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•..00p........ RICHMOND, VA., SATURDAY EVENING, APRIL 29, 1871* VOL. 111.-NO 150.
iicttittii £tutc journal.
riCK.—Aaalgn**. forwarding notice* o
puolntment lor publication will oblige s* by
;In which Oourt th* caae 1. Died.
s undoubtedly true that the greatest
irtion of all domestic revolutions
been occasioned by the unequal dia
ion of wealth. It is, therefore, the
natural thing in the world tbat a
c who have been systematically
d and plundered should desire in
tion as to the arts by which tbe
ry was accomplished. They wil
to know who got the money, and for
The whole city was aroused when
i formed our readers some days since
he city debt had been increased SIX
IT CENTS in the last year, and tbat
was a deficiency of FOUR HUN
CENTS I and now the intelligent 'people
who pay taxes are asking further informa
tion as to the details of this tcholesa'e
We will try to give the information,
I bat if the details are not full enough it
I should be bourne in mind that those bad
I men, who have been fattening on public
plunder and squandering the money wrung
from a distressed people, appoint their own
I committees, the chairmen of which do their
miserable work in secret. The reporters
I for the press obtain only such scanty in-
I formation as these committeemen may
I choose graciously to bestow, and which
I is generally false or deceptive, if not
fraudulent; bnt unfortunately for these
bad men, the plotters of our financial ruin,
when no press or other public oracle would
or could be persuaded or induced, upon
any consideration to enter upon their de
fence, smarting under the castigations I
administered to them in public and in
private, and stung by tha universal con
demnation whicb their official acts bave
received, one of these committees, and we
have a right to suppose it was the best of
them all, tbe one stained with the fewest I
j and the least enormous acts of malfeasance,
I omission and commission, for the defence
of the whole, undertakes in a feeble,
snivelling way to apologies, or, in fact, to
justify as economical and wise, the admin
istration of the city alms-house, hoping
doubtless thereby to divert the storm of
scorn and contempt aroused against the
whole horde of reckless spendthrifts.
A visit has been made to the alms-house
—one result only is disclosed. We are
gravely informed that by the present
management of this charity there has
been saved io the city, in a single year, at
least twenty thousand dollars. We should
be glad, indeed, if this was really true, but
there still remains au increase of SIX
TY-EIGHT CENTS of public debt, so
that this plea of twenty thousand dollars
laved is only the defence that a rogue
makes, who, having stolen thirty-three
horses, says there is one horse be might
have stolen, but did not steal 1 We reply
I you have wickedly, with malice and from
mercenary motives, robbed the public of
thirty-three times twenty thousand dollars,
and until that is restored you have no
right to parade a saving of $20,000, made
not by you, but by some honest gentleman
bttyond your control, who was faithful and
patriotic, In spite of tbe vicious example
which you, his superiors, have set for him.
Bat has the $20,000 In fact been saved 7
Figures are wicked instruments, or at least
I cruel weapons, in the hands of ao outraged
people merciless pursuing their betrayers.
A rojue sbonld never undertake to justify
or palliate his fraud by detailed statements
or figures whicb are tho subject of exact
calculation. The authors of tbe report to
which we refer bave mistaken the intelli
gence and sagacity ol tbe people ; they
did not know or wilfully failed to remem
ber that the mea whose taxes have been
squandered would, witb pencil in band,
"sit down quickly" to write up the results
so imprudently disclosed by the report ;
and what are they 7
The average number of paupers in '69
and '70, was 882; the average number of
paupers in '70 and '71 wag 280 ; it cost to
miintain these 882 paupers tor one year
$61,048, that is to say $169 79 for each
person, while it cost for maintaining 230
paupers for one year, $40,874, that is
$173 19 for each person, so it cost by
tbeir own showing, and under tbe pretend
ed management of this miserable Council
$18 40 more for each person cared for by
tbem, than it did when the institution
was under tbe management of tbe honest
men wbo preceded tbem.
Again : if the 236 paupers maintained
during the last year bad been maintained
with tbe same economy as was exercised
daring the year before, and at tbe rate of
$169.79, as was then done, instead of
costing $40,874, it would bave cost $87,
--009,3 6; so that It seems there was squan
dering or cheating, even in their attempts
to economics, to tbe extent of $8,264.06.
