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1 DESIRE to call attention to nr removal (Tom Ra 109 Main
llrtet, to the commit u» nee budding Ho. 999 Main Mreet, ad
joining the new
between oth and »th atreeta, where 1 am prepared to exhibit a tar*
tr Mock ol
milmnirt o<H»r>s
nrtd ready made Millinery Artlet-a than heretofore, -oiDtlng of
8",t, Sfaw and Velvet Honnet-. Bonnet flutneo. RjObone, french
end Anier* an Rower*. Bridal tVrea' ’-s, Head Dreaaee, Drvae Ca*a,
Law rant B.-rthev Crape and Muelln Oo'lnra a* I Hleerea to
fa ,ia' Capa, II* a and Co tka Ru hot and Tab*. Ac , In a I Mylea
In connection witn the * u.ral Miilruer* buelneae, I will m*nuf to
ga,, to order Cl-Vu and Mocllllv, of all ktnda. In the lateat fa-h
louah e atr't.r arete oable prtoea All .rderv will rev ire prompt
an 1 ♦ ■31%: attention. » ° ^
\ it* V«iQ St
Hour. L. DlikHM)!,
mic-eaaor to
HAS open and In atore, n foil and complete Mock of
and STB k W OOOrtfl,
Of the latent and moat fa-lv.naMv at* lee, which will be told at
W' 'leaale an I retail, on the m -l fa, rahle t rrna.
Te i-tcu'i n of merchant. In moat ciepooUttUy tollcitedtn call
aud txae-ln. f >r theiaei li-a.
*llt. IT IK V II ITS \*1>«\\I*S
Made to nrlec at the ahorte-t notko
C\tH fBRCH t-tERS wdl B id I' to their Interrat to eVI ami
%mlr.e *y ate. k to e PM . ntaln ■
OF H . T S A IS ll It M ,
T^jortaivu* • ? H VT.J .*11 CVPSNtr 'he Spring trmlr 1. n w
II hi* »’•<* M I >*in, fclU an '• **1*. aL.I 4 gn*4t variety
of ne* tiyl-s l <'4p«. Iec«Uwro 1 Hat* *n *r.*4i variety —
A<«o t^'Kril 4*0 tmeul «*f g-ailemei*’* fu nl.-l ug h, I tv
br •11m, *V%!k;ng Cm«j, Ac . Ac . Atl or %r.y o# vhich wT be * '4
nr1* r\« .4 4* any »thcr «*Ub U'lujeni U the city. 1 u. -ot
ler rtfush In vile 4 C*li froa \
No 1 Hi* 4*4 II u«e.
BPRIN< i 1861.
soithery hat ham factory.
Til IK subscriber r##prctfu!ly Inv * • th# *U«b
1 Uori *f th* \i«*rcha*ua of ' >•' 1, and North
Car tfllna. u> This eikcjiv- stock of 1*U own and
V »r j M umfictar- l Mali rurch4»«rs will fl*-4
It to t*#!r interest to call a*. Y.s hou*c, previous to
going further North, *« h - is let ring Ui-thiog ua
A jQ(, sparing o :tpe:ue or pa’r.s to keep the ‘
South era Trade at the South. l»o- Js * ■«! in this Rous# will be
wt-raaie ♦ to -OBj'tre favorably, la quauty an I price, wi-h g oda
coming from %• y o*hei market. Tberr will bo four..I a!! th«* qu .11
ties of WoOL, Tl Read SiKAW d AT*, tram the lowest :>rcc
Degr > hit, to the fiaill q tality f >r geDtlemea. .Uto, Boys’ «*id
Ch'Mrcn’s hats an«l caps of allgrsie# and Styles; %au La diet*
R Imw Hata of ail the va- ‘ >us qualities,
PurchAiera will io well to *rwll and et*min«.
tnYW JOHN D\»QLRYt M Maio it- Richmond, Va.
186L 1861.
IIul*. Cnps and Straw GooUsi
Nv'. Ill Rdi^mrr, r *«rrs Rxcu taoa Ban*,)
k vVo.,
Hare read* and ar* a-'W o&rfag t<*> th* '•err' anti of Vlr^’
N'»f*tlf F#r.*»nn% an ! Teonessc**. at j»rir## lo suit the time*, a cbm
pole at-w .1 Pprtuv atd »»B« t oils, which frr v.ritiT Hid
if.'- into, n*, . ■ . d. Out er» do We i to 1,-lye 4J a cwl be
L re , c:ehn»ii .. *ti. whe.4
uli r a « ••
enrol ic n.i:
|\ ) BO, and cape.dally If you ran .'Null as deriralde flood*,
S * . ithout par! K »’ T oore V r Hu m thau their actual worth.
ihh » » »v utmiiis nmiWM
Of tto, c‘!y orcarls-d I * r »" I <-r 1- f In make inch flood,
us .soil not Comp. te with, but would rather kl.l other Soutse-n
mana'ic a- *rs. by furntal.liiic era.!.. and vyies of'' els that hare
n-ve-h -.'.of.tr. heeuinat. to Virginia, they filled their Mill w th
MtcM e y ofth- best and (In «t qua’.'t* Tl ey kre now manuSe
turlu« ftn- CAB-l'tl ilkB a:ol CLOTlIB of every var-ele, from fins
t. t otk 'I T.no and M— wo • , »nd ■>•■licit the ktt ■ tlou of the
try v In he Hiuth to ; e r Mood. AU who ' .*e keen ihe AUiV
OLOfll?, Di*:.u'»?lurel »t fi-st exp.-e^ly l.rthe Viryloi* Willrary
laflitufe, pronounce t 'em *t eo.l e ,u ; , if not »u|.erlur In quality,
lo thoke *h -v h.vl h-en •" vpv heretofore, and quite •• ch-ap.
The V: r. n' a -tv .• «B-I i}r-ir.l • ulu-. -- f. at th-lr
Ffc*rh( I .a lh’9 r|.y !u ■ otoovr aw^r.le 1 to th-t C .uti’kiiy k
O I I d* lal for th Ir eahlbltlnnof WOdLKN tiOOfld, which In
ciuUel wuue beautiful Sh*wl«, lluatrlr, Ac.
Pur h.«,r. mkv rely U; on every p> e of Coo l* manufactured
br u* oetn< what It I* rci>ce*entcd. and un«l-r no eircumMuncei
will Uil» 0>npant be to.!, yd to work •t'oif.ly In their lioodk, nor
will they card any cotton with their w ol
tiinL P Mircuali,'
Wajiwii>.*fla*:.i», D>r-ctoryL
J Kelt >4 ara.il*.
P. W. Uaaw.oo,
A. Agents f .r the **'•• of the <i» U mamif* dared by the Crea
,h.w Woolen Comi »'»y of Richm n l V* , w» h*r • now on hand
about yo.'UM yur'kt of Bne. plain *n l fancy Sny'c and Don!1*
Ml'iy-i Cataiinerr* an I Cloth*, h fl.ic* * Id of #no B'mtlc*a and
Gent'eoien’y B}i,wl» and ,rr manufacturl-* at 'he rate of 4,"<»'
ya- l» per week alt of which we offer to the trade at fair price, and
oo liberal terms', will, entire confl Icier l at the enlerprl-e will re
ceive a liberal support. CUDidllAlf 4 OtX. ^It’ ti1*;
fe»l-M Richmond, » a
IA4JSJ IIIIILGHh for H 1 ng Rfgs. * * Tnwcra, kyy Whqw
' ' •- - a wmwiw
OontM*p» Furnishing Goods.
AT COST l‘ O ll t A h If.
To i lo-e the Wlioie Slua ti.
rpnw Uhscflber h , adrlce, fom *w |^'**i*rJ*
I -Sol- <1 Ck yn b\ », -* a *r-4 * atteniion
tV \ * k. th- «*t -i,*v an Hentooe to
. ^ . 4 |c up In thr ht %\ wanner Th^SL'ck
hm a’.l b. 'made :p --C.... V - .as. or et,h« » nthH and pre
Fr'4* do i C*« • *n * \
kumniwsOoala «. At. V ..t» Cf mere do
—'f* fll^.cw Collar*
Draws Po-ks Rica Tie*
HanllerMlR hi...!*, V-eHil
AO eelected at tl e !■ » m k -t. 1*11» T. » •*.
VIKCII \sdc*
V » I’d* the city April,/ pu 1.1«> . a - In.lted lo iui exautlnn
natiou. a» w* fhiua - iry * i h ». cl andweetfer these iu
p . -.mmla for the pa'p «f ralst’u: *
* S Vt- V*
%]»;»') ____ ^__ _ _.
n i; i ii i;n i:i.»> < >:•*
VLt, of Soul'tcrti H mill*’ mix-, r w n hand and will
be made t«holer, m •*>- en -are.-, . ther f. r
cir»y» x hr military wi.ar.
■emenherthla i« a ive hern Mana'.c’oe • f long euadicg, (IT
| net • 1-t 'It fr n n, ■•»■!!» of tV* r . .
*1, . . , . ■ i •-•••(.' . (.«• *..f
; lie hj. A »•/or >■ ,.'t /- A /#.",,lr.i,lrrnij
•*./’-i.»t I h..e* - y fee arid a wr g It en. g re the e««Wm
or the ban fit of tB» *i> « •'*ee
Call »« Ihc la-,’ ard >e* SI re, bar d I ■land,
111 Man St -rl,
na •'< UR. •ONMSIRRRT WIN* Birr**.*, w.:i i r more
1 vft- n,9y than j-.f o’h -r m dl-ir.e >11 d acaaee aria,nr from
*41*.r i... i\ ma ’ tad laaih t r > by_
W C»TV k (M . Otov»
ISO*. bPUIkli TUtUti. |N(»I.
