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Arti. lrt teriMtn on »“»« nV<t of tht j.'ptr trill n t bt puldith
•d. TAim in a ru-’t <f l ng tktmdmj. ought to bt t-u ion tn a l,
ou t tod! in no oatt bt J,t.:rtai Jnm, id Unary itoti.tt ttrottd
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0r Hr.iiMntMkhrOl. battommMmicathmt.
Tito I vurpattou by Li mold.
Not a question c.u be eulertaiced of the tUgrunt and
pal{ a! !e invasion of the Constitution and Saw, by the
Northern President, in exercising the power of calling
forth the mi.iiia and inaugurating war. The right to call
out the mil.iia is expressly confined to CW/cm*—and
the wuoie war-uir.king power is res'ricted to the same
body. Even that branch of the Federal liovernment
lias co authoii’y to make war upon any State of the Con
federacy. The ac'ior, then, of the Executive is a grot
usn'-pstior, and should receive the support of co law
anding and lib? rtv-'ovi'" cit'x‘tt of the Republic. So
far from it, it should meet the stern reprobation and im
p acabie boet:.;ty of the whole country. Officers in the
army and n ivy should treat it a? a nullity, and refuse to
obey atv or<h r ernara'.iug from the usurper. We hope
the Virginia Convention will put forth an appeal to all
her own sons engaged in the public service, and to all
others, who love liberty and the Constitution of the land,
to resist this usurpation by cTerv means in their power.
Let a!!, who command n ips or torts, instead of throw
ing up tbeir commissions, bring their vessels and strong
h T- cv r to the side of liberty and law. The usurpa
tion should be resisted at t verv point and by every ex
peuient that frec":«*n car. employ. Virginia's voice, loudly
proclaimed in behalf of this policy, would exert great
intf ;rncc. She should al-o appeal to her sons, wherever
they be, on lar i or sea, and to all her gallant dtsccn
d .at* in Kentucky,Tcnncsnee, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and
il sonn, to rally around her in this great b ’ht for free
Anglo-Saxon freedom, the freedom onr ancestors
b'Ougtit from England, and which was hallowed by the
K volution, is at suk ■*. The atrocious war inaugurated
bv Lincoln is designed for its destruction. If that war
be successful, nothing will survive of the Republic but
an intolerable mihtarv despoil-m.
We do not underrate the ditUcultles and dangers that
environ us. We du'.v app ec a e the Tast resources of
tha North'ra horde—the advantages they have gained
by the tcizu'e of tha com non nary and army, the com
mon arsenal a«J fortj aud monitions of war. We ru e
at their prop or value llv-ir skill and valor in war. II:
w. do uot oe piir. In such x ca .so there is no tu.’h word
as despair. A brav. and free people, fighting for their
lloerty, their homes a: d hearths, ca- not fail to conquer.
But every human effort tn-tst be made ; every man able
to boar an arm, w ithin the Commonwealth, must master,
and master quickly, f >r the conflict. There is rot a mo
ment to lose. The enemy is already at our borders. A!
o »r peaceful overtures b.tve ouly provoked iuereased ar
lui.'s a . 1 threats of subjugation. Oar only safely is iu
oj_> universal ir:ni"g. Confronted by such a demonstra
tion, our ru.hlsis a sail u: s wi» piase. Toe (allying
erv of Dantju. *• /'■(•• r . i.rv is t•» Jang»r,n breagh*
f jr'.b 111 aud young to the co intrv’a rescue, and sav.-d
y,-anoe from inv.i-ina ard d'-nlitioa. . at same cry,
imtatt/y na-i saiwwi’y h J, e»n a’or..> mvo u . Be
Virginians love their glorious laud with a fervor less than
t at of any other people on the g'ohe* Oir soil has
c -v..T vet been p;cfane i with impunity by a hostile tread.
Lut u-, witn one -i.: 1 rou' o-wesr by the memo
ry of ourI'lustrious dc.i 1, tna: th* reproach sh.il not :e-t
t> 1 this :;*• • t..on.
This inUn.o m »■ :r i- : r>t of O'T seeking. It is fo-ccd
tipon uj. And :h • Ac i •• ,n T> : yd.de*, wh-.n he un
dertakes 'o true th-* .-..use* ot i*>i* long, lamer.tabic xu i
b 03 ly coi :l t, *:,l • <->m * Led to te.-tifr, t^nt the In
vincible Dorians <,f th So i o> ly assi rted th ir ir'dim
aols rights, and tough i >r tie • r-d c -e of liuma
freedom. Virginia f is been er. ig'd, detbg the pa.-:
two months, iu a* arduous ami honest tflbr' to nre-> rv
peace, restore fraternal I-wli . • .. . 1 n •>: ;ve cv< -y c iutc
of d.asaliafac.ion from every p'r' n of the Co fed-.a
«y. The fa.,hie a 1 1:v... c:.lieal j ' in \V i birgfrn
applauded her «ffoi .s ai-d greeted them with prote.-ta
ti u« of a^actiic p> .y. Ba , all th while they were
eier’.iag »•‘xlthily ev-TT nerve to organ a.* utti-.s and
armi.s tor our suij t ati >r.. Mow that their pi parations
arts complete, they proclaim war, convert the Federal
metropo'is into a tamp ol oterceaaties aud, launch
11 vets tor our invasion.
Wha'evvr he the c >• ?cquer.ce;, wc have uo alterna
tive but to me • th* i s .e like men.
It li<> are the R< vclutlocisla t
The govt man n that v as framd for u* by our
lathers, while a lui'ai cred in the spirit and lor in? pur
poses held iu View bv its founders, was all that was ueed
%d to secure uai.vid .al freedom, thrift and b .ppiness,
aud to conduct the country »»f ly along a career of un
exampled prosperity and - -aadcur. Theoretical errors
tiers may have beep, | r »o leal dr fee s and Labi:: i* s to
„t,u.-e and prever-ion, but ro lo: g as the grand ohject*
of th - Consti u'.- ■; and the Bulan were correctly ap
preciated aud faithfully m-it-tame J, iu piicviplc x. J
• practice, the American people w<rc b!c- el beyond any
on whom the tun .shout". L U cot nece-st v, row, to
a___k.wlr #!..» »ti':'i’ r* •* ! t.n t*!»vl thri aL ol our noliti*
eal hi-torv, to awcrtuia the exact point a! which the S.«s
«j. ,»-ture from a r?s*ht line oc irred—it id enough to
!, ,ow that the parp *ei cf the I'nion have failed, that
the terns* ot' the Compact have beta violated, and that
by a faW contraction of the Constitution, toe Govern
ment itscif boa beet! nd.ca'U re volu-ioniz'd. I \ proof oi
tliis.it is only tecta. .«rv to poi t to the I c 'ha w'-a' was
meant to ho a Go»e :orcn cftheWhceP p*G.r.
e-nmewt in the bene::"* and protection ot which A I
h'ii-i'u share equally—ha* com • to be the dominatioo ot
c.e put tf tl <■ com try over the o’her, a> ! the prac: .
cal exclusion of tfce*nl jcit part !rom ail inti tence in di
recting A* ** w*''l as nearly all participation in
sharing the benefit*, of th • *. Government, The ilt-athat
oxe Section of the ,-x: •"** *houll be n 'e<l hy anotiur
pec ion is a* u <-.■>'> e ive of the purposcuof the Uon.-ti u
tion a* it is uicompa.ibio with liberty and ablorreut to
S >t or.lv hi* this ou'-.ige upon t! 0 rigii < of the peo
l>o ri.wei numerically and wi ‘o.t leM-ence to the
sovereignty cf the > a been tccouir li>hed, but the
ig-ioraul and T ilgur m.iti *b > is now tl o hexd of the
revolution.led Government, wvb on bis way to the 8.at
o: Ins au'hority, i h -.c ... e to the gapingcowd*
that rrcried h'nt, e- Vn tel *0 bic.k down the
pw tiwaldia.iuc u -is.-- >-,t 'tiJacoun'y, >pe.k-|
ing w-.th coot rnt t oi the rig .is of the lorm.-r, s< com
pxre-J with ibos' of a y other district having the same
population and territory. T 's was a dtrirg and danger
out innovation upon the ch trader oi our Gov< rauicnt.
ats assau. upou the tul.:* ot the S'.ve* and aa intuitive
•*ep io»a-ds coanoli lating a 1 pow.-r in the hands of the
Central Guver ,ra -..t, Nut content with this, ia his Ican
gura) address, ho ussailei the dec s ons of the S.pt j:ue
Court, and recklessly proclaimed thit controversies r.li
tive to '.he powers of the Government, not expressty Jt
t-rm.ued by the Conatitniion, must be referred to the
people of the Ution, and the decis-on of the majority
in ist prevail; thus again siriki g directly a: the cxp.«ssly
r *• rw l r-ghtt of the Star* .v.d the p-'p!„>, and pivii.g i
the way for the unlimited rule of tiie don.ii.ant North, I
over the d -p -el numerical minority in the South.
