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An*l* tlcal Ch errata.
Saw Voaa. Rept. 8,1 aha
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. M- Cl * i -» “ barton, dr , of Philadelphia, and baking ca.-c
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S cored »k ky. JAM*-* R CIIILT- N.
Analytical Cb cm tat.
k i-t •*, March 7. lb.*.j
I a,*r made a ebetulcal analkib f umerrlal aarop'ea U1
r-iai-m’ (lr. «c Wbtaky, tkhleh prove* to be fre* from the heavy
1 ipla, ail perfectly pure and unadulterated. The fine Savoi
, vt .<» bdetlrcdfkom the l»r do uaed In manufacturing it.
g. pectfully, A. A. HAVER, M I) , State tinier.
No 16 R 'viator Street.
Per ta.e by 0 WHARTON J» .
S, I Principal Agent,
oekl 6m_No. 11* Walnut street, Philadelphia.
K 1
g KJ GRAIN, being euperior and uniform la «;u»llty, and M„l.
1_, mooted k» *ge. ie p. .furred by u0r.3cw.ra lo all other WhU
t.m, anu particularly re,om weeded by tb- beet Physician* an-'
L-'.-ih »t«, Ml piuiuasiag all Ihe requlrem nU of a TRl'E TONIC
T e Sc*'»>lkUI Water, al Phlladuphla, need 'n the dUtlla’ton tt
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Ari’.cicd the et-.-deace of thla WfclaA/.
I\1 *ale by
,rBBEH4N A MHPAOJi, Phcenl* DUtlllery,
(Hi IA« St'AuyUrili Kirir, Fkil-UittyAbe.
O/rxn. »€ W *li STHurr, Sim Y ;
Four dry ^nd Manutactorv,
BeakO <Tglir, 1U1 kl.i, *iC44v>IJ, TIBOUUA.
H\ V1NG c\le large add'don to our anop, to eult t o Boutr.er
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uta Hatll t*K>
V-randu*, Hitlrunl », Porrh Pierre, tt luduu
Guild*. A ' , Ac., Vault and Cellar Doon, Iron Saah, shatter*,
and general Blackamithing and finishing done with aeatneae anti
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3P"verietcry Railing for the ecantry, made oo ae to be pal ug
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I* I ,<«*, *4-. is tvlUbtoa^ - kin *• f fabric*
Price gap to »TJ- IT., r Machine -arrayed. ^ ^ ^
L lylt ’> Ml * rlr.
,,pg 1J*h and Ooveruo. atr.-eU.
tu. n. e the attention of the Paruiiug foaiiuuullj
X K W II All now
wM Aha* he-n tried by man-* practical la. tore., an.l pronounce*'
by '.ben to ae tbe eery beat Impletn >at ye* mode, for preparing
the labd for taedl. g naull grain, and ell -ctua.ly covering the Mft
after eer ding, wi'.it Ivt kora** J *t»g * -rh * *lt el'igl- Pi.*as
H. h.v* pur.haw-d tne right for II. Sl»ic of Vlrfcinia,and are a a
manaf*. tarlr • I «n for t eaeulng sc Mo- .andr eg.itrully invitt
an et valuation of them.
«) i intr.b « -• '
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atee *nr tale by
f„lg w II PLvAdAVTS. I Alb Street
ItRINDIA'S. ItlAWhAe ' >
» r Bran « .
. i \M'I i .t II ARKHON,
\ : • Main Sreat.
4 <IG A l»N, e lti A It' '
I / b Ge.iaaJI.-- p> YANl't V .« HA'tKHuN,
.•-- .
l iLt go K \ I K VI I A* IKMItl.BII O A A l»
l ill III »o« t:.. ■-r, ul Chi I» 1 ■ lb- I 1 tnery
Pmeje. • i. ni.. •* vff i .1 r ' . . < hn.i - Inll *■.■■■.*
tioa .|„| i:.eeratuo ol u.e Ki ■' 1 I- for V ■« p'epara
tl . . I. pro d by tbe to. | . . - tbe s»,te. Pr. pare.1
ftuj I • tier GDiv hy
If on ’ »• ' . I ica-iv. I ■ • h • ' d.
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Maui ,nd yih »tr •• u
wh;ui, ■ ' • ' 1
a? •, , ... cSugar, Wa g "r > ' >
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llfF woull call the e'lru ■« of user. 1 . r- » siting the _n
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MKDHINIh*. HtlNf'*. 1*11,*. M IN .(IV li! AN!*. DIR (M
UTO'rll. ftfkM VI UIll.NIQ*, 4c.. Ac.
Comptlaing In part ol—
Alum. G’n.-er White*
4io,s. Ol j. ‘ African,
At.nal.u, Ome,
A. .rot *, Unm '"A1*.
A«<u- • I'la, Indigo,
Alciol K. r. Mrs Oil,
WacAni. L'gaooA,
Blue St.-ue, I In.eed Oil,
Brln.toae, Maddts.
Burnley Hal I, Pepper,
Brushes „• all klrsJs, Hr I u '.el,
Cau.j.Mne, But hod*,
•mapkor. »V Carb Soda,
I'art or Oil, Seta! -* fjwder*.
Clowe*, Spvt. ah I' M,
P, pperas, Sp*e. a. of all kind*,
C »"> Tartar. Venetian Bed,
Coo.nitrate 1 Lyr, Tanlikrt,
Bp* ru Salta, Whit* Leal,
*»t Logwood, W JidoW (lass, of Tariou*
r tl»e*.
Hae-.g lately re-ftlie*! our store with all the modern Itnpr .»*
menu for sr-\ ng natho hue ea», we arc eaab’d to gleethc ut
ta..s: .1 • patch to all or tor* , utrust -d t.. uss. proa.-ting our ladle Ju
ai atteotloo, aldsd by competent aaalo'a t*
JOHN T. GRAY, Drugs *\
mbJS No It: Mala ok, R»ehiuond Tk_
(MSI* IIVKK OIL. •urnof'* Cod Llwwr Oil, Ifegem-sa*
A Cu a d< *u«» t « ■ I • • . * f r. see** do.
Ha-*r. A ©*s*r»|l'» do; Do Jongh.% d<\ Pierce's Cnd l.lw*e Oil J.l
h a fresh supply of Iho abowc wh'ch I will warrm* genuine, lust
rw elc.d by JA*. if DCVAL,
199 c. r Main and llfth Street*
pl.A'KMIKHtTO .* how r.on..agoar Sprlnr stick
I k f Bofngerators u a: oh me .ail the attention of all In
wsnt TTiey are of kkebeat kind*that "re mvle
T JuS A Bl l.Ks.KT A ( Vt.
mhl.h _ _I.1J Main atrw*»._
1 gh bo's, fine fLfll B,
9*0* Mila Sup rSne. do.,
Jsilbbla Kstr*. do ,
*f. bob Hr.I t!ia .ly Rye, do.,
taeelwed and f«rkale by
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f)U JU da do. do hkossldor*
3 do do. do. Jo ra
lit abb lo. do. Homo
911 boaes la breads
•Id forsaoty WOMBLB A (LAHOML
I I HI N i ' % <s KM I N rSKMCBi * \ •*
I A *oc »h- H%a l*«fchi f . Ublt’f M Bfj,
Musdaor. aad oher ckt ee Toll-t A>a*s*. Toilet Mirror*; Hair fro
pa atlrns of aU k .dc, genuine Tor-obe Shell P,■*!>», !»®vy.
ullslaL'S r Oembs Ha r Brash-- Toth. Nall ",h'f
Brush.* I* store, and ha . lg all keen hough’ for caotl. ■ HI bo bow
cheap, as J'>N kCMltH
family MsdMne Store,
asM S'r» nf tit* Red Mortar, .Mh and Main B ren*
fll I9"TH1, III It IV* LKVI' ABM » L«*V mJd
1 SKKO, for sals by
. .Tit AM A Of*.
CW**» Ai KLATIN K.- t full supply bn hand, t.gwth*y
m\\h lU \k* BtccMvf fitvoHu ulrtcli, cooking*1***
loll W. L. M AKING.
sl'KKI ’I 1
Conlederate States.
21st. I !Hil.
| h’ap yrtid far th• .S'amamA /,’,/>nhlirin ]
A’ half-past seven c c'oik on Thursday evening, th
1 irg at audience ever assembled at tbe Athct ;c ini, wer
in the house, waiting moat impatiently for the appeal
anoe of tho orator ol the evening, Hon. A. II. Stephens
\ ie- -Piesident of the Confederate States of America.—
T:ie Committee, with invited gues'.a, were seated on thi
stage, when, at the appointed hour, the Hon. C. 0. Jones
May or, and the speaker enter, d, and were greeted by thi
imm •! se ns-eniblage with deafening rounds ot applause
The Mayor, then, in a few pertinent remarks, intio
duee ! M Sie; h >n *, stating that at the request of a num
her »t the tu- tubers of the Convention and citizens o
Kiva! nas and thS:ate, now here, he had consented l<
address tleiu upon the present s'afe of public all'iirs.
Mr. Stephens rose ami spoke as follows:
Vf Jfi» r and Venl’evten uf the Vvmmittee, ani
F :c«« :—For this reerp ion, you will pb-itsc ac
cep: my must profound and sincere thanks. Thecoinpli
ment is doubtless intt tided as niu.h. or more, perhaps
in honor of the occasion, and my public position iu com
nectisui with the great events now erowdiig upou us,
thm to iue p.-reouaily and iudividualiv. It is, however,
none the less ap; ae.ateJ by me, on that account. Wt
are iu the nhds: of oue of the greatest epochs i:i our bis
lory. The last ninety days will mark oue ot the 1110.-1
m luoralde eras iu the his.ory ot msderu civilization.
