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kichmond whig
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.1 to Us m ittrr on Kdb ti.lto of tb* pdprr will mt ho pubioh
#7 TAii is u ru*o *f l nj otwndmd. onybt fc* 1*4 known to adt
unJ wuV in *t» <*W44 bo JrporUd from, * itrnlry rotor* txttiil
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tW >r« utnnot n ndort ko to or tom rrjootod vwimnnirwtiomt.
Extra Sruluu «l the t sited State* Congreu.
T:c Net* Orltaus J'leayunt is correct ia saving that
the Lincoln Administration, at the commencement of its
*\ st.ncc, is involved in difficulties ol such a formidable
character as no former Administration ever encountered,
and that the? every day increase and become more fear
fa'. So far the Administration has exhibited no evidence
of its ability successfully to grapple wi h aod obviate the
• i rarrassments of iu position, and appearances indicate
that it will prove umqual to the duties it has a-.-umed.—
Lacking the support of the great body of the people, and
d - itutc of the confidence which gives strength to pi
viotic purpose, the Lincoln Administration is utterly
powerless, and it would not surprise us if, after a while,
t‘o announcement were made that, forced by the pres
h .re of public opinion and ire own inability to extiicate
the country from evils brought upon it by the eucce?3 of
the Black Republican party, the Administration abdicat 'd
th? Government. It will not pursue that course as long
as it can cling to power; but events are not at all un
liaelv to create an inexorable necessity fur such an inglo- i
rious termination of its short-lived and troubled existence.
We need no: partied ir'zc the many difficult questions |
which claim the attetriou of the Administration, with i
wh eh it must deal, and which imperatively demand ad 1
justuaent without delay. The numerous important ques
tions aiisicg from the secession of the States cow fonu
i: g the Southern Confederacy, to say nothing of others, |
are alone more than, iu our opinion, it is competent to
arrange satisfactorily to the people of the United State*. ;
• Lincoln,” as his supporters confess,‘‘is powene** to car
ry out the policy which he laid down in his inaugural.—
He can but use the present resources of the Govern
ment; but they are inadequate to the emergency. He
era but enforce existing laws; but they are insufficient,
and not adapted to the special and peculiar circumstances
that have arisen. He has little money, too, few cava!
vessels, not troops enough, and is, therefore, nnable to
meet the practical difficulties that sunound him. He
cannot hold, possess and occupy the forts,and collect the
revenue iu the secedent States without a grant of cew
powers and larger resources.” Iu this dilemma, inde
cision marks the course of his administration. The Cab
inet evidently know not what to do: they appear to be
uj »b!e to agree on any pOl'ey. Whatever course they
take, destruction awaits them. If they recogniz; the
evsu nee of the Southern Confederation, and evacuate
the forts, it will be a confession to the people and to the
world of the consequences which have resulted from tbc
per-is'ent injustice tf the party that placed them iu pow
er, and it will at once deprive them of all support f cm
any quarter. The conservative people of the North w j
utterly refuse to give any count* uance to those who
have brought such evil upon the country, who have sub
j -oted the I'niou to Mich loss of elements of its greatness,
such detriment to its power, such humiliation. The war
pvrtv of the Black K -public*! s, fod- J ia their fanatic
designs, a-'d maddened by disappointment, will bitterly
denounce those whom it placed iu power, and whom it
ex e- te l to execute its insane decree*.
Seeing and appreci ,:i: g the difficulties by which they
are environed, the Cabinet for the present contents i'
aelf perforce with inacdon. This it will find equally a*
d -truotive to it as any p sitive policy. u Delays are
dangvro'a*.” and so the Id:.coin Admit.i-tration will find
bat to recog.iz • "Vv ssion. a id not to dc .1 with it as or
gan i d r. -i ame to the IVited Sta cs Government, is
a po'.lvV t!a' will pl.-as.- nobody, sai'-fy nobody. Oi; ■
result of the pc-l cv of i iction will be that under the
opera1 io:i of tlio Northern and Southern tariff*, the corn
's -
era pirw. T ie North will be impoverish d and tie
South curie’ed. Can the Lincoln admit -tration sut
vive such nroof of the injury it, and the party it reprr
s -ut*, has brought upon the country ?
T:ie people of the Nor h are becoming alive to tie
th.«a-eL.tg aspect of cllairs. They begin to s*e tie
ru u to all their great iuter sta which is Impending, and,
i:t their perplexity, they are crying aloud for an extra
session of Congress to modity the tariff The coercion
p^rty are also ' rging upon I. i io’n the necessity for en
extra actios, so that force measures may be adopted.—
It seems lLat au extra sc*-ion is inevitable, but Liucolu
and S* ward do uot like the idea. They do not wu-lt to
be saddled with the additional responsibilities that might
b-* imposed upon them. There i* a difficulty iu the wf y
of cahi* g an «xtra session, which does uot appear to be
much take:; into account, though it is not to easily ol<
vitted. A contemporary thus sets if forth :
With the tth of M ,rch exp'red the terms of 51 mem
ber* of Congress, noiie of whose successors w.U be elect
ed before the la'ter par: of X *y, aud very many of them
not before September. Thirty-three members were le.-t
with the weeding State*. This makes eighty-four mem
1, ra who will be wanting, or fourteen States whi*h
would not be represented in the extra session o' Cot -
g - ess, which o .r Republican fr ends are clamoring to
hjve *ad-d. None of the secedirg S ates, of course,
aud on'v three oi the Border Sta*. Maryland, Deli
wart* u?*J M -sourt—woi.iJ oe reprt-u iu a. * irgini.t,
Kentucky, Tmoe .-ee and North Carolina would be ex
eluded. The mea*are* which are d* m iuuvii at the
0f the extsaoniit arv C©ngre>« would h week a* rsil
woM materially than any o;> ers, the States ju>t
named. A»d yet they would have no voice in it.
As the Albany Argus very forcibly remarks, “A mi
nority President, with a sectional Cabinet, carrying 011
t*«o force pol.cy of a minor* y of a full Cougrcss, would
ins-sent an unexampled ‘ps-Va-le. *
The ladlauTtusI Ktuhcaal: lueut.
Two publication* from promiceul participants in t! :*
rut .terious transaction have lately apptared in t! e pub
|,e punts. The first is from Bailey, in who-e charge the
Loads ueie.end bv ** horn the,actual xiHUaction was made,
a i>l 'be other trow Russell. the apparent beneficiary of
the uaneaction.
Mr. Bailey’- card 1J in response to the publication
made some weeks ago by Ex-secretary klovJ, and is v< ry
sjvere upon tba: much wron<^d or much sinning “old
public functionary.” Mr. Ku-.-kI* makes a long sta'em. ut
ot the circumstance* under which the bond wore taken,
ife * »ya that the origin ot his d fficuities was the re t s i
of the government to pay a claim whijb it diepuL-w,
amounting with interest to about 11,340,0.t). While he
w \« ecnl>arra#*ed by this he formed the acquaintance of
Cl-vdard Bailey, who lent him t' fi at imtiimentof the
bon is for hypothecation. A- Mrs time Rutoril says that
he had no idea of the real owcer f j- «f the hoods, but
,v*r ,-o»-d them to be property in Bailey’s cootioL
At e; borrowing these,*!ocks declined and R MSell found
that be rau-t make an additional deposit with those wt o
hsd la-ued money ca the bonds to keep up “the margin,”
qt the bonds would be sold, lie then learned, as he
a it* for the tirst uute, that the bonds b,longed to the gov
e-iiment. Unable to toko them up and droadir.g the re
mit of exposure, he *tw no way out of the di emma ex
cept to take another supply of the bonds, to protect bie
credit unnl Corgrce* should vote to pay tis firm the
amount claimed as due. Having hypothecated the *v
coud parcel, acJ stock* still cJuuuuing to decline, and
tbccrL-us havirg come on :u the tn aatiaf, he deter mi .
ed to throw both pare Is of bonds upon the market “ami
,-vea to obtain and eell o'hrrs,” in order to repurchase
the whole when the nu;ket tad reached still lower tig
<cce. Th.i scheme was frustrated by the public aT wal
made by Godard Bailey.
Mr. KiKd'w pout ion, therefore, i* that he took the
bond, in '- —* tirst in tance innocently, though be does not
expliiu bow be imagined that B .ilcy should have in bis
control bonds to tho amount of $130,*!”", to lie lent ro
frrely; that the second parcel was taken with his eye*
open, in the hope of recovering the who!.; and that a
third parcel would have been taken, if the operation*
ii id no', been interrupted. Ur. Russel! does not mike
file e'ory tally exactly with the evidence however, for
,sat skewed teat the bot da were uken at three distinct
time#—in Ju'y, September and December, 1 *w).
