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t>FFU:l %»..
llicirioxn v».,Apr‘i J6th, h® s
iBN XHAl Ciuaits *
No. 3. S
I. Ail restrictions upon loiuox r e-jm>ne*ee ond tr.-.le
except ah to articles contraband of war, in the Stat i cf
Virginia, a* insurgent territory, are by the author ty of
;he President, hereby revoked in Tepect to all ports and
_ counties of this State which have duly submitted to the
aufho-ity or are in - hr military pofflevasnn of tlie United
if. Arms. imntuntt.ou. ailuro 'on »h <-bammu
nition la manufactured, all loconnuiveF, cars and ra.i
,-oad stock. ali telegraph vire an1! apparatus, ail rebel
uniforms and gray cloth for maaufactuting thejp. and
all spiritoaa liquors, are *o b* deemed contraband ol
III. 1 he Oo-anund ng ueuaral of the Milit »ry Division
ia- authority to m*»k« such exceptions to the trade here
by authorise! as. n hi* opinion, cir-urn-stance* may
Be order of Major tfeaeral HiLLics.
ap’g*> tsniatant A|Hut.«n» fi»ncr<tl
it • coqCAHT3Hs Military Division of tuk Jambs, j
Ku-huoxo Va., April 26, 1865. \
No. 3. S
I. Colonel R. P. Cutt*, A. D. C., is appointed Keeper
of Public Archive*, Bums will b; immediately opsti.
-a in th» Ou*tom Hou*e, There will b? collected and
arranged all captured pap-rs, bo iks, mips, and publi
documen'.-. Tire tj-H.-terra aster's Department will pre
pare-suitable sbrl.'es and desks, and the Commanding
' tieneral of the D.-p art-n-at will detail the re (Uialte num
oerof clerks and guards.
AU oS.-w* avl ran in the orrice of the United
,-statis, ail eiti/. n*. uul all persons heretofore ia the
voifr 1 -rat? service, having‘m their possession such
nooks pap - t, mip«, or public documents, are required
to iin n lntsly Jsomt tu - at m said archive rooms. All
such arirles formerly belonging to officers of the Con
fedjrate H ivirnm int wh * have Hed from our lines, are
to be regardel and tamed in as public property. Any
violation of this ordir will be puaished by arrest and
1H. The K»jp?r of Archives will pirrait no article to
bs rcmivsd from his custody without a special order
from these Headquarters.
IV. All o fi ers are chargel with ths strict enforce
ment of this order.
By order of Majo* 1* jaeral Hallkck.
ap36Assistant AdinNnt hm-n1
Hfapo -s-- Dsft. of Va., Army of tuk j am’ks.i
Chief Qcartkkmautkk's Offics. >
Richmond. Va. April 25, 1865. )
Nuineron.* citizens of Ilichmoud and t e vicinity are
. _sai.tili.-a.tinn*; ht thia D.itt'irf rr*#.nt ...i.
the impression that the Government of the United
Stater wi 11 furnish them w ith horses and forage for the
same free of charge. Notice is hereby given to all such
persons that the Government will not furnish them with
hom-s and ft-rsge as has been inppoted. But there will
be a number of condemned animals offered for sale at
public auction in this city in a short time, of the time
and place of which sale due notice a ill be given in the
city newspapers. JJHN B. HOWARD,
Lt. Col. and Chief Quartermaster
a»2b —d3t Armv of th« Jam»«.
Department of Virginia. J
Itiuhmoad, Va., April 34, 18J5. >
Homatter. and until further orders, Pickets. Guard*
tad Patrols will allow M trketmen anc Citizens going to
the country for produce or wood to pass with their carts
or wagons iu and out of the city of Richmond, without
furthtr pass o* hindrance,
fly comm snd of Brig. Gen. M. R. Patrick,
Pro. Mar. General.
4 p3t> —tfCapt and 4. D. C.
o*»tcx of the Provost Marshal General !