This revolution has to u signally rnaiked, up to thi.
t me, by the tact of i s having been accomplished with
out the loss ot a single drop of blood. (Applause ) This
ut w Coustitutiou, or form of government, coust tuteo
the a dject to which your attention will be partly in
Iu reference to it, I make this lira* general remark :—
It siinplj seaun -ail oui ancient rights, franchises and
priu'cgi s. AM the great piinciples of nmgua charts are
retained iu it. N'ocibz h is deprivetl of life, liberty or
p ojw rty, but t>y the judgment of his peers, under the
aws ot tbe laud. The great principle qf iqli;;ious lib. r
ty, which »a.. ihe 1 (nor and pide of the old Constitu
tion, is suit luuiuiauieu and secured. All the essentiais
of the old Constitution which have endear, d it to the
lieat is of the American people, have be«m pre
j>ie-erv»d and perpetuated. (Applause.) Some changes
nave been made—ot these, \ shall speak presently.—
some of these I should have pielerred not to have.-een
nado, but these peril it>s meet tbe cordial approbation of
a ui.ipirity ol in:- audience, if not aa oveiwhelmiug ma
. > ri ty ot the people of the Confederacy. Of them, there
ie. I Will not oeak. Hut ihe iuinortant chance- tin
meet my cordial approbation. They form gnat iwprove
m • is upon tne old Constitution. So, taking the whole
cew Constitution, l have do besitency in giving it as uiv
judgment, that it is de i.leuiy better than the old.—
V; pla iw ) Allow me hrielly to aiiude to some ol these
■ mptOTtm. i ts. The question of building up c!u-s iu
ere.ts, or fostering one branch tf industry to the pre
judice of a: other under the exercise of the revenue pow
er, which gave us so much trouble under the old Con
itution. IM UI ler the t ew. We al
low toe imposition ol no duty with a view of giving mi
t ivantage to one class of j<er*o..s. in any tra>le or In-:
tic.s*, over those oi another. All, under our sysu ui,
• t d upon the .-.line broad principle of Defect equab
ly. Houe-t labor and enterprise ..re l*fl tree and uurc
-tricted in w i.at* ,er pur-ui* they may be engaged in.—
Hi.-subject came well t qh causing a rupture of the old
Cu.on, under the had of the gallant l'.JuieUo State,
vldeh lies ou our border, in lsdii.
This old thoru ol the turiif, which was the cause
of so much irrt ation in the old body politic, is re
aovid foievir frt m the lew (Applause.) Agon: the
mlj ct ot iutert: d improvements, under the power ol
i\n gre>» to regulate commerce, i- put at re.-t und.r out
.vs:era. The power claim* d by construction under the
oM Com itution, was at least a doubtful one—it re ed
<i c'.v upou co: struc'ion. W * of ,,-e t* jjth, B„.er, y,
apart from eot. iuei.t.OuS el .OOsUtutiOt al pli'rn’-.
opposed its extrai-. upon gro,,.ulsol expediency a: .'j .
•i e S' ot w i i • i. * t ii i ■ thopposition, Milhous ot mu. ->v
•a the common Treasury,had bed; drawn out for such pur
uutcs. Our opposition sprang :zcm no hostility in eon -
ui ree, or all ucve-sary mds ler facilitating it With *.
t was * • p:v i ii'teston, upt n i?Aui» l'*ch...d. n ahou'd
'il. lu ticorgl *■»;• v.*, we bad done as'much
•r ti e ua*0 ol io.ctnul ... movements a. any other pur*
•<m of the c netrv, aiaorditig to pvpul&'ion and means.
We have -[let. I i d out lines of rii^.,.1 »*,ot^ t'-o 3*-u
uoir.l to the Aiunu't,.lu- ivi«,>io*. .‘-v. t ills a^i| u led ..(>
e \sh vs ,t a . os. ol ..ol le * iau ».* ,,i•»«»,"* " Ail
Si.- was deli, to v'-,'Vi* Op up outlet tor Our produ !rt ol
l ci ;‘. rier, *i.,( tncje to the west ot us (u ttw-n the
arts ot tan world No S i e was III gr.ab-r III*, il ol
-u»di facilities I liar ficorgla, but w.* had rn* a-k*'l tiia'
•h. s.v a. ri. ' o' !*J ’ e nude bv »| [> Opiia io* -O' * •* the
common treasury. The . ns* ol f / a;.ir c. i«e‘a*t|wr
-iruc'.ure an 1 v ui,\„en.i ol ogf ro-.iu, Was t>t»r:.tt oy
tfio-e who euu It’d upon the CM* rp Iso. N«y, n.0-0 n»t
the cost oi the iron, no-m ill i:e:u iu'h ggi.g.'t
c ,,r, was borne in the same wav, but we were eou p* 1 * d
t, j,.\ .. i fee turnon treasury several i"> q d.
a- lor ti e ptlv.lc?** ol -moor Jr„ t*,e i.u'J ufvr the
price was ,kMi for t nurui * Wh n justice wu. •!*• re lu
‘aki: g this mon y, whic:. our people paid into ’ll • cum
rn i tr* i-i.i'V o.i the importation of our iron, and apply
m il to the in.proven cut of rivers and harbors e's. -
Tu< true pri .vtplu is l** -ut., vl u uti.cree ol cv- rv
. a i ', to w ;' .t. vci toUrJea may be m e ■ u y to ta. liiuite
i*. l! i . Charleston hat bar need' improve'cert,t ti-e
comiuvr.e ot vJn.uiv-tou u.wrthe burden. It li.ciuouih
ol the r>av .unah river has to be clear,* l o let f.v ;a .
g ling l itv ga'.io which is bent tided by i , heir f.c bur*
d n. So wi'h 'l.e u cu b of th*' A’ ibatna ,;:nl il » •.-:(.*
p liver . J ust as th; pro iuets of the .u.er'xr, on* cot
ton, wheat, cum and other articles, have to bear the
n .*' , :a'0 oi freight over our railroads fo reach the
as. This i- again the broad principle ol p< rlcet Ciitu.i*
I; ati.1 jusneo. (Applause i And it i-*p*cully held ioiili
aud esla dished IU otir now Ooil-Utuno::.
at other feature to which 1 will allude, is that the new
Cati-titutio provides that Cabiuvt Ministeis and heads
ol Ivpartui ;.ts shall have the privilege of reals epuu
the floor of the Senate Mid House ol K pn-eutitiyej
shall luv. I'.o right to iivliepaU in the d-bates uud
d -. u-.-i* i s epo.i the var itus sui.jcc - of i liuim [ration.
1 ,ut! 1 h v. pit!* ir.d that this provision should Lav.
i*o.i*. tar:her, and allowed the 1 ic.-idcul lo r-L-Ic.t hr*
on* tii'ii'.ot a! advis. rs lioiu the Set ate and House ol
K *>ri -• utu Ives Thar would have conformed entirely
>o i:.o :.e iu the IJrui'li I'aJliaineui, wnitn, hi my
iulpm-ut, is one of the wisest provl-ioi s iu the i!ri ht
I*lt ... Ji i- the on.v fc-tuie that suin' that (iov
•riitue'il. Ii *•» that whi.h ^ives it stability iu it- uciii
lv to change iU administration. Ours, as it is.i- a greal
approximation to the right principle.
Uutler the old CouMituiiou, * J*cerc:ary 01 the Ties
surv, lor instance, had ao opportunity, save by his a:i
n ..i' rcoorts, of pre-eutiug auy scheme or plan of tiu met
or other matter. Ho h»d no opportunity of explaining
expouuding, euforciug or defciiuiiig his views of policy
Ins ot.iv n- ort was through the medium of au otguu
[n the British Parliament the Premier brings in Lb budg
.. id s and* before the uatiou responsible for its ever:
cm. Ii i* i' indefensible, be tall; before tits attack:
pon il, as |,e ought to. T'his will SO* be the ease to i
limited extent under onr system. Our head-of depart
ments can speak for themselves and the administration
a bv half ol its entire policy, without resorting to the ii
direct and Irgblv object enable medium ol a newspaper
It :» to be great y hoped that uaJer cur system we s la.
uever have wh it is kt own as a Government orgau.—
. Kapterou* app'auae )
Another char ge in tii > Constitution relates to tie 1* t g
of the mure ot the Presidential office. In the the net
o- -'itutou it is s.x veir- i: stead offour, ami the IV
sideut is rendered in l;g ble for a re-election. Tiiis iscet
lainlv a decidedly con* r»a;ive change. It will reinot'
from' the incumbent all temptation to use bisothceorex
ert the powers co;.tided to him for any otj cts ol perso
nal ambition. The only incentive to that higher ambi
uoa which shi uld more and actuate one hoi-hug tucl
high trus s in his hands will be the good ol the people
the advancement, prosperity, happiness, safety, bon.
and true glor? of the Confederacy. ^Applause )
But riot to be tedious iu euumcrating the uutuercu
changes for the better, allow me to allude to oue other
though last, not least: the new Constitution has put a
re-t, fortvtr »1! the agitating ijue"ions relatiug to ou
m-cuiiar institutions—African slavery as it exists an pugs
u—the proper itatu* of the negro in Qur form of civil > i
tim. This was’be itnu*diate cause of the late ruptur
and present revolution. Jefferson, in his forecast, ha:
anticipated this, as the "rock upon which the old l moi
would split.” lie wss right. What was the corjectur
with him is now a realised fact. Hut, whether ho full
comprehended the great truth upon which that roc
tioiti and atar<may be doubted. The prevailing idea
en ertai’.ed by him aud most ot the leading statesmen, a
the i.iu • ot the formatiou of the O.d Constitution, wir
that the ei.si ivement of the African waa tit vie
latum ol the laws 0( nature , that it was wroni
n prtuetpit, socially, morally aud politically. It was a
evil they kuew not well bow to deal with, but the g i t
ral opinion of ih* men ot that day, was that somcaoi
or other, in the order of Piovidenee,ihe institution worn
be evanescent and pass stay. This idea, though not it.
corporate^ in tha Constitution, wa* the prevailing idea a
the time. The Constitution, it is true, secured-every e
annual guiranlv to the insuiuti<>o while if should las1
and heroe no argument can be justly u*ed against th
constitutional gu.rautica thus aevured, because ol th
common seutiunut of the day. Those ideas, hrw»vei
• ere fundamentally wro; g They rested upon the a1
sumption of the i quality of races. This was au erroi
It was a sandy lonnuatiou, at 4 the idea of • Woven
meut b-idt upon it; wleti ti.e "storm nine and the win
blew, it /til."