“Tm ALTcaXaTt* r.—Tls Philadelphia I‘mntylr*nian
ruye ‘Amid the clouds of issue* so cunningly nought to
biased*. and the endless debates Jr oma.ius rtlsa ,t
v-,;>_mint, there is in realuj' hat ooe plaiu, short
M i eat ion to be solved, and that is : whclUr &* |*uph>
«v( the North prefer the fatal Republican program*^
■wUh dme dutioo. civil »«r, commercial and fiuaocial dm
»*«.•«, parilysod i.dsktry, with a chequet-boerd popala
-•on of negro equality la Ha tram, or an aoanaoumeDtot
tliu programme, with uuion paao# aod proeparity ? 1"
Kentura jr and tUe Peace Confereacc.
Tlio Kentucky Peace Commissioners have made tao
reports to Governor Magoffin. The mejority report is
-igued by Messrs. WicklilTc, Morchcad, Bell and Guthrie,
aod the minority by Me-nra. Clay and Butler.
All the Commissioners went to Washington prepared
to support Mr. Criliouii ti’s prepositions. When the
clause extending slavery to future acquired territory
came up, however, the m jori'y finding that to insist
upon it would prevent harmony, agreed to the Franklin
plan, thinkirg that “ it would be regretted by every pa
“ tiiot if any honest at d pea.vful settlement of our pre
“ scut dtffieulies should be prevented bv insisting upon
4‘a provision d.viding territory that the United States
44 did not own and may uevtr acquire." In like manner
they fiually give their support to the whole of the Frank
lin proposition, and express a belief that if it is finally
offered to the people by Congress it will be adopted.
The minority, however, felt bound to support the Crit
tsuden plan, and eppo-ed the Frauklin proposition
throughout. “They ng*et meet sincerely to have to
‘•say that they have returned home with abated confi
“ deuce and diminished hopes of satisfactory adjust
44 mer.t." T^eir report is written in moderate terms, and
apparently in good spirit.
What Arkansas lias Hone.
The State Convention ot Arkansas, on the 20th, u'.t,
as our renders have already been apprised, adopted an
ordinance to be submitted to the people at an election to
b«* held on the third day of August, providing that the
people may then determine for themselves whether the
State shall secede separately and without delay, or shall
abide by and co-operate in the action of the Border
slave State-; and at the same time the C invention ap
pointed Commissioners to the Border Slave States Con
vention, proposed to be held at Frankfort, Kentucky, on
the 2Tib ol May. This action on the part of the Con
vention wasa WtapratnlH between the Union tind Secet
s on men in that body. The following sections of the
ordiname adopted by them give the gi»l ol thtir action :
Sic. 1. Be it ordained Ay the ptnplt of the State of
drfan*iii in t'onrentiim asttvibltd, That an election
shall be held ill ail the counties in this State on Monday,
the :>d day of August, 1861, at which the question of
“Co operation or Secrs-ion shall be submitted to the
people ot this State; which election shall be held and
conducted iu all respects in accordance with the laws of
the State, now in force, prescribing the manner of hold
ing elections; provided that the sheriff- of the several
countits shall be required to give at least thirty days’
police of the time at d places of holdirg -aid elections
by advertisement thereof, as requited by law for ordi
nary elections.
8m I Her orelerintd. That, if i> shall ip
.pear when the result of said election shell be made 1
knowu to this Convention, that a in jarity of the legil 1
vote- ca-t iu the State have been cast lor See: ssion.then, i
in that eveut, such vote shall be taken to be instructions
to this Convention to piss au act of immediate Seces-ion, i
and the Convention shall at once pa,-s an ordinance dis- :
solving the connection existing between the State of Ar- i
kan-a.- and the Federal Government,known as the Unit d I
States of America , but. if a m jority of all the legal ]
votes hnve been cast or Co-operation, then ibis Convcti- i
tion shall iromediatelv take such steps as may be deemed i
proper for further co-operation wi'h the Border or unse- i
cv 'ed Slave States in efforts to secure a permanent and i
satisfactory aiiju-tmeut ot the sectional contruvershs dis- i
“Let Them <lo.M
Under the above Leading the New York E.onomiet
c; ueludes a lengthy artii le as follow*:
It mav t>e galling to cur pride, it may be a wound iu
our dig' " to sub nit tacitly to the defiance »o our nation
al pr.wi r that has l>et n presented on a wholesale scale iu
the sect ded State ; but -ar we just liable in ri.-kit'g the
lives of thousands tf our citizers, suJ the happiness
aud interests of the whole country for generations to
come, with no brt'er ciiject than to support our p:ide,
»• a to vindicate a dignity wh!ch has signally fuil-’d in th
hour of its trial? We opine that the sentiment of the
ciuiiz d wcrld and the verdict of posterity would be ut
teily opposed to such a policy. What could we gain by
it- adopt on ? Let U' suppose it to result iu the su?jug i
i on ol the secid d States (which is brggirg tar too
much,) of wbatservne to the country could such a re
covery be? We should have si* millions of citizens
h id u.. i r a Republican government againtt their wilt.
We should have in Congress 14 S.uators aud 33 R-pre
s. mat'd *, i'W ng tteir presence tcere to the anomaly of
Reput In at dcspostlstn, and eating like a canker-worm
i'to the heart of our domestic hartnouy. Uur victory
» uuld neea-sitate upon us to maintain rule in at least
- ven St.it s hv the perpetual menace of a standing army
In. .ted in tnelr midst. The eottou States, in fact, wou'd
0-> a Fe.’ono Hungary, a. 1 the United States government
a second Au-tmu despotism.
Tne mere mention of such results is a refutation ef the
pu icy that would produce them. Coercion, if su •cess
f t. would i»ri: g no conirwriSMtion, but would rather in
ct a-e our national dill; ul'ie-; but what if it should
Move unsuccessful * Thousands of valuible lires would
be frui:lc-*lv sacrificed ; an immense national debt would
be accumulated ; our national statu- would be lowered !
i> t ire the world; ani the dangerous and humiliating
consciousitet-1 would ever be »resent with us that by our 1
s dc exi-'ed a country only oi.e fourth ot cur own, with
shorn we lied proved out* Ives unable to contend.
Uoereiou, therefore, is clearly a policy rot fer a mo- 1
meat to be entertained. Conciliation is too late to iu
J.;L'o any ret: ac'ion from the consolilalcd position as
sumed by the new Con‘edeiacv. The idea of “masterly
inactivity” is so utterly uusuitfd to the present rapid
progress of events, and so coolly trifling toward* the
g cat national and commercial interests suffering from
the present di*orga' nation, that whoever adepts it
u. st be ieft behind iu the progress ot affair* toward a
< utlemeut, or surlily rebuked to' their appinmt indif
ference. Only one course, therefore, is op'tt—to enter
» • f.out cc'av into negotiations with the representatives
ct the Confederate S-aies. recognizing the'r iudepsnd
c ce, aud adjusting iu a fair spirit all questions standing
between the two parties.
i Seen Louisiana.—The New
0 lea .» Dell* of the 2’lh ultimo furnishes from lit? offi-'
ciat record.-, in possession of the Secretary of the Con.
v. n ion, what it claim* to be aa accurate tabular state
m tit of the popular vote upon the Convention question.
A: cording to the h*lt*s figures, the vote throughout
the State for the “immediate secession" candidates was
o, us, “co-operation” ccmintes 17,<>7ti, a majority iu
favor of the former of only 3,372, though all sufficient
and emphatic enough, according to the Dell*, “to face
submission into acquiescence, if not to shame it into si
le ice.”
Tuv NT* Ta1: vr—Irs OntRATios at tii* Niw York
C: siox-llot -K —Th-- Mur. ill Tariff went into effect on
t. - l-r. u-taiit, fiu: it i- coo early jet to see how it wotks.
T St w York T'lnex says:
»*.' ! (ititiiiu ftf anrrap u aro nn Unfiilov
v. .hdr.w fi'iiihond for couiuniption, the importers
pi. ti tiby tL ■ la- -• • dill re:.co between .• of a ctut a
p jud ai ' 21 per ci lit. «<f valcrtin duty, as under the
t riff of 47. All good- a. ualiv shipped on or brfore
the 17th M .uh come in unier the former rates, aud all
£ muninii ■ in bond unclaimed on the 1st of April
0 i the saw* privilege. It will thus tie some days before
. v p rceptihlei It'o'. of the new tat iff can be experienced
a' the Custom-house."