Department ok Virginia, 5
Richmond, Va., April 31, 1865. )
Several paroled offinrs of ths Army of Northern Vir
ginia hating sigaiflfd their desire to go abroad to Eu
rope orelsawhara. and fir the present all permits to such
officers to pass through the loyal States having been
susp alrl they trt itifj-mil that passports and passage
— to Halifax will be furnished them on application at the
office of the Provost Marshal General of this Depart
By order of Major General E. O. 6, Oho.
34 Provost Marshal General.
Washinoton, April 19. 1865 S
GsshRAi. Orders)
No. 71. S
' By diraetbn of thi PreUdint. the D*-p irtmeuc of
Virginia, and sucji parts pf North Carolina as may not
V o • ■npieJ’by the command of Major General Sher
man, and including thy trray of the Potomac, will con
stitute the Military Difiaion of fie James.
t] Mvjjr Geieral H. W. Hallerk. United States Army,
is assigned to the command of the Military D.vision of
the Jamea.
111. General Orders No. do, carreat series, is hereby
fly order of the Secretary of W nr.
(Signed) K. D. TOWNsKliD.
Assistant Adjniant Ge-ieral.
Official copy J. 0. Shelton, A'n’t Adj’t Gen'l.
lieaduuarters Military Division of thr Jarar.% April 22.
1866. _ 94
Richmond. Va.. April 23. 1865. y
Grni.ral Order.-)
No. 1. \
I In compliance with General Orders No. 71 War
U< partment, dated Adjutant General's Office. W ashing
ington, April 19. current series. Major Gmeral H. W.
lialleok assumes command of the Military Division
which embraces the Department of Virginia, the Army
_ < f the Potomac, and such p*r«s of North Carolina as
may not be occupied by the command of Major General
li. The following staff officers of the Division are an
Hrevet Brigadier O-'ieral J. 0. Keltoa, Adjutant Gen
, rfei.
Major D-O. Wager, Assistant A'jutsnt General
Colonel George Thom, Chief of Engines
By order of Mvjor Gsoval Uau.rok. |
31 J. a KkLTON, A. As 0.
T>OAROl?W. Pom m dv« geatiomen can b« aeeom
O ®34*Ud * th Nwird by app7t«g at flhe north wet i
roimer of Seveott aal Uigh street* %yr M 3t«
U II UlUj i uu in/Vi
Richmond. Vr.. April22,1866. \
V notice to mechanics.
li among th ■ paroled prisoners of the Confederate army
there are any mechanics who desire to remove to the
North, with their familiei. with a view to ob
t-.niu.; ctnp'oymcnt. they will, upon taking the oath of
ailee anco, be "urnished transportation to Philadelphia.
New York o* Piston, aa they may desire.
Offices w ill be op»ued in each of the four district* of
the city, where persons desiring to tike advantage of this
offer can regi-or the.r names, occupation and the city to
which they deore to be sent, and where ticket* for trans
portation wil’bt given them. When a sufficient num
ber are registered, boats will be provided for their trans
portation and the day of sailing duly advertised in the
city papers.
Only the wives sad children of the applicants will be
allowed to accompany the* Colored mechanic* will be
allowed the benefit of this offer.
By order cf Major General Ord.
ap34~-tf Assistant Adintsnt Gene*-**
Richmond, Va.. April 31, 1865 t
No. 46. V
L Brigiidier General F. T. Dant. U. S. Vols.. having
reported for duty to the Department Commander, in
hereby assigned to duty as Military Commander of the
rttty of Richmond, and*will command all troops v itliin
the city.
3. The troops to be stationed in Richmond will consist
of the 24th Mass. Vols. the 20th N. Y. Vols.. aud a fur
th«r detail, to be made by Brigadier General Devens.
troin the troops under his command, to be equal in
strength to two good regiments, with full compliment
of officers This detail will be pe-m:ment, and will be
in lieu of th*- daily d.tail of four hundred men for the
District Provost 'Marshals, ordtred by General Orders.
