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Richmond daily Whig. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1842-1861, April 18, 1861, Image 1

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KH' il MON D WHIj .
_ TV to cal’ tt*- I-'a to try re •»'t> No. IlSMila
1 t’tVtonT I* , ne'e t u'.. ii No. £T.* Mtiln ItteO'. lA
jjj. -,..W . PPOT9WOOD H 'TfL,”
fcetwe-a *.*' I a a p. efareJ to exhibit*! *r*
erttocke Mil. ,JI?FRY I'^IDS
• t_ i. V An \ for**. •?
i. . ... n •
j .. p -< ••i - it id Jr • i,!i»m0 «.
§”• ' ’• . . irt >. .1 'I . V. - * . Pi ■. a
ti C< »i R t i 'u >•, A^.biU) *«.
. . a r' “*•*' W t o 1—A f »h
to::Uv. •. :-?r- ^ “«J7l2TfjS[; IT’-*
If.tTS, CAPS AN r> SfftAW r.(H»PA
KOi:T. i- i "v itl.Y'OY,
• .:. n .* to
MtNFor.o, i:u m 4- v» fc'IStA-I-.K|
Ut? Open and In st ie, » ft I nd complete ttock of
»- > STRAW GDO '9,
0. .K-Mat an - •• fo "I ■ '-e aolJ at
.• . .ale .n I ret i. <v H a i!n iiJ»i i A
■ i-t. : ■.-. • f ~-.S. a lam.it reapectfully aollcIteJlo call
aaleatr.ir, fortluma > t
nii rnsti »i; rs v^D CAPS
y,.! »-cr at the «p >rtr»t : ot'te
t-:i r t .111 ' Ad w II “ i t i: to t r at to call *al ex
j.-al-e < y tuck b ' re I •> e i-__
!« SlTilW SrYLES fji
ii OF »* T » ADD t IPX. %t*V 'a
. • v - , it of I! tTS «u ’ «'.AR» :. f the Sprtngtrad* b roar
|J i »
Hii n:j,' 'I >ak a, M'a ai»JCu»im»te •tato.and a it eat v*r ety
o* a « I'vlr <'*pi. tee' rn v. I St a» H*»« In *rett Yari-t» —
a f i 111 men’* fumul i •« f‘ •'* «'~
|,- tu * aiamir Ci ■>, et • . Ac . a’, or any o whleh *• be •- I
, ia» as at any the- e,t i„ .lihmeatIn the:!?y. 11. »t
...... : ul v UTHc »cn*. ina pure: u: •
»h*i> •_•■> ‘ -al'ar'l t»»e* '•
spuiv a 1—l.
I rth M- . • v 1 *• rth kOT
Ci: •.« • ••.:»• fe-.dve »:r k .f ».U o»n and lf.hgBSl
p - .l*n V*i ufi,* tare 1 llata I u raw.II And
ltt ra r inter-,;.« ta.t a* hU !..««**. pre; i- tu To KviValtB
i '■ .• 'an1 «S • !.. w h « W» n;i a r.g in
4-3'. iparii* ?" Minnie or pain »3 ii-ra the
Southern TaJe at the idonth. TIo.hU io d in tWi llonie nil! be
. . ■ . Will
com'iff from * y market. There will be ffU ’.J ail the (|BAu*
Mm of F. V o I .■•'«>'•! *r ■ >: i tanart p.’ce
. Tt.ig.u. |*e t^i .iV >ur g *ntit:ui«n. llaOt Boy» *.n j
£MHr-n,»hali ar.o.'.i of ai- «-a lot and Mj’.sa; aal Lad ei
t ' •.* H*t»oith- »•» 1 (.ualr'ea,
- Pnrrhatcn ntil dr »ell U- 'all »3l. xvalo*.
Bvf JOHN D»>0LltV,'l Mat .1. Richmond, ▼*._
18617 1861.
i:i.u:tt * n kisiucr,
llats. Caps and Straw <roods
I No. 1(7 Meta #T» t. ,o , »•:* rx-BV'u* BvxsJ
1 h*>'‘ rea ir and are non o!T He* t.< the **er»'h%nU of Virjr'nlk,
North Ca* dina and Tenn ’ ei*->ru- th- time*. a on
' 1 -tc «• V. of S ■ a* .f I dun. cert. n i, nbVh fr- rarttty and
rtlecm t V cxc.ll.d, Buycia ntu do well *o gt»e tn a rail be
for** pttfchaai; £ tl»ewhrT('
ki.i.kt a
c.i(,oi <s tfi i:
son'llkr\ mam i Ai7n;i:s!
t hr ru> ntnu \t :;n < -iPhMi
,i ti., j , c-vi.it ■! t-t jiar.aa iolder I cuiwtach0 *•
a. « it I not .-o-—• »■-.»■. '"it* «'>r J.oll«
f m,T. ,u'en. bv futuiih nr k
I . - > ■ t ’ • ‘ • ■ ' .« ■ ■■ : '-'
Tl .■►. T'.ffc •-'ar. I-ir "■ •*. They are ■: nr-» .
IU 3» Ad- CA!W'*K!tb> v I Cl. TU ,f < •- if u -■. from tia,
I V » .c t* T T
1 > ‘ .no -r- I •-•- ■ ■ • -
, af
loO ,# • th V h , 1 h-ca i.i/ln.-h-f. i '-f . nr l t • >
1 \ ■ ' • h
I f %
I ,, T v W , .
cii*-’ •••’U ••»’»*:f-l .N V*N. ; ■ **. «
Btir ‘ w* r .r rvty J • . C7-- . . ♦ n\r.-i..v i • .
•* ..
v '. ■» c i ..or -an..
LkAld a I’RtNSnAW, Ih iident.
Ftu e P MtTCHKU,!
TV «•.»••''• t. Wre.trra,
| P, W Kahv- t'I\ J
i\» A’ - ih*. i a*j '*f • h • 1 * • > .*4 ‘ . 1 hy tf C
y -a! t.’ a,4'.- - - liter . •» •

I Jh* . - tic .raTinp rt/ *" "fVN'dfF »(•'.' dr.-"’*
I _ Rleho-.eT.Yn.
. j, ■
I *
A 'I'h ■ » ■» o°
| at- 1 ■ • '
! C LO Til 1 N (•!
! Gtontz i- i. • ■. •■■■: Goods,
1 at t Oil I'OIM ASII,
c‘T. D , k n Pan . V V ,U
Pro t I j l»« Cw<. I‘ i.U P SA do
Businr.eC all 'X C*iha>;re do
HM C.loie* CV'lvt
Priwe tKkl N.c*Tt«
ll« i r’i'1' Pk*«'«.
1 All detected at IS »: -‘k 5 t* “*•*■
• *, «. c\v fit, 4j.pt r purn » 1 %rc tn«!( a !<> \a ecim'na
isfi v. w ' ?r . n ? aa le. an i w- off r thne lu
4 AM A
“ '--'
w i: t n i: i: v. s, « « \s ai hcres.
V- LL Sootbrrn 4tnuf*< lure* ’ » In hani »n : »i::
be male to order, in We Site.* I* y r. c.Lher f »r
R—aeeabertldfi .* a e-ouiura *»aof«otorv «f long stwd'sp, (IT
leant ar.d not *prjny up fr m ceern.ty of "••• •t •:*
B -,e , pra.tl7a! man at :h-h«,.3,M. («r / a.d A-rjo? ,■/«»►*/
.. i.i.n'-V.Aivi- rirdtiTj . uifer, 4 Batter my
t .f t!i*: I A i. it i„* bud x. and t. Afltg !t cm g.t* tie cuatenj
er tbe befit a'- of lr,i An fi'Aa^e
dm at it..- large m.. N.» SA-rc. 1 •« »>■.' •
III Marc a:-e t,
nK RSr'I AS - .'M;KKY »v;'ll bi t rtR • m-re
e*.- ■„ .11; than a 'J otter o.edicr:.e ail -1 eraaea ariatcg frutt
a eordcred Stoma, . an 1 B*. a. U. T r f
W l-TrAixYN a f t . Ttr ' -.e.K
net. spkiac TKtuir. nut.
MO Main St., Richmond. Ya.
fTVIEattco on T men »nt, te c.ltr l U> a new and well feSeet
1 . . IN *
'-■Vl PCRNIbUISO CtOcDdla treat ar'-ir t ca'l le retpret
Moy fiolkrlled. »..l] MlteaR. HUSKY A OO.
No. 15 t*e»rl Mr,it,
RICUM'' Yi>. r.i.,
UaVR .oat receveed a (all and rompin'.* aaiortmeat of
BOOTS and »HOe.<
Ai«bUl to ike p-nefi ml fi, and. In a i trt.on to their It-rr aad
•el; AM .ml »I eA if Ran! ra ib'od., kate the »u«» * »or
t e tu ;.*ive P..cA«>ey at r- aunt.-a, Va.t * u k. .* tu. Blag eat
■tylee ml , ra As of «o a eso* to ary la the ecu itry.
C unity »ier treacle are ret--rated - .a ar.l eien-iae for Item
»,!»»^ HEiTON * WILUAM.
#.g,_“k N° '® P** I atreat.
1 ”, , Hill S. > RVK WHISKY af Mpatter
1 »)w . ■- JONtR
Lt % IB.—Bar* »nd pige, (or ule by . c._
J b».i* vbr ittrati«& of country aircUaii to wtf Ui|f *w
4it.it ko.-i r
a. of ahirh t.aa bee*, era.uola tur-d btoiraeltea la eaperlsr It tie,
•ador treat adeantagea Bad tvif-red upoa tkemofil UeeiaiUroa.
An etmlaatl jb la teapeofaUy »cl rlied
( M»Tr«> t IHN4.-*<,'«» poaadi Nurth Oaro.lrra Ya a*.
wv l-baue Ln».)fir l;« aad hre Vai a Pailortaa, «( eery tapoelar
HLAf, la More and ft* tale by
. J ENT. tAt« * 00
WAWT£»-l,«*eb«ehela PU»#*mk aho. k«• IbA A nwal
v« Af iuddt W. UAKLIOK, A*o«Aoaare, ke ,
■k4 M ariet PUw, PraatiU «nA
From CharUttou Vircury of Monday 10'A.