110 Main St.. Richmond. Vn.
r 11 .* K ail-uLon of WMCrhaata la called to a nr* a ad well aelert
I ei aeeor wwnt af SPRING CirOMUf®. wow ope dag or toe
r-t ij. p"aNiaUlhi> Orx.'ddla great - arietr. a oa 1 la reep.ct
fw.tf oolwllee avl) A BAR, I I 'll 4 LAh
No. 12 Pearl Mr.-vg,
K1CUM0XD, I'd..
Ha VI loet received a fall aod complete anortmeM of
A lapie-l to the preieai a«- moa, and, la addition to their large an l
v " i_t-d aioea of Kui-ia gw.de, here the «.> asoavr tor
toe”.»t -noire WoAory ot S eontoo, »a., which l« taming out
■trkeawdoaelUUaof ww:R «tu*lto ear la the ra.-try.
O ualrr kierehoate ore riuu :ot«l lo t» i oud eramloo for them
m^an-tt No ,a r,» ’
X nor*9 *A«1 Inr tfti# 1***1
i ILOTHIM. AT VMUUI&-* -capeeANllto
\J laette ihr alteull a of country mer.hanU to our large ou«l
attract.ia mack of __
OHKIKi t’LOTIini*. M .
bD of which has been eiaoufa tarrd hr o ireefere la ayorlJr atyle,
oolar oral ode entageo ead aw afcred upon the mool liOrral term*.
Aa aaamiael. a la MeMOtfallt eol ettad. —
-,«o REKX, RALDWlX * •II.Lda»S_
pRTTRX k IKNt. —RgjAu powada north Oat»ana Twaa,
V> fbe-a W>r L* odreMa oa 1 Btg Tala fo-lorlaa. of eery w parlor
«<**•».MatoroomlftoafobR ....
apg RRMT. PalM * W

THR undersign'd has this day commence I th - Aucl'.on bu>l\c*s.
for th» tale of SW.ROBs »i the Au li. n Room os Franklin
stmt, lately occupied by BkTT.a A OKKOOBV
He will m11 Negroes both publicly end privately, and solicit, tbe
pa'ro age of hit friends and the public generally. Lie pledges tils
efforts to promote the lot reel of hs pgtrora ; an ! Ilittere hi • self
tliat from his long expert soce la the trad •, he will be enable 1 to
obtain 'hehliheat mark-t prloee He will make liberal •dvi.u-rs
on ad propelty lu band—end La prepared to b <ard pc. sons in
grged la the trade, and also their servants--bar in,’ ample ace nr.*
mod k lonx for butt. t£ If Sfl'KlS,
On Franklin, 3rd door below W til »tr*i I.
April IMh, 1S*|.
TH* aahocrlbers respectfully n term the merchants of Welnla,
North Carolina and Tennessee, thatlhcy are ma.iu.icturiny
the beat quality of
•bleh they will Mil at the very lowest prices, trilA u liberal (tin
tounlfiw nut.
iff All W are told by u* will bo delivered In any part of th
Otty free of chxrga. TMOB. W. KKLBKR,
WIL( ’ox & GIBB
rxTxsrrap nr
J. K. I.1KKS, Mill Fl int,
AND Ii mtavficsartHl under patent* grunts to him toJ Jamei
WUlcox, laud June IN»«. re Issued Jule Fa*-entei
August 10, iSaV, February il, 1>60 A’so Iloceoscd under six <>Uu*
Patent!*, covering the ectlr- construction c f th** Machine ; rouse
qaentlv, there can be no litigation In regard to tile naUnt rlgh
It is leas complicated and the most perfect working Sewing Ma
chine now la use.
It forms a flat, ev**n and elastic seam, which It warranted not U
rip In wear, an I is reliable upt»u all *ic<l* of fabrlct
Frier pit to 4:5 bveijr SBachlae warranted.
Bel vlt *s Block,
tend lfth a*B Governor strctlfc
1 i \ MNmi It \ < ON MDI N.
I A F to i«t do 8hu« -t* r»,
_la store aad tar tide hv l»S * V PVWC1V k OO
1861. NEGRO HIRING. 1861.
E. J. C L O I* T O IV,
Beal Instate tNi 1 lii intr Au<*nt,
81TO l>lC“INBON. HILL A Old,
'|,IIK sub, i i> r b i*a to riturn his ui-kiuu'. ! iion’a to his
3 frlet.ds I pub • o . for Itn* r Nvom 'uting lLv p >t>.i >, s,
ac l w -it I In? n. t». ra that hr **l>| ron’lna tV* t in i .•? HIK
I NO i ITT NhK.OM KKM1INO nl,T IMl'Blul, ,i L:.:\T!Nt:
CL.vi'IB, v.J all bu»i-ra.i i.-rUi'mlid to A tlcnrtal Agency, to ul
whirl, he .■ . ■ hi, J . - ■’ -'<? "« "fion.
t*- Fa ?ti«-, la the c* ut* r> ah*' may entrust th- hiring oMh lr I
N« gro,f t hln., uiav re » 4v»ur\ * of every **:» .Hi. n l*elog p .•» f
•ft pi
th .ii alwav* Be AQi'^lhL Mr has a*s«» a lari'e ror.fnrtfbli1 I .. t
nu-n«. e* him ■ t. d with hts ofu c e, where those srv.intr who s o • o
provided will pi it* to slay al h utit luring the hiring, way re
na n, %'lh a good fire, rt. ;* or iiiaw*n. •
Negro s for hire the cotnlr..: year, had better be sent In ID me a
early after Christmas as passible.
7b t\o*eat a >SMo’ioe lnv‘ n. 1 urn personally uni,.aim, / hr:
hr rejerr’i< M "■ a iy pt .
Rlchmon t, D1 kln*on, Kill A Co ; Km/ ar.d Q-i-’en c rn*y, T»r
Tsom&s Latanr. Arthur Temple, John . urn- In. Tf-.oi .is Faut.t!
roy; W-stu-ore . id c-uaty. Dr. K D » ce.e. 1.11, Hcv. Thv*
Locke; Ki-g Wl tiam county, J--hn L La'anc, AV. C Lat • I'*
John Lewis; King George . out tr, George Turner, ird I timer.
t M igtnolsa. Ttumas Lee; Csro In- county, ft.' Mu -.1 , I'-. I :
D bu.ler luta oun’y, N. J. B. Whitlock, Dr. Jame ii. L ’
Edward E N ■ 1, h -rer ry D KjJ, J Roy Mle.ru. Wll.er i
George T. Wright; Glouc.s'er courty, Dr Tlx mat C Cl. pt ,,J f
fersoa ?lub‘w, J-srper C Hugh's, James C’ty eouuty. Pn.s »tc
Richmond county, I> . R"h r. A. Payne; New K at county, V.
E. cioptcn, B-be t U >wlc, I»r L C. t rump. Jot a S fa... K 1.
Lacy; Louisa county, Ds'-ner P.rrls'.; Cutabu land county, Win. I
Olopt’on, P B K iter. Lunenburg county, W W Bn re; Cu | ip r
ccucty. J. B CKwrlg; I rluc «’ I’Um county, W.U. J. Wlere,
Norfolk, Cant. J. 8 Middleton, John Gormley.
IuT’M HKH 1 »F.AIuT:R,
5- ,-m- Viantsia.
ALWAYS ON HAND a flue njortnicutof all klrda of LUMiiEI,
via :
Wh'te Pint, Ash,
II ahoy .-.y, U’.-tory,
Bla. k Walnut, «>ak,
Cherrv, Maple,
fopiar, Button Wood.
1 Inch Board*, Weather TMardlng,
% do .1,. Florida Heart l it*.
Hi. p Plonk, 0 urden Hal’s,
Fluorine, beam ing, Ac.
O-tling Boards, Heart and BapS’ Ingle*,
Lai).,m, Ce r ati l <‘ak P.a’s. Ml
t'lt K*»ll SPUING H.IKUU Ail K AND f’l’T*
LKKY.—We are u-w receiving a Comp el, i »•• nt 1- .
srare a-.d CutUry, f- rrivt. an.l dowca'ic, .omp.ls.ny la pal .of—
Pocket anti P>-n Knives,
Table Cu:l*iy, of n-ar y etrery V 1.
Rasors and 8.-1,. rs, a 1 .rr- a s rtr.cnt.
Corn and Cl- *tr Wadvi, best kind.
Castln.-s, a large as ortnieut
Ame s .'pad. • and Bhor Is, ail i!.t s.
Rowland's Spa It s and Sh v ■ Is, al’ sue*.
Menu e and May F*.rk , a 1 try !• <
Horae and Mule Shoe* anti Moi.e Nalls.
P.aled Spoons an t Forks.
Horse C I! rs a- l Blip I Itr.JTes.
Chairs of all kind* an t s's.-s,
Mort ae, Knob, Stock, Pad, Chrst atid Cupbnar.l Leeks, lu
great variety.
With every article kept In our Bne of huslntaj too t lions to
Wr Invite our Mends and th pnhlle to call or us. 1. • will *-J
bargains for cash or to punctual cu.t i«nr-s
mMA_N" f-‘i •Lam street.
rOMlkON HIllil'KK. SO Costs il. r-s f -s.leby
,» - TIRKPM A *.<>VS P\TR \ M I AH
it Cured t tnulv Hams, In store and for salt t v
whtl W. II • NTS.