How strong a ruling passion is I
There is, however, another item of this
exhibit wbicb it waa the height of stu-
I pidity to have overlooked, or observing, it ■ <
wm a confession of premeditated crime to
insert. During the year ending July lat,
1870, tbcro wns disbursed to the poor out-
Bide of the alms-house $19,114; during
tho last year there has been disbursed fur
poor outside of the alms-house only
These items respectively go to make up
be sum of $61,000 spent by one admin
etration and $40,000 speut by tbe other,
'be old management then could support
ie paupers at $169 each and bave $19,
--00 to relieve the necessities of those out
do the alms-house, while the present ad
ministration, spending $173 for each pav
er, only bad $6,000 for the relief of the
utside poor. This ia the result which ap
lears from the most favorable statement
lat can be made in relation to tbe raan
vinent of the most economical and best
ntrolled of all the subjects committed to
ur municipal authorities, and it is made
x> by the very managers themselves in
ie most highly colored and favorable
ight which partisan zeal could invent.
If this is your paraded economy what
must be your waste and extravagance. If
lis is your houeßty what must the roguery
c. If this is your virtue how horrible
ust be your vices.
Out after all what is the real pride and
►oast of this pretended economical admin
stratioa ? it is that they have clothed and
eda smaller number of poor and wretched,
lossibly degraded men, women and cliil
ren than were rjlieved before. Tbe num
ber of such wretched sufferers was only an
average in the year 1869 and '70 of 882,
a number small onough ia all conscience
when we remember the size of our city aa
well as the misery, povorty and distress of
the poor people who throng here. What
would we think of tho mercenary wretch
who boasted that he had reduced his
annual expenses one quarter by driviog
ouo ot his four children into the street to j
perish by starvation? This is in fact
the Bhameful plea here presented for tbe
universal misrule and extravagance of this
outrageous Council.
The boast of an alms-house manage
ment should be that it economically relieves
deserving distress, and not that it saved
money to be squandered on mule brigades
ia usurious interest, or secret service fund,
and partisan employees, by turning th
wretched and unfortunate away unrelieTed. I
We aro all interested, or likely soon to
be in alms-houses, if those squandering
mercenaries continue to waste the sub
stance of honest men in the future as they
bave done in the past. Assess, tax, and
levy a little while longer, paralyzing busi
ness and strangling enterprise, as you
bave done, aud there will be thousands of
poor meu, women and children asking for
relief. The alms-houan will become the
common home for men who now live in
houses with granite stoops, as well as those
wbo dwell in hovels.
Saving reported already on the alms
house, please give us next a report on the
Qas Works.
diug to the accounts, a truly terrific
and rather wonderful storm burst upon
Sweetwater valley on the 19th instant.
For eight miles along the creek bouses and
barns were blown down or unroofed,
among the former, several of brick and
one brick church j orchards were pros
trated, and the entire field over which the
storm passed, about eight miles long by mi
average width of a half mile, was devas
tated. After tbe storm was over friends
from all directions gathered in to relieve
the sufferers. Seventy-five men set to
work and built about five miles of fencing
in one day. Iv order to save the crops,
they ran one feuce around about ten thou
sand acres of growing grain and grass.
Though people were in many of the pros
trated houses, not a life was lost.
Tornado.—A very severe tornado passed
over the lower section of St. Mary's coun
ty ou Thursday evening of last week, leav
ing ruin and desolation in its track. At
Fairfield: tbe residence of J.imtn Scofield,
Esq., of St. Inigoe's distriot, Mr. Scofield
saw the iuimeuse cloud approaching, and
was in the act of leaving his store, when
the wind struck it, and instantly the build
ing was crushed to the ground. A large
oak tree standing in front of tbe store door
was taken up by ihe roots and hurled to
some distance. Mr. Scofield received quite
a severe contusion on his right hand, sup
posed to have been inflicted by filling tim
ber. All tbe houses, e_et.i.it the dwelling
oo Mr. Langley's farm on tbe Chesapeake,
were blown down and out into tbe bay,
carrying witb them & m, meat and every
thing of an eatable character.— Maryland
The Great Hail Storm.—There were
Some peculiarities attending the great hail
storm in Mississippi on the 14tb that are
worthy of note. At Forrest tbe atoues
measured 6| inches in circumference, and
tbe fall inflicted serious damage to dwell
ings and growing crops. Shingles upon
tbe roofs of bouses were split, even tin
roofs were ruined, the hailstones cutting
gashes in them from three to six inches iv
length. Window panes and skylights, of I
course, were shattered into fragments. At
other points similar disastrous effects were
,IH ■
Fruit in thk West. —It is stated that
frost has inflicted much damage to fruit iv
Obio, Indiana, Missouri and Kentucky.
Apples, pears and cherries in many locali
ties have been badly hurt, and potatoes
killed. At Aurora, Indiana, grapes and
pears are reported as eutirely destroyed.
Reports from St. Louis and Louisville are
uot favorable In Maryland aod Virginia
tbe fruit is said to be uninjured.
