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[ Advertisement* of Lost, W*nts, Found, Fof Rent
Ac, not exceeding three or four lines, will be in
serted under tha proper heading* at TWENTY-FIVI
CENTS, for ono Insertion; or two insertions for FOR
TV CENTS; thro* Insertions, SIXTY CENTS—In
variably CASH IN ADVANCE ]
PROF. J O II ■ \ O G A It,
Will commence.a series of locturss on
and the application of tbeir sciences to the study o:
character, education, business, bealtb and beauty—
Love, Courtship and Marriage.
These subjects will bo illnstrated with 400 paint
logs, representing all shades of character, from tbe
lowest grades ol animal lrlei to the highest order ol
human excellence.
In Albany, Utlca, Now Haven,Hartford,Providence,
Lowell, Newark, Trenton, and must erf the large ci
ties of the West, these lectures havo beeu listened to
by audiences ranging from 500 to 3,000 people.
Admission free the first night.
Neither boy* nor girls admlttod.
PROF LOGAN is now (April 10) at bis office, room
151, near Ladies' Entrance and Reception Koom iv
the Ballard Houso, where lie del in enters character,
fills chat ts, aud answers the Important question,
"What Can I Do Best?"
49-Office hours from 9 A V in II p M. nplO—6t
The REGULAR ASSEMBLIES for Skating at the
• above lls.lt will take place every MONDAY, WED
NIGHTS, at S o'clock, and every SATURDAY morn
ing at 10.
o'clock, ths Rink will be opeu EXCLUSIVELY for
gentlemen and youths.
The PRICE OF ADMISSION, with the use of
Skates, is 50 cents, for a single ticket, or $3 per dozen.
Children, under It years of ago, 25 ceuts.
'At the Afternoon Assemblies Ladles and Boys will
only bo cbarged 25 cents. mh 7—tf
1871. ■»■"•: 1871.
NOW ON * A l. hi
100? Main Street, opposite Poat-Ofllce,
Tho celebrated
mh IS—3m
J=— ■ ■ — ~—."' ■ —
as ban ope nod in this city, where Ladies an 1 Gen
tlemen can lrlv,i Ilrurr
aud delivered in twenty-four hours notice
D. H. BLASCOW, French Dyer,
fe 21—ly 311 Broad Street, near Tlilid.
RICHMOND GREYS.—A meeting for Ih* pur- ~U
pose of reorganizing the RICH MOND GREYS «
will be held on MONDAY EVENING atßo'olo.k, (tf
over the store of Messis E. B. Spence A Hon. It H
ia desired that all who have been connected with the
company at any time during it* history should b*
present, it being determined to keop up for it tbe re
putation enjoyed before th* war.
ap B—2t and oth*rs.
' I'Wo PAINTERS WANTED at tbe Chesapeake
JL and Ohio R. R. shops. Apply to J. N, KINO.
ap 10—lw Geu'l Bupt.
WANTED— A PARTNER.—A goo 1 opportunity
for a yonng man to take th* place of a retir
ing partner in an old established first-class wholesale
and retail Grocery, Prevision and Couimissiou House.
I'or particulars apply to
ap 8— lw Richmoud, Va.
WANTED— 160 HANDS to go into ths woods to
PEEL ' BARK, to whom tbe highest rash
wages will bo paid weekly. Apply at BARK
WORKS, Rocketts, Richmond, or at New Market,
or Greenway. (mi tbe canal) Nolson county, V*.
ap 7—.l*is:» THOS. STEERS, .In , k CO.
If 0 R N E W JOB It". jRIjP
COMPANY'S elegant snl» wheel aSBMMI
steamship WYANOKE, Capluin Booa»l, will leane
hor whuif, at Ki.cketts on TUESDAY, April lltb,
at 9 o'clock A. M. Freight received until BA. M.
Through bills of lading signed, aod goods for
warded with dlinateb to all polnta-nortb, south,
•ast and wost. Cl'ise connections made with Cunard
I Ine for foieigu ports.
Passenger accommodations vi surpassed.
f»"> $12 (X)
Steerage H 00
Round Trip Tickets SO 00
For freight or passage, apply to
,„ ~ JOHN tV. WYATT, Agent,
_ap 10—It No. 3 Q OT , ruor street.
■t>o R NEW YORK . "~
PACKET COMPANY'S elogant steam MrlSlß Sb
•hip GEOKGsI B. UPTON, O.ptain RoimaTS will
leave he* wha f at.Roekett* on TUEBDAY. April
litis, at 6P. M. Freight received np te the hour of
Close connections and through bills of ladlog given
to all snulbeiii and eastern ports.
This elegant steamship has line cabiu accomoda
Jff re - 110 00
J'wrag* ,' 6 00
Round trip tickets, good until used, only 16 00
For freight or passage, apply to
DAVID J. BURR. President.
No. l.'U Jlaiu street.
WAiaiKOiox A Co.. Agouti,
Pi*r2l North river, N*w York. ap i -«t
In this country little else than vigorous
3 exertion and vim is necessary to mtke a
- city. The peddler sells his bad wares
- where the legitimate merchant fails to in
troduce his good ones.