\ fl.lt. n It.ARINBk re.elv'rg an I f «o •
„»,* WlUTi litllNBTOV'a M .ok-t.re
O ... ’lain - c ‘aiog .c -a u*»'. H. I.i cs. -a.
o’ Drs-su HaU. ’ r... ’roe. P«ll, ; ’ato, S; rl«g style Mraw Mil
Bcnr ets a..d Mls.es’\l*m /E'v»
Lod..-e sb-.^t leaping .he ct*y can Rroou'e >• uni ts. In Ihe relia
ble Spring shape of• iti.er 8U«, Straw c v . rape
Every aiHole of Mult erv amt Matildas mu’, tcr.d to orde
al short notice. [mhlsj N. fl. H a ttT' IN. RE* V cl -. s' reel
KWW|«| II si I.IKs.
. II a .1 a 00
,ae rants |l«l) FIHKINh M HKKIftK FRh'P
^I>0RaNG, col’Nty bL'TlciR,lustrecalt dpyst'am r \\rk
91 kegs ac.l half bbl*. VirginiaMoot.ta'n Pr’ier,
8.1 hag. « . t ,c r «yra. Java. .'. vlo- • It ■ e,
80 bbls. Crushed, Cut, Granulated, Putyciised, t . ITre and
Brown bugar,
Irthslf cheats beat Green and Blarlc Tea,
trtuhhl' Famllv S’vira and MinetUt <■ Kt.eir.
in ■.» ;ar eur t . .. en ah./, Vo .d s a., t in H.1..1S,
rhsu Br a.' pt et-hliouldt raard J ...s t . n,
NO boses Kara:.Inf, Ad .in sat fin an . tallow Cat .Ilea,
’Uflh sh «, ■v,'Cr-"»d..r atid B’a P .s
it,, hi,. Wmv M.reer P-«e!i •" w • 1 i-*a,
Lon loil Porter, quarts and pin's, Port at .1 Msuriiu W|rp.
Lou t n Bait it*>. '« 1 RW*®W V . Muuhsaln »“■'
For sale wholrMi? *bi t-Gdi. a. * ^ RI>ON/’
OuTiifV uovrrn.T ami KrmnkMn i.fcM*.
IH’sill Ik I,.-Ftamiord Uoon.-e, lu stot . if. ...To by
J *,/t A V BfOKiP A I O.
Ik Y'V U4\K A ilOKSK MritRin hat c n . r.. trv B5u
YmI A Norton » II *-«•«• Touir. !t I * t
nines i he price i.f it f»* taprotln* the coi.«II«i-a of ll*»r#u ir.,
«iiil prt vcnll&g Ai.ii curiug boll, Woiiua, bl<it*» ui.d, !•> ,f uj» r,
Me. J.H. k.rVAL,
Sol# Hinafii turei i. ; IV j.iMor.
|fr*3cllby %ll Dra<*'.»U In IMlite llaHud 8UWs u».! I*, the
Souihtrn C.iikdcrary. “i***1
rnu ri<N roil vni.t ntki »rs in AtTivr
I - •
\ M mnl of Tactic* for V dutitecni In A»".'Vc .* \uv%- -i j «.
f .m IV Ut-.t H-k*i.ou» Atm Hit r^tmbr*. io*? dIMImI Is. t
lij for Tr—pi lu active Hrtlc**. Uci«-i Y\ y IS. RivV-**!- « lr
* W# would nil your at cr lion !«’ »o Iroportntt in' • > l
ibc coat*#of j n b? our towns T»#i*a A pub. h r
I - ortier, it*- b* <ha b#ea prtjwir*d bj Col, J.
s \ • ■ 1. ■ r Fu
l»!Ui: u sr-I *. m-nt ofth--Irtl f. r Mvar.tel »l! m-n In
ditiii to which U reprinted la fu I, th# UilraUhvts I*rl I f* r
Yl ’jnicti Ui»*»-n n,l»yC»f»t klawry, t*» which :t Corfu t* I«r.lr •
ferred #o f.i\or.iM> In ur colurrn* a f-w we kfl »|T" r- j;___
JU . It \ N |»« It’ll, '
an t W appiug i» per—Fcr.« Ink, tnnlofHfi, lr k*t*> •!*, F- * »l*
Piank Bo. kt, an*l other wi tides of Slwbcr.cry* Also tec ar>«|
* * _
11U.1IOSU, lauiMMH l X i «>., 0
Id Sale »«* lau'- ng.
Colli, Hiclly. Madeira Wines,
Heonrssry hear.!* In plp.oand V. Cash,
Vi la*. I'd' in baud.
Pipe-* Hei.ai:a 'Vine,
Cu‘. Loaf Sugars,
Gua;>"w<!er and Black Teas,
Java Cvlf re,
koodoo M.'Hard,
Porta Rloo Sugar and Motasges,
Jamaica Rum, T yean lu Bond.
Cheddar Cheeve, of »uj«, rwr qtali-y, and beaotifui.y put up
Haleb Cheese, lu balls, of aupe«lor quality
OUvtf Capers. Olives Parti
QrauJeCt.aiUeu.ve C, r iia-, (white and green)
jjaevaroni, Vernieeelll, B M Cigars
Chow Chow, Caul B wer. Onions
W.«ter Sauce, Sayers, Relish. Hqnante Stucs
Mustard, Olive Oil an* Sardine*
Brandy 1753, Champagnes in magnums, quarts, pints and .ia r
pints ,
Clarets, from good to very superior
Pur sale by BI..UR A Cli AMBKRI.ATNf •
143 Main >Levt,
Have reee'vtd lie Ibllowirg
A BOOK ABOUT DOCTOR?. By J CWy Ji IT. reon, author of
"Novels and Note Wta," Ae. Illustrated |1.»
TdR NATIONAL t'ONrRuVKRoV. r.lt e Vo ee of the falh.rs
auon the Hale »I th* Country Ilf Ju* C. Slil-S V5«.
THE ILlUiTRATiD HORfk DOCTOR. r> > Jward Mayhem, M.
LUf.l tl 3d.
Macaulay's England—t»i s. t»m«. an a svo Me. »nJ $1
ANNUAL SClRNTlPiU DIS0OVLRV ; or, V.»r ■•«.*• ef Pacts In
•rtea.-*# ai*J an. kU.teJ by Uatid A. Welu, A M «1 gV
TUB QBKAT PRIPARaTlON ; or, Redemption Draw-rh Nigh
•f lev Jabs Camming, b l> , P * B. R, M.ulvter of tbs
IroDtt B» total Char eh. • vo!s |1
TICHrA. A Aped. Hi floor go William CurtlA. lUustrt'ed.—
)Bk W# 1 P*M* +-* 1 'ft
Tin* Only lace u kcre a Cure eaui be Obtained.
DR. J“UN80N has discovered the most Certain, Fpeedy and
onl' f ff**r*n%I Remedy In the World for Weaknew of tbs
Back > : tftrkUiroa, A:! KkD*H and Bladder,
I'> '5i *.»ry Discharges, I m potency, Grniral Debility, Nervous
la Dvspei-s' , l^ipgticr, Low 8| lilt*, Confusi. n of Mens, Palpl
t4*i * IKft, T.ini l .v,Tr« mh:lu*s, Dimness of Sight or Gld
•1 i. !* "i * the llri.d, Throat, Nose or Ht’n, Affections of the
Lara*, > in s' Ii or HoweU- those Terrlt lc Disorders arising from
> . thou non AU 1 'OliUiy practice*
rr i . *1. ti the »• ng cfjtvrens to the Mariners
ofl ’v ■»«•, hi reling th. r • hrliltant hopt-s or anticipations,ren
dering marriage, Ac., lnipwoble.
f» ••••laity, w» 'hare become the victims of Solitary Vice, that
dn idfulanddi rtn * .! t which annually sweeps to an Wtlll
fit exalted .’.cuts anJ
bri liant t who ru gii* olherwlae have entrance*! llsteuinf
8. ' * mith • thu *!et> f eloquence, or waked to testacy the
living lyre. Bar rail with fell confidence.
Mv or Young a*»*i» coot* inplating marriage, being
awnr- f ph* *• il wc»k:u*s, o' aoic debility, Jefoi mltles, Ac.,
•pee-Hly cured.
:i > •I'ri uhleiH'u' t :• the care of Dr. J. may religiously
ooofbh* > l i r as t g» nt eman, and *-oufldently rely upon his
skul as a Pny&ician.
ImmedaMy Cured ami ku \lgor Revu*r**d.
This D »iful ’*un*. i which renders Life miserable and Mar
.>.• • ; I the proa ty pa j by the victims of itnprop-r
lnii«lcec>'»-$. Y »• p* *<»n< arc too apt to comndt excesses from
• - Ifat B that may ensue.—
i Um buI t wilt prwtend to deny tba
U r i f p'ocr*-atl- • U lo. t *..c*ner by those fall ug Into im
-r ipr ' tt .n by the prud* u: ? Beat Lsbelug deprived of the
• f ott - rtotti and destructive
M ntal V lotions W eakeucd,Lom of Pro*
i, Dyipe| . . Pal| Itation «.f the
ty . " . ftht Frame,
tVuvhs, Consu.i.ptlrn, Ac.
L 'i * ’ *. 1- . • . '. o'u Baltimore tn , a icw loors from the
corner. F\V Dot to ot s.nrc name ar.1 number.
I ft VI DmIM b Diplo
mas i;.g iu Ids office.*
iduab from one of
• ■
n the I Italaof L odm, Par
• • rr * k!i<*vrn; many Doubled with ringing
* . I • . htl L at
e i **hh a d< i cement of miuJ, were cared inl
ine liat. ly.