T> rovg’-oiT the whole of Fiidiv tight the various
m r -r batlori.s continued tlair iron rain upon Fur.
Sumter. At in eaily hour on Salut'd ty morning iliegun
hattni a, wide i bid >» ,u »iieut during tiie darkness of
ih • i iglr, r opened tin ir fire. About seven o’clcck Fort
Sam’er 'i: i Cy uurn.d thiir c impimcut. The
Cum-utnc Fui -t H*. " - r i a( mi jareil l>y any shots
wt ic* d be. i fib d ag. in.-t them, had not effected ul.y
’1: .: like - ' 'reac , C ..cugli battering considerably and
*o th*- d-ptb o‘ .i foot, the pice.np • ori the siuthots .
. r er. V dai A 1 run devoted 1 i-. attention to the
>*' iv 1 db.it ii e. Fort H itliri espeeiilly, and
■ I
1 d 'oil i fio..; Fort Movlitio, and tbit fire was re
t'vind 1;v c.vy . d rapidcanr oiaditrotn the rea-gi't
fortress i id i i.ig the quaitera. In the > mpha'ic language
of a: ., “i .* ipi .i-.iis were knoeki-d to h—I, bu.
■ I. ... ” Dmi g the morning tl. rty or forty «ucct 3
...t-,lr.t Sui. -.were fired at -m Dahlgreu lisrtterv,
. ' i- • i - d mg»r to the men at the gun
th .t t’.i * Ham Foil t. mpcr-rily removed them. The
1 >iti-.g S •: -rv, comm nJ.d by t’.-.p- Hamilton, and in
c. ire- of L e .!■ na s Yates and iiarleston, in i’s turn,
te.eived appropriate- attention. Twelve iud-jn.atioua are
v . >■! ; (,:■ • 1 all got"J through luC edge of lire rools,
' !g»-d in t . and ba -s, ;oJ „ a shunt contusion on
'be m id of a privat.. Tb- four g ’i Mtt rv command) d
’ I.- • T ’ .•!-•••. -.-1 a -vast's very eii o
• ve mortar f»a.ie-rr, i.■ rc wrui-u.' attended to. V.c
1 vir:- if i. Ii .11o: en covered with dirt spat
t red 'i; on ! ,u h AuJ rson’s tire; no dimu^o, however,
iv .a done to a -ii.^lo man, officer or private, any ehore,
and all performed their dutis with -.he same spit it and
ur. v. u .rlc.’s . xil buttery, teJOad tie* Moultrie
Hon-.-," w.i•' a’, j lest, -u.d was responded to now and
•fva. Tl u '.- or ar b* -.e.i:-s at Fort Johnson, under c -m
•nauj if C*j , J .<-j ar.J Liiu’.. Uitbcs, worked e’eoidy
nd e Hi. i '», attracting an occasional shot from tbeir
fiO'»uir g antagonist.
At ten t: 1 n..-s after 8 A. M. a thick emokc was seen
le to tha eye. At tit
:i *■ app a red to b aim extinguished, and then
igti'.i w .i d li e. W:.«l it was it progress, two *ipk>
-i-:■< occcn - iin • l'. i of rL.*: i.n.ong tbe ;.-iv..i
< l s oi c-Jiabe-'iblci of t!:e ib. The concentrated
. of .11 the bitter. - woJ ad:.. V up, th.* preprees
f tht- ti inie-: cot tiuu-'d, and all tb- wswcreh -• !v.d
in co. t! cra'ioc; a d.rn.c cloud of i ' > *1 • i-.u.-d.
Tb.-- fire I’r- m Fo:* Sumisr btcxm tad wt-ik;
_I. : .... I.- . Il -1 ft. rt.i.
waved, ar.J ' *: in J uuUItUI u-gu*.-.,* uud steadily oncL
the teleagured tcrToaj.
At soot-, • i reh.v, ’■ "r" t' e at cf ike ct.gage
m-nf, M j r Ate .-sea i. .u tig -1 cf dY.rcss to t«e
•uen-ol war c wit ocr car. and oa fulcrJay ii<\dt\
while under firt 1’th vatteri.'-1, a'd troubled will
!• • beat a:.J ae • the burning bat racks, a/tin low
■ud the t; .g of • ie t cited Stt'is, as t> signal for us-'i-l
i- •*» to kis naval allY ; the ship* were only from lfc.ee
0 fire n a - off, 116 day was blight and clear, the water
- ioo h. But ii;s retioa was the better ptrt of valor.—
F o Northern olhcers in cemman 1, having been so c ire
uily selected tor tVir ' l.li'y to their section and supo
r or tri..c.worthiccs> i a hostile crusade attains: the .o:;»h,
were unwilling to inenr t*" i- of .u-u^Bg tueir'shipe
n o the L— ji.,, au.t i-iga^teg’ our batteries. They
thought it pro lent not to utten.pt rtiuforceipeata iu
'aunches. The -oidicr* of Abolitionism wen. ief; to their
u'e, withe ut a., at tempi to relieve their jwrilou* coit
ion. Tbeir : ji-'. lies h id the plca-ute of je- irg t)>-~
e.r.lie th* ir eo.cra to the Cf ("derail* a*aj, , -p, ev ar,.
ouim 'i cli* it (cr th--- j., ,4 .try, and *c trust that these
'car.' tn in eis nil! r t\. -v-’Utah!;* commend tdon (roui
S. ir tm »•- • . .hunt Juchsou the Sc •>:. I a: .. his magnan
imous Cabinet.
A a 'jutiir. to 1 o'clock the C :g of the United States
ui Fort SitfiT vt-dowu with its stall’. For son:,
twenty min.: -• • <■!! tg a- p. ared above '.ho fort. <'o'. I.
T. Wigfull, acto n named by private II. Gourdin Youu.-,
01 the Paho-tiO (iu ;r l, got u oasniuii boat polled by
• ’rot o 'l r , i-acti d It from Morris l-!and, Cob
' aW k 1 ....: . .. sword with a white h.vnJerch.ei
ied upon i. B Pro they retched the fo:t, however,
■ l itci ' i • - It g, .coil! pan it'd *>v a white tl •*, w.i«
li i on r t ' pa.*, ': ;cn Col. Wigfall did rot see.
fho S .!! i.i i’s l.’at d i.4V -. not pcrcivi g the be t,
eon t.rued Ctu-Y •;*- iipcu toe i rated t itc* ti ig. wbi'o the
. . .: t.p-c ci • no v*:. .* as. V*«/* rlbaii it-rci
’• •* o t. cv! d to ’1 j-r A: d is ted; c <* a.
Ai* d*-Cutup G . h.u. 't i , o- r.:* .. •
wad dtegt post, and that,
\ uolligv,.. tl. g. h" ! d eotnc »a c viil a
i ■ t'.e • .13' 0.’ ! chic*' He replied l » .’ • • o
v‘ d vie .• « il - il'. ' 1 it . * ,
i 0* V J. o 1*1 Ill'S t’u*. t: 1 • i
garJ, aso! tier cd a g- I-meu. k .a o tie
,:,• e einv. V >r A !tr :t o us: h-K ". ■' " .'s -vf
• e su:n-;i'ler to i.et: . *1 Be* • :d ' .V
■ , . , ■ ■ i ■ i ■ , 11 ’ .
Hue ft the Cor! !• States, and •..••••>’ Y.n
I,. i'i i.'ife- Jtt • ft the e i i*ed t-*ati- It.1,: h . ’I: ;.
. v , * • \'i c«- Hi' .ny wsl. t »» whit* »> - ^ i *»• -■ • i v >' *
Isl-lid balletic.: c iscd l!r i; g, and 4 -lo: ■ ! V*.'i ;UU started
> • ... n> Get era I lievufe'g trd in • ham stem.
Soot. ift. - thi Cnitcd chutes ti-g fits; di app< .r -d,
\ • G.«i • bail been despatch, d bom H« .d
i .u . r->; ’ t U d. \v igt.dl had antic pated Capt. bee
. . i At.o’ . i 1’ ver.
\V... ri *!. ■ ret r. w-s made ot what ’tad occurred,
*1 i.r J s, ti Ore l of Gen. Beanr-g rrd’s >tT, ue
j >,v • c . Chari • Alston, vvaosettf with ausho
■ • i a-: .'.g,' :t.e ter mu giveu. Teesc were to the iol
•i giffe-t:
• . ■ . f, I’.th - will be 2If '•! d for the removal of
■ A iio,.-ud, •• -t.- •: utiu ftuinpauy
; i# ell ^riVii • p o;khv.
It tad »i''; . )
.-'. .1 .
, I. . i :. ■ v .ikt. g :t dovn.
• y 1 . - a ’s uhowed to determine the precise
* tr o v .« *» the *■ . and is pcm.;:f<d tc "0 by
■ ’ : '
At s,-.v. • V uon •» retuincd l-" ror-Sumter, and
«.. g„ ; Urnt -in? end t mis w re den ittlv fixed.
We uii-i. r-U;. t ; -.t a deUch m nt of rcctJrs (tom
I.P'V u.’ft I lit I, t i I iifiichr.. :.t Of M ,o: l».-S .u.
. I, I ......: act . td
. e *pt« red (
V-\ ir tl. 1 e-. S w:.r is uakij..;ed in its capacity
r I.: c no hr c biit g made iu th.' wul s, hu' that
.. '* deStroved, nolwitbstandinw
e 1’ .!•: • tro Fire Company was disp.vted to put out
;ie the. Tii ■ nuar!-.--s ou Friday eiugli’ three times, and
wt r., x iegUL-hed by the soldiers ; cn t'cri-v this w«s
<mpoasil le. At one time the smoke w i hiu the fort »m
-j ...re- : a that tte men in the evematea wire con
■’raiucJ to place their mouths to t‘ e floor for breuthir j.
