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fating ffrti gSmtaTj
PUBU3HKI) l>Aili--(8- nd »7. 4 Kxcopted
n W. Oll.lalS.
Ut 01-H JKuJ ■*___«• -U«hmo_d, V.
.„ mnnNAt 1» served by tho carriersi tot. *lr
I iiaVri In tho Olty at lt-TT C--T8 ria MOSTB.
_Sri»ooi>l-- ,nwr »l' l>B Sl Tall " C, r,! 9 -., va, .1.
I'aiPi you Mai-iko.—Three months tl 76; n* I
.-..that". 0"i one year $8 00 *
r,.. WKF.KLY JOURNAL will he mailed to ȟb
n three mouths for seventy-five otnti; Ola
months, Tl 00', ono year, t'i 00. _______
libliL-MKAT-HG AT fe j
on Eighth street, near '>':"...
Bognlar assemblies ________fc.
TIII-HIiAY, THURSDAY. -^45!_W- i: _-_
,t s o'clock, and MON- _f*X_WS/_*999JB_y i
DAY WKOSKSHAY mi.l IM-i_Hs^-=i£_^--'
ADMISSION, with use *'flfe_/-—",/"*■ , '
of Skates 60 cents. Children, under 1J years of an, I
28 rents. A pacings of 12 tickets, $3 00. Ladles
will only ho charged SS cents ot tho Afternoon As
semblies. MUSIC at night ~..___.
Ught- "EJ&lV&SfrS^*
♦ » WW ««»«> >_-__fik
mship isAA.'-.KLL, Captain ru-AlcMiN, will
a her wharf, at Rorketts on FRIDAY, Feliruary
i, at 12 o'clock M.
■eight received until 11 o'clock A. SI.
nd Trip Tickets :20 00 I
.r freight or passage, apply to
15 2t No. 3 Governor street. I.
v Till'l I'M ' Tlu-lo v. ill h,. a inr-r'! in;? .>' ll." Ilepilb- I
_\ licansof Clay Ward held at tho Fifth baptist I
Oliurch, Biduoy, on WEDNESDAY EVNNINO, the I
16th Instant, at 8 •'•lock. As bnslneasof importance I
will camo bofore the meeting v prompt anu full at
tendance ia deHired.
By order of :
(late of the Ppotsweoil Tli.li'l)
__TA R B 800 XS . —WA N i'ED—Bare old
Iv Aiiicrieaii Hooks ; $"■ for Robert 11. Thomas'
Almanac for 1793 ;$2 for 1793. Any poiv.on hay. ng
rare old American Books, bucli m the works ot Rich
ard Increase, Sainuol, Ele ,7.er, or Cotton Bather, or
any' of the works of the first New England writers,
or Dr Franklin's .enuino Poor Richard's Almanac,
or any American almanac In good condition, printed
prior to 1762, or Ancient Indian Narratives, or any
rare American newspaper, pamphlet, Ac, can boar I
of anurchnsor liy nlatiug price. oondltioß, Ac, ana I
addressing JAMFB T. MOULTON,
fol.-d-.wlni No. I Carnt-s street, Lynn, Mas'. |
A PARTNER, wllh a capital of $260 or $300, I
For further inhumation apply to tho OFFICE of I
this papor. ja 21—ta I
DVI. HOUSE. ,___-_-_-_--__- I
as born opened ln this city, wheio Ladiea and Gon-.j
tlcuieu can h ivo their j
; and delivered in twenty-four hours notice I
D. 11. BLASCOW, French Dyer,
la 21—ly HI Broad Street, near Third. 1
Ytu.ioT ' "l-usi-i 'music i
No. 918 Main Shut,
No longer of tho firm of Marsh * rollock, is now
prepared to servo his friends and the public gene
rally in
of evory description _____«
I respectfully solicit a call at my new ostublish-
m _o.2-ly 018 Main St., lict. Ninth and Tenth.
j 'wAftif-* * co.,
respectfully announce that they havo removed to
their now and spacious store, (diugonally oppoßite
th- old stand,) south west corner Sixth aud Broad
streets, aud offer for sale at lowest market ratesin
full and colliple'e stock of DRUGS, MEDICINES,
GLASS Ai! Buying only of fii-st-cliiss importing
•nd manufacturing houses, we cai. guarantee satis
faction in price, purity and quality of goods.
Orders shipped promptly. __ __ A _„_ Bi
ml 2__ta JOS. N. WILLIS.
a rasTiiTßr, ......„__.._....
I BTREET, (ovor Tribbott.confectiouery,) extract
teeth without pain j insert toeth as low as }.16, and
don't charge for extracting, bonsitivo tooth filled
without pain. Any tooth filled with gold, uml war
ranted for life, at v _ Yho _ BUOTH ERS,
1112 Main street, Richmond, Va.
N. B.—lnstructions In any branch of dentistry giv
en to the profession on reasonable terms.
t$ BTOVE COAL, at. $7.60 per ton. Dost seasoned
OAK and PINE WOOD at lowest price, Sawed and
L ° nß ' .1 R.F. BUR-OUGHS,
*_ _2 lm corner Main and Sevouth streets.