The New Ymk H'trlJ says of the new law :
“ Tiie working of it :s d 'tir.ed to pro luce a very com
1 , ated system of appraisement, and consequently will
t.qnre nearly three times the amount of clerical force
•etofore employed, and considerable dillieul y will be
, -j erienced h- ween the custom-house officials and the
| i .. otters, liie bill has a variety of defects, as the ini
[ -iurt ad.ee, ar.d even under the best of its workii g
i ts, will be the cause of much flickering. Much
larger warehouses will be needed by the new system
j f otn the fxet that ibe bill compels a varietv of good
I - Inch were formerly appraised by quantity, to be
weighed, ai d owing to the process w hich aotm of the
- are to be su> j-uted to. it will be seen that more
i i j,ie will b. occupied tu pa-sing the goo<ls from the cus
* t»m house department to the importer thau by the old
j t ; f. The merchants are uuatnmouxlv complaining of
j its uofairneas and injustice, and are calling for its re
peel ’*
The Herald remarks:
“The *ct allows goods on wl ich the duties are lessened
| to be withdrawn from bonded warehouses on payment cf
the duties thereiu provided. Importers have not been
s >w in S' d.ng out this ptovis on, and the const quenee
i < keen that the goods on which a reduced duty is to
1 levied have iueu hurried iuto public stores during the
pt t month Tue principal articles thus warehoused are
i 111 nip and Indigo. But Mot
if iv was the 1st of April, and these goods could then be
anhdrawn for the first time at the new rate. Importers
wio ad iii ive l their sales until th-n made large wi;h
vwsls of u . t'chandjse u.ider tie new rates. About
st> worth of sugar »ud molasses was thus with
c . wii. TI e work of pt-ing the withdrawals is more
t m double, and consequently more time was consumed
i getting the entries through. This gave rise to much
| ,i-satisfaction on the part of the importers.'
IIaRTroRti, April dl—The Republicans have elected
I t ..'ir State ticket by an increased majority. They have
I carried both brtn hesof the Legislature, and carried the
' !-! and J Congressional Districts. They have lost the
■ 2 I. w th the 4'h not fuliv heard from. Tue Republicans
I , letfted all f.'ar of the Cot pressmen last year.
Vote of Hartford—For tioveruor: Buckingham, Rep.,
. isl ; Loomis, lUm, 2 7774. For Cougre.-s: Dwight
! L'vcuu*. Hep. 2.111; Hyde, Dent, 2,047
The h Democratic by S99 ma
The Democratic majority in New Haven is 015. I*ast
| spring it was 6S5.
In the N' » Haven (second) District, James E. Engl sh,
' D m . for Congre s, has 7 o to 3"0 nn-jority over Wood
i R-p
L om:- K -p 7 is believed to tie elected in the 1st Cou
rjr-. stoua! District by 1 < *•» majority.
Toledo election.
Totano. April 2 —The aleetlon here v. sterday resulted
i. the election of the d moeratle candidate for mayor,
wud seven out of ten eouccilmen.
C»tvu.a*0, April 2.—The deuKcratio caididite for
'*avor, witfc their eutkf ticket, was probably e\cel
her* to-day.
Wernehrat, April 8, 1861.
The Senate convened at in o’clock, and was called to
order by Mr. Johnson, iu the absence of the Lieutenant
Governor. " . .
Tha President laid before the Senate an invitation
from the Faculty of the Richmond Medical College to
visit that institution at 2 o’clock this evening.
On motion of Mr. II. W. THOMAS the Senate bill to
authorize the Bank of the Commonwealth to establish
branches at certain points was advanced to its engross
The resolution concerning the sale of muskets to Jo
seph R. Anderson & Company was taken up, and led to
a long discussion, in which Messrs. August, Lynch, Car
ter. Necson, H. W. Thomas Day, Wickham, and tjueseu
berrv took part. Mr. August advocating the contract
uud the others respectively stated their objections to it.
Mr. Day signified his Intention to offer a resolution call
ing upon the Attorney General for his opinion on the
subject. The question is still peuding.
On motion of Mr. SMITH, House bill increasing the
compensation of the Commissioners of the revenue iu
the counties of Nicholas, Fayette, Braxton aud Logan,
was taken up and passed.
A motion made by Mr. THOMPSON to take up the
House bill for the compensation of the Harper’s Ferry
claims was rejected.
Mr. BRANNON called up the tax bill. A motion was
made by Mr. THOMPSON to recede from the Senate’s
amendment to the tax concerning collateral securities iu
the case of nephews and nieces. The moliou was re
jected. The Senate then insisted on its amendment.
The question then being on the House amendment con
cerning the game of ”Kcno, ’ the Senate ou motion of
Mr. BRANNON, insisted ou its amendment.
Ou motion ot Mr. PAXTON, the Senate recoded from
its amendment concerning distillation from fruit.
The question then beiug on the House amendment to
limit the amount of tax ou Auctioned to the Sen
ate after discussion, refused to concur, aud iusisted ou
their own amendment.
The Senate concurred in nouse amendments concern
ing oil. They also concurred in other House amend
ments, but insisted on adhering to theirs.
A resolution from the House for the relief cf the Con
tractors on the Ooviugton aud Ohio Road, was taken up
and passed—ayes 17, noc3 7.
The House bill to amend an act incorporating the
Jefferson Insurance Company of Albemarle, was taken
up, on motion of Mr. CLAIBORNE and passed.
The House bill authorizing tha County Court of Pow
latan County, to correct the assessment of the land of
A. S. Wooldridge’s estate, was takcu up, on motion of
Ur. NASH, and after being advocated by him and Mr.
rilOWAS, of Fairfax, and opposed by Mr. BRANNON,
vas rejected.
On moliou of Mr. WICKHAM the Senate adjourned
ill :i P. M. _
April 3, 1861.
The House was called to order at 10 o’clock A. M. by
(r. Magrcder, of Albemarle.
An act concerning the Berrvvillo and Charlestown
tirupike; authorizing railroad companies to appoint po
ice agents; to authorize the County Court of Powhatan
loamy to correct the assessment of the lands ol A. S.
Vooldridgc; granting rights of way to mining and man
ifacturing companies in this Commonwealth; amending
in act incorporating the Knob Creek turnpike^ company
ind incorporating the Haghter's G ip and W a-hiugton
urnpike company; requiring the Acts of Assembly to be
irinted; to p»v a sum of money to Jas. W. Jones, jailor
if Frederick countv; releasing the schooner Pauline from
he payment of a fiue for an alleged violation of the iu
peetion laws of this State; proviJirg for the payment to
he Richmond branch of ihe Exchange Bank the interest
m certain lost coupons; amendiug the road laws of
irooke and Hancock counties; tor the relict ot tiotuas
rnjt covington asp omo railroad.
Mr. CAPEKTON offered tbe following joint preamble
md resolution, which were adopted :
ir7k*r«J«, Tbe pretent state of has occasioned embar
asssnentto’ the cont.-aclors <n the t'ov’nirton and <>* !•> I’.a'lnud
hat will prevent many. If not all, of them from exec'.dug their
nu tracts; and whereas, a failure on ih- part of the raid contra
or* to continue the wotk, will occasion great loss to the Mate,
hmfore be it
. ..v«l by tlx General A-nnH<j, That In consideration of the
a:.t emba-raxaroeLt t! c hoard of Public Works In Its character as
be Covine*, n and Ohio Ral>r* ad Cumpanj, be and they ate here
i. authorized to Increase the price 01 the af .nsald contracts for
It work t. be done prior to the 1st of Jn-uxry Ibtii, and stibse
|Urut to the passage of this resolution to the rz ent that the said
'oard shill c .Balder just and equitable; protrtded that such In
rease on the said work to any contract r >h dl not (nssd ten per
e ,r upon the annum’ payable therefor at ’he coirract p-lc.s ;
I- d provided also, th«it th • said Increase shall constitute a part
if and be paid uut of exis.i&g approprUt ons to the Covington
,nd Ohio Railroad.
Mr. COLLIER offered the following resolution, which
ray adopted:
Rex'lreJ. That a specta1 cnirm'Mre be appointed to amend the
lode, so as to Inrluue Reno as a prohibited game.
The Speaker thereupon appointed the following Com
uittee: Messrs. Collier, Grattan, Skdpon, Mallorv
,nd Bass.
Mr. COLLIFR then presented a bill for the prohibition
if Keuo, which was read a first and second time, and
fr. 0. moved to put it upon its passage.
Mr. DCCKWALL thought there was no necessity for
lurrying the hill through in this w.iv. The Senate had
he subj ct under consideration, aud taxed to the extent
if prohibition. He objected to taking it up out of or
Mr. COLLIER wished the fact to go forth that the
[entlemsn bad thwarted legislation on the subject.
Mr. SEGAR thought the hill ought to be acted on and
nssed. Kero was one of the most insidious and deinor
Tying games known.
The objection of Mr. Ditkwall beiog insisted on, the
till was not put upon its passage.