Mrs. Pralamop says she does not under- ,
stand what they mean by "The Dead
M.trch in Saul." She is uot aware that ■
the dead march any where or under any
circumstances. She shook her bead in
persistent bewilderment when some one
informed her that tbe Dead March in Saul
only meant tbe Dead March out of Saul. I
Krlona Accident on a Railroad.
chburg, Va , April 29.—This morn
ing at 9 o'clock, George Wood, a fireman
on tbe Southside railroad, while on his
way home at the Central depot, attempted
Mmp on the caboose of a freight train
c depot while the cars were in motion.
He missed his footing and fell under the
truck, and tbe wheel passing over him, his
entire right leg was mangled in a horrible
manner, cutting it off near the knee.
The Civil War In France.
Paris, April 27, Evening. —The Na
tional Guards in St. Denis bave been
M. Sequin, of the war office, attempted
to reach Versailles, but was arrested at the
j outposts. Dr. Dubois advanced to ex
! plain that Sequin was a staff officer organ
ising the position ol the advanced posts,
and he was arrested also, but was after
wards liberated.
It is stated tbat while the Prussiats hold
St. Denis the Northern railway will re
main and carry provisions to the city.
At 2 o'clock this morning, heavy mus
ketry firing was heard in the direction of
Bas Meudon. In the attack the enfans
perdus lost very severely. The fighting ut
Bas Meudim continues. Tho but to* of
Mootmartre are being heavily fortified.
Monday nighf, a balloon started secretly
from the College Rollin.
Versailles, April 27.—The Commune
has forbidden all interferenca with traffic
in merchandise and the management of
railways. Tbe commissariat is provisioned
for a loug period. A last delay of forty
eigbt hours has been granted to persons
between the ages of nineteen and forty
years to j n'n their battalions in the Na
tional Guard.
London, April 28—A dispatch from Ver
sailles says the Communists have been de
feated at La Bouyere de Sevres, aud some
of tbeir officers captured. Advices from
Paris say that the Communists have
through mistake attacked and captured a
Prussian battery. Its restoration has been
Grousset anuounces tbat the persons and
goods of foreigners will be protected under
the guarantee of the rights of neutrals and
the proverbial hospitality of France. No
furniture, carriages, horses or apartments
of foreign citizens will be subject to re
The Commune has issued decrees io re
taliation for the cutting off of cattle, milk
and fish. No goods trains will leave Paris
at present. Pussenger trains, however,
contiutie to depart, but nobody is visible
An armor-clad locomotive is shelling
Chateau Becon vigorously. Petroleum
shells fired by the insurgents set fire to
Chateau Meudon.
Versailles, April 28.—1n the Assembly
to-day the minister of finance asked for a
fresh credit to provide for the subsistence
of 'he German troops, according to the pre
liminary terms of peace. He said tbat all
the engagements wilh Germany should be
scrupulously kept and all the sums due to
be paid. It bas since beeu extensively
circulated that the Emperor on that occa
sion promised to take some action, but the
Prussian Crown Oazette has beeu author
ized to contradict the report.
Versailles, April 27.—Thiers, in a note
to the Assembly, says that he should re-
Kmain President only as loug as military
operations lasted,
irdouo has beeu arrested at Mar-
L NOTlCE.—Parsons wlehlng the BTATI I
l left early and regula-ly at their places
a or resiliences, by raaponalblo carriers, I
i leave their orders with
Newsdealera, 918 M&iu Street.
PONDER, AND SB WlSE.—Housekeepers
r lo mind that of all the different Baking
n market, none have etood tbe teat of a
•trict chemical analyaia like DOOLEY'B YBAST
10 Ingredients but anch aa are heilihful aud cheml
-allj pure. This inauiea uniform aucsesa In tha
naking of rolls, biscuits, Ac, wh'ch tnfeilor articlea
o not. Manufactured and sold at wholesale by
DOOLEY k BKOTHER, 69 Now street, New York
nd at retail by grocers generally.
ER.—By Ita aid gloves can be quickly and repeated
r cleaned and made equal to new; even when badly
lolled they can ba readily restored. It la easy of ap
llcatlon and ia perfectly free irom any odor. Fur
»1« by druggiata and fancy gooda dealera. Price, 'IS
enla a bottle
t strongly recommended aa tbe best dentifrice
nowu. It cleanses and preserves the teeth, harden.,
ia gcnis, sweetans the breath; and, containing no
told or gritty subatitnce, la perfectly baruileaa, and
au bauaad daily with great advantage. Sold by all
ruggiata. Price, 29 and 60 centa per bottle.
or the Hair ia all tbat ia required ; purely vegetable
nd highly perfumed, It aoftena, Improves and beau
itiea tha Hair, atrengtbeua the roots, and givea It a
ich, gloaay appearance. Fur ,aale by all druggiata
Moa, Xh anel 76 cent- per bottle.