M ior Anderson h-.* expressed a m •nti’O'; ^nd-..’p»iee it
oi i u;i U/ o..r batieriv*. tie wl. u'
j.t cct;lt.|, p,elected, by ibis oxu-e, from using h<*
a'V t-. gu: s But lor !M paucity of his ferce, and their
■o iijui ut ability to retre within the casemates, dcs
lio.. of .;!c ui’a have bteu frightful. Tbus protect
.... ly I■ o wo . i :• I —no • kill*!. —
We un lerst i d fi .r cuieuiata and «vv i. irbeif gnus
have been cU-We » b» our guua. We also learn th.k
«-jv A lerM-i a'd L- ut. Dttis ’ vc cxpr.ssed t’- -ir
opinion that, had they been allow, ! 'o ns- tl.eir hu dnd
,,-i twenty-eight lour pounders in l a " learii upon
iroi battery, l y might have < .d »*• «««•
curate t re of the r u 1 v luLoa was ** "r n. ug, a d
.natcri i!’t aswVed in the d fence of i 'loud *td iu
battering the southeast wall. ....
Xue bu'tle of For; Suirrer is a marveiX as sftiir :n ihc
bloadle-snes cf an e m. ;t of .Ll.-y — onou-sanda
half. It is surrlv the merciful huger ot (JoiL Hut to no
: iTix&ia ngt?DcU*j* ^Lk. izod iu tli*. bu§in greater pnt>c
sue than to ti.Oij mho h* .ceived *.;d planned our dl
l' ne> - and who have erecu.i them In so (ajtiiful and
.-.V-tantial a man-r. To ihium causes—the admirab’e
ilHeieucy ot oar defensive pi upon lions, a: d the hard
• >me manner iu w ich th guas have been used to ann- y
,1 crip: e ue enemy—is the wonderful, unprecedented
result due.
\\ c have cot, and do no: preien 1 to do justice to the
olheers and men r gaged iu the combat. W e feel o.t
task of MMMiy dieortmh a
ion, deli' acr and difficulty. Many, *e know, are
•or tiT of nofico, ardwtll receive it at the proper binds,
• hom we, through our ignorance, pave uo« named iu our
very imperfvet notes, fnee, as well as the public, must
excuse -ach unintentional short-comiug?.
In the terra of capituhtlon. it sa* allowed to M jor
Anderson to eilute his thg, and it was perhaps expected
that he would fire the usual complement of twenty-one
tune; but reaching that number, he still went on to fire,
end the apprehension wj« that he might exhibit the dis
courtesy of numbering tnirty four. But he continued
.till io tire up to fi ty, and then slowly lew. ring his Hag,
he shout* from as?, uib’cd thousands upon the scores
and the stean.-rs, an 1 every species of w iter craft, an
nounced !ha' be minority of the Uti luted State*
I ou the last loot ol Carehna s soil was hnaliywit.'
lt lias been noticed, that at the Bring of the feven
feer.th gun, there was the sound as of two reports, and
the impremion was that two gnus had been nrert »og<*t
er, but, as the party, rv-eirlurking, were on their a ay
to Fort Sumter, they weie met by a boat, which an
aouLced that one ot the c&Iaotu had i X|*lod«fd* uiauc
the earnest rv<iacsc -hat «be boat woull r ' .rn to c
van’s Island for a fi e engine, from the pn. he;, oa
that the m.'gwiiue 11 ght be in ditiger. T nob;., cd,
the party again stalled for the fort, and made thmr tu
It were vain to attempt a detailed descripon o'* the
<cei.e. Avery point and ere-y in tte interior of
the fort to which the eye was turned, ejeept the o r
• ,11s »nd ca.-cis 't- s, whieh are still stre :c bore the
i rrasof ruiu. It y. -e us if the Genius o» Destruction
•tad talked |U cni.gitt to «mk« the f r ; ecu »' •
b o >d, d over by the deaolal «n ot ages, it could scarce
have been develofwd to a more lull maturity of ruin.—
The walla of the internal structure, rootle**, bar*, black
; encd and perforated, by shot and shell, hung in frog*
' inents. and seemed iu icstat t nadiners to totter down.
■ Near the ceutre of the parade ground was the hurried
grave cf one who bad fallen Irom the reeeut casualty.—
'l'o the left of the entrance wns a man who seem d to be
at the verge of death. In the ruins to the right there
was another. The shattered 11 *g staff, pietccd by four
i balls, lay sprawling on the ground. 1 he parad*-ground
was strewn with fragments of shell and of the dilspida
| ted buildings. At least four guns were dismounted on
the ramparts, and at every step the way was impeded by
portions of the broken structure. And so it was that the
au.horitits, cot.,polled to yi.ld the fortress, had at least
the satisfaction cf leaving it in a condition calculated to
inspire the least possible pleasure to its captors.
01 all thit, however, the feeling w»s lest when, ascend
i; g to the pirapef, the bii'lunt panorama cf the bay ap
pear* U—win u from this key to the haibor the vbw ex
panded to the waving oulli.ie ol in.i.i and island, and
when upon this key the tlig ot the Confederacy, toge
ther with the l'almctto tlag, wrro both expanded to the
Lrc.ae. And when the deafening shouts sr.se from the
: masses el ..-.end upon boats at d upou the shores, and
' when the battcri.s around the entire ci'Ouit shook the
i for tret s with the thund rs of their salutation the feeling
that the victory was indeed complete, that the triumph
was a laet accomplished, that liberty hud indeed been
viueiea'ed, and that the Smte had Cstabli >h*d her c'.a m
to tho skid a: d c lur.ige nrciSS ry to the e iu«e she had
ihe iulell-etna! iutrepiaity toavow, thr.il'd iu the brers:
! of cv-tv one *»l Caioiina’s Sons, as seldom has itich ft el
; iag thrill d in the breasts of any men before.
Short!? aHer tho arrival, the gun i ton nnrohed, oat
| and wi re rici i.ed rn board the Isabel; which, howev* r,
i from the condition ot the tide, wss unable to move < ft',
aud it v.rt.s a Nunrewi it unpleasant circumstacco that 11*
j :r A d-is .n aiM t is eittUIITUrd should h ive been made
uuwii tug 6ptcl.it'rs o! the exultation) inspired by ihcir
Of those suffering from the casualty we have mention
ed, one was ki !*-«> upon *ho spot; two were noended, it
b icppci 1 t.' -rmlly, aud were left for medi. il treatment,
and two oil.-is badly wounded, also, at their earnest so
licitation, were oairied oil-.
« * * • • •
An officer who visited the fort sroti after the terms of
evacuation were made, states that tho scene there pre
s< uti ii is beyond conception. Without, the walls have
me appearance, at a distance, cf hatiug been covered
with an imm i se number of brick pouhxcs sraltered in
every direction. Tins is the shattering tQ ct of the sf ot.
With::,, tLe entire fort wore an aspect as if the hand of
t’ *• d.s r -v g angel bed - wept rutfclc -ly by .*nd left not
1 as,.; arv object to rein re the general desolation. The
blackened vrulfs of the officers’ and soldiers’ quarteis
were vet smot-ing, ashes a d embers met the eye at every
turn, while the stio- aud -h* 11 which had been rained upon
:he stronghold lay in great quantities upon nli portions
of the parade ground.
The a; pe.ir.iLoo of both M .jor Anderson, his officers
arid the men, indicated the terrible nature of the ordeal
front which they l ad ;*t t"' ted. f>-epr,wd of sleep
, . —: .. Kb itu II iftifffl it t’ *• •
i a: d t-.us.r-.ted by their buttle with ua dement which
waged beyond control, they locked worn, hagg.rd and
Wady lU Ut r*p 'll Mi LIT 1 tJU.*U y-i.
When the fire was a: its gt calcs: height M-.j jr A-der
aon st*.id that the t .!/ ma uvr to which they coulu
breathe was by l*i»" £,t upon the ground within the
e.jeisat.s with t...:r ! an > to the e-r h, wl.il-, ad Jed to |
th- danger, wts tW'oCC.isio: il ex; lo.ion of the te'ea 4
r ella collected for amice at ddl'.-rv t within the
It i» t; ike .in tt at jo few ntun were in the fort'fica
iou, that i < due ' • rvaiton of I f . M i *r Atuiet
son himself stated tlut bud fere b eu two minor, d
mere, not Iti..:uu cco ball ct them must have been
U:lliJ o*| .g to the ab.euoe of suflijieut room uajcr
the circum-tm ec-*, for their prote*-«*^a>
As it w s. tbei- j ..0V;ii0art wuuld have given out in
‘.odivt r.or-, when art unconditional sur^-ndt. would
h ive neci.'autily resulted.
Hr als . rt- ulr.-l :‘uai jestprnay was one of the proud
. • d.ijof 1 is i.;-,for whde be had cudeavored to do
i- ■ as a:, officer, h hui nit taken the life of a fel
low be.ng.
A Charleston dispatch reisu-s the following incidents:
WHj r Anderson -fated tt,zt 'ue eurrend-red his sword
•o li- n. L i ir. gard, os the representative o! the Confed
erate Governm- it. Gen. 1> •aurtgud s:id l.c would not
receive it frein so brave u man. lio says M ior Andet
nude a staunch tight, and elevated himself to the cs
• iut'ion of every true Carolie.iau.
