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(Evening State journal
B. W. 01-R.I-.
At »I*H *»••*» Street, Rlckmoad, V»
Tbe JOURNAL Is served by the carriers to their
lacrlbers In the City at Fiftt Cuts fir Mostu.
.ingle copies In wrapper. Thru Cists.
t't-tc. for Mai-ipto.— Three months $1 7ft; six
■•oath. IS 00: on. year $8 00
Ihe WBE-LY JOURNAL will be mailed to sub
soil-era three month, for sev.nty-fiv* oentaj six
At',-ir,ls particularly to the collection of o'd enrl
donbtfal Debt., Negotiating Loana, Exempting Hor- ,
Btearis and Dispossessing Tenants.
Office on Etevenlh street, lietween Main and Bank.
tl' form his friends, and the citizens of Richmond,
that he has temporarily located at the
Broad Street, between Eighth and Ninth, whore can
be found BUTTERICK A OO.'S PATTERNS and the
Pain is supposed to be the lot of us poor mortals, as
Inevitable as death itself anil liable at any time to
com. upon 119. Therefore it is important that remedial
agents should be at hand to be used on an emergen
cy, when the seminal principle lodged in the system
Bhall develope itself, nnd we feel the excruciating
agonies of pain, or Ui. depressing influence of disease.
Snch a remedial agent exists In the PAIN X U.LEIt,
Whose fame has mad. the circuit of the globe. Amid I
the eternal ices of tho polar regions or beneath the I
intolerablejand burning sun ofthe tropics, its virtues
are known aud appreciated. Under all latitudes I
from the one extreme to the other, suffering human*
lev has found relief from many of its ills by its nse. I
Tho wide and broad area ovet which this medicine I
has spread, attests its value and potency. From . I
small beginning, the Pain Killer has pushed gradu I
ally along, making Its own highway, solely by it. I
t. S,icU unexampled snc~c.s and popularity bas I
brought others into the field, who bare attempted,
under Bimllarity of name, to usurp the confidence of
the people and turn it to theft' own selfishness and
dishonesty, but their efforts have proved fruitless
while tho Pain Killer is still growing iv public favor
49* Directions accompany each bottle. I
Sold by all Druggists.
Price Si 5 eta*, 50 c,_». and 91.00 por bottle, j 1
Pllvorces legally obtained iv New York, I
oois, and other Statea, fur person, from
■ country, legal everywhere ; desertion, I
, non-support, etc., sufficient cause; no I
.'o charge until divorce ia obtained. Ail- I
Counsellors at Law,
I*o Broadway. New fork City.
TjT O R N EW V -■' R _.
COMPANY'S elegant side-wheel
steamship NIAGARA, Captain Ui.ai._msv will leave I
her wharf, at Rocketts, on SATURDAY, January
7lh, at 2 o'clock P. M. j
Freight recoived until 1 P. M. i
Fare $12 00
Steerage 6 Ot!
Round Trip Tickets 20 00
For freight or passage, apply to j
Ja s—2t No. 8 Governor street.
MUSIC, Ac. j
No. til. Maim Stem.,
No longer of tbe firm of Marsh A Pollock, is now
prepared to serve his friends and tho public genc
ef every de_criptioii
I respectfully solicit a call at my new establish
no 12-ly »18 Main St., bet. Ninth and Tenth.
_Y-_-yriALE, "~
No. 710 Main -fleet, between Seventh and Eighth
rTvfoTjARGB ~MUO-f Hi-SE-TtO rent.
X Ono on Leigh, near to Adams street, con-
tainlug ten rooms; one on Adams, near Leigh street, I
containing eleven rooms—built on the Philadelphia f
plan, and never occupied since being built; ln nice j
order, with gas und water. Accommodation, for j
carriage, horse, and cow. Apply to i
no 21—ts GRUBBS * WILLIAMS. j
PINE, per cord $4.60 I
OAK, per cord 6.00 j
BEST 801 l COKE, '
at lowest market price.
de ---.in corner Main and Seventh streets.
Mr ANTE.).—A _rs._T__~ T.BAMSrREi.S aud
« LADY'S MAlD—unencumbered.
Apply at No. 310 Twelfth street
ja 3—ts I
Font Monroe, Va., Dec. 30,1870./
OIALED PROPOSALS, in duplicate, will be re-
Ij eeived until 10 o'clock A. M., JANUARY _olh. I
EXTRA FLOUR, to bo delivered at the Post in lot* I
of fifty barrels.
Samples to accompany proposals.
Ja6—fit 2d Lt. 6th Arfy, A. C. B.
If your Horse is sick—send for DR. FREEMAN.
If your Cow is sick—send for DR. FREEMAN.
If your Dog is sick—send lor DX. FREEMAN, the I
only Veterinary Surgeon in the ciiy.
4_T Beware of uneducated Quacks und luipobt-i. I
wbcae assumption is Ignorance and practice fraud.
and Member of tbo Royal College of Veterinary'snr- I
geons, London.
ft9_. A slate left on the office door and tit Mr. I
Clarke's stable for outers— which will be promptly I
attended to. j a 3 \ m I
r\LV dominion BusiSaßS-^ijsalsi
Will commence October Ist, 1870. Tuition only 844) I
lor unlimited instructions, including all tbe Depart- I
ALW Circulars con be obtained at HldVood'«
le -—lawfai
CoiLECToK'a Oiric, .Id Dutbict, Va., V j
Richmond, May 11th, 1870. j
/ .prepared to turnieh INTERNAL REVENUE
'AMPS, of all kinds and In any quantity, t i at maj
desired either by bauks or individuals.
my H— t. rv>ll_otor Sd District. V.
