4 of $400 to $60,
oou ; 4 of $400 to $80,000 ; 4 Of $400 to $80,000 ; 4 of $400 to $10,
Whole tickets $80; Halve! $10; Quarter! $*,
Pities cached at tight ol 6 per cent, dlaoou L
Bills of the Richmond CHy Bnnks taken at por.
A drawing will be forwarded as toon is the raealt koeoatl
All Order! for Scheme* or Tickets address* 1 DON RITDRFGL’IT,
care of City Pu>t, Charleston, South Carolina, will meet prox pt at
te tl n.__
to 80 per cent, lived by baying from
J. II. Anthony,
Moletkln Hit!, of beit quality. $J 60; do ire
end quality, $8 00; Paahlonabl.Bllk HaU, $8 fO;
Hue Calfikln 8-wed Boota, $4 80; Congress Gai
ter Boot!, $8 86, Pino OoJtkklo Sewed Shoe*,
Ha* made arrangrmenta with one of the bed makers In the -It* e
Philadelphia to supply him with a handsome and inbotantta! Call
•kin Sewed Boot, whleh ho will (ell at the unprecedented low pried
of $8 60._dot
Guaranteed not only
bnt ground from freah aplce*, lelected and cleaned by ui express
ly for Ihe purpose, without reference to eort They are beautiful
ly packed In tinfoil, (lined with paper.) to pi event ialury by keep
lug, and are full weight while the ordinary ground Iplert ar* al
molt Invariably short. We warrant them,In point of strength an#
riehnes* of Savor
Ailsrlrgle trial will alandantiy prove.
Manufactured only by I. R. DURKII A 00.,
f#!P—’ O *t»#»«* N*»V*r*#
Cassimeres ami Blankets,
rr.oM thk
VATU havPaome of these beimlf.il Caasitnrr-s, must in style and
Vv texture to the finest Pr. neh an 1 Kc.lUlt goo.ls to which we
nvlte the attenliou of tluse nee-ling b illness nr dress • utls. Also,
uperior Bed BlanSeta msdelj our own city.
N It —A splendid assortment of all kin Is Dry Goods, very
cheap_deed W A F
18G1. NEORO HIRING. 1861.
E. A. J. C L « I* T ©
Beal Estate te IJii’iiiL? Agont,
men monad, va,
Tllf infer rib r b ki to rrtorn h»* ark* owlt l/rfnrn** to Mi
frlen!* an«l patron* for tb$? • faT'-.i rivrlr.g the put »lx >**<$»,
an*! Wf uM 1l form th*in that K i»VI c iiMluf »• bn-Inr-N* of HIK
CI*aTMJ*, a»id *ll be*’ ct* per'aiofrg t y % t$ *r*tral A|f»*cc>r, to ait
whlrb be jftv»*a hlx
t*~ PattJft In tbrr nn rr who niAjr entruat th»* b!Haf o *h-tr
I Nrgron Uj biro, may r*ai 4 kurF-t nf ♦ vrry nitenil n b- .r i»n -i i »
K<* tin. tbetn n*;n*; oth»r but goo4 hnro«m a». ! »bF I.faI pr. *** *. t
In tbe F?rnt of aIrknrN*, the l*»*t mnNeni a<vf nti. ,t'l»n
.k.lt .Im.wa Its, U.k.n.u . 4 I. — .. .,«*,r..pf will . ai.arf
nient, connect 'd with hla office, whet,. shufe nrtHtl who ar« not
provided with pi v»a lo stay at night dud.* the hiring, uiav rr
ma'n, w'lh a good hre, i*aa o» miss.
Negroes for hire the coming year, had better be sent to to nr aa
early after Cbilstmae as t" ssiblc.
To Vu>tt at a <li*titnc4 U> nhiiti turn ptrw»*al>y unlxvn, J !t‘j
to rnf/r to Mr Jot m iny j*4' **•*!•*:
' Richmond, Dlckin.on, lliil A C...: King an I (Juren county, Hr.
i Thomas I.alsne Arthur Temple, John bniuotlu, 1hn~,as K.ui lie
roy; M'estmorel and county, Dr F I). Wkee w trld, Re-v. Da>i R
Locke; Kin* Wl Ham county, John I- l.a'ane, W C. iotane, Dt.
John Leudr; KingOeorge county, Htorge Tuner. Klelitrd Tomer,
P. Msginutrs, Thomas Loo* Carotin ■ enmity. Ko llurlyi , D*. John
n. Butler base* county, N. J. H. WhllceR, l)r. James H La'anr,
Pdward F Noel, Itererley 0 Key, J Roy Atleou, Uluey r< tr,
Oeorge T AVrtyht; tlloucee'er county Dr The mm I’ ( Pin, J 1*
frraon Htuhbs, Jaap*r 0 Hughes. Jam.« City county, Pat la r a n;
Richmond county, Dr. Rnb. rt A Payne; Sew Kelt county, Win.
K Oloplon, K ne t H >wle, Dr L 0. frump JotnH lacy. R r.
Lacy; Lonisa county, IV.hnee Pan 1st: Cu.nb> rlan-l county, Wm. It
Clopton, I* It Foster; Lunenburg county, W W H.own; tip. per
county, J B. Chewnlor; Prince William rrunly, Wei. J. HWre;
Norfolk, Capt J 8 Middiet u), John Ooimler.
deeli—dlyAelm __ _
\TRIiltU MlltlNU PUH I MU.-The i.Lde,-lyn. .1 ..f
1* fi rs h i J.nIcea to the pub'lc ts a lllr. rof Neyroc* for the en
suing rear Ills Inrrraied erpertcr.ee enables h m c... r..Untie to
promise ihoac who rn* ig.' Ms s rTiers that their bust: e t trill be
attende I to In th- moat satisfactory in tone .
Pm ns aendln* tnerroes t > ni» uiry eip. r» tn har-gcnl price*
aRdhoiaear.Ruioerl'nrtheiu tetth pr«p-r att nU..ul«r « <. i «l k
nets, and prompt returns made Quarterly U'CIIN LMIIt.
| Ofii.:* under M> tropo Iran IWD,
Richmond, Va.
N P, A T. C Howard, Attorneys ,.t l.sw, Rlchm r,d.
I.ee k Pleasants, *• •* “ “
L R Fplltnan, •• “ “ “
John M. fluv, *•*••• “
AWey k Upreomhe, Merchants, “
• Porter, Hants A Ilormr, *• •*
Dr. Thoa. l ollard, ••
Rev Philip H. Price, “
Col B Andrson, Hon. hland Oo J I. Crlttendea, Fauquier Oo.
N W Miller, Clerk of “ W 8 P.mory, ••
Dr John Moris, “ ' Joseph ■ ownnuui, 11
Dr G W Harris, •* D o Hamilton, l olp. prr iV
01 Pope, “ « isud'onl, blAfford Co.. Vs.
Jim 8 Rwlft. Post Master, “ 8 W Pslnoer, ••
John Woodson, •* Jam •« F..rt .s, ******
Thoa. J. Perkins, ** D uelts II th r ice, t edb’g.
Col. M. M. Payne, V. 8. A , Washington, D O
|| d.c1.r«-dt.Sw
U tHs A«*.—’ bnis. Crushed at i Cut le a.' sugar, tar ** ■ *
r \TBW' OUIaFA** HaUMB.- » LU. p-lme Nrw
1 1 « rlbsfll Mol-bllC . f<sf lilt !■)
tf / > v : .*<» . • - V

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