No. 42. current series, from these Headquarters.
3. General Dent will furnish to the Provost Marsha.
General, and the District Provost Marshals, such details
as may be necessary.
4. The troops stationed in Richmond, by virtue o
this order, will be provided with 'suitable quarters at
such points as Brigadier Geteral 'Dent shall designate.
All orders, and parts of orders, conflicting herew ith
are hereby revoked.
Bv command of Major Genera! Ord.
Assistant Adjutant General.
Official*. Ed. W. Smith.
Assistant Adjutant General, ai.24
Richmond Va . April 22. 1865. $
Gi nsrai. Orders.)
No. 1. S ■ .
In conformity with General Orders No 45, Headquar
ters Department of Virginia, of April 21, 1866, the un
dersigned hereby assumes command of the city of Rich.
mono ana su iroops buhuucu «muu iw xihbiui.
All returns and reports will be made to these Head
quarters, and all details for doty in the city will he made
from the same.
The following officers are announced as ou the staff
of the Military Commander, and will be obeyed and re
spected accordingly:
First Lieutenant Wm. H. Powell. 4th U. 8. Infantry
A. D. C., A. A. A. 0.
First Lieutenant H. S Merrill, A. A. G
(’apt. A. J. Cook, A. C. 8.
ftp<j4_t( _Brig. G*n IT. 8. Vol«
Richmond, Va. $
In virtue of Special Orders from Headquarters 11 the
Department, I have assumed command of the PeninsnU
District, composing the counties immediately north of
he James river.
1 take it for granted that 4he snrrender of Gen. Lee’s
trmy virtually includes all Virginia troops whose organi
mation has been part of said army, although their duties
nave been in a separate district
Companies of such troops are known to best Uatc
tionedln the counties mentioned as tielonging to t) <
ltatrict. Officers and men in these organizations are di
rected to surrender themselves as prisoners of war unri
ne paroled, that they may return to their homes and give
their assistance in establishing order and peace in their
immediate neighborhoods.
It iB my intention to establish detached posts through
>nt this district, purely for the protection of the citizens
if tne country from illegitimate bands of arraed men and
marauders of every description.
Citizens are requested to give their aid to this end, by
supplying information whicn may lead to the arrest of
ill persons who may commit depredations of any kind.
All men w ho have belonged to any organized company
>f ConfedeiaM troops, included in the surrender of Gen.
Lee's army, or otherwise, who have returned to their
homes, are requested to register their names at the posts
established in their vicinity.
Those men whose experience in war renders peace more
dear, are requested to give every assistance to the recog
used forces of the United States Government in their en
fa .vors to render property secure, and lives safe from the
ittarks of men who take advantage of the present state
of affairs for the purpose of private gain or private re
it nas come to the knowledge of the authorities, that
the negroes on the different farms are refusing to work.
,r are leaving their accustomed homes, and coming into
Richmond and other places occupied by troops. They
•re hereby directed to remain at their old homes, to go
•o work as usual on the farms, and raise the produce ne
■e«9vy for their maintenance and are assured that their
freedom ehall be protected. B. C. LUDLOW,
Brv’t Brig. Gen’l Commanding.
Dkpahtmknt op Viroinia. S
Richmond. April 18, 18S6.)
All offtcers and enlisted men on parolz. and all other
peraons not on duty, are hereby forbidden to wear side
armi and revolvers. ....
District Provoat Marshals arc charged with the -trict
enforcement of this order.
By order of Brig Gen. M. R. Patricz.
Captain Ninth Vermont Volunteers,
api9—tf Assistant Provost Marshal.
WW. NUE-VD is prepared to epen Iron Safes
• Hank Vaults, and all kinds of Ucksmithirg
and B-lt Hanging <?eu-r*ily. He c vn be founl at It. 1L
BCtSHSIMB Cowa Factors oo Ninth sire t. between
Main sad Oa.ry. _*** .