1. r.pl.lly »uperwdlng aU other ii.cparati.jiii fM 1
Elegant sweet en. WAolearoms BOLLS, EISCI'ITS, B__
-irt.|r- -ml other Oriddl, Cak "- Fcr^"! " '
EcUalle, andol.ajrt ready for immediate use. The CIL..U
EST Baking Powder in the WOBLD, an- It WILL XMMP I >
LASD OB SEA, tn any climsae, for yeare. It 1» wcU n.i.ipw-i
to the uio of Housekeepers, Miners, Mariners, -~-.r.rv..a.-., .'.
tui _ln fact, ln every respect, the BEST YEAST p:<:< I '
ma.o "for the Kitchen, the Camp, Ihe Galley."
M-uufaoturedbyDOOLEY & BBOTIIEB
6SjME_. 6TR.ET, N.V.'-YOR*
fe 14—eorloowGin
Tho Board of _?npervi6ors of Heniuv. rarui.tv will
meet at the Court-House on WEDNESDAY, Februa
ry 22d, 1871, f-r the purpose of laying tlie lovy for
All per«ons having claims agtdustsal I county will
pro-.ent them in Reparate iteniß, spec.flcally male
out, and verified by ulU.lavit. All clalmj to I c ad
dressed to the clelk of the Board.
By order of the Board:
fu9—Ot WM. J. ANNABLK, Clerk.
VTOI'IOKI ID IHiIR»T"A-"I.AW'.—A family nam i
iN GU[DOT.-.um from Switzerland about thirty
yean ago und settled l« Virginia. The last oue of
tho name, a young la.iy, it is supposed, died about
nlno years ago It ia important *r. ascertain in wba
part of Virgiuia lbs said family lived and died,
and Whether tli»y 1 :'i any Hints at Uf, Auy per
son who will lurti-li ih.. bul.scrlber with the necee
cary information red to the residence and deaths of
tho ll.ji.lot family will ba suitably rewarded.
Vice-consul for Sweden and
Norway at Richmond, Va.
All DAWspatwri iv Virginia copying this notice
and sending Hip pnp<.r to n... will bo entitled to don
ble thoir a dye. liii.g lute ou my receiving the in
formation necessary. Io 7—3 m
■*■ by a simple ir i.iedy und will send the receipt free.
-•IS-.W MHS. M. C. LEGO __~ Jersey City, N. J
____________ .__. __ f*___* —- /_. '^ l ?-_i
_f ' *_r I_l *■ 1H /.»
1 I' _t_-L ■%_ JE"» _j<% 4[l <A'4_T 'A''^' J \% -_Jv__f ifl Advertlie-i-o-ti will bo Inserted in th- KTKMNii
_. ■ \B _lx 4\\ ! B fl IB ll ll '^ S !K IB 7 » 1 1 tl 1- One sqnare, one Insortlon * ,'*
9ft |p II *|' A_f * | -,-, ; I !>, Ao9___pf !&■" Iwl"*' Xlk'' '• 'ft" '~M,T .'Tr A Ono square, two io-ertion >*J
<& II V ■" _■___-• 0 "° »W
JT Ono square, ono month JO 00
f _. . __________________________________________________________: One Hqnare, two months 18 00
.' .... Ono square, three nir.ntba..
. . ==: _~-_-, . ,-,-r _-r-r _ a -.7 TH T7-t_< VrTlMr' T?T?TITaITT A IJV 1Z IQ7 I VOTi l"*! -NO 87 For q»*rt*-ly and yearly A(lv»ni»ert
• s ,ooP p% r A .a- v RICHMOND, VA.. WEDNESDAY EVENIING. H-MHAIU 15 ia/i vui_. ni. i\u. 57. | .„,,,„, _„_ ~,,. _., „„.,,.
A I'loilainnllllll.
We, Daniel, Great Tycoon of the Rail
way Empire of Richmond, Fredericksburg
and Potomac, exasperated by the "ways
that aro dark" and the "tricks that are
tain" of our subjects, known aa law
makers hy Our Grace, do proclamate
1. Wo own tho control of the Richmond,
Fredericksburg and Potomac railway.
2. We pay no taxes to tho State.
3. We pay uo dividends to the Stato mi
4. Wo pay nothing to common stock-
C. Wo pay only to preferrod stock,
I which we own.
j G. We chargo the peoplo of Virgiuia
what wo chooso for freight and travel.
These aro our high prerogatives—our
they are so denominated in tho bond.
A ruthless invader has come upon nt.
ration upon our customs and invasion of
our sacred rights :
1. Uo offers to build new highways and
diffuse his inouey among our people.
2. He offers to carry trado and travel at
half the rates wo are allowed to charge ;
PI thus torapt our people to travel from
ice to placo and to trade with strangers
3. Ho offers to pay taxes to the State,
and thus set a villainous examplo to excite
pipular clamor against our good old ways.