[ÜBT RF..BIVED—I2 doien Uoff's Malt Extract
(genurr.ej, LleUg's Extract of Beef, Ccnutock's
itlonal fvoA, Borden's Coudensed Milk, and other
tides, for sale by L. WAGNER, Druggist,
00 -"—" corner Sixth and Broad streets.
INBKKD Oil.. Machine Oil, Tanner's Oil, Buirits
J Turpentine, V. hue Lead, Axle Urease, al w-bolr- '
Je and retail. I, WAGNKH
»«.*•— U Corner Btith am; Broad strae'u
Wji Haiti State Journal
S«,00 Per Ya.r.
II Cta. Per Week.
Evening $Mt journal
Let a trlttle Jnetliie toe Done.
We are glad to note a disposition on the
part of the Legislature to rei'der at least a
little justice to the colored people of the
State. The resolution introduced by Mr. i
Ragsdale, is certainly both modest and
moderate in its demands. It does not ask
for all the rights to which his race is clear
ly entitled by law, but simply for a por
tion thereof; and not even that, when we
come down to plain terms; for so far from
demanding justice it ia an appeal to our
humanity. Ought we not to be asharrcd of
ourselves, and blush when we aro _d
j dressed as gentlemen, while we can treat
women as Mr. Ragsdalc has represented
them to be treated on our public convey
ances ? Where is the respect we have for
these "old mammys," who suckled us
when young—"who ran to help us when
we fell, and kissed the spot to make it
well," when we can eject them from cars
in which we ourselves now rido, and force
them into such brutish associations as are
to be met with but too frequently in our
second-class cars, thore to be insulted and
abused? Why should theae colored wo
men be prevented from riding in any car ?
Wo do not object to them in our houses.
There they dress "my lady's hair," or rather
comb out her chignon, and deck her
out for ball, party, opera or rout. They
are the cherished companions of our child
ran, —and in sickness are our teuder
nurses. On the street, ami in the busy
marts of the city, we are in daily con
tact with them ; and is a public railway
car so sacred above nil these, that even the
old colored woman may not ride in one
where the lady rides, whom, perhaps, in
infancy she nourished at her breast ? Out
upon such morbid and mawkish sensitive
ness. We swallow camels and yet strain
at gDats. Why, before the war, wo never,
in the South, heard any gentleman or lady
urge the slightest objection to riding in the
same vehicle with any colored woman. j
But if prejudice has become so strong
against the race, growing out of their
emancipation, that we cannot ride in the
same conveyance with them, and as this
appears to be a peace offering, which does
credit alike to their modesty and their
moderation, we think tho Legislature j
ought certainly to grant the request; nay,
it should do more. The railroad com
tinies should be required to give them a
parate car, furnished in all respects as
comfortably as that in which the " white
folks" ride, for the same fare.
Our own opinion still is that time will
cure all the ills of which the colored race
complain ; that io a very few years they
will come to be treated just as other folks,
and that their appearance in any place
will excite neither surprise, indignation
nor remark ; but until then they shall
continue to practice that highest of vir
tues —Patience.
. ...
The Rails oad War.
We suppose every body has read tho vo
luminous reports of the farce now going
on before a committee of the Legislature,
called an "investigation into the affairs of
the Alexandria and Fredericksburg rail
road." The mountain seems to be in great
pain, and ought at least to bring forth two
j mice—perhaps it may be delivered of the
"three blind mice" which recently disap
peared from the stage of out theatre, and
must have taken refuge somewhere about
the Capitol.
The public want to know, in a voice of
thunder, "What's all this about!" and we
answer the public with lightning swiftness,
accompanied by a little mild thunder, "We
don't know ! but we half suspect there is
a cat in the meal tub!" There havo been
but poor pickings of late, and something
had to be done. A fat turkey has been
found.aud they will pluck his feathers and
pick his bones, and thereby grow muchly
in flesh.
Wo are waiting further developments to
write up our own views about this "raid
into Pennsylvania"—this second advance
upon Gettysburg—and in the meantime
give what "Chester," tho wide-awake aud
inUlligent correspondent of the Petersburg
Index, thinks about the matter. We ex
tract from his letter of yesterday :
The investigation into the afiairs of the
Alexandria and Fredericksburg Railroad com
rany commenced before the House Committee
f Roads, &c., last evening. Both sides were
represented by counsel, Raleigb T. Daniel and
Judge Robert Ould for tbe prosecutors, the
Richmond and Fredericksburg company, and
Judge Hunter Marshal for Urn defence. The
Richmond and Alexandria Railroad company
gave the very beat evidence of the honesty
of their purposes and the justice of their
cause by bringing from I'bilade'pbia, with
out the jurisdiction of any subpoena or writ
of tbe committee, their books to invite and
offer the very fullest scrutiny in their acts and
intention!. That the manner of their organi
zation was net above censure, in some respects,
none will deny or attempt to contradict, but
that ia no 6utbcient reason for a rival corpora
tion endeavoring to prevent the construction
of an all-rail line from this city to Washington.