Lj a Government that l<*okd to the census tabled for the
right* ot the Staten, that kr.ows no protection for tuiuor
it.vs but the gratuitous forbearance of majorities, that
nil'j.cta the decisions of the Supreme Court to the re
v.siou and reversd of the multitude, that owes i s powe
to aa embitter el and hostile Section—above all, a Gov
ernment *h»t usurps the war-tuakiog power into the hand*
ot a di: gle indvid-ixl, aud atrociously attempts to wield
it seaudt the very Sov.-reigmie, f,ora wh*ch it was wres
ted, id that the Government for which our Virginia sire*
toiled aad fought aid bled ? If it is not, who are the real
revolutionists— the rebels aud traitcr-^before God? Are
they the SouUern States and people, who, in spite ot
years of misrule, opprea-ion, insult aud outrage held on
to the Uti>n, vainly hoping to wcue the Governm.nt
from pruatituiiot and the Constitution from subversion
—or toe wild horde* of the North, whs, led on by fanati
cism, the lust for pover aud ths greed fur olh -e, have j
madl' triken do»n ail the defence* and guilds of the
Cooati ution, an) .uaugiratsd the unros nune.l will of a
•action .1 m'jo iij as supreme to*, cnly over the ju
liignti tnhunal *f 1*H teeort, be; uprem* over th.
despised pvoplv and contemned sovereignties of the con
quered section ? Who, we repeat, in perverting the vi
tal objects of the Constitution, are the real revolutionist* »
Who, in “aherating one portion of the country from
another," are the real destroyers of the Union ?
Let tne people of Virgiuia reflect upon and answer to
thenuclres theee questions, and then let them, by their
acts, proclaim their answer to the world.
Credit and Klilpe*
The Abolition papers are chocking over the idea,
that the Confederate Stab's cannot borrow a dollar in
Europe or America. ThU would be sad, if true ; and
vet it would not be worse than the condition of the Thir
teen Colonies, when they *»vcred their connection with
fl-eat Britain. They not only could borrow nothing
from abroad—but had nothing at home, luckily,the Con
led, rate S;at- s are not reduced to such straits. II tiiev
have no credit in New York or Loudon, they happen to
have abundant means for present uses within themselves,
i Their whole loan of fifteen mililioas has been taken in
New Orleans. Kiug Colton will he very apt to command
- ecu* as loi g as Massachusetts and Lancashire have any
ia their fobs.
We notice, slso, In the same papers an exultant toce
I it the poverty of the South in steamers and vessels of
I war. This is well-founded. The common Government
ha* robbed us of cur share ot the common property—
J and we must endure the spoliation as well as we can.
Bat it is to be observed that naval superiority docs not
i always carry with it superiority on land. The Athe
ifans swept the .Kgean, and yet were overthrown by the
I Liocdemoaiuns. Napoleon did not dare to launch a
I h hing smack on the oc*an—such was England s rule ol
I the waves—and vet he conquered most of the continent
of Europe. In our Revolutionary struggle, at the be
j ginning, we scarcely had a ship; ye; we did not tail to
mike good oe.r Independence. What h > ■ even, may be.
hsrtlrern }j«*i*tl*n;*nt.
The sentiment which pervades the Northern Republi
can press is most ferocious towards the South. Total
extermination Is the mildest fate which the most mode*
.ate of them will allow to the “rob Is and trai ors." If
•.he whole people cf Virginia could read these papers,
there is not a man of them, who would not feel that our
safe'y Jopcnds entirely upon ourselves.
Tae tone of the conservative press, too, has uadcr
goae a very marked change. Most ol them have caved
.□—not exactly to approbat on of the war policy of the
r —but to in idaMw, which amounts to tbs
lime thin,', of the necessity of sustaining the Govern
We htve been sati ii*d fora good while, that all
knowle ip* of genur e free government w«s lost in the
N r.h. I'tuvt r-al s«>flr<g* and ready-made clothing have
male them fit ouv tor despotism—and the course of
the ;■* paper- is evidt nee of the fact.
tl .man l.bei von this continent now rests onlv with
the Sou'hcra Slit1 a. Tbcv are its sole champions. Gml
jive (hi iu aidfai th# gt o ad gin wn task of uphold
ing it!
Tt:c Cvnv: ulion>
Th" Convention yesterday w.ut i.:to secret session
vet v sooo after . ssem i g. The proceeding', of course,
ire unknown to u>; but re have every coi fiJeuce that
whatever can be, will be doue for the honor and safety
of the State.
We bear that G.tural Wm. C. Se.-tt, of Powhatan,
cum minder of the 4t^ be^iJe, has tendered his sot
vic' - and the services also of thirteen Volunteer Compu
te,>-, including six Cavalry Couipauies and one of Artil
ie.to the Governor, to go into active service at once.
Colon 1 John. E. Scrrg-e, of Fauquier, has also ten
dered his own ser.ices and those of Captain M ur’s In
fan try Con piny, at-d ’he Dragoons of L:eut. Randolph,
ht Iv conin' n'led by the gallant Fred. Scott now of the
Southern army.
The. • gmtleruca have been accepted, as likewise their
respective companies. They will be ordered on duty at
the first cs’.
Tvisuat, April lb. 1 SGI.
TheCcnv'.ntion ss-emb ed «f 10 o’clock, A. M.
I*.ayer by the Rev. l>r. Daggett of the Methodist
Th Pr. side’ : an o meed ’.ho f« I'.oniug committee in
a ordaiite with the r solution of Hr. Willey, dhvetin-’
n.-uirv into the «xpud:e’_cy of so amending theCctia’i
i: .c i'if it S.a'i to provide tin t taxation shall b.
q i l and ur i:orm •! rouphuu'. ’he Comiu nwoul h :
. French, C B|
. B\rb • • J f rsou, Bayb , I - , 11 ...... ay.
1 hlcr, M i t. Cbauibies. Gregory, anu Urvut.
The to-iowing r- u i n which was pending at the
,crt ment, v—ieru y. was then adopted :
. , Th-tth.- Cruv.tu.iu wi.i u 'n ! ».<ly ya iu'or-cvvl
<r ; • ,i . ’.-it r t« • 'in. ...r it ■: - port ot i.i Couiai't -e app lat
t v*. m-.,: n
.ad 'oV.i.s wer • accordingly cleared Ot
vidtors, sii l, on r: ition, nil the «vporters is-eptono
.( the offijiai e.aff, (fr. Kkis) were excluded from the
die doors were th n ilos.J, and the Convention went
into seirii e> ion
[rsirtiixo rots tux rcrxE-ii' Rii xxritx.ss. ]
Extra.-t f om a -.te’h of Edmund Pendleton, in the
Vir.’.uhx Convention of lTss. Debates of Convention,
p. 4":
• Bui the power of laying direct taxes hi olj red to.—
Govcrcni’tit tnu-t be sup. >":td; it’s ci.ni.ot be done
... i . at a revat ta; :i a rufiident revenue bo not other
v .-..i-td, HI D direct uxx’ijn —
ientlemen a ui t this, but insi-t oa ths propriety of first
it pititg to the State 1 gialvures Let us consider the
i -cqicnc s that would tvsult fro a this: iu the first
uV - time would bo lost by it, Conors, would make re
'lui-ltiotts iu D ccmber, our legsla’.urts don t meet till
■ rr; hero would a iconsiderable loss o', liuie, ad*
nnt'ing the requisition* to be lully comp’i-d with ; but
up pa-a the requisitions to be reined, would it not be
datigeroui to send a collector to collect the congr. s-ien*l
ux .Jut the St ;te 1. gulature bau ai ,-olut. ly refused to
c >mply wi'h the demands of Congre-s» Woul 1 not re
»i-t me to collectors bj the probable co: eqacnco?—
\~vn!'l not th * rrstViite# tcrmin.it* in cartful ion, and a
dissolution of lAc L niou
I' »;•; are froai t'. tbit, in Mr. Puadleton’s opinion,
\ Slate would bav • in her pow-T to dissolve the Un
ion on a mere quest! *u ot taxation, thus manifestly dis
cldmirg ar.v coercive power i-i the federal government.
Mr. Nicholas, ia the same convention, expressed his
opinion as toilows :
*'Eut this powerol direct tixes is no* to be got over;
the gent’ema (Patrick Henry) will give everything iu
■ .. * ... ... . ..t . '
tern itivee ? It will le.nl Coogre«s to have a contest with
particular States ; after refu al tied opposition what is to
ho doD1 ? M . lore • be used tor the purpose? How is
it to be prcct red? It would i:i a litih titnoexpeud more
monoT th in the sum which it was intend to procure , and
• •. al ooi x quececs of -u. it a scheme, provided it were
nrac’ieablc, are self-evident.”
In another speech, Mr. Nich >ln said :
“T:iiseit>' i.'at of coercion is a dreadful alternative.
I ct> tiounds luos*- '-vliO »n‘ innocent and willing to pay
«vi It t’io-e w'i » refits*, lfow are th.*v to be disci nuioated
fa S.i is to 1'' attack' J lor the refusal of i:s L-g’-li*
sure I am sure that tho-o is t:ot a man in the commit
u « : > dc. s rot see the impolicy and danger of such an
M.. (II . ry) L*e, in speaking of direct taxes, said:
vt e. i. Nfulta n o.u tho I’nion;
and we must take its disadvantage with it; bc-ideeii will
re d r it unite.* iry to recur to the si gainary method
»■ i ; same genie men are said to admire. Had the Am
bad t ■ . • * r ooatai id in that paper,
w. uM t:i^T hive Jeut arm.es to !evv money? Will the
ho icrsble g’ntleman say that it is more eligible and hu
a n to collect money bv carrying ti e and sword
in bv the p- .ec .t.le mode of
raising mo::, v of the people through the medium ol an
ill; •**r i t peace « uen it is necessary ? BjI, says he, “the
1>. s Jr' will en-livc you—longr* ss w:ll trample on
your I.Nrtiee—a few regiments will appear—Mr. Chief
ju-tiee mus* give wav—o*:r mace bearer is no tna’eh for
a regim nt." It was inhuman to place an individual
agti .st a whole regiment. A few regiment* will not
a* lil—I trust ihe supporter* cf th* coverumeut would
get tl • T«* HI ad an ate
t ::»}■; i". ids, th. ; pie would msenitde in thousands ai d
.. . rii'cr ot their lew r -gimeuts —
We would thee do a* »c have already done with tho regi
ments of that king which he »o often tell* us cf.”