• i ti - Ivn by loi
thei Ithei usluets, study, loddf t»r mat
l 1 I
. .> o .- :h , l.uae of Mlocular Power, Pal
I Its,
*. i vo :'•> . (> ncr-tl ID; dity, Symptoms of
*Ii f i To 1 i-n Don the mind ate much to be
f ofi
* • If-It *-i) .t L”>ve of
B|M • d.
i w . * v » tIs tbocause
* * • v: ST hqmhs appearance ab'. at the
eye*, coe '.a 1 .j ..plora* if .in ritni.n. 9.
r* » 111 t. v .1 c rtiin practice Indulged Id
ate ' ' . nfv I'-ti 1: ■ 1 fr • I -.II eompanlnni, or
• f which are nightly fe't, even when asleep,
1 ..] destroys both
lad ' . ■ i» I apply Imt Dalely*
tv?:* . i’ 1 i ■ man, t! .• l.iipe cf 1.1s country, the
ir i • ■ ' his t ire 'a, .1 0 il be .snatched frou all proipe ta and
lag f mth* path
cucti persons
j t, hsfrr ron’e- .p! itiog
•i o' : rt’o snd t !v •ihem-st necessary reqalst
.; • ■ fade 1, without those, the
L ... wi rj j ... \r go; the prospect
• *■ lea shadosred with dea
tt let *.h.. I.applnen of
,n..her beeju . b! t'.ted with our own.
.. of pleasure finds he
■is • ., c. 1 It p *■.’ .T. '.te, It too often happens
M.-.ii! af shame, t r dre..dof d'.scoTerr, deter*him
•■g l 1 thr,»e who *. luo:.n and respectability,can
' A I»• ■ hand, of the Ignorant and
I rs,wh. Inca) thh ef curing, ttleh hi* pwwnlaty
1 . trif. ng m- th after month, or a* long as the
.n > ■ u , ar. l in despair leave him with ruined
appointment; or, by the use of
V • r Me ry.hastenthe con'idutlcnal system of
1 , . ... inn of the lira J, Throat, Nose,
* I frlrhtl:ii r.pilily till death 5 ate a pe
ff . i • a ■ : to that undiscovered
ur rv ’-ir *■: • boutf e f " tr» 1 >1*.- returns.
tol .. srlthln the last
Surgical Operattone
sflhe “Pun"
■. , n .l . of wh .'ll have appeared again and
■ g as a geniltmaa of
.•» , r ■ . . v, , a sufKden* puarar ce to the af
■ ..ted.
tSES SPOT !i v 00*0.
. untiling ttieir letters to
>a Insulation, in the fill ving mani.er :
JuHN M. JO| N.'*10N, V. !).,
Laltimor. !,■ k Hospital,
• 08-'—Ty Balti-cote. Maryland.
s'. slatting the n
I , aid e el 1 1 1- * , ■ . f 1>Kttith,Oirr9
N, .Ill, , AIN ..W .,t *>“, 111 k- \W
. Mhl iUlNKh, 4c„ Ac. £m
Cm pi ling In p irt of—
A’uv, Ginger White,
A (ili gsr Aftican,
A 'i. Glue.
Gum Arable,
A« : da. Indigo,
Ail- ll'e, Ink,
A1 Fo r. sen* oil,
1" 1 '. Lead.
111., fP-.ne, I l-.se, •! OH,
Bln .1,11, Pepper,
, I,
Can ■ *, Pal bn!*,
C',Tn> nr, 8cp. Carb. Poda,
flu. U Peldleia Powder*,
C iv.s, hp.nis? Br wn,
hi • s . f alt kind*,
them T-iri ir, Teceilvu Fed,
On • r Lie, V, 9‘-h «,
r Patts, VI,It. heal,
ill , I, V’.ndo i Glrss, of various
mat r. -ike*.
1. 1 r, .1 oar-ti re with all 1 modern improve
n 1 * i; : ■ 1, we are enabled to give the ct.
, | 1 ’ ... ust .-d to uv promising our IndiTidu
J atlention, aided by competent a*.'l«t*nt*
JOHN T. GRAV, Druggist,
Ho. 111 Main st, R ohmond Va
IM.I. m* :: n <1 TRADE, I mu
\ (V ( ’ Is,
No, ,th ij.iiti Pit.,
n\V| ste.e I'-'r h 11 -to. I of Dugs, Medicines, Paints,
d! 1, i n which tlev are prepared to eetl very low
x ,.r 1 t r.t.t c / -Hti»on tlx ii.oi.the time. All good*
. , r.mid of beat quality, click consisting. In pat', o* the
following article#:
lu ''.r> (ub.kmg VnhisOCO, (every form)
irp. t ,ro. (•»**, (fioglalij Turf tin,
Eps. S. I s, Vat r Pcai le,
Vvt L-cw.od M .1.1 .1 II .mdy,
.Tamp,...i,| PI, ti, nil Mines,
Oi pcaa, Vern.i u (aft k.n Is) *
Caetat l>il, I'd a, (all kinds)
Land 1,mu, Cone. iiUali live.
Linger, Pi ips, (all k*n>ls)
Prpp.r, Pcllllils Powders,
• ll.picc, Cbo.ty * 1 ■ ...
Su* ■. at...lang (.tr.Imeml,
Pott. (' <h Arahfc,
(Mlv. ivi, V o .ua Beaus,
.pn ru |« nt’ns. li'ac* ii.is,
V . I h. ( >1 k:..dg) fo»l tfi|t
*- '.p Fluid,
., ''1 r I Mate bee,
a:. 1 a I 1....I1*) Machine Gil,
r , ,1 1 > d I'd, Ic, (■’ ,
va,* tv of l* r*A »v. s-o-tn, Matr a«d Nall
,ni f ,.t M. ■ n w, and every variety of goodsusu
ill) , Drag m i.1. , , ,
' ' r‘DOT* A 00.
1 • • VPil.,
Main street
j,, ! ■ ..lo .-uis 1. the dollar, a large stock of
1 a it. ui . . I la , k» -e J icoaet* and orgaadtee,
1 , ... , 1... lo ct.« . at. I Mf.hei. .. all <01
! ,.,|s,.o t.-r-.c St.-I.a hliasr'e, with
. . Biaek andOol >t*d c!:1
i . e, . ..i.ta on,I upau fa.d colon d C.iUcu, aid's
.1 ,|i, > . . . rh-. id ti loves a"d Gautit
Silk Mil*, at 8H< and 6®
w.-.Hh doo*..!.' .he mi; ll> 1 a, linen HamlkcrchiNI,
| .1, 1 . : 1 .1: wn and HI tek Phbtlog an t hhattiogi
. v,. ,od 1' .cl i;-; t : li V • d ■ Worked Cil'ara
, the driest work i.9
j. 1 ! (m ts fvr Men and llnys’wear;
, o , i.. , it, ji - r,t 1: mv more Gonla, too nntnsr
a: 1 >> 1 t.iLi-.h tirn body
a , • ’ ! t. l- .oa out for the right place.
oiti S.’kl'i l Ll I A diLV GKOtEitlhS.
c —
10 firkin* Vo. 1 Goshen Butler
I is ' bi* Buckwheat Flour
b ■ hid, qp •: nc i .tra ard Family Tloar
81 o’i d .1 ,d I'i-a . iS.-t'mr.n
Sh , * No. ’ S. C. K: e Hcrrlny*
tfi ' In No. 1 Mackerel
rv, I' :- -Apple end Goshen Chces*
t. . .1, U e F.oar, Ac , Ac.
nd : 1 .'t 5 '■* it t .-.* for ca.ii, or te
1 * ■ • m rs at iilWNIA A CO.V T*ml!y Groosfy.
3d asJ Main HU,
I l 1* p| « ■» ; v PI e' r, on th«
: ppchawato
. uiwrnrno
\ At MOR US’ lic lcat-re, #i Main street
> i a T .., t. :i bill. .ute. Ljf T. M. Ill own. i5.
The <*t T.n PrBta ByOrobe. 85c.
• By J. F.fwte 80c.
gurgof I! utr. By W. li. B.urns. S5o.
• J by W. J. Wetmore, M.
Cav irt r .•• in V:.-:’ e'a. AnrangeJ for the Plano by Ja*
B. !iik 2"'.
I, oi.l ve. Hew Fong. By J. P. Webstar Sue.
1 . 1. , .. 1 •. i. V. ,r Ja by Eu.hanan Kild. Afoaic by V.
Ur! r V. II J V . .! watt. -1 by T r. Jassgj Cocptr. Composed Ly
K T Lu.'iis. 2.V
The Ttarrlr i .u P T. V ty A. Allinnth. 4,lc.
The f i*i : 0 ts;.. I 9; .ill! I rsepsetfully dedicated
I I c Pi . . g City tlu . d, Capt Jv.. 1 P. May. By ttodoio
Carol a. 4ilc,
▼I,.- -1 Ut’a :* i.ottis. lo l y James B-llak 4 c.
I . 3: .: w,- ,ra Op Ta dc Verdl.No. turne Cantablie. J. Af
ch* r.
L«r#HA, wiih TAiUUrus liy 11 O. Krfcrt. .A«.__
uhPi lUUU OLD UVK WHINKV.-IW bbta pure
t’l.c :ry and kVcatutu ln>Lilled Kyc )'l..»ky. For tate by
Itisi.V l id r! IKON VAM.N! iii(*N V.kSK.wJ
• r isle low, at the
China «!•„ f 80 BB1NB, POLLEN A OO.
_Comer Broad and »th««.
\V , V i w.wtcrn WUIFKT, te'ibraleJ brand*, for *aJ(
i vv j*t s ,N*S ttOIiStS.-! have JjV-oa
>1 * V •. K. rto.k y. d-.i.ledly the
I-, t n n culLitl .1) »s t-een lo th * market f, r rev a- both tiruSe
Lduibr kw-f. ota 3 to 5 yean old; all of wMchlwdlrall or «•
Nervous Headache!
All Kinds of
By the in of these Pills the periodic attacks of Nertout or SicA
Uoutache may be prevented; -.nd If taken at the commence
ment ot an attack Immediate relief from pain and slckneat will he
They seldom fall in removtpg the Nausea and Headache tc
which females are so subject.