: We have attempted in previous articles
to show that the merchants of Richmond
were of that class whose position is recog
nized and whose merits aro bruited abroad,
as are thoso of their compeers by the
writers of tbe Old World : they are the
legitimate descendants of the merchants of
Chaucer's day. Junior rivals class them
with "old fogydom," which classification
means, if we understand modern vulgar
> isms, that they are scrupulously honest
1 and free from all suspicion of artifice.—
This is an imputation they can well sup-
J port. It is not, however, in another sense,
f one which is absolutely creditable to them.
,In so much as it means that they do not
', take the legitimate advantage of trade,
whether through their incompetency or
indolence, the epithet may convey a
i stigma.
'We do not preteud to assert that Rich
mond merchants are, or should be, classed
as tho best and most reliable in the coun
try, we only mean that under all circum.
stances they aro straightforward and
reliable. That these qualifications are
honorable and creditable is true ; but that
they are sufficient for the exigencies of to
day is doubtful. Years ago, th» reputation
of our city as a market alone was sufficient
to insure an abundauce of trade. The
restless vitality of cities around her, dif
ferently populated, has changed this state
of affairs; and she does wrong in relying on
her reputation alone for her commercial
position. Certain meaus which are em
ployed elsewhere, and which arc legiti
mately employed, should be used here-
Richmond has attained a position ; it de
volves upon her people now to maintain
that position. The timo has passed when,
with tossed oars, she can wait for her rivals
in tho regatta of commerce. She must not
ro-enact the fable of tho Hare and Tortoise,
If Bhe would win the race she must em
ploy her energies.
The mercantile agents of other cities in
tho South are omnipresent. Thoso of
Richmond are as rare as the former are
Richmond wishes to trade with the
South, and the South wishes to tiade wilh
Richmond ; but other places come between
with their specious agents, and divert our
legitimate trade into a foreign channel.
Their ageuts offer inducements which are
true, but which are not different from
those offered here. If Richmond
similar agents meeting those from abroad,
there is no question but that the prefer
ence of tho South would result in favor of
our beautiful city.
Travel where you will, throughout the
South and West, you find representatives |
of various cities. Tho Richmond mer
chant, who would naturally be preferable, j
is alone unrepresented, or ouly partially '
put forward. Do our merchants expect j
that, iv defiance of all modern rules of !
trade, they will gain by apathy what oth- ,
ers accomplish by industry? If they do, '
the worst interpretation of "old-fogyism"
is not misapplied to them. <
There aro a few merchants iv this city to
whose honor, credit, and profit it is due to i
say tbat they have taken advantage of the ,
means employed elstrwhore to gain friends; i
and, as might have been expected, they j
have been universally successful. It is i
only necessary to make known theseadvan- '
tages which we really possess, in order to I
enable us to embrace all that trade which !
naturally stretches ita suppliant arms to- i
ward us. It is only necessary to exert the '
same general and personal energy which
has been exhibited elsewhere, in order to '
secure to Richmond that positiou to which j
nature and circumstances has entitled her. ■
To assert a position is partially to have t
gained it ; to prove that position is cer- '
tainly to have acquired it. To do neither t
is to retrograde, and to retrograde is in the
future to loso what has been attained in the (
past. Let each individual ask himself
which alternative of this dilemma he will
take ; and let each merchant's answer be ~
recorded in deeds, not in promises ;in ac- •
tinns, not in words. Lot ns labor as a i
unit to promote, not personal, but general 1
prosperity, and we shall soon accomplish J
for this city the highest position to which
her best of friends claim a title. a
__.„ J,
A Great Revival.— Wo learn that a a
very extraordinary and gracious revival is c
In progress at the High-Street Methodic t
church, under fhe ministry of the pastor, t
assisted by Rev. Mr. Lumpkin, of Notto- g
way. Tha revival has been in progress n
some three weeks, and up to Friday night b
one hundred and ten persons had professed
conversion. The interest is constantly on si
the increase. At least forty penitents sur- h
rounded the altar Friday nigbt. Such a w
work of grace haa not been witnessed in I;
that church for a long time.— Petersburg s<
Index. ti
• . it
A very interesting pupil at one of the tl
Pittsfield schools is Michael Lahy, who o
lost both his arms on the railroad wheu a p
very small boy, but who has worked his h
way through the lower schools, and now v
holds a good place in the highest school of ||
the town. He manages his book, uses his ci
slate aud writes tiuely, all with his mouth. t\
He can also write with his loc-b, but doesu't tf
practice that in school hours. t<
A Macon (Ga.) paper calls attention to
a miuister of that place, wha carries an
ugly pistol in tbe long coat peculiar to bis pi
cloth. It dubs him the Vanned mission- Vi
»ry." • tli
1,1 Her from Petersburg.
Petersburg, April 10.
1 To the Editor of the Slate Journal.
A most wonderful escape frum ,i fatal
i accident occurred en Sunday afternoon.
While a procession was returning from a
funeral at the lilandford Cjmetory, a liack,
' in which were seated four colored women
and it little girl, while cgming down a
steep hill in Blandford, the pole broke,
i and also a bit in one of the horse's mouths.
, The horses became unmanageable, and tho
driver, llobert Boiling, colored, a most
careful and*experienced one, did all in his
i power to save tho inmates. He threw the
i harses down, and the carriago was pre
, cipitated over the embankment. Only
7 two of the occupants were injured, and
thoy slightly, which is remarkable, an the
hack wa3 thrown at least fifteen feet, and
ompletely broken to pieces.
His Honor, Mayor Wood, is baviDg quite
an easy time at present owing to the order
ly and peaceful conduct of our citizens.
