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droning jP tat* gowna!.
rUBMHUKD DAILT-(Bund»y« ExccpUd
At lltH ">*li> Strait, Richmond, Va
Th* JOURNAL 1* delivered to *u'rscrlla.rs ln Ih*
city at Firip.iN iisdvh ran Wiik, payable tn th*
carriers—Tiirez Ceuts por aingle copy.
Paid ros MaJiTKO.—Three month* fl j*- all
rannthatS 00; one year t* 00
The WKEKLY JOURNAL will be mailed to tub
corlbera al* montha for 73 cente; one year, tl 50.
[Advertisementa of Lost, Wants, Found, For Rent,
Ac, not exceeding threo or four lino*, will be In
serted under the proper heading* at TWENTY-FIVB
CENTS, for ono insertion; or two Insertions for FOR
TY CENTS; threo insertion*, SIXTY CKNT2—ln
Mr. MAX STRAKOBCH has the honor to annoncc*
M'lle. CHRISTINA HH.nhii.v,
M'LU CHRISTINA NILSSON will be assisted by
Contralto. Her flrst appearance hare.
Tha Popular Tenor.
Signor VERGER.
Baritone. Ilia first appoaranc* hc-ra.
The Wot Id renowned Violinist.
Musical Conductor Signor BOSONI.
General Aclnilseion, TWO DOLLARS. 11, -:-. I
B*ats $1 and ¥2 extra, according to location.
Scats can bo securetl at West k Johnston's en Mon
day, April 17th, at 9 A.M.
Sieiuway'a Pianos aro use il at all tlio Nilsaon Coc
certe. ap 13—H
Will deliver one of his lectnns on
and the application of these sciences to the atudy ot
character, eilucatiou, buninoas, health and beauty
Lovo. Courtship and Marriage.
These subjects will bo Illustrated with 400 paint
logs, representing all shades of character, from the
lo»eatgrudes of nuimal life to the highest order of
human excellence.
In Albany, Utica, New naven,Hiirlford,Provldenc«
Lowell, Newark. Trenton, and most of tho large
ties of the Weat, these lectures have been listened to
by audiences ranging from 600 to 3 COO dcodl*
Ailmisaiou—TEN CBNT3.
I'liOF LUG AN is now (April 10) at his offlc* room
161, near Ladies' Entrance and Reception Koom in
the Uullnrd Iliruso, where bo dcliueates character
fills .-halts, and anaweis tbe important miration'
"WlmtCan IDd Reßt f
AWOfflce hours from 9AMIo 0 PM. nplO—6t
The REiULAR AJMMBUM for Skating »t tho
alove Hall will triko plnco every MONDAY WED
INIOHTS, at 8 o'clock, aud every SATURDAY morn
ing at 10
o clock, the Rink will be open EXCLUSIVELY for
gentleiui-n arrd youths.
Tho PRICE OF ADMISSION, with the uso o
is 60 cents, for a Birdie ticket, or $3 per dozen
Children, under In years ol ago, 2b o'nts.
At the Afternoon Ai-semblies Ladies and Boys will
only be charged M cents. mh j_ t f
MOND, will take place in this city on MONDAY
the 17th mat, commencing at 11 o'clock, from Saint
J .nn'e Lodge, No 39, cornor of Twentieth aud
Frauklin streets, where the Lodges from Manchester,
Petersburg, and also members from oil parla of th*
Btato, including the District oi Ct/luoibia, ia expect«d
to meat aud form
From Saint John's Lodgo up Frsnkiiu to 13tb afreet,
down 13th to Main, up Main to Fousliee, up Foiurhe*
to Grace, down Grace to 4tli, up 4th to Broad, up
Broad to Buchanan Spring, where the Lodges will b*
addressed by the lolloping
Wm II Ishrim, W O M,
Wm Bui-well, W G D of the State of Va
Rev John Giv.n«, W G D of P«t«r*bnrg '
Rev 11) W.llioiiia, WOD of Norfolk
Dr W D Pneo-1, of Richmond, '
Rev Junius Holmes, W G M.
After speaking tho procession will return back to
Saint John's Lodge und adjourn.
Professors Lindsay's and Dabnoy's Braaa Band*
nave been employed for tlio occasion. The Una ot
march will be conducted by Wm laham, Br., Grand
Marshal of iho I.'ay.
J 0 WaiSEtroN, W G C of Ih* Day.
WO BS ap 13-3 if*
. FOR sai/kT
3 ( ) 0 M SALe""
W* offr for sain for the next TEN DAYS, in lot*
of TAN DOZEN or upwards,
at greatly reduced prices.
