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Major General Halle.k’a headquarters are at the cor
ner of Clay and Twelfth streets.
Major Gen. E. 0. C. Ord, commanding the Department
of Virginia Headquarters corner of Clay and Eleventh
streets Office in Custom House, second floor—Bank
street entrance
Brig. Gen. M. R. Patrick. Provost Marthal General.—
Headquarters opposite Gen. Ord‘s. Office in Custom
House, first floor—Bank street entrance.
Major General Casey's headquarters are at the corner of
3ixth and Main streets.
Brevet Brig. Gen. John E. Mulford, Agent for the
Ifacohaage of Prisoners, has an office at the “Female In
stitute," corner of Clay and 10th street*—(first floor.)
Brevet Brig. Gen. Micbie Chief Engineer Department
of Virginia office, second left-hand door, first floor,
"ostom House, Bank styeet entrance.
Brig. Gen. F. T. Dent, Military Commander of the
'ity of Richmond ; office, City Hall.
Lieut H 6. Merrill, Post Quartermaster; office, Fe
male Institute, Tenth street.
T'apt. A. J. Cook, Post Commissary ; office, No. 115
i>road street
Col. M. P. small, Chief Commissary Department of
Virginia, office at Custom House.
Co). D. M. E\ans, Paroling Officer. Office, State Be
u He Chamb r, up stairs, north end.
Colonel John B. Howard, Chief Quartermaster Army
if the James, has his office in the Custom House.
C-oh Geo. Suckley, U. S. V., Medical Director of De
triment of Virginia. Office in Custom House.
Acting Staff Surgeon Wm. H. Palmer. U. S. A., Post
'Surgeon, at Stuart Hospital.
Acting Assistant Burgeon Sanders, 0. 8. A., in charge
U. 1- Dispensary, corner Broad and Eighth streets.
Major J. C. Paine, Chief Signal Officer Office in the
Female Institute on Tenth street.
Offkeru are respectfully requested to inform us of any
arrow jr omissions in the above directory.
T ir. Puu.rc Schools.—Among the many moral
blessings which we hope to see flow from the new
order of things in our midst ia the resumption of
ihe functions of the public and private achooli of
the city, and the imparting of imtruction with
something like regularity and system. During the
past two or three years the public schools have be
c me nearly obsolete institutions, while the price
of tuition was so high that people of model ate
m< ans had to withdraw their children therefrom,
—icd they joined the grtat throng that obtained its
education from the school of the street.
In view of this state of affairs, General Dent,
Military Commander, requests that the public
schools be opened; that the teachers return to their
duties therein; that parents cause their children to
be registered at any of the schools, and see that
thcr attpnd retrularlv.
If any of the school edifices shall be found to be
otherwise occupied, the Commander promises to
have them immediately vacated, no matter who
are their occupants.
Another Nkw Jot rnal^Promised.—From indi
atious, Richmond will, ere long, have the same
number of newspaper publications which were issued
daily up to the morning of the evacuation of the
city Messrs. Walker & Lewellen have issued the
prospectus of a new daily morning paper to be
called “The Republic.” The principles upon which
“The Republic’’ will be conducted are foreshadowed
in the political motto adopted by th»publishers—
oaid to have been first uttered by Hon. John Minor
Botts—“No North, no South, no East, no West—
Our Whole Country.” Much editorial and re
oortorial ability is promised. The first number, it
is expected, will be issued about the 6th of May.
The proprietors have bought out the establishment
Cf the Southern Illustrated News, iu Bosber’a Ilall,
^’orner of Main and 9th streets, and will issue the
paper from that point for the present.
Coming Back.—Excitable people who rode,
walked, or ran from Richmond like mad, upon the
approach of the Federal Army of occupation, have
gotten over their fright in a number of instances,
and are beginning to reappear again upon the
streets, looking like other men, but a little the
worse for wear. Upon a closer inspection they had
Jiscovered that the “Yankees” were human, and
not inclined to destroy everything before them.
To one truth their eyes have been opened, and
that is, that premises, abandoned by their occu
pants upon the approach of an enemy, are sure tc
be appropriated, and occupied, while the property
w hose owners remain is equally sure to be left un
molested. and secure.