Only three erses were-disposed of to-day
in his court.
Wade Slaughter, a barber by profession,
was fined $5 for violation of city ordi
nance, this being hia third offence
Robert Reed, violation of city ordinance,
(his first appearance iv tho criminal stand,)
lined $2 or tivo days in jail.
Henry Jackson, colored, lor engaging in
a domestic difficulty with his lawful
spouse, was fined $6 or ten days in jail.
. —+«B».»
Farewell Letter of Use Virginia Del
egation to the Philadelphia!!*!,
Tho Richmond Centennial Committee
took their final leave of the Philadelphia
Cjmmittee at Parlor C of the Continental
Friday evening.
Without any special formality, Colonel
S. Bassett French, of Richmond, stated
that in the absence of Obi, Roller, the
chairman of the committee, ho hail been
delegated to read to the Centenuial Com
mittee of Philadelphia the following let
ter :
Committee Rooms Viuqinia DKLEninos,
Continental Hotel, '
Philadelphia, April 7, 1871. I
To the Hon. John L. Shoemaker, Chairman of I
tho Centennial Committee ol the Select and |
Common Councils of Philadelphia :
Sir—Tho Virginia delegation are about to
leave jour hospitable city for their homes ; J
and, in obedience to their wishes, I am in
structed in their names to say farewell. No (
words aro vouchsafed to us to give full expres- !
sion to our appreciation of the courtesies and j
attentions extended to us. We can only ap- {
proaeh them by saying tbat they have fulfilled
all that can be included in the words, J
"brotherly love." J-
From every department, whether of State J
or municipal government, from citizens of {,
every class and degree, we have received a
cordial greeting, a hearty welcome. We are \
but a part of a great whole—extend only to
that whole what you have afforded to us, a
minor part, and the day star of a brighter fun
ture will already have dawned upon ourenun- ?
try. It is the part of wise men.no less than J,
of truo men, to do their duty. Let us all, from
wheresoever we may hail, fulfil this role, not
with an eye to personal pelf nor to party as
cendancy, but with a single purpose to elevate 8
our hope.-, to raise yet higher the standard of
public and private virtue, and to make devo
tion to law, truth and right the test of patriot- I
ism. In a word, let our text be pro 2>atrice, ■..
and then we may hope tbat the God of our
fathers may bless us, their children, as He did "
To have celebrated the Centennial Anniver- n
sary of IS7G by "tap of drum," or "flags *
flaunting 'mid air," might have touched the ti
sensibilities of msny of our people, from the
Arostook to the Uio del Grande, and widowed 0
hearts and orphaned children might havo been T
made to weep avain over dear ones, and re- ri
fuse to be comforted, "for they are not." ci
The dreary, bloody past would, by tbe imita- d'
tions of the "pomp and circumstance of war," U
have harrowed the American heart, and the st
fires of prejudice and hate, which had fallen •
into mouldering ashes, would have been re- b
kindled into a blaze, fiercer and more terrific te
than has heretofore been experienced. ar
How appropiiate, tben, when the "winter of al
our discontent" gives way to the prospect of a fe
"glorious summer," that tbe descendants of vi
the "Old Thirteen," and their children, shall al
gather around the Independence altar of the
country, hallowed by Hancock, Morris, and F
Virginia's noblest sun, and on tbat altar lay ct
not the trophies of war, but the fruits of »
War brings her victories; Peace her greater m
triumphs. Emulation for excellence in all
that ennobles and makes hsppy; strife for hi
superiority in virtue and truth, let us have ; °'
but God torfend that tbe day shall ever come '"
again when the blood of one brother shall cry '1'
out from the earth against another. ci
Mr. Chairman, we of tho South are impo
tent. Upon you rests the responsibility. We
can only look on and say, God help the right.
Your charge is a high one, and if your people
will only deal by our people as you have by us, m
then it will be''a happy day" for us and our
children's children.
For you and your colleagues in your mdi- .
vidual and representative capacities, for all of J*
your fellow-citizens, who, ln friendly strife, ?
have contended to do us honor, be pleased to -
accept o-ur sincere thanks for tbeir hospitali- ?,',
ties, and we beg of you to do us the kindness
to express to each and all whom you may rep- cfl
resent, our profound acknowledgments for the w
fraternal love wilh which we have been em
braced. *
lam very truly and respectfully your obedU jj?
ent servant. John 81. Roller, ?
Chairman Joint Committee o! Virginia Dele- '
gation. et
A Rich Sell.—Tho great.sell of last d,
Saturday week, was our local on N. C.
McKerell, whom we assured our readers,
bad been killed by Radicals on the coast ef Tl
North Carolina, and by them split the en- is
tire length of the spine, and wbtse muti- £
lated remains had been shipped to this p \\
point for interment, end which could be Jo
seen at the Virgiuia House, the remains go
having been embalmed according to an °J'
ancient process. A large number of our m(
citizens suspended btisiuesa and repaired to B.
the hotel, where Mr. Thomas conducted ao>
them into an "inner chamber" and with P r .'
great gravity raised the lid of a large box, Jj!
revealing to their gaze the well preserved \y
bjdy of a North Carolina Mackerel! tw
The sold party returned, and kept tha
secret, aud others followed. Not until a
late hour did persons cease to wend their
way to the Intel, to view this victim of
Hoklen's rule, until some half do/.gn per- hoi
sons, who relieved itichothor from time to off
time, actually grew tired of the sport, aud au<
informed tbe remaind>r of the visitors Zj
that the matter was-au April hoax. Home 1
of our best citizens, while awaiting tbe re- o'e
moval of lid, reverently removed their * lr
hats nud waited iv respectful silence tho ml
view of tho body. Altogether it wart the
largest hoax of our town for years aud me
embraced more victims. All seemed to
enjoy the joke hugely, and our assertion
that Mr. McKerell had many friends in RJ
town was verified.— Bristol Netvs biu
_ 1 am ■ am
The name of John Smith does not ap- »""
pear once in the directory of the city of w , l '
Wi'minuteii, N. C, containing fifteen "'
thousand or more inhabitants.
