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gfcHMOND Wlllh.
To"* Pams, Friday. Jan. I, 1*«1.
of January is an important occasion in
T"* „ ^.th a political and a social aspect. It
castor* for the Sovereigu of France to rv
***#»«• ye.r felmititions of the great Bodies if
the to.s-u-u diplomatic r. preseiitallies accredited
( | -r e Tuiierus, deputation* of the army, the
WUl <ibe National Guard, the Legion of Honor, the
ilf_ mil public functionaries ot high rank.
»eu ral kwe’ of parade aud display, prevalent iu
‘ r ^e necessity of appearing in uuifoim at Court,
' ,a'£ vast number of per-oas ushered into the sovo
i-re-e ce, hive always rendered this oeremot y
^ '*1 *nl iiiip wi^S- But an additional gravity has attach
2 . ue aunual reception at the palace ot the Tuilerieu,
^ ' th > p »• r j1 France has acquired a predominating
*vC uceiu Europe, and, notably, since the fam .us
‘ ^ ei the K uperor Napoioon to the Austrian Ambus
* * 0 ;he first of January, 13oS>. loresbadowing lh;
,’wtr ,:,Kh broke out a few months subsequently.
* V'e London f. -*/<, of the 1st instant, graphically des
t ••. c esg-*r cipectatiou with which Europe awaited
to tall fiom the lips of Napoloou 111. on that
• Auxietv, ’ ft. d the Thunderer of Printing House
•!ei<*vs in every Foreign Odioe in Europe. Kviry
io’ge is'iouscions of an queasy intiucuce, aud vi
.* | ke the nee ‘I ■ before i magn -tic storm. Thep .
» t d feels - •u.-Uivelv; for, Itiisduy, Napoleon 111.,
<v0r of the French, will addresn the Dipowitio
H,Jr and the pol > y ot a great uni tary emp re tor the
vi ;J, iii iv &.■ revealed. It the fear of same ns
. a' I the seri ns concern of u*l be capable of gratify
. -s vciitv of France at.d ot b--r Eiup-uor, u ey have
• c: to be'liu I Sitish d. No H liter* that ould be
Vr d forth bv th** lij*ft of foreign rtivays at the throne
^|jry i q ials that which speaks iu ibeir sileuce,
ad breaks i-Miii iu their reserve. The instant telegram
ail the qu cklv despatched messenger are compliments
U> tbf power i>! France more exquL-it* taau could be
• v »«<! bv ora ious or odes.
1 Ts- arurU Iroui which thi- citation is made, is mi>re a
thau a colu nu iu length; but U»se brief sentences mf
. , »t»» %• \*r.40i Jioarv curn xitv mid
W 1 • t)| |Im iilpMMl W-l*4 A »IH!*P itCil, 111 Kq
, . ! i happ? effect upou the public mind, throughout
lV ,r cv, and mci .'ate that a JHM* •• Itty s:ill ■ a *'* <>f
..ring the J:«H nlties in European iffiita, without a
f ,.ier r coarse to arms. I poit the ptr.a illation ot tho
, , [ii( uuuii.|'i-, a*. I o'clock, io the Tnrone Knout,
i Oo«vv, as senior Ambassador at the Court of
... tteenceof tho i’spil Nuncio, npon
, , 2 a.lull* devolves the duty, ou s'tu lir occasion*. of
.e in behalf of the Uorpi, addresatd His Maj sty
J4 f '*lOW< • ““
,... fhe members of the Diponaatio Ro.lv, here
■ have tli ? tonor to off-r to y our M»j*‘*ty, by mv
" ■ ir.e ex’-rcodon of their respectful homage, on the
<i of l;.e Ne«* Year."
T.i which the Emperor replied:—
, thi ■tli the Dpbmi ic Body for the wishes it lies
»li- 1 ;o la- ilook to the fa urc ni.h coali iwoce
• •i,.led that tin.* amicable under* anding of the gr-at
i‘j»-rs will as>ure the maintenance of peace »hkh is
its o>j-ct of all my desires.”
I * devolve* u um your correspondent ’«> describe
»v ^. ideet ot the uiplo natic reception, oceuring a tew
o n*, fter till se lortual address. *U 1 been pronouuc
wiueh, at the p.esvul mouieuiona juncture io the at
», .of our own country, aid exc.t- a deep Interest iu
tre Taited St »tes. The statement I am about to make
r :: be rel ed upou as exact in every particnl ir. When
Uk colkc.ivr reception of the Diplomat c Body was over,
v Kinneror pa-sed slowly along the line ot Ambassadors
»v! Mvioters, *;.e*kitig a few words to each, in person.
I-.• a moment’s conversation with the Persian Ambas
•*4 or, who stood a* the right of the Mi-iister of the
, cd S: re*, tho Emperor, approached Mr. Ki.dkn.T
i: I «- lial!v shook his h md. Tne usual word* of grret
<:«.»< exchanged, after which the Emperor ask d in
r. ,’Iish — .
W- xtis t ie latest into! igeree von hxve received
!>j!u ;he I’ni cd S*a*.es? Not so alarming, I trust, as
lilt? pft|lfT9 r^pf€5t*0t it**
“L mo'' Slw,” repHi tl Mr. Fmlkuer, “ wo
„ .. r. . .. .*, Which have lost none ol their coloring
a* de*lilt'd iu the European pr»*s.’
Tie Eaperur—I hip* it i* n.<i ir*.- r4.if.iavo/ t.4.'
> ir%r bare separated from the -truerui (riwniwrst?
-Tie- S'ates still form one common Government, as
..v-.t .:«re. Tnere is exciivmjat in portions of the Con
te Waei and there arc indications wf extreme measures
3 adopt- d he ot r or two ol the Slate*. But we are
I. ,i liar wifi the excitements a* wean* with the vigor
* „ ■*. ... long to tho institutions of a tree people. \4e
kit.* air.-* ;. u .' ■ ' UtOMO p*S*t4 thiMjk tM
. i would lute shattered auy Olh r gov ruiu.llt on
rim, and this fv» jistities the inference* that the
.••*i of the I'uioa will uow be feu id fijuai U> thi
strxn upon it.”
T ' K up -for.—“/ xinrerefy hop* it oil V hr M v; A * I
ill V I XU tulfl rOhTI.Nt'1 »SI xirxji iXfc rdoscxu "I ■
Mr Fa dkuer then asked permission of tb» Kui^ roi
n pri **ut to hun Mr. J G. Clarke, wetiog S.creury ol
Uisiwa, and Mt E. Bovd Eaulkncr, acting Aasiataai
* vT.'tarv, to whom Hwx Majesty made a lew kit'd re
auk*. iu’d then passed on to tho Munster of Deutuaik.
f repeat that the account given of ibis tuiporuul
j't. *»ti.i:i between Mapoleou III an I the Miui-ter o
.v l'• ited States, mxv ha relied upon lutly. 1 have i'
from a geutlemcn who wax prftMUt, and who heart
r -'■ a .rd prououDv ud ou botls Miles. Indeed, the* «ir
•rac tueea are low very generally known among to*
Am'rie'xns in l*ari*, who comment upou the affxir sc
rsrii 3 to their individual political sentiments, but -ill
v;in.( concurring in the opinion that the interro^a
.or,*. vA Observation* ol tn<* r,fnprror were ■'.*
i *• cere regret it our unhappy internecine divisions
threatening a Ji.-eaU-r aliich will not be attributed, iti
Eiropr, ions real eo-imcs. and which could not fail It
' a terrible blow upon toe -trugglilig populatio"* 0
K .rope, looking to our country a* 4 model ol politic*
!■’> rtv, .niJ to our uuex unpled uiilerlwi ptfcfpcri.y, ai
ik** moo signal evidence ot the success and cutilu/ ol
wpubBcan institution* . .