Our people are at thia very moment enduring
the most serious inconvenience by reason of
this half-and-half, water and rail mode of con
veyance, and while they probably know little
and care less about these railroad companies
that are fighting each other, they are interest
ed in seeing an all-rail line built, and any
finale that accomplishes this end will please
Tnl Doves of Perfection is the name of a secret eo
clcty in Indiana comprising only ladies of color.
Wouldn't crows substituted for doves be
more appropriate, as being suggestively suited
to the complexion of the members of the soci
ety ?— Norfolk Journal.
Wouldn't it bo as well if those who
claim to be gentlemen among the white
race would occasionally recall to mind that
distinguishing characteristic of the true
gentleman—Ho never taunts the unfortu
nate or insults the lowly ; but always r.-
Kg tbeir condition und feelings. Why
every little occasion to intuit thu*
js, therefore, no necessity for gentlemen
volunteering in a cause which, to say the
least, is of very doubtful gentility.
. * *
Sodom llt.11111,1"'
[Correspondence Cincinnati Gazette. 1 ,
As I stroll thoughtfully along the boule
vards and browse among the book ibops,
I am constantly reminded of what I
thought among the ruins of Pompeii.
Now as theu, here as there, material splen
dor'and vicious indulgence flourished side
by side. But here the latter has been con
cealed under the iron hand of power. The
hideous monster which in the Second
! Empire was compelled to observe a certain
amount of reticence aud secresy, is now
stalking abroad under and fattening npon
the "liberty, equality and fraternity of
the present irreproachable regime.
The most grossly obscene books are ex
posed upou the boulevards for sale, nd
cried by women aud children on the
streets. I may not even give the title of
these vile publications j but they cannot
bo left without mention by auy one who
cares to be a careful chronicler of the crisis
and its causes. And I will say that in the
concoction of some of these caricatures
and pamphlets tlie author has descended
to tbe very lowest depths of loathsome in
decency. I havo seen caricatures of the
Empress to-day, which, I am sure, could
not be tolerated on the streot3 of any city
of Turkey or Hindoostan.
In tha smuttiest shop window of the
most unfrequented streets of the most
licentious cities of Italy or Spain, you will
see nothing so loathsome, vile, and bruta
as the pictures I saw, one hour ago, dea
out to merry purchasers on tho boulevard
by an equally merry young woman o
about 18 years, and ofprettyand unblush
ing face. lam determined to believe that
English speaking Christendom could not
furnish even tne street strumpet wh
could band such a picture aa lhaf to a mn
without a recoil of nature or a change o
And this is not an exceptional spectacle
It is to be seen from one end to tho othe
of the Boulevards, and of a dozen other o
the most frequented thoroughfares. Th
best dressed men and wompn join th
crowd that presses up to gazfi long aDc
with an admiring relish upon these tilth
creatures. Books make their appearanc
in the shop windows which beret.for
were concealed under the shop counters
and engravings which formerly wero only
shown to the initiated, aro now within
reach of lads aud lasses who accompan '
their mamma or tho servant.
A very respectable (?) shopkeeper sail
to me, "Let me show you how rapidly w
are progressing," and pulliDg out a cart
de visito he said : "Look on tho back o
it! That is the name of tho most las
tidious photographic establishment in th
city. Before the war they would prose
cute the man who charged them with pub
lishing such a picture, and even upon
cartes of the most ordinary departure from
decorum they would not put their name
Then, as to selling, any shop that shouli
be caught selling such a picture as this
would have been closed and its proprieto
How Prince Salm Salm Diet 111-, Death.
When I wrote and published in the
Evening Mail, a few weeks ago, some para
graphs of reminiscences of "The Salm
Salms," nothing but the brief words an
nouncing his death had been transmitted
across the cable; but I am now in posses
sion of some interesting facts concerning
the events which culminated in his death
on the battle-field of Gravelotte. It is
well known that he bad a most enthusi- I
astic attachment for the unfortunate Maxi-
Eid counted it a high honoj to
captivity in Mexico. The fate
11-starred Emperor, whose soul
ihivalrous as his judgment was
ivoked in him an almost phren
re to mete out vengeance to his
etrayers. At Bazaine's door he,
lart, laid all Maximilian's misfor
-1 he was mad to meet him and
th him.
the years that elapsed between
fall of the empire in Mexico and
ing out of the present war these
irned within him with unabated
oyfully he hailed tbe prospect of
between France and Germany,
and more joyfully still, when the time
came, did he press forward amoug the
foremost to offer his services to assailed
Germany. Tho Princess Agnes, who has
always been as one with him in his way of
thinking and acting, went as gladly with
him to the battle-field, and took upon her
self the trying duties of nurse in a field
ipital. The last words that he spoke to
one just before leaving Berlin for tbe
it were to the effect that it was his d.ar
wish, as a soldier, to die in defending
many from Prance, but that if he might
another—still dearer, because more
soual—it would be that ho might meet
Bazaine face to face, and, with avenging
shouts of "Maximillian !" "Queretaro !"
press a loaded revolver to the traitor's
Wben, on the 16th of August, in conse
quence of the defeat at Woerth, Bazaine
took the chief command of the French
army, and the German guards were drawn
up facing him, Prince Salm-S.lm exposed
himself so recklessly that tbo other com
manding officers expostulated earnestly
with him. He was theu trying fo cut his
way up to Bazaine, and instead of heeding
them he merely looked over his shoulder,
displaying a countenance which, naturally
ruddy, was now inflamed by terrible and
revengeful feelings, he cried out—
"Ah! you cannot understand how I
fee]—you who have but a country to pro
tect 1 But I, in addition to this, have to
avenge the death of my Emperor, who was
also my friend."