4. Ho tempts tho people from the paths
of their ancestors ly proposing to lessen
their Uxesand their tribute to our sacred
coffers, and seeks to destroy our monopoly
merely that tho people may profit thereby.
We, Daniel, Tycoon as aforesaid, there
fore enjoin upon our law-givers to repel
this bold innovator.
list come into our midst leavo
the right to transport freights
;ers, without restrictions,
sell it tj- him at our owu price
c law-makers all troublo ou the
tho right to hold aud uso sev
is of stocks and securities with
taxes to the State.
sell him our stock and securi
low tho people the luxury o
taxes themselves,
sell him the uu taxed and nn
ontrolling interests in said rail-
It we own, at the moderate prico
r shaie.
allow tho State aud the outside
rsto soil their stock for more— if
but if they sell it for $00 we
solemn contract -with tbe State,
;d in our charter, our exemption
ion aud from restrictions as to
'aluo at one million dollars.
rs by law. We will barter it to
r, if we think best, if you will
him away from your halls,
lamo of the sacred rights of our
/o demand that tho invader bo
confusion from our midst. If
aan of destiny in Virginia, and
3 —let hiai come as the stranger
mr lauds and we loill lake him
«» ■
Norfolk In a Huge.
~ after having wielded iv times
the sceptro of commerce, and
it to slip from her grasp and
issively into the keeping of the
cities of Philadelphia, Now York,
more, now turns, and, in her rage,
to inflict a fatal stab npon her
r city of Richmond—as if it was
A "mammoth mass meeting"
I iv that "tity ou Monday night,
lier purposo than to inlltionca the
Assembly against the interests of
d. If this injury fo Richmond
ie of any benefit to Norfolk, we
xcuse tho course pursuod by our
is sister, on tho score ef selfish
it as sho will bo involved in the
n with us, her conduct is iuexpli
(l without justification. Somo of
cite* mado at this meeting were as
bill passed now before the Legislatu j
the Pennsylvania Central control of
» from Kichmond to Weldon, tho con-
Id be no longer between that great
y and the Seaboard r»ad, for it would
ie continuous line from the cotton-
Georgia to the banks of the Deiawaro.
ill ot this would be that ovt-ry pound
n would be shipped to Philadelphia
than it could bo to Norfolk. Under
;e of affairs, no man could possibly
who had ordinary intelligence, that
ainson, who controlled the Seaboard
uld make terms with such a great cor
i. The Seaboard road would bave to
upon its local patronage, while now
sties of the road show it has in the last
ought to this city and Portsmouth at
000 bales of cotton, which was handled,
id re-shipped by the commission mer
it Norfolk. He'had heard a great deal
scriininatiou in regard to the Seaboard
.11 he had to say, if such was the case
d raise his hand "and voice against any
•oceedings. He was not present to
the interests ef the road, but to show
:he event of Iho charter being granted
ennsylvania Central, that wa would be
1 of five-sixths of our trade,
lew that our merchants had been able
lish a successful trade along the line of
rth Carolina roads West of Kaleigh,
he Pennsylvania Central would absurb
ng control of the diverging lines which
now terminate in tbis city.
This giant and insidious corporation h»d
used every effort to get control of the North
Carolina Central, but they had so far bee,n
dissappointud, and were sent home with a "flea
be suicidal to Norfolk's interest; for it would
be tho mean, of losing tlie $7-1,000 she has in
vested in the Kaleigh and Gaston road, and
the 130,000 bales of cotton that passed over our
road would be transferred to the roads rutintr. g
North which would be emptied into the lap ol
Philadelphia, and then the commerce and trade
of Norfolk would dwindle down to her lish
carts and oyster-boats.
So tho cotton aud other produce of tho
South would be carried cheaper to Phila
delphia by way of Kichmond, then by
way of Norfolk 1 Burt- the argument!
Bat cotton cau be carried cheaper to Nor
folk if you put a rival in the field against
Moncure Robinson's live These gentle
men all seem to argue from the "stand
still" point. They allow nothing for
increase of busiuess by the growth of
trade. They do not look at all to future
expansion,—when that one little Seaboard
road will uot bo able to do one-tenth cf
the business. Io building railroads we
expect to mako trade for them. Give the
people facilities to get to market and they
will increase their productive forces.
Mako travel iv the South cheap, by direct
•nd uninterrupted lines, and a thou
sand people will pass right through Vir
ginia and become acquainted with us,
where one goes through seme dark earner
of the State now, without learning any
thing about the laud or the people. Give
the Southern coast States railroad commu
nication to the North, and they will
neither entrust their goods nor (heir livis
to tho dangers and delays of the sea. The
shipping business will be transferred lo
the land, and the travel and trado will
bentfit every person and place.in tho
country through which they pa-fc What
we want is to cheapen freights —not so
much for the morchant and producer, as
fur the consumer, who, after all, pays the
freight charges. It matters little to the
planter who raises it, or the merchant who
buys it, or tho manufacturer who makes it
up, how much it costs to carry a bale of
cotton from New Orleans to England—the
consumers—the general public—pay tho
osts; and, therefore, it is the public -
ho are interested iv cheapening tho trans
lortation of all the necessaries of lifo to '
_ 1 .•»—i '
War (Jew* From Euro.!-.