Tf io:o M ij >r A'.d. tso • were entirely inadequate
o ■ fi-ctutily work tho guns a. J attend to the incidental
: iv. re i:.:. it is t.oi to be wondered at, under the
ti.. iui-'ai'i'is, th.it l-Vri Sumter surrendered. The men
■ , . . . rtv - x h tir-*, well balls or shells sti iking
irt eon rtntlj. Gonspe
I .-v ,i. , • i .• tN-i* th • -c vi: rdi "O-.ki.h
■ ,ru ..1 I lie i i.n it <i tierv'u: i,„. u, ..f til . c it
I the vicinity is u
4 , i • pol ti e t::on who worked the
j •, v. • ■ i ;|- \ .1 every tw nr. n uut.rs, a..d "to-iiied
them to ind r< ;•••
! o iii-.ii - p.o.toct-i bv th-firi'.g of their own ^uus md
cof - ■ ng thefor
• ; • r.. . Vi. • ..„*. n inattet in. the Erii g o! a colutu
. i ii the i:n.-K s n casein*-u* ot u fo:t is Raid to be
I Kri’l t.ie.
li c>utr\ t with tii» oonduct of the inaction of the
*.irtl *ct. .' i-.-. ill'll tii.t an oid slave passed through the
i. . i-t tire, with a sloop load of wool, on Friday even
it ", and eauie sifely to the city. Somebody told him
: would b.‘ killed in the attempt. “Gau't help dat,”
aid he, “ui'ist go to do town to-nigbt. If anybody
rt uis chili* or dlj b. f, tuussa see him about it sf.uib.”
iii s'oop re. ei' i d tour shots.
1. r. | irted that M , r Audi non sent in ' U re agna
il, to take iff ct cn the inauguration ol the Li: coin
(i ncri mei t, but no notice was taken of if
M j r And I sou says it is p-ep ....i-w to nght Fuch a
P ople. One of ’hb 0^,01 ,'s in the fort rcuiatked that
?v ■ ;,„i viioeaI’urt'd not to hre on cxticsed individuals.
‘Ves,’* siid Major Andersou, “I gave orders not to sight
men, but to »i*« uce batteries.”
Both ru.-n and oftircrs w.-ro begrimed wi h smoke
an j powder. The batteries which have (ioui iky most
•nioehief ire the Huhlgren b^Uy.y, atv.'eus' buttery and
the riled c”3Bm-v
4s r. i,a,xi bar tor defence, the fort is just as good rs
ever. The c.s>mutis are pet feet, the gu u there iu
prime conditio and bear on i.r.h jdi*. Msjor Ander
son w.is obiig d to throw overboard a large qmntity of
[„.w.f ,• to pr. vent explosion, and it was (bating urouad
the tori to d ty.
() . of the aids carried brandy to M* jor Anderson in
a boat, &1 er the fire, and the latter said it wag very ao*
c.*p able, as the men were completely exhausted by their
Lbo-s. I mention this to .-how the kind and chivalrous
iotereou-9" between the < Itieers.
1! for* 'oin" into action. Mi ior Anderson sent word
bv au .ti>l t f General B ■ mregard to the Governor, thank- |
ing him for k :ui attentions during the just two months,
and very sol ninly nid, “Fiwttil, BUllttiitik if we do
not meet again here, ' kop.e we stall meet in a better
' we'd.’
•, • Its usual quiet. Everybody is ex
chat g'ng congratulations over the successlul tertniuation
ofth-n:ht; but soldier3 are itching for a haud-to.hand
brush. The Confederate tUg and the pjuivtio ttag were
hoi* eJ on separate spam, -,:n,.»taueou«!y.
Dr S. V,’. ... Crawford, the surgeon at Fort lumter,
wi.e v»a- s. gMiT wounded, is a-on of the Rev. Dr. Craw
tot d. of Philadelphia.
W. P ucker Miles, of Charleston, tcr'grn^&a to Mrs.
Double lav. at Washington. ‘,1.: « report of her husband’s
■ . ■ . . ... iy.. latlon. It is believed that Cap-.
, iawl o is a strong Eepublictn, refust -I to < bsj
M , ir Anderson’s command to surrender, and was con
sequently placed in irons.
When* we went into Sumti r tl..«u»h tte porthole,
we found t ie Moor b«.*y distributing letters to the ctli
ceru auii u*eu Ci^bis force. He appeared to be in per
f.-ct health. lie was all smiles, and chatted in an easy
vi in. The tneu were hearty-looking and cheerful. If
they were not in transports they iO-ju will be, and what
matters a fe\r hours. 411 of tire poor fellows wanted
wh» kv, *ud m«.iiy were the silent gesticulations they
made to ascertain if any could be had.
Wliile Fort Suurpter was in tl lines, ar.d M ior Ander
son could fl.-e otiIt live of his gu..s at lor.g mti rvals, the
■ « M irria’ Isiu d batteries, and thi B8 at Point Cum
mings, chi ered at every tire which the gallant Mi-j>r
made in his last struggles, and shook their list* at the
four meti-of-irar, who, like coward:, sto^d o».t?ido with
out h ing a blow, c. (..tempting to divert the Urc of a
tangle natter from Sumter.
Ia the decisive U.e of Saturday, which for a t'we
threatened, to all appearances, to subject the garrison to
a greater calamity eveu than war, the heroic baud ou
the Floating Mattery watched wi;L tluilling itrte.-est ar.d
generous admiration the devoted daring of Major Auder
fou’s grrrisou amid the tiarnes.
When, amid these trying circumstances, Fort Sumter
reopened, in a well-directed volley, the cry arose ‘ three
cb eis for M jor Audetsoa," they were given with aright
good will and lustily.
The School-Ship boy9, under Oipuin Almar, perform
ed important services’ to the State in the transportation
of troops itrsmall boats i p Wappoo Cut. Bo h teacher
aud p p Is deserve the thank- of the community.
Pa 1 Lalat e, a yonrg puriot of 1» years of ago, who
w as ou a visit to hi- brother when the fight yOtmueuccd, a
member o! the Falnetto Goartb determined to rcqiain
there during th4 cahnonaifing, and ltd the honor of dis
charging a numb r of pieces at tort Sumter.
The (\urttf mts .
The services in oil our sanctuaries yesterday exY.b'tcd
the fc vid outpourings of gratitude from a people pene
trated with the mercies of God.
The incidents in ‘ Old St. PhilipV we witnesed were
deeply touching. T o heart of the worshipp rs in that
sicred laue, con*- crat- d by the procmas his:otic memo
ries which nude the glory of the ‘-fir-1 ten pi ” on thi;
sit-’ had b'en poured on' in (levottt thanlsgi.iu* »o tpe
m !v Giv. - of Vietwry, wr.en a venerable bid man, leau
ing oa hi- bta’t. WM ' i bv the R-etur to the sacred
,1 -k t-- WSJ the tfab'op of tb» Uiocose, vfholiy libad
and physically (eeb'K, yet wi.R *•**•.«/ f i,S‘
hau the eagle s, disoeri ing the l.ght of Heaven ud re
loicing thereiu. The cengregit on were taken bv sur
prise | but whose b art was no’, be stirred eveu to its in
lcnuns’, depths, as the apostoiio servant of God, select
ing oue of those paternal exhortations of the “beloved
disciple," accounted for his presence. Not only a pa
triotic, but a personal interest in the great event of the
past week, had brought him to the city, and made him
here abide until the battle had been fought. Your boys
were there, and mine were there and it teat right that •
they should be there. Still the heart had it.lv bled ; the
strong man, as well as the tend r woman, had quivered
uuder the influences of natural aft'- ction, for we were uot
childien, we knew what we were doing,and had counted
the cost, and had weighed in our very souls the warfare
upon which we were going. And how very marvellous
had been God’s doings! How unparalleled his agency.
All our children had passed through the fire unhurt! —
“Not uuto us, no’ unto us, but unto Thy name, Oh,
Lord, tie the glory!”
We foibe r to follow the good Bishop through the af
fecting application which he made of this wonder.'ul
Providence of God, but cannot past over the strong tes
timony which he bore to his firm persuasion, strengthen
ed by travel through every section of our State iu tho
discharge of pastoral duty, that the grand movement in
wLick our people were now engaged was begun by Hum
in tho deepest conviction of duty to God, and after lay
ing their case before God—and God had most signally
blessed our dependence on him. “ Veiily the Lord of
Hosts is with us, the God of Jacob is onr refuge.”
I'RiNTiNo orncR jiomiiD—srvkkai. tiiukatkneh riots—
[ From the Philadelphia Halit tin of Tuesday.]
For some lime piat, a pap r colled the Palmetto Flag
has been publ shed in this city. It wu a mere ndvciti
Ring dodgo, got up by a C0i corn who adopted that i.arae
to attract attention ttfth'dr establishment. Town A Co.,
were the reputed publishers of the died; but it was un
derstood tb*t it was really gotten out by the advertising
firm referred to.
Between ten and eleveu o’olock this moriiiug, wo re
ceived the following note from Towu A Co :
In consequence of the pre ent excitement, and not
wi-hing to add to it, wo have suspended the publication
of the Palmetto Flag for the present. We have always
endeavored to be liberal iu our views, but as there are
symptoms of a riot ar.d bioodehed, we as good citizens
sacrifice ojr pecuniary interest lor the benefit of the
city. Respectfully,
Town & Co.
About eleven o’clock, a number of excited men sud
denly mad® their appearanoe iu front of the building cn
Chc-tnui street, and tbey umdc an tflort to mount the
stairs to the ollico of Town A Co. The few policemen,
who hupp -r.ed to Le on duty iu the neighborhood, hurri
ed to the spot, and did their best to prevent the crowd
From gaining admission. The doors were closed, but they
overcame the ol!iecr«, and some rushed in-idc; but they
did not succeed in cllecting any raischi&f. One man w..a
arrested by Lieut. Fuller, but he Was “p.cdjiy vcsoueu by
the crowd,
Tho concourse of people increased very rapidly, and
Chc.-ng*. street from Third nearly to Fifth, and Fourth
street, below Chesnut, were d'-nsely packed. Iu iho
meantime, the Chief of Police, Mr. Haggles put the Ll.*
gr iph iu operatlou, and he roan had a considerable forco
of men on the ground.