Saying this, he held ou in his ra.b and
headlong course, and in a few minutes was
struck by a fragment of shell, which in
flicted a mortal wound. He dropped
swiftly and silently, and was carried at
one* in the arms of his men, to the veiy
place where his wife was ministering to
the wounded, and shortly afterwards died
with his head on her bosom.
" Maximilian ! Queretaro!'' Duubtless,
for poor Carlotta's sake, if for uo other,
the avenging cry will not die away all at
■ «ar
»A Hartford, Coun., dispatch states that
It & Go. have received au order from a
eign government for 60,000 revolvers
d 00 Gatling guns.
"A genllemab, with his bride and lady
fri'nd, made the ascension to the Grands
Millets, which is six thousand five hun
dred feet above the Valley of Chamounix.
The day was so fine that when there, urged
by the ladies, whom, with the guide, he
left behind him, ho Btarted to make the
ascension of Mont Blanc. Shortly after
he left them, becoming cold, all three went
out for a walk, tied together as 'hey al
ways are, for greater security in tbe
mountain excursions. Walking upon
the ico and snow crust the guide offered
his arm to the wife, who had hardly
accepted it when, owing either to the
softening of the crust by the heat,
or cracking from the weight or the
formation of a crevasse, both the guide
and wife disappeared, the friend oniy es
caping their fate by the breaking of tho
rope. Disappearing thus instantly in a
place which did not seem dangerous, they
have never been seen nor found, though
eight of the guides, at the risk of their
lives, went down into the crevasse sixty
feet—in fact, made attempts Uutil the gov
ernment forbade any more—as the lives
of others were perilled for those that had
been lust. The lady who was left, scream
ed and remained on the spot till tho gen
tleman returned to find that he had lost
wife and bride in the enjoyment of full
health only half an hour previously. Such
are the dangers of ascending Mont Blanc,
where no amount of foresight or experience
can foretell the accidents which may hap
pen at any time with loss of life to some
or all of those engaged.
" Other accidents have happened—in
deed, every year one or more persons lose
heir lives upon this mountain. Captain
Arkright and four guides were lost in 1806.
A bride in going across the Tete Nofre—
one of the direct routes to Martiny—slip
>ed from her horse, unknown to the guide
who waa leading him, and falling down a
teep precipice, was never found. An
.inerican who sat next me at table gavo
me an account of crossing the Glacier dcs
ioissons, where the glacier havingchanged
o much since tho guide had been there
lecessitated leaving him constantly to go
ah.ad and discover the way that might bo
he safest. While he was gono some five
or ten minutes at a time, if anything had
lapponed to the guide the gentleman must
lave been lost, for "ho had neither tools
or making or assisting his way, nor ex
• j
A Singular Presentment. — Thomas |
.wing, in referring to Surratt s account
f the assassination of President Lincoln,
" A month before the assassination, I
iccame impressed with the conviction that
there would bo an attempt to seize and
carry off Mr. Lincoln and one or two active
i members of his Cabinet. There seemed
to me motives enough in the then desper-
I ate condition of the Confederacy, aud I
did not think the attempt by any means j
desperate or even difficult. I accordingly
wrote to Stanton, expressing my appre
hension, and ad rising him to look out for
; a raid—saying that the President and he
might be seized, bound, gagged, carried
off in a market wagon at a moderate pace,
| while half a dozen hacks driven furiously
in ether directions would confuse and elude
" So far as the President was concerned,
this caution was unheeded, though Stan
ton seems to have been well enough guard
ed. I never feared assassination, and do
not believe it was ever within the pro
gramme. T. Ewino."
Ex-Secretary Cox on Johnson's Ad
ministration. —The ex-Secretary of tho
Interior, in his articlo on civil service re
form in the North American Review, says:
" During Mr. Johnson's administration, I
it was notorious that, duplicity of the most 1
shameless description was used in obtain
ing an appointment from one end of the
venue and a confirmation from the other.
To ono who was at all acquainted with the
iutrigues then rife at Washington, it is no
wonder that peculation had invaded every
department of the administration, and
that a maximum of taxation was pro
ducing a minimum of revenue. The con
dition of things was one in which honesty
was a chimera and fraul was reaping its
harvest. It was a game of 'diamond cut
diamond,' in which tho two parties were
using all their resources and refinements of
intrigue to get the start of each other in
tbe control of the offices ; while dishonest
incumbents were plundering the people
under the shelter of a tenure-of-office act,
which seemed to be skillfully adapted to
ewove every trace of responsibility from
>oth the appointing aud confirming puw
__- ii
rs. m
—. ...—.
A Remarkable Malformation.—Th_
Xew Albany (Indiana) Ledger says: A
irrespondeot at Saltillo, Washington
ounty, sends us an account of remarkable
vms recently born in that town. They
ere joined together from the shoulders to
io lower portions of their bodies. There
as but one body in fact, yet three arms
nd hands, two heads, two sets of bowels
nd two legs. The twins died a short
me after birth, one head dying ten
minutes before tbe other. Mrs. Mary
rmsby is the mother.
. -.
Washington and Richmond Railroad.
Ir. Roberts, the president, aud Mr. How
rd, the solicitor, of tho Alexandria aud
Fredericksburg railroad, passed through
lexandrir* Tuesday morning oo their way
o Richmond, for the purpose of uaiug
their influence with the members of thn
Legislature iv obtaining a charter to build
a railroad from Washington city direct to
ichmond.— Alexandria {Va.) Gazette.