Our new govf-rr.mtnt is fornd-d upon exactly the oj
posiM idea; its foundations are kid, iu corner stone resn
upon the great truth,- that tbe negro is cot equal to th
white man. That slavery—subordination to the superior
race, is his natural and moral condition. [Applause]
This, our new government, is the first, in the history
of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophi
cal anil moral truth. This truth has hern slow iu the
process of its development, like all other truths in the
various departments of science. It has been so even
among us. Many who hear me, perhaps, can recollect
well, that this truth was not generally admitted, even
■ withiu their day. The errors of the past generation still
1 clung to many a > late as twenty years ago. Those at the
North, who still cling to these errors, with a z»a! above
knowledge, we justly denoni'iiate lunatics. All ianati
* cism springs Irom an aberration of the mind; from a de
fret iu reasoning. It is a species ol insanity. One ol
the mast striking characteristics of insanity, in many in
stances, is, forming correct conclusions, from landed or
• i erroucous premises; so with the aa/i-«/«wry fanatics;
their conclusions are right if their premises are.—
i j They assume that the negro is equal, aud hence
■ conclude that he is entitled to equal privileges
' a id rights with the white man. If their premise were
1 correct their conclusion would he logical and just—Imt
their premise l> ring wrong, their whole argument fails.
I recollect cnee having heard a gentleman from cue
. of the Northern tit ttes, ol great power and ability, au
. i ounce in the House of Representatives, with imposing
< ffect, that we of the South wo Id be compelled, ulti*
' mately, to yield upon ih • subject of slavery, that it w as
as impossible to war successfully against a principle in
politics, as it was in physics or mechanics. That we,
. in maintaining rl ivory as it esists with us, were warring
against a principle, a principle founded in nature, the
principle of the equality of man. The reply I made to
iria was, that upon his own grounds, we should suecet d,
and that lie an t bis associates in their crusade against
our institutions would ultimately lull. The truth an
nounced, lh.it it was as impossible to war successfully
against a principle in politics as in physics and
mechanics, I admitted, hut told him, that it was he und
those acting wiih him, who were wairing agai.ist a prin
ciple. Thi y were attempting to make things equal
which the Creator Lai made unequal.
Iu the ooi diet thus fir, success lias been on our side,
complete throughout the length and breadth of the <’on
lederate Stales. It is upon this, as 11 ave stated, our
social fabric is firm y planted ; and 1 cannot permit my
self to douht the ultimate success of a full recognition
of this ptiuciple thioughoul the civilized and enlighten
ed world.
As I have stated, the truth of this principle may he
slow in devciopcinent, as all truths are, and ever lu.vc
bei ii, in the various biauehes of science. It. was so with
Adam Smith and his principles of political economy.—
It was so with liarvey, and his theoev of the circula
tion of blood. It is stated that not a single one of the
medical profession, living at the time of the announce
ment of the truths made by him, admitted them. Now,
they are universally acknowledged. May we not there
fore look with confidence to the ultimate uuivcisal ad
knowleriginent of the truths upon which our syst-m
rests. It is the first govi ri incut ever instituted upon prin
ciples in strict coutormity to nature and the ordination of
1‘rOvidcuce, in furin.-hing the materials of human socie
ty. Many governments have been founded upon the
princ'p’e of certain classes ; but the classes t.ius enslav
ed, were ol the same race, and in violation of the laws
of Nature. Our system commits no such violation of
N iturt- s laws. The uegro bv nature, or bv thn cur-c
against Canaan, is fitted for that condition which he oc
cupies in our system. The architect, in the conduc
tion of buildings, lays the foundation with the proper
inatcri d—the grauite— theu comes the fttick or the mur
ine. The subs raturn of our socic’v is made of the ma
teria! lilted by nature for it, and by eincricr.ee we koow
that it is bo-e, not only for the superior, but for the in
ferior race that it should K>: so. It is, iud-ed, it. con
formity with the ordinance of the t'rea'or. Ic is t.ot
for u* to inquire into the wisdi tu of his ordinances or to
question th* w- For his owu purposes he has made one
race to differ from another, as helms made " ta • star
to differ from another star in glory.”
Tire great objects of humanity are best attained, when
conformed to bis laws and decrees, in the formation of
governments as wiII ns in all things t Ise. Our (.'or fede
racy is founded upon principles in sfr'ct conformity
with laws. Th’ts stoce which was r.j eted by the fir.-t
builders •* i* become the chief * one of the worrier” in t
cur new edifice. (Applause )
I h-.v t... .. asi •.■ the futur*7 It has been I
..by Cutr.e, that we would have orr/.yed ]
»&g*;:,»tus the civrbz‘d woild. 1 e.-re rot who or bow 1
uiir.y they m v be, wre i w. «t„! .1 upon the e « rnal *
j.rir.. iples of •rn'h *« are obliged and rru ' tr 'tta.-h.—
(immense uppl.ru-c )
lY.ousan It. :>f p. »ple, gp t>; uriderrtaL.l v'lesi
truths ar-* . o. !e:c!; ..fit of the ; ln-5’; they do
i ot sov the..i ... li;eir‘ length and bread,h. Wenw.r
I much of the tiviii/.i'!on and elitist!*’.: i* liou ol thebar
l. i ous trib-s of .-afri-a. tn n.y judo; uc-tit.tl.Osc end.. will
never tye ,tu,.... n..t !■. t.i -i t. ac' it g tin m tholes
u:i taught to A-latn, that “by tin *e..t ol l y oro*
-tali titou.sc mead,*’ (af.pl sine i and t. at.'ng them ro
work and teed and clothe ;b»»ns» Ives. Ifut tQ piles 0:.,
—., bav j:Cipounttcd the enquiry, wlp-tln r h i> pr u •
livable foi us to goon with the l,oi,f.:dcMe< •,'ibo,:t fur
iiter accesdo: s, Have v.e tbe • an. "Ability t«»
mail, .i l l a'io .lity •:,'«« p6\fer.- OJ lilts earth?—
On tins uouM* L.u> ly s y. 'hat so anxious us
we u ,,V' ii .,. at .;to, ’or tin- bord. I SuU with il.
‘ stitu'iotis slu.i.r wi hours, to pin to, still we at abum
in sir ail to maii.i,i:i eu' position, < ven i tb« . .Uoull
ul'iu.at1.)'n.uke i p their minds ’ ;.l ... r . jl f!.. i dost',
nv with our.*. Tbsi t! , utbt.fv will ’„i, I.-e<>n>
i> 11 t dv :',v ir coi.fi lent b.l '..but we ean move on
vv.' • wiT wrb. .r tfiim, rviii il tiny should trot.
\V« bav. nil T C essential clement*. a l.» ;H national ca
reer. Tf.ei.i.ahis been / ’ven o.r at the Jv'. ...., ai d i
even i:i the Bo:dvr States, t> it y t^o s,....il slid too |
• : tity, T
mistake, in .’ lit o; tci'tory we r n.Vra. • ' i,"«"
. urc mil-. ..ml upwards. Tt* :• is u|rwai^s ttf y '
s . . no 'nil r more than WqS ...pitch'd within tho Jim 'r of
t i -original thittvvu 1* tm r.r. a of country
•t.„- n.atr .iuubt ihe territory ol France or the Au- lTmi
mpire. France, in torn. 1 numbers, ha- bin. i:t -t.• *
-q : ire miles. Austria, in runud numb, re, Ins •_
,, . re miles. O.iN i* *ir< ai*r than bolli combined. It
a’er :t. u a l Fi auev, Spain, I’ortugnl and Great liri
t;, ii, ineludii g Kngbtud, Ireland and Scotland together.
In population *«' have i.pw irihs ol live millions, aeoord
i ig to the t emus of Is’.. •, ti. a uislud.* wrlii'c and black.
