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PUBLISHED DAlLT—(Bnndsri Kxeerto
B. Ml. Olf.t : ~
KliiTon AM' pu< uv.irron,
At 01'4,'j Mala street, Ittctimou.l, Va
The JOURNAL Is serve- by the carriers tot i fir
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.Ingle copies in wrappers Tanix Omits.
PaiOß foe M.w.in .. — Three months $1 71; sis
months $3 00; one year $0 00
-he WKFKI.V JOURNAL will he mailed to « a
toribers throe months for seventy-five cents; six
months, SI 00; one v«_r. $2 00.
IJ STOVR COAL, attT.-Oper ton. Best MMOBI
OAK and riNB WOOD at lowest price, Sawed an
12—lm corner Main tin. Seventh street*.
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PINE, per cord 14.
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st market prioo.
I ni corner M aln ••_ Seventh streets.
■ui^K-TB_3c_aT_oir J^'«Uji
Board and Tuition per anuw J2!6
inaugurated by P. R. H. Prince Arthur. Boar* au
Tuition pera_num. i2"i.
Paistßxai—The Very Rev. J. Hellmnth, D.D
Dean of Huron.
48?" 'or particulars, apjl v to Major Evans, London
Canada West. -»l_-l>d_«
, _ ,_. .~
J. One on Leigh, near to Adams street, con- J
Mining ten rooms; ono on Adams, near Leigh ami ,
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pi an, aud never occupied since lacing built; iv nice
order, with gas and water. Accommodations tor
carriage, horse, unti cow. Apply lo
no 81—ts OR- BBS A WILLIAMS.
TO TAX-PA VERS —Ml pereons who
__. falloal t'a pay their (Class or Busln. ss) Tax fu
the year 1870, would do Weil to atlenal to (he same
ai I am Instructed hy the Cily Council to levy lb
the same. I may be fori d at the City Collector'
olßoe, City Hall, from 9 to 10 A. M. and _ to 4 P. M
Jr It—lw Collector Delinquent Taxes
_^Js*_-S2i„ jATWDJMK DICIN X «.
Stfully announco tbat they havo removed to
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ja 12—ts JO3. N WILLIS.
Eeaaya for Young Men, on great SOCIAL
EVILS and ABUSES, wlarch iutcrfore with MrR
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of charge, in sealed envelope?. Address, HOWARD
ASSOCIATION, No. -i, 8 Nlnlh street, Philadelphia,
Pa. ja 16—3 m
of yesterday, got up to gull the unwary and pu'
money iatbepocketiof the proprietor, :t has stood the
teßtof timo. Having been iv tho market over thirty
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the sunre; inMvlai.lo in its operatic?.; a specific reme
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/fig' Beware of uneducated Quacks nnd Impcsters
whose assumption is ignorance and practice fraud.
>nd Member of the Royal Collcgu of Veterinary Sur
geons, London.
a__. A slate left on the offlco door and at Vr.
Clarke's stable for orders—which will to promptly
tttended to. ja 3—lm
Bran SruiT, __rws_. Sixth and S_v__i_,
ING TOBACCO supplied to the trade on the most
'easonabte rates to he found in this market.
Ja 13—lm JAS. SWEENEY.
MUSIC, 4-r..
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t . o'clock P. M.
Freight received until 1 P. M.
iouni Trip Tickets 20 00
For freight or oaamama. apply to
Ja 18—2t No. 3 Governor street.
— =
II OUT I. I 1.1 lit all..
FRANKLIN DAVIS 4 CO., Proprietors.
We offer for thaa Full and Spring Trade tho largest
ollectlon cf FRUIT TREES, YIN r.S, Ac , ever grown
i the Southern States, consisting In part of
,OCo,OOO TREES, embracing all the choicost varie
ties ol fruits adapted especially to tb*
,000,000 VINES, consisting of every variety of sural)
aj- Send for psttaloglM-, a-t closing postage Btaßipe
oc 18—6ut
LIVERY S .',-, 111,1.5.
10. 716 Main .treot, between Seventh and Eighth
de .I—ts WM. M. LEDLEY'.
:es, for the District of Virginia,
J.-. >'. . bllli.;; vs. Denis X Fer
. bankrupt-ir, banltvuptcj.
To Whom it May Concern: —The undcj£jgned,
ohn M. Hall, of Hourico co , Va., hereby gives notice
f his appointment hh assignee of the estate of Denis
l. Ferguson, ol i....110,1,1- co'ty, in raid district, who
ra», on tho l.th day of April, IS7O, adjudged a
ankrupt by the District Court of said district.
Dated Hiebraou<l, January 19 IH7I
ja 1«-Th3w JOIIH M. IIALL, Assignee.
For Kale hy
1-17 OarW aViftk ant Marshall twtata>
~ felting £tatc gouviml.
1 Election of U. 0. Senator*.
Frank Blair (Democrat) has been elected
- to the United States Seriate from Missouri;
Henry Wilson (Republican) from Mussa-
I" chusatts, and Lot■ M. - ~qg|
from Maiao,r-,both re-elections; Ganorai
.John A. Logari (Republican) .rorasgW.uoi-;,
and l|en. William Windom
from Minnesota ;. and Hon. F. T. Frcling
huysen has been nominated in caucus by
- tho Repulicans of New Jersey.