The result of the elections in moro than
iree-fourths of the French departments
fiords a fair indication of tho general suc
ess of the Orleanists, and that party is
onfident that the Count of Paris will be
ving of Frau'ce in a few weeks, the same i
who, in 1848, when a little boy was pro- |
osed to the National Assembly as a com- ,
iromisc, after tho flight of his grandfather, <
jouis Phillippo, as the last chance for the \
monarchy, but he came too late. Ue seems ,
etertnined to be in time on this occasion, j
As an indication of tho popularity of some ;
f the candidates, it may bo mentioned t
hat Thiers, who is the recognised leader
of tho Orleanist party, will represent eigh
een constituencies, Trochu seven, Chan- r
gamier four aud Dufour also four. About
wo hundred candidates were balloted for
n Paris which accounts for the delay in
determining the result of tho elections
there. Returns from somo twenty of the
departments occupied by German forces
are yet to be reported. Tho conservative
republicans hold tho second position in the
Assembly, the Pionap-.rti.ts tho third, and
tbe "reds," as representel by Gambetta,
tbe last.
The opinion at Germau headquarters is,
that peace is near at hand, and there seems
to bo no doubt that tlio armistice will be
extended to admit of the fullest freedom
for deliberating the terms. Meanlime,
however, tho conquerors continue vigorous
preparations for Ihe hostile alternative. A '
preliminary meeting of the Assembly was j
held at Bordeaux on Monday, three hun
dred deputies being present. The mem- |
hers of both branches of the government ,
of the national defense, through M. Favre
resigned thoir authority, proposing, how- (
over, to remain in oflico until the constitu
tion of a uevv government. A letter was
road from Garibaldi declining a scat iv tbo
Assembly, tendered by several depart* t
The Germans continue to exact heavy ]
contributions iv various departments. At
Dieppe tbey have demanded 1,000,000
I, and 22,000 from each of the adja- ]
.illages, to bo forthcoming at once
apartment (Seine lnferieuri:) is aaid
_ already boon levied upon to the
it of 25,000,000 francs, aud it ia re
. impossible for this additional con
ion to be raised in Ihe time pre
d. A contribution of 250,000f. has
MB levied upon the town uf liittle
in the same department, In ease of
>wal of hostilities, vigorous measures
ie adopted with Paris iv regard to
ng a p'edgo fur war indemnity,
i it is thought has been fixed at four
irds, (4,000.000,000f.) Great prepa
is continue lor the triumphal entry
i Kmperor and tho German army into
on the 19th.
stilities continue in Ihe department
-nibs and Jure, where t!.i- (i.uihald
?crating>nd who re fuse to accept th
___ ~.
Mb. Ln'TLK,the editor of the F.erle'.ie!'
burg News, is doing good service iv tl
cause of the "people of Virginia vs. tl
monopolists," by urging the (barter of tl
Alexandria aod Richmond road. Ho h
seen Pennsylvania " Bucktails" befor
and is not afraid of them ; but U perfect
willing that they shall do all the go
they can by battdiog WtlhJadalo Virgin
I inflicted upon us during the war. The
j,- 0- l.—We don't care whether the Alexan
dria and Fredericksburg company build a new
road or not. J. C. Southall says they will.
Kelley says they won't. Giva Alexandria and
Fredericksburg company another charter to
r nt them in condition to make this Richmond,
Fredericksburg and I'olomac company reduce
their oppressive rates.
No. 2—Unfair Figiitino.—The conspirators
against the people's rights who oppose the
charter for an independent all rail lino from
Washington to Richmond, show their con
sciousness of a bad cause by the repeated
efforts to delay its consideration even. We
aro sorry to see our delegate conspicuously
prominent in tbis unfair and un-"plucky
mode of warfare.
No. 3.—T00 much temper is shown in the
Legislature about this Alexandria and Frede
ricksburg charter. It is natural for Daniel's
road to fight desperately. Its old fogy notions
are shocked at tho idea of losing its vested
wrongs. But don't get mad. People will
think you l:now you are in the wrong. Wo
think you aro naturally mistaken.
Jlo. _, —The very persons who are now roll
ing up their eyes about foreign influence,
brought Huntington * Co. here, advocated
he charter in the Valley, advocated tho char
er from Alexandria to Fredericksburg, and
re begging now that Congress will take con
rol of the James Iliver canal.
No. s.—Sentiment of the People.—Wo got
out Friday, and every man we met, lawyers,
merchants, Ac., all endorse the course ot the
Nairn on tbo railroad question, "You are
ri.htl" "What is tho matter with Kelly?