_«P_|^— '0t COOK BROB. k CO.
~~~„__„ hHIPPINcT
■p«0 R N E wTTorTkT" ~Zm~
PACKET Ci IMPANY'S elegant steam H*MBh*H
ahip WILLIAM P. CLYDH, Cr.ptain Paiiksr, will
lenve her wlia f at Rocketts ou FRIDAY, April
14th, at 6P. M. Freight received up to tho hour o<
sailing * '
Close connections and through bill i of ladiug given
to all southern and easlern ports.
Thia elegant steamship has fine cabin accommoda
tion*. ™~«
Steerage ■"•".....".!.....!!.!!!ii!!..l. 6 00
Ronutl trip tickets, good untii uted, 0n1y.........15 uo
For freight or passage, apply to
DAVID ,I. BURR. President.
_ No. 1214 Maiu street.
WaSRINUToN A Co., Agents,
Pier 21, North rivor.-New York. ap I:l—St
¥,'0 R N 1! VV V O R X . "T~~
COMPANY'S elegant side-wheel *__&___,
•team .hip HAAC HELL, dipt. BiaKiMjN will lin.-e
her wharf, at Hockelta on FRIDAY, April 14ili
at 11 o'clock A. M. Frolght received until 10 A m'
Through bills of lading aiguoel, and goods for
warded with dispatch to all points—north Boulh I
Mit and west. Cl«ao connections made wltuCunarJ
1 in* for foreign port).
Passenger accommodations ur surpassed.
Steerage """.".!!"""!."." 6 «,
Round Trip Tickets —-",".' fo ct.
For freight or pasiaga. apply to
ap 12— il No. 3 Governor atreit.
'pWO PAINTERS WANTED at the Chesapi-uke
A and Oht.) R. It. shops. Apply lo J. N. KINO
ap 10—lw A- H I>K ? tty >
VI7-ANTED—A PARTNER.-A goo I opportunity
,'' for a young man to take tbe place of a retir
Ing parruer in un i,l I c»tulrli*l,erj, first-clasß wh.lesale
and retail Grocery, Prevision and Commission House
For particulars apply lo
__ Richmond, Va.
NTED-lfill HANDS to go iuto the wood* to
'EEL BtRK, to whom tbe highest rash /
will bu paid weekly. Apply at UAIIK
i, Rocketts, Richmond, or at New Market
nway, (on the canal) Nelson county, Va '
■d*w2w THOS. STEERS, Ja., k CO.
H f,o Quartermasters, Conimiaiarys' stores I
, Catt'e, lloisus, Provender Ac Ac l.y act
ol Uongie-i-, Mauh M l»7l,.'auLe paid b'v iilirg
(hair claimi I elore the Conrniiabicu. Accoum* care-
Itcmttfl Mitt journal.
TEPIX'I'IIK right direc
i inadequacy of the voluntary sys
as been fully proved by tht experi
rf all countries where popular edu
bas attained a high development,
are thousands of parents who, from
ssness or avarice, keep their children
school aud rear them in iguorance.
'd and crippled in soul, they lack the
1 and moral development essential
:>me nafo or useful citizens. From
lass of children come the great mass
paupers and criminals, tho trucu
ultitudes that make our mobs, and
lorant dupes that domagogues and
i use to throttle liberty or overturn
ite. To bring up a ohild thus in
ace is a duublc crime:
Against the child, who is robbed of
[bright in the world of knowledge
Againct the State, which is de
of a capable citizen, and whose bur
e increased and peace endangered
crime and pauperism of the igno
l crime, too, of no ordinary magni
i that its consequences involvo ail
rongs and crimes. The helpless
luffers first, then society, and tho
lences are felt for generations,
jst such a wrong the law must pro
jection. Its remedies were never
in a holier cause. We don't al
rutal parent to starve a child, —we
>t allow an ignorant or reckless pa
bring up B child in ignorance,
y has taken the lead in this good
ither nations and States are fi.llow
rue principle is, to provide ample
0018, then compel the attendance
c children at some school. Only
nanner can wo secure general edu-
We quote from the Pittsburg
!i«?, the following notice of action
innsylvania Legislature, and com
-3 example to our own peopls :
matter of compulsory education,
ania appears inclined to follow Ibe
if several other States, a bill having
rduced by Mr. Smith, ofthe House of
atives, providing that every obild
' and I i years of age shall attend
Bix months in each year, the police
isist in tbo preliminary enumeration
objection to the bill, it serins to us, is
mnibs" clause. Boya and girls of an
der cannot be supposed capable of
ng much by labor to their own sup
tho presumption is tbat, during Iho
i vacation allowed by the law, they
m a considerable proportion of what
have acquired during the half year's
i, to say nothing of the bad habits
y be picked up during so long a
'egalized truancy and vagabondage,
ht and of tbe real humanity of com-
Idren to attend school, we have not,
„ lime, had any doubt. It would be
pleasanter if legal provision, enforced by a
penalty, in such behalf, were unnecessary ; but
any measure which rescues children from the
demoralizing effects of parental carelessness or
cupidity, and which does all that can be done
to save society from the deplorable effects of
adult ignorance and stolidity, is quite within
the limits of wuo and far-seeiog legislation.