Tbe election of that rabid, radical, and
ranting Copperhead, Frank Blair, is the
sorest infliction tho country has been vis
ited with since the cholera of 1832. The
following remarks, made by him in the
■• House of the Legislature of Missouri tho
'a day beforo his election, against a resolu
tion which was introduced, approving tho
fourteenth and fifteenth amendments and
I the reconstruction laws, show the vindic
[ tivo spirit which animates this man since
| he has fallen from the high estate he held
r as ono of Sherman's most trusted officers '■
Yesterday, Gen. Blair, ou motion to re
fer Major Pope's resolution to the Commit
tee ou Federal Relations, of which Mr.
Blair is chairman, spoke on the question,
! stating that bo was in favor of the thir
, teenth amendment, and believed the South
generally assented to it, but thoreconstruc
, tion acts he declared unconstitutional, and
referred to the decision of tho Supremo
Court in the case of Cummings against the
State of Missouri; also to tbe case of Mul
ligan aud Bowles, who wero tried by mil
itary commission in Indiana duriug the
war. Referring to his letter to Col. l>rod
hcad, he used tho following language :
Sir, my letter, which has been referred to,
contended that the military should b.male to
undo their usurpations at the South. I say so
still, and you have only to withdraw them
from the South aud their work will be undone.
[Appbuse.] Tbat carrion crew of carpet
buggers, wbo are gorged with the plunder and
drunk with tbo blood of the vanquished pto
ple of the South, will disperse themselves in an
instant, if not sustained by the bayonets of the
Federal government. There is no item in that
letter that I take back. 1 stand by it. I
believe in the construction given to the
constitution of the United States by
the Supreme Court—that this reconßtruo
tiain was unconstitutional. My hope in
going to Congress, if I should attain
that high position, is, that I may aid in with
drawing the troops from those Southern States
which aro held there to saddle upon the backs
of that people a parcel of carpet-baggers and
I scallawags, followed by an ignorant mass of
negroes; and to prove to the people of the
South who have shown a disposition to abide
in good faith by the arbitrament of arms and
renew their allegiance to the government, tbat
they will be allowed to resumeself-govi-rnment
themselves, aa we have done in Missouri, and
whilst 1 may not expect to carry with me the
gentleman from St. Louis, I believe tbat we
can surely and certainly count upon the co
operation of the large body of liberal men who
as. iotaid us in relieving ourselves from similar
tyrannies in the State of Missouri.
We hope the Democrats will renominate
Blair for 1872. With tbeso sentiments,
be would not carry a single Northern
State. Wo would like to know where
there are any boldiers in tho South now.
Wo have understood that they were all
withdrawn, save a few iv the forts and
at the arsenals to protect the property of
tho government.
We shall bo rejoiced if the Democrats
finally determiue to conduct the next can
vass on the issue of slavery, the fifteenth
amendment, the reconstruction acts, and
the deadly animosities of the war. If
thoy bring these things up again, we shall
have an easy time of it in re-electing
President Grant. If the South is deter
mine to perpetuate tho h.atos of the war, —
the North will be forcad to adopt a sim
ilar course.
The Outlaws or ..iirtu Carolina.
Press dispatch-from Wilmington, North
Carolina, dated yesterday, says :
The commander of tho Federal troops in
Robeson county. North Carolina, has tele
graphed to Washington for more troops, tbe
small number now in that county being unable
to cope with the outlaws. As a measure of
precaution, a squad of soldiers accompanies
each train on the Wilmington, Charlotte and
Itutherford railroad, Lowry, the negro leader
of the outlaws, having threatened to attack
the trains. It is conceded that little can be
done towards the capturo of the outlaws with
out a Urge force of men aided by bloodhounds.
The outlaws alluded to are a numerous
baud cf robbers, who have established
their camp in the swamps of Robeson
county, and defy the authorities. They
sally forth daily and commit depredations
murdering aud robbing. A few days ago
they shot a gentleman down within a few
steps of the United States soldiers' en
campment, and not long since they even
carried a soldier away from his post who
has not since been heard of. Their crimes
are many, and it is time energetic measures
were adopted to break up tbe baud.
. om9*a ■ —
The Ibon-Clad Oath.— Th. committee on
reconstruction yesterday considered the pro
priety of repealing so much ofthe test or iron
clad oath as precludes such persons as entered
the rebel army when minors and have since
attained majority, from subscribing to its pro
visions. Tae subject was referred to Messrs.
Porter, Upson and Morgan, wbo were directed
to make a report at tbe next meeting of the
coninittee.— Washington Chronicle.
What is tho use of tinkering at it in
this manner? Do the thing grandly, and
sweep away all tests and disabilities at
once. It cannot possibly do any harm,
and we know it will do good. It is a
measure, as we h.vo urged before, which
should te perfected by this very "pro
nounced Congress." If it is left to tbe next,
which is not so thoroughly Republican,
the parly will not receive the full credit of
the measure. Repeal the
test-oatb, and then remove all the disabili
ties under the fourteenth amendment.
That is tiie way to perfect reconciliation.
«•» —
Eight of the twenty-two members of
tho Minnesota Stste Souate, and fifteeu of
the forty-eight members of its Houso,
were born in New York. Not one of
either House is a native of Miunesota.
And yet nobody thinks of calling tbem
city are gm.iily excited, and not without
cause, over the action of th. City Council
in refusing tho petition of the Tredegar
Car Manufacturing company, and thereby
not only throwing two hundred and fifty
mechanic, out of employment, but causing
a panic nmong the retail immimta and !« ao.rd
ing-house keepers at the wist, end o'
Broad street. ,
The indignation against the members of
the Council is very strong, and they arc
denounced on all sides. It was a mos
infamous act; but it will cure itself. It
will teach the workingmon in hereafter
to l.ok better to their interests when the
city elections take place ; and in future
they will elect men who have some sym
pathy with the working class, and suf
ficient intelligence to advance their in
A gentleman remarked yesterday ia our
Ig, after learning the facts, that i
be better lor the citizens to join to
and carry the cars through tho
to the Danville depot, than that a
lould \)o put to this enterprise, and
irkingmen remain idle. Are we to
uanufaetiiring, ami con.cqucutly a
rcitt! city, or Dot V If nor, let us
i fenco around tha ptaoa at once,
it in, like any other gravo-yarJ.