Socially, New Year’s Day was celebrated iu Pans, it
accordance with traditional usage. t»i all day- in lb*
I, observed iu the g*J
\'ew Year's **, by long cdds.tlie gaycaL Kvery
b* !>■ vNits even body. K-> rybody BaJua preseuta H
* av «lv \t 0, tie unto l-;e miserly o** poveriv-strica
t vtg ? »bo y.-gi.--,-, oa ll*i- J»«r </> I’.ta, to pm- n
• t-I citations, accompli, led, at tl*e very l<ut. by 1
■ ’ii,’ 1. i «: .-upar plums, to ail tow iadi** who-e smile
» vie, to retain, iastead ol a mere couiui >u jilaei
- :t> t>e bought for a couple of dollars, tor {-‘iR>
*0 buDdred Wdy acqmUiUnc**^) it 1a now quite tb
* ou, cu this joylui ocsmm, to present a trunk lul
1: -. 1 *a»ii.t of the costliest description, rhe trunk
'-i t n. ru.le ot fkiqucnoe and art, wit.i jjoldeu boopi*
v*---« and handles ! It ia. however, proper u> ad
V* 1 »uept Russian bovards and Ameri an “Sovc
’ i Indulge :n this rather ctpentive mode of testily
i tlwir gallantry.
IT .* host,nable maailw of our Minister was throwi
0r*aduriue the day, and iruuv oi our feHow-ciliaenr
1 »tl p .rtsof the Union, cordially and fraternall,
let u; roof of tLe represent*' ive ol our i-vu-uio,
y *0 'lrmi, * toast to the reconciliation of th
* Vr# y„ri IlfutlJ ( Rift'tlieitn) of l.he 31*1
■ ’ - :o *>• Virginia, heretofore the Jc.liug S.ati
'1 i. 'ilii cs. presents a favorable centra*'to tb
»u4 uudiguili- d action ot South Carolina
* ' tv .ia , scieal cuwyi d'etat, assumes the Southern
'••■p. unui no* e-Hrccded to her older, cooler, wt-er
’■cer , lerate, and more •onsiderabie v-ter State.—
- ri‘ is acting with that he.editary sense of he
v1' io tlm federal Uniou which is justirjed by her his
' ’ ''•*■'r pa*: induence iu the national council*! auj b*
"• l<**-"»--* of having given to the Republic the lotq
I d-uttrioos and pal iolie statesmen who preside!
I t,w *** buvernment tor thirty-two of the first thirty-si:
• M im existence. When an alumpt is made to forci
3 ’ *° «u;: Commonwealth to revolve, as a political sat
1 ' «c iut the uttle and erratic State of South t'aroli
■ ■ , •ih:i *-»hot madly from iu -phere," it ia uatun
i«r p-,-i* of leadership as well as her patriotic iu
.*’■ ‘ should be of. ud -d. and '.hat she -houid fcvl i
I . * * :|er dignity to claim for herself a inure respect*
j' »<«i than the one allowed her by Souih t'arolina
I 4 lateral i^4t ahe should feel much *« her revere-.
s , ***f-conlamed WaxuiMiTox would have felt, if hi
I a'ked 10 relinquish bis position at the head 0
■ a *c*olut.on*rj army, and dangle at the heels of aomi
8 P "h'pper-anapper of a lieutenant-colonel.
I ttc \°u‘<* B®* comport with the pride of the great am
* , c<>m'noowealth of Virginia to “ Hire up” at tb
■, P«t upon her by South Carolina.in this a:temp
■ ^*'**'1* l>«r into a subordinate position iu Sou then
B ’ 4:,<J ahe cooly and quietly adopts a course
■ t,,. her superior weight without any oaten
_J8„ 14 **p*un a Vic ru on of it With that ea-y sens.
Hnatural to a cotumouwealth long aoeus
■ ^ h* deferred u> Virgiuia tender- to the eoun
Uintlicew as a me ha lor lor the Milrwnt o
l(irw * pro|i©sitiiio originating wiili aowM o
tB^Vciih'****'’ %t<* <B4'-*ir,ll. after some couruliatioo, ai
II0* before her ls*gw>l*iurw, the malt
■'•-'H!.* *b*h *erm' ,0 be to recure more d. liberate
I 41“1 •i‘*mhcd a-.turn tUfi has been adopt*
by the headlong and hot-headed States that have gone
off at half-cock and declared themselves out of the
It is hoped that all the border States will concur in
the policy here recommended ; a policy so much more
consistent with the gravity of the crisis, and the magni
tude of the interests involved, than the rash and hasty
course of South Carolina. We are not sanguine that a
settlement can be effected on this basis; but we are sure
that the greater deliberation it implies is more worthy
the character ol States claiming to he sovereign, and
more consistent, not only with that high sense ol deeo
rum which betits governmental action, but with reasona
ble and manly courage. Yes, more con-tstent with
cour'it/t, the ouly pm of m&nho >d ou which >ho seces
sionists seem to value tbems. Ives at present. Miuds
strong enough to be masters of their own emotiou f-el
intense repugnance towards the vulgar, obtrusive, pop
gun exhibitions of pretended pluck, which can't wait to
be aimed and touched off. but explode iuconiiueutly, iu
order to be r. gated with its own noise. The secession
States semi full of it just now ; thev remind one of the
obstreperous decrepitation of Chinese fire-crackers in an
empty Hour barrel, on a Fourth of July evening ; and
we are sorry to see -ome symptoms of the same spurious
ti-auhood in the North. It resembles true courage as a
poetaster resembles a poet; a- the airs ol an i pstart te
si-mb’e the mauuer: ot a gentleman; as a ward politi
cian resembles a statesman. We approve this movement
of Virgiuia. because it is in keeping with the gravity,
self-possession and delihera euess which befit great
States in a public movement >o far-reaebiug in its conse
quent-*.* as the preservation or dissolution of the Ameri
can 1'nicn; a movement which is likely to have a great
er edict on the progress or the retardation of civ.l lib
erty and free institutions than any political event that
has occurred i i the history of the world.
WasnisaTott, Jan. 21.
Mr. Hunter teudered his resignation as chairman of
the committee ou finance, assigning as hi- reason tor so
doiug, that the pot tical majority of the Senate was
about to be changed. He n- excused from lurthcr
service on the committee.
Mr. Yuke made a brief speech, announcing that Flor
ida bad ecece-1, and teud red his resignation as a Sen
Mr. Mallory, in some pertinent remark-.anuounced bis
withdrawal from the Senate iu obedience to tl e action
of his State. During the delivery ot hi* short address
ke was much affected, and .-bed tears copiou-lv. He said
Florida did not secede front the Uu ioa ma le by our fa
ther*. but from a government ursurped; lrout danger,
wrong and insult.
Mr. Clay, of Alabama, read with much agitation, from
a nimuscripta sta'< meat of the rcusoua why Alabama
htd ceded, and announce ! the withdrawal of bimscll
an ) Mr Fitxp ttrick.
Mr. Dtvis, of Mississippi, formally took leave of the
Senate in » t* w el< queul remarks. lie wished to part
with 1 is I>te ua.-oei.itrs »i:h kiudness and good fee’i ir,
au 1 if at utiy time he had wouude 1 the le. iings ot any
on bv words sti"..en in debate, h* bcftr.d nirdnu there
The retiiiag Senate i* then shook hands with nut
S-rat irs aud left tin-chamber.
Ti- K tu-.; bill wi taken sp mud Hr Fitch, ol lad*
ana, spo. * at lein.-ib, ai <1 argued that Kan-a- »!• -.Id at
once ijv made niton judicial district. He otfered an
-.m*ndment to lha itf-it.
Mr. D 'u;;!u.s and Mr. Seward opp.-sed this as unneces
sary. The ht' l-r Said that if such a:i amendment was
added d wot.ll further delay the edmission of Kansas,
a* th; h:ll would have to 4o buck.to the House cf Rep
rea -nta ives.
Mr. Fitch said t‘ e ameru’iuetit would not keep back
the adin --ion of K t *as, more limn ouc day. He, how
ever, had :.o light to exp*ct sny conciliation upon see
tional isjues from the republican side of the chamber.
The aiueudmeut was adopted bv Teas 29, noys 2H.
Tue bill was then p..--cd by yeas SG, navs 1G, as lol
Y'iu—Messrs. Anthony, Baker, Bigler, Bingham,
Bright, (’an.eioo, Char.dhr, Uluik, Collatuer, Crittenden,
l)i\on, Doolittle, Do gl-s, Duritee, Fe.-aeudeu, Fitch,
Foot, Foster, Griurt-s, Hale, Harlau, Johnson ol Tenues
wee. Ki g, Latham, Vornl!, Pugh, Ri..-e, Seward, Si".
uio:.f, Teu Kyck, Trumbull, Wade, Wilsinson and Wil
haw—Me wrw. Bayard. Bet-jmfn, Cliugman, Flemp
hdl, il'iiiter, Iverson, Johnson, of Arkausna, Kctiuedy,
Ms-on, liicholsou, l’olk, Powell, Sebastian, Slidell aud
Wigf.ll— 1G.