» ♦ *
Free Speech in Germany.—Free
peech is a myth iv Germany. For bav
ig opposed the continuanco of the war,
id reflected upon tho House of Hoheu
illern, three deputies of the North Ger- |
man Parliament havo been arrested, and a
itiper which bud the temerity to comment
■v.rely upou the conduct of the authnri
ies in making the arrests has been con
i.r ——
The Chesapeake Bay oysters which las.
February were transferred to tho Pacific
oast, aud planted in the bay of San Fran
isco, have increased to a wonderful size,
nd, as tho journals of San Francisco
ssert, are much superior iv flavor, grow
more rapidly and *|* ri J^* tter lhan iv tbe
Police Court. — The following cases
were disposed of by Police Justice White this
morning :
Robert Dobbins, white, for stealing a pair
of pantaloons and one blanket from Barney
Johnson, colored. Case continued until to
! Mollis Jones, white, for feloniously cutting
Lizzie Starkey, white, with a cheese knife,
I with intent to kill said Starkey, was sent on
for malicious cutting.
Barney Johnson, for unlawfully offering
Robert Dobbins a bribe, In proffering his read
iness to settle a charge of the Commonwealth
against said Dobbins for a pecuniary consider
ation. Continued until tomorrow.
Clinton Allen, colored, for stealing iron from
! the Tredegar company, was ordered to the
chain-gang for a brief period.
Jno. O'Conner, white, for assaulting and I
striLing Mollie Oarnett with a brick. Case
Freeman Jones, colored, for having in his
possession one bar of iron supposed to be stolen,
was sent to the grand jury to have the matter
James H. Clarke, colored, for unlawfully
pounding Wra. Woody's son with a shillelab.
Continued until to-morrow mtirning.
Aleck Woody, colored, for feloniously shoot
ing at Jas. 11. Clarke with a pistol. Continued
until to-morrow morning.
Archer Robinson, colored, for stealing iron
from Mayo's Island, was sent on for indict-
Robert Lawrence, colored, for unlawfully
entering the storo of Thomas Westerman and
stealing a pair of boots valued at $2.50. Sent
Lizzie Starkey, white, for unlawfully assault-
I ing and striking Mollie Jones, was sent to tho
Hustings court for trial.
Thomas Burns for unlawfully assaulting and
striking Antoine Cavido with a brick with
intent to maim, disfigure aud kill said Cavido.
Case continued until to-morrow, and accused
j bailed in the sum of $1,000.
Henry Barbour, colored, for stealing iron
from Beardsley's saw-mill on Mayo's Island,
during the fire there yesterday, was remanded
for indictment.
Peter Cary, colored, for stealing six dollars
in United States currency from York Freeman,
being too young to send to the chain-gang yet
a while, was sent to jail.
Virginia Home Building and Loan Asso
ciation — Election of Officers. — The annual
meeting of this association was held last night
at the First African church. Tho association
showed it_ confidence in their former officers
by re-electing as follows: Peter H. Woolfolk,
president; James B. Burr.ll,secretary; Thos.
B. Hewlett,treasurer. Directors; Joseph E.
Farrar, John H. Lewis, William Boyd, Abner
Cooley, A. R. Brooks, Henry Watkins. Trus
tees: Lotnax B. Smith, John W. Toney and
Thomas M. Hewlett; James B. Burrell, soli
B» report of tire president anil board of directors
9 tbat the total amount of shares whlrrh have I
sold la 3_3; amount received from January, I
to Decembor SI, 1870, inclusive, sn,__.J _j; r
nt expended during tbe same period, $0,057.70 ; j
nt remaining iv Planters' National bank 1
id; balance lv the secretary's hands, 77 cents. 1
association holds trust deeds to the amount of I
$11,300; negotiable note, to tbe amount of $148 19 ; |
reaf .Gtate to tbe value of $1,500 ;an 1 thore is due I
to tbe asaociation for flues and Interest unpaid on I
stock, $1,332.81. The association Is indebteded to
Ilable notes and other expenses, $2,r 00 ;
»vor ot the association, $12,281.30. The
• value of each share of stock is $33 67.
'ulvert Law. —A number of real
nurs and agents of real estate were
lice Justice Joseph J. White at noon
I his office at Did Market Hall, to
se why they should not be fined for
failing and neglecting to obey that portion of
a recent ordinance of the City Council, which
requires that aoy person owning a house and
lot fronting on a street through which a cul
vert shall run, sliall connect such house and
lot with the same, under penalty of fine if they
neglect so to do after three months' notice of
the Council's requirement by the City En- I
gineer. The summons against the property- I
holders was heard on its general merits for
several hours, and was adjourned to a more
convenient season before a definite conclusion
was arrived at.
The Monument erected by the people of
Richmond to the memory of Dr. Lawrence
Roane Waring, and which now stands over
his remains in tha Monree Circle in Hollywood
cemetery, is justly regarded as one of the
handsomest in those grounds, and no less an
honor to the philanthropist whose memory it I
is intended to perpetuate than it is creditable
to the committee whose taste originated tbe
design, which the artist has so ably carried
out in finishing up the monument. Nothing
more appropriate than it could have been con
ceived or carried into execution.