— t
The South, m Outrages.
ough tbe Prcsideat in response to
olutiuu of Congress, has sent in all
_euce he has relating to outrages io
.ltli, h. offered no opinion nor did
ke any recommendation, as to the
to 1/a applied,—contenting him
h simply luiiiing over tho papers
possession, that Congress might
dispose of the matter. Tin-re
liscussion iv the aSenate, ou the m.
refer to a select committee for in
vestigation, of whicli the New York Tri
>une says :
Tho Senate yesterday devoted nearly Ihe
whole session to a discussion of Southern out
rages, and some reuiwrkabl. statements, not
wholly new, yet startling in their disclosures,
were made by Southern Senators. The pro
rriety of making this investigation seems un
iit-al, but there is great danger that it may
some new measure of reconstruction, ol*
.oa bare had quite .nough to demoralize
t sob.r and staid society in the country,
not but believe that the source of Lalf
ible in the South is that mistaken legis
. hich haa_given privileges to one class
ied them toothers, and thus arrayed one
i violent hostility against another. We
ivestigation of the outrages will con
'ongress of the tolly of continuing tbe
1 distinctions provocative of bitter
mtiess animosity.
fear the party will "put its foot in
it opens this qneslioi again. Th'
cannot afford to keep up a const.iat
one-half of the country and with
f the people, merely to oblige our
Meddles" in tho Boutb, who are
lally doing and saying things calcu
i annoy'the people, and daily offering
>t respectable pot tion of thoir bodies,
kicked, that an action for assault
brought, and damages recovered for
itrage." Let us have general am-
Tliat and a little more manhood
the Republicans of the South, will
s peace. We must stop this thing
niug to Washington with every
eye" and "bloody nose."
tons of War.—The whining Dem
papers of the South ate making
isons between the bombardment of
y the Germans, and the shelling of
urg, Charleston aud Fredericksburg
Americans. There was not a wo
r a child killed during the whole
an war. As for men, it would
«en much better if more of them
; themselves iv tho way of killing
ing killed, and fewer had sought
in bomb-proofs. Tho American
s the most humane the world has
tctssed, so far as tho actual cn_
were concerned. Thero were
mrrors and barbarities than in any
" which hißtory or tradition gives
.». .
kre ihe M. _hant-*_
The (.neation Answered.
Editor of the State Journal :
a comm -nidation in this morning's
r, asking for the names of the
•s of the City Council who voted
the Tredegar company's using Ihe
of the city for conveying cars, &o.
quirer man, although himself pre.
he meeting, pleads Iguorancs ou the
ar.d cannot furnish tho de.irtd in
_n. "Tho yeas wero not called,"
. How convenient the escape.
present as a spectator, Mr. Editor,
svening iv question, and will en
to supplement the Enquirer's report
ug what did occur in reference to
;ter. When the question of granting
tting tho petition was called up,
ibe, of Monroe Ward, oiled for the
J uoes. This motiou was opposed
Sloan, ot Mu.li.on ward, and some
jn ensued,
cleik finally read tho rule, which
. that a call for the ayes and uoes
I seconded by fivo members. Tbe
i seconded by two members only—
F.igarty and Laube. Thus it will
that of the gentlemen who com
pose that honarablc (?) body, two were
found who were not afraid to havo their
names go upon the record on this question.
It is dun lo Mr. Smith, of Jefferson Ward,
to say that lie voted for the petition.
The members present were, as I find on
reference to tho Enquirer's report, as fol
President J. J. EnglU'h presiding, and
Messrs. Todd, Kent, Btrau, J.ohinaun, K_*
[ garty, Davis, Oreaner, Slo.iu, Prince, Wynne,
Lipscomb, Allen, Smitb, Mayo, liiggins, Jen
kins, Brancan.
And now, Mr. Editor, 1 havo a aa -
that I would Hko to havo answered, and I
doubt not there are many others who are
equally interested with myself. It is this:
Ii the members of the City Council who
voted against tho petition, honestly be
lieved thty wore actiDg for tbe beet in
terests of the city, why did they refuse to
have their names recorded upon the ques-
By American Preaa Association,
Bonrbakl still Advancing on Delfort—
IJontmnnlcstloa Bitwecn J,_ Man*
and Tours Cut.
London, Jan. 20.—Telegrams have been
eceived from Bordeaux, which state that
advices were received in that city on Wed
esday from Gen. Bourbaki. He reports
that his command still continues to ad
vance in tho direction of Belfort.
The correspondent ofthe Echo telegraph,
rom Brussels, that the French troops
iave re-occupied St. Quentin.
Dispatches from Bordeaux state that
Jeneral Faidherbe is conducting opera
ions in the northeast provinces. His
rmy was advanced to within seventeen
;ilometrcs from Bofame on Wednesday
morning in a southeasterly direction be
weeo Combard and Peronno.*
The German troops have cut and rcn
i ereil useless for further purposes of trans
udation the railroad between Le Mans
md Tours. They have also destroyed the
rridg.s in the vicinity of tho railroad
Washington Items.
ff'a./u'ng'i'on.Jauuary 20— In the House,
M, Mr. Degeuer, from tho committee
ian affairs, obtained leave to report
1 for a better protection of the Texas
ronticr, which was ordered to be priuted
ud recommitted. Friday being devoted
o private business, a large number of bills
f that nature were reported.