Tile re solution* of Mr. Crittenden were then taken up,
and Mr. Bigler, ol Penn., made a conservative speech, in
which be too* atror g ground ill l vvor of the pasSavre of
t ie r. soiuiiatis. lie claimed the right of the peoplo to
amend tits Constitution, and referred to the rise ot the
country from tb'rteen sm-ll Stales and its subs*quent
progress ’o tliis time, when i! stood in danger ol d.srup
tion ui.'l division. Kveuts had added to the excitement
until the South believed her only safety lay outside the
Union, and in eternal separation from their Northern
con ’.-derate*. He rt*ferred at length to the compromi-es
ef ldjo and 1AJO, and to the Johu Brown raid, aud the
endorsement ol the H.-lpor book, followed by the election
of a sectional party President. Five States had thereup
on seceded, vud i' was their mission to restore peace.
lie a gued a’- length upon the propriety of calling a
Convention of the p ople to adopt amendments to the
constitution He was clearly of the opinion that the peo
ple of the South had the light tocarrv their property into
the Teni oiies, and urged gentlemen on the other side to
yield th - poiut. He further thought all per-onal liberty
hill* should bi- repealed, and admitted that Peunsvlvaida
had not been blameless in this regard. He farther ar
g ed iha eo* rcicti was impracticable, but thought ti c
law* should be enf ir.eJ wherever civil process could b *
s irved. He thought it impossible to collect taxes or ex
ecute the laws where the wbol: people were opposed.—
H deprecated civil war as unnecessary.
Mr W.lsoa moved that the subject be postponed till
Thursday, at halt-past one o’clock.
Mr Powell widled to speak, and would be satisfied
wld, e-iaer Wednesday or to-morrow.
Mr. Cameruji of Pa*. expressed his r> gret that so
few Senators had paid the attention due to the remarks
of his colleague, oue of th - representatives of the gr. at
S gte ol Peusvlvania. For himself he was ready to do
* v thing to prevent a separation of the Union, and
wou'd s .taiu the propositions of his colleague.
Mr. Green said that his side of the chamber had such
c TDtidcuce in the go- d sense wild luiegn'y of the &*• a
tar front Pennsylvania (Mr. Bigler,) (hat they dm nut
th uk it necessary 10 slay and watch him.
Mr. Cameron expressed again his anxiety for concilia
tion. He «;*h(d the withdrawing Senators had remain
ed to see what could be doue.
Mr. Ivorsou wished to know whether the gentleman
appioved the v iew-1 of his colleague.
Mr. Cameron a aid he would go for them and further to
Mr SauUbury thought the words wu „h h^d fjijjen
,bould lie cherished; they evinced devotiou to tho oouu
trr and the Uuion.
Mr. Iverson wished to know whether Mr. Cameron fa
vo*<« coercion.
Mr Cime«in. replied that that was a bad remedv,
a'.d he did uot know that h* xronkj ever be willing to re
sort to it.
Mi M u-on took Mr. Cameron to ta«k for having voted
1 for Clark’* i-nhoitute to Crittenden’s propositions anj
having proposed a reconsideration, and then voted
against them. He thought the tortuous course of the
Republican* was exemplified bv the lacl that the Seuator
> had pr« .'mud resolutions in favor of the repeal of Per
“ sonal Liberty bills, while the House of Delegates ol
Pittsylvania had refused such action.
Mr. Cameron thought the Senator sought an excuse for
1 get;u c'out of the Union, aud wanted no arrangement
t it. w is ready to vote for Ugler’s proposition, but he was
n t to be dragooned, lie >as the jeer ct the Senator
I trout Virginia, and hi* equal there or elsewhere.
Mr. Mason slid he meant no off nse to the Senator,
- but hid simply comment*d upou bis public course. A.
for s eking an excuse to get out o( the Unjon, it you’d
i be more difficult to excuse himself to his people tor sta/
, iug in under existiug crcumstanees. lie proceed'd tc
say that the Uuijii was already broken up, aud that co*
i ercio.i was impracticable, and that their only hope wat
* in* I&.obstruction of the government upou a durable
basis, liu- iito.it/ and coDtord betweeu the two eectioui
of the Uuioo had beeu destroyed by the Republieac
’ (strly. lie wished W God l\e Seuator from Pennsylva
nia would furnish him aith au excq. lor staying in the
> Union. The queetiou of peace or war rented kith tin
! North.
Mr. Cameron said the South had stricken dowQ the in
i icrt' li of Pennsylvania, yet the latter had stood by to*
South ana tl*e Union. It the South would tell her w rong!
■ be would be willing ut ra’4r*‘«* them. There was no u*«
r in bully ing.
Mr. Saulsbury said the tone of the Senator from Penis
■ <y!vania was worthy of imitaliou on both sides, aud Iron
; u grnat good might result. H triuon v might be restored
l and instead of & mere uuion of lakes and lands, ihet
might Lave one of Ucw a;.d bends, which would oon
i Unue forever.
Mr. Crittenden opposed the postponement of his ru-u,
lu'iou.-. at er which the Senate adjourned.
The Spenkir laid before the Mou.-e a cominumcatior
from the Secret*ry of Stale in reference to an appropii
ation lor the employment of clerk.- in the State Depart
Blent; laid on the table.
I The following communication was read :
i Wasbixgtoji, Jan. 21, 1S61.
r To th* Ho*. lUet. /’.Mtoitoyt"".
! Speaker of the h’>u»e of Representative! .
Sir; Having re*n i red official information tha’ the Sta't
I of Alabama, through a con vet: non representing hei
i *ovi r* ignty, has adopted and signed an ordinance resum
ing ike powers heretofore delegated by her to the Fede
ral Oovereit.et i, th refore it is proper that with !• with
drawal from the l uioo, wa withdraw our connexion
as »rembers* of thia House; and it Is sufficiently ev deni
to us ’.Lat our doty require*, in obedience to her, tfcat w<
return to our homes and our St*t*.
W« remain, air, A
David clopton,
Laid on tbe table.
Mr. English introduced a resolution setting forth that
in the present condition of the country, it was the
opinion of this House that the passage of the Crittenden
resolutions was the best method of compromise fo • tbe
country. Objected to from the republican side of tho
Mr. English said he wished it to go firth to the coun
try that the republicans refused even to allow a vote upon
the propositions for conciliation and compromise.
Mr. Grow said that that side of the House would vote
when and as they p’eastd.
Mr. Mortis, of III., introduced propositions looking to
the recognition of slavery servitor or labor by the Con
stitution of the United Slates.
Mr. Burnett called for the regular order of business.
Tbe Speaker said that the hnU'- of o*ie o’clock having
strived, the special order t f this day and this hour, name
ly, was the report of the committee of thirty-three, and
that the gentleman from Ohio, Mr. Corwin, was entitled
to the floor.
Mr. Cot win would not occupy the time of the House
at length. He was there to discharge the du y which
devolved upou him as chairman of the committee of
thirty-three, and to present their repott. It was now
thirty years since he had Ids sent upon that tlcor. Two
years after that time, ho had been called uyo.i to report
in this character on a subject which was very near akin,
if not identical with that which now unhappily distracted
the public mind from one end of this republic to the
other. As at that lime a portion of the southern people,
led on, as now, by South Carolina, were sgi'ated hy a
similar question, and declared, in a convention of her
people, that a certain act ol Congress, known as the
genera! law, for the collection of revenue*, iu the shape ol
inports, imposed on foreign merchandise, wes uncon
stitutional, and upon that the State determined to absolve
the coiuttiott bonds which held them to the remaining
Slates of the Union.
It (South Carolina) then determined for herself, as her
purpose, that as tho purport was announced, that tho act
ol collecting duties on foreign merchandize was uncon
stitutional, and in its nature and put pose oppressive to
the people of South Carolina, announced that under that
bcli’-f she would withdraw from the Union, and cst&Ll sh
at. independent Kepublic of her own. It was then staled
that tbe passage by the Legislature of a State was sul
fi lent ground* of withdrawing from the Union of any
other State or States iu case that State or States should
choose to consider that law as a breach of contractor
the compact which bound them tegetner.