Sign of tuk Times.—The ever memorable sign,
associated in the minds of tens of thousands oi
U nion prisoners with the Libby Prison in Richmond,
has been .taken down and forwarded by Adam;
Express Company to Washington, for safe keeping
The sign, which is an unornamented board, was
nailed up against the west end, over the office door
way entrance, and bore the inscription, “L. Libby
& Son, Ship Chandlers.” What peculiar missior
the sign is to fulfill North, we are not informed, but
r wc presume it will be deposited among the accu.
mulated celics of the Rebellion, to be viewed witt
curiosity and interest by the generations yet to be
Tas First Consignment.—G. N. Gwatbmey
Esq., feed and produce merchant, received, oi
Thursday, the first consignment of oats down the
canal, and the lot sold readily at one dollar pei
bushel. From this fact we judge that the canal ii
open the greater part of its length, and a grea
rush of country produce may be expected to arrive
by canal.
Wearing the Confederate Uniform.—The sub
joined extract from the opinion of Attorney Gene
ral James Speed on the question of the right of
Confederate officers to wear their uniforms in a
loyal city or State, will do to follow what we said
yesterday on the same subject:
Rebel officers certainly have no right to be wear
ing their uniforms in any of the loyal States. It
seems to me that such officers having done wrong
in coming into the loyal States, are but adding in
sult to injury in wearing their uniforms. They
have as much right to bear the traitors’ flag
through the streets of a loyal city as to wear a
traitors’ garb. The stipulation of surrender per
mits no such thing, and the wearing of such uni
form is an act of hostility against the Govern
ment. _
Alleged Attempt to Rob—A Queer Robber.—
Thursday night, at a late hour, a suspicious look
ing fellow attempted to force an entrance into the
dwelling of Mr. Snooks, corner of Canal and 1st
streets. Ilis efforts to break in the front door
awoke Mr. Snooks, who looked out and discovered
the marauder, wno at once commenced giving a
respectable knock. Upon being questicncd con
cerning his business, &c., he assumed to be drunk,
or a fool, and gave a confused and incoherent ac
count of himself. .Wishing to test his mental con
dition, Mr, Snooks produced and pointed a pistol
at the intruder, when he showed sense enough to
roll himself from step to step into the gutter.—
Upon his refusal to move further the pistol was
discharged at him, when he changed his mind, and
traveled out of sight at evacuation speed.
The M arkets begin to put on the fullness of old
times, with the difference that prices are higher.—
Yesterday, in the upper market, butchers’ meats,
of all kinds, ruled at 25 cents. Of country made
butter there was none in the market, and the Sut.
ler article sold at 50 cents per pound. Fish of all
kinds were abundant, but high—sturgeon 25 cents
per pound. Vegetables were abundant; lettuce,
large heads, five cents; medium, two heads for 5
cents; asparagus from 20 to 50 cents per bunch,
according to quality; raddishes 20 cents per
bunch; onions 25 cents per bunch. Old vegetables
—potatoes, peas, turnips, &c.—were quite plenti
ful. No poultry whatever in the market. Sweet
milk 20 cents per quart; buttermilk 10 cents.
Serenade.—Between 11 *and 12 o’clock on Thurs
day night, the Whig office was complimented with
a serenade by the mitstrel band now performing
at Metropolitan ilall. Soft stringed instruments,
not boisterous horns, trombones, and drums, made
suit music on the midnight air. A number of
popular airs were performed with fine effect,
gathering quite a throng of listeners even at that
late hour.
The merits of this band, lately brought from the
Noith, with other attractions, are filling Metro
politan Hall nightly with delighted audiences of
ladies and gentleman, soldiers and civilians.
TheXaptured Union Flags.—The flags, ban
ners and markers captured from the Federal by the
Confederate forces from time to time, were deposi
ted in the War Department, packed in boxes.—
Two months since these flags numbered three or
fiur hundred of all descriptions, some very large,
of fine silk, and richly worked. When the evacua
tion of Richmond occurred these flags were not
removed, and Mechanics’ Hall being designedly
tired to secure the destruction of records and doc
uments that it was found impossible to remove, the
flags were destroyed with the edifice.