The crowd amused itself for a time by groaoinv the
Palmetto tl ig and Secession, and b> < ’ the S-ars
and StriDe* American *' i^-: were Improvised in the |
most cm i ■! •• .unci;, ai.il displayed from the adjacent ;
„uii ting , u a.- each piper representative) of the too- I
t. or " ig made its appearance, the , rov^d greeted it with J
nproaVhu* cheers. A stuffed eagle was also
an upper window of Kingsley's Kf.pto- V. /{!'
i^nco‘ br ughtdown’ Theexcitement
« as cm“»lut hour * ncj hy a large number of printed
mecta 'g thrown out of the windows of Town a Co
These w, re e.gjrly snatched up. They proved to be co
pies of a paper-called the utara aud Stripes, which isal
eo putiiisnaa t>y Towd a Co.
Mayor Her.rv was early upon the ground, agd he im
nudtitely proceeded to the office of Town a Co,
where he placed himself at ti e hot.* window, in full view
of the crowd. His appearance was greeted with cheer-.
fk.o.1 alter the arrival of the Mavor, a email Araericin
fhg v; is pne’d in his hands, at-d be waved it from the
window. This act excited the enthu-ustn of the ciowd
to the highest degree, and as soon as the M ivor could
make himself heard, he made a brief and appropriate
speech. Pointing to the t|ig, l>« mid that tie chci rs
given for thu emblem of the \ rionai Union were a suf
ficient indication of the patriotism and loyalty of the
p 'Oplo of Philadelphia. Treason could t ot lift its bend
in this city, and -o he'p him God Almighty, it never
should exist hire while he, as the Major of the city,
could prevent it. That II ig was an emblem of (Jov» rn
meat, and he called upon good ci'iz-ns, a ho iovr d their
country and its llig, to testify tketr loyalty by going to
th. ir reap' otive n!ac< » of abode, and leaving to the con
s.i e.tej « .tiioritiee of the city the task of protecting the
P‘a-e, and * he prevention of evciy act which, could be
eo rued into tr a-oti to the coun'ry. The Mavor cor
tinned in thi- strain for some time, ar.d be Was constant
ly e; r*d with the greatest enthusiasm.
Alirp at d hard, arm* Ihg was then procured and
the Mu-.i. uuliititi g it Irom t ie window again appeal d
to the p op!e to respect it and to show their devotion
. i injury to ti.e iluatd thi laws by peaceably at pa
rating ami poirig to their hom-s
A rope w.is obtained ar.d the Mayer, nidi d by a Mr.
Montgomery, stretched the bunting across th street
an..it shouting and clapping of hands.
Tne Mayor mid the II ig were cheered over and
over again ; and the crowd slowly thinned away;
but up to the timeol our g ring to press, a large number
of persons continued to loiter about. The police iotce
on duty is sufficient to prevent any serious violence.
During the height of ti.e r*ciiemcnt, a young man
win) is a member of i*.o tdiiladrlphia bar, and who is
close lv r t.i a prominent r'irc-eater in South Caro
lina, jjave utterance tojhis Secession sentiments iu tire
hearing of the crowd. H.t paid the penalty of his fool
ish ra>hne«s, for he was beaten pretty severely before
the police could rescue him. His hat got oil iu the me
lee, and the crowd kick -d it to tatters.
Title ABOf : Ot-rT. K TMtlATIHKD.
The office of the iMiity Argur, adjoining the Girard
Ran . . on the South, wag the or.ly newspaper cilice in tho
vicinity which hud not a Ihg displayed this morning.—
The excited crowds which were iu the streets noticed
this omission, and determined to correct it, and between
twelve and one o'clock, this afterncon, the persons in
charge of tbeoffi.-e wt ro notified that unless utt Ameri
can Ihg was raised within fifteen mluutee, they must
take the consequences. police came upon the
ground, hut no violc: ce was offered, tire crowd content
i g itself with shouting and cheering. If. fore the fifteen
minuti s had elapsed, a small co't in affiir, printed w ith
stars and sttipes, was stuck cut of an tipper window,
amid the liurzis of the multitude. The people were sal
i lied aiid soon scattered.
The crowd went to’the oflicea o/ the aunday pipers af
ter th* ir visit to :!.c and they demanded of each
that the .ta>« suit stripes should be hung out. TU^se pa
re..! *.r«> :.ll I .ithfnl to the Union, hut the crowd was ur.
willing that there fhould he any dodging, and all were
required to show their colors. The f\agN were dis; layed
cheerfully bv ail the offices, wild this part of the perform
ance wcut off good-naturedly.
We understand, upon the mo»t reliable authority, that
the'Secretary of the Charlestcn, Hecesalou Convention,
and the man who moved the ordinance of Secession, is
at present in. V-hihJelpbia, and staving at the house of a
relative ia Ten a Ward. lie is a bold man.
It is reported that Lieut. Slemmer has been instructed
not to allow any more laud-defencea to be put up in the
vicinity of Fort Piokeua, nor Iho Confederate troops un
der Col. Hi age to take any more advantage of his silence,
in oousrtjuence of which it is understood that General
Beauregard has been commission'd by President Davis to
go to Fort Pickens. He U reported.to have sailed. All
expect that 1 ort Pickens will be the next point of attack.
A letter fiom Warrington, in the Pensacola Obierver,
dated the loth instant, says :
A general impression seems to prevail amongst all
classes here that an assault will be made on Fort Pickens
witfciu three days. All things seem to confirm such au
The Wyandotte went outside from Fort Pickens at an
enlv hour t'iiis morning. The Wyandotte visits the il >< t
nearly every dav. The propeller Cushman, chartered t y
the author ities oj the Confederate States, and now in their
service, also wen; to the licet thii morning with des
Au order wa, gr.cn hst night that al! the drinking sa
loons are to be kept oloted for 86 hours, and that no
spirituous liquors are to be given or vended to any of the
Geu. Bragg contemplates erecting three more sand
batteries. Troops are constantly arriving. The force
grows truly gigantic in proportions { over four thousand
men, and still they come from Alabama, Georgia, Louis',
ana and Mis.Lsij pi.
litCAniNH, April' 16.—The Ringgold Filing Artillery, of
K ■ cing, CaptAn James McKuigbt, numbering 108 men,
w:th tour field pieces, received a req isition frqm thp
Governor ti is morning, and set out th.s evei.i; g at s.i
oMcc'i for Harrisburg, the place of rnndpgvous. They
are the £,.-t Pennsylvanians in the lit id.
Cm • u n, April iv..— deiacbtuent of one hundred ant1,
s.xty men ui dr Major Pemberton, left Sr. Pan', en route
for W t hing q i yestarday. M.-.J >r Morris with ddO, and
Sfierir,sin’s battery will soon fellow.
Atm rx, April HI —Tlie artillery company here is ra
pidly filibg up The 49:h regiment will be immediately
fi led up to one thousand
Norvolk, April 16.- A r-aVo of one hundred guns
wai fi-ed hero yesterday, in honor ef the fur ouder
Fort Sumter, There are great rejoicings xapciag the sc
An order has been KyOved here to fit out the steamer
Mcrrimac t muedwuiy, and to tow out all the war vessels
in that port.
Norkolk, April 16—The excitement here continue^
and th’people are anxiously vjailio'' lor further news
from Richmond and Washington. There is the airorgest
determination to resist President Lincoln'# war pohoy.
11 BE enterprising proprietor
WUI-KV, ('he purest Medlclo.I
Agent ever known,thus furnish
-d the community a stluulan',
pure, healthful and Invigorating,
t the same lime a mild delirious
neve age It la calculated to do
■ w»y »ith Ihe vile drugged stuff
that Is palmed off on th" .-onmu :
nltv, and which la injurious to j
ody and mind. In addition to ;
the certificates beneath, he ha;
received a Diploma from tht
TV, and a Iditlonsl testimony
from Dr. Jackson, wl Burton, who testifies under oath to Its abac*
lute purity,
l>uit.»rn.’nu, Sept. 9.1959.
We hove carefully tested the sam lc of Oh stnuf llrove Whisky
you sent us, and find that It contain! none of the Poisonous >ub
Stances known as fusl! Oil, which Is the charset eristic and inju.louf
Ingredient of ike Whlskyi lu general use.
An ditlcalChemists,
Nkw Tour, Eept. 3,1959.
'*I have analysed a sample of Chestnut Grove Whisky, received
from Mr. Charles Wharton, Jr , of I’hlla lelphla, end having care
fully tested It. 1 am pleased to state that It Is entirely free from
poisonous nr d. Merloui substances. It Is an annually pare and
line flavored Whisky. JAMES R. CHILTON,
Analytical Chcm .L
B wrv.v, March T, 1
I h ive made a chemlrat analysis -f cmroerilel sample* of
Chestnut Grove Whisky, which prove* I' lie free from the I .vy
Fusil Oils, and perfectly para and unadulterated, rks Hi ' flavoi
of this Whisky Is d-rived from the Grain used I" tnanafscturltig It,
Respectfully. A. A. QAVtS, M. D State Assavei
N >. t6Boy'« on Street
Fcrsale by 0 WHARTON J* .
Sole Principal Agent,
OcSl—Cm No. 116 Walnut- .... Sul l| a
Foundry and Manufactory,
sights 3tuut, nil nan, aicmosn, viaatitA,
HAVING made large addition to onr shop, to inlt the fionth'r
tr* le, we will soil at the Northern prices of 1959 We l.av
over lOtl different dcslg! s of Plain and Ornamental ItaHiniG
Vcraiidae, Udlroul s, Pnrrh t'loct s, Wlndew
Gti'irH*, Ac., Ac., Vault and Cellar Doors, Iron Sash, Bhut'ers,
and genera' Bl&cicsmlthicg and finishing done with neatnet* and
kTCemetery Railin'; for the country, made so as to be do' of
by an ordinary mechanic. jaflO if
IMPOrtTER9 of heavy anil Fsrcy Har lwar;, Cutlery, Curs and
‘•Anchor Bolting Cl .th,” are In rece'pt, per ships Morning * ar, i
an 1 Pe'ra, dlreet to the James Rlvtr, of their Spring Imports- I
tlons, to which they Invite the attenth.r of such m.'.-*h ints as l>uy [
for cash or p»y promptly, feeling assured all : ;h v.Ill God It to I
their advantage to buy of the;...