BUNKS—GLASS—Ar Aisquth-atreet Presbyte
lan Cbuicb, Baltimore, on tbe 27th inetant, by Rev.
lames S. Kamsay, HENRY W. BLANKS to Miss
IARAH ANNIE, youngest daughter of tbe lata D.
il. Glass, of Virginia.
CHIBHOLM—CO3BY-.it Mount Pieaaaut, tbe
eatdence of the bride'a mother, in Louisa county, on
he JBth Instaut, by the Rnv. L. A. Cutler, B. V.
'UISHOLM, of Hauovor county, Va., to Miaa KLLA
SMITH—L«OV—ApriI 26th, by the Rev. Mows D.
logo, D. D , the Rev JAMBS P. SMITH, of Fredcr
ckaburg, Va., to Miss AONES. dangh'er of Major J
loraue Lacy, of Chatham, Stafford county.
HODOES-Aprli 28th, J. FRANUIB L.. lufaat aoa
.' V. B. and uVrgie W. Uodgea.
i RtNl—ln Baltimore, on the _Mk Ins'ant, In the
Ist year of bla ..go, JOHN DANIEL CRANE, sou of
be lata Wm Crane, and ot J>au N. Crave.
MYERS—At Havre de Grace, on Hie £11 instant
ILIZtUETU.ageI seventy-six years, relict of tbe
ale Capt. Henry K. .Vl,t is
_> bait a thousand at Ibe JOURNAL JOB OMIIOB '
Register/— We appeal to our people nt
to neglect thia important duty on Monday
next, when registration will commence in tbia
The safety of our city may depend upon one
vote, and no man can vote wbo does not re
We again repeat that the redisricting of
the city require* the re-registering of every
Register tbe first thing you do on Monday.
Do not delay it, sickness or aome unforeseen
acoldent may deprive you of the opportunity
No Republican, who ii unwilling to see thia
fair city given up to tbe misrule and oppres
■ion which baa marked the course of tbe pre
sent Council should neglect to register on
Register yourselves, and tee tbat all yonr j
friendt and neighbora do likewise.
Religious Services To-Morrow. —We note
tha following special appointment. :
Christ Episcopal.—Rev. T. G. Dathiell at
St. John's Episcopal.—Rer. 11. 8. Kepler at
11 A. M. Rev. Dr. Wall it absent in King
Methodist Episcopal.—(Rev. A. R. Miller,
p iitor.) —Services in tbe TJ. S. court-room al
Sycamore (Uisclplea) Church.—(Worship
ping temporarily at tbe Universalis! church,
Mayo atreet.) —W. Billiard, evangelist for
•outbside co-operation, will preach at 11 A. M.
and 8 P. M.
Becond Presbyterian.—Rev. Dr. B. M.
Smith, of Hampden Sidney, will occupy the
pulpit at 11 A. M. and 6P. M. Rev. Dr. tinge
ia absent at a meeting of East Hanover Pres
bytery, on tbe Eastern Shore.
"First Baptist.—Discourse by tbs pastor I
(Rev. Dr. Burrows) on the "Third Day*
Creation," at 8 o'clock P. M.
Second Baptist.—Rer. Dr. Curry at 11 A. M.
and 8 P. M.
Leigh-Street Baptist—Rer. Mr. Oat lick at
11 A. M. on one of the prophecies of Daniel.
In tb* afteru ion,- at 4 o'clock, a general meet
ing of the male and female members of the
church will be held.
Pine-Street Baptist Church.—Rev. P. B,
Reynolda at 11 A. M.
Sunday school meeting will be held at Beth- I
lebein, two milea Irom Richmond, on Sunday;
sermon by Rer. A. E. Dickinson.
Richmond Ku-Klux. —ln consequence of
the notice that appeared in thia paper last |
B incoming the outrageous treatment
her by certain of our city officials,
ay last, our reporter met with rather
eption thia morning in the police
j waa informed by a certain officer of
. "that the ptr.on wbo wrote tbat ar
ticle, would bo. licked" for to doing;" by an
other atalwart "brave" of Ihe same command,
be was told, with an oath, tbat he should have
no more items, nor should any other man coo I
nected with the Jocunal. Well "Ye Noble I
Knights of the Locust," if you propose to de- I
Clare war againat us we bave but to aay ••pitch
in." As for the communication in question, I
we suppose that tbe lady who lent it to ut will
be pleated to meet you at any time on trie field
of honor. War I vVarll War 111
Richmond Mechanic Killed on a Railroad. I
A diapatcb has been received in this city an- I
nnuncing tbe death oa Tuesday night last, by
being run over by tbe cara of the Chesapeake
and Ohio railroad,of Mr. John A. Clarke, a
baker, at Alleghany, Va. Mr. Clarke bad
gone to tbat place to superintend the building
of a furnace for the use of the hotel. No I
further particulara than those given above are
known of this sad affair. Ibe unfortunate man
was a native of this city, where bis relatives
reside, and was well known to a large number
"f our citizens. Hia remaina were temporari
ly buried at Allegbauy.