Rev. Moses D. Hook, D. D.—We regret the in
troduction, into this column, last week, of a para
graph which implied that, because the Doctor saw
fit to leave the city upou its evacuation, the act
in some way connected him with the Ccnfcderate
Government. Such is not the fact. Dr. Hoge’s
visit to Europe was made under the auspices of the
Bible Society, and not as the agent, in any manner
or frrm, of the Government of Mr. Davis. We
feel this correction due Dr. nege, and the large
congregation under his ministration.
Mrs. Toodles, who went the rounds of the auc
tion shops of Richmond last winter, investing her
Confederate notos in broken tables, chairs and
china, as a better means of security against utter
loss, is again on the auction rampage, reconverting
her broken-legged furniture and dilapidated wares
into greenbacks, as a still safer investment in time
of trouble. We applaud Mrs. Toodles’ acumen, as
the notes are very much more “handy to have m
the house” than old clothes, old furniture and old
crockery. _
The Last of the Confederate Negro Enlist,
ment Act.—The forty or fifty colored soldiers, en
listed under the act of Congress, and who cvac.
uated with ttfe army, going towards Amelia, were
dropped at the rate of about one for every mile
traveled, and when the rendezvous was reached the
white captain and the colored corporal alone re
The Capitol Square Concerts.—The Fourth
Massachusetts Mounted Band, now stationed in the
city, will hereafter perform in the Capitol Square
every ‘ Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday after
noons between the hours of 5 and 6 o’clock.
Civilians absent at the North, who have left
the South to avoid military duty, and for other
causes, are notified that they are at liberty to re
turn to their places of former abod« without pass
ports, none being necessary. This condition ap
plies only to civilians.
The Post Ukpice.—Postmaster Sharp, whose
appointment we noticed several days since, is work
ing energetically in the matter of getting the postal
enginrv of Richmond In good running order again.
We understand from the Postmaster himself that
there is a prospect of the removal of the Post J
Office back to the Custom House, from whence it
was moved several years since at the suggestion of j
Mr. Memmlnger, Secretary of the Confederate I
Treasury, in order that he might have more room
for himself and clerks.
In the meantime citizens will be afforded, we
learn, the privilege of renting the boxes, as the
transfer will not be allowed to interfere with that
It is a fact notorious to all the citizens of Rich
mond that the removal of the Post Office to the
rooms under the Spotswood wzs accomplished ih
defiance of their wish and against their opinion
and judgment of its expediency.
Woods ox Fire.—A fire was raging in the woods
we*t of the city yesterday afternoon. The confla
gration commenced about noou, at a point appa
rentlv west of the Petersburg Railroad, and, borne
by a high wind, at 5 o'clock, as traced by the
smoke, the tire had veered around to a point nearly
directly south. It was supposed to have been the
burning of the undergrowth of the extensive forests
in that direction, and the flame doubtless broke
from the'control of some farmer who was burning
brush on his farm.
Arrested.—Yesterday morning the keeper of a
periodical and newspaper stand in the Spotswood
was arrested by a guard upon the charge of ex
posing for sale a piece of treasonable music, en
titled, “God Save the Southern Land,’’ The ob
jectionable music was, among many other pieces of
a Union character, and may possibly Lave gotten
into the lot inadvertently. The party was taken
before the Provost Marshal, but we did not learn
what disposition was made of the case.
The following named men of the 1st Virginia Re.
giment, captured at Five Forks on the 1st April,
are well at Point Lookout, Md.—
Charles T. Lochr, Sergt. J. H. Kepler, M. M.
Young, George W. Mitchell, George W. Crowe,
Alexander Morse, John T. Farmer, William H.
Dean, George Ball, Birney Hodges, Thomas Tray
lor, Sergt. John Crew, W. A. Bernsteine, Corpl.
R. D. Jordan._
The Spotswood Hotel.—Mr. Corkery has asso
ciated with him, in the management of the Spots
wood, Mr. Millward, from the North, and the hotel
is doing a good business under the exercise of their
joint energies.
Shipping New??.