The Steamer Isaac Bett. —We learn tbat
the above elegant steamship which was so
severely injured by a collision at sea a few
weeks ago, has been thoroughly repaired, and
has resumed ber regular trips between New
York and this city. The damage she sustained
by her accident, although very heavy, was
Ir owners feared at the time—the
airs being only about thirty thou
i. Had she not been a very staunch
rthy vessel she would have been
;ked by her recent collision,
on Spiritualism. —A free lectur
ect of spiritualism wilt be deliverei
t 8 o'clock, at New Market Hall,
and Marshall streets, by Professor
Vhite, co-editor ot the Banner of
Soston, the great central luminary
if that sect. All ladles and gentle-
Lb to be enlightened on tbe subject
ism in a way not common to the
sf this city, will attend to-night
-ofessor White.
s Observances. —The fact of the
ccurring to-day, was celebrated in
I Episcopalian churches of Rich
the Catholics the day was observed
ly of obligation. At St. Peter's
lass was celebrated at 7, 0 and II). 1 ..
igh Mass being celebrated at tbe
hour. The ceremonies on the last
_sion were of a very impressive
Vespers will be celebrated at St
he usual hour.
Elected. —At a meeting of the
Academy of Medicine, held January
the following officers were elected
ting year:
Fairfax, President; Dr. J. E. Mc-
Vice-President; Dr. R. T. Cole
d Vice-President; Dr. J. S. Well-
Vice-President; Dr. C. Thompkini,
Dr. G. W. West, Assistant Secre
3eorge Ross, Treasurer.
ohnaon & Selden, No. 918 Main
great distributors of periodica)
we acknowledge the receipt of
ilie's Budget of Fun" for February,
slie's Illustrated Newspaper" for
; "Harper's Weekly" for same
Comic Monthly" for January, 1871,
_u_ other papers. "Leslie's and Har
lies" contain a photographic view of
f the Spotswood hotel, taken the
ter thii conflagration by those well
sts, Kees A Co.
itholics and Victor Emanuel. —
be a meeting of all the Catholics
y at the cathedral, next Thursday
7J<f o'clock, to give expression to
_g on tbe subject of tbe seizure nf
ictor Emanuel, and to express _\ v -
1 tbe Holy Father. The feeling
Catholics on tbis subject is intense*
frank Leslie —The number of this pa
per for tbe Htb inst. has an admirable cut of
the Spotswood ruins, taken from a photograph
by C. K. Rees & Co., of Richmond. It can be
had of Messrs. Johnson It Selden, newspaper
and periodical dealers.
The beautiful panoramic painting, rep
resenting Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, can be
seen at the usual hour at Metropolitan hall,
Franklin street. Crowds go to see it nightly. I
VOL. JJI.-NO. 54.
have a slimmer one on the stsge, and in this
we were not disappointed. The performance
was wholly inadequate even to tbe'small audi
ence present. Theatrical managers and actors
make a great mistake when they slur and
sloven things because the house is poor. That
is the sorest way to break down a theatre.
The few present are always advertisers, and
good ones too; and as they pay their money they
are entitled to the best ihe theatre can afford. I
If they go away dissatisfied, tbey are sure to
spread the contagion among the public, and
Immense injury Is done. It should be the cus
tom to play if there is but one spectator, as
well as it the house were crammed. It waa a
most dreary performance. First, we had a
repetition of Mr. Dalton's readings from Ten
nyson, to which,we had been called upon to
listen the previous night. He reads well, but
then it was very tiresome. Nobody bad come
to bear it, and all were restive under the in
fliction, which, like Banquo's progeny in the j
witches' cave, we thought would have strung
out to Ihe crack of doom. Before he half
way came to the point of culling Mand J
into tho garden, we mentally asked our
selves, "What has Richmond don* that
these accumulated afflictions should be heap
ed up.n her people?" W» mean no dis
respect 'to Mr. Dalton, for whose dra
matic powers we have the highest admira
tion ; but, in future, when he reads Tennyson
to such an audience, wo beg him "to cut it
short." The only set, ationi of pleasure we ex- I
perienced during the , iening, were when those
favorites of tbe Richmond public, Sallie and
Mary Partington appeared in their Pas de
Deux; the "little sprite" Zoe sung and danced
in her own queer, quick style; and the infant
Adele and Master ignacio danced the miniature
"Can-Can." As for the " Red Gnome"—to
call it a " farce" would be a misnomer. Then
that horrid advertising sheet of a curtain—
ugh llt gives us a chill every time
it comes down. Just to think of the taste of
•uch a thing I Why it alone is enough to drive
people from the theatre. Imagine some grand
finale of some grand opera, just finished with
a burst of music that fairly stills the audi.nce
in a trance of delight, and that advertising
sheet descending upon itl It is splendid to
bring one back from dreamland to the reali
ties of life, with its railroads, insurance com
panies, oyster saloons and apothecary shops I
Take away the rag, and give us something
else, even if you can do no better, why let
Byron dream on. Wake him not up. We
prefer bim, ugly as he looks, to that terrible I
nightmare of posters, 'Drop that filthy rag !' I
U. S. Commissioner's Court. —The fol
lowing parties wero arraigned before (j. 8-
Commissioner Jenkins, to-day :
Charles Logan, charged with defrauding the
United States of tax on tobacco. Examined
and O'immitted for trial before the U. S. Court
C.Scott, charged with selling liquor with
out license, was called an J case continued un
til Monday next.