Skating at Assembly Hall to-night. •
Military —«P'' company meets at tbe
City Hall to-nlghf.
Tho survivors of the Virginia Life Guard
will bold a meeting on Monday evening.
Company "Or" holds a meeting at Spring. I
field Hall to night for election of non commis
sioned officers.
The Walker Light Guard will meet this eve
ning, at 8 o'clock, in the Law Building. Inst, a i
of tha Old Market hall, as stated in the local I
columoa of tbe morning papers.
Tbe Sidney Greys, Captain Ordway, have
perfected tbeir organisation.
Tbe uniform agrc d on by the commissioned
officers last night, for the regiment abnut to be
formed, will be grey of tbe French ttyle,
jackets for privates and non commissioned of
Ucers and coats for commissioned officers. Thia
style of uniform to be adopted for the use of
all Virginia volunteer companies.
Mixed up Items. —This is the last day
for tho payment of city license tares. A very
heavy penally it imposed by the ordinance for
failure to pay.
The laat plank of Mayo'a new bridge was
laid at about noon to day. Travel ia now re
sumed over it.
Tbe Hustings Court meeta on Monday.
Major John Poe ia in Now fork on official
D. C. Richardson, the accommodating clerk
to the police justice, is rapidly recovering
from a long sickness, and is able to be out.
Skating to-night at Assembly Hall. •
Police Oourt. —The following cases were
disposed of by Police Juatice White tbia
Alois Rick, waa charged witb trespassing on
tbe premises of E. and P. F. Johnson, and
witb removing gaud therefrom. Caae again
continued until Wednesday.
Lewis Rose, colored, for stealing a trunk and
contents, valued at $100. Cate dismissed, there
being no evidence to sustain thecharge.
Peter Brookt, colored, charged with being
of untound mind, was let off.
The Bohemian Oirl. —Great interest is I
felt in the effort being made to properly pre
sent this beautilul opera at the theatre oo
Tuesday and Thursday nights by tbe amateurs I
of tbis city, and we have every reason to be- I
lieve it will be a success. To propeily under
stand it, those attending should procure Hunt
tot, which can be obtained of our old friend
John Marsh, at bis music store, second door
below this oflice, wbo bas th* correct version.
Call and get one of tbem.
Reported. —The following named gentle
men were reported to tbe Police Justice tbia
morning, and will be summoned to show cause
why they should not be fined for failing to
make the proper tax returns, aa required by
the city ordinance : Charles I. Baldwin, John
Mrannan, P G. Coghlao, W. L. Cowardio,
lie Dick, Lloyd Hamilton, Newton Harris,
c Minor, Abraham Rotbwell, W. H. Ruff
Lafayette Heath and Samuel Mayo.
•ctures. —Dr. Burrows lectures in the
aoey Baptist chnrcb on Friday night next.
Dr. Duncan lectures at the Broad-Street
M. E. church on Tuesday night.
Dr. W. J. Davit lectures at Assembly Hall
on Friday next before the Youog Men'a Chris
tian Association.
Pslitical. —Tbe Jackson Ward Republi
can Club will meet to-night at Metropolitan
Hall lor tbe purpose of completing arrange
ments for registration. A full attendanca is
The Republican headquarters of the su
perintendent of registration for J.fl'erson Ward
will be on Cary street, between 17th and 18ib
U. S. District Court. —Judge Uuder
wood is expected here on Monday. Tbe dia
trict court will open on Tuesday morning, at
Dedication of the Colored Normal
Tha magnificent brick structure, recently
I completed on French Garden Hill, was lan
' evening dedicated to its noblo usea by appro-
I priate exercises. The ceremoniea took place
in the assembly room of the building.
• After the tinging of a chant by tbe pupils of
. tbe *chonl, and prayer by the Rev. Mr. Corey,
Mr. Wa.hburne, superintendent of the »cbool,
t addressed tbe audience. Referring to New
England aud Huston, he recalled Concord, the
■put where oppression first met resistance in
America. Th's wag the commencement of
what is not yet finished. It began tbe war of
ideal. Liberty bas Inspire! orators, poets
and soldiers to apeak aod sing and fi. ht for
ber. In tbia war, when blond was needed, it
haa been offered. Liberty has never wanted
, men of thought to aid her. When a great
general starts, hu prepare* all poiotanf offence
aod defence, and fortiQts and plants his bate.
So iv the war of ideas, tbeae fortifications are
i school-houses. Such is this, which to-night
we dedicate to intelligence and freedom. In
this shall be traioed warriors of the truth,
diilled and armed lor the 6ght.