They act gently upon the bowels,—removing Costirtmeee
for Literary Men, Stwlent*, Delicate Females, and all perseni
of stdantary habile, they are valuable as a Laxative, Improving
he appetite, giving tone and rigor to the digestive ergans, and
restoring the natural elasticity and strength of the whole system
The CEPHALIC TILLS ate the reanlt of long Investigation and
care'ully conducted ixperimonta, having been in use msny years
during which time they have prevented and relieved a vas*
amount of pain and suffering from Headache, whether origins
ting in the nervous system or from a deranged elate of thr
They are entirely vegetable In their composition, and may be ta
ken at all times with perfect safety, without mak'ng any change o'
diet, nn/f the absence of any disagreeable taste, renders it eat.
to administer them to children.
The genuine have five signatures of Henry 0. Spalding on eat!
Hold by Druggist* and all other Dealers In Medicines.
A box will be sent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of the
All orders should be addressed to
;48 Ccdsr Street, New York.
As these Testimonials were unsolicited hy Mr. SpaLr>
1X0, they afford an (juts tionahle proof of the efficacy
of this truly scientific discovery.
Masoxtiiai, Coxa., Feb. 5,1861.
Mi Spaldixo,
I hive tried your Cephalic PUU, and Hike them so veil that 1
want you to send me two dollars worth more.
Part of thcee are for the neighbors, to whom I gave a few out of
thefiretbox I got from you.
Send the Pills by mall, and oblige
Tour ob't Servant,
HATmroac, Pa., Feb. 6, 1S61.
Ma. Spaldixo. ”73
I wUh you to lend me one more box of yonr Cephalic Pil'a, J
hare received a great deal of benefit from them.
Yours, ri-pe Ifullr,
Spares Chaps, nrxrnrovo* Co., Pa., I
January 18,1861 f
H. C. Spaldixo.
You will please send me two boxee of yonr Cephalic Pills. Send
them Immediately. Respectfully yours,
P.S.—Jhare used one bom of your IHIU, and find them or. el
Bills Vsaxox, Onto, Jan. 15,1861.
Hxxrt 0. Srtt mwo, Feq,
Please flii.t Inclosed twenl-flve certs, for which fen-1 tn»- another
box ol your Cephalic Plus. They .ire truly the bed title l hare
er. r tried.
Direct A. STOVER, P. M.
Belle Vernon, Wyandot (Jo., 0.
Bpviklt, Mass., Dec. 11,1840.
H. 0. Spaldixo, Esq.
I wish for some circulars or large show l-llls, to bring your Ce
phalic Pills more particularly l.efrir my customers. If yon havr
anything of the kind, please send to me.
One of my custom-r», who Is subject to sevireStck Headache,
(usually lasting two days.) vat cured of an attack in one hour b\
your IHIU, which 1 sent her.
Respectfully years,
RrrxoiDsBnpo Fsawslix Oo., Ohio, I
January », 1861 f
Hsxxt C. Spaldixo,
No 48 Cedar »t.. N. T.
Dsar Six:
Inclosed (In.! twentr-B*e cents, (25,) for which send box of "Ce
phalic Pill* *’ Send to address of hi v. Wm. C. Filler, Rejnclds
bnrg, Franklin Co , Ohio.
Your I'Ule work like a aharm—ours Headache almost in
Truly yours,
Tr-iti—:. &•*-«., Jan. 14,1861.
Ma. Spaldixo.
Not lu..g aloe* i tent fo yon t?r a \>"V of Cephalic P11U for tht
eu.e of Ifse N< /vr(j« Headache and CosUvei.bM, and rt-etlv- d thi
t .me, and they hoct sy (/port fin eject I ua. i educe, t to send foe
pie Me seaJ by return mall Direct to
Ypsllantl, Mich.
Ah-s* ue Atwiuissee, Norfvek, Fa.
Oophalle Pill* accomplish the object far whies they were .made,
yll: Cure of headache la all Its forma.
From the Bramiuer, Norfolk, Fa.
They have been tested In more than a thousand caiei, with en
tire success.
Fr~r\ (is i*rMhiCoe tk. Oared, Minn.
If y ar., o. b-sv • been trruolcd with, the headache, send for s
box, (Cephalic pills l so that you inky have them in case of an at
From the Advertiser, trodden re, d. /,
Tire Cephalic Pill* »re Mid to be a remarkably effective remedy
for the headache, and one of the v.-ry beaf f-r ,nal very frequent
complaint which hi* ever l eva uUeoveied.
Fi om the Western R. ft. Gaertte, Chicago, HI.
We heartily endorse Mi. Spalding, aud Ma nnrtvalled Cephalic
From the Kanawha YalUy Shir, Kanawha, Fa.
W> are sure thvt pers-ns sofferlng wl h headache, wbo try them,
will stick to them.
From the Southern talh Finder, New Orleans, 1/1.
Try them ! you tti -t are atlllcted, and V ire sure that your tee
rimer;y ran ! e ad'lpd to the aheadv numerous Mat that has receiv
ed ten- Ole that no other medicine ran produce.
From the .St, hails Iiemcu'rat,
The Immense demand for the article (Cephalic Pills) Is rapidly
From the GiUdtc, Jiarenjysrt, Jowet.
Mr. Spal-llng would not connect hla name with an a.Cole he did
not know to possess real merit.
From the Advertiser, Providence, R. I.
The testimony In their favor Is strong, from the most rexpecta
ble quarters.
From the Hally Ncirs, Newport, R. /.
Cephalic Pills are taking the place of all kinds.
Ft*n the (\mimerchd Bulletin, Boston, Mass,
Said to be very efficacious for the headache.
fFrom the Commercial, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Suffering humanity ran now be relieved.
|^“A single bottle of SPALDING’S PREPARED GLUE wtl'
law ten times its cost annutUx. AH
gp*“A Snrat tx Tims Saws Niks-’’ /a!
As accidents will happen, even In well regulated families, It It
very Desirable to have some cheap and convenient way for repair
log Furniture, toys, Crockery, Ac.
meets all surli emergencies, and no household can afford to bi
without It. It Is always ready, and up to the sticking point.
N. B —A brush sreompaniei each Bottle. Price 25 cents.
No. 4S CLDAR Street, New York.
As certain unprincipled pers--ns are attempting to palm off oi
the or.vuapeering public. Imitations of my PREPARED GLUE,
would caution all parsons to axamlne before pnrohaslag, and ea
that Die full name, 1
I«Ithe««**mwm nMNmrntmm
__ (s,- Mgj, ig . t(19 I «
ile, kAi rnt i*i*<*i *d‘ ;iMk«Mtiw* #*•«»
WasniNuroN, April 5.
One month and one day have elapsed since Mr. Lin
coln and li-H Cabiue . were installed at Washington.—
l.oi g previous to their axeasiou to power, or rather tf
c Hite, the revolution of the South had arsume-l the as
pect of an independent Government. When the new ad
ministration tried to direct the horses’ heads they found
the reins were cut, and all they could do w.is to sit or
the State coach and take their chance of falling in a soft
place, or ol he fiery steeds coming to a standstill from
exhaustion. A month ago and the State Treasury was
nearly exhausted; only so ne ilaVO/KKI was Ur booming
to meet demands and requirements tour times a* large.
Ti e navy was scattered til over the world at stations by
no means readily accessible; the aimv posted along fron
tier lines, between which and the Northern States wa*
interposed the expanse of the Southern Confederation ;
thu officers d -ullectcd to (he Govtrnuient, or at all
evt nts so well allected to their individual overign States
as to feel indisposed to serve the United Suites; the
whole machinery of government in the hands ol the
revolutionary leaders; every trace of Federal existence
ciased in the South, wiped away by acts which, unless
w ped away by successful revolt, would be called treas
onable, or by force or s'.ratugvm ; and only two forts held
on the so-aboard, weakly garrisoned, and unhappily situ
ati d with retereuen to operations of relief. In addi
tion to these souices of weakness came the confusion
and apprehension caused bv uivije-d counsels, want
of cohesion, the disorders of a violent national con
test, mistiest of adequate support, and, above all, lb*
imperious necessities ol the place seek* is, whose impor
tunate requisitions distracted the attention of the Gov
ernment lioiu the more important butineas which pro
seined itself for adjustment. It was, if course, nccei
sary to fill the posts which were oocupicd by enemies
wiih men devoted to the interests ol a Government
which could little block any indifference or treaebt rous
tendencies on the part of its subordinates. Hut had the
Administration been as strong in all respect* as any U.
Stites Government ever could, or can hop* to be, in
reference to »ueli emergencies a* tho present, it really
could have done little, except precipitate a civil war, in
which the Rordcr States would have arranged tin mselves
by the side of the Cotton State's. A ooimidcrab e por
tion of the North would have been hostile to coercion
-mil the theories which have been propounded w ith much
ipparout approbation re p cting ttieactuil Uses ol Gov
rnn-.ent, its powers a J jurisiiioti »n, show that European
dot trines on such points arc i ot at all accepted by
statesmen, politicians, and jurists in North America.
V\ itfinut ibe means of cnijrcing an authority which
iany ol it* own u Hi. rents, i n 1 most of the neutral par
ties, denVd to it, Mr. Lincoln's aun iaislration ti .Js itself
jailed upon to propound a pjlicv and -o proceed t j vig
orous action. Tne demand is scarcely reasonable. The
poiicv ol such men suddenly lifted to ihe head ol ulfiiri*,
shich they cannot attetnpt to guide, must be to wa t
iiid w itch, and tlnir action must be simply tentative, as
they have no power to put forth, with moderate hope of
success, any aggressive force.