Thty a*e also p.tc.w for Fallback's cehhrateilScales
N. I* Psr'.h I|i\r attention paid to rr li t'_ . ' . I
nii'9'i wifiNq (UKimvi'v IP —I
JL l.LRV -We are n • i -c Jvhig a cgu pf,«* »" » * *•
I lie. ar iVi-li v •,«» , con prWrg In part cf
»- * ’ uear.y every kind.
U .11 at'Usrr,, a larre a < rtQent.
r i and Clover Blade?, belt kind.
Calling., a Urge a.'ortnient
Arne's Fpadu and Sb >■ !«, all lire*.
Howland's Spart.s and Shoveli, all sixes.
Mann e and Hay Fork-, a large lot.
Horseand Mol 'Shoes and llorse Nalls.
P;a!ed Sp-vusan I Forks
Horse Coll ■ r» and Blind Bridles.
Chains of all kind? ami s'xcs.
M r*, sc, Knob, Stock, Pad, Chest and Cupboard Locks, In
great variety.
With every article kept In our line of boalnesi too tedious to
me* lion
tVc Invt'e our friends and th* public to rail on us. We will sell
bargains for cash ir to punctualiotoners
mh23 No 68 Main street.
8000 Pair Trace Chains,
fstd w Ftiee Trae*.,
fee) " Hrea't and Back Cha'r.s,
2' tl Doxen Grass snd liraln Scythes,
100 •• Srythe Pnatnx,
80 “ Hckli of soperior meke,
lOiei “ kPwell's lini ng ind Wi<• hag Hoes,
, Ca “ “
ISO “ Shovel, snd SjitdiS,
•J *> “ I'ae and M ntire F :k,.

lalWI RKR 1 ) KAI jKR,
Rn rtuoxn, 11 iQtg’a.
VI. WAVS ON HAND a tine assortment of all kinds Of Ll.MUES,
. via :
WhtePlne, Ash.
Maheueov, Hickory,
I)1 irt 'Valnnt, < ak,
fr.erry, Maple,
Poplar, 't'itton Wood.
1 Inch Boards, Weather-Boarding,
2 do do FI rloo Heart Pine,
htep Plank, G.rden Ralls,
Flooring BcanOing, Ac.
Ccillng Boards, Heart and bap?Hngles,
Laths*, C.= l.ii and t'ak P-.sls. mhl
I IT si hi VANE.N I IKON V.v.M.M S5SON V i«>!
1 Ornamental C.ist Iron Var.es, of .P -i-'.e-, for - .i -liw, ;.ttl,.
Ct Ina Wore of HTF.BBINB. PCI.I.EN A CO ,
uU2& Oorr.'r Broud and ‘Jib bis.
10 firkins No. 1 Goshen Uniter
18 hhls Bnoltwheat Flour
80 kbls superfine Extra an J Family Flour
pM'.keil and Pickled Salmon
88 X bbl? Nc. 1 N. 0. Roc Herrings
28 pkg, No. I Mackerel
28 b>? English Dai-y, One Apple and Goshen Cheese
Oat Meal, Rye Flour, Ac , Ac.
uxt rccelred an 1 fer sale on the lowest terms for cash, or tf
prompt customers, at UINNIB A CO.’S Famt.y Grocery,
Col4 9d and Main fits.
Manufacturers of
Patent Portable Circular
Also, POUTAIU.H Btoam
No. f> Scln oeder St.,
rilwenlT veart experience in the manufacture ef cur PATENT
1 PORTABLE Cl 2GULARSAW MILLS enables us to offr then,
upon Ihe most kunoxim.* tick us. Cur Palin' Rntchit Head*
blocks saves the 1 bnr of one mar. In working t‘ e Mill We mar u
tn ture Pol table ihd Stationary Steam Engines, Grist Mills. SI --
chin-s for Sawing Shingles, llorse I’.-wer*, Timber Wheel*, etc.—
apil!2—1y Baltimore, Md.^
j proved uuadiy, 1 l> 12 In-bei wile, Inclusive. My stock Is
kept always lull by weekly Hrr.val frem the rranuf i-lurers.
C. J. SINTON, Importer of Hardware,
apj 71 Malnnlrert
1 LU bllAM WATER, frtsh from the rpri. je. i
i\ re reived and for sale by
rr,|. i-i W. I'KTERSOV A l .
II CORICK.—Stamford Licorice, In store and for sale by
J apd A. V. STOKES A CO.
(MirOR CAMPHOR.—A cheap Camphor tor packing
J up *1 jter dolling and wollen goods Per sale bv
1 )i>\t lSKI{. -8.000keg*Dupont’s Muski', Cannon, Sporting,
JL and blasting Powder, for *ale by
i for the 11*. dker :j_f. Lnbln’s Soaps. Eugllih Honey, Ur «B
v* :.d.-r and h r cholc -Toilet 8oap»; Toilet Mirrors; llalr Pre
raratlrusnf all ku genuine Tortoise Shell Comb’; Ivory, 11 ra
an-1 In-I’u Ru’ •- r O i I s: H»ir llrus)ie». To- lb, Nall and other
Brush's In store, and Lavlonali been bought for cash, will he Sold
cheap, at JOS. LA ID LEVA,
Karully Medicine Sxre,
mht ! " -i -• Iain i* r,-'s.
p by m»rfH A. E. MOORE, Agt,
s) - Timer ■ :<>:• .i • m \ n ' x nu si lak
Cured Family llaias, In store and for ss'e by
0,1,23 W. If. PLEASANTS.
jr. e. caiiHS, mm Point,
A ND is manufsesured under pat.-ats granted to Mm and James
/a W 1I!=ox. dated June 2,1W7. re < wxi July 13. ISAS. Patented
A ugust 10,1 4K, Ee'uuary 91,ImS). Also line gDsed under six other
Pa-eullj, covering thu enttr ■ ccus'.rugtlcn of too Machine ; conae
ta be no litigation In regard to the pylebt right.
It i !te,i :o: :l'»Ud and the most perfect trcrkUg Sewing Ma
chine ;i>v lu t^e.
It forms a Hr.*, evm and el«Jt',e s ita, which Is warranted nol to
rip In wear, an-11* reliable upon all kinds of fabric*.
PriceS3b to *7 9. krgrv Mauhlne warranted.
Belvlt's Block,
aept 18th and Governor streets.
A RE receiving for the »a!l Trade, Csiw'^s, Oil Cloths, Mai
in. t;ngs. Curtain O >c Is, Cornice* i,ua Xandi, Wlndo* Shade)
Paper Hanging*,Curled Ilsjr n« l Mils, for s*l* at low prices —
Carpets, Curtains, 11 v u and AlAttMMtjJ made to order at short no
tice. 1‘ap.g Lankin; dene In the oily Or ooi;nUy by auperlor work
n . * _ [ocl —
\l EW I UPOHTA rks»N. —Elegant French ar l English
il China D!::nrr i*»d Tea bet-, Toilet Ware. While Granite Din
ner and T,s I<-it, Japan*d To’let Ware, Ilousekeeplug geode,
Unis, An, ta which we Invite the attention id purchases.
mh.12 Corner 9th and Broad Streets.
y I’jUfS’S EXTRACTS*—A fine assortment of Lullin’
| j ;v fj- Dg Extracts, Vaacy Snaps, Ae.j *1*0, Box
Ins, dales Haw -Is, and an enJleas variety r f u»|r OIK Pomade*
»c , A. Ft.r *ab hy * UAR. P. Dt'FAL,
mb 18 199 cor. Main and l(Rh sta.
UI Rt, FCS, XI R N.-1 he subscriber will pay the high*
X *st marsrt valae for all kinds of Fur bkini. Mi:
ft'*r, Mink. Coon. Fox, Muskrat, Onnim-j, n«r« **»-. Wild
cat, *a,A«s JOHN THOMSON,
»p3 . . *9. I UlUrdHotMA,
Tin.' Only litre w in-re a Cure can he Ohm I in <1.
| >R. JOHNUON hst discovered the mtr Certain, ffptedy and
l/ r oly KfTectutl Kerne Jy In th' Worid for Weak-ieas of the
l ack or Limbs, ikrlctnree, Affections cfUie Kldn.-ys and Bladder,
Icvoiiirit. ry nl»cl i-rn. Irap»Uu.j, Gm rat Dcblll'y, NerTous
reie, Dyspet iU, Languor Low t*■ Irlta, C,,-.fusion of ld< aa, I’alpl.
• Heart, Timidity/Fret bltnn, Dh uses of Bight or (Md*
d'iirtr, Id.e ire of the Bead,Thrcot, Note or hkw, Alice- :oni of the
Lungs, 8.oma-h or Bowels—those Terrible Dir rders ariscghoio
the Solitary Habitr of Youth—those MtcakT and miliary prtetice*
m-.re fatal to their victims than the s.-ng of ivy rend to llir Mariner*
of Ulysses, blighting their most hriUI*!.• hopei or aiitlclpallubi^eu
deruig marriage, Ac., impossible.
Especially, who have become the Tlcklms of Bolltarv Vice, tb»t
rtre.ad'ul and destructive habit whl. h inn iallj iweept to an untime
ly grayr thousands of Ycc.ng m. a < f h,. r . .. , tali,..| talents and
brlllt int Intell-ct, alto in’K^t otl.-*rw;.v have enlrar.. ed listening
S« nates with the thuedsrs of el •<„ , or naked to ustacy the
living lyre, may call with hill confidence.
Married Pereont, or Young Men c ntempUtlng marriage,being
aw»r. of physical weakneeu, organic d-fhlty, deformities, A
tpeedlly cured.
lie who p'acca himself under the car* of Pr. J. may religiously
confide In lilt honor at a gentleman, and ennfhfcntiy rely upon hla
tklil aa a Physician.
Immediately Cored and Pull Vigor Restored.