The beautiful words, "If I were a Voice,"
were snog with line effect.
Mr. Washburns then stated tbat the society
had one woiking member, to whose labors this
building was largely owing, and introduced the
Rev. R. W. Manly. Mr. Manly stated that for
six years he had labored in the cans, of educa
tion as tbe agent of thu Frcedmens' Bureau.
He believed the future would justify the work
that had been dune [luring this time there
were 15.000 to 20 000 children under instruc
titiD. There were 3,000 children under faith
ful and competent teachers iv Richmond.
There are to day not less than 67 institutions
of a high order formed by the Freedmen'a
Bureau, having at least 6,000 pupils under
careful and accomplished teichers. Tbe board
of direciors bad aided him and seconded every
effort. The school haa been sustained four
years, and bas attained its present prosperity
thrr ugh the sell-sacrificing eff.rts of the prin
cipal Hits Kennedy, and her capable assistant',
-very school should have an ideal. Our
ideal is to make a good citizen, a noble man or
woman, with disciplined powers. A good
school may be without a building. But it
needs the labor toil and daily hard work of
good teachers.
In addition to trained minds there should be
a development of virtue; tbe Bible is, there
fore, a text book. The constitution of the
United States is alao essential and will be a
atudr. Politeness, kindness, forbearance also
will be Inculcated, and whatever else will
make a perfect citizen of a perfect State. We
seek to make citizens who will be a source of
happiness to themselves and others. Ido love
fair play. I don't like to see one raoe weighed
down by encumbrances, while Ihe other is high
in favor. Therefore, we want to take off tbo
shackles and give these young people a fair
chance to run ihe race of life ; then if they are
outatripped they need not complain. We will
give tbem fair play iv tbis school.
The following dedication hymn was then
sung by Miss Slade, in a beautiful manner:
Father in Bi aveu I Thanks be to Th*e,
ih.nkafor the biea'i-igs wo dally receive ;
Thank* fur our ltfe, an! our liberty,
Thanaa for the good Thononly canat piv..
Help ua to be worthy .u L h Joy,
May we be grati-liil to Thee, we pray ;
May w. with wisdom our life employ.
Learning from Thee—"the Troth, the Way "
To wisdom's aearch we consecrate
Thia Hal of Learning. Tuou to ua haat giv*a ;
Long may it be watcbe i o'er ■ y Thee,
Uaed to Thy elory, . ather In Heaven 1
Ann aa we Book, within its walla,
Kuowlaoge for earth liTe, oh ! help ns to win
Wisdom for Heaven life, thit «• may hear,
Aa our last praise, •'Well done ! Enter In I"
General Wells waa then introduced by Mr.
Manl), wbo said: As one wbo had always
been a friend of liberty and progress, on tne
battle field and in high places of civil author
ity, as he set there one thought had passed
through his own miud. It ia a cold ht-ai ted
man wbo is not touched by such harmonies
of song, or by such a story of toil and pro
gress. He continued io a speech such aa we
have rarely heard, and which, though strictly
impromptu, was a specimen of true eloquence
and pathos.
Rev. Richard Wells and John Oliver, Esq.,
made excellent and telling speeches. Rev. Dr.
Peterkio, of St. James' church, closed with
appropriate remarks and the benediction.
Misa Winslow presided at the instrument with
niuoh skill and good taste. The siDging was
Places of Retrial rat lon.
The following are tho placea named for
registration in the several wards of the oity :
Monroe Ward.
First Precinct—On Se*oud *treet, between Cary
anil Canal streets.
fa-ond Precinct—At Tiualey'a shop, corner Third
snd Grace streets.
T ird Piaclnct-Ou Broad atreet, near Fi*ih*r's
drui» store.
Fourth Precinct—At Lacey'a .bop, corner Third
and Marshall street..
Jefferson War-.
First Precinct—Corner of Twelfth and Franklin
streets. (Whg Unilding.)
B*c_d Precinct—Old Market Hall.
Third Product—Corner Twenty-third and Main
fourth Precinot—Near Union Btatlon church.
Madison Ward.
First Prac'nct—City Sprinrra Park.
Second Precinct—On Seventh street, between
Br ad and Mar-ball streets
Third Precinct—On Bank street, near Ninth.
F.llrth Precinct—On Main striat, batwean S*v«nt_
anl Eighth atreeta.
Clay Ward.
First Precinct—Weatham Hou.e, corner Laurel
and Cary streets.
Second Product—o truer Broad and Henry streets.
Third Precinct—Timboi lake'a .tore, on Brook
Marshall Ward.
First Precinct -At Rocketta.
Second Precinct—Comer Broad snd Tweuty-nfth
Tnird Precinct—Corner Twenty sixth and M
Jackson Ward.