A good education does not keep men invariably
from crime; but no education at all is pretty
likely to leave them at the mercy ot circum
stances which tney are not intelligent enough
to grapple with and control.
We learn that the Hon. W. H. Rnffner,
State Superintendent of Public Instruc
tion, will soon leave to visit the schools
and leading educators, in order to acquaint
himself with the practical working of the
educational systems of other States. Mr.
Ruffncr is a capable, energetic and faithfu
I officer. He is applying himself to the dutie
I important oflice with a zeal and de
nworthy of all praise. Wecommend
to tho kindly offices of our friends
where, and bespeak for him at home
it sympathy and support in his
i to educate the children of the State
>m llabpeb Brothers, through West
inston, we have received. Sketches of
reation, by Alexander Winnhell, LL
rofessor of Geology in the Univer
f Michigan,
s book, of our gifted friend und co
r in Westeru geology, is one of the
st-class works of its kind. It aims
rularize tho "History of Matter and
and io peculiar style brings within
ich of every mature reader, some of
blimest truths of science. His tro.it
if the subject Is easy and natural,
? the mind by successive steps from
rnplest facta to tho more complex,
, to the grand laws which develop
stain all things,
illustrations are copious, well
, and executed in that admirable
>r which the Harpers are justly dis
tinguished. They are mainly drawn from
American scenery, and aid the reader
much iv comprehending the text. Profes
sor Wiocholl's book should bo in the
library of every well-read man who would
be familiar with tho progress of science.
It will delight and instruct the general
reader, while its grand generalizations are
up to the highest level of scientific minds,
t is especially complete in its descriptions
f Western geology, aud all travelers in J
the newer regions of tho continent will
find it an invaluable companion, furnishing
both delight and instruction. We shall
have occasion to notice some of its stirring
facts and couclusiocs again.
For sale hy West & Johnston.
—a » »
The body of a drayman who died at At
lanta, Ga., a few days ago, waa followed
to the grave by a long procession of empty
drays, bis fellow workmeu thus testifying
to their respect and regard for bim. There
may have been more imposing funeral pro
(■«-.-iDM, but it is doubtful if there ever
It wns a capital effort. Prof. Logan is a
fntianui of fine ability, thoroughly edu
cated, and perfectly conversant with the I
scicnco which bo expounds. Affecting no I
rhetorical display, be proceeds in tho quiet
est manner to elucidate his subject without
a superfluous word, and retains the un
flagging attention of tho hearer to the last.
Ilis illustrations are ample and of the finest
quality, embracing several thousand por
traits and numerous skulls of representa
tive men and women. A quiet vein of hu
mor, bubbling up now and then, bursts
into open merriment and promises the
lovers of fun a raro treat.
Prof. Logan gave delineations of the
character of two well known citizens,
chosen by tho audience, and alto of two
ladies. His accurate hits were attested by j
frequent and enthusiastic responses from
tho largo and intelligent audience. Ho
remains in tho city a week, lecturing eve
nings and giving private examinations in
phrenology, to all who may call on him at
the Ballard House. Wo can heartily re
commend his lecture! to the public as
worthy of their pivf.'otiago. We trust our
best citizens will encourago Prof. Logan
in this efi'irt to furnish instruction and
entertainment to tho people which cannot
fail to be of vast benefit if improved.
-— — -. *
From Johnston & Seldon, we have
Applcton's Journal of April 22-a weekly
miscellany of literature, science and art,
with entertaining stories, always first-class.
This high-toned journal is worthy of a
placo in every home.
Harper's Bazaar comes full of the pret
tiest spring fashions for the ladies, with
fine stories and news, beautiful designs
and a large pattern sheet thrown in—all
Frank Leslie's Chimney Corner meets
the wants of the sensational readers; but
is always well stocked with sound instruc
tive reading.