■itftd on Ptftoeolii oreot, Petsreeu Prankhn .lid t.c t d
etrv-:*. b atiil op»n lr the acoom.coda^on o) v Gilcr*.
and also for baarlcra by the day, week or saonth.
11 aplff—Isa Hd LUMFK1X.
The inhabitants of tne rarioua counties uear
Richmond are hereby informed that no*difficulty
will bt made in admitting them to bring market
wares to this city. They are invited to commence
their ordinary t -attic at once, aud^aesured of pro
tection in parsing to and fro within the Rnet of the
United States forces.
"Hie citizen - of Richmond, and shopkeeper? and
ethers, are also requested to resume their ordinary
avocations a speedily no possible. It is the wish
And intention of the military authorities to protect
ill good and peaceable citizen , arid to restore, in
ix grc-at a measure a? may be practicable, the for
mer prosperity of the city. Nr molestation by
soldiers or others will be allowed, if possible, to
vny who are engaged in peaceful pursuit-.
Orders will be h-ued to military ccmmandt-rs in
conformity with the above announcement.
By command of Maj. Gen. Ohd.
Adam Badeac, Lieut. Col. U. S. A.
Hkadq’iu* Department of Virginia, *
Richmond, April 14, 1>65. (
Ail officers and soldiers of the Army of North
ern Virginia, who were not present at tjie Btirren
ier of that army by Gen. Robert E. Lee at Appo
mattox Court House, on the 9th of April, 1865,
ire hereby informed that the terms of capitulation
sre extended to them, and that they can at once
avail themselves of the same by coming within the
lines of the United States forces, at or near Rich
mond, laymg down their arm- and receiving their
By command of Maj. Gen. Ord.
Adam Badeac,
Lieutenant Colonel U. S. A.
Ahmy of the Jamf-x, >
Richmond, Va.. April 14, 1865.)
General Orders, t
No. 39. $
For the purpose of cariying out the requirements of
General Orders, No. 36, current series, from these Head
Quarters, it is ordered that all officers and soldiers having
captured horses, carriages, or other private property in
their possession, turn the same over at once to the Quar
termaster of their respective commands, to be forwarded
to the Depot Quartermaster at Richmond, or in case the
property was taken from citizens in or near Richmond,
to the nearest Provost Marshal, to be returned to the
owners. Citizens having such captured property in their
possession will turn the same over to the Provost Mar
Any person neglecting to comply promptly with this
order will be placed in arrest and punished. Command
ing officers will be held to strict accountability in re
porting all cases of delinquency within their respective
commands. Provost Marshals will make strict search
for captured property in the hands of officers and use
the utmost vigilance in attending to the execution of this
Hr command of Mtjo-Gencral Dan;
Er>. W. Smith,
Assistant Adjt. Gen.
Richmond. Va.. April 13,1865. 7
No. 36. $
All captured property other than munitions of war and
mhaLtaao* stores, will be turned over promptly to the
K-,lot Quartermaster at Richmoud. All captured subsis
eu •• si..res and munitions of wsr will be turned over to
•he aoprupriatc Staff Officers. All private property taken
• u: i cf* -ens in and about Richmond will be returned to
•ho urti -ra.
l’i„. ’.ovost Marshal General and his subordinates are
Merged with the execution of this order.
By command of Major General Onn.
*pl+—tf Assistant Adjutant Genera*.
Akmv oi* thb Jahm, [
Richmond. Virginia. April 13. 1865 *t
No. 37. $
Provost Marshals will grant no passes to cltisens from
•.he North, or officers, to come to mis city, except on or
ders from the President, the Secretary of Wsr. Lieut.
Gen. Grant, or the Department t ominandcr, or by per
mission from Generals Meade or Sheridan.
Officers and soldiers now in the city will return to
heir respective commands at once or be subject to ar
rest and confinement.
The Provost Marshal General Is charged with the exe
ntion of this order.
By command of Major General Obd.
ti,14 _Aasistaat Adjutant General.