He liuie thought when that unhappy question was set
i! 1 that when so near to tbe close ol his natural life and
of hi- poli ieal career he should be edit d to legidali
ov regain wit' reference to thecriiicelagitation ol ItbU
*83 He himself did not believe t* at aVtatc, even though
il be a seceding Stale, could bo marched upon hv an
armed force in order to enforce laws, provid d that poli
i y would endanger the peace and d slurb the trai quility
ot th it State and that political oiganiaation.
As will night the greatest empire* of th* wotld de
cline uud tall, and great systems fly Irom their centres
and attribute tbe cause to the uuktrs of the constitution
•ii in ntii 11■ n11* the o»une of the m.sent tioubie to the
Republican pi'tv. S.ates pretend that they must deter
mine I iw l. r theitrelvis, eud aitemp' it utider the sp -
citeis g.ub ol Stale sovei tigiUv. The United State? gov
irnaicnl h— the power to make the decision with riler
cucv to the coi.-ii uiioualuy or uuoongtitutiotiblity ol
State law-; the Supreme Court was the power to decide
whet c or not the l..ws ol one State interferi d with ir
oppr*." d otlu r Slate. What »• s i* in ti.c ju igmci.t
t! the Southern States that wj- deemed sufficient cause
to dissolve their couuectiou r.ud intercourse with the
Uniou, and declare itself free fiom ail allegiauce ? They
said they were the petsocul liberty bills. It must lie
kuowu that all laws passed by States contrary to the
Constitution trite null and void, or else the Constitution
which regulated th< tu was null android; and it was
hardly possible that the latter would be the case, as the
Constitution was still acknowledged to be the supreme
law of the laud. This slavery, as they were pleased to
call it, was curiously argued by both sides of the House.
He did uot know much about hi man philology,cor did
he care about it,but he cid kr.ow something -bout legal
philology, and h-' called klav.s property. They were
property. He did not tuke the ground thet n.au could
noid property iu matt, but he did take the gtouud that
whatever a iu in could at Ins will app'y to u?c or cot.vert
into money was property, and slaves wire recognized
by the laws of the United States,
S’avcry was uot the proper term, in his estimation, to
he applied to the pies-nt condition ol the Atiican race,
but be that as it might, he would call it theology, di
viuitv, republicanism, auu-republicxuifin, or slavery it
hutb red uot; it was undoubtedly the cause of the dis
traclion of the country. The South had, lie xaid, more
territory than they ccu'd pos ibly wotk, and yet they
wanted more tenitory. lie was williug to admit Mexico
as a slave State : if they wauled the old hue of tit'* degr-ee
UO minutes, he would give them tLal; but what did
they wart? lie could cot tell.
lie was willing to giant them what they had in their
report as a comtmtn e of thirty-three. They weie willii g
to lix slavery now, and fix it forever, on a basis which
could not be altered, except by the conrent of all ihi*
Su es, lie ridiculed the idea that there ever could be
at.y chance Of the R publican party becoming powerful
uuugh to tieatl down the ins'ilutii n< of the South or
int-ude in the least d- gtee upon thrSf fights because the
U<m tituti* n could not be auietidtd without a two third
vote, aud they would ha>e to get twelve more States to
ovi rcome the prt sent lit ceil -lave Stiles.
Mr. Million, of Virgit ia, folowed. lie would uot
agree to coercion, although be was very de-irons of a re
const! uctiou, and depnv.ited the action of the States
which had fleetd d, denying tiiat th*-y bad any cause to
do -O.
Alter the close of his speech, the House adjournod.
Bouton, .Ian. 19.
Wendell Phillips is anuouced to sneak he e to morrow
eveni ig. The Anti-Sltvery Socic'y -t-k d the protection
of Mayor Wighiman, who refused to pictect Phillip?,but
a«-iire J the society that tbc peace of the city should be
The society theu sought the protection of Governor
Andrew, who sent his aids to sec what the mayor pro
posed to do. The mayor r» plied to them, that he would
maintain the peace of the city ; that if a disturbance
took pi .ee iu the hall it would be cleared, and that if
there were indications of a row before the hall doors
• ere weened, 1,C *k"0 id Lave he hail closed. Protection
h.m been asked mr tuo annual anti-slavery nu-eUpg ty
be held next week, bat it was refused.
Boston, Jan. so.
rniiups atiuropscu me t weuij-aigum x-uugres
diotial Society in Music bill this afternoon, on the “State
of the ('ri-is.” He declared himself to he a disunion
man, ai d was glad to see South Carolina, and other
southern slave states, had piraetically initiated a disunion
movement He hoped that all the slave states would
leaver tue *'u«q:i and not s and upon the order of their
going, hat go at once, lie ueuoqticed tj,e opniprotiiisc
spirit manifested by Mr. Reward and Charles h’raheis
Adams with much severity ot language, and thete was
an occasional stamping cf teet and hissing, but no out
Mr. Phillips was escorted home by a few policemen,
and a great orowd rushing about him. The audiema in
thu ha! 1 was composed mainly of those regularly attend- j
ing aertices there.
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toCm^ani SSSftjT ''‘‘““krIcOTt/haREJ. 00^
BAedl DruggAta.
Xiic Only * l»re whore i» Cure can bo Obtitlnotl.
DR. JOHNSON tits discovered Ihe most Certain, Kpeedy and
only Effectual RcioeJy In the World for WnttMi of Uie
Bark or Limbs, B' rictures. Affections tf the Kidneys and Bladder,
Involuntarr IHscharges, Imp U-mT. Groiral Debility, Nervous
ness Dyspepsia, Languor, Low Spirits, Confusion cf Idess, Palpi
tation of the Heart, Timidity,Tremh Insrs, dinner* of fight or Gid
diness, Disease of the Head, Throat, Nose or Skin, Affections of the
Longs] Botnadi or Bowels—those Terri) le Disorder* arising Loin
the Solitary Habits i f Tout!)—those greater and •olltary practices
more fatal to their victims than the song of Hrrens t» the Mariners
of Ulysses, blighting their most brilliant hepes or anticipctions,ren
dering marriage, Ac., Impossible.
8 a. > YOUNG MEN
Especially, who hare become the victims of fb.ldirv Vice, th»l
dreadful and destructive habit which annually sweeps to an untime
ly grave tlrusands cf Young melt of the most exalted talents and
brilliant Intellect, who might otherwise have entranced liitenl .g
Senates will) the thunders ol eloquence, or waked to eevtaey the
living lyre may call with full confidence.
Married Perrons, or Young Men contemplating mania?*, btlng
aware of phislcal weakness, organic debplty, defat rallies, Ac.,
speedily cured.
He win p'aees hints If under the cars of Dr. J. may religiously
confide In hla honor as a gentleman, and confidently rely upon lus
skill aa a Physician.
Immediately Cured and Pud Vigor Restored.
This Dreadful Disease—which renders Life miserable snd Mar
Hag* Impossible—is the penally paid by the vlet ms ol Improper
Indulgences. Young persons are too apt to commit excess.-* from
not he'.c? aware of the dreadful consequences that may ctitu*.—
Now, who t‘-»t understands the subject w.li pretend to deny tha
the power cf procreation Is lo t sooner by those bali ng Into tm
proper habits then by tiie prudent? Besides being dtprlyed of Ihe
pleasure of healthy offspring, the most serious und destructive
a.vin toms to btih body unit mind arise. The system becomes De
ranged, the phi steal sn-l Mental Etioctoos Weakened,I. ss rf Pro
er.-.tiv * Power, Nervous Irrltabllltv, Dyspepsia, Palpitation of the
Heart, Indig. lU.an.OouiiiluUonalDobLUy.a Wasting of the Frame,
Coughs, tn-pti n, Ac.
Left hand side go'ng from Baltimore ulrett, a few Uoois from the
comer. Fall nut to observe name and number.
Letters must be paid at d contain a stamp. The Doctor's Diplo
mas hang In bis office.