First Precinct—Brook avenue, between Leigh
at'eer and the bridge
Second Preclm t—Corbin'a store, on Second, be
tween J cks'iu and Duval atreeta.
T'drd Predict—Carpenter chop, on Seventeenth
atreet above Ven-ible.
Republican Supei Innndenta efltecls
This committee, compoaed of delegates from
each ward, at a recent meeting elected general
and waid superintendents as follows:
Jesae I. Uudelbill. general auperiniendetit.
J..s-pli Cox aud Jacob Cohn, aaaiatant general
L. N. Peteraon superintendent of Cay want.
Dr. E. II Hu I. ,n .superintendent c ,f Monroe ward
J mea Irvine, supe llilend.nt of Madleon ward
Captain D. Callahan, superintendent of Jefferson
Major J. J Johnson, superintendent of Marahall
Linden Boyd, superintendent of Jackaon ward.
Committee headquarters and general super
intendent's cilice Room No. 5, Law Building.
Ohancery (hurt—Judge Pilzhugh. —The
followiog business waa transacted today :
McCaonice and wile vs. Lt neb and all—de
cree confirming report of commissioner and
making distribution of the land. Page, Mau
ry and A. H. Sands counsel.
Terrill and wife vs. Teinpleman and als —
decree confirming report ol commissioner and
din-cling aale of ihe property. Cuke, pq.
Nicholas Mills, Jr., vs. Mills' executor and
others—decree overruling exception confirm
ing report of commissioner and the investment
made pursuant to former decree. Guy and 1
Qi'liam and Meredith, counsel.
K'ma, _c.. vs. Claah et als—decree ovet rul
ing exception* to commissioner's report, con
firmiug same and directing sale of real estate. '
Cannon A Courtney, Evans, Gilmer, 4c, cout> !
Hallowell, Ao., vs. Hallowell, Ac—order
fur Michael Hi an to appear on ibeathofMay,
1871, to show cause why he should not be at
tached for failing to comply with tb* terms ef
o purchase made by him under a decree in thi
Be sure you buy one of the o\l L'otnin
ion Prixe Packagsa sold ouly by Johnston A
Seldeo. They are tha latest and the best.
tianta will bo lnaerteri In thai BVK vft •
it tha Ifollowlng rate*, exoept legal ad
one Insertion $ yg
two insertion 1 28
three Insertions ■ 1 Tf,
six Insertions S 00
twelve Insertions N I §0
one month 10 00
two montha 18 00
three montha .-.. S6 00
arterly and yearly Advents* a
nngetnents will tm made.
Oettysburg— O'Bell Dyer, 806
et, has received a naw moothlv,
' Magatin*," which contains aMM
sting matter, an article on "Gene
the battle of Gettysburg." Tbe
■ ma.azine is only 10 cents. Dyer
tbe latest pictorial and other pa
ing the New York Meroury, Dav'i
turday Journal, Saturday Mgbt,
t, Ac. Supply yenraelf with choice
tter by calling on Dyer.
c Licences —There were issued
flice of the clerk of tha Hustings
t this month, thirty-six marriage
which seventeen were for colored
One hundred and seventy-eight
recorded for the month ending to-
Chancery court clerk's office.
urn fir convict labor was made
c superintendent of tbe penitent!
og deposited in tbe State treasury
cted from hirers of convicts.
to-night at 8 o'clock. •
teeter Hews and Goaslp.
Services To morrow. —The follow
nents have been made :
urch—Rev. W. H. Christian at 11
ject: The importance of tbe great
fected by the atonement of the
,t8 P. M.—Subject: The impossl
:aping Divine punishment if tbe
an of salvation be neglected,
lurch—Preaching at 11 A. M., and
md Lord's Sapper; at 8 P. H.
ad baptism.
Lan Church—Services at 11 A. M.
Church—Services at 11 A. M. and
taptist—Services at 11 A. M. and
—Tha representative to tbe Slate
ends of Temperance, r turned last
I gave us a glowing account of hia
ouncil adjourned the 27th, after a
uiooe ineusiint, aud we hope useful ses.-ion.
He speaks in terms of praise of tbe hospitali
ties extended to tbe members of the Council by
the good people of Culpeper C. H. Ureal
good is anticipated aa to the result of this
meeting. The town of Culpeper ia a lovely
little place, and every thing looka encour
aging to tbe farmer ; the wheat crops never
appeared better at thia season of the year. A
large harvest is expected, and preparations ara
iing made for other crops. With auch ac
unta aa these, should we not rejoice T
Improvements. —K. Morrisett has commenced
build a line house on the corner of Perry
d Twelfth streets. A new scale-bouse hu
en erected in rear of tbe market-bouse, near
where the old one formerly stood. Tbe Daw
court house is beginning to present a hand
s'mo appearance. The archea in the clerk's
office are finished and tbe roof is beiag pat in
Broke Doton. —Yesterday evening the wheel
of the Graham Cotton Manufacturing mills
broke, thereby suspending operations for a
few days. We hope Ihe new wheel will be pat
in Ihe place of the old and shattered one now
used. It is a great annoyance to the operators
to be thrown out of employment, every fair
weeks, causing them to loose a good part of
their time.