Mr. Corbin exclaimed:
“Compel th*.* leiittqu »ut Status to pay requisition* to
Coagr -• 11 How are they to be compelled ? By the in
atrumeuulity at' such a scheme »s was proposed to be
introduced in the year 1TS4. [Allud'pg to a motion
iu- !e i*.i the House ot Deleg*t#», in the year 1iK4, to en
able t'-angre-s to compel the delinquent S.ates to pay
their respective quotas by menus of an armed force]
Dih- cru.d mo le of compulsion eligible? Is it con
sistent with the spirit of Republican: in ? This enrage
mode which could be ::.adn u e of uuJ**r the Confedera
tion, lee-o» dree; ly to civil w*r and destruction. How
different is tin- from the geuiu* of the proposed Cousti
talion v By this proposed plan (the U. S Constitution,)
the public money is to be collected by mild aud gentle
means; by a traceable and friendly applicatiou to the
individuals ot t • commooity. Whereas, by the other
scheme, the public treasury must be supplied through
the medium of thesaord—by desolation and murder—
by the blood of the citizens.”
N**» Yuan April 11, H o’clock A. M.—A body of
po! ctmti are on duty at the Herald ollioe to guard
ag tinst a rumored attack.
T ere will probably be no disturbance here to-night.
i 11 %*T l‘«H DEK^-J. W. GAR
LICK Elehmond Vi., naDufarturr* 4‘8*«nple** lofal
'blc rovtity,1' His Is the onty factory of Ihe kind lalht
*Hou h* Atd he '% pr pared to furnish the ratlr* trad* on as r»uoB*
aHic Ur ms m N*»rtf.rra Dsnalftclartfi. BcnpU’s Powder it a Vlr
g.tiia prrpiratloa. apprised by aU who used It—X*t+m<md Whig.
*** fc*1- P*——§ aa4 Qrwoa— ——tty._fet—1/
OATH.—i& bait* Oafta, lor sale be
*Oi««T* A MUM,
Coroar Oar/ and 18U ArttH
Account* of it* excitement produced by the news from
Charleston continue to pour in upon us from every sec
tion of the country. The “war spirit” seems fully arous
ed, both at the North aud the South. The Governor of
Pennsylvania is reported to have given nasnrnnco that ho
could march one hundred thousand meu into Washington
within twenty-four hours. The Governor# of New T ork,
Massachusetts, Ohio and other free State# are also prom
ising the aid of lorraidablo armies. Volunteers arc daily
leaving Alabama, M ssissippi and other seceded 8tates
fur Pensacola. To show tbe “war spirit” abroad, we give
some extracts from our exchanges:
The Philadelphia papers have loDg accounts of the ex
citement in that city on Saturday and Sunday. Of tbe
movement* among the military, the ledger save:
Military Hall, Third street, near Green, was, on Satur
day evening, the scene of much exoiteinent. The fall is
the headquarters (or military men generally, and the ex
citement ol Saturday, coupled with the advertisement call
ing a meeting of the officers of the Washington brigade,
brought a crowd to the building in the evening.
The officers of the first regiment of the Washington
brigade—a brigade formed several weeks since for imme
diate servic —held a meetiug for consultation. General
Small announced that in all probability tbe biigade would
soon be ca'led upon to take the fi- Id. He had visited
Washington and tendered the brigade to Gen. Cameron,
aud the tender was accepted, (ten. Cameron inquired
what time the brigado would require to be ready, and
upon his replying in about ten days, the Secretary of
War wished to know if five days’notice would not be
sufficient, and Gen. Small respouded that it would be
time enough, provided the uniforms and arms could be
got in readiness. To this Gen. Cameron replied that the
brigade n 'ed not be uneasy on that score, as the govern
ment would attend to those matters. Gen. Small th re
fore advised the company cap’.aius to open their armo
ries for nightly drills during all of next week, and en
deavor to till up the muster rolls. The second regiment,
which is composed of Germans, is filled up, ready for ser
vice. Tbe first regimeut is nearly liiied, and both regi
ment? expect to be ready to move by the close of
the week The Montgomery Artillerists have been ac
tively engaged during the past few weeks in recruiting
men, with a view to being ready when called upon by the
governmont. About one hundred have been enrolled,
and it is c jntcuiplated to form a battalliou, which is to be
under command of M *jor Harvey.
In New York City the wildest excitement prevailed
throughout Saturday and Sunday. The Herald says:
The first impulse on Saturday eveuiog was to doubt
the news. Some thought that it was a mere invention
to get up an excitement iu the city. A few fixed the
imposition on the newsboys, aud went so far as to offer
free bets that tbe whole thing would be contradicted
the next morning. But slowly aud reluctantly the full
force of the truth began to break upon tneu’s minds that
•here was too much reason to believe the dispatches;
end, however, new iling they were to admit tha* the
Temple of Jauus was shut at length, and that from it-*
portentous ga*es “gi im-vieaged war, with wrinkled front,”
had gone fotth with buckh r and spear, and fire and
word, the solid fact, with stubborn earnest!)* as, drove
out very futile ccnj ‘dura and proclaimed the desolatiug
, r. sence of the bloody genius of fratricidal war.
T e feeling at the New York Custom House is thus
spoken of:
Speculations were mad < by the various parties as to the
Ki>emd- that could b ■ adopted to iuvsde N. York,
and while hey were discussing tins kuotiy question a
penon entered tli. building with the re[>ort that the Mar
ne Lane Had been sunk in Charleston harbor. Ex
p:e«tioL of sympathy were then uttered with regard to
Japiain John Faunce* for all believed, if the vessel had
e down, be bad certainly gone dox-n with it. The
words “ poor Faunce ” could be heard almost at every
The inerclian’s and brokers, as they transacted the
:mall amouu: of business they bad to do, shook their
heads as they 'alked over the nears. Tuero were uo dis
putes about tariff—it was all war.
The BosUn Traveler (Republican) of Saturday evening
lco intelligence of the bombardment of Fort Sumter
w a» ret ived in this city with mingled A clings of sorrow
u' d bur; iug iudiguatior. The morning papers were read
»iih avidity; crowds collected in front of various news
paper tlli.es and scanned the bulletins wi'b eager iute
r.‘v-; k'.ots of citizens met and discussed the news, and
war spirit U everwlicro rampart. The almo-t universal
fri 1 g is in favor ol »u»'aii,it g the government by every
possible means. We bear ol many > flioient and experi
eaced men tendering their aid to government, and we
have no douh* iha’ the adminis,ration will be fully bus
tai ed in the course it has pursued.
fitere was a <J chne in Htocka in this market to-d iy,
but not to any considerable extent. The news so long
anticipated docs tiot appear to ! ave seriously aff ic’.cd
money matters. St. pensc and uncertainty are often as
d sastrous to busine-s interests as actual hostilities.
Lakcastkr, Pa., April 14.—Ti.c war news has creited
in'eese excitement here. Tue sLir-and stripes are be
ing displayed at dill’ i nt points, in honor of Major An
derson. A call (or a meeting on Wednesday to sustain
:h • covert ru mt is numerously signed. Volunteers arc
bc:r.g enrolled.
E isToN, Pa , Anri 11.—Tiie receipt of the war news
fr. in t.'h rl vo: \c toidny caused au intense excitement
throughout lie borough. A meeting wj^ ciilul at the
cuiKt-hous ■ last l ight, and r .elutions were pasted to
r»i-' voii n’ * r compitiici, ami that tiny bo tendered to
ih Gr.veruor nod President of the Un ted States, fully
equipped arid sustained. Nearly ?J.OflO were subscribed
for tu; purpose, ami upwards of ltsi men volunteered.
Uomtltte1 s were appoint*4 to rai.io funds and procure
volunteers. Tne co t-housc w*s g perfect j un, and
'lUt.drids were unabl. togaiu admittance.
Di■‘patches have been rent to Prtsident LiucoJu and
<; vrnor Curtin, ol!' ring men and means at a moment's
: ut s, Ohio, April 14.—A<'juLant GeneralCarring
to:i h>v just issued orders carrying into effect the rniti
,i v lux ju;t *..-ctcd hy :h G-l r»l Ase.mbly of Ohio,
and providing for (*.,<><•»• regular militia, besides the mili
tia of reserve of to less than :i.',,(iOO m *n, to be subject
to imm dia'e transfer into the r-gu!sr force. The reg
ular itti iii his bevu organized into twenty five reei
tne tits, whirl , when upon a war basis, would make 25.
ii: i tit-1. O.i Siturday his olllce was thronged by per
-oi s e .g- rly irquiriug for the news, and off-ring their
set vie -, irrespective of party, to support the general
Detroit, April 14—The war news creates a profound
se. s uion. Tne unanimous sentiment of the S ate is that
the position assumed by the government must be main
tained. Aa impromptu meeting of the members of the
Detroit bar and influential citherns was held yesterday
afternoon, composed ot a!! parties. They passed resolu
tions denouncing the Confederate States, and declaring
their intention to stand by lbs old U.g at all huzirds.
Cm ai«o, As ril It h.—Tin- ne»B „l the surrender of
Fort Sumter criaicd a profouud sensation bene. It writs
a’, first discredited, bur when later dispatches arrived,
confirming the previous reports, the excitement was iu
tcuse. All parties expressed a determination to uphold
the gov* rument in enforcing the laws and maintaining
the supremacy of the nation.