'No man with the sense of an oyster shell can
oppose another charter." "All Stafford de
clares she will not vote for any man who op
poses this new charter." A Virginian, not a
native of Fredericksburg, camo across the
street to assure us of his hearty approval of
our views. One of the wealthiest citizens of
Fredericksburg said, "1 hope you will suc
ceed. We showed him llerndon's bill. He
said, "That's tho thing we want!"
No. G—That Old Staoe Line.—Our readers
have either seen or heard of the old "nine
miles" of staging from Fredericksburg to the
Potomac. What that road was in its day as a
cause for delay, high price of travel, ke., this
little 75 mile road from Richmond to the
Potomac resembles now.
Good for you Sandy Littlo 1 Keep it
up and the peoplo will not forget you.
Tin: New Orleans Picayune says : "The I
g production of cottou seed in the I
s tributary to this market is 750,
--ns. This will yield 30,000,000 gal
;' oil. worth in its crude state $15,
--000,000 ; and 300,000 tons of cako, worth
§9,000,000. Tho 250,000 tons hulls and
pieces of fibre left after tho manufacture
of the oil and cake could make several
millions of dollars' worth of the finest I
paper. If the entire cotton seed product I
of tho Mississippi valley were manufac- I
lured into oil, oil cake, soap and paper,
I the oil refined and bleached, it would
orth some §40,000,000.
♦ . —
>i: the first time in ten years tho
■ie of Representatives now contains
hundred aud forty-one members, and
require* one hundred and twenty-two to
mako a quorum, There are but three va
cancies, ono in Ohio, caused by resigna
tion; ono in Pennsylvania, caused by
death ; and ono in Georgia, contested. If
Senator elect Miller is admitted iv the
Senate to-day, there will be a full repre
sentation of all the States in the Senate.
In the proceedings of the House of Rep
resentatives last Friday Mr. Platt present
ed the petition of Mrs. Mary A. Dodd,
widow of Matthew M. Dodd, late a car
pouter in the United Statos Navy, for a
pension ; also a memorial from the Board
of Trade of Norfolk, asking for au appro
priation for improving the Albemarle and
Chesapeake canal.
Mr. Porter, on the same day, presented
petitions ot John D. Christian and James
removal of their political disabilities.
Alice Cary.
This popular American authoress, aud
York city on Sunday morning last, after a
lingering illness, in the 50th year of her
age. The announcement will awaken
heartfelt regret in many an American
household and in tho breasts of thousands
who have never looked into her face but
who cherish the productions of hor pen.
To those who knew and loved her—and
their number is very large—her death will
be an irreparable loss.
"Tlie Work: Goes Bravely On"
The last voto, taken at two o'clock in
the House indicated that there were C 6 to
5^ —being a majority of 12 in favor of the
Pennsylvania Central.
_ «
A P.riital Father —Hk Throws mis
| N'akkh Child into tiik Strkkt.—The
New Orleans Picayune of the Bth instant,
'•List night, aa tho officer on Lafayette
sireet. was unking bis rounds in tbo neigh
borhood of Magnolia street, he was aston
ished to sen a child, about seven years of
a"c, wandering down the street, and a
Dumber "f dogs barking and following
him. Starting in pursuit, the officer aooq
overtook the child, whom he found per
fectly naked. It seems that it bad incur
red the anger of a brutal parent, who had
thrown it "uthlessly into tho street.
"Tho kind-hearted officer borrowed a
shawl, with which he wrapped up tbe
f child, and brought it to tbe Lafayette
street station. What disposition has been
made of the little follow has not beeu as
ccitaiin'-'i, nor tho name of the liitle Btrau
lni the officer who rescued him. The
circutnttanoe, however, reveals a brutal
I outrage without parallel in wieke :
To tiirow a linked child of tint ago into
the open street of a great city, at that
hour of the night, is snio.-tiiiiig mon
.—.—• •
'■Viiuiinia Kaii.roau Policy" Mr. Kel
ly talks of in tho Legislature. What ia
it? Mr. Daniel's road has had "a settled
policy for fifteen year.a" to extend his road
to Washington, but he did uot havo the
I ~,. ..y 1:7 I.- s than lilVen years the
Pacific railroad wns built. Where is the
, Virgiuia has uo money In c irry it
the usnuoiM
Richmond, February 15.
The Lieutenant Governor iv the chair.
To enlarge tho corporate limits of tho
town of Manchester.
To amend and re-enact section 8, of an
act approved July 11th, 1870, concerning
the duties and compensation of officers ot
cities at-d towns of over five hundred in
habitants (with amendments).
For thn relief of Daniel Dyson, treasurer
of the city of Petersburg (with a substi-
To amend and re-enact the act in rela
tion to chain-gangs.
Providing a charter for the city of
By Mr. Latham—For the relief of J. C.
Gibson, and others, surities cf George S.
Cady, late sheriff of Culpeper.
By Mr. Greene —To amend and re-enact
an act entitled an act to incorporale the
town of Abingdon, passed March 11, 1834.