Member of Ihe Royal College of Burgeons, graduate from one of
the most endiK nt Colleges in the Unite I Stales, an I the greater
part of whose ll'e has been spent In the hospitals of I. union, Par
is, Philadelphia and el*, where, has tffecte.l some of the most as
tonishing cures that were ever known; many troubled with ringing
In the head and saw when asic.-p. greet n-rvousnets, be tig alarm
ed at sudden sounds, bmhfalaess, with frequent blushing, at
tended sometimes wlih a derangement of mind, were cured Im
Dr J. add:esses all those who have injured themselves by Im
proper In tuigenre snd solitary liabi's, wbleli ruin both to !y and
mind, u; tit lug them for either buslnesi, study, society or mar
These are some of the sad and nu-lancho'y effects produced by
early habits < f youth, vis : Weakness of the Back and Limbs,
Puinsin the 11. ad, Dim mu of Bight, Loss of Muscular Power, Pal
piiation of the Heart, Dyspepsy, Nervous I rltabilitv, Derange
ment of the Digestive Functions, General Debility, Symptoms of
MmrALLV.—The fearful effects on the mind are ranch to be
■ ir ad* d -Los* if Memory, Confusion of Idoas. Popesssloa of Bplr
its. Evil 1' reh ui.g*, Av.-r.los to Society, Self 1) .‘rust, Irnve of
S. iitud •, Timidity, Ac , are some of the evils produced.
Thousands of perBot s of all ages can nowju Ig* wfiatis the cause
of th-dr declining health, train? their vigor, bec oming weak, pale,
nervotts Sunt emaciated; having a ilngu'ar appearanre about the
eyes, cough and symptoms of consumption.
Who have Injur, d themse ' r» by a certain praellce InJulged In
wb.-u aloue a habit f > qu r.t y learn- d from evil companions, or
at sc* ool. the eff- m i f whlih are nightly felt, even when asleep,
mi It n-i r..rr.l re .1.rc it arri .v- impossible, aud destroys both
ruled »nd i ody, should apply Immediately.
What a rlty thv. a young nun, the hope of hii oounlry, the
darling of his patent!, thou d be snatchr-l from all prospects and
enjoyment of life, by the consequence of deviating from the path
Of nature and Indulglnp In a certain iccret habit. Such persons
ur-r, before contemplating
rellcftthat x « ' ltd mind an 1 hndy are the most Dr reasary requisi
te ■-, to promote connubial happiness. Indeed, without these, the
Journey through life heroine aweary pilgrimage; tt>* prosport
hoU- ly darts tta to the slew ; the tulltd be om- s -hadowed m :th des
pair and tilled with the melancholy r* flection that the happiness of
another be.omcfl Hit-hted with i>nr on n,
When the mlsgu! I d and Ituprud-ol votary of pleasure finds he
has tmblhe-1 the seed* of this painful iliir-iic, It too often happens
that an Ill-timed fcn»e of thamr, or dresd of discovery, drlera him
from api-lvlt-g to those who. from rduratlon and respectability, ran
alone befriend him. lie falla into th-. hands of the Ignorant and
designing pretend- rs, who. Incapable of eu.lng, Hlr.h his pecuniary
sub -tuner, keep him trilling mot th after month, or as long as the
smallest f. can be obtained, and In despair leave him with ruined
health to sigh over Ids calling disappointment; or, by the use of
that deadly poison. Mercury, hasten the constitutional system of
thli terrible d'uraae, such as affection of the Head, Throat, Nose,
Skin, etc.,progressing with Mghtftll rapidity till death put* s ps
rlod to his dres IftilluiTcrings by tending him to that undiscovered
country from whose bourne no traveler returns.
The many thousands cured at this Institution within the la«t
eighteen } ears, and the numerous Important Hurgteal Operations
performed by Dr. JohnOon, witness- d by the repo: te-* of til1' ‘*H.in"
and many r.th r pa|ters, notices of which hs“e appear'd again and
again before llte public, besides his standing as a gentleman of
< hararter and responsibility, Is a sufficient guarantee to the af
Persons writing should be particular In directing their letters to
Ms Institution, in the (allowing manner :
Baltimore Lock Hospital,
and—ly Baltimore, Maryland.
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er OFFICE NO. 231 main street, ad
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I^T’Sepd fog Descriptive Pnwphlet._ BuW—1/
LEWIS WEBB it JOHN C. WADE Offer tor tab
86 hhda. Cuba Muacovado
96 bbla A C ffee,
6o do. Ex C do,
86 do. Out L^tf,
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SSlaM-LiiTm,-9lMth'brul. by
Tn* Amalgamation or Languages.—There is * grow
ing tendency in this age to approptiale the most express
ive words ol other languages, aud after a while to incor
porate them into our own; thus the word Cephalic, which
is fioin the Greek, signifying "for the head,” is now be
j coming popularix d in connection wih Mr Spalding’s
1 great Headache remedy, hut it will soon be used iu a
more genera! way, and the word Cephalic will become as
common us Electrotype aud tusny others whose distinc
tion as foreign words has been worn away by common
usage uutil they seeut ‘ native and to the manor born."
'ardly Keullzetl’
Hi 'ad ’n ’orrilde ’eadache this haftemoon, hand hi stepped
hintothc hapothecarics hand says hi to the man, "Can you
h?aae m • of han ’eadneho?" "Does hit hache ’ard," says
V “Ii xo.< edinglv,"savs hi,hand httpon that V gave men
Cephalic Pill hand ’pon roe ’onor bit cured me so quick
that 1 ’ardly tealixed hi ’ad ’ad ’tut ’eadache.
CW” Hsaiurn* is the favorite sign hv which nntnie
makes known any deviation nhatev<r from the t at ral
slate of the brain, and viewed in this light it may l»e look
ed on as a safeguard intended to give uolice of disease
which might otherwise es<" t e attention,till too late to I e
remedied; and its indications should never hc'ncghen d.
Headaches may he classified tinder two names, vix ;—
Symptom itic and Idiopathic. Symptomatic Headache is
exceedingly common and is the precursor of a great va
r eiy of diseases, among which are Apoplexy, Gout,
Rheumatism, and nil fehrile diseases. In its nervous form
it is sympathetic of disease of the stomach, constituting
nick luadache, of hepatic disease, constituting biliaun
heevlache, of worms, constipation arid other disorders ol
the bowels, as well as renal and uterine rtfections. Dis
eases of the heart arc very frequently att nd d with
Headaches; Ana-mia ani plethoria ate aho affections
which frequently occasion headache. Idiopathic Head
ache is al.-o very common, being usually distinguished by
the name of nervou* hnaduchc, sometimes cotnit g on sud
denly in u state of apparently sound health and prostrat
ing at ouie the mental and physical energies, and in oth
er instances it comes on slowly, heralded by depression of
spirits or aet-rbity of temper. In most instances the pain
Is in the front of the bead, over one or both eyes, mid
s ometimes provoking vomiting; tinder this class may al
so be named Neuralgia.
For the treatment of either class of Headache the Ceph
alic Pills have been found a sure and safe remedy, r< -
lieving the most acute pains in a few ni'niltes, and by its
subtle power . radicating the diseases of which Headache
is the unerring index:
HninoET.—Missus wants you to send lirr a box of fe
philu! Glue, no, n bottle of Preparei Pills—but I’m
thinking that’s not just it naither; hut perhaps yt-’il h
after knowing what it is. Yo s-e she’s nigh dead aud
gone with the Sn.k Headache, aud want4 some more ol
that same as n lieved her before.
nr>i>mi*t.— i on must mean Spalding - Cephalic P.lls.
Bridget.— Och! sine now and you've sed it; here's
the qualifier, and giv me the Pilla and don’t he all da^
about it aither:
Const i put! on or Cowtivencsa.
No one cf the “mauy ills that Hesb is heir to” is so
prevalent, so little understood, and so much neglected as
Costiveness. Often originating in carelessness, or seden
tary habits, it is regarded as u slight di order of too lit
tle cousequetice to excite anxiety, while in reality it is
a preecursor and companion ol many of the most fuisl
and dangerous diseases, and unless early eradicated it
will bring the sufferer to an untimely grave. Among
the lighter evils ol which costive ness is the ncu«! attend
ant, are Headache, Colic, Rheumatism, Foul Breath, I'iley
and others of like nature, while a long tmiu of frightful
diseases, such as Malignant Fevers, Abscesses, Dysen
tery, Diairhiei, Apoplexy, Epilepsy, Paralysis, Hysteria,
Hypoehondria-is, Melancholy and Insanity, first indicate
tin ir pn seuce in the system by this alarming symptom
Not unfrrquently the diseases named originate in Consti
pation, but take on an independent existence unless the
cause is eradicated in an early stage. From all th-*e
considerations it follows that the diso-der should receive
immediate attention whenever it occurs, and no person
should neglect to get a box of Cephalic Pills on the first
ttpp. arance of the complaint, as their timely use will ex
pel the insidious approaches of disease and destroy this
dangerous foe to human life.
A Itcul lllrulng.