There was nothing important in the I
It is rumored that Boutwell will rotire
rom the Cabinet before the end of February
■ — i m 9 I
Kew York Markets To-day,
Reported Exolurivcly for the Stale Journal.
Wall St., 1 P. M.~ Money 7 per cent., with
ome loans low. _xcbange steady and un
hanged. Gold firm at 110%@IlbJ_. G,v
irnments opened active. Cotton quiet and '/i
ower; Lo* Middling, U% ; Orleans, \o\i.—
>tock market opened strong, with the Union
'acific as a prominent feature, the price hav
ug advanced from 17Ji to 22J£.
Legislative Summary,
Iv the House, tho committee on propo- I
lions and grievances reported against
oorporatiog private companies, the sub-
Ing in tha hands of the circuit
Senate joint resolution in regard I
aim of the State of Virgiuia upon
;ed States for advances, &c, during
of 1812, was reported from the
co on finance. A report from the
cc on roads, &c , together with a
r report in relation to the organizi
ho Alexandria and Froderickaburg
company, were presented, laid on
!e and ordered to bo printed. A I
of bills were advanced on the cal
>ill proposing to amend the act in
to articles, exempt from sale for
as reported on adversely; also,
till to repeal an act. passed 18GG,
rvo and extend the time for the
of certain civil riyhts and reme
.ertely. House bill in relation to
iction of illuminating oils, was re
also, bill for a reporter for the
i Court of Appeals; also, Senate
be incorporation of the Petersburg
uswick Kailroad.
ommittee of courts of justice re
igainst changing tho timo of the
leeting of the General Assembly
ry Ist, The same committee re
igaiust making certain property
.1 from distress or levy, by section I
ter 49, of the code of 1800, liable
ions in all cases of tort or willful
Tho committee of propositions,
lorted against the expediency of
; a bill to prevent the sale of in
| liquors on Sunday, or to pre
manufacture, sale and usa (except
cinal aud chemical uses) ef the
mate opened this morning with
f Key. Thos. L. Preston. Senate
ovide for a general registration io
)f Lynchburg, was reported and
Mr. Taylor, of L.tuhmu, pre
bill to incorpora'e tho Loudonn '
•ailro:id company and to amend I
f the Virginia Marble company.
v of the, same gentle .'au, it was
that committee on public institu
ustructed to inquire into the expe
haviug tho convict labor of tha
iry employed in the granito quar
ia State with a view to the erec
uew capitol. By s.me, aTeaolu
when the Senate adjourns to-day,
il Monday next at 12 o'clock M.
•ayes 13 ; none 10. On motion of
in, it was resolved that the cora
i-public institutions be instructed
by bill or otherwise, what legisl.a
cessary to provido for the treat-
Jolored dumb, deaf and blind per
may bo unable to take care of
?s. Mr. Kendrick offered joint
i in relation to church property. I
to committee on courts of justice. 1
i '
al Districts.—The House Judi
nniiltee Wednesday, after an ex
i_cu_„ion, agreed to report a bill
: for two judicial districts in the
■ aei
evada railroad robbers havo beeu
I to thirty yea's' imprisonment.
load of California cotton was
rom San Francis..) eastward yes-
Kmmanuel, King of United Italy,
pting his Bincere thanks to Gen
ii A. Dix, president ofthe meet
in New York city to celebrate
ily chapter iv the Bible (ihe last
»f Proverbs) written by a woman
her of King Lemuel) contains a
wotnan'l wajjes: "Give her the
:r hand, and let her own works
were fifty-eight lives lost by the I
if the T. L. McGili. The rafts
io scene of tho terrible disaster
itention to the cries of the sink
ugers, but busied themselves in
:ie cargo.
s n characteristic story of Gene
eulfel's "liberality" nt Iloueu.
..■al sent for a barber, who conse
quently attended upou him at the inn.
i'ho general next sent to the innkeeper for
a Napoleon, and gave it to the barber for
-I-iv/VyaYlj J__ W ij,
A Meeting of the Mechanic, of Rich
mond at Montlcello Mall.
In pureuanr.. of the notice given in yester
day's JotTRSAt, and Evening A'eiee, a largenum
ber of the mechanics of Richmond convened g
Monticello hall at 8 o'clock last evening, Mr
D. H. Alley, president of ihe Mechanics Union
in the chair.
The object ofthe meeting was stated by the
President to be to take tbe necessary action o
the subject of the rejection by the City Coun
ell, on Monday evening last, ofthe petition o
the Tredegar Manufacturing company, relating
to the transportation or cars through th.
stroets of tho city, reference to which action
was raadu in yesterday's Joimtut,.
The meeting was addressed by several of tbe
leading mechanics of the city, and tho course
ofthe members of tbe Council, in disregarding
the interests of our workingmen, was strongly
condemned. ,
It was stated upon good authority, tbat it
was in contemplation by that bod* to spend of
the tax-payers' money aboai $80,000 or $100,-
COO in the Northern cities, (or the purchase of
material for the use of the city,—all of which
can be made as well in our own shops. The
deepest interest was manifested iv the remarks
of thevaiiaaus speakers, an. a committee, con
sisting of Messrs. W. R. Hall, E. A. Dayton
and J. 8. Thompson, was appointed to draft
resolutions expressive of the sense of tho meet
I'lie report of the committee was received,
and, after being amended, were unanimously
The resolutions are as followi:
Whereas, the Mechinlci ofthe city of Richmond
having assembled in pui.ljj meeting to consider the
operat on of tbe onlinauce passed by the ily Coun
crl on the 6th day of September last, to regulate the
traffic by wh.eled vehicles through the stroets of Ihe
city ; be ittheraf re
Resolved That we belinve th« ordiuan-e to be use
less and uncalled for, and Its operation to bra adverse
to the prosperity of th.; manufactories and tiro busi
noss tuto'est of tho ciry.