By. Mr. Kendrick—To amend and re
enact tho Ist section of au Mt entitled an
act incorporating the town of Eastville in
tho county of Scott.
By Mr. Snowden—For the lelief of 11.
K. Bradshaw, commissioner of the revenue
for the city of Alexandria—allowing him
further time to qualify.
Iluished business of yesterday
msideratiou of tho amendment
ection of Mr. Snowden's bill,
That tbe (inanoe committee be re
•eport at once a tax-bill for 1871
luthorizing the accounting officers
nment to pay four per celt, inter- I
•st day of January, 1872, on all the
-ing debt created before the iirst of
•tney moved to amend the last I
f interest upou the public debt 1
House of Delegates.
t church,
.ill to authorize the Orange, Al
d sell lands,
ice.uuts to refund to the trustees
; and Potomac railroad company
umittee for courts ef justice r-
;ll reaf estate in which he has a I
it. i
next in order, was taken up and
Hints the pale, soothes the nervous, anil I
y recomuieudeil as the .best dentifrice I
, cleanses and preserves the teeth, harden, I
sweetens the breath; and, containing uo I
ity substance, is perfectly harmless, and I
1 daily with great advantage. So.d by -■! I
Price, 26 and 50 cents per bottlo.
;bar bavin" a sickly wife Jr daughter, I
i English Female Bitters.
■ aid gloves can be quickly aud repeated
nml iii.vie equal to new; even when badly
! cau bo readily restore.!. It is easy of ap
ilicatiou and is porfectly free Irom any odor. For
*1 oby druggists and fancy goods dealers. Price, VS
cents a bottle.
TUB most power,ul Irou and Vegetable Tonic, is
English Female Bitters.
for the Hair Is all that is required -, purely vegetable
and highly perfumed, it softens, improves aud hoau
tifie- Iho Ilair, strengthens the root., r.ii.i gives ita
i leli, gl-aisj- appear a i.'o. or sale Ly nil druggist"
i and 70 cents por t.ttle.
R\-TLK tho -ran, play tho fife,
i .- K-f—- Female Bitters, save your life.
DR. L. CONUUON,l!ioli.iliau pljyan isn. claiiim to
ham successful!- trcatad quite a number of patient
i„ tbis city, and we hear of thosu who testify to tho I
! ~:. 11 ia loilunato that there are many physicians
villi .Liferent ;jll*-.H of practice fur tbe cure ol
aliuoat milless diseases. The Doctor ia confidentoj
lb.) merits of his mode of treating the sick, anl
those afll.cte.l 10-oii-iult him and r..r
■ iv.. if his ability to cure. He ran be f.i.m
111.-.i in Manchester, licit lo tho post-office
and m»- be-iliteiTic.we.l" during the day or . n n
ing. . ,
FOR chr.m.ii female complaints, untiling equals
Ep.gli.h Female Bitters.
McORKRY—This mo-ulng, llisl'th. at his resi
dei-.ce in this city, W' 1,1.1 tM __-R_BT, in Ihe .4th
year of Ilia sge.
" llialnn-rrl will take place from his resilient-.ou
Main stiver, between Fomliee and Adanis 10 MOit-
ROW, the 16th instant, at ■!'_ o'clock P. M-
I for the Benefit of Ihe Widows .and Orlhansuf
I l.eru States.
DIOTBIB-TIOS Wo. Ita. EveioNfl Feb. 14.
'.'. 1, i;-., 00, 13, CI, :i!>, "5, -IS, 63, 18, 64,
i..11 ION No. 177. Ma-*I"U FEB. 15.
18, 47, 5, s:t, 411, 10, I.!, 1. '-'■. '*. '-?■ -''-■ 7 .
Witness my baud, at Rlchiiioin}, Va., tins loth day
Of I".•l.riiary, 1871. miaiipK-M
Managers'. Commissioner.
OnnrtC-TM OF RAFILK. ran la- purchased !
from dpi. W. I D..BNBY, i.t the main h ..18.-, Bo
•southern anil Al Urn Ii (opposition)
The Teat-Oath.
Yashingtin, Fob. 15. —The President
decided Io veto tho test oath repeal
bill, and will send in a message to-day,
recommending; tho repeal of tho oath
altogether, as he holds that the present I
bill unjustly discriminates against the I
great mass of the people, who never were
_ t^g^t —■
General European I ntel 11;,-, n •■. •
Brussels, Feb. 14.—Mr. Washburn, tbe I
American Minister to France, has returned
to Paris. The Echo dv Parlcmtnt of t< - I
day, says Ciambetla is seriously ill.
The Germans in the department of Seine
Inferieure exact a contribution of twenty- I
livo franca from each inhabitant.
Berne, Feb. 14. —Furloughs have been I
accorded a large portion of tho Swiss, I
troops sUlioLcd upon the frontier of I
Lille, Feb. ll.— Railway communication I
with Patis is partially suspended. Trains
hence fur Paris aro stopped by tbe Prus
sians, but trains from Paris bound North
MB not interfered with.