Nziv Haven, Conn., April M—The excitement here
is intense. Tue streets arc crowded with people who are
clamoring after extras. The national fl ig is flying from
all points. The Oily (frays are holding a meeting in an
ticipation of receiving a call to duty.
Nasiivills, April J;.—An ttithusiaslic public meeting
was held hire •o-night. E solutions were unanimously
adopted condemning the admimstratifin for the present
state of afftirs, and sympathiz ng with the RoutU. Jhe
H«>n. Mr. Zollicnffer xnd others spoke.
Indian ai**m.is, April l.'uh.—Governor Weston has re
ceived otters from the volunteers of the State indicating
that th.ir:v thousand men could be speedily raised hero, if
Nkw Oklrans, April 1". —There wa« a grand muster
of tli* city volunteer companies (Ida morning, and prepa
rations are making to defend the mouth of the Missis
8 pp river in the best possible manner.
natter » ar:> rks<.-iikr on war.
Rev. Henrv Ward Brother preacl ed a war sermon in
Brooklyn oa Sunday. Of eour-e (he South and slavery
were denounced. Here are a few extrao's from his Ber
man :
■‘We mu^t draw the lines close. Let men ‘ake aid s
one wav or the other; let ever- man thow his hand; we
want no in:dd!o men, no shufflers; ail must now stand
each for himself on this great question. He who is not
with ns a id lor ns is ag linst us. Great men have spoken
on this subject eloquently and feelingly, but the guns of
stum'er have spoken more than them all. As for mo, 1
am detfrai ned. 1’1 hive no commerce nor dealings
henceforth with a ice o liberty No man shall come to
tny house, or receive niv ho -pitality, or break my bread,
or ■•hire my roof, who has feelings of hostility to liberty,
m less he comes ag i converted sii:m:r, and I shall treat
any and every one who com* in mv wav, who is raale to
hi- cou .try aud the hour wo live in, as a traitor, for such
he is.
Lei thiil nat'.er be se'tled no*. L?t it never come up
again. It war must come, let us meet it; it is better to
brave it thoroughly note ; to brave, if mcessarv, a pro
tracted war, so that it is a dual one, than for twenty years
■o come lie troubled with an intermit i >nt breaking out at
every period It has got to be settled one WAT or the
Other. The N irth has the population, the means and the
courage—fer there is no such breadth of courage at the
So :th »< there is at th” North. “The Northern men,’’
said that illustrious general—that tried piiriot—that no
ble man—Uou. Scott, “»re usr4 to get into a fight, but
most terrib’e fellows when once iu.” (Applause, sup
pr.-sad.) The North abhors war, but If it euleis upon a
contest, lean wish its detractors no more punishment
th m that they stand in the racks of their opponents.
Yesterday ramming affairs looked blue enough; but last
night we si pt peaceably, believing that all was wJl —
Again this morning we hear of the striking of our dig,
and this eveuiug doubts were thrown upon the wisdom
ol the action ot that gillant soldier, Anderson. I eaine
hi'her with a s r.-owtul heart, sad aud somewhat cast
uow: ; but siucc l reached ibis desk a dispatch has been
handed me, coming through the bands of one of our
country's most illu-triom delcuders, saying that “£gmter
is reinforced, acJ Moultrie is the fort which lies iu ruing."
[To describe the scene which ensued, says the Times,
surpasses our ability—it beggar* description—cheers,
hu/zas, and shouts made the building ljng—the waving
of htu and handkerchiefs, and the simultaneous uprising
of man? bundieds of people made the scene a most re
markable one. Mr. Beecher was, of course, wrongfully
informed ]
WasaiKOrow, April 15.—Governor Letcher, of Va ,
in a private l.-tter to a friend iu Washington last week,
.-ays he adheres to hk opinions, formerly expressed, in
favor of a central coufederaey. If, however, there shall
be a further disruption, the will of Virginia, if she act
othe-wise, shall be the rule cf his conduct. Any sacri
tic ■ she r. quires will be made by him, and if troubles
come hi will take b!* share of them.
A lenort was put iu circulation this morning that
Lieut Geo. Scott had resigned, but meanwhile he was
engage 1 with the Secretary of War and Adjutant Gene
ral Ttomas.
‘‘Fort Scktir SiRaxsoxam ux a Traitor.”—Under
tfffi. head the New York Courier and Enquirer (Republi
can) of Honda; makes the following infamous charges
against the gallant but unsuccessful defeuder of Fort
"Sumter has fallen—surrendered, we fear, by a traitor;
and that traitor Major Robert Anderson. This is harsh
language; but it is the language of truth demanded by
what appears to be the grossest act of treason ever per
petrated in this or any other country. The treason
of Twiggs is admitted by all to have exceeded that of
Benedict Arnold; but the names of both Arnold and
Twiggs will sink into insignificance—indeed, are almost
rendered respectable, when compared with the more
damning infamy which, from present appearances, must
forever attach to that of Robert Anderson.
"The circumstances of this abominable treason are so
palpable and transparent, that no man who reads them
can hesitate in arriving at the conclusion that Anderson
arranged with Beauregard for the surrender of Sumter,
before he was assaulted; that the defence was but a
sham; and that it was deemed important the surrender
should take place before relief could be afforded by the
government licet, hourly expteted to arrive with troop ,
provisions and munitions of war.”
The Courier produces, in substantiation of its charges
against Mfjor Anderson, a letter said to have been writ
ten by one of his officers—Capt. Doubleday. The lat
ter declared that at the time of the approach of the Star
of the West, he begged Major A to permit him to tire
on the Morris battery, but the Major peremptorily re
fused to let him lire, on the plea that he would not fire
until Fort Sumter was fired upon. Capt. D., it is al
leged, further declared that all Msjor Anderson’s sym
pathies were wiih the rebels, and that no l»ta that vom
of his wife’s brothers, sons of the late General Clinch,
were iu the rebel array, and that the Major did not coi -
ceal the fact that in no event would be, once released
from his then awkward position, bear arms against the
South, but would either resigD or ask lor a furlough to
visit Europe.
Worcester, Mass , April 14 —Men of all paities here
declare tiieir readiness 10 sustain the Government.
Provihxkck, April 14.—Men of all ages and vocations
are offering to ei list.
Norwicu, April 11.—The excitement produced by the
war news was never equalled here. All our people are
ready to uphold our Goveruraent, and hundreds are ready
to enlist.
Naw Have\, April 24.—The excitement here is in
tense. The stieets arc crowded with people who are
clamoring after extras. The national fisg is flying from
all poiuts. The City Grays are holding a meeting in an
ticipation of receiving a call to duty. The indignation
against the rebi-ls is universal.
Memphis, April 14 —Great excitement prevails in this
city over the news from Charles on and great crowds
are in the streets. The event is being celebrated by
couuoti firing, rockets,, bonfires music and dancing.
New York, April 15—The steamship Philadelphia is
rapidly loading wi'ii guns aud munitions of war, and may
possibly carrv troops South. She is nearly ready for sea.
A meeting of citizens was hel 1 to-day to make ar
rangements for holding a public meeting to sustaiu the
The seventh and eight regiments are understood to
hold themselves in readiness to enter the public service.
A number of volunteers to the number of Out> men arc
torming. lien, ward, ci tne ocoii. i#ue u tiara, is u
pected to assist in the orgini/.uion of a regiment. Co'.
Bean* ft, of th“ *»8;h regiment, Brooklyn, says his rig *
ment will support the government to a man.
Ord rs have beeu rece.ved from Woghing'on to fill up
the federal regiments as speedily os possible. The ri
cruitihg offices have been crowded with applicants. The
s contl regiment of New Jers y will tender their services
to the government, and about 600 of the Wide-Awake?,
it is said, will do the sa ne.
It i? also stated that Gov. Ol.ien, of New Jersey, will
in a few days tender the federal authorities with several
thousand troops.
Annapolis, April 15.—Captain Blake, in charge of the
United States Naval Academy here, has received a tele
graphic dispitch from Washington, and is now busily en
gaged in removing the arms and Ammunition from the
battery to the p notice ship Cous.itution. The 12-pound
howitzers, 45 pounders and 82 pounders shell were prin
cipally removed. Full armament and munition will he
put on hoard in the morning. The th'p laid in a supply
of oil and candles to-night, in order to ca-t loose from her
wharf, where she is supplied with gas. All the watchmen
of the guard ere armed with revolvers, but no person is
denied admission.
Philadelphia, April 15—Hon. John Covtde has of
fered Governor Curtii: $50,000 of the lean authorizjd by
Pennsylvania to arm anil equip the troops ordered from
that State. A delegation of Pittsburg merchants have
nude a similar tender.
On Fr'. fay evftdn? April 12h. by Etv. Charles White. It
[AS J. WOOLDUII ' ! r II •>', to Mix JANE
WHUK, I'anpMer «f t*.e late Win W WH T^.of Fr*fderck‘borf
poutov ui< an ww, pm m.
PIGIt WATSS * Ki.VE J.iT, 10 o'OLOOt. -SCB klblU ikTt-t HI.
Steamer Virtlnlt, Keene, Phlla., mdse, jni pnssenge.i, C. P.
Car (k>lo.
Schr. Jso. L ReJntr, Cordery, N. Y., mdse., W I). ColquiU A
Brhr. Butterfly. Hubbard, Bill, mi's#., W. II. Colquitt A Co.
S ir. Corv, Holbrook, N V , co*l, w. Ii Co qittl aCj.
P hr. Alvo.a io, {Rover, 'orfdi, md.e , W. D Colquitt A Co.
b-tr It P. Kir.g, ’•« 1., down the river, light,
beli- NVyb.studd ms, BtamforJ, coal Midlothian Co.
b. hr. Angelnc Vaurlirf, Lomond, d< wn the river, light.