LSj satisfied of this—tin United Slates Government
will sire up no power or po.-a.t.-ion which it has at pre
sent got. By us voluntary act it will surrender nothing
whatever No raittcrwhit repor g may appc.r in the
paper;', or iu letters, distru-t Hum if they would lead
yuu to believe tba( M-. Lincoln is preparing either to
abandon whit be has uow, or to recover thu which he
has not.
The Uni tod 8t»te* Government is in an att'tude of pro
les'; it cannot strike an olleneive blow. But if any at
tach is made upon it, tbe Government hopes that it will
tie strengthened by tbe indignation of the North and
West to such an extent that it can not ouiv rej'.o! the
aggression, but possibly give a stimulus *a a great reac
tion in its favor.
On these principles f ort Sumter and i’ort Pickens are
held They are claimed as federal lorircsses. Ttc s.an
and Stripes still tha: over them. Whatever may belaid
to the contrary, they ti ill remain there till they ate re
moved by the action of ths Confederate States. Tha
Commissioners of Mr. J.fl'eraon Davis's government
"have r.a.-on to say that if any attempt be made to throw
r ioforceiiients into Fort Pickens, unless they receive pre
vious notice of it as promised, it will bo a breich o’'good
faith.” From al! i can learn, no iotcution of stiength
enirg the fort is at present enti rtaiued, but it may bo
doubled if tbe attempt would not hr made should at.y
favor&tle opportunity of doing so present it.-elf. All
“the movements of troop-,” of which you will see ac
counts, are propter*'ions against—not for—Sggrersian.—
At most they mm. nut to ti e march of a f-w oi mpanies
aud guns to vat tons foils, uu«r -11 but uud< f- rtd I. Fort
Washington, of which I ahull have a few words to say
hereafter, was til! late' v hi l l by a very ina*:* qua eloiee.
As a m ii.bcr of the Cabiuit said to m , “I could lave
liken it last week with a lit:l ■ wi.ok y, ’ that p -rent ar
tillerv being applied to ti e weak di fences of the aged
Irish artilleryman who constituted “die garrison.”
The ‘ formidable military force concentrated iu W: sit
ing on,” of w hich you may read in the American jour
nals, consists of about 7-“* men of all a ms » lar as
I can s*e, and four brass field g'.’.ua. There is a good
ileal of drumming, fifing, marching, and music going ou
daily. I look ou and see a small band iu gray uniform,
.t mu: II body of men iu sombte uniforms, varying (roar
l.'i to 80, tank aud file, armed, however, with excellent
r.fles, and a very la'ge standard ; pass by, and Uc ,t da/
I read ti at sucii and such a company h * parade, and
“attracted much admiration by tn.fr efti •ien* and sol
fierii aipearaucc wild'the matiurr iu which," A- But
these military cotiipsuies luve no intentiou ol lighting
for the Government. Their sympathies are quite de
Formidable as the would he :a ^/uaJirng in the
opeu oountrv they wb. 'd he ol comparatively little use
against .vylilav troopa at the outsi t of the contest, as
they have never learned to act together, and do not u.~
pire to lortu c-vm hattallious. But their exi.-te oe indi
cates the st'otig military tendencies of the people, and
the danger ol doing anything tiiat might turu them
against the Guv eminent. Mr. Lincoln has r. > power o
make war against the South: V.eCn gi a, done could
give it to him ; and li ft ii not liirely to bS given, becau «
Gonqrt-s will i.ot be Assembled before tha usual time
anles under thy pressure (if nn impel ions necessity.
Why, then, hold these foils at all!’ Wry not give
thorn up? Why not withdraw the garrisons, strike the
flig, ami cease to keen up a useless source of irrit;;;iut;
in the midst of the H*““!',trn Confederation V Vie an
swer to these questions is : Tbese fo.itaa.c Federal prop
erty. Tao Government thM not acknowledge the ex
istence of ,uy right on the part of tire people of the
Htatcfi to seiae them as appertaining to the individual
States, The forts ate protests against the acts of vio
lence to which the Federal authority has yit ldn\ ei-a
where. They arc, moreover, the /■mitt • i>vy// w, am ail
as tlu v arc, on wliicli tbe Federal Government t an rest
its resistance to toe v\*■<*•> of *bo Southern Coofcdera
tmu to be acknowledged as &u independent Republic. If
they were surrentiored without attack,or without the ex
istence of any pressure arising Irom the refund of the
Southern authorities to permit.them to etsupplhs which
is an act of war, the case of thy United States Govern
ment would be, *Jje/ cou.idor, materia Jy weaken d. it it
be „L.er<red that these foiL- Lave no s rategio value, it
mav readily be replieil that their political value is very
great. But, serious as those considerations may Ii •, or
may be thought to be, with r<spect IQ foreign relation*,
tlicic are in reference to duwestl ' politics still more
weighty induct tqeqta to hold them. The ell c produ * *1
in the horth and Northwest by an attack ou the
forts while the Uuited Stales’ II ig is floating over them
wovld be as useful to the Government at W.sbiugiou as
tbe effect of abandoning the foitt or lamely sum iubt
ina them would be hurtful to them iu the * stint uiem of
the extreme Republicans. A de* per a to attack, a g Giant
defence, the shedding of tli: blood of gallant in ti, whose
duty it was to defend that iniyuded to lh* ir keeping, ar.d
who yielded only n* numbers—theoutrsg j ou the Unit.d
States's Hag—would create an excitement in the Union
which the South with all im determination and to,irage
is unwilling to provoke, but which the Government would
be forced to use i*i its own servi e. FI ich an event n.m i
had to war—a very terrible and mere Less war ; and botli
pirties pause before they resort to that court of arms.
Unless the Bord* r Slates j »iu the South, Mr. .L (Vernon
Davis could scarcely hop.' to entry out the grand ptejects
which aro attributed to bu military genius of mare nng
qortltwarna and dictating terms on tinir own soii lu
the Republicans. He could scaioeiy venture to leave
the negro population unguarded in his rear, and hi
tlanks menaced hy the sea-borne Northerners on otic
side, and by such operations as the water-sheds sig
nificantly indicate cn the other. It is idle to specu
late on the incidents of that which may never occur,
and which, occurring, may assume tha iuriguitic-ni
aspect of border skirmishes or the tremendous pro
portions of war of races and creed* intensified by the
worst elemeD's of tcrvila and civil conliict. Tbe Gov
eminent ol Mr. Li icoln hope and believe that the con
test maybe averted. Tbe Cammis-iouera of the Momfi
are inclined to think, also, there will be a peaceful solu
tion—obtained, ol course, by full oono-sdon and r.cog
nitiun. But inaction oauaot last on the pait of the
South. Already they luve beguu tha system of ooer
cion. The supplies of tbe girrisoa at Sumter will b-.
cut elT henceforth, if they are nut already forbidden —
They do not fear the moral cl!ret of ibis act, for sonm
of their hading men actudiy b lieve that nothing car
-t p tl o progirsH of a mov. tnent wliicli will, tboy for d y
think, ab-oto all the other States ol the Union, and Lav*
die New E gland States to form an iusiguicaiit Republic
of its own, with a possible larger dead .y iu Cmaiiy.—
Tneir cpponeuls in tire North arc as fully satisfied tha
:hc dire.t Nemesis will follow ou the Montgomery Gov
eminent iu the utiec ruin of ail their Sta.es the mu men
they are left to them-elves.
The Gov rnment is dated at the sucooua of tbe loan
il.d Mr. Chafe has taken high ground iu relating olF.-n
made to him yesterday, and in resolving to issue Gov
ermat-nt hm-ii- tiei for the bi'auce of the amount nquir
ed to criU'l'te the amcuut. *4r. Forsyth, ouc ol tin
SoMhe:n OommUtioatr.*, who hus just returned fron
Sew fork here, is equally sati fiei with ths temper o
pailies in that city, and scams to think that ibo Nei
Vorkirs are pietaring fora se.essicn. Bu’.thougli St.t*
may b« soveriign, it ba* never been s-uert- d ti At eith
er rt «( of States sra to, and io the Wisura.sm
Not barn pm lion* of tbs St te of N, w Yerk there is
lar|c sfriculttind population, which, with the aid of Got
4o*vi ,y ;«* '“rH -M1 *' ^1
eminent, would very speedily suppress any attempt
to secede ou the ptrt of the city, if men are to be be
lieved who s«y they know the circumstances of the cue.
Virginia is claimed by both sides, but accounts this morn
ing are to the t ffect that the Secessionists have been de
cat d ou a division by a tote of two to one in favor of
the Union ; and, although General Houston appears t>
be forced to accept the tiluation for a time, there are
many who think he will organize a atrong reaction against
the dominant Ssces* o.iists.
Whatever may be the result of all these diverse ao
tions, the Great Republic is gone! The shape of the
fragments is not yet determined any mote than their
fate.' They may re unite, but the cohesion can never be
pule t Tim slip of Stale was buiit of too many
“plailorms;” there w.re too many officers on board; per
haps the principles of construction were erroneous; the
ri; d ca-t iron old corstitution guns burst v olently when
tried »i h n<-w projeccilea—any way, those who adhere
vrith most devotion to the vessel, admit that it ia parted
righ. amid sli pt, and th.t its pnstige baa vanished. The
nitre desperate of these would gladly see an enemy, ir
g > out of ibeir way to tind one, in thehope of a common
bond of union being discovered in a common animosity
and danger.
Tbe naval preparations, of which you will hear a got d
deaf, are iuteuded to make good existing deficiencies and
to meet contingencies. At any othi r time the uction ol
Spain iti St. Domingo would cieate a cry for war. Niow
all the Federal Government cm do is 10 demand and re
ceive exp'ttu'ioia. In reply to Mr. Seward's inquire-,
t'e Spanish Minister has positively stated that the re
cent events in St. Domingo Inve been caused bv th? act*
threats of Uavti, which forced the Dominicans to eall in
tiie aid andcliim the protection of Spain.