The hour of two having arrived, the Chair was vaca
Wkdnksday, Apmi 1861.
Tfie Convention assembled a- In o’clock, A. M.
I’raverby Rev. Mr. Willis, of the Baptist Church.
Tho resolutions submitted by Mr. Willey, on thelf«'.h,
ill, were taken up, and
Mr. STUART, of Doddridge, being entitled to the
loor, addre>?ed the Convention in vindication of the
jeople of the West front imputations of uusoundness; in
ulvocacv of an ad valorem tax upon negroes, and in op
oo-ition to a dissolution of tbe Union. H i was proceed
t g to show that his people wrre not “Submissionists,"
ivuen the President’s gavel descended, and the hour for
fxecuting the order of the dav announced
Mr. STUART said “I yield" and accordingly suspctid
jl his remarks.
The Convention theu molved i*-elf' into a Committee
of the Whole, on the subject of Federal Relations, and
Mr. SCOTT, of Fauquier, proceeded to present bis
views. After expatiating at some lerg’h upon the diver
■ itv of interests, climate, and soil, between the Eastern
and Western portiot s of the State, and that portion bor
deting upon the Potomac, he declared that in anv mea
sure which the Convention should adopt, it is their duty
to consult the interests of the entire State, and to endea
vor so to stape the action tin*, may be determined upon
ns to promote the interests of all sections as far as po -
GU ‘. Ttte reason they could not agree upon a line of
police was to to found in tho diversities of interests to
Hull'll Ilf UBU BIIUUCU.
We have been told that we have reached a point when
we must decide between an adhe cuce to a Northern
Confederacy, or a union with the Southern Confederacy,
if this be true, he had no hesitation in s»ying that hia
choice was already made ilis sympathies and instincts
attach him to the South, but he did not believe that we
were reduced to that narrow alternative.
Commemiug upon tho report of the Committee on
Federal Relations, Mr. S. said that the proposition to
amend the Constitution concedes the necessity of amend
m nt, a:.d the necessity of amendment concedes the
fur her fact that it is unsafe for the border States to con
tinue their association with the North without such
amendments, otherwise these propositions of the Com
mi'tee would be the idlest ol farces, declaring in ell’ect,
that if these dtminds are rejected, we will remain quiet,
and remain sufjcct to the domination of the North.
Mr. SCOTT tlien spoke of the necessity of united ac
tion ou the part of all the border slave States, and pro
ceded to advocate, at considerable lei gilt, a plan of
co-operation, which he believed would lead to the re
construction of the Onion. He continued to present bis
argument until 2 o’clock, when the Committee took a re
The Conventicnfeasseinbled at 4 o’clock.
Mr. SCOTT arose and stand that he declined to pro
ceed with his argument in consequence of the hoarseness
ot his voice.
Mr. RICHARDSON, of Hanover, then took the floor,
and presented his views upon the questions before the
(’onvenUon. He advocated the immediate secession of
Virginia a< the only true policy in the present crisis. Be
fore concluding h:s remarks, he moved that the Commit
tee rise, which was agreed to.
Ou motion of Mr. WILSON, the Convention adjourn
The Pennsylvanian, a Philadelphia daily journal, has,
lor the present, suspended publication.
Rumors that Jenny Lind vJill return to the operatic
stage in the spring still circulate in the musical circles of
The Mobile Register advises a tax on ice, and savs it
will yield the Southern government a revenue of $250,
Toe Lancaster (Pa ) Intelligencer names the Hon. Juo.
A. Dix, of New Y ork, for President in 1804.
Gen Patz arrived at Liguayra, Venezuela, on the 18th
ult. and was enthusiastically received.
Orders have been received for the outfit of the United
States brig Perry, now lying at Brooklyn.
Franklin D. Owen, one of the most promising mem
b-rs of the Chicago bar, committed suicide in that city
on the 2Sth ult.
T it resignation of Capt. Charles S. Winder (appoint
ed f. orn Mary laud) has been received at tho War Depart
Cincinnati, April 2—Full returns of the city election
yesterday show that the democratic Union ticket hits an
average m'joritv ol 3,800. The democratic Union men
e eit twenty-six counoilmrn and the republicans eight.—
The total vote was 22.000.
New Orleans, April l.—Toe birk A. Pendergrast ar
rived at this port to-day, from Uio Janeiro on the 10th
of February. The papers report that the yellow fever
was raging there.
The puli’ ical news from the Utited and Confeder
ate Stau-s hid unsettled everything, and great anxiety
we* manifested regirding the secession troubles.
Got. Pattna, of MiaMppi, Uat waok oogagad tram
porta lion on the 8ootbein Railroad for three hundred
troop#, who were to leave Jackson en route for Pensa
cola. The Cadets, of Vicksburg, were also to have left
for Pensacola on Wednesday ol last week.
_ The three Confederate State# envoys to the European
courts are now en route. Mr. Dudley Mann sailed from
New York on Saturday, while Messrs. Yancey and Ro#t
sailed lrom New Oilcans on Monday for Havana, where
they will embark on board the British West India mail
steamer for Europe.
A wealthy gentleman of Decatur county, Ga., author
izes The Southern Press to say that he will be one of fifty
to present $1,010 each to President Davis,to aid in fitting
out a Southern navy.
An officer on board the United States steamer Brook
lyn, anchored off Pensacola, has written a private letter
to a gentleman in Philadelphia, extracts from which are
published iu the Inquirer. We copy the following :
When we first arrived, the orders were to lay nil and
on under sail, but having bren blown out some four or
five times in heavy gales, the flag-captain, (Capt. Adams,
of the Sabine,) came to the conclusion it would not pay,
and so ordered us all to come to an anchor. The frigato
Sabine, sloop St Louis, and the oil Brooklyn, are now
just outside of the bar. Not an officer nor a man lias
been allowed to go ashore. Boats, however, come off
to u®, briogirg provisions and papers, Ac. The seces
sionists have possession of Forts McRut and Barrancas,
and the navy yard. Fort McRca is an old Spanish fort,
and mounts but a few guns; Barrancas is small aud
round, with but few guns also. From there up to the
yard, there are six or eight small 112-pounders mounted
on the beach; these present the only obstacle to our en
try. Fort Pickens is in possession of the federal troops,
and is likely to remain so. It is a large new fort, and
will mount 212 heavy gur.s. They have as many
mounted now as they require, and it is in a most won
durlul state of defense, and capable of resisting an
attack of five thousand men. It also commands t) e
other forts and the yard. We can throw the troops wo
have on boar i in th re without any trouble. It is im
possible for them to keep this fort from being reinforced,
if nece s\ry;all we want is the order to enter and retake all
tbc government prop >rtv—wc could do it in a very short
time. In fact, I dou’t think they would attempt to resist
us, for they well know that we can shell the whole place
without their hurting us much.
The Holly Springs (Miss ) Herald learns that the county
of Chickasaw in that State has already ten companies of
volunteer soldiers ready to be mustered into the service
of the State. It adds'that, in addition to these, “t! e
county has a regal riy officered and drilled company ol
young ladies, who have pledged themselves, in the event
that the men are called into service, to protect their
homes and families during their absence, and see that
the crops arc properly cultivated, and nil crops raised
not only for the support of thecouutry, but of the armies
of Mississippi.”
V.\ K S>.-J. C. S. Fiixpatiick, editor of
the Rural Southerner, is a suitable person to repre
sent the counties of King and queen, and Ksset, in the next Bute
rp"^^»A CARD —A difficul’y of an unpleasant
end s ricuj character, having occurred (luting the
trial ol a cauar, al the recml terra of the Oitcuit Court lor Wtsl
raoirlat d, between Measrs Robert Mavo and Richard A Clnv
bronlce, the undesign-d, who Interposed as lh- mutual fiier.d of Ihe
psitles. Is gratified to b- enabled to to say Ih (1 the tlifllt ulty hui
lieeu adjusted without the ti ghtest croproirdse of the honor of
either get.lUii.au. and to the entire tatUfactiou of their respective
a, 4 - clt W. R. M ASOM
Ac., this ir.orr.lnir, by
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apt—fit CHAR. D1MMOOS, Col. 8upt Arranrjr.
lTNION fl! i*I ENT— An article superior to anything of the
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lly F. Nicholas Cronch, E«(p, author of “Kathleen Mavour
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music Is lnsctlbed by Mr. Crouch. Pitre 26 cclj.
For sale by A. MORF18,
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C10KNS! COHNS! ! tORNBIJt e- ^ A
Close of DR. bCIICLL/'a prictlce for the
(•a tin Tr.ar kful for the liberal patron- ‘■ftcZi wca-i.
from members of tire Convent on snd I. ■ slature, and cit'sent and
strangers, Du. 8. begs to say he will n> t be able to prolong his s'sy
much longer. It will give h m mu :h pleasure before Laving to aid
all needir.g h's service I.