Suicide In Henrico.
A Mliir.ir.u Mm- HANQS 11-:.;.-, ir r || l( I,t
On Friday morning last, Mrs. Maria Thorpe,
wife of Mr. James Thorpe, committed suicide
by hanging herself with a rope in her own
kitchen. The sad affair occurred at the resi
dence of Mr. Thorpe in Henrico county, about
ten miles from tho city on the Westham road.
Mrs. Thorpe has been considered partially in
sano for sometime, and had been closely
watched to prevont her killing herself. Tho
Dispatch gives tho following particulars of
the affair:
On Friday morning, her husband rose at an
early hour and webt to a neighboring store to
make some purchases. Immediately afterwards
Mrs. Thorpe got up, dressed herself, and went
to the garret of the house and brought down
a piece of rope. From the house she went to
the kitchen with a chair, placed it in the
centre, of the floor, adjusted the rope around
her .neck, and thus, in a few moments' time,
she bad breathed hor last and accomplished
her end. Her mother in the meantime had
gotten up, but was not uneasy about her
daughter, thinking eho had gone to the
spring; but to her horror, a half hour later,
on looking towards tho kitchen, a short dis
tance off, the door of which being open, she
discovered her child swinging from the joist
and her feet just touching the grnuud. On
reaching her side she found tbo body cold and
lifeless. The news soon spread to the neigh
bors, who gathered together to witness tho re
maining scene of this sad and tragical act. So
horror-stricken wero they that tbe body was
not cut down until ten o'clock in the day. Tho
affair has created tho most intense excitement
throughout the county.
Mrs. Thorpe was about thirty-throe years of
age, and leaves a husband and two interesting
children to mourn her loss.
Dnrlng Attempt to tfscapc from Jail.
bast night, about half-past 10 or 11 o'clock,
tbe famous McGKlin, who is confined in the
city jail, where he was placed for safe-keeping,
charged with murder in Brunswick,, suc
ceeded in cutting through his cell door, re
moving the locks and grating, and also the
two doors leading to tho outer porch, from J
whence he climbed lo the top of tho jail, by
the water spout. From Ihero he attempted to
I descend to the stable-yard, a distance of forty
or fifty feet, by the assistance of his bed
blankets; but when about thirty five or forty
feet from the ground, the blankets parted, and
be fell, injuring himself slightly. He waa then
captured by Ihe stable watchman, who prompt
ly alarmed the jailor. Thla is the third at
tempt of McGiffiu to escape, since his incarce
ration two or three months since, and it is only
by tho promptness and vigilance of the jailors
that he has thus far been prevented from so
The jail ia in a dilapidated condition, and
needs repairing very much. Unless it is soon
attended to, many of the prisoners will decline
to occupy quarters there much loDger, espe
cially as the warm season is at hand.
Wear a fancy enstume if you wish to
skate to-morrow night with or without a mark. I
Reminiscences of Olden-Times. — The
JVAi'e; of this morning publishes tbe following
interesting letter from the venerable General
W. H. Bichardson:
The Whig of this morning contains obituary
notices of one old soldier of 1812 and tbe
widow of another who were both well known
to me.
Thornton C. Lipscomb was a sergeant in
Captain (subsequently Colonel) Townsend
Taylor's company of volunteers, Nineteenth
regiment, Bichmond city, afterwards command
ed by myself. Marched with it to Norfolk un
der orders of Gth February, 1813, when the
British fleet came into Hampton roads, and
served from time to time until the end of the
war. All that is said of him aa a man in the
brief notice of his death, >ll who knew him can
testify, is strictly true. To this it is hut just to
add that he was as good a soldier as citizen ;
always prompt to meet the calls of duty, uni
formly, orderly, correct and soldierly'in ser
vice, respected and esteemed by his officers
and comrades.
Mrs. Mary A. Foro was tho widow of James
Fore, who was also a sergeant in the same
company, and was as fine a soldier as ever fixed
Par pulled a trigger. He died in
I tbink, within tho last eighteen
srsof tho corps (upwards of'eigbty) I
with me thia week, but glancing
auster roll, containing upwards of
d names, I cannot find that half a
are now living. All tho officers
lelf are dead.
Very respectfully,
W. H. BicnAitnso.v.
Carnival at Assembly Hall to
i .