ReßOlred, That the damage caused to the stnetsof
the city by allowing all persons to do hauirgor
transportation by wh-eled vahlcl-M. in their oun
manner, amounts to nothing in oomparlMn to the
graat benefit which ther. by accrnoj to the pooi.'e
and property ol the city.
R-solveal Thar, the euf-irciairient of tha ordinance
In questiou lain opposition to the welfare aud pros
penty of Iho tneclu.uics, anal consequently of the city.
, Resolved, That tho summary aid incon .derate ac
tion of the City C uncil am Monday cv. ning last, In
rejecting the petition of tho Tredegar Com nny to
extend the time for transi or.ing thoir ca s over the
streets of the city, has not only pr-rai of grout pe
cuniary damage to one ol our lca.liue; manufactories,
but has caused to bo thrown out of employment, in
the midst of an inclement season, hun-lreds of our
honest, hartl-worl'.ing ruei-tatalcs, and we thera-fcre
call upon that body to remedy the evil they have
Inflicted upun the commuuily, by tho inrrueiliate re
peal of th© ordina cc referred to.
Resolved, That it i« tho duty, and should bo tho
policy of our city fathers, to oiacourage, by every
mans in their power, the manufacturing Interests or
tint city, and that wo can but look with distrust on
t- oso who would throw obstacles in tho way of, nnd
thus retard those iulerests.
The secretary of the meeting was directed
to send copies of the resolutions tn the papers
of the city, with a request that they be pub
lished; and a committee, consisting of Messrs.
J. W. Kendler, 0. H. Alley nnd K. A. Day
ton, was appointed to convey tha resolutions
to the President of tbe Council, and request
him to bring th. subject to the attention ofthe
Council at as early a day as practicable.
The meeting then adjourned.
— -
Destructive Fire Near City Point—
Mnlee, Oxen and Grain Burned. —A destructive
fire occurred on the farm of Dr Richard Epea,
at Bermuda Hundred, near City Point, night
before last. About eight o'clock, the large
new barn and stables on the premises, were
discovered t.) be on fire, a_d all efforts to save
them from destruction proved ineffectual. The
barn had been lately enlarged aDd improver*,
and was a valuable building. It contained
2,000 bushels of corn, all of which, b
provender, was destroyed. In the stables were
nine mules and four oxen—all fine animal.-,
constituting the working force of the farm
every one of which perished in the flames. In
addition to Ibese 10.-ses, all the farming imple
ments on the place, of which there was a great
number, were burned. The corn burned em
' )raced tbe entire crop of tbe farm. The Are
was tho work of an incendiary.
The Old Dominion Magazine. —We havo
eceived the January number of this admirable
Virginia production, and it is a good one, too.
We have often spoken in praise of this publica
tion, and have nothing to take back. The
i number contains some choice reading.
) feel an interest in the success of liter
srpriae in the Southern States should
liberal aid and encouragement to Ihe
tr of this magazine. The subscription
. 1 50 per annum, and now is the time
cribe for the present year. The enn
tbts number are Brook Hall; 'Ihacke
fter a Season—A Romance; In Memory
eral Lee; Stratford—The Birth Place
iral Lee; Scientific Notes; A Gentleman
Old School; Ono Little Ac j Msj >r
d, of thu Stuart Horse Artillert; Lur-
Seiial; University of Virginia; Editor
s and Gleanings;" Knights of Pythias;
n Farmers; Tbe Housewife.
It's, King William. —Thia ancient
which, during tho late war, under
vera! successive minor bombardments,
s "cleaned out" sundry times by the
•a of boih armies, has lately been
I by the addition of a n.w hotel to its
real estate improvements. Tbe new
which is directly on tho stage route
i Richmond and Tapiaabannock, has
ened for the public accommodation by
I. Alexander. A correapoud.nt writing
under date of the 16th, says:
this county, ii wiiich, until roco:it!y, you
v comparatively unknown, I send you k-ud
ig. Words of encouragement are not na
Your vil-ttblo rarer has unt ouly found
s readers in this coirnty, but they look for
■agerness, read It with pleasure, and relin
viih regret "
the sensible, highly intelligent people
abit Aylett's, we expected no less than
mi Idea. —The colored men. of this
agitating tVe question of having here
popular convention of the people of
lor interested in tbe culture and manu
of tobacco. It seems eminently proper
;so people, directly interested in this
is they are, ami from which thousands
depend for daily bresd, should protest
tbe excessive and unjust taxation on
lie. What they intend lo do is to me_
c Congress and to put in motion a
nt, which they hope tn extend over all
ib .ceo growing States, having no refer
oulitics, but simply demanding a lower
three .pans* of Mayo', uew iron
vhich have arrived here, came by (be
ako and Ohio railroad. The cars were
n Cleaveland, Ohio, came to Wash
i'„ Baltimore and Ohio road, to li.r
a- via Orange, Alexandria and Manassas
r,d to this city on the Chesapeake aud
[f everything is ready the workmen
tin tbe erection of the new bridge on
next. Tbe stone masons ou this side
eavor to give the finishing touches in
ipartment by that time. After the
is erected it will bo anchored in the
largo chains.