Tire entire population, ini’ladillg white al.ll black, ol the
. riginal thirteen Siatas, was toss l! an I.•— iu
a:.d ,-tiii less in *V«i, when th.e indt pel.deuce of ..trial Lets
was achieved, it they, with a l.-s population, dared
mai:.'-in their independence agatt'S' t'.e gre*t< »t power
on earth, shall we have at, apprehension of maintaining
ours now V
In pair t of material w.-alth and resources, we are
griutlviu advati. of them. T « Isxabb- properly of
t-e Cotrftd. ift'e Stales c.m.nt be b-s. than .’kj^.i'n
it.i». This, 1 think, 1 venture but little in saving, may i ij
con idered as fire liui s mote ll.a i the c’-'toines pos
sessed at ti.o Tune tliry achieved their ind. uetidence.—
Georgia alone possessed ^a.-t ye .., according to the re
po, tot our Ooi«p!io!ler-%fiueriil, »..’rJ,iaW'.‘ 'll ol tux .
| tile property. 'I’iie deb a of (he seven ContederuU'
I State» sum up iu the aggregate less than jlS,"•>.>,mar;
WDi:e lUC * feldllUg UCUi* ux iur uiiiti »u uiv me I'Uiwu
St»ws sum up in the aggregate the enormous uuiouut of
SlVl.' tiO.Hi'W This is without taking into the account
the heavy city debts, corpora iou debts aud railroud
debts, which press, and will continue to press, a heavy
laeubus upon the resources of those States. These debts,
adi'd to o her., make a sum total not much UuUer >•>>>*',•
n. i' i.ni. With such an area ol tiititory—with such an
amount of population—With u cl:mate and soil unsur
passed by auv uii th» face of the earth—with such rc
:ourcos alreadv at our command—with productions
which control the come erce of the world—who can en
tertain any app eheua ens as to our success, whether
others join us or not ?
It is true, I believe, I stafe hut tb«-common sentiment,
when I declare mv caroc.i de-lre that the Horder Stales
; should j vln ua. The d Il .ieueea of opinion that existed
amongst us auterioi to secess ou, related more to the po’
iev in securing that result by co-operation than from uny
, tiillerence upon tbe ultimate security we all looked to in
These d.fleroncra of opinion were more in reference to
policy than principle, and as Mr. Jefferson said in his in
augural, in 18** 1, after the heated contest preceding his
e!ect;ou, there might be differences in opiniou without
differences on principle, and that all to some extent had
been Federalists, and all Republicans ; so it ' ;»y uow be
, said of us, that whatever differences Ot Opi iiou as to ti e
best policy in having a oo-operatiou with our border sia
' ter Sia'cs, if the worst come to the worst, that as we
were all co-operatiouists,we are now all for independence,
j whether they coipe or not. ^Gonti^uci} applause.)
[u this connection I take tbu occasion to slate, that l
[ was not without grave »ud serious apprehension, that if
r the worst came to tue worst, and cutting loose from the
i o‘.‘ Govrrnment would be the only remedy for our safe
ty and security, it would he attended with much more
, serious ills,than it has been, as yet Thus far we have sier.
I none of those incidents which usually attend revelutionr.
, No such material as such convulsions usually throw up
. has been -Qcn, Wisdom, prudence and patrioiism have
marked every step of our progress thus far. This angers
well for the future, aud it is a matter oi sincere gratifies
\ lion to me that I am euabled to make the declaration, of
t ths men 1 met iu the Congres® at Montgomery, (1 may be
, pardoned for »sy>n^ this,) an abler, wiser, a more con
_ * rvaiiAP, deliberate, determined, resolute and patriotic
, boly of men I never met in iuy life, fGreat uppiau-e )
] T ir works speak for them; the Provisonal Government
speaks lor them , the Constitution ol the peruia:>ent Gov.
, eminent will be a lusting monument ol their worth, mer
j it and atatcruiauship. Applause j
Rut to return to the queetion of the future. What ii
l to be tbe result of this revolution ?
Will everything, commenced so well, continue as it
i has begun » In r-. ply to this anxious enipiiry I can only
s say it all depends upon ourselves. A young man start
i) ing out in life on bis majority, with health, talent and
, ability, under a lavoring Providence, may be said to be
- the architect of his own fortuues. His destinies are in
. ),i* own bands. Ue may make for himself a name of
• honor or dishonor, according to hi. own acts. If he
J plants himself upon truth, integrity, houor and upright
ness, with industry, pa ience aud energv, he cannot fail
- of success. So it is with us: we are a young Republic
hast entering upon the arena of nation ; we nill be the
• arcfke.t of our own fortunea. Our deatioy, under Fro
videnco, is in oir own hands. With wisdom, prudenc
and statcsnianslip on thcpirtof our public men, am
intelligence, virtue and patriotism on tbe part of th
people, success, to tbe lull measure of our most ran
guuie hopes, may be looked for. Rat if we become di
vided—if echeni.'s ari-o—if dissentiona spring up—i
factions are engendered—if party spirit, nourished b;
unholy personal ambition, shall rear its hydra bead,
have no good to prophesy for you. Without intelligence
virtue, integrity and patriotism, ou the pirt of the peo
pie, no republic or representative government cau b<
durable Or stable.
We have intelligence, and virtue, and patriotism. Al
that is required is to cultivate and perpetuate these. Iu
telligence w ill not do without virtue. Franco was a tm
tion of philosophers. These philosophers became Jacr
bins. They I ickt-d that virtue, that devotion to morn
prnciple, aud that patriotism which is esseutiai to good
government. Organized upon principles of perfect jus
tice and right—set king amity and friendship with al
other powers—I see uo obstacle iu the way of our up
ward and onward progress. Our growth, by accession!!
Irotn other States, will dopin'! greatly upon whether we
prer-ent to the world, as I tr list we shall, a better govern
ment than that to which they belong. If wo Jo this,
North Carolina, T- nnessee and Arkansas cannot hesitant
1 ng; nither cau Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri. They
will necessarily gravitate to us by an imperious law. Wo
made ample p ovision iu our Constitution for the admis
sion of other Siate-; it is more guarded, and wisely to, 1
think, than the old Constitution on the sauiesutject, but
not tob guarded to receive them as fast as it may be pro
per booking to the distant future, and, perhaps, not
very distant either, it is not beyond the range ot pos-i
bility, and even probability, that all the great St iles ol
t!i ’ Northwest shall gravitate ibis way as well as Tet ues
see, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, .vj. Should they do
so, our doorj are wide cuoug'i to receive them, but not
until they are ready to assimilate with us in principle.
The process of disintegration iu fie old Union may
be expected to go on with almost absolute eert.iinty.—
We are now the nucleus of a growing power, which, if
we are true to ourselves, our destiny and high mission,
will become the controlling pow»r ou this continent. To
what extent accessions will go on in the process ot lime,
or where it will end, the future will determine. So lar
as it concerns States of the old Union, they wili be upon
no such principle of rtcoiutruetion as now spoken ol,
but upon reori/nHizdlioH and new ass mil.ition. (bond
applause ) Such are some of tbe glimpses of the future
as 1 catch them.
Hut at first wo must necessarily meet with the incon
veniences and dillicultirs and embarrassments incident
to all charges of government. These will be felt iu cur
postal affairs aud changes in the channel of trade. These
inconveniences, it is to bo hoped, will be but temporary,
aud must be borne with patience aud forbearance.
As to whether we -.hall have war with our late confed
erates, or whether all nutters of diflercucrs between us
shall be amicably settled, I can only say, that the pros
pect for a peaceful adjustment is better, so far as 1 utu
informed, thuu it has been.
The profp?ct ol war Ls at least not so tlireatcnii g as
it has been. The idea of coercion, shadowed forth in
President Lincoln’s inaugural, seems not to bs lollow.d
up thus far so vigorously as was expected. Fort Sum
ter, it is believed, will soou be evacuated. What ccur.-e
will be pursued towards Fort P.chens and ttien'her fort
on the Gulf, is not so well understood. It is to l>j
eraatly desired that at! of them »hout J he surrendered.
..... Vi'j .«• ^ «V» VI M ..... fc- V aV 'ltll, ll'll Wltll
tlio world. All matters n luting to the public property,
aublic liabilities of the Union when we wete in tubers of
it, we arc ready and w iling to adjust anil Fettle, upon
the principles of right, equality and good faith. War
can be of no mere benefit to the Xortt. than to us. The
idea of coercing tin, or subjug ring us, is u terlv prrno.*
terous. Whether thu intention of evacuating lo. t t um
'< r is to be tcceivcd as «u evidence of a desire for
a peaceful solution of our diflicultiea with the Uni
ted States, or the result of necessity, 1 w.ll nr* un
dertake to say. I would fain hope the former, tfumois
are ulloat, however, that it is the re. _J, cl' nrceseilv._
All ! ean say to you, therefore, on that jK>iiit is, keep
Tout armour bright your powder dry. (Enthusiastic
Xliu s.nv-t way to secure i :i-e, is to ‘how vour ability
•o itiaur.ain your rights. The principles ajid’posttio of
th ■ ) reseat Administration of the United .. ,ti-s—the Kr
publican party—present sotpe p -c’iug que.-tions. While
i is a lived principle with *U* ui, never to allow the in
.. ;-e: of alaye territory, they seem to b.