HixoGCABTsas Mu.JrABT Gov’s or Richmowd.)
Richmond. Va., April 15.1866. (
No. 3. J
Loyal cltisens dealing 'v coai or rood are authorised
to sell the same In nman quantities for the supply of the
litixena. Coal, wood ana provisions may be brought to
the city from the surrounding country. Provcsrt Mar
ihaU will give the nece-ao.- permits to or
^■tnlft tf Military Governor of Richmond.
DarxcaMBirr Aiur? or thb J ambb, j
Richmond. Va« April 11,18®. ?
Gbnbbil Obdoh,)
No. 4. $
Protection la hereby exVaded to all chu-ohoa an<
^^hgiow^rriMB^y be whJbout Lctirmt
Horn STc^m ■* o/ rrotoond pease -.is pr foottoi
lube no*, bo-rf riv jervertod J.r’o R u>
tonno' A .. — xiabk* .ou'Jr. i v orexri'.MiiO'.
Vhec thus "’U I** wiuict.vi.
In all ci—• c-es’rtiero prayer- -iav .cM.Jit lev
jeered for -:e r.c-jaiW « l.iu. •« >ut*m •<«<
Hums 6 aimf.Ar sifofc « •’▼'A*' *• V- Junt-oy ..rleiyv «. *
V*d VC lh» JV ' cf the ■■ RoJ '
By coKmai•! oj » njrr-GemrsIQ.
Jjyrsai D- D. vIiI.KLaAa,
.rV •Wr“ J^LU^Om.
Office of the Provost Martha! General,
Richmond, Va., Amu 24th 1866. •
A> the '.arious military offices in this city are tlrtnged
with persons making Application* for passport*, the fol
lowing is published for their Information.
Until further orders no paroled prisoners cf war will
be |>ermi t d ro pa-a to their home* in, or by'way of. any *
of the Northern ritie-. The officer* at Fortrv-c* Monroe
ure chargee with the duty of preventing an) such per
son s from taking passage on the Ba timore or Washing
ton boats.
Paroled pci-oners of war who can reach their home*
via the-lames River. Norfolk, Portsmouth, or through
the interior of the State, will be afforded every facility At
the disposal ot this oftli e.
Citizens w ho have given their parole, or taken the cath
of allegiance, are permitted to go North to make neces
sary iirrang*ment- for engaging once more in business.
A!l classes of persons residii*’ in this city, and haying
farms or plantation* in the country. Will receive the ne
cessary passe* for going and returning, on application to
Cant. C. E. Scovl te, lower floor of the Capitol.
ar, eg _l*rov. Mar. Oen’l_
Richmond, Virginia, April 32, 1866. >
General Orders.)
No. 2. i
The followiog instructions are published for the infor
mation of all concerned
I. Residents of the city are informed that they will bo
held strictly responsible for the police of their premises,
including the sidewaUs or pavements in front of their
dwellings or business localities,yards and alleys. Where
anv person or perso .s fail t^ comply with this regula
tion. they will be assessed double the amount ot the cost
of such police. The officer of police will cause the work
to be done, and will make and collect the assessment.
II. Private property will be respected. No houses will
be occupied except by authority of the Military Com
mamier and a proper assignment, under that authority,
bv the Post Quartetma>te.-. The Post Quartermaster
will immediately ascertain what houses are occunied bv
officers and troop* in this city, by whom occupied, and
bv what authority, reporting the same, without delay,
to his office. All control over the public buildings in
the city will devolve on the Post Quartermaster.
MI. It is made the duty of *11 guards and patrols to
preserve good o**ler. and when disorders occur they will
b- suppressed immediately and effectually. The muti
ation of public monuments and buildings is strictly to
be guarded against. Furious riding or driving in the
street* is prohibited. Horses are not allowed in the pub
ic square* Guard* will enforce these regulation*.
Soldiers visiting the city must remember that they
are visiting a military post, and that they are amenable
to the regulations governing such.