New testimony f.ora Wrr. W. Con way, Jr., Esq.--Dr. Rebuilt
nss petal u upon a very ptim i ai: , auu owns, rcmrviug mem
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THE annual meeting cf the Stockholders nf the Bank of the Cr m
monwealth will be held at their Banking House, In the city of
Rhbmond, on WEDNESDAY, the 10th day of AprlL
mh28—cotd J. B. MORTON. Cashier.
THE PLANTERS SAVINGS BANK, having an ample Ga»h Oap
Hal and Chartered by the Legislature of Virginia, will recelv*
Deposltesof Five Ikollxra and upwards, on which Interest
will be paid at the rate of Six per centum per annum if remaining
six months, or Five per centum per annum If less than six months.
Interest payable Semt-Antuiallr, ,r deelred.
Deposit.! received at their office, at the store of Messrs. Duke *
Hutcheson, No. 40 Main Street.
J. J. WILSON, President.
A. A. Hutchnox. Treasnrer. mall—ly
Authorised Capital,..
Capital paid In,. 180,000
W. O BIBB, a K WILLIAMS, °- 4- CLA*g,
wk. h aivxs, joux a. anu-ja*, 1 11 Htrrc-raito*,
a u AHBtsuTog, wins xi.vae, J u william*
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on band aud redyed weekly per steamer.
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fell Mala gad 9th stresta.
—— ■ ■ 1 "-1
OVflOIAL. • —
Tiuimr Dbiiwbt.
Mtirrk W, tMI.
SBALRH PROPONALft will be received alibi* Depart
meal until I * o'clock noon of Tarsdsy, thr Id day af April
UNITED bTATBt, to be Issued under the met of CoDgrtss of Um
fcth Tehmary last.
This storl srlll bear Interest at the rat* of six per ernt per an
Dual, payable svml-annuallr on the first days of January and Jaly
In each year, ami will be reimbursable In twenty years from the
first day of January Its',
The propota't should be endorsed on the envelopes, "Proposals
for Loan of 1MI," and be addrrssed to th* "Secretary of the
Tressury, Washington, D. (V' They will be opened and drcldsd
at the time above stated.
No off-nun be accepted for any fraction of one thousand dol
lars; nor will any offer be considered unless one per centum of Its
amount Is dr posited with a depositary of the Untied States, subject
to the onler of Ih-Seerelary of the Treasury. The cerilfieaU of
such deposit must accompany each proposal All offers for stork
under this notice must be unconditional, and contain no reference
to any other offer. The rffers most state the snm offered for cash
hundred dollars of the stock.
Hidden for this stock, whose offer* shall be ae-epted, must de
posit .he am< unt offered and accepted with the Tr asurer of the
United States, or with the Assistant Treasurer at Boston, NewYork,
Phlladtlphla, and St Louts, or with th* Depositary at Cluclonatl,
on or before the flfieenth day of April next. Should any success
ful til Ider desire to deposit at any other point, his request to that
effect will be duly considered.
Upon the receipt at this Department of certificate* of deposlte
with the Depositaries above-inrn'loned, certificates of Inscribed
stock will be lsrued to the succesful bidders or Ihrtr assigns In sums
of one thousand, five thousand, and ten thousand dollars, at their
option Inscribed s'oek so issued will carry Interest from the date
of the deposlte of the money a* above stated, and w 111 be Ivans
ferrable on the books of the Treasury, agreeably to the reguiatiocs
of the Department.
Should any suceessfol hldderde Ire certificates of stock with cou
pons of the semi annual Interest thereon attached to each certifi
cate, they will be Issued In sums of one thousand dollars ear h, with
attach d coupons for Inte-est f om the 1st day of July next; aud
such coupon sto-lr, Instead of being trinsferraMe on the books of
the Treasury, may b> assigned and Irsnsfetrcd by the mere de
livery of such certificates. The interest on such coupon stock,
from the date of the deposlte of the roo-ey therefor until the first
dsy of July, will be paid on that day to the accepted bidder or his
attorney, by the depositary wlih whom the principal ws* deposit ,-d.
The preliminary deposit* ef one pec centum required from all
bidders under this notice will be Included In the float deposlte of
principal by successful bidden, and will be dlrectvd to be Immedi
ately returned to unsuccessful bidders. H. P. CHASE,
mh2S— dtfiwtd Secretary of the Treasury.
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mins old and rellab'e Institution, with ample Capital, and con
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ISAAC DAVENPORT, J*., President.
OBIS. E. WosvnAii, Sec’y. m*25—tf
1861. SPRING TRADE. 1861.
No. 97 Main St.,
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WOULD most respectfully luv.te the attention of Country
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FlP.I-'ltlLEH 1TOHR —Now receiving our Spring stock
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J for the Handkerchl f; Lullin'* Stupa, English II ney, llrown
Windsor, and o'h;r chi ee Toilet 8oap«; Toilet Mirrors; Uair Pre
parations of all kit.ds; genuine Tortoise Shell Comb?; Ivory, II to
ami ind a Rubber tJoutbs; liar brushes; To lb, Nail and other
Brushes, iii store, and having all been bought for cash, will he iold
cheap, at • JOS. LAIDLF.Y'S,
Family Medicine Store,
mhC Sign of the Red Mortar, 5ih amt Main H're-ta.
rranri thy, herds mum and clover
J SEKil, for sale by
mb's _ FDtVIN WORTHAM A 00.
COX’N GELATINE.—A full supply on hand, tog-ether
with all the aeceaaary flavoring extract!, cooking wine Ac.
feli ___ W. L. WARING.
WK would call the attention of merchants visiting the
city, to our large and well Selected stock of DRUGS,
Comprising In part of—
Alum, Ginger White,
Aloes, Ginger African,
Annatto, Glue,
Arsenic. Gum Arabia,
Asaahpt'da, Indigo,
Allspice, Ink,
Alcohol, Kerosana Oil,
Blacking, Logwood,
Blue Stone, Llnsred Oil,
Brimstone, MadJet,
Burning Fluid, Pepper,
Brushes of all kinds, Red Wood,
Camphlne, Sal. Soda,
Camphor, Sop Oarb. Soda,
Castor Oil, Seldlets Powders,
Clove*, Spanlab Brawn,
Copperas, Spices, of all kludf,
Cream Tartar, Venetian Red,
Concentrated Lye, Varnhhrs,
Epsom Salts, White l ead,
Est Logwood, Window GlMk, of various
Fustic, lileS.
Having lately re-fltted our store with alt the modern Improve
ment* for carrying on the busluess, we are enabled to give the ut
most d'spa'.ch to all orders entrusted to us. promising our Individu
al attention, aided by competent assistants
JOHN T. GRAY,Druggist,
mhlS No 147 Main St., Richmond Va.
QA II BLN. Wilson’! pure CIDER VINEGAR; 11 kegt South
ed \ ' ampton Family Lard; 12 bbls. superior country Older, In
Store; for sale by
fa19 W ]{. PLEASANTS, IMh Street.
BRANDIES. WINBN, dec.—A large and well selected
stock of Brandies, Wines, Whiskies. Ac, reetiving and fur
mhl2 _Nu 219 Main 8treet.
CIGAIIS, UIGAItN.-A fine assortment of Havana C'gars
just received and fur sale by YANCEY A HARRI*ON,
mhU N» *19 Main S'reel.
* BUOHU.—Fur the care of Chronic Diseases of the Urinary
Passages, Osleulojs Atfectlons, Lvuehorrliea, Chronic Inflamma
tion, and Ulcerat:uo of the Kidneys anil Bladder. This prepara
tion is prescribed by the beat physicians in the State. Prepared
and for sale only by
mhl9_DOVE A 00., Drug-lat*.
SUGAR.—100 bhla New York Steam Sugar Rt lining Compa
ny's tius 0 Sugar, landing for sale by
NEW GOODS.—A few mors Print!, Spring Poplins, Bril
liaotrs, Muslin 0 liars, Muslin, Cambric and Linen Sells, Km
b-olde eil, IJnen and Cambric Co'lars, Black Lace Veils, and oth
er new goods, just receiving by __
mh7 - 0H1I E3 A CHENERT. •
MA K VLAN n PL AIDN. - 950 p-s Marylsnd l’enllen
tlary plaids, for sale lo * to close. Trie manufacture of these
goods has been discontinued, and they will soon be out of market.
rjtaitMM' otl-Ko tta a. ~jj vt,
AVALI7ABLK — K.-MaapimaeNtJaha) Oimm*r
clal StatDIIc*, aD'g**»af the Productive lnowow. Om
mortal, LaaMMira, O—Tart#, Inin, PM Md«M»
entice Law*, and Charge*, rhtpptne, Import* and IrpHU, and Old
Mona?*, Weight* and Mruanarf all nation#, Inetullng all Brtt
l»h Co" [oercial Treallea, alih Foreign Mai**, 6 vela, Maalla Wad
log. latndoo edition, (or tale at RANDOLPH’S
mbit II »Wwe and Bindery.
and athor MANURES,
mh6—8m* __ _ PLOVER SEED, Ac
LERY.- We are now reel ring aeorplate aaaortment of Hard
war# and Cattery, ft reign and domealle, comprising In part,of
Pooket and Pen Knlv.-e,
Table Culloy.i.f near.y every kind.