EDWARD V. Valentine, a sculptor of
Richmond, Virginia, who contributed a
negro subject to the exhibition of tbe Na
tional Academy of Design in 1868, entitled
"The Nation's Ward," and which attracted
considerable attention at the time, has re
cently modelled a timb to be placed over
the grave of General Robert E. Lee. The
figure rests on a cnucb, supported by four
columns, with the arms of Virgiuia on the
panel ol the sarcophagus to the right, and
those ofthe Leo family cm that to the left
A military cloak covers ihe body and the
right hand, thrown across the body, gath
ers up one of its folds. A sword is lying
on the left side, wilh only tha hilt
iDg. Mr. Valentino was a pupil of the
great Gorman sculptor, Kiss, and hia mo
del possesses the leading characteristics of
the chaste school of sculpture knowu as
that uf Berlin, which in the field or memo
rial art stands at iho head of all m. dero
schools .—AT. Y. Evening Post.
Financial lixcuhkion to Eceopk. A
Washinglon correspondent writes :
It is probabio tbat Assistant Secretary
of tho Treasury Richardson will go to
Europe early next month to further the
subscriptions to tha now loan and to de
liver bonds to European -subscribers. An
experienced corps of clerks from the
Treasury will accompany him.
1 —•— 1
Father Uyacinthe writes to a friend
in Baltimore, under date of Paris, March
24th, as follows .
"At this moment in Paris we are under the
blow of an inaurreciion as crazy as itij crimi
nal, which is dishonoring Franco before the
eyes of tbe enemy that is still at our gates
and which, while it compromises law snd or'
der in the present, compromises liberty still
naore iv the future. JVot by courses such as
these shall we reach the settlement of tbe Re.
publio and the uplifting again of France."
j After referring to the aspect of parties
iv the Catholic church iv Europe, and the
renewed controversy that is impending on
tho restoration of peace and order, he says :
"For my own part, I am afflicted, indeed at
these profound distractions among Christians
but lam not cast down. I firmly believe in
tbe work of Jesus Chriet in the world. I will
say more: I believe iv the Catholic church
whose eon ami whose minister I still remain'
notwithstanding all I bave suffered from the'
parties who are dividing it and lording over
it. lam Bure of ita future, io spite of its pres
ent disasters, and indeed in conteniienre of these
disasters. When all is lost, all will be saved."
♦ ■*■ ■»
Do Not Irritate the Animals.—Mr.
Eugene Hale, of Maine, is a wide-awake
man, with a keen sense of the ridiculous.
When he prepared aud offered his amnesty
bill, passed by tho House yesterday, we
wonder he did not blush to think how like
he was, in doing it, to one of his own
Maine lumbermen.
It is an old story, which relates that a
lumberman, wandering in the woods, was
chased by a bear. He got behind a'tree.
Bruin reached his paws around to grasp
him, whereupon the lumberman took hold
of hia paws and held the bear to the tree.
But, having once got hold, the poor fellow
was afraid to let go—and tbat is precisely
where he was like Mr. Hale.
Mr. Hale has got this dreadful southern
bear by the paws, and he seems to be
afraid to let go. Meantime the creaturo is
roariug, and growling, and making us all
uncomfortable; and Mr. Utile is trying to
ease him 'ill' gradually—aa though that
was going to do any good, Why not let
go at once, and run away, if he is afraid.
The animal is noisy but harmless. It will
growl ; but General Grant drew i!s teeth.
Its power for mischief will be gone the
moment it is at liberty.— N. Y. Evening
Tho Committee on Elections of Congress
baa adopted a rulo not to allow compensa
tion to any contestant for a seat who fails
to prove his case, beyond the actual neces
sary expense, and not even that iv cases
where it is apparent that tbe contest haa
not been made in good faith and with rea
sonable ground for believing the claim
just. In the absence of some such regula-
Hon as this a great abosa bid grown up in
Congress, whiih was last becoming an
111 inning evil. Now that it has been
'PI-ip I A 'f pcii xri-TXrizc
'— —J- I—~.
Civil War In Franoe
London, April 12.—Five gunboats at
Pont de la Concorde got up steam nnd
went iuto action. There was heavy firing
from the forts this morning. At 6 o'clock
the firing from tbe torts was furioinly re
The Versaillet troops are accused of
using exnlosive bullets, some being found
in Fort Vanvres. At Fort Issy, it was
discovered that the bolls of the gates were
drawn or broken off, proving the existence
of traitors among tho National Guards.
A meeting of women is to be held to
night for the purpose of organizing for tbe
Dombawski has issued ordors that none
shall leavo Paris without permit.
The Prussians at St. Denis have been re
iuforced with 6,000 men. They will
however, respect tho treaty of Versailles'.
Thiers has issued a fresh proclamation
r n -A Wb ' Ch h ° taJ ' S Qeuijr » | s McMahon
L Admirault and Cissey have all taken
their commands. The atmy increases
every day. Tho President and the Assem
bly havo a good anl are
devoted to their work, notwithstanding
false reports to the contrary.