* .,'i .Sly ‘i termi-cd not to rart with «:i Stic t “of the a< -
curt 1 sNotwithstanding their clt-in • ageicst thi
in .ti'u'.iou, they wem to baupidliy opposed io geiiiiig
men , or letting go what they have got. Tnev wete ready
to fight on thu i ecCF-iou ol T cm, „uJ are equally ruai.y
to light now on her aeceasiuo. Why „ u,h>? How e?.u
t is strange paradox he account) d fori' Tr-oie seen., to
be but uh» solution—aid that is, nouiths: ..diuj- imn
profcs-iot'S ol huunuiity, tin y arc di.-;:.,'^ ,i to -ive up
the ben. tit- tin y derive front mbo». Tbeii pi il.n
mropv yields to it.a.. .U.ic.,1. The idea ol tuloreirg
: i»- Iiw , 1 .. vile Object, mi.il th.it is a collection ».t
. c isv'h, Y-'c' "I by al.rc labor, 10 HWoll t!ic fuud iiev* ,
s try to nt-ot their heavy appnpriations. Th( apuir is
wi.r tbev arc after-though thev ona.i. aroin the labor
the s'avv. (Continued nci^-c )
Mr. f-TKi i.»ss ri vie ,cd at FOi.iu iCuglli, the exlr.iva
gai.ee iirc^gaov o. appropriation! by the Ongrer
id tie U'tiite 1 lor several years past, tuJ in ibis
coat eo'-iOh look ocv'tsiou to allude to »ii tin , epo of the
giea'. t ,rovtiiienti in our uew CoDhiithiion, which Ls a
clause, irolnbitirg Uongre-.s npptopiUtip.g ary
111 on. y Pom III. Tr.-a, except by a two-thirds vote,
uni* - it be avi.io oh-ect, which tne e .i outive uii\ say
. .rief .m V, 'o carry on the liuvcrnmeul.
Win i. ili t. sr.sk d for, and estimated, hu continued,
tin* majority n. i appropriate. Tills was a new feature.
Our Iw'bcra had guarded the asst .-.-inent of taxes, bv
insisting that repren illation and taxation should go to
r’ iher. Tiiis was inhetilcd Ironi the Mother Uou itrv,
Kng'Aml. It was <n.e of the principle! upon which'Wo
ilev. lu' on had been lough’. Our fathers *|.-» provided
.:i th old l'o. -titution, that ell apmaiiibytiwn dills should
originate in lh<- Representative fountli of Congress, but
our new UonMitutieu w[;»iy« step further, and guarded,
t.ot only the pockets of the people, but also the public
iuQ h'J, after f. was taken from their pockets.
lie alluded to the dilliculties and eniluirraastur vis,which
reeimd to surround the question of a praoeiul solution
of the controversy with the old ^overnuient. How ean
it be done? is preph k bg many minds. Tim President
-c-emsto think that he canuot recognize our indepen
dence, imt ca.i he, with, and by the advice ol the Senate,
| io so. The Coas'i'u ion makes no such provision, A
eticral Convention ot all the Slutis h-s been suggealed
by sonm.
Without proposing to solve the difi-ulty, he barely
made the 1 oliou.it c suggestion :
That ns tlie admission of Slates by Congress under the
Constitution was an act of |eg slation, and in tlm nature
of a contract or compact between the States admitted
and the others admitting, why should not this contract
or couipict bo regarded as of lil-e character with all oth
er civil contracts—liable to be rescinded by mutual
agneluent ol both patties? The seceding States i.a.e
rescinded it on their purl. Why cannot the .xhoto ,,uf
lion ho settled, it the Ninth desire neacu, -.imply by the
Congress, in both branches, w'tlt the concurrence of the
President, giving their consent to the separation, and a
recognition ol our independence. This he merely of
fered us g suggestion, as one ot the ways in which if
might be done with much lest violence to the construc
tion of tiie Constitution than many oilier acts q( fat
government. (Applause) The difliculty ha-, to be solved
in some way or other—this may be regarded as a fixed
fat t.
Several othf r points were alluded to by Mr. S , partic
ularly as to the policy of the new government towards
foreign nations, aud our comrnt rcial relations with them
Free trade, as far as practicable, would be the policy oi
this government. No higher duties would bo impose!
01 foreigu importations ihau would be necessary to sup
port the government upon the strictest economy.
In o'deu times the olive branch was considered the
emblem ot peace, wewillseud to the nations of theeirtl
another and far more potential emblem of the same, the
Cotton Plant. The pre-fent duties were levied with i
view of meeting th‘‘ present necessities adJ exigencies
in preparation tor war, if ueed bt; but if we have peace
aud be hoped we might, and trade should resume its pro
per course, a duy of ten per cent, upon foreigu importa
tides, it was thought, might be sufficient to meet the ex
pcnditnrt s of the government. If some articles shouli
be left ou the free list, as they now are, such as bread
stuff , Ac., then, of course, duties upon others would havi
to be higher—but iu no event to an extent to embarrasi
trade and commerce. He concluded iu an earnest ap
peal for union aud harmony, ou the part of all the peo
pie, in support of the common cause in which we wen
all enlisted, and upon the issuis of which such great con
ac<|>iencc8 depend. •
If, said he, we are true to ourselves, true to our cau=e
true to our destiny, Pue to our high mission, i t presert
ing to the woild the highest type of civilization ever ex
hibited by man—there will be fouud in our lexicon n<
such word as Fail.
Mr. Stephens look ins sent amid a burst of enthusiast!
aud applause, ruch as the Athei in mi lias in ver bad dis
playe l within its walls, within ‘’the recollect ou of tin
i-l lest inhabitants.”
Your Reporter begs to state, that the above is not t
perfect teport, but only such a sketch of thu add:MS o
Mr. Stephens as embraces, in his judgment, the mos i
portaul points preseuted by the Orator. (i.
Foithirn Baptist Convention.—The biennia! Con
vention of the B«p'-ists of the Southern States will mec
in Savannah on tbo 10th of May next. It has charge o
the Board of Missions, foreign and domestic, and nltu
of the Bible Board. From all the t-lavi-hclding States i
will bring together some of the lead! g men of the dc
romination. Its sessions usually embrace about fou
davs, including a Sabbath. Dr. Richard Fuller, of Bal
tiiuore, is the f’r< si dent.
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to the assortment, kn>w.n? the opn»*tantty an excellent one t >
I pur« I.ddc good Pthrica, made up In the In at manner The Fleck
lent* rare oj portunUDs.
Dris* Coats !b*e#kin Pints Marseilles Y<stf
Frock do Pane/ Cu<* Pants F.lk do
Luiliitsi Cokti Gusts eft Vests Csshmere do
Phil W Gloves f o.'Urs
Draws P'ickd Neck Ties
llsudkerMefs bhavrs, Mcxrfs
All elected at t’ v best in&’ k* k > for R» tall Trade.
Vis'tlng the r!tv forPprfn; port hsset are Invited to an rxxmlna
nati n, ;. w«‘think noney can b? made, and we offer these In
dac«menU for the \ u p se of raising money.
W fe TUPMAM, Agent,
mh&ft 1l»tk M .!n Mtr* et
Y i V. inPOIITAUON - gaol Freud I
Chin* Dini ' t •» id Tea Pet , .'o Li Ware. While Granite I in
r-er and Tea Pets, J?pan*d To let Ware. Housekeeping goods,
l.aap*, A*;., to which we invite the attention of \ u chase*
mhl’2 Corner Utli and Uroad Bireets.
S5 St N\8 <:<.-* i 4r .** rrti:'i U r.-**»* shire
f 7 , pin »1 i ts; I • * • U
1 ihipMI*ii ea," d!i . t from rT.gl? .1. r • tah 1 y
: »I), DA VPN I HH A 00.
JNM I \ ( IldUL Ikf.l 5-'. —A a i . i i reni-dy tat
X 1 *tul f .»!,* 1*.
D0\K .« 00 ' , •
I A, t<. I ritn 0.1 i
i' M W Al LA01 BOMfl
Vy .’ >•' t^i RU, Coffee,
At .lij, I.t|tt3yi» Coffee,
In -■ ... uu 1 tot La « by
|’m“' l‘lt* ri’LA.niMt A llum.l) l..r
My .. heniiiH 11 nil. • " • li.v t. hil.ii'i.,ii i t M deal
l*r..V ylnii, and ( ■ ... lull ria< oil. urulr . r • It tIII.’ R runrt
tlini, to lb.' E.'tXu )*ff| y laiiil,n a ir ...1 nlu.iblr and aitrroatl,
).rr(,.r»'l,.n i • ( Hljiid* -f rroyyliinlQf, «h r’i K,a KctDiil,.
■ -, ’,v ar 1 vu • fully hi* d in bur* ,nd America, in ihr ',, m*
•m, a. of' t,!-, *!■*. TJd? i* not a i|ua -k no.t ruiu. and al I blr IL
liom as tn d-.jr. Ar., arromn niny ra.'b t.otll •
MKAOb » l! KbR. i'harmarvrctists,
ui.10 1 "I Main M , cor. a bote P. O.
\\ \ :.l ■. t:t.E BOOK. M (John) C
, ial Stalls,i. », a Iby. al of th* Proilt'.t'llvo Kiaoi'ro*1*,, Pont*
lucr. lal. I. .i,.al i u.1 on T nlf, yaUon. I’Mt n ,1 if i -
antinr l.aa i, itnl •-», t Id. Ia.| t« and Cxnorl ■, and liir
Mi.i-ms, ll‘' t|!,l« uil Menur*' * ail nallnna, Including .ill I'r i
l.h t'nw ii, err ial Tn at I. a, a h Korolyn r I.W.,\ ,.l» , V.. Vir. i*ii, 1
Iny, l.n'idun iduion, I .Saic.it RANOOI.Pil'd
niliitO liooksbirr and Iliod, tr.
( 11.0V ts balElt, for »r.l ■ by
V .' R‘J!,r.RTS«»N A ROl.URr.J.
Cary and IkU Ir t
IIILH Ul\ BOOKH foraaleat
ill i MEAT k JOllNbTON’tt Konbatnre,
k 1*1.11, Vl.tl.A ’/.INCH r-r. Ivlny and fa - tl.- al
ml yd WEST A JOHNSTON’S Uookatorr.