Destructive Fire in the County —Yes
terday, about twelve o'clock, a destructive fire
occurred on the farm of Mr. John W. Taylor,
in Henrico county, a short distance from tho
city, which resulted in considerable loss. Two
little boys were amusing thomselves with a toy
cannon and matches near an outbuilding, and
while at play set lire tci a lot of straw. The
flames soon communicated to the building,
which was entirely consumed before the fire
could be checked, destroying feed, farming
utensils and valuable machines. We did not
learn if there waa any insurance on the proj
Fancy Dress Carnival on skates Tues
/ 0. R. M.—Complimentary Supper. —
The Great Council of Virginia of I. O. it. M.
is at present in thia city, engaged in tho trans
action of business for the order. Pocahontas
Tribe, No. 14, will tender them a grand com
plimentary supper to-morrow eventDg, at
Johnson's restaurant, which will no doubt be
gotten up in excellent style, and be an affair
creditable to tho Tribe and worthy of the I'aino
of the caterer. The committee of arrange
ments, Messrs. William E. Granger, William
E. Cree, and John B. Vaughan, will please
accept our thanks for a kiud invitation to be
present. From our knowledge of the com
mittee, we are confident that a pleasant and
aiyreeable entertainment may be anticipated.
We shall try to be there, and make a note or
two of tbe doings.
Don't fail to go to the CuuWal on
Military.— Tho Howitzers and Or. y*
hold meetings to night lor the purpose of ro
organizing. We trust that tho cfl'orts may be
successful. Thoy were formerly excellent
organizations, aud were compose.d of the best
material in the city.
There will be a meeting held tonight at 8
o'clock, at Union Eagle Hotel on Seventh
street, for the purpose of organizing a new
military company.
Staling nt Assembly Hall for gentle
men only to-night. *
Open House.— Wm. Ira Smith (he who
spells clothing with a big "X") invites all
his customer* aud the public generally to meet
him at his storeroom, this evening between ,'■
and 10 o'clock P. M. Ho wants to show tbeni
sumi ibing. The public will no doubt go. We
went t1.,-!.- Friday nigbt, and were much
pi««M thereat.
unique device?,—an imitation of a custom
which anciently prevailed in commvmoratie-n
ol the Saviour's resurrection and the con
sequent peace and good reeling that should
prevail among all men, though some have
traced it to au oriental custom, and found in
it the symbol ol creation, which developed
the germ of all things. In most Eastern coun
tries tho new year begins with tbe spring
equinoxes, and the festive occasion is partly
celebrated by the sending of gaily ornament
ed eggs from one friend to another, and it is
supposed that the custom found its way to the
Western portion of Europe, where for centu
ries the year also began with spring. In
France Easter eggs, though still so called, have
changed fnto costly bonbons, or even moro
expensive presents, as tokens of friendship. In
Bussia alone the custom maintains its sacred
character, ai)d tbo eggs are given with the
words "Christ is arisen I" Even body, at home
or abroad, has a supply of Easter eggs about
him, and passers by are sccosted with those
Itnd two eggs struck againßt each other,
c one that stieceeds ia breaking the
Isims both. The custom has lost much
ancient significance, and is regarded
rather as a holiday pastime than anv
it of the Local Columns of the Morn
>ers.— William Cary, colored, was con
rf incendiarism on Saturday last, in the
;s court, and sentenced to three years
nment in the penitentiary.
Ott is coroner of Bockingham county.
■(Mowing persons received their Onal
'O in bankruptcy on Saturday : Allen
f Halifax; John]'. Foilliard and Ira
horn, of King and Queen; B. F New
in William Lewis died suddenly at his
ro on Church Hill on Saturdaylast. He
ell-known citizen, and was formerly of
of Branch & I,ewis, shoe dealers, at
itand opposite the market. The fune
k place yesterday evening from the
Presbyterian chiirch and was largely
I. w ■* *
illowing is a list of the National banks
ity who have subscribed to tho new
cent. United States loan : First Na
212,200; Farmer's National $*GOOO-
National Exchange $196,300. '
Tho first match game of base-ball for the
season was played on Saturday, between Ihe
Bicbmond College and the Confederate clubs'
resulting in a victory for the Confeds, by a
core of 24, to 12 for the College boys.
Narrow Escape-A Practical lllustra
lon of a Nuisance—A prominent citizen of
Iroad street sends us tho following communi
ation, which wo think worthy the attention I
f tho proper autborities :
"I will briefly stste an incident of this
lorning. When Ihe freight train was pasting
own Broad street at a quarter past il, a horse
ttacbed to a tumbrel cart took flight and
ashed down First street towards Leigh, at a
cad long rate. Numbers of Indies aa well as
bildren were on First street at tbe time, and
: was with great difficulty that they wore en
bled to gain shelter; in fact several bad very
arrow escapes,
"This practically illustrates that the passaze
of cars on a rsilroad into the heart of tbo city,
upon a principal street, is most assuredly a
uisance, which should be abated ; and proves
hat the efforts of a few members of the Coun
il to have tho depot of tho Fredericksburg
ompany removed should be crowned wilh suc
cess ; or, failing in this, that locomotive power
hould be abolished, at least so far as passing
along Broad street, not only for the protec
ion of life, but also of property."
Skating at Assombly Tlall (his after
lo'ogy and Physiogomy.— Vrolessor
gan, of New York, will deliver a
m these subjects at Virginia Hall, on
ay evening next, which is the first of
he designs giving in this citr. The
ther cities speak in tbe highest praise
intcrtaintnents, and we have no doubt,
professor will attract crowds of our
:o hear him aud witness his cxperi-
See the advertisement in another
laokage ticket will take you to the j
to morrow night. *
lal. —At the Davenport Hotiso, r s I
J. Wright of South Carolina, also
c, Mr. O. Williams of North Caro-
Mr. Graves of Washington, I). C.