Phyaieian.—Well, Mrs. Jones, how is that hrr.d iche
Mr*. ./<•»«.—(tone! Doctor, all gone! the pill you
sent cured u.e in just twenty minutes, and I wish yon
would send more so that I can have them handy.
Phytic!.in —You can g. ( them at any Druggists. Call
for Cephalic Pills, I find they never fail, and I recom
mend them in all eases of Headache,
Mr*. ./■ «/».—I shall send fof a bo* directly, and shal
tell all my suffering friends, for they are a real bleating.
Twenty Mimosa ok Dollar* saved.—Mr. Spalding
has Hold two millions of bottli of his eel brat-d Pn
pated (flue, and it is r-'iin-ited tl a' each bottle saves at
h aBt ten dollars worth of biokcn furniture, thus nuking
an aggregate of twenty millions ol dolltri reclaimed
from total loss by this valuable invention. Having made
his Glue n household word, he now proposes to do thi
world still greater service by curing all the aching heads
with hi t Cephalic Pills, and if they are as good as his
Glue, Headaches will soon vanish away like snow in July.
Over Excitement, and the mental care and anxiety
incident to close attention to business or study, ar"c
among die numerous causes of Nervous Headache! The
disordered state of mind and hodv incident to this dis
tres-ing complaint is a fatal blow to all ene gy and am
bition. Sufferers by this disorder can nlways obtain
sjs** dv relief from these distressing attacks by using one
of the Cephalic I'tlls whenever the symptoms appear.—
It quiets the overtasked brain, and soothes i„e *truined
and jatring nerves, at J relaxes the tension of the atom
aeh which always accompanies anJ aggravates the disor
dered condition ol the brain.
Fact worth KNOwnto.—Spalding's Cephalic Pills are
a emaili cure for dick Headache, Hilious Headache, Ner
vouH Headache, Costiveness and General Debility.
Great Discovfi'.v.—Among the moat important of all
tho great mi dical discoveries of this age may be consid
ered the svstem of vaccination for protection from Small
Pox, the Cephalic Pill foi relief of Headache, and the
use of Quinine for the prevention of Fevers, either of
which is a sure .specific, whose benefits nil! be experienc
ed by suffering humanity long after their discoverers are
tyDid you ever have the Sick Headache? Do you
remember the throbbing temples, the fevered hrow, the
loathing and digust at the sight of food. How totally
unfit you were for pleasure, cjtpVMRitiun or studv. One
of the Cephalic Piiis would have relieved yon from all
the suffering which you then experienced. For t! ia and
other purposes you should always have a box of tl era on
hand to uae as occasion requires.
Cure NomtK IIeru]a, tie!
By the me of these Pills the periodic at treks of Leennus nr Sick
1/e-utacUe maybe prevented; and If taken at the enmo-enee
meat of an attack Immediate relief from pain and sickness «|l| be
ti.-y seldom tail In removing the Xau*e<t and H.attache to
glilch fc{pales are so subject
They ai t gently upon the bowels,—removing Cottreness
For Library _U.it Sin.itr.l*, Delicate K.males, and all persons
of Ssdantary kaidts, they are valuable as a Lasmtive, Improving
the appetite, giving tone and tigur In the digestive <rg ins, and
restoring the nattral elasticity and strength of the whole system.
The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of long Investigation and
care o'ly conducted txpcrimmts, having been In use many years,
during which time they have pretented and telltVcd a ia,l
amount of pain and suffering from Headache, whether a Igina
ting in the nertaiu system cr from a deranged state of las
They tr; ontlreir v-g-tanle In thrlr composition, and may be ta
ken at all times wi ll prrfe. I safety, without msk ng any change of
diet, oiu/ the absence of any disajreeahlt taste, rende-s It easy
to administer them to children
beware or coDimitrcmi
The genuine have five signatures of Henry C. Braiding on each
Boh| by Drurfti‘,1 and all other D« ilrrs In klediolnes.
4 Box will be sent by mall prepa'd on rsci Ipt of the
AH or Bon should he addressed to
MB-Mhrly 48 Ca4ar Slreel, New Yorks
Daily Paper, 18 per annum; He.i-I-Weekly, IS ; Weekly, f 3 ; al
iayj In advan<’». RcadtUm.. j maybe made at the rlak of the
f tbllth-rs Id all cur* whet cvtdaace It taken on the depoait of a
ittcrlc too Pott Office containing noacy.
'nerquar*. (li)lir ec)or Dm. one Insertion. Tt
Each addition al Inrerlt on... 88
One taaeth wtlhoat alteration.ft 85
Thr.a do do .10
81* do do .80 Oo
Teelvo do do .85 OO
fao f'.or.ro. Three tauttha.15 oo
8ia month*.85 00
Tw.iv* month*.50 Oo
No advertlg.ruc.t.t l- t. cocsldcted by tt>e mi nth or year
«nlt«* tpedfcil oc the ItaanMript, or previously agreed open be
tween the psrtlea.
An edvrrtlveiamt not marked on the copy for a specified nue
»er of insertion* alii he continued until ordered eat, and payment
nretell ucci.eiticrly.
g-vT" IlKori-ca AucioiTiTdniaWT* —To avoid any ndsundenrsodlng
jnihe partcl it. Annual Advertiser*, It ii proper to Hate JUtmUy.
til at tt.' ?r prlrlh g *r nlj er.Dnd* to their Immediate in. line** Real
8.1 ate, Legal an l all other Advertisement* sent by them to be an
additional chatr., »nd no variation.
f 'iT Heal Pr ate and General Agent*’ Adve.’.li,-inerts nol to be
laeertcC by the y ar, but to be charged at the usual rate*, > object
to such d'l. our.u a* alwall be agreed nor.*.
PookiuHcrs and yearly adverti* .», generally, engaging ore
or more spaare* with the privilege ..f change, eha.1 not, on the’r
yearly average, in .my one week, Insert more than the am.urt
agreed upon a* the sf n.Urg rule under the contract, and all tic...
ling *ueh amount to be charged at the tutual rate*.
Advcrtlsemenii In*, rted in tire Se-ml-Weekly Whig at 75 cent*
par square of 10 line* or let* for the Qrgt Insertion, and 50 cent*
pur square for each cr-utlncance, or If weekly, 75 cent*.
nr ri'iwnno rttaiu
103 MAIN .S*l RKKT
Where far more than wenty year! first class (food* have bttn
sold al right price*.
X*S~ Remomber.41
They Warrant every article they soli, and olfer at all time* the
"A Word to the Wiae!"
DAUKK'OTT. I! \ £t51HS Ac CO.,
11a main srriKKT.
nAVE on hand a large stoik of CLOTHING, •ucl. a*
Orl IT Beaver Overcoat*
Mo.. Ue.ver do.
Eng bh Whitney do.
Dm!. I! v. r (Iarrack*
P tek P ' rshsin do.
Silver Mi\edC*v* tu t*
Grey Cam do
Velv.tcen Hunting Suit*
Black and Hr. «n fr-reh Car* Suits
Black and Penny Cm* Part*
Fancy and I'.laek bilk V-kt*
Black and Fanur Velvet V.»t*
Sl.ir.Collar*, 8 -ck* and Ties
Under Shirt* and Drawer*
Hoys’ nothing, Children’s Clothing.
PorBargalnsc.il on DARIUCOIT, HARRIS A 00.,
nolA 114 Main 8treet.
I.K.T IT <iO!
J MIIMW Hinri »» jiu't n» crs m.
alt ck at l«>n' pticei We pr»*po** working tloira the whclt*
xt.i k, and tMr.k tee can pi* mc the public table, both in kljl»* an i
Over Coat*, Hu ricus bull* Ca-ulnure pant*;
Velvet anil 8iU VuM, Merino bl irt* and Drawer*;
Glove*. Nick Tier. OtmfoiU, 0; llara ami bnapenders.
Any and every thing on pc board marked down.
For the next month we »hall pu»h *alc< vtorg. OHE.'.e roR Cash
W. 8. TCPMAN, Agt,
rlee .’i 102 M sin St.
The Fair!!
PKR80N8 visiting the City during the FA IB, will do well to call
and exemln? our s’otk of
which li the licit we have eyer gotten up and prices to
M KT ALL lie veil*.
Oppo Ite Mitchell A Tyler’*.