I A Ol EV mill RriillrKrii'a AV ril iim •>i«|»rp mill
J Fit velopcn. .1 with th»ir lnltl,la, at
lull .lb WEST A J j!l Nsro.V.H llonkslore.
< 1M»THIN(i AT WHOLKKiUE. We >.-.|.rrl'«ny
\ J Invite the aiitnlirit of country mr,-chants to cnrlufe anil
att.acUvv .lock of
tel: of which hm heeu inunuU fur# d by ourselves in super! jr «t\l.»,
under ir re*»t »»l\;k snd roofferid upon the UK>kt liberal ter a. s.
An • xstuinaki n is respeclfullv sol citcd.
V <i. RVOL >
1.1. .M bids, prune N. O. MoKss*%
'i'o us. “ k. J. do. In ilon snd for p«tvc* h;
C1LOv3{H d l usbeis prtm« Clover Meed, ^niij
I fv - - \
Will I t%K *«WITK U'AUG. SKW ikIPGJtT tflv >
v v Til A l»III KLKV M CO. I-,7 Main Street, ir- nor rv.
ceniag pur ship Pciren fn m I Iverpool, dirt cl to Ci y I* Out, * fui
Ti a Tollri ware, whlrh *«• fl\ r far**lr at the lowe*»i *
u.ixitt i‘H4im.A *11x1;,
r | All 10 valuable mj.jiI l* now presented, la a form ready for Irn
1 mfilial- uav, wMrb «l l commend l-Sr-lf to the suilcrlng | a
Hoot an I t-.lha medical pracUtloiu t, ah . majlfiel :lt posed in te»
Ita valuable remedial |- -wera. It will be seen by 'ty,0 Circular tha
accompanies It, lhat It baa stood the most rigid test at lliu Penn
•yivaula ll< spltal and elseahtrb
mb'.*lt —ill ni__ _41;, and Franklin Rts.
av pt’bCHiMio ruaia
10^ MAIN 81REET.
Where for morr than twenty years first class Goods have beet
sold at right prices.
XZTI {emombei'.fJ
They Warrant every article they sell, and offer at all limes the
“A Word to the Wise !"
on at favorable terms as the article can hr Imported for, fif
ty packages 01, V and ri pipes) of pure and best quality PRENCli
BRANDY, of our own Importation.
Isrsk KIILN. OLD RYK WHISKY, of superior quality, It
• Ml store and for tale by ffel»]_M, JONES.
IEA D.—Bars and Pigs, for sale by
100 *1A*'*^ BIH-B- of Wood's liortii Carulina Family Kje ltei
40 half hbls of North Carolina Family Shad
8 bbls of Wood’sN. 0. Family Cat Herrings
8000 lbs of Mountain Buckwheat
80 hags Frost Buckwheat
10 tubs of superior Fr«- h Batter
10 chants of do Green and Gon.Powder Teas
Baking Powdrrt
George A Jenkins family L rd;
Queen City Hama
Family Flour
B ile-1 l!ay, Bran, Brownntnff, ShlpstuQ
Clean Oats and Corn, Ac., for sale by
ocBI Oor. Broad and Tth Streets. o-jposlte th» Theatre
| J\. FIELD and Family S tueage, Jolea Ml) Sides, in a-orr au-l
foi sale by W. H. PLEASANTS,
ja'JJ 1ftth Street.
IgA HULK. PORTLAND STROP. In storeanTfor sale by"
•>U Trig M JONES.
CilfAJlIslin SKINS.- or aalebv JAB. P. DUVnL,
/ 144 cor. Main and loth at*.
f S'NLOVKIt SKKIS.—I'-o bushels prime new Clover See-I Si
sale by
• nd-’f- A Y. STOKES 1 CO.
li supply just received and fur sale by
. SH.’IKN A MlsJ.IR,
mhA Corner 11th ami 0*T,y street-.
IO.NIH-N poll IKU. an Casks tlloberfa, fur ante by
I)IIIT It!! PH A MBS.—We keep const iintlp a varlr
and larse srs-rtm: nt of oval and sqiare, plain end ornarn*
tal frames, and w 11 make to order aoy desired site. All o. if .
entrusted to ns will receive prompt attention.
mh9I __UJMaloakre'tt.
f f'lANTON CHINA.—Now ops n'ng further additions torn
r \J st.ck of Cinton China, making li now vtry compute tho
Id want wUl please tail, THUS. A. BL'bKLEY g CO.
Nervous Headache!
All Kinds of
By the use of these Pills the periodic si tacks of Xervous or Met
Headache may ho prevented; end If taken at the eotntrence
ment of an attack Immediate relief from pain and ilckueei will he j
They seldom fall In removing the Alt mm and Headache to
which female* are so subject.
Th *y act gently upon the bowels,—removing On tieeness
For 1.Unary Mint, Student*, Delicate Females, and all perse ns |
of sutaniarg haldte, they are valuable ae a /*ix<itltr, tmproylrg
the ajyietUe, giving 0>rie and vigor to the digestive <rg»ns, aid ,
reatorlng tlie natural elasticity and strength of the whole system. |
The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of long inseatigatlon and
care'u'ly conducted experiments, hav.ng been In use many years, j
during which time they have prevented and relieved a vast |
amount of pain and sulfering from Headache, whether origina
ting In the nerrous system or from a deranged state of the
stomat h.
They are entirely vegetable In their composition, and may be ta
ken at all times with perfect safely, without mak tig any chan ye of
diet, and the absence of any disagreeable late, render* tie*uy
It1 administer them to children,
The genuine have five signatures of Henry C. Spalding on each
Hold hy Druggists and all other Dolors In Medicines.
A box will be sent hy tnxll, prepaid, on receipt of the
I'lfK’F, 25 C’KN’I’S.
All orders should he addressed to
48 Cedar Streets New Vork.
As these Testimonials were unsolicited hy Mr. SpaLI
iso, they afford uio/uestionahle proof of the efficacy
of this irnly scientific discovery.
Mi.v xvii.us, Cot*., Fth. 8,1 SCI.
Ma. hPiUdSO,
I have tried your Cephalic Pilla, and llike them no well that I
want yon to lend me taro dollar* worth more,
j Pari of these are for the neighbor*, to whom I gave a few out of
[ the (Irtt box I got from you.
Pend the Pllli by mall, and oblige
Your ob’t Servant,
liavaarwKD, Pa., Eeb. 4, 1*41.
Ma. Pm i Man.
I wl*h you to _»nd ine one more box of your Cephalic Pills, J
hit re rteeirrit a yre.it iterit of benefitfrom them
Your*, re pertfolly.
Pran a Carry, Wrvnwntn* Co., P*., I
January I* 1*41 |
D. C. Sour tart.
Viu w II | ! a- reed pi* two Sife, “your Cephalic Pilla. Send
th. ni Immediately, R »|-c fj'lv .our*,
P.S.—/hire io4it out for nj four Fill*, unit ml them tirn’
p.*u» Vaanox,Ohio, Jan. 15,1*41.
Uwcav O. Srtapma, I «q,
pi. a*e tto.t duel •••n i W'’d live recta, for whh I. tenJ me ai.< th. r
!• v r.f ,ou' Crphslb. Pills They Ifrch u!y the In'J it / ' re
ever t -Ini,
Direct ». STOVER, P M.
R.lle Vernon, Wyandot Oo /O.
lirvar.l.T, Mas*., lire, 11, 1* fl.
II. ft Pest Plan, Eat]
I ai-l ; , .-cii'.ari ;r l.i. al ■ w tells, to bring your (V
phalie Phi* more pal ular.v hi 'ore my . ustomen. If you have
anything of the ki d. please SCO.' I', me.
t»re ..f my eitslom, *v, who I* fcu’icri to leaere Rick It .’ad a He,
,u*u dig lasting two ih.yi ) tens co eJofnn uttitrkin mu /. out ty
your J Hi-, wld, I 1 sent her.
Respectfully your*,
Raa xotneecau Fakxanx Co., Ohio, I
J.muaiy 9,1*41 f
llsxiv C Se tt MHO,
Nn t* Cedar it , Tf. V.
In* sih:
Ifi.’h>*«"l find lw< nv n.e . 'fits, (''..1 for » h'. h send box of Cc
l-l.sll PI. I* " Pet. I U. address «*t «• x Wm l. Killer, Reynolds.
burg. Krari’.lln C.., Ohio. , . , . .
) i\ . .. t „ , >„i,’)n—rare lintihiim ahmnt <»
ait lifer.
Truly your*,
Yr;ti 4.xTi,Micn.,.,an. 11,1*41.
Mr. Prat ntxn.
Sm *
Not long “lt.ee I tei t lo you for a l or . f Cephalic Pills for tht
e ire of the V rious lleadarhe an I I' *tlv. T••_*». *r,l received tht
»*nir, and thoj lout to fleet on effect 11cut induced to eti.il /•”
Pie are send by return mall Direct to
A. R. WHKEhE*. ul v
Fpltlantl, Mich.
From the Ks miner, Norfolk, 4*1
Cephalic Hi:': accompli*’ the object for which th. 7 wt,< •,a‘*f'
vlr.: Cure of headache In all It* forma.
From the Feumtner, Norfolk, Fa.
Tliey have been tested Id more than a thousand can 9*. w'<h
tire sucres'.
From the Tiemorriit, St, iloud, Minn.