Versailles, April 12.—T0-night a blow
is to be struck, which the authorities hope
will restore Paris to a lawful government.
The spie3 of the government in Paris have
arranged the following programme: 18,000
loyal National Guards iv Paris are organ
ized ; at a find hour, G 000 will attack
tho Hotel dv Villo, 0,000 Belleville, aud
0,000 Montmartre; at the same moment, a
graud attack on Porte Maillot will be made
from Versailles, and an effort mado to get
possession at St. Lazar station. Large re
serves will be ready, and Goneral Viuoy
will take supreme command of the coup
de main. Tho authorities are eanguine of
The soldiers and sailors are to form the
leading attacking column of 12,000 men,
Vinoy heads the remnant of the old Impe
rial Guard, and all are ready to march at a
moment's notice.and if nnsuooenfnl 12 000
more of the same guard will be ready in
ten days. Thero are 80,000 men now at
This morning tho insurgents unauccesH
tully attempted to diaw tho Versailles
I into a trap at Asniercs.
'.on, April 12.—A special dispatch
ersailles to the London Netos says
itary camp has been raised, and tho
Stubbing to Paris.
Prussians have established a battery
>«nis, the guns of which poiut to
', April 11th, Evening.— Yesterday
nt of the National Guards wounded
an at St. Denis. A conflict en
ween the French and Prussians,
id without any serious result.—
asiaus refused to recognize a fli" of
the commune.
m, April 12.—Nothing is certainly
whether Montrogue haa been taken
y the Versailles troops. No met.
uessenger can leave Paris without
om General Dombawski.
April 12.—A special to the
(official journal) publishes an au
i several women adjuring tho
fight to the last. The same jour
publishes a decree, promising a
>f 600 francs to the wives of the
Guards killed, and 365 fraucs for
legitimate or illegitimate.
iy Evening— Fightiog has com.
again. More guns have been
ou Valorion.
. April 12th— Evening.—Votte
vas shattered by the guns of Val
asigtiations from tho Cummu'ue
The Archbishop has written to
'egging gentle treatment for tbe
srt writes boldly against Ihe Cam
nouueing Pyatt and bis set as
le tyrants, if not more; probably
t fools.
— *t. ! ~_
in Norfolk and Portsmouth.
irts seeing v large whale near ihe
yesterday morning. It is sonic
sual for these critters to enter the
last night destroyed the broom
artly insured,
in Lesuer, county jailor of Ports
is very badly shot in tho shoul
day afternoon, by the accidental
3f a pistol which he was carry
coat pocket. Tne ball entered
the shoulder joint,
rries havo made their appoar
r markets.
Fair* In Petersburg.
npany loses $1,500 by the dig
f the house of Reuben Ruffi '
by fire.
'. Crcwder, a young married
mysteriously disappeared, and
are unable to uuravel the mys
liligent search for tho past thiee
eward is offered for any iufor
lis whereabouts.
is a sale of fifty-threo hogshead
here yesterday, ut satisfactor
lection In Mlnsouil.
I, April 18.—Tbe Republican
ild elected their Mayor yester
Democrats carried the rest o
iori iii.-iiuei Bualnea*.
on, April 13—All tho mom-
Cabinet had interviews with
—-t yesterday, iv relation to busi
ness connected with tbeir several depart
meD "'
There are 800,000 more women tLaa
men iv England.
J> j_ vv is,
Prof John Logan lectured last night on
pbr,..n,,l„ V y a, ld phasing,, M ,
hea era i; hoi;' !,ni *, 1 ! Kll - A " ar P u,,i «*
hearers in the best ot humor by a lively anec
fn .he s,SdT' n r W b° WanU ' d a"k h9 »'«»"«
inthesludy of human nature we should take
.n...cons.der.. l , m the head, .he face, and the
„*' ,'„ NW - Hads tn '* ba alika '" yet
mli i h . as mafle "■an-tlio degree
endowed hiiu-l'he t!'a,'o' !r b Witb Wl ' iCh a 8
indicates how man has liadeWnsetr-whetber
Be Das developed or improved his Or d-given
wTonr facfi-r" p f A "'"" aU }*ti a <4»h *> can
the fresh face of.eblld uiih'ttie lru!khTr»ee
of an old man ; asensiialist with a moralist
Such, sa.,l be- istPe effect of education .hat
one with.the least experience would not mis
take Ihe lace ol a botcher fur that of a clerirv.
Mllor. ' 8 olß W ai « n for that of a.