o-ciment. —The butcher, of the Se
irkct are very much pleased at the
cf a number of windows by the city
I'M to the shed part of the same which
t on many a dark place, and mako the
italls much more attractive than they
v would be. The City Council has, we
appropriated 52,500 to repair the First
Doubt'ess these repairs when corn
will i-cluds tho re-erection of the
Main street, which looks vary shaky
Police Court. — The following cases
were disposed of by Police Justice White this
morning :
Erasmus Denny, colored, stealing an over
oat and gold watch from Mrs. Elizabeth Jack
on, was discharged, the charge not being eus
ained. "
Hobert Oliver, colored, charged with tres
itsiing on the premises of Robert England and
nsulling him, was bound over to kern the
eace. r
Thomas Burns,-for feloniously striking An
onto Carvedo with a brick, with intent to kill.
-aso continued until the 21st of February,
arvcdci being in a bad way.
Dan Harrison, colored, breaking a gas lamp
elonging to tbe Petersburg railroad company,
wts discharged.
Maria Myers and Elizabeth England, asssult
ng and striking It. Oliver with a brick.
Maria Myers discharged and Mrs. England
bound over.
James Dnnn, drnnk and Ijing in the street,
was Bent to tne alms-bouae.
Randolph Turner, colored, charged wiih
M a in r paper from John Perry, Jr.'s store on
oroad street, was committed. "
Juli-i Jsonoa. Hattie Robinson, Maggie
.Smith, Ella Williams and Lizzie Smith,
charged viith keeping a disorderly housi and
betng persons of bad repute. Case continued
until to-morrow.
M. ,1. Itosendorf, for beating ',ucy Brocken
brough, was fined $2.50. *
Paul Harris, George Shelton and John Rob.
insop, cdlnred, for unlawfully entering the
tobacco factory of Turpin ft Bro., for tbe'pur
pose of committing larceny, were discharg»d,
charged not proved.
Proscription.—ihe author of "Stone-
Jackson's War, and the Naval Songs of
the South, and who was a good soldier in tbe
Coaled- racy, 100, as appears from tho f.illow
tng. has been ostracised because he refused to
vote tbe ttonscrvativa) ticker, aod is compelled
to leave Richmond on that account:
To the Editor of the State Journal:
By artteronce to the unction Biles you will see
that lain,,ellln- oat. My t.le Is simi.le. and one
eaelly anaiorsto d. V- v know th it Ihi o been a
resident of Ih a city for nearly fifiesu years; that
aiiiamg tl c mercantile com annuity my name ha-i ever
Urn without reproa.-h; that 1 lave, as c respondent
of the "llamp.li,re lu-,ycn lent and oth-.r Engli-n
daring thepaitfomr yeas, done evei-j>hi-g
to induce Immigrant, tonett'e in Virginia, an I mar.j
have d ne so a ter comn.ttn catii.g with me; hut
uutonunaiely, lr.fu-.d M> vote longer the Oonserva
live ticket, and that has made me eoemica who -e:e I
heretofore fiat friends.
At a recent meeting of nines' Lodge, K. P, my
nime wis lejectod. Tub Is Just a» 1 expected, whe i
1 saw Gr.tier there Man uW-sr. it could not be for
any other rsas n, Balers, forrsofb, they pun'sh me
with my so-.'»-in ; and a.| a- nrM th.it has nothing
to dowl'h me, baring all I'eon cleired up satisfy
torfl] tw , y-na-s ago.
M- Lditor, I goatoHf with Mr. Orowle ant bun- I
ends Of others, awoay from a c ty wherein a man
mua'not epeaik his own opinion without htlng os
transed, black bal cI ; and diemed an outlaw, If he
does not vote a Coßsetvativ- ticket; far that is tra
true reason. V urs, E. Bra, fa.
Coalfield Colored School.—& f.ieml who
has recently vlsllad this school, speaks en
couragingly of its present prosperity and future
prospects. It is undor the management of
Miss aSen'lla M. Chapman, whose teaching is no
less admirable than ihe excellent discipline
maintained by her. The school is a large one,
the average attendance being over sixty schol
ars. At all times the scholars have sbon
the utmost desire to be informed Tho pchoo
has proved a great moral reformer in th
neighborhood in which it has been established
It was organiz d by "The Friends' Fre-dm.
Association of aVew York." under the eflici-i
superintendence of Mr. S. H. Jones, but it
now transferred to the support and supervise
of Mr. B. A. Hancock, Superintendent of Pub
lie Free Schools of Chesterfield county.
Fredericksburg Radroad —Our reader
and the travelling public will see by an an
nouncement elsewhere _f tho general ticke
and freight agent of Ihe above road, that
very important change has been made in th
schedule of arrivals and departure of trains
For instance, on and after Sunday, the 22d
through mail train will leave hero at 1- mm
utes to 1 o'clock, instead of 11:15 A. M., and
arrive at Waabingt.-n at7:3o P. M. The train
will arrive iv Richmond at 2:20 P. M. The
night and accommodation trains will ruu as
In oonsequence of tho speed of the through
mail traiu (going hence,) do stoppages will be
made at Hungary, Kilby's, Taylorsville, and
Chesterfield stations.
Supreme Court of Appeals. —To-day all
the judges present save Joynes.
Davis vs. Crouch—Appeal allowed from
Chancery court of Richmond.
Elizabeth Magill vs. C. Saver—Appeal al
lowed from same court.
Charles A. Bower, of Bedford, was allowed
to practice the law at the bar of this court.
Brown vs. Spyors—Judgment of tbe circuit
court of the city of Richmond affirmed.