Mayo* Bridge Open. —Mr. Raid Informs us
tbat travel over Mayo's bridge will be open
this evening at 3 o'clock for ail, This is good
The Market. —We visited our market thia
morning and were pleaaed to see that throngh
the energy of Messrs. Stein and Kabn, the
meat market was supplied with choice meats.
Change.— A. L. Lathrop, from Mecklenburg,
haa been appointed collector ol internal reve
nue for the Fourth District, in place of W. H.
H. Stowell, and George W. (I'ahim assessor,
vice D. li. White, with headquarters in Man*
The Elliott Greys.—We did not intend to
create the impression in our report of the
Elliott Greys, that they were not popular, or
would not be; but the contrary waa our inten
tion. W. D. Craig _ treasurer and not pre*
Registration up to 12 o'clock,—whites, 19
ahead of colored registered.
[ Ailvertlaenionta of Lust, Wauts, Found, For Bant,
Ac, not exceeding three or lour liuea, will be la
aerted under the proper headings at TWENTY-FIVE
CFNTS, for oue inaertlon; or two inaertlona for FOR
TY CBNTS; three inanitions, SIXTY CENTS— In
—— '
A for the Benefit uf the Widows and Orphans of
the Southern Statea.
IIBTBIBUTION No. 303, Bvairnso AntiL M.
TS 27 1 68 7 13 21 18 6 BO 6 4i ii
IBTBIBHTION No 3"3 Moßßino Atait t*T
70 111 _i 34 31 4 It 12 1-7 HI 61 5
Witneaa niy band, at Richmond, Va., tine -eta day
..I April, 1871
Managers. Comuiiseioner.
C_HrIFICATE« OF RAFFLE, can bo purrbaaed
'rem Oapt, W. I. DauNIV, at ihe Kranch office, Mo
P, , 1..--, nil. Street, one dnor trnm M.in
BRIDGE will be open tor travel from and altar
THIS (Saturday) AFTERNOON at 3 o'clock.
*- STATES for the Eastern Diatrict of Virginia.
Iv the matter of Robert 0. Sale, baukrupt—ln
Eastern Diatrict of Virginia, aa:
N rtlca Is lierely given that a final meeting of the
crelitors of the eai<i Rnbert O. rale, bankrupt, lor
the purpose of declariug n divide.ci. will ba bald at
Richmond at tbe office of W W For.es, Ke.istor
in t!-ukr< ptcy. In aaid district, ou Saturday, tha
-Otli diy of May, 1871, at 10 o'clock A. M, in ac
cordance with tbe provisions nf tbe -"tit and IBth
esciio a of tha baultruplty act of Mann 2d, IS6T.
Dated at Richmond, tbis 2 • 11. day of April lf>7l.
ap 29—82w Asignee.
J.STATES for the Pastern Diatrict of Virginia.
In the matter of Hymen Levy, bankrupt—la
Eastern District of Virginia, aa:
ttlca ia hereby given that a final meeting of tha
ore ot the aaid liyaiau Levy, bankrnpt, for th*
se of declaring a oivid' url -will be held at
toi d, at tbe office ol W W. Forbea, K.q , one of
«gieters in Bankruptcy, fn aaid district, oa
ay, the 2id day ot May, 1671 at lv o'clock A.
M . in accordance w tb ilie prnviaiona of the X7th aad
28th aectioua ot tbe bankruptcy act of March 2d,
Dated at Richmond, the :9th day of April, 1871.
ap 29—8»w Asalenee.
116 -luvoluntary.
I M A I'r'.S for the Ku tern Diatrict of Virginia.
In the matter of J C Drake et ala vs. Jos. Mayer,
baukmtit—in bankruptcy.
The undersigned. 11. S. Morton, of Richmond
city, Va., hereby givea notice of hia appointment
aa aasignee of tbe eat—te of Joa. Mayer, of Henrico
eoaoty, in said district, wbo waa. en tha ISth day
of February, 1871, atljudged a bankrupt an the peti
tion ..f J c Urate et - la, by the Diatrict Conrt of aaid
Dated Richmond, April Bth, 1671.
ap 10—M3w Aaaignee.
Juat received, a magnificent lot of
•-noi to ai.j tt . . ii.,« "fteiod in the city—whirh we
B* i --•* Is srotk up lv our usual uaequalleJ style,

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