If you are, nr have Let n tr, iild.-d with the headache, pend lor *
box, (Cephalic Pilla,| so that you may have them In care of »•1 at
From the Adeerther, I'rorld- nee, R. /.
The Cephalic Phis are aalil to he a remarkably ef,-*etlw remedy
for thi header he. ami on.* of the very be-t for U at very frequent
complaint which has ever been discovered.
From the Western It. It. Oaz,tt», Chicago, III.
We heartily endorse Mr. Spalding, and his unrivalled Cephalic
From the Kanatoha Volley Sleir, Kanawha, Va.
We are su e that persons suffering with beada .-hr, who try them,
will stick to them.
From the So,them Path Fader, Mr,c Orleans, hi.
Try them I you that are afflicted, and »e are sure that your tes
timony ran I e added to the already numerous list that has recclv
«l benefits that no other medicine ctn produce.
From the St. lend* Democrat.
The Immense demand for the article (Cephalic Pills) Is rapidly
| koreatlng.
From the Gazette, Da ten port, Iowa.
Wr. Spalding would not connect his name with an article he did
notavn/./ to possess real merit.
From the Adrertiear, Protidenct, ft. /.
Tnef.fatlmony la their (aver Is strong, from the molt respects
I Ule-tuarters.
From the Daily Metce, Mrtcport, R. /.
Cephalic Pills are taking the place of all kinds.
From the Commerrtat Bulletin., Alston, Hatt.
gald to he very efficacious for the headache.
From the. Commercial, Ctm-tnnatl, Ohio.
Suffering humanity can now be relieved.
EV~A single bottle of SPALDING'S PREPARED GLCK will
save leo limes Its cost annually..jge)
jy1* .“mem* Tim Saw* Ni.va."_/gtJ
l As archie, 'ts "HI happen, even In well regulated families. It l
I very deslrab * to Lave some cheap and convenient way for repair
r Ing furniture . toys, Crorkety, Ac.
I _.11 tar|. emergencies, and no household- esn afford to b
wltlicut H. H f* always ready, and up to the (ticking point.
- run —A hruslt accompanies each Hnltle. Price 25 cent*
No. «S CkDAR SUeel, New York.
d --
•* As er rtain unpHa lpled persons are Attempting to palm off c
the unt impeding public, ImllaUona of my PREPARED GLCK,
would c wuUon all paeons to tiamine before purchasing, and si
~ that the MU name,
Is o* the outside wrapper; aU others art iwlndUag ooanlrrMM.
'I hr Only • Ifii c %v!m rc i» i'urran He Obtnlocd,
■ kB. JOVfKffOK I • <’!- rertd U • rest Certain, Ppatdy and
I *
Ha. k or Limbs, girictures, Affections cf • k ,* and H adder,
Involunl%ry Dwelltrg*s, Imp t< v *• •»« ra. b • b.ty, Krrvowa
r-.-*s, Dyspetn I», Langur r H, IHtl, C*;>f*»§ a o' H:<as Pstpk
dlneia, Disc tor of U»e Head, Throat, Nose A !• ciloa* of the
Uon..i.ouu h or R-wel* -fh<**eT-rri It It’s- ’.rr artsfog fr« to
the Solitary HabltsofY •-it • -t n. o^.Ury pan .is
tn re fatal to their victims tnan th* * os of Svwi.s the Mariana
denng marriage, Ac., iru; *’ hi*.
YuUbG IfrN
Hspeciahy, »’’o have > c >r.«* t- <■ \ ins f * I ‘-'v Tl« e, that
dreadful aodd*-iHrnetlv* habit which Minnally ewernato an intlm*.
ly grave th uiands of Young men of l* •• rxal tailed takots and
bri lUnt intellect oho tn gbt otherwise have eti’ran »d •-t : g
Senate*with the thunders of *|o«jt»cnre, or waked to ecstvcy the
living Iv r»* may call wiDi full conflden •*•.
Married Persons, or Young Men contemplating tnarrlay*, bring
aware of physical weakliest, organic dtbbiiy, deformlt *s, Ac.,
•p'-edlly cured.
lie who pluses klmself under ths care of Dr. J may re gd*• Gy
confide tn ri.v )m nor as a g -nt eman, a el confidently rely i pen Us
•kill as a Physician.
Imne *ia*cly Cored and Pull Vigor Restored. _
This Dreadful disease — wi eh render* l.»f* mlfersblc s« I Mar*
Indit'tf nee*. Young pern. n« ar- too %pl to ron.tnlt ci es-*» fr- m
not bcirg aware of Uic dreodfui''<inrci,.j . ni ee that mav rnaue.
Nof, t1 ill ODilriil Is the sol, • I pretend to <L fiy tha
the tiow-r »*f p»-creation Is lo*i * out by th**r fail r.g l»4« Im
proper I .th.*» t‘ an I y the pr -<ler.f * lie «.V lug depriv* 1 «*f the
pleasure of healthy offspring, the erst r*rlnus and det! urtlfl
symptom* to both body and mind arts-. Tl .• sjSt* m *-• c«*aes De
ranged, th*- Ptycical an ! Mental Pur.cf on* Weakened,!, w »1 Pro
creative P* wer, Nervnos Irritahlllie, I'gsprpaU. PaipHalt of t)ie
Ili-ait, I •'■r.t • ,
* I
. I
l eft hand side g1 ilng from Hsli'nor* nreet, a fi-w Joo't fs-m the
corner. Fail But to ol»s rvr nam- an l numhrr
Letters must he paid aid cot.tain a stamp. The Doctor'- Diplo
mas ha ir In Ms office.
Member Of the Rnyvt Hoik ;erf bury -fi, graduate fr r one of
t».? motti-ir.fr -rl Co‘l -*»f In thern’Se* Pl.t'-- end the greater
part of*lio|r life h«s * tan spent in the hospitals ..f 1. n-1 r., P*r
Is, Philadelphia and else ivl. ere, has i fft cr cd *'ci.- «»f th* most \s
Uv.ilsliing cures that w«-r* ever known; many i-- uMetl with *im.»ng
In the hea l am! ears when aaU-.-p, gr. t nrrv* usn< M, be up aUtui
e*l at md.lt n sound*, harh fulness, with fr- *juer.t blush r-g. at
tended K<>mtlimes wlJ* a derangement of mind, were cu »J im*
Dr J. addiewes all those who have Irgured thews Iver by Im
proper Indulgence an-l solitary hahiui, which ruin h**th bed) and
mind, until ii.g th*Mi for either l*usin «s, study, Sinit ty r mar
Tlif'se arc some of the sad and melan. l o y cfft <*tf produced by
I i
Palm In I? • P* ml, Dimne** of .High?, I --•* of M-ir* '» »r P. 4cr, l*«!
pitation of the Heart, Dyspepty, Nervous Lriiahillty, 1'eraage
m«r»* of the Digestive yuncli'iis, General Debility, FjmpUui* uf
Oonsumpllr n.
IIuta;x7 —Tlu- fearful effects on the mind are mu . to he
dread*.! I .'-a o' Memory, tVnfbs! mi -f ld«-as. Depression of Pplr
Its. Kvil Forch* lings, Aver dun t** Ho-.*ii*ty, Helf D *trust, hove »»f
Solitude, T mldity, Ac , ar* s. m r.t th *vds produced.
Thousands «*f pern >r * of all ages can now judge what I* the cause
of their.declil’ing health, h ig tin fr \ »e- •illuv *• k, pair,
ntrvous ar.*l einarfat d; having a --IngnUr appearanrr ai-out the
eyes, cough ami symptom* of consuni- U. n.
Who have Irjuri-d themie e* by a certain practice Indulged In
when alone a habit frequently learn I from tvil companion*, or
at school, the effec?/• f a hh arc n'ghtly fed, even when asleep,
and if n*,t cure«l rerders marriage Impossible, and destroys both
mind icd body, should apply immedia ly.
What a pity U.at a young man, the hope of Ms country, the
darling of hit parents, *hou d b*. suat- fc-.d from 4.11 r*r»«S| cU ac t
enjoyment* of life, hr t? *• con<enu--r.ce of deviating f , m i «th
of nature and Indulging In a ccrtali secret habit, tael pirsous
ml'lT, before coat , mpiakntf
reflect that a sound mind am! ho !y are the ra^ct necessary re-iulsl
tlonto promote cr-rroblal l.ipj.lr o. lad* I, without t; b-, tie
kurney through li'e becomes a weary pilgrimage; the rovj -t
rl.i' I)... 111. .1 ..
pair an-i fill' d with the m*1 !.o!y reflection that the .happiness of
soother become! bVvhted with our own.
When the misguided and Imp.udent votary of pleasure find* *• o
has imbibed th* Seeds of this painful disease, it too oflc j.*ns
that an ill-timed sense of shame, rr dread of dlscov-ry, d cr» t *n»
from applying to those » ho. from edu< Ati< u ami respect «l ity,( *n
alone befriend him. He falls into ththandsof the Igij r\tt and
l-signlng pretenders, who, i&oj*p«Me of curing, filch his p aid **y
substance, keep him trifling mo. t! aft»:r nn.nth, or a* long as the
smallest fe** can be obtained, and Ir. d***pa!r leave Mm wir i ruined
health t«» rich over bis gulling d!s.ipp«>mtm rt; or, by t *• u<** of
that deadly poison, Mercury, hasten th .* cor.stHotional syst-m of
thlsterrihlr diseaae, such as affection of the H**vl, Throat, Nose,
- •
rlod to bln d;ea Iful ■ 1 if c rings t y >• nding him to that undi»covcreJ
country from «rtin»e hoc rue no traveler return*.