The City of Lvnchburg vs. Ames et ala—
Argument commenced by Ro. Ould for appel-
Both cases having been argued and submit
ted, a decision in the cases of Chahoon and
Sands vs. The Commonwealth may be expected
in about ten days.
~~K»igltls cf Pythias. -William H. Wad.,
O. C.; D. W. Bohonon, G. P. ;g. C. G.
Hartman, G. R. S., and John C. Vaoghan,
O. 8., accompanied by about fifty members of
the various lodges of this city, visited Man
Chester last evening. Tho object or the visi
was to dedicate Ihe hall of K. P.'s in that city
which was performed about seven o'clock,
with the beautiful and impressive ceremonies
• f the order. Quite a number of ladies honor
ed the occasion by tluir presence. At a sub
sequent hour, the office's of Friendship Lodge
No. 20, were duly installed, and fifteen candi
dates initiated into the order by the grand
officers. The grand officers and Richmond
Knights returned at a late hour well pleaset
with their visit.
Excavations were being made to-day on
Virginia street, next to the site of the oh
Tobacco Exchange, for a new wareh. use
When all the vacant space in that neighbor
hood, including the Columbian hotel property
is built un, that part of the city will wear at
entirely different aspect. Most of tha heavy
business of the city is done on Cary and the
cross streets leading therefrom. As usual in
such cases, Cary street is Tar too narrow t:
comfortably accommodate tbe business dono
on it, and frequently it is as much blocked up
by carts, drays, wagons and other vehicles as
Broadway, New York.
Sudden Death.—Hr. John Wil_.i_.on
a well know citizen of Church Hill, died very
suddenly last night, of apoplexy, at his rest
dence. He had winked during the day, and
was in the .ijovment o.f bis usual health, and
after supper was taken with apoplexy and
shortly expired. Mr. W. was widely known
and enjoyed the confidence of his friends. He
was about fifty years of age, and for many
years a member of I.eigh Street B ipti. t church.
United Slates Circuit Court. — This
court, Judges Bond and Underwood presiding,
transacted only civil business to-day.
Col. JohnS. Uosby,of Warrenton, Virginia,
was admitted to practice at the bar of the
The case of Colgate & Co. vs. Ray X Co.,
was called for trial, ix-Governor Wells for
plaintiff, and Col. Mosby for defendant. Suit
for ante helium indebtedness.
Infant Found Dead. —Yesterday a mu
latto infant, about one month old, was fnun I
dead and abandoned corner -Ninth and I.eigh
streets. Elizabeth Stewart, colored, was ar«
rested as tbe mother, but was not identified as
such, and discharged A coroner's jury, hay
ing examined the body and heard what testl
uiony could bo piocured. returned a verdic
that the . hild came to its death by violence in
flicted by some parson or persons unknown.
Tbo remains wero buried by order of tbe
COr ° ne -
A scrimmage took place on the floor of
the House of Delegates this lutir.i.g, in which
a member ol the ll.iuto and a gentleman con
nected with an Insurance office ware tb* par
J fata* <rf givertfsitofj.
Advertisement will b» Inserted In the EVENIr.'Q
I JOURNAL at the following rains:
I One .fnara, ene Insertion $ J6
I One sqnare, two Insertion i j»
I One square, three Insertions 1 IS
I One square, six Insertions ' ano
I One square, twelve insertions ..♦.•••••.,♦• 6CO
I One square, one month !."".'."!!!" 10 00
I One square, two months '".! js o-
I One square, three months '~','„', 25
For quarterly and yearly Advertisers
j special arrangements will be made.
Runaway an-i Smash Up. —A horse be
longing to the livery stable of Mr. Duke, at
tached to a boggy, ran away about noon to
day, on Thirteenth street, near Franklin, and
threw the occupant out, considerably injuring
I bin. We did not learn his name. The horse
I wm arrested in his wild career, and the buggy
alio—the latter in a very disintegrated and d«-
I moralized condition.
The Contested Election un
derstand that Judge Bond has said tbat the
regular business ofthe United States conrt will
have the preference over tbe contested election
cases (or this city, which- will quite likelf be
pot off till the last of the month. Judge Bond
goes to North Carolina soon in February, and,
it l> supposed, tbe present term of the coort
will end with this month.
Tumbled Down.— The j dee of the second
story of tbe old warehouse on Main street,
next to Tyler & Co'«. jewelry store, now being
repaired by its owner, N. W. Nelson, fell or
its own weight this forenoon, dangerously
X— oundlng a colored man who happened to be
pdernratb. Those joico were not well for
Wm. H. Lindsey was brought before
U. S. Commissioner Jenkins to-day, charged
with having in his pnseuion tobacco, on which
here was counterfeit stamps, fie >« sent on
or indictment and admitted to bail.
The Governor to-day appointed the fol
lowing notaries: Armistead Barksdale, Jr.,
for Halifax; George P. Haw, for Hanover,
and George Perkins, for Albemarle.
Correction. —The .tatement in yealer.
day's Joffßiv__ that a judgment had been ren
dered in the United States court against Mr.
Maupin, of Staunton. for,, $9,000 »w as in error.
The amount of the judgment is $1,015, instead
of the amount named.