He said that man is.an animal, with reason
andspintuility supersdded-that he has all
.lie instincts and propensities of tbe animal
une in whom cunning predominates bas a
foxy look; one wiih a full face and flippy
.. wis,lik,, a sow's ear, falling below the
ctiin, furnishes a perfect correspondence io
taste and appetite wiih the pig, (the Chinese
are a nation of pigs-disposed lo have every
thing io iliernselves;) one who resembles a gnat
tf 3 * ,nnul ' l f° r tobacco,— men and goals are
tho only animals tbat use tobacco; a man wiih
'r'i? C,,i " '"' d f " rt ' b «- , '»d and small eyes is
a oui taker, while a prominent chin and'l'ore
neao ana large eyes in a woman indicate talent
and a disposition to talk incessantly
Iheso subjects were illustrated with a irreat
variety of drawings, which, with tho easy
manner or Ihe speaker, rendered thu lecture
very entertaining. B I
His leciuro to-uigbt on the "Art of Readlnir
t.barncter," promises a luuri of f un and userul
knowledge', 'ibe admission is only i eu cent* —
worth five times tbat tn see the ancient and
nonoraoie men .bat hang oa the wall.
1 ro.essur Logan may bo consulted duiinirl
th* day at bis office la ihe Ballard BoOMi
Grand Lodge of OddEllo-i's—lhA
U-and Lodtfeof the I. O. 0 P. j„ Virginia
met yesterday ufienuion in Odd-Fellows' Hali
corner ot Franklin and Mayo streets, Risrht
Worthy.GraLd Matter CoflYoth, ol Winches,
ler, presiding.
Amring tbe brethren present were the Grand
aire ot Ihe Übited States, Stuart of Washiuc
ton city and Deputy Grand Sire Hush La
ii,iiii,'i Alexandiia.
There was a beautiful and impressive exem.
piihcation of tho first section work of Odd
fellowship. ' uuu '
l-Sltf?"! Grand M " ner Coffrothisa
Rrigtbvand interesting document, containing
much lur.irmatiou of value and interest to the
Order. A number of old lodges have been re
vived and new ones instituted drnine the na-t
year. Ibe Order is iv a highly pretßerou
Bond Ho«, and the indications a, c that Yl will
equally increase during the engine Tear
A number of coaunltleel were apnul'nted
and the Grand Lodge proceeded to work ii
earnest this morning. '" D
I DU i mX, , vr '" ?** d attended gehlller
Lodge lust evening, 1b,., U c,„„ p „ 9t d w b, y
oi German citizens, and is enjoying a h i.-h de.
gree ol prosperity. " . ™
Tonight v -.and banquet will bo iriven Ihe
Grand Lodge at. St. AlUan'a Hall, and from
the known liberality ond taste of the I'riteiTi
IV oi (his cily, and the skill of Johnson as a
caterer, we may anticipate a ."jilondid aHUir _
ImT" b "' n '" °' " ' :o " , f e, » B ' <■"">■
ivard Johnson. ' 'itoiii I
"one.i a oi me orand Lodge
1 Master Robert It. Prentl". No 7fi
tesville. ' '"»
ty Graud Master James B Blanks No
sburg. ">"»■, iso.
I Secretary Wm. J. Kiddick, No. 12
id. ' **» I
I Treasurer John W. Ferguson, No. 12.
Chaplain Rev. J. D. Keilcy, No. IC
irg. " iv » I
Marshal A. If. Tabb, No. 5, Porti
Guardian Hugh Smith, No. 7, Rich-
Herald J. B. Vaiden, No. UI Man
, nan
entativen to R. A. O. Lodge of tha
States E. U. Fitzbugh, PaTt Depitv
Sire, No. 93. Richmond; iCtf
Past Grand Master, No. 38, Alex
rjf — A meeting Wu held at the
last night, for tbe purpose of organ
-ii i.ary c.mpiiny, .he name of which
ict been determined upon. Captain
ss was called lo the chair, and J T
appointed secretary. A number of
n signed tbe roll of membership
eh ihe following commit.cc on organi
" P PP |Ta n ndv : V T '' S ' ratt " n ' J B
, and Fred. WtMiami,
eto enlist niembeis was appoiuted" I
Mitchell', and li. H. McValland "'tlio
then adjiurncd to meet at the Ex
rltel ou iSntui.l,ii- (i,., j,,,
icig of Ihi- Miuiig men ot Clay Ward
o nigbt with a view to the orgauiza-
Jiili'llry company,
•'ill be •meeting of tbe Guard of ihe
ne bi-iog mado to revive the tlliott
Manchester, the Chcsteifield Tin .pi
anohe.ter nrtillery. I
Deteclive Parker icceived informa
i quanuiy ol mauulacluied tobacco
he tax had no. been paid, as required
ernal revenue law, was b-ing stor.d
Ihe steamer Norfolk. He at once
Ir. Parker, and Wj, wilh Deie'ctfTe
t once proceeded to learch the
hen they lound about 000 p„ut,d. of
tobacco. James O'Connor was
barged with being concerned in the
I the detectives are now on the track
MBMted of being im„licated, and it I
will soon succeed iv arresting them. I
•Bt of iho death of '
which occurred yesterday, will bo
'^ u clL7,ii: I JZ !£»"■«*■
with the'educational 'of
y principal or an academy nTi'lan
.. His scholaily attainments and
its ot character secured for hiiu the
esteem ofjilUvho know hira.