Hun rise*.5.15 I Mood seta (morn).11.12
Sun sets..............6.45 | High Water.......... 7.58
PORT OF RICHMOND, April 28, 1866.
bteamer M. Martin. City Point, government official*.
Steamer Robert Morris, Fortress Slonroe, government
Steamer Matano, Crowell, Fortress Monroe, govern
ment troops.
Steamer Trumpter Dearming. City Point, mail and
Steamer Red Jacket. Adams, City Point, mail and
paaae tigers.
Schooner Mary E. Banka, Kelley, City Point, (on 27th,)
government hay.
Schooner G. B. Smith, Bugbee, City Point, (on 27th,)
government hay.
Propeller Leader. Callahan, City Point, government
s ore*. .
Steamer Red Jacket, Adams, City Point, mail and
Steamer Trumpter, Dearming, City Point, mail and
pwsengera. .
Steamer James A. Stevens, Coruna, City Point, gov
ernment orders.
8te#aer M. Martin. City Point, government officials.
Propeller T. H. Chapin, Wilson. City Point, govern
ment order*.
Propeller J. B. Keerford, Peterson, City Point, govern
ment order?.
Brig H. Mean*. Hall, City PoiiL light.
Schooner Sarah Lovlnn, Anderson, City Point, light.
The steam tng, John H. Parker. Captain McKnown,
will tow vessels to any point in the harbor, by apply
ing to the Captain on board, or any orders left at A.
Mulspaugh’s, on Main Street, between 17th and 18th,
will receive prompt attention. j
Wayt to reyt, a mm all hoi ni:
in a good neighborhood. Anv one wishing to
leave and sell their furniture would do well by calling;
and no one need apply where there la an extortionate
Call at No. 199, Broad street, near 5th street.
I AM prepared to accomodate Hoard
ers be the day, week or montlu or fur Ish rooms
without board. Location central and desirable.
ap 29—6t*Broad st, 31 door from 9th.
LO!4T.*-A red COW, giving milk, left my lot on
Tuesday last. She had on her head when she left a
• trap with spikes in it, nd the tips of her horns ent off.
She was purchased in Manchester. A very liberal re
ward will be given the person.who will return her to me.
ap 24-3t*__ Mrs ELLEN V. CONWAY.
WA1MTEH. -Wanted to hire, a good Cook, Washer
and Ironer. Also, a Small Girl, either white or
colored Apply at corner 19th and * ranklin street, to
ap 29 - 3t _LOOTS J. BOSSIEUX.
4 SM ALL Colored girl, about three years old—brown
A. color-had a calico bonnet on—Answers to the
name of \nnie. Any information concerning her where
abouts will be thankfully received by her mother,
Main street.___a,1<y> 't‘
Religion? Serrice.—Chaplain J. C. Hioh of
the 206th Reg. Pa. Vois.. has aligned to him the public
rooii on the tirst floor >f the City Hall, for Chapel pur
ges; and 'he e will be public prevching in that p ace
to-morrow (SABB ATH), 30th instant, at 2 o'clock P. M.
All are Invited to attend.
New Richmond theatre.
Corner Seve nth and Broad Street*.
Mbs. E. MiOiLL.Manageress
E. D Oodkn.Acting and Stage Manager
In the Opera of the
Act First.
Opening Chorus—The Enemy Advances
Gaillot and CLnru:<
Andante—Ave Maria. Shield C Guiilot ftnd Chorus
Chorus—The Enemy Retreating Guiilot arfd Chorut .
Pong—Rat-aplan. Josephine
Marseillaise. Scalade aad Chorus
Refrain—Let the Drum and the Trumpet Sound. (Song
of the Regiment.) Josephine,Scalade, Guiilot, Bernard .
and Soldier?. _
Act Ssconp.
Song—Salut La France, Josephm, .'
Aria, Josephine
Song of the Regiment »
Josephine, Scalade, Guiilot, Bernard and Soldiers
Song—Ask me not why this heart with fond emotion. *
Josephine .