Yb's Dreadful t'lreare-which rente-. Life ml.e-rahls and Mtr
eliec impoeribl—I* the penalty j. > d by tl.e vl. i'ni* of improper
Indole* ir*-*. Your;* peno-nt r.r. too apt to commit excesses from
not l>*L:g a vat e of the unadfol conrequen m that m-.v ensue.—
V. w, Wh 11* -t nad-ret ,n<tr l .e tubje. 1 trill pretend to <1. ay th*
the power, f p-or-cr.llcn Ir lo-t s-ner by tlite fallhig Into Irn
*r p<.r hahili than Ly the prudent? Beside* being deprived of the
pi- satire ef healthy offer ring, ibc "»■*•. serious and’deetru. tlve
»jni ma to l oth body and mindarlro. 1 he *'«t.-m beeomc* De
ranged, the PI; .*! and Mental Pun.-tlous M cak .ne 1,1. u of Pro
of e.".-I ve hr.r, Irritability. Dyspepsia, Fait Italloa of the
He t, In dig .r., Gone*Rational Dainty, a Wasti. g of the Frame,
Graphs, Cor- rniptb-n, Ar.
Lrft band el *. :• -It • from P ’imore si-cet, a few .loots from the
corner. Fall rut to obe<rre came and Moaner.
Letters mus' be paid and contain a stamp. The Doctor’i Diplo
mas hang !a Ms oSee.
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, graduate from one of
the nost emir • nt Collep sin the In tel ff- iter, and the greater
part of wh r:r Ilf: lias Vi-n tpr: t In the hospital* of London, I-.r
is, Pltlladt *.hla and els- where, has effected some of the m. at as
ioniahin^ tl noon; many troubled with ringing
I™ the ]:t.. I . I ".rj when a. en, gre.-t nervousness, being alarm
e.l at sadder s—r ., ba*Mu!n-j*i, a.lh frequent hlusMrg, sl
ier ed sometimes w'.M a derangement of mind, were cured Im
Dr. J. address.-t ail those who have Injured thenar Ives by Ira
tripcr Ir. lnl -ro e and soitl.try baths, which ruin b i. body a rd
T.ir. 1, unfit log them for el-bur business, study, tociity or mar
These arejome of the. sad and tuelancho’y effects produced by
early habit* of youth, vl* : Weakr.ru of tht Back and Mnh*,
1 luscular Power, I
tna’ion of the Heart, Dyrpepey, Nervous i rltahtllty, D-ra-gc
nailt of the Digectlrn Functlrns, General Debility, bynptoott of
Mxrrsiiy.—The fcarbil ifrr'im th. nlnd are much t« be
Iren., Lor» of Memory, Coofue.cn of fdei.*, Depression of F-!r
v ' eg:f-D«ru^, u,»; of
> .i.tou Timid,.y, Ae , are .me of the evil* produced.
,T' '‘-r f •« s*-.wj-d yrbatlith*«M«B
tl.e.r derlli .v .-r..*:., .,„K <• rv ^aw .
;eryonsandr:.m. iV 'u,U.ugit .-..-ular appraiawc* ’ j**1,
tves, COD.®'. .,. ; sytr.p..j.m -' ,:l3 c atoUl the
TOUNG i , ‘
AH 0 have Injured themse s , , , , ,,
•het: alots- a habit It tain pra'tlee Indnlged In
itic- cri, ta.i. u.i'1 " ■■■■' d from evil companion*, or
in 1 If . , vu.-■ ...irh are nightly frit, even when as cep.
n"(-j »- * r • dcrt t.tarriago ia purslbic, sod destroys both
Id .. ely.
.1 a pity tli-.t a you: g man, the bop* of hit ccuctry, tb.e
larllnr of i.is t arents, shun J he matched from all prorpt.U an I
snjori. cr.t. of life, • , the consequence of deviating f: ;■ the path
• certs secret h it::. Bach p«re -ns
srsr, before . outer, no
tloato promo': or.nuMa! 1 appine*.*. Ind- d, w|k,,;ot these, the
[ourncylhr ugh i'e i-cinu I »nrr pUgr."iagp; the prnspe-t
icorly darkens to th* vl r; th* mint! beror ■ ludotcd with <:**•
pair *n.l fill- ■ v ' !,(.!> relit. .1 ’.'...l the happiness of
mother becomes bight. t with oar own,
W! en the mlr/ul *. I sr. I lir.pru lent votary of pleisitre finds he
tar Imbibed the seeds of t..u painful disease, It too often happens
that an lll-t’nert s.-Dte of *1 km*, I of d rcry, |1 stars him
rroo* a; , lying to thesewh . t: r • -'uct.'.lon an ‘ retpectaldllty,rtn
klcni- befriend hi./, lie falls i • haodsof the l. aorant ; nd
le*lgilm< nr • >-r«, . • .!r. •. ,tc. Slch Ids p.-curdary
■ at . i- ir ■ i - •" ■ r,rr. . r »« I' .’P r.t -hr

- f
t ie poison,Mei .itltotioaal Mru-m of
:1 'sterrlb.* ! of ■' !, Throat, Nose,
skln, ete.,pr pressing with ft ightful raplitHy till death puts a ;>e
I to his ' , t" that undiscovered
country from » ■ t-ouri >■ r. ra\ -scru r. s.
T» e tsttny tie ..-n.se-..- I at • si Ctutfrn within the last
e'ghb-ei ar*. a: »the uum-r-u' Important 8-jrgleal Operation*
performed hr .finessed f-y the rept t*-.e ofthe "fen"
srd v>*:;y 11—r | s, i. .oft: have »pp*ar-'d again and
- . i | •
character u Is a .-tee to the af
ElCted. •
Persons wr!:i rthov.: f . la. In -ilrei ting their loiter* to
hi* Institutes, in the f I .nl.ig : r:
JOH.N M. •-'iiV.’TOS, H. !>.,
BaiUmor le.ok l/hspllal,
au2f)—*7 Baltimore, Maryland.
| T % KT fi .* K Slinpi I Mfiaant*
1JL *• *e Pltoa Ibinic.
“ N-.ii'-r Pliosphap of j.l.x.p (without
Ammonia.) A!*«. C. «: la. N ru •and ether tjuaro*
T.e K ch— i IK t llaer .’.i li-, having row a fu'l supply ofthe
kb' v» rjr- 1 Ker'Plze k on h n !/.n l the mills c'-ni antly at wmk,
rc I -■ ers and Planter* wit!, any quantity
g . alia:
I Per ton
' i film* fin. A. of
•» th at A . ;.i») j 90001b*,
d ■ irge In ■■ part of thecity
-"I-‘eh 'I.ls ■ Mint: s have been used d'i'lpg
*!' j ■■ ■: Vfb*at,Corn Oats. Tf.bkccoand Nt r.-,ir, Vlr.
b'a : -. Is ev! q ( ■ ; 'tersnerlv J,and lie
-!. * i ght be given, l ut
■ • -dll: - cm- far -« I I cl : u by rd .g Bl
1 . be l Mills, or by M r*
ft ' “ k Cl ki • .ay: e is Rlehm nd,
l ll< • , i "ttlUri-1 f. V-.irs ;f I g- A Co., Norfolk, D
1 r. i j| p-i-.-s! J. l-y-l a C>, Ljuchourg, Hm. Do id,
r I.Lea'r a. (I. Ilf l»'a, Kiq , Klacajtle, Va , and Comtis
sion Morel» ts g-r.e.aily.
All order* prune,>t,y attended !■-.
J H POINr.rXT Proprietor.
8. HAETMAN, (i.-nual Ag. nt.
f P 0. Boa No. Wil.
N, B.—Kl-.ase B'tlce 'hot er ry lep disot uv d Id th- f -»*> log
prep .ration* Is -rch •• i South cf M.iinn and nix n's Uoe.
piCHSIOND <i .tliNI PAC V,r
Lit TORY. nri
roTpJfte escort:, eol of hi I’IhKRN If ANP7ArTl!kFD
f» X'D.** Clo*hl, Ca*^nc,w8 :»sd YcjUn^, of rill fr* m _ J
the fa>I r-w'i.j nc<ed u ill* : Ortogh tw Mills, K: f;rr- nd, V&., Miln-r
k C* \ Mil's, Ca!r«{«r c unty, \n ; K V.oy ForJ A Co's 1’s,
Kre«l •fVks'huir, V* . If :ruA ‘ . .'^-‘t n, Smith cruMf,
Va ; Rock Island *i ds, tto, !*. C.; vMrli wc r»r • prepsrrd to
t* •. u .i m at
approved «tvies-foods U at «l!l cotapvre lu ev-ry respect with
th. best N rth* rnr ><nufh.ctur d j^oois, sridnsu/ of th**Crt-nshtw

cute f r baylcKff ods inur.ufactur 1 out of th^Flate. IcaddIM. n,
: i!
CLOT IM AN > CAf FI MERES, rot t bf surp arsed by rot hotsso in

t! m to furnUb our patrons »lfh 0ootbernC1othinf—material rslsod
8out'. f ■ s W' vc v.'.jth, cut aid ma lc.^outr., and we tru»t to be
sol 1 arnl worn South h* we art tl^t^nniiicd to do all lo our pow^r
to push forward 8ouUk.ro IoaIUuUoqj.
Clothiers anf* Merchant Tailnrt,
f»*28 Corner of Main and 13th itre**ts.
Q-ontlemens Furnishing (^oods
VLTK have row on hand over300 *!os. Fl irts, all prices, qualities
f T a lid stvies. which Wr art* rloiinw out at rvilur-.l nrirM.
These Shirt, are all made with the famous Improved French
Yoke, aud are warranted to fit.
Our assortment of Tics and Cravats can’t he beat In the city of
We would call attention to our large stock of Under Shirts and
Drawers, which Is Verr tell, and contains full lines In 811k, Gaute
Herlcni-a, I.lnen, and Cotton.
We have increased our facilities for making Shirts to order, at
tlr • shortest possible notice, an 1 a perfect fit warranted.
A'.50, on hand, a fine stock of Read) Made Clothing.
I«1B_ N M Main Street, Oor. 14tblL
Where for more than twenty yeats di.t ciaj Goods have been
sold at right prices.