Bob'. Couvoy, Mertil, •* “ “
h hr. Bough and Ready, Moore, “ “ “
Bohr. rl 'i.dl, Hojet, *• “ “
Bchr Mary Jane,-, “ “ “
fc.lg J»(I»,tBr.) Docglav Halifax, II ur, Hexalt, C-enshaw A Co.
■ " ■ 1 ■ - ■ - 1 ■■■■-<!S
iNOTICE.—The Aldermen and Gun. c I
men of Jiffrrsou Wed respectfully Invite th- gmtle
men o' the procession !u pasting to rati In at the Old Mar.<4
nail, oj Main street, and paitake of some refrtili cents,
cAitDLE KOikErh foTti^
Illumination. For Sale by
0. D. YALE A CO.,
apl7— It Iron Block, Governor Street.
Lion B ALTmou f.-T Steamer _ _ ,ic—»w
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will ri eive f<eigh: to*«l iy% \VeJnt»d4jr, April 17th
*pl7. It DAVI»> * WM. OUHRIK.
1) \Y), until 4 o'clock, P. M , and no lnt:r. Consignee#2AAi£
wil | lac send d na for tl.tlr gtoJa. P.iweuge.s will be „n
board by 12 M to ilaj. LL'DLAM A WaT?ON.
N. B. -No liltda. will be reccelved except those that ba* e been
engaged _anil—It
ON and AFTER Momiay, apr, l.’tp,
The .Hull and Piii.i nccr Trains,
Will leave Richmond dally, (except Sundays) at f'dd A M., for
Stanulon, and all intermediate Way Station#, connecting at Oor
donsville, with the Orange and Alexandra Railroad Trains for
Alexandria and intermediate stations, and at Charlottesville with
their trains for Lynchburg, and all points West and South-West of
that place. And every other day, vis : Tuesdays, Thursdays, and
Saturdays, for Jackson's River and Stations West of Staunton.
Harman A Brown's Stages connect with the train at Staunton,
. . . U.-.. I... .n.t Prtdav. and at (L atier. ,.n T .....
days, Thursday, Had Bitnrdnys, for Lexington.
Harman, Mason auJ C-n^.a»y’r f.age« connect with the Train,
on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at MUIboro for the Warm
Springs, and, at Jackson’s River for (lie White Sulphur Springs,
Levnsburg, Ac.
The Mall Train leaves Jackson's River on Mondays, Wednes
days and Fridays, at 8:15, P M., for Slsuntoa.
tv-' ■ cons 'in-nee of injury to the road by l.lgh w ater, near
Hanovtr Court Mouse,
wilt take the cars of th a K. F. if. R R , c- 1,’road street, until fur
Uurnotice. THOM 18 DOD "triALi,
General Foperintendent.
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main, w'lh a good tire, run* or ciuaus.
Negroea f r hire the er.raing year, had belter be lent In to me a*
early after Ch-litma* as pcsstb'e.
Tothoeeat a<lu-t-ince tr.rioau lam perwnoVy unlnnvn, J beg
U> refer to the foVou-ing ptreotut:
Richmond, Dickinson, II111 A Co.: King and Queen county, Dr.
Th .mas IiAtane, Arthur T.-mple, John Lumt kin, Thoma* Fauntie
roj; Wi»»ooreland county. Dr. F. D. Wheelwright, Rev. Thoi. E.
mcke; King Wl lUra county, John L La'sne, W. C. Latane, Dr.
John Lewis; KlngGeorge county, George Turner, Richard Turner,
f Maginnlsg, Thomas l.e-; Oerollne county, Ro. Hudgln, Dr. John
D Butter E»sex county, N J. B. Whitlock, Dr. James H. Latane,
tfdward F. N l, Beverley D. Roy, J. Roy Mleou, Wiliey Fogg,
ip rg» T. Wright; Glouces'er ecuuty, Dr Thomas C Cloptnr, J.-f
feruon -tuhh*, Jasp-r C. Ilughrs; Jame* City county, Park* Sla'er,
Rl. htnond c unty, Dr. Rob rt A Payne; New Kent county, Wm.
K. Ctopton, R be t H wle, Dr L 0. Crump, John S Lacy. R. T.
La ■ Louisa county, Dabney Parrish; Cumbi rland county, Wm. D.
C‘ rfton. P B Poster; Lunenburg County, >V W Brown; Cu peptr
county. J B Chtwnlng; Prince William ccunty, Wm. J. Wleie;
Norfolk, Cap:. J. 8 Middleton, John Gormley.
deC’iv—uij-wLi __
A. MORRIS’, Publisher
Itirlmiouil, Virginia,
H AS arranged wl h ti e author* f r the joint publication of the
following valuabl' South»rn School Book*, to which he w old
h-g t i Invite the a ientlon of Southern Mrrc-.snt* an 1 Teacher*
when ••.leeting their book, for the appr aching 8-ason.
The gerle* of School R-ader*, prepared by Nsblc Butler, A. M.,
of Loulavt le Ky , comprising—
THE Till all eC tOOL READER.
These readers sur a>* all other*.
Smith and Duke'* American and Statistical Arithmetic, for
Academies «nd S hoot*
Smith’* »lge >r»—The fourth revised edition,w:tb a Urge addition
of promiscuou* Examrlc* By S. C utchfleld, adjunct Professor
of Mathematic In the VI ginla Vl’ltary Institute.
Smith’* Blot’* Analrtlcat Oeomrtry; a new rev!*ed edition,
adopted to the i>re*ent atite of mathematical Instruction* In tne
C liege* of the United State*.
W» own and publish: Cr. xeP- Arithmetic; an Arithmetic for
College* and School*. By Claudius Or-set, Isle Pre id-t-t of Jef
ersoo College, Louisiana, principal of the Richmond Academy, and
formerly Pro>*i >r of Engineering at Welt Point One vol limn.,
bound Price 87c.
Tntrmlm-ilnn t-i Crr ,.»t’* Art t mpttc helm- flmt lrssofl* In Arith
metlc foi hsglnnei*. Price 2.V,
The above b')/)ki commend themselves to the attention of leach
err; non- belter, lb their particular department, are published In
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T BY recent arrival* I an In receipt of my Kail stock, to whlrh I
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25 do 1’alm Nuts 12 cast* fresh Prunes
25 do Pecan da 6o drugs RultanaRvlsIn*
20 do Fdhcrts 25 hxs Rugared slmonds
20 doWnlunts 25 do Genoa Citron
95 bxs Macaroni lo cases Nordim-s
10 casks Currants 50 do Muscat Wine
50 bxs Fire Cracker* 25 frail Dates
ftoO do Torpedoes 25 eases Glmrer
100 - aces arsorivd 1‘lc^iej 20 do Br. I’eaahe*.
50 da do Preserves
50,000 assorted CIGARS, at ft out |5 to *70 per thousand.
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The Annual Taw of Virginia
n.AVO’8 (il lDK TO 71 AMSTH-1TKS.
Just t'uil-i.e I.
A Guide ti Magistrate* with pra-tlcal forms, for tlte Discharge
of their duties out of Court lo whloh are added precedents, for the
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Clerks, Sc ; Recond FdPton, In which the law* are brooght down
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Law and Mayor'.f Richmond, price |4, mailed free of postage on
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A n-w edition of Tate's Analytical Digested Indtx of the Virgi
nia Reports from Bnrradalt to the present tins-, 15 h Grattan, In
Inouilve, Including also the Decisions of the Rpccial Court of Ap
peal*. b7 Al-xander II. Ramis. E*| , au hor oflhe 111,*- ry of a Bu'.t
a Equity The New American Form Boot and Editor of ths
(Justorly Lac Review.
The labor* of the f i.nyr eg.,ion |,aj been thoroughly revised
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RPLrsnin stock ov Law book* coketasti-v os tusn.
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KIlfcl WATIS.U. *
PROPYLAMINE was flretu*ed for Rheumatism by Dr. Awens
rlu«, Of 81. Petersburg. Within a period of abuut two years
he treated two huudred and fifty patient* with this remedy. He
says about It:
* It seem* to prssess the power of a true specific for the various
aff-cliom of Rhcumati: origin, it hts hern nuployed also la oet
i dspractlc- in acorsiderabie nurrh.r cf acute and cl ronlc case*
ot Kheuma'lsm In acute case* the pain and fever always disap
pear the next dar."
The Ch'o.-lde of Propylamine Is the most <yrtaln and agreeable
form for use. I;been used In Die Pennsylvania Hospital, and
elsewhere In this country, wl h uferitj slmost w. nderful success.
On lecelpt of one dollar. I will send by mail, pogtate prepaid, a suf
ficient quant'ty of Chloride of Prrpylaml-e for sny one to V.St Its
effleacy Fu’l directions will accompany It.
1 have also f r salt Elixir Propylamine, and all other prepara
tion* of Propylamlue, and will be glad to give any Information
ab jut them U those desiring Ik
J08EPH LAIDLEY. Chemist,
Sign of the red Morttgi Main and 5t}> its,
' ah80 Richmond, Va.
f Vr.WnnUf) PnU to Mr. JMsmom.]
PlrI demand Immediate taUsfarima for the oatrafa Which
eha- cabas enabled you u> offer me Uili morning. Mr. CMsmao la
eaipowared to make all nc cuary arraogaao t. for aa.
I am, air, your obedient servant, JOHN M. DANIEL.
ApiU 13.
[ Mr. Johntm U. Mr D.inUt.]
Ko aaoab, April 13th, 1S«1.