Th** many thousands cured at this institution within the !a«t
eighteen yean, aud the numerous importa.il !%i*gie«l O, eratl me
performed by I>r. Johnston, wftnese** I by the report? soft - “duo**
and many * th r pap* n, n»»t: **s of which have appear-d s/atn and
again before ti.e public. I —si ie* hi* -tar. dag as agent l . u of
character and responsibility, Is a sufficient guKiantee t. U* af
Person* writing »■* *ul*l he particular In directing tf.»*lr etUrs to
hit Institution, in the f *i>.w g ma.-.iit
JOHN M. JO||\’RT0N. M. !>.,
Bjiiiln o.v le>ck l!o»p t1,
auitt—1y Baltimore. jdary'ard.
SOI m ( MANUl \CTI •
*1.4 > Hl»j>IOVi'l,'(:uupu.:it.'U C.li.-DO.
•• ■ . i -ii.it " • - . • •
u Sup I i i Li • • iCu. il
Atr.nioril* ) Al. >. <' *.nnV i, !*■ ■ I . t ■.
Tl..- R chni. " I V l i M ’. • . • I . .. • » r*tli.
Alio.r n*m .1 i ■ •'» Ii.o - ' I ■ ...... Al *<•
: ■/
tht* I3H* *1. • V ’ • full' »h>' I»U> .
I wn
Arm'III.:''! I ii!" PI • f;: »*• efli.ve If**
Buiicr.l'licAphale of Llir. ,i*ili at An. oi«i. -.i f.’ii I ‘ . ;i.«,
delivered f.-e ofih»i,.. in -tov t -*>* <r he rliy
The .Ufccw **111 wi>! h ' ri Mad or r. h»ve h po o rd durle|f
hepi»l., du HI .1, c >ru Oil*.'1'ot.v. 'vhI Ctt o.InV..
,lnl* and North Car. l! ..«. I> evinced hv It Urn merle and the
rapidly Inc eaelnr denial i .i.jr ccUlftrm.i ndi l.t V eix n, but
It !■ .1 «BU '1 r’ » f <
ao early day. I'ley.-.i" >••• fit* H* M!"*, or .
Weald v nc. Ale** lirbai nd,
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ilor. Merc! ant*
Ail uriien l»ii.ui| lly atutded t».
J II. POIVDKXTKH, l*i jprirtor.
B. HAKi MAN, «.nr ;U A. -i I
(t - f 0. Bor No. hil.
si. i. a nolle* t! it erery leu rdlent naed l r i_r
!.... ., »d Booth of Waaoa and W«i>nVUe
, 10KV - Th. u* rlh h..*• . n hui .l » lar^r an.l t#4
e<MB|.l*t« a.,. II .1.1 of B- I t .KRN MA.M fACTl^iKl) 11
HOODS-Cl.oh.*, l'' I- m.a m.I \ »t!n)t»,of n'l , •*<!.’•, ’r n> _JJL
ll.e fol owlr 1 not-.1 i: IID : CretAliow Mil ., K limood. Va., Milirr
A C.i ’»Mii;., Cu'- i ui tv. Va . K. i. > firdi {'n V A lh»,
Frr.lrrh k. Irf, Va . Th.-i.ia. Ir Ain- ' 'I I*. *:»rion. Bn l:li <:• uotv,
Va ; Hi Cl. ItU! d Mil*. Cl ml..He, N c.; all. hue arc i>re|.*rr 1 to
make to ir.ra'ure at thr «hor 'll r -.1! r, and In the 'ateft at.d n .1
approeeil Atylr. yc. . ttat *1.1 ror ,.ai, laekiry ■ »|.-cl »ith
the hert V *!'■ rii . inuf.i-li.r. I ,. n ., anil .u.iiy of tfrCrei th.ne
y oil ciidai In'|i i Hy to Kn rrh. I bore fan he no lolirrr mi *«■
pn.r f r liok.r.ir c“ ■ rn - '..ifartur. .1 i.ut .f the Bu.le. lord ...
a r k< *'p .V. If I ...I . .11 Ii . f m.NCH ANI IXiUBII
CLOTHS AND OAbBIMkTfB, riotto I • U’| nel by?xyhuoe!n
tlei-lty. Wt hate the r..-;t l CoH-'f , >’..1 a . «t|>» af » . hn.-n
not to It* «vr| ,iri ! hv i.r.» h- i r- It: the I’f if n. wl'h A .'eteririti»
tion i. :i patron* i - ' di«M
•out*'. yn..<’» v. * r Boulh, cct anil ct< .' out*', Acil » trull l" he
.o|4 trul «■ *n Boulh lie «r are detei nji.ed to do ail Ik our|~.»cr
,pntct * oabky.
Cl Ihl r» *t*d Merchan* toilers,
#^g r r» a r of Muin ami » >>h streets.
G-entlfmens Furnishing4 iootis
%1TK hive now c«Und cv^r .«i*i «!ox fMrtt, • j*i -cw.«, j-JH 4
W ' ri
T; , «p gtdrtfl :: . idevitl Cm is l*| J i 5
foke. a- i are w irmnte i • >4 ?
Our awortinrnl of Tic* and Cravitn can’t hs? brat .c the c.‘jr cr
• a I ' jt f t
n vert, whh l» vi-rv fail, nn«i cent.tin* full licet Au bilk, (iaute
'‘tit. Linen, and Cotton.
^u* 've lo* ****** our fariiitirf for rr.lUn* bh. ?i to aider, at
ih-.hurt. l-oa«!b!>.‘ notice, and a perfect fit w;,ri . ''tl.
*1*137.1 One stock of B.*tly Me ! re . .
Alto, 0“ .
SALT.—6UW •>. ** l»* • *'''. for agrli , r. -.y
6-1 lout • f,r^ SaP, ftiltabl, for Alt.ck
10 tl f»ck« f.i verp(»i| Bi o Mlt
600 " OiuUi.* Aiuta tell, all of ou' Impor'atlnn.
for rale by
feift_nnrosn. davpvp rt a ro
l \ ATS.—loo Ituf’iel Winter 0*1*. which arc c< naldtir<l u.r b>.t
U for Spring Seeding, for tale from ilcp.’i *iv
p»t -_ l mi.V WORTHAM A CO.
WILLIAM IRA SMITH hai nnioTed lo M,
OLD sr np,
114 Hn'n »*r—r,
rhcrchc will be pleased ti r e 1.1 old filenda an: | . rotu, • well
U other, who may hr In w«M of
NEW VOIlli HVllNEbHC.il!,
A White
Fx'ra 0
Eowdcrcd, landing and for talc bv
rVI__I, A l>, B. It 4 YEWPORT.
OLIV ti <i| L, — Jut: recc r. 1 u: alt ' y
fe*l DOF* A 00. Drug.P't
^EI.DKN A HILLER, Corner 14th and t*»rjr itreetf,
■ 7 have in fore a full n.orirretr of il ccerl*., V. r.ct and U
.|iiora, of chol e Rvaluira, which they are diaper d !'■ fell at the
1 celt rr.ukrt price. for Olafa, it tkv i na tl - .- t.. prwn, » i-iy*
Itgeu t inter.. Included In cur aaaortmenl eld t.ef* tod tliefliieat
|U»lltl-» nf Hr»n<iie« tint Wlo-« ’mpertel li.tethc ciutey, a Urge
ortiot of which hare been Intpo.ted fy oor.elee., to »ult th*
rant* of Hick* dctlrlcg he very choicest go »li. wihS
TfALDI Af.’w ( KFlilLSt HILL.N.-A Hire rcredy
N (0r Headache, Nerroua and hick Head* lie, Ac , for aa!e hy
fegi DOVE A CO , Dreggbta.
HAY—2t»'l>kl>w pore Timothy Ifay, dal'y e»p'H»d rt d for
tale to arrive, by JtlUlitifO.ftl A Co,
M1 On the D ,
i IuX’XCFI.ITIM:, accompanied w'.'lt lit'-. e.it.e
\J fur preparing It Or.c package for 26 cwitk m Jtea fix pint*
if clear Cryataliue Jr Hey, f r lale by
Drug Bare, l;h at 1 V
I .)'> Ham*. In f ore for eale by
ml 21 W. II H.ZAStNTS,
\ UK I * V.IL'OS'k 1*1 HU < III! U VINE
t OAR, lu alore and for file by
ch21 W. H. PLKA8ANT3.
I CA BrsiIALS BLACK PEAK, In .tore aod for
I in ’ kale by
Vj 5*..p Peru 1. direct Impcrtalli c. a gi.od **/••*» of patte- a of
he ePiGW Tea Seta. For lale by T11 OP A BUUlLtV A 4 0.
1 trig per tiilp I'kirra *r-m Llrrn.ccl, r ew and I,, ai.t.ful parleroa
ftngttaliT* IV.*are.. * it g*. *.■> • *■«''.’ T'
Toreof** C‘" ‘,,J “ lb< THUS. A LL'^’LY A
6 /TEHRAN WAX CANDLER—U^fol* »“•> h*lf
I Vjr^bcxcf. fortaleby JOgM W QPRPQW A «OH.
TnKH ,UDer1or Nova 'rotia lu' p Plil*"r, for rale by
300 mb»2 *1* WOMfLE A CLAIRORSF, So. P«H t.
||,CI HLAdK PEPFKK Jutt r»* etvft l.y
25 ^>*»c D0VK * °‘'-* i"b»«,*ui

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