WRem ember. K
They Warrant every article they sell, and offer at all times the
“A Word to the Wir«!”
DARKI« Srir, Il biitmi c«.,
HAVE on hand a large stuck oi OLO. HiN'O, such as
Orb'ff Be.vtr Cenc-oaU
Moscow b«aver do.
English Whitney do.
Drab Beaver Uarracks
Black Li ter: ..an* do.
Silver Mixed Cast cu'ts
Grey (lavs. ek>.
Velvetssa Hv.'lne hi Irs
It.ark and Brown French Css. Suits
Black and Fancy Gas: Punts
Fancy and Black H'.lk Vents *
Black and Fancy Velvet t ests
Shirts, Ool'ere, Sockr and Ties
Under SLlrtx and . r. awes
Buys’ Clothing, Children's Clotli'ng.
For Bargains cull oa DAKltlCOTT, IIARRT.S k CO.,
bo1«_ HR Mala Street
HAVING been appoint.d Agent for Teeth manufactured by
J" n.-s A While, of Philadelphia, 1 gupply of them c.n always
be found hy cnldng i t try store.
A so. Flies of all kinds. C. OEffNET,
mhia Eagle Square.
HT’FNB OP ‘ 1R, ' 'in’s Pectoral Syrup; Wlstar’s,
T? Orr »n’s, .ia.keon’s and AVrysa Lozenges; Ayres’Cherry
Pectoral, W istar's Ualsam, and many other valuable remedies for
Colds, Coughs, Ac , lor sale at
mills IN Male Ft.. corner above P. O.
Y 1 Ml* Pf.A8Tr.lt, of I, • be.t quality, landing In the Hock and
Li for sale by [mh o] I. A G. II. DAVENPORT,
RAs'ON— Prime Western Shoulders for sale by
mhW_ 1 A (|. U. DAVENPORT.
(1 ROI XD ALCIXl S t Ll'«—TOO Parks In prime order.—
J F, r sale by [mhgOj a A tt B DAVENPORT.
: ' tULN. PJRTLA'eD h .'Rl'P, In .tore and’foriale by.3
10 D ll 19_M. JONES.
St?(A \ M.—It") hhl. New York Stesm Sugar R-flniug Compa
ny’s Extra 0 Sugar, landing f.-r ta'e by
mhl9_I.EWI8 WHtB A JNO. G. WADI.
J .GoAfB I'LA I'Fri 11 —A general as'orturnt cf sl.es. with and
without frames, for sale by WM. 8ATTLEE A 00
' WMslssInst
GUM ARABIC,—C bales Gum Arabic, ter sale by
Ml • . OorevOvj wdlKAKns*
NorvouB Iloadaclio!
Ail Kinds oi'
■y the u>e of these Pills the periodic attack t of A"WW or Sink
Hot l.i.tie mty be prevented; «nd If ut*n at tb** eosoroeore
moul at an attack Immediate relief from pain and s1.knees ail! h#
They seldom fa'I In rcmotlrg the .V-ruiea and Htut-.-Jn ta
which, females are so snbjeet.
They art gently upon the bowels,—removing fbsf. >ei;a*e
For l.lfoary >(tn,ijtinUnt<, Del rate females, a-".d all fenena
of kiti.tutiiry tuyl.iti, they are valuable as a LamaXint, Improving
the npprtile, giving bmr ant -ty. r to the digestive crgsns, and
reiitorlng the natural elasticity and strength of the whole system.
TheCKPIfALIC Pll.LS are the rsenlt of long fnveitlgatlon and
care u'ly r. ndu :tefl experiments, having beer In use many years,
during wMeh time th.y hate prevmtcd aad relievod a vast
amount of pain an I suffering from ID adurhe, whr'hec origina*
ting In the txtrtou* eyelm Rr from a deranged state of the
They are entirely vegetable lo their composition, and may he ta*
ken at all llr-.cs with peifect safety, without mai ng any rhange of
diet, and tlea-Wne* of any i/imijrtOi’.U hie/e, re.-u/ers U ot«y
to admlnirter thrm to chiL'rtn.
The genuine have fire signatarcs of lienry C. Ppahilng on rash
Bold by Druggist* tn.l all oth. r Dealers In Medicines.
A box wtll be sent by mall, prepaid, on ree. !pt of the
PKIi'E, 2 5 CBNT*.
All orders should be addressed to
48 Ctttar o.rect, New York.
e icxiimuniai* irrri imxoucuea by Mr. JiPALm
is a, they aforJ utit/ueeliouaUe proof of the rfc.it g
of thii irnly sci \!:Jle dr cot try.
Mifoisviuj, Con., y-b. 8,19«.
Ma. firautigt),
I have tried your Cephalic Pi'll, and / Hie them -o well that I
want you to tend me two dollars worth uore.
Part of these are for the neighbors, to whom I gave a few out ot
the first box I got from you.
fiend the Ptill by mall, and oblige
Tour obt Servant,
„ „ Uavsaroao, Pa., Feb. 6, I SSI.
Ma. BriU'isn.
I wish you lo eend me one time hox of your Cephalic Plllc I
hate received a great deal ef t,e \eft front them.
Yuan, re-pcctfuUy.
Braces Cn»rx, Hcsroramw t o., Pa., I
January lS.lbdl f
H. 0. Spalpixo.
You will pi :aee send me two bores of your Cephalic PIBx. Send
them Immediately. Respectfully yours,
_ „ . . JNO. S SIMONS
V.&.—J hate u*ed one t*M of year Pille, and find them to. eK
_ _ _ Dau-a Veaaca, Odio, Jao. 18,1881.
■ -avC 9rau>t*a, Esq,
Pie see find lr.cln.,-4 ix nt-Eve eerie, for which «en 1 me arot) er
box of vour Cephalic Pille. 1 Key are truly the Kent Pillx l have
trrr tried.
Direct A. 8T0YER, P. M.
Belle Vernon, Wyan lot Oo., 0.
_ DaraatT, Man, Deo. 11,1SC0.
H. 0. Prunm, Rtq.
I wish f.r some circular! or large «hrw bills, to bring year Ce
phalic P'lis more Particularly be'nre my customer*. If you hare
anything of the kind, pletrc lend to u,e.
One of my emir mere, who I* subject to eeverc Headache
(usuallv last!- g two days) tr.r* cured of,in attack in one hour l-v
your Pille, which I sent her, '
Respectful!* ye urs.
RuTXOLSiarao Paam rx (VOhio, I
_ _ _ January V, lsCl I
HxxrtC. PpAintxn, *
No4s Cedar ft., N. Y.
Inclo.f I find tw-id • Eve cents, (25,) fnr wh' h sen ! box of “Co
phule PIils fend lo address of Ac v. Wn. C. Filler, Reynolds
bury, Pranll!n Oo , Ob'o.
y.,«r Pille reck lile a charm—cure Headache almoet in
Truly yours,
„ c . VesiLAXTt, Mich., Ja.x 14,ISA.
Ma. Prai.pixo. ’
Not long Miner f sent lo yon for a box of Cephalic Pill* for the
cure of the Ncrvcit, Headache »r. I Cosily, ness, ar.d .scclyej the
Sacre, and fA. y held mi good an efe.t 1 wax induced lo tend tor
more. '
aaPleesc send by return malL Direct to
Ypsllrntl, Mich.
From the Fee-miner, Norfolk, V.u
Cephalic Pll'e acccmrlish the oh eel for which they wees ixadL
vlx: Cure ol headache In all He to m 91
From the Eraminer, Norfolk, fa.
They have been tested In more than a thousand ca«>*. with en
tire success. ’
From the Democrat, SI. cloud, Minn.
If you are «r have been treuMe I with the headach., send for a
box, (Cephalic Hits,) so that you may have them lo case of an at
from the Advert leer, ProrUlence, It. I,
The Cephalic Pilli are said to be a remarkably effective remedy
for the hradarhe. aril one of the very beet for that very freoaent
complaint which has ever been discovered.
from the Weetem R. It, Gate tie, Chicago, Ttt.
We heartily endorse Mr. Spalding, and his arr!va;l~d C-rbaHe
From the Kanawha Valley Shir, Kanawha, Pis.
We sre sure tbst persons suffering with heada:be, who try them,
will stick to them.
from the Southern Path Finder, Few Orlean’, La.
Try them ! you that are afflicted, and we are sore that yoor tet
tlmony can te added to the already numerous list that has receiv
ed benefits that no other medl-ine esn produce.
from the St, Lout* Demociwt,
The Immense demand for the article (Cephalls Plfls) la raoldlw
Increasing. ‘ '
from the Gazette, Dveenport, Iowa,
Mr. Spalding would not connect his name with an art els he did
not kmne to possess real merit.
freer, the Adeertuer, Providence, R. L
The testimony In their favor la strong, from the moat respect*
bie quarters.
From the Daily Few*, F.report, R. I,
Cephalic Pills sre taking the place of all kinds.
from Die Commercial Bulletin, Breton, Matt,
Said to be very efficacious for the headache.
From the Commercial, (hnoinnati, Ohio,
Suffering humanity can now be relieved.
tSSTk single hottle of SPALDING'S PREPARED OLCK wtU
save ten limes Its cost annually.
iaruA Stitch is Ttss Savin Ntsi."_aa
As accidents will happen, even In well regulated fan.Hies, It If
very Ceslr-tble to have some cheap and convenient way for repair
ing furniture, toys, Crockery, Ac. v
meets all such emergencies, and no household caa afford to bs
without It It is always ready, and up to the sticking p.int.
R- B.—A brush accompanies sack Bottle. Price J5 cents.
Address, HKNRY a SPaLDINO,
No. 4b CEDAR Street, New Tort
As certain unprincipled persons are attempting to pam off am
the uneospeetlng public, imitations of my PREPARED CLUB, I
would caution all parsons to examine before purchasing, tad NS
that the fall nama,
oggp** wrapper Hall Ain in twladUuf e«ant«rftNfc

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