By command ol Brigadier-Goneral DmU . .
WM rl, ly n r. L. 1.
First Lieutenant 4th U. 8. Infantry, A. A. A. G.
Office or the Provost Marshal General.)
Richmond. April 19, 1865. )
ii all persons desirous of fishing in the /ame* river.
- J ... -ill fl.i. in RiM.mnnH and its vicinitv. have
oermission no to do without further permit or hinder
ftp’go_tf_Provost Marshal UenertK_ -
Department of Virginia. )
Richmond. Va., April 18,1866. $
It ia uot intended that the assistance furnished to the
poor of Ricliinond, by. the United States 'authorities,
aitliin the last fortnight, shall be permanent. Work is
to be provided for a 1. and those who do not avail them
of the opportunity to work, will be deprived of
^Alicolored men in Richmond can find work shelter
and food on application to Captain Slsghi Assistant
Quartermaster, at the steamboat wharf, and the visitors
of the Relief Commiseion have been instructed to furn .
tah no ration tickets to this class of individuals.
All destitute persons, white or colored, who have come
n from the country are directed to return to their homes ,
where there is abundance of work and where work will
[ produce food. .. , . ,
It has been announced to the authorities that instances
have occurred of persons drawing rations, when they'
were already supplied with food. Similar cases will
he summarily and severely pnnfshed. It is intended to
mpply none but those who are absolutely dest.tute. and
who are unable to obtain work.
It is also brought to the attention of the authorities
rhat men and women of the vagrant sort upon not re
ceiving the amount of supplies, or the ration tickets that
they claimed, have threatened the lives of the visitoia.
who were engaged in investigating their cases. The
promoted punishment will be meted out to any guilty
of thlsofteiice; men will be placed in irons, and women
a close confinement at once.
While the United St»t<*s authority is anxious to re
eve enti.ely the suffering exiatiun.here. »r is eqnsllj
determined not to allow its benevolence to be abused or
miaapplied _ _ t .
By command of Maj. Gen. Ord.
3 Adam Hadkai,
Lieut. Col. and Prest. Relief Commission.
gStYiiKRKyou conquer one Moth cow you conquer a, •
dozen in June - that is. you xu.i ’xm bkfobe mxr'RB
born. !
will do it if you act thib wbek, white they’r j in chr>
salia. HARRIS k CHAPMAN, Boston, make Cedar Cam
phor. Every druggist sells it- _lw
N OTICE.—AH persons Indebted to tke late firm of
Burton k Wallace will pLane call at Burton ft
Grant’s auction store. No M8 Vain street, and nettle the
same in Confederate money. Persons having claims
against the same will please present them for settlement.
Any information concerning a Leather Trunk, which
was taken from the burnt square In front cf the Rich
moud House, containing the books of Burton. Arnold ft
Oo.. and also of Burton k Wallace, will be liberally r*- '
warded by lf&viog the *aroe ti Bortoa A Granv#* auction
“ap36-t»l_’ BURTON ft WALLACE.
r which will he sold low for cash
Several Bed*»ea<W»ud Mattresses, ! am ready tomske
to order Anything * my Mne
Csbiust Makar In tte rear of Whig Building,
ap»4—at» Entrance cn Franklin urewt. ’
Itiehmt nil, April f**, IH0G.
-pWO VOlfNG LADIK8 desire a situation as TEACH* ,
1 ER8. One can te*ch Music Trench. Germau and
e n- ;’ish br.wche*; the other can tosch at! the Knelt h,
lirr.liehea sod the mdanente of French. They wish to
tea,-!: in private ismKie*. ,
Enquire of Ihe Rev item. jRfMb''dge- np8A—4t* •
LA^OAe’nm ft oc., irocK ehori,k r .->
tytaJ tar the preeeU at bio. 031 Mate atreet »sv y
Boot OC«r boun> fnaac 3 tc 3 Moloch ap A lw ,
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