W. B. Davidrox, ’‘alesman. oc.il
(Branch of t> e Baltimore U >use,)
103 Corner Tluln nn*i l it’', or l'rnrl Ntncta,
Also a 1\'g» stock o? CHEAP CLOTHING, adapted to Servants'
Wear, to which we invite the special a’trntion of
Tobacco Manufacturers and Farmers.
7rnnvnse Waoriliro
(HAVF In stuck -bent Dm Dv.r coa's and I’u n ss Coats, rf d f
terrnt i| elite, an<l styles, eft ov«r frem last year, which 1
have selected oat and
to about r n» h If nf the Uattal set Live. MCR.
Gall and examine t em, and all tin .• it tlrd down to fashion
can get a good art: le for « Very Si-.till t rice a word In the wise.
C.,111 oly and like a chance, this is no humbug, 1 mean ail 1
•ay, the goods arc here, and ar i o ■.
d.'sfl WM. fRt PMI1U, 12C Main 8t.
FITHE euhn-rlber having made a change In his business on the 1st
? o* July Uit, makes It necessary thr>t all account* due him pre
vlont to that time sh old he closed. He would, therefore, ask of
Ms old fi lends nn I«untowcrs to r.une ferw rd and discharge their
Indebtedness. Thankful fur pas’ favors, hr would ark a continu
ance of their patronage to the new concern of SPENCE A GARY.
No ISO, cor Main and ISth Ws.
Richmond, Aug. 20, I SO. _tn25
I HAVE this day asso.-I*ted with toe. In the Merchant Tailoring
and P. ody Made ClMhtrg Ru*inc’s, WM. G UAREY, of
Pcydtcn, Mickle ibtirg. Co., Vn , * id Onpar^icrrhp to data from
July lot, 1 SCO. The business will hereafter he conducted under the
name and style of bp. nee A Garey
Grateful fi r the very liberal patronage I have received for the
pact 2o yttra would most respectfully ask a continuance of the
iar.ii to the new concern. K 11 bi’a.NCE,
)vK1 No 120 corutx of Main and Mill ■RreeL
Would respectfully call attenliou to their new styles of
Fall arid Winter Good?.
We are now prepared to pot on the GEAVaL ROOFING, of •
»erjr euperlor quality, either In town or country.
Alio, all kinds of GUTTERS,
apifi—tf_ Iron Block Governor Street
®i)\f,W‘Mj gsgc, S per ,'-q> h''U't*, connecting with U..
Rirhmocd and Danville, and Bal.ign and Ha*t«a Railroads, SI
miles long, costing ov*r ows wltim of dollar*, with a mortgngi of
only IGO.tjO**. Var . minute description of the preecnt condition and
iuitire prospect of the Company, pamphlets can be had at our of
6000 Va. and Tennessee, 8d mortgage
8O>0 York R ver S per cent. Bends
6000 Virginia 6’s
SO shares Richmond Fire Association
SO do Fire and Marine
4000 do Bank of the Corr-Kiin *£**,*e
re'ii- If - c!w. PCRCELL A 00
WE If A VH IN mat AND Oiler for Nelr
ou as favorable terms u the article can be Imported for, Bf
ij packages (|f, tf and S pip-»)ofpure and beat quality F1U.N0H
URANDY, of our own importation.
M>. lft,
Pearl Street,
Richmond, Virginia.
~T a 1 o n sTii a & a a a
On tlic EnrojM'Hti Flan,
Single Rooms 50 Ots. jior Day,
(Opposite IMty Hall.)
Meals, aa they may be ordered In the spacious Refectory. There
Is a Barber's Shop and Bath Rooms attached to the Hotel.
N. B.—Beware of Knnuer* ait4 Hack men, who
laywearefull. At. V08NCH,
oc23—ly Proprietor.
WAN'fKtt Evr.y Drugq's". and Grocer to purchase Semple’,
infallible Baking Powder. Factory,
17th and Franklin Streets,
drelT Bole Proprietor and Manufacturer.
PiltiHI’IIATFS, prepared by Dr ChqrrhlliN formula. arri
eonsld-red a most valuable remedy tn the treatment lor the Onn
eamptlo.i. For sale, with ni*ni *<» *n I va'ualle prrpaiations, by
MEADE A BAKER, Phatmaceotl.ts,
detl _1S6 Main st.. cor. above P. 0.
1 AA (loirs ADUIANTlIVlf CAM DLKN.-For
OVER 3 quart, of Iran parent itch Jelly eaa be made with on<
pakage of SPARKLItfl GELATINE, by our tmprov<U dlrec
tlons, and that with tut bcillnr or the use of ergs.
MEaDK A RAKER, Druggists,
1*1_1>6 Main St., corn r above P. 0.
1 All BANKETS OHA1BPAGN8. -For sale hy
1 \ WFI.I.INO Ho. Vi of «vr/ dtec.Ipkeu ; built* ft.. r iruo*
mint,"* of the best 140'llty. Al , Prison and l.snk Until
J Hinges and It* lta of any height. I tells hung, w ill or without
I Tilt'd.
ai.i. kinds or repairing dons
[ Ad I dell no work tut my own u.au'iO* lor-, I an prepared to
1 Warrant It to give entire satisfaction to tdioee vh~ say favor iry
with a soil.
WO Main Wreet, betwen *t(h ard TV
felO—ly _bg.wvown. Ya
WE inv le the attention of the Parrittng rnitiniiinltw
to till#
which has been irk I by mans practical Patau r» and pronecered
by thoai ttheth* very best Implement ytl trade, foe pr.p»(!c*
the laud fur seeding email greln, and effect BAlty entering II,r sane
after seedlnv. with Iwo hr ta-s doing the work nf sit ringl- PI. we.
We have pu'ehnjed trie right for the Wet* nf Virginia, and are now
manufacturing diem for (he mailing season,and respectfully invite
an eiaraluatl in of them.
OtO. 6. HODNM. V M. b COOK
Foundry and Manu taetorv.
moan grater, itai Rail, ajowit sn, rias.ata.
UAV1NG made largo addition to oar shop, to salt the /».-nlhtrl
trade, vc will sell at tlic Northern pricer of 1 ■io§ ttchvrs
orcrlUO different designs of Plain and Ornamental HalMtiir.
Voranelna, Hairt.nl a, I»or« li Pit t . «, lb inviotv
Cuardu, Ar , Ac.,\aul( aud CHInr noon, Iren .’ash r'nutwrs
and grneral Hlacksmltfclng and ftniatiiug dene »|th usatnee. an J
BY”Cemetery Railing for the country, made .o as to hr rut aw
by An ordinary tr.i. fc ante. laid* - U '
Wild 'OX .V GLBB8’
J. F. r.UIUS ^ITI* Point,
AND U manufactured under patent* granted to bin and J.m..
Wlllc r 1.;'e,| duoe A. 1M.T, re issued duly M iVo P.t h?^
: U'.,S^. Pehiuvry 21, l^tv Also ll„, J..,
PltdEtls, covering the entire construction r,7 the Mac1 In- • «rn..
t.u. ntly, there CAU he no hllgathm In regir.l to t|.t .,»t.,, ,'t-i,.
It I. less complicated and the most perfect wwbiC Ala
chine note in twe. B K »»
It forms a Hut, even and elastic seam, which Is warranted not (o
rip In wear, »nd_Is reliable upon »I1 k'lrlj of fabric*. °
Price ftdft to lift. Every Machine warranted.
. BetvU N Itloclr,
*<p<> IWi and Governorstrr, u.
fltllK ii.lwgiUiog proortet, r
I ofCHPHTNuT (.hot I!
WHI-KY t he purest blrdlci I
EMil ever known,)has t,r kh"
d the cu nmndty a .tlnr.u'si I *
l u-e.UaKbful.udlnvlgoraih,
t the same tine, a .ui'd d Rid. . ■
eve ag- ft Is I-Vlccfst. d to i o
Wav with the vile (tragic 1 itoIT
’.*! It pslpied nffr n the romn i.
I’v, vn I which islijtiiioas to
ody snd mind. In sddltlt n to
lie ertiacKlrs beneath, he baa
ceel.ed a I iut si from tfcw
_ Y. and .vld.tlOlIAl tes'imar.w
from Dr. Ja k.. u, .1 an on,who teaiitiea under oalti to IU aUu
lute | urlty.
PutLADrtrun, Sept. 9, 1 of*.