•ight has been thoreeiuient of many
tj Carnival Tuesday night. °
versary of General Lee r s surrender
jattox court-house. Has not time
i flight very rapidly ?
ra charge to. the Carnival. °
Court. —The following oases wcio
of by Police Justice White this
Myers and Henry Brown, for un
;aking possession of the canal boat
," the property of David Couch,
nued until Wednesday,
louch, colored, for unlawfully swear
y in charging George Mvers with
r taking possession of the canal boat
." Caso continued until Wednesday,
r Johnson, colored, charged with
me plank, the property of Buahrod
as let off.
and Catherine Bray, for unlawfully
g Pat Max Geld, were warned and let
tnith, charged with being a person of
lind, was discharged,
ackson, white, for being drunk and
disturbance in the street, sent tojail
nes, colored, for unlawfully breaking
ng tho fish house of; George S, Sluiz, :
fault of security iv the sum of $50,
:Neil, for being drunk and unable to
jf himself, was discharged,
ibney, colored, charged with being a
is let off.
venport, colored, for being drunk
erly in the street, was fined $2.
losby aud Wm. Henry Brown, for
• entering in the uight'time the store
1 Goelz and with stealing therefrom
oranges, the property ol said Goetz,
50. ilosby discharged. Brown sent
Christian, David Lewis and Ira
irged wilh unlawfully and felonious
[ sundry articles of clothing, Ihe
Jf E. S. Jacksmi. Christian and
3 discharged, and Mushy Bent to jail
of secuiity.
Palmer, colored, for being druiiit
erly in the streets, was fined $1.
Scott, colored, charged with being
oisorderly. and with using profane
ir language in the streets, was
o give security for his good be-
M. Braxton, for feloniously break
lering the house of John Johnson ia
itne, and stealing therefrom sundry
clothing, the property of said John
nt to New Kent county for trial, the
ing been committed in that county.
Hampton, charged with unlawfully
Thomas Penny with a slung shot
it to maim, disfigure, or kill, and j
nny and William Penny for threat
in Hampton. Hampton was required
arityiu tbe sum of $300 for his go<d
rr three months, and security in the
I for the same period was required
Penny. William Penny was dis
sy and Elizabelh Penny, drunk and
were warned and discharged,
cks in, charged wilh stealing one
property of Tilman Jeter, valued at
mntinued until the 12th.
I'ayne, for assaulting and beating
■ning to kill Spencer Hooevman,
- 10, warned and discharged. '
a hearing before U. S. Commissioner.Lynham
this morning : I
b. P. Nelson, charged with having in his
I iV"i !e 'T£ n one bßrrt ' l 0| whiskey on which the
United States special tax had not been paid.
David Jameson, charged with carrying on
bnsiness of a distiller without having paid the
tax as required by the United States internal
revenue law.
George W. Jameson, T. W. Ross and Joseph
Kampner, each charged with havi D g received
ono barrel of distilled spirits on which the rev
enue tax had not been paid. All of these par
ties are from Culpeper.
Huttings Court—Judge Guigon —Albert
Harwell, colored, indicted for breaking into
tho factory of A. M. Lyon & Co., and stealing
tobacco therefrom, was convicted to-day and
sentenced to five years' confinement in the
The case of John Smith, charged with the
murder of John Christie, was set for Wednes
day at II o'clock.
The court will meet at 10 o'clock to-morrow,
for the purpose of granting licenses.
Resigned.— We understand tbat Mr.
Duncan Thompson, Jr., tbe ellicient assistant
assessor of internal revenue for tho lirst di
vision of this district, has tendered bis resigna
jon, which has been accepted, to take effect on
the Ist of May. Mr. Thompson goes to Wash
ington whsre he will be employed as a clerk in
the department ofthe Interior.
State Treasury. —J. 3. Barkcsdalo,
sheriff of Abemarlo county, deposited in the
treasury to day $.1,000; I. C. O'Neil, of Alex
andria, $5,000; H. rV. Cunningham, of Prince
William, $1,000, and W. "A. Kobertson. of
Nottoway, $2,000. '
Skating carnival to-morrow night. "
Manchester News.
One of the largest congregations ever as
sembled in the ISaptist church was present
last evening, and were tbe recipients of a fine
Srsrmtnfrom Hebrews 11th chapter, 24th and
2oth verses. After which the ordinance of
baptism was administered by Key, J F
The report in Saturday's Journal in refer- '
ence to a dead child being found is incorrect.
Removal.— The scale house is being removed '
a more convenient place.
i Court—Jaift James H. Cox, is now
The Judge looks as if he was just
, and we feel will be so to his fellow
ilk is being had in reference to the
the corner-stone of the free bridge
h, of which due notice in this paper
■ket is improving in varieties of meats
ables. Mr. Isaac Kahan and Michai]
tbe meat departments Iticbard Cirg
ilbei t Merrill, in lhe\egetable.
tntnittee on free ••hoola met in Ihe
urch at 10 to day, to adopt a sssti-m
but as our report closed had not'come
i NOTICIS.-Porsons wl*hin K tho STATU
left early anJ regularly nt their places
or reddest!**, B y responsible carrier*
leave their orders with
Newsdealers, 918 Main Street.