Those who cannot afford to go to Sata-
I toga may now find its healing waters nearer
'■rae. John W. Kison, corner Main and
hird streets, has at his counter a fountain of
water from tbe celebrated Excelsior Spring,
which is kept constantly replenished by fresh
supplies direct from Saratoga, from whence it
is brought in gas tight reservoirs lined with
pure block tin, and is forced out at his counter
precisely as it flows from the Rpring. Dvs
peptics will find this water precisely adapted
lo thtir r.lier. '*
Ul.— By it- aid gloves con I* qui-kl j anil repealod
ly tleau»d aud miule equal to BtW| even Whan badly
soiled they ran be rsndily ra-aatoae'. It Is essy of ap
plication and is perfectly freo Irorn any odiar. (or
• ilo by druggists and fancy goods dealers. Price, 25
THOMPSON'S _OM .IjFopTIMkT an a dressing
for the Hair Is all that Is required; purely vegetable
aud highly perluined, it aa aliens, Improves and boau
tiflos the Hair, strengthon* the roots, end gives it a
rich, glossy appeara ice. or Silo byjall druggists
Price, 35 and 75 cents per bottlo.
*y-DK. HASIa'EL!..— This celebrated physician
has taken rooms nt the MONUMKNTAL HOTSL,
where those desiring his service, will find him. He
s the proprietor „ nrJ vaadtr sfmanj CELEBRATED
MEDICINES, wbo,. we their discovery to Ml luven
ia -reN.----K..
ly reco_imo_ded as the t.c-.a. dentifricj
Il cleanses arid prat rv_a the t.-a-th, hardens
, sweetens the breath: r.n I, containing uo
ifty snliitancc, in p:rreot!y harmless, and
d daily with great advantage. So.d by all
Price, 25 and 60 cents per I.ttlo.
IE LADIES' MAIDS and they will tell you
Ris the 'uv.ritaj artia-.le for reviving the
ige of bl vioiio.i or fvliug 1 inlets. Clear
ass, w!iole»'.m» to tho skin ns water, nn
!e by the light, without any mineral odor
mno sediment, It defies competition aud
__p.WKLL.-Oa Thursday morning, Jan
the re.-aiiUiii-e of Col. D. Lee Powell, by
Powell, Mr WILL AM I'.ROOKE ofAlex
, to Miss FLORENCE POWELL, of Rich
-I—MOSELRY—On Wednesday, January
lames' church, Richmond, lay the Rev. A.
, aVir. RICHARD V. ARCHER to Miss SU
lliht-r of the late Edward H. Mo-c!ey,
1 run county, Va, No cards.
ITON -On the 19th Inst, at the re.idence
on Fourth sticet, MARY GLEN PENDLE
. ot -111.0, I'ondleton, aged 77 years and
■rati will t-ke plica from Grace street
.v church IDr. Rea I's) on SATURDAY',
it .U P. U. Friends and acquaintances
fully iovit- d to attend without further ao-
11 Benefit of the Widows aud Orphans of
m Stales.
TION No. 132 EVENina _AM. 19.
67, 6, 13, 53, 31, 7(1, 19, 60, 18, - i,
TION No 133 MoaKllNO J A*. 20.
9, f,., 6, 30, 18, 17, 5, 11, 40, 13, 12
my baud, at Klch_uan_, Va., this 20th day
. 1871.
llanagers. Commissioner.
GATE . OF RAFF LE can be purchased
W. I. DABN'-Y, at the Branch office, No.
. Bir.et, one door from Matin.
— ■
nrter SL'NnAY NRXT, 22d instant, the
;ail Train WILL LEAVE Byrd S'reet lic
-13 V. M , ii.mr.il aaf 11:15 A. M., and ar
ahingaon at 7:311 P. M.
relers will please tiakia notice that the
HD of THIS TRAIN compels the oumpa
r thaa following stoppnges:
UNO, the Train will arrive in Rlcbmi ni,
ppages at usual Staatloos, at *_:.i) P. M.
aminodntion and Nght Tra us will bo run
General Ticket and Freight Ajreut.
t on tho 16th d.ay oi ;,inii..r.v, I>7l, a war
tlkrnptiy was issued agnfosl tho eaalnte ol
Ciay. ot Lnr.y, Paate c aunty, arid Stttte of
ho has ' ei-n adjudged a bi.Vrnpt r-n hii
an :—That the paynreut ot aany < r eLt» nnd
y of any property belonging t , ~,a.id bank
ia or for hi a use, nnd tho trauaafer of nny
y him are forbUdeu by law —That a
th* creditors of tail bankrupt, to prove
, and chr .so oue or more ar uf his
ba held at a Court of Bankruptcy, to be
ho office of the Kegister in Bankruptcy,
luirg. Va., before C Donglas Gray, Esij,
m the 22..1 day of February, 1871, at 10
a- U. S. Marshal.
!, for the District of Virginia,
iwtrirof Fisher, Matthews A Rolorts vr.
~ i.ia ~ nj.t—iu baukruptcy.
a.-( n.iy Ooncoru:-_Th.a ttDdantgned, T.
o: C.iiolino ccuat.., Va., hereby gives
a, appo'ntment as of tl.een-.ate, of
x, of Henrico cotin'y. In said district,
j the Ist diy of D.c, IS7O, .-a 1.1 nd.-,_ a
n hie cre.itors'petitiou hy th-- Dkrtrtet
d dis'riet
ford Va , January 0. 1871.
w T. II BROOKE, Ai-aignre.
STRAY MULE—Strayed from in fnnt of house
No. DM Eight!, street, beyond Lei-h. on jester
dav, January 10th, c, br.ain or sorrel HOUSE HULK:
had tbehitir.u,'t-.l (IT each Mile by Iraico chalus;
had on saddle, bridle and murtioga'e. A liberal re
ward will he paid for bis return, or Information of
b • whereabouts, either at 821 Eighth street, or to
j» SO—lt* SAM'L M. . AQ».

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