Ctesar Scott, charged with defrauding He
United Slates of (ax on tobaoco, was examined j
and discharged.
Found. —Tbe fragments of tbo bowl of
the old Blues, lost by the Are at the Spots
wood, were recovered from the rubbish this
morning, and taken possession of by Mr. C. B.
Luck, one of the members of that time honored
company. At the timo ofthe fire it was filled
with egg-nog for Christmas morning. The
remnants of this old relic will be kept among j
others as a memento of the days and aights of
happy re unions of other times,
Mr. Dalton's Benefit —We trust the
public will bear in mind"that Mr. Dalton, the
leading actor of the company at our theatre,
will take his farewell benefit to night. He has
•elected that grand old tragedy, "The Iron
Chest," fur the occasion. Mr. Dalton is a
j good actor and deserving gentleman, and we J
hope will have a splendid house, though we
fear it will be otherwise. His numerous
friends should turn out and crowd tbe theatre.
Supreme Couit of Appeals — All Judges
Present. —In this court to-day tho argument in
the case of the Home Insurance company vs. I
Cohen, was further heard, and no other busi
ness transacted.
Governor Wells waa present expecting that I
the case of Chahoon vs. the Commonwealth I
would be called.
Eclipse. —We knew by consulting the
almanac tbat there was to be an eclipse of the
moon to-night, but we did nnt expect to find
the sun eclipsed this morning. It was so dark
at eight o'clock we had to borrow a pair of
spectacles to aeo what kind of weather there
was out of doors.
A New Theatre. —ft is rumored that
John T. Ford, of Baltimore, ia negotiating for
the purchase of tho lot oorner Eighth and
Franklin itreets, before the evacuation occu
pied by Dr. Read's church, for the purpose of
erecting there a handsome theatre.
Absent. —We understand that tho mem
ber from Surry county, wbos. eccentric con
duct caused the House to take some action in
regard to him at it. last session, has not put j
in an appearance during the present session I
A Social Club was organized Thursday
night, and the following officers elected: W.
A. S. Conrad, president; T. M. Benson, vice
| president; W.H. Godsey, Secretary; J. W.
Hunt, treasurer; R. S. Vandeventer, J. W.
The Governor to-day appointed George
H. Drowry a notary public fur the city of
Richmond, and U. Tudor Tucker notary pub
lic for Loudoun county.
NOTICE—To Orrrcißs anii M_MD_„e or M-chamcs
TSA-ia Union or Richmond, Va:
Brothers —You are herehy requested to make dili
gent search for the whereabouts oi Brother ;,!OHN
CHRISTIE, whom, we have r.aiou to believe, has
I r-.tr foully dealt with.
You are alio requested t-r eft.nd ii regular meeting
of your Union on NEXT THURSDAY, at 7U o'clock
for the H.ir ia all that is required : purely vegotahle
and highly perfumed, it softens, itnprovea and beau
tifies the Hair, strengthen* tire roots, and gives it a
rich, glossy apr,r__raure. or salo by all druggists
Price, _"r anil 7. cents per 1,i,1t1.'.
DR. L. CONQDON, the Indian physician, claims to
Lave successfully treated quite a nuiu.er of patients
in this city, und we hear of tlioso who testily to the
fact. It la fortunate that thine lire many physician.
with different systenia of practice for the cure of
almost endleaa difreases. The Doctor is confident ef
tho merits ot his mode ot tteatiug the biek, and
invite-, thoae ttfllicted to consult him and for
Ismselves of hia ability to cure. ITe can be found
hia ofl'r.o in Man,.lieiier, next to the p._t-o_-Co,
d may h_ "i.it;rv:ewed" dnrlng the ilay ot evry
3TILL uuother arrival of tho_o worol renowned
Bl_ Main street.
t.— By its aid gloves can be quickly and repeated
cleaned und made ~,,:,! to n_e\; _v_u when badly
iled they can be readily restored. It Is easy of ap
plication aud ia perfectly free liom any odor. For
salo by dru-gists i.r.rl fumy gooda dealers. Price, _:.
cents a bottle.
i. strongly lecoinmeirdtd aa tho best deulrft., ,
known. It cleanses au,l preserves the teeth, harden,
the gums, HiveeUus the breath ; and, containing no
acrl or gtitty substance, ia p.il'eetly harmless, und
can be used -'ally with treat ndvantago. Sod l-y ~11
druggists. Price, _. aud SO cent, per bottie.
♦jr*DR. HASKELL.—This col brut.'! plryaiclau
has taken rooms at tho MONUMENTAL UOTKL.
where those iirp r, rri-'.a w.ll lind him. He
a the proptiet-.r and v.i,.,-r ot vi.iv.v CELEBRATED
M-_OK.I-.1-S, who owe th.lr d!_cov«ry to bU Uv.n
tlve g.olua. Bt- MM
gateiMf Jpverttsnng.
On. -.aai.,.n.ln_.rtlon $ 7.
One ..,u»re, two l__ertion 1 26
Ono square, thru. Insertion. 1 74
One square, -ix Insertions g 00
On. square, twslve Insertion.. f, 50
On. «jnare, on. month M 10 00
On. .ij-aro, two months. „„,, \k 00
On. square, three months 2*
For quarterly and yearly Advertisers
•pedal arrangement* will bo made.
By American Praia Association,
FOUEIOir . K\vs.
A. Frnulan Victory.
Btporlod Exclusively for the State Journal.