- ■■ •
OS's POMADE OITIMK. an a dressing
ris all Hint ia rehired; purely vegetable
porfmnud, it soften, improve*and beau
air, strengthen* the rcots, and gives it a
appeara-sco. F„r sale by all druggists
a 75 cunts per bottle.
H-m-d to any other Halting Powder in
I swing to its poifect purity, qnalityi
rtl economy. Tim Ingredient* urc strictly
iUtenons sabstanoss, an t baas* thu full
ervch are obtained, an I ibo results are
ry timo it is tise.l. Tnis cannot .lie the
c of ordinary mmuracture, and for proof
rtion we simply ask thoso whose have
Smear ksnji it. DOOI.EY k IlKOTH
;lurors, 63 Kow street, New York.
aid gloves tin ba <]si tcrkly und repealed
ml made equal to new: nra whon badly I
an be readily restorer* It Is easy of ap- I
lis perfectly fne from any ml jr. Tot
itst* and fancy gnodjs dealer*, rti j
v ' : '■..RY peak:. TOOTB I'OWDBU
iecninnioiideil as tb.r best dentifrice I
rlrannes nnd preserves tin. turtlr, harden I
mMtraa Hi* breath; ur. 1, containing no I
:y substance, is perfectly harmless, and I
lady with great advantago. Sold by ail
'rloa, 25 and 50eenta per Imttle.
Iloiieflt i-r tlirs Widow* and O'P'-iai.sof
ION No. 268. Evi.MNu Apuil 8
ION No. 2iio. Moinaa Aran, lo
60 11 66 50 £6 OH 12 21 76 CI 64
y hand, nt Richmond, Va., thia 10th day I
* CO., O. Q 'MVi'IUNS,
luagerp, Commissioner.
ATM.' Olr' 11AFKLH, MO ba purchased
'■ 1. DAUNKY, at ilui Uranch office, No
itrntst, one door from Main
In Mr-iii hiri-t-i, Friday, April Tib on*
OI.'S WAT 111 CHAIN, which the own I
ly describing same ami paving lor this I
Newsdealer*, &18 Mnin atreet.
C.tv Hail, April 8 IS7I. /
WAIL —Tire Hun. A. B. Gnigou, Judge
its Court of the city ~t' Illebmotid baa
UEBDAY, the 11th day ol'April, IS7I,
and the I ity Hall v the place tur
-IOKN.SISS f.r this city fur tv »..le ol
lUITi and MAI.T MUCOUS lor the on I
osnmvaelßg on the Ist day of May I
Commissioner of the Revenue
lor tin City of Kichm- nd.
It- UT M-U'.M, Va Acnl 4rb, ISf I.
.urtof the Cnitel SlnOrr ror the last
it Virginia, On lire ITIU dry ul Mau-li
Sttar of W,llium P. Tin .lupmin, b-.uk'
kruotcy, the usdsisigntd w,|| ht his I
;y M runt, Va, ou th -J|.,Ui ,i mat
i fbUoaiojc, iu-i,--.iiiiln, v /.:
mt of the lens upon lb landn of s,ld
1 their pijoiitrt'H
mt sf any labor dune, ur iuiproiementa I
r l C. Fr- gUSOS, tile piiruhu-er at th* I
i'll s rl ill- -il' aiiil rrnle.
mt of the -,ii mi i , urr u;,on tbo bond
fVni. P. Th -in; sm on tin, tti day of
lv M'-.iliu.il I'll, o 'nnd M.r.lini p
ins of Louisa J. Thompson, for $1/M|
4. Au aeceunl sf all moa*)s paid by Wmfield
Price ou ace not ..I Judgments eaaluii tne said H'm
P. Thomp*OU, and the timo ol the readenug Bl mh
judgiiiiinl; at Wh'oh tilue and |il.lire all p.-r»,in* i„.
terested are requinU t. appear befor* m,.
Given under my hand m Bpwlal O- mmlasloner iha
d*y and jear lliat above mentioned.
»p 10—Mjw Special C.,niuii«ionr»r. j
1 rt tha District 0 ust of the Unite I staters for th* I
X t.ntr-ru l.'iatriirl nf Virginia.
In ihe marioro Wne-lwright, Wiidge k Co. vs I
■was* Vacdy Uros., bankrupt*—iv haukruptcy.
lv Wuoni it .May Cotceiu:—Tho und-raignei
Uavid U. Parker, berehy i<rve« notico of hi* appoint
ment n , tr lull c of the ettste uf Dales i Walldy tiro*
of Richmond, lv th* ousoty vi Uaa>loi, la a«U dis-1
tllut.uud ah« ss.li', Ol Uirr lilt dis 01 .li.uuaiy 1871
adjudge! l>*nkmpi* upon te p*tltien sf \Vho«i-'
wrightf Mudgo A 00. by tbe DUtriel court of aaid
Dated at Richmond the n.ti . j jri , ,- 17(
ap!o-M3w tIAVIO UP.ik.s It.
Th ,£ F '« ht, "rg Around Pan.— hi,en,
Thrown Into the Chmmps IClyHe*.
London, Apiil 9.—There was desperata
fighting around Paris on Saturday. Fori
Valerien and tbe advanced batteries of the
army of Versailles kept up a steady bom
bardment of Porto Maillot, thei» thelli
falling in tho Champs Elysees. An en
gagement took place at Villeneuf, and
there were skirmishes at Begneaux and
Billancsurt. All tho southern forts have
resumed firing. The government fercoe
are gaining ground in front of Montrouge
and Bicetre. A decisive struggle is ex
pected at tho gates.