We have rarefully tested the nut; le of Chestnut Grove \t h,:.»y
you sent ul, and flint that It ro-1 j|r.J rone cf lh» Pitsoneui > ub.
atsneei known aa Fnall Oil which lathe char* terlalle and In'urlouk
Ugredleut of the Hhiikya in general u*?.
A n» Ivtlcal Chem lata.
Nyw Yoai, flspt. 3, l>ie.
I have analysed a rairplc of Chestnut Orrve WHaky reetlved
front Mr. Ch it ' a *1 arion, Jr , of Ph Udt | l !a, and having rare
folly tested It. I am picas rJ to state that it U entirely free frooi
p. is; nous or deleterious autatanccl. It la m. u u-ual'v pure an J
fine flavored Whisky. JAVIFto R. CUU.TON,
Analytical Chemist.
B'lrit a, March 7, l-i*.
I have made a chemlca! aralysla f ccneerrlal siu.pi,. nf
CI.eatoul Glove Whisky, wliieii prnv-s to hi fr< e from ttochesvy
Fusil Oils, and p.ife tly pure and unadulterated. Th» Ine flavor
of this Whisky la derived irum tin (ir-tn used In e.rusifa. soil. i
Re pectfulty, A A HATE?, M. )>., totale As aytr
No 111 tt' Vlstctl Ktreef
Fcr sale by C WHARTON Ja .

f I HI K above i’CRK RI'ISKV, COPPER D'f Tlnl.lD fycm If A? T.
1 El) GRAIN, l-e'ptf 'lip rV.r and nu'f cr.. |t, «:tiy , n ,j ) , |..
1/ improved by age. la p ef-rred by rur. tamer* to all nth.sr Hldr
kler, knd parti tilarly tecomme ded by the tn-M hhja -Hi .nd
Ch.ndsls. us p* ..’IT g ail the unuus-inetik-i of a TKl'S TtiNlo
INI Hi. f.ATilit, and KS MHI AJ. AGENT
T e tort uyll-.lll H ater, of Pblladotj hla, nacd tn the dVItaflon o
this W» laky, is prosed by analysis to toe the s .fi» t and | treat wa
G- n the I'nlted ?*»H, and to l’la may, In a cr. at .hirer be*
utbnted the eatellcDre of this Whisky.
For sale by
IPKKK.TIA.'V * HllflPSIIN, Ibotlt matttlcry.
On lAs Hchuj,lkiU It tor, 1‘hiladtlt.Aut,
Oaric*. :‘t Wau. totae.f. N*w Vo.v,
10# Roush Pa. « tor., Pun ataaraia.
ARK receiving fo- tl:e > all Trade, < arprt r.ca. Oil ClnfAs, v*a
t ags. Curtain O oda, Ovmicra and Bands, Wlndos tobadea
Paper Hsnglncs.Cuiled lialr and Mom, for sal at low prices —
Carpets, Curtains. Beds and M.ftrewes made to order at rhotl t»
Uce. Paper hanging done Ic the city or country by sup. lor work
i i nilFK CARD.
IACORNK CARRINGTON, having purthasi I the acock of lumber
J of the late Edward K. Dudley will con's.*, Ike buslntaa at
the old yard. Corner Prankdn and 19th Rvve’a where l.-upltoe
happy to aeirv the old ejifoinera of U/. Atndk i, an.! the pub'la
gre. rally.
Stock on hand,White Pine, Yellow Pine, Fh.itlrg. " aJnut Cher
ry. Ash, Maho gany, Maple, Bustou-Wo-d. Laths, tot Ing e. A,
P°1_ __ __Cor Frarklln and 19.1. Mrcets.
ji———■— »•*« r.nir.a,
10 fliklm No. l Goshen Cutter
IN Mi!, Buck sheat Flour ,
8»» bbltnupertloe Extra and Family Flour
flanked and Pick'd Salmon
» % Ula No. 1 N. C. hue Harr log*
VS [>kga Ho. 1 Martei, I
25 oii H'd1.,":1;1'*i*»* *»j <?<*»<>,«,
Oal Meat, R;e r,onr * . *e
Jnat receive. &r.J for -4|e,r il.e lo»,,t term* for etah, or to
prompt customer.. at MINNib a CO.’S F..,„i.> Or,
noU_ _ »d and Malij.it*.
Jl II kai ly 1 urge \ ork Cabbage
So o ah .-art do
Do Siiaarh.af do
Ltrge Dre.rrb a l do
Do Pi ,t Dutch do
Early Caul.flowers
It. and Savoy gpan'tb
Orillin furled Kv'e
Karl) Butter 1 ...w.-o
Du h.ri'.g Gamine-, am rib .iu
B auk ;**) Spauiah Radish, for r*h by
_w:n EAl.MIR.gOK A CO,
GSILTS’ RlfAAnTHEki) IkBOFft. Ver, Hr rnt
for winter wear and Double Sola, very runrlor at 1 ,irJ
at Hu 43 Main Street, at Sign of the Big Boo , l>y r'
_wvr. waisjuk.
W WKL’I nDFIt.-kll h'!,. llian’i Burry County S*e*(
ntider.pure juice of the a|.p!e, and eve, ui.gVbr,. 4.
joat received and fur tale h, WiPtN AMal.Sk1
,.Bflg_____ far Era-IandCary au
fllHOSE FAH.ni ltS HOOT • — Jujt tvctlvri a u-g,
1 iujigly of those celvl rat.d Faim-ra l.< r.g Leg Doubl. f o
Sewed Boot*, atN(j. Vr Main Street, sign tf the tie h. «.t. ty
_ M'M WAJjtff
im FALL TRAM. iim
IRON AXLES.—it',000 ll> Iron A x* rg ft.ir 1 i,.__vrvwM
3 Inc lie*, with pin* nr cut*; Maria Tomlinson
and tree'X pat., and Taj or ArrYs. _
U,m*0 lb*. Ton iluacn'a SweeJs Steel, tempered slid common
Springs, frotp £ to III plat'f.
Sd tel* Gear Uuha, 500 seta Spok.a, lot) ret* Felloe*, ghafta,
Pole*, Uowa, Ac.
Our’-dn, Collar and Daah Leather; Enameled Duck, Drilling,
Mu* lit and Moieakln; Broad Cloths, l.am. fringes, Taaaela H,a4
Lltinga, Iramaaka, Banda, Canting*, Er,» Ac , Ac.
150 kega Hammered Hone and Mala ; l.o a.
To caah buvera ard prompt riulotrtr*, we ar: prepared to offer
good* „| r,ry l,nr pri. tr. WILLIAMS A k LI I01T
Importers, *bclr*al> and retail dealer* u Hardwire,
Coach Materials, Ae., C7 Main atrett, nearly opposite St. Clarion
DAHAhliS, DIAPr.KS, &«*.
U.tb»«h,thr0*N?,],“.ClOOL8’ *** ^ ’hat ’.Be artt
”” “'E purchase tre sealed with the u 1 name of tl.e Dm,
K. Hit'll" rdnoit, ken* It It • I Oin’ru,
h^-^FhArantee of the sounds*** and due. Hilly «,f Ihe Ornd*.
,1 h■ c*"“0*hrtit’leretl eearntially rrce*aary. ta large <,u»r.tl
°i ln‘*r'tf E**d rlefeotlve Linens »re prepared •< aion afl< r sea*
■on afjwaoaeun, and aealcd with the name of RICHARJ .•ON. by
L " Houses, who, regardltaa of tlictnlory ti ne Inflicted alike cn
the American cunaumer and tht uimufartoreta of (he grru'o*
Goods, will not readily abaa 'or. a bust: oat an profit I,lr, while pur*
chaaeta can be Imposed on with Ooorka of a w.-rihlraschart rtrr,
J*7—ly Agents. 34 brad* .“treet. New Turk.
Dove a c«.'* rnnpitvNn si m p «ans t
PAR1I.I.A —Ever* bottle wasr.ruled tn r.ialala 'he virtues of
pound of the root. Prepared and for tale he
no9ll DO'E A fVJ , Onir.M..
A Supply of the m. at appoved aims ve lr sale by
nottl _’ OVA A TO .D-u.alaU.
MFIWTNB rilEBTS of all i'ie. *u table for family at'4
Plantation run. Alto, Phyrdelana Pock.-t c»*e*. Dlsaert'ng
Case* Surgical and Dental InitromenU for • le at P'*l rt*ip|.£
priors by W. PKTWgg'iw * (•*).
! M«i l.Ut Mala lira*

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