Tber.- have been several a.temp's, irora time to time to
induce 1* ranee to assume the dominion of its former pos
session, aud it is not lit.likely tlmt an excellent under
ataudiog exists between the Court of Madrid and tb<
Kmpcror Napoleon in reft reitee to the sut-j.ct. The re
port that tbe Mexicans have made, or conn mplate mak
ing, an attack on Texas, is scarcely worthy ol credence.
As to the Morrill tariff, 1 can only repeat what 1 liavi
already said. It must be borne till results show that it
canno' be pir.-iued iu. Then only will i- be repealed or
modified. Tin theory of the Government is, that the
United States alway i takes far more from Europe tlmn it
can pay lor. “If the reveuuo is collected there is no
grounii for complaint. The English end French manufac
turer will be sundi d, us wi II a< the Northern popnl
tiou. If the revenue i< not collect* d, then the tanll
m ist b - repeal 'd, and that will lie done wiibiu tbe year
if the mischief i* serious." ilirminglmm, Wolvcrhami -
on »riit || mchester must make the best they can out ol
the d^ctiine.
The Xi-w York (Jotiricr and Ei quirer states that at a
recent inn rvii-w had by Mr. Isaac Mrs is, ul New No.,
with Mr Seward, the former tell the Utter “of tl.e d
termined hiding in New York 10 .-us-uiri the goto ti
ment, nn-l that action of uu energetic character was t\
pectcd. Mr. Seward replied “that the people should not
bj diiajp .ii;tcd. alii thit he thought they would b.
well sale It -d it »„/ - ...
iiivt.n (•. is added iu the Courier and Enquirer, “M .
Mo ■ms spout 8 .nday evening with Mr. Biuir. Po-tmiis i
Ueuersi, aud nays “he give me tho programme of ihe
government, which I thiuk will be effective. Troupe
will, iu all probability, be Rent to New (Means, Alt.
Blair thinks the war will be short, bu; it will bo spiritce
wd energetic."
‘•Tiii Jt’NALt r k r. 7.ouavss"—Col W. II. Thoma.°,
sirs the X. S'tie Juuma,l, Senator fiom Jackson, !»*
ar the service of the State one of t e most retTl&:k'b,•
bodies of turn in the country. It is a coinparv of 2(H
Cherokee Indians, organized for battle ami styled tie
• Jnticl’iske Z mves.” It ap;ctr3 that Co!. Tlioui i<, who
is the bu<dnes«. agent of the t;heroke»s, lately called a
council of the Iudiansaml ex oh* tied to them the condition
of the country. The chi ft discuss al the matter, m d
.aid, after consultation, ilia', although they did uol under
stand the national difficulty, thev did know North Caro
lina and would stun 1 by her. They were ready for any
position in her defence. This is most remarkable. Out ol
a nation of some l.'itJO, they muster 20O warriors for tie
defence of North Carolina. The Cberokees are expat
riflemen. They know nothing of militaiy tactics, but
show them their work and then they have only to 1 e
told when to cc a c fighting. They Bzht in th ir ow i
way and every man fur uutcli. T:.c •Zouaves” aie rea< y
at a moments no* ,ee.
fter. Wool, after his o 1 ciousneu iu New York, where
it would appear he was iu dt risking to act lor ilie Ad
ministratiou, a-Secretary if War, General iu Chief, Qisr
ter Master and Commissary, being njfeetionaUly ad»i* J
by Gen. Scott to reiire to Troy, “for the r . oyery ol his
health,” is now said by some of I lie New totk papers,
to have been nude use of by a “tylhoco Loinrnittoe" for
the furtherance t I tin ■, c.wti purpo-,, a, and the feathering
ot their own tvW ;u supplying ammunition Ac. The ul
tra f. Pkbhcans, howevrr. are very ai gry that he should f
Save been snubbed by Gen. Scott, wheu he “was movii g
onergnio.iiiy.” Tney evidently wink that YYoo< is the
mm for the n.
Tur Ranker C;t,.—The Lynchburg Republican says:
I.ynehbvrg hu-ia voting population ot about seven hut:
hrod, and the has air adv three companies in aervic.-,
winl ■ she has four more fully otgani/ ■ I .ud ready to
t r the service whenever calle I u- the whole umoun »
ir g to about eight hundred men. In the way of sc >
s riptiot s tr^.w a.rning ri d rqtiipp'ng the volunt. « i
■ vd providing for the wants of det* utient families, I.vi cl •
I ,.g c m a' o claiat lo be at the hra ! of the list—no b is
.ban thirty-five or forty thousand delhis having been
s.ihsiuibi I, independent of many donations in the way ,>.
| proti iot s. a- d the vast asi static.; wli eb ha; ‘.a yo re •
dered by the ladies In the w ty of imkixj up uniforms,
Ae , (or the volunteers Thy patriotism of Lynchburg
( cannot be surpassed *rul we claim that she ii fairly Ch'.1..
I tied to be th* ti timer Gity ot the Sty*.
General Douglas II. I.ine, lato ,-onitor from the Alle
ghany district, and a mem ct of ono bra oh or the otLer
of the \ irgiuia h gi laturc for twenty-riv • y.ar ., died it
the resident e of hia F0i« i.i-iiw, iit Covington, ou tht
2-r».h u!t., altar ft jiuy 'ring ilhii sn of n. my mouths.
Tiik Ft.*c. or tiik Sxi.'tv Oativri.--The Helm.a Pud is,
of the Fouitli Alabama U'gimi-u', unw * 'tinned in
Ly ehburg, have a b -.tuiiful Confed. i .vte flag, which
was made by two sitU rs in-law nt Ibvsideni Lincoln,
residents of Selma, A1.burnt, and by them presented to
the company.
Oi.n A in; Rt ki>.—Father Abraham wouid doubtless b •
s irp i v | i,i bfai that bo bar became the “defendant” ill
a '.aw mm in Thomas county, “away down here In Grot
i ga;" but it is true, nevertheless. Ai President of the
United tttates, In- is held responsible for the taking of
th • la e censm, unit a u f'.tw ol the .'iliccrs have teee.v d
th r pay, our b-lioif-citizen, Ifr. V-ado F Sanford, who
d ir* no* covet a place in father “Abraham's bosom," I as
entered suit agttnat the arch defaulter, and garnishee
t ic po-.tm i-teia in vari»ut • ies in Georgia lo toree Ab
hr. h.nt to an bt>ne*t a-'j'i-tin-i.t.— /humustille Au/<r
Hsavy B isk.—On 8w> l iy
night l.xt, the “lintiaii It-eerie Bank,’ nl Kokomo, In
diaua, wai mb red, the ii.-n s*Jc opened—probably with
ihe aid of priwdi r, our informant I I not -ay -and
eleven limn uni four huodred d'dlir- taken therefrom,
eight tbotminl of which were the public film's ol the
county. a,x hundred dollars were ul-o taken out of th •
home I,f ilo cashier, llwa' Ihe private bank ol Mr.
Bowen. Twelve thousand dollars iu these war panic
t mo- »unI ] b-j considered, iu ihe politest grub-game cir
cled, no small pile.
No Want or Mi.nxv.—Wo have learned from the raos’
reliable authority, rays fie Southern i'.mfetl- raext if
Wedncfeduv, fiat parties a.c now iu Montgomery from
Europe, who Iiive proposed to loin our government from
fifty to one hundred millions ol dollars. Tnis is a voluntaiy
prop; SitioD, null! by ptrtie.-i sent licr-t for Uiu purpose,
by Karopeau ta i'aliRt who de-ire to invest their money
iu our CoultJ' rate Bunds
“Oi r Armv Swouk Tkrriiii.y in Fian!>krs."—General
Se .tt swears very often snd very hard in Washington
We announced the other day, that he had taken the oaih
to support the L nooln Government three times r-'nco bis
..nival in Wa hingtou. This thrice repeatid obligation,
one would Hippo •, Ought to satisfy the Black II -publican*
of the fidelity of Winfield Scutt to their cause; but to
make as--'irence doubly sure,” they will probably requite
him to rep at the oath once s week daring the w tr Alas
for the “ Hero of Mexico ! " “ Ad thy conquests, glo
ries, sin ink to this little measure."
DitSTRrcTivK UrRRtCANe in TfcNxtsr.xK —On Saturdav
evening last, Dver o-m-ity, Ttnn., was vi-ited bv one of
the m0“t de-tr ictivo hurricanes known iu the history of
Ttuaesice. The hurricane ex touted through the eiitiie
county, front south to north, in some pi ices fiLeen mil- s
iu width — prostrating hou-es and every thing before i\
The damage to property is iinmen>e, and as far as ascer
tained live persona had been killed. It was almost im
p's-iblo to travel, from the bloukicg up of the roads b.
•he fallen timber.
Dxath of Fashion—There D a rumor, says the Spirit
of the Tiro-s, that Fafihiou, 'he champion of the North
cm Turf, died on the UiVth n't. We have as yet receiv
e i no information on ihe sulj»ctfiom the owners,Mt-ssr.-.
Kehcr A Kutx, of LaucoxP r, Oh:o, but presume the ru
mor to bu tru«; -he iu Mid to have oied in giving foal
by Bonnie Scotland.
Don. Z B. Yancb.— We learn from a gentleman dowr
on the train last evening, direct from the W<*tern par*
of the Slate, that the di.-tinguished gentleman when
whi se name b' ud.i this article is now iu Sdi.-bury, at the
1 head of about one hundred mountain boys, on tueir w.u
! to the s.at of war, where the; expect, instead of making
Buncombe tp echos, to make a satisfactory demoostru
*ion o:' lfi-ncom'ie sbootiog.—Xs+bern (.V. (J.) Pro•
| IT*”- ’ _
1 ||Tbi Coinit Ooc^t of Albamarlo baa made an appro
t | r o ion of 160.000 for military purposes. The tmoual
< will he adranoed by (be banka ex (he county.