Hr—Y«>ur noteof thla dale, la which yea demand ‘•Immediate
aatlslactioa" for the oalrage which, yen any. I offered yon thla
morning, h«i loat been receirad. it wa* delivered to bm by your
Wend Mr Chlamaa, when T w»< In cuatody of the Sergeant, to ap
pesr before Judge L) om thla eveilng.
lam altogether dlspoeed lo give you (he lattafacUou yoa desire,
but bring now lo costody, I very much regret I am not now at
libe'tr to do go. If yon will make your drmaod when 1 am free to
act wi'h ut embarrassing my friends, satisfaction aha I be readl'y
and speedl'y granted to you; and should I bo released this even
ing, without fnv>lvl >g mv friends, you shall have It wlthoat daisy.
I 'em, sir, very re*pectfolly,
Your obedient servant,
[Mr. Jhinld to Mr. .A,Anson ]
Plr;—Your nstc of this diteJeit tecclved nee's explanation.—
Deaogood as to Inform me at what momentvou esp- ct t> be free
to give the ar.llifoctlon which you declare youraslf ready to af
I sm, glr, vour obrdient lervant, JOHN M. DANIEL.
April 12, T« o’clock, P M.
I Mr. JohnAtn to Mr. Dantfl J
Ricnaoao, April 13th, IASI, 1* V o'e'oek.
Plr: Your note of las. evening In which you aay that my com
munication to you reeds cqolsn.tloD, ha. jolt be-n received I
am lorry that mine was not sufficiently eipdott In r rdert" beio,
I *111 asy again that when your demand f r aalisfecllon waa hand
ed to mo, I »»< under arrest, In the en.tody of the Sergeant 1,
therefore, was not free to act I sat carried before Judge Lyons
last ev.-» Ing, who rtqtlre I me. In the penalty oft JtbO, t < appear
before the Mayor t‘ is morning st id a. M I acco.dloglv sppe red
befro him St that hour ; and, upon I- vestlgatloo, tie rtq dr id me
to give security tokeep the peace, and espe dally n "ti en age In
ny duel with ;ou, for twelve month*, In the penaltv ef #e «»< 0 —
As 1 would be unable to pay this turn. I do nor blnk it would be
Ir norsbte In me to permit my tc.-urlt ea to pay It for rue 1 • an
no', therefore, accept your challenge; sod en on'y s iy that,
when I *ni rel ased fn m my chltgaUons, I will be ready to afford
you the promptest acccmmodsdon.
I am, air, y.ur obellspt rervant.
Hon. Jong M. Dsxiu.
In 'urlher explanation of the whole matter, I deem It proper to
iaae.t the fol -wing correspondence:
CoaamirosoKir K n.rwgsx wa. *vr rrv i*n as. joaagox.
[Mr. AdJt to Mr. Johnm-, ]
liciiii ran, April 13,1S(1.
Plr: Fearing thit the colllaon on yesterday, between Mr. Dan
iel and youriilf, rosy be further prosecuted, sn l k urlag t at Mr.
Ua .: 11* not lli* anther of rhe article wnlcli produce I It, I feel It a
duty I owe to him, to anneunce to you that 1 am the ap hrr t hla
a*i.cuncement Is mad • tn opposition to the moitearne.t wt>hee of
Mr. Dadel l have been r retrained ry h m fiom ru ikir.g tils rom
uiaalcation sooner, but ntlecdon lells me that the coarse I now
Ad. p’ I* proper Krspect a ly,
To Xfaxsuucxg Joig.sox, Req. P. U. AY LETT.
[ Mr. Johnton to Mr Ai/lit • ]
Kiciie i.AU, April 18th. 1 Sill
fir:—Your note, in which you Ini.urn an that you are the ao
ihor of the article which oce»iionid the col I d m between Mr.
Ban. -I and m>ae I, was handed to me st half-past twelve o’clock,
by your trl nd, Mr -
1. article to which you a lude appeared lo the form of an edlto
«i, to a paper of which Mr. Band Is kn wn to be the edit w. I
therefore r«girded Mm as responsible for Its atrhorrMp. lienee
I pursued the course wtdeh I old. You h»ic known me for a I ng
In e, and have had a vun lant opportunities to write nr lav cf me
«h At a as coutalned In tee nr* tele alluded to Iryouhad done so,
like a nan. over your own ilgiature I would have pusaued exact
ly the aadie c.urse towards you which I did lo Mr Banlel. Hu'
vou muit know that I can't hunt a'ter anonymous au’Jio a If tv ey
on ae to lnit.lt me, In the came of another, it Is certainly not my
fa t t.
V u icctn to hive preferred thli mode nf Imull but as yon per
- : i . • V'j at pear uunrr it.e suimiri'j ui .• r. i/aairi, x I tn D» at
t ■'native but to regard hint us llte responsible party. -Vote, you
srlte in,- that you are Its author. You c» lain.y must bare mown
that I atu It >nnt over to keep the p. ace ; and knowi-g tf.ls, you In*
vlt- rue to challenge or a.s.-li y. u. wheuy.ru mutt know toy hand!
are tied While yen may think tucb a comuiunlcitl.u proper, I
ter'i uly Ih nk It, nt n! untimely
Beyond this, I hare noth ng to say, except t > acknowledge ray
t If Y'cur obedient servant,
To P. H. Avi.ktt, Esq.
| Mr. A'jUt! t<> Mr. Johwum ]
Riuiim .six, April 18, ISfil.
SfAHVtri vx Jonsttox Exq
hlri Your n..te of th w date In answer to mine has been recelT
ed. Yon cno»!d >r yours- f aggrieved by an article whien appear
of lo the Kromintr— .nfliriemly . ggrleved lo attack the ed tor
with out makli g Ihe usual en ju ry as lo authorship
To prerent, If possible, ah s He meeliogbetween yeurself and
Hr. Daniel. ns a n.no of honor, It t.eeame necessary for me to avow
tty., ft e author ollhe artUle shlclt r ITer.de lyoc; an article which
1 p rmilted to at pear editorially, because It did net assail your
e’ A'ncter as a g nUeaao, but only criticised you at a public
s Aker and poiri.clao You reply to my note In offensive Ian
v t igr, and lb tn ad I that I mutl kxow that your bands are tied.
Us t-r suchclrcu -stance, I hare, at present, no reply to make to
.he i Ifjtsivcportions cf yi ur note.
Y'our obedient servant,
Fsturday night. P. H. AYLJCTT.
[Mr. Johruon to Mr. A\!rt'.]
Rich son d, April 14, 1n61.
Fir: V-rr note of last night was handed me this alt-moon.
It i« It ae l wrote yon a-t offensive note. The - IT nee, however,
const ite i in the facts I stated, not lu the mode of staring then.
Y t had w-Utso an insulting article olme, aulpermited It to ap
pev*underthe apparent authorship of another n.sn Astoyour
vt itement that I made an attack on Mr. Daniel, “ without making
theu<ua it.qoiry as to auth nltip " I have only lossy that I am not
a» a ethal li is usual to luqu'n as to the aulht.nhip of in offensive
at tide which appears a« an ellt-rlal In a newspaper that has bu.
one edlb r. You Infotired me tint you were the author of the offen
sive article afltr f s; as bound over tn keep the peace, an 1 In my
v ty, X said my hands were thus lied. In your note of last night,
vou say I replied to you in off-n-lve language, and then aided
•h»t you must know my hands are tied. 1 did not say, however,
il. t; your hands w-re t.ed I am not at lioerty to assai yon. I
am a‘ liberty t> defend myself.
Ycur obedient srrva-1
Flnce I have sect he above correspondence lo the press, I hare
re.nlved Ihe follow,ng brief anl learned essay on the most honor
tide means of-e'rating Inrnlt 1 hare made no rrp y to it, hr
esnse i do i*' think It necessary. As I suppose I muu connec* it
wi-h the rest of the correct ondence, l submit It to the paollr for
tie enlightenment Asaltf. no rpe-lmen of literature, Itmavbe
considered worthy of Adoption, nrd as an example of chivalry
may c mend Itself lo universal ac’mi'aiioa.
Toth, magnanimity generosity and kindntat of one hro h r
lawyer trying to lajurc snutl.tr, wiih whom he had been always
upon te n.s of courtesy and poJtenrts, la this way,l suppose I need
not cad the utien'Jonof Hus Ccmmnnity.
MAKMADUKE johsbon.
RkvWjxu, April lG'.li, 1-61.
Masmapck* Jomkok,
H : Your not-of the 14th Inst has been received, tn It you
•Ay that whilst your hands are l td, mice a e not, and that al
though you cannot assail sue, you arr a. liberty if assailed to de
f.nd you-s-lf.
Permit me to assure you that I have never entertained the re
mstesl Idea of making a per* nal assault upon any one whom 1
have recognized r.s a g -nil -roan
Eren Were y u n >t un »r ton !• to k-ep the peace, I «hou*d -o’,
seek the mode of redre.s to w: i :h yuur n te refers. It is juslifi-d
only by th .t phrea-y of uceonlrs la.In exe't-ment of which gtn
•Uhtcn erg s.drilm-s -he victims A well umerit od, and gc-re
ral y obs-t. ed, rode p-oscilb-v andregum-st's mode and method
of redress, when an I jury Ins b->D Ir.fiived ; wii»n so unfortunate
av to htv: b-rn Involved in primal d ftica.tiestIhave codeavored
to conform tv Its provislo.s HIuu I l..formel yon la my tote of
the 18lh Ir-t lliat AlUx ugh you-bmg tape was r ffan-lve, yet, that
under existing circu siancea, I it sd no ttpiv to mak- to It I hoped
tohaveco-.v yed the Idea that your classbil tl s'Hel my hands''
fjr the present, as I have n -ver c nte.-upU ed an assault upon you.