Solo and Chorus—So we arc, tic true and the Rat a pian, •
Josephine, Scalade. Gusllot Bernard and Soluierc. ‘
Fancy Dance...Miss Jes»ic Warner
Conclude with the protear, farce of the
CapUin Popham, 4 J Harrises .
Lobster, * J- Well*
Fanny Jennie Powell -
The managiment have m ide ftrrangc-tneuts for a Gi>(
class company, and upon Monday will introduce theft
With numerous acquisitions to the Stock Company
Metropolitan hall.
Open every night, with a First Class Comp my of
In Magic. Music. Ballet, Farce. Pantomime.
Negro Minstrels, Singing and Dancing. ,
Admission, 75 cents.ap27—3t*
Leases of vali ible loth in *
the Burnt District at auction.—Ob
TUESDAY, May 2d, commencing at 12 o’clock M., we
will lease at auction, upon the premises respectively, the
following lots, to wit:
The lot on north side of Main, between 9th and 10H. .
streets, being the same formerly occupied by John F.
Regnault—26 by 100 feet
The three lots facing the Square, known as the “Park
House" preperty. on the south side of Bank, between •
9th and 10th streets, fronting 60 feet, running back 75
The lot on north side Main, between I2th and 13th
streets, former'y occupied by Mr B. W. KncwleB—26 by
100 feet.
mt - »__-_ k. f,. mii . iKa nsiw; *
of renewal for five years mere. Buildings are to bi*
erected according to plans whieh will be shewn at the '
Bv leanest of the executor of S. P. Vial, deceased.
pr27 Auctioneers. <
p. (J. After the leasing of the “Park” House property •' t
we will leass for a term of yeari the lot adjoining on
the West,formerly occnoied br Ritchie A Dunnavant,
24 ft 8 in. by 70 feet, GRUBB A WILLIAMS,
ap 29__Aucte.
By J. L. Byebly A Co., Auctioneers
Grocorlfs, Dry Goods, Furnitnre,
WE will sell at our store. No. 19 Main street, on
WEDNESDAY, May 3d, at 10 o'clock, an assort
ment of Groceries, Dry Goods, Furniture. Ac , consisting,
in part of—
2 bbls Molasse
6 boies Altmyer's Ta low Cana »*
10 kegs OU Dominion Nalls
• Shoe Threads
Cotton Yarns. Buckets, Ac .
Several lots of fresh and des. able Dry Uoods
also, * .
A lot of Household F.initure. At
Consignments to the above s»ie respectfully 'elicited
, hp29—tds_ .Auctioneer* •
B#E. B. COOK. Auctioneer
70 Main Street,
Horses mules, wagons, Ac fob .sale at
I wil offer for sale THIS MORNING, at 10 o'clock, al
the horse lot near the Ballard House;
Several valuable Horses and Mulen
Two Good Spring Wagons,
ap 34 E. B. CtX)K. Anct’re,
WE will sell at the HORsE LOT on Council Cham
ber Hill. THIS DAY, at 10 o’clock
Several Harnessanl Saddle Horses
Lot of Harness
l Top Baggy. Ac. J L. BYEBLY A CO .• ;
ap39 -It Auctioneers,
be sold at auction, on the premises, on WEDNB8 ’ *
DAY, the 3d of May, at 4 to’clock P. M , the very val
uable Lot on north side of Cary street, and east side of
Shockoe Creek. It fronts 44 feet, and rum back along •
the creek about 110 feet to a wide alley. This property
is well suited for a large store house or factory, as a
large drying platform may be erected over th'- creek ad
joining the factory.
Terms libera! and made known at sale
ap39—td_ Auctioneer!.
• Aiietioiieeiris, *
Will open their commodious store under the St Charles
Hotel, on or about May 10, Htio.
Gooas sold at PUBLIC or PRIVATE sale
S3- Liberal advances mvdcuponaJ! consignments,
_ ap!?*—Iw
SERVANTS wanted. —I «i»h to employ t-wo female *
House Servants, without encumbr&a *>, to do the
cooking, washing. Ac., for my family. Such aa bring
satisfs tory references can aveore a good borne Wbrt£
women preferred. R. H. MR'DE,
ap *»—It* itb 3treet, beyond Ltigh

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