Raaore ami Sdaaors, a large axortaent.
Corn and Clovar BlaJc*, beet Uml.
Casting*, a large atiortmeat
Ame'e Spadee and Shov le, all ilaea.
Rowland'* Spade* and Shovrla, all lit**.
Mann a and Hay Porkr, a large lot.
Horae and MaWShne* and Horae Natl*.
Plated Spoon* ant Fork*.
Horae OoUara and Blind Bridle*.
Chain* of all kind* and *lxe*.
Mortlte, Knob, Stick, Pad, Cheat and Oapboard Lock*, In
great variety,
With every article kept In onr One of hailneea loo tedloa* to
We Invite cor friend* and th* public to call on a*. We will aell
bargain! for eaah or to punctual cuttimeri
m’iI8 No 65 Main ttreet
ALLEGHANY WATER, fre*h from the Sprlrga, Just
received and for Bale by
mbiJO _____ w. PETERSON A CO., Drugglrta.
l\Jv pr.iue order—for rale bv
7 W. PETERSON A CO . Drugglatj,
mh3»)_ _ 156 Main ttreat.
Where for more than twenty year* firat daaa Good# hay# been
eold at right price#.
or R emomberJJ
They Warrant every article they aell, and offer at all time# the
“A Word to 1h» Wlae I"
on aa favorable term* a* the article can be Imported for fif
ty pa. kxgca (X, V and S pipe*) of pure and beat quality FRENCH
BRANDY, of our own Importation.
VKTV l*ll*<»RTA I ION.-Elegant French and l aM
i.1 China Dinner mid Tea Sct«, Tollt-l Ware. Wftlte Granite Din
ner an I Tet PeM, Japan-(I Toilet Ware, llou.i-kerplng gnod*,
Lamp., Ac., to which we iuvile the attenilon of purchases.
mh12 0nrner9th and Hrr>ad Street*.
DUG NTKK NA l i’L-l« » Perrin'. Worcrato »hlie
Sauce, plot* and liaIf pint*; Eogl!*li Ohee»e. Landing limn
«hlp "Pelrea,” direct from England, for *ale by
jnh7 _ EllMOM), Ii.tVPNPORT A 00
INDIAN < ?!»!.K. Mil K t *overelgn remedy for
Ague and Fever, just received and for t-ale by
mh” DOVE A 00 Druggiit
Rl-iFINKD NIGAll.- In alore, Cut, L->af, Cru-hed, Pon
dered A, B, and citra 0. Coffer Sugar, f>r sale by
5110 bag* RIo Coffee,
64 do Laguayra Coffee,
In store an J for (ale by
mhlS _ _ A Y. STOKES A C0._
71 \ Bit'll I Mil.
Foreign and Domentio
No. 163 ami 165 !Hitln Street, Richmond,
WE are receiving ami have Dow In Store, a large and deal ra
tio etock of
Cone'i'lrg o' (he usual vur'ety, and embracing every desirable
style of Foreign and Poneslic Goods, which we are prepared to
offer ti our customers, upon the most favorable terms.
We thall, la cons quence of the disturbed condition of Commer
cial matters cr nf.ne our tales to cash axi> paouer six worrits bit
wan, roa aiuoTitiLR rxrra, and to tica, great Inducements will be
Our stock »il! be kept up, during the season, and not be sur
passed in variety ami extent, by any bouaelnthe Southern States
In our
We are prepared to exhibit a large, Fashionable, and Fresh
8tock, of our own manufacture, and gitlen up expressly for cur
own trade.
Will be sold at nett pries for cash In bankable funds.
(fWOrdect are solicited, aud will receive our prompt and per
sonal attention.
WA NTED, In large quantities. Bees Wax. Flax Seed and
Sassafras liirk, by JNO. W. GARLICK,
mhl* Druggist, Richmond.
(1HKNNHAW CANa|TIERrS.—We have an astorP
) men of Crenshaw's Casitmere Uoslneta Bulls for the Spring
Seas n, to which we ask attention,
1.11 ’ •» \ I -ill I \fi (ittODk.- * fr.sh supply of Gentlemen's
Furulthlrg G ods aud Fancv Dress articles, in store and for
stl-by mvr‘27 K*EN, BALDWIN A WILL! A»8.
Invited to-varnlne our spick of Surgical Instruments. Medi
cine Ches's, Saddle Bags, Porket Cases, Trusses and Medleel
Wares and Apparatus, a* we offer great inducements and issue
cone lut the beet, from - ur re'abiis'iment.
MEADE A B tKER'S Manufacturing,
I'll-rmaeeui 1st and Druggt-U,
mhl2 lid Main S'rcet, cor. above the P. O.
SO IPS — Lew's Fx’ra Scented Honey Soaps, Chinese Floating
Soap, for the ablution of In'anis, Military Shaving Soap, for
isle by W. PFTEU40N A CO . Druggists,
itMt) 199 Main street
Ktl PREKSRVaTITK This preparation makes the leath. r
water-proof and durable, and prevents It from cracking, at the
line time admitting of a hraulLul gloss. Manufactured solely by
mhlS 1W cor. Main and 10th sta.
'ItODII'N SI A TIN. -Todd's Extra Bugar Cured Family Hams
1 In store aud for sals ty
mh20 CHAS. T. WORTHAM A 00.
list Musics’ superior Country Cured Hams,
79 do do do Middlings,
1W do do do Sbcu'^ers;
Just received and fortalo by
n.h27_ ___ __HUNT A JAW,
1NI.OVB.—1A0 tibls Rivanns Superfine Flour,
* 129 do do Extra do
16t) do City Ml.It Super. do
1 cstt do do Extra do
890 do Mokcna do do
90 do Fine do
Receiv- I and for a .. hy [tr.h27] llt’NT A JAMES.
mw SFRl'P- -'et bhls. for saliby
INDIAN ClitlL UOU E-A sure cure for Ague and
Fever, Ac. For sale by DOVE A CO.,
m!i2S Druggists
PI LVIiKI/lil) CORN N PARCH F .rmaking Bud
ding), Pies, Custards, Blanc Man|e Ac. Kept for sale by
mh2S DOVE a 00 , Druggists.
Ill,Fall CLOVEN AND STRAPS—F' r Bathing pur
P'-ses. Forsaeby DOVE A CO.,
mb21 Druggists.
riUMII' k I It It I’smn -Of every style and inalltv. rrav he
1 r ail at DOVE A CO.’S.
it l)2-> Druggists
t^KATHi'Kn r . - «e Feathers Torsa'ebv
' rnli-/!!_JOHN N- GORDON A SON.
|;i IXin PROPVLAJIINR-A Hem.-dy for
J KlictimntlNin,—*r Intnte the attention • f the M.-dlral
••ro'e.iloti, ami jiertoos sulT.Ttng with acute or chronic Rveuma
1s-it, to the F.iilr Pmr jUmir.e, as a most valuable and agreeatle
preparation of ( Marble of Propylamine, tsh ch hat bei-n estm
sir ly ami sue -easfully utt I In Europe ami America, In the treat
iiieot ofthisdbeatr. This Is not a qua It nostrum, anil lull direc
tions aa to tloae, Ac., accomp-nylng each bottle
MEADE AH KER. Pharmaceutists,
mh2fi ISC Main ht., cor. abtveP O,
DUVAL’S COrflH SVRl'Pi—A sovereign nmclrfor
Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Whooping Cough, Oroop, Asthma,
KroocMtls, and Incipient Consul? piiun For tale by
W. PETERSON k CO. Druggists,
mh21 _ 155 Malngtreef.
Ol.l VK OIL.- A prime h.i tu tah'e Tor Tobaei-oni«ts’use,
fur sale low, by W. PETERSON k CO l» ugglsts,
mh2t I Vi Main street
nKIIVriP " (TfllRg. A lot of genuine Principe Cigars
JL now In store, and 'or sale by
W. PETERSON k CO , Druggists,
mh21 155 Main st-eet
C1-- INK*K SOAP. Klrgston's genuine Chinese Boap, a
/ delight ui article for bathlug For srle by
W PBTKRBON k CO , DruggtsU,
mbit Iff' Main street.