It is reported that Thiers is adverse to
forcing an entrance into Paris by fighting,
and tbat ho prefers the reduction of the
city by investment. At ten last evening
there was a cannonade at Porte Maillot and
other points, which continued with great
violence to-day. A coniict occurre I
among tho insurgents themselves in Run
duTTroubourg St. Autoino, in consequence
of the refusal of a portion of the National
Krds to march beyond the walls. Thu
t'fet<T reports that Delescleizu is under
it, and that tha arabulanco service in
Paris is insufficient, and tho wounded are
lering greatly for want of attendance,
niciliary visits will be made to-morrow
cok for rufractory nationals,
'he recent decree of the commune has
i modified bo as to make military ser
compulsory on all between the ages of
iteen and forty,
flotilla of gunboats has been sent from
re up the Seine to assist in the opera
s against Paris. Sejge guns have also
i dispatched from Havre to Cherbourg
in attack on tbo forts occupied by the
rgeafa. The insurgent National
rdsiu Marseilles were disarmed with.
out resistance, and all who have been taken
prisoners have been sent to the Chatai
Ihe Observer says Bismarck is still fn
ible to the restoration of Napoleon.
fore Parts, Suuday evening, via Lon
April 10, 8:JO A. M.—The govern
t forces aro encamped in Courbevoie
occupy tbe bridge of Neuilly. Ther
barricading the village and
communists have reinforced their ar
ry at Porte Maillot and Porto de Ter-
Valercin and the batteries at Courbe
havo maintained an incessant botn
ment all day, and their shells fal
beyond the Arch of Triumph. The na
tionals .have evacuated tlio Champs Elyseea
and occupy the adjacent street.
Too efforts of the coniinuno to force tha
citizens generally to take up arms have si
General Bergerot, commander of tha
Nationals in the affair at Courbovoie, is un-
arrest in Paris. It is reported that tha
Versailles troops havo crossed tho Seine at
Asnieres, on the north side of Paris.
-i — i
Washington News.
Washington, April 9.—Large numbers
of letters have been received at the Execu
tive Mansion congratulating the Presidoot
on his complete vindication by the report
of the San Domingo commissioners.—.
Prominent gentle lien have called upon hini
to exprcu their feelings same effect.
Many distant correspondents i nc'ose news
paper articles containing favorable com
ment on his meisaga in connection with
expression of their gratification and that of
I ther friends.
Nt session General Butler was author
by tha reconstruction committee tn
rt an amnesty bill, excepting only
i classes : officers of the army and,
, all Senators and members who lefo
Jnited States service lo join the Con
acy, and nil members of State con
•08 who voted for ordinances of se.
jn. He failed to report it, but at thu
it request of the most of tho mem
of that committee, who are in thia
Congress, will submit it to-morrow. Thera
is little or r.o doubt of its obtaining the n;«
quired two-thirds vote, ami thero is soma
prospect of its pa-SAge by tlio Senate.
The Shellalarger bill will be reported ia
the Sanats to-nnrrow without amendment.
Tho judiciary committee, at tbeir meeting
yesterday, agreed to this course, Judga
Thurman alone dissenting. Senator Trum«
bull, chairman of the committee, to tha
surprise of many, supported it as it carna
from the Housi. Mr. Edmonds, of Veiw
mont, desires to amend tho bill so as t»
make it more stringent, but the indicntioua
are very decided that it will be passed by
the Senate without modification, It is tha
intention to dispose of it in both Housaa
this week, so that a final adjournment catt
bo effected on Saturday next.
Republican Senators have received pret
ty strong hints that au extraordinary sen-
Bioiiof iheSenato will be c.invetied in Mar
to consider the result of the proceedings of
the joint high ommissijn. It will proba
bly be positively decided on lbs receptioa
of mail advices from England two weeka
Horse Thieving In Alabama.
Memphis, April 9.—Oh the night of the
th, seven armed men eutered tho stable of
. P. Farmer, at Florence, Alabama, and
fter shooting at the night watchman and
hreatening to kill Mr. Farmer, took two
lorses left with Farmer by a constable and
A party soon after started in pursuit,
nd overtaking them a skiimish ensued,
uring which one of tho pursuers waa
tilled, anothor wounded and two horsea
illed. Charles W. Wiekerson, Benjimia
X Long, and seven horses wero captured.
Wiekerson claimed tbe horses were stolen,
from him in Tennessee. They waived ex
amination and wero committed to f.,il ia
default of $1,200.
Fatal Domestic Difficulty.
Chicago, April 9.—A difficulty occurre I
on Friday evening, which resulted in the
shooting of Dr. E. C. Stiandlaod by bii
rothor-in-law, Percy H. Leonard, and hai
:aused much excitement iv this city. A
ady, well known in fashionable circles,
nd who bad Dr. Scauland lor her family
lhysician, is associated with ihrf affair.
)f this lady, it is alleged, Mrs. Scauland
lecatne very jealous, but tbe public senti
ient is that she in no way gave cause for
le feeling. An inquest was held over thu
K«dy of tbe doctor on Saturday, an!
eonard was committed for trial.
It is said that when two or more gentle
on gather round the festive board iv
Vashiugton ihey commence delivering
rpeeches at eucb other,, and the contest
inly ends with exhaustion.

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