I cav- to regret that wh 1st your hands are tie I y u ah uld hare
writ;*n an uffcnslve note t • me it ma t rs not whether Ihe -xc-p
•hr.able portion of il was i s offens ve sli- g«t.ons or not Y u al
lude, In your notes of the 1 th an l 14 b Inst, lo he f-cl that you
were under bonds wlt-n 1 nform -d you that I Was the author of
the a: tide whit It y on deemed off- uilre
Y u were atrested at an early hour after youp astau't upon Mr
Daniel, And you Sere, 1 bcl.-ve, un< er bonds, pledge er reerg-1
since, front the time ol your arre l out I uty uo<e was re -elred by
yon When my first note was sent te y u, l supposed that In 'cu
es-, as lu se7« r I oilttrs of a recent occurrence, arec gnliance to
keep the p rt.;e might not have prevented your either accepting or
sendtpg a challenge.
Both of in, I p nurse are familiar with i stances of recent 0 -
carre-ee, w tn recognizance ol 1 not prevent affJrt cf honor from
ta:l g place
V, a.ly two hour* afte* my first note to yon, when I sollclied the
• -rv'cex of a fr.enj who bad previously lie n c ■! suited bv you. In
y ur sff I with M-. Da del, (and wh . for th A', tea on, declined ref
lag forme,) 1 ascertained, for th-first time, that for satisfactory
rearms vtu would n-t violate you recog .Isa ee; and at a still
la'er period <-f the dav, I was made acquainted wltj the exact
cb trader of your reply to Mr, Daniel's challenge.
In both rf your notes you aliude to my having Iniul'ed you
through Ihe nlltxil ■! eclums of Ihe Fr>iu Inrr.
! ;r-y that a (io I’lra a tlcl-, written for Ihe purpose of czpo
s’i* lii- fallscy of the poslton of a represen'alive or me, which
cr t el e ! Willi Ire.d- m or.d tever.ty, a publi; man’s style acd ca
ps:! yasasp aver, I I ru’tl'g
hearth I • in the A>.n«/ner of which yon complain lo no way
!r s v he J your cha-act »r as a gentleman. T e tharpes'c-ltlcIsms
of a p-l’iic mt-i'r capacity,ttyle of oratory, anl excentiicilles of
m'o land mam r are not It suits. A*4Aults upon his honesty, In
te-rltv and t-uth'ulners are, h wever, and whllit employing Ihe
la g tage of lt<iiin,ii/t and ridl nle.l have always avoided assaults
upon character. And l.eoce, whilst I would not object to t‘ e pah
I <■!» no cutler Hiiy it »n snide or mine or ilie fu.mer character I
* u’dnota-l&w one if Hie latter description to appear tn that
Your unnpe'tel and unanticipated esiau't upon Mr. Daniel,
prevent* d me from rerun) rg at ttie very earliest mvment, a re
•por.sinll ly wr ic i I shoo'd i ave eigerly sought i however earnest
lyand'l terlyr pn selby Mr. Haciel) for the puri cue of rlrecting
jroor acsiu't* ro mttelf In conclusion, It only rrnalrs for me to
fiy that "under exldl g clr irmticees," a continuance of Gi
rder iboiihnce at ire*. ill canresu't In noth'ng r f a p'artlraM
ar i iif f.clory charnetijr. ft ^reilug the prlva.*.1 ergagemu .*g
alii !i have delayed this answtr to your laal note lam, „ r vour
Ole. ent pervaut, ' P. II aTI-CIT
Iiuporioi s, Manuilioturers
Mil tirjr Companies furnished complets with- every article, at
tin short- st notice
rr jrdins promptly a1 tended to. aplT—*m
NEW OUE8S GsyODN.-New LU Gloves, (Gantt Joura
Pi'S,) a beautiful assortment ct oor o*n Importation; Gentle
men’s Good*, In Casilmeres and Tweeds, from the Crenshaw Mills;
IJnst received by
AMLirAKY SIIAVfNfi SOAP.-The genuine W*|.
xfJL nut Oil boap, la superior to all other for shaving Eor sale
mMS_199 car. Main and 10th Streets.
.or Rheumatism—warranted In every caae. Prepa ed and
for sale by DOVE A CO ,
frtS. Druggist#
BOLOGNA SAUSAGIS.—Just received.direct from Europe a lot
of superior Bologna Sausages, fur sale by 0 CRAF z,
* apfi _• ~ N». | Bachs nge Block.
1AAA UHLS. PISH, comp lalng Cut Herrings, Lies
»V/a/\/ Herrlugi, Rod Herrings. Alealvet, Potomo; Herrings,
No. 1, 2 and 3 Mackerel. Shad, Salmon and White Kish, In store
nd for sale by_[f»12]_BR1DGFORD A 00.
Ing per ship PsGea from Liverpool, new and beautlftU patterns
of EngUah Toilet ware, embracing many cho'c# rtyles Those In wsnt
will picas# call and examine at tha China and Route Furnishing
*°r« _ TBPS. A. BULK LEY A CO. *
RACON.—Wt stern Side* and Shoulder*, fertile by
M8_______I *0^1. DlVgNPOtTB
TTAVANA CIG.lHft.—A lot prime Havana Clgara,Juat
AA received, and Ic, gale by W. PKTRRSON * 00,
TbTANTBD, In large quanUUet, Bee* Wax, Hex Seed end
»\Bark, by JNO. W. GARL'CK,
_5h?I__ Drmlst, Btohmoad.
AV supply jut received and tor sale by
It^TO TIIK I Alm> X''Z*
•haS Mm 0» THK CITY Of B|f;«M(>HI) W*®**
to manafae'.ur* Ladi.e'. Gent ruer.e', Mm,' b, ,
and AerranU' BOOTS, HIIOM end flAIVRRg if trenA^ M'■*'
We have almoet nn entire » •» ,et of wirc'm-n la*.,
meat, that cannot be aar panted Bert cr r >.,r<„, **»*r I
}gr All kind* of Bint# and Fho»» made to . r'<hr i/i***1, ’*
We hare on hand Ute beet maierla'e. Imported dlreA
rs=* •■••"■jar** »*»
Bleek Bilk Mantle*, i« r.ftyle* and ptp.ero*. U4T'
B*»ut|ful H»rranePhaw.#
Tlile Shaw a, a la-uartc'a.
►I«gani tt’alal g Suite.
Ppl ndld riursane*—a further (apply.
M<et beautiful Orrandiea—very eheap,
French J*e nett, la great variety ytry eheai
Mourning flood* In ear fty—emu nh eh are
Barege*. Grenadine Barege*, l heMee, Ac. ’ n> '**»»
___"AM L W FR|rf4ro
TH* ONLY TIT R. rf_„.
Till ONLY Ok f.. (warn t«b.7“\’*
THE OHI.Y DTE. For. o^. ...
TUB ONLY DVB. .ttal I. hoc,
aid the
For all who d«*lre to hare the eilor of their hair eh a**.,
*aMy, reitrinty «nd rapidity, to ay ah <de if ey m .y e J
ttfaotured by J. CH M'T vlroK , f t. or Uouae, New f 1,
everywhere, and app.led l.y all Heir l»r rvera r>|. 4, . .. 1
Sr^kH A li 1. U ’» PRKXli TiiT
W<-&> TK'H 1* cor el. • t. h t -r,' 14 . * *
jom , an I effectual '.0 lc In the Wot,<J uaed r * , n T .
ily In Yltoivta inarran • le v for ihla <•, 4t, ,r | ,,,5 *
found In 'he 1. naae f c.er. “ . • > \
eae*» of the ilnraaoh aad •> w':e They n"e. fal 1
gtcr CM, i f Oydgai-va Nervoc* eadt'di-, Ac w •> ;.»vB
rtomach crbowela ih.y glrr I1m.0l.tr r- lef.co r.. .j., - *
llrera; and in »e k and dcLIdfai-d p*r»on« th.j »i, ,.v
energy to the whole ay»tem. T .ey only n-ed a tri, to J ,, ,,
precedence over *11 olhee Bf'te . Tl. — e bitten car, f„.
Meaere GRAY. PL'KCELL. LAUD A 00 . at • y „
lfruggl*t* In the city of Richmo.iri. and e'a?
North Oarolina AIM, by C BfOTT A CO., Y. . ■,..... , .*
0.: CANBT Ofl.PIN A CO . Haltlm re; B A FAHXt rOCS * 10
Philadelphia, and ItARNKA A PARK, New Y r<
Order, filled by addreaaing K l’AKI S, r ,r >,
Fob. «—dAo
1>R .1. W. GAKI.I li. n,7,
St*.—I have forn-me monlfj Utcdla m, f
pie’* juaily cel.'rated KnMnc A*o at di rn,
nre In leconimendlng them to a famlilre »* t e r..y beat , .
I have erer tried for it king ilg it.aw.tt, ip ogy hteal ti . .
an ckcuaelor bad bread when Se-iui>|,.*a I'nvv ’ora a ,
Reapedtal y. J. Rn.*,* l.aw • ,, ‘
Peteraburg, Va., July Hot , - "
ITKiillR FICHIaKlu,^
Pry ^~vi trg, th a moral g, hit* of !*■ ir
Linen B it, 1 "o'lere and glecyea) at /5 cf*
Li ,ul fal Brocht- Ibirryc AngU *. veiy rhrai
Flernot Pri"te 1 urgvndir*
II ack B icge H>rnin e
Brdilanl Lowered lie vy Black Nllka, very I. w
New tyle B’.ick and Colo. Paruo.a, with many ®p r
new Spring go.via hy .very arrival
N o — Rich "Ilk,. Barcf> e. Challie*, Barege and Foulard lUba
Ac , left from oor recent Aucllon, will be aold i n oor re.-o-d
at a great *ac.tfic«.