Versailles, Jan. C. —Advices have been
received at headquarters from General
Manteuffel, who is at present operating in
the vicinity of Manks-stir-Seine, depart
ment of the Seine and Oise. He states
that a portion of his command engaged
tbe French forces on the left bank of the
river Seine, and after a hot and brilliant
engagement, succeeded in affecting the dis
lodgcment of the enemy. From the posi
tion of the French troops, they roust have
suffered severely in the action, which was
a complete victory for the Prussians, who
now hold possession of tbe field of battle.
Washington. Jan. 6. — The Senate ad-
j -Orbed over from yesterday till Monday.
In the House, Mr. Sargent, who was
entitled to the floor, made a speech oo tho
Paraguayan difficulty. He urged tbe adop
tion of tho majority resolutions from the
committee on foreign affairs. Mr. Beck
then took the floor and opposed them.
meat of fees of clerks to county and cor
poration courti for services in criminal
cases, do not pass.
A bill was reported, changing tho name
ef Washington (Jollege to Washington and
Lee University.
A bill was reported to change the name
and amend tlio charter of the Virginia
Insurance Company.
It was proposed iv one bill to make the
Rappahannock river a legal fence.
Bills were passed incorporating Ihe Lee
Memorial Ass.eiation, und providing (pr
the oollectiou of State revenues for the
year 1870.
In the House, a number of bills were
reported and placed ou the calendar,
among them ono to amend the act pre
scribing the duties and compensation of
county officers, and to amend an act pre
scribing tbe mode of identifying persons
convicted of criminal offences.
Mr. Guy, of Richmond, presented a
memorial of the (Jouucil of this city,
respecting tho tax on sample merchants.
A bill was also reported to amend the
Homesteid law.
— * _.• —
Finn at Norfolk.—-Ou Mondny night
a fire occurred at Norfolk, Va., on the
Princess Anne road, which consumed the
dwelling and carpenter shop of S. Bate
man, and six tenements owned by J. H.
Ingersoll, and occupied by colored persons.
t , .-._.». ■—_
Mr. Lorenzo Day, of Chickasaw county,
I Miss., having married Miss Martha-\V_e_,
j a local poet comments:
" A Day ia made, a Week ia loat,
Hut times should not complain—
There'll soon be littlo Daya enough
To make tho Wrek again,"
MACMURDO— ROBINFON.—In Orleans, December
__, 1870, at the First Preabytarlan church, by Rev.
B. M. Palmer, LIZZIE ROBINSON, eldeat daughter
lof 11. M. Roblnaon, K«q., to ('II Al! IKS J. MAC.MI R
IMTt t -I V i\t .'■■.! I V_r " *"
HARRISON, in the 46th year of hi* age.
The friend-cf tha family are itivitod (a attend 1 ■ f-_
funeral, SATURDAY, the 7th in_t., at 12 o'clock M.,
USTRIBUTION No. 108. Evenwo Jan. 5.
8, 17, 25, 40, 20, _7, 29, 2, 6, 72, !/~, 36,
ISTRIBUTION No. 109. Moeninii Jan. 6.
7«, 12, 18, 82, 30, fiO, 20, 72, 45, 60, 8, 77,
Wiih ._ my huno, ul RtclirnonJ, Vu., thia till day
' Jnntiiirv. 1871.
Managers. Commisaloier.
« Capt. W. I. DAB.N KY, at the Branchonice, No.
, Eleventh street, one door from Main.
>Tci«lWo THIEATRK. '
. E. OQDBN Busineaa Manager.
FRIDAY, JANUARY 6ib, 1871.
First time irr several years of Column's stihliuie
Tragic Play entitled
', with a Favorite Comedy.
Hxth.nd Marshall .treeta, FRIDAY [and SATUR
DAY RVBNING-, Jannary Orh sad Til,.
An opportunity will be given th. audience to auea
ti .11 th* sp.ua.r pertaining lo th. Spiritual Ph'lo.o
Lecture to comnr.nc. at I o'clock. Admission, te
defray expanses, 25 cents. J* 6— 2t*
JANUARY 6, 1871.
After thia date the REGULAR TRIPS between
Lichiuond and Washington over the Route of il,.i
'olnpaov will be resumed.
Trains inn Byrd Street Depot dully (gnnday. P.
I. excepted), at ll:ia A. M. and 830 P.M., uud ar
il., ut _... P. M. and ":3u A. M. (Monday A. U. ex
The Tiuiti leaving Bynl Street Depot .t 11:18 AM
onner-ta at Ac piiii Creek with steamer Geotg.ann.
rrr Baltimore
Ja 6—it G.nerul Ticket and Freight Ag.nl.
.j VA., JAN'Y ;-, 1871.
In th. matter ol Richard E. Tuy lor, baukt u\ I—lv
Ia paiauauce of a rfe-Tr. ofthe District Court of
h. United Statea frr r the District ~f \ irgluii .pi.,
nounced ou the Bth of December. 157,1, In this _ra,
1 shell, nri the _S:.ti DAY UP JANUARY, lt>7l, .:
the clerk's office of Junius City county, proceed to
tuke an account of the liens existing agaluat th. re .1
es'ate ot aaid bankrupt, showing their dates.
amount., priori! le., and on whit portion or the r.ul
eaUt. they exist; at which time und pi-re .11 p.r
nm having liens agniust the aaid real estate a ,
tilled to attend and protect 'heir Inter..!.
fascial ComO-laefoLcr

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