' by Police 'jusiioe" WMtVVbI! !
bnev, colored, for being a vagrant i
and having n„ visible means of support, wa,
i„ a kV ,,fßucu,i,Tin,h '" iu '" of«4oforhto I
good behavior for three monihs. tent tn jail.
tn/a L l\ o ds, for interfering with Thos
Koper, a dog-catcher, while in the discharge
of bis duty, was warm d and let , ff.
Mary Smith, colored, lor being a vagrant
and having ,:,, visible means of support, wil ,
let off fur .he last line. ' I l
Robert Burnett, colored, charged with being T
a vagrant and having no visible meat* of sup. ol
poit, was Mia t.rjiil i,,r ihree m'liiihs. j*
Skiitittg ul Asstuii.lv lull i ■ i.. Ll
» •" ... o ui. ji
Advertisement, will be inserted In th* BVINIKO
JOURNAL at th. following r.t«, except legal ad
'>"* atjnare.ene Insertion * ~
One square, two insertion
One aejuar*. three ms-nitm* '.. \ , S
One aqnare, six Inaertlona.. I „
One aqn.re, twelve Inaertlona '..' f £
One aijoare, one month.... ,„ X,-
One aqnare, two montha......' }b i
One aqnare, three months.
lancery Cowt-Jadg, ritthn h
llowin K business was transacted to H*v .
hrthy v*. McC.rfby and ofh e r ß -de c «i
rnn oonteyanoeiif property
He*' administrator va Quarle, * Kersey
oar M-deerj, appon tin* commis", ,'
--reeling deeds ol conveyance to pu ch ''.
bo have p«,d their purchase money in
)ort of commissioner for partition
lor vs. Pioot and Picot Vs. Gaynor-de
of fund ß reportof ccln "n'Baioner and dis
in v». Ellett & Co.-decree confirming
of commissioner and distributing fund!
resting to Tobacco Manufacturers
Hector of internal revenue for tbi.dia'
oeived the following official letter tbl.
ft, which we publish for the information
obacco manufacturers of this city :
WAsuinoros, Ap-il 10, 1871.
have.to inform yon that an eiport bonded
.c. (W»„erni»nACo ptuprtotoS ha* been
r " i " 1 «' P'l'tlanil, In the (eternal revenrie
Very respectfully,
wWy zr a « ; op9ri for g katjng to _
OM >/a<-« like
.if n „ 'l""?- 8 *? d old "relations,
n» 7 hi b ,? lleTi "S *->""" doctrine
on Hroad street, where he ia doi n|c »
fin the news line. He haa iust re
■• latest publications. wilh Vfi 'c £
o stationery io., which he propose,
way fur a small amount in (rreenbacku.
p receded from him tbe New York
Chimney Corner. Day's Dtrtoff, Har.
early end vaiinusolher papers. A few
racbhe baa left atßos Broad street
Difficulty. — V r ,rsterday afternoon
r ulr.i'k, Policeman Michaels arrested
Kobto proprietor of the Richmond
t.d Thomas Wright, a runner for the
'oa Hotel, on the charge of Babttae
'inK.d..,»rb,ne. in tht publio street!
ties had a bearing thia mornin„ beforo
nice White, who discharged Stubbs
1 Wright $10. It appeal that ,b e
grew- e, lt 0 f Stubbs slandering
ttidjor «, doing Wright caned Stubbj.
»/ OiiM. —Bef()Tr7he~Police Jus.
Z?),*' """""T Smith, charged
twfull.y and feloniously forging md
certain paper, commonly known as
J_y into, for $275. purporting to bave
loth 'iS-l*"""■ 1 B - ro -• b9 " ,in ' r dl " c
luih, 1871, witb intent to defraud.
«'»dm>tted to bail uolil Saturday, to
» tbe esse was continued.