Life and Fire Insurance,
Herring’* Fire and Burglar Proof Safe*,
Machine Belting, (Leather and Rubber)
Mantel?'•Church and other It. I's,
Dealer* In Cotton and Unen Twines,
net__ Rlrhra. ni.
Sr^ tMlUYn ilOTFI, mtOPCB.
TV, Purnltcr- an 1 Flxtcret, Po sition*, Malts, Fw.
minr u.pltmen*, Ac., at Aootieo.-The ap eta> attention .fit*
public, la retpeetfull? called to th ; »?le of the AahUnd Hotel pry
pertjr, Fu-nlturc and Plxti ea, Pr‘>?ls'ona. Mule*, Par-lny It | -
rneriti, Ac., which trill take place. NlWal KltOil
Inat.atl o'clock, A. M. An ex ia train of cars wl I leavttk*
Deoot of th* R. F and P. K. It Cumpany, at 9 o'l
day mornlrg, for the acccmmodatiun of person* attending ty,
aplti—itt ___Aunlctt^n.
Rt< im »r> April 14, 1-du i
A T a meeting of fhe BOARD OF DIRECTCRS or th.j .mp.ny,
held at this office, a Dividend f thrc- d tiara aid E ly eett* *
per share, out of the nett profit* ol the Ccmpaoy, for the p.s i t
months, was declared, paaalde to if' Steel holder* or thair legal
rep-eamlatl.e*. on th- Aral day of May next
Transfer Book* will be eluted on Saturday, STth April
tpld-td _O.W. MAOH'BD •, Trcatater,
T1 ie Richmond Typo Foundry,
n the MU'Tii,
We Warrant Every Arth leto Le tsjutil to >'or
tiacrn ’Iisiinf .« tore.
IITA8 caal at this F undry. Et -ry xrt iele nec»rs»ry f->r B:.ot,
AT Jo’or Newiiitpert'llice, In tudlrg Pre?« a of e. ry . - p.
tion, furnished at the low-rat culi pr.oea. M < od Engraving and
Klectrcty !ng to order.
Ten rentt per lb allowed for Oh1 Tv pc In exchange f r r e? at
credit price* Printer* having a sop.-l* rn hand will cor.hr a fas. r
hy ahlpolng It to tu to be pi ted'o-betr ciet't. e-ti h • Pat ca
age aillcilcd. H.NRY h I’M. ( /.' 4 • O.,
I aw Rill ling. Fir Arnold, Va.
Order* nnleai for case mutt be »e> ompauied hy Ric m t .i <Tty
refe eucee. apU-dA.r.m
Usually cautions, there i* great confidence to be plated it
runs* rna
“There isetr* to be no excuse f.r thin or gray lia'r, now that
the celebrated Haianvaan'e Ixusira tLx Hut Xt i>**nvi c.e ts
now r*«
“When people can protect th<dr Hair from the U I fa - tcrrlrj ef
age; when they can luxuriate In gin* » black hi ks a *r. ,'? .I
parirIJ __ »... mW an lynnraal
a beautiful black er auhurn; when 11 tir can he m .He t > g r^ja
bald heads; when ait il.ls can fc« d c. It cairn t doary m:
tell what will doll. HPlMUTRETT f HAP’ h»l>TOR* '»P .
dolt. Tht* I'al* R'tt'iotKe •», rrrnnJ per. dv* tor*, h» b*»t
thing of the kind ever Invented Th • facta In ou. po-s •'.■!> la
regard to th'.a wonderful prtparaiioi warrant ua in t.uqn fiedty
recommending Ik.”
raow tp*
“Many of oar first citl: *re r. SI L uU are speaking la glowing ,
term* of thl* a. tide.’’
r»ow rn*
CAIKOfiTVfil* TT*:.
“TMsIr.eomparab ? excrll-i t preperat on f t the "■** oral r.s f
tlra» lla'r to It? onghial eo'-e. to ;.r ou-rve H*tr fr m f.l :.
?nd to cure ha'dne*? ’* r-n *al- at Hotnphre A tlr .— '* to t’u
•Ity The evidence that th's '■••tor* 7* |. .o h-i.;n
?lve Testimonial* to 'bat eff-ct re*y ■* t un a atm *• r .»■ ta
per in the country ”
ra-.w »?rr
“Leave dye* alone, ?r I ua- o, '/ t>lme rtlUi’It R-1 om.1' e, Lit
Helmatreut'a In.mltah e ”
Bold every where—Cnee SO - » 1 f 1 prrW.te
W, K. r! A<)AN A OO., Pr-printort, T*c? N T
F’ -hb* A giixrrinn, Agent? IcL- Usia
f ( NRI'H b 0<» TAN.
Thla Elegant Preparation render- the hltln :t ard !ct ....a
parting to It a Marble IVrlty. It le roueteooi and ret -a fa * ■
piled to the face after tx, mure to th» ton, arid aril' girt .ci- i' i ' *
relief to (he Sting of I ieecte. Not I g pakow u. eaten
eompoeidoo. The eontrnta of a bo 'Ie might lieLax u alu -t
harm IU anpltcatUxi tttru nijKl/ur a tcuk, trill curt IM
ittAPk/ f/>Bi tt1 /'.’mi,// ,
Bold everywhere—Price Fifty Cent* a Bottle.
W K. HAGAN A CO., Proprietors, Troy, N. V.
PlSBKB 8HBt*VAkD, Agent*. .14via
rilRIPY YUl'R Rhoiin.
The effect of purging ftth BRtXDMTIPB PIUS la to r.rare
the health, no matter from wjiAt c»o«>- it ma7 be auTeilng Tl.ey
tike out all tmpnrillet from the system ; and th*y hive ihesasie
po^er of expulsion ov*r inlvetn, poison na vipor of decayed
tablet, or indeed any p .itonme • xhalr.tiona breathy 1 hy ipar. goal
ever. In fart, If the blood la poisoned, It la Impure, and IspMa
blood retulta In disease.
thoogh Innocent aa breed, yet they r.re capable of purifying tl a
blood and coring due vac 8>, they ture all kind of fever*. »*l
sitfima.*, catanha, cottiveneaa And painful alTcctlouacf every kir.d.
P.lee *5 oenta per box. Be Id by all respectable dealer, 1> et'di
clnee. nthl»-dA*l«>
For i he cure of
Cogsrumov, BaoxotiTW, Ccrona ago Cot a*.
Tut Maxobi Aaveica.
• DUcovmd hy a
s IlMtK.XAtr,
With « TaavaLuxu i» Abasia.
The Maio*a Abahica eurei Consult .lion.
The Maioka Abanun cures Bronchiila
The Mac at Aia- ■ a cures L. ,e Tfcroat, Cough end Jcllt.
The Maioaa Aas* (u cure* Asthma, Scrofula and Im)url'Jeasf
the Blood
Th 1 unequalled remedy Is now for the first time produced to the
It was providentially discovered bv e Mlsslnnarv while trae'l*
ling in Arabia. He was eu-td of Consum, tloo hy Its u»c sPer hi
case was pronoun *e*S ho pete** hy learn il physliUcs In Furtpe.
We Import the M ixoaa Aba* r-a t'lrec* from Smyrna *h'< *»-•
house tf Cleon a'd livlllpput, and we bare alwaia on h»td » !»«
supp'y pat up In b'tll a ready for uac with fu'l dlrecMota
Price one dollar per bcttle. Sent by mail cu receipt of pries ar l
U cents for poatage.
(afor sale, wholesale and retail, by
Import* re of Drug, and MeJIdre*.
No. ;i Liberty ft. Nt ' Ttrj.
Fold alav by DrUj^ria gtnvraiy. "L.
ILLCnilUTION CAN0LBR.-4') BoxeeTf let "*#•
ty—twe.ve to the pound. AL>IY * LIl*iCOR»_
A II. Yotxo, I Dr D T Pour, I Join B. Mato,
La e of Halifax, Va. | Late of Naahvllir, Tenn. I La e »f Louulasa
orrostTi “trriu" orrtex,
Memphis, Tenet,
WE HAVE FOR BALE Improv.d PtiiNTAnONU, In the brel
Cott"h Regions In Miatbtlppl, ArkMu,», Tennessee, I aiei
ana and Tcxm, and unimproved LanJr, 'n larae and email tract*
carefully selected. Parties desiring lo parchaoe In either of me
above States, can be readily lulled hy application at am *•<*• "
react to—
lion Thou 8. pi/uaxor, Halifax cc iuiy.
Judge Wiuiav Lra, " “
Ciiansmx A La Timor, Richmond ,
Lxwq Wgne A Co, “_sskM-rl”^
AHCKTING of the Direct re of the Roanoke NavigationCo^
will be held el Halifax Ooart lloum, Va., on TI’CBDAT. tn«
l6M'_C. H. 0ABANI88, MY.
II hhdePorlo Rico )
*s do New Orleans I
Hi) tee eh. lea H.paeovado 1 Sugar
RObbla Cut Lost I
<0 do Ptlwdti'ed j
1* hnda l prtme Porta Rleo Mt lames
I Cheat very superior flaapawdar Tea
Tfi bbl* med'tun Mo. 8 Maoktryl
^LandUf for I Ale hff UWU W*»| 4 JQU* «. WADt

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