The Republican ticket for the Assembly I
in the department, pf Somme, was badly I
The Kngiisll Commission— The l-01l- I
don Conference, etc., etc.
London, February 14.—The Times of
>day, nays tbe private engagement of I
r j.hn Rose, prevents his acceptance I
o the position as member of the high I
immission for tlie adjustment of all ques
ioos at issue with the United States, and
iat it has been tendered to Sir Stafford I
ortheote. The latter has accepted and I
ill sail during tho present week for tho
nited States.
Sir Stafford is probably more intimately
cquaiuted with all considerations arising
ut of the Alabama claims than any other
person they could havo selected for the I
The next, meeting of the Loudon con
ference will be held on Thursday next.
Humored lin_>e_u-.hment of Governor
Memphis, February 14.—A special from I
Little Rock to the Avalanche says : There I
ire rumors on the street tbat articles of I
impeachment are being prepared against
Governor Clayton. The Supreme court of I
Arkansis will to-morrow render a decision
in regard to ousting Lieutenant Governor
«o ,
London, February 14— The Quiu steam
ship Wyoming and tbe Oiinard steamer
Morocco, collided in the river Mor.r-y. The
latter was so much damaged that she was
Shore to stop her leak.
Colored Sailors Injured on tlie
> Neptune—Alleged Brutality of
the Captain —Compelling Maimed
-lien toWork.
The ship Noptuue, Captain Peabody, of
he Black Ball line, which arrived at New
(fork on Saturday afternoon, had one-half
,er crew frost-bitten, and those unfortu-I
ia!e men for tho past three weeks have I
icon suffering terribly from want of proper
nedical attendance, and relief from their
irdurms duties. This venael, which sails I
jetween this New York Liverpool, had on I
Hiuid a crew of twenty-five on leaving
.ngland, thirteen ef whom wore white
md the balance colored men. die of the
vliite men fell from the foremast aud was I
.illed, when tbe vessel had been out a few I
!e crow took tbo night watch I
..red the day, consequently the I
itches never came in contact,
g about three weeks ago, while I
,'as lying off east of the Grand I
olored watch came on deck at
It had been blowing a heavy
tho night, and the rigging was
md the weather was bitterly I
■ral of the colored men were, as I
>ut up aloft to do unnecessary
some having been kept there in
o cold for upward of an hour,
twelve got frost-bitten. The
n were not relieved from duty,
.impelled during tho last three
ittend to all their avocations
ring from these, aggravated frost
tied Francis Oldboy, could not
its on, as his feet were very badly
jt notwithstanding this injury,
n, he says, compelled Mm to do
ity, and his feet aro now iv t%cli
t amputation may be necessary.
Lice, who was frost-bitteo in the
h1 the Captain to give him some
whereupon tho Captain kickei
tl times and made him attcDd to
v the arrival of the vessel, one o
~| saib.rs went ou shore and in
c police authorities of tbe exist
of affairs on board the Neptune
Beta were dispatched to the vessel
iding the affair to bo serious, the
o of Ihe city hospital was MS
! the following day six were re
that institution, namely : Chas
, frost-bitten in the hands ; I in
Sanks, in the hands and feet
'rico, hand ; James Moore, foci
; Gilbert Miles, foot and hand
Oldboy, foot and hand. Thre
ired men, named William Oliver
'Illinois and William 'Print wt
been frost-bitten, went to private
-houses. Some of the cases will
turn out seriously, as gangrene, it is feared,
has set in, and amputation will bo Deces-
—<•> —-——— —
In the firo in New York a few nights
ago, in which GOO singing birds wore de
stroyed, a "gifted" parrot was heard ejacu
lating, with unusual energy : "Polly wants
a drink." When tho wires of the cago
became too hot and scorched his feet, he
attempted to seek relief by clinging with
his bill to the roof. But this too was un
tenable au.l burned his tongue, so he let go
and dropped to the bottom of his cage,
hoarsely mtering, "You know how it is
vniirseU T And so, like a feathered Casa-
. _-* — ■
Twenty years ago H nth Norwalk.Conn.,
raised oysters enough for one family. Now
•J 'JOO acres of barb * ground aro devoted
irore.. —Barbara Altschute
d, John V. Bauer, through
ckson and Tumor, attorneys
immenced a suit for divorce
il, Jasper Altschute, in the
the city of Richmond, Judge
residing. Tho petition filed
that on tbe 6th of June, lfcTO,
rbara Ruprecht, was married
they lived together till lato
370, when he deserted her.
it for a long time before said
been informed that said Alt
arried man ; that when lie
ry bim she had refused and
i had heard. He pacified her
i had been marriod but had
and thero was no impediment
I, &c. Therefore Bhe married
I herself his legal wife till a
After his dessrtion she had
ie time of bis marriage be was
and of another woman, and
a wickad lie deceived her in
th him.