WINK OK IAR.— J.rkson’t Pectoral Hyrup; Wlstar's,
Brown's, Jackson's and Coryia le tenges, Aerct’ Cherry
Pectoral; Wlstar’s Balsam, and many other valuable remedies for
Colds, Coughs, Ac , for sale at
mhl3 1S6 Main 8t. corner above P. O.
ROCK SA LX, In quantities to suit purchaaera, hy
jaSR Cor Pearl and Cary streits.
4 A CORDS DHI OAK WOOD, on tbs wharf, for
*Xs ’ aaie low. A. 8. LEE,
mh7 On the Duck.
X Metal, Tin, Copper and Lead Foil, for aalr bv
mli21_-M2 Main street
A On ABB PLATES! —A general assortment r.f sites with and
without frames, for tale by WM. BATTLER A 00 ,
mh22 _1«2 Main atreet
NEW DRR88 GOODN.—New Kid Olovea, (Gantt Jonvm
Flit,) a beautiful assortment of our own Importation; Gentle
men's Qocdt, In Cattlmeret and Twevda, from the Cretahaw Mills;
all just received by
nut Oil toap, if superior to all other for shaving. For sale
mhl8 __1W cor. Main and 10th 8treets.
for Rheumatism—warranted In every cate. Prrpa ed and
for sale by DOVE A CO ,
friR __ Droggl.lt.
I’ UMP PLASTER, of the beet quality, landing In the Dock and
J for aale by_[mhM] I. A «. B. DAVENPORT^
BATON—Prime Western Blmaldera for tale by
mh30__I. A (I. B. DAVENPORT.
GROI'ND ALUNI S* LT.—7WPacks In prime order.—
F.rstleby |ml.3"] LAG. B DAVENPORT.
Cases and lloiea. Fur file by
njlt80 I A 0. B. DAVENPORT.
rFkD APPLES, in nice order, for tale by
CLOVER BEKD, for sale by
mbid_Corner Cary and 18 h 8tre«fa._
Military books foraaieat
_mh9ti _ WE8T A JOHNSTON’g Bookstore,
A PHI L .RAGAZINEN receiving and fo’ sale at
mh24 WEST A JOIINBTON'B Bookstore.
GUM ABASI0.-6 bales Gain Arabic, tor sale by
mh2e —St_Corner Cary and I8lh Streets.
Clin 88L9,- B^hkNDALE CEMENT;8,000bbUrJame. RlT«
• MM t II)draullc Cement, Tor sale by
RRLS. PISH, comp lalng Col Herrings, Qrms
• " F\/Y/ Herrings, Roe Herring..Alewlvet, Potomor Herrings,
N« 1, 2 and 8 Mackerel, Bhad, Salmon and While Fish, In store
nd for tile by_(fell]_BBIDOFORD A 00
II MAI«8 ^ L MOOU, A|t, .
- IltlCA^I PVBLIC •p|kte
Usually CMttow, than Is 0MI MaJIdcst* u k*7r*
. A KlIMARLi; IKWKpAppj^k
rank mu i
"There Mem* la he no «ic«e fir u,|a or m, II.. '
the celebrated Hamur'l Iswmsu Hart '• »•» a
bad.” "-wurr, ^
“When people can protect their Hair from the ten
a»r when they ean lot art ate la gt.eey Mark h„k, .. **rG •/
period of their lire*, »heo white and gray llalr ear, t!, *v*t
s heaollfnlblack or aohorn, when llalr eao be mad, u. b
bald head*; when all thl* eao be lone. It ranmi do a.??’*►»*
tell what will dolt IIKIM*TsE»rs IUIS W
dolt. Thl* Hair R.floraUre I*, beyond p*r*df»flUr.T,'« »R
thing of the kind ever In rented rhe fact* la Mr — • *” St
regard to thl* wonderful preparai on, warrant a* la I*
recommending It” *'*'*•'if |
nos re*
"Many of our Brrt Htli tn* In Bt Loal* are (peakta* la *
term i of thl* at Role." ™ Ttl^
rank m
"Thl* loeompareb y eieelleol preparation for the
Gray llalr to It* original color, to preserve Hair from r,n„ *
and te eure baldoce*. I* on tale at llemphrey k Browa'l i **>
dty. The evtilenee that thl* Rett ratlvela no kuiuh., u,
dire Tedtlmoniald to that effect may be found la aJn m—****^- II
per In tha eou ntry." "N K
"Leave dye* alone, and uee only tome rtliaM, „
Helm*tre*t'i Inimitable " ,*‘|T*
Bold every where—Price SOc. ami |1 per botile
W. K. HAGAN k CO., Proprteten, Trnv S »
F.-mn k Bsirnaii, Agent*. l«*-dA*ii
Tin; —
a pcrfeot asp con tutr Skyri.r rot
mimhhn or taw
Thl* Elegant Prep eratlon rend-m the FUn .„n »„,! "•
parting to It a Marble Parity. It b murtceo! and rrfro- • ,“j *'
plied to the fare after eepo*ure to thr *t>n. aod will t „ i„ '
relief to the Btlug of loaerta. Not ing pobonon* entrr« |„,.
compoei'lon. The eontenu of a bottle might he tak a ,
harm 1U tipi'lir/itUm every ntyAf for a tree* .m//
ioor*< cnee of V<*»;<!e*.
Hold everywhere—Price Fifty Cent* a Bottle.
W F HAIS.sN k CO., Proprietor*, Troy g v
Fiengk Btigrraan, Agent*. fe&~4*rt«
K R> R*
Ranwty'it Ruthr Rtn.iv* ecn<|urr* pain. *-•«., fever, wt!,, I
•patnia rretnrei impend'd animation, and I* the only *tlo ,
ralrtence that rrpet* at Ui-- otUet ah attark* of .II*.-».m., ,,
time to pr-vent the reternof the parovyl.ro l,y mean* „f R„t, '
Regn'atlrg Pill*. The great object rf primary meriiettl. n , ,, I
meet the Sr*t *hoek of a dleorder a llh a pr eerfal «•. .u.terwi , ,
Inllaencr, and thu* prevt nt | r< atra' .on. If the a it a p. wir,,, lf
auatained until the rau>e of *! km ti 1* rem red ky purgation ,,f
the bnw-le, ant an e,|utlltarion of 'he circulation, a run . .
tain. Till* grand object la aeco .-pli*lied hy the Ready Rep, t , ,
>)i >u!d therefore alwat • he at baud to mot Clr.eryer.riev.
RtnwAT’* H*«fi artgti PlUit ••mptv the nbatrueted loe.la a y, 1
out pain, art specifically ope n the li rer. anil at cnee [ II tfy l( ^
n.nrlih the blood and reatore the ulllbrlum of lh' i Ireil.ii,.. _
Without rivk of the aft. r ror*e«|Uenee» >f t al *r• I. blue Hit, ..
nine. Potaah or Iron, they at one e a yet all m»rhld rn alter'",
the lyatcm and reerntt IU enerylei acting a* a pnryittie, a'r,.,
tire ami atoms. hie. In three • If.rU vegetable mcdl. at ft, > u u,
perfect triumph.
Ha* arnlhd.iVd by It* cure* the thr iry of tranvm tied b , ao»i._
It eradleat-* hertrlllary Tliroat anti Long dlir.an »nrt »,v ,
and I* the natoial and Irrevlatlhle avldrde In the tiro* ahtrb yr,..
drier* Kunring Sorev, B«'ll*. A bee**. '.Catce'a Halt IP ret krytlp.
el»v, Far I'omplalnt*. Polyphua In the Note, flee * rf tf, u tb
Turnon, Carhop.-!**, anti all virulent ext. mat 'llaterrper.
In the hot reydon* of Central and Heuth America Kadway'i R,,,.
ovatlog Resolvent performed the m"at ml aeolou* cure* ,.f I—^
•y, Rut ning 8 r»», HypU 1'lc Hr r, », No te., Dropty, optkalsiv
Cancer* In the Ml nth, For. Err*, Harr Mouth, Ae In otallr.ai«
care* of A'U.ma, It afford* 'mrnr dlate relief. Tuherrbi in
Throat and Lung* It rapidly ruee*.
Should be a'ways kept In tbs I. use. In all easts of sudd nil
tacks of pain, sicknesa «r pestilential cpidem'es, D.„ll| br.sk cl
the disease and afford Inst.ntane. ii ■ else snd mBi ' InCrnoy
Worms, Sore Throat, Ac , Rad way’s Ready Relief arta lasmrdlaMr
Radway's Remedies are sold by Pruyp its .verywh re L
inhlty—dcwlm RADWAY A CO., id JchnElreet S. y.