Prince William county, $1,300* *"»
tins, sheriff of Jlattbewa OOUBt/,
Haifa Birthday.— To-day, ninety
ngi), Henry Clay was born in the
Hanover. The anniversary of his
be permitted, we suppose/to pass
in this section of his native State
Slates District Court—The case
k&Abrams. charged with vnlat
■rnul .evenue law, is occupying tho
I this court to day.
tn-iiight at Assembly Hall.
'■ MttUni MACHI.VB is notadver
vel.y f.-,- f.-ar of be:, s clawwl as a hum
foa want v ro»U/Bnrt-dt« Machine,
insure what you are buying, cull and
WHI iviiv laVUsyTYEiST POW
.rre-d to any other Baking Powder in
rrrtrkct, are owing to ita peifect parity, qimli.y,
'1 antily.un.t economy. The ingredient, are strictly
freo fro:r dck-ierious substances, ana hence the full
strength of each aro obtained, aud the ,e,„lta ar*
uniform overy time it 1. used. T.iis cannot le th.
case in those of ordinary manufacture, and tn proof
Pi our •"•'Uoaw. simply ». k aoM whofl „ h
never end DOOLBT-S YEAST POWDSB lo give It a
,'.'!, '~" UroC6r ks "P ,| t- DOOLEY A ltllOTH
l-.R, Manufacturers, 6!1 New street, New York.
B> ita aid glcvea can h„ quickly „ U(i npmUsi
1} clmuw! ami made equal te ue>w; even when badly
uieyoan Ire roneliiy restore.!. It is easy of ap
pi cation and is porfcotly free from any odor. For
atl-.. by driißKists anl fancy go'oila dealers. Trice 2}
I cent* a bottle. '
ia strongly recommended aa tho beat dentifrice
known. It cleanses aud preserves the teeth, harden*
the goina, aiveii'tena the breath ; and, containing no
Kio or gritty substance, ia perfectly harmless, and
can bo usod daily with great advanUga. g o !d by all
druggists. Prion, 2b and 60 can la per bottle.
i T'\ W , lIOU 1T MAY CONOBRN.-Havejou ever
iwroufed you grey hair with the vis;id dyea or worse
pr.pnrationa off.reil al substitutes. If io, they dis-
Kiial you ofcoars,., but let not that prevont you
FDII tub HAIR, which i. cl.ar and ba.nileaa a.
- D all respects agreeable, and etbeta the de-
I sirel object thoroughly and satistuctoriiy.
IPIIOIAL NOTlCE.—Person* wiehing IhegJAM
JOIRNAL lefteaily and r, -gulnrly at their- p a-e*
cr business or resideac.-e, by mpowfbU carriei.
I will p.caaa leave (heir orilerrs with
TUOMPSON'd fOMABB Omm.t ..dressing
for I ho Ilair i, .11 that ia required | purely vegetable
and highly perfumed, it softens, Improvea and beau
nnea the Hair, ltru((k*Bl the roots, and give. It a
• li, -luasy ap ( ,i, iraace. Ir'or aale by all drugglstß
1 inc. 1j and 76 lent* per hottle.
OLD maids aio primping, young iMideus ate alee,
f'll.huabanda are smiling and mother* rejoicing'—
What, the matter all atone.) What change haa
come over the spirit of ti.eir dicrns? We are told
that all tho sickly lema'es h,v„ bee* using Knpli.h
Female fitters, a-d obtained a new lease ur on their
j I yea.
j '.'ISTRIIurTION No. 274 Xv raillo ApEa v
31 U N ('I l.» 46 12 2'i 02 3 78 61 29 71
i| | ______ No-i75- MoaT^oTra^rir"
I 2 - ' M 74 4.1 S 6li 16 UHI :.2 45~2f>
hi,:i ' uc Va., tl.islSeh daj
CEIiriKICATE'I Or' RAFFLE, can be purchased
fromCapl W. I. DARNKY.at lh„ Kranirl, office, N°
a. Meventh street, one il„„r from Mem
"" n, °
i • % S rl ii H """ '" BuC '«ty Meeting*. Aso v.rv
■i. siri.'li, Or't'lCKS aud ROOMS. A, |ly to
.„ n ~. „, " '• PtiLOL'ZB,
*p 11-dt» Twelrth and Franklii street*.
A Man of a ritonataNn. ~"~^~"^
-i n. i ~( BIHMA' a " rWU*d«M having failed .c
1. -'arhjcv.i'yw:,..,-ei.yii,..n.j,, !M)uclira( i
iw gtvH U," raclpefre* our..
\ i Iress CHAD
'"- ""'""" ' ' ''"^'"'-^

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