r charges impotency in the
lite. She further charges that
26, 26, or 27 of December,
1 in a bar-room here that his
and not live with her any
hen and there stigtnati/.c her
pprobious epithets. She says
ent wife to him j that he was
h no money; that she lias a
f property, consisting of a life
and lot, in this city, somo
id furniture, worth altogether
ays for a divorce—a tit'ticul
!. — The following cases
by Police Justice Whilo this
t, colored, charged on search
tealing a lot of jowelry and
ing, the property of John 11.
t on for trial,
r, charged with being drunk
and violently resisting ibe po
irge of their duty, was proved
w as it is possiblo lor a mem
in family to be, and was sent
lonlhs, that being the best the
s, charged with stealing ono
irty of E. I). Eacho, valued at
lars. Case continued until to
, colored, charged with steal -
l, the property of Lewis 1).
required to give security in the
lars for future good behavior,
lorson and Mary Carter, eol
ith stealing $12 from tho per
isabled colored man, by the
Moss. Mr. Alois, was retained
to defend them, but on heai ing
itumed the fee and refused to
to do with them. They wero
ruilty and sent on for trial.
il on _a_lee.—_Wbpite the
cold, so prevalent last night,
bis wife, including many child
xes, managed to congregate at
ik to take part in the rolling
irnival. There were not less
ndred persons present, and all
im we conversed, pronounced it
-but not ."on ice"—a most at
linment. .
ments in many instances were
considering the fact that a car
's was a now thing in this lati-
II should be made. The fancy cos
numerous, showed no originality
the characters assumed. '
,bney. with his brass band, fur
ec-pt'able music, which seemed
inal inspiration to the gracoful
the '-katiats."
i OH Citizen.—We are pained
,c death of another one ot Rich
md most respected citizens, Mr.
eery, who died at his resideneo
t the advanced age of 7_ years,
here from Eikton, Maryland,
more than 50 years ago. He will be remem
bered as one of Richmond's most enterprising
merchants and as the hospitable proprietor ot
he Arlington House, which be so well con
iucf.ed for many years. His son-in-law, Jl r.
A. Morris, so well known as ono of our inllu
.ntial booksellers, died only a fortnight ago
to-day. Tho remains of Mr. McCreery will bo
interred to morrow at SJ_ P. M.
The city ordinances require that every
inhabitant "of a dwelling flouting on a public
itreot, shall have the snow cleaned Irom oil
the front thereof in a few hours after the same
lhalllall. This is to b:» done under penalty,
md yet hardly one out of a hundred ever pay
I.ntion to it than if it never e_
inseiiuenco is that snow, Mush and
they are evaporated by natural
the detriment of business and
c health of the people. Why is
ance eiifurced ?
Court. —Tho following business
jd in this court to day:
dolph, colored, charged with
s acquitted,
uncau, colored, indicted for ste.l
ind contents, belonging to P. F.
bomas, colored, misdemeanor, was
r ninety days,
uckson, indicted for a lelony was
,d pleaded not guilty, jury sworn
; commenced as we go to press.
I Telegraph Company.— Meaara.
in and James llunter, ol New
is and commi.sion merchants and
iding as liryan „ Hunter, have
a suit in the chancery court here
»c E. H. Fitzhugh, against the
,d Atlantic telegraph uompany foi
Attachments wero issued lor de
operty in the several counties and
g winded discussions nn the
Tal railroads wilh which the morn
are now Piled ad nan-win, may lv
lterestlng to those who profit b.\
to the Commonwealth who tins I
ens;; and to the general public who
- its daily presentation, it i.aanun
a wearisome dish.
■men. bill tot which prepare
MM fur sometime nuking, e.imi
it at tho Skating Rink, Fight
c proceeds are to be used In pr.
itable monument for Captain Wm
•s, late Chief Engineer of the Fir
real a Discount. —I-> effei
leading book hounes on tbe Sout
lide of Main street aro now being admiiiist.ia-.i
in by tb* United States Marrhal as agent of
the bankrupt court. Tbis does not ergof
verv beavilv fur the literary (aste ot tho
metropolis of tbe States
Tie U.S. Court.— Thi attention nf Un
bar is called lo the change in the time of hold
ing tin-spring term of th. Doited States com U,
made hv the ai-l creating tha Wisino Dlsl
of Virginia. The neitt term begins in Rich
ujond ou the first Monday of April, insiead of
May, as formerly.
Cleared.—- The bug Oceau Star, Carroll,
Master, cleaned from tha Custoui-llou.e yester
lay for Cork. Ireland, wilh $'2,000 barrels i f
Jour, shipped by llaxail, Crenshaw & Co.
The Governor, to-day, appointed John
K. McHarg and Jose P. Jochiinson oomm.
doners of deeds for Virgiuia i- -New l'"t
For tho week eulmg Fooruai \ 11, tho
-hole number of deaths in tho city vt us ...
fibre will be a cot mt M ibe Richmond.
Ihea're next Tuesday night.

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