Corn-apoudr-iMT of IIir Whig.
U*\a, C. H , M iy 4 li.
To Uu Editor of the Whig:
The pas week has been on» of unusual activity »nd
excitement in (<u-e«uaiy. Volunteer* lav; b<en rapid
ly enlisting, and tl e call for trooi a by Gov. L.tchrr »ill
be responded to in a gallant inannc- ly the bra e eons
of Virginia, in thin <•( uuiy. Two t ne <om|inies hare
recently been organ zed which will be i nxioux xnd ready
to perform etticieu su rvice a> toon as they can be armed
—to effect which their respective ( apUins will leave to
nio-row for yenr cite. Hear two thousan 1 dollar i have
been raised, by private tubicriptions, to he us d in
equipping the companies, and there is n > doubt but that
a county levy ol seteiai thouiand dollars sill bi mi do
at M«y court for a rimdar purpose.
dn immense concourse of people were asaem ded to
gether, last Thursday, (.(xenerti Miar) acd w.-re «d
dre-sej by our late representative, tarn. Martin, hvq ,
iu a it rii'ile anl f« ling manner. Hie speech wa« car
atti rized by great force sod clearness, intermingled with
laqnent oiubiirsts of paliiotitm and devotion, when
In* spike of the it juries sud wrong thst our beloved oiJ
Commonwealth and her daughters liad had heaped upon
them. All persons present, even those heretofore his
most Utter political opponent#, cnncutisd in (pinion
that u wax the ablest and most eloquent eftort of his life.
His many warm per-onal and poll ical fiiend will rrgret
to bear that, from pritste considerations of ovrrwhelm
iug importance, be has rctirtd from political lift. The
services of so faithful ard able a atalettnxn can not well
be spared by hia State, iu such a ciideal period, sod the
, eopic all over the State, must necessarily feel that the
cause of Virginia and the South must be wi ate ed to
some extent, when the author ol the revolutions nppo
ing coercion (ilinost unanimously adopted las winter,
by the legislature) has ceased to occupy a political situ
atiou. "OKIOK"
a worm of warning.
May 9th, 1801.
To the Ed'tor of the lit
I frar Virginia is miking a great fit’s whilst Lincoln n
acting. Would we not be for< v. r disgraced to let 1< n
coln’x forces march across the I >ng bridge at W.s! ington,
and quie'lr t l.e p>J»c sior. of Alcxandrii and Arlirgtoa
heights, and I suppose ul! dcfiti .t*le points beta ecu
Alexandria and the long hri Ige. Wi'ii strong fortifies•
lions thrown tip, and a strong force thrown into them, and
Lincoln informe 1 that it was only intend'd as an act of
precaution, and to <1 fend the roil of Virginia, and that
so Ion; as Virginia was not molested Washington w> uld
would not be disturb, d, we «u ;ld avnM thi- rhame—
Otherwise Alexandiia **L1 be taken—mark what I nay.—
Tn hiiAtt* rMVAt hiate!
May y.t', !»f,l
To the Editor of the Whig:
The importance of organizing some efficient system of
police to meet any emergent)’, ii the absence of oor
aiiliiary force, te un to luve b.cn overlooked, in a great
degree in the proper quarter.
Let me assure that this is a matter of the great-ft
moment. I am org»ni*:ng a Vigilance Committee t>
prevent disorder and give prntec'iou agar.nt all tnbehie
makers. Our attention is tl reeled to urn movements of all
supiciou- character* in our n.ida»
The enemy we have to deal wi.h are unserupulotts, lying
and malignant, a- d tholr t l.j.-cl conquest and merit.it -
atloo. I writ- toiui resi upon the press at Ec’.moud
and e‘sewhere wh it I feel and believe to le true, that
Virginia, cur glotious old State, re is requires all tbe fa ■
lent, g ni is and energy a*, lrr cctnts'.td, to fsu.
'rate the tl igitiotts rchemes of tbe eurttiy against her
peace aud ude; cadence.
We do not count liie oo»t of this cri-is, and the k'grr
the* force to r ‘p>! Yo coutempla i d i.iranouby L'luidn'u
army, the w*sre e. rtain cf mceers.
To the Editor cf the Whig'
At a mi ' tu g ol ci'isen* of this county, held tie ..J
u't. at the Clqnt House, a li't for volunteers was opened
an i to iwo bo irs enough were cnrolh d to organ /.? the
company. A motion whh then made to p ocecd to tb»
election of • Hi:era, which io ulted iu t :o choice ol Car
ter II. I vieg, Oaplain; George P. Boi:dii .r t. bint
Lieuicu&nt; J bn b ll irkina, S cond l.i.uienant; and
VV. G. S. Boyd, Third Ifieutenent. With such boldand
chivalrous le d"rs you m y expect good tiding* from
Old Bnckioghi.m. It was thrti a .treed upon amo. g the
company, wi luut ono dimti i• voice, u> lender thei
serviics tu the Gov. rnor ot ino ute, and to hoi! tlicm
salvsts r a ly for dutv a’, the shortest notice.
“ Du!c< et decorum eat pro patria mori ”
L'rauua Couaiv, M.iy •».
To the Editor of the Wh g :
Knowing Cut you would like to hear from th‘» part of
the Rule, ( am glad to .-ay th*'. it will prove loyal to our
mother S’ate. I: ia tiue ibut we have some traitors—
giielt men as Garlth and a few ottirrs : but ihe great aia-s
of Uio jieopo ns rigot. The e.tiz ns of tl.ij county
organized i volunteer con.p inv, last Saturday, of 6" men
and elected John Iln'C inbothaoi, Owp'ain, Dr. t D. Brown.
1st Lieutenant, Di. J. W. C. White, 2d I/rti'onant, am
John W. M:igtr, ’l l Lieutenant. Tie y are drilling every
day,: nd w 1 send f r urma to-trerrow. I l.rar that in
We-tou, the county seat ol le w!<, they got up a company
in one tiny of Dm men. So, you r e, that there i» a
apirit in this part of the country .o rvi-1 the scrres,ions
of oM Abo. I am glad to see th»i you of th- E*‘t are
doing s> much, and hoj,e the time will -ooti time when
wo mil dtive hack the hordes of Black R peli cans that
seek to subjugate a free and happy peo| le. God grant
that the) may meet with the fate 'hut they so well desen e.
T> the Eli tor of the Whig:
Too follow! .;' inter rep:. 11 o'e of invilation is scat to
yov to be dis| mel of as)OU think proper.
Richmond, Muy 2, ’61.
(Bis ) I'witmv Ftatvs tv N. Auxrica.
Mo D, nr S’ r :—Wu .0e ready lor Gt n. Scott and your
self. PI a r inform the Gonctal.
As you are distinguished clmracter*, we arc disport'd
to treit ynu wi'li distinguished consideration and aie-ign
you u tl a.:’, of land 7 ft. by I //., or su-pend you to
the highest tree in Virginia, sul j xt always, however, to
the w.ll of the omnipotent “majority." We are very
uneasy for fear tho General and your.-elf will alight ns.
Do come iu “piopria persona” and partake of Virginia
hospitality. You Lave probably never vi ited Virginia—
now iu a favoiabta op portui.ity. Do come and visit tho
Capital f ! c “Old Domitiion"--ihe Crucial know- the
way—and look upon the grot s’a’-uc of him who was
“first in peace, first iu war and first in the hearts of his
country me nod whose most (.ii )worihv successor you
are—the only diff-rct e j between you lieiug that you aro
Ijat iu p a:e, latt iu war and laat in the hearta of your
countrymen Thiue truly, Viaumta.
I*. R.—Gcn’li Leo and Johnston and 50,000 others
Iwvo been appointed a committee to meet you at the
Cir* a: d conduct you to your “farms." V.
0 :r Washington cerre.'poudeut states that Major An
d.-r-on will bs intru-ted with the command of a brigade
of Kentuckians, which is immediately to be raised—Cm.
That ia all bo-b. No brigade, no regiment, not even
a company can be mustered out of Kuntncky to march
under tho banner profaned nud desecrated by IJncoln.
All rucb paragraphs as the abovo r.re lyiug inventions,
got up for the purpose cf wicked deception.—Kentucky
Aid ior tux Stwtz.—On Mondiy eveinrg a number of
our ei iz> us conceived tbe pi in of raising *50,000 in tbia
coim.y »s a donation to the S’ate for purposes of de
fence. It is proposed to get one hundred persons to
>ub cribe |ki"» each, wb cb, with tho expected appro
priation bv i’.ic county, will make $100,000. The sub
scription was commenced at once, and five persons gave
each *500
We w mmend a similar' plan to tbe citlzena of esck
couu’.yju tho State. The State has no means of raising
money to carry oa this war except from her people.
H :r cnemifK hive combined to d rtroy her credit, and,
act* it f.thetwi-e, the expenses of the war must be borne
by hsr o*ti citizens. Let th* requivite amount tbs n bo
contributed vcluntirily, without retorting to taxation.
Charlolleartlle Jrprrtonian. _
Mrc-'Lssntran.—We aro authorized by Capt. R. Y.
0 iib' to«sv that be will be one of twenty gentlemen to
• i vsrr.be thO>) each, for rquipp og tbe voluntoera of
Msokl- nburg, and for the relief of tbo family of »och as
may nood saMstazoo, or tbot bo will bo ooo of fifty to
aubooribe MOO «ooh for mm* ptrpon*.-7o6««g
I Plonf.

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