THE ONLY DYE.Ere-sns'trrt
THE ONLY DYE.Sworn to be pels* 'ns
THE ONLY DYE....#. for a UCng bmug
THE ONLY DYE... for a perfect I lack
fllE ONLY DYE. ... Tbs'd.ttrs d.teetls,
and H.e
for all who desire to have the e'dor of their hair charred whli
saMv, certainty and r.pldtty.to arv shade they may desire. M..».
ufaeturedby J. t'HRIrtTADORO, A Astor House, New York s.14
everywhere, snd applied by all Hal Dr-sseis mt '—Hsl „
(ilKSMI n A II Til KOI*.
N»’ It I S f: Mil.
SPRINT, STOCK of DRESS GOODS, bought at the rreeat uctioa
sal< s in New York, many of them at half their value, eomprt.
Ing all the new fa rlcs In Dress Goods, HI ka. Barege, An,lal<, Jaco
nets. Moramblqu'S Challle*, Pcnllas, Ac Also, a full »u>.k of
staple Goods for families and Plan era, to which we woull birtte
the e| entlon of all those In want.
II,hit; CHRIST,'IN A l.tTHRilP, W Milan.
Life ar.d ftre Insurance,
Herring's Eire and Burgh* r Proef Safes,
Machine Belting, (Leather and Rubber)
Meneely’aChurch and oiler Beils,
Dealers In Oottcu and Linen Twines,
ccP Riehtu nd.
LICK, K chmontl. Vi.'fm.ifiufietiirta * f‘'-mpl»,tlibl*
lbl«? Hrtkinx Powdfr." If Is I* the July f««toiy of if ,e k 1.4 Id ih«
8r.utb, inn hi* If prepare*! to furtli*1) the entire tra*!* on a* ret* r»
able term* a* Northern nutnfa. tarert ftrrnpte’i J w ler t« * Mr
iflr.la preparation, approfed by ill vho u*ed Ik—/*’uAmonJ B'kff.
For fab* by l>rui(jrf«Ui ar.<l Oroorr* general!? frl if
»r^h A MUTmili HAMJFAC*
(Eitvasuimao is ivdi )
Tills house was first established by Cook A Ryan,
ind’ly. Bv Peter Cook,
8rd'ly. By Cook A HIP.
Ith'ly. By A ea. HUt.
blh’iy. By Ale*. Hill A Co.
,cW( are prepared to manufacture Ladles' Gent's, MBres asd
Bovs SHOES of every descrly tlon, to which we most respect uly
call the attention of our frlenda, customers, and the public gent
..ll»_)a 88 A1 KX IIIU. A 00.
ariisKA la Llt'K PUOini KIT*
TER* Is conceded to be the most delicious, wlolt
•otne, and effectual tonic In the World, used by aim, st .vtry f<«
ily tn Viao.jia, iDanrun solely fo. this cllrrate, and thoold hi
found In the house of everv Southern family, at a curt for ad ids
eases of the stomach and bowels 1 hey never fall to make a trs
racr cubs of Drersnua, Nervous Hi adache, Ac. With pain In Us
stomach or bowels they give Immediate re lef, correct dis.od.nd
livers; and In we>k and debilitat'd perrons they uiu give vllsl
energy to the whole system. They only need a trial to g<ve Dew
precedence over all other Bitters. There bitters eat, be had tf
Messrs GRAY, PURCELL, LADD A CO , and by all promt.,nt
DruggGts In the city of Richmond, and elsewhere In Ylrg'nu atd
North Carolina. Also, by C. STOTT A CO., Washington City. D.
0.; CANBY GILPIN A CO , Baltlmcre; H. A. FAII.NK8T0CK 4 CO.,
Philadelphia, and It 1RNKS A PARK, New Y rk
Orders filled by addressing K BAKER. Proprietor,
Eeb. 8—dAc Richmond, Va
for the cur# of
Oomuxrri,,*, Ba»a< Hivts, Corolla anu 0.,l.oa.
Tu* Mucosa Aaantck.
Discovered try a
Wint.k TsavgLLig,, is AkiBtA.
The Masnsa guinea cures Consumption.
The Mart,rat Akanti'a cures Kron, hills
The Mak ka Akaim a cures 8..re >hr,rat, Cough sr.d CoIJs
The Makokt Akama cures Asthtua, Scrofula and liu|urtU,i of
the Blood
Th'a tin.,pulled remedy Is now for the firs', time produced to the
It was providentially discovered bv a Missionary while trar I
ling in Arabia. He was eu-.d of Consumption by Its use .Iter his
case was pronoun-ea homeless by learned physicist a In fun p*
We Import the M> aosa Aaae i t I.irecl from Smyrna 1Itr, tl.e
house of Cleon and Grllippus, and we have alwars on hand s full
supply put up 'n b-ttles >rady for u e will, full dir, rtl.nis.
S4 rent* for postage.
For sale, wholesale and ritail. by
Imp.rt rs of Drug* and ssertleloss.
No. Cl Liberty Ft. Ns* V >t
F«.IJ ala i by Droggbts generally. mhsi l» _
jf^S. I»K J. W. (iiARI.H K-Hia
Sta —I have foreom* months ased In my lant'ly F*»
pic’s justly celebrated Halt ini; l*o t» drFW, *«d take pPm
nre In rccoirmi-ndlng them to ah'nnlllcs a* the very beat artlel*
I have ever tried for making light, sweet, spnr.gy bread. TV re k
no excuse for bad bread wheo N'-iiipIr’a HoHttrr* or wi
Respectful y, J. Runts) lutwauu.
Petersburg, V*., July 30th, 1 SfO. W ■_
In roni-queoce nf ih»* fcoeral fln«nW*l deranvemroi i!»roo#V
out the count y, we have dctermlnnl to lull off cur lupctloc
dealmhlr stock of
at a great sacrlflee to dose bntinrts » soon aa possible.
We offer thla day every article at prime rout, from a p»P*r ”
aeedlea up to the ri< Aetf tilt* brought to thla count'!
Id Housekeeping Gooda our ttoek ts very large and rosd'kta,
oonslsllng of
Table Damask,
IJnen Filtering*,
Pillow Caae Liner I,
Towels, Huckaback, Ac., Ac.
Splendid assortment if elegant Dress Filks, and all Its ",
styles of French and English fabrlct for laditt and lUldrtu
dresses, for Bpring. Winter end Fumner.
Emb olderies. Hosiery,
Glove* and HandkercMelk,
8'awls, Cloaks an 1 Man'les, .
Shirtings, Shee'lngs, Flannels end Blankets, «
every description,
Irish Linear end Diapers.
Bombazines and Dlack Alpacas.
Laryestock of goods for s.rventa rummer snd winter clothing.
Purchasers arc Invited to call and set for tVmsrive*._
No 143 Main street, Farle Sqsart I
N. B.—All peesons Indebted to us **HI please e-II andirUl* ,l,«*
accounts without delay, aa It nger Indulgence Dili not bejr»*b
_mhS__A. «.*.*«*, I
The effect of purging with DRAN|tRETII F PILLS Is to riNer#
the health, no matter from what caspe It may be eufferlog T' *F
take out all Impurities fiom the system ; and th*y have tb» •»■•
pow«r of expulsion over mtaan, pollngus vapor of deesyed rege
tables, or Indeed any p. Isonous exhalations breathed by man v1*4*
ever. In fact, If the blood Is poisoned. It Ss Impure, and tepf*
blood reeu'.ts In disease.
though Innocent as bread, yet they bee capable of psrlfylrg ■>*
blood and curing disc tea. Ri, they curs all kled of
aathmas, catarrhs, costlveuss* and painful affeetlois ef »»' '1 •
Price S5 cenU par box. Bold by all respectable dealers lo m
does,_ wMt-dlw?*.
OLOTlljlN O-. ^
ll‘i MAIN h-TRKKT.
HAV* on hand a large stock of CLOTHING, aucb as
Orloff Bearer Overcoat#
Moscow Beaver do.
Kng lab Whitney do.
Drab Beaver Oarraekj
Black Petcrshaia do.
Sliver Mixed Cass Suits
Grey Caae. do.
Velvetwen Hunting SolU
BhKk and Brown French Casa Sulla
Blaek and Fancy Cass Pants
Fancy and Blark Silk Vrata
Black and toner Velvet Vesta
' Shirts, Collars, Books and Tie*
Under Shirts and Drawers
Boys’ Clothing, Children'! Clothing.
For Bargains call oa DARRICOTT, HARRIS A
aolfl_*'* “““m -
1L®T of Jordon's flmlthfltld tad Paailly BACON. ******
ot Rrsasts and Shoulder*, la Mora and for »»>• bf ^j.
^BthM W. H. FLaA** "' a

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